G49 LAL @MIL Game Thread

As the tanking season continues, Byron Scott stays with the “Rebuilding” theme by featuring Clarkson the rookie with many Playing Time.

Jeremy Lin should have been given fair chances to orchestrate the offense as the starting PG but is Byron afraid that Lakers will win more games as Lin takes charges of the offense as he did to lead Lakers to have #1 bench with the 2nd unit. Plus if Linsanity breaks out when Kobe is out, there will be LA Media uproar to let Lin be the PG as Kobe takes a backset and won’t be able to play PG. Kobe and BScott couldn’t afford to let this chance to happen to ruin his image in his final year in the NBA. Once again, Linsanity is to be postponed by ego of ball-dominant NBA stars. But such is dirty politics in NBA or any workplace.

The positive outcome is Lin will most likely not come back to LA to continue to be marginalized under Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLinย to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  1. first?

  2. yes, first Bear =) jk

  3. 2nd

  4. 3rd is the new 1st

  5. LOL

  6. Yes, this means Linsanity tonight!

  7. buzzer beater is the new etane.

  8. If the Lakers trade Jordan Hill for Perkins with parts tossed in on both sides, that means the Lakers are tanking like no other and clearing all the cap space they have this summer to try and offer the max to who knows. But it also provides further support that Lin will not be back in LA.

    And if Lin is somehow traded to OKC, I know NOTHING about basketball. In my opinion there is a 0.00% chance of that.

  9. Happy 3rd Anniversary of Linsanity, fellow Lin Fans!

  10. I hoped the wind of change has come

  11. Hip! Hip! Hurrah!! :O

  12. Wow what a promotion lol

  13. stand in.

  14. Wow such a sensitive and supportive boss. How can anyone not be motivated by that?

  15. its really painful to watch the first 8 minutes of a lakers game. now with hill out (i know people dont like hill’s game in relation to lin but hill was the only even marginally currently credible nba player among starters)–this d league lineup is so dreadful.

    maybe mods could just designate a game to game “lin sighting” scout to notify the board when lin is about to enter, shield the majority from the painful sight of the lakers “starting lineup”.

  16. Introducing the “Tank Lineup”


  17. May the Bear brings the Linsanity OUT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. LOL, good comment !

  19. Ellington and Lin would make a good backcourt duo!

  20. Missed it!

  21. Kinda quiet today?

  22. bucks announcer say bench best lineup. they can keep game close

  23. Looks like MIL pushing on their 3pointers!

  24. Lin still hasn’t found his shooting touch yet.

  25. 1 miss

  26. 2 now, ๐Ÿ™

  27. Lin, shoot!

  28. hated that shot

  29. set up Young for a 3, not bad.

  30. 3 now

  31. That long 3….. ๐Ÿ™

  32. that was nice.

  33. SMH. What the [email protected]#%?

  34. yea drive or shoot it with more rhythm. it was forced

  35. Lol relax … he not gonna miss all night right? xD

  36. 2pts

  37. Finally a J reverse! Hope this will get his shooting back

  38. his not feeling it yet….Atleast the second unit is aggressive and pushing

  39. not easy, oh my heart!

  40. yeah!!!!

  41. 3asst

  42. down to 2 now, weird.

  43. Anyone saw the last play Boozer scored? Stool said he bailed out Lin for nowhere to go.

  44. Lin is OUT

  45. wat lol scott really is something

  46. not even 10 min. He got to do something the 2nd half.

  47. Just watch post game stats, not much to see in the game, BS is still BS, tanking to death!

  48. A real piece of work

  49. stats took an assist away from lin

  50. i dont understand why Boozer always play more minutes than Lin.

  51. Lin came up earlier tonight. I guess BS wanted to win but when LAL is leading, he suddenly wakes up to the order of Kobe.

  52. He is a scoring threat

  53. Is Davis out too?

  54. yes

  55. Minute ago I saw Lin w/3 assists, he’s now with 2 a.

  56. Saw that, just box score watching so not sure what happened.

  57. sacre double dribbled refs said idk

  58. Young misses all 3.

  59. Lin bug!

  60. scott wanna beat kidd which is why boozer and young will play a lot but not lin

  61. ????? When did Lin ever play a lot?

  62. I guess bc their shooting was good today… Lin didn’t shoot well so he is off now.

  63. What?

  64. Maybe 2nd half. To my surprised, Clarkson didn’t dare to take lots of shot.

  65. Surprised that Clarkson has only taken 1 shot so far 0/1, trying to play PG? It’s working, Lakers up 10.

  66. Boozer got sub in for Black (starter) who got 3 fouls.

  67. Kobe disapproved.

  68. Obviously BS knows who are the good tankers.

  69. He said this last time, looks like he’s making progress. Lin’s losing time, OMG

  70. He’s playing the Price role, pass first PG. LOL….won’t last, may be one game.

  71. clarkson clearly not ready for nba

  72. Bucks is playing very tight…going to be lots of TOs today.

  73. yah think? but excellent for tankers. (and provides the “cover” of not tanking but “developing”).

  74. scott really want to beat kidd

  75. beat

  76. you spoke 2 soon; clarkson responsible for last 3 bucks baskets. with his PG play.

  77. Clarkson has zero pts first half, he’s going to try to score and force up shots. Lakers will loose this game in the 2nd half.

  78. Another quiet half from Lin.

  79. its only 10 minutes bro

  80. Yeah, except for pretty good defense and a really nice drive and a few assists, he’s quiet.

  81. He’s requested to play like Price. No way he can play his ballhog shooting PG+SG next to Kobe in the next season.

  82. Lin is losing playing time under BS anyway

  83. hard to be noisy in 9:49.

  84. young got to close out haif guess whining works

  85. He took 4 shots, he tried hard. Or this sounds even worse?

  86. Lin prolly going to get less than 20 mins now Young is back.

  87. He tried to get Davis going but Davis had problems finishing tonight. Usually, Davis makes some shots he missed tonight.

  88. Clarkson was playing like a Kobe clone to hold a position for him so that he can be plugged in whenever he is ready.

  89. Scott said he was going to get about the same amount, at the time that was 23-24 minutes.

  90. Clarkson has 3 assists tonight, 0 points.

  91. Lin has 2 assists and 2 points, the PG spot is not exactly productive in this game.

  92. 2 tov

  93. Do you believe what he said? lol

  94. I haven’t heard Stu praising Price for awhile

  95. With team leading +8, not bad for a rookie.
    Wish lin have same mindsets.

  96. Announcer says tough game for Clarkson so far….0/3.

  97. Bc he shot well today … BS wants to win so whoever can shoot well that guy will be on. He didn’t let the real starters back like he used to around 6 min. Keep Boozer in for a long min bc he got lots of points.

  98. Knight has nice handles.

  99. Not really but we’ll see.

  100. He’s 1/7 shooting though

  101. 2FTs, finally.

