G55 BOS @LAL Game Thread

Game Time vs Celtics. Will JLin play around 24min again? Will he excel as an SG again and close the 4th quarter as a PG/SG?

Time to find out!

Go JLin!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  1. my 2nd 1st

  2. So close ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 2nd?

  4. 2nd time i’ve been 1st 2 post.

  5. as reported earlier by this and other sources okc so deep now after trade deadline; i dont even know who they’ll drop from 13 man bench when durant and adams return. blowing out denver (another in the triad of tanker teams with ex laker coaches,) without durant.

  6. Reading the tweets, depending on prognosis on Durant second surgery, he may not be returned too soon.

  7. Missed cos I was out buying roast duck!

  8. Byron Scott echoed his comment at shootaround that Boozer would start tonight. Tarik Black goes to the bench, other 4 starters remain.

  9. lol

  10. Scott: “The one thing I want to do is make sure these guys stay hungry. I don’t want guys to feel comfortable that they’re going to play 25, 30
    minutes a night. Also, I might just play all 12 guys and it’ll be a
    little over 20 minutes for each guy.”

    Scott’s pretty much already started every player on the team at some point. Now he’s going back to Boozer and maybe Price. At what point will he realize that he’s the one not getting it done?

  11. steph curry must be mvp; without him gs lose to indiana.

  12. If and only if they can make it to playoffs.

  13. GS lost to Indiana; Indiana runs for the playoff.
    Detroit wins today too.
    Boston must win to keep in the thick of the playoff chase.
    Brooklyn doesn’t play to day

    Charlotte Hornet is in trouble even with the addition of Mo Williams. The team needs too much help.
    Miami is in trouble without their max contract Chris Bosch gone for the season.

    6 teams are running for 2 spots and the competition is tough.

    The West is really non-exciting with the Thunders oust the Phoenix for sure.

  14. Hope that he gets into the flow of game and doesn’t force things by himself.

  15. 76er’s lost too, so their tank is becoming more secure

  16. hinkie is the master tanker. most experience.

  17. Dallas is the team to watch.
    Amar’e Stoudemire fits right in. He played 5 minutes for 6 points.

  18. Just take what you can get and get good % in stats, Jeremy! You can’t win a game by yourself when the tank engine is running.

  19. 76ers almost won the game in the last minutes until the tank engine started.
    That’s why Michael Carter William get traded. He wants to win.

  20. The like of Morey is so disgusting in the basketball world.
    What does the 76ers get in return for 2 dismal seasons.
    Not much!

  21. again? wow, don’t think NY will be playing tonight. Last time he did this BS made him sit out

  22. 6ers had actually won 4 of 10 b4 da trade deadline tank master hinkie had to act quickly. also a genius move getting the lakers phnx pick with 2 games against lakers yet 2 go.

  23. Anyone have any info on when tanking helped a team secure a playoff berth? much less championship? Is there evidence it works?

  24. Enes Kanter filles the need of the Thunder nicely. Steven Adams will never get back his starting spot. 20 points (8-12) in 26 minutes. This young big center has found his home.

  25. According to Byron, they are not tanking but actually trying to win. That’s his goal. Well
    either Byron is lying or he’s the worst coach in NBA history. I go with the later.

  26. Evidence is irrelevant these days, when many rely heavily on guesswork by the name of “eye test”.

  27. Of course it works that Lakers will have a top five draft pick next season (96% of chance).
    But the player Lakers is going to draft might be a fluke.

  28. He’s not going to let go of Lakers. He wants to take the team to graveyard until he is crippled for life.
    Absolutely a liability for the team.

  29. Attention wh*re, nothing to see here.

  30. Yep, i hope Mitch/Buss have the guts not to offer him another contract

  31. It’s most likely BOTH.

  32. I know that… I am asking is there a team that did this and it paid off to the point of moving to playoff ready? and if so what was the time frame.

  33. Arguably, KHuang insisted that Spurs “tanked” to get Duncan. You know the rest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Look at the top teams we are having now. GS, Atlanta, Memphis, The Spurs (Have they tanked in the last 10 years)
    The answer is negative.
    No teams has tanked to championship in the last 10 years.

  35. That was long time ago. They played basketball differently with different rules.

  36. hmm nicks trailing today 62 to 38 at half.
    denver trailing tonite by 30 in the 4th
    positive signs for bs continuing the tank big time 2nite because… quick quiz what do these 3 teams have in common (besides losing)…???

  37. Always showing Jeremy for clicks never giving him props in the write up

  38. 16+points tonight Jeremy lets get that nice contract in the off season

  39. Boozer absent for practice = DNP
    Young late for game = DNP?

  40. All three coaches by former Lakers guards, too easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. sam hinkie’s fans in philly feel he is on the right track; certainly the most prolific at it. as someone else points out the incentives and rules to “not prioritize winning” are insufficiently old to allow much of a sample.

