Game 59 Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors: The Much Anticipated Linsanity Raptors Debut

Jeremy Lin is expected to clear waivers around 5pm tomorrow, get signed, get suited up to make his Toronto debut to help the Raptors against Washington Wizards in the last game before the All-Star Break

In a classy move, Jeremy Lin posted in Instagram that he requested permission from ex-Raptors player Jonas Valunciunas, to wear his #17 jersey number because Kyle Lowry already wears #7. Although it is not necessary, Lin acknowledged and respected Jonas’ presence who has worn the number for seven years since the 2012-13 season. This move will certainly gain respect from Jonas and Raptors fans who adored Jonas who got traded to Memphis Grizzlies for Marc Gasol recently.

Jeremy Lin’s Waiver by Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks has been very generous in Lin’s buyout by only setting $700,000 veteran minimum and letting Jeremy keeps the $3.96M part of the remaining salary. It might a sign of appreciation for Jeremy’s tremendous job to mentor Trae Young on and off-the court that have been appreciated by Trae and his father. It will also signal other veterans to consider coming to the Hawks because the Hawks will treat them right to provide buyout so they can sign with playoff contenders if desired. It is a win-win scenario by a classy organization as praised by Jeremy in his farewell post.

@Arsenium: Here’s some confirmation of what has been presented below

‘Basketball Insiders’ just updated their Atlanta Hawks’ salary web page to reflect the fact Jeremy had been waived, as part of the buyout process.

Before, Jeremy’s salary was $13.768M (contract salary plus trade kicker). Now, it’s listed as $13.071M. The difference is $700K. So that’s what Jeremy ‘gave back’ as part of the buyout process.

The Nets paid the ‘tradekicker’ portion of the salary (10% of the remaining part of Jeremy’s contract when he was traded).


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  3. LOLOLOL Am very very excited about JLin’s 1st game as a Raptor. Pray that he will do well!

  4. lol…we all do…looks like mods are more excited?!!! hahaha

  5. I guess it still counts in the Mods-League 😀

  6. i will go with that…rather than nothin…lol

  7. Guess it’s the time. It’s very very late/early for the America Continent:-) but it’s the early evening here in Asia:-)

  8. It may have been a long long time since Lin’s team let him play at full strength without shackles.

  9. Don’t expect much but at least it will be a more meaningful minutes rather than doing the babysitting job. I only would like to see JLin plays with his Raptor teammates:-)

  10. manage to catch some of minutes each quarter GSW vs Jazz..

    Looks like NBA is really dry….Donovan Mitchell is being made a star. LB too on Lakers, seems to moving away from team ball…sigh

  11. God is good indeed 🙂 No wonder JLin kept quoting Galatians 6:9
    “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

    Lin kept being faithful doing under-recognized work to mentor Trae and Bible study with young Hawks, and he is rewarded with nice buyout package of almost full salary by the Hawks, and a chance to join NBA Finals contender. Gotta keep praying and hoping for Lin’s health and Linsanity 2019!

  12. Thumbsup to a non Mod post! 🙂

  13. As always, I like to see team ball rather than hero/iso ball.

  14. he not a bad player, but as far scoring he gets by volume shooting, he took 29 shots! Thanks crazy by any standards (10-29)

  15. Amen

  16. And Coach Nick Nurse’s system is PG-friendly putting the ball in the PG hands.
    Lowry got the career high assist rate at 9.1 in this system. Last year it was only 6.9

    Less motion offense is good for JLin’s rhythm and creativity 🙂

  17. Yes. I have no issue for him to quote any Bible verse like some JLin fans. God indeed is still in control! That taught me something again!

  18. ok, my turn to catch some zzz .. and wake @Michael later 🙂

  19. @michael wake up…better now than later…..he need to be in bed during game time.

    nite nite

  20. Nite nite and we will see JLin’s game soon:-)

  21. LOLOLOL Yes indeed he needs to so that JLin can do well:-)

  22. Yep crazy! That’s what happened to many players now. Sad but what can I say!!

  23. Second civilian here. So psyched.

  24. 1good to have you early…so game time, you would be in bed!

    not sure if I need to send @linthezone to your place?!!!! hmmm

  25. I hope Lin can drop at least 15 pts tonight

  26. I firmly believe that Lin’s transition to his new game hasn’t completed yet. He is going to be stronger and better when he gets used to FORTIUS Health and Sports’ concepts.

    He will be much less injury proned and more skillful. Wouldn’t it be nice if he can have Steve Nash as his coach.
    That is only possible if he plays for the Warriors.

  27. Let’s celebrate the reunion of Danny Green and JLin since D-league.

  28. Don’t, you need to sleep

  29. yup nice reunion.

    I was watching some of past Raptors game, and realize DG body posture similar to Lin, its gonna get confusing during game, if the stream aint clear

  30. Is he playing tonight??

  31. There is no official report yet, thus far many had said, technically he should be able to play tonite, since he should be able to clear his waivers by 5pm

  32. Thanks mak!

  33. Is it possible that other team claims Lin before Raptors? Not quite sure how the process goes.

  34. No teams have the cap space to grab Lin. Whoever wants Lin would need room for his $13M salary.

  35. “You ever notice how Tim Duncan was able to blow up offensive possessions just from having the intelligence to know how where the action was headed? That’s what Marc excelled at in his defensive prime. He knew exactly what you were going to run and consistently positioned himself in a way to stop it, using his huge wingspan and solid natural quickness to get deflections and bother shot attempts. It wasn’t really about blocks or steals with him, more so defensive IQ and strong m2m defense. He’s the type of defender I think people are gonna forget years down the line because what made him great isn’t really that apparent. Kinda like Draymond in a sense who excels in the same not so obvious way.”

    Gasol: /



  36. Jeremy should have cleared waiver by now.

  37. There had been mixed reports…sigh..

    initial reports were saying 9am, but recent reports are saying by 5pm.

    If its really 5pm, then im not sure if they have the mechanics planned for the sign-in before the game.

    the time window is way too close…lets see

  38. Nowadays, remote meeting, digital signing are all there. If all planed, Lin can just hop on the plane today to Toronto and get everything in place there. Maybe he is already there, looking for apartment, LOL.

  39. yup….lets seee….btw, it seems JL replica jersey already on sale at toronto pacific mall!!!!

  40. really… cool.

  41. re: waiver clearing. i have only seen it as 5pm however the poster(s) giving that time emphasize “should be time” to have lin available.

    also the issue of if its worth it to raps to pay the extra 170,000 (quoted as that anyway) it would cost them to play him the extra game rather than wait till after asb.

    if it was me i would say: why rush it? just wait till after break. (but lin fans probably dont want to here that. also: my father would say “bad luck” to have him play is first game on the 13th.

    anyway….did “we” finally settle on the great consternation of whether lin was giving up too much ie did he get “only” 700000 or give “only” 700000.

    too much math for me and technical issues of contracts, but normally broadly how these things work is team a gives up a bit player gives up a bit; new team pays a bit.

    and it all works out pretty much the same as what it would have been had the process not happened plus or minus a little “chump change” as ali would have said to someone like lin who is estimated various at net worth of around 170 million that new kind of dollars granny clampett talked about (anyone else here old enuf to know that reference?) “mill-e-on” dollars.

    anyway what i actually wanted to repost was this comment from a long time raps fan; not a lin fan from a raps fansite which i think is very solid.

    “I don’t get people who call Lin overrated, I just have to think it has to do with the opinion that he was overhyped after that Knicks run. This guy can be a very decent starter, he’s already one of if not the best and most productive backups in the league.

    He’s never even been on a winning team, he’s constantly surrounded by crappy teams, organizations, players. He’s essentially a better version of Fred, so it’s great that we get him while Fred is down because there is no loss there.

    One thing that stands out to me about him is his in-between game. He plays the pick and roll very well, operates in the mid range and with floaters, puts defenders on his hip, good pull ups, he knows how to shift around screens and get a low base, he also averages good assist numbers from this because he generates kickouts off picks or backdoor passes. He reminds me of a lite version of Jrue Holiday.

    We’ve needed a guy who can hit floaters and mid rangers off picks, we don’t have a guard like that currently. Fred takes a little bit longer to set up his jumper, his inbetween game isn’t as strong as Lin’s. So I’m excited for this because we have people who operate in 3 point space, deep post, and now we have a guy for top of the key mid range operation where we can extend everyone out around it. Going to be real interesting.

    He’s crafty as well, can finish through contact, good isolation game. He averages 1.41 points per possession this year which puts him right next to Siakam and Karl Anthony Towns, Blake Griffin, and Dinwiddie. His true shooting percentage has him tied with Embiid, and right next to LeBron James. He’s top 50 in the league in TS.

    I like that he pushes as soon as he gets the ball, he helps speed up the tempo, sure some of that is by design since the Hawks have one of the highest paces in the league, but it shows he’s a well conditioned athlete and he can help us push the ball more by setting the tempo as the lead guard off the bench, we have enough athletes that we should be running consistently, and we’re very good at finishing on the fast break.

    He gives us an additional shot creator which we’ve needed, he’s a team guy with a great attitude”–

  42. Jeremy won’t have any trouble getting settled in Toronto. He even has people offering to give him eye exams …

  43. dont forget im sure the 300,000 to 700,00 chinese in toronto will have lots of such offers for lin.

    obviously some demographics confusion here. probably has more to do with what constitutes “toronto” than what consitutues “chinese”.

  44. 48 hours should be enough time to prepare a contract, let alone they have all been agreed verbally before the official announcement. Or the CPA/Lawyer who is responsible for this contract should be fired.

    In fact, I do believe Lin has already been in Toronto right after he was officially waived.haha.

    uh…just saw BobbyH replied. disregard. haha.

  45. #WeTheNorth and #WeTheEast

  46. Hello Jeremy Lin! Welcome to Toronto 😉

  47. Here is some data on asian groups in several metropolitan areas in eastern Canada. It’s based on the 2016 census done by Statistics Canada, which is part of the federal government. The population of the Toronto metropolitan area (2016 census) was 5,928,040.

    The ‘Other Asian’ category includes a vast array of groups, such as : Afghan, Bangladeshi, Cambodian (Khmer), Goan, Gujarati, Indonesian, Kashmiri, Laotian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Singaporean, etc.

    See :

  48. why spam?

  49. they taste good

  50. and what’s that picture all about

  51. Wow, great sports night. Real Madrid -Ajax and later Raptor Jeremy. I’m going all in on drinks and sushi.

  52. I think you’re right. Transitions take awhile. Lin is in the middle of it now IMO. Next season, he’ll be mentally and physically stronger and more dynamic.

    This season, I don’t know. Going to Toronto will boost his purpose. The ASB is coming up and he’ll get some rest. I think he’ll be up and down afterward but he’s due for a hot shooting streak. I really think the best approach for fans is measured in terms of how he’ll do. I also think it’s good that he has more experienced players around him.

    I think Toronto is the best team for him, not GSW.

  53. I didn’t regard Lin’s stay in Atlanta as “babysitting.” I thought Lin rehabbed there, was respected as a veteran, helped a talented young player to play the game better, and was treated well by a classy organization. He also won over a harsh critic in Dominique Wilkins.

    Now he’s on a contender and I think Lin, as a winner, should play on a contender. I just hope he’s physically ready for more demanding and intense games.

  54. this was posted before

  55. can’t wait for tonight’s game

  56. Not a believer, but wholeheartedly agree: GOD is good!

  57. I’m just being excited and hyper!!!! hahaha

    Are we gonna see GasoLin tonite?!!

  58. do you think..

    it was because of that raptor game that lin plays lights out against and almost beat them..

    that’s how they saw what the can do..

    so gm decides to sign him finally.

  59. I was born near Toronto, if I don’t root for him now, why am I here? I get a free pass on this one.

  60. Lin has had a bunch of games where he played well against them including this season where he went for 26 pts and another where he started and scored 20 against them before having the recent off-game against them. But even in the off-game he did some good things in the first half.

  61. Does the North remember?

  62. Lin with Kawhi vs Lin with Prince I think that’s a slight upgrade.

  63. oh boy…here comes trouble!

    btw me too….not to far away from toronto…just 3 1/2hrs away!!!

  64. You have to fight with the North before it remembers.

  65. This season, its kinda expected that he gonna have more ups and downs compared to other seasons. By end of the season, he should be stabilizing, maybe we could see better of him after ASB as usual.

    maybe he had some preference, but i guess, there is no real indicator for it as well.

  66. “Team-first” Jeremy Lin a solid addition for the Raptors – The Jeff Blair Show

    Raptors TV voice Matt Devlin provides his thoughts on how Jeremy Lin will fit with the Raptors, Patrick McCaw’s contributions, the impact of the Marc Gasol addition, and Chris Bosh’s comments about how regularly dealing with customs when playing for a Canadian club hurts the attractiveness of playing for the Raps.

    Now Playing

  67. Good discussions…must listen!

  68. Slight haha

  69. For those interested, here is a table of the NBA minimum salary levels, sorted by years of NBA experience. If a player spent any time on an NBA club’s active regular season roster in a given season, he earned one year of experience. So, Jeremy would have 9 years experience.

    If a player signs a minimum salary contract after the regular season begins, he earns a pro-rated portion of the amount listed. So, if Jeremy is signed for a veteran minimum salary, he would be getting around 700K since there’s about a third of the season left.

    See :

  70. dam…the nba no experience salary takes someone 8 to 10 years to make.
    They can just survive for at least 3 years and retire.

    no wonder everyone wants to be a ball player.

  71. So you are from Atlantis or the Bermuda triangle?

  72. will the cold canada winter has effect on the recovery process of the knee?

  73. lin doesn’t need to be a starter or even play many minutes with the starters. obviously i hope that he does, but we all know what he can do with GOOD role players. at the least he can lead the bench playing with a quality big in gasol or ibaka. he’ll have help on the wing with solid players in FVV (when he comes back) and powell…

    but when he does get to play with the starters, we all know lin is the force multiplier. danny green is all of a sudden more wide open than usual. defenders sudden cant drape all over kawhi and lowry. siakam/gasol/ibaka about to get the easiest buckets of their lives…

  74. Lin is in Toronto now … get to work

  75. Tonight : 20 pts 10 assists

  76. Currently NBA Playoff Matchup for Toronto in the First Round of the Eastern Conference looks to be one of these Four teams in order of probabliity:

    a) Charlotte Hornets – against Kemba, Lamb, Batum, Zeller, lots of familar faces
    b) Detroit Pistons
    c) Miami Heat – again JLIN’s basketball mind matched against Spoelstra’s
    d) Brooklyn Nets – wonderful if JLIN could oust Marks/KA, DLO and the old team

    we will be playing one of these 4 teams most likely unless some team goes on a major winning or losing streak to end of season

  77. none – if anything, it will make JLIN’s 100% healthy knee even more resilient

  78. If it sounds louder at Raptors’ home games it’s because they get almost 5,000 more people, on average, than the Hawks do. It’s surprising how poorly the Nets are doing this year, in terms of attendance.

  79. JLIN works best with highly intelligent, team-oriented players:

    I read that in the 2 gms Marc Gasol has played, his crisp hard strategic passes out of nowhere has surprised his teammates – JLIN and Gasol are going to be huge for TOR

  80. How do the awful Bulls still attract so many paying customers, must not be much to see in Chicago

  81. You kidding right? Kawhi the defense machine vs nobody shot chucker Prince?

  82. i would hate it if lin is at his passive self again with this new team.

  83. He won’t now. He will score big

  84. how you know

  85. there is word that the lin has landed in toronto. all i can find is this repost of an alleged lin instagram post. but i cant confirm.

    maybe someone instagramy can.

    ill see if the link shows up (from the repost or retweet or whatever).

  86. Secrets … I know. Trust me.

  87. he has to land there siliently.. else there will be bunch of ppl waiting

  88. Theres no way he can be passive because his teammates will actually pass back to him

  89. That was obviously a showcase game and Lin delivered. Unless Hawks got 1st round picks they weren’t going to tried Lin. Raptors were smart to make a buyout deal with Lin instead.

  90. In 20 mins

  91. He actually showed the buildings outside of his hotel. People will know where to find him

  92. Nice video about Jon Lee, the Raptors’ strength and conditioning coach, who won the ‘Coach of the Year’ award from the NBA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.

  93. i will miss the game. hoping for good luck to lin. ill need highlights as soon as i get home lol. definitely will check during the game for whats going on. hopefully Dorothy has my back

  94. ATL is putting out a half-jazzed product at full price. Would you go?

  95. CHI tanking too, maybe just as outspoken about it. More people in CHI, more dummies paying full price for half-azzed effort.

