Game 53 Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards: Narrowing Down Potential Lin Suitors Before The Feb 7 Trade Deadline

Will Jeremy Lin get traded? Or will he stay put as an Atlanta Hawk after the February 7 trade deadline passes? Those are the questions running through many Jeremy Lin fans who are faithfully watching their favorite player’s minutes continue to drop before the looming deadline. In the last 3 games, Lin’s playing time has dipped below 20 minutes (19, 11, 14) and the trend might continue in tonight’s game vs Washington Wizards.

Has a trade related to Lin been finalized so it makes sense to phase him out of the Hawks playing rotation? Or it is a matter of giving more playing time to developing young Atlanta Hawks players as they have shown improvement lately.

A Case of Showcasing Jeremy Lin

Looking back to the last 15 games, Jeremy has received the most playing minutes against Toronto Raptors (Jan 8, 2019 with 35 minutes) and Orlando Magic (Jan 21, 2019 with 30 minutes). If these were games that Lin was given the green light to play more and shoot more, he aced the Raptors test with 20 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds with excellent 8-10 shooting while he performed OK in the Magic game with 15 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound with good 5-9 shooting.

It is understandable that both teams (Raptors and Magic) were rumored to have interest in Jeremy Lin in the December and January time-frame. But it is unknown yet if the trade conversations have materialized into a deal with Atlanta Hawks. 

Notable games are against Portland Blazers (4-13 shooting in 21 minutes; 10 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds ) and Sacramento Kings (2-6 shooting in 19 minutes; 11 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds. Lin did not play well in the Blazers game but did quite well in the Kings game except for the limited minutes. Both teams were also showing previous interest in Lin.

But The Blazers might be out of the running for Lin’s services after trading for forward Rodney Hood from Cleveland Cavaliers.

This leaves us with 3 potential trade destinations in which Lin was showcased by being given more minutes or shooting attempts:

  1. Toronto Raptors
  2. Orlando Magic
  3. Sacramento Kings

Lin arguably played the best this season against Toronto Raptors (23 points, 5.5 assists, 2.5 rebounds, 0.5 steal average in 2 games with 83% sharp-shooting) so if performance is the only indicator, the Raptors should be very interested to trade for him.

But then again, there might be other potential NBA playoff teams who might be interested to trade for Lin after watching these strong games.

Dipped Shooting Performance After 12/5 Back Injury

The only downside for a potential trade could be Lin’s worse shooting performance after he suffered the 12/5/18 back injury. His 3-point shooting percentage dropped from an impressive 41% to below-average 26%. This might give a pause to playoff teams who need excellent 3-point shooting to bolster their bench production.

It is only 3 days before the February 7 trade deadline, which ironically schedules Atlanta Hawks to host Toronto Raptors in a Chinese Lunar New Year event. Will Jeremy change his jersey on that day to the Raptors or other NBA’s team? If yes, he probably will not be eligible to play because traded players would need to undergo physical fitness test or be held out from playing to prevent potential injury.

Buyout Negotiation Option If There is No Trade

If there is no trade after February 7 trade deadline passes, Jeremy Lin’s camp would need to decide if they prefer him to stay as an Atlanta Hawk with dwindling minutes which will hurt his Free Agency value in the summer of 2019 or try to negotiate a buyout to allow him to sign with a playoff team in hopes of increasing his market value to get several good offers on a new contract. Hopefully, Atlanta Hawks GM Travis Schlenk will give the green light on the buyout process to help Jeremy get a chance to shine in the playoff in hopes of better contract offers.

In a twitter poll, 82% of 159 people voted that Lin’s agent should negotiate a buyout if he’s not traded and will continue to receive reduced playing time to 10-15 minutes per game.


  1. 1st

  2. 2nd 🙂

  3. Are you rooting for the Raptors, too?
    Or if not, ask for a buyout?

  4. I think at this point, a buy out is better….

  5. This would leave the Lakers with no PG. Hmmm…

    Landed in Indy; update on Lakers-Pelicans talks. Magic Johnson, Dell Demps talked twice today, per source. Lakers willing to give Pelicans cap relief for Anthony Davis by taking Solomon Hill for Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ingram, Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Beasley, 2 1st round picks.

  6. Get that buyout Lin if this happened!

  7. I believe LAL have 2 1st round draft picks they could give up one for Jlin. IMO steep price to pay for 30 games plus hopefully playoffs. But with Ledumb future is now, with AD they would be formidable but they are trading their future- but also their malcontents in rondo, Beasley and Stephenson so that is good. Guess LAL can worry about the future in the future. Pressure on Jlin because all of a sudden he could be starting PG! How funny is that! But if he gets bought out and has his choice of teams I still pick TOR

  8. If Lin comes to join the raptors, it will be Linsanity 2.0 !!!

  9. BTW, did anyone remember if @JLin7 used a Hawks picture as the Twitter profile picture before?
    Currently, it is his own logo

  10. If Jlin goes to TOR I think it will be in a somewhat limited but vital capacity. TOR has Lowry and Vanvleet as their PG’s but has been documented offensive play falls off with Vanvleet because he does not push the pace, and JLin does. If Jlin can get 20 mins/night they will be important minutes, not tanking or “mentoring” minutes. And with this year still a rehab year that will be good enough to contribute to a run at a championship whether divisional or world. There may be times when he can take over too when he gets hot. There has been concern and criticism about his 3 pt shooting but I am not worried. I don’t have those doubts. And of course how he does is going to depend s lot on his coach who I don’t know at all except that he has TOR winning. But he lets Lowry run the team on the floor and that is a good sign

  11. Blake Griffin got traded to Detroit last year, at the trade deadline (Feb, 2018). It’s humorous to read about how they treated him when they were trying to get him to sign as a free agent in July, 2017:

    “When Griffin arrived at Staples Center for his free-agency pitch meeting on July 1, he found the Clippers had erected something of a maze for him with temporary walls. … The maze spat Griffin out onto a couch overlooking the Staples Center court, above the lower bowl. Crowd noise pumped in. The team’s public address announcer declared the Clippers were retiring Griffin’s number. Team employees raised an actual banner into the rafters — a vision of the future they wanted.”

    Apparently, the Clippers also had a choir singing as his jersey was raised.

    And less than a year later he was traded.

    See :

  12. It certainly shows there is no loyalty in the NBA.
    Traded 7 months later after the big signing is so bizarre

  13. I know everyone is hoping for a Raptors trade but I really don’t want to move again, especially not to Canada.

  14. Depends how well Lakers will treat him and how the contract extension goes. Lakers are not rebuilding any time soon.

  15. Instant starting PG if they get Lin.

  16. If he’s not traded then a buyout is a must.

  17. You move every time Lin changes teams? O.o
    What’s wrong with Canada? It’s a beautiful country and much safer than US. Not to mention more Asians there.

  18. Haha, Canada is a great place and I live in Toronto. Truly multicultural as well.

  19. Go Jeremy Go!

  20. Still waiting to hear the “GOOD” news…….:-)

  21. Yes! Score!

  22. Lin, keep scoring!!!

  23. young first quarter 6 min 1 of 3 3 rbs 1 assist +4 2 pts
    lin first quarter 6min 1 of 2 3 rbs 2 assist +11 4 pts

    first round to lin

  24. Lin still missing his 3s but he needs to keep shooting to get out of his slump.

  25. Lin, keep shooting!!!

  26. Is it a coincidence the night before the game where he and Len gets the least minutes (both he and Len) was bowling and it was on social media?

  27. Where is Lin? Play Lin !!!

  28. We want Lin!

  29. Does he look happy out there?

  30. Yes Jeremy! Keep scoring

  31. … and keep playing Lin!

  32. And-1! And he got nosebleed 🙁

  33. Wizards announcers reminisced about Linsanity 7 years ago, “He was incredible in the Garden against the Lakers.”

  34. Nice step-back midrange J .. 11 pts now, 5pts in the 4th

  35. Leave Lin in the game COACH!

  36. IIRC the bowling game was before the Kings game when announcer said his GF came along.
    Then the Jazz game was when he had 11 min

  37. Wonder why Lin’s playing so much this game even more than Trae. Another showcase? Lin’s drives and mid range are golden but his 3s are really ice cold. 0-4 or 0-3 minus the hail mary one.

  38. More angry and taking care of business than happy. Got hit with nosebleed.

  39. At least he got the foul.

  40. It seems not many people at this site are watching this game. JLin may have played his last minutes for the Hawks. He played well, except that his 3’s would not fall…

  41. just finish dinner. How is our boy doing?

  42. because tonight is chinese new year eve, at least I just had a big meal with my family

  43. No, not again! Good to see him angry though. Thanks for the update!

  44. Put Lin back!

  45. Oops … not yet

  46. Need to put Lin back to defense

  47. He’s doing quite well. Shooting, passing, but not trying too hard.
    I think he’s playing safe. Let’s hope he’s just waiting for the trade news

  48. maybe true, Wizards doesn’t have good PG so it could be a minor showcase

  49. no, let them loose

  50. Thanks.

    Fingers crossed

  51. I like the owner of Wizards, he said his team does NOT tank

  52. 11 Hawks played tonight. 9 were in double figures.

    Jeremy was 4 for 9 shooting. 4 rebounds. 4 assists. 11 points

  53. lucky win for hawks. dumb coach and rookie players

  54. And the starter was 2 for 13

  55. Wizards announcers are surprisingly very fair.
    Praised opponent players without reservation.

    Voted Atlanta’s steal leading to Lin’s terrific bounce pass to Bembry as the Defensive Play of the Game.
    “Terrific passing!!”

  56. Lin and Bazemore part ofdefensive play of the game”. Hawks are dumb not to rebuild around these two. Lin as no.1 and Bazemore as no.2 options will have so much chemistry with both being two way players and willing to share the ball.

  57. But I want to see Lin wins…

  58. Only three more days for the trade deadline , right?

  59. Great defense by Bazemore and Lin for the steal! Don’t care for Bremby’s shot.

  60. 3 more days, if a trade doesn’t happen Lin needs to ask a buyout. And if the Lakers rumors are true he might need to ask for buyout trade or not.

  61. Jeremy taught Hawks teammates to sing and wish Happy Chinese New Year.
    Good attempt at singing but they should keep their day job 🙂

  62. yes, I believe Feb7 afternoon.
    If Lin is traded, I don’t think he can play the Feb 7 game.

  63. Baze is 29 and Lin is 30 so it’s too bad the Hawks don’t want to build around older players

    IMO It’s a matter of job security. Trae Young is 20 so they can try to develop him until 25; if it doesn’t work maybe 2-3 more years with younger players. So that’s 5-6 years of job security

  64. Hawks not dumb. They are TANKING. If you are ranking you fo not do things to win. You endure the process. Didn’t we learn anything from Philly

  65. Even with Hood in the fold, they’ve (Blazers) continued to attempt to find ways to bring in another difference-maker to bolster their playoff prospects.

    Portland general manager Neal Olshey was hesitant to make a move at the deadline last year, only offloading forward Noah Vonleh. Since then, other league executives have suggested Portland regretted the lack of deadline action.

    Portland has expressed interest in Pelicans big man Nikola Mirotic, among other available players — Evan Fournier of the Magic, Jeremy Lin of the Hawks, JaMychal Green of the Grizzlies — sources told Sporting News.

  66. Rodney Hood? No disrespect but Rodney Hood? The whole playoff system is a scam on true sports fans. A bunch of meaningless games at the end of the season to extend the revenue flow.

  67. Hope we’ll keep watching more Lin’s tremendous bounce passes

  68. Can’t see a use for Jlin with their two “star” scoring guards. Portland a no-go

  69. Unless the “young players “ bomb out

  70. Wizards beaten by a tanking team. Hard to generate excitement for the home team

  71. Speed of Lin highlights …

  72. They are only 4 games from tying Wizards and Orlando for the 10th seed spot, hardly tanking. At this rate if they can pull off a 5 game winning streak, playoff will be very likely.

    Unless Lin goes to Wizards or Magics. Those two might lose their spot to Hawks.

  73. Easier to sell potential but GM is making a huge mistake. If they drafted Doncic, Lin and Bazemore would give them a solid trio to win the Eastern conference already. Instead they’d rather waste seasons on Curry and Thompson wannabes.

  74. Wizards have zero players who stand out besides Ariza and Beal. Hawks has way more veteran and rookie depth.

  75. Honestly it’s rare to find a guard I like alongside Lin. The last one was Nick Young.

  76. They didn’t win cause of Trae but more because others were shooting well and willing to pass the ball. With Trae taking bad shots, the lead went down to 5 and Wizards almost made a huge coneback.

