Game 55 Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Is Open To Buyout; Will Let Agent Handle Potential Buyout Talk

With the March 1 deadline for buyout looming less than three weeks away, Jeremy Lin shared in an interview that he will let his agent handle the potential buyout talk

There is a follow-up article on Lin’s potential for buyout, “Lin on why he felt as likely to be traded as any point in his career”, The Athletic.

There are some key points:
– Lin felt there was just 10% chance he would be traded on 2/7 based on what his representation had told him
– When asked about buyout conversation, Lin said he’ll let his agent handle the potential buyout conversations. “And in what could be a way to deflect giving a direct answer, he said he wasn’t aware of any talks between his agent and the organization in terms of a potential buyout”
– “If Lin’s representation can find a team that is willing to play him more than the time he’s getting now from the Hawks, he’ll likely request a buyout. Lin has been adamant that coming off the bench isn’t his preferred role, and it never will be. That’s just his competitive nature”
– “I’m going to try to do my best, though, with whatever assignment I have,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I don’t have aspirations to be a starter or to get heavy minutes or even to come off the bench and play more or be more involved. Those are all very real thoughts.”

It is encouraging to see that while Lin made it clear that while he’s going to do his best in the limited role/minutes that the Hawks give him, he’s still very competitive and want to start or play off-the-bench with more involvement. He’s not happy with his current role but will be professional to do his best. His agent will seek the best playoff-bound teams who will give him that role.

This public statement that he is open for a buyout will let the Hawks and other interested NBA teams know about his intention and let his agents work out potential buyout and new roles with playoff teams interested in his service in less than 3 weeks before the March 1 buyout deadline arrives.

The article acknowledged his lack of playing time in the Hawks will hurt Lin after he becomes a free agent to get lucrative offers in his next contract. True to his reputation as a team-first NBA athlete, Lin will continue to be professional to make the most in the current role and enjoy playing with his teammates.

But Lin will be a free agent at the end of the season, and his lack of playing time likely isn’t going to land him a lucrative offer when it comes time to sign his next contract. And when asked if he prefers to stay in Atlanta through these next few weeks before the March 1 deadline, Lin, unlike Dewayne Dedmon, who said he’ll be playing with the Hawks through the rest of the year, couldn’t answer directly.

“It’s a tough question because you’re asking me a lot of unknowns,” Lin said. “If you’re telling me, ‘Do I prefer to be here or somewhere else?’ — first off, I don’t know where that somewhere else would be and what it would look like. I can tell you that I enjoy being here. I’m playing some solid basketball. This is a career low in minutes, but I think in the time that I have been playing, I’m trying to make the most of it. I’m going to continue to try to do my best, and as long as I’m here and as long as they want me here, then I’m going to give it my best. That’s what it means to be a pro.”


  1. FIRST – in like “never”? Haha.

  2. You’re inthezone! 🙂

  3. I’m very encouraged to see that Lin diplomatically spoke up in an interview about his aspirations to:
    – be a starter
    – to get heavy minutes
    – or even to come off the bench with more involvement
    while at the same time still doing his best with whatever assignment he has.

    “I’m going to try to do my best, though, with whatever assignment I have,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I don’t have aspirations to be a starter or to get heavy minutes or even to come off the bench and play more or be more involved. Those are all very real thoughts.”

    Translation: It confirms that Lin is given the ‘stabilizer’ assignment to develop teammates/create plays so he doesn’t have the green light as one of the main guys to score/shoot at any time as some of us thought. And he’s not 100% happy with the lack of minutes or not being involved. He simply wants to go back to his goal to be a starter or come off the bench with greater role than ‘stabilizing/developing’ others.

    Now Lin’s agent has less than 3 weeks to call NBA teams (e.g. Raptors, 76ers, Pistons, etc.) who might need his services in the playoff.

  4. Lin has to shoot better though

  5. carrying over from the previous thread: re raptors roster.

    there is some confusion but what i think is the situation is:

    they have currently with the added mclemore and g leaguer (malcom miller) contracts reached 14 contracts (counting 2 other 2 way contracts)

    however: (and this i only learned after my original post and at that point did edit it)–these last two additions are only 10 day contracts.
    the minimum required is 14 full season contracts (i beleive the two ways count); and the10 days do not count as such.

    thus i think the situation is: they have 10 days to convert these to regular contracts to meet the minimum 14 required.

    of course they do also have an extra open spot they are not required to fill.

    perhaps if the lincyclopedia arsenium12 is around he could clear this up more uh clearly.

