G55 BOS @LAL PostGame Thread – LINSANITY!!!


There is no stopping Lin tonight!

We can’t wait for the highlights =)


Guess JLin's stats in Game 56 UTA @LAL



  2. The feeling of happiness continues…into this thread.

  3. Tank me not…

  4. LAL postgame.

  5. Wise words 🙂

  6. You guys are super fast today, thanks to Jeremy

  7. This team could win more games if Byron would let the bench start the games. But the tank must go on.

  8. it is a wonderful feeling again..
    thanks jeremy

  9. Lol

  10. Jeremy’s post game minus Horry and Worthy nonsense.

  11. Low keys Lin fan.

    When Jeremy is happy, I'm happy. RT @oakleyandallen: Lakers post game gold pic.twitter.com/80RbR9VN25— yung theorem (@tylrmntg) February 23, 2015

  12. Suprised it is from BS?

    Byron Scott: "I think Ronnie turned the game around. His aggressiveness on the defensive end…"— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) February 23, 2015

  13. LINSANITY!!!!

  14. Wooohooooo!!!

  15. Not surprised. BS doesn’t like Lin. This statement solidifies that fact.

  16. Don’t care about what BS talked about BS.

  17. So did his aggressiveness to cost the TO plus Wes’s TO to allow BOS to tie the game.

    Price played quite well but not the hero.
    As long as BScott knows “No Lin, No Win”.
    Lin had his hands in 10 out of 12pts in OT!

  18. Indeed!!!

  19. Shot of energy through the entire forum. We needed this defibrillator. People were getting snappy. LOL

  20. The coach is just BS… no one cares any more

  21. I really hope Lin continues linsanity mode(attacking mode) and gets a good contract from the team that he wants to go.

  22. Haha…but did we expect anything less? If he praised Lin, that would have been the real surprise.

  23. Yes Lin needs to keep this route of scoring first and pass second mentality that’s the only way he can score well and get his stats to be respected as a star! Stop thinking so much about assisting or whether other players has scored, let those players worry about that themselves!

  24. John Ireland is asking the same question to each player so far about why lakers are dealing with end of game situations where they lose leads at the end of the game.

    Young called out Mark Medina about tweeting that Young was 15 minutes late. Young says Medina doesn’t know what was going on and that he [Young] could be fined for that.

  25. 100% agree!!

  26. i think being a SG make his mentality change from Passing to scoring!

  27. Hey Nick, Young is also a Chinese name.

  28. Imagine if they got tacos tonight… Riot. lol.

  29. I feel JLin tries to too hard to get assists, he focused on scoring this game and still got 6 assists. He should only worry about his scoring, that will open the game up for his teammates and they will do their thing!

  30. true but JLIN carried the team to win! and Ronnie being part of the team played within the winning ball!

  31. But the OT win was sweeter, no one rushed for the exits!


  33. Apparently Lakers are on a team worst 11 game losing streak for away games. Scott breaking all kinds of records.

  34. Happy CNY! LOL

  35. and not the good kind…

  36. Scott is on a roll. Don’t worry, he will make sure we get back on track the next game.

  37. GOAT

    – Greatest of All-Time
    – Good-looking of All-Time
    – Gracious of All-Time

  38. hehe…I agree..lol

  39. Linsanity took over Staples and our game grades tonight! Jeremy Lin is your MVP for the 2nd straight game http://t.co/tEmEK7VDEG— Lake Show Life (@TheLakeShowLife) February 23, 2015

  40. Actually, psalm, I believe BSc knows it more like … “No Win, No Lin” ha ha.

  41. any highlights yet?

  42. Seeing the teammates love each other, just wonder if they have a good coach how far would they go…

  43. Psalm 234. ..I better get the credit for predicted Linsanity this game. .hehe

  44. Just these so far… many more to come 🙂


  45. jsut found this on YT:

  46. still waiting…

  47. George Karl must be salivating right now.

  48. Locker room post game interview.

  49. Cuban is kicking himself big time right now. .hahaha

  50. Cuban having a “buyer’s remorse” now.

  51. Is Boozer saying “and1 that axx”? Lol. Great game by Lin. I’m a believer!

  52. Why is this (bleep) still covering Jeremy?

  53. Thats where the money is…

  54. Lemme guess, that is one of the teams from Texas which has 5 championships?

  55. Thanks!

  56. Thank you.

  57. they will have to bid.i could think of 5 teams in the running

  58. I have been voting LINSANITY ever since Brent brainwashed me. Maybe I’ll finally win one too.

  59. It is about time! 🙂

  60. To celebrate the 1st Full-LINSANITY, here is my commemoration of JLin “The SMI-LIN ASSASIN”!


  61. He can assassinate me any time with that smile 😉

  62. Yes Finally!

  63. LOL .. I won’t go that far
    You can sing “Killing Me Softly” to him then

  64. Floyd Mayweather sat courtside with his posse and unlike the rest of fans at Staples center, did not cheer or clap for any of Lin’s baskets or plays.

  65. Wooohooohooo!!!

  66. 1. His friend Isaiah Thomas was ejected so…
    2. Don’t really care about this guy as a boxer.

  67. He’s a racist.

  68. Good one.

  69. great to see the team celebrate the win together. Hopefully that goes a long way for team chemistry

  70. They need to band this reporter.

  71. Stat line (25 pts, 6 ast, 1 to) very reminiscent of his original breakout game against the Nets in 2012 (25 pts, 7 ast, 1 to).

  72. 20++ more games..LOL!!!

  73. 27 to be exact:)

  74. 0 rebounds? Where’s the hunger, Jeremy? (just kidding!)

  75. oh man…..get a ring with TD, and manu…..i’d jizzz

  76. From Lakersground
    Three big grins 😀

    Lin –The And-1s tonight. Some great finishes by Lin off of contact. It was his team to run tonight. He came in to start the second quarter and Scott didn’t pull him out until halftime. He led the team with 12 points at the first half, getting to the rim and also scoring some very tough shots against contact and fouls. Scott brought him in a little earlier in the third quarter and he and Price closed out the game. Scott wanted this one, and he played his vets over the young guys. Lin came up huge. Had this been last year with D’Antoni’s offense, you would have seen a lot more of this. In the fourth, Scott put Wes at the PF to space the floor. (Of course, D’Antoni did this a lot last year, as his primary focus was having stretch fours with guys like Wes, Shawne and RKelly.) “The whole floor was open,” Lin said afterward. But note, Lin also had 12 points in the first half when we weren’t going small. As I mentioned last game, he and Price have developed some chemistry in how they run the offense together. They work the two-man games out of the system with speed and worked in time for Nick to get some looks. So tonight, he was really working out of both types of offensive schemes. As I mentioned, Lin was a year too late to this team. Great game with the season high in points and low turnovers. “It’s been a long year, but we came out here and played our hearts out,” Lin said. He said he just tried to stay aggressive and that it helped having guys hitting shots.

    The Stats: He scored 25 points on 10-15 shooting (1-3 from three, 4-6 from the line) to go with 6 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 4 fouls in 30 minutes. He was a +11.

    The Action: He attacked the paint and scored a layup. He attacked down the middle of the lane with speed and scored a backhand layup. He set up Davis for a layup off the two-man game on the next possession. He picked Smart and drew FTs on the breakaway, he made both. He attacked, drew contact and flipped a shot up over his shoulder (almost backward) and the And-1 went in, he made the FT. He probed on the perimeter and drew FTs with the Lakers in the bonus, he made one. He attacked with speed in transition, took contact, no whistle but threw in the 10-footer after the mugging and it went in, he wondered where the call was. His pass in the paint was picked off. He missed a three on a two-for-one (Boozer would clean it up). He had 12 points on 4-5 shooting (4-5 from the line) and 1 assist.

    Second Half: He drew a push-off foul on Smart. Sweet lefty bounce pass to Davis around defenders as they worked the two-man game. He attacked, stopped on a dime and missed the short one in the paint. He swished a wing three on the kickout from Nick. He attacked to his left, took contact and hit the hanging And-1 fade, he missed the FT, however. He worked off the high screen and swished the 19-footer. Next time down, he attacked off the high screen, drew the D and dished to Wes for the easy layup and Celtic timeout. He took the handoff from price at the top of the arc, exploded down the lane and scored a layup. He missed a quick-fire jumper off the weakside two-man game. He missed a three with a minute left.

    Overtime: He attacked with speed off the handoff, took contact and finished over the big. He deflected a pass off a Celtic to get a turnover on the other end. He hit Boozer on the two-man game for the 15-footer. He attacked baseline, nearly out of control, but he recovered and kicked to Wes for the baseline jumper. Short on a pull-up jumper. He attacked the lane with speed, collapsed the D and dumped it off to Boozer trailing for the layup. Boozer leveled his man on the screen and Lin swished the pull-up elbow jumper.

  77. Nice to see one of JLin’s close buddies on the team giving him props! Boozer and JLin do work well together I hope they can reunite on a new team next season!

  78. At the same time, it’s a sad state that the Lakers are celebrating like they won a playoff game after beating a team 12 games under .500!

  79. Game Summary by DancingBarry

    Celtics vs. Lakers…

    It’s a rivalry game. The only rivalry that really matters to the organization and fans.

    Byron Scott waged war throughout his career and developed a deep dislike for everything green. For a game, at least, all bets were off.

    (Watch how Scott uses his vets vs. his young guys to see whether we are in tank mode. Tonight, Black was replaced by Boozer in the starting lineup. Sacre’s minutes were limited. Clarkson played only a couple of stints. Scott wanted the win over getting guys development time.)

    “Coach probably wanted this one the most,” Ed Davis said afterward, mentioning how amped up Byron was for this one. Clarkson said Scott mentioned some things about the Celtics that the team won’t repeat publically.

    Both teams traded hoops until the Lakers started to pull away in the fourth quarter behind Jeremy Lin, who scored 25 points to go with 6 assists with just 1 turnover. Scott went to a more offensive friendly Boozer/Johnson front court to allow for more spacing in crunch time.

    It looked like the Lakers would pull away with this one. But not this season with this team. The Lakers lost a 7-point lead with 35 seconds left in regulation as they were whistled for offensive fouls and the Celtics sent it to overtime by hitting a three at the buzzer.

    In OT, the offense was orchestrated through Lin and Boozer (Lin doing a great job all game finishing through contact). Nick Young stepped up on both ends of the floor (a key steal and block in regulation and OT when the Celtics tried to go after him on the defensive end with no success). The team is surprisingly good and falling apart to send games in overtime…and then somehow recover to take the win.

    Scott put the tank … er, player development … aside for one game to take the 118-111 win over the Celtics.

  80. That should be Lin’s nickname in the League!

  81. quite not today not after the pass forever now let us enjoy. lol

  82. I had the same thought too. I checked it was 25p/7a but in 36 min =)
    Next game, he started to play Utah for 28p/8a.

    OTOH BScott might DNP him for endangering the tank LOL

  83. Mmm.. Korean bbq, it’s stuff like this going to make it tough to leave LA

  84. No, i think Scott wanted to bet the Celtics. He put the tank aside for one night.

  85. I feel I like I need to thank Avery Bradley to make a clutch 3 to tie the game so Jeremy can be the hero in OT!

  86. But tacos…. lol.

  87. We neeed to ask the question why the coaching staff went full Linsanity in OT. They let him just handle the ball up top in spread floor to attack and attack off high pick in roll.

    Lin is good, but without being put in these positions to shine, he cannot succeed alone.

    THey made changes to give him the chance.

  88. I see you TOny Brothers!

  89. NO SHIET, we have all been saying that for 3 years.

  90. stretch 4 = wesley johnson = SPACE. JLin killed it. first time in a LOOOOOOOONG time i jumped out of my seat and did a fist pump dance when jeremy iced it in OT.

  91. yeah that was a bulllllchyt comment by horry. ask landry fields and steve novak if jeremy got them FAT AZZZ contracts. SMH

  92. Maybe his teammates finally saw how hard he fight for this won.. so happy for Lin & Lakers. I guess no more…. BS wants to tank.

  93. floyd is a straight up asian hating racist. period.

  94. Wow. Highlights from Dawkins!

  95. Thank you Anti-Tank Lin! You made my day !!!

  96. We now know that BS would only play Lin decent minutes when the Tankers are against teams that coach has grudge with. They will not play the Celtics again this season, but will meet Jason Kidd’s Bucks on Friday. Anyone knows which other team(s) BS hates?

  97. BScott wanted to win against Celtics?
    That’s the most plausible explanation, really

  98. I agree BScott wanted to win.
    Back to tanking and limiting Lin’s min next time.
    Kobe must not be happy with the 1st Linsanity game in LA!

  99. Let’s hope so!

  100. That’s amazing.

  101. February 22, 2015 – Celtics vs. Lakers – Regulation Team Highlights

    February 22, 2015 – Celtics vs. Lakers – Overtime Team Highlights

  102. Jeremy’s fans are amazing.

  103. Liked how fellow Lakers reacted to Jeremy’s acrobat shots, and also how Jeremy interacted with some of the Celtics players towards the end, especially the little chat with Jae Crowder.

  104. Finally! Thanks a Mil-Lin!

  105. Why does Horry have to say this after a great game?
    6 assists!

  106. Serena is cute AND smart, she knows Jeremy is real and is consistently supportive. She’s even poked fun of BS on occasion.

  107. Or just current teammates Boozer, Davis, Wes and Ellington. Davis’ been starving for some Lin alley oop feeds!

  108. missed the game. highlights were amazing tho

  109. You missed a great game.

  110. LOL I didn’t jump but I did the fist pump too!

  111. Did you see Scott actually stood up and clapped when lin hit that big shot to seal the game. BTW, was that Jeannie Buss sitting courtside.?

  112. Also, I liked how Clarkson was up cheering for Lin on every play.

  113. That’s the Linsanity effect 🙂

  114. I guess so…DancingBerry from LG and interview from Ed Davis said the same thing as well

  115. Celtics vs. Lakers… It’s a rivalry game. The only rivalry that really matters to the organization and fans.

    Byron Scott waged war throughout his career and developed a deep dislike
    for everything green. For a game, at least, all bets were off.

    (Watch how Scott uses his vets vs. his young guys to see whether we are
    in tank mode. Tonight, Black was replaced by Boozer in the starting
    lineup. Sacre’s minutes were limited. Clarkson played only a couple of
    stints. Scott wanted the win over getting guys development time.)

    “Coach probably wanted this one the most,” Ed Davis said afterward,
    mentioning how amped up Byron was for this one. Clarkson said Scott
    mentioned some things about the Celtics that the team won’t repeat

    –from LG

  116. They like playing with Lin, because he gets them the ball where they are most effective versus just passing the ball to them to take a shot. Also have you noticed that Boozer is actually rolling now. He use to be just a pick and pop guy, now he is rolling to the basket. I also like how in the 4th quarter the offense ran through lin/boozer which produced a win.

  117. Why the sad face, Ed? lol. He wants to be out there with his buddy!

  118. No McFlurry tonight.

  119. Yes, I liked that Lin pass to a trailing Boozer for the layup. Obviously has nothing to do with BS coaching.

  120. I’m sure BS will let Jeremy have good minutes against Jason Kidd’s Bucks (also green jersey) on Friday.

    Kobe can go take a hike for what I care.

  121. His hating guts probably getting an ulcer from dose of Linsanity. LOL

  122. Respect to the White Mamba (that’s Brian Scalabrine for the uninitiated) for telling the truth, unlike hater Horry.

  123. did isaiah thomas play dirty against lin tonight?

  124. You Nathan Gottlieb (ex beat reporter for NY Knicks on twitter) posted after the game, that in these last couple of games, that it almost like Scott wants lin to lead this team. He said that it was almost like a tryout, but he still was suspicious of Scott’s motives.

  125. Clarkson was also a Linsanity fan before he was drafted lol.

  126. Lin destroying specifically the celtics is going to do alot for his reputation amongst the casual laker fans.

  127. His reverse layup is like his go too move at the rim.

  128. No, he got 2 Techs called and was kicked out of the game.When lin was in without Price, lin locked him down. when price was in, Thomas stole the ball a couple of times, but when scott finally locked him down and he turned the ball over, Thomas got mad and threw the ball down and then he yelled at the ref and he was ejected from the game.

  129. I missed the entire game except for few minutes of 4th and OT. Rewatch it on Nba replay tomorrow http://replay.nbaliveonline.tv/

  130. I’m SURE BS does NOT want Lin to lead anything. Just didn’t really want to hand a free one to the green jerseys. Anything he does either has a hidden motive, or is told by FO in no uncertain terms.

    BS is in the same category as Mayweather in my books.

  131. Nope. He got ejected in his first game as a Celtic though, which is kinda pleasing. He got ejected in front of his friend Mayweather.

  132. CSN Boston feed was singing lin’s praises all night on how he singlehandley handing the Celtics their azzes on a platter. They were almost fawning over lin. Celtics coach said lin destroyed them.

  133. Anyone find it comical Stu pointed out Lin had no points in the first and third. which of course the quarters he didnt play lol

  134. Not sure anyone noticed, but Lin’s new Dragon sneakers for the New Year got him an average of 21.5 pts on 12 FGAs and 4 Asts in 27 minutes.

    The power of the Dragon Sneakers! Adidas should start selling these right away!!!

    PS: Someone with a pic of the sneakers please feel free to post.

  135. Is Stu senile, stupid, or just…

  136. Kobe, who?

  137. Best thing is they dont play till weds, so theyll have to keep talking about lins good game till then.

  138. good to know. i really cant stand IT.

  139. They’re the two vets that got a lot of the Scott shaft so they have a common bond. Boozer has always been supportive of Lin with his commentary to the media.

  140. I can not either…

  141. true dat!
    The funny thing is the next game is against the Jazz, just like the 2nd game of Linsanity in NY was with the Jazz.

    I don’t think BScott will start Lin or give extended time but it’s very ironic!

  142. you missed a great Linsanity game, bruh =)
    Your long-time votes have materialized tonight!

  143. The 1st game that Lin started during Linsanity

  144. LOL….Every game is Linsanity game!

  145. No, just Bulgogi =)

  146. Some crazy minute rotations by BS though who else plays their players all second quarter and all fourth quarter and nothing else

  147. From ESPN
    Jeremy Lin had 25 points, 6 assists on 10-15 (66.7%) shooting off the bench. Last reserves to go for at least 25 points, 5 assists and shoot 65 percent from the floor off the bench were Magic Johnson (Feb. 16, 1996 vs Mavericks) and James Worthy (April 6, 1994 vs Kings)

    Full quote from Celtic’s coach Stevens.
    “Jeremy Lin killed us the whole night,” Stevens said. “He was really effective in a lot of ways — not only scoring the ball, but also getting into the paint and making plays for others.”