  77. How embarrassing

  78. Wizards could really use Lin for their playoff push..Let’s hope tonight game will promp them to make a call to Schling for Lin.

    Their PG Satoransky had a good game, putting up 9 assist but only got 11 points in 29 minutes. Lin had 11 points and 4 assist on 21 minutes.

    Sato is 6’7 so he can easily play beside Lin and Beal at the same time

  79. rookie trying to score more than winning

  80. Wizards had much worse chemistry than the Hawks.
    I think the whole thing about trading everyone had made many Wizards lose any excitement or chemistry. They just gave up at the end of the game

  81. true, then it might be 2-3 years job security lol

  82. It’s quite clear by now that Doncic is better than Trae so the Hawks has no choice but to double-down hoping Trae’s numbers are close to Doncic

  83. Here are Jeremy’s teammates from Linsanity. There are really only 3 who are actively playing. If Jeremy hangs on for another 3 years or so, he could be the last to leave.

  84. i would say regardless of descending opportunities thrown in lins face that (looking at the remaining names on the list and where they are at currently) he absolutely will be the last to leave.

  85. Gong Xi Fa Cai to ALL.

    May Lin and Lin’s fan have a prosperous and joyful year ahead!


  86. jlin7 (IG) Happy Chinese New Year!! 新年快乐 谁要红包?哈哈🧧 I’m extremely proud to represent! #yearofthepig 🐷#missingmyfam

  87. “Business Mode” – Is Lin telling us he is discussing trade with…?

    jlin7 (IG) Business Trip, Business Mode!! 4th win of the roadtrip on Chinese New Year…cannot wait to go homeee! 太期待了 兩個禮拜不在Atlanta 終於可以回家了! #ATL #yeezyszn

  88. “Go homeee…” CA?

  89. Remember he mentioned something about God miraculously opens the international opportunity or something like that and his business team is looking into it? So, I think it is true business, unrelated to his BB.

  90. Nets going into freefall since Lin disciples have been injured. Dlo too 20 to get 18. Without Dinwiddle, Levert and Harris to carry on the team first mindset, Nets are doomed by Me-Lo. Haha. Can’t believe how much I despise that team. Atkinson without Lin is useless.

  91. We have seen this too many times…. lol

  92. SO true

  93. Here is an article that pick TOR apart, exposing their weaknesses. In thinking about what team makes Jlin look the best, TOR is a team that with the right catalyst (Jlin) can help to solve some of their problems. Jlin would help TOR maintain their assist ratio by complementing Lowry’s PG play. As the article states Vanvleet is best suited as a spot up shooter and TOR suffers when Lowry is out and Vanvleet runs the team. TOR runs too much iso for their star, Kawhi. Hopefully Jlin, by making others more effective, can reduce this dependence on star iso and get others, including him, involved more in the scoring. If he can do this that would be huge, making other teams defend more players than Kawhi. It is too bad Jlin’s 3 pt shooting is not better at the moment. However I am still not a doubter about his skill in this area. With TY chucking 3’s as well as other ATL players, the team needs someone to penetrate to draw the defense in so the shooters can get good looks. It sounds like TOR does not have the shooters but maybe Jlin’s PG skills can mitigate that problem somehow, or maybe he can turn the “on” switch to 3 pt shooting and light things up.
    an intriguing combo is to have Lowry, a good scorer himself, on the floor at the same time giving them something similar to Lowry-DeRozan, though not sure if that is a good thing since it did not work the best before.

  94. Brian Windhorst: Jeremy Lin is out there. I think there is a good chance Jeremy Lin is going to get traded to somebody who needs a quality guard. – via E—-
    (via hoopshype)

  95. John Wall now out for a year after achilles injury …

  96. That’s great news! It confirms that JLin’s name is still out there in the trade talk with 1.5 day left before the trade deadline

  97. No red packets no love.

  98. I said the same thing about the Rockets rebuild (Lin and Harden), the Lakers rebuild (Lin, Ed Davis, Clarkson, Randle, et al), the Hornets rebuild (Lin, Marvin Williams, MKG, Lamb, Kemba … Let Batum walk away), the Nets rebuild (Lin, D’Angelo, Dinwiddie, Caris) …. but NONE of those teams was willing to include Lin in their future, let alone build a team around that core with him as the glue guy. None of those teams are championship contenders today, and they wasted 7 years of Lin’s career getting kicked around from team to team.

  99. This potential Lowry/Conley trade between Raptors and Memphis might put a damper on the possibility of Lin trade to the Raptors

  100. It is initiated by Memphis so it’s uncertain if Toronto is interested to trade Lowry for Conley

  101. What does Toronto gain by doing so?

    Conley has not done well this year with a long contract.

  102. Thanks for clarifying Conley-Lowry possible trade with this tweet (by whoever this is). When I saw your first post it did not not make sense. If MEM reached out to TOR it kind of makes sense. Not to me but maybe some GM. Jlin/Dedmon, if TOR could swing that trade make much more sense though I don’t know how the trade mechanics allow for this. Best way is for buyout of Jlin and TOR trades for Dedmon. Seems pretty quiet prior to trade deadline. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. If not TOR, then DET is not bad with Griffin playing well and wanting to win. Drummond there too and maybe Jlin could awaken this sleeping giant. Just get out of ATL and play some meaningful minutes

  103. My question too, though the tweet that said MEM initiated the talks makes it more sensical.Also in the tweet that says MEM did not progress very far.

  104. Without details, this trade makes no sense. Lowrey is so much better than Conley that there’s no comparison. Lowrey also has been a great facilitator on the new Nurse offensive scheme. This more likely a phishing tweet to bump up value by someone with vested interest for Conley.

  105. “Brooklyn was tremendously successful down the stretch with Rondae at the four. Their starting lineup to end the season of Jeremy Lin, Randy Foye, Caris LeVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Brook Lopez was Brooklyn’s most played lineup this season.

    That group also finished with a Net Rating of +3.8 per NBA dot com. That number is remarkable in the context of Brooklyn’s overall Net Rating of -6.1.

    RHJ’s move to power forward magnified his speed advantage and made him one of the league’s quickest bigs at hedging on the pick-and-roll.” / /



    (Paskal Siakam and Serge Ibaka both have fast feet, so I would guess same synergy would exist with both)

  106. Everytime I came to this site wishing I would have a pleasant surprise that Lin is traded.

    2 days left.

  107. Kawhi is Raptors deliberate half court field general.

    Lowry isn’t supposed to be great in transition, and Conley didn’t used to be either.

  108. Lowry has been injury prone this year and he’s not scoring as much as he used too, so maybe they see Conley an upgrade since he’s having a good scoring year.

  109. Still give me chills 🙌🔥🏀

    One of the many iconic LINSANITY moments of Jeremy Lin. (2012)

  110. yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Probably just Memphis trying to create market value for Conley

  111. Looks like Gasol might be going to the Hornets so this was just Memphis’ attempt to try to talk to Raptors

  112. with my stats at an all time high (upvotes to posts) ill waste one (post) to report it looks like quite possibly marc gasol to hornets; return is unclear but multiple credible sources are reporting this including hornets own “beat” reporter: and gasol is being held out of tonites game with timberpuppies.

  113. Lowrey has been a very good PG this year that has helped many teammates shine. His scoring isn’t as great mainly because Nurse’s offence is more spread unlike the Casey offence that depends solely on DeRozen and Lowrey for scoring. It’s why Casey was a regular season coach that failed miserably during playoffs.

  114. Well at least Gasol is a legit versatile star unlike overrated Dwight. They will make the playoffs with his help.

  115. No it just means Nets training staff are that horrible causing continuous injuries to their players!

    Only reason why Russell isn’t injured is cause he doesn’t play defense, nor drive much and avoids contact.

    Lin is lucky to have been traded. Another year with Nets and another injury would mean the end of his career.

  116. After what happened to DeRozan, Toronto front office is going to alienate the fans some more by trading Lowry away?

    Conley has also been “injury prone”. Since 2014-15 season, Conley has never played more than 70 games. This season is the exception, so far.

    Last season, only played 12 games. 31 years old, with a longer and more expensive contract than Lowry. Lowry one year older.

    Without looking up the stats, their playoffs record probably comparable. Is Conley that much of an upgrade to Lowry?

    Who knows, OBVIOUSLY, I’m not a fan of how NBA values players.

  117. Agree. Then again, the NBA never makes sense.

    NBA TV, a few minutes ago, with David Griffin (former Cavs GM) said that Toronto has a deep bench and doesn’t need upgrade.

    It’s all a scam anyhow.

  118. If anyone’s interested, Yuta finally getting some minutes with Gasol “resting”. Previously Yuta only got playing time when Gasol was injured for one game and before that 0-3mins and mostly 0mins.

  119. Lowrey has been asked to facilitate more and he has been really great at helping to spread the scoring. When Kawhi is t playing, Lowrey has been the one to make things happen and score as needed. I’ve been very impressed with his ability to step back to help his team.

  120. The media makes a big deal about LeBron being in his 15th season.

    Although not as many games in regular season, or in playoffs. Lowry is 32, and is in his 14th year. And also played in a lot of playoffs. I think there is still danger for Lowry being worn down by the time May rolls around.

  121. I’ve watched many games where they try to rest him after making a big lead only to have VanVleet lose it. This is why Lowrey needs Lin’s help so much.

  122. Good to see you back!

    Happy New Year – hope you had a good time with family in Taiwan. (I think I saw your post about that?)

  123. Even though this was 2012 and a lot of water has passed under the bridge, this is why I have full confidence that JLin can shoot 3 pointers if and when he wants to. If he needs to do it, he will. Quit worrying and complaining out there

  124. Unless there’s any major injuries. The Hornets will most likely make the playoffs this year. Same with Nets. If they get Gasol, MAYBE they get past first round. I doubt it. The other top seeds in the East are so much better.

    Unfortunately. Detroit and Washington have both been disappointments and unlikely to knock the Hornets and the Nets out.

    Unless one of them gets Lin. HaHa.

    But realistically, Washington is now officially a mess. With bad contracts and Wall out even longer.

  125. Absolutely agree. This is why JLin makes sense for TOR among other reasons. Jlin on buyout to TOR, TOR trades for Dedmon. Game on

  126. Another rumor. Everybody wants Conley? I don’t really understand what is all the hype about him.

    As Psalm said, probably put out by Memphis.

    “The Pistons and Jazz are “front-runners” to land the 31-year-old guard, according to a report from The Athletic, which cites unidentified league sources.”

  127. I agree that it makes more sense to get Lin’s help than simply swapping Lowry with Conley.

    I read, or heard somewhere, that Toronto still needs a knock-down 3 point shooter, in addition to Danny Green.

  128. With an era of Memphis coming to an end I hope J Bickerstaff will be fired. He’s a horrible coach and it’s obvious he’s bias against Yuta. He also doesn’t use Yuta as a pkaymaker with his mind stuck on traditional mind set. Yuta should be used like Doncic as the main Ball handler not as a someone standing in the corner nor as PF.

    Watching Yuta being iced out while still passing and not taking any shots makes me sad. It’s no different from Lin. Yuta has the height advantage yet he’s not utilizing it to get his points. I hope he realizes he needs to get his to be relevant.

  129. Cheers! Happy New Year Mak!

  130. The ultimate irony. Although only fair to note that Lin was the youngest of that roster, in addition to rookies Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson.

  131. AND with SETH Curry too.

  132. Hood’s biggest asset is probably that he is currently very cheap. Only $2.4M.

  133. AWWWWW – that was very cute. The kids are good sports, probably no clue who these guys really are. Okay, maybe Lin. Collins, VC, and Prince, good sports.

    Somehow, the Hawks seem much more sincere in doing this. More than the Nets did. Maybe I’m biased against the Nets. LOL.

  134. Yup. Such lost opportunities for Lin. Especially in Houston.

    The NBA ABL. The Anyone-But-Lin League.

  135. I seem to recall it’s been his own logo for quite awhile. Good question.

  136. Thank you. Happy Year of the Pig to you and all! 🐷

    I am visiting my in-laws in Taipei but checking in here often. Hope to see good news for Lin soon. 🙏

  137. He’s shooting and playing very well tonight especially his 3s. Got a steal and drained a 3. Honestly playing and shooting 3s far better than Lin’s past few games. With Conley also available it might hamper Lin’s trade chances for playoff teams.

