G51 LAL @CLE Game Thread

Knowing Jeremy & bench can only get 20-23min if they are leading 10+ points, we can hope the Cavs will play a great game so Byron has to play the LINCREDIBLE Bench to counter the Cavs  without totally obliterating LA tank!.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what if there is trade or not!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. Too free…i guess 🙂

  2. 2nd

  3. 4th? Will be asleep when the game is on. Just hope Jeremy does well!

  4. Ninth..

  5. 9 AST?

  6. My most concerned for Lin in today game is not BS but rather be those refs.

  7. Disgracefull coach, powerless GM, no knowledge owners.

  8. Possible audition today? Let’s hope Jeremy puts on a show.

    Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Norris Cole, Jeremy Lin, Reggie Jackson, Mo Williams Options For Kyrie Irving Backup?


    “The Cleveland Cavaliers may look at some trade support at the NBA trading deadline and names like Norris Cole, Mo Williams, Jeremy Lin, Jose Calderon, Reggie Jackson, Lance Stephenson, Tyler Ennis or Gerald Green could be options, as the team wants some offensive depth behind Kyrie Irving and on the wing as the Cavs try to make a title run with LeBron James and Kevin Love.”

  9. The smartest part of that article is the title. There are like 8 different players in the title. Plenty of hits, especially Jeremy Lin, the biggest name of the bunch.LOL.

  10. Reggie Jackson is the biggest name of the bunch, at least in terms of his on-the-court play.

  11. Clippers’ bench who need to look for equal opportunity to compete, need to get out of LA.

  12. Reggie Jackson was better before, he has become more selfish and just trying to score. Maybe if he kept a better attitude okc would not be shopping. Jackson seems to think he is another Westbrook.

  13. i tend to see it the opposite way: jackson was getting his minutes before but now with waiters there’s been kind of “lin’d”

  14. well jackson hasn’t been getting the minutes lately; his on the court play early in the season was based on his starting due to westbrook. n.a.

    but broadly over all last season and this lin and jackson are pretty much equal as the best non starters point guards in the league.

    clearly they both deserve a starting opportunity. jackson is more likely to get it and also thereby less likely to be desirous of a continued back up role.

    course he may have to wait till next season (as lin i would think will) to seek that.

  15. i read again some posting that bs said clarkson was the “future” of the tankers at point guard.

    i suppose makes as much sense as anything he says but if you assume that at some point at least theoretically he would have to be pretending to be interest in winning and winning would require a point guard capable of assists (which is a prime part of the point guard requirements, in theory)–

    an astounding stat on clarkson: he is the only point guard (defined as someone playing the point guard position) playing any significant minutes with less than 2 assists a game.

    the only one.

    clearly he is not (among other things he is not including “the future”)–a point guard.

  16. Well just confirms Dolan is the jerk we all thought he was and why we shouldn’t wish JLin to go back to the NYK just to make this guy richer:

    New York Knicks and Cablevision CEO James Dolan lashed out at a lifelong fan over email, suggesting the fan was an alcoholic who should start rooting for the Nets “because the Knicks don’t want you.”


  17. And that is an illustration of what is wrong with the thunder. Why should a shooting guard take minutes away from a point guard? Because they have no true point guard. They are a horrible 28th in the league for assist to fg ratio. If Lin for some crazy reason was on the thunder, they would think he came from another planet because they have not seen a pure passing guard like him.

  18. He is trying his best to make the Knicks better and then this letter. What do you expect? If he wasn’t trying, then he wouldn’t have gotten this upset over one letter from a fan. The fan obviously went overboard as well, and Dolan needs to work on his grammar.

  19. Jimmie dolan is a jerk… there is no ifs or buts about it. I feel sorry for the Knicks fans

  20. Robin Lundberg
    I would describe Dolan’s email as petty and dumb. The pettiness is obvious, and it was incredibly dumb to think it wouldn’t be made public.

  21. I just read the email from the fan…there is nothing overboard in it. … This really validate my opinion of dolan. .. he is and always has been a Jerk

  22. Why? Something wrong w Blake Griffin?

  23. elbow

  24. Oh! Thanks.

  25. So Start Lin’s DNP now?! smh!

  26. BS will make it 10 straight today.

  27. staph infection; one report says will have to have surgery.

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin has a staph infection in his right elbow and will be sidelined at least through the All-Star break.

    The Clippers announced prior to Sunday afternoon’s game against the Thunder that Griffin will undergo surgery Monday to remove the staph infection and will be re-evaluated after the All-Star break.

    Griffin has had to deal with bursitis in his right elbow throughout his career and routinely has it drained during the course of the season. He most recently had fluid drained from the elbow Feb. 2, when the Clippers were in New York to play the Nets.


  28. “When you have diarrhea and vomiting, you may say you have the “stomach flu.” What it’s really called is gastroenteritis.

    Although it may make you feel bad, it’s an illness that has nothing to do really with flu. In gastroenteritis, your stomach and intestines are irritated and inflamed. The cause is typically a viral or bacterial infection.

    Symptoms of Gastroenteritis

    With gastroenteritis, the main symptoms you probably have are watery diarrhea and vomiting. You might also have stomach pain, cramping, fever, nausea, and a headache.

    Because of diarrhea and vomiting, you also can become dehydrated. Watch for signs of dehydration, such as dry skin and a dry mouth, feeling lightheaded, and being really thirsty. ”

    —gastroenteritis definition, via web. md.

  29. Kind of glad he’s not playing.

  30. Being held out of game for potential upcoming trade? Or got something from sushi in Orlando?

  31. too bad Lillard has been stinking up it since he found it he was snubbed for the all star game.

  32. why not? everyone else is doing it: davis (shoulder) griffin (staph infection) melo (“recovery”).

    all the big names.

  33. speaking of “no true point guard” see my comments somewhere above or below on the “the future” tankers point guard.

    (oh well ill repeat it here to save the trouble):

    an astounding stat on clarkson: he is the only point guard (defined as someone playing the point guard position) playing any significant minutes with less than 2 assists a game.

    the only one.

    clearly he is not (among other things he is not including “the future”)–a point guard.

  34. an excellent summation.

    new sequel these days would have to change the slogan to : “lose one for the gipper”

    (tankathon days)

  35. Sushi he ate yesterday?

  36. Yep, probably. Lin cooks when he is home, but I suspect that he tries to eat healthy on the road, but sometimes it’s hard.

  37. Sushi is healthy but very careful eat the restaurant you know. Raw fish.

  38. Double shot of Scotch will solve the problem. Lol

  39. Darnell Mayberry
    Chris Paul drains a jumper and stares at KD on the bench. Durant barks back: “You’re down 20, bro.”

  40. Jeremy Lin the Drunken Master of BB?

  41. Hahaha

  42. LOL

  43. Good for you kd

  44. down 30 now LOL

  45. Bench points last five games:
    Cavaliers 107
    Lakers 220

  46. He needs to play to showcase his abilities to CAVs – potential landing spot for him.

  47. I love that he gave a disclaimer about his gastroenteritis, just in case he doesn’t look his best.

  48. Time for an epic game like MJ’s flu game? A man can dream =)

  49. Some nice history

  50. A lot of people are jerks
    at least he’s not being hypocrite like so many hes honest and felt offended by the email
    you dont think the fan was rude because you dont like Dolan

  51. He got them zen master

  52. I blame BS. Giving JLin a stomach bug to continue the tank =P

  53. Opening video and picture for this game had JLin featured a bit

  54. So far Lakers have been able to drive and score

  55. wes alone has outscored the starters

  56. kyrie plays zero defense

  57. like always.

  58. so both jr smith and kyrie plays zero defense. if lin goes to cavs he would play atleas in smiths role

  59. how did cav win 12 in a row? no interior defense at all

  60. not surprising since no one in the “starting lineup” is averaging in double figures scoring for the season.

  61. well they don’t respect the lakers which is why they show less effort today till the second haif. a lot of teams do that to lal

  62. yeah thats why tankers stay in games in the first half and it doesn’t look so bad. but come the second half….

  63. They look sleepy.

  64. Kevin Love plays no D so be is a big minus

  65. Because they play against junks. No motivation

  66. lin comin in ?

  67. yea

  68. Lakers gotta put in Jeremy Lin if they wanna win— Nate |-/ (@NateTheGreat_15) February 8, 2015

  69. Not yet.. 🙂 after the break maybe

  70. Kevin Love is not the same guy on the Cavs which proves good stats on bad teams mean nothing

  71. he was at the scorers table from about 5 minutes i think but no break.

  72. That nick young shot was wow

  73. BS saying trying to lose game will back fire. What is it? might actually win?

  74. a little off center but bob dylan was big story couple nites ok at pre grammy events. i always think of a dylan lyric when i see bs on the sidelines: “the lampost stands with folded arms”.

  75. Kyrie looking to embarrass Jeremy geez

  76. well lin is sick so i expect a little dip defensively

  77. But kyrie destroyed lillard too so make sure to point that out to the haters

  78. Kyrie has been hot for the past two weeks. Pray Lin could adjust and shut him up.

  79. Irving is a handful for everyone

  80. lin just has to fight through the sickness

  81. lin will get his back now

  82. yea add sick into it and houston we have a problem

  83. yea

  84. Bigs need to help on the screens

  85. K Irving apparently hasn’t forgotten Lin dropped triple double on him.

  86. davis will have to help a little more then he has

  87. just seems LAL so slow in getting into their set.

  88. yea idk why

  89. The thing with lin, he has to outplay everybody on the team to get props. It is not fair, but that is the politics of the NBA. Lakers are the only one pushing the Clarkson narrative. Lin needs to let his game speak for itself when given the opportunity.

  90. it just makes Lin makes like he’s wasting time dribbling out there

  91. This will be the way it is for his whole career

  92. Jeremy needs shots to come will be out soon

  93. young not getting back on defense

  94. Wanted this to be a showcase game not sure I’m going to get it….holding out hope

  95. he is sick

  96. What’s wrong with him?

  97. If there was every bad timing…I wanted him to kill delladova

  98. GI issue

  99. Must have been served by 3 days old fish

  100. bad chipotle?

  101. or sushi

  102. If lin is not feeling it, he needs to sit down…smh

  103. bench defense is off

  104. Byron could play Price.

  105. Is lin playing?

  106. yes

  107. Yea, probable. Sushi in Orlando?

  108. what is he doing?