  6. Jeremy Lin cannot be any more direct without being disrespectful to his teammates and coaches and the Hawks organization.

    And, that’s JLin at his core. He is always balancing his competitiveness and desire to play basketball. Yet to be grateful for his opportunities and to still be on the court.

    Unlike so many other players, JLin is very SELF-AWARE. He is fully cognizant of the challenges facing him. But unwilling to give up.

    I DISAGREE with the concern about “his lack of playing time in the Hawks will hurt Lin after he becomes a free agent to get lucrative offers in his next contract”. Any NBA front office and their scouts who do their due diligence know what Lin brings. They see the stats. They know where Lin stands with the Hawks and why he’s not getting more playing time. If they don’t want to get past it, then it’s just another excuse for Anyone But Lin.

    Now that he has recovered from the knee, and shown he has played very efficiently. Maybe there could still be a team that will give him that chance again. We’ll see. I’m hopeful. Trying to send positive “VIBES”. 🙂

  7. Here is some data on Jeremy’s performance this year, comparing him to two groups: guards who’ve played between 15 and 25 mpg, and guards who’ve played more than 25 mpg. Everyone in the analysis has to have played at least 25 games this season.

    Jerremy’s shooting well from 2-PT range but falls off noticeably from 3-PT range. He also does much better when compared to those playing 15 to 25 mpg, which would tend to be the reserves.

  8. yes, he might be more motivated to do so in the next few games before 3/1

    1 concern is if LP doesn’t make it easier for him by not pairing him with Len and Collins, like the last game with Spellman, it’ll be a tougher road for Lin to perform well

    I guess we’ll see what happens tonight

  9. Play with no distractions. I, frankly, find trade/buyout stuff to be distractions. Block it out, play with the teammates he has now as well as possible.

    3s have to fall soon. He’s due. I think he’s recharged after the all-star break.

    Edit: I think Lin actually plays better with Len than Collins. In the games he’s played with Collins, there were miscues (obviously due to lack of playing time together). Lin and Len, however, are on the same page. But Len is not the best finisher at the basket. Lin is good with Spellman with Spellman as a 3 point shooter. Not inside though. Spellman’s too slow around the rim to receive Lin’s passes.

  10. Pre-Game Humor: Jerry McGuire take on “playing the right way ( )

    LOL, enjoy the game, everyone!

  11. Jeremy! This is IT! Go Lin Go! Shoot shoot shoot!

  12. I agree on the part that Lin can’t be more direct without being disrespectful. He did a superb job to share his aspirations like any other NBA players want to do. That’s also why Dorsey requested to be traded to get more PT somewhere else.

    With regards to his lack of PT in the Hawks will hurt Lin to get lucrative offers, I actually agree with that assertion. While NBA teams know full well how efficient Lin is, they will try to lowball him like they did after the Lakers season.

    I think the post-Lakers experience was a big factor on why Lin and his agent spoke up about being open to a buyout. Trying to avoid low-ball offers in summer 2019. Or get the Hawks to give him more involvement or more PT.

    I absolutely love Lin being assertive in this matter. Just because he’s a nice guy, doesn’t mean he’ll take it sitting down if teams don’t use him correctly.

  13. I agree. He needs to go back to the mindset before he checked in that NJ Nets game in Feb 2012, “I will play my game; if they cut me, they cut me. If they reduce my minutes, reduce it.”

    NBA loves scorers. And once again, Lin needs to unleash his game as a talented scorer/playmaker. Teams will start lining up.

  14. Interesting article! Thank you for sharing, Psalm!

    I don’t know how true this statement is: “…after the deadline had passed that the interest in Lin wasn’t as high as the Hawks anticipated it would be, and thus the veteran point guard remains on the roster.”

    I suspect it may be more precise to say that the Hawks’ asking price for Lin was too high! The GM must have been asking for the Moon!

  15. what about baze and dedmond? hawks wanted fults and waited out for him. they lost. its just that simple

  16. Falling behind …

  17. Regarding 1mtoldman’s question on NBA roster sizes, here’s a very basic answer. For more info, see the response to Ques. 79. (“What roster size limits exist? …”) in the Collective Bargaining FAQ. The link is shown below.

