G52 DEN @LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Is this another ‘Must-Lose’ game as both Lakers (12-38) and Nuggets (19-32)  are contending to tank?

The difference might be DEN players are ones who want to tank while Coach Brian Shaw tried to save his job.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Linsanity!!

  2. Brentsanity!

  3. One of Jeremy Lin’s agents is Jim Tanner. Just noticed that his clients include, among others:

    Tim Duncan
    Ray Allen
    Grant Hill
    Dominique Wilkins
    Wayne Ellington

    See : http://tandemse.com/clients/

  4. Psalmsanity

  5. Deeseesanity!

  6. Ellington?! Wow!

  7. Sanityception!

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  9. Linception.

  10. WOW WIlkins? Ok so Dominique DISSES Lin on the regular. I’m surprised by that.

  11. As I stated before this is Lin;’ main agent as he controls most of the money – all endorsements etc. The other agent is only more of a support role.

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  13. Byronoscopy

  14. It’s amazing that BScott can keep expecting to sell 4-yr rebuilding/tanking to teams w/o getting fired.

    No link provided since it’s Bill Oram’s article.

    Lakers coach Byron Scott knows what it’s like to be fired
    Scott’s understanding of Vaughn’s situation runs deep, and rings familiar. He was fired in 2013 in Cleveland amid a rebuilding plan that had not yet hit its zenith. “Sometimes the ownership gets a little antsy,” Scott said. “They tell you it’s a four-year plan all of the sudden it’s a two-year plan and you’re on the outs.”

    Scott scoffed at the notion of losing for draft positioning Friday, calling it a “bad omen.” “To go out there and deliberately lose games to get a better pick,” Scott said, “I think that backfires on you. From my standpoint, every game that we prepare to go out and play, if we can take care of a few things, we have an opportunity to win the game.”
    Orange County Register

  15. Rookiesanity!!!

  16. LOL Wonder how BS can keep himself in a straight face when he said all these. He must be a very good “liar.”

  17. I really like Greg’s latest article where he described the Lakers “[have] created a D-League situation, as if it’s every man for himself in an attempt to win a contract for next season.”

    In fact, I would argue this Lakers team might not even win the D-League championship if they were demoted to the D-League with tank commander BS at the helm LOL.

  18. Lin has to give final OK though, right?

  19. Ya! I think so for the starters but not bench… Lin didn’t have choice but this year in Lakers it’s really bad for him on or off court.

  20. Obviously

  21. why this? Now they want to bench Clarkson?


  22. Lol I’m gonna answer this one

  23. If JC is a bench then W Price is coming back… where is Lin? DNP? Don’t think so…

  24. Why don’t they create a poll on #FireScottNow or #FireScott3MonthsLater?

    Or maybe #ScottSucks or #ScottTanks or #ScottSucks&Tanks

  25. They will not do it… Haha! But I like the idea a lot…LOL!

  26. WOW! That’s great for GK.

  27. To tell the truth, TWC’s poll really means nothing at all… what they said can’t be really count …

  28. Once upon the time, not only the Rockets but also the entire league talking about the elite defender P Beverley. Guess where is he now? Almost unheard of. Clarkson will be next.

  29. There’s another poll from TWC sportnet asking who will be the most productive after the ASG: Clarkson, Boozer, NYoung or Hill. Lin was not mentioned, hope he’s traded.

  30. i agree and keep saying this but a lot of people seem to actually think clarkson is good. or better. or different than any previous “abl”.

    whatever he is he certainly isn’t a point guard.

    (he has almost no assists)

    and how could he ever be “the future” of the lakers as a point guard with kobe coming back when all he (clarkson) does is shoot.

    a lot of shots. holds the ball for a long time before he shoots those shots.

    nope as long is kobe is perpetually “coming back” only someone like ronnie price (once more) can be the “future” point guard of the lakers, er. tankers.

  31. Yea they don’t care they just want more followers

  32. The media power does count. This is how beverley was hyped last year…,,

  33. #FireScotTanksSucksNow haha

  34. His defense was almost non-exist, that’s why we saw how the Cavs took the lead out of control.

  35. Good hahaha

  36. Lakers are done anyway they just try to hype the tank, like anyone remember Kendall Marshall? And they got a better record last year lol

  37. TWC’s tweet isn’t that popular only very few fans read it. Plus lots of their poll or news were not even true… like one game they had Poll about Young.. but he didn’t even play that day?! Just some guys want to get some attention or opinion…

  38. That’s because they played the right way by the right coach except not the right roster.

  39. He can shoot well bc the other teams didn’t take him seriously or even guarded him that well… Plus he took a lot more shots than Lin in every game… No D of course. He is just a rookie so….

  40. I see. Not listen to Lakers feed or post game show nowadays…..will they mention the results during the show?

  41. Maybe they will DNP Lin bc Price is coming back after ASG.

  42. tankers having won the tank bowl against only contender orlando are now reigning current kings of tankathon.

    its possible they may be so successfull at falling to the top of the tank that they might not win another game this year (if necessary).

    i feel tank commander scott and his d league starters are definitely up to the task.

    as long as lin/davis/boozer minutes are carefully managed and not permitted access unless score is widely divergent in favor of the opponent no reason to presume any more wins (unless its a personal thing for scott and gets an exemption like the game against kidd/milwaukee)

  43. he doesn’t shoot well.

  44. They won’t because no reason to pay multi-millions for unused player. They’ll try to trade him.

  45. Love is the latest of no chance to become the Lakers. Stars have all seen the Bryant Scott enough.

  46. and attacked this year. (how quickly they turn).

  47. I don’t think they will trade Lin now bc everything BS did to Lin in the past didn’t show me they tried to show case him at all.

  48. i beleive there was a 20 to 2 run from time lin went out with score down to only 3 point difference. oops too close to a tanking fail. quick call for the d league starters.

  49. I don’t think they will DNP or trade Lin. Maybe give Lin a max of 15 min per game.

    You just can’t be productive when comparing with the rookie who can play no D, stop passing to teammates and jack up shot everytime in 30 min of tanking.

  50. They should make a trophy for the worst team of the season and penalities instead of promotions xD

  51. Ya! That’s true.

  52. clarkson serves two purposes: 1. they’re not going to win with him playing max minutes 2. he provides a cover for tanking; ie “we’re not tanking we’re doing player development for the future”.

    (of course clarkson has no more future in la espeically with kobe coming back–like kobe is going to take a non passing max shooting ball dominant pg–any more than bev did in houston. its just a stop gap measure. serving a purpose now)

  53. the trophy is the ping pong balls.

  54. Ya! I agree w your two purposes on Clarkson… I also think one more bc w this excuse Lin will not going back to starting lineup.

