G6 CHA @SAS PostGame Thread

Hornets was steam-rolled by the mighty Spurs in a 94-114 loss.

They were competitive until the Spurs made a 22-5 run to close the 3rd quarter, turning a tie game 71-71 to 76-93. Manu Ginobili made triple 3s in this run.

Jeremy Lin still hasn’t regained his shooting touch but did the right thing to attack the rim. He finished with 12pts/2a/3r/2tos/2pfs. Unfortunately, he only made 3-6 FTs after hitting 95% FT average in the season.

JLin had the right mindset to be aggressive to score when he checked in but as the game went on, he wasn’t the primary playmaker. The 2nd unit looked disorganized in offense and much worse in defensive assignments.

Jeremy Lamb was clearly given the green light to continue his hot-shooting and even the playmaker.
Hawes and Lamb clearly were not a playmaker, combining for 4TOs with 0 assists.

Either Coach Clifford or the Front Office wanted to experiment to give Lamb free reign after the contract extension. His loose defense and lack of playmaking will eventually hold him back this season so he can do what’s best for him as a shooter and sometimes a slasher.

There are too many ball-handlers and playmakers in this new team and things are very chaotic. Kemba played very well finishing with 27pts/4a in 11-15 shooting. We should see more Kemba/Lin/Batum but things have gone sideways since JLamb hot shooting and contract extension.

It remains a mystery how long Lamb will be given free reign as the playmaker, especially in the 2nd unit.
Things are not looking up as JLin is supposedly the main playmaker for the 2nd unit.
Lin would need to get his shooting touch back since it seems Coach Clifford will reward the top scorer as the top playmaker.
And JLin can’t fall into the trap of over-facilitating to help his teammates get going since NBA team will quickly take away his role as a playmaker when he stops scoring. He made 1-2 mistakes leaving Patty Mills open for 3s to help with interior defense which JLin can be prone to do at times. Mills had the Finals experience to hit big 3s so he should never be left alone for help with team defense.

Lin would need to get his shooting touch back since it seems Coach Clifford will reward the top scorer as the top playmaker.

And JLin can’t fall into the trap of over-facilitating to help his teammates get going since NBA team will quickly take away his role as a playmaker when he stops scoring.

Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of the NBA. Let’s hope and pray JLin will continue his aggressive mindset and keep scoring like we know he could.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 7 vs MIN


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  10. A lot of people talk about how they wish Lin could play on a team like the Spurs. What they see is just the tip of the iceberg, literally. Most of the transformation of the Spurs have taken place over decades of hard work and determination to build a culture of slowly building up rank and file. That means that all players get developed SLOWY, METHODICALLY.

    What you see in the Hornets is an infancy of that culture. Their bench or specificly core bench guys are being developed as part of their future. Whether you believe Lin is part of that future or not depends greatly on your own leanings towards how positive you are or negative you are. IMO, I always look for the positive. It’s why I like this site because we try very hard to look at life in this way.

    BS was so bad a coach that he merits no mention in the discussion of coaching. Mchale at least tried to win, even though he only wanted to win with his own chosen ones. Mchale in comparison to Pop is an example of someone who can’t plan ahead and look long term for one game or a whole season. Pop on the other hand plans his games and season to peak with the maximum number of players playing well, including all the bench players. Spurs beat the Heat by pounding them ceaselessly one wave after another. GSW followed that recipe and wore out Lebron.

    Pop has the necessary guts and faith to trust his fledgling young bench players to develop through their mistakes. He screams at them for sure, but he plays them and gives opportunity to work through their mistakes. Mchale on the other hand would take Lin out the minute he makes any mistake and would lean heavily on his star players through out the game and all throu the regular season. MCHALE MICRO MANAGES BECAUSE HE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY MISTAKES. HE TERATS EVRY LITTLE MISTAKE AS AN INDICTMENT OF THE PLAYERS FUTURE ABILITY. With this inability to have faith and trust in his players, Mchale needs to play only his best players all the time until they need a few minutes of rest.

    A lot of us talk about how we admire team play, well team play requires development of all players. We wish for Lin to be playing on a team like the Spurs and GSWs but none of us are willing to accept the payments necessary to build such a team. THAT IS JUST WRONG. What I hear is that no one else but Lin should be developed. Lol. Team play and team culture is not about one individual.

    I personally have my own doubts about Clifford myself but I choose to look at the positives of what may become of this team IF ALL THE CORE BENCH PLAYERS ARE DEVLOPED INTO A SOLID UNIT EQUAL OR BETTER THAN THE FIRST UNIT. I have only crumbs to lead me to believe that possibility JUST AS many of you only have crumbs to believe that everyone on this team is out to make Lin into a toilet bowl cleaner for the first unit.

    Clifford at least seems like he’s doing all the right things to build a complete team. It may not be to many Lin fans who lube and die by each minute he plays. I will continue to believe that the process Clifford is on is to build a team that plays the right way and the new way.

  11. As long as Lin keeps attacking when he’s in, I have no complaints. He was in attack mode tonight — 13 shots in 22m (10 FGA + 3 FT trips). One of his “misses” was a last-second heave where he was fouled (and shot after-the-buzzer).

    NBA shooting is streaky. Even Curry and Harden miss 4 in a row and then make 4 in a row. I’ll split hairs on 4-10 vs. 5-10 when Lin is given consistent minutes,. Right now, Lin is not the problem. Clifford’s lineups are the problem.

    Lamb and Batum must play less. Hairston should not play at all. Lin and Kaminsky need more time. Hawes and Zeller stink, but I see their skills when properly motivated. Clifford cannot keep running the same broken lineups every night.

  12. Good insight, @Acbc:disqus

    As a coach, there’s no doubt Clifford wants to have as many playmakers like Lamb/Hawes but there’s definitely politics involved the test JLamb as the playmaker after his hot shooting & contract extension.

    I think JLin and his fans have a dilemma here because JLin is the most effective when he’s the primary ball-handler. I think the best way is for JLin to score first so he’s trusted as the main playmaker. NBA politics is definitely favoring the talented scorers

  13. Have you guys noticed that the quick release that Lin worked on this summer/preseason disappear?

  14. why do you want JJ to be above you know?…jk jk jk

  15. He did that today in trash time.

  16. why someone changes some of their fundamental moves..its gonna take time to be sustainable during game time…..just need to give it more time and continue the practice

  17. hmm we should start deleting Brent’s post

  18. cause doc schepler shooting is garbage watch paul pierce shoot 1 foot in front and lunge forward to shoot his style is efficient not tiring 1 leg is being used and follow through arm wrist and other leg… very efficient

  19. I’ve seen it this season…just not nearly enough. And that’s because of low playing time and poor lineups. Look at that last 3 in the highlights — smooth, quick release. He needs more minutes and touches as usual.

  20. Lamb is now an investment asset to Jordan and GM . the better he looks the more NBA trade value he has . when you want to sell something you need to dress it up

  21. wat bout Step Curry , Pierce is 6 ft 8 “

  22. You don’t do that already?

  23. come on Jeremy. you cannot let a guy named patty beat you. that is weak.

  24. What Cliff wants just anyone who can score for the game. His job is more important than anything to him so he will go w hot hand no matter what…

  25. jlin cannot utilized two feet jump three point hes not good……its time to use the paul pierce method if you watch wnba and female basketball most shoot this ways cause its not tiring…. very efficient

  26. I agree, Lin’s attacking mode is great to see, esp. when his shots are not falling

    Clifford needs to designate JLin as the primary playmaker of the 2nd unit (at least 60%-70%) so they know their roles, plus enforce the discipline on defense. Spurs just killed them with so many open shots & great ball movement.

    There are no other ways for JLin to rise up other than being in Linsanity mode.
    NBA simply values great scorers like Harden and Curry despite any lack of defensive skills.

    Scoring > playmaking so JLin needs to establish his scoring threat first whenever he steps on the floor.

  27. I also think Cliff doesn’t trust Lin bc Batum always not hot hand but he still let him run the O & stay on court but just not Lin.

  28. i saw MW shooting 3 pts perfectly and then out!

  29. Batum is also a TO machine! LOL!

  30. Don’t think that matter now….

  31. With any new form, it’s always 2 steps forward, one step back. Like I said, the percentage gained from a form change is 1-1.5 % return on investment. Lin has improved only when you look at it long term on an annual return. But he keeps moving closer to the 40% 3s benchmark and when he does, you wonder how he did it.

  32. Patty Mills is not to be under-estimated.
    He scored 17pts in 18 min in 2014 NBA Finals to help the Spurs win the trophy.

    JLin just made the mistake to leave him 2 times to help with team defense.
    He’ll be fine & learn from it

    It’s about the offense now to show Coach Clifford that JLin should be the main playmaker, not Lamb/Hawes/etc. in the 2nd unit

  33. I think he’s supposed to be the 2nd unit’s #1 option, but Lamb has gotten really selfish. Tonight, I counted 3-4 instances of Lin being wide-open and Lamb not even looking in his direction. Those are the easy buckets in basketball, and Lin isn’t getting any of them.

    Even when guys are unselfish, you can always just load up on Lin and let Lamb and Hawes beat you. Which they simply can’t 9 out of 10 times. I would play Roberts more…he’s actually more proven than Lamb. His 2 pre-CHA years were quality for a backup PG.

  34. lol freaking basketball takes time….putting the orange ball to basket takes time……is this job kinda engineering or medical profession………very easy to change shot and even create new moves…..I want to see him post cause he is 6″3 and his floater……and pattern your shoot to paul pierce or wnba shooting stroke cause it is a efficient shot not to tiring and less effort than 2 feet jump then release

  35. That’s Lin biggest D problem. Why he always did that… no wonder they will blame him ….smh!

  36. I have to watch the replay,but based on the posts:
    1.Bad player rotation by Hornets
    2. Someone else is the playmaker for Hornets
    3.Batum playing way out of position AGAIN
    4.Spurs hot shooting go off at the right time.
    5.Where is the discussion for Jeremy’s minutes vs Spurs vs minutes vs Mavericks?

  37. Really besides Lin fans…I have not seen ppl blame him so far…lol

  38. Thats was basically a heat check. they hit like 8 threes in the third.

  39. I hope you will remember these dumb remarks one day when that form becomes the accepted norm. BTW, Lin is trying to lower his release point like stef Curry to have a quicker release.

  40. This team is nice bc they don’t trash talk anything on the lose game. Like they get used to it… LOL!

  41. I saw Lamb’s selfish play too! If not the game could be really close!

  42. he is not steph curry he does not have quick release

  43. I guess that means you’ve played in the NBA with Lebron?

  44. I know CHA isn’t tanking, but they’re acting like it with their lineups and rotations.

    Minimizing their roster talent with laughable moves like starting Hairston (whom they won’t even extend for vet min) and treating Batum like Lebron. Not to mention Lamb’s 1 good game making him the new 6th man.

  45. lol common sense…putting the orange ball to basket takes time

  46. I hope Lin and CLifford can tell them to pass good shots for great shots

    Hawes playmaking was also killing me. Lamb shooting was pure contract-driven

  47. You’d think he’d relax after getting a contract he didn’t deserve, but nope! Me First City.

  48. No need to watch the game it’s boring & no fun. I really hate this… always like one good game then bad games… repeat… just like old days. smh!

  49. Agreed, Lin needs to keep attacking. After a while, the shots will come. He’s too good a shooter for them not to.

  50. 4 just killed them. At the same time as 4 above, I wasn’t paying attention but a few really bad passes by PG and others. Lin was SG for some of that run. He did ok, but they gave up I think more than a 12-2 run.

    I don’t care if Lin has less minutes in a blowout like this … CHA aren’t as bad as LAL, but they aren’t as good as HOU was with Lin was there. They’ll get there … but I’m not sure about the bad reaction to a run … those guys gotta get their heads on better, not Lin, to get the stops and make those offensive moves much cleaner.

  51. you want 7-0? coming up lol.

  52. Com’on just leave the dumb part out

  53. I was noticing it looks like Curry is just able to put it up from any starting point now. Seems he just keep practicing having that great launch platform from any starting pt. I notice Lin is better with his more planned shooting rhythm. I want to see him develop something like Curry has – release from a stable place from any starting point. That’s why I think Curry can do all those amazing circus shots.

  54. I just don’t get why Cliff doesn’t want to play like preseason? Some players don’t want team ball or himself doesn’t trust Lin?

  55. Maybe it is nothing. But the closing 5 in 2Q, Lin is not one of them.

    3 close games with tough defensive teams and 3 blown out games. Still can’t figure out what Clifford’s plan for Lin. Too early to tell. But until it is too late.

    From those 6 games, this I know. There is not much for Lin to play his brand of games. Maybe it is the 2nd unit not playing in sync, maybe it is something else. But most of the time, Lin was just used as decoy standing and waiting for the ball to come.

    But in 4Q, I saw a glimpse of Lin style transition play that Lin just pushed the tempo whenever he got the ball. in 2Q, except the first minute when he was aggressive, he seemed to follow coach’s order to set up plays.

    I am still in puzzled mode.

  56. Clifford is always sending mixed signals. He says he wants consistent, 9-man rotations and then changes his rotations every single game. He says guys need to earn their minutes and then starts PJ and gives Lamb total freedom after 1 good game. Says Lin will lead the 2nd unit and then benches him early.

  57. It is simple….there are 240 total minutes….Lin takes whatever is left…

  58. I dunno, with 82 game session, I’m staying away from full game rabid fandom as long as I can because once I start, it’ll be GSW and CHA and the you know, I’ll miss Christmas.

  59. he is not curry he has slow release like paul pierce thats why I said pattern his shot to paul pierce that shoot like a wnba female player

  60. Their rotation was good last preseason,but is getting questionable come regular season.I know that they consider these games “too early”,but still.

  61. I guess you are right I dunno. Try as I did, I never got a good left hook so we are somewhat limited by who we are by the time we are 20 I guess. But I did take up new sports so maybe …

  62. I get it. Walker+Batum+Al+X+Y will take out most of the minutes. X and Y will never be Lin.

  63. I would not say never….we shall see

  64. Cliff doesn’t trust Lin. I doubt Lin will have good season as long as this coach will not play his game. smh!

  65. I meant the starter role.

  66. He is not right, best WNBA shooters shoots just like man

  67. Barbara Carrera and Sean Connery!

  68. Clifford can’t even keep his word for even 1 game. He says he wants a 9-man rotation with consistent rotations and minutes… and then goes back on his word every single game. He even said he has no idea who will close games this season anymore.

    Please do something, MJ. Fire Cliff and Cho. Bring in MDA and a barking dog. The season will turn around real quick.

  69. his two feet jump then shoot does not suit him….it will only work if you have quicker release like curry watch paul pierce shoot at free throw thats the way he shoot little effort most wnba player shoot like that cause female get tired easily its a efficient shot

  70. Don’t understand when it went this way when Lin was hired for his pnr, playmaking and shooting and now a stand in corner guy again smh

  71. BTW, any infor on coach’s post game interview?

  72. “Guys need to play harder” or some garbage, I’m guessing. “Spurs are too good and invincible. Just like title contenders Miami and Atlanta.”

    Hot air and meaningless PR speak every postgame. His actions speak for themselves.

  73. I should learn how to shoot like a man then lol … I got the short man’s wild hook or fade or jump back.

  74. “Guys need to play harder” ………..its that kevin mchale

  75. Haha! Really Garbage indeed. But what else could he say…? Ugly game. smh!

  76. Ah well,this is Spurs.They tend to feast on players overhelping in team defense.I don’t blame Jeremy though.

  77. He is more & more like Mc. I don’t think he likes Lin now.

  78. Shooting fundamentals are the same, but the mechanics changes from person to persons. be aware of the mechanics but do not be obsessed with it.

  79. Yep … hey, hello for this year. Are you still working for the gambling feed company? That is, do you still get to see great vid whenever you want? I still remember you and your dad watching games. I hope you have some good times with him on that.

  80. It’s getting scary to think about it…

  81. I know, I’ll take my son and get a few lessons together. I learned in the playground and on those driveways where you have to do hook shots some days because my friend’s dad was parked there.

  82. He just needs more minutes. Not 17m one night, 27 another night. 15 next night, 22 after that.

    Ty Lawson has played 36m tonight: 4p/4a, 2-9 FG. He’s regarded as a Top 10 PG talent and he’s way worse than Lin next to Harden.

    Rhythm is so important. Lin gets minimal minutes with no consistency and selfish, incompetent teammates who can’t catch passes, make layups or sets screens. At some point, CHA should give him a chance.

  83. Did he really say that??? where???

  84. Well the newly signed 7 million dollars man got only 2 buckets in 8 tries. He contributed no assists; just like a babe waiting to be fed in 23 minutes. Jeremy Lamb is not ready for big time basketball. He can’t handle pressure.

    Going back to the old Hornets, this team is going to have a long season. Jefferson couldn’t carry the team. It’s proven. When the 2nd team is not clicking with Lamb as the primary option, the 2nd team simply folded up. This is a good way to show the FO that Lamb isn’t ready for big time basketball. His minutes will kill the team if his shots stops falling. When Lin is given 30 minutes or more, this team will start clicking.

    Also when old Spencer Hawes failed to deliver, please send in Kaminsky to do his job.

  85. I have no clue. I’m just sick of hearing the same stupid “PR speak” from Clifford and every coach not named Pop. It’s all meaningless, so I’m just parodying his usual schtick. Sorry for the confusion.

  86. He is absolutely nothing like McHale. Cliff makes very intelligent assessments and evaluations of the game. He has a very good understanding of the game of basketball.

  87. He already used the term “ball was sticking” this season.


  88. Real interview. Coach blamed no one. said the unit late in third wasn’t quite ready for the tempo of the spurs. Basically Spurs are a better team. Learn and move on

  89. Test

  90. He didn’t say that

  91. He didn’t say thath

  92. we have to wait until 8 games…..if there still no changes than we Know it is going to be a long season

  93. He actually did. Didn’t make that part up.

  94. Its not in the NBA.com vid

  95. Yes still working there,and yes we had a noisy household last Finals between Warriors and Cavaliers haha

  96. Can’t believe that comes from you! Mmmm….good one though!

  97. WE lost to the” spurs”. we will get to the playoffs. Spurs are just too good. They are the original us. team ball and all. of course they won with better chemistry and players

  98. thx

  99. Thats october 29

  100. agreed. Spurs lot of experienced player s.

  101. The point is Lamb is too fragile. Lin is a warrior that Lamb isn’t. When things get tough, Lamb won’t heck it.

  102. Not really,but I question Clifford’s rotation and lineups.With McHale I question how the frack did he get the HC job when he can’t even coach.

  103. Over the short term, this was the game most expected to be a loss. Learn from it and move on.

  104. “unit late in third wasn’t quite ready for the tempo of the spurs.”

    That’s exactly the PR speak garbage I was parodying. They “weren’t ready” because they’re not playing their best passing, running, defensive lineups. No real analysis or change of game plan. Just “Spurs are better!”

  105. I don’t believe in lamb either. He isn’t a playmakers. Unless he plays 30 per he won’t be much help for lin. Make him just a C&S player. Maybe cutter type player. More Lin PNR. Awes and Zeller have been worse and even more inconsistent then Lamb

  106. :40.9LACPaul Pierce makes a 26-foot three-pointer from the left corner. Assist:
    Blake Griffin

    paulpierce shooting style

  107. Patience my friend. It takes a while to build a team.

  108. i wonder if clifford learn anything from thibs. , van gundy and dantoni especially about offensive plays

  109. Hey, I hope you’re right. But there’s that old saying, “Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    CHA is being insane. They need to be…Linsane.

  110. Ugh, a good percentage of Hornets are played out of position,Jeremy Lin included.

  111. No evidence of that so far.

  112. Well the thing is they made better decisions in preseason,that went kaput come regular season.

  113. I’m glad they play the Spurs. Lamb is really exposed that he’s simply not ready and Lin is the real thing.

  114. So the first unit is kemba’s unit and secon d unit belongs to lamb?

  115. i understand. i loose my patients at times. check my history lol. But Lin has to do a better job of not getting 2 fouls in the 2nd. Thats Cliffs limit. He took out Hairston when he got 2. He did bring in Lin earlier then expected in the third but that worked horribly. Its all chemistry and facing a Better team. Still a lot of promise

  116. sums up

  117. Kemba can be demoted to #2 when Big Al is hot. Lamb is #1 no matter what.

  118. We need to cool it with Lamb. We’re making him out to be more than he is. The problem with the second unit is I don’t think the player’s complement each others skills. Lamb can score and sometimes makes a nice dish when he drives instead of scoring. But he’s no leader the team.

  119. Lin has to stop picking up 2 foul in the first haif. Its limiting his minutes

  120. Intelligent assessments? I don’t think so.

  121. The offensive fouls were so-so calls, though.

  122. Yea but its been 3 games in a row i think. it happened last game for sure. 2 early foul take him out.

  123. Wolves beat Bulls today so next game maybe will not be as easy as we thought.

  124. patrick ewing is still there. Maybe he wil be the next hc

  125. Good no blow out.

  126. Blowout or not Cliff will not let Lin on in the important 4Q moment unless he plays well (score a lot). So…. smh!

  127. Not true. He did so in the first 3 games and he struggled in the 2nd game and in the 3rd also

  128. After that Lin’s playing time cut down under 20 min…

  129. because of politic. I guess lin will outshine the first unit …

  130. Love it, you and your dad must have had some nice reaction to the ‘best player in the world’ comment.

  131. As long as Lamb was on the court, nothing worked. Right now Lin is sent in the game with the 3rd team to play the garbage time in the last 4 miinutes. If you deducted that, Lin’s minutes is about 18 in the game while Jeremy Lamb is rewarded 23 minutes. That’s why the Hornets lost big. Lamb is just super soft.

  132. Then he picks up no other fouls the whole game.

  133. Still Cliffs limit for first haif is 2

  134. I am glad Lamb played w 1st unit for the down trench in 4Q today. Lamb couldn’t do well w 1st unit. W/O Lin, he couldn’t score well. Maybe coach wants to bring Lamb to 1st unit after 10 games or so…?! Let Cliff do it.

  135. If they give 30 minutes to Lamb per game, then the team will lose many more games.

  136. Lin played 22

  137. Because they just don’t let Lin control the tempo of the game.

  138. Yeah and dont know why the coach didnt want to bring out the best of their players, so strange!
    Why played them out of position to throw them off? And then yell and get a technical?

  139. W/O trash time, only 18. I am OK bc at least he can pad his stats a little bit.

  140. https://twitter.com/librafree/status/663237630503456768

    Hope we get a video of this. I’d love to hear what he said after the game.

