G51 LAL @CLE PreGame Thread+Poll

Lakers accomplished the goal of  ‘Must Lose’ game by losing intentionally against ORL by simply benching the “Too Hot Lin and the Bench”

It’s great to see Lin made the most of the situation by scoring aggressively in the 1st half because he won’t get to play much if Lakers is in danger of winning the game. That’s how it is with Lakers trying to tank.

Meanwhile it’s 12 days before Feb 19 trading deadline so we just hope and see if any teams will be interested in Jeremy Lin.

Keep playing your best to win, Jeremy! Never tank, never surrender!


Guess JLin's stats



  1. Where is everyone?

  2. whoa, you’re super quick like J in the 1st half!

  3. I just got online and saw the post.
    so does that mean linsanity is here again?

  4. I would love to know who his “sources” are …



  5. Hi

  6. He used to be a beat writer himself, he may still have some connections.

  7. 30+ games left, still possible, lol

  8. I suspect that earlier in the season when was Lin was waving Kobe off when he wanted the ball. Spell the end of Lin playing with Kobe.
    Have you ever seen Price wave off Kobe this season?

  9. Wow! BS really tried the best to tank… smh!

  10. I suspect it may have been earlier than that. It all may have started the day Lin had that Foot Locker event at a local mall, and fans were lined up around the block hours in advance.

    The next thing we know, we have training camp and Kobe is suddenly telling reporters how impressed he is with some 31 year old camp invitee — who just happens (by sheer coincidence) to play Jeremy’s position. It’s been downhill from there.

  11. Doesn’t want Lin / Davis / Boozer to get practice and get any better. They almost won the last game. Would have if BS didn’t pull them out and put in the “Starters”

  12. I remembered he & Max or Marcelluswiley are good friend from HBO period?

  13. So bad this coach. vs Cav he didn’t even want to show them they were wrong to fire him? smh!

  14. Here is behind a scenes/bloopers video, Lin and nba for Harden/Lin Chinese NBA commercial : hilarious

  15. In light of Kobe’s hints about another contract, I wondered if Steve Nash’s tweet was hinting about the same thing for himself. (Nah!)

    But I still find the whole issue of Steve Nash’s relationship to the Lakers a little odd. Mitch Kupchak says (via Mike Trudell tweet) that Steve has been meeting with him once a month (but apparently not with Scott). It makes you wonder what Steve and the GM have been talking about.


  16. the rocket blond chicana is smoking.. such a turned that they speak chinese.. (I know some chinese).

  17. I don’t need source, all you need is what’s equal to 2+2.

  18. Nash for sure knows bs is a fraud.

  19. Maybe Nash wants to be AS coach in the league now?

  20. Nash as coach for Lin? on another team? XD

  21. Because he knew they were right to fired him… he can’t fight the truth…hehe

  22. Interesting perspective, if true. Scott would prefer everyone to believe that he decides who stays or goes …



  23. I agree. Mitch & FO decides everything not BS.

  24. fans never forget, this is the good thing about the web. Thx I had forgotten.

  25. Last night’s game would have been vintage Linsanity had JLin played more minutes.

  26. He seems quite relaxed these days, with an easy smile. Take a look at the fan cam posted here for the Orlando game. There’s another one on YouTube for the Chicago game. The title is “20150129 Bulls vs Lakers Jeremy Lin TNT Overtime Player Cam” .

  27. Lin looks like hes pretty cool w/ everyone thats why he doesnt ignore anybody i guess but they do him its a dilemma

  28. Am watching the knicks vs warriors game, Carmelo not playing, guess not want to be embarrassed.

  29. “The official reason for his absence is listed as “recovery.”


  30. Kobe had this set up before Jeremy even showed up. Remember, he is really good friends with Carmelo, and we all know how that ended…with Jeremy getting kicked out of New York despite being probably one of the top athletes New York had ever seen…

  31. anthony davis goes down really hard on a fall after a dunk in the first half; stays in the game.

    but does not come back out for the second half.

  32. Yes, I lost all my respects to so-called “superstars” in NBA pretty quickly. They are literally very pathetic that many worships but not me. Once JLin leaves NBA, I will wash my hands of NBA for good this time.

  33. Right should, fans R blaming TE’s pass. Hopefully nothing serious, I like Unibrow kid.

  34. Bigs are easier to get hurt. Like rox fans got headache for Howard, the window might be shorter than people predicted.

