G6 CHA @SAS Game Thread

After 2 blowouts in which Jeremy Lin only played 19 min and 17 min, how many minutes do we expect him to play against the mighty Spurs?

Hornets have been practicing their passing so it’s a good indication that the playmakers (Kemba/Lin/Batum) would be needed down the stretch in 4th quarter to have any chance against the disciplined Spurs.

Let’s keep hoping JLin find comfort in his game as in preseason form to play loose and make his shots. It will be needed against the Spurs who he had played very well in many games

Let’s persevere to hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court

Let’s go, JLin!

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    1. Blowout 1st!

    2. no blowout, please :]

      We need JLin to play 35min in a 2OT thriller!

    3. They can blow Spurs out in the 2nd OT

    4. My prediction: 30min PT, 25pts, 6a. Let’s go!

    5. 25 pts? I like that but I doubt Lin will take more than 10 shots.

    6. 25 FTs

    7. Let’s goLin!

    8. That’s good. LOL!

    9. 30 min would be new high.

    10. 30 min playing time? Unless it’s OT. I hope but don’t think so.

    11. noooo.. that means only 30 min for Lin :]

    12. a new record :] 4 people fouled out!

    13. I’m just going out on a limb lol~

    14. Lol, but like it. More PT!

    15. oh yeah, we forgot Lin was DNP-ed last season by BScott vs the Spurs.
      Even as we have angst w/ JLin minutes, I’m thankful that we’re not watching BScott folding his arms anymore LOL


    16. Remember that sad and upsetting day for Lin. He sent out a tweet after that DNP.

    17. He will send a victorious speech this time….LOL

    18. I pray so.

    19. Thanking a real coach, not a tanking coach LOL

    20. So right.

    21. yes, .. I remember he said Lakers season was the hardest time he played basketball

    22. I do too. Don’t know how BS & Kobe can sleep at night after that. So over those two.

    23. Who knows?

      Last year this was the turning point of a disappointing season and this could be the turning point of a great season.

      Anyway, good or bad, go Jeremy have fun on court!

    24. Hope and pray.

    25. Wow! Really happy to see this. If fans can decide everything on court… that will be even better…. LOL!

    26. Every day of this season is the judgment day for Kobe and Byron.

    27. So true.

    28. Go Lin!
      I predict 20/7 in 28 minutes. Feeling a little optimistic!

    29. There is a verbal exchange between Jefferson and Clifford last game. I guess Jefferson took credit for their victory which I think is completely coincidental. Dallas has never thought that coach Clifford would go back to Jefferson and they were caught off guard. If Mavericks are prepared, the would run double team against Jefferson to steal the ball away from him.

      This is a very sick league that super star dominates a team in general like Melo, LeBron and they could fire a coach. But for all champion teams, they need a great coach. GSW couldn’t win the championship with Mark Jackson. Once Steve Kerr took over, he did make significant changes on the team. Draymond Green was a scrub in Mark Jackson’s err. It’s the coach who managed the team to a championship or else they would have lost before their glorious games.

      The Spurs has Pop and they’re always the contender. McHale could never win a championship for the Rockets. K. Smith said it right, “A coach may not be always correct but he’s not wrong.” You need a coach to control the team, not your super star. Kobe and BS are going to meet their destiny. That’s sheer joy.

      It’s not Jefferson who was great, it’s coach Clifford who put players around Jefferson who made him great in his game. He changed Jefferson’s game entirely. He made Jefferson work to fit the team. Now with a little result, Big Al talked back and really disappointed me. MJ should traded away Big Al to get something bac for him.

    30. The interesting thing is… It seems like the firm that does these statistics only tracks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+…. All of which can’t be used in China. So imagine if they included Sina Weibo lol

    31. I’m predicting 25/6, 30 min. I’m feeling a little irrational! Haha

    32. From what I see it, Jeremy Lin’s playtime and minutes were sacrificed for the sake of Jeremy Lamb. Suddenly they began to run plays for Lamb to make him look good. Before he signed his extension, he was absolutely dismal on the court. Lamb is good but he’s not that good.

      Jeremy’s jump shot became a little shaky specially after intimidation. Perhaps PFV is right. Lin needs to ignore the intimidation and just play his game. Last game, Lin really paid back Delvin Harris’s intimidation and stretched the lead to 24 points but Dallas also came back with Dirk’s FTs and Baera’s 3 points. That took the game at personal level. That’s not what Clifford wanted it. He benched Jeremy and Hawes. Then the run was later stopped. Jeremy could learn so much from Clifford this season because it seemed to me that they’re on the same boat now.

    33. It really depends who Jeremy is playing against. If it’s Tony Parker, I agree. But if it’s Kawhi Leonard, Lin will have difficulty scoring against him. Not only Lin, even LeBron had troubles matching against him.

    34. I hope Lin & Cliff can work out this season. Don’t want to see this picture to repeat again. So far seemed to be OK w Cliff. Last game, I saw Lin looks OK not upset or mad after he got pulled out of the game.

    35. NBA teams have only scratched the surface of the potential of Jeremy Lin.

    36. Wish Lin have a good game today. He always do better when meet the top teams since he likes challenge!

    37. He really responded well to the challenge. Yes, he made the traveling but he played back with a steal against Harris’ pass. That caused a flagrant 1 against Deron Williams. Clifford gave no reason for the Mavericks to heat up. They died horribly at the end of the game.

      Benching Jeremy later on really took the fuel out of the Mavericks later on. Jefferson exchanged more than 2 baskets for Deron William’s and the game ended well with 2:47 left. The Mavericks were completely deflated so much that the Hornets could send in their 3rd team for their minutes. It’s great coaching players like Jefferson won’t understand.

    38. What do you think why Mav had to target Lin?

    39. I think it was due to game situations and problems in tandem with Hawes more than with Lamb.

    40. I rarely see good reporting from ESPN lately。
      The following is an exception.


      The Hornets dropped their first three games while shooting 39.1 percent from the field. They’ve turned it around over the last two, though, shooting 51.6 percent in a 130-105 rout of Chicago on Tuesday before hitting 49.4 percent in Thursday’s 108-94 win at Dallas. Charlotte connected on 14 of 23 from 3-point range against the Bulls but drained only 6 of 27 against the Mavericks. The Hornets focused more on getting the ball down low to Al Jefferson, who shot 15 of 18 and finished with 31 points. They outscored Dallas 58-36 in the paint.

      “It takes time off the clock,” coach Steve Clifford said. “Your floor balance is always set. Whether (Jefferson) makes or misses, there’s usually not going to be a long rebound and you’re in space where you should be able to get back. It’s part of the NBA that’s kind of going away.”

      Marvin Williams added 17 points and 12 boards. Jeremy Lamb has hit 16 of 21 from the field over his last two after scoring 20 points against Chicago and 16 on Thursday.Jefferson averaged 12.8 points over the first four games.

      “I’ve got guys all around me,” Jefferson said. “These guys make my job a lot easier. (Thursday), they didn’t double-team me until toward the end.”

      If Jefferson thought he could do it every night, he was wrong. It’s his coach who made his feat possible.

    41. Hawes passing are not consistent enough. Sometimes, his passing looked great. Sometimes it’s horrible to watch. Lin will suffer from that. I think Lin could play better with Kaminsky rather than Hawes.

    42. They have planned for it. The only way that they could squeeze a win is to fire up their team to play beyond their talents could. There is no better way to pick a fight against the Asian American. Deron Williams made the flagrant 1 on purpose and he went completely at Zeller’s body rather than the basketball.

      Damned, they wanted to pick a fight while they were on the verge of being blown out instead of playing the game of basketball. Coach wisely benched Lin and they then deflated themselves after Kemba Jefferson took their time running their slow tempo offense to take time off the clock.

    43. Tonight should tell us a lot. I highly doubt CHA will blow out the Spurs, so if Lin stays out of foul trouble, we’ll see what Clifford really thinks of Lin right now.

    44. If they just wanted to win the game then they should double team Al from Q1, but they didn’t. Now I believe it’s bc Lin didn’t take their cheap contract instead to Hornets. Not bc he’s Asian American player.

      But Thanks God, Lin did well. Can’t believe Cuban is dumb & no class at all. smh!

    45. The harmony of Charlotte was destroyed through Big Al’s verb exchange with coach Clifford. I predicted that the 2nd team would have a good game but the first team would be totally destroyed by the Spurs down low.

    46. Their game plan was simple. Pick a fight with Jeremy Lin. Of course, I’m kidding.

    47. When I saw Jefferson talked back to the coach, I’m afraid of the reverse.

    48. They will play team ball today from Hornets IG showed their practice. Not sure how good or bad Hornets starters vs Spurs big 4 starters.

    49. They tried to use the same trick Heat used to Lin back to Linsanity period. I am glad Lin’s summer training w that ..? school really paid off this time.

    50. Yes, as KHuang said, Hawes play is bringing Lin down. He’s better with Frank or Zeller.

    51. Lin’s dribbling has really improved. Now mostly he could stand on his own. I was just a little surprised that the team didn’t come to help Lin out when Delvin Harris and Deron Williams were intimidating Hornets; specially Lin and Zeller.

    52. Pop will probably put Kawhi on Batum most of the game. He’ll be put on Lin if Lin gets hot or starts getting into the paint and wreaking havoc. Most of the game, shouldn’t be on Lin but Lin may have to do more if Leonard neutralizes Batum.

    53. But Lin’s stuck with Hawes. That’s the coach’s decision. Coach Clifford has been trying to balance the floor and separate the team in play groups. Kemba’s got Jefferson and MW. Lin’s got Hawes and Zeller. Batum of course is a force by himself. He’s got to play with both. Kemba got Hairston too. You couldn’t complain. At least Lin didn’t get to play with Hairston a lot.

    54. Kawhi would be put against the best player of the Hornets and that is for sure. He would’t be named on the All defensive team for nothing.

    55. They had no respect for Big Al’s game.

    56. Darn it! So many teams have tried it and the coaches that Jeremy had didn’t do nothing against it.

    57. It started from back court so…? Plus it’s a little bit tense at that moment. During Linsanity period, it’s the same no one could really help… But this time the result it’s different. I am happy & surprised how good Lin can D on this strong D now.

    58. I know. But he did get MW a little in the last game. I don’t know how much longer Cliff will tolerate Hawes’s play. In the Hornets forums, lots of complaints about Hawes and not that many about Lin.

    59. Usage wise, the player to disrupt should be Batum. Depending on how it goes, Lin may have to deal with Kawhi and he’s tough.

    60. He didn’t blow past Harris. He had 2 chances to during that sequence. He now has to combine his better dribbling with his acceleration and not be slowed down too much by “bully” defending. He’s getting there.

    61. Lin actually did more than that. He started punishing the Mavericks with his steal on Harris’s pass and then ran a fastbreak to perfection. Deron Williams then picked a fight by simply running into Zeller. That’s well deserving flagrant 1 foul call against him. That’s a dangerous play. Zeller’s head flipped back and hit the floor. I was afraid that Zeller couldn’t get back on his feet at that moment.

      What the hell the Mavericks had to complain for that call. It’s too physical hitting someone on the air solely on Zeller’s body rather than on the ball. You think Deron had a chance against Zeller, the 7 footer. Zeller is just not physical enough to bounce Williams off. Fatso Williams is weighted nearly as much as Zeller nowadays.

    62. The bright side, that was the lowest point for Lin’s career. Only can goes up. 🙂

    63. Put Psycho T on the court, he’ll be the enforcer when they try to punk any of the players. Sometimes a team needs that.

    64. That would be chaos. The Hornets came to win but the Mavericks wanted nothing but drama.

    65. He doesn’t have to do anything drastic. Set a hard screen, stare down, stuff like that. I wouldn’t want chaos but a presence that doesn’t back down is good. I know Hansbrough gets out of control sometimes, that’s his problem.

    66. The Mavericks were ready in that sequence. Lin did blow past the Mavericks later on with 1 on five and got an and-1 call with his layup. That was 3 of Lin’s 7 points. Lin was not even set up to score in the last game. He was used as a passer passing the ball to Lamb.

    67. Psycho T doesn’t have the skill around the basket like Ed Davis has. That’s why he’s sitting on the bench; fair and square. Psycho T needs a mid-range with his 6’9″ body and a decent layup around the basket to survive in this league. His defense is good but his offense is hard to watch.

    68. Everyone, MW, Lamb, Hawes, Zeller, but he also had some jump shots he missed. Lin didn’t get his usual points at the line. If the refs properly called the 3 where he was fouled, he probably would have had 3 more points.

    69. It’s interesting that you laid out that picture for two separate units.

    70. KHuang thinks he’s better than Big Ed! I agree with you. But he’s really the tough guy on the team that is good to have if the other teams get nasty. You don’t want Kemba, Lin, Batum getting into it with other players. You want them to do what Lin did, respond to their bullying with their play.

    71. The ref let the Mavericks got away with lots of uncalled. The ref has been protecting the home team from being blown out flat on their stomach.

    72. His long arms and big hands; that’s even sick to watch.

    73. MW is fantastic. His drive to the hoop is almost unstoppable.

    74. Btw, what’s your prediction for the game? I just saw that you’re the champion of predictions on the site lol

    75. Coach Clifford has stressed on play groups. He wanted to have two teams playing at different styles but Kemba got to play with Lin that Lin didn’t get the chance to play with the first unit.

    76. Hawes indeed played better with Lin than with Roberts. Hawes and Roberts gave u heart attack.

    77. Yeah. Leonard most likely would neutralize the SG/Point forward Batum and Lin has to be the PG for this game against the Spurs if the Hornets still want a chance to win.

    78. Yep. Heard that too. Understand that Lin is not Hornets franchise player, but Cliff is shortchanging himself by not utilizing Lin’s full strength w/the 1st unit also. He probably knows it, but politics get in the way. Hopefully he has the courage like D’Antoni.

    79. yeah, I think because JLin got a chance to make an And-1 & didn’t get pulled right away by Coach Clifford. The game was over in a blowout

    80. PER of Hornets

      First Team

      Hairton 6.47
      Batum 15.39
      Marvin Williams 17.05
      Kemba Walker 19.89
      Big Al 27.64

      Second Team

      Spencer Hawes 10.39
      Kaminsky 11.37
      Cody Zeller 17.0
      Jeremy Lin 18.97
      Jeremy Lamb 30.14

      This time around, it really helps us to see what has happened to the Hornets.
      Problems, Nick Batum is not playing like he’s a franchise player.

