G50 LAL @ORL PreGame Thread+Poll

After an expected 30 min when JLin was allowed to be the PG in Q4 and OT plus unfathomable nice praises from BScott, how would JLin play in the ORL game?

Is this showcasing for a trade before Feb 19 trade deadline expires?

Let’s hope FO gave direction to BScott to showcase JLin to gauge interest from across the league.

Otherwise, Lakers will not receive compensation when Lin walks away in the summer after Free Agency.

Not many logical people would believe Lin will come back to continue being marginalized by Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant, especially after JLin’s NY post-game interview that he’s open to evaluate his optionsΒ in the Free Agency.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. First?

  2. I am seeing posts that Kobe wants another contract. I knew it. Lakers will give Kobe another contract after this season. I knew it. Kobe is going to milk the Lakers dry. These Buss kids are going to run the Lakers into the ground….smh

  3. I just thought the Lin’s Salute is pretty cool after the big 3 so here we go one more time.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary+1 day of Linsanity!


  4. I don’t think Jeanie would do it, though since Lakers would be irrelevant. No FA would come to be marginalized by Kobe after Dwight & Lin debacle.
    One more year of Kobe retirement show should do it.

    But the good thing is Lin shouldn’t be in LA next year! =)

  5. First Trade? =>
    Let’s hope it’s done after this game!

  6. dang, sorry for all of LA fans and your nieces.

  7. sorry, but the madhouse trolls were right – it takes an injury for Kobe to face reality, which is that he’s really bad at basketball now.

  8. This is one of the better creative swags out there … gives our armed services folks the nod they deserve.

  9. In case Long PFV not posted:

  10. More details trickling in. All players will have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2
    hands, and a background playing basketball. This is all my “insider”
    information real-time. You guys are welcome!

  11. Ya! As I thought why Kobe & BS tried so hard to push Lin out of Lakers bc he wants to get extend contract in 2016. If no one comes or stays then Lakers will have to sign Kobe. Everything will back to good old days for Kobe. smh! I

  12. As long as Lin will not be there…I am totally OK with it…

  13. Not Lin related…Something Light…one of my favorite videos from MNET contestants…enjoy… Also Tablo from Epick High one the judges….

  14. I thought it was called “three to the dome”

  15. I like “fly” from epik high

  16. If they lose this game, you know the team is hopeless.

  17. I love all of their stuff, especially Tablo’s , I need an airbag. He is a Stanford alumina grad.

  18. (Some) People have short memories

    Right now the question on everyone’s mind is: Will JLin be moved to a playoff bound team by the Feb 19th trade deadline or will he be stuck for another 29 miserable games under the thumb of BS who barely lets him play 20 minutes or take more than a handful of shots?

    I think he will be traded but I admit that I am having a very hard time separating my wishful thinking from my rational thinking. This much I can say: During the next couple of weeks we will hear countless rumors but we will not know anything reliable unless and until a trade actually takes place. How do I know?

    I started to follow the NBA closely only after Linsanity so I don’t have that much experience waiting on trade news. But social media is relatively new and I did learn a number of lessons during the past 3 years.

    Year #1: I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a trade deadline. But I do remember that Lin and the Rox returned from the All-Star break to find that 3 key Rox players had simply vanished. Lin was so surprised and upset to lose 3 friends that he said, “I didn’t even feel like playing tonight.” There had been no Rox trade rumors (to my knowledge) and Morey hadn’t said a word.

    Year #2 (trade deadline): I was ready by the second year. According to rumors, Morey always likes to be aggressive in terms of wheeling and dealing personnel, and we should expect some major moves by the trade deadline. By that point, all savvy Lin fans wanted Lin to be traded to some other team. Asik was desperate to be traded and he made it well known by “going on strike” while waiting to be traded. Morey even acknowledged that Asik’s trade request would be granted and that gave Lin fans hope that perhaps Lin would also be traded as part of an Asik package.

    But guess what? The trade deadline came and went and Lin and Asik were still Rockets. Morey said he had tried and failed so now Asik would remain a Rocket for the remainder of his contract. Morey was basically saying that Asik would have to stay not only the remainder of this season, but ALL of next season as well. Again, most Lin fans were sorely disappointed. Contrary to rumors, Morey had not made any big moves. (He reacquired Albert Brooks, that’s all.)

    Year #2 (off-season): After the Rox were eliminated from the first round of the playoffs in humiliating fashion, “big moves” were predicted. The rumors were flying hot and heavy. Now almost all Lin fans were desperate for Lin to be traded away from the Rox where he was marginalized and routinely criticized and scapegoated by the Linsanit- hating coach McHale. At that time we were still on the “old” fan site and there was a vocal group of naysayers trying to dampen all hope. “Lin will never be traded. No team wants him. He’s too expensive. etc.” But still the rumors persisted. There was Jersey-gate. There was a “strong” rumor Lin would go to the Sixers. The Sixers? “That may be even worse than the Rox”, many feared. Then suddenly, out of nowhere came word that Lin was traded to the LA Lakers. It was repeated from multiple sources and before long there was official notification.

