G61 LAL @MEM Game Thread

Will Linsanity train overturn BScott tank or wait for the Mavs in the next game? Go JLin!  😎

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 62 vs DAL


  1. Go Jeremy. May God bless you another good game and hopefully a win. #1

  2. Looking forward to a good entertaining game.

  3. I really like and respect people like Nathan. A professional who recognizes the talented JLin.

  4. I was comparing Kobe’s shot % by distance from 2012-13 to 2014-15. There has been a significant decline. I can see why he used to shoot so much but he’s a below average volume shooter this season. Wonder how much is age vs his shoulder bothering him. If age next year will still look like 2014-15 or worse. If was his shoulder injury perhaps he could get back closer to 2012-13.

  5. He’s going to get paid a lot of money for “lower than league average” shooting if he doesn’t get back closer to 2012-13.

  6. What I want: A few JLin promo bobble heads to show up on ebay. The ones they have are not as nice as the ones for KT, Curry, Iggy, etc etc. JLin’s next team would be smart to put out a JLin bobble head night each year. Curry has 2, or maybe 3 if you include the VIP ones they do especially for certain events. Even Harrison Barnes has a good one out.

  7. Jeremy, other point guards and free agency: I was reading the Rondo discussion in the previous thread. I have a personal suspicion that many key contracts may not be signed until later in the summer. I remember the contract struggles between Bledsoe and the Suns last year. Competing GMs held off making offers to other players until Bledsoe’s availability was determined. Jeremy may be caught up in that.

    I have a feeling that the Dragic/MIA contract issues may be resolved fairly early. But the Rondo/DAL issues may linger. They may want to re-sign him, but not at a max contract. Rondo may shop for weeks for a max contract. That sets up another domino effect in contract offers for other guards.

  8. Lin could be an easy buy because his price/performance is off the charts compared to others. If we don’t underestimate him, we might be closer to the truth of how GMs see him because they have stats, vid, etc. and have possibly a team building and winning agenda.

  9. A Series of Unfortunate Lakers Events – Part 6 The Switch

    In a hotel where Lakers lodged for visiting game against Memphis, two Lakers reporter sat in the lobby bar chatting:

    MM: Serena, can you believe that? Just like a switch turned on.
    SW: Of course. You know who grabs the switch. It was always off before ASG.
    MM: But why now? Those TWC guys said it is him not thinking too much after ASG.
    SW: Do you believe that? Those mouthpieces? The talent is always there, waiting to be unleashed, just holding back thanks to the noble cause.
    MM: I know. But still, what a difference. Why a sudden change?
    SW: The switch is turned on.
    MM: The million-dollar question is “By Who”. What do you think?
    SW: It is definitely not the coach. And it is not the boy himself.
    MM: Are you thinking I am thinking?
    SW: Are you thinking I am thinking what you are thinking?
    MM: It is not possible.
    SW: It is LA LA land. Anything is possible.
    MM: No, no. It is not the GM. It is not the brother.
    SW: Yes, the sister.
    MM: Why would she do that? Could she do that?
    SW: She likes him. I think she wanted to give him a chance to see what he can do.
    MM: Interesting. But why the brother yields?
    SW: Who knows. Politics runs deep into the family. They have many plots and chips.
    MM: I am glad my article is right on, did you see my article …
    SW: Boys, those beautiful assists just stick out.
    MM: (Ahem, ok. change of subject. I will go with you.) And the confidence, the flow, the push, the steals, the control, the …

    A plump man bluntly cut in:

    BO: Hey, boy and girl. What’s cooking.
    SW: Mark, I got to go. See you tomorrow – leaving the drinking glass half full.
    BO: What’s up with her? Why she keeps dodging me like a bug. We are media buddy.
    MM: She doesn’t think blog is media.
    BO: She doesn’t know what she misses.
    MM: I am sure she wanted to miss.
    BO: Well. What you guys were talking about?
    MM: Nothing you would be interested.
    BO: Why? Tell me.
    MM: As you wish. We are talking about the engine of the tank.
    BO: Clarkson? The future PG for the Lakers?
    MM: (Oh man, you are really clueless) No, the guy whose fans flooded your twitter.
    BO: Oh, him. Let’s skip.
    MM: I told you.
    BO: Seriously, I like your article about Tough Love.
    MM: Thanks.
    BO: Boy, how come you have access to the family. Next time, can you make some intro for me? You know, we are media buddy buddy.
    MM: (Dream On!) I will see what I can do. But you know, the family is quite busy. And they only talk to media.
    BO: Busy with what? The team is tanking for another 3 years. Just let BS and Kobe do the job.
    MM: (You really don’t know nothing.) Lakers revenue is one of the the main sources of the family income. They need to make sure Lakers keep generating $. Now that the old Jackson wanted to sell the season tickets, it is alerting to them, if they are alerting enough.
    BO: I don’t know. They seem doing pretty good.
    MM: I bet they are feeling the heat from TWC.
    BO: I still don’t get why BS will let him close in 4Q. He is a backup material.
    MM: (It is You that are a backup material, a 3rd string reporters, Haha). Do you think a backup can deliver this kind of performance? Did you see the fan reactions in Staples Center? A backup will get that? Now that fans are addicited to free Taco. They want more.
    BO: A fluke. A Taco fluke.
    MM: We shall see. But I think you should switch your bandwagon.
    BO: Nah, I like Kobewagon.
    MM: Good luck with that.
    BO: We have Clarkson too.
    MM: Gush, just look at the +/-. You really belong to BS family. BS would love to have you.
    BO: I believe in BS. It is not a fluke. He got championships.
    MM: Well, you can keep living in the past, like those old ex-Lakers gang.
    BO: There is a saying, “Historical performance is an indication of future performance”.
    MM: Boy, you are really an old school, just like BS. Hate to correct you, but you are buying the wrong line. Just google the stock performance and check the disclaimer.
    BO: I don’t buy stock.
    MM: Whatever. But I will short sell TWC if BS is still the coach next year.

    (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or BS or the 3rd string reporter, is purely coincidental.)

  10. Bledsoe was a RFA. Suns can match any salary and Bledsoe has to stay.

    Lin is a FA. He can make the decision on any offers he gets.

  11. I doubt it even if the injury all season story is true. That’s because bursitis (knee, shoulder injuries) can be tough. Also, shots involved the legs too.

    For shoulder, I dove for an interception in my 20s, and to this day my shoulder hurts when I take a shot. Kobe’s older, modern sports medicine notwithstanding. Next year, if Lin is away from Kobe, we will not care and I think that his shooting % will not improve.

  12. You know what? If a team sees Lin as 2nd option, that is not the team Lin should sign.

  13. I don’t get why so many fans want Lin to go to Dallas. Ellis is another ball hogging Harden – reportedly that is why Rondo is not performing well / had a fight with his coach. I say move him to Spurs, Orlando and Denver. (My preference would be ranked in that order)

    1.) Spurs – Compete vs. Patty Mills and Corey Joseph and potential for another championship (build on legacy). T Parker is old news. JLin is next up in line (more developed than Corey Joseph)
    2.) Orlando – best team with no point guard right now but likely in rebuilding mode (and anything could happen)
    3.) Denver – Only if MDA is coach and only if they will feature 2 guard line-up (would have to start JLin or give him substantial minutes)

  14. Very likely. I think there are two reasons behind it, one is for ticket sales and tv rating, the other is to make an example to attract FAs. These happen to be in the area where she is responsible for.

  15. You are right. I’d forgotten that Bledsoe was an RFA. I used a bad example to illustrate my point about drawn out negotiations affecting more than those immediately involved.

    I’m sure Lin is going to get offers. It would be ideal if he got an offer the first couple weeks of July from a team which fits his style of play and which isn’t waiting on a decision from another guard first.

  16. That Dallas game with Portland went crazy.
    Rick Carlisle played everyone on the bench trying everything but lost the game with the least points in this season.

  17. Where should JLin be playing next season ?

    My personal view is that Lin should be playing for Houston Rockets 2015-2018, again a 3-year contract for $25-30 million.

    I think it offers him the best option in not only becoming an All-Star but also winning the Championship. My prediction is that Houston can win in 2015-2016 and then repeat in 2016-2017, if an agreement can be reached with Alexander, Morey, McHale, Harden and Howard to bring Lin back in and play together as a team .

    Lin will start with Harden and Howard but will stagger his PT depending on the game situation at the time to optimize the team’s offense and defense efficiency. They know very well each others’ strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Lin knows
    Houston’s system and can fit right back in there easily and quickly. There will be some adjustments and fine-tuning in the system and their respective role to bring out their individual best and supplement each other.

    I think they have all improved their game this year and matured enough to accommodate each other for the good of the Championship. After a year apart, I believe they appreciate each other better and miss what they had working for them when playing together last year.

    Harden is different from Bryant. He is less hero ball and more team ball than Bryant. He will share the ball and pass back to Lin if needed. Howard can definitely benefit from scoring easy baskets with Lin feeding him the ball. Defensively, he is strong and he should be healthy again to play next season. Lin has learned and improved to play both with the ball and off the ball. They will play well together as The Big Three and win Championship with appropriate supporting role players.

    For Lin, the ultimate achievements will be a continuation of Linsanity to win one Championship and another step forward to repeat the Championship. Lin does not like to use the word Linsanity. So it can be another word. But it is what it is regardless what word is used.

    Some of you may not like the idea of Lin going back to Houston because of what he went through and how he was treated back then. There are many reasons and circumstances why Lin had to endure such experience. The biggest reasons to me are that of jealousy, misconception and unacceptability. Many GM, coaches, players and fans, especially those of old school mentality, felt that Lin did not deserve to be paid a big contract after playing only for a few weeks for the Knicks, no matter how Linsanity it was.

    Many did not see the hardship and hard work Lin put in or his talent and potential. Some could not accept that Lin got so much publicity, exposure and money after playing for such a short period of time. McHale and Scott went through much longer period of playing for years before they got to where they were. Even Bryant had to play hard for a few years before becoming a Superstar.

    Whatever the reasons, it’s over and done with and there is no need to hold any crutches against Harden or McHale, as long as Houston can refresh themselves and win the Championship. Some of Houston’s fans may still troll and make unreasonable comments. But they can be ignored if the players play together as a team and support each other.

    Lin can look forward and continue to play better and better together with Harden, Howard and the rest of the Houston team to win two Championships, back to back. He will wear No. 7 again.

    The timing is right. Houston’s two pillars of Harden and Howard are not enough to win Championship by themselves. They are ready and they want to win. They know the missing piece is Lin.

  18. Out of the Texas triangle, Rockets is least likely to be the home for Jeremy.
    I vote for Dallas.
    San Antonio is fine.
    Rockets? Ah Ah…Give me a break.

  19. Los Angeles LakersVerified account
    5:00pm PT tip tonight against the Grizzlies on @TWCSportsNet & @TWCDeportes


  20. Ask any half decent PG in the league, who would he like to play with, Kobe, Haren or others ? LOL.

  21. If you could call Byron Scott aimless wandering a direction, I’m sure it’s the wrong direction.


  22. Not that I don’t agree with you. But there are several big assumptions here, which each IMO won’t warrant its existence.

    1. Morey the snake. Would Lin trust Morey again?
    2. Harden the spoiled superstar. Could Harden really share the spotlights if Lin hits winning shots more than ever?
    3. Howard the lazy center Would he really run PNR with Lin game in game out?
    4. McHail the clueless coach. Even if 1,2,3 above come true, can he coach to finals?

  23. Yea. RFA will scare off suitors since they will get stuck with the waiting period and may not be able to do any other offers.

    Lin should not have that problem so he should have legit offers once summer starts.

  24. Can you believe that a star PG got paid $12m per year shooting free throw at 31.3% for the season?

  25. I have seen a SG got paid $25m to shoot 30 times a game with 38%.

  26. I highly doubt Lin is going to want to come back there and stand in the corner again.

  27. The thought of Lin in Houston again gives me heartburn. However, I just admit some curiosity as to whether Houston would make an offer. I have a feeling that Morey would turn himself inside out to give Harden just about anything he asked for — and I have a feeling that Harden just may miss Jeremy these days.

  28. That’s the attitude in NBA.

  29. Unlike some ballhogs, who get comfortable because they kick out anyone stealing their spotlight.

  30. Check the link. Said page not exist.

  31. I hope both will happen against this great team. That would really shut the haters silent.

  32. Scott is picking on NY because he can’t blatantly pick on Jeremy anymore 🙂

  33. Its all depends on the contract to show if they are sincere enough to recruit lin back in. I would be fine if its 40 millioions for 4 years without the 4th year options for both sides + a no trade clause and a strater role.

    I doubt they would do it and im not jlin. Lol..

  34. I guess Ellington will replace Young in the future if BS is still a HC for Lakers.

  35. Glad he still is a lin fan. All lin fans should retweet this.

  36. Spurs is already playing team ball. They do not really need Lin to add to their roster at this stage. Pop may retire and the next coach may change the system.

    Dallas has Rondo and Ellis. They are tough and ball hogging just like Bryant. If they stay, Lin will be bullied and end up just like playing with Bryant.

    Harden is ball hogging also but I believe he is more willing to share the ball,especially since he knows Lin is accommodating and can really help him to win Championship now.

    Wherever Lin goes, he will likely have to learn a new system and basically start all over again. He already know Rockets system well and can run with it right away. Of course, he will need to have a serious talk with Harden and Howard to make sure they are on the same page toward winning the Championship.

  37. Ellis already announced that he’s opting out, and Rondo is a big question mark after the fight.

  38. I do believe that Rockets will be out of the playoff again in the first round this year. That will make them realize the need of a team-playing PG to complement Harden and Howard in order to win Championship. Lin is exactly what they need. Morey, McHale, Harden and Howard will have to step up and make some adjustments and fine-tunings.

  39. its easier to promote a superstar or two than team play like atl./sa. many fans also think teams like atl and s.a. are like “watching paint dry”. they want to see westbrook put up 35 shots a game. or harden. or kobe. or melo.

    was reading interview with kareem greatest scorer in nba history lamenting that now game is just “two on two”. and no team play passing the ball.

  40. i saw a women turn a car into a lampost once.

  41. they pay that just to get a draft pick or drop a player they dont want to make space for one they do. 12 mil. in pro sports now is “chump change” as muhammad would have said. or (in larry sanders case) just so he can go to rehab.

    nba is just catching up with other sports, slow to do so because (and nba fans cont realize this)–nba is nothing in terms of fan interest or revenue streams compared to baseball and football).

    new tv contract coming in player salaries will jump up even more.

  42. standing in the corner watching while the beard goes bye.

  43. ask any mermaid you happen to see: whats the best tuna?

  44. apparently there is a lot of interest in javale mcgee.

    if there is a lot of interest in javale mcgee who largely has never done anything in the nba and most likely never will; there will be a lot of interest in jeremey lin who at worst, at worst has put up consistent, yes consistent. numbers including many games as a starter over multiple seasons and who since the all star break is statistically regardless of whose stats systems you consult one of the top 10 points guards and top 30 players overall in the league.

  45. Lins splits vs memphis are actually quite good. Now that we are entertaining linsanity prime, this should be a huge game for him.

  46. nobody wants to admit they cant do what they used to do.

    how much more someone who is considered one of the premeire atheltes of his time.

    but: its a fact you can’t hold back time.

  47. Key for Lin, I guess, is do not let his man shoot wide open shots…lol Man….BS’s d scheme is just bad.

  48. Given lins recent development he woyld still excell

  49. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Lin would be a fool to ever go back to Houston.