  102. Lucky day for Clarkson.

  103. Yeah, but with those handles he can create. I’m not sure if he’s having a bad shooting night or if he’s a bad shooter.

  104. Clarkson is the Carter-Williams in LAL. Tanking team stat-pads certain players with no correlation to winning.

  105. Since Jeremy is getting into cooking, I decided to check out some Gordon Ramsay cooking videos and recipes….. I’ve checked more than 30 recipes AND HE’S STILL NOT COMING BACK? This just…. ugh!

    BS should be fired.. but then… another ugh!

  106. It’s about time for Lin.

  107. LOL, Lin does. It is called getting your team in the playoffs three years in a row. This year was never focused on winning.

  108. No he’s still on the bench. Come on Bucks!

  109. I want an aggressive Lin.

  110. What else BS coach! His name really means that!!!

  111. no such thing nowadays

  112. Lin is just going through the motion now.

  113. Game getting closer. Calling on his vets, including Lin

  114. BS stopped that… forget it

  115. LOL What kind of substitution is this?!?!?!

  116. Lin is in now but the lead is 1

  117. scrubs out bench in. but made sure got the lead down sufficently to still permit tanking.

  118. The tanking unit is doing their job.

  119. Scott wants to beat Kidd badly

  120. scott wait for the momentum to switch to put the bench in. i saw it coming from a mile away

  121. lol, you’re right about it.

  122. maybe 15-16…the way its going

  123. Ice cold, smh

  124. Come on panda, I know you know that’s not BS’ case hehe

  125. scott is efficient at losing. he gives the bench no chances to build any momentum

  126. NBA should have a worst coach award!

  127. So is Knight. Lin has to get to the rim.

  128. what else is new…lol

  129. Plenty of time to get to his average. A string of points coming up.

  130. There’s something wrong with this offense. Lin needs to get the pic to him earlier, he has to find ways to penetrate.

  131. Q3 is where LAL normally looses their lead..and its happening now

  132. The Great Tank Commander Playbook

  133. Predictable!

  134. which is?

  135. Strong steal

  136. call time out BS

  137. Not Ed’s day.

  138. why?! we achieved what we wanted in Q3!

  139. Average fg 46% so he should get 3 in so 4/8 shooting in the end.

  140. scott really has zero idea of momentum. he is oblivious to it

  141. Ed’s just not finishing tonight. They have the PnR going, but Ed’s touch isn’t there tonight. And Lin’s touch from the perimeter is not there. Tough night.

  142. Are we that predictable?

  143. So BS coach dont believe in 3 pts shooting? See how the Bucks kill him with 3 pointer!LOL!

  144. btw kidd is showing to be a pretty good coach. has a really young team playing great defence

  145. Kidd out coaching BS. Ha!

  146. yep

  147. What else to expect, when they had the training drill yesterday

  148. VEry difficult NOT to able to out coach BS

  149. I guess at this rate, 29 NBA coaches can out coach BS.

  150. Honestly, it is not easy to play well with such discouraging coach!

  151. lin has to drive stop shooting.

  152. although this offense limits his drives

  153. I would rather he shoot than drive. Stay healthy. Not worth it for this team.

  154. Dont forget, we have seen McHale and BScott, hence there could be more

  155. Score board?

  156. well

  157. Agree! What he needs to do now is keep healthy! There’s no hope on this tanking team.

  158. Greek Freak is so athletic

  159. davis struggling bad today

  160. Bench gets even and will be subbed out for the “starters” to loose the game.

  161. expected

  162. He’s been struggling for a while, he’s scouted I guess.

  163. I guess everyone struggles due to the great drill yesterday in the practice.

  164. not really he had 14 points 5 assist last game just off

  165. Lets see how bad Scott wants to win this game.

  166. The game is unwatchable. No flow, no excitement.

  167. you sure, he wants to win?

  168. well

  169. I think there’s bad blood with Kidd, so this is one game he wants to win.

  170. lakers bench have fought hard

  171. unfortunately he is not good at it…if they win, its bcoz of the players and nothing to do with coaching

  172. Thought Lin was hurt for a second.

  173. Lin made his FTs!

  174. Jeremy don’t get hurt.

  175. Time for the starters!

  176. lin smart there to call time out

  177. to get himself substituted?…just couldnt resist…sigh

  178. Lin exerting his will, got down to one point. Good time out call Jeremy

  179. Well we can agree he’s perfect for a tanking team. But if he leaves the bench in to finish, they’ll have a chance.

  180. 3pt difference

  181. well if lakers lose after fighting back idc

  182. Someone wipe the floor

  183. What happened? Did he slip on something?

  184. Slip

  185. Scott is so desperate to win the game. He lets Lin play more in 4th QT. LOL

  186. steal by lin

  187. WOW…Lin’s still in the game…passed his 20min quota!

  188. LAL…taking on the lead

  189. See how much BS wanted to win this one. See if he keeps the 2nd unit long enough.

  190. Lin closing the game!

  191. It will be Linteresting is Lin closes this one!?

  192. lol so lin even if he misses set davis up for lay up

  193. Davis cleansup

  194. Lin the difference maker!

  195. lin is having a great defensive game


  197. BS wants to win this game:-)

  198. Lin is balling

  199. What is Stu drinking, keep praising Lin. What a surprise.

  200. Both LIn and Davis are 1/7, pathetic, winning though, lol

  201. Whoever stays now is the real winning unit BS trusts.

  202. Lin doing a good job forcing the action and figuring a way to win. When given time to work, he figures a way to put his team in a chance to win.

  203. Lin the winner, no kidding!

  204. Great players win even when their shots are off.

  205. Personal agenda > tanking instruction

  206. You are not even funny…smh

  207. BS really want this win, so Lin is closing this game! No Clarkson?

  208. Without Lin they will loose this game.

  209. So Jeremy’s line up is the closer? I’ll take it!

  210. bozzer was so close cant believe he missed

  211. In case you were wondering this how BS coaches when he wants to win. Not as stupid as you thought huh?

  212. Lin and ed!

  213. Clear picture of a taking team.

  214. But the rotation could have been better from the start

  215. lin orchestrating the scott offense

  216. Lin is pushing it!!!!

  217. What a pass from Lin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. lin to scott your offense is mine

  219. wish those layup would have gone in though.

  220. Yes! See how talented is Lin, no doubt about it!

  221. No offense. But I think Lin orchestrating the Harvard Offense.

  222. What’s Stu smoking tonight. He’s Lin biggest fan boy

  223. After Lin’s interview in NYK….

  224. Agree but expect post game BS comments on Lin…

  225. SICK PLAY!!!!

    Really the chemistry among Jeremy,Boozer,Davis – for a fundamentalist team, they’ll be salivating by this. One controls the pass (Jeremy), one watching the basket (Davis), one moving off ball (Boozer)

  226. Lin three!

  227. Lin Swaggggggg!!!!

  228. Finally a 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. DAGGER 3!!!!!!!

  230. BS is smarter than McHale, just tooooooooooooo soft.

  231. Omg I screamed too loud.

  232. cold blooded

  233. They did. When ed was free to put it back.

  234. That’s the Lin we love.

  235. swag should gave back to Lin to set it up.

