G60 CHA @PHI Game Thread

In a blowout game against Phoenix Suns, Jeremy Lin only played 17 min as there is a second game the next night. Jeremy tried to drive aggressively to draw Free Throws but it was very odd that the refs did not blow the whistle for 4-5 occasions.

  1. This 76ers game has a potentially great impact for JLin’s off-season to impress a team with Mike D’Antoni as the Associate Head Coach. If JLin plays well, it would certainly be easier to persuade the 76ers Front Office to pursue JLin in the off-season.
  2. Will Jeremy get more than 17-25 min?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting & scoring to help the Hornets win.

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Guess JLin's stats in Game X vs PHI


  1. First

  2. 2nd

  3. This is a good sign.
    @Phillycheese:disqus scored 1st in a game vs Philly!

    Let’s go, JLin!

  4. The race based biased refereeing against Lin is totally predictable.

    If the Charlotte Hornets are blowing out their opponent, then Lin gets hit with illegal hits and phantom fouls and false turnovers.

    Now if the game is close or if the Hornets are being blown out, then Lin is officiated fairly.

    Before every game, the NBA sends a representative from the league office to ORDER the refs who to cheat in order to influence the game. Every game, it’s “bash the Asian guy” if the Asian guy’s team is winning too much. That happened with Yao Ming too, not just Jeremy Lin.

  5. Psalm: Ballstreams has been dead for a while, time to remove that link.

  6. Unlike the poorly coached unprofessional shambles of a Suns team, the 76ers are a tough well coached team that is trying to compete despite having run out of gas.

    Walker and Batum should be able to have good games against the weakened Sixers, which means we need not expect much out Jeremy Lin.

    Clifford only plays Lin if the game’s outcome is in doubt. That’s because the better the opponent, the less the starters can produce and the more the starters have to rely on Lin to protect and carry them.

    This is why the better the opponent, the better Lin plays.

  7. got it.. removed now
    Replaced with batmanstream

  8. I have to say the Hornets marketing department has some creative ideas under Pete Guelli.
    The FO basketball department can learn a lot from it

  9. Off topic: Jimmer Fredette was not retained by the Knicks.

    Coach Kurt Rambis HATED Fredette and went out of his way to publicly insult Fredette, which did nothing but rain criticism on Rambis and raise support for the talented productive Jimmer.

    Meyers Leonard angrily fouled Fredette last night when Fredette was atrempting a 3 in a Knicks blowout loss, but then Leonard sheepishly apologized after realizing that Fredette was in the final moments of his 10 day contract and was just trying to maximize his production before being released. And Jimmer graciously forgave Leonard.

    Whatever team Lin gets onto the NBA (IF Lin gets onto another team), I’d like Jimmer Fredette to join Lin on that team.

  10. Since you know more about JF, can you tell us why he’s ‘hated’ and chased out of NBA? Knicks are thinking of signing Ty Lawson after ditching JF. Thanks.

  11. Could be copyright violation unless they had Op’s permission.

  12. You need to stop guessing Clifford instead of learing the facts, If Cliff had his starters play well, Lin will see max 18 mpg. That’s the fact.

  13. 76ers played Wizards well a few days ago. They were leading by 7 with 1/2 of 4th quarter left and then ran out of gas. I think they might give Hornets a handful.

  14. Because NBA front offices have a negative racial view of white American guards as “unathletic”.

    Now if it’s a European guard, NBA front offices don’t have that negative bias. But it was only about 25 years ago that no European guard was considered athletically capable of competing against any American guard.

    The book on Jimmer is that he’s too slow and soft and defensively incapable despite his superb combine athletic testing and clear ability to regularly take over games at the NBA level. It’s similar to Lin, only Lin has a much larger body of work to embarrass haters with.

    If we are talking only production and not reputation, Jimmer Fredette would have been a much bigger producer than Ty Lawson if Fredette were given the chance.

  15. No doubt. Jimmer and Linsanity backcourt would get my full support. Both are good players and people.

  16. NYK wants to sign Ty?

  17. Not necessarily.

    Phil Jackson likes big guards, as he generally thinks that small guards cannot run the triangle (they CAN).

  18. GREAT players.

    With a Jimmer Lin backcourt, nobody could double either of them.

  19. Fredette: 7 points in 5 minutes!

    Very LINLIKE indeed!

  20. I like Jimmer and wants him to succeed like JLin did. But after learning that Spurs waived him before regular season started even when they had a need for perimeter shooters, I wonder if Jimmer still has difficulty (defense + being role player like corner 3) that prevents him from finding his niche as an NBA player.

    This CBS article discussed the reasons why Spurs might’ve waived Jimmer:

    So far I think he’s a prolific scorer but unfortunately he’s slow defensively so he can’t transition himself as a corner 3 shooter to hit 40%.

    The San Antonio Spurs waived Jimmer Fredette, the team announced Wednesday.

    For some reason, this comes as a surprise, or news. It should not be.

    It’s true, the Spurs are in need of perimeter shooting. Their roster has been reconfigured with more frontcourt players and their guards aren’t particularly knockdown shooters from the outside. It’s true that Fredette remains one of the best pure shooting prospects of the last 10 years. However, the reality is that Fredette simply isn’t an NBA rotation player.

    The Spurs were Fredette’s fourth stop since being drafted by the Kings (10th overall!) in 2012. The Kings traded down for the pick to take him, adding John Salmons, which didn’t exactly work out great, although they did use Salmons to acquire Rudy Gay who has been phenomenal for them. Fredette has been unable to crack rotations in any of the stops he’s had, because he’s small, slow defensively, and unable to create his own shot.

  21. Where is the Oprah Winfrey show filmed? Why are they so excited about a Charlotte Hornets hat? I though she was in Chicago.

  22. For a second, I thought it would be the Lin bobble head, lol!

  23. They doctored the footage. Not real, lol.

  24. Seems like a lot of games they play they do well the first 3 quarters and then blow it in the 4th. If Charlotte wants to win they better have JLin in during the 4th quarter.

  25. Aggressive. Attack!

  26. Kyle Larson hangs out with Jeremy Lin at Charlotte Hornets game

    With the majority of the NASCAR teams based in Charlotte, it’s no surprise that the NBA Charlotte Hornets have a strong following among the drivers.

    Denny Hamlin is a regular at Hornets games and is a golfing buddy of Michael Jordan.

    Tuesday night, it was Chip Ganassi Racing Teams driver Kyle Larson and his girlfriend Katelyn Sweet who stopped by Time Warner Cable Arena to see Jeremy Lin and the rest of the Hornets put an old-school whupping on the Phoenix Suns, winning 126-92.


  27. You know, I don’t even bother reading what he writes any more. If he posts too much, one day I will quit this site too.

  28. I think these days, mashups esp in humor are ok. Look at all the music mashups on yt. Yes, you are right though if it is being used by Hornets for commercial gain, it could be risky on copyright.

  29. D don’t quit, just post what you want and talk to the people you like.

  30. Oh I see. LOL

  31. He is the one has the time posting all day long. I can manage what it is now, but if it goes back to the old days when he lives in this site, then that will be the time I quit.

  32. We need a nice dose of Linsanity. It’s been awhile since a series of games where JLin’s efforts, faith, skills, etc. can give fans a stream of hopeful days (like that month in 2012, or coming out of ASB in 2nd yr of HOU, etc). I mean, with election news, economy, and so on, we are ready for another Q4 run!!!

    Go today!

  33. Actually, you come off as holier than thou and get angry when people don’t agree with you and don’t appreciate the negativity you bring here. Your reply is an attack and needs to stop.

  34. Rip Hamilton shared a story on how DRose (and every PG in NBA locker room) wanted to go up to end Linsanity in 2012.
    [starts at 1:43] It shows there was a lot players felt JLin was given too much credit.

  35. Good point, he went as far as complaining to mod when he everyday starts making negative comments about Lin here at Lin fan site.

  36. Yes I know – it happened to me.

  37. Oh oh personal attack.

  38. Let’s go Jlin! ! ! Spank the Philadelphia 00’ers!!

  39. Her attitudes seem perfectly fine to me especially telling the true about you.

  40. Great finding. This is why Lin has has has to play for MDA in order to have a chance max his talent.

  41. I just posted this long comment on the old thread half hour ago but no one was home. I’m reposting it here.

    We have arrived at a point so low now in our psyche that some of us are actually questioning if Lin’s at fault for bringing marginalization down upon himself by every coach he’s had. It’s very annoying to have to listen to certain posters constantly making excuses for Clifford. That meme is started to wear down our resolve. We must never lose our resolve.

    When victims are being accused of complicity, we are going down the same road that brings to mind how I despise the legal system that attacks child abuse or rape victims in court. We want to blame the victim instead of the perp. Why?

    “Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.” We are captives on all these bad teams like Lin and we must never waver from our faith in Lin by accepting our captors viewpoints.
    Are we attacking Lin because we are finding it easier to look for reason that others want us to believe?

    Clifford, BS, Mchale, Woodson are all bad coaches. It’s not Lin, it’s these bad coaches. We will know soon enough next year how bad Clifford is when Lin is gone. A coach that doesn’t work with an athlete will preset their own limits on that athlete and push them into limited roles of their own set imagination. A good coach that “learns” from his players responds to their own special potentials and recognizes what talents they bring that could help the coach to be a better coach for others. Each athlete do things differently and how they do it to make themselves successful teaches you to be more able to apply that knowledge to the next set of players to come. It’s a constant learning process because each successive generation will bring new skills with them.

    Clifford and the FO are afraid of Lin’s unique skills that renders them useless. Look at the way Lin used the team without Walker. A coach like Clifford doesn’t have a clue how Lin does that. Clifford is simply not smart enough becuase he doesn’t believe in learning from his players what makes them special. It’s this symbiotic relationship with players that allows a good coach to keep getting better and keep adding new understanding of how different types of players can mesh together. Clifford and Cho is using addition to create a scoring system. They don’t know how Lin won against the Cavs without their scoring leader. They proved it again when they lost to the Cavs without Lin. Lin uses chemistry to combine players together. Clifford uses the star system to build a pyramid team. There’s support foundations players then secondary level players and finally top players using the rest of the team to elevate the stars to the top.

    Coach Lin intuitively does that type of coaching. He learns a players abilities and their best attributes, then he works with them to build patterns of plays to maximize their potentials. The complexity of meshing 5 guys together requires an attive and pliable mind that is willing to adapt. Bad coaches forces players into wrong positions that don’t suit their games becuase they don’t have the 3 dimensional thinking to think through the multiple permutations of movements that maximizes all player’s potentials. That takes a lot of mental homework.

    All the coaches except for MDA were too dumb to challenge Lin’s brilliant mind. MDA was much more self assured as a coach and even he saw something beyond his imagination when he saw Lin’s mind at work. MDA said “sometimes you just have to let them play” becuase he knew Lin was teaching and coaching the team to play the “MDA game plan” in less than 2 weeks better than he could do in a year of walking people through the schemes.

    The best defence of Lin as a glue guy player is that while he is on the team and on the floor playing an active role, that team has won. Lin has won whenever the designated star of the team is injured. Linsanity was the perfect example. Whenever, Hardin, Melo, Kobe or Walker is injured, Lin has won games that coaches can’t ever do themselves. Every coach except for MDA were threatened by it because they can’t figure out how to win without their own star players. Every team that Lin has left has fallen apart because they’ve lost that cohesiveness in Lin’s absence.

  42. It sounds like this post came off the wrong way because it ended with “there’s no real need for a lot of Lin”.

    I thought you correctly analyzed how Clifford was thinking of using Lin but what should be clarified is that you disagree with the usage because Lin deserves to get more PT based on his strong plays in both offensive and defensive end.
    Do you agree with Clifford’s usage on Lin? Or you disapprove? I think that should be clarified.

    My suggestion is to clarify the post that there is unfairness on Clifford’s policy.
    Otherwise you came across that Clifford is rightfully justified and fair and only JLin has to change a lot of things.

    I was hoping that you can learn to get along with other Lin fans but I’m concerned it hasn’t improved yet.
    As mods, we have to be concerned with the excessive negativity so we have to deliberate further on how to handle the situation.

  43. Maybe it’s a NorCal thang too.

  44. There are only a few fans here that continue to badger me. There is no excuse for reagan and DaBoss’s relentless badgering because they seem to have something personal against me as does some others. And seriously, that doesn’t happen on other forums and I am following your positive post suggestions. I’m getting attacked and I’m responding to the relentless postings. And I do feel a clique of posters that don’t like Cliff and don’t like that I don’t post that I don’t like him are at the root of why they disapprove of me. I should not and can not deal nicely with people when they are so relentless in every post I make having to make personal comments of you this and you that as if I have to agree with their perspective or I’m wrong. It’s all opinion here.

