Game 49 LA Clippers vs Atlanta Hawks: Lin Needs His 3-Point Shooting Back For More Trade Interest, Anthony Davis Dominates Trade News

Jeremy Lin finished with 10 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds in 20 minutes of play against Portland Blazers. The Hawks lost 111-120. Jeremy did not shoot particularly well (4-13 FG, 0-2 3FG) in the game in which the Blazers played good defense, especially in the 2nd half in which they outscored the Hawks 57-47.

The Blazers was rumored to be interested to trade for Lin a few weeks ago but they might not be keen to part with a first round pick that the Hawks seek. After a sizzling November in which Jeremy Lin shot 47.9% from 3-point line, he has slowed down with 31.8% in December and 17.2% in January. It is unknown if the back injuries or multiple hard charges he took might have impacted his 3-point shooting. Unless he regains his excellent 3pt-shooting soon before Feb 7 trade deadline, teams might only be willing to trade for 2nd round picks.

After the game, Jeremy Lin had a meet and greet with fans in an event organized by One Day Wages. Jeremy donated his game check to support One Day Wages charity to empower vulnerable children around the globe.

Anthony Davis Requests Trade

Meanwhile, the NBA is buzzed with the news that Anthony Davis, New Orleans star, requested a trade and will not sign a contract extension in the summer. Many suspect he and his agent engineered the request to force the trade to the Lakers to join LeBron James.


  1. Wow, the first poster here. I am amazed. Better buy a Lotto.

  2. We may see more trades as teams are getting ready for AD sweepstake lol.
    There is a chance ATL will be involved in multi-team trade.

  3. Atlanta Hawks: 3 trade possibilities for Jeremy Lin

    3 Sacramento Kings
    2 Orlando Magic
    1 Detroit Pistons
    Orlando could pass on Lin because it seems to be in transition and if it fails to make the playoffs, it has another lottery pick and an enticing trade chip in Aaron Gordon. Detroit, on the other hand, has a ton of money tied up into Griffin, Drummond and Jackson for the foreseeable future and has struggled to hit on draft picks, meaning, there could be more desperation to get a deal done.

  4. Based on a Fansided article:
    Here is a speculative trade for Jlin: Since both trade scenarios involve star starting PG’s for Philly and Boston, if the numbers work out trade Jlin to either Philly or Boston, whoever gets AD. AD and Jlin on the same team with those team’s talent make them championship contenders, in my book, though most critics would say I am overvaluing Jlin. But a ball control, smart PG like Jlin and AD, why not? Best place under these conditions IMO is Philly. Not because I like Philly or Butler but that is a lot of power on that team with AD and someone to control the floor like Jlin can.

  5. Sounds like very legit possibilities. Magics will allow Lin to start right away not sure about Kings they have their own young starting PG. Pistons? Who do they have?

    Is Davis going to Lakers or Raptors? If Magics can get Lin and Davis that would be a dream but I doubt it.

  6. Hope AD sweepstakes for ring chase will help Lin get to a contender with major minutes.

  7. It depends on owners and FO of Pelicans, they should trade and get best package now or wait for Boston. I would trade AD now if I am FO, but demands a very good package in return.

  8. “Trae Young says history will show he is superior to Luka Doncic.” (tweets author’s words)

    “In my eyes, it’s not a question — it’s going to be me,” Young said when asked who would be seen as the better player in five to 10 years. “But that’s just the competitive nature in my blood, and I think that’s the no-brainer with me.” (young’s words)

    (source is they who must not be named or clicked upon via. hoopshype).

  9. Jeremy!!!

  10. Never mind

  11. Proves my point that GMs are like sheep that only follow others.

  12. Orlando and Detroit are the best destination for Lin in this list.

  13. Why does Lin keep having to promote shoes with Harden’s logo? Those one day wage shows has Harden’s logo right?

  14. It’s AD, Championship teams will be scrabbling to get him. Honestly it’s really between Raptors and Lakers. Raptors might lose Leonard after this season. It’s now or never.

  15. Multi-team deal is a possibility with Anthony Davis requesting a trade, possibly to join LeBron in the Lakers.

    Would the Hawks be involved? Perhaps we will hear more multi-trade scenario involving Lin, Dedmon, Bazemore in the next few days

  16. in mind opinion luka is superior, not because i’m lin fan or whatever.. it’s just based on performance alone ..AND size.. luka’s size can take over games and dominate inside due to his size… trae is trying to be curry by shooting half court..he doesn’t have size. he doesn’t have speed. what does he have?

  17. Pre-Game Research:


    (Trae has gotten less bad when paired with JLin and John Collins recently, but the DRating of defensive tandem of JLin and John Collins when Trae isn’t on court has also improved recently)

  18. I know! I thought jlin had some addidas shoes… but that guy?? Smh

  19. Lol

  20. The only thing is we haven’t heard any source about Detroit’s interest in Lin but we never know. Blake Griffin is unhappy so maybe they’ll try to get a real PG there.

    Davis might want to go to the Lakers but no idea how the deal can happen. I doubt ADavis wants to go to Magic. Most likely he wants another star like LeBron

  21. He wants LeBron, that is why he switched agent to Paul Rich

  22. @JLin7 practice pregame vs Clippers. Let’s go, and find out your hot 🖐️#ATLHawks

  23. He has nothing but words.

  24. Good point. It has been planned indeed.

  25. How is Beverly still a starting PG in this league ?

  26. I did make a post a while back saying Detroit would be a decent landing spot for Lin. And for the Pistons, a low usage, high IQ facilitating PG with decent shooting percentage like Lin would be an upgrade over Reggie Jackson…

  27. clippers announcers: its a home game for lin

  28. Lin might go back to the Lakers if they get AD

  29. Lin’s 3 looking good.. top of key .. splash

  30. yep

  31. links pls

  32. here it is from reddit nba stream

  33. thanks

  34. prince is messing up everythng

  35. Total bs that was a flop by Pat Bev!! Lin didn’t even touch him!

  36. yea

  37. Worst is now he’s in the bench lineup messing up Lin’s plays instead of Trae’s!

  38. clippers play good defense. Lin need to be careful passing

  39. Trae has been playing very well and confident. There were people who felt sorry for him few months ago? Really? Not me, not with all the green light to develop and play as he pleases.