  42. See… he is not go away…. smh!

  43. Whatever
    Don’t bother to know once Lin is out of Tankers

  44. its a sample question. the actual quiz will be harder.

  45. Players like Lance Stephenson is so overrated. Mo Williams is making things happened for the Hornets but still it’s not enough.
    Both Lin and Mo are underrated PGs.

  46. Look at it from the positive side. If Kobe doesn’t retire, Jeremy will have the chance to humiliate him with the new team.

  47. Guess what would be Jordan Clarksonโ€˜s reaction to this based on his deleted tweets about Kobe๏ผŸ

  48. Atlanta won today over Milwaukee. Five starters in double figures.

  49. Wow! Amare got 12 min for only 9 min. He played well w Mav. Glad for him.

  50. First working day after Chinese New year break, tons of work, training, presentations waiting for me………I need the anti-tank Lin to cheer me up :))

  51. BS is just throwing up chicken bones and wherever they land in his magic circle is his starting line up. Can’t believe he can lie straight face to the media.

  52. With Dirk and Amare, Dallas spread the court pretty well. Two big men one can hit the 3s and Amare is a beast in the paint.

  53. Yeah, Dallas fans said the Rondo experiment is utter fail. With him on the floor everybosy’s stats go down

  54. i thought he was throwing darts blind folded at a spinning sectioned wheel.

  55. actually dallas has gone back to the 3 headed point guard they had before rondo; barea and harris getting about equal minutes.

  56. More playing time and shot opportunities for Lin ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. If Spurs aren’t interested, Jeremy can still thrive playing with Dirk, Tyson, Amare and Parsons. (Two being former Linsanity members)

  58. parsons another of the many players out 2day. around the league.

  59. so how do they continue to sell this to fans?

  60. he squeezed 12 min into 9 min. Wow talk about time management. ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. he would be out for many games because of bone bruises.
    Dallas is so deep; you won’t feel a thing.

  62. idk but fans seem to be on board with it if you look at fan comment sites around the league. they support it. tho tv revenues are down for teams following this strategy. btw they dont call it tanking now they call it “not prioritizing winning”.

  63. Tip off coming up!

  64. Yeah, now it seems Dallas starters has balance scoring; everybody has to contribute.
    With Amare playing for the bench (14 points 11 minutes), Dallas will be OK.

  65. Somehow I doubt Busses have the gut to do so. Well, too bad. Just want JLin out of Lakers in FA. Any team except all ex teams.

  66. 27 more games to go…..

  67. Glad you are on board on counting down:-)

  68. Dallas vs Charlotte
    Starting guards
    Mo Williams 2 assist 4 TOs 3 steals
    Henderson 3 assists 2 TOs 1 steal
    Ellis 4 assists 2 TOs
    Rondo 4 assists 4 TOs 1 steal.

    You know the criticism against Jeremy is just unfair. Everybody does it and is unnoticed. Eric Bledsoe made tons of TOs in many games too. The inconsistency happens for everyone when your opposition makes changes in covering. Only Lin is put under spotlight and a microscope.

  69. oh no only laker broadcast

  70. has anybody else noticed that not only does scott not know how to use the 3 pt shot on offensive he has no idea how to defend it? i dont see any other team that permits so many wide open 3 point shots against them.

  71. Is Clarkson picking up some of Lin’s moves?

  72. I think the Spurs also tanked to get David Robinson too.

  73. yea it happens all the time

  74. Who plays defense in these starters?
    BOS is shooting unbelievable 73% (8-11)

    I guess BScott keeps perfecting the art of Tanking =)

  75. No defense at all!
    Just run and gun

  76. I was thinking the same thing.
    He must’ve learned from Lin, the good mentor.

  77. and boston is normally a bad shooting team

  78. and he’s supposed to emphasize strong D

  79. maybe lin won’t play

  80. Lakers switch back to the older starting lineup.

  81. This is a bad attitude!

  82. it is scott

  83. they look unstoppable out there. They should tank BScott

  84. Lip services as usual.
    Boozer is right. BS just preaches and doesn’t practice

  85. Lin might get DNP tonight?

  86. The one who should be traded. No team wants him; not even D-league.

  87. Well lets see

  88. There’s a chance BScott might take that after giving Boozer DNP in the last game

  89. looks like lin and black are the odd men out in bs dart throwing bones tossing to determine who plays.

  90. Lin gets punished for doing too well.

  91. tank commander got to stay tough; no charmin here

  92. It isn’t even that. He doesn’t play tonight maybe because Scott decided that he wouldn’t play one of his regulars tonight.