  50. Yeah the little girl handed Lin his picture too.

  51. That new direction means no more advice, players or coaching from any member of the 80′, 90′, 00′ championships.

  52. I hate the rox so much, dirty team… bev, Harden, terry… Ach nein xD

  53. memphis is one no call against the beard from having a losing record in their last 11 games and being 1-4 in their last five. ie. they are playing their worst basketball of the season.

    the lakers lose by giving up a lot of points; the grizzlies win by not allowing points; but regardless they dont score much themselves. if the lakers could maintain their scoring average and the grizzlies maintain theirs, the lakers could win.

    further: in their last 6 games the griz are a -32 (point differential); the lakers: +4

    also: since the all star break all lakers games have been single digit margins of victory or defeat; ie. close.

    so altho the season record would indicate a comfortable loss here, tank commander scott could have reason to be concerned; were he interested in bothering with such details.

    should the recent as opposed to season long data prove indicative of the actual results however i am confident he will be able to rise to the occasion to make the necessary moves to insure defeat. (intentionally or incidentally depending on how you view scott, as tanking specialist or bumbling fail).

  54. NO..
    [email protected]$ LL NO!!!!!!

  55. ach nein? would that translate as mais no or mais non?

  56. That is Rondo

  57. “its sad the shape im in/going back to houston” –lee hazelwood via dean martin

  58. Next season he will have difficulty raising his arms to shoot.

  59. Does anyone have a recent video of Lakers Backstage about Jeremy Lin?

  60. Any mention of the hustun rockets make me want to throw up. …yes ..my mind and body hate them that much.

  61. Based on that comment and others, have no desire to watch it:-)

  62. Weren’t they advertising him visiting his brother and going back east? Perhaps I missed it getting a snack or something but it must have been very short if so.

  63. No idea. Didn’t hear it from the report. If there was such things, many JLin fans have already jumped into the ship of posting but none so far. Presumably it was another worthless piece from TWC to watch:-)

  64. I am addicted to read older articles about Kobe and Lakers. This is what I get:


    It’s time to take “respect” out of the NBA vocabulary, and Kobe Bryant proves it.

    Look at what is happening with the announcement that Kobe finished 40th in this year’s #NBArank. The same thing happened a year ago when we predicted Kobe to be the 25th-best player in 2013-14. The reaction both years was easy to predict, and it was ugly…

    He played six games, in which he was mostly just terrible, with negative
    win shares — that’s right, he was taking wins off the floor. The
    Lakers had a winning record before he arrived and immediately hit the
    skids. The team played worse with him on the floor, and on top of that,
    he insulted his teammates.

    And this was entirely predictable. More than 1,000 men have played
    the guard position in the NBA. You can count on one hand the number of
    guards, from all of history, who have been notably productive after
    playing as many NBA minutes as Bryant has.

    So why did we rank him as high as 25th? Out of respect. Too much respect, really.

    In the NBA, “respect” is often a code word. It means different
    things to different folks, but when it comes to evaluating players, it
    often means that we agree to lie. We don’t like the truth, so we lie and
    call it “respect.”

    My 2 cents “Lin has to earn that kind of respect to survive in this league”

  65. Thanks Rick!

  66. Great quote about acquiring strength by not blaming others.
    This means Lin has a lot more strength than his last 2 coaches and weak-minded ball-hogging divas


  67. Great minds think alike. I just posted this one too =) I’ll delete it

    Great quote about acquiring strength by not blaming others.
    This means Lin has a lot more strength than his last 2 coaches and weak-minded ball-hogging divas

  68. JLin looks very short and small between two “trees.”

  69. That’s ok. Just saw it from your retweet before you were able to post it here. Guess you were writing:-)

  70. Ya, TWC trolling for ratings especially after they paid the Lakers all that money.

  71. Is he talking about Byron Scott and Kobe? All they do is blame every one else but each other.

  72. Lin is an explosive point guard that runs the pick-and-roll extremely well. Reports mentioned that he had a hard time making such plays with Kobe Bryant on the floor.

    But now that both Bryant and Nick Young are injured, the star point guard has no more alibis but to play at a high level to give Los Angeles a respectable exit.


  73. Don’t forget McHale, too. It’s never him who’s at fault.

  74. ESPN has done some justice to Kobe and Boozer when you read some of the older articles.


    Boozer has responded the best way possible since Scott moved Davis into his starting role on Dec. 7. In the six games he’s played as a reserve Boozer has scored in double figures each time (he never hit double-digits in more than five consecutive games as a starter this season)…

    To go from a starter on a playoff team in Chicago last season to a backup on a losing team can be jarring. But Boozer has remained engaged. His behavior in the huddle is telling. Sometimes players who aren’t in the game spend timeouts hang out on the fringes, checking out the crowd or the dance team. Boozer spent a third-quarter timeout hovering over Scott’s shoulder, listening intently, staring at the play Scott drew up even though Boozer wouldn’t be on the court to execute it.

    Small bits of professionalism like that are reasons the Lakers’ season hasn’t tumbled into a freefall. But the heavy legs of their highest-volume shooter, Bryant, are among the reasons they won’t leap into the playoffs.

  75. I just wasted my time watching it :-/

  76. Cool stuff, where did you get this chart?

  77. What do you mean? All I see is that Kobe is above league average at 28+ ft. =p

  78. LOL Thanks for confirming that I’ve made the right decision:-) I was fooled once in the last one on “JLin.” So don’t trust anything from TWC. Just mouthpiece of false narratives on JLin.

  79. Sad that they still bury their head under the sand. They reap what they sow. Diss JLin and this is what you get. So proud of JLin armies.

  80. I like Dallas’ coach and team, except for Monta (and Rondo, but I presume he would be gone next year). I agree that Monta is a ball dominant volume shooter, not a good fit for Lin. Monta’s usage is up this year to 28.2% usg and 18.2 FGA/36, the highest on the team. Those are comparable to his years at GSW where he was totally hogging the ball.

  81. Can anyone confirm when the game is on?? Another 1.5 hrs?

  82. Yes. There’s a countdown on top right of the website. Might need to refresh your webpage though

  83. In my opinion, if it weren’t for Musselman, there is a good possibility that Lin would not have made it in the NBA. When Lin went to D-League, Musselman became a complete believer in Lin’s ability, which is the opposite of his other NBA coaches. I think there is a good chance that if the Bighorns had another coach like Smart/McHale/Scott who failed to recognize and use Lin’s abilities, Lin may have gotten so discouraged and quit the NBA after getting cut a few times. But thankfully, Musselman gave Lin enough confidence boost to last until he finally got the opportunity with NYK.

  84. I know but it didn’t do it right for the past few games even after I refreshed it multiple times. Not sure what was going on:-) Yep it stopped working again.

  85. That is just terrible, terrible coaching.

    First of all, I hate Nick Young’s game. I said before the season that Nick Young was basically a JR Smith, less the criminal part.

    But a coach should never say such bad things about his player to the public. Keep those criticisms private and man-to-man. Don’t say that kind of stuff to the media. All Scott does is throw every one of his players under the bus and publicly blame them for the losses. I have never seen any coach do that.

  86. look at whiteside. there are players all the time. just never get the chance; fate, one turn one way or another. someone decides this way or that. his track to nba much more chaotic than lins. 2 coutnries, (twice each!) 4 d league stints; waived many many times. now…

    (btw i pointed out when the lakers had him in training camp that he was the only interesting outside prospect because of his never actually having a chance anywhere yet but a lot of promise…lakers liked price/ellington. who fit the season requirments better.

  87. NO.NO.NO.NO!

  88. i said the same thing before season but someone here i think jw pointed out that actually young did have a sex offense complaint filed against him once but it was dropped and he was never charged.

    i also noted that while mchale used to throw players under the bus after the game scott throws them under the bus before the game! smh

  89. NO!!!

  90. Please vote for JLin @ Weibo on most memorable item about NBA CNY piece.

  91. At this point, I am willing to accept the following as having been “proven” to me:

    1. Lin has improved from the Linsanity days.

    2. Lin is a very effective player when he is given enough picks and is allowed to handle the ball. “Ten Ten” poster says this often. And I agree.

    3. He really knows how to run and control the rhythm of his team.

    4. His shooting has improved; not awesome but not bad in any areas.

    5. If he’s given 35 minutes per game in a supportive system, I do believe he will achieve the season average of 17/7, i.e., Conley level numbers.

    6. The reason(s) why he did not perform as well during 1st half of the season with Lakers are due to BOTH the system, unsupportive coach and his unselfish attitude. If I had to pick numbers, I would say 60% due to bad system and unsupportive coach and 40% due to his attitude on the court. I just don’t think his poor play during 1st half was mostly or solely due to Lin’s passive attitude on the court. Perhaps it might be true that Lin takes somewhat longer than an average NBA player to fit into a particular system, just because he can run the team at a higher level once he starts to feel that it’s his team.

    7. Lin is definitely one of the most mentally tough players I have ever seen in NBA. If I were in his shoes, I would have tried to wring BS’ fat neck. Regarding this point, let me say that I feel I know if a person is truly tough: Lin is tough as a bamboo.

  92. Very consistent despicable person.

  93. the countdown there is never right for me either regardless of refresh. go to something called yahoo nba scoreboard. will give you a list of all 2nites games and times. based on east coast u.s. time. (thats new york city time)–and conver to wherever the heck in down under you are. (sad to say off the top of my head i dont even know the name of a single city in australia).

  94. i said the same thing before the season but someone on here pointed out that actually young did have a criminal complaint lodged against him once but it was dropped and he was never charged.

    i also noted that while mchale used to throw players under the bus after the game scott throws them under the bus before the game!

  95. LOL I’ve never figured it out the time that show on any sites when the game was on. So, just checked when it was about time to begin:-) Good that JLin didn’t start, otherwise I would have missed his first half of the games most of the time. Guess I will pay more attention to the time when he restarts again:-)

  96. Not much on Lin right? Just a few highlights from the Boston game and a few seconds here and there right?

  97. Tree on the left got to learn to defend without fouling.

  98. KM only did it to JLin; BS did it to anyone that was “hint” at KB’s antics before and after the games or anytime he felt to it. Dislike him even more than KM. That’s why I don’t want JLin in Lakers if he is still around. BS is very unprofessional. Wish NBA has a rule to punish any coach that would throw their players under the bus.

  99. LOL

  100. Criminal complain against Young for what? Being silly and
    irrelevent? Come on its not like a rape charge.

    I noticed McHale throws only Lin under the bus while Scott
    throw half of the team.

  101. I tweeted Nathan’s interview with Pete Carril to Jeanie Buss.
    Also Horry, Worthy, Mike Trudell, Mark Medina, Mark Madsen

    Pete Carril’s words will definitely shape the opinion of reporters
    Plus it exposes Kobe as the liability in BScott’s Prince-tank system 😀

    Others can tweet the same people tomorrow or sometime this week so they’d be curious to read it
    This is a great time w/ 20+ games left to reach out to them so it might influence the narrative they’re telling on TV or writers


  102. Bamboo flooring done the right way is amazingly beautiful and hard. But alas, the way manufacturers are doing it now, they don’t stock it anymore because it curls up. Sort of like Lin if handled wrong, to your good points.

  103. tankers reporting for duty sir.

  104. Assuming if Ellington survives as Scott run him into the ground with the heavy minutes.

  105. Great points and summary!

    Vicious Kobe just happened to Lin’s demotion in the 1st half after Lin/Boozer criticism of his one-man show.
    What’s important now is Lin knew he’s the best player in the team and needs to show that day-in and day-out to garner respect and command of the team. That’s who he is.

    It’s not unselfish to lead by example on how things need to get done. No Lin, No Win!

  106. Any player that Scott thrown under the bus will be a fan of mine, even more so if hes friend of Lin.

  107. I guess there are bad bamboos also. LoL.

  108. it is true that in the promo for this spot they showed extensive footage of lin with his family back home over the holidays which evidently from these comments was deleted from the actual program shown.

  109. actually it was a rape charge.

  110. Anyone think Lakers going to win this one?

  111. Lol…dallas radio just floated the idea of benching rondo and start Harris. ..see ya rondo…. the host name is Craig Hoffman on espn radio dallas

  112. If you use google calendar, you can add their whole schedule to yours.


  113. You are becoming an activist for Lin. Yes, Nathan is doing a great job.

  114. I do if Jlin is not handcuffs by bs with his tanking weapons

  115. I like the idea. Just do it , Mav. LOL!

  116. Only if Lin goes off for more than 30 points, or gets more than 12 assists.

  117. Scott: “I know Nick thinks he’s up there with Larry Bird and Reggie Miller and
    all these guys from a shooting standpoint, but you look at their
    field-goal percentage and you look at his, he’s not there.”

    Whoa, slow down with the advanced analytics there. LOL

    A good coach will say, “The loss was on me because I didn’t prepare my team properly.” A bad coach will blame everyone but himself.


  118. BS is really something… smh!

  119. tight form…

  120. Let’s go Lin! Do your thing!

  121. Love that wrist cock.

  122. 5pm PST.

  123. he meant takes a lot of shots doesnt make many. yep thats young all right. just like kobe.

  124. Love that wrist action.

  125. LOL, Maybe Nick Young will say:
    Byron Scott thinks he’s up there with Pat Riley from a coaching standpoint, but you look at Pat’s Win-Loss coaching record (63.6%) and you look at his (43.4%), he’s not there”

    LOL .. Byron is really something else.
    He thinks he’s all that but he’s not all there :]

  126. LOL .. for a brief moment, I thought it was IJ or @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus who said it

  127. muy bien!

  128. low IQ !

  129. High BO!

  130. they already know all this. Carril said Lin is no star…BUt props!

  131. Jeremy stats:
    Game 1 102 107 Grizzles
    35 minutes, 2 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk, 3 to, 5 pf, -2, 12 pts (Nov 11)

    Game 2 99 93 Grizzles
    30 minutes, 4 reb, 4 ast, 2 stl, 1 blk, 3 to, 4 pf, -4, 14 pts (Nov 26)

    Game 3 109 106 Grizzles
    28 minutes, 3 reb, 5 ast, 3 stl, 1 blk, 1 to, 2 pf, +2, 20 pts (Jan 2)

    Game 4 (March 6) Linsanity mode with a win?

  132. Lin is a high achiever. In all facets of Life. People like him WIN. Period.

  133. The only dip is in Utah game when he was only given 24 minutes on a 3-12 poor shooting night but he made 3 assists 0 TO and Jordon Clarkson hit his career high 22 points and Ellington took down 10 rebounds and is in control of the game.

  134. I guess it’s better than a pacifist, yes? =)
    We need to get the truth out there, man. haha..

    I want to see Carril’s words influence how the media talks on-air about Lin, plus made them a bit uncomfortable when repeating lies about Kobe for the sake of their job. It should be cathartic for their soul, ya know LOL

  135. Not heading in the right direction!

  136. Wow! Don’t think Young have any problems getting any with the females throwing themselves at him.

  137. Lin is playing at the next level and game 1, game 2 are really insignificant.
    In Game 3, Jeremy had only 1 TO for 5 assists, scoring 20 points. Seems pretty close to the stats in the last 7 games.

  138. Byron Scott might just take out Jeremy in Dallas game and DNP him.

  139. Lol, don’t tempt them. That’s why Lin hides under the long sleeves.

  140. Short but not small!

  141. Linsanity mode would be 30 pts =)

  142. Listening to Lin’s pre-game interview. He’s saying that there isn’t much communications between him and BS about what he wants from Lin. It’s just BS is leaving out on the court longer and allowing him to play his game. No specific strategies from BS, it’s just Lin taken upon himself to play better.

  143. Definitely no. Not to Houston. No James Harden.

  144. Lol..the Hawks are blowing out the cavs. …team ball> iso Bron

  145. No! not even a max contract!

  146. The only ones I can think of is Ronnie Price and Patrick Beverley.

  147. You’re absolutely right sweetheart.

  148. I would put my money on Cavs in the playoffs though to be honest.

  149. well the offense is now suited to Lin. Can’t say nothing changed. Imagine if the coach actually empowered Lin in addition to the changes.