  96. Now that he is playing for a championship the only things that counts is winning. The rest will take care of itself.

  97. I hope someone can post highlights right away after the game ends

  98. Yes💪💪💪

  99. speed of lin
    that’s only if it’s worth watching
    say lin does something big
    else it’s like boring hawks games and no point

  100. thx 😀

  101. it will be worth watching lol trust me

  102. Maybe someone should make a new jl7 logo that says jl17? If I was any good I would do it.

  103. Kawhi Leonard questionable

  104. new report from lewenberg citing shams charania: van vleet will have to have surgery and will be out five weeks not three.

  105. I guess this is why Raptors acted so fast to get Lin

  106. wow lin will be getting big minutes for a while


    (Psalm: might want to retweet this article yourself because Charles over at the other site said some Lin fans are already agitating Raptors fans on some team fan forums)

  108. Anyone seen the ESPN segment with Rachel Nichols and Tracy McGrady talking about Lin being a raptor? …They basically were down-playing Lin impact with Tracy stating there won’t be no Linsanity in Toronto

    No Lin fan expects Lin to do what he did with the Knicks but he will be very helpful coming off the bench.

    Watching it really annoyed me..They were laughing and all and u could tell they don’t think much of Lin as a player.

  109. Lin at his hotel, probably not enjoying the wintry mess in Toronto…

  110. Its ok! Linsanity 2.0 is coming …

  111. This just shows how easily a player can get an injury and be out for a significant amount of time.

    Keep fingers crossed or praying or whatever you think will bring Lin injury-free good luck. Take nothing for granted.

  112. Kawhi questionable , no VanVleet , Lin available yet?
    Kyle Lowry only playmaker for Raptors vs Wizards

  113. leo rautins raps tv announcer. btw it appears (try penny lee twitter) lin got a new do; uh looks pretty much exactly like danny greens; the amazing mohawk twins?

    Leo Rautins

    Verified account

    3h3 hours ago
    Welcome to #Toronto @Raptors @JLin7 !! Weird weather today…never like this?!? 🤷‍♂️☀️ Promise @ScotiabankArena will be toasty warm tonite!!

  114. Confirmation of this news is quite significant.

    That means that TOR and JLIN contemplated mutual plans for JLIN with the team and was clearly not a stop-gap band-aid as some VanVleet fans believe.

  115. JLIN is on cloud-9 I presume, he won’t let some flakes and slush bring his mood down.

  116. Wiz are 1 of their last 5 games I believe — in total tank mode perhaps, this should be a low pressure debut for JLIN, hope he can take advantage of the situation and play – he almost always plays well against WAS

  117. Five weeks is a long time, I hope that Nurse and TOR have a difficult time deciding whether to put VV back into his normal rotation after JLIN settles into playing with his squad.

    My mind hearkens back to the JLIN and the Hornets BENCHFORCE 1 – they absoluted dominated any other unit that teams put up against them, single handedly turned so many games around.

  118. Toronto
    Raptors guard Fred VanVleet will undergo surgery for ligament damage in
    his left thumb and miss approximately five weeks, league sources tell

  119. What’s old is new again.

    This is a young basketball player’s hairdo

  120. I don’t want Lin play backup PG for 3 weeks.
    5 weeks is much better.

  121. All the people that wanted Jlin to log more minutes earlier, this is where it pays off. Easy real-game rehab, rested and ready for war!

  122. Lin is going to take more shots and play above 25 minutes tonight.

  123. I am absolutely sure the game will not be boring

  124. wishful thinking

  125. I want him to play, but even if he doesn’t, so happy for him and Hawks that they traded him to Toronto.

  126. HOW?
    Lin played above avg 26mins as backup PG in HOU and CHA.

  127. With Kawhi out, depending on how well JLIN and Gasol’s unit gels — they could be more formidable than the Raptors starting unit

  128. I think it’s good

  129. his first game as raptor.. they going ease him in.. even gasol didn’t play that much first game.

  130. that’s why I’ms aying some of you have way too high unrealistic expectations and then get disappointed and start cursing at coach or org etc. That’s usually the typical lin fan I see. If you don’t curse about it even if he plays liek 11 or 15 minutes.. then fine.. else you will fall into that lin trap.

  131. anything else about 15 is gravy

  132. Jeremy is playing tonight

  133. Is this your wish or are you sure? Do you have a link?

  134. Lin is going to kick it up a notch tonight. I just hope he doesn’t get too pumped and hyped. Also hope Nurse gives him some good minutes, even though he hasn’t practiced or played with this new Raptors team.

  135. Less than 10 minutes to go and it’s official. Lin is a Toronto Raptor and has a chance to go deep into the playoffs and possibly even to the NBA finals.

    It’ll be very interesting to see if Lin plays tonight having zero practices with the team.

    Above all, stay healthy, Lin. Keep fingers crossed, keep praying. #takenothingforgranted

  136. For some nostalgia…

  137. May depend on how he looks tonight. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s safe and conservative seeing he doesn’t know the playbook or tendencies of his new teammates yet.

  138. I didn’t expect he will play well.

    When KL didn’t play, Fred VanVleet got more minutes.

  139. Sorry forgot to put a ???

  140. That’s lots of cheering for on the road. I do have this as great history in the NBA though. Totally different Lin there than now.

  141. I suspect they will announce the decision of whether JLIN plays very close to game time, the timing is tight

  142. Of course I also believe JLIN is playing tonight, as do most of us.

    Why fly to TOR today in a snowstorm if you are not going to try to play, he actually would have had many days coming with All-Star Break to sign all the papers.

  143. i’m so afraid to watch

  144. Linsanity Lin was unstoppable. His demeanor, confidence, intensity was out of this world during that stretch.

    Obviously Lin is a lot better as an overall player now, with a lot more experience, skill, and wisdom, but he’s nowhere near as aggressive and cutthroat as he was back then.

  145. vanvleet fans? is that even a thing?

    have read many “haters” these past fews days saying lin’s impact will be small. but no use in trying to change their minds. they never believed in lin to begin with. let them see for themselves. charlotte “haters” saw for themselves and have respected lin ever since…

  146. You were afraid to watch ATL games as well weren’t you?

  147. no, I watched atl games and that’s why lin wasn’t doing much

    I don’t watch and just follow sthe stats and he has great games.

  148. 5pm !!! Lin Lin Lin !!!

  149. ok, they are more vanvleet fans then they are JLIN fans – the term haters might be more appropriate

  150. It’s Official
    Lin is part of Raptors

  151. Hurrays!!!

  152. he lost that demeanor

  153. Did you know who is the opponent?

    Not the Bucks. Only the Wizards. The Raptors have home advantage and in winning streak.

    They have plenty of room to play and test Lin.

  154. he didn’t. he lost that role. brooklyn lin was amazing. he just didnt have enough players around him and of course injuries.

  155. I am the only persons telling ppl Lin may DNP when
    Fred VanVleet come back since Lin joined the Raptors.

    And now I am unrealistic?

  156. ok I give you that.. but let’s see.

  157. You’re not the only person.. I said that too.

  158. The Raptors has been improving with its late first round picks. This is amazing for a team which has consistently been a playoff team.

    This team does well with its draft picks.

  159. I didn’t even predict his FG% and assist number.

  160. AFAIK my avatar was the only guy to ever DNP a healthy lin… and even then it was just once.

  161. Nurse won’t ever give JLIN a DNP-CD

  162. why you have a BS as an avatar.

  163. Yes. Here is the box score for the Knicks’ starters in the game when he scored 38 against the Lakers. He shot a lot but, according to D’Antoni, it was “within the flow” of the Knicks’ game.

  164. Rara!!

  165. I thought he was cut-throat on the Hornets when the game mattered. On the Nets acted like a Captain which was good to see. But his approach was different. Less I’ll take anyone to the rack and more I’ll play to win by distributing until late in the game when I call my own number more. He was fierce on defense on the Nets.

  166. A more devastating Pick & Roll trio would be hard to find.
    With JLIN running the P&R with Gasol the roll man and outlet to Danny Green at the 3.

    (not film edited, Danny Green hits 8 threes in 10 seconds)

  167. It’s possible. But I don’t think much because Nurse likes to play multiple guards.

  168. to remind fans what we went through. started from the bottom now we here…. toronto bout to get lit tonight…

  169. So happy for JLin. I predict at first he won’t get much minutes, maybe somewhere around 18-20 mins. But I am confident that Lin will play his way into major minutes just like how he was with the Hornet. Go JLin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Now Jeremy, go get them!

  171. i know raptors fans love them some vanvleet but i think once they get that taste of linsanity, they wont look back… FVV is a good, solid player. but to say he can impact the game as much as lin is laughable to me. empower lin and he can play like no one you’ve ever seen… i readily admit an unconfident lin is a mediocre player at best, but confident lin is a world beater. coach nurse’s job is to get that out of him. i really hope his teammates embrace him and dont get jealous of the love that he will get from the influx of asian fans.

  172. arena will be like chinatown

  173. I think 18-20 mins at first but Lin will play his way into major minutes just like how he was with the Hornet.

  174. on chinese new year…

    if he starts in place of kawhi tonight… oh boy….

  175. who is that other guy semihuggin him

  176. 20 mins is good. he got that in atl playing behind a rookie. it’s ALL gravy for us lin fans…

  177. gaso will start in place of kawhi

  178. I see that Toronto security guards are more informed than Charlotte’s… 😂

  179. Most likely his long-time agent: Roger Montgomery.

  180. I live in NY but I have a lot of relatives whom live in Toronto and Montreal and I often heard from my relatives that Canadian are much nicer than Americans. I am pretty sure Lin will love Toronto. Hope Raptors will sign Lin into a long term contract next season.

  181. Lol

  182. Its gonna be a challenge for Lin tonite, like being thrown in with the knicks where he didnt know any of the plays. Then again that was the start of linsanity.

  183. Déjà Vu

  184. He was an inexperienced rookie about to be out of the league 7 years ago. It’s a lot different now. Lin can ball with any team, any lineup. He might not be making sick plays right off the bat, but he can contribute tonight, hopefully to a win.

  185. Anyone know if league pass covers the majority of tor games? (Apologies if this has already been covered!) Thanks in advance 🙂

  186. Luv it!!!!!

  187. The hype is real.

  188. u got to me kidding me.

  189. Haven’t seen this kind of hyped until now! Raptors really wants JLin!!!! Unlike all his past teams from my memory!

  190. Since Kawhi is out, hopefully Raptors will get a W and Lin is big part of it. 🙂

  191. seriously

  192. The Raptors have a very polished media presence. And that job ad you uploaded yesterday was for someone to develop content for the Weibo platform. Interesting …

  193. should i watch should I watch..
    I should just careless about watching.

  194. It would so awesome if Lin dropped 20 tonight. Kawhi is out and no Van Vleet. And Lowry probably wouldn’t mind light minutes.

  195. Yay!

  196. That’s my hope and prayer! Hopefully the nerve won’t get him:-)

  197. I just want Lin to play efficiently and not get too hyped up, resulting in injury. Couldn’t care less about points tonight. Just contribute to a win.

  198. just as long as lin fans don’t go lin should start over lowry blah.
    then he can drop 30 if he wants.

  199. It really doesn’t matter who start, what matter most is who will be the last 5 players to close the game.

  200. Wow, that’s what I’ve always have said!!!

  201. nathan’s so hyped he’s singing (or rewriting songs):

  202. Yup I saw and I agreed with you 100% 🙂

  203. It feels a bit surreal for one athlete to garner such otherworldly hand in his career path. Maybe that championship for Lin really is in His plans. Linbelievable .. sorry, just makes sense

  204. green like a dinosaur

  205. 1.5 hours to go. Can’t wait!!!

  206. That excitement adrenaline will make you push your body farther than you realize.

  207. Lin already taking pregame shots…

  208. I am in tears.

    7 YEARS, it has been.

    It was not an easy route for Lin, nor for us who have followed him faithfully.

    Wish Lin stay healthy and make big impact on his new team

    We all waited 7 YEARS for this.

  209. Me too !!!

  210. Agreed. Unless you are a fan of JLin instead of a fan of NBA, otherwise you won’t understand how it felt.

  211. whod have thought rupturing your patellar tendon would put you the fast path to the NBA finals.

  212. Go Lin, shut the HATERS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. I hear swishing!

  214. VanVleet will be out at least 5 weeks. And Lin already committed before VV injury so TOR planned minutes for Lin even before. It just means more minutes

  215. 串燒 + Beer + Friends + Lin 1st game as Raptors.

    I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
    That tonight’s gonna be a good night
    That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night


  216. Toronto makes it official on the signing of Jeremy Lin. The guard will earn $697K with a cap hit of $487K. The amount of the contract is what Lin gave back to Atlanta in his buyout

    so see dorothy you worried por nada. lin didn’t lose a ha’penney

  217. Sorry FVV but the longer the better. Lol.

  218. Can’t believe there are so many hyped from Toronto Raptors and media!!! I’m so thrilled!

  219. That’s why I don’t worry things like that. JLin and his team can make the best decision for himself.

  220. The media coverage is Linsane 🙂
    I couldn’t keep up with the barrage of tweets lol

  221. Yeah, it’s kinda Epic for Lin.

  222. no 5 weeks is good

    I want him come back after 5 weeks to back up Lin 🙂

  223. Saw a pic that JLin’s jersey is for sale now in Raptors arena! WOW

  224. but not online store, just checked

    I want his TOR jersey

  225. Guess it will sell out soon!

  226. It is for the fans who are going to watch game:-)

  227. I am gonna wait a little. Maybe till Lin sign a long term contract first.

  228. Can you imagine the crowd’s reaction when JLin checks into the game? 🤗

  229. I know. Supposed to work but I’m too hyped for that! Haven’t been like this who knows for how many years!

  230. Wow sooo fast.

  231. they better make them available online soon lol

  232. I can. It’s going to be very loud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. They will. Guess they are working nonstopped since they learned the news…..

  234. How come league pass doesn’t have this game available?

  235. JLin’s mom would be so happy. I hope someone records her reaction 🙂

  236. They need to capitalize on the hype.

  237. Poor Gasol 🙂 good that he has a good sense of humor

    He’ll like Lin’s passes to be part of the highlights

  238. GasoLin is going to be lit.

    That pun will wear out its welcome soon…

  239. #TrueNorth #TrueGasoLin 😁

    We ready for more puns!

  240. If you want, you can just order a jersey to be customized. That’s what is happening now for Marc Gasol jerseys. You specify the name and number you want and they just put it on.

    Go here:

  241. Golly, McCaw is out too. Only 10 bodies vs Wizards.

    Prepare for Lin fans to chant, “Lin needs more rest” lol

  242. Anyone have good stream? Some how league pass doesn’t have this game.

  243. God works in mysterious ways. He really does have a perfect plan for Lin… and the rest of us.

    Tomorrow is the exact date of the 7th anniversary of Lin’s famous game-winning 3-point shot against the Raptors during Linsanity. Lin makes his debut tonight, wearing the same 17 he did with the Knicks, playing in the same arena (under different name) for the team that he beat that night.

  244. Lin might play some significant minutes tonight. He’s literally the only PG available other than Lowry. I doubt Nurse wants to play Lowry for 35+ minutes right before the all-star break.

  245. Hahaha. Oh how fickle is fame 🙂

  246. Go Jlin…..beat the Washington Harry potters!!!!

  247. League pass has it.

  248. God certainly has a sense of humor and irony in His timing 🙂

    Let’s see what else will be eerily similar later

    I’m hoping for some strutting lol

  249. Wild! Here’s hoping it’s a golden entry into a new era. Go Lin!

  250. Yeah but if you click ‘Watch” then it said there are no streams available for this game.

  251. Lin for the wiiiiinnnn…. GOT IT!

  252. My guess is the game won’t start for another 40 mins! Too early!

  253. LOL, I thought Green was Lin

  254. I see. Thanks. Getting too excited. 🙂

  255. If Nurse is willing to move Powell up to the starting lineup and slide Green to the 3, then I can see Lin eventually having the same opportunity, once Lin practices with the team more and learns their offense, and if one of the starters need to rest or gets injured.

  256. With the name Van Vleet, I expected a Dutch guy

  257. The GASOLINE 🙂

  258. please keep Lin healthy heavenly father…

  259. hahahahahaha Raptors did follow Psalm’s GasoLin pun:-)

  260. I know. I don’t have any league pass. Hopefully I can watch the highlights soon! I will follow closely to Twitter and his fans report!