  109. great no look from Lin to Black

  110. Lin not feeling and playing well. Coach BS will play him more minutes since the game on national tv.

  111. Ellington should’ve made that layup, but great put back by Black again.

  112. lead down to three the defense is picking up

  113. bench looked very fatigued to start but defense is picking up. also cavs are not contenders. defense is blah. while offense is a lot of one on one

  114. Lin needs to keep going for a chance to go to the ft line instead of pulled back for bank shot

  115. when you are sick fatigue is an issue

  116. Thumbs down for that thumbs up sushi chef.

  117. So how is lin looking so far?

  118. 16 mins tops tonight

  119. No one cares.

  120. Nothing to report about…1-3 I think and a couple of

  121. lin got it down to 3 back to 9

  122. Bs rotation is beyond stupid

  123. 6-0 run since Lin out

  124. Would be nice to play clarkson and Lin together but won’t happe.

  125. nick young garbage

  126. 9 now

  127. NoLin, no Win as they say. More disappointed Lin not able to showcase himself.

  128. Just like starters giving up lots

  129. And just like that it’s a blow-out when Jeremy and the vets go out

  130. beat me 2 it.

  131. like that 3 point lead to 15

  132. 12-0 run since Lin out

  133. Lin just got rythm n you know what happens next

  134. Wow the passing by Cleveland so sharp. Lakers looks so sad.

  135. im 2 slow

  136. Ur not watching?

  137. He is sick. I think GM’s will over look that , and realize that he is their game changer when he is allowed to play his game.

  138. Clock went off.

  139. this game is likely over before lin gets in there

  140. It’s too bad he got sick for this game.

  141. Lakers scored 0 for 3min, Cavs woke up already.

  142. Does the laker to have any standard for their team¿

  143. So he should just rest…

  144. the plus side is; if lin is feeling well enuf to play dont have to worry about having him pulled later because score is getting closer “starters” have opened up a nice big padded lead. whats the run? from 3 points down (dangerously close to not losing) to 15 down.

  145. all starters must average less than double figure scoring would be one.

  146. Why isn’t a laker sitting on Love at the 3 pt line?

  147. what was that then? a 20 to 2 run once lin went out?

  148. Mosgov is so active big man

  149. Why does b Scott still have the job?

  150. tank commander.

  151. this is embarrasing. bench wasn’t there to save starter although lins parting gift was only a 3 point deficit. now down by 15 which is very lucky

  152. I hope lin comes out in the 2nd second half and figures out what he needs to do to help the team. I know that he is sick, but unfortunately NBA will not give him any alilibies

  153. im pretty sure it was a 20 to 2 run once lin went out; went from 41-44 to 43-64

  154. him being sick idk. also the lakers are down by 15 who knows what deficit he will come into.

  155. We see it. Not sure they do, unfortunately.

  156. Agree. BS just wants to tank….

  157. Meantime, do you guys remember the Cavs hired BS as their new coach hopefully to keep LBJ but instead he left to Miami?

    The result was the Cavs ended as the worst team

  158. Me too

  159. If they played a decent team ball offense, he could. But the way they play, not likely. The only thing is if his adrenaline takes over and he just raises his game, but I don’t know if that’ll happen.

  160. Just wonder what happened to Kelly? He only played 2:20m.

  161. I just like watching scott getting killed by his ex team.
    And it’s love night lol 😉

  162. He has several ex teams so we’ll see him getting killed multiple times this season 🙂

  163. cavs just shoot and shoot lmao

  164. WOW It’s 57 v 81. JLin better stay in the bench:-)

  165. Hear hear.

  166. Clarkson not even looking to pass.

  167. cavs now dont run play they shoot and shoot hahahaha

  168. No point to save this sorry BS pathetic rotation.

  169. these laker starters, tanker starters are just so bad. they’re an embarrassment to professional sports.

    i dont think i can watch any more of these tankers games just to see what lin does in the minutes hes given.

    they have 3 decent players lin boozer davis and they get the least minutes. its absurd. outside the logic of the tank.

  170. Stats

  171. calling clarkson a pg is a joke

  172. see my note previously that clarkson is the only point guard in the nba playing any serious minutes who has fewer than 2 assists per game.

    the only one.


  173. lol

  174. again: wont repeat it again but bears repeating if it hasnt been seen:

    among current nba “point guards” playing more than 25 games 15 minutes a game jordan clarkson is the only one with fewer than 2 assists per game.

  175. Bs a coach is even a bigger joke

  176. I’m not watching the game.. But this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7pQW3QJ-Ec was the first vid in my youtube feed 🙁

  177. I like your motto so im coming here from now on. Good Job!

  178. We now have justice! 🙂

  179. LOL What to figure out with BS? Lakers love him to death. So, BS is the combination of bad c and tank commander. Perfect matchup for Lakers.

  180. Cavs play with a system, Lakers are like in summer camp

  181. I guess Jlinportal good heart and donation really got into me..

  182. It makes my blood boil to see these starting lakers scrubs getting humiliated and then Jlin getting blame for the result.

  183. Welcome and make yourself comfortable!

  184. Clarkson is a freaking joke

  185. Actually, Lin played him well and didn’t go for all the change of direction dribbles. He got away from Lin due to a pick.

  186. hee is a rookie given to long of a leash not his fault

  187. And bs is a bigger joke

  188. Like clockwork. ..Jlin got the lakers to within 3…bam…bs bring in clarkson

  189. The dirty about it is bs want clarksom to get points so LA media like stu can inflate him to the future

  190. It is a blow out game maybe the bench and Lin will get more minutes. Oh wait, the starters are bench player…#nominute4linandboozz

  191. Regret waking up to watch this pathetic game again:-( Should know better. Just a slightly hope JLin will show more because of national TV game:-(

  192. He has 20 points.

  193. Confusing

  194. And the freaking game is a blow out…so what’s good about that

  195. Clarkson has 20 points against lebrons/irving…smh. Lin needs to wake up and smell the coffee..smh

  196. Similar to a player in the 76ers.

  197. He has 20 points, he can score. He doesn’t look like a great player to me, but he isn’t exactly a joke either.

  198. he is sick with 9 minutes played

  199. Doesn’t get teammates involved in offense. They start slacking on defense. Hence blowout.

  200. Ya! Lin do need to take more shots… but I doubt he will…. smh!

  201. Oh, the Lakers will make it a big case why lin is not a good PG. Most of the media will buy into it.

  202. He has lots of flaws but unfair to say he is a joke.

  203. So you got up for the game, kudos for you.
    Just another 8-9min, you can go back sleep. lol

  204. I didn’t say he’s a joke. I’d say he’s a SG not a PG.

  205. I guess the laker bench will get bench for the rest of the game…lol

  206. That’s not bad defense at all. Irving couldn’t get away from Lin.

  207. yes, but then again, it’s like 20 point deficit… that also say something

    Also lin is scared.

    He is scared of linsanity again because he doesn’t want all the attn on him and does his teammates a disservice that way. This in psychology study is call self -sabotaging.

  208. That’s true, but he’s been outscoring Lin badly. Lin needs to pick up the scoring when he’s feeling better.

  209. What can u do when you only allow to play 8:41??

  210. 50 games into the season, you should well know why Lin couldn’t do it while a rookie can

  211. I know the feeling

  212. was he really sick.. i didn’t hear anything about that…

  213. probably let the bench finish the game. let the starters play whole quarter

  214. Hubie said that Clarkon can be a great back up. Not starting type of player.

  215. scouting report

  216. Can’t. It’s 8:18am now and I have an appointment to go @9:30:-(

  217. Clarkson can be a back up SG not PG

  218. They’re not taking Clarkson seriously…

  219. If Lin keeps feeding boozer he deserves benchin

  220. NBA in general aren’t as dumb as most media or F/O wants to portray JLin. If so, why they always put double/triple on him?? Not going to worry about JLin unnecessarily.

  221. Sorry to hear that. Hope everything go well with you.

  222. The thing is that Lin has been in the NBA for a quite q awhile, and he needs to use his wisdom when it comes to the tricks of the NBA.. If he was sick, he needed to sit out the game.

  223. lol and reamember they (haters) were saying lin is not even a pg, he is a sg.. when lin was doing well.. sm

  224. Lin does exactly what bs wanted, guess what happened? Still benched

  225. OP did. I also think he is a SG.

  226. I saw 1 assist was taken off Clarkson’s stats.

  227. Haters will start calling him soft for not crawling out of his deathbed to play

  228. Meaningless games and you want him to play while he is not 100%?

  229. that is why I say lin doesn’t understand. there is no point now…should just play his game.

  230. Sick players never sit. I don’t agree with that. I think he should get his shots going though when he’s feeling better in the next game.

  231. he is a guy. the warrior type mentality says if i can walk i play. its how all athletes think. as well as guys if they are strong. lin is strong. also he played 9 minutes what do you expect in 9 minutes

  232. KEVIN DING asked on Which Lakers player are you most interested in watching play right now? After only retweeted ones saying “Jordan Clarkson ” , he concluded that Lakers want to see Jordan Clarkson .

  233. he will stillget bench regardless if he is sick or not.

  234. No one cares win or lose. Get your stats n get out

  235. Omg…Jlin sighting

  236. It doesn’t after what Clarkson or Lin do right now. jeremy is going, JC staying.

  237. as a lin fan.. I expect a lot from him in 9 miutes.

  238. good logic, lol

  239. Another pass?

  240. Haters will try to find anything to bash Lin. Lin wants to play, let him be. Good or bad.

  241. Oh, one more TO, come on Jeremy!

  242. Lin cares and that why I am a fan of his, not someone who cares stats more than wins.

  243. Shumpert knew how the offensive set is. almost got a steal.

  244. Let me guess..24 pts 10 ast?

  245. Pass again

  246. see that’s what I mean.. he pass instead of shooting .. things would’ve been better if he shot that from the arc.. he is scare. and end up a to

  247. Lin’s not doing well . they stopping his dribbling path

  248. Lin got killed both ends

  249. he always gives them that script to doubt him.Lin needs to understand that he needs to play better than any player on the tea. Until he understands that , he will always be criticized more for his poor play. It is not right, but it is not a level playing field when it comes to him. Until he understands that , he will always be a day late and a dollar short…just sayin…

  250. 30 minutes right? Maybe it’s time to start trusting more in gooddayla and less in yourself. I know what I am talking about.

  251. Nice drive!

  252. Too f k late lin

  253. Didn’t see the game, but checking box score, I see Clarkson got 20 points and 4 assists. I guess he’s improving with more PT.

  254. He shoot and scored…everybody put down your pitchfork now

  255. he score while we was down by 25

  256. it’s too predictable compare to pnr… it’s always an entry pass to booz or nick or whatever..I even figure it out by now..so bs is idiotic.

  257. so was Lin sick mentioned during this game?

  258. So, if Lin can drive to the hole like that and score so smoothly, he should do it more. If Kyrie scores on him, he should come right back and score on Kyrie. He’s lost that aggressive you get me I’ll get you quality that he had that put him on the map.

  259. In GoodDayLA I trust.

  260. Did they put the D on him?

  261. No passing. Just took it himself every time pretty much.

  262. He has been scouted, which should not be new to him. That is why most GM ‘s in the league consider him a backup, because he doesn’t know how to adjust his game when some new defense is presented to him,

  263. You’re right as I totally underestimated the bias n stupidity of BS.

  264. So it is not good for him to score now… tough crowd

  265. Sine when this site becoming a Lin bashing site with all negatives?

    Lin is not doing well, but what he could do? He could not even lift his legs normally.