  141. I have told everyone here that this game is going to be a blown out by the Spurs and Lamb won’t be able to have his way。

  142. games was over since end of third so thats redundant

  143. So looking at Jeremy’s minutes, it appears that he is the 3rd string SG on the team, after Batum and Lamb? What happened to Coach Clifford’s “playing Kemba-Jeremy” at the same time on court?

  144. lamb is still a playmaker for the nnext game….why h? cos he is s stil new and need time to adjust his game

  145. We hear you, Lai.

  146. As soon as Lamb is signed, those have been thrown out of the window and the team started giving minutes to Lamb but the 2nd team began to crumble.

  147. Lamb happened. If MKG was playing, he’d get even less at SG.

  148. That’s history.

  149. Then Jeremy will be the 4th SG? That’s mind blowing…

  150. dont think it matters
    Clifford is still gonna play him
    Lamb is not a bad player thou

  151. So fast it’s history already? unbelievable!

  152. Since you’re right this game? You think Lin will play bigger role soon? What’s Lin’s future with the team?

  153. It’s interesting to note that the Hornets vs Spurs NBA.com highlights features a lot of Kemba/Lin/Al+1Lamb


  154. The reason is politics get into the way of sports. Lamb is simply not ready. He’s a good shooter but he creates nothing and he only plays well when he gets fed. While the FO is congratulating themselves the team starts to fall apart. It’s good for the Hornets that this is found out early in the season. All they need to do is to bench Lamb and only plays him when he’s ready.

  155. Lamb simply isn’t rotation material. Not right now. He can statpad in blowouts…that’s his only “skill.”

    He’s just slow and confused on both ends of the court. Tonight, he played selfish to boot. CHA is doomed. They extend the worst players and act shocked when they’re mediocre to awful every year.

    Try something different. Play Lin, Kemba and Batum together. Play your lottery pick. Enough of this losing formula.

  156. Well Batum will presumably play more and Lamb is first one off bench so Lin will get leftovers as SG.

  157. How do I know? Perhaps they begin to offer Lin a much bigger contract the year after but I seriously doubt how they are going to round about it. The Hornets seems to have a tendency to sign players up for an extension before they they let them play.

  158. and Jeremy Lamb’s minutes exploded.

  159. ok, fair. no wonder somebody said Char Hornets is dysfunctional.

  160. Well, just like Cliff said we can fix it in one day. So… just wait & see… LOL!

  161. ;P

  162. NBA wants Lin to be hot again for Asia viewers to grow. I think that’s why he’s on the national news a lot recently.

  163. This marketing strategy will back fire as the referees always give bogus foul calls on Lin. These bogus calls turn off Asian viewers!

  164. yeah, if Lamb is that good, OKC will not trade him and take Waiters instead.

    First of all, OKC is not a place do not know how to develop rookie, and second, OKC desperately need a reliable SG after Harden trade. And Lamb could not crack into their rotations, it is not like he don’t have his opportunity. So sooner or later, he will come back to earth.

  165. That was history…

  166. Lin usage for this game was still high….to me what was lacking was…the was trying to do too many things on a ball possession rather than an efficient and patient play

  167. Hawes was clunky, clumsy, slow and poor shooting too!

  168. I figure that they couldn’t cut down on Lamb’s minutes right away. They would give him at least one more game to redeem himself. Lamb is not ready to play the game competitively. He will blow his assignment the same way as the pressure is on and the Hornets will lose another game before coach Clifford can do something about it.

    Looking forward to another blowout in the next game but I figure Lin would be more ready to adjust to his recent role.

    Mind you, Lin was sent in to play in the garbage time this game. it would be a sign that he would be having more playtime with Kaminsky. On one side, he’s demoted to the third team. On the other hand, he got to play with the future of the franchise, Kaminsky, more. MJ is definitely high on Kaminsky and he’s playing better and better. Perhaps, in a few games, he might even displace Hawes if Spencer stopped producing.

  169. Then let NBA knows…

  170. Alright, Lin is there to groom the 3rd unit? wow, thought he’s supposed to be the 2nd unit leader. Things really change fast with Cliffort.

  171. They won’t bench him. They just paid him. Benching him will embarrass them. IF they allow Lin to be PG to make good plays and feed everyone to make easy shot, especially Lamb, then it’ll be a win-win situation for all. We’ll see…

  172. Blow out by the young and athletic Wolves!
    Old Jefferson might have his work cut out for him.
    It wouldn’t take a genius to prepare for the Hornets next game.

    Both Kemba and Big Al would be shut down and Lamb would suck the same. This is going to be my prediction. The Wolves does have talents. Perhaps they are not as experienced as you want them to be, but once they start their game aggressively, they would take down the Hornets easily. Right now, the Hornets is soft with Lamb there waiting to be slaughtered.

  173. Asian viewers gotta think of a way not to let the NBA make money out of their Lin fandom. They can contribute to Lin’s popularity in other forms, i.e. buy his endorsed merchandise. Just dont let NNBA make a dime!

  174. I listened to Coach Clifford’s post-game interview which praised Spurs execution well and pointed out + and – of this team. He’s not too down losing to the miss-we-will-make-u-pay Spurs

    I think he knows his team is not ready again the well-oiled Spurs team but competed well at times.
    Hornets blog sites also took the loss in stride and not blamed anyone specific besides noting the bench was not doing well.

    I get the sense Hornets media is patient that this is a new team that is still growing like a toddler trying to walk and run. There will be falls and bumps before this Hornets will be ready to run.

    Personally, JLin is doing the right thing to keep attacking & getting FTs to get his shooting touch back (40%FG tonight so it’s ok). Other players can’t do much when their shooting doesn’t fall so JLin showed his true values to make a difference.

    So let’s give this toddler team some more time to grow & learn to walk. Usually, it will take at least 25-30 games before a new but disciplined team will hits its stride. Losses vs great teams (4-2 Spurs & 7-1 Hawks) are not to be ashamed of and will let them know what they needed to learn.

    I think we’re too hard with this young team & JLin due to PTSD in the past 3 years.
    Let them have growing pains & we support them when they fall repeatedly learning to walk.

  175. Dorothy, they only played 6 games this season. That wasn’t history. We need to stop panicking over 6 games and look objectively at how Lin is playing. Clifford got Lin on court with Kemba in the 3rd and it didn’t work well. Lin messed up defensively tonight. If he doesn’t play better he doesn’t help Clifford win games. Bottom line. As soon as Lin plays like he’s capable of, he’ll get the playing time back regardless of anyone else on the team.

  176. That’s why I said it’s good to let Lamb to play w 1st unit.

  177. He has played well in the two games that Hornets blew out the opposition. It was easy for him to take his shots. In competitive games under pressure, he has never produced well and he would be able to change the tempo of the game. He’s not a game changer. He could decorated the results like decorations on X’mas tree but he’s so soft.

  178. psalm, why are my posts even appeared and sent to my mail box still disappeared from the site? Two user names disappeared. I DM you but you didn’t reply.
    Gotta resolve this. Thanks!

  179. He played well. This obsession with Lamb needs to stop. Lin drives his own fate. If he plays better, Cliff will play him.

  180. They were quite down on Lin on ATH and Real GM which I personally thought was a tad unfair given he was really the only one doing any work in the 2nd unit, particularly in the first half.
    Not like Lamb was doing anything at all or Hawes.

  181. I think it would help Lin to spend more time with Kaminsky, the future star of the Hornets.

  182. hm, let me check. I’ve got 50+ posts in pending & deleted due to a banned troll & heated discussion so I know the mods have been super busy

  183. And WAY too obsessed with Lin’s minutes and Lamb in general. Stop panicking and coming to bad conclusions about Cliff. It’s getting hard to read all of this everyone hates Lin stuff. It’s not true. He’s not playing great but I think this team knows how well Lin can play. He’ll turn it around and Cliff will show confidence in him when he does. If he plays well and Cliff still sits him, then we have something to complain about.

  184. The FO played politics by signing Lamb too early. Now they have to pay the price! The Hornets needs a losing streak to wake them up.

  185. Not entirely agree, but thank you…lol

  186. The problem persists and never got resolved..such a pain not to be able to engage in the discussion consistently.

  187. Just the typical fan overreaction stuff. If he comes out and plays well the next 3 games they’ll sing his praises. Hawes is getting killed too but I don’t think he can improve much.

  188. Once the FO gave the extension contract to Lamb, everything had been thrown out of the window. Politics comes first in NBA.

  189. I believe if they played like vs Bulls (Lin’s team ball theory) they would win this one. Don’t know why coach just didn’t do it? I thought he needs the win to keep his job???

  190. Fingers crossed!

  191. SA got too hot in the 3rd and they are just too experienced and well coached. The loss might have been closer, but this wasn’t going to be a Charlotte win tonight. SA’s second unit especially was good.

  192. I dislike Lin fans jump the gun too early. But it seems Lin’s leash is much shorter and he’s not allowed to play through mistakes…

  193. I know SA’s 2nd unit will do well vs Hornets bc before the game, Manu already said respect Hornets we will have our best game.

  194. After a few blown outs in the presence of Lamb, the first unit is going to complain. Then they have to stick Lamb into the 2nd unit exclusively. After a while, the 2nd unit would suck so badly that the coach had to put him back in the third unit and classify him as a project for long term development. It just takes time. Once the FO farted, the coach had to adjust and surely it would stink on the court.

  195. Hope so. They are getting a hell of a bargain in Lin even when he plays average.

  196. Your logic is sound and the signing of Lamb would teach the trigger happy Chao a good lesson.

  197. Psalm, why r my posts deleted as spam? Im a ling time loyal jlin fan wo making trouble here and careful and respectful about what youre trying to do. I pointed out a history of troll like behavior on the part of a poster.

  198. Yeah, he would then be totally exposed. Hairston could do a much better job than him on defense. His shots; don’t mention it. It would only work when the pressure is not on him to score.

  199. Lin is left with the last unit.

  200. Lin’d better learn this. He can play defense as hard as he wants but no foul please.

  201. With him on the court, the Hornets has to go to ISO game to score.

  202. hm, could be part of the cleanup that other mods have to do recently related to the banned troll or Disqus automated feature. So far I couldn’t find in pending but let me look. It’s a little hard to find in hundreds of posts

  203. Hellooo, fellow JL7 fans,
    I have a proposal for MJ & Cho: Give JL7 $45M for 3 years, and he can BE that All-Stars player in the 2nd Unit, coming off the bench, and in a limited role. That’s okay by me.

  204. i only see you as guest…what your handle name?

  205. Ok thanks…

  206. ok, I added usernames in Whitelist.
    I think Disqus might automatically categorize multiple usernames in same IP address as spam, although not consistently. I approved some normal posts.
    Let’s see if Whitelist is going to help

  207. When I use my laptop to post under Yellow and Maine Lobster, they appear briefly and also (sometimes sent to the mailbox) then when I refresh the page, they all gone missing!!!
    Oh even posted under guest, it happened a few times on a previous game thread
    I wasn’t even having any fighting with anybody but on its own, the post just gone. sigh

  208. My home IP address constantly changes. No way Disqus can recognise my IP address.

  209. Discus is not perfect I guess

  210. I approved 2 normal ones and some could be deleted by mods due to personal attack (although in retaliation). When you receive personal attacks, please refrain from retaliating and report to mods.

  211. That’s why the Hornets have to offer him, JL7, $45M/3 yrs next season and they can bash him all they want when he’s under-performing.

  212. Love this

  213. for some reason Disqus categorized them under 1 ip address so it could be the gateway IP of the ISP

  214. I also added you to Whitelist so let’s hope it lessens the chance Disqus automatically put them in Pending/Spam. It happens sometimes for mods/long-time posters too.

  215. are you saying disqus is racist?

  216. I feel that Spurs look at cha beating dallas and said hey we need to win no matter what . And after halftime exploded . Every team needs to beat Charlotte bc of Lin and hype. Lin plays against opponents for personal pride . The spurs showed that tonight . Clifford Batum and hornets need to recognize they are a marked team to beat by all other nba teams that want to knock them down. No more easy games easy wins for CHA

  217. No, i don’t usually post under two handle at the same time but today i decided to try and see…the disappearance happened to Maine Lobster long ago yet not resolved despite I informed you earlier.

    It seems ok this morning those comments that I used my cell phone to post but not the laptop.

  218. Don’t be despair. Happened to me as well:-) I couldn’t do anything about it as I only have one handle:-)

  219. I’ve seen all the games so far this season. I don’t think Lin is doing that badly. He’s getting used to his new teammates and quite frankly Hawes and Zeller have been really bad to the point teams are ignoring them on defense to cut the lane off from Lin. He had an off shooting night for the past couple of games but for the most part his shot looks good.

    Physically he looks good, he’s getting by his initial defender at will and he’s also able stay front of his man on defense. I don’t have much of an issue with Batum running the point (if he’s playing well) because this allows Lin to play off the ball which he really excels at. This way teams can’t double team him on the PNR and he will be able to score easier.

    I really hope Kaminsky can get some of Hawes’s minutes because he’s shown he can be an offensive threat which will open up the lane for the entire second unit.

    I’m fine with Lin playing the second unit as I’m not a big of Big Al. I feel his game really slows the pace of the offense down and his defense is really bad. I don’t think Lin would really be utilized well if they were on the floor together.

  220. could be bcoz lobsters are not yellow…lol

    normally, i refresh the page, and login to disqus upon it fully loads and only then I click on load more…else there seem to be a problem in Disqus to capture the login name

  221. Ok, I gotta say this: You pay an employee $2m/year, in return, you get to expand the whole industry and your brand by close to billions additional customers ( China, Indonesia, and other continents where Asian migrants inhibit). You receive hefty sponsorship that you could never imagine before. The additional revenue brought about to your team, the city, the industry is tremendous and rough estimation by Forbe is approximately Hundreds of Millions$$$

    At the beginning, you got all excited and started to promise to treat the employee well, and maybe promotion too…but the turn of the event is that you realise you didn’t quite know how to respect the talent of that employee while you have other employees to please, also stuck in the politicking of the entire industry…so the poor employee is not treated as promised yet the Asian consumers/clients cant complain as it’s still too early to complain. The customers are asked to be patient and adopt the “wait and see” attitude. Repeatedly, some customers feel abused and manipulated. Some just continue to render support and remain positive in hope of better days.

  222. Some of the harshest criticism came from Lin fans on those forums. The regulars were mostly chill except to say Lin (and much of the second unit) played poorly.

    This is a new phenomenon: Lin fans going to a team site to over react in a NEGATIVE direction.

  223. I’m lazy to log in to post so the guest posting.
    I like the two handles as they have meaning for my Jeremy fandom. *.*

  224. Disqus needs to let some posters play through their mistakes.

  225. cheese baked lobsters are yellowish in color…hahaha
    those handles are not disqus log in handle…they are just guests like uh-oh, steppen3, etc

  226. Well said. Cliff need to learn a lot from Pop. It seems Cliff still test the lineup and roles. But Batum shouldn’t play PG, Lin should play more.

  227. It’s Clifford. He’s just not good enough.

    Lamb will always play more than Jeremy cause he’s taller. Jeremy can only be Kemba’s substitute. That’s the reality.

    Let’s see what happens but I won’t say anything more or people could think I’m a troll or become a tiger fan.

    KHuang is right when he talks about racism anyway. I don’t see another reason why. To them, Jeremy is still an Asian puppet who doesn’t have the body to go against NBA big men.

  228. Life is unfair , NBA culture has been unfair , At some point I will turn my back on NBA games and NBA merchandise and I will feel fully justified bc it does not allow certain types of players to succeed

  229. I don’t want to point finger at anybody for Jeremy’s under usage. In the grand schemes of things, everybody has its fair share of role to play in the outcome. And of course I can’t rule out racism.

  230. Cutting revenue is only way to affect this kind of entity

  231. How come Jeremy did not get to shoot free throw after he was fouled at the 7:23 minute mark on the highlight video above?

    That was a clear foull while going up for a lay up.

  232. If you’re a TRUE Lin’s fan, stop your fantasy about the the Hornest and Clifford having an agenda that Lin is important to them.

  233. If Clifford is lazy he will not win games to last till February . he will need to review every strategy and player and work twice as hard the next few weeks . He has asked opinions from many coache friends like Tom thibodeau and I’m sure some of the failure was from these advisors , so we’ll see in a few weeks what has changed if anything…

  234. yeah, I was wondering about that, looks like that’s not called as shooting foul? Lin was trying to shoot though.

  235. I had the same question too.

  236. Agree 100% lin has been marginalized since preseason. Where’s any leadership from anyone that Lin is a teammate who can contribute to their success , nothing but bad basketball

  237. True.

  238. It comes to the point that whatever Clifford said, it does not go with what he does on the court.

    What I have more respect for McHale and BS was they told you that Lin was not a factor but they allowed Lin to play more.

  239. Lin needs to stop playing TOO hard, too intense all the time. play smarter.. model his game after Curry’s

    1) stop taking too many charges. it’s risking an injury and refs are biased against him

    2) stop overhelping. it leaves his man open for 3’s, plus his own teammates will think he’ll always be there so they slack off

    3) stop trying to block everything, diving after every loose ball, and avoid collisions. again, it’s risking an injury and coaches/gm’s would see him as a scrub fighting for minutes. leave all of that stuff for real scrubs. teams may think twice about giving multi-year contracts to a player who may seem risky, injury wise

    4) on offense, don’t always drive so hard and get smacked to the floor all the time. use the floater, or make quick passes

    he really needs to watch Curry who doesn’t do all of the above things. Curry lets his game come to him naturally and he trusts his teammates to make the correct moves both on offense and defense. he doesn’t overhelp cus he trusts his teammates will cover their own man. and on offense he doesn’t always have to initiate plays. in fact, he plays a lot like a shooting guard than a point guard. nowadays, you’re not going to get the kind of freedom to be a true point guard like when Nash played. it’s a democratic offense most of the time. he just needs to get his and make the best of it while trusting his teammates to do their part

  240. Thanks, great highlights. Shows a lot of unconverted assists.

  241. Not very useful advice for Lin. If Lin were getting 34-38mpg in an offense 100% designed around him with elite passers and defenders he’s played with for 3 years, then he should emulate Curry. Otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss.

    If there’s an analogous situation to learn from, it’s Isaiah Thomas in Boston, who shoots like crazy off the bench. And tonight, Lin did just what IT does — make or miss, just keep shooting and attacking. Tonight he got 12p in 22m despite weak FT shooting. Give him 25m and he probably gets 15. Give him 28-30mpg and that’s 18.

    Lin did overhelp on some 3s tonight, but he’s been better at that since LAL/HOU. And for all we know that was Clifford’s direction since he gave Lin some extra stat pad time that BS and McHale never would.

  242. You ended with:

    “Clifford at least seems like he’s doing all the right things to build a complete team. It may not be to many Lin fans who lube and die by each minute he plays. I will continue to believe that the process Clifford is on is to build a team that plays the right way and the new way.”

    ++++Then root for the Hornets, I see nothing wrong with that. But if you’re here at JLinportal, pls be HONEST. Under Mchale, Lin was used more and better efficiency. It’s a shame that anyone here to go any length to defend a coach that once promised SPACE, PnR AND FREEDOM TO PLAY LIN’S STYLE but all the sudden, the opposite.

    New day??????? That day will never come with Lin as a Hornet. He’s done and gone. Hope you’re still an Hornet fan.

  243. Come on psalm, Good insight? Are you really serious thinking that you’re completely Ok with how Lin being used with this team?


  244. Typical ref garbage against Lin.

  245. STOP STOP STOP. You’re now buying into the bull and excuses that going on with Lin. This is not what he signed for. No space, no race and no Pnr. Even LBJ with a wrong coach he would be worth NOTHING.

  246. The Hornets and Clifford deserved this wake up call and many more to come. Taking Lin out and Keeping Lamb to close the first half for the first time since he signed an extension, which was nothing but to confirm what I’ve said days ago about the new beginning. Lamb will close game with Kemba. NOT Jeremy.

  247. Darn, and I had sbscribed to League Pass for the first time.

  248. NBA and the Hornets homepage fooled you?

  249. i don’t know what you’re talking about. i just watch a lot of GSW and Hornets games and noticed how vastly different Curry’s and Lin’s games are. there’s a lot of things Lin can pick up just by watching Curry’s game. notice how Curry kinda just floats around on defense and uses his smarts to get steals or deflections. he’s very effective. he probably learned from all of his prior injuries and now uses his head. probably the smartest player today. oh, and his sharp shooting helps

  250. It was the preseason and the free trial that fooled me. Prior to this I never let them have my money so easily.

  251. I have to admit that you were right. Though I still have some hope for the season. Clifford may well go the way of all the previous coaches who refused to trust Lin and faced losing as a result.

  252. think of a way to get back…though i don’t know how.

  253. the Warriors do have excellent players around him but the Hornets aren’t exactly chop liver. Lin really needs to trust his teammates and let his game come to him. he doesn’t need to force anything. i’m all for Lin taking more shots but not like how IT does. he’s just not gonna take ill advised shots. not his game

  254. Won’t work unless and until Lin is the face of the franchise. Lin’s role is different from that of Curry’s. You can’t compare both.

  255. what won’t work? playing smarter and not harder? i’m sure Lin can do that even if he’s not the face of the franchise

  256. Lamb is just a really AWFUL defender. i’m sure Clifford will come to realize this soon. but he may experiment more with Lamb since he likes him from the very start, just like PJ

  257. he should really dump his curry agent and hire you!

  258. There is obvious changes in the way Clifford managing the rotations.
    First Lin is made to fill other roles like playing against McDermott against Chicago and Kyle Anderson and San Antonio.
    That is to say, coach Clifford couldn’t even find minutes for Jeremy Lin to stay on court. Is Jeremy Lin the PG for the 2nd unit? Yeah, for a brief period. Clifford told everyone that the offense is not going to center around Jefferson. Wrong for now for whatever reason.
    (Lin-Hawes connection became shaky which was probably the reason) that Clifford had to shift back to the first unit and the old game. The ball movement became so bad that you could see from the stats.
    Assist ratio of opposition against Hornets:
    San Antonio: Hornet is 35:15.
    Dallas:Charlotte is 15:19
    Chicago: Charlotte is 26:26
    Atlanta: Charlotte is 22:27
    Atlanta: Charlotte is 23:23
    Miami: Charlotte is 23:16

    The new game plan was given no time to grow and Clifford reverted back to Jefferson and the old game.
    Ball movement in generally got worse and worse.

    There could be multiple reasons.
    The playmaking of Walker, Batum, Lin was not working well.
    enough and Clifford got tired of losing and he wanted to win so much that he gave up on the previously well thought game plan.

