G5 Down 2 PGs, Brooklyn Nets Hosts New Cavaliers PG LeBron James

Can we call this a schedule loss already?

A back-to-back game for the Nets who will not play their two best PGs in Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell. LeBron James scored 36 points the last time he visited the Barclays Center last season.

One day after the defensively-challenged Nets gave up another 41 points career-high game by a Magic player , they will host the defending Eastern Conference champ Cavaliers. Two Orlando Magic players (Nikola Vujevic and Aaron Gordon) have earned two career-high points in the span of a week. Both hit 11-13 from three-point lines and averages 13 rebounds per game so it is safe to say that the Nets have serious problems defending shooting bigs.

Reeling from the loss of Jeremy Lin as the veteran PG in Game 1, the Nets might rest D’Angelo Russell who is listed as doubtful with sprained right knee. Meanwhile, LeBron James has started at point guard resulting in a victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday.

Russell Injury Concern

Russell has had injury history on both knees from his Laker days so the Nets will certainly take a precaution to give him extended rest. Spencer Dinwiddie and Isaiah Whitehead the available PGs who will need to fill in the void. There is no doubt that Nets will continue to seek veteran PG after failing to recruit Jameer Nelson who signed with the Pelicans.

Last season in Los Angeles – his second year in the league – Russell dealt with issues in both knees. He missed 11 games between Nov. 22 and Dec. 9 with left knee soreness, needing a platelet-rich plasma injection. He returned Dec. 11 against the Knicks, shooting 1-of-8 from the floor and 13-of-40 in his next four. Then Russell sat out three games from Jan. 22 to 26 with an injured right knee.

Defenseless Nets

The Nets have allowed 122.5 points per game in 4 games, which is the 2nd worst in the NBA only behind Phoenix Suns who allowed 125.2 points per game.

Another problem area for the Nets is fouling. The Nets are allowing opponents to shoot 31 free throws per game after allowing 40 trips to the line Tuesday. They are ranked the 4th worst in the NBA Opponent Percent of Points from Free Throws by allowing 21.6%. These are easy points for the opponents that they cannot afford to give up.

ESPN Preview

James totaled 36 points in his last visit to Brooklyn on Jan. 6. Five Nets who have seen minutes this season (Trevor BookerJoe HarrisSpencer DinwiddieCaris LeVert and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson) faced James in his last visit, which ended with a 116-108 Cleveland win.

The Nets are 2-2 with the wins coming at home and the losses occurring on the road. Brooklyn is the first team since 1985-86 to score at least 115 points in its first four games.

Brooklyn won its first home games over the Magic and the Hawks but blew multiple 12-point leads Tuesday in a 125-121 loss at Orlando.

Point guard D’Angelo Russell led the Nets with 29 points but contributed only one assist to the Nets’ total of 21.

“I think it’s a team issue,” Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We got to move the ball better. It’s too much one-on-one. We got to move it and have better player movement, but I think that was part of the problem at the end of the game.”

The Nets shot 41.7 percent from the floor but made only 32 percent in the fourth quarter. Brooklyn also missed four 3-point attempts in the final 36 seconds.

“We were close,” Russell said. “We kind of gave it to them.”

Another problem area for the Nets is fouling. The Nets are allowing opponents to shoot 31 free throws per game after allowing 40 trips to the line Tuesday.

“We had opportunities,” Atkinson said after his team allowed Orlando’s Aaron Gordon to score 41 points. “We missed a lot of open looks. But the big story of the game was putting them on the free-throw line 40 times. You can’t do that.”

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  1. Just play hard, try to work the defensive and offensive principles, and try to be competitive. Hopefully, there are no injuries. I looked forward to this game for Lin and the squad, but today it’s just two big players out and do the best you can.

  2. not an sport expert. What is the purpose of this exercise?

  3. Some think it might be for strengthening ankle than balance since he just sprained it

    Think he’s testing his ankle more than his balance
    Good eye, seems like he’s stretching and working on the ankle area.
    He mentioned in post game interview last night he tweeked it. Think he’s had bother with one of his ankles before this.

