Game 60 San Antonio Spurs vs Toronto Raptors: More Versatile Raptors

After a tough loss 107-125 in the first game at San Antonio after trading DeRozan for Kahwi Leonard, the Raptors will no doubt want to give Kahwi a chance to win against his old team. A win might be another step to convince Kahwi to resign with Toronto in the off-season, especially if the new addition of Marc Gasol and Jeremy Lin to the Raptors can help him to advance to the NBA Finals this season.

The Spurs won the first meeting Jan. 3 in San Antonio, 125-107, with DeRozan producing his first career triple-double with 21 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

Leonard scored 21 points as the Spurs thoroughly dominated the game. He was also booed by the home crowd, fallout from his request to be traded following a season in which played only nine games because of a quadriceps injury.

Coach Nick Nurse explained how the arrival of Gasol and Lin can help the Raptors to be more versatile with big lineup or the smaller but faster lineup. It makes a lot of sense because both Gasol and Lin are great playmakers who will help the Raptors to be more dangerous on the court and add more depth necessary for a deep playoff run.

With the arrival of Gasol and guard Jeremy Lin, Raptors coach Nick Nurse feels his team is more versatile.

“I think we can go a little bigger if we want to,” Nurse said. “We can go a lot bigger. We played Serge (Ibaka) and Marc (Gasol) together, and Pascal (Siakam). That gave us a third thing to do. We may have found something there that is maybe advantageous to our team as a whole.

“I could see us being able to play really big, and then at times putting all of our little penetrators out there and playing small and fast, which is what I want to do.”


  1. FIRST – to wish Lin a fantastic game, and a WIN for the Raptors!

  2. Let’s go JLin!!! Beat the San Antonio cattle bandits!!!

  3. Excited to see JLin to play in Raptors. Hope that he is able to play well and continues to stay healthy!

  4. Lin has always been a Spurs killer. He’s played really well against them on almost every team he’s played on, except maybe the Lakers/fakers.

    BTW, Dlo has been instrumental to Lin’s suffering since L.A.. lakers tanked to get him while Lin was there. Then Marks goes and gets him to chase Lin out of Nets…booo

  5. i predict the nets without dinwiddie will at best have a losing record on the season at worst not make the playoffs. they were rolled last nite by the blazers.

    nurkic and the newly acquired kanter put up a combined 45 pts and 21 rebounds on 18 of 24 shooting showing the weakness inside that nets showed when lin was there.

    newly minted all star russell and his backup napier missed 21 of the 27 shots they took.

    still living by the 3 dying by the 3 nets misssed 29 of the 36 3’s they took.

    nets dont look that different; all the same weakness that were there last two seasons.

  6. Agreed. Russel is not a leader and i dont see nets doing much wo din.

  7. Go JLin!

  8. wonder why they traded DD

  9. Lin joins at around 17thmin

  10. The interview with Danny Green was interesting. Jeremy starts talking about his buyout at the 21:40 mark in the video. He says:

    – had a ‘solidified’ role in Atlanta
    – wasn’t really looking for a buyout
    – thought he might be traded but buyout ‘came out of nowhere’
    – ‘if I’m going to be on a team and have a similar role to Atlanta, and make a deep playoff run, then it’s hard to turn down the offer
    – there were other teams interested but he needed a great situation if he was going to leave Atlanta


  11. During the interview with Danny Green, Jeremy was asked about the Knicks – Lakers game during Linsanity, when Kobe said (before the game) that he wasn’t really sure who Jeremy was. According to Jeremy:

    – he took a taxi to the game and saw the interview with Kobe in the taxi (on the video monitor)
    – he thought “that’s hella annoying”
    – he daydreamed about making the game-winning shot
    – after the game when he was asked “Do you think Kobe knows who you are now?” he chose to be very tactful in his comments, adopting a “soft” (i.e. quiet and calm) voice


  12. I had so much fun watching/listenin it! Man its been ages since I saw THAT Lin!…awesome

  13. Its gonna be helluva game!

  14. Serge Ibaka’s cooking show is called “How Hungry are You?” In other words, are you hungry enough that you’re prepared to eat some of the very exotic dishes he prepares / presents.

    There are 4 or 5 videos on YouTube. They’re well done. The production quality is quite high. His guests are usually teammates from the Raptors.

  15. Just before the last game I discovered “streaming”! So I got to watch the game. I would appreciate it if any of you have links to streaming that I could access, or tell me where or how to get these links. Thank you and looking forward to SAS against whom Jlin always does well. Added fun of DeRozan going against Lowery which could make it doubly good for Jlin to lead the bench as PG. I think Nurse will also play Jlin with Lowery for a bit to get more looks and this will make it really hard on DeRozan.

  16. “Jeremy Lin on being the only Asian-American in the NBA:
    ‘At times it kind of sucks’”

  17. I used one of game streams recommended by posters here:

  18. No wonder Lin’s teammates are excited to have him on the team. Not only on the court that he can help them make plays, but off-the-court he can bring millions of attention to their podcasts and shows 🙂 Win-win!

    Can’t wait to see JLin sampling Congo dishes!

  19. Thank you. I will read this over and try it out. Looking forward to game 2 of 2019 2.0

  20. Not only that, but Nets traded a prime asset and pick n’ roll partner in Brook Lopez to get D’Angelo Russell. The Nets team went downhill from there.
    Brook Lopez still has a lot of game left, and is starting Center for the Top team in the East, the Milwaukee Bucks.

  21. I guess I did not understand Jlin’s thinking at all re a buyout to get out of ATL. It sounds like he was reluctant to leave ATL. I would have thought otherwise, to try and get out so he could play for a contract next season. Plus I did not think he would be satisfied with mentoring TY. Just shows how we fans know. Kind of disappointed in him in that the was not trying harder to get out of ATL, but I don’t know what the positives he saw in staying there but there must have been some. Just like Dedmon being happy to stay in ATL, though Dedmon was at least starting and getting more meaningful minutes. He got the perfect team though, one with unselfish players playing meaningful games as opposed to playing with dysfunctional PHX or LAL, tanking LAC, or not-to-trusted ORL with Clifford. I would still like to know which teams were interested in him as a buyout

  22. Ace, be very very cautious about malware at these streaming sites. They originate mostly from outside the US. They will ask you to install all kinds of “stuffs.” Don’t click and install anything. Use AdBlock, it helps.

  23. Yes. Do install AdBlock app. Avoid installing anything on the streaming sites.

    Safest way is to watch games with NBA league pass or on ESPA/TNT or other channels on TV or YouTube TV.

