G51 CHI @CHA Game Thread (Happy CNY!)

With only 2 games left before the All-Star Break, will we see Jeremy Lin be featured tonight to celebrate Chinese New Year? And the Feb 18 trade deadline is approaching quickly, which may or may not impact some players

  1. Would JLin have the reign of PG in the 2nd unit?
  2. Will his teammates pass the ball back to him or try to create shots for themselves?
  3. Will there be anxiety of the looming Feb 18 trade deadline to cause players to break from their team plays to prove their worth so they won’t be traded?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he manages to be 100% healthy soon before  to help the Hornets to win

JLin seems to be in a good mood after Monday shootaround to get a win on Chinese New Year.

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  1. First. Trade to come?

  2. 2nd….yeah.

  3. 3rd Go Lin

  4. Let’s go Jlin! !!!.. Spank the Chicago Cows!!!!!

  5. i was supposed to be 3rd, but do not know what to say. – the situation is getting worse and worse for Lin

  6. The best is yet to come, I believe. Just wait until ASG.

  7. I’m not even excited to watch the game anymore. I will just be cruisin along.

  8. I know. I remember I was so happy the whole day after they beat CAVs and thought finally Lin got to show what he is capable of after pre-season games in China. Well, who knew right after that, Lin is even in worse situation, then he posted bible verse 🙁

  9. i might lose my job as early as next month due to some changes in the company. But i am more worry about Lin’s job at this point. No kidding.

  10. man, you sure are such a big fan 🙂
    JLin will be okay; he’s a survivor

    I believe you’re also a survivor too from your calm tone so hope you find an even better job!

  11. Another audition game. Spank the Bulls so they will trade or recruit JLin for PG.

  12. Thanks

  13. I admire you, but I would probably be the same 🙂
    Hope everything works out for the best.

  14. Enjoy the game guys……he will be ok

  15. The best has come, it just wasn’t allowed to last.

  16. After tonight’s game, I hope all JLin fans feel like this

  17. Hope everything will be ok w/you. Please take care yourself first.

  18. I read this from a Taiwan fan site and feel it maybe worth mentioning here

  19. yes, i need have a job not just to pay my bills. Maybe i can buy a season ticket in case Lin moves to NY area (Knicks, Nets, 76ers, any of them)

  20. Google translate made no sense to me.

  21. happy Chinese New Year you all!

  22. It is SO fun being JLin’s fan – all the twists and turns, the unpredictability of his situation, unexpected moments of Linsanity-like games and game-winning shots . . . where will I get such entertainment and excitement once JLin retires? Any other Asian American kid good enough for the NBA and strong and ground enough to withstand the rough journey?

  23. I thought that was Lin with a new tattoo on his neck!

  24. after Jlin retires he surely will coach some teams, don’t you worry!

  25. LOL!

  26. All these coach firings are good news for Lin — more landing spots for MDA next season.

    After watching Clifford demote Lin for beating Lebron’s Cavs (which Kemba has never done once in 20 tries), I’m convinced only MDA will give him a fair chance. At the very least, I’d like to see Lin play for a coach with some history of success and Lin-style teamball (Karl, Blatt). No more outdated dinosaurs like Cliff, McFired and BS.

  27. Tonight, Kevin McHale will appear with the Inside the NBA crew (Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal) to provide pregame coverage and updates throughout the evening, as TNT broadcasts an NBA doubleheader; Spurs vs Heat and, later, Warriors vs Rockets.


  28. Lin is still being denied his fair shake, but at least his abusers and misusers are getting ROASTED.

    – Keith Smart got fired and is now in NBA obscurity.
    – McHale was McFired (and Morey is next after the season’s end).
    – BS is obviously a lameduck and national sports joke.
    – Knicks have fired both Woodson (and now Fisher).

  29. Was hoping someone else would translate it to maintain object, guess I have to do it 🙂
    It says: Since we are Lin Fans, we should trust Lin’s ability, believe he is capable to be the core player of a team. If one does not believe in Lin’s capability, how can he/she support Lin?

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  31. Interviews are ongoing this week for the Brooklyn Nets GM position.
    If Bryan Colangelo get the GM position there is a good likelihood that he will hire MDA away from his father Jerry in Philly and then pick up JLIN in the offseason to the Nets.

    If Bryan does not get the Brooklyn job or does not hire MDA as his Head Coach then we are looking back at the original plan of JLIN headed to Philly to join MDA in the offseason.

    Of course this does not impact the Nets or Sixers plan significantly but when Hornets concede no playoffs they might trade JLIN in a multiplayer trade to a contending team for a few months.

  32. Yeah, I’m really hoping for Brooklyn over Philly because Brooklyn has no picks until 2019 and has been interested in Lin twice before. They need Linsanity. Philly has great frontcourt talent and can draft/trade for a quality PG. Doesn’t mean Lin wouldn’t have a shot there, but it’s nowhere near guaranteed.

  33. We always have faith in JLIN regardless if a coach/team does not.

    I firmly believe this offseason JLIN will finally move to his dream starting franchise point guard position leading a team that values his ability and he guides an unselfish team to great success for many seasons.

  34. I can’t imagine they would start a newly drafted PG, they tried that and had to go to Ish Smith. Smith is now proving he is not starter caliber. Guarantee they will get a veteran at PG at 76ers, if it’s MDA it will be JLIN. If MDA goes with Colangelo to Brooklyn then I’m happy with Nets.

  35. Should be released now.

  36. thanks. Do you know what caused it?

  37. No idea. Believe it’s just disqus has its own mind again:-( Happened to me as well. Good that I can find a way to go in to release my own posts:-)

  38. A lot of us here do believe in Lin’s abilities, but a few insist they are also Lin fans do not… I think Taiwan fan site has those call themselves fans but very critical about Lin’s abilities. Therefore, someone posted what I have always felt. If one does not believe in Lin’s ability, how can one support Lin? Isn’t it an important element to be a Lin fan is to support Lin?

  39. Thanks.

  40. Let it be so. Amen.

  41. Just find out that Fisher was fired. WOW! Who will be the next head?? King’s coach (oops, forget what’s his name) ???? How many teams have fired their coach this season?? Let’s count:
    1. Rockets
    2. Suns
    3. Nets
    4. Cavaliars
    5. Knicks

    Did I miss anyone? Bad of me: Want to see which coach will be fired next. Hopefully BS will be soon.

  42. CAV 🙂

  43. No Sixers but Nets.

  44. That’s right. Make the change. Thanks!

  45. Did Nets coach get fired this season as well?? Just remember Sixers didn’t fire the coach but add MDA on.

    Update: Just checked Nets website, they did. WOW! 5 out of 30 teams have fired their coaches. More are coming.

  46. Ya! Both NY teams fired their coach this season.

  47. You can believe in your kid’s abilities but also see bad or weak points. For myself, I always believed Lin can average 17/7 for the entire season (not for 10 games) at 34 minutes per game rate if given a chance. But I tend to think now that LIn will never get that chance. I also see why some GMs and coaches might not pull the trigger to play Lin as their starter. But I stopped complaining or b*tching about it because it’s the same tune every year. Lol

  48. I am more looking forward to watching a Lin game (at least 10 minutes of it) than watching Snore Bowl. That’s the truth.

  49. True, I will support my kids even if I do NOT believe in their abilities, just because they are my children. Now, why would people support Lin, if Lin is NOT their child and they do not believe in Lin neither? If they do not support Lin, are they still a Lin fan?

  50. Yeap! I was a little stunt when I learned this. Seem to me that “superstars” have more power than coaches.

  51. No more “Lin games” unless Kemba is gone/out.

  52. I believe Lin has the BB ability to achieve a certain level but I don’t believe in Lin per se as I believe in my kid or wife.

  53. Happy Chinese New year everyone! year of the monkey !

  54. I have a strong feeling Lin will have a big game just because its chinese new year

  55. At least, I like Hornets team more than I liked Lakers or Rockets. But with Rockets, at least Lin got to play in playoff games. Without making the playoff, the excitement is not the same. NBA is almost all about the playoff. Real skills come during playoff games. Many players and teams pace themselves and conserve energy for playoff. We all know 4 teams that realistically has a chance to compete for the ring, with GSW as the HUGE favorite.

  56. Karl is soon to be gone. BS is obviously a lameduck. He’ll be gone once the tank is over.

    I can’t imagine Sam Mitchell in Minny will last. Clifford could also be gone when Charlotte misses the playoffs with Kemba Ball. Brett Brown could easily be replaced in Philly with Jerry Colangelo taking more control away from him and Hinkie. More coaching shuffles mean more landing spots for MDA…Lin’s only real hope for a fair shake.

  57. I believe that Lin has the ability to be a 2nd or 3rd option on a Championship contending team… that is his full potential… now will he ever reach that potential? Only time will tell, but I truly believe that Lin at his best can be a main cog (2nd or 3rd option) on a championship team.

  58. HaHa, I defeinitely believe in Lin’s bball ability more than my kids and my husband’s 🙂

  59. That’s saying something 😉

  60. Actually, I am more certain of my kid’s and wife’s BB ability (or lack thereof) than Lin’s BB ability. And that’s a good thing.

  61. Why? Lin definitely plays better bball than my kids and my hubby do, no?

  62. LOL

  63. With the way he’s been jerked around, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a flat game. Can’t blame him from here on out; he proved himself over and over as a starter and PG on this team…and was punished for it. His best bet is just to stay healthy and try like hell to reunite with MDA, the only coach who ever gave him half a chance.

  64. 3rd option for me, scoring wise. If Lin is 2nd option for scoring, I do not believe THAT team will win the ring. Lin probably will be the first or second option in assists though.

  65. yeah, but the fact you believe in Lin more than your husband and kids show how much you love and adore Lin.

  66. fair enough. but we can both agree he needs a Lebron or Durant to win a championship.

  67. oh, sorry, I meant I believe Lin’s bball skills are better than their bball skills…

  68. I believe Lin can take decent role players into playoff but not to Conf Finals. But I believe Lin can take GOOD role players to Conf Finals but no cigar.

  69. fair enough, Im sure they believe that too 😉

  70. The biggest question is will Clifford actually coach the team to win easier?

  71. I agree.. into the playoffs.. but if he ever wants to win a championship he will need that superstar by his side.. he can’t do it by himself

  72. I wouldn’t say superstars but probably two players who can score better than him.

  73. lol, I hope so

  74. I can’t speak for the rest of the season, but for tonight and tonight only Lin will be the best player on the floor

  75. I could see Clifford being fired next season if theres no improvements from this season

  76. I am not even sure about that with this organization, but hope for the best

  77. there has been improvements compared to last season so it’s hard to fire him knowing this but if the personnel leave like Jeremy Lin leaves next season and some of the others who made a big impact on the team, they might go back to the old times of losing.

  78. You either win with 1 or 2 superstars and key role players or you have a super system like the Spurs.. where they have a bunch of stars.. and we both know that Lin is probably not joining the Spurs so he will need that Superstar

  79. Any Asian kid with eyes on sports should play golf or tennis. Both pro game can make them a lot off money and they NEVER EVER NEED a team.

  80. If Hornets lost today, would someone set up and call for a players only meeting ?

  81. did that ever happen before in Hornets? I remember reading this but wasn’t sure if it was on this team.

  82. Honestly, I dont think this organization is that bad.. Lin was on a much worse one last year..

    They are just misguided and stubborn in their ways.. you can’t really blame Coach Clifford for sticking with Kemba and MKG.. they have been with him since day 1 and he knows what he’s going to get from them.. Lin’s more of a wildcard.. sometimes he’s on and sometime’s he’s not..

    Sometimes it even seems like Clifford wants to put Lin on the floor for more minutes.. but there can only be 5 players on the floor so its tough for him.. its not entirely his fault

  83. true, but it is very very competitive.
    I have a friend whose son played golf and at 10 yo represented Taiwan to compete in international youth golf tournaments. Later on gave up due to too competitive.

  84. I believe so too cause of CNY and the fact that I think Hornets FO are smart enough to promote Lin on this day.

  85. It’s not like this team is in shambles.. they are 1.5 games from the 8th spot despite a mirage of injuries through the season.

  86. but they did lie to Lin to lure him taking a discount and coming to Charlotte.

  87. No D-Rose today. Hornet should win. espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/14742811/chicago-bulls-guard-derrick-rose-not-playing-due-general-body-soreness

  88. all I know is that if MJ is sitting side court today, Lin is probably going to be empowered by the coach.

  89. I am the same way.

  90. General body soreness, that’s a new one!

  91. The Charlotte announcer said it’s the year of the dragon? what? I thought it was monkey

  92. Yeah, but the Pistons, Pacers, and other playoff teams have been more consistent in winning games against bad teams.

  93. Completely absolutely agree. Love em or hate em, for the good of Lin, we should all root for this team to go to the playoffs. Then Lin can choose his next one in the offseason, if he is so inclined.

  94. oops!

  95. dragon was last year I believe when Lin had those Adidas dragon shoes on. Those shoes were fire.

  96. I really hope they win. They need this one.

  97. Nice interview, Lin.

  98. they also haven’t had as many number of injuries the Hornets have had either though

  99. I wouldn’t say lie.. Clifford has definitely given Lin his moment to shine and Lin has had some great games this year.. but I don’t think Clifford expected Kemba to be this good this season or have a breakout season.. another reason why he’s playing Kemba so much

  100. link?

  101. Missed it. Someone probably capped it

  102. Is JLin the one to bring the team together??


  103. Batum almost lost the ball

  104. i think it was Kemba

  105. Batum’s passes are not on point.

  106. I cant believe bull put this lineup out on the court

  107. TO machine

  108. MKG looks better tonight.

  109. pre-game interview. Should be in the highlights.

  110. Take into account competition

  111. Hornets with a big lead 17-6 with 7 min left since the Bulls can’t score

  112. This game shows just how much Jimmy Butler means to this bulls team

  113. No rose too? its going to be a blowout

  114. Bulls looks bad… Hornets should win this one.

  115. yup, not enough scoring power from the Bulls

  116. No jinx lol. We need this one!!

  117. Notice Lin wearing red shoes – celebrate Chinese New Year

  118. Are those Lins shoes?

  119. Lin goin to be 3rd man off the bench

  120. If going to be a easy win, wonder if Lin even gets 15 minutes tonight. Don’t need him.

  121. Bulls coach must give up this game by resting Rose since Bulter is injured and Horners are all healthy

  122. MKG playin well

  123. There’s no need to have Hawes and the Tank on the floor at the same time. They should play PJ

  124. Is that Lin waiting to check in?

  125. Anyone but PJ

  126. Yessir

  127. lin probably not getting much min today

  128. well this is no fun… no competition here it seems without rose and butler :/

  129. For now it’s easy. But that may change. Bulls don’t look too competitive right now.

  130. Somebody need to guard Brooks

  131. they should milk the gasol midranger asmuch as they can. other than that i dont know maybe gibson in the post make it an inside game. lol why am i trying to figure out how to help the bulls.

  132. JLin with the heat check 3

  133. Why doesn’t Clifford just rest Kemba when Lin is in? That’s what I don’t get

  134. Does Kemba always wait for last 5 secs to pass the ball if he cannot shot?

  135. exactly my thoughts. the guy is just in there for stats honestly

  136. Feeling that this is another meh game for lin

  137. Lin could have had a few assists but his energy is good this game. It’s not BF1 yet until Kemba sits.

  138. Kemba completely ignores Lin except he has no place to go.

  139. Nope it’s CNY he will not disappoint

  140. He looks better to me. Missed the layup because he shot it too late but went in with speed.

  141. we’ll see noticed when he has good games he has at least 7 points before the first half ends.

  142. solid start for hornets


  144. Bail out foul lol

  145. Lin should just drive and overpower Brooks whenever he’s on the court.

  146. Can’t stand the way Cliff micro-manage on the floor. Sometimes his yells make players loose concentration. Doesn’t he know that???

  147. Lins shot that too hard

  148. Is this the nba

  149. Seriously the Bulls have benchwarmers on the floor right now

  150. well one assist to batum!

  151. There we go. Assist for Lin.

  152. both teams are so bad u_u *yawn* hope lin does something cool soon.

  153. lin keeps his composure some much better than his houston la days

  154. Made a mistake picking up his dribble in the paint, though. That could be a 3 second violation but he passed out before then. Otherwise, he’s ok so far. Shot isn’t falling so he needs to move in some.

  155. Boring…..

  156. How big are Lins hands ?

  157. there hasnt been much space to drive so far, but hes picking his spots, gotta hit them open looks tho

  158. Jump shot off so far. He needs to start getting to the line again. That often gets him going.

  159. Hornets 500 ball !

  160. its the second unit..its so bad its laughable lately

  161. cmon lin… its only heinrich…

  162. Hornets fans will be in for a rude awakening next season if both Lin and Batum opt-out.

  163. Finally Lin! Lol

  164. 222222222222

  165. Whew! Finally:)

  166. Batum was good to feed Lin with the assist to get him going

  167. Lin looks completely disengaged…and who can blame him? Playing erratic minutes at backup SG/SF to selfish scrubs.

    Also, this Bulls Z-League team doesn’t help. Lin often loses focus during blowout wins anyway and Kemba loves to statpad (even gave Lin a hot potato shot to sabotage him).

    Jeremy’s mind is not on the game.

  168. my god lin what is up with your damn shot

  169. Now they are talking about LIn’s clutch shots.

  170. Nothing. Just p*ssed and playing out of position. He’s elite as starter or PG: 46/42/83 %s.

  171. not a reason to miss shots come on

  172. Lin knew he had to score a lot to get min so that’s why he was pressing a bit.

    That’s a problem with the irregular PT.
    Let’s hope he gets a lot of closer shots

  173. Sure it is. Even Curry would stink with his usage.

    Steph goes 0-5, 1-6 all the time. Difference is he gets 15 more shots and ends up 10-20!

  174. With a week team Lin might as well just start stat padding. Don’t play down to the opponent.

  175. Lin come on make your threes

  176. not the way curry shoots

  177. Barnum looks really good

  178. I do sense a bit of an attitude

  179. cmon lin! its only hinrich! my gosh!!!

  180. If his new shot form is going to take his game to the next level I sure hope it kicks in soon.

  181. When threes are haif of lin shots he always shoots poorly

  182. Can’t blame him. Blowout win already and he’s being treated like trash, set up to fail, punished for dominating.

  183. Lin really does not want to be on this team anymore.

  184. Lin has had about 4 open shots

  185. So far Lin had to take at least 3 bailout shots in the last seconds.

  186. It means he DGAF when he settles.

  187. he needs to wake up! he’s a professional player, not a scrub!

  188. It might take until
    Next season

  189. Lin looks so off its awful to watch

  190. His shots aren’t falling, they aren’t bad, just too hard.

  191. Lin should continue shooting as long as he is open.

  192. Nah. If Charlotte thinks he’s sick of their crap, then they’ll have to trade him or please him.

  193. I’m sorry, that hair looks like a bad toupee


  194. Nah, watch the games. He goes through hot/cold streaks like everyone else.

  195. If Lin would have went 4/6 he would have 10 pts

  196. Mostly hot streaks though

  197. wake me up when lin is back in the game *yawn*

  198. his minutes would be the same.

  199. yep Lin is going to have 7 points this game probably 3 assists if he is lucky. He looks like a shell of himself

  200. 2 months left folks. Lin has to play like this. shoot a lot. Score as much as you can. Team won’t make playoffs anyways

  201. lin playing fine, not hitting open shots only problem, he was running the point majority of the time good sign

  202. So does Lin as starting PG. Even this year, he’s 46/42/83 as starter (mostly SG too). Puts up 18p/5a/4r in those 11 games. Imagine what he’d do as PG full-time with 15+ FGA!!!