    I’ll take the advise of the no real need for a lot of Lin statement for sure. But I’m not getting into the Cliff thing so much because I’m seeing Cliff from a different perspective than most here.

    I think the coach, however he feels, is operating as Lin is so good and his contributions are needed for wins, that at this juncture of the season he will be used for the most competitive teams and not the least competitive ones. It’s like the opposite of a garbage time player, he’s a crucial time player.

  45. I think some of these posters need to get along with the more diverse opinions that are possible in the Lin fan community as well, psalm. I say this respectfully of course, but there is no one way to view Lin or people managing Lin.

  46. Thank you for admitting who you really are and how you feel about the lied coach. For that you’re deserved for every reply you got.

  47. I can get along with anyone except the pro-Clifford who is no different to BS.

  48. In addition to D’Antoni Tommy Amaker – another great coach who took a raw Jlin to another level at Harvard.

  49. I’m sorry but just because the Spurs waived him it doesn’t make him a bad player. They aren’t an all knowing entity. They have made bad decisions before (like not signing Lin in the off season). I believe there is a heavy bias against Jimmer because he’s Mormon, white american, and doesn’t look “tough”.

    I’ve been following Jimmer for a while now, and his teammates and GMs HATE him and make up things to why he can’t play. Example: After Jimmer with the Kings scored his career high against the Knicks willing them to victory, he was then promptly benched/played garbage minutes for the rest of the season.

    He was doing great with the Kings but was still booted off the team due to bias and perception. Racism and bigotry is still VERY strong in the NBA even against black players (Jordan Clarkson’s comments regarding light skin / dark skin black people) and (Luol Deng looking like a poor African from a scout). A lot of these NBA scouts and GMs use these mechanisms to evaluate players and not as smart as many people think.

  50. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus , you brought up an excellent point that we shouldn’t reach the point thinking that Lin is at fault for the marginalization by many coaches that he had.

    I can understand the points that call JLin to score more Kemba-style like Greg from Sportige to earn more PT and sws to not emphasize team-based approach at the expense of his playing time.

    I truly believe as Lin fans, we can believe both:
    1. NBA is a scorer’s league and there’s unfairness to appease the Super-Scorers
    It’s not fair what Clifford did to minimize JLin’s role to appease Kemba or the FO after his huge game to lead the Hornets to win against the Cavs after 6 years of futility. I believe it was a threat since it started a discussion that “Lin could be a better PG than Kemba”
    2. NBA is a scorer’s league so JLin needs to continue to adjust his pass-first, score second mentality to get multiple starting PG offers
    There’s nothing wrong with adjustment just like JLin continued to improve on 3pt-shooting, defense, shooting mechanic, etc. In fact, in the past few games, he has tried to score more just like he did in Dec in order to earn more PT. JLin knew it has to be done to have multiple chances to close in the 4th quarters.

    I believe if we can recognize both the unfairness of the NBA/diva dog-eats-dog mentality and the continuous improvement that JLin is working to realize his dreams as a starting PG, an All-Star, we are on the right track.

    The problems only come if we focus on one thing and ignore the other.

  51. If Lin tried to become more of a scorer, he’d be ousted out of the NBA like Jimmer Fredette is.

  52. The saddest thing about this team compared to other teams is that this is the only season where Jeremy Lin doesn’t get to kill it after ASG. He isn’t placed in position to do it.

  53. I was cheering this comment like I just saw Lin made a 3 to win the game. Bravo for going fact by fact.

  54. FUN!!!

    This is the NBA where if you are as strong as Lin is, everybody wants to defeat you.

    Too bad MVP Derrick Rose had his career and health essentially ended that day when he needed 30 shots to score 30 points and Lin swatted Rose and his knee into oblivion.

    Other than Miami that needed Carmelo’s help to stop Lin, it wasn’t as if any other All Star PG was able to stop Lin either.

    By the way, the only reason Lin has not sustained his Linsanity is because he’s not getting minutes due to hater coaches and teammates.

  55. ESPN has Hornets at 89.0% chance to make the playoffs. Go Jeremy, hope he has a great playoff series and stays healthy.


  56. It didn’t matter then, and it didn’t matter now.

    Lin’s playing just fine, despite the haters that still claim he’s not good enough to play in the NBA.

  57. Lin can easily have 20 pt plus game when he plays a pass first pg.

  58. of course it shouldn’t be too one-dimensional to be a scorer.
    Lin had some success raising his FGA to 10-12 in Dec so he can get more PT.

    He’ll have to the same thing to prove again that he’s a better weapon than Lee.

    I’d love for Lin to work with Nash in the off-season on how to balance the scoring/passing need depending on each game. I remember how Nash can always score smartly in bunches to open up ways to pass to his teammates.

  59. There’s time left. I’m hoping he kills it late season and rides a strong momentum going into the playoffs.

  60. BTW, good thing you re-posted it or many could have missed.

  61. Rip sounds like a doubter in his comments 🙁

  62. My best platonic friend in the arts is a tall blond beautiful woman who is my student and colleague.

    I was up until about 1 AM talking with her about how people project their stereotypes onto others.

    In my case, I as an Asian American male have spent most of my life being told that I’m something other than what I am and harassed for being something that I’m not. She spent her life being “dumb blonded” despite being talented and worldly. So it’s hardly surprising that a single Asian male would have as his friend a married blond mother of four (There AIN’T no romance here – only appreciation for the arts and our social stations).

    What Lin goes through with the haters spinning utter lies about him and his ability, that’s not something Lin brought on himself.

    Lin is THE most reviled player in NBA history, yet he’s the only one who actually wears a halo.

  63. Then you must call out Clifford to unlock Lin’s shackles.

  64. This is the truth on how the players in the league perceive Lin. As RIP Hamilton said, they view him/Linasanity “as a joke”.
    This is very sad and reminds me how much adversity Lin has to face.

  65. Lol chance for Hornets to win NBA title, less than .1%.

  66. No matter what happens between now and the end of the season, I hope that Lin plays at a reasonable teamball pace and not try to do too much.

    I’m not particularly invested in his stats because I don’t think the NBA gives a hoot whether Lin produces or not.

    All I hope for is that Lin keep trying to involve his teammates and not press himself into mistakes. As long as Lin lets the game come to him and he keeps the team running the plays, that’s more than good enough for me.

  67. One thing I slightly disagree about Clifford is he actually knows Lin can power the team like he did to lead the Hornets to beat the Cavs.

    But he chose not to utilize it since he has more loyalty to Kemba, who defended his coaching last season when he was in a hot water. So even if Kemba might not be a better PG than Lin (better scorer but worse PG instinct), Clifford chose the safe route.

    It just means that the Hornets is not home for JLin because the star felt threatened by JLin’s ability.
    Rather than partnering to soar to greater heights, Kemba chose not to change to enjoy his mini-kingdom.

    After this season, Batum and Lin would most likely leave because Kemba wants to dominate the ball and shots.
    He chose the Harden hero-ball route but not the Spurs/GSW championship route.
    We know very well how it will end up

  68. Yes, you mean when Lin plays a score-first PG, right?

  69. No, I disagree.

    Lin cannot learn from Steve Nash how to UN-ASIAN himself.

    Lin’s proven himself far more than Courtney Lee, ESPECIALLY in scoring. But every time Lin scores big, Clifford shuts Lin down.

    Lin doesn’t get PT for his own scoring. Lin only plays to facilitate Walker and Batum. Clifford knows that Lin siphons defenses away from those two, and that’s the ONLY reason Lin plays. Now that Clifford has Lee, Clifford mistakenly thinks that Lee is siphoning off the defenses and Lin is not needed.

    It’s NOT LIN’S CALL whether he is utilized or not.

  70. I meant when he’s the pg of the team not playing next to Kemba.

  71. KHuang… I was expecting from platonic to romantic. … hehe

  72. “I think the coach, however he feels, is operating as Lin is so good and his contributions are needed for wins, that at this juncture of the season he will be used for the most competitive teams and not the least competitive ones. It’s like the opposite of a garbage time player, he’s a crucial time player.”

    You might be right!
    you make it sounds like Lin is the secret weapon of the team, coach’s go-to decision and guy.

  73. But that’s exactly what the NBA DOES NOT WANT.

    The NBA views Lin as FOREIGN DEVIL and this wants him OUT.

  74. yes, we’re waiting for Part II of the story but it’s just a teaser
    we’re slightly disappointed lol

  75. Not so secret. But many times during the season, Lin is the player counted on to make big plays and buckets or to change the momentum after the starters dug huge holes in the game. And of course, late in games. He’s a different version of Mr. Versatility than Batum for this coach in my opinion. Not so much even a point guard but he can do that if necessary. In all honesty, I don’t think Clifford values Lin’s point guard skills so much as his ability to break defenses down and make plays and that sometimes puts a charge in the team.

  76. Even Cleveland is only 7.0% to win the NBA title. It’s all GSW at 42.3% and SA at 42.3%.

  77. Hehe.

  78. Naw, it’s FUN that Richard Hamilton doubts Lin.

    After the BEATDOWNS that Lin has repeatedly inflicted on his Detroit Pistons, Rip can bluster all he wants despite the hard stats.

    In pro entertainment, anybody can talk trash and doubt. But not everybody can PRODUCE like Lin is producing.

  79. oh yes, as proven by his 17.4/4a starter stats in 11 games

    As the main PG, he’d rather have 16p/9a more than 20p/4a, I’m sure

  80. NBA doesn’t seem like they can shut down Curry like that. GSW have multiple high IQ players that can handle the ball and provide outlet for him. Why didn’t MDA make adjustments so when they pressured and trapped Lin he’d have an outlet to pass to?

  81. They do not have percentage of going to the NBA final. Would be interesting to see.

  82. I have the 🙁 because I used to like him as a player. I remember that winning team he was on and there weren’t really any superstars.

  83. Because Carmelo was openly scheming to undercut Lin and the players were forced to choose between the “franchise cornerstone” in Anthony vs the interim coach in D’Antoni and his little pet history breaker Lin who wasn’t even a million dollar player.

  84. Also interesting that even with all the losing the Lakers have only a 55.3% chance of getting a top 3 draft pick. That means 44.7% chance of losing the pick to PHI. That would be karma, Lakers trashing a whole year for nothing and PHI gets their pick along with 2 other 1st round draft picks and JLin goes to PHI with MDA to make use of it.

  85. That was WAY BACK when Rip Hamilton was a losing scrub on Michael Jordan’s terrible Washington team.

    Plus, there’s no way Hamilton’d Detroit team would have won the title had Lakers starting power forward Karl Malone not gone down with a season ending injury before the Finals.

    Rip Hamilton can hate on Lin all he wants. But Lin’s had a bigger and better NBA career.

  86. but TRUE

  87. Since guys at the top of the lottery usually fail miserably, it’s more of a curse to get a top pick than a blessing.

    See DeAngelo Russell.

  88. It sounds like you followed him quite closely.
    Was he slow in defense? I saw he had similar assessment in draftreview from his BYU years and discussion in 2011

    I wonder if he’s unfairly treated or had real issues to transition to NBA game.

    I really thought he would take JJ Redick’s route but it hasn’t happened yet

  89. Bravo Acbc! Honestly, I think I was one of those victims who developed Stockholm syndrome. 🙁
    After reading your exchanges about the “role/fault” of JLin on this discrimination, I couldn’t sleep thinking maybe it is his fault. Maybe he really rub coaches off the wrong way. Then, it all spiralled downward… and I started thinking how he won’t get another contract… all kinds of terrible thoughts…
    Fortunately, I was able to think it through and concluded that the problem is with all these coaches, NOT JLIN! All these coaches (Smart, McHale, BS and Clifford) are just NOT SMART ENOUGH to handle our boy, let alone coach him. Smart, McHale and BS can’t even talk X’s and O’s with Lin. And like you say, Clifford is just so bad in handling team chemistry that he has no idea how Lin elevates the team (even 2nd team) to such a high level. He has no clue how Lin brings out the best of everybody.
    In the coming FA, I really hope that Lin can reunite with MDA. He is the only colour blind coach with HIGH IQ/EQ who wants him.

  90. I believe the Lakers will get top 3 pick seemly because the NBA want the large market not to suffer their incomes. Called lottery but all done behind close door? Very fishy.

  91. No rings though 🙁 Rip has them.

  92. Lin does not play for what others want.

  93. Well with 3 picks, their own, Lakers, MIA or OKC’s, they might get lucky and get a good one.

  94. I think they will just check their schedule… lots of vs weak teams & home games. Just hope Lin can have more playing time in playoff.

