Game 59 Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors: The Much Anticipated Linsanity Raptors Debut

Jeremy Lin is expected to clear waivers around 5pm tomorrow, get signed, get suited up to make his Toronto debut to help the Raptors against Washington Wizards in the last game before the All-Star Break

In a classy move, Jeremy Lin posted in Instagram that he requested permission from ex-Raptors player Jonas Valunciunas, to wear his #17 jersey number because Kyle Lowry already wears #7. Although it is not necessary, Lin acknowledged and respected Jonas’ presence who has worn the number for seven years since the 2012-13 season. This move will certainly gain respect from Jonas and Raptors fans who adored Jonas who got traded to Memphis Grizzlies for Marc Gasol recently.

Jeremy Lin’s Waiver by Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks has been very generous in Lin’s buyout by only setting $700,000 veteran minimum and letting Jeremy keeps the $3.96M part of the remaining salary. It might a sign of appreciation for Jeremy’s tremendous job to mentor Trae Young on and off-the court that have been appreciated by Trae and his father. It will also signal other veterans to consider coming to the Hawks because the Hawks will treat them right to provide buyout so they can sign with playoff contenders if desired. It is a win-win scenario by a classy organization as praised by Jeremy in his farewell post.

@Arsenium: Here’s some confirmation of what has been presented below

‘Basketball Insiders’ just updated their Atlanta Hawks’ salary web page to reflect the fact Jeremy had been waived, as part of the buyout process.

Before, Jeremy’s salary was $13.768M (contract salary plus trade kicker). Now, it’s listed as $13.071M. The difference is $700K. So that’s what Jeremy ‘gave back’ as part of the buyout process.

The Nets paid the ‘tradekicker’ portion of the salary (10% of the remaining part of Jeremy’s contract when he was traded).