G52 DEN @LAL Game Thread

With 9 days left before the trading deadline, it is unlikely that Lakers can find suitor to trade Lin which is still owed $6M plus $8.3M salary cap. Even without trade that has its own pros and cons, it is good to see Lin finding his ways to score and run team-ball with limited minutes as Lakers continue to tank.

DEN will be tanking so it might be an ugly game. The best hope is for Lin to get good stats to run the 2nd team, keep the game trailing so Lin would get more PT.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what if there is trade or not!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. GO for Linsanity game!:-)

  2. 0.0

  3. since yer post was 27 minutes ago perhaps im not the only one (see comment on previous thread in reply to yours) or perhaps not.

  4. It’s getting lonely here:-) No one comes to this thread. Guess not many is interested to watch Lakers game anymore.

  5. 40 points!!!!

  6. What I normally do is just opening up new tab and refresh it at times. This time it was more due to my plugin. Keep on collapsing for browsing for info to my studies. So, I had to close down the whole tabs and reopened and here it was the new thread:-)

  7. LOL Dreaming for next team. KB and BS won’t allow it happen @Lakers:-(

  8. Double-Double

  9. 100 points, 50 assist and all the game time!!!!LOL!

  10. well others are just waiting for the right time and as soon JLIN will be freed from the bondage of LEASH!!!

  11. hmm i still tho not understanding yer explanation at all think that its not just me. why would you just be sitting here by yourself for 20 minutes as you put it “lonely”. and people were still posting on the other thread.

    but i admit i dont have any technical knowledge at all. but again in this case the fact that no one came here b4 i did and i only came when and thru the link you posted on the previous thread suggests that others were not “seeing” this game thread as well. until u put up the link on the other site.

    as someone might say. just saying.

  12. I have the problem also on occasion. As I posted in the previous thread, I’ve solved that problem for me by clicking on the “Recent Comments” button. It’ll show where everyone is posting recently (and if there is a new thread), and you can click on the thread name to go to a new thread. In fact, I usually just load the recent comments screen first, right from my favorites bar using the following link:

  13. lets do this….my only wish is that Jlin plays well…mini linsanity

  14. Linsanity with a twist. JLin becomes head coach of the Lakers =O

  15. You’re correct. Its a cache feature that homepage gets refreshed every 15-30 min.

    I usually clear the cache manually but this time I was away when game thread was scheduled to be published

  16. tnt announcers on rockets game: “rockets in desperate need of a point guard”.

  17. They had one…just that Morey/McHale didnt know how to use him right..sigh!
    Harden would have realized by now, being a PG is not easy….if only he had shared a 50/50 or 60/40 with Lin they would have been the best backcourt guards in the league!

  18. next year they’ll be saying the same thing about the lakers.

  19. lol…true enough

  20. LOL I was just having fun. I was working on things and checked on the thread when in between my tasks. I’m multitasking. When I didn’t see anyone making comments I just wrote a fun post:-)

  21. LOL not from M & M, they have PB:-) Funny that they said the same every time after JLin wasn’t in the team.

  22. Interesting … “Beverly Center is So Cal’s premier fashion destination with 100 distinctive specialty boutiques reflecting the diverse styles and tastes of Los Angeles.”

  23. 007
    J Lin.
    Never shaken!

  24. they hate pb now in houston just like they will hate “the future” clarkson next year in l.a.

  25. I’m not.

  26. I know. Read the news in the past few threads. Sad that JLin is experiencing the same I experienced in most of my working life:-) Most people didn’t appreciate “me” until I left the post. Then they told me how good I was and how regret they were for ill-treating me. Sad but this is human nature.

  27. I think Haren is so happy to dominate the ball, spotlight and pad stats to claim him as the best sg!!

  28. Deron Williams $100 million contract: 31 minutes, 13 points, 6
    assists bench player, DNP 32% of the games. Stats slightly better than Jeremy

  29. bev has 4 fouls in 13 minutes

  30. hard to rein in those wolverine claws.

  31. actually williams and lin were having similar seasons until his injury. i haven’t followed since then. ie. both were playing reasonably well as starters, then benched; took awhile to adapt then doing well again then….for williams injury for lin…dnp/cd.

  32. commentators on rockets games (not rocket fans) are referring to the team as the “houston harden’s” (thats after harden took 48 shots 23fg and 25 ft for his 45 points in loss to ??? whoever they played last.

  33. What does that mean?

  34. no way in …. lakers take deron willim maybe earlier in the year. nets are stuck with him

  35. More drama in Lakers between BS & NY.

  36. ohh sh….

  37. LOL!!!!

  38. hollywood. time for another episode of “that tanking team in la”. see wacky locker room antics. amazing d league starters. the brilliant stoic arms folded acting of byron scott. and more. as the tank churns.

  39. Hmm, Date of the trade deadline.

  40. Con’d
    Nick says:”SInce when?”
    BS:”Since today!”
    Nick:”Nobody told me!”
    BS:”You’re a veteran. I don’t have to tell you everything. You have to just deal with it.”

  41. Yeah, don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

  42. phnx just tied rockets after being down 18 after the first quarter.

  43. Q3 been really bad for them

  44. 20 to 5 run ….go suns

  45. The wolverine doing a great job shooting bricks…hahaha

  46. He just hit a 3…luck

  47. Not surprised at all. I knew Harden and Rox were not for the real thing a year ago.

  48. Let me guess.. he is so wide open and no one bothered to defend him, thus the 3?

  49. Mchale standing cross arm looking like a white bs… hahaha

  50. p bev energized by being chosen for skills challenge trying to prove to disbelievers that he has some.

  51. Yup..right on the spot

  52. Joni oh Joni, she was the beauty of my generation. She was the “Catus Tree” that broke a lot of hearts.

  53. yeah but bs never is not crossed arms. different thing. signature move.

  54. Sun up 1 end 3rd

  55. He is worried like BS that he could lose the trust of his boss, because Bev is taking more shots than Haren now.

  56. Harden flopped and pretend to hurt his elbow to try to escape embarrassment. ..hahaha

  57. rockets quarter scores 41/29/18/?

  58. BS ever tell Kobe he should attend games?

  59. more like Scott is a black McHale, but at least McHale knows to play Lin more with Harden out..

  60. Let’s go sun…down by 7 now

  61. Harden going for triple-double?

  62. The sun loses. ..oh well…. the rockets will crash and burn in the playoffs any way

  63. LA Announcer (Antawn Jamison) said DEN should play better and play for his coach, Brian Shaw.

    I guess he either didn’t read the article his players are tanking on him or didn’t want to bring up the “Tank” talk.
    How come noone talks about the different tank in Lakers and Nuggets? It would make good TV

  64. yup, that 11-14 by Harden will turn to 3-4 in the playoff quickly as refs will swallow their whistle.

  65. 1 and 5 in their last 6

  66. Lol the game intro video shows Jlin and NY highlights

  67. two bad team

  68. wow denver blown out by these lakers

  69. Good start…lets see

  70. The Lakers starting scrubs are a bit better than the Nuggets starting scrubs…hahaha

  71. tankathon special.

  72. Worry not, in the mighty BS tank commander we trust.

    As long as the lead does not exceed 20 points, the purple tank is safe.

  73. saves his best for the second half.