  95. Thanks to @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus to help you overcome the Stockholm syndrome =)

    It’s really the “Diva Jealousy” syndrome (Melo, Harden, Kobe and to an extent Kemba) that drove these coaches to cater to the divas even though it will get them eventually fired.

  96. They see it as a “dog-eats-dog” world rather than something good

    Looks like JLin needs to find an effective “dog-beating-stick” wushu technique to be an alpha dog :]

  97. I can tell Batum likes Lin better because i saw Batum gave butt pat to Lin quite a few times but never seen Batum doing that to KW.

  98. hahaha Thank you Acbc! ?
    I like the “Diva Jealousy” syndrome! It’s well documented. You should published it with medical journal, so they can name it after you… like a Psalm Syndrome. LOL

    Edit: hmmmm it doesn’t sound too good to equate Psalm with “Diva Jealousy”… 🙂

  99. Bravo! I salute you for breaking it down. Hopefully you managed to shut some undetermined Lin fans out here and there. ??

  100. This is pretty riske line of thought for you Psalm. Lol

  101. Lol

  102. This is something I learned a long time ago in college.

    Oh Khuang, let’s not park here.
    Oh khaung, let’s not park
    Oh Khuang, let’s not
    Oh Khuang, let’s
    Oh Khuang,

    The power of words in association is amazing.

    Sorry Khuang, we were all on baited breaths…lol

  103. More lol.

  104. Acbc… I would change the last oh to ooooooohhh….hehe

  105. I agree. And I think Lin could figure this out pretty soon.

    Also I agree that Lin’s stats will not affect Lin’s next contract much, “perception is reality”, though you don’t like that, but that could also play into Lin’s favor. Lin had the perception as an offensive player, so one down year won’t change that. His improved defensive play will for sure help him for his next contract.

    I hope he could keep being healthy, that’s the most important thing.

  106. The first one was the sexiest

  107. I’m a fighter, not a lover.

  108. So?

    So does DARKO.

    I don’t remember Rip breaking any records like Lin does.

  109. Lin’s defense is the same elite shutdown disruptive force it has always been.

    As as a scorer or passer, Lin hasn’f truly needed the ball to put up big numbers.

  110. come on, Lin’s individual defense does improved quite a bit. At least that perception improved. (I do think he is way better than before defensively.)

  111. Baron Davis started his NBA career with the Charlotte / New Orleans Hornets, before moving on to the Warriors, Clippers, …, (Linsanity) Knicks. He’s now 36. See : http://www.libertyballers.com/2016/3/2/11145384/baron-davis-signs-d-league-deal-delaware-87ers-philadelphia-76ers-all-star

    By the way, Davis has career earnings of $148 million (basketball-reference[dot]com).


  112. to do what?

  113. Another PG. From the start, feel the chance of Lin joining 76ers is 0.0000000000000001%.

  114. Jeremy Lin does have an issue right now and that’s his shooting. In the Phoenix game there’re at least two potential 3s that he passed and a couple of midranges that he didn’t take. What made it worst was Uncle Al live off the paint. That clogged the inside and made it hard for Lin to drive. Unless he’s getting the foul calls with Al inside he’s going to be hammered every time he goes inside. I actually miss Hawes because he’s a 3-point shooter and he draws the bigs with him, that opens up the inside for Lin to drive. The bottom line is Lin has to shoot better especially in a system that emphasizes on spreading the floor. Having said that, what I admire the most about Lin is he never blames his problems on others, he hardly ever complains and most importantly he’s always grateful.

  115. lol … yeah I can guarantee I’ve never been called a diva in my life
    BTW, love the puppy profile pic .. I love dogs!

    I’m thinking there should be a dedicated doggie thread where people post fun Youtube videos to be a peaceful sanctuary for Lin fans when we get upset =)

  116. $$$. LOL!

  117. I guess over time, I’ve just started to not remember the past on these streaming forums. It’s the here and now that matters because people change names all the time, I dunno why. Happy day!

  118. DLeague? haha

  119. lol .. I’d say your poem fulfills the definition of ‘risque’ more

    mine is just wondering why KHuang started the line with a beautiful blond imagery without any punch line =)

    But he’s an entertainer so it might be Lintentional to leave the audience wanting more. Mohr! =)

  120. Great observation… a normal person would think wow JLIN just took the Hornets to their first victory over a LJames team in 23 games , this season’s #1 Eastern Div team, and did it without Kemba and a limited Batum (I believe Nick was coming off an injury) – Let’s “bottle” this success formula and use it to go far into the playoffs! But the coaches and FO are so incapable of learning from that one game and/or even ask the question “why did we convincingly defeat Lebron’s Caviliers?” Dumb/inflexible/and gutless coaches and FO people…. who seem more set on keeping status quo rather than reach team’s highest potential.

  121. Sadly, the Hornet season has turned to Clifford put a ceiling on Lin’s performance not to overshadow Kemba/Batum

    But scoring will keep the pressure on Clifford to utilize Lin. Many Hornets articles point to Lin’s 15pts in limited 21 min in the Hawks loss. We need more of these games so it’s clear that Lin should’ve had more PT but for some inexplicable reason, was marginalized

    Unfortunately Lin’s playmaking is easily lost since defense and hockey assists don’t show up on the boxscore.

  122. He’s often criticized for being small and weak. He’s a legit 6′ 2″ and tested to be strong and quick at the NBA combine. He’s no Jeremy Lin on defense but he’s a good enough defender to be a NBA PG. There are much worst NBA defenders at the guard position that get regular playing time.

    Also that notion of him being unable to create his own shot is laughable. Just goes to show how people have no idea about his game and just spew NBA/GM/Media driven nonsense.

  123. ICYMI this is a must-read article by Greg of Sportige. Spot-on analysis of Hornets simplistic offense and how JLin can succeed in it. Scoring like Kemba is a must in JLin’s limited PT for the rest of the season

    Jeremy Lin Needs to Start Playing the Kemba Walker Basketball the Charlotte Hornets Love so Much
    by Greg in NBA

    A game against the Phoenix Suns is an excellent opportunity for teams to pick up an easy win and for players who thrive against weak, unintelligent defenses, like Kemba Walker, to bulk up their stats. Is Jeremy Lin in the same category? Without a head coach willing to give him too many minutes or a big enough role, it doesn’t really matter.

    Interesting reminder: The Hornets lost to the Suns back in January during an awful stretch. Walker shot 9-of-24 from the field in that game, Nicolas Batum (among others) wasn’t even playing, and it was something of a low point for the Hornets, that they’ve been able to recover from. So it might seem that heading into this game, a home game for the Hornets, should be without worries, but for teams who rely on the shooting of just one player, there’s always something to worry about.

    The die is cast for the Hornets. This is a team that runs a very simplistic offense, mostly through one player, with no room for anything different. All the talk about ball movement and spacing the floor has been thrown out the window. This is Walker’s show, and it has been working for them lately, although from time to time, the reliance on individual ability instead of team basketball rears its ugly head, showing the Hornets what they can be but refuse to.

    If Lin gets more than 21-22 minutes, it’ll be a surprise, although against the Phoenix Suns, who are 4-23 away from home this season and have lost all of their recent road games through blowouts, the chance to play garbage time minutes is pretty good. In any case, playing the pass-first point guard simply doesn’t make sense anymore. He’s not in lineups that allow him to make the most of his vision and passing skills. When he has the ball and has the opening, Lin should attack the basket, again and again. His 15 points in 21 minutes in the loss to the Hawks were good for the Hornets, and good for him. While it’s going against his nature as a basketball player, Lin being in the same mindset of Walker is the best solution for him now.

    Link: http://sportige.com/charlotte-hornets-jeremy-lin-kemba-walker-selfish-basketball-92433/

  124. I used to do the same – walk up to the tallest lady at a party and find instant friendship because no guys would talk to them. Tip for you younger guys.

  125. here comes the block – did you use your consent app, and it needs an update every 2 minutes given the ambiguity of the laws …

  126. Charlotte’s offense AND defense went downhill when Al Jefferson came back to the lineup. He has had the OPPOSITE effect that MKG had when he came back for a stretch of games. Other teams can clog the lane on defense and let Big Al get the ball inside only to get blocked or lose the ball against a rookie or scrub Center. Then it’s off to the races and the Hornets don’t recover very well in transition D.

  127. It’s true to a certain extent that Lin has to take initiative in his offense. However, he has to be mindful of getting his offense within the context of team ball. What he should do more is to never pass out shots. I think that has a lot to do in his confidence right now.

  128. I’m pretty sure Ty Lawson would rather sign with a playoff team. It would be funny if he signs with Utah Jazz who proceed to knock Houston Rockets out of the 8th playoff spot.

  129. The media just yanking fans.

    Al Jefferson is Thriving Off of the Bench For the Charlotte Hornets


  130. And the fact that Al is not willing to dish out the ball is also a problem.

  131. Really? Lin need to play his style and find other team.

  132. Exactly, Al is a BIG TIME BALL STOPPER !

  133. Hornets want AJ to stay as bench player. Here goes Hornets propaganda on AJ is ‘thriving off the bench’ narrative. Cliff does not want him back w/ starters IMO.

  134. yes, I see Lin already knows that so that’s why he tried to attack the rim to get his first 2-4pts but the refs swallowed the whistle in the Suns game.

    Let’s hope JLin scored in the first 2-3 shots so he’s more confident to keep attacking.
    The passing would come naturally after that

  135. Thanks Khuang.

  136. ideally yes.

    For now, his scoring is a priority to get more PT in this simplistic system.
    Even Marc Gasol in the MEM loss said the Hornets ran a simple read-and-react system; they knew what the Hornets were going to do.

    Other teams will run more PnR. The Hornets have inferior big men to run PnR

  137. His jump shot isn’t there. I think in the last game Lin was 1-7 and only 1 was a jump shot. Had Lin made 3 of the shots at the rim he has 10 points in addition to the 4 he scored from the line. Then there were 3 absolute no-brainer fouls not called, if he makes 5 of 6 at the line that’s 15 points in 17 minutes. The refs were egregiously bad last night in the non-calls for Lin. In addition to jump shots, I hope Lin continues to refine the short game, not going to the line but getting up and making the shorter jump shot reliably.

    I agree about Hawes, he would help and that Lin never blames anyone.

    A plus of the game is Lin had 2 blocked shots.

  138. He maybe thriving off the bench for the Hornets but he’s really not helping Lin.

  139. No just like Lin, Clifford wants AJ to help bench force 1 block shots and rebounds. Cough cough.

  140. Hope Sixers show up to give us fans some excitement.

  141. Because Lin is not a volume shooter like Kemba he has to have a higher shooting percentage to get his points. Kemba is simply a volume shooter that has the green light to shoot.

  142. I think Lin’s stats are still important because they will use them as comparison (i.e. vs Ish Smith vs Schroder, etc. for 76ers starting PG)

    Otherwise, it’s a harder sell if MDA wants to propose Lin to FO as a starting PG

  143. There’s one more way. If Lin is in during the penalty, he easily gets shots at the line and he has a great knack of drawing fouls. Yes, he can get calls on drives, if the refs are being responsible and making the calls, but he has this way as well. I overall agree, an efficient Lin helps his cause. But shots don’t always fall. And I think sometimes Lin loves assists over scoring.

  144. acbc … you continue to make very good points.

    It’s amazing that JLin is the player in all this and yet he is not saying yes sir, let me give myself up for you.

    It’s a lesson we all need to live as the turmoil of our societies continues to happen. That is, we seem these days in the western world to be facing big changes, and we all need to keep cool heads to follow when we are supposed to, and take care of ‘our brand of basketball’ when we have to.

    So far, to me, JLin is taking care of his brand of bball. While this year has not gone as well as planned, I am still v hopeful he will land a spot on a team that will value him through his entire contract to come.

  145. In this case, Lin has best body of work especially with D’Antoni inspired PnR offense and he has the guy to do it with (Noel). Schroeder has youth.

  146. I’ve always respected Lin for staying calm and play the right way. He never succumbed to fear and start playing selfishly and pick up bad habits.

    He is better then me. I went thought a period where I wanted Lin to shoot more but come to realize I was getting anxious for him. Lin instead remained faithful to play as a good basketball player, not a chucker.

  147. Lol, less is more. Leaves more for the imagination. Haha

  148. Yep, Khuang always leaves us wanting more!

  149. $148 million and he’s only 36! Health and thus longevity from health is so important to an athlete. I wish for JLin to play for a long time. NBA would be so boring without JLin.

  150. He’s better than me by a mile. He’s my hero becuase of how he continues to love through all the negativity thrown at him. Honestly I have no idea how he does it. It’s absolutely saintly.