  24. Absolutely. Ace, choose the verified ones if possible. But don’t install anything that pops up on those either.

  25. I think fans project too much, to be honest. I always thought Lin was satisfied and very grateful to be healthy and playing and that Atlanta was a known. Just because fans hated it there doesn’t mean Lin did. Lin made some good friends there and I also think there were positives in the overall environment there. I’m not disappointed in him. And it makes sense to me that he didn’t think the grass is greener anywhere you go, but took his experience to realize that it isn’t and he chose to go somewhere that made a bunch of sense and where he at least knew Danny Green. Hate to sound like a cliché but Lin was going with a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The Hawks team was a bird in hand (no pun intended). That’s being practical and it made perfect sense IMO.

  26. Thank you PP. I am reading up on the subject. Last time I used sites suggest on Portal before the game. Did not realize there was so much danger, but the web can be a dangerous place so will be wary.

  27. Marks also gave up Kuzma (!?). Had they kept both guys, they would have been so much further ahead. Now Marks is “developing” Dlo only because he’s got to look as if he made the right choice to get Dlo. Now Lin and Brooks are probably going to go to the eastern finals and Nets with Dlo are just spinning their wheels.

  28. Two points: 1) Fans are forgetful and 2) JLIN is a celebrity basketball player.

    So many lose sight of the fact that JLIN will NOT say anything to burn bridges, he will not publicly reveal any information that could put Schlenk or ATL in anything but a positive light, especially since they made JLIN whole. How would it look for JLIN to say, “I had been thinking of moving for the last 20 games even though I was a Hawk” — you never say that. You say (whcih is what JLIN said), “(the buyout idea) came out of Nowhere”

    We may know the real truth 5 yrs from now from JLIN directly. But currently we just have brother Joe, who complained about Coach’s playing time for JLIN and the other huge indicator – i.e. had JLIN liked being with ATL so much, well then why is JLIN not still in ATL.

    Understand that JLIN is an admired celebrity and he plays that role the way that is expected.

  29. Which teams interested in JLIN as a buyout?

    The answer to your question probably resides in the NBA teams (as JLIN himself said in the interview) “I had literally been hearing my name EVERYWHERE (in trade rumors)”

  30. cheapest resale tickets for spurs raps 145; hawks 16, hornets 8

  31. Watched the Bucks and Celtics last night – low scoring affair, lots of missed shots but decent defense overall a close exciting game.

    I was hoping that Celtics could steal a game on MIL home floor but Kyrie played hero-ball on the final game winning shot and that cost BOS.

    We need to beat Spurs tonight to keep pace with Bucks

  32. I wouldn’t mind if TOR media and everyone else (maybe including JLIN himself) stopped using the picture of JLIN with the Brooklyn Nets cornrowed hair braid – but that’s just me.

  33. Today’s game is on ESPN so streaming shouldn’t be necessary if you are in the US.

  34. The latest in the annual JLin saga…
    BTRTN: Part 5: The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: First Hawked and Then “En-Raptored”

  35. Jlin’s cornrow looks a bit like one of them dinosaur’s head…lol

  36. Wow!

  37. have the links ready guys. ill be checking on for them lmao. cant wait

  38. its on espn lol

  39. No cable no espn

  40. Agree here..It looks like his agents had to convince him he needed to leave ATL since he’s 30 and going into a contract year.

    My guess is Lin liked the comfort of knowing his teammates,roles and didn’t want to re-start all over with a new team mid-season.

    Glad his agents got him to do the right thing since staying in ATL under lower minutes would had destroyed his free agency status.

    Now, if he can play well with the Raptors and get a few good playoff games, his free agency would look brighter.

  41. @StarSports
    Say 👋🏽 to the new guys. @JLin7 and @MarcGasol are putting in work this AM

  42. from the other site…


    Tom Gardner • 3 hours ago
    Here is Part 5 of my series! I’d be grateful if all JLin fans, if you like it, would push it out to Lin fans everywhere! “BTRTN: Part 5: The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: First Hawked and Then “En-Raptored”

    •Reply•Share ›

  43. get a 7 day trial sling tv orange with espn, need a credit card to sign up
    im trying to help you out haha, youtube tv has a 5 day trial

  44. That kind of blows me away that he was reluctant to leave ATL. Sure it was familiar and comfortable and certainly no pressure playing for a tanking team but it seems like giving up, especially since he is playing for a contract and no matter what he did in ATL was not going to make him look the best. Guess I don’t know anything. Surprised he had to be talked into it by his agents. Hope he is up for the task now. It sounds like he is and he better be ready because he is going to be thrown into the fire pit.

  45. It’s silly that certain individuals here are still so bitter and angry, constantly spamming their conspiracy theories on what Lin was or wasn’t thinking about his situation in the Atlanta. It’s sad that they can’t just be happy for Lin right now and let go their butthurt feelings, as well as being wrong the past 5 months. They refuse to even believe Lin’s own words, basically calling Lin a liar and not forthcoming. So much ego, obsession with being right / not wrong, and negativity.

  46. A good (and predictable) sign for Jeremy and Marc …

    Added : Serge Ibaka starts at center tonight. Nick Nurse says the starting center spot will remain fluid between Ibaka and Gasol. “I want to be versatile. I want to use both.”

  47. directtvnow youtubetv hulu live tv spectrumtv stream

  48. Did not think you were right before when you said these same things but it turns out you were. I just could not see how he could be happy playing for a tanker other than there was no pressure.Entirely different now though so hope he is happy in TOR. Sounds like it.

  49. OK. The thing is, Ace, he was playing. I don’t think he was happy with his playing time or not finishing and such, but he was playing where he hasn’t in a full season and hardly the season before.

    He’s now in an even better situation on a good club that’s really competitive. And he’s in a diverse, city with supportive fans. I just pray and hope for his health, and that’s for the rest of the season and the full post-season.

  50. How delusional and bitter must you be to actually believe that DLo orchestrated and was the mastermind behind Lin’s suffering from LA to Brooklyn? I don’t get why so many Lin fans always harbor ill feelings for so many of Lin’s past teammates, particularly the PGs whom he has been replaced by or has been started over. Pathetic.

  51. They tanked to get a pick and Byron Scott chose D Russell over Okafor.

  52. Wow, TSN already has an introduction with Lin in it. Looked really cool.

  53. Go Lin! Get on Fire this game!

  54. Kawhi looking pretty awful early on this game. Took him so many attempts to make his first shot.

  55. There are a dozen examples of where JLIN said everything was “hunky dory” only to find that he was NEVER HAPPY for the 1st 5 seasons of his career…

    … you want to live in the blind — nothing can help you.

    Sit back watch, listen and learn.

  56. With all due respect – it should surprise NO JLIN fan if it comes out in due time that it was … JLIN’s camp all along that instigated and drove the buyout.