  236. Hope it was also pointing to the BS’s heart

  237. In your face BS!

  238. passing lane was blocked.

  239. Anybody tell me now that Jeremy is NOT AGGRESSIVE? ANYBODY?

  240. He didn’t get the ball for few possessions. So, he didn’t want to give it up. But, then again, does he ever? LOL

  241. SmokeLin

  242. You see, this is the Mr. 4th quarter KB is so scared let happen.

  243. Haha…Lots Old Milwaukee will do it tonight.

  244. Lin needs to piss on the hydrant. =P

  245. Yeah baby…oops Bear!

  246. that last play was bad

  247. ahhh…missed it

  248. drive

  249. Are we following the same game. Lin has moved the offense to get the league

  250. no OT pls

  251. DEFENSE

  252. Yeah. I hope that wasn’t an actual play.

  253. did Lin airballed that 3?

  254. lol lakers are so unlucky

  255. OT Please. Let BS be disappointed.

  256. I am OK with OT. More scores for Lin

  257. I’m referring to some saying the words “Jeremy Lin” and “aggressive” don’t go hand in hand

  258. Freakin’ Mayo.

  259. he had 2 guys on him

  260. LOL; Why should this game be won.

  261. Hear hear.

  262. darn!

  263. Please OT XD

  264. The coach’s name is BS, nothng more nothing less!!

  265. you wished granted!

  266. Yes ๐Ÿ™

  267. ot

  268. LOL, they gave up three 3’s in like 30 seconds.

  269. Rather just have the win. Want the lakers to lose top 5 pick.

  270. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeremy vs Jerryd Bayless this OT

  271. back board no rim

  272. that was a big mistake!

  273. dont even wanna hear

  274. buck play real defense. I’m impressed

  275. The reason this game is even close is because of the bench; those dissed by Byron is helping him to stay in the game.
    Why should they win the game for Byron Scott?
    I can’t accept that.

  276. Oh o.k.. then ditto

  277. Will BS let Lin continue to play in OT? That is the question.

  278. bs is keeping this bench in the game because he knows veterans will win.

  279. BS wants to prove they are tanking, not losing.

  280. What you will not see in stats is how well Lin plays defense.

  281. or get close

  282. bs believes in vets more than rookies..

  283. The starters are just jokes.

  284. I would have fouled with 7 secs in regulation

  285. Lin should be inbound the ball. Harden got lots of those 3s.

  286. Anyone else will lose the game.
    Why didn’t he put in Clarkson?

  287. he dont believe anything…looks like he just wants a win…for this game, atleast

  288. These are the real starters on this team.

  289. No clarkson for OT! It shows how much BS wants to win!

  290. NYoung been pretty quiet the last Q

  291. come on LIN!

  292. Hurray, Lakers is going to lose the game!

  293. hahaha

  294. Universe is back to normal.

  295. Stop those freaking fadeaways!

  296. u want LAL to win here though. so proof 2nd unit better

  297. 4th foul!

  298. I’m pretty sure no one ever moves in Lakers offense.

  299. Byron used players he dissed. Jason Kidd used players he valued highly.
    Bucks should win.

  300. Good movement

  301. What a beautiful team ball!

  302. that shot is ridiculous

  303. Finally.

  304. Those extra passes work. This is team ball.

  305. What are his stats???

  306. Fun to watch!!
    Gotta win this game!!!!

  307. Freakin’ Brandon Knight….

  308. I’m in the dark a quick update would be awesome

  309. i think he has 9 pts, not sure about assists.

  310. Good D but tough shot.

  311. Well. If bucks win. Knight deserves it. Those are big threes.

  312. 6 assists

  313. down by 4, Knight dagger 3 last sec with less than minute to go

  314. 9 points 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 1 TO. I think he should have 6~7 assists though. Pretty sure they didn’t count some.

  315. Man… Knight is unconscious…

  316. hmmmm

  317. TankYou Brandon Knight LOL

  318. 5AST

  319. can’t shoot to save his life, ๐Ÿ™

  320. play drawn for Lin, too bad he missed

  321. lol

  322. Shut it down. This is not that others site…smh

  323. lakers fought hard

  324. BS wanted to win against Kidd, but karma hitting him in the behind.

  325. like i said jeremy shooting form is bad I prefer the harvard shooting form

  326. those threes was killer. knight deserve it

  327. Something is wrong with his shooting. Not just tonight but has been weeks.

  328. at least he took it. He played well tonight. He didn’t heat up like Knight did. Knight missed a lot of shots than heated up.

  329. harvard shooting form is the best

  330. All those 3’s during last 1 min of regulation + OT killed Lakers.

  331. blame it on doc scheppler

  332. 2/12 is tough seeing the stats now and reading comments his form seems off….but like the assists

  333. Stephen Curry can though. Maybe you can switch? There’s a Mav vs Warriors game

  334. Knight the Killer!

  335. he just missed

  336. Should have fouled up by 3 with 7 secs.

  337. He doesn’t go straight up. Either fadeaways or off-balance shots.

  338. Tough loss. Still Proud of Lin. Shot wasn’t there but still played hard, aggressive, and battled to win.

  339. Not in rhythm tonight.

  340. Lin is throwing himself for the team!

  341. Tired leg from the drill.

  342. Lin only play under 30 min but he looks gassed. BS condition is killing.

  343. ahhh.i don’t like that sometimes lin has those isos…i think when they were up by 3, just stick with ed davis and pnr drive it…

  344. yea those three by knight is just bravo. lol he won it

  345. 11 pts 6 assists

  346. full quarter and OT

  347. Lin 2-12. Rough shooting night.

  348. 20 straight

  349. anyone know if lin is trying to learn the sweep and sway motion?

  350. He played a lot better than the box score. Exerted lots of energy on D and made some crucial passes.

  351. Lin looked gassed when coming out of the game. Tell his stupid Coach he shouldn’t have killed them running yesterday in practice.

  352. Amazing rotation by BS as usual.

  353. but made big difference in the game. so it’s still good. although the media not gonna see it that way.

  354. I only catched the OT…..too bad…they lost..

  355. All of you complaining about lin, say what you want it was the Lakers bench against the Buck starters.smh

  356. ill say this id rather lakers lose like this over lose like the knicks game any day

  357. no wonder we lost!

  358. You’ve got that right. Also playing the vet as 2nd unit didn’t help either.

  359. Time management from BS

  360. highlights to go….

  361. BS running them into the ground yesterday practice.

  362. Poetic justice. You cannot keep Django chained for 50 games and then expect him to play fantastic as soon as you release him. Poor BS lost to his arch enemy Kidd.