    Moral of the story: Expect the unexpected and don’t believe anything until it’s official πŸ™‚

  19. have you heard tablo haters some of those group went to jail and its related and about stanford…forget the name of the hater group

  20. More details trickling in. All players will have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2
    hands, and a background playing basketball. This is all my “insider”
    information real-time. You guys are welcome!

    from lg don’t know if insider or fake……….take it with a grain of salt

  21. He was completely vindicated He graduated from Stanford with a degree in English literature.

  22. Her is the song airbag. He went through a lot and this album brought him back…Love me some Tablo:

  23. I think Jeannie is the one pushing Kobe, because she she said in her last interview that Kobe should be sure if retirement is best for him. My take is that she wants to fire her brother and he himself has stated that he re-sign if the team is not a contending team within 3 years. If the Lakers sign Kobe for another 2 years after his 2016 contract, Jim Buss is done. Lakers are all about the politics, unfortunately the players are caught in the middle. I suspect Lin/Boozer/Davis will be gone because they will accept contracts on a contending team..just my opinion

  24. Drama continues

    Byron Scott Wants Nick Young To Be More Than A β€˜One Trick Pony’

  25. Omdg. They will be dumb enough to do just that. He needs to do everyone a favor and retire. Think he is refusing, and Lakers just want him to retire as Laker. Hostage crises.

  26. For a dude who likes kids, he doesn’t know how to properly carry a baby.

  27. He can deal with kids but not yet with babies. Give him time and he’ll be a great daddy when he finds the right person.

  28. A friend’s baby? Is that one if Howard’s babies?

  29. I have a feeling this game will be a loss. Can’t let Orlando outtank the Tank Commander BS!

  30. BS just making enemies and marginalizing anyone who could outshine Kobe! On Lakers Lin and Young are the best players with the most potential to lead the team without Kobe! With an actual coach who would allow Lin and Young to lead the team they can be a serious contender playing teamball! If Jim Buss wants a competitive team within 3 years, he needs to get of rid of Kobe, BS, Hill, and Price this off season!

  31. Kobe aint worth nothing now. Perhaps Lakers could trade Kobe to the tank master 76ers.

  32. Lin + Boozer + Davis + Young should all just team up on an Eastern conference team with no stars right now!

  33. When you show case a player for trade, you don’t necessary to play him excessive minutes especially for a player like Lin who is already well known by the league. You just let him play to his strength to impress the potential suitor. So for me, it’s not how many minutes Lin will play, it’s how he is allowed to play. If BS still allows him to call for pnr after pnr just like last game, then I believe they are show casing, otherwise business as usual until the off season.


  34. I agree…and…it is not just how he plays offense. Teams watching films…..they watch everything they could get for a player who they might have to spend millions…on….

  35. That would be a Lincriminating evidence! lol

  36. kinda makes you glad that he doesn’t have a lot of practice with one of his own yet, right hehe..

  37. hm, thanks for the insight. Maybe Jeanie does want to fire Jim Buss using Kobe as a means to an end.

    As long as Lin is out of this predicament, I’ll be happy.

  38. Lol like 90% of their games

  39. It’s been advertised as a “Must Lose” game to out-tank ORL as a fellow tanker so yes,.. BScott will be branded as a failure if he wins this.

    I only hope Lin will play well w/ Davis/Boozer to impress any potential scouts.

  40. yes, anything is possible. there will be many talk by GMs. My interest would be if there are more teams like BOS who “announced” a few weeks ago that they’re willing to take salary dump.

    My approach is “be ready for a status quo, but hope for the best”

  41. Very true. one more thing is that they need to show the player is healthy enough.

  42. The way the Lakers owners are holding onto the belief that Kobe is still more valuable than the team is beyond rational thinking. This is why I brought up the subject of assessment of economic value. The illustration of “utility value” versus “trade value” applies to the speculative value of Kobe.

    Perhaps one of the strangest speculative boom/bust was the tulip market crash of 1637 in Hollad when bulbs were traded up to values that could have paid a years wages or bought a house. Tulip mania is becoming more and more like the way the Lakers owners are acting. They are basically leveraging their future on a speculation that a healthy Kobe will turn the franchise around and draw big name FAs to LA.

  43. Huh? are you mimicking that guy on the other site who is posting about panda express? Funny post you did, anyway.

  44. Still want Lin to OKC..? Be a bench behind RW? smh!

  45. lmao

  46. Signing Kobe last time was irrational, and somebody maybe Jeannie said it was to honor their dad. I wish $50m and 2 these many losing seasons is worth honoring … I think they are dishonoring their dad, allowing his legacy (not kobe, but LAL) to fade.

    The only thing we can do as Lin fans is to hope, pray if we do, that Lin and his management team will be strong and follow the calling he sees.

    Me, I have confidence Lin will play good ball rest of this contract, no matter where, and I really want him to pay SPECIAL attention to holding back to avoid injury. Just cruise his body of work and get the next contract done so he can see what his next chapter is all about.

  47. That’s a 2 man team … bad fit.

  48. @joeteam:disqus I asked you to do me the favor of deleting your insulting comment to me. It’s t past midnight in NY and time for me to hit the sack. Did you delete it already?

