G59 Brooklyn Nets Best Chance to Win vs Cousin-Less Kings


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After 2-days rest filled with spirited Training-Camp like scrimmages, the Nets is ready to take on the Kings who won the 1st game after losing Damarcus Cousins but has lost the last 2 games and failed to reach 90 pts in either of them. Game 59 also has an astounding stat that it is the first injury-free game of the season for the Nets.

This might be the best chance for the Nets to finally reach 10 wins but it remains to be seen if the Nets can play inspired defense and win with limited minutes for Jeremy Lin. Lin is expected to increase his minutes to 18 minutes after playing 2 consecutive games of 15 minutes. The Nets are taking a slow, steady approach with Jeremy Lin after the 3rd injury on his hamstring.

ESPN.com Preview:

The Kings and Nets square off at the Golden 1 Center on Wednesday in a game that matches one team that seems destined for a lower location in the standings and one that has no where to go but up.

Sacramento (25-35) dropped two in a row after winning the first game without former franchise superstar DeMarcus Cousins, and it hasn’t scored 90 points or produced a 20-point scorer in either of them.

A 102-88 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday turned on a 24-minute stretch in the second and third quarters during which the Kings scored only 40 points. They scored only 58 points in the first three quarters of a 99-85 loss to Charlotte on Sunday.

KEY OF THE GAME: The #1 priority for Lin continues to be finish the season. We might get to see how his body has adjusted to game pace and if he has regained his explosiveness to drive quickly to the rim that he hasn’t been able to do in the past 2 games.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy as his body adjusts to the rigor of NBA physical games and help the Nets get back on the winning track soon!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. As written, let’s not “despise small beginnings”. Let’s get a team win (Lin led of course, inspite of the minutes restrictions) and go from there for the rest of the season.

  2. Let’s get it…lead by NorCal’s native!

  3. Will be happy if Lin get 15/6 today.

  4. wizards run off a 26-1 run to start the second quarter against the lowrey-less raptors.

    ex net b. bogdanovic leading scorer with 16 pts in 10 minutes.

  5. The Wizards have a structure. Wall is the orchestrator of the offense. He always has the ball in his hand when he is on the floor. The same can’t be said about Lin and these lowly Nets.

  6. Wizards also has a coach who knows what’s he’s doing, Nets not so much.

  7. Trust. Watch. Wait. And staying at Peace. God’s will be done.

  8. Notable injuries in Feb 2017 affected 7 players.
    Never take health for granted indeed


  9. pro athletes get injured. obviously there are more players on a baseball team and the season is a lot longer but the la dodgers for example had 28 players on the disabled list last season. thats just on one team.

  10. bogs up to 27 in 24 minutes 6 of 7 on threes in wizards rout of raptors. i would thinks approaching 20 points a game in the 3 games hes played against any minutes for them.

  11. “Pray for Ed Davis (@trailblazers): will miss the rest of the season due to shoulder surgery.
    Get well soon @eddavisXVII! #NBAPrayers”

  12. true, past mid-season there are so many injuries in NBA and NFL.
    Not so sure about MLB but sounds like it’s the same from what you said

  13. While it stinks that Lin’s injury happened this year, let’s be thankful it’s only a hammy, not a torn ACL or Achilles. Best of all, Kenny and Marks have Lin’s back — he’s still the unquestioned starting PG.

    In a way, Lin is safer than Lopez. Brook might still be traded on draft night. Lin is 100% the starting PG through next season. After that, we’ll see, but for now Lin is set. Just take care of that long-term health.

  14. a lot of nets fans who post on line dont share your assurance that lin is “100% the starting point guard through next season”.

  15. PTSD from Houston and the Lakers. Nets have nothing going for them (can’t even tank) and Lin is a major $$$ draw for them, especially once he is healthy and playing every game.

    After next season, all bets are off. Lin will have to prove himself next year. But for now, he’s safe.

  16. … so tempted to watch the game live ><"
    Ok i give in, will multi task.. if the game turns bad and Lin isn't playing much then I'll just turn it off.

  17. leggo jeremy!

  18. very true, still a lot to be thankful for.
    A healthy Lin would excite the Nets fans to have great feeling towards end of season and for next season

  19. West coast games means late-night snacks for we who are in the East …All those additional calories to ruin figures…

    Sigh, sacrifices we fans make to watch Lin games. Lol.

  20. 333333333333333333333333333

  21. Great start! Defensive stop, PnR 3, PnR assist to Lopez.

  22. Lopez gotta set harder picks

  23. What a great start by Lin!
    Solid D on his man, a deep 3, assist to Brook


  24. Come on levert, pass it to jlin…

  25. 3 PnRs already! Is Kenny learning?

  26. are we goign to win one? lol

  27. Great hustle by Lin to turn a near-TO into a 3.

  28. Nice save and dive by Lin then assist to Brook’s 3!

  29. Great start!

  30. Fun!

  31. Lin moving with confidence and better quickness

  32. he set the tone for his teammates
    Never give up! They’re gonna play hard to follow him

  33. He did miss that reverse layup though. My guess is that he was thinking about his reinjury, didn’t want to contort his body too much,

  34. Our boy is BACK~~~~~~~~!

  35. Hope Lin gets at least 25min tonight…

  36. I love how confident Lin to drain the deep 3 for the 1st shot of the game.
    No hesitation!

  37. Pass it to jeremy, you morons!!!!!!

  38. 2222222222

  39. RHJ ruins fastbreaks.

  40. Confident jumper lately.

  41. When he sits, ill go and wash up for bed…

  42. Lin’s feeling it.
    Dribble down-the middle and slight fadeaway J


  43. why’s he taken out so early mang?

  44. Lin out

  45. Tmi

  46. annnnnnd hes out
    even Lin was like wth im out already
    really cant stand this coach

  47. You know why I like Foye? He PASSES TO LIN. RHJ ruined an easy fastbreak for Lin and then Lin turned it over later.

  48. Really good start for Lin. Decent chemistry with Lopez.

  49. yes

  50. He wont be in the NBA for too long

  51. I’m 100% sure that’s why he starts.

  52. he facilitates and gets to his spots efficiently and knows that jeremy sets up the offesne

  53. To those saying Lin out, he’s still on strict minutes limits. It’s around 15-18 tonight, from what the reports are saying.

    He looked his best so far. He’s set a good tone.

  54. Lin set a great tone for his team.

    LeVert and RHJ drained 3s to make it 24-10 with 5:47 left in Q1

  55. Lin’s minutes restriction is 18-20 tonight. So expect 5m per quarter.

  56. Lol Lopez and Lin both were smiling. Lin was so happy after Ka took out him for his schedule rest
    . He went straight to Ka and said something. What did he say? Looked like “it’s working”

  57. maybe he’ll be back in at the end of the 1st q?

  58. he played 5+mins in 1st for the past 2 games just fyi

  59. I like that shot. It was a little off balance and easy.

  60. Kings announcers praised Lin’s effective scoring ability that Hornets missed him greatly. The other one said, “no doubt about it”

  61. yes, it has certainly been planned that way

  62. no he looked at the clock and said damn already

  63. You took me out too early.

  64. I know. 5 and 4 minute per quarter. Maybe 6 later, not sure.

  65. of course they do. We all saw they would. Batum was way over rated. Lin had just as much impact as him. Probably more later in games and verses top teams

  66. They played nothing but PnR those 5m. No motion offense.

  67. The moment the Nets decide they are done eith RHJ, he will be out of the NBA cuz no other team would want this skrub

  68. Yup Foye is unselfish and makes sure Lin gets the ball. Unlike Dinwiddie and RHJ selfish axx.

  69. liking whitehead sitting lol as mean as that sounds

  70. Yup i saw that too, Lopez finally allowed to set screens for Lin. KA please don’t be stubborn and just let Brooklin play PnR!