  148. The team is exciting to watch with flow and energy. Once you put Kobe in, he dictates and yells for the ball. Then everyone stands around waiting on him and it kills the team. Hope Kobe will never come back to play for the team again.

  149. Horry said that Lin didn’t make everyone better.
    How come Wesley Johnson and Nick Young have so much fun filling the hoops?
    Carlos Boozer and Ed Davis are moving and got their job done.
    Even Jordan Hill had his moments. They all played on the bench.

  150. Looking at the bean sprouts… I don’t think its beef.

  151. Great I dislike all 3 PHX or ex PHX PGs in Bledose, IT, and Dragic, hope all 3 fall flat on their faces! They are all Lin haters!

  152. The head of snake Ronnie picked up 6 fouls and left.
    The snake has no other choice but to play Jeremy or Clarkson or Ellington to finish the game.
    Give him the credit for picking the right ones.

  153. The ex-Lakers really should laid off.

  154. Doesn’t matter if Lin’s gone. If Lin’s staying they better get Kobe to retire, buyout or trade him!

  155. It’s sad how Lakers have a star in Lin yet they insist on hold on to their money and worn out Kobe! =/ They could have a playoff team right now if they gave Max contract to Lin and allowed him to run the team!

  156. Boozer actually added combination of moves and he set solid picks for Lin too.
    Lin rewarded him layups and drive-ins as a trailer.

  157. I don’t even think Lin cares about the max contract (though we the fans do) as much as the reins to the team. Lin’s all about winning! If he could take a smaller contract allowing team to get more talent, I KNOW he’d gladly do it.

  158. Ronnie did play a decent game making 5 assists and 4 steals. However he’s no match for Isaiah Thomas.

  159. Horry’s either jealous or just hating.

  160. Max Contract means he is the go to guy and the coach can’t bench him nor mess with his minutes! Without that max, coach can continue to mistreat or bench him whenever!

  161. he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!!!!

  162. Mad respect for Brad Stevens who gives credit where it’s due, without backhanded compliments / snide remarks, unlike some of the Lakers’ own.

  163. Without Kobe stealing the thunder pretending he’s running the show while trolling and shooting his low % jump shots.

  164. Kobe the goner.

  165. 15M is pretty darn close to max, and BS is doing it anyways. More about FO support than contract numbers.

  166. Boozer set solid picks for Lin. Very Solid Indeed.

  167. Lin and Boozer got paid $15m for this season.
    They are the dynamic duos.

  168. Next game will be in the Lin-preservation mode again.
    Maybe against Jason Kidd’s Bucks, BS would beg for a JLin Show again, if he really wants to beat Kidd.

  169. Let’s think about which others teams wear green… 🙂

    Joking aside, Tankers still gotta out-tank the Sixers and Minny.

  170. Cuban should buy out Raymond Felton’s contract and start talking to Lin’s agent.
    How difficult it is to get things going with Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudmiere, Chandler Parsons, Lin and the 3 points shooting of Monta Ellis and Dirk Norwitzki! Nobody can defend such lineup.

  171. They have so much fun without Kobe the Bryant.

  172. Classy!

  173. The game was decided on OT. Did you see any sign of Ronnie on the court? It’s Jeremy Lin Show all the way.

  174. Actually, Jeremy’s strength is to get everyone involved in the win, which is what Linsanity was all about. The “single-handedly” part creates division in teams.

    That said, it’s nice that the opponents are giving unreserved recognition.

  175. Well Wesley Johnson also has a very good game. Let’s don’t get over board and forget that!
    Both Wesley and Jeremy are favourite starters for MDA.

  176. Celtics suddely going high on Lin indicative of anything? *wink*

    This kind of publicity can only help with FA.

  177. We know Rondo will most likely be gone, so my only concern with the Mavs is Ellis, who’s not a big fan of Lin. Perhaps between Carlisle’s authority and support from Lin’s former colleagues things can work out, but I’d prefer seeing a young selfless SG pair up with Lin in Dallas. Any suggestions?

  178. If they had George Karl and no Kobe since preseason, Lakers would be between 7th and 8th place, 6th with luck.

    Also, without BS conditioning, perhaps Randle would still be intact.

  179. ^_^

  180. both, lol

  181. Avery Bradley PG 3 assists 3 steals 0 TO 20 points
    Marcus Smart PG 3 assists 1 steal 3 TOs 11 points
    Evan Turner SG 12 assists 2 steal 4 TOs 12 points
    Isaiah Thomas PG 3 assists 2 steals 4TOs 21 points
    James Young SG 1 assist 1 TO 0 point

    It looks funny.

  182. Don’t tell me that wasn’t fun.

  183. or it may be Linsanity again 7 game winning streak.
    Hell Byron is addicted to start Sacre at center and Ryan Kelly in PF, Clarkson as PG and Ellington as SG.

  184. Let’s don’t forget Wesley Johnson had a great game too: 22 points 9-11 5 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals 3TOs

  185. Not really when comparing to Dwight and Harden or even Chandler Parson’s new contract!

  186. Except they already got traded for Isiah Thomas and are another franchise full of racist fans.

  187. Jay highlights on JLin.

  188. Extended interview. Love his humor 😉

  189. So many highlights videos tonight… It must be Linsanity 🙂


  190. Thanks…Linsanity All The Way!!!

  191. Picture Time!!!

  192. More Pictures are Coming…stay put…

  193. More More!!!

  194. Obviously there are tons of pictures today!!!

  195. Linsanity Baby!!!

  196. Stay Tuned!!!

  197. Couple of more to go!!!

  198. Yeah…Its pouring with Pictures….

  199. Guess we all enjoy the pictures for today!!!!

  200. We’ve overdosed on Linsanity tonight and only cure is…. most Linsanity 😛

  201. for the rest of the season!!!! 27 more games?!!

  202. Boozer set a heck of screen and Avery Bradley was like hitting a stone wall and bounced back to the floor.

  203. Yes I’m totally consumed with Linsanity game since second qtr:-) Can’t catch up with everything:-)

  204. Higher dosage of Linsanity the next game!

  205. I like everything on that spread except maybe the hotdog.

  206. Hahahahaha.

  207. With BS, very skeptical. He will go back to his tanking mode. JLin will continue to do well despite of BS.

  208. I think they will go back to tanking. Anyway I’m glad I actually caught this game. I haven’t seen a Laker game in awhile because I’m tired of watching all the tanking going on. Haha

  209. Monta Ellis has been phenomenal for 9 years. He is the best in making contested shots; better than Dirk and of course much better than Kobe. There’s no substitute for Ellis.

  210. AB should be fined for flopping on that play…

  211. Thanks Grace! The second photo is what I had in mind but couldn’t find!

  212. a couple more games like this and the Cavs or Mavs would surely come calling…buyout time!

  213. I only watched when JLin was playing. Stayed the same on this game. After seeing how JLin was playing in 2nd qtr, I was very excited on this game and glad that I have watched most of 30 min of JLin playing:-)

  214. They’ll go back to tanking against the Jazz, but on Friday they’ll play Jason Kidd’s Bucks. BS still sore about getting fired from Nets because Kidd called him out. I expect Linsanity again on Friday.

  215. CBoozer on Lin:-

    That was one of his best games. He did a great job being a leader. He
    got shots up, he hit shots, and he had everyone involved. He was great
    on defense. It might have been one of his best games this year.

  216. Evan Turner on Lin:-
    He played well, he played great. He got to the free throw line and from there, guys made shots. He played well.

  217. Brad Stevens on Lin:-

    I thought Jeremy Lin killed us the whole night. He was really effective in a lot of ways, not only scoring the ball, but also getting into the paint and making plays for others. Then, our offense stalled a bit.

  218. Highlights in Chinese.

  219. Jeremy Lin went full Linsanity on the Celtics, setting a new season high with 25 points on 10-0f-15 shooting.

    The Harvard product, who set the basketball world on fire once upon a time with the New York Knicks, is averaging a mere 10.4 points per game this season, but he looked simply unguardable at times against the C’s.

    Lin made life especially difficult for Celtics rookie Marcus Smart, who shot at least one glare in the guard’s direction.

    “I thought Jeremy Lin killed us the whole night,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens told reporters after the game. “But I thought he was really effective in a lot of ways — not only scoring the ball, but also getting into the paint and making plays for others.”

    From Boston site:- http://nesn.com/2015/02/celtics-notes-avery-bradley-is-clutch-linsanity-lives-in-lakers-win/

  220. ATTENTION MEN! Back to the tank. It will cost as causalities, but WHO CARES. BS Tank General.

  221. Jeremy has been playing well since he started wearing dragon shoes! any idea?

  222. A throwback for those who remember the Spike Lee / Michael Jordan commercial…

    “Jeremy, it’s gotta be the shoes!”

  223. just saw the Dawkins highlights, EXTREMELY happy for JLin…

    at the end of the vid, the tank commander does not seem to be happy (must be thinking “(tank) mission not accomplished tonight”), haha…

  224. Yeah! Dragon on the shoe will help him to lift his spiritual mind.

  225. BS was thinking about how to explain Linsanity 2.0 in LA to Kobe…who definitely won’t take it well.

  226. i think the comment during the game by someone on here that scott actually wanted to win this one might be correct. only this game and the milw. game did he manage the game some way other than what is now called “not prioritizing winning”.

    that was rivalry with kidd. this lakers/celtics rivalry. some writer askd: what happened to the celtics lakers rivalry, you saw it in this game.

    but as you say: tomorrow back to the tank because there key games coming up later with knicks and philly the other an more deeply dedicate decimated lineups to contend with, and tc bs will have to bring his “a” game; to mismanage in a way to “not prioritize winning” if “that tanking team in l.a.” is going to make it far enuf to the bottom to reach to the desired trophy pick(s) at the top.

  227. also: you’ve got to remember which would be easy to forget with the total minutes that for almost two entire quarters lin didn’t play at all!

  228. yeah see my comment above. true and correct that the only other game besides this one with boston that scott wanted to win was against kidd. anotehr personal as opposed to generational/team rivalry.

    but…have to be careful with two games with philly and one with the really really bad knicks “not prioritizing winning” will be tought down the stretch.

    bs will have to bring his “a” game of player an game mismanagement.

  229. yeah the amazing disappearing man wesley johson scored some but even in scoring you dont’ notice him. and it was lin that set everything up and dominated the game. johnson just happened to hit some shots. not likely to happen again. no history of it. got caught up in the “linsanity” of the moment i guess.

  230. ICYMI, here’s Jeremy’s Post Game interview by Mike Trudell. The NBA link seems to be down, so here’s a YouTube link.

    Young and Hill came by to goof around and steal some spotlight, but kudos to Mike for being focused and chasing the clowns away. Jeremy gave props to Wes and Boozer, and even a bit to BS (who was sh*tfaced after the victory).

  231. Actually, in addition to the Jeremy feeds, Wes shot well today on his own merit. Gotta give credit where it’s due, though admittedly Wes’ A-games are few and far in between.

  232. Glad Linsanity happened in front of Mayweather guy. Other Lakers actually passed to Lin. Never enjoyed a game between two lowly teams more. Good thing IT was kicked out. Otherwise, Celtics might have won.

    Best thing was Lin dominated OT and showed Kobe how it’s done.

  233. Don’t think BS wanted to win any game but vs Bucks on Friday… But who cares about him… LOL!

  234. Stu is senile and just plain old “Stool”. He needs Depends to keep his stool for brains intact.

  235. Haha, I may finally win a pole because of you! Been voting linsanity forever since you did that mind meld on me. Lol

  236. Just like Young, when they played together, it made a fun team to watch.
    We hate to see blown assists.

  237. Ya! That sneaker really magic… LOL!

  238. Why is it Lin looked handsomer this game? Must be the Linning effect and confidence. LoL

  239. Right, after Jeremy knocks him out with a mini-dose of Linsanity, Manny can knock him out for good in the ring.

  240. Congratulations to Jeremy, the team and us, fans! We really enjoyed the break from the tank to smiling ear to ear as we watched Liin have so much FUN! ☺ I love how he brings the crowd into the game and makes even the haters and clueless love the action!! Hope to see more of this, but certainly won’t be holding my breath, as we know the history of this coach.

  241. The SMILE! 🙂

  242. Yes, initially I thought Wes was going to disappear again but he decided to be aggressive in steal, putback and had a good shooting night. I think he became aggressive when his shooting is hot.
    Good for him tonight, it made Linsanity possible =>

  243. Someone must forgot the hotdog so use the toy in its place instead LOL

  244. u know manny’s playing a little basketball now right? you know what his # is?

  245. The great thing about games like this is they’ll help Lin in free agency.

  246. Let me guess, Lin’s number?

  247. wow.. hmm.. as much as I’m a lin fan.. I would hold off calling him a superstar for now.. a star yes, but not superstar. lebron james and mj, those are superstars, if you get my drift.

  248. Here’s another theory on why BS allowed Jeremy to shine tonight, asides from the Celtics rivalry: Jack Nicholson selling his season ticket must’ve created a PR/Marketing nightmare on which Jeanie cashed in to force little Jimmy’s hand. Stop the stupid ABJ experiment that’s killing the revenue…or else!

    If BS puts Jeremy back in the doghouse in the Jazz game, then the Celtics rivalry factor must’ve been the bigger factor tonight. But if Jeremy’s allowed to shine even a little without compromising the grand tanking scheme, then we know for sure whose hands are in it. LOL

  249. Let’s settle on calling Jeremy whatever Wall’s typically referred to as. 🙂

  250. Interesting question for me is: Where there is (and will certainly be) another ball dominant PG/SG playing along side of Lin, will Lin be able to play well? In this game, he basically was given the ball during OT to play a ball dominant PG, and during regular time, he played more like SG off Price the PG.

  251. all star?

  252. FYI a little research on ‘tanking’ and how or if it helps a team…

    hmm the theory is that tanking will or might be helpful but in fact the data prove differently… Numbers here that might make your head hurt but worth the read….



    “In Abbott’s “Does Tanking Even Work?” column, he references research done by Devin Dignam that works in tandem with this notion. Dignam looked back at all data from the past 27 years of the draft lottery (his piece was originally published in April 2012) and came up with some staggering results:

    After four years — the amount of time on rookie scale contracts — about 31% of the teams with top three picks hadn’t made the playoffs even once. Almost 26% of these teams’ best showing was only the first round. And a further 22% of teams topped out in the second round. Only 17% of teams have managed to do better than the second round, with only two teams managing to win an NBA championship within four years of drafting their top three pick. Who were these two teams? In 1999, San Antonio won a championship in Tim Duncan’s second season. And in 2004, the Detroit Pistons won a championship in Darko Milicic’s rookie season. But Milicic only played in 159 regular season minutes that year. So we are being generous when we say that two teams have managed to win a championship within four years of landing a lottery pick.”

    “The Spurs lucked out in nabbing Tim Duncan in 1997, but they maintained their success by continually mining gems from the bargain bin or latter half of the draft. …..They draft the right players for the right coach and have a system in place to make them better.”

    TL:DR Trying to “win” a high lottery worked once with the Spurs and that was also due to a proper/ healthy system and coach in place to do something with that pick ( Tim Duncan).

    It is just snake oil sold by GM’s

  253. I agree with you Dan.

  254. http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/heat-index/2015/02/23/isaiah-thomas-gets-ejected-in-his-celtics-debut/23877441/

    I do agree that the foul call on IT was bogus. I have no idea how the ref called a foul on IT on that one, even though I agree it was correct to kick him out for arguing. I am talking about the initial foul call.

  255. Looks like he elbowed #11 on the drive for the foul. The 2 consecutive Ts were a bit excessive but the foul call looks legit.

  256. Well, I saw three obvious no-calls when Jeremy was slammed…just from watching highlights! No one sees Jeremy whining about it to the refs. (He’s used to it.)

  257. I think Lin might not have been able to thrive with another ball dominant guard in the past. But now he should be fine. He was really shell shocked when McHale gave the ball to Harden and let Harden do whatever he wanted. However Jeremy has matured to cope with such challenges. He plays very well as a secondary scorer when he is not the floor general.

    However, the problem with playing with a ball dominant team mate also involves issues like defence and spacing, which Lin faced with Melo, Harden and Kobe. These issues are in fact more pertinent.

  258. A different (orthodontics) view of Boozer’s yelling “Holdat”celebrating the Win & Linsanity!

    I’m glad Lin’s Laker teammates got to experience Linsanity team win like his NY teammates did =)
    They’ll hunger for more!


  259. hmmm. Maybe Celtics would be a suitors in FA.

  260. Thank you so much! 🙂

    The crowd erupting on every Lin play is just awesome! I am so happy right now. 🙂

  261. #17 in yer program #1 in yer heart.

  262. tell it to sam hinkie and his minions. they love it. also: laker fans outraged at idea that lakers might lose pick by winning some games.

    as near as i can tell pretty much everyone from fo to fans are on board with the strategy of “not prioritizing winning”.

  263. The real starting lineup was used this game, Lin, Boozer, Johnson, Young, and Ellington.

  264. Yeah I hope so, looks like boozer, Johnson, young had good run with linsanity, hope the teamate stick to it, and ignoring BScott

  265. Yeah they love it b/c they believe it will lead to a glorious championship run … but they are fooling themselves. There is NO evidence it works.

    Amazing how many people just LOVE buying snake oil even when they are being told and shown evidence it is snake oil. I guess people have gotten wealthy over the years preying on people’s ignorance and they will continue to do so in spite of plenty of evidence to the contrary.

    Very interesting sociology study here on people’s ability to ignore the facts.

  266. Repeat performance of Bos vs LA coming on NBA.TV again now. 12pm EST Monday.

  267. Good question. I think it depends on the teammates and system (MDA, McHale, BScott) but one thing for sure is if Lin can score, he gets a lot of PT and makes it easier for teammates to have wide-open layup/shots/dunk

    Lin is the best player to make defense collapse with his ability to score and penetrate the rim. I think Westbrook’s role to “Score first, pass second” will work well in BScott’s system with less talented teammates.

