G54 CHA @MIL Game Thread

After 11 days of All-Star Break and NBA Trade Deadline Frenzy, the Hornets have 29 games left to reach their goal to reach the playoff.

  • They managed to get Courtney Lee by trading PJ Hairston and Brian Roberts in hopes of getting a ‘3 and D’ player to replace MKG’s presence.
  • They are currently in #7 in the Eastern Conference standing moving up 1 spot from #8 after the Bulls lost to the Cavs last night.
  • Jeremy Lin’s injured ankle should have time to heal as he spent time in his Palo Alto home to refine his shooting mechanics with Doc Scheppler (his personal shooting coach)
  1. With Lee not being available yet, would JLin start when Coach Clifford has concern about the bad matchup with 6’7″ Khris Middleton who got hot and shot over him and Batum anyway in the previous game?
  2. Would JLin show different mentality after the ASB break after he honed his shooting mechanics? He has always improved his PPG after the ASB in the past 3 seasons.

Let’s go, JLin! 

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  1. 5*

  2. Completed my mission! Got five stars today.

  3. a big second half is on its way for jeremy…..50 40 80 (fg, 3s, ft) while hitting seasons avg for everything else will improve efficiency

    Side note: Jeremy has solidified himself as a premier back-up. While not ideal he has rebranded himself and his game successful. Politics sucks but politics can throw you out of the league. That’s not happening to Jeremy now.

  4. 100st

  5. Let’s go Lin and fans. Ignore all the nonsense and improve yourself, on and off court, (on forum and off forum for the fans) and do what you think is important in your life. Life is short.

  6. Life is short, do stuff that matters!

  7. Very well said 🙂

    Let’s focus on the good things like how JLin managed to improve his PPG after the ASB in the past 3 seasons.
    I totally expect him to come out gunning tonight!

    JLin knows how important the 29 games to help him get starting PG offers in the off-season.
    Let’s hope, pray and cheer that he can come out blazing tonight!

  8. I can foresee Lin gets heavy minutes. Walker and Batum can’t play 35 to 40 minutes for every game for the whole season for the purpose of states padding. If Hornets is really serious about playoff, they will let Lin play more and in key plays. We shall see.

  9. Easy said than done. After 53 games of mistreatment even after many breakout games for this organization, it’s hard to expect anything positive until next season.

  10. Maybe tonight but not until Lee is a starter.

  11. Yes, easy said than done. But Lin has done that over and over again since the Miami game when he played
    against the Heat big 3 plus Melo gang. But he survived and proved all the negative narratives wrong.

    TAG HEUER #DontCrackUnderPressure sponsorship is a solid verification of Lin’s NBA career. No one can dispute with that, can you? Only selective NBA players can get that kind of sponsorship.

    Besides, it is the life off-court that should matter most. My point is keep making yourself better, in any meaningful ways. Because you only get to live once.

    As for the rest of season, I would hope Hornets get into playoff and Lin can be a key role of it. I don’t mean standing in the corner contribution. But when games are on the line, Lin most likely from time to time, will find a way to prevail. The best part is: the script is never written, You don’t know how Lin will do that.

  12. Let’s start a Lin Batum campaign to possibly sway Hornets into different directions.

  13. Not once I ever worry or concern for for someone else own life especially those I don’t know personally. Don’t guess me wrong, I don’t mix up reality and entertainment. This is Lin and his basketball are all I care for on this site.

  14. Hear, hear. Same here.

  15. here’s me hoping we will see the result of jeremy’s shooting adjustment!

  16. Sorry if it is posted already…
    Edit: don’t miss this.
    Thanks Monty! Respect!!!

  17. There’s a noticeable difference in his shooting form when he was in Harvard and during Linsanity in comparison to now. He was shooting better then! He had a higher arc very similar to Dirk Nowitzki.

  18. No more Audition. Only Lin need is trust.

  19. I’d love to say the same, but we all know that things never come easy for our boy. sigh…
    So, go kill this audition, Jeremy, and make teams scrambling in July to sign you!

  20. you’re wasting your time…We would be better off sending all NBA teams Lin’s stats when he starts…in 11 starts for the Hornets, Lin is averaging 18ppg and 4 assist..keep in mind 10 of these starts were at Shooting Guard.

    It is clear the Hornets only view Lin as a good back-up for Kemba Walker..My guess is the Hornets will try hard to convince Lin to stay for low-money and just accept that he’s nothing more than a back-up PG…

    They will tell Lin how good and friendly his teammates are and the fact he’s moved a lot during his career so why not stay here in Charlotte and have stability….I hope and pray Lin is smart enough to not go for it..They are simply trying to take advantage of him by paying him cheaply while not giving him enough time on the court.

    I’m sure they are trying to get Lin involve in the community so to make it harder for him to just leave..I hope Lin doesn’t get too comfortable in Charlotte.

  21. Knicks keep searching for another Linsanity but won’t consider signing the original:


  22. So they don’t even list Lee’s condition and why he’s out tonight.

  23. So if they wanted Lin to start at SG who would be the PG coming off the bench? Roberts is gone. Would he have to sit one early and they they dovetail Lin / Walker as PG with the 2nd unit?

  24. Exactly. I had a thought last night. Since Cliff is slow to adapt, rigid and scripted, so he needs time to see how Lee performs in practice as SG to help NB w/ his defense… Basically, he does not want Cho or him to lose face if Lee does not do well on his first game as a Hornets…

  25. I don’t care if Lin is going to stay or not and I’m pretty much up to date with Lin’s stats and status in Hornets,I just want these 2 guys 2 play well from now on to have a good play off standing because I know that these 2 guys are the key for Hornets to be successful.Having a successful season for Lin means a better place for him next year.Lin and Batum for a 3333333!!!!

  26. Conley is going to be expensive. Wonder if that improves the PG market for Lin? Max for Conley is going to be $25.3.



  27. Do you know game vs Toronto they did not play Roberts? If Cliff wanted Lin to start he can and he would.

  28. This final 30 games, Lin must push hard for stats.

  29. Which Toronto game? The one on 1/13/16 Lin didn’t start:


  30. Yep. Cho/Cliff should have slide NB back to his natural PF after MKG’s 1st injury and let Lin start, then the team would have been solidified by now. And after Lin has been jerked around all season long w/ role & minutes, but still able to produce and helped this team make playoffs push, yet they still look to someone else. How ungrateful!

  31. 12/17/15.

    1/1/16 Lin didn’t play.

  32. Only IF he allows to be on the floor. They may suppress his PT to devalue his worth for less competition.

  33. Sorry 1/13/16 was Atlanta. Get those two mixed up with the red logos. Correct 1/1/16 Lin didn’t play.

  34. Yeah big IF.

  35. 12/17/15 looks like Lin started and pretty much played the whole game plus OT with just like two 2.5 min breaks, 47.5 minutes wow. I would have thought they’d want to dovetail and Walker more than that.


  36. In playoff race,games are going to become slower and tighter,smaller players and players that can’t create their shot will become liabilities,every mediocre players will get expose because defense will become more physical.Walker and Lee won’t sustain these kind of games since they’re just 1 dimensional players,they’re very easy to defend.

  37. Trust and Opportunity!

  38. http://nba.nbcsports.com/2016/02/18/courtney-lee-says-trade-to-hornets-threw-me-off/

    “But Lee said one day after members of the Grizzlies front office reassured him and his agent that they weren’t trying to deal him, he learned that he was headed to Charlotte as part of a three-way trade that also included the Miami Heat.

    Can’t trust any front office.

  39. I honestly don’t it’d make much difference. He won’t get enough minutes/touches. He could shoot like Curry, and he’d still finish the season with 14ppg/4apg. Only injury or MDA can give him a fair shake, so I’ve given up tracking his game-to-game stats off the bench.

  40. JLin gave respect to Monty Williams (OKC assistant coach) who lost his wife in a car accident but offered forgiveness to the other driver’s family in his eulogy.