  57. They’re showing a DeRozan tribute during the break on TSN. Very touching.

  58. he’s pressing too hard, trying to get a good start after the road loss

    Lowry started well from 3s but I’d like to see more ball movement from the Raptors

  59. Yeah, they played good defense, but was starting to chuck.

  60. Wow Gasol – has no business taking outside 15 ft shots

  61. Lin getting ready to come in.

  62. Danny’s3 is automatic and Gasol’s passing is excellent

  63. Lin in

  64. yeah that airball is bad, but he’s pretty good from 3s at 34%

  65. Felt like Lin should know Gasol’s game more than KL. Let see.

  66. nice cheers from the crowd!

  67. Did Lowry pass back the ball to Lin and hit him in the head?

  68. Nice steal by Lin.

  69. It kinda looked like it grazed Lin’s head and bounced to Kawhi.

  70. Almost I think lol

  71. Raptors crowd gave Lin another huge cheer when he got announced to come into the game. They love him.

  72. If Kawhi gets the bucket it’ll be Lin assist…🤣

  73. Man, looked like Lin had that open layup but then passed it out to the wing.

  74. Beautiful behind the back assist!!

  75. He’s been blocked by Bertans on the previous layup attempt and Bertans was onto him again. It was a wise pass.

  76. Lin’s playing high octane, good basketball right now. Too bad his shot still isn’t going in. 🙁

  77. Ouch in and out!

  78. Looks like they want Lin to be the 1st option off the bench. He really needs to start getting buckets soon.

  79. It looked like he had more room away from Bertans. Usually he goes reverse on those.

  80. Great crossover to drive to the rim and excellent behind-the-back pass to an open Ibaka for 3!

  81. Actually it was Peoltl who blocked him. I stand corrected…

  82. Spurs are long, that Poetl blocked JLIN, I think twice and has shot over JLIN on a bad switch.

  83. Pop…. lol

  84. Very flashy. Toronto crowd woo’d and ahh’d.

  85. Great drive and kickout by Lin to McCaw who was open for 3 but missed

  86. It’s fun to watch Lin and Gasol’s great passes

  87. 2 FT

  88. TOR fans get to see Lin’s signature move to drive hard and get fouled for easy points 🙂

  89. Refs dislike Gasol tonight – 3rd foul!!

  90. Lin getting significant minutes.

  91. 9 minutes straight now and still on court
    Coach Nurse likes what JLin brings on court

  92. Yeah, too bad Lin and the Raps can’t hit a shot right now, giving the Spurs a 10-0 run.

  93. Lin 0 for 4, Kawhi 1 for 6. Yikes.

  94. It was better when Gasol on court , too bad he had to come out due to foul trouble (3)

  95. Game is being called tight tonight. Gasol should’ve made some shots too, but is also 0 for 4 like Lin. Once they gel and start making shots, the bench is going to dominate every other bench lol.

  96. Not sure what’s going on with the Raptors tonight. They’re shooting less than 30% FG. That’s awful.

  97. Yeah, game called too tight.

  98. Downloaded espn app and got it. Thx

  99. Very tight. Maybe the new people

  100. The commentator: “Leonard is struggling on the offensive end.” 🙁

    2 for 9!

  101. Danny G is nice. You let him sit at the corner open, he’ll be making 3s all night.

  102. Green made another 3. Dang, starting to light on fire.

  103. his 3pt shooting form is always consistent. Beautiful to watch

  104. wow, Gr33n made 4 out of 5 threes already

  105. Green is a smooth shooter. I like the Spurs offense, ball movement.

  106. SAS well coached. Don’t care for Pop but he can coach

  107. Raps ending the half on fire now. Spurs keeping up with them.

  108. I know lots of people use the Reddit streams etc. But I do too much work on my devices. Can’t take chances.

    To me, LP is safest bet. It’s $200 for ALL teams, 82 games. Works out to about $2.50 a game. Can watch anytime, anywhere, on any device. And re-watch too.

    As a matter of fact, I can’t stand most of the ESPN announcers. Almost wish the games are on LP. LOL.

  109. Siakam getting buckets again. This guy is a beast.

  110. Just caught up on box score, comments etc.
    Too much Kawhi Leonard ISO. And trying much too hard. Taking bad shots. He’s got to move the ball back out and around.
    Good thing OG, Green, and Siakam making 3’s to keep them in it.

  111. Raps are so stacked. Kawhi, Lin, and Gasol not having a good scoring game. They still have Green, Lowry, and Siakam getting buckets. Any of these players can go off any given game. If they don’t, they have others there to back them up. Scary team.

  112. Just happy to see Lin shooting again from 3.

  113. Lin made a lot of good plays, but only have 1 assist to show for it. Hopefully he starts shooting better in 2nd half.

  114. Yes, not very good announcers, lots of irritating commercials but something has to pay for it. Am going to look around for next game. I don’t watch other games so LP not worth it for me. I guess I am a LOF (sigh)

  115. Yes, happy to see he has green light. Keep shooting, it will go in

  116. He may emerge as the team’s second best player.

  117. San Antonia are playing out of their mind. Maybe Popovich has something to prove against Kawhi. Lol.

    Lin had meaningful minutes. The stint with Gasol was interrupted due to Gasol getting in foul trouble. I think if the bench were rolling more Lin would have played more.

  118. any links to watch the game?

  119. God damn! Leonard is a hot mess in the first half. Way too out of control and selfish… making himself look bad in front of the old team…

  120. And the half-time show by ESPN has BS Scott on the panel! UGH!!!
    One last suggestion. Can get LP just for one team too. And other options now too. If you have time, can’t hurt to check out for the full menu.

  121. Good suggestions.

  122. links to watch the game?

  123. I’m on cable TV man…

  124. He looks all out of rhythm and forcing things. Not playing in the flow.

  125. Siakem can flat-out play.

  126. No worries, thanks

  127. Siakam to the rescue.
    Spurs taking mid rangers. Forbes just made another one.
    Hope Lin will get a chance to take a few. But Spurs has good defense on him.

  128. There are links further down. Scroll down.

  129. found it on reddit. thanks

  130. Siakam with his Iso’s will get eaten up against any playoff team that decides to shut him down.

    Siakam is better waiting for passes where he can use his shooting accuracy.

    Siakam uses up the entire shot clock at times with his post ups not looking for anybody else

  131. I wonder if Lin has had so many GMs lie to him that he’s unsure about change unless he finds favourable receptions from the new organization. I’m sure he was disappointed that he wasn’t traded but not surprised. A buy out comes with risk of losing millions for another lousy situation. I’m sure whenLowrey tried to recruit him said a lot and probably showed that he was wanted on the team. Lowrey is the de facto captain of the team so that sign made Lin change his mind.

    One Secret to good negotiation is to always give your opponents an out, some way for them to save face. You get what you want and hopefully they get to retain their dignity. This is not something we do naturally in the west. We tend to be confrontational and we’d prefer to beat opponents down and leave them in tears. Leaving the Hawks feeling like they got fleeced is just not good negotiation. Bad mouthing past teams is just as bad. As much as we hate giving people like Morey an out, Lin never sees any association as something useless. For Lin, he sees past the hurt so that he could make use of Morey in the future…which he has.