    I feel sorry for Lin. This season both Russell and Dinwiddie got more green light and minutes to play and shoot than he ever did with that two-faced team.

    KA took away his PnR and limited his strength and minutes like every coach after MDA. Motion offense also caused more strain and injuries.

  40. Funny how announcers were making excuses for Trae’s lack of assist to points ratio. Saying how he lacks talent around him and then he makes a TO where his pass is read and stolen. Right….

  41. yep. Jeremy was like that too in brooklyn

  42. yeah heard that too lol

  43. i hope jeremy goes crazy tonight. problem is P. bev is guarding him

  44. thats not the same pbev

  45. They’re not fooling anyone. Also the way they were praising and drooling over Doncic you’d think they were the opponents’ feed lol. Yup all these Hawks media and GM must have buyers’ remorse! They’re like gosh I wish we had Doncic who’s amazing. LMAO

  46. With the way Trae’s been playing I doubt Lin would get that many minutes he just needs to take 12+ shots and make most of them.

  47. yeah nobody’s guarding trae

  48. right down the lane. its crazy. trea doing as he pleases

  49. Clippers are too focus on Lin and letting the rookie score

  50. these are easy layups for trea. clippes need to put someone else on him

  51. They’re not even focused on Young. Thinking let him shoot for the loss. Trae taking advantage of the soft defense. They’ll readjust and start guarding him tighter.

  52. Lin with 3 great possessions. 2 FTs, easy midrange J, drawing foul

  53. 10 pts in 10 min. Great assertiveness by Lin.
    Lin/Len is a joy to watch

  54. prince 0-5 0 points

  55. jeremy should have more than one assist

  56. Beverly just can’t help try and defend Lin as aggressively as allowable. He’s already tripped Lin a couple of times. Not safe.

  57. yea i saw that

  58. Lin simply need to take better care of the ball, way too many turnovers.

  59. but I like his aggressive moves

  60. some dropped len passes and got stuck in air. len also didnt jump for one pass

  61. he should have shot that three

  62. Trae is getting better

  63. i agree.

  64. he scores easily

  65. clippers not playing good defense on him. i dont get the easy layups. maybe respecting his threes way too much

  66. Carter with Naruto running pose after shot…lol

  67. nobody’s watching this game. so quiet in here

  68. Blazers highlights

  69. Len is good guy, and good friend for Lin.
    But, he’s definitely not my favorite big to work with Lin. He’s okay. Not great. Not as butterfingers as Asik. But for a big guy, he doesn’t power up enough. And not that good with securing the ball in traffic. He’s no Ed Davis.
    I would be curious to know how many Lin assists Len has missed. Check it out later.

  70. true…as for the hoop and passes from Lin, LEN is not reading as expected….he probably need to more practice time with LIN

  71. by hook or crook he made his perception in selling his defensiveness

  72. Honestly it looks like the Hawks aren’t tanking anymore. They are only 5 games from actually having a playoff chance. All they need to do is give Lin the start alongside Trae and playoff birth would be sealed. There’s no reason to tank just to draft overrated Zion. If Hawks’ GM is really that smart he should draft Rui Hachimura.

  73. I see Beverley being a royal “*$#&”…..such a great defender (sarcasm), why is he used on Lin so much?

  74. Ed Davis certainly has better hands and touch around the rim than Len.
    But he’s a little bigger and the most reliable big men in the Hawks to partner with Lin around the rim so he’s good in my book 🙂

  75. Because Clippers, media, and refs truly drank the Rockets Koolaid and believes he’s a great defender lol. Worst is the refs actually give him the calls when he flops, total bs.

  76. And he reads well…how JL moves

  77. That’s the NBA. Ridiculous. NBA history has shown over and over again that many “superstars” were NOT lottery picks. With quite a few high picks that end up being busts.
    So, why do they still tank? I just don’t get it.
    I think the Hawks have developed pretty fast. Lin doing too good a job? LOL.

  78. man, that was a wide-open 3 for Lin 🙁
    his pull-up 3 is better, I think

  79. I doubt Lin’s “mentored” anymore. All he does is preach and get them to play as a team. More like Trae’s finally playing within himself and stopped the extended brick bombs. He’s been surprising efficient. Huerter on the other hand has fallen cold. I don’t see why Hawks can’t give Lin at least 6th man minutes if they aren’t trading him.

  80. Lin missing open 3’s. 🙁 You can tell he’s not in rhythm when he’s shooting it…..

  81. man lin’s shooting has been terrible

  82. He’s barely getting passed the ball for open shots. He also didn’t take shots for several minutes.

  83. AND ONE!!!!!!! Stop whining Bev.

  84. lol .. “Bev, you can’t whack a guy in the head”

    And-1! yessss

  85. I was kidding….

  86. LMAO Bev trying to argue after hitting Lin’s head haha!

  87. You think? I’m not as sure…. 🙁

  88. And he tried arguing he wasn’t, Bev still thinks he’s in the corrupted Rockets where he can whack Lin and get away! Seriously suspect Rockets buy home refs!

  89. rermember when bev said he and lin were basically brothers

  90. You know who I like on the Hawks to play with LIn? At least, in the limited minutes that I’ve seen them play together….
    Alex Poythress, the two-way guy.