  4. Helps activate, strengthen, and warms up the smaller intrinsic muscles.

  5. Not watching the game but the boxcore shows this PG matchup of Dinwiddie vs LeBron probably won’t end well

    0-5 with 2 FTs and 1 assist for LeBron already

  6. No ball movement. The chucking effect is still lingering from last night.

  7. Bench came in and the momentum changes. Energy and defense.

  8. I am very impressed with LBJ. Sorry. I know some here don’t like him but he really plays like a version of Lin, IMO.

  9. Alright Allen, Let’s go.

  10. LBJ is a very good player, but why does he always have to whine so much?

  11. I don’t know. It’s not the whining I pay attention to much. He passes so well and he’s very team oriented. He looks to involve the whole team, like Lin does. He plays D. That’s what I like about him and that’s how he’s like Lin. And he’s more than a very good player. He’s one of the best ever, arguably the best ever.

  12. The Nets are right in this game. This is more like last year’s team if Brook sat out. It has a different feel than with DLo in and I’m liking their scrappy play.

  13. He just shared that when he first played basketball, he can play all positions in court.

    It’s all good but the problem is he thinks he’s a ref, too 🙂

  14. lol

  15. Yep…Caris n Spencer are controlling the game well

  16. is lin on the bench at least?

  17. Wow… what a win! The last few minutes kept me on the edge of my seat. (That’s all I really watched.)

  18. way too early for that

  19. way way too early for that

  20. Very much pleased. The wealth spreads evenly. Everyone got a chance to contribute and the team spirit was high! That’s the type of game Atkinson wants to have.

  21. The big difference between LBJ and Melo is that LBJ is team oriented and Melo is self oriented. LBJ is no doubt very talented, but I do not like his occasional dirty play.

  22. I enjoyed this win the most. And not because of the Cavs, though that was fun too. It was teamwork. It was the underdog winning. There was no sense of a “star” player on the Nets, just scrappy play. This was more like last year’s team. And I feel great for Dinwiddie.

  23. Or his whining and so forth. As a basketball player, he’s team oriented. Even in the areas of the game where he is supposed to take over he doesn’t take every shot. He trusts his teammates to make open shots or shots at the rim.

  24. Agreed, and I’m glad they got this win without Russell. I really liked how they played together as a team.

  25. I must say Cavs walking off the court at the end was classless. This reflects badly on LeBron. No defense for that.

  26. Not sure if LBJ truly trusts his teammates. But, this is the only way to empower your teammates to share the responsibilities and step up. LBJ totally understands that he CANNOT win all 82 games and playoff by himself.

  27. What a shocking win and such pleasant surprise 🙂
    And at the back end of back-to-back game, too!

  28. Nets defeated Cavs without Lin and Russell! Wow. 🙂

    I was driving home and heard on CBS radio news that “Dinwiddie made the shot at 40 sec., 4Q, 104-106, Nets lead… Cavs are stunned… Nets won!”

    Edit: Just found out that RHJ made a layup at 26 sec, 4Q.

  29. haha

  30. I always felt Lin was a poor mans Lebron James. Lin’s career could’ve been awesome if he was ever a cavalier.

    If Lin was the backup he would run the show for a few minutes when James needs a breather. Lin would get playoff experience, exposure, and longevity not playing tons of minutes. James would get a break too. Those two would be a great pair. Too bad time has passed and both guys are getting a little old to dominate together.

  31. Jeremy is proud of the team …

  32. Lol, he thinks he’s the captain, coach, GM and Commisioner.

  33. This is the new push for building core balance. Unstable surface training activates the core balance while working on resistance. I’ve been reading up on this and will be writing a report on it for Lin fans. There’s a whole new understanding of how aging and injuries affect our proprioception… which in turn causes us to lose awareness of our body parts in space. As we age, our reaction time slows down but scientist have shown that it can be reverse by doing simple excercises. One of these is juggling! Both Lin and other guards that have repeating injuries lose some of the reaction time to know how to put body into position to minimize trauma. Like judo falling techniques, our body once had the ability to react quickly to outside forces. I truly believe Lin has to make sure to rehab with this type of training.

