G54 BKN @LAL Game Thread

How will Jeremy respond in the 1st game after the 8-day break?

Will his rediscovered passion on playing basketball translate to better pts/asts production?

How will he achieve his 2nd half goals of:

1. cutting down TOs

2. Efficient playmaking including finishing at the rim

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to play his best in the 1st game of the 2nd half of the season!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. Go Jeremy!

  2. The past week was pleasant, no Lakers games!

  3. lol … no BScott talking is nice indeed

  4. classy move by Steve Blake to give up his jersey number 25 out of respect for Jerome Kersey


  5. That’s even better. Sick of hearing nonsense from his big mouth!

  6. the numbers are clear…. Jlin>>>>>> the starting whatever called the wolverine…. even haters from cf are admitting to it…but of course not clutzh the biggest hater

  7. I am so rooting for the mavs to beat the rockets tonight….even with rondo playing…. just for this game only.

  8. its going to be hard to out tank the 6ers now that they have the lakers phnx protected pick. as i understand from posts here lakers will play 6ers twice before end of season and sixers genius (his fans seem to think so) hinkie just decimated team again acquiring nothing to sink to the bottom for sure and for more draft picks.

    10 day signee todd frazier or someone like that is the starter 2nite.

    bs will have to have all the tank guns at work.

  9. wow….i know how hard that must be for you to give up hate of rondo to root for him; you may not have to divide your affections; last game both barea and harris ouplayed rondo; they mite get the minutes 2nite too.

  10. yes my hate for the huostun rockets and their racist fans even trump my distaste for rondo.

  11. the houston hardens. (btw check out chris baldwins piece on houston on last thread if you haven’t already).

  12. thanks for the heads up…yes read it and love it.

  13. to me their is no point discussing the tankers anymore…. minus Jlin of course… so I will just rooting against the Jlin haters and the cursed teams that discarded Jlin

  14. I wonder if they lock upp Jlin red envelop or they just leave it there…I bet it will be gone the minute Jlin left the place


  16. That Young complained about Jeremy not passing the ball is absolutely ridiculous. Jeremy is not the one who took tons of shots; it is quite on the contrary. Young has been a black hole. The Lakers media is making things up to divert the attention that Byron Scott is a horrible coach and this team is simply not playing at their potential as the consequence.

  17. young has a staggering and unprecedented (one exception) off the bench in the nba fga to assist ratio of 12 to 1!!!! that’s 12 fga’s for every assist. you need to pass jeremy cause i sure wont.

  18. there is a chance lin may return to the rockets. all i heard lin say this all star break was i want to be a better version of what i was on the rox.

  19. Yeah, ‘coz saying that he will be a better version of what he is on the Tankers is not really saying much. LOL

  20. I really hope no Lakers or Rox… but if really no other team then Rox is OK to me bc Lakers is really bad.

  21. hahaha

  22. ill take anything over this s year. also playoffs i miss the playoff hunt

  23. based on trade deadline day when 40% of the players moving were point guards there is a big demand. im confident lin will have choices in free agency. regardless of what he does or doesn’t do rest of season. i mean the majority of the players moving were even by the most anti lin standards objectievely worse than lin and yet still there was a place for them. to me that was a positive development/trend.

  24. its going to be hard to out tank the 6ers now that they have the lakers phnx protected pick. as i understand from posts here lakers will play 6ers twice before end of season and sixers genius (his fans seem to think so) hinkie just decimated team again acquiring nothing to sink to the bottom for sure and for more draft picks.

    10 day signee todd frazier or someone like that is the starter 2nite at point guard.

    bs will have to have all the tank guns at work.

    some wag on comments board on 6ers game tonite has avatar of ralphie from the simpsons with the quote” hey sam i have a crayon to trade what you got”

    sixers had actually won a few games and i thought it was going to be strictly a family affair with the knicks/lakers race to the bottom but now that 6ers have that pick and two games against lakers with their even worse lineup it will be hard for the lakers to “not prioritize winning” better than hinkie the master. (he’s been at it longer than anyone i think). the amazing thing to me his 6ers fans seem to think hes a genius and doing the right thing by stockpiling draft picks. smh.

  25. no way dallas sign rando long term

  26. exactly

  27. never underestimate Mark Cuban…

  28. he is so bad. god he better thank the boston big three for the rest of his life

  29. rockets started out tonite 8 0 and 11 4 than dallas took rondo out and now theyre back in the game.

  30. Listened to Morey’s interview a bit he said that Pat Beverley’s
    presence on the team was a factor in Goran not choosing rox as both players are represented by the same agent, Bill Duffy. Wow the agents nowadays do hold some power.

  31. Coach’s trying to blend him in, paring him up with Nowitzki all the time, it gonna take time.

  32. dont believe it.Just give Dragic the money and the position….maybe Dragic will come back to Houston.Afterall Machale always like Dragic

  33. Will be on the road during game time…. hope Lin a good game

  34. Dragic stated he wants to be ‘the PG’, rox can’t give him this, Harden’s going to hold the ball >70% of time.

  35. Morey is good at PR…

  36. Nah, that’s young sarcasm.

  37. Show Dragic the money, he will call Rox his dream home. LOL! I don’t think Rox will pay Dragic 20M per year. Harden will not allow that to happen.

  38. Excuse for failing to get Dragic back. Dragic trusts Morey even less than he does the Suns.

  39. Rox bench terrible, they need a true ball handler badly.

  40. They used to have one…he is an Asian by the way….

  41. yeah everyone knows that morey has poisoned any houston chances of getting any quality players, he’s just trying to reach for a straw to divert attention from himself. (read chris baldwins latest post on last thread for further details).

  42. best of both worlds… the mavs spanking the rockets with minimal rondo help….hahaha

  43. bev i having a terrible year

  44. They used to have a starting PG that can take them deep into playoff.

  45. i told you! you could have yer cake and eat it too; rockets were winning till dallas removed rondo; barea and harris getting the minutes and mavs winning.

  46. I love that there is more discussion about other teams than on the tankers… hehe

  47. And watch Rockets to buy Rondo in this offseason, their fans will miss Lin even more after this year..

  48. actually 2 be fair bev isnt having that terrible a year. its just before he was hyped and now hes blamed. he has more points per game and assists per game than last year. and shooting a higher 3 pt %. just has abl status no longer necessary. and so hes the new sg for the houston hardens. actually almost everyone lin fans predicted this.

    sg for scapegoat not shooting guard.

  49. it’s actually simple really…rondo in…mavs suck…. rondo out…mavs awesome… I hope Cuban is not too dumb to see it… hehe

  50. lol derick rose 8pts 2 asst 6 tov… talking about elite…hahaha

  51. with the tankers…. not even the hotties will help Jlin… hehe

  52. Knicks and Sixers both tanking hard, though the Magic victory relieves some pressure for the Tankers. I’m hoping karma works OT so Tankers lose the protected pick despite tanking to bottom five.

  53. I am glad melt down is a regular occurance over cf on rockets game day….hehehe…. melt baby melt!!!

  54. the key thing here is sixers now have the pick (from suns) and if posters here in past were correct have 2 games against lakers between now and end of season…and hinkie just decimated team again for more picks. bs will have to bring out the heavy tank guns.

  55. yes him and rondo…. hehe…jk

  56. RPG17 the anti tank weapon will ruin bs plan… that is my prediction and I am sticking to it.

  57. for detroit tonite no brandon jennings (injured) no d.j. augustine (traded) no reggie jackson (not yet available) and facing as you say yes the great d. rose.

    no problem! spencer dinwiddie in yes his first nba start outplays rose.

    dinwiddie 12 pts 9 assists 3 steals. (rose stats remained to end of game thos his fg % dropped to 2 for 9 )

  58. rondo with another tov…hehe

  59. it’s also great to see that the wolverine is bricking 3’s…hehehe

  60. rondo score 10 points…. reason… harden is guarding him.

  61. I am so conflicted watching the mavs and the rox…. especially when you want to see both of them fail…

  62. Rather watch rox go down…

  63. yes agree …. I do hate the rox more.

  64. Montejunes is awesome

  65. rondo jump up and throws the ball away…. haters: crickets,crickets…

  66. agree… I have him on my fantasy team… go dmo

  67. lol bev turned rando into a shooter

  68. yes the two defensive scrubs are helping each other…hehehe

  69. josh smith does not see any bad shots that he does not like…. hahaha

  70. what I found comical is the racists at cf are touting prigioni the fossil they just got from the knicks… haha

  71. mavs up by 20…without rondo…nice

  72. Rondo is having his best offense night as a Mav, 6-9 for 12 points, and guess who is on him tonight? that’s right, the Mr. elite..
    Meanwhile, Mr. elite only shoots just 1-7 for 3 points. Maybe Rockets can just trade Bev to the Mavs for fat felton? should be an upgrade for them..

  73. no… mark Cuban will beg Jlin to play for the mavs this summer

  74. I still remember Jlin beat mavs last year with harden sitting out… oh how time have changed….the rox are missing Jlin big time just about right now.

  75. oh boy got to mute stu on the tv now…go Jlin

  76. stoo is touting everyone on the tankers and the nets but Jlin…. how predictable… mute for real now…hehe

  77. lol rondo came in …mavs lead down to 14…. just like clock work.

  78. Charlie v came to the rondo’s rescue.

  79. wow rondo just threw the ball away from the out of bound…lol

  80. tankers game starting…and that is about it.

  81. mavs lead down to 10… thanks a lot… looking at you rondo!!

  82. I guess every one is waiting for Jlin to come in the game to joint the chat… lol

  83. lol…..u know…thats what excites us

  84. mavs lead down to 8 and carlise finally woke up and took out rondo

  85. meanwhile your updates are fulfilling 🙂

  86. thanks…hehe

  87. My fantasy trade – Rondo for Lin

  88. mavs lead down to 6…. I love how rondo is losing the game for the mavs…hahaha

  89. JC being aggressive on offensive end

  90. He looks great so far.

  91. I hope Jlin is allow to do the same

  92. jc is fools gold

  93. He just has to do it. No more allowed to or not. Go in to the game, drive, shoot when it is there, dish when it makes sense. Don’t let Young run the show, he runs the show. He has to change his approach I think.

  94. yeah then get bench for doing it is what get my blood boiled.

