G54 CHA @MIL Game Thread

After 11 days of All-Star Break and NBA Trade Deadline Frenzy, the Hornets have 29 games left to reach their goal to reach the playoff.

  • They managed to get Courtney Lee by trading PJ Hairston and Brian Roberts in hopes of getting a ‘3 and D’ player to replace MKG’s presence.
  • They are currently in #7 in the Eastern Conference standing moving up 1 spot from #8 after the Bulls lost to the Cavs last night.
  • Jeremy Lin’s injured ankle should have time to heal as he spent time in his Palo Alto home to refine his shooting mechanics with Doc Scheppler (his personal shooting coach)
  1. With Lee not being available yet, would JLin start when Coach Clifford has concern about the bad matchup with 6’7″ Khris Middleton who got hot and shot over him and Batum anyway in the previous game?
  2. Would JLin show different mentality after the ASB break after he honed his shooting mechanics? He has always improved his PPG after the ASB in the past 3 seasons.

Let’s go, JLin! 

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