  132. Popovich knows all about how Leonard plays. LOL.

    It’s only Lin’s second game with the team, and after a long break. I think he will get back into the rhythm of things, with some more minutes with new teammates.

    Gasol’s shots were not falling either.

  133. Kawhi settling down now

  134. 3 for 14

  135. It’s funny that Ibaka only makes 3s when Lin passes it to him. :p

  136. Top of the key may be his spot.

  137. Danny Green still high from 3 point contest!

  138. Furthest away from the basket, but for a lot of players, it’s the easiest to make 3.

  139. fellow foodies connection 🙂

  140. “👍#Raptors has added new guys @JLin7 and @MarcGasol to Intro 🎥”

  141. yup, 5-7 from 3s 🙂

  142. Both teams whining about calls / non-calls.

  143. Haha.

  144. That wasn’t a foul on Green.

  145. Nope.

  146. Wow, Toronto fans are LOUD! Last time it was that loud was Lin vs SAS in Charlotte, Vs Miami playoffs, and all the way back to MSG. (Houston was okay, not bad.)

    Raptors are playing to win. The starters getting a lot of minutes.

  147. It feels like a playoffs game. Return of DeRozan and it’s being shown on ESPN nationwide.

  148. Woa, coach Nurse got tossed. Stupid refs.

  149. That’s why it’s fun to watch the game. Hope Lin gets in soon in 3Q and has a better offensive game.

  150. They need to just keep feeding Siakam. Spurs can’t guard him.

  151. What? It’s not shown on ESPN tv yet!

  152. Belinelli shot the technical.

  153. Lin coming in.

  154. Super sloppy games for both the Spurs and the Raps

  155. They need to get some stops om defensive end. LIN to the rescue!

  156. Gasol ANSWERS!

  157. Lin is about to check in

  158. Lin in

  159. Starters minus Ibaka basically played the entire 3rd Q.

  160. Man, Lin can’t buy a bucket tonight. Passed up the open 3 and messed up the layup.

  161. I am watching on ESPN tv. It is 2 minutes behind your game stream. 🙁

  162. he didn’t feel it on 3 and wanted to draw a foul but I’m glad he did not charge hard.
    A simple bank shot might be better in retrospect

  163. *did not charge hard

  164. It’s just disappointing to see that Lin can’t take advantage of being on ESPN tonight.

  165. This is the difference between starting, and not starting. Practice together more as a unit. More time to get into rhythm, see what the defense gives you.

  166. 22222222222

  167. YSSSSS the mid range!

  168. yesss.. idk what it is yet but happy to see it lol

  169. Same here. haha.

  170. nice stepback fadeaway J!

  171. Not shown on ESPN tv yet. I believe you. :).

  172. 22222222222222222

  173. AND ONE! Here comes Lin!!!!

  174. Dorothy got premium stream 🙂

  175. 1 FT

  176. Wow, Lin drove hard and had the difficult up-and-under layup to avoid the block!

  177. Oops, sorry….:-)
    I’m watching on ESPN Cable TV. I guess that’s even faster than ESPN App?

  178. Anunoby should get more minutes! I like the kid so far. And he was 2 of 2 from 3. Let him play more with Lin!

  179. Lin another mid-range!

  180. Lin’s showing his biggest strength to consistently drive to the rim and draw fouls.
    Great to see his aggressiveness

    7pts/1ast/2rebs/1stl so far in 14 min

  181. 2222222222222222222222222222222222

  182. I think Lin got a couple of assists off him last game.

  183. AND TWO MORE!

  184. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  185. MORE LIN, LET’S GO!

  186. My bad. I am actually watching the game on the ESPN channel on YouTube TV.

  187. That’s it, Lin. Shoot the mid-range.

  188. nice easy midrange J 🙂 That’s how he destroyed the Spurs before

  189. Oh STFU, ESPN! Making fun of Lin being on different teams.

  190. Lin is UNSTOPPABLE with midrange Js!!
    11 pts

  191. I TOLD YOU I LIKE OG!!!!!

  192. Keep shooting!

  193. So glad to see Lin perform in the 4Q. That’s where he really shines. And he’s doing it after a ho-hum first half.

  194. And Lin’s defense is strong as well.

  195. JLin is truly the Spurs-killer!

  196. 11 points in 16 minutes!

  197. Lin showed up in the 4th as usual. Good seeing him play important, consistent, and significant minutes.

  198. yup, made DeRozan gave up the ball!

  199. Yeah. He’s feeling it now. 9 points in the 4Q.

    So far.

  200. Lin truly knows how to kill the Spurs.
    Just drive hard to the rim to draw fouls, make the midrange Js, defend hard, and feed the open 3pt shooters for the kill

  201. Lin and Anunoby are powering the bench with 11 pts and 9 pts

  202. Mr. 4Q + Spurs killer!

  203. I think is his shot selection which were his short mid-range saved this game for him.

  204. Nice to see Lin still out there.

  205. Which commentator? The man or the woman?

  206. Great pass by Lin to Serge

  207. Lin is percolating now.

  208. Coach Nurse has a tendency to ride the hot hands so he might stay out there until he’s tired or finish the Spurs 🙂

  209. Geez… these refs suck!

  210. Great Steve-Nash move by Lin to circle around under the rim and find the open Ibaka for the dunk!

  211. Except Nurse has been ejected. I was afraid the acting HC would pull him when Lowry went in.

  212. Lin is hounding DeRozan on defense

  213. The man listed each team he was on. Then Doris said something about hard to find someone with as many teams. In so many words.
    This is why I try to avoid ESPN…

  214. Ah, the classic Lin over-help.

  215. Lin is closing game. So happy!

  216. Kawhi needs to learn from Lin. Move without the ball, get closer to the basket!

  217. THERE YOU GO KL!!

  218. Lin drew the foul on DeRozan. 4th team foul so next foul Raptors is shooting FTs!
    This is the true value of Lin in the 4th quarter

  219. Sorry for the CAPS and giving plays away. Too excited for Lin, haha.

  220. Lin out

  221. No quite but he played a lot of big minutes in the 4Q.

  222. That’s good. I don’t have to. I’m just reading this

  223. Unbelievable! They did praise Lin later when Lin scored another 2 pointer to total 11 points though.

  224. Lin did his job well tonight. Came in the 4th and got the Raps back into the game. Just wish he made shots in the first 3 quarters.