  259. If it worked like in Dallas game, we have nothing to say. But when the change was persistent and Hornets kept losing, then it would become an issue.

    Yes coach Clifford cut short the time that Lin leading the 2nd unit playing PG for the Hornets. Lin was move around to all positions, playing SG and even SF. It became a mess to create room for Jeremy Lamb to stay on court. If it fails gloriously, then Clifford would have reason to adjust. Let’s hope that from now on, the Hornets get blown out in every game they play when they switch back to their old form.

    Poor Jeremy Lin is adjusting to his new roles now worse than before. Hope that he could be mentally strong enough to break through. We all know that Lin is too good to be left on the bench and Lamb would not be able to will for wins under pressure. Before long, Lin will come back to run the 2nd unit again.

    The principle is if the change is working and help the team win, then coach Clifford has every right to do it for the team. But if it doesn’t work, Clifford will have to answer for the results of changes of letting Lamb take over Lin’s minutes and plays.

  260. how much did u pay?

  261. I think it is about $200 for the whole season. Not sure how much they will charge if I cancel midway through the season.

  262. Every time the Hornets 2nd unit missed the Spurs were able to push it. Why was that? I suspect the transition defense was missing. Several time Zeller and Hawes never even made it into the play. Spurs had the Hornets scrambling on D. Hornets definitely did not know how to play together. The guards were run through so many screens. The SA offense was such a good team to watch swing the ball around so easily.

  263. wow. expensive. that must be the all in one package (TV, Broadband, Mobile). i don’t know what you can do to get out or whether or not they charge early cancellation. but if you can somehow get out of it, you can always catch the full replays on nbahd.com for free

  264. i really hate Lamb’s defense. he doesn’t even know where to stand most of the time. Hawes is just so damn slow. and Batum sucks at defense also

  265. wow. expensive. that must be the all in one package (TV, Broadband, Mobile). i don’t know what you can do to get out or whether or not they charge early cancellation. but if you can somehow get out of it, you can always catch the full replays on nbahd.com for free

  266. I post this in at the hive. I re-watched the game, other than Lin missed couple of shots, he did not play bad, but that second team is really something, and Batum was silently played pretty bad during his time play together with the second team.

    During the time he was playing together with Lin, he was trying to take the game over, and there was no ball movement, really different brand of game there. Same with Lamb trying to play make, that second team has less ball movement than the first team. I hope coach will be mad at them.

    Event at end of 1Q since 2nd team in:

    Lin 2pt
    Batum shooting foul
    Zeller 3pt miss (not sure what kind of offensive set give Zeller a wide open 3? He is the only none 3pt shooter on the floor )
    Hawes TO
    Lamb TO
    Lin drive in miss
    Lin 3pt miss
    Lin drive made 2pt
    Batum TO
    Lin half court 3pt heave miss

    That’s a 4-14 run. Hard to do anything with consecutive TOs there. They don’t even got the chance to get the shot up.

    End of 3Q: Since Lin check in to the end of the quarter, it was a 5-28 run.

    Zeller miss
    Lin miss
    Jefferson 2pt
    Batum miss
    Jefferson miss
    Lin miss
    Batum miss
    Batum miss
    Batum turnover
    Hawes miss
    Lin free throw 1-2
    Lin turn over
    Lamb 2pt

    During this last stretch of 3Q, nobody could hit anything. On the other side, Ginobili hit 3 3pt, Mill hit one 3pt, and Spurs did not miss anything.

    This second line up is weak in defense, Hawes has worse defense than AI.

    Coach in the past two games has been playing Batum full 1st and 3rd quarters, and usually when the second team is in, he is trying to take over the game, and I think that’s not really good, since he is getting tired at that time, and we try to add load to him at that time? I don’t get why you don’t let the fresher 2nd line up to take over the game.

  267. Good coach vs bad coach.

  268. Agree. Just a wishful thinking, unfortunately

  269. My only hope is he loses games so they will fire him.

  270. Very true. Reality check for us, the FO extended Lambs contract not Lin. They have to give Lamb the time and play. They don’t trust Lin. ‘Sigh’. Lin can be the best floor general in the team. Humble, unselfish and team making plays whether his team mate is a star or not. I keep on praying and like what Lin is enduring, he is patient and I guess we have to learn from him.

  271. Another miracle for coaches and management to trust Lin.

  272. What is wrong with the second unit? I know many here have expressed unhappiness over the rotation. But I would appreciate views on the second unit.

    It seems that the coaching staff was always planning on Lin playing with Hawes, Lamb and Zeller (based on interviews). It was ok in the preseason but they are now flailing.

    Spencer Hawes seems really slow. I wince everytime he does that pump fake and slow drive to the basket. I am reminded of Ryan Kelly and how that did not work.

    Cody Zeller is more athletic but something seems wrong with his timing. Lamb has too many defensive lapses in concentratio .

    Lin has worked better with a big that can screen and then quickly roll to the basket like Tyson Chandler, Omer Asik, Ed Davis and to a lesser extent Greg Smith. Pick and pop with Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer was only so so.

  273. For all we know, it might have some blessings from the management. I don’t understand why the coach have to make trial and lots of experimentation when they have the pre season line up working well. If Clifford just wanted to win games, he should know if he is smart. But then talks are cheap and his actions in the court are different. Why not collect wins first and make your experiments when you have wins already and not bury your team to the bottom with a lot of loses first and have to catch up.

  274. Only if Lin is allowed to play like Curry. Nobody in the coaching team and management will let him do that. Wake up.

  275. You think Curry can do what he is doing if he will just stay in the corner and wait until somebody will pass him the ball? Or be told to play different positions in different games and with less playing time for anybody to adjust? Please be real and try to wake up from your illusions.

  276. Batum is so bad as the primary ball handler. i don’t even recall one single game where he’s been effective leading any unit. he makes horrible decisions and when he’s not passing, he’s chucking. the worst part is, he doesn’t pass it to Lin and he neutralizes Lin’s strong points. the experiment with Batum at the SG has got to stop. it was never a good a idea

  277. I just saw the game. A little constructive criticism.

    Lin was good on the first half but honestly appeared unmotivated in the second.

    I understand the 2nd unit was not performing and Batum had the rock a lot and Lamb was trying to get his, but I really think Lin should take a little more initiative and demand attention.

    I’m not sure what the strategy really is, but I don’t think Clifford will mind a little attitude and “nasty” from Lin. If love to see some myself as a fan.

    Lin wasn’t that inefficient in his shooting or TOs but the minus 37 doesn’t look good.

    I really look forward to some aggression next game! 🙂

  278. Nice write-up. Really clarifies what happened there and shifts the scrutiny a bit to Batum. Up until then, it was all Lin and Hawes and how terrible they were.

  279. Agree with you

  280. Sad but true. Patience…patience.

  281. Maybe for one game. This team is a all about experimenting, testing and lots of trial and errors. Is that the kind of coaching Lin wants? One can only wonder.

  282. he has to make the best of his situation. what i’m suggestion is good for him in the long run. to avoid injuries and conserve his energy so that he can perform even better on the offensive end. he needs to look out for him and his contract. the team will win games anyway, he just can’t be sacrificing all the time and make himself look bad doing it. he shouldn’t feel as if he has to win every single game

  283. Just like CP, if you have FO’s love, you are allowed to do everything. They want Batum to be the point guard and now Lamb…smh Lin needs to score first, or people wont take him seriously and gets marginalized again.

  284. you can’t deny how great Curry is, man. sure, GSW have a much better system that they’ve played for years. but the drop-off when Curry sits is HUGE

  285. yes this. he needs to learn from his days as a Rockets playing with a bunch of selfish players. the team will win games whether he sacrifice his game or not. but if he doesn’t get his own numbers, he’s gonna get shafted once again

  286. i thought he was playing too intense throughout the game. as if he’s trying so hard to shoulder the burden cus he wanted to win so badly. he got caught over-helping and they made him pay a few times with 3’s. his main priority on defense should be stopping his own man from scoring, especially the 3’s

  287. I never really gave Clifford the benefit of the doubt. Already seen too much nonsense from the previous coaches. Just waited and watched. But after this game I am definitely downgrading Clifford in my eyes. He seems to be making rotation decisions without giving Jeremy a fair chance.

    I did notice that initially Batum played better when Lin was on the floor with him. That was because Lin was playing SG and Batum could play at his more natural SF position. Instead of playing Lin more with the starters, Clifford is causing Batum to play with the second unit more, as SG and therefore limiting Jeremy’s playmaking.

    Lamb had some hot shooting but coach took Lin’s minutes with the starters and gave them to Lamb, not realising that Lamb cannot produce at that level without Lin.

    I could go on but you get the picture…

  288. What I can say about Jeremy is they really played him like the bench player. If he plays well and scores well, he gets to stay longer or else he wouldn’t be used to finish the game. He would be sent in the garbage time with the third stringers too. The honeymoon between Hornets and Lin is over.
    Now it’s time for Lin to think of himself and not the team. What’s he going to do after this season. Of course he will opt out. Learn as much as you can from the coach. Clifford knows a lot about the game. Any player as smart as Lin could make good use of the knowledge and put into practice.
    Mind you, Jeremy Lin, if you are hot shooting, you can do whatever you like on this team. Don’t fancy that others would do the same to you. That’s life. Don’t go help defense too much to hurt yourself.

  289. I think he got a lot of opportunity in OKC but his defense is really bad. I dont believe he is a player who likes to pass as someone(cho or clifford?) said in the offseaon.

  290. there was never a honeymoon to begin with. lol. from Clifford’s post-game interviews since the preseason games, we all pretty much saw this coming. he liked PJ and Lamb over Lin, and he wanted Batum to play at the SG position. this should be of no surprise to Lin fans. Lin has to look out for himself but the problem is he’s always sacrificing his own game cus he’s so unselfish and he hates losing

  291. That’s exactly the picture since Lamb signed his extension with the Hornets. Lamb would get the role that Lin used to have. It’s him to lose it.

    Jeremy should practice hard on his jump shot. If he’s hot, he could do virtually anything he likes with no problem. If not, he has to comply and give up the ball. It’s about it. They are going to use him just like any other bench player.

    As far as Lin is concerned, there are a few things that Lin’d better know.
    This is a long season and anything can happen. Don’t give up hope and learn as much as you can about the game. Then move on. You have your option to leave this team if you don’t like it. Jeremy will have his skills that many teams could use. Just work on your one on one move and jump shot. Your ISO game will help you to stay on the court. Don’t indulge yourself too much on team ball.

    I do think Lin is a complete player that Lamb is not. When people started figure out Hornets’ game, they would be ready for Lamb. I dare say Lamb would be schooled this season just like his days in OKC.

    It’s important that Lin learn to make himself unstoppable one on one which is going to be the case when time moves on. Great cross over and hot shooting will earn Lin the time to make plays and stats. This is virtually Lin’s contract year. Lin has to show the whole world that he could help his team; notably in scoring and making assists. Make sure you defend well and stop sacrificing too much on team defense.

  292. word

  293. The problem is basically the same as Lin was in Lakers….Lin initiates a PnR then the ball never got to the weak side…someone just shoot it happyly

  294. Lamb is an important pieces of the 2nd unit. He will run the 2nd unit. Lin will have to give up the ball a lot more for his hot shooting; if not, Lin can keep the ball more.

  295. I think Clifford is not a good coach on the offensive end.

  296. 15 asts vs 35 asts, whatever happened to teamball?

    As long as Jeremy Lin does not act as playmaker in ANY capacity, starting or bench, the Hornets are only marginally better than last year, and will hang around 9th in the EC.

    It’s like someone has a blowtorch but insists on using sticks and string to start a fire.

  297. I see the general solution provided here is to ask Lin to attack(shoot). I guess it is really a great solution….lol….

  298. Just don’t lose hope. It’s a long season and anything can happen.

  299. I have not seen good defensive scheme/concept either.

  300. Lin’s usage rate was still higher than Batum….It was just not Lin’s nite, nothing was working for him and he was trying a little bit to hard. A good take away was, he didnt become tentative and kept his aggressiveness till the end.

    As Lin said, its too early to be judgmental

  301. As a bench player, the only way that you can get play time is through ISO game and good defense. Lin has to give up his team defense helping out soon. Just don’t let your man open for a heartbreaking 3.

  302. Lin did have some chance of playing as PG and running plays but with Lamb and Hawes, Lin will only have limited success. Just wish Lin be a bit more selfish.

  303. if he can just play solid defense on his OWN man and get around 10 shots off per game, i’d be happy. plus, play smarter like Curry

  304. Curry is not smarter, just more free

  305. Anyway he wont listen to us at all.(shrug) Maybe he wants to be Nash-like…but he doesnt have a D’Antoni now or Nash’s skills(lol).

  306. LOL….he will find a way

  307. After 3 years of torture, he still doesnt listen and learn lessons! smh

  308. no, he really is smarter. i’ve been watching his games and comparing him and Lin’s. Curry doesn’t over-help, he rarely takes charges, and doesn’t put himself in position to get injured. on offense, he doesn’t drive all the way to get smacked onto the floor.. he uses floaters or makes quicker passes before reaching the basket

  309. This help thing has been debated here like for 3 decades now….

  310. Agreed! I like Curry a lot but this Curry’s better than Lin thing has to stop. At least on this site.

  311. No he is not…but he shoots better

  312. Hello Brent, I am not even 30yo…;P

  313. the desire to play like Nash has got to go. you have to have EVERYBODY behind you to be able to do that which is impossible in today’s game. everybody is too selfish, they won’t allow him to handle the ball all the time

  314. I agree with you. Lin has the opportunity to do well here. Pop once said to his squad I’m seeing unconfidence out there, I want to see some nasty. Give some nasty out there. Something like that. That’s what I’d say to Lin.

    For those complaining about Lamb, Lin fans have to stop finding scapegoats when Lin doesn’t show that nasty which he very capable of showing. If Lamb doesn’t play right on the second unit, go to him and tell him to swing the ball. That’s what a floor general does. If Lin just doesn’t assert himself as chief chef and lets a sous chef take over, whose fault is that? I’m getting tired of the Lam and Clifford are terrible, Batum is terrible, the refs are terrible stuff. The refs make bad calls but not only against Lin, Clifford is trying to win games and Lamb is playing like he knows how and had 2 good games and a not so good one last night. But Lin isn’t playing anywhere near his capabilities. And that’s the bottom line. He stayed aggressive and drew fouls but in when he was on the floor with Kemba, he didn’t do enough and there was Cliff giving him a chance to be a big factor.

  315. LOL….obviously I have exaggerated…lol

  316. he definitely shoots better but the part of his game that’s seriously underrated is his basketball IQ

  317. why? it would help Lin out if he pick up a few things from the best PG in the league right now and possibly a top 5 PG of all time

  318. I think his IQ is really properly rated…..imagine a Curry with AVERAGE shooting ability. What will GSW looks like…? ;p

  319. No PnR big man, too slow, disorganized, too many facilitators.

  320. I know you mean well but seriously you think Lin doesn’t observe and learn from Curry(or they learn from each other). There are many factors/dynamics on a new team, every game, coaches instructions, etc.
    Lin hasn’t been given enough PT to gel with his teammates, understanding everybody, etc. So it isnt fair to compare and being so critical.

  321. there are times when he’s in a shooting slump and they’re still making runs

  322. He’s way better than Lin now. He’s improved dramatically. He’s an incredible basketball player and he shows a higher basketball IQ than Lin does in more games. I don’t mind Lin taking some defensive gambles, but helping and leaving 3 point shooters for them to get open looks has been going on too long.

  323. It is fair. Basketball is about attitude. Curry has attitude, Lin HAD plenty of attitude during Linsanity and runs in Houston. You’re making him a victim too much. Lin was given the playing time and he’s beginning to seem to make not only his coach, but some of his team mates not as confident in him as they were. That is on Lin and nobody else.

  324. It is different from if he is just an Average shooter….slump is just temporary

  325. i’m not being critical. i’m just pointing out the obvious differences between the two players and it’s huge. i think that if Lin, with his first step and size, played a little bit more like Curry, then he’d be unstoppable. plus, he’d avoid injuries and conserve energy

  326. That will only happen when Lin can shoot like Curry, all Curry did was built on his shooting.

  327. well, being able to shoot like Curry does allow him to be more confident and put his mind to use in other parts of his game. but it’s not like Lin can’t do that without being a sharp shooter like Curry. like, he doesn’t need to over-help all the time, he doesn’t need to drive all the way to the basket all the time.. he can use floaters, he can pass it earlier.. et cetera

  328. I think LIn has the toughest and best attitude in the whole NBA.
    The only gripe I have with Lin is that why didnt he learn to shoot better much earlier.
    I have no complaints with other aspects of his bball skills.
    Just fyi, last night Curry had a few ugly handles when pressured by SAC, yet his fans didn’t complain, the announcers were silent. See the difference?

  329. Lin is doing what he did in both Houston and the Lakers. He’s deferring. He’s deferring to Batum to facilitate. Batum can help Lin facilitate only if he is being trapped hard. Otherwise, wave him off, go out and get the ball from him if he’s being double teamed, assert yourself. I can see him deferring to superstar Kobe and somewhat to Harden, but please, Batum? If he wants to play off-guard and let Kemba run the show when he is in with him, fine. But be ready to take over at times too. Kemba said he likes Lin to help him.

    That’s what is concerning me most about Lin right now. He has a chance now to end that. He was more aggressive last night but he still is deferring too much.

  330. Whole Curry’s advantage on offense is about defense overly commit in advance. Floater is a low percentage shot, and not too many player can hit it with high rate (some can, indeed.)

    On the defensive end…which is another story….I think Clifford is not as good as advertised.

    All in all… IQ is not really Lin’s issue.

  331. I guess let Batum brick is one way to do it lol

  332. Brent, Lin has to change his future. Basketball is about asserting yourself. That’s the NBA culture. Duncan may be a nice guy but on the court he was a beast. A leader. A force. Lin has to be that force again and not just be a complementary player. Basketball is still competitive and Lin has to remember that. Batum at least is asserting himself, and Lin bricks too.

  333. Well…I know we will not get to see it ….but if Lin does what you say….and ended up with an average (FG% not too hot, not too cold)….I really wanna know what his minutes may be in that case…lol….

  334. Lin can shoot midrange well, but nobody shoots like Curry. Lin has to use his midrange and step back more. And Curry has built his handles up to a way higher level than Lin. Lin has to continue to work on his handles.

  335. Lin’s handle is fine….I am actually impressed this season about his handle…but yes…I like your mid range theory…

  336. He doesn’t always on the court. Nobody is perfect, but Lin isn’t having the impact of Curry. Curry is in the position he’s in due to outstanding play. Lin is deferring. That’s the difference.

  337. It’s not fine. I disagree. His handle is probably still below average for an NBA PG. Look at Kemba’s. That’s good, secure handles.

  338. Well…agree to disagree then….on handle I meant…LOL

  339. i’m not saying Lin as low basketball IQ, i’m saying he’s using it in a way that doesn’t exactly help his case (it helps the team – ie: overhelping, taking charges, sometimes over-passing). especially in today’s game, he’s not always going to get to be the primary ball handler (like Nash once had). nobody is going to allow it. he needs to adapt to today’s style of play for guards. Curry doesn’t always initiate plays either, he’s more of a shooting guard than a point guard. he cuts aggressively and uses screens to get open. let me put it this way, if Curry didn’t have such a high basketball IQ, he’d be SwaggyP.

    defensively, it’s really Batum, Lamb, and Hawes who are bad

  340. At least 28 minutes. That’s fair. And he was close to that the first games this season. Lin hasn’t transitioned to regular season well. Everyone was very positive on him going into the season, Charlotte fans were loving him. Now they are wondering what happened to him. They had nothing against Lin, he hasn’t carried over his pre-season form. Part of it is shooting, but part of it is also presence and acting like I’m the veteran here and I’m taking charge in games.

  341. Over Helping is not helping at all….any player know…you do that…your team will fail…unless it is about some specific personnel…

  342. I do not think he will get 28 mins by doing that…if he shoots good..yes…there is a difference BUT….I have to agree he is not getting 28 mins now either….LOL

  343. He has to stay tight on great 3 point shooters like Mills. You can’t gamble and go for rebounds or overhelp with a shooter like Mills. There’s no excuse for it anymore, it’s just bad basketball IQ when Lin does that.

  344. i dont think the coach told him to over-help. he needs to let who ever he’s over-helping to just fail so they learn instead of always depending on him to always be there

  345. exactly. his priority on defense should always be his own man, especially preventing those 3’s

  346. this is one part that puzzles me..if Coaches are not asking him do it, why they did not chew him up when it happens…It is not complicated….you do not even need average IQ to know it is generally bad

  347. Why not? He has more experience and skill than anyone else on the 2nd unit. Clifford wants to play him with Kemba and tried to yesterday. Clifford wants him to finish games. It really is up to Lin and he doesn’t just have to shoot well. Draw fouls, run the offense better, play sound defense, play like the good Lin and he’ll get the minutes. Clifford is not against Lin.

  348. I’m not sure about Lin’s deferring..I must say you’re fortunate to not have any politicking in your office. Sometimes, you just cant bulldoze your way and you gotta defer. And I think, in Lin’s case, now, deferring may appear to hurt his career but imho, since Batum and whomever he defers to, isn’t as good or better than him, then let them fall flat so that you get to shine again…well, at least this is the experience I gained from my relatively young career…

  349. Because he will need to fall in a above his average range to make anyone happy. Just being average (to his standard) will not be good enough for coaches, in terms of deciding minutes. Like I said, if he is hot…then there is no debate…

  350. well, if a player over-exerts himself, the coaches aren’t gonna complain. they have a hard enough trouble forcing players to play somewhat decent defense in the first place. notice how Lin has been over-helping throughout his career. he simply thinks his teammates are incapable (albeit true most time) and he wants to win so badly everytime

  351. I can see where coaches and teammates get frustrated. He has the size to do this and is quick enough. In preseason, he was great against Reddick because he stayed with him. His going back to old, bad habits is all that leaving a great 3 pointer open looks is.


  353. yes, it is frustrating. but how do you tell your player to exert less effort? that’s just not something a coach want to preach to his players

  354. Well…..I will hold my judgement for that…I think the simpler answer is just it is his coaches scheme.
    Clifford is not really good at D in some cased from what I can see….

    For example, his double team help always came from the strong side…why is that? you help you die..

  355. The second sentence basically applies to every case anyway.

  356. I’ve dealt with office politics for 4 decades. You can’t always say it is politicking. You sometimes have to look at Lin and patterns and look at where he’s responsible. Trying to pass everything off to everyone but Lin makes Lin fans sound unrealistic and whiny. Sometimes Lin doesn’t do the best thing for himself and he can get into bad habits and tendencies. I think now, Lin has a chance if he plays smarter.

