G53 LAL @POR Game Thread

With 8 days left before the trading deadline without Lin rumor, it would be a pleasant surprise if Lin is traded away in hopes of getting more PT for a contender rather than a tanking team.

Nevertheless, Lin would keep doing his best to balance scoring and facilitating off-the-bench in his 21-25min

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best in knowing the balance between attacking and facilitating!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. Linsanity!!!

  2. 3rdsanity!

  3. What I want to hear on Feb 19 is:
    “Jeremy Lin set to join George Karl as the new engine of @SacramentoKings!”

    I will break open a bottle of champagne and eat In-N-Out for 3 days to celebrate!
    Animal Style and Protein Style!

  4. And we will celebrate the reborn of a new (fatter) Psalm….lol

  5. yeah, all the sacrifice that I’m willing to do as a Lin fan… LOL

  6. It does not seen you lose something. Instead, you gain some…

  7. LOL .. I gain more in front of the mirror but lose the old belt

  8. Linsanity and beyond!!!

  9. in other news…. cf is in another melt down mode when Howard Beck mention the rockets are still high on Jlin… love it…. melt ..baby…melt.. hahaha

  10. Sorry I have no concept of those terminologies but doesn’t three
    days of in-n-out animal style sounds a little too kinky and exhaustive? That’s some
    major celebration!

  11. This is why I don’t want Lin to be back in HOU, forget not.

  12. WOW, it’s like *** coming true.

  13. Please don’t go back to Houston, terrible fans, terrible announcers, terrible coach, selfish teammates.

  14. lol .. animal style is a special sauce that In-N-Out offers.
    Protein style means we replace the buns with veggies :]


  15. hey, I get that rebirth every day.

  16. I am loving the new swag attitude Lin is giving out in post interview. He is not fully blaming himself, he is also calling attention to the poor coaching in the X’ and O’s and players going Iso’s getting theirs.Lin seems to not be worried about next contract. You go Lin. I know he will make up tonight for last night. Go Lin!!!!

  17. Thought I was banded, couldn’t get back in after that comment of mine. Cool its a balanced meal.

  18. Same reasons applied to Lakers except the fans are much more reasonable here in LA

  19. lin won’t be fooled twice, he will find a team that values team ball and his skills, the rockets and their unintelligent fans should just forget about it.

  20. It’s funny how Taiwan media makes stuff up. Just read an article saying that “rumors are flying wild” on Lin’s trade, while we’re not even hearing crickets from U.S. media.

  21. Don’t know now but then McHale was consistently playing for the other teams when games were close. McHale and BS, brothers from different mothers.

  22. Wanted to see what people’s opinions are on the topics of 1) Draft lottery reform, and 2) Necessity of punitive action towards tanking teams. It can’t possibly be good for the profitability and marketability of league when 1/3 of the teams are quite obviously tanking.

  23. dodging the larger issue just in terms of whats happening with tanking teams, with philly winning one third of its wins on the season in its last ten games, and minnesota with 3 key players back (rubio/martin outscoring the splash bros. so far tonite) also winning 4 of their last 10; it looks like the tankathon will come down to the two storied franchises la and ny.

  24. I really like HB. He told me he did the interview w Lin next day.


  25. Whoever is handling administrator rights to Jeremy’s website did a good job of not letting this Howard Beck piece slip by.

  26. I will buy a JLin Sacramento jersey if that happens.

  27. I wish they have In-N-Out in East coast…

  28. I will not buy a Jlin jersey until he is treated fairly by the team and the coach.

  29. better wait at least 1 year LOL

  30. oh yeah, it’s soooo.. good!

  31. Alright… after one season I’ll buy a Jeremy Sacramento jersey as long as GK stays head coach.

  32. For some reason the first thing that came to my mind when I read your username is Jordan Clarkson.

  33. I do always look out for it, when travel to Cal, happens

  34. We used to have something similar to it, called Hot ‘n Now in Michigan. They were great as well

  35. boston somehow beats atl tonite in boston in a game they were trailing the entire game until just the last little bit.

  36. oh no lakers broadcast

  37. mute

  38. Starting lineup: NBA players (Trailblazers) vs pick up guys (Lakers)

  39. d leaguers at best.

  40. First set of play, the ball already touched every player of Blazers.

  41. the game started already?!

  42. yes. 10 pm. now 7 to 0, 10:53

  43. It’s painful in the eyes how Lillard can outran a younger Jordan Clarkson

  44. It is what it is, and I’m mostly doing a good job now of keeping perspective and staying serene…but every time I see Clarkson as the STARTING pg I have to hit the reset button on my brain’s fuse. It’s so stupid is isn’t even insulting to Jeremy any more. It’s just fuse-blowing childish meanness from an awful “coach”.

  45. hahahahahaha

  46. wow dueling janes dont think ive seen that here b4.

  47. I’m late then!…. thanks

  48. IJ’s a wild woman…she’ll outdo me any day 😀

  49. just remember every time NBA teams use the code-word “rebuilding” when they start a rookie, it means “tanking”

    And starting and finishing Lin means blowing up the tank. So in some sense it’s kind of sense of respect benching Lin/Boozer/Davis. That’s how messed up NBA tanking is :[

  50. Come on Lin. Be aggressive.

  51. Wow, the first unit…I mean the bench…is in already.

  52. well minny isn’t tanking anymore almost beat splash tonite with martin/rubio/pekovic back; and philly has won one third of its games that it won this season in its last 10.

    so it looks like a family affair (jackson/buss) well almost a family affair; for the tankathon. seems to be heading that way for these two storied franchises.

  53. How did JLin get called for that foul

  54. would like lin to go to blazers as 6th man for now. he would fit in really well.

  55. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that….

  56. Obvious choice between Lillard and Jeremy Lin… Jeremy Lin should get the whistle

  57. i no longer watch the games, too painful, just check here and boxscores lol.

  58. I am more interested in clips and rockets

  59. Hope they can cut the lead before Q1 ends

  60. Missed it!…Keep it going Lin!

  61. lol JC the future of the Lakers! Nope, I’m not him.

  62. Unfortunately everyone is cold right now

  63. yeah…it would have been nice if NYoung hit that 3!

  64. I can only imagine BS saying something along the lines of…

    BS: “Everyone is playing soft right now”

  65. I want to see how much of an embarrassment Patrick Beverley is.

  66. Too many long range jumpers…

  67. Finally…Go Lin

  68. LAL need to guard the perimeter!

  69. bench looks worse then the starters

  70. need more time to settle down…I guess…

  71. Playing a back to back, in one of the toughest arenas. Very hard game to play

  72. The amount of screens these Portland guards get…..crazy.

  73. what am i watching

  74. Bcoz they understand BB

  75. after this game ill decide theater to stop watching games. ill check box score but i cant. they are worse lot worse. they actually look like the bench

  76. Starters are back in

  77. I’m done watching games sorry close tv.

  78. yeah…its hard….long sigh

  79. i will watch no more games. the bench looks like the starters. they are slower. they have terrible defense. all iso all day. i cant any more

  80. So..see I was right.. he doesn’t do well in b2b games.

  81. Thats what happens when there is no real coaching!

    Whatever it is…like Lin, we should look forward to summer FA…thats the only positive thingy going on

  82. now i know…its all because of you…now!

  83. should’ve done that couple games ago.. I’m not even watching..just visiting boards.

  84. this game is unwatchable. lin included.
    going to shift to clippers houston game

  85. I wish it was all because of me.. If I have that power.. I’ll make him 20 and 10 every night in just 25 minutes of play.