    Lin has STAR potential. Many dont want to see it or refuse to see it for reasons I cannot and do not want to think about

  150. Hawks plays good. Cav doesn’t have ball movement that well.

  151. in 30 minutes?

  152. Which is translated to “I want a better contract.”
    Well, Ellis is actually underpaid in the last 3 seasons with Dallas.
    Mark Cuban’d better write up a contract similar to Eric Bledsoe’s contract to keep him.

  153. It’s from FO wants BS to just Let Lin plays his game for now after Lin signs it’s another story for sure. smh!

  154. Kyle Korver hasn’t even started hitting 3s yet. He only took 1 shot.

  155. Game time, lets get it on.
    Go Jeremy

  156. Racist reasons what else? Lin had to put up 20+ PPG for a season before they truly consider him a star. I hope he’d learned that if he needs to put up great stats, really look to score all next season!

  157. Lin has made his teammates believe in team ball. The message is clear on the court
    “If you’re open, you will get the shot; give the pick and I’ll reward you if you roll with me.”
    Lin is giving up open shots for betters shots of the teammates.
    Even Jordon Hill is buying into it lately.

  158. Clarkson took quick shots; less than 15 secs, sometimes less than 7 secs.

  159. Wow Clarkson has all 6 points for Laker starters.

  160. Memphis controls the board!

  161. Wow all points by Lakers are scored by Clarkson, starters are playing really bad.

  162. Clarkson has hot hand and scored all the baskets.

  163. It’s all iOS. Why the rest of his teammates have zero momentum. Why he is a sg

  164. Clarkson is a SG! You let him run the point; he will take it to the hoop all day long.

  165. Lin and Davis!

  166. 8 points in 6 minutes pretty good scoring

  167. Lin, Boozer, and Davis the best combo!

  168. J to Ed!

  169. see… that ‘s how to make an assist…

  170. First assist of Lakers. Lin and Davis combo

  171. Holy Smokes, Clarkson is making every shot this game!!

  172. Lin’s playing PG – Good

  173. Lakers begin to pick up D.

  174. Mr Hill, please try not to make a pg pass…please

  175. It takes Byron almost a quarter of disaster to figure a timeout.
    Is he retarded?

  176. 12-6 rebounds advantage Memphis.

  177. Clarkson being a ball hog now, Lin was wide open on the side.

  178. I do not want to watch Clarkson ISO…

  179. and stop ball movement

  180. 4 Mem players surrounded Lin. He had nowhere to go.

  181. Really really really really dislike Clarkson iso games. Too much of a ballhog.

  182. It amazing how ofton clarkson can shoot in a short period of time

  183. Disgrace when clarkson told lin to go n let him take the last possession

  184. no TO for Lin; not yet.

  185. Clarkson current has 10 points but is the worst (-8) +/- on the team… but he’s great. yep.

  186. Good. Clarkson out.

  187. Hill is the worst

  188. absolutely!

  189. Lin not handling the ball nor taking shots, should’ve taken the shot on that fast break.

  190. Memphis defense is hard to catch off gaurd

  191. Can’t stand his plays

  192. selfish ball 101 right now

  193. Yes he is. He is making the right read by passing it off. There is no drive open. He will attack when it’s there

  194. Lakers need to utilize some screens, work in and out, Memphis has a very clogging defense.

  195. Lakers should work for open 3s

  196. Memphis really plays good D. It will be tough to score on them inside. They need to move the ball. Lin needs to take his jumper when he’s open.

  197. hill of beans

  198. Lakers not playing teamball.

  199. finally Lin!

  200. Lin has just warmed up. No sweat.

  201. Lin is a winner!

  202. Beautiful assist there

  203. Coaches do that always when lin gets in his rythm

  204. Glad Lin got the rebound and looked to score when his teammates are playing selfish and not passing him the ball! He’s gotta get more rebounds to score!

  205. Just as Lin gets on roll, Griz timeout. They know whats up.

  206. Jeremy is filling up the stat sheet 🙂

  207. Memphis call a timeout!
    Byron, are you learning anything!

    Lin has made a shot and made an assist and Memphis calls a timeout.
    You let Memphis run over your first team for 10 minutes and you just watch!
    What kind of retarded coach is this?

  208. Lin needs to keep it up.

  209. Saw this maybe a blow out

  210. Lin goes on a run and is taken out =/

  211. In comes Clarkson to kill the flow!

  212. Lin is being denied the ball…lol

  213. clarkson leads in -8

  214. Clarkson needs to figure out how to run the offense

  215. Out. Looks like a 20 – 24 min game.

  216. good to know the tank is strong

  217. His service is required, Jeremy was starting to kill the tank.

  218. BS killed the flow by bringing in Clarkson…

  219. I really dont want to watch Lin start with another ballhog-so annoying!!

  220. Time to switch the channel.

  221. He is doing that. for himself.

  222. Too bad JC thinks he’s Westbrook. He needs to facilitate as all teammate need to get going.

  223. Game tied…..what is MEM doing? Lol

  224. My guess is Ellington running the point.

  225. Yeah… come back late 3rd quarter.

  226. clarkson is playing well. As a Lin fan, I kinda wanna give this game up.

  227. What do u mean by giving up the game?

  228. The game has 4 Qs.

  229. Let’s hope for a win in any case. Wins mean that the Lakers might lose the pick and Scott might get fired.

  230. He’s shooting well. He’s playing OK. As a shooting guard, he’s playing well.

  231. Only God knows if tanking results in a high lottery pick.

  232. Clarkson is scoring the baskets and tahts about it

  233. True. Gotta keep the faith.

  234. They want him to become next Kobe or Westbrook, so that’s not important. : )

  235. LOL, Clarkson’s alley…opppps

  236. 0 TO’s Paul =)

  237. He’s not saying how many, few, if any TOs.

  238. Hill no!

  239. Lin gets the team back on their feet after a disastrous start.

  240. Clarkson could get 30 tonight. His shots are falling and he’s taking them.

  241. Like I think it’s not going to be a Linsanity game. Nvm. Just me being a downer. Sorry.

  242. Lin showed how the game should be played.

  243. Who is guarding Tony Allen?

  244. What bs sit him in the 4th.

  245. Scott said he might change starting line up vs Mavs. I really hope he starts Lin vs Mavs. It will be so fun to watch Lin vs Rondo. May be that game might change Mavs fans and owners perception about Lin if Lin plays well.

  246. Mem won’t let this happen.

  247. Tarik Black is the one who would be benefited most playing against Zac.

  248. wo, welcome back! when did you return to all the fun, wu kong! ?

  249. all bench scored, only 2 starters scored

  250. Lin’s quote was enough to get him benched?

  251. Lin

  252. Oh non lol

  253. I don’t think they tried to end his career but just tried to make Lin look bad & no team wants him….so they can sign him cheap in FA.

  254. Bs has found the formula to neutralize Jlin. ..jhill…and take Jlin out when the team starting to roll…unfortunately today. .Jc blew up in bs face

  255. Memphis had there defense focused on Lin. Putting their bet defender on him. H read the defense and passed off. Which is smart.

  256. I guess BS just wants to let JC showcase well so he can stay in starting lineup…

  257. If he’s in with Lin and LIn sets him up, it’s possible. Memphis will definitely target him in the 2nd half.

  258. That wouldn’t be matter.
    Lin fought for his own minutes.
    He is making no mistakes. He scored 1-2, 1 block, 1 steal, 2 rebound, 2 assists and 2 points. Lin is doing everything.

  259. stop it hill has zero affect on Lin. The Memphis bigs clog the lanes. Lin will figure it out. Also tony Allen is on Lin.

  260. Is nick young still hurt

  261. Guess some Lakers fans are exciting tonight ” Yeah we have our own WB! Another ring is coming!”

  262. And if not Allen, then that guy off the bench that is a strong defensive player.

  263. Nobody could sign Lin cheap. Heaven forbidden.
    NY Knicks tried it last time and it backfired and made Dolan a fool beyond description.

  264. Just want Lin to get to 10, I don’t like single digit games. 10, maybe 6 assists and no more than 2 TOs and I’m fine with this game. A few more steals and rebounds would be good too.

  265. He is a sg. Defenses are not focused on him. He also hold the ball way to long. Takes a lot of bad shot. Plays bad to ok defense.

  266. I don’t know, but I like it better when he isn’t in there catching the ball, doing that behind the back dribble and then shooting almost every time he gets the ball.

  267. Quite opposite I think, they want the ball in Clarkson’s hands.

  268. Yes he also is a known for his defense. Memphis knows if Lin is not creating lakers will lose.

  269. They better feel that they have found a better and younger Kobe and the old one doesn’t need to return, LOL.

  270. Okay I will.

  271. Yea hope he can bounce back at 4th Q

  272. LIn’s well scouted, Mem did excellent job guarding him. Mem’s going to do something different on JC 2nd half I guess.

  273. why he only shoot twice?

  274. Be cause he hardly got the ball back

  275. He was denied the ball

  276. That’s why I never like him…….Learn nothing from Nash, all Kobe

  277. Lin basically made the whole game become a 4 on 4…..lol

  278. Yes I hope the tankers wil use fool gold JC as their pg and not trying to keep Jlin. ..not that it matters anyway

  279. what do you mean?

  280. A guy is constantly on him, denying him the ball. So those two are basically out of the game..lol

  281. When your team keys on a player too much, the others essentially are free to do their stuff.

  282. WB plays like he’s possessed. But I don’t love his game.

  283. Yep

  284. I believe Lin will move w/o the ball and draw Memphis away from the plays.

  285. Like I said. .jhill is the culprit most of the times

  286. At this rate, Clarkson will have his first 30 pt game.

  287. I see … I didn’t watch any of Lin’s minutes, so trying’ to catch a few before cub scouts. I was thinking Lin got the double by the low score, but denying as you all write works too.

  288. Yep the rest are just standing & watching and grabbing the rebound

  289. zzZZzzzz

  290. When Memphis prepared so well against Lin, they must give up something.
    The other Lakers will break free.

  291. When U let an NBA player gets hot, there is almost no stopping.
    Memphis pays the price!

  292. but lakers still lose

  293. Bs is tanking with all his tricks…it’s is plain as day…if you don’t see it……then oh well.

  294. He may tonight. LIn’s high is 25. If he gets 30 Lin is competitive enough to go for 40 one game. So it may be a good thing. Clarkson has 21 now.

  295. Give Clarkson some credit, his scoring has been efficient with 4 rebounds and 4 assists this game. Clarkson seems to be playing freely and just looking to score, Lin should look to score more!

  296. Memphis essentially let Clarkson and Ellington score on them.
    They become so helpless.

  297. Im happy for him, but its boring.

  298. Why should Lin play any differently than he has? If it is Clarkson’s game that is great. Lin really hasn’t played that many minutes yet.

  299. This is why as a lin fan we cant get too excited……

  300. They’re catching up now.

  301. Seriously, Clarkson is making every shot this game even when defended now, it’s like he can’t miss!

  302. LIns in

  303. Great ! I hope Kobe retires then.

  304. Clarkson is promoted and nurtured by Lakers I would expect him to thrive. H has the confidence now because he is backed by Kobe and BS.

  305. Yes, he is on fire. Give him that.

  306. Jlin may not break 25 minutes tonight.

  307. lin crossed conley but got stripped

  308. 13:13 for the quarter
    Nothing had happened, right? not before LIn comes in.

  309. JC played like WB, lol

  310. It’s up to Lin to get the other starters on the scoreboard.,

  311. I hate Memphis they make the game so ugly. Who like watching this

  312. That’s their style. It works.

  313. No, Lin has to worry about scoring first cause he only has 2 points!

  314. Memphis is all about playing tough defense.

  315. Teammates don’t seems to be giving Lin the ball to run PG. Even Booz thought he was the PG.

  316. As long as he gets his assists up, it will be OK.

  317. Teammates playing selfish ball right now.

  318. Remember this is a different team of players that Lin used to play with.

  319. Bet Coach BS wants to win this one for Clarkson now with a high scoring game.

  320. an astute observation. lin is back to being shut out tonite. no need for lin now, have clarkson-ity now.

  321. a single digit game would look really bad! Rather he have a 15 point game and a few assists!

  322. Assist Lin to Ellighton.

  323. Bs won…

  324. I figures Lakers are going to kill the Memphis by wide open 3s.

  325. flagrant

  326. that is what BS and lakers fan want…their own rookie can thrive against the best defensive team…..dont need Lin

  327. Damn just joined in, clarkson was on fire this game.

  328. It’s just flowing as Clarkson’s game. Lin has been big in the other games.

  329. If Lakers can get Zac into foul trouble, Memphis is going to have this game on their neck.

  330. Flagrant foul on Zac and that is enough to fire up Davis and Hill

  331. Hope that lights a fire under Hill, playing way too soft for a big.

  332. Well I guess this game was due….yikes

  333. A big man that can hit FTs is always the problem.

  334. At least Lin can see that and not make the mistake of thinking the Lakers will open their arms and look to him as their leader. Find a new team. Please!

  335. Why is ellington acting like the point guard?

  336. I am happy that Lin made no mistake and let his teammates do the job.

  337. Yup, Lin isn’t forcing anything just letting the game come to him but he really needs to score in 4th!

  338. 2 blocks by lin sweet hell be top 5 soon heh

  339. Lakers had 7 block shots. Jeremy got 2. Memphis only has 1 block shot for the game. Hehehehe.

  340. He starts handling the ball a lot long time ago.

  341. Jeremy…please score

  342. 8 block shots!

  343. Memphis is slaughtered by a rookie! LOL

  344. damn good defense by lin

  345. Another steal by Lin!!!

  346. Haha… Tony Allen…

  347. excellent D, 2 steals.

  348. 2 steals 2 blocks.

  349. 2 blocks two steals great help D

  350. He’s contributing big. It’s not his night to score, it’s Clarkson’s.

  351. Lin bleeding after the foul!

  352. damn it they put clarkson back in…

  353. 3 Blocks and 2 Steals!

  354. There are many ways to skin a cat.
    I think Lakers is all fired up now.
    If Byron wants to lose this game, he would be called out.

  355. Don’t matter; the Lakers is playing like a team with or without Byron.

  356. Jeremy Unibrow Lin

  357. 9 blocvk shots!
    Memphis could never have guessed.

  358. Jeremy please score…. lol

  359. You cant really complain about lins stats, the flow of this game is just what it is

  360. Lakers playing great defense!

  361. Looks like the 1/4 Princeton is back.

  362. Davis!

  363. until Memphis had enough of their inept game plan.,

  364. lin is top 5 per 48 in PG blocks lol

  365. 3 blocks? wow!

  366. Agree, but Lin really needs to score in double digits.

  367. Clarkson’s having a Linsanity game. It’s his night and if the Lakers win with him leading the way, LIn will be fine with that.

  368. I just came here, why is he bleeding? Or you meant he fires up?

  369. Lin is still contributing by taking only 3 shots.

  370. He may not in this game. He’s doing the dirty work. He doesn’t have TOs, so he’s a positive. There are more games left for him to score.

  371. I will be fine with that too…lol

  372. Well they are winning and lin would never take an ill advised shot just to score. Its just clarksons night

  373. Hot tonight

  374. If Clarkson breaks 30 points and beats Kobe, Kobe won’t be fine with that.

  375. They only see Clarkson the next WB

  376. A PG on both ends of the court that can block 3 shots and made 2 steals !
    A rare commodity.

  377. Hill never passes back out… frustrating. ugh.

  378. In the meantime, Lin collecte 4 rebounds made no mistakes.

  379. to go with 3 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks!