  71. nah he was unhappy because he was having fun so I’m guessing he said something like ” dam already coach i was enjoying myself”.

  72. For sure.

  73. Dude had his chance — golden opportunity his rookie year. He was…not good. Not terrible, but not good. I’d give him one more year next year to see if he can be a decent backup.

  74. Lopez only one holding down the fort while Nets revert to bad old habits without Lin. kings catching up again if not for lopez’s and 1

  75. Lin should yell at RHJ next time he tries to bring the ball up punch him like MJ did Steve Kerr if anything
    He needs to let him know whos boss

  76. Were gonna lose in the 2nd half due to KA. I already know it.

  77. injury bug in the nba it seems

  78. Well lets him he will give Lin at least 20mins for his points.

  79. 9-50 man he will find a way to lose

  80. Exactly. Levert too

  81. Lol

  82. Agreed.

  83. kings building momentum

  84. lol right when i say i like whitehead sitting he comes in haha

  85. 4 pt game now, smh

  86. Yes Lin really should yell at RHJ.

  87. smh

  88. Truth be told, Lin could play 40 minutes. It’s when he makes a violent move that causes his hamstrings to contract and exert a high level of force that we need to worry. None of his 3 previous hamstring injuries were due to playing heavy minutes. That’s obvious.

  89. whitehead soooooooooooooooooooooooooo trashhhhh

  90. Lin out and bench gives away their 15 point lead surprised?

  91. Lin is wearing an ice pack on his lower back. Hope he is not hurt…

  92. Lin to Spurs plz.

  93. Always had back problems and he also fell down this game. Ice pack is normal.

  94. Lin always has an ice pack on his back

  95. he does this very often. i wouldn’t worry about it

  96. Nets 3PT D is non-existent

    2 wide-open corner 3s from the same spot

  97. Isn’t RHJ the guy who also supported the islamic extremists?
    Low IQ on and off the court
    hope he gets waived

  98. Still better than dinwiddie in my opinion.

  99. Where did you get this impression from?

  100. nah both trash

  101. Something is wrong with this 2nd unit

    Just chucking 3s, no one goes inside to attack

  102. 2nd unit is so bad….

  103. So he plays 5 min then sits for 20… smh

  104. What?

  105. He criticized the travel ban im pretty sure

  106. ive been saying this all year lol

  107. i think you can tone it down just a bit.

  108. So did a lot of other people. That’s a terrible accusation to make against him.

  109. Criticising travel ban = support Islamic extremeist??? Lol

  110. I criticize the travel ban…

  111. Spurs need a PG. Pop needs Lin. Lets pray 🙂

  112. No backup.

  113. I have friendly advice for you. Delete this post.

  114. Whitehead with nice try of Euro-step to avoid a charge, 2 FTs

    2nd unit can’t just chuck 3s

  115. He will start over Mills. Parker will take 3rd string.

  116. Agreed.

  117. I think Lin probably will play more in 2nd half….

  118. lol did u see that kawhi game winner? i agree btw

  119. Bench usually plays better than this. They just gave up the big league. Gave up a bunch of corner 3s and looked disorganized on offense.

  120. 5 minutes a quarter

  121. Nah… parker will start for as long as he wants…

  122. i mean he could be their manu ginobili… being a bench player on the spurs is entirely different than any other team

  123. Whitehead draws fouls and can score unlike Dinwiddie he can’t do anything and is a non factor. I’m dor Whitehead to be main backup PG. He saw the 1 point lead and knew the urgency he needed to make things happen. Finally Nets closed 1st quarter with 5 point lead.

  124. YES. Dude still had no reaction after he made it. haha

  125. i know man gotta love him!

  126. That will be OK w me. Don’t want 18 min…. I hope he can close the game & get a W.

  127. And since he starts, he probably won’t play until the last 5 minutes of the half.

  128. No way… starter…

  129. they need LeVert to organize the offense.
    Noone knows how to set up offense; wasted so many possessions

  130. You are spreading negativity consistently. Why?

  131. Limited to 18 minutes. If he gets 20 that’s 5 minutes per quarter. If Lin closes then he would be out beginning of 4th.

  132. Don’t forget he’s the first Nets to publicly welcome JLin to the team.

  133. I think this is his last season where he will be in double digits.
    He’s on the decline. They need a dynamic PG like Lin.

  134. Some days, Whitehead is good but some days he’s terrible. Dinwiddie is up and down too, but not as extreme.

  135. Our 2nd unit is bad…. smh!

  136. DInwiddie is better as a PG

  137. dwindle is a better pg. controls the games better. whitehead can tern a game into chaos real quick

  138. thought jeremy would start the 2nd quart :/

  139. Yup KA still refuses to allow starters to overlap with bench unit *rolls eyes. So clueless.

  140. tie now

  141. I think he will close 2Q….

  142. then miss the last 7 minutes

  143. you dont understand the way the spurs work..

  144. That’s probably how Pop would use him. Some spot starts. But, he’s a Net for now, so hope he can turn the team around next season.

  145. I dont care… he is a starter…

  146. when is lin coming in.. the problem with him coming in later is he will be cold from sitting for so long!

  147. If anyone is trash it’s Dinwiddie can’t shoot or make plays at all.

  148. 5 minute mark

  149. Acy is in!

  150. yes ACY!

  151. Good players should be automatic, 5 mins shouldn’t be too bad.

  152. smh… we all know that parker is just there because he is a legend.. if lin played 30ish minuites there that would be plenty. he would be with the best franchise ever.. think about it

  153. he has to see that so many careless TOs and bad shots were due to no playmakers *sigh* blown leads

  154. Booker set a decent pick and rolled decently

  155. yes but also the entire second half of the first quarter

  156. Omg thank goodness! Why isn’t he starting over RHJ?!

  157. hi, what free stream are you guys watching from? care to share links? thanks

  158. Whitehead getting what he wants at the rim! Nets need to get rid of Dinwiddie all together so horrible and doesn’t respect Lin!

  159. Why is rjh still on this team?

  160. nets bigs can play PnR just need KA to stop his motion offense BS!!

  161. He just returned from injury / illness

  162. cmon acy. im rooting for him

  163. Look, he is a starter. Period. None of this 6th man crep.

  164. Whitehead plays more like a natural SG now so he can simply attack, which is his strength
    Not sure if he can ever be a good PG

  165. KA’s pet player and Marks favorite for his height and so called “defense” go figure.

  166. white head is not good at controlling the flow of the game. It can turn chaotic real quick. Ofcourse white head has more upside as a rookie but as of right now lets not put too much pressure on him

  167. Acy!

  168. Thanks mate! It’s very clear! 🙂

  169. He caused a to!

  170. Look at that D by Acy

  171. I don’t know what position he is. His strength is his defense and ability to finish through contact. But he is very turnover prone, doesn’t run the offense like a PG, and makes poor decisions.

  172. Still rather WH gets the minutes at least he has urgency to score and makes them. Dinwiddie just dribbles and waste time before going for his own iso and missing.

  173. Smh

  174. Great hands by Acy to force TO!

  175. guys anyone that needs a stream just look up nba streams reddit and there are tons of good ones

  176. sublime!

  177. Nice

  178. he’s never been PG until 1-2 seasons in college so it’ll be a high curve of learning

  179. Hey thanks! It’s good enough! saved it for back up! 🙂

  180. if kenny chooses to give spencer and whitehead more mins cus they’re getting lucky… im gonna be a little upset haha

  181. any is our enforcer. nets team needed a tough guy real bad.