    81. This is an exciting game!!!’hope Clifford will let him finish this game with a win.

    82. Since Lamb was signed, it had not been happening.

    83. From what I can see it, Lin is the only hope for the Hornets this game. The hot streak of Lamb will be ended by Danny Green. Jefferson couldn’t win the rebound battle with Duncan and Aldridge. Batum is going to be neutralized by Kawhi. West will post problems for MW.

      Only Kemba and Lin will have a chance! Basketball is a game of matching on the court.

    84. Hey, that’s possible. Lin plays well against SA. I’m going to miss probably the 1st half. Going to a party and won’t be back until 9:45 or 10 pm.

    85. Hope you have a very good game, Jeremy. Let’s go Hornets.

    86. Not gonna lie, Marvin Williams is a good player, well deserved starter, perfect glue guy.
      If Lamb learned to play defense, he should start.
      I doubt Hairston will play much if he wasn’t starting more mins will be allocated to Lin then.

    87. Now, NBA, please tell me why Lin was not in All Star, huh? which is purely fan voting based.

    88. Issue is he is getting 20 MPG while LIN 22 MPG hopefully it was just the blowouts.

    89. Have the Hornets announced the starters yet? I hope Jeremy plays significant minutes and close out the game.

    90. Oh dear, sad moments…

    91. Test…

    92. Blowout? No, I want a regular game to see how many min Lin will really get…

    93. psalm, read dm of your twitter please

    94. sad memories…:(((

    95. Haha! He knows how hard to deal w someone like himself…. LOL! I think Lin will be a good coach not Kobe bc he’s only ISO ISO ISO.

    96. Nobody will envy the job he’s doing. He’s bigger and taller than JLin and is working hard on defense. Who needs his job and minutes. Why would anyone want Lin to do his dirty job anyway?

    97. Jeremy should be able to get his number in this game. Go Jeremy!

    98. He’s afraid he might be fired by the diva..like how he did to his coaches.

    99. Haha! Well said.

    100. Yes, petal to the metal it is!

    101. Is there anyone who can tell the reason of the verbal exchange between coach Clifford and Jefferson last game?
      What I know about Jefferson is that he came to Charlotte from Utah and improved his game here. He should be thankful to coach Clifford.

      Anyone with good sense won’t build a team on a 30 years old worn out basketball star showing his decline in last season and whose games aren’t even complete. He couldn’t take 3 pointers and he couldn’t run well in a fast tempo game.

    102. Would anyone tell me why the league continue let Lin be abused on the court?

    103. Defensive assignment…nothing serious. Heat of the moment. They hugged after the game.

    104. Williams is the epitome of solid and pro. Nothing exceptional but as you said a great glue guy

    105. Lin is historically strong against the Spurs especially TP

    106. If Jefferson became hard headed, nobody would give him any chance of playing on a contending team like the Hornets do at his age unless he wanted to play at veteran’s minimum. Hornets is Jefferson’s only chance to be Duncan II?

    107. That’s something Clifford himself stressed

    108. I dunno

      But he sure did play well last game …Clifford is a ballsy coach …not afraid to call anyone out

    109. I expect Lin to bring it and play 25-30mpg. Spurs won’t be blown out and Lin will be more careful with his fouls. After he picks up 1 PF, he’s gotta cool it and be a little selfish. Stay in the game and SHOOT.

    110. MJ is slowly putting his key players under contract. Kemba, MKG, Lamb, Zeller etc.
      Perhaps, Lin is only one of the few not being included in the future plan of the Hornets.

      Some court decisions may be based on this too. We all know Lin is going to opt out next year for sure whether he has a good season or bad season. JLin has improved to the extent that he could go either one on one or in team plays. There is nothing that can cover his talents. JLin should continue to work on his jump shots and just as PFV pointed out, this is more important than anything else.

      If JLin continuously drills the 3 pointers this season, he would be sought after this season. Nothing is more important than this.

    111. He’s a very good coach! I appreciate him more day by day. His court decisions are sane and quick; not like McHale and Byron Scott; much better than Woodson.

    112. It seems Lin would get more mins ONLY when Hornets struggles. If that is the case, it is hard to be enjoy Hornets games for SOME Lin fans like me. I do not care what Hornets fans think. My only memory about Hornets is when Lin led tanking Lakers make them very miserable – First game Lin, 33mins/21pts/7asts Lakers won the firs game of the season, Second game Lin 30mins/21pts/8asts. Lakers lost by 1pt (even Lakers was in the full tanking mode).

    113. Williams has excellent fundamentals and is almost flawless in his game. He is quietly hitting 29; the prime of a basketball player. Hope that he could be a part of a championship team. He is indeed better than Zeller because he’s an all round player on the court. Zeller is an up and coming 7 footer that plays like a SF with quickness and height and endurance. All he needs is a coach like Clifford to coach him to winning basketball.

    114. I lost expect, I now have the word hope.

    115. ME TOO.

    116. You’re an hornet Lin fan and fearless to speak the truth.

    117. He seems down, let’s #Panic! lol jk

    118. If they add jlinporter in, the number could have x 2.

    119. If Hornets Cliff treats him right, we’ll root for them. If not, I’m rooting for Spurs. My take for tonight’s game.

    120. I am with you. Go Lin!

    121. Let’s go Hornets! Let’s go RENEGADES!!!

    122. Spurs jersey is ugly

    123. hornets have a lot of teams they haven’t beaten in multiple games. spurs have won 9 in a row

    124. ugly jersey, Spurs, what is that?

    125. OMG… Just tuned in. What da heck are the Spurs wearing? They doing military drills?

    126. What’s wrong with Parker’s Free Throw? Missing both. Hairston got both in!

    127. distracting


    129. Salute to US military

    130. Batum vs Parker… French civil war…

    131. Yes, Parker got 2 Layup Shot already. But Walker return with 3 successful shots.

    132. He cant guard Walker either so its equal

    133. Why can’t I see the Spurs game thread on the front page??? I had to go to the Mavericks game thread for the link????

    134. Walker is aggressive this game. I’m actually enjoying his game so far.

    135. LP blocked.
      where can I seethe game online? Please y’all.

    136. Ya! Walker ISO?

    137. its working for now

    138. what?

    139. No team ball bc no AS.

    140. try again .. I cleared the server cache so it should force browser to refresh

    141. Totally forgot about Diaw… 3 Frenchies!!

    142. Lin will be last off bench again

    143. Thx

    144. Lin in

    145. try goatd.net link provided above

      they seem to have every game


    146. Score!

    147. Spurs commentator making fun of Lins hair

    148. Great score within 7 sec!

    149. jeremy!! woo

    150. Lamb gets strip easy 2

    151. sigh lol…lamb lamb lamb

    152. Looked more like a bad pass by Hawes…

    153. No assists from Hornets. Spurs made 6 assists.

    154. and hawes lol…

    155. lin has advantage on height and size compare to Spurs’ 3 PG. Lamb did not try to block at all?

    156. Wow

    157. Could be

    158. he could have used the screen set by Jeremy better lol

    159. I hope Lin not pass ball the Hawes unless no any other choice.

    160. Lets Go, the Two Jeremys = 30+ points

    161. When Lamb matched against a good team, he became timid.

    162. whenever hawes dribbles i cringe…like a train wreck u can’t look away…makes turnovers like a baker

    163. The battle between JLin and Patty will be interesting for me….

    164. 2222222222222

    165. first pnroll for lin, short jumper in the lane, 2 pts!

    166. Lin looks like he’s getting fouled but no call.

    167. whats new

    168. Lin so aggressive! 4 FGA already.

      Lamb screwing up every possession. Batum underwhelming.

    169. Please tell me they didn’t count that shot clearly after the buzzer

    170. In the first Q, Hornets couldn’t run a play. there was no assist.

    171. Refs…smh.

    172. that last second shot is not in the espn play by play

    173. Did lin ever get his stats fixed from the last game regarding the disregarded assists?

    174. common!!! these turn overs

    175. Look at the refs.

    176. Boxscore is confused. They say Lin started and missed a 3 at the start of the game.

    177. did jeremy really take 5 shots? the box score is 2-5

    178. The whole bench look scared but Lin so does Batum.

    179. I rarely see refs call slight contact fouls at the buzzer other than the final ones

    180. Nobody of the 2nd team besides Lin has anything positive to show

    181. Hawe is killing the team!

    182. Don’t think so. I’d email it if someone can give me a video splice of the missed assist.

    183. NBA has the right stats. ESPN does not.

    184. blown assist…

    185. Lin has no help. Lamb sucks and Marvin missed a layup I can make.

    186. Come on Hawes, BOX OUT.

    187. Spurs are the Spurs man

    188. What’s going on w/Hawes? TO and no screens.

    189. Hawes needs to sit!u

    190. Lamb has lost his man on defensive end multiple times already from PNR

    191. The inexperience of the 2nd team is really shown.

    192. Hawes is either sleeping or drunk

    193. marvin williams blows easy assist by jlin! that was perfect! was he surprised by the pass?

    194. lamb getting lucky he’s getting calls…..

    195. They counted that last shot by Lin after the 1Q clock. LOL.

    196. 1Q: 3:13, 1:12, 1:04, 00:43, 00:00 5 shots made 2!

    197. Cmon hornets – play it tough! Maybe insert Hansbrough!

    198. mid J!

    199. 222222222222222

    200. Nice J by lin.

    201. 3-5 this game. BS scorekeeping.

    202. he is looking for his own shot , its a good sign

    203. Lin makes to many passes. he needs to lead ATTACKS

    204. Nice Lin midrange J!

    205. no offensive foul call this time…whew!

    206. First assist and Lin scored again who by the way is the only bright spot for the 2nd unit.

    207. hawes with miracle hook!

    208. another assist!

    209. nice drive by lin and finish by hawes.

    210. Nice Lin assist to HAwes layup

    211. Lin is locked in. Refs and scorekeepers trying and failing to stop him.

    212. under Lin’s leadership, the Hornets begins to get their grove back. This is a good game for the Hornets to train their 2nd team.

    213. Great bounce back 1st dhalf against good comp for jlin

    214. phantom foul AGAIN

    215. LOL. how was that an OFFENSIVE foul.

      Race, race race.

    216. are you serious ref?

    217. REFS!

    218. What Lin foul?

    219. Right call of offensive foul Mills beat him to the spot

    220. patty mills wasn’t even set. wow, nice acting job.

    221. Good things happen when they trust JLin to penetrate & make plays

    222. no way was that offensive foul on jeremy! the defense looked totally out of position!

    223. Such BS, that guy got right in front of him

    224. God that was a bit of flop

    225. In the 2ndQ, the 2nd team got their game back and began to play toe to toe without Jeremy Lamb.

    226. Lin’s only opposition is refs — Mills too slow and clumsy, refs doing all they can to kill the Asian guy.

    227. Clifford needs to protest to the ref so they give another call favoring Hornets

    228. He was there and flopped a bit. That being said its the right call

    229. Lin got hammered at the end of the 1Q…NO CALL and missed FGA after the buzzer.

      Lin gets fouled twice on one play…FOUL and TO on him. RACE.

    230. I can’t stand how racist the NBA refs are, why does China give them so much money

    231. Its like the soft European narrative

    232. Mills got to the spot, then jumped INTO lin’s body. Then Lin raised his right arm so Mills flopped back.

    233. LI!

    234. LOL. Refs just giving this to the Spurs.

      They must have $$$ on this game. Tim Donaghy said dozens of refs are corrupt.

    235. What the tell is Lamb doing?

    236. Lin has been fouled 5-6 times…1 call.

    237. Refs must have hated linsanity boy

    238. okay refs, make up call. im not mad anymore.

    239. They don’t think an Asian can ever beat a black player.

    240. Lin with starters no Kemba?

    241. Lin draws fouls like a machine.
      Mills, Duncan, ..

    242. 2 pfs now…

    243. He should have 3X more fouls. No exaggeration.

    244. Guess just Jefferson

    245. Race always has a place in the USA no denying that…not sure that’s the biggest reason but it’s there

    246. Jeremy out 🙁

    247. Lin out.. great
      clifford just great

    248. that was a legit foul by lin. he was fatigued and got beat.

    249. Lin out

    250. Coach needs to pair Jeremy with kemba more

    251. There are only 2 assist from the Hornet. Lin is involved with both.

    252. regular rest time in Q2 around 6min

    253. We are not winning this game

    254. Hardly any time to get warmed up. Can’t build any rhythm that way

    255. dont remember him coming back in the last 2 games

    256. NBA ref agenda against Lin is disgusting. Tweet bomb NBA.com’s twitter account.

    257. If Lamb is not going to be moving slashing and shooting aka be offensive he is a statue and I like lambs game

    258. I am with you. It worked all the time.

    259. With Lamb ineffective and Hornets trailing, Clifford has to rely a lot on Lin in the 4th

    260. Makes no sense today’s NBA is speedball

    261. First 3 from Hornets.

    262. Lin foul limit at 2 is ridiculous. His minutes are ridiculous

    263. If lamb hits a couple 2nd half he will get minutes….I would like to see kemba with the two Jeremy’s

    264. whaz up with the military spurs uniforms? I hadn’t see that before.

    265. hes not out becuase of foul

    266. Hope so.

    267. Veterans Day proceeds think

    268. no energy except Walker and Lin. Come on, it is only 5 games

    269. ah cool.

    270. Lin took himself out of the game by making 2 fouls.

    271. The momentum swinged to Spurs and lost the lead when Batum played pg in the late 1st qtr.

    272. Im watching college football tell me when Lin is back could be a while

    273. So sick of NBA reffing and scorekeeping.

      Lin was fouled 6-7 times…2 calls, 0 FTs. And of course they counted the FGA after the buzzer in front of the 3pt line as a missed 3. Because why not? F**k the Asian guy! No one white or black cares.

    274. Did get his shots though

    275. phantom on that offensive foul. flop.

    276. In the first half, Lin is limited to 2 fouls. I call this reasonable. You don’t want him to pick up the 3rd before the half.

    277. bogus offensive foul!