  203. He’s ok, not like last game. His shots didn’t fall. But I think he should get more first half minutes. Don’t need Kemba now and it would be good for Lin to get it in gear in the first half.

  204. yea definetly

  205. Not really. Lin is 100% disengaged and unhappy. His body language is bad.

    Can’t blame him at all (no one could take this treatment), but he’s playing badly.

  206. At work. Can’t watch. Lin shot not falling. How is the rest of his game. I expect him to be playing hard on both ends regardless of his fg percentage

  207. bahah no

  208. Not playing hard…he looks listless and unhappy. Low energy, DGAF shot selection.

  209. Not totally true. I think KW ran the point when he was in w/Lin, then NB also did it. Lin only did it one or two possessions where he got one assist and himself a bucket.

  210. no hate just truth. he seems completely recovered from his injury and is playing good basketball.

  211. Let’s take a breather, folks

    After 2 games of low min, it’s understandable JLin wanted to come out strong, especially on a Chinese New Year.
    He might be pressing a bit; just needs to let the game come to him to be in rhythm

    Good to see Batum trying to give him the ball to get him going. Let’s hope he hit his strides in the 2nd half.

  212. nothing about hate. batum is not a star he gets free rein in charlotte but he is far from a star. he is a good player though

  213. That’s more disappointing. Then all-star break can’t come soon enough. Sounds like Lin needs to recharge after realizing he is in another no Lin situation.

  214. Can’t stand Hornets commentators keep puffing up NB, KW, MKG, especially Stephanie Ready…

  215. She’s either puffing up NB or Zeller

  216. Lin will be fine on his shooting. I cannot imagine how would he recover so quickly from insane icing by Clifford after Cavs game.

  217. stephanie is usually wet for jlin too tho

  218. No. She’s always angle her comments in favor of the core players.

  219. yeah blame it on that. Lins shot has been off the whole season he cant even score open basket its a joke smh

  220. They just praised Lin for the clutch shots made. When Lin plays well they say all sorts of compliments to him. They’re homers and they praise all the players.

  221. ty for this! seriously some lin fans just don’t understand how difficult it is to bounce back

  222. agreed… thank you!

  223. Clifford should have let him stay in and try to get it going. I don’t see the need for Kemba so much. Especially since this isn’t even a close game.

  224. That’s understandable.

  225. Whole season? Lin saved Hornets from 6 years embarrassed by Lebron

  226. heart is wrong bruh -_- go watch jlin highlights, every one of those highlights stephanie is salivating at lin’s skills….

  227. nice shot kemba! team basketball!

  228. nope sws why should he play he looks defeated disintrested and lackluster so why should he play? he did not even try to take on hinrich or brooks, give me a break.. this is the problem with Lin too nice for his own good in the Nba you got the talent but you dont use it? sit down

  229. Bulls look pretty bad without Butler. Not good to have a team so dependent on one player.

  230. That is only game he got the chance to play pg without hornets ‘ superstar Kemba.

  231. Missed Kemba ISO 3 followed by Gasol buzzer-beater 3 to close the 1st half.

    Pretty bad

  232. yeah almost for the entirety of the season his shot has been off he cant score on open looks 1-6 this game so far. Yeah i gave him cred that game wonderful game. now he looks like a scrub thats the truth

  233. with a big lead he should not have jacked up a 3.

  234. If he looks disinterested then maybe he’s going to be traded because it’s Chinese New Years, he’s been a huge contributor to the team, maybe some more from the Chinese community are there to see him than usual, and I think he needs to play through the struggles to get going. I think he’s on the cusp and his shots didn’t fall. To get him right, sitting on the bench won’t do it.

  235. Last time Hornets defeated Lebron was 6 year ago and Kemba was absent too. What a coincidence .

  236. You right…Jlin sucks…the hornets don’t need him….trade his bum azz already. I will support that move.

  237. Kemba taking the game upon himself. Soon it will be a 2-point game.

  238. yes, all players and especially JLin thrives on consistency

    It’s hard to play relaxed not knowing when your minutes might be up at any moment

  239. not a good PG decision for sure

  240. heres to iso starters losing the lead

  241. I think overall Kemba made some nice dishes in this game. He had a good half except for one or two not so great plays.

  242. I watched and I heard. Her comments are mostly in favor of the core players. Only when Lin is having a good game, then you’ll hear her give Lin some compliments. Otherwise, no. Only Eric or Dell might bring out something nice to say even when Lin is not doing well.

  243. because he is not there look at him. Nba is as much mental as it is all the other things. He looks so passive you would think he is calderon its cringeworthy to watch. I hope he plays like this because he is getting traded. At this point if he wants to have a starting PG spot it wont be on any contending team and you know what im okay with that because he needs the stats too back him up this year to be a starter next year. Does this look like a starter too you? no an average bench player. but he is not average which makes this even more cringeworthy. i dont care if he scores 20 pts next half. If he wants to be a starter he has too go to a mediocre team or a middle team and start there. He wont get better playing bench minutes and thats the truth.

  244. Lin and Lamb want off this team so badly. Saddest millionaires on the planet, ha.

    Lin’s basically killing time and watching his health until his next team. Even if Kemba went down with an injury and Lin shined like he always does when given a chance, there’s 0% chance he would stay with CHA. Not after this treatment.

    With so many coaching vacancies, at least the MDA Reunion plan is gaining momentum.

  245. you see what you want to see

  246. kemba is not the problem, he’s 13 pts with 8 attempts with 3 assists…

  247. Kemba got the free pass from Clifford , he does care how many shots he missed.

  248. Wtf half time show was a joke lol

  249. I don’t think there is a minutes problem. I think Lin is out of sync and this happens for a few games a season. But in this game, he’s just missing shots. Lin needs to get to the line, that’s his game. He hasn’t been getting to the line in the last few games.

  250. yea , minus those shots he played very solid

  251. it’s mixed results. It’s like he’s battling this desire to just pop up and take over.
    It’s really killing the offensive flow since others barely touched the ball in some possessions

  252. He’s playing well. Everyone is playing well except Lin hasn’t shot well.

  253. bruh i straight up cringed lol

  254. he kinda iced out williams and mkg

  255. He overdribbles. But for Kemba, this is as floor aware a game as I’ve seen him play.

  256. Small market. I think the biggest sponsor for Hornets is a local cleaning product company.

  257. he was running the play

  258. I don’t think he looks as bad as last night. He’s out of sync and his shot isn’t falling. His energy isn’t the best I’ve seen it, but not the worse. He just needs to have a few shots fall or get to the line and he’ll be alright.

  259. didnt cliff say something like he wanted to give the ball to frank more and he’s been working with ewing on his post moves or something or nuh?

  260. i think cliff messed with his confidence a little after yelling at him for driving at whiteside

  261. I am see what you are saying about Jlin…sucks for the whole season..except for the cavs game…so I am agreeing with you…the hornets should trade Jlin azz to a mediocre team…ASAP! !!!

  262. Bulls made a 14-9 run after Kemba replaced JLin at the 5:16 mark. Not really efficient.

  263. its ight, they still got a sizable lead. they’ll win.

  264. batum is a very good system player but usually disappears in crunch time

  265. bahahah stop it man seriously i bet his stats will go way down remainder of the season. if he wanted to be a bench player he prob had plenty of teams available. he went to charlotte to play his game? a joke. I say whichever team guarantees him a starting pg contract take it get your stats because thats what matters in the nba Lin knows it. but no he takes these bullshit teams who are mediocre at best and plays reserve great. let him hit some shots. this is the worst game ive seen from him this season there you go

  266. thats not what i said but ok whatever you say

  267. wow… hornets arena is so empty…

  268. Why so defensive?…I am agreeing with you.

  269. No matter lin scores or not, he always plays good defense and assists.

  270. because you’re a troll now go back under the bridge go on now.

  271. Lead can evaporate in a blink of an eye.

  272. Wow…playground ball

  273. LOL no one helping walker get back up

  274. My perspective is he came off a great game Wednesday playing with the starters and for some reason isn’t in sync in the last 3 playing off of the bench. There are still lots of games left. Also ASB is coming up and usually Lin comes back from that refreshed and goes on a good streak. He hasn’t been traded yet mid season but you never know. That I don’t know.

  275. That shouldn’t happen because Lin got in there and knocked down 2 big shots in clutch. I don’t know if Lin is that fragile.

  276. not this one… their best player is PAU GASOL lol

  277. is this basketball…

  278. Lin has 3996 career points. At this rate I don’t know how long it’s going to take for him to get those 4 points to get to 4000.

  279. of course he isn’t in sync man why do you think that he had a great game against cavs and his minutes gets chopped in half the next game. hes gone enough of these teams its so tiring to watch stuff like this. let him go wherever they give him a damn PG job not this

  280. It’s games like this that emphasize the importance of being a starting PG.
    When you have a lot of minutes, you can start slow and make up for it later.

    Being a backup/role player is worse for rhythm players like JLin.
    That’s why his starter stats is so good with 17.8pts/4.7asts in 35mpg (with actually better FG% than Kemba)

  281. Thanks for making smile and sad at the same time…

  282. he looks like a shell of himself these 3 games psalm just not there in the game it seems

  283. ARas, edit it please due to the rules of the board.

  284. Lin can leave after this season but Lamb’s going to be stuck with low minutes for 3 years unless he forces a trade. Think Lamb was dumb for trusting Hornets but at least he’ll get paid.

  285. i dont know about you sws but this is tiring. at least in houston when he was a backup it fitted his style of play during that time this is laughable.

  286. minutes on court inconsistency aside, jlin spending too much time doing interviews and commercials for cny instead of working on his shots?

  287. Absolutely not. He works hard on his game. He’s just not shooting well tonight.

  288. Why am i watching this d league game

  289. he been shooting like a nub since cav game tho (except that wizard’s game with clutch 3)

  290. Especially in a game with a big lead. It’s hard to find that rhythm when there’s no urgency to gain ground.

  291. Cody hits a 3. That’s funny.

  292. His role changes is messing things up.

    Being the PG in the Cavs game, then everyone be the playmakers/PG in the Heat/Wizards game were bad.
    This game is better for him being the PG but not enough PnR to get him going.

  293. Because you are waiting for Jlin to come in…just like the rest of us. ..lol

  294. ohh yeah…..Almost forgot

  295. Ill watch the few minutes Lin is on. Then ill check out

  296. JLin took a bow after Cody made 3 lol

  297. Jlin took a bow from the bench…lol

  298. Yes. I do not think Lin would take a backup job next season.

  299. I’m not really here to watch the hornets. I’m here to watch Lin!

  300. I saw that too ..
    Hope he relaxes and just ballin’ when he checks in

  301. I expect stat padding time for Jlin… get it done Clifford.

  302. if it werent for his time off due to injury, batum would be #1 in the league for minutes played >_>;;

  303. Lin looks fine, he’s cheering on the team on the bench.

  304. think he’ll get traded? i honestly hope he does cant stand stuff like this anymore i was with clifford and all but was skeptical because people were injured. i knew Lin was there to be backup. BUT he would be allowed to play his game. what is this he is playing let lamb take it, ok now batum takes the ball whos the pointguard ?

  305. The lead is more than 22, yet Cliff still has not take out KW, NB, MKG. He wants the core to pad stats. SMH!

  306. JLin is getting ready to check in

  307. That’s their stars for next season.

  308. Finally

  309. I agree but it’s a little too early for that. Next quarter for sure.

  310. man zeller is straight up GARBAGE.

  311. There goes a Lin assist.

  312. Clifford is really in some mission to phase out Lin at risk of Kemba injury

  313. I have a feeling Jlin gonna sit for the 3rd stringers soon

  314. DNP coming soon to a theater near you…

  315. Never wish injury on a player.

  316. It’s the Feb 18 trade deadline push

    Kemba with 21/5 in 27 min.
    If he gets 35/10 in 40min there might be some takers

  317. You should notify psalm to ban me then….hehe

  318. I don’t know. But as far as this game goes, get Lin touches when he’s in. That’s the problem with the Kemba/Batum/Lin lineup. No balance with working Lin in. When he starts he gets more time and touches.

  319. NOTE: KW is in w/ Lin and KW is the POINT.
    Edit: I know that too, but just wanted to state for those who said Lin played point majority of the time during a stretch in one of the posts below.

  320. Is that news?

  321. lin’s shooting is not helping either…

  322. Always been that way. Lin doesn’t play PG with Roberts in either. And then Batum plays PG a lot too.

  323. it’s news to some of the stubborn clifford fans here

  324. How did Lin make that pass? nice.

  325. lol of course kemba would take the last shot. even in a blow out

  326. KW took the entire .24 sec to get some more points. How selfish!

  327. The plan is play the starters …if they get a big lead…then play the back up for a few minutes …then the 3rd stringers play the rest of the game…if the game is close….play the starters a much as possible then put Jlin in at crunch time …maybe last 2 mins…to win the game. ..if Jlin miss the big shots for being cold…then he can be the goat…..There I just laid out Clifford plan

  328. Selfish !

  329. Took the last 24 second violation! Wasted selfish possession! Just take the iso shot! Kemba’s smiling but no reaction from bench!

  330. Linn is on trading block. Maybe Chicago huh?

  331. Think about this.

    Clifford recently acknowledged Kemba played too many min and had his knee drained.
    But he played 36, 35 min in the last games.
    Now 29min in a blowout with 1 quarter to go

    Ask yourself why.

    It’s a high possibility of show-casing with 2 games before Feb 18 trade deadline since it doesn’t make sense to risk Kemba’s health in a blowout. But unfortunately, the price would be too high.

  332. if The third stringers come in then LIN ends the game with a magnificent 2pts/3rb/2ast WOOO

  333. tomorrow’s headline: sir kemba walker leads the lowly hornets over bulls with 26 pts

  334. I hope they trade him please

  335. If it is MJ’s idea to keep Lin’s value low, it would be a big mistake.

  336. Lin is not feeling it yet.
    He needs to get closer shot

  337. Nope just Hornets and MJ not valuing Lin as their star PG! Their lost!

  338. He does this when he is not in the game. a lot of threes

  339. ugh. we’re actually losing the lead without kemba on the floor

  340. Only make sense to Cliff to play Batum & Kemba lots of minutes in a blowout game.

  341. I’d love to have your optimism Psalm, but it could also be that Clifford just can’t reign him in.

  342. bahahah this team is so bad

  343. Perfect excuse for Clifford to put kw back in

  344. 1-7, Lin is not good.

  345. Could it be that Hornets is show-casing KW, let him doing all he wants, luring teams for interest? Just saying because it so weird that a team-ball style turned downhill so fast since the game vs. Cavs.

  346. lin can only blame himself… he’s playing against brooks and hinrich and he wont penetrate? what the hell???

  347. in that case hornet has been showcasing kemba for last 5 years

  348. Everyone is playing isos.

  349. Why do people think hornets are showcasing kemba for a trade? i dont get it why would he get traded?

  350. Clifford can actually control Kemba with minutes allocation.
    As a coach, he can decide to give more rest before playing a lot in the 4th quarter.

    But this is a blowout which begs the question why Clifford would risk wearing out Kemba so soon after the knee is drained

  351. Lin is not reacting well to his role change. Thank goodness the allstar break is close

  352. theres no way kembas being traded lol

  353. nope

  354. no kidding

  355. There we go. Lin has to push like that sometimes and draw fouls.

  356. More then haif of Lins shots are threes. You can tell he is just not involved in the game

  357. I don’t think so either.

  358. When Lin is at the point, everyone is just watching. It’s like they’re purposely icing him on everything.

  359. I do not understand , who is pg? If Lin is, he should always behind ask for the ball instead of running to the corner.

  360. What role change?

  361. Yeah, especially if it’s the much smaller Aaron Brooks on him.

  362. that’s a possibility, because i can’t think of any reason why coach cliff still play KW that much , unless?

  363. If Blake Griffin is available, MJ would make the call himself lol

    But yeah, not for good asset

  364. lin needs an athletic big that rolls. sigh these bigs are useless

  365. That last play when Lin got the foul, Hawes, Lamb, Batum were all just walking slowly and watching Lin.

  366. Totally agreed….Jlin is the one getting traded .

  367. Bigs are the problem!

  368. Never say no. We are not insider with enough information.

  369. He was basically the second team option getting plays called for him. Playing a ton of minutes. Thats no more

  370. sometimes its hard to see what’s already in front of !

  371. There was another play in the 2nd quarter where Batum and Frank where just holding hands when Lin had the ball. I’m going to post the screenshot later.

  372. Thanks for waiving off Lin’s layup Hawes.

  373. Hawkes cost Jlin 2 pts

  374. Hawes is hopeless

  375. No hong-bao for Hawes for offensive foul
    Robbing Lin of 2pts plus potential And-1

  376. will bulls accepts a 16minuite 1of 7 SG/pg-sometimes as they play now?

  377. Lins done

  378. he wasdone 2 game ago

  379. Just sit Lin, he’s being tread on by his own teammates

  380. They don’t need Hawes and the tank on the floor at the same time! Messed up Lin

  381. Starters back in to stat pad, Lin out!

  382. Yup Jlin out….just like clock work

  383. lol

  384. this unit is horrible to work with, they all just stand still and ask for the ball.

  385. yes ..some here is a CLIFF’s can’t do anything wrong!

  386. AAAAAND lin out and done for the game.He ends the game with still 2pts/3rb/2ast aaaand 1to

  387. It’s the coach’s problem, if they don’t tell bigs to set screens they won’t do it!

  388. We don’t know that he is done for the game.

  389. he should be,id rather he not come in

  390. likely

  391. Lin needs to get a chance to play with MKG.

  392. the coach is awful. i see no difference between him and mchale

  393. He may not be though.

  394. Lin would back in when scores got close again like previous two games.

  395. Can’t wait for Lin to get off this team. He’s nobody backup!

  396. He would have had a nice drive for a goal if Hawes didn’t have the offensive foul.

  397. Ok folk I’m done

  398. Clifford would not let happen unless Kemba is out.

  399. well thats nice he would have had 4 pts. good stuff starting material right there

  400. PT!

  401. I mean absent.

  402. Totally agreed…I rather see Jlin get traded to the bulls right after the game….he can leave with the bulls back to chicago…brooks can stay in Charlotte

  403. Low minutes and benched for most of the game how can he even play well? Look at Lamb, amazing 3 pointer who can average 20+ points yet look at his stats this season? Not even good players can get in rhythm with these crappy benching and rotations!

  404. Its official Lin will not come back next year. He Plays like this when he feels he is being treated wrongly. Even early in the season he played a lot better and tougher with this type of minutes

  405. Clifford managed to win with Kemba. Fine. I’m so sick of this organization.

  406. Wrong, if he had ego, he would leave this team in no time.

  407. It’s a contract season. He’s only hurting himself playing passive.

  408. It’s not that Lin sucked this game, it’s the unit he’s in. I think Cliff set him up to fail with this unit. Hawes, Frank, Batum and Lamb are all players who catch and shoot most the time and don’t know where to be on the floor. They don’t know how to create space for other players. Lastly, they all ask for the ball a lot and want to be the PG. Who is the PG?

  409. i thought they will play Lin more during CNY, even Lin was hated by his own teams….I really wish Lin will be traded to 76ers

  410. I am sorely disappointed but I guess there is more than meets the eye. Maybe the Charlotte FO has refused to give Lin an extension, forcing Lin to move to another team or taking up his 2nd year ridiculous insulting bargain option.

  411. Lamb is going to be used and abused too.

  412. its a unite where everyone is empowered to try to take over

  413. I hope Al started so Lin can atleast have Zeller but I’m sure Cliff will screw him and bench AL

  414. Starters are shooting ok, Lin wasn’t;18min for 2m contract; back up and the win I’m ok with if they can make it to playoffs. They will need Lin no matter what. Not going to complain against an injury ridden Bulls team. On to the next game.