    But Conley doesn’t make his teammates better and is undersized.

  138. Woohoo Yuta started off 0-3 but made a banked shot and 3 pointer in 4th. Defense and rebounds always solid. Just hope he learns to create his own shots more. Playing off ball as the only Asian player on your team means being iced out all game. I have hopes for Yuta with his physique and shooting similar to KD.

  139. Washington deserves it for giving the franchise to the wrong player just like almost every team in the NBA. It’s exactly why the NBA has gotten boring, rigged, and non competitive. Owners, GMs and coaches are all bias. What they should do is turn NBA into an international league like Europe for soccer/football.

    It’s boring to see favoritism towards one race. The diversity is what makes soccer and world cup exciting. It’s the only time we see stereotypes broken and big countries beaten.

  140. Interesting notice of Yuta’s father he didn’t look to happy until he realized the camera was on them. Being a professional athlete it must be painful to see how his son can be the main or 2nd ball handler in Japan but choose to fight his way through racism while being iced out and barely getting minutes.

    One thing is for sure. If Lin or Yuta ever leaves for a different league I will keep watching them. They deserve more than these marginal treatments. I hope Japan or Euro league will eventually over take the NBA for playing pro basketball because all these politics ruins it.

  141. Conley seems like a good guy, but, he gets hurt quite often too. Like you said, the questions is does he make his teammates better?

    I’m afraid I’ve never been impressed with Conley. Certainly I don’t think he’s better than Lin.

    Just checking box score tonight. Conley ended up NOT shooting well. 6 of 11 from 3. But ONLY 2 of 11 otherwise. That’s not good.

    Can you imagine Lin taking 11 shots from 3? The ONLY time was when he made 9 of 15 in that game in Philly when he was with Rockets.

  142. While checking out tonight’s boxscore re Conley and Grizzlies. Saw that for whatever reason, Jerryd Bayless is STILL in the league, with the Timberwolves. He just played 37 mins with 5 pts and 8 assts. Isaiah Canaan also played 13 mins. And the Wolves lost.

    Meanwhile, Jeff Teague and Tyus Jones were both DNP-CD. Wonder what’s going on there. And which other PG could be traded.

  143. Also probably getting playing time because Omri Casspi is hurt again. And Parsons is being iced out by the front office.

  144. Don’t know enough about the other sports to comment.

    Washington seems like it’s got some decisions to make about the team’s future. Such as, blow it up or not. And to extend Satoransky or not.

    So, I’m NOT saying Lin should go there. But, it would be very ironic if Lin ends up there and leads Wizards back to playoffs, by beating out the Nets or the Hornets. Without Wall.

  145. Have a great time!

    It could be any Lin movements to another team will make it big in Taiwan too! 🙂

  146. Bayless another survivor

  147. Based on what? Lin always outplayed him, IIRC.

    Well, jeez, if Lin played 37 mins, the Wolves would have won. I guess he also got a lot of minutes because Derrick Rose is out again too.

  148. I just said another survivor, not making judgement on comparison of play. Some guys names just seem to hang a round for years and I always wondered what they had, outside of decent BB skills, that allows them to be in demand in the NBA for so long. Jlin has similar characteristics. To someone who is not a JLin fan they might look at him in the same light as Bayless. But to us fans he has been cheated and discriminated against among others things because we know him better. Just like I wonder how Robert Horry managed to be in the right place so many times to win championships. Horry has 5.

  149. Very interesting read.

    Maybe Kawhi isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Maybe he was good in San Antonio because of the other stars who were there, attracting attention from the defense. The minutes at end of games, Kawhi didn’t seem particularly clutch because of the ISO plays.

    And maybe Nick Nurse needs to come up with better plays to run. And how to play to each player’s strengths.

    Funny how the writer suggested names for more 3 point shooters. But no suggestions for any help for Lowry.

  150. Yes, absolutely despise the Nets. Add it to teams I always root to lose. (Not that I watch the games any more.) LOL.

  151. Jerryd Bayless is effectively the Timberwolves 4th-string point guard. Recently, he’s been getting playing time due to injuries to teammates. Here are some interesting comments about that experience:

    The NBA, as Bayless describes it, “is hard.” There are players who get countless opportunities and ample playing time from the outset of their careers, but there are many more who have to scratch, fight and claw for every chance they get.

    Bayless admits he was “on the edge” this season. It would have shocked no one to see him drop out of the league sooner than later.

    “You’ve got to fight every day to stay in it and just hope for something to happen where you can get an opportunity,” Bayless said, “and it’s finally come.”

    Veteran forward Taj Gibson said it’s all about confidence, belief and the backing of your teammates and coaching staff in the NBA. Bayless currently has all of that, particularly from his head coach.

    From :

  152. Hey thanks Arsenium. This is exactly what I was talking about. Good to hear what he has had to go through. It is very similar to Jlin and how he has perservered. Jlin fought his way into the NBA then fought to get his team, BKLN, only to have injury take it away. Bad breaks. Meanwhile TY plays big minutes from day 1 and can’t make a mistake to be taken out. I guess Jlin’s biggest break was MDA. From there on its been hard work and the other things Jerryd mentioned. Here hoping Jlin catches a break in the next couple of days. I admire these guys who are in the league for a long time because it means that they must have done things right.

  153. No trade news. Meanwhile, other Lin news.

    Jaden cute as a button. (What does this even mean? Haha) Looking more and more like Josh.

  154. Jaden is loosing his baby fat in this picture

  155. From Jerryd Bayless in the interview: “Ryan trusts me, Ryan is letting me play the way I know I can play, it’s just the NBA is hard,” Bayless said. “Sometimes it won’t go your way, but I just stuck with it and finally I’ve gotten a chance, and I’m just trying to do the best that I can.” I bet Jlin would ditto Bayless’s comments. Bayless is also 30 y.o. and in the league for 11 years

  156. I don’t think Nets were ever Lin’s team, at least not in SM’s mind. I believe Lin was only the place holder until he found someone to replace Lin because at that time no good player would sign with Nets.

    I also believe if Lin were not injured, he would have make Nets truly his team because Lin is that good. But Lin got injured which gave SM a good reason to find the real franchise player he had been looking for.

  157. Very unhealthy…..

  158. @JLin7 (Jeremy Lin’s IG Story): “Never forgot God’s faithfulness!! “Birth of Linsanity” side note:I’m old smh”

  159. thats the truth about it..JLIN can win a game if theres a need to do so..he’s proven that in the past and still has the capability to do it…

  160. meee tooo..LOL

  161. business

  162. You’re quite welcome. Yes, Jeremy has had to deal with a lot and has done so with a great deal of discipline, resilience and grace. That should be a great source of satisfaction to him.

  163. Jae26Hood’s Lin Highlights. I like these vids. I appreciate the effort. More than what I’m doing, that’s for sure. just wish they weren’t so much later after the games.

    The latest upload is from Jan 23 Game 47, Win over Bulls. Lin had good game, 6 of 10, 15 Pts, 4 Assts, in 21 mins.

  164. From what I have seen (little) of Kawhi’s play he doesn’t seem to be the kind of “star” that you always go to at the end of games. Solid offense, solid defense seems to define him. I think Jlin could help Kawhi to be maximally efficient and that might be enough to win the east.

  165. A LOT of protein though…..Haha.

  166. I always thought JLin was coach KA’s choice and Marks went along.But from the beginning it was clear to me that BKLN was Jlin’s team. I remember comments from his young teammates at the time that JLin was the team leader! Especially after Brook Lopez left. That role, lasted less than a full game, when he ruptured the patellar tendon

  167. You are correct in that’s what happens in the NBA. And that I don’t know enough about Bayless.

    All I can say is that there is still a good chance that Bayless is just not that talented.

    I would say that based on his resume, Bayless had much more chances, and a bigger head-start, than Lin ever had, to succeed. Whereas JLIn has PROVEN he has talent in the NBA, only to have that door slammed on him. Like you said, JLin has faced discrimination. I don’t think Bayless has.

    Bayless was McDonald’s All-American. He was drafted at NUMBER 11 in 2008, at 20 years old, one-and-done out of Arizona, NCAA Div I.

    But I think we agree on the basic premise. I did not mean to turn this into Bayless-bashing.

  168. Thanks for interesting article.

    I am not at all surprised that it’s all about opportunity and that being with the right team, right coach makes all the difference. There are so many examples. Everyday in the NBA. Oladipo, Okafor, Joe Harris, even DRussell.

    What’s sad about how it applies to Lin. Is that Lin already got that one opportunity, and he blew the door wide open. If meritocracy existed in the NBA, he would have been allowed to continue on that path upwards. He didn’t even need to be catered to. Just to be given full support by an organization to develop, make mistakes, and grow. Lin would have been a true superstar by now.

  169. Don’t know what impact on Lin. Reggie Bullock is listed as SG. Not a fan of possibility of Lin going back to Lakers anyway.

  170. Agree!

  171. Psalm already posted.

    But watched this again. One more look at celebration of 7th anniversary of Linsanity. Is that another sign, “7” years later? This one has clips from the movie Linsanity. The best part, Josh Lin just as shocked by anyone by how well Lin was playing. ” The cross-over moves, never done before”….LOL.

    The Bleacher Report replay already has close to a millions views. This one a bit less.

  172. I didn’t want to believe it. But when the Nets traded Lopez for Mozgov and DRussell, it was not a good sign. A lot of talk about who would play off-ball. Pre-season was kind of iffy.

    What kept my hope alive was the Joe Tsai involvement. And the fact that Lin kept saying publicly that he has been told that it was still his team. In so many words. Even while he was rehabbing.

    Well, now we know Sean Marks lied.

  173. HNY everyone! Nice to see JLin playing so well, I sure hope he gets a better team … Y’all are so good.

  174. Happy New Year! Always good to see “old” posters back!

  175. Clippers mentioned as possible for Lin. No PGs involved here. But young rookie SG Shamet. (Looks like Sixers giving up more, because of the picks. Tobias Harris just rental. Will be free agent in summer. Not sure what this accomplished for either team. Guess we’ll find out. If we care.)

    Woj: “Sources: Clippers and Sixers have agreed to trade Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, Mike Scott for Landry Shamet, Wilson Chandler, Mike Muscala, 2020 first-rounder, 2021 unprotected 1st via Miami and two second rounders.”

  176. I thought Tobias Harris was a pretty integral piece for LAC. LAC in run for
    playoffs, surprised they would trade a key piece this late in the season, especially for what seems like draft picks. ALTHOUGH maybe one of the picks is for JLin? Still hard to see why LAC lets a player like Harris go.

  177. gasol deal reported as done fell thru apparently. now being reported as not done.

    on the other hand totally unreported deal does happen: harris to 6ers. (imo clips blowing up team which looks really bad lately anyway).

    moral: almost all rumors never happen. and all deals that actually happen were never reported.

  178. JoeTeam!

  179. where is Lin mentioned as possible link with Clippers?

  180. Athlete, he’ll burn them out anyway.

  181. That’s exactly has Lin has zero confidence in his 3s. He doesn’t take them enough and when a defender jumps at him at the arc instead of drawing a 3 pt foul he passes.

    Honestly 6-11 3s is very good compared to Lin going 0-4. Lin relies too much on his mid range and layups when he needs to make 3s his best option.

    His 3s has only gotten worst over the years and was never developed to create his own 3 pointers like that Raptors buzzer beater.

  182. Hawks promoting their Lunar New Year celebration. Is it odd that Jeremy’s picture isn’t the one they chose?

  183. it is strange and Heurter’s jersey number 7? hmmmmmmmm

  184. yeah, that’s strange..and isn’t the Lunar stuff a Chinese celebration? If so, Lin’s image would be perfect there.

  185. most likely picks will be used to trade for AD and try to sign Kawhi as free agent this summer.

  186. Are they going to trade Lin or not? Eagerly waiting ……

  187. Another good sign 🙂 If they used Lin’s picture for the Lunar Year celebration and he got traded, they could be accused of false advertising

    (Im)patiently waiting *tap,tap,tap* lol

  188. I can’t see the picture from here. Is Heuter’s jersey number 7?

  189. no

  190. Hurray!!!!!

    But does this also mean Lin will not be traded to Raptors?