    278. Lin gets less and less minutes even when hes playing well

    279. Why?? he did that at houston. He barley plays the 3rd anyways and who knows about the 4th

    280. There is no one on the Hornets who can stop Aldridge.

    281. I thought Clifford and ANYONE else know Walker/Lin/Batum work well. You cannot always use it on the closing time.

    282. We’ll see. The fouls are BS. I don’t want Lin picking up his 3rd when refs are 1000% killing him and only him.

    283. Lin needs to play with either Walker or Batum.

    284. The great Pat Ewing waits in the wings to be the next head coach and hell we don’t want another 80/90s player being Jeremy’s coach

    285. All he needs to do is to play aggressive but avoid making fouls.

    286. Walker preferred

    287. Whats a good way to alert, protest and stop the bad practice?

    288. they gotta let lin play more 2nd qt too…

    289. Batum is the classic glue guy on a great team….never should he have multiple responsibilities on the court

    290. The Hornets is fighting hard to avoid a blowout. From what I can see, the only weakness of SA is in the guard position.
      In 2nd half, they should take Lamb out for Lin and Walker.

    291. Clifford is a bad coach
      Lin is playing well and he sits wont come back until late 3rd q by then hes ice cold annnd taken out by 6min left in 4th

    292. Batum not pass ball to lin

    293. Lamb has 2 more minutes then Lin and was 0-1 0 points lol i kid you not

    294. F**k the NBA. Racist reffing every damn game. Lin gets punched ten times? Nothing. Lin makes a black player look bad? Offensive foul! Lin shoots after the buzzer while hammered? NO CALL and missed FGA.

      No more Curry worship, please. Steph would be TRASH with Lin’s treatment.

    295. Good news Aldridge picked up his 3rd foul.

    296. Why are you keep flaming this site??? Are you a true Lin fan?

    297. yes

    298. Both calls looked right 2nd one was no doubt

    299. Bad news. Aldridge actually not fitting in well with spurs.

    300. You’ve gotta hand it to coach Clifford. The Hornets is making a comeback.

    301. u can keep denying it but clifford aint a big fan of Lin

    302. Hornets making 10-0 run to close to 45-46

    303. Go Hornets Go!!!. Ha coming back.

    304. If i were Lin i will elbow the referee’s face and say i am sorry sir, i dont mean to do that !LOL!

    305. i want to see that replay….
      and report it to nba

    306. Clifford isn’t biased…but he’s bad. He’s like non-racist B-Scott. He genuinely likes Lin but thinks you need Big Al and Hairston’s “defense” to win.

    307. The assist ratio of Hornets to Spurs is 16:5

    308. whynot?

    309. impressive

    310. Hairston taken out after 2 fouls. Lamb for more minutes . 0-1 Lamb 0-3 hairston

    311. Lamb hasn’t been able to get anything going for the Hornets.

    312. It was a good call 1st is iffy 2nd is not

    313. And that happen when Lamb Substitution replaced by Batum, and he quickly got in 5 pts.

    314. no hes not I never thought any coach was biased or racist
      but clifford just purely believes Lin isnt helping the team

    315. 3 TOs in 2 qs is Okey for anyone else but Lin.

    316. The only cure for the Spurs defense is Kemba-Lin.

    317. but hes in

    318. Then he will be exposed.

    319. but when he does, it makes the game so much easier.

    320. 1st unit defense is quite good tonight. Batum doing well

    321. Coach gotta keep his promise that Lin will get enough minutes. Otherwise Lin will leave this team next year…

    322. Well, at least Lin shot 7 times.

    323. maybe that is Clifford’s secret weapon in playoff.

    324. Good sign. When he is aggressive, shoots more, he usually wins.

    325. That’s where he is very good

    326. I sort of foresee that this game will tear the myth of Lamb apart.

    327. 7 more?? haha

    328. He is young player with lots of talent…its kind of unfair for folks to see him as the enemy

    329. What the heck is wrong with him?

    330. I am telling you that Lamb is not going to be able to get his shot off; he is too slow for the Spurs.

    331. Dispel the myth of Walker too. I thought he was not able to penetrate or shoot. He is shooting well tonight.

    332. Lamb is not doing ANYTHING

    333. Walker is a perfect 2 guard but well he is short lol….him and jlin should get more mins

    334. I don’t see him as the enemy but right now, he’s literally not doing anything. Like our Jeremy sometimes, and we hate that too.

    335. lamb is good
      He has so much potential
      but Lin played better in this game and he deserves more minutes

    336. Not bad. down only by 4 to the spurs. Lin aggressive and playing well. Overall it is looking good.

    337. Silence of the lamb? LOL

    338. When Lamb Substitution replaced by Batum, within 2 min they got 10:0 run.

    339. Well, Lin played 8 min first half

    340. 30 minutes till we see Lin. thank goodness for college football

    341. still better than Lin turning over the ball once in cliffords mind

    342. both Zeller and Lamb played 12 min

    343. At this rate, Lin has to make shots or get FTs in order to play a lot of min.
      Playmaking will not be enough

    344. Bc he got 2 fouls.

    345. In 12 and a half minute, Jeremy Lamb got 2 rebounds 1 TO and missed 2 shots. He needs to be fed.

    346. i hope Hornets trailing Spurs by 10 by mid of 3q.

    347. Coach said he don’t want Lin-kemba because BAtum. Datum is not a superstar. Make him guard someone.Or idk Let lin guard his man. Have a little faith

    348. Spurs has 3:1 ratio assists more than Hornets, 17 vs 6. Meaning the ball is not moving. Points are not evenly spread.

    349. I am surprised to see Lin took 7 shots for 1st half?

    350. 2 PF for half time it nothing

    351. Lin needs to stay out of foul troubles to get the precious minutes.

    352. coach said that? he don’t want Lin-kemba because BAtum.

    353. It’s not easy to get a shot. Lamb only gets off 2 shots and he missed both.

    354. It’s layup.

    355. ???

    356. what? your 2nd last sentence is a bit unambigious

    357. love the aggressive quick score.
      We need more of this tonight

    358. He said he didn’t want Batum guarding the other teams top scorer. assuming Batum could play offense . Which is foolish. Datum is an ok offensive player

    359. I have to say, Spurs is good even though old. They still got something to win the games, They play together like years.

    360. Limpressive move.

    361. Oh! I see…. I thought he said it today…

    362. Probably he sensed that the coach won’t give him lots of minutes.

    363. Yup it’s all production bases for Jeremy Charlotte owes him nothing is the vibe I get

    364. are you even a real Lin fan?

    365. No but since he said that Lin hasn’t finished the 2nd

    366. (Do you think Clifford bench Lin because he shoot “too much” with fg 50% today?

    367. That’s what I thought…

    368. 1st half thoughts: I have…

      ZERO complaints about Lin. A THOUSAND complaints about racist reffing. A COUPLE complaints about Clifford.

    369. Lamb got a chance to close Q2 because he was shooting hot in the past 2 games.
      It seems like whoever scores more will earn more min from Lin/Lamb

    370. It was the 2 fouls. hairston left after 2. Anyways lin got a few less minutes so i guess it done matter

    371. No. Just phantom fouls. I don’t like him favoring Lamb over Lin, but Lin would have stayed in if not for racist NBA reffing on both ends.

    372. Turnover or shots, what you will choose.

    373. Why take Lin out simply after 2 foul…You always have Kemba to take his spot if he pick up 3 foul..and Lin doesn’t play that much minute…so again, I simply don’t understand Cliff…

      If feels like this is an excuse to not give Lin more minute outside of just playing the backup PG minute.

    374. yep Lin is a 1 year rental and Lamb just signed an extension also Hairston is clif’s fav so yah
      theres goes Lin’s mins

    375. LOL

    376. Lamb didn’t play D so he would not get into foul trouble.

    377. Lin almost going with 2 assists to Hawes & blown assist by Marvin Williams.
      I wonder why we don’t see Lin/Zeller more like Lin/Davis connection

    378. Everything is about justifying Lamb’s extension I guess. Politics again. MJ, Cho and Clifford are completely at odds. Simmons and Lowe were right — CHA’s front office is a total mess.

    379. Coach or FO treat Batum like Scott treat Kobe??

    380. Clifford only let Lin play 20+- mins a game. No sense to bench him for 2 fouls.

    381. told ya better sign with a contender cause the same minutes you will get in hornets but the perks is a chance to win a ring

    382. Hornets needs to Up their X and tighten up their TOVs

    383. No way. At least Lin has the CHANCE to put up solid stats a weak East team.

      On GSW or CLE or wherever, he’d play 15mpg even if he shot 100%.

    384. can’t wait for Lin’s next shift.

    385. obviously…the number of years they had been playing together…says all

      their chemistry is unequaled

    386. You mean shift to yet another team? JK

    387. lamb has more minutes than lin bc lin has two fouls. it’s nothing more complicated than that.

    388. lol try put up stats in 17 minutes……yeah weak eastern but do you have the minutes lol

    389. And right after he replaced Lamb with Batum, within 2 min, they got 10:0 run; but he still switch him back at 3:04. Yes, I don’t like him favoring Lamb over Lin.

    390. I expect winning to take priority. I can understand Lamb was super hot shooting in past 2 games but he hasn’t tonight

      If Lamb is not productive tonight, they should play JLin more.

    391. no this is sound coaching strategy. You don’t risk an early 3rd foul with so much game to be played

    392. 2 PF is nothing if he is only going to play Lin for 20 min.

    393. Sorry to say, the situation looks more and more like in Rockets 3rd season.

    394. yep

    395. refs definitely mess up Lin’s PT with questionable calls

    396. Here we GO…Go Hornets! Go Jeremy!

    397. This is a worst case scenario in CHA! In GSW, 17mpg is a best case scenario, LOL.

    398. there is no 3rd season at Rockets LOL

    399. ???? what 3rd season?

    400. it is more about the refs than clifford.

    401. good start!

    402. CH taking the lead!

    403. There’s no 3rd season for Lin in Rox.

    404. If only! Just look at LA. If they cared about winning Kobe wouldn’t be on the team making 20+M.

    405. why warriors is only the contending team lol…………if warrirors fail to win this year and barbosa livingston let go…..sign with them next year exercise the player option

    406. Kemba playing well with big 3 and deflection on defense leading to Batum’s fastbreak

    407. Same with CLE and LAC and MEM and HOU. Maybe CHI will be a landing spot since they’re losing faith and patience in Rose.

    408. You guys always want to find different reasons for JLin’s low minutes. Actually, the answer is very simple, JLin is one year rental as role/bench, he gets his right amount of minutes already: under 20 minutes per game.

    409. Didn’t have refs issues in the preseason. Regular season starts… refs are back to old habits.

    410. Man….Kemba is really lucky that he gets to match up with Parker..

    411. Yeah, the 3rd season was the worst. He didn’t get any playing time at all with the Rockets, he wasn’t even listed on the roster, just terrible.

    412. comeon its too early in the season…lets finish Nov first 🙂

    413. Sorry, maybe 2nd season. Anyway, not looking good.

    414. Maybe

    415. DNP all the way

    416. This

    417. rather get the 17minutes from contending team than this trash hornets team 8th seeds at best lol

    418. Yep
      and he was only brought in as a quality back up

    419. Even though Lin was not Houston’s future plan, Lin still played 28mins..

    420. could be but too early too tell
      Lin did get 27 min in Game 1 and Game 2

    421. thats why better sign with contender same minutes with trash hornets 8th seeds at best lol

    422. KL is hot tonite!….

    423. Nope, 2nd season in Houston was Lin’s best season he brought them back so many times
      and McHale knew to bring Lin back when team is losing and let Lin play when hes playing well

    424. In start this season Walker is TOP 10 NBA player

    425. That was because Houston knew Lin was good and wanted to win games. I am not sure about Clifford.

    426. I’m happy for Kemba. He’s been nothing but a team player so far, unlike Batum and Lamb…and Clifford. Ha.

      I don’t like Big Al dominating, I can’t lie. Selfish, no defense fattie whose presence probably kept Lin out of the starting lineup to start the season.

    427. May indeed be true. But they’re not gonna get a cheaper replacement. Even Roberts is paid more. Jeremy doesn’t have a lot of leverage, but he does have some.

    428. nope only person who kepy Lin ofthe starting line up is clifford
      look how many minutes Lin has been getting

    429. who is KL

    430. nevermind

    431. nevermind..thought you were talking about hornets

    432. Truth! But if Big Al weren’t there, they’d 100% need Lin’s offense. I understand (but don’t agree) that someone on the starting lineup needs to be the 5th option, all-defense guy. So Hairston makes sense…if this were 1995.

    433. Batum’s Free Throw is good, 5-5 tonight.

    434. nice 3 by MW

    435. Hairston is only there because clifford likes him
      Big Al works hard he can work with Lin well

    436. Clifford hates him, actually. He benched him and insulted him in May for missing a training session.

    437. Hairston?

    438. I got an idea for Lin’s next season. if he cannot start in any team, keep as free agent until one team really needs a starting PG for some reason.

    439. Not me. Lin isn’t 35. He just turned 27…he needs minutes. I’m totally for Lin in Philly, tank or no tank.

    440. Marvin Williams has been good to hit 2 big shots

    441. Starters are playing well.

    442. Green is getting hot now….

    443. Yeah. Quote: “It’s a bad idea to give minutes to a guy that hasn’t earned them.”

    444. KW answered back!

    445. Marvin is a solid player. Nothing spectacular, but solid.

    446. Bad pass by Batum to force-feed Al, stolen by Green

    447. Jefferson has 3 PF now, do you see Clifford pulls him out? No. He would pull Lin out even if Lin played well. just saying…

    448. Kemba on fire.

    449. Lin in

    450. Kemba has been red-hot 10-13 for 24pts

    451. Jeremy!

    452. Lin in

    453. Lin is IN

    454. Before Lamb

    455. Lin in early gives me SOME confidence in Clifford.

    456. way off

    457. Lin cold, needs to keep shooting to regain his touch.

    458. Lin checked in at 5:49 in Q3

    459. Lins shot has been off

    460. Spurs ties the game!

    461. Not really. Just missed 1 or 2. Even super-hot Curry misses 4-5 in a row.

    462. brick

    463. not a good miss by Lin, nice to see Lin/Duncan a bit … then some nice shoulder jiggly by Timmie just too lazy to do the footwork (ok, not lazy just so seasoned don need it.)