  268. I’m soooo looking forward to enjoying Linsanity coverage of Lin’s 25pts/6asts in the next 2 days!


  269. Greg is actually smart to add the condition “superstar when he’s allowed to be”

    It’s only 1 game when Lin totally dominated in 4th Q and OT (10 out of 12 w/ 4pts+3 asts) but it forces people to ponder the possibility if Lin can be a superstar when allowed.

    So it’s a brilliant way to ask the question to make people consider the possibilities

  270. The thing is though, that tanking has definitely worked in the past on some occasions – most notably the Spurs tanking to get Tim Duncan.

    The real issue here is that tanking is probably a 50/50 proposition at best and should only be a viable strategy when the near-future is bleak (aka, even if a team signed an all-star player with capspace, they still wouldn’t be contenders).

    Since the last scenario is where the Lakers are, it actually makes a lot of sense that they’re tanking this season. They’re stuck with Kobe for another year on a huge contract, and even signing the best FA avaiable next year does nothing for them championship-wise, so why not try to tank, and get a good young prospect who potentially will bloom in 2-4 years (just at the right time when the team should be peaking)?

    Of course, if a team tanks, they aren’t GUARANTEED a good player – and that’s where the risk is. If a team tanks and ends up with a Top 5 pick and HITS, they’ve made a great long-term decision to tank. If a team MISSES on that high draft pick after tanking for the season, they’ve just lost BIG. But hey, that’s why it’s called the draft LOTTERY!

    As for PHI, they’ve taken the tank strategy to new levels… and I LOVE IT. Most teams just tank for one season – and that means they only have one chance to get a great talent. Well, if you only have one chance to draft an All-Star player.. you might miss! So what does PHI do…? They tank blatantly for like 3-4 years in a row, and now they get 3-4 chances to get 3-4 All-Star players! Some people may hate the strategy, but PHI is definitely going ALL-IN with their hand and imo, they probably already have 2 future All-Stars right now on their roster in Noel/Embiid, and they will have a Top 3 pick in this year’s STACKED draft, potentially adding a future 3rd All-Star.

  271. Just lovin’ it…!
    That’s the way to go, J.Lin!
    He’s playing SG. He’s playing PG. He’s playing D. Great! (Not like we don’t know it but dying to see it).
    Great all around team efforts by the Lakers.

  272. Pinch me. Am I awake?

  273. If we can only bottle and sell it! Legalized Linsanity!

  274. I agree. J.Lin is not even a star yet let alone a superstar. I don’t see him as a superstar because he plays too unselfishly for that. He is definitely a star in the making. He can Repeat this game every night with a bit more time under his sleeve. Are the coaches and teammates ready for him with open arms ? Not matter what, Linsanity will explodes sooner or later.

  275. Nathan Gottlieb reminiscing about computers. Jeremy Lin was born in 1988.


  276. He traveled and covered NYK with this?! lol my respect~~

  277. “some occasions”… actually only once… and that is because the Spurs had a system in place and continued to follow the system… Tim Duncan was just icing on the cake. please look at the data.

  278. Hopefully Jack was able to see last night’s game then. Maybe he will get into Jeanie’s ears as well for Lin.

  279. The line up of Ellington, Young, Wes, Boozer and Lin has so much spacing……

  280. I think Jeremy will be AT LEAST, a good player (13-14PPG, 5-6A) regardless on what team he lands up on. I think this is especially true if we consider the context of Jeremy Lin’s career and why things have happened the way they have.

    There’s a narrative going around now (even with some Lin fans) that the best version of Lin was the NY version of him, and while on the surface it LOOKS true (since Lin was dropping 18-20PPG back in those days) – a large reason for his production back then was because he was in the perfect system for himself. In MDA’s system, the floor was spaced with 3 shooters + a rolling big PNR, meaning Lin had room to efficiently drive OR run the PNR (both options, which just so happen to be his TWO BEST STRENGTHS). So really – it was the best system ever for Lin and his skillset, so when Jeremy talks about “perfect plan,” – honestly, Linsanity was it. He had everything there.

    Then Lin went to Houston and things LOOKED to get worse. I trust we all remember that first Houston season as Lin fans. Lin sitting in corners waiting for threes… not handling the ball as the primary ball-handler. Being benched for Toney Douglas… TONEY DOUGLAS… Well, spot-up shooting was definitely his greatest weakness going into Houston, so obviously if Lin was put in a spot-up shooting role (like he was), he was going to look a lot worse than he did when he was in NY, because now he was playing a role in which asked him to do tasks he wasn’t skilled enough to perform.

    On the flip-side, Houston itself ran a similar system that the MDA Knicks ran. So Lin DID get some opportunities to drive/PnR, and that’s where most of his first-season stats came from. It’s just that 50% of his arsenal was his “Linsanity” drive+PNR moves, and the other 50% was him spot-up shooting moves.

    Then going into the second Houston season, he worked in the off-season on his 3-ball – now realizing HE NEEDED to be a great spot-up shooter if he was going to make it in Houston. And guess what? He added that element to his game:


    Becoming one of the best catch-and-shoot players in the league. Sweet right?! Jlin putting in the work… now (hypothetically) when Harden drove ot the rim and kicked out to Lin for the 3, that would no longer be a weak-point of Lin’s game (as it was in his first-season with the Rockets)! But instead of that happening, Lin was put on the bench, and now his GREATEST AREA of improvement obviously would not SHOW so blatantly, because YOU CAN’T CATCH AND SHOOT IF NOBODY CAN PLAYMAKE EXCEPT YOU. Lin couldn’t really TAKE ADVANTAGE of his new catch and shoot abilities if he was now trying to playmake for the 2nd unit. So his overall stats WENT DOWN in his 2nd season, but in reality, his SKILL-SET IMPROVED and he shored up a glaring weakness in his game.

    So what happens after the 2nd Houston season… I expect Lin thought he wouldn’t be traded (it was unlikely that he would be – and he ended up getting traded only because of a weird desperation move that Morey had to make to TRY to get Chris Bosh), so Lin (not preparing to be traded) worked on the skills that he would need to further bloom in Houston. He kept working on his 3-ball and his individual drives to the rim.

    The boom, off to LA he goes – and now he’s in Scott’s system which emphasizes the BIGS playmaking at the top of the key, and CUTS to the rim by the perimeter players . Well, if the BIGS are playmaking on a good amount of the plays (this inherently means there aren’t a great amount of touches for the perimeter players), so playmaking duties have to be split among the guards… and yeah. Kobe took most of those duties in many games – so the actual basketball situation Lin was in was THE WORST of his career. Lin is now a PG with a great dribble-drive, great PnR ability, and an above-average 3ball. In almost all systems he would be great… except in the Lakers system where the Bigs/Kobe were handling the ball, that took away most of his dribble-drive/PnR strengths, and since nobody can actually consistently playmake on the Lakers except Lin (that means he’s not going to get many catch-and-shoot 3’s, because nobody can even GET HIM the shots).

    So all of these strengths Lin has developed… in LA’s system and with the LA players, Lin just WASN’T going to look GREAT, since literally almost every strength of his was held down just by the nature of the system of basketball being run and the situation.

    So what now right? Lin could’ve given up, said “Hey, there’s just too many factors going against me,” and he would’ve had a point if he said that. Lin is a very tactical guy, and if you here him speak about actual basketball in post-game interviews, if he plays poorly, HE KNOWS why he played poorly, and all-season long he KNEW why he was struggling. He understood the spacing issues, lack of ball-handling issues, that he had to solve, and he has been adjusting to solve them.

    Mainly, this season – Lin has been WORKING on adding a mid-range game to his arsenal. If you look at Lin’s midrange stats; last year on Houston- 16.4% of Lin’s shots were mid-range shots. This year, 29.4% of Lin’s shots are mid-range shots. Just like how (in the first season of Houston), 3-point shooting was a weakness of Lin’s, before he worked on it on the offseason to improve – Lin is now treating his midrange game as the area that needs improvement. (That’s why in clips of him practicing lately, he’s going all these step-back 2’s, and pull-up dribbles).

    Check out Lin’s shot charts here:

    Also, if you’ll pay very close attention to Lin’s 3-ball stats – on a first glance you could say – “Wow, JLin is shooting 37% from three now! That’s his career high! Great stuff!” But REALLY – Lin is the best 3-ball shooter he has even been now, and I think it’s even better than the 37% suggests. The reason I say this is because of one factors:

    – 1. Catch and shoot 3s are A LOT easier than Iso-3’s. By nature, if you get a catch and shoot 3, the defense probably broke down and you are much more likely to be WIDE open when shooting it (as opposed to an iso-3, in which case you are basically 100% guarded while shooting).

    Now when we look at Lin’s 3-Point Shooting over the last 2 seasons – we will see the following main facts:

    – Last year in Houston, Jeremy shot 34% from three.

    – This year, Jeremy is shooting 37% from three.

    – Jeremy is shooting 3% better from three this year.

    – BUT, last year, on Jeremy Lin’s 3-point makes, he was ASSISTED on 84% of his makes.

    – This means that on 84% of Jeremy’s made-threes, most were likely somewhat OPEN LOOKS (so obviously he should shoot these shots well and at a high percentage)

    – This year, on Jeremy Lin’s 3-point makes, he is ASSISTED on 56% of his makes.

    – What this means, is that 56% of Lin’s made-3’s are somewhat OPEN LOOKS.

    – This also means (however), that 44% of Lin’s made-3s are ISOLATION THREES (difficult threes)

    – So this means that Lin has become an above-average 3 point shooter (and his 37% from three is actually a lot more impressive than it looks) because he’s not just hitting 37% of EASY 3’s (Like he hit 34% of EASY 3’s in Houston), but he’s hitting 37% from three WHILE shooting TOUGH 3’s.

    – See Lin’s shooting stats here:

    So now that we’ve looked at all the systems Lin has been in, and how he has been improving in REGARDS to each system – I think it’s a VERY SAFE BET to say that Lin will do well on any team next year when he’s given any legitimate role. Lin can PnR, he can dribble-drive, he can playmake from both PnR/drives, he is a very-good-to-great transition player, he can shoot 3s at an above-average level, and HOPEFULLY (after this off-season), he will have a decent midrange game. (Even if he doesn’t have a decent midrange game after this season- his strengths far outweigh his shortcomings) – and being paired with another perimeter play who wants to playmake shouldn’t diminish his game too much.

    (Also note that, VERY IRONICALLY, Lin has been paired with two of the highest usage guards in the league ever since he left NY, which played a large part in his overall raw-stats regressing – while in fact – Lin’s skillset has OBVIOUSLY been IMPROVING.)

  281. Punchy pinchy. Lol.

  282. very small lineup finished the game. everyone’s basically dropping down a number young the 2 becomes the 3 johnson the 3 becomes the 4! and booz the 4 the 5.

  283. ahh a sam hinkie minion speaks. now yer only 3 years away from being 3 years away. noel got outplayed badly by vucevic last nite. was philly already using this brilliant strategy in 2011 when they drafted vucevic and oh then traded him to orlando. embid has yet to play a minute in the league and yer already proclaiming them future all stars. smh.

  284. this a matter of theory vs. data. and and the poster above says he “loves” it.

    in theory eventually if you just keep “not prioritizing winning” long enuf you will build up enuf draft picks that eventually some of them will pan out. (except hinkie keeps trading them away to stockpile more draft picks!)

    if yer a fan of research go back and take a run thru ALL THE PLAYERS PICKS AND TRADES hinkie has acquired during this “all in” run of his and see what “data” that produces.

  285. Young is originally a 3….I think..

  286. young is flexible but i wouldnt want johnson 4 boozer 5 for very long. unless the other team is also going small and or just no talent at 4 and 5 (which pretty much case with boston with sullinger their best player out).

  287. I guess you have to think this way, FO thinks tanking is the ONLY option as they sustain too many injuries over the season, so the playoff hope is zero anyway. Why not just at least go for a better pick…

  288. I’m awake now, woah, LINSANITY!!! Lol

  289. It is 50% about match up and another 50% about what you have ….That small lineup seemingly has very good offensive game while provides OK defense on the perimeter. Let’s say if they are facing Marc Gasol, they have no chance in the paint even with Hill or Davis, so small Lineup at least provides mismatches and chances…

  290. it’s only 1 game.. chill.

  291. Let’s hope it will not be just ONLY 1 game! lol

  292. Been waiting for it. Let us soak it up, bath in it, swim in it,… he deserves it, and his loyal fans can enjoy the moment.

  293. The most effective lineups have Davis in there. Better defense, rim protection. Crowley wouldn’t have gotten in so easily and close at the end if Davis was on the floor and there wouldn’t have been an overtime.

    Davis,Ed – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy – Price,Ronnie – Young,Nick: NetRtg 74.4, OffRtg: 135.1, DefRtg: 60.7

    Boozer,Carlos – Ellington,Wayne – Johnson,Wesley – Lin,Jeremy – Young,Nick: NetRtg 44.3, OffRtg: 141.0, DefRtg: 96.7

  294. Too bad price can not shoot. Otherwise, lin price line up will be very good…given BS let them play of course

  295. Would be nice to get a Shumpert type guard that plays good defense but has good offense as well as a team player.

  296. I think the point in the articles above is that getting a ‘better pick’ is not enough to push you to a championship. It takes a strong team identity and a strong system in place for everyone top to bottom in the organization to be reaching for the same goal in the same way. ( all pulling in the same direction) to make it to a championship.

    Randomly putting the top picks together and assuming that will get you championship run is snake oil. You need to establish the team identity and then find pieces that fit within that system, that play well together, that are willing to play well together. That is what worked in the Spurs case ( the one single case in the last 27 years) not the high draft pick but the systems in place within the Spurs and the single minded focus and desire to reach those goals by everyone… towel boy to coach…

    Also the article above speak to the damage that is done to the high draft picks that get mired in the “not prioritizing winning” atmosphere as they begin their careers. Which of course brings down the quality of the NBA as these guys with so much promise get ‘ruined’ with bad habits.

  297. And I missed it kill me xD

  298. I foresee a photoshop meme with that Boozer face

  299. Gotta have Davis in to set the picks

  300. Very enjoyable read! Appreciate the effort you put in to analyze and the clear way you wrote this!

  301. Also big impact on defense. DefRtg of 60.7 and 76.1 in lineups with Davis in there. Look at when Davis is replaced with Boozer with other players the same (Johnson / Lin / Price / Young) 1st line compared with 4th line. DefRtg goes from 60.7 to 112.8:

  302. Are any of you going to join lin’s chat? Iwant be ablr to because I have a business lunch during that time.

  303. On ‘Lakers Voices’ today Jeremy said he’ll be releasing a video this week. It will be related to the Chinese New Year.

  304. Tanking process begins. Hope NY get well.

  305. That was a quick chat. There are a lot more questions twitter that they didn’t get to. Should have told Lin to keep the answers short to get more questions.

    Some I think mike avoids to make sure there is no controversy.

  306. Begins? It keeps going you mean lol

  307. Go wash yourself… or let’s take a shower together? 😉

  308. The fan made it w/ his/her own fat. Wanted to be with Lin in the shower w/o being there.

  309. Ewwww

  310. Way to feel fake gross out. We know you are that fan.

  311. It’s only 30 min, right?

  312. During the chat today Jeremy said he’d be releasing a new video this week. It’s related to the Chinese New Year.

  313. @manuginobilin:disqus, what an excellent breakdown of how Lin’s strength/skills as a basketball player (dribble-drive, PnR) were marginalized from NY, HOU to LA but JLin continued to find ways to excel with 3-ball and mid-range.

    I thought Jeremy’s confidence also helped with his midrange game in NY as he had full control with the ball but he might be getting more effective off-the-ball this season as Price plays the PG role.

    I think this deserves its own post so everyone can understand how Jeremy’s talent and hard work helped him to overcome so many obstacles in the system in the past 3 years. Have you registered as a site member so I can create post under your name? Thank you again for such a thorough analysis! It’s very enjoyable to read. I might help as an editor to add some subheadings to break-down into several sections. Bravo!

  314. wut? .. Is that for real? LOL

    I’m speechless =>

  315. It’s .. “Wash yourself off the scent of Lakers Dirty Politics!”

    And replace it with the scent of that Fan LOL

  316. Lmao or he/she put a gopro in the soap

  317. It’s interesting reading LakersGround (LG) thread that Lakers fans are concerned that this win might be costly to keep the Top 5 Pick by endangering the tank.

    We should definitely savor this win because it would be rare for BScott to want to win and rely on Lin to do so. Losing the Top 5 Pick might make him lose his job. Let’s enjoy this exceptional win while we can!

    Some interesting LG posts:

    – Thanks DB! This game confirms that BScott DOES know who his best players are and how to use them if and when he’s looking to win.
    The game thread is unreadable. I understand why some people want the team to tank; I just don’t understand why those people would bother watching the game. The real fans at the game were definitely cheering for the Lakers to win.

    – For one game when Byron Scott wants to beat the hated Celtics, Lin is allowed to play his game to his strength and we see a glimpse of Linsanity. Why not more, Coach Scott, when we know we have the top 5 draft locked in? Let Lin play the game like tonight and see what kind of game we will see.

    – both Wes and Lin played well and it’s because there was spacing on the floor for the very first time this season. why did it take so long for BS to realize this even with Kobe off the floor? Wes playing the 4 to stretch the floor opened it up for Lin or anyone else to drive the lane and have a choice to either finish it, dump it off to a big, or even kick it out to a shooter. thought this was obvious. gotta use the player’s strengths. even if BS don’t like pnr, he can at least allow Lin some space to drive.

    – Mixed feelings here.
    They should make it so that one can win and still KEEP that pick.
    I’ll be really pissed if it was this game that made the difference
    between keeping the pick or not.

    – How’s boston’s defense normally? They turned it up at the end. As usual lakers can’t handle lock down pressure d. Almost lost the game, but kept the momentum going in OT
    How likely will Byron stick with this bench rotation? (Not the number of min though I undersrsnd this game is an anomaly since bench was playing extremely well)
    For all the hardcore Lin fans out there – does Lin generally play better after the break?

  318. And this picture is the best post to describe this rare win vs BOS =)

  319. Fight Club. I think it had something about soap and fat

  320. I believe BS & FO will not want to get another win … maybe vs Bucks? They probably will let Lin score but may DNP some players to loss the game on purpose.