  151. Me too. Don’t know how 76rs players’ psyche and effort will be for tonight’s game since they’re already out of playoff berth. Cliff might want to show up on MDA to say that I’m the head coach now and you’re not. So he may not let Lin play for showcasing for FA. Hopefully, MDA system will give 76rs players some motivation to get stats and if they truly want to win, all they need to do is to double team and get KW out of sync. That’s the only way sure way KW will pass the ball. We’ll see how MDA and Lin interact…

  152. I believe if 76ers let JLin & Schroeder compete as PG in MDA system, JLin would still win with his court-vision.

    Schroder can drive but it would take special PG with court-vision like Nash that take MDA offensive system to the next level.

    Scroder has youth but it also comes with inexperience. 76ers has too much youth at the moment.
    JLin can bring that leadership and experience if given the chance.

  153. It just occurred to me that JLin has become like an ambassador of some sort (spreading the message that comes from his faith and representing Asian-Americans, underdogs, goodness, etc.).

    Playing in NYC, Houston, LA and now the southeast (i.e. Charlotte, NC), JLin has been effectively sharing all sorts of good news, praying for his teammates, breaking down stereotypes, showing the local media and fans what a different type of person and pro he is. If you read the narrative of Apostle Paul (JLin will know what I’m talking about), Apostle Paul is taken from one place to another, mistreated for no good reason, and finally he goes to Rome (when Rome was the “center” of the western world) and shares his message with those in Rome. Not that JLin will be persecuted physically like Apostle Paul had been, I’m just saying that it’s so interesting that JLin and his fans (like us) have been going from one city to another, carrying on the sweet fragrance of someone like JLin who can say:

    “7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” (From 1 Corinthians Chapter 4)

  154. There’re two tweets, please help retweet them to NBAstats regarding Lin’s stats errors!


  155. Excellent epiphany from a Christian perspective. You should share this on Lins website. Lin may not t have thought this himself because he is so humble. I would think Lin would find comfort in his transient journey in the NBA if he knew this was how God used him to share his gospel.

  156. I wish Lin has more great games. But it didn’t bring more PT like after vs. CAVS and Raptors. Lin only get more time when need him.

  157. I see that you made the effort to make more positive posts and I appreciate that.

    But at the same time, there is constant bickering that bring excessive negativity that concern the mods.

    My strong suggestion is to always emphasize the common ground (i.e. Clifford system and priority is clearly not good for JLin’s future) with other Lin fans so your posts won’t be seen as too pro-Clifford or shifting blame to JLin.

    While it might not be intentional, frequent postings of what JLin should do will incorrectly shift all the blame to JLin while most blame should be shouldered by Clifford and Kemba. I see this is impacting some Lin fans who might not understand the basketball aspect much and it is dangerous because it is not the truth. Just because most NBA and divas protect self-interest doesn’t make it okay or acceptable because we see that GSW and Spurs do things correctly in light of team-ball.

    The mods are very concerned with this issue and are currently deliberating.
    Please take the time to consider my suggestion to find more common ground and agree with other posters on some issues.

    The mods prioritize positively bringing together JLin fans; if the excessive negativity is not resolved, I’m afraid it can destroy the forum so they have to take drastic measures.

  158. Ok. I’ll try to share it on his website. Thanks for the idea.

  159. if others think coaches are dumb, however, they are the BEST in sinister deeds that’s for sure

  160. that’s the new era for Jeremy Lin, a coach who knows how to cliff his utilization but a better coach than the previous coaches he had. Hope the new coach comes FA wii be the home coach he’s waiting for!

  161. nice share brother..hope that JLIN’s journey, though much like what Paul had experienced gives him the fullness of Almighty power and grace to pass all of this test and trials and emerge a victor in HIS GLORY!

  162. Kinda disappointed by the end. Was about to say “my dude khuang got a blondie lol”. ohh well

  163. the only thing i see on JLIN’s defense is the focus on his man and less of helping defense..though he looked more on rebounds and blocking shots, his individual defense is more focused now.

  164. Mods – Just FYI there is a troll named MiniMe who suddenly appeared under the Charlotte vs Phoenix thread and is just being plain obnoxious – insisting that I am Acbc (talk about bizarre!). I’ve flagged the comments. Would appreciate it if you’d please look into this.Please don’t let these kinds of posters ruin this site.

  165. i do wonder why the sudden change of tone on your previous posts lately..now, i know…

    frustrations do really come in if we forget that its not only JLIn who are the factors on his predicament right now. those controled by jeremy are being addressed by him and he makes it better while those UNCONTROLLED (like pT, usage, etc) Lin leave it to the Almighty Father’s WILL because he trust!

  166. Jeremy is better than that and won’t play basketball the wrong way.

  167. goodluck jlin.Do your best.Cant watch the game.

  168. The only reason Clifford is a head coach and MDA is not is because Cliff is better at politics.

  169. Thank you for reporting it.

    I deleted it because of the nature of accusation to antagonize and bait other users breaking Rule #4
    More violations will lead to an automatic ban without warning.

    I’m getting concerned of frequent personal attacks lately so I won’t give future warnings before banning some users.
    Short-term bans will be followed by permanent bans.


    4. Do not antagonize or bait other users. Whether you are sincere in your beliefs or not, if your posts consist solely of trolling others, you will be banned. (Example: “Are you a 5-year old child?”)

  170. Would daily praising a coach who lied, marginalizing, micromanaging Lin here in pro Lin site consider baiting other users?

    Just a question.

  171. Depends on how we define better…
    MDA seems to do what he thinks is right and let the chips fall where they may.
    Clifford seems to brown-nose to certain players in an effort to retain a job.
    That doesn’t make Clifford a better politician (a better brown-noser perhaps)

  172. Go JLin! MDA is supporting you (secretly)!

  173. JLin is practicing now.

  174. Are you at game?

  175. Yes, I’ll try to take more pics & share with you all.

  176. Tough job you have there.

  177. Yeah, can’t wait. Thanks Chan.

  178. Go go gadget Lin!

  179. Thanks! Enjoy!

  180. yup … master the art of lying with a straight face.

  181. Mods are very concerned with the recent overall negativity and personal attacks antagonizing other users recently in our forum so asked the mods to enforce the rules.
    Mods will not give future warnings before banning some users breaking the rules. Short-term bans will be followed by permanent bans.

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  182. the intro says that walker “is the main man” leading them to playoffs… laughable…

  183. Hornets commentators?

  184. 76s feed. I have LP (regretting buying it) and they are only showing 76s. Better them than listening to stephanie readie…

  185. Can’t watch the game so ….

  186. Hope MDA finds a way to crush hornets (unless our boy gets his chance).

  187. I rarely do now. But i’m home so guess i’ll take a look… we’ll keep you posted!

  188. Shout out to the mods for doing a thankless and tough job moderating this great forum!

  189. Thanks. Still at work. Ya! I sort of regret to buy LP this season but… I didn’t watch full game for a long time… LOL!

  190. I actually place no blame on Lin at all. I said so in a response to grover about Lin’s relationship to coaches. But, at the same time, if I don’t agree about Clifford or Kemba and Batum, I won’t express something that isn’t something I believe because some posters believe so. It’s like they want me to feel about Lin’s coach and some teamates exactly how they feel which isn’t genuine or honest if I did. The only difference I have vs. what you are saying is I think Clifford’s not doing this with any particular player in mind to keep down. Yes, it affects Lin but it also does Lamb and Daniels if Cliff Lee is being played more to get him acclimated to the team. Daniels hardly plays but Lamb’s minutes come down even more than Lin’s. I think definitely a lot of Clifford’s decisions don’t maximize Lin’s skills or how he could help the team but I don’t think the objective of Cliff is to keep Lin down more than he prioritizes in a way that results in it.

    i have plenty common ground with all by maybe 7 or so posters I think here. Please consider that. And the only board I’ve been banned or suspended from is clutchfans. No team board or any other even have any issues with me.

    My posts on Lin himself are quite positive. I don’t bring in any small issues I have that I think will improve his game here and I think he’s done well this season per your request. On conditions around Lin, I hope we are free to express things how we see them and not how some want us to see them.

    If the mods feel that posters who give honest opinions when they feel differently should be ran out by 7 or so posters, that’s your prerogative and I’d respect that. But I find that it is mostly the frustrations of a few posters that cause these issues and some of them hound me every post I make. And I don’t find it right for them to start posts off talking about me or talk about me in them either. I have frustrations as well and sometimes with other posters but I control them and try never, ever to make anything personal if I challenge one of their points from time to time. I think controlling frustrations is something we all may need to do on any board.

  191. I have asked sws to find common ground with other posters especially on the truth about Clifford’s unfairness in reducing Lin’s PT and role despite playing well.

    Otherwise it creates overall negativity so mods have to take drastic measures

  192. Actually, whenever I can, instead of watching the games, Ii now go out with friends to catch up. I used to rush home to catch games, but I find that visiting with friends is awesome!!

  193. Thanks.

  194. Every time they show the starting lineup pictures and JLin is not there, I get so mad… lol

  195. Am I the only one here?

  196. I’ve answered you but I don’t think it is fair not to warn reagan how he constantly baits me. And if you think of the exchanges we have (you and me, not regan and me), it’s never on the level of any personal attacks and always civil. And we mostly have common ground around Lin himself.

  197. Haha! I understand how you feel…. My friend told me. She visited Adidas store in south Taiwan recently & she saw tons of Lin’s jersey in store… what a different. Last year she couldn’t get the Lakers jersey (sold out)…. I think Lin’s fans didn’t show their love to Hornets team that much this season. LOL!

  198. If JLin had a nice reliable outside shot, he would be unstoppable…

  199. Game is beginning I guess. Good luck, Lin. Stay healthy. And I hope the refs are fair this game.

  200. Canaan with a 3!

  201. Good. I haven’t bought a jersey since Knicks 17. I may never buy one unless of course he gets his chance.

  202. Canaan kickin azz early on… go 76s!

  203. Lins new team

  204. i got LP blockout. i guess this is another 10+ mins game for Lin

  205. What a boring game. who is watching this garbage?

  206. hornets making bad shots

  207. sixers play really fast

  208. me lol

  209. me too! lol

  210. Pls. post some MDA and Lin pic ,this is a game that I wanna see

  211. wait for some majic happens

  212. and me 🙂

  213. JLin has ice pack on his back, cheering for M William with a 3.

  214. Is ish smith playing?

  215. Can you observe if MDA has some influence in timeout or on the court side? Thanks

  216. yea i think

  217. number 1

  218. He’s number 1.

  219. Glad to see a competitive game so far.

  220. ok, thanks

  221. Got it… thanks

  222. Would like to see these two playing more together …

  223. lol

  224. Lin about to come in

  225. Thanks for your support!

  226. we’re tied?

  227. 2 its

  228. Lead gonna go up like crazy!

  229. starters barely catching up to the last ranked team …good job.

  230. This looks like a trap game

  231. 76ers – YOUR FUTURE PG is here

  232. Smart play by JLin to draw 2 FTs by letting his man jump in the air!

  233. 76ers are playing very unselfishly and fast pace. This is ideal for Lin.

  234. Fast pace and team-ball.

  235. I’m not surprised to see the 76ers play so much better than the Suns did. And, they could pull out a win if the Hornets don’t step it up. Their inexperience may do them in, like fouling jump shooters which they’ve done a few times.

  236. no self named or designated star

  237. JLin 2pts with 0 FGA

    Not a bad start =)

  238. yep. We need to tell him on his face book to really look at them. He said this summer they wasn’t an option. I hope this year they are

  239. MDA knows…

  240. They’re kind of fun to watch.

  241. During this timeout, MDA is just standing behind the players, doesn’t seem like he’s involve in drawing up play.

  242. they are, they actually look like a team

  243. Nice pass!

  244. Pretty assist.

  245. Lin and Al PnR

  246. 2222222

  247. All 76ers needs to win today is to have Lin switch the side .

  248. that was a block but ill take it

  249. 2222222222222

  250. 2222222

  251. I LOVE 2222222s posters!

  252. why is Cliff allowing Lin to play like this now? It seems like Cliff is trying to impress MDA (his mentor) or something.

  253. Jump shot 222222!

  254. Or he’s worried about losing the game.

  255. He does not want MDA know that he has been mistreated Lin

  256. 76rs are shooting 3s well. Thank you for being competitive. Somehow, a part of me wants 76rs to win and Lin to get his stats.

  257. JLin 6pts with 2/2 FGM

    Awesome start!!

  258. ya that’s how I feel too.