  415. take over the PG role? They all look lost imo.

  416. Not going to be traded to 76er. If MDA and Colangelo wants Lin they can sign him after this season. Not to mention 76er are still tanking this year.

  417. i actually expected lin to have a good game tonight. will lower my expectation from now on

  418. playmake/shoot with green light

  419. Lin is very emotional type of player. If he feels someway it will show in his play

  420. if he had ego, he wouldn’t play defense or try to create easy buckets for others before himself.

  421. Bulls’ star players and starters are mostly out, it’d be hard to lose!

  422. He was lied by Clifforf to join this team. He is too nice to stay one more day.

  423. I really don’t care. Cliff needs to figure out the second unit cause he’s allowing too many people play PG and no one is trying to move off the ball. They are watching Lin and asking for the ball when he has the ball instead of moving off the ball and create opportunities.

  424. I wish Bulls will start shooting 3s

  425. One more game against the Pacers then All Star break then trade deadline. Maybe next game will be Lin’s last as a Hornet.

  426. Hope so.

  427. I wish he will be traded. This is too much abuse from his own team!

  428. it is possible that Lin will be traded. They know he may be leaving next season so they are looking to trade him for something in return.

  429. Positive thinking. Happy CNY

  430. Yes we all know that after all these years. But he’s been in 5 different teams now and it’s all the same situation. I think it’s fair to say it might never change. I hope he gets it going again. He’s a strong guy and he works so hard – he can do this.

  431. We can always tell that Cliff would allow their core starters to pad stats when playing weak/hurting team. Whatever Cliff or Hornets told Lin so that he would sign w/them has not come into fruition. This is another hard-knock life lesson that Lin has collected in his NBA career. No more DISCOUNT for any team.

  432. Don’t know what is going on with this team…but I am hoping that they will trade Lin and lin can come back and destroy this ungrateful team.

  433. May not be a bad thing.
    It seems Hornets have decided that they can win without Lin.
    Let it be. They will be back to their losing ways soon enough

  434. Against the Bulls’ Z-League team. Sixers would have beaten these guys by 20.

  435. I think it could be the other way around – lin does not want to sign with hornets no matter what price because he dose not want to be a backup for Kemba next season .

  436. Now think about this

    Now with 106-85 lead and 2 min left, why are Kemba and Batum (35min and 42min) still on the floor?

  437. stupid coach

  438. so salty i bought league pass after the cavs game lmao

  439. psalm kemba wont get traded. at least give a reason why? he is the franchise PG why would they trade him?

  440. They needed Lin last game to win and the game before where they lost. This game, it’s not even a good sample cause Chicago Bulls have so many injuries. Their best players are out.

  441. STATS to make everyone forget Lin did what Kemba couldn’t in 20 tries: beat Lebron.

    Beating this injured Bulls Z-League team will be trumpeted as the win of the year, LOL.

  442. Lin and Lamb are mentally checked out. Can’t blame them. We already know what Lin can do as starter, a real PG.

    Charlotte has fallen in love with the same Kemba Ball that has led them to losing records every year. Even now, his %s have dipped with every month. Lin’s as starter are elite, even playing SG.

  443. Cliff punishing bench, doesn’t think they were playing with enough effort.

  444. Hope we don’t have to put up with a mischievous monkey for a whole year.

  445. haha….that is funny. I still have league pass

  446. Stat padding as much as possible before facing competitive teams. But when face top teams, Cliff wants Lin to do the dirty work so they can take credit for it.

  447. stat padding of course. what is funny is when Lin plays well and they lead by a lot, he gets yanked and the usual posters would say clifford is saving Lin. lol

  448. Exactly, if lin, MKG and lamb in the same lineups, It would be a different story.

  449. Perhaps Lin and Lamb being traded. That’s why Harrison was brought up. Lin and Lamb play like they’ve checked out of the team.

  450. Very Cliffordly. Nice!

  451. Kemba ball only works against a team like Chicago Bulls where their superstars are all injured.

  452. it may not unfortunately.

  453. Nothing impossible. Kemba won’t bring Hornets in playoff.

  454. There is friction between the players on the bench cause coach made it like that. They all want to play PG. And Cliff even plays Batum like he’s the pillar of the team and can lead both units when he’s doing more damage than helping the 2nd unit. I think Lin is mentally checking out. His role has been diminished ever since the Cavs game.

  455. Harrison was brought up because there are no more D league games until the 19th and he’s used in practice.

  456. Lin humilated Kemba and Clifford with that dominating win — they put a stop to that the very next game! 16m as backup SG/SF. They were terrified. Lin (and Lamb) will probably mope at least through the All-Star break. Who can blame them? Especially Lin, who’s proven himself superior to Kemba when allowed to start or at least play PG.

  457. all players except LeBron can get traded for the right value.

    I’m just saying that it’s very possible the Hornets tries to showcase him but I believe no teams would trade for him for equal values.

    This high minute allocation in a blowout simply doesn’t make sense.
    Teams always rest stars in a blowout in fear of risking injury

  458. it seems way to far fetched for kemba to get traded during a career year. more likely Lin would get traded than that imo

  459. i wouldt even be mad if lin got traded from hornets, and i bought a team pass just for the hornets lol

  460. lets not jump to conclusions.. lets wait until after the All Stat break to see whats really up

  461. If this was a Broadway play, then I can wish them to break a leg. Clifford is probably trying unwittingly anyways.

  462. guess we will see what happens. would be chocked if he did get traded honsetly

  463. Maybe Lin will be rejuvenated after the All star break just like last year.. I think we can all say he needs a break

  464. clifford is trying to break a leg

  465. we should start debating more on a possible trade destination for jeremy instead of cliff/kemba till the deadline

  466. I really believe Clifford is in the mission to devalue Lin for some reason.

  467. where do you see the friction?

  468. told you he was done 😛

  469. Say no more….shhh.

  470. theres only 2 options.. wherever D’antoni goes or back to New York

  471. Exactly. That’s why Clifford wants Kemba and Nic to statpad. Get all the stats they can now! They’ll be crushed as usual by healthy, good teams. Kemba couldn’t beat Lebron in 20+ tries! Lin did it his first chance as a Hornet.

  472. Theres 2 more months left.

  473. Lin’s value is still low. Be honest, if other teams want Lin, they would like to wait until this season over.

  474. You guys still think Lin and D’antoni talk on the regular?

  475. no

  476. I will also be shocked but not because Hornets wanted to trade him.
    I don’t believe many teams will have a need for an undersized (but great scorer) SG for $12M/year

  477. He said so himself.

  478. Players don’t move when Lin has the ball. This is why Lin looks lost most the time when he’s trying to facilitate. They are just watching Lin dribble or asking for the ball and not trying to create an opportunity where the PG can give an easy bucket to someone.

  479. all im gonna say in 3 weeks from now is.. i told ya so lol

  480. he is 6 7 and has a long reach.. he’s not undersized and he’s only getting paid $7M/year

  481. I don’t know if subservient is the word I would use for him but I get your point. He did step it up after ASG last year and that was after the worst situation ever with B Scott. I think he’ll be fine but as a fan, seeing him like this is so frustrating. I know he’s affected by whatever bs is going on right now but I also know he’s better than this.

  482. when was that?

  483. what do you mean, the trade deadline is on the 18th

  484. knew MKG would have an impact but not with minute reduction to this degree

  485. ESPN article in the preseason.

  486. Clifford should had let the bench play a bit more in the fourth quarter…Why not use this game to give them more minutes instead of adding more minute load on the starters?

    The bench kept the big lead intact, so you’d think this game would had been used to rest the starters and let Lamb/Lin get some time on the court.

    44 minutes for Batum…36 minutes for Kemba…Clifford sure love to give these guys heavy minutes.

  487. im talking about a midseason trade not free agency

  488. season

  489. I was referring to Kemba

  490. Eh. I don’t mind really. Lin and Lamb are clearly checked out and p*ssed off.

    Kemba and Nic demand statpadding and they own Clifford and the Hornets.

  491. oh youre talking about Kemba never mind

  492. Lin does not need to be rejuvenated . He just needs to play pg.

  493. said it last game

    playing anyone 40 plus minutes doesnt work anymore

  494. He is human and he gets hurt too because he got a heart. Unlike some so called fans, who just doesn’t care for him and keep on criticizing him. Just like he is already down and frustrated and people are still whipping him like a beaten dog. Common people. Where’s your compassion?

  495. It’s a game on the 1st day of CNY yet at half time Batum was featured and no mention of JLin.
    JLin is done in Charlottee.

  496. Maybe cold-casing but not intentional, just to give more min to Kemba

    Lin’s rhythm was just thrown off

  497. he’s not going anywhere midseason.. Hornets will not trade him hes too cheap and his value far exceeds his contract…. name another 2M contract thats putting up Lin numbers

  498. Lin’s 3pt shooting form looks slow to me. maybe just me saw it that way.

  499. So? The point in the article is that they still talk and want to reunite. Interestingly, Lin also still talks with Jared Jeffries.

  500. yes, but as we can see from these past 3 games.. he does not look like himself and looks mentally out of it

  501. one thing ive learned about lin over the years is to never doubt him, whenever hes given the chance to lead the team he delivers. you can only imagine how a player like chris paul would do as a 8th man backup point guard playing limited minutes

  502. Is this the way Clifford to prove Hornets can win without Lin? To beat a team missing 4 key players?

  503. WOW Batum played 43:31m in such a game like this. Cliff is really something.

  504. makes some sense. if little interest in Lin next season, it’s Lin on the cheap for the team

  505. Link please.

  506. Batum trying to get that elusive triple double. LOL.

  507. Repeat your sentiment that Lin is wrong if you could tell me you never underperformed when disappointed and sad. Lin is human. A tougher human then me which is why he has not quit when
    1) never given a scholarship
    2) never drafted
    3) cut twice
    4) never offered a contract by Knicks after linsanity
    5) benched for Beverly
    6) jersey gate
    7) thrown away by rockets to Lakers
    8) punished various ways with the Lakers
    9) no contract given by Lakers to their best performing player
    10) broken promises to play pg in Charlotte

    Yeah. Whatever. If Lin feels like taking a mental break tonight. I don’t blame him. He has MANNED up plenty in his unjust career.

  508. It seems the only explanation.

  509. That’s what a good Coach should do. You already know that’s how Cliff works, allowing his his core players to stat pads in a blow out or injured team w/ 20+ points lead, before facing top teams.

  510. with MKG back in the lineup and taking up a lot of minutes. Lin’s and
    most of the 2nd unit’s minutes gets reduced dramatically. that means
    they start playing selfishly (like D-Leaguers) trying to earn the
    minutes. this is not the kind of basketball Lin thrives on. he’s not
    selfish like the other players but as a PG he needs to have the ball in
    his hands in order to make plays. it’s gonna be really tough from here

  511. There was a later article at the beginning of this year I think when he mentioned they had a meal together.

  512. No focus. He’s completely checked out after his mistreatment. I haven’t seen Lin this DGAF since early season with the BS Lakers.

  513. Clifford is getting starters to gel because it’s only been a few games since MKG has been back. So far it’s working. Lin did make crucial plays but as Clifford and Hornets see it, is the starters are winning it for them. So he’ll keep using this group and rotation unless the team starts getting blown out. Feels a lot like Rockets strategy. Only use Lin when needed. They see that as great coaching, not biased favoritism.

  514. yea, thats true.. you can only hope

  515. Backup PG? I wish! Lin is backup SG/SF right now.

  516. please explain what did you see exactly?

  517. Yes, JLin did mention about his regular contact with MDA. Not sure about now that MDA is with Sixers. Knowing JLin, he won’t drop this off because of circumstances change.

  518. lol exactly! chris paul would look lost

  519. That’s a mistake. Lamb and Lin should have played more.

  520. true but i hope someone snatches him

  521. They won’t make the playoffs. Don’t let a game against the injured, D-League Bulls fool you.

  522. I agree.

  523. Of course Lakers blow a 4 point lead with 1:12 minutes left in the game.

  524. Really?

  525. pretty much…..i really didnt see him losing 5-6 minutes

  526. exactly…During the Cavs game when he started, Lin only came back very late in the 4th quarter.

    Compare that to this game which was a blow-out where Kemba came back at around the 6th-5th minute mark…The Cleveland game was much closer but Clifford kept Lin on the bench and only brought him back at the 3rd minute mark.

  527. i wonder how much byron scott has to do with that lol

  528. Just expect Lin’s stats and min to be low for 1 more game before ASB.
    Lin didn’t shoot well in this game (1-7) like he did in the Wizards game (3-5).
    He tried hard but just didn’t find the rhythm.

    It’s not coincidence that some players got a lot more min & some got lower min in the past 3 games.
    Let’s see what happens after Feb 18 trade deadline passes.

    Honestly, I don’t expect any big trades only because the Hornets ask for too much but I am 80% confident there’s a lot of #Showcasing going on now

  529. Lin’s doing the right thing.
    Let the Hornets live or die with the Kemba ball.

  530. Uhh, what? Lin is 100% checked out and p*ssed off.

    There’s nothing wrong with his game. Just his situation. His stats as a CHA starter prove it.

  531. They won’t be traded. My take is, Lin told them he is not going to sign next season and will exercise his player option. They are now giving him a cold shoulder treatment. Even his teammates. They personally think Lin doesn’t want to play with them.

  532. Let Kobe shoot in the last minute 3 times and got 0/3. Kobe is the secret tank.

  533. why does watching Lin do the dirty work, with no credit, remind me always of “Harold and Kumar” with the Asian guy doing the overtime work, while the “privileged” white colleague gets to party.

  534. It’s only worked on a team like Bulls where their superstars are all injured. It hasn’t worked at all in other games. The only reason we won last game was because Lin made 2 clutch shots at the end of the game. With Lin’s role diminished, the starters will need a lot more than just gelling with each other.

  535. A trade would be a shot in the dark

  536. Hornets don’t have what it takes. Pistons have more talent and coaching. Healthy Bulls, even with broken Rose, were much better than the Kemba-led Hornets team that was on a huge slide.

    Take away Lin’s Cavs domination and his clutch game-saving shots against the Wiz and Hornets aren’t in the playoff picture.

  537. I am sure Lin never saw this coming when he signed the contract. Clifford is very good /bad salesman.

  538. yep, I remember that. I assume they should keep the conversation through the season.

  539. Just watch his health and make them trade him (or let him play PG). It’s clear he’s p*ssed off now.

    Even earlier in the season, he seemed more angry at himself. Now? He looks like he doesn’t want to be there. You can bet the team monitors his Twitter feed too.

  540. Which verse will Lin quote tonight ?

  541. 3 out of 7 of the attempts were from bailed out shots in last seconds. And they passed to Lin at the 3pt line 4 times.

  542. the one thing from lin tonight that i wanted to see was taking it to the basket more and drawing fouls

  543. Lin was playing fine up to the last 3 games. He had more really good ones than bad ones. He played well with MKG also in the Cavs game. I think Cliff is making a mistake not having Lin play with MKG.

  544. 2nd unit was horrible. It’s a coaching problem. I did not see anyone real PG on the 2nd unit. Only 3-4 guys who were all trying to be PG.

  545. probably subbed out a hot lin, i mean dangelo russell for a random 3rd stringer

  546. what’s Job 7:13?

  547. No need to risk his body. If he was 3-5 with 10pts…he’d be yanked anyway.

    He should attack when Kemba is out and he can play big minutes as PG. The worst thing right now would be to hurt his knee/ankle again.

  548. Cliff throws the bench under the bus again. They did seem to lack energy though. Maybe they should sit Lamb and put Daniels in.


  549. Lin was not into this game but he is still the man! Get a deserved rest during the break, recharge, and stay ready for the rest of the season.

    I will not be surprised if this team needs him again. I have no confidence the starters are playoff quality team on their own.

  550. 7 shots as SG isn’t really a big sample size. And playing PG 1/3 of the time is not either. Tbh, if Lin was given a chance, we’d all know he’s PG and not SG every game.

  551. Didn’t Clifford say that Lin will have enough playing time before season starts. That was even before mkg gets injured.

  552. He actually drove hard & got a layup (+possibly And-1) but got waived off due to Hawes offensive foul.

    I also wish he had closer shots before shooting 3s.

  553. Oh hush. I didn’t wish harm. I said that if/when Kemba is out, then he should seize the opportunity. Until then, he shouldn’t force the issue.

  554. Cliff plays JLin in all positions except Center and pg. Out of 52 games, JLin may only allow to play pg 5% or less. Even in second unit today, everyone was pg except JLin.

  555. no need to risk his body? thats his game, and will also help him get a good contract next season

  556. Nope. He couldn’t get into rhythm. Didn’t play point. Got at least 3 bailed out shots in last seconds. And 4 passes were from 3pt line. I don’t blame Lin one bit for the way Cliff has been jerking him around. Cliff allowed starters stat pad when he could have used the 20+lead to let the bench get some PT, but he did not do so.

  557. That is why I said he lied to Lin.

  558. Hornets definitely need Lin and their bench if they plan on making the playoffs.. no doubt

  559. So they intentionally make Jlin look bad as a revenge….hmmm

  560. True they have no energy. Why? When teams play with no effort the first to go is the coach.

  561. Well when did a NBA coach preach what he said?????

  562. He’s not going to get a good contract either way — the better he does, the more his stats will be kept down (just look at the Cavs game!).

    His only hope is to reunite with MDA for cheap. Fortunately, there’s a good chance of that. Far from “probably,” but a real possibility with all the coaching vacancies.

  563. yea after the first few minutes i wanted him to get in the lane more maybe a few step back midrange to get going. sucks to see him getting no pnr opportunities tho

  564. common denominator was his time just like before..he got 30 minutes before this 3 last game and what was his stats?..well he may be thinking something but he is a warrior and a fighter and i know he fights what’s in front of him with grit and determination( was his story not enough for us to see how he fights his battle?).

  565. They might be trading him as additional bonus for a star.

  566. His actions have not matched his words since the beginning of the season. Full fledged reversal from preseason. Beginning to sound like McHale and BS too.

  567. 1. God awful on offense did not even look to take on hinrich or brooks.

    2. saw him most on the corner unless hawes got stuck with the ball on the elbow.

    3. his worst game was this game by far he did absolutely nothing, no fire no intensity no nothing. got the ball chucked some threes and sat down

  568. but a player needs all the help possible to have a good game, less of this factor will result in less than favorable results.

  569. You read too much into zxcvb statement.

  570. “When Lin is hurt, Brian Roberts will play more.” Is that wishing Lin harm? It’s stating a fact. When Lin misses games due to injury, Roberts plays more. When Kemba misses a game, Lin has free rein to attack more.

  571. Look. No lin fan is going to say Lin sucks. Give it a break. Your point is made. No Lin fan is going to agree with it.

  572. knicks need a pg lol come on phil make us happy

  573. wonder what Paul will say about this game lol. 3 min vid or something

  574. Can anyone answer this question honestly? Who was point guard for the 2nd unit?

    If you can’t answer this, that’s the problem that the Hornets need to address if they want the 2nd unit to get any better. I think Cliff is hesitate to allow Lin to be PG. We’ve seen it all season with Batum and BROB playing PG over Lin. Now we are starting to see Lamb and even Hawes trying to dribble the ball and make plays. Lin’s role has been diminished while Batum’s role has extended into the 2nd unit. Batum looks like he’s getting all the opportunity to play in both units now. And this is from a coach who is trying to prove Batum should stay next season for max contract.