  363. Good point….My wife told me that about 30 secs ago

  364. What was going on at the end with Lin, Knight and 2 maybe assistant coaches in a huddle?

  365. Bench showed that they are the actual Starters!

  366. Smart Gal!!!

  367. Im luckier, ive got only the last 3min of the game.. man

  368. they should be starting id say give those guys the 3rd and we win. had to over come the buck momentum. still proud they fought unlike the knicks game

  369. If not Lin, it wouldn’t be OT . Clarkson is garbage.

  370. The Bucks announcers were saying that throughout the game. I didn’t listen to the Lakers announcers.

  371. I think because Lin already expects that he’s not going to play much, so he’s just not prepared. But then all of a sudden BS wants to win or something and that caught Lin by surprise.

  372. what happened? turned it off

  373. Fun game to watch even though they lost.

  374. praying?

  375. Yea too bad they were up 6 just before the end of regular time but those 2 3s killed them. Was a good game tho.

  376. lets not go into mocking other players, pls

  377. lin is really understanding scott system recently. if he gets his shot to go as well it would be great.

  378. I was listening to ESPN Los Angeles 710 on the way home from work, DJ was saying Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis and Boozer should be in starting lineup to push the offense.

  379. That’s one way to look at it, lol
    Just glad Lin got his season average

  380. I actually enjoyed watching the Bucks feed.

  381. Wait. Scott had a system?

  382. Lin’s shooting looked out of his ordinary. Wonder what happened?

  383. I have been saying that….even in this BS system, Lin can be good if he hits shots or make plays

  384. LOL
    Serve him ding dong right!

  385. yea they liked lin from the start

  386. I don’t give a bleep as to what will BS say during post game interviews. The bench led by Jeremy IS the closer. I’d take that. If he only brought in the closers into 3Q this could have been a win

  387. He’s a rookie, cut him some slack please.

  388. Yes. Bucks announcers give more credit to Lin than the Lakers announcers

  389. Telling the truth, not trying to mock him. Clarkson can be good next season, but not now. I like him too.

  390. thank u

  391. You came in too late, go back check the 2nd half please, lol

  392. or miss and drive. he got davis easy shots all day.

  393. wish it was 3-12.. that last 3 if gotten in would’ve been big

  394. He just had bad shooting night, that’s it.

  395. Yes, BS was trying to prove he is tanking not losing, but he failed.

  396. an out-dated 80/90 so-called system, if you call it a system, lol

  397. Then you need to cut lin some slack with all of your negative comments about Lin. This not a Clarkson fansite

  398. Lin’s D was super. Unfortunately his shooting….

  399. has to work on his shot consistency. all he is lacking. his shot seems really diverse compared to last year. so i expect leaps by next year

  400. hightlights for that please lol

  401. Exactly…smh

  402. Jeez Magic, wondering why.

    The Lakers without Kobe, Hill and Randle are still playing hard and exciting basketball!— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) February 5, 2015

  403. So 4Q and OT worth watching?

  404. And Young lost it. Just went ice cold. But again BS has been treating him like crap. What did BS expect.

  405. Those shots though. I can’t be critical about them now because I don’t know what is really happening (injury? tired? bad shooting coach? just a bad night?). Only Jeremy knows.

  406. That’s where Lin most distinguishes himself from others – assists. Some assists there in the game were so right on the money, so beautiful. Not to mentioned some hockey assists or blown ones, Even though the balls didn’t fall, he played a good game IMO.

  407. YES

  408. Lakers wants to keep Lin after what he said in his post game interview vs NYK. Look how nice TWC to Lin today?!

  409. I don’t think we should complain about Jeremy’s shots. BS has been discouraging him from taking shots. You don’t get your rhythm of shooting back in one game. BS just wants Lin to pass the ball or simply play trash time. IN the last few games, it’s Jordan Clarkson who finished games for Lakers.

  410. It would be nice if they set him up with some goods looks to get him going. Too bad no one on Lakers is really willing or able to do it. If he has to play iso and put up jumpers, that’s not really his strong point.

  411. well he gets stuck late in clock with no where to go. has to work on his iso moves to fix that

  412. if like was 4-12.. game would be over.. or no OT. just saying

  413. I thought they should have fouled with 7 secs left in Regulation. Magic agreed.

    Laker Nation: As good as the Lakers played, they should have won the game against the Bucks in regulation.— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) February 5, 2015

  414. Just watched the last play in regular….too bad that shot did not went in…

  415. Lakers got 17 offensive rebounds comparing to 5 of the Bucks.
    Lin missed shots but his teammates got lots of the rebounds.

  416. they did though but he missed. also he had a lot of hockey assist today. he dominated the ball. hard to get the pass when you have it. he clearly is the leader of that squad

  417. Yes, Lin played a good game, nothing to complain about! He might not shoot well but he is good everything else!

  418. It depends ..some coaches do, some do not

  419. knight well got knighted today lol

  420. Lin had bad shooting night, but his Linsanity passes to Boozer/Ed Davis were more exciting to watch than the whole game.

  421. his driving in misses disrupted the defense and allow Davis to rebound and score

  422. The morale of the Lakers could be a factor. With a coach like BS, who would want to win the game for him?

  423. Agree.

  424. I haven’t watched any interview of him saying he’s working on his ISOs, just on his floaters. I may have missed it though.

  425. One missed shot should have been counted as an assist because the ball didn’t touch the hoop, deliberately.

  426. Just caught the last 2 minutes of OT. When Jeremy fouled out, he looked winded… because he played aggressively both ends of the floor or because of the stupid BS practice drills or both?

  427. Yes. But in this situation, the Bucks were hot, made 2 consecutive 3s and the last 3rd 3 to tie the game. I’d have fouled.

  428. iso meaning 1v 1. he tried a step back which is good move but clearly not used to it.

  429. Both

  430. Can you imagine if BS believed in this unit and invested since the season started?

  431. Agree. It is obvious that 2nd unit didn’t played as hard before. Maybe the conditioning drill or maybe the moral. Or maybe the 2nd unit is not used to play long and close the game.

  432. I don’t give a bleep to BS. That will help me stay away from trouble using the language that I don’t often use.

  433. not with kobe

  434. u can’t ..kobe was there

  435. Exactly, I was screaming at the TV, foul, foul.

  436. BS really don’t know how to coach but for today he is not tanking bc he hates Kidd.

  437. Also the drill yesterday could be the cause of low %.

  438. how is it poor coaching..? what did bs do?

  439. True but just imagine

  440. It is ok…you play the last minutes again…it can be easily go LAL’s way this time…

  441. If given the minutes good things can happen….Jeremy might be getting more minutes since the lakers have to win “a” game now and then and right now a win is needed so that they can start losing again lol

  442. Definitely 4th qtr. Didn’t watch the first half. Ugly 3rd qtr esp with the starters. 4th qtr was the best qtr.

  443. Yeah I know. What I meant was I haven’t watched him say he’s working on improving on his 1 on 1 game, or maybe I missed him saying that.