  86. A playoff team vs tanking team…

  87. maybe lin has the skills to be a star, but he doesnt have the balls needed to be. that is no less important.

  88. stop psychoanalyzing him especially on a tanking team.

  89. non sense

  90. Are you questioning the smartest poster here? It’s not occupatio I’m referring to.

  91. I’ll be optimistic and say since he didn’t do any scoring in the first half, he can find it in the 2nd. He didn’t turn the ball over, I don’t think so, and that’s a positive.

  92. if he can’t even assert himself on a tanking team of nobodies, you expect him to be able to do so with even-bigger-ego guys?

  93. LOL

  94. he is an asian guy from Harvard playing basketball. take about balls will you

  95. LOL unlikely to happen

  96. what are you trying to say?

  97. Remember when he used to play big against Portland? I wonder if Aldridge, Lillard and Matthews are wondering what happened to him.

  98. Nope it’s not about you. Not even referring to you.

  99. is that some underhanded dis?

  100. This game is no different to others…just boring….darn it

  101. Nope not referring to you.I know you. It’s someone else.Someone who keeps on harping how bad Jeremy is ever since that poster went here. Reply is to Brent. You belong here occupation. That certain someone doesn’t.

  102. Zeros across the board in all main stat categories. At least turnoers are also at zero. Can Lin get it together for the second hlf? Inquiring minds want to know.

  103. I only watched when Lin was in, and you’re right: boring.

  104. Exactly

  105. lol sure be the best on a crappy team trying to lose. on a style of offense the complete opposite of yours. playing behind a third stringer then a rookie. yea sure you would feel just great. people forget but this is the first bad team lin has been on since linsanity. he has always been in the playoff. so stop this misguided anger. wait till free agency

  106. There is no point or reason to get frustrated

  107. I don’t know. It’s not exactly an inspiring or inspired game.

  108. We have to wait.

  109. Find him a team who gives that

  110. Doesn’t really matter on a tanking team

  111. I wish he had made that 2 jumpers…well at least he took them

  112. that’s totally discounting the fact that BScott wants him to give the ball away to his teammates

  113. No he knows….he meant Lin does not have the balls to go against it

  114. listening to scott doesnt get him any more than his currrent 20 minutes. i dont see how it matters.

  115. rockets clippers it is

  116. exactly it does not matter either way

  117. As a in fan I want him to do well – tanking or not. Else what is the point?

  118. This game is hard to watch but I like the way Portland plays. Is it me or is Lin’s demeanor or body language on court seem like he’s going through the motions. Seems different.

  119. LOL come back!!! be bored with us

  120. Wow, Brent is becoming a troll. LoL. I feel the same way as occupatio. What does it matter at this point? Better to DNP and not destroy his averages.

  121. We all hope so…man we all hope so

  122. Like I said, it does not matter either way..indeed

  123. I switched off. Another embarrassment of a team. Rockets that is.

  124. lol cant help

  125. you traitor~~ lol

  126. watching them lose is fun

  127. Agree with you. I rather he go down swinging. At least score more than 30 points to get some exposure.

  128. i didn’t say i wanted them to win

  129. THat is not gonna happen….a game or 2 maybe….

  130. yes. but he stopped looking for his shot after that. what happened to that ‘shooter’s mentality’ he once talked about?

  131. How can a fan not get frustrated when their player is shoting blanks? Seriously, is it that easy to feel nothing?

  132. IDK…..maybe he wants to be a better player? not just a shooter? lol

  133. he’s coasting. i dont see how anyone can say he is playing with urgency. whether or not the team is tanking is beside the pt.

  134. Yeap, Lin will never do that.

  135. No one says that…it is so boring indeed

  136. Nor will Scott give him chances doing that either.

  137. I’m pass that , now

  138. He meant it is not like there is a hope somewhere…lol

  139. Looked tha way in yesterday’s game which was why I gotso frustrated. Like he’s not even trying to do well.

  140. If you take that path, you gonna get real frustrated

  141. Better go DNP, and save his energy.

  142. He already is….I mean…it is understandable…

  143. aside from whatever expectations we have for lin’s career, on another level the nba is entertainment and players are entertainers. how can anyone watch this?

  144. Stat too….not just energy…so is his health

  145. perhaps Lin felt when he did, he got 14-15 min before.
    so it’s a dilemma

  146. Jamal crawford hard doubled like lin. But austin rivers wide open for release pass. In comparison I feel lin waits too long to pass out though jamal is much talller and longer. Also why is austin wide open but it seems lin never has an open release point?

  147. There is no way Lin does not know the team does not wanna win

  148. I kind of not understand your Q?

  149. no pt to speculate on something that has never happened. lin has never taken that many shots and get punished for it with low minutes. there is little correspondence between his minutes and his FGA.

  150. JC is looking to go 5/20 Keep shooting JC, keep shooting. Starters getting blownout in 3Q like clockwrk.

  151. because scott has no understanding of the importance of spacing

  152. I think lin holds the ball too long and doesnt see the double coming quickly enough. Also he is not super long and tall to easily throw over the top. He needs to not get trapped or pass out quicker. Crawford almost got stuck but is long enough to barely get the pass away.

  153. That is about the angle…and spacing. That are 2 trap guys behind the DT that are the real threats. Not the DT itself

  154. My point is crawford found the wide open release twice in a row. There of course is a guy open.

  155. 56 -77 LOL

  156. My point is because Crawford is playing for Clippers, not Lakers

  157. crazy is he learning anything

  158. The tank is in full mode for practice target.

  159. Expected

  160. LOL Byron Scott

  161. He learn how to reduce TOVS….

  162. Haha yeah i understand that point

  163. now the bench is crap. laker blown out every game

  164. LOL

  165. Different offense

  166. lin

  167. 1st point

  168. Attack please

  169. 2nd point

  170. Lin…..lol wth..with that

  171. 1 on1

  172. Yay, he burst his cherry … finally.

  173. Young could not even shake off Blake,,, M…

  174. Can’t find the same Jeremy Lin, can anyone?

  175. Lin is intentinally just going thru the motions. I actually kind of like it. Somewhat passive aggressive but it makes the tank and incompetence more obvious

  176. Not sure if that is what he does…..but I like it too actually…

  177. zero pnr

  178. hey if it’s 5 2s. it’s 10 pts if it’s 5 3s it’s 15 points.. on 20 fga.. that’s still better than 2 points on 3 fga..
    hek.. 15 points is still better than 2 points.

  179. the tanking was obvious already

  180. do youy still believe nick young and scott feud it is all drama …young chucking shot after shot he has green light

  181. He is just setting screens and refusing to shoot runners and floaters in the paint

  182. Young is not a good player to begin with…so

  183. lin had to get raped twice to get the foul call.

  184. exactly

  185. What

  186. Young being young, he just don’t care about bscott

  187. pathethic young keep on chucking

  188. Sit down Nick Young! You’re limping.

  189. Ugly.

  190. LOL

  191. what a mess

  192. lol what is young doing

  193. This whole game is beyond ridiculous…

  194. shaqtin-a-game lol

  195. All-star break? that means the season is done now right? lol

  196. Let him chuck, I like it

  197. Not watching. Where is Lin? More importantly, where are Lakers? Inside tank?

  198. M….Young is injured too. The worse thing can happen is to be injured….The worst is to be injured playing for a team wanna lose..

  199. ha

  200. I’m so over this game, that I thought that was the 4th quarter….

  201. the worst is to be injured on a tanking team while fouling in the last millsecond of the 24 second clock

  202. The entire team is on invisible

  203. Yes Sir~

  204. Ellington on point… how?

  205. He gets a break

  206. Lin deciding to run the offense again. I’m so sick of this Princeton offense. You are suppose to stay unpredictable and keep the defense guessing where the shot is coming from. But when the lakers run it they go through unnecessary motions to just find it in the same spot.

