G49 LAL @MIL PostGame Thread

I just finished watching an excellent game of basketball in the 4th quarter and OT.

My Top 10 List of What I Liked:

1. Jeremy played great defense in Q4 in bodying up his man closely and causing a few TOs as his quickness caused a moving screen by the Bucks as the screener didn’t have time to set up properly.

2. Jeremy set up half-court offense so well , finding Boozer, decisive to attack the rim knowing Davis will clean up the rebound off his misses. He was an impressive PG in full control of what he wanted to do to set up offense.

3. As he handled the ball more, Jeremy grew more confident in his decision-making (and 6/6 FTs). A few times Nick Young and Boozer tried to initiate the offense but didn’t work well resulting in TOs and bad shots, so Jeremy didn’t hesitate to try to set up offense more from 4 min down to regulation producing 6 pt lead before BKnight and Mayo got 2 quick 3s.

4. Nick Young struggled w/ shooting due to many recent DNPs which is understandable. Otherwise, this lineup (Lin/Davis/Boozer/Young/Ellington) could have 8-10pt lead with 1 min left in regulation

5. Lin didn’t shoot well, probably because he didn’t have many shot attempts before so the shooting rhythm and layups looked a little off. But he was still decisive to attack and set up half-court offense.

6. Despite little or no easy transition points (like Lin finding Parsons for a breakaway layup in HOU), Lin and the Lakers almost won it closely but the modern game of 3s sunked BScott’s outdated system of rebounds and hustles (plus no perimeter defense + slow Boozer on Mayo’s 3)

7. Lin got a little tired in OT as he played 20 min straight from Q3 w/ 3:36 left but he was still great in setting up offense in OT. The Bucks just got hot from 3s and the rest of Lakers also ot tired playing hard D

8. Lin WAS clutch despite the shooting struggle in draining 3 to temporarily silence the crowd with a pull-up 3 to take 94-88 with 36 seconds left in regulation. The rainbow 3 over outstretched arm of Antetokounmpo was so GREAT!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.30.09 AM

9. Lin missed his 3 with 7 seconds left with an airball because he wasn’t ready to shoot it and his legs weren’t set up properly. Down to the last second we can see he was looking to pass to Davis inside but it was a bit too late to set up for a 3pt shot. It was good he didn’t force to pass to Davis inside but next time he could’ve decided to set up to take the shot perhaps 10th of a second faster.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.36.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.38.49 AM

10. It was quite amazing to see the transformation of Lin setting up half-court offense when he wasn’t as good during his NY days. Back then, he was great in transition offense but not experienced in half-court offense. Lin has came a long way!

With more rotation time, this lineup would have won a 25-30 games now. If there is transition offense plus 3pt shooting for easy points, they can win 40 games. But then again Lakers is tanking =)

Great, enjoyable basketball to watch in Q4 and OT. The Bucks got hot from 3s and BScott outdated system got beaten by JKidd’s modern game. End of story.  😎

My Grade: A- for being a great floor general to set up offense, great defense, and clutch 3 despite not having shooting rhythm due to BScott’s request to only facilitate and let others create. (Boozer/Young)


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  4. Sneaky @psalm234:disqus again. First female post LOL!

  5. Currently LAL Bench is placed at 9th position overall! That shows how good there are with Jeremy as the Lead!

  6. In terms of Assist, Jeremy had 6AST and 3 Secondary AST! in 30mins game time.

  7. only 9th? used to be 1st!

  8. 8th now after today’s game 🙂

  9. LAL Bench at No 8th, NBA overall. Starters are at rock bottom 30th!

  10. After hearing all of the more positives on JLin, it’s even more intrigue to learn what all these mean. As @JoyceWard likes to say, the plot thickens… It’s always fascinating to see what the story on the next page:-) Having said that, patience isn’t my best virtue. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

    Counting…. 14 days to trade deadline (19 Feb), 69 days to end of season (15 April), and slightly over 5 months to FA:-) Anyone can make the time goes faster?????!!!!! LOL

  11. sorry…time machine broken…LOL

  12. LOL Time even passes slower when I begin to count:-) My impatience of waiting says it all:-)

  13. A bit late but…

  14. LOL Hilarious! Look at the assistant coach’s reaction!

  15. ^_^ ^_^ hahahah!

  16. Lol Violet Palmer was waiting to pounce on them.

  17. I thought NBA players had to travel in suits.

  18. Not that I know of. At least I haven’t seen JLin travelled with suit. He is always very casual when he travels.

  19. I thought that was the agreement with David Stern. And when players not playing and sit at the bench they also must wear suits.

  20. Well I have no idea about agreement. I only know players have to wear suit if they are injured and sit on the beach. Not sure about the travel part. If you look at all JLin pics in the past 2.5 years that I follow him, haven’t seen any player wear suits when they travelled.

  21. From the highlights it looked like a good game. Unspectacular stats but maximum impact.

    I know everyone has their own opinions but my view is that Scott has been deliberately tanking. He unleashed Linsanity a bit only because he wanted to beat Kidd.

    There are probably many other forces at work here but I am still hopeful that eventually we will see Lin AND his team shine together.

  22. Since this is the third anniv of Linsanity began. Here is the highlights of 4 Feb 2012.

  23. 4 Feb 2012 Postgame Interview

  24. 4 Feb 2012 Linsanity was born highlights and side court interview.

  25. Curry scored 51pts over Mavs. Rondo didnt play this game.
    Lin is better fit than rondo for mavs.
    Even though they dont want trade rondo for Lin , I think they still need both good backup PG and 6th man role for championship. Lin is better than barea, Haris and felton. Lin can play both backup pg and 6th man role. May be Lin can play around 30mins. Lin to mavs will be one of good choice.

  26. Lin had an off shooting night, but reminded everyone how well he can run the offense — especially impressive against the Buck’s who are ranked #2/30 in defensive efficiency.

    With Lin playing his game, the Lakers were sharing the ball and hustling (funny how those two go together). Stat: 4Q+OT FGAs (rebounds): Boozer 10 (4), Lin 7 (2), Young 6 (2), Ellington 5 (-), Davis 4 (10). In that stretch Lin also had 2 spectacular assists (total of 4).

    I noted in my previous post that after the Knicks game, Scott said that Lin will continue to get the minutes he had been getting (~25mins), which is what Lin got through regulation (Scott interestingly also played Lin all of OT). I expect this will continue since it is likely a directive from the FO. And Lin’s shooting Will rebound, as it always has (he didn’t all of a sudden forget how to shoot). The next game will be against the weaker Magic (#25 in both defensive and offensive efficiency) and maybe we’ll see a glimpse of Linsanity 2.0 now that his teammates seem to be on board.