  259. Why KW came back in? Who need him so soon?

  260. no, we want JLin to have good stats & win against 76ers to impress them

  261. good aggression by Lin

  262. i dont think he ever sat

  263. Jeremy is sooooooo agressive! Awesome!!!!

  264. Lamb’s defense is just bad

  265. Lin would be great on the 76ers, they are so fast the Hornets are having a hard time

  266. Yes, only if Lin gets PT and is allowed to be involved in offense.

  267. you got a bet on this game?

  268. this lineup’s defense is weak, – Kemba, Lamb, Frank

  269. lol no

  270. lets not forget Al

  271. true,.

  272. too hard to tell, with KW ball at any time knocking them down.

  273. 222222222222222

  274. Lin getting to touch the ball today. This is why you don’t limit Lin’s touches.

  275. green light for jeremy !!!

  276. heh heh, Lin closing out 1st quarter with KW playing shooting guard. Whazzz up with that?

  277. It seems that Lin has a green light tonight.

  278. I would want Lin to play with the sixers but they need defense. Embied is good but we need some landry field and jeffries type of player who do the dirty work and play defense.

  279. interesting – Lin did not pass the ball to Kemba in final possession . The first time this season

  280. Maybe Hornets know Lin wants to showcase to 76ers today?

  281. JLin keep the aggression! Lovin it.

  282. Last possession.

  283. but Lin has also improved in defense so it would be a perfect fit for Lin if MDA stays

  284. seems Lin has a talk with Cliff…he is tired of all of this thing!!!!

    he’s not a pass mode SG today..maybe KW is tired for back to back game?

  285. embied and Lin is not enough

  286. @JLin7 with 8pts/1ast/2reb in ONLY 4 min of the 1st quarter vs @Sixers
    3-4 shooting, 2-2 FT

  287. Could be. Let’s see if it carries into 4Q.

  288. clifford not trying to look dumb in front of mike d anantoni?

  289. Batum just let that dude shoot

  290. sorry noel and lin not enoung

  291. it’s like when you been on an alcoholic binge and then you see your grandfather for the first time in a very long time, someone you respect a lot and you clean up your act for that one moment.

  292. Jlin back to being a true first pass PG..hope when KW back, he become a true SG too!

  293. Did I see a bogus foul call on Lin? Lin was similarly hit earlier and didn’t get a foul call…

  294. that elbow to the head was legit call, he scrapped him

  295. 222222222222

  296. yeah didn’t touch anything on the slow mo, but reddy said differently

  297. Refs are doing their things again as usual.

  298. 22222222222

  299. 10 points in 8 mins

  300. When it’s Lin she always ready to side w/ ref.

  301. Batum assist to a driving Lin who finished with a reverse layup!

    Gotta love Batum-Lin!

  302. 76ers doesn’t look like a bottom team

  303. Batum kicked out to Lin for an open 3
    Missed but good try.

    Batum is trying to help Lin

  304. Lin’s really pushing the ball tonight. He has great energy.

  305. 76ers defense is not good except 2 bks on kemba

  306. nice assist by Lin

  307. Lin is definitely showcasing for 76ers and MDA. Cliff is also allowing Lin to touch the ball more which is odd. Possibly to respect MDA who was his mentor.

  308. Anybody see if he went over to talk to MDA before the game?

  309. Lin 2nd assist to Zeller dunk!

  310. i didn’t see it on my feed

  311. You guys can see 76ers have talent players, but they really need a better pg

  312. Lilliard as the baby in that State Farm commercial is so funny. Even watching him in games I think of the baby.

  313. I think if Lin was on 76ers, they would be a top 8 team. They have some good bigs.

  314. They can play offense, it’s their defense that’s not there.

  315. 76ers two starting guards one has 0 pt and the other one has 0 assist. who is pg?

  316. i am impressed by the sixers

  317. Cliff is trying to showcase what he learned from MDA today. Those alley-oops and PnRs. But after this game, I think it will go back to boring basketball.

  318. they need a better pg who can play def too like Lin

  319. Lin out even though hes the leading scorer and game is close
    CLifford smh

  320. That shows Cliff actually knows how to use Lin but did not want to. Guilty as is.

  321. Lin rested with 5:43 left in Q2
    10pts/2asts/3rebs in 11 min with 4-6 shooting

    Let’s hope he gets at least 25 min in a close game

  322. they can make the playoffs with Lin’s help

  323. I guess on the positive side of low minutes is that he will more likely be healthy for the playoffs. Seems like many teams are limping into the playoffs. Look at the Cav’s last year with Love and Irving out of the playoffs.

  324. The 76ers make up for their lack in defense by going faster on offense, that’s why the game is still so close

  325. It was a bad pass from 76rs to open lane, nothing special, but Ready just had to give props to KW…

  326. Ha, Batum not passing to KW! I think he has enough of him.

  327. Yeah, not sure if doing those State Farm commercials was the best move for his image.

  328. I hope Clifford really give JLin more chance to shine in this game in front of MDA to reward his hard work to do whatever for the Hornets this season

  329. The more I watch the more I like Marvin…. He’s got the same type of mentality as Lin…. A fighter and willingness to play scrappy…

  330. I totally agree.

  331. wow, Ish can’t penetrate the paint, just passing from the outside too. 76rs shooters keep them in the game.

  332. i honestly think that someone had to say something to Cliff for him to allow Lin to touch the ball more today. And I think it could have been MJ from observing last game (yes, he looks angry when KW gets his night), Cliff trying to impress MDA with what he learned from him or Lin wanting to showcase to 76ers.

  333. I voted for him during AllStar every time when I voted for Lin 🙂

  334. Yeah, I could have sworn I saw several possessions where Lin was the main guy and KW was standing in the corner.

  335. because he grabbed the rebounds

  336. So Lin was doing well but still cant get 14+ in half
    He needs to leave soon

  337. Stadium is empty

  338. what i also notice is that KW doesn’t ask for the ball anymore, he’s running to the other end of the court when Lin/Batum gets the rebound. Usually they would have to pass it to KW right after but they aren’t cause KW is running to the other end. He doesn’t even look back. KW looks more like a SG today.

  339. Lin does not have the freedom to decide how he plays. If he did, he would have done that in EVERY game. My feeling is Clifford does not want to embarrass himself in front of MDA of misusing Lin. This way MDA would not know why Lin did not have a good season unless MDA watches the videos.

  340. Lee did absolutely nothing yet got 3 more minutes then Lin

  341. Do you know what also helps JLin?

    Ish Smith with 0pts in 14 min with 0-5 shooting

  342. Ish is not good

  343. I guess she get paid to prop him.

  344. 6ers need pg and lockup defense pg.

  345. Usually, even if Lin grabs the rebound, he has to pass it off to KW (and go stand in the corner). But what I saw was Lin bringing the ball up and KW moving to the corner.

  346. Just wait until 3Q ans 4Q.

  347. It will go back to the same old way after tonight.

  348. 76ers will try to get Lin in the offseason

  349. You mean lockdown defence?

  350. He’s a smaller nick young

  351. Sixers commentators are two of the most pleasant I’ve listened to in a long time. They are knowledgable and not homers at all.

  352. They really should.
    Ish Smith is not good enough to be a starting PG

  353. Yeah down

  354. no longer guaranteed extended mins even when hes doing well
    literally a second string back PG
    good job steve clifford(sarcasm)

  355. Did they say anything about JLin?

  356. changing my feed now

  357. Sorry, Ish is running w/o purpose. His court vision and passing is suspect. 76rs have good shooters, but young and inexperienced.

  358. Lin could easily get 17 points a night if Cliff allowed him to touch the ball more with 25+ minutes playing time only

  359. Yeah, but why is that happening? It has to be called from the coach.

  360. It’s a danger to surpass kw

  361. I saw he doesn’t look happy

  362. Nothing that I can remembered, but they talk intelligently about plays, unlike the 3 stooges or the haters like Wilkins and Stacey King.

  363. I’m switching to 76ers stream to hear their take on JLin later

  364. exactly

  365. ok, thanks. I’m switching there now

  366. 6ers need MDA and Lin. That city has been dead about bb.

  367. Put 7 assists and 5 rebounds in there too…

  368. On March 2, 1962 (54 years ago), the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Knicks 169–147…


  369. I hope Lin and sixers Front office including MDA have meeting after game. LOL

  370. It’s against league rules

  371. let’s hope for a MDA/Lin long embrace after the game + congratulatory texts that we can’t see =)

  372. Lin is hitting his jumpers during half time warm up.

  373. thanks

  374. Just a hug, hands over mouth so no lip reading …

  375. datums minutes continues to mystify me

  376. Lol, you need experience like me, been married long enough to know how to tune out.

  377. Yep, they are fair and objective.

  378. JLin #7 would be great for 76ers announcers in their commentary

    They can rhyme, “#7 for Sixers! Badabing! Badaboom!”

    Or “He’s the #7 in 76ers!”

  379. They talked about Linsanity.

  380. extra precaution certainly helps!

  381. Can’t wait it comes true.

  382. Is cliff sitting?

  383. Well, what do they have to be homers about?

  384. 76ers shot selection is kinda suspect

  385. Wow, these teams are terrible… what a boring game except when jlin is in…

  386. cody makes a shot he literally never makes

  387. The table can turn if just 1 player change team.

  388. If Lin goes there i don’t want him playing next to ish or canaan

  389. Ish can be his backup

  390. No chance of that happening.

  391. Ish is only 1 year contract, he’s not guaranteed to be back next year.

  392. They both are starting

  393. ok

  394. Lin and covington would be crazy

  395. I’m glad 76ers is making a short run
    66-59 now

  396. I’m not sold on Sixers being the must go destination for Lin. A very big cloud hangs due to MDA not being the HC there. So there’s no guarantee that the same thing wouldn’t happen like in NYK. I’d like to see Phila inks MDA permanently as HC for at least a few years before I can breath a sigh of relief…

  397. Kemba’s offense is decent but D is below average

  398. Lee just got blocked hard

  399. If MDA can be HC somewhere else or in 76ers, it’s better

  400. He cant drive

  401. i really do not see lee is anything better than PJ, if not worse on the both ends.

  402. Sorry jeremy but I wouldn’t be sad if your team lose tonight

  403. offensively he is worse but takes better shots and less selfish

  404. Oh no

  405. Looks like he suits the grind-out ugly game style better…

  406. noel and Lin pnr

  407. = ESPN highlights

  408. Good to know….have fun and dont forgot the game report! 😉

  409. Ish seems to be pass first PG. He doesn’t look for his shot today.

  410. That’s what we need, he will coach somewhere

  411. i keep imagining how lin would have done in each play

  412. 2 point game

  413. KW gonna drive

  414. Lee plays within the “system” – let Kemba and Batum jack up shots.

  415. i notice that which is good but he don’t make great passes

  416. Made his first 3 pts
    1-6 shooting now

  417. Starters not doing well against sixers LOL..

  418. Yup.

  419. He is not a good shooter

  420. No surprised if Hornets loses if Lin would not close the game and pg

  421. tie game

  422. Am I too sensitive? I noticed Kemba usually looks happy except when Lin plays well no matter team wins or loses.

  423. Yep, as clock was winding down.

  424. I’m telling you this game is a trap game

  425. Time to bring Lin in!

  426. One stupid sub by Cliff we could easily lose. and fall to 9th place

  427. Please elaborate..

  428. Just like that 14 pts lead is gone. Kemba going ISO.

  429. Its looks like the Hornets are reverting back to their 3rd qtr woes.

  430. MDA > Cliff considering MDA has to work with a bunch of rookies and Cliff has veterans and still don’t know how to use Lin

  431. The cheap insurance policy but strong coverage

  432. Good, all the lead gone with KW pg

  433. Its a back to back vs a bad team statistically. We show up like its a sure win. They end up being better then their record. Then like that we lose

  434. jlin will not go there if MDA is not the coach.

  435. Cliff only pulls Lin out the hat when he really needs to win. Sometimes I feel like Lin should just say nah

  436. Sad – but true with this sorry organization …

  437. Lol

  438. I think 76ers guards “small and fast” enough to cover KW

  439. Honestly don’t get what Al bring to the team but a widely inefficient shooting percentage

  440. I’m rooting for D’Antoni here. It’s between him and Clifford. ?

  441. Thanks.

  442. what is lee bringing to the game

  443. Loving the 76ers right now

  444. go sixers

  445. It’s a tie.

  446. traveling

  447. Can you imagine if lin was playing and lost that lead?

  448. Lin sits out way too long…that’s what I don’t like about Cliff’s rotation. When Lin does well, we only get small spurts of it.

  449. 11 mins for Lin? wow. if the game is not close, Lin would play 15 mins today?

