G61 IND @CHA Game Thread

After 2 easy wins vs the Suns, the Hornets will face the Pacers in a battle of playoff positioning between #6 and #7 in the Eastern Conference standing. This is absolutely a must-win game if the Hornets want to secure a playoff spot.

  1. Would the offense continue to run through Kemba as it has been a trend recently?And if it doesn’t work, would they resort to team-ball before it’s too late?
  2. Will JLin get more minutes if the game becomes close? Or will the coaches risk testing Lee to close the games?

Letโ€™s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring to secure a Hornets win.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game 62 vs MIN


  1. First. Let’s go Lin.

  2. 2nd!

  3. Lin should have no trouble playing a clean low key efficient team game against the Pacers.

    If Ty Lawson is in the mix, that makes it easier for Lin to dominate since Lawson historically cannot contain Lin.

  4. What’s your take if Hornet plays like last time they met and luckily won the game with KW’s last drive?

  5. lol, psalm, I won’t guess on the minutes to keep the peace here!

    Just hoping for a good game from Lin tonight. I’m not sure about a win for the Hornets as it is tough to beat a team 3x in a short amount of time.

    I’m in read-only mode for now ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You might be right and as long as KW continues to play 40+ mins per game while Lin has only 18 min of freezing-out, I don’t care who will win.

  7. They’ll probably still beat the Pacers because the Pacers guards are too slow and unathletic to deal with Walker and especially Lin.

  8. Me too.

  9. We just spoke from the “heart”.

  10. Wonder if Lawson will suit up tonight?

  11. Yep. Truth.

  12. Lin, you want it, go get it!

  13. The Pacers are going to buyout Chase Budinger. It will become finalized after Friday night, according to the IndyStar.

    “The Budinger buyout will create an open roster spot and pave the way for the Pacers to add another player as the team makes a push for the playoffs. … Lawson, 28, will reportedly come to Indiana after a buyout from the Houston Rockets, the team that traded for him last summer but ended the relationship earlier this week. Because Houston waived Lawson before the March 1 midnight deadline, he will be eligible to play in the postseason.”

    See : http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nba/pacers/2016/03/03/pacers-reach-buyout-agreement-budinger/81280836/

  14. This is new for me to learn. They count the date he was waived not the date he was claimed to be eligible to play in postseason.

  15. No time to wait.

  16. Really, let’s remember this key date for future buyouts. If that was the case, maybe Lin should have negotiated his conctract buyout too. His contract is cheaper than Lawson.

  17. Because it’s too cheap they won’t let him go by buying out. Plus they know by heart Lin is so underrated, under-appreciated and he’s much needed to make playoff.

  18. Getting rid of Budinger is eliminating the one super athlete on the Pacers bench that is assigned to slow down Jeremy Lin!

  19. Haha I like your “peace-keeping” hat ?
    I appreciate it

    We all know the reduced min situation now
    So i hope for desperate situation to call for Lin! ?

  20. Exchanged for Lawson is their big upgrade backup PG.

  21. so Al is 6th man, they don’t even want Lin receiving any possible award at that 6th position…sheez

  22. they were srsly lucky the last time. Lin might have secretly prayed for that last drive lol!
    they are going to break down KW’s screen..he might be chucking big time

  23. I rather not see Lin gets 6th man award. He is better than average starters, and he should have been a top pg if he was allowed to start.

  24. So Lawson is playing tonight as backup pg for Pacers?

  25. true but would like him to be kept in news..sadly he’s been left out of most write up ..Linvisible ๐Ÿ™

  26. Chase Budinger is crazy athletic, sort of like a white Iman Shumpert.

    If there is a guy in the NBA who is in it strictly because of his overwhelming athletic ability, it’s Budinger who’s crazy fast, crazy strong, crazy coordinated, and below average in actual basketball skills!

    Chase Budinger is a 3-and-D guy without the 3.

  27. Here is an excerpt from a new Bring Back The Buzz article:
    “Although he may not be putting up numbers like he did a couple years back in New York, it seems that Linsanity has found a new home in Charlotte. Lin has been very beneficial off the bench for the team and has added some much needed scoring to the second unit. In the last six games, Jeremy has finished in double figures four times. Having a solid second point guard is huge for the Hornets as it takes pressure off Kemba and itโ€™s nice to have another guard who can score. Steve Clifford has experimented with playing both Walker & Lin at the same time, perhaps we will see more of that as the playoffs come closer.”

    Here is the link if interested

    LOL they think Lin “has found a home in Charlotte”. Really!??! Settle in Charlotte?! OMG!
    We all know JLin is GREAT for the bench/Hornets. Whether the team is good/fair to Jeremy, that’s the key question!

  28. For the remaining games, I just hope Jeremy will play like his Philly game. Just be super aggressive out there!

  29. I do not know.

  30. Just positive team PR, nothing new.

    Imagine if Clifford does not play Lin and KW together, Lin would only have 8 mpg max.

  31. You are right. But Jeremy ain’t gonna stay to play 20 mins a game! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Edit: 8mpg??!!! ? Imagine what it will be like here!!! lol

  32. According to Shams Charania (of The Vertical), Ty Lawson is expected to report to Indiana on Sunday.

    See : http://sports.yahoo.com/news/sources–ty-lawson-pacers-182234793.html

  33. Ya lets hope not. Especially next season with so much money chasing so few players.

  34. Is he a good defender? Maybe Hornets should pick him up.

  35. Darn. I was hoping Lin would get a chance to school him.

  36. Yes.

  37. Sophie, that’s what I’m talking about!

  38. Yep, play with hunger. Each one of the games left is an audition!

  39. I don’t care for a long time now.

  40. 76’ers and Nets aren’t blind,they have their PG on mind and they will bid on him next season,Phrokorov needs a good PG TO STEER them in playoff and money to take care the marketing side ESP. In NEW YORK…..OTH theirs a father coach relationship that’s been looking FOR each other for the next reunion of continued chapter in their life.LIFE IS GOOD JEREMY and fans would be very happy as well next season!!!!

    WHILE HORNETS is trying to promote him as a back up player….!Good luck with that BUZZ Nation!!!LOL

  41. Hornets is taking the same path as Knicks, Rockets and Lakers have been doing. Worse, they thought Kemba’s iso was better than Melo, Harden and Kobe., so they could get worse than those three. It is not a coincidence because Clifford was assistant coach for all three teams, only learned how to exploit Lin’s hard work, talent, kindness and unselfishness.

  42. Pacers already have Rodney Stuckey and C.J. Watson as backup PGs.

  43. Absolutely agree.

  44. Next season is a tell tale who is better at that position .#PGLIN:-)

  45. Not watson.

  46. I can’t wait to see Lin lead his new team to blow out Kemba-led Hornets. Jeremy smoked Kemba consistently before joining Hornets, and he now knows Kemba’s weaknesses even better than before.

  47. I’m pretty sure basketball is more entertaining next season and I can’t wait to be a witness of it.

  48. Yeah – also notice they avoid using the words “backup point guard” but rather “solid second guard”. Give me a break! They should just stop the charade and admit Jeremy’s another solid STARTING point guard!

  49. Good catch, DaBoss!

  50. Well, how many times have fans said “Next season must be better than this!!” but then it got worse?

  51. http://m.scmp.com/sport/other-sport/article/1920544/no-wonder-jeremy-lin-sick-and-tired-lazy-asian-stereotyping-it

    Good read. Offering a perspective from a Caucasian living in Asia about Jeremy’s remark about the Oscars.

  52. I guess you’re not wrong. But, don’t be a debbie downer. This is what hope is for.
    Also, I kind of think this year IS better than last year. At least he has crushed that “Lin is poor defender” label that M&M cooked up.

  53. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  54. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, deserved it or not, white men get treated like kings in Asia.

  55. Hugo โ€Ž@HugoTheHornet
    It’s a sea of me!

  56. Kemba Walker Charlotte…

  57. Charlotte Hornets โ€@hornets 23m23 minutes ago

    Perks of getting to @TWCArena early for tonight’s game: @HugoTheHornet hats for the whole fam! ??


  58. Charlotte Hornets โœ” โ€Ž@hornets
    Bring ’em out! ?? #INDatCHA
    3:51 PM – 4 Mar 2016

  59. Rather have Lin bobblehead

  60. this!

  61. Absolutely. I’m married to one and we get much better customer service when he asks rather than when I do in my own country. Sad bad reality.

  62. Cody is out?

  63. Who would pay fir a Lin bobblehead?

  64. JLin private warmup session
    Leftie- floaters similar to Curry’s warmup session


  65. left hand floater! nice

  66. Go Lin go!

  67. Lin’s mohawk bobblehead is $60 on ebay.

  68. Lin played differently the last game. Lets see if he continues with his aggressiveness in looking for the ball.

  69. Funny part is when eating out with white friends, they get handed the check when I am the one who’s paying the bill. Perception is everything.

  70. Not for nothing, but until Lin becomes proficient with the floater with his right hand, this is a waste of practice time.

  71. KW having a hard time so far

  72. KW pnr with Cody was just sad. TO

  73. wow what’s the retail price of Lins bobblehead?

  74. Batum on fire

  75. We should not be mocking KW…every single time…

  76. Williams!!!!

  77. noted

  78. put Lin in Flipp

  79. George, smh

  80. Kemba always tries to play team ball in the 1st quarter until Lin comes in.

  81. not official retail but someone who will sell theirs to willing buyer on the 12th

  82. You noticed that too…

  83. LOL

  84. They’re trying to outdo each other in misses

  85. Yep. Wonder why? We’ve been noticing that too. Is it bc Cliff’s directive or him?

  86. No it’s all Kemba

  87. Cliff always tries to control Lin and tell him to move the ball in other players hands. Cliff doesn’t want the ball in Lin’s hands.

  88. It’s hard to pass to Al, when he’s not moving. I wonder why Cliff keeps drawing that play up.

  89. Al the big black hole for 2

  90. Lin coming in! Go Lin Go!!!!


  92. Yep. That’s why I ask is it Cliff’s directive? When Lin is in w/him that’s when we see KW gears into shooting and iso mode.

  93. So Lin comes in for either Lee or Batum. Weird rotation.

  94. The man is in!

  95. Cliff’s rotations are so predictable

  96. phantom foul

  97. Lin in for Lee with 3:28 left in Q1

  98. lol Kemba


  100. Whats the point?

  101. Lin has no touches so far and a phantom foul was called on him. Now KW gears into shooting mode and avoids passing to Lin.

  102. OMG Lin still hasn’t touched the ball… sigh

  103. See what I mean. Kemba iso as soon as Lin’s in. Lin was running along him on the outside but never got the ball.

  104. Cliff knows Lin spreads the floor for KW to score

  105. Lin hasn’t touch the ball in 3 minutes. He is just a decoy

  106. Hows he doing??

  107. decoy

  108. he’s only playing defense so far

  109. Go pacers

  110. running back and forth and sitting at the corner

  111. Court decoration like a boss, lol

  112. Thx….yeah it really frustrating the situation Lin is put in…but lets us be a little respectful in our posting…to potrait Lins attitude…..
    My comment above is in general…not to you specifically…cheers

  113. Unfortunately I’m too cheap too subscribe to Premium League Pass so I have to listen to Stephanie Ready!

  114. What is this? Rox?

  115. Not one touch for Lin.

  116. Lin knows it,he won’t touch the ball,why put him anyway….LOL

  117. Lin is like, “this isn’t any different than on the bench”

  118. I guess Kw n kaminsky had a secret deal, play for each other n ice Lin out

  119. Lin was one great statue on the right side. He barley moved

  120. Doing his job very well… standing in the corner. ๐Ÿ™

  121. Kemba step back…
    nope not gonna cut it. On to 2nd qtr.

  122. Lin hasn’t touch the ball since he’s in. Smh.

  123. Statue of Linberty


  125. With both hands up but no ball coming.

  126. Lin has been standing in corner 3. KW ignores him and passes to Kam. Lin runs w/him, but avoids and passes to someone else. KW is deliberately icing Lin out.

  127. LIN: What’s my role coach?
    CLIFF:Just stand in the corner and Let Cemba run the offense

  128. If Lin wants to touch the ball, he should get rebounds or a steal. You have to earn the right to touch the ball.

  129. “and remember to smile for the fans”

  130. Kemba still in

  131. More like steal the right.

  132. How biring is this?

  133. Lin used to be PG and Kemba sat first part of 2nd quarter. No more.

  134. LIN: What’s my role coach?
    CLIFF: “Banker!”

    LIN: ???
    Cliff: “You know .. bail Kemba out when nothing else works”

  135. Lin is one lucky guy. Gets paid $2 million to just jog up and down a basketball court.

  136. Lamb has touch the ball more then Lin

  137. Make sure that Lin will not gonna take over

  138. WTF LOL….earn the right to touch the ball in a basketball game?

  139. lol true and he barely came in

  140. Its really frustrating…sigh

  141. I thought Budinger is bought out?

  142. Clifford totally shuts Lin off

  143. Cliff should have drawn some plays for Lin already but he refuses to

  144. Lol… walker gets paid 12 to be bad at bball

  145. Lin is being penalized for playing too well in Philly. SMH

  146. Kw trying to devalue Lin? What a selfish diva! Even Lamb got touch the ball within one min

  147. Cliff is saving Lin for the play offs.

  148. to be fair. Walker has skill. Just selfish, which is silly.

  149. He touched the ball! He touched the ball!

  150. Everyone who has the ball wants to score for themselves

  151. Exactly…

  152. After 6 mins,Lin finally touch the ball…lol

  153. Man what is up with this coach? R U serious?

  154. in reality Lin may get 20 minutes a night but you have to subtract 14 minutes when he’s on the floor with KW and doesn’t get to touch the ball.

  155. 6 mins in the game, Lin hardly even touch the ball

  156. He missed one of the precious shots.

  157. Al has made Lin irrelevant on the bench. Odd thing is he is wildly inefficient

  158. 2 more minutes and Lin is on the bench again. Cliff does not know how to use Lin at all.

  159. Jumpshot rolled around the rim but out

  160. lol

  161. Oh, so sad. 6 mins and 1 shot.

  162. In the 2nd unit, Lin is used a screen on offense instead of pg.

  163. Lin had probably 3 touches so far in 7minutes of play.

  164. LOL…..What a great basketball philosophy was that?

  165. the order of touching the ball in 2nd unit is Kemba, Lamb, Frank – AL,

  166. Don’t insult Rox, it was much better

  167. this selfish play is the opposite of the vision early season ๐Ÿ™

  168. 2 of which he passed it right away

  169. 2nd midrange J was just a bit too strong

  170. Lin is missing cause he’s forcing it. When you only get 2 minutes to touch the ball, you play like that.

  171. Lin about to come out. This year is getting worse game by game. These last 24 will be a pain.We won’t make the playoffs

  172. Lin is going to be sitting now.

  173. yup

  174. I suggest Lin go on vacation now

  175. When plays are not drawn for you, you forced bad shots.

  176. Mr. 3rd quarter?

  177. What Lin should do is stay back to get the ball instead of leaking out and let lamb bring it down.

  178. This possession had good ball movement .. Batum found Zeller under the rim

  179. he only plays 1 minute in the third

  180. So before Lin has time to be pg, the diva is coming in?

  181. I hate this coach and team.

  182. Cliff wants Lin to score in a lot in a little time. It’s not going to happen. That is demanding too much from a player who is supposed to run the offense. That is not being a PG.

  183. Lee will replace Lin.

  184. Then Lin will sit.

    Clifford: You already got your stats today,6 mins w/o touching the ball,nice game,nice game.Sit for a while and I will draw the same play for you for the next half.

    LIN:Coach what’s going on?

    Cliff: You played very well last game and I don’t want you to steal my favorite players thunder

  185. Since starting KW in second unit for some games, it has do nothing good for the team

  186. 33333333

  187. Lee is in now. lets see if it gets better

  188. 33333333

  189. 33333333333

  190. Lin333333!

  191. It’s even funnier that he sat Lamb out so quickly. I think he knows he has to keep Lin in. But he’s doing it all wrong. He needs to allow Lin to touch the ball more early.

  192. ?????

  193. 3333333 lol so sad to be watching from league pass!

  194. I want more

  195. Lin is still in with 5:43 left in Q2.
    Let’s hope Cliff let him in longer to get some points before the rest

  196. 3333333333!!!! YEAHHH

  197. At least Lin ended his time in there good

  198. Kemba in

  199. 333

  200. This looks like a loss. Fits pacers tempo better

  201. Diva ready to come in n take over

  202. yes, good 3 before the long rest now

  203. Imagine if Lin didn’t make that 3. We’d all be pissed at Clifford. I’m still pissed at Cliff.

  204. Not happy Lin is out. He was just getting warmed up. Ridiculous.

  205. Lin is out… I am out! Come back in 4Q
    See you later! ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. I detest the way Hornets/Cliff/KW treat Lin right now.