  225. Kawhi Leonard sucks this game.

  226. he played 10 min straight. he deserves the rest or breather.
    Let’s see if he might come back

  227. No….

  228. Siakam is bloody amazing…

  229. No..He is rhythm player

  230. Kawhi Leonard need to stop with the defended bad shots.
    Run something for Siacam!

  231. I think once Lin gets more comfortable with the Raps and starts making the shots we all know he can, he will be trusted with closeout minutes as well. I’m happy the coaching staff already trust him with these important minutes and touches. He gets to play not only with the bench, but also with starters often.

  232. maybe he won’t come back; but they can use Lin to draw foul and get FTs
    maybe if there’s OT

  233. Let’s go OT! More PT for Lin.

  234. Nice double on DeRozan and breakaway dunk by Kawhi.

  235. No complaints from me tonight!
    Just hope Raptors win!

  236. meanwhile I think Kyle handled this game very well.

  237. This is why they traded DeRozan sadly. He chokes so hard when it matters most.

  238. I really like Lowry.

    He is the first PG of Lin’s teammate I like

  239. Lin may look better with Ibaka than Gasol. Lin played smart and solid 4Q minutes. Nice D too.

  240. Okay, good, they should!

  241. wow, Kahwi stole from DeRozan and finished with a dunk!

  242. Me too. Not the first but I do like him a lot as PG.

  243. Wait what? Out of bounds? These friggin’ refs…

  244. ???

  245. LMAO the refs are so wrong. Lowry was nowhere out of bounds.

  246. ?????

  247. Soooo bad.

  248. HANDS UP DEFEND! Only 1.1 to go.

  249. Donauhhy?

  250. The refs

  251. Spurs had this game easy from the biased refs and an over eager Leonard’s iso disaster…

  252. Donaugh


  254. I easily saw that was in-bounds without replay. Replay showed it even more clearly. These refs are so biased and blind.

  255. Haha I see

  256. Lowry’s right foot has already established position on court, can’t be out of bound

  257. Marc Davis.

  258. Lol

  259. His mind was out of bounds.

  260. exactly, FAR from out of bound

  261. Has to be both feet though I think

  262. lol

  263. Win?


  265. Lowry another foot was in the air

  266. Refs come to their senses lol

  267. Maybe he was wearing Air Jordans so that counts as inbounds.

  268. They just are fearing for their own lives in this home court situation…

  269. No TO for Lin this game. 🙂

  270. Lin in?

  271. maybe 🙂 they want to sleep well tonight

  272. Lin is closing 🙂

  273. LOL, technically…..

  274. For 0.2 sec… yeah… lol

  275. I love it – even only for the final 1.1 sec.

  276. Makes sense since Spurs need to foul.

  277. Win this one. win win win…

  278. Lin checked in with 0.2 seconds because he’s trusted as a good FT shooter 🙂

  279. Lin out

  280. I dont mind a OT. Lol.

  281. no, Lin in with 1.1 second

    then out with 0.2 second

  282. oops, checked in with 1.1 second for offense and out with 0.2 second for Ibaka’s defensive purpose

  283. Take away from this game: 1) Kawhi needs stronger mental fortitude. 2) These refs need to get their licences canceled

  284. yes, correct. Lin for O, Ibaka for D

  285. Who shot last in?

  286. Was 117 to 118
    Now it’s 120

  287. Love this ending, now they are going to say how great a find Lin was keeping them afloat in the 4th.Q

  288. Leonard

  289. LIN ONLY FAN here. I say the Raptors don’t win this game without Lin’s contribution. Brought them back in the 4th Qtr. Definitely contributed more than Gasol.

    Also, thank goodness for the 3 point shooting from Siacam, OG, and DANNY!

    Nick Nurse needs to figure out what to do with Leonard. He can’t be having these 8 of 23 nights. Either tired from All-Stars, or rusty from the break.

    Need to get more plays for Siacam and OG! And LIN, of course.

  290. FACTS!

  291. Lin and win !

  292. WooooHooooo!

  293. Man, it is night and day watching Lin games now. So much more fun.

  294. It is fun to see Lin’s team winning – no more getting frustrated and walking away mid-game from the TV/monitor!

  295. Lin proved the haters wrong tonight. Lots of haters and doubters on Reddit making fun of Lin in the first 3 quarters, wanting FVV back, but look how Mr. 4th Quarter got the Raps back into the game and helped them win it. Lin did it on the biggest stage and didn’t choke.

  296. Agree! I didn’t like Kawhi playing like he’s Harden or Kobe. He should know better. He used to play for the Spurs, for goodness sakes!

  297. Coach Nurse also has to figure out how not to be ejected from the game! Lol.

  298. Who wanted fvv back. Who said that

  299. You said it!

    Hurray for our Mr. 4Q!

  300. JLin’s 4th quarter contribution in clutch midrange jumpers (9 points) & his tremendous defense on DeRozan to give up several balls truly helped the Raptors to win 120-17 over the Spurs 💪🔥🏀

    Plus his ability to draw fouls to get Spurs in foul trouble.

  301. I just know if I am a tiger dad and criticize him..He will do well I should do that often

  302. Waiting for the highlights…..

  303. Lots of Raptors fans and/or fake fans and trolls on Raptors subreddit. I didn’t check other fansites but I’m sure a lot of them were negative about Lin too at the time.

  304. Did you check what they saying

  305. Money down the drain….
    I think ESPN said it was mistaken identity. It was the assistant coach, Phil Handy, who should have been ejected. Missed the beginning of that part.

  306. Nothing. LOL

  307. Uhhhh, nooooo……

  308. Mr. 4th Quarter Lin!

  309. Lin’s clutch genes and smarts is why I never worried about FVV even if he was healthy! Raptors want to win! They will put Lin in! No Lin, no win! Haha.

    Lin will get better with more chemistry. Gasol, Lin OG can become so good together that they will take over games even more.

  310. I missed the incident too.

  311. I’m not on Reddit. I thought they liked Lin? Didn’t they want to get Lin to sign with their teams?

  312. Close game. Wouldn’t have even been this close if Lin, Kawhi, Gasol, Ibaka, and Powell all shot their averages this game. However, Lin was clutch and led the comeback in the 4th. Played great D all night, even when his shots weren’t falling in the first 3 quarters. Kawhi and Ibaka also redeemed themselves in the 4th Q.

    Green, Siakam, and Lowry made buckets all night and kept the Raps in the game. OG had some nice buckets too. All-around good game from them.

  313. But maybe playing for the Spurs is why. So much team-ball suppressed his inner-ISO-beast.

  314. SpeedOfLin… 🙁

  315. It’s just the trolls, haters, and doubters. You know how it is. No patience, no vision, no knowledge of what Lin brings. The legit Raptors fans were calling them out.

  316. Very true, without Lin’s clutch midrange Js and his tremendous D on DeRozan, Raptors won’t win this game.

    And he only had 1-2 practices with his new teammates 🙂 The green light to score is very encouraging to see!