  357. i see that a lot. especially when playing against big like LMA and Dirk who can hit those midranges all night

  358. I agree you should DT them…but the help came from strong side means your defensive possession will end badly immediately

  359. I agree to some extent though not wholeheartedly…

  360. I think many fans are losing sleep like I did…night everybody, it’s been a long weekend and I have tonnes of work to finish before a short midweek public holiday.

  361. Just say…look at Kobe…one of the greatest and how he in general plays defense…jk

  362. Give him a strong directive to stay on the good 3 point shooters. Look at the film and show him where he’s done well and where he doesn’t. Keep talking to him which I hope Clifford is doing.

  363. exactly. today’s game has moved away from that. there is nobody except maybe CP3 who has that kind of freedom. it’s become a democratic offensive system everywhere today. you just gotta look for your own shots. and if you’re lucky and you have unselfish players on your team, the ball will move

  364. We need to start a club where @Dinoneseus:disqus will teach us how to sleep during the game…lol

  365. Kobe is irrelevant.

  366. Lin has to fix what he can for himself. He can’t fix other people.

  367. kobe is actually a good example. kobe thinks his teammates are worthless on offense, while Lin thinks his teammates are worthless on defense. so they both try to take over respectively, and these are their biggest flaws

  368. Lin’s game isn’t all shooting. He can score 8 points at the line in many games. He has to run the offense, position guys, wave people off, if he sees any holes make the quick decision, and at times get out and run before the defense sets. Defensively, he has to not let guys get open 3s mostly from over helping. If the guy can’t shoot, that’s one thing. But guys like Patty Mills have to be covered closely on the perimeter.

  369. you can’t be Nash without a PnR player. Nor can you be Stockton. He has to figure out how to make Hawes lessen the damage he does out there and that’s not easy.

  370. i’ll have to review the games. i just think Lamb is a moron. the guy always has to be told where to stand

  371. I think to those requirements…he did ok….offensively.

    Defense…I think it is the coaching…their defense is so bad….

  372. Nah…you do not have to and CLT is giving up corner 3s at an alarming rates for some reason.

  373. I didn’t…I lost sleep because of my baby.. I didn’t expect him to do that well like linsanity, esp when someone I forgot who keep saying he is a spurs-killer, I know it will jinx it. Also it’s liek preseason.. if it’s 1 or 2 games in the preseason it’s nothing to get excited about..but even when it’s 7 games into it and he was playing well, I had high hopes for reg season..and everytime I think of that, it might be a jinx..and it is. So no high hopes anymore. lin is what he is.

  374. trust me you will sleep better, if that is what is bothering you.

  375. he does..just that they sux as a roll player.

  376. The way Lin plays, is mostly rely on his teammates’ mercy to succeed. He needs to build merits in the coach’s eyes. For Clifford it is scoring if the players are not tall to play “defense”. SMH

  377. but it might be the coach to tell them to make the set plays..
    but might be only lin that is following.

  378. Given I see Clifford was almost never sat down…I would assume he calls a lot of plays

  379. face it.. there is no more linsanity of 25 and 10, so stop wishing for that. He is not in charge. If he is not in charge, again there is no linsanity.. what doesn’t people here get.

  380. each year here is considered a decade…thats how long the debate been going on…lol

  381. Not really. He likes that Lin draws fouls and passes well. He’s said that a lot. If Lin got a lot of assists to big men or gets them open looks and the offense looks organized he’s doing his job well.

  382. Who?

  383. I get what you’re saying but the one thing that does give me a little bit more hope is that Jeremy is, for the most part, staying aggressive. He can’t do it all himself but he is still in a better situation than he has been in the last 2 seasons.

    I hope he figures it out and starts impacting the game more. He probably has more support in Charlotte than he has had in HOU and LA – that’s not to say it’s a whole lot, but I really don’t think he needs much. Just a few more chances. A few days to get his head straight and take care of his body. Maybe it will all come together soon.

  384. it’s too rigid then.. it’s not football where you have many seconds of getting ready for next down… basketball is fluid and flows and fast break point has no structured set plays. Other players doesn’t ‘run’ to the other end of the basketball or fast fast.. they are like jogging when lin got the ball and trying to run. All players are slow.. either that, they do not understand what fast breaks are.

  385. the little attitude and nasty from lin is gone once he converted to christianity.

  386. Another reason why I was against Lin to Dallas…..Rick calls like 90% of the play himself…

  387. from his HS coach, he said lin had that in him but he grew up later.

  388. Lin. But the 2nd unit has issues. I think Hawes is just not a good big for Lin. Lin needs a guy to feed on the drive and a roll big.

  389. Sure, which coach does not like that? But in Clifford’s eyes Lin is not doing a good job, even if Lin tries to do those, but his big men can not finish it. Clifford is no different from any coach we saw previously.

  390. Can also maybe because batum is trying to learn how to play SG… becasue the org wants him to..so they are more tolerant of his mistakes or miss shots. If so, how long will it stop if batum never really learned to play sg? It’s like trying to fit square into a round hole.. overtime the square might turned hexagon ..but willNEVER be a circle.

  391. Where do you get that idea? I don’t agree with that. Just because Clifford isn’t playing Lin as much as we wants doesn’t mean that he sees Lin as just a scorer. He is different from coach’s we’ve seen previously so far. But Lin is responsible for keeping himself on the floor. If he doesn’t do the right thing on the court he sits. That’s the way it is with any coach.

  392. I think to Lin…he needs a big who can swing to the weak side quickly…like what they did in preseason. If the ball ended up always a Hawes 3……it will not be good….

  393. then that means mda does ‘get’ it.

  394. It will not stop….Batum at 2 was one of my biggest concern toward this team

  395. The first unit looks good. The second unit doesn’t seem to be executing like the first. Even when Lin isn’t playing the 2nd unit doesn’t look good.

  396. You need to git a spell check…..it is “git” lol

  397. I just called time warner cable to cancel… they said there is a disclaimer when you ordered… essentially, if the rep told you that it is non refundable when you ordered, there is nothing you can do about it… so i told them no one told me… they r actually going to listen to the tape to see if the rep told me.. . I dont recall anyone told me that its non refundable… so ask them to do that and get your money back!!

  398. I can not read Clifford’s mind, can only watch his action to interpret his mind. If he appreciates Lin’s playmaking, we will not see Batum and Lamb play PG so much.

  399. Sorry to hear that, no…you can not refund LP indeed..

  400. Not disagreeing…just that who mans the ball does not make them PG…

  401. Lamb isn’t playing PG. Batum does sometimes but sometimes Lin gives him the ball. There are so many times Clifford called plays for Lin and told Batum to get out of the way. He isn’t against Lin, he’s supporting him on and off the court.

  402. Agreed. Even when W/L was on the line coach still let Batum play 2, it is going to be a looooooooooong season.

  403. Why would clifford sacrifice wins to have batum learn to play pf? If this is the case, clifford is worse than i thought… he is going down fast in my book… jeremy, you gotta get nasty with these people… you got a huge fanbase… you still have the clout to exert your political will… we peons would get fired but you still have POWER!

  404. So far I still agree with this…very true

  405. I actually think kemba and lin is better than batum and lin..because batum is trying to fit into the 2 role.

  406. No doubt….

  407. R u talking to yourself? Lol

  408. I was wondering about that too…lol

  409. Yes

  410. He’s due for a breakout game. But his unit isn’t great. He’ll play better.

    Lin usually plays well against the Mavs and the Spurs. Very well. Maybe in the next meeting he will when he is more used to his team mates and the coach.

  411. Hornets trying to put elephant(batum) in a refrigerator.. Lol

  412. Really good work there. Thanks

  413. That is one heck of a refrigerator…

  414. Cliff has the right players to compete but he doesn’t recognized their natural position,prolly he does but just trying too much to cater a player.Batum has been a role player in his whole career and there’s a reason why other coaches put him on that position.

  415. Lin is just waiting for oppurtunity to lead this team.

  416. I’ve been BLASTING Batum’s lack of SG skills since preseason.

    I knew it would be a major league fail that would SINK the Hornets.

  417. Not me.

    I was almost completely satisfied.

    Lin PRODUCED, despite the lack of concentration on free throws.

    Lin’s gonna have games like this where he singlehandedly tries to carry his hopeless teammates but cannot.

  418. Sorry, but Lin’s role as backup PG is to get teammates involved.

    It’s not really hurting Lin’s game so much.

  419. No, Batum and Lamb NEED TO be distributors so that Lin can shoot.

    Lin shouldn’t always pass. He needs to be created for too.

  420. Lin has Chris Paul freedom too.

    But unlike Paul, Lin can’t just EJECT Spencer Hawes for playing like a corpse!

    Now I know why Chris Paul wouldn’t tolerate Hawes coming in and loafing around for the Clippers.

  421. How can Lin “defer” when he’s putting up a whopping 10 shots in less than 25 minutes???

  422. It’s NOT LIN’S CALL.

    Besides, he’d be a BALLHOG if he shot more than the 10 shots he jacked up!

  423. He ALREADY IS from the bench.

    But Lin cannot get anything out of Hawes and Zeller.

    If a guy, particularly a big man, cannot produce alongside Lin in multiple games, that guy is a SCRUB and ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH to compete in the NBA.

    Lin has a long list of getting legitimate NBA production out of 3rd string big men like Ed Davis, Greg Smith, and Steve Novak. Those guys are SCRUBS who cannot get the job done without Lin, yet Lin got them to produce anyway.

  424. He wants to play the game like vs Bulls but don’t get why coach didn’t do that w all their road games so far?

  425. Clifford’s problem is that he’s so wrapped up in the eye test that he’s trying to ram nonproducing players into roles that they appear to have the physical traits for.

    The problem is that physical appearance and ACTUAL PERFORMANCE are totally not the same.

    Too many no producers are out there looking like cardboard cutouts and playing like cardboard cutouts too: Batum at SG, Hairston, Hawes, Zeller, and even Lamb.

  426. R u and KHuang the same person?

  427. It’s not entirely the coach.

    Zeller and Hawes decided to play against Chicago and Dallas, so that allowed Lin to get a good flow going for the bench.

    But whenever Zeller and Hawes lay down and play dead, Lin cannot singlehandedly carry their dead weight.

  428. The only reason Kemba and Lin sorta works is NOT because of the totally untalented Walker.

    It’s because Clifford knows better than to put Walker out there with Hawes and Zeller.

    When those two stiffs are off the court, Lin can produce because then the ball moves and opponents cannot load up on Lin defensively.

  429. I was thinking about this too

  430. I mean team ball vs ISO. But Hawes did play bad vs Spurs. smh!

  431. Batum is not PG but coach asked him to do it…? Don’t know why Cliff wants Batum to be Nash? LOL! Why not let Lin to be Nash?

  432. I see your point

    But I saw Lin just not being assertive enough..being the floor general. He let the SGs and SFs take over

  433. He’s defering as a leader on the court and facilitator.

  434. Not shooting. Leading. Facilitating. Running the offense. Remember when Lin grabbed the play board from McHale and made a scheme and ALL of his teammates paid attention. That’s being the leader he can be. Not letting Batum do this.

  435. I’ve been saying that Hawes and Zeller are not a good fit for Lin both of them are bigs that’s only looking for shots(poster shots),Hawes is trying to be a Center point guard,Zeller is just a young 7 footer always looking to make a bucket to see his pretty points on highlights reel.They don’t know how to create space and help their teammates to get freed because they’re thinking about themselves to make a play first before the plays will developed.

  436. Exactly.

  437. Lin got more points than I predicted which was 8, but got less assists than I predicted which was 5. He also got slightly more PT than I predicted. I can’t imagine Lin getting more than 24 minutes from now on. Lin did pretty well during 1st half. What concerns me is I cannot see discernible improvements in his game. It’s going to be hard for Lin coming off the bench when he’s not the type of player who can start hitting shots right off the bench; some of his misses were not even close. A miss is miss but they were way off.

  438. It’s hard to play teamball on this team because they don’t have a solid structure to follow,if the Coach will assign a GO TO player in the second unit and give them a specific roles then team ball would exist.As long as everyone is trying to score and make their own plays,they won’t be successful.

  439. Kemba is a decent player. his handle allows him to weave in and out and open up some spacing for teammates to shoot. Batum was the worst player on court I thought.

  440. But they did well in preseason & vs Bulls. I guess some players probably don’t like bc they do care about their stats…?!

  441. I don’t know how Clifford allows Hawes to get any PT. smh

  442. Correct. Bottom line is, Clifford allows the stars to play with their mistakes. He gives them more minutes. Lin? Clifford yanks him out with any reason he can find. I don’t hate Clifford as much as mchale or bs but I don’t like him at all. He is not true to his words. His actions in the court speaks otherwise.

  443. In pre-season games,players don’t play in full gear they’re just trying to get their cardio and rhytmhn back,can’t gauge those games in real NBA game.

  444. I think Zeller could be usable. Hawes is just not cutting it.

  445. I said at the beginning of the year I was worried because Hornets have no rol men to play alongside Lin. None of the bigs can play above the rim.

  446. I know that but vs Bulls they played so well, right? Their best game so far this season.

  447. Nash can almost play with anyone …he did for five years…Lin need the “perfect” teammates …that’s the difference

  448. I said several times at the other Lin site that I didn’t understand why Lin was coming to Hornets to play PnRs when Hornets had no big men who could play PnRs. I saw one pre-season game, and that was enough for me to know this. Because of this, I honestly don’t think it matters all that much even if Lin was to start as a PG. Lin will not be as effective without the bigs who can play PnRs. Otherwise, there are no bigs to pass off when he decides to drive to the rim or penetrate.

  449. They did …but you can’t replicate things on every game like shooting 3’s very efficiently

  450. Team ball vs ISO. That’s the key Lin is fighting for now…

  451. Bemba sometimes is a very good offensive player. He played very well the last game.

  452. He needs to use his mid-range game. His dribbling is better but still needs improvement.

  453. Nash had more variations and better timing in his passing. He played with more confidence even though he didn’t have the best handles in the world. He’s a better shooter.

  454. 1st unit plays a little teamball because they respect each other.When Kemba and Al is out Batum takes over and trying to shoot the ball on every position.When Batum is out,Lamb and Hawes tries to take over the lead role.

  455. Hornets considers Lin as the 8th or 9th rotational player on this team,that’s the reason why team mates don’t respect him.He has no voice on this team.Even if he wants to dictate team ball mentality.

  456. I think Hornets wants to sign Lin just look at their web put out that almost half page Lin’s big picture w that interview said Hornets…. But the problem is Lin has not sign long team contract w Hornets yet… not sure he will or not. So they have to look out for the players w long team contract first. Bc Lin maybe will not stay in Hornets after this year. (Ya! Some players don’t want to play team ball…., just like in Rox, always one good game then changed back to ISO again….) Don’t know what will happen but … hate this happened again. smh!

  457. To be fair
    Batum and Lamb can be effective if used correctly.

  458. They want him to sign with them next year.

  459. You may be right…but respect is something that need to be earned and it comes from a person who takes charge and command…thats the expectation of a PG, anyways…immaterial of one’s playing time

  460. It goes to my initial post above.It’s really hard to earn respect if you only have 2mil tag on your back comes along w/ playing time.

  461. If they really wanted to sign Lin back, they wuld cater to him more like they do with Batum

  462. If they want to,but hey Pelcans is dialing to get a new player that’s for sure.I’m salivating just to think Davis and Lin would be on the same team.

  463. Exactly.

    Charlotte will continue to have big problems against teams eho protects the rim well but can win against teams with soft frontcourt, like Chicago and Dallas.

  464. With Haiston SF…

  465. They did it for Lin the whole preseason games.

  466. Up to the coach.

    What the coach wants, Jeremy does.

  467. I think Jeremy is playing fine.

    We can’t blame him for not being aggressive or facilitating when I see the coach calling out the play from the sidelines on almost every possession. There was one play where the coach was yelling at Lin to pass the ball to the top of the key to batum and instead, Lin just drove to the basket and scored.

    Most of the turnovers occurred last night when the hornets were running these predictable plays where Point guard would either dribble handoff to the shooting guard on the corner or When the point guard would drive to the corner and pass to the 4 on top of the key. The defense knew what the hornets were going to do.

    The plays that are most successful are when they set multiple screens for Jeremy and let him attack the paint. I don’t know why they don’t run more of these. I don’t think it’s Jeremy’s fault bc if you watch the game, you see Clifford calling most of the plays.

  468. I have more concern about the way Batum plays. Looks to me is that Clifford will go to AI at the beginning of the game, and then Kemba to attack. Batum don’t shoot much in first line up, and get all his shot when he was playing with the second team.

    Batum and Lin used to work very well, they play off each other, which makes it very hard to defend, but now Batum do not play that way, ball stop in his hand, that makes the second team much much weaker. When he play that way, hardd to ask other player not to play unselfish, Lin will get lost there.

  469. Well…..lin is the 9MOY……so …lol

  470. thats preseason now they are not when it matters

  471. People will probably get frustrated with Davis
    He’s so good that he can do it all

  472. this game only looks okay because Kemba was hitting a lot of shots, and they are not easy shots, you won’t have those every night.

  473. I tried explain it to others but…..
    Anyway, that is how just shoot looks like

  474. That’s I don’t get why? OK. Preseason don’t count but vs Bulls they played their best game so far this season. Why not keep playing like that?

  475. Last season, Jeremy Lin joked about On Spurs Win : ‘Played Hard For A Team Full Of Toilet Paper’ with his 38 pts. I do not what to say about last night game. Very few passes because nobody set screens. Lin actually passed too much in case no screen set. Lin could have led last year tanking Lakers beat this Horents team AGAIN!

  476. Ya! Batum became more selfish now. It’s his contract year so he cares about stats too….

  477. Kaminsky and Hansbrough can, but they don’t play.

    Besides, simply running a pick and roll would cause opponents to blitz Lin with multiple defenders over the pick.

    More important than the pick and roll is the Charlotte bench’s tendency to BREAK the offense by stagnating needlessly instead of moving off the ball as a team. Too many logjams from guys standing around.

  478. Anthony Davis is the one guy you DON’T want on Lin’s team.

    He’s now Kobe Carmelo selfish, doesn’t defend, and doesn’t pass.

  479. That’s why I specified Batum at SG.

    When Batum is at SF, he produces well.

  480. i didnt go back and watch the tape, but did it seem like the spurs interior D was weak? i mean the bigs rotating to cover dribble penetration by kemba.
    overall, i was wondering about the impact of adding aldridge and david west, and losing splitter. i would venture to say that interior D by the spurs bigs dropped off by losing splitter.

    or it may be that the spurs did not try hard to rotate too much during kemba’s penetration, so that no one else would get open shots off kemba’s drives except kemba.

    lin too was getting deep into the paint, so it makes me wonder.

  481. Opponents ENCOURAGE Walker to shoot.

    They know that more often than not, he will brick his team to losses.

  482. Last year’s tanking Lakers had THE BEST bench in the entire NBA, led by Lin.

    That bench could beat anyone, and often they did.

    Unfortunately, the bench could not offset the poor player of the starters.

  483. Ya! Why Cliff wanted to give instruction on every possession? It didn’t work.

  484. It seems we have a coach who means well, but lacks the ability from being a good coach to a great coach

  485. I gently disagree.

    Lin’s PRODUCING, he doesn’t need help from anyone to GET HIS.

  486. This is just the beginning of the regular season I won’t say their D is weak,knowing Pop… he will turn this on when it really matters,when you have Aldridge,Duncan and West as your rotational bigs,they’ll just going to get better from here as the season goes on.

  487. Haha! I don’t think Cliff’s game plan it’s that good. Like last night, Spurs obviously well prepare for 2nd unit but Cliff had no answer for it.

  488. It’s an issue of Lin’s bench teammates NOT PLAYING HARD ENOUGH.

    It’s not the coaching, it’s not Lin, it’s not even the starters.

    Hawes and Zeller are simply UNDERPERFORMING.

  489. I don’t see it as a respect issue.

    I think that longtime veteran journeymen like Hawes are simply TOO LAZY to play super hard every game.

  490. Lin is underperforming but he needs help. Hawes isn’t cutting it. Zeller should run PnR with him.

  491. Aldridge in particular has been struggling.

    If Charlotte’s big men had come to play, they would’ve easily messed up Aldridge.

  492. But Cliff almost gave instruction on every possession ….?!

  493. Up to Lin. You’re passing the buck. He’s done that on 3 teams now with different coaches. Lin can take charge and show leadership on the court. The coach is not preventing him from doing so.

  494. sure, i get your point but that’s not what i was asking.

    to make myself more clear, im thinking kemba and lin were getting into the paint, but the hornets had very very few total assists. why is that? normally, i expect penetration to result in some drive and kick opportunites but those were not there last night. why? it’s not that kemba refused to pass; those kickouts just weren’t there, i wonder why.

  495. Aldridge is a bad fit for SA. West is good but not Aldridge. I guess LA has to find a new way to play because he is something of a ball stopper.

  496. Well coached athletic defense and not as skilled an offense from Charlotte.

  497. Before the game, Manu already said for respect Hornets they will have their best game. But I don’t think Cliff has any good idea to face Spurs but work hard. smh!

  498. They don’t have a structure on offense,with Kemba and Lin’s ability to penetrate the paint you would expect that a shooter would camp out at the corner.And yes,players here are always looking for their shots first before passing.They moved the ball a lot but they don’t really have purpose to who’s going to get the shot.

  499. He took 10 shots and forced some too
    so he wasnt passive but problem is the bigs are too bad they can set proper screens and they wanna shoot 3’s rather than play like a big
    thats why you need to play someone like Psycho T

  500. You don’t see it that way but I do

  501. because they cater to Batum and Lamb signed a new contract so hes first option of 2nd unit now

  502. I didnt wanna say it because im still relatively a noob
    but ya thats the impression I get from AD now

  503. there could be more screens for lin, but sometimes its easy to miss when they try to screen bc lin attacks before the screener is even set. some of lin’s best drives recently have come this way.

    this prevents lin from getting trapped, while it still allows the screener to pull the big away from the paint just enough to create an open lane.

    this is also lin adapting to having poor screen setters such as hawes.