  575. kinda fishy , how even bs praised lin until the season started

  576. Maybe because he doesn’t hold some players accountable but expects it of all the other players? Same thing killed Rockets chemistry and McHale finally canned.

  577. Kemba and Batum.

  578. Mis-characterizing another’s comment is also not very Linlike.

  579. Maybe Coach Cliff and Front Office knows Lin is going to leave after this season.. thats why he’s diminishing his minutes.. theres a lot of politics in the NBA

  580. LOL. They DGAF because of the way you undercut them.

  581. no one is the PG on the second unit. they’re all for themselves. all iso

  582. True, I don’t think they are trying to showcase Kemba for a trade. They are trying to showcase Batum so FO can decide his value and whether they want to keep him next season for max contract. Lin is just in the middle of all of this and his role has been diminished.

  583. I hate how walker and batum have to babysit the second unit. Like BF1 is not allowed to flourish without one of those chaperones.

  584. “When I say, My bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaints”
    But I will let you in a little secret. I created after the second game when Harden joined the rockets. Lin (7) and Harden (13) worked so well together that game and got the job done, which I thought was going to be something special…

  585. ok, but why not play Roberts and Daniels during garbage time?

  586. He’s 6th man. Maybe not for the last 3 games but most games in the season. Lin is 6th man. He’s even being considered for it on some websites.

  587. Yes. Agreed!

  588. I might have thought so before, but after Lin’s Bible tweet and obvious low energy after his post-Cavs demotion, I think they just want to suck up to Kemba and Batum.

    Hey, if they trade Kemba, then I’ll apologize 100% to Clifford/Cho/MJ!

  589. true, we all know Lin can lead the bench. But now it’s just Batum and other players on the bench trying to prove their worth on the team. I don’t really blame Lamb or Hawes or Frank trying to ISO, they really want to play for the contract. Lamb already has a contract but he wants to prove he’s worth that much or else they will try to trade him.

  590. Seriously people who say Lin needs to reunite with MDA NO! thats not what he needs all he needs is to be a starting PG ANYWHERE. his game has matured enough that he does not need that system to thrive. Like i said LIN as a starting PG can be an 17/7 PG

  591. Of course, why should Lin stay w/this kind of treatment? They have not kept their end of the bargain to Lin. He signed w/them to get PT and play his brand of BB. Cliff confirmed it in preseason interviews, but he has not kept his promise to Lin.

  592. Maybe they know Lin is gone next season and will trade him to get something for him before he walks. They are trying everything they can to see if they can live without him. Have Batum play with bench, have Walker play with bench. Minimize Lin as much as possible.

  593. he needs a coach that would let him start. we already know he can start

  594. they want MDA cause if Lin starts on any team, what keeps them from benching Lin after one inconsistent game? MDA will actually let Lin play and thrive no matter what.

  595. No, it’s not that he “needs” MDA. It’s that he needs a coach who treats him fairly. Only MDA has ever allowed that.

  596. Yes, I will buy 10 tickets to show my apology.

  597. i’d say MDA needs Lin more than Lin needs MDA. haha

  598. plenty of team in need of a PG does not need to be a contender he needs to get his stats. thats how the nba works.

  599. 1. Lin will be a free agent. If you trade kemba and lin walks to MDA team, they are screwed. There is no such thing verbal commitment in the NBA, see DJ.

    2. You dont need to show case a player for trade by playing him 35+mins every game who has proved that hes a borderline all star (at least this year) and has been in the league for 5 years. Hes not coming out from major injuries either that needs to prove hes healthy.

    3. Clifford can not afford to let a winning game slip away in the tight Eastern Conference race so he has to play the starters to ensure a win. Its not like they are safe for a playoff spot.

    Thus, im not buying they are gonna trade Kemba. Trading Lin may be more realstic (since he prolly will walk) if other team who is fighting for a playoff spot needs a pg, starting or backup, that can give the hornets some kind of assets, say 2 2nd round picks (Ish Smith?) or a lottery protected first round pick.

  600. politics is around showing batum and kemba love….jeremy is not really a major thought at the moment

  601. Detroit Pistons are about to lose to the Raptors! that means the Hornets are now only half a game back from the 8th seed!

    This next game vs the Pacers is very important.. if they win that means they will be tied for 8th! big game coming up next

  602. you’re looking at another disaster like what’s happening right now

  603. That’s probably why he wants to reunite with him. Lin has star talent without a star ego. Like a certain other PG MDA coached…

  604. Well, if they want to trade Lin, they should showcase Lin, no?

  605. ME TOO!!!!!

  606. i don’t think it matters if Hornets hold the 8th position temporarily. They need to figure out something fast about the 2nd unit or else they will go downhill again.

  607. ok seriously what did people think when he went to charlotte seriously he needs to go to a team where there is no STAR pg or a franchise PG. NETS, 76ers,Utah,Pelican Hell even the bulls with how rose has ben critiqued

  608. Everybody is feeling it? What’s he talking about?


  609. everybody wants to prove…KW walker also wanted to prove to everybody he deserves to be the franchise and sole captain of the team!

  610. True but to them, Lin is not a star and his salary is nothing. He will just be added to some big time trade as a bonus.

  611. IMO, i think PJ needs to be in the 2nd unit instead of Batum. Then empower Lin at the PG position.

  612. He’s talking about the energy from the 2nd unit.. and that everybody is feeling drained

  613. true, so no more discount to ANY team

  614. nope im looking for Lin to get maximum playing time plenty of teams that will give Lin more minutes than this. if he gets a good statline for one year people open their eyes. It does not really matter anymore he went to this team to play his game so far nothing.

  615. YOU are really the BEST defeater of Cliff………..

  616. Some teams do things different ways. Rockets certainly didn’t showcase Lin to get his trade value up before they traded him.

  617. kemba and batum aren’t exactly stars

  618. “when i get to run the point, i guarantee the second unit will start playing better”

  619. But who’s really leading the 2nd unit? Does it really start with Lin’s energy or someone else?

  620. maybe…part of ALJeffs trade, as a sweetener?

  621. I’m just being Unbiased here.. im a huge Lin fan but we have to be impartial in our opinions to fully see what’s going on

  622. for the small market they are to charlotte they are thats the difference

  623. Why is everybody feeling drained? It’s obvious watching them play but puzzled about what’s going on. Is team getting fed up with Kemba going hero ball and off script? People feeling like they are on trade block?

  624. If Lin brings it everybody feeds off him.. you should know that from Linsanity days

  625. Ya, looks like Walker runs second unit at end of 1st and Batum most of 2nd and 3rd.

  626. you just refuted your own arguments then. like, who is to say those other teams won’t treat other relatively unknown players as stars over Lin?

  627. I wish Lin would stop putting the blame on himself bc in reality he’s not the leader of the 2nd unit, perhaps in name only. Cliff is like McHale and BS now. He points the finger of blame to the bench even when they win, especially when BF1 has been disassembled a while ago!

  628. I hope MDA remember what he said to Lin:

    “I cant believe we miss each other” in LA, LOL.

  629. Only one playing for the team is Lin. He’s caught in the middle of all of this.

  630. MDA said that because he was fired 2 months before Lin got traded to LA

  631. Great fans but how much more can we take of this?

    @occaaf 6m6 minutes ago

    tonight’s game with Lin. #jlin7 #Hornets


  632. when he blame, he’s putting that on himself, but when he flourish, he gives the team the recognition!

  633. Batum is not unknown. kemba is the star of the hornets team. what i mean is one of the top 30 players stars which they are not. but they are good players who will be treated like stars on such a small market team like the hornets.

  634. Agreed. Something is definitely going on after Cavs game esp those nonstarters players. Look at PJ, after being a starter for more than 40 games, he was DNP-CD this game and maybe even last game. Something is cooking…..

  635. agreed. but i think Lin can still blame himself if he puts it in a way that most other players do to prop themselves.. “i need to play with more energy cus it starts with me, i’m the leader”

  636. MDA wasn’t fired, he quit because they hadn’t guaranteed the following year. He didn’t want to be a lame duck coach. But if he didn’t quit he would have been with JLin.

  637. there are those types of players on every team

  638. but what do you want him to say, that Coach Cliff is B****s**t? or team suck? he will never throw others but take ownership of the fault!

  639. Batum and every player except JLin in 4th qtr.

  640. give me a list of all the pointguards who are not elite that get star treatment

  641. I noticed that if Lin is not putting up stats, the haters are having a feast and spew out criticisms left and right. And when Lin was doing well during the Cavs, I haven’t seen this people being appreciative of Lins game at all!

  642. Only a losing streak can force Cliff and Hornets to play more correct basket ball, and allow Lin to shine.

  643. If he didn’t quit he was gong to get fired anyways.. same difference

  644. once Lin plays on that team, you will see. suddenly, a SF becomes the point guard..

  645. usual!

  646. Jlin need to tell the hornets either give him proper minutes and role or dnp him the rest of the way…..while his stats are still high

  647. Yes they just disappear when he’s doing great waiting for another slump to jump out.

  648. only way for lin to prevent this is play consistently even when in an inconsistent situation.

  649. then there is nothing to discuss between us since i cant make you think one way and vice versa

  650. only when they start losing will they insert Lin into the games but then immediately take him out once they got what they wanted

  651. Exactly. Those new IDs are mostly trolls.

  652. it’s happening right now. you’re not even seeing it. you won’t even admit to proof

  653. you mean “same result?”

  654. That’s always the case for some posters.

  655. i see it voltaire i have stated it many times.

  656. welcome to the world of Jeremy Lin fans. They don’t see the whole picture. They think when Lin does bad one game, it’s because he’s inconsistent but in reality the whole 2nd unit was terrible and who is actually leading it? Batum? Lin? Lamb? We don’t know. All they care about are shots made. Lin had a decent defense and play making game today. Buckets weren’t falling but he probably passed the ball to more opened guys than Batum did for the 2nd unit.

  657. Don’t know that. He could have played Lin and Davis correctly and played decently. Swaggy and Ellington to spread the floor.

  658. This^^ what a pity.

  659. Your statement can easily infer that Jlin suck with more than enough chances given him…. I think your intention is pretty obvious

  660. Perhaps I’m a little bit jaded. But God said to be shrewd as a serpent and innocent as dove. Lin didn’t have to say anything. He can be shrewd w/his words like bringing up PT, team ball, chemistry….which are all true. Don’t accept Cliff’s premise regardless bc it’s not truth. I can sense it now. We’ll hear Cliff starting to use the bench as a scapegoat more whenever they lose.

  661. What was the problem with it??…Don’t understand.

  662. Please observe the site rule:

    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”

    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

    If I’ve seen posters bring out negative energy from other posters, I will delete the post and/or ban the poster immediately. This is the last warning to everyone.

  663. Meant how much more marginalization of JLin can we keep taking.

  664. Please note all posters:
    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”
    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

    Also please observe all the site rules.

    If I see posters bring out negative energy from other posters, I will delete the post and/or ban the poster immediately. This is the last warning to all posters.

  665. That’s a good point that there’s a risk if they trade Kemba but Lin walks.

    But there’s also MJ curious quote on JLin being the most important offseason acquisition; it might be marketing talk but it also shows the importance of JLin for MJ who tries to penetrate the China market with his Air Jordan brand.

    3. Clifford can not afford to let a winning game slip away in the tight Eastern Conference race so he has to play the starters to ensure a win”
    I can understand if Clifford played core starters until they secure a win.

    But we have to admit that his decision to leave Kemba and Batum with 2 min left when they’re up 18 pts (103-85) was very odd. (with them playing 34 min and 42 min). Even the Bulls gave up and pulled Gasol/ETwaun/Hinrich.

    The normal coach decision would be to rest starters to avoid risk of injury.
    But the extra 2 min really only earned Batum 1 assist and Kemba 2 FTs.
    It’s hardly worth the risk.

    This is what I found very curious and gave more possibility of showcasing.
    But at the end of the day, we can only speculate and I still don’t think any teams would want to trade for Kemba because the Hornets will ask for expensive asset.

    And if there is a silver lining, this game will be good a reminder to let JLin know that any starting PG with a lot of PT will be better than staying as a Hornets backup PG.

  666. Lin brings everyone’s game up, including the trolls. They take their digs subtle enough to not be banned. LOL.

    I still love this forum for all the great Lin fans who love Lin and support him in all the ups and downs with me. Just great to be around other people who love Lin too.

    Thank you all Lin fans.

  667. yeah, that’s JLin’s bread-and-butter but there’s no Hansbrough or even Zeller/Hawes to give him screen

  668. I would trust a harvard graduate’s mind who had played in the nba for 5 years than a arm chair coach from nowhere.

  669. We dont have a bench unit Sws there is no chemistry there nothing is left. Lin is not a PG he is stuck on the corner. you keep talking about the bench as a UNIT and i say to you where do you see this bench play as a real bench unit?.

  670. we’re all armchair coaches. other name for armchair coach is called a “fan.” 😉

  671. It pained me to read those undue criticisms sometime if not most of the time. It’s more like a verbal or written abuse. If it’s constant, it can do more harm than good.

  672. he is also on record for saying kemba is irreplaceable

  673. I don’t think his teammates necessarily freeze him out.
    He was okay cheering from the sideline.
    His teammates would understand that he has to leave if better salary/opportunity are given.

    It’s a business after all so they’d have done the same.
    They knew JLin came to help them out to win for 1 year commitment to increase his market value.

  674. But but but this is a lin fan site? Lol.

  675. Silas, Clifford’s understanding of his game, and maybe he likes the guys on Charlotte and the overall atmosphere there. Lin looks ok in the interview, maybe just ready for the ASB.

  676. i bleed when jeremy does bad and think of ways on how he can excel. how is that being bad?

  677. how about just plain telling it like it is? is that negative energy? say if Lin had a bad game and i criticize him for it expecting better from him? does that warrant a post deletion or a ban`?

  678. And i am not one. I have never suggest what he should do or needs to do. I am not that smart.

  679. Doesn’t he know by now that Lin always evaluates and corrects himself first even when it’s not his fault. That’s why I wish Lin stop giving them more fuel for the fire, by not saying anything. Read my post below.

  680. it all depends on the tone you write and choice of word that one uses

  681. We all are. Please down vote the post if you see one. I will delete those posts and/or ban the posters if the posters continue to do so. I’m not going to be “nice” mod anymore.

  682. that’s all really great but who will let him do all of that? you seem not to understand this

  683. question is why is kemba and batum playing so many minutes? cliff is not letting 2nd unit gel! he’s done a poor job ever since players started coming off an injury when it comes to rotation.

  684. You may want to check your bp if thats the case. No blood no foul, haha.

    Btw, did i ever say you are bad?

  685. I like coach silas he seems decent. i liked clifford as well and stuck by him through it all but i knew as soon as they had full health this was going to happen. not surprised kemba is going to charlottes franchise PG and batum is who they are going to go after, Lin should find a starting PG somewhere and build his reputation up.

  686. Be like Lin and persevere. I need posters like you so this is not a troll field. Like linsanity, let’s help each other and ignore the haters.

  687. so if i say that Lin was awful this game and i expected more from him is that considered negative energy or just the truth?

  688. yeah, agreed. he needs some help with his interviews. that’s for sure. what has his agent Montgomery ever done for him anyways? Lin should fire his butt

  689. LOL, most people here are adults, so if you don’t play teenager tricks, there are consensus what is positive and what is negative.

  690. It would be good to be extra careful when posting a constructive criticism because the Internet forums just lack (positive/negative) tone so people don’t easily misunderstand. There were true trolls who did only appear to bait & create a lot of fights to derail good BBall discussion. We need everyone’s help to prevent that from happening.

    My recommendation is the sandwich principle (positive-negative-positive)
    + JLin didn’t have ball in his hands or enough screens like the Cavs game
    – But I wish he can still get closer shots not launch 3s to improve stats
    + Hope he asks Clifford to get the same screens as in the Cavs game

  691. i think if you say all that while popping a champagne cork, you’re gonna get thrown out

  692. True? thanks for the motivation. I ignore them as much as I can. Trying to weed out the bad from good.

  693. Did you watch the game??? It’s always Kemba/Batum was with the second unit. JLin didn’t lead the second unit. He wasn’t even allow to play pg. It was always Kemba/Batum. JLin only can do what he can when he touched the ball rarely.

  694. No, Hawes play more minutes because Cody was in foul trouble.

  695. amen bro. 36 min for kemba, 44 min for batum… on a blowout game. how about you let the second unit get back to sync and start developing frank a bit? you got lin, who has been the team savior for however many games. troy daniels can spread the floor. handsborough has done more than enough to get some time on the floor. roberts knows the plays, but wont get the opportunity to use them. i dont really like PJ but he’s come out big time. the point is, there’s plenty of players that have been doing well to keep the team afloat and cliff straight out ignoring them so he can play kemba and batum ridiculous, unnecessary minutes.

  696. i think the honeymoon is over thats all. Lamb just hit his shots when the bf1 was rolling now he is just gone.

  697. you don’t need to discuss this to him, I’m pretty sure he watch the game, but he will still say it that way, as he saw it that way, it is build in his eye–brain translation circus.

  698. it seems some details have been conveniently left out

  699. cody was also playing really bad. lots of ugly turnovers due to his unawareness. hawes is a better passer and a better shooter… and plays a lot more mean than zeller.

  700. Okay, if that is correct, say it that way.

    What you think is speculation, it could be, it could not be, so don’t present it as a fact. Okay?

  701. Hey sws94 I respect your right to express your own opinions. Unfortunately I often disagree with you though.

  702. champagne too expensive :/ i was actually saving up money to go watch Lin play a game with my brother. damn i wish i bought for the cleveland game. would have died of a happy heartattack and never had to see the next 3 games.

  703. why? he is sharing his thoughts is all he is not bating or anything.

  704. The part I usually agree with you is about how Lin can try to make the best of the current situation. No point just wishing for things to be different. However even that seems harder to accept as the season has gone along.

  705. the thing is, you know the second team could play better, and if you support them, you don’t need to pile on them at this time. Be patient. The starters could and did pull the game out, and the second team could have more time to recover and they will.

    This is really a bad time to come here and show your frustration of Lin’s performance, and I hope you are mature enough and positive enough to hold that complain.

  706. Question: Is it time for Lin to revert back to his old form.

    I frankly haven’t noticed a difference in his form from his Lakers days, but Lin did stated he had made some changes.

    With the Lakers last year, Lin did shoot 42%FG(that hasn’t changed this year with Charlotte)) and 36% 3FG(huge drop from the current 31% with the Hornets)….This year, his shooting has been even more streaky, even when he’s open for a 3 point shot.

    With his long distance shooting % improving each year, I wonder whether it was a good idea to change his shot and than having to get comfortable with it…Maybe the summer would had been better use to work on a mid-range game and a floater..and some 1-on-1 ball handling move.

  707. it’s not the form. it’s the system and the treatment

  708. What has he said that warrants a ban then? he is someone who shares his thoughts on Lins game and although people may disagree with some of his posts it does not warrant a ban. Who are we or anyone else to ban someone for having a thought about someones performance.

  709. Jeremy is being yanked around again. Frankly if he checks out for a while, I will be the last person to judge him.

  710. You know sometimes people think it’s fun to have an opposition sometimes but to me, it creates diversity and ill feelings to most people. If a person will constantly criticize and always point out the bad instead of the good, it won’t be able to create a wholesome and livable environment. That’s one of the reasons why I like posting in this site because of their caption “positively bringing together Jlin fans”. How can other people think of positive when what you are writing is negative? It defeats the purpose I guess.

  711. Lets hope kemba will be traded, or lin. Both are fine with me, haha.

    As you said, what mj said is just pc the way i see it. Who knows what exactly is behind the scene.