  321. Didn’t know Lakers Voice with JLin was on when I woke up. Just missed it. Hope we could see the whole thing soon.

  322. I never said anything about foul calls on Lin. One wrong does not make another wrong right.

  323. Someone said the foul was a travel call because the ref made a hand motion signaling travel. That’s more likely. No elbow there.

  324. A good post.

  325. Somebody have a transcript of the chat please?

  326. does lin play better after all star break no not always i.e last year

  327. Precisely, so even IF the original call was wrong, IT shouldn’t have bickered with the ref. It doesn’t help the team.

  328. The website says the webcast will be posted later for on demand viewing.

  329. Great! Will keep an eye to it.

  330. The issue I have with those articles doesn’t involve the topic tanking itself – it’s more about the usage of data to explain the arguments – which OVERSIMPLIFIES the actual process of building a team (and actually comes to a poor conclusion about what tanking is).

    Simply put – data is just data – it is not meant to be the ultimate predictor of anything – especially since there are so many variables at play in the read world. (And really, data shouldn’t even be used to explain SPECIFIC scenarios unless the details of that specific scenario are detailed alongside the data).

    While looking at the articles… the data and main point derived from it is pretty clear; “the worst teams improve the least even if they tank, and the best teams stay the best teams; therefore tanking doesn’t work.”

    And.. well yeah… that seems like common sense IN GENERAL – but that doesn’t mean tanking (as a whole) is not a viable strategy in the right circumstance. In short, just because a BROAD STATISTIC is true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find exceptions to be COMMON.

    For example, (keeping in mind that the data says that “the worst teams improve the least even if they tank, and the best teams stay the best teams; therefore tanking doesn’t work”) let’s look at this example.

    Example: The Lakers are tanking this year. They know that with Kobe on the roster next year, they have no chance to be a contender (because he takes up too much salary and is no longer an elite player). That means that (at BEST/at the earliest), they could contend the year AFTER Kobe retires (since this would free up 20MIL in capspace), because Kobe’s retirement would allow them to potentially sign one of the best players on the market (Kevin Durant in this scenario), or TWO (Maybe even three with a rising salary cap) All-Star level-esque players.

    So that’s the SPECIFIC scenario for the Lakers. This is what data just simply does not factor in – and it’s important to note that grouping all “tanking stats” into one huge database doesn’t necessarily mean the data is functionally accurate for supporting the argument being made that “tanking doesn’t work,” – because tanking MIGHT BE THE RIGHT DECISION for the right team in the right scenario. It also might be the WRONG DECISION for another scenario. It’s all about what hand a team is dealt.

    Now let’s get back into specifics, and look at what the Lakers’ scenario is.

    Kobe’s contract (tied to his level of play) is a burden to championship aspirations. This really isn’t arguable. So where can the Lakers go from here? They’ve got two main strategies:

    – 1. Keep young developing players + the best (relatively young) players on the team, draft accordingly year-after-year regardless of selection spot, and hope that the young team grows together and becomes a contender in 3-4 years

    – 2. Keep young developing players + get rid of the best (relatively young) players on their team, so that the team can be as horrible as possible to maximum a high draft pick selection

    The first strategy is only viable if the COMBINED POTENTIAL of the developing young players (in this case, Clarkson + Randle), and best (relatively young) players on the team (Davis, Lin) can be a big part of a championship core.

    Basically (Clarkson/Randle/Davis/Lin) need to be good enough to get regular rotation minutes on a championship level team in 3-4 years.

    The second strategy is always viable, BUT IS A GAMBLE, because you DO NOT KNOW what you are getting in the draft. Essentially, you are letting proven commodities in Davis/Lin leave in return for a high draft pick. The gamble the team is taking in the second strategy, is that they are betting that three years from now, the Top 3 Pick they will receive will be better than Davis/Lin at the same date.

    With all this said, we now need to account for variables that broad data does NOT account for.

    Variables for the Lakers are as follows:

    – This upcoming draft class is stacked and is top heavy. Having a Top 5 Pick, means more than it does it most other draft classes because “missing” on a draft-pick should theoretically be harder to do

    – Both of the only viable and young (outside of the Rookie) players the Lakers have (Lin and Davis) will be FA’s next offseason; Lin via his contract running out and Ed Davis via a player option which he will 100% exercise

    – If the Lakers were to even try the first strategy of keeping the best young players on the team, they would likely have to spend 10-14 MIL on Lin/Davis (which would prevent them from potentially signing an All-Star level player(s) the summer after Kobe retires)

    – The Lakers draft pick is Top 5 protected this year, so if they get a Top 5 Pick, they keep it. BUT, if the Lakers keep their Top 5 Pick this year, they still OWE a First Round Pick to PHI.

    – So for the next TWO YEARS, the Lakers have to earn a Top 2 Pick in order to keep

    – This means the Lakers have an incentive to tank next year as well (Or else they go Pick-Less)

    – If the Lakers tank next year, will bad winning habits be installed in their two young rookies (Clarkson + Randle)?

    – By tanking, will (Clarkson + Randle) want to leave via FA when their rookie contracts are up?

    Good stuff right? So many variables. Draft picks owed, free-agent destinations, etc. It’s not just as simple as, “Tanking is bad, therefore the Lakers shouldn’t be tanking.” There are so many things to consider, and DATA is only data.

    For this case (with all the variables listed) – I think it is pretty obvious that the Lakers SHOULD tank. They have two years of guaranteed NO CHAMPIONSHIP aspirations, AND they have pick limitations on their First Rounder (for 3 years). In a best case scenario (in house) for them, Clarkson becomes a good SG off the bench and Randle becomes an All-Star PF. Of course, that duo alone DOES NOT yield anything close to a Championship, so the question then becomes, “Can we lure a top 10 player to come to LA in the next 3-4 years?”

    In essence, that last question itself is up in the air and is not a guarantee, but if the answer to it is YES, then after 1-2 years of tanking, the team can start to acquire good players to build a legitimate team. If the answer to that is NO, then the tank continues on for 3-4 years. For LA, (since they are a big market team that can attract FAs), they will NOT tank for anything longer than next-year on, because once Kobe retires, THEY WILL sign some type of All-Star player (due to LA’s market influence).

    At that point, together with that All-Star player (and Randle + Clarkson), they will make whatever push they can, hoping to become a good enough team that a SECOND All-Star player will eventually join them.

    (Remember that: the first strategy of LA keeping ALL of their young players (aka Lin/Davis) is not even viable because both Lin/Davis are likely leaving.

    Also realize that: An alternate strategy would be to let Lin/Davis go – and then sign a GOOD FA this off-season after Lin/Davis leave – (Something like Kevin Love) – but doing this could DRAMATICALLY BACKFIRE and HURT their chances of signing Durant in the next off-season, if the team turns out to be TERRIBLE.)

    So now that we’ve looked at the Lakers scenario in COMPLETE detail, it should be pretty clear that they have (honestly, VERY LITTLE CHOICE) but to tank.

    1. Lin/Davis/Randle/Clarkson is not a championship core in 3-4 years even in a best case-scenario. Also, Lin/Davis are leaving anyway.

    2. With Lin/Davis leaving, the best the Lakers could do this off-season is sign an all-star level player (which is unlikely itself…) – However, this would NOT make them contenders (and it would use all capspace they have).

    3. If the Lakers signed some sort of all-star level player (like Kevin Love), and then continued to suck (which they would…) when all of their money was tied up, they would then be able to offer ONLY ONE big contract and NOTHING ELSE in the next off-season.

    4. In the option above, Durant (who would have all the options in the world) would not even come to LA with THAT type of roster in the first place.

    6. So signing a big FA in this off-season would be a horrible long-term mistake

    7. Which is why Kupchak released the statement saying that they WOULD NOT sign a big FA this off-season

    So for AT LEAST 2 years, the tank has to go on in LA. Regardless of data or whatever – there is NO VIABLE LOGICAL OPTION.

    Now that we’ve looked at the Lakers specifically and made reference points for why they have very little option BUT to tank.

    Let’s analyze the Lakers situation with the CONTRADICTING TALE THAT PROPOSES THAT “tanking doesn’t work.” Because after-all, if “tanking doesn’t work,” and yet the Lakers “have no viable logical option but to tank,” something HAS GOT TO GIVE.

    So let’s break this down. Firstly, we have to define what a “success,” is when it comes to tanking. So in the sources given above, a “successful,” result of tanking is essentially “improving to a good team over the span of 10 years.”

    This is where the PROBLEM is. The data INFERS that a “success,” is having PROLONGED SUCCESS OVER 10 YEARS, but this is FAULTY. This is NOT what a “success,” should be: because BY STATISTICAL NATURE, creating a winning team over 10 years FROM A STARTING POINT OF A HORRIBLE TEAM IS VERY UNLIKELY.

    This is the same thing like saying, “The success of winning the lottery is winning the billion dollar prize!” Well yeah, maybe in human terms, but IN STATISTICAL terms, obviously we would know winning that even TRYING TO WIN the lottery prize is a LOSING PROPOSITION and STATS WILL BACK THAT UP.

    The same is true for TANKING (that’s why it’s called the lottery). If you are TANKING, you are GAMBLING on winning the big-time player, and you are UNLIKELY TO WIN THAT PRIZE. So if the stats say that, “Tanking teams don’t have good win numbers over 10 years,” THAT MAKES SENSE LOGICALLY, because tanking teams didn’t start out with good win-rates anyway AND they are unlikely to win the LOTTERY which would improve their win-rate.

    Again, for an example: If I am poor and making 12K per year, I have no real assets to ascend into better living. As such, I start playing the lottery, hoping to win millions of dollars. If I DEFINE THAT MY “SUCCESS,” is equal to “becoming a millionaire,” I will MOST LIKELY never become a success because there’s very little chance I am going to win the lottery.

    And accordingly: If I am a mediocre team with an average roster, I have no real assets to become a team that can win the championship. Therefore, I want to take a risk to start over and acquire an elite player so that I can win a title. I have to get that player in the Draft (because I don’t have the assets to trade for one).

    So I get rid of my average roster, and now I have a poor roster. I know have no assets to ascend into better living, BUT I can enter the NBA lottery, hoping to win what will eventually become a a Top-10 player in the league. If I define my “SUCCESS,” is equal to “building a winning team over 10-years,” I will MOST LIKELY never become a success because there’s very little chance I am going to win the lottery.

    HOWEVER, just because I have a very little chance to win the lottery, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE ARE NO LOTTERY WINNERS. Obviously, there are lottery winners EVERY YEAR in the NBA, because future NBA-Stars COME INTO THE LEAGUE YEARLY. And if you are a team with NO VIABLE way of improving EXCEPT THE LOTTERY, then by all-means, YOU SHOULD INVEST HEAVILY IN THE LOTTERY (Aka: 76ers, and the Lakers (for at least 2 more years)).

    Finally: let’s explain the data more thoroughly and see why it does not back up a claim that “tanking doesn’t work,” by considering these issues in-depth (in a real sense):

    1. OBVIOUSLY, if you have a good team (45-50 wins) that just NEEDS ONE MORE PIECE to become a contender, NOBODY WOULD BLOW UP THE TEAM.

    2. If you have a good team and make minimal changes to the roster for 10 years, it is VERY LIKELY, you will have a good team again year after year (win 45-50 games again). (Duh = that’s what the data says)

    1. OBVIOUSLY, if you have a title contender (50+-60 wins) , NOBODY WOULD BLOW UP THE TEAM (Unless you go full Mark Cuban 2012).

    2. If you have a title contender and only make minimal changes to the roster for 10 years, it is VERY LIKELY, you will have another title contender again for 3-5 years (50+-60 wins). After those 3-5 years, you will still have a good team that wins (45-50 games). So overall in 10 years, you will win a ton of games. (Duh = that’s what the data says)

    1. OBVIOUSLY if you are a TANKING TEAM, you have a HORRIBLE ROSTER (Win 15-30 games), ala the Lakers.

    2. EVEN IF YOU ADD A HIGH DRAFT PICK AND THAT PLAYER PANS OUT, for at least 3-4 years, you will VERY LIKELY STILL SUCK. (For example, if Julius Randle becomes an All-Star PF, the Lakers will still suck for 3-4 years) This means that for the MAJORITY of TANKING TEAMS, they will have VERY LOW WIN percentages for (AT LEAST) the first 3-4 years after their initial tank.

    3. If your tanking draft pick BUSTS, it is VERY LIKELY you are GOING TO SUCK FOR ANYWHERE BETWEEN 5-8 YEARS (If Randle busts, their next chance to be “Good,” again comes with their 2nd Tank Pick – which would at the earliest become good at the 5th year after the initial tank season. If the 2nd Tank Pick busts, the Lakers won’t be good for another 6 years… etc.)

    4. Even if you add a high draft pick and that player pans out, YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED SUSTAINED SUCCESS (If Randle becomes an All-Star PF by his 4th season – the team will then ALSO NEED to add 2 more All-Stars in the West to even have a .500 team. AND if Randle actually becomes an All-Star PF, the team will NOT be getting High Draft Picks anymore – meaning they will have to depend on DRAFTING an All-Star player FROM MID-1st ROUNDS or signing All-Stars via FA.)

    Now the Lakers are actually a bad example for the need to depend on the Draft, because they are a huge market and can attract big FA signings – but MOST TANKING TEAMS ARE SMALL MARKETS. (Example: Just take a look at the history of the Timberwolves, (They had Kevin Garnett and couldn’t attract a big FA to team up with him. They had Kevin Love + Rubio and couldn’t get a third player. If you are a small market team, EVEN IF YOU HIT on your TANKING PICKS, success is STILL SLIM – because you CONTINUALLY need to depend on the draft.)

    In conclusion, the statement “tanking does not work,” is not accurate and IS LAZY IN NATURE. What’s more accurate is to say, “though tanking is not LIKELY to produce a long-term positive effect, it can work on occasion – and should be considered for teams that cannot viably improve OUTSIDE of the draft.”

    And for the last bit, lots of teams have improved by high draft picks obviously. From Hakeem, to Jordan, to OKC drafting Durant/Harden, etc. “Tanking is just a term,” but what is more important is just a team being bad enough to get a high lottery pick. There are a lot of lottery winners in NBA history. Duncan is just cited because it is a blatant example.

  331. I think he is playing for his next contract now.

  332. Thanks!

  333. Not last year…

  334. Takes one to know one… 🙂

  335. not available yet. They should provide the full video later as I see archive of previous video chats

  336. There has been many games before this one. We are happy because Lin is finally unshackled. You would not understand!

  337. Is there a way that this can be posted on Tweeter? Such an excellent article with sound analysis. I wish more people can read it?

  338. all he has to do is show … hey guy i can still do this. last game was the most linsanity game lin has had since linsanity

  339. Ido sure will be happy to know Lin answer his question… LOL!

  340. Haha, he said Eyedo and not Eeedo. Ido should’ve asked something else, we all knew what the answers were gonna be: God, and playing selfless team basketball. 🙂

  341. That’s how many minutes of PT Jeremy needs EVERY game! 🙂

  342. Thanks!

  343. Ya! This game do show what he can do for a team. Maybe no more for this season…..since Lakers wants to tank… but good to know he made it last night.

  344. oh my .. I see someone made it with Bacon Fat!

  345. He did, just the first season with the Rockers. You could look up the play by play stats.

  346. He squared to the rim….oh well

  347. That was when music was still good.

  348. good post. At least a well reasoned point of view on one often opined thought, that tanking is iffy but you’ve noted how it can work. Cudos …

  349. I am loving to see these PG’s wannabes getting exposed and it is double sweet to see Jlin is the one doing the exposing. ..hahaha

  350. great post. What can you say about Lin’s D? For me not a bball specific guy, I just know with Lin on the court, the team D steps up and the O has so many more options. Last 2 games have been fun, but I’m out of the swing of watching games and need to get it back now that we have a time when Lin’s game is being played.

  351. where do you wish lin goes. i say mavs or cavs their main superstars are unselfish

  352. PFV predicted Lin was playing well four games ago when the stats don’t show it when he had one 7 point 5 turnover game then follow by a 2-point game. Got to give it to Paul.

    “He has figured out (or is starting to figure out) how to play within the flow of the offense and the system. Without forcing. This is HUGE.” Paul F Villarreal

    Short video on yesterday’s game:

  353. Lin when he has the green light to win. LAL need to keep losing, so I hope they can just mess up more in starting lineup so Lin can come in for 22 mins of v efficient ball. You know BSc just dials him back form the win, so might as well just run Lin as a racehorse as if in practice – free, open, but no chance to win. That’s watchable, at least.

  354. Hey Brent … 2 for 2 post ASG, in terms of 20 mins of very efficient Lin ball. Let’s hope it keeps happening, and that BSc has figured out how to use Lin only in Linsanity mode but with just enough minutes and bad starter minutes so he can lose with grace. Let’s see now next 2 weeks play out.

  355. So besides the Celtics the other team Scott wants to beat regardless of the tanking is Jason Kidd and the Bucks. They are playing this Friday at the Staples Center. Will B Scott unleash JLin again?

  356. Spurs or Mavs if staying in WC, Raptors in EC. Hawks play team ball, but I have concerns about the fan base.

  357. hehe, another possible great game in a week, is it Christmas again?

  358. he is talking more about the style less about the result. its about lin fitting in the offense as opposed to being the offense. again he is starting to get it. its still a process but he is on the bridge and will reach his prime. once it happens beware

  359. idk about the raptors. idk if he would play. id say any team in the 4th spot and below in the east. he could start since they are so bad

  360. Maybe it’s more like February 2012 😉

  361. Only Lebron is unselfish in Cavs… Pacers will be my choice in EC. First choice will be Mavs or any MDA team!

  362. they not want to get any other wins but it will be extremely hard to lose the two games against tanking genius hinkie’s now furhter decimated team with the added incentive of holding (now) the lakers pick!

    also nicks are soooo bad with melo out.

    calderon looks like hes embarssed to be on the floor and just wants to play bad so hes out quickly. the rest of the line would’nt even be sucessfull in d league.

    these are 3 games it will be hard to “not prioritize winning” and bs will have to really buckle on his tank commanders hat to mismanage sucessfully to lose.

  363. I have so many replies that can go to so many different directions…. but using my better judgment I will refrain. ..

  364. where is etane when we need him? gone to the dark side im afraid.

  365. was down for repairs last game.

  366. have noted this before but bears repeating that the three leading tanking teams at the moment ie. worst recent records in the tankathon race all have in common that their coaches are ex lakers guards.