  27. Thank you. This is the first time I see this postgame interview.

  28. Haha! Lakers FO sure works hard now…. Magic as their spokesperson…


  29. Really?? If you look up in youtube, you can find few and this is the longest one:-) Tried to find D’Antoni interview but couldn’t find it. Wonder what D’Antoni has said about JLin this game.

  30. Translation: ” No matter how inept the coach is, the Lakers played great team basketball tonight”.

  31. Wonder what’s going on? Did JLin know Brandon Knight and those 2 before??

  32. I saw his court side interview w Tina so many times but didn’t know he also did lockers room interview.

  33. Ya! Really surprised to see this… What’s going on…?

  34. since the dnp/cd (5 games) lin is shooting 29% from the field.

    prior to the dnp/cd for the calendar year 2015 lin was shooting 47+%.

    his season % is now down to 42%. (as compared to a prior to this season career % of 44%)

    tho a small sample size granted, it could indicate a parallel trend:

    lin shot 48% as a starter in nov;

    roughly concurrent with his replacement by ronnie price (now forogtten) his shooting for the month of dec. dropped to 35% before returning to the (almost) 48% mark in jan.(again prior to the dnp/cd) as he adjusted to a new status.

    it mite be possible to suggest a similar “adjustment” period needed after the addtional shock of dnp/cd as well.

  35. Some did mention about this but haven’t seen any pic until now. Now we know it’s prayer huddle but for what??? Why JLin from Lakers??? Very curious about this.

  36. I did know both as I watched them so many times in the past year when JLin was in H. First time I watched this season:-)

  37. I know why Lin to join Bucks players…?! Also saw some Lin’s pictures w fans after the game.

  38. Yep but still wonder what’s going on in this pic??? Hopefully someone will have an insight on this prayer huddle when I wake up in the morning. Time to go to bed as I have an early pre-op appointment in the hospital.

  39. I read Magic Johnson’s autobiography a long time ago. He was tall and very skilled as a kid. He was initially a ballhog. Then one of the parents of the other kids asked him why he didn’t allow his team mates to score. He decided to try moving the ball around and creating for others. He realised that he enjoyed it a lot and started down a different path. He was a rare 6’9″ point guard. NCAA champion and 5 NBA championships.

    I believe he is a Lin supporter even though he has backtracked (like many other people). I think Magic understands about playing the right way.

  40. sometimes players from both teams join in a prayer huddle after the game, perhaps they met during chapel service prior to the game.

    Not sure if there is something special, but if we saw Nick Young, then maybe it’s a thanksgiving prayer to celebrate freedom from the DNP doghouse -)

    Great to see Lin!

  41. Haha! Ya! I am sure Young is free for now. Since Hill is in doghouse…LOL!

  42. Wonder if it has anything to do with the plane crash in Taiwan?

  43. None.. don’t think so.

  44. not sure if it involves JLin in the rumor so we’ll have to stay tuned


  45. possibly not, he tweeted about Coach Blatt & the Cavs in the previous tweet.
    So it could be non-JLin rumor about Blatt getting fired or something.


  46. What? OKC one? Don’t think so.

  47. yes, possibly non-JLin related. There will be so many rumors as we get close to Feb 19 trade deadline

  48. Get some rest and we’ll be praying for you, Mel! =)

  49. Boozer 10 (4), Lin 7 (2), Young 6 (2), Ellington 5 (-), Davis 4 (10).

    will be your new starting line up.

  50. 1 qb..(does a bit of everything..driving, passing, mid and 3 point shooting), 2 in the paint (1 roll, 1 stand still and can shoot mid 2s..but are all rebounders ), 2 at the arc for 3 point shots (1 always shoots 3 and the other can drive also)

  51. Watching the highlights and broke my replay button AGAIN. That crazy hockey assist AGAIN, from Jeremy to Ed to Boozer….

    Watching the chemistry between Boozer and Davis grow, with Jeremy in the middle of it is just so sweet.

  52. OKC don’t need or willing to pay 7M for his rest of season bc they maybe will not make it to playoff this season. OKC is cheap too. No way.

  53. I keep saying that shooting is a fine twitch skill that requires much more than just good techigue. It must be augmented by confidence and self belief. It is probably best expressed by pioneer sports psycologist Timothy Gallway, “Performance = potential – interference”

    Meeting Rasmus Ankersen, the High Performance Anthropologist
    by SIMON on NOVEMBER 4, 2011 in INTERVIEWS

    “From talking to Rasmus, it seems clear therefore that it is this power of belief and the use of the ‘mental muscle’ that creates pockets of outstanding performance where genetics cannot possibly be the reason for the clustering of high performers. The examples are too numerous to list here, but in Mattew Syed’s book, Bounce, he talks about being at the centre of a clustering of world class talent in table tennis around a tiny area of a suburb near Reading in Berkshire. This cannot be explained by genetics. Looking further afield, Rasmus is quite clear that whilst, when we see the best endurance runners in the world coming from east Africa, the assumption is that their dominance is down to genetics, the reality is that their dominance is not down to genetics – it is down to sheer bloody hard work and a belief that they will be the best in the world.

    So how far can that belief take us? I asked Rasmus about one of the athletes he interviewed for the Gold Mine project; Bridget Foster-Hylton, who trains at MVP Track Club. She says in the video that she trains differently and more than anyone else. That she believes that statement is undeniable. But I asked Rasmus whether he thought that Foster-Hylton did in fact train more and harder than anyone else and this was the key to her astonishing improvements and recent results, or was it simply that she believed that she trained harder and more and that belief gave her the mental edge?

    Rasmus’ answer was intreaguing. He said that he believed that Bridget Foster-Hylton probably did do more training and harder training than the people she competes against. However without the self-belief and mental strength that she possesses, she wouldn’t train to the degree she does. It seems that it is a virtuous circle.”

    When coaches like Scott and Mchale ridicule their own players in public, they undermine the confidence they need to create great performances. Look what happened to Swaggy when he went into the slump, the timeline is directly related to how Scott messed with his confidence.

  54. Did not know Lin has some fans in Houston.

    Transformation Wednesday? Missin you people @JHarden13 @JLin7 @ChandlerParsons pic.twitter.com/hZyFkUpzdk— Katie Russell (@KTbug__) February 5, 2015

  55. NBA players are known to join each other in prayer. It’s not the first time.

  56. It appears that KHuang will turn out to be wrong in his prediction that Lin will get DNP’d for many games as the season winds down. I think Lin will get around 20 minutes per game, then no one knows where Lin will end up after this season.