  317. I’m just surprised that 60 games into the season, they haven’t figured out how to fit him in.
    Cause everyone else seems to move, and pass the ball, and find the open guy. Except for Serge Ibaka. He’s not a 3 point shooter. Only 26% this year!

  318. Maybe like Click said, with Lin passing him the ball, he’ll make more of them. LOL.

  319. People might not have even noticed, but his cut under the basket when he saw that Kawhi was getting doubled, drew Belinelli off of Kawhi and let Kawhi get that 1 on 1 basket late in the game. Lin makes so many plays that most fans don’t even realize.

  320. It seems that Lin got more comfortable in that 4th Q. Just went out and played his game.
    “Cautiously optimistic” LOL. I think Lin is going to be great in Toronto!!!

  321. Well, that’s not good…. 🙁 There’s still 22 more games to go. Maybe they still have time to figure it out…..

  322. Okay, cool. That’s also why I just hang out here at Portal. 🙂

  323. Kawhi just wants it too much, IMO. He probably wants to show up his old coach way too much. It’s a classic mistake that many athletes get caught up in when opponents try to rile you up with trash talking or gamesmanship.

    My take on Lin’s scoring is that he’s still unsure about how to balance his role as facilitator and scorer. IMO, Lin needs to get the second unit going or Raptors won’t go much further than the eastern finals. So this is classic tactics to concentrate on organization of second unit then come crunch time, Lin changes his mindset to score and win. Lin is basically developing while playing to win now AND the future.

    The last thing any great QB must do is to figures out what the defence will give you so that when it matters, you can attack without mercy. I always believed that scoring for scoring sake is for the weak minded. They fear close games becuase they don’t trust their own ability to bring it. This is why Lin is so special. For Lin, percentages and stats mean nothing, what matters is if you can make the last shot or the last stop.

  324. Why are you still here – and not working on the highlights?


    Yes, agree! LIN IS SO HIGH BB IQ. He could see plays developing. That’s why he used to get lots of steals. And blocks, because of good timing and anticipation. Those stats may get back higher now…..

  325. Lin’s sick behind the back dribble and behind the back pass to Ibaka:

  326. I decided not to record tonight’s game. Was too hyped lol.

  327. Jeremy Lin Highlights – Spurs at Raptors 2/22/19

  328. HALLELUJAH! I’ll just put it on auto replay loop…….

  329. Don’t blame you. Was just kidding, BETTER TO ENJOY THE GAME!

  330. Look who’s back. It’s there now!

  331. Lin has always been smart…way smarter than most coaches. He did that with Harden when defences started to clampdown on his passing lanes and no one could pass Harden the ball. That’s when Lin dribbled the ball over and created the two guard pick and role.

  332. I taped the game.

  333. A little too close for comfort. But, good to get experience under high pressure to get ready for playoffs.
    As long as they win, of course!

  334. Yeah, what I loved seeing was how the Raps’ coaching staff already trusts Lin from the get-go with important minutes and is allowing him to play with the starters. Not many teams would allow a newcomer to do that, unless they are stars / all-stars. They’re also allowing Lin to get into rhythm and allowing him to keep shooting, even when he’s ice cold like tonight.

    I hope that Lin builds upon this game and the rest of the season to a point where the Raps feel that they NEED him to play with the starters, especially in tight games, even if he’s not actually starting the game.

  335. I remember OG from playoffs last year, vs LeBron. He was not intimidated, made a couple of BIG TIME shots!
    And he was running to the rim to receive that great bounce pass from last game from Lin. think he’s a good running mate with Lin.
    Gasol is good on defense. Just needs to make his shots at the rim again.

  336. YES! And not only the coaches. But his new TEAMMATES also trust him. They are passing to him to initiate plays. And he gets the ball back.
    To be able to take 11 shots in 19 minutes is really good! (even if one of them was late shot-clock)

  337. Are you re-watching? Or watching for first time later? If so, don’t read our comments…LOL..

  338. NO DOUBT he was smarter than McHale…..
    Remember how Kenny kept the scrap of paper where Lin wrote down some plays for him?

  339. Not home so will watch tomorrow.

  340. Yup, I think everyone but FVV are excited to have Lin on the team. FVV feels that he’s losing his job and position to Lin because of his injury. Every time they showed FVV, he looked sad and depressed… or angry lol. Lin will get FVV to see the positives to having him on the team eventually, like he usually does.

    Next game, Sunday afternoon at 3:30 EST. TERRIBLE TIMING FOR ME. May have to watch that one afterwards.

  342. San Antonio Spurs vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | February 22, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

  343. Lol, not hard to be smarter than “adjustments are overrated” Mchale. Do you remember how Lin would take the sketch pad from Mchale and draw it plays?

  344. It’s unfortunate that the only way to get an opportunity is for someone else to be injured. Feel badly for FVV. But that’s just how it is.
    Lin is himself a great teammate. Hope somehow it works out for everybody.

  345. PODCAST: Host William Lou is joined by Asad Alvi to recap DeMar DeRozan’s much-anticipated return.

    Three stars: Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Jeremy Lin
    Gerald Henderson: Marco Belinelli

  346. YUP. And I remember the only guy I liked at Houston. Keith Jones, the SVP of BBall Operations, and the head athletic trainer. Used to just hand the clipboard directly to Lin.

  347. @nba likes how JLin stops-and-pops to take the lead in the Q4

    Jeremy Lin stops and pops for the lead!
    #WeTheNorth 106
    #GoSpursGo 100
    Midway through the 4th on @ESPNNBA

  348. And he made the same play for Ibaka last game!

  349. New Team…..and this is a first time LIN is on a great team. The atmosphere is different, the way they approach and being approached would also be different compared to previous Lin’s team.

    Lin is playing for a top team in east. say you are good at any game, and if you were to play against a weak guy and then play against a stronger guy, would you approach both games be the same?

    Definitely no, the teams that Lin was in previously, the opponent gave different attention, but Lin is with Raptors now, opponents play differently against a top rated team like Raptors.

    Lin need to learn to adjust, with couple of practices the new comers and the team should be able to play better cohesively.


  351. yes, there are so many nuances in JLin’s game that’s not easy to notice.

    So glad to see the Raptors coaches trusted him to play almost all of the 4th quarter, 9 min stretch and 10 minute stretch were much better than 23 mins in Atlanta comprising of 3-4 minutes stretch

  352. Looks the the page hit here is overloaded….those who are trying to come in this site, gonna have problem…those who already opened the thread, do not close them, else you wont be able to enter…lol

  353. San Antonio Spurs vs Toronto Raptors – Full Game Highlights | February 22, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

  354. Uh oh, thanks for the heads up. Will stay logged in for now….

  355. What’s amazing to observe for me is how TOR coaches trusted him to run the team even with only 1-2 full practices and give him the green light to score because they know they needed bench scoring to win.

