G49 LAL @MIL PreGame Thread+Poll

We all wished Lin could score more during his NY Knicks return but as Rose reported and JLin’s PostGame interview indicated, he simply tried to play his team-game in his limited, marginalized role by Byron Scott (or Kobe).

Great to hear Jeremy spoke up about not having the ball in his hands as a Laker & different culture (losing in LA) but he still will try to do his best. He let NY Media know that his performance was marginalized and some NY media understood.

Perhaps NY Media will help Lin’s Free Agency in the summer by providing coverage if they should pursue Lin. It’s probably best if Lin doesn’t go to NY as long as Melo is still there but the NY media coverage will only help his FA value to peek interest from multiple teams.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hoo Hoo…its gonna be a GREAT GAME for Jeremy!!!!

  2. I predict he will triple his point production to spite BScott :]

  3. X 4.5…my prediction

  4. I am the first non-mod to post in this thread! lol

    Since Lin talks about having to wear a lot of different hats he should consider visitint the Dave Sims’ hat store LOL. http://www.dsims.com/

  5. For those interested – Chinese New Year is on Feb 19, however the winds of change for the new year starts on Feb 4. Year 2015 is the year of wooden ram (sheep), and for those born in the Dragon year (such as JLin) it will be a transformational year when success luck is moderate, should not undertake any risky ventures, instead, do what has been tried and tested, and follow direction where therein a steady source of income. Has the Golden Deity Star for career luck. Overall career luck: 4 stars.

  6. Doubt it. He really can’t do much more in this moment. If Jeremy and Lakers gain momentum he’ll be subbed…

    Only thing we could hope is a trade to a contending team (Dallas?) or some good teams interested in him in offseason.

    Cuban do think about money a lot. Maybe rondo for Lin+Davis might be good for everyone

  7. Let’s see if Lin and Swaggy can break out the party hats on court soon!


  8. And for those born in the Horse year ( such as Kobe), it will be a challenging year, obstacles, aggravation, and could bring con men into your life. Overall career luck: 2 stars.

  9. thanks

    “Tried and Tested” ,,, does it mean Lin should try to go back to his old teams (GSW, HOU, NYK or LAL)?
    I hope not LOL .. especialy ones with bal-hogs. GSW might be the most appealing then (except for the Kerr factor)

    I hope it also means teams that he tried & tested well for big games (Spurs, Raptors, 76ers, etc.)

  10. Could be the established teams with winning championships track records.

  11. Music to my ears .. Spurs! =)

  12. This pic of swaggy reminds me of Shock G

  13. Lin fans have channels to understand stats such as websites like this one. Also, PFV and lots of other Lin fan tells us what really happens on the court. That gives us an edge in understanding the game as it is.

    Laker fans media keep on giving the wrong impression about the game; for example, Kobe was the best part of the Laker while stats telling us otherwise. TWC Cable showed us Jordan Clarkson’s no look pass but he could only make 1 assist in the last game. Byron Scott’s kept on contradicting himself about his players; the head of snake did not play for so many games since Kobe hurt his shoulder and that Kobe carried the team but in fact the team played much better without him.

    Byron Scott started to tank once Kobe got injured. He wouldn’t let Lakers back on track without Kobe. He started with his 2nd team rather let the team play out and compete. We all know that the Lakers without Kobe can win lots more games than with him but Byron just wouldn’t take the chance that this is exposed. The bench consistently outplayed his starters. It seems that Lakers either won with Kobe or tanked for the lottery pick.

    The handling of the team by BS is totally disgusting. His theory about winning games like 3 pointers don’t win a championship is totally disastrous to start the season with single digit tries in 3 pointers. Having Kobe shooting his low % long 2s is one of numerous inept decisions for a dismal season. Just look at the champion, Spurs, Byron Scott’s theories go bankrupt. The Spurs made lots of 3 pointers and that complement really well with their passing game.

    What a disaster that LA basketball fans has been receiving from the Lakers! Well, they still have the Clippers. Byron Scott made a perfect demonstration of losing owing to inept coaching. The team is in fact much better than its record showed. The old school coaches know less about basketball than fans. Without Kobe and BS, this team will be a much better team.

  14. you sum it up well
    “The old school coaches knows less about basketball than fans” and they are stubborn with their dinosaur age thinking!

  15. https://twitter.com/IntenseMedia/status/562481026379677697

    Have you guys seen this? Wishful thinking or rumor or true? Date is today.

  16. LOL Think so?? BS can’t sub JLin out quickly enough:-)

  17. @psalm234:disqus Please don’t give me a nightmare for even alluding to a possibility of JLin goes back to Knicks. Don’t trust KB, BS, Lakers connection there. Fisher holds the hostililty toward JLin just like KB does because of JLin’s drop of 38 on Lakers 3 years old. Knicks plays similar system as Lakers and Dolan is still the owner, I will quit watching NBA if JLin chooses to go back to Knicks:-) Not going to suffer another disaster season no matter how much I root for JLin. Too much for me to handle. Any team other than Knicks, Rox, Lakers, Warriors will do.

  18. hmmm lets see

  19. Knicks is a bad fit for Lin with the coaches there.

  20. “rumors are flying”??? no idea.

  21. Who is this guy? Doesn’t appear to be anyone with media or NBA connections.

  22. Dallas in fact invests heavily on PGs:
    PG: Rajon Rondo 12.9m , JJ Barea 0.91m, Devin Harris 3.9m, Raymond Felton 3.8m, = $21.5m
    SG: Monta Ellis 8.4m, Ricky Ledo 0.8m = $9.4m

    I guess Rick Carlisle is still looking for his PG. Rajon Rondo doesn’t seem to fit in Dallas’s offense.

    Jeremy Lin will be a much better fit there than Rondo! I think Dallas is the team for Jeremy.
    With Chandlers and Ellis, Jeremy might just be the missing piece.

  23. Maybe but not sure about Monta Ellis. He used to be JLin teammate @ GS. Not sure about him; don’t want another ballhog SG. JLin has suffered enough from ballhogs in the past 3 years.

  24. I almost forget Greg Smith is there too!
    Ellis is a hard nosed SG who thrives on contested shots and drives. Ellis definitely can pass the ball too.
    Dirk and Ellis are leaders in the league in making contested shots.

  25. That will be the best thing happened for the Lakers; I can almost guarantee a boost in ticket sales.

  26. Lin and Ellis did not get along at GS. Ellis used to freeze out Lin worse than Kobe or Harden did.

  27. Lin rarely played in GS.

  28. Lakers so bad that these rumors flying even theres no smoke yet..BUT hope this is true to make a semblance of justice!!!

  29. Chris Checkman @BluesHotel · 2h 2 hours ago
    Much as I Loved #ByronScott as as player, he has neither the stomach/spine to coach #Lakers…
    We need new direction, Jeanie Buss…
    ****a few tweets from this guy, people making petition?

  30. Me too

  31. I Don’t believe him. He’s bringing the Lakers where they want to

  32. the reason why you don’t have to worry about that is simply one reason: Coach Carlisle. With Keith Smart (or Stupid), Monta did whatever he wanted but Coach Carlisle will bench him w/o a 2nd thought if Monta doesn’t play teamball with Lin. Big D needs Lin badly. Rondo can’t make a jumper or FT to save his life!

  33. Agree. Coach does make a difference. My next question: Is Coach Carlisle JLin’s believer? Will he mistreat JLin? Is there any concern? Sorry for my ignorant (only began to follow JLin in July 2012).

  34. don’t believe so. he’s all about winning so as long as JLin is performing well in his system (good system for JLin’s game), he will ride Lin like “freaking Secretariat” to use the words of another well-known coach…

  35. one more thing: coach C lead the Mavs to their only title in 2011 right before Linsanity kicked in so the guy has lots of credibility unlike kobrick’s puppet BS.

  36. Thanks! Just reminder: No name calling please.

  37. Great to know. Well, just hope that one of the good teams will make a decent offer to JLin either via trade or FA.

  38. All astrologists, Fengshui masters in HK & Taiwan all predict a good year for those who born in the year of Horse (including me :-)).

    Of course this is generally speaking, pretty sure Kobe is having a tough year ahead due to age and injuries

  39. Now I trust no one except MikeD as his coach.

    “I love Jeremy. I really do” So much hope at the beginning of the season. What do we have now? DNP, scattered minutes, criticism…,,,

  40. well I think Mav and Houston going to go after, Dragic.

  41. I think Ellis is another ball hog .

  42. I guess the Lakers were off today. No dumb quotes from Scott from Laker’s beat reporters..LOL

  43. Saw pics of Sacre, Clarkson, Kelly and Black had fun in NY via LA Lakers twitter account. Not sure what’s going on. No JLin has sighted since Knicks game.

  44. 16 more days till trade deadline. Seem like not much is going on everywhere:-) Maybe more activities after all star break?

  45. Lin’s Knicks postgame interview was one of his best in recent memory.

    He succinctly summarizes his current situation:
    “Right now… different system, different culture, lots of obstacles. Right now, just trying to navigate myself through it.” He uses the term “obstacles,” like on a path. He also uses “navigate” rather than “adapt and adjust,” like a short-term issue he needs get around.

    He indicates he remains confident in his skills and progress:
    “I feel like I’m more developed, more refined as a player [vs. Linsanity]… and I think at the right time, hopefully it will all show.” [on a different team]

    His comments indicate that, while he will continue to work as hard as ever, he is already looking beyond this season to free agency. Asked about returning to NY he sidesteps the question: “I’m going to keep my options open, see what’s out there.” No obligatory mention of re-signing with the Lakers, or the “stability” of staying in LA.

    Separately, Scott post game said that he will give Lin as many minutes as he has been getting (~25), even after saying Lin was “not good” in the game. My read is that this is likely a directive from Kupchak after Team Lin and the Lakers FO reached an understanding.

    Trust in Lin and his team that they are doing everything they can to navigate and manage the obstacles until FA. Lin’s postgame, well worth a listen, especially those starting to doubt Lin (posted earlier by JLin Fan from Australia, blubell, and maybe others):

  46. Lin was probably doing interviews with NY media, and hanging out with friends.

  47. Maybe even with his family and baby bro Joseph:-)

  48. take note “and I think at the right time” and “your close [on a different team]”………..bye lakers no resign lol after this season lakers will sucks more years

  49. In the Chinese horoscope, sheep is a secret friend of the horse. For year 2015 the horse should benefit, there are a number of very auspicious stars, however your energy is low, which means it would be difficult for you to actualize the good luck that comes your way.

  50. Believe this is one of the best insights of what JLin thought about this season and beyond. Give us a glimpse of what is in his mind. To me, yes, even if Cali is his home state and that he likes it but his NBA career doesn’t bind to what he likes or dislikes.

  51. http://www.archtemplar.com/2015/02/linsanity-never-forget.html
    This is a Taiwanese Lin fan’s report who lives in NY.
    It’s always nice to know audience in MSG still love Lin…
    But I still dont want Lin to go back to NYK! lol

  52. As for the dragons, they are in side conflict with the Tai Sui, the elements of the year weakens self confidence, health & spiritual essence, and emotional energy. However, there are some good stars which create the kind of luck that opens up new lucrative avenues. With more effort into the year, you can end the year feeling very satisfied. Staying positive is the key to making it big in the year.

  53. summary english

  54. OK, the Bucks will be out for blood against the Lakers. The last two games, they beat Portland and Toronto. The dislike that Kidd has against Scott, I think Kidd will turn it up a notch on the lakers. Kidd knows scott tendencies as a coach, and he will use it against him. I just hope that lin has a good night.

  55. I really like this interview so much & watch it few times w my friends too. We tried to read & see his face expression on contract issue… so glad he made up his mind on everything well. Hope this summer he will have good team to pick him up.

  56. Does anyone have links to Linsanity games for the week starting Feb4, 2012?
    I want the full length NBA games not only Jeremy Lin highlights.

  57. Everyone should keep re-tweeting this. I’m a strong believer in self-fulfilling prophecies 🙂

  58. Mel, just put your faith in Jeremy. He’s actually quite shrewd and will make the best possible decision for himself. Also, don’t forget that Jeremy has a wonderful and supportive family. I’m sure Mama Lin alone has enough wisdom to provide her son with the best possible advice. psalm is also saying that Lin will not go back to NY unless he is sure it will be ok.