  57. not if ypu take perkins away,,,,,,I believe they are packaging reggie and perkins contract

  58. Can’t wait 😀 Maybe BS finally got sacked?

  59. blatt not getting fired

  60. they are all very religious. you didnt know? these people bond thru religion. knight and lin get along back to when knight was in detroit. u guys dont follow nba at large enough to see who is lins friend or foe. knight is a good kid who had a tough time before sticking in bucks. i like his attitude and he wpuld be a great lin teaamate,

  61. this, the day after phil jackson says hewants to be like spurs and knicks and not chase big free agents lol

  62. no matter how much u practice defense, the lakers stink at it. the last 2 three pointers were really bad defense by lakers. wayne slow on help. booze flat footed which is why he was amnistied.

    what was scott working on all pre season?

  63. i think li would fit well on the bucks roster but i do not hope he lands in milwakee. yi jianian also was a bad asian experiment there that did not turnn out well. larry krystowiak even tried to make yi the man & got fired for it

  64. milwakee has zero star power. lin would be instant social media exposure to the franchise

  65. It’s only $5.3 mil (29/82 games left) and LA can sweeten the deal with some cash in order to get a pick. OKC is one playoff contender that really needs help to get back back into contention after so many injuries and KD may leave soon. Plus Oklahoma is a state where Christian values are appreciated.

    On the other hand, OKC does have talent and depth at the PG position so maybe there is a third team involved.

  66. i think khuang was right but front office forced scott to use lin in some form during games. scott otherwise was goibg to dnpcd him.

    scott is no complete dummie. he knows what lin can do. he let lin do it for once last night. its intentional marginalization. it is what it is.

    we have followed lin for so long now. i believe there is no chance lin returns to the lakers with kobe there. so whatever new team will be interesting

  67. sounds like blatt wantsto bench kevin love? so love might get mad and leave or la this summer?

  68. blatt is starting to bond with lebron and kyrie. blatt throws love under bus all year. not max guy etc. bron saying love lacks confidence in his shot and bron got love great looks that kevin passed up.

    klove becomig odd man out. tristan thppson hfits better at pf

  69. byron is terrible. just horrible.

  70. When I comment I naturally use words like I think, I believe, it seems to me, I get the sense, maybe, perhaps, the way I see it, from my perspective, etc. And then I try to present evidence and my rationale. When some other posters bark contradictions in your face as if they know everything including the future, it gets annoying. Especially when the poster in question actually doesn’t know his a$$ from his elbow.

  71. flag: personal attack. please warn him modertors, thanks.

  72. May this tweet be re-tweeted until it goes viral and the prophecy is fulfilled!

  73. Who knows. It might happen more towards the end of the season when games are totally useless. I kind of wouldnt mind at that point. If you look on the bright side there would be no risk of injury.

  74. I wrote that I would not respond directly to you anymore and I won’t. There is no personal attack on you unless you are convinced that my comment to psalm was referring to you personally. In addition to everything else you seem to suffer from paranoia.

    Let’s stick to our agreement: I will not reply directly to you. You should do the same. Thanks!

  75. Kobe will try to get next contract… smh!


  76. Lin has fans everywhere. There’s actually still some in CF too. Lol

  77. Interesting.. But I thought the lakers are trying to tank, and I thought BS was the perfect tank driver.

  78. BS is doing an excellent job of tanking. What’s wrong with that? ^_^.

  79. I wish but no… smh! Kobe will stay maybe until 40… BS will stay too.

  80. Guess there is 0% Lin back to LAL.

  81. W Kobe & BS, I hope Lin will not stay in Lakers… this team’s culture is so sick.

  82. you are absolutely right. I do not want Lin stay with LAL if either Kobe or BS is still there.

  83. Kobe didn’t want to end of his career next summer… check what he said.. ” I can’t say this is the end of my era, ….” He wants that extend contract in 2016. I knew it that’s why he had to push Lin out of Lakers just like he did to D12. W no one comes or stays he will get what he wants as usual. smh!

  84. Kobe puts his own interest over Lakers’ interest. If the Buss allows him to do that, they have themselves to blame. LAL will be like Knicks becoming a laughing stock at NBA. We can laugh at them when Lin finally lands at a team which really appreciates his talents and has Linsanity 2.0. Go Lin!!!

  85. Love getting the Lin treatment.

  86. They got nobody recognizable in that team. They got a 7 footer that seems to be able to score a bit. Looks like a young team.

    Lin would make it a bit more exciting. And bring Dantoni in.

  87. is bs really that crazy?

  88. MDA to go to Orlando?

  89. what u mean? BS needs to tire out the guys before tomorrow’s Magic game. Seems like it’ll be a tougher task to tank tomorrow.

  90. Caption Time!

    JLin received text:
    Mike D’Antoni: “J my man, how do you like ORL weather? Text me after practice!” =)


  91. If the lakers are smart, they should offer him the vet minimum after next season

  92. They ll be hard to trade if injury

  93. “the Value of Nothing”. Raj Patel.

    What is the true value of Kobe? Everyone in the NBA knows except for LA. To LA, Kobe is still a diamond. To the rest of the league however, Kobe has very little value. Philosophers and economists have grappled with worth and value forever. Adam Smith proposed that “utility value”of something is not the same as “exchange value”. Water is most important for our daily living, yet it holds very little exchange value. Diamonds are useless and yet holds the greatest value.

    We can debate the foolishness of the owners of the Lakers for holding onto a devalued commodity like Kobe, but what is apparent is that they still hold on to the belief that kobe is their own priceless diamond.

    It’s kind of ironic that Adam Smith use water as a commodity to illustrate “use value”. Asians believe that the highest good is like water. Lol. Interestingly the author talks about how Allen Greenspan based his calamitous forecasting on what he later called a flaw in his rational to lead to the 2008 financial meltdown. Stock market is a perfect example of our irrational behaviour to believing in value that has no basis in reality. The herd mentality lead to stock market failures. Because of our basic human desire for profit that often runs amuck into greed. the author further illustrates the fallacy of the modern American economic model by saying that value is intrinsic with personal belief. We cannot assume people will want diamonds if their culture values generosity or humility. Of course LIN is a Christian and an Asian with built in beliefs of sharing and generosity. He likes being like water and his “value” is not understood by most of the league.