  34. Here are some general game highlights (i.e. for both teams) …

  35. Woohoo, what a team win! Are we finally reaping the rewards of last year’s labours. Nets play hard!

  36. can’t blame him…he played almost 42min and gotta be exhausted at the end

  37. Down 1 point with 45 secs left, @SDinwiddie_25 turned into Goku & launched this #SuperSaiyan 3 from way downtown!??

  38. He looks so much like LeBron he can get away with it.

  39. LeBron didn’t even acknowledge the presence of his twin there lol

  40. “I’m not shocked. It would have been fun to see them with Jeremy Lin this year.”
    @AlbaneseLaura, Newsday reporter

  41. “Organic “Brooooklynn” chants from the crowd tonight. Hasn’t felt like that in years.” #Nets

  42. That was one confident shot!

  43. Because he’s the king. Enough said!

  44. Cavs coach, Tyronn Lue, joking about the loss to the Nets ….


  45. gotta give it to Dinw.
    He stepped it up just when it looked like they’ll blow the lead

  46. That was a bold shot!

  47. Proud asst-coach Lin. Haha

  48. This is hilarious!! Haha

  49. I’m getting love this team. Hope they do this every night!

  50. Guts call.

  51. Specially when Nets are picking up on the pace and helping him to exhaustion.

  52. Sheer team win with everyone giving their best.

  53. It will be a different DLo when he comes back. The Nets is building a culture and no kidding.

  54. Dinwiddie has range.

  55. Nets wins the game cleanly and clearly in the last minutes trading baskets for baskets. This is the DeMarre Carroll that the Raptors hoping that he would be. Now they have traded him away and in the process giving up two draft choices and accepted a salary dump of Hamilton. I don’t think the owner of Raptors can sleep well tonight.

  56. Next season, come over to Brooklyn for your next championship.

  57. LOL

  58. This team is winning with its 3rd PG after the first two went down with injuries though not entirely by his own merits

  59. I think people sd remember that mentally all the nets have something to prove. harris/carroll/quincy/Russell/crabbe/ spencer etc – they all have been discarded and dissed and ignored and sidelined by so many other teams and this is their way of proving to the cavs that they can do better than most people assume. it makes them hungry to succeed – the cavs were awful – slow and couldn’t handle the pace of the game. LeBron is just 1 guy but nobody really stepped up to help him. I think the whole cavs roster sd be redone – get rid of jr and iman and even the coach. I think korver sd be a starter for sure

  60. why do I feel that mogrev will be traded / he is a weak link don’t you think? maybe physically unsuitable cos he always looks ragged by the time the game is over – thoughts? can we get a better centre?

  61. spencer is good but lets just hope the nets don’t get carried away and lose to the knicks – that wd be embarassing

  62. Look at the game. Nets answered the challenge basket by basket, inch by inch, and sheer gutsy play.

  63. BTW…when I watched (delayed) the Orlando game, realized that, DLO really need to put on some mass and muscles, especially his legs are too skinny for a NBA player. Hope he works on it, else he is gonna have issues down the road.

  64. The comment from Cavs coach said it all. Cavs should worry about Nets getting their own pick, LOL.

    This is a great team win. Balanced offense, less TO and ball moved well all around. This is how a MO win games like this. But I would credit this win to defense. The defense energy was highest in these 5 games.

    I liked Booker’s playing more and more. Always hustle. You can tell it is contagious. Carroll well rounded game proved his value on both end. He brought the ball to the half court a lot. I think it is by design of MO, pushing and getting into position. Allen is raw, missed a couple shot. But the potential is there. LeVert and Crabble played within flow. Dinwiddle had a big game of his life, I think.

    Great win, with a bunch of nobody.

  65. That’s what I thought too and that if the Cavs thought they needed a piece for a championship run they would get JLin. Though both are aging (more Lebron) since they are kind of interchangeable they would have extended each other’s careers. But I think Lebron will bolt for LA because his time is running out and he wants to get another big check which would have left JLin hanging in Cleveland- not a good place to hang.

  66. It shows the fast pace that Nets had through 4 games.
    Currently, Nets defense allows 119.4 pts/game (ranked last)

    Interestingly, it shows the brilliance of Run-N-Gun system and deep roster to tire the other team out. Nets played 11 players in the 2nd game of Back-to-Back. Perhaps Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson start to show the beauty of the system with better roster and unselfish teamball.