  55. Lin was taken out as soon as he got into rhythm.

  56. Right.
    Clarkson – The future of Lakers (Until October 2015)

  57. I want a banner at staples “worst team of the year 2015” :p

  58. Guess it takes time to find a more optimal tanking lineup LOL.

  59. i dont know if anyone has noticed with all the other things going on that lin has kind of been on a roll since his dnp/cd.

    in 7 games he has scored in double digits in 5 of the 7 and in all 5 of those then above his overall season average. despite not starting and playing less than 25 minutes a game.

    and has maintained and assist average of over 5 assists per game. (also above his season average).

    (clarkson in his seven games as a starter averaging barely 3 assists in over 31 minutes)

    and a cumulative +/- 41 points better than the tankers as a whole.

    i hope these new obvious team names are not considered name calling clearing these are the tankers now and the rockets have been renamed by comment board people watching last nites game when the bearded one put up 48 shots (25 fga and 23 fta) to get his 45 points as the houston “hardens”.

    so im using that name as well.

  60. its working great for tanking purposes. no reason to change.

  61. I see this as a ploy to generate interest towards Clarkson for his recent seemingly great performance (box-score dominance).

    However, for those who actually watched the games, Clarkson padded his stats at the expense of his team and that’s why his plus/minus has been so abysmal recently. Losing basketball is so contagious. Players just quit moving on offense and defense because they won’t get to touch the ball anyways. It’s really ugly to watch.

  62. Originally Posted by qetwr111


    Good luck getting that foul call in the playoffs

    dont like to post this from cf but really funny it is from the game thread the last page

  63. *faceplam* That means they will run track during the all-star break. I can’t believe I looked up to this guy as a player.

  64. this is beyond insanity…dude is tanking…no need for this

  65. there is always the possibiity of coming up against another tanking team and even with a d league starting line up one never knows and even with careful management of minutes of any seriously professional players with some integrity well . its up to a inventive tank commander to seek out every little advantage. tired legs make for more chances for ping pong balls.

  66. With the tanking agenda, there is a possibility of no trade for any Lakers by deadline. What do you think?

  67. it will be enuf to be remember as the worst team in the storied history of this storied franchise.

  68. And Scott’s face on it LOL

  69. There should be a league on Tanking!

  70. Yeah making them run a lot so there won’t be much gas left in real game.

  71. I wonder why Demarcus hates him

  72. are you saying there will be less gas in the tank?

  73. I hope they trade Lin for something and save money.

  74. in the tank. lol

  75. In corporate America, you learn to lie so much you believe it is the truth to make peace with yourself. I speak from experience.

  76. Ya! Not surprised at all bc he wants to loss more games… so no Price now?

  77. saving price for kobe.

  78. According to what I read, they still want to trade JLin but no taker. So JLin will stay. Don’t want this but have to accept the fact. As for others, it’s none of my concerns:-) I’m literally 100% JLin only fan:-)

  79. I’m not offended, but I don’t make or enforce the rules lol.

  80. I believe for the last 19 or 20 games.. he will show up. Next season for Kobe…? Not sure Lakers will use Clarkson to replace him.

  81. addressed to mods.

  82. I guess they want to pad a star out of tanking to generate interest among fans, just like 76ers have been doing for two seasons. Good idea! It’s called tanking star. The previous tanking star was Kobe, now broken. It’s time make another one.

  83. didn’t want you to be too lonely out there, sorry for answering :-0

  84. no problem.

  85. lmao

  86. Swaggy having this slump can’t possibly be the coach’s fault, rite? /s

  87. off topic

    LeBron’s 4-post Instagram post on how he couldn’t hold on tears everytime he watches Will Smith’s one old “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” episode about growing up without his dad. (LeBron grew up with an absent dad so it hit home with him)


    James thinks it’s sad too, and he posted a four-part Instagram reminiscing on just how damn devastating and relevant this moment in sitcom history remains.

    “I shed a tear til this day every time I see this episode. Every single time!” James wrote in his caption. “This hit home for me growing up and I couldn’t hold my tears in. Til this day they still coming out when this episode come on.”

    Tear-Jerking episode

    Fun episode

  88. I don’t think they want to trade Lin if they do then they will let Lin be free like Clarkson now to get good stats long before 2015.

    I know lots of Lin’s fans want him to be traded but I think Lin will stay to the end of this season at least.

  89. PSA Don’t play poker with BS…. the ability to lie is great in this one…

  90. off topic.

    since there seems to be interest and discussion on asian entertainment in america; xu jinglei’s film with the korean/chinese pop star “kris” is opening this week pretty much all across america; even in my little town in the midwest. “somewhere only we know”

  91. Chapters in Lin’s bio……
    SF days: Pre-Linsanity
    NY days: Linsanity
    Houston days: Linsanity The scapegoat
    LA days: Linsanity in Insanity
    ?? days: Linsanity reborn

  92. I thought that site has been melted down to oblivion based on the rox last game….I’ll be the first in line to laugh at them when they are knocked out of the playoffs in the first round again.

  93. hm, tough question on “tankers” since it has truth and Lakers media (Pincus, LakerNation) have urged them to intentionally tank the rest of season.

    maybe I should poll the mods. So what say you, mods? Yea or Nea =)
    The danger is always to risk to spread to posters coming up with creative names for players and posters for insult purpose.

  94. the houston harden’s

  95. can always just keep to “that tanking team in l.a.”

  96. Two things really go against the attempt to showcase Lin:
    1. Kobe not wanting Linsanity fame to steal Laker fans heart.
    2. Lin plays to win so it will destroy the tank

    So yeah, small chance for a trade but we never know if Mitch want to get something back from Lin before he walks and a team is willing to pay.

  97. well he can lie, but he is not convincing 🙂

  98. Imagine they all have to wear a beard in order to play in the game…hahaha

  99. What I like to see is Jlin keep playing so great so bs has to keep reducing his minutes to eventually dnp… That will clearly expose the lakers and maybe get Adam silver involve to save the nba face.

  100. oh, that’s okay. Facts and validated by LA media

  101. that would be funny.

  102. Yes.. as in a tragic comedy

  103. Suggestion: LA days: Linsanity in the tanking insanity

  104. just linsanity in the tank

  105. Watch :15 seconds into this KD video. He takes a hop step off the right, lands right, then does a 1,2 with the left,right foot. CP3 does this move all the time as well and sometimes he does a cross over or in and out dribble instead of shooting. All without dribbling the ball again. That’s called traveling.

    LOL @ lack of proper footwork nowadays. Back in my day that was a massive travel. Now? it’s considered good footwork and only NBA stars like KD, Lebron, Kyrie can get away with this.

    If Lin did this? I guarantee you he’d be called for traveling all day long. This is why sometimes I can barely watch the NBA anymore. Several years ago, I decided to stop being mad and start copying this stuff at the gym. It’s amazing how much easier it is to score when you can take extra steps. Thing is if you do it smoothly and do it quick, nobody considers it a travel or improper.