  367. He is a super star in my mind…. and you are just a humble Lin fan… hehe

  368. hey I would like to see it! but even being positive in all that I try for the Lin hardships, I think LAL cannot afford to let Lin go on a winning streak. Someone said here in last 2 days that they need 28 more losses. So, more tank to get to 28 losses, and then 7-10 games run to the end for pride. Who knows … no pure bball we’re seeing this season.

  369. SB Nation Denver: Why do ex-Lakers make such bad NBA head coaches?


  370. Replay is now posted at that site in case anyone missed it.

  371. ohhhhhhh lol yup i like that as i said below 4th spot or below in east

  372. Sick photo of JLin and Swaggy by @BeyondTheBuzzer.

  373. Patrick Beverley left Monday’s shootaround with an illness, leaving him questionable to play

    (not playing, jason terry starting). real illness or no one in houston wants bev playing anymore illness.

  374. Marcellus today standing up for Jeremy Lin starting at about 22:30

    Giving the opportunity is not saying “you are our starting point guard” but you can’t dribble “your our starting point guard but your not assertive enough so we’re going to take away your opportunities.

    I think he had talent but they didn’t exploit it.


  375. I like the young Coach Vogel, solid screen set by Hibbert, and of course Paul George is there.

    Btw, it will so refreshing to see Vogel in the sideline than the crossed arm BS or ball sticky Mchale hehe

  376. I still firmly believe he was nursing a bad back last year for a few weeks after ASG. Picked up by some overseas news sites but not American media.

  377. Marcellus calling it like it is, while Max the koolaid-holic rubbing me all the wrong ways.

  378. depends on who is the PG. If the Pg is a shoot first PG (KOBE etc) then Jlin will be doomed. The likes of price and PB is a better fit for him if he will be a SG (just like Harden)

  379. I’m not an active poster but I’m a big Jeremy Lin fan. I found this Q&A about Jeremy on Quora and thought you guys would enjoy reading:


  380. Do U know what they think about Kobe Bryant’s career?

    Max’s Emoji For Kobe Bryant

  381. LOL

  382. starting backcourt for houston tonite of terry/harden are 2 for 13 –1 for 10 on threes approaching half time tied with a team (minn) that has actually won fewer games that the lakers.

  383. Lol … someone gave me a bunch of soap too last christmas 🙂

    You don’t need to understand , Jeremy. It’s the thought that counts … ha ha

  384. My three wishes today:
    1) Rox lose to Minny
    2) Heat lose to Sixers
    3) Suns lose to Celtics (latter on b2b)

  385. Jeremy Lin getting coverage in Taiwan for his big game against the Celtics. They included that picture of Boozer, too.


  386. sixers will be more determined than ever to lose when face lakers later if they should go ahead and accidentally win one here. (hinkie will probably buyout anyone who shows signs of winning basketball).

  387. I think DNP is the plan for both on Wed.

  388. The dragon theme works better on the golden ones. Just lost a pair of old Nikes that dry-rotted on me, will buy Adidas from now on.

  389. It was Kelvin Washington….rubbing you

  390. Excellent post. A very detailed analysis of what JLin has been playing through

    So with this improved skillset, if JLin gets the right system again like he did with MDA… oh the possibilities

  391. It was the handmade soups with many designs. Many JLin fans gave him handmade soups.

  392. His shoes looking WAY nicer. I would even cop those.

  393. No 2 wish not likely to happen…..Dragic is now 19/9 and Miami is leading about 20 pts in Q4…….people will hype for this greedy man!

  394. Lin can attack basket. That is his #1 strength. Whatever method to put Lin in best position to attack basket should be the focus, SG or PG dont matter.

  395. i dont know how big anjica is supposed to be but he looks huge; i mean he makes asik and jv for toronto who are 7 footers look small. n.o. without davis playing anjica and asik together. huge presence under the basket.

  396. ok. i had to log in here for the second time and say….this made me crack up.

  397. 1 of 3 looks like.

  398. cool story!

  399. LOL

  400. sweet that Ido got a live mention and answer!

  401. This might be one of the best posts I’ve ever read. Definitely deserves to be reformatted as a separate article/post so it can be easily linked to through twitter etc.

  402. well, that’s not the official Brooklyn Nets twitter account, just some NBA fan (or bot) cranking out NBA headlines

  403. Thanks! Should’ve trusted my memory of Max being absent or something…

  404. That’s alright, I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. Rox winning means Bev koolaid drinkers can’t tout his importance on the court. Heat won but Zoran had eggs across the stat sheet so that’s enough for me.

  405. at least the game exposes the pg star wannabe Rubio 2for 9 fg and 5 tovs

  406. Take the risk of giving a draft choice that they eventually have to give this season or the seasons after this anyway or
    take the risk of giving up on a potential superstar in Jeremy Lin.

  407. Boston is not a soft team. They are leading the Suns all the way for 3 quarters and they’re still winning by 9 points in the 4thQ in a back to back game. That tells U how sweet the victory was last night.

  408. There is no point in tanking. The Lakers already has 1 first round draft choice from Houston. If they turn this season around, they will sell lots of tickets and raises their TV ratings.

  409. honestly I dont know why Scott chose to close with Lin. honestly, I do think Scott wants to win. I just think he is THAT BAD as a coach. I think he would ride Lin 35 minutes a game if he knew it would result in a win every single time.

  410. LOL

  411. Agree, but we aren’t rich team owners alas …

  412. In the gym too

  413. Nice shoes…. still, nothing beats the Adidas Flux he wore last media day.

  414. pic?

  415. clippers need another point who can run fastbreak……..work your magic steve balmer since your jlin fan….covet him to make buyout and tell jlin you will sign him…….clios need another pg

  416. The YouTube link points to Ido’s own account, so it’s safe to assume he already knew. 🙂

  417. Max and Marcellus are the only Lin supporters at that radio station…

  418. no. too paul centric

  419. Looks like the classic Mundial series for soccer!


  420. I read a lot of reviews from both gents and ladies that this pair is comfy.

  421. cause no pg other than cp3

  422. Non-sense of course…LOL

  423. FWIW, BS said he is a Lin fan too

  424. Haha….Well to Kobe, I guess he thinks “I am not the hero means it was not a W”

  425. Tank! That’s what I thought:-)

  426. They have River’s son to be CP3’s backup.

  427. He just can’t take the joy:-)

  428. Because there is no “we” just “me”

  429. This was my response. Was I wrong?

  430. The good thing is by the time Kobe comes back our Lin will be gone gone gone to another team. So, who cares about how Kobe thinks, lol. Maybe BS should be the one worries about Kobe’s unpleasant.

  431. LOL No doubt about it. He can’t stand it when the team is doing better without him. He is even worse than JH in every sense. Really dislike him as much BS!

  432. Get a life, KB.

  433. LOL. Just listened to tiny bit in the radio talk about his “retirement,” I felt rather repulsive. So glad I don’t have to watch his “face” for the rest of the season. Don’t see any “greatness” in his game but see a very aging player that still can’t admit it’s time to retire.

  434. Playing aggressive Grace!

  435. Never like Miller. He lives in BS out of modern NBA reality world. He can’t take any “reality” of BS and KB.

  436. Kobe is not impressed

  437. Haha! Kobe sure was mad bc he tried so hard to put Lin down & now they got the win?! Look at how happy these teammates were…. LOL!

  438. Totally agree… look at his no smile face after Lakers finally got the W….

  439. Miller hurt my ears. Miller says BS wants Lin like this where… “jeremy needs to play without looking over his shoulder, don’t be afraid to make a mistake.” then seconds later he says Byron Scott will take you out if you don’t play well and put someone else in. What?! How is Jeremy suppose to find a balance with those two mixed messages sent to him from the coach. c’mon

  440. As the conventional wisdom on Kobe goes. He wants to win but win his way.

  441. Warning, don’t click to idiotic coach miller supporting BS antiquated nonsense.

  442. My comment on hold. Just speaking the truth.

  443. Miller kept saying Byron is not holding JLin back which I vehemently disagree.

  444. The Lin bball or the mundial?

  445. Is there a clip from the Kimmel show?

  446. I have a few rocks and bricks in my front yard that you may wanna spend time talking to.

    It may turn out to be more fruitful than talking to Miller, you’d be surprised.

  447. This is what BS and his gang try to sell but no JLin fans and even media buy into this crap. I unsubscribe TWC and Miller for a long time now.

  448. I know and that’s why I don’t want to see his “face” if I can help it. Just concentrate on JLin:-)

  449. He’s BS’s buddy, don’t expect too much from him. Birds of a feather flock together …… Same BS

  450. Approve the post. Took me a while to find where to look for the moderation post:-)

  451. he mentioned he coached with Byron before — maybe they’re both not good

  452. LOL Like your sense of humor.

  453. Kobe will be on the phone with B Scott and JLin will be shut down the next game.

  454. Believe Miller was BS’ assistant in NO.

  455. Kobe Bryant could not be less amused by his teammates’ happy post-victory interview


  456. I unsubscribed from them long time ago..

  457. these 2 tweets say nothing. Must have been other tweets?

  458. previous tweets are below…

  459. Well it’s what it’s. Won’t surprise me if this happens anymore. If there is any little chance of JLin to play any minute, JLin will do his best. He is beyond all BS and KB’s craps now. His Celtics game can sell well for his FA.

  460. Death Stare? smh! Kobe sure will call BS tonight. Young for sure will be DNP.

  461. I don’t think he can do that w Lin now bc FO wants to sign Lin but w Young or Hill… he can.

  462. Ya! In article… they said ” death stare” that’s Kobe’s normal way to his teammates or anyone if he’s not happy. smh!

  463. You’re good. He’s not. Bball don’t lie.

  464. Interesting read: Why do ex-Lakers make such bad NBA head coaches? (13 Nov 2014)

  465. Miller is a Byron Scout apologist. Remember him touting Price when he was starting. So irritating stopped following him and avoid watching him.

  466. What’s new!!! Just show how his egomaniac jealousy goes. He just can’t help himself to be mad how joyous his teammates are having fun in playing teamball and have a win as a result!

  467. Ya! No need to get his opinion on anything… he is just a clown.

  468. Grace, if Dave Miller insisted BScott is not holding back, the biggest proof was the Dec 5 game in BOS, where Lin got hot in 3rd quarter but was benched the entire 4th quarter.

    Honestly, it’s pointless to argue with him since he always said “you and I frequently talk about” in BScott interview.
    He likes to think himself as BScott’s best friend and defend all BScott’s decision so he really has no opinions himself.

    But feel free to use the picture in this tweet if you want to make a point with him.


  469. Exactly… He said he is not going to retired yet?! Smh!

  470. Scoring guard who passes when only necessary is his niche. PG/SG irrelevant.

    His best fit is either Iman Shumpert or Klay THompson though because Lin is not big enough at the 2 against guys like Harden and Klay on defense..

  471. yeah, that’s the “How Dare You Let Linsanity Happened in LA” stare for BScott LOL

    This is getting even better!

  472. Missed the last seconds clip of kobe. Was there a question to, or reponse from K?

  473. Because of KB’s egomaniac person, he doesn’t know how to bow out graciously. He will turn lots of his own fans against him more as the time continues on. I’ve seen some in Twitters and other venues.

  474. Big words from someone who manipulated and sucked the life out of the team. Bravo! /S

  475. What’s like to play on the same basketball team as Jeremy Lin

  476. Is he mad about them celebrating or is he really mad about Scott giving Lin free reign to showcase his talents and lead the team to a win. Obviously the laker fans in Staple Center enjoyed he win.

  477. Grace asked Miller a great question because she thought he’s tht team expert…..well his reply showed nothing but the organization mouthpiece.

  478. Miller got upset because you pointed out BS’s failures as a coach.

  479. He’s been on talk shows, what’s he promoting?

  480. His documentary coming out at the end of this month

  481. thanks. I live in LA but not hearing about it until now.

  482. Kobe mad about “his” team celebrating victory under new leader, someone who won’t throw teammates under the bus. 🙂

  483. Yeah I think n young said something like lin led the team tonight

  484. Did you watch what’s about? No desire to watch/read it.

  485. LOL, shows you how well that promoting is going…Not

  486. I remember Boozer saying something along the lines of Lin leading, haven’t heard from Young. Both Young and Boozer are friendly with Lin, which is most likely why both did time in the doghouse.

  487. Toilet paper, the rough kind.

  488. Miller denied the facts of Grace’s great question. Well no one would believe that Lin wasn’t allowed to play in the first quarter n almost the whole 3rd. Without ot, he would have only 25 min. That’s holding back by BS.

  489. So true lol

  490. LOL Joyce if you don’t say it, no one knows/cares:-)

  491. I’d rather watch The Exorcist II, Superman IV, Showgirls, Batman and Robin, The Room, and Movie 43…all in one sitting, and it’d be more enjoyable than Kobe’s dopukementary.

  492. in case it wasn’t posted earlier, here’s Lakers Voices with JLin:

  493. This is KB’s reaction on NY, JH and CB’s interview bomb on JLin.
    Warning: Typical KB reaction–death stare.

  494. Never watched Jimmy Kimmel before, but now after this clip I’m instantly a fan. The guy is sharp, does his homework, and is actually funny. He’s killing Kobe and Kobe can’t even defend himself! This is golden.

  495. The expresion of kobe to his teammates showed all why no one wanted to play with him In LA

  496. He asked great question like how hard to feel the lakers are losing or you’re kind of happy?

  497. Jimmy asked all those hard questions on everyone’s mind, and masking them with humor. He kept on pushing Kobe near the verge and then reeling him back in for more. Awesome!

    I’d love to see him do an interview with Jeremy, see what he can get out of him.

  498. LOL Young and Sacre might but out due to knee already, listed as questionable.

  499. I mean the audience laughed and applauded, but if you ask any one of them who they want to hang out with, I bet they would pick a guy who can enjoy a moment, instead of Debbie Downer.

  500. The kind Adidas should be producing tens of thousands of pairs for the U.S. but is actually nowhere to be found.

  501. Wonder what was the topic about in psychology.

  502. Maybe EQ / AQ? Actually I always use Lin as an example in my EQ management class and Leadership class :))

  503. 12mins of Lin’s highlights against Celtics edited by Christine:

  504. As JLin said in the Lakers Voice earlier, he and Adidas have worked on design the shoes and this one just came out. More designs will be available soon. My take from the interview is that this should be in the market soon.

  505. Kobe looks like his first action after the show will be to text Mitch that those four players better be gone before next season’s training camp begins.

  506. What is AQ?

  507. I guess both bc he tried so hard to put Lin down for so long but on Sun how come … LOL! Kobe sure couldn’t take it…

  508. AQ means Adversity quotient, is the ability to recover from

  509. I am so sick of Kobe and his egomaniac behavior. What is the big deal that the guys were celebrating the win. Was it because Lin led the way and Boozer acknowledged it? Also they asked Kobe what player would he build a team around and he said Harden. So since Mitch stated that he was not going to pay some aging superstar vet to come help kobe win another championship, no it’s harden he wants to recruit and not Rondo? I think F/O said no to Rondo, no Kobe is grasping for straws.

  510. Thanks

  511. Could it be just a petty retort to earlier report that Rox may want to resign Lin in FA?

  512. I thinks os too. Notice, they didn’t comment on lin, only on Young/Hill. This last game they played together, you could tell everyone was clicking on all cylinders and the guys were having fun. They played hard defense.

  513. He’s not even worth getting upset over anymore, he’s irrelevant now.

  514. Kobe is dead to me…and i am not a ghost whisperer…so don’t hear him and don’t care to either

  515. There it is! Much more than the vine segment. No miscontext there. Love Kimmel. Only reason to interview him. Now anyone want to play with him?

  516. It’s so funny he said Harden bc HOU already build around him plus they use the same agent. smh! I guess Kobe said that bc Lin…. HOU wants to go after Lin this summer… Don’t like Kobe. He is really a selfish person only ME ME ME.

  517. lol…I dont mind the switch…JH to LAL and JL to ROX…anyways…its up to Jeremy to pick what he wants

  518. In addition Lin has a heavy burden in meeting expectations and not a disappointment to not only Lin global fans but also to Asia / Taiwan.

  519. Kobe’s delusion is too far gone. I could tell that he was furious with all the losing when the season started. However, it was clear to everyone (except Kobe and his die hard fans) that it was Kobe who caused the losses. His shooting percentage was low. He killed their chances in clutch time. His defence was atrocious (especially guarding the 3 point shot). Unfortunately he blamed Jeremy, other team mates and the front office. He has become completely deluded.

  520. I totally agree… they lose lots of games in the beginning of the season all bc of Kobe not Lin or Boozer… smh!

  521. Ya! Everyone was so happy & lots of them got good stats too. Compare to play w Kobe…. totally different story.

  522. They would be ahead and in the stretch it was all Kobe iso, one difficult contested 2 after another some he would make most not. Was as bad as a turnover. Then loss after loss.

  523. Exactly! Not just Lin has good stats but his teammates too… that’s a real team play.

  524. I don’t know. I am not familiar with how the show is run in terms of asking questions and if the questions are scripted before the show.

    But script or not, this put a great contrast between Lin and Kobe, team-ball and Me-ball, under the spotlight and for the fans and non-fans to judge. This will put a question mark on people with curiosity why Lakers are run and coached as it is now.

    What great publicity can you ask fro Lin?

  525. Not going to waste my time watching this piss-smeared fire hydrant 🙂

  526. Yep this kind of pressure can cause a mental break down. Thank God Lin has a strong will power!

  527. With regard to Kobe’s stare I do think Kobe is just acting for show biz, just a pretense to be upset.

  528. The kind that you wiped and you can still re-use? LOL

  529. Noticed so many fans remains AFTER the game… what a party!

  530. Kobe who?

  531. Certainly not happy, maybe a bit exaggerated with his performing act. This is Hollywood lol

  532. correct. there have been with some brief transition times 3 lakers seasons; the first with kobe being kobe where the lakers were terrible because of kobe’s horrendous shooting non existent defense and volume usage rate.

    . the second with kobe either reducing his role or absent entirely out of physical necessity when the lakers were at least compeititve.

    and the last when the tanking lineup was initiated. which was the worst, to be fair to kobe. kobe being kobe was better than the d league lineup bs has been trotting out with has best players glued to the bench. am i correct that since the shift to the d league starters the team has not won a game in regulation? and what else could be expected?