  207. and missing those long 2s are horrible to watch

  208. Nice play. Penetrate and dish to Ellington. No one has the speed to stay in front of Lin. Just do that and chuck the Princeton

  209. goodbye nick. won’t miss you

  210. Exactly, I would rather see them chucking 3s

  211. When was the last time Lin went to the basket for layup or foul?

  212. 2 days ago…

  213. been a while

  214. No game two days ago….

  215. That’s about right.

  216. His jump shot is not there so he needs to find another way. SMH

  217. POR defended him from going in the paint & Lin’s shots not falling.

  218. How many TOVs Lin has now? 3 ? 4?

  219. How does she know? She in the game?

  220. uh 0

  221. Oh shoot…I thought a lot…

  222. I has not seen him doing so, even with a block.

  223. exactly my point…lol

  224. Lin’s mission tonight is to prove to BScott that he can have 0 TOs game LOL

  225. What are they running? Ellington brings up the ball, gives it to Lin further out, LIn gives to Boozer?

  226. LOL

  227. This game is lost because of Jeremy’s TOs…er

  228. There’s one

  229. Disappointed?

  230. Not really…

  231. Lin called a triangle…LOL

  232. and his passive aggressiveness.

  233. or lack thereof =)

  234. And ended up bricking a long 2…lol

  235. Lin is playing to not TO the ball, his mindset is on Byrons word about driving into the defense and making bad decisions. So lin is just settling for outside jumpers.

  236. It is more than that…

  237. they are slow

  238. I almost feel Lin is just showcasing how bad BS is for BS…lol

  239. Nice shot Boozer.

  240. That’s it, folks.

  241. Classic 0 FG game… smh

  242. game over

  243. lin isnt coming back to game tonight.

  244. I’m not surprised, his worst shooting nights are on b2b

  245. It’s a sacrilige to say.. but watching Lakers long 2-ball makes me miss Morey’s 3-ball LOL

  246. Except for the last minute lol

  247. Totally

  248. Switching to Rockets. DeAndre Jordan should have just pushed Beverley.

  249. Do you guys think the blazer fans get any enjoyment watching this game.

  250. I’m done watching. scott has finally broken the bench aka best player on the team

  251. Maybe,,,just lack excitment

  252. the draft picksis in the bag…

  253. Smart move 🙂

  254. The offense is slow. There seem to jog around the half court with no purpose. They still end up with a contested shot. You could’ve done better just playing with no system. Oh wait Lin did, it was the rockets no system under the pseudonym “read and react.”

  255. And despite a very long and successful career, Lin never did play another minute on the court as an LA Laker.

  256. just a bad shooting game by Jeremy. Plus B2B still impacted him badly especially this year

  257. *gasp*…. me too lol.

  258. Damage was done in the 3rd qtr by the starters. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

  259. Exactly 20 min bench player time.. smh! But why Young didn’t play?

  260. morey’s idea of 3 ball vs long 2 does make sense…and I had been saying it in the past. It’s similar to trend following in trading if you trade. In trend following, your wins are like 30% but they are MUCH larger than the losses. So the system always wins at the end. So hitting the 3s is harder, but the reward is better.. 34% 3 points (34 times x 3 = 102) will end up beating a 50% 2 points which is 100 points in 50/100 shot attempts, by 2 points.

    Most nba player are 34% 3 pointer shooter or better. most ppl hit the 2 points around 50%. so there you have it.

    Then the foul shots are charity bonuses.

  261. injured

  262. Ya! Now even pad stats time no Lin, Young, & Boozer.

  263. what did he injure?

  264. ANkle it seems…

  265. Ankle. Something with – itis

  266. LOL

  267. It’s the Clarkson/Ellington show now.

  268. the assistant coaches write down everything.

    the offense didnt look better…getting worse..lol

  269. that is why stephen curry and even hardenio is very valuable.. he can hit the 3s at 43 ish percent. that’s big. that is 43 x 3 = 129 vs a 60% 2 point shooter which is 120 points… these doesn’t include charity bonus points.

  270. Is JLin and Boozer intentionally missing their shots?hmmm

  271. mission accomplished

  272. Tank Commander Scott is actually THRILLED with this performance.

    Give that man a medal.

  273. lol…why did you expect them to be in?

  274. let me guess they are soft. cant wait for it

  275. Form of protest?

  276. Don’t RT for him. smh!

  277. the players dd try…the coacing sucks

  278. I don’t. I associate 3-ball with Warriors.

  279. no they didn’t

  280. Maybe… BTW, why Young was not playing?

  281. So with all the injuries piling up… if Clarkson goes down, will BS have no choice but to play JLin?

  282. Not really, they went through the motions.

  283. you sure?…i thought Lin and Boozer had something planned under the sleeve

  284. injury

  285. Idk. Rockets offense seems to get predictable. You end up using a fraction of the spots on the floor. In a seven game series I think you get easier to defend, it’s the rim or the three.

  286. Don’t RT.

  287. it doesn’t matter. forget it

  288. but I also forgot to add that I also did say there are variables.. example.. like the midrange. it can open up games.. this is where morey might go wrong. If you are predictable.. 3s and painted 2s.. they will guard those place well.. midrange (not LONG 2s) opens up games because that add another dimension..

  289. Nah, Ellington will play PG, ABL.

  290. tanking affect performances

  291. lol. don’t worry.

  292. Don’t think so & hope not… I really don’t care what Lin got now.. just keep healthy for next season.

  293. Boozer and Lin wanting their starting positions back on this Tankers team.

  294. Price (elbow)
    Young (foot)
    Hill (hip)
    Kobe (ego)

  295. ABJ

  296. right.. actually read the newer comment I replied to myself above..
    it’s becomes too predictable and that is where morey’s idea might go wrong..
    if someone on the team is a very good midrange shooter (like aldright or garnett), it opens up games..because teams will ALSO have to worry about those midrange areas.

  297. Really? What Happened?

  298. you keep forgetting about bs’s man.. name that PRICE.

  299. Bryon Scott decides to return to the court as a player coach playing PG

  300. Talking about Harden…B2B game for them as well, right…lets see if he could take over the 4thQ as the previous game with 20points!

  301. Oh! It’s about his time for DNP bc Hill about to come back soon… ?!

  302. SO GOOD! LOL! Thanks for the honest laugh.

  303. 3-ball is certainly more efficient if the make rate is decent.
    GSW is much better than HOU though because I think they’re more balanced with inside/outside game.

    HOU is simply relying too much on 3-ball and rim shots that opposing teams don’t guard the midrange game at all. In playoff, the defensive intensity picks up so HOU misses more 3s. Without Lin as the best ball-mover, HOU will also be out in 1st and 2nd round of playoff. At least that’s what I expect to see.

  304. ankle

  305. planned rotation there

  306. I think Mark Madsen will play…

  307. yes.. regarding the midrange.. I guess you were typing when I replied to myself about the midrange in the comment just below.

  308. I think so… BTW, did Boozer play bad… I didn’t watch the whole game.

  309. yeah…they would find some excuse to play others

  310. Maybe walk on tryouts? How many people here play bball?

  311. Yeah…Jeremy would only come in after BScott leaves LAL

  312. A lot I think

  313. lol people buying the injury nick young what coincidence price will be back and some one has to sit

  314. I don’t buy the story bc it’s about time…

  315. nice theory…
    any thing can happens now..