  191. It looks to be 3

  192. Fingers crossed!

  193. This is a message that Lin is no longer a Hawk #7. Simply said.

  194. More comforting news for those wishing for Lin/Dedmon/Bazemore trade 🙂

  195. Goooooo Lin!

  196. Lin and baze to the same team please.

  197. Kings or Pacers can make the trade most easily due to their available expiring contracts. Sixers or Raps would be my ideal choice…but that may be impossible w/o a buyout.

    Excited to see where he ends up! Even 18-20mpg for a playoff team would be great for his free agency. Not to mention it would be so fun to watch Lin in the playoffs again…he would for sure steal a game or two per series.

  198. Nothing yet on Lin but apparently the Nets missed out on Porzingis and Tobias Harris


    What this means?
    Someone is getting traded?
    Lin, dedmon or bazemore??

  200. Lloyd Pierce talking about what he said to the team today. No details on trades …

  201. I am sooooooo nervous

    Unbreathable…. LOL

  202. Miami to trade Tyler Johnson to the Suns.
    Scratch Phoenix Suns as potential Lin destination?

  203. Breathe 🙂 .. 1 … 2…. 3 ….

  204. he is a SG

  205. TJohnson’s $19M salary might reduce the Suns cap space to acquire Lin
    Not sure if they can make more moves.

    Suns has Devin Booker as the starting SG so maybe they will play TJ as PG?

  206. maybe. i guess they can force that. suns are a bad organization so im happy lol

  207. yeah, this is a head-scratching move by the Suns. They need a PG but they get non-PG. Go figure lol

  208. Doing it LOL

  209. Trae nervous for his teammates?

  210. Suns are bad for a reason

  211. It’s a swap with Ryan Anderson ($19M vs $21M) so not ruling anything out

  212. Yeah, I hope to see Lin on a playoff team!

  213. Only one more day left …

  214. With Thon Maker now Detroit looks better

  215. what is so special about t johnson that they pay him 19 million
    and what SM saw in him..??

  216. There are more signs of Lin not being involved in Lunar Year Event. This increases the chance of Lin being traded. This is current poll of new team (or not) with a summary of the latest news with 1 day prior to the trade deadline.

    While @JLin7 are anxiously waiting for trade news w/ 1 day left, vote which team he will go to (or not) w/ update:
    ➡️Kevin Huerter pic replaces Lin on 2/7 Lunar Year event
    ➡️No post-game Meet & Greet with Lin
    ➡️Coach LP talked to team about trade

  217. 100 percent he is traded lmao yeeeaaaaaa

  218. The disappearance of Lin in the 2/7 Lunar Year event (Huerter picture and no more Meet & Greet) is really the biggest sign of possible trade.

    The question could be WHERE? 😀

  219. But it could also be preventive, IN CASE Lin is traded.

  220. LOL, but thanks

  221. Good point. They’re preparing but it’s not 100% certainty.
    So it might be an indication of serious trade talk that might or might not materialize 🙂 Back to crossing our fingers

  222. Finger crossed,

    Toes crossed

  223. West Coast is best Coast…if traded. Only possible clue if he wasn’t talking about the West Coast road trip.

  224. Woj: The Hawks and Magic have had trade talks with Philadelphia regarding Markelle Fultz.
    Note: It could be from TV/stream segment

  225. Detroit would be a great spot with Blake Griffin. Needs another play maker and scorer.

  226. It was the time when Sean Marks tried multiple offers to Restricted Free Agent (RFA) so it really tied up the salary cap of many teams.

    TJ is good but not that good

  227. “role player” again, I hate Morey

  228. Lin to Philly would be fantastic! Brett Brown has long been a fan of Lin, praising him even as an opposing coach.

  229. how about playing time???????

  230. Unclear, but it won’t be less than Atlanta. And he’ll be playing for a team that can make a deep playoff run. Maybe even to the NBA Finals.

  231. Hmm that’s why Trae posted that emoji. Competition and replacement is on the way.

  232. Yes Morey was the one who destroyed his career. Signing to Rockets was one Lin’s worst decisions.

  233. But he didn’t really have a choice either 🙁

  234. So hate Dolan too lol

  235. We don’t know that since Lin never mentioned it. Cuban was interested too I think.

  236. fultz sux.. why.

  237. who else wanted him then

  238. everfyone thinks he is a fluke after linsanity.,
    not now.

  239. If the phantom injury heals then Hawks would have a 1st round draft PG to replace Trae. They know they messed up. That Doncic pass will haunt them for life.

  240. lin back to the nets!!

  241. if it doesn’t heal..
    I don’t think it will heal.. his shot is messed up

  242. I don’t think as much PT in Philly as other places. In fact though Philly has a good team I would actually rather see JLin go to a Detroit say where he could get more PT. At this point it is a case of where is the best place for JLin to shine? Philly ain’t it.

  243. It’s a head injury:)

  244. NOOOOOOOOO, they do NOT deserve Lin

  245. ATL Interest in 76ers’ Fultz might involve Dedmon or JLin. It’s still unknown.

    ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, as part of his two-man television show with Zach Lowe, pointed to the Hawks as a potential landing spot for Fultz.

    “Teams like Atlanta, Orlando they’ve talked with Philadelphia on Markelle Fultz,” Wojnarowski said. “I think there is a real possibility he’s played his last game with the Sixers, but they’ve got until 3 PM on Thursday to figure that out.”

    Executives and fans are sharply split on what Fultz’s future may entail and, as a result, what his trade value should be at this juncture. Some believe Fultz should be treated as a positive asset (when compared to his contract) in trade talks because of his conceptual upside, with others seeing him as a player projected to fall short of his previously lofty expectations. However, the future-facing Hawks do make some modicum of sense as a trade partner in a world in which Philadelphia is looking to add a player like Dedmon (or even Jeremy Lin) to the fold for a playoff push, and this is a situation to keep an eye on in the coming hours.

  246. Jlin got $25 M/3 years so it wasn’t all bad

  247. If TJ McConnel is traded, JLin can get his 21 min/game PT
    But noone knows yet if 76ers want Dedmon/Lin in the trade talk for Fultz+playerX

  248. No Baze to HOU. HOU does not want the extra year at $19M for Baze

  249. exactly. I don’t see Lin playing much in Philly..maybe 15 minutes once playoff start.

  250. agree here…Eventhough Detroit is currently out of a playoff seed, Lin would get more minutes there and would get a lot of credit if he were to lead them into the 8th seed.

    In Philly, no one will give Lin any credit because they have a lot of stars.

  251. He could receive less time in Philly because of their stars at guard…Simmons, Butler and even redick

  252. Heck no! Stay far away from that injury cursed team!

  253. Low risk either way just like Nets did with Russell. Hawks have many draft picks to find their stars.

  254. I’m sure there were other offers but Lin was naive and fell for Morey’s franchise player pitch.

  255. But he also loss a lot in reputation and money afterwards while being traded to multiple teams with ever decreasing role and minutes.

  256. Alec Burks is listed as an SG/PG and he will replace Shump. I wonder how it affects Kings’ previous interest in Lin

  257. Non-Lin news

    @sport, here’s a nice @nba recognition for Yuta Watanabe and his parents

  258. If lin goes to sixers, i think lin can play more than 20 mins.
    Lin can play around 15 mins as a back up PG and 10 – 15 mins as a SG. Sixers Backup SG is not that good. Backup SG Landry shamet traded to clippers. Another backup SG zhaire smith got injured. Lin can also play along side ben simmons who is 6’ 10”. They can switch when they defense.

  259. Wizards?

    Scroll down to see “latest Wizards video” which is 2010 summer league Wall vs Lin clip.
    The timing is strange.

  260. Did they always had this video before now?

    Wizards is in my top 5 destination for Lin because of more minutes +a chance to make the playoff. Lin would gain a lot of credit if they make it.

  261. No, they just put it up

  262. I agree. Going to the Wizards would be a good thing for Lin!

  263. Interesting…I hope there’s more to it.

    John Wall will be out for the entire next season so they could really use another PG beside Satoransky.

  264. Good finding. This is certainly an odd video highlighting JLin’s accomplishment to outshine #1 pick John Wall. I wonder if it’s recently made
    “Lin, the 6-foot-4 standout went head-to-head against Wall and outshined the #1 draft pick”

  265. I did not find it, I had not visited “the other site” for loooong time, but too anxious for Lin news.

    Someone posted there, but I could not watch it using his link, so I did a bit search myself.

    But the timing is strange to say the least, it is their latest video posted, even later than Wall’s recent surgery news…

  266. I hope they’re prepping their fan for the arrival of Jeremy Lin..but that would be too good to be true.

    My guess is Lin will be traded to a playoff team who will only use him to give their star a breathe on the bench.

  267. I remember Wizards owner said his team does not tank in a recent interview.

  268. That would be so awesome. Lin finally getting a chance to start somewhere to showcase his talent that has been there all this time. Can’t wait to hear where Lin will be playing soon!

  269. I’m just trying to be pragmatic. That is a lot of money and it is after all his “job”. We here perform our job for a lot less money and likely suffer greater indignities. Not trying to be contentious here. We could also say if MDA were not the coac( of NYK and if other PGks had not been hurt then JLin might very well be out of the league 8 years ago. All kinds of if’s ands or buts.

  270. Wizards have a PG in Satoransky and plan to extend his contract…

    Not sure they will start lin over Satoransky if traded to Wizards

  271. WAS trading Porter to CHI so maybe he is eating that anti-tank statement

  272. yeah, was wondering about that too….

    Not another tanking team, pleeeeeeeeeeease

    I will die if Lin goes to another tanking team

  273. Very possible this is Lin’s destination

  274. Conley’s name is now being talked about in trade talks with Wizards. Maybe Lin still could be going to 76ers???

  275. If Wizards are tanking, then it is not good

    But if they are willing to get Conley, they are not tanking

    then why sent away Porter?

  276. But let’s be positive. I think Lin deserves a starting job for one of these NBA teams. I still think he is a very legitimate PG and he just needs a team that will help him to achieve that.

  277. yes, that could be 1 scenario. So far, we only know from Woj that both Hawks and Magic are interested in 76ers’ Fultz. Let’s see if the Wizards join the Lin trade talk

  278. That is true! Hmmm, sometimes I don’t know what the FO is thinking.

  279. you forgot his race

  280. 2010 Summer League: John Wall vs. Jeremy Lin
    NBC Sports
    1 day ago

  281. That is true, but there has to be one team, one coach, one GM to overlook that and give Lin a chance. 🤞

  282. has it in the past 8 years?

  283. No, it was published yesterday or today..

  284. No, but I still think there is a chance he will bring back Linsanity 2.0! We have to all stay positive.

  285. I don’t think Lin would start ahead of Sato but he’s better than him..but Lin would get plenty of minute in D.C.

  286. you’re right but I would rather Lin compete against Sato for minutes instead of Simmons, Fox, redick, Hield Lowry etc etc.

  287. they have plenty of wings and I think Otto will be a free agent this summer..may be wrong on that.

  288. Otto is owed a whole lot of money for 2 more years

  289. They got Lin’s height wrong he’s 6’3″ no?

  290. there goes the King’s hope for Lin. Now remaining team that still has a chance is Lin+Prince for Fultz + fillers.

    Or wait for the buy-out. LOL.

  291. Isn’t H.B 6.8, Small forward?

  292. Happy to hear this..Never liked Sacramento as a good destination for Lin.

    My guess is Atlanta are still demanding a first rounder for Lin.

  293. I’m a Yuta fan 🙂 I was watching this live and felt a sense of difference of Lin vs Watanabe’s parents. Both are also facing racism and unfair coaching. Watanabe’s father looked disinterested and unhappy before realizing the camera was on them and was finally smiling. His entire family played(s) pro basketball in Japan. So it must pain them to see their son treated unfairly when he’s no.1/no.2 option on the national team.

    Yuta’s parents definitely made the right guidance for their son, having him go to prep school and US university for college basketball before entering the draft (still went undrafted). He needed to improve his English, get used to the environment and playing style.

    I’m positive, with Yuta and Rui setting great examples and the right way to come to US and enter the NBA, other Asian players will start doing the same thing. Not playing college basketball nor entering the draft makes it much harder to earn a spot in the league.

    Sure Yuta was getting 0 mins for most games but he got 18 mins when Gasol was out and he’s developing against other G leaguers.

  294. they no longer have the cap space nor player(s) that can match Lin’s salary. Zbo is gone with that trade for HB.

  295. Fact that the rumor was leaked means it’s not happening. All legit trades comes out of no where and is immediately done.