  49. No and I won’t because you attacked me for no cause and I did nothing to harm you. Think about it.

  50. Show me how I attacked you.

  51. Oh definitely! πŸ™‚

  52. Just re-read your posts. I am not going to continue this conversation.

  53. Oh but I will. You know that I would never even consider doing anything that could even remotely harm JLin and by extension this site. So that makes it more difficult but I’m not going to let you get away with insulting me for no reason. Just be a man, admit that you were wrong, and delete that insulting video. Everyone is watching you.

  54. they don’t need him. cars need him. they have zero pg behind kyrie. also the bench was all negative while the starter in positive plus/minus. they also lack a sg lol jr sits starts at sg. so i think a lin and kyrie back court would be omg

  55. What did you ever do for JLin anyway? By your own admission you didn’t even contribute to the site’s donation to his foundation. You could have set an example and encouraged others to join in but somehow you declined.

  56. Jeremiah, I still would encourage you to disagree with GDLA openly and win your arguments fairly instead of triangulating. Take ppl to the hoop and live the glory and the agony.

    PS – I like your posts. Just saying you can win your arguments and if you don’t, everyone learns something.

    Another way to say it, but I’m not saying this is you or anything. It’s just the downside of being polite and then we lose our chance to be vibrant with each other.

  57. But I read Cav coach likes JR, Irving, & LBJ but not Love.

  58. Stop writing your nonsense, apologize, and end this embarrassing incident. Do it for Jeremy’s sake if you care about his struggle for justice at all.

  59. I know.. plus OKC coach didn’t seem to like Lin at all. Don’t believe they will get Lin.

  60. Lakers are ALREADY on the ground. Ha Ha.

    KB will dig a big hole for Lakers.

  61. For the benefit of the readers of this site, we can’t afford to have unmediated fights which can’t be resolved by the posters themselves.

    For fairness, I will delete all posts that have personal attacks or perceived personal attacks.

    Please refrain from responding to each other tonight for the benefit of other posters.

    Edit: I will delete all exchanges/conflicts so we can focus on Lin-specific topics.

  62. BTW, Irving has that attitude .. I think he is worst than Harden.

  63. Please delete that unprovoked insulting video as I politely requested several hours ago and the ugly incident will be over.

  64. its haif a year plus playoffs or this loss fest in la behind a rookie. with scott as a coach

  65. well all i want is a real ball game. teams sleep on la all the time. its isn’t real ball.

  66. I already did so we can move on to a new chapter.

  67. I am in email contact with several key sportswriters from LA who cover the Lakers. They respond to me due to the prestige of the institution at which I work. I have been writing letters to them which I believe help make the case for Jeremy. I’m not saying it’s a big deal but it’s the most I could do to try and help the cause. I did not deserve to be attacked and insulted by the likes of this JoeTeam.

  68. All the GMs in the league knew Lakers is tanking right now so these will not have that big impact in his FA. Don’t like it but … ?! Look at bright side, at least Lin seems to be relax & reduce the chance to get injury since he didn’t play that much. Only 33 games to go…

  69. I agree. In fact, I think Lin’s season it’s almost end now… smh!

  70. Now I want an apology from JoeTeam. This is not an isolated incident. He also instigated for Joyce Ward to ban me when I first started posting on the site. What had I posted? “Wouldn’t it be nice if Kobe sat out the game with the flu so we can see how Jeremy plays without Kobe.” Wham, banned!

  71. 33 is a lot. well if he is traded I’m happy if not ok.

  72. This was really ugly wasn’t it JoeTeam? How’s that for passive aggressive? Is that aggressive enough for you? I’d love to meet you one day, Mr. incoherent dementia!

  73. You’re deleting all the wrong posts!

  74. Thanks for doing what you can to help make the case for JLin. I’m sure he’d really appreciate things that all his fans do to support him.

    I see you and JoeTeam couldn’t see eye to eye. JoeTeam’s intention was trying to help but you felt insulted. Let’s put the incident aside.

    In the past, I deleted my own post if it’s perceived to be attacking or insulting because maintaining decorum on the site for everyone should be #1 priority.

    We’re all big Lin fans and human enough to make mistakes everyday so let’s forgive each other’s mistakes for the benefit of many.

  75. I don’t believe they think that anymore. Right now, they are about rebuilding and they want to sign a big player.

    If they treat Kobe poorly, than other teams can use that against them, “Look at how the Lakers are treating Kobe, the guy that gave them multiple championships and was their face for over a decade. If they are willing to do that to him, think what they will do with you!”

    So the Lakers FO must treat him well. One more year and they are rid of him. In the mean time, they can collect pieces and rebuild again.

  76. I have asked politely for all parties to stop responding to each other so please stop launching personal attacks to JoeTeam. You’re breaking Rule 8 about personal attacks.

    I have made the decision to delete ALL posts with conflicts.
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  77. I had thought so highly of you. Sometimes my judgement isn’t so great after all.

    Did you forget the X-mas post by JE balleW? I haven’t, since the truth doesn’t pierce MY heart.

    You seem to have selective judgement about which posts need to be deleted.

    Peace out. I’m outta here.

  78. Teams with superstars are teams to be avoided; Harden, Kobe Bryant, KD & Westbrook etc.
    Teams like Altanta Hawks are teams that Lin should go to.