    The last game is a perfect example of Lin’s immense “use value”.

  94. 100% spot on

  95. yeah he is, and he is apparently not playing well lately. Lebron turning on Love subtely with the “I gave him good shots, it’s on him he’s not shooting or making them” stuff.

    Bench talk by Lebron could be to set the tone for Love to go onto bench? Would be interesting.

  96. 1 Player Relation = Kobe YES-Man
    would be quite accurate!

  97. Shawn better be careful. All 3 coaches are black. Might be condemned as racist.

  98. Inside the mind of Kyle Korver on how to be a great 3PT shooter!


  99. Novak’s is “I just shoot and it goes in”

  100. “On Friday, the Lakers visit the Orlando Magic (15-37) in what may be the most important game of the season to lose.”

    As a basketball fan, it’s very depressing experience to watch Lakers games.
    “A Must-Lose Game!” is the theme of the article. Something is really wrong with the NBA

  101. LOL

  102. “Rebirth:”
    To me this sounds like Kobe has asked doctors and scientists to try some unproven stem-cell-based experiments on himself. Very unlikely to work. I doubt he will last 10 games next season, even at the drastically reduced efficiency he showed this season.

  103. I think it’s so unfair to fans who bought the ticket to see the game live w such lousy game. smh!

  104. Vaughn was a SAS assistant coach. Did he not learn anything from Pop?

  105. They really need to fix it because it’s cheating the customers

  106. NBA has to change the system so that bad teams will have an incentive to win rather than lose. Basically, all Lakers games this season is meaningless. I mean, there is nothing on the line. This is why some Lin fans are right IMO (or have a good argument) to argue that Lin should pad his stats instead of playing team ball.

  107. I agree. This draft system is not good.

  108. Tanking is stupid. The draft pick is 50/50 to even be nba ready. You have nba players that you don’t develop and find out if they are good or could be better. The culture of losing sets in and it’s hard to change that around with the same coach. So a coach on a tanking team needs to be let go because he is a loser too, like vaughn today. Scott is stupid. How could the Lakers keep him if all he did in his tenure was tell his team to lose. How does a team respond when that same coach tells them to win? They don’t respond so that coach gets fired. Like vaughn.

  109. yes, perhaps they can do random lottery of teams missing the playoff.
    Plus fans get to vote on which teams are the most entertaining/hardworking to increase the chance by only 5%.

    That way, it gives incentives for bad teams to play hard and entertain fans who pay expensive tickets!

  110. When even the local brown-nose sports news says it plain out…well there you are. What do you do when you absolutely must lose? You can’t play Lin until it’s lost beyond hope. Maybe it’s a game now…OK Jeremy, how far down can we be and you still manage to get us back to within respectable losing distance, say, 4 or 6? Down by 15? by 24? If we’re down by more than 20 and you can manage to cut it by 16, then you get a one-year supply of McFlurrys. If you can’t cut the deficit by more than 12, then you only get an “attaboy” in coach’s post-game interview.

  111. !!!!!

  112. No wonder BS or FO hates Lin because Lin plays to win. No wonder he’s marginalized. That’s why he needs to pad his stats in this situation. There is nothing gained by winning.

  113. That’s why you should only watch the winning teams. At least, they have some incentives.

  114. Get your track shoes ready!

  115. damn that broke my hope

  116. lol

  117. So, they got in at 4 AM. At least the game isn’t until tomorrow.


  118. yes this is a critical game among the teams still eligible for the tank bowl because orlando /lakers are at the moment (ie recently–in last 10 game stretch) the most sucessfull at losing among the teams in contention.

    im sure when “tankathon” puts up a rating for the importance of this game tomoro it will rate at least a 90% or more in relative importance.

  119. “…in OT…” and it was Lin who made that team basketball happen. Not-so-hidden compliment to Lin.

  120. Must be the vaughn firing in Orlando.

  121. its accepted as principle pretty much everywhere. and its not so much the pick itself, yes we know that more than half of lottery picks never do anything in the nba; but “the other team’s” f.o. doesn’t seem to know that.

    so the strategy is: you stockpile picks to trade them for established players who you want.

    its not so much the pick itslef as what it can be used for as a bargaining chip in trades.

    apparently someone in orlando f.o. doesn’t get it (or maybe orlando just doesn’t have picks?)–and vaughn got fired for doing the same thing

    scott is doing.

  122. Rondo broke his orbital bone and nasal …. you can realistically say… the mavs Kneeded rondo… hahaha

  123. 2 for 2 .

  124. Sometimes science is about proving the obvious. Many don’t require those proofs, but they are invaluable when trying to dislodge wrong-headed dinosaur ideas like Scott’s about the motivating value of physical and emotional abuse.

  125. vucevic is actually the best unknown player in the league, having a fabulous year. check out his numbers.

    tobias harris is also one of the most improved players in the league.

  126. With unproven stem-cell therapy, Kobe might grow 2 arms next season! =)
    It’s just the last grasp of attempt to be relevant in the NBA.
    He must be scared of not playing games with crowd cheering.

  127. yep bench unused to playing critical minutes and suddenly thrust into that role yesterday were visibly tired (no doubt from bs ingenious running strategy in practice). as you point out with this being a tougher tank job need to increase drill sgt. routine; and i dont expect 2 c. the bench (ie. the actually better players) in crunch time 2morrow. bs just wanted to appear “competitive” with kidd as some suggested because there does appear to be real animosity there.

    would expect to get back to the d-leaugers ( ie, starters) for the 4th quarter fri.

  128. What is he carrying…are those his slippers? 😀

  129. LOL. Two extra arms for a total of 4? That might work for him.

  130. This would be funny if it weren’t so true.


  131. It’s an easy loss now, Orlando just fired their coach—-team usually gets a few wins out of this, lol

  132. Ding really didn’t hold back on Wes. And looks like Wes lost his agent(same as Kobe’s)



  133. “FINGERS SPREAD” ! —–fingers spread that might be the point JLin has to work on this offseason.

  134. Well if he shows up with 4 arms he will have a whole new army of devoted fans from parts of the world where such an occurrence would be viewed as absolute proof that Kobe is a god.

  135. yeah, as strange as how Lakers believe in Johnson, the way Ding attacking Wes is equally strange.

  136. BTW, where did you get the infor PJ said NYK needs to be like Hawks & Spurs?

  137. Ice water running in his veins. I was so happy to see him calmly go about shooting and nailing this shot, in spite of his shooting struggles during the night. That’s a winner’s attitude.