    464. AI defense was bad…

    465. yep, noticed that, will see when Lamb comes in and how long Lin stays

    466. Disagree. Great fake and move by Lin. Just missed due to coldness.

    467. Meaning he is missing by a lot not like the preseason where his misses looked good

    468. Lin better start showing something otherwise minutes will keep getting reduced.

    469. That was not a normal shot, just did a big fake but didn’t smooth it out before the shot.

    470. He put too much arc on it probably because Duncan got close to him. He should have just made the fake and shot it with more space before a big man got close to him.

    471. Why MW out when his 3pts shooting is perfect?

    472. Lin had plenty of space to go in and shoot a linner..I wished he would add that shot instead of shooting too many 15 foot jumper.

      Also, when Lin got his man in the air, he should had just jump into his path and create the foul….could had been 2 easy free throw instead of the long 2point shot.

    473. Doesn’t work that way. I’ve seen Curry/Harden airball a shot…and then hit 4 in a row.

    474. That’s what I am worry about it.

    475. very true, probably because Lamb was cold in shooting

    476. Correct

    477. yeah, what I meant was not a timely … agree the fake was awesome and prob wasn’t used to the moves after given normally it’s tighter coveral,

    478. regular rest before coming back Q4 8-9min

    479. Leonard made an ugly shot

    480. Coaching staff need to come out with plans on KL

    481. In this sense, I guess JLin is still little bit naive.

    482. Hard to judge the Hornets’ treatment of Lin.

      It’s 80% racist reffing and blowout wins. It’s 20% Cliff favoring Lamb over Lin. Not outraged, not pleased.

    483. 17 minutes my predictions

    484. Lin missed another 3

    485. Shots not falling…

    486. great shot by manu!

    487. Lins shot look ugly

    488. Dang Lin got to get that 3 going again.

    489. ahhh jeremy…

    490. when Batum is on top of the key, why does LIN just stand there…. why isn’t he cutting or on the move?? is that part of the play??can’t he be more flexible and make himself more available in receiving passes???? what da…

    491. Hey, root for the Hornets!

    492. brick x 2

    493. Lin still is very inconsistent with his shots

    494. Lin lost his rhythm, but I’m glad to see him keep shooting. Like I said, even Curry and Harden miss 4-5 in a row.

    495. ive always thought the same

    496. Lin shooting rainbow jumpers again, hope he gets them soon

    497. coachs instrution

    498. fire that doc schepler dont like his 3 point shooting too much energy waisted

    499. Can’t blame him with erratic minutes.

    500. He just came in. long time on bench

    501. It seems Lin is ice cold tonight.

    502. It is Okey. Lin, keep shooting or attack,

    503. Time for PG Jeremy?

    504. see thats why I rather not have people stop saying lin is spur-killer.. it’s a jinx..
      just like the murphy and the mets.

    505. Lin needs to make those shots to fend off Lamb from eating into his PT. It’s not that the shots aren’t falling, but the shot is looking ugly.

    506. doc scepler

    507. Lamb not passing to Lin…swole head from the scrub.

    508. Crazy ball movement by Spurs… darn.

    509. Lin, do not pass so early!!!!

    510. Lamb missed guarding Manu at 3pt line

    511. Can we get some PNR??

    512. Lamb not passing to open Lin again!!!

      Killing the Hornets.

    513. who was covering manu?

    514. lol…championship team showing their colors!

    515. take lamb off plz

    516. Lamb is a piece of sh*t

    517. Why is Batum playing pg?

    518. Lamb got to play some D on Gonobolli

    519. 17 minutes coming up lol

    520. make Lin play PG and attack!

    521. LOL……

    522. Seems to me that Lin is not focused and slow today. Just my observation.

    523. Lamb is D-League quality. I could outsmart that little POS.

    524. Oh my, -26 for Jeremy while starters are all +

    525. It’s not really individual people covering. The Spurs are passing too well and in a shooting hot streak. The Hornets can’t make a bucket to answer.

    526. i want lin to stay on his man and not help D

    527. Not Lin’s fault at all. 100% Lamb.

    528. lol

    529. gotta care about ur stats too

    530. What a nice movement the teams had! A team model in the league..

    531. Spurs is not missing at all..Remind me of how Charlotte shot against the Bulls..Nothing you can do about that type of shopoting..They’re making tough shot.

      On the other hand, Lin shot looks off…Needs a close shot which is a linner.

    532. Don’t worry about that. Lin is not in rhythm. He needs to do pg duty and drive and will get his shot back once he sees basket.

    533. Lamb and Batum are little scrubby pieces of sh*t.

      So selfish and low IQ.

    534. I know… the whole bench not playing well.

    535. Where’s the Lin that scored 38pts on the Spurs?

    536. It’s good. Clifford got a T when Hawes didn’t get a foul

    537. No PNR

    538. Finally, FTs

    539. GO SPURS. When Lamb and Batum play lazy and selfish. Hornets MUST LOSE.

    540. Smart Lin attacked inside & got fouled

    541. 1 out of 22000000 ain’t bad!

    542. ouch… missed one

    543. Bout time

    544. 1/2 FT. Hope he gets the shooting touch soon

    545. Lin has shot 95% from FT. No sweat.

    546. lol fire the agent and get rid of your shooting coach

    547. First bad play by Lin. That TO. Huh?

    548. yea but why no PNR??

    549. Lamb n Hawes should sit!

    550. -38 is this the highest

    551. Got careless, he blew by Mills but kept the dribble too high.

    552. It should be PNR all day for LIN

    553. Chiil…guys…its not Lin’s nite….

    554. terrible.. he needs to revamp his team and game…

    555. Ball slipped out of his hand? It was strange.

    556. Lin’s decision making is still questionable at times

    557. Yes it is. Blame refs and Lamb. Lin started great, got taken out.

    558. Hes in cold hand tonite even misse a FT.. Gotta get the rhythm back n try 2 make shots.. GoGo Lin!!

    559. Lin not making a case for being a starter.

    560. still plays better than PJ hairston

    561. Lin has to keep shooting, Isaiah Thomas style.

      Even if he goes 5-15, just get to 15pts or so with FTs.

    562. his shot is terrible… get a professional shooting coach and a better everything.

    563. We should’t worry about being a starter. Just want him to be an impact player and do what he does well. Hoping for a Lin 4th where he does that.

    564. he is playing terribly…

    565. Lin’s cold now.
      Let’s hope Lin scores in a flurry & got FTs in the next 4 min so he can close the 4th

    566. That’s not the issue right now.

    567. Then he needs to take it to the rim. They want starters to be consistent game after game.

    568. 12 ast vs 29 ast

    569. oops…[email protected]:disqus messed me up

    570. Bad lineups and dumb coaching.

    571. after this year fure that stupid agent and fire your shooting coach

    572. Keep attacking!

    573. Good Lin drawing fouls,.. 2 FTs

    574. Cool!…Lin goes Harden now 😉

    575. another missed FT.

    576. Man, 1/2 FT

    577. Finally a foul! Refs showing their true colors.

      Stop Lin to give SAS the lead. And then give him fair calls after the game is over.

    578. Still shooting 90% FT. Give him a break.

    579. Seriously crazy

    580. come on bigs… rebound!

    581. 17 minutes lol

    582. Lin can’t leave too much space for hot-shooting Mills

    583. Another foul drawn.

    584. Lin needs to hit those FTs. Lamb with the pathetic effort on that rebound.

    585. Nah. Lin is shooting 90%. Lay off.

    586. LOL. Lin getting Harden calls now when he’s cold. When he’s hot? Nothing.

    587. My goodness

    588. Lin fouled 10 times already this game.

      Trade Hawes and Lamb

    589. yeah..that was a lapse…

    590. Hawes… come on.

    591. REALLY HAWES? Shoot that open 3.

    592. Hawes should’ve shot 3.. but TO

    593. lol

    594. Hawes suuūuuuuuuuuucks.

    595. oh no hawes don’t dribble!
      just shoot it!

    596. Assist!

    597. quit helping man…

    598. OMG Hawes… Please retire already…

    599. Lin & Williams have some chemistry

    600. lol

    601. If Cliff pulls Lin here he can go eff himself in his idiotic @ss.

    602. Lin’s beginning to find something. Hawes looks ridiculous.

    603. why do you keep passing it to hawes??

    604. This game is a lesson. Lamb especially

    605. how many pts does jeremy have again?

    606. team basketball vs team with 7 new players.

    607. hawes was open for 3 but he didn’t shoot it

    608. what?

    609. Jeremy is like an old car in the winter needs like 10 mins to get warm

    610. um… 8

    611. when is this batum experiment gonna stop?

    612. 8 huge points

    613. 8

    614. Exactly. No space. Don’t gamble. The guy is too good a 3 point shooter.

    615. 2nd unit plays badly today. Lin is OK but this won’t make the case for starting.

    616. 2 more points by lin atleast

    617. Hawes is not good at all
      why is he dribbling so much

    618. Hawes and Zeller playing scared. Lamb and Batum won’t pass to Lin, selfish little pieces of s**t.

    619. He is clunky, clumsy and slow…..choking the offense!

    620. Spurs is so dangerous. They executed so well making 22-5 to close Q3 in just 4 min

    621. if you are repeatedly do this…had to give you timeoff

    622. what’s the point of picking and popping if you’re not gonna even shoot it…i hate it when i play pickup, draw another defender and hit them for an open 3 and they don’t shoot it or anything. loses the advantage created.

    623. man they pointing out lin’s flaw.

    624. Lin still in. Okay Cliff, I don’t hate you….yet.

    625. Who??? What’s said

    626. Maybe Lin is letting Lamb implode, LOL.

    627. Lamb doesn’t belong in the NBA.

    628. Lamb giving back his minutes to Lin

    629. Lamb n Hawes is a disaster formula!

    630. GO LIN. Even Spurs announcers admitted it. “He got mugged in there!”

    631. oh wow Lamb plays

    632. wow

    633. Jeremy is out…

    634. The SA announcers? Not really. They were just praising Spurs play. Lin was mention more like being the victim, they said he had no choice but to help cover defence. This just point out team D for Hornets not good this game

    635. How come Lin is not shooting free throw???

    636. Lin out

    637. keeping lamb and taking off lin

    638. Wow even Walker passing up open 3s. This team doesn’t want to win.

    639. lol 17 minutes

    640. Got mugged of FT’s

    641. NO FTs????

      Lamb still in? Okay, Clifford is officially a POS moron racist.

    642. Yep Clifford really likes lamb

    643. Why is Lamb still in?

    644. jeremy lin drew all 4 of the team’s fouls.

    645. chill not racist thats too far

    646. silence of the lambs

    647. He did all the dirty work.

    648. Refs didn’t think that was a shooting foul. Idiots.

    649. Lamb can do no wrong

    650. No free throw??…that’s weird?..Did it call it on the ground foul?

    651. zammm

    652. 3 years 21 mil

    653. go sputs… rip em apart!

    654. -41 thats high….pathetic trash hornets better sign with a contender fire that shooting coach and agent

    655. i tink they have to play him..
      htey just paid him.. make him go to work

    656. it’s his audition. But his defense and offense has been atrocious.
      The TOs .. oh my

    657. This is a lost game. If I were Clifford, I would let the 2nd unit to play thru it.

    658. JLIN is too unselfish……… that’s old problem… he doen’st look to score… he’s always looking to setup teammates….. in this league… he needs to produce in order to get playing time, and get paid…. he must treat it like in the D-League… or he’ll be a role player…..

    659. Lamb is a great one on one scorer but what else can he do well if he’s well guarded?? He needs to improve his overall game to be really deserving of minutes.

    660. Everyone is time to just change our perception of
      Things….Jeremy is for the foreseeable future a bench guard which is not a 6th man….lamb is the investment….all I can hope for is good to keep Jeremy in play next offseason….long road ahead

    661. Are you GoodDayLA?

    662. Don’t like Cliff’s rotation at all! Lin is out, so go Spurs.

    663. Lol.

    664. what a waste of time.

    665. Clifford is officially the worst coach for Lin

    666. Hornets are going to lose the game and had their big lesson:

      Kemba had a big night but not act like PG.
      Starters had surprise moment and it will not last because team like Spurs can adjust quickly.
      Hornets need to move ball more in order to compete teams like Spurs.
      Benches have a lot work to do.
      JLin would not be a good addition to Hornets unless giving starter’s minutes because he normally needs longer time to warm up.

    667. I hate to say it but CHA is the same as HOU. Better than LA (no tank), but that’s it.

    668. Lamb out, Lin in – do it Clifford!

    669. He is not that kind of scorer

    670. The positive, the hornets get to watch a lot of tape on what to do (SA ) and what not to do ( CHA ). Positive may be the wrong word, but at least they will have something to do.

    671. This coach didn’t really trust Lin. Season fail for Lin again. smh!

    672. Someone in the FO wants JLamb to be a playmaker.. which he’s clearly not
      He needs to work more on his defense. This is a mess

    673. Lamb cannot defend my grandma……..

    674. Just saved $150 not joining League Pass, saved $90 not joining Ballstreams, saved $1000 not watching the Hornets when they visit the Raptors January 1 and gained extra 2 hours of sleep not staying up watching Hornets play the rest of the season.

    675. He stinks and lacks skill. Full stop. But he’s black, so he gets 100% priority over Lin.

    676. Sounds like Jordan the GM

    677. lol thats why i say sign with a contender team

    678. LOL

    679. i almost bought league pass, thank god i didnt

    680. On Lin seems to watching tape with Coach.

    681. Sad to say my prediction of 17 minutes of PT and 8 points came true. Also, Spurs win by more than 10. I better not make any more predictions. At least, made some money on a bet.

    682. lin will bounce back next game, he is too good, and usually does.
      I think he isn’t getting enough pick and rolls…i remember he got a short jumper in the lane earlier off of pnr but they stopped running it. and preferably NOT pnr with hawes!

    683. lmao. You guys sure are whiny.

    684. i wasted 200 on LP… they are laughing at me… lol

    685. Goodbye CHA, your season is over. Kemba and Al won’t win you 25 games. Lamb is trash and the only quality player on this team you treat like trash because of race.