  504. Yah Lin is a better ball handler/scorer than him
    but he can do a little bit of every thing like parsons but slightly better and can defend
    hes still valuable to team when used properly
    lamb is a bit like nick young from last year but a little less selfish imo and a better shooter

  505. He is producing and playing well 11-3 in 20 mins is top notch
    but my point is with his production he deserves more mins and touches, or plays called for him
    especially if they wanna sign him back
    thats why i dont think the hornetts really want to sign him back next year

  506. he is not underperformaing if you look at the mins hes getting and his stats

  507. He is underperforming in his duties as a PG. The PG with 6 years experience, 27 years old, takes charge. He isn’t doing that. He isn’t playing up to his capabilities. Whatever minutes he is in, I want to see a Lin in charge like I’ve seen in the past. If I don’t, he’s underperforming. He isn’t horrible, but this is not the best Lin and I’m telling you, this won’t please MJ. MJ wants to see a player in charge.

  508. It’s Clifford’s fault for playing two STIFFS who have not earned the right to step onto a NBA court!

  509. He is not in charge because Clifford doesnt put him in charge simple as that
    besides hes more of a score first guard

  510. Lin is NOT underperforming.

    He is a $2 million player who’s providing way too much value for what he’s paid.

    I keep saying that Lin fans are in error when they open up their McDonalds Happy Meal and complain that they “only” got prime rib instead of filet mignon!

  511. Lin has the full green light to shoot or drive to pass.

    But the court is so congested with lazy nonperforming teammates, that’s like telling a motorist that he can speed all he wants when the freeway is congested at 0mph!

  512. It doesn’t work that way. A player gets on the court and says I’m in charge. Clifford isn’t preventing that and to say that takes the onus off of Lin and puts it on Coach. Coach is not telling Lin not to be the experienced PG out there and bark out orders. He can’t just let Batum or someone else be the main facilitator when he is better and more suited for it than they are. Batum can be co-facilitator, but Lin has to be more authoritative. That’s a QUALITY in a player that Kobe and others were right about. Lin doesn’t always act like he’s as good as he is. He needs to not worry about making friends and put some guys in their place out there.

  513. No problem.

    If the Hornets don’t want Lin, Lin can exercise his player option and leave if any team will have him (which I doubt because Lin is Asian and nobody wants the Asian guy no matter how much the Asian guy produces).

  514. Meh, he settled for that and you as well as anyone else that is not his worth.

    He’s underperforming, he’s better than he has played in most of the games this season.

  515. I was saying it 3 years ago when Davis was DRAFTED.

    I have never liked his game and consider him TOTALLY OVERRATED.

  516. Anthony Davis is nowhere near as good as people say.

  517. I agree with this..12ppg and 3 ast is good numbers based on the 22mpg Lin is getting.

    The even better news is that Lin is putting these numbers while he’s not shooting well…We all know he’s going to eventually shoot better than 38%FG, so his numbers will only get better, specially if he gets more time.

  518. Keep complaining then.

    You are unhappy that Lin played as good as last year’s 6th man winner Lou Williams last game.

    I know you expect Lin to do more, but don’t get angry at HARDCORE VETERAN NBA fans like me who are viewing Lin not from a Lin only fan standpoint but in relation to all the other players that came before and after Lin.

  519. I seem to be the only fan on this board PLEASED with Lin’s production last game.

    Had he hit his stinking free throws, Lin would have had 15 points last game!

    Aside from the poor concentration Lin did at the line, I was completely satisfied with his production last game.

  520. lin found a way to impact the game despite his poor shooting. he drew 6 FTs and draw a ton of fouls before they got into bonus.

    statistically there is no difference between a brick and a shot that almost went in. but watching the game, the shooting looked worse than the numbers. that’s why the perception of the performance was low. he was bricking his misses, and even more cause for concern is that the form didn’t look the same as preseason. some of the misses were open shots, some were harder like pull up jumper after a pump fake. mills is a good defender, so that has to be taken into account too. it would be have been much easier against parker.

  521. You and me both, lol. There’s a few of us left who appreciates Lin for what he brings to a crappy situation. Like Lester young, like Charlie Parker, like Van Gogh, Lin applies his craft with purpose and resolve. It’s up to us to appreciate what little exposure he gets.

  522. Can I Ask why you’re satisfied ?

  523. I don’t think he played well this game,he was totally outplayed by Mills but he’s not the only reason they lose this game,it’s a lot more than that.

  524. No I think he did well in the context of a hornet team that was overmatched on the player and coaching side of things. Playing good teams can make anyone look bad.

  525. How about I ask you why you are unhappy with Lin’s double figure scoring in less than 25 minutes?

  526. When Zeller and Hawes REFUSE to play defense, Lin can’t guard their guys and cover his own man too.

  527. 3 if you count pj

  528. I know Lin needs not to undervalue himself by being aware of the culture of the NBA that says stand up and impose your will on the game or not be considered the impact player you are. That’s the one thing Kobe tried to preach to Lin that he was 100 percent correct about. Lin has to do that. It isn’t about anyone besides Lin. Not Coach, Batum, Lamb, anyone but Lin. And MJ is like Kobe but a more extreme version.

  529. Not only that,they’re trying to do more outside their skill sets.

  530. Nobody I’ve seen has had a more difficult NBA situation than Lin.

    You take any All Star and treat him the way Lin’s treated, that All Star will not produce as much as Lin does. That includes Lin’s boss Michael Jordan.

  531. His defense wasn’t good. Also, Lin plays Parker well and Coach has to consider having Lin come in earlier and play Parker, maybe alongside Kemba.

  532. But that’s NOT LIN’S FAULT.

    Lin cannot singlehandly beat opponents when 3 of his bench guys did not come ready to play last game.

  533. JOrdan is a different specie,even when he was started and playing w/ scrubs he still puts up more than 60 points against Cahmpionship contender Boston.Not a good example to put on that situation.Marburry I guessed would be the best example.

  534. Give it a rest sws94. You are so stuck on your views but from your posts I surmise your exposure to playing organized ball even at high school level is limited or you would understand what some of the other posters are trying to tell you. Lin is doing his thing and playing his style of ball. It is a team game and if his teammates are not buying in he cannot change that without coaching support maybe. Nba is a star player league. Clifford may be gone soon anyway.

  535. NO.

    Jordan wouldn’t even produce as much as Lin if he bounced from team to team like Lin did and had no plays run for him and was frozen out and had to play around bad teammates.

    That Chicago team Jordan was on had solid NBA players like Orlando Woolridge, Charles Oakley, and others. Lin has never been allowed to play with a team that good for long.

    Besides, Jordan played in the 80s where defenses were MUCH SOFTER. Today, Jordan would not be able to handle the crushing zones without teammate help as well as Lin would.

  536. Honestly it’s bc his role on the team is not growing . But 1 bad game and loss put it behind and move on. He wasn’t ready off the bench like he has in his career. Even the best players miss 10 plus shots sometimes

  537. Think hawes tries to set screen couple of times but is like a wet charmin. Parhetic. What is coaching for?

  538. So you think Lin didn’t play good enough, huh?

    He puts out the same statistical output as the guy who won 6th man last year and you’re mad?

    Lou Williams was touted as the best 6th man last season, and he produced FOR THE SEASON the same results that Lin just did.

    Your standards are TOO HIGH if you call a performance good enough to win the best bench player in the league “bad”.

  539. u are right about the defense. he sagged off mills from one pass away. i dont know what lin was thinking. he wasnt. maybe there was another instance or two of overhelping. its silly that lin spends so much effort on D in ineffectual ways. its wasted energy.

    but going back and forth between doubling aldridge and covering mills, i assume that was a coach’s decision. not much to say there, it’s impossible to sag off mills like that, because he can shoot the open shot, and if u try to close out on him hard, he can drive. u would have to be a really mobile and lengthy shotblocker — which lin obviously isnt — to even attempt to do that assignment effectively. like brent said, there was no way that possession would end well. at the very least, it was a bad gamble.

  540. hes being exposed this year
    but i still have hopes for him

  541. The minutes were garbage time Have Faith 5 hours ago
    Batum and Kemba are the distributors/playmakers when Lin’s on the floor with either or both of them. And one or both are, most times, on the floor with Lin.
    And shoot 3s? Sure, if Lin gets passed the ball.
    Guess how many passes Lin has received from Kemba since the season started . . . 2. Yep, 2 times.
    Guess how many passes Lin has received from Batum since the season started . . . 1. Yep, 1 time.
    Source: NBA.com.
    3 Reply View

  542. The thing is that Lin does not even look bad.

    Despite wave after wave of utterly worthless scrubs that have been forcefed to Lin to carry, Lin still GETS HIS.

    Truly great players like Lin will produce no matter how bad their situations are.

    Had Lin gotten 30 minutes, he’s EASILY have scored 20 points!

  543. Im sure he will find a place, probably as a back up thou
    top 3 back up gaurds right now are ressions, lin and bayless imo

  544. Lin’s teammates failing him is NOT ON LIN.

    And garbage time is still court time. There’s no special category for garbage time on stats and boxscores.


  545. i saw on a couple of posessions clifford told Lin to give the ball to lamb/batum

  546. I’m not giving it a rest and I’ve been watching basketball for 5 decades. I saw Walt Frazier play with Willis Reed, I go back that far. I’m tired of fans here blaming everyone else and not seeing where Lin is continuing to show something that is holding him back.

  547. on a couple of occasions where Lin had open looks but passed them away
    it happens a lot of PGs do this too


    Charlotte plays a modern helping defense, but Hawes and Zeller were too braindead and lazy to defend.

    Lin is supposed to help. That’s the GAMEPLAN. Disobey and Lin gets benched.

  549. even if hawes could set an acceptable screen, he cannot roll effectively, and if he pops out for a jumpshot, it is not a real threat. if lin gets trapped and hawes has to be a release valve, he cannot swing the ball fast enough to other side or initiate offense from the top of the key.

    theres nothing a coach can do with hawes when u look at the entire package. making his screens better isnt going to change much.

  550. If players like Hawes are incapable of running plays, then coaches like Clifford need to either light a fire under them or yank them out of the game.

  551. True words

  552. I agree. If you look at Lin chasing down mills on defense it is easy to think he got burned but in terms of help d he is making a calculated gamble, and his man was hot. Real tough to be Lin. People always ready to twist a positive into a negative.

  553. And sometime he does that too!

  554. He did well in 21mins
    do you know how much he gets paid? 2mil and hes 27
    thats a salary for your 15th man that only plays garbage time and still cant produce
    so yah Lin did do well

  555. If Hawes and Zeller actually played instead of loafing around out there, Lin would not have had to chase Mills like that.

    I called Zeller a “wildly overrated defender” this summer and had doubts about Hawes, but even I had no idea that they would be THIS bad.

  556. thats why i dont think clifford is a capable coach
    he doesnt do that but only to lin it seems…

  557. that says it all, Too many chefs in 2nd unit and everyone is confused or ineffective.

  558. Good observation – then bench him and play someone else, psycho t sets hard screens and rebounds – play him then.

  559. LMAO.Players on these days were far more fundamentally sound than the players this days.If you put Jordan on his prime on this era,he will make 99% of the NBA players look like a scrub

  560. One thing we can all agree on here is that Lin did better than $2 Mill contract. Moreover, he’s performing as a decent backup player who normally would get paid over $6 Mill. So, if you look at it this way, no problem.

  561. Play Tyler coach

  562. Lin won’t get 30 minutes unless he’s a starter and that’s the most frustrating part. I will say it again, if Lin doesn’t get to start before season ends he shouldn’t resign after opting out of his contract.

  563. I always said Mills should play more for Spurs.

  564. All true. Hard to disagree.

  565. Khuang I bow to your analysis and player evaluations. Keep posting

  566. Give them 10-15 games and see if Clifford reins them in. I’m not ready yet to give up on yet another year. What I hope is that coach is giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    If they continue to play selfish and Clifford does nothing then either he can’t do anything about it because of FO demands or he’s got no backbone to change a losing way to play. Clifford will get fired along with CHO and Lin will become a FA next year.

  567. NBA should have such award.

  568. I am with you sws94. I don’t blame anyone else, but at the same time, Lin’s stats is fine for a bench player. I am more concerned that I don’t see any improvements in Lin’s game. Even with worse stats, if I saw certain improvements, I would be satisfied.

  569. So why do you keep BASHING Lin’s game?

  570. Shouldn’t lose your sleep over BB game or any player. I even enjoy when Lin is not playing well.

  571. Just curious. How many of you played HS BB? Or college BB? Or played lots of BB recreationally? Or even any other sports in HS or beyond?

  572. You have to know the mentality of your boss. MJ is who he is. MJ made positive comments on Lin’s abilities. Just because a player has the skills doesn’t mean he has the mindset to impose them on a consistent basis. If MJ sees Lin lacking that mindset, he’ll treat him like Kobe this. That’s much more important to me than Lamb, Batum or even Coach. I wish we would stop setting up adversarial relationships with people in every one of Lin’s organizations when we don’t have to and look more at what some of Lin could do better that promotes himself and his bosses.

  573. Why do you CARE?

  574. I am OK with Lin’s performance for the past 6 games. It is just he was not used properly and enough.

    He can do better in shooting and defense (like yesterday) but everyone on this team can do better, including the coaches. If everyone on the team continue to learn and adjust and everyone is on the same BIG page, they have a chance at playoff spot. But so far, I don’t see that happening. What a contrast between preseason and real season in terms of plays the coaches set out. It is not looking good. My opinion, if they continue to play like this, bypass Lin’s capabilities, they are likely to be a 0.500 team.

    My concern is that Lin’s role is diminishing. Not saying that it is happening, but all the indications in the past 6 games on/off courts are leaning towards that. I hope i am wrong and I hope Clifford is a man of his words. Otherwise, I don’t know which coach Lin will trust in the future.

  575. Because if you played organized basketball,you know what you’re talking about.

  576. NO.

    Even great 80s players like McHale and Scott are CLUELESS about Lin.

  577. Why do you care what I post?

  578. Aside his shot is not falling , I think Lin plays ok. He overhelp sometimes because of the unreliable team mates..and the spurs got hot on the 3 pts. shot..

  579. They recognized that Lin is a good NBA player but they don’t believe that he can lead a team,and besides coaching is different from playing.

  580. There’s nothing to worry about.

    If Lin’s role diminishes, it is NOT because he has not been producing in a statistically verifiable way.

    Nobody can predict how NBA front offices feel about Lin. So all Lin can do is go out and produce to the best of his capabilities.

    By the way, 0.500 would be a GREAT SEASON by Clifford standards!

  581. Yes. And others were designed for Lin. That play where Lin cut and Hawes got the ball for him for a +1 is an example where Coach told Batum not to get the ball and it was Lin’s play.

  582. Because I CAN.

    And if you want to TROLL BAIT like you always do, I can call you out on it.

  583. I agree.

  584. You are the biggest ELF & TROLL there is. Nothing I said suggests any trolling intent. It’s in your mind. Anyone can post anything as long as Mods allow it.

  585. In short, they’re CLUELESS and their organized basketball experience at the highest level does not change that.


    I called you out correctly, and you responded like the BITTER HATE TROLL you are.


  587. You should be banned for trolling people. Way too sensitive.

  588. Unfortunately most people play the game like its dependent only on their number 1, 2, or third option. Like Lebron as a right fist and love as the left hook. That’s proven to be an old dinosaur’s game by Spurs and GSW. Many would argue that Lebron is the most powerful right fist in the game and no one would dare to match it one on one. However, if you put that 1-3 weapons to a modern cage fighter, the dynamics becomes very different. Now, the arms, elbows, knees and feet become multiple arsenals that can easily overcome just the one.

    What is happening is that Clifford is trying to get all his extremities to fight together and in sequence, like a kata. But what’s happening is that the players want to only set up the old one two. Talent for talent, Spurs are much better and they play the modern game to boot.

    Batum, Walker and big Al want to be the one two punch, but Clifford wants to change them into an ultimate fighter. The challenge is laid out in front of them. Who will have the brains and internal resolve to place the team first? We’ll know in another 10 games. Clifford’s head is on the line. The on,y one that can make the pieces work together like a well oiled kata is Lin. He’s done it once with NYC. It’s just a matter if they want it bad enough.

  589. Scott and McHale are pretty clueless. I think Clifford is a much better coach, a real coach.


    You Lin hating trolls are trying to WRECK THIS FORUM.

    I know you sociopaths all too well, webattorney.

    We are enemies and will forever be enemies because you HATE LIN AND LIN FANS.

  591. That’s exactly how he played. ok. Time for Lin to play very well or excellent in whatever minutes he gets on both ends of the floor.

  592. No structure… bad idea for a team that’s want to reach the playoff

  593. I was a starter pg in highschool….until the drugs and knifes came out during my senior season. A coaching change made me a ball boy so I played tennis because I needed on one else.

  594. Then you got flagged too. You shouldn’t have done that in the first place as well. wanna fight, go to other site and fight all you guys want. The mods there will let you guys fight freely.

  595. Oh! No! What he tried to say …? Looks like not good again?

  596. Uhh #surrender? Sounds ominous

  597. Anyone? Interpretation?

  598. Not sure if this is in reference to the fact Clifford put Jeremy out there with the third stringers at the end of the game. That really bothered me. And the fact that Lamb was used in place of Jeremy during 4th. Concerned that this reflects change in FO and coach’s mindset and plans for how Jeremy is going to be played in the future. Hope it’s not true and hope I’m dead wrong. Prayers up for Jlin!!

  599. All these can change within one day like Cliff said…. the key point is to solve the problem on team ball vs ISO. This coach wants to make it clear before next game.

  600. Hello?

  601. Don’t be… I think if this team ball or whatever the problem between Lin & coach… now maybe all solved.

  602. Solved or explained by coach’s true intention of how he will use Lin in the coming games?

  603. I still don’t get why he added #surrender at the end of the tweet…

  604. Ya! I think so… they want to win they need Lin but they maybe will not play team ball as Lin’s wish… so right now perhaps coach finally made Lin agree to give up that team ball theory? I don’t think it’s bad from this bible tweet.

  605. I think it’s Lin’s team ball idea.

  606. Might be response to the trade rumors

  607. Yes you could be right. I might be reading too much into the tweet. It’s just that Lamb signed a big extension which means team might decide to use him even more. He’s definitely not a playmaker and not as skilled offensively as Jeremy, weak defender on top of that!

  608. No.

  609. Ok so .. Implication is less passing to hawes and more shooting from jlin? I’m all for it lol

  610. But if you look at 1st half, besides Kemba, Lin was the one who took the shots… not Lamb. Lin was on 8 min but he took 7 shots. They want him to be happy even it’s not team ball…

  611. Thank you – that DOES make sense.

  612. Agreed. I popped in during the game last night to check the game thread and it was almost unreadable. So much unwarranted hate and blame being hurled at the Lin’s coach and teammates. Yesterday, Lin only had himself to blame for what could have been a better performance.

  613. Lin’s team ball theory is too ideal, all teammates are selfish and it’s up to him to shoot more and not pass whenever his teammates ask for the ball.

  614. Exactly. NBA is full of money, power, & fame. Why these players are willing to give that up for the team ball? This is not college. Lin has been preached that since Rox… sacrifice your own stats won’t work. Turn out he’s the one pack & left… I hope this can end ASAP.

  615. That’s why Spurs is the ideal team

  616. Does this mean he will be traded? Could it be the reason why his usage is reduced?

  617. Uh oh…

  618. Jeremy, sometimes u just need it to hang loose and go and do what u were born to do… go and get what youre here to do and forget everyone else… ie, go kick some azz!

  619. As I suspected, things not going good

  620. Surrender to God.

    Do what You want me to do.

  621. it’s sunday Lins at church on a day off probably , getting away from NBA politics

  622. It means surrender to God…

  623. Clifford has low standards lol

  624. Lin had a pretty sad defensive game yesterday. 🙁 Looks like he contested every shot, and yet, every shot he contested went in.

    So I spend a bit time to actually plot yesterday’s all the shots Hornets defended, and indeed, Lin was able to challenge most of the shot in either tight or borderline tight and open range, and unfortuantely, 6 of 8 shots he challenged went in. Really bad luck.

    I’m surprised to see Batum pretty much just left his guy wide open for 3pt, (> 6 ft defender distance is consider wide open, 4-6 ft consider open, 2-4 ft were tight, and <2 ft as very tight.) And Hawes just don't contest much shots close.

  625. IF ONLY, Lin, Kaminsky and Hansbrough started

  626. I truly hope it’s just enough rope for them to hang themselves, than Clifford actually believing his mis-use of personnel is working, in which case he’s either slow or just another knucklehead

  627. Yes – I can see that. Maybe he was moved and just wanted to share an inspirational verse with us.

  628. absolutely.

  629. Lin’s doing everything he can within the situation he’s in and he’s PRODUCING defensively and offensively.

    This Lin needs to play PERFECT idea is getting old. I have yet to see a so called NBA Superstar or all-star or max player held to the same standard

  630. Your stats are correct, but I cannot agree with you regarding why he was scored on from the 3 point area.

    In the second half, he helped too far away and he is too short, not long enough, can’t jump high enough to affect the shot of good 3 point shooters.

    It is the same mistake since HOUSTON. He never fixes it. It is not “bad luck” Its bad defense strategy by Clifford unless Lin has just fallen asleep.

    Now Khuang has noted Lin and guards are probably asked to do a soft double or jump down to help. I see many weak pathetic NBA teams do the same thing and their players look at each other in confusion,

    I expected Lin to be smarter than this or pull up the tape and show Clifford and Silas why his over helping does NOTHING and convince the coach to let him stick to his sharpshooter opponent like GLUE.

    I suspect the coaches tell him he doesn’t know what he’s saying or doing and shut up and follow orders. if so, dumb coaches.

    It’s been 3 seasons of this. When will it end for Lin?

  631. there should be more of those

  632. yah i dont expect anything more
    a decent back up who can also start

  633. crazy but is the worst yet to come? When he posts bible versus, it usually does mean something is not going his way. Yikes.

  634. not when coach tells him to
    and yah team ball theory is too ideal
    this is the NBA its all business you gotta look out for your own, which I think Lin did last game(10shots in 22mins)

  635. Honestly, who cares?

    Lin is infinitely better on defense than any of these one-way “star” PGs in the league who don’t even attempt to defend. He had one bad quarter where he gambled on overhelping. Whatever.

    Besides, we all know Lin will be judged on his offense anyway. So who cares?

  636. Bad coach.

    As they were McHale and Scott.

    Nothing new.

  637. Even now, Lin & Kemba are tied for the team lead on Points-Per-Shot (1.32).

    Lin just needs fair minutes and the same attitude he had last night — the %s will even themselves out. Heck, Harden shoots 20-30 times per game and he was the NBA’s worst shooter until the past 2 games.

  638. Can someone explain what it means? It worries me whenever Lin tweeted a verse 🙁

  639. He did all he could last night. He was more aggressive than ever and if he simply got 25-30m as promised he would have ended up with 15-20p. That’s all he can do. The rest is up to racial reffing and bad coaching/lineups.