  59. Great pic! LOL

  60. yeah, once in a while BScott is dozing off hehe..

  61. Hi psalm. Did you happen to read my post, “Who the heck is Byron Scott?” I find it very informative and
    educational 🙂 and I thought you might want to feature it 😉


  62. It seems to me that given Lin’s unselfish/team ball approach to the BB game, he will always have a hard time playing with a backcourt player who likes to score and handle the ball a lot, i.e., Ellis or Harden. Either Lin has to handle the ball a lot (which is difficult when playing with another backcourt player who likes to hog the ball, which is like 90% of NBA PGs), or learn to score effectively off the ball. I guess what I am saying is REALISTICALLY, how likely is it that Lin will be in the same situation as he was during Linsanity where he was the undisputed ball handler for Knicks, and Knicks had relatively bad PGs. So far during Lins’ career, it seems like even SGs playing with Lin were allowed to play like PGs, leading to marginalization of Lin, i.e. Harden and Kobe playing like PGs.

  63. It all depends on the coach and Lin will choose a good one. No need to worry.

  64. Not worrying. Just throwing it out there. So Lin will have to choose a good coach, but teams can change coaches all the time.

  65. I wish the Lakers would change their coach yesterday.

  66. Counting the chicks while the egg hasn’t even hatched? That’s a good GM then… NOT

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t look into future prospects, but any good GM would be putting more work into dealing with the CURRENT TEAM’S ISSUES.

  67. excellent summary and writing 🙂 Can you repost in this MIL PreGame thread so I can feature it here?

    Otherwise it will be featured for that NYK Game Thread

  68. I think best scenario for Lin is:

    -get trade to a playoff team before trade deadline
    -do well rest of regular season and shine in playoff
    -then sign good contract with that team or other team that Lin wants

    Thats win win for Lin and lin fans.
    I know its not likely happen. Just hope… LOL

  69. I’m born under the Year of the Pig and water is my element. I’m not really into astrology, but I love reading them. Some applies to me, some doesn’t. Just for fun and a bit of curiosity as well, I asked some Chinese astrology expert about I and Jeremy’s compatibility. Well he said what would make us compatible is our elements (water + earth), not exactly our animal signs. As long as the earth (Jeremy) stays strong, he can always reel in/hold back the water (me), else if the earth is unstable, water can wash it away.

    Bottom line, I’m his water girl…. kidding!

  70. Some key points:

    1. Most think that NY fans are cold blooded, realistic and cruel. But one can find some evidences on a meaningless game played by 2 hopeless teams that was hours before the long anticipated Superbowl.

    2. There was loud and lasting cheers occurred in a strange time that never made sense to some new fans, not when introducing the players, not the half time magic show, not the victory chant after the game: when “Jeremy Lin for Wayne Ellington” was announced during 1Q 10 minutes mark. The Cheerfulness and excitement from fans were equal, if not best, compared to when Melo was introduced into the game.

    3. The fans’ earnest reaction is the best argument to rebuff all the doubts from everywhere, no matter how the media and coaches interpreted or distorted the scene.

    4. NY fans never forgot Linsanity, even though it was short, but sweet.

    Some observations from the author:

    a. He used fans reception in the scene where Mariano Rivera pitched the last game of his life to compare that in the game in MSG.

    b. He noticed that a lady with an infant had tears in her eyes, while the infant seems calm.

  71. “Tried and tested” means remain true to his team-ball core that he holds highest and had stuck with and continued to improve through thick and thin. It will be rewarded.

  72. Jeremy Lin Taken Off the Trading Block Because of Kobe Bryant’s Surgery? More Details


    “While there are no official announcements from the Lakers management to the contrary, it seems that the team has pulled off Jeremy Lin from the trading block and has given him the green light to play extended minutes in the absence of Kobe Bryant.”

  73. I guess the writer forgot who’s the coach of the Lakers. That’s not going to happen under BS. It’s more like Clarkson gets the green light, not Lin.

  74. If true, we should have wishes for Kobe’s continued health.

  75. Nebelsky seems like a Lin’s fan.

    @JLin7 Stay Strong. You know what you're capable of! Use Tom Brady as inspiration for finishing strong!— Nick Nebelsky (@IntenseMedia) February 3, 2015

  76. That’s not true bc after Kobe decided to have surgery, BS put Lin in DNP…?! Green light? Haha! That’s after Lin or his agent to fight for it that’s why he’s back on court. LOL!

  77. Hm, it seems contrary to the fact that BScott DNP-ed Lin in the 1st game (Spurs) after Kobe was declared out for surgery.

    Unless BScott defied the FO message and carried Kobe’s order to not let Linsanity arise in his absence, I think it’s not likely.

    I think Mitch might want BScott to feature Linsanity but Kobe would have none of it so Mitch is powerless.

  78. Lin had the unfortunate situation to play with ball-dominant SGs like Harden and Kobe in the past 3 years. Even with Melo, they can work together on-court except Melo doesn’t like to share the fame.

    I’m not worried about ball-handling since Lin would need to find a coach that values his court-vision more than any other strength. At this point of his career, I think Lin fans would love for him to play for MDA if he gets a job somewhere since they need each other to thrive in the NBA. If we only dealt with criticism that Lin can only play in MDA system or PG-centric system but averaging 15/10, I would welcome that change 🙂

    At this point, finding a coach that really believes in Lin’s strength is the #1 priority for me.
    Something like the Hawks team-ball try to do with no ball-hogging divas. Backup PG behind aging Tony Parker/Manu in a contending Spurs would be AWESOME! He can work his way up to start in 2 yrs

  79. Lots of these reporters just copy & paste from somewhere… they don’t even follow the news from Lakers…

  80. I LOL’ed

  81. That could very well be his main strength to draw teams with team-ball philosophy.

    I do have respect that he had the discipline to stay true to the team-ball philosophy. Let’s hope he continues to find the balance of what he needs to do on court and mental strength to handle BScott/Kobe marginalization

  82. Who the heck is Byron Scott?

    Byron Scott, or BS as we affectionately refer to him, was a “Showtime” Laker. However, his coaching career was not nearly as successful. Each time he was hired as HC, it was for one of the least glamorous NBA teams: New Jersey (pre-Kidd), New Orleans, and Cleveland (post LeBron). As previously posted and tweeted by others, BS’s record as HC was mixed at best and he was always fired due to a dismal season. It is quite clear, therefore, that BS would not be the Lakers first choice for HC.

    Yet in July of 2014, the Lakers approached BS first, and after 3 interviews gave him the job that every basketball coach would love to have. The only way this decision can be understood is if one realizes how much power Kobe has over Laker decision making and that Kobe wanted BS to get the job. Anyone who wants to understand Kobe’s hold over the Lakers is referred to this excellent article in ESPN entitled “Kobe.” (http://espn.go.com/espn/featur… ) In order to understand why Kobe wanted a guy like BS, one simply needs to consider how this season has progressed and how Kobe needed all kinds of “strange” coaching decisions to maintain the charade that Kobe is still an All-Star-level player.

    BS, therefore, took this job knowing full-well that the priority would not be winning, but rather making Kobe look good. Is it surprising that BS would gladly accept $14 mil over 3 years to coach the LA Lakers even if his real job was to be Kobe’s nanny? So I think it’s important to understand that BS doesn’t have his own agenda. In order to be hired he needed to say publicly, “I like Jeremy Lin. I really do.” At that time, the FO apparently made such statements mandatory for hire. But whether it was true or not, BS cares much more about keeping this job than he does about marginalizing Lin.

    Even though I also use the shorthand, “BS did this or said that about Lin,” I always keep in mind that BS is simply carrying out Kobe’s orders. Just go back to the beginning of the season. From game 1, Price (who personifies the word “scrub”) was intended to be the starting PG over Lin. At that time I asked, who is responsible for such a bizarre decision? It could be only one of four possibilities: Buss siblings, Mitch, BS or Kobe. I came to the conclusion it must be Kobe. And just like any hypothesis, if it can explain all observations and even predict future events better than alternative hypotheses, it is likely correct. As I closely followed all of the events of this season unfold with the Kobe hypothesis in mind, I never saw any contradiction.

    Actually, there was one exception: when Kobe put his arm around Jeremy and then gave the “piss on the fire hydrant speech.” But it’s now clear in retrospect that Kobe was simply being deceptive and devious. He is trying to change his bad reputation of being a terrible teammate as well as a player who totally disrespects his coaches.

    And there is one additional piece of evidence for the Kobe hypothesis: Nick Young has said that talking to Kobe or BS is just like talking to the same person. When two people seem to agree on everything there are two possibilities: Either the two people are really identical (but not in this case since Kobe and BS are actually quite different characters) or, one is acting as the puppet of the other. So the only remaining question would be, who is the puppet and who is pulling the strings? Kobe or BS?

    (Re-posted from previous thread. Jeremy cannot go public and reveal all the shenanigans going on with the Lakers. It’s up to his fans to recognize the situation themselves.)

  83. Thanks psalm. Re-posted above.

  84. I admire one of Lin’s strength is his ability to network and get along well with many NBA players, important especially being a minority and a hugely popular player that can create jealousy.
    So far, he only doesn’t get along with ball-hogs when they refuse to play team-ball and it’s by the ball-hogs’ choices


  85. I see what you’re saying. Players like Melo or Kobe can force a coaching change and then Lin would be screwed again. I would like to believe that players with that much power are rare. I do think that Kobe is unique in that sense.

    As far as what “Lin himself can do on the BB court.” I think you underestimate his ambition and effort to achieve greatness. I think you do not recognize the effectiveness of his strategy. No, he will not punch a teammate in the face for not passing to him like MJ would. Lin’s strategy is to make everyone respect him for his skills, knowledge AND unselfishness. That makes everyone get better stats and makes them want to cooperate with him. That’s the only strategy Lin uses and it works like a charm if the coach or “franchise player” doesn’t undermine him.

  86. Ball dominant PGs/SGs are very common. Not that many NBA teams play like Hawks and Spurs. Also, if they were playing so well as a team, they would be hesitant to change the chemistry. Coaches leave their teams all the time also. You can’t just follow one coach around.

    I see it more as Lin having to adapt rather than go to a team that “fits” his style of play.

  87. Lin definitely has to adapt and he has been doing that in the past 2.5 years to play off-the-ball in HOU and he has dramatically improved in his 3pt shooting, left-hand and defense as he planned. And even his ball-handling has improved.

    And he doesn’t necessarily have to follow MDA around.
    The way I look at maximizing his potential is this, where is the best opportunity where he can accomplish 2 goals:
    1. Play team-ball philosophy
    2. Bonus is a PG-centric system to maximize his ball-dominant potential.
    Then his All-Star dream and NBA championship might be realized.

    I keep thinking Nash is the high-ceiling that Lin can shoot for. Nash was a better shooter so Lin needs to keep working on improving his career high 3FG%. But Nash wouldn’t be 2-time MVP without playing in MDA system.
    I see it as an ideal system to maximize Lin/Nash potential.

    But if MDA doesn’t coach again in the NBA, then Lin’s next best goal is to find many teams w/o many divas. As Brent said, many teams play team-ball philosophy but not as well as Spurs and Hawks at the moment.

    In terms of career goals, Lin just has to evaluate his best opportunities in summer 2015. In the meantime, he’ll have to solve the puzzle to find the best way to fight the marginalization of BScott/Kobe in the final 34 games.

    I’d love to see Lin finding ways to balance the scoring/facilitating ala Nash so BScott can’t find reasons to pick on him but he’s trying his best so I can’t really fault him. No Nash to help him with some footwork tricks to easily score on the paint either. That’s probably the biggest missed opportunity for Lin as a Laker.

  88. What’s a water girl? Just a girl who brings players water or something much more glamorous like the one shown in Google Images?

  89. I still think Lin would’ve done extremely well at Houston if they didn’t send KMart off for Harden….

  90. thanks

  91. Maybe, but McHale hated Linsanity and wanted to prove it was a fluke. He would have tried to do that even without Harden.

  92. Probably they want more than other teams are offering.

    So they’re spreading news they take Jeremy off the trading block

  93. BS may just unleash Lin on Kidd because of the bad blood between them. This is a game where tanking will take a back seat.