  450. I agree. Lin should be in this game now.

  451. Lin in for Batum with 3:20 left in Q3

  452. Lee points to me are empty

  453. Lin coming in soon.

  454. Kemba… Probably would do better playing street ball… That’s ok I’m gonna say…

  455. You’re baiting. Please stop.

  456. Nice JLin steal & got fouled

  457. 2 ft

  458. just in and a steal with 2fts

  459. Yes, JLin 2FTs .. 12pts now!

  460. Clear path? I guess not.

  461. 3 good defense players. better

  462. Clifford loves Lee lol its disgusting how he favors him over Lin

  463. Good call.

  464. 2 FTs for Lin.

  465. He’s getting him playing time. He’s not doing very well.

  466. Same thing what Mchale did to Lin to affect his shooting consistency. Every player needs long minutes to shoot well.

  467. How come it feels like Kemba makes more shots when JLin is on the floor?

  468. i thought this team would be different from the others where the coach coaches accordingly to stats/skills.

  469. But the steal credit to Jefferson on score board

  470. Kemba 8-17

  471. they should sit kemba for some better defense player

  472. Correction: Kemba takes more shots when JLin’s on the floor.

  473. that needs to be corrected later

  474. kemba goes ISO 2nd half

  475. Yep he likes lee better hes the one who wanted lee i think because he coached him before

  476. Yea i notice that

  477. Pressure

  478. 6’ers announcer just called KW “elite”. Whatever.

  479. lol that’s true .. but he also was missing a lot with Lin on the bench

  480. got to justify very hard now why they traded this 1 for 4…tsh..

  481. hack a thompson

  482. Lin comes in kemba takes every shot

  483. Lin is playing now. And the hornets are winning. Not liking it. I want 76ers to win this game.

  484. Team not league

  485. Elite in being not elite…. I think that’s what they meant…

  486. CHA will lose playing like that

  487. Kemba is looking like Kobe now. Too many shots. Pass the ball.

  488. Yes, so he can take the credit said I bring the scores back 🙁

  489. Defense more focused on Lin than Kemba when he’s out there.

  490. Lin is playing, it is hard

  491. Hope so.

  492. Hogging time! you know who.

  493. keep chucking 8-18

  494. Kemba’s been a Kobe wannabe this entire season and worst part is he shoots even worst than Harden. ><"

  495. yes, plus Kemba more motivated to score more than Lin =)

  496. Cliff is like bs allowing kw to ball hog like kobe.

  497. Still nothing compared to that 3 for 15 game that was just atrocious.

  498. Politics, hype up KW as allstar.

  499. Clifford is bs wanna be

  500. what type of possession was that?

  501. If Cliff wants to win he better keep Lin in the game. That 76ers run came with Lin on the bench.

  502. being iced out major time

  503. Ugly. Streetball.

  504. whats new lol

  505. He wants to keep his job a little more.

  506. good to see MDA’s face again. Highlight of the game right there. He looked happy.

  507. Did Hornets’ commentator just say, “17-6 runs, AL, Kemba to the rescue?”????

  508. Hope be promoted

  509. Nah more like Mchale wannabe, Hornets copied Rockets’ playbook to a tee in marginalizing Lin by having him in the corner and hyping up a fake star by chucking shots and playing no defense.

  510. Kemba 19 shots 22 points, Lin 6 shots 12 points. Efficient!!!!!

  511. Kemba 19 shots for 22 pts, Kobe like efficiency

  512. That’s playoff suicidal

  513. why keep kemba there?

  514. Gotta love an attacking JLin! 2 FTs coming

  515. Small and incompetent minds think alike!

  516. MDA secretly rooting for Lin or nah?

  517. JLin 14pts in 16 min

  518. For goodness sake when does Cliff ever plan to sit Kemba’s butt??

  519. That is a good question.

  520. never

  521. I voted 18pts/4asts for JLin but I won’t mind if JLin breaks 20

  522. You should know the answer

  523. never ever!

  524. I like Lin to get his stats and hornets lose.?

  525. That TO on Lin? sh*t

  526. can KW sit already?

  527. Sit, Kemba – sit!

  528. Hornets trailing 1 and JLin got fouled for 2 FTs would be a perfect ending, I think

  529. Please. Him being in there now is hurting the offensive flow.

  530. Datums career ppg is worse then Lin. Some how he is playing 35 minutes per game while Lin is at 26 minutes per game. Rox and LAL killed Lins brand.

  531. its like Cliff wants KW to play 40 minutes every night while resting Lin even more lol

  532. So kw got his points, can he let others have some?

  533. Yes?

  534. me too

  535. Lins brand is at least 2x the Hornets

  536. No … this is Cliff’s special “strategy”!

  537. Lin went for the cut to the basket and Kemba completely ignored him. Such a selfish ball hog.

  538. Yea but we are talking in the NBA not globally

  539. Clifford uses kemba more for depressing lin than helping Hornets.

  540. Im gonna say something controversial but maybe the guy 4-6 for 14 point should shoot more

  541. KW wanted to shoot it but Lin made it more difficult for KW. It’s what KW gets lol

  542. No lin should score less if based on salary

  543. Should’ve passed it for the open man (Lin) under the basket then.

  544. Lamb playing PG??!!

  545. He shot too much for 2 mil player

  546. when kemba sit, the lights get brighter.

  547. Every one like to try.

  548. he hit his quota according to the coach

  549. I think he’s letting the game come to him. Not taking forced shots. I’m ok with him. I’d like to see him have more touches however.

  550. I’m not surprised w this team

  551. Batum finally in for Kemba with 8:34 left in Q4

  552. Lamb is a SG so not surprised he likes handling the ball too.

  553. Zeller is amazingly slow.

  554. Time for Lin to aim for 20 points just hit 2 more 3s please!

  555. Seriously, I don’t want to see any more of Kemba tonight. At least Batum is playing team ball.

  556. Good to see Zeller tried to bounce pass to a cutting Lin to the rim.

  557. 4 fouls on Lin.

  558. Lin got to outplay Ish Smith so he can take his job next season.

  559. Why is Lin not involved in the game

  560. Lin is closing instead of Lee because it’s a close game.

  561. Lin is trying to involve himself

  562. Nope

  563. JLin defended Noel well inside causing an errant pass for TO

  564. They didn’t run one play for Lin

  565. Lin out already lol

  566. Lin out

  567. Lee is back. Lamb out.

  568. 15 point lead isn’t exactly close.

  569. Lee is officially the closer

  570. ………..

  571. gooooo 76ers

  572. Lin out with 6:33 left in Q4

    It’s unknown if it’s a short rest or not

  573. I have to hope he’ll be back in soon.

  574. LEE also has 4 fouls

  575. Lin out. Clifford thinks it’s safe to take him out since the lead is 15 points

  576. Hope 76ers come back!!!

  577. As per usual

  578. I know. Wtf. Lamb just freezes out Lin. I’m truly baffled by it

  579. agree

  580. If it’s a close game Lin will surely come in.

  581. So sick Kemba in and Lin out. Too much play to KW can hurt him down the road. Hmmmmm.

  582. See Kemba is happy now that he outshines Lin

  583. LOL kemba in

  584. Lin only come back if the lead is gone

  585. the ball touches everybody..cliff want the ball to be passed..no sticky ball!

  586. Saw that … give the ball to anyone but Lin

  587. Fine, preserve Lin’s health for the playoffs. Let Cliff ride Walker like Secretariat.

  588. Lin’s ball handling across half court is a bit rusty 2 bad TOs.

  589. Just waiting for this season to end. Playoffs then a new team

  590. Alright Lin, no more playing for the team. Play for you.

  591. Only if the hornets are winning by 2 digits.

  592. i can play PG says lamb, I’m TALL!!!LOL

  593. or no playoffs

  594. It seems hit the defender’s foot.

  595. afraid KW will cry!

  596. It’s hard. I think Lin is told to be the third option behind batum and lamb when kemba is out

  597. Lin +15 the highest

  598. I’m slow in my comments lol

  599. hope is the only thing that makes him tick!

  600. again i ask why is lee in there

  601. the game will get close again…

  602. I doubt Hornets can make playoffs.

  603. Lee is the starter and make more money.

  604. yeah!

  605. Anyway just Means for sure Lin is out. Charlotte goes back to mediocracy

  606. It’s because his name is not Jeremy Lin

  607. Awkward transition run…. Wrong place at the wrong time. He was trying to avoid colliding with the defence, shifting his body momentum and lost the control of the ball….

  608. Ish stole the ball from Kemba for a breakaway layup

  609. When lin’s gone next year, this team will be back to who thy were

  610. Only reprimand for Lin

  611. This is some bs why is Lin not in

  612. KW with 21 shot attempts and it keeps going and going

  613. Yes, go!go!go! 76ers!!!!

  614. At least we were able to see JLin playing pg partially in the 1st half. At halftime coach probably told him to give everything to KW. See when rebounds they looked to pass to Lin but Lin points to Kemba or Lamb. Lin hightail it out of Charlotte after the season.

  615. So far, KW has 2 assists for 35:19min 10/21 FGM-A, 28pts
    NB has 7 assists for 34:22min 4/12 FGM-A 9pts
    Lin has 2 assists for 19:47min 4/6 FGM-A 14pts
    KW benefits the most by focusing on his own scoring and let the playing making and defense to NB & others.

  616. Once again after Jlin bail out the bugs….clifford tok him out….just like clock work. ..lol…smh

  617. yep KW will regress cause he doesn’t feel the heat from Lin potentially stealing his spot anymore.

  618. 4/6 actually

  619. I won’t call cliff his true name.

  620. KW really iso hero ball icing out the teamates, Batum passed a lot now.

  621. And only lin was a hustle defense

  622. Clifford the big red dog…hehe

  623. Batum knows he can’t take the ball and shoot it more than KW so he is resorting to facilitating and taking the ball out of Lin’s hands instead.

  624. Yeah. 19 total minutes. Smh

  625. Yes, Batum passed more since didn’t shoot well.

  626. JLIN 19:47 min, 4/6; 6-6; 4R/2A; 14 pts & one uncredited steal +15; Go JLIN Go!

  627. Im done. Lin got his points I don’t car about anything else. Cliff has got a new pet in Lee

  628. JLin should remember this 76ers and Hawks game with reduced PT while playing well when he makes the decision for next season. He played well in limited time but not rewarded with more PT.

    Someone is clearly not happy with him leading the Hornets to beat the Cavs
    Who’s JEALOUS this time?

  629. That’s borderline break rule

  630. The commentators are talking about Kembas solid stats and said he will be in all star talks next season.

  631. Cliff going to sit KW after he scores 30+

  632. What …that is a cartoon dog on pbs…lol

  633. Kemba doesn’t even rest on garbage time.

  634. Lins role has been down hill since the Cavs game

  635. Would it not be funny if Lin sign to the hornets long term

  636. Also on the ignore list: Lamb, Daniels, etc…all about Kemba, Batum, Jefferson, MWilliams, Zeller.
    Maybe Hornets don’t want opponents to pay attention to BF1 come playoff time.

  637. it would be a disaster

  638. No … he’s got to play 41 minutes first.

  639. There is NO WAY a team leading 15pts in a blowout with 2:37 left will let the starters in.
    They let the stars STAT-PAD risking injury.

    A good coach would give JLin more time to close to reward him for all the dirty work that he did

  640. If that happens I won’t be subscribing to LP…

  641. lol

  642. But Cliff is not a good coach, so …

  643. No Kemba needs his stats for the all star next season. I can’t believe they are preparing this far.

  644. in saying that..Cliffs a BAD BAd Coach for KW!

  645. I trust Jeremy knows his team is not loyal to him with the unfair PT

  646. Yep. That’s their goal to make him a ‘star’ and that’s why Hornets want him to shoot into oblivion to get his 20pts+. NB is a pawn to achieve their end just what Rox did to Howard. He was used to puff up Harden. NB needs to wake up and see that his stats are not any better by playing out of position.

  647. the light is out. good night everyone.

  648. Sixers fan cam is awesome

  649. No because they are promoting him and they said that Kemba is carrying this team well. Yeah right?

  650. Just waiting for Lin-D’Antoni post game greeting.

  651. Cliff is hoping Kemba would get injured so that Lin can be the main star in the playoffs… Duh!!

  652. ummmmmmm why is KW and starters still in?

  653. Daniel, Harrison, Hansbrough must hate Cliff now.

  654. he knew better but it’s the evil politics that he followed.