  207. Half of that time, didn’t even count.

  208. Lin gets a small window to shine. I think Cliff does this on purpose cause when Lin does get hot, he steals the crowd.

  209. No doubt Batum should be the franchise player next year

  210. Clifford’s reason to take Lin out – Lin’s getting chances to score,

  211. jeremys shooting %%% this season ….. something to improve…..not enough driving

  212. ya im out, closing my feed now. I’ll be back in 4th qtr.

  213. Kw almost never passed lin the ball.

  214. Lin is forcing it. He knows his window is small. He didn’t touch the ball for his first 7 minutes. Then h e has to turn on his afterburners to get some buckets and even create his own shots. That’s not him at all. He has his back against the wall right now thanks to Cliff. He really pushing Lin to do the impossible.

  215. He is still a lier!!!

  216. that is right

  217. never

  218. go pacers

  219. if you still think Clifford is better than BS, check the mins and role Lin played after all-star in Lakers.

  220. he did when batum was first injured and Lin started. Then Lin scored too much and they won a lot. I guess winning while Linning was not tolerable.

  221. he’s not. This season is worse than Lakers imo.

  222. It’s hard to drive when Al is in there. All the bigs just parked in the paint.

  223. Have not seen once yet tonight. Let’s see how many or none in this game.

  224. Lin started Lakers 30 games. 3 x more than in Hornets

  225. Do keep an eye…thx

  226. georgee for 333333

  227. no it isn’t

  228. In 11 min stint, Lin didn’t get the ball in the 1st 5 min.
    Then he didn’t look in rhythm trying 3 midrange Js due to not handling the ball.
    It’s a good thing he had a 3 before he got the rest.

    This is just a confirmation that the system is not good for Lin since he’s not even the ball-handling PG for the 2nd unit.

    Let’s hope Pacers get some lead in the 2nd half so Lin gets PT & double digit in the 2nd half

  229. walker shooting well. must be nice to be a consistent starter.

  230. Probably going to tweet a bible verse soon.

  231. Would it be safe to say he won’t be back

  232. It’s really bad to hope for that but that’s the only way

  233. Kemba hit tough 3 and get used to it. He’ll kill the team once those stop falling.

  234. Is Jeremy playing tonight?

  235. technically he is.

  236. You have changed….I know its grrrr

  237. Why didn’t they just trade before the deadline if they’re not going to use him…I don’t get it.

  238. Yes he’s running back and forth and standing at the corner.That’s what Flipp drew for most of his play today just solely for him

  239. Yes..on paper

  240. must be really hard to do

  241. I haven’t like Cliff’s minutes for Lin post-ASB. And Lin started slow tonight but was beginning to get it going and Clifford takes him out. This isn’t going to get Lin the rhythm he needs to play big in games against better opponents and while they are OK tonight, they need Lin against tough opponents.

    One thing is, though, Lin’s D doesn’t look as sharp tonight as usual.

  242. he was on-court, but the 4th-5th option not getting the ball at first
    He tried to score in the last 2-3 min

  243. KW is getting what he wants and Lin is not getting any at all. Just look at the lineup Lin has to work with. Al used to be a starter cause he played slow basketball which KW is used to.

    This is all because of the Cavs game where Lin out shined KW.

    I think Lin shouldn’t put too much effort in this season anymore. Especially on defense.

  244. Really hard,I can’t even see him on the monitor most of the time.

  245. That promise about a lot of PnRs disappeared to thin air

  246. I know if I was Lin I would just sit in the corner and read a newspaper

  247. Maybe Cliff wants Lin to be a statue so he doesn’t have to yell at Lin all the time when Lin runs the offense. Seriously, Cliff only yells at Lin when Lin runs the offense. It’s obvious that Cliff doesn’t want Lin to run the offense even though he is better at it.

  248. Video game?

  249. So KW is an iso hero ball shooting PG, i thought PG is quarterback but Hornets is something else!

  250. Yes he’s just for a quarter PG but 3/4 is solely for him….LOL

  251. oh, know Cliff’s rotation, he’ll probably be back for 4-5 min
    Lin needs to be ready to attack the rim & score aggressively

  252. At least Harden would pass if he had no good look.

  253. Go pacers… come on, you guys r better than this!

  254. Completely agree. Some people have short memories.

  255. it’s really bad usage when Lin was not rewarded with PT when Hornets has a big lead

  256. I think after this season Lin will not trust ANY coach, GM in NBA. What a shame.

  257. Is this worth watching?

  258. Let’s go George!!!!!

  259. KW has 95% of touches, he should be in rhythm to shoot well. Notice that Most NBA teams including Pacers playing now don’t double team KW. But when it comes to Lin, it seems like ALL teams make a point to double team him! That’s the difference! The teams that we saw double team KW was Hawks recently, and maybe Celitcs, and both teams won against Hornets IIRC.

  260. it’s over he is officially being discriminated.

  261. Yeah!

  262. There’s only one with high hope, mda

  263. Beginning 20 years ago… lol

  264. …lied too.

  265. I hope he explode on the 3rd

  266. Used like a rented mule…

  267. No not at all….I hope he can find a good team that will let him lead and come back and destroy the hornets…

  268. So disgusting

  269. But yet he still cheers and plays really really hard… this is where i disagree with him…

  270. Better get the beer man

  271. They are letting Jlin run around like a chicken without head

  272. Ok, im out… smell u later

  273. Pacers will come out strong.

  274. CC is a lier n it is so obvious! He is trying to protect KW n trying to make Lin look bad n let KW icing Lin out!

  275. he can just pretend he had an injury and sit because they are not letting him play anyway

  276. Don’t want to get a reputation as injury prone.

  277. Pacers play dumb bb

  278. well this is his contract year so he still has to do something

  279. No one is at the game… lol

  280. MDA is already on the bench,I wouldn’t even worry for that

  281. go pacers

  282. George has no help

  283. no point of watching stats anymore

  284. Walker can keep shooting… no one gets to shoot… yeah ,good strategy coach and pg…

  285. Pacers don’t match up well with the Hornets.

    Only if Paul George gets hot, it will be closer

  286. It’s sad to see Lin is being phased out after much promise about PnRs in the early season.
    Now he barely gets the ball necessary to run PnRs.

    The only way to get PT is to score a lot when he steps on the floor like the 2nd year in HOU.
    Let’s hope Lin have the same mindset to score now.

  287. Pacers commentators said they only see NB & KW score, but they don’t continue that these two haven’t pass to anyone else except to each other!

  288. He has run out of leverage… no team wants to take a chance on him…

  289. Pacers is at striking distance

  290. NB and KW isn’t the ones beating the pacer its just match ups. Indiana don’t match up with us. If they play iso and slow then they match up better

  291. We are playing iso so ofcource they are

  292. The 2 most boring “stars.”

  293. They can win this game

  294. I won’t call them ‘stars’. They’re catered and fabricated!

  295. I don’t even see Williams shoot?

  296. The tempo fits them better

  297. Thats why put it in quotes… lol

  298. yep

  299. this bald head coach needs a stick from behind

  300. Pr encourage kw play iso

  301. Kw and NB has taken 30 of the hornets 50 shots

  302. Lamb 1 pt and 5 mins? i think he made a big mistake and trying PG. Lin was only one would pass ball to him as 1st option.

  303. Yep. It’s home game, so Cliff set up for NB & KW to shine. These two only pass the rock to each other so far!

  304. The problem is Clifford who sent KW to mess up the 2nd unit.

  305. Snake oil top salesman!

  306. And 1 by George

  307. Tempo fits indiana better then hornets.

  308. Pacers coming back! !

  309. hahaha….

  310. hahahahahaha

  311. in time for Lin to come in

  312. Its like i predicted this.

  313. It doesn’t take a genius to see we are not playing the right tempo

  314. Walker, thats why u r not an all star… lol

  315. Now they need lin. Smh

  316. ISO won’t really win anything

  317. Kemba’s jacking up crazy shots now. Letting Paces back in.

  318. This could of been a blow out. This will likely be a very tough win or loss

  319. He’s a 20/4/5 player who hasn’t been pass around the league like a joint. Can’t say the same for Lin.

  320. Lol

  321. Pacers play well, so ISO didn’t work out.

  322. Indi calls timeout, we know why.

  323. 1st year bro he is scoring that. He isn’t taking you anywhere.

  324. Now, Hornets are down. Cliff sent Lin in to play w/KW. Let’s monitor if KW passes to Lin.

  325. Pacers announcer on Kemba: “He’s just throwing them up there”.

  326. VOGEL:You need to watch out for Lin now.

  327. Lol… what else is new?

  328. Hes a good coach so he knows whats up

  329. Yep

  330. They beat okc away game.

  331. he always prepare for Lin

  332. Walker is 5 for 40?

  333. You’re in the wrong forum bro. Not that I agree with the whining, but you’re not going to like it here.

  334. even when not scoring, Lin looks for ways to contribute. Only thing interesting is to see how Lin will try and help the team win.

  335. Lin time

  336. Not if kw still in

  337. Oh yeah

  338. stupid Al on that inbound

  339. no.

  340. That was badly run not Lins fault

  341. AL such lazy D

  342. Monta ellis cooking walker

  343. Cliff wants Lin to pass to KW.

  344. take KW out!

  345. Sit the ….Kemba down.

  346. KW n Al need to sit !

  347. Even tho jlin in,nim rooting for pacers

  348. but Kemba is the only one scoring and keeping Hornets in the game *

  349. Jlin would neeever get that call…

  350. funny, when they are down they start passing to Lin more, but tonight he can’t make a shot ๐Ÿ™

  351. Lin is cold. Now they need him. lol catch 22

  352. LIn did the right thing. keep shooting until the season is over

  353. KW gets all the calls. Refs are biased against Lin as always!!!

  354. Nah, jlin is saying i wont save u this time

  355. LOL, we know that is not true. Lin HATES losing.

  356. Jlin looks indifferent

  357. 222222222222222

  358. Kemba so sloww…hahahahah

  359. Omg, they passed to jlin!

  360. NIce foot ball pass from Kaminksy. I guess the ankle isn’t that bad.

  361. NOT FORใ€€๏ผซ๏ผท๏ผ

  362. His ankles are fully healed. No limp at all

  363. how come no 2222222?

  364. Go get it Lin!

  365. A must on that play. He was ahead of KW!

  366. They are losing. That was a hail mary pass. And the prayer request was LIN PLEASE SAVE US!!

  367. Lins faster the Kemba wwhhhaaattttt???

  368. he is faster than KW even with bad ankle

  369. LIN:You’re not shooting this ball this time…LOL

  370. Lin outraced Kemba

  371. Lol

  372. He freezed out his team

  373. Even Lin didn’t shoot well, still get 5 points and +6 which 2nd highest after Keminsky.

  374. By a mile

  375. Actually, the pass was intended for walker… lol

  376. He shoot too many n killed the motivation of teamates

  377. Kemba is shorter and weights less

  378. i’m guessing with Lin, it’s not about quantity but quality of shot. Much needed basket for the Hornet to build momentum.

  379. Screened what????Reedy stop!!!!

  380. Lin is so fast. Good to see his speed on display again.

  381. Lee played 26 mins already. It seems Cliff adding his PT.

  382. Walker -1, Batum -4, Lin +5

  383. that was sad commentary.

  384. Lin again for the defense

  385. Just got home Linplaying 14 min only?

  386. Cliff wants another 30pts+ for KW. KW plays w/ Lin to score for himself. When he’s off the floor, Lin and the team have to feed AJ.

  387. Lin hustling. got the ball back. Lin always trying to find ways to contribute

  388. Kemba didn’t even know there’s someone behind him

  389. 22222222222

  390. 22222222

  391. Lin is just so great,one of the most unique player I have ever seen,hands down man!!!!

  392. Lin +10 and he didn’t ball hog

  393. Did someone press fast forward after Kemba sat down. This game seems so fast now. Pacers probably can’t keep up this “pace” very long.

  394. Pace changed tremendously

  395. Yes, that’s Lin’s teamball playing.

  396. KW sit n the fun begin!!!

  397. Thats how they beat the pacers. Starters was playing The paces tempo

  398. Kemba had the lead but he squandered it away. It’s Lin to the rescue once again!

  399. Lin +12, KW -1, Batum -4, G Hill +2 Who is all-star?

  400. Lin 2!!

  401. If game is slow Pacers have the advantage. If its fast hornets do

  402. He woke up now. Lin looks energized. It’s 4Q

  403. Lin hasn’t been to the free throw yet. Again no calls

  404. I’ve never had to leave a game that Lin was playing in until today. Just came back in 4th qtr to see the game.

  405. Is it me or is the whole arena seem to be buzzing now.

  406. Was the Hornets down until Lin came back in?

  407. yes

  408. yes, about 2-4 pts

  409. Yes, its fun bc jlin

  410. ya i noticed it got louder

  411. i predict clifford will sit Lin and they lose

  412. good give and go by al and lamb

  413. Lin got pushed

  414. Kemanskiy suppose to follow hill since Lin fell

  415. first time he passed

  416. What was kemansky doing?

  417. it is nothing wrong. why time out?

  418. well Lin got pushed in the face or something, but ya someone had to rotate to him

  419. I hope LIn continues to play point. This is the loudest the crowd sounded all night.

  420. is lin done…? :/

  421. Day dream

  422. Why is Cliff always call a time out in first 3minutes when Lin is leading w/o KW or NB? He wants to sub in KW when the going is good…

  423. at 6 minutes mark

  424. That is one way to get Lin off you.

  425. Very hard to take him out.

  426. Only us Lin fans can see it, everyone in NBA will never see it. Lin for them is just an Asian scrub.

  427. Need to add one of them in so they can take the credit?

  428. The whole arena

  429. Jlin still in?

  430. Lin is surrounded by ballhogs and stupid team mates, miss Linsanity days, Fields, Novak, Jeffries and Chandler.

  431. gotta give it to NB, clutch 3333s

  432. LIn withe D

  433. Mmiss a 3, take a charge. Lin always for the win.

  434. Lin doing the dirty work

  435. good fadeaway by kemba

  436. Jlin doesnt touch the ball…

  437. This is the way they was always suppose to play

  438. The ball is still moving

  439. Lin might be finishing this game. Taking that charge is what Clifford likes to see from him.

  440. KW actually passed the ball. He needs to do that more.

  441. ya he knows Lin is putting in work on the other side of the court.


  443. Lin might close out tonight

  444. Thanks for the momentum shift LIn, the rest of the team will take it from here. Add a serving of Lin, and it is instant GSW atmosphere.

  445. Anyone know how many pts he has?

  446. Lin as Defensive player, that’s his life on the Hornets.

  447. Lin +19

  448. How many points Lin got?

  449. Cliff’s plan working perfectly of late. Lin does all the dirty work to win the game after Kemba and Batum statpadded to give Indiana the lead.

  450. meh cant wait for this season to end honestly. enough of this. Lin is so much better than what his stats have shown this season.

  451. this team just has way too many shooters

  452. Pacers commentator named Buck is full of it! It’s not KW that brought up the lead, but he credits KW for Hornets to get their “mojo” back when KW returns!

  453. That’s sad for cliff to be happy if lin won’t have his back anymore

  454. I love to see the Nest Buzzzing with Lin on the court. The whole team starts playing with more energy.

  455. comfortable 11 point lead. good time for clifford to bring his boy Lee back in

  456. Unfortunately, it’s not 19 points.

  457. 07

  458. Nothing new:)

  459. Give the ball to Lin Kemba,or better yet SIT DOWN!!!!

  460. Courtney lee and jlin would be a good pair…

  461. Lin out

  462. That’s the Hornets’ life.

  463. F this team big time

  464. LOL. oh your reading my mind.

  465. why bring Lin out?

  466. Ok, go pacers!

  467. lol

  468. Lee is 31 minutes 4 points. WTH is cliff thinking replacing Lin with Lee?

  469. game seems over.

  470. The lead is secured. Cliff is a ….

  471. Lin can’t get the praises remember

  472. “kemba and batum leads the team to victory!” will be the headline

  473. lol

  474. Dirty politic.

  475. Next time Lin needs to tone down on the defense effort. He’s trying so hard and not getting any reward back from the coach. Screw this coach.

  476. LOL.Next year,it should be a different story.Trade this trade that…LOL

  477. Agreed.

  478. it is safe enough for Clifford to take Lin out

  479. game is over. time to pad KW and Batum stats

  480. tank for a pick lol, trade everyone except KW, desperation lol

  481. Lin is not playing for the coach, he’s playing for his next contract.

  482. So KW 29pts still ball hogging? Cant stand him!!!

  483. HAHAHA

  484. Lin out, not yet

  485. nah he’s playing for the win. If he was playing for contract, he would ball hog

  486. He is shooting like he thinks he is steph curry.

  487. Well Lin did his job

  488. yup, it’s rox redux

  489. Go Pacers

  490. at this rate Lin will probably have to punch in some overtime.