    686. 2nd unit is not right. They should play fast, run and gun. Hawes is a problem

    687. Seems Lin needs to go extra mile to get any trust…

    688. I love a good whine every now and then.

    689. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz = Clifford’s offense.

    690. Take a breather.

    691. Im giving up on this year. Every team he join thus happens. I’m just done

    692. agreed. this shows how much discrimination against asians is… we need to start filing lawsuits…

    693. Playing the race card again? LOL. Maybe it’s because Lin isn’t that good. Ever think of it that way? Use your head.

    694. Lamb, LOL. He’s slightly better than I am. Not by much.

    695. can jlin ask for a trade……this dec

    696. clifford: im going to have walker, batum, and lin in the end of games… lol

    697. I wish Lin the best, he’s a Top 10 PG talent. But racism in the NBA is too strong right now.

      You think there were no elite black baseball players in the 20s and 30s? Of course there were but race kept them out.

    698. Just watch higlights.

    699. Jordan gave lamb big money on a gamble. Lamb a kelvin Martin type…we will see

      I have great hope for Jeremy to have a season that solidifies him as a strong back-up pg,,,this will always give him and us hope for breakout games

    700. I know how you feel… so upset always turned out like this.. smh!

    701. sigh

    702. now Lin in, garbage time wow

    703. lol get stats i guess

    704. let him pad for his next job

    705. No. He’s a lot better, You might be better than Lin though. A lot of people are.

    706. No such thing as racism! No sexism or prejudice either. Everything is perfect.

    707. What? Lin is in for trash time now? smh!

    708. G time. Get the stats.

    709. Please observe the site’s rule.

    710. Lin is not playing much so why not

    711. Jeremy is in!

    712. Lets pad some stats 🙂

    713. how much time is left?

    714. So the site rules allow people to post idiotic comments not not logical ones? Okay.

    715. Is it early to jump 2the same conclusion? Umm.. hope not..

    716. Lin back in for garbage time.

    717. Lin SHOOT!

    718. No personal attacks, genius.

    719. 333333333333

    720. ok, good 3 by JLin 🙂 I’ll take it!

    721. 333333333

      Let Lin play.

    722. Double digits!

    723. sreee!!!

    724. Going to need 8 more of those in 1:30 minutes

    725. It is bench player’s job.

    726. You have to let Lin play through 2-3 missed shots. Curry is on an inhumane tear…and he stills misses 4-5 shots in a row.

    727. its so sad to see lin thrown into garbage time lol.. no more than a backup

    728. SMH. Can’t take another season of this.

    729. You’re antagonizing other posters. ie “Use your head”

    730. he don’t have much minutes averaging 22 so why not

    731. At least Lamb got exposed.

    732. psycho

      this should be second unit

    733. Calm down. Lin in still big in the rotation. But he has to play better. He’s not earning minutes. When he plays more like himself, he’ll get more PT,

    734. Exactly got to earn

    735. Better to ban him – another troll.

    736. i like good wine!

    737. Lamb is SO SELFISH. I’m shocked. I thought he was better than this.

      Kemba, I love. I was wrong. He plays teamball and has only shot a lot when no other starter scored.

    738. I hate his minutes. Also Lamb and Hawes are on/off. Chemistry a big issue

    739. I told you lol

    740. Lin couldn’t guard a chair.

    741. Guess we can forget about him being recruited next year to replace Parker.

    742. Now Kaminski stat padding

    743. That must be a really good chair

    744. Well you never told me, so it doesn’t count.

    745. Yep. Only appears when Lin doesn’t get stats to make racial comments at other posters.

      Attack my comments all you want, “Kevin.” Don’t make ad hominem attacks.

    746. Getting to the line, IT-style.

    747. Lin is a great defender, what are u talking about.

    748. Just don’t respond to an attack with an attack.

    749. Ha, did you? I don’t remember any Lamb/selfish comments.

    750. but i do find LIN always playing catching up on opposing guards… walker does defend those quick guards better. If LIN is not performing well on defense, he must take authority and score in offense. Forget the setting up teammates… he’s in hot waters himself..

    751. Lin should have shot that

    752. Jeremy struggled with shooting tonight including FTs.

    753. Lin is just too nice.

    754. hows ur crappy startup doing? https://www.facebook.com/Cojourneo

    755. Not tonight. He shot every time he could! Just didn’t play enough and scrub Lamb and Batum froze him out.

    756. Asian values.

    757. Amazingly, Lin is still the third highest scorer.

    758. Ugly game

    759. Hasn’t really played that well since regular season started.

    760. Just tell you how bad this game plan was from Cliff. smh!

    761. Give him 30mpg and he scores 20…even on a “cold night.”

    762. Im ok with lin play just the bench unit is Jyklle and hyde. especially Lamb and Hawes

    763. oh stop it..
      do you want to also say he is playing in garbage time.

    764. Not minutes i meant play

    765. Maybe i should stop watching Hornets until …

    766. Batum did pass to Lin when Lin came in but missed the 3 since he was cold.

      Lamb… just tried to be Kobe 2015 🙂

    767. uh don’t think so
      they are committed to developing lamb and keeping datum happy
      so lin is now stuck on the bench
      hope I am wrong

    768. how so?
      starters were back in and it was tied..
      bench went back out and the lead dissipated.
      lamb was out there probably due to having to work because he is really getting paid now.

    769. Bench really struggled in this game. Starters played well.

    770. CHA is doomed. Cliff or Cho or MJ (don’t know) have an intense love affair with Lamb and Jefferson.

      Goodbye playoffs…Lin is surely p*ssed. He’s gone already. Nice job CHA! Enjoy the worst franchise in the NBA. Who the heck wants to be in Hickville? Lin is the only quality player humble enough to love it there and they treat him like crap.

    771. yeah, that line up is not working, maybe works in 1 out of 5 games

    772. Until Tuesday when they play the Timberwolves.

    773. Ya feel like maybe if I stop watching things will get better.

    774. yes..else it’s 17 easily
      and he might get 20 since the would be playing well for cliff to let him stay in.

    775. Lin/Hawes just doesn’t work well. It did in the Chicago game but that’s the only game it has. Lin needs a better 2nd unit to play in and needs to move off-ball and look to get the ball more when he’s in the first unit.

    776. I thought Lamb had that reputation, he was like that in OKC

    777. I agreed. Lin looks like is pissed off.

    778. he has already earned
      blistering preseason earned him what?
      lost cause
      bad coaching

    779. Lin played well
      He’s taken a lot of shots considering how many plays were called for him…none
      Looks like the play for 2nd unit is mainly get the ball to Lamb or Hawes
      Lin is mostly catch and shoot those last minute shots
      Don’t think CLifford is a good coach good defense maybe but his offensive sets are awful

    780. Passed to him once, I think. When he was forced to, ha.

    781. Their game is really boring to watch… smh! Now I really hope Cliff get fired ASAP.

    782. How cute… completing each other’s… sandwiches or is it sentences? lol

    783. Total assists: Spurs 35 vs Hornets 15.

    784. Good defense? I have not seen it yet..lol

    785. Been saying that every season, Lin’s bad habit is passing and worrying too much about teammates when he should worry about HIMSELF. He’s already getting a “bench” low wage contract, should feel the urgency to score. If he doesn’t break out for a big contract this season he’s in trouble.

    786. with garbage time 22 mins not enough…..

    787. You make me weird.

    788. Nah, I beat Lamb 1-on-1 last week. Lin destroyed me 20-0.

    789. id be patient. but Lin needs to finish the second. i don’t get why not use them in the 1st haif but to use Kemba/Lin the second haif. Cliff needs to create Chemistry but they cant because he don’t use them enough. Also Lamb got humbled today. I suspect the humbling will continue. He isn’t a playmaker. Maybe if he hits all his shots he can pass.

    790. He came in early in the 3rd to play with Kemba. That’s why I say he’s still big in the rotation. Lin isn’t playing at a level he’s capable of and no good coach is going to run him out there when he’s not playing up to snuff. He’s D was poor today too.

    791. Truth!

    792. otherwise i have nothing good to say about him lol
      their defense looked good in some games

    793. Hate that lineup too…

    794. yeah, because they either switch or give up, so they are not chasing…..

    795. certain things worked well in preseason
      they just went away from the things that worked – LINLINLINLIN

    796. Let’s put it this way.
      Lamb got the green light to be playmaker/shooter but he just became himself tonight.

      Will Clifford give PnR to JLin? I’d say Lamb gets 3-4 more tries due to the contract extension.
      Lamb’s defense will be his demise

    797. Checked stats, Kemba made 11 out of 15 shot attempts (missing only 4 shots) that’s efficient!! Meanwhile Al and Batum played most minutes but only made 6-11 and 2-6 (Batum). Seriously don’t know why Hornets are so “high” on Batum, he can’t play SG and has been shooting poorly and being selfish! Hairston does not deserve to be a starter and he only got 16 minutes. Is Hornets trying to up Hairston value to trade him? But they are doing that at their team’s expense and losing games. There’s no reason why Lin should be starting or playing 32 minutes per game, glad I didn’t waste time watching this today.

    798. He’s also getting older. Time to shine is now, this season. Lin needs to get his mojo back, he had it in the preseason.

    799. Likewise…

    800. I hope coach really give the second team to Lin instead to ask Lamb or Hawes to playmake, horrible.

    801. I do not see any sign about Clifford’s promise “let lin play his style”!!!

    802. wishful thinking, sorry Psalm
      coach is not good at deploying his assets
      stuck on preconceptions
      don’t think things will get much better

    803. I am glad Hornets lose big tonight bc that just showed how lousy Cliff is…. I hope MJ will be mad. I think he put Lin back must be due to the promise to let Lin close the game. It’s fine w me. At least Lin got some time to pad his stats. Not Lamb.

    804. The bench unit has player like Lamb and Hawes who have been up and down. Lets face it Spurs are the original version of what they want to be

    805. None after vs Bulls.

    806. Clifford made the mistake asking everyone to be ball-handler+playmaker.
      He needs to go back like last season to just Kemba+Lin+Batum, that’s it.
      He needs to know his personnel

    807. There’s but so far that an go. Lin is way, way better than Lamb. But Lin needs to start playing like he’s capable of.

    808. What does Asian have to do with this???

    809. He does let him play his style…for 20mpg. He needs 30+. And on this team he deserves it.

      I can understand if this is GSW and Lin only plays 15mpg. They need no help. But CHA stinks! Holding Lin back for Scrub Hairston and Scrub Lamb? Oy vey.

    810. any mustard in there?

    811. Beside, the play time is the worst since Knicks,.

    812. I wonder if all the uncalled fouls from last game have caught up with Lin physically.

    813. I disagree w Paul on “I actually feel good about him and the team.” Unless coach is going to be fired soon.

    814. Dijon. Fancy, no?

    815. It’s not Lin.

      It’s Zeller and Hawes playing terribly.

      More Kaminsky, more Hansbrough.

    816. Lin’s body language and stone face tells a thousand words! He is mad!

    817. his shooting is definitely off; but I think when he doesn’t handle the ball, he can lose his touch

      But yeah, Lin needs to show he’s the most lethal scorer in the 2nd unit so other will follow him. Getting to FT line 6-8 times per night should be a good start

    818. Charlotte is trash. Lamb is trash. Batum as #1/2 option is trash. Clifford’s lineups are trash.

      Hornets are dead in the water unless they let Lin and Kemba play together. No more lineups based on race and politics. Hairston shouldn’t even be on a roster and Lamb hasn’t proven rotation-worthy. Even by raw, context-free stats, Lin is at least Jack/Bayless/Mo Williams.

    819. Teammates were less selfish during preseason since it didn’t matter not anymore.

    820. I do think Lin get 20misn play as PG at all. No one setup screen for PnR at all too

    821. ERRORME LIN at the free throw line!!!

      He’s gotta concentrate and make those easy shots.

      Lin would’ve had 15 points had he hit his free throws!

    822. LMAO. “Scrub” Lamb is average 14pts in 20 mins on over 50% shooting from the field and 3. Lin is 11 on 35% to go along with his inability to guard…… anyone.

    823. Hawes was painful to watch

    824. I don’t think Cliff wants to play Lin’s game at all. Study film? smh!

    825. Another year wasted by Lin….

    826. Remove the two corpses that wear Hawes and Zeller jerseys.

      Then Lin and Lamb would come alive again.

    827. I think so. smh!

    828. lol….come on guys….Spurs is the Dream Team…we played against a better team….

      It wasnt Lin’s nite, but he played very aggressively, didnt see the normal tentativeness

      Lets move on…have some good rest, and look up for the next game

    829. Lin has been play well

      It’s clifford thats limiting him

    830. Ok time to compensate by rooting for a good team. GSW.

    831. Lin has no fire! He’s being a damn pushover. He should be vocal and showing who is the leader in the second unit but he just passes the ball and runs to the corner getting ready for the kick out.
      I wish Clifford would DNP him until he shows he can play like he’s getting cut after the game.
      When the opposition gives him a hard push, he should be fighting even harder through the screens.
      When Harris was abusing him in the Dallas game, Lin should be penetrating instead he deferred to someone else.
      Enough with the peace and loving BS!
      If you want to play the game! You have to play the game their way.

    832. He was 95 percent before that. Just the laws of averages

    833. Still 76 games that I’ll watch 😉

    834. Lin’s window to excel in NBA is getting smaller and smaller….

    835. Only GSW is really “invincible” right now. CHA looked fine until Scrub Lamb and Scrub Batum started hogging and phantom 1st half fouls on Lin.

      Miami game was winnable. Both ATL were winnable. Frustrating to see Ws thrown away due to politics and race.

    836. Chill.

    837. Lin only got 21 minutes meanwhile Kemba, Batum, and Al got 29, 32, and 30 minutes. There’s no reason why Lin shouldn’t have played at least 30 minutes or more against the Spurs. Batum got the most minutes but also shot the worst among the 4 of them! Really hate this front office politics. Hornets need to wake up cause there’s no way Batum can play SG nor will this 1 year rental stay.

    838. No chill! It’s been happening in Houston,Lakers and now the Hornets.

    839. Why? I think some of what he says is spot on.

    840. Lamb literally did not do anything for a good 12 mins and scored 4 today. And he didn’t guard anyone either.
      Neither played well and Lin was at least more aggressive and got to the line.