  380. Another miss, tonight not for Lin. 🙁

  381. That’s Hill!

  382. Every shot he makes is cancelled by his ineptitude on defense.

  383. clarkson should have passed to open lin

  384. Memphis is play tough D on him but Jeremy’s playing tough D right back.. it’s all good.

  385. Lin is playing very aggressive defense.

  386. Yes but got to remember its clarkson he doesn’t pass.

  387. Nice D By Lin. Forces jump ball.

  388. LOL

  389. JLin playing great defense even though he’s not scoring.

  390. Lakers has caught up on rebounds now! team effort. Nobody gets more than 10.

  391. I want the Lakers to win tonight and Lin to get 0 TOs and a few more assists.

  392. Mem changed the coverage to cover clarkson now…lol

  393. Lin needs a floater like clarkson

  394. He is showing that he is not only great on offense but plays hard D.

  395. he doen’t see the court so well.

  396. Too late. the damage is done.

  397. time for Lin to shine, go Jeremy!

  398. Smart play.

  399. lin has a beautiful floater:)

  400. 2 FT for Lin made.

  401. Not anymore since Knicks days.

  402. Giving FTs to Lin is a big mistake; that will give him the touch back in scoring.

  403. He had one, but in not this season.

  404. o-oh

  405. The big men are all fired up.

  406. Time for lakers to lose

  407. Coach BS wants to win. Booz back in. What no Kelly? Haha

  408. I think he should stay with the lineup that got the lead. But we will see

  409. Lin out =/

  410. Wesley picked up his 5th. !!!!

  411. I’m done watching lol.

  412. Well, there goes the defense.

  413. Lin sits. Bs still wants to lose.

  414. What no Lin? No win.

  415. Lin’s defense was amazing tonightand they want to sit him lol.

  416. Ellington is not much a defender.
    That is fatal. but he scores!!!!!

  417. Wants to win with Clarkson leading the team

  418. yeah.he’ll have the opportunity to showcase that again… 🙂

  419. Back defensive play by Ellington to run to the perimeter and give up that layup.

  420. YOu play Memphis. YOu have to win the defense game.

  421. What I thought that unit before had really good defense why switch it

  422. Ok, time to rest the TV again.

  423. Clarkson and Ellington don’t defend well.

  424. Lin looked tired. But I don’t know about taking Davis out.

  425. Great substitution Scott ^^

  426. Exactly. Lin just showcased Memphis how defense should be played.

  427. Scott’s “coaching” is more fatal…

  428. Lin was out the moment u woke up…darn it..

  429. a WAy of tanking.

  430. Tank master.

  431. The gate’s been left open now, Mem. Go Grizzlies!

  432. Always happens when they play Memphis. Leading, and then…. =(

  433. Announcer says that Lin spoke today before the game that he wouldn’t be able to drive tonight against the Memphis team with their bigs. At least save his body and move on to home games where his name will he chanted.

  434. Yeah that makes sense, his shot is a bit off today but he only took 5. Probably got fouled on one and no call as always

  435. well I hope so……

  436. No Lin No Win

  437. Go Memphs! 🙂

  438. I hope this game goes to OT.

  439. It seems to me that they didn’t run plays through Lin this game as much as in the previous games.

  440. No Lin on win, you got it, BS ?

  441. Except BS doesn’t want to win LOL.

  442. BS probably is happy now? He achieved what he wanted, tanking!

  443. He did exactly what he needed to lose lol.

  444. He was getting too much praise. Turn the lights down.

  445. BS didnt want lin to get any credit

  446. When you lose close games the coach made mistakes. BS has lost a lot of close games.

  447. I felt the same, it must be an emergency stop of Linsanity.

  448. bs secret tanking weapon is jhill…SMGDH!!!

  449. Yep

  450. and the best playmaker on the team was sat down by the coach. way to go BS.

  451. and of course on nba.com no video of lin blocking or stealing.

  452. Johnson out 6th foul
    Lin in?

  453. True

  454. Brain fart by Wesley Johnson.

  455. Coach BS lets here bonehead foul by Johnson. Nah he only disses LIn.

  456. yup, i’ve stopped watching the highlights on nba.com. very disappointing. so i always wait for highlights here. =)

  457. What the heck! Lin in with 46 seconds left! Oh…NOW you want his D.

  458. Lin for the tie game 3 please?

  459. JLin back in.

  460. It is not boneheaded if coach tells you to foul… you know, for the tank…

  461. Jhill wtf we need OT

  462. Hill always shoots it always

  463. Hill with the horrible jumper instead of passing back to Lin!

  464. Too late.

  465. jhill…smh!!!

  466. Drive and kick to Jhill is low % jlin should know this, but i bet BS called the play

  467. Wes 6 foul out

  468. Sick of Hill, always wasting time after received the ball and then bricking!

  469. I said oh crap the second Hill touched the ball 😛

  470. jordan hill is so selfish and lazy player.

  471. yup because jhill is bs secret tanking weapon

  472. It’s hil job to reset. Pass back to Lin. He did not soo?

  473. He’s a decent shooter but he took too long to shoot. Catch it and shoot.

  474. You mean J Hill the secret tanker for BS.

  475. Thx.

  476. it’s better than Lin force the shot and miss.

  477. 2.5 min without scoring cause they sat lin down lol

  478. the coach trusted him :

  479. Tanking heads think alike.

  480. trusted him to tank lol

  481. Byron called timeout!
    Nothing good can come out of that!!!!!!!

  482. a play for clarkson

  483. Don’t like how Lin didn’t take that many shots this game =/

  484. Just shows you how great J’s D is now. Good work, Grizzlies, taking full advantage of his absence.

  485. Jeremy, ignore the instructions and trust your instincts!

  486. Yeah! Everybody knows. He will miss and then gameover.

  487. or tic tac toe… who knows

  488. Does Memphis have anything to discuss during that timeout?

  489. Oh c’mon. You know he has great inbounds strategies 😀

  490. Don’t be spectacular. Follow the throw and makes no mistake.

  491. Yeah, TO!!!!

  492. That’s called BS Tanking Princeton Offense. : )

  493. BS threw the monkey wrench. I am actually surprised that this time it takes BS so long to react and stop Linsanity.

  494. Lin called timeout, ok I feel better he will draw something better. LOL. Grab the clipboard like he did in houston

  495. Wow … strong tank.

  496. It is good to have a real coach.

  497. Not while Kobe is there!

  498. Yawn….nobody in the whole arena didn’t see that play coming.

  499. that was a day late and a dollar short

  500. Yes, hill you are a center, shoot near the hoop

  501. Damm it I want to go OT!

  502. Lakers tonight…and most nights: M1A2 SEP (one of the top tanks in the world).

  503. That tells you how impressed other teams have become, that they focus on shutting Lin down. Too bad for them they aren’t yet quite aware of his equally dangerous D…but they’re getting there 🙂

  504. He lazy and afraid to poke a finger or break a nail. You hardly ever see him in low post.

  505. no foul!

  506. Rookie mistake. Haha

  507. The hero Clarkson lost the ball.

  508. that’s all folks!!

  509. Oh, rookie…

  510. LOL clarkson

  511. OK, this is how the rookie handles the last crunch moments. TO, foul.

  512. Gameover!
    All those Byron padding goes to nothing.

  513. Leopard 2 A7 ?

  514. oh no could this mean the end of clarkson-ity?

  515. jordan clakson should be a SG not PG. He doesn’t have PG instinct.

  516. I am not going to rag on jc…I put the full blame on bs and his tanking weapon…jhill

  517. Wanna here Coach BS say Clarkson made bonehead stupid mistake cost the game.

  518. Scott is Clarkson’s MDA.

  519. Clarkson lost the game.

  520. Scott lost the game.

  521. Nah. BS like the 25 points, as long as they aren’t Lin’s.

  522. You have to give jc some credit.

  523. they froze lin out 2nite. there was a decision made there would be no linsanity 2nite to interfere with the sudden clarkson-ity. and well from there on it got pretty ugly.

  524. Can somebody explain why Nash can get away with not showing up at all in any of the games? Is it because BS can’t handle him? Special treatment? He could’ve been a mentor, at the very least.

  525. Imagine if it is lin mistake……..urgh..double standard

  526. yes that’s why I am not ragging on him

  527. Stupid foul on Memphis. That gives Laker a chance.

  528. I don’t understand why they don’t pass to Lin

  529. Perfect for tanking, though.

  530. Yeah, BS is happy now that tanking achieved!

  531. Wayne Ellington doing his best for another contract.

  532. Good that we already collected enought highlights from past seven games..lol

  533. Me neither, good play by Conley. I’ve seen veteran PGs get stripped late in the game.

  534. They want to create a hero, clarkson, my babe

  535. BS gonna praise him

  536. Doctors already said Nash is done for the season, no need to show up since it’s his last year.

  537. yes the tank commander at his best

  538. For real.. these jhill shots are for the tank… a long 2 the hardest shots to make and worth the least lol.

  539. JC needs a lot of work, but is however better than KB.

  540. Seven is a good number 🙂

  541. According to Allen Iverson : If I pass you the ball and you don’t take a shot and it ends up back with me, why should I pass you the ball in the first place.

  542. A fine tank without question, but not made in the U.S. of A like BS.

  543. Hill and Boozer really !!!!!

  544. Yep, hater will come out of their dungeon.

  545. everybody playing selfish for their another good contract.

  546. Brent….lin must go beyond 7 highlights to get recognition..

  547. Ok ok

  548. So does that mean he can’t even walk around the arena, cheering on his teammates? Not being sarcastic here, just really wondering. So, he’s not considered to be in the roster, but still gets paid?

  549. At the end, goats like Hill, Clarkson are too busy to show off their mistakes.

  550. OMG jhill lol. the coach must love this guy

  551. His plus minus says otherwise. Good for a rookie though.

  552. Can’t express how disgust I’m with Clarkson’s games. He is so selfish to the point I lost my desire to watch the game. Seem like everyone else also plays more iso game.

  553. Rookie mistake, but BS taking Lin off D was decisive too.

  554. ooh….i like 17 hehe

  555. Hill missed all those last shots.

  556. They didn’t play with Lin as the PG.

  557. It starts with the coach…

  558. Came in late. Was lin ever the pg during the game. Or was clarkson always handling the ball.

  559. This guy JC always has the worst +/- of his team, so similar to KB earlier this season. No wonder I suspect BS uses him to take the role of KB until he is back.

  560. Not going to blame Clarkson he had the hand hot this game and made most of his shots with 6 assists! Lin should’ve at tried taking more shots and getting to the rim. Even before the game he’s already given up on getting to the rim, without even trying?

  561. How about Kobe? He was even excused from practice when he wasn’t injured.

  562. He played PG. It was weird, Clarkson, Lin and Ellington played PG in that order. Lin was mostly PG when he was on the court.

  563. I believe most rookies are like that, trying to get more playing time and create a name for themselves. But the coach is the one enabling them to play like that.

  564. People played selfishly. When Lin brought the ball up, he passed it to hill for the miss. Piss poor tanking play called by the coach i’m sure. Lin would not keep doing the same thing over and over when it hardly works lol.

  565. Not blaming him but just lost of my desire to watch his selfish iso play over and over and over and over again.

  566. Missed the 4th. Actually didn’t really. At least Lin doesn’t get blamed.

  567. I don’t think he was that bad. He shot a lot but he had 6 assists. He’s a rookie, and he needs guidance.

  568. Immature. Haven’t realized they’re being played as goats.

  569. Gotta admit, there aren’t many other fine tankers at Hill’s level.

  570. agreed. clarkson did play well. he shot at a way higher percentage than lin. But i want to see how much his opponent scored on him vs. lin.

  571. Certainly ball movement and cutting was lacking.

  572. yep…he wasn’t bad…his shot were falling…he is a rookie–c’mon….

  573. Now that was really special treatment, if I may say so. But, I don’t really care about Kobe, to be honest. Just kinda disappointed in Nash – loved him when he was in PHX. plus being Canadian. =)

  574. He was briefly in 3Q, I think. Most of the time it was Clarkson, who became very selfish during 4Q. No ball movement. Announcer: they became 3-pt heavy.

  575. I like how Lin played…I know it is just me…

  576. Clarkson did take quick shots and tried to pass to teammates for 6 assists. Truthfully we wouldn’t be saying that if Lin was the one with 25 pts, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. Lin just had a bad shooting night and not enough shot attempts.

  577. at least Lin lead the blocks of the game and had no TO in 26 min of play.

  578. a lot. Every shots he made. Memphis fired back.

  579. Guidance is not something JC will get from BS. BS is not even good at receiving it, much less giving it. Brown-nosing, on the other hand…

  580. I agree 100%

  581. Not just you 🙂

  582. At the end, he made a crucial mistake, a TO!

  583. 3 blocks! Linpressive!

  584. Don’t see his improvement. Just saw what he was doing over and over again. No ball movement. Never enjoy this type of game. His selfishness also brought others to play selfish. So, so stagnant and no flow of the game. Not the kind of game I enjoy to watch. Won’t waste my time for it.

  585. Too bad Lin had a bad offensive game but a good defense at least. And it was another close game. Lakers were up by 10 at the 4th quarter tho… they blew it lol

  586. ha ha it’s not just you…

  587. There you go again trying to take all the credit…:P

  588. can’t really blame him for that, the defense was great on him. It could happen to lin too.

  589. No problem with Lin tonight. He got a little lucky, could have had 2 TOs and one late.

  590. It couldn’t have happened to Lin. Lin played no mistake ball.

  591. Couldn’t get to the rim. Always had 3-4 guys guarding him. Would have resulted in turnovers.

  592. Too bad it was all Down-Hill after that.

  593. Don’t be too hasty. Really sick organization dynamics…we’ll never know the half of it. Kobe didn’t want him and neither did BS. Neither has had anything to say about him, except for a very few feeble PR mentions from BS. Don’t want another legitimate star helping out…don’t want any other fingers messing up their ego pie, their tanking pie, the “fire hydrant” mind games they run on the players.

  594. Bad offensive well he didn’t look for his shot.he notice the defense and passed off knowing other people will be open

  595. Yes it was. Actually Memphis probably scored more when he was in the game and I’m right. Clarkson is -11, the highest negative player in the game once again. He played 36 minutes with most of the time with JLin.

  596. I agree. you are right about that. He had a great game. Just wish Lin’s shots were falling. He’ll get back up there.

  597. It has happened to Lin in the past, as it did every PG. Not a big deal.

  598. Or when Lin had a fastbreak he should’ve stopped for a 3 or 2 shot instead of passing to a teammate for a miss.

  599. I wasn’t sure how much time he had left on the clock and if he had a clear pass to his team mates. All i saw was clarkson trying to advance the ball. Maybe he had a selfish play again lol.

  600. Uh…. Lakers Facts, you’re omitting some important facts here! What the Hill!

  601. They lost the game in the last minutes.

  602. well clarkson’s leading the team in minuses again. But he does play with sacre and kelly so thats rough.

  603. Now that’s comforting to know… I knew there was something strange. Cuz Nash type of play (granting he’s healthy) is more like Lin – setting up plays, unmindful of stats, just winning

  604. True boozer saved him on that one.

  605. I liked Lin’s game too. He played to win as always and was very effective. I only look for a player’s contribution to winning.

  606. So rookies can play iso games to no end????!!!! and ignore other players???? NOP I will never appreciate that kind of iso players no matter who they are, superstars, rookies or in between. I just DON’T. This is not the first time he does it. He did it over and over and over and over again for the whole season. Haven’t seen any change from him. Yes, he can score. For goodness sake he is pg and not sg. HE IS JUST TOO SELFISH A PLAYER TO ME.