    If you have young kids and you want to turn them into an NBA superstar, have them just watch massive youtube or record HD NBA games and copy the moves frame by frame through practice. Make them watch the game film to rip off 1 on 1 moves and setups and to study how offenses are constructed. With instant rewind and DVR, it is too easy to study this stuff nowadays.


  106. Somehow that seem to say Jlin is in the tanking agenda…. how about Linsanity as a tank busting weapon– RPG17

  107. Next year might be worst. No JLin, no Davis, BScott still there and Kobe coming back to continue his brick-fest.

  108. perhaps we can create a separate “Off-Topic” post if there’s more interest

  109. Better do as I’ve no idea what you are talking about:-)

  110. Yeah must include the word tank!

  111. Or Linsanity the Anti-Tank?

  112. Can the regular mods “deputize” me a mod so I can answer the question… then I can be de-“deputized”…. hehe

  113. Yes… that’s it!

  114. Anybody, whose job is to purposely lose games as a professional basketball coach should not comment on a players toughness.

  115. I have been watching the NBA for many years. However I usually followed winning teams(naturally). But following Lin these few years have really taught me a lot.

    I have learnt a lot about bad stuff like tanking, superstar egos, inept coaches, crooked referees.

    I have also learnt good stuff like solid team defence, team ball, efficiency versus box scores.

    Frustrating at times this journey has been but glad to have learned so much.

  116. Indiana lost. Need them to keep losing to squeeze Lakers out of top 5 pick.

  117. tyson chandler and monta ellis both apparently injured in the first few minutes of dallas game with clippers 2nite. neither have returned. dont know extent of injuries.

  118. Off topic: Congratulations to Gregg Popovich for his 1000th win. Still crossing my fingers that you and JLin cross paths in SA.

  119. Cut 5 min from practice. Can’t make them too soft!

  120. DALLAS (AP) — “Tyson Chandler and Monta Ellis went to the locker room with injuries in the first 4 minutes of the Dallas Mavericks’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers, …..

    Chandler’s return was doubtful because of a left ankle injury. There was no immediate update on Ellis.

    Chandler was injured just 39 seconds into Monday night’s game when he was fouled by Spencer Hawes on a layup attempt. He made the first free throw but missed the second and had to stay in the game until the next whistle about a minute later. He was replaced by Greg Smith.

    It wasn’t clear when Ellis got hurt, but he was replaced by Devin Harris with 8:03 left in the first quarter”

  121. Imagine if it came down to Knicks and Lakers for best tanking record. One big Laker reunion. Mitch and Phil. Fisher and Scott.

  122. a very realistic possibility.

  123. for some reason I like babbit

  124. Second

  125. As much as we want Lin to play a Lin sanity game, it is pointless at this stage with Lakers tanking. My view is he should use the remaining season just play around 20 min consistently with Boozer, Davis, and maybe Wes / Ellington, to score double figures and around 5 assists in a team play at same time study opponent players tendencies, game plans, etc.

  126. No worries. Linsanity 2 won’t be allowed in Lakers anyway. Don’t think JLin will play more than 25 minutes in Lakers. JLin won’t waste anytime to not improve his game. He is very astute learner. Listened to D’Antoni in the past few days gave me even more understanding of how great JLin in learning ability. He will find ways to learn, work, improve on his games. No doubt about it. He can do very well for the next team when the opportunity is given. Excited for that! In the mean time just learn to bear, mock at KB and BS, Lakers F/O antics.

  127. I think teams would rather wait for him to enter UFA.

  128. Will do and less stress for me in hoping for Lin sanity games for this season. Cheers…..and now focusing with the CNY preparation. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

  129. hehe.. I meant a Sticky Post called ‘Off-Topic’ but people might not know about it anyway.
    So let’s see how things go

  130. Here are some Jeremy Lin quotes (via Librafree) that I found interesting:

    1. I’m not playing for other people; if I start thinking in those terms I would put too much pressure on myself. I play basketball because that is what I love to do.

    2. It’s not that much about who starts; I think it’s more about who finishes and how you play with the time you’re given.

    3. I think I’ve always been a player who’s done better in the second half, who’s done better in the fourth quarter. That’s the fun
    time to play, when everything you’ve worked for the whole game boils down to those last few possessions.

    4. It seem like these days I’m the best ever or the worst ever; It’s probably somewhere in between.

    5. My best career decision was probably not giving up when I wanted to. God as well as my family and friends were there for me during my toughest times.

    See : http://basketballquotes.org/jeremy-lin-quotes/

  131. Good idea! lol

  132. Yeah, I agree, but part of me wishes Lin would mentally let go. Since it is obvious to everyone that these games are meaningless and no matter what the Lakers will lose, then just say screw it once in awhile. Take this tanking to its ridiculous end, practice his step back, alley oops, behind the back passes, no look passes, playing fast, split the defense, ala Fischer spin move, dunk the ball, etc. If you are going to lose then lose in style. If Lin has to suffer playing these games and we have to suffer watching them the lets have some FUN. No one will remember you lost, just the nightly highlights on ESPN!

  133. Is that Jesse Pinkman? Lol

  134. Thee one quote I do not like is the first one. He does play for other people, the fans. The people who paid tickets, cable, and league pass to be entertained. Profession sports is a entertainment industry not a exercise or hobby. It’s not the hey I’m paying money so lin needs to entertain me attitude that im having, but the hope jeremy sees that entertaining people through basketball is a form of love. He says he plays for God, but God commands we love one another. In whatever field or calling God places you, when you do your best to do a great job for another person for them, that is a form of love. Lin calling is to play basketball so do a great job and try to entertain people, give them a break from the stress in their lives, don’t be a source so stress. If that is too stressful, then too bad, that’s part of helping other people. But when you make other people happy in Gods way, the stress was actually not that bad after all.

  135. Unless one of his tools is upsetting players so they play poorly.

  136. nay 🙂

  137. One of my favorites!!! …memories!

  138. Lebrun was pretty pissed after JLin went coast to coast and scored with 6 seconds left


  139. The charge against athletes is that what they do isn’t worth anything else but entertainment. Then it becomes a necessity for them to become good role models as a added value to what they do. In fact, the media and masses often belittle athletes for their enormous contracts and asked why are they paid to play?

    The way the NBA has promoted the sport is a systemic problem that has adapted this “mere entertainment” aspect of their own sport. Thus, it has been selling the sizzle by creating false stars to sell tickets and hype their own teams. The perfect example of this marketing is the Rockets and James harden. To make Harden a star, they’ve had to marginalized everyone else. This is the same story with the Knicks and now Lakers. To keep a terrible player like KOBE a star, they’ve had to put Lin, Boozer and Swaggy on the bench EVEN WHEN KOBE ISNT PLAYING. The entertainment of NBA bball isn’t about winning, it’s about “crime stopper” superstars saving the day. It’s total fluff and empty calorie entertainment. It’s on the level of pro wrestling with its prescripted outcome.