    841. Just following Coach’s orders.

    842. does he have the support of the coach?
      hard to be assertive when you are viewed as a bench scrub

    843. That’s the problem!

    844. I agree. Although he was probably extra p*ssed tonight. Horrible reffing in the 1st half (again!) and Lamb and Batum’s selfishness.

    845. Hopefully more games will follow 😉

    846. Coach isn’t telling Lin not to be aggressive. No way. Coach is telling him to go faster and be aggressive and doesn’t seem to mind if he looks for his own shot at all.

    847. agreed.

    848. 92 games

    849. That’s not even the coaches fault. It’s Lin’s stupid “beta” attitude in this game. What happen to his fire when he was about to get cut from the NYKs?

    850. Making no sense with the rotation esp JLin’s. Wonder what’s going on.

    851. When can teams start trading their players?

    852. Lin is averaging 11 points on 35% shooting to go along with his nonexistent defense.

      He is just not a good player.

    853. i agree with some. of course i think they need more PNR. hates and Lamb cant be holding the ball like that. They aren’t that good. Give lin the ball Pnr and C&S. Thats all coach not Lin

    854. Don’t know about Lamb, but you’re right about the bigs. Hawes and Zeller just don’t look the same.

      They just seem flat. Not even selfish, just out of rhythm.

    855. a lil too little, too late

    856. Yes, he has support of the coach. He’s not playing well. He has to change his situation and we need to stop blaming Lamb and others for Lin’s play. He needs to play better.

    857. Study film yet Lin only gets bench minutes who should really be starting over guys like Hairston and Batum!

    858. I guess I watched a totally different games. The post make it sound like Lin is fine and the team played badly. What did Lin do badly? Shooting. He was 4-10, 1-4 3pt and even 50% from the line at 3-6. Everyone has bad shooting nights and the spurs are good. But Lin missed good looks and free throws. Lin did not shoot well and the spurs stopped treating him as a threat. That made it harder on his teammates.

      What did Lin do well? Everything else. I don’t see how we could blame Lin’s team tonight. 40%/25%/ 50%?!!!! Lin is not going to impact the game shooting like that. Nothing went in, where as the Spurs are champions and shot 60%. Bad night for Lin and Spurs are better.

      Lin is in a bad slump. Not the first time.

    859. hawes sets the worst pics, if you can call them that…

    860. Hahaha u right 😀

    861. we support Lin here, all negative comments are boring.

    862. That should be done from the 1Q to the 4Q. Not garbage time!

    863. Bc Cliff didn’t want to play Lin’s team ball & he didn’t trust Lin since his shots were not in tonight. But he finally let Lin closed the game. Even it’s trash time but I am OK at least he could pad some stats instead of Lamb to do it.

    864. Yes afraid so

    865. Really and you know how to be an alpha male in the NBA because you…….watch games on TV?

    866. but negative comments against other players who are clearly better than Lin are welcomed right?

    867. Lin needs to play 30-32 minutes per game and start as SG or PG along side Kemba. Batum should be moved back to his original SF spot as starter!

    868. No slump. Everyone misses 2-3 shots in a row. Curry was 4-12 against LAC until a hot streak.

      No rhythm, no minutes. Part of it is BS fouls, part of it is Lamb getting minutes Lin deserves. And Lamb hogging when he’s with Lin. He won’t pass to Lin when he’s open, and he shot 2-8 with the worst defense I’ve ever seen.

    869. Simple fix. PNR drive.

    870. Judging from the way he plays, Clifford does not allow him to play his brand of basketball. He has to pass off to either Batum, Al and just stays at the corner waiting for someone to pass back the ball which most of the time won’t happen. It is heaven and earth when compare to his NYK days.

    871. First point I agree. He is shooting poorly. But he has been in slumps before but still had a good percentage at the end of the year. Look at his career percentage, more like 46%.

      Second point definitely disagree. Lin is a good player. He was playing good help defense. Spurs just that good. His man did not blow by him, he was funneling to the big man as he should. Problem is Hornets have no defensive anchor.

    872. he plays no defense…

    873. Chill
      he played relatively well
      took 10 shots
      But yah i wanna see the Lin in his 2nd season with the rockets
      He was fighting to get the starting job back
      he was such a good 6th man(well about 60% of the time)

    874. LOL did you even watch the game? Lin couldn’t guard his own shadow.

    875. But no matter what, he is still my idol till the day he retires.

    876. Lin isnt a star
      if he doesnt follow hes gone, DNP

    877. You can’t blame the coach. Why would a coach cater to your needs to excel when you aren’t even the star on the team. No coach would cater to a bench player.

    878. Coach determines the plays.

    879. I think when Lin gets the ball and brings it up he should go faster. Cliff said he wants more speed, fast break points, etc. areas where Lin excels. He can take it upon himself to get up the court faster. In sets, he needs to move off-ball more. Defensively, when will he learn not to drift into the paint with a deadly 3 point shooter. Lin knows Patty Mills game. His defense wasn’t good tonight.

    880. Lin got screens during preseason but once regular season hit it was all gone. So much for teamball. Lin needs to ask his teammates make more screens for him.

    881. I wish people would stop throwing around the word “beta” when Jeremy has a off night. That is not the issue…

    882. Lin guarded Mills nicely

    883. Not a knock to KHuang…I now wished he didn’t have good things to say about Lamb and Batum so Rich Cho didn’t trade them both…oh well, maybe other players treat Jeremy even worse…lesser of the two evils then.

    884. LOL

    885. pls jlin next year fire your agent and that scephler guy,,,,,,,,change your 3pt shooting use paul pierce 3pt shooting 1 foot in front lunge forward and release ..cause it doesnt expell more energy thats why paul pierce still playing

    886. Kev is a racist troll who posted as “Kevin,” got busted and is posting under “Kev.”

      These racists trolls are just hilarious. At least be creative! Post as “Michael” or “Aladdin.”

    887. again its all coach’s call lol Lin just following orders

    888. Remember the one fast break Manu fouled lin. Spurs didn’t allow us to play fast

    889. Spurs just have a hot shooting night. It happens at times.

    890. I posted earlier, Lin was always in front of his man on drives and funneling to the defensive anchor as he should. problem is hornets don’t have a good big rim protector. When guys made big 3 pointers with Lin closing in on them. He was there but had moved to play help defense and stop the penetration. Again as he should. Where were your comments when Lin and the Hornets team defense blew the last two teams out. These are the Spurs.

    891. no one here care about any other players… why are you here?

    892. then what is the point of bringing Lin to Hornets? solely for marketing purpose?

    893. I hear Clifford yelling at Lin to go and move faster. Lin is still not going fast enough. And some of the plays he’s passive, allowing the others to move to the ball. I don’t think Cliff is telling Lin not to move off ball.

    894. He’s a troll.

    895. Lin didn’t do well on defense at all. He kept helping one pass away and gave up 3s. Spurs turned the game around when they hit 4 3s in a row because Lin kept helping. 4-10 shooting isn’t good as well AND he missed half his freethrows when it wasn’t even crunch time.

    896. He’s a bench player. He should be fitting into other players schemes. He is not good enough to have the offense cater to him. Got it?

    897. can someone please tell me what jeremy and the coach spoke about for hours before jeremy signed with charlotte?

    898. We have a troll

    899. thats more jeremylin.net they bash Harden pretty hard there

    900. Not by me. Be accountable for yourself.

    901. You have no where to go..I am gonna give you a chance

    902. How he would get to play his game until a non-Asian player had one good game?

    903. Everyone! No matter how angry you are for whatever reasons. Please observe this site vision and rules:
      Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”
      Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

      If I see that you haven’t observed any of these, I will delete your posts with no warning. If I’ve seen you have broken the rule more than once, I’m going ban you without warning.

    904. no one is blaming lamb but limiting LIn’s minutes and not letting him play thru small problems, and jerking his roles around does not optimize confidence and develop rhythm. Under the circumstances Lin has played incredibly well. The lack of cohesion in the second unit tonight can be traced to the crap play of Hawes and the selfish chuck it up play of Lamb …..

    905. going to bench you for 17minutes and partner you with a slowest center that cannot defend and only shoot three

    906. to do what?

    907. lol

    908. Thank you

    909. Oic another no life man… poor dude.

    910. it’s a deal!

    911. agreed

    912. I’m satisfied with tonight’s game for Jeremy…He crossed double digit in point and when you’re a bench player getting less than 25minute, 12 point is very good.

      Only negative is the missed 3 free throw could had given him 15points, which would had looked nicer stats.

      Also, 2 bad turnovers…need to cut it to 1 per game from now on.

      I believe his FG% will go up..and maybe his P.E.R…..His FT% and 3pt% will go down.

    913. 76+6+6+4, the conference final lost to Cav 0-4?

    914. get that kev guy outta here!

    915. So what are we following here if that’s the case, Lin will never shine again judging from what you said, I might as well give up.

    916. WE lost to quite possibly the best team in the last decade and we have people crying about Lin….OOOHHH please. go 2 sleep. Get ready for tomorrow. New teams can be two faced

    917. They follow Lin everywhere! Even on Real GM — I kid you not — someone posed as a Lin fan named “Juan Cesta” and mentioned KHuang. Seriously. I wish I were making this up.

    918. It’s not even alpha male or not. It’s his attitude towards the game. You see Zeller fighting other Bigs for rebounds and not giving a s*** whether he gets punched or elbowed. Zeller’s been fighting in the paint constantly for rebounds against guys twice his size but he still continues to do it.

    919. Bye bye Kev

    920. Sorry but he was “beta” Lin this game. He had no fight at all and just gave up shots after shots after shots.

    921. Okay, defense has never been Lin’s strength and it probably never will be he underestimated Patty Mills 3’s and he often makes bad decisions on that end
      His shooting was off, happens
      and he wasnt playing desperate he seems to be very comfortable in his bench role
      which he wasnt in houston thats why he was good back then

    922. no 76+4+4+4+4 win it all

    923. lol ban

    924. please change your name to lin lose

    925. If he plays like this! He’ll be gone as well.

    926. Please!

    927. Cliff didn’t love the bench tonight.

    928. Last game, Coach Clifford had shouting game with Big Al. This game, he had a Tech. These go to show he wanted to WIN yet Jeremy isn’t playing a significant role…

    929. I’m going to have to accept that no team is going to make Lin the face of their franchise and cater to his brand of ball. The writing on the wall happened when the Knicks did not re-sign Linsanity. It will always be a constant uphill battle…

    930. He was not loving them anyway….

    931. tell him to bench hawes…put psycho t and kaminsky with jlin


    932. nah he will still have a bench role somewhere else

    933. He seemed big on the bench before the season started. For some reason, the bench isn’t playing well. Lin isn’t playing like he did preseason and it is more than just that it was preseason. Something else is going on.

    934. Take out Troy, put in Lamb.

      Then you’d have the team that I’ve been clamoring for all summer.

    935. did you see the bruise/cut on Lin’s lip at the end of the game?
      don’t get you at all

    936. I just don’t get why Lin would just “settle” for the bench role. I know he would rather put others in front of himself but this is the NBA! If you don’t get a good stat line then you’re out. I don’t see his ambition at all after getting the poison pill contract in Houston.

    937. Marvin is with unit 1. Lamb will be in unit 2, no way troy is going to replace him.

    938. LOL, I mean just redoing RJ25 jacks and watching when Lin is in. I just saved $25 with my $15 Amazon RJ45 crimpers.

    939. garbage lamb need to start with his friend kemba

    940. Other than the BRICKED FREE THROWS, Lin didn’t even play badly.

    941. THe only thing he seemed big (other than Kemba and Al) was Batum…nothing more…And I understand….it is ok

    942. He did on defense in the 2nd half. That’s the only half I saw. I don’t think he was great on offense either but at least he drew fouls.

    943. Don’t rock my socks on Batum.

      I PREDICTED that he’d be a BUST this year.

    944. put lamb at starting 2 with batun sf and bench marvin

    945. Thank you.
      Also, don’t respond to an attack with an attack. I see respected posters here breaking the rules when responding to the “trolls.” I understand the frustration but the rules apply to everyone.

    946. That charging foul was total BS. Teams now know how to bait the referees. Run at Lin’s arm, then flop backward.

    947. Can’t expect coach to cater to a bench player which Lin is unfairly stuck in right now over Al, Kemba, and Batum. Coach has to deal with politics too, like it or not it’s in every work place. It’s really up to Lin to shot lights out and since regular season he hasn’t been doing that. Consistency has been one issue Lin’s trying to improve on. He’s got take more field goal attempts, at least 12 per game.

    948. His rotation is weak and not adjusting accordingly to current situation in tonight’s game.

    949. What are you talking about?? There’s far worse PGs out there that still get more playing time… It’s just one game. But wish Cliff didn’t pull Lin out in the 4th – Lin instead of Lamb in Q4. Cliff needs to have MORE Faith in JL7.

    950. No, really, he said their best combination of players was on the 2nd unit. He also said great things about Lin, that he was a starter level player or a very high level backup.

    951. Agreed. I think only a Linsanity-style scenario (injury/emergency/desperation) will give him the freedom of a normal player. And to be fair, other minority groups face similar obstacles in other professions. Prejudice is everywhere.

      But that’s why I admire Lin and follow his career. He keeps battling; nothing handed to him even when he deserves it.

    952. careful sophie, kev may think you’re interested… he doesn’t get much attention from the ladies… lol

    953. I need mine redone too…

    954. yes, he deserved the ban for instigating and not observing the Site rules to be polite & respectful

    955. Not necessarily but in Lins case yah he will need to put up good numbers because hes a score first guard and not an excellent defender
      No he had it in the 2nd season when he got benched and in lakers after he got DNP’d

    956. I know he said it..just saying I do not feel he meant it..

    957. talk is cheap
      actions speak volumes

    958. Marvin and Lin have some chemistry. I don’t really see any chemistry with Lin and the other players. Maybe Cody a little.

    959. just thinking about Ronin, the Robert De Niro one.


    960. tell him field this bench line up next time and start lamb sub all 4 except marvin and then sub marvin for batum later


    961. you never know… linsanity happened!

