G49 LAL @MIL PostGame Thread

I just finished watching an excellent game of basketball in the 4th quarter and OT.

My Top 10 List of What I Liked:

1. Jeremy played great defense in Q4 in bodying up his man closely and causing a few TOs as his quickness caused a moving screen by the Bucks as the screener didn’t have time to set up properly.

2. Jeremy set up half-court offense so well , finding Boozer, decisive to attack the rim knowing Davis will clean up the rebound off his misses. He was an impressive PG in full control of what he wanted to do to set up offense.

3. As he handled the ball more, Jeremy grew more confident in his decision-making (and 6/6 FTs). A few times Nick Young and Boozer tried to initiate the offense but didn’t work well resulting in TOs and bad shots, so Jeremy didn’t hesitate to try to set up offense more from 4 min down to regulation producing 6 pt lead before BKnight and Mayo got 2 quick 3s.

4. Nick Young struggled w/ shooting due to many recent DNPs which is understandable. Otherwise, this lineup (Lin/Davis/Boozer/Young/Ellington) could have 8-10pt lead with 1 min left in regulation

5. Lin didn’t shoot well, probably because he didn’t have many shot attempts before so the shooting rhythm and layups looked a little off. But he was still decisive to attack and set up half-court offense.

6. Despite little or no easy transition points (like Lin finding Parsons for a breakaway layup in HOU), Lin and the Lakers almost won it closely but the modern game of 3s sunked BScott’s outdated system of rebounds and hustles (plus no perimeter defense + slow Boozer on Mayo’s 3)

7. Lin got a little tired in OT as he played 20 min straight from Q3 w/ 3:36 left but he was still great in setting up offense in OT. The Bucks just got hot from 3s and the rest of Lakers also ot tired playing hard D

8. Lin WAS clutch despite the shooting struggle in draining 3 to temporarily silence the crowd with a pull-up 3 to take 94-88 with 36 seconds left in regulation. The rainbow 3 over outstretched arm of Antetokounmpo was so GREAT!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.30.09 AM

9. Lin missed his 3 with 7 seconds left with an airball because he wasn’t ready to shoot it and his legs weren’t set up properly. Down to the last second we can see he was looking to pass to Davis inside but it was a bit too late to set up for a 3pt shot. It was good he didn’t force to pass to Davis inside but next time he could’ve decided to set up to take the shot perhaps 10th of a second faster.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.36.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.38.49 AM

10. It was quite amazing to see the transformation of Lin setting up half-court offense when he wasn’t as good during his NY days. Back then, he was great in transition offense but not experienced in half-court offense. Lin has came a long way!

With more rotation time, this lineup would have won a 25-30 games now. If there is transition offense plus 3pt shooting for easy points, they can win 40 games. But then again Lakers is tanking =)

Great, enjoyable basketball to watch in Q4 and OT. The Bucks got hot from 3s and BScott outdated system got beaten by JKidd’s modern game. End of story.  😎

My Grade: A- for being a great floor general to set up offense, great defense, and clutch 3 despite not having shooting rhythm due to BScott’s request to only facilitate and let others create. (Boozer/Young)