    I don’t know if I would have the strength and the composure that this man had in delivering the eulogy. Prayers for strength and comfort to the family who lost a wife and mom of 5 kids :[ It’s very sad. He shared he can’t wait to get of long meetings to be with his wife to spend time and hold her hands. He can’t do it now but he holds on to the faith that he knows where to find her in heaven.

    Time is precious and not guaranteed. Hug your loved ones dearly.

  41. Trying to recreate Linsanity without Lin is like trying to make meatloaf without meat.

  42. Yes, very sad and annoying. I can just imagine how Lin feels.

  43. Lin is so much smarter than all of them.

  44. Did you hear Morey’s interview? the whole world knows he is trying to deal DH, and yet he is still on radio talking about Harden and DH works really well as a team, and they don’t want to break them up. He have to listen what’s out there, but they want to keep that pair. LOL

  45. 🙂 Porzingis dance is funny but I’m confident JLin dance can beat it

  46. Just like the super max contract that Goran Dragic signed made Lin more valuable last season (It didn’t, Goran is probably laughing at how stupid Heat management must be).

  47. JLin famous dougie dance

  48. This article is really good. Says basically Morey is a mathematical genius but fails to take chemistry and people issues into the equation. And also how he tries to win every trade but can’t see that the resulting aggregate team is not much better. After how he treated Lin from start to finish, I’m simultaneously fascinated and disgusted with this guy.

  49. Ya! You can’t trust what GM said to you…. Morey did that in first take few years ago before he traded Pat & others to King. LOL!

  50. Knicks are not going to make the playoffs. Why bother? Unless they are planning to buyout Calderon or Galloway.

  51. I’m only disgusted by Morey. I’ve met real geniuses when I was in university. Morey is not one of those, he just has a business like savvy for creating salary cap space and collecting draft picks, while keeping his eyes open for desperate teams who have trouble resigning players.

  52. Anyone knows the starting lineup tonight?

  53. I’m fascinated because he keeps doing the same mistake – shooting for the moon and failing miserably. Worse, his owner still trusts him.

    But yes I agree, he’s a ruthless heartless businessman but not some genius.

  54. Good friend of Jeremy. I hope he gets a chance somewhere.

  55. Respect to Coach Monty Williams for speaking life and truth on this occasion. Happy to know he’s a believer. I believe Lin mentioned this is his favorite verse when he was going through hard times. Romans 8:28, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

  56. What? Why? Anyone?

  57. When Jeremy was with the Knicks he considered subletting Lee’s condominium in White Plains, New York. Lee spent the first 5 years of his career with the Knicks, before moving to the Warriors.

  58. Here is a scene from one of Jeremy’s early videos, with David Lee shown in the background. They were trying to sneak out to play basketball without Jeremy being recognized.

  59. At least the Knicks will finally sign a point guard that knows how to play.

    Jimmer is a nice player, but he’s obviously not Linsanity.

    Let’s see if the Knicks give him a real chance. He’s better than what the Knicks currently have.

  60. Math genius? Whatever. Seems like what Morey dues is simple arithmetic. Even ESPN has an app to do the adding and substraction for you. The only math principle Morey seems to apply is the more you shoot the more likely you will score. Even the loser guy at the bar knows that principle. That is how Morey seems to me. The dork that keeps hitting on the hot women until one says yes.

  61. Here is a link to Hoopshype highlighting all the buy-out candidates. They spend a good portion on Lee. It seems to me he didn’t play well early in the season… and lost the coaches’ trust.

  62. His $15.5M contract is getting too expensive and not trade-able so they negotiated a buyout.
    The Mavs is very interested


  63. Melo: ‘I would rather have that ridiculous loaf.’

  64. ICYMI This tweet caused some Lin haters to come out of the woodwork to rehash the old stuff yesterday

    @PerSources14 I need to take a moment to congratulate Jeremy Lin for getting out of Houston early. Only that team would start Beverly over him


  65. His analytics conference was groundbreaking at the time. NBA teams did not use advanced analytics consistently until Morey did it. Doesn’t make him a math genius but he contributed to the sport in that respect.

    The whole point of the article is actually derogatory. He’s being panned for being groundbreaking but not applying the human aspect when it matters most. The thing is, he has the info in his fingertips but can’t figure out why he’s getting it wrong.

  66. So, is Jeremy’s next contract at $21M/year or $25.3M/year?

  67. Lin didn’t “get out” of Houston, he was basically thrown out and traded to a Lakers team that was even worse.

  68. I hope David Lee doesn’t get picked up by Rockets.

  69. Nice finding. Love it.

  70. Regardless, he’s out early and that’s what the twitter meant.

  71. No one can claim him. He will choose from several teams.

  72. true, Rockets sent him packing to make room to pursue Melo.
    The Jersey-gate made the Rockets looked classless in treating their players like assets, not real people
    But it’s just a symptom of bad chemistry in the organization.

    I remember Jason Friedman also left abruptly not long after witnessing something not right in the locker-room, etc.
    It might be one of the reasons but he was big to support Houston. It must’ve been pretty bad whatever made him leave his dream job as an NBA beat writer.

  73. Starting lineup is out
    Looks like Clifforg goes with the tall lineup (Marvin/Frank/Zeller) next to Kemba/Batum

    My guess is he wants to see if Marvin or Batum can bother 6’7” Khris Middleton’s jumpshots

  74. Isn’t that still getting out?

  75. Hope Jimmer Fredette will do well with the Knicks to stay in the NBA but this sign by NY shows how desperate they are especially trying to trade Jose Calderon.

  76. As expected. Lin will not start.

  77. LOLOL Can’ wait to see how it’s going. My guess it’s another disaster lineup????!!!!!!

  78. It amazed and disgusts me that the Knicks think Jimmer Fredette is a better player than Jeremy Lin.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Fredette and think he’ll be terrific for any team that allows him to play. But he is not Linsanity.

  79. I would think Dolan was a jerk but Phil? I thought a person with that many championship rings would know better.

  80. Looks like Lin is stuck with al on the bench. Hopefully this means no more datum playing with the bench

  81. Tall line up? Kemba is tall?

  82. Of course. Anybody but Lin?

  83. LOL…….

  84. haha.. Tall line-up + Kemba 😀

  85. It could be a good thing for Al and Lin to show what they can do together

  86. Hope so. They are on the same boat.

  87. Can’t underestimate the magic of Lin.

  88. Another 10-12pts deficit until the bench will subbed in

  89. I think Lee didn’t play maybe bc he’s not tall enough either. He’s only 6’5.

  90. Oh no, me never.

  91. He hasn’t cleared the mandatory physical although the team says he’s not injured.

  92. Kemba is one of the tallest players in Hornets ( in Clifford’s eyes ), so Lin should not start. Lin should always be in the 2nd unit and not play as a PG, shall always stays at the corner during offense, and guards the best player during defense. Great strategy by Clifford the blind!

  93. I think melo doesn’t want to play with Lin

  94. Al won’t be much worse than Hawes or Zeller wasting Lin’s assists.

  95. everyone shoot over kemba!

  96. oh no, batum is gonna get his 40 minutes. kemba will get his average 36 minutes.

  97. Cliff is not blind, he just puts politic above winning.

  98. Seen Al and Lin practicing PnR in practice but haven’t seen it in a game.

  99. The Hornets called up the 3rd PG from a D-League to fill the 15th spot.
    I haven’t seen him play but IMO Troy Daniels would be better in any situation

  100. I don’t know him. But when you look at his NBA career on wikipedia it looks like he has periodic breakouts then just fizzles for a while and then gets traded:


  101. what gives? troy gets such little playing time. he could at least spread the floor as a 3pt threat.

  102. Hornets messed up.

    They should have gone for D League MVP Jimmer Fredette.

    Jimmer and Lin in the backcourt would have been LETHAL, especially in practices where Jimmer Lin Lamb would beat up on Walker Lee Batum.

