Game 50 Sacramento Kings vs Atlanta Hawks: Another Audition Chance for Lin?

With one week left before the February 7 trade deadline, this game might offer Jeremy Lin another chance to audition in front of another NBA team that was recently reported to be interested to trade for him.

Marc Stein reported on January 15 that Sacramento is among the teams that have expressed exploratory trade interest in Hawks guard Jeremy Lin, according to league sources

Showcasing Lin In Front of Interested Teams

We can expect that Lin might be given more minutes and shot attempts to showcase his skills in front of the Kings. In the recent games against teams with reported interest in him such as Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, and Portland Blazers, Jeremy averaged 27 minutes and 10.6 Field Goal Attempts (FGA). His season average is 7.7 FGA in 20 minutes


  1. Was impressed by the two bigs for the Kings. With Lin, they’d be challenging for a playoff spot in the west.

  2. Go Lin go!!!

  3. It will be interesting to see how hard (and how LP let’s Jlin play) in Sacto. For the teams mentioned as being interested in Jlin, Sacto is one of them. The audition game it seemed Jlin played hardest and best for (and maybe allowed to play by LP) was TOR. Most energy, most efficiency. I wonder if that is his dream destination? Sacto game should tell us a little more tonight. This game will also be interesting to see how TY handles Fox. Fox lit him up for 40 last time. I hope LP doesn’t make it easy on TY and put Jlin on to defend Fox. Make TY earn his court time.

  4. There are only 4 games left before Feb 7 trade deadline (The Feb 7 Raptors game doesn’t count since trade probably needs to be completed by afternoon).

    And this Kings game is the strongest chance to showcase JLin for teams with recent reported trade talk about Lin. My guess is we can see JLin being given 25-30 minutes and 11+ shot attempts. More if he plays well.

    Wed, 30 Jan Sacramento Kings 22:00
    Fri, 1 Feb Utah Jazz 21:00
    Sat, 2 Feb Phoenix Suns 21:00
    Mon, 4 Feb Washington Wizards 19:00
    Thr, 7 Feb Toronto Raptors 19:30


    “With Rockets last season, Lin hit 41.7 percent from the left block. His aim sharpened as he moved farther from the hoop, shooting 54.5 percent from midrange and 43.9 percent from beyond the arc.”

    ➡️ / ( / )

  6. If ATL is still showcasing Jlin (and I’m not sure they are) then they should allow Jlin to be the dominant PG and play the game he wants, not what LP designs. That will show Jlin at his best. Don’t play him with TY because that takes the ball out of his hands. Jlin, Bembr/Huerter, Dedmon/Len , Collins and maybe Prince or Justin Anderson (where is Baze by the way? He’s been out longer than two weeks, yes?)

  7. bazemore upgraded to probable for tonight vs kings.

    a key factor in lins future atl minutes will be: how does bazemore’s return affect that?

    should get an indication tonite.

  8. According to this article, Baze might be harder to trade than JLin due to his $18.3M salary + $19.3 player option (and he hasn’t played in a while).
    Oddly, the article said Baze has more value as a player.

    But yes, if Baze plays, let’s see if the Hawks play Lin/Dedmon/Baze for 25+ min 🙂

    … 9. Jeremy Lin
    8. Kent Bazemore
    Between Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore and Dewayne Dedmon, the Atlanta Hawks have plenty of useful NBA players that won’t have a role in the long-term rebuild. This team has been playing .500 basketball for the last 20 games now, but they’re still one of the worst teams in the league. As more minutes are funneled into the youth, the more these expiring assets need to be capitalized on.

    Lin will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, but his bench scoring could serve a team in need of backcourt depth. Bazemore’s 3-and-D skill-set will be more coveted around the league, but his $18.1 million salary will be harder to trade for, especially since he’d likely exercise that $19.3 million player option for next season.

    Bazemore is currently out injured, but he should be back soon. His 3-point efficiency has taken a nosedive this season, but he’s a career 35.6 percent shooter from downtown. Lin will be easier to trade, while Bazemore might have more value as a player. It’ll be interesting to see which is moved, since both could certainly do with a change of scenery.

  9. David Nurse: (JLin’s shooting coach after leaving Lakers and beyond)

    side note: when Clippers defense tightened up in second half yesterday, I thought Lin needed to be given the freedom to pull up off his own dribble for three pointer immediately off the two staggered screens Hawks were setting for him at the top of key: “More than anything, it was Lin’s pull-up jumper that unlocked the rest of his game. His 48.4 effective field-goal percentage when pulling up into jumper placed him just behind Kyrie Irving and ahead of Kemba Walker.”

    ➡️ [ / / ]

  10. For those who enjoys reading about ADavis-LeBron-Lakers power play and how LeBron wants Luke Walton to get fired to live up to his reputation as a coach killer (David Blatt in CLE, tried to get Spoelstra fired in Miami), this is a good read.

    NBA Star Power Index: The Anthony Davis-Lakers power play is upon us; Is LeBron James actually a coach’s nightmare?
    If Davis were to join LeBron with the Lakers, would they be a threat to win it all this year?

  11. off topic: “look what it did for denver after they finally got rid of carmelo anthony”–nuggets announcer

  12. Watching the King’s feed.. commentators not too happy with the unorganized play. Maybe Lin’s play will show the stabilizing effect the Kings need, game-in and game-out.

  13. Hawks starting off well. I thought KB is out, looks like he is okay to play

  14. Lin in

  15. LIN IN

  16. Prince, Baze and Lin, all auditioning for a new team. Hope Lin shines the brightest tonight

  17. 33333333333333333333333333333

  18. sweet 333333333

  19. need better defense…loosing the lead

  20. This unit is terrible

  21. smh

  22. 2 FT

  23. This just shows how much Collins changes the game.

  24. someone is clumsy and not fit with the effort wile playing

  25. Lin out

  26. Lin in

  27. Lin out

  28. Lol Lin already out again…Please take him off this trash team yesterday. Im done for this game bye.

  29. prince is horrible. and bazemore added its a disaster waiting to happen

  30. yeah. it’s BS. not losing sleep for this.