  491. 6 point game. Pacers can still win it!

  492. I like to see Lin join any team and come back to beat Hornets next season.

  493. lets go pacers

  494. This

  495. That’s it from now on Im watching the away feed. I’m not supporting this team anymore. Can’t wait for next season.

  496. and lakers and rockets and Knicks. The list is getting sad.

  497. as starting PG

  498. but the list sucks. they were all great franchise but they are hitting low times now.

  499. Lets go Pacers!

  500. You know why.

  501. any position

  502. Go Pacers!

  503. Crowd starting to get quiet. MJ are you feeling this.

  504. Cliff running this win off the cliff

  505. What happened?

  506. PG13 needs a pg like Lin. He is good but works hard.

  507. 6 pt game. Lets go Pacers!

  508. batum and kemba both have 30+ points, clifford did his job

  509. OT!!!!

  510. Lin sat and started watching Walker do his dribbling show. Pace slowed down.

  511. two bad shots in a row. Don’t go and play with paul george Lin . A kobe type player

  512. really? i already out

  513. What??

  514. Hope

  515. George hill gets to be average and start

  516. Why is Vogel letting Mihami defend KW? Why didn’t he double team KW? Did he even watch how Hawks defended KW?

  517. When was the last time Batum had a game like this? Months ago?

  518. Stay on the course Lin….76’ers and Nets nothing else

  519. I doubt from Lin’s post that he is thinking of the future too. He is staying in the present, enjoy what blessing God has given him, and always just playing for the win.

  520. Mda plus jlin destroy hornets, knicks, rox, and lakers…

  521. yep

  522. How boring.

  523. Kemba Walker best player????LOL

  524. Nets have some good bigs too, they can dunk

  525. Hornet commentators credit Walker for taking over. Barf. He took over to just keep the lead Lin and co. made.

  526. Lopez and Lin is scary thought

  527. It is a very harden-like stats.

  528. stats is all that matter. Al and the bench was the game change

  529. Maybe Lin’s D slipped a bit on Monta Ellis but Courtney Lee has no business closing out this game. Clifford needs to get Lin back in the closing lineup and soon.

  530. Now Go Lakers!

  531. Like i said Lin did his job. Playoff will only help Lin as a free agent. Being on a bad team hurts you. If gorge hill can start Lin can. Thats all i will say. Find a team where you can actually start. Lakers made that hard last year. a good showing in the playoffs. take a bigger risk where you can actually when the starting job

  532. This is what Lin do to garbage teams,he makes them a contender

  533. Atlanta will do them so bad i shall not speak of it

  534. There’s NO slipping, Cliff is a snake as soon as he had comfortable lead he kicked Lin to the curve.

  535. We will see him in the playoff next yr w/ a different story.

  536. well said but you missed garbage player aka mememe.

  537. Maybe Lin will get more minutes in playoff because starters will be crushed by opponents starters?
    Clifford will be desperate to play Lin more?
    I just hope Lin will get good stats in playoff and leave the hornets for starting job.

  538. Most likely but ya never know. If Lakers win, Charlotte will be one game ahead of the Hawks.

  539. The guy could score, but don’t let Curry highlights fool people. Lot more then hogging and scoring is needed for the win. History of good scorers without the postseason wins. Even MJ had to learn that lesson.

  540. watch playoff environment is different. Lin has more playoff experience

  541. Playoff is another different game, you’re right.

  542. lol

  543. Kobe is sitting so Lakers actually have a chance. slim chance but a chance.

  544. Lin should just spit on the coach and the organization lol

  545. Well said.

  546. Of course, he has a lot of ambition, more than anyone could think of.

  547. no he thought he was still playing so he was standing at the corner.

  548. You’re more angrier than me

  549. Plus DLo said he’s got ice in his veins.

  550. Lin should learn from Lee just stand in the corner and don’t expect the ball will come to you lol


  552. To start and to close with Lee is a slap in the face to Lin. Keeping the guy once again save your game on the bench is no excuse for Clifford.

  553. I doubt it, they will not take away Kemba’s chance to shine in the playoffs

  554. Honestly that seemed normal and expected to me. Teams often start and close with their starters. That is standard.

  555. When the Pacers took the lead and the momentum in the 3Q, I saw Cliff never before so fast calling Lin to go in. LOL

  556. he was just as fast yanking Lin when they got a 11 point lead with 5 minutes left to play

  557. did you guys see that fast break, KW thought he was going to get the ball, he was shocked that Lin was in front of him. That female announcer said that KW stopped to screen the defender so Jlin can make the lay up what a bunch of BS lol

  558. she’s what you’d call a SKOF super kemba only fan

  559. Playoff team will double-team KW and Lin. KW can’t create. But Lin can.

  560. that screen comment was pathetic. Stephanie Ready needs to let that one go. Not every play has to be credited to Walker, that just sounds desperate

  561. Oh yes, that tells all how bull… she was. She has destroyed her opinions long ago.

  562. Are you blind? Watch it again. Once Walker saw that Lin had the ball, he did set a screen. The whining here is getting pathetic.

  563. wish Lin would say something….. hard when you’re a believer, you can’t say anything bad about anybody.

  564. he should start shooting half court shots this summer lol

  565. Is Stephanie Ready single? Is Kemba single?

  566. Curry can’t do everything Lin can, but overall with that shooting handles and passing. Curry is the BEST PG. THE BEST Player in the NBA.

  567. I can’t say Curry is the best player. But he’s the best offensive player, shooter, PG.

  568. I think MJ hired her.

  569. That did not answer my question LOL

  570. He accidentally set a screen, he just stopped right in front of the rim so Lin had room to shoot.

  571. I have my doubts. Lin will do the ‘dirty work’ to get the lead back like today and be pulled off the floor when the win ascertained. Playoffs are watched nationally, Hornets/Cho/Cliff want these current and potential contracted players (KW, Kam, Zeller, Lamb, NB, Lee) to get playoffs experience together. They will use AJ in the paint to slow down the game. Hornets/Cho/Cliff want to be right.

  572. well you know what I meant.

  573. and he is having bible study with his teammates, so it is definitely hard

  574. Then who is the best? Lebron? He can’t shoot, handle, or play without the ball like Curry. Curry could penetrate and pass just as effectively as Lebron. Just can’t play one on one defense like Lebron, but not necessary with the help defense he gets.

  575. Let’s hope so. But so far we haven’t seen any teams double KW, except for Hawks & maybe Celtics. KW gets screens from bigs and control the ball like 95% of the time.

  576. Oh, I did not think of that, but MJ just got married not too long ago, right?

  577. Are you blind? He stopped because he’s slower than Lin and he hoped to get a rebound if Lin missed layup.

  578. Did anyone see KW pass to Lin in tonight’s game? I don’t recall seeing it once tonight. I saw Lin passed to KW, and everyone else too. KW chose to pass to NB & Kam a lot more tonight.

  579. You’re so nice and maybe naive about the rich and powerful.

  580. Nope, he passed to Kaminsky, Batum or Zeller only.

  581. No and No to both of your sentences. That’s exactly what Cliff had done so far to Lin this season.

  582. because I am neither rich nor powerful ๐Ÿ™‚

  583. no he stopped because he wants to steal or block Jlin’s shot lol

  584. If Troy Daniel was allowed to shoot like Kemba, he’s a better offensive player since KW does not play D anyway.

  585. This guy is having PTSD from the Portland game when coach Kevin McHale took the Lillard Stopper out so that he can end the Rockets season.

  586. Yes he pass the ball to Jlin during shoot around I promise he did…

  587. That’s what I thought. Unless when I turn my head from the monitor. Let’s remember this Pacers game: Zero pass from KW to Lin tonight.

  588. Neither am I but I just knew some of them.

  589. better believe it

  590. so generous

  591. or in hope that Lin would pass it to him to score.

  592. lol

  593. nah, i don’t think so… nice try!

  594. Missing one or two in this many minutes game would mean nothing.

  595. it seems Porzinga has been punished by the knicks.

  596. I even doubt that. KW is too lofty to do that. Hornets have ‘assistants’ retrieve the ball for them.

  597. well atleast in practice perhaps

  598. …and the Knicks are being punished by Melo…….and Dolan.

  599. If KW does not pass in actual game, I also doubt he passes in practice.

  600. He’s 6/14 tonight. That’s almost as bad as Lin’s 3/9.

  601. lol

  602. Melo will be gone next year

  603. almost like Lin expect one has a L the other has a W at the end of the night.

  604. Alright. I missed the game. anyway, reading all your comments, things are as usual. All about the high scorer Kemba.
    Boxscore shows JLin +15 and Kemba +3….and C Lee has a zero for 34mins on the court. CLee still trying to fit in the team.
    .don’t get too upset,,,,learn to enjoy the weekends.

  605. Why are you surprised? Lin is shooting 41% on the season.

  606. Because on offense they don’t set play for him. If he had opportunity he will shoot or drive, that’s all. No screen PnR, or anything else.

  607. …and when KW has the ball, eveyone know where and what they should do.

  608. i don’t know,Linis not starting at this time,get back to me next year

  609. Again Melo had a good game 13/27 with 30 pts, but NYK lost, 104-105 to BOS.

  610. He has shot poorly this season, the past 3 seasons his shooting percentage has gone down, seems to parallel his amount of starts and usage as pg. But Lin is a good basketball player. He will change the game for the win if allowed to, even if he doesn’t score well. Haters never could see past a poor shooting night and see all the other things Lin does. Lazy thinking.

  611. Your Hornets will be out of playoff next year and I’m pretty sure w/ that

  612. True. Last season it wasn’t so much Lin changed post ASG. For some reason BS allowed Lin to run more PNR and his game and shooting flourished.

  613. Listen bro, why are you here? This is a Lin site, you don’t like it. Why even come over?

  614. When you attempts 27 shots, you freeze out your teammates.

  615. Curry is an exception

  616. Lin. That is an easy one. He has beaten Wall repeatedly when matched up.

  617. Even I can’t say he is the BEST PG. But still love Lin and have more fun watching him then anyone else.

  618. I don’t hate Lee, not his fault. He actually passes to Lin.

  619. Was Lin guarding Wall?Did he start?Exactly….LOL

  620. btw your John wall as starting pg is losing by 17 to Lebron and the Cavs right now. Last time Lin was starting pg against Lebron, Cavs were embarrassed.

  621. If you shoot like Curry, yes you should shoot more but remember, they moved the ball alot before they launched. Most positions, everyone touches the ball.

  622. 3rd Quarter ending

    Time-Left / Play
    00:38.9 Turner Rebound (Off:0 Def:2)
    00:26.8 Ellis Layup Shot: Missed
    00:25.9 J Hill Rebound (Off:1 Def:4)
    00:04.9 Stuckey Turnover : Bad Pass (1 TO) Steal:Lin (1 ST)
    00:01.0 Lin Running Layup Shot: Made (5 PTS) Assist: Kaminsky (1 AST)
    End of 3rd Quarter [CHA 80-82]

    JLin – lightning speed …from the time of the steal to the layup…

  623. He don’t know that, but he knows that Walker was been trying to beat Lebron for about 24 games now and still need to win one.

  624. sorry they are losing by 21 now. If one game does not reflect your career, then why are you pointing to one game. pfft.

  625. He was ahead of KW.

  626. Like Wall beating Lin’s team even if he wasn’t guarding him….LOL

  627. Good game? Just watched the last few minutes. At 5 seconds left and only behind 1 point, Melo shot a very far 3,missed. Low IQ?

  628. Can’t wait for the video….

  629. Curry won the 3 pt shooting against Thompson last year your point?

  630. KD is also a very good shooter but you don’t see him having the same impact as Curry who create shots for his teammates due to the pressure he creates with his extreme long range and ability to get to the basket! Curry can make circus shots after crazy behind the back dribbles and right after running and catching the ball.

  631. Wow, forgot he got the steal, elite speed.

  632. Yep I can speak 2 languages fluently and I am an Asian American,do you have problem with that?

  633. Ya, I going through the Play-by-Play…because I missed the live game…

  634. so who was dropped by Adidas and who has new special edition crazy light creation?

  635. Hahaha…A hater like you have no place in this world.

  636. Don’t mind the troll. He thinks speaking two or more languages is somehow a negative where all research points to those who learn multiple languages have better, more complex thought process. Probably why he hates Lin, isn’t smart enough to appreciate him.

  637. Just flagged and move on. You know the mods will take care of it. No point of making the thread clogged with these posts back and forth.

  638. I will

  639. he wants to leave a legacy unfortunately he has no future potential, poor sales yet tried to negotiate Harden size contract lol . guess Adidas is smart to drop him

  640. They were on the same team last year too and Curry won the contest last year! Which is probably why Thompson’s dad gave him pressure to win it this year! That I disagree because they have different skill sets. Thompson shoots better with catch and shoot while Curry shoots better off dribbles with a much longer range (almost half court) and better handles. Did you ever see Thompson do those crazy behind the back dribbles for a 3 or bricking Lebron’s ankles before taking a shot? Just go look at Curry’s drills and warmups they are the same as his long circus shots but he makes every one of them even with dribbles like it’s nothing.

  641. Lowry 9-15 for free throws so far. Always believe Lin is better PG than him.

  642. its the truth

  643. being a good player in the NBA is very hard itself only a chosen few get there

  644. Curry will prove he’s better than Lebron if he 3 peats which Lebron could not achieve even with his super team of Wade, Bosh, and Ray Allen carrying a lot of his weight.

  645. Lowry gets better now. But did you remember what he did in Rockets?

  646. Well that was depressing
    I’m not even angry at Clifford or anyone
    But Lin doesn’t get to play 25+mins no matter what

    Had Lin accepted the endorsements during the Linsanity, he probably wouldn’t have been treated this way
    It’s all money and politics aka business

  647. he needs a good agent.

  648. valid points!

  649. Curry doesnt take forever to shoot
    Melo isos it takes time so less shots for other players

  650. Endorsement won’t help his status. Only joining CAA then will help. But Lin took the high road.

  651. not recently

  652. Thats probably not gonna help anymore
    Should have been smarter when he was a hot commodity

  653. It’s one thing to be a fan but another to blindly support. Lin is a better defensive player and stronger at the rim but Curry is no doubt a better 3 point shooter with better handles and dribble skills.

  654. Yes…worth a try though

  655. He wasn’t bad but he got better
    there was a time when people compared them
    but its not even close now

  656. @mel_lin:disqusand @disqus_eUaVTdXmwn:disqus….folks, you know very well, breaching the forum rules…another personal attack I will temporarily ban both of you

  657. yes

  658. I guess thats more important to him

  659. yes…look at my record I don’t attack people personally only Troll like this guy Kevin who’s still here.

  660. lol…thats a good one!

  661. maybe flag him would work?

  662. THis 20 minutes a game is temporary. Have faith. Lin will be getting bigger minutes after the Lee acclimation period is over. And Lee is not stepping up, he’s been meh.

  663. Any attacks…immaterial who the person is still against the rules here…you know well…just bring it up to Mods attention here

  664. I did flag him…but he is still here….unless he is gone while I am typing this…hehe

  665. yeah…and as for SCurry…his teammates and coaches are the one who wants hi to shoot more….this was documented…its wasnt SC decision to shoot more…he is shot shy like Lin

  666. hes a non factor
    Clifford went for him because he coached him before
    I doubt this will go away
    I can see that Clifford likes Lee better which is fair because he’s the coach he decides who plays more

  667. Yes Moderator is here he said he will take care of it.

  668. Mak,Kevin is definitely a troll and absolutely he has no business to continue posting on this site.

  669. maybe need more people to flag him. I thought with certain number of flags, his post will automatically be hold…… maybe?

  670. yup

  671. I did several times

  672. Reply to troll in troll language will drag you down:) so I suggest you flag and ignore and move on. Let troll be a loner. ^v^ No one to talk to.

  673. that’s going to take forever.

  674. well said…thx

  675. i have deleted some of his messages and those that broke the rules…Here above I have given him the last warning as well…so lets see if he behaves…else….sayonara

  676. true, but safer that way?

  677. I don’t think he likes Lee better. I think he’s giving him a fair chance which is unfair to Lin and Lamb whose minutes he effects. I agree Lee isn’t much of a factor.

  678. nope

  679. Sorry I can’t ignore if the troll is insulting my boy Jlin and other posters here like CDblue and others…that is just not right.

  680. I’m not sure whether coach like Lee better, but somehow I feel Lee is better accepted by Kemba and Batum somehow.

  681. kevin is a troll… mel lin is good.