  94. Don’t needto worry about beating down on the Lakers, BS will roll over like a pussycat.

    The best thing to do is saying something about how great Lin is and how he needs to shut down the second unit with Lin in charge. BS will bite and DNP CD Lin for him. Hopefully Kidd isn’t smart enough to yank on BS’s chains. Haha.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  95. My understanding is that if Lakers don’t trade Lin in Feb. Lin is basically able to walk away “Scott” free. Lol. Lin can do whatever and Lakers have no say as to where Lin goes. Right?

    IMO. If the Lakers hope to get anything for Lin, they’d better trade him in Feb or they will have mud in their face like the Knicks. I Don’t know why everyone thinks Lin will be with the Lakers until the end of his contract. Money isn’t an issue with them, a good mid level player is still better than nothing. I don’t get it.

  96. this is a puzzle for me too.
    Why wouldn’t they feature Lin to be traded by Feb trade deadline?
    It’s better to get something back of value if they follow logic.

    But we all know they don’t use logic since Kobe still rules with iron fist through his puppet BScott

    Two reasons that I can think of are:
    1. Kobe’d rather suppress Linsanity from showing up in LA at all cost to protect his “hero” image
    2. Lin still sells tickets

  97. I saw in one of the games he was given a towel (hot towel?) for his back. Is Jeremy still having back issues? Perhaps that’s why his game is little off in addition all the stuff around him.

  98. You’re right. The actual deadline date/time is Thursday, February 19 at 3:00 p.m. ET (noon PT)

    I’ve taken a look at the Lakers’ salary roster [link] and who they have to either trade or lose. They have some options, but not many.

  99. Maybe they’re playing hard. We will see

  100. It may be precautionary. Jeremy warms up with the rest of the team, and then has to sit and cool down until Scott deigns to let him into the game. Keeping his back muscles warm sounds like a good idea.

  101. It’s impossible to know. I don’t think the Lakers are necessarily anxious to trade for bodies, but I’m betting they are shopping their available roster in exchange for more picks.

    There were some rumors around about the Lakers trading Hill. But that option may have gotten scuttled by Hill’s injury.

    Until February 19 passes, we may see them trying to keep Jeremy healthy in case some trade becomes possible. (More limited minutes, or absolutely no driving into the bigs under the basket, etc.)

  102. I hope so . if we see FO asks BScott to give Lin 32+min soon, then we might see some showcasing for any trade

  103. I don’t know all the CBA rules but one constraint is that they want to exchange Lin for another player who also has an expiring contract. The thing is, Kobe will throw next season into toilet as well, so it might be just as good or even better to get a player who’s contract expires next season. They also need to exchange Lin for a player(s) with similar cap space i.e. $ 8 mil. If it’s ok to get 2 or more players who’s salaries add up to 8 mil, then the expiring contract issue becomes less important.

  104. Yes, your point supports my thesis since KMart is not a ball dominant SG. By the way, where is KMart now?

  105. But just keeping him and letting him walk in the summer has value too as in $8 mil in cap space clearing open up and they can sign someone else. If they trade him to someone like Felton who has 2 years it’s worse because they don’t get that cap clearance. They could get Rondo who’s also coming off the books in the summer and give him a trial to see if they want him for the following year, that’s what the Mavericks are currently doing. But they want that money coming off the books so they can go after someone like Dragic in the summer.

  106. Or maybe they already have a buyer, so there is no need to showcase Lin which would piss Kobe off.

    The difference between Lin being stuck on the Lakers for another 29 games or going to a playoff bound team is even greater than the difference between night and day!

  107. Again, the “IF” word. “If the coach or “franchise player” doesn’t undermine him.” I am telling you that in NBA, that happens all the time. There always are going to be “star” players who want to shine more. My point is that IFs are not likely to line up in his favor, so he should just focus on becoming better at playing with ball hogs.

  108. They must realize that Kobe will flush next season into the toilet as well. So a 1 1/2 year contract would be just as good. I think KD becomes available in summer of 2015 so perfect timing.

  109. They will just stock up on picks, cheap players and expiring contracts to keep cap space clear and let Kobe go on another charade of a season. Once Kobe gone after next year go after KD or Westbrook, have lots of cheap young high draft picks and cap space.

  110. “that happens all the time:” No it happens sometimes. As I wrote, Kobe is truly unique. Harden would not be so bad with a more sympathetic coach and even Melo was not so bad. Lin will try to choose a team with a fair-minded coach. Don’t really want to discuss further with you. You’re stubborn and not swayed by logical argument.

  111. Right. I’m saying Felton is ok too cause his contract expires next season.

  112. Isn’t he with the Wolves right now?

  113. Ya, they could do that. Or maybe sign Lin for a 1 year deal, or a 1 year deal with 1 year team option like Jordan Hill again with the intention of clearing cap space at the end of Kobe’s career. The way they’re treating him that seems doubtful but would have been a good plan to keep attendance up waiting to get rid of Kobe.

  114. no doubt pleasing the lakers organization and fans who are all on board for the lakers, i mean tankers trip to the ping pong balls.

    hill was the only currently credible nba quality player in the current starting lineup with him down its an entire d league unit.

    success in failure is assured. bs doesn’t even have to do much.

  115. Thanks for this heart warming post. The fans in NYC were the best to Lin by a country mile.

  116. The Lakers come to NY only once a season and I live 15 minutes from MSG, but I didn’t want to watch Lin getting marginalized. So I don’t understand this idea that Lin can keep attendance up if even his fans don’t want to see the Lakers. Hopefully Lin has only 5 games left as a Laker: 5…4…3…

  117. Wow! As Young predict… Hill you can’t play….LOL! Don’t know who is next after 2 weeks? Boozer?

  118. PFV is awesome. His dedication and investment in time to create his vids is fantastic.

  119. The FO could have had the idea but KB was absolutely negative about it, so it hasn’t and won’t happen. In fact LAL only needs cap room in the summer of 2016 because no FA will dare to play with KB.

  120. I think Lakers have two heads bouncing between 1. and 2.

  121. Maybe, although even if I don’t have back problems, I’ll still demand a hot towel for my back any day! Sounds pretty nice.

  122. Make that 2 weeks and 3 days.

  123. LOL!

  124. Right. I wrote “summer of 2015” by mistake.

  125. This proves again that Lin plays for win only and knows how to win.

  126. I dont get what u dont get. I think perhaps u only follow lin and not the nba or lakers at large so u are looking with limited perspective?

  127. Thanks for explaining it to them

  128. how long is a country mile?

  129. Last game, Lin had 7 assists, 2 hockey assist, and 1 FT assist, that’s 9 assists out of 15 total of the whole team, plus 1 FT assists and his own 4 points. He has finger prints in 25/80 Lakers points in 23 min, and yet Byron would consider he play “not good” as his first response.

  130. For all we know, Lakers did try to trade Lin, but teams didn’t offer much. After all, Lin will be a FA at the end of season. So, teams know they can simply wait until then to sign him without sacrificing any assets.

    From Lakers point of view, letting it ride out and getting $8 mil cap space is not such a bad deal either. It is better than acting desperate and taking back a potentially bad contract just to unload Lin. Also, they can still use Lin to sell some tickets for few months.

  131. Oh no! What will Lakers ever do without a big man who stands around the elbow all day, only shoots jumpers, doesn’t defend, and only rebounds when he feels like it?

  132. What’s with 3 days?

  133. The Jeremy Lin Problem — Is It More Than Basketball?


    “With all the conspiracy theories swirling around the Seattle Seahawks late game decision/blunder in the Super Bowl (why didn’t Marshawn Lynch get the ball?), there’s another West Coast conspiracy theory brewing that started long before Pete Carroll’s screw up. There’s a well-subscribed theory that Lakers head coach Byron Scott just doesn’t like guard and fan favorite Jeremy Lin–and some of the speculation about why isn’t pretty. Lin and Lakers fans have talked boycott, claiming Scott is not only ineffective (Lakers are 13-35) but that his decision-making may be influenced by unacknowledged bias.

    Scott recently benched Lin for an entire game in a loss against the Spurs. And this weekend, in yet another Lakers loss at Lin’s old Linsanity stop Madison Square Garden, Scott played Lin just 23 minutes–during which Lin scored 4 points and dished 7 assists. (For perspective, had Lin averaged this for the whole game he’d have notched 14 assists. Washington’s John Wall leads the NBA with 10.2 assists per game.) Scott’s conclusion about Lin’s performance: “It wasn’t good,” the coach said. But whose performance was? The Lakers lost to a Knicks team that’s 10-38. Lin, who played well last year for a much better team in Houston, has got one year left on his big money deal in LA. What are Byron Scott’s reasons? 14 assists is a lot.”

  134. Does Lin wear any shoes other than Adidas flip flops? I do know they are comfy and I used to wear them all the time in college, but still… LOL!

  135. Excellent summary, @TTNN!
    Perhaps you can tweet it & question BScott’s bias or incompetence

  136. advertising for adidas. i used to have them too but they were soo ugly i got rid of them and jw says they are a fashion faux pas. also how can he wear them in cold weather and snow?

  137. All-Star break.

  138. Paul has been doing this for a long time with videos in many sleepless nights plus debating Lin’s haters in many HOU forums. So definitely the utmost respect for him =)

  139. Ahhh OK. Thanks.

  140. the bigger mind boggler 2 me was entire starting lineup 1 assist. for the game.

    fine for tankers but not plausible otherwise.

  141. Also Trade Deadline passes.

  142. and in stark contrast (i keep posting this because it blows my mind) to the entire starting lineups 1 assist; 1 assist. in a collective 121 minutes.

  143. @mods, BDLA is back and the first 2 posts I saw are filled with condescension towards and contempt for the rest of us. He seems to really want it!

  144. is bdla code?

  145. BadDayLA

  146. Generally Flip Flops and Chinese are synonymous…but who knows, maybe he has a blister.

  147. Paul provides the best post game JLin analysis,
    must see for all Lin fans.

  148. got a felling this all drama maybe i am wrong

  149. So now BS said it’s DNP?! Complain really work!

  150. Tank…Why bother? Oh! BS didn’t want to loss to Kidd!!! LOL!

  151. “conditioning drills”

    That’s how armored units (tanks) train in the military.

  152. headline: “brain shaw afraid players may be tanking without him” (this is not satire or me making this up; this is actual headline)

    denver losing to philly 2nite.

  153. Yeah, JLin has been all about team ball for his whole career, so i don’t understand why some people still get frustrated that he doesn’t stat pad. I understand where they’re coming from, but if JLin has never played selfish before, why is he going to start? JLin is going to do things his way. Maybe it’ll be detrimental to his career, maybe it’ll help. Anyways, no need to get frustrated by voicing the same complaints despite the same results. We are just observers to a drama unfolding before our eyes.

    Casual fans follow box scores, but I have to imagine that people who know the game can see what JLin does. Now, they may use a lack of stats as a bargaining chip to lowball JLin, but don’t tell me that the coaches/players who watch game film don’t understand what JLin brings to a game. It’s tough to be a high bball IQ kind of player on a tanking team.

  154. Can’t help but think this may somehow be good for Lin. Replace Shaw with MDA and the sky’s the limit.

  155. That video is great for showing how Lin does so much more than the stats show. And it’s so clear that even BS can understand it. As a Lin fan I really appreciate it.

    (But, I will never relent in saying that Kobe/BS are Lin’s problem; they should never be mistaken as the solution. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :))

  156. I also am a huge fan of Ido Amir on Twitter. That guy is an intelligent bulldog who loves to battle for JLin. Plus he has constructive criticism about JLin’s game (grip on the ball as JLin shoots), that I find very interesting.

  157. “When are they gonna fire Shaw. These ex-lakers coaching are all doing horribly, Scott, Fisher, Shaw,” —quote from comment board as denver losing by 21 to philly in the first half (after shaw suggested in interview his players were tanking).

  158. Lin: “I am not genius, but I am not dumb”

  159. why bother…u wanna tank–useless…..just go to ur games w/o practice just like what kobe does 🙂

  160. BS is beyond dumb and ridiculous.

  161. LOL JLin just likes sandals too much:-)

  162. Au contraire, “conditioning” is to give the players tired legs so that they can tank better, lest they be out-tanked by opponents (as in the Bulls game).

  163. Not much gas left tomorrow.

  164. Good to see Lin / Davis together a lot in these pictures. Probably the two smartest players on the team.

  165. Thats a probable answer, but I dont think they would trade him now, unless some major offer walks in.

  166. Yep sad that KB and BS won’t allow these two play together.

  167. Without Harden, it would have been really difficult, for McHale

  168. Unfortunately, majority if the teams in NBA are constructed based on a ball dominant Superstar.
    To me the key is to find his balance in terms of scoring and setting up his team mates, but for that he needs minutes as well.