  31. Lin not looking good tonight.

  32. you know, Lin played more aggressively against the Raptors than against Kings and Blazers.
    Maybe deep down he likes the Raptors the most 🙂

  33. Well Lin did praise Kawhi Leonard on twitter so that’s obvious.

  34. Look like Lin doesn’t want to be there. No power in his step nor jump.

  35. that’s true .. strong hint maybe 🙂

  36. Yes, better if Raptors can get both Lin and AD, Championship would be a huge possibility.

  37. Not really more like his leg muscles are tired. Can’t expect him to be back 100% after that career injury.

  38. Lin and Carter are talking animatedly and smiling on the bench

  39. he’s more in facilitating mode now, let’s see if he looks to score more in the 2nd half

  40. trade rumor maybe? 🙂

  41. Collins shoots efficiently a great no.2 option star.

  42. Thumbs up to that. I think I posted that earlier today and with the comment that how Jlin plays tonight may demonstrate where he really wants to be. I also mentioned not to play him with TY if they want to showcase Jlijn because TY is a ball hog which i see indications of that he has hit on 3 or 6 3 pointers. TY is a ball hog. If anybody needs to be a ball hog it is Jlin.

  43. Vince: “imagine the headline if Vinsanity returns to Toronto and brings Linsanity along with him” 😀

  44. again..LOL!! his game is not yet there right now..give him more time and let see

  45. he tried to score the last seconds of the 1stQ. Spellman( is that his name?) shouldn’t be playing ..his energy is lethargic and always fumble the ball when rebounding (if he even tries)

  46. Baze the Hogballer..LOL!

  47. Jlin getting into the tanking mood

  48. I think Spellman has some conditioning issue and struggles with weight in an article

  49. For a legit chase at a ring during finals…if only.

  50. thats why he shouldn’t play competitive and let his stay with the D-league for his weight problem..he’s always a liability without that energy.

  51. That would be wonderful

  52. we have the luxury of dreaming big..LOL!

  53. hear, hear .. *crossing our fingers*

  54. I pledge to celebrate by eating 2 In-N-Out burgers to honor Jeremy and Vince lol

  55. Go Lin Vince Go … Toronto!!!

  56. Internet will break if Vinsanity and Linsanity help Raptors go to the NBA Finals lol

  57. and those who claims they are superstars will not like that also!!!:P

  58. I’m starting to find these games boring.
    If lin doesn’t play like linsanityish.. it’s starting to be boring.

  59. even dlo has like consistent 30 points games..
    if lin does that, we’ll be going crazy here.. so does that mean lin is not up to dlo’s level because that’s dlo’s norm?

    If lin does half of that.. we will be so happy. To me that’s kinda depressing.

  60. wayy past that

  61. got the ball and empowered to do so

  62. DLo’s getting loads of minutes especially with Dinwiddie and Levert both injures. Lin doesn’t have that luxury.

  63. we should be like current level of mood when lin gets 30 points, whY? because that will be his normal. If that is his normal, then we will all go crazy happy if he does stephen curry 50 points because 50 points is not always normal since his normal will be 30 points. If lin gets 15 points, then that will be his bad game. You guys get it? sigh.

  64. no, I have been following the nets naturally because I’m in NYC (and it’s taking over and it’s the talk of town over the stpid knicks). Dinwid was playing and dlo still got 30 points.

  65. it’s like the stream stopped working and I’m typing here and I don’t care. That’s how it is now.

  66. used to be like..dam it, why the stream so low. Why this one doesn’t work. etc.

  67. heurter makes one 3 then decides imma take a 40 footer. kids have no idea what winning basketball is. i blame curry and youtube. curry knows good basketball but they just want the YouTube highlight

  68. Lin in

  69. well, he is a heurler

  70. no worries, Lin is never a 30+pts scorer who only cares about stats anyway.
    He’s more 18pts/8asts guy and prefers a team win.

    DLo won’t get much PT if LeVert and Dinw are not injured. Besides, we just need to look at Melo. He was 35+pts scorer but now no team wants him. That’s quite a sad story

  71. i don’t know how LP make spellman play????

  72. me either

  73. these kids are kids. what was that

  74. VC needs to be there

  75. please put some adults in the game

  76. a kid who likes to shoot…

  77. 2 FT

  78. The Hawks have absolutely no energy, no focus, no hustle.
    Lose all the 50/50 balls. Giving up offensive rebounds.
    Just chucking 3’s instead of moving the ball and finding open players going to basket.

  79. hawks dont wanna be there

  80. People playing outside their lanes. What was Dedmon doing trying to dribble instead of passing to Lin downcourt? He’s usually much better.

  81. They have the green light to shoot without getting repercussion. No fear what so ever even against contested shots. If only Lin would shoot like that.

  82. wow, the glass is always half full for you.

  83. 2 FTT

  84. Probably too hyped about getting into Rising-Star game.

  85. Starters dug a big hole and now the bench has to climb back against Kings with hot hand and chemistry.

  86. Dave Joeger used to be Memphis Grizzlies head coach, and Kings swarming defense tonight reminded me of this article I read previously:

    “All season, the Memphis Grizzlies’ defense was the league’s best at being the actor. Led by Marc Gasol’s unbelievable defensive intelligence, the Grizzlies overplayed teams to the point where they couldn’t do anything they wanted to do offensively.”

  87. Lin out

  88. bench lost the lead, then starter starts to make king looked better…

  89. Lin’s trying to show the kids that you need to stop the momentum by drawing fouls and drained 4 FTs when trailing 20+ points. But noone gets back on defense so that’s that.

  90. not watching anymore..its not about the player, its about the manner the team is being coached (or not?)

  91. But the bench just as bad. Except Lin of course. 🙂
    Prince his usual lackluster defense.

  92. they want quick fix but refused to be aggressive, thats why.

  93. Young learned that jump into defender to draw foul, from Lin.

  94. i’m out, will comeback for the highlights later..LOL!

  95. Lin having a great shooting night even with only 12mins.
    9pts, 1-3FG, 6-6FTs. Don’t care for the win or loss.

  96. Not so sad:) What is sad is he ruined Linsanity before it even got going for purely selfish, non-basketball reasons, and ruined his chances at playing on a good team.