  296. So excited for tomorrow, can’t wait for the good news. I hope Lin gets to start on his new team with 30+ minutes and green light to shoot.

  297. this is cold. barnes was apparently traded in the middle of the game. taken out of the game in the third quarter when the trade was announced. and that’s how he found out i guess.

    sat on the bench the rest of the game. after the game he’s talking to marvin williams presumably someone he knows well with a towel in front of his face so people can’t see what he’s saying. probably commiserating with friend about what just happened.

    he looks really shook. actually i never heard of that before. trading a player in the middle of a game and pulling them out of the game at that point. and i supposed that’s how he finds out.

    (now this is just my interpretation of events from watching the game and piecing together information here and elsewhere; i could be wrong about some of this but uhh i think basic facts are accurate. like i said: cold.)

  298. you are quite optimistic. Don’t be surprise that lin is not going to be traded

  299. I have the same concern

  300. Hawks would be dumb to lose Lin for nothing when they can get draft picks back.

  301. I would guess if Lin asks for a buy out, the Hawks will honor his request. up to Lin.

    they have history to honor buy-out request, e.g. Ilysova and Belinelle last season, whatever their names are. haha.

  302. (you do know lin has never played 30+ minutes for any team ever on a season since his 1st season in houston)

    in fact every time lin fans complain about where lin is and boy it will be some much better when he gets somewhere else. and then that somewhere is worse and they complain again. lather rinse repeat.

    actually every situation in lins career when he has moved has been something worse. (i wont bother trying to go thru all the explanations for how that is true but that is a statistical fact)

    just a. dont be surprised if lin isn’t traded (actually i can’t see any place he could go for the handful of games remaining where he would have a significantly better opportunity than what he has in atl).

    or b. in the event he is traded; that “lin fans” will be saying: oh this is bad, lin needs to be somewhere else.

    and another team just reinforces his “reputation” as a “journeyman”.
    (would be 8 teams in 9 years)

    to me it seems a complete waste of time and trouble to send lin somewhere for what is only a handful of games left in the season only for him to have to move again next year.

    and he has no choice in where he’s going now. at the end of the season he will have.

    i can almost guarantee that if lin is traded (i dont think he will be) his situation there will provide no more minutes or opportunity than what he has had (on the season) in atl.

    ok i been holding this back to keep my stats up but uh its just not realistic the wishing and hoping that lin can get into a much better situation for the rest of the season.

    not happening. if im wrong. ill stop posting here. just trying to defray disappointment. as i didn’t do when i knew the nets had zero interest in bringing lin back and that if they did it would be as a 4th string point guard.

    people were so shocked and upset when nets let him go to atl. shouldn’t have been. once they got russell lin was of no interest.

    hopefully my wish would be lin plays out the season in atl efficiently in whatever minutes he is given.

    and selects a team he wishes to go to next year. whatever happens rest of the season with hawks as long as he stays healthy will have little or no bearing on perception of lin around the league.

  303. Fully agree here….The Hawks will honor his demand for a buy-out if this is wht Lin want.

    No point in keeping a veteran who want a chance of playing in the playoff

  304. yeah, poor Barnes looked shell-shocked and took off his jersey on the way to the locker room

  305. If the player has no clue he is to be traded right up to the minute he is traded then how can we out here in the ether have a clue. Stories like this about Barnes is why you can’t begrudge a player who has some leverage to use that leverage in a way some fans would consider disloyal to improve his situation.

  306. JLin is in a quite good mood joking around with DLo on his practiced Chinese

  307. We are probably more anxious than he is lol

  308. true, players are at the mercy of the NBA teams to be traded or dropped at any time if injured so it’s understandable that players make decisions to benefit their career

  309. probably true … we should take deep breath and relax like JLin
    Maybe he can stop by and tell his fans, “No worries, dude” 🙂

    I started seeing chatters on Houston and I start getting headache lol

  310. I am going to bed now, not going to wait any longer

    Hope he will be traded tomorrow

  311. yeah, don’t be anxious about it .. Lin will be fine.
    Even if not traded, he can request for a buyout. Many teams still want his services for the playoff

  312. Lin graduated from Harvard, he won’t give money back with no guarantees that another team will sign him.

  313. Maybe he already knows what’s happening.

    But no s/o to Lin. And Lin’s a LOT MORE forgiving of the Nets than we are. Ugh. LOL.

  314. I saw DLo’s speech and thought, “It should’ve been Lin”
    It must’ve stung a bit but JLin takes the high road as usual.

    I’m sure if Lin joins an Eastern playoff team and meet the Nets in the playoff, he’s going to try to prove the Nets wrong for trading him. That would be sweet justice

  315. and if nothing happens he’s still 100 times better than us. You guys should worry about your own career. lol

  316. It is true that Lin has not AVERAGED more than 30 mins after that first year in Houston. Each subsequent team has brought its own unique circumstances and challenges.

    Lin also selected the Nets. Nice 3 yr contract. Player option. Trade kicker. To play for a coach who helped him develop. Who was also a friend. In a city with a huuuge Asian population. With a new 49% TAIWANESE owner. Did it make any difference?

    Also, Russell was acquired BEFORE the knee injury. So, looks like Sean Marks “upgraded” Lin the first chance he got.

    But that doesn’t mean Lin should give up. And if he hasn’t given up, I hope that us fans won’t either.

    I get what you are saying. Personally, I’m ambivalent about a new team mid-season. We know how much Lin hates moving, even during the offseason. It can’t be any fun at all to adjust to new team, new coach, new system, new teammates, new city. Again.

    But, from a basketball perspective. We all know Lin loves to play the game, loves to compete, and loves to win. After working so hard to come back from injury. Hard to imagine that he is happy to settle for being a 15-20 min bench player, with yo-yo minutes, on a team that’s focused on the young players.

    So, as grateful as I’m sure we all are to the Hawks for giving Lin the chance to rehab. I also understand those who would like to see Lin on a team that is playing to win. Lin still feels he has not reached his potential. I can see why some of us are still hopeful that Lin can still find that team, and not waste more time with Atlanta.

    Realistic or not, that’s another story. If it’s a trade, Lin has no choice. I don’t think there will be a perfect situation for Lin. But he deserves a chance to go for it.

  317. Thought that was my job but glad to share. Just in case you celebrate it “Happy Chinese New Year!”

  318. Yeah. That was my take too. 🙁

    As long as Lin is healthy, and GETS the opportunity, no matter where or when, Lin will rise to the occasion. He always has.

  319. Well, that was snarky. What’s up with that?

    Seems to me you’re one of the ones constantly criticizing how he should play.

  320. Not going to happen, ATL would be wasting their asset if they let Lin go for nothing. They’re focusing their minutes on developing anyway. Getting only 10-15 bench minutes isn’t going to help Lin seal a new contract deal. If he’s not traded then a buyout will be on the table.

    To be fair Hornets was at least better than the tanking Lakers.

  321. JLin being in the nba after all these years of ref cheating on him, players constantly fouling/intimidating him with reckless abandonment as if to do physical harm, and coaches/superstars bias treatment of him, is in itself a great testament of his character and his desire to fight an insurmountable causes of prejudice/racism in the nba as well mainstream America. He is in a sense our asian Martin Luther King.

  322. Sean Deveney being sarcastic. Goes to show “league executives”, or “league sources”, don’t really know anything. “Three weeks ago, a league executive—like most, predicting a slow deadline week—suggested that Jeremy Lin would be the biggest name moved by Thursday.”

    Whoaaaa, so many teams, so many players, so many draft picks. Who can keep track? Got better things to do. Haha.

    The NBA is a joke. The NBPA is a joke. The CollBarAgr is a joke. It only protects the superstars.

    All these trades back and forth between the same 30 teams. Who share revenues with each other. Just shuffling the cards. Playing musical chairs. IT’S A SHELL GAME CON.

    Tobias Harris will be on how many teams in how many years? Anyone calling him a “journeyman”?

    Once the “stars” like AD and KP and THarris started coming into play. It just causes a domino effect. The GMs all start to panic and want to get into the act. No surprise, a guy like Lin is going to get lost in the shuffle and become an afterthought.

    It is what it is. 13 more hrs to go. If nothing, so be it, or meant to be. I’m just here for Lin, whatever happens.

  323. Or at least, the Asian Jesse Owens, or Jackie Robinson.

    “a great testament of his character ” –

    Yes, ABSOLUTELY! I wouldn’t bother following him otherwise.

  324. Lin probably will…

  325. What else is new? The NBA doesn’t treat players as people. The players are “assets”, or “pieces”, or “salary dumps”. Examples of heartlessness are endless.

    I’m no fan of short Isaiah Thomas with his “back up the Brinks truck”. But look what the Celtics did to him.

    After what Lin has been through in the NBA, hard for me to find much sympathy for anyone else.

  326. But why is it that so few players have leverage?

    The common denominator? The ones who complain the loudest are the ones who were anointed to begin with. With the “superstar” status, with the powerful agents, with the big fat contracts.

    Sorry, I do begrudge those players. They are the ones helping warp the system in their favor. Leaving the little guys “role players” the bread crumbs.

  327. Lin and his agent has to make sure they have a landing spot lined up first. IMPORTANT.

  328. Of course they will have plenty of landing spot.
    The reason a trade may not happen is simply because Hawks demand is very high and that has chased away teams.
    But the same team will surely come for Lin if he’s a buy-out candidate.

  329. I just saw a glimpse on cnbc of lin vs wall during the summer league.

    Man whatever happen to that lin that we know.. He was fast and unhesitant in shooting.. he shoots over people.. it’s like all those stupd rox mentality was gone. fk that man f-u rox.

    it’s like now he hesitate and trying to be unselfish.. if he was like that during summer league, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance with gsw.

  330. that’s why lin was also shell shocked when he got traded from the nets.
    he didn’t expected and thus felt hurt.

  331. players are basically commodities.. and we know what we do with corn, crude oil, pork bellies. etc.

  332. Yes, I totally agree. Lin is a star, had a star mentality and he should be a star.

    But NBA screwed him.

  333. if it’s the wizards, well this lin inthe summer league is different from the currrent lin. the summer league leagues shoots without hesitation. this current lin does.

    it’s only the ppl in the past who played with him knows what he can do and can fix his mentality by waking him up and say go aggressive. example.. Kemba walker played with him during college days and knows what he is capable of.. so he kept telling jlin.. just be aggressive.. i don’t care. Meaning if you can score 30 go ahead.. dont’ worry about outshining me.

  334. imagine lin went back to houston. fk that.

  335. lin remains a hawker!

  336. Stop it

  337. While we wait on Lin trade news (I have no idea what will happen) we can pause to reflect on what he has achieved.

    What I know for sure is that prejudice is real and yet true quality will shine in the end. These 2 contradictory truths are just there.

    Prejudice is real and I hate people denying it. In fact we all should stand up against prejudice but at the same time be aware that sometimes we also have advantages and that our communities can be prejudiced against “outsiders”.

    Also basketball is a team sport. Lin can’t be Jesse Owens and prove everyone wrong singlehandedly. He needs the team to let him lead.

    The NBA has a perverse system where there is no incentive (financial or otherwise) to win.

    I posted on this a long time ago and I see some people here picking up on this train of thought. Better to support the guy you tanked to draft than let some undrafted guy take over. At least you keep your job as gm or scout.

    Yet the few times Lin has been given the opportunity he has proven that he is one of the best. Deserving of a spot in history. Cream rises to the top.

    Also at the same time I cannot blame Lin for having slumps or lacking swagger. After all he has been through, what do you expect.

    I am extremely proud of what Lin has achieved this season after 2 terrible injury filled seasons.

    I am fine wherever he ends up. Just fighting through despite all the limited opportunities is inspiring in itself. I don’t know if the doors will ever open again for him like with D’Antoni and the Knicks but he has my support.

  338. When Lin played for KA, he told Lin he was too selfish. But now look at how DLo plays,double standard much?

  339. Jeremy showing his spirit. No date was given for this quote …

  340. Wizards is trading Markieff Morris so they might go full-tank now

  341. No shootaround for the Hawks today …

  342. plz plz plzzzz

  343. be carefull what you wish for

  344. LAC and now WAS tanking. NOLA effectively tanking by keeping AD out of action. Tanks NBA. John Wall contract is effectively killing WAS BB. Who was the dummy that made that deal? Are we entertained yet?