  261. Awesome! Mission accomplished.
    First #GasoLin hashtag lol

  262. 100% FG and the game winner! Ultra Efficiency

  263. Green’s hair and body type is very similar to Lin. I got confused a few time too lol

  264. amen

  265. Coach Nurse said a good amount about Lin. Said that originally, Lin was going to be playing the combo guard role, but with the injury to FVV, he’s now the backup PG. Nurse also said that FVV is usually the one to step into the starting lineup when Kawhi needs rest, so I can see Lin taking over that role the next month and maybe beyond.

  266. You can at least follow the game play-by-play scroll on I’ve done that…it’s up to the moment log of what’s happening. Select the game on the left side of the screen where all the active games are listed, then pick game detail. You can toggle between box score and play-by-play.

  267. Wish Lin and Gasol started instead, Raptors announced the starting lineup and it looks like both will come off the bench tonight. Gasol not starting shows just how much depth Raptors have!

  268. Look how happy Lin’s mom looks 🤗

    But it’s all good! LOL.

  270. Oh wow that’s amazing! Lin will get to start some games! Jackpot! Nurse sounds like a fair coach!

  271. More like when Kawhi needs rest, Lin will start which is great once he’s accustomed to the team offense! Not only that due to injury, Lin will be backup PG instead and get to play alongside Gasol! Amazing how I wished Lin was with Grizzlies earlier and now this happened!

  272. Both haven’t learned the system yet so the All-Star Break will be a great time to learn and develop chemistry for 9 days

    Can’t believe TOR record is 42-16 🙂 so used to ATL record

  273. lol You’re not the only one, I had to enlarge the photo for a double take! Got excited for a second.

  274. Pregame Radio show. Bobby Webster, the Raptors GM, just said what Lin brings is TOUGHNESS! On offense, fighting screens, and ON DEFENSE.

  275. Two national anthems, we better get use to it. 🙂

  276. It’s okay. We’re not gonna get greedy. ONE GAME AT A TIME.
    We’ve waited so long. No need for instant gratification. YOU’RE RIGHT THO, when your bench could/should be starters! WOW!

  277. They work fast!

  278. Any good streaming to watch the game?

  279. It’s going to be fun fun fun.
    That Canadian ironic humor!

  280. Hey, I bet I’m as happy as she is!

  281. I am not sure if it is good as I just got it from my friend as I thought the league pass does have this game. Good luck!

  282. It would be a mistake to replace Lowery with Jlin. Jlin has not earned the spot and it would be horrible for team chemistry. In fact, I am not sure Jlin would agree to do it. Neither has Gasol. If they earn it fine but they have to show what they bring. I actually think it is better for Gasolin to feast on the 2nd string. This could be a super bench.

  283. Yes, see LAJane’s suggestion.
    Download the NBA APP. It’s good to have.
    I don’t know about international LP, but they will have some games free to promote LP. Will send reminder when they have it.

  284. TSN is free. I thank god for tonight

  285. I know huh hahaha

  286. LOL. Proud of “adopted” son?

  287. its on guys yahoooooooooooo

  288. Leo Rautins on Lin. High BB IQ, toughness, plays to win.
    Yeah Leo, WE LIN FANS KNOW!!!!

  289. old news but I’ll take it

  290. This is the best stream:

    As always, use adblock / uBlock Origin.

  291. Good timing too, is that Lin, with the Hawks, played the Wizards 4 times already. And most recently just last week. And no Satoransky tonight either.

  292. Here we go..

  293. Well, if the official site is using it….it’s gonna go!!!!

  294. I am watching Washington feed. Too many comnercials..

  295. I’ve got the nerves. And I’m just a fan. Wonder how Lin is dealing with it.

  296. Pascal is long….

  297. me too

  298. Lowry making plays

  299. Lin icing his right knee already?

  300. Yikes. Maybe more like keeping it warm? Instead of being on bike?

  301. Raptors is gonna win as Raptors is a big favor this game (-10 pts). I just hope Lin will have a good game tonight.

  302. If he’s using ice it’s for prophylactic purposes

    Plenty of time to rest the knee over ASB

  303. Hey you TORONTONIANS!
    Please explain. Tangerine Hoops? 6ix?

  304. Wizards are awful. Yuck.

  305. name of their sponsor, it’s a Bank

  306. With Kawhi out, the line is still +10 pts for Wizards. Lol

  307. Yes, and as we all keep saying and saying and saying. Stay HEALTHY!

  308. Washington like Atlanta isn’t particularly interested in doing what is needed to win every game

  309. Lin and Gasol already chatting up a storm on the bench. Can’t wait…

  310. Got it THANKS! Google says Tangerine Bank also sub of Scotia Bank, the arena name.
    And 6ix?

  311. What an ugly drive by Green.

  312. The Bank of Nova Scotia is one of 5 or so the major commercial banks in Canada.

    6ix is a slang reference for metropolitan Toronto.

  313. That was an ugly fastbreak

  314. Yes, knew of the big ones. Just not “Tangerine”, too “cute”. 🙂

  315. Oh look, Wesley Johnson, old friend from Lakers. Now with Wiz? Wasn’t there last week. Must have been buyout.

  316. Active hands on D, lots of passing on O, I love the Raptors team so far.

  317. Same here.

  318. Hawks beat the Wiz 2 of 4. Even without Kawhi. Raptors should not have problems. No Porter, no Satoransky.
    Let’s go Raptors!

  319. Armstrong said GasoLin were talking a lot pregame and “planning”.

  320. Bench starting to come in. Lin should be in next whistle / timeout.

  321. Gasol just checked in. Wonder if we will see Lin in action tonight.

  322. LIN IN

  323. WOOOOOOW!!!!!! I’m tearing up!

  324. Almost same speed this time. 🙂

  325. People are loving him!

  326. Wow, what an ovation.

  327. steal, then TO lol

  328. A big roar. Great welcome. Go Lin.

  329. Ouch

  330. “How about pouring some #GasoLin pick-and-roll?”

  331. NICE STEAL ! Teammates didn’t know he would be so unselfish. His teammates got tangled up.

  332. Wow. What a warm welcome for Lin! I am moved to tears!

  333. Interesting how Lin is playing with Lowry.

  334. Same here – LOL.

  335. Ouch a 3 canceled.

  336. wow just wow this is crazy

  337. Dangit, Lin makes the 3 but after the whistle / foul.

  338. The crowd loved it anyway!

  339. it’s ok.

  340. crowd is going crazy wow

  341. I said it before, I think Canadian are nicer than American

  342. This team loves to pass. everyone touches the ball

  343. YOU GUYS NEED TO GET LEAGUE PASS, streams toooooo slooooow – I don’t want to give plays away!

  344. Wow, feels like linsanity once again. So refreshing.

  345. where can an Asian-American get this level of praise from the general public.. only Lin, only now

  346. Good D but Beal still hit it.

  347. assist

  348. YESSSS – Danny 3!!!! Lin assist!

  349. Wow Raptors defense is in sync.

  350. Lin looks lively!

  351. No more Huerter Taurean brick

  352. Lin made a simple pass leading to a 3, in general Lin we trust !

  353. Why the heck is Powell the PG and taking 4 shots, making none? Lowry didn’t even take a shot yet.

  354. I think Lin is a little nervous which is perfectly normal.

  355. In and out, then a travel. *sigh*

  356. Missed the 2nd t/o. what was it? NVM.

  357. He doesn’t know the playbook yet or teammates. He’s feeling his way through. But he’s there on defense.

  358. Agreed.

  359. travel

  360. Nurse is practically on the court pushing players into position lol

  361. Thx!

  362. Like what I see so far.

  363. Yup. WE might be nervous, but don’t project it on him. I’m with you, the vet isn’t nervous, he’s sussing out the lay of the new land.

  364. I think he is a bit nervous because he was hesitate to take of the shot which was close to the basket. I do agreed his defense is good tho.

  365. Uh oh, Gasol chucking?
    Lin 3 was on line…..just missed, glad he took it!

  366. 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  367. The cheering for the layup!!!!!

  368. Okay guys, defense. And move the ball!
    Gasol runner!!!! Back up by 4.

  369. Lin’s very First score with the new team! 🙂

  370. The Raptors is good, no one rushing their shot and always look for a better shot unlike the Hawks. Lol.

  371. Night and day from Hawks.

  372. SIgh. Gotta go, will listen to game, can’t post….
    Catch up with y’all later! GOOOO JLIN!

  373. Wow, I’m seeing a team that really walks the talk and passes to the open guy for the best shot

  374. Lin faked me out with that layup. Nice!!

  375. This team always looking for the best shot… so satisfying

  376. First game…lol…he needs to settle down

  377. Tor’s second unit plays like the first unit in a contending team !

  378. Geez, once Lin and Gasol gets acquainted with the Raptors’ players and sets, this team is going to dominate most teams.

  379. we will watch for you lol

  380. essentially two starters as back up

  381. Champion time!

  382. I’m sure some adrenalin. And new teammates. No worries here…. 🙂

  383. THUMBS UP!

  384. Yeah and if FVV comes back instead of this Powell guy, their bench is going to feast on other teams’ benches and even starters.

  385. Wow, Nurse is playing Gasol with Ibaka AND Lin.

  386. No more two minutes in the game the out and follow by another 3 minutes.

  387. Watch on League Pass later? Yes, Go Lin!

  388. Nice, at break Lin featured in Snickers “play that satisfies”.

  389. Good pass to Gasol!!!!

  390. looks like Coach NN is not conservative….right off the hot pan…he goes into mix and match trials

  391. Lin not making his shots, but at least he’s being aggressive.

  392. This is the death lineup: Lowry, Lin, OG, Gasol, Ibaka.

  393. So far I love how Nick Nurse coach.

  394. ‪@Jlin7 first points as a Raptors .. are his classic drive and layup. Nice and easy! 👌🏀🙏‬

  395. where is leonard?

  396. Out with sore knee.

  397. Resting. Knee.

  398. pretty strong line up

  399. Of course, this is without Kawhi.

  400. I like how Coach Nurse pairs Lin with Lowry to get them going

    Probably to close out games?

  401. excited to watch lin again.. been a long time coming!

  402. really wanted Lin to make that 3 ! but it’s coming.. maybe in bunches

  403. who’s stress out in here. ????

  404. He wants to see how the new additions play with his best players. Nurse isn’t afraid to play his best players together, instead of letting them rot on the bench.

  405. Lin out

  406. Forward thinking coach! 👍

  407. got 10 mins or a bit more

  408. Lin got 10 consecutive min

  409. Wizard is a total different team ever since John wall has downed and Otto traded.

  410. A little here .. but because I’m about to take off and my stream will be choppy 🙂

  411. Raptors claw time > Hawks flight time 🙌

  412. from a Washingtonian perspective, Wall was never going to be a leader for a championship team. The team never had a compelling story line for anyone to follow. Perhaps the NBA, as a whole, has lacked that for many years.

  413. like that

  414. Lin got handling of the ball and got the ball back when he went open. I like that !

  415. fragrant foul???

  416. These refs…

  417. It is great to see Lin play in a competitive team,
    not laden with “mentor” and “stabilizer” duties.

  418. A coach who can play two active PGs on the floor is a better one.

  419. Lowry is missing a lot tonight too, more than Lin.

  420. Audience gave Lin a warm welcome !

  421. Lin IN

  422. Lowry in foul trouble already. 3rd foul.

  423. Assist

  424. 2 FT

  425. great pass to Ibaka to “get him going”

  426. “He is prepared every night” – the commentators praised Lin.

  427. Some bad shooting all around… lucky for lin haha makes him look normal.

  428. Raptors will turn it around in the 2nd Half — Wizards aren’t gonna stay that hot from 3

  429. Jabari Parker & Bobby Portis make a different Wizard team.

  430. I like this team. Just look at the FGA across the board. Evenly distributed.

  431. you going to toronto lol

  432. Lin made the right pass for a 3 attempt, that is what a good floor general does: play the right BB and winning will arrive more often.

  433. Terrible officiating got the Wizards back into the game and helped them get the lead. Wizards are making some tough shots too, so credit where it’s due.

  434. But now he does try to shoot 3’s. At the hawks he seemed afraid to shoot, getting me worried if there was something wrong.

  435. Too bad Powell is stinking it up tonight. That looked like another easy assist for Lin.

  436. Exactly this!

  437. Bad shooting from Powell, Lowry, and Lin. If they can start shooting better, Raptors win this easy.

  438. assist that went sour…but its the right choice and some can be in and some will be out…First game , he seems already practiced with the team for a long time. not yet aggressive but since lowry in foul trouble, lin may see more time now.

  439. Powell is usually a 18 min/game bench guy. If it wasn’t for Jeremy’s first game with new team, he probably would have started with Lowry, Green, Siakam and Ibaka.

  440. Coach Nurse is slammed with a Tech because he protested the Ref call.

  441. facilitate first then shoot if free….in hawks team..teach the YOUNG how to play the right way. BUT coach tells TRAE, shoot first before facilitate..LOL

  442. I expect Lin and Lowry to shoot better in the 2nd half. Gasol struggled a bit too but should be playing more. Raps forums are complaining about Gasol’s playing time.

    Lin zooming down the court and getting fouled was a display of speed I haven’t seen from Lin on offense this whole season. VERY encouraging.

  443. Also a flagrant that wasn’t a flagrant, followed by a foul that wasn’t a foul. These refs are super biased and the game is only half over.

  444. Don’t get ejected with a 2nd tech, Coach Nurse!

    It’s too much to ask JLin to be a player-coach in his first game 😉

  445. I think coach Nurse is having Powell play a lot of minutes to guard Wiz best player Beal, while saving Green for offense with Kawhi out. Otherwise, Green is bigger and longer and would guard Beal and Powell wouldn’t be so tired and shooting 1-7.

  446. Powell with 20 min has highest PT and already exceeded his avg of 18 min/game.

  447. just saw a filipino wearing a modified Lin jersey

  448. And he’s 1 for 7.

  449. It’s JLIN’s first game in a TOR uniform, let’s not go and blame Powell for playing too many minutes — relax, give the Coach, JLIN and team some time to adjust to having a new player.

    This is what hurts us JLIN fans

  450. no blame. Just explaining Nurse’s strategy with a short bench tonight.

  451. I understand your point of view

  452. Maybe tired from guarding Beal on defense. Normally Kawhi would match up with Ariza and Green on Beal, but tonight Powell has to work a lot.

  453. Ouch, Raptors starters getting owned now. This is reminding me of the Hawks’ 3rd quarter beatings.

  454. i saw that Green and Lin seems have the SAME type of stand when playing…raptors seems to lose steam right now..timely time out by the coach. Leonard is really missed by this team

  455. Wizards shooting 43% from Three — It won’t continue, Rapts need to tighten perimeter defense

  456. not really..they just missed Leonard

  457. Lin back in.

  458. Great pass!

  459. Raptors have missed so many bunnies 2 feet from teh rim

  460. Wonderful assist

  461. was the site crashed earlier?

  462. Good D by Lin. Lin is soooo alive!

  463. JLIN comes in and we are back in it

  464. Siakam is pretty dang good. I remember he dominated the Hawks too.

  465. Siakam thinks he’s an ISO-King – I didn’t like that play he didnt look for anyone else

  466. 8-0 run and Lin is part of it! Yes!

  467. Yeah baby!

  468. Dual PG is working !

  469. Once again, JLIN in his customary position with near the team’s highest Plus/Minus

  470. Lin’s D is helping stop the Wizards. He helped stop the bleeding.

  471. 1000x more fun than hawks game…

  472. When Wizards get cold from 3 as they will most certainly – the Raptors fundamentally solid game will take over

  473. Lin plays for winning, that is why he is so exciting to watch!

  474. Raptors pick and roll defense is mad good.

  475. Nice contest of Beal by JLIN

  476. JLin will definitely play more than 20 minutes

  477. Wow Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  478. INSANE

  479. Lin swagger is back!

  480. Real stars are doing their job!

  481. That was a great pass from Lowry to Lin for the sick reverse layup.

  482. Lin is +11

  483. Lin is where he belongs. On a winner. Beautiful, beautiful reverse and great pass by Lowry.

  484. Teammates passing to Lin, I thought I would never see that again!

  485. We JLIN fans have finally found our HOME
    We are HOME in the North

  486. Lin came in, Raptors stopped bleeding and went on a 15-0 run. Not a coincidence.

  487. Gotta keep a body on Ariza, he’s clutch with experience

  488. What a athletic PF/SF Siakam is

  489. Selfish too

  490. Yeah, he was a part of the defensive stops.

  491. Communication will get better between Gasolin

  492. What a block by Gasol.

  493. Made Beal look like a little kid. Smothered him and the ball lol.

  494. Hi,which is the best raptors website? Just want to read team fans comment. Thanks.

  495. Lin with highest +/- on team with +20

  496. So exciting to watch after going through two consecutive motion circus.

  497. A tanking team like Washington won’t have the morale to mount a comeback – this game is decided

  498. guys, did you have hard time coming to this sit?