  97. Just a bad matchup. Yogi Ferrell always plays with chip on his shoulder. Even when he played with Lin on the Nets. Ferrell really aggressive with Young. Not too many PGs out there smaller than Ferrell. HaHa.
    Ferrell averages 6 pts on 15 mins. 9 pts on 15 mins. today. Will probably get more vs Young.

  98. Except for MDA Jlin never empowered. How he has survived so long in the league while being prevented from doing what he does best is amazing.I have to think there is still some good to come from these past 8 years.

  99. they’re still learning how to play (and coach)
    Experienced coach like Pop would go berserk with some of the shot selection

  100. Agree. If the Hawks win, good. If Lin gets to help them win, great!
    Otherwise, meh.

  101. And yet LP is set on not giving Lin an mins this game. Trae comes back in with 10 more mins no matter how well or bad he plays.

  102. Agree, part of the problem tonight is Sacramento defense. Swarming. Especially since Hawks not moving.

  103. Street basketball?
    Disorganized, no getting back on defense.
    Doesn’t matter how much you score, if you give up more on the other end.

  104. Well Hawks made a run to cause a Kings timeout so there’s still a chance for comeback.

  105. The Kings definitely showed the young Hawks how to play tough D to spur a comeback

  106. Prince is so trash

  107. Jeez. Just give the ball to Lin. And run some plays.
    Over-confident from the win over the Clippers.

  108. Lin came in and showed immediate impact with assist, tough D, more ball movement leading to his points.
    What a joy to watch real smart BB player!

  109. very true .. Hawks lacked discipline when they took early lead

  110. Isn’t that the reason we’re on this site?
    We can be realists. But still try for positive energy.

  111. Wanted to ask for a long time, why the heck are there plays for Len to shoot a 3 when he’s not a 3 point shooter? Is that one of LP’s tanking schemes?

  112. Only 2 assists, no points scored which is what Lin should do. Len taking 3 pointers is a horrible possession. Why not pass it back to Lin for a 3 instead?

  113. Yikes – that’s normally a sure 2pts. Hard to play all out down +20 pts.

  114. LIN TO LEN!

  115. I guess the idea is to space the floor. The way Lopez used to do.
    But I agree, just because Len is open doesn’t mean he should shoot it. It’s not a high % shot for him.
    He should try and move the ball and pass it for a better shot. Assuming the other guys are moving to get open.

  116. HaHa.

  117. Hawks had an embarrassing loss and Trae, Huerter were all hugging the Kings players? Vince I can understand but it just shows these young guys don’t care about losing or winning just getting their stats.

  118. It was garbage time, no bench player will play hard after the starters dug that big hole. There was no way they’d comeback.

  119. Like I keep saying. Lin has paid more than his share of dues to stay in the league.
    It’s time for his chance to come full circle. At least, that’s what I hope.

  120. FYI. Details on several upcoming dates …

    February 7 — NBA trade deadline (3 p.m. ET)

    March 1 — Playoff eligibility waiver deadline. [Players waived after this date are ineligible for the playoffs.]

    See :

  121. Just wished he made that last layup. 3 of 6 is much better % than 2 of 6.

  122. My guess is coaches copy Lin’s previous team’s plays. LP probably treats Len like he’s Lopez which is wrong.

  123. Thanks!
    Buyout can start when? And end when?
    I’m thinking a lot of teams are waiting for the buyout market to add pieces for playoff push…..instead of giving up assets in a trade.

    Especially not for Lin, who may be half-season rental. And may walk.

  124. Yes I thought Lin would get that layup but it some how rolled off and there weren’t any contact. On a second note he should really take more contested 3s. Lin always passes when a defender is in front of him at the arc. Look at Huerter, taking contested 3s without a care.

  125. I don’t mind the good sportsmanship afterwards.
    Don’t know about Huerter. But Trae Young came from Oklahoma. So did Buddy Hield. They are friends.

  126. Lin and Curry are friends too, doesn’t mean he’ll greet him after every loss.

    Bazemore did too. Also ex Warrior. Don’t remember about Dedmon.

  128. It’s hard to compare. Very different roles on this Hawks team.
    They drafted Huerter because he’s supposed to be a good 3 pt shooter. 42% his second year out of Maryland. So, he gets the GREEN light.
    He’s also 6’7″. Less likely to be blocked by defender?

  129. Yup. Except the other guys were not on the same page tonight, were not cooperating.

  130. “Lin to Len with a mouse in the house.”

  131. NBATV talking again about how impressive Young is, with the passing and court vision. And that he’s third in drives, behind only Harden and (?).

    Yeah, well. THAT’S WHAT THEY USED TO SAY ABOUT LIN. And at one point Lin was only behind LeBron in drives. WHAT CHANCE DID LIN GET TO BUILD ON THAT?

    And how much chance will Young get to build on that?

  132. Notice how they didn’t mention his low shooting % and low 3 point percentage.

  133. Didn’t see Lin greeting Steph last game though. I just didn’t like how Trae and Huerter loss so badly and yet the whole end of game ordeal made it look like they didn’t care about it.

  134. The national media rarely do.
    I must say though, that the Clippers game, on NBA TV (Players Only Analysts) all did criticize him taking bad shot selections.

  135. If Jlin just doesn’t play to win it is boring. This is exactly what I mean about tanking, it just destroys the game for all fans. We want 1/2 our (your) money back! Even when the team is not great it was still entertaining to watch JLin play, like in CHA if he was playing to win. The last interesting game was TOR when he had something to prove and arguably dumb coaching cost them a significant victory over TOR. I am bored too.

  136. They did.
    Probably both teams did. Might be the camera only showed the two of them.
    Huerter seems like good kid. Hangs out with Lin. He doesn’t seem like the type to NOT care about losing.