  345. I think LAC is trying to clear cap space for big names for next season.

  346. To do that they are giving up on this season. Tanking no matter the reason

  347. There are some stories out there about NOLA stringing along LAL on the AD deal as retribution for tampering by Ledumb and AD. If that is true, then hats off to NOLA for taking matters into their own hands after the NBA did virtually nothing about this blatant tampering. Now the LAL are supposed to be in a team turmoil. I’m OK with that too. I am entertained! Hoping the best for Jlin but at this moment it does not look good for a trade and especially to TOR. But if not, so be it, focus on the next stage.

  348. No team wants to trade for Lin? Time is almost up!

  349. I think jeremy is following our comments too lol He’s probably more anxious than we are.

  350. Maybe best thing is buy out then sign with someone, like say TOR. Contract mechanic, i.e. his $13.7 M contract may be hindering a trade. The buyout deals that follow trades are sometimes more significant than a trade and that may be the case for our guy. I hope so, because I don’t see the value of staying in ATL any longer. A buyout may be more interesting in terms of where Jlin goes because he will then have some choice. Maybe that is why there is no chatter about Jlin trade, because teams are waiting for that to happen. Or maybe I am being too optimistic. I am mildly entertained. But the LAL/NOLA fiasco is very entertaining. James now says he is not chasing anything, that he just wants to play basketball, while the team is blowing up. Shaq said AD should take the NOLA money and get Ledumb to come to him. I agree. Ledumb is already wearing out his welcome in LA I would think. Magic too. Jeanie Buss needs to overhaul the FO. Sorry for the rambling.

  351. Toronto is planning to send Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Milles and a 2024 second-round pick to the the Grizzlies for Gasol, league sources tell ESPN. (via Woj)

  352. I guess we should expect to hear something (trade or no trade) close to the 3pm deadline.
    It sounds like the Hawks want to wait for the best deal close the last minute.

  353. wow, for Valanciunas, Delon Wright (PG/SG), CJ Miles (SG/PG/SF) and 2nd round pick.
    They will need more guards, right?

  354. Wow with Gasol, Raptors will be stacked for legit finals and championship run!

  355. You would think. I saw comments that said delon Wright was better handling the ball than vanvleet and if so then Jlin can fill his spot.

  356. Gasol and Jlin to replace wright

  357. One can hope…

  358. there you are 🙂 I wonder if you’ve been busy with work.
    So, trade or no trade?

  359. Obviously hoping for trade. Been hoping for it since the beginning of the season, but maybe Lin can ask for a buyout if he doesn’t get traded. Lin’s not the type of person to ask for a buyout but if he cares at all about his NBA career past this year, he needs to do it.

  360. “What Ayer found was the best combination for any team’s Top 3 players is a high-scoring, high-assist, high-turnover point guard (Ayer grouped players into “clusters,” and those players were Cluster 7); a, “multi-faceted, high scoring wing, with high assists for his position and a great 3-point shooter” (Cluster 8); and a dominant center (Cluster 12).

    Over the years, teams that had that grouping—Ayer points to the 2009 Orlando Magic team that went to the Finals with point guard Jameer Nelson, small forward Hedo Turkoglu and center Dwight Howard—tended to overachieve by a dramatic coefficient (plus-13.6).

    Ayer went through every NBA season since 1977 and broke down what combinations of top players on a team’s roster had the biggest impact on a team’s winning percentage—you could have an incredibly talented Top 3—say, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose on your team, Ayer pointed out, but that combination of three star point guards would not help you win more games than expected…”

    ➡️ ( )

  361. true, at the same time, it makes more sense for the Hawks to trade Lin to get assets rather than letting him walk for nothing. perhaps the Hawks just wants to see what’s the best deal.

    I agree Lin and his agent need to ask for buyout after the minimum usage this season. Lin’s brother was also unhappy with his low minutes so we know Lin’s camp doesn’t like his low usage.

    we’ll find out soon 🙂

  362. Well, it’s not secret Schlenk wants a 1st round pick for Lin, and Lin is worth that. However, not many teams want to give up their 1st rounder for Lin.

  363. In 30 min, we’re about to find out if Lin will:
    – frequent Toronto’s Chinatown
    – go eat Philly Cheese Steak
    – go to Orlando Disney World
    – ..
    _ or call his agent to negotiate buyout with ATL

  364. Sixers, raptors and bucks all got better through the trade.
    Whoever get Lin, there is more chance to win eastern championship. LOL

  365. The Hawks announce a deal. Shelvin Mack, a guard, for Atlanta.

    The Grizzlies are keeping Mike Conley (via Woj) …

  366. true, his lower 3FG% after injuring his back might make teams reluctant to part with a 1st rd pick

  367. Wow, this Shelvin Mack guy has bounced around the league a lot. Was with ATL 2 years ago benchwarming with 7 MPG then traded to UTA same year and became starter with 31 MPG…

  368. Markelle Fultz to be traded, it seems …

  369. so clifford donsn’t think hightly of lin as much as ppl here thinks.. but then again.. only the gm can do this.. not the coach.. so.

  370. Can someone explain why ATL didn’t just waive Dorsey? Instead of trading 1 for 1 and then waiving Mack?

  371. then fultz to atl for lin.
    lin to sixers for the picks

  372. Jonathan simmons is SF/SG

  373. I have been saying Clifford does not and never did think high of Lin

    No NBA coach thinks high of Lin except MDA

  374. no, mda got lucky or desperato (not despacito)

  375. true

  376. If Lin doesn’t get traded, he may not get a 6 man role if buying out. Those teams are not willing to give up something to get him.

  377. so the hawks traded nobody but a non rotation player

  378. oh well the game’s over

  379. Big moves, big moves…

  380. Not over until it’s over and that is still 5 mins left

  381. unlikly

  382. I thought he was good.. why.

  383. kinda disappointed but its ok

  384. because he is not good, in fact he’s not good at all

  385. it is NOT ok

    If no team wants to trade for Lin now, can you imagine any team wants him in the summer?

    Lin, please retire from this disgusted league!!!!!!!!!!

  386. MDA could’ve just let the team tank instead of allowing Lin to win like every coach but didn’t. MDA also sang genuine praises for Lin even told him to keep shooting and ignore TOs. When Woodson took over, Lin’s role as the main ball handler was also over.

  387. There is a possibility that Schlenk is just asking too much if JLIN is not traded

  388. Huh? It just means that either Schlenk’s asking price was too high or Lin might ask for a buyout. Or they want to keep Lin for remainder of the season to complete Trae’s mentorship.

    There has been multiple reports of teams interested in Lin. They’re just not 1st round pick interested, especially after Lin’s injuries in December and shooting slump.

  389. they value him

  390. Fultz not as half good as Lin got traded for 1st round pick and 2nd round pick, plus another player to Magic where a lot people on this forum said their head coach likes Lin

  391. that’s why magic will get fut by the deal of fultz

  392. Maybe someone else to waive.

  393. You go check which playerMagic first round pick AND 2nd round pick were given away for

  394. Not sure this has been posted yet, but it certainly is cynical reminder that things didn’t look promising for trade when I saw this post.

  395. You realize Fultz is much younger than Lin, right? He was also a recent first overall pick. Magic think they can fix him. Lin is not comparable to Fultz. Not sure why you’re even trying to.

  396. hahha this is like torturing lin fans extension.

  397. Good sign, at least it shows Schlenk with activity

  398. It’s not just JLIN fans, its all fans, it happens every season both at deadline and in the summer

  399. his asking prce for his players wee way to high though. non of them traded

  400. hawks literally did nothing this trade period

  401. Roster spot now open on Celtics. Jlin look good in green

  402. Schlenk if he didn’t trade JLIN — could possibly be under some delusion that JLIN could, would resign with Hawks

  403. they barley know how to get all their players playing time

  404. Probably played too much fantasy basketball.

  405. I have no clue why Schlenk made these insignificant moves and didn’t deal Baze, Prince, Dedmon, and/or Lin. Very strange.

  406. Told you they have a dumb GM and HC, otherwise they would not have drafted Young

  407. Hate the Hawks!

  408. because it is his job to trade players to make his team better

    so he has to pretend he is making things happen

  409. He still look good in green though

  410. I’m starting to believe this

  411. Now now, there is no need for that even if they are a third rate organization that doesn’t know talent if it hit them in the face.

  412. I feel like I can do better jobs than most of the FOs in NBA

  413. people can worry no one wanted lin but there was enough reports out there. i think Atlanta wanted too much

  414. Wrong,

    That means teams do not think high of Lin, therefore, they are not willing to pay good price for Lin

  415. wow. had to stay awake a long time to write that many words.

    dont think brent would approve of you going off “one word academy” guidelines tho.

  416. that question is relative

  417. I have nothing on the king of one-liners. Lol.

  418. Didn’t move Dedmon either. Kind of surprised at that, more than Jlin not moving

  419. depends on what atlanta wanted

  420. Supply and Demand. Trade deadline and summer are total different dynamic. Just hope for the best. Another torment July 1st

  421. or bazemore, nor prince

  422. at least lin should be fully healed by then.

  423. Hawks are probably trying to clear cap space so they can give a max deal to Melo.

  424. No matter which team he lands next summer, just hope he is happy and find a coach that would appreciate him.

  425. Still one tiny bit of Jlin drama- if Jlin dies not play tonight in TOR, maybe buyout in progress

  426. exactly

  427. Could be agreed and pre-inked before 3 pm

  428. Schlenk is the worst –
    Talks all season about open to all sorts of deals by deadline Schlenk and then … what?

    But when you don’t want a deal — like being the only General manager to take a flying risk on a knee-less JLIN — he pulls the trigger

  429. No, he already made enough money

    Just retire and boycott NBA to protest

  430. btw buyout could happen

  431. hahahaahah
    now that’s funny

  432. I’m a bit too disillusioned with the idiocy of Schlenk to think that would happen — it could. But the Hawks just advertised for Chinese New Year specials

  433. I agree.. try someone like lebron. I’m sure they will all sent picks or whatever the team trading him away , wants just to get him.

  434. IF Lin dosen’t leave the Hawks, his minutes will decline further. As same as he was in LA. Teams want to develop their young players.

  435. How does it work? Lin finds the team that wants him first and tell Hawks to buy out? What is the sequence of the procedure here?

  436. its mutual. im not sure lin would do it

  437. Teams make the deal, JLIN has no say but he can send subtle signals

  438. While there might still be trade news breaking between 3pm and 5pm EST, I wonder why the Hawks might still keep Lin knowing he most likely won’t resign with them:

    1. GM Schlenk values Lin to be worth a 1st round pick and won’t budge
    although no teams want to give it up, possibly due to lower 3FG% after the 12/5 back injury
    2. Continue mentoring Trae, Collins, Huerter
    They like what JLin does in the stabilizer mode and continue to teach Trae, Huerter, Collins what it takes to close the season strong
    3. Try to make the playoff in the weak Eastern Conference
    The Hawks is sitting at the 12th spot in the Eastern Conference with 18-35 record. They are 8.5 games behind #8 Miami Heat (25-27) . There are 3 teams between them (Detroit, Washington, Orlando) and the last two could be tanking after trading away Markieff Morris and acquiring Fultz.
    Vince Carter + Lin teaching Trae, Collins, Huerter about playoff intensity in their rookie years will benefit them tremendously in their development.

    But the question is will Lin’s camp negotiate a buyout if there is no trade, knowing Lin’s minutes might hover between 10-15 minutes. Will they ask for guarantee that Lin will play 20+min so he can get a good contract offer in the summer?

  439. Why? If a playoff team approaches him.

  440. Obviously just about every JLIN fan would welcome JLIN”s camp donig a buyout

  441. watch he comes with a bam..and psycho you all.

  442. he would have to tell the hawks he no longer wants to be there

  443. They already know by now that JLIN doesnt want to be there, they’ve know for months. JLIN’s not stupid despite his happy talk to the media

  444. Lin: You made enough money already, please retire from NBA

    while Fultz worth 1st round PLUS 2nd round picks and no team wanted to have you for a 1st round pick

    Time to say goodby to this bias, disgusted NBA

  445. Does this mean Hawks were asking too much? Will Lin ask for a buyout now?

  446. I thought his job was to trade players to make other teams better.

  447. And we know Lin’s brother was not happy with his low minutes, that’s even before the recent 10-15 mpg.

    yes, Lin’s agent should try to negotiate a buyout or get a guarantee of 20+mpg playing time so Lin can have the good stats necessary to attract good contracts in the summer of 2019. Otherwise 10-15mpg PT will destroy Lin’s stats and he won’t get any good offers.

