G50 LAL @ORL Game Thread

With possible trade rumors swirling, would it involve JLin?

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. Yay

  2. 1st second to mod

  3. Problem is many haters bought it

  4. Like Lin’s interview vs NYK said he has been asked to be so many different roles… He knew there are so many dumb comments on him… smh! Well, right now almost everyone has their own opinion on Lin’s situation in Lakers. LOL! We will know soon…

  5. I think this image about Lin it’s from BS & Kobe.

  6. Nathan Gottlieb also tweeted : “Thankfully, most GMs, many players don’t read the papers. Low opinion of writers. So many times when I covered NBA, players said that.”

  7. Well, i guess playing against LAL, the tanker will give the interim coach a boost then.

  8. who cares about the haters…

  9. Haters are grasping for reasons to justify their hate. So even if Lin was playing great, they’ll say he can’t have good court vision cos his eyes are too small or whatever.
    So just ignore them and their miserable lives.

  10. meant to post this one instead.

  11. Cuban must not have been happy with the results of that trade. Gutted his bench for nothing:


  12. Sounds like Price got a heads up though.

  13. am i wrong or are a lot of lakers players suddenly switching agents? whats up with that? i know ive seen short posts about at least 3 different lakers players doing that. (i think).

  14. It could mean Lin is not there after All Star break. Lets hope so

  15. Who’s the 3rd.

    I think 2 I heard had Kobe’s agent. He dropped Wes and Davis left him.

  16. maybe js 2 then and what im remembering is wes being dropped before and now seeing new posting of him signing with someone else. (octagon)

  17. Maybe Magic will see something today and trade for him.

    And then hire Karl.


  18. I only know Johnson who else?

  19. Davis? Wow! He sure is mad now… Bc Davis is going to make more money now.

  20. http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/02/06/lakers-forward-ed-davis-to-opt-out-after-season/

    Davis has switched agents from Kobe Bryant’s representative Rob Pelinka to Leon Rose, whom Davis will defer to on weighing whether to take an offer from the highest bidder or accept a hometown discount with the Lakers to secure a multi-year contract. Davis said he “definitely” understands the risk that move entails.

  21. davis opted out. (someone else better explain what that means).

  22. 90% plus significance on “tankathon” the most important game of the nite to lose.

  23. This agent has Melo so maybe he can set up Davis to NYK.

  24. Needs a good PnR PG to feed him. He didn’t look as effective with Price as PG.

  25. Does this mean we will see a spin move tonight? If so, I will sit 2 hrs for just that one move even though tonight’s game is a tank-a-thon

  26. lakers (aka tankers) projected starting lineup tonite does not contain a single player averaging in double figures scoring for the season.

    on the other hand there are 3 healthy players on the bench who are averaging in double figures.

    no other team in the nba is fielding an entire starting lineup of single digit scorers.

    how can you expect to win with a lineup like that? oh wait. you dont want to win. right. (see aka).

    the new nba mantra: lose to picks.

  27. #1 on the “tankathon” site tank o meter. for most important % to lose to picks; coming in at over 90% significance towards d.p. place.

  28. boring

  29. Oh no, Lakers is winning. Who can BS sub in and correct it?

  30. oliidipo looks horrible today

  31. Haters will continue to hate but friends are everywhere!

  32. this should be a blow out but its the lakers

  33. Overestimated the starters. The lead is gone.

  34. Tanking…

  35. orlando has zero pg. big option for lin would start there easy

  36. Jlin ugly turnover but if he keeps making 3’s nobody will care

  37. I think it will be close.

  38. likely

  39. Two 3 pointers for Lin !!!!!

  40. Ed Davis looking good as usual. I wish Lin and Ed would play with some other team type guys. The results would look good.

  41. Hopefully.

  42. lin is scoring and no one is here lol

  43. Damn Ed Davis looks REALLY GOOD

  44. Are you sure this is what you are watching?

  45. Watching the game. Just not making comments:-)

  46. Well the bench 5 is a nice squad. Lin would look better in it if he was given more free reign. I hate Byron’s offense sets. I would be ok with it if they mixed it up and gave Lin Pick and Rolls half the time mixed in with Byron’s old boring sets.

  47. time to take out JLin . he’s scoring too much..lol

  48. huh? dont follow

  49. Young had 2 asts while Lin still none……. Funny

  50. 2 bad teams..Scott subs to lose

  51. Things are not looking good… for team TANKERS. Let’s see how serious BS is about “winning” the game by observing his usage of Lin lol.

  52. espn stats is weird

  53. Hey Lin’s shot is generally falling for the first time in a long time

  54. playing PG?

  55. if Jlin plays 6 more minutes, he will end the half with 20 tonight

  56. lin has 10 but espn says 8

  57. did we go into another alternate universe; lin with 4 shots in 7 minutes and leading the team in scoring!

  58. JLin supposed to have 10 pts but board said 8 pts.

  59. It’s been very enjoyable to watch so far. Enjoy the ride while it lasts

  60. no idea. I only check to box score. Don’t have the courage to watch this boring game

  61. Magic feed also showed 8 pts. Scorekeeper is wrong.

  62. announcers said he had 10

  63. Looks like the bench passing alot. Everyone has assists

  64. LIN DAVIS!

  65. Yep even in Lakers board as well.

  66. Yes, it said everywhere but the board.

  67. Orlando looks horrible. Absolutely terrible. Lakers look like Spurs against this team.

  68. Apparently they gave it to Davis. Somebody have a video please?

  69. ohoh JLin playing good.. BS is shaking…

  70. Its not fair because the laker’s bench 5 is like a starting 5 and the Magic’s benchers are real benchers LOL.

  71. For whatever reason, the play by play says he missed a jump shot and Davis scored the lay up….strange.

  72. so both espn and nba says lin has 8 but he has 10

  73. He kind of got free reign to some extent.

  74. Thats what I thought.

  75. 2 threes, a jumper, and layp = 9. 1 three was toe on line probably so 8

  76. 10

  77. oops LOL 10

  78. Nba credit the shot of Lin to Davis at 2nd qtr 8:35

  79. lol

  80. he shold have 12 because layup didn;’t count on screen charge

  81. yahoo also

  82. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 12 points

  83. says 10

  84. Lin now ball hogging on that play. PASS THE BALL LIN, you are not a ball stopper

  85. someone elsewhere posted they gave his other basket to davis; dont know i dont have stream 2nite just stats.

  86. Boozer fouled on that one I think.

  87. no his last jumper SWISH

  88. yea i saw that its crazy. if it was davis then lin should have a miss

  89. Only credited with 10. Hope that’s corrected.

  90. are they missing 2 points on jeremy?

  91. thought so too.

  92. thought he had a very quick layup

  93. We’re trying to figure that out. Anybody have video? I just have the box score. Even LG picked it up.

  94. clarkson is playing well.. damn

  95. We can ask for correction later.

  96. BS may have to take out clarkson and lin if they want to tank this game lol.

  97. Yes we should

  98. Yes, it was the third score after the first 2 3s. That was the one that counted into Davis score.

  99. Don’t worry about it. He will stay with the BS and Kobe and Jeremy will find his own path.

  100. Put in Pirce

  101. Can u tweet Mark, Jeremy should be credited with 12 pts, 5/6 FGs? I’m not on Twitter.

  102. so you also confirm that shot was given to davis?

  103. I think they already knew. no worry.

  104. That’s so good. Lmao

  105. i thought the game starts at 8 PM ET. LOL

  106. taking lessons from bs?

  107. haha

  108. The score is corrected.

  109. Yes, Lin missing 2 points, can we have them fix it after half time?

  110. not on espn

  111. score just corrected on yahoo; lins basket taken back from davis.

  112. nba

  113. on yahoo corrected.

  114. 12pts for lin

  115. espn score board is stubborn lol

  116. so now offcially in less than 11 minutes played jeremy lin leading his team in scoring with 12 points (at the half)

    when was the last time lin put up the most shots per minute in a half? (on his team)

  117. I’m hoping Lin will be able to continue his hot streak!

  118. all places but espn

  119. Lin is the consumate teammate. Always there for his team.

  120. LOL i wouldn’t put it past BS

  121. Orlando should fire the interim coach. Wow they are really bad. The Lakers are a BAD team and look unstoppable.

  122. espn fixed it

  123. i sure hope so

  124. When was the last time he took 6 shots at the half? lol

  125. End of second quarter
    Bench 54 minutes, 24 points, 7 assists
    Starters 68 minutes 26 points, 10 assists

  126. who’s guarding harris?

    or i should say not guarding harris.

  127. kelly

  128. somehow the lakers could lose this game

  129. jeremy like a microwave

  130. He’s sitting for way too long…

  131. tank job

  132. watch momentum switch

  133. byron knows. He is now trying to lose the game.


  135. Hmm… why does this game flow remind me of the game vs Bucks?

  136. except Lin wont be allowed to come in to save it. He is on the bench and all subs coming in

    EDIT: NM HE IS IN. Expect starters to come finish this one though, not Lin and bench crew. Tank

  137. Hey Jeremiah: I was going to give it a day an say I’m sorry .. definitely I am sorry as It’s clear your feelings were affected. Sorry, bro. Up to 1 hr ago, I was in a bad mood so boycotting the site ha ha, but anyway, it started to rain hard hard in CA so now it’s all green and I’m happy so I can say I’m sorry (male pride here).

    For everyone else, this is a great place and I’ll try not to be a bad citizen. Happy weekend, esp,if it’s raining in your town. That’s water for life … Go Lin.