  93. buyout just went up

  94. percentage wise

  95. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  96. this coach is pathetic

  97. Nba really needs to penalize tanking…hurts the fans money wise…hurts the product on the court and messes with players viability in the league wow

  98. The 1st time Wes is noticeable on court but it’s a traveling TO

  99. I agree … it’s really hurting NBA products in the long-term.
    Even Jack Nicholson wants to sell his Lakers season tickets.

  100. So JLin and Black are going to be DNP-CD in this tanking nation.

  101. Wes is a bust, he belongs in the D-League.

  102. Price in foul trouble.

  103. he is the back up

  104. Gasp, JLin may play!

  105. It’s not entirely up to Scott.
    God bless Jeremy!

  106. should just be waived

  107. Definitely, Jack has high visibility so this is bad news for little Jimmy, Jeanie’s gonna crack the whip.

  108. ill give a few more minutes before i change the channel

  109. No Lin No Win. Simple as that.

  110. Scott is running out of excuses of not playing Lin, of dissing Lin.
    Why doesn’t he just admit it that he is a Lin-hater!

  111. Jeremy’s cousin. The family speaks.

  112. Lakers is tanking. Scare of anti-Tank JLin!!

  113. Yup Price is that shutdown defender I keep hearing about. That’s why I. Thomas has 8 points in just 5 minutes.

  114. is this true

  115. unless 2 pgs get into foul trouble, lin will not play because bs wants to show to the world that ‘see, I’m not just dnping lin, I dnp boozer, johnson and everyone else..so I’m fair’.. when in fact he has another agenda in mind.

    notice I say 2 pgs in foul trouble. because that will be sure that lin will be playing otherwise bs can have the option of having black in only.

  116. ok I’m wrong.. whew

  117. Jeremy is in!

  118. What we really want is DNC-GM decision for Scott.

  119. They don’t want to win… tanking.

  120. well, well, well .. BScott started Lin in Q2

  121. Nice spin move.

  122. That would have been a sweet score if Lin wasn’t tripped

  123. Beautifully-timed Lin Spin!

  124. The fans should scream for the head of Byron Scott!

  125. People refuse to believe this, but Jeremy’s agent actually took care of the DNP.

  126. It’s definitely his cousin.

  127. Thank you Ed.

  128. Ed Davis just swatted a fly down ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Ed got Lin’s back =)

  130. Nick Young gets pick pocketed.

  131. Nice scoop shot.

  132. Lin with a layup. Come on let’s go Lin!!!

  133. Dr. Lin just made sharp incision in the middle of the lane for an easy layup =)

  134. Translation: I don’t know minutes management.

  135. And he’s serious about not knowing LOL

  136. That way no one can get into a rhythm. Tank master at work.

  137. I bet Dr. Lin has great bedside manner ๐Ÿ˜‰

  138. Exactly, doesn’t matter who is hot. Just even out the minutes. Yikes.

  139. Craziness

  140. He’s trying to make it sound smart so it’s not obvious.

  141. dont call him “the commander” for nothing. no one has done less with more.

  142. lol .. let’s ask IJ’s opinion about it

  143. JLin keeps on feeding Hill and can’t finish. Smh.

  144. Nice reverse!

  145. J to Ed!

  146. Jeremy is everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. one lay-up then one steal!

  148. It’s crazy how he doesn’t start on this team

  149. I was ready to switch back to Oscars till Jeremy came in…

  150. naruto

  151. JLin a total difference maker.

  152. Makes both FT!!

  153. Jeremy just dominating. Best player on Lakers

  154. Lin time

  155. Get me 16 points

  156. yeah sure good thing tank commander scott was wary of lin 18 pt game last time and held him for the entire 1st quarter or the tankers mite actually win a game.

  157. 9 points in 6 minutes

  158. Mr. Efficiency!

  159. JLin going back to the free throw line potential 11 pts in like 6 min

  160. If this is not Linefficiency I don’t what this is….

  161. the leading scorer

  162. It’s all about getting stars for free agency

  163. Wow what a roller coaster of emotions. Went from Lin not playing (angry/sad) to Lin playing and just dominating (happy) lol

  164. lin leading lakers in scoring again.

  165. Lin is taking over the game. All he need is the ball in his hand and a big to run the floor with him to produce magic

  166. Notice Lin holding the ball on his side preparing for the FT again. Haven’t seen that for awhile. He was shooting right away after getting ball from ref.

  167. always played well if given the opportunity

  168. Dr. Lin just made a living in BOS middle lane w/ 9pts in 6 min! LOL
    Leading scorer for LAL

  169. Yeah I think so too.

  170. Horry: Lin playing with consistency
    Worthy: Lin is the Key

  171. I’m glad Jeremy didn’t participate in ASG activities. The long rest did well for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. LOL

  173. lins already got his double digit scoring so im good.