  448. Stuff ‘still happening?

  449. no don’t want to do that..
    he want to play in the nba..and win.

  450. sorry, this is old news 🙂

  451. Lin trade value dropped in the last 2 months (after his back injury).
    His 3pt % from 42% to 33%.
    At the same time, the Hawks is getting better.

  452. Look, that day will never come

    He will only be insulted and humiliated by the league putting much less talented players ahead of him

    Leave NBA NOW

  453. Toronto sent Greg Monroe+2nd round pick to Brooklyn.
    Brooklyn plans to waive Monroe

  454. …vs Trae Young’s whopping 30.3%.

  455. Young shoot 3s better than Lin in DEC and JAN.

  456. Guess Young is hurt then.

  457. Remembering Where He Came From: Five Minutes with Jeremy Lin

  458. Going for a jog to blow off some steam hope there is good news when I’m back ( and that the neighbors dog doesn’t chase me….)

  459. I am crying

    Lin’s hardship in NBA mirrors what Asians life in the US

    My kids can be talented, graduate from prestigious colleges, but

    they will still be looked over and treated unfairly in this country

  460. Don’t worry too much. Kids will have their own luck.

  461. plz dont draw conclusion from this. takes two to make a deal. Yall dont know what hawks intentions were. maybe they value lins mentorship alot and was never going to trade him unless a deal like fults happened.

  462. Don’t lose heart.

    If there’s anything Lin’s NBA journey taught us is we have to persevere no matter what challenges are in front of us. Lin said there were miracles that propelled him to achieve the heights of Linsanity. There are obstacles, injuries, jealousy, etc. but he still keeps coming back stronger than before.

    We should teach our kids that life is not smooth-sailing and challenges will keep coming but like Jeremy, we need to keep getting stronger to overcome them. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

    This was MJ’s quote that I tweeted to JLin in 2014 but it still rings true in 2019

  463. MJ played in NBA

    Ask him to take a math competition and see if he could still say the same here

  464. No, Hawks had every intention to trade Lin but failed otherwise their Lunar New Year ad would have used Lin’s picture

    I don’t want to see Lin being humiliated and insulted by the league putting much less talented players ahead of him

    He made enough money. It is time for him to quit.

  465. Can Hawks just waived him? Under contract.

  466. Couldn’t agreed more. I am giving up the racist NBA Lin should be an ALL STAR since Linsanity.

  467. Agree with u 100%! hate the Hawks!

  468. Interesting Houston Rockets buyout list from a Houston SportsRadio610 reporter
    Jeremy Lin is listed #1. I hope it doesn’t have to come to this.

  469. JLIN’s mentorship on the Hawks is way overblown

  470. After this successful road trip, I think hawk management love what they are seeing. These groups of guys have something special here, that can beat some playoff bound team. My gut feeling tells me they want it to last.

  471. He’s valued. He’ll be fine. I actually find Atlanta to be a positive environment but of course wish he had about 25 minutes per game. Next season I hope he’s on a contender.

    It’s amazing how he’s playing after his injury. And let’s not forget he almost didn’t play this season. He wanted to quit. And others with serious injuries aren’t playing, like Robeson. Or Porzinges. And look at what happened to Dipo and John Wall. I take nothing for granted anymore. Still hoping and praying each game that he stays healthy. And so far he’s healthy and has made it to game 54 of 82. That’s 53 more games than last season.

    I’ve watched the NBA a long time. I’m not surprised there is no trade. And I think people got their hopes up. It’s a life lesson IMO. Don’t take trade rumors seriously and see signs of things that may not be what you wish for. Takes two to tango for a trade, sometimes three as you correctly stated.

    I’m going to enjoy Lin for the rest of the season and hope next season he is on a contender.

  472. Their top priority is to get a good draft pick and they will be in the top 5 (worst), if they have to throw games to get there.

    JLIN will never remain a Hawk beyond this season, and perhaps we’ll be talking a new team after buyout soon

  473. Pleeeeeease, everyone knows those expiring contracts are probably not coming back

    I think the GM and HC are dumb, that is the only reason for no trade made

  474. JLIN listed at the top? Is that a good omen?

  475. Pre-Game Research:

    “What Ayer found was the best combination for any team’s Top 3 players is a high-scoring, high-assist, high-turnover point guard (Ayer grouped players into “clusters,” and those players were Cluster 7); a, “multi-faceted, high scoring wing, with high assists for his position and a great 3-point shooter” (Cluster 8); and a dominant center (Cluster 12).

    Over the years, teams that had that grouping—Ayer points to the 2009 Orlando Magic team that went to the Finals with point guard Jameer Nelson [JLin], small forward Hedo Turkoglu [Kawhi] and center Dwight Howard [Marc Gasol] —tended to overachieve by a dramatic coefficient (plus-13.6).

    Ayer went through every NBA season since 1977 and broke down what combinations of top players on a team’s roster had the biggest impact on a team’s winning percentage—you could have an incredibly talented Top 3—say, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose on your team, Ayer pointed out, but that combination of three star point guards would not help you win more games than expected…”

    ➡️ / / / / ( !!!)


  476. They got CP 13 and Austin Rivers remember?

    Plus the Lin I know, he would not trust Morey any more and he knows too well what kind of person/player Harden is

  477. True but my other point was if Houston see’s JLIN as a potential candidate for buyout, perhaps other NBA taeams will as well

  478. JLIN has paid money to his agents for a long time – his last contract made them good cash — NOW JLIN’s agents please do your job and get JLIN off this team to a good playoff landing spot — and convince Schlenk to agree to JLIN’s buyout

  479. That still tells me teams do not value him, only want freebie, not willing to give up picks for Lin which is concern for his next and maybe last NBA contract if he does not follow my suggesting to retire

  480. So is Lin playing tonight?

  481. Or that they would only give 2 second round picks and Schlenk wanted 1 First rounder

  482. MJ is probably no math wiz 🙂
    But he reported has a high IQ of 154 so he’s very intelligent

    I think whatever fields we have, his words can definitely apply regarding overcoming roadblocks.

  483. remember Clifford’s team gave up 1 first round AND 1 2nd round for the lousy Fultz.

    Tell me NBA is not biased, tell me Clifford thought high of Lin

    People are too naive. Handwriting is on the wall.

  484. Of course they are biased but realize that Fulz is a former #1 OVERALL Draft Pick so that has much cachet so teams willing to take a chance that he rehabs

  485. Not certain this has been posted yet:

    JLIN is also listed first in this Toronto Raptors fansite about potential buyout candidates/targets
    Top buyout candidates after the NBA trade deadline – Jeremy Lin

  486. I don’t know MJ is good at math or not.

    My point is he could succeed in NBA because it was a field saturated with his race.

    If he had succeeded in an environment not many people from his background had succeeded, then what he said had a point.

    Otherwise, it is not relevant.

  487. True but it doesn’t mean they can’t go to the playoffs to make the GM look less dumb for passing on Doncic.

    They are only 4 games from 10th seed in the east. With Wizards tanking and Magics not going anywhere. Hawks can certainly move up from here.

  488. you are the firs tone posted this.

  489. Thank God JLin is not like these 2 poor guys.

    Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin got traded 3 times in 4 days, only to be waived by the Pacers. NBA is ruthless, players become commodities.

  490. Lin’s not doing a buyout in all likelihood. It’s ok to use the remaining season, fully recover and then try to enter into a contract with a playoff bound team. It’s no biggie that he did not get traded.

  491. When a team and player want to split, they mutually agree that the player will be waived. The player’s agent and the team negotiate what portion of a player’s contract will need to be forfeited to set him free. Sometimes, a player has to give everything up to leave. Other times, it’s just a portion of his salary. It’s a case-by-case basis.

    When a player is waived, he becomes an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any team interested.

    He just has to clear waivers first.

    Wait, what are waivers?
    Waivers is a 48-hour period where teams are allowed to bid on a player’s contract, and if they win the bid, that player no longer enters unrestricted free agency. Instead, he signs with the team that placed the winning bid. The team making the bid has to be able to fit the player’s existing contract into its payroll or an unused salary-cap exception.

    This notably happened in 2000, when the Bulls acquired then waived Bruce Bowen as part of the Toni Kukoc trade.

    Bowen never cleared waivers. Instead, both the Knicks and Heat put in waiver claims on the defensive stopper. When two teams put a waiver claim in on the same player, the player goes to the worst team of the two options. The Heat were a half-game worse than the Knicks at that point — coincidentally, the only time the entire season Miami was worse than New York — so Bowen spent a year in Miami before his decade in San Antonio.

    If another team claims a player off waivers and wins the bid, they assume the remainder of his contract and the original team clears him off their payroll.

    OK, so the player has cleared waivers. Now what?
    When this happens, his remaining salary is either reduced or totally wiped clean from his old team, depending on what has been agreed upon. This is where things get fun. Now, the player becomes a free agent, free to join any team interested in signing him.

    A team has to be able to sign a player with its own cap space or whatever exceptions they have available. For example, the Lakers, Sixers and Rockets are each expected to be players in the buyout market. The Celtics also traded Jabari Bird to the

    Miami is expected to be aggressive on the buyout market this season because it has a $5.5 million disabled player exception (DPE) available after Dion Waiters’s season-ending injury. The Celtics were also able to sign Greg Monroe to a one-year, $5 million contract after being awarded an $8.4 million DPE due to Gordon Hayward’s freak opening day injury.

    Most playoff teams have a flooded payroll, so the most they can offer is the veteran’s minimum, which varies and caps at $2.3 million depending on a player’s experience.

  492. no, they want Zion, you watch it

  493. The only reason ALL of the Atlanta fanbase don’t hate Schlenk yet for the Doncic debacle is because they have a chance at tanking for draft picks…

    … a playoff run would make the ones who don’t already hate him — then hate him

  494. These days, graduating from prestigious colleges alone does not guarantee a good job. If your kid is really talented, then he or she should do well eventually. Now, my kid is NOT talented, so he has to work his butt off. He just cruised in high school and didn’t try that hard.

  495. Slim chance the Hawks make the playoffs IMO.

    No Bazemore, Dedmon, Prince trade means Schlenk wasn’t that interested in trades overall IMO. So it isn’t just Lin that wasn’t moved.

    I wouldn’t hope for anything more now than Lin’s health. For me, lesson learned is not to see signs anywhere (like where Lin appears on buyout lists for example) or put much stock in the rumor mill. Getting hopes up right now probably will lead to more disappointment. I can say this from observing the NBA for so long. Rumors and chatter are usually mostly off.

    Yes, for some, the disappointment is real. My mom used to say every disappointment is a blessing. I didn’t really wish for the trade but I do sense the profound major disappointment this is for most posters.

    There’s plenty of light in that Lin has had a truly miraculous recovery. That he’s playing is a miracle. That he is playing so well is a blessing. He seems to be well liked in Atlanta. He has some nights with decent minutes and when he plays, there’s always a chance he’ll make big plays.

    He’s likely staying with Atlanta the rest of the season. He’s turned Dominique’s opinion of him completely around. He seems well liked by his teammates. Things are OK for Lin. And later this year, he chooses his next team. Change of team is only delayed.

  496. Obviously, what he’s saying is as follows:

    “I was supremely talented in basketball, but even so, I did have some obstacles which I overcame through hard work etc.”

    I doubt MJ, without basketball, would have amounted to much. He doesn’t strike me as a great business person outside the realm of basketball related stuff. Now, Magic Johnson, I can see him do well in non-basketball related areas.

  497. JLIN’s been a good, non-complaining soldier for a non-contending team that mis-utilizes him. Now he is worth nothing to ATL because he certainly will not sign a new contract with them.

    1. Waiving JLIN should be the compensation for the work JLIN has put in as a non-complaining soldier. Atlanta still keeps the cap space if there is a negotiated buyout so they don’t lose anything there, plus they free up a roster slot if they choose to use some cap.

    2. JLIN gets to further his career with a contender

    Do the right thing Schlenk and let JLIN walk

  498. I don’t think Jeremy is going to leave any money behind. His parents won’t allow it for sure because they’re chinese. He’s an economic major…why waste all that money not knowing if his next team will treasure him and use him the right way.

  499. agreed

  500. I certainly understand the race factor can make it extremely hard to succeed, we just need to look at the discrimination at Harvard for Asian students to have 200+ SAT points to compete

    But I look at Linsanity and also realize it probably won’t have a chance to happen at all if not in the US. Many other countries with less diverse population would have done something to prevent it from happening at all. It’s certainly tougher to succeed but not impossible. That’s what I admire from JLin; he never stops fighting and gives inspiration to the rest of us.