  640. Bad timing, ha. Probably scheduled the interview weeks ago.

  641. Must have went to a dangerous school. Lol

  642. My impression of Kemba got better after I started watching him. He’s a nice guy and a decent PG. If he could only improve his shooting percentage . . .

  643. Means Lamb will close games, not him anymore.

  644. Well, you know Mills is a good shooter, so had to defend him accordingly. Giving him a wide open 3 pointers was not a good D. Make him drive instead.

  645. Whenever he tweets Bible verse, that means he is not happy with his BB game.

  646. Yeap.

  647. As best as I can tell from my Bible knowledge, it means or implies the following: “God created us to do good works in whatever way we can, and he has a plan for all of us, even when things are not looking up.”

  648. He could…next to Lin. That’s what so frustrating with Clifford’s lineup. Starting Lin helps everyone — Kemba shoots higher %s, Lin shoots higher %s, Big Al and Nic shoot higher %s. The only “loser” would be Al’s overall PPG. That would go down.

  649. Thanks

  650. Thanks
    I know it will come one day when Lamb played with starters in Q4…..

  651. Looked at positively, it means “There must be a reason why God brought me to Hornets, so I have to trust in his ways and keep working hard, whatever role I am given.”

  652. Yeah, the only change I can recommend to Clifford is to start Lin as a SG next to Kemba, and see what happens. It’s not as if Lin is leading 2nd team to greatness or anything.

  653. When did I do that? I don’t taunt anyone. If I did, I would not be able to post here due to many Mods reviewing posts. I am like Tommy poster up there. Just because I am not happy that he’s not playing like a starter, that does not mean I disagree that he is not playing above the $2 Mill level. I went from thinking Lin as “a decent backup who can also start” to “a decent backup who maybe should not expect to start.”

  654. Could not tell if this means things are going badly or not. What I do hope is that surrender means he stops worrying. Lin thinks a lot and that also means he worries a lot. A walk of faith should be free of worry. Surrender, don’t worry, and play more freely.

  655. Still this was before SAS, so this was AFTER the teeth gnashing started at this site. Jeremy is typically – almost painfully- honest in his interviews. If he said this just before last night’s game, it may not actually be as bad as we think.
    Not ideal either, but nothing will ever be ideal for J. He just has to figure it out.

  656. Yes, surrender means stops worrying but it may not mean play free. Depends on how he interprets “good works” in the basketball context, if he means that at all. Team ball? Listen to coach? Let others shine before you? Hard to say. Only Jeremy really knows.

    But at least he seems to be striving to find peace and if he does find it, either way, I think that will help his game.

  657. Not really, the real problem was they were too smart to get caught and smart enough to make it into a business. Some of the smart ones got into semi legit money laundering, other wound up career criminals. Mostly it was just lower middle class kids trying to get ahead. Inter school games however against tough schools became just like a war with gangs too close to the bus. Just wasn’t worth it.

  658. Agreed, all good Christians fight this personal battle of wants and desires versus Gods will. It’s not necessarily about bball even but about anger with Harris and frustration with his personal struggles with his shot.

    It may in fact be a good thing for him to release these frustrations and internal pressures by anchoring himself to his faith. Athletes that tend to want something too much get in their own way of the results. Surrender in fact may be to remind himself to let go and have faith in his own process and let it come to him

  659. Glad to hear you say the responsibility falls on Lin. Too many people here try to find excuses for him. He was given the ball. He was given the time on the court. No one is forcing him to hold back. I agree Lin could play better. I also believe Lin is tough enough but he is being too nice. Took me awhile in my career to realize it as well, but sometimes when you are being nice you are hurting your coworkers. Nice is not always appropriate.

    Nice sometimes means your are not communicating. If Lin really cares about his team, then he needs to communicate. As the best pg on the team, that means take charge and tell his teammates when they are not doing the right thing. Sure people get upset and you are the “bad guy,” but allowing your team to underperform is not being a good teammate either.

    MJ as well as Steve Jobs and other successful men are known as real a holes. But if Steve jobs wasn’t that way I wouldn’t have my iPhone. So much greatness could be lost in the name of niceness.

  660. Team needs an alpha dog to feel confident and have a focus. Whose team is this? After China, Lin was a leader because they were in China. Team was able to rally behind that. When Lin shrinks in the regular season he did a disservice to his teammates. The safe feeling of having an alpha dog dropped under their feet and the confidence leaves the team. Linsanity did not just boost us up, it boosted the confidence of his knick teammates.

  661. Hawes never completes the job. He sets the screen, but doesn’t hold position. He drives but doesn’t take it strong when going up. He passes but throws it lightly at the very end. He seems to only follow through with 75% of the task. He probably that guy that doesn’t finish his meals. Makes his bed but not smoothly. If he was a webpage would download but miss some of the pictures or videos. So annoying. Just follow through and finish the job.

  662. aiks!….run

  663. Khuang…been a respectable poster here similar to you…we havent seem him do any baiting..like @brent

    Baiting or not, its still a valid/genuine question…if he deviates, there is enough mods here to take action. cheers

  664. I remember one time Lin got switched onto Diaw and the announcer was saying why did the Spurs not throw the ball to Diaw as he had the mismatch.

  665. The game plan was definitely a soft help defense. You see Lamb doing the same dance as Lin. One foot in and one foot out of the paint when the post player has the ball. So it looks like it was the team’s plan to defend this way. SA just hit all their shots. It’s like the Chicago game.

  666. Lin’s 38 pt game against SA was as a Rocket. Last year his highest scoring game was 29.

  667. Hope you are right about cliff recognizing the team dynamics and he will correct, but I think Lin may have fooled himself that he had finally found a coach to allow him to play and shine. So far I see less minutes and diminshed role on the team, no real game planning and unsubstantiated promotion or suppression of players that leads me to think he is not a good nba head coach. We will wait to see because we have no choice.

  668. I’m with you here sws. Lin is not playing up to his abilities at the moment. He can do better. He can be more stubborn, but he is deferring a bit too much. Like Paul sais, a PG is probably the most hated person on the team because he gets to distribute the ball. Lin needs to demand the ball more to make the impact. Standing and waiting is not going to work since all teammates think they’re the man.

  669. moving target? v.likely Metta is on his way out of Lakers

  670. Good news for all Lakers fans!

    Bryant called himself a “Laker for life” on Friday, again denying that he would look to play elsewhere if this season isn’t his last.

    1dir which other franchise would want to sign this guy?

  671. I just hope Clifford gives Lin enough minutes around 30-34mins whether it starting or coming off the bench for 10 games. If that doesn’t work, I will not complain about minutes Lin gets.

  672. Metta is for entertainment purpose so he will be w Kobe for his last season I think.

  673. I think if Lin plays like what he did in preseason he will get more min. Cliff wants to win so he can keep his job. Hornets so far it’s not good ranking #13 in the eastern conference now.

  674. lol

  675. Yeah…he was out of NBA, knowing they gonna tank again, Kobe likely to have thought to bring back an old friend to have “fun” together

  676. Ya! That’s why Lakers signed Metta not Brown. For “fun” bc what else can Lakers offers now? LOL!

  677. The ball got sticky this game and a lot of quick shots and too many missed assignments on defense. Coach needs to remind Batum that he is secondary ball handler on both units. Lam’s shooting was crap and he still heaved away. Coach needed to take him out, remind him on shot selevtion and then put him back in. As for Hawes, he should not be setting any picks. Lin needed to get the offense organised and if not he needed to call guys out. Did anyone tell the coach that the soft help defense was not working since SA moved the balls very quickly?

  678. Been busy the last couple of days, not sure whether this is been talked about.


    Hornets (Lamb 3-yr contract, still has Roberts) considering trading Lin to Bulls (Rose injury, alleged Rose/Butler grudge, Hinrich old) for Hinrich and a pick.

  679. Hornets back to ISO O again & Cliff wants to get the win so anyone who can make pts will get the playing time. I don’t think Cliff had any answer for Spurs last night. In 3Q, just saw Spurs made 18 pts w/o did anything can tell… smh!

  680. I think that’s what Bulls wants not Hornets.

  681. ya, read the article. guess its for click-bait. claims not substantiated.

  682. simply put – Hornets stung by Spurs – real bad. Totally outplayed – whether its starters, bench and backup bench.
    blame it on back-2-back and weak coaching staff. Players playing for themselves.

  683. It was started by a comment from an ESPN reporter (Windhorst?) about Bulls/Rose disagreement. Some said he usually has good credibility so he might have heard inside sources from the Bulls.

    But I’m not aware of them making any trade request on JLin aside from trade speculation from Christian Post & Yibada which usually recycle news.

  684. Time for some levity – http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2015/11/8/9693756/kobe-bryant-airballed-a-layup-los-angeles-lakers-knicks
    Kobe brick a layup by throwing an airball.

  685. lately Mr. Kobe has been tossing air-balls. blame it on his old injuries.

  686. he should have never left Mills or Manu to begin with. I guess it’s a bad habit Lin picked up through the years. Lin is a nice guy who is not a jerk. That is why he plays defense hard but not like a mean person who does little dirty things. He also doesn’t have a jerk mentality to try to limit his own opponent to no points trying to play team defense all the time.

  687. I disagree, Lin does not need to do anything… Cliff just needs to apply what he has been saying all preseason long… play alot of Kemba + Lin.. let Lin finish games… Let Lin play through his mistakes… Lin has been playing efficiently compared to everyone in the hornets…

    We have all seen Kemba + Lin has chemistry, but Cliff moved away from that since the start of the season for unknown reasons.

    so Far Lin can’t even break 20mins…

  688. Laughter is the best medicine.

    Bryant hasn’t said if his 20th season will be his last. He told reporters Saturday that “if you asked me today, this would be my last year,” but that he was leaving it open. His comments Sunday echoed that.

    “My message has been consistent all the time. If I change my mind, I’ll come back and play. If I don’t, I won’t,” Bryant said. “I’ve been pretty consistent with that, so I don’t know how much, what else can I say?”

    Professional answer: Consistently inconsistent..

  689. A deal is a deal. If Cliff has ‘sweet talk’ JLin to come to Charlotte and be a backup PG for a below .5 team based on ‘gentlemen agreement’ then he has to honour his words. whatever the deal is.

  690. I’m definitely not okay with how JLin is being used in the 2nd unit.

    I think JLin is trying to build the team chemistry but he might be over-facilitating since his teammates don’t reciprocate the nice gesture by playing unselfishly. It looks pretty bad if he tried to facilitate but then having trouble scoring himself. Some struggle happened because these new guys still try to play together but not good enough against great teams like Spurs and the Hawks

    I think JLin has a little shooting slump but he is still the most lethal scorer in the 2nd unit so he needs to establish the pecking order by scoring first then directing his teammates to follow him.

    I don’t know if Coach Clifford asked him to let Lamb be playmaker or there’s freedom to run plays but we can see who can score the best will earn more PT.

    Lately Lamb had that opportunity so IMO JLin needs to go back to his Linsanity formula by being a scoring threat first, pass second to get him going and make his teammates follow his command. Otherwise, politics and coaching can further minimize his PT.

    IMO JLin is trying to figure out how to play his game in this Hornets team. Let’s hope he resolves it sooner than later.

  691. He’ll go play for another team next year. He’s not done. But he should be. Not sure what stupid team willl sign him though but someone will.

  692. Who is Harris?

  693. But we dont know the details of the deal….we can only speculate

  694. Lin can not be traded till Dec 15th.

    And, Bull is a winning team, thus it is not bad to be traded there though. In the summer, a lot of NBA blogger were complaining that Bulls not signing Lin. He will have Noah to work with….

  695. I think Bulls system is a good fit for Lin. If no Rose will be even better… LOL!

  696. SB Nation NBA‏@SBNationNBA

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kobe Bryant airballed a layup.


  697. lol…as mentioned by JF…rumor…there is nothing solid yet 🙂

  698. I think our memory can be too short.

    BScott benching JLin in the BOS game when he was hot in the 3rd quarter & McHale talked about JLin’s meteoric rise is much damaging to JLin’s development as a player.

    Clifford still allowed JLin to come back in Game 2 to score 8 out of his 12 pts in the 4th quarter despite early game struggle. That’s a positive.
    But since Lamb got the extension, more PT has gone his ways in Game 4-5.
    Now he cooled off in Game 6 & JLin showed he can score by penetration & FTs.

    It’s the right step for JLin to be back attacking & aggressive.

  699. Rose is done and Bulls know that better than anyone. He’s not coming back to Chicago.

  700. If so that new coach w lots of PnR will be really a good fit w Lin. Make the trade…haha!

  701. The Hornets has no right to trade Lin’s contract. If they do, the have broken all promises and betrayed the reputation of the organization.

  702. Kobe should retire now.

  703. Coach Clifford has not figured out how to sub and rotate his crew. The fact his lineups are so confused shows he is not getting the big picture.

    Clifford is probably overly detailed and harps on certain small things that are probably meaningless when you take 2 steps back. But I think he is missing the big picture.

    He is not operating like he said. Use 9 guys, give everyone a clear role. He is playing 10-11 and using them differently and in different subbing patterns.

    It is a travesty and a sign of a bad head coach.

    This comment has NOTHING to do with Lin or how Clifford uses Lin.

  704. the lakers don’t care. Kobe shooting airballs still sells tickets and makes Lakers money.

  705. you are in a lin Fan site… there is no need for the last Line here… everything is about Lin…

  706. I think this was supposed to be a trade off deal but not anymore… I don’t see Hornets is going to play Lin’s game for whatever the reasons…. Just hope Lin can have good season w or w/o team ball. I am sure there are lots of teams will be interested in him next summer.

  707. yeah, I have been warned in the summer that coach Clifford say one thing, and do another. Hornets fans say that he has been talking about use 9 guys, but never did that last season, so, yeah, could not always take his word.

  708. “I feel like I have figured who I’m going to be as a player,” Lin told CBS Sports after Charlotte’s shootaround in San Antonio on Saturday morning. “[The game] has definitely slowed down for me and I feel like I know what my brand of basketball is. But the one thing that I feel veterans have had that I don’t, is some sort of consistency. That’s what I would like to have at some point. Consistency in terms of location and team.”
    “We understand that it’s a long year and you gotta have fun,” Lin said. “We want to develop something where we are really close with each other on the court and off the court. That’s why we spend a lot of time together and why you see us having a lot of fun and joking around. We really want this to be a great experience.”

    It has only been six games but this type of experience and the culture in Charlotte is what Lin has been searching for throughout his rollercoaster NBA journey. With a consistent role and a good team atmosphere, Lin seems at home in Charlotte.

    “[Charlotte] wants me to go play my game,” Lin said. “That’s liberating in a lot of ways.”


  709. hmmm….it seems to be conflicting from what we had been saying here?

  710. I’d give more time to Hornets to use Lin properly

    If JLin is traded too soon, there’s risk to be labeled a journeyman & get backup PG label.

    IMO it’s better to get 6th Man of the Year award & have a chance to be a starter in another team ala Harden. I’m going to wait how the team looks after Game 20-25 because we can tell what Lin’s role should be by then.

  711. This is PR article to me. More like Hornets wants to tell other teams Lin wants to stay ….

  712. because we want linsanity of 30 and 15! and 45 minutes and him taking care and him being the man and franchise player and want all players to treat lin like god. Want the original linsanity and better and that is why anything less will go crazy and have suspicions.

  713. omg

  714. more like a remote control that moves kobes arm.

  715. I don’t think Hornets wants to trade Lin. In fact, they tried hard to hope he can stay next summer. Even he & coach have different opinion on team ball vs ISO now…

  716. I think this interview was taken after the Chicago bulls game…

    Because they are in a road trip right now… Road trips usually, you wont have opportunities to do interview…

  717. but, those were Lin’s words

  718. As I know, this is an interview before Spurs game. On that morning after shoot around.

  719. Bc that’s what they told him…. but in fact it’s not…. this interview was before Spurs game. I read one article from Taiwan, Lin said something like no need to adjust game plan for teams bc Spurs never did that… (also before Spurs game to Hornets newspaper….) sounds like he was not very happy about Cliff’s game plan…

  720. before or after…the fact still remains, right

  721. he’s not playing his game and when he tries, the pick and role action is poor.

  722. There is no WE in what’s you’re saying.

  723. Most profitable club in the NBA. Why change? I guess for Dr. Bus it wasn’t just profits. It was pride in the team and winning. With the kids it seems like just profit. No team with any pride and desire to win would keep Byron Scott.

  724. You can’t trust coach & GM from NBA. Everything can change daily.

  725. Yea Clifford seems very poor at deciding who plays how, when, where, why and how much and with whom. Phil Jackson said that is really the only real job a head coach has but the most important.

    Phil said even the X and O don’t matter so much but figuring out who to play and how and with whom and how to sub when and where and with whom with bench etc. If coach can get that right, worth weight in gold.

    Clifford did poor job subbing in bench guys and playing right groups. Game was lost when Lin and Zeller subbed in for whatever reason 3rd Quarter. Lead got out of control from tie game.

  726. exactly

  727. he’s not playing his game though haha.

  728. Sure, play Kobe ’till he’s 85. And keep BS as head coach until then. I’d actually like to see this.

  729. ESPN really targeting Kobe. Same play but listen to the music they play to it. Makes him out to be a clown:


  730. ESPN is really mean to Kobe… Well, they hate each other. LOL!

  731. lol…some.. then

  732. And Kobe is beyond mean to his “teammates” (bus underside fillers). He deserves everything ESPN throws at him, and then some. (ex: 10x SAS)

  733. That’s true. So whatever he did to his teammates now everything comes back to himself. LOL!

  734. Even just one or a few, I would still have more respect for them. They’re at least being consistent with how they support and believing in Jlin. They do see what’s wrong when history is repeating.

  735. yeap, the music reminds me of one from the silent movie.

  736. ok…may make it to Shaqin-A-Fool!!

  737. Mate, you can’t “brick” by throwing air balls!! 0 can never be 1!

  738. Everything you wrote is unreasonable. But I feel everything you wrote as well. And I suspect many other fans do too. I know we are crazy but we are.

  739. Sounds like there will be no Linsanity anytime soon. Sounds like Lin has resigned to bring a role player instead of a star.

    Whatever Lin wants I will support. I hope he will still be an allstar at some point.

  740. agree…even though yes sometimes other people are making it hard, gotta stop looking at them to put the blame on…Lin needs to be smart and “get his”

    Rocky Balboa says it best:

  741. Make the trade. I’m already tired hearing all the complaints about Lins hornet teammates. Need some fresh new teammates to complain about.

  742. In Charlotte, I think they really do want him to play his game, but out of all the teams he has played on, Hornets is the worst team for PnRs. That’s the essence of it. With info like the above, it’s hard to argue that Hornets is not allowing Lin to play his game, even if no bigs can play PnRs.

  743. Hornets have a Bipolar offense ,
    Kemba and Al have the Inside Out Post up Offense
    Nic an Lin have Western Conf Ball movement Screen Offense
    Each game is split personality Disorder

  744. Agreed. Clifford should have just two sets of core players and switch them, so players can play with the same set of players and develop some chemistry.

  745. yeah Hawes should just camp in corner like Novak. not mobile or athletic enough. Fumbles too much.

    Zeller is ok but not great. More a hustle guy with decent motor.

  746. lol….hahaha……we just need to give some time

  747. But check how many attempts Kemba is making. If Lin will make the sam number of attempts, im sure his numbers will be better than Kemba.

  748. good observation. this is why the starters were good together but once subs came in game was disaster. There is no set rotation and style. Team has no identity or purpose game to game.

    They need to fix that quick.

  749. Melo fouled the hell out of Kobe. SO can’t complain when Devin Harris does it to Lin with no call either. Well I think NBA though trying to kick Kobe out. He use to get all those calls. SO maybe Lin getting ejected in some way too.

  750. He’s been deceived with nice talks again.

  751. i read about it on a RealGM forum for bulls. there is no basis for the story, with no reliable source. and none of it makes sense. the mods there shut down the thread because it is not ‘news’ or even a remotely plausible rumor.

  752. Librafree
    @JLin7 with a 5-year-old fan after practice #CHAatSAS ? Magic Basketball Club

  753. I don’t think Hornets’ tactic of having the bigs shoot many 3s will get them into playoff.

  754. Yeap, Kemba at least knows how to play with Al and others.

  755. they wasted or avoided the conflict in preseason and now paying for it. Clifford is bad coach to avoid the conflict and hurting people’s feelings, even Lin.

    Seems he the type of manager who lets it play out on its own not being upfront with employee and everyone ends up unhappy and not motivated to work hard over time.

  756. Welp, trade rumor confirmed…. #surrender

  757. Kemba had a great shooting night , Lamb had a great night before that , but they can’t be the offense , just too unreliable in the NBA , Carmelo cant have 4 great shooting nights to win a playoff series

  758. Although I am not impressed with his coaching, when I think about it, he doesn’t have all that much talent to work with, it seems. I mean, Hornets doesn’t have one player who made it to All-Stars or even in 3rd Team in NBA, correct? It’s like they have a Lite version of everything. Maybe too many players to mesh together and come up with something.

  759. Lin has never particularly bought in to PR speak though. Even at the Lakers he was quite honest.

    He may actually believe what he’s saying and not as worried about it as we are.

  760. lack of leadership , Lin does not want to step up and lead the team , I always believed Lin would be the Captain of this team and make the teammates better . Does Clifford have to authorize Lin ? why can’t Lin lead ? He is a veteran PG

  761. Off Topic, Reggie Jackson just drop 40pts on Portland, with 26 of them in the 4th quarter. Him and Andre Drummond are monsters in Detroit. Lin need a good pnr player with him in Charlotte.

  762. Slightly off-topic: I also saw GSW game vs. Kings. Curry missed something like 7 3s in a row, but what he managed to do is score 2 pointers and drives to the rim. Therefore, even though he made only 2 out of eleven 3 pointer attempts, he ended up with decent shooting percentage and got 25 points. Seems like this type of game will be Curry’s worst stats during this season.

    GSW has ZERO “bad” player in any position, even for bench players and 3rd stringers. Livingston fits really well for them because he can pass and shoot over his defenders. Offers a very effective variety to Curry.

  763. No matter what anyone says, Reggie Jackson can get off his shots, which means when his shots are falling, he can score a bunch. But he is not a good shooter either. Having Drummond is definitely a plus for him.

  764. Already?

  765. I dont think Lin meant that. His words were to praise how good Spurs are.

  766. Not sure about this…some ppl say Bulls system isnt pg friendly anymore?

  767. I wish Lin can have Curry’s freedom & playing time on court. The more you shoot the more your percentage will look good.