  137. That’s the real beauty of tanking- since it doesn’t matter if you win, there is no need to feel bad after losing!

  138. In that case, why is Lin or any player playing defense at all? Why not just save all the energy for scoring?

  139. Huerter gets a lot of minutes. His + – usually isn’t very good.

  140. Because JLin is the exception on this team. Len too, maybe couple others

  141. Hi linthezone,

    From what I can tell from the cbafaq (see link below), a buyout can happen at any time. However, as part of that process, the player has to be waived. So, if the player was getting a buyout to move to a playoff-bound team, they would want to buyout to take place before the March 1st “playoff eligibility waiver deadline.”

    The simple buyout scenario (player gets a buyout and moves to another team) assumes that no one is going to claim the player off waivers. A buyout might be less appealing if the player wasn’t see he’d clear waivers. Maybe someone else can help you with that.
    See :

  142. I know where you’re coming from. It could be true that because they are in DEVELOPMENT, there is LESS PRESSURE to win.
    But I disagree about not feeling bad after losing.
    I really don’t think PLAYERS TANK. It’s just not in their DNA. I don’t see how they can just turn a switch on or off. They play poorly, because they are rookies. They are inexperienced. With a rookie coach.

  143. True, players play because they are playing for a job. But they are not playing for the team because it is their own personal interests they are trying to further, not a team feeling of winning. This comes from the FO, so players are absolved of not being a team success because team win is not the goal. We all know that Jlin’s game is based on the team winning and if that, team winning, is not the goal I can see why JLin is disinterested. Hey, we are disinterested. You can see it in the comments on this board. Tanking is not just intentionally losing, but it replaces team winning as the goal and all of a sudden you have the one common thing that drives sports and us fans to patronage that sports effort, winning, to “development for the future”. What? At full price ?

  144. Yes, a lot of minutes, probably too much. Could be why he was out hurt a few games.

    But he’s considered the Hawks’ future core. Starting as a rookie. He’s going to get lots of time to improve. Given that, I don’t think he’s that bad.

    I generally don’t like +/- from game to game. Lin was MINUS 17 tonight. I don’t think that’s a reflection of Lin’s game tonight.


    “So, if the player was getting a buyout to move to a playoff-bound team, they would want to buyout to take place before the March 1st “playoff eligibility waiver deadline.”

    Yeah, I was aware of the buyout process. But wasn’t sure if there was a specific time frame at this time of the year.

    Okay, now I understand the context of the March 1st date!

  146. IMO Huerter would develop faster and better under the guidance of a master at making others better, JLin. IMO I think TY is only interested in stats and flashy play. He knows while it would be nice to win, they are not expected too. He has to prove he is better than Doncic, not lead ATL to a win. So ATL is actually hurting Huerter’s development, ironically. Huerter has shown flashes of being able to play from what I have seen from videos. He is really long (tall)

  147. Yes, agree that tanking is not a good thing. WE KNOW THIS.
    But, still, I cannot fully agree.

    The Hawks HAVE IMPROVED from the beginning of the season. Their defense still needs A LOT of work. And, ALL the players have had their ups and downs, and inconsistencies.

    But, excluding tonight’s game. Last 10 games or so. The Hawks have been sharing the ball MUCH BETTER, much more ball movement. Setting screens for each other. Effort to get back in transition defense. Less turnovers. Etc.

    Prince is not one of my favorites on this team. I think he is the worst rotation non-rookie player. Even he has his moments.

  148. I like Huerter. Personally, I think he has good potential. And may be the best all-around player of the 3 rookies in the rotation.

    But, don’t you think leading Atlanta to wins, WILL also show that Young is better? Dallas isn’t winning that many more games with Doncic’s flashy stats either.

    Anyhow, my goal isn’t to defend these guys. It’s more of “what are we gonna do, it is what it is.”

    I’m just here to support JLin.

  149. From what I’ve heard, the reason why Lin would clear waiver is because he’s making. 12M and whoever claims him needs to have the cap space to fit him in..and no team still has that kind of room to bring in Lin

  150. Bazemore costs more.

  151. Here’s an EXCELLENT article about buyouts. The only upside for a player going to a contender is to win. But not necessarily for a big role. And has to give up some money.

    That’s the dilemma that Lin is in. If Hawks can’t work out a trade, a buyout isn’t as great as it sounds. Unless he can find a team that has cap space, or “exceptions”. Like maybe Indiana Pacers with Oladipo’s “disabled player’s exception”.

    Atlanta already bought out Melo this year. Not sure if they can buyout Lin too.

    “Most playoff teams have a flooded payroll, so the most they can offer is the veteran’s minimum, which varies and caps at $2.3 million depending on a player’s experience.”

    But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Just curious. Cross that “Lin bridge” when we get there.

  152. Speed-of-Lin Highlights. Short but sweet.

  153. From my understanding, teams can easily send 1 of their player to the D-League or even cut a player to make room.

    Also, once the buy-out is negotiated and passes waivers, he can negotiate a “new contract” with the new team so they don’t have to fit him in under his $13M cap space…That contract, Lin will negotiate with the Hawks on how much he’s willing to give up or sometimes, the team may let him keep almost everything.

    The Hawks let Melo keep most of his minute for his buy-out, so maybe Lin can break something similar.

  154. myabe because lin will pass it back to someone like a hot potatoe

  155. Hi all ,
    First time poster, long time follower here 🙂

    …so one of the hot topics in today’s “pace & space” environment is 3 point shooting % – and after seeing JLin’s shooting fluctuate over the months, I was curious to know how this trend compares to other seasons.

    Using stats from his previous teams, I calced his cumulative 3pt% as the season progresses.

    As you can see from the attached graph, he tends to take a dip around mid season (from fatigue & injuries?), but usually recovers by the time All Star weekend comes around.

    Will be interesting to see where he ends up this season, but as Lin fans, we can be encouraged that there’s plenty of games left for him to recover his shooting form – after all, history tells us he is THE Comeback King 😉

    Nb. And please let me know any questions or feedback on the graph 🙂

  156. teams need to sign the player by March 1 in order to be eligible for playoff. the waived player needs 48 hours to clear waiver and as such the buy out needs to be taken place 2 days before March 1.

    Any team, even tax paying team, can sign any player at the veteran minimum who has cleared of waiver. How much money loss by the player depends on how much money he gives back to the old team and how much money he signs for the new team.

    hope I am correct, lol.