  499. Nope. I am perfectly fine. 🙂

  500. really? It kept telling me database error

  501. Stiff neck

  502. Yes. Just got in.

  503. his teammates slowly trusting him now.

  504. Tbh I have no idea who Pascal Siakam is until now. Haven’t follow NBA for a while.

  505. he’s good. he needs to know when to pass

  506. yeah, i think too many users. Once out, hard to come back

  507. They say you should be sleeping. 🙂

  508. WOW only 3rd quarter and JLin has already played 20+ mins. Now I’m worried he plays too many mins:-)

  509. I haven’t been able to watch a game this fun for a long time.

  510. Lin already played 20 minutes and they were consecutive minutes, not staggered and being pulled after just 4-6 minutes. Lin has made his impact felt this game, even though his shot wasn’t falling. Nurse recognized this and that’s why he played Lin with the real starters, sitting Powell.

  511. I am not gonna judge him just yet as this is the first time I watch him play haha.

  512. That’s not a worry I ever have, JLIN is 100%

  513. I couldn’t tell you – did not leave the site since the beginning of the game.

  514. Wow 4th Qtr and Lin still in.

  515. haha. It’s a devoted fan’s dilemma.

  516. Coach Nurse clearly knows Lin’s value and impact for the game.

  517. Such a difference! Jlin is just another good player on a great team!

  518. Don’t leave like me, then you have no prob to get back in:-)

  519. Same here.

  520. hehehehe I just teased to those fans that worry too much of JLin of getting little minutes:-) They should worry more about JLin is getting too many mins now:-)

  521. Jeremy’s second five is still bad. He looks good with the starters

  522. Me too .. just leave 1 browser window open and avoid refresh should help

  523. It will get better if the selfish guys play more like team players and once JLIN gets familiar with them

  524. I literally enjoy watching BB again!

  525. 222222222222222222

  526. really? haha

  527. Wow, Lin is STILL out there.

  528. No longer left on an island defending. Tears to my eyes….

  529. Nick Nurse love the 2 PGs line up.

  530. Hmm bad foul by Lin, should have give that up.

  531. @Raptors twitter on Lin’s contribution

  532. everyone trying way too hard…3 fouls on the team…

  533. JLIN didn’t even touch him

  534. Lin out

  535. That’s probably it for Lin tonight. Very good first game without any practice or even getting to know his new teammates. Shot wasn’t falling, but he did everything else really well.

  536. He has 25 min PT so far in his first game a a Raptor!

  537. JLin only made 7 shots…..

  538. So awesome watching TOR playing D and taking charges

  539. Man. 25 minutes. 25 minutes of meaningful ball. It is like we are in a whole new world. So refreshing.

  540. Took, you mean. His 3s didn’t fall, but his layups did.

  541. Good enough for me!

  542. Coach Scott Brooks really wants this game for some reason – very active tonight

  543. yeah. hope this last

  544. it’s linsanity night that’s why

  545. Then bad referees as usual…

  546. Also love the TOR announcers, so animated and excited. Calls it like it is and making it exciting.

  547. So he wants to spoil Linsanity night

  548. Lin got rescued from that island 🙂
    Survivor’s style

  549. Oops. That’s right! He only took 7 shots. All his 3’s wasn’t falling:-(

  550. all the wizard players are trying to ruin his night

  551. Because they work for a team that actually wants to WIN games and is winning games

  552. Gasol is not doing well. He needs more time

  553. Gasol looks a bit off, forcing things especially on his ISOs

  554. They are knowledgeable and give credit where it’s due, to Lin.

  555. He was in when the game turned around in 3rd qtr. That’s why he played over 12 mins straight! He had to be taken out. He was getting tired!

  556. They have something to be excited about, winning, not tanking!

  557. Trying to be too cute. But mark my words, he will be a beast. In fact, at this point he looks more impactful than Jlin. But no worries, the two of them together will be a load for anyone.

  558. Get up on Portis please please

  559. Pressure off lin now he did his job.

  560. Are they the same ones for Linsanity game on Feb. 14, 2012?

    I love how they never hesitate to praise Lin’s game fairly.

  561. maybe he didn’t want to explain why wiz didn’t try harder to get lin.

  562. Siakam going off. Dude’s on fire.

  563. Real fast post player.

  564. Siakam will be a problem in future games, from the beginning of the shot clock he was NOT going to pass that ball — when he’s bad he will hurt us

  565. Lin and Gasol both off. Need time to mesh with team.

  566. Yeah. He was doing a lot of things well to help them get ahead. Smart D. Boxing out. Moving without the ball.

  567. I live in Canada and we get Raptors broadcast all the time
    So happy to see Lin play with our team

  568. One off dribble 3 fell but didn’t count. Lin also took a contested 3, such is the difference between supporting coach and FO and not.

  569. That was another awful possession by Siakam

  570. I win.

  571. Kawhi not playing. When Siakam is bad Kawhi will take over. Or Gasol. Or Jlin. Siakam is just doing what he has the latitude for tonight.

  572. The kid is active – that’s his big positive

  573. Lin won’t come back unless foul trouble.

  574. The game is in hand now

  575. Danny Green just hit the dagger.

  576. He need to work on his 3s in ASW.

  577. We might actually see JLIN if there is garbage time in last 1 min

  578. JLIN’s 3s are fine, he made his 1st one but the refs called Timeout before

  579. a last second 3 would be nice

  580. ATL talked defense. TOR actually plays it.

  581. Ibaka hasn’t looked great tonight, has looked weaker than I remember him

  582. He is 31% in Feb and 20% in Jan.
    Not fine, particularly for the new team.

  583. The slate is clean now

  584. I was too thrill when DeRozen was traded but Danny Green and Leonard are so much better
    The JV trade was lateral move that didn’t make much sense but I’m glad it opened a space for JLin to join us in Toronto

  585. P. Siakam is the player of the game. 44pts

  586. no garbage min. for lin that’s what you called respect

  587. The Raptors has just become my favourite team. So much more fun to watch Lin play for a winning team. North over everything!!!

  588. Night people, this was tense for a moment but fun

  589. We are the best team in the Eastern Conference coming from almost the worst in the EC

  590. Great comeback win! A super-solid debut for Jeremy, who def had some early nerves.

    Lin didn’t score much, but he stuffed the stat sheet (8p/5a/5r/1b/1s) and was HUGE in the 3rd quarter — his defense and passing turned a 12pt deficit into a 10pt lead. Single-handedly got 4-5 big stops.

    Epic game for Siakam and Anunoby was also hugely clutch. Lowry is very unselfish…he and Lin looked great together. Real chemistry.

    Jeremy is going to be great on this team…he’s going Linsane after the ASB once he gets acclimated.

  591. 1-0 in the Raptor Lin era

  592. Great first game for our guy. Love how the coach Nurse used him. Gasolin is a force to be reckoned with. Gasol not much tonight but I think he will be key in the stretch. Loved how he commanded both offense and defense from the center position. Good times ahead.

  593. Lin will work on his 3’s during All-Star break.

  594. If only that first one counted!

  595. I hope I don’t hate them when their backup PG comes back from injury.

  596. And this w/o Kawhi!

  597. Gasol played great D and had that nasty block

  598. Exactly! Imagine how much more room he’ll have on offense and less energy to expend on defense.

  599. He let Lin find rhythm and rewarded his good defense with more PT.

  600. TOR is going to make it easier physically on Jlin. If he had gone to ORL or DET he would have had to play much harder. Here he just has to play smarter. That Gasol is really something. I can definitely see where he should be a starter but I like him with Jlin off the bench- good as the starters.

  601. Yes! Everyone here rotates, helps and shares the ball. No slackers!

  602. Happy to see:
    Lin in a playoff-bound team!
    Lin’s new team won!
    Lin making an impact for the win!
    Lin’s 8 pts, 5 asts, 5 rebs, 1 stl and 1 blk in his debut!

  603. he did well. especially defense. Jumper still not there

  604. Lowry played more minutes than T.Young in each game.
    3pt shooting and defense are important to keep Lin in the game.

  605. So much fun to watch this team! JLin will be fine!

  606. So much fun to watch this team! JLin made the right decision to join this team!

  607. LOL…

  608. This is the team I always love to watch! Every player did their jobs!

  609. better than those who hog the ball and i guess a bit young so he’ll learn…when Leonard is playing, he will come back to a decent player who scores also when needed a bucket..watched him played with kawli and he’s ok

  610. Not going to worry too much. Whoever that is doing the great job, the HC will reward the player!

  611. One big difference is that Nurse only played (apart from tiny garbage time) an 8 man lineup,
    this in itself is dramatically different than Pierce’s 12-13 men lineups …

    … almost guarantees that JLIN will get much more playing minutes in TOR

  612. great stats for a rookie..and he’s one now with the raptors…LOL! forget all those previous stats because Jeremy is gonna write a new one for this team!

  613. Jlin has to be stoked playing with these pros- and Kawhi didn’t even play! I didn’t look for anything great from Jlin, just to fit in was enough and that is what he did. I just discovered streaming tonight so was able to watch the game Coach Nurse gave Jlin great minutes. Perfect. Jlin did not finish, and I thought he maybe could have done better than Lowry, but hey, it’s a win and that is what counts.

  614. TOR missing two key players in Kawhi and VanVleet. Siakam had a chance to take over and he did. Good thing they were playing WAS though.

  615. i am now excited to watch again NBA games…not when he’s with the Hawk team..LOL

  616. haha.
    Are you in Toronto? If so, you are in an enviable position! 🙂

  617. JLIN was the difference maker tonight as far as I’m concerned …

    … Siakam wouldn’t have had the chance to have his great performance had JLIN not turned the Raptors fortunes around in the Q3

  618. Agree. 3rd qtr was key. This will be where Gasol and Jlin can influence the most.

  619. all players here (except a one or two) can be a starter thats why the coach can play everybody with anybody and no worry that it will not work

  620. no lazy player

  621. This is almost a perfect blend of vets and young guys and we haven’t even seen the designated star Kawhi yet. Hope he doesn’t screw it up 🙂

  622. ???
    no.. siakam is siakam. can’t just give all credit to lin.. here we go again. smh.. destroying team chem by saying that.

  623. Yep. That’s why it’s so much fun to watch!

  624. Wonderful game for Lin. I look at Lin’s energy and I think his energy was quite high in the game. That’s a good sign going into the ASB.

    I also look for his impact and he had a high impact in the turnaround on both ends of the court in the 3Q. Excellent game and debut. He looked more comfortable out there with his new team than Gasol, who is also new. But GasoLin needs some work.

  625. couldve been 11 if he just get one dam more 3 in

  626. Gasol not used to lin fast passes …..yet

  627. If Siakam takes 25 shots every night like he did tonight – there will be more Losing games than Winning games most likely.

    Hopefully he took those 25 shots because Kawhi was OUT

  628. agree 1000%

  629. yeah, it was defense that kept them in the game and stopped them
    lin seems fit there.

  630. For a while, JLin also gave some directions on defense! Just need to learn more about Raptors’ offenses skillsets, then JLin will be good to go!

  631. What?????By getting two unselfish high quality team players in Gasol and Jlin I highly doubt team chemistry is destroyed. And as far as I know, Don ain’t in the TOR locker room

  632. Not highlights. Speed of Lin talking about Jeremy’s ‘fit’ in Toronto

  633. I’m not destroying a thing, do you even understand the concept and implications of a player who consistently will take 25 shots per game?

  634. And I love how Gasol directs traffic from the post. Gasol should be the starting center but I hope he stays with the 2nd unit with Jlin. Those two off the bench will be extremely difficult for other teams to match up against.

  635. Tonight, Nurse left lin in (to my please surprise) probably due to defense.. if you watch.. they seem to know when and how to switch and swap and zone out the opponents..even lin seems to be fluid in fitting into the defense .

    they kept moving around.. in fact, I saw that is what lin does on the nets and that’s how he wants to play and so far that is how toronto is playing defense..

    he always said.. it’s help defense.. not one on one and he got it here.. (i recall in houston it was one on one and mchale retar dedly though it was lin’s fault..but lin is smarter than mchale because he knows defense is help defense and team defense.. not one on one..

  636. that will be a problem if and when he’s off…good thing all of his shots were falling but first quarter, his shots were not there for some. he just need to know when to shoot and when to pass the ball.

  637. Nice orientation for Lin fans unfamiliar with the Raptors team!

  638. its on the coach to tell and execute, and maybe coach already informed him that he needs to step his offense because leonard will not play.

  639. Kawhi was out so Siakam just tried to make up and take over. When Kawhi is back that won’t be the case. When Gasol and Jlin are on that won’t be the case either. Way too much talent on this team for young guys to take over/

  640. Can’t agree more. I have essentially stopped watching (only followed Lin here) for 2 seasons. I couldn’t stand the circus and poor rookies getting the green light to pad stats.

  641. what I thought too

  642. Good that he’s not in the locker room. I’m afraid he will be like those lin fans on those toronto forum saying this and start spill sht to toronto fans which then players can catch win (which I know some player will igore but still). …by saying lin is the differnce maker.. dude.. without siakam scoring, there is no difference maker.

  643. I’ll tell you what happens to EDUCATE you, the opposing scouting report will key on that player — and hit him with tight defense, double teams — but that young player won’t care and will keep shooting and then BRICKING shots to the detriment of his team
    … unless you’re a bonafide scoring machine like Harden or A Davis when he wants

    Learn the game of basketball first

  644. Lin participated with push-ups in the Raptors intro. Good interaction exchanging low-five and smiles with Lowry 👌

  645. Lol .. almost like cheating
    Turning 18-38 record to 42-19!

  646. Kawhi leonard is out.. so someone has to take the scoring load. I doubt he will shoot 25 a game.

    but you said lin is the difference maker which I disagree and the main point of argument. because without scoring you lose,. that’s the game of basketball.. and don’t tell me about assist.. Lowry has 12 .

    And plus, toronto seems like team sports.. so I doubt you have trae like scoring 25 fga a game. it’s not houstonw here you have harden.. it’s not lakers where you have kobe.
    .. it’s maybe kawhi..but so far it seems like it’s not one star team.

  647. Great team defense. You’re right Lin looked in sync with the team on D. Everyone plays D on this team which is wonderful to watch.

  648. Good thing you didn’t watch the game because we won.

    JLIN was the difference MAKER tonight – go find Siakam and his 25 shots per night forum to post your novice opinioins

  649. Kawhi is the cornerstone but Gasol is right there or will be. Jlin and Lowry will solidify them and everybody else can come along for the ride. Siakam looked very good but he did take a lot of shots, shots that wouldn’t be there w/o Kawhi and rightly so. But Siakam is a solid young player. Too bad Taurean Prince is not at that stage… though you probably could’t tell since ATL is tanking.

  650. There you go again.. see that’s what I get annoyed at.. lin fans like this..making assumptions..and syaing lin is god and different maker and doesn’t need others.

    I watched the whole game. It was team effort.. If you watch basketball instead of only watching lin.. you know that it was team effort ON DEFENSE.. HE WAS SYNCING WITH THE TEAM… that’s basketball..not lin ball.

  651. A good team reduces the chances of serious injuries. Lin’s past injuries happened during the times when he had to single-handedly lift a bad team to a competitive one, such as with the Knicks and Nets.

  652. Any time you say the words “Lin fans like this” tells too much about you and what you likely POST on team forums — you aren’t worth it period

  653. Yes, it’s a team effore and like I say to delusional don.. it’s TEAM EFFORT.. not lin difference maker.. they were a 2nd place team WITHOUT LIN already. It’s the defense that stop the wizards and started the offense.

  654. You know nothing about basketball — yes it’s all a socialist plot – nobody ever makes a difference — go learn something and then post your badmouthing of JLIN fans on the team blogs

  655. yeah.. there are lin fans’..many types… which one are you

    – good reasonable ones like psalm
    – neutral ones who sees the whole thing like me.
    – delusional ones where they think lin is god and he is better than MJ – you should know (this is the ones who are trolls on those team board which everyone hates)

  656. And what kind of faux trollish fan are you?

  657. again a delusional lin fan who claims they know more basketball than anyone else because they only watch lin play.

    I’m not badmouth.. where am I bad mouthing lin…
    I badmouth delusional lin fans only.