  138. As usual, KB is lining up his fans and media to put pressure on the F/O to renew his contract.

  139. In the Steiner sports interview, Novak said in high school, he would go home and shoot several hundreds shots a day. I think he said 500, but I don’t remember.

  140. I know.. regret to click for him …. smh!

  141. I also think the Johnson attack by Ding is a little strange. He also took a lesser crack at Swaggy and Jeremy. (“Scott’s perimeter athletes—Johnson, Nick Young and Jeremy Lin—are no longer young, and Scott hasn’t converted any of them to his love-to-defend mindset.”) But nary a word about Scott’s rotation inconsistencies and failure to practice defenses (according to Boozer).

    After Ding’s “genius” tweet about Kobe a couple of days ago, I started to wonder if Ding hadn’t become the latest media type to be awarded access to Kobe in exchange for becoming Kobe’s own media PR voice for the messages Kobe wants out there in public.

    So … next Ding is putting out the word that Kobe is looking for rebirth beyond his current contract?


  142. I think the shoulder might’ve been more serious now since he’s been having problems since 2003. That’s on the shooting hand, too. If he can’t shoot, that’s the end of his career.

    I think he’ll announce retirement in mid-season just so he can get the most publicity rather than in the off-season. With Kobe, everything is about getting the best image and most publicity as we know it.

    And I didn’t say Kobe can use his 4 arms hehe

  143. sick thinking, this tweet. Spurs is here because everyone plays as a team, so no on bad day by one aging player hurts the overall record and march to a championship run. Anybody worth his salt can see the difference so Kobe is just lining up the opposition. If he wins, it’s bad for kids and people because it means you can reframe and win. If he loses, then it’s great for kids and people, because it’s one more testament for doing the right thing.

  144. monster game against Bucks! lol. I like this pic, v friendly and happy.

  145. I said that before, during and even after the one try BSc did. Bottom line is no matter what, you cannot sit $15m and talent on the bench no matter what the politics or bias. This country would not allow that (some for money, some for fairness). It just ain’t ‘merican to be that obvious about wrongs.

  146. I disagree … BSc wants to DNP-CD lin in his heart, but he would not have done it because he’s bottom line treading water and wants to maximize his own runway. It’s clear he’s not a good coach and the locker room is a powder box at times. So, he would never have DNP-CD’s JLin for long because of the political cost to him, even if Lin had kept his mouth shut. The quality of his play (with shocks and bad nights aside) is there in his track record and team mates, fans, FO, and league powers that be would and probably have stepped in. So, you cannot narrowcast the if-then and say oh, Scott would have DNP-CD’s Lin if he were in a vacuum. If he were, he would have played Lin when it suited him, which might be now or later. This is not Price, or say Toney Douglass.

  147. Jeremiah, I still would encourage you to disagree with GDLA openly and win your arguments fairly instead of triangulating. Take ppl to the hoop and live the glory and the agony.

    Another way to say it:

  148. infinity88
    @JLin7:Bored in traffic…#carselfie with swaggyp1 eddavis32 dreadheadjizzle jclark5on & Weezy http://instagram.com/p/yu6bX0uP4i/

  149. So true. Kobe is good at releasing some of his wish to the media to put pressure on the F/O.

  150. I really don’t know what’s going on with his shoulder. I thought it was very convenient timing to get that injury just when it seemed like he could no longer limp into the AS break. The problem since 2003 could not have been too serious since he’s been shooting 45% for most of the 11 years since then. But sure, if this latest surgery doesn’t heal well, that alone will end his career.

    If you mean this mid-season, then we disagree. As others have said, there are 25 million reasons for Kobe to emulate Nash and not retire until the start of next season.

    Even though bb players practice shooting 100s or even a 1000 times a day, the resulting arm strain is nothing like that of a fastball pitcher in baseball. The limiting body parts for bb players are feet, ankles, Achilles tendons and knees. With all of Kobe’s mileage, there have been more cycles of cell death and replenishment in those critical body parts than a normal body can provide. That’s why I’m confident that he’s done; but the addition of exogenous stem cells may be able to extend the career of a player like Kobe in the future.

  151. I couldn’t agree with you more. This article on Kobe is pathetic.

  152. Don’t click it for him.

  153. My only complaint with this very logical argument is that it seems highly likely to me that if he went the stat-pad route, he would be going against coach’s orders to facilitate (code for no shining allowed) and would be penalized with even fewer minutes. Prolly can’t get away with DNP because so much backlash, but as close to it as possible. Jeremy is NOT a dummy…of course the stat-pad route has occurred to him. If that’s not what he’s doing so far, then there are many possible reasons why not. He keeps his plans very close to the vest…we just cannot know his thinking. Also, he has a lot of expertise around him – not only his own management, but his friendship with other players, including very experienced and talented ones like Nash. It is certain that he’s gotten some been-there advice on navigating the treacherous politics. It is possible that he really is taking the best line between the rock and the hard place.

  154. Well if he wants to destroy his legacy and have every one watch him struggle with pity (or glee), then it’s his business.
    So long as Jeremy isn’t there with him.

  155. I took this as a compliment to JLin. EOM

  156. If he is going to have 2 more, why not make it 4 more.
    Then he can change his name from Kobe to Kali.

  157. Good story of JHill supporting Breast Cancer Awareness cause because he lost his mom when he was 3.


  158. LakerNation article on weak trade market for Lin as the deadline approaches in 2 weeks.
    Don’t click the link if you don’t like the picture they used on Lin falling down & ‘trade market weak’ references.

    While Lin may not be viewed as a starter in the NBA, he is a more than adequate backup point guard who can take over the game for stretches at a time. With the Lakers taking a long look at what Jordan Clarkson can give, however, Lin’s minutes could continue to be marginalized.

    Teams like the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons have recently lost their starting point guards because of injury and someone like Lin could surely help them as they fight to make a playoff run. However, whether they are interested in Lin is unknown.

    Lin’s contract, worth over $8 million, runs out after this season making him a pretty large expiring contract that would come off a team’s salary cap. It will be interesting to see what moves the Lakers pursue as the trade deadline continues to get closer.


  159. Thank you for post the article… no need to RT it. In fact, I really think what he said just garbage.. smh!

  160. This is the original article it’s referencing to:
    It’s correct about the bad fit in LA but it incorrectly blames the struggle on Lin’s shooting, esp. on mid-range. No mention that Lin has career high 3P%.