  138. Lin is in, he just got a steal

  139. kelly doing novak

  140. Kelly’s on fire, though his +/- not that impressive.

  141. Finally Lin got his 2nd assist. But

  142. Good on you JT. Be like Lin my friend.

  143. OHH, no good

  144. Can’t watch 4th qtr as I have to go for an appt. Hopefully Lakers will maintain the lead and win the game when I return:-)

  145. Thank you @JoeTeam:disqus…

    I salute and respect your humility. BOTH of you belong here.

  146. Byron Scott must be pissed at Ryan Kelly shooting lights out

  147. We’ll be thinking of you!

  148. Hope he gets to 20 tonight. 8 more points.

  149. 6 more

  150. That’s one tough shot, J!

  151. thats a tough shot

  152. boozer was wide open

  153. losing the lead…..

  154. Had appointment, couldn’t join until now. I thought this was a must-lose game. Great to see J having good game. Just trying to figure out which end is up, as usual. ;]

  155. hope for 10 more in 15 mins.

  156. young garbage 0-5

  157. Did BS draw an ISO play after the timeout? Go figure

  158. 0-6 now

  159. gordon’s on fire now, BS got no answer, no plan.

  160. lin has to take control

  161. BS quote?

  162. Tanking mode

  163. I think JLin is due for another big 3

  164. LOL. Edit: I guess BS came to his senses, because that lead I walked into is already gone.

  165. Look at that hustle by JLin

  166. Lin has such amazing instincts.


  168. Good save by J resulting to a Bobby jump shot…

  169. nice save by Lin

  170. Sacre back in… which means soon the other starters will be too

  171. nice save

  172. tank mode in effect!

  173. The offense is so NOT Lincentric.

  174. Attacklin!

  175. tank time

  176. he tried to stay in

  177. Rookie closes game. SMH.

  178. game over

  179. That’s all for Lin tonight, da*n!

  180. Too much effective hustle…had to come out.

  181. tank tank tank tank stank stank tankLIN

  182. Lin out, time to rest goodbye guys

  183. Bailout by Wes for a bad play

  184. Tank mode activated

  185. All aboard the tank express!

  186. Go Magic!

  187. BS will earn the most in fire as a coach for a long time.

  188. lin’s stats for today?

  189. Fire BS!

  190. night night, have a sweet dream!

  191. 6/8 shooting, 2/2 from 3. 14 pts. 3 ast. 2 TO. 2 steals. 1 block

  192. 14pts 6/8 3 as 2 steasl

  193. Even lakers fans will support operation tank.

  194. nice:-)

  195. thank you both! solid game despite limited minutes. As expected from my boy LIN!!

  196. 22 min. only

  197. 14pts 1 reb 3 asts 2 stl 2to 1 blk 22 mins

  198. 14 pts in 22 min is great. you have to think of per 36 now since his mins are limited due to the tank

  199. a must loose game today. in Milwaukee he wanted to win…

  200. You should say “tank you” from now on, lol

  201. Indeed. Awesome numbers for limited time

  202. BS: “JLin did good. So I’m going to play him only 22 minutes next game. Tank out!”

  203. Jeremy almost screwed up BS’ tanking plan for the night!

  204. Ellington now the closer PG

  205. overtime

  206. And… rushed 3s on both Laker trips final minute

  207. boring. Magics so bad, otherwise iit’s done deal.

  208. had zero pg

  209. Oh no, what’s the point of OT?

  210. Two lousy teams in OT… smh!

  211. Magics have good bigs though

  212. Can both teams just tie and be happy with a mutual tank

  213. Have to work hard to tank, we’re competitors, lol

  214. OT. This garbage has to go on for 5 more minutes.

  215. what’s with this OT thing? lol

  216. lol Lin with his long sleeves and shirt all on. ahhh o how i wish lin could play OT. i can only dream

  217. The NBA should really investigate the Lakers. Flat out tank job. I mean Sacre in for OT instead of Boozer or Davis. We’re only talking five more minutes.

  218. I guess no Lin in OT right? Tank mode still activated

  219. They try to lose so I think Lin will be on the bench

  220. prolonging their agony… smh

  221. sacre is trash

  222. prob apply for some military funding for new tank tech? lol

  223. Terrible possession.

  224. Scott is drawing up plays for Sacre and Wes. Says it all. If that isn’t tanking, I don’t know what is.

  225. this is d league like

  226. We’re tanking, BS’ doing fine.

  227. This is really pathetic basketball.

  228. Worse, it’s just horrible basketball.

  229. Remember this is BS’s 101 ways to lose

  230. well

  231. After this game, all the teams that want to tank will be lining up to sign BS!

  232. these starters are the worse in the league. possible would lose to some d league squads

  233. That’s good steal by Oladipo…

  234. if there is any justice for the Lakers obvious tanking, their top five pick will turn out to be a bust.

  235. This is the funniest rotation ever in pro-sport.

  236. pfv stop posting lol after the steal by lin

  237. I didn’t know Lakers fans are one patient and forbearing fan base. They are still able to put up watching BS do all these hideous things with their beloved Lakers…

  238. Tanking for a bust? LOL

  239. lool did Lin just get subway sub of the game?

  240. yes.

  241. ??

  242. tank succeeded

  243. ain’t finished yet?

  244. like whats the point probably his reaction

  245. Just got in. I see lakers losing but how did Lin do?

  246. sub of the game

  247. lin was taken out with the lead

  248. fine game.

  249. The coach of the Magic looks like Spock from Star Trek with those big ears and funny haircut

  250. The mavs will have a good chance to win the championship if Cuban trade for Jlin

  251. The announcers even said.. “I guess BS knows his team best” for running a play for sacre lol

  252. Obvious tank job.

  253. Should have pass to the wide open Ellington for a 3.

  254. what are the options

  255. Can’t wait for what the shameless LA media gonna say to defend unproven Clarkson.

  256. Couldn’t agree with you more. Pathetic.

  257. why kobe look like ellington

  258. James Worthy said in post-game that team lacked leadership down the stretch with young guys out there. He mentioned Lin had a good game. Basically, questioning why Clarkson was in there at the end.

  259. He faded badly in the end. Like into the woodwork.

  260. I’d have to learn to pray better. Working on it …

  261. I am officially rooting for the Hawks to go all the way if Jlin isn’t traded to a contender

  262. They are just a little ahead of GSW now.

  263. Well done BS! We’ve got the top 5 pick protected – FO

  264. Where’s the connection?

  265. Yup watching right now

  266. Byron Scott got beaten by an interim coach! he is so terrible!!!

  267. Clarkson just looking out for himself and his stats.

  268. Agree. Wonder why NBA is silent on this when it’s sooooo obvious.

  269. another tanking job smh

  270. Yup he is the opposite of Jlin

  271. Cause they know Lakers are tanking, most don’t watch these games anyway. Ask Knicks fans how they can stand having such a horrible team for so many years.

  272. Subways player of the game.

  273. Yes cause he doesn’t need to try to tank lol.

  274. LOL

  275. If Jlin stays with the tanking team, I will root for the Hawks this year. Quite simple.

  276. that’s a nice stat line 🙂

  277. If he’s traded you’re still can root for the Hawks?

  278. Is that qualify as Linsanity off the bench?

  279. come on Worthy ..you know why….purposely tanking..smh

  280. No then I will root for Jlin and his new.team

  281. yeah. it’s sad how a legendary team with a love for winning championships has come to this…

  282. Hawks blowing out gs… nice… hit 2 threes in the row…. kerr tasting his own medicine

  283. a must watch game.

  284. ……then why was he on the bench in ot?

    Was it said by James or Laker girl?

  285. Kobe is good singer at least hehe

  286. yeah, definitely, and there would be a lot of linsanity nights and so much fun for us if lin’s got more play time and support from coach. well…

  287. Bruce Lee arm bicep.

  288. he is in there future given they drafted him

  289. another “head of the snake” thing?

  290. A bleak future indeed

  291. neither will you. bs was laughing stupidly.

  292. Well it’s true. Kinda feel sorry for him.

  293. How many times has Scott been made to look stupid in the press. i don’t really believe anything he says. Scott will turnout to be the ultimate fall guy for the Lakers

  294. Lin would be a much better coach than BS now no doubt. Just listen to all of his interviews

  295. It has to be meant a trade for future pick otherwise, BS can’t be that stupid.

  296. Just curious.Can tanking be a gd investment?. Tank..get good pick..trade for profit and tank again??

  297. So James worthy euphemism for tankins is “looking at different scenarios”

  298. People shouldnt really be surprised since you know exactly what the lakers are trying to do

  299. It’s stupid and nonsense. Team’s revenue is always above all including winning. For a chance to get a pick of top 5? Never worth it.

  300. LOL

  301. Like that arm, Lin seems to have more muscle compare to linsanity day

  302. if the thunder loose pull the trade rjax + perks = jlin + davis

  303. I guess there’s some wisdom in trying to get the best young talent available at the cheapest cost. But it’s high risk because ultimately these rookies are untested and may not be that good at NBA level. Just look at the list of first round picks in the last several years. Not many of them made an impact.

    For instance, Lakers are so high on Randle and think he’ll be great. But that’s a huge risk. He didn’t even play especially well in the preseason.

  304. uhm… One of my posts is being moderated. Have no idea why?

  305. He did what he’s paid to do…lose. He can afford to be teflon about his rep since he’s “tanking it to the bank”.

  306. I missed a good game it seems…

  307. Yeah…me too

  308. 3x …

  309. If you want to try to believe anything Scott says, you better have a good chiropractor on retainer from the head-swiveling changes in direction. Clarkson is just rookie enough to want to believe this…he’ll need a sports psychologist in addition to the chiropractor.

