G6 CHA @SAS Game Thread

After 2 blowouts in which Jeremy Lin only played 19 min and 17 min, how many minutes do we expect him to play against the mighty Spurs?

Hornets have been practicing their passing so it’s a good indication that the playmakers (Kemba/Lin/Batum) would be needed down the stretch in 4th quarter to have any chance against the disciplined Spurs.

Let’s keep hoping JLin find comfort in his game as in preseason form to play loose and make his shots. It will be needed against the Spurs who he had played very well in many games

Let’s persevere to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

Let’s go, JLin!

Game link

  • http://goatd.net/