  682. i’m baaack…nice to read your thoughts

  683. Kemba for sure. Batum seems to like both Lin and Kemba for different reasons.

  684. I know ๐Ÿ™‚ but still rules are there for a reason..and not to be broken…even @psalm234:disqus ๐Ÿ˜‰

  685. Troll retort to back handed reply every time they can’t accept a factual response even if they started a trollish discussion

  686. no trolling should be a rule.. even @psalm234 lol

  687. No worries guys, time flies, Jeremy will be out of Charlotte in a bit, only few games left. Just ignore this season and look forwart to next, which we hope will be the best one for him since NY.

  688. phew…took me a while for the cleanups…cleansing is a tough job!…*sweating*

    Thanks everyone for the helping hand and keeping peace

  689. yeah…cant wait to open the next chapter!

  690. from where?

  691. from rejection and depression…long story

  692. I guess most of us here are still in the same mode/boat/ship…sigh!

  693. I blamed it on evil ball head

  694. it will be okay

  695. Hope all are well with you…its been close to a year….right

  696. Maybe he’s pissed because he probably heard me say to my son that I’m here for Lin only when my son asked me if u wanted to go get an autograph from KW

  697. Lins hair style will end up like this?

  698. because he is black

  699. yeah…i have to live one day at a time…but it’s all good now…thanks

  700. I dont think so…this is the end result…bcoz with his current length…he could as well done that

  701. I don’t mind to hang you one of my Wet Ones antibacterial-limited edition fresh scent wipe for the great work you did.

  702. Ok – from NBA recap of tonight’s game – what we here have known all along – KW finally admits it – “There is a little motivation from not making it, but I just want to show everyone I am good as well,” Walker said of the All-Star snub. “I’m trying to make a name for myself.” Thus the ball-hoggery will continue …

  703. First half of the Season everything was ok. I think this all started after they beat the Cavs. FO was like Jlin is leaving next year we can’t promote this guy too much. But game tonight was ridiculous….he didn’t touch the ball for 6 mins running back and forth and ignored by his teammates. sigh.

  704. ball hogging is normal for him. What I don’t like is he’s not passing the ball to Jlin. He will make 360 move just to pass away from Jeremy…I was like WTH

  705. Today…I would give credit to him…he played well…passed well and setup up his teammates as well, together with Batum

    As for Lin….I’m not sure…maybe his ankles are still bothering hence, he was not involved much couple together with CLee who they are testing out with more minutes. As for individual game, Lin gave his best, ran the floor, did the spacing and good D and a steal.

    If that is true….then we should see Lin,s minutes climbing back with more offensive plays after next 10 games or so…lets see

  706. I think Nets would be ideal for Lin if they let him lead the team plus NY fans

  707. I like cold shower better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  708. Yes – passes to anybody but Jeremy or just chucks it for a terrible shot! ๐Ÿ™

  709. Ok. If that’s what you like to do:)
    It just that I don’t want to see a good fan like Mei Lin getting trouble by breaking the rule as well with troll.

  710. Cold shower cool you down I see. But be careful too cold it get you numb.

  711. I wish Jeremy Lin would break the rules sometime to make a statement, instead of being hit in the face all day

  712. I am willing to bet after 10 games nothing will change based on experience.

  713. LeBron may still be. He can handle and play without the ball some although he’s ball dominant. His shooting is off this year. Haven’t watched him much this season. Curry isn’t the great 2 way player like LeBron is or MJ was. K Leonard is getting close to one of the best players in the league. He may get there soon. He’s a very fine 2-way player. He’s one of the best defenders in the league and his offense is continuing to get more elite as he gains experience.

  714. Yes, it’s hard. Definitely not easy. You understand, that’s why fans like you are here and defending him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  715. KW never pass to Lin n you can tell he did it intentionally! He never run towards Lin’s side when he got the ball in his hand and he always looked the other side to pass where no Lin there! It was so obvious and what a small and insecure person but with big ego! His head is bigger than his butt!

  716. After the first game of the season, I knew something not right

  717. starting PJ over Lin after how Lin handled the SG role during preseason was all i needed to figure this coach out

  718. So my summary is that it feels underwhelming tonight. Hard to get into any rhythm when you don’t get many touches for the first, what 6 minutes you’re in and then when you get some and get going a bit and knock down a 3, you are removed from the game. The second half Lin sprinted and scored and had a nice play to make a short jumper but I missed Lin getting to the line and having the chance to make assists. It looked like Cliff would finish with him and then he goes and pulls him and puts in the meh Courtney Lee for the final 3 or so minutes which didn’t sit well with me at all.

    Hope Monday Lin takes it to the Rockets. But he has to be in and touching the ball to get it going. And right now, it seems like Kemba is being featured and Lee is going to run 30 plus minutes a game so his chances to really get it going don’t seem encouraging. Add Al in there posting up and that doesn’t give Lin much to work with unless he can PnR with Al more.

  719. Thanks God for lin’s interviews telling us why he joined the Hornets. Had he stayed silence, all of us would had given many thoughts like what the heck was wrong with him? Lots of negative speculations about his decision.

    But still no matter many defended the liars lying to lin’s face.

  720. Again where MDA goes Lin should go. Nets is another messed franchise who don’t know what they’re doing.

  721. Good summary but hope u would say lIke it is, Cliff is a liar.

  722. Yep, Lin gave us heads up in preseason interviews and 10 games or so into the regular season when he and his fans saw the 180 degree change in Hornets/Cliff’s direction, breaking their promises to Lin.

  723. Intelligent jlin

  724. ๐Ÿ™‚

  725. Wonder why he doesnt say anything… he has such a large fanbase… not like hes gonna be in the streets…

  726. Hope that jeremy writes a tell all book about the discrimonation he faced in the nba and the loser players he had to tolerate…

  727. Agreed, I flag and fold. It’s like he’s not even there when I do that.

  728. yeah…cant wait…but I bet…its not gonna be any time soon

  729. Mostly likely after he retires from NBA there will be another documentary or book. Most likely another documentary since those are more straight forward and powerful.

  730. Me too. That’s was when I saw/read Cliff/Hornets motive, and started posting here alerting fans of Cliff’s words and actions don’t match.

  731. oh, way before that, basically after the first three games, there is something wrong. Actually, things were not right after they come back from China already.

  732. because it is useless…just like flagging and down voting a troll lol

  733. Yes he needs to steal the ball from kemba next game and shoot the ball when he gets the chance.

  734. nah that will just unnecessary uneasiness
    somethings are better off left unsaid

  735. If that’s the case, KW is small-minded and has a heart of full envy. Lin’s popularity brings attention to Hornets franchise and to each player on this team directly and indirectly. We would never heard or want to talk about KW if Lin is not on this team.

  736. maybe you are right…just gotta wait and see

  737. As I said long ago, Lin would get his chance to shine because Hornets want to win, because they couldn’t make it to the playoff without him. But Lin’s chance will only come when they are in a losing streak. They have bet their money on the wrong players and need stat manipulation to justify their investment to clueless fans.

  738. Did you see Lin ran on a fast break at least twice? I think his ankle is fine now. Just that he does not get touches and he’s being deliberately iced out by KW. Others also don’t involve him in offense. I saw he had to personally get himself in their way to get the ball from his own teammates. He kept cutting through the paint, but they still didn’t pass to him when he cut.

  739. Cliff post game interview. My 3 take aways. 1) He really likes Batum 2) He said this is training camp for Big Al, maybe he plans to put him back in the starting lineup when his strength is back 3) 1:50 mark he does acknowledge Lin made a couple big plays for them in the fourth.


  740. He said in a very early interview in his senior year at Harvard that if he ever got to the NBA for “more than a 10-day contract,” he would write a book about his career. I think he will eventually.

  741. saw that too

  742. After next 10 games, I agree. So, hang in there folks.

  743. Brief highlights … .

  744. From mine: 1. They want to keep Batum. 2. Glad Al back to start lineup, Lin can play PnR with Cody.3. Still need Lin do the dirty job for making playoff.

  745. There is one unusual substitution pattern in this game that could’ve helped to explain why JLin didn’t get the ball much for a good 5 min in the 1st and 2nd quarter.

    JLin subbed in for Lee in the 1st quarter, instead of Batum as he has done in the past few games.
    With Kemba/Batum/Al/Frank/Lin lineup, Lin became the last offensive option as he didn’t touch the ball

    1st Quarter Substitution Pattern
    4:45 Al Jefferson enters the game for Cody Zeller 18 – 16
    3:28 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Courtney Lee 21 – 18
    3:00 Frank Kaminsky III enters the game for Marvin Williams 24 – 20

    Why would Lin come in for Lee while 2 main players (Kemba/Batum) are on the floor so Lin’s playmaking was wasted?
    – Kemba and Batum were both scoring well so Cliff might not want to sub out Batum so he subbed out Lee for Lin.
    – In the 76ers game, JLin scored 8pts in the last 4min of the 1st quarter because he and Kemba were the main 2 playmakers. Lin knew he had to score a lot since he wouldn’t have a lot minutes in the past few games.

    It’s a consolation that Cliff decided to let Lin a bit longer to 4:13 mark (vs 5:31 mark vs 76ers game) so Lin had a chance to score a 3 before resting.

    It might be a coincidence but I don’t like playing Lin in this lineup because everyone won’t pass with the exception of Batum. And Lin doesn’t have the ball in his hands much with Kemba and Batum on the floor. Lin is a rhythm shooter so having the ball in his hands will only help with his shooting.

    I hope it doesn’t continue in the next few games.

    Note: I’m glad Lin is tied with Frank to get the highest +15

  746. Cliff’s riding Kemba now coz he’s on a roll. Come playoff when the defense tightens up Kemba will struggle. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Cliff talks about getting better everyday but he’s not showing that in the game. The reason their fourth quarter was good tonight is because of Lin.

  747. Yes, it’s good that Clifford voluntarily praised Lin
    [1:57] “And Jeremy Lin made a couple big plays in the 4th quarter”

    Even though his role is limited (and JLin should still leave in the off-season), the praise is good to hear.
    Definitely better than McHale who never praised Lin.

  748. The main reason Lee went out instead of Batum in the first quarter I think was because Batum was hot in the first quarter. Cliff even mentioned in the post game interview that Batum went to the hoop in his first possession and he stayed aggressive. You’re right this is definitely not a good combination for Lin. He is the third offensive options when Batum is in.

  749. Despite not allowed to do his thing in the first half, and missing some shots. Lin had a positive effect on the game with +15. Great second half play with Bence Force 1. Despite a great shooting game from Batum and Kemba, they really could not have pulled it off with we know who. Here is popcorn with butter on top.

  750. Yes, I realized Batum was hot so it might be a special rotation in this game.
    The worse thing is, Frank and Al’s presence made JLin the 5th offensive option rather than the 3rd.
    I checked the boxscore that Al and Frank and 3-4 FGA each when Lin shot 1st with 3 min into the 2nd quarter.

    Hawes would be a little better option than Al and Frank to pass the ball around more.

  751. Lin was big in the forth and it’s the reason why he went out at the 3 minutes mark instead of the usual 6 minutes mark.

  752. Lin beat Kemba in a foot race plain and simple

  753. thanks .. I had to leave at half-time so couldn’t watch the 2nd half
    Good that Lin’s showing he played big when it mattered most

    Playoff will come soon

  754. well Clifford..not only praise Lin…please give him more Pt. Thank you.

  755. Unless Al moves back up the the starting unit I don’t see the situation getting any better. If Al remains in the second unit he’ll always play over Hawes. I like the way Lin played in the Philly game. He seems to come out more to get the ball. Maybe it’s because MDA’s there he wants to make a showing (now we know what’s in his mind). But today he seemed to defer. I think that’s because of Kemba and Batum two men game.

  756. Announcer said Kemba was so kind to slow down to screen…um absolutely…nobody, but it was the thought that count, lol.

  757. Two different types of player and special in their own ways.I root for both of them

  758. I expect he will eventually …

    Once Lee’s honeymoon PT period passes with lesser contribution than what JLin provided in defense and clutch plays, drawing FTs, coaches and FO will know Lee is just Hairston 1.5 and Lin’s the 2nd clutch player for the playoff

    This NBA politics is very tiresome indeed but Lin will not only survive but thrive.

  759. I said this before and say it again. A few times that Cliff mentions Lin is when KW & NB got their stats w/ a win. Cliff threw a ‘tiny bone’ to Lin by mentioning his name is not meant to be remembered/edged into the media consciousness for them to repeat to the general public/fans bc KW&NB already got their glory w/the win and big stats. That is how Cliff operates in my observation… This has happened before. When Lin won the Cavs as lead pg, Cliff did not even mentioned nor gave him any praises for his good work in that game. Remember, how we all were very disheartened by that…

  760. Yes, I’m pleased with the 10pt outburst vs 76ers.
    It will help MDA sell him to 76ers FO in the off-season

  761. Fan of GSW and Jlin.

  762. Hope so. Lee is a placeholder for MKG.when MKG returns lee will be a bench player

  763. The truth is without bench players, hornet will be in big trouble..

  764. The way Curry is shooting now is beyond imagination. He was able to drain the trey from almost half court. Only time can tell if this is sustainable. Athlete goes through peaks and valleys.

  765. This plus minus things still a subjective matter.people still looking at boxscore…ugh

  766. If they get the right pieces together thing could change in a hurry. Just look at the Hornets last year and this year.

  767. I remember how self-aware JLin in the Cavs post-game interview to say this was Kemba’s team because he knows how quickly jealousy can arise.

    It’s really an elephant in the room that the Hornets coaches and media don’t talk about.
    “How come JLin can lead the Hornets as the starting PG to beat #1 Cavs while Kemba can’t in 4 years?” Plus the Hornets hasn’t beaten the Cavs in 6 years. Plus LeBron staring at MJ..
    That was historic but also touched some nerves at the same time. MKG was huge in limiting LeBron’s touches but without Lin’s clutch plays to close the game, the Hornets wouldn’t have won. That’s why MJ gave special butt-slap to JLin. Greatness recognizes greatness.

    I wasn’t surprised that Cliff diplomatically downplayed Lin’s role and focused on teamwork because Kemba wasn’t involved. He’s afraid to anger Kemba because he owed Kemba for defending him last season when there was talk to fire Clifford.

    It is what it is. Clifford would utilize Lin’s strength to support Kemba/Batum success.
    There’s actually positive aspect since Lin will most likely leave with this limited PT.

    If Lin’s getting 25-30 min now, I’m afraid he’ll stay as a backup PG as a Hornet =)
    God wants him to move somewhere and used the star’s jealousy for His purpose.
    Isn’t it awesome? hehe…

  768. Thank you for your wonderful moderating job, Mak!

    I only came back to smell the fresh breath of air after the toxic cleanup =)
    Feel free to use the ban button, especially for new suspicious users trying to rile up users.

  769. lol ..yes, yes .. no broken rules by anyone =)

  770. yes, he was a little surprised there =)

    he was just slowing down to let JLin finish the deed.
    He didn’t exactly look back to block or screen any Pacers

  771. i dont like to use the ban button….unless they dont behave after the warnings…everyone deserves a second chance…thanks

  772. It’s okay. It’s not mutually exclusive.

    Besides, Lin and Curry are best friends, brothers in Christ who appreciate each other.
    Curry is definitely playing at such a high level (“video-game” as JLin himself said) so it’s great to recognize that.

    It’s actually a great example to crush the notion of hero-ball.
    He’s the best player in GSW but he doesn’t mind passing the ball and sharing the glory with his teammates.

    What excuse does Harden/Melo/Kobe(too late) and even Kemba have not to follow the same example to win championships?

  773. Full Highlights came out.


  774. I know, we can’t change Cliff’s heart nor his ways to give Lin a fair shake. So we speak out when we see injustice against Lin, bc the smoke-screen Cliff puts up is so thick that has taken sometime for some to see through Cliff’s motive, his words vs his actions.

  775. oh yeah, that’s why I put the poll of Cliff’s broken promise so it’s clear to Lin fans and Hornets fans that Cliff’s promise was not delivered

    Whatever the reason might be (Kemba jealousy/FO direction, etc.), Cliff broke the promise to JLin so there’s really no reason to expect any loyalty in the next season. I really hope JLin knows that so he’s prepared to prepare the next best plan. He probably realized jealousy played a big factor

  776. fans come and go. Family, true friends and true fans stays and support Lin forever. That is a fact.Lin already address about this matter

  777. Lin on bobblehead night gets the cold shoulder. Coach knows Lin’s ego will not give him any trouble.

  778. 5:27 George Hill said something (to apologize) after fouling Lin; Lin gestured tapping him saying it’s okay
    Good fair-play on Hill’s part

  779. lin said the offense run through kemba
    Lin said clifford make plays through kemba
    Lin kept his promise to help the team..now it is the time

  780. I think Lin really became this team’s consultant now. Help them for team ball theory & PR talk for Kemba to be most improved player… don’t care about stats as long as team win… When this will end? smh!