  310. lol…looks like we all went out for a movie…trying the catch up now

  311. 4x

  312. True

  313. Didn’t see the game, curious as to where the 2 turnovers came from?

  314. Dang good one. Me too, just saw part of 4th.

  315. you been behaving? lol…kidding…yeah its approved now…thats the Disqus thingy

  316. 5x :3

  317. He jumps around so changes in direction … he won’t sense it.

  318. Wes is such a crap player. No way does he deserve 37 min. Young should have been benched as well.

  319. Working hard out in ca

  320. Vucevic reached around and second was a failed interior lob pass.

  321. Yummy arm. …um, how did I beat IsabelJane on this one?

    Great image. LOVE O’Quinn’s arms and shoulders going one way as his head swivels the other way for the “whaaa….” Jeremy’s sooo much fun!

  322. Lin’s post game interview is always like a coach. B Scott’s post game interview was like Kobe’s fans or Lin haters talking points.

  323. I just love lin and his interviews and so do the reporters. They often quote a lot of lin when it comes to play by play with lin in their articles. Much props to lin.

  324. From a crappy coach? Of course he does.

  325. Might be a trade is coming?

  326. This is so insulting always playing your second best players the most minutes. I hopethe ping pong balls come up 6 as it would serve them right.

  327. ok thx =)

  328. So…does that mean you can’t really tell when you’ve jumped through your own backside?

  329. Live in houston and my 4 year old daughter is a Lin only Fan. She misses most games because they are pass her bedtime, but tonight it was on.

    Dtr: Daddy, why did Jeremy leave us (Houston) 🙁
    Me: He didn’t leave he was traded to the lakers
    Dtr: * puzzled look (?,?)

    Me: Rockets paid Jeremy a lot of money so they had to send him to LA to have enough money to pay for Bosh.

    Dtr: What’s a Bosh?
    Me: No one never mind. Maybe when we visit LA we could watch jeremy play?
    Dtr: LA, where Disneyland is, could we go to Disneyland
    Me: well, do you want to go to Disneyland or watch jeremy play
    Dtr: could we off to both
    Me: (well, I thought she is not stupid, expensive, but not stupid)
    Me: well do you want to watch jeremy first or see Elsa from frozen first.
    Dtr: I want to watch jeremy play first
    Me: * pat on head* that’s my girl. * kiss good night*

  330. …but our starters are among the worst.

    You need to complete your sentence Mr. W.

  331. I will be surprised.Lakers is a business first and foremost. It was interesting that Ish Smith tweeted that he was traded in a trade that involved Nick Young, then Ish Smith came on twitter and said his twitter account was hacked..and the plot thickens…

  332. This is why I could care less to watch games now. You already know what’s going to happen, and it’s going to be like this for the rest of the season unless Lin gets traded to a good team that will use him the right way.

  333. Clarkson has not impressed me AT ALL! Just putting that out there…=)

  334. Indeed but they know that Lin won’t be here next year because of Kobe and/or BS.

  335. could be an average sg. but really who knows

  336. He’s even worse than Pat Beverley intimidation.

  337. lovely little girl!

  338. Was partying haha It was my best friend’s bday.

  339. It’s gotta really annoy Scott, don’tcha think?

  340. Shouldn’t they wait until they know? SMH. They put him as starter and latest, Laker’s future.

  341. Awesome!! Let’s showcase JLin highlights to George Karl and any other coaches LOL

  342. It’s tanking. Tanking! This is what Scott has been paid to do. It’s just an extra bonus for his LOH side to be able to diss Jeremy in the process, but his actual job is TANKING. You just can’t play Lin when you’re tanking. He won’t lose. He’s said it before “I really, really, really hate losing”. He just can’t do it.

  343. Here is the thing with Clarkson, he is only impressed the Laker beat reporters. The rest of the NBA is not interested, because he brings nothing different to the table. Kyle Irving/Damien Lillard were rooks that had impressive ball handling skills that made them unique. The NBA is not interested in Clarkson, they are interested in Randle. LA Lakers/media have gotten this so twisted that they thought that the NBA/ESPN would buy into Clarkson, not so. If you notice NBA/ESPN and other media organizations are not talking about Clarkson, they are more fascinated by the lin/Davis duo. Scoot convinced the F/O that they could sell Clarkson. and the NBA/ESPN are not buying it.

  344. Daddy of the year.

  345. She’s a little late to the party 😀

  346. Is that for sure now? Is it locked?

  347. “It’s got nothing to do with me” You hear haters?

  348. That’s our boy.

  349. And that is the reason bs won’t risk playing Jlin

  350. Wow, Lin may get another DNP-CD for this…lol

  351. It’s got everything to do with the coach.

  352. Clarkson will learn to close eventually if he ever decides to be a team first player.

  353. Jeremy’s post game interview

  354. THAT’S RIGHT. You can’t play a guy that won’t lose, and IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PREVENT LOSING if what you’ve decided to do is lose. Losing’s “got nothing to do with me.”

  355. This is a joke. They need to change the rules to discourage this. Each of the non playoff teams should have equal chance at the top pick.

  356. Nope. Everything to do with the Front Office. Coach is just a hired gun. I don’t know if you actually can hire a good coach if you want to tank, can you?

  357. Once you get the top pick, youre no longer eligible to get again for next 5 years.

  358. I love the fiesty Lin! Dare to DNP-CD me says he. No tanking from me.

  359. Better late than never :)…

  360. Heck yeah, it’s got nothing to do with Jeremy. So proud of him!

  361. Daughter of the year first.

  362. Lin is not getting another DNP, F/O has made that very clear to Scott. There is a puppet master behind scott.

  363. Carlos also said (via Serena Winters) : “Obviously we are trying to develop the young guys which once upon a time we were young guys. I understand the process.”


  364. You have to feed the hot hand. Which means “i was hot but my teammates did not pass me the ball.”

  365. that was quick…thanks

  366. thanks

  367. Tanking Period?!LOL

  368. So the future is bleak for the Lakers lol.

  369. I wish someone would have the guts to call a spade a spade. But that would mean putting your teammates under the bus.

  370. Wonder how many of those “young” players will stay next season?

  371. I don’t know, Joyce..”Scott convinced the F/O…” The months of shenanigans have left me with little faith in Scott’s real importance in the grand scheme. Handmaiden to Kobe is what I think. Maybe the FO quietly thought far enough in advance to contingency plan for tanking if Kobe should get injured, and maybe quietly happy to hire a not so great coach, because what great coach wants to sign on for possibly being a tanking handmaiden. It’s hard to picture Scott having any real influence in big Laker decision-making. I’m increasingly putting pretty much all the incompetence and indecision on the Buss kids and Kupchak. What do you think?

  372. OK lin fans keep on doing what we do best. Keeping our voices loud and heard on social media as fans of Lin. See how fast they corrected Lin’s points. As Lin fans we have power and we need to use it for the greater good when it comes to lin

  373. I missed the game… What happened to his points?

  374. Nice highlight. He made lots of tough shots. Glad to see his 3s falling too.

  375. I find it interesting that BS talked about not playing Price until after the all-star break before the game started. Reading between the lines, it seems that one of Lin/Clarkson is going to be traded away by all-star break and that will free up minutes for BS’s beloved son in Price lol.

    Also I felt BS left Lin in last game because Lin was having an awful shooting night so BS left Lin in to bring down his FG%. Too bad Lin found his shooting stroke so he was frozen as a result. The tank commander strikes again tonight, leading the Lakers to out-tank the awful Magic LOL.

  376. could be double bladed sword. remember what happened to Tebow?

  377. Haha A beautiful excuse of covering tanking instruction

  378. Lin is so good !

  379. Hey IJ. I saw your post earlier today. I can’t tell you how much your words meant to me. You’re very sweet. Besides you, Sophie Paris and a few “anonymous guests” were the only members of this community to show any sign of support for me. So I really appreciate you and Sophie. Thanks 🙂

  380. I’ve lost my cool more than a few times. I’ve had to checkout for a couple weeks to cool off on many occasions. . You recovered much faster than I did so good for you. It’s part of being an imperfect human. We fail and fail but how we truly define ourselves in how we pick ourselves up.

  381. They tried to take away his layup and give it o Davis. There were so many lin fan tweets abut them making a mistake They changed it and accredit his correct points,

  382. Thats, one way to look at things.. 🙂 But I dont think so. BScott is just blinded by his stubbornness, and since they are in the tanking development mode, he has nothing to loose to go with his kinda lineups

  383. Not yet. The chance is higher if they keep tanking the right way 🙂

  384. Welcome back mate….good fresh rain, then! 🙂

  385. Tebow, if you watched his games, he was really a bad player. So don’t include lin in this category., if you know nothing about Tebow’s game..smh

  386. Hey you are back as well! Nice to you as well…we all Love Lin so much, its just not worth to get our emotional inbetween…. welcome!

  387. Say what you want, Scott has a puppet master. He is not coaching this team without somebody behind him pulling his strings. When scoot has gone rogue, we as fans can always tell, because of his back paddling in the media, which often looks like an idiot.

  388. Thanks

  389. I don’t think Lin will be traded but it’s more likely let Price back to starting lineup (tanking) then DNP Clarkson bc Boss wants to see two of them who can stay for next season.

  390. It’s kinda funny. Good Christians often have to ask themselves, what would Jesus do? And in this case I find myself asking, how would Jeremy handle this? Not so easy to emulate him but for his sake, I’ll make it simple: lesson learned, apology accepted, let’s just move on.