    Doctor @KennethFirst just told us he thinks it’s 50-50 that
    Dwight Howard would need surgery after the year, likely microfracture.
    #Rockets— nick wright (@getnickwright) February 5, 2015

  35. in real time the davis fall looked really bad. i was shocked that he got up and stayed in the game. i dont think he should have.

  36. Another franchise that mistreated Jlin about to bite the dust. …up next… the la lakers.

  37. I am very disappointed with mitch and the fo then

  38. Turned what… you left me hanging man… ON or OFF…lol

  39. I guess lin learned from boozer, the vet, to just be cool, relax, and I’m sure his faith in God has also taught him a new level of peace and calm no matter the situation.

  40. I actually think the dancers were getting it toward the end. They were trying to get the inflection correct, which could change the whole meaning of words.

  41. “After Pelicans All-Star Anthony Davis hurt his right shoulder on a hard, awkward fall on an alley-oop dunk, Pau Gasol and the Chicago Bulls pulled away for a 107-72 victory over New Orleans on Saturday night.”

    “The dunk that drove Davis from the game was a two-handed jam of Tyreke Evans’ lob. Davis’ body swung like a pendulum as he held the rim, then the 6-foot-10, 240-pound forward fell horizontally as he lost his grip.

    Davis stayed in the game briefly before taking himself out with the score tied at 35 and 4:16 left in the first half.”

    –associated press

  42. Can anyone enlighten me about why Kings needs new coach??? Don’t they have one?

  43. fire the coach malone only interim coach corbin running the show in kings

  44. “… The injury happened when Davis took a scary fall after a dunk with 5:28 remaining in the second quarter. It appeared that Davis couldn’t catch his balance after hanging on the rim.

    He was diagnosed with a right shoulder contusion, but X-rays came back negative. It is uncertain if he will be available on Monday night when the Pelicans play the Utah Jazz at the Smoothie King Center.

    Davis stayed in the game for about a minute before leaving to get his shoulder checked by the team’s training staff in the locker room. …”


  45. The superstars are incredibly insecure. More respect for superstars that are more generous like Duncan.

  46. its complicated. it would be easy once. teams lose, fire coach. but nowadays; especially half way thru the season it seems like half the teams are purposely losing (ie. “tanking”) to get in the lottery for draft picks.

    that being said: sacramento had positive expectations (unlike the lakers, nicks, philly, minny, etc.) which were not being met so….

    the already fired their coach, and have (as orlando has now after firing their coach) in “interim” coach, while they like for a more permanent coach (like for oh at least 2 or 3 years).

    i put all this info to anticipate the question: “if losing teams fire their coaches why isn’t bs in danger of being fired”?

    b.s. is an exception cause he has met expectations; first hold kobe’ hand, second once kobe not around so much to have hand held, go stait for the tank.

    by leaving the best players on the bench. and experimenting, developing whatever euphemisms are being used for…


    (but the important point was already made below, and actually the interim coaching situation in denver and supposed interest in karl going there has amped up the urgency of kings getting someone perhaps karl now that there is “competition” (ie. more than 1 “interim” coach).

    more information than you probably needed.

  47. Wow …. The knicks are catching fast, anything could happen …

  48. Thanks for the info. Didn’t know that they have already fired their coach and have only interim coach. Am I right that Denver is in the same situation: Interim coach?

  49. Thanks for the info.

  50. Yep. Sad! Respect Duncan even more than so-call “superstars.”

  51. WOW Didn’t know that this game will play @2:30am here in Brisbane. Well, not going to be crazy to wake up in such an crazy hour to watch the game. Hopefully JLin will continue to do well and stay healthy.

  52. Knicks no chance.
    Mavs R sliding out of game, they can really use Lin. I wish Lin went to visit Dal first 3y ago, 🙁

  53. Ya ..knicks lost. Lin for Dallas, no no. Prefer Lin with Spurs.

  54. Wow, tanks for reminding me, I missed the other morning game last week already.
    You take care.

  55. Best to have your sleep, just watch highlights later. I think Kyrie will put up a show, as for Lin he will play his best and just hope his team mates can score.

  56. Counting: 32 more games to go! 11 days to trade deadline! Slightly over 5 months to FA.

  57. I know. Was crazy to wake up early to watch Knicks game. It was a waste of time. This one not only to bother it:-) Another loss anyway! Just depending on how bad. Great tanking job by BS.

  58. The Cavs are the hottest team in the East, hotter than the Hawks. No need for special tanking tonight so I’m sure Lin, Boozer and Davis will get more than 20 minutes.