  768. NBA Central‏@TheNBACentral

    Iman Shumpert…………..


  769. Don’t know how Lin is going to play his game without touching the ball.

  770. If you haven’t heard it, here is the JLin rap that he included in the Quarterly package to appreciate the subscribers support

    Interesting line about what he aspires to do for this season in comparison with the past few years.
    Hope he passes the growing pains & gets there sooner than later

  771. that was history. Now the honeymoon is over.

  772. wow .. I’m Shump-less

  773. Based on recent trend, I truly believe JLin has to be a Linsanity scoring machine in order to get a lot of PT. He had the right idea in the last game but the shots are still just ok for his standard at 40%. Thank God he can always draw fouls and get to FT line

  774. Why is he dressed like a woman?…Is that a new trend now…Man dressing like women.

  775. Not following Sham after JLin left NYK. what’s up with him. was it a Halloween party or what?

  776. JLin’s puffy eyes…haven’t been sleeping well…

  777. 10 shots is not a lot… but better than 8 shots per game. smh! I really hate his team ball theory sometimes. Who gave him this idea?

  778. But look at Dragic now in Heat, even he got the money but no power or ball. Today it’s 1-5 w 2 pts. Some people said he’s the best to bench & run the 2nd unit….. He should stay w Sun.

  779. Ya! Halloween party.

  780. only rue for not taking the open shots but chose to pass for “better” shots…plenty of missed opportunities to shoot.

  781. Sunday night here, AND I WANT JL7 to get his 40+ points SOON!! Tonight, Pistons’ Drummond 26 Reb & 29 Pts & R. Jackson 40 Pts in a good comeback Vs Blazers.
    Cliff HAVE to “really” unleash Lin – and let him start and gel with 1st and 2nd unit. Why can’t Lin play SG ?? He’s strong enough and more firepower to start in Q1. Why can’t Robert help playmaking for 2nd unit along with Lin ? Why Kemba, Lin, Marvin, Frank, Al on the floor together ?? And sub Marvin or Frank for Batum.

  782. He has enough touches, check out his usage…its pretty much at the norm

  783. I guess Cliff has his limitations….like basketball IQ.

  784. Road trips r pretty tiring 4 some players..

  785. evrybody has limitations..Coach Cliff knows basketball well, but knowing is different from execution and how to Properly execute a basketball plan is another skill that maybe needs to be learned or practiced to make it a bit Proper.

  786. Hes always full of confidence at the beginning of the season in the new team. Even he confronts difficulties or hes in straits, he prays 4 the strength n keep telling himself that having faith 4 a better tmrw.

    Its been 6 games only so far, hopefully coach Cliff finds the best line-up n Lins role 4 the team. “Consistency in terms of location and team” is what Lins been chasing n we fans hv been hoping 4..

  787. Drag queen..

  788. Even then I doubt he will get 24+mins CLifford is that stubborn
    the best he can do is do his best and get the hell out of there next season

  789. hes an explosive scorer and he can dish out dimes
    hes underrated by Lin fans

  790. true…I think he is gonna have a good year this season

  791. Livingston is a real team player, willing to pass even if he’s scored sub 5 pts. Festus is playing really well, I don’t miss Bogut.

  792. When young I thought traveling for business would be fun. After experiencing it, nothing is better then home. Everyone have a good night sleep.

  793. or maybe it is not a fight but more a journey of discovery because our minds are noisy and we must quiet it down to hear the gentle message? dunno, just don’t think it’s a fight for most because a lot of people just want to do right.

  794. Jeremy is eligible to be traded next month. will it happen?

  795. until BSc iced that unit.

  796. If it does, it’s hornets loss (just as in houston and knicks).
    It’s the curse of teams that aren’t able to identify greatness when they have it

  797. What is wrong with these athletes?
    Something in the gatorade?

  798. Halloween Party. This is some of the other Cav’s players:


  799. lol…Halloween,mate 🙂 Its okay to freak out once a while

  800. Top Hornets Subreddit Thread: Best Lineups, So Far

    The Walker, Batum, Lin, Williams group + Jefferson or Zeller is 20 points better than any other group
    The best defensive lineup is the starting five. The 2nd best:

    Batum, Jefferson, Kaminsky, Lin and Walker


  801. doubt clifford will make use of it
    but all Lin can do is perferm at high level with limited PT he will be fine

  802. Clifford is committed to experiment to produce great 1st and 2nd unit as 1-2 punch
    That’s still ok if they close with the best lineup with Kemba/Li/Batum

    But the concern comes when he asked Lamb to be a playmaker after 2 hot-shooting game + new contract. When Lamb’s defense gets exploited and his shooting goes back to normal, I expect Clifford to realize Linning is worth more than Lambing.

    Lin can produce without shooting well since he’s a FT machine; Lamb is ineffective when shots don’t fall.

  803. But you can see the logic of the lineup. Lin in for PJ improves net rating 3 points as OffRtg improves but DefRtg decreases. But if there is a bigger loss to the bench. Hawes/Kaminsky/Lamb/Lin/Williams still has NetRtg of +26.4. Other lineups especially those with Roberts are really bad. So putting Lin in with the starters improves a little but has a big negative effect on the bench. JLin needs some better players with him on the bench though.


  804. I also hate it when Lin doesn’t take more shots 10 shots is really low still. Most star players average 15 shots per game! Lin should at least take 12 shots per game.

  805. right now he is averaging at 8.8…..i think he will..probably he is just getting a feel of how the team plays….as we can see from game to game…his FGA been getting better

  806. Except those passes by Lin aren’t “better” shots when he just passes to the teammate asking for the ball next to him and they chuck up a miss shot! He needs to learn to say no and get his own especially on those fast breaks, just head to the rim or stop and pop for 3s.

  807. Except right now I don’t see Clifford experimenting with the starting lineup nor giving Lin the chance to start during regular season.

  808. 32 minutes will do because ever since Rockets decided to marginalized Lin, he never got anymore 32 minutes on any time ever again including with the Hornets right now!

  809. Bulls coach is worst than Clifford, heck no! Not to mention many Bulls fans are die hard D Rose fans so no thank you! Imagine all the hate from fans.

  810. Lin needs to have high average PPG for the season in order to get a good contract and that’s not going to happen if he doesn’t take more shots. His “ideal” team theory won’t work because no one’s going to make him the leader of the team until he proves he’s a star with his scoring ability! That means scoring 20+ points per game.

  811. unfortunately yes, he said his concern was Batum had to guard the dangerous scorer (i.e. Korver) without Hairston in a small lineup so he wanted Kemba+Batum to be the main playmakers in the 1st unit.

  812. it’s definitely tough anchoring the bench.
    Clifford really needs to make JLin be the main playmaker for 2nd unit.
    Roberts is definitely pretty bad; he just wanted to score

  813. not really at this point of time. Roberts playing at regular season(if has given the chance ) is a different player for he already was given instruction to defer to Jlin as evidenced by his previous plays and games.at times when he’s inside the court, he just bring the ball and immediately passing the ball to Jeremy to initiate a play or score a point. Roberts is just a reliever right now and has no definite role, so he needs to follow direction otherwise will totally lose minutes when the team plays.

  814. Lin is not a leader type.

  815. I am just unsure if coaches not good enough or roster is hopeless. I agree roster is so so but coaching subpar i think.

  816. I think he is….but in Hornets, I think he is taking a step back to let the pieces to fall in place…good or bad…thats a separate discussion 🙂

  817. Not sure whether this has been posted since I was out for the last 20 hours:-)

  818. I think Lin knows that he wont be given the minutes he is being promised to thats why he started twitting bible verses again. Unless somebody is hurt but we dont wish that to happen. He is not closing games even. I also believe that the genius of p & r is D’Antoni. Clifford is not that smart.

  819. Too bad. They dont trust Lin

  820. He’s following the path of Coach Pop and Steve Nash (based on Lin’s comments over the last 3 years). Can’t have better inspirations, if you ask me 🙂

  821. Ye but he is allowed to take more shot attempts even if he scores or not. He is allowed to make mistakes and still be a star. Stars can go up to 30 shot attempts or more and score as high as 100 points. But our Lin is not allowed to do that. He is not a star in their eyes. He can only make 9 attempts and not allowed to make mistakes otherwise he will be benched and not given minutes to play. Sad but thats reality. A lot of people can reflect the way Lin is treated and still humble and continue on being a great person spiritually. He endures and I guess the most that we can do is just be patient too.

  822. Yes, they know how not to make the playoffs.

  823. I need a dose of Linsanity. It’s about time.

  824. That should not be the case. In Linsanity, there are no stars but he is given the free reign.

  825. Clifford is not a master in P&R like D’Antoni. It’s night and day.

  826. He is not allowed. Lin avoids jealousy and its obvious that this is Kemba’s team.

  827. me too!!!! 🙂

  828. Personally, I dont think Lin is a volume shooter…this is from observation…he would take more shots, when the game is in line and when its need…be would rather pass either for better shooting option or to boost his teammates in getting into the game

  829. Yes but if he is given free reign like in Linsanity days, he scores and pass. Just like what Curry is doing. Just what star point guards are doing

  830. Deep in my heart im constantly praying for another miracle. We might not be seeing it for now but there’s always hope.

  831. At least he got the big money. He still has time to wait for Wade’s retiring or being traded. Wade wont last too long…

  832. he was hired as backup and given a backup role…to me he had met and exceeded that requirement.

    If we are talking about increase in minutes and bigger role, obviously we need to give more time for the coaching staff to read and understand the game. It ant be decided in a 4 or 5 games…its a long season…hence its gonna take some time to derive to the desired state

  833. Hope It Is….

  834. Me too. Someone remind when was the last time Jeremy went linsane mode… Was it lakers vs Boston?

  835. I think he is affected by Nash a lot. I remember he mentioned he admired Nash’s unselfishness most. He said even Nash could score easily, but he would pass on open shots to teammates, sth like this. Nash was once complained by his coach for not shooting enough, but he said he wanted to save his shots for teammates and could wait for critical shots in Q4.(if my memory isnt right, please correct me) But but Lin…you arent a terrific shooter and passer like Nash…:p The trend has changed; most starting guards shoot a lot!!Stats talk!!

  836. Can’t argue with your points. In addition, Lin is historically a better finisher at the rim than Nash (and most guards!), so makes all the more sense for him to take more shots.

  837. Linsanity 2.0 is not going to happen anytime soon. Linsanity was birthed during a period of desperation – when the pool of starters had depleted and no one to turn to.

  838. Yes Sir!

  839. Lin needs to find that desperation gene and use it.

  840. Man, lin hand delivered two points to Marvin under the basket and all he had to do was go up and score. And he could nit even do that. Like Gisele said about Tom Brady, he cant throw and catch the ball on the same play. Not one of Lin’s teammate has shown they can finish his assists – except maybe Zeller.

  841. I think KL is referring to just a good old Linsane performance like 38pt vs Spurs or triple double off the bench vs Cavaliers.

  842. o i c….one off Linsane mode….oki.tokie.

  843. When batum and Lin play together, coach should let Lin play pg not batum

  844. Yes. Somehow when we feel a bit down, Lin always seems to put up a great performance.

  845. Kemba don’t go deep, he likes to shoot mid range, so it’s different.

  846. Let’s say Coach Clifford assigns Jeremy to play SG when he and Batum are playing together is to ensure Jeremy hone his SG skill while Batum learns to become a better playmaker. In a perfect scenario, both will improve as combo guard and put them with Kemba, the best 3-player lineup, they play PG interchangably…does it make sense at all?

  847. Not at all

  848. ok…:(((

  849. LOL….well…the goal is winning, Batum is great at 3, Kemba and Lin both great at 1 and 2….why not just play as is?

  850. None of us here seems to know so I give a wild guess that doesn’t “victimise” the coaches, FO under my “consipracy theory” to be villain..
    Like many of us say, it’s only the beginning of the season, coaches are experimenting…

  851. Lol…..I do not think it was experimenting….

  852. so what do you think?

  853. not experimenting then what is it?

    Also, what’s the difference between last season and this season that there won’t be another “Lance Stephensen” episode(other than the purported attitude issue)?

  854. I understand having to be patient but his minutes are decreasing. Are we seeing the same treatment of Lin from the staff or we look the other way?

  855. They are not experimenting, they are trying to make their plan work.
    They THINK it will work, We KNOW it is wasting Lin’s talent…

  856. alright… What do you think the reason Jeremy’s minutes are reduced?

  857. Not surprised but it’s Kobe’s last year so…Lakers don’t care win or not.

  858. Because Kemba and Lamb is over performing, and Batum is playing 2 plus Hairston’s D. It is like a perfect storm to Lin….if you know what I mean.

  859. For me, Clifford should experiment on Lin to be the floor general for 10 games and see how many wins they can get. Thats the only experiment that will put my faith back to the coaching staffand front office. Until the time Lin will be given free reign (which is unlikely) because of politics and no trust, I dont have faith and trust in the coaching and management.

  860. Coach has said he wants an up tempo offense: This is what Jeremy should do: Anytime he gets a chance to bring the ball up from the backcourt, he should take off as if on a fast break, leaving his teammates in the dust. If he doesn’t have a path for a layup or is like 1-on-3, he should then stop at the three point line and look back at his teammates with a DISGUSTED “C’mon, can’t you keep up with me, let’s go” expression. This will show the coaches that he is trying to play uptempo, but can’t because his teammates on the floor are too slow to play with him. Of course, Jeremy is too nice and would never show up his teammates like that, but at this stage, he has to do something to outwardly show that he is being misused (wrong players on the court with him or him playing out of position).

  861. So Jeremy isn’t getting Rich Cho’s and Coach Clifford’s promises of plaing his brand of basketball fulfilled?

  862. May I add one more step? AFTER “C’mon, can’t you keep up with me, let’s go” expression, he should just shoot that 3….jk

  863. He is, just about 6 possessions per game….

  864. see above…lol

  865. Really? At the expense of losing? That’s not a smart approach to me. It made me question the goals for this team and organization. I thought that it should be about winning and not how to mold a player to be a star and make a tag on a certain player.

  866. Well…to be fair, it is not like they know they will lose and still do it to lose

  867. I pressume the politicking that are alluded here means the FO/GM can dictate the lineup, starters, etc. I thought Rich Cho is genuine and sincere in bringing in Jeremy to win games and advance deep in the post season…but all i see now is that the NBA and HOrnets FO keep milking on Jeremy’s popularity and manipulating Jeremy’s fans!

  868. It is not that bad…once the shooting is back (to normal…not Linsane) everything will be fine.

  869. So that really tells us the Hornets underrate Jeremy’s talent and overrate others’…

  870. We knew this coming into the preseason when we learned Batum is gonna play 2….did we not?

  871. It’s not the shooting but the role being given to Jeremy.
    hmm..you sound like you’re “happy” about Jeremy’s role? I guess not?

  872. That’s why some fans are right in saying Jeremy’s role isn’t rightly assigned even it’s only 6games into the season. sigh

  873. Its not as bad as rockets and lakers but Lin will not be used properly by this team and will become a journey man. Have you read his post? He needs consistency in playing time and he needs to stay in a team for a long time. How long are they going to experiment on Lamb and give Lin’s minutes to him?

  874. Of course not, but I also know this would happen. I have said in preseason that there would be some behavioral change at the season opener…it is just normal. Lin is brought in to take whatever left on the table of this team. We knew it. It is just too bad that, so far, the leftover on the table is not enough yet. LOL

  875. What do you mean by over performing? They should be all wins by now if their stars are over performing. What I say is that the stars are over shooting and not making it and the results are loses.

  876. And yet they make it look like Jeremy is the face of the franchise?
    Now, that confirm my suspicion and I am getting very annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shameless Rich Cho!!!
    HOrnets will never gonna be able to earn a single dime from me. Yeah, I know they dont care. That’s fine!

  877. Well…of course I am saying individually…

  878. Agreed. They are not over performing. They are only stats-padding. The Hornets will not make the playoffs if this continues.

  879. Ha….calm down…I still think Lin will get plenty of chances as promised.

  880. Like what and how?
    A promise is a promise and jusging by the way they under rate Jeremy, i don’t think they will fulfill their promises.

  881. We will see….LOL

  882. not a joking matter but okay…God has a special for Jeremy, we will see!

  883. Let’s hope I am right! and JLin will be great!

  884. Thats what im seeing in this Hornets coaching team. They are not quick and smart enough to make adjustments to get that win. And im so frustrated that they already saw and have known that Lin can be a great leader and they turn the other cheek. They are throwing him crumbs on the table. He is still the underdog in their minds. Sad. 🙁

  885. Brent, Jeremy will be GREAT. He will be!

  886. I originally thought Rich Cho is smart and genuine. Maybe he isn’t. Sad:(((

  887. I don’t want to be a downer, but I can see his NBA career slowing slipping away. I accept a lot of “things” are out of his control (some things more controversial than others), but I believe if he doesn’t start putting up “numbers”, he won’t be in the NBA much longer or at the very least will be of little significance. Think about it, he is 27 years old. Like it or not, the NBA is a stats-driven league. And you CANNOT underestimate the fans’ influence on the front office.

    There are two types of teams in the NBA, contenders and teams who are rebuilding (or “tanking”). Contending teams already have their “star” players. They are not going to defer to Jeremy. Rebuilding teams will not pass up a “potential” franchise PG in the draft even if Jeremy happens to already be on the team. Jeremy’s only chance to “star” is to land on a team that makes him the starting PG and has much more glaring weaknesses at the other positions so they don’t look to draft a PG.

  888. He will be good…don’t be too down……:P

  889. And we all know that its not a good thing for the team if the goal is for the benefits of individual stars. Thanks Brent for putting up with my comments here. Im just venting my frustrations on limiting Lins minutes.

  890. I hope you’re right 🙂 We know he works hard, but asking for the stars to align is probably asking for too much. Linsanity was such a cruel tease.

  891. Ruling out the scenario of injury and he lost his passion. I do not see him exit NBA early….

  892. thats scary part
    Cliffor might not realize it

  893. No team will defer to Lin at this point and wont make him their starting PG
    but he still belongs in the NBA hes here to stay

  894. I am into this fantasy games and me and my husband is putting in money. I have Lin, Al, and Batum. If you are into a fantasy league, you tend to make analysis on certain players. How they’re being used by the team, check on their performance and health issues. I watch every game, check on the box score, play by play. I closely monitored each play. Not just Lin but the other players on the Hornets team most specially. Im not happy with what I’m seeing and my observations. Im sure Lin is not happy also thus the bible verse tweet.

  895. No doubt that this team is not doing well….not at all…

  896. He will be able to hang on so long as his salary is cap-friendly, and as Brent says below, he doesn’t lose his passion to play.

  897. hes averaging 11pts in less than 24mins he will always find a buyer
    i dont know why people are worries hes still a quality back up PG
    he was fighting for a spot on the roster when he started now hes a solid rotational player
    dont think he will lose passion

  898. he brought back some good players and he signed lin to a 2mil/yr deal
    hes pretty smart as far as coaching goes, he has no say, clifford doesnt seem like he listens anyways
    he has his own agenda how to play the game

  899. fantasy wise
    Lin is not worth owning because of his usage

  900. I think even the most objective Lin fans think Jeremy is more than a quality backup PG. That’s what drives us crazy! We’re not satisfied that he is looked upon as just a backup PG. We know his prorated stats are good, but I would venture a guess that quite a few front office decision makers don’t take the time to consider those metrics.

  901. you never know Lin drew interests in the off season too

  902. Jeremy Lin trade talk? I have found multiple rumors regarding trading Lin to Bulls TODAY. It seems very logical because Hornets wouldn’t help Lin much for the following reasons 1. Hornets does not have a “big” who can run PnR with Lin better than those bigs in Lakers,Rockets,Knicks. 2. Lin is one year rental, Hornets only let Lin handle ball in few mins a game. 3. Players might trust each more, but do not share balls more. It will fail the chance for playoff. 4. Bulls likes run PnR, and they are in desperate needs a healthy GP who can run PnR with their READY big . They targeted Lin before the season. Lin showed them his value during the preseason game and the blowout regular season game. I would for the trade.

  903. Now, I have to take out Lin in my fantasy league because he is not given minutes so his production is very low. Also I don’t care if he is garnering assist because assists are worth 2 points. Rebounds, blocks and steals are also added points. Turn overs are deductions and poor shooting percentage is also a deduction. I have to read the teams news to get the feel of each player they are promoting and building up. Fantasy games are fun but then its not fun for me because I witness directly the results of how Lin is being marginalized. I don’t even want to continue.

  904. I know but going into the regular season, after their strong pre season games, I am full of optimism. Lin produces until they signed Lambs extension.

  905. So what does this tell us? Even in fantasy games he is not worth having. More so in reality?

  906. Where is the source? Frankly, it’s too early, Lin is a nice and cheap insurance policy at PG/SG in case KW gets hurt. He’s valuable (both skills and business) to them even if it’s one year rental. Why would Hornets do such a deal unless if they can get something just as valuable if not more?

  907. For key players like Batum, Williams, Hairston, it is their contact yeat, I do to expect much “no one care about who scores” at all. Lin does not work well with Batum!

  908. Sorry. For key players like Batum, Williams, Hairston, it is their contact year, I do NOT expect much “no one care about who scores” at all. Lin does not work well with Batum!

  909. So we will just watch him as 3rd string back up PG then because I understand they have Roberts as their back up pg. They look at lin as an sg. He is also a third string sg.

  910. I think Lin’s 80% value is ability of playmaking off SCREENS. Hornets does not good at screen setting at all. Clifford seems to give up his strategies developed in preseason. I do not see any hope for Lin in Hornets.

  911. fantasy and real basketball are different
    Lin is still worth owning in real NBA

  912. those sources are unreliable they make up stories
    international, christian and australia and sometimes latino post

  913. It appears to me that Batum is Cho’s big signing, ergo, he’s getting the minutes and ball in hand. Clifford may have his hands tied for the time being because they might have promised Batum a Lebron role.

    This is why I say Clifford may be letting out enough rope for Batum to fail badly enough to make Cho give up on Batum as a long term signing. Both Clifford and Cho are on the cutting board as well so, they have to win now. Lin proved to be the glue guy and catalyst for the team during preseason.

    Ultimately it a matter which way will save their jobs and make them look like geniuses.

  914. and once he goes to the bulls, they are going to trade Lin and Rose for Carmelo Anthony.

  915. you still hoping for linsanity 2.0??? dude, will never happen.