  157. “If Hawks deal Lin, he accomplished exactly what the team wanted — to mentor Young” This nice article can be viewed on The Athletic com..Unfortunately, I could not post it here under their heading.

  158. Welcome

    and thanks for the analysis.

    yes, we have seen many times in past, especially in the playoff mode, LIN switches to a different gear

  159. breaking news: lin/len #1 and #2 in nba in scoring! (points per game)*

    (*among currently active players playing 20 minutes per game or less)
    note: j valancuinus who would be number 1 and jj barea who would be number 3 are not “currently active” due to injury. valancuinus has not played since last dec 12 and barea is out for the season.

    admittedly a narrowly focused statistic nonetheless i found interesting.

  160. Post-Game Humor:

    So I guess we now know what it feels like when the Lin Harden spear-headed run and gun Rockets steam rolled so many teams starting around December 2012 when Lin’s knee had fully recovered from meniscal tear knee surgery:





  161. Thanks for the excellent information. That means if the Hawks can’t find any trade that they like for Lin by Feb 7, buyout can provide a way if Lin wants to join another team.

    But the waiver concern, Lin can be claimed by the worse record of any teams claiming him so that’s a risk that Lin might not go to the best playoff team.

    Ideally, the Hawks would get 1st round pick or 2nd round pick by trading Lin so they get some asset back. Buyout might be less appealing to the Hawks unless no teams can’t find a good trade for Lin/Bazemore/Dedmon.

    The what-if scenario can certainly get complicated quickly 🙂

  162. Thanks. That’s also a good article with excellent examples.

    You’re right that a buyout involves a risk that Lin can’t sign with the playoff-bound team that he wants to play because a team with worse record can claim him off the waiver first.

    I’m inclined to think that the Hawks would find an acceptable trade for Lin to get some assets back rather than going to the buyout route. What I’m interested to see if Lin’s camp would try to go the buyout route if no trade happens after Feb 7. A lot of factors like health while not being 100% this season, playing for a desired playoff team, etc. would need to be considered.

  163. The Hawks play the Raptors, at home, on Feb 7. There will be a “Lunar New Year event” and a post-game chat with Jeremy.

    It appears a film with Vince Carter, Taurean Prince, and Jeremy will be released at half time. Here are some still photos from the shoot.

  164. Thanks for creating and sharing an excellent chart of Lin’s 3P% trend over 4 seasons 🙂 I always appreciate good graph and data pattern.

    Very interesting that it has always dipped the lowest around January timeframe before coming back up to stabilize before NBA All-Star break. It might be something that JLin’s team can use for future improvement. Hopefully one of them is here to read and forward to the team.

    Perhaps someone from Atlanta Hawks team can even use it to negotiate a trade, “Look, no worries. his 3P% has always come back up after All-Star break!” lol

  165. Please Lin, be absent.

  166. Can’t get over Dominique talking nice about Lin. lol

  167. LibertyBaller 76ers blog writer proposes Dedmon+Prince/Lin for Fultz. No source is quoted.

    I think just landing Dedmon (a potential rental) for Fultz would be a poor move, but if the Sixers can find a way to get Taurean Prince and/or Jeremy Lin in a bigger trade with Atlanta, then obviously including Fultz becomes intriguing

  168. Lin enjoys the fun baseball pre-game warm-up with his Hawk teammates.
    Man, he better be careful with his knees as one teammate slides to the base 🙂

    One might see this and conclude he wants to stay with the Hawks.
    But as he said, he’ll find joy of playing again this season.
    IMO it’s true regardless of the jersey (Hawks/Raptors/Kings/Magic/Team?) he’s wearing.

  169. Here is a table that shows the number of players in NBA history who played for 7 or more FRANCHISES in their careers. Jeremy has played for 7 in his 9 seasons. See :

    If he gets traded this year and goes to another team next year, it will mark him as unique, given his popularity, ability (career earnings), and the fact that it will only be his 10th season.

  170. this is too funny 🤣 #kidsandJeremy #kidsandkitten

  171. Look who’s following #NBATradeNews 🙂
    Possibly due to Porzingis/Dennis Smith Jr trade talk

  172. HaHa! LOL! Another good one!

  173. It was VERY FUNNY.

    Saw the tweet before Joshua Slater deleted it. LOOOONG TIME LIN SUPPORTER.

  174. JLin is looking to play with joy this season.
    Reported girlfriend in Sacramento will help with more joy.
    Adding a dog will triple the joy! LOL

  175. Next one is possibly for AD where Lakers clean house and Pelicans flipping players might involve other players from all other teams. Hopefully JL gets to a good team.

  176. A new Athletic article as @disqus_rRz5KCSRmB:disqus reported below. Thank you!
    For complete article, just need to access through an app ( 3 free articles/month)

    If Hawks deal Lin, he accomplished exactly what the team wanted — to mentor Young

    For several games this season, Trae Young has worn Active Faith Sports bracelets etched with the phrase “In Jesus Name I Play” around his wrist. The bracelets were given to Young by Jeremy Lin.

    Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk traded for Lin during the offseason to help mentor Young on and off the court and help the rookie’s transition into the NBA. With the mental and physical strains the game takes on the body, Young has found comfort in having Lin as someone who he can learn from on and off the court.

    “He’s big into his faith like I am, so it’s good to have someone like him around,” Young said.

    Lin has been a calming influence for Young, especially in the beginning of the season when the latter struggled with poor shooting and careless turnovers. So Young watched and learned from Lin as he, too, started poorly after coming back from two major injuries that cost him essentially two years of…

  177. I know. 🙁

    Been wishing since Lakers that Lin would find a home where he could be respected and valued and allowed to play his game. Thought maybe Charlotte. Then, wow, Nets. But, didn’t work out.

    I like the Hawks organization. Not everyone will agree with me. But I think they have treated Lin well. IMO, there is no malicious intent, like the Rockets or Lakers. Or total incompetence, like MJ and the Hornets. Or betrayers like the Nets.

    It is just so unfortunate that JLin does not fit their timeline. Or that the Hawks don’t fit JLin’s timeline.