  91. he argued to the ref that his hand got fouled by Lin’s head 😀

  92. “His head fouled my hand, ref!” LOL

  93. he was trying to trip lin too son of a gun

  94. I never bought that for a minute! Bev shoe shines to get on people’s good side. He got what he deserved when traded. Rivers was dumb enough to sign the loser who just ruins his team giving up all those fouls.

  95. He was saying how he didn’t hit his head on purpose, yea right!

  96. yeah it’s off

  97. You guys are slooooow. The game is on NBATV.
    Actually, very annoying. The NBA TV crew keeps chattering about everything in the NBA except what’s happening on the court.

  98. HaHa.

  99. I got the same live feed but it’s trade season…announcers are really boring, all they do is hype other players and Trae.

  100. lin should have more than three assist

  101. he should know a foul is a foul, no matter how well-intentioned it was .. smh

  102. Did they stole one from him again?

  103. With Bev it’s NEVER well intentioned lol.

  104. Come on Lin, let’s do some stat padding if you can…

  105. he has 4 assists on espn boxscore

  106. lin’s out.. good night!

  107. honestly wish lin woulda drove more

  108. Well, there goes the stat-padding.
    Candace Parker the only one who gave Lin props. Said it was good to see him back on the court after the season ending injury.

  109. Clippers making adjustment and Young only 4 pts in 2nd half

  110. Lin’s out and the wheel might start to come off here. Offensive flow isn’t good

  111. Beverly highest minute on Clippers team, on 1-5 shooting including 0-3 from 3

  112. he’s not there for offense lol

  113. he’s there to slow down Len lol

  114. yea they was plying no defense without him. not that he has made a difference

  115. jeremy needs new shoes….he slips all the time

  116. LMAO Hawks lead goes down the min Lin is out! Lin was just standing on the bench and watching the play unfold before putting his shirt on and finally sitting down. He knew he should be out there closing not benched.

  117. Anyone notice Lin bobbles a lot of passes that come to him?

  118. len?

  119. Lin and Len

  120. Leave Lin out any longer and Clipper might come back and steal this lol.

  121. Clippers 8-0 run since Lin’s out

  122. What happened to not tanking?
    I think they are still more concerned with development than winning.
    If they win with the young guys, great. Otherwise, they don’t care.

  123. 8 pt game, watch whether LP puts Lin back in… lol This will go to OT or be a loss if they don’t.

  124. i dont notice it for lin but do big tme for len. t maybe bev harassing him. they were trapping lin alot

  125. depends it LP wants to win or not lol

  126. Lin not in. lol good luck…

  127. What do you guys think about Collins’ defense?
    Eye-test, I think he’s only so-so.

  128. Silly inbound violation .. you leave rookies at crunch time, here we go

  129. Lin’s got 13 and 4 in 24 mins. I think it’s good enough for tonight.

  130. man, Trae takes a lot of BAD shots

  131. Young misses looooong bomb “Shot selection probably not optimal there….”

  132. Trae with the worst shot selection .. wow
    No passes, 6 feet behind 3pt line, no passes

  133. LMAO Trae with the wannabe Curry bomb and miss.

  134. trea is a volume shooter

  135. can’t blame him he’s the franchise

  136. Trae somewhat redeemed himself with penetration and dished to Dedmon for the dunk.
    But wow, that shot selection though

  137. barely got through

  138. Everyone knows that and the wannabe Curry. Not going to last as the starting PG.

  139. Even the announcers were stunned. it was a horrible shot.

  140. Hahahaha…..can’t believe he took another bad shot again! Except he made it this time……

  141. hawks will lose alot because of that shot

  142. When you have the green light to shoot long bombs and not get yelled at.

  143. Yup. Very GREEN. I was just going to say that.

  144. he got lucky there .. he was 1-6 before he made it
    Still a poor decision-making there

  145. its neon

  146. thats losing basketball.

  147. Or get their wannabe Curry. Shoot enough of those and Trae will gain confidence and practice enough to be the 2.0 they want… They will give him that for seasons just to prove the GM was right.

  148. The NBA TV crew keeps criticizing Young’s bad shots selection.

  149. treys long shot is a parlor trick. its all for show and will lose alot of games

  150. They’re all high on Doncic and dislikes how TY is getting those unlimited long bombs that not even Curry gets.

  151. yeah, since it went in, he’ll keep trying next game and loses more than he wins

  152. True but shoot enough and he will gain confidence to make them consistently eventually. Hawks aren’t looking to win any time soon.

  153. steph never shot those. only when extremely hot. no other option

  154. NBA TV crew said Lloyd Pierce probably yelled at him for the previous shot, yet he still had the confidence to take the shot again.

  155. LOL.

  156. the odd thing is he had to take those long 3s because he’s too short
    But he’s not Curry, if he keeps shooting low % in the 2nd year, he’ll be in trouble

  157. no impossible. steph dont make those consistently and he only does it when hot. trey take 3 a game

  158. Exactly why Trae has so many haters, wannabe Curry, unfair green light for long bombs whenever he wants. Any team would have the coach screaming.

  159. True but fans won’t care about how many he takes only if he makes them. Just like they don’t care about lack of defense for so many fake stars.

  160. trae gave prince a TO

  161. Can’t wait until TY is demoted. I bet GM is kicking himself for choosing TY over Doncic who’s no.2 fan favorite behind Lebron. They could’ve been intent playoff contenders.