  316. LOL if BS was a pilot


  317. they cannot sit jlin so someone has to sit it is nick young since he is kobe and scott lackey

  318. Lin didn’t have the best shooting night and he didn’t move as quickly as usual.
    I think B2B is the big factor as he also looked sluggish in previous 2nd night of Back-to-Back games.

    Lin 0-6 and Boozer 1-11 w/ 2 points each.
    If I didn’t know any better, I think they made a pact about not caring so much for the tanking team of BScott lol

    But 0TOs/2asts, YEAH! BScott should be happy with Lin’s decision-making tonight :]

  319. and relying too much on Harden

  320. sorry wont buy it the B2B…he knows it is wasted season better healthy in this coming FA

  321. Maybe he & Boozer got the instruction to get less points… Bc Boozer was also shooting bad?!

  322. yes, health is #1 for the summer

  323. Lin ran BS offense to perfection tonight. Clap, Clap . . .

  324. LOL


  326. at least the bench still beat opps bench.. lol.

  327. Shows that Lin is mad at himself because if he was disinterested and checked out of the game, he would not be mad.

  328. or just mad because others are not buying in.

  329. but buying into what???

  330. Yes, that could be the possibility. But I didn’t see Lin get mad at other teammates.

  331. This guy is ding dong

  332. Buying into tanking? LoL.

  333. Anti-tanking.

  334. BScott’s bubble thought: “Finally, Lin is becoming more like my most reliable facilitator, Ronnie Price with 0 TOs.
    Proud of his decision-making!” LOL

  335. No, the opposite. LoL. Lin trying to make everyone tank to run BS’ offense to perfection, but teammates were not buying in and trying to score. LoL.

  336. oh so maybe he’s such a good actor (missed on purpose so they can tank) that he has to performing the acting to perfection.. (slap the seat hard).

  337. Team ball.

  338. Yeah. Ha, ha.

  339. Why would Jeremy want others to buy into tanking? He’s not a tanker.

  340. my theory is .. that empty seat was folded reminding him of BScott’s folded arms so he slapped the seat LOL

  341. I thought the consensus on this board was that Lin HAS TO follow BS’ order? Which is to tank?

  342. lol…he meant winning

  343. That was the most boring game ever… except for the denver game

  344. The opposite of anti-tanking is…winning? Does no compute.

  345. He noticed there was a fly on his seat, so he slapped it hard to get our his anger.

  346. i think you are right..its all confusing now…lol

  347. He wouldn’t hurt a fly lol.

  348. OK, maybe he was mad at missing his Bible study because of this game?

  349. So the conclusion is that it was a mosquito, not a fly.

  350. more McFlurry

  351. I’m pretty sure that fly folded his arms taunting Lin =)

  352. Certainly, mad at himself.

  353. At this tanking rate, Jeremy may soon become McDonald’s unofficial spokesperson…if he hasn’t already.

  354. mosquitoes are nothing but trouble… so yes.

  355. yeah, knowing him .. he can’t be happy with himself

  356. I’m never folding anything again. lol.

  357. all 6 or just 2?

  358. So your professional origami career has formally come to an end…

  359. even folding laundry will remind you of BScott now =)
    it’s okay.. just slap it first LOL

  360. You’re too kind… I was just an amateur.

  361. No folding… hang them all!

  362. or just chuck it

  363. need to get some royalty though

  364. He is going to Hawaii to see dolphins.

  365. On His last trip…the Dolphins were chasing him

  366. I believe Jeremy was sick a couple of days ago and usually it takes 2 weeks to recover from a cold/flu. I don’t expect Lin to be at his best for a few more games. I just got a cold 1.5 weeks ago and I am still only 75%. His touch will come back.

  367. Hope you feel better soon!

  368. The next game is on 20th…he should be fine by then

  369. this break is both lin and we need

  370. yes sir!

  371. Better he rests.

  372. Young was probably asking for it. lol.

  373. Don’t dolphins attack Sharks?
    Nick could be mistaken as a smiling shark =)

  374. Go fishing with Jeffries.

  375. time to treat the scott infection. although only a new team will fully remove it

  376. Temporary relief is better than nothing.

  377. Please work on the jump shot it’ll open up his game

  378. lol…but since this is a joking shark…most likely it wanted to have some fun

  379. At this point, the Lakers would fare better being coached by Serena.

  380. Anyone but Scott.

  381. Don’t forget McF…I mean McHale.

  382. I actually know a guy whose last name is McPhail and he is from Texas. lol.

  383. I actually know someone whose last name is Fail, kid you not.

  384. Hate to be a kid with that name…

  385. Kianainhi ‏@kianainhi808 42m42 minutes ago
    @dartboard_trade @CNM_JLin_Vids @chankpc Noticed he went straight 2 locker rm aftr game. Didn’t even cheer his teammates.

  386. Nothing to cheer about…

  387. How about that new teammate that the Lakers will get from the top 5 protected pick? Oh wait, Jeremy won’t be here to meet him.

  388. Loan shark? 🙂

  389. The only good news for today: rox’ going to lose.

  390. Nah, he should go whale watching. lol Apparently he was swimming with the dolphin & dolphin took him under the water. Probably thought the dolphin was trying to drown him.

  391. I wonder if BS lives by this slogan: “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

  392. I wonder what did BS said about Lin & Boozer today?!

  393. Byron (brain)

  394. Like tanking, that has nothing to do with Jeremy.

  395. Jeremy (heart & soul)

  396. More like “The tanking will continue until draft odds improve.”

  397. You’re basing your statement on the big assumption that there is one.

  398. And they did, dropping from 3rd to 4th (tie with POR) place, with DAL, LAC and SAS trailing by only 1, 1.5 and 2 games respectively. Entirely possible for Rox to drop to 6th or 7th by end of season.

  399. i like her as well

  400. I thought he is going to NY for ASG?!

  401. What’s your JLin-related fantasy?

    Most people don’t like to share their personal fantasies. It’s usually too embarrassing to reveal such private, intimate thoughts. But the way things seem to be going for Jeremy these days, Lin fans in general and those on this site in particular, could use a distraction to lift the mood a bit. To start the ball rolling, I decided to bite the bullet and describe my own, top-three, JLin fantasies:

    Fantasy #1

    In this first fantasy, I am one of Lin’s teammates; we share the back-court. In a playoff game against the Rockets,I manage to smack the ball away from Harden and Lin completes the steal to initiate a fast break. The two of us race down the court passing the ball back and forth several times. We’re both so selfless, that each wants the other to take the shot. I’m about to pass it back to Lin one more time, but at the last fraction of a second I realize we will run out of court so I have no choice but to finish with my signature, monster, slam-dunk. Of course I keep pointing at Lin as we run back on defense and say, I owe you one man.

    Fantasia numero dos (Fantasy #2 for those who don’t habla)

    In this fantasy, I’m granted one wish. One wish with restrictions. For example I can’t wish for more wishes and I can’t ask for anything that will last more than a month. So my one fantasy wish is for me to look identical to Jeremy Lin for 30 days and 30 nights. I mean really look like Jeremy’s identical twin brother. The first thing I’d do is order a gallon size jar of Viagara (can’t leave anything to chance) and a case of condoms. Then, I time it perfectly for when Lin is out of the country visiting Taiwan for the summer. You know those photos where Jeremy is looking away from the dancing Laker Girls or posing with hotties using hover hands? Ha. I would totally destroy Lin’s reputation in no time at all.

    (Disclaimer: a G-rated version of this was previously sent as a response to IJ17.)

    Fantasy #3

    I’ll post the third fantasy a bit later.