  182. acy not any

  183. Whitehead seems to replace Kilpatrick now….

  184. Bench unit points are almost all Whitehead! Playing WH with Dinwiddie brings some order for the bench while opening things for both players.

  185. 2nd unit gets better with Whitehead attacking as SG and Dinwiddie be the PG
    But Acy’s D is the key to disrupt the Kings O, no easy shots!

  186. yea he has been bad so kinda deserved the benching

  187. yes, don’t forget Acy’s D to disrupt the offense

  188. Ya! Acy is good in D. Finally someone do good.

  189. Kilpatrick probably mad he’s not starting lol. Probably thought he was 3rd in command after Lin and Lopez. Reality check…

  190. Lin was doing wind-sprints so hammie won’t tighten

  191. lin doing spritns in timeouts.. def wants back in

  192. Lin in

  193. Lin is back in!

  194. Kilpatrick?

  195. Lin in with 5:02 left in Q2

    Like clock-work

  196. lol dumb KA

  197. u serious? wanted to see acy play with lin

  198. ty jeremy lin for 10,000 haha – brook lopez

  199. What a great assist from Lin to Brook!

    Draw 2 defenders and passed to a wide-open Brook

  200. Great pass to rhj too!

  201. PnR all game when Lin’s on the court! Drops off for Lopez’s dunk! That’s Lin’s signature assists! Haven’t seen that in so long!! See told you Brook-lin can play PnR and the issue was always KA’s motion offense!

  202. yeah, timely bounce-pass to a trailing RHJ

  203. Damn almost Lin. Good steal though

  204. ugh that football pass haha

  205. damn it lin he keeps missing that reverse layup.

  206. haha, good try .. timing is a bit off to Lopez

  207. Too risky should’ve just brought it down.

  208. still rusty a little bit.. he will get it eventually

  209. that was good recovery by the defender

  210. That’s how he reinjured his hammy last time. I bet he’s a little tentative on those.

    He should pull up for the J instead.

  211. Yeah, he doesn’t have the full flexibility on the corkscrew reverse yet.

  212. Where is the MO? Let’s forget.

  213. yeah but hes slower going to the rim since coming back

  214. it will harvest result later..now Lopez knew that he needs to anticipate that high reward pass…

  215. yeah definitely

  216. I play my NBA2K games just like that. ?

  217. lol not a bad problem haha

  218. i don’t think so but who knows unless you have a stop watch

  219. 333333333333333333333333333333333333

  220. hammy was injured on his reverse layup last time got to be careful. Actually got scared when he did that and fell down, flash back 🙁

  221. Yea boi. Keep trusting that jumper!

  222. In the trash can for all eternity hopefully!!

  223. Wow! No hesitation, a little screen from Brook and Lin swished the 3!

  224. Woooohoooo!!! 3333333333~~||

  225. Lopez scren and Lin hits another 3! PnR every set works KA get it through your thick stubborn skull!!!

  226. Pass it jeremy levert!

  227. Lol switched to Levert and Lopez PnR on other side and still worked for Lopez’s easy 2!!! Finally!!

  228. i like this , but really want to see lin be able to get to the rim again. thsoe are indications that lin is back

  229. PNR, PNR, PNR, PNR….
    what do we want??
    PNR, PNR, PNR, PNR….

  230. Pnr!!!

  231. Lin tried to reward LeVert for giving it up to him, but LeVert hesitated on the 3. Shot clock violation.

  232. i would like to see go after his midrange jumper more

  233. Taking it easy don’t want to be over aggressive with that hammy, speed will come back eventually.

  234. It’s like a P and slow R with Lopez. But it’s working nicely.

  235. LeVert refuses to pass to Lin on fast breaks
    its not like hes been playing well smh selfish rookie

  236. who cares? he is hurting the team by being selfish

  237. so are you
    stop being a hypocrite

  238. Is there any player on Nets that deserves your praise other than Lin?

  239. Lin with 8pts/3asts/1reb/2tos at half-time +8
    a perfect 2-2 from 3s (3-5 FG) in 10 min

    Nets lead 57-54

  240. Nope
    theres a reason why they are 9-50

  241. yeah, LeVert needs to be ready for the pass-out
    Just need more chemistry

  242. In all honesty I’m not sure whether Whitehead is selfish or will listen to Lin. But if he does and improves more, him and Quincy Acy should be starting. Too bad Nets seem to think RHJ is the future. Hope I’m wrong and he’s gone in off season.

  243. RHS, now LeVert, going down the roster to bash each player?

  244. True need more PnR and playing time between BrookLin to recognize that play.

  245. Lol ok my bad, Lopez just not used to Lin’s bullet pass yet.

  246. that play was fine; LeVert saw an open lane in transition and got fouled as a result.

    Lin was trailing a bit

  247. I’m just telling it like it is
    Which part of it was not true? enlighten me or zip it

  248. You said you’d calm down and try to be more positive. Take a deep breadth, maybe post some of what you liked that you saw and that includes Lin’s teammates.

  249. That wasnt even the first time
    and Lin was asking for the ball

  250. You criticize constantly and could not take ONE criticism yourself?

    Now you are waging a juvenile personal attack. Who is the hypocrite here?

  251. so like a pick and stroll?

  252. Whitehead is good in attacking and drawing fouls with his strength. Can’t shoot consistently yet.
    But he’s not a natural PG

    RHJ is still a project. Great in D and can make 3s but he shouldn’t handle the ball too much

  253. got nothing for his teammates they are trash
    Lin also needs to be more careful with the ball
    uncessasary TOs
    cudos to KA for calling more plays for Lin

  254. HA!

  255. Which part of it was not true? I am not here to educate you. Go figure it out yourself. Tip: please refer to wise postings above by wise fellow posters.

    Oh, and I forgot your constant bashing of coach Atkinson.

  256. Well, that’s unfortunate that you see nothing positive about his teammates.

    As for Lin’s TO, one the ball slipped out of his hands, the other may have been a miscommunication or he thought Brook was faster and taller than he is. Usually, Lin is spot on with the football pass so I’m fine with him trying it.

  257. Can make 3s? Then you can make 3s too.

  258. He has a somewhat clumsy style, but he can get to the rim, rebound, and is solid at D.

  259. He’s definitely a slasher…???

    But he still has a long way to go to be a positive contribution on the team.

  260. “I am not here to educate you. Go figure it out yourself. ”
    In other words, you got nothing lol stop trolling
    talk about basketball or get out
    also, 9 – 50 deserves all the bashing, again stop trolling

  261. Lin should get 25 minutes if the game is still on the line.

  262. More PNR. helps Lin’s body.

  263. RHJ make 3s?! You kidding right? he can’t shoot to save himself nor does he knock down 3s on a consistent basis. Even announcer said in past games when RHj was left open to take a missed 3 that “it’s not what they want”

  264. He won’t if there is a strict minute limit. If it is 20, that’s all he’ll play. I think today is 18-20.

  265. Probably just rusty
    these guys went 9-50. theres really not nothing positive about these guys
    I did praise Dinwiddie the other day hes been a pretty solid PG for the nets

  266. Last time I checked, this is NOT your website. I will “get out” if you lead the way.

    I am not your mommy or daddy, sorry, can’t spoon-feed you.

    Also be forewarned that you are violating the rules of this site by attacking me as “trolling”.

  267. Nope, even 20 minutes is a stretch when they already said he’ll get 18 mins.


  269. his season 3% is certainly poor at 22% but he’s been quite good at 37.5% in the past 5 games.

