G52 CHA @IND Game Thread

With only 1 game left before the All-Star Break and Jeremy blogged entry showed the severity of his swollen ankle, JLin fans only wish for him not to play or not to do too much while playing to aggravate the ankle injury. Our hope is the 9-day break during All-Star Break will help his ankle to fully heal to have a strong 2nd half starting from Feb 19 for the final 30 games.

  1. Would JLin be able to bounce back strong after shooting 1-7 despite his swollen ankle?
  2. Does Clifford really need him to play against the Pacers when the starters are mostly healthy?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that his ankle is healed 100% soon and he finds a way to find his shooting rhythm if he plays.

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