  266. lin is slower today because of sickness. he looks fatigue. he is fighting through it so love the heart

  267. that would be nice…IF his teammates are also that good for his assist.

    seriously at least 5 points and at least 2 assists.

  268. And one of the commentator said Clarkson has excellent vision. SMH

  269. He didn’t even try

  270. Agreed. Why does he want to play when he’s sick and can’t give 100% effort and Lakers are clearly tanking?

  271. well he is sick so idk

  272. It brings me no pleasure. The tank is blatant. It is an organizationAl Lakers effort to tank, We must all unite and wait for Lin to explore fee agency in thesummer.

  273. I don’t take it as Lin Bashing. Some people might not be watching live. Just an observation. People have an off game.

  274. I trust in webattorney as well

  275. Any L4D fans? (It’s a video game).


  276. 33333333333333333333333333333

  277. No he wasn’t. He went coast to coast to score

  278. Sit his azz on the bench and not play…duh,,,,

  279. Oh he hits a 3

  280. a 3pointer?!

  281. Looong 3

  282. Avoid the slough of despond. “Whole career” is too big a mouthful.

  283. every now and then. but is fatigued

  284. not scouted yet…

  285. I don’t trust in myself. Ha, ha.

  286. He is, he obviously doesn’t have his usual energy and why don’t you cool it with the ragging on him.

  287. Let’s gooooooo lin!

  288. WIth his 3 year contract, he might tie that for the LAL’s worst 3 seasons in history.

  289. What I wanted Lin to do to protect himself with the lakers was play like Clarkson does. But Lin is too good a player to just score 20 And lose by 20. But it would have protected Lin’s own NBA relevancy more

  290. Just drained a long 3

  291. this year is 1 so off to a great start

  292. Ask and you shall receive… that why I will back Jlin no matter what… unlike some….

  293. soo

  294. In a tanking team, that’s not a bad idea. Can’t blame him for doing that, because how is he going to improve his offense unless he takes those shots? He can always work on playing more team style when he needs to. He basically has a free ride to play a selfish ball; that’s awesome opportunity for him to improve his game.

  295. Yup… game still not over.

  296. How many points does lin have?

  297. What happened to Young’s touch? If he does a little bit better than this.

  298. he is a top athlete he can play sick but he is clearly slower

  299. 3 to for over passing. Better if those 3 were missed shotrs

  300. 7, from 3/5, 1/1 of 3pointer.

  301. Not much time left. Let’s see if BS will let him finish garbage time or pull him before he can get dbl digits. Not really basketball. Tanking chess.

  302. The only thing that matters is his summer free agency plans. I try not to get worked up game to game from this point. We all understand the tank is real and the horrible way the lakers play is unreal.

  303. Lin can’t overcome the deficit. He will finish the game.

  304. J to Ed. Chemistry is there 🙂

  305. Look like coach Miller’s prediction of 8/5 pretty real, SMH

  306. Jeremy is playing smart, just trying to stat pad and show he can play hoping some lazy gm is watching

  307. Mr. 4th quarter!

  308. another 3!!!

  309. Lin finally getting the NBA way, selfish stat pad. Bravo Lin

  310. Lin getting some!

  311. Oopsy doopsy, Scott was sleeping on the job. Lin in dbl digits.

  312. stats padding? Great move JLin!

  313. Finish the game strong, Jeremy!

  314. Not selfish. Called competing!

  315. Young and Lin understand this is just time to stat pad. Lin should be stat padding from the moment he enters games for the rest of the season, if I was his inner circle, I’d tell him to score as much as possible without being obvious about it.

  316. nm… that was 2

  317. Ok, at least get some stats padding!

  318. Lead down to 20 and going lower…keep on fighting Jlin!!!

  319. all i care lin gets double figure while sick

  320. I guess u are a kobe fan then

  321. He’s not playing selfish at all. He took a few shots, but he isn’t looking and calling guys off and still playing D and looking for guys.

  322. And your disguised as a Lin fan?

  323. well he is clearly stat padding but selfish is name calling grow up

  324. He was passing off those looks earlier in the year, he should have been scoring this way from game 1 jacking Jumpers left and rights.

  325. that isn’t lin you know it by now

  326. I dont mean it in a a bad way, I am happy to see him call his own number, he was too selfless to start the year and passed off too many shots

  327. Yea I thought BS was trying to rest JLin (thus the fewer minutes). Guess I was wrong.

  328. Yeah but he is finally doing it now

  329. The problem was bs play clock is the same every game

  330. Yes…Jlin and the bench took the lead down to 15…. that is a win in my eyes

  331. well its hard being a pg who can score. if you pass you are passive btw as a pg this is your job. if you score you are selfish. its either or all the time

  332. Lol look at coach Scotty and Kyrie embracing laughing and hugging

  333. I’ll take it, -2 of +/-, looks much better now.

  334. i don’t think so to start the gme he will try to win. if he is still in with no chance of winning then he will score

  335. Wow, this guy is a militant Lin fan. LoL.

  336. young boozer lin in vs 2nd unit with no chance of winning is an insult

  337. Some games he should come in just to score. It depends on the game and how he is guarded

  338. Why do they put Lin’s picture? Clarkson should take responsibility for the loss.

  339. Lin photo again?

  340. With his selfish 20 points… I still think clarkson and bs are a joke and joker

  341. If you were part of his inner circle, you’d have vastly more information than any of us have and it would all look bigger and different, so you might be saying something different than you think. Also, it’s hard to score as much as possible and no one notices that and benches you immediately. We all have lots of ideas…like we’re the only ones with ideas. Says Miss Smarty Pants.

  342. The nba should have at least removed the lakers from Sunday national showcases while tanking like this. The NBA is totally broken,

  343. I did not realize this was an afternoon game…….missed it

  344. Lakers are training to compete between starters and benchs not with another team

  345. Didn’t miss much… as usual.

  346. That is not selfish Stat pad like clarkson…. that is scoring in the flow of the game

  347. Lin seems had a good stat line….I thought maybe he played gr8

  348. Lucky for you!

  349. Lin will not be traded. I can tell. Unless George Karl gets hired or Dantoni does and requests orlando or Sacramento or Denver to trade for Lin, there is 0% chance is traded. Even if mda or karl gets hired, I highly doubt Lin gets moved.

    Luckily summer is coming soon. If lins resigns in la, I would be devasted because it means I was totally wrong about him and didn’t get him at all.

  350. Lol…that bad?

  351. He “stat padded” in the 4th when the loss was certain.

  352. LOL I see,,,

  353. No one clicks on Clarkson.

  354. I just close his comments and move on. Works great

  355. You just missed Jlin going to the mavs…………jk

  356. Yeah, Clarkson padding his stats throughout the game.

  357. And Rondo going to LAL…I know, I know…lol

  358. Dude…sometimes you have great things to say…but why waste your energy imagining such a dopey devastation scenario. Self-regulation, man. Less is more. Serenity now, etc. We just want you to have a happy life 🙂

  359. Seriously though…. you missed some Jlin bashing by some so called Lin fan…until the end of the game when Jlin turned it on and scored a bunch of points

  360. Actually better than I expected, given his treatment by the Tank Commander and Jeremy not well today.

  361. Lol sounds good

  362. Then he is the greatest Tank Commander of all time or may be except one???

  363. LOL! We’ve got a genuine Losing HOF medalist!

  364. smart hire by LAL, I guess.

  365. Unfortunately it started when Jeremy only played less than 9 minutes in the 1st half.

  366. Man at this rate, I’d rather watch political debates on TV than Lakers game….

  367. haha. in a twist way, yes.

  368. like this guy…true Jlin advocate :)…yep– BS is really a BS–sadists n etc–.just yoyo his players playing time…bench them for no reason..demote them without informing them n etc….no heart and respect for his players –am sure he lost d locker room…

  369. And instead of bashing bs for playing Jlin only 9 minutes. ..these so called Lin fans proceed to bash Jlin instead

  370. Unfortunately, he only says this when it is regarding Kobe.

  371. well. as LAJane says, don’t waste your energy. Why entrench yourself in positions when you have no idea what promises FO or $ FO will offer Lin? we have no clue.

    That’s the prob with these sites … ppl take a position to contribute on a daily basis, and over time, the positions get entreated artificially. I mean, I’d love to see KHuang back talking about bball, but he spent a lot of energy noting DNP-CD and how it relates to Lin’s treatment as a Chinese American. When it happened, I did ack that he was right, but then it got very amplified to tie it to racial bias. JW and I think Brent tried to cool it down as I did, and now we are here not having his great posts on bball.

    Really, lots happens outside of our knowledge base, and it rolls on. Best to flex and just understand what we can daily, and just talk it up to figure out more. Nobody is going to call us and tell us what’s up, and even if they do, we won’t share it else our insider friends won’t tell us anymore.

    (BTW, the upside of these predictions are not worth it, because you would have to come on here and remind each of us of your prediction, and nobody remembers that far back here and nobody likes an “I told you so” post.)

  372. that is because Byron is doing a fantastic job in tanking… FO loves him.

  373. He’s an eager beaver rookie. It’s a rare rookie that can resist “showing his stuff”. He’s been handed the keys to the car (or so he thinks, silly rookie) and can’t resist the vroom-vroom. It may still have the shiny muscle-car shell, but the engine is only 4-cylinder…not the best vroom-vroom.

  374. I think Lin is doing well, given he’s having gastroenteritis before the game.

    I used to think the BS may want to win this, just want to prove something to his former team, but apparently not. His hate on Kidd is real lol

  375. Let’s talk about what we saw today…the 4 or 5 man could never give jeremy any help agsinst one of the leagues point guards….the bench came into to tonight’s game way off…and Swaggy played into that big time….he is a guy who is beyond frustrated…waiting for him and bs to get into to it soon

  376. 11 points in 20 horrible minutes is not bad….he is playing or a tankig team and is not imploding like Nick

  377. Byron is an embarrassment as a coach….I’ll givr fisher a pass because he is getting the most out of bad guys but Byron act is crazy

  378. You know why Byron got 3 interviews because he was negotiating money….he knew he was chosen to tank so he said if this is going to be my last coaching stop pay my behind

  379. “I could do a better job… managing Kobe’s minutes” is the best we’ll get out of BS.

  380. Finally….if the Cavs pick up another rebounding 4 who can give them some scoring in the low post—amare anyone (limited minutes) they could play Atlanta very good well….love Atlanta game

  381. LOL

  382. Better job? BS has done as well as he possibly could in tanking. I mean, 2nd worst winning percentage all time for all coaches who have coached more than 900 games is really not easy to achieve LOL.