    NBA trade deadline: 15 known inhabitants of the trading block

    11. Jeremy Lin, Lakers
    Lin has had a rough season, and it’s happened at a bad time—just ahead of free agency this summer. While some of that has been the result of a bad fit in LA, it’s also been Lin’s own struggles with his shooting, particularly from mid-range.

    He still would make a good backup point guard, and the Lakers would move him if they could get an asset in return, but the market for Lin has been weak.

  161. no, I meant Kobe’ll be back next season but will retire mid-season to get the most publicity

    I also think Kobe is done but he just can’t retire w/o creating the last image of coming back and enjoying all the media/fans attention. It’s pretty sad actually.

  162. Just a poor fluff piece meant to explain why the Lakers and poor Kobe’s team stinks. Instead of blaming Lin big time perhaps for fear of racial backlash, the new target is Wes Johnson.

    Players are being scapegoated for losing.

    I’m glad Lin is about to bail out soon.

    I really dislike Kevin Ding. I think he is a cornball. Write whatever keeps food on his table for his wife and kids. Lacks integrity.

    The Lakers, Kobe, Scott, and Front office and anyone involved in thinking Wes could rise to the occasion is to blame. not Wes.

  163. thats a devastating piece

  164. Lakers Nation always like this… one group reporter anti-Lin but the other fair to him so some of Lin’s fan don’t follow or RT their article now. From what Lakers to Lin last night, I don’t think Lakers wants to trade him bc if they want to they would not make him a bench & even DNP him for what? Show case him w poor skill hope to get good price? Haha! That’s not the way to do business?! LOL! They can say whatever they want… I don’t get too upset by these trash articles now. I think Lakers wants to keep him but I hope Lin will not stay bc w Kobe & BS… this team will not go any where & Lin will just waste his time.

  165. Ding has always been a sellout in every way. That’s how these media types get and keep their jobs. THere are so few Asian Americans doing these types of jobs you hope he is a higher caliber type guy but he’s not. No different than any of these other media hacks.

  166. I think it was more than 500 lol. Guy has it on muscle memory at this point.

  167. It reminds me of someone we know.


  168. Hilarious Nick Young singing filmed by JLin promoting Panda Express LOL


  169. JLin enjoying Swaggy’s performance but not Davis/Clarkson

  170. Haha! This is funny. But how come there’s no one in the store… this mall is not popular at all?! LOL!

  171. They heard Swaggy’s singing and ran out of the store! lol

  172. We talked about the issue & he also didn’t want Lin to stay in Lakers. But I don’t think Lin will be traded… We will know soon.

  173. tbh i would like lin on cavs in the playoffs

  174. James harden getting a lot of love from host and callers in NBA radio for mvp.

  175. He and Shumpert off the bench would be great.

  176. psalm, did you receive my email?

  177. Hope Lin will showcase himself this Sunday.

  178. I have taken a different perspective in all this. Lin shows all
    underdogs and minorities or little Asian boys playing basketball in the
    future that they too can achieve if Lin can achieve. Lin’s a
    trailblazer. He made his mark for the future generations. And if he
    does nothing else in his career ever except sit on the bench, he
    achieved greatness those years and he makes it more palatable for future
    generations of Asian AMericans to walk into football, baskebtall, or
    baseball and stick.

    White and Black GM’s who were 5-15 years old
    then during Linsanity will remember JLIN’s achievement in 30 years when
    they are in a position to decide their rosters.

  179. unless you are a DIEHARD NBA fan, you would not even know these guys are NBA players. That’s why the white people at the mall don’t even have a clue who these guys are. Probably suspect they are a high school team LOL.

  180. If I didn’t follow jlin I would never know what the lakers team looks like (except Kobe) lol

  181. Not a big Jordan Hill fan, but he seems to hang out with the crew that includes Lin go figure. Seems like on the court, Hill is all team Kobe and team himself..

  182. in his defense, he has carried that team to a good record by himself offensively speaking at least. DMO and Ariza big helps too.

  183. Delladova is there. That’s enough.

  184. and that’s why the Lakers team is so scared to let him retire!

  185. Kevin Ding is an Uncle Chan. I understand he has to feed his family. But he’s one of the few Asian with a voice in sports, unfortunately, he has no back bone.

  186. 4AM ET = 1AM PT, so that’s isn’t too bad, prolly normal hours for these guys.

  187. They will need new star players at that time

  188. Why? Std operating procedure when you post something you didn’t mean topost.

  189. They are there but scared to post anything positive since the vocal minority will shout them down.

  190. We can only hope.

  191. We would have hoped that would be Lin, well at least one of the new LA faces, but it seems it wasn’t in the cards.

    Right now, aside from maybe Lebron and Kobe, the NBA stars are not even recognizable to the average NBA fan.

    Damian Lillard could walk through a mall in a hoodie and some people might think he was just some high school kid.

    I think Steph Curry is one of the few faces people would recognize and he’s not even established enough yet.

  192. I’ve just taken a look at the Cavs’ salary roster [link]. I don’t see a viable trade scenario here involving Jeremy for the remainder of this season.

    In fact, next season’s negotiations are going to be difficult once all the team vs. player options get settled. I’m also guessing that Kyrie is going to get paid. After next season, just about the whole team is off the books, depending on who they are able to nail down next year for multi-year contracts.

    There are going to be some big names jockeying for position, and things aren’t going to be settled until late in the summer when the GM figures out how much he’s got left over to sign some back-up players.

  193. @joeteam:disqus, frankly, I often have trouble understanding your posts. Are you implying that I’m being passive aggressive? LOL I have only two states: polite, non-aggressive and active aggressive. Passive aggressive is just not my bag baby! 🙂

    Perhaps you missed numerous, previous threads in which I openly and fairly argued with GreatDayLA. One time I won a bet which forced him to ban himself, but he just keeps reappearing. Many other times he became so flustered that he pleaded with me to leave him alone and I agreed to his request. psalm has asked me to refrain from retaliating against him but rather report any bad behavior to the Mods. GDLA had just responded rudely to psalm so I took the opportunity to point out why his posts hurt the atmosphere here. I was not “triangulating” as you assert.

    On the wide ranging spectrum of who is a troll, I place GreatDayLA near one of the extremes. He is one step below (worse than) @metalogic, but only one step above @Voltaire. I have no desire to argue with such extreme trolls. It’s a total waste of my time. Moreover, when I do, I tend to receive warnings from the Mods. If it were up to me, I would ban him and not allow him to pollute the site with his annoying, arrogant posts. I can tolerate arrogance from someone who knows what he’s talking about but not from an ignoramus.

