G55 BOS @LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Jeremy accomplished his goals to cut down on TOs (1TO) and having efficient playmaking (18pts/2asts in only 24 min). Jeremy has played well mostly as an SG next to Price who played PG. But Jeremy also had the chance to be a PG in the 4th quarter. Let’s hope this “score first/pass second” mentality continue to help Jeremy with great stats to help his Free Agency in the summer. In this team, he’s their best threat of scoring because he can score so many different ways so he should be the primary scoring threat to make defense collapse on him which open up space more his teammates to score.

Paul Villareal also made an interesting observation that Jeremy has learned to play within a system when he’s not the main playmaker which allowed him to have great game in DEN and BKN games. Let’s hope Lin continues to solve the puzzle of thriving in the ineffective Princeton Tanking (Prince-Tank) system.

Let’s go JLin!


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