  391. I don’t think there will be a trade (certainly I do hope so). Just because BS tried to downplay the importance of Lin. Besides, the longer Lin plays, the harder for BS to invent the creative ways to lose.

  392. Thanks. Jeremy has the best fans 🙂

  393. I agree with you. Trust fund kids have no idea on how to run the organization. Jeannie is too focused on firing her brother and paving the way for Phil Jackson to come back and that she and him can take control of the storied franchise and and restore it to Laker history. They will find out after 5 years , nobody will be interested in the Lakers. The moral of this story is that is not about laker basketball, it is about a family feud on who is going to get the best of each other and the laker players on this team, is just pawn pieces for them to to move around in a chess game. Lin figured this out and is ready to bounce.

  394. I think, it will be Price that will be traded. Rumor is that Ish Smith will be traded to the Lakers, and in that trade involved Nick Young…I am just saying…see if the plot thickens…

  395. I really like this pic. Shows his athleticism and grace (?)… also nice view lol

  396. I think Lin has matured and will handle the next free agency well. He was tricked by the Knicks saying they would match any offer and just signed with Houston. He knows now more than ever that he has plenty of enemies and road blocks against him in the league. Sure, nobody can control everything but I really hope Lin finds a better situation. I am really not sure about a trade before the deadline. But whatever happens will happen.

  397. why nick Young, thought he is confirmed for another year?

  398. Watching the replay and I have to love Davis despite missing 2 layup from Lin’s beautiful pass.

  399. Can’t deny their chemistry.

  400. I thought Lakers always want to keep Young, a fan favourite and a Hollywood player…..but after several DNPs and his critics on Kobe, I don’t know now…..may be they thought Clarkson can replace his role ???

  401. I agree. I think that Lin will out think in the end. Lin will become the puppeteer in the NBA without them having a clue to what is going on.Go Lin. keep playing your game and never compromising

  402. Kobe wants aggressiveness in the team and that would include speaking up. So why axed Nick just because he speaks up? Words and actions are 2 different things for Kobe?

  403. Sure Kobe never walks the talk. Remember he said he will groom Lin as a championship PG?

  404. Lin is setting a fine example, as a professional one has to play hard in every game, sincerely hope the NBA recognizes it.

  405. Lakers have no deal makers. Lin salary is too high. Most teams will wait until he hits free agency and make offers, and the Lakers know this. The Lakers are apprehensive about dealing lin. They know that there is no better PG out there on the market better than lin. I personally think that they are not really interested in Clarkson being that “PG” for the Lakers. They are looking for something else.

  406. I appreciate your positive view! I really feel strongly now we will see a few entire seasons of Linsanity!

  407. Kobe coming back next year. Lakers want rookies so that Kobe will still be the man, while the rookies will be kept in check by Scott/Kobe. Lakers don’t want players that will stir the pot like Lin/Young?boozer to call Kobe out.

  408. and see how Howard was treated..

  409. thank you:-)

  410. Now even Boozer said that the team is undergoing developing stage…..

  411. I LOVE his chemistry with Davis. Those lob-to-dunk shots are practically psychic…they are just so in tune in those moments. I don’t think anybody else on the team can connect so seamlessly with Lin’s mind.

    Some might doubt this, but after frame-by-frame scrutiny of where Jeremy is looking, I believe he intentionally bounced that loose ball off Ridnour’s thigh to catch the deflection and control the ball. I don’t think it was random luck. And he did it last game (or two, was it?) when he expected his teammate to be looking for his pass in traffic, teammate not in sync but Lin already in air to avoid two defenders up in his face so he bounced the ball off the back of the opposing player near him to regain control. In a way, it’s so video-game. Jump and scramble however…so what if it’s out of the box as long as you can keep going. He hates to lose.

  412. Life is good, Jeremiah.

  413. Jeremy’s post game – Lakers Nation.

  414. Man, we need trillions of gallons. My son thought 10,000 gallons would be enough.

  415. he he, … getting older.

  416. much better story!

  417. Check this out Jlin in the house


  418. The guy in front lol

  419. I agree. Specially after saw his postgame interview vs NYK. He looked so confident & pretty sure what he wanted….

  420. I didn’t see Clarkson play today, and I have to say I have no desire to because it’s an unearned place in the NBA. I mean, Anthony Davis took 3 seasons, and I didn’t pay attention to him until this year.

  421. “… the entire organization …”

    stammer stammer for the tank talk … yeah, “I”m sitting the bench because I’m too dangerous, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” Go Muhammad Ali-n!

  422. Is it me or did Jeremy almost say that the roadtrip for him has been ‘great’ but just stopped and changed it to okay.
    Cos he seemed to be having lots of fun from the photos posted here, and Dota 2 ‘endorsements’ etc.

  423. she gets 31 kisses by the upvote count. c’mon guys, let’s blow grover’s account up with kisses for his daughter!

  424. Sophie, thanks for your up-vote earlier today. It was “a light for me in a dark place.” But then again, I’ve noticed that you’re always super nice to everyone, even trolls! 😎

  425. Any night, any 3-6 more minutes and it’s a win for LAL. That’s really it.

  426. I agree. Tebow way better than me, but not NFL starter. Wondering if Manziel will make it in the long run.

  427. Yeah…thats becoming so obvious

  428. Really good. Lin’s fans really helped him out a lot.. LOL!

  429. For sure the family feud is behind a lot of this bad business, but I also think their unhealthy clinging on to Kobe when both his body and his emotional behavior are beyond repair has really put both sides in an even worse situation. Kobe wouldn’t tolerate Phil, so Jeannie’s been a house divided within herself as well. It’s a perfect mess and it’s not going to get better for years and I think you’re right…”Lin’s figured this out and is ready to bounce.”

  430. J to Ed…. Beautiful

  431. Oh, that’s a standard play and I LOL’d. That was smart. But I loved how he fired it at LR’s you know what. Nutmeg sideways.

  432. Fancam

  433. In this play Jeremy has two options:

    1. Black was screening Vucevic who is coming to help Willie defend Jeremy. It’s either he can roll to the basket, OR
    2. Lob to Davis

    Any way, either play could have worked.

  434. cool…nice to see his smile…always! 🙂

  435. I really hope Jeremy makes a video explaining all these pre-game handshakes.

  436. he did on one of the radio interviews. Most of it are spontaneous, and some they create to tell a story

  437. I know but video would be nice with everyone making cameos 🙂

  438. He has a generous heart…and he has sympathy for the eagerness of a rookie to grab whatever chances he gets.

  439. Oh ya…that would be cool

  440. :))

  441. On Espn Los Angeles 710 radio post game show tonight, One listener called in and said that BS should let Lin to close the game. The host said because of his defense. The host mentioned “Brandon Knight dropped 20+ on Lin ” the other night.

    Another listener called in and bashed on Jordan Clarkson, saying Jordan doesn’t know what he was doing. The host was saying he is in rookie year.

    Someone asked which players are likely to stay, the host said if he has to guess, it is Jordan Clarkson. Jordan Hill is 50/50. Ed Davis is another player Lakers want to keep. Players most likely are gonna be gone are Boozer, Jeremy Lin, and Kelly .

    I don’t remember the host’s names, but I think it was Max& Marcellus show.

  442. Just wonder whether JLin has one with Johnson, Sacre, Hill? Can’t remember I’ve seen one. In this vid, we saw him had one with Boozer, Black, Ellington, Kelly, Young, Price, Davis. In the past I’ve seen one with Clarkson.

  443. It was A Martinez, known Jeremy hater.

  444. lily not max nd marcelous. the don’t do post game stuff

  445. Sacre yes but I haven’t seen Johnson and Hill getting involved.

  446. Ok.. I don’t listen to espn la very often.

  447. Thanks for the info. Surprise to hear about Sacre.

    Both fancam and instagram below showed Sacre just ignored JLin. That was my impression as well.

  448. Kinda sounds unlike them. I know they usually have positive things to say about Jeremy.

  449. Shoot coach, give Price some minutes on Clarkson, would ya? He and Jer have a great handshake.

  450. Ok, someone said it was A martinez.

  451. Tebow may not be ready but he could be if he had the Jeremy Lin mental strength. Remember Joe Theisman and Doug Flutie? They never got a chance in the NFL and went to Canada to continue to work on their skills until they finally got their chance. Where Tebow failed was that he gave up his dream instead of following it to continue his journey in another league.

  452. Don’t think it’s Max & Marcellus show. More like someone who used to trash Lin… I have different opinion from this host. The players Lakers wants to keep (they may not stay…) #1 It’s Lin, then Boozer, Clarkson. The players BS wants to keep it’s Ellington, Price. Davis will not stay.. Lakers already tried to use Black to replace him.

  453. After the ASG

  454. He normally knows nothing.. his opinion can’t count.

  455. If lakers want to keep Lin and BS is fired next season, I hope Lin decides to stay.

  456. What would it mean if there is no trade on before Feb 19?

  457. I think after what Lin said in MSG about he will keep his option open this summer… Lakers starts to do everything they can to make Lin happy.. BS no more trash talk on Lin.. then today Mark M show up to talk to Lin on bench… But I still hope Lin will not stay bc Kobe & BS both will be back next season. Everything will be back to old day again.

  458. You’re right M&M we’re not on after game. Those guys are like or worse than Stu. They even lied the other night that Price had multiple offers but chose the lakers

  459. Great shot but no call? Come on, ref, you’re right there!

  460. I know it’s trash.. no need to care what he said…?!

  461. I remember Doug Flutie and Joe Theisman. Theses were players who knew they could play and they didn’t shy away what the critics said about them, plus they just loved the game. Johnny Manziel loves the perks that come with the game,not the game.

