G58 CHA @ATL Game Thread

As the Hornets have notched 4 out of 5 impressive road wins, they will face the 6th straight road home against Atlanta Hawks.

  • Courtney Lee experiment: Unfortunately, Jeremy Lin’s role in the Hornets has become a role player with reduced minutes as the Hornets experimented by giving Courtney Lee more minutes to see what he can do with more minutes. Lee didn’t exactly impress with 7pts/2asts/3rebs/3stls in 39 min with 3-10 shooting and 1-5 3FGM but we should expect the Hornets to give him more minutes in the next few games to see what Lee can give with more PT.
  • Current JLin’s role: There has been fewer minutes & decreasing PnR plays called for JLin even in the Bench Force 1. Oddly, Kemba played more minutes with BF1 for the whole 1st quarter negating the need for JLin’s playmaking. But JLin had few chances to playmake in the 6-7 min in the 2nd quarter combined with fewer min in the 2nd half.
  • What it may mean: The Hornets may assign the ‘versatile’ player role in JLin who can back up in PG/SG/SF, provide team defense and occasional finishing when others are not hot. It’s a sign that the Hornets understand JLin may have other appealing offers in the off-season that he may decline his 2nd year player option. There is no long-term plan with keep JLin as a backup PG unless he agrees to play with similar cheap salary & fewer minutes in a system lacking reliable PnR big men not suitable for his strength.

With 25 games left, JLin and the Hornets may make the most of the remaining time by pursuing playoff experience and occasional chance to contribute in Hornets big wins. It’s a win-win short-term scenario but the reduced minutes and role point to a smaller chance of JLin resigning as a backup PG in the 2nd year player option. Here’s hoping that JLin would get more chances to contribute in big wins to help his Free Agency in the summer as he tries to help the Hornets to reach the playoff. Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he may seize his chance in limited minutes to contribute with his shooting to help the Hornets to win

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