  383. So I guess his point is that he’s actively trying to maximally insult his players?

  384. The only game he wanted to win… word….

  385. Snore. This is why the reporters have to resort to interviewing coach Lin.

  386. And relaying Kobe’s message?

  387. My old philosophy prof used to call it “hardening of the categories”. Also…my insider friends are keeping very mum…darn ;]

  388. Not feeling well but still doesn’t want to disappoint the kids.

  389. Even when the kid is wearing Cav’s jersey 🙂

  390. I have friends who know stuff, but I can’t post them here and anyway, what does it matter. All I can say is Lin is wanted, but the cost is very prohibitive. I’ve actually asked, and that’s the answer. What ppl have said is true, that Lin is good enough to deserver a big K, but they have not show his PG leadership so he can be worth the salary cap hits, so the next step is to get a K that gets him there. In the past 3 years, he’s proven he can stay healthy, produce consistently even with bad roles, bad coaching, bad FO, and inconsistent minutes/freezeouts. By that, I mean no more than a 2 to 3 game slump.

    Lin’s next step is business navigation, to meet the challenges of taking that salary cap hitting K but without a longstanding track record which of course he could have had by now had teams not been biased against him in favor of the ball dominant guard. Or whatever, it doesn’t matter … the challenge is there, and he’s proven other factors are not the challenge.

  391. Hopefully he will be wearing a JLin Cav’s jersey when he gets traded. : )

  392. he he, with Byron’s winning %, the record and tank are in the bag!

  393. LAL, Kobe, and Byron breaking so many (negative) records this year. Tank is strong!

  394. When you walk down the street and see all the beautiful people who need resources to make the world better, and you judge them to be worthy, it’s v sad to know these 2 guys make lifetimes of money and they cannot muster some grace about all this. Hence, I’m a Lin fan in or out of the career situation, in or out of the public light. I guess if Lin leaves the NBA, I’d follow him and if it ever gets to celeb stuff, I’d fade too and look for another person’s story to give me hope, hope against the narrower people who can really help society but signal the wrong things.

  395. serenity now…. Linsanity later… lol

  396. “the tank is strong with these ones” –yoda

  397. i wouldn’t give him that much credit but clearly a point guard he is not.

  398. PFV short

  399. exactly that was the only game he wanted to win the only game he left the only real decent players the lakers have (lin/davis/boozer) in to the end.

  400. some ‘post-game greeting fans event’?

  401. Pretty sure he told Mitch that he could do a better job at losing sometime after they won a few games.

  402. yep the right man for the job. at the right time. (tanking to the top).

    clearly now after their loss in the tankathon to the only competitor orlando the lakers stand alone as the absolutely best at tanking team in the league.

  403. yeah good comback game for davis after a few sloppy games. look at lin/davis/boozer stats per total minutes versus everyone else.

    got to limit those guys minutes to preserve that favorite tanking season.

  404. BS has no vocabulary.
    He needs to go back to elementary school to learn a few more words.

  405. With Davis & Kelly as well (his best friends on this team:-))

  406. I didn’t watch. May watch on fast forward to skip all the BS. But the comments were soooo negative that I was wondering if I was on the old site. Lol.

  407. People tend to panic when Jeremy doesn’t score well in the first half…

  408. BS calls the team soft? Well they learned from the best

  409. Probably not; therefore, not a very risky prediction. I do see some chance that Lin will re-sign with Lakers though. Would not be totally shocked if that happens.

  410. Davis value has appreciated a lot this year playing with Lin. Too bad BScott kept them apart much of the season.

  411. The Cav’s short 55% from 2 & 3. Thanks to BS coaching Lakers don’t have a semblance of a defense.

  412. OK, why is Kevin Ding back in the mix. He has been quiet and all of a sudden, he is trying to toot Clarkson’s horn…

  413. I am wondering about the same thing.

  414. Never leave the tank!!!!

  415. The colour commentator said at one point that the game feels like a summer league game. So true.

  416. is kevin ding in kobes camp?

  417. Not only Ding. TWC Sportsnet been hyping Clarkson every game.

  418. Yeah sounds like he’s been bought.

  419. They are trying to sell it and nobody is buying it. Nobody cares about the Lakers.

  420. Clarkson ended with 20pts but 8pts was due to FT.

  421. My take is they are drumming him up so that they can justify featuring him, then Price goes back to the line up after ASG as BS himself has said. Then they DNP CD Lin for the rest of the season. Let’s brace for it.

  422. I tweeted im and said as an Asian American with a voice that he could help change the narrative on lin, but he is afraid and looking out for himself.

  423. You are my hero.

  424. Ding Ding Ding ! 🙂

  425. I heard that. I love Hubie and his commentaries.

  426. I think Price is done. The Lakers are either trying to trade Lin, when most GM’s are saying we will wait until FGA and offer him a contract.Lakers are stuck. Ish Smith’s tweet where he said that he was coming to the Lakers was legit. So we will see what happens

  427. not me, I don’t need to brace for it.

    Look at it this way, nobody gets out of Life alive. So, should we brace for it, or just know each day is precious? Me, I don’t care to predict what BSc or LAL will do, because that gives them control over me. I just surf the waves when they come. Though I don’t surf, I can surf that story pretty well by now.

  428. I think BS started the season and ruined the team. Wasn’t create or imaginative nor knew how to deal with players not named Kobe. He never manned up once and took ownership of his failures as a coach.

    But as a tanking coach, BS has gone a commendable job. He even covers himself by constantly putting down the players on his roster who won’t be here past summer like Jeremy Lin and Nick Young. It’s great.

  429. Byron apparently has inferred all season long Lin is soft as a human being and player LOL. I guess lin should be REALLY insulted then.

  430. I am so sick of him playing half way in and half way out. I also asked him, why hasn’t he sat down for an interview with lin to get his side. Lakers trying to sell Clarkson is not working at all and they know it. Lin is still the hot ticket item, not because of basketball, but because of the role model he represents in the NBA. The NBA/Adam Silver is not lost on that fact,.

  431. NYK too, but maybe they are trying.

  432. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  433. Nice. I sometimes think we Lin fans always feel worse than Jeremy himself does. But I guess not all of us are so easily discouraged by things we can’t control.

  434. Lin will not be a DNP. I think Price will be traded for Ish Smith. Smith is a younger version of Price. The Laker’s dilemma with lin is that kobe feels threatened by Lin’s popularity. I think Mitch/F/O playing a cat and mouse game when it comes to kobe and lin. We will see where it all lands.

  435. They’ll beat that record no worries xD

  436. What coaching? There is NONE. He is infamous for tanking master. The great among greatest in his sub of his hiring tanking job.

  437. Ha I love your narratives because they make sense even if over time not all of them come true. I’d say you have a good track record, though, especially when it comes to the human intelligence of what ends up being put out in the press by these not so connected/human intelligence players in the plot.

    On what’s happening here, maybe after all this time that Kobe got his feelings hurt, because he has not mentioned Lin since his benching, of any significance. He’s avoiding knocking Lin, so that may mean he feels conflicted about what has been done to Lin. Is that right from this track record, that he is more vocal when he’s not conflicted emotionally?

  438. Gotta keep that which we cannot control out of controlling our lives, else it spills over to everyone around us …

  439. horford and milshap went kaput against memphis

  440. Oh yeah. It’s a Panzer for sure

  441. BS will not DNP Lin. Lakers F/O don’t want to see another negative backlash. I believe they didn’t expect the major fallout the last time.

  442. No, Kobe avoiding knocking Lin is because Kobe has Lin’s China influence in mind.

  443. good call …

  444. Joyce, from a NBA broad perspective, there is no reason either team would trade Ish Smith for Price. I just don’t see it and I follow the entire NBA very closely. Neither team would benefit.

    What will Ronnie Price offer OKC, a team trying to break into the playoffs? We know the answer is nothing. It’s possible Price is part of a trade, but Price would not be traded for Ish straight up as the central part of such trade.

    For OKC to want to trade with the lakers, more likely HIll or Ed Davis will be the central part of it & Lin will not be involved. That is just my logic talking in closely following the NBA & sadly, my belief that few teams are interested in our guy, Jlin.

    Not trying to challenge your analysis or discount your points, just offering my perspective to add into the mix.

  445. Scott knocking Jeremy on behalf of Kobe.

  446. I missed the game…looks like Jeremy had a great Q4, Mr. Clutch!
    Q4= 9pts!

  447. Lin will just get 15-20 minutes per game rest of the year and go into summer free agency.

  448. I really believe that Kobe is a law unto himself. He doesn’t realize when he messes things up,until somebody brings it to his attention with threats. Notice how bad he treated lin, but never said anything negative about Lin, because Laker’s F/O reminded him of the Chinese following he had in Asia and in the US. He didn’t want to play with Lin, so they put Lin in the 2nd unit. They didn’t count on lin/davis/boozer making that 2nd unit one of the best in the NBA, that was talked about so much, that Laker 1st unit was not even mentioned. Kobe is a competitor. He is use to players speaking out and crying in the media when they feel like they are not getting a fair shake. Not Lin. Lin is an enigma to kobe, he doesn’t know how to take him . Laker’s know that if kobe comes back next season, they will get nobody from FA to come play with them, so Lakers are counting on draft picks, which sometimes work out and sometimes they don’t. Laker’s trying to boost Clarkson is way to give Laker fans hope for the future, because we all know that Clarkson will be dead in the water when Kobe comes backl

  449. It was the only interesting part

  450. this is exactly what is going on and Lin will go to greener pastures away from the purple and gold this summer.

  451. I am going by Ish Smith’s tweet, which he deleted and said that somebody hacked into twitter account. There was also a mention that Young was involved with that trade also. So we will see.

  452. This is not needed. Stating your view is fine, but dont get personal.

  453. This is not needed as well.

  454. Kevin Ding is an interesting guy. I read an article from Jeff Yang this morning in the LA TIMES. He is a Wall Street Journal TV/entertainment writer. His son plays the loud mouth kid on “Fresh off the Boat” on ABC.

    He said way back in the 90’s he was forced to write a piece on Margaret Cho’s sitcom that failed badly. He said he wrote a scathing review & Margaret was pissed at him in part because he was the lone Asian American voice with real presence that could have helped out her show.

    He said the show was just bad and he couldn’t lie.

    I wonder if Ding is cut from the same cloth – he just thinks like most mainstream media that Jeremy Lin stinks so he cannot bring himself to defend or speak out for Lin.

    Or is Ding a self hater? An Uncle “Chan” as someone here or on the other site called him. A sellout of sorts that will do whatever it takes to turn his back on his own kind to be part of the in crowd and move up in the world?

    Maybe Ding’s son will one day make it in sports and credit Lin more than we know, it would be interesting. I know Ding wrote a fluff piece about that back during Linsanity.

  455. But BS said Price will play after ASG. I think he will also start since they don’t want to win… smh! I hope Lin can out of Lakers bc once he really signs the contract he will be next Young. See how bad BS to Young now.