    Normally an NBA team can have a maximum of 15 players on its roster during a season. A team normally has 12 or 13 players on its Active List, who are eligible to play in games, and can have as few as 11 for up to two weeks at a time. Any remaining players must be on the team’s Inactive List, and are ineligible to play in games.

    A team gets two roster spots exclusively for Two-Way players. A Two-Way player must be on his team’s Active List or Inactive List while playing in the NBA. For each Two-Way player on the team’s Active List or Inactive List, the number of players required to be on the team’s Inactive List increases by one.

    Individual teams are only required to carry a minimum of 14 players (13 active and one inactive, or 12 active and two inactive). Players who are on the Two-Way List are not counted in these calculations.

    See :

  18. bored

  19. Lin in

  20. FYI ….

    “Charlotte Hornets big man Frank Kaminsky is a buyout candidate after the team failed to move him prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News. … Marc Stein of the New York Times added the Hornets were “pushing hard” to get a deal done.”

    Kaminsky was the ninth overall pick in 2015. See :

  21. We may be trying to say the same thing.

    Once again, Lin has confirmed that he is NOT content to be playing low minutes, especially when the team is more interested in development. (I never doubted that.) But, as we all know, NBA politics have always worked against Lin.

    We have acknowledged that Lin isn’t part of the Hawks future. No amount of Lin “complaining” or speaking up will make the Hawks sacrifice their young players’ minutes to make Lin happy. The fact that he has even played this much is a testament to Schlenk’s regard for Lin. Guaranteed, the NETS would NOT have done it.

    The best the Hawks can do for Lin is to either do a buyout, or just waive him, so that he can become a free agent now. To get more minutes or play for a contender. The reason why any player goes the buyout route.

    The problem, or obstacle, is to find that team that is willing to give Lin that respect, and recognize what he brings NOW, for the rest of this season. This MUST be done before he asks the Hawks to let him go. 15-20 minutes is better than zero minutes.

    Which team would that be? That is the “SHOW ME THE MONEY” question. (s/o to Pre-Exist.)

  22. 2 FT

  23. Vince the 42 year old hustling…….

  24. 22222222222222222222222

  25. buzzer


  27. You could be right. I found this encouraging and worrisome at the same time:
    “…Lin will be a free agent at the end of the season, and his lack of
    playing time likely isn’t going to land him a lucrative offer when it
    comes time to sign his next contract.

    And when asked if he prefers to stay in Atlanta through these next few weeks before the March 1 deadline,
    Lin, unlike Dewayne Dedmon, who said he’ll be playing with the Hawks through the rest of the year, couldn’t answer directly.”

  28. easy they’re down by 20 lol

  29. Yes, a full roster is actually 17 players. 15 + the two 2-ways.

    At the moment, the Raptors have TEN players on roster. Plus the two new 10-days, which do count as part of 15. (McLemore and Miller.)

    So, the Raptors must add TWO more players, but can add THREE.

  30. Lin, keep shooting!

  31. See, this is what I mean about Len. Such a big guy, why can’t he FINISH those shots? Another missed assist for Lin.

  32. 2222222222

  33. Lin steal and 2 pts!

  34. Marvin tappin lin on the butt

  35. Yes! 14 more points needed from lin

  36. lol, if he is allowed

  37. Twice. He also gave Lin a friendy chest pat when Lin first checked in

  38. HaHa.

  39. good guy good team.

  40. i don’t get the sub pattern wherein the bench doesn’t continue playing on the second quarter after finishng the first get the ryhthmn??? it is so obvious that LP is really giving the YOUNG all of teh opportunity..hope he knew it and taking his best to get what the team wants from him.

  41. Lin looking good out there! I’m no medical expert, but he doesn’t look banged up!

  42. That is one for the Highlight Reels

  43. Lin Lin Lin Win Win win

  44. Lin is healthy. just the cardio of the long season messing his threes up.

  45. Lin is here for the win!

  46. sometimes its the angle and anticipation..a little tweaking and more chances will surely for a near perfection…rhythm doesn’t only wish for Jlin but for every players in the nba