    Still a long-term project for sure.

  270. Nice assist by RHJ to a cutting Lin

  271. Heheheh our boy is heating up again. I~~~ LIKE it!!

  272. Hope the Lin-led starters get a larger lead before Lin sits…

  273. Lin 10pts/4asts now


  274. Lin doin some nifty passes

  275. Oh come on RHJ that was very creative passing by Lin and Lopez!! Can’t even make a normal layup!

  276. lopez dont know how to set screens

  277. His hands…. he was giving the opponent a Buddha’s Palm…. 如來神掌?

  278. But they are Lin’s team, so we hope that Lin can pull them together.

  279. He will get better so long as KA allows PnR between Lopez and Lin! Lopez set great screens for Lin and Levert so far!

  280. Not as much PnR, but Lin still rolling. Just needs to play 30+ minutes!

  281. RHJ is such a trainwreck! SMH

  282. I guess Lin is done..

  283. Not happening. Lucky if he gets 20mins.

  284. Lin out. TV off.

    Lin’s teammates are such bumbling morons. Get rid of all of them.

  285. why why why grrrr this min restriction is making me crazy haha

  286. He’s scheduled for 18-20. Will probably come back if the game is close in the 4th.

  287. Not tonight obviously. Talking about the future when he’s healthy.

  288. is lin definitely done?

  289. He will hopefully be back for the 4Q – only played 15 min so far.

  290. lol

  291. Lin out that means lead will be gone, want to be wrong but…

  292. he doesn’t know what he’s doing…LOL!!!.. he makes playing basketball so hard!!!!!

  293. pls bump up his min to 20 plz plz plz kenny

  294. Or just mute it? Lol.

  295. That’s what they are trying to work him to. But there are 23 games left, and I don’t know how long it’ll take him to get to 30 minutes.

  296. 20 minutes restriction so 5 more minutes

  297. Too early probably will close 4th quarter.

  298. yes yes yes 🙂

  299. Lin out, NBA2K in for me…

  300. it is at 20

  301. Lin with 11pts/4asts in 15 min.

    Hope he’ll be back in the last 5 min of Q4

  302. Low BBIQ, not sure what KA and Marks see in him. Why would you bench Acy for RHJ?

  303. It’s painful to watch them do stupid stuff all the time. They don’t pass to Lin when he’s open. And then pass to him at the end of the clock when he’s covered. They commit dumb fouls to give the other team FTs after Lin is flying around the court to get stops all by himself.

    Even so, Lin himself is doing great. Super-efficient 11/4 in just 15m. That’s 22/8 in just 30m.

  304. wait he’s already played 20min?

  305. seems like he should have more assists. Like 7 or so.

  306. lol troll

  307. Announcers talking about our boy for like 5 minutes!

  308. It doesn’t count as turnovers but RHJs awful missed shots are worse than turnovers.

  309. Same here hope he’s back for most of 4th or to close.

  310. maybe they can convoince kenny to put him back in

  311. No. He’s played 15.

  312. no, 15 min after 3Q

  313. Only bright spot of course!

  314. lol now you dont accuse him of bashing teammates
    you are such a troll LOL

  315. lol

  316. our bench is the only reason this game is competitive

  317. Yes and some how refs loves him and bails him out with foul shots.

  318. whenever lin is starting to find his grove his min restrictions says otherwise lol

  319. First unit led by Lin is the reason

  320. Woo nice spin and back by Levert for that 2! Very fast with agility.

  321. it will go up until he settles at 30-32

  322. It all starts from the coach. He’s clueless.

  323. Theres a reason why these guys went 9-50
    they are simply not at NBA level yet

  324. You are again VIOLATING the site rules.

    This is the 2nd time you accused me of being a troll tonight.

  325. look how well the ball moves when lin gets into the paint tho kenny should use this in the future

  326. Lopez and Levert with bench down the stretch without Lin that’s how it should be, starters should overlap with bench to close the game for 3rd and 4th.

  327. I wouldnt call you it if you didnt
    so why not just stick to basketball

  328. as expected. lead just evaporates lol

  329. welp time to catch up on my ufc embeddeds lol hopefully lin comes back in

  330. loved the brook lin pnr tho tonight

  331. You don’t hold Kenny responsible for any of that?

  332. Bench almost lost lead before bring it back to 4 point lead and maybe 6 if Kilpatrick makes his FTs. Please let Lin come back to close 4th quarter.

  333. This is the first game the Lin Lopez duo worked perfectly.Lin drives a lot less then before though. I guess its smart to do that. He drives slower now a days. It helps him not take a lot of hits. That way he plays a long time

  334. Thank God the Kings is not very good.
    If not, they’d be leading by 5 soon after Lin subbed out

    Nets lead 74-70 with 2:55 left in Q3

  335. yeah, hoping bench can keep it close or maintain small lead

  336. Before the game, Lin talked a lot different ways to feed Brook.
    I guess they’ll be happy with the results tonight

  337. There goes Booker thinking he’s Draymond again..

  338. 2 consectuive TOs
    please take the ball out of SK’s hand

  339. Kilpatrick not a PG back to back TOs.

  340. kllpatric is -12

  341. Harris 3 made it 79-70 with 1:17 left in Q3

  342. he has lost his confidence for some reason

  343. Lin coaching Harris on the sideline.
    Nets announcers love it

  344. Lol Lin coaching Harris after KA took him out for 4th foul! Now that’s worth watching! lmao!

  345. It worked. Good D stop by Harris.

  346. he is stilll playing

  347. LOL LOL Kilpatrick is a turn over machine

  348. Lol love it cause it shows Lin’s the leader and the younger players listen to his advice!

  349. The Kings is pretty bad
    16 pts in the 3rd quarter to trail 70-79

    If they fail to reach 90pts for the 3rd straight game, the Nets can win this

  350. That is Lin, an unselfish leader – always helping teammates.

  351. please lin come back

  352. I called it. We lose. GG

  353. Kenny’s strong suit is supposed to be development but I could swear that every single Net has regressed as the season progressed and teamwork has gotten worse too.

  354. hope not lol

  355. the kings are pretty bad w/o cousins lol

  356. Kings blew 2 easy layups and airballed a jumper.
    Nets have finally found their match =)

  357. Well, Dinwindie has improved a little bit, but that’s about it…All this development kudos Kenny got was always too much..He doesn’t have some secret sauce on developing players and people gave him too much credit for Linsanity.

  358. haha.. I know, right

  359. 15 mins? Lol

  360. 87 to 79, Nets will win. Lin and Lopez should be back at 5 minute mark 🙂

  361. Closing so probably close last 5 mins of game?

  362. I like your prediction. How is your multi-tasking going? Lol.

  363. coach kenny needs to play Jeremy now and if it didn’t work whether with a lead or a lost, he can take him out for his ,minutes restriction

  364. .. lol only happened during 1st 5 minutes of the game

  365. if they dont come in at 5 minutes you have to write my paper for me :p

  366. Acy’s 3 made it 90-78

  367. now we have the opposite problem lol… the nets might actually blow out the kings and lin may not be able to come back in

  368. Game already won, still hope Lin comes back in.

  369. Dinwiddie was a late acquisition but for example RHJ and Booker are even worse at finishing. There are as many turnovers as ever. Skil has totally deteriorated. Ugh.