  607. Kobe style; that is what Byron Scott looking for.

  608. So is he admitting they played better with Jeremy in the game? lol.

  609. Yes, too many KB clones in Lakers.

  610. This team is infected by selfish cancer. Everyone is a ball stopper Instead of focusing play both ends.

  611. yes….especially when lin get more recognition on socail media, by opponent coaches and by reporters…jealousy ruined chemistry

  612. Yea Lin looked less aggressive tonight though.

  613. Lin runs offense will get everyone involved. Clarkson had a very good shooting night that’s it.

  614. Guess BS going to go back to the same old plan before the mini linsanity game…

  615. That why a coach is needed to implement correct values to the players—oh I forget there is already one called BS.

  616. I agree, Lin was less aggressive tonight, didn’t even try getting to the rim once! And should’ve looked to score on fastbreak instead of passing, he only did that once. Lin needs to learn that when Teammates are playing selfish he should look to score more instead of passing cause the ball won’t come back to him!

  617. after

  618. I saw Clarkson never passed the ball to lin

  619. Me 2. He didn’t force anything. He played within the flow unlike others who were ball hogs and ball stoppers.

  620. Tank?

  621. You are right on that. Hill as usual.

  622. Hello, why aren’t the La media asking Scott why he trust the ball to a rookie in the final minutes of the game…smh

  623. you have d option or d freedom to NOT watch him play if you HATE it that much—–relax –ti’s just a game

  624. chandler parson wear tight red calf high pants sitting on the mavs bench…. haha… oh and the mavs down by 7… with rondo starting

  625. lin had 3 blocks and 2 steals in this game, . He wasn’t looking for his shot tonight because the Grizzles were loading up on him. When started to heat up Scott took him out. lin said in the shoot around that he wouldn’t be able to drive because of the shot blockers in the paint.

  626. The fans are mad at him. They are ready to ship him and Rondo.LOL

  627. Hopefully Lin will bounce right back after this bad game.

  628. Yes I have and lost my desire to watch the game because of Clarkson. I did spell it out in my post from the very beginning. Don’t start a war with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  629. I thought Jlin looked a bit slow today. don’t know if anyone notice that?

  630. Parsons is injured no?

  631. I missed the tank… er, this game, and seems I didn’t miss much except Jeremy. From reading the posts I get the feeling that Clarkson was treated as the second coming of a rookie Derrick Rose. Not sure though if he’ll be the second coming of the veteran Derrick Rose.

  632. Really?? What happened to CP25?

  633. Not sure but he certainly wasn’t as aggressive =/

  634. Not worth to watch it unless you want to see lots of isos.

  635. If scott had left him in the game longer, i think lin would have figure it out. He will go back and watch tape.

  636. Good box score stats. Bad +/-. Weak defence. Faltering down the stretch. I guess they have found Kobe’s successor.

  637. Yep, he is. They are still mad.LOL

  638. True, MEM did have shot blockers in the game but they are not unbeatable. Lin needs to trust his shots more, If he makes a few, the lanes will open up.

  639. I think it has something to do with his foot.

  640. yes…. the tankers will kick Jlin to the curb now that they have found their precious pg…hehe

  641. Didn’t see much of open lanes. He was guided tightly and didn’t see much of ball movement. Memphis is very good in locked down defense.

  642. yes….they have….

  643. Kobe coming back next year and Clarkson will not be the PG and he won’t be shooting like he was tonight.

  644. bs heard Jlin pregame interview… so he did not left Jlin in the game longer…smh

  645. BS probably told him not to take too many shots, told him to pass to Hill and others. That was enough to kill the motivation for the night!

  646. Lakers waiting for Westbrook 2017.

  647. That is a sign which BS had called a stop to Linsanity. Both McHale and BS have done this many times to protect the spotlight of Haren and KB.

  648. He was on the go in second qtr when BS took him out. That killed his rhythm. With 4th, the game became stagnant again when Clarkson returned to the game. They were up about 7 pts before he returned. He killed the game again. Went downhill when JLin was out.

  649. Exactly.

  650. Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along.

    Paramahansa Yogananda

  651. Thanks!

  652. Let me put it this way: What would Jeremy do? 🙂

  653. That is why I’m so upset. BS really knows how to tank. With Clarkson and Hill in the game with JLin, tank guarantee!!!

  654. Seen countless of ISOs so I’ll just watch the highlights if there’ll be any.

  655. they will have two WB

  656. Because BS does this to show loyalty to KB: boss, the team is always yours and your spot is intact, you can jump in and replace the rookie at anytime.

  657. Very short one I guess because of his stat:-( He is great in defense. He really knows how to do blocks well as a pg:-) 3 in this game!!!!!!!!!

  658. they probably end up with the derick rose version of wb..hehe

  659. LOL Can’t wait to see:-)

  660. To be fair, can’t blame someone doing what he’s paid to do. If the mission is to tank, Lin-Davis would and should be the first ones taken out.

    That said, tanking truly is a shame and embarrassment to professional basketball (or any other competitive sport for that matter).

  661. This game seems to confirm my theory. That Scott did not change anything to help Jeremy after all star break. He just gave Jeremy more minutes.

    I think Jeremy played so well, that the other team mates gave him the ball and followed his lead. This game, with Clarkson shooting well, they seem to have regressed.

    Lin’s resurgence has very little to do with Scott.

  662. Jeremy’s post game interview

  663. Highlights

  664. When lin has these kind of single digit games…even loyal lin fans dissapointed

  665. As a fan I don’t. I’m not the “Lin should score 20+ points per game or else” type.

    I felt a bit of disappointment last Heat when he left Goran open for a 3

  666. Are you sure ?

  667. Wondering if JLin’s leg was still hurting after the last game. Announcer said JLin said in his pre game interview that he wouldn’t be getting to the basket cause of the Memphis bigs. Those 2 things might have made Lin cautious of driving into the paint tonight. Not worth it getting really hurt tonight. Heal up for those home games coming up.

  668. Do not underestimate the BS side of the Farce.

    -Darth Byron

  669. And get fired at the end of the season. Jeannie is upset, lakers losing money, tickets sales are low and the TCW ratings are down

  670. Was he hurt in last game? Please remind me what happened?

  671. He looks pretty explosive to me

  672. He needs 83 highlight per regular season to get recognition

  673. Nop. JLin is doing what he needs. He is playing within the flow of the game. He did have 5 shots just that not fallen in. Wish he had more FGA but it was what he was. Enjoy watching his defense and other contributions.

  674. Fingers should be pointed at a certain sibling of hers…the one without backbones.

  675. Hey brent–your thoughts on lin’s game tonight. I think he was in his defensive mindset because of who they were playing.

  676. Wish they have already done it but….

  677. Dang, is Swaggy P still on the team..LOL

  678. One of the difference between this game and previous 7 games is:

    Lin no longer has the freedom to make call and read and act with P&R in this game, back to the old set, the ridiculous 1/4 Princeton that stops at Hill.

  679. So is Hill, Johnson, Sacre… 🙁

  680. I love Lin’s DPOY performance tonight – Mutombo Lin !!!

  681. Exactly! I guess KB could’t stand Linsanity any more and told BS to stop it.

  682. If I was Jim Buss, I’d keep Lin, Ellington, Davis, Black, Boozer and JC (as bench), and bring D’Antoni back. Then trade/send mighty tankers Hill, Sacre, Kobe and Wes to closest competitors in the WC. This strategy alone would bring Lakers back into playoffs.

  683. I think he just know driving is not gonna work with the system given to him. Remember, his point of emphasis is
    1) to reduce TOV
    2) to have good efficiency on offense.

    Clarkson was so hot because MEM set him up to keep the ball. Lin knows it, he went with letting Clarkson to get as much points as possible. The facts is the final 11 minutes of the game, once MEM keyed in on Clarkson, he did not score well and was TOV prone in many instances.

    Lin was not shooting well, and multiple teammates were hot. I think he totally knew it and went in to “doing dirty job” mode.

    Given all those been said, I think Lin made the right decision. If we really wanna get picky, the last few possession, it might be better if Lin just go one on one, instead of using Hill. But that is up for debate.

  684. In his interview after the Heat his legs were in the ice bath. Lin also said he’s looking forward to the day off to try to get his body right.

  685. LOL That’s why we aren’t F/O.

  686. Yes, but there’s no denying the evil genius in said plan. LOL

  687. He fell down several times tonight when he changed directions.

  688. Indeed, but does not look like it was because of some minor injury tho. I blame Adidas…LOL

  689. Ok. Thanks!

  690. Great post. I totally agree. Even in the shoot around today, he said that he would not be able to drive. I love the fact that the Lakers were up by 7 late in the quarter and lin was playing some rocking defense.

  691. LOL intrigue to see what happen in the next few months:-)

  692. THe “old” him would just drive and rack up tovs….just my opinions. He evolved. still many games left, he can get points from other games.

  693. Speak for youself!

  694. Yeah, it will be interesting. Jeannie Buss almost sounded panicked in her interview with the LA’s daily news.

  695. i beleive that Scott will unleash lin on the Clippers/Knicks.Lakers vying for contention to be LA’s team, and the Knicks because of Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher. He wants to win those games…LOL

  696. Haha. Good one. Great analysis on your post of Lin tonight.

  697. Counting time:
    21 games to go
    5.5 weeks to go
    39 days to go
    115 days to FA

  698. Yes I know. She also mentioned quite a number of games that weren’t full house even when KB was playing. Well, they reap what they sow. Am I being correct that after this season Jim Buss/Mitch only has one more season to go conference final??? Don’t think it’s going to happen.

  699. If Jim Buss was able to tell who can lead the team to victory like his genius father, he wouldn’t have been so afraid of KB and fired D’Antoni.

  700. What did she say

  701. Not that I do not criticize Lin. But so far, it really looks like some of his team mates should not see the floor at all. If the goal is winning. It is clearer post ASB. However, one thing I think Lin knows and will do something about it in the future. He talked about “imposing his will on the floor” I believe that is where some Lin fans are criticising him for today. IF he could still made drives working or hitting shots…..I would say he will open a lot of ppl’s eyes…

    1st step is always about “reading what defense is giving you”
    THEN I believe he will work on something for the
    2nd step which is to be able to enforce his will no matter what defense is doing to a degree.

    He is improving everyday, glad to see…I am not gonna harping him just because he ONLY got 4 points.

  702. Love the countdown, keep them coming. 🙂

  703. Lin has a mathematical mind, he has to keep doing the problem over and over until he gets the right answer. That is how he plays the game of basketball. He will eventually figure out the right formula for it to work every time

  704. LOL You can see how enthusiasm I’m with JLin in current Lakers:-)

  705. By the way, Hill’s bricks is not the biggest problem. It was more about he took so much time to make the decision to brick the shot. Same with Wes….

  706. I think so too….He is good. GMs should pay big money for a player who brings efforts, skills and High IQ plays.

  707. No calls, No calls, Whatcha gonna do…whatcha gonna do when refs come for you? *humming*

  708. Yep

  709. She should be worried. LAL are the bulk of their fortune, unlike many owners who own a team mostly for fun and publicity.

  710. When his shots are not falling, his lack of defense adds salt to the pain.

  711. Yeah, the thing with the Lakers is that fans will still come if they are glossing They just want to watch fun basketball. Lin has become a fan favorite because when he leads the team, it becomes Showtime lakers

  712. He is the key to move the ball from side to side….the way he holds the ball, MEM does not need to defend at all.

  713. That is why Dtanoi dislodged hill, because he was a lazy big man and he isn’t very smart.

  714. Exactly, ball sticker, and no effort on D. And somehow MDA had to take the blame…

  715. Exactly !

  716. Exactly. So do you think Dtanoi will end up in Denver next season? I know Denver fans are done with Ty Lawson. Also George Karl said recently that every player on Sac team is trade able.

  717. rondo -14 for the game so far…enough said

  718. And how many more days jlinfanfromaustralia visit USA to watch Lin play live?

  719. hehe…ok…I understand….sorry. … coz sometimes I am being a tiger mom..lol

  720. I think the perception on him is not high enough….Just like Lin. A key shortcoming of MDA is eventually he will be the scapegoat. However, if he does get hired, I think he will try to sign players HE TRUSTS this time

  721. as long as I can remember…lol

  722. WoW, almost catches up with KB. It would be fun if the two play together next season.

  723. that’s pretty good?

  724. Yes he did. He has figured out but then BS disrupted it everytime. Very frustrating to witness.

  725. Compared to kobe…then yes…hehe

  726. LOL Not going to happen anytime soon.

  727. Yeah, MDA got burned by Melo and KB, hope he has learned.

  728. What is it like to live in australia?

  729. He needs good role players and Lin, and a good defensive AC.

  730. Queensland is a little bit like Honolulu:-) Lots of nice beaches, islands, mountains…. We have Great Barrier Reef! General speaking, Australia is quite different from US in general. A little bit more discrimination if not Whites:-) Very laid back and expensive!

  731. http://www.twcsportsnet.com/lakers/articles/20150306/wrap-lakers-vs-grizzlies-march-6-2015 “Jeremy Lin, the 6-3 point guard, came up big defensively with three blocks and a pair of steals.”

    So, don’t be so hard on him, “fans”.

  732. Wow sounds great. Where I live everything goes mouldy.

  733. Who said that , worthy and the gang?

  734. 🙁

  735. You’re disappointment is misplaced. You seem to think putting up numbers is the true measure of a player’s value. Hasn’t Lin done that already? Why is it LIN fans keep hating on their hero when every other star PGs have equally “bad” nights and no one makes a stink of it. If you have not noticed the double standard LIN faces by the so call experts, then you are equally guilty of ignorance.

    THE PROBLEM ISNT LIN’S PERFORMANCE, THE PROBLEM IS THAT ALL THE EXPERTS FOCUS ONLY ON THE “BAD” GAMES FOR LIN AND SINGLE THEM OUT AS HIS LEVEL OF ABILITY. Meanwhile the superstars are never judged on their bad games like LIN. For the chosen ones, only their good games are judged to be their potential.

    If you are a true LIN fan, please recognize this bias and don’t use someone else’s bias to unfairly judge LIN. None of these superstars have to fight their own coaches and teammates like LIN does as well as opposing coaches and tough defensive assignments.

  736. It is quite nice country to live in:-) Far from everything else:-)

  737. Other than layups. ..rondo can’t shoot…and mavs down by 16 while rondo is sinking to -15

  738. it was an article in the link I sent.

  739. My dream of next trip is going to Alaska cruise, Vancouvar, Victoria and Canadian Rocky Mountain. No NBA teams in that area:-(

  740. Lin played excellent defense and basically shut down conley. Unfortunatly tony allen also shut him down. good thing is he keeps himself injury free. 21 games to go.

  741. That’s playoff basketball; very physical and no call. You have to live with that. Lin pretty much holds his own.

  742. Watching the mavs sucking it up. ..I want to see Jlin spank rondo on Sunday until rondo cry like a baby that he is.

  743. yes…..21 games to go….

  744. More like the whole MEM shut him down…but well….he got 4 points…so..lol

  745. I wonder if it’s cause the options are limited so Hill gets to play so much. Davis plays much harder, but does not have an outside shot, Boozer is about the same as Hill, shooting whatever he catches just sooner, Sacre is…well Sacre.

  746. Davis is too limited both ISO and FT wise. He needs to do something about it.

  747. Dont know if that he attended the MIT Sloan Conference is kinda of promoting his perception?? His philosophy indeed has a lot of impact on NBA basketball. D’Antoni argued that playing fast doesnt mean bad defense and took Warriors as the example. He definitely deserves another chancet and reunite with Lin please!!!

  748. All about perception….I believe he is a genius…

  749. I love watching blowouts. ..especially when the victims are rondo, harden, or tragic

  750. LOL…well….I know you can not wait for Sunday to come

  751. Alaska was rainy in the summer… So disappointing. I can take you to drumheller to look at dinosaurs if you would like! They can remind you how old Scott and Kobe is!

    Sorry, I lurk A lot.

  752. They are having chemistry issues.

  753. Watch one more season of sick Kobe would drive away half of the season ticket holders. Kobe is not well and at the age of 36 playing the worst basketball ever and refuses to go away.