  178. what are the knicks doing?

  179. Apparently, the Knicks want to send Porzingis salary away so they have enough cap space to tempt ADavis and KDurant to sign with them in the off-season.

    No doubt the Knicks FO is calling AD’s and KD’s agents to see if they will be interested

  180. Playing at this every pre-game. Surprised that Chelsea Lane allow them to do this. LOL.

    And Justin Anderson, sliding on his stomach on a hard court. Not the best idea either?

  181. Hahaha. Maybe to Raptors. Just photoshop different uniform?

  182. Apparently,Knick makes a play to clean house and tempt AD and KD to sign with them in the offseason

  183. Where did you read about his girlfriend? Link?

  184. Apparently, Bob Rathbun mentioned about JLin’s GF visiting at the Sacramento game during broadcast. Uncertain if she was the same one from Vancouver.

    I watched the Kings broadcast so I didn’t hear it. Maybe someone has a clip.

  185. yeah, I also like the Hawks organization but the rebuilding certainly doesn’t fit JLin.

    I hope JLin doesn’t keep breaking this multiple-team record and find a home soon because it will come with the unwanted journeyman label 🙁

  186. Thanks for the alert! Not planning to subscribe. Even for Lin articles. LOL.

    But saw the beginning paragraphs. Didn’t care for Young’s comments. Maybe because he’s still so young and hasn’t learned how to express himself better yet. But JLin is NOT a puppy. Am I being too sensitive about a well-meaning article?

    “Young has found COMFORT….someone like him around…”

    “For several games this season, Trae Young has worn Active Faith Sports bracelets etched with the phrase “In Jesus Name I Play” around his wrist. The bracelets were given to Young by Jeremy Lin.

    Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk traded for Lin during the offseason to help mentor Young on and off the court and help the rookie’s transition into the NBA. With the mental and physical strains the game takes on the body, Young has found comfort in having Lin as someone who he can learn from on and off the court.

    “He’s big into his faith like I am, so it’s good to have someone like him around,” Young said.

    Lin has been a calming influence for Young, especially in the beginning of the season when the latter struggled with poor shooting and careless turnovers. So Young watched and learned from Lin as he, too, started poorly after coming back from two major injuries that cost him essentially two years of…”

  187. I would hang up because of Knicks culture, it’s good to make money there and get F status, but no way they can win with their roster and coaching staff.

  188. Wow,this is big news. Happy for Lin.

    I did not know someone from Vancouver maybe his GF. Got s picture of her?

  189. Going to be MIGHTY AWKWARD if Lin is traded. Unless Hawks are signaling they are NOT trading Lin.

    Guess they can always cancel it.

  190. Yes, agree! It was a good discussion about a complicated NBA transaction.

    Always interesting to learn something.

  191. The Nets are probably “lmao”. Two franchises on opposite spectrums. Yet I hate both. LOL.

  192. What a distraction from getting work done. ONE EYE checking twitter for any Lin news. LOL.

    And checking in here at Portal. Thanks for all the updates Psalm!

  193. agreed

  194. wait dallas needs a pg now

  195. They might need a backup PG, as Luka is aka Magic for Mavs.

  196. DeAndre Jordan must be thrilled with ANOTHER “disloyal” team ownership. Half a season into courting and signing him to a contract in free agency, they trade him.

    Or maybe it’s payback for reneging on the Mavs the first time.

  197. Maybe something is up….even if he just meant about Knicks and KP.

  198. Trey Burke is a guard? Or PG?

  199. 6′ pg.

  200. true, they’re always chasing stars for the Broadway show but they are not interested to build a winning culture to win championship . Melo is the perfect sad example for the Knicks Broadway show.

    Idk if AD and KD want that but then again the glamour of NY can be blinding.

  201. no, I think some people posted in the past. Maybe some paparazzi here has the link.
    Maybe the GF is a big part of why it’s easier for Lin to find “joy” this season LOL

  202. For a second, I thought you have 3 eyes (work/twitter/JLP) lol

  203. I detect some arrogance on the part of TY when he says it is good to have Jlin around. A little humility might go a long ways. He could have phrased it properly by saying he was lucky to have a vet PG like Jlin to keep him in order. I don’t think I like is attitude. While watching him in clips he is obviously very talented individual. But does he make others better? Did he learn anything about that from Jlin? Doesn’t sound like it. If he is successful I think it may be along the lines of a Kemba, good scorer but doesn’t win enough. Lots of attention and money, but no rings. Heck, not even a 1st round playoff win in how many years? Kemba has had plenty of chances. If Jlin had that many chances he would be a lot further along than he is now. If Jordan pays Kemba like he says then Kemba will be a contract albatross for CHA just like Batum is now.

  204. Does anyone have the link of picture of Lin’s rumored GF from Vancouver?

  205. At the game in Sacramento. This woman asked Jeremy to her prom 4 years ago. Talk about keen …

  206. Mavs hit jackpot with Luka! Cuban will be on his way to another championship as he stack up stars to build around such a great versatile PG/PF/SF/SG/C

  207. Agreed with everything you said. I feel that was why when a reporter once asked Lin about mentoring Trae Lin kind of denying he mentored Trae.

    Anyone had Trae’s opportunity would flourish in NBA, but only stat padding like Harden, Westbrook, Kemba, Melo… too many to name.

    I almost feel like torturing watching Lin playing because I see how it happens to my kids college applications and to my Asian friends at work. Can not believe this is 21 century and discrimination is sooo justified.

  208. Plus Luka is actually likeable unlike lots of other NBA players.

  209. Oh totally agree! Can’t believe he got snubbed for All Star even for reserves. He deserves a spot more than Ben Simmons and other players! No.2 votes and crazy shooting skills. NBA is hopeless.

    If Luka got no.2 votes behind LBJ. Even Kobe got in his 1st year as a rookie.

    The whole 50% fan votes just made the results rigged and meaningless. Also shows the racism and bias within the league.

  210. Maybe they met while he was training with Fortius. Nice to be away in Canada where all eyes aren’t on you. Good for Lin if true.