  462. Exactly, no need to take them seriously.

  463. After followed Lin for the past 3 years… I now know lots of talk or articles just tried to get attention or click. Sometimes they don’t even watch the games just copy & paste from somewhere… smh! Some infor it’s old news … they don’t even know… smh!

  464. No team is going to trade for Lin, especially if they know that they can make him an offer after this season. If no trade after the All stars game, Lakers will kiss lin’s butt hoping that he will stay and run the 2nd unit. They will offer him carte Blanche to run the 2nd unit as he sees fit. Kobe will run 1st unit with the rookies, lin will run 2nd unit with the vets. we will see if lin will bite.

  465. Byron Scott w/ an afterthought: "If I have guys in there that's partying, they won't be here next year anyway."— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) February 7, 2015

  466. Yep … tough guys. JLin in Summer League. It wasn’t as long as a journey, but the pre-Linsanity vids showed it … he knew he was out unless he did something great. That vid with his friends in the NYK room, Melo and Chandler coming by being nice. Chandler way sincere. Melo not so much. Great journey, we all … never know when Linsanity will hit for you.

  467. I think thats how its gonna turn up. I’m fine with that as long as BScott is not there and JL gets to close the game

  468. who is he talking about, nick young, cause it ain’t lin…lol

  469. I think Young. I guess BS started the trick on Young now bc he wants to keep Ellington if Young gets traded then Ellington can stay as back up SG also can have playing time.

  470. JHill seems like a fun loving guy. What’s wrong with partying as long as they show up rested for games and at … wait for it … practice ha ha.

  471. Scott won’t have a say so, because the F/O will tell kobe that he and lin will close the game together, and kobe will comply.I think Kobe wants a contract or extension after 2016.

  472. BS will stay as long as Kobe is in the team. Kobe will not let Lin close the game. Anything they promise you before you sign the contract can all change … Better not stay here.

  473. Clutch Loss… The Lakers have been fairly consistent at losing in the clutch lately.

    “I thought we just played not to lose,” Scott said after the 103-97 loss to the Magic.

    Things are all ass-backwards in Los Angeles right now.

    In the tank standings, of course, this was a big one. The Magic move to
    16 wins and the Lakers stay at 13, instead of having just one game
    separate the two. So a clutch loss in that regard, too.

    Like the last game, the Lakers had a 14-point lead in this one. The
    Magic would chip away and it was anyone’s ball game in the final
    minutes. Only no one seemed to want it. Both teams combined to make only
    one field goal in the final 3 minutes and the game went to overtime.

    In overtime, the Lakers had two very big miscues. Down 3 with 1:25 left
    and a chance to pull within 1 or tie it up, Wes Johnson got picked for a
    dunk the other way to push the lead back to 5. The second miscue was a
    missed breakaway layup by Jordan Clarkson with 23 seconds left that
    could have cut it to 1.

    — Very good game from Lin tonight with the shot falling and some nice
    passes. He should have had more assists than he had but Boozer and Davis
    both missed layups off some great passing sequences by Lin.
    I liked
    that the shot was falling again and he was pulling the trigger on it. He
    said it was a positive that they were taking teams to OT, but they
    obviously need to do a better job closing them out.
    Tonight, we went
    with Clarkson in crunch time and OT instead of Lin. “They turned up the
    pressure defensively and we weren’t able to get high quality shots,” Lin
    said. He said when other teams turn it up, they need to do a better job
    attacking their aggression. Clarkson said the same. Great first half by
    the two of them. Not quite as good the second half.

    The Stats:
    He scored 14 points on 6-8 shooting (2-2 from three) to go with 1
    board, 3 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, 2 turnovers and no fouls in 22
    minutes. He was a +2.

    The Action:
    He sank a wing three off the split play. He got picked from behind by a
    big for a dunk the other way. His lob to Davis was deflected for a
    turnover. He drained an open sideline three on a kickout from Ed. He
    missed a short jumper in transition, we got it back to him and he
    attacked for a layup. He buried a long wing jumper on the catch and
    shoot. He swatted Payton’s drive. Great read, hitting Davis with a
    30-foot lob for the throwdown. He swished a rainbow wing jumper calling
    for the foul as he launched it.

    Second Half:
    He swiped a pass and pushed it out. He hit Boozer with a long outlet
    for a score. He missed a step-back jumper at the end of the quarter.
    Shotclock low, he attacked, was smothered but still hit the fading
    jumper. He jumped a passing lane to come up with a steal.


    LG – by DB

  474. Plus he is much cheaper and more “:consistent” than Young…just sayin…

  475. Scott’s grade… surprise surprise lol

  476. Cheaper it’s the key to the FO now… I also think Young’s high billboard sure made Kobe is not happy… you know… ONLY KOBE can on no one else… LOL!

  477. feb 19 is the deadline if thats what you re asking

  478. Nick needs to improve his game by stop trying to create his own shot but instead moving without the ball. He needs to watch Parsons last year playing with lin on how he constants moving to get loose from his man. Lin always rewards the open easy shot guy

  479. What a great achievemet !!

  480. This is the Ish Smith that went viral and later he stated that his twitter account was hacked…yeah right: you decide shade or no shade…


  481. Nick is really good at creating his own shots though! In fact Nick and Lin are the only ones who can potentially lead this team if they got rid of Kobe! But yes he does need to learn how to cut and move away from the his man for open shots as well!

  482. Still a very low percentage shot.

  483. Lakers not trustworthy, I’d rather Lin took his talents elsewhere. They can “promise” this and that but if it’s not on the contract they can always lie!

  484. This depends on the offers from other teams. As Lin said, he is open to the options.

  485. Exactly. That is why I say Lakers will start to kiss lin’s butt if no trade after All-Star game.

  486. I think Lin will put starting in a team or backup in a contending team ahead of staying as a LAL.

  487. Soon he will… no need to worry about him. BS likes him.

  488. Ha Ha Ha
    Action is LOUDER than words!

    Ha Ha Ha

  489. They already did… TWC commentators are suddenly so warm to Lin… LOL!

  490. IT ‘s kinda odd lately too.

  491. Big picture: One game closer to FA for JLin.

    Until then, I’m going to enjoy the JLin/Davis, JLin/Boozer plays while they last.

  492. OK Picture Time

  493. I think Boozer will stay.. Lin not sure (better not) Davis will not…

  494. More coming!

  495. Actions speaks louder than words and so far Lin has not much opportunities in closing games. Lin should take the FO words and promises (if any) with a pinch of salt. Still think Lin should go to a team that really needs his skills and are genuinely interested in his progress.

  496. Yes there are more!

  497. yeah yeah…I know….

  498. Give me a break now…will ya

  499. And they say racism no longer plays a factor in Jeremy’s story. Give me a break. It’s happening to the next generation of players, in California, now.

  500. These are really great shots! Dynamic, great lucky composition, and the colors even work perfectly.

  501. Worthy said Scott has a different direction than Lin. Doubt will make him offer?

  502. Scott also said Price will likely play after AllStars. So can’t kiss Lin.

  503. It’s not just Asian. Latino, Asian, black…even here in LA which is pretty multicultural we constantly get stories of groups of kids taunting and bullying one another. The “chunti” taunt (and more) is one leveled at working class latino kids. Human nature is not a particularly pretty picture.

  504. Highlight down there by footwearfoot [1:04] mark. That footwork going around the screen was so good. Every kid should learn that..Sliding is just too slow

  505. Byron Scott Talks Tanking, Lakers Future: ‘This Summer Is Going To Be Big’

  506. Why one game closer to trade?

  507. If Price to play after ASG, and if there is an understanding that Lin is to play minimum 20 mins, then what’s to happen to Clarkson or Ish Smith (assuming his earlier tweet is correct)?

  508. Lin will play less than 16 mins if both Price and CLarkson play….anyway….nothing Lin can do to change that..

  509. Lakers really needs a new coach. Kobe at his last year could only play very limited minutes or none at all. What Lakers need is a real coach, not superstar nor free agents of max contract.

  510. Lakers could afford to give the same contract to him. If Kobe wants to play after 2016, he has to take single digit salary and the team revolve around him. He couldn’t even start!

  511. I dont think we have much say on who they are going to get. So Lin to think it thru and choice wisely when the time comes.As for superstars, most of the time teams would have….its tough

  512. Lin is a good sport.

  513. Boozer’s upset about being benched, he’s not staying.

  514. Oh so who’s being traded to the Thunder, really Nick Young? Thunder are one of the contenders surely they would want a scorer back.

  515. Kobe should do himself and the fans a good service: retire next season!

  516. its interesting that lin davis boozer are the only good players healthy the lakers (er tankers) have at this point. so of course they can’t be allowed to play much cause would endanger the tank. right now the tankers are the top tanking team. by winning the tankathon against the only contender orlando, they now are looking the worst of the worst (worst is the new best) onward and downward to the tank trophy: ping pong balls!

    that is to say of the teams in the running for the tankathon trophy they are currently playing the worst. all they have to do is continue on their downward/upward trajectory.

    they’ll all be gone next year (lin/boozer/davis) but as to a trade this year? i haven’t a clue but i dont see any evidence to suggest they will be traded.

    also it does help to have them, makes it not look so obvious.

    i mean can you imagine how bad this team would be without lin/davis/boozer?

    with kobe/nash/randle (and now hill) out.

    all the rest of the roster (including all the starters) are d-leaguers or insurance salesmen at best were if not for the tank agenda.

    philly’s young players are starting to play better, minn has its best players back healthy, melo seems to want to win, brooklyn tho a mess is managing to win some games.

    only orlando stood in the way of ultimate tankdom and propelled by the “future” clarkson missing his last 6 shots down the stretch under bs brilliant tank commander now exclusive status (with his other purpose of taking care of kobe largely on ice till next season) well nothing is stopping them now.

    tanks for the memories.

    its entirely possible they might not win another game this year.