  103. Correct analysis.

  104. I’ve followed Jimmer all the way.

    He’s very close to Lin in ability.

    Every time Jimmer does well, his team and teammates get pissed off and then Jimmer is shipped out.

    Jimmer totally dominated the D League, looking as if he was too good to be there.

  105. Anyone who can shoot 3s and easily outshine Walker and Batum are benched. Lamb and Daniels both can shoot lights out but barely gets any minutes!

  106. Oh gosh, All is horrible and coming back from injury he’s going to tarnish Lin’s stats with all those post up misses and old school basketball!

  107. Let’s hope for some magic. Against all odds. Go JLin!!!

  108. I’d think max it would be $25.3 as it would be his 7th year. He needs an enormous breakout to get that.

    1: 2010-2011 GSW
    2: 2011-2012 NKY
    3: 4: 2012-2014 Rockets
    5: 2014-2015 Lakers
    6: 2015-2016 Hornets
    7: ?

  109. Jason Friedman was another Lin-Hater who tolled the company line, no sympathy for him at all!

  110. It’s true that he had to “clean up” his articles of Lin’s praises (which he did try to insert in the beginning but quickly disappeared) because it didn’t fit the narrative of Howard is the main guy

    But I remember the story that Lin got him the shoes that he liked. He was pretty close to Lin, I think.
    That’s why he left because he didn’t like what he saw going on in the Rockets organization.

  111. Hornets broadcaster, Dell repeated FO/Cliff’s narrative– (paraphrase) Dell said look how “long” the Bucks are!

  112. Not from what I remember in terms of his posts on twitter. He wrote alot of hater posts about Lin.

  113. The first digging unit starts to work.

  114. Can’t stand Cliff’s yelling. Switched feed but still can hear him…

  115. ><" crazy coach!

  116. i like it although it can get annoying.

  117. Lin probably won’t play a ton today. So score often Lin

  118. Did you also like it when he yelled at Lin for going iso and caused him to TO? Hat Cliff for doing that to Lin yet Walker can go iso all day long!!

  119. He is just coaching

  120. Lin in

  121. yes, with 5:16 left in Q1

  122. How many coaches have you heard doing that? That’s insecurity on display. Micro-managing his players every second on court distracting their concentration. Can do in practice is ok but should not do often in games.

  123. I played sports its normal

  124. Not a good start

  125. Note: KW is playing point when he’s playing w/ Lin even in 2nd unit.

  126. Lin drove inside, double-pumped but missed J
    Good aggressiveness

  127. You’ve had bad coaches

  128. JLin came out aggressively as an SG.
    Jumpshots didn’t fall yet but hopefully he keeps attacking

  129. Lin is a grown man. Its normal

  130. Ugh. Walker still out there to chaperone Lin.

  131. I wish he would just go straight up, with no hesitation. It looks like he always thinks his shot will get blocked if he doesn’t pump fake.

  132. of course lin still has to play sg even with the 2nd unit

  133. That’s not normal coaching!

  134. good to see him pass to Lin for 2 quick tries
    but Lin would get in rhythm better by handling the ball

  135. Strong feeling Charlotte gonna lose this game…Kemba “shoot first” Walker in action for all 4 Qtrs.

  136. Walker actually shooting efficiently tonight, dude’s going to ball hall even more now…

  137. Thought Lin turned the ball over, but that turnover was charged on Al.

  138. Exactly! KW is Not setting up his teammates properly. He passes when they’re not in good position yet.

  139. This poor Lin stuff is getting old. Anyways I’m moving on

  140. This unit sucks, Walker and Al both blackholes who only looks for their own shots instead of passing to teammates! Meanwhile Lin is iced out again and barely gets any passes!

  141. still talking about him not being named an all star. ugh

  142. Cliff hear this..you have PG Lin why would you want Kemba in the game?

  143. Bc he wants KW to get stats while Lin is in for defense. How many touches has Lin had so far?

  144. 3-4? if i counted correctly. 2 of them were like insta passes to teammates tho

  145. Thank you. And only 2 shot attempts, the rest was to pass to someone else.

  146. This game is frustrating and sad! Lin totally iced out and Walker and Al playing their 2 man game! I’m out!

  147. I don’t see why bucks aren’t better. Big, athletic team.

  148. I’m already out when Bucks called time out
    Though I purchased LP, I’ve decided to watch Lin highlight from now on.

  149. Lin not involved

  150. Now, NB is in w/ Lin playing point! Sick of this set up by Cliff!!! Basically, Lin brings up the ball and passes to set up NB for scoring.

  151. Lin stepped out of bounce. Needs to get focused

  152. I maintain my stand…Cliff betrayed JLin.

  153. out now, will just watch highlights if there is any…..disappointed!

  154. It’s hard for me to decide who is worse: Mchale or Clifford

  155. The only players that like being yelled at are the type that can’t think for themselves. They like being told what to do because they don’t know what to do themselves.

  156. Lin is basicly doing nothing on O now.

  157. im done with this as soon as Lin is out i’ll quit watching this and go do something worth my time.

  158. Clifford of course

  159. Lin shooting mostly threes is a bad recipe

  160. ahhhh

  161. needs to fire his shooting coach

  162. This feels like the the of game i will regret watching

  163. Lin is not in rhythm. He needs to feel the rock and makes plays. So far we see, he only brings up the rock, passes to someone to set up NB to shoot!!!!

  164. Lin is a rhythm shooter .. That’s why he’s ice cold

  165. We all know that. IF most of his shots are three it says no plays are being called for him. Not ball handling

  166. Go Bucks

  167. Nice steal

  168. Ready said batum

  169. Look like no points for Lin in the first haif

  170. Did Jeremy forget to play basketball all of a sudden?

  171. Lin is like yes for three ,Lin shot is like no

  172. Thats likely it for Lin. Till next haif

  173. His shooting practice during the break sure has helped. Get a real shooting coach please!!!!!!

  174. 0/4

  175. You’re new here?Are you a fan?

  176. his shots has no arc. All that coach ever do is talk the talk!

  177. yep thats probably it for Lin…so much for that improved 3 point mechanism. torture of a game im done

  178. I’m glad you’re not the coach

  179. What did Lin do during ASB? Come on, shoot 1 at least.

  180. Remember what you said. KW could go for 0-5 or 0-6 and still able to stay on the floor to get into rhythm….

  181. Stop camping on the corner,you’re not making any shot…..

  182. I hate being right about predicting an extended shooting slump for Lin due to Doc Scheppler’s flawed shooting coaching.

  183. Lin is too nice. He won’t fire anybody, shooting coach, agent…

  184. Doc Scheppler keeps trying to reduce the arc on Lin’s shot.


  185. He needs a mean streak in him .. All the great player have one

  186. Lin shot has been terrible this year

  187. No you love that Lin is wrong.

  188. Anyone with half a brain understands less arc on a shot effectively reduces the size of the basket.

  189. There’s no problem on his shot but people keep telling him to tweak his form.

  190. Defense is terrible

  191. After Courtney Lee is in the rotation, Lin is realistically only looking at 20 minutes a game.. Barring an injury from Kemba or Batum

  192. we’ll see

  193. He could be getting instructions from the coach.

  194. How many minutes will he get tonight?

  195. Lin shot will turn around. He cant drive which is effecting him

  196. Lin in

  197. maybe this is ho it will be for Lin the rest of his career..standing in the corner playing 20-25 max…all depends on how well he shoots.

  198. over reaction

  199. Good defense again wow

  200. NO.

    Everybody knows that Lin can shoot GREAT when he’s not using a girl’s form meant for girls.