  79. Actually just superstar guards and ball stopping small forwards.
    A superstar center or PF should work well with Jeremy unless they too want to bring up the ball…

  80. Seriously, they better pay him.

  81. That is a very nice photo of Jeremy!

  82. with DOTA money? .. If there’s such a thing =)

  83. Love his smiles πŸ˜€

  84. He just found out his clan kicked butt in Dota 2, and they’re paying him $1 million Dota dollars.

  85. Well 33 is like opening game to Christmas.
    Not that long but lots of things can happen in that time.

  86. $1m a year for Ed Davis is an insult. Ed Davis has proved that he is a much better player than this. He is worth at least $5m+ per year. A contract of $25m for 4 to 5 years should be a reasonable pay for his service.

  87. Lakers Finally Use Jeremy Lin against Milwaukee Bucks, but Still Lose Anyway; Name Up Again for Trading

    TravelersToday reported that Lakers coach Byron Scott decided to unleash the Harvard graduate on the basketball court, allowing him the opportunity to earn crunch-time minutes. Despite the loss, the point guard put up a valiant effort against the Bucks.

    “Although it was another ugly shooting night for Lin (2-for-12 from the field), he nevertheless came through with several clutch plays – including a big three-pointer late – down the stretch to at least give the Lakers a fighting chance in winning the game at the end,” TravelersToday wrote.


    According to Jacob Rude of Fansided, Lin was chosen by Scott to get crunch-time minutes over rookie Jordan Clarkson. Rude described how Lin kept the Lakers competitive up to the end of the game against Milwaukee.

    “Lin had a handful of nice plays in the fourth quarter, including a couple of assists to Carlos Boozer to help keep the Lakers ahead,” Rude wrote. “Lin was effective and looked in control for most of the game, an area of the game he has struggled with this season.”

    However, Rude thought that Lin’s performance may not guarantee him more minutes on the court going forward. He cited the inconsistency of Scott’s rotations as a factor limiting Lin’s potential.

    While Scott has harshly and publicly criticized Lin’s performance on the court many times, Bill Oram of the Orange County Register reported on Twitter that the coach had good things to say about the point guard this time around.

    “Scott [is] very complimentary of Lin,” Oram wrote. “Liked the way he got Lakers into offense, and ‘did some good things’ on [defense]. Went with Lin over Clarkson late [in fourth quarter].”

    Despite what he can contribute on the court with the amount of minutes given to him, Lin is once again facing trade rumors in the NBA. According to Corey Hansford of Lakers Nation, the point guard “has struggled with his consistency and has since been replaced in the starting lineup.”

    Hansford added that the trade market for Lin “has been weak.” However, he viewed Lin as a “more than adequate backup point guard who can take over the game for stretches at a time.”

    “Teams like the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons have recently lost their starting point guards because of injury and someone like Lin could surely help them as they fight to make a playoff run,” Hansford wrote. “However, whether they are interested in Lin is unknown.”

  88. There’s speculation based on Ish Smith’s deleted tweet that Ish Smith might be part of a trade of Reggie Jackson/J.Hill and he can only be traded after Feb 6.
    If any trade happens on Feb 6, traded LAL players won’t play in ORL game.


  89. Cool

  90. Just relistened to JLin’s postgame interview in Linsanity time is so different from the last 2.5 seasons that I followed him. Wonder what’s in his mind this day.

  91. Even, the look is different now, from all bubbly to more matured…but his smile remains! πŸ™‚

  92. You know, like many others, I sometimes want Lin to just hog the ball and play the game selfishly. But as Lin himself said, he is never going to play selfishly. I respect him all the more because of that. I am believing it now. When Lin finally gets into the right situation, he is going to be a star and he is going to be a winner.

    The last 3 years have been a desert (with occasional blooms of short lived Linsanity). It is like Jeremy has been on a tour to expose all that is bad about the NBA. Superstar egos, dirty politics, prejudice, tanking and all sorts of crap. He has continued to shine a light. I mean, 3 years!!!

    There are few players with his talent and mental strength who are willing to sacrifice everything for the team. He plays the game the right way and demands his team mates to play the right way because he will not sell out. He just needs to find the right people around he is going to build something really special. It will happen, even if it is just for 1 or 2 seasons, we will see it.

  93. Eric Bledsoe 35 min 5-10 17 points 6 TOs 4 assists 7 rebounds
    Goran Dragic 33 min 9 points 4-11 5 assists 1TO 3 rebounds
    Isaiah Thomas 23 min 2-9 2 Reb 4 assists 1 steal 2 TOs 6 points

    Nobody gives a toot about their inconsistencies.

  94. Don’t play the game; find yourself a girl friend!

  95. Ha I’m watching CBA playoff now….it’s more fun than watching Lakers iso!

  96. Definitely not Randle.

  97. Have you forgotten how Lakers treated Dwight Howard and Steve Nash? The current situation of forced tanking is that the FO gambled away their future to surround Kobe with 2 of the best players in the 2012 FA market. Kobe however would not try to get along with Howard or NASH and wasted any chance for that team

  98. Is this the female ref, Lauren Holtkamp, gave Lin fair calls on one game and CP3 is now criticizing her not fit to be a ref?