    When lin says he plays the game for himself and for the love of the game, THAT IS THE TRUE VALUE OF SPORTS. Self efficacy is the prime motivation of children to play. Play is pure of heart without measure of how it will benefit me or others. What happens between a child’s love for bball and pro bball is that money, greed, selfishness, jealousy and envy destroys that original love of the game.

    Play is a simple thing of kids goofing around. Perhaps the best recent example of this love of play is snow and skate boarding and how it evolved into a “major” Olympic sport. A snow boarder loss her gold medal when she did an extra trick at the bottom of the hill when just gliding in would have done it. She was asked why she “risked” the chance for a gold medal. Her answer was that it was just the sport is about. It’s about goofing around doing tricks! It became something else when money got its teeth into it.

    The real value of sports is that it teaches us to be the best we can be or simply “self efficacy”. When you watch a runner like Bolt in stride, there is beauty to the maximizing potential of humanity in his chase to be the best. When I watch a player like Roger Federer play a game with pure poetry of motion and grace, it’s a thing of beauty. The real value of sports is that it pushes our next generation to see the potential and beyond. Great sports is ALL ABOUT INSPIRING US TO BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES FOR US EXCEPT OUR OWN LIMITS OF IMAGINATION.

    The NBA is devaluating sports by making it okay to not try to be the best and that is fundamentally wrong. Sports is so important to the next generation of kids to take up because sports teaches kids so many things that books can’t. Self efficacy is only just the beginning. Competitive drive, team work, stress management, quick thinking, creativity, etc are all necessary in the new working environment of the future. Gone are the days when a job can last a lifetime.

    The Greeks that gave us the high ideals of the Olympics believed that sports has a spiritual aspect to it. They believed that when athletes compete and push each other to greatness that create a sort of euphoria of spiritual “mana” and that it serves their society by invigorating us with vitality.

  140. They had season ticket holders’ event? Did the FO and BS go and apologize to each and everyone of them for LAL’s tanking effort?

  141. My question in Lin’s quote is not for him to become a selfish player. I do want him to focus on the game, the team, and his improvement as himself as a player. In your local YMCA that is enough. As a professional NBA basketball player he is on a larger stage to give something bigger. The biggest thing he could give is a win. That what “give” fans happiness, but bigger then that is a win with showmanship, or in his current situation just showmanship because Scott will negate any win. So when you are a professional, a “performer” on a stage, if you have not “performed” have you “giving” your audience anything. The first quote sounds like he has forgotten that part of his responsibility, his calling. Yes, he is to play right, play unselfishly, play for God, but addition to all that is the “burden” to play for others, us fans. I feel like millions of people are shut out when that is not on his mind while he is playing.

    It’s the same form of selfishness people argue about with the supposedly most unselfish team in the NBA , THE SPURS. When families pay good money, sacrificed their time to watch the SPURS and Pop sits Duncan and Parker. WTH?! That is selfish, how about those fans who came to see them, that is why people get angry. Jordan put on a show, not just for himself, but he said in interviews he knows people came to watch him and he wanted to give back to them. He didn’t take a night off and miss entertaining like the spurs. Does Lin realize people come to watch him? And not just the team? Does he realize he is being selfish not taking them in consideration as well as the game when he is playing? I was disappointed when he went back to MSG and did not try to make a splash with his play. Never forced the action. That was the one place where they loved him, supported him. His one time of the year visiting MSG and he played with a whimper with nothing to clap about except his entrance into the game. I was disappointed that the love he said he had for the NY fans, he did not give them something to cheer about. In a way that was selfish.

  142. I totally understand where you are coming from and agree with what you are ultimately saying. But I think the context to the quote was more towards his doubters or critics. It’s kind of like how he says he plays for God and not for other’s expectations. Instead of focusing on people saying he’s trash or he belongs in the d-league or overseas…he should play the game he loves and forget the rest. I can’t speak for him so that was just my take on it. And Lin has definitely gone out of his way to thank his fans with the fan appreciation week during the offseason and constantly signing and taking pics for people before and after games, he also did that q&a after the game recently… but I definitely feel you and your sentiments! It sucks seeing Lin play underwhelming ball sometimes but I gotta keep rooting for ’em and hope for a better game next time.

  143. Jeremy Lin is more popular than Kobe Bryant

    Just showed Alyssa who Kobe Bryant was and she said she had no idea who he was. But she knows who f*ck aXX Jeremy Lin is. (J Lin still GOAT)— A.Wash (@Antwasher) February 10, 2015

  144. @TheNBACentral he didnt do anything amazing people smh lame video.. JLin is highly underrated.. he used to chew J. Wall— Soul Mån (@A_boutTheLife) February 8, 2015

  145. I heard the Vivek is an azz to work for though.

  146. The real problem is the institutional and systemic cancer in the NBA and a lot of pro sports. If the game is rigged like it is now, is there even any point in going to watch them play? More and more, the answer to me is no.

    A few years ago, I went to a semi final match between Serena Williams and a Russian. Serena tanked the match so badly that I left the stadium after the first set to watch some collegiate kids fight it out on an outside court. Her excuse was that the US open was coming up and she wanted to save herself. So I learned my lesson and will never pay good money to watch them play again. I know how you feel but in Lin’s defence, he is between a rock and a hard place. But as fans, we do have a voice and that’s with our pocketbooks. That’s why I keep advocating for all lin fans to fight back by boycotting games and league passes. Hurt the NBA by their bottom line by turning them off. If Asian gets on board and understand that the NBA isn’t about playing their best of abilities, playing to win and sitting their best players, then the game isn’t worth watching.

    I would never suggest that Lin of all people is ever selfish. He is generous to a fault. What he is asked to do comes down from directives of the FO and BS. He has no choice but act accordingly. My suggestion to all Lin fans is to not bother supporting Lin by attending any further games. If you do, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll be taken advantage of by the owners of a corrupt organization.