  95. i am glad that i didn’t go to watch the tanking game. LOL

  96. I hope he looks good when he comes in, refreshed and effective.

  97. Jlin at the scorer table…get ready everyone…lol

  98. here ihe comes

  99. Lin and Price are in together. Huh?

  100. Jlin and price in together

  101. Price playing PG..

  102. Violet Palmer one of the refs. Don’t expect Lin to get any foul calls in his favor from her.

  103. yup… Jlin to the corner ..I guess… sigh

  104. Lin 3!!!!!

  105. Jlin for 3

  106. a 2

  107. price doing the assist and Jlin doing the scoring… I am ok with that

  108. brooklyn announcer try to build the game up but it isn’t working

  109. Pass the ball u scrub price

  110. better than listening to lakers feed…

  111. monte ellis just save rondo’s butt… back to Jlin… hehe

  112. lol it don’t matter anymore

  113. How boring… nets so shortsighted… having linsanity.in brooklyn? I live in brooklyn!

  114. What?

  115. no i want lin with a good coach not brooklyn

  116. he won the game and save rondo from embarassment

  117. Nice shoes

  118. Oh cool… rox lost

  119. Jlin was wide open and hill pass the ball away and tov

  120. I think Price looks good so far. Lin, besides hitting the 3, doesn’t seem that involved in the offense.

  121. do i have to watch this pick up basketball game. not a quarter in and all I’m thinking is what a waste of time

  122. He is hungry

  123. it was a 2

  124. Yeah… im almost going to go read 100 years of solitude

  125. price with the dunk…and stooo had an orrrgaaaasssmmmm…. yeah I took the game off mute…hehe

  126. They’re not passing to Jeremy

  127. Does Lin look to get the ball enough? Why isn’t he in the offense more?

  128. it doesn’t matter

  129. lol

  130. Listening to Bklyn announcers is easier.

  131. Good defensive pressure from lin, even he lost the ball

  132. 3333333333333333333

  133. now a 3

  134. Jlin for 3

  135. Wow Brookyln’s crowd is LOUD for both teams, feels like NYC!

  136. Lin for a 3!!!!

  137. mini Linsanity run… and bs took out lin….F you bs

  138. Is Lin still in or out now?

  139. Yeah…good pass to Hill, unfortunately he was pushed…so no assist there


  141. Entire lineup just taken out except Hill including Lin!

  142. As soon as you asked…he was pulled out!

  143. No need to watch til end of 3Q

  144. Too soon.

  145. Byron is just putting in whoever he feels like in whatever combinations. Did Wesley Johnson play yet? Where is Boozer? Is he injured or sick?

  146. is there another game to watch?

  147. Lakers Bigs always mess up Lin’s assists, they make Asik look like a star!

  148. byron continues to not understand momentum

  149. standard rotation from BScott

  150. He never understood it.

  151. Right, among other things. Doesn’t have a good feel for the game or player flow.

  152. he doesn’t even understands basketball ..let alone momentum

  153. Phew I got Brooklyn!

  154. he never did…stubborn with his rotation timing

  155. lol…thats true as well

  156. its like japanese algebra lol wink wink

  157. So he’s going to DNP Boozer?

  158. wow

  159. boozer turn for dnp-cd

  160. They seriously think Paul George can return?! Are they crazy? Dude just had a serious broken leg injury!

  161. that was hard push on Hill, so not blaming him there

  162. both not played yet

  163. from last year on the rox

  164. watch the starters losing the lead going to halftime… just like clock work

  165. Haha… yes. I got your wink wink lol.

  166. Are “momentum” and “line-up” foreign words to BS? Why in the world again is this guy hired as coach?

    OH WAIT…

  167. lol…yeah you are correct….that …..was the purpose

  168. except Darren William is playing for the tnkerrs as well… hehe

  169. the art of tanking…. part 1 section 1

  170. 101…he mastered and perfected it!

  171. at least it’s Friday night and I don’t have to work tomorrow

  172. They count one 3’s and one 2’s, why?

  173. there goes the lead

  174. wait till the third

  175. When the tank is at its peak.

  176. School of BS.

  177. always

  178. aww it would’ve been a highlight if Black made that dunk!

  179. nick young this year has showed he is not as good as sold but also scots slow system has screwed him

  180. thats correct…90% of the time its during Q3

  181. on the happier note…the mavs beat the rox despite rondo best attempt to screw it up…back to the tankers game

  182. free intake…anyone interested?

  183. Good!

  184. tankers up by 1…halftime…bs must be fuming..hahaha

  185. Don’t like Young as much after saying Lin doesn’t pass when he’s the one ball hogging!

  186. i did read that…but was there a video on it?

  187. hard to say if he was joking or not. he jokes a lot

  188. Because Boozer refused to buyout? LOL

  189. Lord…..I love to see the tankers win by the margin of Jlin points… Thank you in advance Lord.

  190. Heat looking good and like a contender even without Lebron. Nice to have such a great coach in Spolestra, Dragic is lucky to end up in Miami!

  191. Pretty much everyone had double digit points!

  192. its crazy lin gets hot for 1 minute and nearly goes for a big run yet clarkson and price hold the ball all day to no affect

  193. yeah.. Jlin is special like that…that is why I am his fan no matter what

  194. yea then he is taken out

  195. lol

  196. bs is actually a robot and is programed with the tanking protocol… I love to see bs malfunction one of these days

  197. bs halftime tanking speech must be very inspiring… lol

  198. jc airball..lol

  199. Nets is pushing it…as usual…its Q3!!

  200. and just like that tankers down by 8

  201. 2 minutes 9 point shift

  202. Can Lin just come back in already?

  203. yes…at least I want to see a close loss

  204. 8pts lead…is just crazy

  205. scott never makes in game changes. his head would explode

  206. I feel sorry for lakers fans… so quiet

  207. scott brings in davis and hill to do what exactly

  208. Price and Hill comes in before Lin =/

  209. Honestly, I think the fans are ok with losing (tanking).

  210. and price

  211. bs learn from his mistake… it was a close call with Jlin had a mini linsanity run

  212. not bad…JHill is getting hot

  213. everyone before lin

  214. wow price with a brick

  215. still down by 9

  216. that brick should bounce off bs head and take him out for this game… then Jlin will win it for us Lin fans..hehe

  217. aint that winning, is BScott’s book?

  218. lets not cross the line here 🙂

  219. a lot of players who scores but have zero affect on the game

  220. I said just for this game… not the whole remainder of the season… hehe

  221. Jlin in

  222. and score

  223. hahaha

  224. lin scores despite continuos insults

  225. another mini linsanity?

  226. followed by benchsanity.

  227. ny still scoreless

  228. thats LIN

  229. ny is building a brick mansion

  230. That was the original plan, current progress puts him on pace for Khalifa Tower 2.0.

  231. yo why is price hogging the ball

  232. head of snake…garter snake that is

  233. He thinks he’s the starting PG! SMH, taking the finally quarter shot with a drive. Sorry dude you’re not Lin!

  234. That was an ill-advised shot. Otherwise, he plays ok. He’s better not shooting.

  235. he took the last two both missed

  236. this game is just going according to bs tanking plan… smh

  237. Looks like Price is made as pg and Lin as SG

  238. and hill has 11 shots

  239. It’s looking like DNPs for Boozer and Wesley Johnson.

  240. scott is a weird cat

  241. Deron Williams always playing extra hard against Jeremy. Still having Linsanity nightmares? lol.

  242. DW can only ravage tanking teams these days.

  243. Actually a compliment getting DNP from tanking coach.

  244. but not anti tanking player… Jlin schooled him as usual

  245. yeah they’re completely on board; in fact some are concerned the organization is not doing enuf to ensure tanking. actually its now called “not prioritizing winning”.

  246. omg…Jlin got a foul call by violet palmer

  247. 2 in a row

  248. yes

  249. lakers play zero defense

  250. Violet Palmer’s off her game, must be tanking too. LOL

  251. this offseason in has to work on his free throws

  252. Argh…free throws…

  253. lin appears to have his game back after those two physically ill games before the break. just get 10 points tonite and dont get hurt and its all good. lin does his thing within the tanking strategy in minimal minutes.

  254. If he passed it would be a charge

  255. hill plays less defense then boozer

  256. No interior, Hill is jsut so bad.

  257. good decision Jlin… don’t listen to stooo

  258. not sure who’s worse

  259. brook lopez eating up lakers “bigs”

  260. lin leading lakers in points per minute tonite.

  261. Spurs really losing steam, they could sure use a healthy dose of Linsanity next season (or this season, should buyout take place).

  262. with boozer the team played good defense

  263. Young – 0/5fg

  264. I am crying inside watching Lin going rouge.

  265. ny is messing up Jlin assists…. better shut your mounth about Jlin not passing

  266. 13 pts and counting 🙂

  267. Lin hitting that jumper like a boss!

  268. J score again

  269. He’s got nothing left except his mouth, kind of jinxed himself after IDM.

  270. continues his torrid tank shooting.

  271. about time ny


  273. Don’t make me chose between F and F-.

  274. I Do Miss

  275. ESPN has Lin 4/5. When was his missed shot? I missed that one.

  276. lin has 5 shots hill has 12 lol who has more points

  277. I think a 3 or long 2, clock was winding down.

  278. Yes you did

  279. Wow is Young being iced out? Those were his first points! Glad Lin isn’t passing so much anymore! Gotta look for his points!

  280. last second mess up by ny..and J has to shoot

  281. he threw one up when nick lost the ball with a second left

  282. Well the word “effective” is foreign to Lakers coach

  283. thanks mike

  284. could jeopardize the tank.

  285. Ah, thanks.

  286. It was the bail out shot.

  287. ok now lin is not only leading the team in points per minutes hes (tied) leading in scoring period; with the fewest minutes played of anyone on the team who actually set foot on the floor.

  288. uh i said that already. but i dont have a cute avatar.

  289. Yes Lin hitting all his shots except the bail out one!

  290. I’m not watching the game. So Jeremy is completely playing as shooting guard? No shared point guard duties with Price?

  291. Wooohoooo… Linsanity…. then bench 🙁

  292. Lin shows he can be a effective SG as well

  293. Damn fast.

  294. 17 for Jlin… please bs don’t put the fake starters back for the love of God!!!!

  295. sorry 🙂

  296. No taking turns bringing the ball up but Price is passing to Lin even when he’s PG. Price did hog a few shots but still passing to Lin and ignoring Young. LOL Lin had made all his shots except the bail out one! 17 points!! Mini Linsanity game! New York crowd is always is crazy for Lin!

  297. plz let lin finish

  298. Needs to tank. Will put starters in.

  299. Lin wanted Price to forward the ball fast

  300. He can get 20 in this game, maybe Byron will let him finish.

  301. I like this changed Lin, finally understand he needs to be score first, pass second PG!

  302. Why do I get the feeling that a lot of people are still complaining that Jeremy ONLY has 17 points, ONLY a measly 7 shots…

  303. WooHoo!! 17pts for #17
    Only 1 TO

    Efficient playmaking and cut down TOs 😀

  304. Me Likey! haha..

  305. He’s playing SG.

  306. Still giving Deron Williams the shivers. lol.

  307. Lin plays defense alone should earn him 30 min per game.

  308. Young not doing anything. Put Ellington back in.

  309. Lol, well I’m glad Price can identify who the hot player is…I wouldn’t want to pass to 1 out of 7 Young either. Ha

  310. Still brings the ball up occasionally!

  311. Even better LOL

  312. Lin should ask for buyout tomorrow.

  313. Why not today 🙂

  314. Jeremy was the only true friend Young had, who insisted on passing to him despite the slump.
    Then the ingrate dissed Jeremy.

  315. Shower and sleep

  316. Nick, seriously after so many shot attempts? Maybe you should be the one to pass more.

  317. Lin should’ve taken the shot himself he was wide open but he took it back out =/

  318. no time… need to get out now!