  162. Beverley the hot shot defender. 38 minutes. A mere +2.
    Lou Williams 4 for 17.

  163. LP was talking to Trae for a while so maybe he said something about the 1st shot

  164. Prince waste enough possessions so I get it’s even.

  165. kid has no future if thats what he does. ts a parlor trick. losing gets people fired. teams wont put up with it. as a rookie guess its ok but i doubt that last

  166. Unless he getter at picking his spots and not volume shoot. He’s got the range just not the discipline to use it properly. Steph curry didn’t become who he is foe 3 years. He’s a rookie pushing too hard to “be better than Doncic”. Can you all just imagine if Jlin would have got the green light TY has to play through his errors? Just goes to show you there is a little luck mixed in with skills and work ethic

  167. huerter 5 points 30 mins haha

  168. The Hawks will keep putting up with it. They have to. Because they didn’t take Doncic.
    At least until they find another draft pick who can replace Young.

  169. Will Hawks still trade Lin if they decide to make a push for playoffs? Because that’s what it looks like right now in the weak Eastern conference.

  170. i also have to state lin is making trey look better then he is. Ln s controlling the momentum n the game. whch helps trey. why hawks asking price high for lin. wanna see how he looks with no ln to play the tough moments.

  171. Like I said, Huerter’s gone cold while Trae got hot. Huerter also gotten less minutes and touches especially less minutes with Lin giving him open looks.

    Any player with Lin instantly shoots better including Prince!

  172. I am worried about J’s 3 point shot

  173. that last sentence is a big one

  174. With these Trae’s wild shot selection, I’m concerned the Hawks won’t let Lin go without 1st round pick. They might need Lin to continue mentoring Trae.

    Let’s hope not.

  175. i am not, he will find it the soonest it is needed..right now its trae’s team and such display doesn’t get much appreciation. Lets wait till Jlin becomes who he really is..when needed.

  176. I was referring to ED…you dont think so?

  177. i thnk his legs are tired

  178. risk/ reward. lin will leave. what will trey do next year

  179. This game was on NBA TV. I’m not surprised the Hawks tried harder to win. Played a lot of pick and roll.

    Young took 18 shots, the MOST on team, by +6. Also highest scorer. Hawks definitely needed to make him look good tonight.

  180. Lin got 13 point which is good but this had to be one of the worst game Lin played lately.
    Was very sloppy on the ball and was throwing the ball to the other team….Also missed wide open 3’s which is disheartening.

    Compare to the Blazers game where he looked very confident on the ball, in this game, it felt like he had greasy palms….Hope he can play with more confidence next game.

  181. Who cares, I won’t be back to this tanking team

  182. i disagree.

  183. At least he’s taking them 1-4 I’d take it. It will come to him eventually. Limited minutes and no open looks. He will work on it after games to get it back.

  184. he doesn’t trust his catch-and-shoot 3s now. Didn’t look good when he’s about to release them.

    It’s almost like the ball is slipping. Perhaps the grip or too much palm, I’m not sure why

  185. Agree acupuncture means he has pain or issues.

  186. i thnk they have to get something for lin.

  187. With AD in the trade mix the trade combos could be pretty interesting. I think it enhances ATL’s hand to get some good assets as it might take 3 teams for someone to get A

  188. He needs his November confidence

  189. Did you even watch the game? Lin played great with the limited minutes and passes he gets. Everything Lin got was done on his own with no help. He took what was given and 4, 3 point attempts means he’s not shying away from it. Compared to last game, Lin played much better and confident.

  190. There were very good stretches for Lin in this game when he made the right decision in 3 straight possessions, drawing 4 FTs, controlling the tempo.

    He really stabilized the Hawks offensive flow, giving touches to Len, Vince Carter, getting them going.

    His 3s might not fall but his biggest strength is controlling the tempo, drawing fouls, and get his teammates going. Not wasting possessions with bad decision-making.

  191. Hawks also make Young look confident on nationally televised and high profile games. They need to redeem themselves for passing on Doncic who Young will never be better than.

  192. from what i saw, he;s not..he’s confidently stabilizing hawk team. (even to the point of giving a huge margin before being subbed on the 4thQ..if LP just give Lin more minutes before being subbed, i believe if will be a comfortable game for TY down the time

  193. let’s hope so. Lin needs to get a good showing in the playoff so he can shed his backup PG label once again

  194. For the record, Lin has not mentored Trae what so ever that is obvious! All Lin’s done is tell them to play as a team. Rookies are smart, Trae and Huerter learn just by watching Lin up close. I wish Lin could learn Vince Carter’s 3 point shooting skills.

  195. He’s probably thinking about it too much as he’s releasing the ball.

  196. When he made that first one, I thought it was a good sign. It was actually more contested than the other wide open ones.
    Again, will take a look at stats again later. See how well he shoots different shots.

  197. thats what i can’t understand with some poster here, They asking Lin to take more shots, yet when he does, they will disheartened when it is not falling..LOL!

  198. that might be the case. just thinking too much about it

  199. by leaps and bounds the comparison..i agree.

  200. Typical Lin, made contested shots is what made his career. Lin looks confident, not worried, legs probably not there due to previous injury.

  201. Young should be worried. Whoever they draft this off season will take his green light mantle! Won’t be surprised if he’s benched to build around the new draft and Collins.

  202. Exactly! What Lin needed to change was his mind set about take more shots. So long as he’s taking them he’s on his way to an all star mindset. It’s about the quality of the look and shot, not whether he makes them. Lin used to think he needed to make most of his shots if not he should stop shooting, totally wrong! You can’t shy away from shots and expect to become a star player. Now that Lin’s changed, once his 3s start following, watch out!

    Look at all these rookies, Huerter, Collins, and Trae, all these ridiculous shots and no remorse what so ever.

  203. 13mil, they better make playoffs if not it’d be wasted for nothing if Lin isn’t traded.

  204. It lasted for Harden, Walker, Lillard, and so many shot chuckers. Unless GM drafts a legit player to build around over the fake Trae Young he will be propped up. Can’t wait to see what happens next season. TY will either get a wake up call or continue being propped up.