  201. Second time Lin did that? What’s up with his dribble?

  202. “Jeremy Lin is a tough guy to post up…”

  203. Its the hand off

  204. What do you think?

  205. Lin and Al have no timing together. It will come with time

  206. that pass was thrown to his knee

  207. C’mon.

  208. naaah i think thats how it’s going to be honestly. only chance he’ll have is playing for a mid level team somewhere. other than that it will probably be just like that in the end. over reaction would be if i said Lin is being held down by the Nba because something

  209. man Al looks old

  210. He’s rusty.. He hasn’t played in 2 months

  211. Lin playing some defends wow

  212. I gotta say Lin played great defense for that final 2

  213. This is the most impressive I’ve seen Lins defense all year

  214. way to blow the assist lol

  215. The whole game bro

  216. Lin might be considered a defensive specialist after this season lol

  217. Middleton is 1-7 wow. My man Lin

  218. Jeremy making a case to stay on the floor based his defense alone.

  219. and lin is?

  220. The timing is a bit off. Also Bucks long hands swiping at it. Al Losing the ball before Lin gets it

  221. But 4/5 on D.

  222. Lin picked it up at the end of the half. Shooting not there but steals, played tough D on Middleton. In all honesty, the D was there in the previous game but Middleton made tough shots. Not tonight. Different rotation by Clifford but a lot of guys got good minutes. Hope Lin can score some in the 2nd half.

  223. Cliff handling minutes much better today

  224. Lin going for max 6 points this game is my bet.

  225. This is not true his defense has been good all year maybe a game here in there

  226. Handles Is what they see

  227. you need to calm down lol.

  228. out of sync with his shot. Not worried. Saw some good thing from him last stint. Had some “bite” in his play and affected the game positively without scoring. Middleton not hot like last game and Lin took challenge to D up on him. The 3 he made was open.

  229. The ball was stripped way before he got it. Its on Al more then Lin

  230. Well, it depends. It may not be a big scoring game but he could have more assist in this game. Shots aren’t close to falling, maybe he’ll come inside more in the next half and/or get to the line.

  231. Thats not true. His shooting has been up and down. If he is driving it doesn’t matter. His defense has always been good no matter how he is shooting.

  232. not talking about this game but Lin overall does not have good enough handles. at least not yet. until he gets A REAL COACH for that not some guy named the proffesor he wont be trusted to run the point.

  233. Summary of first half:
    1. NOTE: KW or NB is point when playing w/ Lin again in 2nd unit.
    2. Lin’s assignment is to defend and passes for others to score when he has touches.
    3. Bucks commentators praise Lin’s defense on Middleton. They said the only open look Middleton had all night was that open three when Hornets Bigs missed to rebound the ball.

  234. Unfortunately defensI’ve stats don’t show much in scorebox.

  235. Sometimes he dribbles too high. But it shows up sometimes but not As often as before. I thinks its pretty good given he is driving so often among threes and doesn’t get stripped most of the time

  236. Not Ready from the Hornets

  237. A few maybe 5 all year

  238. He doesn’t need that.

  239. Btw, lin didn’t sign with the Hornets to be spot up shooter

  240. Exactly!

  241. Could have had 4. Gave Marv a great look, Frank also, and Marv missed an open 3. But, misses happen. Point is, he got guys good looks and that’s good to see.

  242. i dont know could be the back problem slowing him down, but i dont think so. i just think he has focused way to much on his shooting mechanic instead of the handles. Seriously look at Rubio guy cant shoot a lick but he can handle the ball. Lin is better than rubio except the handles. I hope next season that will be much improved. but probably not if he continues working with the AAAH PROFFESOR

  243. I guess people are only happy when Lin scores. I personally appreciate basketball. Lin played some great defensive basketball the first haif

  244. if he gets his handles to the level of Rubio im celebrating

  245. He has improved greatly. He rarly gets stripped

  246. Other teams said nicer thing than Ready of Hornets

  247. He won’t and doesn’t need to

  248. We all happy for his best but not blind for the treatment

  249. If he wants to start he does. I think he knows that as well.All the knock on him is his shaky handles.

  250. Actually he can. He has that move he did against LeBron but missed the 3. He’s done that move before and that gives him the separation to stop and pop. He just needs to remember to use it, practice it so that it gets in his muscle memory.

  251. Lin needs to have confidence to continue shooting even when he has missed a bunch of shots. Let’s be supportive.

  252. Lol What? he cant creat his own shot?? the defense is Clogging the lane so he is passing it when they do. He definitely can creat his own shot. He crossed lebron if i remember rightly. Although he messed the shot

  253. Lol we think alike

  254. i dont know man i honesly am holding my breath everytime he goes iso.

  255. Just because he does it once or twice doesn’t mean it’s a part of his game. He needs to do it more consistently.. Great players are consistent on a daily basis

  256. Don’t care much for those misses. He still can make 4 traights

  257. exactly i dont understand why people say he does not need to. well have fun being a backup then

  258. His hair is too long now for the Mohawk. The gel won’t stick no more.

  259. He just added those moves. He will continue to add to then.

  260. He needs to do it more consistently.. Curry. Kyrie, Westbrook and even Kemba create shots consistently

  261. He can do it more than once or twice. He just needs to utilize it more. He doesn’t always use all of his tools. I agree great players are more consistent. Lin’s consistency could be better.

  262. PFV said for a long time Lin needs to work on his one-on-one moves. I agree.

  263. Only IF Cliff allows him to take more shots—>That is, give Lin the autonomy and independence to decide for himself when to take shots w/o having to wait for passes to take shots.

  264. That’s bb. Great player makeup other things for cold shooting night

  265. He just started doing that move. We should remember iso isn’t Lins game. He is a PNR player. That will always be him. Like asking why Curry don’t shoot more mid range shots. He can but doesn’t do it often. Why?? because it isn’t his game.

  266. As long as Lin shoots naturally without artificially doing a form that doesn’t work for him, Lin will get back to shooting well.

  267. No great player can be consistent based on just 1sr half.

  268. Most of the time I don’t agree w/ your post but this one is right on the money

  269. i mean for him he says he wants to start. well you know what you have to do. Shooting is not the important part of a PG. its how good your handles are and can you run a unit. now i know Lin can run a unit. But the handles are holding him back.

  270. So far he’s consistent not until this game but it’s just a first half

  271. All you arm chair coaches that complain about Lin’s hard work with Doc have no clue what it takes to chance a stroke and to own it.

    One of the seemingly easiest strokes that is the most frustrating biomechanically stroke in any game is putting in golf. People that don’t play golf can’t understand why pros miss 2 foot puts for a major. There is good sound fundamentals to putting and pros pratice 3-4 hours on the putting green every day to maintain it and to improve it. A slight unconscious change of a body alignment or grip change can cause a missed putt. BIOMECHANICS COUNT, if you practice hours on end on I roper biomechanics, you can become proficient with a bad form.

    I’ve seen a lot of pros come and go in my life time watching the tennis tour. More often than not, players are too afraid to make major changes to their games to improve. They’d rather stay with the game that got them to the bigs and refine what little they have. They become top 20 players for a career and never amount to any promise.

    It takes guts and determination to not listen to naysayers that keep wondering why they didn’t do this or that and stick to the process that try feel is right for them.

  272. Lin is good on a consistent basis!

  273. Tiger Woods changed his golf swing too many freaking times

  274. What do you mean? he’s averaging 12.6pts /game what’s not consistent w/ that?The only inconsistent for him so far is his role.

  275. the bucks announcer preferred his mohawk too. lol

  276. Hornets falling behind

  277. Right now, Hornets are not playing defense! NOTE: Batum allowed Middleton to score a 3 on him. So Lin practically plays as PF and is assigned to defend Middleton.

  278. If Hornets bench doesn’t pick up the slack, then it is a loss game. Bucks have 17 asts vs 7 from Hornets. Anytime when Hornets have few asts, the game is considered a loss.

  279. So that’s not consistent for you for a back up player?the advance stats shows that he can produce more if he’s a starter .

  280. we have a mr. 4th quarter on the bench

  281. Yeah but how many wins does he have with a body that was broken down early in his life. No one has come close to his win counts. Phil hasn’t won anything since 2003 and he gets a pass. Tiger has won after the last time Phil won a tournament but people still wonder why Mcclroy wants to bulk up physically like Tiger did. Strength matters in golf hacking out of heavy rough. They say don’t ruin your longevity by becoming too muscular. Phil is still playing, but he’ll never win more majors or come anywhere close to how many titles Tiger has. Technique counts.