  456. I believe that lin has several offers on the table going into FA already. I think Lin’s agents have put feelers out to test the waters on what lin will bring in FA. The biggest selling point for Lin this season, is that he run a 2nd unit very with efficiency if given the playing time. I would not doubt if lin/davis/bozer be snatched up together to run a 2nd unit for a contending team.

  457. I don’t believe anything that comes out of Scott’s mouth

  458. Yeah I know that tweet was probably legit. Ish did that I believe a while back in Houston during preseason too right? Was it last season he prematurely tweeted at Morey? It was some backup PG that did it.

    Young might be involved but I can’t see him going to OKC because Waiters is there. but maybe in a 3 team, Young can go somewhere else.

    It seems Young and Lin are both scapegoats for Scott. And being that he is so rude in his comments to the media towards both of them, it’s almost as if he is doing all he can to make them go somewhere else or ask for trades asap away from this team. I don’t expect either Lin or Young to last too much longer with this team after the season.

  459. Lin is just going to be a 10-20 minutes off the bench guy till the season is over. It is what it is.

  460. i missed it too. i wonder if he finished the game this time…

  461. I dont think they are willing to deal Ed Davis. I think they see his potential. But if they do, great!

    I mean that would be hilarious to have those guys go somewhere as an instant bench by trade.

    Atlanta could use a bench like that to keep them running hot. Or Toronto. I’d like to see that. Portland would too. We can hope right?

    The Lakers really messed up the Lin thing. He could have been part of the new post Kobe build where teamball reigns. Instead, they lack vision and are going to be dinausaurs like Dolan’s Knicks soon.

  462. I like Clarkson’s game. He’s just a rook finding his way. I can’t hate on any of the Lakers roster except for Kobe himself. Total douche. Other than that, every guy is jjust trying to stick in the NBA and keep in the league.

  463. He did but it’s garbage time bc Scott made sure Lakers would loss this game by the end of 3Q.

  464. The thing with Lin/Young was that the Laker fans was on board with them after their Laker access video that went viral, and the fans calling them Rush Hour 4. Then there as the game that lin/young were the heroes.That is where the Lakers were going with this until Kobe shut it down

  465. That’s so funny, the 2nd unit getting let out of the doghouse. You can’t keep good people down.

    Yes, good point on JC with Kobe mix – no way JC will match Kobe play so he’s a goner or at least he will be very dissatisfied deferring to Kobe after this free run and PR. So silly they didn’t promote JLin knowing Lin would bolt, so might as well get ratings up for the negotiations ahead on local adv revs.

    Ah well, to me Kobe is in the past. I will not watch Kobe play unless Lin is on the court because why spend any time watching a guy who is objectively so bad? I mean, i haven’t even had a chance to watch AD, Whiteside, KL’s return, Timmy and SAS, etc.

  466. I don’t buy it. I think Lin will continue to get 20+ minutes. I think that DNP was ramifications across the board to Scott. I don’t believe that Price will even play after ASG. I think that was Scott saying making up crap to explain Scott’s demotion

  467. What’s the biggest K a 2nd unit leader gets? What a potent team that can be – a clear 2nd unit with Lin at the help, and team play on the starting team. That can be such a dynasty … naaasteee!

  468. Well it’s 100% on Laker’s management for whatever has transpired. Not the crappy coach, players, Kobe or anyone else.

    The Front Office acts like it’s powerless to deal with Kobe. The Front Office wants its cake and eat it too and because of that, everything has fallen apart.

    I don’t see the Lakers digging out of the hole any time soon. Your 5 yr window looks about right as long as they continue to cater to Kobe, who will barely be able to walk next season after 15 games.

  469. pretty hard for anyone to be an Uncle Tom now because the facts are pretty much in. It’s the dollars … if you cannot fathom the guy’s rationale, follow his dollars. He’s not confused … there’s enough facts out there on JLin.

  470. ED Davis is saying all the right things in the press about wanting to stay with the Lakers, but if a team offers him more money and playing time, I think he will bolt.

  471. 5 years only if KB retires at the end of his contract. If he stays for longer, I would say at least 10 years. Don’t care about Lakers once JLin leaves.

  472. After lin and other leaves, Nobody from FA will sign with them. If they sign Rondo, then I know that have hit rock bottom

  473. Of course, any decent player will. Who wants to play with aging egomaniac superstar and pathetic BS if there is a choice.

  474. LOL They will be good for Lakers. They reap what they sow. Can’t wait to see the day!

  475. The only Q that LAL beat Cav was Q4…thats the Quarter that Lin played the full minutes!

  476. I think so… In fact, BS was hoping Lin would not play today but since Lin wanted to play so… that’s why Boozer didn’t play in 2nd half bc BS wanted to loss the game.

  477. Even afterwards Margaret cho regret letting the network taking over her show and running it like a regular network show instead of something more groundbreaking. I never heard of Eddie Huang before but he seems pretty outspoken about his displeasure of the direction of FOB. I saw the first episode and thought it was okay but when I did laugh I wasn’t sure if non Asian Americans would find it as funny.

  478. nothing you wrote in the 2nd paragraph makes any sense to me. First, Kobe is coming back to play scoring PG, Mark Jackson style. The LA media has already said this if you were listening. Jordan is playing SG and combo guard when Kobe goes into complete ball hog mode. They expect JC to switch hats as KOBE sees fit when Kobe changes moods.

    JC will NOT BE Dissatified. He is a 2nd round rookie who can be cut any time. He will do whatever he has to & stick in the league. He is a young 2nd yr guy awed by Kobe, whom he grew up idolizing.

    Why is it silly they promote Jlin knowing he would bolt? What is silly about that? It’s only silly if you think Lin is the next coming of Allen Iverson of Isiah Thomas or Jordan and they dont view Lin as more than a backup PG. Lin doesn’t sell enough tickets to Taiwan fan tours to make a difference. Games sell out regardless. So why is it silly?

    Get WHAT negotiation on local ad rev? What the heck are you talking about? The TWC deal is LOCKED IN FOR YEARS. TWC TV sales teams have to get ad revenues up, not the Lakers. And it’s already up. I see tons of TV ads during timeouts, no issue there my friend.

    The Lakers only have to worry about some staples center advertising and how much does AEG or Staples get a cut of that too?

    Yeah to you Kobe sucks and is past news. You don’t even go to Lakers games. Go to the Staples center. Its’ 90% Kobe jerseys and Kobe believers. And you wonder why the Lakers have doubled down on him?

    His Kobe X just came out and I see every kid under 30 wearing these $200 shoes like its nothing. Why would Nike, Kobe, ESPN, NBA, Lakers give this up? For Lin jsut because you and I like him?

  479. I think Lakers is trying to trade Hill and Lin for draft picks before trade deadline.

    Lin :showcasing until trade deadline. Thats why Scott will not let Price play until all star break.
    hill: showcasing not needed because he showed and played enough.

  480. Oh yeah I’m sure Ed will bolt. I just dont see the Lakers trading him short of a 1st round pick or some real talent in return.

  481. I agree w you on Lin will get his min bc Lakers wants to sign Lin but I think he will let Price to come back bc he also hopes Lakers can keep Price.

  482. I don’t like Clarkson as player, because he is the type that bites the hand that feeds you. He has no sense of responsibility or control. Is that for the coach to develop, yeah maybe, but these should be things taught to you growing up. So I don’t want to hear that Clarkson, he is just a rookie bs, because I have watched Andrew Wiggins, and Marcus Smart games, they don’t play like Clarkson. They play within the context of the gamef or the teamm

  483. How does BS look at himself in the mirror? This was a ABC showcase came on network TV. Every home in America had an opportunity to watch this game and he still made it trash. He did not even make it competitive. All you need to know was Lin and the bench got it to 3 point deficit, then sat rest of the first half and didn’t come in until the fourth until the deficit was 25 points. I think even the Cleveland fans were falling asleep.

  484. I think Hill is but not Lin… but right now neither.

  485. I honestly did not comprehend what you just wrote. First of all, its possible for anyone to be an Uncle Tom or Uncle Chan in this day and age. What facts do you refer to? I’m lost.

    What’s in the dollars? I’m sorry you’ve honestly completely lost me. Can someone who understands explain what JoeTeam is trying to tell me?

  486. I continue to follow Lin is because of his character. There are many NBA players who are more talented in bball than Lin, but I wont even care if they just walk pass by me on the street. Saying that, I do not doubt lin’s bball skill at all though.

  487. That’s his plan for not play 2nd unit too much bc he wanted to loss the game. smh!

  488. Honestly, from the previews, I think the show looks lame. I get why Eddie is pissed. He wants the show to be raw & more authentic. Maybe he needed netflix or amazon or something like that to produce his show.

    I mean you already have a Korean dad and Chinese mom for a Chinese son. The casting alone is kind of off. Dad speaks English without an accent but some weird whiny pitch, mom does the fake Asian accent.
    It’s already broken from that alone.

    Still I hope the show succeeds. Asian Americans need to break through.

  489. I agree there is a chance of this. Fat chance any team pull the trigger on Lin though.

  490. BS—the soft tanker.

  491. LOL!!

  492. I have a question. If a team trying to trade a player for draft pick, does the team still have to match salary and take back a player?

  493. Actually Lakers can’t trade Hill without his approval. And now he is injured; I’m not sure if any team will trade picks for him. But I agree Lakers are showcasing Lin in those 20 mins because they know Lin wont stay and try to trade him for something.

  494. Lin is not going anywhere. His contract is too high. Most teams no know that he is a FA this summer, and they will wait to sign him. You best to be looking at the 1st unit. I think they all are trade bait….jmo

  495. I dont think Clarkson has the PG instincts and his handle in tight spaces is subpar for the NBA (that’s why he gets stripped a lot). But Clakrson would make a nice 2 guard. He’s a better version of Austin Rivers, which isn’t saying much I know.

  496. Exactly. I think he well understands what a big man wants – a good pnr, a willing to pass PG. Not Kobe, not Price, not Clarkson. I hope he will follow Lin in future.

  497. Ain’t nobody going to bite for that. They can wait until Lin becomes a FA this summer. Lakers are stupid if they are wating for that to happen. They are dumber than I thought they were…smh

  498. well like today he got 21 min. So we’re not disagreeing. I’m just saying Lin is going to get like 12-30 minutes any given game.

  499. I agree…LOL

  500. May the farce be with you Scottie

  501. Everybody being exposed.LOL

  502. I agree that Lin not going anywhere. There is very very slight chance that lin will get traded but LAkers at least can try. Who knows if there is any team that will give 2nd round pick for Lin. A team can use lin just for playoff who lost their
    starting PG.

  503. See… Now it’s all Young’s fault just like Lin before…

  504. why would Lin, an inconsistent backup PG, replace a starting PG? The team that lost its starting PG has a backup they can use just as easily. See DJ Augustine.

    Now I dont view Lin an an inconsistent backup but Scott sure has hammered that home to all of LA.