  444. They have a good reason to win; their coach!
    The LAKERS also has a good reason to lose; their coach!

  445. lin just needs 2 ppl in the paint and 2 on the 3 point perimeter and he will drive when needed and have one of the 2 escape valves in the paint when he gets trapped driving in.

  446. I remembered Stu complaining Lin dribbling too much then suddently a pass to Booze for easy score. Then Stu changed his tone saying maybe Lin dribbling trying to create.

  447. Yeah, i heard Stu was different today! I thought he always sounded so UGLY that I wanted to tape his mouth!

  448. Believe so. Wonder about few assists that didn’t count.

  449. lol harvard 3pt 33% so this shooting form is much better….maybe rust from limited minutes and hard practice

  450. not Lin?

  451. He’s a horrible coach whether win or loss.

  452. That’s the only reason he keeps the bench in till the last seconds.

  453. Yes too much track and field training instead of basketball.

  454. BS “conditioning” worked very well in giving Lakers tired legs, genius tank move.

  455. LOL Tru dat, wondering if he was directed to tone it down, 180 deg turn.

  456. He can shoot.

  457. BS doesn’t believe 3 pt shots can win games or championships.

  458. From my understanding, Princeton requires good passers from ALL positions on the floor. Well, I doubt Lakers actually does have.

  459. special 2nd OT for Brent!

  460. Kobe is the losing cause for this season; with or without him on the court!
    If Kobe Bryant retires, the Lakers will immediately be a contender in the following season.

  461. and poor %.

  462. That’s my surprised. Listened to Lakers ones. Not as bad as before.

  463. lin has get used to this style little more. has made improvements the last few years in his shot

  464. Can’t shoot if you don’t have your legs.

  465. Byron Scott should have been a track and field coach instead.

  466. a bit too late and lin was off tonight in shooting, else bs would’ve had this win..
    SO I do not know if lin misses on purpose LOL

  467. Stu should find a hole for himself!

  468. he hasn’t but I’ve sen him try some iso moves

  469. maybe scott up to something in physics quantum mechanics if you are moving time slowdown…..slow the clock so fewer shots..byron is a physicist

  470. But, Lin became the Tank Commander. BS deserves this loss.

  471. Byron ought to believe that 3 pt shots from the opposition make him lose many games.

  472. Lin does not miss on purpose, it’s just not something he would do. BS “conditioning” took his legs, and consequently his drves and shots away.

  473. I didn’t know Brandon Knight is also a Christian.

  474. That’s a scene. Maybe Lin should go to Milwaukee after this season.

  475. This comment is so similar to the one I saw about McHale last season.

  476. Nice to see. Thanks for posting. Class Act – JLin.

  477. yeah.. after 29 layups TWICE on the day before

  478. Byron believes in HERO BALL. Maybe he should go to Broadway!

  479. Young missed his last 5 shots and had a TO.

  480. wow

  481. Truly…what in the world happened????

  482. Let give those Bucks credit for those tough 3s to tight the game.

  483. even after that lost!!!? wow.. and only a modest stat line of 11 and 6.. wow..

  484. take it with a grain of salt…………… their action speak louder

  485. FO said so…. they want to keep Lin.

  486. Jeremy Lin 6 assists
    Carlos Boozer 4 assists
    Ed Davis 3 assists.
    These three made 13 assists. the rest of the team made 9 assists.
    The whole team made 22 assists

  487. lin is okay right? i was watching highlights that were on nba.com and i think i saw him icing his knee

  488. You got that right! No Clarkson or Price but all Lin! Suddenly Lin played 30 min. So obvious.

  489. But Lin did well in everything else! Please don’t look only on the negative!

  490. โ€œAs a rookie, he had this funny little hitch when he was shooting,โ€ Warriors guard Stephen Curry said of Lin. โ€œHe kind of leaned to one side and kicked his right leg out. We always made fun of it. It looked weird. It looked like he was overexerting on the jump shot.

    Lin still shooting like this?

  491. those 3 are like ping pong balls or pin balls into the bucket

  492. Brothers, thanks to Our Lord.
    Justice is done!

  493. Lin 6 asts (should be 7 or 8), 1 TO, very good.

  494. nope

  495. he did seem to get hurt in one drive and I was like dont get hurt for this team now.

  496. Too late. Lin will not stay in Lakers I can guarantee, unless MikeD return and Kobe retire.

  497. I’ve never seen a bench unit consistently out play there starters that often

  498. Get used to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  499. well u wonde was that a shot or a pass to wesley and if that lob was really a lob to davis.

  500. Missed game, out mobile. Box score and play by play … did Lin fairly foul out or was it bad whistles? Was he leading well where if he could’ve closed, they had a chance,?

  501. Well he can’t make it THAT obvious ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise he might as well give a presser and reveal his whole evil agenda.

  502. A guess or did they really say or tweet something like that?

  503. How come I missed this…

  504. I think Scott wanted to win against Kidd, but Scott is satisfied that he can gloat that his bench almost beat their starting unit.

  505. That’s right, it was a lob not a missed shot.

  506. it hit the rim

  507. No player misses on purpose.

  508. I think… bc before Lin’s interview vs NYK… BS would not say anything nice about Lin… who could make him to do so… FO.

  509. While teams are doing everything they can to find time to rest their players between games, Bryant Scott doing the opposite to make his players to run condition.

  510. He played the last 20 minutes.

  511. he played the whole game. knight got hot from 3. fouled out when it was fouling time to slow down game

  512. Ya! Like Magic said they could win this game…. we all know if Lakers foul then they could win … BS … smh!

  513. LOL, this bench unit can make it to the playoff under a better coach.

  514. BS can’t hide the feeling. Sad he took his personal agendas above the team best interest.

  515. KB’s agenda + FO’s agenda.

  516. Lin never called for the high pick and roll since the Bucks would have doubled him.

  517. +kobe’s mememe agenda.

  518. Lin had very active hands tonight and played solid D. Offensively, he
    was creating for others, but he just didn’t have his shot. He needs to
    mix it up when he drives. Floaters and controlled dribbles, more pump fakes, spins to create space, jump stops, etc…

    Everything to the lane seems full speed all the time for him right now. He’s getting
    beat up to get his 11 points. I wish he would vary up his tempo, speed more when making drives. Keep the defense off balance and just explode up while going half speed.

    I really liked the one handed whip pass he made to Boozer and that he kept shooting when he was cold.

    Great to see him wave off Young, seems like the bench unit really trusts him to get them going. They look for him more than earlier in the season when he would rarely see the ball back after making the initial pass.

  519. Jeremy missed 10 shots.
    Ed Davis got 9 offensive rebounds.

    The Bucks only got 5 offensive rebounds for the whole game.