  370. Acy drew a foul and made 1-2 FTs

    He has Lin-like quality in drawing fouls

  371. Go Kings! lol

  372. quincy is awesome

  373. The defense really picks up when Acy’s in

  374. Almost another strip by Acy ..this guy is a keeper

  375. A big offensive threat and trouble defender; defends better than Lopez.

  376. Come on Let lin play

  377. lol Kings with back-court violation in transition

  378. well a minute 30 to see if atkinson stays true to his 18-20 mins

  379. shaq and a fool

  380. Lopez back but no Lin guess he’s done?

  381. appears to be so

  382. 5 minutes every quarter

  383. Is Acy on a minute restriction too? Or is that yet another way Kenny outsmarts himself.

  384. dont think jeremy will be back if the lead gets bigger

  385. KA said 18 min, can he be back in the last 3 min if Nets lead 95-82?

    Let’s hope he’s back after TO

  386. I guess Lin will not be back and the excuse is the Nets are up by 10.

  387. Lopez and Acy are like giants on the court they’d make things so much easier for Lin! Acy also has 3 point shooting threat. Really want to see Lin come back in with those 2 on the court! Acy needs to start when Lin is back at full minutes.

  388. LIN IN !!!!!

  389. A big lead actually makes it less likely that Lin might reinjure himself by doing something risky.

  390. Oh yeah! Let’s go, JLin!
    at scorer’s table?

  391. Lin in at 5:06!

  392. Finally!

  393. Omg Lin’s back lin’s back!! At 5:06!!

  394. whaaaa? jeremy is back?~ lol

  395. lin still showing signs of rust.. not bad tho his speed is picking up

  396. I was thinking it’s time to go to bed, and he is back… Lol

  397. dont like spencer playing w/jeremy

  398. I like how the give to jlin in 4th.

  399. LIN 22++++ LAYUP

  400. Lol yes butchered that layup with shot clock down.

  401. Booker assist for Lin inside for the easy lay-in

  402. How many points does Lin have?

  403. 13

  404. 13

  405. Stupid booker

  406. booker is blowing it

  407. too many crazy layup attempts

  408. Give it to jlin. Jlin would have slowed it down. Instead, booker goes one man fast break ending up in a missed shot and a bucket on the other end.

  409. Lin Booker killed that posession

  410. Win the game for me please !

  411. lol* not lin

  412. Take booker out

  413. he should have 17.. missed some easy layups

  414. Close game, Nets played too much with fancy shots :/

  415. give me QUINCY LIN!

  416. as angry as i was a akinson this season he has definitely improved a ton.. he wouildnt have called that timeout earlier this season

  417. take booker out – 10 is not good

  418. Put Quincy Acy back in!!

  419. Feel the same way. I like Acy. Plays well w good D.

  420. btw where has khuang been?

  421. Acy for Booker! Kenny! Hello!

  422. LINQUINCY!!

  423. brook lopez with 3 bad plays in a row

  424. Lin’s 5th assist to Lopez 2

  425. Clutch Lin drew foul driving to the rim
    2 FTs


  426. specer what the h3ll was that lol? taking the time out cus he didnt want to give it to jeremy

  427. He’s on other site.

  428. damn that 3 would have been a dagger. Oh well I’m glad he took that

  429. No , he was looking for him.

  430. Lin still with some rust, would’ve made that 3 in top form.

  431. this i swhat i want to see.. they are letting lin attack man.. great to see!

  432. ugh… i guess better safe than sorry :/

  433. Mr. 4th quarter at work !

  434. lol all good cant have it all very happy with how hes played tonight

  435. How stupid is levert… give it to jlin…

  436. Who gets final shot after time out?

  437. He is afraid of turn it over cos Lin got guarded pretty tightly. I’d say a good call but let’s see what happens

  438. LeVert is sooooooo selfish

  439. levert so tunnel vision

  440. Levert wants to be the hero, get out of here rookie!!

  441. LeVert trash

  442. I thinknso althoigh he is stupid… just give it to jlin… ka needs to tattoo that on his forehead…

  443. these inbound passes -_________________________________-

  444. LaVert shows he’s a rookie after all

  445. lol

  446. Lin shootin 2 more Ft’s.. game is over!!!

  447. Hehe, Lin gets the icing FTs.

  448. Clutch Lin got the rebound!

  449. 17/5 in just 20m!

  450. Lin’s FTs should seal the win.

  451. and lin with the finishing touches

  452. 17 points in 20 minutes lol ill take it

  453. excellnt game from jeremy lin

  454. Mr. 4th quarter has nailed the game !

  455. I think we can win this one. Ya!

  456. Lin iced the game with 2 FTs
    107-99 with 11.7 left

    17pts/5asts/2rebs in 20 min

  457. should have been 21pts… he missed two open layups in the first half.. he usually makes those!
    Good game by him nonetheless! Finally!!!!

  458. i don’t care about the nets record. i cant wait till lin gets his minutes up .

  459. Lin’s final points should be 17 pts in 20 minutes. Lol 3 more points itobe 1 point per minute. Lol good game!

  460. kenny finally let lin orchestrate their offense his way, which was by setting tons of picks for him and letting him attack

  461. Nets bench are all smiles about to get a Win to break 16-loss streak

  462. Minutes and PnR every set! Throw that motion offense into the fire pit KA!

  463. Lin for the Win on Nets 17th try to break their spell.

  464. im telling u when lin’s teammates set screens for him good things happen

  465. Yes hope that motion offense bs is gone forever!

  466. Did you guys just hear the Sac Coach?? Lol

  467. NO, what he say?

  468. Nets lack offense so Lin provides that. Nets lack clutch rebound so Lin provides that too.

  469. Glad Nets won, snapping the 16-game losing steak!

    Love the smile on Lin’s face!!!

  470. “Just get this s*** over with!”

  471. Nope what did he say?

  472. Nets lack marketability and Lin provides that also…

  473. Lol wow.

  474. He was talking to one of his players.. About the pointless foul he made.. He just said it out loud and it was on TV.. “lets get this **** over with”

  475. Just feels good to win. Now it feels normal again with Lin in for the Win.

  476. “Why foul? Let’s get this shXX over with” haha

  477. When Lin was in, it was 80% PnR and 20% motion tonight.

  478. BookerLin sounds good to me

  479. acy was great. He made our defense have toughness


  481. Thank god for the draught breaking win…. Lin is looking good. NEXT!!

  482. LOL, and I thought I felt there was no hope this season.

  483. Lin always gets the rebound during clutch times as if he were a PF.

  484. Congrats nets! And everyone here!

  485. Kenny always makes it harder than it has to be with his rotations and lineups. For example, why not play Acy more? Why not use McDaniels and Nicholson?

  486. DE-LinQuincy?

  487. now we do the dance of joy.

  488. even better haaha

  489. What Nets needed wasn’t just Lin but Lin and PnR offense! Told you guys since day one that KA’s motion offense was holding the team back and reason for their losing streak. This win is due to Lin and PnR with great screens from Lopez.

  490. yup thats how it should be :). its showing promise and its a testament to who kenny atkinson is as a coach as well because the nets arent anywhere this season. he just wants to see how ot use his players most effectively

  491. SpeedOfLin, you next. 😉

  492. hmm… late night run to In-n-out for a victory double-double? decisions..

  493. Should’ve closed the game and started.

  494. Why not? Lol

  495. Only happens when Kenny is DESPERATE. You know he’ll go right back to MO next game right?

  496. (To the tune of tootsie-roll) sing with me. All I want is pick and roll. To the left. to the left to the left. To the right, to the right, to the right. lol.