  99. I watched half the game and saw how badly the Clippers were being trounced by the Cavs. Paul was given a flagrant 1 for a pretty nasty play on Love. Clippers had 4 technicals when I turned it off because they kept talking back to her during the game. It was just ugly and it showed really bad sportsmanship. Paul and Jordan are pretty chippy and last night they paid the price that they might have gotten away with against LIN. They hate the fact that Cavs got the superstar calls and Clippers didn’t. There was a bit of poetic justice to it.

  100. actually paul’s flagrant was for a horse collar of mozgov under the basket; but previous to that he had kind of needlessly hit love coming up court just to stop the play to complain to the ref that he had been hit in the mouth on his drive to the basket and nothing was called. so yeah it was building for a long time. i didn’t realize until the posted stuff after the game that they were picking specifically on one ref. i thought it was just general annoyance at not getting the calls they thought they should.

  101. It was hard to tell if the Cavs were that good or the Clippers were that bad.

  102. I have been to some of the Clipper games with a friend of mine, and Chris Paul,Matt Barnes, and DeAndre Jordan are dirty players with their slick little bumps, elbows in the face, and hooking around the neck. She was calling what she saw. I am with Shaq, Cleveland beat them bad and it had nothing to do with their T’s.

  103. It’s so much fun to watch a Normal game that both teams are playing for the win. The lower seed Dongguan beat Guangdong in the last second 117-116.

    I don’t know which team, Lakers or Magic, can tank best tonight, but I already expect this gonna be an ugly game lol

  104. Exactly, and that’s why they can’t throw Kobe under the bus.

    They already placed the bet on him back then, so by giving him up now, they would give even more ammo to other teams.

    They might as well show how loyal they are to their legacy player and just try to rebuild.

  105. That’s what it appeared to me as well. Cavs really made the Clippers look very ordinary. Paul looked slow and was exposed when he didn’t get his usual superstar calls.

  106. We are splitting hairs on this point. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    What is truly annoying is that the FO lets Kobe to continue to dictate how the team is run even though he’s out with yet another season ending injury. They are not putting out their own agendas while Kobe is busy playing the press to further his own agenda to sell his own stranglehold on the Lakers. Their silence on this PR attack from Kobe says a lot about where they are heading. Even if they have no intention of extending Kobe’s contract, they are making it hard for Mitch to sign players for next year or long term. No one is ever coming to Lakers as long as Kobe is around.

  107. With BS as the coach this team has been hopeless.

  108. These 3 share the court, different situation.

  109. well, my take on joeteam is that he sometimes will just keep attacking you even when you have evidence backing up he was wrong.

    ie.. I said that lin doesn’t perform well in back to back games usually (today and the tomorrow, in case anyone still have a doubt what back to back really means), EXCEPT for during linsanity era. I even have proof to back it up this year that his stats shows it dispite same minutes (he gets tired easily and it’s a truth.. but some people who are infatuated with lin will say it’s not true.. because they think lin is god). But he kept saying I’m wrong and say I’m a troll. Hello. So I’m with Jeremiah.

  110. CP3 only considers refs to give superstar bias to be fair. Such as DeAndre Jordan’s hard foul on Lin that was not called.

  111. WB will not be kind to Lin IMO.

  112. The latter. They needed plenty of ref help to rob the Lakers of the win early in the season.

  113. CP3 quickly becoming “old Wade” 2.0. Not as obvious yet as he’s covered by Blake and DeAndre.

  114. Kyrie will also not be kind to Lin. He isn’t passing to Lin because he thinks he can score better by himself.

  115. Actually, I found JoeTeam to be a reasonable and fair poster. Hard to comment without knowing the exact context. I think a little bit of spat is ok.

  116. This seems like a reasonable post. I think they needed Kobe to stay with Lakers so they could get the big Time Warner TV contract money. So paying Kobe $50 Millions might not have been a bad move and a good business move.

  117. I would like to be warned before I am banned because last time, I was banned without any warning or explanation.

  118. Is Ezra kid sick?

  119. probably because your arguer can’t defend you due to your logical and truthful arguments so they ban you to shut you up because they know they lost.

  120. in general stuff that say lin is all that.. yes.. if you argue the truth with numbers supporting that is slightly against lin, watch out. Lin is not perfect you know.

  121. IMO, numbers don’t tell the exact story. For example, if you go by the numbers only, Lin is a so-so player. In this respect, I think a fair eye test is better than just “objective” numbers. Since I don’t follow other players, I can’t really say I am viewing their performances from a fair eye test perspective.

  122. http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/06/lakers-forward-ed-davis-to-opt-out-after-season/

    I hope Davis goes to the same team that Lin goes to. No question Davis deserves more money than $1 Million he’s getting from Lakers.

  123. yes, I’m working with mods to improve the process to give 2 warnings with which rule people break before the ban (except for serious mistake or challenging the mods).

    It’s not a perfect process but we’re getting better, I think,

  124. Yes, getting better for sure. I am all for the 3 strikes rule, as long as I am given a warning.

  125. As mods, we try not to take sides of who’s right or wrong in the opinions.

    But if it breaks the #1 Rule of being “Polite & Respectful” by launching personal attacks, mods have to enforce the rules to delete posts, warn, or ban users for non-compliance.