  505. Well, what else is he going to say?

  506. LOL Joyce I believe you said that Lakers wanted Love. Well, Love said BIG NO thanks:-)

  507. LOL, the elite defender

  508. Love is not coming to the Lakers with kobe/scott there, i will bet money on that.

  509. See… Now it’s all Young’s fault just like Lin before…

  510. clutzfans throwing beverly under the bus damn…………..

  511. yes orlando was the only threat really thats why tankers er lakers had to make sure they lost in recent tankathon game with orlando . and of course they did. tho orlando still trying to make up for that by blowing a seeming win over chi. 2nite.

    dont know if vaughn was fired for not trying hard to tank. ?

  512. the more interesting stat to me is harden: his 45 points come on 25 fga’s and 23 free throw attemtps. blazers announcers openly contemptuous of harden “draw foul first” flopping.

    board commenters referring to the houston team as the “hardens”. as really the rest of players on the floor largely irrelevant.

    one man show. and lose by 11.

  513. But used Lin’s photo to tweet every lost!!!

  514. They hyped him so much last season because they hated Lin. Bev never was and never will be a better player, hyped defense and all. All I can say is what goes around comes around.

  515. More lIke rinky dink

  516. think of all the players that get hyped because of abl rules. what becomes of them when no lin there?

    clarkson will suffer same fate.

  517. I actually think clarkson has a bit more upside. In any case, he’s very very lucky to get this much opportunity in his rookie year. Hope he becomes a solid player and doesn’t blow it.

  518. what does Bev matter? Lin was supposed to be the man on that team. It was never can Lin be a better Derek Fisher to Harden.

  519. Morey wants to justify his $80M bet in Harden more than anything else.

  520. Scott is going to repel all the free agents

  521. So Portland, led by Lillard, slays Houston again. Bev was a non factor again. Must suck to not have JLin as the scapegoat hehe

  522. CNM is not a real Lin fan. I think he’s just tryign to make money.

    REAL NBA fan would understand Lin was going to be the star guard of
    that team. He got supplanted by Harden. It proves Houston never had
    faith in Lin to begin with and he was signed as a marketing tool only.

    So the real discussion is Lin vs. Harden.

    Only really small minded Lin fans get caught up in this PB vs. Lin or PB vs. Tony Douglas or Lin vs. Clakrson debate.

    I don’t follow Lin to watch him be a role playing bench warmer or supporting role playing starter. Maybe some of you do.

    Otherwise, it makes no sense to accept the rationalization that Lin should be compared to PB or Price etc.

    always Lin vs. Harden and Lin vs. Kobe. Because we see Lin as a legit
    guard able to take the weight of the team on his shoulders.

  523. mate, drop it…dont go and accuse PFV as “not a real fan”…..
    Please objective on which point you rebut and we shall discuss

  524. no…………… we want jlin to play teamball basketball and just wait this coming summer he will choose the team he like

  525. Nonsense

  526. This is when you need to leave well enough alone. If you disagree with what he says, then say that. Don’t accuse him of being not being a real lin fan. So stop posting before your post gets deleted. Read the rules about not attacking or baiting other posters on this site….smh

  527. I have edited my comment. Thanks.

  528. Paul is nice & he didn’t make any money out of the video. Don’t say that..

  529. Not so easy when you don’t have the backing of the FO, coach and “star”. We all knew this was coming. AC Law, Felton, Bev, Price and Jordan Clarkson were all used to sell the agenda that LIN is worst than ______ (fill in with any d league levels player). It’s been a conspiracy to erase the memory of linsanity like it was some fluke. The funny thing is that their is a price to pay with Khama. Harden will be like Melo, Kobe soon. They are lions without a pride because no one wants to play with them.

  530. I edited my comment. It’s my way to acknowledge it was wrong to post that. I just dont agree with Paul who believes that Lin cannot hold a candle to Harden.

  531. PFV’s long video is up for the past hour.

  532. Harden is Morey’s “fool’s gold” and can NOT be criticized for a loss by media directly or indirectly controlled by Rox, who is similar to Kobe after PJ left LAL. Someone has to be thrown under the bus, not even DH12 was immune from it.

  533. I have already posted down below when it was first available.

  534. That’s good bc Paul did come here to read the comments.

  535. Some Pictures…few today 🙁

  536. Oh, I see it now. Sorry, just got in here.

  537. Thats it

  538. Its okay, some of us, dont reload the page all the way to end…

  539. I mean no way ding is an Uncle Tom, pandering to ‘the man’. Follow the money, said Wily Loman. I mean the facts on Lin are in, and any rational person can see Lin transcends his race. If Ding is somehow doing Lin an injustice, it’s for his own economic reasons. It’s not because he cannot see the facts nor is likely he’s unconsciously selling his race short. There’s probably some incentive that we cannot see clearly.

  540. AD did not play like Clarkson.

  541. Don’t know if his shot is that good.

  542. He says no to Kancer

  543. He could have pretended to keep his options open. Haha, but that flat out rejection is great.

  544. lol, someone just bumped up that legendary “The numbers are clear: Patrick Beverley deserves to start over Jeremy Lin” thread from fat Clutch, and here are some new comments:
    “JLin has better numbers than Pabrick Beverly. One is riding the bench, the other riding Harden.”
    “We need a point guard to handle the ball. We should trade for Lin.”
    “Major offensive liability and yeah, not really showing effectiveness on defense as much.”
    “Let’s be honest. Lin’s last season here wasn’t anywhere as horrific as what Bev’s been this season. (I’m not even a Lin fan.)”
    “I would rather Lin handling the ball.”

  545. And these spoiled actors can’t play with any talented player either for fear of exposure.

  546. Even if he does, he puts the time in, does his best, and if ppl want to listen to him he should make some $ out of it to support his work. You decide if he should make money by using ad blockers or not, or not watching or watching. It’s ad supported content, so PFV has every right to exist like Steven A Smith. JMO … I happen to like PFV because he tries to be fair. I don’t agree all the time, but I don’t want to have a youtube comment account because for the most part, it’s not a good place for discussions so I disagree with PFV here if I do, which has been once.

  547. Who are you referring to?

  548. Not a prob.

  549. Lin is very very good. Elite for some of us, and I want to see that situation for him next year.

  550. I think you need to dbl check the definition of uncle tom…

  551. Who has a right mind to play with a KB’s puppet and tank commander if there is a choice?

  552. very aggressive tone, GoodDayLA. I guess I’m nonsensical in your eyes. Very funny, how you look at the world and amplify your views. What I wrote is crystal clear to me.

  553. Repost it here. This tweet said it all about BS.

  554. Is this for real or just a joke tweet?

  555. The boomerang is heading the Rox direction to knock them cold. It happened in Knicks. Karma….

  556. I have it right. You’re being argumentative and your tone is a bit off tonight. I don’t care though, so go ahead it’s not a big deal to me how you behave.

  557. According to Shahan [email protected], it’s real.
    Writing locally for @NBCLA. Writing globally for @YahooSoccer. Consulting for @AccuScore

  558. Thanks:)

  559. When I saw this tweet at least 6 hrs ago, I understand this was what exactly BS did to Cavs. So, his record says it all. Lakers hires him to pamper KB and tank.

  560. 25fga to get 26 points without the free throws.

  561. For this, I’m being comfort that not only JLin sees the antics of KB and BS, but also media people. Just that for whatever reasons, people didn’t want to be the “bad” guy. If media people see it, then GM and coaches know it. So, JLin is in good shape.

  562. It’s no longer about BS the coach but it would rather be the GM and FO. Are they gonna put a stop on this madness?

  563. You could add Troy Daniels and Isaiah Canaan to the above list. They were suppose to be the next best thing since sliced bread per Lin haters.

  564. I wouldn’t call it that. He was aggressive and scored repeatedly. Also was the one that kept feeding Young who hit two 3-pointers.

  565. They just got started…

  566. phx and kings 2.5 sec tied.

  567. DUBOIS – these are the teams we need to lose to help push the Lakers out of top 5 pick:


  568. We can obviously see it, BS has learned nothing from his years in Cleveland. And deflecting blame onto the players without questioning his own methods. JLin needs to leave BS ASAP.

  569. Morey doesn’t know it yet but his number will be up soon. Once Howard leaves in another year, he may finally realize that he could have had a real contender last year if he had treated Asik and LIN better. Soon HOUSTON will also have to tank to get lottery drafts because no one would willingly play second fiddle to Harden.

  570. Addition to what Joyce said, the Staples crowd (from what I see on screen) really roots/cheer for Lin and Young. They are the crowd favorites.

  571. Do players really know ahead of time what team they are being traded to? Lin knew nothing of being traded to the Lakers until it became “official”.

  572. That infuriated me & tweeted them about it. The starters lost the game.

  573. I definitely hate the Lakers offense.

  574. Let’s stay healthy so we can watch the cards fall on the people who disdain value in good people. I guess it can be a forever unfolding story so we can live forever!

  575. Wow! This is from CF?! LOL! I know Mc is not as high on PB as last season. He didn’t play 4Q most of the time.

  576. who said it?

  577. If you feel, he his the understanding wrong, then state what is your understanding/definition… rather than “you need to dbl…” its just doesnt show a friendly debate here

  578. Kevin Ding

  579. I saw him on bench a lot this season from Rox… Mc is not nice to him just like what he did to Lin…

  580. I believe so

  581. no highlights yet?

  582. We know. Trade is unlikely. So FA is the only way. Hope many contender teams that really want JLin to help of their teams.

  583. what happened to his son, ‘junkyard dog” lol

  584. Haven’t seen one.

  585. Obviously from Cavs press people.

  586. It’s becoming clear to me that the whole NBA is a mess. I don’t even watch games anymore becasue Only 1/4 of them matter. I taped the game today and watched it in fast forward and wasted 10 minutes instead of 125. There’s maybe 12 teams vying for a title while the rest are just tanking or thinking of it. Then there is constant reminder of the greed and selfishness in almost every team except for Spurs and Atlanta. Raptors are okay as well. It’s like pro wrestling! Maybe LIN is coming to the same conclusion, who knows. Yeah, I’ll stay a healthy distance to keep my sanity. Like you, I’ll continue to follow LIN as he traverses through the darkness and beyond. I’m more a fan of LIN the man than a basketball player.

  587. The real Lakers offence is pretending that they are a real team.

  588. For some reason I enjoyed reading this… I thought they were happy to have Jason Terry to mentor Patrick Beverley? 🙂

  589. The numbers are cleared. ..cf is in meltdown comparable to 3 miles island…hahaha

  590. No highlights yet?

    I hope our resident “highlighters” come up with some videos (jay, christinecheng, footwearfoot). I missed this game because it’s too early for my timezone, and J played through gastroenteritis. I hope his gastro is just a momentary sickness; I have a close friend whose gastro went severe and it wasn’t pretty.

  591. Karma bites…just a matter of when.

  592. I am waiting too…..even in my time zone, I still missed it somehow…

  593. Here are some team highlights. If you start at about the 4 min 50 sec point (beginning of 4th quarter) you’ll see Jeremy’s highlights.