  47. Two in transition chances, too bad….
    Lin better get the credit for that steal!

  48. Looks like they gave the steal to Huerter. ROBBED! Lin tipped it first.

  49. Lin out

  50. jesus this unit is hot garbage

  51. JLIN with one of the best plus/minus for second straight game so far.

  52. I see they have JLIN with 2 steals on

  53. No Lin no win

  54. IMO, big guys point blank at the rim should just muscle those in. No angles required. And it’s consistent with Len.

  55. My fault 2 assists and 1 steal

  56. Starters don’t have to play defense?

  57. Dominque criticizing Young’s shot selection again. After Kemba made one, Young came back and bricked a quick not.

  58. Nope, just trying to outscore the other team.

  59. curry also mentioned that he knew Young has the license to shoot , but he doesn’t like the execution because it gave the opponent the opportunity to score more and hawk is trailing big…BUT lp liked it to tell Young to stop..LOL!!!

  60. don’t be selective, of course he may have those misses but he can also converts when its near perfection pass…it takes 2 to tango…

  61. “Jeremy Lin closed down the passing lane.”

  62. what does this rookie milestone assist meant if that assist doesn’t convert into wins???

  63. NIIIIICE!!!

  64. wow, that was lame defense by Young. Jeremy Lamb got by him so easily

  65. another TO…ohhhmmy!!!!

  66. I don’t agree. Lin has given him really good passes.
    Len is actually pretty good with post-work, pretty good foot-work. And works hard, going for loose balls, fighting for rebounds.
    Just wish he helps Lin more with the assists. 🙂

  67. Yeah, talk about rookie mistakes. Playing too fast, out of control.

  68. TO, bad D, but doesn’t get benched and still has green light to shoot. SMH…

  69. Can’t change height and length.

  70. Young and walker with the same height???

  71. I hate it whenever they bring up “the YOUNGEST” to get whatever stat. What is the big deal about that?

    Not hard to do when almost every player is one-and-done. Or like LeBron, out of high school.

  72. young needs to learn that he needs to be set up for those 3 in order to have the chance of it going in..i laugh always the way he attempt his shot, his style seems a grader manner of shooting..LOL

  73. Was responding to post about Lamb vs Young.
    You’re right about Y & W. And Walker doesn’t play much defense either. Haha.

  74. It’s been like this from the beginning. Were you expecting something new or different?

  75. i saw when young and walker got to share space that they seems to have the actual SAME Height…LOL and yes same way of defending too!!!

  76. well…maybe we just utter the words just to pretend we don’t know it yet..LOL!

  77. Anyone notice that Marvin Williams smiled and slapped Jeremy on the butt as he (Jeremy) trotted to the bench?

  78. Another Toronto blog from RaptorsHQ on SBNation. “Who should the Raptors target on the buyout market?” He thinks Lin. But considers him third string PG.

    I disagree. If Toronto WANTS to sign Lin, it will be more as 6th man. Maybe even ahead of VanVleet. Ujiri may not have wanted to give up assets. But probably won’t mind signing Lin cheap. Assuming Lin is willing.

    “Lin would seem to be the ideal candidate, a smart veteran player who can hit open shots and still break opponents down when needed.”

  79. Lin , u need to score 14 more points and 8 more assists. Ok go do it!

  80. in 1 minute lmao

  81. Haha! Nope, missed it. Busy typing. 🙂

    That’s good camaraderie! Lin definitely had strong bonds with those guys.

    Too bad MJ didn’t think Lin was worth the money. If they signed some other wing and Lin, instead of Batum. The Hornets could have made more playoffs and maybe further.

    But Lin also had chance to start with the Nets. So, coulda woulda shoulda.

  82. an afterthought is a disrespect when its the case…better not get him because they don’t think of him that highly if the reporter was saying what the FO of toronto is thingking.

  83. That’s right ! Now Jeremy, go do it

  84. Yeah. I post these. But, these bloggers have no inside info. Just fans like the rest of us.
    But at least good to know, if these bloggers like Lin, that Lin would probably be welcomed by the Toronto fans.

  85. Rathbun saying poor Hawks defense. “What good is it if the Hawks can’t get stops?”

  86. Well,, Prince is out there. And so far, I haven’t been impressed with Collins defense. Not a rim protector.

  87. Walker is killing the Hawks. (Or, more like Young.)

  88. Hey Donsmacau. Looks like updated Lin steals to TWO, after all.

  89. Lin in

  90. Ok now is Lin’s time!

  91. Prince. When he’s hot and makes shots, okay. He gave Lin a few assists last game.
    But, he seems to run hot and cold. And when he’s not making shots, what is he contributing?