  402. He didn’t mention NY in the interview. Maybe he will during the 2 day relaxation.

  403. Aha, I knew Wayne would get it!
    Nice folding pun .. hopefully intentional

  404. Hopefully the first name is Don =)

  405. BTW, where did you see his interview? I didn’t see any tweet from reporter at all?

  406. That Dolphin got Swag! =)

  407. or Lin Shark? :>

  408. I love seeing pics of Lin with kids.

  409. On TWC Sportsnet post game interviews. Seemed interview was cut short. No questions about the game. Interviews included Ellington, Ed Davis, Clarkson, Wes Johnson.

  410. I see… What about other people also short interview? I think w Lin’s bad shooting game tonight so no need to talk about it. Plus they’re tanking….No Young or Boozer?

  411. So why am I dragged here again?

    My only fantasy of Jeremy that is publicly, umm.. viewable is him hoisting a Larry O’Brien and his name called as NBA Finals MVP.

  412. hey, I finally notice it’s *17 now. I like your JLin fantasy that is public.

  413. Fail…Mike Fail. (Not to be confused with McFail)

  414. That’s a good one too. My third fantasy is a little bit corny. It involves the return of Linsanity and Lin getting married. You may be dragged into that one too. I hope you don’t mind. Haven’t written it yet though.

  415. Forgot about Nick Young. Asking him how his ankle was. Main question asked to everyone….what they have planned during the all star break?

  416. Thanks. So glad ony 29 games to go … really can’t take it anymore w Lakers.

  417. Also dmoro…. uhhh dmorrey

  418. He stuck it out with 17. I have, too. 🙂

  419. I think you’d make a good fanfiction writer.

  420. Wow! I thought this question normally for Lin Lin not Young…?


  421. Carlos Boozer, Nick Young and Jeremy Lin weren’t playing at their potential. Boozer couldn’t score, Jeremy couldn’t make play and Nick Young could hit his 3 pointers. They all have one thing in common; they weren’t among the favourites of Kobe

    and Byron Scott.

    One thing for certain to the franchise is they need another coach to sell tickets. Byron Scott, the head coach has no excuse in losing that many games. At the end, Byron Scott would see the end of his coaching career in the worst possible way; an unprecedented losing record.

  422. Young sold tickets that Byron Scott are not selling.
    Won-loss record is always on the coach only. There’s no point of watching Lakers game anymore to most fans. The fan base of the Lakers would be lost. Usually there is only one thing left to be done. Fire the head coach.

  423. You are right bc even FO promise Lin for starting job if he stays but I believe sooner or later BS will use any excuse to make Lin be a bench. Look at how bad they treat Young now… nothing is right for them just like what they did to Lin before….

  424. Young made no 3 pointers too.
    They weren’t the favourites of the coach.

  425. Thanks IJ. Unfortunately, I need to focus most of my effort on non-fiction prophecies.
    The fantasies are just a prelude to more of those…

  426. That’s why they still keep Kobe for selling tickets. Young is not enough…

  427. I am very happy that Jlin took my advice to play his game for the rest of the year. ..either shoot or pass but never drive the lane to risk injury. Keep it up J… we need you healthy for your next team

  428. Nobody wants to pay to see that Lakers get clobbered in home games.

  429. Ya! I think he knows that why he didn’t drive anymore…

  430. I hope not.. Once Lin is out of Lakers I don’t care…

  431. Picture Time!

  432. My summary is “What happens is not limited to that one player, Jeremy Lin. BS affects all players. Another year like this, the Lakers will lose all their fan base. This coach won’t last more than this season. There is nothing for the fans in Lakers games anymore. I believe that the Lakers are giving out tickets to fill the seats now.

  433. Yeah there is more

  434. More more!

  435. Thats it for today!

  436. You folks here are remarkable Jeremy Lin fans. ’nuff said.

  437. Byron Scott is destroying the team. He would have to pay for his pathetic coaching.

  438. So you are not? JK

  439. Lakers Nation ‏@LakersNation 8h8 hours ago

    With a five-game losing streak, Jeremy Lin says the Lakers are playing too much one-on-one.


  440. They lose the game cheer for what?

  441. @gasparthe2:disqus is one of the most remarkable Lin fans. Trust me.

  442. He mentioned he’s going to babyLin’s bball game, bbLin’s last year in college I believe.

  443. Kinda funny because Lin’s favorite animal is the dolphin.

  444. While the Lakers is tanking, the Boston Celtics is very much on their rebuilding; in fact, they’re racing for a playoff spot now. The Celtics are winning games after giving up on their star players, Rondo etc. They’re selling tickets and they have a bright future with tons of draft choices in the future and they are 5-5 in their 10 games; 4-1 in their last 5 games. They aren’t tanking!

    The Celtics are impressive in their 4Q comeback win against Atlanta by outscoring them 28:16 in 4Q and 55:39 in the 2nd half under Brad Stevens.

    Sure happy for the Celtic fans. The Lakers fans are paying the most money for one of their worst records now. When would their nightmare be ended?

  445. It takes some fools to watch these Laker home games.

  446. Celtics have a great and very good-looking coach!! lol BS and Lakers are just out-of-dated…smh

  447. I love the idea.
    They can definitely sell more tickets by having Serena as the head coach. She can certainly fire up the players to win lots more games.

  448. Why didn’t BS and Kobe quit for the sake of the Laker fans?

  449. Introducing your 2014 Los Angeles tankers…starting gunner..#24 kobe bryant, primary driver… #? Ronnie price, the tankers are command by commander bs whom reports to Field Marshall mitch cupchak who in turn report to major general Jim buss…. good luck in your 2014 tanking campaign

  450. Every living thing has a brain; even pigs have brains, I’m not trying to insult the wonderful animals.
    Somebody just doesn’t use it often enough.

  451. It’s outrageous!

  452. lol its OUT-> RAGE -> US

  453. When looking back on how Lakers fans and former players bashed D’Antoni, I have little sympathy for them.lol

  454. Yeah, I agree. D’Antoni is too good for them. Look at what Byron Scott did!
    Magic Johnson is so pathetic. He didn’t blame Byron; He blame Jim Buss instead.

  455. The Celtics is in good shape. Hope they eventually get to the playoff.

    7 Charlotte 22 30 Lost 3 5-5
    8 Miami 22 30 Lost 1 4-6
    Brooklyn 21 31 Lost 3 3-7
    Boston 20 31 Won 1 5-5 (won 4 out of last 5 games)
    Detroit 21 33 Lost 1 4-6
    Indiana 21 33 Won 1 6-4

  456. Only hit me there is no game until 20 Feb. WOW! Good break for JLin and all his fans:-) Time for JLin to recuperate from his illness and gain his strength back for the rest of the season. Wonderful 29 more games to go if he stays @Lakers.

    By any chance, when is the exact timeline for FA? Team and players can begin to negotiate on 1 July but can’t sign until somewhere on 11 July??? Really curious about this.

  457. WOW Karl’s money is even lower than BS’s…I think he would get $5m per year at least.

  458. Hmm can he reel in Boogie Cousins though? No questions, Boogie is a talented big man. I’m not really sure about his attitude though.

  459. I think Cousins will ask for a “trade me” soon.lol

  460. well karl’s doesn’t win a championship.

  461. Neither Fisher nor Kerr won a championship!!

  462. Bleh. I was predicting a comeback game but I think the illness may have affected him. However Jeremy never uses illness or injury as an excuse.

    Notice how some athletes would basically say “I am not saying my injury is an excuse but I am injured”. Jeremy on the other hand never mentions the illness or injury at all.