  74. Jeremy might be NBA’s king of selfies. At pre-shoot around signings, he almost always have at least 1 or 2 selfies

  75. That Clarkson TO ( careless wraparound pass) … sometimes he plays for the other team =)

  76. …much to the Nuggets’ detriment. LOL

  77. Ellington is too hot 4-4 with 9 pts.
    BScott might have to bench him soon

  78. denver is embarrrasing

  79. do i have to watch this crap

  80. Overall he is still doing fine….

  81. It’ll be embarrassing to nondescript level if he benches a shooting guard because his shooting is on fire. If I’m Kupchak I’ll fire him on the spot

  82. headlines were right: shaw’s team is tanking without him.

  83. 11pts now .. Byron must be thinking: “I can’t afford 10-15pts lead to tank. He’ll sit with 4 min left”

  84. If you were Kupchak you would not have hired BS in the first place.

  85. being on a bad team sucks. there are zero opportunities especially if your name is lin. i’d take last year over this anyday

  86. yes, he has nice raw athleticism, just defense that he needs to learn.
    LA announcers talked about it pre-game

  87. lol.i’m not watching. i’ll just have to depend on your blow by blow posts here. 🙂

  88. Oh yeah. I’ll give George Karl an offer he’ll have a hard time refusing.

  89. it can’t be too obvious but if team is too hot, Byron has to find a bad lineup to disrupt the rhythm

  90. No Lin yet?

  91. ABL.

  92. not yet…should be coming in soon

  93. I guess it’s easier to tank when players want to tank than when coach want it

  94. lol yea thats true

  95. that sucks as a coach

  96. Very interesting all bench players are in except JLin.

  97. like always

  98. 10th man 2nite. (unless ronnie comes in first instead).

  99. my nbatv is going crazy i cannot get a feed

  100. Lakers up by seven, bringing in Lin now would greatly jeapardize the tank.

  101. Lin is IN

  102. lol is lin getting benched?

  103. 2 whole minutes

  104. Lets see how long Scott keeps Lin in Q2

  105. pathetic young and scott conflict is just drama he is in befoire jlin

  106. Lin coming in and making his mark!!!

  107. That’s not fair, BS doing a stellar job securing the top 5 pick and keeping it out of PHX hands. I bet you couldn’t tank better even if you tried. 🙂

  108. What is he saying? That Dwight made the right decision or wrong decision to join Houston?

  109. man i got no feed in nbatv – its screwd up

  110. Antitank weapon RPG17 reporting for duty.

  111. lol

  112. nick young is ######

  113. lol really

  114. look at the lakers

  115. pauls a rockets fan

  116. I like it. Lin forcing the action. Turning up the dial for linsanity pace. Wake the crowd up!

  117. well im always a young “hater” (ie. i just dont think hes any good). but…obviously bs management style hasn’t helped young and at present he is really awful.

  118. finally i got a feed

  119. Lin let swaggy take the last shot knowing swaggys recent struggle
    real kleader

  120. don’t take a genius to see rox are in a ay better spot then lal

  121. Yay… welcome to the tanking jungle

  122. is just drama dont buy it if nick young and sscott drama is true he will be in the doghouse and no play for him look at other coaches who have conflict with players…players are in the doghouse

  123. only ellington’s shooting gave the starters their lead. the tnt announcers keep commenting on all the individual “good” players the lakers have coming off the bench “for byron scott”. did it ever to occur to them to infer further that if all the “good” players are on the bench: who are the starters? could that have anything to do with the lakers losing almost all their games while those starters are starting.

  124. I tank at tanking 🙂

  125. hes’ been in the doghouse. his minutes have been way down.

  126. On track…in loosing the lead

  127. no his play is on….scott call his play again and again he is not in the doghouse

  128. Nice quick drive by Lin!

  129. Good going b/w Davis and Lin!

  130. nice

  131. stu is #@$$

  132. Reggie the hater saying Jlin didn’t perform and lost starting job to clarkson

  133. TNT announcers don’t like Lin. LoL. Already

  134. Jeremy, Ed, and Boozer refuse to tank.

  135. rehash

  136. Reggie wanted Lin to score himself in that fastbreak =)

  137. ignore at this point

  138. shouldve taken that shot

  139. Ewww…why are you reporting incidents of flatulence?

  140. yuh think?

  141. he shudnt have passed that one

  142. spacing looked bad

  143. steph curry it’s the politic :0

  144. yes

  145. Someone Have to get these announcer to STFU

  146. Yes.

  147. Faried guy was waiting for him.

  148. reggie is atrash talker a very good one lol luv him but scrw him

  149. then get fouled

  150. stu is %&$%^

  151. Sorry…just want to expose Jlin haters

  152. Reggie Miller is an moron.

  153. looks like i will have to mute this game

  154. it’s factored … all BSc does is let Clarkson and other combos play 1 or 3 mins more, so 2nd unit got the green light to fly.

  155. I would not do that when the team is tanking. Easier way to score.

  156. meh its reggie miller get used to it lol

  157. Much peace for not listening to the game but watch:-)

  158. These announcers don’t know what the hell they are talking about. “bad play by Lin” WTF that was boozer.

  159. they just hate to incite internet traffic…i swear jeremy makes everyone social media conscience

  160. Tank unit and tank busters.

  161. mike trudel and stu is spitting @$%%^&

  162. looking fine playing well

  163. Nice shot by Lin followed by a great steal!

  164. Not Trudell… 🙁

  165. I miss Chick, wish HE was still around instead of this sell-out with zero integrity.

  166. about minutes and developing

  167. Lin playing well.

  168. Jeremy kicking Nuggets’ behind in those brand new shoes which looks nice.

  169. two great plays, and no mention from the announcers.

  170. Defense juggernaut jeremy Lin with the on ball defensive strip!

  171. the commentators talk is stupid tanking talk

  172. about minutes and shuffling bench cause for developing lies…LMAO wont admit tanking

  173. i wud cuz im no baller

  174. He was the best.

  175. Trash talking trash has opposite effect. If it’s coming from BS and Stu, they better not be complimenting you…

  176. Those refs really trying hard to take stats away from Lin …

  177. denvers bench has to start

  178. wont admit tanking….talk about why shuffling bench and developing

  179. Clear path for Jlin

  180. Why JLin is shooting FG?

  181. Not just these refs…most refs are doing it except the rookie ref Lauren Holtkamp.

  182. all i needed to hear /read 🙂

    Go Lin!

  183. Byron is leaving 2nd unit deep into 2nd quarter.
    Worried Ellington is still too hot?

  184. Déjà vu of the Wizards game…

  185. Might sub after this TO

  186. I like Lauren. ..cliff Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  187. jeremy will be the steal of the off-season and the 2nd half of his career where he is celebrated will begin

  188. I mean, we don’t need a clear path then it’s an incidental touch that Lin can go slam. Geesh.

  189. who paul trashed.

  190. Love the way Lins been playing
    a real pg who can attack the rim and shoot from outside
    he will get signed to a good team next year

  191. I just would like to see Lin maintain the same shooting mentality throughout the game. Try to score 20 tonight in 20 minutes. Please, no 10 points in 1st half and then 2 points in 2nd half.

  192. writting on the wall lol

  193. thats what lin fans say every year but one can hope, one can dream.

  194. worthy @@@@@@^&^%

  195. if you start lin now on a good team
    hell give u 15+10+

  196. if you start lin now on a good team
    he’ll give u 15+10+

  197. if you start lin now on a good team
    hell give u 15+ppg10+apg

  198. Being called out by CP3 is like being critized by BS, it’s a positive thing. 🙂

  199. Gasp, JLin still in after the time out!

  200. Interesting sub Ellington/Sacre for Davis/Johnson

  201. Both Scott and Shaw crossing their arms lol. Tankers…

  202. maybe Byron is tempted to win tonight LOL

  203. ha ha, JLin in a demo tape. Tries to give Swag a 3, slams the ball off Den legs for another possession, no foul when fouled for strip from him. Refs!!!