    It’s time for Lakers to welcome a new breed of basketball players but Kobe refuses to go away. He still wants to compete; compete to be the worst ever.

    Here is a comment about Kobe from ESPN that makes me laugh out loud (LOL).

    It’s time to take “respect” out of the NBA vocabulary, and Kobe Bryant proves it.

    Look at what is happening with the announcement that Kobe finished 40th in this year’s #NBArank. The same thing happened a year ago when we predicted Kobe to be the 25th-best player in 2013-14. The reaction both years was easy to predict, and it was ugly…

    Let’s be blunt: Kobe Bean Bryant was one of the very worst players in the NBA last season — a $30 million disaster. He was closer to the 425th-best player than the 25th-best player.

    He played six games, in which he was mostly just terrible, with negative win shares — that’s right, he was taking wins off the floor. The Lakers had a winning record before he arrived and immediately hit the skids. The team played worse with him on the floor, and on top of that, he insulted his teammates…

    So why did we rank him as high as 25th? Out of respect. Too much respect, really.

  754. More like fitting and ego issues..

  755. rondo is back in the game to experience more agony of defeat…hehe

  756. I tried to talk like a coach, LOL. Ellis wasn’t doing any better.

  757. Can’t wait!

  758. “We got to move the ball and trust each other,” said Lakers guard Jeremy Lin, who had only four points on 1-of-5 shooting and three assists. “It’s not that we’re not purposely trusting each other. But when they tighten up, we’re scared to make the extra pass.”http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20150306/lakers-continue-late-game-issues-in-97-90-loss-to-memphis

  759. I love Alaska Cruise.

  760. “But the Grizzlies (44-17) put veteran forward Tony Allen on Clarkson in the fourth quarter where he scored only two points on three shot attempts.” And that was when iso ball happened. He did not pass! http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20150306/lakers-continue-late-game-issues-in-97-90-loss-to-memphis

  761. Mavs down by 26 now…. I want to see if they can pull out the lowest score of the season…. come on warriors. .play some more defense..hehe

  762. Can’t wait what???

  763. Uh oh. .fat “I am better than Jeremy Lin” felton is in the game now…mavs waving the white flag.

  764. Would like to do it for a few years now. Let’s see which oversea trip will come up first. This trip, Turkey + Greece, Northern European tour or….

  765. Where do u live??? I might take up your offer:-)

  766. Can’t wait for PFV’s video.
    I have been searching in the last 30 minutes.

  767. I guess Rondo is playing the point, thus throwing Ellis and most other players off their comfort zones.

  768. It’s in the article I and Joyce have posted in last thread. Shouldn’t go far and u can find it:-)

  769. It was there. Refresh and u will see the link.

  770. You sound more like a coach than the one called bs.

  771. Finally, I find it here after searching thru youtube. I’m listening right now.

  772. It’s very easy to make any player’s minutes irrelevant on offence. All that’s needed is for the coach to say to LIN to facilitate while telling Hill, Calrkson, Ellington and Johnson to shoot.

    Luckily for Lin, he still can control his play on defence. Any true bball fan will know stopping your man from scoring is equaly important as putting up points.

  773. Yes. I know. Yesterday it took over 30 min before it showed up in youtube. I just went the direct link from PVF’s Tweet.

  774. LOL BS is in tanking mode.

  775. I wish you can educate some of the so called Lin “fans” who were unhappy tonight.

  776. Thanks.

  777. LOL Some are boneheaded!!!!

  778. I’m in Alberta! I love the mountains but I’m a terrible hiker/snowboarder. Just nice to breath the fresh air and escape the city life!

  779. Just as predicted. ..the mavs has a 2 games losing streak. ..hopefully that will be 3 after Sunday. ..if Jlin is allowed to play his game. … otherwise I hope the mavs win with rondo benched by Carlise

  780. Rondo has totally destroyed mavs chemistry. ..hehe

  781. Yes sir!

  782. Ellis 2-14 FG 0-4 3PT 6pts 2asts…inconsistent? anyone? *crickets*

  783. Star Trek TOS!!! (ok, maybe not all of them ha ha).

  784. Dragic and Heat, along with Deron and Nets both out of EC top 8…so happy!

    Meanwhile in the WC, I hope Mavs fall to 7th or 8th, Thunder no playoff, and Pelicans making it (A. Davis fan here).

  785. it’s like the tide … you cannot stop it.

  786. Bravo! Well said. What kind of Lin fans are we if we are also criticizing his every move? Aren’t we supposed to support him through thick & thin? He was not allowed to play his game tonight, didn’t get enough minutes, and said in interview no ball movement, no trust.

  787. With that trade, OKC is unlikely to not making playoff tho..

  788. I though playoffs don’t start ’till April.

  789. This is why I keep saying Cuban isn’t that smart as he thinks he is. I’m sure it’s Cuban doubling down on a bad bet like Rondo and forcing Carlisle to play him. Now Ellis is pissed and wants out. The teams chmistry Is ruined and it’s all because of Cuban.

  790. Well, I can try.

  791. yes, we will all try and we do.

  792. To boldly go where no…..

  793. The RW show, while impressive, is not the way to win. Although admittedly, most casual fans will NEVER understand why. If Davis was not injured, Pelicans would’ve secured playoffs by now. For those who oppose Lin to Mavs, imagine what Lin can do with a healthy A. Davis.

  794. split infinitives, lol the best one eva

  795. RWB will be RWB. The fact that they could get rid of Perkins made them a much better team.

  796. I don’t think RWB/KD show can win a ring, but they will get into playoffs and give gsw a hard time if they match up on opposite sides of the ladder.

  797. LOL I’d be happy if OKC with their iso centric “star players” don’t make it!!

  798. THe worst nightmare for GSW is SPurs. Because Leonard and Green

  799. I’ve said the same thing Lin and a legit, unselfish star PF in A Davis and reunion with Asik would be deadly. But only if there won’t be any jealousy and hater coach on Lin! Star PGs work best with Star PFs! Examples, Blake Griffin + Chris Paul, Tim Duncan + Tony Parker. If Pelican coach and GM were unbiased they’d get Lin as their starter PG!

  800. Agree. with GSW at 1 and OKC at 8, Spurs at 7, that’s a cat and mouse game for each to avoid. Oh oh … I don’t like GSW having to see either too early. You make a good point.

  801. at least he doesn’t seem like he will become a mean ego.

  802. Take out Curry and KT to a degree, GSW does not have any other source of offense.

  803. Not a bad thing if the ball hog Ellis is out along with Rondo next season! Gives chance for Lin to become Mavs starting PG.

  804. The type of basketball that they played tonight is at that level.
    Playoff style of basketball is different from regular season style..
    This is definitely up there in the playoff style of basketball. Very physical!

  805. Speights played great most of this year. I think he’s cooled off a little. But I think GSW plays more team ball than OKC’s dynamic duo. Ppl on GSW can step up.

  806. Alaska Cruise is nice, but I love Caribbean/Bahamas cruises.

  807. Wow I’m surprised even the so called “King James” can have such a bad shooting night. LOL 4 pts just like Lin, yet both of them were top 2 daily players few days ago with similar stats!

  808. Yes they can. But they have to step up 4 games BEFORE SPURS been normal for 4 games..lol

  809. ya Brent reference just before 16 mins …

  810. ah good. Then I hope Phx knocks OKC out given I think GSW can handle them easily.

  811. I think so too…but OKC has a better bench IMO

  812. Wesley Johnson is worthwhile to keep unless you can find a better one. Ronnie Price is a good bench player too. Ellington is not the best choice in NBA and he’s definitely replaceable but worthy to be invited to the training camp.

    Out of all these. Lin, Davis and Boozer can start for many teams. Others are just role players.

    However Davis has not been given much time to shine. He’s young and still has lots of upsides. Out of the top 3, Lin is the best NBA prospect. Yeah Boozer can still start for many teams.

  813. When lin leaves this season with a great stats book, I shall be GSW all the way to the finals! So, want the weakest team to be 8.

  814. Yeah I don’t think Byron wants Lin on his team.

  815. I think Boozer has to be a backup now…will be very good.

  816. He’s an excellent bench player who can play as SF and PF in transition games.

  817. James had 18 pts.

  818. this mark medina must be a Lin fan.is he?

  819. Word!

  820. http://afansnotes.posthaven.com/legendary-princeton-coach-tells-me-about-lin
    Just read this article in TW forum. Believe this was already posted here but wanna share it again. : ) It’s so amusing and happy to see Pete Carril praises Lin! I really hope Lakers quit claiming they are running Princeton O, just a disgrace. And Kobe, please also stop mentioning anything about Spurs’ O and things like you want to play Princeton O!

  821. i truly believe if Lin stayed on to finish the game, the Lakers could have won. Lin’s playmaking could have made the difference.

    but , uhhm yeah, the tank is strong.

  822. LA Lakers is currently having the 4th worst record.
    The chance for Lakers to get the first lottery pick is 11.9%
    The chance for Lakers to get nothing, (giving the draft pick to Phoenix) is 0.16 + 0.012 = 0.172 ==> 17.2%

  823. NO is just one game below OKC.
    They need Holiday and Anthony Davis back to make it to playoff but they just lost to Boston.
    Boston still has a chance to make it to the playoff and is only 1.5 games below Indiana and Miami for the last playoff berth. Boston is a good team.

  824. BS found another tank combination. By putting 3 guards at the end of games. This didn’t work last time, why should it work tonight.

  825. Oh yea, Jeannie is VERY upset. I guess the only thing to get the viewers is to have a Kobe retirement event at every home game. she’s subtle saying next year is Kobe’s last.

  826. I know this is harsh to LAL, but I really think a Chinese saying is true. “不怕神一般的對手, 就怕豬一般的隊友”…lol for those who know Chinese.

  827. He is OK. Lin’s fan? Not sure. He said Lakers should get Dragic.

  828. LOL It’s so true!!!! add 教練:-)

  829. Yes ma’am

  830. oh i see…thanks!

  831. Do not think he is anyone’s fan. Just doing his job……

  832. it really does not need to be a Lin fan to know LED connection is great.

    The only one that is too blind to see it or pretend not seeing it is the person who claimed on TV that he is a Lin fan.

  833. I don’t think you should insult Lin’s teammates; they aren’t pigs. They do have their upsides.
    Given another coach, when they can play at full strength, they might still be in the race of a playoff spot. Byron and Kobe have absolutely destroyed the team.

  834. I loved how Lin played defense. I was upset when BS took him out as he was the best defensive player on court. smh

  835. I know. I know…I can not change the saying, but have no intention to insult them. 😛

  836. I feel the same as you but ignoring JC & all the hype about him on TWC & on social media. Just focus on JLin, his game, his contribution. Waiting patiently for FA.

  837. He is a reporter for LA daily news. We follow each other. Not sure he is a fan, but he is fair.

  838. JC has a scoring mentality. He doesn’t get his teammates in the flow of the game. He did some nice passes tonight.

  839. hate Westbroook

  840. I didn’t able to watch the whole game so you think Lin’s teammates didn’t do enough help for him from Mem — they basically had two guys guarding him by switching at top with Allen, Calathes or Conley.

  841. The fact that ball did not fly around and TOny Allen had that many paint points said a lot..

  842. I see. So Mem was really double team Lin all game?

  843. Deny him the ball, leave shooter to pack the driving lane most of the time..

  844. I think you’re missing my point entirely.

    Ref bias against Lin is NOT new REGARDLESS of game intensity. Even in the preseason Lin was hammered and no call, and preseason games are hardly playoff intensity.

  845. Thanks. Why BS didn’t do something about it? So bad this coach…

  846. BS is BS. MEM is one of the top defensive team. Lin is not equipped with enough options to beat them.

  847. Ya! Plus Lin is the only target Mem cares the most from Lakers…. BS sure didn’t prepare anything for Lin even after 1st half… smh!

  848. One of the way BS to lose games is to do zero adjustment for the 2H. We all secretly knew it…lol

  849. Griz scouted well and planned to take the ball out of Lin’s hands. At the start of the game, announcers repeated a couple of times that Lin had been hot since all star break. They planned well to play team D on Lin.

  850. lol…no worries…who aint disappointed…pretty sure even Lin would be disappointed….but end of the day, we need to look at things objectively…the scenario he is in…the difficult circumstances that BScott puts on him….there is no silver plater for him compared to other PGs in the league.

    Given the circumstance he has done wonderful! 🙂

  851. What a good trade can do to a marginal playoff team?

    Charlotte traded Gary Neal and a 2019 2nd round selection for Mo Williams & Troy Daniels.
    Mo Williams is currently paid $3,965,074 per year. They started him as PG right away on Feb 21 on his first game. when they were on a 3 games losing streak. They have won 5 out of 9 games since the trade. Currently they’re on a 4 games winning streak. Mo Williams led the team in score twice and in assists 5 times in the 8 games span.

    What a bad trade can destroy your chance of going to playoff?

    Phoenix traded away Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic for Brandon Knight. Phoenix also sends the Los Angeles Lakers’ protected 2015 first-round pick to Philadelphia for the trade.
    After the trade, the Suns’ won 4 out of 8 and dropping out of the playoff race in the West. They lost to Chicago Boston Miami and San Antonio while won games against Denver OKC Orlando and Brooklyn.

  852. There is no way we can interpret whats on BS’s mind..hence we tend to speculate…I dont even want to know whats in his head…..just couple of more games… and Lin can make his sound decision

  853. Exactly…thats how the scenario represents…..there are hundred and one ways to make changes…but when we, the non-savvy spectators observes the very logical things to do…..and BScott doesnt even move his pinky…sigh

  854. I do agree that most of them are not ready for big time.

  855. We all should go to his site and give him upvote…he did the interview for Lin…its so obvious…

    Remeber in one of the interview, Lin said…he had played against Princeton in his early tour….hence this is the connecting dot…he tore apart the system…that shows, Lin’s high BBQ IQ!


  856. I did already. To be honest though, he can be very, very harsh about Lin. Example, Lin trashed by him tonight. He is too much of a downer for me.

  857. Who?…Nathan?…I havent seen him harsh on Lin…could you give an example?

  858. It’s up to NO to prove themselves better than OKC but they don’t have a legit PG to run their offense. The upside for NO is they finally get Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis back in time to help their playoff race. Ryan Anderson is still out.
    They key seems to be in KD of OKC.

  859. Rondo must have thrown the whole team off balance.

  860. Here is just one example. https://twitter.com/zukovka/status/574056715026591745 Said Lin played like garbage. Are you on Tweeter?

  861. You call a game with 2 steals 3 blocks 4 rebounds 3 assists 4 points garbage in 27 mins. You haven’t seen the rest of the league. In fact the last minute with Wesley Johnson out, he didn’t even touch the ball.

  862. I will give him a break….as Lin’s fan…many of us are frustrated as well….we can see that couple of posting and other Lin’s site…that doesnt mean we hate Lin…..

    As I mentioned on one of my earlier post…

    pretty sure even Lin would be disappointed….but end of the day, we need to look at things objectively…the scenario he is in…the difficult circumstances that BScott puts on him….there is no silver plater for him compared to other PGs in the league.

    Given the circumstance he has done wonderful! 🙂

  863. Go ahead. Do what you want. It’s not a matter of him hating. I said he is harsh, but more importantly, he is very judgemental. His opinions are always right. It’s like he knows what goes on in Lin’s mind. Tonight he said that Lin’s mind not on game, but on going home to LA.

  864. Tonight is a good experience for Jeremy.
    He just needs to do better to create his own shots in difficult situations.
    He has been working in his crossovers and he needs to work on it more and use it with more confidence on his one on one game in contested situation.

  865. Ellington shot 1 out of 3 in the rest of game after replacing Lin.

  866. Rick Carlisle is playing everyone on the team.

  867. And they won the game despite that.

  868. Byron Scott is so inept in court side decisions. The only coach comparable to him is McHale.

  869. https://twitter.com/spearsnbayahoo/status/574130723809984512 Chandler Parsons reunion with JLin coming up.