    962. Exactly. The Bench has zero Chemistry. Kemba/Lin not used enough so we have no Chemistry. Once Spurs got hot it was over. That three on Lin by Manu was contested. The three by Mills was a great read by Manu. Being out smarted by a teams that for the most part have been together for years is ok

    963. Good movie…..Best quote, “I never go into a place I do not know how to get out”

    964. If Zeller and Hawes had showed up to play, you’d be singing Clifford and Lin’s praises.

      The Zeller Hawes combo has been a COLOSSAL FAIL. Not even Jeremy Lin can get those guys going.

      Time for my guys Kaminsky and Hansbrough.

    965. When Hawes is your rim protector, rebounder, and pick n’ roll partner …. You’re not going to have much offense or defense.

    966. As we keep on saying since Game 1, benching Lin doesn’t improve the 2nd unit. It makes the 1st unit weaker and the 2nd unit easier to defend.

      This isn’t 1995. Or even 2005. All the good teams have 3-4 playmakers on their starting lineup.

    967. Those days are long past I think. I often wonder what would have happened if Jeremy got the coaching and support after NYK. I think he’d be a better player now.
      But he’s already bucked the trend of the undrafted and unwanted. He just has to keep going.

    968. Spurs ran screen after screen for Mills. Hornets didn’t for Lin.

    969. No, Lamb is suffering from the same big man inertia that’s killing Lin.

      Lamb doesn’t play well with Walker.

    970. I really think this jlin’s experience and the vitriol across the internet against him is indicia of the bias against asian people… this translates into discriminatory behavior… so if you are asian (or a woman or a minority) and you are being unfairly treated in the workplace or in housing, please speak to an employment attorney and file a lawsuit…

    971. maybe He will maybe he will, but one thing is for sure, He opened the door for other asian/american player to dream stepping into the big game.

    972. nah he hasnt shown he can be the face of a franchise yet
      but he is at worst their 5th best player should have more plays called for him when hes with the 2nd unit

    973. Need team support in order to be consistent. If you are being ordered to pass ball up everytime to Al, Batum, nothing will happen,

    974. I would live to hand him to KHuang, but I just took the short cut…jk…

    975. Please observe the rules of this site: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

    976. You forgot, Lin didn’t sign with the same big agent as Melo and other Knicks.

    977. I hope that lifts him out of his shooting slump.

    978. he is not garbage
      Lamb is a good shooter
      he is not selfish

    979. he was the face of the nba in 2012… tommy, why are you on these jlin sites? you are obvioulsy a troll… mod, please monitor this guy…

    980. I want Kam and Mr T.

    981. Lin really need to sue the whole NBA….jkjk

    982. Why are hawes and Keller so up and down

    983. then thats up to you to fight……..if I am jlin I will pad my stat score first mentality let his teamate take care themselves and stop helping on defense just guard your man

    984. I’m sick of this 3-on-5 basketball from the Charlotte bench.

      Zeller and Hawes are playing SO BADLY, they don’t even deserve to be rotation players. Both of them should be DNP CD in every game.

      Hansbrough and Kaminsky need to play more. At least those two have EARNED the right to play. Plus, Lin does much better when those two beasts are on the court.

    985. Lol even more poor guy

    986. Linsanity was so fun. When Lin is on, its like a rush to watch him excel. For the past 3 years, I’ve been anticipating every game hoping that Linsanity breaks out again. Ironically family is finally getting on the Lin train, and I’m ready to get off.

    987. You’ve got a better memory than me, I just remember I really liked his ronin stance. Sort of in line with the ninja and samurai for real, not hollywood though it was.

    988. he would have a good case i’m telling you… my friend is an employment discrimination attorney… he said jlin would have a prima facie case… and good evidence… beverly, price, etc. and damages would be in the millions of dollars given his salary…

    989. Well….too bad this will be continued for awhile…

    990. yep bench line up next time and start lamb….. sub all 4 except marvin and then sub marvin for batum later

      marvin-batum stagger minutes with bench

    991. Just because I dont think Lin is a star doesnt make me a troll
      you are way too sensitive get a life

    992. Lin’s ORDERED to help.

      That’s how the Charlotte defense works.

      If Lin doesn’t play help defense, he will be BENCHED.

    993. They looked good for 2 games. i don’t get why they are up and down??

    994. Zelller is WAY better than Hawes. Hawes has played horribly in every game but the Chicago game. I actually like Zeller, I think he and Lin could develop some chemistry.

    995. how can you shoot the ball if even after passing , it won’t come back to you unless you rebound defensively and go all the way to shoot the ball in a fastbreak!

    996. Starting with the refs…

    997. it is an issue for the asian community, which tends not to be litigious…

    998. Spurs can block shooters’ shot on its way up. They were prepared to not allow Hornets 3s to go off. They were calm and collective even though they were down. Lots to learn from Spurs plays and defense from tonight’s game.

    999. Are you serious?

    1000. the one thing different. CHA are trying to win so there will be a random walk to the place we want.

    1001. They are MOSTLY DOWN because they have NO FUNDAMENTALS.

      All they can do is stand around and wait for Lin to get them wide open shots to brick off of.

    1002. As long as they win….

    1003. They are lin fans in deny.

    1004. if you know what a player can bring to the game, whether a starter or not, you will play him to his best..He (cliff) Claimed he knew JLIN game and yet what game is he giving to jeremy?

    1005. KL, Duncan, Manu … Parker ok, but those 3 … that was my one loss. 6-0 to go ha ha.

    1006. Your second sentence is exactly his point.

    1007. Zeller is too unskilled.

      He has no moves, cannot make reads, cannot dribble, cannot make his own shot, and can’t even truly hit shots.

    1008. Had Hansbrough and Kaminsky played, the Spurs could not have done that.

    1009. did I say 6-0 next? yep, I’m in trouble but might as well stick my neck out so I’m not so detached.

    1010. At least, I can have my dessert: Rockets BEATDOWN By The CLIPPERS. =)
      Hornets, On to the next game – Coach – Have More Faith in Lin.

    1011. bench line up next time and start lamb….. sub all 4 except marvin and then sub marvin for batum later

      marvin-batum stagger minutes with bench

    1012. In the end, all these problems go back to Game 1. CHA is not GSW. They can’t afford to save 1-2 of their best players for the 2nd unit. Start all your best players and worry about the 2nd unit later.

      Kemba / Lin / Batum / Williams / Jefferson need to play 30mpg together. Feel free to stagger Lin’s minutes if you’re so worried about the 2nd unit. And Kaminsky can enter the starting lineup when he’s acclimated.

      These loser lineups are headache-inducing. Why is CHA starting Hairston? A guy whose vet min extension they declined? Why is Lamb treated like Derrick Rose? Does he have an MVP? Why is he given endless freedom when he stinks?

    1013. I think he did. It’s just, something hasn’t come together in the real season. I don’t know why or what, but I think he thinks these guys can do well. They haven’t and it’s up to Coach to fix it or make a change. I think the change is play Kaminsky more and Hawes less.

    1014. absolutely… employment discrimination, particularly against asian males, is rampant… in elite schools, the list goes on and on… however, the asian community is not litigious… we have no political power… the younger generation needs to start agitating…

    1015. Lin is getting the Jimmer treatment now. Fewer minutes, no plays run for him.

    1016. Starting Lin would not help.

      The starters play bad selfish basketball. The less Lin plays with those scrubs, the better.

      What Lin needs is to get those two STIFFS Zeller and Hawes off the court because they’re not producing.

    1017. Kemba PG
      Lin SG
      Batum SF
      AlJeff C
      Williams (F?)

    1018. jlin just stands there a lot of the times… he doesn’t cut… what do you mean by fundamentals that he has but others don’t?

    1019. as they are treating Batum the second coming….If they think JLIN can direct the second unit right now, why not do what they are doing with batum playing him with the second unit?

    1020. If that is the case then I wish they played more like MDA and allow Lin room to operate, be the pg, have the pg do all the work, and get everyone their shots.

    1021. no……bench line up next time and start lamb….. sub all 4 except marvin and then sub marvin for batum later

      marvin-batum stagger minutes with bench

    1022. Both the starters and 2nd unit are 3-on-5 right now. Kemba had a hot shooting night, but history says it never lasts.

      Clifford is stuck in the ’90s. He’s not quite Byron Scott, but he’s not Pop/Kerr/MDA either.

    1023. Took about 20 mins to figure it out but then it was smooth all the way. Get the kit on amazon, $15, with tester, 100 jacks, crimper, and wire stripper. You just can’t be color blink lol. (wire order diagrams online, if you don’t know it already.)

    1024. The problem isn’t Clifford, it is the guys he has. Where is the PnR guy? Nowhere. Where is the guy running ahead to receive Lin’s outlet passes? Where is the spacing the floors guys? Lin has to play a modified version of his game due to personnel more than Coach Clifford’s schemes. The one thing Clifford could do is let a guy leak back when Lin is playing and tell Lin to throw the touchdown pass.

    1025. agree that it can’t hurt to bench hawes and give it all to Kaminsky
      hawes is hot garbage since beginning of season

    1026. Just because Lin is getiing bs calls
      doesnt mean Asians are mistreated smh
      Asians are treated fairly in north america

    1027. jlin also just stands in the corner and does not cut… am i seeing this wrong?

    1028. Batum would be good if he just sticks to being a wing player. Now the coach is letting him be the point guard as a starter AND with the bench.

      Sometimes it’s just obvious that the team has an agenda.

    1029. no.

    1030. Lin will also not get “starter minutes” if he doesn’t start and Lin, Walker, and Batum can work which we’ve seen during preseason.

    1031. pushing Troy right now is NOT reasonable…he plays so bad in the last few games…PJ is even better than him defensively.

    1032. you are obviously not asian and not a minoirty… as such, please remain quiet on the subject…

    1033. If Lin looked dejected then my guess is they practiced passing yesterday and they did not believe in it enough.

    1034. I don’t know why you guys so upset about Hornets losing to Spurs.

      If you guys really think Hornets should beat a real contender like Spurs, you are delusional and way lost in reality.

    1035. then put pj

    1036. Clifford is too loyal to his veterans.

      If Hansbrough and Kaminsky played, that would completely take the pressure off Lin and then Lin could play a normal game.

    1037. Oh, forget…;
      NO LIN, NO WIN, coach Cliff – Go back to watching more films.
      Lin upside >> Lamb upside!!

    1038. But Hawes plays low IQ basketball and doesn’t really hustle. Zeller can at least get under the rim to be there for Lin to pass it to off of dribble penetration. He’s been there for Lamb.

    1039. you need to show more respect. i have seen your posts. mod, please monitor this tommy person.

    1040. I’d rather have:

      Lin, Lamb, Williams, Kaminsky, Hansbrough.

    1041. any NBA team CAn Beat any NBA team at a given time..thats a fact!

    1042. If you actually lived here, you see asians every where

    1043. lol, nice…

    1044. Yep. I’d like to see them play too. Wish Cliff be more flexible in his rotation. He keeps sticking to the 9-man rotation while leaving out good players on the bench. And his rotation was not adept to the flow of this game, especially w/the 2nd unit.

    1045. No. He needs to move off ball. Sometimes he has a habit of doing that and he really needs to be much more in motion. If his 3 is falling, then he can do that but team mates aren’t going to look for him if he’s cold from behind the arc.

    1046. I have said in the preseason that behavioral changes can be expected. Not because of PTSD…it is just normal.

    1047. That’s the frustration. I think we all are waiting for Linsanity. Constantly complaining that perfect situation does not happen again for Lin. Can’t reproduce lightning. Really hits home how perfectly everything came together for Lin to excel.

    1048. what does seeing asians everywhere mean and what does this have to do with discrimination. tommy, you need to stay quiet on the subject.

    1049. Gratitude here too, this is his Ronin boss, but no big deal it’s his choice.

    1050. I think one of the reasons for Lin’s big MINUS today in the “+/-” column is the bad team defensive rotation and positioning of some of his on-court teammates.

      Lin is very quick when it comes to defensive reaction, and that goes with his reaction to help defence. I’ve seen multiple times today when he take a few step away from his assignment in order to help with some opponent PNR that looked like would have his teammates picked. This leaves his man open for receiving the ball. Although he always gets back in time to put his hand over his shooting assignment, and it really did looked like that would’ve worked to disrupt the shooter, the shoots ended up going in. Just pure bad luck for Lin.

      And most of these shots were 3pt. Hence the Spurs just kept widening the gap.

      So basically, it goes:

      Bad team D and positioning > Lin help D > Lin’s man open for 3 > Lin came back for a solid D > shots went in regardless….

    1051. there are still better player than the two..what i am saying is , right now Troy is not yet there..(even PJ!)

    1052. @brentyen:disqus is no Fan!?! Where is he…sleeping with @Michael ?…lol that sounds awkward!

    1053. put thashy lamb to starting with kemba….put pj or troy with jlin

    1054. Won’t fix the team, but at least he gets more minutes. And that can only help this selfish, confused team.

    1055. I wouldn’t get upset if the Hornets lost a competitive game. But in this game, they were nowhere close to being competitive. The team is playing with one hand tied behind their back when Batum is the playmaker and Hawes is the defensive anchor.

    1056. I am asian and a minority thats why I love Lin and follow him even thou hes not even s star or a top 50 player
      I grew up here I worked here
      Racism exists
      but we are not treated unfairly

    1057. Lin would have to take shots and score like he’s got nothing to lose! You’d think that after 5 seasons of mistreatment he’d get it but nope. No one’s going to give him fair minutes and just hand him the starter role. He has to make 20+ points almost every game for people to notice and take him seriously again.

    1058. so in otherwords too many garbage players in hornets

    1059. Then call ME those things.

      Had Hansbrough and Kaminsky played, the Charlotte bench would not have been as terrible.

      This was a winnable game, but the WRONG GUYS were playing.

    1060. Please stop this discussion before it get really out of hand.

    1061. At least the Hornets could have kept it close.

    1062. We were even after the half. The game was winnable until the 4 3s back to back came raining down.

    1063. Lin has beaten SAS before, but yeah, I came to reality as soon as I watched the poor ball handling by not-Lins and then Manu heating it up. Then I saw KL and Duncan on his shoulder shake n bake and realized, hey, I love the Spurs so no big deal.