  169. LOL Sandals / Slippers companies please look for Lin as spokesperson……guarantee you will have the exposure in any weather!

  170. just for a short distance 🙂

  171. Going into the Bucks game, Lakers are at 13-35. So basically Byron Scott is a 0.27 coach, that “Wasn’t good.”

  172. The problem, may be, that Lin likes to setup his teammates first before getting himself going. Hence general fans wont be able to comprehend that.

  173. Los Angeles Lakers Coach Byron Scott Is the Left Shark of the NBA

    “I don’t believe it (three-pointers) wins championships. (It) gets you to the playoffs.”

    Byron Scott sent the internet into a frenzy with those 12 words.

    Throughout the bloggosphere keyboards were abuzz with fingers angrily Googling “NBA Champions, Three-point shooting.” The findings were as expected. Teams that successfully make the shot that counts for an extra point more often than their opponents have indeed won championships recently.

    Basketball has changed. Isolations have given way to ball movement. Sets that ended in post looks have been replaced by those ending in corner threes. Fast breaks that used to be punctuated by slam dunks and acrobatic layups now have a third option: finding a shooter open in the corner.

    Scott played a different game during his career, and his inability to adapt to this new-and-improved NBA has reached levels of ineptitude only matched by that free-willed dancer trapped in a shark’s body.

    Players have also changed.

    This Los Angeles Lakers season has played out like some kind of social experiment. They dropped a dinosaur into an Apple store to see what happens.


    Obviously, the talent level has had something to do with how poorly the Lakers have played, but random rotations, poor communication and outdated systems on both sides of the court haven’t helped.

    Now, players are becoming frustrated (Jeremy Lin and Young both nod adamantly) and the internet continues to mock every pre- and post-game presser Scott holds.


    It’s in the Lakers’ best interests to lose as many games as possible this season. Trudging through this season only to somehow lose that first-round draft pick would be absolutely devastating and immediately make this the worst stretch in the history of one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports. In this sense, Scott was the perfect hire.

  174. You so easily see right through him!!

  175. It all depends on the size of the country I suppose.

  176. adidas heard you…lOl..he’s wearing his adidas sandals in the pictures.

  177. It’s hilarious and sad that his life revolves around coming to Lin fan sites and thinking of ways to troll. I almost pity him.

  178. He may be the smartest one there. Out golfing with Nash?

  179. Wonder if Lakers media secretly sneer at him behind his back.

  180. I understand Adidas sponsors his clothing, is he able to endorse other brands?

  181. Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. He may wear that out for the second date. Ladies, whadya think?

  182. Yes, as long as its not a direct competitor, such as Nike

  183. Thanks!

  184. Jeremy keeps LAL relevant to the fans. They know he’s a huge draw in games and in media.

  185. What goes on in Fisher’s mind?

  186. It seems this writer doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He probably doesn’t even watch LAL games, and just picked up the rumor and decided to write about it.

  187. New York City shall nver forget “Linsanity”. IT has been embossed in Knicks history. We luv Lin.

  188. I’m a glamorous girl who brings much needed liquid refreshment for Jeremy Lin ONLY.

  189. I still hate Linsanity 360 spin on me? =)
    But I hate the thought of getting fired soon more

  190. that’s where the challenge lies, I think.
    Lin almost needs to prove that he can be a dominant scorer first before being allowed to to distribute the ball. But BScott won’t let that happen this year either so it’s tough.

  191. As I said previously, I thought I broke my replay button just replaying this particular set play, and I just had to change my profile photo with Jeremy’s IG photo with Boozer and Davis.

    What I like about this set is it is fundamental but worked well and it screamed “teamwork”. Breaking down Knicks’ defense and extra pass resulting to a dunk by Boozer.

  192. Lol, everybody who got trampled by Jeremy during Linsanity has an axe to grind against him, because their faces are indelible in our overwhelmingly popular boy’s YouTube videos!

  193. Cold. Also describes the Laker’s offense when JLin is on the bench

  194. Wow, Hill out. Kobe out. Young in the doghouse. It’s like the basketball gods are screaming for BS to play JLin style basketball. BS is running out of players to take away JLin’s groove.

  195. Exactly…my reply to them is in moderation!, since yesterday 🙁

    Sometimes, you folks produce such a funny article with no substance at all.

    First of all, Lin is not given the green light to be “THE PG” running the offense.
    Second, he is not starting, he comes off the bench.
    Third, He is asked to play defense and playmake for others.
    Fourth, his minutes are limited to 20-26 (average for Jan is 24min).

    Hence with the above you expect, Linsanity? Expect Lin to score more? Expect Lin to run any offense? and you except for to showcase?

    Come on. If you love Lakers, write some objective article, articulating to give Lin with 36-38min to run offense system.

    This would be more fun to watch, and some wins here and there, that would keep us fans on our toes as well. Afterall we have nothing to loose at this stage!


  196. And Lin is neither here nor there…sigh!

  197. Personally, what I would like to him do is, one game, is all about scoring and the other is about facilitating, and he need to be make it obvious.
    With the limited time given, its difficult for him to do both on the same game, hence it may look like inconsistent.

  198. The author must’ve been swamped by a ton of negative feedback after writing about Jeremy and didn’t quite expect it, and now doesn’t know what to do next. Meantime, in moderation you go. Lol

  199. If the date is a trip to the beach, he can wear that anytime he wants to.

    As much as he’s not much into men’s fashion, I doubt he’ll wear that on a date. 🙂

  200. Off topic, but did anyone see the plane crash in Taipei. Wow! Unbelievable. Amazingly, only two reported deaths out of 53 on board. Hearts go out to the passengers, crew, and families of those onboard.

  201. what’s with asia and their plane crash as of late? Now you will hear jokes say that asians can’t fly not just can’t drive.

  202. Tanking technique

  203. nope, the gods are screaming for Lin to wake up and get with it! Telling him even when the cards are all there, Lin will not get a chance to redo the Linsanity regardless of circumstance. He’s just gotta bring it next season no matter the coach or the team.

  204. Joking aside, some of the crashes have western pilots at the control, Air Asia’s crash with a French co-pilot. Given the numbers of passengers taking the air daily, it’s still a very safe mode of transportation, safer than driving a car.

  205. Second TransAsia crash in less than a year.

  206. Yep. 5th accident since 1995. Death toll has risen to 13. Most of the pax are tourists from China. This is a new plane too, apparently left engine failed.

  207. RIP

  208. Atlanta Hawk doesn’t have much more talents on their team than Lakers but they have made the best out of it.

    From what I can see from Lakers games in the past, Lakers have Kobe Bryant, ball-hogging, playing ISO or facilitator. Kobe wasn’t good at both. The team actually performed much better without him according advanced stats. While the team insisting on going through Kobe and playing at their weaknesses.

    Despite many opinions telling us that tanking would lead to successes in team building, successful teams have shown us that it is the team who made successful players and not vice versa. Successful teams managed to find talents whatever ways, early or late draft choices or talent overseas or underrated free agents, with the same cap in NBA. They held on and developed their talents:

    Golden States with the Splash Brothers; one is first round 7th choice and the other is first round 11th, Jeff Teague first round 19th; Paul Millsap 2nd round 47th overall, Kawhi Leonard, first round 15th, Manu Ginobili 2nd round 57th overall, Jimmy Butler first round 30th overall, Paul George 1st round 10th, Marc Gasol 2nd round 48th by Lakers, Zach Randolph, first round 19th, Hassan Whiteside 2nd round 33rd.

    It seems that the distribution of talents are pretty even. Of course, Jeremy was undrafted. Please tell me if there were any undrafted player who had made great in NBA.

  209. There are couple of them 🙂 Avery Johnson, John Starks and Ben Wallace comes ti mind as undrafted who made their name

  210. John Starks lived in the Michael Jordan era. If not, he could have really made himself a big name in NBA history!

  211. Apparently a one-year-old plane, must still be under warranty.

  212. His only success can only be attributed to Jason Kidd and Chris Paul; two phenomenal point guards. Byron couldn’t get along with Jason Kidd.

  213. hehe, another dominant scorer. To me it’s too risky for a franchise to be on 1 guy. or 2.

  214. Amazing to me it’s taken this long for any sports writer to call out the old-school problem so directly. Maybe they have to tread a little softly to keep their press relationships alive? Wonder if this means BS has finally used up all his good-will chips and we’ll start to see more of this. Hope so.

  215. This is why I have always been super high on Lin’s ability to transform a team. The Rockets were a very good team already without Harden. I had a couple video from UTube of Rockets preseason games with Lin and Asik against Magic and OKC. They won both with limited minutes from Lin becasue of his knee. Look it up, they played great team ball. If Morey was the genius he is supposed to be, he should have just developed that team and added Howard. The rockets would have been contenders like Portalnd developed into. Teams like Spurs and Hawks mined their own players. They drafte them and develop them within their own team culture.

    That’s the way the game has to go with the cap. Not this garbage product with half the team trying to tank to get picks.

  216. All Byron Scott has in mind is HERO BALL.

  217. Byron Scott vs Jason Kidd.
    Byron wanted to win. It’s personal. But with his coaching, I won’t give my 2 cents.

  218. I know, this is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.

    How can it be a team when all the players are doing a solo act. It’s nothing more than YMCA bball. The college coaches are probably using the Lakers on tape to show what not to do and how not to play BBall.

  219. Couldn’t pass up a chance to throw an Asian slur in, right?

  220. Jeremy has back spasma just like Chandler Parsons in Houston.

  221. With all the BS piling up this year, I sure hope he flushes it.

  222. Many of NBA players would have some back problems. Its part of BB game, that they have live with it

  223. For just one play….this is a very long breakdown….lol

  224. Poll Winners Update

    Finally I had time to update the Poll winners and here is the leaderboard!
    @CJSHYY:disqus has once again led with 6 wins with closest competitors at 4 wins trying to play catch-up =)

    # of Wins UserName

    6 @cjshyy
    4 @moominfloren, @lymania, @wilsc, @one2one, @jeremylinthebest
    3 @samvictor, @johnlee, @maknusia
    2 @caliusmc, @moominfloren0 (michael), @moominfloren1, @moominfloren2, @moominfloren3, , @moominfloren4, @moominfloren5, Mr. Chuckles- See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlin-stats-poll-winners/#sthash.6rDTa1qX.dpuf

  225. Thanks Psalm! @CJSHYY:disqus could be nominated as prophet! 🙂

  226. it would be hard for him to do so especially after he said he’ll keep sticking to the team-ball philosophy to keep the ball moving.

    Lin is quite stubborn (for a good reason) so he won’t force shots even if he can make it or get a bit more PT. Sometimes I wished he’ll keep it balanced so BScott can’t find fault in him. But oh well, he knows what he’s got to do =)

  227. so true.. =)
    noone likes to be on the poster board on the other end of Linsanity!

  228. I’m gonna ask for the next lotto numbers soon to @CJSHYY:disqus LOL

  229. wow.. so many plane tragedies lately :[
    Condolences to those who lost loved ones

  230. Investing on aging superstar is pretty risky specially one who has had significant injury. Kobe is an example. Lakers need to learn to invest on young players. Traditionally, Lakers just invested on big name free agents with their big market revenues. Now every team lives and dies with the same cap limit, the Lakers has found so little success of.

    Carmello Anthony with Knicks vs LeBron with Miami produced a dramatic contrasts in having big name free agents on a team. However, I believe that the big 3 era is over.

    There are teams who use young and talented players, the Splash Brothers, to be successful. There are teams like Memphis who has employed seasoned players, Marc Gasol and Zac Randolph, to perfection. The San Antonio Spurs is phenomenal in its success over years with a limited budget. They all have developed team chemistry which has distinguished themselves from others.

    The latest success in Atlanta Hawk threw everything out of window. They didn’t have big name superstars. They do have solid players like Jeff Teague, Paul Millsap, Al Horford.