  870. I am still surprised on how much lin improved over this ASB. It is not simply just BS gives him more minutes and faster flow. He reads and react differently than he was. That is actually a huge jump. Happy for him. And yes that includes today’s game.

  871. Byron was looking for a player to go to in the last minute rather than drawing up a play that would work.
    That is what I called inept coaching.

  872. Lin in fact has played very physical too. He does not lay back. He fought every rebounds, every steal, every block but the spacing of the court is not right. Teammates are not willing to make the extra pass. For some reason, BS always match Jordon Hill with Jeremy.

    We all know that the best combination for the Lakers is Lin-Davis-Boozer-Wesley Johnson-Ellington. I would even take Tarik Black ahead of Jordon Hill who just stands and wait for his pick and pop. His shots are off tonight!!!!

  873. Don Nelson is the basketball mind but not Mark Cuban.

  874. so is another Chandler as well..

  875. This is the kind of pain when you play with a rookie who just wants to score instead of reading the defense. So later on when the game is tight and the shot is not falling, they don’t know what to do because they do not know how to set the rhythm for others to get open.

  876. no, Scott makes MaHale looks like a saint, at least McHale let Lin to play his game with Harden out, Lin rarely gets more than 30 minutes from Scott even with Nash, Young, Price, and Kobe all out, and doesn’t always gets to finish the game..

  877. Ellis is not active when Rondo is holding on the ball.

  878. 不怕神一般的對手, 就怕沒頭腦的教練..

  879. Scott wants to get rid of Lin. It is plain obvious to everybody. Well you can guess the hidden agenda as much as you want.

  880. For whatever reasons, Scott never liked Lin in the first place, when he replaced Lin with Price in starting lineup, he said because Price plays better D, how about now? Clarkson is one of the worst defender on the team, but I don’t see Scott has any problem with Clarkson’s defense..

  881. I wonder if he was ready to play this way since day 1 of training camp, but was sidetracked by all the distractions caused by the Kobe BS fiasco. It sure looks like he has had time to clear his mind during the ASB though.

  882. Oink oink!

  883. 不動如山( Still as a Hill)

  884. you mean like real leather?

  885. ball returns?

  886. In the Boston game Jeremy scored 25 points, his +/- is +11
    Jordon Clarkson scored 25 points his +/- is -11
    This tells you something about team basketball and just ISO ball.

  887. Jeremy really needs to work on his one on one move against tough defenders like Dwyane Wade.
    Team basketball is fine but you can’t shake off your defender, you would be iced out when you play with selfish teammates or teammates with no court vision. Lin is definitely athletic enough to develop good crossovers.

  888. Does it occur to you all that Byron Scott might not be tanking.
    The horrible thing is this is his way of coaching Cleveland and now Lakers.

  889. One on one is definitely JLin’s weakness even he himself admitted it saying he’s better as a 5 on 5 player. If there’s anything JLin can improve on it’s his one on one moves! His dribbling certainly looks like they improved recently.

  890. Boozer had many double double game this season and he’s much more consistent offensive player, definitely deserves to start as PF with Davis/Black at Center.

  891. Picture Time…

  892. Not much …

  893. More…

  894. Most are at the background…

  895. Thats all for today…

  896. Probably has too do with good coaching from Doc…as opposed to negative coaching from BS. Maybe they went over some tapes together and with a fresh set of eyes on his side, he finally got a better perspective.

  897. I think JLin gets by his peeps fine. He’s not flashy, so it’s not easy to see how effective he is at getting by one guy. What you are seeing is when he does, he’s well covered by 2 or 3 guys. I didn’t watch any of last night’s game, but I reads like they had a guy on him even off ball.

  898. You’d think someone named Hill should be able to roll…but it seems he’s all slipping and sliding down instead of rolling down the Hill. Lol

  899. We all know by now what’s inside of his head. It’s no grey matter, that’s for sure. It’s filled with cow dung or aptly named as BS.

  900. Hard to find any so call reporters now a days that actually think for themselves, even harder to find one that isn’t just a parrot.

  901. Listen to JLin’s pregame interview, you know how much BS has done for him. As usual, 0%. It’s all his own work with some help. Don’t expect anything from BS. Remember in NY Knickcs under D’Antoni, they did prepare the game. With BS, zero prep.

  902. And there is one that is full of cow pie…BS anyone!?

  903. Mem must believe no Lin, no Win. They know who can beat them, and letting Clarkson go was no problem in the end.

  904. Yep, and no one gives a rat’s rear whenever these stars trip up once in a while. The experts all make up excuses for their “linonsistency”. Meanwhile their bias against Lin is a constant load of BS.

  905. In the fourth I sensed that the Laker team was actually scared and confused when they came down the court to run their offense. It was really thick. I am glad Lin was pulled out of that mess for awhile at least. The team was lost.

  906. What’s going on with Black? in the top picture, lol?

  907. He breaks his own ankles sometimes. Legit point. It’s one the PDV makes a lot. He’s getting there but could do more. Also, got to get almost to the paint and use floaters, sometimes he needs to score.

  908. that’s Ed #21, isn’t it?

  909. Lin’s filling the stat sheet just needs some guys to buy in and the Lakers could have easily won this.

  910. The true test of Clakson’s worth will be when teams start scouting him. In the 4th quarter when Tony allen was put on him, he couldn’t score. So Clarkson is fool’s gold right now. Any fan that doesn’t think lin played well, doesn’t know lin or what a real PG does. I think it is big props to lin that they plan against him. Last night was a prime example in one instance that lin had 4 defenders on him.and didn’t turn the ball over.Also this is the time when other teams are scouting players for the next season, and I am pretty sure that a lot of teams have lin on their radar already. Also we should be hearing the rumors about teams wanting lin around the last ten games. Also, don’t be surprised if the lakers leak a rumor like knicks did, saying that they would match any salary that is offered to lin. Jeannie Buss and company are pretty desperate right now, because they are loosing money and face. They know that Kobe is coming back and no big name player will come play with him. so…and the plot thickens

  911. The tankers can match all they want…Jlin is a FA…he can go wherever he wants

  912. Yep and lin will.

  913. that’s that spirit!

  914. Ya! I believe NYK also wants Lin & NY media will be crazy about it if NYK really gets Lin back. Just from recently these ESPN commentators covered Lakers games could tell… how much they really love Lin. Mem really care so much about Lin. Like I said JC can score but if the teams really want to stop him they can.

  915. This statement from lin tells me that he was prepared for the strategy that Memphis had planned for him. Scott and other players didn’t know how to adjust.

    “We got to move the ball and trust each other,” said Lakers guard Jeremy Lin, who had only four points on 1-of-5 shooting and three assists. “It’s not that we’re not purposely trusting each other. But when they tighten up, we’re scared to make the extra pass.”http://www.dailynews.com/sport…

  916. I swear, this man is not going to the pulpit. He’s going to have a great career on the court God willing, and then he will coach a championship dynasty for as long as CBA moves allow.

  917. D’Antoni : “Denver is a great city with a strong basketball tradition and
    there’s a lot positive to sell,” he said. “You can make a quick
    turnaround if you exploit the running game. It won’t be easy. Nothing’s
    easy in the West. But it’s not impossible.”__________

  918. Heh heh, Mountain West states a good combo of Midwest and Wild West.

  919. Also feel weird… Do you think JC is a trade asset? Bc before the game, the AS coach (BS son) talked to LA Times about how JC work out w Nash once per week… Kobe & BS behind him…….They also let him ISO a lot….then last night post game BS said JC still has so many potential… sounds like try hard to sell him to me.

  920. I agree. Lin figured out that when they were loading up on him, he intentionally drew the defense in on him to kick the ball out to an open man, but when the open man was being loaded up, they were afraid to make another pass to get a good shot.

  921. No, i think Scott trying to keep his job for next season. I believe right now Scott doesn’t know what is going on in the F/O and he playing it by ear on what he thinks he should do. Also Lakers are loosing a lot of fans and money. Also the season ticket holders are not pleased. Lin has shown to be a fan favorite in LA now, and Scott is trying to go against the grain on his own. My opinion is that the Jeanie, Mitch/FO is looking for a scapegoat and I think it will be Scott.

  922. So with backup by BS, Clarkson has decided to be Kobe while he’s out. He is the starting pg and the shooter too. Pushing Lin a side to be the main ball handler. Even when Clarkson takes rest, Lin has to deal with Hill. Hill thinks he’s Shaq or Howard but unlike them he’s nobody in the paint. He wants the ball outside to shoot long jump. What a dumb coaching would allow him to shoot 15 times such a waste.

  923. https://twitter.com/ericpmusselman/status/574246854562484225 The offense must utilize a player’s individual skills.

  924. Opposite with BS’s offense

  925. Each day they keep BS as a coach, they prove themselves tanking in purpose. If that the case Jeanie shouldn’t ask fan to be patience.

  926. Jeremy Lin: PER 15.71, rank # 27, blocks/game #5, steals/game #22
    27 minutes, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals, 2 pf, 0 turnovers, 4 points.
    Second game with 3 blocks, first was against the Mavericks in Dec 26.

    Grizzlies did a good job shutting down Jlin’s offence, double team and little
    dirty moves with no calls. Didn’t score well but excellent defense going
    ankle-breaking expedition against Conley and no turnovers.

  927. Now I’m sorry I missed it!

  928. Yes. If you look at his past performances and record as coach, Byron is performing consistently. No surprises there. He is just a bad coach.

  929. clarkson’s game really annoys me. 18 shots? Granted he made 12 but still like Lin said, when the MEM D tightened up, Clarkson freaked out and just jacked up shots. Once MEM D clamped down on Clarkson in the 4th, it was missed shot, shot blocked, ball stolen, etc. Lakers should watch film but I know BS doesn’t…

  930. I generally agree. I hope i am wrong but i think lakers are stuck between rock and hard place. I think their hands are tied and Lin will end up walking. I think internally they will regret letting him go.

    Clarkson is definitely no trade asset unless he can beackaged for an all stat. Clarkson is being groomed and lin is not.

    Lins play is just raising eyebrows that is all. I still believe lin camp complained during all star break and asked for a trade if lakers wouldnt allow Lin to play his game.

  931. Yep, he didn’t know what to do. The thing with lin is that he knew going into this game that it would be hard for him to drive and I think he knew his effort show be focused on the defensive end, which he did. Notice while lin was playing defense, the lakers were up by 7 in the 4th quarter, and as soon a s lin was taken out, the lakers defense collapsed and that is when the Lakers lost the game.

  932. Ok this is Lin’s pregame interview and just goes to show you that Scott is not coaching this team:

  933. They were loading up on lin big time, but he got through it and he played that DPOY defense. You go Lin.

  934. I am beginning to believe that the statements jeannie has made of late, that scott might get fired after this season.

  935. This guy sounds more like the coach than BS

  936. Lin played some great individual D (blocks and steals) as well as team and help D in this game. MEM announcers kept mentioning Lin and his stellar play since the ASB.

  937. Longer set of highlights (6 min 30 sec) from Liao Anton

  938. This is what I don’t get. Scott’s rotation since ASB has been start Clarkson at PG, Lin comes in around 4-6 min mark and plays SG. When clarkson sits in the 2Q, Lin moves to PG. For the MEM game, BS switched and had Lin play PG as soon as he entered and Clarkson moved to SG. Maybe that’s why Clarkson jacked up so many shots thinking OK I can shoot anytime coz I’m playing SG.

  939. Not sure if he thinks like that…I think he just did not know what to do, other than shoot the ball

  940. I think Clarkson didn’t know what to do because Scott didn’t know what to do. Lin was the one who adjusted the teams dense throughout much of the 3rd & 4th quarter because they were up 7 when scott pulled lin out.

  941. Ur my #basketball #idol @JLin7. Hope to see u on #FreshOffTheBoat if get renewed. "@jlai4747: @wheeler_forrest Love the #Linsanity shirt!"— Forrest Wheeler (@wheeler_forrest) March 7, 2015

  942. FA don’t want to come to play with Byron Scott and Kobe


  943. The thing that gets me about the lakes, they still think that still are all of that, when they are not. They still think players want to come for them because they are the Lakers with 17 championships(past). There a very few players whoa are playing basketball whose goal is to get a ring. Most of the NBA players don’t have goals beyond their next contract. The reality is that kobe has become an albatross around their neck because no quality player will sign while he is still on the team. The ultimate spit in the face for the lakers, if lin signed with the Clippers next season, then the Clippers will truly become LA”s team. LOL

  944. Yes, I agree. There was one play he drew up during Linsnaity for an easy alley oops to Chandler against The Jazz (?). It look like a football play. All the players were loaded together on the right elbow while Lin stood there on the high left elbow just waiting for the double screen to set for Chandler. The whole Jazz defence was so fixed on what Lin was going to do that they never saw Chandler lose his man to the basket. It was like a childhood football misdirection play I used to call to free up a guy who never gets the pass for a touchdown.

    As for perception; D’antoni gets negative slants because he came from Europe. The so call experts here stateside will never give him any credits just because he didn’t come from within the rank and file of their own system. Just Like Lin, D’antoni is marginalized for being an outsider.

  945. Truth

  946. i disagree, i think Clarkson is a placeholder for WB when his contract is up 2017

  947. The Lakers FO is so bad at assessing talent that they let go Zack LaVone and Whiteside. Are we even surprise that they will let Lin go and choose a has been superstar?

  948. BTW i never said that the Lakers wanted lin for their PG. The lakers still want that foothold in china, that is what Jeannie was talking sales on ticket prices and the face of the organization being damaged. Also she even stated that even when kobe was playing, tickets sales were still down.

  949. And that talk about players “afraid” to play with Kobe is BS. It’s not that, it’s that he takes up too much cap space without contributing much performance to the team (actually hurts the team with ball hogging) making it harder to fill out the team with good role players.

  950. He will not go to Lakers either. LOL!

  951. Not surprised…. bc I don’t think BS knows how to coach… smh! Like Asik said ” We don’t have game plan.” LOL!

  952. no, you can’t say that.. why? because he finished the game the last 3 games and the still lost. So there is no guarantee that he will win because we lin fans said the same thing with the last 6 games and the result was 50-50.. No excuse. He was in that game to finish up, but hill kept messing up shots, so for this game, lakers might lose too.

    In fact that’s the reason what bs is thinking.. see what happens if lin is out of the game, will they win.. Good thing they did not, else this experiment will start to see a trend. Now, his next game or next next game should be to start lin.

  953. doesn’t matter.. I think nathan is saying that to defend other players to ‘protect’ lin. The last thing you want is some lin fan thrashing other players and then in affects the team and if a player heard that it will destroy any growing chemistry because there will be resentment.. the same sh-t happen during linsanity era.. nathan is smart to learn from that and say that. Lin will have amazing stats ONLY IF other players buys in.. so it won’t do any more good to trash other players.

  954. thank you

  955. May reconsider post kobe

  956. It isn’t just Kobe. In the article it mentions California’s state income tax takes a bite too. Texas doesn’t have state income tax, I’m not sure but I don’t think Florida does either. Dragic might stay with MIA just for tax reasons. Before the CBA the Lakers could outspend and fly above the salary cap to get the best players. No longer now.

  957. Mark MedinaVerified account
    Lakers still listing Nick Young as questionable for Sunday’s game vs. Dallas. He has missed past 6 games because of a swollen left knee

  958. When you look at the way the league promotes the game, you soon understand why young rookies like Clarkson play the way they do. BS also is enabling and compounding the problem.

    Phil Jackson tried to tell Kobe that Oscar Robertson was considered one of the greatest players of all time and yet never scored prolifically. Tim Duncan is the player that will be remember as the player most like Robertson. Team ball is about winning as a team but the league doesn’t promote that. Instead they promote guys like Harden. It’s the people at the top who create the problem.