  59. What were the Cousin’s camp reservations?

  60. LBJ may not be in, Cavs’ bench is lossy. Hope Lin/Boozer/Davis got more time go against the starters, Lin matched well with Irving before.

  61. Wish Lin got chance to play for a playoff team, at least.

  62. 6:30am… Not 2:30am

  63. I like the idea of lin playing for Karl.

  64. King is a bad organization to go to……

  65. I thought Cousin do not want to play fast.

  66. As I saw earlier with the exchange tweets between Nathan Gottlieb and Eric Pincus, seemed like the chance of JLin to be traded was very slim. They explored all possibilities but came to the same conclusion: remote chance of being traded. Just hope that JLin will have all good choices in FA.

  67. I know plus they already have PG & they want Rondo not Lin…

  68. You are right. Thanks for the correction. It is 4:30am in Taiwan and Brisbane is 6:30am.

  69. Cousins camp have a say in coach ? Also a say in team mates?

  70. Not this season.

  71. Oh my! Nowitzki a game-tying 3pointer brought the game into OT, now Mavs take the lead, 10 up with 23sec left. Just wow!

  72. Chinese and Black duo rapping… IN CHINESE?! – http://t.co/8L7bdrKxCJ http://t.co/c2G8vRpCMw— Jeffrey Yam (@jeffyam) February 8, 2015

  73. 111:101, Dal took the win.

  74. 1. The GM doesnt like Malone and wanted to fire him last summer because of disputes over drafting and trading.
    2. The owner wants to play fast, more exciting games rather than focus on defense too much. However Malone is said to be a defense-oriented coach?
    3.When Cousins rested due to illness, they lost most games. Some Kings fans criticized Malone lacked offensive sets and relied on Cousins and Gay too much.
    ===I read most of the above from Kings fans’ forum. lol

  75. I do too. I also like the idea of Lin in Sacramento. 😀

  76. until Chris Tang turns pro?

  77. Watching the old highlights….a few highlights are LONGER than Lin’s current PT per game….for some games..LOL

  78. BS ran a conditioning practice and Lin shot 2 out of 10. Without that kind of practice, Lin shot 6 out of 8.
    Programmed failure by the coach.

  79. Lin would not start over collison
    15mins a game at most

  80. Thanks

  81. Well, Lin’s highlight worthy play certainly reduced his allowed PT per game lol. The TANK gotta stay strong or else the Lakers would lose their only chance at a possible impact player this summer. (I consider Lin would leave the Lakers as soon as he possibly can lol)

  82. Meant to respond to your comment on footwork on the last vid. Re watched a quite a few times. Ground force is a simple physics that allows you to maximise your effort. The degree you can maximise it separate you from others. I’ve always believed that tennis, bball, soccer and volleyball are sports that require great footwork skills that allows you to find the exact push off point for the task at hand. Sometimes it’s with static balance which is probably the easiest to achieve. Other times it’s with active balance which is much harder to learn. The lateral push off you mention is active balance that allows Lin to spike his left foot out away in a prefect angle to maximise ground force to go back the other way. If he misses his plant step improperly his left foot would slip and slide or worst, he’d fall flat on his face becasue of too much angle.

    It’s a ridiculously simple concept but not enough coaches teach it. Instead they work on foot speed drills that mimic the activities. It’s an improvement in sports science that training for BBall is mostly plyometric excercise but it can miss it’s mark if the athlete focuses too much on the quickness without applying enough ground force. The real kicker is that just like arm speed. The fine twitch muscles are at the end of the arm just as the fine twitch muscles are at the feet. Your feet needs to learn to feel for the ground just as your hands need to feel for the ball. When I started to train for bball at 10 years old, I used to do hundreds of ankle lifts on a piece of 2 by 4. It enable me to improve my quickness. Developing good footspeed + good proprioception + good ground force are the combination that allows athletes to create separation as well as resist an opponent’s attack.

  83. There was a left elbow catch and shoot that lin took that illustrates how far he is still from owning Doc’s coaching. Lin made the touch shot but it was very well contested. Lin did a 1-2 step catch and shoot and he lost that fraction of a second of difference. Had he used the hop step, he would have had that shot off much faster and the ball would have well on its way before the defender had time to react.

    I remember the first vid I saw of Doc on BBallbreakdown and his concepts really made sense to me. At elite levels, the separation is so small that any % gain is enough to push you ahead of the pack. In tennis a mere 3.5 – 5% gain in effiency in a serve would translate to an extra game or two that could get you into the next round. A 115 mph serve could be 120 mph. As an athlete meets the best in the world, the degree of gain in technical efficiency become a diminishing return, yet that 1% differnce can mean a game winning shot. The separation that a hop step compared to a 1-2 step is more like a 20% gain in time! That’s a ridiculous gain at an elite level!