  319. Price is much better and smarter than Clarkson to play point.

  320. yea i sw that it happen it as fast paced. as long as the lakers are plying fast idc its lin style

  321. Young also not getting passes.

  322. sweaty buyout is OK too =)

  323. come on Jlin… Please blow up the tankers plan!!!

  324. Nonsense, nobody hit every open shot.

  325. Because we want 20+ and Mini Linsanity?

  326. he wiill

  327. I think Sport meant for Lin to drive to the basket.

  328. I personally think “Linefficiency” (I shudder) is much better because everything follows from there.

  329. interesting BScott leaving Lin in there

  330. He can buy me out whether he’s sweaty or not…

  331. stil LAL dont understand team ball, just chucking shots and hoping to go in…sigh

  332. BS foul!

  333. Are you fking me, foul?

  334. I’m glad because the 2nd unit deserves to finish.

  335. Jeremy’s shoulder just fouled Anderson’s shirt?

  336. true

  337. violet palmer giveth… and violet palmer taketh…smh

  338. i cant believe that got a call late in the game

  339. his airspace.

  340. Refs with the BS foul calls on Lin again!!

  341. if lakers can be this i have no issue watching win or lose

  342. and yes I am greedy… I want the win in addition to Jlin awsome game

  343. that was so unbelievably bad that it should be reviewed

  344. he was playing more of a SG and only during 4thQ, some nice back and forth between him and RPrice

  345. I’m tired of losing. Jeremy deserves to win.

  346. *facepalm*

  347. that was certainly curious, perhaps to determine next lineup

  348. So close….

  349. damn fast

  350. Next year)

  351. lol….nothing is enough…I’m fine even BS pulls him out now…Lin has his numbers….its all good

  352. 18!

  353. He can buy me out of my family house and bring me anywhere, @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus! hehehe

  354. 19

  355. his ft has been bad for 2 months now

  356. Lin has to practice his FTs.

  357. nope

  358. FT bugaboo again 🙁

  359. Lin’s FTs are ridiculous.

  360. yeah man…was hoping for a 19!…but who cares…he played well

  361. every time lakers lose third quarter is the culprit

  362. WOW…didnt realize Lin would be the highest score for LAL…!

  363. Nets announcer was surprised at Lin’s reaction at Bogdanovic for scoring the go-ahead layup with time expiring

  364. Lin’s FTs been very off this season =/

  365. Jeremy could have had 20+ pts… oh well. this was a nice game.

  366. the tankers would have won the game if the starters were reversed… F bs!!!!

  367. Stay classy.

  368. Wow Lin was mad even talked to that Nets player who made that last shot instead of taking time off the clock for the win.

  369. Missed way too many FTs =/ Gotta make those since he gets hit at the rim so much!

  370. I find his efficiency more interesting

  371. good leadership by Lin to call out the unsportsmanlike conduct not to run out the clock

  372. stay classy my friend lol nets

  373. Jeremy team-high in scoring. Stuff it, Stu.

  374. Vocal leadership by Lin to keep up the sportmanship

  375. There’s only one true Free Taco bringer on the Tankers.

  376. idc if price is pg lakers still play real ball with lin at sg. the starters look like imposter nba players. scott has to start the bench then i bet we win some game which maybe counter productive to the goal but the nba has to deal with this tanking mess. to not play the best players for draft picks

  377. Lin really needs to work on his FTs they’re horrible this season especially for a PG! He made almost every shot, really efficient!

  378. in 9 shots; that is efficient. Lin is still adjusting his arc for shots and that is not good for FTs.

  379. 18 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound, 1 turnover, 1 steal, 3 personal fouls, +/- +0 , in 24 minutes.
    Excellent, keep it up Jeremy.

  380. Waiting for highlights.

  381. he’s still at 77% but his concentration can definitely be better.
    He needs the free buckets for sure

  382. Great Game from LIN post ASG!….Keep It Going Jeremy!

  383. 6-9 from the field, 1-4 3 points, 5-8 free throws

  384. By design. Byron Scott wants Ronnie Price, his head of snake to get assists and Jeremy is moved to the SG position.

  385. I’m so glad he achieved his 2 goals tonight =)

  386. Recover!

  387. Hoping he can get it back up to 80% before the end of the season…

  388. Yes especially when he gets hammered so much at the rim!

  389. Carlos Boozer gets a DNP.

  390. 90% would be better.

  391. Ellington is good, but Sacre, Kelly, just no. Black hasn’t looked that great lately either.

  392. Just be glad Jlin doesn’t shoot ft like rondo… hehe

  393. Still need Price to pass to Lin instead of Young for Lin to score! I was surprised seem like Young was being iced out not sure why.

  394. without lin he is athletic for nothing. lin makes players like that good. like jones last year

  395. Still Lin proved he is capable..

  396. He Remembers too!
    the 2 goals =)

  397. So Boozer is DNP CD just because.

  398. and WJohnson

  399. Boozer is DNP because BS

  400. Yeah. But Johnson is sometimes playing and you don’t realize he’s out there.

  401. Deron Williams played 40 minutes and if Jeremy Lin played 40
    minutes he would have 30 points.

  402. true…lol…didnt really miss him…i guess

  403. lol.

  404. Current tank standings:

    1) NYK: 10-44 .185 GB –
    2) PHI: 12-42 .222 GB 2
    2) MIN: 12-42 .222 GB 2
    4) LAL: 13-41 .241 GB 3
    5) ORL: 18-39 .316 GB 6.5

    BS giving his all for the protected pick, closing in fast on PHI and MIN.

  405. Deron Williams needs to thank BS for not playing Jeremy 40 min 🙂

  406. LOL yes .. Wes is one “stealth” player!

  407. So he is not blind… interesting. lol

  408. he will have Linsanity nightmare tonight… lol… waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats….hehehe

  409. Johnson sucks so glad he’s benched.

  410. And the makeup of the first unit was dictated by…?

  411. mission accomplished!

  412. well i would agree with you except we are old fashioned; ive studied this and most fans of most tanking teams (its now called “not prioritizing winning”) consider this a perfectly acceptable strategy and applaud their teams for doing so. hinkie’s fans in philly consider him a genius and his unloading two better players at trade deadlin plus picking up more picks including the option on the suns/lakers pick is considered exciting. in fact many people in la. are angry with the lakers for not more fully embracing this strategy.

    of course the bench players (on lakers) are vastly superior players to the starters. the idea is: if you can’t win anyway now, lose big to acquire draft picks. and it will be very hard for the lakers to keep their pick with philly now owing it should the lakers falter and actually win some games because lakers/philly play twice between now and end of season and there’s pretty much no credible players left on sixers now. (imagine an entire team of lakers starters quality).

    so. roll out the tanks. er “not prioritizing winning”.

  413. He knew for a long time but just wanted to tank…

  414. how many point guards in the nba you think shoot 90%?

  415. 77% is far from horrible. slightly below average “for a p.g.”

  416. HAHAHAHAHA… he doesn’t know what winning is.

  417. “I’m serious”…and then “I don’t know”? SMH

  418. he may not be blind… but he is certainly dumb and deaf?… paraphrasing the WHO…hehe

  419. he let the 2nd unit close tonight to test if they’re “ExcitingButStillTankWorthy”.
    And they passed! (thanks to Young) haha..
    I think he might allow them to start soon

  420. As a coach, he is used to losing… a lot.

  421. Classic BS.

  422. im amazed. he seemed to have his game back after the two “sickly” games before the break and get his points and quality play (high shooting %) high scoring per minutes. (best on team besides most points). great game. best of both worlds; lakers get their tank and lin gets to look good. i doubt that fine a compromise can exist ever game. but hey it worked tonite.

  423. Right, which is why Boozer was DNP tonight. Does he hear himself talk?

  424. and no mention of the game high scorer… that’s bs alright

  425. translated: “i seriously dont know”.

  426. Bc that’s the way BS likes it… Young helped BS to tank….

  427. Except for those BS foul calls on Lin by refs and missing FTs. He can’t control foul calls but he can control his FTs and make them pay more at the charity stripe!

  428. That ungrateful thing!

  429. Good thing that he competed too, otherwise his FG% might’ve been in the negative.

  430. funny

  431. because he is not pleased with old man Lin out there to spoil BS’s tanking game

  432. He’s pitiful.

  433. Lin plays with the least minutes for the bench.

  434. he just summed up his coaching career.. =)

  435. secret tanking weapon. long range bomber with almost 80% failure rate.

  436. Seriously.

  437. Hmm when has BS coached a winning team?

  438. that’s bs way of saying… if I am not smart, I am stupid as stupid does…

  439. Lin was 82.3% last season. He could have pushed close to 90%.

    Steve Nash for one was 90% + and it took him 7 seasons.

  440. Byron didn’t drill Lin to tired feet.

  441. Young maybe miss the shot on purpose… smh!

  442. the games with philly will be critical. hinkie has been at this longer and jettisoned some serious decent players at the deadline. (course putting the ball in his court by pulling the lakers pick from the suns).

  443. He was actually aiming outside the basket, so he was SPOT ON.

  444. So great to see Jeremy had a good game, let’s keep it going.
    End the season positive and strong and sign with a better team next season.

    I wonder if Carlos will get interviewed, kinda hope he does and calls out Byron for being awful.

  445. the amazing vanishing player. true and correct its not really much different whether johnson is on the court or not.

  446. Too many tiger moms tonight. Come on, the guy just scored 18! yet people want to squeeze out a few more like it matters. Every other star player has ups and downs, yet we expect him to shoot 50/40/90.

    It’s like a golfer who just shoot 59 and fans complain about the 2 footer he missed to shoot 58.

  447. Advantage: Sixers, who don’t have an anti-tank weapon whose agents secured 20 min PT for.

  448. curry’s the only one this year.

  449. He alienated everyone. But he seriously doesn’t know why he kept getting fired from his job?
    Wow … speechless

  450. I am ecstatic with Jlin game tonight… fwiw

  451. coach to fail.

  452. The David Copperfield of the NBA.

  453. 18pts in 24 min?
    I’m good =)

  454. He is just a terrible communicator and shouldn’t be coaching.

  455. FTs have been such a pain this season, we know he’s a better FT shooter then this season shows so I’ll just blame it on the suckiness of this season in general.

  456. swaggy is the ideal secret weapon for tanking cause he’s only concerned with his swag.

  457. i think mainly its just 1 or 2 repeating themselves.

  458. yep.

  459. its sort of a kind of musical chairs.

  460. A good game Jeremy 🙂

  461. Boy, the lights must be bright at the Staples Center. More importantly, good game Jeremy. …


  462. Nice recovery 🙂

  463. Not going to settle for 18 because we know Lin could’ve made 20+ pts if he made his FTs.

  464. Lin 18 pts, Tankers lost…….I’m satisfied :))

  465. LOL, Young: they are a good team, need to give them credit, they make big plays and shot big shots.

    Is he talking about nets?