  174. Lin needs to keep his hot shooting.
    More FTs for the last 5 min in the 2nd quarter ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Yup. lol.

  176. Lin is going to be benched. He does too well and lakers is winning.

  177. They really said that…?! Wow!

  178. OMG Linsanity!!!

  179. Throw it up JLin and it will go in. Just love it!!!

  180. where is the foul!

  181. LOL … BScott can’t bench Lin now
    12 pts in 8 min!!!!

  182. Skill

  183. Since the refs did not give foul call for Lin, the basketball gods granted Lin that basket

  184. Would be nice to have Ed + Black with Jeremy in the floor.

  185. Isaiah Thomas looks more and more like a turtle in Boston jersey and headband…

  186. smh……lol

  187. Wow JLin is just on fire now. Imagine if he got 35 starter minutes. Imagine what he can do. BS you paying attention to Lin

  188. Shame Scott doesn’t care.

  189. a lot of fouls lately

  190. yes, Lakers knew BOS is in FT penalty by 9 min in the 2nd quarter.
    And Lin s cashing-in!

  191. Favorited and Retweeted ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. AttackLIN! Like!

  193. Scott has been keeping this from happening!

  194. I personally think after he retires, he should set up a sports agency. He can evaluate his talents by playing with them.

  195. Talking about team chemistry.
    You’re having it now.

  196. Lin went for a quick 2-1 to get ball back w 7 seconds left

  197. That was fun…

  198. very fun

  199. Great Lakers smiles all around to close 1st half … nice game by Dr. Lin to get 12p in 12 min!

  200. last play set up perfect by lin shot just didn’t quite go for kelly.

  201. i almost went to bed then saw the summons: lin in, glad i didn’t.

  202. The Return of Linsanity: Tankbuster?

  203. Love that reverse drive

  204. what is the bench vs starters stats

  205. Sorry for the duplicate post. Can’t delete it.


  206. I bet the fans were on their feet in Staples Center when lin was going off.

  207. They are now going to ask for tacos. lol.

  208. Signature move.

  209. in a fast paced offense that 12 would be a 20. lead would be 12

  210. can we ask for tacos?

  211. The best defense against Lin is not from the Celtics.

  212. 4th quarter will tell whether (as someone suggests here) as the game against milw that bs really wants to win because of traditional rivalry with celts (as milw game bcuz rivalry with kidd)–or if he falls back into tank mode.

  213. You want to bet!
    The snake will think of something.
    This only happened when it lost its head.

  214. and 1!

  215. Wish ppl would stop saying DNPCD … just always looking over or shoulders. Let’s look ahead with Lin … offense!

  216. DNP 2nd half?

  217. Ninja!

  218. Scott wants to sit out Lin but God wants to see Lin play for him tonight!

  219. I think Lin will be back in 4Q. BS will do everything he can to loss in 3Q.

  220. Scott dares to go against God? lol.

  221. Bazinga!

  222. Novak would have made it…

  223. Scott is the snake and Ronnie Price is his head.

  224. Trading baskets again!

  225. *yawn*

  226. In come the stopper, Ed Davis

  227. good hear he is beasting! will be missing this week games

  228. Snake has no head. Can’t think.

  229. Ronnie is hurt and Clarkson picked up his 3rd!

  230. LOL. You’re gonna make CJSHYY real mad.

  231. Don’t worry. BS will let Clarkson w 1st unit lose more points before Lin can come in…

  232. thats not going to go well with BSCott plan….lol

  233. He will use Hill as PG if necessary, even if Clarkson fouls out.

  234. Lin is always the last one in from the bench; dissing to the best.

  235. Is Smart playing against Jordon Clarkson?

  236. The 3Q meltdown. Tanking activated.

  237. BS is leaving lin on the bench because he was hot.

  238. its basically same plan as the 1st haif

  239. yep, he will bring him back in the 4th q when game is compositely outta hand,

  240. Scott is so afraid Lin will win the game for him; so he will make sure Lakers in a hole first.

  241. Wesley Johnson runs wild.

  242. Well, just watch how he plays now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I see passion again after that long rest.

  243. lin is happy with the team though

  244. Loving Jeremy’s reaction from the bench ๐Ÿ™‚

  245. Jeremy is in!

  246. Those cheers for Jeremy’s return…

  247. Come on, Jeremy. Give these nice people tacos.

  248. nick young must be in the dog house, even lin is in

  249. Nick was 15 minutes late for the locker room show up. So that is probably why he is sitting.

  250. Just get into the flow before trying anything first.

  251. Sit him as long as possible.
    He’s such a black hole in the offense.

  252. Boston is very aggressive; fouling and fouling.

  253. Too bad we’re stuck with LAL feed…

  254. J to Ed again.

  255. Lakers bench on fire.

  256. Who here is participating at Jeremy’s live chat?

  257. They need to feed Lin the ball. He is hot and should be facilitating the offense.

  258. How is the anti-tank Lin doing in 2nd half?

  259. yea

  260. Yay finally able to post again. Missed you guys a lot. Yes even you Brent.

  261. Get me 16

  262. Four bench players are in double figure.
    Good tanking!

  263. Welcome back! Where did you go?

  264. Lin’s having a live chat…?

    Where at?