  463. true as well…on his character…could have been some injury/illness

  464. Yes, I try to be a good fan, but have become disillusioned by the other site. It is what can happen to any gathering of good people if you permit negative or defeatist elements to run you down; a huge contrast to the integrity of the fans at the JLin portal. I salute us for our fortitude :]

  465. We know JLin had flu/cold on Nuggets game. Don’t think he regained full strength this game. In his postgame interview, he did mention about the break would help him to get well….. Thank God that JLin will have this much needed break to work out all the issues that he mentioned in postgame.

  466. My last visit was Dec I believed. Only scanned thru few posts and that was all that I could stomach. Never wanted to revisit again:-) Like @psalm234 of handling the site very much. Thankyou @psalm234.

  467. Thanks, Jeremiah, for your kind words.

  468. If sacramento is intersted in Lin this summer, I am 99% sure he will end up there.

    Lin loves cali. Sac is the only team in Cali where Lin has a chance to still get a decent role. Karl may not love Lin but doesnt seem to hate him and that is already a huge victory for Lin. indian owner vivek is known to be pretty weird about his bball and it would take an odd ball to have the guts to sign Lin. The ethnic owner just might be the lone owner with the willingness to sign an asian american. Lin finished his high school career on a high at sleep train area, seems fitting he plays there in the nba.
    Kings have zero NBA hype around them and Lin would put them on the map. Lins best chance of fighting for a starting spot is on kings vs collison.

    Not gay or cousins fans but whatever. Lin has played with bigger egos and ball stoppers. maybe lin can save gays game.

    We will see if the kings come true this summer

  469. Well you know gasparthe2, I am a great judge of character 🙂

  470. That’s what the Sauce says!

  471. I woke up this morning and finally understood the sense of Jeremy’s agent’s cryptic comments. “Victory is certain.” I believe LA is showcasing Jeremy with the hope of trading him to a contender. However, if they can’t engineer a trade, they have agreed to release him. That explains why Jeremy has been so chill, why he gets consistent minutes every night and why Ronnie has been promised PT after the break. The FO and Lin have been quiet about this obviously because they don’t want to jeopardize their opportunity for a trade where they could get something back. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION THAT MAKES SENSE.

  472. Better days are coming for us!!! I hope Karl can help put us back on the map. I sure hope Lin comes here too!

  473. But they’re both new! Lol. Kerr might actually have a chance this season.

  474. Hope Lin has a relaxing All Star break. Last year, he blogged that he attended a family reunion in snowy Connecticut and watched Josh Lin play for Hamilton College.

    See : http://www.jlin7.com/blogs/journal/12668553-all-star-break-and-the-road-trip

  475. Here’s a charming picture of Lin from August, 2012.

  476. Not bball related, but this is cool…..a tricorder before Kirk’s birthday…..

  477. What? He’s cheaper than BS?

  478. Does anyone know here how much Lin’s buyout cost? _ Usually a contract will have a provision that allows the Lakers to buyout his contract at a much lower cost, thus saving money. At this point, it looks Lin will be DNP’d a lot (Scott said he is putting Price back in after AllStar break). Therefore, it may make sense for Lakers to buy out Lin’s contract or risk the fury of Asian American fan base who will complain every time he is DNP’d…Once bought out, Lin can get picked up through waivers.

  479. New 2015 NBA All-Star Week & Feb 19 Trade Deadline is now open

    We have 1 week break for the NBA All-Star activities in NY. Jeremy can use the time to recuperate from the cold/gastrointestinal issues well. Historically Jeremy has performed well in the 2nd half of the season in HOU after knowing what role he needs to play to contribute to the team. But we never know if it applies with Lakers tanking situation and lineup shuffling all the time to get good excuse to keep losing in the name of “rebuilding”

    Trade Deadline is Feb 19 but it is unlikely Jeremy will be traded because his $6M owed salary and $8.3M cap will be prohibitive for contenders who want to use Lin’s service for 3 months. But if Mitch can swing a surprise deal, many Lin fans would welcome the news for the chance of Jeremy to get more Playing Time.

    It’s clear that Lakers do not want to test Linsanity after Kobe’s injury because they prioritize tanking and Lin is definitely Anti-Tanking and will win more games if given more PT. And we have good ideas that Kobe wouldn’t want to risk Linsanity to rise in LA in his absence to hurt his image as the only hero player in LA.

    It’s a tough situation but as fans, we can only support Lin to keep playing his best and weigh his options in the Free Agency in July 2015.

    Will Jeremy have a chance to play for George Karl in Sacramento Kings? Or join Chandler Parsons in Dallas Mavericks? Or find a role with the Spurs who play beautiful team-ball but not offer much Playing Time with a multitude of PGs (Parker, Joseph, Mills)? I believe Lin will evaluate his options carefully and make the best decision in perhaps 1-2 year contract (2nd year player option) to see if his career can rise again after 3 years of playing with ball-dominant guards who took away his chance to be the main playmaker to fit his game.

    I have a small hope (5%) for a trade chance but I’m not going to count on it.

    Key NBA dates for 2014-15:


    Feb. 13-15 – 2015 NBA All-Star (Brooklyn and New York)

    Feb. 19 – 2015 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)

  480. Weird conspiracy theory: Lin negotiated with Lakers FO after DNP that in exchange for getting 20 to 25 minutes a game prior to All Star break, Lin will agree to a buyout of his contract. What are your thoughts??

  481. Howard Beck wrote, “The Rockets remain high on Lin and are expected to be among his chief suitors this summer.”

    I can’t believe the Rockets would be interested in Lin in free agency. I know Beck’s a reliable source, but he must have gotten some bad info. Even if the Rockets weren’t keeping Beverley, it doesn’t make any sense for them to add Lin.

  482. Lin has low starting 5 value but very high backup value.

  483. I believe Alex sure told Lin he wanted him to come back last summer bc when did you see a NBA owner wrote a thank note to a player? Plus this year NBA Chinese video had Lin & Harden just show .. how much Alex wants to get Lin back… They don’t like PB since last summer.. Well, I hope Lin can have more option but if he has to choice between Lakers & Rox. I will go for Rox.

  484. “Usually a contract will have a provision that allows the Lakers to buyout his contract at a much lower cost.”
    Think about it. If this sentence were true then most contracts would be almost worthless from the players point of view.

    Rather than buy Lin out (which I believe would have to be at a negotiated price) why not just trade him for something minimal in return?

  485. It may make sense for the Rox to want Lin back. But Lin would have to be crazy (or desperate) to go back to Rox while McHale is still the coach. (Harden is less of an issue than the coach, IMO)

  486. I don’t see how they would want him back except they figure Lin’s salary probably will be 3-4 million range?

    I think if Rox tells Lin will get the 4th qtr playing time, maybe Lin will consider it? But those PT are never guarantee

  487. Why would Lin consider a buyout unless there is a guarantee team that will sign him? And I don’t think he can active talk to any team at this time, isn’t it?

  488. I don’t see how they would want him back except they figure Lin’s salary probably will be 3-4 million range?

    I think if Rox tells Lin that he will get the 4th qtr playing time, maybe Lin will consider it? Of course those PT are never guarantee

  489. I am pretty sure if ends up clearing Waivers, someone will claim him which the buyout will do. They can pay minimum, why wouldn’t any playoff team in need of a backup PG, do that. Great way for Jeremy to try out a team.

  490. I don’t think so but remember Lin, Harden, Howard and Beverley got along very well.

  491. Third time’s the charm? It’s really up to Lin to decide what’s best for his career. If he can’t get any starting offer he might consider going back to the Rockets.