    This article explains the success of Atlanta based on the comments by the coach of an opposition team, the Celtics

    Roster of Atlanta Hawks

    • Teague (19th overall pick by Atlanta in 2009) re-signed for four years, $32 million in July 2013.
    PER 21.8
    • DeMarre Carroll (27th overall pick by Memphis in 2009) signed as free agent (two years, $5 million) in August 2013. PER 14.32
    • Korver (51st overall pick by Brooklyn in 2003) received in trade from Bulls for cash; re-signed to four-year, $24 million contract in July 2013. PER 16.01
    • Millsap (47th overall pick by Utah in 2006) signed as free agent (two years, $19 million) in July 2013. PER 20.31
    • Horford (third overall pick by Atlanta in 2007) re-signed to five-year, $60 million deal in November 2010. PER 22.0

    • Thabo Sefolosha (13th overall pick by Philadelphia in 2006) received in trade for Sofoklis Schortsanitis in July 2014. PER 13.8
    • Schroder (17th overall pick by Atlanta in 2013) signed to rookie deal in July 2013. PER14.83
    • Pero Antic (undrafted) signed to two-year, $2.45 million deal in July 2014. PER 9.86
    • Mike Scott (43rd overall pick by Atlanta in 2012) re-signed to three-year, $10 million deal in August 2014. PER 14.62
    • Kent Bazemore (undrafted) signed a two-year, $4 million deal in September 2014. PER 8.2

  231. I got a feeling we might see Lin gets into scoring mode in one of these next few games when he’s in the moment.
    Lin likes to play team-ball but 1 in 5-6 games he gets into a scoring groove, perhaps when defense don’t key on him in 1st half

  232. Havent played lotto for a long long time…dont mind picking it up again, if @CJSHYY:disqus willing to help out! 🙂

  233. Thanks Psalm for getting this done. Congrats @CJSHYY:disqus

    LOL! Not too bad! At least got 2 rights thus far:-)

  234. Taiwan is notorious in plane maintenance. Lots of accidents occur in their planes. Stay away from those planes from Taiwan Airline companies.

  235. With their coaches and management, there is going to be years of pain ahead for Laker fans. Perhaps they should consider giving up on Lakers for Clippers.

  236. Eva Air is fine.

  237. They have one thing in common. They were both undrafted and made good in NBA.

  238. And that’s why they’re racists.

    If you look at the list of Aviation accidents and incidents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_accidents_and_incidents

    You’ll see the accidents are actually evenly distributed among various countries.

    In addition, of the accidents with Asian airlines, the pilots were a mix of Arabs, Persians, Europeans, and Asians.

  239. All hail!

  240. Winning streak … jk.

  241. Yes, I was told Eva is fine, true?

  242. Good point. Lin is a serious fan’s kind of player. All he has to do is impressive coaches though. We’ll see. Lin gonna do things his way, which takes a spine of steel regardless of results.

  243. BS’s practices serve only to take the team further down.

  244. The team reflects the kind of coaching it has received.

  245. Going to KNicks is not a feasible choice for Lin given the center that the Knicks has.
    But they could get Davis and Lin at the same time! Both are free after this season.

  246. On Jeremiah’s post about Kobe and Scott – I actually recall that Kobe was one of the first to heap praise upon Price. Scott also started praising Price around the same time.

  247. Lakers’ Young adjusting to Scott’s ‘old-school mentality’

    MILWAUKEE – Practice was winding down, and Byron Scott stood at center court as his players zipped by him. One after another, the Lakers sprinted from end-to-end in a timed layup drill.

    When the buzzer sounded inside the Milwaukee Bucks practice facility on Tuesday, Scott asked assistant Paul Pressey how many layups were made on one end.

    “Twenty-nine,” Pressey told him.

    Many of the 11 healthy Lakers had collapsed and were sitting on the baseline, others merely gasped. But they had come up one short of their target.

    “Do it again,” Scott said.

    It was the sort of drill, with intense focus on conditioning, that teams typically endure in training camp, not at the end of a two-hour practice amid a four-game trip in February. But while the Lakers are on pace to win the fewest games of any team in franchise history – last season’s 27 wins is the current mark – Scott is trying to build a foundation, even with mostly a cast of players who won’t be around long enough see it pay off.

    “You understand because of that old-school mentality,” swingman Nick Young said. “Chris Paul told me, everybody told me how tough he was going to be coming in.”

    Young is learning the hard way. He found himself in Scott’s doghouse more than a week ago, and played just eight minutes in a loss to the Houston Rockets. He has not played since then because of a sprained ankle, but was frustrated Sunday in New York when he was held out again.

    Scott wanted to see Young at full strength in a practice, and said he will play Wednesday against the Bucks.

    “I have to be convinced in my mind that he can go out 100 percent,” Scott said. “I wanted to see him in practice.”

    By Tuesday, Young seemed to have a better understanding of Scott’s rationale, presumably in response to a conversation the two men had Tuesday.

    “We just needed to talk,” Young said.

    It was a rare meeting between Scott and a player. The first-year Lakers coach does not make it a priority to seek out players when their roles change. For example, he did not discuss Carlos Boozer’s move to the bench in December with Boozer. He did so with Jeremy Lin, but because Lin sought him out.

    “You know I don’t care about that,” Scott said, “if it sits well (with a player or not) or not. Did we talk a little bit? Yeah, we talked yesterday a little bit.”

    Scott has said since training camp that “the only thing you can control as a coach is minutes.” On Tuesday he added, “I can’t control how hard guys play. But I can control how long they play.”

    He said Young did not initially take the temporary detention well. But the coach said it should not be taken personally.

    “What I do for a living is not personal,” Scott said. “Like I’ve told guys before, my mom is 72 years old. If she could play defense and score for me, I’d put her in the game. It’s that simple. She can’t do it. That’s why I haven’t put her in.”

    Young endured the worst shooting month of his career in January, making just 32.2 percent of his attempts.

    But Young’s slump hasn’t seemed to affect his spirits too much.

    “Let’s move on to February,” he said. “It’s time for romance February. It’s time for Swaggy P to be romantic this month.”

  248. 如何恶搞林书豪手册 LA运动地图番外篇

  249. Sick BS that’s all I can say.

  250. Hear hear.

  251. I know right? He would consider putting his mom in for defense….definitely a major sign for tanking.

  252. tanking is the effect of incompetent Coaching!

  253. Can’t say it better. The more I hear BS talking, the more disgusted I feel.

  254. Side news: New Mainland China JLin fans website.

  255. So BS like to tired out his players b4 game even start. Way to tank, BS.

    The saying of “can’t teach old dog a new trick is seen to be true.”

  256. Will only happen if BS to be miss.

  257. Its dumb to throw in such a practice one day before game!

  258. “I have to be convinced in my mind that he can go out 100 percent,” Scott said. “I wanted to see him in practice.”

    Well, was Kobe ever 100% in practice or on court this season????
    BS is a sick person.

  259. I believe Arabs and Persians are Asian too. But doesn’t mean Asia are bad at driving, flying or whatever.

  260. If BS doesn’t like you he will find every reason to hate you that is what I see from watching Lakers for awhile. If he likes you then you can do no wrong.

  261. It is personal but is he capable? No he is not but If he let Lin does his thing and play more than 30+ minutes Lakers win. It is that simple.

  262. I don’t like Bill Oram at all, but the way he writes about BS in this article IMO is very thinly veiled criticism, even contempt (although Oram is very often contemptuous even when tweeting and it might just be his style). I hope others follow suit and criticize BS more openly. The more pressure on Scott, the better.

  263. Acbc won’t say this but I will I think your perspective is way below him.

  264. Dwight Howard bone marrow aspirate injection on his right knee……any knowledge of this injury and procedure….does hes knees giving up


  265. “What I do for a living is not personal,” Scott said. “My mom is 72 years old. If she could play defense and score for me, I’d put her in the game.”


    It’s not personal. It’s business. I do what Kobe tells me to do so I collect $14 million dollars. It’s that simple.

    My mom can’t play defense or score for me. But if her name were Kobe Bryant, I’d put her in every game for 40 minutes. It’s that simple.

  266. Absolutely. Kobe needed a scrub like Price and BS found him from among his former players.

  267. Go @moominfloren, @lymania, @blubell, and @melody! Make this an exciting race!
    (I’m partial to females and underdogs 🙂

  268. Interesting. Nick shows he’s not going to sit and take it …


  269. What this means? It was about to be bigger than what it was.

  270. I think different reactions of various posters on Lin’s BB game might be due to their being fans of either Lin the person and/or Lin the BB player.

    1. If you are a fan Lin the person only or both Lin the person and Lin the BB player, then you are more likely to be supportive of Lin no matter how well or how badly Lin plays, as long as Lin doesn’t do anything to destroy the image of the humble and good person.

    2. But if you are just a fan of Lin, the BB player, then your support of Lin will vary according to how well or badly you feel Lin is playing.

    Not saying one is better, but just noticing the differences and recognizing that the differences in our reactions are very natural.

  271. Here is my lotto #: 3 (years since Linsanity),7 (Linsanity win streak),17,25 (points scored off the bench in first Linsanity game),28 (points scored first game as starter) and power ball number is 38 (points scored on kobe’s face. .hehe)….. sumary..the numbers are: 3,7,17,25,28 pwball 38…. good luck

  272. Hey thats not fair! Thats pure bias!

  273. It almost seems to me that Nick is now saying that fans & media were making a bigger deal out of his DNP than the events warranted. Nick’s now trying to minimize the whole thing, and brush it off. Maybe Nick got the message from Scott that if he expressed any further unhappiness, he would be spending even more time on the bench.

  274. read my post about this… my intuition was right all along… drama….it just done to counter jeremy dnp I knew from the start young is also kobe lapdog why cause he wouldn’t get that contract if go against kobe and his minions

  275. I read it as…the frustration was building up, especially not knowing why the bench and cold shoulder. As we all know, BScott do not approach players or discuss his decision.

    Hence NYoung took Jeremy’s approach to go ahead and talk to BScott. That had eventually put things to rest

  276. My take is that when BS started talking about why Nick was not playing , he made the issue bigger than it should have been by talking bad about Nick’s BB play and continuing not to play Nick. I think BS will now play Nick.

  277. I guess that means I’m the poll loser because I’ve been voting Linsnaity since Brent put that voodoo hex on me.

  278. Now that you’ve changed your avatar, at least I don’t root against you anymore 🙂

    (Anyway, I have some ability to see the future but only very limited capability to affect it :])

  279. Good write-up.

  280. Anyone who votes Linsanity is the ultimate winner! (But typos may diqualify you :])

  281. I think I’m a fan both of Jeremy the player and Jeremy the human being. Sometimes wanting the best for both sets up a conflict in me.

    I’ve always worried about the possibility that the main goal of Scott and Bryant was to break Jeremy down psychologically. The fact that Jeremy the man seems mentally stronger and more integrated than either Scott or Bryant probably has cost Jeremy the player some on-court opportunities.

    Jeremy now seems in “salvage” mode to me. He’s trying to get whatever he can out of his last few weeks as a Laker. He knows the market in the NBA for PGs. Score-first PGs are a dime-a-dozen. Jeremy has been selling his ability to assist, be a team player and a locker room asset who won’t disrupt ongoing team chemistry if he’s traded.

    He’s got to hold together mentally during any further attempts of Scott to humiliate or embarrass him and to downplay his skills and value. He’s got to try to avoid physical injury. If he’s not traded in the next couple of weeks, he’s got to get out of the Lakers experience a whole person — both physically and mentally.

  282. I’m supportive no matter what because I know he’s good and he can do better but otherwise I’m not that much interested about his image. Lol

  283. We know why he’s doing it though, don’t we?

  284. Good post. As an Asian-American (not born in the US though), I do identify with Lin in some aspects, especially regarding how he was called racial slurs even while playing for an Ivy League school, which is really shameful. However, personality wise and religion wise, I have a hard time “identifying” with Lin. Therefore, while I admire what Lin has accomplished so far and definitely think Lin is a nice guy, I just don’t understand or admire certain aspects of his personality. I identify more with Bev’s gung-ho style or Swaggy’s playful personality. Conclusion: I am or was fan of Lin, the BB player. Now, I am more or less following Lin’s saga out of curiosity on what will happen to Lin next year, etc. No watching his games anymore.

  285. So you are more of a fan of Lin the BB player?

  286. I think this 2 reason can not be compared (decoupled) as which is more or…say which is the case for a fan. Both acted together hence the huge number of his fan base. No kobe fans will ditch him when he misses so many shots or having a bad stretch of games.