  520. Only in name, this bench with some tweaks is lakes best.

  521. Win or lose now doesn’t matter much, as fans all we wanted was an exciting game and tonight finally BS allowed Lin to deliver. Wonder what the next game will be like?

  522. LAL tanks to get the pick, but they may not be able to get a team as good as their current 2nd unit in the next 1-3 seasons.

  523. hmmm.so does this mean lin will get this chance to play major minutes again

  524. I believe they will continue to tank for next 2 season if when they see it’s impossible to make it to playoff in mid-season like this year.

  525. @JLin7 with fans after game vs Bucks.(credit Eric Loranger IG) pic.twitter.com/zeFqHDv7yH— Librafree (@Librafree) February 5, 2015

  526. After Lin said he will open option this summer… Lakers became more nice to him now… This do come a lot more early than I thought… w/o that post game interview, this will come late this season when Lakers starts to talk to Lin about this summer.

  527. Lin’s defense is a joy to watch, making the opposing guard quit many times.

  528. Nothing against you, but your comment kinda made me sad. I see guys who are just trying their best to be real NBA players, too ๐Ÿ™ It’s evident they don’t possess the swag or confidence of true starters.

  529. Nope. He just wanted to keep the media on their feet. Send as many mix messages as possible. When he gets too much heat, he knows what to do.

  530. I do not believe Oram has been very gracious to JLin. I do not agree with him and believe he is very nasty.

  531. BS just trying to cover up for his own deficiencies by deflecting attention from himself.

  532. Lakers and other tanking teams better be aware. When you grow a culture of losing its not so easy to flip the switch. Lin has lost a lot this season. You forget sometimes how to win. I’m afraid this losing season will set Lin back in his ability to win games.

  533. its clear that BS doesn’t care his pg scoring points or not as long as he played good defense and run the plays he wanted his pg to run. But lin has a different approach that makes BS really uncomfortable.

  534. Yeah but when you coach your team to lose and then ask them to win, it’s not so automatic. I hope Lin could protect his mind on how to win. Knight took away the win tonight.

  535. This season it’s over for Lakers. Today it’s different story bc BS wants to beat Kidd so bad that’s why only tonight was not tanking…

  536. lIn’s mindset is that of a winner. Lin played hard good defense, plus he was facilitator role mostly tonight. Something had to give.

  537. So did i win with my prediction of ” off the bench style Linsanity” ?

  538. Dude, stop the drama. How long have you been a lin fan? Lin doesn’t give up…..smh

  539. Not surprised after those prayers he was shooting were answered late.

  540. sorry, I didn’t mean to disparage them.

    But I actually like Clarkson’s talent and Ellington, the rest are good role players but they’re not starters. There’s a reason why role players or rookie start, which is to serve BScott and FO’s agenda of tanking. Normal teams would give rookie consistent 10-15 min off-the-bench to develop them but definitely not start them because they’re simply not ready.

    LA Media like Eric Pincus, LakerNation actually have accepted Lakers is intentionally tanking so that’s why I and many BB fans openly declare Lakers’ agenda.

  541. Not at all, you worry too much

  542. Very A.I.

  543. wow.. what did JLin do that BScott became MDA tonight? lol
    I didn’t get to watch the game due to kids activities but looking forward to watch Q4 replay based on everyone’s comments here!

  544. Thank you brent. Some of these people are off the chain. Lin payed well. He played good hard defense and was mostlyy in the facilitators role tonight

  545. Many JLin fans scares of what’s coming of BS’ comment. I teased and said DNP-CD is coming.

  546. mmm .. if I watch the rerun and it gives me a reason to change my profile picture, maybe you get a win =)

  547. Yeah, like I said, nothing against you or anybody. We all know what’s going on. It’s just sad to see.

  548. wahooo.. DNP-CD 4 trade is much welcome!

  549. Lakers wants to sign Lin this summer. That’s why….

  550. SO…BScott loves lin? jk

  551. so garbage is not insulting?

  552. I highly doubt it.
    The very reason BScott only gives 23-28 min in the past few games is because Lin refuses to tank when he plays. And Lin said himself he played as hard in 1st year of contract and 3rd year of contract.
    Plus we saw pics of Lin studying game films diligently with assistant coaches before road trip, plus extra training sessions.

    So no worries, the facts simply don’t support Lin not playing hard to win. Nick Young might’ve shown that by not playing D well and gave BScott more reasons to bench him.

  553. I don’t think Lin is that type. He’s a winner.

  554. not gonna happen…lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  555. Saw the game with 4 minutes left in regular time. His best game in long time. Win or lose, whether his shots fall or not, he HAS TO play like that. B+.

  556. if that’s true, BScott would have to give consistent 30-35 PT and run offense through him, not just tonight when BScott wanted to beat JKidd. Even then, Lin might be smart enough to decline playing behind Kobe next year.

    I hope until July, Lin will be “open” to consider rejoining Lakers only to say “No thank you” in July =)

  557. I think the playing time for tonight it’s for his own personal reason. But post game said nice about Lin it’s from FO. LOL! After saw Lin’s interview vs NYK, I am not worry bc Lin has very clear mind on his next team ….

  558. I agree, especially with Kobe coming back. Lakers will not be a contending team for at least 5 years.

  559. Obviously one of the best!

  560. Haha! Can’t agree more… Lakers just tried to fool Lin before he signs… smh!

  561. Yeap. For sure, Lakers are tanking. Saw as good indirect evidence as possible this game.

  562. lets see when the time comes

  563. Wow! Did BS sick or what? Haha! FO probably gave him the call about need to be nice to players….PR….LOL!

  564. The winds of change for the new year started on Feb 4. Coincidence? Lol

  565. What dd you mean?

  566. Sensed some changes from Lakers towards Lin. BS praised Lin, Stu turned 180 degree. Humm …

  567. Bc Lin said open option this summer vs NYK post game interview.. LOL!

  568. yeah, I really dislike watching BBall game when the goal is not winning.
    It’s just not right and takes away from the beauty of watching basketball

  569. LINSANITY?!

  570. sending a message?

  571. Lakers’ treatment of Lin is an ad to other potential FAs, even if they know the chance of resigning him is low. Unfortunately, BS has been too afraid of KB to handle the situation smoothly.

  572. Am referring to the Chinese new year of the ram for 2015. According to astrology the new year is on Feb 19 but the winds of change starts on Feb 4. The year of ram is a transformation year for those born in the dragon year just like JLIN.

  573. Well, only if Lakers care about Lin. Even after DNP, I don’t see a thing from Lakers FO other than indirectly giving Lin more PT then is even pathetic to Lin’s needs.

  574. shouldnt that got him benched?