    It’s even worse

  655. what has happened to this team lol. its even worse to watch than before

  656. Sarcasm ?

  657. If the Hornets miss the play off going Lee most games. I would add Hornets to my hate list with the rox. I don’t hate the lakers except for dinosaur scott

  658. You know why, padding stats for KW to get 30pts+ in a blow out as usual.

  659. Lin needs to speak up
    this team needs Lin if hes not happy they have to do something about it
    Lin has to let them know they cant treat Lin like shyt

  660. He is a free agent. That will speak louder

  661. Is Daniel going? He barely get PT after the winning shoot. Really like him play SG with Lin.

  662. Tell you the true character of coach Clifford!

  663. jlin knew that waiting time has come..so lets just wait for the next FA just like him and whatever happens now and later is already determined one.

  664. acquisition of lee was really just to keep Lin out

  665. Lin walking over to meet MDA, but camera not showing it

  666. Im just shocked by how consistent his minutes have been. Wish Lin was that lucky

  667. For next year All Star.

  668. cliff hoping for KW to be injured so he can justify playing Jlin as true PG…joke!

  669. Lin was leading scorer near half time. They froze him out. They let Lin play, he would’ve killed kw stats. Lin would’ve made everyone a fool to not start Lin. The clear deserving starting pg. this is the 76ers. Kw should be better than Lin if kW is the real star he claims and hornets try to make him to be. Kemba weak sauce

  670. How did you know?

  671. yeah good averages this season will carry him for next all star.

  672. hmmmm a possibility.

  673. It’s funny how every including Cliff was so quick to go in the lockerroom. Lin was waiting and I think he even said something Cliff then headed over to the 76ers bench to meet MDA.

  674. I saw him wait for the hornets to all walk in the lockerroom. Then he signed a few autographs and headed to the 76ers bench. Everyone was quick to leave the court and into the locker room besides Lin and KW (who had an interview)

  675. Lin need to avoid player like Kobe. Im kind pissed Lin choose to play with Kemba. He is just like Kobe and harden but worse. Maybe Cliff sold him a lie that he could possibly start. Avoid players iso star players like kobe,harden, and Kemba. Especially if the are guards

  676. PHI radio interviewed Jeremy.

  677. Are you there?

  678. Kemba is playing to beat Lin stats not to beat the sixes team

  679. interesting …

  680. i honestly thought KW and Lin could co-exist if the coach knew how to manage the time and touches of both players. But now I don’t see it happening. It’s been very political for awhile now. They are grooming their star players even though Lin probably brings the most revenue out of any other player on the team.

  681. Hornets and Clifford is trying to freeze Lin out ? so that Lin would not get starting job from other team and sign him for back up pg again?

  682. As I said plenty times before, hornets lied to Lin.

  683. The team headed to locker room. JLin signed some autographs and then headed to the 76ers bench. Probably telling MDA I like Philly if you’re HC.

  684. very very interesting …

  685. Lin, Batum, Marvin, MKG and Cody would be a solid starting group. Lin with Lamb is quite good too, he makes Lamb a better player. Kemba scored a lot but had a really annoying game tonight. Lin was very significant in this game because when he came in, then the team got in gear and took a lead. Same thing in the 2nd half but he played way too briefly.

  686. With Cliff and Hornets, I don’t feel bad at all if any “starters” get injured as a result of politics/ “playing too many minutes.” This is how much I dislike this organization.

  687. Clifford must massage the ego of KW above all else

  688. yah so annoying when everyone knows Lin is better than lee and stupid coach still used lee more

  689. Interview wasn’t that interesting thi.

  690. he’s leaving no matter what.

  691. kW is not a star player but a franchise of the hornets..Thy are making Kemba as one and hoping Batum sign with them to be their cornerstone and when Al Leaves, 3rd star will come to be their core.

  692. What did they ask?

  693. I don’t think Hornets wants Lin to stay and take the chance to let Lin outshine KW. On the contrary, Hornets wants to push him out next year.

  694. then can but they won’t!

  695. nah kemba is fine
    its clifford who scrked Lin over

  696. Saw Lin whisper to lamb in mid court during free throws. It’s clear lamb and Lin has chemistry

  697. My whole post about ball-dominant players that Lin has encountered. If he can avoid, by all means. If he can’t, then he has to do something different but still remain true to himself and his game.

  698. Sixers feed – after all the Sixers players have left the court, I saw MDA looking towards the Hornets bench, didn’t see Lin.

  699. would prefer they give the 3rd bench team more playtime since the lead is wide.

  700. That’s the great news I’d like to hear =)

  701. The fact that all of these so called “elite” players on his last 3 teams are so afraid of being out-shined by Jeremy just underscores the fact that he can and should definitely be a starting pg in the NBA.

  702. They could if Kemba can be 2nd fiddle. Lin was clearly out shining Kemba. So it ruined their plan. Hornets had to much faith in kW. They have to protect the lie that kW is hornets savior. Typical propaganda

  703. yeah but Lamb is so stubborn in making himself look like a dork in defense and playing only for himself sometimes. He seems sad being substituted early 4th quarter thinking probably why for he thought he was playing great.

  704. About the team in general

  705. Right now, it’s not about ball dominant players. Lin can actually ball dominant better. Lmao. So the ball hogger becomes even more ball hoggierious

  706. I know … felt a bit sorry for him!

  707. Ish and Caanan playing Lin hard or is it just me?

  708. Cliff has wronged Lin in so many ways. I have no more words to describe. Cliff has been helping KW to get his stats up in every BLOW OUT game. Hornets goal is to make KW a ‘star’ by next year. This season, KW is the beneficiary of open floor w/shooters and defenders around him. He only has to focus on his own scoring. Tonight KW has TWO assists for the entire 37:30min, but who cares, right? Bc his 30pts+ will get more noticed. And it does not matter how many attempts he took.

  709. Dog eat dog world

  710. what new..he started it with PJ and now trying to justify Lee…can’t wait for cliff to change because he won’t UNLESS….

  711. Hoggierious – lol!

  712. This game is a confirmation that someone decided to reduce JLin’s PT even when he plays well #JealousyAgain
    And it started after JLin led the Hornets to beat the Cavs with 24pts/8ast after losing for 6 years.

    I doubt JLin will resign with the Hornets after being marginalized with the unfair PT despite playing well.

    Why do jealousy seem to follow JLin in all NBA teams that he’s in?

  713. and KW made player of the game lol

  714. Sometimes, I feel this is exactly what is happening…I just don’t understand why Kemba was brought back into the game with Charlotte leading by double-digit….Why not let Lin have and extra 3-4 minutes?

    My hope is that Lin leaves even if he really likes his teammates…Clifford has been really toying with his minutes and his role…I don’t even think you can claim that Lin is the back-up PG on this team…He’s a back-up shooting guard who doesn’t get to shoot much.

  715. I’m just waiting for karma to kick in. Watch Knicks, rockets and lakers. Revenge will be His

  716. Here is what gonna happen to Lin for the rest of the season.

    If Lin is doing super good and the teammates need him = 30+ mins
    If Lin is doing ok or a better than ok but rest of the teammates doing good as well = 18 to 23 mins
    If Lin is doing bad no matter how the rest of the teammates doing either good or bad = 12 – 15 mins

  717. RACE

  718. Wow, Rox is 3 pt behind Pelican at 3rd qt

  719. Should be 30pts

  720. yeah and sixers commentators was talking about kemba being not a Facilitator but a scorer and the acquisition of Batum the facilitator they continued is the answer to that for the hornets.

  721. Because he is an Asian

  722. They did. And it was because Lin is an Asian

  723. ish was trying to show he was better than Jlin because the sooner Jlin guards him, he drives to the rim unlike when KW was guarding him…Cannan knew he can’t guard Jlin.

  724. Yeah..they compared him to Allen Iverson and how his teammates have to accept that the point-guard will not be passing much and will be shooting…Not too many players could accept that.

  725. Not only that, when KW lead, they almost got caught up, then LIN come to save them twice, he dare not to sit KW, because he want KW to pad the stats plus cumulate the +…. so he can said he save the team; ha ha we all now without LIN to turn around the game, they may even lost this one!

  726. leaving Jlin there a little more time can be a disastrous event for KW for JLIN can make the lead bigger as JLIN production betters KW.

  727. I posted earlier that NB better think twice about signing up w/ this team. He’s basically being used for KW’s benefit not for himself. He’s second-fiddle to KW and playing out of position. Once he realized that his stats will not be any better than before, it might be too late.

  728. word!

  729. It’s a rhetoric question:-) We all know the reasons:-)

  730. sometimes hard situation makes him more close to God because it makes him depend more to to God.

  731. because he is deceptively Great and they don’t like to be deceived.LOL!

  732. well , if he allows it, then its good for him because it will be his decision, but wht i got from him on this game is he was playing a bit DIS-INTERESTED with the game..not shooting much and facilitating is not that aggressive. i think its now beginning to come to him and his prodding on Jlin most of the time tells something about it! i guess he’s just waiting for the FA to come to test himself out there, moneywise!

  733. MDA influence?

  734. An Asian guy that’s smart and can play basketball. These are mega threats to black men and white men in the NBA. They will try to marginalize him like they are doing it now. I hope Lin can come back to CA and be a PG for a team like the Kings in the off season. I doubt Rondo will stick around but who knows?

  735. his pics? No doubt that Lin would greet MDA before and after the game; the only coach who wasn’t afraid to give him the reigns to the team over the ball chucking “star”.

  736. Hornets playing Philly two more times this year. More audition time for Lin, stay healthy.

  737. Interesting! Why the interview from opponent team????!!!!! mmmmh Wonder what’s going on:-)

  738. “Rather than partnering to soar to greater heights, Kemba chose not to change to enjoy his mini-kingdom”
    Small aspirations for small-minded people

  739. I just want Jeremy to get out again and find a team that will be playing team ball behind him and come back and destroy these teams, hornets, knicks, rockets except warrriors hahaha will be hard

  740. I feel it is possible since Lin has showed he can put good numbers when he start…But Cliff would have to get over his height preference.

    Look at Trail Blazers with Liliard and C.J McCollum…C.J is 6’4 so only 1 inch taller than Lin…The coach there understood that C.J was one of his best player and eventhough he plays the same position as their franchise player(Lilliard) he still find a way to shoe-string C.J into the starting 5 alongside Lilliard.

  741. Kings are another micro-managed and politics rotten team. Did you even read the earlier article about the issue with Kings? Lin going there will be another career suicide.

  742. only way is KW gets injured and Jlin takes over….that’s the only way sad to say

  743. Keep your head up Jlin….play hard and smart

  744. Been saying this for past 5-6 seasons. Besides MDA I don’t see any other coach willing to give him the reigns to the team. Lets hop MDA can convince Colangelo to give Lin a big contract and reigns to the team.

  745. wow 29 minutes for Lee…

  746. We can hope for the best, but if its like today …

  747. If Lin played “smart” he’d be shooting every chance he gets including after rebounds instead of passing the ball to Walker right away. He’s being iced out by the ball hog yet still follow orders of the coach which is sickening!

  748. I hope so….yes the sixers is weak now..but only a weak team will give him a chance.

  749. Yet if he doesn’t follow orders he will be the first to be yanked … so no PT at all.

  750. Hornets are weak too, look at what happened. Bottomline no black player will be happy to follow Lin’s lead unless they are team players like Lamb.

  751. yes he was trying but nobody’s is passing him the ball

  752. lamb is not a team player trust me….he is ignoring Lin now. He wants to be the star too but it won’t happen

  753. any recaps?

  754. i don’t think so, Hornets needs Lin more than Lin needs them. Without Lin they would’ve lost this game. Also it’s only 1 season so if they bench him then so be it. If Lin looked for his own shots and averaged 20+ PPG they would be questioning why he’s not starting.

  755. Didn’t help him when he was fouling a lot and the TO’s too

  756. Q: You’ve said you’re intrigued by the potential in playing point guards Kemba Walker and Jeremy Lin together. Can you describe your vision for that combination?

    It’s always good to have two pick-and-roll players on the floor. That way you can put pressure on the defense at one side, then switch it to the other. That makes more room to play similar to how Golden State does. You’ve got Steph (Curry) on one side, so defenses have to load up there, and then you’ve got Klay Thompson on the other with room to operate.

    That’s what Kemba can do for Jeremy and Jeremy can do for Kemba.

    Where is jeremy playing like Klay thompson? LOL

  757. Yes they do need Lin. Too bad they don’t appreciate what they have.

  758. At least when Lin was PG, Lamb was willing to work with him and was genuinely happy.

  759. Thats a forgotten notion now…sadly 🙁

  760. Actually, Lin’s minutes are dependent on Walker and not Lin.

    If Walker plays well, no Lin.

    If Walker is struggling, Lin until Walker gets righted, then Lin gets rebenched.