  265. Looking forward to have Lin drive to Zeller for his 5th.

  266. Yes 16 at least

  267. Lakers is actually playing good D

  268. You…..

    Welcome back!

  269. I think the tank commander feels like winning tonight.

  270. Timeout from Scott:
    I need to remind you that we’re tanking.

  271. no boozer nor hill yea of course

  272. Aren’t you supposed to sleep?

  273. relax team ball

  274. How many shots Price just missed?

  275. Almost there

  276. Huuuuuge 3333

  277. Bingo! Lin’s 3 revived.

  278. Lin for 3333333!!!!!

  279. 33333333333333333333333333333

  280. Each time I tried to post it would tell me to login, so I login and then I try to post, it kindly asks me if I want to register with my FB account etc..The whole site is trying to keep me from watching Lin

  281. YE333333333S

  282. Oh God. Lakers is going to win this game!

  283. Isaiah Thomas got 2nd tech. Outtt!!

  284. Bye Bye IT

  285. I like that guy holding the Celtics’ towels’ reaction on Jeremy’s 3..

  286. There will be a confetti at the Staples Center tonight LOL

  287. One more score jeremy

  288. Bang jeremy

  289. Linsanity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. LINNNN!

  291. Free agent money

  292. Like I said. Zeller picked up his 5th!!!!

  293. But of course

  294. Free throw my lord

  295. Ok

  296. Unbelieveable.

  297. Bang!

  298. Imo, Brad Stevens is NBA’s good looking coach as of the moment…

    and Jeremy didn’t like what I said so he embarrassed Brad Stevens’ team by throwing that ball in…

  299. Lin leading scorer

  300. Jeremy all day

  301. Stu: Jeremy is in control.

  302. just having fun, watching him get ready to pounce …

  303. Oh my god, I have a midterm tomorrow at 9am but I can NOT concentrate with Lin just beasting tonight!

  304. DAMN JLIN playing with swag!

  305. mission domination press start : p

  306. So eager to watch the highlights!

  307. I believe.

  308. Just let the next 20 plus games be like this and he will get a good landing spot next season

  309. kaching!

  310. Holy Molly.

  311. Jeremy an All Star in an actual NBA game… no need to be in an ASG..

  312. Lin has 19 points in 21 minutes.

  313. HaHa LOL

  314. Lin delivered Clutch-After-Clutch shots!
    Unbelievable … Hahahaha!

  315. Wow JLin is officially back folks. JLin just can not do no wrong. I guess the odds are finally starting to go in Lin’s favor!!

  316. Scott doesn’t want Celtics to go to playoff on him.

  317. Captain Jeremy..

  318. he does have that swagger we cannot miss …

  319. Will be. Wes still.leading?

  320. Great, glad to hear that!!!! Go Lin

  321. isaiah thomas showed immaturity on that toss out

  322. Four bench players in double figure. They should start!
    None of the starter is in double figure!

  323. Looks like Lin after ASG has different motto

  324. So it worked… muhahahaha. lol.

  325. And his D

  326. Linsanity in full force!

  327. Lin21!

  328. Clap clap

  329. Wow!

  330. Keep it up jeremy haven’t seen mojo like this in long time

  331. Jeremy Lin is BACK!!!!!

  332. Refreshing to hear Scalabrine and Mike Gorman call it like it is about
    Lin. Called Linsanity in the 2nd quarter and Scal said Jeremy is very
    “underrated athletically” . Announcers who actually watch the game and give accurate analysis.

  333. Bench is outscoring starters 72-28. Has it ever been this lopsided?

  334. beat season high

  335. Gonna give some credit to BS on this one. Letting Lin play. He felt like winning today.

  336. Come on 4 tacos!

  337. Oh man, I need to catch up with this game once I’m back

  338. Fans gets the tacos!

  339. only if they play defense.

  340. The intense battle between lowly teams is exciting. LoL.

  341. lol out scoring doesn’t seem like the right word.lol

  342. definitely.

  343. Well I guess as much as BS wants to tank he doesn’t want to lose to Celtics?

  344. I am glad Lin is also playing well in both halves. Go Lin!!!

  345. No kidding!

  346. Linsanity! !!psalm234…I should win the prediction this game

  347. better than watching lowly college teams out of loyalty lol.