  205. I highly doubt LP yelled at him, if he did TY wouldn’t have taken another 3 point bomb.

  206. that’s what he thinks lol. Hawks will hype him until they find a legit one in the many 1st round drafts they have.

  207. He will be fine. Just think about his overall shooting for the first 15 games, which were worrisome.

  208. Lin got everyone going tonight, Vince, Prince, Len, were all making shots amazing. Almost had a deja-vu of Knicks except he’s not the main PG. Lin can make any lineup work so long as those players buys in.

  209. Here’s an example in the 2nd quarter how Lin took over the momentum in 4 straight possessions by patiently dribbling down the middle and slowing down to get fouled from behind (2FTs), assist from Len for 8-foot pull up jumpshot, then drawing foul again to get 2 FTs, then assisted Len.

    8-3 run to make it 59-53 might not seem much but he got Len going, exploited Clippers to be in foul trouble, and most importantly giving momentum to the Hawks.
    Note: There’s another example in the 2nd half how he fed Vince Carter and got him going from 3s but you can find it yourself 😀

    3:30 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander shooting foul 51 – 50
    3:30 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 1 of 2 52 – 50
    3:30 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 2 of 2 53 – 50
    3:22 Tobias Harris misses 15-foot pullup jump shot 53 – 50
    3:18 Alex Len defensive rebound 53 – 50
    3:06 Jeremy Lin makes 8-foot pullup jump shot (Alex Len assists) 55 – 50
    2:51 Marcin Gortat traveling 55 – 50
    2:45 Avery Bradley personal foul 55 – 50
    2:45 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 1 of 2 56 – 50
    2:45 Jeremy Lin makes free throw 2 of 2 57 – 50
    2:38 Tobias Harris makes 27-foot three point jumper (Lou Williams assists) 57 – 53
    2:21 Alex Len makes two point shot (Jeremy Lin assists) 59 – 53

  210. yes, he’s much better than in 2012. Notice he backed out a few times when Clippers tried to double-team and trap him. Young Lin would’ve forced to drive to the rim resulting in some TOs.

    Very controlled with dribble-drive, drawing fouls with shot-clock running out. We really need to see him being the main floor general for playoff-caliber team

  211. Refs were surprisingly sincere tonight minus the flop calls for Bev. They gave Lin back to back FTs which is rare to see. Usually they cheat Lin’s fouls bo matter the contact.

  212. Not sure if that would happen. If Hawks wants to make a push for playoffs they might not trade Lin. They are 4-5 games from 11th and 10th seed.

  213. Ooops, thought you were talking about Len….
    Okay, YES, big ED!!!! Now you’re talking!!!

  214. Hm, that’s a good point. I guess it’s possible. That might totally change the game.
    With recent winning streaks, the Hawks might decide to keep Lin if they think playoff is within reach.

    I wonder if the Hawks will think playoff now

  215. I just checked that the Hawks (16-33) is 8 games behind the 8th place Hornets (24-25). A bit too far back. With 33 games left, the Hawks would have to put together 4-5 winning streak; I’m not sure if it’s feasible. I guess we’ll have to see how this road trip ends for the Hawks.

  216. yes, refs were surprisingly pretty fair tonight

  217. Lin has been playing great, for the role, and the minutes, that he has been given.
    But, I think, for Lin, being the starter, playing more consistent minutes will help him get into a rhythm sooner. Also, getting the extra time to get the feel of how the defense plays, probing to see what the defense gives him. Would allow him to be even more productive.
    He really deserves to get one more chance to be a starter, or at the very very least, be a 6th man. And play to win.

  218. WHAAAAT? Not according to Bev! lol….

  219. This is why I am not so sure that other teams will trade for LIn.
    Some teams are starting to slip out of reach of playoffs. The ones who are winning may feel they don’t need him after all. Only a few teams left after that.
    The buy-out market might be the way teams want to go to shore up for playoffs. Why give up assets?

  220. JLin 3 Pt % stats for the season so far (Tracking stats from

    Tightly defended (defender 2-4 ft): 30%
    Open (4-6 ft): 44%
    Wide-Open (+6 ft): 19%

    Catch & Shoot: 34%
    Pull-Ups: 33%
    Off the dribble (1 dribble): 40%
    Off the dribble (3-6 dribbles): 38%

    Frequency of each type of shot also listed.

  221. It was a close call down the stretch. In today’s NBA, with the 3 pointers, and with guys like Lou Williams and Tobias Harris. The 16 point margin, with 5 minutes to go, is not all that much. Lin could have stayed in a little longer. It was risky.

    But I guess Pierce wanted the young guys to learn to close out these games. And almost couldn’t make it. Bad possessions. The lucky bounce for the offensive rebound saved them.

  222. Highlights

  223. Didn’t realize it was Chinese Heritage Night at Clippers. No wonder the loud cheers when Lin checked in.

    Here’s JLin with all his friends. Good for him. Happy to see him happy.

    Did Lin ever get that kind of reception going back to Lakers?

    Maybe Lin should go to the Clippers. LOL.

  224. Man, that Pat Bev. He looked like he was trying to kill somebody. He was going after Lin there was no tomorrow. Good thing Lin didn’t get hurt.

    GREAT GAME FROM LIN. (And Len had good game too. Right after I said he’s no Ed Davis. Sorry Alex.)

  225. The And-One foul from PBev, from different angles, PBev whining. Good thing Lin didn’t get hurt.

    Like I said, this guy should be suspended sometime somewhere.

  226. “Loudest cheers of the night in Staples are for that Lin 3. Heavy pro-Lin crowd tonight.”