  84. Relisten to this interview in 2013 (preseaon game in Philippines) and it’s still pretty true today.

  85. orlando not denver. i edited it. confusion is because previously denver fired karl and also denver also rumored to be considering firing current coach.

  86. “This game was a thing of beauty, indeed. “I’m enjoying every minute of it,” said Jeff Teague, who scored 23 points to lead seven Atlanta players in double figures. “We’re so unselfish. We don’t care about glory or accolades. It’s just a joy to play on a team like that.” Atlanta, a perennially middle-of-the-road (or worse) franchise, has suddenly become the talk of the NBA. The Hawks are coming off a 19-game winning streak and have the league’s best record (42-9) — without anyone averaging close to 20 points.
    —Minneapolis Star-Tribune –

  87. Could the Lakers buy out the rest of JLin’s contract so he could go to a contending team like Stat?

    Mavs keen if Stoudemire available

  88. this same question was asked when lin was in houston. i dont know the ins and outs of how that works. who would have to initiate, player or team. etc. etc. but im sure someone on here will know (or find out)

    id like to know more how that works exactly also. and if it is a rare or common circumstance.

  89. The Atlanta FO and their coaching staffs did a remarkable job.

  90. Mav is another stacked team and want another superstar.Hmmm….I dont think they want Jlin

  91. Thanks for giving me the understanding of what is happening to Kings. Just wanting to know what are the possibilities of JLin might have in FA:-)

  92. Thanks! Heard that they are thinking about firing coach. Hence, the possibility of D’Antoni might end up there.

  93. NBA Teams: Who is tanking? The NBA “standings” chart [link] has an “L10” column that shows the teams’ records for the last ten games.

    It appears that the Lakers are not alone in their dismal 1-9 record for the last ten games. Orlando, Denver, and Sacramento also have only won one of their last ten games. But the teams at the very bottom of the two conferences have won more than the Lakers during the last ten games. (For example, NYK have a 5-5 record.)

    The race for the bottom in the Western Conference may be getting tight for the Lakers — especially if Denver and Sacramento keep loosing also.

  94. For the technical and authoritative answers concerning buyouts, see Larry Coon’s NBA FAQ Question #67 & #68 [link]. There’s also a more plainly-worded discussion on the Basketball Insiders site [link].

    I’m not sure there are any incentives right now for either the Lakers or Jeremy’s camp to consider a buyout.

  95. CLE Game Thread is open (early since I’ll be traveling)

    Knowing Jeremy & bench can only get 20-23min if they are leading 10+ points, we can hope the Cavs will play a great game so Byron has to play the LINCREDIBLE Bench to counter the Cavs without totally obliterating LA tank!

    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what if there is trade or not!

    Go JLin!

  96. Thanks psalm..happy traveling

  97. Hope he is right…

  98. giving much too much credit to

    a. “kindness” b. good sense of tankers.

    why would they exhibit qualities suddenly they have been entirely absent of previously?

  99. the bottom feeders currently as i point out previously were orlando and tankers. hence the tank bowl tankathon game which tankers bravely stepped up (tank commander bs be praised) and got the job done of losing to win (draft picks).

    tankers now stand alone as most sucessfull tankers in the tanking community.

    if melo continues to sit out for “recovery” however knicks could give them a battle

    probably no conincidence the two franchises are linked via jackons/buss.

    one would presume they could work it out between themselves at home.

  100. even without knowing the details i would agree with that.

  101. Without Kobe, what does the Lakers have to bring people into Staples Center? Unless they can find the equal or better than Lin, I doubt any of this. Really, the trade rumors are always swirling, it did in Houston too, and nothing happens.

  102. He is really not that consistent in terms of choosing hop or 1-2..I have pointed it out before..I hope Doc can watch more films and make the drills accordingly….

  103. If I’m a FA, I wouldn’t mind playing in L.A. If the $ is right. But I would need to weigh that with playing alongside Kobe and with Scott as coach. Then who will the FO surround me with in the short term. But there are probably better scenarios in terms of ready to win, coaching and players. But if I don’t mind losing knowing I’m the man til Kobe checks out for good, them I’m a rich Laker.

  104. If mavs get Jlin…they will waive fat (I am better than Jeremy Lin ) felton

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