    1064. It’s just baffling. Especially since Nic came off his worst year ever. Lin’s “worst year” last year was MUCH better than Batum’s and they still give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1065. well said!

    1066. Cmon, Lin put up a whopping 10 shots in 20 minutes!!!

      That’s a lot of shots!

    1067. I hide here trolling…

    1068. well tomorrow is another day

    1069. I get the feeling that Coach Cliff is playing guys by their contract value, and not what they bring to the team.

    1070. We have an off topic thread if you two want to continue this discussion.

    1071. Don’t respond to him.

    1072. Zeller and Hawes haven’t earned a penny of their money yet.

    1073. It was winnable game, Hornets only loss by 10 points.

    1074. Rest Day!!!

    1075. This love affair with Lamb is laughable. He had ONE good game and now he’s MJ incarnate, LOL.

      Lamb was only 3-7 last night until garbage time where he went 4-4. This is their franchise player? Even Kemba had to defer to Lamb and Big Al last night. What is going on in CHA?

    1076. tommy is here trolling… you can see his history of posts… mod, please monitor this tommy person…

    1077. Agreed

    1078. No, it’s just very subtle you cannot even get support easily when you speak out against it.

    1079. I think its 3 days before a game

    1080. Sadly I am still on the sameday

    1081. have a good one!

    1082. im done here, but if you are a moderator, please monitor him. he is not a jlin fan.

    1083. someone is using your handle to troll on the other site. just to let u know.

    1084. Because they’re being paid a lot more than Kaminsky and Hansbrough. Then Lamb gets extra minutes after he signs a $21 million extension …. Coincidence ??

    1085. I have a feeling Lin would rather play 40m right now than wait another night.

    1086. No, Not upside about the loss. Just Upside about Lin not Closing the ENTIRE 4th when IT SHOULD MATTERS!!! When it’s garbage time – I Don’t care. But the game is on line the entire 4th. Why is Lamb playing and Not Lin ?? I want to see that trust, that bond – win with your best player, lose with your best player mentality. I don’t see that. Last game – it’s okay cause game was already won – pulling Lin out was okay for me.

    1087. No doubt

    1088. good a few extra days to get worked up

    1089. Yes and I’m glad he did but his shots just aren’t falling lately like they were preseason. I hope he gets out of this slump soon.

    1090. Cliff mentioned EXPLICITLY that CLIFF LIKE HELP Defense , that’s why Jlin was doing some helping, because that’s coach dicipline..JLIN can stay with his guard to protect himself from bad plays, but that goes against their team principle!

    1091. A lot of people talk about how they wish Lin could play on a team like the Spurs. What they see is just the tip of the iceberg, literally. Most of the transformation of the Spurs have taken place over decades of hard work and determination to build a culture of slowly building up rank and file. That means that all players get developed SLOWY, METHODICALLY.

      What you see in the Hornets is an infancy of that culture. Their bench or specificly core bench guys are being developed as part of their future. Whether you believe Lin is part of that future or not depends greatly on your own leanings towards how positive you are or negative you are. IMO, I always look for the positive. It’s why I like this site because we try very hard to look at life in this way.

      BS was so bad a coach that he merits no mention in the discussion of coaching. Mchale at least tried to win, even though he only wanted to win with his own chosen ones. Mchale in comparison to Pop is an example of someone who can’t plan ahead and look long term for one game or a whole season. Pop on the other hand plans his games and season to peak with the maximum number of players playing well, including all the bench players. Spurs beat the Heat by pounding them ceaselessly one wave after another. GSW followed that recipe and wore out Lebron.

      Pop has the necessary guts and faith to trust his fledgling young bench players to develop through their mistakes. He screams at them for sure, but he plays them and gives opportunity to work through their mistakes. Mchale on the other hand would take Lin out the minute he makes any mistake and would lean heavily on his star players through out the game and all throu the regular season. MCHALE MICRO MANAGES BECAUSE HE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY MISTAKES. HE TERATS EVRY LITTLE MISTAKE AS AN INDICTMENT OF THE PLAYERS FUTURE ABILITY. With this inability to have faith and trust in his players, Mchale needs to play only his best players all the time until they need a few minutes of rest.

    1092. this is how defense is played in the modern 3 ball nba. pack the paint and run out to contest the 3. if they hit it with a man closing in on them, so be it, there’s not much you can do. the alternative is to not help at all and let penetration and post ups kill you inside.

    1093. no he is on DOTA now

    1094. Team needs it. They look disheveled. Need to study and fix what ever the issue is

    1095. I think it has to do with the shooting coach. Lin was shooting red hot to begin the season, because he was using the form taught to him by his offseason trainer. But as the season progresses, he’s working with a different coach, with different shooting style.

    1096. Even BS said he like Lin a lot at beginning of the season. We only can hope Clifford act what he said; Just as Psalm said “Let’s hope/pray/wish/support JLin to stay healthy and have fun to play his aggressive game whenever he steps on the court”. Go JLin! Go!

    1097. You are too greedy 😉

    1098. Exactly why I told PFV there is nothing to learn from Spurs for this CLT team right now just by one game film,

    1099. what are your thoughts on Clifford?

    1100. Alright stay right here and give it to us!

    1101. not impressed with batum at all… did not have an impact at all, except for being a minus to the team… what does clifford see in this guy?

    1102. Very true, if you look at the Spurs frontcourt, any of them can score easily on the Hornets front court 1 on 1. Therefore, Hornets had to help all the time.

    1103. What i was thinking lol???? what about Cliff??

    1104. The only thing that can “save” CHA is a long losing streak. They need to learn the hard way that the same dumb lineups and tactics are not going to win games.

      Play your best players max minutes and see how that “crazy” strategy turns out. I swear, Clifford looks at Lamb, Jefferson and Batum like they’re Joe Dumars, Tim Duncan and Lebron.

    1105. i cannot compare Coach cLIFF even with McHale and Scott..but right now , coach cliff just catering to his starters that he is reneging on the possibilities even he himself was dreaming before the last season ended..Having Jlin on the team!…now they have jlin, and yet he stop for a while developing him after the pre-season games?

    1106. really would like to see jlin go back to his linsanity mentality… and the leverage it would bring… he could dictate out of power…

    1107. Im taking the patience road

    1108. meant us fans lol

    1109. i think you are right… this is clearly not working and i am rooting AGAINST hornets seeing how they are using jlin and spitting him out…

    1110. lol

    1111. The problem is, Clifford doesn’t seem to see the problems with this bench lineup. His solution is to play the starters more minutes and the bench less.

    1112. Clifford said he will wait at least “7 or 8 games” before reevaluating. Ugh. Knowing CHA, he’ll probably play Hairston more minutes as a “solution.”

    1113. Batum would be fine in his original role as SF but definitely not as wannabe SG and PG.

    1114. That’s a big exaggeration. He doesn’t look at Lamb the same way he does Batum and he’s updating Jefferson’s game.

    1115. lol… not impressed with clifford… he seems clueless… and jordan saying the biggest acquisition is jlin? what a crock of junk!

    1116. At times he makes good basketball plays. But he should be a secondary, not primary, facilitator.

    1117. right, he had like 4 to tonight!

    1118. Playing Hairston might be FO orders cause for a starter he’s only getting bench minutes. Really don’t know what Hornets see in him.

    1119. size and upsize i guess!

    1120. To be honest. Lamb has his upside with decent shooting stroke and long arms which benefit his layup finishing. But like everyone in the team, he should have a definitive role and stick with it! And that’s spot up shooter, or cutting from off ball screens to receive the ball for an immediate shot. The ball should never leave his hand if it’s not flying up towards the basket. Watching him “playmaking” is…. hmmm… not pleasant…

    1121. At some point of the season they have to win somehow

    1122. left us hanging

    1123. yeah i thought lin gets silly turnovers, batum and hawes have some really bad ones. batum’s handle is so suspect, and leonard just abused him for it.

    1124. They didn’t even renew his 1yr, 1.2M extension! That’s basically free under the new cap. And yet he’s starting. What a bizarre, weirdo joke of a front office.

    1125. damm

    1126. by the river…

    1127. Its so cold

    1128. are we there yet?

    1129. bizarre isn’t it?

    1130. A wining streak will only happen with Lin as starter. If they continue to play Batum as SG, Hairston as starter, I hope they continue to lose. It’s not like I’m watching the game live anymore with Lin’s bench minutes. Congrats NBA, I’ve completely tuned out after 5 seasons of crap. If Lin fades I will stop watch NBA basketball again just like I did when MJ retired.

    1131. thats what FO can do!

    1132. There is no rim protection on the bench. Hawes isn’t even a speed bump against penetration. Perimeter players have to collapse everytime on the ball handler, otherwise it’s a layup line.

    1133. makes this organization look dysfunctional and that it is using jlin for his marketing…

    1134. TO MACHINE!

    1135. new SAS postgame thread is open
      Hornets was steam-rolled by the mighty Spurs in a 94-114 loss.

      They were competitive until the Spurs made a 22-5 run to close the 3rd quarter, turning a tie game 71-71 to 76-93. Manu Ginobili made triple 3s in this run.

      Jeremy Lin still hasn’t regained his shooting touch but did the right thing to attack the rim. He finished with 12pts/2a/3r/2tos/2pfs. Unfortunately, he only made 3-6 FTs after hitting 95% FT average in the season.

      JLin had the right mindset to be aggressive to score when he checked in but as the game went on, he wasn’t the primary playmaker. The 2nd unit looked disorganized in offense and much worse in defensive assignments.

      Jeremy Lamb was clearly given the green light to continue his hot-shooting and even the playmaker.
      Hawes and Lamb clearly were not a playmaker, combining for 4TOs with 0 assists.

      Either Coach Clifford or the Front Office wanted to experiment to give Lamb free reign after the contract extension. His loose defense and lack of playmaking will eventually hold him back this season so he can do what’s best for him as a shooter and sometimes a slasher.

      There are too many ball-handlers and playmakers in this new team and things are very chaotic.

      It remains a mystery how long Lamb will be given free reign as the playmaker, especially in the 2nd unit.
      Things are not looking up as JLin is supposedly the main playmaker for the 2nd unit.
      Lin would need to get his shooting touch back since it seems Coach Clifford will reward the top scorer as the top playmaker.
      And JLin can’t fall into the trap of over-facilitating to help his teammates get going since NBA team will quickly take away his role as a playmaker when he stops scoring. He made 1-2 mistakes leaving Patty Mills open for 3s to help with interior defense which JLin can be prone to do at times. Mills had the Finals experience to hit big 3s so he should never be left alone for help with team defense.

      Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of the NBA. Let’s hope and pray JLin will continue his aggressive mindset and keep scoring like we know he could.

      Lin would need to get his shooting touch back since it seems Coach Clifford will reward the top scorer as the top playmaker.

      And JLin can’t fall into the trap of over-facilitating to help his teammates get going since NBA team will quickly take away his role as a playmaker when he stops scoring.

      Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality of the NBA. Let’s hope and pray JLin will continue his aggressive mindset and keep scoring like we know he could.

    1136. Hey guys, I’m not putting blame on Lin here for moving away and do help D. I’m more peeved off at his teammates not positioning themselves well enough so Lin felt obliged to go help out.

      So don’t get so sensitive and try to understand where I’m coming from thanks!

    1137. BTW, Lakers fans are already complaining every day and night about Scott “not using Russell correctly” and “benching him quickly.” Ya think? I don’t even think Russell is NBA material, but he deserves time on a tanking team.

      When it’s the veteran, proven Asian guy being mistreated, people don’t care. When it’s a raw, rookie non-Asian guy, the entire fanbase is united in a million man march to fire Byron Scott.

    1138. One step at a time…lol

    1139. they will win against weak teams and be exposed against good ones with current line up and be just good enough to avoid using Lin to try and win
      hope lin can generate enough stats to get some more opportunities next season

    1140. I really want to get out of the habit of comparing Clifford to McHale or Scott. And, if 3 coaches get down on Lin after coaching him, then maybe it is LIN doing something wrong. We know what Lin can do and we are fooling ourselves if we think Lin is playing the way he can and should be playing since the season started. Game 1 was OK, Charlotte game was good. The rest haven’t been so good.

    1141. we all know that JLIN played good defense, but helping those who can’t defend really disrupt the flow of defense play! got you the first time, just reminding everybody of the team concept of play!

    1142. but hot hands stay on a little bit longer is not going to harm the team!

    1143. The game was lost at that point. Probably not motivated at that point or something else… who knows. But it’s not only on him. The entire 2nd unit was not in synch and Coach’s rotation is problematic, IMO.

    1144. Alright night all … stay +, this is your life and his, and he’s doing fine. Our man had the top five starting total of all time, and he has not regressed to the mean – he’s just having a few years. Steph had some nasty years in the beginning, and other players too. This is a pretty good year. I hope JLin relaxes and starts becoming super efficient. Take some time for family. You know, his own or something to start that off.

    1145. Understand, JLin has his own duty such as improving his Free Throw; shot not falling sometimes depend on the luck, but 3-6 for the Free Throw, … Nah.. Hope Lin back to his 95% Free Throw soon!

    1146. Yep. What happened to Lin as the lead pg for 2nd unit? Constant role change needs constant adjustment. Lin needs to just shoots and scores whenever he gets touches. Bc of the ‘community pgs’ the ball hardly returns to him, consequently, there’s no consistent play making and no good passing for fast breaks.

    1147. All I see is Lin being marginalized again to cater to “Franchise Cornerstones”. The offense they are running now looks nothing like what they did in the preseason. With Batum and Lamb being given the keys to run the offense, with Lin as a spot up shooter, or creating his own shot off the dribble without any screens.

    1148. Batum doing crossovers and pick n roll is like watching Wesley Johnson try to be Chris Paul. Not gonna happen.

    1149. Do you not see African American everywhere?

    1150. Thanks.

    1151. Thats what I have been observing since the start of the season. After the three games, my fears are quite clear but it was clouded with the 1st and second win. Wait until the hornets will lose games. Im sure Lin is happy and trust his team mates but not sure if he is happy with his coach and front office.

    1152. Praying for that miracle again. Because realistically, with the way the games are going, not happening.

    1153. Clifford and management doesnt trust Lin. They are using him for marketing. Sad but true.

    1154. Use Hairston as a trade bait.

    1155. I do
      our president is also african american

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