  533. kobe’s just doing a big media blitz to promote his docu. keep the attention on himself even off the court.

  534. I got soap for Christmas this year.

  535. Ha ha ha …. The black mamba la …..

  536. Thanks! I added it to the Video Gallery on homepage

  537. Thanks! I can always add more to the Video Gallery on homepage =)

  538. Hm, I don’t buy it. How would this help ensure the tank?


  539. What he says is not important. He lost his credibility a long long time ago…lol

  540. So if they don’t have hot hand they can’t….?!

  541. he just continues to make a mockery of himself =)
    IMO he was just trying to find new words that reporters might want to hear since Linsanity was hard to deny!
    He had to say something about it LOL

  542. Translation: If Linsanity keeps getting the hot hand but Price doesn’t, both won’t close games LOL

  543. He is just mocking Lin and Price. Basically saying they are worthless if they do not get hot…

  544. and he just added a rare condition to prevent hot Linsanity to close the games.
    Like how frequently Price gets hot? LOL

  545. LOL exactly….the whole thing he said made ZERO sense..

  546. Just wanna say, Celtic’s defense was really bad…..how come starters can not even crack 30pt mark?

  547. thanks!!

  548. Now that we got the Kobe’s death stare (for show or not), don’t be surprised if Kobe pushes FO to buyout Lin to prevent another LAsanity without Kobe.

  549. yeah.. same here. but then I think “he thinks why are you just celebrating like it was a win in the playoffs.. get real”

  550. I don’t think this will happen if he could…(I’m sure he did try hard…) Lakers would trade Lin before dateline.

  551. He should think like that when his team is actually making the playoffs…lol

  552. on the other side of the perspective, it might be ‘an acting’ thing.. or semi-acting. A real competitor will be thinking “The team is a losing team and 1 win makes you celebrate like you won the playoffs? geez”. So he might be thinking that. Nothing against lin.. maybe against nick for being a clown again.

  553. Oh you mean being all serious and stop fooling around like nick if they are making the playoffs or else the concentration might be distracted… that would make sense too from another pov angle.

  554. well….we think too much I guess 😛

  555. SInce when Ronnie price has hot hands?

  556. when he shoots around 30%

  557. Obviously we are in tank mode. Sometimes I just feel that LA is not just tanking but intentionally trying to destroy Lin’s career. It just isn’t right. If it wasn’t for the fans, it would be DNP.

  558. when he keeps passing to Linsanity LOL

  559. Ha..by watching the highlight….lot’s of Lin’s play would be stopped if facing top teams.

  560. Linsanity is deadly to LAL. It causes BS and KB to look mad and constipated on TV . LAL will also lose the top 5 pick due to the constant Linsanity.

    The cure: bench, bench, and more bench.

  561. I suspect that too.. he had 2 good games with celtics already so I wasn’t surprise he can play well with them but was just surprise that bs allow him in this game for so long compare to the last one and surprise he attack the basket more than usual. Plus the top teams probably pack the paint.. with celtics.. the lanes seems to be open .. now not sure if it’s because his teammates end up spacing the floor so opp had to also space out.

  562. After Kobe watched the video it looked like he was having trouble controlling his emotions. I get the impression that had he been at the arena he would have exploded; especially at Young and Hill. Kobe seems to forget he’s just a basketball player. The future of humanity doesn’t depend on what he does.

  563. And also like to say that ppl rave about goran and how he had 23 and 10, but I will say that this is against philly, one of the last 2 place teams so of course he can have 23 and 10. This statement is what others will say about lin if he had that against the phillies.

  564. Oh well…..Lin is better!

  565. talking about defense

  566. What? ??

  567. Agreed. …bs is dead to me a long time ago. ..talk to the hand bs…talk to the hand

  568. So the tweet should be:

    “Byron Scott said he may close games out w/ Jeremy Lin and Ronnie Price, if the guy RP defending has hot hand”

  569. Celtics are at a possible playoff team,whereas the Lakers are at the bottom of the barrel

  570. Also they beat the Suns last night

  571. See, but you can’t say that because that is not quantifiable and comparing apple to oranges. Celtics is in the East, and the east 8th seed is still a losing record by like 10 games 23-31. They will also be out like the Lakers if Celtics is in the West. heck, Lakers might even have a chance for the playoffs in they are in the East.

  572. lol , I was semi joking.

  573. BS labeling Lin as inconsistent.
    My view:
    Lin being inconsistent = some excellent outings + many average appearances (with little court time) + very few bad performances
    Other Lakers being consistent = game-in game-out mediocrity at best
    BS being consistent = journeyman coach + losing records
    Kobe being consistent = out-of-this-world FGA each and every single game + injury (again) + shoot enough bricks to build another great wall

  574. meaning Lin would have to work harder if facing a better team, which he can anyway.

  575. saw the highlight…lol…SUNs are sinking….

  576. I think we listen too much to BS……

  577. I actually thought dave miller was fair in many times. I mean it’s ok to praise other players… nothing is wrong with that.

  578. No, it’s not.. it’s the players that gave him space no? Not the coach.

  579. Sounds like Ding getting sick of Kobe too?


  580. Kobe pursues another ring is just secondary, big payday always comes first. Hope The Busses are smart enough not to repeat their mistake.

  581. If BS judged everyone else the way he judges Lin, then he would be calling everyone out as being inconsistent. I just don’t understand all the lip about Jeremy. They have lost 41 games, you can’t tell me all their losses is due to Jeremy’s inconsistency. He stopped being the starting point guard at the beginning of the year. If you bench a player you can’t blame him for losing…..Even the game where he got a DNP seemed like it was all Jeremy’s fault.


  583. A win under BS coaching is like a win in the PLAYOFFS!

  584. Kobe should just get the Lakers to ban happiness from the players all together. Better yet, while he is injured, he can come to the games and follow the players around with a ruler to measure how long their smiles are. If he deems them unacceptable, he can fine them. Laughing? Banned from a game. There is no room for silliness in this profession of throwing a ball in a hoop. This is an extremely serious business that has no room for that! Lol
    Honestly, it is not that big of deal. People love this type of stuff.
    Kobe obviously is an extremely accomplished NBA player and he can make a case for this being able to back himself up but once he tries to transcend this “mamba mentality” or tough guy act outside the actual game, it’s just so transparent to me, but people love to eat it up. Lol

  585. Sun’s analyst must know Byron Scott well:


  586. Five more years? Can’t believe this? Hope Lakers FO will not give this plan to Kobe. smh!

  587. It is nice to watch the replays. Reminds me of the old linsanity days. I would be nice if Jeremy could play like this for a while. If he does, I will definitely goto a game.

  588. His Muse documentary speaks of how he uses anger to fuel his play. He has no ability to consider other people are fueled differently. He is a sad little man. All alone in his hate fueled head.

    his comment/stare saying that would not have happened had he been there… yep he is correct b/c given his putrid level of play this year they would have lost.

  589. Kobe beef.

  590. Time for Lin to regress back to “mean” (like 14 ppg) for the season with the remaining 28 games! lol I am all in for that “inconsistency”……..:P

  591. Yes, Jimmy Kimmel is a late night gem! FYI for a good laugh go to YouTube and look up “hey Jimmy Kimmel I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy”. He does different video challenges, but this one is a favorite!

  592. It’s sarcasm from Ding.

  593. I don’t think Kobe did himself any favors with his attitude …



  594. So no more Price?! Maybe Lin will play w Clarkson a lot now.

  595. Oh oh, the tank is in danger!

    Joking aside, I feel bad for Price, who’s been used as a pawn but stayed classy all the way. Not a great player but appears to be a great guy. Best of luck to him with the surgery.

  596. Before it is too late, buyout Lin and get a D-league.

    Or worst case, play Hill as PG.

  597. If Lin plays more meaning top 5 lottery pick is in jeopardized. Too late to trade but still can buy him out.

  598. Or they’ll just pick someone up in free agency, or like a series of 10 day contracts until they know if Price returning. Toney Douglas I’m sure is back from China.

  599. what??

  600. Haha, Kelvin Washington feeling the heat:


  601. Scott taking Kobe’s side against teammates celebrating.

  602. Why they couldn’t celebrate for the W? So sick of this team… smh! That’s the way Young & Hill for long time… what’s wrong with that? Kobe really needs to see a doctor to check what’s his problem now.

  603. I guess we should await confirmation but this is what Scott is saying now …


  604. LOL

  605. Poor Price. Scott saw how he and Jeremy had some chemistry, and immediately ordered chloroform (in a handkerchief) and surgery to stop it.

  606. Oh no, BS is going to cry himself to sleep tonight.

  607. I think by oh no you meant oh yes! 🙂

  608. LOL .. he captured it perfectly!
    “Whaat .. Lin took my squad!”

  609. Haha, he just added Ronnie Price in there cos he would choke on his tongue to only say Lin had a hot hand.

  610. My reaction to KB and BS’s reaction to players’ reaction after the game: Shut the F*** up.

  611. If you think that RP being injured is good, that you don’t know basketball.
    Now JL will be forced to play PG and will not focus on shooting alone –
    which is all we want from him.

  612. You got me totally wrong. I feel bad for Price, but not for BS losing sleep.

  613. God is parting the sea for Lin. Clarkson better watch for lightning bolts

  614. That’s unfortunate. but it didn’t really surprise me, Ronnie probable never expected to play much at the beginning of the season, then he was thrown into starting role playing heavy min, just like….. lol
    Wish him good luck, speedy recovery.

  615. sick of these nonsense….as dumb as one could be

  616. kinda obvious aint it

  617. I like him too…hope he recovers swiftly

  618. seems like fans were cheering more loudly on Lin’s buckets!

  619. i wont be surprise if he tries to swim in it till he hits 40….he is just trying to best the number game with MJ…not realizing he is no game compared to MJ…no where near…babe

  620. numbers says, other wise….he above average in terms of consistency…per NBA standards

  621. Can someone find out what college textbook is that in terms of its title?

  622. I dont think BS is trying to tank…but FO dont mind…he is just incompetent at all level…he just dont know how to be a “coach”

  623. IMO BScott might not try to tank at first.
    But when he started Clarkson after Kobe was out for the season and talked “rebuilding”, many media knew it’s a code-word for tanking

    I believe even BScott knows playing Lin would give him more wins than starting a rookie.

  624. Stop it Brent, come on….this is how the rest of the league is judged so why be harsh on Lin when he is actually given a chance to shine.

    IMO, Scott accidentally allowed MDA offensvie set to open the spacing for lin to run amuck. The high post screen

  625. If you think that RP being injured is good, that you don’t know basketball.
    Now JL will be forced to play PG and will not focus on shooting alone –
    which is all we want from him.

  626. Ha, ha, I sympathize with the guy. LoL.

  627. What did he say? I am work and can’t list3n

  628. Surprisingly the silly poll is only 8-7 favoring Lin.
    Let’s vote #PGLIN



  629. totally!!! I thought being out on travel…i wont have much time for Lin…but that is what Jeremy is about..he has this attraction unparalleled to MJ…i would say

    Just watchign the highlights and the fun that the teammates had…is priceless…it goes long way….any coach would ride this…except….you know

  630. And what kind of a poll showing a picture of only 1 candidate?

  631. You mean the crazy Lin fan he ripped? or him?

  632. It was posted….and It is nonsense…lol

  633. A very classy guy but he is the worst shooting Guard I have ever seen in my life.

  634. LOL I know I know…..:P

  635. lol…i was not refering the to the os called coach… but what Jeremy had to say about perception

  636. Never mind about TWC… they always like this… but still need to vote for Lin. Just sent the tweet.

  637. Oh…ok….lol it is kind of funny that after Lin said that…Miller just ADDED the perception on him immediately. And quickly saying it was not BS holding him back…WTH? LOL

  638. good one there…on your comments!

    If productive means winning then everyone knows it is #PGLIN
    If productive means #Tanking then don’t play Lin

  639. lol this is stupid question. if clarkson is given the time he will shoot 30 percent on 12-13 ppg. lin is a far superior player to clarkson. its a bit insulting as a question

  640. LOL good one Portal.

  641. BS is being stupid to make such silly comments. If it is wrong to celebrate a Laker win then the FO shòuld stop all the streamers in the staple stadium.

  642. Hahahaha……

  643. I liked the title of this article!

    Jeremy Lin Pisses Off Kobe Bryant Even By Winning

    What is it about Jeremy Lin that makes the old guard Lakers like Kobe Bryant and Byron Scott so uncomfortable? Lakers guard Nick Young was bubbling over with enthusiasm for Lin’s outstanding performance in an OT victory over the Boston Celtics. “My man JLin was doing his thing,” Young yelled during an exuberant post-game interview. (Lin had scored a season-high 25 points.)

    But isn’t enthusiasm something Lakers fans and Lakers management might embrace, instead of fighting? Even Kobe? His team won, after all.

  644. Better to be good and very good sometimes than be consistently bad to mediocre.

  645. Can you have the link for RT the article?

  646. btw the article is stupid

  647. sorry…what RT now?

  648. not you lol i need to stop writing like I’m face to face talking to someone

  649. Of course, top teams are going to be tougher on D, but Lin did good against Celtics. Not easy to do well against top teams without too many weapons in his teammates.

  650. My boss feeling is my feeling.

  651. Well played.

  652. lol

  653. hahaha

  654. hehe thanks.. might as well make it clear to everyone that Lakers is still thick in the Tanking business.
    And Lin is a winner as an experienced vet. This silly poll is just a camouflage for the tanking issue

  655. you are not…since you are talking to your self!….kiddin mate

  656. LOL .. now you’re having a conversation with yourself =) got you

  657. I am not into saying so and so is a better player. It’s hard to tell until Lin is in a better team. Goran has some stronger areas, and Lin has stronger areas. But I think Lin is a bigger Plus to his team.

  658. lol….serious side…I do agree Lin needs to improve….but sadly no one givin him the chance to improve and the opportunity to learn

  659. I sympathize with the guy getting too many angry tweets whenever he says something about Lin. I don’t think they are Lin haters. I think bombarding tweets do more harm than good.

  660. The point is EVERYONE needs to improve….:P

  661. Ha….anyway..he is a lin hater now…LOL

  662. including Brent! lol

    Its kinda late here (1am) had a long day…time catch some sleep…good nite

  663. Kobe should be directing his death stare to himself.

  664. It will be hard to do…on the court or on TV….in real time

  665. Added “attitude”.

  666. hahaha. im a thinking man lmao

  667. Lin impressed me a lot in the last game in many ways. I think he figured something out….The focus was to be more efficient and less tovs… He did exactly that

  668. This is how a player really feel about been traded from the team… Pat’s story from Rox to King. I now know why Lin said he was so happy to stay in a team for 2 years…


  669. LOL at Miller saying “Byron not holding Lin back”
    BOS game in Dec 5 was the biggest proof in the pudding that BScott held Lin back by benching him for Q4 when he got hot in Q3. But I won’t waste my time with him being BScott’s best buddy


  670. It almost feels like they prepared that section of prasing Lin just for Miller to sent out that message of “Byron not holding Lin back”

  671. I think Miller is always ready to make BScott look good since he always said “like we talked before” when interviewing BScott. The guy is there to praise the latest coaching moves.

  672. That is basically very close to lying….lol

  673. Good to know that Lin made a Lakers history being the 3rd reserve (after Magic and Worthy) to score at least 25pts/5asts and shooting 65% from the floor off the bench.

    When Lin leaves Lakers and blows up somewhere else, they can point to this game and lament why they let Lin go.


  674. I think Doc must have done a film session with Lin….focused on certain situations…and went through their solutions….

  675. Does that mean LAL always have bad bench or Lin is really good? lol

  676. 10 more points and JLin would have outscored the entire starting lineup. Would be great to see that tomorrow.

  677. He complained Lin fans are crazy using twitters to respond to his comment on radio show yesterday about what he said that Lin is a backup guard at best.

  678. I really think his trip to NY during ASG sure do the magic for him. He is fighting for his next contract now. Good for him. Don’t stay here bc I don’t think Kobe will go away after 2016. smh!

  679. I am not sure where were those workouts with fam and Doc taken place….I think it was in LA…

  680. I think what he said the problems maybe it’s from GMs request from him… Before ASG, Young said lots of his teammates will take the chance to show themselves to GMs…. I think Lin did that too. He sure talked to someone that made him said something like …..he found passion w BB game again…

  681. Waking up and reading all these nonsense from KB and BS are really disgusting. Should lockup these two in the same in psy ward. That will be epic!

  682. Highlight extended version. http://youtu.be/TKVHXxfaHCM

  683. I think Kobe is really a sick person. What’s wrong w his childhood or family? Why he is always so cold to anyone in his team? smh!

  684. That’s why I say the way KB and BS talk and act tell me that they should be admitted to psychiarist ward in hospital. They are abnormal in every sense and endanger to themselves and others.

  685. What I look forward to is for LIN to play for a coach that will set plays to counter the blitzing double teams. Sure the better teams will have a better designed set to force LIN into rushing and making mistakes. I’m one that believes that LIN was hung out to dry by Melo in that infamous Heat game that everyone judges LIN by. The ball is always faster than even Usain Bolt. Even against Lebron, if traps are set for LIN, it means someone else is free. A good coach will be able to counter that gamble by the defence…and it is a gamble!

    What is happening is that LIN is shooting his 3s better and teams need to attack him earlier, making the high post screen that much more deadly.

    LIN hasn’t had a good coach to help him against the better coached defences, so it’s a mood and unfair point.

  686. Even just letting Lin one on one is better than what Lin had now…

  687. Who was less impressed, Kobe or McKayla?


  688. Haralabos Voulgaris
    [email protected] I’d be angry too if everything i did as a coach was all for naught and team actually won a game in spite of my poor coaching


  689. Totally agree. What’s wrong w Young & Hill? They always acted like this with the W for the team…. Why they couldn’t celebrate?! Fans were happy & so joyful inside the staple C…. why needed to act so cold?! smh!

  690. I know. As I didn’t waste time to make sense out of psy patients, I will do the same of these two. They aren’t normal!!!!!!!!!!

  691. This from a coach that disses his players in public and pranks them about being traded. Unbelievable.

  692. BS with his mysterious obsession of shooting himself in the foot.

  693. Actually, Miller may be partially telling the truth: BS is not holding Lin back…Kobe IS. BS is just a tool. (Pun Mandatory)

  694. I thought BS said he was a happy man after the win, and now angry?!? What’s the joy of beating rivalry? Nevermind. A puppet must follow his master.