  282. We’re in the middle of the game, can you write something shorter so I can read? Lol

  283. You’re funny…haha…


  285. 10 point game

  286. Bucks just out workin Hornets on both ends

  287. WE NEED LIN !

  288. Kaminsky post up is just a turnover waiting to happen.

  289. ok lin. turn this game around for us!

  290. I was just about to say the same thing!

  291. Kemba missed last 5 shots.

  292. As always

  293. Go go Bucks and kill Hornets starters!!!! It’s 61 vs 71 with 4:32 left in 3rd qtr.

  294. Bucks could actually be an ideal place for Lin. i could see him having a breakthrough year there.

  295. The game is set up for Lin to come in and save the day. He actually has an opportunity to play crunch time if he contributes to a comeback.

  296. Bucks doesn’t like any guard under 6′-7″.

  297. Just his D spoke out louf

  298. The problem about change is if it doesn’t work you couldn’t reverse back to the original form. The original form is lost.

  299. If you start and close games and play close to starter’s minutes, what are you? He comes off of the bench, but he does more than most backups.

  300. Here we go JLin!!! BF1.

  301. We have to play quicker.

  302. Another unnecessary pump fake in the paint.

  303. Bucks have way too much momentum going into the 4th.

  304. Now, Lin is assigned to defend Middleton so NB can score.

  305. Somebody should tell him, nobody is buying his pump fake anymore.

  306. We need
    More Al!

  307. love middleton. haha used to play for a&m when i went there haha

  308. That’s make him going

  309. points

  310. Yeah free free throws!

  311. Good point!

  312. Lamb should come in for Kemba so Lin doesn’t have to check Middleton.

  313. 2222222222222

  314. Bucks announcer thought Lin threw that pass lol whatt

  315. That was KW’s TO. Not from Lin’s pass. Bucks commentator got it wrong!

  316. BAHAHAH yeah Kemba looks like lin kinda.

  317. Yes finally took it to the hole.

  318. ASTs: 8 vs 19, enough said.

  319. Mini Lin run.

  320. Jerryd bayless

  321. They gave Lin a shot instead of a Tov

  322. Even Lin hasn’t found the feeling, but 4 steals. WoW

  323. I’ve said it before…. Lin is having a hard time because he’s matched up against taller SG when he’s a PG. sit Kemba down for christ sake

  324. Lin came out aggressive. Just need that ball to fall in. Keep on shooting.

  325. Lin is always the barometer of this team,,wherever Lin goes for his game the team follows.

  326. Bad pass Lin coundnt control his steps

  327. Normally the refs don’t call that. Kemba did it earlier and they didn’t call travel.

  328. Bucks commentators have not been watching Lin played. They said Lin gets the ball a lot and turns over a lot! Wrong!

  329. 3 pts game. The LIN effect !

  330. Hornets should be leading. On paper, they are the better team.

  331. Thats true but it was too obvious he had to reach out too much pulling him away from the basket. He tried to force his body toward the rim, leading to extra steps

  332. compare the face cliffs has when kemba turns the ball versus a jeremy to. pretty much explains everything. he was even clapping saying it was okay when kemba throws it out

  333. You’re trolling hard my friend

  334. Lin great defense again

  335. Lin out

  336. DEfense can win games and I hope this is one of those

  337. Clifford doesn’t want Middleton to take advantage

  338. WOW Cliff! He really wants to lose the game.

  339. Only if Lin will play again. If not, go Bucks!

  340. No seems like a rest. lin did great on him all day

  341. I’m not.. lamb has been playing well

  342. Lin defense cause the traveling.

  343. He will put him back in i think

  344. He’ll be back

  345. I think he needs to give Lin 2 minutes rest.

  346. Ok

  347. Yes that’s what I said! Go Bucks and Kill Cliff and Hornets!

  348. lin is a thief today haha. normally i’d call him a bandit doing damages both ways, but he’s just stealing the rock today haha

  349. Should have taken a dribble after gathering the ball.

  350. Al playing great on defense

  351. Kemba stuck on that 16 pts for a long time. He’s -4. Lin +8

  352. Put Lin in demmit Clifford!!!!!!

  353. He’s not coming in

  354. No Lin no win !

  355. Nice shot by William!!!!!

  356. Why are the bucks going through monroe. He isn’t scoring on al. Go at Lamb

  357. well looks like lin is done

  358. Lin is happy to cheer for Marvin who made the big 3

  359. I’m still holding my breath…

  360. He was playing great defensive ly. Helped the comeback on defense alone

  361. Lin played shut down defense on Middleton. That’s huge.

  362. his shooting coach

  363. No Lin, looks like he is done for the day.
    Go Bucks.

  364. What was it? Middleton shot 1-7 when Lin guarded him?
    Now he’s 5-12 so that means he went 4-5 without Lin D then

  365. Might still put Lin in for defense.

  366. soo?

  367. He started with 0-3, just struggled with shooting not having the ball.
    Hope he has a strong bounce-back game like any other games this season.

    Just confirmation that wherever he goes next season, he better has the ball in his hands.

  368. Lam,b losing the game lol

  369. No Lin no Win

  370. Is this gonna be a Wizards game again?
    Lin in in the last 30 seconds? Hope not

  371. Lamb lol

  372. Its like cliff didn’t learn this earlier this season

  373. Lamb win it and lose it

  374. middleton has 19 already

  375. Ready needs to be quiet. “Did he even touch him?”

  376. NIce Marvin

  377. That’s very questionable.

  378. Lin would not have fouled.

  379. Middleton loves scoring on Lamb.

  380. That drive by Marvin off Batum’s pass was huge. Finished with 1 handed shot close to the rim.

    Good. No hero-ball

  381. Cliff went for offense over defense. Hope he holds that idea for every game. I bet lin wins the defense battle as well

  382. The bench was the reason for the come back. That’s why LIn is +9, Kemba +0

  383. WOW! What kind of defense was it????!!!!

  384. Lamb defense

  385. What? Wide-open dunk?

  386. Hide Zeller on this time out Flipp

  387. Was that Marvin’s man?

  388. Lin in

  389. Great job Cliff!

  390. oh man..

  391. wow Lamb

  392. Batum I think.

  393. Lin in with 18 seconds for Zeller

  394. Lamb TOV

  395. Why they keep talking about over time? aren’t we up by 1

  396. Great job Batum & Lamb!!!!

  397. Yikes.. Lamb is BAAAAAAA..D!

  398. That’s your player year of the monkey,he caused 6 positions for Hornets

  399. Middleton to win the game if Jeremy not in the game.

  400. lol

  401. Man, Lamb shouldn’t be in the late-game situation.

    He’ll be a sacrificial Lamb if the Hornets lost

  402. Thats a bad shot. Bucks play good defense but take bad shots

  403. Lamb played because of height

  404. Defense Offense switch

  405. Overtime???

  406. Lamb turnover. Why is Cliff not putting in Lin in the clutch ?

  407. Hornets win.

  408. NIce Win

  409. Hornets win!!

  410. Bucks Look like a team from the 90s. There style is too archaic

  411. Lamb played well in 4th quarter .. Game ball goes to him

  412. LOL

  413. Hell no

  414. So Middleton didn’t bring it tonight.
    Missed last 2 shots

    Good Hornets win!
    2 games above 0.500

  415. Lamb almost cost the Hornets the game.

  416. Next game is in New York! You know what that means

  417. He almost costs the game!

  418. Lamb played well in Q4 … for the Bucks 😛

  419. I loved the win,race to the playoff is on!!!!!

  420. Because you’re a ……………………………………………..

  421. opinion taken…

  422. no baiting, please

  423. Lucky Hornets won, but Lin’s defense did the job, he defended Middleton well, when Lin came out, Middleton exploded and almost got the Bucks back.