  575. Happy Linsanity anniversary!

  576. Or China said we won’t show Laker games even if Kobe comes back.This somehow has hit the Lakers where it hurts, their pockets…LOL

  577. @JLin7 interview post game vs Bucks. http://t.co/g1W6Kbwky2 pic.twitter.com/4Vxoj2RHyX— Librafree (@Librafree) February 5, 2015

  578. Jeremy’s post game interview

  579. Ok, I will go with that:)

  580. too early to say…anything

  581. Haters always said Lin has only Asian fans.

  582. In deed. Given BS’s credit, you never know.

  583. You mean, Stu Lantz nba commentator who supposedly holds his job because he has expertise of the game, doesn’t know that? So he thinks JLin just likes to dribble and dribble for the heck of it.

  584. If w/o Lin in Lakers next season it’s very likely… Yes. Bc from this season we can tell what Lakers game w Kobe in it … boring & loss all the time.

  585. I don’t question Lin effort. When you don’t win for awhile you could forget how to win. There is a rhythm to winning and to losing. In the heat of the moment good habits have to be like reflexes, you use it or lose it. Games like tonight are good because it keeps Lin winning skills warm. I think knight just took this game away.

    Sometimes you just don’t remember what you did to win games because it has been so long since you did it. Will take some time to relearn. Like any skill or job you haven’t done in awhile you are not so automatic. I know Lin never gives up.

  586. He’s as shameless as Bryant Scott.

  587. I think some had read your writing (message), wrongly…

  588. As Joyce always says, the plot thickens…

  589. Thicken the Plot…It Is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  590. It seems to be something very strange going on with the Laker’s where lin is concerned. Scott did a complete turnaround, saying lin/booze/Young bets players on the team. Stu, from what was being posted on twitter that Stu was very complimentary of lin tonight. Then the tweet from Magic Johnson complimenting on how well they played team ball and throwing shade on Scott by saying Laker’s should have won in regulation…. Something is up…maybe a trade for…It all seems very weird…and the plot thickens., Also ESPN 710 radio saying that lin/booze/young should be starting.

  591. Maybe that tweet that Scott was about to fired was the truth….just sayin…

  592. Who is the host for ESPN 710 radio?

  593. Somebody named Keith, I didn’t listen, but I thin somebody on here posted it

  594. I know sooner or later they will put Lin & Boozer back to starting up bc they want to sign them both this summer.

  595. Wow it’s 3 years already? I don’t usually last in following some famous person’s career, be it an actor/actress or athlete. I tend to lose interest in 6 months or less.. but it’s a personal milestone for me. I lasted more than 2 years following Jeremy’s career.

  596. I personally think that Scott’s little experiment with Clarkson didn’t work out.

  597. He was being pulled in two directions: to tank or to beat Kidd. Follow the mind or follow the heart? The internal conflict surely messed him up. And when the game was finally over, he must’ve breathed a sigh of relief. Onto the next tank game!

  598. Scott is corny. He wanted to beat Jason Kidd so he actually plays Lin tonight to attempt and win the game. Not only Lin, Ed Davis and Boozer can really play. All stuffed on the bench. Load of crap.

    I hate Lin shot 2-12 and got scored on by Knight, but I am glad he didn’t end up being used as Scott’s pawn and unintentionally win the game for Scott.

  599. he isn’t a pg

  600. Joyce, the front office, TWC, and media in LA are so schizophrenic I would not even overthink it until the trade deadline and season are over.

  601. He has to massage the players’ ego a bit because he’s losing the locker room fast.

  602. oh, I get it now.

    Yes, the constant erratic benching, pressure to only facilitate can definitely mess up the rhythm to play ball and win. Let’s hope Lin gets out of this predicament quickly.

    True, the nature of tanking can pre-conditioned players to dull their winning skills despite the player’s best effort. But Lin is a gamer, it might take some time but with regular time, he’ll get it back. He’s been playing most his life so it won’t go away so easily.

    But yeah, sooner than later is better indeed. That’s why I hope for a trade rather than 33 more tanking games. Plus improved FA values

  603. I wonder what was the TV rating for the game with Knicks.

  604. Nobody is over thinking anything. Something obviously is happening because of the sudden shift in politics in Lakers F/O/.What they means, nobody knows

  605. Only local televised so you can’t really compare.

  606. The mavs need jlin to push for playoff deep.

  607. Clarkson is more like a SG. He has no skill in PG. He is more like Ellington.

  608. couldnt have said it better. at least we keep it interesting here in LA

  609. Now it’s a penguin sweater? Did he watch Penguins of Madagascar?

  610. Ya! I saw that.. So Lin has lots of fans in Bucks?

  611. I agree w you. So funny, in MSG, Lin is the only player NY media were interesting to watch or talk about it after the game. LOL!

  612. Every time lin does a post game interview I feel like I’m listening to a real coach.

  613. When a coach makes comments like “lin didn’t play very well” the last game you played, it weights on your mind and it undercuts your confidence; and you need confidence to shoot well. It happened to Swaggy after Scott messed with his mind a month back. Look how long swaggy went into a slump.

    Lin’s been under orders to pass first and facilitate as well. This means he gets very little game flow on offence. This translates into no feel for when to attack and when to step back, when to speed up and when to slow down. Nothing comes easy for Lin because he doesn’t get support from his coach, he doesn’t get offensive sets drawn for him and he never gets any help from his bigs to clear space for drives.

  614. Sad that an NBA coach cannot make such simple decisions. Even a highschool coach can do that.

  615. Weird, the tweet name Boozer but the pic is Lin.

  616. indeed

  617. I agree, that should be their starting line up.

  618. That’s because stu is like BS, they have no understanding of how and why Lin does the things he does. Most guys dribble aimlessly like Harden. More often than not they are just showboating. Lin is seeing into the future waiting for the team movements to create a small window to open.

  619. I would not be mad, Joyce.

  620. What’s in JLin’s hand? Gift from fan?

  621. Yup…he is just probing, and waiting for his mates to move and create an opening or space

  622. amazing, Lin makes time for all these kids and they go onto ignite their own Linsanity. Paying it forward.

    Snarky – what’s with the walls an ceilings … this is real middle American. Love it … practical, not too fancy.

  623. Nope

  624. LOL I have never rooted anyone in the past but now with JLin, 2.5 years. That’s unbelievable in my life:-) Let’s see how long JLin will keep me breaking more record:-)

  625. I do not agree. Lin did not lose his competitive spirit on D leagues and summer leagues. Ppl don’t lose their championship spirit if they have it to begin with.

  626. Really getting weird with the “positives” on JLin. Maybe JLin is about to be traded? Agree the plot thickens….:-) Very intriguing and entertaining to watch what’s coming next:-)

  627. I was wondering why one of the Mav’s PGs was trending briefly on Twitter tonight.
    Yes, they do need help …

  628. tyson like wt..

  629. Simple, its against the rules here, and do refrain from repeating. Thx

  630. These faces couldn’t be more corn-fed middle America and they are THRILLED to be meeting Jeremy. Not only haters say he only has Asian fans, but a lot of posters here seem to have had their doubts. NOT SO.