  466. well that was anti-climatic! lol

  467. So Boozer join the club for tanking now… smh!

  468. Highlights!!

  469. So, he missed the shot on purpose to help BS to loss the game…

  470. the team is tanking, there is no point to be upset.

  471. atleast scott treats everyone like crap

  472. actually a pretty good night for me…the rox lost ,the mavs win with rondo sucking it, and Jlin had a very good game…. I am completely satisfy .

  473. he seemed to acheive what he said he would. im impressed.

  474. The perfect trifecta!

  475. lol enough said

  476. Equal Opportunity Offender.

  477. Caption: “which one of these two fingers is the middle finger?”

  478. Minus Kobe of course.

  479. More like “the clown is not worth it”.

  480. Whatever Worthy…

  481. I think Boozer will stay w Lakers next season that’s why he didn’t care about his stats like he used to… Now he supported his lousy coach?!

  482. well kobe would smack him lol

  483. The tankers: W L
    New York 10 44
    Minnesota 12 42
    76er 12 42
    LA Lakers 13 41
    NY is leading the tankers but LA seems to be catching up with losses

  484. lol

  485. Why post this drivel that worthy speaks. He is so wishy washy…smh

  486. LOL Price should start? Yea they are totally rooting for the tank now!

  487. Boozer has already given up on Byron.
    Whatever, Boozer is going to the East next season; he can still play.

  488. smart guy

  489. most of us are good with it….you sure the complain was from here?!! hmmm

  490. He said it…Big Picture=Tanking…we get it!

  491. bs is a liar… Jlin is not even sniffing 30 minutes…let alone 48 minutes…hehe

  492. That Lincredible speed kills =)

  493. Jordan Hill just can’t roll with passes.

  494. lol evryone has had a chance to start at this point either way lin will be gone in three months

  495. The fact that Byron thinks insulting his players is a possible solution to their team woes is ridiculous.

  496. now it is worthy turn to be dead to me…. talk to the hand worthy…talk to the hand

  497. ……

  498. So … did Bogdanovic have the honor of being the 1st player Jeremy Lin went after for unsportmanship conduct? =)
    Gotta love Lin going after guys breaking the unwritten rule of not scoring when they will certainly win.

  499. Why should BS be upset now? He wants to tank, so tanking here we come. Does he just realized that he has the worst coach in wins for the lakers in history? The tanking route has been ingrained and there is no time to change course.

  500. First time seeing Lin bicker with opposing teammates, he’s growing and being more vocal 🙂

  501. LoL
    Byron has been bringing Lakers the big pics.

  502. I dont mind…so that we would know..what are these “worthy” guys are saying….its still “news” spin

  503. No, there’s no use in arguing about minutes when the team is tanking.

  504. Yup…Glad a lot of people see the Lincandescent Fire!

  505. We all know what they are going to say. They give lin no props at all even when he plays well. Why is this news worthy?..smh

  506. Do we Fans need to Insult you in order…you do properly coach?!

  507. But this guy also said JC looks more & more like RW? Didn’t watch when he played… Do you feel the same way?!

  508. man! this sounds crazier than crazy

  509. Mike Trudel tweeted

    Scott said that he may change the entire line up as soon as next game. He didn’t like the energy in the 3rd after a good 1st half.

  510. Personally, I’m fine with JC’s game for a rookie

  511. Did he really play like RW?

  512. Bogdanovic, the first inductee to Jeremy’s “Hall of Shame”

  513. haha….that would be fan’s talk I guess

  514. Who else is talking to your hand beside Worthy now? lol

  515. BS still didn’t get it, he has been out coached by all opponents thus far. The opposing coach has adjusted to lakers game strategy whereas BS still remain in the dream world. What a joke.

  516. Scott is full of crap. He was instructed to change the starting line-up. He is still acting like he is the man. You read what Mitch said today, that they are building for the future and that they are not going to bring in some old vets to help kobe when one last championship before he retires.

  517. Basically BS will insult to tank.

  518. What were Lin’s words?

  519. I didn’t watch how JC played tonight.
    Clarkson plays with raw athleticism but he’s still far from being compared to RW, esp. the shooting
    He played quite well as a rookie but not ready yet, sometimes looks lost like all rookies do.

    But both play like an SG, not so much like a PG.
    Then again, Lin played as an SG tonight =)

  520. Do you really believe Lakers will not sign Kobe again in 2016? I hope Lin will not really buy the story… smh!

  521. Not at all. Everybody is always praising Westbrook, but if you watch how he plays, he plays very reckless most of the time. When he is pitted against a good defender, his game is exposed.

  522. Agreed…to his credit, he did some good plays tonite

  523. So what? If none of them are making the shots? They still can loss the game.

  524. not sure, but Lin kept shaking his head as if saying “That’s not right”
    And Bogdanovic looked unsure afterwards :] Guilty!

  525. let’s see… bs,mitch,stoo, the tankers,the rockets, rondo, harden,bevscrub,racist haters at cf, some haters at lg, nba radio hosts, the nba racist refs…. I am sure there are more … I am just not remember them all or look at it this way… they are not worth remembering..hehew

  526. BS has the lowest IQ as a coach. He is not winning. And not gonna

  527. Great role model. Happy that Jeremy played well.

  528. The Nets coach was smiling, amused by Lin’s upset.

  529. He should have said, “Don’t bench yourself, plzzz!
    Play like Anti-Tank Lin here! Play hard until I bench you.

    I’m serious. I don’t know”

  530. I don’t know now. The way Mitch was talking today about not bringing in vets(Rondo) to help Kobe try to win one more championship, especially since kobe will be retiring after 2016. Those are Mitch’s words

  531. …Morey, McHale, Kelvin “Japanese Algebra” Sampson, Kobe, Clyde Drexler, Keith Smart, J.R. Smith, Zoran Dragic, and the list goes on…

  532. he might be interested enough to invite Lin in the summer LOL

  533. Missed the game, but a very respectable game from lin.

  534. Need more hands 🙂

  535. Yes please feel free to add to my “hand “list…hehe

  536. Why get into details when Worthy already declared he will bash his friend (BS).

  537. LOL … contract or no-contract hehe..

  538. Indeed. Check out the highlights below.

  539. good interview….and he said he has less control

  540. Looks like he is gonna play SG from now onwards

  541. I guess Lakers is trying everything to keep Lin happy from now to the end of season. I know they will not get Rondo bc they want Lin also Rondo asked too much – Max contract. Just really hope Lin will not buy the story from Lakers…..

  542. Brad Turner ‏@BA_Turner 29m29 minutes ago
    BScott on Carlos Boozer not playing:“If he’s upset, he’s upset,” Scott said. “But am I concerned about that? Not really.”

  543. I did. Thanx. Catching up on the gold mine of other stuff.

  544. Bc they want Price to play PG.

  545. Once bitten twice shy, Lin should not buy in when BS is still the clueless coach!

  546. @rookie75094 be like…

  547. I caught the last part of Q4.
    Lin looked confident to be in attack mode. Always good to see that!

  548. I really hope so bc Lin seemed to be easy to forgive what these evil people did to him… like Morey & Rox….

  549. Glad to lend/give you a “hand”…. Kerr, Jon Barry, Mayweather, Dolan, A Martinez, etc…

  550. Still not enough…

  551. I have a picture of the hindu god with multiple arms in my mind…lol

  552. My unsolicited attempt to advertise JLin to contenders LOL


  553. Nothing we can do here John… lol

  554. Way ahead of you, bud. Look below. LOL

  555. Yes, good indeed. Low TO as well. And a passionate protest of poor gamesmanship. Like.

  556. deja vu

  557. how far below?

  558. I’d have no problem since Lin get to score more to help his FA value, plus some playmaking in Q4

  559. i dont mind with that…since he will get more chance to shoot

  560. Price is just is just like Beverly, can’t shoot well. Price is not that great odf a passer either. Lin/Price will be the duo for last games of the season because Price is trying to get Price another contract, which I don’t think Mitch will bite. I think Mitch has some definite plans about the the future of the Lakers and he doesn’t really seem to care what fans, Magic Johnson, and to some extent what kobe thinks.

  561. totally!

  562. next year?

  563. It’s gold, baby!
    Future Player NBA Commissioner right there =>

  564. don’t forget Jason witlock.

  565. and it will be glorious!

  566. JLin would have more assists with Boozer instead of Hill.

  567. Only a couple of responses within the chain. You may need to refresh to see the image posted.

  568. Boozer and Davis.

  569. Hill also just came back so I’m willing to see how he progresses.
    Besides, Lin played more SG now next Price as PG.

    I’m expecting 15p/4a statline now

  570. Awesome Dragon Sneakers!

  571. Love Boozer’s midrange Js and the person but I can’t stand his pushing/offensive foul =)

  572. Gotta say how long are the Laker organization keep giving excuses for Young’s bad shooting? Scott saying that Young came out and competed, yeah right….smh

  573. JW is towing company script. We know now Lin is out of LA soon.

  574. Cool !

  575. awesome….. I may have many arms but your hand is sure faster..lol

  576. Why don’t they just shut up?
    We know the game they are playing.
    Who will watch the game if Lin isn’t playing anyway?

  577. Competed…in the tank-a-thon!

  578. I don’t think Worthy or any of them know what the Lakers F/O is going to do. They all said that Lakers would do something by trade deadline, nothing happened. They are all just playing a guessing game with their own personal biases and agendas.

  579. Haven’t you fed up with these ex-Lakers?

  580. They are paid to watch…lol

  581. He did compete to lead the tank :]
    If he starts with Lin/Price, the tanking is still guaranteed so he’ll be Byron’s insurance

  582. splendid

  583. yes, I am, that is why I am questioning why somebody would post that negative jibberish here. We all know how they feel about lin. So why post that crap video here?

  584. Lin is not trying to tank….LOL

  585. yes, gotta love our Anti-Tank Lin =)

  586. RPG17

  587. I gotta say ClutchFans is imploding on Beverly now. They are calling him a third stringer and he didn’t even finish the game tonight. This is what somebody wrote on CF:

    I cant wait forcthe rockets to pick lin back up this summer… play him as a starter. and rockets go deep in the playoffs or even finals.. im loving patrick beverley being exposed.. i am not a lin only fan… all i know is that.. lin, triple double on kyrie irving for the win, lin big part of all wins against the world champion spurs, lin big part of wins against portland in regular season and playoffs, lin… will have his 2nd chance.. harden will recruit him back.. cant wait for the fans to see how beverley was an entire waist of time!!!!

    Now isn’t that interesting

  588. I don’t even watch those pre & post game anymore. So much drivel and just B Scott **** covering. The ratings on those shows must be pretty bad. I don’t know who would bother to watch them anymore.

  589. He will get banned from CF

  590. The snake pit known as CF is filled with hatred, ignorance and worst of all the racist vitriol from the site owner himself. Any voice of reason is easily drowned by 20x the amount of illogical retaliation. I’m all for Texas, but would prefer Spurs or Mavs.

    Rox deserve to rot under Morey/McHale, may they keep Bev forever.

