G57 CHA @IND Game Thread

It’s too bad that Jeremy Lin’s ankle was injured again in the 1st quarter in the Cavs game since it would have affect to his drives and defense for a while.

  1. Would Big Al continue to be a weakness in defending the paint for the 2nd unit? On offense, it doesn’t seem like there was much PnR rather than dumping the ball to Al inside to use his post-moves.
  2. Will JLin have to rely on his drive and 1-1 moves to score since the ball seemed to not move around as much and he didn’t have enough touches as a PG? The Hornets need to be consistent in facilitating ball movement and trust JLin to orchestrate the offense when he’s on the floor. Otherwise, this team might barely make the playoff with inefficient offense and will be one-and-done.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he continues to play well with his defense, drives and shooting to help the Hornets to win

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