  658. Tell us what your alias is that you post with on the Team Blogs so we have a future reference?

  659. I don’t post on team blogs.

  660. well, from the look SO FAR.. seems like nurse plays players a longer period… like to get them in rhythm.. that’s from what I noticed.. maybe because I was surprise he was played 25 minutes.

  661. I’ve played and watched basketball for more years that you’ve been a JLIN troll faux fan and know more about the game than you;ll probably ever know.

    Don’te really believe that you don’t post on team blogs

  662. gasol treatment?

  663. Surprised why?

  664. LOL, did not want to be seen as “uncool”

  665. Raptors commentator is the same one on Lin’s Toronto “ice in the vein” shot in 2012. He has a great showtime voice.

  666. because he just got off the plane and everything. The most I thought will be 20 minutes as a start.

  667. that’s all that JLIN deserves right? Right?

  668. Brings back the nostalgic feeling and memories.

  669. Nah, you were just used to how LP used to yo-yo Jlin. I thought there was a couple lf times when he could have jerked Jlin but he allowed him to play through and it worked out fine.

  670. Wondering what is this “Gasol treatment”? 🙂

  671. I thought it very disrespectful when he would insert Jlin for the last 2 minutes of a game as he did a couple of times. That is a good time to get hurt and for nothing.

  672. Ooooh we have a war of words! cheer up guys, we won on a team wanting to win. You guys are picking scabs when we just escaped a team who is a continual bleeding wound

  673. I was wondering if he is the same man during the game. His voice sounded familiar. )

  674. bwc is just a JLIN apologist that runs around on the internet badmouthing JLIN’s fans

  675. It’s Matt Devlin. The gravelly-voiced fellow (analyst) in the 2012 game was Jack Armstrong.

  676. In warmups before Gasol’s first game the team went through some routine rolling around on the floor and Gasol didn’t know what was going on so he just stood there and stared like “whaaa?”

  677. I won’t see it that way until JLIN familiarizes himself with his new team …

    … learning real game habits of teammates and familiarizing with each other every minute he can get right now all adds value

  678. One of the reasons I respect Lin –
    “I am proud to represent Asian people on a global platform… and do that the right way”

  679. Layup for Jeremy. Assist to Lowry …

  680. Lol.
    Thank you.

  681. To be clear, I meant when LP would put Jlin in for the last couple of minutes in a game. He did it I know at least twice and maybe once or twice more. The coaching fell of Nurse was much different than LP. Part of it was probably coaching style and part of it is playing to tank vs playing to win. But yes, we will see as we go on. But you don’t win as much as TOR has done w/o doing the right basic things in coaching.

  682. Washington announcer said “Jeremy Lin joined the team today, but he played as if he were with them whole year”

  683. I think he adjusted well. defense was really good

  684. 7 Minutes z!

  685. Jeremy in his post-game media session …

  686. A bit at a loss at the beginning of 4th quarter. Overall, good game for Lin.

  687. Here is Marc Gasol not knowing quite what to do during the warmup several nights ago. Jeremy talked to Danny Green before tonight’s game so he knew what to do …

  688. Nice camera angle for one of Jeremy’s assists …

  689. This is funny, such a weird routine.

  690. watched parts of the game on my phone. couldnt miss it. its so good to be on a playoff team. they play so fundamentally sound. now Lin is given this opportunity will shine. today was a good start. he didnt know the playbook. the break will help the three but man was the chemistry good.

  691. Or you could wish both Lin and Gasol to start with Kawhi and Lowry and Green/Ibaka.

  692. It’s Kawhi the machine. if Lowry can play team ball, it won’t be a problem.

  693. Siakam relied on his own hussle and post moves to get his tonight and most were from his own rebounds. Lin barely had any assists to Siakam if at all.

  694. Did anyone catch Lin making that off dribble 3 before the buzzer that didn’t count? I was very surprised and happy to see that. Haven’t seen him take an off dribble 3 like that in years which it counted. Goes to show what a difference it makes to have a great supportive coach, GM, and fans! Lin will get his confidence back with this team. Needs to turn this into a big contract extension.

  695. What are you talking about? He got some blocks, hit a few 3s and did a bit of everything. He played better than Gasol who wasn’t used to the offense. But if I had to choose I’d start Gasol over Ibaka.

    If possible it’d be nice to interchange starters depending on who they play.

  696. Yes I saw that, total BS! That shot should’ve counted, refs always has a way of cheating his shots. Anyway I was surprised and happy to see Lin make an off dribble side step 3! That’s the confidence we’ve been missing for years. All players need support to play like a star. Nick Nurse will bring out the Linsanity back.

  697. tonight, without even a second of practice or film, he got 8 pts, 5 rebs, 5 ast, and +10…. just imagine what happens when he gets more chemistry with his new teammates.

    his defense and passing is what will make him valuable. WHEN his shooting comes back around, watch out…

  698. Lin tweeted that he only knew 3 plays and got the win. He will play much better once he learns the offense. Solid on d as usual. All players plays tough two-way ball, Lin won’t have to work so hard anymore.

  699. I am 56. I have a daughter. JLin is like a son that I never have. I stood by, watched everyone of his games, for years, high and low. He never let us down. A happy day today.

  700. i think gasol would benefit from playing with lin on the bench and vice versa. gasol is 34, he’s no spring chicken.

  701. They literally have 4 stars and Lin is star as well even though he doesn’t have the recognition yet. Raptors legit has 5 stars including Lin. There’s Saikam and Green. Raptors vs GSW will be loads of fun!

  702. Its only gonna go high…no doubt about it

  703. Nick Nurse said he wants Lin take more shot in the post game interview if I am not mistaking. I love Nick Nurse so far….

  704. lin missed a bunny at the rim, and also his missed 3’s were all good looks. i’m not concerned at all. when he gets back in rhythm after playing consistent minutes again, he’s going to contribute a lot. i dont expect him to start or close games on this stacked team, but his minutes matter again. his plays matter again. that’s all i can ask for after suffering through the atl tank…

  705. when he learns the plays, he will be deadly. him and gasol are great passers. get some good role players around them and the bench will be amazing.

  706. If you look at the numbers I posted yesterday..they have atleast 7 star players excluding JL

  707. ya…i think during the game we could observe that he kinda suppressed his shots and opted to pass or hesitated.

  708. I was scared that the Raptors might lose this game until Q3 when Lin checked in to pair up with Lowry. The Raptors simply overcame the double digit deficit and got back into the game.

    This Q3 is phenomenal. The run started right after Lin checked in. 44 points were scored in one quarter by Toronto which made the difference of the game.

  709. spur games next..
    you know what I’m thinking..
    but don’t want to jinx it..

  710. 3rd qtr wasn’t just offense.. it was mostly defense.. they stopped wizards. and lin was in sync with the other teammates…that’s where the contributatio was..not the offense there.

  711. Haha…….switch to sleepless mode….lol

  712. Nice post-game presser by Nurse. He says he thought Lin could’ve been more aggressive. See, even a good coach agrees with people like me and sws, saying Lin should be more aggressive. And I thought Lin was already pretty aggressive this game, given the fact that he only knew a few of the Raptors’ plays.

  713. wow toronto actually really wanted lin..
    no wonder why there is a buyout

  714. It’s not a slight on Lin. We know what he’s capable of. When he doesn’t show it, we’re just saying he has it in him and he’s best when he shows it. It’s what established him really. Linsanity was an ultra-aggressive player, shooter, playmaker and when he’s playing on his higher level, he’s a controlled and more mature version of the more raw Lin of Linsanity.

  715. Hope people listen to this. Lin reveals a lot about the whole organization wanting him vs. a part. Also he points out how Lowry is the leader of the team. That’s what I wanted to see D’Angelo Russell do as a Net but he came in with his “I’m one of the team’s leaders” nonsense. I saw that as a problem. Lin did it the right way. Kyle is the team’s leader and he helped Lin out in his first day in his words and actions on the court. That’s showing Lowry due respect. That’s important.

  716. he is a son, a brother and a family to us and i know he treated his followers as such too thru thick and thin!

  717. linsanity was also 1st option… if nurse makes lin 1st option on the second unit then we’ll see aggressive lin again. this statement from nurse is a good sign…

  718. Again Lin gives props to Atlanta and what they’ve done and how they treated him. So it’s time for the doubters to just say, thank you Atlanta and give them the proper respect and acknowledgment they deserve. Sometimes people treat Lin right. We’re so used to them treating him the wrong way that maybe PTSD sets in and we just don’t believe it. But, that’s not the case with Atlanta. I again thank Atlanta for what they did for Lin and the whole positive environment and opportunity they gave him.

  719. nurse is smart.. he sees what we see.. that lin could’ve shot the ball at times but chose to pass..but he say veteran guys like to do that to fit in to play unselfishly.

    so we right all the time.. he passes up shots!
    If coach tells him, you gotta be a bit more aggressive you will see him go off.

  720. Agree. He said the whole TOR team and organization wanted him and that is a big thing. The fact they a favored team to win it all is just frosting on the cake. Or maybe it just takes greatness to recognize greatness.

  721. I don’t think it is about being first option but more imposing his will on the game and using his shot to establish himself or provide scoring when needed. If he’s playing with Kawhi or Siakim or other scorers, it’s still good to get them the ball. But if he has a shot, or can get his from the defense, go for it.

  722. and also note that he say he has been where 1 out of 3 or 2 out of 3 FRONT OFFICES wants him.. …..whereas the raptors ALL 3 front offices want him..

    that means that evenin the nets, 1 of theose 3 did NOT really care to want him.. Maybe it’s sean marks. see ..we analyzing his statements.

  723. nurse knows lin can score..
    but lin likes to pass.. which is stupd.. he can be it,.

  724. I’m very happy with how Lin played tonight. Not knowing how to fit in makes execution very difficult. This applies on both offence and defence. Both Gasol and Lin’s game depends so much on team chemistry to get the best from everyone. If Gasol and Lin look tentative or slightly hesitant, it’s because they still have to think and react as opposed to just react and execute. It’s going to take some time for both of them to get used to how the team plays as well and established teammates to get used to what to expect, especially lead passes and pushing the pace.

    What Gasol and Lin are doing is what great experienced athletes do. They do not go rogue unless they are forced to. Both Gasol and Lin have multiple playing levels that allows them to up their games as needed. That’s why Lin is “Mr Forth Quarter”.

    Youngsters like Hawks rookies don’t know how to raise their levels. Often they mistake pushing the peddle for blind adrenaline attacks with blinders on. Guys like Prince and even Trae “goes for it” in an uncontrol flush of effort that goes way beyond what they are capable of. They start doing things that aren’t in their own games…like how Bembry start trying to be a PG, or Trae taking Kawhi one on one for the game winning shot! These are coaching cues that great leaders can help youngster to build a game. This is why Lin is such a great leader for the Hawks.

    Lin teaches that you must raise your level to meet an opponent’s raise in the game. How you do it is to take your own game and push the risk level to a higher level AND NOT TO PLAY A GAME YOU DON’T OWN. Game situations is for winning with the game you own and not ones you don’t. The practice court is where you hone new skills but in game situations, you must execute the game you own and nothing else. To meet an opponents levels, you increase the risk levels of your game by pushing the lower percentage plays you know.

    Lin and Gasol are learning to play with new people and a new game plan. They are smart enough vets to know and trust that their games is simply to adjust and not hurt their new team. Lin’s third quarter play was definitely a net positive stand that change the fortunes of the game tonigh. That’s what good players do.

  725. role matters.

    people here still acting like he chooses to be passive? in reality he’s just trying to play smart within the role he is given. this is why i always talk about confident lin. when his minutes aren’t tied to how many points he “must” score to stay in the game, then he plays free. when he plays free, he just dominates. nurse’s statements are HUGE if that means he will empower lin to lead the second unit…

  726. he said front office, coaching staff, and players. previously only one or two of them wanted him. over here all 3 wanted him.

    hmmm… maybe atkinson wanted lin and marks was a doubter all along??? Hmmm…. snakes gonna snake…

  727. Mama Lin can’t contain her excitement 🤗 So glad to see them and Lin fans so happy!

    It felt like a giant cloud has been lifted away and Lin might finally have found home after a long journey. And to be wanted by all 3 of Front Office/GM, Coach, and players 🙏 Thank God it’s not a dream lol

  728. lin likes to make the right play. he ain’t no chucker…

  729. You can add a 4th component that Lin didn’t mention: the fans. Toronto fans loves Lin.

    Funny seeing momma Lin so happy for Lin to be on the Raptors and getting a win. Hopefully she tells Lin to shoot more, just like coach Nurse and grandma Lin.

  730. I think Marks was a doubter all along.

  731. I don’t disagree that he’s always trying to play smart. It’s a balance always of scoring and getting your teammates going. Or picking your spots to score vs. getting others going.

  732. Lin gave kudos to Coach, Marc and especially Kyle Lowry for telling him what to do out there when he hasn’t learned TOR system yet. That’s huge and proves Kyle wants JLin to succeed. He probably is tired with playoff losses and knows JLin can help TOR to succeed this year!

    I hope no LIn fans will bring up Lin should replace Lowry as the starting PG and cause divisiveness. He is the de facto PG and has been there for a long time so total respect to him.

    One TOR Raptor reporter praised Lowry/Lin chemistry and thinks Lin can start as SG when VanVleet is back so that’s good news

  733. lin has become a better passer with age. anyone see that no look to gasol? he wasn’t expecting it and it ended up as a TO but give them some time and they’ll be feasting on second units soon enough…

  734. I think Lin need to replace Lowry…there you go! 😉

    on a serious note….Lowry is one of the best team player you can get in NBA….he is totally a coach and team player.

    He had sacrificed so much, in terms of changing his game, scoring less, facilitating more and getting others involved. There is no way we can call him an egoistic or selfish player or a ball hog in any ways

  735. This was what Lin got prepped for and what Marc Gasol failed to prep for…

  736. What we witnessed tonight was Lin and Gasol providing the steady hands to keep the ship moving forwards. I’ve watched a lot of Raptors games and I’ve seen way too many games where the bench would lose the lead and forced the starters back on. There was one game when Lowrey was already tired and recovering from a slight injury and handed the game to VanVleet to finish with a good 15 pt lead late in the forth. VanVleet couldn’t keep the lead and it dwindled down to nothing forcing Lowrey back into the game. He subsequently righted the ship but then sustained a bump and a fall that could have put him out with a serious injury.

    Lin’s numbers weren’t flashy but then he didn’t need to be. This team under Nurse is full of good character guys with good leadership that spreads the scoring to the hot hands. The two youngsters were hot today so they kept feeding them. When Jonas Valanciunas gave up His starter role to Ibaka, he didn’t cry, he made sure to force the coach to play him with his own good play. He was sorely missedwhen he got injured and the bench failed to be effective without him.

    IMO, Lin just needs to be solid and let the play come to him. Eventually, he’ll get hot as needed and earn the playtime without jealousy from teammates. It all comes down to wins. We have to trust that Lin can step up at crunch time (as he always has in the past) as we get closer to the playoffs.

  737. If you try to name the top 5 teams in NBA now, only two teams in the western conference will be qualified; the Warriors and the Thunder. The Bucks, the Raptors and the 76ers are sure in.

    Both the Celtics and the Rockets are disappointing. LeBron couldn’t create another miracle with his lowly Lakers. Denver and Utah are not even close.

  738. Mind you. The Wizards scored 28. The Raptors scored 44.

  739. We didnt like LIN at Hawks, bcoz they were on development mode, senior veteran such as VC, suited well, but for players like LIN who has so much to give in terms of BB, it had been at his best interest to move on.

    The Organization was class act, they could have easily held Lin back, but they understand and appreciated LIN’s contribution and need. Cheers to them.

  740. Game Highlights, for those who missed it

    NBA 2019/2/14 Washington Wizards 巫師vs暴龍 Toronto Raptors NBA Highlights 林書豪首戰 Jeremy Lin 8+5+5

  741. They didn’t want play Lin and T.Young together.

    Lin wasn’t their 6th man. He wasn’t allowed to close games for the team.
    There were some games they could have won with Lin.

    As a tanking team, they did good to Lin.
    The Lakers sucked because they changed their direction and sacrificed Lin.
    The Hawk’s goal was clear since the beginning.

  742. We have lots to look forward to.

  743. He only averages 11 FGA…..I’m totally ok when he took that many shot when needed and he had hot hands as well, He played well at both ends

  744. LOL…that was funny…thanks for sharing

  745. Move on. No one cares about where again?

  746. Now, if it is true that FO, players, coaches, and fans wanted our guy and he is given a fair chance, then Toronto is easely my team and it will stick regardless of how jlin plays.

  747. so the no look also tricked gasol.

  748. yes, but you have to stop the bleeding before you can heal and grow.