  147. Of course we know they are rigging the ballot box cause they know who would win if they put JLin in there.


  148. TWC always do the dumb vote to get the attention… but their vote means nothing. smh!

  149. Someone said no Lin, right? So don’t click for them.

  150. Didn’t read the content. Just like the message:-)

  151. He deserves it.

  152. Not sure it will happen. Any similar history before in NBA?

  153. Don’t know……may be brent, khuang can help

  154. Off topic……when I see this pic, don’t know why I can only think of Boozer :-))

  155. another must lose game yes to be sure for “that tanking team in l.a.”. highest, in fact only high rated game of significance tonite by “tankathon”.

    its been a grueling stretch lately but each time time after time

    “that tanking team in l.a.” have faced a challenge the immediate next toughest contender for the tank trophy; and each time (new york, orlando,) they have come thru.

    now they face another stiff challenge in the race to the bottom. as once more a new contender a denver team where even the coach acknowledges the players are tanking and reports indicate he (the coach) may be on the way out soon…currently the greatest threat to “that tanking team in l.a'” and their ambitious race to ping pong balls.

    for denver not only has an unruly fan base calling for the coach’s head; denver has an unhappy team not only perhaps tanking for the organization but to get the coach fired!

    and, and this is the big one: they have actually lost more games in a row than “that tanking team in la”.

    so commander scott will have his work cut out for him tonite. sparing no dubious decision, quickly keen to bench any player playing in a professional successfull manner, standing firmly with arms folded ever vigilant to

    tank to the top of the bottom.

    with a d league collection of never were and wannabes (and mostly never willabees) taking the opening tap, laker fans more knowledge with their urbane ways than those of the cowboys out west in the rocky mountain high eagerly anticipate another loss onward and upward to

    the ultimate goal for which nba games are now played:

    draft picks.

    or to contrast l.a. and its fondest desire with denver and its greatest product: draft picks not beer!

  156. No click for them.

  157. Hey Bears are my favorite animal…Polar are the best! Anyways…I like Boozer the Bear 🙂

  158. Should be offensive foul.

  159. Lakers vs Denver. I’ll give this a miss. Let me know what Lin’s stats are afterwards. I don’t waste time watching exhibiition games.

  160. Get Dolan like they got Stirling.

  161. Whichever team Lin is on everybody on that team become PG and elite defender.

  162. Boo Boo the bear

  163. “Makes all of BS’s intelligent decisions”. Ok, fixed now. Too bad BS had not allowed him to make more.

  164. Already starting to phase Lin out…

  165. For some reason this made me laugh.OUT LOUD.AT 11 PM.

  166. I hope they do more to phase Lin out of the Lakers right now, trade Lin to another team please

  167. Laughter is always good…we need that more…especially with the things that going on at LAL

  168. Laugh is good for health

  169. Hope Lin will have the last laugh……Go Lin 🙂

  170. That’s after the trade deadline?

  171. yes

  172. Jeremy Lin has a history of going coast-to-coast against the Cavs. Here’s a video from January 5, 2013:

  173. Smh

  174. Thats was one of the reason, some of us was pointing out, trade is unlikely…i know…sigh

  175. Earlier in the season Jeremy vs Denver

    LIN: 17 PTS (8/15) | 6 AST | 3 REB | 2 STL

  176. I lol’d when i saw that. Especially with all the rocket twitter accounts complaining about how bad he’s been this season. I’m guessing he’s getting the nod because of the rocket’s record? I don’t know. Other players might have declined as well.

  177. I read…toilet bowl waste skill challenge. … how appropriate for the wolverine. ..hahaha

  178. Good for Mo and Troy to get out of Minny.
    I think that 50+ point game helped Mo, shows he’s not a tanker.
    If Lin doesnt get traded by the deadline, I’m finished watching NBA early this season.

  179. Haven’t really been watching the Rockets this year. But isn’t it difficult for any PG to do well playing beside ball hog Harden?

  180. I think he’s worth more to the Lakers as an expiring contract and marketing magnet than getting anything for him in trade.

  181. Does anyone know what Magic Johnson said on 1ST TAKE today because some laker fans are mad.

  182. Ho hum, we strive, but the situation doesn’t allow us to bust a move:

    That is, the Lin boards try to come up with good things to discuss, but this limbo of tanking means for many of us, it’s like summer league or off season. I can’t wait until the discussion can be about a hunt for playoffs, important wins/losses, etc. Lin must feel similarly, to try to contain himself and focus on what is joyful for the task at hand.

    Have a great day, hopefully tonight’s Lin game will be a v good result.

  183. hey Joyce, I saw KHuang and others discussing our board’s interchange with KHuang where he left this site for now, on the other site. I made a recent comment there to bridge the gap. Just FYI if you are interested, nothing to amp.

  184. Magic said this summer is the biggest for Jim Buss. Jim needs to get a big superstar to come to the Lakers. If they don’t get a big free agent its over. Magic says he doesn’t blame Kobe for the lakers demise or for taking the money. It wasn’t like any superstars were interested. If they were he is sure Kobe would have taken a pay cut. Magic blames everything on Jim Buss. Says Jim doesn’t know how to seek advice and help. Says he likes the starters right now on the lakers. I almost threw up (gag). But that the lakers aren’t good enough. Says the lakers should have won at Milwaukee and Orlando.

    If Magic can’t see that BS is tanking then he must be really ignorant. The bench scores more than the starters. Magic needs to say unleash the beast in JLin. Heheheheh. Magic did talk about D’Antoni and his mistake of benching Gasol. Now that Gasol is with Bulls he is a machine again 18pts/12reb a game. Just wait until JLin leaves.

  185. I think what Magic said just totally BS he was mad bc Jim Buss didn’t discuss w him… smh! Kobe will not take the pay cut … Magic just wants to interfere w Lakers….

  186. Well I guess Magic is giving BS the benefit of the doubt, since they’re friends. The mess that this season is all starts at Buss’ front door. BS is his puppet, and I am glad that Buss is getting public criticism from Magic. It’d be great if Jim Buss gets knocked out of the FO, but it’ll be too late for JLin by the time that happens. Banking on getting a superstar is the most uncreative strategy an FO can take. Anyone can wish for a magic bullet. If getting a superstar is all that’s needed, then I should be an NBA GM lol

    JLin will stay strong, and JLin nation will keep backing him in the meanwhile!

  187. I am not really interested. If they want to be here, they will. I have not always been on my best behavior at somtimes as we all on here do.The thing is that if you come here and dish it out, then you have to be able to take and not take it so personal.Many of the folks that complain about this site is that we actually have moderators on this site,that does a good job making sure it doesn’t turn into a cesspool of negatives. Enuf said.

  188. Wait a minute, I thought hiring BS was all about yours and Kobe idea right?

  189. Hornets acquired Mo Williams (+Troy Daniels) for Gary Neal+2nd round pick from Minnesota.
    Mo will replace Kemba Walker who is out for 5 weeks.

    With $3.75M contract, it’s a cheap deal for Hornets.


  190. Magic started Brown then ended with D’Antoni as bad decision to hire by Jim Buss but no mentioning about Bryant Scott.

  191. It’s definitely hard to watch basketball when politics and tanking are the main factors, not winning.

    If winning is #1, we’ll definitely see Lin play more minutes.
    But we just have to enjoy Lin’s talent and admirable effort to win and post good numbers in 20-25 min.
    It’s really underrated what Lin has been able to achieve in such short minutes.