  497. Go ahead and you deserve it:-)

  498. why didn’t Dinwiddie pass the ball to Lin at the end. he had 2 chances to do it but ended up calling a time out. i don’t like the guy’s selfishness

  499. Reminds me of RHJ’s “my difficult journey from perimeter to the basket” dance on each of his possession.

  500. Jeremy sounds like he has a cold.

  501. relax lol jesus lin played well tonight lets be happy with that

  502. They had a hard time getting the ball to Lin in the last minute, but they pulled it off. Lin’s play mattered tonight and they were way better when he was on the floor. 17 points in 20 minutes is good. 5-10 and a lot of those misses were reverse layups he’ll hit when he builds his body and confidence back.

  503. Dinwiddie is a dimwit!!!

  504. i’m just asking? why do you always start stuff with me?

  505. other site?

  506. welcome back 🙂
    time to celebrate our Linning moment again haha..

  507. I’m open to the idea. But his play requires a lot of energy to execute. So he might not be as effective if he spend too much time on the court. Probably need to figure out the sub pattern to maximise his effectiveness.

  508. He probably wasnt confident he could make that pass

  509. Dinwiddie doesn’t like how Lin’s the starting PG. Hope he’s gone this off season. I’ll just treat it as the safer decision to call timeout. But DimWit’s continuous annoyed expressions when playing with Lin is getting on my nerves.

  510. very true, he’s not quite there yet to contort his body for reverse layups but overall he was very much in control.

    Great shooting, awesome timing with passes. Boy, 17pts/5asts in just 20 min!
    Give him 30min soon and it’ll be 27pts 🙂

  511. I love watching Lin and Nets win and I don’t count how many they have won.

  512. Meanwhile Bron got his PG and lost….

  513. Lol who’s the PG?

  514. The first victim of Linsanity…

  515. Don’t remember, Deron Williams? Lol

  516. Yeah~~~~lol

  517. Lol. He missed the game winner too.

  518. Don’t think there was any motion offense tonight just PnR when Lin was playing.

  519. DW said Cav GM told him that he will start but just check box score. He’s not ….

  520. I REALLY want to see him push his AST average up to over 7.5….

  521. Jeremy Lin highlights, and a win finally!

  522. YouDaMan

  523. Thanks.

  524. Thanks! I returned from work earlier than normal. Can’t believe the game is still on but I can’t watch games anymore. None of the free ones that I can check in:-(

  525. Ding Ding Ding! lol can’t believe i got that right. LMAO Cavs and Lebum getting a washed up PG? Good luck with that.

  526. Seedy indeed!

  527. You’re the MVP thanks!

  528. He will start? Is his name now Delusional Williams? Not gonna happen as long as Kyrie is there

  529. I use stream2watch.co where it’s always HD with no lag but no full screen, just expands in the browser by clicking button on top right side near chatbox.

    There’s also batmanstream.com and sportshunter.eu but I haven’t been using them.

  530. I think he was too afraid to get his pass intercepted. The opponent was guarding Lin quite tightly and the game was on the line. One TO and he’ll be crucified. Can’t really blame him for not having the needle threading talent and courage to try. He just chose to play safe…

  531. hahaha and some of you here were praising him.. now that you suspecting he doesn’t like how lin’s the starting pg.. u guys turned on him.. man.. so fickledickle… be consistent at least

    was dimwit starting before? if so how many times? else it doesn’t make sense that he is annoyed.

  532. i don’t remember seeing anyone praise Dinwiddie. we were all saying how the Nets should have kept Yogi

  533. But you guys do know that if cousins was still with the kings.. this might be a lost right. Nets got lucky because the kings’ bad shooting and no identity If it was GSW playing against kings.. this is a blow out.

  534. Thanks for getting this up so promptly.

  535. I actually found it pleasantly surprising that sacramento broadcasters were complimenting lin like he is a super star.

  536. For those who think Kenny won’t play Lin more than 28-30m even healthy, keep in mind that Lin played 33 and 34m in the 2nd and 3rd games of the season (and they were back-to-backs).

  537. Only took lin one game of 20 plus min of play to get a W to break the 16 game losing streak.

  538. If Lin were healthy and playing 34m, it would be a win regardless. He played only 20m at 80% speed.

  539. To be fair he looked more composed when Nets got him but after a while you know that’s all he has, no offens or playmaking and another selfish player. Even Levert and Whitehead plays better than him, just lacks experience.

  540. WOW, Lin played smart !

  541. I tried the last two but it didn’t work…. I will see about stream2watch.co next round.

  542. to be fair.. they were already winning by like 10 points before lin came in..so can’t say it’s all lin even though the commentators were saying that lin puts everyone in their right positions.
    If say they were down and lin came in and then they win with big contributions.. you can say that..guarantee.

  543. I think this is the elephant in the room… Cousins is not gonna take Kings to anywhere but he has enough talent to give them a win here and there… Brook probably wouldn’t have such a good game if Boogie is on the floor…

  544. Well they can move Kyrie to SG who isn’t really a PG or playmaker.

  545. Thanks much! It’s featured now

  546. Then 2 weeks later Bron would whinge to the media “I need a friggin good perimeter defender!!”

  547. Thank you. Been reading the posts and watching the box scores so it’s great to actually see the plays shortly after the game.

  548. Well they did mention how he came off the bench for Hornets… and it helps when FO and coach has your back as the undisputed starting PG. 16 game losing streak, it’s obvious Nets plays so much better when Lin’s on the floor.

  549. Wouldn’t have won if Lin did get 17 points and allowed to play PnR for entire game.

  550. The Nets set the tone early in the game though. The bench then lost the big lead until Lin is back on the floor again. So Lin really makes the difference for the Nets. The whole team did a good job of not losing the lead in the 2nd half, which is fortunate.

  551. “BrookLin was a real thing tonight: 41 points on 14-of-27 shooting.
    The duo closed out the game with 14 of BK’s final 18 points.”

  552. 10 points means nothing if you don’t have the ability to close it!

  553. Nice comment for Lin at NetsDaily

    We lose this game without Lin
    His presence is so calming when he’s on the floor, even when he’s not scoring or making plays. I hope the rest of this year and next year go much better for him with his health and his play.

    Nicholson should COMPLETELY take Hamilton out of the rotation. Not sure if theres any room for KJ. Maybe Skil’s and Foye’s minutes?

    I’m excited to see who we can grab in free agency/draft.

    GO NETS!!!

    Posted by BrooklynBoyee

  554. The replay showed a lot of their collaboration.

  555. Good post-game review from RealGM

    by ghostowl » 39 minutes ago

    Some positives of the game:

    – Quincy Acy. This man right here is the key to fixing Net’s defense / rebounding. Give him Hamilton’s minutes; Hamilton is soft and can’t defend while being a subpar shooter.

    – Lin looked impactful in calling the crucial timeout at the corner with Lopez and gave some other sweet dimes. He didn’t score a lot, but looked to setup his teammates. The whole squad just looked less scared with Lin on the floor.

    – Lopez usually gets out-muscled but this time, he did a great job out-muscling that one skinny dude

    – Good ball movement and good defense

    Now, some negatives. It worked because this was the Kings, but Nets gave WAY too many turnovers, one after another. Always gave the Kings a chance to come back. This will not go unpunished versus a stronger team. Sloppy offensive fouls, sloppy screens, sloppy passes.

    RHJ is like the worst shooter I’ve seen. The guy’s only go-to move is to try to force the ball down the paint and pray for a foul call. How he’s still getting significant minutes is beyond me. Hamilton is a defensive liability and not great offensively. Booker still has the bad habit of getting the ball, keeping it to himself, and try to run down full-court to pad his stats – selfish and detrimental at crucial timing. LeVert looked a little too shaky this game, he needs to calm down, but I guess this will come with more experience.

    I’m just worried about stronger teams. The absolute biggest problem for this team is the consistent turnovers. We cannot have this happening against better teams when our shooters aren’t good enough to cut some slack.