  695. I find Achmed the Dead Terrorist to be a much more visually appealing puppet than BS.

  696. … and decides to have players pushing around dolls in baby strollers.

  697. Actually if you add the 6 assists lead to 2 points each (not sure how many were a 3) for 12 more points, JLin would be responsible for at least 37 points more which is more than the entire Starting Lineup.

  698. Boston beat the Suns on a back to back game after losing to the Lakers.
    The Celtics is no fluke. This is a competitive team on the rise. Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas are very good players.
    The Lakers won a big game against the Celtics when Lin just took off. The Celtics played hard.

  699. Well Lin played only 30 minutes and scored 25 and 6 assists.

  700. As goofy as the video-bombing was, it’s a form of team bonding. I get the impression that Scott will try to destroy anything that looks like the team is coming together. No individual player knows who they’ll be on the court with for any game, and Scott seems proud of the fact that he’s keeping his players guessing from game to game as to how many minutes they’ll play.

  701. Haha yes. It’s less disgusting

  702. Word!

    @BaxterHolmes Right, because @Lakers are more about pushing dolls around in strollers than celebrate beating an arch-rival. SMH— John Lee (@JohnLee61829454) February 25, 2015

  703. Glad to know 2Pat found peace on a top EC team, he’s a good guy who believes in team play and is not afraid to call someone out.

  704. Team “demeanor”. What’s it supposed to be? I’m really confused. Jeremy has been criticized for not showing enough “passion” in his on-court demeanor. What’s really odd is that Jeremy’s self-control is being used against him, but somehow it’s a virtue in Kobe. OTOH, if Jeremy engaged in the explicit trash talk we’ve heard coming from Kobe’s mouth, you think he’d be praised for it?

    If the coach wants his team to play as a unit, with spontaneity and passion, then you can’t ask them to shut off the emotion at the final buzzer. But, IMO, the last think Scott wants is for the team to start working as a unit, and he especially doesn’t want them to start functioning smoothyly around the leadership of Jeremy Lin.

  705. He got what he deserves. Worse should be on the coming for him.
    Just try it out on Isaiah Thomas and see what you will get!

  706. Achmed is a funny character. BS not so lovable,

  707. That is hilarious and good fun. You would never see it in a game with Kobe; at least not as entertaining as this one. U got to reward the fans once in a while. Nobody want to play with Kobe anyway and this is the reason.

  708. We should tell Kobe to lighten up! Would someone tweet him?

  709. I must have used a bad word in the following. Admins please advise, and then delete this after you’d approved or edited my original post …

  710. LOL

    There are many busted lottery picks every year.

  712. Didn’t the Suns keep the right PG Bledsoe ?

  713. Totally agree Kobe really needs to lighten up. But why he was so mad bc they won w/o him. He simply can’t take anyone shine on court in Lakers.

  714. Carlos BoozerVerified account
    Just Touched Down In Salt Lake… #holdat https://instagram.com/p/zgUGKzLKMm/

  715. Just buy Kobe a D-league team and let him play as much as he wants.

  716. Boozer DNP-CD for using #holdat on Twitter. LOL

  717. Done.

  718. just wondering what is the meaning of hashtag Holdat and here it is:

    —-Usually used when you do something hot against another term. It can be used in sports when you do an excellent move against someone.

    You dunk on someone in a basketball game. Yell at the guy “Holdat!”.

  719. Thanks! Did wonder what it meant.

  720. He has been thinking like a spoiled baby for a long time, and he can’t hide it completely .

  721. He can’t hide it at all, not that he’s trying either.

  722. If tweeting anything at all to the egomaniac, we should tell Kobe to just retire.

  723. Kobe’s eyes look to be Asian. Should ask him to do a Genealogy search.

  724. Jeremy would out wit him.

  725. i dont even know the meaning of hashtag.

    or bae.

  726. It’s tempting, but it only give Kobe more of the attention he craves. He doesn’t seem to care whether his notices are positive or negative … as long as the emotional turmoil is all about him.

    I found it ironic that tweeters were dumping on Young and Hill about their “need for attention”. What the [bleep] does everyone think Kobe is doing, schlepping from talk show to talk show to promote his “all about me” documentary?

    I have a cynical suspicion that Kobe wasn’t getting the volume of feedback from his publicity tour that he expected. But — surprise, surprise! — he’s sure getting it more of it now because he got all huffy on network TV about his team mates’ celebration. That got him the coverage he wanted.

    But what’s truly disgusting is that Scott would sacrifice team enthusiasm and moral to help get Kobe more of the off-court attention he craves.

  727. once they caved to bledsoe’s demands last time they cemented things; dragic was not going to stay no matter what once they kept bledsoe and he was as he put it just “standing in the corner”.

    3 headed point guard is gone and now its just the two headed with knight and bledsoe.
    dragic found himself in another 3 headed situation at mia at first it seemed with wade and chalmers, …but late in the last game they unleashed dragic and he was pretty good.

    soo….. time will tell. but most sund fans think the suns are dead in the water and blame the various moves of the fo however obviously there was no way to keep dragic he spoke up severely against the organization before the dt in a way i dont think anyone else has.

  728. The Sun keeps the left PG Bledsoe, a pretty inconsistent PG as far as TOs is concerned.

  729. Not sure….Disqus sometimes does that…

  730. A poor decision. Bledsoe is not exactly the same type of PG Dragic is. Dragic is more consistent and in my opinion a better PG than Bledsoe. Bledsoe is athletic but it doesn’t make him a good PG. It takes something between your eyes to be a good PG; not just the body.

  731. That kind of celebration is good fun and I love it.

  732. From time to time, I see tweets or fans saying XXX team is at their best playing fast, getting into transition at every possible chances. Same was said about Lin too…..Now what team or player does not benefit from playing fast? given they are still able to run?

  733. Kobe has a subzero credibility.

  734. He’s just an intense guy. And it’s Kobe’s way or no way. At least Hill and Young are more fun guys, you don’t feel like you have to walk on egg shells around them.

  735. excessive celebration LOL

  736. Kobe could never build a team. He’s just a player. He’s just trying to diss Lin by asking for Harden.
    What would Laker be like if it had Tim Duncan rather than Kobe Bryant?

  737. Nathan on twitter brought up a good point on why surgery for Price now?

  738. I think Price is just trying to stay relevant…

  739. Yup Kobe unhappy therefore BS must be unhappy

  740. Here’s a quick chain of events:

    1) Jack Nicholson announces that he’s selling his season tickets, and a day later…
    2) Linsanity blows up with 25 pts 6 asts in 30 min of PT
    3) RP announces wrist surgery

    Coincidence? Perhaps. We’d only get a better read after the Jazz game to see what the FO has up the sleeves (BS is kept in the blind).

  741. Reggie Jackson is killing Kyrie Erving now.
    Half time: Cleveland against Detroit
    Reggie Jackson 15 points 5 out of 8 FG and 5 of 6 FT, 4 assists 5 Rebounds 1 TO.
    Kyrie Erving 6 points 1 out of 7 FG 4 of 4 FT, 4 assists.

  742. So despicable behavior.

  743. Harrison Ford and his wife were watching the game vs Celtics, saw them in ILP.

  744. So some researchers at Harvard are trying to quantify defensive skill in the NBA. In one of the groups, JLin was an above average defender. Harden not surprisingly was below average. It was on Page 25 of this paper.

    Characterizing the Spatial Structure of Defensive Skill in Professional Basketball.

    Anyone here love statistics? Plenty of that in this paper.

  745. det has played well since they jettisoned josh smith to houston; when brandon jennings was there they said it was because he was carrying the team, augustine took over after jennings injury and they were still good; now jackson. it doesn’t seem to matter who the pg is det is rolling

    as to pg comparisons to nite; curry 27 pts 0 turnovers wall 12 pts 6 turnovers.

  746. Even funnier when BS said JLin and RP would finish the game if they were hot yesterday. Then KP was upset about the celebration. BS chipped in next. Then Surprise!!!!!!!!! The next day we were told RP had the end season surgery. What a weird timing about everything.

  747. are you saying the plot is thickening?

  748. LOL Famous Joyce’s phrase! Yes THE PLOT THICKENS!

  749. Well now we know the JLin has to stay because the Lakers don’t have enough depth as it is. No buyout. But now this is really getting interesting.

  750. Don’t expect buyout is in JLin mind from my take of his interview in ASG. So, expect JLin will stay at Lakers for the rest of season. Only wait for FA.

  751. Move aside, Jeff Dunham. All hail Kobe the master ventriloquist!

  752. the cleveland bench is celebrating in a similar manner to the lakers after their win. just cause they tied the score in the 3rd quarter, kobe would not approve.

  753. KB told BS he was not happy about their daring to win and celebrate without him, BS said I was with you, let me throw one of them under the bus.

  754. Thanks, a good find.

  755. It’s OK for Cleveland because LeBron gives no sh*tface over this.

  756. Great find, puts Morey analytics to shame.

  757. “Our results reveal other details of play that are not readily apparent. As
    one example, we demonstrate that two highly regarded defensive centers,
    Roy Hibbert and Dwight Howard, impact the game in opposing ways. Hibbert
    reduces shot efficiency near the basket more than any other player
    in the game, but also faces more shots there than similar players. Howard,
    on the other hand, is one of the best at reducing shot frequency in this
    area, but tends to be worse than average at reducing shot efficiency. We
    synthesize the spatially varying efficiency and frequency results visually in
    the defensive shot chart, a new analogue to the oft depicted offensive shot
    chart.” —– interesting

  758. oh, I thought Boozer said, “who dat?” thanks for the explanation =)

  759. I’m sure Scott doesn’t even know what “holdat” means, or what “twitter” is anyways.

  760. I thought it’s “how’s that?!”

  761. About darn time someone cracks down on the details. The eye test is so 19th century. Unfortunately this gem will not be understood by casual fans who fail to understand anything other than ppg.

  762. If your posts immediately shows up as “waiting to be approved”, that means Disqus auto-moderated it (for reasons unknown to humankind), not a Mod. Then you just have to wait for a Mod to manually approve it. It’s an annoying “feature” of Disqus, and unfortunately nothing that the Mods can prevent.

  763. always classy

  764. I have reviewed their math model roughly. I think they kept it simple too….well bball is really hard to analyse……

  765. dragic took off because philly is a cr-ppy team.. so not impressive there.
    sorry, I don’t like dragic and lost respect for him after he said cr-p like that to an org,

  766. lol I thought he said RIP. ..so wrong thinking wise.

  767. If Kobe laughed during Kimmel, Scott would be saying today how it was great for the players to be able to celebrate a hard fought win.

  768. truth, but then. they didn’t say how many minutes. that’s a even better comparison.

  769. One area of Lin’s game that I’m disappointed in this year: zero dunks! He’s had 3-4 dunks each of the last 3 years. 27 games left, let’s step up, Jeremy. Next breakaway, I better see some shattered backboard glass! 😉

  770. Who knows…maybe he will dunk twice in each of the remaining games

  771. I have zero problem with no dunks, as long as we get 3 to 4 alley oops to Davis/Black each week.

  772. make that 3 to 4 alley oops *FROM* Davis/Black!

  773. LMAO

  774. Tony Parker doesn’t dunk. I have no problem with no dunking at all.
    I love to see reverse layups from Lin.

  775. Rondo is still in trouble.
    He doesn’t play well with Ellis.
    Devin Harris fits in better.
    What an overblown addition.

  776. LOL Yes for once I’d like to see someone throw some Alley-Oops to Lin instead!

  777. I hope not.
    I don’t see many good passer in Lakers.

  778. I don’t know, the more kobe reveals himself, I am beginning to believe that he has some sociopath tendencies. Not throwing shade on him. When he was upset about the guys celebrating a win, that nailed it for me. Sociopath is always thinking that you are smarter than anybody else and you feel no remorse over the terrible things that you say or do. Also I went back and googled Kobe’s 2003 rape allegation on the resort worker and it revealed some disturbing stuff about him.

  779. I added a new poll for Game 56 LAL @UTA

    Vote away!

    I’ll check who the winners are for the BOS game

  780. Raptors vs Dallas.
    Reunion of Jeremy ex-teammates
    Landry Fields, Patrick Patterson, Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Monta Ellis, Greg Smith

  781. Yup he finally decided to focus on scoring more and not worry about the assists or other teammates.

  782. Rondo& Carilse are having a heated. creaming confrontation

  783. It was fun until Kobe crapped on to with his jealous death stare!

  784. I think the best is a two PG line up. Lin was always good that way. Good with Beverley and good with Price.

  785. Really!
    Rondo is not playing in the 4th.
    Devin Harris is having a heck of a game the highest +/- +10
    Rondo is -3

  786. And the plot thickens…

  787. LOL How’s that trade working for you Mavs? This is what happens when you trade for overrated stars! Cuban should’ve traded for Lin just for their playoff run!

  788. Rondo seems to have a ton of problems in the Dallas offense.

  789. rondo was supposed to end the 3 headed point guard in dallas. instead hes become the third string pg.

  790. Deep down, I still kind of surprised that MAVs traded for ROndo….I feel they should be smarter…

  791. Some ppl interpret that as Lin is weak at handling while good at scoring…

  792. Dallas starts their 4Q rally w/o Rondo to get back in the game and leading.
    It seems that the team works well; everyone but Rondo.
    It’s difficult to give Rondo a max contract with this situation.

  793. KB always gives me creepy feelings. He isn’t the one I will feel comfy to be near with. Have worked with different people including street people; not many people gave me that feeling but KB does give me that feeling even via watching him.

  794. “I don’t see many good passer in Lakers.”

    Hmm, good point. Then Lin will have to alley oop to himself off the backboard, then two handed tomahawk that down, shattering said backboard!

  795. Cuban loves BB, but he has made some wrong decision on BB too.

  796. Harden tried once in 2013….failed miserably…

  797. RT = retweet

  798. barea 13 min. 13 pts
    harris 27 min 14 pts
    rondo 18 min 4 pts

    as i said below rondo’s bascially become the third string point guard in dallas.

  799. Yes another one was breaking up the Championship team without giving them the chance to two-peat!

  800. Rondo was kept away from the ball in the 4th even when he was with Boston, one reason why he wanted to be traded.

  801. Rondo is the only PG with a negative +/-
    Rondo -3
    Ellis +12
    Devin Harris +10
    Baera +4

  802. Exactly. That was a professional blunder.

  803. The one game I forgot to vote for Linsanity, Lin does it! >:-(

  804. He traded Steve Nash to Phoenix before Nash played to MVP twice.

  805. WOW! A player can do that blatantly to his coach??? Is it normal in NBA?

  806. aw, no! terrible news for Rose

  807. LOL

  808. Call me crazy or delusional, but I think Mitch/Buss know that they are on a timetable to become a contender and they are not about to start all the way from scratch when they know that Lin/Davis/Boozer/Young can be a contending unit off the bench. I don’t think that Mitch/F/O will break the bench team up because they will be the only thing that will keep fans in their seats going into the next season. jmo

  809. Maybe Rose should play “marginalized” too after return from the surgery.

  810. That’s the same right knee meniscus tear that he had last year. What else can they do?

  811. Is it the third time?

  812. They have to sell tickets.
    Lin is a great draw. Boozer Davis Lin Young Johnson has great team chemisty.
    Wesley Johnson is the only only who could catch Lin’s full court pass and dunk it.

  813. But, if that is the case ,why not just let that unit start?

  814. 2 meniscus tears in the right and a torn ACL in the left I believe. Feel for him, has to feel like a reoccurring nightmare. Sheesh.

  815. Congrats to the Linsanity Poll Winners for Game 55 vs BOS!
    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlin-stats-poll-winners/#sthash.gGmbqmVR.dpuf

    55 25p/6a vs BOS
    Full-Blown LINSANITY!!! @rookie75094 (#2), @acbc, @tammy (#3);
    (24/3): psalm234 (#3);
    (21/5) @nitron (#3)

    @nitron, psalm234 and @tammy moved up to #3
    @rookie75094 moved up to #2
    @Acbc notched the 1st win!


    # of Wins UserName
    7 @rookie750940
    4 @rookie750941, @rookie750942, @rookie750943, @rookie750944, @rookie750945, Mr. Chuckles, @rookie750946
    3 @rookie750947, Maknusia , @nitron, psalm234 , @tammy
    2 @rookie750948, @rookie750949 (michael), @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @blubell, @sbbr, @melody, @rookie750940, @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @blubell, @sbbr, @melody, @rookie750941, @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @blubell, @sbbr, @melody, @rookie750942, @caliusmc, @dinomite (michael), @pops, @blubell, @sbbr, @melody, @rookie750943, @rookie75094

  816. Somehow my vote did not go tru?!!

  817. http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/12273986/how-golden-state-warriors-built-nba-best-defense

    Just read this (somewhat) old article. It’s amazing how much efforts the warrior staffs are employing to push their team to the top, and that comes from ALL aspects of the game: player selections, trades, farming, coaching strategies, senior counseling, philosophy, team work, etc. and this is just the defensive side of the game.

    efforts like this really, really puts Laker’s tanking to disgrace. I don’t know if the lakers have this kind of staffs and support, but i can’t imagine how would they feel when all of their hard work are tagged as unnecessary “because of tanking.”

  818. The front office has the responsibility to sell fans that they’re page to be a contender even they saw no evident to it. Kobe salary and his ego will hold the Lakers hostage for as long as he’s still there.

  819. Also the Lakers are a business and you have to cater to your fan base that buys tickets and they are your Asian/white fans. I have been to many games and the majority of the fans are Asian americans or white. Also Lakers need to get over the fact that this is the 21st century of technology where fans are more informed about their favorite team and players. They don’t have to rely on what the media feeds them. They have twitter and Facebook and other online media outlets to form their opinions. Also that so called “what purple and gold represents” is changing with the times. It is people like Kobe/Scott/Worthy that will have missed the boat when it comes to fruition.

  820. I feel pretty good getting my vote (24/3) almost matched Linsanity perfectly.
    @nitron also got a good guess at 21p/5a

    With Price being out, Lin might have to do more facilitating so .. I’ll go with 20p/6a/0dunks!

  821. Thanks for the info. I had a vague feeling about two major injuries in the past and now this again. It is getting harder to return now.