    For now, I would choose to enjoy how Lin fights the tank well and play his team-ball brand despite a bland BScott system. I’m amazed that Nick Young got on the teamball concept by passing to Lin to drain a 3 in the last game! Good to see Lin’s teammates started to buy into the teamball concept =)

  192. Yes, I agree with what you wrote. I have my days of humanity and need for grace. I love your shares, I read them all.

  193. Ya, Magic danced around BScott. He could have said BScott not making the best use of the player’s he has rather than just saying they don’t have enough talent.

  194. That 20 mins / 2 stints thing is giving him the win-at-will mentality that will help him in a playoff push sometime. He was always good at crunch time, but at this NBA level, I think another lauded bench player said it best (this season, can’t remember who): to produce in a limited amount of minutes day after day is quite a challenge. Good for Lin, and again, not sure if he did that last year in HOU but I think he was getting mostly about 5 more mins.

  195. There’s a group inner circle is doing everything to bad mouth J Buss and protecting their own. The sooner the Busses get rid of the those 80′ championship team and Kobe the better. Those guys are in the past.

  196. I totally agree. Lin is getting very good in getting in and making things happen.

  197. I wander what is going to happen when LA doesn’t sign a star, which they are not.LOL

  198. They’ll promote BS from Tank Commander to Tank General.

  199. What? BS has just blamed Jim Buss for his horrible coaching?

  200. LA doesn’t need to sign a star, they already have Kobe =)
    Granted he didn’t want to share spotlight with Dwight, Lin or any other potential stars but Lakers should sign Kobe for another 5 years!

    It will be enough time to release 3 more sequel of Kobe’s Muse documentary hehe..

  201. Not so long ago ,Denver used to be a very good , competitive team. I wonder why they let go of then COTY George Karl…

  202. No one will come as long as Kobe is in the team. I think Kobe will stay until at least 40. smh!

  203. Can’t believe this…

  204. Hilarious breakdown by Olbermann on Dolan accusing Knicks fan as an alcoholic.
    Knicks is definitely not a good destination for Lin with Dolan and Melo at the helm.

    Keith Olbermann discusses the controversial email exchange between Knicks owner, James Dolan, and Knicks fan, Irving Bierman.


  205. Rubio is back so they don’t need Mo Williams now? Even w 51 points means nothing…?

  206. If I remember correctly, it was a feud between Karl and a new GM who wanted to do things differently.

  207. Oh so that was it… Do you think George Karl is a good coach for JLin?

  208. I think MIN said they wanted to go rebuilding route so they get the 2nd-round pick.
    Mo is Unrestricted FA like Lin after this season so they get something back for him. (Gary Neal’s contract is until 2015-16 season)

    Lakers should want the same thing for Lin but not enough showcasing for Lin due to tanking and Kobe/BS.
    I hope Mitch can still swing a deal before Feb 19 with some cash incentives

  209. 51pt helped elevating MW’s market value, great timing.

  210. Magic did say that during his years with the Lakers, Jim was never around. Probably too busy getting drunk and chasing women. It was Jeanie and Magic who were close to Jerry Buss and the business. If Jim didn’t seek out his ideas then go to a person with basketball knowledge like Jerry West.

    I don’t know why Jerry Buss didn’t leave the Lakers to Jeanie. She went to USC and majored in business. From Magic’s perspective it appears she was very involved in the Lakers and very knowledgeable. Jeanie also likes JLin. If she were in charge we probably would have seen Linsanity 2.0 after Kobe’s injury.

  211. You’re right there. People often miss the needle because they’re looking at the haystack. Clue: Magic “says Jim doesn’t know how to seek advice and help.” The number of egos with finger in this pie is just fabulous! It will take years for the various rotten bits to retire, get fired, get out of the way. Hopefully under 10 years.

  212. I think he sees the value that Lin brings with the “Lin is the engine” of HOU team.
    I would put Rick Carlisle higher than Karl with more positive comments from several HOU vs DAL games plus Carlisle won a ring. Karl has a rep of not being too successful in the playoff despite a lot of success in regular seasons.

    But both will definitely be better than BScott and McHale.

  213. Yeah , at this point ,anybody but BS… : )

  214. Lakers is not trade Lin bc Jim Buss spent 15 M for his market value in Asia & he is not going to let him out just like that… He wants to keep Lin as long as he can… Just hope Lin will not buy the story they are selling him now. This team w Kobe & BS will not go anywhere… Lin will only waste his time.

  215. I am sure these sentiments are said one time or another, but I wanted to express them again.

    Not trying to be negative, but I kinda feel Lin currently is in a bad spot for his own future. I don’t think other team or their scouts will watch Lin unless he does something exceptional. Unfortunately, under BS, it will be very difficult for him to shine. He simply like everyone has said needs to be traded or hope for a better team in the summer.

    Lin looks like he’s trying to continue to push BS’s agenda, probably because if he doesn’t, he will be DNP-CD. The team is just mainly running this offensive sets which seems very predictable now. Lin doesn’t push the ball down the court much anymore. He just walks the ball down and send the play call. His teammates realize that too and jogs back to the offensive side. This is bad for Lin who thrives in keeping the defense on their heels.

    His stats is looking decent because Lin realizes that people complain about his TO and his low FG% so he picks his spots to score, but this can only help so much for the teams looking at him. They likely cannot see the star potential that we see in Lin.

    Lin himself said that he wants to play in the 4th. That’s when you give it your all and try to win the game. But it really doesn’t look like he will get much of that chance to play in the 4th. So the way he is playing, he will never get that chance to really shine or have a chance to hit that game winner.

    I really hope one of these rumors to trade him become reality because he is really not going to be able to show his star potential here at LAL.

  216. yeah, we gotta keep chugging along =)
    I believe Lin and his team/family will choose wisely in the summer, no matter if there’s trade or not.

  217. Teams are scouting him as a backup…so…I am not worried at all.

  218. Which team/coach do you like for Lin to consider in the summer? Let’s assume there’s no trade.

    My preference would be:
    1. Spurs/Pop
    2. Kings or Magic/Karl
    3. Mavericks/Carlisle
    4. wherever MDA coaches if he gets a job
    5. Pistons/Stan Van Gundy

    My main factors are:
    1. Coach/system who believe in team-ball philosophy
    2. Coach who believes in Lin and know how to use him
    3. Potential to get starting job in the long-term

  219. 4 and 3

  220. The teams you are list I think only Mav maybe will sign him bc Rondo it’s not a good fit. The rest … No chance.

  221. 2 and 2

  222. I also hope for a trade to have a chance for more PT and increase his FA value.

    But it also comes with adjustment time that Lin might not be able to constantly contribute in a new system/teammates.
    So there’s also a risk since we know Lin needs time to be comfortable with change before he can perform well.