  556. Lin talked a lot yesterday about discussing various ways to get the ball to Brook.
    They must be so happy with the results

  557. http://web.yesnetwork.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=1228640283
    Jeremy Lin after win vs. Kings03/02/1701:48
    Jeremy Lin praised his teammates’ collective effort as the Nets ended their 16-game losing skid with a 109-100 win over Sacramento

  558. “To get this monkey off our back just feels really, really good.” @JLin7 #Nets

  559. “Lin didn’t score a lot.” 17 points in 19 minutes is not a lot? Was he supposed to score from the bench?

  560. That was a little odd.
    I think he meant “Lin didn’t try to score for himself a lot but looked to set up his teammates”

    I guess it’s been a while since Nets fans saw what a real PG does ?

  561. oh no, there was 2 streams posted earlier in the game.
    It might work for next game

  562. yes, his teammates need to convert his assists more
    with more chemistry and min, it will eventually come!

  563. lol .. KA did deliver the 18-20min this time

  564. @BrooklynNets is proud of its own JLin highlights

    “@JLin7 finished with 17 points and 5 assists in Wednesday’s win! Check out his highlights!”

  565. Thanks….just can’t please tiger fans. Lol

  566. Deranged Williams!??

  567. maybe lebron sd just get a new team at the rate he is adding players – it’s funny as heck – bogut/deron/korver

  568. that’s cba , not nba.. cba == nba dleaguer sometimes. nba is da best of da best.

  569. to me.. I watched the game and I actually thought he didn’t scored a lot..and didn’t know how many points he had…until the stats came in finally. he was silently doing damage like parker snipa.

  570. but then the sacs knows it.. so during the 2nd half in the beginning, you see that that blitz lin with double,triple team

  571. because brook moves slow..
    it’s until brook start moving around as oppose to mchales style of low post play, that’s when things happen.
    Lin was trying to maybe lob or looks like an overthrew pass to brook..but maybe if brook moved faster, he might’ve caught it. I have not seen brook lopez doing a lob..AT ALL. I seen dwight doing it all the time..and chandler..but not brooka.. whya? see..that’s the thing

  572. That is what those 20+ games for., to make and correct mistakes and to gain experience, for next season. If they play like this game, (no MO), they will improve bit by bit.

  573. My impression of the game, the 2 days practice makes a difference for the 1st unit, compared to the last 2 games.

    But the main change is the P&R offense. It seems like a P&R practice game vs Kings for Nets. Who knows what offense KA will dedicate next game.

    1. Lin goes left a lot. Is it because what defense gives?
    2. 2nd unit seemed didn’t know how to play P&R. Maybe they were used to MO.
    3. Brook is still trying to find P&R rhythm with Lin. It is getting better and better game by game.
    4. Need another big/PF to work with Lin. Maybe Acy could be that guy. Oh gush, I missed Ed.

  574. Acy is miles better than Ed davis on both offense and defense. No clue why KA and Nets are so high on RHJ when Acy should be the one starting. Just hope we see a Lin, Lopez, and Acy lineup soon.

  575. Took half season and 16 game losing streak for KA to finally give up on MO and allow PnR? Please don’t bring back MO ever again. KA is such a stubborn coach.

  576. Reply
    But they were already playing PnR when JL was not around

  577. I like Acy a lot he’s the one who really played hard & well in O & D. I don’t know Nets it’s really high on RHJ or tried to push his value up for trade….?

  578. Jeremylin.net

  579. In watching Brook’s highlights, It’s interesting to see how Lin said he wanted to feed Brook early in the game with 5 different ways yesterday. I tried to count how many were used in the Kings game.

    Looks like pick-and-pop was used the most (2X) in this short Brook’s highlights, which makes sense since Brook is a good shooter with range and it doesn’t require as much precision and timing as PnR.

    Lin knows it will be vital to go early to Nets center Brook Lopez, who scored only nine points in the loss to the Warriors. “I would love to get him touches in a variety of ways,” Lin said. “That’s been my thing with him is:
    1 How can I get him in transition? [0:47]
    2 How can I get him on pick-and-rolls? (not in highlights but Brook screened Lin for 1 of Lin’s 3)
    3 How can I get him on pick-and-pops? [0:19, 1:21]
    4 How can I get him on the block? [0:04]
    5 How can I get him on short rolls? [0:54 not with Lin but LeVert]

    “I want to get him a variety of touches in a lot of different ways, and I think that makes it harder to guard.”


  580. @JLin7 shooting has been #ScorchingHot ?? in last 3 games after his return:
    57.1% 3FG (4-7)
    50% FG (11-22)
    87.5% FT (7-8)

    It’s very hard to do with only 16min/gm #recovery


  581. some updated lin stats for the season to date after last nites game: per game
    among all point guards
    lin is 21st in points 28th in rebounds 23rd in assists 21st in steals and 12th in blocks
    despite being 40th in minutes

    he is 10th overall among all point guards in shooting %; 4th among those with at least 10 fga’s per game.

    per per per a lot of people always reference espn’s hollinger per as a primary assessment of a players performance: among players who have played a minimum of 16 minutes per game lin is top 40

    40th among all players in the league all positions.

    moving on to a couple of my personal favorite stats regarding scoring efficiency; lin is 10th among point guards who are primarily starters in points per shot and


    in effective field goal % beyond only thomas (2nd) and curry (1st).

  582. Brook is definitely not a great PNR partner …yet. I’m hopeful Lin will do his coach Lin magic like he did with Asik and even Dwight Howard.

    Ed Davis was the best PNR partner Lin had since NYC. He rolled at exactly the right time and always to the right place. More than once have I seen him deliberately move much further away from Lin to force his man to choose who do cover. He had inate understanding of spacing between him and Lin and time his move just at the same time.

  583. yes, Lin/Davis PnR was special because they had such natural fit and they simply understand what others want to do. Towards the end of LAL season, the chemistry lessened because BScott tried to separate them in the name of tanking.

    I think Brook-Lin PnR will get better with more time and practice. Brook will never be as explosive on the roll but he can find various ways to finish with his post-moves.

  584. Thanks for sharing the great stats

    I like these ones the best:
    10th in PPS for PGs
    3rd in eFG%
    after SCurry and Isaiah Thomas

    Lin is very productive and efficient in scoring points.
    As he ramps up the mins, he’ll catch up in other rankings soon

  585. was there an interview from kenny atkinson on lins performance?

  586. Lin congratulates Brook Lopez on getting 10k points career record


  587. also lin’s overall fg % is at a whopping 47%… that is unbelievable.. those are sueprstar stats. he is also shooting 36.4% from downtown. would like to see him get his ft % up to 80 by the end ofthe season however.

  588. The Tv analyst said that Lin was anticipating Lopez to continue down, but Lopez stopped, so the ball went over for a turnover.

  589. lin is also averaging roughly the same amount of points and assists that he did in his first year in Houston, but with much better shooting percentages (except ft) and with about 9 less minutes

  590. yeah the only thing thats down (and i didn’t even get into comparing “per minute” aka per 36 or per possesion stats which are comparable to his knicks season #’s) is his free throw shooting which has been historically consistently around 80% now only 73 or something.

  591. There was a post-game interview, but it wasn’t just on Lin. He said Lin gives direction to players. But, of course, he talked about Lopez’s accomplishment and how the team went about getting their win for most of the post-game interview that YES showed.

  592. I think it’s going to be more of a PnP type where Brook takes short jump shots and push shots. He’s not the jump and catch the lob and dunk type which was so exciting with Chandler and Ed Davis. Overall, I loved his chemistry with Davis and hope one day they play together again.