  631. Picture Time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  632. Lin took the honor of being BS’s Tank Commander. ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually feel pretty good.

  633. More Coming!…

  634. Yes Yes there is more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  635. Good D from Lin!

  636. You could get whiplash trying to follow this guy’s contradictory comments. I’d like to be happy he said something OK about Lin, but it all seems completely untrustworthy.

  637. watching 4th quarter for 1st time. Lin was allowed to play PG tonight. So random, but clearly intentional tonight to let Lin play as real PG. Must be front office directive. Why now why tonight Lakers? I have no clue. Maybe Lin is being auditioned for a trade tonight. I do not believe the Lakers want to keep him around and just woke up and realized Lin felt marginalized all season. And if that is the case, that should be even more of a sign for lin to run away in the summer from the Lakers.

    ANd honestly, I thought he looked pretty darn good in the 4th. Good control and his dribble was tight and there were some real PnR playing with Ed and Booze. Thank God there was no Hill in with Lin. I cannot stand Hill anymore, and Hill was my favorite along with Meeks last season. Pau was the man too but mailed it in last season stuck under MDA who was basically crappy to Pau. I saw the boxscore 2-12 and expected some crappy play but I thought Lin looked ok up till end of 4th Q.

    Now I am about to watch OT, hope I dont change my mind.

  638. Aggressive Lin!

  639. Thats It…Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  640. I know you want more!… ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  641. “Tank You!”

  642. I don’t believe it’s show case to trade Lin bc today it’s 2/4/15… isn’t that a little bit too late? You coach 2 days ago just said Lin played not good & Linsanilty no more….. ?! That sure not the comments for trade.

  643. thanks for the update guys….jmo..maybe lakers want jennings..so Jlin to the Bucks?

  644. huh? come again?

  645. 1 mans treasure = another mans trash

  646. It’s because these guys are all keyboard jockeys and wouln’t dare say that in front of Lin.

  647. Jennings us with Detroit.

  648. I just finished watching an excellent game of basketball in the 4th quarter and OT.

    My Top 10 List of What I Liked:

    1. Jeremy played great defense in Q4 in bodying up his man closely and causing a few TOs as his quickness caused a moving screen by the Bucks as the screener didn’t have time to set up properly.

    2. Jeremy set up half-court offense so well , finding Boozer, decisive to attack the rim knowing Davis will clean up the rebound off his misses. He was an impressive PG in full control of what he wanted to do to set up offense.

    3. As he handled the ball more, Jeremy grew more confident in his decision-making (and 6/6 FTs). A few times Nick Young and Boozer tried to initiate the offense but didn’t work well resulting in TOs and bad shots, so Jeremy didn’t hesitate to try to set up offense more from 4 min down to regulation producing 6 pt lead before BKnight and Mayo got 2 quick 3s.

    4. Nick Young struggled w/ shooting due to many recent DNPs which is understandable. Otherwise, this lineup (Lin/Davis/Boozer/Young/Ellington) could have 8-10pt lead with 1 min left in regulation

    5. Lin didn’t shoot well, probably because he didn’t have many shot attempts before so the shooting rhythm and layups looked a little off. But he was still decisive to attack and set up half-court offense.

    6. Despite little or no easy transition points (like Lin finding Parsons for a breakaway layup in HOU), Lin and the Lakers almost won it closely but the modern game of 3s sunked BScott’s outdated system of rebounds and hustles (plus no perimeter defense + slow Boozer on Mayo’s 3)

    7. Lin got a little tired in OT as he played 20 min straight from Q3 w/ 3:36 left but he was still great in setting up offense in OT. The Bucks just got hot from 3s and the rest of Lakers also ot tired playing hard D

    8. Lin WAS clutch despite the shooting struggle in draining 3 to temporarily silence the crowd with a pull-up 3 to take 94-88 with 36 seconds left in regulation

    9. Lin missed his 3 with 7 seconds left with an airball because he wasn’t ready to shoot it and his legs weren’t set up properly. Down to the last second we can see he was looking to pass to Davis inside but it was a bit too late to set up for a 3pt shot. It was good he didn’t force to pass to Davis inside but next time he could’ve decided to set up to take the shot perhaps 10th of a second faster.

    10. It was quite amazing to see the transformation of Lin setting up half-court offense when he wasn’t as good during his NY days. Back then, he was great in transition offense but not experienced in half-court offense. Lin has came a long way!

    With more rotation time, this lineup would have won a 25-30 games now. If there is transition offense plus 3pt shooting for easy points, they can win 40 games. But then again Lakers is tanking =)

    Great, enjoyable basketball to watch in Q4 and OT. The Bucks got from 3s and BScott outdated system got beaten by JKidd. End of story.

  649. Great Summary Psalm. I was indeed impressed with his D.

  650. and its not hard to explain for we are seeing a player and a PERSON…..as a player he can BALL, and as a person, his personality is so much endearing to see and his life is worth inspiring to follow!

  651. still its odd they let Lin play real PG. Not sure where it’s going to end up what is Lk=aker agenda.

  652. and he will a players coach and a REAL coach when the proper time comes. His knowledge of the game and his fair minded mindset will be a good factor him being one of the best coaches here at NBA or somewhere else.

  653. TRADE!

  654. Possible reasons:-

    1) Pressure from FO?
    2) Trade?
    3) Finally, BScott sees that JC doesn’t have the PG skills?
    4) BScott really wants to win against Bucks (JKidd)?
    5) New rotation change?
    6) Left the game with the hot hands?

  655. Thanks. Great to see Lin back as the true PG in Q4 and OT.
    It makes us appreciate again how well he sees the court to set up beautiful offense when trusted with the ball.
    He simply needs to handle the ball to be effective =)
    Awesome blanket D indeed! Almost like Bruce Bowen (well, 80% Bowen maybe)

  656. Thanks, I missed the game and now I don’t think I missed as much … good post!

  657. I missed the game too but I rewatched Q4 and OT.
    You won’t regret it! :>

  658. lolol

  659. I personally believe it’s only 1 game thing since BScott wanted to beat JKidd badly for getting him fired in NJ Nets long time ago.

    Let’s hope it continues though!

  660. MIL PostGame Thread is open

    Great job by Lin who was so decisive as the floor general in Q4 and OT and drained a clutch 3 despite the shooting struggle.
    Only Bucks hot 3pt shooting designed by JKidd sanked BScott’s outdated 80s system

  661. ok!

  662. Lin could have easily pass to Tsyon for easy bucket.

  663. No kidding around. Both BS and McHale LOVED Lin. They loved his game and knew he could help them win. They either tried to win without him or in the case of BS, purposely lost. That’s why I got so angry at the theory that “BS simply doesn’t like Lin’s game because Lin is introverted and not a leader, blah blah blah.” Nothing could be further from the truth. BS and McHale’s treatment of Lin are based on the most evil of intentions. I will never forgive and never forget.

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