  517. “a lacertine breed of bitterness”–john ruskin
    (humans that is)

  518. nick doesn’t create his shot he just shoots! he has always just got the ball and shot it. thats what he does, no way he could ever improve his game as you suggest. he never passes. (his couple assists in this last game were a shock). he has the worst fga/assists ratio in the league. ie. the highest number of shots to each assist. among bench players.

  519. I didn’t listen to his talk but I have an irresistible urge to smack that smile off.

  520. Lakers has Scott and Charmin (Kobe Bryant: How many games he missed? his low shooting % and his defense)

  521. Scott let the game get away

  522. They have nothing (but a great bench) they want a pick. Lol

  523. That’s why the Great Tank Commander does not want to see you play much. Go Lin Go!

  524. Lol I am, I focus on the good 😉 Trolls can be funny too.

  525. W BS as HC, I am sure Lakers will have new worst record soon.

  526. just wondering, where are these picts coming from? You reporter?

  527. Here’s Ish Smith’s earlier, deleted tweet …

  528. Now, Mr. grover chang’s touching account with his 4 yr, old daughter is what is all about. I too wanna see the Fantastic Jeremy Lin Play!!! I WANNA SEE JEREMY LIN!!, I WANNA SEE JEREMY LIN!!, I WANNA SEE JEREMY LIN!!….. ooh, ok wife, I’ll behave :{

  529. Did you take these?

  530. Not sure if this was posted yet.

  531. That tweet looks pretty legit. I think he let the cat out of the bag before time.

  532. Has anyone worked at a company and there is just a very difficult employee that is erratic in behavior and talks with mix messages? Once everyone catches on , they just look at each other like – “okay, we get it, this person is on a different planet”. Yes, that person can be abusive but you have to just deal with it because that is all you got for now. Well , that is what Jeremy has with BS.

  533. Ouch.

  534. where was the CP3 fine where he joked Lin was from Asia during the Olympics? Oh yeah, it’s totally cool to make fun of Asians in this country since all Asians are viewed as foreign.

    2 inches of pain? You get promoted here!

  535. glad to see Lin fits in with the team and seems an integrated part with everyone not named Kobe Bryant. Man the team is ruining this franchise catering to Kobe’s every whim. Damn shame.

    Lin seems good at making friends with players around the NBA. THats a good trait to have and this game is all about networking unless you are at Lebron or a young Kobe or MJ level.

  536. CP3 is just dumb. He got mad the other night when the ref wouldn’t put up with his bs antics that he normally gets away with. Instead of Paul focusing on why the Cavilers beat them like they stole something, he puts the spotlight on the ref. I am with Shaq when he said Riley told him, leave the refs alone and keep focus on the game.

  537. If he stayed beecause no other NBA team offered him anything and the Lakers were te only team to do so, I would understand. Otherwise, Lin should leave. 1 more year of Kobe is just too toxic to deal with.

  538. LOL…if it were me, I’ll forget or screw up some of them.

  539. Distraction and it is the same technique use by BS .

  540. He’s not Jeremy. He doesn’t think of $25,000 in terms of food. So it’s probably like nothing to him.

  541. Byron Scott is a bad coach, but not as dumb as we would hope. He has properly identified the talent on this team, and he does think Lin is a decent PG, but doesn’t see Lin as a great PG. He sees Lin like how he sees Ramon Sessions or Mario Chalmers etc. We all think Scott is short changing Lin viewing him that way but oh well.

    Byron’s play calls and sets are atrocious. The teams play on both ends is deplorable and he should be fired for that alone.

    But Bryon seems to have played his politics right. He is tanking for the team and he is carrying it through on his end. He has hitched his horse to Kobe and knows how to keep his job even if the team is sabotaged for it.

    Versus the Bucks, Bryon really did try to win for the first time in a long while. He wanted to WIN so he put in Lin Boozer Davis and rode those horses all the way. It shows that Byron totally gets his roster and is playing politics.

    I doubt there will be too many other games we see Lin Booz and Ed close games like that again. I think Byron messed up though. IN doing that, he showed all of us the tank agenda is real and he let his personal dislike for Kidd spill over into his decision making and confirmed our suspicions.

  542. I like this video a lot. It shows how easily Jeremy interacts with his teammates. Here are some things I noticed / liked :

    At 16 secs – redoing his greeting with Tarik Black because Black forgot part of it,

    At 1 min 6 secs – his greeting with Ed Davis where he runs around him, and

    At 1 min 30 secs – talking and laughing with Carlos Boozer. They seem very comfortable with one another; like old friends.

  543. Did BS tell Lin to get teammates involved during the half time against Magic last night?

    Lin tried 2FGA only in the 2nd half.

  544. BTW, Lin looked phenomenal vs. the Bucks in terms of breaking down the defense and using pick and roll. His handle was tight and most of his simple moves worked to perfection. I had not seen that Lin in a long time.

    Against Orlando, he actually didn;t look as sharp but his shot was on for sure.

  545. I live in LA and I am being honest. Most people I talk to just love Kobe and dont care about anyone else. Lakers fans are weird creatures. Their love for Kobe is insane and unwaverying. They are like diehard Lin fans in that way. So many guys in their 20’s who grew up watching Kobe love the guy to the end. In their eyes, Kobe can do no wrong and got scrwed stuck with chumps on the roster to play with. SMh

  546. “He sees Lin like how he sees Ramon Sessions or Mario Chalmers etc”

    “Byron’s play calls and sets are atrocious”.

    Those two sentences from you are the definition of BS stupidity.

  547. Should be $250,000 because she’s a woman by the standard of “the war against women” by the media.

  548. Byron is banking that Kobe will save his job and keep him employed as Lakers coach for the next 5 years. Kobe will keep playing until teams stop renewing his contract or he has a real career ending injury.

  549. i wish that one counted. boozer and his pushing fouls….

  550. I also live in LA, and the only fans that love him are some of the younger fans who nothing about the game of basketball. I know a lot of diehard Showtime laker fans who remember what it was like when the Lakers were winning. Majority of them think that it is time for Kobe top retire and move on. Many of them have stopped following the game of the Lakers. Many of them don’t speak highly of Scott because they resent the fact that Norm Nixon was traded to get Scott and they are all still mad about that. T

  551. I think you have something. The problem are the fans. Why do fans watch bad behavior and accept that? They rather pick on the little guy and be winners than go with the truth. We are all like this to a degree. It is the human race issue. I see JL problems a problem with the fans. Need to recondition people to play basketball with integrity. Not this cut throat attitude or me attitude. What are we teaching our kids?

  552. That’s only your speculation. At the end of the day, Lakers can’t print money and they also have investors to answer to. (I’ve not even mentioned ticket holders yet).

  553. Did he say that? Lakers will not be a contending team until about 5 years. I guarantee, after this contract, Kobe will ask for another two year extension, because there is more money involved now because of the new salary caps for 2016.

  554. Just a recount of what happened in the game against Bucks.

    If you were the bench players and you were constantly playing only 18 to 24 mins per game for months now. In 4Q, your mindset would be like, I am going to give it all with limited minutes left. And surprise, you gave all out around 6-8 min mark and you would probablly be tired already because that’s how you managed your efforts on the court to anticipate a pull from coach and let the starters taking over. But the coach just kept you in there (probablly never told you he was going to play you to the end) and the best you can do was to play hard and keep fighting. But tired legs and poor time management made the whoe team not ctaching up with opponents hence giving away the games (6 points lead in less than a minutes, how could you lose a game like that!).

    BS wanted to win this one. But instead of giving players heads-up or giving them consistent playing or at least giving them some breathing break, BS pulled a stunt like this, anticipating the 2nd unit would win for him, playing them all the way to OT.

    BS was just inept enough to lose this one. BS lost to himself.

  555. oh i relate to all of that. Norm Nixon was moved because Magic came into town imho. Before Magic, Norm was starting PG. Norm got Linned like in Houston with Harden on some level. So I dont blame Scott for being a rookie and getting drafted onto the team for Norm. Can’t really hold that against Scott. Norm was popular too dating Debbie Allen at the time. Though Norm was a much better player than Nick Young today, Young too dates a celebrity and Young doesn’t seem to get along with Kobe all that much. ANd I dont think Norm and Magic were all that close either.

    I think Kobe needs to retire now and should never return. But I suspect Kobe will try to play until no NBA team will offer him a roster spot. How dumb will the Lakers be in trying to keep him on the roster? Not sure, but it scares me. If they keep this guy around till he is 40, my goodness, we can all stop following the Lakers and hitch our wagon to the female hating CP3. Because at least the Clippers win against mediocre talent.

    I would love to see Lin start for the Clippers. I think Lin is more athletic today than CP3 and Lin keeps defenses honest with his 1st step all game long. I think Lin would create even MORE lobs for his teammates and also create more hockey lob dunk passes if he was the PG there. True lob city would start to show.

  556. I think Lakers fans are not interesting in Lakers games for this season. TV rating is low now..

  557. I have watched CP# game in person, and it doesn’t impress me. I call his game a bag of tricks, illusion and superstar calls. I went the playoff games when they played OKC, and I am watching these bad handles that he has when he is guarded well. Westbrook kept posting up on CP3 and stole the ball at least 3 times with the same play. I remember thinking to myself, like Wow

  558. I’m looking at the business stand point, kobe will not only able to prolong his career at high level, he won’t last in 40 games

  559. I agree. CP3 won’t even let lin come to the Clippers to be a backup to him because he is so afraid that somebody will still his job. CP3 has gotten rid of every backup PG that a potential to be a starter in this league. I suspect that was the big push to get Austin Rivers here to backup Paul, because the owner, a harvard grad was probably looking at lin during FA. Also I agree that Kobe will hang in as long as body will hang in.