  287. I think someone like yourself has a hard time recognizing how much JLin has been unfairly marginalized these past 3 seasons. If Lin had been treated fairly, he would already be well on his way to becoming an All-Star with tons of fans, much more than he currently has. When Linsanity first happened, Lin acted like a little kid who got exactly what he wanted for Christmas. Once Linsanity returns, I think even “fans” like yourself will be in awe of him. He will just exude swagger with humility.

    That’s what I see in Lin’s latest post-game interview. He is so confident and swaggy! He says he knows what he’s capable of and is just waiting to get the chance to show it. It almost makes me think that he knows he will be traded to a playoff team at the trade deadline. I don’t feel confident enough to make that prediction more strongly but I really wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. What makes me hesitate is the fact that BS continues to bad mouth him. But perhaps the FO is making this trade without even BS or Kobe knowing yet.

  288. I think I recognize that Lin has been marginalized during past 3 years. It’s unfair for you to say I don’t when I do. However, I am more in line with the poster “Ten Ten”, who believes Lin is a system player who can excel in certain system. Therefore, I do not see the Linsanity repeating, because the factors that made the Linsanity were so many and low probability. Do I think Lin can get 20/8 stats in some future games? Yes. Do I think Lin will get 20/8 for the season? Absolutely not because even in the right system, I am convinced that Lin’s ceiling is around 17/7 for the season.

  289. For most, that’s the case.

  290. Thank you for visiting a Lin fan board to explain why you are neither a fan of Lin the man nor Lin the player. You have been more diplomatic than many who do not like his personality or his playing.

    As for Jeremy the man, I choose to respect his life choices rather than identify with them. At the least, I admire his courage in expressing himself honestly, even when there may be some personal cost in popularity by doing so.

    As for Jeremy the player, I wish I could see Jeremy the ball-dominant slasher/scorer again. I know many former Lin fans want him to defy the coach and play however he wants to. I’m not sure that’s possible — although I won’t expend any energy arguing with fans who think he could or should.

    If there are former fans now who truly think Jeremy is not giving his best within the constraints of the situation he plays in, then I’m sorry he’s lost them. But I’m glad to have this forum to communicate with those who are still his fans.

  291. Yes this is NBA 😉

  292. There’s probably more people here who seen Lin’s funny videos or share the same faith as Lin and more of a fan of his character than his BB skills.
    I have to say that if Lin acted more like JR Smith or Jason Kidd off the court I would probably not follow him as closely and post on the other board about BB skills and character defects

  293. All I can say is, we need to wait and see what happens after Lin chooses his best option in FA. We need to see what he is now capable of when the coach is on his side instead of doing everything possible to sabotage him. Frankly, whenever I read people arguing over 20/8 vs 17/7 I roll my eyes. Basketball has so many variables and so its hard to make such precise predictions. For example, don’t you think it matters who his teammates are and whether he faces mostly EC or WC teams? And isn’t 17/7 All-Star level anyway, especially if he leads his team to playoffs, etc.?

    (BTW, I said I think and in many of your posts you do not take the sabotage into account.)

  294. Good observation of the major trend of Lin fans, weba!

    I would actually distinguish the “Reasons” why we are JLin fans with “Fans Behavior”

    For example, the major Reasons of why people become JLin Fans can be so diverse such as:

    1. Underdog Factor (Rags-to-Riches story)
    2. Charming (Intelligent, Good-Looking, Cute, Approachable, Funny, Good with Kids, etc.)
    3. Good Role Model (Humble, Good, Charitable)
    4. Asian-American/Asian/Minority
    5. Christian
    6. Exciting Team-Ball philosophy
    7. etc.

    As for ““Fans Behavior”, it depends on the fans values and background:

    1. Lin-Centric (How Lin Feels)
    2. Fan-Centric (How Fans Feel about What Lin Should/Shouldn’t Do)

    See, the reasons may be many but if Fans focus on how well Lin conforms to what fans think he should/shoudn’t do (Fan-Centric), then naturally there would be demands on how Lin should do this or that.(i.e. As AA he should do this/that, as smart Harvard person, best hair style/glasses. training, etc,)
    But if fans focus on how Lin feels (Lin-Centric) since it’s Jeremy’s own life and journey to succeed or fail, then fans happiness are based on how Lin feels without making certain demand.

    Which behavior is right? That’s up to the fans to decide. But I find Fan-Centric are OFTEN more unhappy than Lin-centric behavior because they would always find one thing that Lin doesn’t do to disappoint them.

    I find it’s healthier to root for the best for him (even if he might not be an NBA champ, an All-Star, or even an NBA starter due to lack of opportunities) just like if he’s a good friend/ brother/son/nephew. There is more life lessons from his journey (hard-work, perseverance, humility, helping others, etc.) that I can apply in my own life so I just focus on how to use them to make positive difference in mine.

    Note: Perhaps it would be interesting to get a poll on Reasons and Behavior of JLin Fans

  295. You can say that about KOBE as well. He is stuck in the old ISO system that caters to his skill sets.

    Lin played well at Harvard and I believe that it was a Princeton system where he was the SG. He did pretty well there. The PG, SG, combo guard moniker is a system designation of a players skill sets. How they are used in an offensive scheme is up to the coach and his whims. No, Lin isn’t JUST A PRODUCT OF HIS SYSTEM OR CAN ONLY EXCEL IN CERTAIN SYSTEMS. Lin can be just as good a SG as any of the other SGs IF the coach decides to run the offence in such a way as to use his talents, just as he did in Harvard against Kemba Walker of UCon. Lin out played everyone on the court but still was passed over by the scouts.


  296. BS creates conditions that is worse than B&B games. A tank commander’s task well executed.

  297. On the second group of fan centric thinking, I’d add that those fans accentuate the idolization as a kind of self reflection. While we all do this to a certain degree, we also temper it with a desire to be respectful of the man and his trails.

    LIN’s situation has driven us all crazy. He has been subjected to so much mental beat downs and marginalization that it vicariously affects us all as well. But what amazes me the most is that LIN IS the one living that h

  298. LOL … we win in our own ways by choosing Linsanity, @Acbc haha
    Brent sold me on the program too. Still feel good, though 😀

  299. In reference to psalm’s post below:

    What does it say about a person who dislikes Lin’s personality based on reasons (2) and especially (3)?

    And this may be politically incorrect, but I’ve noticed that fans who are Asian, but NOT Chinese or of Chinese descent, are less likely to be Lin-Centric fans. (Also Chinese from Taiwan or Christian Chinese from either country are more likely to be Lin-Centric fans than say non-Christian fans from the Mainland.)

  300. True, even as a Christian myself who I can identify his approach to derive strength spiritually and mentally, it’s not a cakewalk if I have to live through his life 24×7. I might get bad media coverage for throwing a shoe at Byron for trying to be a better defender like Ronnie LOL

    He’s not perfect but he tries to do the right thing. That’s what’s important because we can also identify being human with him. And he can’t do it himself so it also shows how important his support system are (family, brothers, friends, pastor, etc.)

    And yes, with his intelligence,mental strength and popularity worldwide, he might now be more qualified to be an NBA Commissioner someday 😀 That would be the biggest LINSANITY win!

  301. BTW, I just realized that we haven’t seen Josh Fan traveling with Lin a lot since he got married.
    Is he still Lin’s trainer but not traveling on the road with him?

    If yes, perhaps Lin just trains with Lakers assistant coaches then

  302. Gasol had that last year I remember and he responded well. Anyway his best days are behind him now.

  303. People might start posting here that Phill Jackson really wants Lin back in NYC after his latest interview with newspapers where he says the Knicks need to be like the Spurs and Hawks. Or that Jackson is secretly scheming to bring back Lin with such talk. But please, just don’t go there and think these thoughts.

  304. Why not?

  305. fantastic distinction. I definitely fall in #2.

  306. Because it will embarrass GreatDayLA to be associated with such ignorant, delusional Lin fans.

  307. I think Lin can easily avg 22 PPG if he is the #1 option at guard and has free reign over the ball.

  308. Phill Jackson said this after vs Lakers game? Really?

  309. Weba just thinks that Lin is not gonna get more than 17/7 even if he is free. I think it is very hard to average 22/8 or something like that too..Let’s say Lin play BS’s system but get unconditioned playing time. I would say he can average 15/6 over a season. So that is pretty much like a lower bound to be..GIVEN no personal agendas, just bball.

  310. looks like a movie scene. Wow.

  311. Because I want to save people like Jeremiah from posting embarassing comments like the one immediately below us.

  312. Sincere respectful question: You have said several times now that your elderly Taiwanese Mom has presumably witnessed Linsanity and yet, when she watches Lin play for the Lakers, she feels that he “sucks badly.”

    Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if I may inquire, what about Papa GreatDayLA? Is he also an elderly gentleman from Taiwan who thinks that Lin “sucks badly?”

    Just an anthropological curiosity for me. If you feel it’s none of my business, I’ll understand…

  313. meh kome buddies are there no thanks

  314. depends on the team structure to some extent. I have no doubt Lin could have avg. 25 PPG in Houston in that system if he had James Harden’s role.

    I believe Lin is an up and down scorer, meaning he’s a guy who can get 35 then 10 the next night. Overall 17PPG may be about right for Lin, but if he was use to being the main guy, I do think Lin would shoot 10 3’s a game like Kyrie and go off quite often for 30-40 point explosions to keep his 20PPG average

  315. Didn’t Melo said to the reporters recently that Galloway is similar to Lin or vice versa? and Melo hates Galloway.
    edit: sorry, Melo hates Tim Hardaway, not Galloway.

  316. Melo hates Galloway? Really? But what Melo said about that statement on Linsanity it’s not bad at all…

  317. no, my mistake. Melo hates Tim Hardaway.

  318. I never said my mother watched Lin’s Knicks games. Ever. You made that up yourself. She heard about it on tv when it happened but never watched him play save for some highlights on TV.

    The first time she watched him was on local LA Lakers TV apparently. I have no clue what game she watched but it was one of the last 10. She said she caught 5-10 minutes and he stunk from what she could see. This is a lady who can only see the obvious – flashy play, made baskets, nice dimes. This is not a basketball mind, just someone who can see the obvious.

    She’s a reflection of a casual fan watching the game for obvious things. And she objectively thought he offered nothing during his time on the court, not that I agree with it. He probably failed to score and just passed the ball around so she felt he lacked impact.

    My father did watch Linsanity as it happened, not every game but some games. I recall he watched the entire Dallas game on his own. He thought there was nothing special at all about Lin’s game. He actually thought his game was too predictable. But my dad is probably like me, a harsh critic. I know he was proud of Lin as an Asian person and he knows Lin has it rough as an Asian American.

    My dad told me 3 years ago Lin would not maintain the Linsanity status because his game was not entertaining enough to watch like Kobe’s or Jordan’s. Short of calling Lin’s style of play predictable, he said Lin’s game was a bit too basic and not appealing enough to the eye test for casual NBA fans to be entertained long term because the NBA is about entertainment and flashy play not just winning basketball.

    Now leave me alone thanks.

  319. Ya! Two of them had the fight…

  320. GS Warriors is now a defensive juggernaut, NBA Best Defense? Very interesting story…


  321. Yes, but sorry I don’t follow with where the question is going? You mean you think Melo is ok with Lin coming back because he mentioned the word Linsanity?

  322. I haven’t heard about it but you actually brought up 1 valid reason that PJax as Knicks President might want to bring similar team-oriented player (ex-Spur/ex-Hawk or not necessarily Lin for a cheap price)

    Now, there might be the Melo factor/Fisher opposing this small chance but business-wise, it may be a good move.
    Besides, Lin might not want to play for Fisher with Melo LOL
    I’d say it would be 1% chance if the Knicks is desperate enough.

    But the point is fans are allowed to speculate on things respectfully, however unlikely it might be.

  323. Fair enough. I think your post is quite accurate. I do agree Lin is unlikely to want to play with Melo again and Fisher who would treat Lin like BS 2.0.

    I think in NYC, Lin will bring back too much drama for the team to deal with so they wont bring him back ever. They have doubled down on MarshMelo. Now they have to lay in their bed and die in it.

  324. because they kill you on offense so badly, you panic on offense yourself. The easiest way to destroy teams is to outscore them. You start feeling desperate to score yourself and it snowballs.

