Game 55 Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Is Open To Buyout; Will Let Agent Handle Potential Buyout Talk

With the March 1 deadline for buyout looming less than three weeks away, Jeremy Lin shared in an interview that he will let his agent handle the potential buyout talk

There is a follow-up article on Lin’s potential for buyout, “Lin on why he felt as likely to be traded as any point in his career”, The Athletic.

There are some key points:
– Lin felt there was just 10% chance he would be traded on 2/7 based on what his representation had told him
– When asked about buyout conversation, Lin said he’ll let his agent handle the potential buyout conversations. “And in what could be a way to deflect giving a direct answer, he said he wasn’t aware of any talks between his agent and the organization in terms of a potential buyout”
– “If Lin’s representation can find a team that is willing to play him more than the time he’s getting now from the Hawks, he’ll likely request a buyout. Lin has been adamant that coming off the bench isn’t his preferred role, and it never will be. That’s just his competitive nature”
– “I’m going to try to do my best, though, with whatever assignment I have,” he said. “It doesn’t mean I don’t have aspirations to be a starter or to get heavy minutes or even to come off the bench and play more or be more involved. Those are all very real thoughts.”

It is encouraging to see that while Lin made it clear that while he’s going to do his best in the limited role/minutes that the Hawks give him, he’s still very competitive and want to start or play off-the-bench with more involvement. He’s not happy with his current role but will be professional to do his best. His agent will seek the best playoff-bound teams who will give him that role.

This public statement that he is open for a buyout will let the Hawks and other interested NBA teams know about his intention and let his agents work out potential buyout and new roles with playoff teams interested in his service in less than 3 weeks before the March 1 buyout deadline arrives.

The article acknowledged his lack of playing time in the Hawks will hurt Lin after he becomes a free agent to get lucrative offers in his next contract. True to his reputation as a team-first NBA athlete, Lin will continue to be professional to make the most in the current role and enjoy playing with his teammates.

But Lin will be a free agent at the end of the season, and his lack of playing time likely isn’t going to land him a lucrative offer when it comes time to sign his next contract. And when asked if he prefers to stay in Atlanta through these next few weeks before the March 1 deadline, Lin, unlike Dewayne Dedmon, who said he’ll be playing with the Hawks through the rest of the year, couldn’t answer directly.

“It’s a tough question because you’re asking me a lot of unknowns,” Lin said. “If you’re telling me, ‘Do I prefer to be here or somewhere else?’ — first off, I don’t know where that somewhere else would be and what it would look like. I can tell you that I enjoy being here. I’m playing some solid basketball. This is a career low in minutes, but I think in the time that I have been playing, I’m trying to make the most of it. I’m going to continue to try to do my best, and as long as I’m here and as long as they want me here, then I’m going to give it my best. That’s what it means to be a pro.”