  92. what to do, starters buried again the bench in hole that deep that will say bench doesn’t deserve the time to play because they can’t back the game up afterall…no starters fault…what an assignment the bench has to face day in day out for the sake of the rookies and no defense starters

  93. Lin just keep scoring will be fine

  94. Arggghh! Lin should have passed that one!

  95. 2222222222222222

  96. Lin! Keep scoring !!!

  97. Dell Curry and Dominique Wilkins having fun.
    LIN LAYUP! Chipdip says only 12 more pts!

  98. Ok take more … hahaha

  99. notice lins walking out the huddle fast


  101. Hey Lin, tell your ex teammates to back off!

  102. Forget it, can’t even cut into lead with Walker sitting.
    Just get your stats Lin!

  103. Well, maybe if it’s blowout. Lin can get more time? Maaaaybeeee……

  104. Let Lin runs the 4th qt, then they will win. Oh , don’t want to win?

  105. 222222222

  106. Nice layup! Two more pts!

  107. no way said LP, when Lin make it a way for a win, he’ll insert young to get the glory…

  108. Lin took the most shots among 2nd unit but his 3 was off.

  109. Great drive to slice through 3 defenders for the layup! Classic Lin drive!

  110. Now just 10 more points … go Lin go

  111. Kent Bazemore for 3333333.

  112. And six more assists

  113. Yes!

  114. Possible! Hawks have a back-to-back tomorrow. Could be Trae Young will be sitting longer.

  115. Lin’s 4th assist

  116. I know I’m in the minority. But I like it when Lin gets assists. If only his teammates could finish more often.

  117. Go Lin Go!!!

  118. If Lin is feeding Collins, his assists would be higher

    Len is OK but Spellman is so terrible. Can’t get inside position well or rebound

  119. Time out and Lin still in.
    And Bazemore heating up!

  120. And Collins is in 🙂 we might see more comeback

  121. Agree. Except Collins and Lin get so few minutes together. 🙁

  122. Can they defend or box out without fouling?

  123. 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333


  125. Interesting, Lin with Collins/Baze/Huerter/Len

  126. Enough 3’s there? Haha!

  127. Woohoooo!! Finally 🙂

  128. I think partly because back-to-back tomorrow.

  129. good point .. save Trae’s legs for tomorrow 🙂

  130. Collins with a RARE block on Walker!
    Then the Hawks miss the rebound. Sigh…

  131. Lin out

  132. Too good to be true……Young back in….

  133. No! They sit Lin!!!

  134. My guess is LP keeps the tall lineup in for defense 🙂

  135. He did claw and scratch his way to a good game

  136. oh boy spoke too soon

  137. spoke too soon 🙁

  138. No Lin no win

  139. Yeah, right? – sarcasm….

  140. LP doesn’t want to win via Lin!

  141. Lin did all that work. what he gets. about nothing

  142. Your fault – JUST KIDDING! I spoke too soon too.

  143. This ‘Lin stabilizer’ role is getting old soon 🙁

  144. i can tell lins tired of it

  145. Not true. In 19 minutes, Lin has 13 points, 4 assists, 2 steals. Only 1 turnover. Made a 3. AN EXCELLENT NIGHT’S WORK.
    We don’t care if Hawks win or lose, remember?

  146. Go Hornet go!

  147. Is too bad LP can’t sit Young for his bad play. Another bad possession where he held the ball too long, then put up a bad shot that got blocked and led to fast break layup by Hornets

  148. “Trae got rejected by Kemba Walker”

  149. lol

  150. Me too. He had a more of a F-it attitude tonight

  151. killed any momentum for sure *sigh*

  152. Felt good that Lin hit that 3 pointer before sitting down.

  153. i saw him walking out of the huddle real fast. not touching hands with anyone

  154. Walker, the defensive stopper.
    Okay, I’ll stop. Walker is a good guy. Not his fault that that he’s been given every opportunity that Lin never got.

