Game 56 Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks: 7-Year Anniversary of Lin vs Kobe

Seven years ago today, Jeremy Lin dropped 38 points on the Lakers. Many Knicks fans still longingly remember the excitement that Lin brought to the Madison Square Garden. While Lin fans dream for the day that Jeremy can recapture the passion and confidence that filled him during Linsanity run, it is good to reminisce what made him special to rise up to the occasion to dethrone the Los Angeles Lakers champ at the peak of the Linsanity period. His determination, confidence, and trust from Coach Mike D’Antoni to put the ball in his hands to create plays were very special

Perhaps one of NBA teams such as Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers, and other playoff contenders will consider signing up Jeremy Lin if the Hawks buy out his contract. Lin’s agent will continue to talk to teams that can benefit from his services to advance deep in the playoff, perhaps to reach the NBA Finals. Until then, let’s celebrate something special when the undrafted Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere to shock the NBA Champ in 2012.