Game 52 Atlanta Hawks v Phoenix Suns: Will Lin’s Reduced Minutes Continue?

With 3 games left before the February 7 trade deadline, Jeremy Lin received an inexplicable 11 minutes of playing time in the Utah Jazz game. His season average is 20 minutes. The minutes were sporadic throughout 4 quarters (2.5, 3.5, 4, 1.5) and certainly did not allow any players to get into playing rhythm. Will it be a new pattern to reduce Lin’s minutes before he is traded or for the rest of the season with the Hawks. With a back-to-back game tonight, Lin fans can see if the pattern of low minutes would continue.

One day after a twitter poll started, 82% of 135 people voted for Lin’s agent to negotiate a buyout if he is not traded by Feb 7 and continue to get low 10-15 minutes which will hurt his Free Agency value in the summer of 2019. A buyout would allow Lin to play with hopefully playoff contenders who can use his skills and services in the playoff. A young team like Hawks would rather give playing minutes to young players for development, even if Lin is arguably the best player in the Hawks team.