  591. You can just collapse post and move on.

  592. Rick, is that your puppy?

  593. Then Clutch would have to ban most of the posters on the site, because they all are singing the same tune about Beverly. One poster even said that Howard finally realized that lin made him look good, because he would actually try to get him the ball.

  594. DancingBarry at LG gave a big smiley grin to Lin

    Lin — —

    He came in with Ronnie in both halves at the SG spot. Ronnie would take the lead guard role at first, but they would share duties with some nice chemistry as the game went along. Lin liked what he saw from how they ran things and communicated. Aside from missing a few too many FTs tonight, good game from Lin. He helped the Lakers dig out of the huge fourth quarter hole they were in. Had he sunk a sideline three with 3 minutes left, they would have cut it to 6 with plenty of time left. That would have made things interesting. Loved seeing him yap at the Nets for a late basket that the Nets could have run out the clock at end the game. Really want him to play with more of that chip on his shoulder. DFish was a nice guy off the court, but played with a chippy abrasiveness on the court that I wish Lin added to his mental game. Good job tonight. Glad Scott sat Wes instead of Lin to get Ronnie minutes, instead of getting Lin a DNP like he did last time.

    The Stats:

    He scored 18 points on 6-9 shooting (1-4 from three, 5-8 from the line) to go with 1 board, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 3 fouls in 24 minutes. He had a +/- of 0.

    The Action:

    He swished a wing jumper on the Price kickout. He was picked on the perimeter for a breakaway. He sank a wide open corner three. He attacked and fed Davis for the layup.

    Second Half:

    He took a kickout, attacked off the three line and scored a layup. He attacked the lane and dumped it off to Ed for the easy layup. He missed a wing jumper. He attacked later on the same possession and drew FTs getting knocked in the head, he made one. He blew past his man who tried to pressure him and drew more FTs next time down, he made just one again. He drew more FTs in transition (lucky it wasn’t a charge) and made both. He sank a step-back wing jumper. He probed baseline and then hit the turnaround jumper. He scored a bustout layup a few seconds later on the outlet from Price. He missed a three out of a timeout. He missed a big sideline three that could have cut it to 6 with 3 minutes left. He attacked quickly off the inbounds and missed the easy And-1 layup, he made just one FT.


  595. Amazing! It only took these guys 1.5 seasons to finally get what we saw in preseason 2013.

  596. Not this time. The majority of the posters want Bev gone and it seems that harden/bev not getting along because bev is trying to take too many shots.LOL

  597. Let’s not forget the tank banana.

  598. yeah, huh, I do agree with one thing that poster said and that was that Harden was trying to recruit lin back.LOL

  599. Sorry to rain on the parade, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that Lin had been let slightly loose on the leash by BS because of FO and League office to let the lone Asian guy play some because of the Chinese new year and Asian festivals across the league. May get one more game like this and then watch for the BS to come again. I don’t trust the Lakers one bit.

  600. I guess Harden felt the cold shoulder in Beijing during his 2014 visit, and Les feeling the abandonment of his Chinese sponsors. They may want Bev gone, but in this day and age of ABJ, I wouldn’t trust the org unless both Morey and McHale are gone.

  601. They really get me upset. I try to stay away if I were you. Look at the mess they have got the entire franchise into for years.
    Those poor Laker fans paying to get such a treat. I would have stopped buying the season tickets if I were them.

  602. Bev self-intoxicated with koolaid overdose! 🙂

  603. Seems like lots of the vets used the AS Break to clear their heads and find peace.

  604. Hurray! once bitten twice shy!
    Lin should go to where Tyson Chandler, Parsons Chandler, Greg Smith, Amare Stoudemire have been. It’s more fun there. They only have 1 problem; Rondo, who seems to be a misfit lately.

  605. He forgot he didn’t play Boozer.

  606. I like this analogy.
    Hope Bev get his fat contract next year.

  607. I think the whole thing is a set up.
    A coach can make any player look bad; no sweat. It is much easier than having him look good. The opposition team won’t allow it.

  608. Is this one of BS’s “senior” moments?

  609. Hill is never a pick and roll guy. He just pops.

  610. At least he is willing.

  611. What kind of motivation is it?
    He should go to college and study Psychology 0001

  612. We have all tried but no success in waking this old timer up to modern basketball games.

  613. It spells FUN.
    NO BS!

  614. I understand your suspicion but Jeremy didn’t get exceptional minutes or opportunities. How was he let loose?
    Unless you think that he was let loose by not being DNP.

  615. Why waste our breaths?

  616. No but looks like one I lost a few years ago when she was a puppy.

  617. Threads in Forum : Houston Rockets: Game Action & Roster Moves
    Patrick Beverley is GARBAGE
    ( 1 2 3 4 5)

  618. Aww, sorry to hear that… poor puppy.

  619. Interesting. Did that come from an OG poster or someone kinda new?

  620. Wow. Very interesting.. Lol.

  621. I saw that at CF. They re talking about him bad.LOL

  622. They also think that Rox are not going to sign him back.

  623. He should.. Lin is very familiar with all and played very well with them. I really do hope he lands a spot there. Please Cuban, bring Lin to Mavs!

  624. I don’t know if poster is new because i don’t go to the site anymore. I can tell you this that they have thread that is called Beverly is garbage that is 5 pages long. Many of the posters are seeing now that he is not the player they thought he was. Many are calling him a third stringer.

  625. kinda feel sad for him….rockets philosphy on basketball is bad they dont have play iso harden and jack thress only …moreyball is garbage

  626. I am not feeling sad for Bev, because he dissed lin after he left the Rockets. I was at both games when Rockets played in LA and I noticed that Bev didn’t say one word to Lin. I saw Lin hug Howard, Harden, Finch and McHale

  627. It is ok, it is irrlevent now…lin did his best and move on!

  628. PB wants a big contract obviously. Not everyone will be like Lin who is willing to sacrifice so much to help others.

  629. Exactly. I am getting excited now about lin and the off season. PG position seems to be what teams are looking at to improve in, and I think Lin will get a lot of offers from contending teams with bad benches.

  630. Yeah, they have a PB is garbage chain.

  631. They have some og and new

  632. Just goes to show that America is still a country deep in hatred because of stereotyping a race of people. It is called racial profiling….smh

  633. I wonder whether Jeremy Lin is a joke thread is still there or not lol

  634. Bev ain’t getting no big contract from anybody..LOL

  635. I don’t know, but someone did post and say why not call it a Patrick Beverly is a joke thread.LOL

  636. Seems like I missed a good game. Great new yr game from Lin!….I guess that family plus Doc work out worked wonder!

  637. Not a word to Lin, but he was quick to go over and kiss up Kobe. Lower than low, serves him right.

  638. OG poster?

  639. Good hear that they realize how important JLin’s play is

  640. JH knows JLin’s game well…since they went head-on during practice, obviously he has some respect to Lin’s game. If only he had let his ego go and shared the backcourt with Lin…they would have gone far and beyond

  641. I am sure he has much more respect for lin’s game now, because harden has become the workhorse of the team,. When he was missing his shots he would give the ball to lin and let him do his thing, which often time lin would get harden going to get him back in the game. That is not happening now.

  642. Picture Time!

  643. More…

  644. Yes….there is more…

  645. Thats It!…

  646. true…indeed

  647. Jeremy Lin trade failure still haunts Rockets: Dumb disrespect fuels Daryl Morey’s trade deadline bungling – Chris Baldwin

    And the Houston Rockets remain stuck in the muck of their own making, as far from an NBA championship as ever.

    In many ways, these Rockets are still being haunted by the dumb dump trade Morey made over the summer. Jettisoning Jeremy Lin is the move that’s helped hold Morey’s so-called masterpiece back.

    The fact that Lin’s been completely misused this season by the one coach in the NBA who is more clueless than Kevin McHale cannot change one simple truth. This Rockets team would be much better off if it had the type of scoring, playmaking, ability to get to the rim and improved 3-point shooting that Lin provides to go along with Harden’s undeniable brilliance.

    Letting Chandler Parsons go after everything else fell apart remains dumb, but somewhat defensible. But giving away Lin is the “Kick Me” sign that only the foaming craziness of the Lin Haters shields Morey from.

    At the time, the Lin dump got spun as a move that the Rockets needed to do to clear maximum cap space for Chris Bosh. In reality, Morey backed the Rockets into a corner when he childishly completely disrespected Lin by putting his No. 7 jersey on Carmelo Anthony in that ridiculously inept recruiting campaign. Once the Rockets general manager did that, there was no way he could bring Jeremy Lin back.

    And every team in the league knew it. Morey forced himself into making a bad trade — and Houston’s still paying for it. Even if Leslie Alexanderis not.

    The Rockets did not just lose Lin either. The organization’s clearly lost credibility with big-time players.

    Sad Jeremy Lin Fallout

    The sad thing is that everyone loses in this situation. Harden is left shouldering an untenable burden, forced to push a bigger and bigger rock up the hill. The Beard deserves everything he’s gotten this season — the league MVP talk, the Sports Illustrated cover, the praise from people who used to crucify him. But he’s in a no-win playoff situation.

    Then there’s Jeremy Lin . . . stuck on a horrific team that has no interest in winning this season, playing for a coach who seems determined to show management there’s no talent on his roster and it’s absolutely not even one percent his fault. Once Steve Nash bowed out and the Lakers gave up any thought of competing, Lin never had a chance.

    Houston needed Jeremy Lin to absolutely rescue them in one of their two playoff wins against the Blazers (see his 21 points off the bench in Game 5) and set up the winning three in the other with a near Larry Bird level play. Now, coming out of the deadline, the Rockets are still almost completely dependent on an exposed Patrick Beverley at point guard.

    James Harden deserves some credit for recognizing the Rockets had something in Lin even as Morey and McHale refused to do so. Harden’s gone out of his way to praise Lin this season. These two always largely got along, as shown by their recent teaming up on a Chinese New Year ad for the NBA.

    This bad summer dump continues to hover over these Rockets like a cloud, no matter how much the professional and amateur Lin Haters alike cry otherwise. That last chance at a feel-good ending sure looks long gone.

    It’s lounging in South Beach, feet up and back turned.

  648. Jeremy Lin Prayer Request:-

    1) Thankful for a fun and relaxing All-Star break and precious time to have my whole family together
    2) Prayer to be able to finish the second half of the season strong by playing confidently, fearlessly and joyfully
    3) Prayer for a renewed and rejuvenated spirit and a patient, faithful heart amidst a long and mentally-draining season
    4) Prayer for my little brother, Joseph, as he recovers from a fractured tibia
    5) Prayer for increased humility, dependence on Christ and surrender of my personal ambitions, desires and will
    6) Prayer for LA to pursue God and not earthly things
    7) Prayer for Asia to experience Christ and revival like never before

  649. Thanks…was wondering on why was the earlier interview…short

  650. CNM—PFV—Long Video

  651. You don’t go there? Then how did you get that info? lol.

  652. OG= older guy, longtime member.

  653. Ahh, found that poster, JLPITCO.. Joined Feb 2015. All his posts are praising Lin and bashing Bev. Seems like a “LOF” there. lol

  654. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t see Lin play in a while or because Lin got a nice long rest, but I forgot how fast he is. He makes the defenders look like they are just standing still. LOL

  655. Please miss the remaining games, Brent. I think you’d helped to work out the wonder :))

  656. That’s what one full week of no BS “conditioning” can do.

  657. yeah what they said

  658. i dont feel sorry for p bev but i do point out to those attackers who say bev is having a terrible year that factually he’s actually having a better year than last year; its just (as many many many lin fans pointed over the off season) that once there was no need for him to be blown up all out proportion as an abl that he would be come the new sg, ie. not shooting guard but scapegoat.