    Perhaps LBJ playing 41min last night and missed the 1st FT (then 2nd intentionally) was by design after all.

  67. Mozgov has always been a good backup C from his Cavs days. Only Lakers made the mistake to give him huge contract as a starter. He probably will fulfill that role in the Nets as soon as next season if Jarret Allen keeps growing quickly. His fatigue could be due to Nets fast pace?

    It’s good that he can start shooting some 3s but the problem is he’s too slow to guard shooting bigs from 3pt line. Kenny said it’s a matter of adjustment of habit since he can also guard shooting bigs in Euro. I guess we’re about to see if he can do it.

  68. It’s not easy to adjust to Moving Offense. Players tend to get hurt easier to begin with. You tend to get hurt when you’re tired. It’s easier to get tired when you’re on a fast pace. It will take time but these are athletes and they’re in good shape. It’s just a matter of time for them to adjust to this unless they got hit by an injury.
    Mozgov set sizable block and I think Nets could use him. This is why he’s still starting. Remember Zeller! He’s still waiting for his chance to get in the game.

  69. Sigh! Muscle doesn’t grow overnight.

  70. Perish that thought. Mozgov is a solid piece in Nets. He won’t shrink.

    He is having a 3 years guaranteed contract with the Nets inherited from the Lakers. His contract is as long as Allen Crabbe’s contract.

  71. This is a home game. Players tend to shoot 3s at a higher %.

  72. If there is one game that Knicks won’t tank, it will be a game against the Nets at MSG.

  73. hell no. No LeQueen cry baby James

  74. he is a girl that’s why

  75. no freaking way

  76. if he trusts his teammates he wouldn’t be the pg

  77. no he is the Queen…. whining like a puzzy

  78. Exactly!

  79. I keep saying that two hard working units that are unselfish would run everyone off the court. THE BALL IS ALWAYS FASTER THAN ANY HUMAN! Good teamwork with decent passing will make defence chase the ball. Basketball is the only sport besides baseball that doesn’t require good conditioning and endurance. Hockey plays have shifts of less than 60 seconds!

  80. DLo might be out again tomorrow …

  81. Didn’t know Russel went down and also for his knee issue. Gosh hope this doesn’t become a reoccuring issue for Lin when he’s back next season.

    Not surprised that Nets are super cautious, Lin already out no need to risk their other main player. Nets are headed for another worst record. Las Vegas predictions were right once again.

  82. Said it during preseason, Mozgov won’t be on the Nets next year and Jarrett Allen will be starting mid season like Levert last year.

    Not impressed by Mozgov at all.

  83. Lol it’s be amazing if Nets wins Division Champ even without Russel and JLin. That would be embarrassing for the other teams. Though it’d be sad, I honestly thought Nets could beat the Cavs if they got to Eastern Conference Finals.

  84. Come on, if Lebron was on Nets you know they’d become instant favs for championship with their young talent. Of course that won’t happen unless he’s willing to work with Lin and I doubt it.

  85. Miss that kind of shot by JLin. Reminds me of his Raptor game winning shot.

    Dinwiddie will give Russel a run for that starting SG spot.

  86. Well if he gets a starting gig, I won’t mind if he leaves. Nets could’ve been a much better team without Russel by starting Dinwiddie at the 2 and have Lopez or PF at C.

  87. Nets should keep DLo out for 3-4 games just to be sure. They can’t afford to lose him after Lin is out for the season.

    Some wonder if the injuries can be attributed to the Nets performance team but it could also be the fast pace they’re playing increasing the injury risk.

    DC, Dinwiddie, Crabbe just praised the Nets development & performance team.


  88. Wish he was part of this win 🙁

  89. Booker the Lebron Jr. haha

  90. I agree with ball movement will be better than too many ISOs like the Raptors do that DC complained.

    > Basketball is the only sport besides baseball that doesn’t require good conditioning and endurance
    Do you mean BB require less conditioning compare to soccer, football, MMA? They still need to run, though 🙂

  91. I know Russell had knee problems in LA and missed games.

    As of now, he’s doubtful for the game tomorrow night against the Knicks.