  155. If Lin is running the team, they could win

  156. true, makes 1-3 three-point shooting respectable
    5-9 shooting overall

  157. It’s part of the process lol

  158. Hawks, no Lin, how could u win???

  159. Kemba just side-stepped Trae to drain a 3 *sigh*
    Back to 13-pt lead

  160. That was pretty. Lin actually shoots better when contested, not as much when wiiiide open.

  161. we know they only want to win (or lose) with Trae for his development
    and not to make Schlenk look too bad

  162. Defense, what’s that? How can Walker be so wide open?

  163. The +/- is amazing

  164. Marvin Williams played 7 years with the Hawks. They picked him 2nd overall in 2005.

  165. -17 ouch

  166. These guys have no fight. Just giving up. Just stat padding.
    Funny thing. The Hawks won in Charlotte twice. Then lose at home to Hornets twice.

  167. Kemba is pretty good guy. And a great scorer
    Lin just need to follow his natural instinct to score more so NBA will love him

  168. JLin and Kemba, Marvin, and Nic hugging it out. Kemba made effort to walk down court to Lin.

    Awwwww, what could have been….

  169. Jeremy, time to move on to another team now!

  170. And the same with Marks and DRussell. And Morey with Harden. And MJ with Batum and Walker in the playoffs.
    It’s the NBA star making machine at work.

  171. Can’t get over, and honestly surprised, that so many Knicks fans and bloggers and media still miss and celebrate Linsanity.
    Maybe click-bait. But I think sincere.

  172. Thanks!
    Yes, unfortunately, Lin’s 3 pt % is hurting his total points and eFG%. But his overall FG % and better yet, his TS % (including FTs) is still way up there.
    Talk about underrated and undervalued.

  173. Go night everyone

  174. Another game tomorrow!

  175. Here’s one of Jeremy’s buzzer beaters while at Harvard. It was shown during the broadcast of a college game today.

  176. That’s great! Thanks for that, especially coming from ESPN!
    Harvard beat Columbia the other night. Also In triple OT. Surprised Lin didn’t tweet about it.

  177. i can tell Lin wants off this team. we will see if it happens

  178. Had the Knicks have good seasons following Lin’s departure other than the 1 after, Knicks fans might not miss him as much.

    But the way they treated Porzingis, it reminds them how Melo drove out Lin who gave them a special season. If only Dolan got traded 🙂 Knicks fans deserve something better

  179. True.
    Unfortunately. Unless they catch Dolan doing something despicable, or some other Chinese billionaire makes him an offer he can’t refuse. The NBA won’t get rid of Dolan.
    MSG and Knicks make too much money. Despite how the fans feel.

  180. Good to see him smiling.

  181. Lin’s experience in leading his team in Harvard definitely gave him the confidence to exploded in the NBA but all that confidence and boldness has faded. His 3s has gotten worst ever since he changed his shooting form.

  182. yeah, unfortunately that’s true. The Knicks is the most valuable franchise according to the list that @arsenium12:disqus shared with us

  183. Because Lin doesn’t get minutes now that’s the difference between 18 vs 25 mins.

  184. Side step, one of the moves that Lin needs to learn besides off dribble 3s.

    Walker took 27 shots going 13-27 that’s ridiculous and how teams create a volume shooting fake star.

    If Hawks wanted to hype up Trae that’s what they would do.

  185. Exactly why NBA is boring nowadays. Too many manufactured fake stars.

  186. By now, I think he’s disappointed that his minutes have been further reduced and was less involved after doing what was asked to mentor the young players.

    To avoid low-ball offers in the offseason, he knows he needs to be out very soon

  187. Not good enough to speak up when Lin was unfairly benched at Hornets. Compared to Harden, Walker is a better person but he still had his own interest in mind.

    If Walker spoke up Lin. Batum, and him could’ve started together but no all stars wants to protect themselves.

  188. It’s true that Lin needs more isolation moves to be a scorer, perhaps in the offseason.
    NBA loves their scorers and caters to them; I think that’s what Steve Nash alluded to when he said he wished to score more.

    If one is unstoppable in scoring like Harden, NBA gives him green light in bad passes, not playing D, etc. Plus getting the ref’s calls

  189. Speed of Lin highlights …

  190. Watching the highlight again, feeling that Charlotte is a very special team. They stick with the same players for years, Kemba, Marvin, Batum, all good people, genuine friends of JLin.

  191. Well, like I said. Lin out of NBA? So am I.
    But I hope not yet. Not soon.

  192. Yeah, all same players. But not Lin. And it will be first year they’re back in playoffs since Lin left. Didn’t hear Batum say anything like I’ll take less money, but let’s try to keep Jeremy too.
    I know it’s unrealistic for Batum to do that. SORRY for being a cynic.

