G51 CHI @CHA Game Thread (Happy CNY!)

With only 2 games left before the All-Star Break, will we see Jeremy Lin be featured tonight to celebrate Chinese New Year? And the Feb 18 trade deadline is approaching quickly, which may or may not impact some players

  1. Would JLin have the reign of PG in the 2nd unit?
  2. Will his teammates pass the ball back to him or try to create shots for themselves?
  3. Will there be anxiety of the looming Feb 18 trade deadline to cause players to break from their team plays to prove their worth so they won’t be traded?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he manages to be 100% healthy soon before  to help the Hornets to win

JLin seems to be in a good mood after Monday shootaround to get a win on Chinese New Year.

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