  204. i hope so

  205. What is worthy saying?

  206. BS tanking to keep his job, DEN players tanking so that Shaw would lose his.

  207. very defensive body language =)

  208. Lin was fouled on that play and they didn’t call it.

  209. Yes, seemed like a foul.

  210. Here comes the tank crew…Jlin out… lead at 10 pts

  211. Crossing arms is a necessary skill for coaches to have =)

  212. ok I’m going to half dont care about 9.

  213. goodnight folks jlin will get at least 14 tonight

  214. You have to do it with grace and finesse.

  215. If you start Lin now
    he will give you 15-10 everynight

  216. Tired of Lin’s limited minutes. He shouldn’t be a backup to Clarkson.

  217. He was holding his face and he got a TO instead. now players are encouraged to play hard on him if they get away with it.

  218. Lead down to 8

  219. Annoying and it goes as a TO.

  220. no big. saving mileage on that ferrari.

  221. Sorry, Lin only knows to play for win, and that is why I like him.

  222. Lin shud play for a contending team
    losing team has no use for lin who always tries to win

  223. I’d like him to shoot a little more, but I like how he was playing.

  224. Thanks for the heads up! I forgot it was on!

  225. tnt commentators are just as bad.

  226. good idea but ill watch castle. i like to marathon shows so ill watch fresh off the boat after a few episodes go by. hate the week by week stuff

  227. Only defensive move he knows unfortunately…

  228. Clarkson airball

  229. Lead down to 5 now…just like clock work

  230. 44 v 39 @2:07

  231. how many minutes did it take to cut that lead in half?

  232. Tank engine firing on all cylinders!

  233. blink of an eye

  234. denver not trying yet so close

  235. Lin/Black are having a good time cheering for Boozer’s And-1.
    Good to see =)

  236. Me too. I prefer watching a show in one sitting. Too lazy to follow shows on a weekly basis.

  237. Tnt announcers are dead to me… I can’t hear ghost talking..hahaha

  238. Lin was out @4:10:-)

  239. Davis, Black, Boozer and Kelly are close to Lin, Swaggy OK too.

  240. my fellow bingers …

  241. For a while, Sacre looks like Steven Seagal with no hair .. hmm

  242. Black “disappeared” a bit when his playing time with Jeremy were reduced.

  243. Where is your sixth sense?

  244. The tank crew is very effective. ..nuggetsdown by 3 at halftime

  245. This game is so boring, I’m looking at McGee to see if he’ll do something funny.

  246. Very interesting with this stat: Ellington played the most with 14:29m and JLin the second least time with 10:26m.

  247. I reserved it for worthy things not these talking dead heads

  248. After 1st half, Lin’s the 2nd highest LAL scorer with 7 pts on efficient shooting (3-3, 1-2 FT) in 2nd fewest min (10:26)

    Ellington with 13pts
    Black with fewest min 10:17

  249. Always happy to see lin smile. Good to see God grant him some joy in this ridiculous situation.

  250. im still trying to find out from running accounts exactly how many minutes (or sec’s) it took the starting tank crew to cut the lead in half from 10 to 5. the blink of an eye is not scientific enuf.

  251. Got the bad time slot.

  252. count it as all joy brethren

  253. Haha… just about to post this too.

  254. Stealth tanking works…

  255. This is no where close to stealth at all….

  256. 1 minute 55 seconds per my rough calculation

  257. That tank on the right hitting the tank on the left behind… looks like an unexpected attack on me 🙂

  258. Love this pic. Literally what’s happening:-)

  259. You ever get the feeling people just don’t want to play with an Asian. There is nothing wrong with his attitude, game, or attitude to not want to sign him.

  260. Adam silver needs to hire more refs like her who just calls it blinded to the name on the back of the jersey.

  261. Prior to Lin leaving the Quarter, they had 10 pts lead and now just 3 pts!! sigh

  262. Ellington is the only antitank weapon in the starting crew

  263. Ellington is hot today!

  264. lol

  265. Don’t care about them any more… twc that is

  266. Kelly is smart…and slow…..

  267. Still try to figure it out how did denver fire George k.?

  268. GM does not like him…

  269. BS forcing the Clarkson-Black tandem reminded me of how he used to force Price-Davis tandem. Not much an effective pairing.

    Different story if it’s Jeremy-Black or Jeremy-Davis.

  270. has kelly had the primary responsiblity for chandler; he’s the only one hurting the lakers. they need to put someone else on him or double him. or something. until someone else shows they can score.

  271. Shoes looks nice…

  272. Ok, I know now … Price is DNP-CD because he cannot take as naturally as Clarkson. You see, scoring zero points and playing glue guy is way less harmful than jumping around making one flashy play here or there but shooting inefficiently and not knowing how to run a team. I miss Price, there I said it. Hate the ugliness of the Clarkson game, so I just did a bunch of work.

  273. Lol……

  274. Lead back up to 8…. reporting to tank Comander bs… malfunction detected in the tank engine…. may haveto abandon the tank this gamet

  275. lol…you really dislike Clarkson! 🙂

    I’m fine with his play…for a rookie, he is doing well

  276. shhh

  277. he’s just having a hot game as noted; he’s supposed to be a shooter but career wise hes not very good, having his best year this year tho. but this game is not typical.

  278. Ellingtonblew the layup. ..and bs goes…thank you lord.

  279. Well, he’s ok but I am all about fairness and though Price is a low end scorer, he’s a professional and never said one bad thing about Lin and just stayed cool and did his job. I bet he would have held the lead spread steady.

  280. actually the one game they played price with lin in the second unit that was the most enjoyable group to watch with i think boozer/davis/ and black. price doesn’t do anything so he does no harm.

  281. He he, BSc cannot afford to put Lin in with a lead. Need too burn up some mins and lead …

  282. no.

  283. its ok i dislike clarkson more than you.

  284. They’re getting there…2 pts game now

  285. Uh oh. ..tank is operational now

  286. Yes, just like Price played the seasoned support for Kobe, he did it for Lin too. I liked what you mentioned.

  287. tank moving slow but steady now.

  288. tank is always slow but steady!

  289. equity in the tankathon has been achieved.

  290. The tank commander bs prayer is being answer…lol

  291. ha ha. If he ever brags again, I’m gonna not like him a lot more (his thing about his start and wanting a win I think against the Spurs, sheesh_.

  292. Time for Lin?!!!

  293. Lawson is hot now…hehe

  294. Always 😉

  295. Hey which team are you on?!

  296. a little more lead by Den and yes.

  297. yup they are leading now

  298. Tank commander bs must have offered some kind of sacrifice to the basketball gods

  299. Ok, your darling is IN now!

  300. Lin in, I’m back.

  301. Antitank weapon RPG17 reporting for duty again…Sir!!!!

  302. Team Lin!!

  303. *clap* *clap*

  304. The best team in the whole wide world!

  305. nope hes fine

  306. come on lin! time to take over!

  307. He will until 4th qtr when starters sub back in:-) Then another loss again!

  308. unless playing against jason kidd.