    We will not allow this forum to be dominated by personal attacks. I believe as adults, we can respectfully agree to disagree. Posts that don’t comply to the rules will be deleted.

    I extend the most patience in all the mods by giving multiple chances but unfortunately we have to enforce it at some point.

  126. then they shouldn’t argue or start an argument first.

  127. I think it’s often unclear whether the posts are not personal attacks but not respectful. Often, things are going to be heated, even though not personal attacks but definitely NOT respectful in tone. My feeling in this is to just let it ride instead of jumping in. In other words, err on the side of expression.

  128. Thank you for your understanding.

  129. but we’re lin fans…of course we will look at it with a bias eye no matter what. for example. right now harden is still putting up numbers.. but we lin fans will say because he is given the green light to do whatever and take risk etc. What about someone like cassipi…or dmo…

  130. the disagreement can escalate quickly to personal attacks.
    As long as people don’t put down others to make themselves better, I think people will avoid calling names, ridiculing, etc. Focus on issues, not the person. If it’s heating up, just leave for a fresh air. That’s what I try to do.

  131. That’s what I am saying. Even though I follow Lin, I try to look at things as unbiased as possible. I feel my views on Lin’s BB game is not that biased (but more informed) even though I have been following Lin’s BB game for long time.

  132. I hope Davis can be w Lin in the same team again. I don’t think Davis will stay in Lakers bc he can get more money from other teams.

  133. not only that.. but it has to be in accordance with ALL the mods.

    What if you have one that abuses their power.. it’s easy to say 1 2 3.. strike you’re out.

    Also what if someone argues (debate) with you and then you mod are losing, what are you mod going to do.. say hey I’m warning you.. That is just like cops abusing their power saying hey I’m bigger than you so be quiet. And then there is no discussion. No discussion = no freedom of the press, no freedom of the speech, which basically contradicts the reason why most asians came to the US.. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

    Let me tell you, me being a devils advocate is not very popular but I have friends who loves to talk to me because I open up the other side of things and see a new point of view that others haven’t seen and also it triggers intellectual discussions. That’s due to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

    Thank you.

  134. I like talking to you because you are flexible. I do think freedom of expression means things will get heated time to time; that’s not a bad thing. Otherwise, it becomes too sanitary.

  135. I think people can learn to discuss issues, not the person. It’s not easy for sure to separate them.
    but you’re right, if things heat up in arguing, it’s better to walk away

  136. thank you, but also sometimes I throw out those hypothetical examples which is absurd, BUT it brings out the deeper value of the person and how they think.

    So say for example.. (not lin related). If you have to jump out of the building naked versus severely injuring someone, which one will you choose. If someone ask me that question I will asked back questions.. is anyone outside the building? who am I injuring..etc.

  137. The reason I am generally against deleting the posts is because then, the evidences of abuse disappears.

  138. that’s why i ignore 2 people’s post on this site.

  139. as mods, we do evaluate the decision being made as a group.

    That’s why I propose the 3-strike rule to give multiple chances to “rehab” the users to learn to comply to the site rules. Or if mods make a mistake as they’re human too, I won’t count it in the 3-strike.

    What I seek is the willingness of posters to put the common good above personal will. If arguments take up the forum thread, it’s not fair for other users so it’s better to stop it

    I do appreciate the thoughts and I can assure you we try our best. Many mods spend the thankless job to keep this site clean so JLin and his loved ones himself can be proud of the values that we strive for.

  140. With all due respect, I don’t think it matters whether JLin or his loved ones are proud of this site or not. You should run it so that you can be proud of this site.

  141. good point but even in real crime, we can’t allow evidence of crime to be there for all innocents and young people to see. Some might copy the behavior or step it up even further.

    We might consider publishing some examples of permanent bans somewhere (if it doesn’t publicly humiliate them). It’s a thin line to walk for sure to balance justice and compassion.

  142. I have to respectfully disagree because unless there are cuss words involved, those behaviors reflect the society we live in, and provide an opportunity to learn from them and what NOT to do. I just feel you are trying to make this site too sanitary.

  143. well yes and no…

    after all this is a JLin fan site so a lot of the vision/mission will share values with what JLin stands for.
    So it’s a big consideration factor since many fans expect a fan site to reflect positive values of the person

    But yes, we might not agree with 100% with JLin himself. I can assure you we didn’t get JLin’s feedback to create the site rules πŸ™‚ I wish we did haha..

  144. I think therein lies the difference.

    I don’t think we speak abusively even w/o cuss words in our society or daily lives. Internet anonymity makes it easier for people to bully others than they do in real life. And it’s not right to encourage them.

    So we try to reflect the good values that we do have in real life, be responsible and self-controlled with our words as they have real consequences in real life. That’s the mission of this site, to be a positive influence, not to reflect all the good and bad parts of society.