  227. Tweet by NBA. Video from NBA TV. “Possibly an UNNECESSARY Play….Pat Bev….You can’t whack a guy in the head”.

    Yeah, so is the NBA doing anything about it? Shouldn’t that have been a flagrant one?

  228. More from Lin friend (father of Hudson Yang, Fresh-Off-the-Boat). “We’re at the Clips for Chinese American Night and half the crowd is rooting for one guy on the other team (including us)”

  229. Have not been able to catch the show. (Hangs head in guilt.)

    But, wow, Hudson Yang has GROWN.

  230. Atlanta Hawks Jeremy Lin After Win Over Clippers

    “It was mayhem while I was warming up…Fans wearing every jersey I’ve ever had…Me and ALen have a good chemistry going…”

  231. Last, but not least, Mama Lin at the game. Awwwwww…..

    jlin7: IG “A solid win on Chinese Heritage Night!! In front of my #1 fan MamaLin who flew down for the game! Praising God everyday for my healthy knee and body and my fam, cant take that for granted. Lastly, you LA fans are wild lol. Turned Staples into a home game…much love for all the love you showed me tonight #ATL #mamasboy #westcoast”

  232. maybe not bench because Lin will no longer be a hawk, but will be in tghtrope to deliver otherwise…

  233. Lin had 4 turnovers in 24 minutes which is a lot and it included 2 very bad ones….., missed 2 wide open 3’s(including a air-ball)…..1 for 4 from 3 points….The ball was slipping a lot out of his hands..He looked uncomfortable handling the ball tonight…Lin only shot 3 for 8 FG.

    In my opinion, he did not play well in compare to the previous game against Portland.

    Getting to the free throw lines is what saved the day but after that, he really didn’t do much and I doubt teams scouting him will be too impress by this particular game.

    I edit every game and I believe he played much better in the last game against Portland where he did not turn the ball over at all and was easily getting to the rim but his shot was simply not falling…He had 6 assist and 0 turnovers..

  234. JLin / Trae Young backcourt pairing must have really been popping yesterday, because their Net Rating with John Collins also on floor finally turned positive for season yesterday (and was significantly negative prior to game, too):

    ➡️!?LineupIDs=202391~1628381&VsLineupIDs=1629027&TeamID=1610612737&VsTeamID=1610612737&sort=NET_RATING&dir=1 ( )


    [side note: Lou Williams started to heat up early in Q4, but Lloyd Pierce pulled Trae and Lin led unit had a really nice extended defensive stand that helped open up 16 point lead. Lin pulled so Trae presumably could learn how to close out games for Hawks, but Clippers quickly eroded lead and made game very competitive final few minutes of game. And even though Lin’s shot is still not in rhythm, I thought he played a very, very nice floor game against the Clippers yesterday]

  235. With doc rivers and Bev there no thanks.

  236. Well there 12th seed in a weak eastern conference so why not? I think after Doncic, GM (forgot his name) might’ve woken up about tanking for overrated Zion.

    Not worth tanking for a guy who can only drive to the rim. Like I said a smart GM would draft Rui Hachimura who can do everything and be the main ball handler.

  237. NBA 2019/1/29 LA Clippers 快艇vs老鷹 Atlanta Hawks Jeremy Lin林書豪13分 必發網

  238. Clipper have good ball stealers, Trae had way more TOs than Lin. No one cares about TOs when you’re making great plays and scoring well. MDA didn’t care so neither should Lin! TOs are just a way for haters to dismiss him when other players and Stars have the same issues.

    Those who don’t have TOs are those like Trae who gives easy assists and doesn’t give everyone open shots.

    You also have to remember with the ever changing lineup Lin won’t have perfect chemistry with his team.

  239. Lin said on IG live feed he leads the league in face slaps, tied with Vince Carter with a clip of the Pat Bev foul. 😂 that should’ve been flagrant. League needs to start handing out flagrants fouls to protect Lin.

  240. Lin needs to man up and at least try to go after pat Beverley after that dirty foul. His inaction speaks volume about being a victim of bullying/intimidation. Very similar to jason kids dirty foul on lin in 2012. Players shows no respect/fear of consequences against lin.

  241. Lin as decoy has been the gameplan since Mchale. Opposing teams are coached and prepared to defend Lin. Did you see the last play at the Raptor’s game when Trae went at Kawhi for the win? Lol. Lin was in the corner and he was guarded so tightly by his defender, and even though Trae was driving to the hoop, he made no effort to even help!

  242. Lin should have punch Beverly in the face after the dirty play.

  243. That would definitely give Lin street cred.

  244. Ever since NYK let Miami mug Jlin towards the end of Linsanity in 2012 I have said his teammates do not back him up. Same thing in CHA where he helped so many players no one stepped up as he got mugged repeatedly. Tyler Hansbrough would have been a good “enforcer” but he kept his hands in his pocket. Al Jefferson said good things about Jlin but did not defend his teammate. Jlin needs a Charles Oakley and then people will stop f*****g with him. Either that or he needs to do it himself. Its a team game. When you assault a teammate you assault all. It would be perfect if Jlin got traded to LA Clippers and Pat Bev went to a tanking ATL

  245. Yep, it is clear when PBev could not block Lin, he hit his face, this should be a flagrant.

    NBA should protect its players, if not, Lin fans should do something.

  246. NBA is not protecting, then we Lin fans should do something about it

  247. NBA is not protecting Lin

    Is there anything we Lin fans could do to force NBA to do it????

  248. That slap was unnecessary

    and PBev used to say he is Lin’s brother???

  249. Total BS, PBev also went after Lin the season after Lin faced Rockets. Wanted to prove he was better, lol dream on.

  250. Well Len did give Bev a hard shove when going to the rim so I guess that was payback. The worst foul I saw was when Bledsoe gave Lin that extra push after a foul and Lin just gave him a stare down. That was the most angry he ever was. Any other player including Trae would’ve gotten in that player’s face after.