  492. Lots of unreasonable hates in the comments so if you can’t take them, skip the comments there.

  493. JLin-related fantasy #3

    The third fantasy, as I said, is a bit corny. But I use it to make a point. You know how when anybody in the British Royal family gets married, the whole world goes crazy? Well I, for one, don’t GAS about the Royals. But if Lin resumed dating and eventually decided to tie the knot? Now, that would be like royalty getting married. This whole site would go nuts. It seems like Jeremy has decided to wait for his career to be more on track before starting his own family; he’s waiting for the Return of Linsanity.

    On Dec 22, 2014 I proclaimed that the Return of Linsanity was imminent. By carefully observing Kobe’s play and stats I realized after the Sacramento game that Kobe’s playing career was over. As I posted previously, to understand why Kobe is done, simply remember the acronym AIM: Aging, Injuries, Mileage. Thirty-six years old is not necessarily too old for a basketball player. And there are other athletes who have recovered from ruptured Achilles tendons. But when you combine Kobe’s age and injury history with his extremely high odometer reading, that’s when you realize that his motor is completely burnt out.

    My prediction of the imminent Return of Linsanity was predicated on a series of 5 dominoes falling: 1) Kobe obviously can’t play anymore 2) Lakers management realize this and plan for a team without Kobe 3) Kobe retires 4) BS is replaced or reprogrammed into maximizing Lin’s strengths 5) Linsanity reappears. Domino # 1 did fall. Unfortunately, the chain reaction stopped at either domino #2 or #3. I didn’t realize it, but domino #3 is nailed into the hardwood: getting Kobe to retire voluntarily would require a multi-megaton explosion. And Lakers FO may prefer to give Kobe one more season to make his slow goodbye, rather than admit his latest contract was a mistake. That being the case, the Lakers current situation is nightmarish for Lin, and it will be just as bad next season. Clearly Lin will go to another team as he becomes a UFA this summer.

    But what about the 29 games that remain after the All-Star break of this season? As I wrote previously in a comment titled “People have short memories,” I think that some contending teams are interested in acquiring Lin for a stronger playoff drive. In fact, in order to get some fun and excitement out of this, I would like to bet against some posters who have argued strongly that Lin will remain a Laker to the end of the season. Specifically, I’d like to see if @JoeTeam and @joyce ward have the courage of their convictions.

  494. Our big men paint protectors:

    Rank 32nd Ed Davis, rank 46th Hill, rank 64th Sacre and rank 192nd Boozer with .17 block per game.

    That’s why they could not protect any lead or stay close in the game.

  495. I dreamt last night about what Lin should be asking for in his next contract. I wonder if anyone could tell me if it’s something that could ACTUALLY be asked for.

    1/ lin should negotiate PT instead of money with GM and coach. Money isn’t an issue with Lin so use that leverage to make sure he’s goig to get a fair shake.

    2/ pay scale should be low to make future team know how serious he is. Maybe 4 mil as a base.
    A/ 24 minutes/game would be paid at 4 mil.
    B/ 28 minutes/game would be paid at 3 mil.
    C/ 32 minutes/game would be paid at 2 mil.
    D/ 20 minutes/game would be paid at 8 mil.
    F/ less than 18 minutes/game would be paid at 10mil.

    Contract would be 2 year with player option for second year.
    Coach must sign agreement.

  496. Never mind about the comments but at least I know Lin will not stay w Lakers. That’s the best news to know….

  497. no team allows role players this type of leverage in a contract. The fact you assume someone would pay Lin 8 or 10 million per to sit on the bench….ok.

    If the Kings were smart, they could probably steal Lin away from 2 million per assuming they really make it clear at worst he will have a 6th man role off the bench.

    I also agree a short contract for Lin is better. Lin needs the flexibility.

  498. You should have seen that #2 and #3 would be roadblocks all along. I did…

  499. I feel this piece is timely right before the trade deadline.

    I almost feel Beck did Lin a solid / favor for either Lin or Tandem sports.

    I think Lin is trying to gain leverage to get traded.

    Beck putting it out there at least 1 other team is a preferable destination for Lin than remaining in LA might stir the pot for the Lakers to consider trading Lin.

    Just total conjecture.

    but timing is important in life and this article’s timing could not be more suspicious.

  500. If Lin resigns in Houston, I am done supporting him. I don’t care if they make him the starting PG with 32 minutes per game.

  501. Gasparthe2, the filthy comments you left on jeremylin.net last night made me so angry that I waited until this morning to write back to you. Apparently your comments were so offensive that the mod there banned you. You are a grandfather. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    JlinPortal. I apologize for coming here to post this. I am not able to contact gaspathe2 from jl.net.

  502. Lin could do well on this team. We all can see it and feel it. The roster is solid and Karl knows how to form a competitive team though he has never won big time except during the Sonics days.

    If I were Lin, I’d lobby to get on this roster and take my chances trying to go head to head against Collison.

  503. Is that possible Lakers to trade Lin after HB’s article said he will move this summer?!

  504. Sorry, I don’t ever read your comments. I routinely collapse your posts and move on.

  505. there is no need to even bother replying to me. I am not necessarily responding to you anyways. Just pointing out why the arguments are flawed.

  506. I admitted in previous posts that I underestimated the power and fan support that Kobe still has. In other sports I’ve followed, veterans start to get smaller contracts as their production declines and they are forced to retire as soon as they suck. But this Kobe-mania is probably a good example where your greater familiarity with the Lakers in general and Kobe in particular gave you better insight into how the Lakers would operate.

    The thing is, I also have no idea what their spreadsheets look like. Do they see greater profit from keeping a failing Kobe compared to starting with a fresh slate ASAP?

    On the other hand, you have made statement about Kobe that I know are mistaken: Yes Kobe has another year left on his contract and yes he will try to start playing again next season. But he will not be able to last more than a handful of games, if that. It will be similar to how Nash tried to play this season. So any talk of Kobe getting yet another contract or playing until he’s 45, is just nonsense.

  507. Smart people will value the most important key to success is starting with a great coach. This is why two of the greatest basketball players ever, Kobe and MJ could not win another ring without Phil Jackson.

    By saying that, on the other hand, bad coaches can also do great harm to their players too, like Lin, Lance Stephenson and Diaw before Spurs.

  508. It is good that someone from Jeremylin.net is able to communicate with me, and it’s too bad that it had to be via this true Lin support forum.

    Check the full blogs and you shall see how the posts developed. I had placed a common post mocking the Hate and disparaging crawling in that forum and compared it with Clutch Fans; it contained not an iota of profanity.

    “Justpassingby” FIRST confronted my post by calling me a [email protected] Then he mentioned my mother and then some profanity about sucking C##$k , you can see for yourself. I chose to respond to his posts in his same perverted manner after I had FLAGGED his post.

    That I should not have even responded to the TROLL in the first place, is what haunts me. We can each, if we so chose, stoop low into the gutter to meet our aggressor. The moderator blocked my posts and left his obscenities.

    Thanks for letting me clear that up. I sincerely apologize for having offended you and any one.

  509. If this is true, that means 2 things to me:
    1. HOU values Lin as playmaker/scorer off-the-bench
    2. HOU has lost significant Asian financial revenue and would like to get richer

    Knowing HOU and Morey is all about math, it could make sense.
    Besides, it’s good for Lin to have potential suitors even if this turns out to be just rumors.