  425. Good for the Hornets. You got away with coach’s politic over winning first.

  426. Whenever Lin shoots bad in a game, he will show up.

  427. Lin might actually go back to the Rockets as well..and you know what? im fiiiiine with that. screw their fan forum Lin will at least be utilised there as an offensive player more than this team.

  428. Lin hit his last 2. If he played it wouldn’t come to that point. Lin’s D saved the day but Cliff is a snake.

  429. turn over haha

  430. Pathetic trolling!!!!!LOL

  431. Remember that Sacramento game when Kemba missed a FT that would have won the game instead of sending it to OT ?

  432. If you do the baiting one more time, you will be banned!!!

  433. I’m taking notes

    Even Coach Clifford has more faith but putting Lin in with 18 seconds.
    He knew Lin can deliver with FTs despite being cold.

    That’s more faith than some ‘Lin fans’ have

  434. waiting for next season

  435. cliff was looking at the bench hahaha when middleton was scoring

  436. Next game is at Brooklyn Nets.

  437. The stats shows Lin had a cold shooting night. Did the Hornets 40 minute man play team ball?

  438. I am glad hornets won.

  439. i know. Off night for lin that’s ok….next time

  440. That’s what I felt too,but most fans only remembers your best game during the playoff so I’m down with the win.

  441. Hey, Lin got cold with 1 week off, he’ll warmup next game, but his defense was superb, beside the 4 steals he cause a few other TOs also.

  442. Heat seem to have lost patience on their starting PG, according to local news. They show their interest in Grizzlies’ PG.

  443. Dragic?

  444. too expensive for 6 points/gm

  445. That is a tragedy of a man name tragic. ..hahaha

  446. It’s going to be hard to move his 23 million per year contract. Some NBA GM’s are just not smart.

  447. Gotta appreciate the defensive side of the game.

  448. Cheer up =) Our boy is doing just fine. Just hang in there. It’s been a better season so far… Far away from toxic Lakers & Rox.

  449. Rockets will take Dragic

  450. He’s good in hyping himself though during his contract year and I tipped my hat to his agent too!!!

  451. Trade w/ TJONES and BREWER,Rockets will like that….LOL

  452. Oh, NOOOOOO …., says Dragic. I already have first-hand experience with A ball-hog. Don’t give me A+ ball-hog. That will kill my career.

  453. Actually, Zeller was the key to tonight’s win. He ran the floor and scored inside. Lin stopped Bucks run w/his defense and got Hornets back into the game.
    NB: 35:51min, 3/11, 7pts, 1/5 3PM-A, 4 TOs, 2 Ast.
    KW: 40:16min, 8/16, 25pts, 4/9 3PM-A, 3TOs, 4 Ast

  454. good observation Zeller was good.

  455. A good defense by lin

  456. GS Warriors down 50 – 35 at Portland ….. Can this be the End of the Streak ??

  457. I counted at least 6, besides the 4 steals, 1 travel, 1 throw away., when Lin was defending.

  458. i know, another example of how Lin finds a way to win even if he could not score. Not all players could do that.

  459. After asg? Need time to get back in the game

  460. Shots weren’t there. If Lin played with Zeller more he might have a good chemistry with him. No PnR with Hansbrough in tonight’s game was a waste. Lin was part of the run that brought the team back from 10. His defensive activity was strong and disruptive. Not his day scoring-wise, but still, for an off-scoring game, he did some good things tonight.

    Good news is usually after a tough shooting night he shoots well the next night. So, hopefully in Brooklyn he gets it going on Sunday.

    As far as the game, great going by Zeller, Jefferson looked rusty but ok in a few plays, Lin and Jefferson may do some give and go’s if they play together, Lamb didn’t perform well down the stretch but I thought the 3 point foul call was bogus. Batum’s TOs are going to cost the team in a big game. He’s really TO prone on passes.

  461. Lin’s D was great all game.

  462. Even better!

  463. Didn’t realize Nic played so poorly.

  464. Lin is like a supercomputer. He learns from past experiences and errors, readjust and beats his opponent. Last meeting Middleton scored on Lin, this time he was ready. I would be fearful of any team that has to play a 7 game series against Lin, even GSW. Lin will learn what works and what does not and dissect a team in a 7 game series.

  465. Didn’t like his shooting today but his defense was there and it’s what the team needed to edge the Bucks.

  466. lots of heat fans complain dragic plays scared… wade has said publicly that he wants dragic to play mean

  467. portland is surprising a lot of folks!

  468. If Dragic plays mean, Wade will share with him his own shots LOL. They want him to play D, period.

  469. batum seems to be like lin in that he is a rhythm player… hopefully lin gets back in groove soon

  470. that Lamb 3pt foul is correct call, Lamb hit the shooter’s arm. Pretty clear in replay.

  471. He would have done exactly that to the blazers if not for mcfails stupidity

  472. There is no such thing as a NBA player who is not a rhythm player.

  473. From the comments, it looks like you guys are a lot cooler then me. I was furious when they took him out after the 4th Q run and the excellent defence. ?

  474. Even Lin can be a liability when he’s bricking open shots.

  475. WOWOWOWOW! This is epic! Good to not care about defense…..

  476. But he played great defence… and he didn’t shoot much anyway… sigh

  477. Beg to differ

  478. No point to fuel over Cliff and Hornets anymore. I’m taking myself out of this season. Can’t wait for the end of season and see where JLin will end up next season.

  479. I was not happy. Lin’s Defense helped Hornets stop the Bucks run and momentum. Bucks had to play catch up after that. Cliff then took Lin off the floor after that and returned KW. Basically, Lin was used to do their dirty work for their starters to save energy for offense! SMH!

  480. i screamed internally… one of those really high pitch squeaky one.

  481. Exactly! It’s like okay you’ve done your job and saved the game, go sit down now, Jeremy.
    Let the chosen ones shine.

  482. hahahahahahahahahaha… hahaha

  483. some more so than others

  484. No just favoritism, Kemba gets to do what he wants.

  485. wish they would’ve lost to top it off! but i guess that would be asking too much from the suns…

  486. What I am trying say is that even with all the bless from the organization and coach, it is still a disaster for him to play beside a ball dominant guard who is the franchise player of the team. Lin has done much better in the past 3 seasons with a lot less support from organizations and much worse ballhogs.

  487. @linspiredinca
    @Bucks announcers full of praise for @JLin7 throughout the game for his terrific defense against @Khris22m


  488. no worries .. Lin can do the ‘Dougie’ quite well
    probably just a bit shy
    (refresh for pic)

  489. This GIF is better with some footwork involved

  490. A lot of fluke-y results all around the league. Players are shaking off the rust, and Lin was no exception. When he plays backup SG, he’s going to be hot and cold like every other bench player in the league, so it’s no biggie.

    For better or worse, it doesn’t really matter how Lin does as backup SG game-to-game. He’s not going to get enough minutes and shots to shine, and his %s will even themselves out over time. He just has to stay healthy and wait for an opportunity due to injury or MDA.

  491. His shooting coach is the problem not his dancing coach.

  492. Was there a website problem? since no post about one and half hours after the game.

  493. Lol … what’s that !!!

  494. Sorry, I have no idea what that means.

  495. Highlights from Jun

  496. the dougie. he is a dancing machine

  497. yes, it’s this type of game that hopefully solidify JLin’s belief that he needs to find a ball-handling PG role next season.
    He’s a great PG but as an SG, he can be a hit-and-miss since his shooting will be affected when he doesn’t handle the ball.

    It reminds me of the Knicks vs 76ers game in March 2012.
    Jeremy started with 1-11 shooting but he turned it on in the 4th quarter scoring 3-4 in one spurt then closed with 8 straight FTs to close out the game. Knicks won 82-79.
    Lin finished with 18pts/4ast/5reb with 4-17 shooting and highest +8 while Amare finished with 21pts/9rebs

    I really hope JLin will be reunited with MDA to achieve his highest potential.
    Yes, he can be good with good coaches but if he can be the next player closest to Steve Nash, he should take that opportunity.