  309. Time to blow up the lakers tank Jlin

  310. lets see: lin and the “second unit” generally left a long time ago with a ten point lead at the time as i recall and now is the first time lin is back in the game (with the 2nd unit generally, is that correct?) and they are down 2.

    so the starters squandred the entire lead and fell behind. does anyone see a pattern here?

  311. it has became…that routine!

  312. You know, that Fresh off the boat show is expected corny and unsophisticated, just like the first cross race shows like the Jeffersons. But really, Sanford and Son was pretty sophisticated, so they could have done better. Guess they have to wash it down with milk to keep the ratings up. (No color ref, but that most Asians are lactose intolerant). Can’t wait for the Neftlix version. This will cycle up I hope, to be better. Lin was just off the charts good, so v rare.

  313. Yep that’s how Tank Commander works!!!

  314. Is that an assist for jeremy lin?

  315. It should be

  316. yes….and followed by a TO

  317. Yeah…about that…it might make a lot of people lose a lot of money. Case in point, those DeAndre Jordan no-calls in the game that was robbed from the Lakers.

  318. Tried a cross-court to Swaggy who is 1/6. smh.

  319. Finally Young made it!

  320. Oh golly, just came back from lunch and Clarkson’s 2-10 with a -4. All hail the Tanking Colonel!

  321. OK wake me up when JLin becomes pg again.

  322. got to wait another season….sleeping beauty 🙂

  323. Jlin got hacked in the face…no call.. F these pathetic refs

  324. Mel’s gonna pull a @Michael …

  325. I endorse your use of expletives in this warranted scenario. 🙂

  326. LOL. It’s because NY is playing pg.

  327. i cringe every time young gets the ball you know hes going 2 shoot it and he’s 25% in his last ten games including this one.

  328. Lin – Booze – Davis!

  329. That is called team chemistry

  330. forget these refs rright?

  331. Where is the foul?

  332. 17.

  333. plf (phantom lin foul)

  334. lol.

  335. From the proud inventor of the ghost fouls, producing fouls with no touch since 2012.

  336. no need to say it – Johnson you know …

  337. I swearit’s look as if bs told Jlin to stop shootingi

  338. beautiful pass!

  339. Bad pass

  340. lin just stop shooting

  341. Not a bad pass…just bad luck

  342. Will Lin take a shot before Clarkson comes back in?

  343. He’s not active enough. He needs to be in the offense more, not just bring it up and pass it to Boozer and then move out of the way. And he’s not driving to the rim enough. The spacing isn’t great but he can try it in early offense when there is more spacing.

  344. There has been a discrepancy on how lin choose to shoot and to give up the ball between first and second half for awhile now…

  345. Idk…we will see..lol

  346. The tnt hatenouncer was soon eager to give Jlin the foul…smh

  347. the more passing he does, the more TO he gets

  348. to me it does not appear to be lin’s choice.

  349. That is my point

  350. i guess, as soon as he starts shooting

  351. i dont know….hmmm

  352. again this is part of the pattern of a competitive first half then tank the second. as instructions appear to be come up court. dump the ball in and get out of the way.

  353. But Lin suppose to be playing his brand of ball ( he mentioned it!)

  354. the last couple of games wasn’t all his points in the fourth idk. this team sucks. wait out rest of year

  355. Den is smart exploiting boozer

  356. As Denver was shooting the fts…Jlin talk to bs then went to talk to NY… young got the ball right after….there is my proof of bs telling Jlin to stop shooting

  357. Miller is extremely annoying tonight

  358. I guess with that TO, he will be out now

  359. Lin done for night.

  360. this offense is so iso heavy wow. 1 pass shoot. its going to get worse i expect. i see a lot of give up today and yesterday. get used to it

  361. It is not about that TOV…we both know it..lol

  362. It goes deeeeeeep

  363. Lol….

  364. I know, but as Joyce used to say, Lin playing right into their trap. Playing well on one half and disappearing on second half, aint good

  365. Bad 2nd half. He lost his edge, that tenacity he used to have to drive and impose his will in the 4th. I don’t know why.

  366. Ok, loss is in the bag, bring in clarkson to seal.

  367. Byron said run.

  368. as usual

  369. Ask the guy who alway fold his arms…lol

  370. Here comes the tanking crew… and there goes the game

  371. That’s why I said I hope Lin maintains his shooting mentality 2nd half.

  372. keeping up with the plan!

  373. I’m done . becoming hard to watch. close to canceling the season for me

  374. Kabooom!!!

  375. i know…sigh…mincing my words!

  376. yesterday =last game lol

  377. Did he even take one shot?

  378. Lawson is pretty good; he won the game for Denver. He deserves to be on a better team.

  379. More like lakers big lost it…

  380. its a clear pattern you can see each play its exactly the same where in the first half lin would come up and read the situation and respond. each time up the court in the last quarter he does exactly the same thing. brings the ball up stops. someone (young or johnson or sometimes boozer) comes to the top of the key, he hands the ball of to him and runs away. doing exactly the same thing every time.

    entirely different than the first half.

    i see this as per instructions.

  381. Nope

  382. only when the game is yet to be determined. once crunch time comes the tank instructions come out. thats how i see it. why would lin start doing something entirely diffrerent than previously (and exactly the same thing every time) if not instructed to do so.

  383. He’s good. He’s got the hesitation and change of speed type of offense Lin needs to learn to become a better player.

  384. not the man with the arms folded?

  385. Well, while he was doubled a few times close to the rim, I agree with you. He’s been instructed to do something specific.

  386. He is included

  387. $200 league pass was totally wasting.

  388. dont think so

  389. no protection at the rim.

  390. maybe you are right…anyways its still frustrating

  391. to me he is the sole reason!

  392. Nathan should be the Public Relations person for Lin. Doing a good job.

  393. Am I the only one saw the space Lawson got? Lol

  394. Besides a few nice assists, he didn’t have a good 2nd half.

  395. I agree. His 2nd half performance just wasn’t good.

  396. Well…I disagree….but it looks that way

  397. if you were at court side, yes. If you were watching from home, maybe some of us were with you.

  398. Well this is new

  399. Lin is in?!?!

  400. Omg..bs put Jlin back in

  401. which part, you disagree?

  402. why was lin put back in?

  403. Ty starts to get comfortable after clarkson’s second stint…..game is over at that moment

  404. May be a bit too late though

  405. Clarkson did something bs didn’t like

  406. Ty had been comfortable anyways

  407. He was not

  408. i missed it…i giess, was concentrating on replying here…much funner here than watching

  409. nick young gave up on the pass

  410. 16 AST!

  411. Lin in for another TOV…gr8

  412. the team is all give up

  413. Stupid one-handed pass.

  414. It only says his teammates had their way with their match up

  415. well he aint shooting. the other laker aren’t moving around so

  416. Lin really had too many bad pass… smh!

  417. It was young fault

  418. it goes both ways as well…he keeps the floor well spread as well

  419. Don’t think so. Those one-handed passes are telegraphed.

  420. He can not do that….floor is always spaced for den….not even at the same level..

  421. I’m going to put it on Lin. too much picking up his dribble. Bad 2nd half, maybe tomorrow he plays better. I hope.

  422. i have to say lakers bench lack a lot of effort today. lin as well. they all are giving up. to watch rookies start will do that to veterans. but yea if they give up why watch

  423. I was just praising him td then this crap Lin lost the game tn
    if there was a tank, today Lin was the commander

  424. That was by design for a force pass… Young has to cut off Ty first…the whole world knows ball is gonna be in Young’s hand

  425. As a PG he need to be smart, when to take instruction literally and when to seek other opportunities…should not be running blindly on instructions

  426. Lawson’s numbers were insane. And I don’t htink he had more than 3 TOs. What was it 32 points 17 assists? Lin hasn’t broken 21 points all season. This is really not a fun season for Lin fans.