    Lin and Anunoby combined for 20 out of 24 bench points. Gasol had 4, Powell had 2, and McCaw failed to score

    TOR also designed Lin to play with Lowry because they want multiple combination of scoring threat (Lowry/Kahwi/Lin/Siakam/Ibaka/Gasol). Lowry, Lin, and Gasol are pretty much the only playmakers who can create for others and themselves in this team.

    It’s great to see Lin to be part of not only playoff caliber teams but also NBA Finals contender 🙂

  356. When Lin gets his midrange jumper and 3-pointers falling, he’s basically unstoppable and unguardable like we saw in November on the Hawks. Starting to get that smooth jumper going at the end of this game. Just need to get it going in more consistently.

  357. It’s amazing how much TOR Raptors coaches trusted Lin in his only 2nd game with the team.

    Danny Green was very hot hitting 5-7 threes and finished with 17 points in 29 min. Lin came in for Green with 1:02 left in the 3rd quarter. But Lin was playing so well to score, defend, make plays, and get Spurs in foul trouble that Green only checked back in with only 2:03 left in the 4th quarter. That concluded 10-minute straight playing time for Lin who was unstoppable draining midrange jumpers like toddlers throwing balls in a giant ball but still found time to feed Anunoby and Ibaka.

    It’s only 1 game but it shows that TOR coaches will trust whoever’s hot to get a lot of minutes in the 4th quarter. Knowing how important this Spurs game is for the Raptors, it makes the Raptors coaches’ trust in JLin extra special.

  358. Its ok now… for those who wants to refresh the page go ahead…..previously many of the post didnt pop up… there would be couple of double posts as well

  359. true…and i think the coach decision to rest Lin on Q3 to calm him and get him going on Q4 was applaudable…and Lin proved what he can do…hence got the minutes.

  360. I think Lin should shoot that midrange more. He has the handles to get it off uncontested.

  361. Thing is, Lin was not hot tonight the first 3 quarters and Green was, especially in the 1st Q.

    I think the coaches see Lin’s playmaking and defense being more important in this game than his scoring. Of course they want him to score too, but they needed someone to lead the bench and keep them in the game while the starters rested. When the starters were coming back in, Lin started to play well and they kept him out there with the starters.

    I believe the Raptors’ coaches know that Lin is a rhythm player. Their scouts must’ve told them this. That’s why they’re playing him lengthy consecutive minutes, even when he’s not shooting well. They also like Lin playing with Lowry. Maybe Lowry has given them input and wants Lin to play in the backcourt with him. We know that Lowry called Lin and asked him if he’s getting a buyout. He knows what Lin can do and wants / needs someone like Lin to share playmaking duties with him.

  362. Jeremy said: “Crazy atmosphere tonight! Not the prettiest but found a way to grind out the win!!”

  363. It took me several attempts over ~30 minutes to get back in
    after I accidentally closed the thread. 🙁

  364. yes, it’s wonderful to see Lin running the 2nd unit but he’s still in when he’s hot.

    Lowry and Lin apparently knew each other from years ago from Lin’s interview; so Lowry definitely wanted Lin to come to help him. That’s respect. He knows how dangerous the Raptors can be with him, Lin, and Gasol as the playmakers.

    Man, it’s great to see Lin playing in a true team. No more tank, or development teams to worry this season =)

  365. Jeremy Lin Highlight – 4th Quarter Takeover – 11pts 3reb 2ast 1stl – Raptors vs Spurs – Feb 22

  366. This was his best behind the back dribble all year. He’s definitely tightened his handles back to where we knew he was capable of. With every game, little by little, Linsanity is back in full swing. He’s been more creative and also he’ll get his 3pts down.

  367. Lowry sure knows about Lin. All those games Lin killed the Raptors and Lowry showed him all he needed to know about Lin lol.

  368. unlike LP, nurse is ending the 1st and 3rd quarters with lin and KEEPING him in to start the 2nd and 4th quarters, and as you mentioned, he was playing well and they kept him in longer than he was really supposed to be. i expected this. lin will find a way to “force” the coach to give him more minutes.

  369. lin on tank hawks = crickets

    lin on ring chasing raps = server overload

  370. true…but its kinda every player nature…even Lin…. 🙂

  371. slacking again! hahaha…pun intended

  372. eventhough Lin only played 19 minutes, it surely felt like he played much more than that and it’s mainly because Lin’s stint off the bench were much longer as oppose to ATL with LP cutting his stint short.

    LP would bring him late in the first quarter, let him finish it and sub him out starting the second quarter…Now, Lin gets to start the second quarter and play through the 6th minutes mark before letting the starters back in…That’s the way it should be done.

  373. true…the game situation had changed now…so we may see more of it

  374. Raptors defeat Spurs 120-117 Post game Show

  375. Jack Armstrong is such a character. He also loves Lin and promotes him any chance he gets, similar to the Hawks’ casters. At around 7:12 of this video, he credits Lin as an unsung hero because Lin gave the Raps 9 points in the 4th Q. Jack and Matt have a special place in their heart for Jeremy ever since they called that unforgettable Linsanity game 7 years ago.

  376. when lin plays with the bench… he needs help… powell has looked AWFUL… i’d imagine once playoffs come he wont play much. mccaw is only there because he’s young. i dont expect him to play much in the playoffs either.

    i like OG. but he needs to be the 3 and not the 4. funny how his 3pt shot is working once lin came? coincidence or lin’s presence keeping his defenders occupied? i’d imagine a shortened rotation would have siakam or kawhi at the 4. and OG can return to the 3. OG can also play spot minutes at the 4 if they want green as the 3 for spacing.

    as we all know, lin makes his bigs look great. he’s made plays for both ibaka and gasol so it doesn’t matter who he plays with. i personally prefer gasol when it’s with the other bench players and i prefer ibaka when it’s with the starters.

    lastly, when FVV comes back, this is when things get good. having a second ball handler who can shoot will be a godsend.

    9 man playoff rotation:

  377. sergelin…(surging lin)
    was better than
    gasolin (gasoline)

  378. so corny

  379. lol. gasolin will be needed on those bench lineups though. WAY too much standing around. i actually LIKE motion offense… AS LONG AS THE BALL FINDS ITS WAY BACK TO LIN. i DONT like it when lin is forced to do everything and people just stand around. gasol + lin on those bench lineups will fix this… and FVV eventually coming back should help too.

  380. I disagree. I’ve been been around athletes long enough to know that this is a very very rare trait. Lin’s ability to know intuitively what’s needed in the future while playing in the now is a mental agility even most coaches don’t have. Most athletes tend to tunnel vision their way with what works for them. This is why it’s so hard to coach guys like Melo who thinks he knows better than anyone else. This is why coaches must help them by matching their tunnels to thteanthe teammates. AND THIS IS WHY MDA wanted Lin to run the Knicks offence.