  501. any team can win your right. its a bit iffy to me

  502. JLIN could make double by signing in China CBA — JLIN is not driven by money, after he paid off his debts whcih was a long time ago… he doesn’t care about money

  503. This is exactly my concern and I don’t blame him. With this trade deadline situation, I don’t think he will get a good contract off season.

  504. OT: I just read about Mayor Blase’s new policy on getting more blacks and Hispanics to top NY public schools. I have no problem with this approach, as long as they mandate that certain businesses recruit Asians also. For example, have NBA, NFL, Hollywood studios etc. draft/recruit more Asians.

  505. he will likly do a hornets type deal. he just need the opportunity

  506. You don’t need high IQ to succeed in business.

  507. Lin will keep being humiliated and insulted by the league. He needs to go to a play off team and show people what he can do. Not a bench warming mentor to a lousy fake rookie star.

  508. One in a million chance — Linsanity. It’s like a black guy winning ping pong championship in Olympics.

  509. Good post.

  510. yes, fans tolerate Young choking because they want Zion.

    When fans want wins, choking is not allowed.

  511. We only have a half season. I think some decent teams will come calling after this season. I think they know what Lin can do. I mean, given his PT, Lin’s stats are pretty good. It’s up to Lin to try to force a buyout if the current situation bothers him that much. It doesn’t bother me that much this year because I think he needs one season and another off season to recover fully from the big injury. I just don’t follow Hawks games, which is a pity, but I will see what happens next season.

  512. Let’s see what GM Schlenk shares with the media regarding trades/no-trade before the game tonight

  513. JLIN is listed as the 5th player as a candidate for buyout in this Lakers oriented fansite.

    For those keeping score at home that makes it 3 fansites which have listed JLIN as buyout candidate/target (two of which list JLIN first, the Raptors and Rockets)
    The Top Potential NBA Buyout Candidates

  514. disagreed.

    Only Asians graduating from prestigious colleges does not guarantee a good job. Any other races as long as they managed to graduate from a T5 colleges, they will have bright future

    On the other hand, both your and mine kids will have to work their butts off after graduating from their colleges.

  515. Only ONE thing I want to hear out of his mouth, “we will waive JLIN and allow him to buyout his contract”

  516. dont see it happening unless lin forces it

  517. Maybe Schling never had any intention of trading Lin after-all and this could explain why his price tag for Lin was so high on purpose, knowing it was highly unlikely someone was going to cough up the first round pick…..Now, he can go tell Lin and his agent he tried but no one wanted him.

    Lin’s market value was never a first rounder but for some bizarre reason, Schling insisted on it…

    My guess is they value Lin as a nice guy who won’t complain publicly about his minutes and Lin offer the best back-up option for Trae in case he were to miss a few games.

  518. And perhaps JLIN and his agents will force it – he’s got no reason to stay whatsoever

  519. Some laughter 🙂 “The LeBron King”

  520. so out of character though

  521. Do you want to know what is going through Jeremy’s mind, heart, soul & spirit?

    Take a look at the prayer request email he sent out on Feb 3, 2019.

    He is having a fantastic journey as he waits to see how his “platform” could be further used to share love and goodness in this world of ours. I am at peace with where ever he goes and which ever team he plays with – Jeremy has always always risen to the top, and GONE THROUGH, CLIMBED ABOVE, or GONE AROUND any obstacles placed in his way (I am quoting Michael Jordan’s advice on how to deal with obstacles.)

    Jeremy’s email:

    “Happy New Year all! Hope everyone had an awesome, non-stressful Christmas season.

    One of the things God has been really challenging me with in this new year is “leaning not on my own understanding.” More specifically, I feel God has been really pushing my heart to become more and more DESPERATE for Him. Honestly, in my opinion, the more desperate and helpless I am, the more space I give God to work through me. One of the natural byproducts of success on the court or in life for me is that I can get comfortable or reliant on myself. But this concept of being so so desperate for God everyday and leaning not on my own understanding (or talents, or habits, or “normal” ways of doing things) has been something I’ve been focusing on. As a result, I’ve been challenging myself to delve more deeply into worship, praise and prayer. Some small habit changes I’ve made are finding time in the morning to pray gratitude for a few things, pushing myself to pray whenever anything comes up in my daily life and getting back to using my prayer journal more consistently. Hope that sparks a conviction or encouragement in you guys as well.

    As for prayer requests, please continue to pray for our season. We’ve been playing much better basketball as of late, so prayer that our team would continue to build the right way and play unselfish basketball. Please pray for opportunities for breakthrough on and off the court as well. I felt like in this season, I needed to invest into 2-3 people more deeply either through evangelism or mentorship. God has placed a couple people in my life that I’ve been diving deeper into the Word with, so prayer that these relationships would flourish and that at the end, both me and my friends would have found a deeper joy for Scripture and deeper sanctification in our lives.

    I’d also like to ask for prayer for guidance. God has miraculously opened up many doors to me globally, but it’s very difficult at times to sort through the available opportunities and choose the right ones. Please pray for unity and guidance for my business team as we have some big decisions coming up. They all mostly center around how I will spend my summer and what endeavors I invest time into with the goal of maximizing my platform and brand for God!! Exciting but daunting stuff.

    Also please pray for everything going on with the political landscape. I also want to pray for solidarity in society, which is much-needed. As we celebrate Black History Month, please pray that our world takes steps forward to live out the inclusive love of Jesus Christ.

    Thanks everyone!!”

  522. that’s a good one

  523. I don’t agree, JLIN has “wants” and desires for his career,; and then he has the stuff he says to keep people happy

  524. trust me jeremy nor his agent will do anything. They are quite content with the hawks

  525. he wants it but also understands he is coming off 2 years of injury. ts just a few more month then he has full contol and keeps all his money

  526. I think every race has a difficult time getting good jobs these days. Even if true, gotta be positive. I think each person will make his or her own luck. Now, I would agree with you that certain jobs, such as the POTUS, I don’t think Asian-American will be able to win within next 40 years, but a Jewish person has not been able to win the POTUS position either. I am also upset that there is no Asian American Supreme Court Justice even though there are many supremely well qualified judges and lawyers among Asian Americans.

  527. thats what i expect

  528. Zion the I can’t do anything so just I drive to basket, is another poor draft pick.

    Like I said before, smart GM would draft Rui the half Japanese, half black player.

  529. Lin should be a pastor instead. How come with all the fans praying for his being traded, it didn’t happen? I know, I know: God has a perfect plan.

  530. LeBron just into using his team to get to where he wants to go. No one should be surprised, let a lone a bunch of young players wanna be superstars.

  531. Lin is not going to force it; I can almost guarantee you that.

  532. Loving it, wish it is in real life

  533. Yes, agreed. My respect for Lin will triple if he forces a buy-out but he won’t. But I still respect Lin even if he doesn’t.

  534. This tweeter says Hawks aren’t doing buyouts.

  535. That’s that then. Lin’s a trapped Hawk until next season.

  536. If Lin and his agent could force a buyout, they would have done when Lin was in LA.

  537. Lol. Lance still trying to blow in Lebrons ear.

  538. Hawks are not planning on any buyouts.

  539. Yes.

  540. They should read The Art of the Deal.

  541. Unless you are a Zerg.

  542. The Grizzlies have traded guard Shelvin Mack to the Hawks, league sources tell ESPN.##

  543. Hahaha. Come on now.

  544. The Knicks are releasing Enes Kanter, league source tells ESPN.

  545. Anyone knows whether Lin is playing tonight?

  546. Still with the Hawks. Playing against Toronto at Atlanta

  547. This move is puzzling.

    The only reason that the Hawks want to keep the veteran if they’re not full tanking to get Zion Williamson. Schlenk can built assets with draft picks by trading Bazemore/Lin/Dedmon but didn’t do it.

    I wonder if they really want to make a playoff run with the help of the veterans? I’m curious to hear what Schlenk will say.

  548. He is a “pastor” already – wherever he is, he loves the people around him and cares about the city and its people. It is a really great, freedom-giving way of living life. The coaches might have him on a “short leash” on court, but Jeremy lives life with freedom and security.

  549. This move by Schlenk of not entertaining buyout for veterans (Lin/Dedmon/Baze) is puzzling.

    The only reason that the Hawks want to keep the veteran if they’re not full tanking to get Zion Williamson in the next draft. Schlenk can built assets with draft picks by trading Bazemore/Lin/Dedmon but didn’t do it. Many will blame him for not getting assets.

    Could it be that Atlanta really want to make a playoff run with the help of the veterans? I’m curious to hear what Schlenk will say before the game.

  550. I hope Lin will score more than 20 pts plus 10 assists… but Raptors beats the Hawks by 30 pts. That will be 👍

  551. The whole thing is weird.

    Very disappointed Lin is still on this team and the playoff is a long shot at best, so I find it hard to believe they didn’t trade a few of their veteran to get assets, even if it was second round picks.

  552. i hope he drops 50 tonight

  553. I think hawks wanted to trade their veterans but couldnt get what they want maybe first round picks or even second round picks.
    I think it was little hard because of their high salary??

  554. so lin playing tonight then

  555. Hawks can say whatever they want, but the INITIATIVE now transfers from
    a) Hawks and Trading Team to …
    b) JLIN and potential New Team

    what that means is if JLIN/agents have discussions with one of the MANY NBA teams who have cleared up roster space by deadline and WILL ABSOLUTELY be active in the buyout market, and JLIN and new team come up with an agreement, then JLIN would offer a portion of his remaining salary to make it worthwhile for Schlenk to agree to buyout.

    Thus this story is perhaps not final.

  556. That will be nice!!! But I still hope Toronto beat the Hawks!

  557. so now.. lin and bazemore will be playing lights out because they know they will not be traded.

  558. We are all (at least most of us) quite dissatisfied at the level of play time JLIN has been getting, (for me I missed most of the West Coast due to late time and work obligations) .

    But keep in mind that the deadline for BUYOUT is essentially March 1 ( last day a new player can still play for a playoff team). We know there are at least 8-10 teams who have cleared roster space and will be active in the buyout market.

    Thus it’s imperative for JLIN and his agents to keep talking to those teams and for JLIN to optimize his performance when he gets playing time.

    If JLIN and his potential new team can come to an agreement, it’s easy for me to say but if I were JLIN I would say to Schlenk, “if I was driven by money, I’d have already gone Stephon Marbury CBA a long time ago — keep the rest of my salary and give me the BUYOUT”. When money is dangled in front of the Schlenk, he’ll take it.

  559. huh?

    JLIN has something to play for : a buyout; Bazemore has nothing to play for for another year

  560. Bazemore will be trade either way so he needs to showcase.

  561. Bazemore is not on an expiring contract and the deadline is over.

  562. Wesley Matthews got his buy-out and will sign with the Pacers….

    That could had been Lin getting his buy-out and signing with the Pacers as Oladipo’s replacement.

    Hoping for a buy-out.


    ➡️ Maybe Schlenk is thinking about dumping Trae this summer?!?LineupIDs=202391~1628381&VsLineupIDs=1629027&TeamID=1610612737&VsTeamID=1610612737&sort=NET_RATING&dir=1 ( )



  564. Jeremy got no choice to play hard till his next contract

  565. new thread

    Game 54 Toronto Raptors vs Atlanta Hawks:
    The Hawks Did Not Trade Veterans Or Entertain Buyout, Now What? 🤔
    ➡️Making Sense of Not Trading Veterans for Draft Picks or Young Players
    ➡️Possible Reasons Why The Hawks Did Not Trade Jeremy Lin @JLin7

  566. Can still happen off season. Doubtful that Hawks will keep him past this season especially if they draft Zion.

  567. His agent will do the work and talking not like he has to say anything personally.

  568. If Lin were to sign he’d sign to the same Taiwan team as his brother. But I doubt it. He doesn’t look like the type to continue playing after his NBA career is over.

  569. Lin can still play and isn’t a quitter. Rose went through 7-8 crap seasons and the Bounced back.

  570. Magic is the current maestro behind the Ledumb fiasco. NOLA took him to school and slam dunked him. I don’t blame NOLA. I don’t blame Ledumb and AD for blatant tampering against the rules then being hit with a puny fine if they wanted to take the risk. I DO blame the NBA for not enforcing their policies. A little vigilante justice by NOLA was appropriate here.

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