  593. There is no sound reason Scott had to separate Lin and Davis. That was horrible coaching.

  594. “It’s nice to have Jeremy Lin there, he is directing…” Atkinson after win vs. Kings

  595. Lin’s cutting to the basket and at the receiving end of assists impressed me most.

  596. always on the mark, Acbc. totally agree with you. not sure why a lot of people here refuse to see it though. Lopez is a good guy and i guess people just want to see him and Lin work out – BrookLin. but it just never seem natural. the best PnR bigs are the ones that are natural offensive rebounders as they’re always looking to get to the rim for easy buckets. a Dennis Rodman type player would be an excellent PnR Big partner with Lin. but with Lopez, i would like to see Lin focus on looking for his own shots first when he’s driving into the lanes. that makes it less predictable to the defenders and they’ll try to cover Lin hard which would leave Lopez open for the last minute dish. teams kinda sense Lin wants to dish it off to Lopez every time and are well prepared for it

  597. the second unit lead by Lin and Davis were so good that Scott had to split them up to save Kobe’s face

  598. thanks!

  599. though defense there was not the same as NBA, i can sense that as a scoring guard, he can be effective also in NBA (maybe sans the rumor(?)attitude)..
    with Lin orchestrating the offense, he will get a lot of open shots…
    but on this highlight, Fredette, loves making is own shots.

  600. “It’s nice having Jeremy out there,” Atkinson said of the finish. “Instead of the ball going around haphazardly, he really directs it. I give him a lot of credit.”


  601. I am going to Dallas game on March 19 at Barcley. Is the cheaper later or I should buy it asap?

  602. After seen BrookLin PnR is there still anyone who thinks Brooke Lopez should be traded?! Lin and Brook will be the Parker and Duncan of the Nets. They are really just 1 humble star player from being a Playoff contender KA will allow PnR for all games from now on.

  603. Where were you, Lin did a wrap around and passed the ball to lopez for a dunk! Lopez weights too much to jump for lobs but dunks that he can do.

  604. Pushing up his value for entire season? They started RHJ since the beginning even when he was worst than right now with all those iso misses at the rim.

  605. Depends on if jlin playing i think.

  606. Ive gone to a handful of games including jlin bobblehead night and it wasnt full…

  607. as long as there are lots of tickets available (there are lots of tickets available) no hurry.

    once it gets closer to the time start monitoring “stub hub” prices/tickets available see if quantity is going down and price going up. or not.

    easy check is go to: espn nba scoreboard, will give you ticket availabllty and starting price for all games each nite.

  608. Yes, I feel if Nets win the next several games, the price will go up

  609. There are tickets right behind the monitor desk for over around $250, I feel they are reasonable and hope they do not go up…

  610. I like Brook because he’s a smart, decent guy, who will make adjustments to his game and work with Jlin without ego issues. The partnership will work if it’s given some time to build off of, even if it’s not the flashiest pair. It’s easy to point out what Brook can’t do well, but I just don’t think you can replace what he does bring to the table that well.

  611. Charlotte crashing hard without Lin. If they had any sense, they would have offered Lin 12M/yr to be starting SG alongside Kemba and Batum. Then they could stagger Lin and Walker’s minutes and fix all their bench problems too.

  612. Ya! They lose to Sun today. Can’t believe they are #11 now…..

  613. After Lin came back, it seems he shot 3s way behind 3 pts line almost 1 meter. I think he did it on purpose. It will be hard to defend but ask high accurate.

  614. JLin shared how great it was to play in the 4th quarters

  615. No more “toe-on-the-line” long 2s! He used to do that all the time.

  616. this seems to be the big question.

  617. you look at the boxscore from the game you can see why. all kemba. i mean that was the choice to promote the “star’. the other team had balanced shot taking balanced scoring; charlotte all kemba.

    batum has been a bust. terrible shooting numbers and they basically dont have a front court; the got then dumped hibbert, dumped hawes, brought in a various plumlee who’s been hurt since they got him, zeller has continued his historic being hurt and kaminsky has been terrible. (one of the worst shooters in the league).

    but im personally glad lin is not there because tho a lot of people dont agree, i look at actually results and not what kind of attitude is expressed publicly towards lin and in my opinion lin was actually treated worse in charlotte with all the kind words than anywhere to that time.

    as i have noted previously it seems the less actively hostile the enviornment for lin the worse the results.

  618. Despite the injury, Jeremy Lin is the only legit starting PG available in the market for the Nets. There is no way that the team can compete in NBA without Lin.

  619. bulls beat gs by doing two things not contradictory: 1. finally giving up on a succession of failed point guards: rondo (before that rose), mcw, a various grant and most recently c. payne and (as with houston and harden) just let butler the dominant player bring the ball up and concede the spot to him.
    2. reversing the trend to small ball by going big with two big guards in wade and butler and 3 big bigs in zipser, feliciano, and portis.

    think warriors are still traumatized by losing durant. will take awhile to recoup. was such a weird play, gortat basically threw zaza down and into durants legs.

  620. hmmm good question?!!! any CSIs?!!! 🙂

  621. U got that right bruthuh

  622. To compete at NBA level, the Nets need to have legit NBA starting fives. At this moment, the team is still one player short to become an average NBAteam。

  623. thread head from the other lin site:

    “JLin is back and killin it!
    In Jeremy’s 3 games since coming back, he is putting up some amazing numbers. Per 36 minute averages of 24 pts and 8.8 asts, .57 3P%, .50 FG%, .88 FT%.

    All on the least talented team in the league with arguably the lowest bball IQ as well. Not sure people realize how amazing this is even with the small sample size.”

  624. Each player has their strength and weaknesses. If Lin can make Asik a scoring threat, I’m sure he’ll find a way to make Lopez look like an all star.

  625. Uhmmm how about 3?
    Who else other than Lin and Lopez is a legit NBA starter lol

  626. Yah their front court is terrible not something Lin cant fix

  627. I think both LeVert and Booker are legit NBA players too. The rest are just borderline players or not even there.

  628. “That is the question!”

  629. LeVert is still a rookie and he cant shoot very well also makes many rookie mistakes
    Booker is all hustle and he misses easy shots way too often and too many TOs from trying to handle the ball besides hes not even starting right now

  630. Is it just me or that girl bears some resemblance to Brook Lopez?
    Same nose and same smile?

    Let the Linvestigation begin! ?

  631. As long as Nets don’t get blown out in the first 3 quarters, Lin will likely transform Nets to win in the 4th quarter.

  632. Lol glad Batum is getting exposed. Rich Cho messed up big time

  633. Do you know that JLin will donate his 3/12 BKN vs BOS game-check to @OneDayWages to help empower girls and fight poverty through education?
    He will also donate $100 per 3pt-shot this season
    Also, RHJ commits to $50 per 3pt ? ? ? ? #realballercares

    This is why we love JLin! #selfless #girlsempowerment #fightpoverty


  634. new thread

    G60 After a Brook-Lin Powered Win vs Kings, the Nets’ Next Stop is the Jazz
    Brook-Lin duo might need more help from Caris Levert, Quincy Acy, Booker to match up against the Jazz Big 3 of Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward and George Hill.

  635. You really hit the note about the result of “Kemba Campaign” from last season.
    It’s not good to make it Kemba-centric.

    JLin’s presence last season only helped Kemba to have more space to operate.
    Batum didn’t have the huge impact as Lin did throughout the season and in the playoff.

    But they made their choice so it’s really their loss not prioritizing JLin.
    He might’ve stayed if they offer starting SG position to be a dual PG/SG with Kemba.
    He really liked playing with Kemba

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