  348. 21 points in 23 minutes.

  349. Lin tied this season high 21pts with 2:17 left.
    Let’s go, JLin7!

  350. Respect for the White Mamba!

  351. Can’t believe I missed this, gotta wait until tomorrow to rewatch the game. Can’t believe 21 points is what JLin’s scored the most this season as a Laker in only 22 minutes! He he got his rightful 33-35 minutes per game he’d have 30+ point games!

  352. Lin drives on Zeller for his 6th

  353. I’m just as excited, from reading all this comments, oh man missing it

  354. Good timeout by Jeremy

  355. Lakers won this one.

  356. Yes but better with tacos.

  357. LOL.. if there’s nail-in-the-coffin, let’s do it

  358. Linsanity for the win

  359. come on Price…

  360. Darn JLin missed two shots, wish he made them for 25 points.

  361. just watching now to see if Lin scores 2 more.

  362. Clarkson is sent in to lose this game.

  363. Lets not get too greedy… Jeremy is having a great game.

  364. Just run out the clock and the game is won.

  365. lol i get 1 mill but wished for 1mill and 2 dollars

  366. Hey it’s not enough until JLin starts getting back to back 30+ point games like Linsanity XD

  367. price fooled out

  368. Nothing will change… BS wants to tank….

  369. RPG17 the antitank weapon

  370. Hashtag for the win

  371. So was Lin playing SG or PG, maybe combo?

  372. The unforgivable offensive foul from Johnson.

  373. dang … no tacos now … miss one for the fans.

  374. I hope Lakers don’t tank this one. Be so horrible if Lakers lose this one.

  375. yea this is correct 20 points in under 30 minutes is big

  376. Wow BS wants to lose really bad afterall!

  377. These TO by Price and Wes are so costly.
    But I got a feeling Lin will give nice surprises here

  378. Hope Celtics miss their shot darn!

  379. Please no OT

  380. Why?

  381. OT = Lin for 30 points!

  382. I just want a win.

  383. Lol I’m surprised Lin’s High in Lakers is only 21 pts

  384. Don’t want OT. Hope win this game now.

  385. Mostly SG.

  386. hehe

  387. Please don’t let this go to OT but with BS’s coach who knows! We need Lin to make a clutch shot now after those misses!

  388. Just get a W

  389. NO OT

  390. crap Young’s going to tie Lin’s points!!

  391. wow

  392. over time

  393. crap OT!!!

  394. This hurts…

  395. BScott got burned again by not fouling and allowing 3!

  396. Why no foul again?

  397. Same strategy as McHale — Don’t foul when up by 3.

  398. Avery Bradley… really?

  399. I was so hoping no OT but better than the lose.

  400. The good thing is Lin can break season high of 21pts!

  401. dumb!

  402. What a shot!

  403. lol

  404. BS learning from the best Worst coach Mchale!

  405. Ya! Why Young didn’t make the FT.. smh!

  406. Really?oh man!

  407. Hes a 90% FT shooter, guess the pressure got to him

  408. He better watch out… the fans…. lol

  409. gotta look at the positives =)
    Double OT is welcome too

  410. they’ve loss a lot so you know repetition

  411. commander scott back on duty

  412. Except Lin already has 4 fouls while Young Ellington, and Johnson only has 1 and they can surpass his points!

  413. lol idc win or loss it really don’t matter

  414. Be calm, my beating heart!

  415. I thought BScott should have learnt his lesson from previous scenario

  416. yeah i think scott actually wanted to win this one but you know you can’t just foster a losing culture and then win when you want.

  417. Hahaha for a tanking team can’t really complain there

  418. Of course. Jeremy scores!

  419. Closing in 30!

  420. Lin is Mr. Magician around the rim!

  421. Lin scored first basket in OT!!! WOOT!!

  422. Lin drives to Zeller and get him out!

  423. Throw your ball in the air shot

  424. Jeremy making a difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  425. Lin forced teh TO YES!!! WOOT!! OT is ALL LIN! Got assists from BOOzer!!

  426. lol what on earth! I left to grab a snack when it looked like a sure WIN and now I see theyre in OT WTH!

  427. 2 points 2 assists in OT! Linsane

  428. Lin getting the superstar travel no call.

  429. 23pts/5asts. woohoo!

  430. man, my screen is frozen ๐Ÿ™
    Go Lin!1

  431. Lin assist to JOhnson! OT IS All Lin and Celtics didn’t score a DIME. Linsanity is BACK!

  432. Well deserved. lol.

  433. Jeremy continues to embarrass the Celtics after I thought that Brad Stevens is the most good looking coach in the NBA today..