  251. Doc River is a racist so no thanks.

  252. It’s embarrassing to be shown up by the Asian player that’s why. I truly hope Yuta Watanabe will get the start and respect as a main ball handler soon. He’s 6’9” and versatile not easily hit unless it’s a blatant foul. He also got hard fouled in G league for the last game and play but no whistle, ridiculous. He ran to the ref and argued then was pulled away quickly. Everyone gets cheated including Lebron, nose bleed, no foul. Refs rule the league

  253. Pat Beverly said how blessed he was to get to know JLin…What happened to PB?

  254. Yo do realize that was all just sweet talk to get on his good side right? Bev ignored Lin the moment he stole his starting PG spot.

  255. a close parsing of recent games stats seeking possible favorable trends in a generally unfavorable jan lin statistical performance

    group 1 stats the 4 games from 1/9 thru 1/19
    group 2 stats the 4 games from 1/21 thru 1/28

    or: the most recent 4 games v. the previous four games.

    group 1
    fg% 28%
    3pt% 0% (ouch)
    pts/assists 9.5/4.3

    group 2
    fg% 45%
    3pt% 31%
    pts/assists 13.3/4

    so: last 4 games v previous 4 games his overall % is way up and back to something within range of (actually slightly above) career numbers; his 3 point shooting is still not great but certainly better than 0! (4 for 13 v 0 for 13) and his scoring has increased almost 30% while his assists have basically remained consistent.

    note: his minutes have remained relatively consistent thru both groupings so i have not used that as a variable however important i think to note now 9 strait games of 20 minutes or more where as previously to this there had not been more than 3 such this season.

    be interesting to see what the next sequence of 4 games brings.

    one more note: despite a poor jan shooting lin’s overall shooting % for the year bouyed by that incredible nov. is still far and away the highest of his career (47% vs. carreer 43.6 and with highest previous season below 45%)

    ok one more note: for those perpetual complainers lin isn’t “shooting enuf”; he is shooting at a higher rate in terms of shots per time on the court than his career average.

    obviously he can’t shoot if he’s not on the court.

    and altho his current season average minutes are the lowest ever his average minutes recently (over last 9 games) are within range of his career minutes and in contradiction to the “trade lin” crew i frankly dont see anywhere else he would have a likelyhood of getting more minutes than he is getting currently (in atl. last 9 games).

    a side note on hawks season: first 29 games 6-23
    last 20 games 10-10

  256. 20 mins is hardly enough compared to when he was getting 32mins. Honestly if Hawks were playing to win which they still can and make the playoffs I don’t mind Lin staying. But, if Hawks are tanking get him off this team now.

  257. he lucky to be a starter .. look at his stats.. it’s horrible for a starter.

  258. and he doesnt’ handle the ball.. number 23 did.

  259. why would they

  260. why? and how you know

  261. One of Patrick Beverley’s attempted flops (vs. Sac Kings) got singled out by the NBA Officials. I guess it was a textbook case …

  262. It is a little unfair that the media compared him to Curry. I wonder if Trae bought into that a little and took more bombs from the hash mark. Dude needs to find his own game.

  263. Trae Young had 1 turnover and 8 assist last night..Great assist to turnover ratio.

    Trae Young shot 10 for 18 FG and he had total control of the ball.

    Trae does get full benefit of the doubt, unlike Lin but this is unfortunately what Lin has to deal with.

    My standard for Lin is high but that’s simply because I would like to see him get a chance to start again which is probably unlikely.

  264. When Clippers were to play in China for preseason, Rivers was very unhappy about it and made a comment something like if it were Rome he could understand, but China???

    Can you believe someone says things like this publicly?

    But once he got to China and saw how modernized China is now, he changed his tone totally. SMH

  265. Lonzo Ball said he would not play for Pelicans if traded there.

    He is only 2nd year into NBA and could say things like that and no one dare to say a thing to chastise him.

    Can Lin do it without being blamed? NO

  266. And when Clippers defense really tightened up in second half of yesterday’s game, I thought JLin needed to be free to pull up for three pointer [ ] after temporarily losing his defender with those two staggered screens Hawks were setting for him to get free from Patrick Beverley. When defense can’t wait for him in the paint, but now has to truly read and react and charge out to contest his shot, that will open up paint for simple passes for layups and slam dunks by bigs just like during Linsanity.

    He’s been good at squaring up off dribble to his right or left, then pulling up for three from either wing, or to a lesser extent, top of the key for several seasons now.

    (Issue was always pulling up straight into three pointer from top of key, though he and David Nurse seemed to have fixed that season with the Nets: )

  267. I honestly doubt the Pelicans will trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers because of how Lebron was low-key lobbying Davis to make a transfer request so he can join him…Lebron also had dinner with Davis when N.O was in L.A to play the Lakers.

    I’m sure the Pelican F.O wasn’t too happy about that and I believe they would rather trade AD to the East so they won’t have to play against him too many time in the West…He’ll be traded to Boston even if Lakers can offer a bit more.

  268. In the Blazers post-game meet & greet, Lin shared he thought about retirement before the season in response to a fan’s question about how he found hope again among many disappointment. He shared that a closed circle/family, faith (Romans 8:28) helped him through dark times.

    As Lin fans, we ought to be thankful that Lin is playing at all this season after this miraculous comeback. If he thought about retiring, there must’ve been such setback physically before and at the beginning of the season that he considered retirement.

    “Lin said he’d considered retiring at the beginning of this season & that he’d four more injuries from trying to come back to health. Nothing comes easy for dude.”

