Game 60 San Antonio Spurs vs Toronto Raptors: More Versatile Raptors

After a tough loss 107-125 in the first game at San Antonio after trading DeRozan for Kahwi Leonard, the Raptors will no doubt want to give Kahwi a chance to win against his old team. A win might be another step to convince Kahwi to resign with Toronto in the off-season, especially if the new addition of Marc Gasol and Jeremy Lin to the Raptors can help him to advance to the NBA Finals this season.

The Spurs won the first meeting Jan. 3 in San Antonio, 125-107, with DeRozan producing his first career triple-double with 21 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

Leonard scored 21 points as the Spurs thoroughly dominated the game. He was also booed by the home crowd, fallout from his request to be traded following a season in which played only nine games because of a quadriceps injury.

Coach Nick Nurse explained how the arrival of Gasol and Lin can help the Raptors to be more versatile with big lineup or the smaller but faster lineup. It makes a lot of sense because both Gasol and Lin are great playmakers who will help the Raptors to be more dangerous on the court and add more depth necessary for a deep playoff run.

With the arrival of Gasol and guard Jeremy Lin, Raptors coach Nick Nurse feels his team is more versatile.

“I think we can go a little bigger if we want to,” Nurse said. “We can go a lot bigger. We played Serge (Ibaka) and Marc (Gasol) together, and Pascal (Siakam). That gave us a third thing to do. We may have found something there that is maybe advantageous to our team as a whole.

“I could see us being able to play really big, and then at times putting all of our little penetrators out there and playing small and fast, which is what I want to do.”