G56 CHA @CLE Game Thread

This will be a tough game to win as the Cavaliers just lost a game against the Pistons at home and will be motivated to avenge their loss when JLin led the Hornets as the PG to beat them in Charlotte

  1. Will JLin continue to prioritize his defense in order to close out games? With Kemba and Batum providing scoring and playmaking, JLin seemed to prioritize defense with secondary scoring and playmaking in order to garner more playing time.
  2. Will the Cavs game plan against JLin’s penetration that helped beat them in the previous game? Dellavedova might be tasked to guard JLin since he’s quite a good defender and was missing in the last loss.
  3. Will JLin put together good drives and shooting in this big game?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he continues to play well with his defense, drives and shooting to help the Hornets to win

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