    It’s sad to see that his court vision is not being utilized during his peak age.

  498. lol …maybe his dancing coach should be his shooting coach then 🙂

  499. Nice JLin jumping-for-joy GIF after Marvin made his 3
    That’s why his teammates love him. He genuinely cheers


    Marvin was also clutch in his drive to fake-and-float.
    This was a good play where Batum passed to Marvin to make a play. No hero-ball to derail the win.

  500. Footloose Dougie dance! lol

  501. A happy big kid. So his ankle is fine

  502. True.
    hoping and praying it will come true.

  503. Did not watch the game and reluctant to watch the highlights after looking at the stats: 1 for 8 for 4 pts, 2 assists and 3 turn overs.

    But i cant resist and wow, amazing defensive efforts with 4 steals and great defense on middleton. I am impressed.

    Lets go lin…..

  504. All I know is that even though he scored 4 points he affected the game as much as any other player that played over 20 min this game. Couldn’t buy a basket but he sure disrupted the other team’s sets.

  505. True. Otherwise he wouldn’t be called back in the final quarter.

  506. Haha..owe it to humanity? Ido gonna nominate JLin for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to humanity…interesting.

  507. Hornets scored 14 more points off turnovers than Bucks. That basically won them the game. Lin had 4 steals all by himself.

  508. Joe Johnson wants an extension with the Nets. Shows his true priorities … that is to get paid. The heck with winning.

  509. He is there for the defense and not for his offense. Meaning, forget about your stats. This team is low-balling him. Please Jlin be smart enough next season. They are taking advantage of your goodness. ?

  510. Me too. To be honest, I don’t want them to win. They don’t treat Lin well. Lin bails them out most of the time. Their actions are different from their words.

  511. i hope no one says “jlin cant defend’ ever again, tired of this narrative houston rockets stuffed in our throat so they could start pbev. now they’re desperately trying to get rid of him, lol.

  512. brooklyn needs to ditch joe johnson and start rebuilding :<

  513. marvin does this for lin too 😀

    marvin has been money all year this year

  514. Kudos to Cody Zeller for screening out his man from the play. Otherwise that shot would be contested.

  515. @psalm234 could you check the server…something is not right

  516. @psalm234:disqus ….the last shown message under the newest is showing 11 hours ago

  517. Oops I didn’t have the problem until I refreshed this. Oh no. You gave me the headache now:-)

  518. side effects of deleting posts on disqus. seen it many times on other sites 🙂

  519. Lakers reinforced it with “Head of the Snake” Ronnie Price being “tougher” somehow.

  520. If Lin can not reunion with MDA next year, nets will be good choice for Lin.

    Sm= Sean Mark

    Laura Albanese, Newsday: Prokhorov had mentioned that one of the biggest issues that he wanted to deal with between management was establishing a cohesive identity. One of the things he mentioned was whether to build around younger players or bring in star talent right away. I was just wondering what your philosophy is on this matter

    SM: I think you look for players that are gonna fit within your culture. You can bring in a star player, but if he doesn’t fit with the vision with where you’re going, that can derail a system as well. So whoever we bring in here, they’re gonna play team basketball, they’re gonna be competitive on the floor, the coach is gonna have a defensive mindset and a system that gets them playing well and accustomed to where I’ve come from. I can’t tell if you if it’s gonna be a star player. I can’t tell you if it’s gonna be a young player. There’s certainly gonna be some vets. Every team needs leadership. Whether that comes in the way of a star player or whether that comes in the form of a guy who’s 12th, 13th, 14th man on the bench. We’ll have to wait and see how the roster pans out.

  521. Prokhorov had got so many star players to bury his team for years. He hasn’t learned yet.

  522. I think Disqus went on auto-mode to put posts in pending/spam?
    I tried to clean up some.
    Might be good to start a new thread soon
    It looks better now after refresh

  523. The only players that worth keeping on this team are Lopez and Young

  524. I think new GM will make good culture for the team if he is allowed to.

  525. A side-story of how the Kings organization suffered under Vivek’s fear-based ownership, as told by Mike Malone who got fired before Karl was hired. During the ASB break, they just fired Karl’s top assistant for spite since they can’t lose $10M capital to fire Karl now (they’ll wait until end of season)

    Good to know the Kings is another organization to avoid until they fix this dysfunction.

  526. Start with Cousins, he’s the team cancer.

  527. Vivek loves Cousins so the coach will go like many NBA teams will sadly do to cater to diva players

  528. they needed Lamb for scoring…….. though they were disappointed at last

  529. exactly what i was thinking. hope sean brings the spur mentality to this organization that needs a rebirth – AKA sign jlin!!

  530. anyone got a link to the video where cliff says that? i wont believe it until i see it, lol.

  531. but we have to admit Lin’s shots were falling last night. That’s why Cliff preferred Lamb for scoring

  532. weren’t

  533. owners need to let GMs be GMs and coaches be coaches! no organization works under the microscope/micromanagement of owners ie. NEW YORK KNICKS!

    what a shame for kings, who used to be so great with players like webb, bibby, j.will (aka white choco)

  534. I wonder if a coach like Erik Spoelstra will be able to appreciate Lin. Heat is a great organization who doesn’t let their star players have their way Ex: Lebron. With Bosh going done and Wade not returning it would be a nice destination. But too bad Dragic is there.

  535. Prokhorov is absolutely horrible. Lin should avoid the Nets and Knicks, NY, for years to come.

  536. I think billy King was more problem than the owner.

  537. I was thinking the same thing. I searched but haven’t found it. Like you, I’m skeptical of what’s coming out of Cliff’s mouth now.

  538. Noticed that whenever Lin had good games w/ higher scores than Hornets’ core starters, specifically KW, we hardly hear any mentions or praises for Lin. So to me, whenever Cliff says anything good (which is rarely) about Lin in post-games, especially in games that Lin was not allow to finish nor have good stats, then it’s just meaningless. Bc what’s Cliff said is intended to be buried and forgotten. You don’t hear Hornets media make any mentions or repeat it again. Anyone feel the same?

  539. I suspected that he was praising Jeremy Lamb.

  540. Will Courtney Lee play tomorrow?
    I fell asleep in 1st quarter yesterday night… coz Lin didn’t came out. Lol. Seems like Lin will not get more minutes than ~25.

  541. Cliff is a below average coach in NBA with no offense system. Don’t need to waste time interpreting his political talk.

  542. Haven’t found the video that someone mentioned he praised Lin for last night’s defense. Lin or Lamb sounds very much alike. So I’m skeptical.

  543. Wade doesn’t need a great PG. Never has. Wade runs the show in Miami and PGs are likely not to play to their capabilities there.

  544. There are a lot of good players come free agency and a lot of things they can tweak if they want to be competitive..Howard and Lin is one of those that a must do list for them next season if they intended to contend or else 76’ers will do this in a heartbeat.

  545. likely

  546. i have been saying for long time. Lin is nothing special as a SG. He doesn’t have the SG mentality. I rather see him play as a backup TRUE PG leading the bench for 15 minutes than as a SG/sometimes PG for 25 minutes.

  547. Can’t win with Cousins.

    He’s too selfish and has too many attitude problems.

  548. No, Prokhorov is the problem.

    He thought he could buy his way into a championship.

    Prokohorov went for media hyped names instead of actual performers. Now the Nets are paying for that.

  549. He won’t.

    You need a TIM DUNCAN to have a Spurs franchise.

    Even the Spurs won’t be as good once Duncan leaves.

  550. Thankfully the Charlotte Hornets don’t have the “anybody but Lin” mentality on defense.

  551. Didn’t watch the whole game. Just highlights.

    Bucks announcers praised Lin more than once. Am I dreaming? And from a short highlight, I can tell the impact and intensity Lin brought to the game. That’s what leadership about. And man, it is a crime asking 6-3 to guard 6-8. But Lin doing pretty good.