  434. LINSANITY in LA!!!


  436. About time he got a superstar call

  437. OMG you’re missing out big time! OT is All LiN! Lin is first to score a 2 pointer on both teams, then forced TO on defense, then assist to Booz, assist to Johnson!! Awesome!!!

  438. lin leading in points assists and fga!S

  439. I can’t decide if I want Double-OT or not =)

  440. This is so beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  441. Double OT for 30-10 stats!

  442. Lin to Booz again!!! LOL can Lin get a Double Double in OT?!! 4 more assist to DD!!

  443. Get Davis or Black in there. Need a rim protector

  444. Too bad NBA TV using LA feed.

  445. Davis!

  446. Why is it that when we have talented players, we try to make the team work to their strengths and make adjustments so that everyone can be a powerful force. I just don’t believe Lin had that opportunity. LA seems to be optimizing everyone’s playing ability except for Lin.

  447. Davis!

  448. Wooo ! Big shot!

  449. fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. You can not stop Lin, you can only try to contain him!! Go Lin

  451. He’s been working on that mini step back shot in all those practice videos.

  452. Linsanity!!!

  453. u realize that lin only played 2 quarters. only half a game. did not play a tick first or 3rd quarters. (oh i guess he got what the last minute of the third?

  454. Freakin’ give the big shots to the Cobra…. Jeremy the Cobra…

  455. clutchhhhhh!!!!!

  456. Zeller got his 6th! Not quite, close!

  457. Somebody make a photo of Jeremy with a thought bubble of that

  458. Lin please make 5 more points for 30 point game or 4 more assists XD for DD!!

  459. Lin finally gets 30 Min and see what he can do, BS.

  460. lol.

  461. Love to be a spoiler!

  462. Love the OT to give Lin the stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. Boston rarely compliments the other teams player.

  464. Lin with the great chemistry with players of opposing team.

  465. OT it’s all about Lin… Ya! Finally got the win today!!!

  466. 30 mins 25 points 6 assists.
    Looking forward to the hollering from PFV


  468. LINSANITY!!!!!!!

  469. Can’t wait for the highlights on this one.

  470. Chris McGee and HOrry saying Jeremy Lin was outstanding. Horry saying they talk badly about Lin but he stepped up today. Horry says Lin is not someone that makes other players better but just has to play his game…

  471. Gonna give credit to BS on that one. He felt like winning so he left Lin in and let him play

  472. Hands down the best Lakers game all season!!

  473. What is this feeling of happiness I have….I have missed it so much.

  474. Looking for the Lakers to go 25-0 until the end of the season with Linsanity….

  475. Serena got jokes lol

  476. Young and Hill crash lin’s interview. Now lin’s interview. Lin says he thanks God and it’s been a long year.

  477. Horry talking out of the other hole. Jeremy makes everyone around him better when he’s allowed to.

  478. Seriously

  479. Horry needs to just shut the pie hole. Sorry.

  480. So happy for him.

  481. The bench scored 84 points.
    What sort of bench is it! Awesome!!!!!!

  482. Haha, tools the words out a my mouth by a second

  483. BS just wanted to make sure he doesn’t get the worst record in Laker history.

  484. i think thats set

  485. Thats the winning squad! BS keeps em in when he don’t feel like tanking. lol

  486. Horry is pretty consistent about his views on Lin.

  487. It’s ridiculous how Celtics still can make playoffs in the east. Some Eastern conf teams are so bad and do not deserve playoff spots! They should change the rule to teams with the best records in both East and West combined!

  488. I think they still gonna get it. lol

  489. outstanding performances by Linsanity

  490. And There it is folks

  491. See you later
    Serena sweetheart~!

  492. We have an official Linsanity in LA tonight! WooHoo!


  493. Lol looks like they played overtime to cover the starters sulking game

  494. YES!!!

  495. Whooio hoooo

  496. Thank the Lord he didn’t make it to ASG. A long break always does something nice for everyone.

  497. Keep it going 16+for a while lets get that contract

  498. come through with the clutch highlights footwearfoot!!

  499. Yeah!

  500. Lin showed Clarkson how it’s done this game.

  501. Happy days for the Lakers after snapping their seven-game losing streak. pic.twitter.com/9ndrnZ23OR— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) February 23, 2015

  502. BS just didn’t want to lose against Celtics, it’s the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry.

  503. Never smiled like this with Kobe on Lakers.


  505. Losing the lead in regulation and winning with a statement in OT makes it more enjoyable.

  506. Glad to hear this acknowledgement! I like Brad Stevens!

  507. I saw Lin was talking to Clarkson when they were on the bench.

  508. JLin went from DNPCD in the first quarter to Linsanity. It’s lincredible.

  509. If Lakers are not going to tanking mode, Lin fans would see alot of these.

  510. Luv these comments of respect from the opposing coaches.

  511. DNPCD in 3rd qtr too!

  512. maybe it means Celtic will be one to go for Lin this off season. but that would be crazy. Going from NY, to LA, to Celtic. yea. hiccup to Hou.