    If Walker struggles the whole game, lots of Lin.

  761. I am starting to believe is not the coach. Is the front office and the players. It only because of the coach unless the coach have absolute power like pop.

  762. I would be laughing if next season Lin, NB, Jefferson, and Kidd-christ wont be playing soon.,, they will be back into 7-65 season hahaha

  763. I mean it can only because of the coach unless the coach have absolute power like pop.

  764. One thing for sure, no star wanna play with Lin. Not even a star of a small market like Charlotte

  765. I guess…there is validity in your statement

  766. yes, they can see right through his potential greatness ..
    No more Cavs game they said =)

    It’s very sad that EGO ruins a chance for teams to be better, i.e. Knicks, Rockets, Lakers, and now Hornets

  767. Not cuz he’s Asian, its because they want to prove that they were the better Houston Rockets pg

  768. wow…LAL surprisingly been playing well lately…anything changed?

    They are leading against Nuggets!

  769. I also believe 76ers is not a good place for Lin. Look at how Smith and Canaan play against Lin which were super aggressive. Can’t imagine what gonna happen they are teammates…

  770. Ya, would be funny if Batum heads to Toronto and JLin leaves. Then they will have no facilitator.

  771. Hero balls still rules in NBA and its fans….teamball is a new thing that had not grasp wide audience yet…it will change in time to come

  772. thats when they will feel the pinch!

  773. Self preservation. They know if Lin comes they are going to be 2nd and 3rd string. Ish contract ends after this season. He may not even be a 76er anymore. They traded him away once.

  774. They play as per the Scouting report… Canaan is former teammate of Jeremy

  775. What about to Kemba?

  776. I just hope Lin can find a TRUE home next season. A Coach that trust him as PG, no super star push him aside and teammates that willing to play team ball with him.

  777. soft like charmin. Lol

  778. They want Schroder from ATL.

  779. True, and Canaan doesn’t really like Lin where they were in Rockets.

  780. All those Kemba loving bloggers going to start complaining about Kemba hogging the ball and not passing next year as the Hornets miss the playoffs.

  781. I mean 76 players to Kemba? Did they guard him like they did to Lin?

  782. That’s called fear

  783. Thats what I meant

  784. they had been doing that the past 2 season…remember the scouting report that we saw prior to season starts

  785. MORE teamball is GREAT for a team….a conbination of a little ISO and teamball can be good also , but an imbalance of More ISO can be BAd for a team.

    Hero ball can help but needs to be as their last priority ONLY and in that way the team can CREAT an atmosphere of a team FULL of Heroes!

  786. Smith is a free agent after this year. If Jeremy signs w/ Sixers as starting PG, doubt Sixers will keep Smith.

  787. Hopefully Lin will experience it in his career.
    #1 priority is to sign with teams with no-stars next season =)

  788. Short highlights

  789. yes, jealousy is still evil but God can use that strengthen Jeremy’s character in His mold and inspires many others in real world

  790. That Cavs game brought the knives out. Walker and the FO structure just collapsed under the weight of Jeremy’s ability. That “team” experiment is kaput.

  791. That’s lazy man. Who’s racist…Rich Cho? It could be that the FO don’t want the fan base to be confused. They can’t allow a journeyman to outshine the long term commitments.

  792. Lin is no longer for in for the win but in to insure the win.

  793. It’s all about Kemba so no matter Lin is in or not …..he will not get the ball in his hand. Look at Lee can tell. It’s all for Kemba, Batum, & MW. I guess MW maybe will stay then….

  794. No, it actually started after his 35 pt game. He definitely shine over Kemba, Lin never got to play like that game again, even in that Cavs game.

  795. Do you want Lin go to a team that only 3 players show up in their shoot around?

  796. “The Redemption Games” I am looking forward to are against the Rockets (3/12); Heats (3/17); Cavs (4/03); and of course Boston (4/11). All meaningful games for J to the Lin.

  797. If Cliff let Lin do it.

  798. They don’t want lin to shine in front of mda. They want to show mda it’s not just lin who can be yo boy

  799. It’s all from top to bottom, if FO wants Lin to lead the team he will get it no matter who’s coach, if not he won’t.

  800. Technically Kemba is not considered a star (not all-star yet), more like no “franchise player” wants to play with Lin.

  801. IMO, many players put personal stats above winning. That destroys a basketball team. The Spurs are team first. I read tonight that they have clenched another of many, consecutive playoff spots. Pop and Duncan have demanded this from their players. The Spurs have no selfish, ISO players. The may not have the best players year after year, but they always have one of the best teams.

  802. Of course it’s FO, it’s always been FO tailoring to their franchise players why Lin couldn’t stay on his teams.

  803. In every game when Lin got the rebound he would pass it to Kemba. In the past on Lakers or Rockets he’d make his 1 man fast break. I don’t see that at all this season. Maybe Lin thinks it’s no use fighting so hard just to get his offense when he’ll be out of there next year. Except most NBA players would be scrambling to get “theirs” when it’s their contract year.

  804. lol…really!?

  805. Those shoe designs are so ugly ><" Seriously Adidas couldn't design better looking ones for Lin? Did they ever release the dragon pack shoes? Never seen them online, those were nice especially the white ones.

  806. Good catch. Kemba’s lack of popularity ensures that he will never get ahead in voting vs. Wall, Irving, Wade, Lowry, DeRozan, Dragic, IT, etc. With next year’s ASG being in CHAR, his best shot is All-Star reserve, and even then it’s a long shot. EC (and likely the whole league) knows what Kemba’s made of, and of the 23L and 18L record he “led” the Bobcats into.

  807. Lin to Spurs? ?

  808. Not sure if Spurs wanted Lin they would’ve offered him a contract last season already.

  809. I don’t want anything reminding me of Hornets once Lin is gone.

  810. Really love these shoes. So different. Going to check Adidas website.

  811. how was it folks?any good feedback from the game?

  812. It would not be LINSANITY, but he has always played with a team first mentality.

  813. Manu decided NOT to retire.

  814. CHA being a host, KW will get the automatic pick

  815. not so fast. nobody knew Lin would sign for pennies with the hornets. plus, spurs spent all of their $$ on LMA and already got Davis West for pennies

  816. They could always pick MKG, or Batum…how many CHA spots are guaranteed?

  817. what about these? gotta admit they look awesome!

  818. Sorry for cursing but Clifford really annoys me

  819. I liked the Lin Lakers shoes and I like these as well. The problem is that I DON’T want any merchandise associated with teams that mistreated Lin, which was EVERY team he’s been with. I will only dump real cash when Lin finds his REAL real home.

  820. Not sure if Lin would want to accept as replacement for Manu since his goal is starting PG and All-Star. Really depends on whether MDA’s team offer him a legit starting PG role.

  821. I was just talking about why Spurs didn’t offer a guard contract (to Lin or anyone else). IIRC Manu was hesitating on whether to come back, and made his announcement (the Decision) in Argentina.

  822. There’s a poster from the other site that saw Lin play tonight in Philadelphia. Said both of his ankles were wrapped in ice after. Did he post here? If not, is it ok to bring his observations here? There are some on D’Antoni and his interaction.

  823. I assume it’s ok to bring it here. I read down below there’s this poster on this thread name c chan who’s at the game.

  824. Not bad! Both good!

  825. It’s a different poster. Has some good stuff to say. Any mods around?

  826. Look awesome, score 50. If it also feels awesome, score another 50, 100! Great A shoe!

  827. Are you still around? Can I quote some comments here from someone who attended the game tonight? They fit the site rules, are positive for sure, and mentions some of Lin and D’Antoni’s interactions.

  828. I m the mod for a sec. Yes you may! Haha~

  829. Good stuff indeed. Just went in there to read them. Hope mods are ok with it.

  830. Ha!

  831. I asked one, don’t know if he’s still around.

  832. Not sure this is worth going to so here is the good part:

    Frank Kaminsky raised three fingers in the air when he sank a 3-pointer in the fourth for a 94-78 lead. That started to empty what was already another sparse crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center.

    Those who stayed got a small dose of Linsanity.

    Still a fan favorite, Lin was cheered almost every time he touched the ball, and fans were clamoring for his autograph.

  833. Things we look forward to as season wraps up:

    1) Lin getting primary ballhandling responsibility due to whatever circumstance.
    2) Lin shining in playoffs and going deep
    3) Rockets missing playoffs, Morey gets fired.
    4) Jeanie making little Jimmy keep his words and kicks him out of Lakers basketball operations, BS gets fired.

  834. new thread

    Jeremy Lin Played Well in Diminishing Playing Time in a Win over 76ers


    Jeremy Lin played scorching hot to produce 8pts/1ast/2reb in ONLY 4 min of the 1st quarter vs the sixers (3-4 shooting, 2-2 FT) but inexplicably only played 20 min in an easy win 119-99 over the 76ers.

    – JLin finished with 14Pts?4Rebs?2Asts (4-6 FG, 6-6 FT) in 20 min

    – The Hornets chose to continue to give more time to Kemba and Batum who curiously played 38 min and 37 min in a blowout. It’s very unusual for a coach to risk injury to stars by playing them with 19pt lead until 1:45 left in the 4th quarter. Clifford could’ve easily rested them with 4 min left to maintain the 15pt lead but chose to let them play to stat-pad

    – Courtney Lee continued to be given more Playing time with 29 min. He finished with 9pts/3pts/3rebs/1stl with 2-5 shooting. It’s clear that the Hornets chose to give extended PT to Lee after the trade with the Grizzlies and JLin’s role has been reduced.

    – At this point with 22 games left of the season, it is clear that Courtney Lee trade translated to a diminishing role for JLin. Although he is playing extremely well or arguably better than Lee, he is not given more time since his role is merely a role player for a short term. And possibly because JLin might leave in the off-season to exercise his player option. His service will only be needed when the Hornets need him to win tough games. Let’s hope the playoff series would require JLin’s services to help the Hornets win.

    Unfulfilled Clifford promise

    In July 2015 interview, Lin said that Coach Clifford will let him play with Kemba for a long time & with a lot of room with mistakes even if he didn’t play well in Charlotte. I started a 7-day Twitter poll to survey if that promise is fulfilled. With diminishing Playing Time, it’s understandable so far 88% people out of 34 people said NO. Whatever the reason might be, that promise is not fulfilled and increases the possibility of Jeremy Lin to find a new team in the off-season that he can call home. With a healthy MKG next season, JLin’s time would be further diminished to 10-15min as he’s not utilized well in Clifford’s promise. And he might find a better 10-15mpg role if he pursues the backup PG with Golden State Warriors to win a championship ring. https://twitter.com/JLinPortal/status/705245924142919680

    Here is the link to the interview transcript and video


  835. psalm, someone on the other site has a lot of good observations about Lin tonight. OK to quote some here on the new thread? Had some on Lin and D’Antoni’s interaction and the crowd’s reaction to Lin (all good stuff). *****

  836. yeah go ahead

  837. off course ..
    please do so in the new thread so it won’t get lost here.

    thank you!

  838. Cool, thanks.

  839. This is my third year to drive from NYC to Philadelphia to support JLin. 2 yrs ago I witnessed JLin drained 9 3pts. Last year was very disappointed cos he was out sick & not even on the bench. This year I am very lucky, have him signed my Lakers & Hornets jersey & took a picture with him. I was sitting at the baseline next to the Hornets bench. I was spying at him all the time & have no interest in watching the game except for when he was playing. When he was on the bench, he has very little interaction with other players, he didn’t look happy most of the time until 4th quarter after subbed out. He started to smile sometimes & talked to Kaminsky. M William is really a good teammate & leader. He stands up & cheers for teammates whenever they score. I didn’t pay attention to Clifford so I don’t know if he ever yells at JLin. There’s one play which I was really mad at him, is in the 4th quarter, when I. Smith already started to run down the court, but Clifford kept talking to JLin, guess he was calling play, making him a little late to guard Smith, which lead to Smith a driving layup & a foul by Lin. Also I was disappointed not seeing any contact between JLin & MDA, not at shoot around or after the game, but I’m not sure about halftime. Sorry that I can’t provide a detail game report but here are some pics I would like to share.

  840. I guess Lin’s shine took a lot of Kemba’s shine.
    It is what it is by now.

    We can only hope JLin has 1-2 times to shine in the playoff to help boost his FA values

  841. Kings could do an overhaul this off season. They need a clean house.

  842. Ohhh im so jealous of the signed jersey. I was not lucky last time. I know Lin is not happy. I saw it. In tv you can’t really tell. Thank you for the pics and for sharing.

  843. no kobe

  844. maybe bc lin dropped 29 on them with the lakers

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