  659. andre miller is quoted as saying: that “he” ie george karl “knows how to deal with players and egos and thats’ why hes been so successful in the league”.

    in other words, the anti scott. (well there is one player/ego bs knows how to deal with).

  660. i pointed that out earlier here that 40% of the players moved on deadline were point guards. even the most virulent lin hater would have to acknowledge that many of those were certainly not nearly as desireable in terms of historic production and future potential as lin. so yeah there seems to be a high demand for point guards. which bodes well.

  661. houston fans are just well what can i say: clutch. smh

  662. PFV, “The evolution of Lin to a new stage.”

  663. Thanks HighLights’ People!! I see that my man Lin played another great game!! Luv ‘m. I’m sorry ‘I missed it.

  664. Is that really necessary to rub in playing time dis? Boozer definitely took the high road. Talk about lack of sensitivity. The guy has 12 years in the league and deserves a little bit more respect than that.

  665. Missed that continuation and-1 too which would have given him 20 on the night. and another foot on the line 2 in the 1H.

  666. The real problem is that CF was a henchman for Morey’s agenda to prove that he was right to get rid of Lin the first time. No matter how much CF and Cluts have sellers remorse with Lin, nothing will change unless Morey decides he can gain something from having Lin back. M&M proved once already that they’d rather lose than let Lin shine. I have little faith in them changing overnight.

  667. some players will have their shooting coach periodically stop by and work with them throughout the season. Even the great Dirk has his coach come all the way from Germany to shore up his shot and get back into rhythm. Maybe more Doc is the answer, not less. There is no textbook jumpshot, just a consistent, repetitive form is most important.

  668. Lin did everything I had hoped for. Good stats while maintaining efficiency and playing the right way. Hope for some wins soon cause that will pressure the tank commander. Free throws need improving.

    Still, Lin has again found a way to thrive in a ridiculous situation and more changes (i.e. playing alongside Price).

    Give Lin adequate and consistent minutes, teammates he can build chemistry with, better coaching emphasising teamball and Lin will do really well.

  669. That kid isn’t shy, making the most of the opportunity to hug Lin.

  670. Really, Lin 18 pts and Davis 14 rebounds. Scott can’t be this dense. Everyone, even a casual fan could see Lin and Davis from preseason to present are magic together. These two should be the head of a two headed Serpent. Lin is a Dragon and Davis is a snake.

  671. That’s why I said just a little slack in his chains. Last night he was put into a position to score as SG with Price helping. Lin made the most of it. Just as easily, BS can say to Lin to pass more and for Price to set up Swaggy.

    DNP was never going to happen so close to Chinese New Year and Asian fan base.

  672. What is pms

  673. Sad sad sad… wish people who still hate others because of cultural or skin colour will get a chance to make friends and starting to enjoy the beauty of all different cultures…

  674. I think DB likes LIn, he’s fair. I don’t even go to Real GM Lakers board anymore with Kilroy and Slava and the other “mods” there that don’t like Lin’s game and get into the Lin fans are annoying stuff. DB and some of the other mods at Lakers ground show the proper way to mod and they aren’t afraid to look at Lin and know what he can do and how he’s been shackled by Byron.

  675. I don’t want to see Lin back in Houston, though. The press there is, I’ll be nice, unenlightened. And Clutch Fans is run by that obnoxious punk that even blocked me from Twitter because I dared challenge him in a place where he holds no power and exposed how nasty he was to Jeremy.

    I think a lot of us are looking for a place where Lin can play his game going into his prime years now and the press is fair. The press isn’t bad in LA, they just suck up to Byron too much and don’t call him out enough. But Houston, no. We’ll see what happens and I hope Lin has mostly games like he did last night until the end of the season. I liked how he played last night.

    As for Beverley, he was going to be exposed sooner or later and the CF mob there would turn on him. Parsons was their golden boy and they turned on him. They’ll turn on Harden too, they’ll turn on anyone. They are a bunch of losers there, many of them. There are few decent members there.

  676. Some people on the Spurs board have made some derogatory racist comments about Lin too. I’m just not sure about Texas at all. I’m sure there are lots of good people in Texas, but there are enough idiots to make Lin’s life unpleasant there even if he plays well. There’s a bunch that don’t seem to accept Asians.

  677. Ya! He didn’t talk to Lin on court. Maybe he knew Rox wants to sign Lin back….smh!

  678. Ya! Saw that…. Don’t feel sorry for PB at all. smh!

  679. Love it! Thanks!

  680. Clutch fans and Rockets deserve a Beverly max contract for many years to come. Going back to Houston would be like going back to a sick relationship with the naive hope that the other has changed

  681. A thought just occurred to me. Any team that seriously wants to get Lin is likely to keep quiet about it. If they were very public in their interest, it would alert and trigger the interest of their competitors. Displaying interest would also result in paying a higher price. I mean, nobody expected the Lakers to make the trade for Lin in the past offseason.

    So there is hope that Lin would land up in a good team, even if we are not hearing any rumours right now.

  682. Here is a ranking of the most popular “NBA Dish” threads at Clutchfans. It’s remarkable how much interest Lin and, by extension, the Lakers command there. Even if you include the “Game Action and Roster Moves” forum the “Jeremy Lin as a Los Angeles Laker” thread is one of the biggest threads on the site.

    Love him or hate him, they seem mesmerized by Jeremy Lin.

  683. i have a feeling….for a male point……hahahahahahahahah theres something

  684. lol she is married

  685. Yeah, she is. She and her mother together are hilarious..LOL

  686. Anyone who has felt the anger and blind rage from being unable to achieve your own goals because of people in power blocking your every turn will know why I feel so badly for Lin. It hurts so bad because I’ve lived it in my 20s. It’s like you are drowning in an ocean of turmoil that you struggle to keep you’re head above only to have some faceless oppressor push you under for another count. The level of self hate, anger and blind rage can be overwhelming to the point of self destruction. THIS IS THE INTERNAL BATTLE LIN HAS TO DEAL WITH. How Lin handles this mass of negativity is incredible to me that I am totally astounded and in total awe of his internal fortitude.

    It took Quite a few years for me to resolve many of those issues, but with love and kindness, I eventually overcame those negative emotions.

    Every once in a while I can get annoyed by Lin fans who harp on the imperfections of Lin’s game. Why is it that Lin HAS TO BE PERFECT, when no other superstars are? WHY DO WE SUCCUMB TO THE LEVEL OF DEMANDS THAT HATERS HAVE FOR LIN? During Linsanity, haters were quick to criticize every little fault he had. Meanwhile he was breaking records set by the superstars like Lebron, Westbrook, Durant and DWil. These guys never had to be judged the same way. THEY NEVER WERE JUDGED BY THEIR FAULTS AND ONLY WAS JUDGED BY THEIR POTENTIALS. they were allowed to be developed into superstars. Lin on the other hand has been pushed down further and further into a sea of negativity. HOW LIN HAS BEEN ABLE TO CONTINUE TO IMPROVE IS BEYOND MY COMPREHENSION.


  687. Harden&Lin miss this!

  688. Well said.

  689. Lin – enough said.
    Young – NO. For the love of mashed potatoes, NO.
    Johnson – Lukewarm.
    Boozers – Sure
    Davis – Package this guy with Jeremy Lin and you get a dynamic duo
    Hill – ?????

  690. I am loving Lin’s attitude of late. I like the fact that he got on that player last night after LA had conceded the game and the player went on down the floor to score. There is an unwritten rule in NBA to do this is considered unsportsmanlike behavior. Also I think Lin is finding his voice on the team, and he is learning how to tune out out Scott. I might be the odd man out, but I think F/O likes lin, but the Lakers are in a precarious situation because they are tanking and they know if they unleash lin, he would win games for them. That is why the Laker media, Worthy and the likes are upset. Lin doesn’t fit their mold on what a starting PG should look like from the Lakers. He is not black and didn’t come from meager means. Mitch did his little song and dance number about Scott doing a good job, because that is all they can say, because they are tanking. Mitch also kind of put Kobe on notice yesterday, when he said that he wasn’t going to give a vet a whole lot of money to come in and try to help kobe win another championship. He also said that kobe will be a part of the rebuild process next year, but it will not be team’s focus to get another championship. I think that Mitch plays everything close to his chest. He will only tell you what he wants to tell you.jmo

  691. So what do you think about Mitch & FO want Lakers to do next season? Tank or rebuild w/o Kobe in the future? Do they consider Lin is also part of the plan?

  692. Best revenge is to prosper, live well and long and be happy.

  693. Bev will get a huge contract…McMorey created a narrative that Beverly was this incredible defensive stopper in order to get rid of Jeremy. Every time I hear someone talk about Beverly on national broadcasts, they alway mention his defensive prowess. Jeremy should never go back to the Rockets- they treat players not named Harden/Howard horribly….and at some point, they will get rid of those two without any issue. They have no class…..remember the Carmelo Anthony jersey incident…remember how Jeremy got cut on Christmas day.

  694. I am praying right now that Jeremy NEVER ends up with the Rockets again. I don’t need to see anymore of this:

    1) Harden screaming at Jeremy for not getting him the ball
    2) Play-off losses blamed openly on Jeremy
    3) His jersey number showing up on a prospective player prior to even moving Jeremy
    4) Mchale’s open criticisms of Jeremy (remember that Philly game where he had like 9 3s, they lost and he blamed him for doing a clear-out and taking a 3 to tie the game)
    5) Getting cut on Christmas day

    This is an awful and classless organization. Morey is hailed as a statistical genius, but the irony is that he doesn’t care at all about stats anymore. The only thing he cares about is placating Harden. The fact that they are now throwing Beverly under the bus speaks volumes…I don’t know if you remember that game where Beverly came back from injury, and Mchale said “Boy..it’s great to have you back” and gave him a huge bear hug.

  695. Kobe is done with his next season contract.

  696. rockets are not his problem now. BS and TW Sports are.

  697. BS and TW Sports are temporary issues. It’s likely he won’t be with the Lakers next year…and I think it wouldn’t be good for his career if he does stay. I get the feeling that there is a number of Lin fans that wouldn’t mind him going back to Houston…and thus I am stating my case for people to remember who the real Rockets are.

  698. Here’s to you Bojan Bogdanovic for making that uncalled-for last layup when the score was 114 to 103 rather than running the clock down with remaining 5 seconds – Ronnie made both free throws and Lin had the steal. Okay Bogdanovic is a rookie, don’t do it again.