    The only comparison I have is that I experienced something so rare and only for a short period of time. There was a few games in a tennis match that I was playing while feeling an Astro projection of myself over head seeing the whole of the court. Lin’s ability to mesh games of multiple players together seamlessly is one of a kind IMO.

  381. Lindescribable memory for Lowry 🙂
    I bet Lowry is so happy Lin helping him to beat DeRozan and the Spurs tonight lol

  382. not disagreeing here either…i said Lin also has the same nature…as you can observe his game against former teams…its always aggressive and at times too aggressive, but Lin settles down fast and meshes well as you mentioned

  383. the announcers likes those pg who keeps their dribbles alive..
    some coaches like pg who keeps their dribbles alive.
    BUT STUPD MCDONALDHALE HATES pg who keeps their dribble a live because they afraid fo getting stolen.. BUT harden dribbles a lot too during iso.. so you go figure w T F mchale is thinkg and if you say mchale was not discriminating lin, you are dum.

  384. RealGM Raptors has some good and funny comments on Linsanity in the 4th quarter 🙂 Some knowledgeable Raptors fans recognized Lin’s underrated defense in locking up DeRozan.
    Note: There were some harsh comments too for Kahwi, Lin, Ibaka, etc. when they weren’t scoring so take it with a grain of salt

    Linsanity needs to take this game over.

    Lin getting it going
    Lin is a pro
    Retire lin Jersey
    Lin nice and Lowry going back in
    Linsanity heating up
    Lin heating up.
    Linsanity time
    Ibaka plays fine with the bench…
    Lin Lin came thru in the 4th

    Lin just locked down DeMar
    Yep. Underrated defense!
    Great D by Lin on DD.
    DD has never been a quick guy, but his first step looks gone.

    Lin has had a few nice Defensive plays. OG finding his shot is super important for us.
    Have to keep playing smart D

    what a pass by Lin!!
    Beautiful pass by Lin!!
    We better bring back Lin next year. He’s incredible
    I must say Lin has surpassed Lowry
    Lin’s been dropping dimes all night
    I’m saaaaying. Lin/Ibaka is a good pair.
    Lin set the table!
    A touch of Linsanity.
    holy crap linlin
    Lin has fixed our bench

    Lin woke up this quarter.
    Ibaka and Lin doing well together.
    Lin has been solid today. Dunno why he’s getting so much hate here
    Wow lin wow what a pass
    Lin feeding Ibaka all night
    Lin and Ibaka have great chemistry. Maybe bring Ibaka off the bench, eh
    LINSANITY nice pass to Ibaka
    Come on, Ibaka, make THAT BUNNY!
    kawhi been our worst player easily
    siakam dead?

    I like to see more Lin Ibaka. Instant chemistry right there
    Who needs VanVleet!?
    Lin and ibaka duo off the bench i hope nurse is taking notes
    LINSANITY playing really well as a point guard

  385. Jeremy played a lot of the 4Q because of the game flow and sub. Last game he checked in at the 4 min mark of 1Q and 3Q. This game, with the way it was flowing, Lin went to the scorer’s table at the 3 min mark of 3Q, but play continued for 2 more minutes with no whistle, so Lin didn’t check in until 1 min left. Had Lin not gotten hot in 4Q, Danny Green would have checked in for Lin at the usual 6 min mark and Lin would have finished with 15 min PT and a poor stat line.

  386. Last time they played against the Spurs, Raptors lost to them big-time. Now they have Lin there to help provide the “spark” and take charge of the offense when Lowry needs rest.

  387. Finally a coach who recognizes the talent of Jlin and just lets him play.

  388. LOL LinBAKA

  389. Gasol is a big that is more a motion offence guy that has players run around him off picks to become free. He’s such a smart and timely passer that you’d want him to use that talent. Lin may need to adjust how to work with him or at least the two have to agree who should run plays as lead ball handler. Lin off ball is a deadly spot up shooter, especially the corner 3. If and when they can get the chemistry to work off each other, oh bay are they going to be good. There can’t be two QBs on the same play.

    Ibaka and Lin works well because the roles are define and both know who’s running and who’s passing. Not saying Lin can’t work with Gasol. In fact, with time, they’d be deadly as a tandem both on offence and defence. It’s just something that needs much more than two games.

  390. Night and day how Jlin gets his minutes in TOR. Never continuity how he got his minutes In ATL.
    Here he gets time to establish his rhythm. I agree that the time he got seemed longer. I remember a few weeks ago speculating on where a good spot for Jlin was, and suggested TOR. The reasons were a legitimate chance to play for a championship, play to win, and during a rehab year not to play heavy minutes. Made a big contribution in only 19 minutes.

  391. Couldn’t get into this site all night, happens every time there’s an important game. 🙁 I watched the entire game and it was obvious with the trade of Kawhi vs DeRozan and bad blood that both teams didn’t want to lose.
    It’s no surprise both Marc and Lin are not shooting well due to unfamiliarity with the team but their passing and defense helps solidify the team.

    So glad Lin got hot 4th quarter. Thought Lin was done once Green checked in but he came back for the 2nd to last play for defense?

    There really aren’t enough plays for Lin and he’s still too used to the passing mode of Hawks. Also he’s still shying away from 3s. Should’ve taken more of them when refs weren’t giving them fouls for 3/4 of the game. Mid range has become his go to shot in crunch time.

  392. Gasol definitely has a much more difficult time meshing with the team compared to Lin. But that’s up to Nurse to figure it out. They need to get things down to figure out whether Gasol and Ibaka can start together or who should start and come off the bench.

    Will Nurse have different starting lineups depending on the team? That way no one feels bad and Lin gets to start some games?

    Green, Ibaka, and Lowry have been around longer and are all starting players. Tough to start Lin and Gasol over any of them.

    Then there’s Siakam the possible future franchise if Kawhi leaves and team is blown up who’s been on fire and crafty with his drives.

  393. Jack Armstrong, the analyst on Raptors’ TV broadcasts, seems a kind and very genuine person. He’s the father of three adopted children. Of his kids, he says simply:

    “I love my kids; they’re my kids. There are the highs and there are the lows, and everything in between, and every parent can relate to that, every parent goes through it. But it’s an amazing gift to have, and it’s an amazing gift to give.”

    To read more about his experiences, see :

  394. Hence why Lin has the terrible habit of picking up his dribble which led to Kobe telling him not to pick up his dribble.

    Lin does that when there’s no where to go due to lack of plays and it makes him look bad with teammate running towards him for a bail out pass.

    On this team it’s more because Lin’s unfamiliar with how the plays are run. Soon things will be much better.
    Lin running circles and probbing was something we haven’t seen in a while.

  395. Psalm is there anyway to fix this server overload issue? Not even playoffs or finals yet and fans can’t even get in. Maybe a live chatbox or group to help ease the load? 🙁

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