  427. lin lost the game lol please laker gave up way back in third quarter

  428. this offense has contained lin all year. also weird subbing times. with kobe 22 shots a game

  429. Lin played bad in 2nd half… don’t know it’s on purpose or just careless… smh! Can’t image if he stays w Lakers next season?! But he didn’t even care about his own stats… bad feeling he is very likely buy the story Lakers sell him now. smh!

  430. Really ugly game for Lin…I dont understand why he wouldnt shoot and made those bad forced passes…making himself look so bad? But just a bad game, I am moving on and hope he will bounce back tomorrow.: (

  431. LOL

  432. I think it was Lin tonight. I don’t know what happened to him in the 2nd half. All the good things he did in the first half he messed up in the 2nd.

  433. Yeah…i would give it as pass

  434. ah, that’s it, concussion. You ‘fans’ stop hating on Lin’s2nd half please.

  435. if you dont help us tanking..you are going dpcd again..

  436. Glad I didn’t watch. 4 ast and 5 tov. Yikes.

  437. It does not matter in this team…..We are not talking about a functional team here. Have you seen any pass more team has to pass like that in a game?

  438. yeah…whichever way you look at it, 5TOV are bad for 21min 7pts

  439. BS told him to “involve his teammates” I think

  440. But Clarkson is scoring, though not tonight. I think Lin has to look to score more for the whole game, not just parts of it.

  441. and also the blown assists on first half.

  442. It is like saying Kobe has 30 pt game in 8 of 38 shooting is good….just reversed.

  443. I’m not sure now. I was hoping to see more improvement overall. There are some tendencies that I’m seeing that says Lin isn’t maturing his game as much as he should by now.

  444. clarkson has a pass..BS new son

  445. not the same, my friend…..8/38 is equally bad

  446. I guess all lin fans gonna blame lin from now onwards…

  447. Wes should set a pick there. Lin was given the ball and double teamed.

  448. bad because?

  449. haters going to be happy tonite…

  450. It is to be expected when Jeremy has a “bad” night.

  451. ah well, we had a good half, and then Lin was running practice. Why do ppl hate so much or expect so much. I’m not even mad. Really. Just took a nap too.

  452. His timing was off, the passes weren’t natural. And he didn’t look to score enough in the 2nd. That’s legit. Crazy thing is he looked to score in the first half. He had what, 6 FGA for the whole game and the last 2 coming in the final seconds.

  453. lins pg was good for 2 weeks last 2 games bad but lakers are not passing as a team. young is a part of it. his isos are having a bad effect. some pissed at lin but I’m not. the team sucks. sucking spreads. today lin caught it late. it is what it is

  454. I dont understand why Lin plays so slow and tentative in the second half. Someone should tell Lin no one is going to keep up with him. He could take over if he wants and at least put the defense on their heels. He is making it easy on the defense by slowing down and staying on the perimeter. Lawson had a big game but It was like a broken record. Lin/Clarkson gets picked and Boozer is like 5 feet away from him. Lakers need a big that will hustle on the roll. Is this princeton offense really a good idea. Seems like it takes forever to get the offense going.

    If MDA was on the sideline he would be waving his arms saying go,go, go. Then Lin would look like he was on fire, watching the second half was like watching a wet blanket.

  455. one, taking tough shots
    two, keeping his team passive
    three, freezing his teammates
    four, gonna re-injure at his age
    five, i’m tired 🙂

    now your turn!

  456. I don’t like Young’s game. He’s not that good. Ellington is a better player to me.

  457. he was 3-3 until the last minute sub

  458. atleast 80% the TEAM passed the rock side to side at the top of the key

  459. he is better off ball on a spread dantoni like offense. scott made him worse

  460. hmmm.

    lakers are tanking..
    so obvious…why blame the players..

  461. None of that can be told by # of TOVs and #of points

  462. why do ppl think it’s JLin’s thing? You don’t go to zero shots and go into running practice mode unless that’s the game plan. It’s like, oh, he stopped shooting, he’s so xyz. Why not just call it that he stopped shooting and was doing something else like Brent said. If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it’s a duck but we don’t know specifically why it’s a duck.

  463. because it is easier. no accountability.

  464. idk why they say he lack confidence they are so wrong. i see give up like the rest of the lakers. has zero to do with confidence.

  465. the situation is different now..Fo orders…draft pick more important than winning

  466. i agree with Scott. Scott actually tried to win tonight. When is Lin going to accept he is the best option on his team. Unless his teammates have a open path between themselves and the basket, Lin should be calling his number. The pg is suppose to look for the best shot, and when you are the best shot then take it otherwise you are not doing your job as the pg. Being the pg means your team takes a good shot, not that everyone else shoots except the pg.

  467. the lakers have lost what 14 of 15. that influence players. losing teams well lose pfv is way off today

  468. Everyone has their opinions

  469. Gotta give credit to Lawson

  470. This line looks really bad

  471. This is one of those nights where lin plays for the other team according to Mchale
    Superb first half and horrible 2nd half that hurt the team

  472. more like pg young. lack of movement and ohh year losing 14 of 15. stop this low confidence stuff not today atleast

  473. hurt the team? everyone is responsible for the loss…

  474. lakers set was sloppy. spacing issues this late in season. yet scott has a job

  475. There is no point of watching Lakers game anymore.

  476. more problematic the system..tanking is better…lol

  477. I guess Lin just disagree with you lol

  478. He played bad in 2nd half… but don’t think he cares about his stats at all. Hope he will not stay in Lakers… smh!

  479. He hurt the team too 5TOs

  480. He wasn’t confident in 2nd half 5TOs

  481. I think he does care…you just can not pad it with teammate standing around.

  482. He just had a bad night. It happens…

  483. Sad to say Lakers games are hard to swallow even with Lin…very boring.

  484. good call

  485. well if you have team mate that stand around….that is expected to happens

  486. I think it is a Jlin thing. The ball is in his hands. He has better skills then his teammates, he has better instincts and IQ then his coach. We saw this when MDA let Lin run the show. Is the priority on winning or is the priority on getting along. Maybe Lin thinks he would be selfish and egotistical to try to take over like Kobe. The difference is that when Kobe tried to take over that was a bad decision because he didn’t have it. If Lin tries to take over that is a good decision because he is the most effective player on the team.

    Lin is a star and stars will chuck the game plan if it isn’t going to work. I think with their record Lin could conclude their game plan is not going to work and he needs to take the burden on himself. i feel like he is shrinking from the responsibility that his talent demands.

  487. lol….oh well….

  488. eeveryone is not happy….so sad…

  489. BS is the cancer in the locker room…He is the worst coach Ive seen.

  490. Scott’s made pretty much everyone worse.

  491. I give more credit to Hickson for setting picks and Boozer for standing still.

  492. If he cares he will take more shoots by himself but not today. (got the instruction I think.) The last 2 shots all bc this game it’s a LOSE for sure. smh! Tank on purpose.

    Hope Lin will not stay w Lakers… smh!