    Lin is not happy, obviously. But not for the playing time or backup roles. He knew he will be the back up when he signed. My guess is clifford did not allow him to play the game lin wanted to play and close games with the first unit unless there are injuries or in a extrodinary situation likes the wizard game.

    Clifford is a control freak more than rick carlise. He called every play. You cant break it or u gonna sit unless your name is kemba/batum. Thats not good for lin.

  712. give me an example then since you’re an expert on right and wrong.

  713. classy

  714. yeah, feel the same. i will give him sometime, he might trying to give other bench players some time too to adjust. When Lin check out, you will see him play less defense, which is not the case yet. so give them some time….

  715. I think he need the focus.

  716. Very true.?

  717. i have had discussions with him about Lin on this forum and all it ever is about is how Lin can improve or why he is in a current situation. why is he performing the way he is. he has his thoughts and i have mine. in the end we both want Lin to suceed and reach his potential. Sometimes it’s not the whole world against Lin, maybe sometimes its Lin against himself. is that so wrong to talk about?

  718. Hello fellow JL7 fans =)
    I’m All over it!
    Like the beginning of the season, JL7’s PT is sporadic and leashed. With players coming back esp. MKG – this situation is actually predictable. I’m not going to dwell into it ….again ….and again. JL7 is a “backup” on this team when star players are healthy. Accept the truth then I’ll be satisfied. Just can’t complain about things not in your control.

  719. Exactly.

    I enjoy differing opinions because it challenges us to exchange ideas.
    But at the same time, we cannot have too much negativity because it will bring down a healthy forum into Internet fights. A dose of 80% positive tone and 20% negative energy from debate would be quite healthy, I think.

  720. JLin’s a starter forced to be a backup. No break out game can change Hornets’ dumb FO. Continue to have Kemba will not lead their team anywhere. Lin as legit starting PG with a bunch of young legs will blow them out easily!

  721. Yes he did say he’s not going back to his old form and interestingly, he said it’s because it will be better for him in the long term.

    I think he realizes his body will not be able to take so much pounding as he gets older and so his outside shot needs to be better and quicker. You can bet he’s improving his game even when we think he’s not. He’ll be fine.

  722. I’m not frustrated in Lin’s performance, I saw positives tonight. I think he had some good moments tonight. The numbers aren’t great and the bench still isn’t there, but I thought if Lin played more, he would have got to the line, made some layups, had some more assists and rebounds, and had about 10 points or so. He just didn’t play enough.

    I don’t like what I see from Lamb however and Frank looks like he too needs more playing time to be OK.

  723. i agree with you psalm but having a discussion with people about the good and bad about Lins game and what he could improve to reach his potential and suceed, should not be counted as negative to be honest. all we talk about is the situation and how it can be fixed.

  724. well, I do think given more time on it, his shot will be less affected by environment then. He has been hitting it in critical time though….

  725. stop changing your form, jeremy! you’ve been altering it every off season >_<;;

  726. Yes. There was a time when I enjoyed reading these blogs and comments and just laughed. One of the reasons I keep on coming to these Lin site and forums during my break time or leisure time. I enjoyed when Lin is having a great game. People are happy. And you don’t see any of these negative posters. But if Lin is not having the stats, the negative posts just appear like mushrooms. ?

  727. lol if anything sws said he saw positives from lins game tonight and i said i did not so point the finger at me if anyone.

  728. i was pretty unhappy tbh… jeremy was playing against guys i KNOW he can blow past at will. aaron brooks? old, busted hinrich? man, he usually wipes the floor with these guys guarding him.

    definitely something wrong in the locker room/behind closed doors.

  729. i’m not talking about just now. like i said, there are 10k posts you can sort through

  730. that’s why I said give him more time, he will be there. He is not there yet unfortunately.

  731. It would be a “special” quality if he could will it in all the time.

  732. jlin came to the smallest, most insignificant team in the league at a discount rate to play backup for a PG who he routinely routed while he was on knicks, rockets, and even lakers… and for him to get this treatment when he’s played at all star level when given the reign… this is suffering bro.

  733. All i can say for me is that when you know a player has got talent to be better than what he is, it gets frustratingt too see games like this adele, i love it when Lin is clicking on all cylinders. Like the cavs game when Lin made that pass to Zeller i shot Water out of my mouth because it was a thing of beauty. Thus seeing him look so disintrested on the floor tonight and last night for that matter is very frustrating.

  734. That being the case then everyone must try not to degenerate into unnecessary fights, whichever side you’re on. Let’s not label or name call anyone except obvious baiting trolls.

  735. a slump is when you have an off shooting night and is totally unexpected. what’s happening to Lin is predicted by many people on this site who have seen it over and over throughout his career

  736. One positive thing about this game is…

    It makes JLin’s Starters stats (17.8pts/4.7ast with 41.5% 3FGM) stats even BETTER than being a reserve (10.7pts/2.9a with 29.1% 3FGM) =D

    But seriously, the benefits are 2-fold:
    1. GMs around the league know JLin is great as a starter but is only average playing behind Kemba
    2. JLin will less likely want to stay in the Hornets because he’ll be more convinced that he needs to have the ball in his hands as a starter to reach his NBA goals (starter/All-Star/rings)

    It’s not a good game for JLin but he’ll be fine since he’s a fighter. He’ll come back strong after the All-Star Break like he always does.
    Cheers to a better future and starting PG offers for JLin in 2016-17 season!

  737. yes, very true..
    It’ll be good not to get personal on fights. To focus on the issue, not the person.

  738. Sorry Psalm, GMs will not notice it, they only look at stats. They do not have the time to follow Lin as closely as we do 🙁

  739. yes, but the ratio needs to be balanced.
    we cannot have 100% discussion about how Lin should be fixed to be like SCurry because people will fight and lose hope.

    I would implore anyone who would provide constructive criticism to provide more praises on what’s good

  740. I actually don’t like to vote to ban, I have no objection if he is banned against rules, but I don’t like to ban people simply because it is different opinion.

    Even though I disagree with him a lot of times, or could say most of the times, but he has been sincere, and not a troll. And I don’t see him attacking any one.

    Just my 2 cents,

  741. i understand adele. And i agree with you about looking over the post. But lets say i discuss Lins game and the good and bad of it, what he could improve to become better. is it my fault then if people get offended? if all i am doing is trying to break down how Lins game?

  742. he just attacked the majority of Lin fans on this board a minute ago. called us all conspiracy theorists and got his post removed

  743. understood psalm. All i know is that Lin can average 17/7 on a team that lets him start.

  744. To me, I don’t get frustrated on Lin. I get my strength to follow him more. I will uncover why he is not at his best and check on the factors why. Not to bash him but look out the factors why his game and stats are different from the previous. We all know that there are lots of factors that affects your game and play. One is, it’s a 5 player game so team work is observed, two you have a coach to give you orders that you need to follow, three you are in an organization that have their own goals an aspirations. And so on and so forth. We can be wacky in a good way.?

  745. I actually like this version of Lin – not the one in the last 3 games obviously -but what he has become this season overall as he has matured in the league.

    I hope he finishes the season strong. And I really hope they make the playoffs.

  746. Yes, all mods are looking closely with every posters esp the ones that creates conflicts/fights with other posters. Once again I’m going to remind all posters, please watch closely what you write, if any poster offends the rule, we will delete the post and/or ban the poster immediately.

  747. no thats called backing someone up when everyone gangs up on him. thats called character

  748. but honestly..

  749. it’s what i think atleast,but we have different opinions voltaire, Like your name btw its cool

  750. Sorry that I always feel compare to him, you looks more like a troll. I mean the way you are presenting his words, like I don’t have my own eyes, and don’t have my own judgement.

    If you are trying to selling people he is attacking “the majority of Lin fans”, that won’t sell with me. Sorry.

  751. dude, sws94 didnt even agree with my post. just because i disagree with him or vice versa does not mean him or i are troll. let the moderators do their job, they dont need you to regulate the posts. thankfully we have competent moderators who can read between the lines.

  752. Yes, he’s usually very aggressive and takes advantage of those 2. He’s not all the way back but I saw some better things than the last game. Last night he made the big clutch shots. But before that, he wasn’t grabbing rebounds or doing much of anything he normally does. Tonight he went for boards much more. I think he tried to establish his perimeter shot and that didn’t work.

  753. fine with me what you think. hate me or love me, his post was removed and for a good reason

  754. sws94’s comments are some of the only comments i read here. i find that he tends to freak out less; he tends to be less likely to express hate toward kemba and cliff, though he will still criticize them; he’s pretty positive toward Lin; I enjoy his comments. that’s my view.

  755. Don’t worry.

    Smart GM will know NylonCalculus stats with JLin as a PG.
    And we know MDA texts a lot and have dinner from time-to-time with JLin =)

  756. I haven’t seen this many coaches fired mid the season in the NBA.

    McHale – Rockets
    Lionel Hollins – Nets
    David Blatt – Cavs
    Jeff Hornacek – Suns

    And now rumor is George Karl will get the ax soon, probably during the All Stars break. Byron Scott is as good as gone. So, it looks like there will be about 6 openings this off season. Thib, Luke Walton, Scott Brooks and MDA are going to be sought after.

  757. I don’t hate you, it just happens I still remember a troll’s ID as “voltaire”, and was pretty horribly behaved a while ago, and after that ID got banned, whole bunch of his relatives shows up on the board, and you unfortunately looks like related to that ID, so I’m just extra careful.

  758. He’s fallen off a lot. But Frank was beginning to get it in gear. Whatever happens, they need to get better. Things like Lin cutting and Frank or Hawes getting it to him or Lin finding Lamb after penetrating for great looks should help get them back in sync. That’s why Batum needs to be out of the group.

  759. Have you guys ever played the game “Mafia”? Haha, it kind of feels like that…

  760. Tripped up double.

  761. this season has really been a circus. byron is for sure going to get the axe imho. there’s a rumor going around thibs has been interested in the knicks, which is quite interesting. im still not quite sold on luke walton (but he can’t be worst than byron) and im definitely not sold on scott brooks, who couldn’t even get to playoffs last season with the roster he had. i would like to see MDA land a job somewhere soon, i love his brand of basketball.

  762. Agreed, absolutely hope they make the playoffs.

  763. Plus Fisher. I was reading about that. Apparently there is an element of some good coaches (Blatt, Walton) being available so those teams that are unsure about their current coaches are firing them to make room to go after the better ones.

  764. understood adele like i said in the post before to you. Its frustrating to see talanted players go to waste not putting all that talent they have to use. Lin knows this. who knows what he is going through after such highs in the cavs game i was positively 100% that he would not be treated like this these 3 games. but it is what it is. all i want is for Lin to find a PG job as a starter anywhere.

  765. True but that’s why teams have scouts and analysts. They look at tapes and check not just the stats and they provide these reports to the GM. I get consolation from that.

  766. that was Voltaire, Voltaire’s Father, Voltaire’s Son.. one after another each time he was banned. i adapted this name for fun. kinda like on realgm, you have some guy by the name of TinmanZBoy who is a Lin fan but uses a combination of two known trolls Tinman and ZBoy. well, that’s the history of it anyway

  767. Thats the problem the whole season. Batum takes away Lins duties im fine with that when its the closing group in crunch time. BUT not with the second unit. this team needs Lin to perform. They met a scrub bulls team everyone knew it. perfect timing to let lin play PG without batum distrupting him. he is a better facilitator than batum. Honestly half the stuff batum does the turnovers the mind boggling passes. had he done these things in portland his butt would have been planted on the bench.

  768. I’ve been pointing out since the beginning that once everyone is healthy, it will be tough for Lin to get enough minutes to get into a rhythm…This is why I’ve always felt that no matter how much he likes his new teammates, this team should be a temporary home before moving on because he’s only seen as a back-up even though he’s played well as a starter.

    Even during the pre-season when Lin clearly had won a starting spot, Clifford decided to start PJ Hairston….And even when BF1 was doing well in the first month of the season, with Lin leading the charge, Clifford would start messing with the bench unit by implementing Batum in it to run the unit.

    Lin is simply some type of protection in case Kemba gets hurt..that’s about it..Lin needs more time to get going and it is not a surprise there’s such a huge gap between his stats as a starter and his stats as a bench player.

    I know the Hornets is unlikely to trade Lin, but I’m now praying he does get traded..Before today, I would had stated that I would prefer Lin to stay with Charlotte because they might make it to the playoff…but now, I’d rather see Lin go to a worst team than the Hornets so he can get more playing time.

    This is his free agent year and he needs playing time.,

  769. LOL, You know better than me. Isn’t that part of the fun for you to be treated like a troll, if you want to take a troll’s ID? All those Lin trolls are Lin fans in heart, otherwise they would not follow Lin this long and this closely. So, who knows what kind of Lin fan those TinmanZBoy is? I apply the same cautious to him too. 🙂

  770. I like your posts as you are genuine and to the point.

  771. I think we all need a break. Lin had a fantastic game not too long ago. After that we have had 1 game where he was benched and they lost, 1 game where he shot not 1 but 2 game winning shots and now 1 game in a blowout victory. Yes we have high standards for Lin and yes something is going on behind the scenes affecting Lin. But we all need to chill…

  772. PJ starting =MKG place holder. PJ DNP tonight again? I don’t remember him playing at all.

  773. 20% turnover rate……

  774. PJ, daniels, roberts, and handsborough were all DNP.

  775. Dorothy just follow what Grover Chang told me to just disregard his posts. Don’t read it anymore.

  776. In my imagination, someone said something to Lin after the Cavs game. Maybe in the locker room and it was like “you are going back to the bench no matter how well you perform”. Then he got benched in the next game against the Heat. Then in the Wizards game he made the game winning shot but looked pissed.

    Just guessing, but seems plausible no? I think the NBA is just such an environment.

  777. I see the bench want to do things themselves not let Lin create the offense for them as much in the Heat & Wizards game

    JLin actually was playing PG quite a bit in this game when Kemba was not on-court.
    His shots just didn’t fall. His assists also got blown.

    This constant role changes of being SG with Kemba on the floor, be dual PG with Batum, and allow Hawes/Lamb to create just didn’t look very smooth.

  778. ASBreak Lin will train with his shooting coach and tweak it enough to get back on track.

  779. well, you took the name, you take the consequences….. It took some naughtiness to take that into your ID name though, so you deserve it….

  780. Thanks. All but PJ are DNP’d often. Has to suck for PJ to go from valued defender as a starter to DNP.

  781. It would be great if he can. Conley will land somewhere else but outside of that, I don’t know of many FA PGs that are big names. There may be some, but I know of Conley. I don’t want him to go to the Sixers, they are too young and probably won’t contend for awhile. But I love Noel.

  782. like i said, that’s fine with me. i haven’t posted anything trollish so i’m not worried one bit. but if some people want to make some kind of connection, that’s up to them

  783. rumor is that PJ is on the trading block. in my eyes, PJ could’ve been inserted in the second unit in lieu of batum or walker so they dont play 44/36 minutes on a blowout game but what do i know =_=

  784. we’ll see what happens all up to Lin in the end.

  785. Agree. I looked at some Hornets boards and some are saying Batum should not be in the 2nd unit and he’s playing too many minutes.

  786. Don’t worry you won’t see Lin on your team next year

  787. too many chefs in the kitchen when lin checks in! no reason batum should be playing 44 minutes with starters AND bench! what are you doing cliff???

  788. Really wonder what advice MDA gave Lin about Clifford and Hornets because that was a horrible choice!

  789. I know, but he seems have the whole world of time posting/commenting ALL THE TIME lol

  790. It’s Hornets right?

  791. Think how you would feel, after beating Cavs and proving you’re a Star and better than Batum and Walker you get bench with only 15-18 minutes per game? It’s telling Lin, hey no matter how well you play you won’t get to start and won’t get to lead the team! Not to mention he gets pushed aside not playing PG with 2nd unit. It’s no different from telling Lin to “give up” fighting for his dream as starting PG, All-Star, and Champion! And this has happened all his career! The fact he’s never given up shows how mentally strong he is!

  792. HaHa, to the point because English is not my first language, so I can not write thesis like some do 🙂

  793. i dont know about you all but my team is WHATEVER TEAM JLIN IS IN ya?

  794. Well, Brent doesn’t write me than a tweet and he says a lot. Stick around, there are many good days to come.

  795. Hey, did y’all get if Brent is ok?

  796. Yeah he’s fine. Active on twitter.

  797. so you are saying Lin need to rebuild that bench chemistry, right?

  798. I just know

  799. Pad stats of the designated stars of course. lol CCTV must not have been following Hornets at all, if not they wouldn’t have shelled out money to broadcast Hornets games. Not to mention Lin will be leaving after this season and Hornets are not making playoffs so what’s the point?

  800. It’s easy to step up, but harder to step down, that apply to everyone.

    When they all trying to step down but also want to keep the most of their territory, you will get this, no chemistry, and not on the same page. And then it is human nature to get the demoted feeling, and they do need to regroup to regain that motivation.

  801. Wow, I missed the game and looks like jlin didn’t shoot well.

    Hey psalm, any way you can set aside a place for the positive ppl?

    I for one know jlin cannot muster consistent games just because his required role is to support for the win.

    Some days like cle, it’s clear andhe’sgreat. Some days he’s supporting a kw 30 door night.

    Whatever, I accept what is real. But can I go somewhere where others accept his predicamentotoo do I can enjoy his ups

  802. Thanks!

  803. C’mon it’s too obvious say it what it is…

  804. according to nba.com stat machine, batum ranks #5 in miles covered in games and #1 in minutes played at 39.4 minutes per game.

    why? ._.;; why cliff so bad with rotations? miami exploited this last game against hornets.

  805. Agree.

  806. Like other posters: I’m Not even mad at CCliff or anyone in the FO. Every game is a must win game for Cliff, therefore, playing the starters heavy tonight makes sense. It’s not about JL7. Back to the beginning: winning is all it matters. Team win = All good. Team lost = Something is wrong! That’s all for me now. And I never stop rooting for JL7 to get better at any kind of difficulties.

  807. Nah, just post more positive post, and flood the board. Where is Brent when we need him? He could easily push this board to another 500 post.

  808. Before the season Cliff did mislead Lin in thinking if he played well he “might” get to start and that he’d be playing along side Walker (totally not the case). After that Cavs game maybe Lin thought he’s proved his worth and should be able to start with Batum and Walker. Logically and fairly speaking he should be starting but politically nope.

  809. Agreed. He was on the other website doing the same thing… its as if he is trying repeat a false narrative that jeremy is being treated well… just enough praise that wont get him banned. Mod, please monitor him if not ban him…

  810. ??? would appreciate if you would stop instigating a fight, thank you. jlin is only reason i came back to watch nba and only reason ill stay.

  811. Well said.

  812. I gotcha …. too bad I missed the game so I can’t call out yet another sublime play by Lin that is positive, but hard to see. You’re great at that.

  813. for me i dont care if hornets win or lose as long as jlin does well XD

    because i know hornets is not the place for lin and he himself plans to ship out at the earliest opportunity

  814. LOL, yes, Brent we are calling you

  815. Hornets is not your team yet you waste loads of time defending Cliff and Kemba? O.o

  816. Just think in other’s shoes what approach you want when you ask for people’s opinion then you wil know what approach to take when you want to criticize or give comments over others.

    Words are very powerful either spoken or written.
    It can help build up a person’s mentality or it can breaks down a person’s mentality.
    That’s why everyone should have a little courtesy and a bit of consideration giving out to others when they want to make a comment about somebody or what they are doing.

  817. kemba is the same type of player melo/harden/kobe is..

  818. I lost my ballstream, thus struggling too. Was able to watch a little bit, but don’t have motivation to re-watch it yet.