  92. I suspect Zeller must not have impress in practice that he doesn’t get much PT. That and also KA wants to develop Jarrett Allen.

    I hope Mozgov can adjust and be more of defensive presence because that’s the only way Nets can win more games. Their defense have been very poor although improving slowly

  93. If the Nets play unselfishly again similar to the Cavs game, they should get a comfortable win over the Knicks.

    But young team can also have a letdown after a huge game.

    After 4 games with DLo, there is a small concern that DLo only had 1 game (Hawks) with PG mindset so hopefully he gets inspired by the Cavs game to play more teamball when he comes back.

    He’s capable but perhaps playing with Kobe for a while is a hard habit to drop 🙂

  94. So many articles came out praising the Nets after LeBron praised them.

    NY media also helps with the publicity. I remember there was less publicity when Lin led the Hornets to beat the Cavs, possibly due to the smaller market.


  95. Honestly feel they can do this every night without Russell’s selfish plays. Think if Nets get their pick they should consider trading Russel and signing Lopez back.

  96. Russell is selfish and ruins team chemistry hope Nets trade him this off season.

    Dinwiddie might get a starting offer on other teams which will make it difficult for Nets to keep him unless they give hima start.

  97. Or benched for Dinwiddie. There’s a reason why Lakers got rid of him.

  98. Glad to see dinwiddie crush it and that they win wo mr. Heroball.

  99. Just to be safe, let’s make it 15 – 20 games!

    That way, Dinwiddie hopefully also gets to prove that he can be trusted as Nets temporary, stand-in, starting point guard in future, if need be.

    (this message was approved by Byron Scott)


  100. lol on NBA news

    David Stern says the NBA tightened drug rules after players complained about guys “playing high.”

  101. Jason Kidd and Eric Spoelstra agree that the shortened preseason contributed to the rash of injuries

    MILWAUKEE — For more than a week, coach Jason Kidd has watched the injuries pile up, cringing. Not to his team — the Milwaukee Bucks’ regulars, headlined by MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo, have been largely healthy — but across the league, where leading players have been dropping like flies.

    To Kidd, the NBA’s decision to lop off 10 days of training camp — a move made to stretch out the season, reduce the number of back-to-backs and eliminate four-games-in-five-nights situations, with an eye toward limiting the number of nationally televised games in which teams rest players — has something to do with it.

    “We went extremely hard because of the shortened training camp,” Kidd said. “We tried to get guys in shape. That’s one of the big things with a shortened camp. There’s a chance of not being in basketball shape, and you see a lot of injuries, a lot of guys out.”

    Kidd’s sentiments have been echoed by many coaches across the league. Shortened camps have left less time for conditioning, and poor conditioning has been viewed by coaches as a contributing factor to many of the injuries. “People say 10 days doesn’t matter,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “It does.” There are exceptions — conditioning didn’t dislocate Gordon Hayward’s ankle or cause Chris Paul to bump knees with Mario Chalmers in the preseason — but the number of early-season sprains, strains and bruises has been alarming.

    The disconnect on this issue seems to involve the condition of players when they came into camp. Times have changed — most players follow rigorous offseason conditioning programs and play all summer. It’s fair to say today’s players come to camp in better shape than ever before. At the same time, coaches note that a high level of activity does not get you in NBA regular-season shape. As one assistant coach told Yahoo Sports, “Have you seen a summer pickup game?”

    For coaches, there was a degree of ignorance on this issue. Kidd, one of the most outspoken critics of the shortened camp, once advocated for it. And there was little pushback from the coaches when the idea was originally proposed. Still, after experiencing it, some, like Kidd, would like to see a return to the older, full-length camps in the future.

    “I’d rather have the time before the season to prep, to get guys ready, so the product can stay on the floor,” Kidd said. “Right now, you have the product sitting. I don’t know where else they can go from here — maybe having two games a week and then one week of training camp. It’s got to be reviewed. People are coming to see the product and the product is in suits. And that is unfortunate.”