  749. SM was a doubter.. I remember he was double checking and asking KA is Lin the guy that you want, really? and KA say yes.

  750. yep! this is great news.. coaches like mchale, scott, kenny even wanted lin to play pass first all the time… when lin was under MDA, he had the ultimate green light to shoot the ball, which is why he performed so well.. I think Lin finally has a coach that is empowering him to shoot the ball because he knows what jeremy is capable of.

  751. its amazing to see lin’s full potential when he is playing under a great coach and is surrounded by really good talent.

  752. indeed….but its gonna take some time to transition over for LIN.

  753. Lin needs to stick with no.17 it’s his lucky number.

  754. Lowry is a much better and unselfish teammate compared to Walker who pretended to be a good teammate but chucked shots and always passed to the opposite side of Lin.

    Lin can play SGand focus on scoring easier so long as the starting PG doesn’t ice him out.

  755. Marks not wanting Lin is obvious. Hope Raptors and Nets meet in playoffs and Lin goes off on them.

  756. But over passes, Lin is too used to coaches not wanting him to shoot. Like I said he listens to the coach too much which is dumb. Nick Nurse is the type of coach like MDA who will encourage Lin to shoot more.

  757. Totally agreed on this sentiment. Kyle this year proved me wrong and right that his game is more suited as a true PG than a scoring machine. He proved me right also that Dwayne Casey was a bad coach that rode the coattails of talent instead of coaching a team.

    What I’ve seen this season is Kyle playing the Nurse offence that spreads the scoring and therefore empoweres everyone. It’s why this team keeps winning even without Kawhi on the floor. Lowrey deserves his starter role for all the great passing and leadership on this team. The fact that the players around him have responded means that he has helped change this franchise around. The chance of this team choking in the playoffs is far less likely because it’s up to everyone to lift their games and no solely on the shoulders of DeRozen and Lowrey.

    Don’t get me wrong, Lin is a far better player simply because he’s much tougher on defence. They will need both lin and Gasol to stop the Bucks.
    The only ones that can stop the “Greek freak” is the tandem of ”GasoLin”. Lin to shunt him to a true stopper like Gasol is why they’ve been added to the Raptors. They’ve lost to Milwaukee badly at home tand have been a terrible matchup to that team all year. Lin and Gasol can score, that’s a given, but their defence is why this team will win the East and maybe even stop the GSWs.

  758. 8-5-5.

    First game statistics without even practice with the team. That’s pretty impressive. Especially the second number, 5 assist. 8 pts could be easily turned into 14 if 2 out of 4 fall. If Lin played more than 30 minutes, 3-D is not impossible.

    I watched the whole game. Not a basketball pundit, but I can tell Lin’s most important contribution is not shown in the numbers above. It is his defense. You can see more than once, twice, three times… that he got into positions that block Wizards players from getting the ball, that helping his teammates getting the rebound. He was in the flow of Raptors defense scheme. He fits right into it. 3Q turn around is more evident that Lin’s effortless integration and his defense impact made that happen.

    Imagine a team of Lowry, Lin, Garsol, Leonad and Ibeka, this is a team that can play on both ends, especially on the defense side. I don’t know about Lowry, but the remaining 4 have a pretty good defense skills and mindset already.

    I like this team. This is the exact MO that works. It seems to me that this team wants to win, don’t care about individual stats. I have to give prop to Lowry. He is unselfish, He is a leader (age 32). So he got my vote. I would be more than happy to see if Lin play as SG with him and close games.

    Another take on Harden. Rockets lose again even if he got his. That is really sickening and a ironic comparison between team ball and fake hero ball. #WeTheNorth plays the right way. (Raptors announcer said something similar in the game more than once).

  759. The video is very clear. Thank you for sharing.

    Coach Nurse said that Lin passed a lot in his debut with Raptors, but he also said “veteran players are smart, they pass a lot in the first games to FIT IN faster.”

    He said he likes Lin as a player, and Lin is a smart veteran, good person. He also said, everyone should be excited to see him.

  760. It appears so. It is the number of Linsanity!

  761. Meanwhile Harden is promoted and propped up on a nightly basis on NBA. :/

    Also look at how Lin actually got 2 highlights on NBa app today which we haven’t seen forever! Goes to show how much Raptors support him.

  762. Also said he could’ve been more agressive. 🙂

  763. Not a coincidence. Lin needs to stop defying it and changing back to no.7

  764. Raptors new Defensive “Lineup of Death”?:

    “You ever notice how Tim Duncan was able to blow up offensive possessions just from having the intelligence to know how where the action was headed? That’s what Marc excelled at in his defensive prime. He knew exactly what you were going to run and consistently positioned himself in a way to stop it, using his huge wingspan and solid natural quickness to get deflections and bother shot attempts. It wasn’t really about blocks or steals with him, more so defensive IQ and strong m2m defense.

    He’s the type of defender I think people are gonna forget years down the line because what made him great isn’t really that apparent.” [ ]

    Marc Gasol: / /

    JLin: /

    Kawhi: /

  765. He did. 🙂

  766. Siakam is their second option because he is very active, runs the floor and gets in the face of defence. He’s young and have much to learn but I believe he’s the real deal. It’s up to Nurse to rein him in and not turn back into the Dwayne Casey superstar style team. Hopefully, he’ll learn that team play means championships and iso only wins during regular seasons.

  767. Actually Lin cares. If you listen to Lin’s post conference he made a point of thanking Atlanta. Lin would not be in Toronto were it not for the cooperation of Atlanta and if they traded him on a bad deal, which other teams may have done.

  768. Exactly. The organization was a class act. There are posters that have stated they’re not, they can’t be, etc. Yet Lin has said time and time again what they’ve done for him.

    I didn’t think there would be a buyout and I apologized to a poster because I was wrong about that. I wish some would say they were wrong about Atlanta. Atlanta was a crucial part of why Lin is where he is. Acknowledgement of people doing the right thing is important.

  769. It is a win-win-win situation, according to Howard Medgal.

    For Jeremy Lin, Joining Toronto Raptors Will Pay Off This Summer

    “Now consider this from a Lin free agency perspective. In a contract season, Lin showed that he can come to a young team and provide wisdom and leadership in a losing situation. Now he gets to prove that he can play important minutes in a key role for a winning team. This is no small thing for the well-traveled Lin, who is likely to play multiple rounds in the playoffs for the first time in his career.”

  770. lin first raptors game 13th.

    lin’s second raptors game: not till 22nd!!!!!???!!!!

    what will “we” do??

    9 days without lin make (more than) one weak (week).

  771. I like Lin on the Raptors because they are a win-now team (among other reasons). I hope Lin stays healthy throughout the playoffs. He looked great yesterday in terms of energy even though he had a hectic day.

    I think if Lin goes to a non-contending young team he becomes dispensable. He becomes a player that doesn’t fit a youth timeline. That’s what happened on the Nets and limited his role on the Hawks.

    I hope he prioritizes a win-now contender team as a free agent in the off-season and stays away from rebuilding ones.

  772. It seems to me Lin has to aggressively look to score in this team to get as many PT. That’s good.

  773. For those who are concerned with Jlin “not getting his” Harden and HOU are a good example of why “not getting” yours is not good. It is because this philosophy is the antithesis of team basketball and a losing strategy. It may be good for the celebrity brand of BB that the NBA promotes but it is not good BB. Lowry and Jlin playing together is going to be good for the health of both because they won’t have to cover up each other’s mistakes and thus exert more energy. From a health standpoint this is very good for Jlin and others who have health/age issues. Speaking of Lowry again, Jlin has got to be elated to play with someone as good as Lowry is and vice versa. Totally different combo than with DeRozan and IMO better for both.

  774. Toronto announcers are very entertaining. More reason to see the game.

  775. Having watched practically every single Lin game of his career (that’s like 1/3 of my life for last 7 yrs.), it feels like this team could be the best shooting/finishing team he has ever been on (high assist numbers).

  776. The Hawks were boring team but they treated him right. Kudos to the Hawks organization. One great thing about Lin being on Hawks was listening to Dominique say good things about Lin. I hated Dominique before but now I like him. lol

  777. ATL vs NYK on tonight. Should be a “thriller”

  778. Yep, Nurse sees the game as we do; that means Lin has to play aggressively if he wants to get as many PTs. That’s great. Lin’s O was C+/B-, and his D was a solid A. But since this is the first game, I will wait for more games. Liked Nurse and Lowry a lot. Don’t see anything negative for Lin.

  779. Is someone following baby Lin’s IG?

    From Joe IG


    God is so dang good man!⁣
    So excited for this. So excited for you to play with your teammates. This team is crazy unselfish! ⁣This gon be a fun ride 😬
    #theNorth #isrising #teamDrakelol

  780. It’ll come down to the last shot to see who wins the losing contest! Lol

    May the best tank lose

  781. ATL is way better than the Knicks. I don’t dislike the team ATL is building, they’re more entertaining to watch than the pathetic Knicks.

  782. what about danny green .. he was starting before now.

  783. A lot of Lin fans here and elsewhere wanted Lin to play for bad to meh teams like Suns and Magic, just so Lin could get an opportunity to start. I kept trying to tell people that it would be a bad idea, but many didn’t care nor listen.

    I’ve always said that it was a bad idea for Lin to go to a non-playoff contending team because everyone knows that the playoffs is where NBA players make their money, showcasing their skills and talent to the world when it matters most. Bucks and Raptors were my 2 favorite destinations for Lin, but Raptors seemed like a dream that might not have wanted or needed Lin. Turns out, Masai Uijiri planned it so that he sent away 2 guards to make room for Lin, and FVV suffered a freak injury, which made Lin a priority and necessity, instead of just a luxury as the Raptors’ casters put it.

    Let’s be real though, if Lin wasn’t so cheap in the buyout market, Raptors would not have acquired him. He costs less than $1M for the next 24 games. Lin still needs to stay healthy and play out of his mind for teams to be bidding for his services this summer. He only went to the Nets because of Kenny and because they promised him a starting role. That was more important to a 27-year old Lin entering his prime, than being on a stacked team competing for a title back then. I doubt Lin will make that mistake again.

  784. He said something about never getting past the first round and he wants to go deep into the playoffs. Hopefully, that’ll wet Lin’s appetite for playoff basketball and he’ll make it a priority. How he does that with his desire to be a starting PG, I don’t know. Something may have to give.

  785. No more “pass pass pass” Lin, this is a look to score coach who wants the best for you and the team! Getting some MDA nostalgia right now.

  786. 4 star team ibaka, Leonard, Gasol, Lowry. Including untitled “star” Lin that’s 5 stars. This team will give GSW a good run in finals.

  787. I think one thing most Lin fans haven’t thought about nor talked about is the fact that Lin finally gets to play with a superstar that isn’t selfish and is actually a 2x Defensive Player of the Year. That is a far cry from the likes of Melo, Harden, and Kobe that Lin has had to deal with on past teams.

    Kawhi Leonard is the perfect superstar to be the teammate of an unselfish player like Lin. Masai Ujiri is a very shrewd and cutthroat GM, but he knows what makes a championship team: talent, unselfishness, teamwork, defense, and team-first players. He has assembled a team that has good role players surrounded by multiple stars and a superstar who doesn’t behave like a superstar normally does.

    This New Balance ad of Kawhi shows him and NB throwing shade at the likes of Harden, KD, LeBron, and other superstars who are more focused with social media, their own stats, and their own self image.

  788. Lin has always said that his dream is to be a starting PG in the NBA… AND to eventually win a championship. I guess he kind of already succeeded in accomplishing his first dream / goal, even if injuries put an end to that. Now he wants to achieve his ultimate dream / goal. It may be Lin’s only and last chance to do it this season. I pray he succeeds.

  789. I think Lin has what it takes to be a crucial part of winning a chip. Of course he’d need help, but he has that “thing” that just ignites winning. Where I differ from most posters here is I don’t care how he does it as long as he has a big role and finishes most of the games. Finishing is crucial to me. Not sure that’ll happen with Toronto but I hope it does in the future.

  790. Lin’s recent statement when being asked about the buyout might give more clarity of what he aspires to do now.
    – coming off the bench isn’t his preferred role because of his competitive nature
    He aspires:
    – to be a starter
    – to get heavy minutes
    – to even come off the bench and play more (minutes), and or be more involved.

    My simple take is while he’ll always prefer to be a starting PG, he’s open to the off-the-bench role with heavy minutes/major involvement. He’s a smart guy and knows if he helps the Raptors advance deep in the playoff, perhaps all the way to the NBA Finals; he’d have plenty of options. They could be backup PG in TOR, starting SG in TOR, or starting PG in other NBA teams.

    Toronto Raptors will definitely give him a chance to shine this season. Thank God Atlanta helped him to recover and the buyout process so he can have a chance to shine and help Toronto now. It’s a win-win scenario so far 🙂

  791. Markieff Morris signed with OKC after several teams (Thunder, Rockets, Nets, Raptors and several others) pursued him after his buyout with the Wizards.

    He won’t have much PT behind Gasol, Siakam, Ibaka so it makes sense he didn’t sign with the Raptors. Thankfully for Lin, he had the opposite situation after Toronto traded Delon Wright, CJ Miles to Memphis then VanVleet got hurt.

    My guess is Toronto has been targeting JLin long before Feb 7 trade deadline after JLin aced his 2 game-audition, smartly not do trade to give up 1st pick that Atlanta wants, traded 2 guards to get Gasol to open the roster spot, and hopes JLin will choose them. Thankfully, Atlanta appreciated Lin’s mentorship and was willing to buyout Lin’s contract with almost full-salary intact.

    God has been good indeed for JLin! This is the best scenario that can happen to Lin this season. Getting some PT while recovering and mentoring Trae and young Hawks after major injury, and finding the best spot with an NBA Finals contender stacked with stars like Kahwi, Gasol, Lowry, Ibaka, and Siakam as the new star.

    Let’s continue to hope and pray that JLin gels quickly with Gasol and new teammates during the All-Star Break for 9 days, and will shine and stay healthy in the last 23 games of the regular season and advance deep in the playoff all the way to the NBA Finals beating the old team Brooklyn Nets and the Bucks in the process!

  792. They’re certainly very animated 🙂

  793. Morris is a thug, an enforcer, not a good team-first high character player / person. I guess Raptors wanted him to play the role of an enforcer because they have a lot of nice guys on the team, even more so with Lin there now. Refs don’t give the Raptors any calls, which leads to opposing teams taking advantage of this, resulting in dirty and dangerous fouls. I doubt he would’ve made a huge difference on the Raptors anyway.

  794. Whats crazy is Lin started his one and only game against the raptors with the hawks and totally destroyed the audition with 20 and 9 at 80% shooting lol.


    Lin’s 3 point shot percentage was higher than his average in raptors game.

  796. It’ll be interesting to see if Lin can help the Raptors to win more games to reach NBA Finals and help to persuade Kahwi to resign with Toronto next season. This ESPN article does a great job to show how much the Raptors want to keep Kahwi happy who’s not used to the cold, snowy place in Toronto, and is expected to go back to his hometown in Southern California with LA Clippers as the biggest contender to sign him.

    Perhaps if Lin can help to strengthen that team-first culture in the Raptors, Kahwi would be happier and might choose to resign with the Raptors.

    This Raptors team is definitely easy to root for without those me-first stars like Harden, LeBron, KD, etc. Masai Ujiri is one smart GM who also knows his job can be on the line if the Raptors doesn’t advance deep in the playoff.

  797. Lin played superbly in his only starting game. This comment said well,

    “With Lin as a starter,“ Hwaks ”went toe-to-toe with the best team in the east. Should’ve started him since day one.”

  798. Honestly, if being on a great team with multiple stars and high character players, and either getting deep in the playoffs, Finals, or even winning it all, doesn’t convince Kawhi to stay in Toronto, nothing will. Lin won’t make a big difference in Kawhi’s decision making, even though Lin might play a small role in his final decision.

    To be honest, I don’t really care if Kawhi stays in Toronto or not. Too many things can happen from now until the start of next season that neither we nor Lin can control. Worrying about what Kawhi does or doesn’t do in the offseason is not my concern. That might change beyond May, but I’m just going to enjoy Lin being able to play with a legit superstar who isn’t all about himself and actually plays great defense.

  799. yeah you late to the party but ok

  800. Exactly why Raptors got got him.

  801. This game was even more impressive. Lin got 26 points in 25 minutes played coming off the bench. Unlike the only start he got as a Hawk, where he played for 34 and a half minutes, Lin was able to score more and be even more efficient…

  802. I just was going to tell that he only knew three plays before the game.

  803. He has no reason to leave if they reach the final.

  804. At least one style of JLin jersey is now in the Raptors’ store. As far as I can tell the prices are in US funds.


  805. Wont’ get any merchandise until Lin resigns with Raptors next season. You never know what can happen. Overall Raptors might very well be the first team where I want a t shirt or something related to Lin and the team. We’ll see.