    This is the third time that I have seen you try to instigate direct confrontation between members of this site. I have tried to get along with you but let’s just say that I am now leary of you and will proceed with caution. Peace out!

  194. I haven’t checked email. Let me do so

  195. Jeremy Lin is a true Witness.

  196. Yea Lin is recognizable lol

  197. Lin could do the same in place of harden with a more team ball concept and he would get no credit.

  198. My impression is money is no object, Gilbert wants Cleveland to have a championship. If LeBron thinks Lin could help, Gilbert will pay. I don’t think LeBron is a Lin fan, ironically their games have a lot of similarity.

  199. infinity88‏@linfinity88
    heatherfye: Me and @jlin7 ! Can’t believe I got to see the Lakers @ the Millenia Mall! … #TurnUp #LakerNation


  200. You are correct that most AAs will be influenced by Jeremy Lin’s achievement.
    Many AA parents are more open to allow their children to play Basketball or sports besides academic achievement.

    But the astounding part is his impact really goes beyond Asian-American community since his name is synonymous with underdogs who worked hard and takes advantage of the opportunity given to him to the fullest. His fans in twitter have such diverse background. His fans taking pictures with him come from different culture and background.

    We have yet to know his full impact but judging by how many he reached out now, it will definitely change how GMs evaluate talents. Every underdog/prospect like Langston Galloway with the Knicks will be compared with Linsanity in terms of its impact. And that’s a good thing.

    But IMO his greatest impact might be felt in how he treats his fans and fellow teammates, how he managed to network with players/GMs/ownership as a minority in the NBA, how he became #1 NBA athlete with Youtube subscribers and perhaps someday on how he managed to become an NBA Commissioner to truly globalize NBA!

    The future is yet to be fully written so I’m just enjoying the journey and learn as much as I can from the young man =)
    Will he ever realize his dreams to be an established NBA starter, All-Star and championship ring? We don’t know but he keeps working hard to get the next big chance so I gotta tip my hat off to him.

  201. The control of minutes for each player is non-existent.
    Byron Scott just coaches the team out of desperation.
    There are 4 guards on the Lakers roster but only 3 even played. He should just let Jordan clarkson has 20+minutes and let Ronnie Price play 10-20 minutes. Whatever reason he has is wrong. A rookie like Jordan Clarkson can use some of his time watching as well as playing.
    Byron Scott did not manage the minutes of players well enough for them to play with efficiency.

  202. No bench

  203. That’s crazy even when you think of that.

    Fans pay money to see the best players play. Byron just put them on the bench for his hidden agenda; certainly not for winning when you played Jordan Clarkson with so many minutes as PG with almost no assists or almost no scoring one way or another. It really knocks the balance off a player in development.

    Byron Scott really addicts to the toughness and Hero ball rather than playing the right way as a team. This team has never played nearly at their potential. The losses go to the coach, of course.

    I’m just surprised that Byron Scott wasn’t fired right now. It is a disgrace for the FO and a disgrace for the league to let a team be coached by someone like BS. You can let any of his assistant take over and the result would almost be the same. Could it get any worse? I doubt it.

  204. So 30% of NBA coaches are on a “worst” list? Makes it seem like the “Best” list would be pretty small. This poor rate of return on investment really means there are a lot of owners in this business who really are not good at it. Poor staffing and poor business culture. Good at the balance-sheet calculations of real estate, tech, pharma, etc. and attracted like moths to glittering trophy assets, but not very good at directing situations so filled with the intangibles of personal and collective chemistry that drive successful sports teams. They wouldn’t have accepted this kind of performance in the businesses that made them enough money to buy a team, but then again, apparently they knew what they were doing in those businesses.

  205. Yep, his ride is short, and I try not to put any energy into him anymore because it’s a waste of life energy.

  206. lebron is not a lin fan.

  207. my correction:
    When you see an Asian person “hanging out with African Americans, you do a double take” and then realize is Jeremy Lin lol.

    Ok, that’s kinda politically incorrect.. but might be true.. I do that when I see an asian hanging out with a bunch of blonde girls etc.

  208. Running a basketball team is not like throwing an on/off switch. You want to win one game but you have tanked for many others. There is tremendous pressure that BS has put on his players for his change of attitude from 1 game to another.

    The morale of even such a young team is unexpectedly low because of the manipulations from BS; every player knows that he isn’t fair and all players know that hard work won’t pay off in this team. For a few games you can become the head of snake and the other you become a steady bench dweller with DNP-CD. Excitement is rare but disappointment is frequent. It’s hard to take ball games serious when your coach dictates in his hidden agenda.

    The Lakers should sell the franchise when they run the organization in such a downhill fashion. In the last 5 years, it is getting worse every year. Nobody can tell if the team hit the rock bottom yet. Jeremy mentioned playing games the right way like the Hawks which brought us to playing games the wrong way like what they’re doing now.

  209. Relax, I’m clear and straight. You don’t have to trust or like me, just re-read what I said and:

    1. I am not saying you are passive aggressive, I am saying that is the unintended consequence of triangulating

    2. I am not inciting people here – I am asking you not to call on Mods to address someone if you have a problem with them. Just tell them directly, flag the trolling behavior, and let it go.

    I happen to agree with you about some of the posts, but Psalm has made it clear that he will ban only on stages, temporarily to give everyone a chance, increasing those bans in span as ppl continue to troll. Then there is the thread by trolls to come anytime with their IP anonymizers, etc.

    The issue isn’t policing but actually a useful culture.

    What I’ve learned here is:

    1. don’t over argue else Mods will delete both sides (and that hurts if you stand for the right things according to this site)
    2. be positive
    3. call out trolling directly to the trolling person, and flag it.

    I have seen 3. above get bans and deletes faster than me triangulating asking Mods to take my side.

    That’s all, don’t get offended. I won’t delete my post because it stands as not an insult to you, but an example of what triangulating can lead us all to in culture. If we go indirect, passive aggression is easy and yes, I did NOT say you are doing it. It’s a way I’ve been taught – if you show the conclusion of a path, people will find their way to avoid it if they don’t want that conclusion. That’s my main point – if you always rely on 3rd party refereeing, the trolling behavior wins.

  210. I wish Novak had a key roll on a team again. He’s such a good guy I would imagine, on the team and off the court. I hope as he retires, he can be a shooting coach. Some to think of it, would love to see him coach J. but Novak tends to get standing open looks, and we need J to do more in-motion looks.