  552. if clifford meant to praise Lin, he’d say “Jeremy”, and if he meant to praise Lamb, he’d say “Lamb” 😀

  553. Put back in the context

    1. Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 2h2 hours ago

    The scouting report on Gutierrez: Good defender, competent playmaker, poor shooter.

    2. @JoshuaSlater4: Sounds like Jeremy Lin

    3. @rick_bonnell: Gutierrez has nothing approaching Lin’s scoring ability.

  554. The announcers said Jeremy Lin is a tough guy to post up…

  555. Yes, it indeed is a crime for any player to be guarded by the NBA’s BEST DEFENSIVE GUARD in Lin!

    The mismatch was in Lin’s favor, not Middleton’s!

  556. Khris Middleton got away with posting up Lin last game when Lin’s ankle was all swollen up.


  557. LOL

  558. Nobody in the NBA just “goes off” against Lin without a major fight from Lin or without referee hate help.

  559. And he always will. Lin should stay away. And still I so dislike the NY media too. Hope wherever Lin goes, the media/environment isn’t as toxic as a place like NY towards Asians.

    On my way out but just want to add there was a lot of “if he were Black” and “overrated” crap coming out from the NY media in 2012. And when he left, “overpriced”. Not big on the NY environment and I’m right here in it.

  560. My scouting report on Lin:

    GREAT defender (best defensive guard in the entire NBA and the best I’ve ever seen), GREAT playmaker, “passable” shooter (GREAT when shooting off balance or contested, HORRIBLE when shooting uncontested wide open jumpers).

  561. not just tim duncan! GREG POPOVICH


    no great organization can accredit ONE PERSON to be GREAT!!!!!!

    starts from TOP DOWN!

  562. Not sure if anyone posted this but there’s a free trial offer for NBA League Pass today and tomorrow only. ICYI you can sign up and watch past games on demand as well.

  563. thnx

  564. Agreed. Some people who had worked with Pop are using his system and coaching technique to win for other NBA teams, such as GSW, Hawks, which is a solid evidence that Pop’s coaching is a level above every other coach and is transferable.

  565. Agreed.

  566. This highlight, starting 4:20, could anyone tell me whom Batum is guarding? He was playing like a one man zone defense there. …..

  567. IIRC, Lin was on Middleton’s tail the whole time. The only time he was open was when Lin went to help the Bigs w/rebound and the rock was passed out to him in corner 3. NB & Lamb got scored on by Middleton. And Cliff also played NB & KW at point w/ Lin the whole game in 2nd Unit. Lin played 95% as SG/SF/PF in my estimation. The 4pts he attained was when he got hold of the rock to make his own basket– 1) got fouled for loose ball- 2FTs; 2) drove to basket for lay up on fast break- 2pts.

  568. He held Middleton down. Middleton had trouble and missed a lot. When Lamb was on him, Middleton got hot.

  569. Cliff wanted to go tall yesterday but his tall unit had mediocre defense. I think Middleton was scoring with ease when Lin was out but when Lin was in, Middleton had trouble.

  570. I’m not good enough in basketball to know whether Cliff is as bad as you say, but I agree with your sentiment. With all the hate for Cliff in here, why the need to interpret everything he says or doesn’t say? Not gonna change anything in relation to Lin.

  571. There isn’t a video as far as I can see but for what it’s worth, the article in which it was quoted from was not written by a Charlotte reporter. It was from a game recap from the Bucks side.


  572. Cliff wanted to go “tall” or “big” except for KW, of course.

  573. Nets finally bought out Bargnani, fwiw. Joe Johnson also appears to be in the process too.


  574. What a wonderful Linspirited gift! Best wishes to Andrew wherever you are!

  575. Good gracious. Jeremy doesn’t owe anything to anybody except his audience of One. Ido should stop being so melodramatic. It’s Jeremy’s life.

  576. damn, sean mark already hard at work.

  577. we gotta support chris, one of the very few, well informed journalists who speak on behalf of jeremy’s fans against misguided haters who have agenda against lin!

  578. frank needs to work on his shot than poke fun at ROTY runner up >:

  579. Bargnani was pretty good off the bench for Spurs. Why would the Nets waive him?

  580. Lin should strongly consider Brooklyn if they show interest, even if the coach isn’t MDA. As long as its someone who loves teamball (Ettore Messina?).

    I believe Hornets, Memphis and Clips were the teams that offered Lin a contract last summer. Jeremy’s dad said 8-9 teams contacted him overall.

  581. They still make Lin 17 NY?

  582. “JEREMY, this is your corner! Now for everyone else” – Clifford

  583. Lamb played most with Lin from the bench so he enjoyed coming second.

  584. Jeremy Lin has some talented fans. Alex Kim is a freelance fashion illustrator who lives in Indianapolis. She has been featured in Vanity Fair. See : http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2015/09/fashion-illustrators-instagram-paperfashion-meagan-morrison-alex-kim . Here are a few of her “fan” sketches. Click to enlarge the image.

  585. Two different players

  586. barg was a draft bust that new york knicks traded away :b

  587. What was he in the game he scored 35 against Toronto? I see it as on-ball, off-ball or primary vs. secondary or tertiary facilitator. What comes to mind is, a good SG moves off of the ball more or is a one-on-one player. Lin as a good off-ball player plays like Lin but doesn’t initiate the offense. Games where he does that, he’s effective from any position.

  588. lol. i wouldn’t be surprise. he’s looking at Lin while pointing to the corner!

    “oh, and you won’t be needing that ball”

  589. its a default for cliff!

  590. Lmao

  591. Thanks Jlin Fan from Australia for the pics. Lin must be in a different mood. No hover hands in any pictures. What was he drinking tonight?

  592. LOLOLOL JLin is getting used to be recognized by fans now. Seem like no matter how he tried to disguise himself from being recognized but was still caught by his fans. He learns to embrace his celebrity status more each day he is in NBA:-)

  593. People used to call Lin an overpaid player. There are so many players in the league that are compleyely useless to their teams, who want to buy them out. Essentially paying the player TO GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  594. Chicago Bulls tried to sign him, but to a 3 year deal.

  595. Should Hornets sign Steve Novak to a temporary 10 day contract?

  596. The funny thing was Lin’s stint as an SG in the Rockets year was more successful than now (probably due to his shooting form change) but nothing to the impact to the game with Lin’s court-vision being on full display finding the best teammate to exploit the defense.

    The problem in the Hornets is if Lin is allowed to be backup TRUE PG, he’s going to take Kemba’s job since it’s clear that he will find the hot hands better than Kemba can (himself)

    And it hurts Hornets plan to make Batum happy as the playmaker even when his playmaking is not as good as Lin.

    Politics & low salary will cost the Hornets of true Linsanity.

  597. No hover hand. Must feel comfortable in New York.


  598. I found this fan interchange with JLin is quite hilarious since he wasn’t sure if it was him LOL

    Me: “Hey, you look a lot like Jeremy Lin …”
    Stranger: “yeah.. I get that a lot …”
    Me: “So .. uhm .. are you him?”
    Jeremy: *sigh” “yeah, do you want a picture?”


  599. new BKN game thread

    In the 1st game back after the All-Star break, Jeremy Lin did not have a good shooting night vs the Bucks but managed to contribute with superb defense on 6’8” Khris Middleton (4 steals for the night). It’s a night when he didn’t have his shooting rhythm and it didn’t help he played SG next to Kemba as PG so he didn’t handle the ball much to get him get a good rhythm. But the Hornets managed to pull an important road win in the 1st out of 5 road games.

    1.Will JLin play PG with Courtney Lee is expected to play? Or will Coach Clifford assign JLin to be the PG to get him in rhythm?

    2.Will JLin find his shooting form that he tried to practice during the ASB break?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s hope and pray he gets comfortable playing in NY and have a great bounce-back game as always

  600. Got his brother into the nba for the one season. lol…

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