  211. The NYK/DAL trading stirs up the water and might be good for our guy. But as BB news it is not much. Porzingis has not really established himself yet. DAL is mediocre and if it weren’t for Luka generating buzz their mediocrity would be more than stultifying. The there players traded might be valuable as a piece for a contender but that is about all. All the talk about the stars coming to NYK is just that, talk. They might have cap room and might get a couple of “star” but they have to prove they can win, after all they are still Dolan’s NYK. What’s that saying about putting pearls on a pig but it is still a pig?

  212. I remember what Jlin said when asked about mentoring TY and Jlin backing away from the mentor role saying that TY had plenty of confidence and would be “all right”. I thought at the time that his comment meant that he couldn’t tell TY anything anyway because he was so full of himself. The jury is still out on TY far as I am concerned, not that I care anyways.

  213. I agree. Porzingis wanting out is not a great sign for other free agents.

    P.S. There’s an expression “To put lipstick on a pig” to indicate that making superficial changes doesn’t change the essence of something.

  214. 🙂

  215. Hornets Fan “Sombrero Man” used to wear HUUUGE sombrero and wave a giant Lin face. He misses Lin too.

  216. If at first you don’t succeed, try try try again!

  217. Well, both eyes on twitter and JLP. It’s work that loses out….:-)

  218. You know, with all these press obligations with Heritage nights. And all the giving back that he does, like the One Day’s Wages meet with fans. And now meeting with the kids from his basketball camp. IN THE MIDDLE OF A LONG ROAD TRIP OF GAMES.

    Always amazed by his energy. I think Papa Lin was also there.

    “After Game vs Kings, @JLin7 meets with student players of JL basketball League winter camp from China. shenjade of jcontaiwan”

  219. Linsanity led the Knicks to win 7 straight games to get them back to 500, which ultimately got them back into the playoffs. But the complaint against Lin was “too small sample size”, just a fluke.

    What has Porzingis accomplished for the Knicks so far? Injury prone anyone? Let’s see what happens when he gets to Dallas and supposedly with better players.

    I’m not knocking KP. Haven’t really seen him play. Just the UNFAIR and EVER PRESENT DOUBLE-STANDARDS THAT LIN IS JUDGED BY.

  220. Lloyd Pierce preaching ball movement and playing unselfish.

  221. Beyond Innovation #9: Sports Science with Jeremy Lin for HomeCourt.

    JLin’s investment in this basketball app. Along with Steve Nash, and “choke” Sam Hinkie.

    Hope this app is helping JLin unleash his in-game 3’s!

  222. Quin Snyder, Utah’s head coach agrees. “The All-Star selection system is flawed.”


  223. This is not necessarily what Lin fans like to hear. JLin is too young and still have more to show ON THE COURT. Unlike Vince Carter, about to retire.

    But this just shows how unselfish and how Lin leads and sets examples.

    After the article from the Athletic by Chris Krischner about Lin’s relationship with TY. Trae Young’s father Rayford Young thanks JLin for being there to help TY.

    “…Can’t express enough how grateful I am that Jeremy has been there for @TheTraeYoung…”

  224. Don’t see JLin in the pics. The Hawks in Utah. Team bonding at movie, featuring the Hawks, and shot in Atlanta and State Farm Arena.

  225. Good laughs. JLin and the Hawks make predictions about the Superbowl, from way back in Sept.

  226. we used to have a thread on in! lemme find it

    found it!

    maybe time to revive it?!!! hahahaha

  227. Is this a sign of saying goodbye?

  228. I can understand that Ray Young, as a parent, would be most appreciative of Jeremy’s example off the court. But it’s curious that he would say “It’s hard not to like him.”

    I wonder why he would think he might not like him; he went to Harvard or grew up on the west coast?

  229. At least our boy got it half right, haha.

  230. he pretty good.. I’ve seen him play.

  231. they need a pig? hahaahahah

  232. tim hardaway

  233. hmmm

  234. “Is in me or are NBA games becoming hard to watch? Superstars control most teams so no practices, no defense, no accountability to coaching & lot of fraternizing. Scoring is nice if you like the NBA All Star games & too many blowouts”

    “…one superstar has called off his team’s practice 6 times this year.”

    –fran fraschilla
    college basketball analyst and international hoops junkie. Former head coach at Manhattan, St. John’s and New Mexico

  235. Preaching whatever is not there.

  236. NBA as a league has been so polluted by greed and money that there is no integrity left in the game. When sports gets into gambling and big money, winning doesn’t matter seem to matter anymore….it’s only about entertainment, the storyline and the pro wrestling fake title.

    What’s happened to pro sports is that we treat it as entertainment and with that intent, we have lost the true purpose of sports and sportsmanship. The spirit of competition is to create an arena by which athletes can excel to eventually identify the apex of their skills. Today, that goal has been totally lost. Athletes should inspire us to be great and reach for goals that pushes our human capacities beyond yesterday’s norms. They are paid to inspire us not cheat us out of witnessing real battles.

    Like most Lin fans, we are disillusioned by the shame of the NBA. It won’t be long before others see it too and no one will bother watch the games.

  237. it might seem like a good farewell, appreciative article for Lin’s mentorship of Trae Young before trading him. Let’s see how it goes

  238. You hit a lot of nails on their little heads. It is why I rant about “the process” AKA tanking. Also known as treating the fans as stupidly as we will allow. I quit pro sports a long time ago for the reasons you mention. I am over 70 y.o. so I have seen the evolution of sports to the form of “entertainment” and celebrity gazing it has become. I watched the NBA when there were 8 teams, no BS “playoffs” but great basketball all the time. Those days are gone and so am I. I just like the Jlin story. I am sure there are other individual stories out there, players not getting a break, being cheated, etc. Players who are good individuals, but we don’t see them featured because it is not as “interesting” as thug ball. I am disappointed in the “stars” of the game in the image they present to the public in general but also to the impressionable young. Stupid.