    See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki7D9sfGOMY

  594. I know. We have poster here who shouldn’t be here in the first place. Everything that the poster says is hot air.

  595. I am so glad that we only have maybe a couple of months before lin gets off this roller coaster ride better known as LA Lakers. I cannot wait for us to call it warp with this bogus team.

  596. Must see at 1:38 clip ! 6.2 sec. left in 1st Q.

  597. Yeah. From 97% of the posts here seems like he had a good 2nd half despite the gastro.

  598. Totally….

  599. What is up with Nick Young lately? Laker media claimed that he didn’t feel well, which is news for a lot fans after the game.

  600. He is just allergic to BS….

  601. Begin another DNP ? BS is really not nice to Young lately.

  602. I’m just basing on the highlights:

    1. Cleveland FC is bad, with the exception of Mozgov
    2. Lebron looks slower
    3. Despite the gastro, Jeremy played FREAKIN’ GOOD on offense.

  603. Per BS, NY wasn’t feeling well the past 2 days.

  604. I think so too . He seems very unhappy right now. That tweet that Ish Smith put out and stated that somebody had hacked into his account had Young s name mentioned as a possible trade.

  605. Really, do you believe that? Should that not have been reported? They reported Lin’s gastroenteritis.

  606. Yeah, he had mentioned during the interview…that he need ti put all the negativity aside and concentrate on his game

  607. Really? Young? Wow!

  608. He needs to figure out a way to channel i. They talk about lin being weak. Look at what lin has gone through and he still comes out and plays a good game. too many double standards…smh

  609. Yep. They mentioned Young and a pick to OKC.

  610. LBJ injuries catching up with him. I agree lin played solid tonight. I did my rant and rave about his game, but he must have heard me and he pulled it together in the 4th Qtr…LOL

  611. I don’t believe what BS said… sounds like maybe another DNP for Young soon…? smh! This coach just so weird.

  612. No wonder BS started the bad comments on Young now?! But I thought they just signed him 4 years?!

  613. He is just covering for Young for his poor performance of late. Scott can’t explain away that Tech that Young got called for.

  614. Can’t say much on defense since they are not included in the video but I’ll take his solid offense in this game.

  615. I believe everybody on the Laker’s team is trade bait, yes even Kobe, but they know that nobody will take kobe…LOL

  616. Did Hubbie said anything about Lin during the game? both good and bad?

  617. Lin trying to fight through screens for Irving. I think tonight he was not up for it because he was not feeling well.

  618. It’s weird.. from the highlight, he didn’t talk about Lin at all only the other guy… I thought he used to like Lin a lot…

  619. I am not sure if he likes Lin or not. But at least he will say something that makes sense..

  620. Either Trudell or Medina tweeted it before the game. NY had a cold.

  621. He did in the past but since Lin traded to Lakers… lots of NY media don’t talk about Lin now…

  622. My take is that many of the commentators are not on board with a tanking team. Barkley even said that it is hard to say anything positive when you know a team is tanking purposely.

  623. PPL just crave for fanciness over substance…I did not watch the game tho…But I would assume Irving did not own Lin one on one…

  624. Didn’t see that.

  625. But he talked nice thing about Clarkson …Anyway, in 4Q it’s garbage time so no need to say too much… but at least the other guy did mention about Lin when he got the points.

  626. He did talk bit about Linsanity .

  627. Really? I didn’t see it. Anyway, if so why they asked him to play since BS wants to have someone DNP so he can let his beloved Price on court?

  628. Play by play guy has to…it is about what color commentator says I guess

  629. But Hubbie just didn’t talk or mention about Lin at all.. you can check the highlight….

  630. No he didn’t.

  631. From highlight? I didn’t see it?!

  632. I did not see the highlight, but i saw the whole game

  633. It is fine. I am just curious…Not really an important thing

  634. Oh! I didn’t watch the whole game. But thanks that do make me feel better then. 🙂

  635. I didn’t watch the whole game but someone said he did mention about Linsanity. 🙂

  636. If NY is traded, it will be interesting if Iggy moves with him or stays in LA. At least, Young was hitting some of his shots. It wasn’t a 0 game for him tonight.

  637. Iggy probably is 10x more busy than NY is….So…if NY leaves…….

  638. Yeah.. Hubie was saying something like Lin had great game against Lakers when he was in New York. He also mentioned Lin lead the Knicks beat Mavs, Cavs…etc..Mike Tirico said he was in New York during that time too.

  639. I remember thinking..ok 2 Lakers not feeling completely healthy so wasn’t surprised when BS said it post game.

  640. Really? Good. I hope he can back to NY. 🙂 Only NY really likes or trust him. So upset w Lakers. Buss family just don’t have guts to say NO to Kobe… if Lin really stays w Lakers… they are probably going to tank for a while… that’s really bad for Lin w Kobe & BS in the team.

  641. It may have been Trudell reporting it courtside to the TWC guys before the game.

  642. I see. But don’t you think BS is not nice to Young now?

  643. no she will stay in LA, and if they want to make it work, they will. I look at Keri Hilson(who is a R & B singer)and Serge Ibaka make it work.

  644. I think he and Iggy are already living together. Imo, something tells me his current struggles have nothing to do with his personal life.

  645. He mention about the LIN magical night against Lakers in NYC in passing as well as how the game was like a summer league game.

  646. BS is not nice to NY now especially to the media. But in some ways, BS was sarcastic about Nick from training camp.

  647. Lakers are using Nick Young for Lakers drama . I saw alot of fans bashing Nick Young now .

  648. It works for some couples but not for others. Hopefully, it works out for them. Keri & Ibaka are still together? I read about them awhile back.

  649. Sad, feel bad for Jeremy Lin & other Lakers.

    Sportige: Jeremy Lin Shoved Aside As Lakers Are Tanking for the Future


  650. Didn’t NYK commentators say why do the Lakers have their best players on the bench which means they are tanking. Everybody is catching on. On LG during the Orlando game thread, majority of posters saying the team is tanking.

  651. Another CNY greetings.

  652. Everyone in the league knows Lakers is tanking…..

  653. Lin didn’t even finish his sentence. It was cut short.

  654. I’m happy that non-Lakers Media reporting this.

  655. Not sure why everyone is so keen on Lin going under GK, BS once said that he was a Lin fan and look what happened.

  656. Greg (Sportige) always been a Lin supporter from day one 🙂

  657. I agree… I really think no need to take what he said for that interview or .. so seriously… sometimes just PR. Besides that was about 2 years ago not now.. smh!

  658. I hope not. Wishing Nick to get out of his shooting slump.

  659. I really think what BS do to Young just like what he did to Lin in the past …. This coach is really sick person. smh! I guess sure bc Young did or said something to make Kobe unhappy… BS is just doing the dirty job for Kobe.

  660. Also when the second unit was out, hubie said this group should get some easy shots and something like he looking forward to see what they could do. (He was probably thinking this game is so boring, at least lakers put five guys out there now that know how to play basketball at a professional level).

  661. Yeah hubie seems nice. He is quick to point out what a player does well and rarely says something ugly about a guy.

  662. They bought Selena Gomes former house together. Don’t ask me how I know that.

  663. Thanks for posting. The tag game was funny.

  664. BS said “I like Lin, I really do.” Someone once analized that “really”, I shared the feeling that BS’ not sincere by saying that. One’s selection of words shows the line of thinking.

  665. CF is a true cesspool. Never satisfied. The rockets are having one of their best season p under morey and are stacked with new free agents. I think these guys just like to have something to pick at.

  666. Welcome. Didn’t finish watching the whole vid as we know what happened in Spurs game. So I quit watching soon after shootaround:-)

  667. Understand where you come from. Yeah all of us become quite skeptical after BS. Believe somehow somewhere JLin needs to land a team with. Just hope that in FA those “teamball” teams will make offer to JLin so that he can choice the right team for him.

  668. You are right. Supposed to be introd but they didn’t come back to him after that introd just like the other version.

  669. Ya no point watching further, BS & FO putting a show to compensate for the ridiculous losses thus far.

  670. LOL Wish there is less BS’ face in this vid.

  671. At least JLin is the Starter ….. Ha ha

  672. Have been rewatching lots of Linsanity days highlights, interviews (both D’Antoni and JLin), news…. in the past few days. Literally days and nights as compared what JLin is getting this day. Really enjoy D’Antoni’s interview. Unlike M and BS, he really knew what he talked about and didn’t throw players under the bus. Appreciate him even more after witnessing the repulsive behavior of M and esp BS.

  673. To lift my mood the remedy is watching JLin’s – Knicks highlights. Thank God for youtube!

  674. I rewatched all these to take my mind off from my own health concerns:-) Last week or so went thru so many medical/health issues appointments–almost everyday. As my next surgery is looming around the corner, the “dread/dislike” of going thru another anasthetics is just quite overwhelming at times. The best way to take my mind off is watching JLin’s youtubes and others:-)

  675. She’s too “fancy” for him…

  676. Linsanity happened for me at a tough time and watching the whole game really lifted my spirits. Over and over …oso I get what you mean. Take care, I’ll pay for you.

  677. But Charmin had always been rated but than Scott…so?!!! lol just couldnt resist

  678. Just looked at the stats, Lin has been shooting very well lately too bad he doesn’t get more minutes. He would have more than 20 points if he had Clarkson’s 14 shot attempts instead of 9.

  679. liao anton – 2:42min

  680. was reading some interesting comments on lin thread elsewhere by lakers fans primarily it would seem not lin fans debating lin and young; the agreed upon point i would like to repeat here is–

    you can’t evaluate anyone on lakers based on this years performance with a terrible coach and a team that is trying to lose. (and a coach who it seems was hired for his ability to facilitate that prospect)

    that being said: yes since his dnp/cd lin has responded with what he was given in a relatively positive way more quickly than he did to his previous benching in place of the head of the snake.

    or put another way he has responded to being replaced by jordan clarkson more quickly relatively favorably than when being replaced by ronnie price.

    think of all the nba players who should be greatful to lin for getting their

    (it will be brief as witness “the wolverine” in houston’s current plight being strung up by fans of the “houston hardens”–

    after harden took 48 shots, 23 fts and 25 fgas, in their loss to whoever last nite some yahoo board commentor called them that, the houston hardens–anyway to continue largely divided now thought)

    moment of fame and or at least opportunity via the “abl” rules. .

    some think clarkson will be an exception to the rule but i see no evidence to suggest that much less that he is (a repeated theme now by embedded lakers writers) “the future” at point guard there.

    primarily because there is no statistical or visual evidence to suggest he is a point guard at all.

    point guards have assists. clarkson does not. (the only point guard in the nba with significant minutes this season with less than 2 assists per game).

    perhaps as someone here suggested at best a future back up shooting guard, even that i see unlikely, he doesn’t shoot well. just often.