    But somehow after watching Lin’s post game interview, I feel a lot better, and I think he is turning the corner. He grow so much these past years, and he got much stronger now.

  819. And by far the one with the worst FG%.

  820. i have never tried to criticize another persons opinion i like to discuss different opinions thats how conversations get intresting.

  821. Thanks. Two nice pass to assists.

  822. Lin once stated that the fans do not really know what’s really going on behind the scene (don’t remember the exact wording). We only know about the things the team(Hornets PR) and Lin are willing to share in public. For one thing, Lin’s ankle might be re-injured after the Cav’s game. In a pre-Cav-game interview, Lin admitted that his ankle still bothered him. Notice that Lin rarely drove into the paint in the last two games. His poor shooting could be a result of the ill ankle on top of insufficient touches and minutes for rhythm. When Lin re-injured (badly) his ankle last time, was hoping that he could rest till after ASB. But, he only skipped one game.

  823. Psalm needs to post Jeremy’s bounce back game statistics again to make us feel good about the next game 🙂

  824. yup. the dots do not connect at all

  825. when he said that he was talking about the little things on the court that effects certain plays. like how one player is out of position can ruin the whole play

  826. yeah, that’s true. Unfortunately.

  827. You ask this : ” say Lin had a bad game and i criticize him for it expecting better for him? Does that warrant a post deletion or a ban?” I m just sharing my thinking with you, with what approach to take if you are unsure, in general.

  828. Have you found any ballstream alternative beside LP?

  829. How would you enjoy Lin’s game if he just play a sporadic minutes with limited touches ?

  830. What’s wrong being a hornets fan if you’re really a fan?

  831. Lol

  832. i keep up with other teams, but for jeremy i am content with just watching his highlights where he posts all-star numbers :]

  833. Cliff had disassembled 2nd Unit w/erratic subbing rotation and minutes. 2nd Unit is a community of PGs. They’re not playing team ball. Lin is Not their focal point, PG. Lin is a rhythm player. He’s being jerked around w/ role and minutes like the beginning of the season, and it’s getting worse when all starters are back. We, Lin fans, are frustrated bc Lin gave Hornets a BIG discount to have significant role and minutes to play his brand of basketball, but Hornets have not kept their end of the bargain.

  834. cliff’s rotation is a mess, man. here’s a quote from hornetsplanet forum,

    “For 6 quarters Spoelstra and Wittman exploited Clifford’s rotation patterns, evident in Q2 vs. Washington (4 guards/wings), Q1/start of Q2 vs. Miami when Spoelstra rested guys with impunity, and the end of Q4 vs Miami. Clifford didn’t match up in either game, and when he tried it was adding minutes to Nic (or a gassed MKG).”

  835. think this way. The longer the Hornets play, the more chance Lin will have. And let the team go to play off first, and let Lin figure out his shots first.

    If Lin got a chance to play in playoff, how he played in regular season will weight less. So I don’t care his shots is not getting in now, just keep his impact and hopefully he will have a chance to shine on national TV.

  836. I gave it up, and go with LP now. 🙁

  837. I think I will too. I tried the free sites but couldn’t handle the low quality…

  838. Nice post. Exactly my thoughts.

  839. Don’t be shy. Your english is better then most. There are Americans that don’t know what “thesis” means.

  840. He already showed what he can do against Cleveland,Toronto and other top teams and yet he was still punished with limited minutes with no plan for the coach to even let him lead the 2nd unit ,evidently the coaching staff and the FO does not have any plan for Lin .

  841. most of the time , his EGO comes in his way to accept a seemingly correct appreciation of facts by justifying his living with his opinion no matter how wrong other say it is but make a push that his own is the correct one.

    its a bit disconcerted at times but manageable by skipping off reading his thoughts sometimes.

  842. second the motion!

  843. reborn4hd ?

    I went with international LP and VPN

  844. maybe we should consider putting a quota on # of posts or words per day that sws can post =)

    I’m trying to assess the situation. sws doesn’t break the forum rules but I wonder if his strong opinions that JLin can thrive as a backup PG in the Hornets create a lot of negativity in many Lin fans here.

    I can request sws to balance his posts to be more positive than to create negativity but I guess I need to step back and analyze the whole thing.

    Ideally, we have a healthy forum where Lin fans can spend more time discussing positive things but we can tolerate different opinions if some Lin fans only think he can be backup PG. Having one enforced policy in a forum is not good.
    But I understand too much negativity is not good.

    Let me discuss it first with our group of mods.
    Thank you for your feedback.

  845. I did that before and I think I’ll do that again to avoid the blackouts.

  846. It is so hard to stand on JLIN’s situation, he sacrifice the health and do his best to cooperate with the team, just like one article described “He played a fantastic game in order to beat the best team in the Eastern conference, and all it got him was getting sent back to the bench and weird minute allocation from Clifford. Hard to expect any kind of motivation from him when that’s the reality he’s facing.”. It is so frustrated, pray not only for his speedy recovery & God’s comfort; wish he will soon find the best fit and a much happier environment!

  847. It is quite clear that Hornets is using Lin as one year rental. Hornets is not interested in developing him as what we wished. Lin and his team have to figure out how to manage and still deliver a decent stat sheet for the new contract.

  848. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that I’m wrong if this Hornets team will even consider Lin as a sixth man if they’re all healthy.IMO he was just being used by opportunistic FO and a coach that tells lie on his face.I would be very happy if I see Lin playing more than 20 mins from now on.

  849. Letting Lin run the bench is what he should have been doing from the beginning.

  850. It seems Hornets taking the final test for Batum before offer him contract. That’s why keep him on court for 44 minutes.

  851. I watched the free sites whenever I felt like watching. Not bad at all thus far:-)

  852. Haha. I’ve been spoiled… what can i say? lol

  853. Pleeeeeeeease offer Batum the max so that we can laugh at Hornets next year

  854. same here. Also a lot of times I will have to watch the archive since the game is kind of early for me.

  855. I doubt it. Hornets should be not confident with him. That’s why keep playing him and even risk injury for 43 minutes.

  856. You forgot one – Fisher – Nets was fired in the morning.

  857. Of course they don’t have any plan for Lin. But, it is not like if they don’t get into play off, there will be a plan for Lin anyway.

  858. LOLOLOL Can understand that. Beggar can’t choose. With JLin’s play time and usage is so erratic this day, little point for me to waste any money on NBA. Will spend money when I witness he is used right by his coach and organization. So far for over 3.5 seasons, it is NIL. Very disappointed with Cliff and Hornets esp.

  859. It is very frustrating to witness so many mistreatments on Lin. I admire Lin on his perseverance after what he has been through. When I become frustrated, I remind myself that God has never promised a smooth journey for us. This is one of Lin’s favorite verses: Romans 5:3-4 “We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” I do sometimes feel that it is not easy to be a Lin fan.

  860. wow, I was just thinking about this, they should run MKG in the second team instead of Batum.

    I’m not from offensive side, but more from defensive side. With 40+ min playing time, Batum is not going to play much defense, he used to play along with PJ, now MKG, but in the second team, when he was playing with Lin/Lamb/Kaminsky/Hawes, there will be no one covering for Batum, and unless they could be super hot, this line up will give up lots of points.

    To cover Batum, you need either MKG or Marvin play with him. So they should either play MKG instead of Batum, or Marvin will need to play with the second team together with Batum. And Kaminsky could play a bit more with first team to provide some extra size there.

    Of course, play Batum less min also helps. Left the second team alone, and let Lin lead that unit.

  861. Come to the Lin thread on Real GM. There’s good talk about what’s going on with the bench and the mod fats said some reasons why MKG may not be used on the bench.

    I wish there was a PM feature because I’d like to work out our differences. I really value your posts.

  862. Even though Lin didn’t shoot well today, I am POSITIVELY POSITIVE that he will play better than he did today. And I am GLAD that Hornets won because I do want to see Lin play in playoff even though I have a feeling that he won’t get more PT during playoff either. But I still feel very POSITIVE. Seems to me that Batum is passing more to Lin these days. Maybe Lin prayed for his little toe and Batum was toe-ched.

    I would not mind at all if NBA regular season ends tomorrow and we go straight to playoff. It’s like a torture having to wait for the playoff when only 4 teams have realistic chance to win, with GSW being the overwhelming favorite. Even then, without Curry, the playoff would be very boring.

  863. because we see things the same way……….. but conclude differently………. LOL

  864. i think Batum going to stay. He can become one of the cornerstone in hornets

  865. it is not easy to be a lin fan but i am still his fan ..from 2012 to 2016.

  866. Wow, glad your view about Lin has improved some.

  867. i dont think lin will opt out if the hornets can get into the playoff

  868. It’s okay to criticize once in a while but when the critical comments start to flood it has a demoralizing effect. What is it that make you so overly critical of someone’s performance instead of accepting who they are and what they have accomplished? Are you angry because you’re letdown? Or do you feel the need to be an authority? Constructive criticism is a good thing but some of what’s being said here are negative or hurtful to a JLin fan.

  869. I think cliff is on the hot seat. He must get the hornets to the playoff or he going to get fired like the rest of the coaches. At the same time he e has to get batum resign with them.

  870. I guess in the nba starters are important not the bench players. Only the spurs value all their players

  871. yeah, well, it’s gonna yoyo until Jeremy gets his starting spot with a good coach who deserves him. It’s like ti says in the New Testament – new wine in an old flash … it leaks out. We just gotta be here to enjoy sips of the new wine that is leaking out until it is served from a new flask worthy of this quality. All other sniper attacks … meh, the old flask is gonna leak.

    Sorry I missed the fun, CNY ya know ha ha.

  872. he’s stronger in this realm for sure. He’s going to be a fantastic starting PG for someone.

  873. When you look at how poorly Kam Neuton played in the super bowl, you will realize that having the ability doesn’t mean a thing if your heart or mind is able to handle the pressure.

    The Lin fans that look at Lin’s play with no empathy for his situation say that they are just stating facts. That his performance was poor and that he needs to do this and that to be an NBA starter. They say that the coach has nothing against Lin and that what they do isn’t personal. They just play the best players becuase it’s business.

    These types of fans are making excuses for the coaches bad behavior just as much as those of us that make excuses for Lin’s bad play due to his situation. They make excuses for the coaches and FOs becuase they feel that they are impartial and detach themselves from taking the business decisions as deliberate or bias.

    Lin’s mind is under attack by the coaches IMO. It’s a deliberate attempt to suppress his offensive capabilities so that their 3 stars can shine. When Lin went into a shell after the DNPCD or after Mchale benched Lin after he had a week of Linsanity numbers, his play also suffered for a while. Kam Neuton was less than stellar just as many of the Panthers were because they choked under the huge pressures to live up to the expectations.

    Why is it okay for other people to fail but anytime Lin’s numbers go down, it’s unacceptable? With fans like that, all they do is add to the mental pressure to live up to their own angst while offering very little real fan support.

    On the pga tour, it’s rare that the third round leader actually wins the tournament. The mental pressure to fend off 20-30 guys are often too hard. The fact that the leaders must watch their lead evaporate in front of them adds to the difficulties. More often the winner comes from the lower group of chasers. They simply have less pressure of expectations. Lin fans that keep adding expectations to Lin’s already difficult internal battles are the worst kind of fan support.

    When I was coaching kids in high performance tennis, I always tell them to ignore all fans. They love you when you win and hate you when you lose. They are like drugs that give you a false high of adoration but when you start to struggle, the withdrawal symptoms are as bad as drug addicts going through withdrawal.

    Ask yourself what type of fan you are? Being a fan is to almost fall in love with someone. What kind of love is it if you demand them to be perfect while ignoring the pains they are going through?

  874. oh, I was in the game thread

  875. In the postgame interview for Lin, he said he is the leader of 2 unit and played poorly in last 3 games.


  876. The bench played poorly because they are not motivated ..not giving a fair chance to pkay..being jerk around all the time

  877. Clifford says problem with the 2nd unit is energy level. He said they lacked energy in the past 2 games.

  878. Stuff like that happens toward the allstarbreak

  879. Well, one more game and then they get to rest and recharge their batteries.

  880. so what are you going to do about it clifford?

  881. Cliff this ,Cliff that….Good teams have their set line up and playing time for stability of the team.A 6th man plays about almost the same w/ the starter.From Kukoc,Ginobli,Odom,down to Lou Williams and other 6th man that played in the league ,their team give them stability and empower them to run their respective team.

  882. true. I guess cliff is using houston playbook.

  883. let us wait and see after the ASG

  884. I love your posts and this one is well expressed, considered.

    Basically, I think all those people here sniping at Lin for this or that are appeasing their own egos. We all know here that JLin is in a weird situation yet again. Just accept it and watch the performance and see if we can see if behind the scenes, someone said xy or z. He’s got tons of variables we don’t know.

    Your example of Cam … well he had several variables less than Lin has esp on the CLE night:

    1. he is the MVP, so all he has to do is ask and he will get the resources.
    2. his team had all the marbles, so no excuse on not having what every player wished for in a lifetime.
    3. everyone’s focus is to win as a team. They were like clockwork.

    So why so bad? Why not dive for the fumble? He let the brass ring slip out.

    So, isn’t most things with Lin the opposite of that? That’s why we should just stop posting our ego-laced criticisms of Lin. He’s just a rockstar when given the chance. I ain’t going to post anymore about this or that reason in any one game where he wasn’t given a chance. I’m only going to post great plays, until he gets his place like Cam had. Cam blew it. Jlin hasn’t blown it for me very often.

    From now on, if people draw me into discussions justifying trashing Lin, I will just say, “Well, he ain’t Cam …”

  885. Lin historically has really turned it on after ASG. Some time with his family and to relax is good. Hope everyone else on the team rests up, enjoys, and is recharged after it.

  886. lets hope so. I hope cliff will not benched him like Daniels.

  887. No, Daniels is more 3 point specialist and gets a lot of DNPs. Cliff can’t win without Lin’s contributions most games.

  888. Any chance to obtain lin’s turnover stats when he was the ball handler?

    Clifforrd hates TOs (i understand batum turns the ball over more). It seems to me that whenever lin plays pg, he tends to have higher TO rates (i could be wrong).

    This may be the reason clifford limits lin to basically a sg instead of a pg unless he has no other option like the cleveland game. I do believe clifford doesnt like high risk plays as well.

    Any thoughts?

  889. Hey Jeremy, I’m here to stay 2 weeks!

  890. There are fans who were supporting Jeremy when he hardly played for the Warriors;

    There are fans who were supporting even when Jeremy was in hospital with a teared meniscus;

    There are fans who were supporting when Knicks let Lin walk away to Houston;

    There are fans who were here when Harden started to take all of the shots in place of Jeremy;

    There are fans who were here when Jeremy lost his starting spot;

    There are fans who were here when Kobe was bullying Jeremy;

    There are fans who were here when Jeremy was DNP;

    I, personally, started to write on blogs about Jeremy since the famous free agency back in 2012.

    We were here. We are here. We will always be here. That’s what fans are for.

    But, keep in mind, we will be here when there will be a time to celebrate.

    The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

  891. awesome spot. Thanks for taking the time.

  892. It’s a 2 edge sword to have a huge fan base. The “weight” of expectation is so heavy from that fan base that it can be crushing.

    My take is that most of the older jlinportal members that first crossed over here feel pretty much the same way. To be a fan is an emotional attachment to someone. If you’re not emotionally engaged and don’t take it personally, you really aren’t a fan. BUT, that engagement is either good or bad, just as loving someone can be true love or possession. We want what’s best for Lin and want only what’s best for him, BUT, you then must trust that person to do their best and not feel an ownership of debt from them. They don’t need to do this or that for you. To be a good fan then is to send our hopes and prayers while trusting him to do as he needs to do for himself.

    When you asked Psalms about setting up a separate blog just for us old posters, I understood completely how you feel. Those of us who are fans that enjoy Lin’s efforts for what they are without judgement are constantly being brought back to our base self of wants and desires. We hate those past reminders of ourselves. It’s hard enough to have work through them once already without being forced to revisit those angst again.

  893. Lin will always say the most diplomatic way to talk about his situation.He did this before during his stint from NY to Houston,lakers and now Hornets,he won’t say anything about his displeasure but he will send some bible verses,tweeter hints or facebook messages that will describe his present situation.I would totally support Hornets if they’ll give him stable playing time and mandate to lead the 2nd unit.Otherwise this franchise is not different from his previous teams.

  894. Thank you for pointing out “If you’re not emotionally engaged and don’t take it personally, you really aren’t a fan.”
    As for me, I do not require anything back from Lin, even if he performs poorly, I will still follow him and support him.

  895. Batum turns it over more and probably facilitates the most on the team (Kemba really doesn’t know how although he did better in the last game). I think Clifford likes two of Lin, Kemba, Batum on the floor at all times and Lin hardly every plays point when Kemba is on. Batum lately has been usurping Lin’s role of PG in the 2nd unit and it’s been ugly. I vote for Batum off the 2nd unit but Clifford seems to place him there almost all minutes they are on together.

    Lin’s assists go up when he’s PG a lot so it offsets TOs somewhat. And some of Lin’s TOs are offensive fouls although that hasn’t happened in the last 4 games or so.

  896. Until I can’t find a stable place for Lin to play his game,I won’t be satisfy as a Lin fan and a basketball fan.

  897. Yes, my take on it is that I am a fan, I do care that what he wants to express on the world succeeds, because I bought into his expressed and exhibited values and … huzzah … excellent Garth, his play.

    I have learned in life that I have to force myself to detach, to let people win it on their own terms. When I was younger, I wanted mentors, and sometimes when I was in hard times, I wanted people I trusted to tell me what to do. But, I always wanted a shot to do it my way if I felt normal.

    So, I have to learn from what Lin is experiencing, and if I want to overtone the fan thing, I just try to see how his experience applies to my challenges, and then I ask … Am I making my FTs? Did I handle a no win situation as gracefully? Did I get back into the gym against all odds?

    If I didn’t, then I cannot snipe at him. He’s just my abstracted soul brotha and I am learning from him so I can be better for me and those who count on me, love me.

    Hence, that’s my detachment, and yet, I get what you say and I do care too.

  898. I thought about the possibility of stat pad for Kemba for trade purpose. If Hornets plans to trade Kemba, they must have the consent from Lin staying, but the way Lin behaves does not look like he is happy with the team. Yet, Clifford let Kemba and Batum played the last 3 minutes when the game was almost a blew out is also puzzling.
    Plus they marginalized Lin at the CNY eve and day, unless it is truly for stat pad to trade Kemba, they really don’t care about China fans’ feelings/market.

  899. His playing time tells it all about his situation in Hornets,as I said on my previous post,if they consider him as a 6th man,he will be given a full authority to run the 2nd unit whether he plays awful or plays great.He should be playing at least 25-28 minutes if that’s really the role they want to project regarding his present tenure on this team

  900. wow, the Fish is fired and now Rambis man is interim. Whuz up with that? Does it even matter?

  901. To me the more the merrier, so that MDA has more chances to become a head coach again.

  902. Very true, so Clifford is that dumb to play his stars at garbage time and risk injury? And Hornets really want to follow Rockets’ steps to be the most hated NBA team in Asia?

  903. Hornets team can be easily a fan favorite team if they’ll do it the right way,most of the players are really likable exept for one little guy.Something really happened after that terrific game against Cleveland and I always scratch my head every time I think about it.

  904. Can you think of any other sports fan suffers as much as we do in terms of worrying for their player’s mistreatment?

  905. There are more die hard sports fan than us,just read the Hornets board and you will be amazed how crazy some of the fans,you will think if some of them have even a life or a job.

  906. Wouldn’t that be both ironic and wonderful … JLin and MDA in Gotham City. Melo is a great shooting partner because he just doesn’t have a need to PG.