  239. Why would this guy not like Jlin? It is not like Jlin is competition for his son, who was handed the starting job and bulk of minutes no matter how well or poorly he played. How does he think Jlin feels knowing that no matter how well he plays he will not be rewarded. Sounds clueless like his son. And no, dumbazz parent, the most impressive thing is not how Jlin handles himself off the court (because I have no intimate contact I honestly don’t know). What is impressive is that Jlin was the author of one of the great sports stories in NBA history, a survivor of 9 years in a clueless league, a standout player whom the public has not gotten a chance to see at 100%. TY on the other hand gets to start at the very top with a lot of premature adulation and work his way down. And, young TY cannot hold a candle to how good a PG Jlin is.

  240. Andy Larsen: Rudy Gobert: “The game is still about competition and winning… Every year, it’s getting worse and worse. I don’t know know where we’ll be in 10 years, it might just be a big playground. The sense of competition in the game is fading away.”

    gobert very emotional at his all star snub (i agree immediately i said clearly the biggest snub of all stars); gobert sees it as a snub of defense generally as being disrespected)

  241. It’s the NBA, who knows. Could be like Psalm said, thank him before he’s traded.

    Or, Lin doing such a great job, they would like to keep him the rest of the season.

  242. Agree. I think the intention was good, to thank Lin. As follow-up to a response, Ray added that “Lin is a great role model”.

    You are right, though. IMO, it was a poor choice of words. Almost as if he isn’t supposed to like Lin. A double-negative.

    Why not just say “it’s so easy to like him” instead? Better yet, just leave it out. Twitter is a “strange” place. Lol.

  243. It’s weird. As usual, I agree with like 90% with all your posts. But, always that little bit 10% I might disagree with.

    Everything you said is true. Except I don’t blame TY, or his father. I blame the NBA. They let younger and younger kids get into the NBA. Without first doing some growing up, both mentally and physically. Instead of college coaches, and living life to mature, it’s the “vets” who have to “train” these kids.

    It’s the NBA that is endorsing and enabling all of this.

  244. GLAD to hear more and more players, and coaches, speak up. Ironically, Draymond Green, as part of the high-scoring Warriors, also complained that defense isn’t being played any more.

    Mike D’Antoni is partly to be blamed for this. When he took over the Rockets and media questioned him about his defensive mindset, he answered “we’ll just OUTSCORE the other guy”. Maybe he was kidding, maybe not.

    As part of the “rigged” All-Stars, Quin Snyder added that “the All-Star system is flawed….we talk about defense being valued….(but) we reward scoring”.

  245. Again, glad Gobert spoke up. Changes are needed. Especially why should any player’s legacy, or bonuses, or prestige, be impacted at all by being “selected” to the game. Utterly ridiculous.

  246. It is such a farce, isn’t it? 82 games, 48 mins each. The first half of the season meaningless. Three quarters of the games are meaningless.

    Just watching because of Lin.

  247. I don’t mind the disagreements on this site and from you as they are thoughtful and it is good to see another perspective. After my post I thought about that post and thought that maybe I could have been a little less blunt. But after I read what the father said and TY said, I remembered that what prompted me to post what I did was that I thought the tone of their comments was condescending. My initial response was a little bit of (harmless) anger. I learned from past experience not to post things written in anger but I did. But looking at it yet again I am not changing my post or my mind. Their comments, though I am sure well-intentioned, was condescending. Jlin has been in the league for 9 years, he has survived all the shenanigans that have buried his opportunities at playing sports the way it should be played. I think the comments made by father and son, while enabled for sure by the NBA, is also a reflection of the way our society has gone and is going (IMO). So it is more than the NBA. This enabling and issuance of entitlement to athletes who now transcend sports and is firmly into entertainment (and politics) is reflected, again to me, in their statement. I may be wrong and if so I don’t mean to cast aspersions on the Youngs. But then again , if I am right, intentions aside, I don’t like what the tone of those comments represent, not to them personally and don’t mind saying so. Viewed in BB perspective, TY cannot hold a candle to the talent of Jlin in leading a team as a PG should- at least not yet. Check back with me in 5 years.

  248. Just to underscore our latest discussion about what, and who, are rewarded to be an All-Star. Joe Harris has been phenomenal for the Nets. (Only watched last year and saw his growth. Just his stats this year. Excellent stats.)

    Guess who is in the “All Star” game now?

  249. I do’t follow the all star stuff but shouldn’t the spot have gone to the guy with the next most votes? Was it Russell?


    Used to be casual fan of pro-team sports. Yankees fan growing up. Good friend had season tickets to Rangers, went to some games. Also, corporate box at Knicks games.

    Because of following Lin, have learned more and more about, and exposed to, how the NBA works. HAVE REALLY TURNED ME OFF PRO TEAM SPORTS.

  251. “Get off my lawn!” JUST KIDDING…..


  252. Conley has the better stats. But Utah would want his salary for the next two seasons?

    Well, wouldn’t be the first incompetent front office.

  253. The fan votes (50%), player votes (25%), media votes (25%). This only picks the starters. Russell did not get in.

    The reserves are picked by coaches. Russell did not get in. But Oladipo is hurt and cannot play. So, THE COMMISSIONER, picked Russell to replace him.

    A joke, right? Not so much Russell or not Russell. But the whole RIGGED PROCESS.

  254. Lol. I must sound like the grouchy old man I am but don’t think I am, or so least so my ego tells me

  255. Not going to disagree with your anger. Totally justified from our Lin fan’s perspective.

    Yes, the sense of “entitlement” is very strong. And very wrong. Most players are rewarded for it. So, how else would they behave?

    I guess I’m willing to give the Youngs a pass. They don’t know any better. But at least recognizes and understands Lin’s contribution. Now JLin has shown them the real deal. I’ll just leave it at that.

  256. Really not any of the ones who got high fsn votes but Russell who didn’t get enough votes at all?! And fans were saying how Doncic didn’t deserve all star? What a joke! Doncic and many others deserve the all star more than shot chucked Russell! Exactly all this excuse about lack of defense for Lin yet all these fake stars over focus on scoring as much as possible.

  257. Fans? Fans! We don’t need no stinking fans

  258. I got you beat. I just watch clips and read this board and find I don’t miss a thing!

  259. AAAAAAHH, I want to scream my lung out.

    Can not stand this NBA BS if it were not for Lin.

  260. Spot on.

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