    (evidently learned from watching kobe and young i would say except he was already doing the same thing in pre-season so appears to be a natural at it).

  681. its less that people thing gk is a lin fan more just that gk’s teams play a different style of basketball that would be more in lin with lin’s ability and approach to the game.

    that being said it seems unclear why gk would want to go to sacramento if the reports are true that it is cousins agents who are blocking the deal.

    maybe hes just using this to get leverage to get the orlando job instead?

  682. so like the huangs saying “love you”. ?

  683. its hard to play in this tank town.

  684. Wish you a good and successful surgery. God Bless you a speedy recovery.

  685. Wasn’t gonna 🙂

  686. Is it just me? Since the Orland Magic pregame thread I don’t see any thread after that one in the front page. I only got here by the link that @psalm234:disqus posted in that thread which leading to another link to get here.

  687. Personally, I wasn’t too convinced by “I like Lin, I really do.” statement. It’s too general. Still I gave the person who said it a chance to prove what he said. Turned out I was so disappointed.

    However, the other statement, “I still think he’s the motor of their team, and when he plays well, they have a good chance of beating people. …” somehow tells me whoever said it must have been watching Jeremy’s game somewhat closely. I will give that person who said it a clean slate to prove his thought about Jeremy’s game and how he’ll use it on actual games.

  688. try clearing your browser cache and retry

  689. Will pray for you. Take heart and take care.

  690. No mirror wanted to see BS face.

  691. Lots of admiration for following Lin even when you are going through what you are going through. I tried to watch some Australian Open tennis matches, but the matches started after midnight here, so I couldn’t stay awake.

  692. Nathan wants another Linsanity, or he’s going to tweet forever.

  693. A Series of Unfortunate Lakers Events- Part 3 – A Culture of Everybody-Knows-Except-You

    After a heart-wrenching OT loss to Magic – another team that is struggling to find its magic to win and finally snap a 10 games losing streak with its HC fired – a bunch of players gathering, talking about team’s mid-season situation:

    JC: Damn, we could have won it. Last game against Bucks too. We could have won these 2 road games. Only if I didn’t miss that last layup in OT.
    RK: Only if you didn’t shoot too much.
    JC: What did you mean?
    WE: Take it easy. It is only a game.
    JC: But I wanted to carry this team to win, now that Kobe is done.
    NY: Wait, wait, wait. That’s my line. Take a number and sit, rookie.
    JC: I wanted to step up, now that no one in this team can.
    JH: Kid, you are the delusional one. Everyone knows except you.
    JC: Know what ???
    RP: Give the kid a break. He still got a lot to learn, not just basketball.
    RK: Look who is talking? Head of the snake!
    WE: It is more like tail of the snake nowadays.
    RP: Now give me a break. I just wanted to feed my family. I know my places.
    CB: As in tank’s tail light?
    WE: Why would a tank need a tail light?
    CB: Stupid, this tank is for practice target. They need the light to know where we are.
    WE: Oh, right. I forgot.
    RK: Well, we all know who is the commander.
    CB: And the gun man, now that the gun man is taking a long hibernate sleep.
    JC: No, you are all wrong. I believe in our coach. Our GM said our coach is to establish and maintain a culture to win.
    RK: Excuse me, our GM didn’t exactly say a culture to win. He implied a culture to everybody-knows-except-you.
    CB: Kid, you are so naive. Our GM also said “A top-five pick is always a good thing.”
    JC: But but …
    NY: I will be the gun man.
    WE: Yea right, an aimless gun man.
    CB: Doesn’t matter. Too bad the commander has a hard grasp on the control knot to the engine. No matter how fast the engine coulld be. No matter how good the tank is.
    JC: Engine? What engine?
    RK: The best payer in this team, rookie. The guy that got DNP against Spurs.
    JC: Oh, him?
    RK: Yea, still having post game interviews. The media just couldn’t let him go.
    CB: You know, this tank is a good tank. Even though the parts are not that great, but pieced together, it could actually win some wars, you know with the crazy engine.

    A janitor cleaning the locker room couldn’t help but overheard and bravely cut in: “I admire your coach’s strategy. It is a ingenious move to keep your so called starters in 4Q and OT. Bravo, bravo! Now our team could sleep well with snapping a10 games losing streak.”

    CB: No argument here. We are a team with established culture.
    WE: Well, at least we outdid that to you, and the Knicks. 76ers is next.
    JC: When is the game against 76ers? Couldn’t wait to drop 30 on them.
    WE: Dream on. You might get DNP by then.
    CB: Don’t worry. Our commander will be in full control. This is the culture of inconsistent roles, inconsistent PT, inconsistent strategies, no 3 pointers, no time-out in less than a minute in a close game, outdated Anti-Harvard offense, hard drilling practice to make every game like a B2B, find millions ways to lose a game, and most importantly – cross the arms and be cool and ignore all the criticism, with big talks emphasizing on soft, soft and ultra soft. That’s the art of “everybody-knows-except-you.”

    All players except JC: Yes, a culture of “everybody-knows-except-you”.

    Part 4: TBC – DOE (Depends on events)

    (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or BS or players here hence mentioned, is purely coincidental)

  694. Me too.

  695. Apologies, my Lin quick defenses are automatic.

  696. Keep you spirits bright and fill your bones with breath. Get well soon 🙂

  697. thats fine, mate 🙂 we all do get into that mode as well, as long we realize it…cheers

  698. arent we all 🙂

  699. You know what they say about vampires. They conveniently can’t see their own self image because they can’t face the fact that they survive by feeding on the blood of others.

  700. Don’t know why Mitch will go along w BS?


  701. Why? Maybe because the same superstar owns both of them.

  702. BS started to treat Young not very nice just like the way he used to Lin… I am sure Kobe probably not happy about Young either.

  703. Can someone notify Adidas to correct? I think even his name was sort of cut off.

  704. Off topic:
    Chris Sheridan thinks NBA Commissioner should suspend James Dolan after replying to a fan letter with writing a hateful, venomous e-mail to a fan who criticized his ownership of the Knicks.


  705. I think Adam silver should suspend Scott for making games so boring…LOL

  706. I like the that Sitcom, Fresh off the boat. Funny…wish they do not get cancelled too quickly

  707. Do you know the rating for the show? I hope it will be hot too.

  708. I thought they tried too hard with the stereotype jokes. I thought it was OK. I’ll watch a few more episodes. Hopefully it picks up a bit.

    Kinda remind me of the Wonder Years with the narration from that kid’s POV, but Wonder Years seemed to more natural. This one might be a bit forced.

    Heard there is a bit of anger with the stereotype from asian community, with the mom being cheap and stuff.

  709. Swaggy was always promoted to come off the bench. Lin was told he will be a bigger part of the team.

  710. That is true…I guess you just can not please everyone. I rather they force a bit tho…otherwise it would be just like other shows…

  711. Mine also got cached this morning. I went back to Home page and refresh and saw the latest post.

  712. Not sure….I assume it is ok

  713. I like it too. Good review on Mom and Dad, even non-AAs like them too because they can relate to the immigrant’s dreams of creating better life

  714. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tv-ratings-fresh-boat-starts-770490

    Promising midseason launch news seems rare, but ABC’s Wednesday samplings of Fresh Off the Boatproved fruitful. Airing at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., two new episodes of the comedy fetched respective 2.5 and 2.4 ratings in the key demo. The show fared especially well in its first slot, growing three-tenths of a point from its Middle lead-in (2.2 adults). The show was down half of a point from Modern Family (3.4 adults) but up from Black-ish’s recent performances in the time slot. Fresh Off the Boat now faces the unfortunate challenge of moving to is regular Tuesday time slot — which hasn’t been particularly kind on comedy.

  715. My son kept saying Mom, you see it? you see it? Then telling his sister to watch it too. I did not think I was that bad, lol

  716. Praying everything works out.

  717. Baxter HolmesVerified account
    Lakers dead last in @ESPNSteinLine’s latest NBA power rankings: http://espn.go.com/nba/powerrankings/_/year/2015/week/15

  718. Enjoyed it very much myself. Funny show.

  719. Which part reminded him of you?
    Small spoiler below alert:
    The crisis with straight A’s or the free nachos? LOL

  720. Straight A
    Smelly Chinese lunch box
    extra tutoring
    were the ones he specific pointed out, but I think there are more 🙂

  721. Smelly? He means delicious lunch box!

  722. He mentioned how in 4 of 5 games the bench out scores the starters.

  723. Has any major Asian sitcoms gone more than one season?

  724. Stay strong like jlin

  725. Not sure how many there has been, but Margaret Cho is only one that comes to mind and it was 1 season.


  726. None…..at most just one season

  727. So BS still on Swaggy’s case? Guess they no longer buddy buddy.


  728. DEN PreGame Thread+Poll is open

    Is this another ‘Must-Lose’ game as both Lakers (12-38) and Nuggets (19-32) are contending to tank?

    The difference might be DEN players are ones who want to tank while Coach Brian Shaw tried to save his job.

  729. yeah, BoringTankGate LOL

  730. I think the longest TV drama with 13 episodes was Vanishing
    Son starring Russell Wong and Wago Chang way, way back in the mid 90’s.

  731. there were actually multiple headlines on line recently with shaw saying just that: brian shaw afraid players tanking without him.

  732. yep they lost the tank bowl (tankathon) to orlando the previously last. orlando trying to make it up tho by losing an easily won game against chicago i think last game.

    scott will have to be at his best tank commander status to insure that steady climb ever downward to upward to ping pong balls.

  733. BS never said he was a fan. When asked directly, He said “I like Lin, I really do” almost as if to convince himself.

    Now KARL, he without being asked mentioned Jlin’s contributions to Houston’s team. ON HIS OWN.

    If you cannot see the difference or just dont follow closely enough, that’s on you.

    GK might not be a savior to Lin, but he would give Lin a shot to run backup PG for real.

  734. fresh boat is the first since then; my asian ex however considers it (boat) an embarassment and just something to show to white people to reinforce their comedic and stereotyped ideas about asians.

    i think shes right however i see it more in the context of abcs overall bland sitcom alignment of all inclusive ethnicities and sects: blackish (black folks) boat (asian folks) cristela (hispanic) modern family (gay) goldbergs (jewish) and whats the actual white folks one? the middle or maybe something thats already been cancelled dont know dont care.

  735. see my remarks above of one asian i happen to know and who is usually right about such things opinion; huang himself of course is attacking the show.

  736. The late Pat Ohara, from the famed “Karate Kid” was one of the originals (1974) from the Happy Days sitcom series.

    “Ohara” 1987 TV drama series starring Pat Ohara, lasted 2 seasons.

    The very first Asian sitcom (1976) starring Pat Ohara, “Mr. T and Tina”, lasted one season. Was pretty funny. No idea why it was canceled, perhaps America wasn’t ready for Asians.

  737. Hence the quotation.

  738. yes, I read the same article that DEN players might be in mutiny to get Shaw fired

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