  513. The long break did wonders for Jeremy. I can see him playing with passion again. The fire… no the INFERNO, is back

  514. how long has this guy being coaching. is only to reconsider after all this time?

  515. If Lakers won last game on Friday, Lin would be player of the game too.

  516. + rest from the BS conditioning program.

  517. LOVE Your comment!!

  518. Brad Stevens is the most…….. humble coach in the league

  519. I think he just played his game & showcase for the teams… no matter what BS or Lakers want to do ….

  520. I got nervous on that 4Q last layup when he got knocked sideways – just don’t want to see him injured for this team in the slightest!

  521. I am going to keep it simple…..Lin for the win

  522. Lin said before the break that he wasn’t satisfied with his body and felt he needed to work to get back to the form he wanted. I’m sure he worked hard during ASG break!

  523. It's not Linsanity. It's just Jeremy Lin given a consistent opportunity to play.— Alexander Siu (@siushi) February 23, 2015

  524. Love the crowd reaction.

  525. “Thank you Jeremy”.

  526. Lin might be playing well but I can tell you I wont be surprise if the next games he gets pulled so they can tank so I just hope he can keep up his stats with the limited playing time.

  527. He worked hard in a relaxed sense because he played with his dad, bro and shooting coach.

  528. When Lin didn’t play the whole 1st qtr, i thought he was gonna be DNP-CD. I think someone said Price was limping after a foul. so maybe that’s why BS even let Lin play the 2nd qtr.

  529. The fans had some great reactions.

  530. With BScott anything can happen, I’m happy with Lin playing his game

  531. Damn, I was stuck w/ Stu and his snide remarks.

  532. Nick and Jordan are always together being silly.
    They’re like Dumb and Dumber and i say that in a loving way lol

  533. Yeah i’m afraid lin will be DNP – the ultimate way to kill his hot streak.

  534. “LINSANITY” PostGame Thread is open!

    There is no stopping Lin tonight!


    We can’t wait for the highlights =)

  535. LMAO!

  536. Me too…

  537. Uh, no way.

  538. LOL .. Love the Lin Head-Shake!

  539. Kobe at home …grrrr

  540. Would have love to see 1 more 3 fall and victory with IT still in the game, but a win is a win…. Great game!

  541. Something fishy is going on…:P

  542. fav scene – tongue stuck on ski lift pole.

  543. And it wasn’t easy for Lin to pick his moments but he did produce each minute.

  544. Horry must be blind for a long time.

  545. The best proposal I heard was all division winners make the playoffs then the next best 8 teams.

  546. I miss Walt Frazier. So much better then Stu and Drexler.

  547. Lin got to do Linsanity in the OT. THe floor was spread in a way like it was in NY. He got the screens he needed. He got the ball over and over up top. You have to wonder why the coaching staff allowed it. I’m happy regardless.

    It’s so damn obvious if he gets to play this way, he will always look like one of the league’s stars.

  548. just like NYK back then..all players happy coz JLIN made them play best!!!!

  549. I think they needed either Black or Davis in there for paint protection and for pick n roll. Crowder was getting to the basket to easy.

  550. There is something terribly bad about the Boston defense too that plays exactly to Lin’s strengths & allows Lin to attack them like crazy. Works for me.

  551. Highlights

  552. OMG!! Had unavoidable conflicting event, so just got home and couldn’t believe the box score!! My first thought, like GoodDayLA below was “why the coaching staff allowed it.” Looks like I’ve got a lot of posts to sift through to find out how it went down. I missed witnessing the Linsanity, but thrilled.

  553. Haven’t seen happy arms around him like this in tooo long! So nice!

  554. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  555. Wow 9+ minutes of highlights awesome!!

  556. I though Ln wouldbea DNPtis game since he was the 6th sub into the game.

  557. Talk is cheap. Scott was very complementary as an opposing coach. Play the man when you have him. He will make some mistakes and he will try to play too fast. But if you play him, you will be rewarded.

  558. you need to watch the highlights at least 3X =)

  559. Jay highlights

  560. Learned to watch in mute:-)

  561. Brainless BS!

  562. I watched at least 10 times! It was so fun and electrifying!!!!
    Lin’s body language shown he is the leader and his smile in Trudel’s interview looked exactly like the one in that Knicks’ interview where Landry Field kissed his head! Those were real happy smile and it is so comforting to see on Lin again!

  563. it was glorious to watch the 1st Linsanity game in Lakers.
    No matter what happens next .. Lakers fans know what Lin’s capable in a good non-tanking system! Once they get a little Linsanity, they would crave for more =)

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