  493. yes which is a talent

  494. And bury his FG%? will which he did

  495. Ya! Bad game for sure. Not the first time & sure will not be the last w Lakers since it’s tanking time. smh!

  496. LOL didn’t Lawson got hot starting 2nd half with Clarkson letting him blow by?

    Again with the TOs. Is there any player in this league who NEVER had TOs?

  497. Highlights…

  498. Wasn’t decisive or looking to score. Tried to force the issue. I don’t think it was confidence more than decision making. His decision making still is a problem.

  499. Seemed slower more methodical in the second half. Lawson job was simple – high pick and roll. Repeat. Lin seemed intent on running the princeton offense which is slow on this team. Lin does have the option to keep the ball and just call for a pick. Even Clarkson will do that sometimes. Lin could’ve played more and thought less like Lawson.

  500. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different. BS, KOBE, Mitch and Jim Buss all want to tank and to keep Lin from ever play to his potential. It was all a big lie and we all know it.

    The negativity of the Lakers is spreading to the good people on this forum. I’m sure glad I kept myself busy doing other things instead. Sorry ladies and gents, it’s time to turn out the lights on this season and walk away with our sanity.

  501. Still, Lawson played great. He was decisive and strong in the split seconds to make the right play. He had a great game.

  502. Scott be like: “We lost because the players are stupid, its that simple.”

    NO Scott, your offence is stupid.

  503. Agreed, sadly. But hoping for a couple 20+ pt games from Jeremy to tide us fans over. lol Watching him in this system has been pretty brutal for the most part….

  504. Bad 2nd half. His first half was fine. He didn’t score in the 2nd half and had 4 TOs.

  505. wished i could fast forward to offseason

  506. …i would rather he didnt take those shot and remained 3-3

  507. I wish I could fast forward to him winning a championship.

  508. Totally agree

  509. you are so correct and I did not watch this game already

  510. I said in an earlier game and got reamed for it. That Lin could forget how to win. If you are always tanking, and learning how to lose, its not so automatic to be in the zone and rhythm to close out and win games. It’s not this switch you could turn on and off. The one thing I fear is that Lin will lose the reflex on how to win. He could get it back but it will take time to relearn in a winning environment.

  511. THat is kind of cheating too much…

  512. Yes. Sometimes Lin doesn’t make the right calls. I think it was one of those nights. Why he changed from what was working in the first half I don’t know but it doesn’t mean Byron ordered him to do it.

  513. I think he was just trying to pad his ast in the 2nd H

  514. do agree….one would loose the competitive edge

  515. might as well 😛

  516. BScott is killing us all….

  517. its reverse tanking

  518. Asked about the TOVs…Lin said it was the team thing…lol he did say he has to be stronger with the ball

  519. Hmmm… didn’t DRose have 10+ TO’s recently?

  520. i knew that people are quick to say its lins confidence ….false

  521. well as a Lin fan..I hope Jlin stay healthy and stay strong.. another 3 months

  522. oops nvm

  523. JLin interview.

  524. I agree more with the decision making. which I still disagree

  525. He did the interview

  526. That’s excellent d

  527. Lin, right now, is not a star. Until he plays like Lawson did tonight, or Harden, he’s a backup PG. I agree with the rest of what you said. He’s got to speed it up and attack in early offense.

  528. lol. post game interview posted.

  529. Isn’t it true that Jeremy was sick last game and might still affect him at this game? And the ‘concussion/head swing’ might also affect his playing this game. Would be nice to take these into consideration.

  530. yea that is true as well

  531. Not gonna happen…as long as he knows what is happening

  532. Tell it to the people harping on Jeremy’s TOs

  533. Well, after 5 TO do I really lose the argument. I love Lin, there is no pleasure in criticizing him, just frustration in watching his talent held back. A quote just rings in my head when I watch him now. “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman. Sounds a little corny but his talent demands a larger responsibility to take over games. Or from a Biblical perspective the story of talents, The Master was angry with the servant that just buried his “talents” and kept them hidden. God called that servant wicked.

  534. Where’s the foul on that?

  535. Well….it is just a game….not like it was a real game anyway

  536. Asian foul

  537. fall on deaf ears

  538. I went to check where Jeremy ranks in ASTS/TO ratio

    He’s 42nd out of 50 PGs, BUT…
    I was surprised to see Tony Parker is just above him at 41st, and BELOW Jeremy are Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas, Chalmers, MCW, Rose, Aaron Brooks.

    And they’re all players who have the luxury to be playing in well designed systems. Jeremy has to play with a system as garbage as you can think of, so its actually an accomplishment he’s above those guys lol

  539. Easier to find Waldo than the “foul” on this play.

  540. AST/TOV ratio is not very telling….especially given LAL ranked around 7th in pace

  541. None of the players really have an incentive to do well as a team or for the Lakers bc barely anyone is under contract and the season is a wash. Not to mention scott is a horrible coach.

  542. FO’s attitude is clear….so….

  543. He already played like Lawson and Harden before there was a Lawson and Harden, it started 2-4-2012. He is stronger now then in 2012. If he did it once when weaker, he could do it again now when stronger. If none of us felt that we would not be here watching every game. Honestly we are all waiting for Linsanity to return because we know its in there. I’m just waiting for him to decide to do it. Heck, he just did it in the first half.

  544. It’s embarrassing how the male dominated aspect of NBA refereeing is done better by a rookie lady referee named Lauren Holtkamp.

  545. c’mon Brent you never played pick up basketball and became automatic. Then stepped away from playing for awhile because life was busy, got back on the court and was hesitant?

  546. Jim buss needs to tell Mitch to fire bs just to send magic n kobe a message that who is still n always be in charge.

  547. Since lin is scheduled for that event at Beverly center on 2/19, seems like no trade. But then again maybe it is one of those things where he could easily cancel if need be.

  548. No…but I never played NBA level…so I do not know if that will happen in higher level or not

  549. yes, he didn’t hesitate in the second half like Lin did.

  550. Should be “referee” foul.

  551. so….we still need to talk about something, right…lol…sigh

  552. there should be a mechanism to put the foul back onto the Refs

  553. I think the idea of tanking comes from Jim Buss.

  554. Really not much worth to talking about….

  555. They will just find another player

  556. Barely any media there to interview him. Losing sucks. I pray for more then just survival for Lin but a positive upward swing of good play and wins to finish the second half of the season. Losing is not going to make him better prepared for next year.

  557. Charles Barkley takes a shot at Daryl Moron. Pretty funny and some truth.

  558. Larry Bird and Tom Thibodeau knows it happens. That is why Larry Bird wants Paul George to play asap even if the Pacers won’t make the playoffs and why Thibodeau lobbied for Rose to play for the USA basketball team. You could practice but forget how to play when not in games.

  559. lol…

  560. LOL, thank you. needed a good laugh. That comment on never got the girl in high school was killer.

  561. Well…you do not forget how to play, you just lost performance. 2 are very different….Rose lost his athleticism which unfortunately is the only thing he was good at…

  562. Picture time…not many 🙁

  563. more…

  564. Thats it…

  565. Denzel was at game!

  566. Warning: BS is talking after JLin’s interview’s on turnovers. Didn’t listen to the whole thing. Am not going to focus on JLin’s turnovers like many did.

  567. Why would Clarkson stop chucking? Byron’s already committed to him. It’s not like Byron will start Lin or Price again over Clarkson regardless.

  568. they hate PB in houston?

  569. wasn’t Scott the one that was late to a game?

  570. very interesting!

  571. nice highlights!