    On to your email …


  102. it’s so interesting, Coach Nick of Bballbreakdown on Youtube interviewed Dinwiddie. lol

  103. Lol…I didn’t mean that he need to grow overnite…he had the summer to work it out….could have conditioned himself

  104. This team is unprecedented. Last year Lin got a team with much less talent. Lin has led teams to beat the Cavaliers before but never a team like this. All players in this team have a chip on their shoulders and are unfairly criticsized. DeMarre was told that he didn’t have the right to speak just this year. He certainly did earn his right to speak now. Atkinson used him properly. He also receives support grom his teammates. The point is he is a tough player to deal with at both ends of the court. HE IS A TEAM PLAYER.

  105. That probably wont happen but it’b be great to see KA increase Dinwiddie PT.

  106. DLo is a heck of a SG. He is a SG that can pass. Dinwiddie is a typical PG. Lin is a combo guard and his drive to the basket is among the best and he has just picked up his 3 point shooting almost to perfection. Before tis, his strength is in PnR. They are all different. It is never fair to compare an apple with an orange. All I can say is they make a good team under Atkinson.

  107. There are just too many to work out for a summer, LOL!

  108. Hi everyone. Sorry I have been quiet. It has just been hard to process everything that has happened.

    I still check in here regularly though I am not likely to watch the NBA without Lin.

    Anyway here is an old article that had really encouraged me in the past.


  109. Jarrett Allen needs playtime more than Zeller. Atkinson knows what Zeller can do but his improvement can’t match with the rookie. The rookie needs to develop good habit and shakes bad habit. Early development of Allen can help the team more.
    Zeller will get his playtime soon. This team plays 11 players night by night. Zeller just has to be when time comes. He just needs to work himself into rotation. Time would tell.

  110. Wait till Jarrett Allen turns into Super Saiyan, sigh!

  111. Here are the terms of Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract with the Nets. He has every incentive to play well …

  112. Won’t mind if Nets give Dinwiddie a pay day and trade Not a Team Player Russell this off season! Dinwiddie will be getting a lot of offers and if Nets can’t match that he’s gone! I can see teams even offering Dinwiddie a starting PG role.

  113. Nets got a big steal for an unproven player!

  114. Lin fans. Be patient. Each of the Nets will come to the transformation of Super Saiyan one by one. There shouldn’t be SO much grumbling on DLo. He is not a finished product. He will step up soon. Super Saiyan Transformaton is contagious given the right atmosphere. Players will respond if they haven’t already. LOL!

  115. Well, he deserves much more than that for sure. He’s like Lin, a humble and team player guy.

  116. Lol more like Nets two guard line up with Lin! Heh heh. Seriously hope Russel gets traded or benched for Dinwiddie! If Ka does that it shows he isn’t playing politics and is willing to bench big contracts for the better player! Well KA did say that he won’t play players just cause they are young! Compared to Crabbe who is paid a lot more, DLo is nothing yet Crabbe is mostly benched for Levert. Dinwiddie deserves the PG/SG role more than Russell.

  117. Russell said he wants to be like Kobe and it’s not something he can change. Honestly hope Nets benches him for better team players like Dinwiddie. Russell can be the 6th man since he likes taking so many shots.

    If they get their draft, I hope Russell will be gone.

  118. Which is why I think Lin x Dinwiddie would work better. Lin can take turns playing PG and Dinwiddie can pass to Lin for open shots when he’s SG like he did with Hornets. Russel is not a willing passer and looks for his shots first. That type of player hurts Lin’s game. At least Dinwiddie has learned to respect Lin. But I doubt Russell will be able to do that.

  119. He’s also willing to call it “Lin’s team” when asked whether he could start as PG during off season. Like I said before, guys like Levert and Dinwiddie will put pressure on Russell for his minutes. There’s no way a guy like Russell will gain his teammates trust and respect.

  120. Lin himself needs to transform too cause we haven’t seen him play the way Dinwiddie did against the Cavs for a long time!

  121. Agreed!

  122. I also believe Lin plays best with another legit PG, instead of ball chucking SG. Just hope KA and Nets realizes that too.