  907. I know, but they are not tortured by the worry of their players like we do though.

  908. but Dolan’s ego…

  909. lol

  910. E g o seems to be the preventative word, aw crapola.

  911. That’s true because most of us always hope that our favorite player would be given a major role in the team.

  912. the point to have two ball handler on the floor is to have those two ball handler share the ball so the ball don’t stick with one player and the offense become predictable. However, with Kemba or Batum dominant the ball while playing together with Lin defeat the purpose, and thus that “need two ball handler” pretty much become take the ball out of Lin’s hand. That’s not working better than put the ball in Lin’s hand.

  913. I have a crazy idea. If Lin still does not get a reasonable offer this off season, China government should ban NBA from China 🙂 China banned FaceBook, Google, can definitely ban NBA too

  914. LOL, no way.

  915. Batum and Walker run the offense to keep Lin from Linsanity.

  916. We focus too much on Lin; perhaps, we should take a look whom Lin has been playing with when he’s summoned for service.
    Is Lin really leading the 2nd unit or is there another who is actually leading the bench with Lin on the court?
    Anyway, the bench has not been playing Lin’s style of basketball.

  917. JLin postgame: “… I’m in control of the second team. I’m the leader of that…”
    What I’ve seen in the last 3 games, that wasn’t true on the court. Kemba/Batum plus everyone else wanted to be a hero while they were in second unit. Hence, it was terrible. Good for JLin to take this on his shoulder but many of us know the truth. Everyone wanted to be a “hero” and no one wanted to play teamball.

    JLin postgame interview: http://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2016/02/09/1454988486051-160208-lin.mov-281262

  918. It’s Kemba to play with Lin and then Batum stepped in for Walker. The bench has never got into the kind of rhythm of the first team. It happened some time in the Wizards game that the bench got into rhythm and the first unit couldn’t.

    Safe to assume that Walker or Batum should not play with the bench. Perhaps coach Clifford should consider playing Lin with MKG or Marvin Williams and have Walker and Batum sit down.

  919. To much money on the table and exchanging hands already.

  920. You should call yourself boxscorewatcher.

  921. Bulls need to find a trade for Lin and Lin needs to get out of Charlotte asap.

  922. He is always diplomatic in his opinions. He perseveres no matter how bad the situation is. He keeps it to himself.

  923. Then why are you following and posting here if he is that bad? Just to point out to everyone his fault and failures?

  924. Dorothy, what we are doing and experienced is nothing compared to some fans that I know. They can’t even sleep. They spend lots of money just to be in the games. They travel just to watch games.

  925. They are. They can’t sleep and eat.

  926. What about Kemba playing during blow out?

  927. True.

  928. I’ve found a link to prayer requests of Jeremy in Chinese. Anybody received the English yet? I’m subscribed to the group.


  929. Anybody here thinks Lin will get traded ?

  930. I remember Harden had an expiring contract. He was traded from OKC and later signed a new (max) deal with the Rockets. That was because Harden turned down the contract extension OKC had offered him. I don’t see any similar signs between Charlotte and Lin though.

  931. No, haven’t received one. Normally I receive the English prayer request before the Chinese version.

  932. Thanks for posting.
    See, Lin says his current situation is not better than previous years, but he has learned to enjoy it.
    btw, what is prayer item #3?

  933. Unless Lin rebels and pulls an Asik it’s unlikely, he’s too valuable even if underused, played out of position and constantly abused.

  934. HaHaHa, why do you think I was still up 3am my time and hang on this forum 🙂 ?

  935. What did he say?

  936. That’s exactly Lin’s attitude. Good post.

  937. Bulls would be my favorite team for Lin…Rose is very injury prone and he’s nowhere close to the player he used to be.

    Lin could also start alongside Rose and Butler…If Bulls were to promise a starting spot, I’d be for Lin going to Chicago instead of staying in Charlotte and only be considered a back-up in case Kemba gets hurt.

  938. Someone with better English probably will translate the whole thing, but I will do just the part I mentioned:
    I thank God for never stops teaching me to be content in Him .To be honest and regretfully, I did not enjoy my past 5 years with NBA, I always felt something was lacking ex. play time, starting, health, stats, entering play-offs or winning. This year, I learned to slow down the pace and enjoy everyday and every game. Although the situation surrounding me did not change, but God has worked in my heart and changed my prospects of things.

  939. Thanks

  940. Thanks, I guess we’ll just have to wait.

  941. I don’t know. There’s a number 3 if you click the pic but I don’t read or understand Chinese at all.

    I’ll just have to wait for his English email.

  942. Honestly no. Which is why I’m really hoping the Hornets make the playoffs.

  943. no #3 after clicking the picture, but we will probably find out pretty soon from his English prayer letter

  944. NO NO NO.

    Any player held to 20 mpg and under by his coach should not be blamed for being out of rhythm.

    Lin has been out of rhythm since the Cavs game, and it’s Clifford’s fault for not playing Lin enough.

  945. I have read the Chinese prayer requests. It was very telling about what was going on recently.

  946. Would you still keep blaming only Lin if Clifford keeps reducing Lin’s minutes?

    Before the season started, Clifford himself said that a player cannot get in rhythm if he plays less than 20 mpg.

    Well, that’s LIN he’s talking about.

    Besides, we are all GUESTS here. We do as this forum permits. If this forum doesn’t want constant trashing of Lin, then abide by the rules.

  947. Which might be why he’s posted in Chinese but not English? Just seems strange not to get it in English yet.

  948. Not me.

    WAIVED, possibly.

  949. That was FIRING BACK in the media.

    Lin is CLAIMING in the papers that he is the leader.

    It’s meant to send a message to Batum who hogs the ball with the frozen out 2nd unit.

  950. NO.

    Lin cannot do that in under 20 mpg.

  951. He’s so bad luck but I really think he should consider about his teamball theory that did make him into lots of trouble in the past & current situation… smh! I doubt he will change but ….. This will not be the last time we see this happen …. Right now I just hope season end soon.

  952. Trade Still possible; either to a bona-fide playoff contender later or

    Possibly next week JLIN & Al/Marv/Kaminsky for Okafor & TJ McConnell/Kendall Marshall is coming most trades come within 2 days of the Feb 18 trade deadline.

    Don’t count that one out yet – not the best chance tho.

    Hornets Waive JLIN impossibility as long as delusional Hornets think they can make playoffs.

  953. NO. It will not happen.

  954. This will not happen bc China fans also like Curry, LBJ…

  955. why would any team want to trade their assets for one year rental (jeremy lin)? jeremy is too good to be traded for bunch of chumps, but his contract that allows him to become free agent does not make him viable for blockbuster trade at the moment.

  956. i dont know bro… whenever rose comes to play lin will be moved to the bench unit back and forth… and j.butler is ball dominant – and deservingly so, he is top 10 player in the league. with butler around, lin wont have the ball in his hand often.

  957. dorothy… cmon…. lol >_>;;

  958. Hornets STARTERS Euphoric Beat 3rd string Bulls – Have not Proven can beat Good team who hits them in mouth.

    “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson

    – Hornets Starters can beat opponent Bench Scrubs but not healthy strong opponent
    – Back below .500 next against healthy Pacers and start of another losing streak before ASB
    – Marginalized now, Clifford begs JLIN help on TOUGH Teams (easy 3rd stringers Cliff wants prove can win without JLIN)
    – JLIN wrong when he said he leads 2nd TEAM – Kemba or Batum LEAD 2nd Team

    Hornets with Kemba/Batum cannot guide Hornets to playoffs (prove you can win against a good team without JLIN’s help – they can’t).

    Hornets lose to GOOD team, soul searching by Clifford/Hornets begins anew.

  959. He’ll finished the season but he will bounced.

  960. pacers have had an easy schedule so their record is better than hornets… but i think healthy hornets is a better team. not sure if pacers will be the team that will have the hornets soul searching tbh.

  961. Hornets STARTERs are not a better team when facing most GOOD (healthy) teams unless JLIN is in the starting group.

    When Hornets starters give up a lead against good teams, they fade and wilt and expect the bench to bail them out – now they give bench no time to deliver.

    They will lose when they get hit by a good team.

  962. To summarise…Cliff has betrayed me, period.

  963. i hope lin does and goes to dallas mavericks. mavs have craved for linsanity since the knicks days. mark cuban is a passionate and heavily involved owner, while rick carlisle is top 3 coach in the league. he will get paired back with chandler parsons and replace all those injury prone scrub PGs they have. he will drive and kick to wesley matthews for the 3. dirk with the pick and pop if he doesnt retire. bunch of flexible contracts to maneuver to sign a competent center for lin’s godly pnr.

  964. pacers are not a good team tho. they’ve only played against scrub teams and lost against almost all the playoff teams.

    they are NOT a good team, lol. look at who they’ve played so far. they got exposed in january.

  965. It’s been half a season, Paul George and his team mostly at full strength.
    You believe Pacers are more overrated and I believe Hornets are more overrated.

    When the Pacers have a hand in the face of Batum/Marv/Hawes on 3 ptrs and they don’t fall then it’s back to one-trick-Pony Kemba show and he will not keep up with George’s team.

  966. bro… did you even look at their schedule? they cant even beat memphis griz. the only reason they’re above .5 is because they inflated their record against scrub teams in november.

  967. Did you look at Hornets schedule? Take a look at some of teams Horns have lost to, and everyone has injuries.

  968. No more doubt that Lin got “jibbed” by Hornets. Whenever he posts a verse or prayer request, that means he’s reaching to fellow Christians to cover him in prayers, and letting everyone know he’s facing difficulty (in his NBA circumstances)… We’ll get the full gist once he sends out English prayers.

  969. Just a reminder your Hornets have lost to Suns, Nuggets, Bucks, Pelicans and been played tough by many bad teams. And again all teams play with injuries look at Bulls.

  970. The Pacers are much stronger than the Hornets when Lin is held under 20 mpg.

  971. Hornets most likely will again try to prove they can win without JLIN. 18min.

    This time will backfire on Clifford.

  972. I just don’t see any other team where Lin will be in a better situation with more PT and control the ball when he’s on the court. I think the only “better” situation might be going to a contender and play even less PT and at least get a ring, so he can experience success in team context. I think the only thing Lin can do and is doing is to try to be content with his BB situation and look for other endeavors beyond BB that makes him happier. I see Lin retiring from NBA and BB in about 3 years to pursue other endeavors.

    I mean the guy already gave more than his K value, so he already did his job. He should just view NBA games as chances to exercise and practice his shooting and stay above all the hoopla. If another opportunity comes to start, fine. If not, try to develop non-BB endeavors for his future after NBA.

    I think KHuang feels similarly, if I am not mistaken.

    I was just thinking it would be interesting if another Asian-American player joined NBA and played with a different style, i.e., playing for personal stats more, so that we can compare and see how the other player gets treated.

  973. there are teams that will take a dump on hornets in the face, but pacer is not one of them. who do they have besides pg (whom MKG will be icing)? monta ellis, who is former shell of himself?

    teams like clippers, hornets, gsw, spurs, OKC are amongst the only teams that give hornets a loss so embarrassing that they’d go “soul searching.”

    next thing you’ll be telling me is you are expecting milwaukee bucks to give hornets a soul crushing defeat, lol.

  974. I see JLIN going to his dream starting franchise point guard job next season leading his team to many years of success.

  975. You think a loss to the Pheonix Suns or Denver Nuggets is an honorable loss?

  976. ..or Clifford isn’t better than BS or McHale.

  977. That was one puzzling moment on that play where Cam Newton didn’t dive to protect possession of the ball. My guess is that he was thinking of protecting his body first bc he knew many heavy pounds will lay on top of him and he didn’t want to get hurt.
    We saw times and again, Lin would dive to get loose ball and pass to the open man. That was how he got Daniels the winning shot in Rox playoffs game. Lin was all about team first and winning and regardless who will get the glory, even if he might get hurt in the process…

  978. Good insight into how Lin is thinking. I thought at least Hornets players and fans are better, so he should be happier in that context.

  979. Let it be. Amen.

  980. Clifford is slowly showing his true color in term of how he treated lin. I have more respect for BS because he at least tell you he’s an azz*^! ^, unlike this snake hiding its identity.

    Lin’s chinese language requesting for prayer spoke out clearly, his current situation has not been changed. ..

  981. After Cliff started the “blame game” he lost my respect. That was one of the array of hopes I had for him to at least “not be a badmouth”, but I can see now that he’s like McHale or BS. Lin’s prayer request makes it clear w/o a doubt that he’s heading towards a tumultuous ride for the rest of the season unless a miracle happens.

  982. I for one saw exactly who Clifford was since game 1 of the season opener. You’re a good person trying to give him the benefit of the doubt until….

  983. The Philadelphia game during Linsanity clearly illustrate the difference between MDA and clifford in terms of trust in Jlin….Jlin was shooting 1 for 10 (or 11)…but MDA still keep Jlin in the game where he blew up in the 4 quarter and led the comeback to beat the 76ers and allowing Spike Lee to talk trash to will smith and that was awsome….. clifford on the other hand…not so much trust to be observed…smh

  984. wow this is possibly the saddest thing i have read on this board. Basically Lin should call it quits and be content being an average player for the rest of his career. does not have to go to a contender if he wants a starting job. i think Lin knows he needs to build his reputation up as a starter. Nets 76ers or whoever would be willing to give him a shot i say go there.

  985. I read his motive for the Hornets plan after he started PJ instead of Lin. At that time, I was still giving him credit for “not badmouthing” Lin or playing the blame game. But since he started blaming the bench for the MIA loss, which we and objective fans knew that was not the case– it was KW’s 2TOs that had caused the loss. Then no mention or praise of Lin making the winning shots in Wiz post game. And in Bulls post game, he pointed to the bench for ‘lack of energy’ where he himself had dismantled it w/o giving any kind of structure or consistent minutes, playing starters over 30 min for them to pad stats, when the lead was up 20+ pts. Those actions are no different from what McHale or BS did to Lin.

  986. Ok why was my post removed?

  987. Excellent point by point.

  988. it violated Rule 1 on reference to BScott.
    Please refrain from any cursing and forms of substitution.

    1. We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

  989. Thanks…ok here is the crude translation from Uncle Google

    1 Praise God continues to teach me how to get satisfaction and joy in Him. I regret and be honest, I did not enjoy my first five-year NBA career. Always feel something is missing, such as playing time, starting, healthy, game data, etc. into the playoffs to win the game. This year, I learned to slow down and enjoy every day I’m better every game than ever. Me some situation has not changed, but God is in my heart to do the work, I changed my view of things!

    2, I had a swollen ankle for a while like a tennis so much and a few other injuries, my teammates have affected this for me and my teammates health prayer.

    3. Please pray for my teammates salvation and to live a holy life. Many of them are willing to learn more about Jesus Christ or hope to establish good I’m glad to be able to be one of them, I hope our team can be filled with the Spirit

    4 Please pray for my prayer life. I want to make myself write the prayer diary for some time, and now finally get started, please pray for me so that I can continue to concentrate on listening to records Prayer and the Word of God, instead of just talking to God himself speaking straight

    5- Please can all the Lunar New Year family get together to pray, I hope you enjoy this happy hour. I hope you have the opportunity to share with family love and serve each other

    6. For those countries, high school and college students face res world) pressure (such as university admission) prayer. They want to experience God’s love and affirmation of Jesus Christ.

    7. Pray for all items you sent your sincere intercession share many of crisis, whether at work, salvation, mental illness of loved ones, trauma repair. Prayer items and so incredible. Let us put you in front of the living conditions regardless of how you still can concentrate on seeking God and feel His unconditional love and get beyond the people can understand peace to pray!

  990. Really? Wow.

  991. So I watched the replay last night on NBA league pass. Ballstreams is dead 🙁

    Anyway it seems to me that Lin is injured or he checked out mentally last night. Didn’t seem to really want the ball or be aggressive with it. My guess would be that since the starters were up so big in the game he didn’t feel like going hard especially with his ankle.

    Now that the starters are back, as long as Kemba, MKG, and Batum are healthy I think Lin’s minutes will be between 15-20 mpg for the rest of the season. Even though in my opinion he is better then all of them NBA politics is a real thing.

    The main thing for Lin this season is to play efficient basketball, play good defense, and help the Hornets win games. Hopefully this will give him some offers for 8+ million/yr so this way he can get more playing time. GMs will continue to sleep on him so I’m guessing he will again get $2-5 million/yr and be a backup PG next season sadly.

  992. Last night mods just banned a real troll who tried incite racism & used “divide& conquer” strategy to create fights among JLin fans.

    I am concerned and noticed there have been an increase of negativity due to accusations among Lin fans due to difference of opinions so this is when real trolls tried to come in to stir up trouble.

    I would request true Lin fans here to be vigilant to maintain the positive environment with 80% positive and 20% negative (constructive criticism) posts to prevent trolls to infiltrate.

    Please refrain from calling fellow Lin fans troll and focus on the issues rather than the person.
    Spend more time on what we agree and celebrate about good things that JLin brings than what we disagree. It would take all of our effort to be patient with one another to create a positive environment here.

    I would also ask Mods to be more diligent in deleting posts that break the rules, including game time.
    Thank you for helping to maintain the positive environment for JLin fans.

  993. please see my latest post for my concern and explanation on why it invites real Lin haters to come here.
    I didn’t actually remove it this time but it could be flagged or deleted by mods.

    thank you

  994. I heard an interesting statistic that is very helpful for the Hornets playoff run. For the rest of the season the Hornets do not play west of the Mississippi. Less travel, means less fatigue and stress.

  995. This goes back to my concern for Jlin health….I hope that ankle is 100% after the asg….and beyond that…I hope he will pick and choose his playing style with the main goal is to stay healthy for his real team next year

  996. A remote possibility, just remote and my takes only.

    But could it be all the drama we saw since game 1 are all just smoke for the bigger picture?

    Recall a year ago, when Lin had an amazing 7 mini-Linsanity games after ASG 2015 in Lakers? During this stretch, BS magically let Lin play to death with ED on many PnRs. This period was just happened to be the week of Chinese New Year. Why BS would suddenly change his stubborn mind to release Lin’s leash? The only possible explanation is NBA told BS/Lakers to let Lin play his games during NBA promotion for Chinese New Year. If NBA was not high on Chinese market, why bothered to shot ads with Lin in it for Chinese New Year promotion? NBA sees Lin as the liaison and key to Chinese market.

    Lin shot another NBA Chinese New Year promotion this year. But why Hornets not showcasing Lin during Chinese New Year week this year? Hornets management are not that dumb for not utilizing Lin to maximum value. NBA must had told Hornets to do the same to let Lin play his games. But why NBA let Hornets marginalize Lin so much during these 3 games? A possible explanation: Hornets told NBA that they need to do some trade showcasing before ASG and the long term interests outweigh the short term loss on Chinese New Year rating. A tactic move behind a strategic master plan – to move KW and build a team around Lin.

    Yes, I might be crazy. Yes, I might be delusional. But call me that after ASG if KB is not traded or is not benched.

    Many signs point to this possible master plan:

    1. MJ said Lin is the biggest acquisitions this off-season.
    2. MJ actively seeking China sponsorship.
    3. MJ during games with apoplectic faces when KW scores like crazy but showed excitement when Lin played.
    4. Cliff marginalized the 2nd unit to depress the trading value of some key players, lamb, Troy, Kam, and of course Lin.
    5. Cliff played Walker/Batum in GT last game like death. Why risked injuries and fatigue on your key players on these meaningless games unless you want to pump up their trade values.
    6. Lin not driving much for the past 3 games. Could he be told not to risk for injuries?