  781. Once George Hill a good point guard.But when Monta on the team everything change. Wait till Lawson in the team.There is only one ball.

  782. He really did his consultant job well.

  783. good catch…yup

  784. i watched this a thousand times and it just amazes me how fast Lin is. you can see kemba’s burst of speed yet he wasn’t able to keep up

  785. As usual everyone only want to hear good news, happy times and when things didnt go their way..they going to whine all day..lol

  786. if you watched how Kemba reacted 2-3 seconds after he made it; he was still confused why Lin can be ahead of him =)

  787. not really sure(ankle)…but if you notice…recently he had reduced his drive to the basket and layups….he only does it during fast breaks.

    Ankles are normally well tapped before game, its fine on a rub but when you need lift and meanuever around players…then when it hurts and limits one’s move and confidence.

    Hence, he gets lesser balls, bcoz teammates know he is hurting…. but then…Maybe you are right…I cant say for sure….all I observe is that he had greatly reduced his drives

  788. I think he cared about his stats for the next contract so tried to maximize his opportunities to score & help the team win with minimum touches.

    He’s trying to make the star not feeling threatened; team success will give him a chance to contribute more in the playoff without getting frozen out.

  789. After the first games I suspected this season would’ve gone this way. And after Courtney Lee joined the Hornets I knew Jeremy would’ve been lucky to get 20+ minutes. They know he will not extend. Jeremy knows they have Kemba Walker.

    We must thank God for the game vs Cleveland in which Jeremy showed his great talent. Hopefully MDA will ask Colangelo another PG he can play his basketball like he did with Steve Nash…

  790. Funny and sad thing is that when Lin even remotely heats up, he’s taken out right away! Whe Kmeba and Batum gets hot, they stay on. This dichotomy is the unraveling of Clifford’s lies.

    When a coach has separate rules for his charge, it plants seeds of discontent. It’s a culture of elitism. Teamwork can’t happen when the coach promotes this culture.

  791. xD

  792. I really feel Hornets used Lin as consultant to help them set up group players or game plan for next season. Since he will not stay after this season. Of course he will not part of this group. They are training for their own players for team chemistry.

  793. You really should do some research on what’s happening in Philli. Colangelo was installed by the NBA head office to right the ship for the current owners; OR ELSE! They stepped in because the Sixers were becoming such an embarrassment that young draft choices were getting ready to sue the NBA for mismanaging their futures by allowing Sixers to win their draft choice. Colangelo hired MDA who was his coach when he owned the Suns when he stole Steve Nash away from Dallas.

    The current management of Hinkie and Brown are lame duck GM and coach with a golden handshake to keep them happy and not counter sue. MDA is running the show with the team now and the team has performed much better. The NBA will nolonger allow the Sixers franchise to tank and Colangelo with MDA are there to make sure they start winning.

    MDA wants to win. The franchise wants to win. The players and fans want to win. Lin will make that happen with Linsnaity 2.0 with MDA as coach.

  794. I hope Lin w his next team will have more fun games to his fans. Right now it’s no fun to watch Hornets games at all. smh!

  795. of course! i watched it 1000x, in slow motion, and in reverse.. i clearly saw his jaw dropped to the floor. hehe

  796. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can like more than 1 NBA player. A Michael Jordan fan can like Magic Johnson as well.

  797. Let’s hope so.

    It’s a good thing we still have 2 more 76ers consecutive games on Mar 29 and Apr 1 for JLin to impress 76ers brass.
    Perhaps the Lee extended PT experiment will be over by then to help improve JLin’s stats

  798. I don’t think so.

    Next year they will have Kemba, Lee, Batum, and they will go after a max contract big man (Dwight, Whiteside etc).

    So they’ll keep playing like that til the end of season.

  799. they can’t, they can’t afford that.

  800. hope he change his agent, so that he will have his agent’s protection, and also no player become so jealous to freeze him out.

  801. Don’t worry folks, Kemba already feeling the heat that it’s on him now to make the playoffs. The choke job is coming like the soundtrack to the movie “Jaws”. With every passing game, the noose will get ever tighter until they can’t even breath.

    Lebron was a choker in Cleveland; he needed Wade and Bosh to support him to win his 2 rings. Kemba will be nothing without Lin. Tonight was yet proof again that Lin is the glue that holds this team together. They would have lost without Lin’s out burst in the 4th. Kemba and Batum are fools gold.

  802. If you believe that BS, I’ve got some prime real estate for you in the Florida Everglades.

  803. Then there’s Khuang and I who believes that Lin is the best all around PG since Nash. Curry is a great shooter but Lin’s mind is the most brilliant bball mind in the game. Lin has beaten great teams with backups and rookies. Curry has a great team around him. Curry has had great support from FO and coaches, Lin has had negative “support” from FO and coaches.


  804. Yes he is the glue and really helped with the win but considering that he is auditioning for the next team, if you just look at the box scores and not watch the game(which a lot of people do) his stats are not good to look at as a starter for the next team.

  805. That says a lot! He is such a great person. But in this NBA world, he is regarded as a mediocre player. Smh!

  806. That’s why Lin should stay out of this team next season.

  807. Yes if Lin is hot, he is taken out for fear of out shining Kemba. But if Marvin, or Batum or Lee or Kaminsky or al is hot, Clifford give them more minutes. Lin has to struggle with the yelling also.

  808. If you observe, Kemba is lazy. He is becoming more and more like Harden. Becoming a prima Dona.

  809. As usual. Lin bails them out.

  810. To me it’s like rubbing salt on the wound. I know people will say that I complain a lot. But of course! There’s a lot to complain about! I’m not a happy camper. Period!!! With an exclamation.

  811. Very good observation Heart.

  812. See it’s not really the FO but Clifford’s favoritism.

  813. Jealousy breaks chemistry and relationships.

  814. Sorry guys but I will be the downer for the playoffs. I don’t want to see Kemba ball and hear Kemba praise.

  815. Sorry but Clifford is all about Kemba. I think we all know that by now. I don’t even watch and listen to his interviews anymore because we can already predict his statements

  816. Please Lin. Don’t help too much. Don’t sacrifice your body for this ungrateful team who only paid you $2m. You gave them a discount hoping that they will showcase your talent in return, but they turn you into a butler/helper for their stars. Smh!

  817. Very true! The fact that PJ started instead of Lin, that speaks volumes!

  818. We have the same views.

  819. He wants to be an all star. It’s all about the all star.

  820. Common. I know you’re being diplomatic but stop about this ankle thing. If he is playing, he is cleared and if not, he should sit. He is playing and running and defending and chasing around. The ball is not in his hands! Period. Please if you watch the games, try to count how many times Lin handles the ball and shoot it. Clifford doesn’t want him to shoot it! He yells out to move the ball! Smh!

  821. He wants to be a star. He knows Lin is a natural star already. Jealousy is eating up this guy Kemba.

  822. I rather wait and see the development of the sixers team.You just can be so sure these days.They will promise moon and stars to the players and not long after that you are not that important player to the team.The team still searching for a top draft pick..their own than get a veteran player

  823. Just like bb games.The spotlight is on you. What are you going to do next.?

  824. Thank you for posting. It’s like breathing fresh air!

  825. I didn’t know JLin until July 2012. After following his career in the years of Rox, Lakers and now Hornets esp, I can’t wait to see the reunion of MDA and JLin or an org that really plays teamball with JLin as a starter. That will be my dream comes thru:-)

  826. Counting:
    End of regular seasons
    5.5 weeks
    21 games
    40 days

    Free agency:
    3 months 21 days (1 July)

  827. Still long. I want to see lin in the playoff again.

  828. Ha ha. I know Ciff want his starters to perform well but they cant and he still needs lin to help the team

  829. they will probably scrape through.

  830. What we heard is jlin being yell at… Lol.

  831. I have the same dream too. Jlin deserves better. Only time will tell.But the most important is focus on his game. ?one game at a time

  832. Definitely smells familiar

  833. Even the consultant analogy makes me upset. Don’t consultants usually get paid more.

  834. well, Lee experiment will only end out of desperation in the playoff.
    They would certainly love him to stat-pad during easy games.

    Lee is actually less selfish than PJ; PJ would chuck more shots than him.
    It’s the Hornets politics that want to see him put up some numbers to make FO look good.

    Check out Hairston vs Lee stats so far

    Hairston 8.5pts/0.5a/2.4r in 21.5mpg (35.3% 3FGM)
    Lee 7.1pts/1,9a/2,7r in 28.1mpg (35.3% 3FGM)

    Hairston is actually a little better in PPG but lower in assist with 7 fewer mpg. I bet Hornets FO want Lee to score more so they can brag about the trade.

    I can’t wait for Lin to lead his team to meet Kemba and the Hornets next season.
    It will be glorious, just like Lin vs the Knicks

  835. Pete Guelli is still nice enough to shine the spotlight on BF1 importance (Al 13pts with Lin & Frank at +15)
    The Hornets marketing division is better (and smarter) than the basketball division

  836. Totally agree. I was hoping Kemba falls back to his old form after Lin leaves, but I think Hornets will learn from Lin’s usage that they just need to sign/trade a player who can play DW and assign him to only do DW, then Kemba can keep scoring like he is this season…

  837. @zukovka
    Very powerful story by NYDailyNews Giants writer who I didn’t know was AA about his own struggles based on Lin’s: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/samuel-lin-speaking-oscars-skit-signals-change-article-1.2551846


  838. I believe he does NOT drive to the basket as much bc the paint is clogged and teammates are not in the right place to help out w/ defense to shield off opponents, so he gets clobbered w/ hard hits and blocked more often as we have seen lately. Except for KW or NB, Cliff does NOT allow Lin dribbling the ball in his hands long enough for probing to get opponents out of their defensive positions. So Lin has to make quick decisions whenever he can get his hands on the ball. Plus refs don’t give him foul calls and it will be counted as turnover. I believe he would drive more if he has help and more touches w/ the ball and the freedom to probe. Now, I think he wants to protect himself from getting hurt which I don’t blame him.

  839. Like what Rox did and still do for Harden by assigning Beverly to take defensive pressure off Harden so he can save energy for scoring.

  840. Yep. And that is why we who know the truth are frustrated for Lin bc we know they are using and abusing Lin w/o fear of retribution. They’re deliberately suppressing his stats and talents. We know Lin is better than what his stats say.

  841. Actually, I feel sorry for PJ now. He was also used and abused and discarded w/o care from Hornets. They puffed him up w/o merit by starting him then signed Lamb to a bigger contract instead of him. They went further in bruising his pride w/o a blink of an eye once MKG returned and traded him away w/o apology. Hornets are as cruel and mean as Rox and Lakers.

  842. Yep, but PBev can not help Rockets win games, his only function is to help Harden scoring. Now I feel better. Kemba can keep his stats, but will not win games after Lin leaves even Hornets get a DW

  843. not sure I’d call it nice… PR savvy though for sure.

  844. Has anyone seen this – D Rose vows to end Linsanity according to Rip Hamilton.

  845. Hornets still needs Lin to sell the tickets vs Rox on 3/12. PR & Marketing.

  846. The chris Rock joke on national TV was an all time low for him. I think he prides himself to be a liberal so maybe he’s just creatively bankrupt and reaching for an easy target to get a laugh. Asians are such an easy target now a days.

    As a liberal Chris Rock ignored the fact that it’s the tech giants that are taking advantage of the less fortunate. The joke really is on the American public but hey, Rock is just taking care of “business”…..”it’s nothing personal”!

    The next time Chris Rock tells that joke again he should have the warlord” hired” hands guarding the Asian kids. It would be hilarious to see little kidnapped black kids in fatigues, holding ak47s be the body guards to protect those valuable Oscar envelops. Might as well bring in the slum dogs from around the world so that they can panhandle from the rich Asian kids too and give the black boy soldiers a real job. WOULDNT THAT BE FUNNY,

    Hey Chris Rock, that joke was such a cheap shot. Did you buy it from an Asian run “Dollar Store”? Maybe it came from an overseas joke sweat shop.

  847. I did – and I was giggling.

    That waa the game in which Lin singlehandedly ended Rose’s MVP run.

    Derrick Rose hasn’t been the same since Linsanity whupped him good.

  848. During HALFTIME???

    That’s a full out MUTINY against the Charlotte Hornets…

    and I LIKE IT.

    Lin being a traveling salesman making house calls

  849. I’m still not bothered by Rock’s portrayal of Asian American kids as hardworking bankers.

    I think it’s because I don’t equate Asian Americans like myself to sweatshops kids in Asia. The only sweatshop I’ve ever seen an Asian American kid being bashed around in is a STUDY HALL.

    Far more offensive and unnoticed was Sacha Baron Cohen’s evil racist joke about “little yellow people with small dongs”. Cohen later said it was about “Minions”, but that’s far more racially offensive than Rock’s joke which I didn’t find offensive at all.

    Jeremy Lin never said if he was criticizing Rock or Cohen.

  850. This is an obvious troll and his/her response. So sad, these folks have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon/evening (pst) then to come to a fan site to feel part of something bigger than their lonely life.

  851. Not just C Rok but also those Oscars people too who allowed that material to be showed in their program.

    Liberal Hollywood are the most racist and hypocritical group out there. They leture US about diverse and equality but live in the life above us all.

  852. And Richard Hamilton saying that Linsanity was “unsustainable?”

    Didn’t we just see Lin bash a whole bunch of teams the last 4 seasons with 20 and 30 point games despite low usage?

    Why do so many haters of Lin like Richard Hamilton keep PRETENDING that Lin can’t play?

    I can easily imagine what Hamilton would do if he were show a stat sheet of Lin’s high minute performances and Lin’s name were blacked out, He’d be like “Whoa, great player, he’s better than Jeremt Lin!”

    Linsanity never ended for me.

  853. Yep, we now have proof that Lin has been targeted by players in this league. These guys (Nick Kostos, Ethan Skolnick and Rip Hamilton) in this video clip are laughing in glee while talking about players’ jealousy determined to end Linsanity. After pointing specifically at DRose wanting to end Linsanity, at mark 2:45, Richard (Rip) Hamilton (sitting on the right screen) continued to say “… again, not just Carmelo, but every point guard, every locker room across the NBA were thinking to themselves that Jeremy Lin is getting a lot, way too much credits for what he’s doing out on the floor.” http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/nba/634544707528/0/nba-crossover-amare-blaming-melo-for-knicks-failures

  854. As far as NBA players a
    wanting to take down Linsanity, it seems that Lin has been the one doing the beating and not the other way around.

  855. But all those NBA point guards bit off more than they could chew.

    There isn’t a single PG in the entire NBA that Lin hasn’t outplayed at least once.

  856. ….Norris and Chalmers guarded Jeremy the whole 94 feet…..RIP then said its a joke…its a joke. What does he mean by that?

  857. Why can’t fans root for both great players and appreciate their skills? Again Curry’s long range, video game shooting is not something seen in NBA ever. Same way I appreciate how Lin excel at getting to the rim and on defense. You have to admit that Lin’s 3 point shooting is not good enough even behind the arc and this new shooting form is no doubt taking a page out of Curry’s quick leash shooting form.

  858. Lin came in from way behind the court and still over took Kemba’s speed. After Lin made the shot he was still in shock.

  859. Watching the fast break, lin was about 3 feet behind kw. Lin’s not just so fast but also quick react n well aware.

  860. Except those bench players Lin and Lamb should be starters. Start Lamb over Kemba who doesn’t defend and this team would be cruising like Curry and Thompson.

  861. If linsanity was dead, it’s not because of any player but it’s because the dirty politic of the NBA.

  862. IMO, Norris and Chalmers guarded Lin closely at the 94ft after rebound. Heats doubled team Lin almost the entire game IIRC to put notice on Lin that he’s not any better than they, and for the purpose of ending the Linsanity run. It’s a form of on-court intimidation and bullying when their primary focus was to single out Lin to humiliate him.
    IMO, these guys in this video clip are making fun of Lin. They’re hideously implying that when players exercise defense pressure on Lin at the 94ft line after rebound, Lin would be flustered and wouldn’t able to dribble over mid-court line without turning the ball over…which is utterly untrue. This implication is intended to devalue Lin’s bb skills and talents, specifically ball handling as pg. And you can hear some people have continued to regurgitate this notion ’til now…

  863. Good & balanced analysis by Greg from Sportige

    Jeremy Lin Only Good Defensively as Charlotte Hornets Carried by Kemba Walker & Nicolas Batum

    Lin finished with just 7 points in 23 minutes, although he had the highest +/- on the team along with Kaminsky at +15. He once again shot poorly (3-of-9 from the field, one three pointer) to keep the streak of good shooting game, bad shooting game going. He scored 2 points in the fourth quarter and didnโ€™t get to see a lot of the ball, waiting in the corner for someone to notice him. His defense was fantastic with a big block on Rodney Stuckey and a big charge pickup against Monta Ellis, while drawing four more fouls out of Pacers players when he did have the ball.