  123. I think Mozgov is on minute restrictions due to playing on the Russian team.

  124. Do you think jlin will be the same afterward?

  125. Internal development works.

  126. God only knows.

  127. Not too long ago considering the opportunities available.

  128. Contracts expired after this season: Quincy Acy, Trevor Booker, Sean Kilpatrick, Joe Harris.
    Contracts guaranteed only for this season (for 2 seasons): Tyler Zeller, Spencer Dinwiddie
    Contracts going to be expired next season (for 2 seasons): Jeremy Lin, DeMarre Carroll
    Contracts for 3 seasons including team options: Mozgov, Crabbe, DLo, RHJ, whitehead
    Longest Contracts > 3 seasons: Caris LeVert, Jarett Allen.

    Pretty good salary scale for a team.

  129. After more games like this, DLo will.

  130. Nets valued at 2.3 billion. The Houston Rockets sold for around 2.2 billion (see : http://www.nba.com/article/2017/09/05/reports-houston-rockets-sold-tilman-fertitta-22-billion#/ ).

  131. It is high time that NBA has an Asian owner.

    We will see more Asian/Chinese players in Nets in the future. 🙂

    It’s such a pity that Lin is off the court for the season. I feel his popularity in China plays a big part in Tsai’s acquisition of Nets.

  132. WOW!

    Is that higher than the sale price of Clippers?

  133. Joseph Tsai, the executive vice chairman and co-founder of Chinese e-commerce goliath Alibaba, was born in Taiwan, educated at Yale (both undergrad and law school), and holds Canadian citizenship. He has been an NBA fan for years. His business career has taken him from New York to Asia over the past three decades. (See: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/21181226/alibaba-co-founder-joseph-tsai-agrees-purchase-49-percent-minority-stake-brooklyn-nets )

  134. Holy sheep shiit!

  135. This is a positive development for Lin’s future with Nets.

  136. No shiit Sherlock.

  137. It sounds like Mr. Tsai is also familiar with Kenny and Sean’s first move to sign JLin to Nets.

    Let’s hope he has a Linsanity poster somewhere in his house ?

    “He has expressed enthusiasm over the direction of the franchise with general manager Sean Marks and coach Kenny Atkinson, sources said, and ultimately plans to work on bridging his strong Asian business ties into global business opportunities for the Nets.”

  138. dont you mean its “tsai time”.

  139. if you mean by sale price what steve balmer paid for clippers the short answer is “yes”. that would 2 billion.

    longer answer: this “valuation” is significantly higher that the amount “forbes” put on team in its feb 17 valuations. at that time (not so long ago) there were 6 teams listed as above the nets in value with the troubled knicks franchise still listed #1 at 3+ billion.

    rockets sold for 2.2. which was also higher that forbes feb. 17 #.

  140. ‘Ungraded’ should be ‘upgraded,’ I think. If he plays he’ll probably be on reduced minutes.

  141. so it was true..and they say no, the not buying..
    business people always lies.

  142. from yale.. that’s not good.. you know harvard and yale are rivalries right

  143. DeMarre Carroll 18pts 7reb 4st

  144. yes, I wonder why they denied it in the first place. Perhaps to increase their bargaining power?

  145. Who is Mr. Tsai????

  146. ESPN said: Cavaliers will be fine. Nets stinks… Nets will stink
    ESPN’s hate continues.
    Again not enough credit is given to Nets who played well and made big plays one after another.

  147. Is he the one donated to Yale and co-founder of Alibaba?

  148. Wow, indeed it is Joseph Tsai buying Nets 49% and with the right to buy majority interest in 2021!!!!!!
    I am soooo happy for Lin. Lin will stay. I bet one of the reasons Tsai bought Nets is because of Lin.

  149. new game thread

    G6 Surging Brooklyn Nets (3-2) Seeks First Road Win against New York Knicks (0-3)
    Best Offense and Worst Defense
    Brooklyn owns the best offense pacing the league at 121.2 points per game, ahead of even the Golden State Warriors. But the bad news is it also owns the worst defense allowing opponents to score 119.2 points per game…

  150. As long as the offense scores more than the defense gives away, we’re OK with this.

  151. Interesting! You are becoming a “Lin-cyclopedia” yourself with NBA team sales. 🙂

  152. haha. Yes, it is indeed “Tsai time”.

    Love the balance of the John Ruskin quotation:

    “… that man is richest, who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others.”

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