  822. LOL Well, still thinking what JLin’s stat will look like for the rest of the season:-)

  823. Dallas
    Charlie Villanueva -5 played 3mins
    Rondo -3 played 17 minutes
    Richard Jefferson -1 played 27 mins
    The rest of the team all +
    Dallas won 99:92 with a 25:15 4Q WITHOUT RONDO!

    Ellis +10 37 mins
    Devin Harris +8 28 mins
    J.J. Barea +2 19 mins
    Rondo -3 18 mins

  824. Hm, I couldn’t find it on the Game 55 log.
    Let me double-check

  825. Funny that JLin seems like have a very good relationship with Lakers PR personnels (Black and Caldron) in Lakers Voices.

  826. Well said !

  827. Lol, true that!

  828. Lin bball’s

  829. actually I have a completely opposite view from you.

    Price’s injury spells doom for Lin on this team. Because Price is the nonshooting low usage offensive guard who supposedly plays defense. While I prefer Lin will a guy between 6 foot 4 or 6 foot 6 like Iman Shumpert or Wes Mathews, Price was serviceable.

    Now that Price is out, I am worried Lin will be stuck back at PG and forced to pass to Ellington and Nick Young and a 3rd wing guard all game long which will eat up Lin’s game and usage like in the past.

    So I am really not seeing what you see. In fact, I am dissappointed Ronnie Price is hurt and out.

  830. BULL is in need for a PG now….

  831. Kobe and his large fan base/media are at least equal in power to the management.

  832. as an Asian American person, I can tell you most Asian American and also sadly many Asian people I know prefer to pay for a talented black player than to go see Lin or a white person play. So I’m not sure I totally agree yet.

    but yes, I do think people are open minded as long as the product is good.

  833. No problem. And I have no doubt he will attempt to return, I don’t really know his contract details, but he is relatively young. But I don’t think he’ll ever quite get back to that MVP season he had. Knee problems for point guards is a bad bad combination. Thankful that Lin bounced back (health wise) after his tear.

  834. LOL We hear you!!!:-) Miracle does happen:-)

  835. I think it is a Scott snafu. He doesn’t know what he is doing. Also Mitch probably doesn’t want to interfere him with what he does as a coach. I think when Scott goes over the top like making Lin a DNP, is when they reel him in. I think that Mitch ties to give him that respect as a coach as some unwritten rule. I also believe that Mitch knows that if the 2nd unit is unleashed that they will a lot of games and something they don’t want to do so they will tank to get the draft picks they want. I also believe that they have realized that they are loosing a lot of the seasoned ticket holders with these losses, so I think that they will try to win more games at home to satisfy the the season ticket holders. jmo

  836. Good pts

  837. I just don’t agree with you that Lin is going to come back to this. I hope I am right because otherwise I will be really sad that Lin would come back to this mess.

  838. I see your point.
    Lin has to facilitate more now that Price is out.

    But I saw how Lin has the newfound confidence and his teammates bought into it.
    In Q4 and OT, Lin simply took charge. I think Lin knows that he has to play aggressive for this teammates to have a chance, even with Price being out.

    Let’s see how things play out tomorrow

  839. Bull should buy out Jeremy Lin now that Rose is done.

  840. but Lin is not their choice, I guarantee it.

  841. Don’t really care about KB and/or BS. Just want JLin to be out of Lakers if KB & BS are still in.

  842. Wow! What a wake up call, great analyst and free of charge to the Laker’s organization. We still love I love Lucy but it’s no longer prime time.

  843. Good pts, we shall see

  844. Without a buy-out. Lin can not be their choice anyway..

  845. Listen, I go the games, and I see Asian Americans cheering for lin. I also see a lot of white fans cheering for him. They realize the days of kobe being the man are gone, and lin is a pretty decent player, and they are cheering for him. Also this is Hollywood, they don’t care if you are black , white or Asian on the bball court, they want to be entertained.

  846. So basically it’s power struggle KB & BS vs F/O.

  847. Hm, in another news Rondo clashed with Coach Rick Carlisle & got benched?
    Man, PGs are having problems after the ASG break but Lin is getting stronger!


  848. I have been watching like you bball for a long time. When Scott put Lin in with Price Black and Ed Davis and another blue collar guy in last Houston game, you knew Lin was going to be on fire. Because there were no mouths to feed.

    Lin gets stuck too often trying to feed mouths. He needs to feed himself but I think he feels guilty shooting so much and driving so much with other talent out there.

    now when limited guys like Price are out there, Lin knows he is the only option so he can shoot and drive with reckless abandon with a clear conscience.

    I think that is Lin’s problem. And that is why I think he will never be an NBA star. He has the talent and the will but he is not selfish enough, in a good way.

    A team must cater and surround Lin with certain types of guys for him to shine. THe A list star types are too selfish for Lin and Lin caters to them too much.

  849. Stop basing your opinions on what you would do. Lin is not like you and he will look at the bigger picture for himself.

  850. yes, Lakers won’t buy out Lin’s contract

    Only if Kobe stomps his feet at Kupchak in fear of Linsanity sweeping LA, that we might see a buyout

  851. Just watched and listened to audiences cheered for JLin last game, I just didn’t see what @GoodDayLA was seeing. Agree that not 100% Asian support JLin but which players do?? Even KB, not all Blacks support him.

  852. Because BB was much much older than Linsanity. But Joyce’s point was never before more and more Asian pay attention to the game now because of Linsanity.

  853. well I guess my point is Kobe is done, but I still think people prefer to see Westbrook dunking all over the place with his ferocity than Lin with his style.

    I am biased for Lin but I dont think the masses are objectively speaking.

  854. Lin will do his best to select…..stay or not….it is hard to say which is better for now..

  855. drose is so lucky that he still has the starting position everytime he comes back from injury and even haven’t played much. For any player who can also be that good.. it’s like goodbye. So is drose overrated?

  856. I don’t really get why many people consider this guy talented, a premier guard. Is it because he has a ring? Uhm, hello.. paging Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce…

  857. So say you. I totally disagree with everything that you have posted. As I have stated on many occasions, you are not lin and his thought processes arr so way above anybody who posts here. So stop trying to fit what you would do into what you think lin should do. Big Difference

  858. Yes. But Rose had glorious times. He reminds me AI.

  859. Well…..it is very difficult for me to say he is underrated….at least

  860. THat’s fair.

    Still I will be surprised if he allows himself to come back in a bench role, deal with the unbearable Kobe, playing with a coach who isn’t very upfront with him.

    If he loves LA that much and Lakers offer him stupid money as a bench guy, so be it.

    Otherwise, as a selfish Lin fan, I’d prefer he leave.

  861. not entirely true, though. Lin played with Price in spurts in the 1st half but he didn’t have the same aggression to attack.

    It’s like the light switch turned on for Lin that he needs to attack to create opportunities after the ASG break. I’m getting curious if Lin will be more passive to be facilitator to feed big men or he doesn’t care and continues to attack to feed easy buckets for Boozer, Wes and the like.

    Let’s hope for our sake and Lin’s that Lin will continue his aggression. What is BScott going to do?
    Bench him if he gets 8pts in 6 min again? That I also want to see.

  862. Can’t wait for free agency. I’m pretty curious what teams will be interested in Lin now that the poison pill contract won’t be hanging over his head. It really diluted any type of interest in him. If Rondo leaves, I’m curious if the Mavericks might be interested in Lin.

  863. Did you watch last game?? That will give you plenty idea. If you are in Twitter, you will see lots of JLin fans are non Asians. JLin fans are all over the globe!!!!!!! Remember 1 of 5 of this earth is Chinese and probably 3 out of 5 are Asians. What I’m saying your friends are just very very very small populations of non JLin fans. If just 1% of Asians are JLin fans. That’s huge!!

  864. Then let’s talk to Young and Hill about an encore performance after the win over Bucks. Kobe needs motivation!

  865. I have found the fans who post on the internet are not the ones that go to the games. They are people who feed offf other people who don’t have a clue about the game of bball or anything else for that matter

  866. I don’t get it either. He can’t shoot and he can’t make FTs either this season.
    Cuban must’ve been living in regrets now.

  867. Good news for Lin. One more team… I really want Rondo to Lakers this summer. LOL!

  868. Come to think about it….maybe what Cuban wants is a trail period. It is better to know now, then know it after signed him to a long term k

  869. thank you gooddayny.
    That’s my worry. BS wants the pg to pass only and get others involve.. not score first.

  870. That would be a sight to behold =)
    Rondo + Kobe creating drama while Lin helps Mavs deep in the playoff LOL

  871. yeah he lacks talent

  872. I think it’s time for Bulls to move on cause D Rose is just too injury prone with the way he plays. He has amazing dunks and athleticism but that kind of aggressiveness is like a double sided sword. He still hasn’t learned after 3 injuries.

  873. He was great when he had his athleticism so he has multiple chances.
    Now he either changes his game or he might be forced to retire

  874. His defense and passing is just ok to average… not really ‘premier’ as some call it.

    Cuban must be really having a buyer’s remorse now.

  875. fair points but then most would say that means he lacks ability. its honestly 1 or the other. meaning its either mental or physical for lin or both.

  876. Lakers buy out Lin to preserve the tank and keep Kobe happy then he gets picked up by the Bulls for a rental til the end of the season?

  877. Mitch is not bringing Rondo to the Lakers. He recently said that he was not going to overpay some vet to come to the Lakers to try help kobe get another ring(that means Rondo). That is why Kobe changed his stance on if he would build around a player that it would be Harden

  878. Yes, especially the one buying the tickets, they don’t care the skin color, they just want to be entertained.

  879. I’d rather Lin stay in one play and just finish up the season especially when he’s playing well!

  880. he’s also good in rebounding so it’s JKidd-like in that sense but he admitted he slacked off on defense the last 2 years in BOS

    He might be done soon in DAL and packs his bags to LA to create new drama with Kobe. Yesss! :]

  881. Believe JLin is beyond what GoodDayLA portrays here.

  882. Because most of the basketball watchers now are not “purists” who consider basketball a team sport and people prefer a short-lived entertainment.

  883. Except Mavs has Monta Ellis handling the ball and Dirk, Lin won’t get the ball in his hand nor will he be the focus! Lin needs to go to an Eastern team where he can be the leader!

  884. im just being honest about what i see

  885. could be true .. It’s an expensive trial but definitely good to kick the tires before making a long-term commitment.

    IMO Carlisle would say “No Rondo!” after this season

  886. The best part was the Mavs won the game without Kobe’s buddy Rondo.

  887. If Lin is not stay then Lakers will sign Kobe again, at that time, they will sign Rondo. FO always changes….

  888. I did not think this is possible because MAVs have a very small window for rings because of Dirk’s age. They somehow just can not find a PG that fits them…

  889. If they takes care of business in UTA, they’ll get DNP in the 4th quarter =]
    We know how it goes with BScott, especially after he got a tongue-lashing from Kobe..

  890. They have more chances of winning without Rondo on the floor.

  891. I hope Parsons keeps telling sweet things all Lin to Cuban’s ears when they share drinks at night clubs hehe..

  892. We will see.Mitch/Buss jobs on the line about becoming a contender in 2-3 years. They will waste another year next season with kobe and his antics. Kobe is like that secret joke in the league that nobody wants to laugh out loud about, so they laugh at him in private.

  893. Great! Lakers, let’s get it done!!!!!!!!! Exchange Rando with JLin:-) Esp KB wants him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  894. that’s too bad, really ..

    Kobe really brought down Lakers as a franchise in this latter years

  895. Kobe will call BScott and complain JLin stealing his team. Scott will find a way to put him on ice. Clog the paint with Hill & Sacre and have Young ball hog.

  896. Brendon Roy…

  897. Double Buyout plus wink-wink between Lakers and Mavs?

    Maybe Kupchak wants to kick the tires on Rondo too, hehe..

  898. Thanks for translating what Mitch was saying and why KB said what he said:-)

  899. Just for what I’ve seen since JLin was traded to Lakers, I’ve enough of him. I mock him whenever I can. Never dislike a person so much.

  900. For the past 2 years in Boston he wasn’t hiding behind Garnett on the inside so I think it’s kinda given his defense will slack off. If he’s traded to the Lakers, he doesn’t have anyone Garnett-like to cover him up.

    I get the feeling there might be a request for Lin+Davis in the free-agency. They will probably throw some multiple picks to sweeten the deal for Kupchak and company.

  901. Oh, I forgot about Monta! I wonder if Lin would choose a team that would give him more freedom to take the lead (we fans would love that) or would he be tempted to join a contending team with more of a chance of a reduced role. With a losing season this year, he might be antsy to get back to a winning team. Just hope he chooses a team that fits him the best…

  902. Then they just have to reap what they sow for years to come. I don’t care once JLin leaves Lakers.

  903. Can’t wait to see which team he will choose:-)

  904. Me too. I hope Lakers sign Rondo this summer… LOL! Wow! That will have great drama in Lakers. Kobe vs Rondo in lockers room. Who will win? LOL!

  905. I know. It will be so much fun in watching reality show in Lakers after JLin leaves:-)

  906. That’s the main reason why Carlisle wanted Rondo to sit down… LOL!

  907. Ya! I know Mitch was talking about Rondo… just hoping bc if Lin is not stay… they will do whatever Kobe asks…

  908. No he’s not overrated
    cuz people talk so much shyt about him these days
    hes right where he is

  909. Kobe is not that insecure chill lol

  910. Yah Lin still has a future
    no need to buyout
    just bite the bullet and deal with ur crap

  911. That’s why I said Bucks instead of Jazz. BS hates Kidd and I think he will want to win that one.

  912. Awsome… I didn’t even know I had #1…. Thank you J….now I want 27 more correct predictions…hehe

  913. wow sorry to hear this…

  914. I think he is.

  915. Not at all Al was a top player for 12 years and he was so popular that people still love him to this day
    Drose is no were near AI in his prime both in terms of skills and popularity
    Drose couldve been some thing bigger but his body didnt hold
    Now its westbrook and Harden’s turn

  916. Just this year after the injury

  917. LOL I think you mean it’s Stephen Curry’s turn right? I don’t see selfish players like Westbrook nor Harden winning MVPs.

  918. ah yes.. I missed that.
    Yes, Lin needs to take full advantage to pow-wow with Hill and Young so they can do proper celebration.
    If necessary, invite Iggy Azalea to sing. That would get Kobe on the phone with Kupchak! LOL

  919. Because people still respect him
    easily one of the greatest to ever play the game
    He only became irrelevant after the injuries they still talk highly of him out of respect
    Kobe right now is like Micheal Douglas refusing to accept being old and done

  920. I can vouch for Brent…we are the Linsanity voters… hehe

  921. Except Young and Sacre are both “questionable” next game.

  922. Not to that extent
    He’s not gonna call Byron and tell him to bench lin just because he did well

  923. I think that they are so over Kobe. I think Kobe told them that he would be on his best behavior, but Kobe lied and I think that the F/O believes that Kobe didn’t keep his end of the bargain, they won’t either. I say this because. Magic and a lot of others thought that the Lakers would pull a big trade ,and they didn’t tells me that Mitch/FO gave Kobe/Magic/and anybodyelse the middle finger, like F**k You, it is my job on the line and I have a plan and I am going to stick with it.jmo

  924. Curry is a different beast
    not in the same category as these guys
    hes such a good shooter
    You probably havent seen Harden play at all this season
    He is THE best player in the league right now. That houston team is horrible, w/o harden they are worse than the lakers(DH12 out good chunk of the season)
    Harden is the only reason why they are still in contention
    27-7-6 as a SG
    and westbrook 30-10-10 every ight

  925. what so sweet about rondo is that….he is being expose by his own team mates…awesome….hahaha

  926. KB doesn’t know how to win without PJ mentoring him.

  927. Because he is
    and he pushed all these guys out cuz he can

  928. Do they really respect him as a person or his game? Big Difference

  929. His game is all that matters
    He’s not out there trying to please everyone
    He does what he does best

  930. This is interesting. When Kobe had his season ending injury, players in the league on twitter..silent…Drose injury all kind of prayers from the NBA players sent to him…and the plot thickens

  931. Looks like Rondo will not stay w Mav after this season end?!

  932. LOL Show how KB’s egomaniac personality rubs off all others except his blind fans and Lakers ex-gangs.

  933. Only KB wants him.

  934. C’mom Brent. Price is a good guy and we should wish him a speedy recovery.

  935. Last night I had a dream: Mavs buy out Rondo and LAL buy out Lin, and then they exchange the players.

  936. It’s called a no-win situation. Lin will be criticise no matter what he does, so might as well go with just being himself.

  937. Seems like Rondo is destroying his FA market value this summer. Unless NBA GM’s are blind or see something is regular people don’t see.

  938. Oh brother! this sucks! I like Rose.

  939. Rondo is so overrated. And he’s a terrible locker room guy and looks tough to coach.

  940. Sure, people respect him alright. Which is why LOTS of people around the league sent their prayers on social media when Kobe’s out for the season…oh wait…

  941. That’s a sweet dream !

  942. He was happy at first then Kobe was unhappy so BScott had to change his status to unhappy.

  943. One of the greatest jerks, for sure. Chasing players away after they help him get rings. I’m sure Shaq and Pau both love him. /S

  944. Kobe is extremely HAP-PAY !

  945. The real PICK n ROLL.

  946. He doesn’t have to. He just needs to go on Kimmel and look angry. That’s enough of a message.

  947. Doesn’t appear to be meshing well with the Mavs. Rondo is a free agent, If they don’t like what they see they can decline to make him a offer. Or if he doesn’t like what he see’s on the Mavs he can decide to go elsewhere.

  948. I believe you ate up an “S” somewhere. Surprised how Disqus didn’t censor your NC-17 comment! LOL

  949. They deserve each other.

  950. that was for the show i think

  951. Pau always did

  952. That’s awful. Why is he the most injured player in the NBA? I like him…

  953. cuz hes old af this is to be expected

  954. and yes prolly not liked very much
    i dont like him either but hes still one of the greatest players the game has ever seen

  955. theres a reason why the big 3 and doc rivers all left

  956. I don’t know, I thing when I watch him, he applies so much power to his hopes and cuts. It’s like the way he plays, he can’t be on a wood court but more on very well groomed grass. Just what I noticed … he’s phenomenal to watch, just hate seeing his power cuts/hops. Like watching helmet to helmet …

  957. Bulls are better for Lin