  193. Don’t know what happened. I think when Patrick Ewing left, they stopped developing Frank.

  194. Just saw it on replay. Right after Lin made the steal and Hornets call timeout.
    Once a friend, always a friend? Unless you blocked him on a previous layup. 🙂

  195. Thats NBA….indeed

  196. Thanks for the analysis…maybe @psalm234 could tweet it

  197. Its reality… waller and batum would not be nice if they ever felt threatened by jlin… hornets shortchanged Jeremy.

  198. Agreed, I still remember there was a picture showing all the audience stood up and excited after Lin made a big shot, Walker was off the court looking at the audience’s excitement with a cold face.

  199. Funny you should mention the Caribbean. Per linspiredinca, Lin may be going to Haiti. But not for vacation. No official link was provided.

  200. A little bit of the Lunar New Year Jeremy Lin Postgame Meet and Greet. Hosted again by Bob Rathbun. Could not find full video yet.

    Side note. Bob Rathbun during tonight’s game, talked again about how Lin Harvard vs Walker UConn Lin scored 30 pts.

  201. Not all assists are created equal. Lin’s 4 assists were delivered with “surgical precision”, crisp passing. (borrowing quote from Clyde Frazier) FANTASTIC.

    VC and Len did set screens for Lin’s layups.

    The Hawks fans seem to be into the games. Much better than Barclays. Lots of loud cheering in these Lin highlights.

  202. “We see you @JLin7 … Outchea hustlin and making plays”

  203. Speed of Lin also posted the clip of Lin being helped up by Kemba and Marvin. Guess good habits are hard to break.

  204. Another NBA Front Office that thinks they can win without Lin.

    Unfortunately, probably all 30 of them do. Which is why finding a team to sign him in a buyout may be tougher than we fans think.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  205. There’s been at least 3 Hawks plays which made it to NBATV “The Starters” and Leigh Ellis’ “Very Solid Play”. All involving Lin passes. At 21:00.

  206. Good to see Popo back on line. Her Lin highlights vs Hornets.

  207. The trade of Young looks very bad no matter how hard the Hawks does for Young. Doncic and Young are simply playing at different levels. Next year, the difference could be even worse.

  208. They might’ve gotten along but on the court it’s always a different story. Never liked the Hornets they used the same tactics as Rockets to hype up a shot chucker in Walker. They’d get a first round exit at most.

  209. NBA also doesn’t give you many foul calls unless you get a 4-5 year contract! Example: Emidd, never got so many fouls until he had a 4 year contract. It’s to protect a team’s asset.

  210. Unless NBA forces him out like they did the 76ers’ owner. It’s a wonder why they didn’t do that to all teams that tank too often.

  211. wow Jeremy Lin is what a true basketball player should be when it comes to Team player

  212. wish he did his common dunk on fast break that time i got soooo hyped ! 😀 or would more love a windmill

  213. well if it wasnt for Lin they wouldn’t have beaten the spurs … lead alone earn the final win that got them a playoff spot

  214. They Should make a nba 2k myteam card where bazemore and Lin is a duo

  215. that time Batum took a 100 mill offer to resign i heard

  216. he changed the shot cuz the last one would wear him out cuz of the jump basically … would gas him out and get him injured by roll ankle or something

  217. like i been saying Jeremy Lin is one of those who tough Trae much in nba not to force shots and keep ur head cool and finding best decision to go for a 3 vs a 2 or defense and other mentor stuff

  218. hope jeremy Lin gets minutes so Trae can be rested enough for rising stars show and skills challange

  219. no bs If Lin run the team they would be a contender -.- but everyone would need to be at same page and get involved

  220. they are diffrent positions on the floor but yea …. Trae has lots of turnovers

  221. if something i love jeremy’s midrange shots

  222. its not Lin’s fault the coach dont allow him to really get into a rythme before start his own shots … normaly he would start with a few assist to move around getting feel of the ball

  223. with spellmen Jeremy once had 3 assist almost in a row with 3 pointers by spellman

  224. just like Linsanity timing 🙂 i belive

  225. do they love a comeback story too … hell start lin and give it about 10 games i guess hawks win 7 of 10 then ..

