G5 CHA @DAL PostGame Thread

The Hornets won in a blow out 108-94 but there’s some controversy with Jlin fans on why he only played 17 min. He finished with 7p/2a/1r/2s/1b/4TO
Paul Villareal offered his observation that Devin Harris tried to rattle JLin a bit; that could’ve influenced less min.

It will be interesting to see how JLin’s role might change in closing games, especially when Jeremy Lamb is playing very well. It’s good to note that Al did not finish closing games before when Coach Clifford chose to use small lineup

On the bright side, if Lin doesn’t get to play many minutes as the 6th Man or a chance to be starter by end of season, he’ll most likely leave for another team next season. It will be the Hornets loss. It’s still a long season so let’s hope JLin will find his rhythm and contribute more soon

Upon more analysis, One thing was obvious from the highlights.
Refs blatantly had calls and non-calls against JLin to help Mavs avoid a blowout in Q3-Q4:

– Q2 41-34 JLin got called for offensive foul against JJ Barea. It could’ve been good acting by Barea
– Q3 78-67 No foul on missed 3pt-er with Powell’s hand on his chest as he fell down (DAL went 5-22 shooting in Q3). It would have given JLin 3 FTs which made 81-67 lead almost unsurmountable going in Q4.
– Q4 80-67 Parsons offensive foul running into JLin was NOT CALLED as refs tried to help DAL to cut the lead. Even Parsons looked to see if there’s a foul or hopefully a block. But NOTHING. It should be either one.
– Q4 83-69 Devin Harris tried to aggressively hound JLin & got called for a foul
Subsequent play, ref called a travel so quickly as they’re ready to call a foul to help DAL make a run
Coach Clifford’s face showed he can’t believe it. JLin looked at ref in disbelief. They know refs were working against them.

Q4 87-69 Good thing was Lin’s drive made Barea fall down as he made layup & refs had to call And-1. JLin smiled confidently as he extended the lead to 90-69! Mavs FAILED to rattle him

Refs tried to help DAL make a run but FAILED. It’s just one of those things in NBA when refs tried to help the home team trailing badly in Q3-Q4 with some questionable calls and non-calls. It’s so OBVIOUS but they can’t do it for long.

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