  325. lol I had good laugh at this…..panic is the best defense…..in real life if you panic youre done….it sums up the warriors strategy they will kill you in offense then panic will rise at opposing team

  326. I wish the show a success..

  327. Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. If you’ll notice, I did say “presumably.” I assumed that anyone from Taiwan who had even the slightest interest in the NBA would have payed considerable attention the the Linsanity craze. But I admit I was wrong to make that assumption.

    “Now leave me alone thanks.”

    Your wish is granted. FWIW, I do think that the other fan site is more suitable for a person with your POV. But that’s up to you and the Mods. Peace out!

  328. For our sanity, I would wish and pray Lin wouldn’t go to NY to play for Fisher and Melo.

    Fisher would keep telling Lin in practice, “Come on, where is that 360 spin layup that you pulled on me? Nothing. Run suicide-drill 100X!” LOL

    Melo would say, “Show me that ridiculous contract, Linsanity! My son hugged you more than me before, now you gotta pay the price!” hehe..

    So yeah, if I were a close friend of anyone in Lin’s team, I would say please don’t let your man get ambushed like that ever. Not until Melo/Fisher is gone, maybe 5 years from now =)

  329. Let’s RT it. Hope a great rating.

  330. having played basketball myself against better players and teams that could not be stopped offensively, I know firsthand how desperate it feels to try to keep up basket for basket with the opposition.

    If you can get stops, great. But against great offensive teams, you can’t stop them enough to hang your hat on defense alone. Saying defense wins championships is kind of a load of crap in today’s game with kids who can shoot 3’s from half court all day.

    Panic really is the best defense. I still remember game 1 of the last season where lakers vs. Clippers opening night. Even CP3 got panicked and fell apart mentally as the CLippers imploded because the Lakers would not miss and kept scoring.

    Lin scoring and controlling the game does this “panic” effect to opponents whether it’s because he leads an efficient offense or its the “oh crap the asian guy is torching us” effect.

  331. I’ll be watching…

  332. warriors hit hard

  333. Seems like Lin could go to Phoenix (Dragic replacement), Denver (MDA?), Portland, or Dallas. Maybe there is Toronto or San Antonio.

    And that’s really stretching it already. I think there are 2-3 teams that may want Lin in a real backup role this summer.

    Dallas is a bad spot for Lin with Montae there though. Phoenix I can see Lin off bench with Green starting with Bledsoe. Portland behind Lillard may be a real option this summer. Pop would probably yell at Lin too much in San Antonio and doubt they want the Lin fan drama there. Maybe Toronto just because it’s in Canada.

    Lin would fit nice as backup PG for Atlanta too even though Dennis Shroder is there.

  334. He purposely bring the negative news to contaminate this site! I wish he just shut up!

  335. This will be epic! Check out these 2 trailers:
    2nd one has Shaq & Pete Samprass references LOL

  336. be careful- that’s technically an insult : )

  337. My 1st preference would be the coach who really believes in Lin.

    Playing for George “Lin is the HOU Engine” Karl in SAC and potentially MDA in Denver (but backing up Lawson) would be good.

    Spurs would be the next destination since Lin likes team-ball, play for contender and can replace Ginobili/Parker in 2-3 years

    IMO Backup or not, Lin really needs to find a good coach and good team-environment in the NBA. That will bring him the joy of playing teamball which will help his performance.

  338. What ever little control that pilot had he did an incredible job just missing the apartment buildings and the highway. He just missed them.

  339. Nash on Kobe: Mother f—— a–Hole.

    And Nash was not one to curse. So BS is full of S as usual.

  340. all valid. For some reason I think Lin would be a great SPurs fit to take over Parker’s role but I dont have confidence that POP sees Lin as being that guy,

  341. So will BS finally swallow his price and resort to Linsanity to piss on the hydrant and put out the fire? Good call by those who pointed out that BS wants to win this one.

  342. Hopefully BS’ rage makes him forget KB’s order for a short time.

  343. very true.
    Hopefully, BScott will be tempted to think, “Just this once I’d use Linsanity to win against the back-stabbing JKidd! Kobe will be okay with it”

    Come on, BScott! You need this win badly LOL

  344. true, Pop is still a mystery. He witnessed what Lin was capable against his Spurs but he held his cards on Lin close to his chest.

    I think he respected what Lin can do against Spurs and Lin is very much like Parker in his speed so there might be a little surprise in the FA. I can’t wait to find out if Lin will work out with Spurs in FA.

  345. Tasteless onlookers in front of the Taipei crash site.

  346. Beat Kidd on his own court. BS is licking his chops. Four games later Lin is traded to a new team. Win-win for everyone.

  347. That would be a tough choice, old enemy or new agenda?

  348. theres a question about ish smith trade to lakers is that true cannot find any news about trade

  349. M……

  350. All the world’s a video game, a theme park, a V-sign photo op. Humanity at it’s finest.

  351. It’s ok, he was reacting to my sarcastic comment.

  352. Keep on drumming up the drama.

  353. =) you sure know your Lin numbers!

  354. What kind of human being? Happy photo for plane crashed?

  355. Well…I grew up there…..it is a norm…..either a crash…a car accident…or….what ever it is..

  356. Taking happy photos for tragedy? I don’t want to live there!!!

  357. usually.. personal revenge is a powerful motivator.
    But fear of Kobe’s revenge might scare Byron too.

    So let’s hope of BScott’s lapse of judgment tonight!

  358. B4 you can save someone else save yourself first.

  359. I didn’t comment on this right away, but it’s so awful that I have to get the buzz out of the back of my mind. Not that we didn’t know already, but this really is the whole picture of Byron Scott, very angry guy: resentful, vindictive, physically punishing to the point of torment, psychologically cold and manipulating. He’s the perfect nightmare of a person in senior position. I’m sure all the guys are struggling to keep both their skills and their minds intact in this wretched person’s cesspool. And Kupchak actually says “Get with the culture.” Every player should be scrambling for an exit.

  360. BS wants to win this one so bad bc Kidd not bc Linsanity… In fact, I hope Kidd beat BS today. Just like to see BS is BS again. LOL! But Of course, hope Lin gets good stats… haha!

  361. I like that

  362. Some people are weird and it sucks even more when they are Asian.

  363. I don’t see any evidence of the crash in this photo. Are you sure that’s what they are posing with? I don’t believe people of any culture would want to pose together with a plane or car crash site. Just documenting the crash yes. But posing and smiling next to it, does not compute.

  364. This is actually disheartening news related to Jimmer Fredette getting his chance to succeed in the NBA. Maybe I am naive when it comes to non-blacks getting a fair shake from NBA teams. At least nowadays.

  365. It’s hard for me to read Scott’s motives for his comments about Kidd. If Scott really wanted to win this game, you’d think he’d avoid at all cost saying anything pre-game that would give an opponent extra motivation to beat you. If he wants to take a swipe at Kidd’s character (as with the a**h*** comment), you’d think he’d wait until after the game. Maybe Scott’s mouth just out-ran his brain.

  366. Toney <3
    Wish him nothing but the best, Pelicans are great.
    However this is most likely just a temporary signing until Jrue comes back. They had Nate Wolters too but his 10 day contracts expired and they're not really looking to sign anyone long term.

  367. That’s what I meant. BS may have to USE Linsanity to beat Kidd. Not because he wants Linsanity, but because he has no other weapon.

  368. What did Ed Davis mean with a cryptic “Future – Hardly” tweet just 10 min ago?
    Did he show frustration of not having a future in LA due to tanking goal & lack of PT?


  369. Scott seems to have no line Btwn personal and professional.

  370. Hopefully he accidentally hit the “Tweet” button before he was finished typing his tweet. Otherwise we may never know…

  371. I figure that if he saw himself as having a place with the Lakers, he’d be tweeting out more positive messages a la Swaggy’s Romantic February. I don’t blame him if he’s frustrated.

  372. After the latest ISIS atrocity, this seems harmless. Tasteless, but harmless.

  373. Maybe he was just genuinely listening/likes the song by Future.

    However I wish it IS a veiled jab at the Lakers lol
    That’d mean Scott is losing everyone. Really want him and Jeremy to reunite elsewhere after this dumpster fire of a season ends.

  374. thats a song

  375. “What I do for a living is not personal. ” that’s rich.

  376. only a 10 day contract. If he did not go to China and stay with Lakers, he could have started, LOL

  377. Not for the first time, and not for the last…

  378. That is the site I think….Those on the boat are SRTs

  379. I don’t see any problem of that, looks like it is totally under control and there is not larking of help seeing boat people on the water. Not like they could help anything, then what’s wrong of taking pictures?

    If I see a plane crashed, and so many people come out alive, I’d be happy.

  380. That’s disgusting.

    Posing/smiling like it’s a tourist attraction?

  381. I don’t think he care whether Lakers got beaten or not, not really sure whether he care about anything other than Kobe

  382. It is possible to carry on an entire conversation with recognizable song titles and/or lyrics. I guess we won’t know if Ed Davis intended any alternate meaning to his tweet, or not.

  383. thanks.
    I hope he’s trying to send a subliminal message of his current situation =)

    I see the song was written to remember a fallen friend who was shot. It talks about “being treated as an outcast” and trying to preserve the legacy.

  384. I sure hope so =)

  385. Wow, is this full out mutiny? Is Ed PO’d?

  386. Well, let’s hope he did.

  387. I don’t think Lakers will keep him bc he will get pay more in another team. From the day they started to promote Black could tell… Lakers either only wants to sign Davis cheap or just let him out of the door.

  388. Scott has turned out to be unlikeable. I don’t like how he communicates or treats people. Yes, he’s a horrible coach but I’m not thinking highly of him as a person either.

  389. That’s what I’m saying. I think they are just taking a picture of themselves.

    But if there was a scene of plane crash with bodies, wounded, etc., then it would be weird to want to have that in the background of a group photo. Just trying to be logical here.

  390. Ya! Really no class at all… smh!

  391. this is the sad inevitable reaction of the ‘selfie’ generation. Their parents should’ve taught them better.

    Concern for the victims should outweigh the desire to smile and capture the moment.

    Selfie Trend is a modern day Narcissism.

  392. But there is no gruesome image as part of their group photo.
    The photo and the caption above sounded like anti-Taiwan propaganda to me.

  393. Next year is his option

  394. the best thing Lakers can do with tanking is to trade Lin/Davis away to get some assets/picks back since they will walk away after the summer and Lakers don’t get anything back

    So let’s see what happens by Feb 23 trade deadline

  395. “A glamorous girl for Jeremy Lin ONLY”

    What about someone else who looks EXACTLY like Jeremy Lin when he loses the glasses, mustache, and bow-tie? You just gave me a fantastic idea! If I could be Jeremy’s twin brother for just a month, I would totally ruin his reputation. I mean just forget about hover-hands.

  396. would love to see lin n kidd shaking hands tonite

  397. scott and kidd haha

  398. I feel so stupid for being so high on him before the season started.
    I clearly remember being all “finally! A good coach unlike McFlop” lol!
    In my defense, he really was saying all the right things from every angle. He was even specifically praising Jeremy’s defense. Such a fraud 🙁

  399. Doubt it will be sincere

  400. … and that’s the guy that Mitch Kupchak wants to set the team culture. His a**h*** comment about the opposing coach is making news.

  401. I heard that actor speak perfect accent free american english. The fake asian accent is annoying…

  402. I don’t think Lin likes Kidd…

  403. Just to annoy bs

  404. Mission- Impossible

  405. They are taking a picture in front of the site that a plane crash, so that automatically make them bad?
    They are probably taken the picture in front of the place, because it’s a good scenery place, not really because of the plane crash there. It just make it even more significant for the record, I guess. They are smiling, because, it’s generally the kind of face expression you put up when you take a picture, not because they are happy for the tragedy or whatsoever. Just because the plane crash there, so people should stop taking picture there? and when they take a picture, they shouldn’t smiling, but crying? So that will make them look better in front of a place like this? If they are posting and smiling in front of a dead body or a deadly hurting body, or when a tragedy like plane crash was happening at the moment, then I say it’s really not so manner and inappropriate, but something like this, really don’t deserved all that bash down below. Really, they might just like the scenery more than the fact that it’s a plane crash site. you can say, it’s bad timing for them to take pictures at a sensitive spot at the moment, that might trigger some people’s emotion. Nothing wrong, just bad timing.