    Well, I could be totally wrong. But if I am right, MJ not only was a great basketball player, he is also an amazing businessman.

    Hope I am right. Let’s see if MJ wants a gold mine or a lifeless NBA team with nowhere to go in 4 years.

  997. At this point…it’s que Sera sera….whatever it will be…will be…

  998. Good analysis. But don’t think NBA will discuss player PT with teams, and teams won’t tell NBA about their inner management.

  999. i knew it! Lin is going for the Shikamaru look (from Naruto). it’s taking form nicely

  1000. better than bs, worst than mahale

  1001. I just think that when Lin DECIDES to take charge and DEMANDS that his teammates play teamball, there’s little that his coach or even teammates can do or even want to do about it!

  1002. Totally agree.

    Besides, Lin’s going to POUND IT next game.

    Lin’s retirement from the NBA could come as soon as next season, if nobody wants him because of his race.

  1003. “Average” applies to players like Brian Roberts that cannot put up gigantic numbers in 20 minutes, NOT LIN!

  1004. Not less travel – it’s more travel – Hornets are not a good road team, in fact quite the opposite they are quite bad on the road.

    Remaining Games
    Hornet Away Gms 17
    Hornets Home Gms 13

    And a ride on an airplane for 1 hour is not much different than 2 hrs. So not sure fatigue/stress plays any part whatsoever.

    If the Hornets play the way they played in Dec/Jan then the distribution of wins based on past propensity Home vs. Away – then they will be a below .500 team and likely miss playoffs

  1005. Good analysis, but you miss one important point which is before Hornets trades Kemba, they must have Lin’s consent to stay. If so, then Lin would not feel so miserable again. I wish I am wrong though…

  1006. That many road games?

    Hornets are IN TROUBLE.

    Even after Lin takes charge next game, the bench can’t do enough damage in their 20 mpg to offset the poor play of the starters.

  1007. Let’s just say it’s a sliding slope downhill, until a brake (miracle) is turned on to stop the fall or miraculously carry it back up to the top…

  1008. MJ has no interest in JLIN other than to see him come off the bench. Period.

    Hornets entire organization is bad for JLIN and most important JLIN knows it.

    Remainder of the season is play efficiently when get minutes and keep in contact with MDA.

  1009. Have you read Lin’s Prayer Request in Chinese?

  1010. link?

  1011. Scroll down the page and you’ll see it. Yascar posted it.

  1012. Most Lin fans know that Lin loves the anime Naruto. I’ve been a fan of Naruto as well for a long time as well even before I knew who Lin was.

    Naruto was hated and feared by everyone in his village because he carried a demon within him, a demon that had trashed the village when Naruto was a baby. He suffered as an orphan. Instead of growing up hating everyone that had mistreated him, Naruto worked really hard to earn the love of people around him. Slowly he built a life and earned everyone’s trust and admiration by his “ninja way”. One of his friends said that Naruto had a gift for making people around him be his friend and that Naruto also made them feel as if they could follow his lead. I think Lin really identifies himself with Naruto because of these traits.

    One of the epic battles Naruto had was against a group of villians called “Pain”. They destroyed the Leaf Village and killed many people. Their goal was to bring about “peace” by subjugating all of the great ninja nations. Naruto fought them all and eventually confronts the leader of “Pain”.

    Pain asks Naruto why he resists them when the present ninja world was doomed to a cycle of violence and hatred. One clan kills another in battles and a cycle of revenge inevitably creates more and more hatred and violence. Pain asks Naruto what he feels in his heart, does he want to kill him and take revenge for killing his friends in the village? Naruto responded by saying that he feels so much anger and hate within him that it was all he can do to suppress that rage to smash him.

    Naruto eventually convince Pain to trust him that he will bring about peace in the world and that he would never allow his inner demons to change his heart to change the world. At that moment, the leader of Pain relents and sacrifices himself by using all of chacra to bring all the lives lost in the recent battle. Pain and his followers then promise to follow Naruto from now on.

    Naruto in the end didn’t want to just bring about peace in the ninja nations. What he did was conquer hate with love. That’s how Naruto changed a villain like Pain into believing in him. Naruto convinced him by not allowing the hate within him eat him up and tried to kill Pain. It was because Naruto chose to love instead of hate that he turn Pain into submission.

    Lin’s ultimate battle isn’t to just be a star basketball player. Lin is like Naruto, he is trying to change the world by showing that he can be successful without cheating, without pushing others down, without jealousy or selfishness. Naruto’s battle with Pain is much like Lin’s battle with pain. Will Lin rage and lose himself by succumbing to the ways of the world or will Lin be like Naruto and fight on with his ninja way to bring about change in this evil world.

  1013. I don’t know much about Naruto. Thanks for telling us the story.

  1014. So the final stage of his hairdo, Lin has to wear a band to wrap/keep his hair tied up in place?

  1015. That doesn’t mean the plot is not realistic. We shall see after ASG.

  1016. This picture from Joy suggests his ankles still might not be right. Would explain past few games and shooting. We know how Batum’s toe effected his shooting.


  1017. Ouch. Didn’t realize that. Likely not make playoffs because every game counts now. Hornets wasted their cushion and I don’t see Lin being empowered enough to go on a winning streak.

  1018. Yes, the difference between the Hornets’ performance at home and on the road is marked.

    Overall, they are 26-26, but are 19-9 at home and 7-17 on the road.

  1019. if he is infact going for this look then yes, he’ll likely have something to wrap it up. do a search on google images for ‘Shikamaru’ and you’ll get tons of pictures. he’s got something like a man-bun but much more manly imo. its not very long and the ends sticks out. i’d call it an asian man-bun

  1020. Lol? you’re really a true fan.

  1021. Most of them are really negative I don’t even bother reading them.

  1022. I’ve been saying it all along that he’s not happy with his present situation.He came in for a cheap contract knowing that somewhat he will be treated fairly but still being betrayed.As I said next year would be his break out year and not on this team!!!!!!
    I hope we will get some scoop after that big game against the Cavs because I guess that’s the tipping point of his mistreatment.

  1023. example

  1024. That’s a big possibility. But you know what, if the miracle of Linsanity happened and the very reason why we are here in this forum, I still believe and pray that something bigger is still going to happen. I guess deep down inside of most Lin fans are praying and hoping that something bigger than Linsanity is going to happen to Lin. If he is destined to be a great person I think it will happen. I pray it will happen!?

  1025. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/02/the-daily-show-demarcus-cousins-t-shirt#

    A funny yet biting spoof on Demarcus Cousins T shirt stuff. I laughed several times. Right on point.

  1026. Again, you are twisting what I posted. I am saying just try his best and be happy. Certain things are beyond his control. No need to get unhappy, etc. There is a certain point where if you have been doing your best, just try to find more satisfaction outside that ONE endeavor.

  1027. Very true. Very deceiving and more deadly than the previous coaches.

  1028. Lin has been doing his best or near best. At certain point, there is no point in being unhappy when certain matters are beyond your control. Maybe it’s a time that Lin tries to find other endeavors outside BB that will make him happier. Lin should take real pride that he tried very hard.

  1029. This again? Kemba going all hero ball again tomorrow to try to get into the All Star game?



  1030. wow…. you really stretched that one lol

  1031. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but I’ve been reading the posts regularly. As for JLin’s situation with the Hornets, I think his goal was to get some playing time to showcase his skills as a playmaker and prove that he should be a starting PG in the league, as well as disprove some of the myths about his weaknesses such as his defense. I don’t think staying long term with the Hornets was ever a possibility as long as the Hornets was committed to Kemba Walker. If JLin is satisfied with being a backup PG, or backup SG, or so called sixth man, I’m sure there are many other options out there.

    So if we look back to this season so far, I think JLin did have a few good games stats-wise and had a stellar performance as the starting PG against the Cavs, and the poor defense myth is slowly overturned, so I think he will have more options in the offseason, especially with the higher cap that allow teams to spend more, compared to the previous offseason where he thought the Hornets’ offer (1 year short term deal) was the best option for him.

    Regarding JLin’s reduced role in the last few games, it’s probably disappointing for both JLin as us fans, but the season isn’t over yet. If we look at the positive side, it’s probably good for JLin to rest his ankles more. Whatever is the deal with coach Clifford or the Hornets organization, that is something out of JLin’s control. As a JLin fan, I believe he will make the best out of his limited opportunity and leave it all out there. I have no expectation, but I hope and will be on the lookout for another game where JLin gets his opportunity to shine again. I will try to focus on the positive and the hope for a better future. For those that choose to take a pessimistic view of things, I suppose they had also thought that JLin would be out of the NBA after getting cut by GSW and Rockets and almost by the Knicks. And we all knew what happened next.

  1032. I believe Lin would have left a long time ago if he could find satisfaction somewhere else. Im glad Lin does not give up even though he has had it rough. He is only 27 years old and still improving his game. i’d be chocked if Lin retired at the age of 30. There are teams that need a PG. it does not need to be a contender like i have said, Lin needs to build his reputation as a starter. going to a mediocre team without much of any stars might not be a bad idea.

  1033. I’m not unhappy at all,this is just me posting as a fan of Lin and basketball

  1034. Not talking about Lin fans. Talking about Lin. What Lin does or not has no effect on my happiness either except a little bit or less enjoyment in watching NBA. From his prayer request, he seems he is unhappy with his BB situation but is trying to make the best of it on daily basis.

  1035. I didn’t read all your post,the only way he can be a happy is find a team and a coach that believes in him.

  1036. My very point is that since he tried and it doesn’t seem as if what you say will happen (starting), he should just be happy and be proud that he tried hard. And leave what he cannot control to whoever. I am also offering another avenue where he can be happier is to try to develop non-BB endeavors.

  1037. Lin has shown enough for being a start PG. He did lead team won Cavs, Raptors. In Hornets, he can’t get Kemba’s stats even Batum except they are out.

  1038. what the…eff did i just read..

  1039. Might be a good market for PG’s in 2016. Hope JLin gets opportunity to show off more of his value after the All Star break.


  1040. I agree that Lin has shown that he has the ability to be a starting PG in NBA. However, I am not in a group who believes that the reason he is not starting is due to racism. I don’t have a strong position in this though.

  1041. And they didn’t even want to talk to Lin’s agent over the summer. I really don’t want Lin to go there and save that organization unless ownership changes.


    Report: Last month, #Knicks inquired about #Hawks PG Jeff Teague and PG Dennis Schroder. Talks didn’t progress due to NY’s lack of assets.


  1042. Tiger Woods is an Area-51 Athlete
    James Harden is a “Grassy Knoll” Athlete
    Kobe is a “Lindberg Baby” Athlete

  1043. Camelo is a duce underground base product

  1044. Well, JLin could have gone into another field and be successful too, but he didn’t and chose to play basketball, a more difficult job with the odds against him. So I don’t think he would be content until he gets what he wants, to be a starter and play teamball. But he’s already successful and if he decides to pursue other endeavors, that’s okay as well.

  1045. Only if Lin can make all-star game next year in Charlotte…that is if he remains a Hornet.

  1046. I hope Lin is given a chance soon to produce that magic again we saw 4 years ago at MSG. There is something about the big spotlight like playing at MSG that brings out the best of Lin. He thrives in the big game and late situations. We know he performs his best late in games. Just watching that 3 pointer over Calderon against the Raps and that 38 point performance against the fakers was nothing short of magical…Man that should be happening for Lin, but for whatever reason it’s not.

    One can only dream, but I hope Lin is leading his own team in the East to the finals to have epic showdowns with Curry and the Warriors.

    Lin versus Curry in the NBA finals one day…I think the only person that believes this can happen one day is Lin himself.

  1047. I feel for you jlin.

  1048. Man, I think you’re stretching it…I’d love to see it, but you are dreaming big here…Nothing wrong with dreaming big, but sometimes, you have to be realistic…Kemba is the team franchise and he’s having a great year, so I doubt they trade him, specially when they are in contention of making the playoff.

  1049. Agree here…People who think Hornets are about to trade Kamba and give the key to Lin are simply not being realistic…Wishful thinking….There’s not much to suggest such a thing is in the work..

    All the trade rumors that kemba is on the block are fake…some guy in Tawaiin made those stuff up to get Lin fan excited…That’s very evil for someone to do something like that and get our hopes up for Lin.,

    Please, let’s not get our hopes up with fake rumors that Kemba will be traded so Lin can run the show…Clifford don’t even trust Lin to run the second unit, how is he going to trade the guy he trust in Kemba and than let the guy he doesn’t trust to run second unit to run the first unit.

    I hope Lin gets traded to Bulls or even the Knicks..that is if Dolan and Melo can swallow their pride and bring Lin back…They really need a PG and Lin would be a starter there.

  1050. Please stop with this BS rumor plot….It is more likely that Lin is the one that could be traded….Clifford loves Kemba too much to allow Jordan to trade him.

  1051. or get traded to team that needs him

  1052. Gosal >>>>>> Kemba
    not a snub
    If he wants to be an all star he better start playing like one

  1053. If you take out the BS part, it would be much appreciated.

  1054. Please observe the site rule: No name calling. Please change it as soon as you see this message. Otherwise, the post will be deleted soon. Thanks for the cooperation.

  1055. Who is going to replace Jeff Teague for the Hawks ?

  1056. No problem, just do another Kia commercial:


  1057. Thank you for giving your perspective. Often when I’ve tried to express the same, I’ve been told I don’t want the best for Lin and that just isn’t true. I want the best for Lin just like everyone else but I’m just not sure an ideal situation exists anywhere in the NBA. Lin appears to be learning to slow down and be happy in his situation. That is not giving up on his dreams or becoming less ambitious, it is simply thriving and growing in a world that is imperfect.

    I do think he finds great joy in his foundation and I hope he will still find the time to grow that aspect of his life and interests.

  1058. Sounds like Atlanta is just planning to blow it all up. And they’re in 5th place in the East. Compared with the Hornets who are at 9.

  1059. JLin

  1060. Do you know how long that series is? It’s over 500 shows.

  1061. I think they wanted to contend after their success last season. Anything less is worth blowing the team up for.

  1062. Good to know this… LOL!

  1063. Oh! Bc of this ASG replacement that’s why Kemba needed to be the big scorer for the team again?! smh!

  1064. Ridiculous

  1065. JLin has a new blog up. But, I don’t know how to link it here. If you know how, please do. Thanks! 🙂

  1066. Yes, that was the moment when Cam let the brass ring slip through his hands.

    Yep, JLin is a guy who comes through for the blessings he has, and he earns that moment in the sun. We are lucky to be able to be so close to that greatness with all the social media, various ways to watch, etc. When I was younger, there just was maybe 2 articles in the Sunday paper about someone great leader, role model.

  1067. Here u go. Thanks for the heads-up.
    click link for swollen ankle & hair pics

    Feb 9 Happy Chinese New Year!
    Posted by JLin

    繁體 | 简体

    Since my last post, a LOT has happened! We played 17 games in 31 days in 13 cities…sheeeeesh!! This stretch was easily the toughest of the season, but we fought through it and ended the month pretty well. Our team can’t seem to catch a break with injuries, as people seem to be dropping left and right, but I know that the upcoming All-Star break will be huge for our team to rest and get healthy. Having said that, it’s been a pleasure to welcome back MKG to the lineup…his energy, defense and leadership has provided us with a much-needed spark!

    As you guys know, Chinese New Year is here, which brings back some memories. As a kid, I used to loveee Chinese New Year because of the red envelopes with money. It also meant an awesome potluck and family time! This year, we have a game on Chinese New Year, and my family won’t be in town so it definitely won’t have the same feel unfortunately. It’s also the year of the monkey, which happens to be the zodiac year of my mom and little brother (dragons are obviously the best, duh).

    Speaking of my little brother, he made the All-Star team as a rookie in the professional basketball league in Taiwan!! Although it’s been fun to keep up with his season, I definitely miss seeing him and my mom, who are temporarily living in Taiwan for the season. It’s been surreal watching Joe (aka JoeLinsta/WeiWei/BabyLin/Jodor) grow up. He’s a professional basketball player, sponsored by Adidas and has some awesome hair. Speaking of hair, I swear my hair is barely growing anymore. This process of growing it out has been soooo tedious. I don’t know how much longer my mohawk will be able to stand up.

    As for All-Star break, I can’t wait to go home. Mister Jonas made me really miss California haha. I remember landing after a road trip, and my entire car was caked in snow. On top of that, I had no ice shovel thing so I had to borrow one. It was my first experience driving in snow (I never had a car in college so I never dealt with these issues before). Lastly, I finally found some moto and ripped jeans that fit me. For those of you who don’t know, I have thunder thighs, which makes it impossible to fit into most skinny jeans and joggers, but after 2 years, I finally found some jeans that I can actually fit. You don’t understand how happy this made me lol.

  1068. Thought his ankle was still bothering him. Wonder if Master Lo is back doing the acupuncture or someone else?

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Posted by JLin


  1069. Thank you Psalm!


  1071. Looking at this picture now… I have mixed feelings about his playing time in the last two games.
    Is it just the angle? It still looks very swollen to me.

  1072. I’m totally disgusted seeing this swelling. This ankle looks like it’s swollen to the size of a golf ball. To put Ln in the way of harm by asking him to play is totally irresponsible.

  1073. Part of it is the angle. But still looks swollen like the size of a lemon.

  1074. Thanks.

  1075. Looks bad –
    Should not have played last game. Should sit out next game

  1076. You have to question the competency of the Hornets training staff to even allow Jeremy to play with an ankle that is swollen that much. Totally irresponsible.

  1077. Got nothing to do with the medical staff. Clifford/Hornets FO call the shots and our always-willing-to-please JLIN acquieses – if Clifford begs JLIN to play defense for him and in the past dangled a Start then that’s the way it goes.

    I’ve said all along the conversation between Medical trainers and JLIN goes like this, : “how does it feel? JLIN: “feels ok”

    Clifford: “Great then you are playing”

    Hornets/Clifford === Care nothing for possible permanent, Steph Curry type 11 ankle injuries, 2 surgeries with potential career threatening implications.

  1078. Am thinking this is the work of Lin’s own doctor. Temporary masking of pain. He really should sit out and let it heal.

  1079. Had suspected the ill ankle for the past three poor performances, which were not Jeremy at all. He always responded “I’m ok” in many interviews. So, you really cannot judge from what’s announced in public. Odd is that Lin has not been listed as “questionable” or “day by day”. You have to wonder if the medical staff and Clifford are capable, or, they just don’t care and use Jeremy as disposable.

  1080. Much longer than just three games.

    Have said for over a month JLIN has lost first-step explosiveness and he makes mid-air adjustments on his 3 pt attempts because the propulsion from his feet/legs inadequate and if you watch closely you can see limping and facial grimacing.

    They do not care; know JLIN is gone after this year.

  1081. Needs to go back to the Bay area at ASB and visit Steph Curry’s ankle docs.

  1082. He should rest and heal that but seeing as how tomorrows game would be the last chance to catch 8th seed before the All Star break I suspect he will still try to play on that.

  1083. I really hope he sits tomorrow and heal up during the all star break. The selfish Lin fan in me doesn’t want him to hurt and further destroy his own market value.

  1084. Ankle injury takes forever to heal. Athletes would just tape it up and play through it. He must’ve re-aggravated it during the Cav’s game. The last two games you can tell he’s shutting it down by not going to the paint as much. Hopefully the Pacers game is a blow up for the Hornets otherwise knowing Lin he’ll crank it up a notch if needs to.

  1085. JLIn just shows a pic without mentioning anything..at least now we know what’s going on with his bad game..

  1086. Same here, not like the team cherishes him anyway! No need to aggravate his injury for a temporary team.

  1087. Take Solace that season is almost over. Then on to better things (hopefully with MDA)