  806. This is the direct link:

    It’s only the replica jersey, not the Swingman. Guess it’s better than knockoffs or nothing if you really need to be repping Lin.

    I don’t like any of the Raptors’ jerseys. They look so ugly and plain. Hopefully their graphic designers go back to the drawing board next year… if Lin resigns with them.

  807. They are. The purple throwback uniform was more interesting.

  808. Good idea… u jyst convinced me of same… did u purchase lp?

  809. Nice

  810. That welcoming roar just gets me choked up. Rain after long drought!

  811. If Kawhi wants to go to LA he has some serious blinders on. That organization is toxic with “showtime” greed. Their spirit has sort of rotted from within. They’ll have to hit bottom and regain some humanity and humility before they shine again. If he thinks he’ll somehow be the guy to spiff them up…that’s drinking some kool-aid.

  812. It was a *^&% day of snow, sleet and freezing rain.
    I had to power up the snowblower so I can get the (*&@ out of my driveway.
    It was the start of a miserable day.

    Then the news: Jeremy Lin is coming. Jeremy Lin is coming.Jeremy Lin is coming.
    He is coming to Toronto. He is going to be a Raptor. He is going to be playing for MY TEAM.
    We are going to be neighbors.
    We are going to the NBA finals.

    … It was a good day after all.

  813. Actually…I love his parents as much as I love him. The best.

  814. Which is why you need a thug on your side. Poor refereeing is what causes the need for a friendly thug. Charles Oakley did this superbly for NYK. When he maintained order there was more order. I actually don’t blame other teams for shutting down Jlin because he is so good and fearless in attacking the basket. But that doesn’t mean you head hunt him. I think the amount of stars on this team will protect Jlin more than ever, at least I hope so.

  815. siakam is on the rise too… he’s like everything that prince wants to be lol…

  816. knicks will get zion, durant, and kyrie… then trade zion for AD… BOOM!

  817. Is “stupid” entirely necessary? You know perfectly well the restrictions he’s played under ever since the Knicks…trying to play well and stay in the NBA with knives aimed at his back. He knows he’s coming into a high functioning team, so ease in till you get tight. I love that Nurse wants him to take more shots. Nurse is not criticizing him, he’s ready to unleash him. When has an organization wanted to do anything but suppress that in oh so many years? I don’t know how some of us think he’s dumb for “listening to coaches”. You don’t get the luxury of kicking out the jambs unless you’re an anointed star. Otherwise you do nothing but get your backside glued to the bench. Stupid here has managed to squeeze some honey out of every lemon he’s been handed, kept his stats decent in spite of it all, managed to get high praise from every teammate, and maybe now the scene he’s been patiently grooming for is coming his way. Inshallah, as they say.
    Rant over.

  818. now that morris is going to okc, lin’s old buddy omri casspi is still out there unsigned… would bring some shooting to the 2nd unit…

    raps still have roster spots available so masai aint done yet…

  819. Lin and Lowry were so good first game together last night. Did they know each other so well because they’ve played against each other for so long?

  820. yup I like the L&L.

    SO looks like we have 2 combo options here GasoLin and LnL

  821. L&L, I like it.

  822. Knicks won. Atl needs a bench PG.

  823. Once we get into the 2nd round of the playoffs (farther than JLIN has ever gone) then I will be buying the TOR #17 jerseys because that will mean JLIN is having the impact we know he can have and JLIN will give TOR preference even if another team offers more more cash.

  824. It was great to see Lin cutting when the raptors teammates were doubled, it opened up a couple plays for his teammates at the rim and outlet for Lin to score. Awesome intelligent game Lin played on offense and defense without even practicing with the Raptors yet!

  825. Mea culpa and my personal apologies to Atlanta’s Front Office — out of JLIN’s own mouth he said that ATL allowed him to make his contract “whole” with what they offered in the buyout (i.e. of the 3.7 owed, ATL paid $3M and JLIN gave up 700k only to get it right back $700k from TOR).

    That said, we haven’t had much more from the Buyout market yet — we know TOR still has roster spots and if JLIN is offered that sort of deal – then I would love to see Dedmon or Bazemore take the same Schlenk deal and execute a “made whole” buyout == both guys would be great additions to a Championship Finals run, they are also rotting away on the ATL bench behind youngsters (eventually if not now)

    Dedmon – Bazemore both excellent shooters

  826. They also considered Wesley Matthews and Ben McLemore.
    The backup PG injury made them to choose Lin.

    Raptors fans think Lin is a solid third PG.

  827. Casspi could be fine, but he probably wouldn’t get much playing time because we have so many athletic young Small Forwards just as tall as Casspi.

    Would be nice if we desperately needed to get 3s in late game situations

  828. shucks … we just needed you to add the final one line:

    We are going to WIN the NBA finals.


  829. hahaha….in addition, since Coach NN, a non-standard playbook guy, he tends to mix and match within the game. Like last nite he stuck with 8 players rotations. He also took the bench players mixing with starters.

    on and off we have seen Fred and Jonas starting the game….so let see

  830. He has a torn meniscus in his right knee …

  831. Don’t want to jump the gun too much but of course we all know this Playoff run is critical to JLIN’s NBA future Not Only for teams who need new PGs but even for TOR Raptors own future:

    If JLIN plays superbly in the playoffs that allows TOR to make critical decisions:

    1) Kyle Lowry makes $33m/yr and was rumored to be part of trade speculation before recent deadline
    2) If TOR wins the Finals Lowry probably stays put but if we are ousted in the 1st – 3rd rounds anything can happen from both the Lowry and TOR camps
    3) I expect JLIN will undoubtedly prove himself better than Fred Vanvleet who may also garner trade speculation

    It is imperative that JLIN have a wonderful playoffs to put himself in the best position possible if an opportunity to move up the TOR hierarchy presents itself.

  832. Good for you, Don.

    Dedmon and Baze don’t want to leave Atlanta.

  833. And you know this how? JLIN only completed his buyout this week – you’ve spoken to them?

  834. True but knowing Lin he will put winning first and foremost. Just be glad Nick Nurse is a great coach and the Raptors’ main stars in Lowry and Kawhi are unselfish. Lin will definitely shoot more from here on out due to the coach’s orders to be more aggressive.

  835. Yes for Baze, no for Dedmon never impressed with him and he never passed to Lin for open shots.

  836. You must not have seen Casspi play recently, after injury he’s be unproductive that’s exactly why no team wants him and he’s a liability on the floor. Raptors has far more talented rookies on their roster who can contribute on both ends.

  837. Both have expressed so. And what’s with the snarky response after I gave you credit. Not cool.

  838. Nope, never spent a dime on League Pass, there are HD quality streaming online.

  839. Still doesn’t mean it will be a long term gig, besides I doubt they will have many Lin merchandise until he gets a big contract extension.

  840. When Lin joined the Nets, I hoped he had a breakthrough at age of 27, 28 like Lowry. Lin didn’t lose matchups when he played against Lowry in HOU.

    But now, Lin’s career is more resemble to Arron Brooks’s.

  841. Baze big player option for next year so he can’t move w/o major cost. Dedmon said he was happy to stay in ATL. Why, don’t know and he did not elaborate

  842. Thanks for the info!

  843. Lowry and JLin are going to be deadly weapons for the Raptors. Marc Gasol also adds to strength of playmaking. These 3 help ball movements greatly.

    OG is a super version of Bembry. Pascal Siakam is absolutely a steal from 2016 draft; the 27th pick who is on his way to become an All-star. He is 24. The Raptors acquire talents of older players who are normally underrated. The young players of Toronto are impressive.

    Veterans like Gasol, Ibaka, Leonard, Lowry, Green, Lin provided experience and leadership to be successful in the playoff; this is not the same team which choked in the postseason. The Raptors will have an advantage to merge well ahead in team chemistry with such veteran leadership.

    This is a team which is in 100% win-now and no-later mode starting from the FO, down to the head coach and players.

    CBS has listed this the best team in the league. I am with them for the first time. Jeremy has a very good chance to earn a championship ring.

  844. Dedmon will stay in Atlanta. The team needs him more than Lin and Base.

  845. Lin is simply exceptional in running plays as he had shown us in Charlotte. Lowry is a heck of a passer. As time grows, Gasol will also add to the ability of running plays with Lin on the receiving end.

    We have a lot to look forward to.

  846. Whoooaaa – 900 comments! Don’t think I’ll be able to catch up – lol…..So, I may be repeating some posts….

    It was so much fun to see Lin’s warm reception from the Raptors fans. And to see him get off to such a good start with the Raptors! Classic Lin passes, and vintage Hornets-Lin cutting to basket.

    I watched the 3rd quarter on League Pass a few times, including the Washington feed. They were again, very complimentary of Lin’s abilities.

    It’s been a whirlwind 24 hrs for Lin fans too! SO MANY ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS! And all of them very well-written by Canadian media. Riding that Lin bandwagon.

    And Lin is such a good interview too! ALWAYS ARTICULATE, ALWAYS SINCERE, even when diplomatic, never phony….

  847. Right… thanks sport, not fonna spend a penny on nba until i see some results

  848. Their situations are different from Lin’s.

    Bazemore has another year to his very expensive contract. Teams are not going to want him. And don’t blame him for not wanting to give up anything. When he was in trade rumors, he indicated that he would like to stay in the city Atlanta. He has put down roots there. He and his wife are expecting baby.

    Dedmon is a starter, and averaging 25 minutes. Media asked Dedmon about buyout. He said he was happy to stay with the Hawks for the rest of the season. I think he was also due for a bonus if he played 40+ games for the Hawks this season.

    So, unfortunately, no….doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere voluntarily.

  849. Zach Randolph still available I think…

  850. I think Toronto needs 3 point sharpshooters. Only Danny Green shoots at 40%. The next closest is FVV at 37%. If Green is cold, no one else is very reliable. Not even Lin right now. Unless he gets back to Nov %.

    Nik Stauskas was shooting 40% when he was with Brooklyn. He might have been a good for instant offense, and he’s Canadian. And he’s cheap. Wonder why Toronto didn’t try to get him. He’s now in CLEVELAND.

    I checked the latest buyout candidates list. Nobody stands out.

  851. Yup, Wizards announcers said Lin fit right in, as if he has been there for years. And Toronto guys said with Lin’s experience, it’s not like the Raptors are running anything exotic plays.

  852. L&L. Lin & Lowry. Like one of the announcers said about Lin & Len. SOUNDS LIKE A LAW FIRM……..

  853. I am a Lin only fan but this doesn’t make me unfair.

    Kwahi may feel happier in Toronto than in LA and that is his business. This is the season for the Raptors and winning is everything which means more than any single player. There will be no tomorrow for lots of players including L&L if the Raptors loses in the playoff.

  854. Toronto has already spent $170,000 in luxury tax for Jeremy’s first game before the All-star Game.

    Toronto could have saved $170,000 to let Lin rest for the game against the Wizards.

  855. Why not? The Raptors still has opening in it’s roster.

  856. GasoLine could be explosive if you light them up.

  857. The Thunder and the Warriors are the best two teams in the Western Conference with PG13 playing like MVP.

  858. Doesn’t matter what the fans think.

    Listen to what the coach said.

  859. I feel the same too. Toronto suits Kwahi better than LA.

  860. firstly kawhi must re-sign. if he doesnt, then lowry is a must trade asset. rebuild around siakam. either way, i think lin wants to stay. it was always my destination for him in free agency. and it’s even better now that he gets to see what it’s like.

    if kawhi re-signs, then masai should keep the band together…

  861. Had to do research about Lin’s relationship with David Nurse. Great article on who David Nurse is all about!

    This coach wants to change the way NBA players train via @hoopshype

  862. Here’s how Lowry and Lin can play together:


    Ujiri is technically President of Basketball Operations. The official title of GM belongs to the YOUNGEST GM in the NBA. Bobby Webster. Interesting background. Ex-basketball player. From HAWAII, of mixed heritage.

    So, it is under his watch that the Raptors traded DeRozan for Leonard. And firing Dwane Casey. And signing Lin.

    A few years older than Lin, or else he might have inspired by Lin to keep chasing basketball dreams. 🙂

    “He graduated from Lolani in 2002…lead his high school team, the Raiders, to the state basketball title in his senior season. Despite his heroics, he wasn’t offered a single NCAA Division I scholarship. His dreams of becoming a basketball superstar seemed dashed.”

  864. Great find!

  865. Why not? He’s 37, he’s fat, and he hasn’t played since March of last year.

  866. was thinking about a stretch 4. casspi wasn’t ideal but just throwing out some names. looks like he’s hurt, so who else can masai nab?

    i want lin’s bench mob to be versatile: lin, vanvleet, OG/powell, stretch 4, gasol…

  867. Yes, have seen this before. But, good to re-post. Guessing he never worked with the Raptors because Nick Nurse was there as Asst Coach, no nepotism.

    Have you seen all the hang-out pics with Lin and DNurse? Buddies who seem to have fun with “Escape Rooms”.

    In a twist of fate. David Nurse was Nets shooting coach for half a season in spring 2016. They did not renew his contract after Kenny Atkinson was hired. RIGHT BEFORE LIN signed with the Nets.

  868. Could use a shooter with all those passers. What is Nick Young doing?

  869. Bleacher Report recently came out with their list of sub-20 minutes per game all-stars and Lin was listed as #1:

    How He Helps: Getting buckets

    Jeremy Lin leads all sub-20-minute players—we’re just going to call them sub-20s from now on—with an average of 10.7 points per game. Charlotte Hornets guard Malik Monk narrowly edges out Lin in per-36-minute scoring, but the second-year spark plug is far less efficient. Lin, who’ll transport his bench scoring from Atlanta to Toronto once his buyout is complete, per’s Adrian Wojnarowski, owns a 59.4 true shooting percentage.

    Monk’s is only 52.8 percent, comfortably below the league average of 55.9 percent.

    A career-long attacker, Lin attempts 34 percent of his shots at the rim, which ranks in the 72nd percentile among combo guards. He’s also adept from the mid-range area, where he shoots 46 percent, good enough to rank in the 81st percentile at his position. Those in-between shots have fallen out of favor, but when bench-driven offenses break down (which happens a lot because, well, they’re made up of bench players), it’s nice to have Lin’s mid-range game as a floor-raising bailout option.

    Better still, Lin’s free-throw rate ranks first among all* sub-20 guards. If you’re looking for short bursts of efficient scoring, you can’t top Lin’s shooting and foul-drawing value.

    With Delon Wright gone and Fred VanVleet potentially sidelined for three weeks, Lin’s services will be in high demand with Toronto.

  870. Also, David Nurse interviewed JLin. Right before the buyout. Long interview.

  871. NIIIICE pics!

  872. I’m still holding out hope that Lin gets his FIRST WISH. To be able to start. And lead a team.

    Too many variables until free agency this summer. Have to see where the “big names” end up. Lots of dust to settle before Lin can see where he should go next.

  873. so masai has said that he’s waiting, keeping roster spots open, so he can get more buyout candidates as more teams are eliminated from the playoffs. imo the team needs a stretch 4 for the bench. masai targeted morris, but i guess he wanted a more prominent role and chose okc.

    here are some names that i think can fit into this role.
    1.) Jeff Green. 6’9″, 37% 3FG%, wizards suck, same agent as lin (montgomery) hmmm….
    2.) JaMychal Green. 6’9″, 40% 3FG%, clippers are still fighting for 8th seed but if they miss the playoffs…
    3.) Mike Muscala. 6’11”, career 36% 3FG%, lakers probably aren’t making the playoffs…
    4.) Noah Vonleh. 6’9″, 34% 3FG%, knicks lol, still young, reclamation project.

    any other names out there?

  874. yeah, lin learned or harness that off ball movement with the hornets due to the reason he has to survive there and be essential..right now its being paid off and can be use by him anytime without any hesitation.

  875. not a fan of casspi…

  876. This podcast actually aired on 6/19/2017. Nurse recently uploaded it to YouTube, but the actual interview with Lin occurred years ago.

  877. funny how he starts getting recognition once he’s off that tank team…

  878. funny it is…LOL!!!! but the joke is on those reporters/writers!

  879. i don’t even recognize those names, but if they are NBA players, then they are good players

  880. You’re listing names as if these guys are going to be bought out by their teams. Most, if not all of them are staying put and won’t be bought out. Plus, the buyout deadline is in 2 weeks, March 1. After that, anyone who gets bought out cannot play in the playoffs.