  572. Goal is not to win Lin. The goal is to pad stats.

  573. One cannot play team ball when the rest of the team is isoing. lin should be smrter and go iso as well. Save his own stats that way, why take one for the team. Gets picked off when he telegraphs passes and by him not playing his his game he is going to telegraph passes.m

  574. Talk abiut what? How bad Lin is playing?

  575. For those who still watched JLin games: Just wonder whether you have noticed this. JLin had more freedom to get his points in first half. Second half he was asked to do whatever “playmaking.”

  576. Stop livig in the past. Linsanity is over he has to accept that his play todyay sucked.

  577. He gave him the ball. What more does he need.

  578. I think it was usually about teams adjusted…

  579. That’s true but also we heard many times that JLin was asked to “facilitate.”

  580. lol, pretty much how all of us feel

  581. Longer interview – JLin – Jeremy Lin Thinks Lakers Play Too Much One On One

  582. To win the game.

  583. Here is my take on the game….Lin met the tank…and the tank won…Lin met the tank and tank won…

  584. I think the focus on Lin’s turnovers is unfair. Kobe has had many games with very high turnovers. Lin’s turnovers are no worse than Nick Young’s shooting slump. It is less of a liability than Boozer’s defence or Price’s anaemic offence.

    I am happy for Lin to have 3 -4 turnovers a game as long as he is out trying to create for the team.

    This game Lin was not able to finish strong as he normally does. Then again I have noticed that Denver is good at these adjustments against Lin.

  585. Tonight was a good example

  586. Just

  587. Agreed…lets move on

  588. unjust?

  589. ] one more game then no nba until after the fake exhibition call all stars game…

  590. Have to applaud Jlin effort. It’s so darn hard to play against the other team, your own coach, part of your own team, most of the refs. Did I miss anyone else… hehe

  591. And negative fans off the court.

  592. Those are for us Lin fans to play against.. hahaha

  593. Why do you play a lot of one on one? The PG should do a better job of distributing the ball. If you see the teammate going iso, run towards him and ask for the ball. If he reuses don’t pass him the ball. Simple as that if PG would only take control.

  594. We need to move the ball more to get better spacing = Lin’s way of saying pass it to the other team?

  595. everyone gets emotional as well, thats normal…spur of the moment…end of the day, we are still Lin’s fan

  596. Then don’t make any turnovers and people will stop talking about them. But he is too careless and does not take care of it so people will talk until stops making bonehead plays.

  597. what do you mean?

  598. Means I am pissed off that Lin still does not take better care of the ball.

  599. He’s being sarcastic, wants Jeremy to not have TOs. We’re all disappointed but let’s just let him play, shall we?

  600. All of us are…as a sensible fan…we move on as well. Lets focus on next game, and let this be a bygone.

    Everyone deserve to get a pass now and then….especially Jeremy

  601. You guys had a few hours to get it out of your system. I just watched the game on Ballstream and getting more and more pissed off with Lin’s attitude like he stopped caring.

  602. OK…I give you 5 minutes! lol get it out….but keep it within the rules…

    I know its frustrating…most of us was as well, during game time. Even PFV was frustrated…as I said, its spur of the moment…when you watch the game…..

    Most likely was not ready to come in as well, since he had not experienced such a rotation previously…Clarkson been closing games….it was kinda odd to see, BScott pulled out JC

  603. Lin’s turnovers have been coming down in the past 4 years. (It has risen again recently due to the mess that is the Lakers). I know you are frustrated but keep some perspective. It was just a bad stretch that all players go through. He will do better the next game.

  604. The past is three years ago. Lin is not 36 years old with two major injuries like Kobe. He is 26 entering his prime. The past playing like linsanity was the first half. The past was the playoffs against the blazers, the past was multiple games with the rockets with no Harden. The past was not that long ago. Everything in him is still there to play like linsanity. Scott has made it difficult, but he could do it. I’m frustrated but I watch because I believe he could do it and ready to cheer him on. What are you watching a player who “sucks” for?

  605. That’s you. JLin doesn’t do it. If you still don’t get JLin for who he is as a player, more frustrating days for you as simple as that.

  606. The Lakers’s agenda is TO TANK, so why are the Lin fans upset with this loss?

  607. Just wanted to share some insights regarding performance and tanking.

    I went to Carnegie Hall last night with my family for a recital by Janine Jansen and Itamar Golan. The program was packed with Violin Sonata (which to some audiences, it could sound pretty boring). I am not a music expert nor am I an art savvy person. But I was impressed and touched by the performance.

    I sat at the second row from the stage (which is considered a bad seat). But in disguise, I got a close-up with Janine Jansen. I could felt the energy coming from her. Her focus, her articulation, her dedication, her interpretation, and most of all, her intensity and power. That’s when you felt something out of ordinary, something special inside your heart that you can relate to the performance. More like an inspiration and you really fall to appreciate her doing.

    Now back to NBA, a similar performance driven entertainment business, though more competitive in a more evident context (well, in music, IMO, it is more competitive than sports). The first word coming to my mind is TANKING. Not Lin, not Spurs, not leBron, not Kobe. (where is BS???). NBA makes me sicken with some teams purposely not doing their best to at least make the tickets worthy. Performance, like Acbc posted in previous thread, is to strive to do your best, especially in a professional context. But not NBA. The draft pick rules make some games laughing jokes and defy the ultimate purpose of sportsmanship. When sports turn into a profit driven business, politics and conspiracy come to play.

    Linsanity touches fans, not just because Lin’s outstanding performance. It is the focus, dedication, energy and most of all, the will to WIN, as a team. That’s why fans were crazy. That’s why Linsanity basketball games were so beautiful to watch back then. Because the players played their BEST, like Janine Jansen. And the fans could feel it, the energy and the will to win.

    Will we see Linsanity again? To me, I am seeing it every game from Lin. He is putting all out there, fighting and playing his games, even though his teammates constantly not on the same page.

    He will have bad games, He will have a lot of TO. His shots will be off. But as long as Lin is playing, I will always appreciate what he brings to the court.

  608. Well said. We know Lin plays hard in every game, but he needs the effort, spirits of team members. And also a coach who is not stuck with his outdated predictable game plan and worst of all has no clue to innovate and change when required. The fact that Lakers lost most of 2nd half games is because the opposing teams are able to change and counter BS game plans!

  609. That’s where the BS’s brilliance come to play. Either he tried to win but failed to adjust or he was just let his tanking plan play out.

  610. Exactly and totally agree! I didnt watch the last three games because i dont want to waste my time for a bad team, bad organisation and incompetent coach. I just watch Lin’s post game interview and Lin’s highlight and i am happy!

    I will watch the complete game again if Lin goes to a team that supports him and at least fair to him! Lin deserves a better team, it is painful to watch it right now with all these selfish players and dumb thick skin low character coach!

  611. Seriously?

  612. Laughable how people are still HAMMERING about his TOs

    Quoting BuzzerBeater:I went to check where Jeremy ranks in ASTS/TO ratio
    He’s 42nd out of 50 PGs, BUT… I was surprised to see Tony Parker is just above him at 41st, and BELOW Jeremy are Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas, Chalmers, MCW, Rose, Aaron Brooks.And they’re all players who have the luxury to be playing in well designed systems. Jeremy has to play with a system as garbage as you can think of, so its actually an accomplishment he’s above those guys lol

  613. I think BS wants to tank but with the loss to be close, however because the point differential is wide BS gets upset and pick on the players. BS is one who thinks all blame is on the players, none on him and his staff. Worst of all most players in the team have now turned ISO.