    So Lin knows what he needs to do to excel in BScott’s system. He’s only suppressed with lack of PT since BScott wants to tank and Lin flat out refuses to do so.

    So I’m okay either way. There are pro and cons with the trade.

  223. Depends on the super star in that team will allow Lin to shine or not… it’s not up to coach. Look at Rox & Lakers.

  224. I hope so and I suppose he is, but I am sure we all are expecting Linsanity 2. And it just sucks that he’s stuck in there crap hole. (LAL is actually my main team)

  225. Things changes very quick. Maybe somehow BS and JIM will step down in the summer….unlikely….but you know…..hard to say

  226. utah jazz maybe jlin has a shot

  227. Next 2 yrs are crucial….for his possible starting job after that. So….we need a coach that is more fair…..system is not that important at this moment. Lin can get 2x of the production Clarkson got if he plays enough minutes under BS’ nonsystem.

  228. I guess I just am disappointed in how LAL is trying to end the season by tanking and not giving Lin much chance to excel.

    Sure, Lin knows what he needs to do well in BS’ system, but I feel that he’s pushing too hard in team play instead of getting his pts.

    Clarkson getting the pts and not the assists is getting praises. They are simply down playing all Lin’s contributions. It is just really hard to see.

    I guess I just see more negatives for Lin to be at LAL than anywhere else.

  229. If Pop likes Lin, he might sign Lin on a cheap value to replace aging Manu or aging Parker.
    Lin seems to always do well vs Spurs so I’m holding hope that Pop will have some interest to invite Lin.

  230. I don’t even care if he’s third string with Spurs. If he gets a fair chance, he’ll get to the top.

    IMO, lin should sign a 1 year vet min deal with any team that will give him a fair shake.

  231. He did get to close out games in hustun as I recalled

  232. I think you’re saying Lin shouldn’t come back to Lakers or any other tanking teams =)

    But yes, I see how a coach is very influential in how to use Lin. Furthermore, the absence of ball-dominant Shooting Guard like Kobe/Harden will be helping Lin’s career.

  233. yes, or 2 year with 2nd year of player option.
    Even a cheaper contract will be good so he has a chance to star and get better long-term contract afterwards

  234. I thought Parker just signed a deal?!

  235. but haywood likes to play PG as well..

  236. They have their own young PG they like… no chance.

  237. yes, 3 year $43M deal.
    I see Manu’s contract is not extended yet and might retire after this season.
    But Cory Joseph could be the next chosen backup PG so it might be hard for Lin to get PT there.

  238. True, I’m also disappointed Lin didn’t get a fair chance after Kobe went down.

    But if we think about it, it makes sense that Kobe wouldn’t want Lin to steal the spotlight in his absence because he’ll come back next year with news as a “has-been” and no longer a hero.

    This I see is a bigger factor than the tanking reason. LA can still tank by featuring Lin a lot more than Clarkson so IMO it’s the Kobe’s factor to bury Lin deep in the bench.

    I hope Kobe fans in Asia understand how Kobe has the hand in burying Linsanity in LA. He never wants to share the spotlight with Jeremy.

    I just see the pro vs cons for trade so it’s a lot of unknowns. But if you ask me, I’ll opt for a trade for Lin to increase his FA value and play in the playoff for a contender.

  239. Has to be a team that really wants to win….and a fair coach. Lin will take care of the rest. But life is not perfect, I guess he just need to do his best working his way up again, no matter stays or not.

  240. true, Lin’s a survivor and a hard-worker so combined with his talent, he can be a lethal Linsanity (or better version as he said)

  241. I firmly believe he will get enough offers where one of them should be good for him…

  242. Magic advocated tanking this season so that’s why he didn’t lambast his friend BScott

    Magic tweeted Lin should be a starting PG but he probably saw Kobe got jealous and wanted none of Linsanity in LA so Magic didn’t say anything afterwards.


  243. Don’t think Spurs will get Lin bc they have 2 backup PGs already.

  244. Magic wants some control, Kobe wants some even for the future obviously and Jim Buss is soft and clueless, what a mess !

  245. Jim Dolan and Jim Buss are two of a kind: spoiled rich brats who love the attention and power, but lack the real ability to run a business. Two bad Jeannie has been marginalized, or maybe she’s just waiting for Jim to make a spectacular wreck of things so she can move in.

  246. I don’t like Magic or Lakers bc this team has too many drama besides Kobe… Now w BS…. smh!

  247. Didn’t Jerry pass the torch to Jim for fear of the comeback of PJ ?

  248. Wonder what “mess up” really meant to them?

  249. BS said when the team -70 he will be worry…?! I guess that’s his mess up.. smh!

  250. Last season Magic: Jim Buss and D’Antoni were the problem.

    This season Magic: Jim Buss and Jim Buss only.

  251. Haha! Looks like Magic really wants to in charge Lakers…

  252. I bet he’s hates and jealous of Jim Buss for being the man in charge. He thinks this team was built by his inner circle and his father when alive. Today Magic even told everyone that Jim was nowhere found when they won championships.

  253. Translation:
    Byron Scott is very happy that Jim Buss is paying him millions to do the dirty work of tanking, and making sure that Kobe gets his records. Byron doesn’t mind being the target of fan disgust as long as he gets his money from Jim. Byron is also thankful for having job , because his wife is going to take him to the cleaners in their divorce.

  254. they are going to be stuck with a high draft pick who will have all the pressure to rescue the franchise while being Kobe’s whipping boy. The FO will spin it as the new kid getting groomed, and clueless fans will be patient for another year as the Lakers look like garbage. If you think this year is bad, next year will be even worse, plus we’ll have to put up with the Kobe Farewell Tour.

    I’d still rather watch JLin play, even as a backup!

  255. “Mess up” means making Kobe unhappy.

  256. I believe so too.. otherwise he will be like Dragic said to NYK reporter..”I will sign w NYK…: Lin said he will evaluate everything… so I think he got more than one team talk to him already.

  257. agree.

  258. This team is not good.

  259. Messed up like overplaying Kobe til he has another season ending injury? They accused D’Antoni of that. I guess it’s okay though if BScott does it.

  260. win or badmouth Kobe

  261. nyee….seems like he won’t be traded……hope BS would be fired then…

  262. Mills and Joseph definitely make the backup PG crowded in SA.
    The only opening could be Manu’s replacement but I don’t think Lin wants to be a backup SG so Lin might choose a worse team with more PT as a PG

  263. John Wall at the end there looked like he ran out of air and patience (maybe on the 25th take. :-P)

  264. I thought a little bit about the Spurs current roster. Ginobili is 37. Cory Joseph will be at the end of his rookie contract after the 2015 season. Even if JLin doesn’t end up with the Spurs this year… maybe he signs a one year deal somewhere? Then who knows? Ginobili retires? The Spurs decide to move in a different direction than with Joseph? JLin has better range than him anyways with the same tenacity of Joseph.