  145. If you want Lin to be proud of this site, you should get him to be a sponsor of this site. πŸ™‚

  146. No doubt he is a better player than his current contract money.

  147. hehe.. maybe we should try it in the future πŸ™‚

  148. Just pointing out the obvious if things heat up in arguing, it’s better to walk away

  149. Focus on issues, not the person…dont get personal and start mocking each other

  150. It’s absolutely the correct way to avoid escalating fights.

  151. If a Mod goes on an aggressive mode, You can always escalate to Psalm. He had always been reasonable

  152. I am saying err on the side of letting expression take place; don’t nip them too prematurely. Sometimes it is good value to let people get heated as long as they don’t degenerate. I see that as “good value” also.

  153. The way I look at it is, we are fan site..what does good fans do, support their role model. Support comes with huge responsibility in following ones role model. Hence the site should reflect, the role model’s identity (humble, supportive to everyone, humility, respect, etc)

  154. yes, I can assure you I did give 1-2 days for posters to resolve them before I intervened since it has dominated the forum with 15-20 posts with 5-6 personal attacks.

    You just want to see what they said, don’t you? Curiosity haha…

  155. Thank you. Yes, sometimes I practice myself to be arguing and be reasonable in front of the mirror LOL
    jk It’s a compliment to hear that from you, who arguably is the most reasonable mod! hehe

  156. I like that brownie points! πŸ™‚ Hope that translates to a Linsanity game tonite!

  157. exactly. tell that to one of the mods here who banned me. but I still got in regardless of getting banned.

  158. sorry, I can’t do that. that is almost like chickening out and why chicken out when you were right in the first place. It’s a lot harder said than done. Plus, my motto is everywhere including in person is, if you respect me, I will respect you. if you attack me, I will come back and pound on you anyway possible relentlessly.

  159. I know its tough to walkaway when someone attacks you, but for the love of Lin and the site here, dont you think its reasonable to do.
    Else we would be back to square one, experiencing the same fate as jlnet. Most of us here, got out from there, because the site started to reflect bad attitudes of some fans and majority of trolls and haters.

    As Psalm said earlier, just report to a Mod and walk away, please, please please πŸ™‚

  160. Mak, for your sake I’m the one he’s talking about. I’ll let you know WHY I banned him (I owe you the reason, as fellow mod), and the higher ups KNOW why I banned him. I didn’t ban him JUST BECAUSE.

  161. lol. I believe in taking matters with my own hands. Since there is so many mods, I will let them decide, but I will still state my opinion that they are wrong if they are so..until they can prove to me that they are right. I don’t like to report or tattle tell.. unless they are really a troll.

    I still go to the other site because those people really express themselves. It’s real as in that’s how they are. Some say they are haters (not just you) but I just think some have no clue and gets mad that lin is ‘so soft’ in their words. So they aren’t really hater haters who you know should be obvious. ie. casein point is Metalogical whatever. A few time I wonder if he really is a hater. But I notice that if lin does linsanity number, he praises him and all.. anything less he criticize him like a little boy getting a whooping. But that’s a lin fan right there. Haters/trolls = birdspecies, and voltaire or some thing like that. It’s very obvious. A lot of people there want the last word, including me..UNLESS they prove that they were right. So it’s a crazy debate and quite interesting I shall say.

    But then I start noticing that comments on both sites are getting extreme and when things go extreme, devils advocate never like that as they like to pull them to the other side to see how strong their stance is and break any weakness in their argument. So I come here usually for the twitter news as this site has faster public news than the other.

  162. And as I said, if someone say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out” in response to your comment of “giving up”. That person is the first to attack.

  163. lol…infact, I even like etane…the only thing I dont like is getting personal and pulling the forum down. Its not fair to the rest of the fans, thats all

  164. I would say…”Thanks for letting me know’

  165. I would normally leave bygone as bygone, and start a cleansheet πŸ™‚

  166. I do too. Apparently… well… I know you know what I’m thinking.

  167. That’s correct. Personal fights or disagreement should not dominate the forum space because pretty soon all the discussions will no longer be focused on JLin news but more about who’s right or wrong and everyone suffers.

    We should be able to set aside our personal difference for the benefit of all Lin fans here.
    Freedom of speech does come with personal responsibility.

  168. Come on now, Jeremiah. YOU BELONG HERE. YOU DO. Don’t leave. Take some time off, that’s fine, but don’t leave please. I read both yours and JoeTeam’s posts; I got what both of you were trying to point out.

    Just “remember who the real enemy is” (Catching Fire). It’s not you and JoeTeam who are “enemies”.

  169. BScott denied tanking. So does it mean he’d rather be incompetent than be known as tanking on purpose?
    I guess poor 28% winning record in the last 5 seasons doesn’t lie after all.
    The 3-yr rebuilding process with the Cavs before getting fired was just plain ugly.

    Mitch Kupchak was the genius to choose BScott to tank!