  211. ORL PreGame Thread+Poll is now open!

    After an expected 30 min when JLin was allowed to be the PG in Q4 and OT plus unfathomable nice praises from BScott, how would JLin play in the ORL game?

    Is this showcasing for a trade before Feb 19 trade deadline expires?
    Let’s hope FO gave direction to BScott to showcase JLin to gauge interest from across the league.

    Otherwise, Lakers will not receive compensation when Lin walks away in the summer after Free Agency.

    Not many logical people would believe Lin will come back to continue being marginalized by Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant, especially after JLin’s NY post-game interview that he’s open to evaluate his options in the Free Agency.

  212. I love seeing pics of JLin with fans from all walks, and you see the joy in their faces for having the good luck to run into him. I’m going to start hanging out at the in-n-out nearest PA this summer instead of Starbucks, LOL.

  213. Yeah, I feel thats what will happen

  214. That doesn’t make sense. I mean. if a group of guys all above 6’2″ walk past me I would turn around and even if I didn’t know NBA, by the expensive swagger I’d see, I’d know. This is ‘merica. No Jr College team swags like them.

  215. I’m not sure if its 100%, because we are not sure if there had been any promising deal with FO for next season…will wait and see

  216. it speaks more than the picture. Everywhere, Jeremy is a favorite by the crowd, except some FO who only know their burgers with cheese!!!

  217. Beautiful baby. She looks like my grand-daughter :}

  218. racking up the points tonight Dan Cohen he he.

  219. 7 of 10 are black coaches. Take that however you want to take it.

  220. I just had to laugh when I read his delusional comment. I have to wonder aloud if kobe is going to be able to handle retirement. His need for the spotlight is almost frightening.

  221. Does that mean his TOs counts as two?

  222. @JoeTeam, I am completely relaxed. But I am extremely insulted and offended by your comment to me, especially the video. I am asking you, as a common courtesy, to respect my request and delete the comment/video that I find so personally insulting. If the situation were reversed, I would respect your request promptly, and without further discussion. I would simply delete the post, especially since I doubt the post is very important to you. Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.

  223. How come McHale is not on this list?

  224. Cleveland is all glamour. They got Kyrie, Love, LeBron, a big 7 footer and two guards from the Knicks. Tristan Thompson is the other player who could play PF or center. They have already had all they need in the playoff when Shawn Marion and Mike Miller could be half as good as they were.

  225. Byron Scott operates on his personal agenda. Last game was a typical case because he didn’t want to be blown out badly by Jason Kidd’s team. BS knew pretty well that the Bucks is going to play hard for the win. BS chose to play his best players for the most minutes to compete; Carlos Boozer 37 min, Ed Davis 33 min, Nick Young 34 min, Ellington 38 min, Jeremy Lin 30 min. Still Jeremy was given the least minutes among them all.

    The closest next two players above 20+ minutes are Jordan Clarkson 23 minutes, 2 pts, 3 TOs, 3 assists, shooting 0-4, Robert Sacre 20 minutes, 10 points 5-7, 4 rebounds 1 assist.

    Against Orlando, I would expect just the reverse of the last game. Jeremy would be lucky to have 23 minutes.

  226. When is Lakers coach fired? Orlando still has a better record than the Lakers.

  227. Who would even want to watch the Lakers without Jeremy?

  228. This lineup will win too many games for Byron Scott’s displeasure.
    Next game, they would play much less minutes.
    Davis having 20 rebounds, 3 assists, Boozer 28 points 9 rebounds and 4 assists, Jeremy Lin 6 assists, 11 points, 1 block 1 steal 1 TO.
    You wouldn’t see this for quite a long while.

  229. I had hoped that Michael Chang would have changed the Asian resistance to having their kids become serious about athletics. Maybe Nishikori will help a bit more. The problem is that most Asian families put a lot of pressure on the boys to focus on their academics. Jeremy Lin may not be as powerful an incentive as we might hope if Asian parents don’t allow their young kids to play more sports to develop the fundamental skills to proceed through the development channels for excellence.

    From my own obsession to change this attitude, I’ve study the many positive aspect of sports to build many skills that can’t be learn from books. One of the benifits of play is that it has proven to help creativity. So much so that high tech companies actually have rec rooms with pool and ping pong tables. Another huge benefit is that sports teaches quick and decisive thinking. It teaches self confidence and emotional control under pressure. These are factors that helps med school applicants because increasingly schools are looking for exactly those positive sporting skills from their grads. Business schools as well are looking at highly evolved competitve skills for the business environment. This was proven to be highly effective for women once they were granted equal access to scholarships for sports. Many of the top women CEOs have all been academic and athletic scholars. I believe that we needa two prone approach to make Asian parents understand that play and sports are becoming a necessity to prepare our children for the new workplace of the future.

  230. She is upset about Lin’s playing time.

  231. Thanks for the valuable information, @Acbc.

    You might be right, Linsanity might be a nice shock to the system of how AAs prepare the next generation with sports. What’s lacking is definitely the awareness that sports help to build great characters as you described which will only help them to achieve success to enter good colleges and professional world.

    Everyone wants to be well-rounded nowadays so it’ll take some time to change a culture, not just for AAs but everyone who can understand why Lin can break the barrier.

    That’s why we all can’t wait to watch the next chapter, right? Better than TV shows for sure =)

  232. I think that would be a safe bet.

    If BScott allows Lin to play 25+min and closes the game, I think we can suspect FO orders him to showcase Lin. I’m thinking there might be 25% chance

  233. not us …

  234. Hey, that’s why they make Porche 911s. How may men in their 20s can afford those ha ha.

  235. perhaps Cavs is also not the right place for Lin trade since they have their own mess w/ Blatt too.

    I think any kind of trade where Lin is needed in a backup PG to provide scoring punch ala HOU will be good to increase his FA value.
    Anything is better than 20-23 min under BScott’s bad system and this tanking toxic environment. It just makes it hard to enjoy good BBall games

  236. I,I,I,I…. go listen to how some of the SPurs players talk in interviews before you…whatever.

  237. It do take time for chemistry to bond as well

  238. Hey I like Ben 10’s 4 Arms!

  239. Who the F do you think you are to lecture me? Just apologize and then STFU forever!

  240. Total agreement

  241. Except you still hear about workers at the sports facilities not recognizing or knowing who he is and not letting him inside or mistaking him as a trainer or ancillary member of the organization. Not as a nba basketball player.

  242. Is that why scott won’t be fired? Don’t want any wins? Lol

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