    So what did Lin said to the Nets bench and to Deron Williams? Lin was pretty alpha about it and welling to take them all on.

  699. make no diff what fans want, it will come down to Jermy himself

  700. …and Lopez got 1 TO.

  701. No offense intended, but I disagree with you on that one. In this day of social media, fan opinion is pretty relevant. Words and narrative are created by agendas and repeated in the social media universe, and eventually become “the truth”….ie Houston would be the best place for Jeremy. If overwhelming public opinion becomes that Jeremy should go back to Houston, this could influence the decision on both sides- for the Rockets and Jeremy. I think it does make a difference.

  702. I think they do. I think that Lakers want model themselves after the Spurs. They want to grow their own. I think Mitch likes lin’s toughness, attitude, and his unselfishness. I think Mitch knows that under the right coach, lin would flourish. Also, the Lakers know that they had a big foot into China with Kobe. They are going to loose that stronghold. Lin is in a very tough situation. Lin knows that any team he goes to will be the same crap all over again. One thing that has happened since he has been on Laker’s team, Kobe/Scott have been exposed and have brought much shame to Laker organization. I think that lin is beginning to understand that scott is a bufoon and that it is all a part of an scheme so that they can tank. Scott picks on Lin/Young because he knows that they just give him the finger at what he says.(that’s Scott’s way of toughening them up…LOL) I do think whenever Scott takes things too far with Lin/Young, the F/O yanks Scott’s chain and pulls him back in place. Call me crazy, but I think Lakers make lin an offer, and it will be up to lin/team as to whether to take it.

  703. Sure did and plus one foul to boot. I guess Brook was not happy about Bogdanovic either.

    Williams looked passive when facing the wrath of Lin.

  704. I think one of the players on the bench said something and lin responded and the coach laughed. I think Williams kind of looked away when lin was talking to him.

  705. BS/TCW will do whatever the Laker F/O want them to do. If the Lakers want lin to stay, you will see how fast the narrative changes on lin. Scott/TCW are puppets when it comes to the Lakers. Also TCW is not stupid either, why do you think they are always posting pics of lin on their network, despite what the Scott cronies say. TCW/Laker F/O understands the bottom line is about money and viewership ratings.

  706. He never forget he’s the victim of linsani ty

  707. Yeah there must be someone pulling the strings

  708. No offended taken friend, I just trust jeremy for his decision as he said he’ll weight all options when free agenCy comes.

  709. I’m hoping lin will ask for a buyout so he can joint the Cavs or another playoff team. Nothing left this season in LA now.

  710. Why would lin ask for a buyout? Lin will finish out the season with the Lakers and go someplacelse. I am sure the Lakers will make him an offer, but don’t think lin will take it.

  711. So we can see the real drama in post season and I don’t trust BS in the final month of what he gonna do. No guarantee lin can get his stats.

  712. Good team scouts have already scouted lin. The narrative has changed that lin is not getting enough playing time. Nobody is talking about his TO’s, or his defense anymore because has cleaned that up.

  713. Also, who knows, maybe the F/O made a deal with lin in letting him play to get his stats up after the way they have treated him.

  714. If you have doubt that lin will not stay in LA then why not explore with another playoff team now?

  715. Maybe and maybe not

  716. to mods after this season can we get a poll of all nba teams and member of this site will chose where jlin will land, will offer or jlin will pick……members will only chose 1…..just for fun

  717. Who says if he takes the buyout, a team will pick him up? Besides Lin is not the type to run from a fight. He will stay to the bitter end and make the best out of it, that is Lin’s personality. The translation for me when lin said he didn’t let his family/agent talk about FA as I am tired of moving.

  718. I love Steve Novak:)

  719. That’s why I wrote I was hoping.

  720. I feel the same way… don’t think Lin wants to have buyout either.

  721. OK:) We all know Lin, Scott has thrown down the gauntlet and lin will take up the challenge. Lin understands this, Young, not so much. He is still looking for the hookups for fans to give a break when he plays poorly

  722. He doesn’t. If you notice what he said after ASG,Translation: I am willing to take up up any obstacle/challenge that you throw at me, because I am a fighter, not a quitter.

  723. Also Lin drove by him a couple of times with relative ease. LOL

  724. D. Wiliams is too old for Lin now..lol

  725. Notice how the Lakers are trying to play it up that Nash is mentoring Clarkson and he is texting him, but never mention that lin/nash have been doing the same thing all season. It is never mentioned because lin doesn’t reveal that it is happening.

  726. Yeah. ^_^.

  727. for real?

  728. Yep, they are. I think Nash worked out with Clarkson once probably because Mitch asked him to.

  729. It makes sense. The Lakers will eventually have to rebuild in earnest; and Mitch and the FO or anyone who understands the game KNOW (a la KHuang) the overt talents of JLin despite the Trolls and fools and haters. I would expect a Lakers’ offer to Lin; or, like with the Rockettes, the Lakers will soon enough learn what they’re missing if Lin decides to flee.

    Lin must have realized that it would be about the “same crapolla” anywhere he goes so why not let it mature and change right where he’s at. Scott will have to go, though, in exchange for a REAL coach… and Kobe? Well, he’ll be a problem for a little while.

  730. Tank you !

  731. Hello Moderator. What’s with my posts being “Held” then discarded? Is there something wrong?

  732. now that’s the narrative that rings true!

  733. because he has proof in his own life that things turn around if you abide by your own path. It’s a touchy belief. I’ve met ppl who escaped their countries on boats, and on one case, they jumped off a thirsty boat to swim to an island. Everyone else stayed and might have died. They lived because on the other side of the island, there was a refugee camp. So, this guy … he would always say no to his manager, because what his dad taught him … go with your own belief or you die. Another guy was washed overboard at night, and grasped and caught a tow rope. He climbed back on board. So he believes that luck plays a great role in life.

    The ying/yang of magical events, one has to manage the beliefs it spawns …

  734. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. If Lin stays with the Lakers, then the team may need to acquire a REAL coach.

  735. did you notice announcers harping on Lin for missing that layup and-1 and also, when he complained about the unsportsmanlike conduct? I thought it was weird, like they didn’t get the memo …

  736. my gf and i love to watch her on what ever that show is we call “up the chute” where they throw someone’s clothes “up the chute”. and go give them a make over. then we go thru and throw each others clothes “up the chute” figuratively but literally getting rid of anything the other thinks is ugly and tasteless.

    (someone should do that with lins perpetual adias flip flops) .

  737. if you notice trade dealine as someone on here answered when i pointed out that all the deals took place just in the last few minutes that anyone actually seriously contemplating something keeps their “cards close to the vest”. of all the rumors that come out; when something actually happens usually its something no one predicted. l

  738. Relax ac … you are awesome. The Lin fans to harp on Lin are not really doing it from a belief system, but a need to cope with life by criticizing someone clearly levels beyond themselves. That’s the nature of online life – you can in 2 sentences be better than anyone, and the cost in working at being good FOR everyone is gone. It will continue their isolation.

    The solution of course is to look inward, at what journey exhibited travails offer us. I learn from every Lin hurdle and his response. Harping on him does me, him, and other fans no good. Learning from his responses, reflecting on how it can be employed in my life, etc … well, let’s just say as an old man I’m green and growing. The Lin fans you are upset at are ripe-you-rot and that is a sad thing at any age. I do have my rotting days, though …

  739. Spock! Calling Brent …

  740. 5×5 …

  741. By allowing him to finish the game.

  742. I just realized that Lin had some words exchange with NETs players. What was wrong?

  743. Houston are a bunch of racist, Lin haters no way is Lin going back there!

  744. Sad that the Lakers have to keep trying to sell how good they “used to be”.


  745. NBA Chinese New Years commercial outtakes:


  746. Mentoring by texting from the golf course and never show up at the office must be strenuous work.

  747. “All hail Sam Hinkie.

    The Sixers …..combined “performance” on Thursday and Friday made this ascent inevitable. Philadelphia dealt away two of its top four players, Michael Carter-Williams and K.J. McDaniels, for virtually no return prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, and in its first contest following that decision, Brett Brown’s club trailed by 20-plus points in a bad home loss to the Pacers.

    It is fair to say that Philadelphia has been better than New York this season, and I would agree with you. However, the Sixers have executed a tanking plan that is like nothing we’ve ever seen in the NBA,” —-brad roland, fansided

    bs will have to bring out the big tank guns if expects to outduel hinkie to the bottom to hold that pick now that its in hinkies hands and lakers have 2 games with philly before the end of the season.

    the lakers have what 28 games left? looking at the schedule i think the only games they might have to worry about “not prioritizing winning” are those two against the master hinkie’s minions. which would make them what 15 and 67

    oh they have a game with east coast version of the lakers from the buss/jackson stable. the nicks so i guess they could get up to 16 and 66 that would have a nice ring to it.

    how does that compare with historic futility?

  748. covered below multiple places. just scroll down.

  749. The easier way is just watch the highlight in the feature comment, at the end you will see.

  750. Jeremy Lin Greeting Happy New Year and Reading Poetry:李白-靜夜思

  751. I will, if I can get a hold of a computer

  752. So Jeremy as SG? wishful thinking….

  753. Starters should be Lin @PG Clarkson @SG Ellington @SF Boozer @PF Davis @Center


  754. Jeremy Lin had 11 points in the 4th quarter.

  755. on a very positive and satisfying note… cf is continuing experience a huge meltdown over their hot garbage wolverine…. hahaha… MELT BABY MELT!!!!!! the numbers are so CLEAR…hahaha

  756. Bojan Bogdanovic made the uncalled-for last layup when the score was 114 to 103 rather than running the clock down with remaining 5 seconds. Lin not happy had words with Nets bench and to Deron Williams.

  757. he was telling them…. rondo sucks and Cuban will beg him to play for the mavs next year…. hehe

  758. Lin told them ” Tank you!” Ha

  759. Forth quarter 18 to 28 Lakers, including Deron Williams 2 points.

  760. “Jeremy Lin Gets on Bojan Bogdanović for Late-Game Layup”
    From Nets’ feed.

  761. Haven’t noticed Rockets at all so has the scrub been benched yet?

  762. maybe soon…. the racists at cf are touting the fossil prigioni right now… hahaha

  763. You know you are a SUPERSTAR ….when even your haters can’t quit you….hahaha

  764. So Clarkson still starts, Lin off bench, SMH

  765. Jordan Hill is gonna get shot one of those days
    such a ghetto

  766. Of course! Why start Lin when you wanna tank? Haha

  767. Dragic will start for MIA tonight….interesting.

  768. Project Management System

  769. assumed they would. why get him if not going to use him. and they had no quality pg previous thats why they got him. (if you can say drastic i can say tankers)

  770. I thought they will play charmers and dragon together

  771. They could start Clarkson at SG and Lin at PG. But of course it would take a good coach see that.

  772. fans hate chalmers/cole; they got rid of cole and chalmers to the bench. chalmers numbers are similar to lins actually but obviously he was utilized much more opportunity to get those numbers. and he shots dreadful %.

    i see yer point with cole gone ….but the reason dragic left phnx (he said) was because wanted to be a point guard. he wouldn’t come here if he was going to “just stand in the corner” and as i said chalmers cant be a sg because he can’t shoot.

    wade i thought said at the asg that he would be ready to go? yes no? if not then it gets pretty thin. yeah. but chalmers pretty sure has been set down.

    maybe see the fabulous dragic bros. on display at some point?