  510. New 2015 NBA All-Star Week & Feb 19 Trade Deadline is now open!


    We have 1 week break for the NBA All-Star activities in NY. Jeremy can use the time to recuperate from the cold/gastrointestinal issues well. Historically Jeremy has performed well in the 2nd half of the season in HOU after knowing what role he needs to play to contribute to the team. But we never know if it applies with Lakers tanking situation and lineup shuffling all the time to get good excuse to keep losing in the name of “rebuilding”

    Trade Deadline is Feb 19 but it is unlikely Jeremy will be traded because his $6M owed salary and $8.3M cap will be prohibitive for contenders who want to use Lin’s service for 3 months. But if Mitch can swing a surprise deal, many Lin fans would welcome the news for the chance of Jeremy to get more Playing Time.

    It’s clear that Lakers do not want to test Linsanity after Kobe’s injury because they prioritize tanking and Lin is definitely Anti-Tanking and will win more games if given more PT. And we have good ideas that Kobe wouldn’t want to risk Linsanity to rise in LA in his absence to hurt his image as the only hero player in LA.

    It’s a tough situation but as fans, we can only support Lin to keep playing his best and weigh his options in the Free Agency in July 2015.

    Will Jeremy have a chance to play for George Karl in Sacramento Kings? Or join Chandler Parsons in Dallas Mavericks? Or find a role with the Spurs who play beautiful team-ball but not offer much Playing Time with a multitude of PGs (Parker, Joseph, Mills)? I believe Lin will evaluate his options carefully and make the best decision in perhaps 1-2 year contract (2nd year player option) to see if his career can rise again after 3 years of playing with ball-dominant guards who took away his chance to be the main playmaker to fit his game.

    I have a small hope (5%) for a trade chance but I’m not going to count on it.

    Key NBA dates for 2014-15:


    Feb. 13-15 – 2015 NBA All-Star (Brooklyn and New York)

    Feb. 19 – 2015 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)

  511. I think in life almost everything is negotiable and Lin should try to get some assurances for these important issues in writing. In general I think what you propose is doable except a pay scale based on minutes. That would not allow the cap space to be predetermined so I think it’s not allowed.

    Instead of a sliding pay scale, perhaps Lin can say, “Team X is offering 8 mil per season. I’ll take only 6 mil from team Y if they guarantee to play me 30 min. The team can then use the extra 2 mil for better players at other positions. I would also add lots of incentive for reaching various milestones and production efficiencies.

  512. Thank you for your reply gasparthe2. In turn, let me apologize for my anger. I know I always enjoyed your posts… um, until last night. 🙂 Just to let you know, the other poster was banned also.

    “Justpassingby” was wrong to disrespect you, but I must say that, in my opinion, you started it. You were also wrong; your initial comment was a troll-bating post.

    That being said, I am happy that you have the Portal, which has grown to be a fine website. You are a staunch supporter of Jeremy Lin, and I am glad we fans have you.

  513. “no team allows role players this type of leverage in a contract.”

    These are not leverage clauses. They are more like win-win incentive clauses. So they are more likely to agree.

  514. Thank you, Phonow, I am humbled by your comment.

  515. I am going “home” now–to jl.net. But my angry heart has healed completely. 🙂

  516. They want to improve other position as they’re already loaded with pg.

  517. But Lakers is tanking right now so why give up a pick if Dragic is a FA this summer? Don’t think Lakers will do it plus Kobe wants Rondo.

  518. correction: why GoodDayLA believes “the arguments are flawed”

  519. of course it’s leverage. You are asking for lower salary with higher guaranteed playing time.

    Nobody in the NBA agrees to stuff like this. They do not want to be forced into playing Lin.

    At most they do handshake deals on playing time. THey will never guarantee playing time.

    Players in the past have accused teams of lying to them, but they never got those promises in writing because no team is insane enough to put it in writing and lock themselves down like that.

    The fact we are even having this discussion shows that I am speaking to really smart people but not people who have followed NBA basketball for a long time to understand these basic fundamental things.

    My point of reference is following NBA deals for well over 3 decades. Nothing has ever been structured like this. Nothing has ever been mentioned like this. Lin wont be trailblazing with new creations of NBA contracts.

  520. while you make complete sense, no team will put in writing that Lin will get 30 minutes or any amount of minutes per game. They just dont do that.

  521. “in writing” may be a bridge too far, but there are gentleman’s agreements. Also, it’s ok to get less minutes in a blowout, etc. Kobe of course checks himself in and out of the game at will. But I know Lin is not Kobe.

  522. Kobe will continue to play until no teams offer him a contract. I can guarantee you he won’t voluntarily retire. He may say he wants to retire at some point because he would otherwise be embarrassed at chasing teams to sign him. Like you I would not be surprised if his body fails him again next season so he is forced to retire.

    Yes we have no idea what their spreadsheets look like. I assume it would be difficult to quantify directly though smart guys like you can probably whip up a formula that project revenues based on smart assumptions and variables.

    I do think Kobe will last longer than you think. He will take it easy and coast a lot for the remainder of his shelf life. If they somehow make the playoffs because he has great talent around him, he may try really hard and end up injuring himself. Otherwise, I dont see Kobe trying that hard except to score on jumpers and just fake it on defense.

    I foresee Kobe playing past his current contract assuming some team whether Lakers or someone else offers it to him & assuming he does not have a career ending injury.

  523. I think your last sentence is key here. Lin is a unique player under unique circumstances. Anyway I hope these are all moot points. On a “normal” team after FA, Lin should do fine.

  524. That’s the problem with dreams sometimes, it makes so much sense there but not so in reality. Lol. I refined it to be more precise but I think we are in agreement about the same thing. Lin needs to make doubly sure his next team will give him a chance to play and not empty promises.

  525. Teams that need a playmaker at PG, either at back up or as lead guard. (1) Rockets – Bev is not cutting it and Bev and Lin have always wrked well in tandem. (2) Dallas – depends what happens with Rondo. They may not be able to afford him. (3) Indiana – definitely needs better playmaking but their half court centric offense may not benefit Lin’s game. (4) NY Knicks – they need talent at all positions but not sure they want to revisit Lin and not sure Lin wants to go back there. (5) Miami – I think Wade is done and they need better guard play.

  526. Saw it on TV.

  527. Why not, harden got guarantees for asg. It did screw up the team incentives. Yours are to steep. It will also screw upvth team play. Dunno.

  528. A) Yes, Kobe will play so long as he can get a contract
    B) He will never get another NBA contract.
    C) Playoffs? Even if he makes it through pre-season, and limps through the season, Kobe takes up way too much cap space to be surrounded with talent and NO star wants to join his team anyway. You see? Once you mention the possibility of playoffs, you lose any advantage you claim to have from having followed the Lakers for decades. I would bet my life that Kobe will never play for an NBA playoff team ever again. He will also not play more than 10 games next season. Mark my words and remind me next November if I’m wrong. Medicine/Physiology/Biology don’t lie.

  529. Lin will not be a Laker next season. So we dont have to worry about that.

  530. Don’t listen to that woman above! Who does she think she is to come here to comment on what you did there? I say you deserved none of that! You are one great lin fan! Stand your ground! Let her heart feel angry or whatever she herself likes to feels! You own nothing to her and no need to apologize to her!

  531. There are so many flithy comments there and I don’t see her going after them?!! Now coming here to bashing you? What a woman! And talk $hxt about this site on the other site, and yet apologized to this site after leaving insulting comment to you, What a woman! She should be shame of herself!

  532. I think Dallas would gladly give Rondo away for draft choices.

  533. Byron Scott started Sacre which implied none of the above except Sacre would stay with the Lakers.

  534. Thank you, guest, I needed that.

  535. It’s ok, thanks again, guest. You made my day.

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