    This is why LIN is fighting a much bigger battle than just his next contract. The NBA is symptomatic of the malais in our society of selfishness and greed. Clarkson is young, but he also must ask himself what is right from wrong and accept responsibility of his actions. It’s easy to say “I’m just doing my job”. This is why we love LIN. He lives his faith and stands up against passive acceptance of convenience.

  959. Afraid to be embarrassed by the Warriors but he will play against the Lakers.


  960. Yup, hubris and entitlement of the current generation from the previous generations’ work. The cycle continues onward.

  961. That will be their downfall. I truly believe that Jeannie is setting her brother up so that she can make room and usher Phil Jackson back in, so that they can rule together.LOL

  962. BS’ seven principles of a sound offense:

    1) Long 2s
    2) Give the ball to Kobe
    3) ISO all day every day
    4) Gotta look tougher than the other team (no softies)
    5) See 2
    6) See 5
    7) KOBE

  963. Media sure is pushing all this Kobe stuff, Showtime documentary. Maybe Kobe lovers like it but I’m like “who cares”. Humanitarian Award?


  964. He just wanna see jlin :p

  965. with the ultra short hair on the sides opening up the kind of pointy ears has sort of a elfin thing going; maybe shooting for a legolas without the hair….”handomsest man in the nba” offcially voted by japanese fans.

  966. The NBA doesn’t care

  967. Hope Lin doesnt
    CP3 and Jamal will do their best to make sure Lin doesnt succeed

  968. I took my niece and her friends to lunch today. I told them that lln played a a good defensive game, but no a lot of points. I told them that Clarkson played a good game. Their response: Clarkson is not cute, in the way lin is. They are not really feeling Clarkson. My niece’s response is that she likes Asian men and she likes Jlin. She doesn’t consider Clarkson asian. Her friends consider him African American. They will be going to the game on Sunday, and they promised me that they would share what they saw. I have lunch with my niece and her friends about once a month. My niece and he friends are very smart and intelligent girls. They look at how a guy looks, but they know what’s real and not real. I am learning so much from them. AS said, they really like Jeremy..

  969. Let’s all appreciate teamwork in this video of ATL offense designed by Mike Budenholzer

  970. Jamal Crawford is on his way out the door. The Clippers aren’t really feeling him anymore. I am not worried where lin lands because it will where he is suppose to be.

  971. Lin would be so good on this team
    Teague will come short in the playoffs
    they need Lin as their starting PG
    Teague can back up him up
    but yah that aint gon happen

  972. Lol yea I saw. And they drew him as a samurai! Sasuga nihonjin.

  973. OK, what is really up with Swaggy P? He himself said that he would be back for the Dallas game and now he is questionable? +

  974. Was lin even featured in this video

  975. He is very low on confidence I would assume. But I do not think he will stop to play for no good reason tho.

  976. Don’t have any children yet but sounds like your niece would be a perfect daughter-in-law. Lol.

  977. Yeah, she is so sweet. She is in here senior year and she wants to stay in LA. She has offers from UCLA and USC. She wants to go into broadcast journalism, but she really likes sports and that is what she wants to do. I told her that I would buy her a MAC computer and a Smart TV when she picks a college.

  978. cuz its a guranteed win lol
    rondo is gonna show clarkson whats good

  979. See that is what I hate about Scott. He plays out the players insecurity in the press. Scott is still playing Jedi mind tricks with Swaggy P, whereas lin has figured Scott out and he no longer can play that game with lin. Scott knows this also. Swaggy P’s problem is that this Hollywood and everybody wants to be famous.

  980. I don’t believe he’s really injury… bc if he’s swollen for that long period of time….. why himself or BS didn’t seem to worry about the injury? I think all these just for DNP to tank…

  981. the Lakers are better w/o him thou
    LAL might like what they see now w/o Swaggy

  982. Young is under Lakers’ contract now so BC can push him around w playing time & fame. smh! Lin can soon to be out of Lakers or stay for bigger role that’s why Lin seems to be not care or no need to listen to BS now.



    Linsanity may be long over, but Jeremy Lin is still a solid player, an essential part of the Los Angeles Lakers, whether the team is struggling or not. The starting point guard for the gold and purple gets awarded with some very special PEs of theadidas Crazy Quick 2 Low decked out in Chinese-inspired dragon covered uppers. Lin “enters the dragon” with these four PE colorways of the shoes, each in Lakers-friendly colorways and adorned with the dragon graphic wrapping the upper and completed with Lin branding on the tongue and heel tab. Get a good look at all four versions here, look for each on Lin’s feet throughout the rest of the NBA season, and stay tuned to Sneaker News for any release information on the adidas Crazy Quick 2 Low Jeremy Lin “Dragon Pack”.







  984. But I heard that’s the same knee he hurt last year? If that’s a lingering injury, I think he had better keep patient and get it fully cured.

  985. Has he played since the Kobe death stare on the Jimmy Kimble Show?

  986. Enough is enough. The overdose of a worn out superstar.

  987. So you’re loaded with $$ Joyce? 18% Asians in USC and 40% in UCLA, your niece will be surrounded
    by Asians. She could pick and choose.

  988. Used to like this guy till he iced Lin out in games.

  989. No. You think there’s something to do w Kobe’s death stare? I think after that incident, BS said they should not wear Lakers uniform? smh! I guess Ellington will replace Young in the future. Young is most likely will be traded.

  990. Me too. Who cares?

  991. Teague is plenty good; so is Lin. I mean when something is working for ATL, why should they change in the middle? That would cause a chemistry problem for ATL.

  992. This team plays well as a team don’t think they want to make any change at all.

  993. Well, Lin seems somewhat smarter than JC, so if your niece (a smart girl) likes a smart guy, she would probably like Lin more. Hard to beat a Harvard plus NBA resume. It still amazes me that a Harvard-educated guy is playing in NBA.

  994. It’s nice that Lin got more PE’s than he did when he was with Nike.

  995. You mean Clarkson is gonna show Rondo whats good? :p

  996. I think it will be more about his 20 years than retirement…. even right now still only said “Could be his last season…”…. smh! Lin is better not stay…

  997. LOL Same reaction when I first read it. What has he done to deserve that reward???

  998. It isn’t about players “afraid” to play with Kobe. It’s all about who wants to play with a well past aging ballhog NBA who should be retired at least a couple season before and has maniac egoistic that doesn’t allow any player to shine. There is no fun but has tons of frustration to play with him.

  999. Hopefully it’s true. Sick of him. No difference whether JLin stays or not stay. Just enough seeing his face and name related to NBA.

  1000. lol clarkson is gonna give rondo a happy ending

  1001. teague might want more money

  1002. I dont like Teague
    I think hes gonna ask for more money

  1003. link has nothing to do with the tweet

  1004. Worth the time to watch it? How long is JLin on the show and roughly when?

  1005. What did you mean?

  1006. These are probably not gonna be offered in women’s sizes..!#@*$ !. Wonder what’ll be the smallest size available and if I could make it work. With enough pairs of socks. And not look like a duck foot 🙂

  1007. http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-fyi-20150308-story.html Scott revealed he has asked Lin to cut back on calling PnRs against Mem. Article also speculated Lin won’t be with Lakers.

  1008. “I just didn’t like the fact that you use it right when you come in the game. I wanted to move the ball first — let’s see how they play certain things first,” Scott said. “Let’s see how they guard pick-and-rolls when we get movement.” — Byron Scott on asking Lin to run less Pick and Rolls….hahahahahahahaha

  1009. Lin just can’t do too well, right? smh!

  1010. another 20 games…just hope lin get more than one offers..

  1011. You know what I think happened? Kobe has had enough of Linsanity talk in LA! He sent BS to be his hit man again

    This has Kobe written all over it like sending to the bench in Gm 20, now asking Lin to scale back PnR in the name of developing Clarkson

    “Byron asked Lin to cut back on calling pick-and-roll plays.
    “I just didn’t like the fact that you use it right when you come in the game.

    The excuse to set up others first are just LIES. Lin can’t be allowed look good in LA as #1 as he’s a threat to Kobe and his silly Muse documentary release. This Linsanity rise is crimping Kobe’s style to promote his movie and endanger Kobe to accommodate Lin’s strength if Lakers considers to bring back Lin.

    Lin needs to get away as far as possible from this toxic LA environment. Period!

  1012. I agree… nothing is going to change as long as Kobe is in the team. He will try everything he can to push Lin not to stay in Lakers for sure… FO wants Lin but they still don’t have guts to say NO to Kobe. smh!

  1013. I usually enjoy highlights because of J’s scoring or genius passes, but watching his incredibly tenacious and effective D on this one got my pulse rate up. He’s so darned good.

  1014. I think he will… that’s why he is not worry about his FA. This Sun will be interesting bc Rondo sure will try his best to showcase for Lakers & Lin maybe will do the same for Mav too… LOL! But not sure BS will want to help Lin out or not….. He will not want Lin to be too popular in LA.

  1015. Sorry, I haven’t watched it myself. Maybe towards the end?

  1016. This is so stupid. Why stop doing something that is clearly working? Let’s see how wonder boy JC performs next to Kobe next year.

  1017. W/O Lin, Kobe will want Rondo not JC.

  1018. Let’s see how Rondo (insert any PG) will perform next to Kobe next year.

  1019. I know no one can do well. Look at even Nash… Just hope Lin can play well for the next 21 games.

  1020. JC just has that “I’m trying hard to impress” look on his face all the time. It seems a little fake. Whereas JLin and Price both seem more genuine in their expressions.

  1021. Next up, in succession, cut back on shooting, rebounding, blocking, dribbling…and ultimately, no breathing while on the court. This is pure comedy.

  1022. Cant believe what I read…wow All Lin needs to do is keep healthy,patient and run away from all the bullshit when he is free.

  1023. Let NBA fans truly asked the question of WHO is the perpetrator behind Byron Scott to extinguish #LinsanityInLA?

    I’m surprised Mike Bresnahan decided to write the truth of Byron’s illogical decision to clamp on Linsanity after a great 5-6 games. He wasn’t big on Lin before. I think he’s tired of having Kobe running the show in LA and wants to see Linsanity continues until the end of season


  1024. Kobe’s insecurity and childish behavior is unbelievably ridiculous. No one can be the center of attention but him. Not Shaq, not D12 and definitely not Nash or Lin.

    That said, this round of Kobe temper is very telling: Muse is not well received and Kobe blames it on Linsanity LA.

  1025. It’s because LA crowd will get on Linsanity bandwagon if Linsanity rules LA in the last 20+ games.
    Historically, Kobe will eliminate anyone who is a threat to this fame and throne in LA.

  1026. Byron’s excuse totally not making sense either. Lin’s mindset is still setting up others when defense collapses on him.
    Now he’s a great PG for scoring 4pts and 3 asts after averaging 18p/5.5a?
    Kobe used BScott like a used towel again to do his dirty work!

  1027. Mike Bresnahan officially becoming LA’s version of Chris Baldwin. LOL

  1028. yes! Kobe is not A-Mused at all!
    So he went Linsanity-hunting.

    Evil people will harvest their evil deeds sooner or later.

  1029. Not quite, but maybe we should roll out the red carpet to welcome him =)

  1030. KB is beyond … Lost my words. KB and BS are a totally shameless pair.

  1031. I didn’t know we can post the word “bullshit.” The Lakers have BullShit for a coach!

  1032. Ok. Not going to watch it until someone believes it’s worth the time.

  1033. Agreed, which is why I used gerund rather than past participle. Getting that red carpet ready. 🙂

  1034. gerund. now thats a word i haven’t heard in a long long time.

  1035. Please don’t use cursing word. Against rule #1 We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful”
    rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is
    intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

  1036. well yer comments are anyway. funny.

  1037. Let’s tweet to @JeanieBuss as Melody has started well.
    She reads her tweets so the more we raise Lin concern, the better outcome it might be.
    Who knows if Jeanie will call Kupchak to do something about it?

    You can reply to show your concern.
    And Let’s do it respectfully showing the benefit for Lakers (i.e. not let Lin walk, future rings for Lakers, etc.)


  1038. it was obvious to anyone who watched the game that for the first time since asg; lin was shut down, not by the other team but by the coach and the rest of the players on his team.

    the rest.. requires some digging and speculation.

  1039. that’s just does not make sense, Lin comes from bench, so he should see how opponents response already when Lin come to court. And what he was saying basically is that Lin should give out the ball first, and only do it if other people do not have a chance, which will never happen as Hill/Young will shoot everything.

  1040. Not so fast, if you read the whole article it’s not to speak out for Lin more like JC is Lakers future PG not Lin bc he is on his way out of Lakers….

  1041. LOL Thanks @psalm234:disqus

  1042. Yeah, but what if I don’t want Lin to waste another year in LA? Can’t go through what he’s been dealing with all season & wants to return.

  1043. BS: Let’s see how they defend against our ISO plays!

  1044. can’t see your message

  1045. Personally I believe it is clear day and night that it’s either KB and BS or JLin. By the sound of it, Jeanie Buss has chosen KB. By what I’ve read and listened to JLin, believe JLin will make the best decision of going to an org that will value him and meet his goal: starter and ring. Doubt that JLin will choose to stay in Lakers even they offer the most money.

  1046. Wow, look at the play at 1:15, that’s the play Lakers use all the time, however, they only used the first half of it, for the wing player come up to take the ball, and usually from there, it is an ISO, yet Hawks has so many plays downstream, with multiple passes and cause really wide open shots, just beautiful. And wouldn’t that want to make you cry for the pathetic Lakers offense?

  1047. If you read the whole article you will know Mike is not helping Lin … he never did before plus right now he is just a contractor for LA Times. check the whole article here.


  1048. interesting take on the tanking issue. denver team (leading houston at the moment 2nite) playing well with new coach. fan commentators believe that team was playing bad purposely to get shaw fired.

    shaw himself commented previously that team was “tanking without him”.

  1049. Because he does not suppose to discuss the personel before he even gets the job.

  1050. Just as what I suspected: Lin wasn’t empowered in the last game.

  1051. He was supposed to be #1 seat but no more… maybe not that many click for his article. Boring most of the time. LOL!

  1052. I also don’t want Lin to go back to LA.

    But Lin needs to finish strong for the rest of season w/ Linsanity and PnR so he has strong FA.
    What’s important is in the now for Lin to finish strong in LA.

  1053. Unless of course you’re Jayce Word. I wander how Jayce can go wondering around being not only rude and disrespectful but even vulgar. For example, “JLin doesn’t give a F**k.” or “Opinions are like azzholes, everybody’s got one.” Jayce said that right in your face Melody but you had no reaction. How hypocritical is that? It makes this site lose its credibility.

  1054. I totally believe that.
    Lin is smart enough to know he wants to thrive as a PG next season.
    And LA is not the place to do so

  1055. He actually set a good tone for Lin with “Lin wants a larger role than he has now, nothing he’ll admit publicly, and he’s been playing well enough to earn a solid chance with another team.”

    in the past, it has been “Lin used up his chance” or being inconsistent. But this is an admission that Lin can play well but Lakers has chosen a cheaper Clarkson to develop

  1056. yeah, I saw an report, that player now are all hopping on to the first bus to go to the game, whereas before, they always try to stay as late as possible, as they don’t want to play.

  1057. I do appreciate Mike report the truth. Not like in Houston, McHale will say, “Lin is point guard, he is the first one to touch the ball”, and complain that he is not aggressive. I do have people argue with me that it was Lin’s choice that he pass the ball.

  1058. Not if BS limits his games & style of play again. I am sure JL will do his best. Most important thing is to remain healthy rest of season.

  1059. yes, health is #1 priority

  1060. Wear more socks will help…just saying…:P

  1061. Here comes another rd of civil war….nothing is really about bball….