    As the Hornets already seemed to put the win in their hands, he was replaced by Courtney Lee. Despite less minutes than before, Lin is the guy Clifford goes with in the fourth. Lee came in with the Hornets already up by 8. He isnโ€™t offering better offense (7.1 points per game) and his defense is good, but Lin has been fantastic on that end this season. However, with the current hierarchy being what it is, nothing but points and consistent shooting will get him more minutes, and even that isnโ€™t going to help. He knows what he has to do in the offseason (find right team, work on his shooting), but for now, as the Hornets roll continues to push forward towardsโ€ฆ who knows, maybe even home court advantage in one series, Lin has to do the maximum with the smaller role heโ€™s been relegated to, whether he deserves more or not.

    Link: http://sportige.com/charlotte-hornets-jeremy-lin-kemba-walker-nicolas-batum-al-jefferson-playoff-push-92543/

  864. The point is it doesn’t matter If Lin struggled in shooting or excelled like in 76ers/ATL game, he will get limited time now.

    But Lin should aim for scoring/shooting well in case the stars struggle. Wait for his opportunities …

  865. I think if anyone Carmelo had the most to do with the ending of Linsanity. Lin and MDA could have made adjustments after the Miami game but that is when Carmelo returned and screwed it up. I think that had more to do with it than that Miami game.

  866. No one blames the parents. Who let there children be the butt of a racial joke.

  867. He’s a comedian lol thats what he does
    and hey at least we are not in jail
    being smart aint a bad thing
    you cant make stereo typing jokes about blacks because they always over react and cause riots
    but asians are confident and smart enough to not get affected by those because we have better things to worry about
    so let it go take the high road per usual

  868. Cohen isnt cohen without his offensive racist jokes thats why people love him lol
    they are far better than the next president of united states of america

  869. I’m not sure IQ is racially based. Einstein was not Asian. George Washington Carver was not Asian.

    I’m pretty sure Asians don’t speak up enough.

    It was pretty good that JLin spoke up. I didn’t watch the Oscars except for the opening monologue, so I missed the irony/hypocrisy until JLin’s FB share.

  870. KHuang, the 2nd part of the joke was pretty bad. There are building and dorms full of young girls assembling products for the world. These young children, of both genders, are not being educated and will enter the China labor class. If they become mothers, they may have life wisdom, but the may have a harder time raising their children to value ascendency through education. Then we all can read about the haves and have nots in China.

    The same happens for Turkish carpets that rich westerners put in their fancy homes. Child labor …

  871. That’s one game and it didn’t mean anything. Lin still can breakout again had he been given the ball.

  872. I think Brooklyn is a good team for Lin.2017 is the last of Joe Johnson’s big contract. The management is better than 76ers’.

  873. Well it was a pretty bad 2 jokes (the nerdy numbers part as that has been used to keep the bamboo ceiling alive and well, and the manufacturing part as that is something China has to grapple with for educating their children).

    Having said that, maybe this is good to get convo going, so Chris Rock can reflect and then come back with some very very important jokes that make fun of himself and how latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and other minorities are left out of the equality conversation at large.

    I hope so.

  874. It’s kind of crazy in terms of scoring … at times, he’s allowed to control the ball and get a flow going. At times, he is on from the first 2 shots and it goes well.

    JLin is really playing the role of bench now, as he has very limited time to bring in the results and numbers. This most recent setup after CLee came around is definitely the ‘spark off the bench’ job, not the BF1 leader that started this season and somehow got erased about Nov, Dec.

    Weird year yet again. We just have to get through this. I mean, all of us have 6 mos like this, whether it is to get between jobs, survive layoffs, get transferred from a bad boss, or just deal with a loved one in bad times.

    This too shall pass and we will be looking at JLin’s new expression of how amazing he has been, is, and will be …

  875. I don’t think IQ is racially based either.
    We are not smarter we just work extremely harder than anyone else
    That’s why the Ivy league decided to set the bar higher for asian students

    but being considered smarter is better than being considered criminals, [email protected], etc

    We dont speak up because we are better than to be easily affected by those cheap shots

  876. Lin is a good scorer but he needs to get the touch. At times I feel he remained at the corner far too long. The whole purpose of the corner is to wait for the drive and kick, or when someone else was double teamed. When those situation does’t present itself Lin should come out of the corner. He did that very well at the Philly game. When he’s with the second unit he should let his present felt a bit more. He should stay back to get the ball rather than letting Lamb bring it up. More touches equate to more scorings. Everyone takes Lin for granted maybe because of his easy demeanour. But in a place dominated by Alpha dogs you do need to bark louder than you bite.

  877. Yes. Hopefully God has a plan for Lin. A much bigger plan.

  878. I meant all the games after that Miami game. Melo was dogging it on defense, not playing within D’Antoni system who wanted to run the offense through JLin causing the losing streak and eventually MDA to quit. Then all the games thereafter under Woodson who was doing Melo’s bidding. That’s what ended Linsanity not the Miami game.

  879. Mine too. Can’t watch Lin with being marginalized again and again.

  880. Sigh! Hope Lin will get to find a team that will let him shoot like curry and not being limited by the coach.

  881. Thank you for this post. This mirrors my sentiments.

  882. George Hill is just a nice player after hitting Lin he actually said sorry. Is he friends with Lin? Most players even ex-teammates like Tyson Chandler don’t say anything after hitting Lin.

  883. Except Kemba doesn’t pass to the corner when Lin’s there. With 2nd unit like last game Lin actually got to handle the ball more for once.

  884. Next president of US? Last time I checked that hasn’t been decided yet but all the candidates are crap. I’m support Democrats but I don’t like neither of them while the Republicans are a joke.

  885. I am afraid with the shooting %, unless MDA finds a team to be the head coach and sign Lin, it will be extremely hard for Lin to be a starting PG at any team. Hornets definitely ruined Lin’s career unless someone is injured… No one will pay close attention to Lin’s performance like we do. If teams did not think Lin was good enough to be starter before Hornets, no team will think lin is good enough to be a starter after Hornets further marginalizes Lin. To me, I will always follow and support Lin, but that does not mean Lin will have the glamorous career we hope for Lin.

  886. Looks like if Clippers beat ATL tonight Charlotte could slip into #5 position. ATL is on 2nd game of a B2B.

  887. Kind of looks that way. But remember JLin was 3 days from getting cut and things can sometimes change quickly. Just got to be ready and have Charlotte in position to make the playoffs.

  888. I don’t understand how Lee is getting 30+ minutes a night. Isn’t he suppose to replace PJ Hairston’s minutes? This coach is really trying to marginalize Lin. After all he’s done for the team this season, the newcomer Courtney Lee reaps all the reward. Still he can’t even do much in those minutes cause it’s all KW. I think Lee is only there for KW to ball hog even more than he did before Lee came. That’s the only reason why Lin can’t start. There’s no room for another star on this team.

  889. A post earlier noted how all these stops allowed Lin to reach more people with God’s gospel on a relationship level like the apostle Paul. This maybe Lin career. To be a journeyman. Sometimes God plan is not like ours. But don’t feel depressed if this turns out to be Lins time in the NBA. God also has a reward for him better then our limited view of a job well done.

  890. Perception is reality – Jeremy Lin
    BTW…is the bamboo ceiling real? I haven’t gotten that high yet. LOL

  891. Like I said on the other site, stereotypical portrayals of Asian Americans in the media and movies are horrible and designed to keep Asians from advancing. SOMEONE is making these decisions in terms of casting, directing, screenplay, and it aint no Asian person doing so. Just like the NBA does not want JLin to expand outside the role they are comfortable with, society at large and those who are making these decisions are keeping Asians from advancing outside of what is “acceptable.” Elite high schools in NYC have a high percentage of Asian students because the criteria is based on a a test score (you can’t get more objective than an exam). Now, the mayor wants to change that to input quotas and place caps on Asian students in the name of “diversity.” Ivy League schools already do all they can to exclude Asian students. You think there is no racism against Asians in this country? Think again.

  892. Yeah, I really thought sasha baron cohen’s joke was a cheap shot, old, and worn stereotype joke. I am not going to see his movie. Asian Americans need to band together and increase their political clout. The question is how do we do this?

  893. What a coward they all are. Rip Hamilton is hiding behind the bushes and taking a swipe at Jeremy. This is further proof that jlin is negatively and unfairly targeted in the nba at an organizational level and by its players.

  894. ignorant idiots. they don’t have the foresight to be on the right side of history.

  895. Lee is only here to knock down open 3 point shot…He has very good career shooting line from 3 point..and Clifford like the fact that he’s 6’5…..If Jeremy was an extra 2 inches, he’d probably start ahead of Lee.

    But I agree, so far, Lee hasn’t really been convincing, but than again, he needs more time to acclimate to the team system and his teammates.

    Like most Lin fan, I do feel Lin had done so well in the game that he started that he was worth giving him a shot at starting at shooting guard…Before starting Lee, Clifford should had started Lin for a few game and see how it goes.

  896. Yeah, I was surprised by that too…He does look like a good guy.

  897. Good article…the situation for Lin is what it is..Not ideal at all but he has to make the best out of it….Anytime he can have a good shooting line, it is a win for him…At this point, scoring 10 points on 20 minutes of playing time is also a huge win for him.

    If Lin had made that 3 point shot, his night would had turned to a very good night since that 3 point field goal would had put him at 10points for the night and his shooting line would had been 4-for-9 which is good, instead of the current 3-for-9 which is below average shooting line.

  898. That was their plan all along.

  899. Hornets didn’t ruin Lin’s career, Rockets did with their smear campaign and benching. But it’s also Lin’s fault for not stat padding. Look at Parsons where would he be if he didn’t stat pad like crazy during Rockets and bolting out of there! Lin could do the same but he refuses to and that hurts his stats which separate him from bench and starter role offers. You seriously think if Lin averaged 20+ PPG for an entire season that he wouldn’t get starting offers? All Lin has to do is take shots whenever he can and not pass as much even after rebounds. It also doesn’t help that he’s changing his shooting form which takes time to see fruition.

  900. Agree with this…Unless Lin can greatly improve his current shooting line, I’m afraid he will again find it tough to get attractive offers with a chance to fight for starting position.

    His shooting line is worst than his Lakers line….He’s currently at 41%FG and 32% 3PT FG%…in compare to Lakers line of 42%FG and 37% 3PT FG.

    I thought that Lin needed a line of about 44%FG and 35% 3 point, at the very least…alongside a 12ppg…He can still get there but he’s got to get started..season is winding down.

  901. Wow Spurs! Interesting management of players from Pop.


  902. From the experience of backing up Kemba, I feel if Lin can not be a starter next season and has to back up any other starting PG in NBA, Lin will be marginalized again and again because of Lin’s capabilities and fame. Almost every starting PG Lin backs up will eventually find out Lin is better than him and much more popular than him. That starting PG will be jealous at Lin and feels insecured just like Kemba and will try to force team to marginalize Lin like Kemba does. History will repeat over and over again until when Lin is over his peak, less athletic. Did anyone of us even think Lin would be marginalized by a team which only got in play-off one time in the past and by a PG who is barely a starter? If Kemba is capable of marginalizing Lin, any other PG will do the same.

  903. Still hoping that Lin can turn it on for the playoffs…wouldn’t hurt if Kimba or Batumb happened to be injured at the time as well

  904. I know it may have a deeper meaning but it is hard to accept the injustice Lin has to bear.

  905. I think he meant we never know what will happen to Lin. Things may turn around for better quicker than we thought.

  906. JT, you and I would never make an off colour joke about any race or creed. We cringe when someone else does it. It’s no longer acceptable to make fun of anyone and yet people do it all the time. Chris Rock does a lot of funny jokes at his own people in front of his own people. That’s okay, self degradation with humor teaches us about ourselves. You can’t talk about anyone else becuase it’s just in bad taste.

    The worst thing about Trump is that as leader, he is making it a state sponsor endorcement to make fun of Mexicans, Arabs, poor, fat, women or anyone that he wants to put down.

    This is an example of injustice anywhere is injustice to everyone. Bullying begins when it is okay to make fun of the weak and voiceless.

  907. And he did handshake with Lin after the game.

  908. Jesus was stoned and spat on… All while carrying a cross.

  909. yeah and agree..whether Lin has a good shooting form or not and make the most of his shot, cliff will still give him his designated minutes as a role player with the hornets team and nothing will change that except KW got injured or be traded. so we just need to focus on the winning for it will give Lin his props because people tend to become deaf and blind only if they wanted to…

    we know he can be a starting PG and if all the teams in the NBA doesn’t want that to happen, we cannot do anything but just to follow the saga of JLIN still (if we want to).i am now preparing myself for the new team but hoping hornets can play for the playoff and reach their dream as a team!

  910. as planned by coaching staff to erase the stigma of the bench is better than the starter.

  911. Playoff contenders rest their players unlike some playoff wannabe’s like the Hornets.

  912. One might be out but both is unlikely and preferably Kemba with the 40+ minutes he’s playing every game.

  913. You know, I now don’t mind KW plays 40 plus mins per game from now on.

  914. WOW! That’s very interesting!

  915. If that happens I hope Melo stays with the NYK next year as the Nets steal all the NY fans away from the Knicks.

  916. If you can do it, Linsanity Part ll is a guaranteed. Jeremy Lin today is 10x better than Linsanity Part l.

  917. No one will take his contract. No, Melo is going nowhere.

  918. It’s gonna be Trump I have no faith in the americans they are just too dumb If they had half a brain, Trump would not have any chance at all
    Hilary Clinton is just as bad and Sanders won’t get any thing done
    There’s no hope for this country

  919. Mark Perner
    Former writer, copy editor and scoreboard guy for the Philadelphia Daily News. Also the owner of Philly Point Guard Camp. And an NBA Draft junkie


  920. My hat off to you Rick, you’ve done great works here for us.

  921. Not really but Dolan’s not going to trade him. Melo stays so long as Dolan wants him to.

  922. Who is Tim Doyle?

  923. In fact, I’ve been wishing that he played 48 minutes until end of regular season.

  924. I agree Rubio is overpaid & not even good.

  925. I don’t see any disagreement from us.

  926. Whos mark perner?

  927. This is why Lin should choose a team that doesn’t have an entrenched starting PG…Teams like Nets, Knicks, Grizzlies(If Conley leave) doesn’t have a PG that is highly regarded, so at best, Lin will be allowed to compete for the job during training camp.

    With the Hornets, Lin was never going to displace Walker, no matter how well he played in trainning camp…and He did have the better training camp.

    If Lin can not beat out guys like Calderon, Chalmer or Jarrett, than he should not start for any team in this league.

    Lin will never be handed a starting spot…He will have to clearly demonstrate he’s better….so this is why he needs to go to a team with no star or potential star PG…That may mean he will have to go to a bad team just to prove himself.

    I also believe this is why Lin agent called the Knicks..His agent knew that Lin would have a better chance of beating out Calderon for the starting spot…They rejected the Grizzlies offer because it was too long of a contract, but this team probably was better for Lin as for more playing time.

    While Kemba was not seen as a star, he was still a huge building block of the Hornets franchise and I was a bit worried about Lin going there because there wouldn’t be any competition for the starting PG spot.

  928. I doubt he would have been allowed to stat-pad…If coach sees that Lin only want to shoot, he would simply give him less minutes…

    This is exactly what Byron Scott did until the Lakers FO told Scott to start Lin for the final 15 games so that they can evaluate him and decide whether to bring him back next year.

  929. James Harden defense.
    He takes it to another level =)

  930. Melo is gone. He threw Dolan under the bus with that Heckler a couple days ago. Dolan will make it uncomfortable for Melo to stay. LOL, maybe one of those things Dolan will do is give the keys to Lin. That would drive Melo crazy.

  931. The announcers said nothing about how atrocious his defense was…

  932. I get it now. Jlin cant go openly ballistic about his ridiculous treatment in the nba bc he is a trailblazer. His tweets r his weapon. I will no longer crititicize him for not “speaking up” about how he is treated. Dont be fooled though… there is a volcano under that calm sea demeanor. Mad respect to jlin for keeping his cool always.

  933. Rox just like Hornets… Harden took tons of shots w Ariza 13 shots. The rest were all under 10 shots? New formula for fake star to be elte?

  934. maybe they were numb already lol

  935. I’ve never seen anything like this before.
    Howard literally herd the Bulls to the rim =D

    @SBNation Dwight Howard is literally guiding the Bulls to the basket:

  936. Lol

  937. Haha! What’s wrong w D12? Rox became so so team now. LOL!

  938. I literally laughed out loud, that was so ridiculous. Hey the Rockets don’t care about Howard, why should he care about them. He isn’t a saint like Lin who is loyal to the game even when mistreated.