  916. I wish someone could show the stats about Lin’s successful PnR play for each game. It seems like 1 to 0.

  917. Nope. Not hoping and also not expecting it to happen.

  918. Yes agree. They made up stuff to get clicks knowing there are tons of Lin’s fans out there.

  919. It’s not about what you think, it’s about the source like international, christianpost, australia and latino post all are garbage. Their “source” has never been right, not even close.

  920. Not as a star though 🙁

  921. So if the stars and the 2nd string players are healthy, Lin will play 9 to 10 min unless its a blow out. And even blow outs they didnt let him play last time. But they let stars play to gain stats for the upcoming all stars.

  922. Practice in Minnesota

  923. I think it’s good that Pete Guelli tweeted JLin’s quote to play his game as a Hornet
    Perhaps as an attempt to quell the Bulls trade rumor that has been swirling around?


  924. Let’s see what really happen tomorrow.

  925. thanks .. it’s pretty cool to see the # of loops continually increasing
    8002 loops now!

  926. He does not need to put up anything close to 18/8 15/6 would be fine. What he needs to do is make a big impact and have a few big-scoring games. Come in there, facilitate, lift the team mates up, organize the offense, score at times, draw fouls, do Lin things. I think he should come in and play at a much faster tempo than he’s playing. He’s almost playing at half-court tempo when he is an up-tempo type player. I agree that he needs to put up a bunch of 20 plus point games. But at the end of the season, he should look to up his GPA to 15. He should also take Kobe’s challenge to be a top defense PG.

  927. Maybe “Silence of the Lambs” will continue playing in the nearest theatre lol

    I honestly think Lamb would get 2-3 more tries to be shooter/playmaker and JLin will continue to attack the rim & get FTs as a result. JLin is doing the right thing

  928. Just one of those things. Marvin is a good player, he just botched that shot.

  929. Watching the highlight as I missed the last game, Lin was playing with third string in garbage time. I hope I’m right but it seemed like Clifford wanted to see which of these can match better with Lin so more changes are coming.

  930. Yes, hope will be great one tomorrow!

  931. Good to see Swarm&Sting put a nice smiling JLin picture in the article about reaching the playoff.
    Hope tomorrow’s game will give us more reason to smile.


  932. hey man. you took my quote! silence of the lambo!

  933. Then stop looking at the coach when walking on mid court.

  934. no copyright :] been using it since preseason lol

  935. Hornets is #13 now & I believe if Lin plays well they will make it. If not …. no hope.

  936. oh geez. it’s just one practice shot guys.. many players make that.. lol

  937. Please win the next game then the next next.

  938. Clifford WANTs Lin to play his way. But it does work. 1. Lin only got fewer and fewer mins to play his way. 2. Lin’s way means some bigs can setup meaningfull screens and know how to roll. So far, no much screen. 3. Every time Lin passed ball to someone, you expect very few would ever pass it back to him no matter how open he is.

  939. Pete Guelli also wants to 2nd Dragon2004’s tweet for JLin to free his mind & play his game.


  940. that’s certainly very discouraging since Lin handling the ball & getting multiple screens are as expected. There were flashes of multiple screen in the Bulls game plus Hawes/Lin drawn play by Clifford but we need more of them, not fewer

    Hope Clifford realizes good things happen when JLin is the main playmaker; he’ll find Lamb, Frank and others in good position

  941. If the Hornets win tomorrow game it will be considered success road trip.

  942. Bulls vs Timberwolves. 93:102 yesterday. D. Rose 11pts, 5 Asts and 5 TOs. Trade Lin please.

  943. Hawes and Zeller aren’t good at pain attacker. Especially Hawes. Haven’t seen 1 alley-oop so far. Lin need someone like Tyson, ED, DH, then the PnR can shows the best damage.

  944. Hawes is more pick&pop than pick&roll because he’s not physical enough to jump quickly & finish

    Zeller on the other hand can do so so I’m not sure why he’s been missing to cut to the basket and finish strong. He might need to eat more, I guess

  945. It will NEVER go through trade, $20 mil and $2 mil.

  946. Hornets move up from 26 to 21. Well it’s progress.


  947. Nothing will happen. Even Hornets want to trade Lin, must wait until Dec. 15 .

  948. Agreed, don’t even need to mention Hansbrough, just make me speak-less. 🙁

  949. If Hornets continues keeps Lin’s mins like 18 mins when winnings and 22 mins for losings, Dec 15 is not bad,

  950. Actually Dec 9.

  951. My prediction is Bulls would deal Rose with buyout.

  952. That’s the only way out. No one wants to take his contract $20 this year and $21 next.

  953. Good PnR analysis & praise in RealGM on JLin:
    – Pick-and-Pop with Hawes is not working, no threat in Pick-and-Finish.
    – Correct suggestion to start with JLin’s dribble-drive to collapse the defense.
    – Defensively, JLin didn’t do well in Spurs by overhelping too early on team D but he’ll bounce back.

    JohnStockton » Yesterday 8:38 am

    I liked Lin’s offensive game tonight quite a bit. He came out aggressively, looking to create/score off of dribble-drive isolation, which I’ve been waiting for him to do, since teams have been trapping him off the Pick N’ Roll very aggressively – particularly near the sideline Picks.

    It was refreshing tonight to see him adjust to the PnR traps, and instead stick to attacking from the top of the key. This avoided the action of calling for the sideline Pick that gives the defense a chance to set and attack. There was even a play where a sideline PnR was initially called, and then Lin opted to forego the pick once he saw the defense getting ready to trap him. The headiness was a positive – since in previous games he had elected to drive right into the trap, causing him to make panicked passes out of it.

    Those expecting the 2nd unit to swing the ball around like the Spurs might be disappointed with everything the 2nd unit did (including Lin’s dribble driving, which appears to be the opposite of ball-movement), but the Hornets current bench lineup is just not very good/talented collectively. Just got to call a spade a spade. The 2nd unit has been trying to PnR to death, but the bigs just aren’t threats to roll and finish (especially Hawes), and they also aren’t threatening as pick and pop options either. As such, I prefer when Lin initiates the offense via the dribble-drive, since it forces the defense to collapse, and isn’t as predictable (and easy to guard) as constant perimeter screens.

    Other offensive side notes: Lin showed some midrange game as well off the drives, which was appreciated. He was foregoing the midrange J completely when he started the season – and it’s still a relatively new facet of his game – so it was a good sign mentally that he had the confidence to look for it. It seemed that he had no confidence in his midrange game previous – so to see him pull it out was cool.

    As for defense, Lin was trash. Mills blew by him in isolation a few times, which resulted in the defense collapsing and wide open treys. He showed on help defense too early on several plays, resulting in relatively easy passes to open shooters. Basically bad man-defense and help-defense as well. I could see what he was trying to do with his help defense, but he was trying to be in two places at once – and subsequently was in neither place.

  954. Exactly. Lin needs a rolling big like Davis or Tyson Chandler. Handsbrough seems like a good candidate but in small sample size I haven’t been impressed with his ability to finish at the rim.

  955. On this team, the best P&R partner with Lin is Jefferson. Lin could create better opportunities and deliver the ball on time, and Jefferson has the capability to finish it.

    Which is quite different from Kemba and Jefferson pair. I’m still waiting for Hornets to figure that out and give Lin/Jefferson more overlapping time. Pretty much every game when Lin/Jefferson play together, there will be an assist from Lin to Jefferson. even Entry pass, Lin could pass it over without Jefferson come out too far, so he could get the ball very deep.

  956. I agree. Excellent summation. Lin’s defense will improve next game. He just has to not give 3 point shooters any space at all when possible. If they get space from a pick, then the offense is doing their job.

  957. He probably can. KHuang says he has a good touch and I think he’s seen more of him than most of us have whether we regard him as high has KHuang does or not.

  958. Thank you

  959. Could be Asian main lobster? Lol

  960. Then they should get a real coach that can develop the young players instead of the incompetent Kobe fanboy they have now. Perhaps Scott Brooks. Who knows Scott Brooks might even attract Durant or Westbrook.

  961. Agree. Even if Al blows his defensive assignment repeatedly, Lin/Jefferson PnR had very good timing as long as Al is not too far away from the rim. His midrange Js are just not reliable.

    We should see Lin/Zeller to do pick & finish but perhaps Zeller’s health is not 100% yet

  962. It’s too bad there’s no Ed Davis in this system.
    Their strong chemistry would automaticaly demand Lin to be the main playmaker

  963. Lin could be good with Noah not with Gasol

  964. They’re talking nonsense.

    It’s not up to Lin to free his mind and play his game.

    Lin could only execute what Clifford wants. Or will be benched.

  965. ED could get a good contract 50% based on Lin play PnR with him.

  966. Problem is not Lamb who is a good player.

    Problem is the coach.

  967. Great article on Hornets shooting bigs. Plus JLin’s praise for many versatile big men.
    Bo’s tweet on Lin/Hawes even got included 🙂

    [sportingNews] Charlotte Hornets took oversized path to finding floor spacing
    Without Jefferson on the floor, the cornucopia of stretch big men starts to make sense. Lin has been the facilitator, averaging 11.6 points and 3.4 assists per game in 22.2 minutes. The bench unit leads the league in 3-point percentage and is third in efficiency.

    Zeller (21 minutes per game) and Hawes (18.4) have been the first big men off the bench. Add in Lin and Jeremy Lamb and you have a mix of reserves who can space the floor.

    Lin’s play off pick action from Zeller and Hawes is what opens it all up. Zeller,averaging seven points and 5.4 rebounds a night, is a high energy player who can finish around the rim making him a prime roll candidate. Conversely, with a shooter like Hawes, who averages six points and 3.6 rebounds, help defenders can’t give up too much space on the big man while guarding Lin’s drives.

    “In terms of the bigs, I think I play fine with all of them,” Lin said. “Cody runs, he gets to the right spot. Playing with Big Al, you know, he’s so smart and talented, you can give him the ball anywhere. … It’s been fun man. I don’t think I’ve ever played on a team with this many versatile big men.”

    Seeing Lin run with the glutton of stretch big men, you quickly notice how well Hawes suits Lin’s game. With Hawes, the pick and pop has kept the defense honest. Lin was on the floor for all five of Hawes field goals Tuesday and got the assist on three of them.

    Hawes passing abilities have led to some easy baskets for Lin as well.
    Hawes, who struggled last season with the Clippers, said Lin’s slashing helps him get good looks.

    “The way (Lin) can attack the hoop, especially the pressure he puts on the defense in collapsing everybody,” said Hawes who is shooting 37 percent from 3. “I can set the screen and I can kinda just stay out there and try to create as much space as possible.”

    Link: http://www.sportingnews.com/nba-news/4660644-hornets-front-court-al-jefferson-frank-kaminsky-marvin-williams-cody-zeller-spencer-hawes

  968. Ed couldn’t do nothing if there was another one clogging the line.
    Anyway, they should’ve executed the scheme …

    People made up in their mind a Clifford who is a Jeremy fan and gives freedom to Lin.

    That Clifford doesn’t exist.

  969. True, that free mind talking should be from Clifford.

  970. Lin Fans, let’s promote Lin/Davis chemistry to Pete Guelli =)
    Who knows if GM will make phone calls in Dec 2015

    Ed Davis average in Portland dropped to 5.7p/7.9r from 8.3p/7.6r last season


  971. Jeremy Lin’s NBA career was on the rocks last season when he fell in and out of Byron Scott’s rotation with the Los Angeles Lakers. It was horrible, an experience no NBA player would wish on another.

    But now he’s on the Charlotte Hornets, firmly entrenched as Kemba Walker’s backup, and he’s encouraged to play his style and do what he’s best at. It’s like night and day. Here’s what Lin recently told CBS Sports about the move:

    “We understand that it’s a long year and you gotta have fun,” Lin said. “We want to develop something where we are really close with each other on the court and off the court. That’s why we spend a lot of time together and why you see us having a lot of fun and joking around. We really want this to be a great experience.” It has only been six games but this type of experience and the culture in Charlotte is what Lin has been searching for throughout his rollercoaster NBA journey. With a consistent role and a good team atmosphere, Lin seems at home in Charlotte. “[Charlotte] wants me to go play my game,” Lin said. “That’s liberating in a lot of ways.”

    Lin’s box score stats aren’t noticeably different from the past few seasons, but he’s getting to the line more and running more pick-and-rolls (his specialty).

    The international sensation is finally comfortable, and that’s more important than anything else.


  972. Re-watched Spurs game. Spurs are just playing better. Ball movement, and shooting. Lin had some mistakes, but liked him not hesitant imho. Aldridge air ball was much worse, lol.

  973. With Clifford they would be useless.

    Change coach then small changes on roster (Jefferson for Davis could be good for both).

    But Clifford must go.

  974. haha .. too soon
    easier to change player than a coach at this point.
    Clifford likes PnR; he won’t be able to resist using Lin/Davis for sure

  975. Fun vid: JLin fans want to see Lin PnR like this puppy wants this celery badly

  976. Right now Charlotte are underperforming.
    This team could be much better with the right rotation and right schemes.

    It’s just Clifford has really good players and some of them like Kaminsky don’t even play.

  977. No, he doesn’t. He’s no good. Plus, he’s a liar. And that’s worse.

    Next games Lamb will close games. Clifford is like McHale.

  978. I just enjoy watching Lin/Davis connection so much. Their chemistry is the best; even better than Lin/Tyson IMO

    I wonder if they will ever be reunited *Sigh*


  979. Too bad Dallas didn’t make a fair offer to Jeremy.

    Lin and DeAndre could’ve killed every team

  980. DeAndre had cold feet, though

    Lin/Davis in any PnR system would be a treat to watch.
    Lin/Drummond too

  981. Rick Bonnel’s latest article about managing back-to-back schedule.
    Light practice & staying at San Antonio rather than flying to MIN helps


  982. Clifford would be all for a more baseball-like schedule where teams took longer road trips broken up by longer home-stands.

    “In-and-outs are the energy sappers. I’d rather go on a five-game road trip than do what we’re doing here these next two weeks. That’s a hard way to go,” Clifford said. “I’d rather it be when you’re on the road you’re on the road.

    “This time it’s six (games) in 12 nights early in the year. Then we go seven in 11 nights and its mostly out (of town), in, out, in.”

    Clifford said he stole a travel trip from the Spurs Saturday, having the team stay the night in San Antonio, since they don’t play again until Tuesday in Minneapolis.

    “It’s about not having that 3 a.m. arrival time” after a late-night charter flight, Clifford said.

    “I think it’s just makes more sense to avoid that 2:30 or 3 a.m. check-in time. I know when I check in at that time I don’t get to sleep until 4 or 4:30. I’d rather stay and get up (for a flight) tomorrow.”

  983. If this was about good business and customer satisfaction he would pass it on to the boss or launch an investigation. Unfortunately, this is an empire with lots of politic inside. To them, real fans only sit and root for their team no matter what. They are the expert not us. They’re always right even the team not making the playoff.

  984. he did came back with Tencent TV viewers number so he has been quite responsive & good to fans on twitter.

    There’s a small chance he might pass it on to coaching staff so we can only hope for the best.

    This is still much better than HOU and LAL, I think so it’s good to recognize the positive

  985. That’s his job, sales and marketing.

  986. let’s wait & see.
    If he didn’t play Lin when Lin plays well, we can post his empty words about letting JLin to play his agme

  987. Silly poor dog! Haha

  988. Let’s see what happens. I won’t lose my hope. Season is long.

  989. I wouldn’t judge Cliff now since only 6 games. Just keep patient and watch more games. Lin will get better and better for sure.

  990. Agreed, we should wait and see. That’s much more complicated than someone thought. Lin mostly will only play 1 year. Cliff is currently working on his contract too. There are a lot of things need to balance.

  991. Longer video Lin+Ed Davis

  992. It seems the site needs some fix?

  993. Never mind. My error…

  994. I have trouble loading this site’s home page for 3 days now. The home page is stuck at the Mavs post game thread. Anyone else?

  995. You can how frequently ED set the screens for Lin and resulted so many scores for both of them. I think it is not a skill issue for those bigs in hornets. It is either selfish or low bb IQ.

  996. Hey. That’s my tweet. lol

  997. try to clear the browser cache.
    I also refreshed the server cache

  998. are you using explorer?

  999. Wolves Scouting Report has some good signs for the Hornets:
    – Back-to-back game after Wolves plays ATL on the road tonight
    – Pekovic is out

    Scouting Report | Wolves vs. Hornets by Kyle Ratke

    The Wolves are facing their first back-to-back of the 2015-16 season on Tuesday as they take on the Charlotte Hornets.

    As of Monday at 5 p.m., the Wolves sit at 3-2, good for fifth in the Western Conference. Minnesota plays the Hawks in Atlanta on Monday night.

    Charlotte is 2-4 so far, sitting in 13th place in the East.

    A few tidbits going into Tuesday night’s game:

    Former Wolves center Al Jefferson is slowly declining. He’s averaging 15.8 points and 7.5 rebounds per game, his lowest totals since 2005-06.

    The Hornets passed on Justise Winslow to draft Frank Kaminsky with the ninth overall pick in the 2015 draft. Kaminsky is playing just 10 minutes per game. Too early to call it a mistake, but Winslow has looked awfully good for Miami.

    How many minutes will the Wolves see from Tayshaun Prince and Kevin Garnett? We’ll see. It wouldn’t be a surprise if head coach Sam Mitchell decided to rest one of the two.


    The Wolves play on Monday night at Atlanta. This section will be updated accordingly.

    The Hornets last played on Saturday against the Spurs in San Antonio. Charlotte lost 114-94 despite 27 points from guard Kemba Walker. Jefferson added 13 points, while Jeremy Lin led the second unit with 12. Nic Batum finished with 10 points. The Hornets were outrebounded 42 to 33.


    The Wolves were 0-2 against the Hornets last season. The last game came on March 22 at the Target Center. Charlotte won 109-98 behind 24 points from former Wolves point guard Mo Williams. Jefferson added 18 points and 11 rebounds. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist also scored 18 points. Gerald Henderson and Walker scored 18 and 17 points, respectively. Charlotte shot a blistering 50.6 percent from the field.

    Minnesota had seven players score 10 or more points, but nobody scored more than 16 points. Those 16 points belonged to Gorgui Dieng. Kevin Martin added 15 points and nine assists. Adreian Payne and Andrew Wiggins finished with 13 points each. Gary Neal and Zach LaVine both scored 11, while Chase Budinger added 10. Minnesota was hot as well, shooting 55.4 percent, but the Wolves just weren’t able to stop the Hornets’ offense.


    These two are very different point guard. Rubio is a pass-first point guard, while Walker is more of a scorer. With that being said, both are very important pieces for the success of their teams.

    Through six games, Walker is averaging 17.2 points and 5.3 assists per game. Most importantly, he’s shooting 44.9 percent from the field, up from his career average of 39.6 percent.

    Walker finished with 16 points, eight assists and three rebounds in one game against the Wolves last season.

    Not including Monday night’s game, Rubio is averaging 13.6 points (career-high), 9.2 assists, five rebounds and 2.2 steals per game. He’s doing it all for this Minnesota team. He’s also shooting a career-best 39.2 percent from the field.

    Rubio did not play in either game against the Hornets last season.

    Hornets: Kidd-Gilchrist (shoulder) is out.
    Wolves: Pekovic (Achilles) is out.


    Hornets: PG- Walker, SG – Batum, SF – Hairston, PF – Williams, C – Jefferson
    Wolves: PG- Rubio, SG- Wiggins, SF- Prince, PF- Garnett, C- Towns

  1000. MIN Poll is up.

    Zach Lavine can be a tough matchup but I voted Hairsanity!

    Lin’s due for a breakout one of these days

  1001. Unbelievable that a coach wouldn’t have these 2 on the court whenever possible. Byron split them up time after time after time. Unbelievable.

  1002. What’s going on with Brent and Nathan G on twitter?

  1003. With both Zeller and Hawes, theoretically they can stretch the defense from 3 point arc to the rim. Lin can choose PnR, PnP or simply a drive to the rim. Why didn’t it work? It sure beats me. With Marvin Williams and Batum, the floor could rotate to both side and several 3 pointers can rotate for 3s, just theoretcially.

  1004. LOLOLOL Not joining you on that. Stick to my hope on JLin:-)

  1005. Seems like Nathan was kinda rude. Nasty boy.

  1006. Best starting lineup: Kemba(1&2), Lin(1&2), Batum(3), Spycho T(4) and Jefferson(5).

    Sub: Robert(1), Lamb(2), William(3), Zeller(4) and Hawes(5).

    The rest are 3rd string.

    Time for speed.

  1007. Agree on this line up.More dynamic on offense but can’t be overlook on Defense

  1008. They got what they had. Robert and Lamb, if play well great if not Kemba and/Lin will one by one sub.

    This team does not need another scorer, Tyler is a everywhere man.

  1009. Why the Charlotte Hornets will make the playoffs

  1010. It’s normal now after you refreshed the server cache. Thanks!

  1011. I am using chrome. It’s normal now after mod refreshed the server cache.

  1012. When it does that I just click on “recent comments” and you can usually find the latest thread.

  1013. hehe .. Trust me on this :]

  1014. When you look at hornets schedule page at http://www.nba.com/hornets/schedule
    You realize Lin was regularly one of the team leaders in preseason. But since the start of regular season, Lin has never been on the team leaders list. A big contrast!

  1015. @psalm234:disqus was there some issue on the site? I was having difficulties to get in last one hour

  1016. No struggles. The Hornets are struggling to give him minutes.

  1017. For god’s sake we have Jeremy Lin. JEREMY LIN, PEOPLE! Even though he’s not Stephen Curry, HE’S LIN-SANE!

  1018. There’s nothing wrong with Lin’s shooting. He just needs more minutes. Reggie Jackson started 5-16 last game…and then hit 10 in a row. Even Curry misses 4-5 open shots in a row…and then gets hot again.

    If Lin doesn’t start getting 25-30mpg on this garbage offensive team, the Hornets are dead in the water. And until he does get those minutes, the blame is on the coaching/lineups. Even now Lin is tied for the team lead in Points-Per-Shot! When Lin gets 30mpg regularly and stinks it up, then I will join the haters in bashing him.

    Until then, nope. He’s doing all he can.

  1019. Not a direct link but in Clifford’s practice comments for 11/9 you can clearly see Lin taking a bunch of 3 point shots. His form looks like the new form here.


  1020. Ya! Here is the picture. I think everything is OK now.


  1021. During preseason there were a few games where Lin got the most minutes now he gets the least.

  1022. I like Marvin. He’s a great blue collar guy who knows where to be. He sets the best screens too. I’d play him at starting 4 and give Zeller a shot at starting C. I think Lamb and Hawes are dragging him down.

    I agree that Roberts should play more. No more Hairston period and Lamb’s minutes should go down a bit.