    Potentially 2 guard positions may open up. Another thing to look out for. How much longer will Pop coach? Will his successor also have that awareness to look for diamonds in the rough and play team ball?

  265. I agree. Lin do owed it to his fans and fans of the team to bring his “A” game every single night. That’s true.! We, Lin-fans, know that he Does care about us. The kid is still learning. He’s not perfect. I whether he play within his comfort zone and do well then force something up. But he will get there sooner or later – to be the star that we know he can be.
    As for the Spurs- yes, it’s disappointing not seeing the stars play when they should but as true fans go – a good playoff game is Way Better than a regular season game.

  266. My hope is Spurs and Lin have mutual interest, Pop/Duncan staying 1-2 years. I’m undecided if Lin should even try to be a Manu backup SG replacement.

    He’s a bit undersized for an SG plus he might be boxed in as an undersized SG, not PG.

    If Spurs likes Joseph, then Lin probably won’t have a place to be a backup PG/SG. But even if Lin doesn’t go to Spurs, if Lin is invited to workout with Spurs and get some offer, I would be happy. Multiple options would be good for Lin

  267. LOL Guess I won’t have the “magic” of waking up by reading “JLin is traded!!!” anytime soon:-)

    Well, another dreadful game is coming but at least it’s home game. Hopefully JLin can play well and more in this game. Having said that since Nuggets is playing “awful” now, maybe Lakers can have an easy win unless BS wants to tank badly. Well, we know what it’s: Tanking is more important than winning. So, don’t count win in the bag. Easy win? Well, only happen in elsewhere:-) (My 2 cents is waking up being sarcastic this morning after catching up with overnight news.)

  268. Pretty gutsy question by medina. Pretty funny response by BS.

  269. As good as Spurs is, somehow I’ve never had the desire of JLin to go there. Not sure why. Just don’t have any preference except no Warriors, Knicks, Rockets, and Lakers. Any team that wants JLin and plays teamball is good enough for me. For me, trust JLin knows better which team suits him better when he is being offered in FA. Getting excited in that aspect:-)

  270. I think what’s more fundamental than a coach is that there is not a starting SG in the team earning a franchise contract. Thinking about it, even MDA had to play Nash out of his position as a SG in order to let Kobe handle the ball and pad his stats freely. The Spurs’ model is to allocate the franchise contracts in the starting unit at the PG and a PF position, which is most cost effective and is becoming the trend of modern NBA. Betting your big money at the SG is becoming a dinosaur model in the league.

  271. I hope to see JLin continue his efficient play. 11 pts/3-4 ast in 20-25 minutes is a big win, given his circumstances. I wonder what other coaches and players really think of BS and the Lakers…I hope they recognize what JLin can do.

  272. The whole idea of tanking to get picks is repugnant that I can’t get it out of my mind. IMO, it’s like how republicans attack the poor for taking handouts. They call them lazy and unmotivated and are leaches of the work of others. The Lakers and the Knicks are deliberately tanking to get welfare from the league. The two largest markets in the NBA is saying to everyone, it’s okay to lay down and wait to be bailed out by the community. That’s what stinks.

    The only other equivalent is how the rich 1 % bankers were bailed out by the 99%. These super rich athletes and owners should be put to shame for making it okay to be shamelessly not doing their jobs and playing to the best of their abilities. If you can tank to get handouts, why can’t the poor?

  273. Although I love Spurs and it sounds good in theory, somehow I don’t see Lin ending up there. For Mavs, I’m concerned about Monta. I think Stan Van Gundy is a great coach and would use Lin well, but I think he was not high on Lin. My preference would be Kings, Pacers, Heat, and Spurs in no particular order.

  274. I hope Lin plays with linsanity dominance in his time given. Hopefully he realizes his fans could change his situation. He went from DNP to guaranteed 20 minutes because of the fan back lash. If he wins staples center he has the upper hand on the busses. He increased msg value $350 million during linsanity. Dolan didn’t value that as much because he is already filthy rich. The busses sole income is Lakers, if Lin increased their ratings with linsanity 2.0, the busses would respond.

  275. i posted previously how actually despite the world outside lin fans thinking lin is done and will never be anything but a marginal bench player (and for that matter never has been other than that brief linsanity moment) that since his dnp/cd he has actually been doing quite well.

    and that he responded much more quickly in a positive way to this in combination with “losing” his starting job to clarkson than he did to “losing” his starting job to price previously.

    to repeat from a previous post, in the 7 games since dnp/cd lin has scored in double figures in 5 of 7 in all 5 scoring above his season average despite playing an average of less than 25 minutes.

    and: averaging almost 5.5 assists a game.

    (by contrast the “future” “point guard” clarkson playing 30 plus minutes has averaged only a little more than 3 assists a game).

    lin has been around a 14/7 per 36 for that time.

    so he seems to have adapted quite well to his latest “adjusted” status.

  276. that’s a nice per 36.

  277. actually its consistent with lins per 36 for the season. and his first season in houston.

    second season in houston was actually better.

  278. very accurate analysis

  279. If I were a friend like a big bro, I’d say to Lin – hey, get in and get your own first as best as you can because this isn’t a Christian or Chinese culture where the last shall be first, the person bowing the most is most respected, etc. If you act that way, people easily misread your power and will see you as the stereotype. Personally, I meet many people who cannot see past my hair color, so it’s important to help people see you for who you really are in their context.

    I think my advice if taken would make you happy because of the early inefficiency in each game we all don’t like.

  280. So far this year, I’ve really enjoyed his post DNP-CD interviews. Very professional and truthful, and smooth like he practices those shots fired lol.

  281. Bleacher ReportVerified account
    George Karl is expected to be named Kings head coach after the 2015 NBA All-Star game. http://ble.ac/1DCDr94

  282. New game thread is up over 20 minutes ago:-) http://www.jlinportal.com/g52-den-lal-game-thread/

  283. not showing up even with reloads and refreshes and logging in and out for me. only way i ever find it in the beginning of a game is by linking it from here. if its not showing up here to link from at the time its appearing i dont see it.

  284. Deliberately throwing games = match-fixing

  285. Really. That’s very strange. Maybe @psalm234 and others can explain to you.

  286. Because it was MDA. He has no respect from the whole LakerNation. Think IF that was Pop……what would happen?

  287. try clearing your browser cache

  288. eh he he, I hope he’s ‘recruiting now’. Kings can tank though.

  289. I’ve solved that problem for me by clicking on the “Recent Comments” button. It’ll show where everyone is posting recently, and you can click on the thread name to go to a new thread. In fact, I usually just load the recent comments screen first, right from my favorites bar using the following link:


  290. Chances of Jeremy moving seems to be only during FA

  291. Life is not perfect …

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