  614. Agreed. Assist to Turnover ratio is an overrated stat. Safe players are not necessarily the best players.

  615. IMO, it has finally struck Lin like a ton of bricks that he isn’t getting traded; that he’s stuck on the Titanic with captain that had already abandoned ship. KOBE out, so he scuttling the SS Lakers And everyone is getting screwed.

    So now we are getting all filled up with garbage about Lin’s TOs. It’s like saying Lin needs to go linsane to bail the water faster in order to save the ship. THERE’S NO SAVING THE SHIP, KOBE ALREADY BLEW THE BOTTOM OUT BEFORE IT HIT THE ICEBERG.

    Lin can’t do anything because anytime he finds a way to do something positive, BS blows another bigger hole on the ship. If anyone believes that Lin will be able to just shoot and ISO like everyone else on the team, you are dreaming. Lin has been told to pass but his teammates have been told to ISO. They stand there waving their arms for the ball. How hard is that for an opposing coach to see; how easy it must be to make small adjustments to take theses passing lanes away in the second half! BS knows by now what works to make Lin look bad.

    There is also the fact that Lakers FO is trying to scuttle Lin so that when Lin leaves this summer, they can say to their Asian fan base that they “really tried hard to give Lin a chance” but he just wasn’t any good. Get ready for it.

  616. Anybody is allowed to have TOs EXCEPT Jeremy Lin – those people harping on his TOs

  617. Let me make a prediction that Lin will do well in the next game. He has a knack for bouncing back after tough games.

    I subscribe to the ‘Byron Scott is intentionally tanking theory’ (which is not mutually exclusive with the ‘Scott is generally incompetent theory’). However, it is clear that losing to the Knicks, Orlando and Denver was important as it set those teams back in the tanking race.

    In tomorrow’s game against Portland, Scott might allow them to win.

  618. I subscribe more to the “Scott is generally incompetent” theory.

  619. In the mist of creating a new thread

  620. I don’t think Lin cares about his own stats now. (I believe he can get one & he knew it…) So different from his teammates that fight for their next contract. Lin is still on his team ball theory w his teammates… that will not go anywhere in this team bc everyone all wants to get good stats for good contract next season.

  621. Both theories are likely to be true.

    To put it another way, a dumb guy can probably figure out how to deliberately lose. But it takes a smart guy to figure out how to win.

    So Scott is dumb but he is also deliberately losing.

  622. There’s no solution to “general incompetence” and “deliberately tanking” put together except “fire him NOW” but the Lakers FO wouldn’t touch that idea with a 10-feet pole.

  623. For some reason I can’t see the new thread on the homepage. I’ve cleared my cache and switched browsers to no avail.

  624. Hmmm…I can see them

  625. Ah well..

  626. But i dont have the permission to place an image, so the thread is without image or the team’s icon

  627. Let’s leave this at Psalm’s hands.

  628. I just cleared the server cache manually.
    If not, it usually takes 15-30min to clear it automaticaly

  629. I finally see it! *cue Count Dracula of Sesame Street’s laughter and rumbling thunder background music*

  630. Hey that was my former (teenager) nick name “Count Dracula”…reminds me days in school

  631. Count Von @maknusia:disqus

  632. Me no Muppet..its the real deal…lol

  633. One of the highest human ideals is to evolve, to try to be the best we can be. You can find it every form of religion or philosophy to various degrees of how “I” relates to “us”. Thus we have a society based upon rules of degrees of how we get along with one another, or better known as a “social contract”. Individual freedom must always be balanced with collective responsibility. One individuals rights must never trample on the neighbour’s rights.

    At the present moment, that balance has been shifted far right to “I”. The ideals of Ayn Rand’s superman is rampant today. Sadly, our times is full of people who believe that “the only proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness, that the only social system consistent wit tis morality is one that displays full respect for individual rights embodied in laissesy-faire capitalism”. Rand said that ” may philosophy is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”

    When you look at KOBE, Harden, Melo with this insight you can see how deluded that “noblest heroic being” really is. They have made themselves heroic, not by their own efforts, but by standing on the backs of others.

    The battle Lin fights goes much deeper than a BBall game, it’s a battle of moral shifting back to a centre of the social contract. The “trickle down economic” has failed. The rich keeps getting richer and there is ABSOLUTELY NO trickle down. The bankers and CEOs that stand on the backs of society are doing the same thing as KOBE, Harden and Melo. Self justification is now socially acceptable where once it was ridiculed. Social responsibility must become a moral imperative again.

    A long time ago I read “Civilization” about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. It began with asking why and how did such a powerful civilization crumbled. The answer the author proposed was fatigue. The highest ideals of America are being slowly marginalized like Jeremy Lin. Soon it will be weakened to the core and fatigue will set in. Lin is fighting this battle to save our souls from ourselves, not only on the religious scale, but on the humanist scale as well.

  634. Don’t matter if it is spur of the moment those fans still not thinking straight. If they been Lin fans for this long they should fully understand the way Lin play the game at this point of time.

  635. Acbc, thank you for this bit of philosophy. Some people say that there is no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and that it is all about finding what’s right for you. Yet, these people find themselves in a Constant battle for survival. Like the saying goes: “It takes two to tango”. And we know that what is good for one is usually Detrimental to the other.

    If there were no such thing as right or wrong, why do we spend so much time educating our children to do the right thing? Sure, I believe in the “social contract”. All relations seem to be some sort of compromise. UGH :{

    Yes sireee. The world is changing and so are its people; and eventually it shall be that very “social contract” which humankind will confront. Because all religious philosophy and then those not so religious proclaim some sort of HEAVEN (that it may ease our sufferings as a species, as a whole, if you will). And some would even announce that Kingdom to be on Earth…. yeah, as it is in Heaven [ i.e. as it is somewhere out there in the infinite Universe]

    How sweet it is.

  636. Thanks for the info.
    Wish I was there enjoying the violin sonata by Miss Janine and others. I find it very peaceful listening to it. One of my passion besides basketball talks.
    I’m disappointed with Jeremy. He was hot in the first half (3/3 shooting) and then he just disappeared in the 2nd. I thought he’s going have a Linsanity night like 17pt. & 7 ast . The worst part is the TO’s – being PG that he is he’s got to protect the ball more. If you have 4 TO and that translate to 8 pts for your opp. team that’s a Big deal. And what’s with just 1 three pt shot – why not try more….?
    He need to bring more aggressiveness to his game. Like another fan stated – He owed the fans that’s rooting for him to play well so he have to bring his A game every night … But more importantly, he owed it to himself – to be living his dream and yet not taking “full” control or “matter” in his own hands. He can do it. We know he can… But it’s seems like he’s waiting for something… No one can take away his pride and faith. Honor God, family, friends, fans – Perform at the highest level every night and no regrets.

  637. Yes, 110% agreed!
    On a different team Lin’s TO will not be the factor. The coach and teammates make a Huge difference in how Lin can perform. But I don’t want to put every faults on everyone else but Lin himself. Lin will have bad games – who doesn’t – but he have to learn to keep more of them at bay. I still see some “lacksy daisy” in his plays. He Can play better than this. I can’t be asking too much because he’s still learning.

  638. Well, you can disagree how Lin played in 2nd half. But to me, he was under directive of BS. He could take the matters in his hands. But that’s his choice not doing so. Same to the game he dropped 12 points in 1st half and then just gone quiet.

    It is like a music piece with different interpretation. You might like it while others won’t.

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