  560. basically I am glad they lost that one. Screw Byron Scott and his all too obvious agendas. Stupid coach let his personal feeling get in the way of tanking and deserved the loss.

    Against Orlando, I think he did everything he could to secure the loss intntionally.

  561. Last night game, seemed like Lin’s jump shots are getting back together now.

  562. Ha Ha.

  563. There is probably a lot of truth to this. The way CP3 tried so hard to lobby for Bledsoe to leave was suspicious. CP3 is a schemer and politician and that is why he is so good on and off the court. Of course he has the obvious talent and ability to boot.

    Austin Rivers is a total NBA BUST. I am sure Austin has no game at this level. Cp3 like Kobe all want to win, but not at all costs. Doc wants to save his son more than win. They want their State Farm and Nike $ and fame. They want to hold teams hostage while they shine past their prime. I would do the same in their shoes to be honest.

    But yeah, Lin would have been great with that roster.

    Personally I feel like Lin will do best in the East Coast away from the comforts of Cali. He just seems like that kind of guy. he Might not personally like it, but his career will do better for it.

  564. AS a fan of Lin, we need to realize, that his ways are not our ways, and his thoughts are not our thoughts. So keep that in mind during Lin’s FA.

  565. hedid not say that. its my personal view of what I think scott thinks of Lin.

  566. Especially he already has his advisers such as his agents and immediate family.

  567. I also live in LA. Most of my friends liked Kobe till he chased Shaq out of LA. Now they all hate him w/ passion. Some of them stop following Lakers cuz of Kobe.

  568. oh no its not speculation. I have watched Kobe closely for over 2 decades. I know Kobe’s personality better than Lins.

    Kobe will keep playing until teams stop renewing his contract or he can’t walk anymore.

    That is what I wrote.

    I did not write the Lakers MUST renew his contract. I wrote he will keep playing until no team wants to write him one. U are putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say.

  569. I am very sure Lin gonna play 30 min tomorrow due to national televised. BS will not expose himself foolishness like last night.

  570. I think lin has realized now that it will be the same wherever he goes. I think this time, he will choose what he feels comfortable with. The thing with Scott is that he doesn’t have a clue on how to mentor young players. Lakers realize that lin will do that because he wants to win, and it is not about his celebrity status in the NBA. I think if lin stays in LA, it will be purely a business option,rather than basketball. Lin has tried to do it the right way with your skill set in the NBA, but they won’t allow him to do that, so I think Lin will take his FA from a business approach, that owners understand.jmo

  571. the people i refer to here are people i meet on basketball courts. those that go to games and buy expensive nike shoes

  572. Yep, a lot of my friends have became Cliupper fans because of that

  573. I doubt bc Mitch & BS already semi-open to support the tank… now I know why they went to the Mall in Orlando? Probably no practice then… tanking. smh!

  574. i am pretty sure that will not happen. actually almost positive you will see Lin play 15-23 minutes max.

  575. what foolishness? Scott coaches that game perfectly. If I was the front office, I would pat him on the back.

    As a front office exec, I am only mad at Scott for the Bucks game where he lost his senses and tried to actually win and showed his hand by playing Lin in the 4th with Booz and Ed making the tank crystal clear obvious.

  576. They did practice in the morning. Regardless, tanking is just an excuse for BS failure as a coach. It’s a suicide mission for your franchise if this 2nd half of the season teams are fighting to be in the last place.

  577. Well said. After saw what he said in MSG interview, I think he has pretty clear mind what he wants… This is my guess & also afraid that he maybe will stay in Lakers… bc Lakers will be the team offer him long contract w good price.. unless NYK suddenly wants to do more…. other teams will not that high on him.

  578. Totally agree & I really think Buss family are so dumb to go along w BS tanking plan?! smh!

  579. We’ll all find out soon tomorrow.

  580. I don t think you have been following the nba closely enough, or the fact there are shady agendas in the business world does not comport with your personal beliefs so you refuse to see the obvious?

  581. I think that lin will play more minutes. I think that as Mitch/F/O started scouting around, they found many teams will wait until lin is a FA and offer him a contract. The Lakers probably already know what salary range some of the teams are going to offer lin, and now the Lakers are scrambling now to make up to lin. That is why the positive things scott has said about lin in the last games, and Stu has taken a different narrative with lin. They know that during FA, lin probably won’t even look their way.

  582. find out what? We’ve all know what’s been happening for last 2 months already.

  583. My friends went to Lakers games and did play basketball (and they don’t need expensive nike to play well) . They can throw you some basketball knowledges and skills .

  584. so you are saying they will showcase Lin for a trade? Because as you point out, Lin wont even look their way in FA.

  585. Lin’s next contract will be all about the business more than basketball., much like Lebrons did when he went to Cleveland. He told the owner what he could bring to the table in a business aspect.

  586. Closely enough to know that their agendas have failed since the start of the season. Now they must stick with it. To believe that the Lakers are intent to lose is ridiculous.

  587. I think Lakers is worry that Lin will not stay that’s why they suddenly became more nice to him now… smh! W Kobe will be back & didn’t even want to retire after 2016…. Hope Lin will not stay in Lakers to waste his prime period in this rebuilding or tanking team to get the top draft…

  588. I thnk there is a strong chance Lin will sign with the highest bidder. $ talks. And that’s how most Asians see it, especially his parents too I suspect. It’s not about the $ its the fact that the $ means the team is serious.

  589. That lin will close the game tomorrow as BS tries to win.

  590. Come on, their intent IS to lose right now. It’s slamming us in the face. You really dont think they are trying to lose on purpose now? Scott puts out a D league team to start and yoyo’s the 2nd teams minutes depending on how close the game needs to be. It’s all a farce.

  591. Ya! I think he will go w highest bidder too.

  592. No, I am saying that most teams are not going to take lin for about 30 + games. I think that Lakers will play kissie face with lin and give him minutes and let him lead the 2nd unit his way, so in hopes that it will be enough that lin might stay. F/O has told Scott to shut his mouth about lin and only say nice things and give him playing time.

  593. If they offer DOUBLE what any other teams offer, Lin might stay. $ talks. but look at Ray Allen nd other guys, many take the money and stuff it back and go where they are wanted.

    Ray Allen chose Miami and did great. He was treated like crap in Boston and so he left and got 2 more rings.

    Ihope Lin can do the same.

  594. If I were Mitch I would love to save $7 mil by trading Lin for a second round pick.

  595. What are you talking about? Lin and 2nd unit brought the team back from a huge deficit. Scott waited too long to bring them back in, and the 2nd unit ran out of steam

  596. then they are dumber than I thought. I think Lin has pride. And I think they underestimate that. Lin is not going to stick around for the Scott/Kobe trainwreck unless the Lakers are the only offer in summer or they offer triple the salary of other teams.

  597. LOL doesn’t work like that unless you have a trade exception. Read the NBA rules. You trade money for money.

  598. Lakers aren’t doing that now. They are trying to see if the Phillipines will bite because of Clarkson on the team. They are trying to figure out how much business they drum up in the Phillipines.

  599. Now Byron hates Price too.?

    Byron explained DNP directly to Price bc of his professionalism. Byron talked w/ Lin & Young about PT only after they initiated conversation— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) February 7, 2015

  600. Well I hope you are right. I highly doubt it. I thikn you will see more Bulls Lakers game rotation.

  601. Meanwhile, Byron + Boozer have ever discussed about him getting demoted to the bench— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) February 7, 2015

  602. Yes they do as how they got Lin from Houston.

  603. yeah because stupid Scott let personal agenda of hating Kidd cloud his vision. In a normal tank game, Clakrson and those other gus come in with 4-5 minutes left to finish the game. but Scott went with the 2nd team because he lost his mind and tried to beat Jason Kidd lol.

    No way Lin finishes a game anymore except when Scott loses his mind and wants to win. Scott is too obvious with his coaching.

  604. Jeremy Lin 14 pts on 6 of 8 shooting, Pat Beverley 6 pts on 2 of 9 shooting.— 2-ONE (@TKOBOXING) February 7, 2015

  605. Then why would you argue with me? National televised ABC network is showing the game, what moron would not think BS doesn’t want to win? Even if they want to tank but not tomorrow, they still have half of the season left to tank it. SMH

  606. U miss my point. I am talkig about the chumps who buy the expensive nike and NBA gear. I am not saying your friends cannot play basketball.

  607. As I stated before, I think lin has wised up to the NBA, and he understands that the only thing the owners understands is the money. It will be more from Lin’s team on what I will bring to your organisation. Listen, if you look at all the things lin has done business wise over the summer. He has established his brand and he actually hired a patent officer to ensure his brand is not stolen. Lin is a shareholder with that internet spots network that is gaining a lot of support from athletes around the world. Everybody can’t be an ESPN favorite, but lin’s market team realized that the 21st generation is all about the internet.

  608. I don’t think there is a team that is willing to give up a pick for Lin and be on the hook for 1/2 the $15 mil he’s owed. Most of the contending teams are already over the salary cap. I don’t know if the Lakers can eat the $7.5 mil and let another team have him perhaps. Lakers are much richer than most teams in the league.