  773. danger of slowing the tank progress just when it is picking up speed.

  774. Just like Lin …. Wow! Jackson said it all…

  775. yeah but would you really want lin to say those kind of things. jackson comes off as kind of a whiner and complainer. he’s already preceived that way.

    imagine would what be the reaction if lin said things like that.

  776. Nor sure yet but I am not happy about why JC is still start? If Lin is really coming off bench that just show Lin is not part of their future indeed. No matter what? I hope Lin can out of Lakers next season.

  777. don’t like dragic now.. he is a whiner.

  778. Good I want to see all these whiners fall flat on their faces…

  779. Jlin will never complain he’s like that… ^^’

  780. Jeremy needs to work on his dribbling and cross overs.

  781. “Two days before the Thunder’s season opener in Portland, Jackson sprained his ankle and missed the team’s first two games. In their third game, the Nov. 1 home opener against the Nuggets, Jackson was cleared to play, but according to a source, refused to because of disappointment that he wasn’t traded before the Oct. 31 extension deadline for first-round picks entering their fourth season, like Harden before him. Jackson spoke at shootaround that morning, coyly saying he probably wouldn’t play that night. Immediately after finishing his session, he grabbed a ball and threw down an impressive drop-step windmill dunk — in front of reporters and his teammates. Remember: This was when the Thunder were piecing together a roster without Durant and Westbrook, and only had eight active players available.”


    Jeremy Lin should never be compared to this guy.

  782. Needs to do something about his free throws too. I’m sure he practices tons so not sure it’s just that he needs to practice. Is his back spasms bothering him? Is it a psychological thing due to bad coach and tanking team?

  783. There were so many blown assists. Hill blew his shot after that full court pass from Jeremy!
    Jeremy is good at that. If it were LeBron, the fans will be elated with the dunk at the end.

  784. That happened after 200+ years and the martyr of Martin Luther King. Good Grief!

  785. [東森新聞HD]林書豪秀舞獅 隔海祝福「羊」眉吐氣

  786. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/21/football/football-chelsea-racism-storm-london/index.html

    Interesting. Why can’t the NBA react to racism more actively like this?

  787. I am watching Heat vs New Orleans now… I think Dragic sure will missing the day in Sun… he is not the main guy.. Wade is.

  788. JLin knows best what he needs to work on. Trust him 100%!

  789. Nets never learned.
    They wanted to score in the last seconds with the long pass but Jeremy expected and intercepted it.

  790. okc is loaded now as they made out like bandits in the td; i wonder who they will remove from the 13 man bench list when adams and durant are available? (and where do they go?)

  791. which is just what he said he didn’t want to do!

  792. Well, when you lose it then you know how good that’s… In Sun it’s a lot better… now he knows what’s to be like Lin in HOU …

  793. Lance Stephenson of Hornets is overrated and Mo Williams is underrated for the Hornets.

  794. I betcha that the Suns is falling away from the last playoff berth quickly.

  795. certainly agree but back to my issues: looks like probably if they decide novak is worth keeping for sharpshooter that woudl be perry jones and jeremy lamb being dropped from bench but again a larger question i dont know the answer too: generally when a team has players on their 15 man roster who have been on the 13 man bench–what happens to them when someone comes back from injury or a trade comes in whatever and they want to keep these players on their 15 man roster technically where do they, where can they put them to hold on to them but keep on their 13 man bench.

  796. thats what their fans thing but i mean i dont know how knight and bledsoe will work together but obviously dragic didn’t want to be there. by my accounting knight was the best player moved at the t.d.

    how he will fit in phnx dont’ know i guess milw moved him because they thought they couldn’t resign him next year but still in the middle of playoffs i think milw is more damaged than phnx.

  797. now if you could just explain “bae” to me.

  798. norris cole (traded from mia and argubably the spot on the roster dragic took) 5pts 2 assists in 7 minutes dragic: 0 point 0 assists in 7 minuts

  799. Yep. And his back up Chalmers is tearing it up!

  800. lin is the standard now by which fans judge bad treatment heres a fan comment on the mia game:

    “No wonder Miami’s losing badly, they don’t have Dragic running point! Looks like they want to give him the Jeremy Lin treatment in terms of appeasing the star player on the team (that being Wade, of course). Disgusting..”

  801. Chalmers plays 8 min for 13 points now… Well, maybe bc it’s the first game for Dragic.. needs to take more time…

  802. Dallas wouldn’t play Amare Stoudmiere for 2 games.
    Miami played Dragic right away with Wade!

  803. i dont think chalmers has scored 13 points in a game this season and hes shooting under 40% he must have really got fired up to show that he feels “lin’d”

  804. not as much of one as reggie jackson!

  805. Bledsoe 3 TOs 1 Assist 2 points 2 Rebounds in 6 minutes.
    Eric Bledsoe wants to do everything.

  806. is knight just not yet available to play or are they just not playing him yet?

  807. Not starting him but play him now. IT is still too early to tell anything about him.

  808. Just went to a college game … nothing compared to even this practice move.

  809. Haha! I think so… Dragic stands in 3P just like Lin in HOU… LOL! I bet he wish he is still a Sun player now. smh! Sun is good for Dragic O not Heat.

  810. Haha. This is why I think LIN likes Naruto who has the nine tail fox demon in him that has fed on the anger of being hated and feared by the leaf village (LIN meanwhile is hated and feared by the NBA). I think he knows all too well the negativity heaped upon him by haters and doubters that seeks to drown and snuff him out. Recently he has talked about being spiritually ready and just yesterday he asked for a prayer group support. Is he asking for spiritual support to quell that demon fox of anger, doubt and hate within him?

    Every once in a while my demon fox slips out and reminds me of those negative feelings and I wind up howling at the moon.

  811. anthony davis back out with shoulder from when he fell bigtime after a dunk a few games ago. it looked really bad at the time.

  812. Jeremy Lin treatment….I hope all the NBA fans know this term, and giving Lin a fair judgment eventually.

  813. Mo Williams is really a stud being traded around the league. He’s a heck of a player contributed significantly to Timberwolves and now to the Hornets. He’s the reason that the Hornets is still contending for a playoff spot. Lance Stephenson simply doesn’t have it.

  814. Dragic’s first game as a Heat in 1st half 15 min 0-5, 0 point 0 AS… Wade run the O most of the time… Dragic sure will miss Sun a lot…. No one pass the ball to him just like Lin … Change the team in mid-season it’s really not a good idea. smh! I really think he made a huge mistake to leave Sun.

  815. Poor Young. He’s not great but he’s good enough to start in this Tankers. Even he’s in shooting slump at the moment, he deserves to start.

    I think this is an honour to be benched or DNP in a tanking team, right? Guess who is the first one to be benched and DNP? That’s our boy, the Anti Tank Lin!

  816. Wow Pelicans still leading against Heat without Davis, they are a legit team!

  817. Phoenix is confusing. There are 2 M Morrises and 2 B Knights!

  818. A whiner comes in with max contract and dragging his brother along, there’s just no way ANYONE on the team is taking it well. Everyone’s probably thinking “what gives?”

  819. He’s catching up now 4/9 FGM

  820. Ya! W 2nd unit he is running the point now.

  821. Mavs used to have 3 Chandlers!

  822. Imagine if Dragic brothers still on this team….

  823. Pelicans are a really good team, I’m surprised thought they were great only because of Davis, got some players who can knock down 3s and great rim protection.

  824. i thought that too. actually i sort of still think that. just think its the “new” heat that haven’t figured out how to integrate their lineup.

  825. actually there arent 2 b knights it only seems that way; 1 b knight 1 b wright.

  826. Yes you’re right. Thx

  827. True and the fact that they’re missing one of their star players Bosh.

  828. Oops yeah you’re right. A Brendan Wright and a Brandon Knight? Right? lol

  829. Too bad OKC won big with their new 7 footer!

  830. The Suns is losing in the 4Q to Chicago. A Brooks is such a big addition to Chicago that proves Morey doesn’t know about talent when he got one.

  831. Chicago is kicking the butt of the Suns with its 2nd unit!
    ABrooks starts hitting his shots in 4Q
    Defense is holding the Suns at bay.
    17:8 in 4Q

  832. Nets (2011-2012) had Deron, Jordan, Shawns and Sheldon – all

  833. You are indeed human living alive and in truth.

  834. Pelicans’ Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson go down with injuries that could be serious. Already missing Jrue Holiday too.

    OKC must’ve cast a voodoo spell on them to steal the 8th spot. How rude. Not like this OKC, not like this.

  835. Plus Sun maybe it’s not as good as past after traded Dragic & IT away… I think OKC will make it to playoff this season.

  836. Rockets vs Raptors
    PB FGM-A : 1-8
    K Lowry FGM-A:2-13

    Some Inconsistency here

  837. BOS PreGame Thread+Poll is now open

    Jeremy accomplished his goals to cut down on TOs (1TO) and having efficient playmaking (18pts/2asts in only 24 min). Jeremy has played well mostly as an SG next to Price who played PG. But Jeremy also had the chance to be a PG in the 4th quarter. Let’s hope this “score first/pass second” mentality continue to help Jeremy with great stats to help his Free Agency in the summer. In this team, he’s their best threat of scoring because he can score so many different ways so he should be the primary scoring threat to make defense collapse on him which open up space more his teammates to score.

    Paul Villareal also made an interesting observation that Jeremy has learned to play within a system when he’s not the main playmaker which allowed him to have great game in DEN and BKN games. Let’s hope Lin continues to solve the puzzle of thriving in the ineffective Princeton Tanking (Prince-Tank) system.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  838. Lin needs a guy like price to give him the ball … worked well earlier in the season. Clarkson and NY both waste too many balls, ruining the team flow. Price is experienced.

  839. Raptors beat Atlanta yesterday. It was a schedule lost back to back on the road. ROX were lucky because Lew Williams was out with injury from game against Atlanta. L Williams scored 7/10 3s off bench to kill Atlanta.

  840. He’s got to get into the move faster and dribbling out in front without turning his body leaves him vulnerable to get it stripped, especially with longer defenders.

  841. In a sense he needs to do what harden does…

  842. Kyle Lowey 37 minutes, 11 points, 7 turnovers
    DeRoazn 38 minutes. 10 points, 5 turnovers
    Beverley 25 minutes, 3 points, 3 turnovers
    Bledsoe, 32 minutes, 13 points, 5 turnovers

  843. Lin needs to work with a PG who doesn’t chuck as many shots and Price can’t score.

  844. Bledsoe is going to suffer without Dragic next to him.

  845. It stands for “babe”/”baby”…

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