  939. yes, he is a trailblazer (not POR) who is a minority in the NBA in every sense.
    He needs to be diplomatic most times to get along with the powers that be so he won’t get completely blackballed (no pun intended) from the modern private country club called the NBA.

    But he will pick his battle for things that matter.

    For now, he just needs to wait for the right opportunity to ride the Linsanity wave again to create the perfect storm.

  940. Nice negotiating around the minefield of puns!

  941. can’t blame Howard here. there was no way he could keep up with a guard running the fast break. it was Terry’s job to cut him off just as Howard pointed

  942. i haven’t been keeping up with Rubio or MIN, thought the word on the streets was he’s an excellent defender. what happened?

  943. Yes, it’s very weird how Trump is winning big while really on that platform. It makes me sad, like we had too many good years and then comes the dust bowl years. For modern kids, that’s jumping the shark … too bad this is about a great nation that once sent people to the moon and helped save the world in WWII.

  944. And you deserve a mirror for all the positive posts on JLin and sharing your pic at a game. I am not that brave, to share a pic of a game because of all the trolls lol. You’re a great fan!

  945. I agree with the hard work – Chinese/Asians work v hard because there just isn’t an entitled or privileged feeling in our lives. And, we are always taught to offer the nicest slice of steak or pie to our community, to bow and see what comes back.

    I hate that the best colleges are cutting Asian admission due to over-performance. I hear from college advisors (non-asian) that their asian clients have a hard time these days. That’s yet again more racial prejudice our young people face.

  946. Harden did his usual jogging and ball-watching.

  947. LOL this is too funny, at first I thought Howard was pointing the guard to go at Harden the defenseless guard.

  948. Then I hope Melo makes Dolan extremely mad enough to hire Lin back as the main PG and ball handler LOL!

  949. Lin had a great steal last game against Pacers, from Walker.

    Just re-watched the part where Lin out-raced Walker for a fast break. The ball was intercepted by Kim and loop the ball high up front waiting for Walker to pick it up. Yet Lin ran too fast that got into the right position for the layup. Just watched Walker’s body reaction: shocked and irritated. Great steal, Lin.

    Male announcer: What a great speed by Lin
    Female announcer: What a unselfish play by Walker to block/screen the Pacers (Humm.. Since when Walker has eye(s) on his back?).

  950. That’s the only way lIn will ever get the ball is to steal it from KW.

  951. LOL. Sadly but true.

  952. All those players that were waiting to get a chance to take Lin down were just super jealous of him. The fact is Lin knew already that he was ruffling feathers. He deliberately left a lot of money on the table during Linsanity. He didn’t even go on net work tv even when Letterman put Lin’s number on the back of his suit! Lin could have been on every talk show and made tons of money but he didn’t. He chose to give credit to his teammates and just focus on his game.

    All those black players who were so jealous would have milked that situation instead. Lin has been playing the political game since day one to ensure he’d survive that jealousy. We just never saw or heard anything about it becuase Lin could never complain about it.

  953. Comics push the envelop with material but they are very clever not to tread on certain groups. You can’t talk about blacks in public unless it’s a black comedian to a black audience. To a national audience, you can’t talk about certain subjects. You can’t Jewish boy counting money, an Inidan boy drinking, a German kid doing a march step, any jokes about the Arabs or religion.
    You yourself said that its taboo to make jokes about blacks. Why is it okay then to make fun of Asian child labour? What’s funny about disadvantage kids scrounging for a living? The high road? IMO, the high road IS to stand up against up against this type of comedic bullying. When public figures like talk show hosts, comedians or republican leaders make fun of people, they make it okay for kids to do the same. Bullying is bullying, no matter how funny it may be for the cool kids to get a laugh. The kids at the receiving end of comedic bullying endorses that exact behavior in kids.

  954. When in doubt, get JLin & Papa Lin’s awesome sunglasses


  955. Ready is just so irritating. Praising Walker for standing there watching Lin make a basket.

  956. I can see where they are coming from
    but Ivy league isn’t everything
    There are great schools all over the country
    I’d rather my kids live a little no need to study extra hard and get over stressed just to get into those schools

  957. Twitter profile on his page says:
    Former writer, copy editor and scoreboard guy for the Philadelphia Daily News. Also the owner of Philly Point Guard Camp. And an NBA Draft junkie

  958. Jewish jokes are everywhere because the Jews don’t care that much they are not that insecure, stereotypes about white people too but they dont care because they are not insecure, asians arent that insecure either
    but the blacks are so people stay away from those jokes and its frustrating because they always make fun of other races and people cant say anything about them thats why so many people are supporting a guy named Donald Trump. Also, people dont make arab jokes because they are afraid of retaliation like what happened in France
    also asian kids are getting bullied because of this
    bullies dont pick their victims based on their skin color

  959. From Twitter profile says:

    Tim DoyleVerified account
    Host @120Sports 8pm-10pm & 12am-2am EST. Father to @ChicagoJoeDoyle

  960. Thx

  961. So glad the light has dawned! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mad respect to the max! It’s been hard to take when dedicated fans have expressed impatience and frustration with Lin for not acting out. He’s soooo far ahead of us.

  962. This season has been a historical season with Curry already breaking his most 3-pointers in a season record himself as well as the Golden States Warriors possibly finishing with a better regular season record than 72-10.

    However, what has often been overlooked is the greatness of James Harden. With another strong 9 turnovers effort against the Bulls, Harden now has 285 turnovers in 62 games (4.6 per game) and he is on pace to finish the season with 377 turnovers, which would break the NBA record of 366 turnovers a season set by Artis Gilmore back in 1977-1978. It really takes a special talent like Harden to break a record set roughly 40 years ago! I am surprised by the lack of media attention on Harden’s historical season but on the other hand, you can never hear the end of it when Lin commits a turnover and somehow Lin is treated as the most turnover-prone players who has ever stepped onto a NBA court LOL.

  963. We should have our congratulatory tweets ready when Harden makes his historic breakthrough. An accomplishment this exceptional deserves viral fame ๐Ÿ™‚

  964. Hawes won Clippers tonight. Hornets is still 6th.

  965. Champagne on ice! Please let it happen!

  966. JLin is a classy dude…he took the high road but everything will come out in time…Amare S. outed Melo already…someone in d Rockets/ Lakers/Hornets would spill the beans too next time and confirm what we see

  967. You are also a great fan. I sensed that you’re a true Lin fan with a heart.

  968. This comment is so sexist. Hypocritical to criticize others for being racist against JLin and yet not think twice about writing a comment like this about a woman.

  969. Me too?

  970. We don’t know for sure. There can be a bigger plan than that. I have faith and a lot of hope.

  971. I saw Rose talking to Bev afterwards and it looks like Rose was give Bev the business about that play.

  972. In terms of being grateful, I have several things I appreciate this season so far.

    1. Historic Feats.

    Lin led them to their franchise best preseason. Kemba ball was held back because it was preseason. Lin showed what he can do when given leadership of a unit even with limited minutes. He also showed brutal efficiency as an SG when plays were run for him.

    Lin also showed what he can do when the ball is in his hands with their first win over Lebron since goodness know when.

    2. The short lived Bench Force 1

    The bench led by Lin were so much better than the starters that it was embarassing. Clifford had to resort to changing the rotations. Anyone who was doing well (e.g. Lamb or Cody) got to play with the starters.

    3. Super defensive stopper Lin

    Lin has been playing bone crushing defence and his +/- has been good overall. Makes his game worth watching even when he is frozen out on offence.

    Anyway, I think Lin still has some magic in store for us this season. Maybe in the playoffs.

  973. It seemed to me that KW was actually standing in Lin’s way trying to get an easy layup for two more points adding to his own score. KW ran late to the basket and just stood there. Yet, Ready did not give one word of praise for Lin on that play and chose to praise KW instead. To me, Ready’s biased commentaries are very obvious from Day 1. Glad to know that fans here have caught onto her biases. She angles her commentaries to always favor KW and sometimes NB if you observe closely, even when someone else deserves more. That’s the power of the media spouting out their own biased view even when the reality says otherwise. They want their agenda to be accepted by viewers. In order to do so, they keep repeating what they want viewers to hear, especially to non-informed, non-discerning, casual fans/viewers who don’t follow the team and/or the broadcasters’ personality closely. Most Hornets’ homers will gladly accept her views of course…

  974. Here’s a plot showing Harden’s progress toward the turnover record. He’s making very steady progress. It’s actually kind of impressive.

    Here’s a listing of the number of games with particular numbers of turnovers — 0 (1 game) ; 1 (1 game) ; 2 (11 games) ; 3 (8 games) ; 4 (11 games) ; 5 (11 games) ; 6 (5 games) ; 7 (7 games) ; 8 (4 games) ; 9 (2 games) ; 10 (1 game).

  975. The Hornets 2017 will look like the Rockets this season after Lin leaving them. The will keep the residual Lin chemistry for a short time, then fall apart. They are doomed.

  976. Thanks… jlin and mda in philly?

  977. it seems Cliff is really not high with Lamb and aside from Jlin , is the one suffering from CLee’s trade…bench and 3rd strings are now a goner except for injury among the 9 player rotation…with the way cliff playing KW and about 20 games more or less, a wishful injury is in the making unless cliff manage Kw time now (and that inlcudes batum too). But cliff stubbornness will bite him later if he will not change his style now.

  978. Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs Are Tearing Down the Big 3 Concept

    In an era dominated not only by NBA superstars but also the process of collecting as many of them as reason allows, the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are reinventing the superteam mold.

    But neither Golden State nor San Antonio is exclusively dependent on high-profile names, and they most certainly don’t subscribe to the conventional Big Three model that seduced many a team.

    Neither team places much stake in isolation sets either. Golden State and San Antonio fall inside the bottom 10 in such possessions, a far cry from their most immediate competition:


    Not surprisingly, Golden State and San Antonio rank in the top five in passes per game. They are also first and second, respectively, in secondary assistsโ€”passes made by a player to a player who earned an assist.


  979. 2 bits. One is in his post-game comments Vogel indicated it was the bench that made the difference in that game more than the starters. He did mention Al but Lin had a good stretch in there too.

    Someone at the game who is a Lamb fan said that both Batum and Lee were winded in the game yet Lamb still couldn’t come in. So Lee is a fixture for the time being at least in the lineup.

  980. Dr. Robert Klapper โœ” โ€Ž@DrRobertKlapper
    #LAKERS.When they lose today they will be officially & mathematically eliminated from Playoffs!On the Bright side #KOBE & #STEPH can’t wait!
    9:03 AM – 6 Mar 2016

  981. I like the fact that JLin was the clear MVP in the team’s top 2 wins of the season over #1 seed Cleveland and #2 seed Toronto

  982. Steff, Clay and Draymond aren’t the big 3? I’m not so sure. They do play a lot of team ball for sure. Spurs are transitioning but they had a big 3 in Parker, Duncan and Manu for years. K Leonard is their superstar now without a doubt then other guys are very democratic in how they run their offense.

    I think that’s it, they all play team ball and pass a lot and are complete, balanced teams. But both teams have 2 of of the best players in the NBA and one has one of the all time best ever in his later years and one of the best 6th men ever. GSW’s Steph is arguably the best shooter in the game ever.

  983. I think KW and NB will continue to play big minutes (and don’t agree with that). Agree about Lamb. Lee has good defense but has been otherwise underwhelming in my opinion. I like going with the guys that “brought you here” and Lin is one of the main guys that has yet the only one receiving less time on court (Lamb was early in the season, feel off mid-season). So I hope Cliff comes to his senses about Lin later in the season but he’s taking his gamble of overplaying Nic and Kemba. And I think Nic has shown he’s prone to break down when that happens.

  984. Hornets FO is anxiously waiting for Lee inflated stats to outperform Hairston so they can brag to MJ that they won the trade.

    It hasn’t happened yet so they will give him 40min soon ?

  985. But they are not smart enough. Put him beside Lin will help, let Lee play with Kemba just make stats worse.

  986. We’ve all known this for a long time, Westbrook is no PG

  987. Ha ha, that may happen! He’s getting close to it now!

  988. But JLin is the one with the TO problem right? (I’m joking)

  989. Yes in the most challenging and difficult victories over top-seeded teams this season Jeremy played MVP role. When will FO and coaches ever open their racially, double-standard eyes?

  990. They only want to win with their future pieces of Kemba/Batum/Lee/Frank so they can look good in front of MJ.

    Kemba is hot now vs non-playoff teams and so-so defenders but will slow down vs tough teams

    Lin just needs to stay ready w his scoring until they need his help vs tough teams.

    He just needs to impress his future teams now ???

  991. It would make sense if Lin opts out. Worse that can happen is Hornets resign him for same or more money

  992. Yep, it’s pretty bad these days when kids are starting to be adults with regimented study schedules, etc. Our society is pushing lives into cell phones and everywhere else, we are disconnected with ourselves and the people we are lucky to spend time with.

  993. hard to balance heart with community and overall health … I think the key to society losing heart is how isolated everyone is in their cell phones and online presence. So I go with the philosophy of this site and I have my bad days when the storm of trolls are in.

    These days here, it’s really chatting about surviving this season, so I thought I would just go to that reality rather than just talking about minutes, roles, etc. All that is proven to be out of JLin’s control whether he plays well or not. So, to me it’s better to try to figure out what this year can mean for him, because I feel the year is going to continue to meander as CHA FO tries to figure out how to get to playoffs. Actually, I have no idea what they are thinking because they could be a mid-pack team if they had made more rational choices. Something is behind the scenes for it not to look rational to us.

  994. I think Lee is a plug-in, I’m not sure he’s really a future piece. Batum is a hopeful and not the player Clifford thinks he is. He’s a nice player, not a great one or a winner player like I believe Lin is. His decision-making is not impeccable like Cliff says it is. It’s up and down IMO.

    Lin has looked fantastic in front of MJ a few times this year. That can never be taken away. I go along with Lin will be needed for tough teams, his ability to rise up under the spotlight makes it very possible that it will happen for him to be noticed hopefully by the right people.

  995. At The Hive โ€@At_The_Hive 6h6 hours ago

    Courtney Lee’s impact as a perimeter defender http://www.atthehive.com/2016/3/6/11167418/courtney-lees-impact-as-a-perimeter-defender?utm_campaign=atthehive&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter โ€ฆ

    Lee a DEFENDER?Am I watching a different games?ot it’s just me.SMH

  996. You don’t need to click for it

  997. Everyone looks like a premier DEFENDER when being put next to the defensively-challenged “I only want to pound the ball and then chuck it up” Kemba Walker.

  998. I don’t think Lee is a good defender but since Hornets used 2 2nd round picks for him so they have to high on him…

  999. Warriors uncharacteristically sloppy. Are they throwing the game to give Kobe a win?

  1000. LOL Kobe ain’t got nothing on Curry
    Kobe in his Curry would have destroyed Curry on both ends but not anymore

  1001. So dumb
    so done with this team

  1002. Still a great player

  1003. Down by 16 to Lakers. What ?!

  1004. I despise these nba commercials… their idea of diversity is, in one of the scenes, having 2 asian children watching rox. One of the children has that stupid beard.

  1005. Nobody knows what’s going on inside except the people concerned. We can only guess and speculate. I’m sure this team and its coach is pursuing the playoffs race. Clifford would strengthen his position if they make it to the playoffs and for some reason, giving Kemba his minutes and touches plus Batum, they are getting their goals right now at Lins expense for giving them the discount. But karma will always haunt those who deceive people who are naive and good natured. We are aware of these situations to previous teams who did this to Lin.

  1006. They are still the most popular team in Asia though

  1007. What? I just swallowed my throwup… lol

  1008. Yao Ming

  1009. Steph and Klay so off from 3 XD

  1010. Lakers not eliminated yet lol

  1011. Justification to start Lee over Lin. Propaganda narrative. Implying Lin is not as good a defender as Lee. Atthehive is Hornets mouthpiece. So over them long ago.

  1012. What else has he done even decently? Certainly not offense. They are reaching. It’s decent defense, not great. He’s had no real impact.

  1013. not very reliable
    since the poll was conducted on reddit…
    I doubt China even allows reddit to be accessed

  1014. That was a double bagger. Lol

  1015. The rox did right by Yao..more than right…

  1016. they will say great thing if the name of the player is NOT JLIN!

  1017. for the sake of the team, cliff should change gear now and let their players play their normal spot and start balancing their PT to make everybody feel involved coming the playoff time…winning doesn’t come from only one player and i guess Cliff should be the least not to know that , but watching his game plan, its more on justifying his acts rather than assuring a win.

  1018. 40m minutes of not even doing anything to warrant his stay inside..but purposely, his stay magnify KW’s impact when playing for Kemba needs to score more because nobody can except walker and Batum.