  609. Do you get the feeling that Mark Medina is trolling Scott with Scott’s ridiculous answers?

  610. the Lakers want to lose ALL of their games. Dont worry, the Cavs will slaughter the Lakers 2morrow. The less Lin plays the better. The refs wont allow the Lakers to win anyways.

    Maybe Iman can guard Lin and try to lock Lin down.

  611. Losing is not their top policy now. Keeping Lin and Boozer on the bench is to justify his decision to give Kobe 100% pg ball control which led this team into the un-reversible season. That was the worst move ever.

  612. good points. And that is why I think Lin needs to find a team who isn’t high profile and wants Lin to give them that media attention.

  613. MM always like to do that… LOL!

  614. he gave Lin the ball against the bucks to try to beat Kidd! If he cares about that, no way he lets Lin do that and almost win the game for him!

  615. Detroit would be a great spot. They’re fighting for the 8th spot and have cap and need a pg.

  616. What?

  617. I think Lakers will offer him good contract that’s why Lin is not even worry about his stats at all. But what Lin cares the most it’s for the team to play like Hawks so right now they did play a little bit for Lin to please him… I am afraid that Lin will stay…

    BTW, where did you get PJ said NYK should play like Hawks or just kidding?

  618. Not kidding. ESPN

  619. Librafree‏@Librafree
    @JLin7 at @Kabooki_Sushi in Orlando last night. (via Kabooki Sushi FB)

  620. The sooner you take off your blinders the better for your thinking. Tanking is the only word you see.

  621. With kobe, it will always be kobe ball, non team style. Bank on it. Kobe may try for 2 games but he will regress like drug addict

  622. Really? So maybe NYK will offer him too? That’s why Lakers changed the attitude on Lin now.. What about Mav… Rondo isn’t good for them… It’s time for CP show the power of friendship on Cuban. LOL!

  623. I know. That’s why I hope Lin will not buy the story they sell him now. Once he signs the contract everything will back to old days again. Kobe will not want to retire after 2016. Not good idea to stay.. but …$$$

  624. Yes, he can’t just come out and say how terrible a coach Scott is but he posts a lot of stuff that if you connect the dot’s shows that BS is full of BS. But then he can defend himself by saying he’s just reporting the facts.

  625. Haha! All these talk are the same… I hope karl got the job.

  626. No I think buss plan is to tank and Scott has to execute the plan

  627. BS likes Price & Ellington a lot maybe bc they are not that outspoken like Lin & Young.

  628. But here is the deal, lin/young are who the fans want to see play

  629. ….and they’re not the threat to Kobe fame.

  630. I know but BS don’t care… First was Lin now it’s Young’s time…

  631. Exactly. Plus BS is so dumb so he just didn’t like someone is smarter than him like Lin to be PG. Maybe he is worry that he will be fired by another smart PG. LOL!

  632. have to talk about business and money. If it’s all bball, he won’t have playing time. If a team pays him more.. he should take that offer because 1) it shows they are valuing him in a way 2) he will probably have a lot more playing time than a team that doesn’t offer that high 3) you will have haters saying that he is not worth as much either way so why bother going for a low offer due to wanting to stay at a team.

    Think about this, if lin didn’t have that 25 million contract.. lin probably would’ve be a bench player MUCH sooner in the first year or that they can afford to not play him that much. Because he has that contract, teams will look idi otic if they do not really play him.

  633. So…he is saying bs doesn’t think Jlin and Young have any professionalism. .. got it loud and clear… good point.

  634. and also look at how lin ‘s pt is right now.. that’s because lakers can afford to do it now. Lin’s value in a way decreased because he got traded to the lakers for some draft picks so they can afford to not play him. If they pay him like how they pay kobe..he HAS TO START and play a lot more barring any injury no matter what. (that’s one reason why thye have to play kobe..his contract). right now lakers can experiement because they might be thinking that theyt have nothing to lost as lin might be a 1 year rental etc.

  635. Owners who have signed Lin are incompetent ( dolan, buss) or risk takers (Leslie a) or smart (Lacob).

    Now we hope crazy is next. Vivek as an Indian born guy might be lins next best hope. Team him up with Karl on or off the bench I don’t care. Karl is a renegade himself and might be the right fit for Lin.

  636. If lin could possibly land with the Sacramento Kings, that would be so sweet.

  637. I would consider it a done deal, if they’ve really engaged.

  638. Dallas sport radio is discussing Amare join the mavs…. if Jlin also go to the mavs…. it’s getting the band back together time…hehe… they are also trashed fat felton…hahaha

  639. LOL, a hybrid of his knick and rocket band with parson and Greg Smith.

  640. I wonder if BSc will hold out on him as time goes on.

  641. BS is now paid to tank. He is doing a pretty good job. It may be a natural fit for him but it works. I agree he wants the game to be close, but BS is fine with losing a close battle, just like in Orlando.

    Agait BUCKS, Lin stayed inbecause Scott wanted to actually win. hehates Kidd.

    Againt Orlando, he was fine if the team lost so he went withthe rookie and d leaguers.

    Against Cavs and all other teams, Scott is fine with losing.

    Now if scott HATES CAvs for firing him , then MAYBE Lin will play.

  642. You’re assuming he’s smart enough to fathom he’s the butt of a joke.
    At this point, I don’t think he gets anything unless it’s directly said to him in the most blunt manner.

  643. Look Lin has pretty much shown that he belongs in the NBA. Now the GM/owners need to figure out, where they feel what compacity they feel comfortable that he can help the team. The scouts are out and they know that lin is a game changer, even given free reign to play his game. He just needs the freedom to play his game. The starters positions are about position, status, and players egos. They know that lin only wants to win, and he will play whatever role you want him to play just as long as he has the freedom to play his game.

  644. Happy New Year all month!

  645. PFV – Magic Long video:

  646. if a team desires to win and doesn’t have big egos, Lin will blow up the output so it’s really up to him and his people to make the right choices and moves this time. It isn’t like trying to break in now.

  647. Maybe he’s v good at losing while looking like he’s trying. Having locker room breakdowns has got to be worth 10 losses.

  648. good call – he gets low and accretes back into the play but sets up for v fast stop to challenge.

    I loved his out-of-bounds try on LRid – shows a level of aggression I haven’t seen. Ppl do this all the time but this was a great surprise to see:


  649. I’m down. Mark Cuban can rectify his poor trade for Rondo by getting JLin

  650. Lin and Davis off court =D

  651. I’m still surprised rondo did not work out. But it seems whole nba world recognize that was a bad trade. Maverick are worse.

  652. Nathan Gottlieb ‏3 hours agoNew York, USA
    “A month ago I woulda been screaming at TV for BS benching Lin in crunch time. Now I just laughed. Cat’s out of bag. This is the way it’ll go. No point in getting upset any more. No point in thinking, ‘Oh, Lin had great 1st half, I hope he gets rewarded 2d half.” Ain’t happening.I’d say of all the tanking moves BS has put on Lin, last night was most blatant.Lin’s line before he benched: 22 min. 14 pts 6-8 FG, 2-2 on 3’s, 3 asst. 2 steals, 1 block. Yup, that kid didn’t deserve to play crunch time”

  653. He doesn’t look so “Lil” lol.

  654. If Jlin go to a different team….I couldn’t care less how big this summer is for this tanking team.

  655. CLE PreGame Thread+Poll is now open!

    Lakers accomplished the goal of ‘Must Lose’ game by losing intentionally against ORL by simply benching the “Too Hot Lin and the Bench”

    It’s great to see Lin made the most of the situation by scoring aggressively in the 1st half because he won’t get to play much if Lakers is in danger of winning the game. That’s how it is with Lakers trying to tank.

    Meanwhile it’s 12 days before Feb 19 trading deadline so we just hope and see if any teams will be interested in Jeremy Lin.

    Keep playing your best to win, Jeremy! Never tank, never surrender!

  656. Man, Nathan views Lin’s game like most of us do.

  657. I don’t think Mavs suffer at all by switching Rondo with Lin, even though many GMs might disagree.

  658. yeah fire coach scott & summer be brighterfor them

  659. I’m sure you’re right about the business part, but my doubt is that they have given themselves any wiggle room to act intelligently. Fundamentally, their commitment to keep the marriage to Kobe severely limits their options. He’s become a big poison pill to anyone with a rep they’d try to attract and to anyone they’d like to keep who could get another offer. Even the biggest windfall of money is not going to keep Jeremy in a situation where his talents are not only unused, but with a coach who actively disses him. They can try to parcel out enough PT to keep people hanging in there, they can push out compliments in the press from time to time. Not going to work. The unworkable story line is clear to all now. Whether it’s the Jeanie faction or the Jim/Kupchak faction, none of their squirming around is going to get them where they’d like to be because Kobe will just not have it and no one worth having will stick around if they can help it.

  660. He won’t stick around for ANY amount of money if he has another option.

  661. This absolutely one area where Lin and his folks are not run-of-the mill. They do not fit that stereotype. Both their comments in interviews and documentaries and their actions over many years have demonstrated that over and over. He won’t go with the highest bidder again…been burned by that already in a situation where he had no choice. He will absolutely look for the team that wants him and will use him. He’s perfectly smart enough (and econ trained enough) to know people value what they pay for, so he won’t leave that out of the equation, but it will not have first place.

  662. Nice quote. I also like this – the Wizard was talking about the Tin Man, but I’ve always thought it applied pretty well to humanity in general: “clinking, clattering collection of caliginous junk.”

  663. As long as Kobe doesnt retire and BS isnt fired, Lakers is another Knicks in the future.

  664. ESPN and NBA

  665. nope, ESPN and NBA 🙂

  666. Then good photo mining!

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