  881. For the Raptors, it would be great if this means Lin can start.

    Looks more like in certain line-ups and match-ups. Right now, they have SIX “GUARDS”. Don’t know how the minutes will be managed once FVV comes back. Can’t slide them over one spot either, I don’t think. Make Green & Powell SFs?

    Lowry/Green, Lin/VanVleet, McCaw/Powell



  882. all these guys are UFA in the summer on “bad” teams. maybe they ask for a buyout? that’s what masai said he was doing. waiting. kept open roster spots for this very reason…

  883. Lin has been getting attention before the buyout. He has been rumored to be a trade asset and target for several teams for the past few weeks. Of course he’s getting more attention now. He’s on a championship contender and Toronto loves Lin.

  884. The stats have always been there for Lin. Probably ignored by most teams because the stats must be “deceptive”. LOL.

    Well, all accolades are appreciated. But here’s hoping he won’t be in this club any more. MORE THAN 20 MINUTES PLEASE!!!!

  885. Well, anything is possible I guess. I just don’t think these players will be bought out. This is a more realistic list to look at and there’s not many that would fit the Raptors or even worth signing.

  886. seriously? we just saw jeff green in the last game lol… he played in the past finals with lebron… same agent as lin. on a crap team. prime buyout candidate…

    assuming their incumbent teams want to help them out of course…

  887. i was trying to think ahead. looking for players on bad teams that want to make contributions in the playoffs to get a new contract in the summer.

  888. The stats were even better before Lin’s 3-point shooting slump last month and this month.

    Lin will get 20-25 minutes on the Raptors. More on nights when Lowry or Kawhi needs rest.

  889. lin will not start in front of lowry or green. just not gonna happen.

    i am happy enough that his bench contributions will help the team win. and who knows if he’s in linsanity mode, he may close out a game or two…

    but starting? 0% chance if everyone is healthy…

  890. I’m not worried about Lin’s start either, just the chemistry of him playing SG with Lowry when Kawhi is out and PG sometimes. He’s on a great team and will contribute either way.

  891. stats dont matter on bad teams. why is dlo an allstar? cuz the nets are a playoff team. that’s why i wanted lin off atl so bad and why talk of him on the suns and magic made me puke. i wanted him on the bucks but they chose to go with hill and dump delly and henson…

    but it worked out even better now… God’s plan…

  892. ANOTHER OPTION. There may be players who can re-sign with NBA, after their contracts end in China.

    I’ve always liked the chemistry between Lin and Donatas Motiejunas. A big who runs. His old 3P% wasn’t great, but maybe it’s improved since he’s been playing in China.

    OR MAYBE SIGN SOMEONE FROM THE G-LEAGUE. Terrence Jones is playing for the Erie Bayhawks. He’s shooting 38% from 3, in the G-League. Not great. Also, don’t know if the Raptors can sign a player not from their own G-League team.

  893. championship teams wont go to these “desperate” measures. developing team do this to find the next diamond in the rough…

  894. It’s also “chicken or the egg”. Because the narrative is that DRussell LED THE NETS to the playoffs.

    For me, the point was for Lin to go to a team like the Magic and START, and GET THEM INTO THE PLAYOFFS. The difference maker, remember?

    Having said that. Doesn’t matter what I think.

    Lin knows what’s best for him. Only he knows what was the demand and market for him. Like he said, the Raptors “really wanted him”. So, I will root for him, in whatever role, WHEREVER.

  895. With more consistent minutes, in consistent flow of the game. I think his stats will get back closer to November. Assists will probably go up too.

  896. Assists will 100% go up. He can pass the ball to just about anyone on the Raptors and have a good chance of getting an assist.

  897. orl has a terrible roster though. poorly constructed after years of tanking and selecting best player available, all bigs, terrible signings like gordon and fournier, etc.

    he signed with the nets 2 years ago to do just that. build around him into a playoff team. but he was still “young” then, pre injury too. NOW, being traded or buyout and joining a team like orl or the suns is a HUGE mistake. join a contender and showcase your talent where people are actually watching…

    bucks were the most realistic
    toronto was the dream
    philly would’ve been cool too
    gsw was the obvious ring chasing move

  898. Yes, in TORONTO!

    Not sure about the so-called national media. But, you are right. Lin got a lot of recognition from Hornets playoffs.

    Must give credit also to NBA TV. Has Lin highlights. Also about Siacam’s 44 points.

    Credit to old friend Mike Fratello. Said Lin was HUGE pickup for Toronto. That Raptors are one of 3 or 4 teams with tremendous depth. Starts at the beginning.

  899. AGREE!

  900. Unfortunately, I don’t see Lin starting this season either. It’s Lowry’s team. And they need Green’s shooting for the starters.

    But, if Lin’s 3’s get better, I think he will be closing a lot of games. Well, what’s left of the season, before FVV gets back.

    After that, who knows.

  901. Yes, Nurse has done a podcast with Lin before. It doesn’t say anywhere in the description that this download was so old. Maybe the Nets jersey is the give-away. If it is, he really should have indicated.

    Have you listened to this one yet? I haven’t. LOL. Too long and too much else happening right now.

  902. regular season doesnt matter anymore to me. i’m looking ahead to the playoffs. lin may start some games when lowry rests and vanvleet isnt back yet. that doesnt count. legends are made in the playoffs…

    in the playoffs he will be tasked with out playing the opposing bench. if he plays well enough, then he will play minutes mixed in with the starters too. this goes for gasol as well. and OG if his defense is as good as his last game. he hit his 3’s too… the lin effect? lol yeah i know… lin fans think everything good is because of lin… crazy, or maybe not?

  903. only jeff green but just a little..LOL..i ONLY watch games where JLIN is playing and don’t mind those who are not named JLIN…:P

  904. This is the way teams should be built. Young talented players developing, while the experienced vets are winning.

    It also goes to show lottery picks are “lottery” for a reason. It’s a gamble. Look at how many excellent players are not high draft picks. Like you said, Siakam 27th. Anunoby also just the 23rd pick. The list is looooong….this is why “tanking” is ridiculous!

    Yes, there’s ALWAYS a chance. But, as much as I wish it could be true. Just don’t see how Raptors can beat GSW, when everyone is healthy, and if Draymond Green doesn’t get suspended. LOL. Too much fire power there.

  905. Good question. His defense actually picked up and got better that year with the Warriors.

    He’s a free agent. But, I’m guessing if the Raptors wanted him, they would have signed him earlier.

  906. This really reveals what the whole family’s mindset is. In addition to what Lin said.


  907. TOTALLY AGREE! Lin still has aspirations. He is just dealing with what is realistic and what is presented to him for now.

    As long as the opportunities continue to be there, he’s going to taking it one step at a time, and see where it leads him.

  908. LOVE HOWARD. Continues to be Lin fan. Nice write-up!

  909. But Lin also needs the role and the minutes, to REALLY get to his potential again.



    Well, we are ALL thrilled! 🙂

  911. BTW, you were throwing out names. Thought I was trying to help.

    You’re not looking for starters or superstars. You’re looking to shore up depth. You can’t afford to pay much more than deep role players.

    Have you checked the salaries for those guys you listed? (I haven’t.) Will they fit? Or be willing to give up money? Not everyone has made Lin’s money and only care about winning.

  912. Raptors backcourt :
    Kyle Lowry (PG), Danny Green (SG/SF), Jeremy Lin (combo guard), Fred VanVleet (PG), Norman Powell (SG), Patrick McCaw (SG), Jordon Loyd (PG on two way contract).

    Injured list:
    Fred VanVleet (PG) thumb surgery
    Patrick McCaw (SG) shoulder

    That makes JLin (combo guard) ideal for this team.
    As to the sixth man (the Raptors had too many though: Marc Gasol, OG etc)

    No wonder this team is 4th highest in payroll. Only money and time can defeat teams like the Raptors.

    My final question is if JLin will be in this team next season.

    Norman Powell (SG) has been signed for 4 seasons till 2021-22. Fred VanVleet (PG) was signed till 2019-20. It is really a little crowded in the back court in Toronto next season.

  913. There isn’t an unlimited number of teams where he can START, if that was his goal.

    Lin wouldn’t have gotten ANY mins with the Bucks. Too many guards. Philly has McConnell, doing fine, with ALL these stars taking up minutes.

    Toronto is the best choice, for NOT STARTING.

    I’ll leave it there. Like I said, what we say or think HAS NO BEARING. It is just fun speculation.

  914. Has this been posted yet? Another excellent article summarizing Lin’s post-game interview. (Glossed over his thanks to the Hawks a bit.)

    “The Time was Right for Jeremy Lin to enter Raptors spotlight.” – by Bruce Arthur.

  915. I can’t think that far ahead. My head will start to hurt. LOL.

    Just going to try to enjoy seeing Lin play the rest of the season. AND IN THE PLAYOFFS! Hallelujah!!!

  916. This guy is a real character. Another one with that Canadian dry humor.

  917. There’s so much Canadian/Toronto media. Wow. EVEN MORE THAN NYC.

    Chris Walder providing more links and suggestions for follows for Lin fans:

  918. This is one of the best of the bunches of articles. Interview of JLin, by an Asian American writer for Nextshark. Nothing really new for us here. But, still well-written.

    “We Talked to Jeremy Lin for 15 Minutes and He’s as Cool as Ever”

  919. This may be the only season that Lin will play for the Raptors and let’s get the most put of it.

  920. I also did not believe it, LOL.

    The GM either looks very bad with this deal, or he really got some cap space for next year due to this deal.

    I read somewhere that Dedmon does not want a buyout because he has bonus if he plays through this season with Hawks, also he is a STARTER on this current team.

    Bazemore has another year of contract with Hawks, therefore, he will not ask for a buyout either.

  921. Raptors have their own fire power and defensive stars, won’t know until they meet in finals.

  922. Can we go for two way contracts like Yuta Watanabe? Not like he’s getting much rep with the Grizzlies who has a bias coach. They probably want experienced players but one could dream.

  923. Excellent article. Raptor fan/media should read this to really know Lin.

  924. I came across the name Mengke Bateer the other day. Here’s a brief bio from Wikipedia:

    He was born in 1975 in Chinese Inner Mongolia. He went undrafted in the NBA, played parts of three seasons, and won a championship with the Spurs in 2002/03. He played for the Raptors in 2003/04.

    He spent most of his career in the Chinese Basketball Association, playing for the Beijing Ducks and later for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers before ending his career with the Sichuan Blue Whales in the National Basketball League. Like many other ethnic Mongols, he does not have a family name, and his full name is a composition of two words: Mönkh (Eternal) and Baatar (Hero). In Mandarin, he is simply referred to as Ba Te Er.

    See (Wiki) :
    See (Basketball-Reference) :

  925. Game Flow:


    (20 – 2 extended defensive stand in third quarter correlated with JLin and O. G. Anouby entering game; Lin also paired with Lowry then, too: )

  926. The feeling of serenity expressed in this quote caught my attention:

    “I’m very joyful and peaceful everyday,” he said. “A lot of that goes back to my faith, so even though maybe at times the career isn’t what I want it to be, or isn’t as successful, or I’m not where I want to be, or I haven’t accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, I still have joy and peace … .”

  927. it’s only one game no?

  928. I think we should have the same attitude, as fans!

  929. The Raptors are off until next Wednesday, when they have a practice scheduled. Their first three games back are at home. Here is what the remaining schedule looks like …

  930. I really like you and your info,
    And everyone here like psalm who runs the site great work this season have a good day

  931. thats why i call him (arsenium12) the lin-cyclopedia.

  932. Thanks very much. It’s kind of you to say that.

  933. It’s funny looking back 5 days ago, before Lin got bought out, to see how many fans from various teams were begging Lin to ask for the buyout so he could go to their team…

    Interesting how many Raptors fans were begging in that thread for Lin to ask for a buyout so they could pick him up… and it actually happened.

  934. Joining my home team is a great decision!

  935. Thank you 🙂 Thank God we have great posters like Arsenium-Lin-pedia, 1mtoldman, linthezone, Click, Pre-Exist, Kwok, and many more to provide great information and stats. Plus top-notch mods like Mak and JLinfanAussie

    This is definitely a special time for JLin and his faithful fans who have been patiently suffering the past few years but found time to be joyful. Playoff! We get to see how clutch JLin gets as the Raptors advances in the playoff. How special it would be!

  936. Check out Paul Lin’s graphic on Lin the Dragon Warrior 👍

  937. It sounds like from the things I have read, including ATL earlier statements that if Jlin wanted a buyout “he would have to come to them” that a buyout had some kind of stigma attached. I don’t see anything wrong with asking fir buyout and in particular the situation Jlin was in. It seemed a very practical business matter

  938. Thanks Psalm. Sorry for not too active in the past few years. At one point I sort of gave up as I not only disliked how JLin was treated but also how some of his fans reacted to the situation. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with this as I continue to struggle with my own health 😏

  939. Asking for a buyout means you no longer want to play for the team you’re on for whatever reason. So much so, you’re willing to give up some / a lot of money to leave your current team. However, the Hawks treated Lin well in this buyout and Lin was able to not lose any money in this buyout. They did Lin a favor because Lin was a good soldier for the past 4+ months and he was successful in mentoring Trae and the other rookies on the Hawks.

  940. Can’t believe my eyes when I saw this!!!!!!! Can anyone explain why this XXXXXXXXX even tweet about JLin?

  941. You’re a mod and you’re posting something political?

    Maybe Trump just likes Lin, even if Lin and a lot of his fans doesn’t respect nor like him?

  942. OK thanks, what I thought. I guess from my perspective even if Jlin left a lot of $3.8 M on the table if TOR wanted him it would have been an easy decision to go there because to stay in ATL would have meant a lowball contract for next year and maybe beyond considering his age. The risk/reward of leaving money on the table would have been worth it to go to TOR. That he is able to get paid too makes it even better but he no doubt had to get out of ATL, IMO.

  943. I just wondered why he tweeted this “just” yesterday and then later I found out myself it was in 2012.

  944. I agree. When Lin got traded to the Hawks, my first reaction and response was wanting him to ask for a buyout. However, I knew he wasn’t the type of person to ask for it. I think Lin made the right decision though. He used the past 4+ months to rehab, gain back his conditioning and skills, and show GMs / teams that he’s still a valuable basketball player. His patience and diligence paid off. He was able to teach Trae how to be a good player and earned the right to ask for a buyout. Everything worked out in the end.

  945. so agent power comes into play.. so good that roger alone guy signed with a bigger name.

  946. Hawks turned out to be a classy organization imo; Hawks didn’t force Lin to leave any money on the table to walk away.

  947. Turned out the best.

  948. Regular season is important to the extent that Lin’s play during regular season will determine how many minutes he will be given during playoff.

  949. +1

  950. Agree. But if ATL was really classy they would have tried to win with Jlin, Bazemore, and Dedmon with the rookies learning the ropes. I understand it is a strategy, tanking, but not acceptable in my book for sports. In any case the ATL chapter is over.

  951. i dont necessarily agree with this. the starters will get their minutes regardless. that is unless linsanity shows up and just dominates…

  952. Fake news from someone who spreads it like manure. I suppose some people likes the smell of it.

  953. Admire artists! Paul Lin has a whole gallery of every Lin’s team too. So well-done!

  954. BTW, you mentioned you are/were a teacher. A noble profession. Along with nurses.

    As child of immigrants, would not be where I am without some wonderful and devoted teachers, even in the public schools system.

  955. It’s amazing how he balances his ambitions and determination to chase his dream. Yet believes in his faith and acceptance of God’s plan for him.

    So happy for him.

  956. Just in case for those who had missed the new Thread

    Jeremy Lin’s Rave Reviews in Toronto Raptors Debut; Coach Nick Nurse Wants a More Aggressive Lin

  957. Raptors need Lin and Gasol’s help to continue to get wins. Regular season still MATTERS a lot. Better to be in FIRST, get HOME COURT advantage.

  958. Thanks! I’m awake this time! LOL.

    Just wanted to respond to some comments. And help get this thread over 1000+. 🙂

  959. Lin does best.

  960. You did it!!!!! MVP

    is this the first 1000+ post thread for the season?!

  961. Very cool-looking indeed. Maybe we’ll see more with Lin media coverage in Toronto and in the playoff 🙂

  962. np 🙂 Health comes first. Thank you for still rooting hard and cheering up together with us! The past few years have been hard for Lin fans but the tide might be turning now 🙂 Can’t believe how good the situation in TOR. All the coaches, players, GM like him as he said.

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