  226. Nba is so dumb. Doesnt every org want diversity? U got one asian dude and what dies this league do? Do everything in their power to kick him out

  227. I think Pierce needs to start sending Trae to the G-League whenever he is not happy with his defense.

    Let all those hungry junk yard dogs down there get a piece of him and see if he comes back with new motivation.

    Time to see if he will sink or swim.


    [side note: / ]

  228. If my of you seen a bonsai plant up close, you’ll notice the beauty of nature up close. I tried doing it many years ago and my plants survived a few years and eventually died out from lack of proper care. The way to create a bonsai is to deliberately stunt it by reducing the amount of nutrients to the plant while cutting and trimming branches and roots. It’s a real art to balance giving just enough life while keeping the plant from dying. I’ve seen real life bonsais on windblown rocky cliffs and it’s survival was a great testament of tenacity and will to survive.

    Doesn’t this sounds just like Lin’s life? He is a beautiful giant Redwood stuffed inside of a small box with his hands tied. We keep getting samples of his beautiful abilities but on a far reduced rate but coaches and GMs keep trimming and cutting him down.

    When fans say Lin has lost his swagger, his guts, his courage, it makes me so upset. We are blaming the victim for something he can’t control…like blaming rape victims for being pretty or partying. Lin’s like those real life Bonsai plants that eels out a living with pure willpower and tenacity. He bravely perseveres while being cut down. IMO, Lin’s life is just as inspiring and beautiful as one of those wild bonsai plants I’ve seen.

  229. Great post. Love it.

  230. I still believe there are some playoff teams that want lin.
    I think Lin will be bought out before March 1.

  231. Just a note about the buyout process which requires a player to be placed on waivers:

    Few players are actually claimed while on waivers, since the claiming team inherits his entire contract. It is far more common for teams to wait for the player to clear waivers, and then sign him to a much smaller (even minimum salary) contract.” See Ques. 64 at:

    This would seem to be the case with Jeremy given his salary of $13M or so. If he cleared waivers, the Hawks would still owe Jeremy the remaining portion of his (renegotiated) salary.

  232. So all and all given what Hawks FO and Lin said, as long as Lin’s agent find a willing team, a buyout will happen, right?

  233. I think so.

  234. And mess up their backs like Lin and players before that. Charges should not be taken to avoid injuries.

  235. it made michael so mad (what makes you “so upset”) he stayed awake long enuf to say it made him eat vegetables for dinner (i think).

  236. It’s a bit like Lin but I can’t handle it as well as he does. As my health deteriorates with age (asthma), I just can’t do the things I used to do with ease. I got so mad a couple of years back that I actually smashed my tennis racket from frustration. How Lin handles his situation is beyond me. My wife asked me why I don’t ask friends to call me for games and I admitted to her that I’m too embarrassed by my game. If eating vegetables for dinner would help, I’d try it. Lol

  237. my son texts me to say today is the anniversary of the kobe/linsanity game. is that correct? anyway he (my son) will be at the game tonite in atl.

    i told him to “live tweet” me.

    ill pass on any reports here later.

  238. It was Friday, Feb 10, 2012. See :

    Here are some stats for the game. Look at the shot distribution. And D’Antoni said after the game that he was surprised by how much Jeremy scored because he played in the flow of the game.

  239. best team he ever played for. nothing comes close.

  240. I’d be fine if Lin smashed your tennis racket. I should be embarrassed too. You went deep on this one.

  241. Haha, I woukd be fine with Lin smashing one of rackets as well, I’ve got boxes of them going back 50 years. Just too sentimental to part with them. A chance to meet Lin more than offset any loss on my part. Yeah, I really went off the deep end and my friends were shocked by it as well. It was pretty embarrassing.

  242. What a wonderful analogy! Lin as the giant Redwood have been getting Bonsai treatment to be put in a box.

    Yet he kept fighting and surviving to break free of that box. As Lin fans, we definitely need to acknowledge that GM and coaches played a big part to empower players. MDA made Lin bloom by instilling his confidence to soar into Linsanity heights, but jealous players like Melo, bad coach and GM who don’t really believe in him like McHale and Morey tried to put him back in a box because he doesn’t look the part of NBA stars.

    Here’s hoping Lin will once again get a breakthrough through a good coach and system, a chance to star in a team in the upcoming playoff!

  243. it was 120 for batum and another 54 mill for marvin all based on them doing so well when lin was there. after lin left the hornets never made the playoffs and the next season clifford and rich cho was sacked

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