  170. i hope the lin to cavs rumors are true

  171. I hope not, unless Irving is shipped out.

  172. I tried to help #Lakers fans to see the ugly truth of
    3-yr “rebuilding tank” plan of BScott with poor 28% winning record while coaching 10-12 Cavs


  173. Lin not even paying attention to BScott’s plays. Probably knows it’s all garbage anyway. LOL


  174. id prefer he back irving then clarkson or price. beggars cant be choosers

  175. Thanks Byron Scott for not being a threat lol

  176. I prefer he starts over Irving, or a back court with Dellavedova ain’t bad too.

  177. No Phil Jackson?!

  178. BScott Translation:
    “To go out there to give impression of trying hard but still lose, that’s why I get hired! #TankSpecialty
    My 28% record in the past 5 years spoke for itself”


  179. Me too only because he will get playoff experience. I don’t hope he will gat a ton of playing time.

  180. Off-topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CJ_zszwyms

    Just a “sick” 51 points performance by Curry against Mavericks. Look at that quick release and shooting stroke. It’s unfair for one team to have two guys who can score over 50 points when they are hot. Not making it to Finals this year will be a huge disappointment for their fans.

  181. lol well. w.e happen I’m ok but the playoff would be great with lin. off the bench or not he would have an impact. he would play because jr smith starts at sg. irving lin backcourt would be fast . allyoops to lebron. three off to kevin love. man!!!!!!!

  182. Very true because Lin doesn’t share the court with anybody. He definitely doesn’t share the court with any ballhogs that could ruin his game.

  183. He’s not very good giving that impression of trying hard though.

    And to take his word at face value, it just means that he’s a crappy coach that even though he’s trying, he just sucks.

    As a coach, his job is not just to keep pushing his way down the players’ throat, he needs to get the best out of whatever players he does have. And he just seems to be alienating most of the players like he did with the Nets.

  184. Curry is the deadliest shooter with pure shooting stroke now! It’s like a video game indeed

    I wonder if JLin would get lots of easy assists with his best friend Curry.
    The only problem is there won’t be much PT in GSW.

  185. Well, to cut BS some slack, what is he suppose to say? He can’t say they are tanking

  186. and his antics of baby strollers in Cavs locker room has been outdated since it came from Pat Riley’s days.

    No wonder he got fired from Nets, Hornets, Cavs. Yes, his interpersonal skill isn’t very good at all .
    Making enemies everywhere

  187. Better yet, Lin should hire curry s shooting coach.

  188. This is from the article that infor was not even correct bc Boozer can’t even trade at this season from Lakers… smh! Well, only 12 days left for the trade dateline … I guess more rumors will come out…..

  189. when he accepted the job, he was ready to lie constantly =)
    It might be in the job description hehe.

    I think the tanking dropped his winning record from 28% in past 4 seasons to 26.5% this season.
    That’s how bad it is LOL
    Even when he tried to win, he can’t.

  190. that might be good to employ a consultant. But Lin is stubbornly loyal. I’d say nothing wrong with getting second or 3rd opinions.

    Curry’s stroke came from his dad though so it’s kinda hard because it took years to develop them

  191. He is not even use tri- system… LOL!

  192. I think BS really thought KB’s ISO skill was gonna be enough to have a winning season. BS was just too slow to adjust after KB’s bad FG% and FGA. His adjustment was to make KB the PG which still failed and got KB injured with the high minutes.

    Now he figure he might continue the tanking strategy and start the inexperienced group which probably angered Lin’s fan of course and probably the loyal LAL fans. The 1st unit just sad to watch most of the time.

  193. I think Lin will be just watching Curry make his shots from the bench with his mouth open.

  194. Curry’s stroke kinda unusual also. He seems to start a little lower than others but for some reason, he releases his shots so quickly.

  195. This is Curry’s shooting form.

  196. Looks like his coaching ability is deteriorating as quickly as Kobe’s body

  197. I’m sure every big that got to do PnR with JLin would love to play with him again.

  198. Me too. W LBJ, Irving, Love & now JR… don’t believe he will get more min than he did in Lakers.

  199. Good time for a caption.

    JLin: “Why does BS have Kobe in this play? He’s not even playing anymore!”

  200. JoeTeam, it seems like Curry didn’t have a great handle when he was in college, but his handle is very good now. What happened?

  201. Probably why Lin shots rainbows. Curry could shoot before you get close. Lin is slower so has to shoot rainbow over a close defender.

  202. ORL Game Thread is open early


    With possible trade rumors swirling, would it involve JLin?
    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

    Go JLin!

  203. That’s true. I wish I knew the ratings and impact on the 2016 negotiations so we as fans can tell what impact that decision has going into the future. I would guess NBA has master negotiations and then there are some team local ratings each team can wiggle. Ah well, that’s their biz.

  204. Neither is Boozer. And Wes doesn’t look impressed.

  205. He’s not too bright or sophisticated.

  206. Unfortunately Dan Cohen, you and I don’t have a numbers argument. Your reframe of the back2back is unjust to me. Basically, you like to say Lin is bad on back2backs. PFV in his vids pointed out back to backs where Lin did well. It’s a sample size thing, and then you would have to go away from stylized facts to some analysis. I would venture to guess if you accounted for his different roles in different games, you would get some back to back tendencies, and they again maybe not.

    The issue with Lin this year is not statistical. He cannot play consistently. If next year he’s on a team with the same role and quality minutes and he gets to above 32 games where b2b fails occur, then I’d vote with you on numbers.

    Until then, my argument with you continues to be on your gross reframe of discussions to win, and that’s ok. Ppl do that.

  207. Webby, I was glad to see you come back to this site. Thanks.

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