  1019. Probably underestimated the Lakers.

  1020. I’m not often tempted to comment on ATH and I still haven’t in their forum but this is just pure homerism. Lee just isn’t that good so far and unless he steps it up big time, I find no justification for trusting him over Lin. I would argue Lin’s familiarity with the system at this point in the season would have mitigated any other reason for starting Lee or playing him more than Lin. This might just bite them in the playoffs.

  1021. I don’t know, but I am happy for the result any way.

  1022. BTW, why do you question the reliability of the poll?
    Do you wish it was not reliable?

  1023. I don’t think they are getting their goals … they are too close to the edge and when all the teams start tightening up their game, this standing could easily fall. So, hang in there …

  1024. “on any given day” … who cares about Kobe, they don’t I bet.

  1025. I go with the old adage that you go with the guys who brought you there. Lin certainly has been key to several major wins this season against division opponents and Lee isn’t outstanding. MKG had a big impact when he came in, plus he’s a guy familiar with the system, so I understood when he got run. But Lee looks ordinary at best.

    I agree, it may bite them. If Lee is an upgrade over PJ, ok, but trying to give him more of a role than he should have isn’t right. And if he’s just being tried out to get used to the team, don’t compromise one of your major players so much. I even think Lamb should get played more as well, it looked like he was beginning to find his game recently. Especially playing with Lin.

  1026. They compared his defense on the perimeter with MKG…sounds like they are Reaching looooooooooooooong way.

  1027. Yes. You’d think they’d make more of an effort to try and keep Lin. It’s not like they have to change their game plan that drastically to play him more. The guy’s the ultimate team player and he’s really outstanding value on that contract.

    I don’t agree with posters on Hornets forums saying we’ll just get another PG when Lin goes, no problem. They’ve conveniently forgotten they had Brian Roberts on more money than Lin the year before. And with Kemba playing nearly 40 mins a night, good luck with that.

  1028. Sometimes you don’t really appreciate something until it is gone. Lin’s combination of winning play in a variety of ways and willingness to be a team player is very valuable and they aren’t respecting it enough. They’ll learn. The smarter ones will.

  1029. Bummers… GS fall to Lakers… No big deal BUT Coach Kerr should have rested the starters for entire 2nd half of the game. Just let GS bench handle tonight’s game and see more playing time.

  1030. I agree, against non playoff team Lakers should’ve rested them.

  1031. Worst part is they never started Lin with Kemba and Batum to even convince him to stay unless one of them was injured! It goes to show they don’t value him one bit from the beginning. It’s a wonder who’s idea it was to hire Lin. If it was MJ’s he did it just for marketing but you’d think after beating Cavs he’d at least wake up to see that Lin’s the all star player they need not Kemba or Batum.

  1032. Because it’s questionable
    Why would I wish it was not reliable?

    It’s just odd
    I know many Chinese kids still like the rockets because of Yao Ming
    He was the reason why asian people started watching the NBA and he might get into HOF for that

  1033. Russell and Clarkson are pretty talented
    Especially Russell, he’s showing why he was the 2nd over pick lately
    Good thing Lin didn’t sign back with them, though.

  1034. Alright, I don’t know kids in China that well. You are the first one question the legitimacy of that map. You may have your point, but I do not have the answer.

  1035. This is where you need good supporting/assistant coach(s)….During spur of the game, Coaches tend to get emotional, narrow minded and not looking at the bigger picture…

  1036. On the other hand, Rox beats Raptors

  1037. Is Raptors tanking? They had lead over 10 points, then lost the game.

  1038. Dont think so…they are at second seed

  1039. You are right, but they looked bad at 2nd half., so I thought they were in tanking mode lol

  1040. I felt Lin should had been given a shot at the starting Shooting Guard spot, specially when you consider his stats as a starter…While Cliff prefer taller guys to guard opposition wings, Lin hasn’t been terrible at guarding even taller guard..

    11 starts:17.8ppg, 4.7 assist on 45%FG and 41% 3PTFG…Those are impressive numbers and Clifford owed it to Lin to give him a shot there before they had decided to bring in Lee and start him right away.

    Even with PJ..PJ was so bad defensively that Lin warranted a chance there.

    At least, Lin knows Cliff is close minded, so I hope he takes that into account when it’s time to look for another team

  1041. You mean like the Rockets, Lakers and Knicks didn’t respect it either. They’ll never admit it but they had a good thing with Lin.

  1042. MKG stunk defensively too.

  1043. I predicted that Lee would be a bust, and he certainly has played just as badly as I expected.

  1044. Chinese kids consider Yao to be ancient history.

    They’re more impressed by Lebron and Kobe.

    As far as Lin goes, he’s not regarded as one of China’s own players because he’s not from China and doesn’t have Chinese citizenship.

    The Rockets are no more popular in Asia than they are in America.

  1045. That has NOTHING to do with Lin.

    The Chinese Government protected Yao like it did all its other players. China was not going to let Yao be turned into a 7’6″ racial laughinstock for the racist American media.

    For example, a Houston writer wrote a negative hate article about Yao before his rookie debut. The CHINESE EMBASSY angrily grabbed the Rockets and forced the retraction of that article.

    Lin is not a Chinese citizen, so he is not protected like Yao was.

    So I don’t want to hear any more made up garbage about how because Yao “made it”, Lin has it “fair” and is messing up his career.

  1046. Totally disagree.

    You Rockets fans don’t know China.

  1047. No, you and your STATS BASED analysis is correct and Jim’s is wrong.

  1048. NO NO NO.

    They’re not talented.

    Gotta WIN to be considered “talented”.

    Neither of those Jeremy Lin wannabe replacements can hold a candle to Lin.

  1049. Curry and Thompson were left TOO OPEN by Byron Scott’s packed in 80s defense that thinks Draymond Green is Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  1050. No, it’s just “questionable” because the hard facts don’t match up with your made up narrative that the Rockets are China’s team.

  1051. I agree that putting C.Lee ahead of Lin and Lamb so soon was a bit disrespectful since they’ve been with the team since day 1 and Lee just got there.

    Lee is a decent player but he’s not good enough to warrant pushing others on the back of the bus while placing Lee ahead of them.

  1052. Not really, another ball hog, iso player who will never go anywhere. If Kevin Durant leaves OKC only to join up with Westbrook again that’d be his dumbest decision.

  1053. To be fair, I doubt they really need a PG as good as Lin since Kemba plays close to 40 a night..So basically, the back-up PG only has to play 8-10 minutes just to give Kemba a small rest before Clifford throws him out there again.

    Lin is pretty much a luxury for them…Lin true value to the Hornets only kicks in if someone gets injured..Lin is a rhythm shooters and needs playing time to get going…This shows in his starts statistics.

    Lin stats has been terrible when coming off the bench…That is probably becaus he’s pressing his shots since he knows he doesn’t much time to make an impact.

  1054. Good thing Stef,s last name isn’t Lin, fans would be calling for the head of his shooting coach.

  1055. lol

  1056. Rox got hot shooting 3s in second half. Harden actually gave 2 alley oops to Howard! Raptors defence has never been great. I’ve never liked Casey’s systems. They allow way too much ISO instead of ball movement. The only saving grace this year has been the balance scoring from the 2 guards. Lowrey and DeRozen put up a lot of points last game to win by 2 over Portland and it still came down to the last play. The score was 117-115 (?). There was no defence!

    They may finally get past first round but they’ll never beat the Cavs.

  1057. Lee will continue to play 30+ IMO. Cho needs to prove he was worth the price. Cho already knows Lin is gone. Fans will be unhappy so now it’s all about proving that they don’t need Lin to win.

  1058. The latest Hornets intro video doesn’t have much Lin’s shots. It seems a sign.


  1059. He will not be Hornets next season. Looks like Batum & Al all likely to stay. Lee maybe will too. Lin & MW are on their way out of Hornets.

  1060. Hornets starts their future team chemistry training now. Lin as a consultant no need that much on court just continues to tell them how to win will do. smh!

  1061. Jeremy Lin Must Re-Unite With Mike Dโ€™Antoni At Philadelphia 76ers


  1062. They’re all awful, but trump… omg

  1063. From my understanding,Bringing Lin to Charlotte was also Cho’s idea, so I don’t think he would mind if Lin were to be given more time than Lee..so it’s a wash for him…it’s all up to Clifford.

    Problem is Clifford love height…If he started someone like PJ ahead of Lin, he would definately give much more time to Lee ahead of Lin, since Lee is a bit of an upgrade in compare to PJ.

  1064. news are starting to come out now….

  1065. cliff brought jlin to the hornets, as specified by Jlin when he mentioned that even during late last season , cliff mentioned to the team that he’s bringing 2 player this year and that’s Jlin and the otehr one was not mentioned because they wasn’t able to acquire him..cho may have part of it but cliff engineered it.

    Its just a justification on the part of cliff that he loves height, after kw made a good showing this year, he doesnt need to put pressure and seam on KW and him thats why he’s making JLIN as a year rental.

  1066. but at least MKG has hustle and aggressiveness though i find him a little awkward most of the time..

  1067. Rox have a small chance to sneak into the playoffs at 8th seed and get eliminated by GSW in the first round.

  1068. knock! knock!

  1069. Kobe is just a sad sad human being. His talent is betrayed by his massive ego. Got rid of Shaq in order to be the top dog and messed up a dynasty. Wrecked the lakers future by putting Nash off the ball. Got into a field with Howard becuase Howard called him out. Lร kers mortgaged their future on that team with4 stars and Kobe submarines it.

    Like the Pharos who took their entourage to the graves with them, Kobe has seen to it that the lakers will cease to be a anything but trash for a long time. Kobe simply could not let go of his star status for the future good of the Lakers.

  1070. Who’s there?

  1071. was kinda silent…and it worried me

  1072. Relevant but not related to Lin…last year article…but just came thru it

    The model minority is losing patience

    Asian-Americans are the United Statesโ€™ most successful minority, but they are complaining ever more vigorously about discrimination, especially in academia


  1073. Why?

  1074. I check this site every morning before breakfast, and several times throughout the day, but rarely posted.

    I am sure there are many more silent lurkers like me who support JLin and visit this website regularly for NBA/Lin-related news, information and viewpoints.

    THANK YOU, mods and all regular posters, for your contribution to this fun and informative fan website.

  1075. More like why is everyone following Micheal’s lead and hibernating. Lol

  1076. It seems like. Don’t know who will join Hornets, but they will go down for sure if Lin, MW leave.

  1077. Best wish, but very low chance.

  1078. American universities are basically tanking. When the best schools are passing up on brilliant people like Wang, they are in fact creating their own demise. In academia, it’s publish or perish. Asian Americans have to look at how the greatest innovators are bypassing the Ivy League schools. These schools are basically creating a brain drain of the best and brightest. European countries are trying desperately to attract the best minds by offering free schooling.

    We tend to believe in the survival of the fittest as the way the best rise to the top. While this is somewhat true, what’s even more important as a specie is adaptation. The rule is that the specie that adapts to environment changes best will prosper in the long run. When Harvard changes the rules to ensure the survival of the weaker gene pool, the mediocrity will catch up when the fittest make quick adaptations to promote their own survival. Meritocracy of the mind and genius will spout elsewhere rendering these schools useless backwater schools.

    Elon Musk did his schooling at Queens university ( Canada ) for first 2 years then transferred to Penn state. He didn’t need a Harvard education to become one of the most brilliant invocatory of our times.

    Adaptation for Asians looking to enter these schools have to change their tack and become student athletes like Lin. This is one of the excuses they make is that student athletes have much better social skills, team building skills, mental toughness, and quick creative thinking. Asian families must adapt if they wish to continue to fight for a spot in those schools.

  1079. new Wolves game thread

    The Hornets is riding 3-game winning streak after beating the Pacers to secure the #6 spot in the Eastern Conference standing. The Hornets face another non-playoff team tonight in the Timberwolves.

    1. It is interesting to note that the Bench Force 1 won the game in Nov vs Timberwolvs with Lin (19pts) and Lamb (18pts) leading the way in only 26 min and 23 min. But BF1 had Hawes and Zeller in this game. BF1 had been dismantled with Zeller helping the starting lineup and Hawes out with injury.

    2. JLin will get more minutes only when the Wolves can muster enough challenge to be competitive and one of Kemba/Batum struggles.

    Letโ€™s go, JLin! Letโ€™s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring.

  1080. ” Asian families must adapt if they wish to continue to fight for a spot in those schools.”
    But… Asians are disadvantaged by their physical limitation in most sports and colleges/society do not give “diversity” quota for the nature shortcomings… There are not that many sports Asians can stand out. If you know any, please name them. I can think of: crew, fencing, baseball, racquetball. Any other sports?

    My son is a senior in high school. I know first hand how much much much much better Asian kids have to be than any other races in order to get in an Ivy or any selective colleges. Even though he did get in an Ivy early action, I have a knot in my tummy whenever I think how unfair colleges are towards Asian kids. The funny thing is my son does not feel that bad about it at all. He feels sorry for other minorities who do not culturally emphasis in education and feels they deserve an opportunity in life thru Ivies or any good colleges.

  1081. I’m not sure about the height. Kemba?

  1082. All opinions are valid, time will tell. I still think Lee is being tried out, he’s not doing particularly well, and Lin if not for anything else will be used because the team needs him. But I don’t know,

    There are teams that go “small” and that’s where Lin’s height doesn’t matter. There was a recent game Lin didn’t start in place of Lee, perhaps Bucks, and Clifford in his comments said big ball only worked first half. Second half, bringing in Lin made a huge difference to get things going.

    We’ve seen Clifford go away from Lin and then back to him. I don’t think it is so easy to say one way or another in the the last say 12 games on the season that Lee will be in there if he continues to not produce much of anything.

  1083. Cliff talked about going ‘big’ for every position except when it comes to KW. Clearly double-standards…

  1084. Congratulations to your son and family for getting in.

  1085. Not hibernating exactly, just waiting out the next episode in the ever-turbulent Lin saga. The current picture has become glaringly clear – yet another jealousy snake-pit. Can’t waste my energy talking about how wrong it is, and certainly not interested in speculating about what Lin SHOULD DO – urk – as if any of us has enough inside info to lecture him about anything. So…quietly watching game by game until wherever the Good Lord places him next.

  1086. Thanks. To be honest, I feel sad and depressed through out the process and even after knowing he got in his early because I know how unfairly the whole system is towards Asian kids. Some of his Asian friends have the credential could walk in Harvard if they were not Asian but got deferred/rejected by non-Harvard colleges. The bias against Asians is just unreal. What I am proud of my son is that he does not feel he is the victim. He sincerely wishes more under represent minorities have the opportunities at selective colleges hence have better chances in life.

  1087. Congrats again more importantly that your son heart is in the right place.

  1088. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  1089. It’s a little late unfortunately for your son. I’d advise Asians to go into golf and tennis. Both are big money sports, especially girls for golf. The perception that Asians are disadvantaged is self perpetuating by our own beliefs that we aren’t good enough. We have won many gold medals at the Olympics. We won a gold in track where everyone believes certain groups have natural advantages. Look at Jeremy Lin, Li Na and all the Korean golfers that keeps winning lpga titles. Sports doesn’t just waste time, if you manage it properly as Lin, Michelle Kwan, Yamaguchi, Michelle Wei and other Asian parents have done.

    My nieces became doctors not just becuase of grades. Their participation in high performance gymnastics made them better at handling stress, performance when it counts, get staff to work as a team, stay focus and many more great skills a young person learns and makes them that much better at being a great doctor. A great surgeon can’t choke! They have to be confident, self assured and positive in their performance of a task in a limited time. Even though they never made the Olympic team, the process that they took prepared them for great things.

    Adaptation is not just about now. That’s what Jeremy Lin teaches us. Changing teams is pretty much the same as changing schools. Greatness is within you and Lin chooses to keep moving around obstacles like Melo, Harden, Kobe and Lemba and invest in himself. Your son can do the same. So what if Harvard won’t accept you…so what if Charlette won’t play you, keep doing the work and work as hard as you can until another door opens. The dream is within you and adaptation of your route is how you get your dreams to come true.

    It’s really great that your son is so well brought up and harbours no jealousies or bitterness. I wish him the best of luck to bring his dream out of his future.

  1090. Yes, forgot about golf, not sure about tennis though. Yes, Asians have great athlets, but they are TALL… and most of the Asians are not that tall.
    I thought about having my kids playing racquetball, but after talking to coaches my Asian mindset stopped me ๐Ÿ™‚ No, none of my kids will use sports to get in colleges, too late, but what you describe about a successful athlets make me feel it is great training. I feel playing musical instruments are about the same.

  1091. They are winning this year so…

  1092. I dont think the chinese use reddit at al thats why
    For the longest time, they were China’s team anyways

  1093. fair enough
    but they are rookies and they are not lebron talented so i wouldnt expect them to win

  1094. I never said Lin is messing up his career
    Yao had to be talented enough to get where he was at least

  1095. I probably know China better than you do
    I know a lot of the fob kids still got mad love for the Rockets

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