  406. I grew up there too. However, if I were there. I will kick their butts for doing this.

  407. How so? How is it sucks more when they are asian?

  408. And next game he’ll dnp lin again lol

  409. There is nothing wrong of taking pictures indeed. However, taking picture at the crashing sites with a victory sign? What are they happy about? It is like taking a “V” picture in a funeral site. I do not know. I am just a old school guy.

  410. Ish Smith apparently tweeted he’s coming to the Lakers than deleted it. Maybe something’s really going on…

  411. When did he do that? Today? I never saw him on court?

  412. Psalm, maybe take this picture off this site might be a good idea, this picture has nothing to do with this Jeremy Lin fan site, what do you think?

  413. found that on lakersground. he deleted his tweet

  414. Really? He’s a PG……

  415. yep. i don’t want jeremy going to the thunder though….

  416. Believe trade deadline is on 19 Feb. Don’t need another few days of misery waiting even though we know most likely JLin won’t be traded:-( 14 days to trade deadline; 69 days til end of season; slightly more than 5 months til FA:-) Counting the days…

  417. Ishmael Larry “Ish” Smith
    Current team: Oklahoma City Thunder (Point guard)
    Born: July 5, 1988 (age 26), Charlotte, NC
    Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)
    Salary: 992,435 USD (2015)
    So he’s another expiring contract …

  418. No way.. 15M vs ? Maybe for Hill?

  419. what the lakers are looking for. bad players with expiring contracts

  420. maybe. but they should be able to move perkins too.

  421. Its’s just for 29 games.

  422. Or Clarkson?

  423. Yeah, but there’s a disparity in cap hit. If the Lakers are truly doing some business with the Thunder, there’s another player involved besides Smith … if they’re looking at moving Lin.

  424. Likely… Clarkson for showcase..?!

  425. yes but think about it: westbrook and durant, when healthy, combine for 40+ shots per game…

  426. I just hope his “loose lips” don’t scuttle the deal!

  427. or another team

  428. Hate Durant that he intended to injure Lin in the first playoff as Houston.

  429. That may be why they forgot to tell Ish to stay quiet.

  430. we will see

  431. rookie contract and a really cheap one. don’t think so, he’ll gonna stay

  432. Agree but I wasn’t totally bought into it at the time. I was holding a wait and see; would like to see how things developed first. Having said that, was definitely glad that JLin was out of H. Didn’t know that it was that bad until startergate or couple weeks before startergate when Nash couldn’t play but not yet announced end of season injury. Did wonder why JLin didn’t talk to BS before training camp began. Making little sense….

  433. Sefolosha did the real injury. Durant just caused a moment of pain. Not worth staying with the Lakers over!

  434. Lin isn’t into shooting anymore, so him taking shots away is not an issue

  435. Don’t believe Thunder wants Lin bc for what? Jackson is still there. They don’t need Lin.. maybe it’s Davis? Check his tweet below?

  436. I agree…not sure I will kick butts or heads tho…lol

  437. Right. At least he can play in playoff

  438. ain’t going to have ball in hands neither. like having 2 kobe in the same team

  439. Exactly and get away from BS (kobe)!

  440. i knew thunder wanted rondo at the very beginning of the season… who knows?

  441. It will be intersting to see if the Lakers have any surprising DNPs tonight if there are trades under discussion …

  442. I hope is Lin then

  443. Anything is better than staying in the BS “House of Horrors.” At the very least, the OKC team is trying to win and make the playoffs.

  444. reggie jackson + perkins + ish smith = jlin + jordan hill (ed davis) anybody can do the matching salary does it match

  445. Because of Smith’s deleted tweet, I’m looking forward to watch the game tonight and hope Lin get DNP…….ironic

  446. With Nick Young back into the rotation tonight, what will BS do to get Nick his playing time?

    1) Reduce Clarkson’s minutes: Extremely unlikely because Clarkson is the closest thing to Kobe in terms of empty stat lines i.e. freezing his teammates out to make his own stats look better and kill his team’s chance of winning in the process. More Clarkson = Better Tank lol.

    2) Reduce Ellington’s minutes: Possible. Ellington got DNP-CD not long ago so I would not be surprised to his minutes taking a hit with Young back.

    3) Reduce Lin’s minutes: Most likely LOL. The Lakers are playing on the road so BS probably got the free rein to freeze Lin to his heart’s content.

  447. LOL …Please DNP Lin so he’s safely traded out of LA

  448. Ish Smith averages 5 minutes a game – he is like Jeremy Lin before Linsanity – why would the Lakers even consider him?

  449. wow, really?
    hm, this could be huge!

  450. Not unless BS wants to win… proves that he believes in jeremy but is just tanking. We’ll see tonight.

  451. I’m carefully hopeful for Lin’s chance to be traded to OKC.

    Lin helping OKC as a contender in the final push of Western Championship plus a chance to knock off HOU in the process? Priceless! (no pun intended)

  452. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k37ox88
    salary match cannot add ish smith cause he is allowed only on feb 6 I think but perkins and reggie match

  453. I heard a lot of rumblings that Brooks is worse coach than BS – true ? anyone know?

  454. Hm, Lin/Davis for Reggie/Perkins?
    Beautiful if it happens.

    Let’s not get our hopes up to soon though!

  455. All I could tell is okc is pretty heavy on the iso.

  456. yeah crossed finger

  457. Fooled a lot of us, myself included. I’m in favor of always giving someone a chance though. It’s harder to do but we are better for it to want to see the good in people.

  458. About equal.
    He literally runs NO plays, he simply relies on Westbrick and Durantula ISOs.
    Definitely wouldnt want Jeremy under his coaching long term, though, if OKC misses the playoffs, they’ll most likely get a new coach next season.

  459. May be he’s part of the package.

  460. Then I hope Lin doesn’t land in OKC…so I am going to go against psalm on this.

  461. well, his >60% coaching win record is better than BScott’s poor 28% coaching record in the past 5 seasons.
    At least he knows how to win. He might use Lin in the mold of Harden off-the-bench but with more team-ball approach


  462. OKC is another LAL with Westbrook and Durant as 2x Kobes.

  463. the only difference is OKC wants to win like HOU did, unlike Lakers.

    So it’s the lesser of two evils to increase Lin’s FA value IMO

  464. He might get only 15 minutes a game though – right especially with Westbrook – don’t know. Tired of ISO mode teams – wish Jeremy went somewhere else.

  465. I rather see kd and westbrick take the shot rather than kome

  466. Not if he only gets 15 minutes a game. Reggie has been averaging 16 to 17 minutes a game lately with Westbrook back.

  467. any teams that needs Lin’s strength to help them win is better than Lakers’ marginalization.

    Non-Lakers 15-20 min role would be better than LAL 25 min of facilitating, I think.
    A chance to shine to salvage the season and prove BScott/Kobe wrong

  468. cause westbrick knee and durant have injuries I think they will limit their minutes

  469. Ish Smith – 35% FG, 20% 3P

    Ronnie’s got some serious competition.

  470. Not if Lin chooses to pass for 14 minutes of 15 minutes : ) FYI – I am not a troll but I don’t know how to defend him if he will do this again in OKC. (take 3 shots a game)…

  471. let’s go easy on the name-calling. It breaks Rule 7

    7. No name calling. (Example: “McFail, KoME”)

    It’s designed to prevent trolls to be heated/provoked and troll back to ruin the forum.
    Thank you.

  472. So true, I always do that.

    But this is a lesson learned!
    You better believe the next coach, I wont get my hopes up until his actions speak for themselves! Im finally tired of getting toyed with >:[

  473. I take it for playoffs… just get assist and impact the game doesn’t matter your numbers and shot

  474. Rescuers were pulling the injured and dead out of the plane when the photo was being taken. Sorry if that’s “not bad enough” for you.

  475. Dont count on Houston making the playoffs psalm. OKC needs to squeak in and Houston is not clicking on all cylinders.

  476. ronnie got his 15 minutes of fame. as kobes caddy. ish smith is the same player ronnie always was before and once more again is.

  477. Ish Smith seems kind of ….Ronnie – Ish. The type BS loves. Low FG check. Lack of defense. Career journey man. All checks

  478. It certainly has the chance of not working. But Lin is a better 3p shooter (36.2 3P%) than Reggie Jackson (27.9 3P%)

    at this point, I would welcome any chance of LA tanking :]

  479. thanks, waiting for this Ish Smith OKC trade rumor 🙂

  480. this is the type of argument and debate Lin fans have over why Lin does badly on the court. LOL.

    I now know I cannot argue intelligently about Lin with some folks here when I read this post above re. the plan crash site.

    If you want to defend them, please do so. But to say they took the photo because they like the scenery? Come on, I dont think anyone is going to buy that! The fact you want to use that as justification screams of BS like Byron Scott himself.

    They took the photo because the crash occurred behind them. That much is obvious.

  481. sure, sometimes we allow off-topic discussion but this is kinda depressing

  482. 31 dead and 12 more missing, only 15 made it to the hospital alive so far. Not sure how you can be “happy” when anyone dies.

  483. it was kinda grating after a while. Let’s see if it becomes positive or negative

  484. thanks for posting but let me delete it because it’s becoming distraction from Lin-related news

  485. a lot of speculation going on here on the basis of one rescinded tweet. (or is there something more i missed?)

  486. I doubt Thunder wants Lin or needs Lin bc they got another guy from Cav that one was supposed to replace Jackson. Don’t believe they will pay 7M or more for Lin now. Jackson can do it. More likely for Hill.

  487. Yes but better jump shooter / slasher. His 2 pt FG is higher given that his overall FG% almost the same as Jeremy despite very low 3 pt%. He also has less turnovers and more rebounds, thus higher PER. Minutes per game is only higher by 3. Seems like Lin and him are more or less comparable but Reggie is 2 years younger so more ideal for LAL given higher upside. Translation: Don’t think Lin will be an upgrade so why would they trade for him. Does Reggie want to be traded?

  488. hm, true. They got Dion Waiters.
    It might just be Ish Smith for Price trade LOL

  489. actually ish smith is more like ronnie price before he was permitted to be kobes caddy (and like ronnie price is now once more).

  490. Nothing more. I doubt how credible it even is, since literally no other site has picked up on it.

  491. Maybe the point WAS to give Kidd extra motivation to beat the Lakers. BS “has to” play Jeremy “the anti-tank” Lin a certain number of minutes, and he’s worried the Lakers might win, so he motivates Kidd to help tanking efforts.

  492. Let’s not spend too many calories on the potential Lin trade to OKC.

    For all we know, it could be “Ish Smith for Ronnie Price” trade LOL

  493. I think Hill + Davis for ?! But not PG… Jackson & Waiters got almost all the backup playing time… when are they going to play Lin? W 7M just sit there for what?

  494. yeah, I wouldn’t think much of it unless Lin got DNP-ed for potential trade evaluation

  495. I want to add Harden was severely underrated in OKC system – not allowed to score as much.OKC has the potential to be disastrous for any ball dominant player.

  496. Don’t believe they will get Lin. They have Dion Waiters already to prepare replace Jackson in the future if he didn’t stay…

  497. Between Ed Davis’ Future- Hardly tweet and Smith’s tweet, something is going to go down.

  498. MIL Game Thread is now open!

    As the tanking season continues, Byron Scott stays with the “Rebuilding” theme by featuring Clarkson the rookie with many Playing Time.

    Jeremy Lin should have been given fair chances to orchestrate the offense as the starting PG but is Byron afraid that Lakers will win more games as Lin takes charges of the offense as he did to lead Lakers to have #1 bench with the 2nd unit. Plus if Linsanity breaks out when Kobe is out, there will be LA Media uproar to let Lin be the PG as Kobe takes a backset and won’t be able to play PG. Kobe and BScott couldn’t afford to let this chance to happen to ruin his image in his final year in the NBA. Once again, Linsanity is to be postponed by ego of ball-dominant NBA stars. But such is dirty politics in NBA or any workplace.

    The positive outcome is Lin will most likely not come back to LA to continue to be marginalized under Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant.

    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

    Go JLin!

  499. I dont see an east coast team for Lin, but I’d love for him to end up back there so the games start at 4:30 PST

  500. Indiana – they are ET.

  501. Thank you so much Psalm!

  502. I bet even his Showtime buddies don’t think of him as highly now.

  503. LOL, he can wear anything , or not, if he would go out with you, right? Just teasing.

  504. He can wear anything he wants… or nothing if he doesn’t want to 🙂

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