  269. “Pelicans forward Anthony Davis has been fined $50,000 by the NBA after his agent, Rich Paul, violated a rule prohibiting players or their representatives from making public trade demands.”–(sportscenter)

  270. LOL, they should change the rule to $5M fine so everyone including the super stars (including LeBron) will shut up.

  271. How is he still in the league

  272. Someone said it’s the equivalent of paying $100 for someone who earns $50K/year

    Also, “this is like when you have to pay an extra fee to get your passport expedited” 🙂
    All NBA stars will opt for expedited fee from now on

  273. Nice video “Jeremy Lin and the Atlanta Hawks face the Raptors on Asian Heritage Night 2019”

  274. Latest Lin-related trade news, plus Plumlee, Chandler Parsons, Prince, and Dorsey
    – #Hawks GM Travis Schlenk confirmed they’re looking to trade for future assets.”
    – #TrailBlazers #Blazers willing to trade their 2019 1st round pick for help in the backcourt or on the wing. Expressed some interest in #Hawks PG-SG Jeremy Lin, who #Sixers #76ers also inquired about. #Pelicans had been interested as well.”
    – #Hawks may be considering moving younger players such as SF-PF Taurean Prince and SG-PG Tyler Dorsey.
    – #Grizzlies SF Chandler Parsons talks with #Hawks would include C-PF Miles Plumlee. Atlanta would want a future pick from Memphis.

  275. @kylecohenNBA
    “Report: Interest in #Hawks PG-SG Jeremy Lin picked up. They should be able to get a decent asset for him.”

  276. Code for: We will continue tanking. Get out of ATL Jlin! Save yourself! Save us, your fans!

  277. I hope the Blazers interest is old news since Curry played very well during the last game and should be able to handle the 15 minute back-up role….I would hate to see Lin in Portland backing up Lillard and McCollough

  278. Nothing for collusion with Ledumb?

  279. They definitely want to get rid of Lin because they’ve been winning a bit too much, but I’m all good with it..As long as Lin ends up on a team where he can get more minutes.

  280. The fine was a meaningless sham on the part of the NBA. This is why when Jlin is out of the NBA I am totally out of pro sports. This is not sports. This is entertainment. Are we entertained yet?

  281. The Ledumb/AD thing stinks to high heaven. Shame on the NBA for allowing this charade to go through.

  282. Can you imagine what this season might have been if the tankers had tried to win from the beginning, like they are supposed to? Jlin, Dedmon, Baze, Len winning more games then they have, gelling and coming together in the last third of the season with the rookies learning how to play. Fans getting excited about real BB and the playoffs. Instead we are relegated for hoping for Jlin to be traded and Ledumb playing the NBA and fans for the fools we are. You don’t think that the veteran-in-their -prime lineup would have won a lot more games?

  283. Their improvement is based on Trae shooting better and not taking so many half court jump shots. Trae was really the reason they were losing so much.

    If they had started Lin from the get go, they’d probably be at least 4-5 game better which would had put them right into playoff contention.

  284. Which team not in the list is the dark horse?

  285. Collins also missed 15 games at start the season.

    I don’t think that Lin could have started at the beginning. Even if he did, would not have been big minutes.

    A healthy Lin? NO DOUBT.

  286. Ace, GIVE IT UP. LOL. It’s the NBA. Us Lin fans aren’t who the NBA cares about.

    Starts at 4:23. Listen to what Adam Silver says about “tanking”. Or “rebuilding”. He notably gave a wry pause and then wry answer. “…..understand the need for younger players….it appears to be what the Hawks are doing right now and it can be a sensible strategy…..”

  287. If true, it would be great because it means Lin is valued!

    But, just more of fun rumors. Wishful thinking on our part. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Who is this guy, and what is his credibility? Who are his sources? I mean, he ONLY has 1,900 followers?

    Even when Marc Stein was reporting, it still seemed like just “talk”.

  288. I don’t know. The Parsons deal. Makes no sense to me.

    Miles Plumlee is owed $12.5M next year. Parsons is owed $25M.

    Is a future first round pick worth it to take on Parsons? Maybe. If the Hawks want to tank again next year and don’t care about cap space.

    And if Memphis is blowing it up, why would they give up any draft picks now? Parsons comes off next year anyhow.

  289. Yes, that was very professionally done by CCYAATV.

    Was hoping to see vids of the actual Fan Meet & Greet. Haven’t seen any yet.

  290. netw3rk’s comment is hilarious.

  291. Yes, Lin’s faith and how it continues to get him through the tough times.

    My interpretation of the injuries is more about the ankle, and the back, and the bicep contusion. It didn’t seem like anything relating to the knee. “….four OTHERinjuries on the way back trying to get healthy from this one…”

    Serious discussion. But also funny from Eugene Cho about Lloyd Pierce donating to ODW being awesome, but the LP needs to give Lin more playing time.

  292. See, again. THIS IS WHY THE NBA IS A SHAM.

    Yeah, flopping is cheating. It’s bad. But is it hurting anyone?

    Meanwhile, they don’t directly fine or suspend for flagrant fouls. Maybe just an ejection. The Refs don’t even make the calls. WHICH CAN SERIOUSLY INJURE A PLAYER. Potentially career ending.

    SUCH A JOKE! Never mind, I’m just whistling in the wind.

  293. No. That’s not Lin. And I’m not sure it would make a difference.

    IMO, certain players are just dirty. Westbrook doesn’t take anything lying down. Did it protect him from Beverley? Other examples are out there too.


  294. Videos like this are good for the ones who don’t watch the games. Can still get some sense of how the offense flows. And see some of the defense. Not just focused on Lin.

    Having said that. This person LEFT OUT THE AND-ONE FOUL FROM BEVERLEY. How did that happen? LOL.

  295. I think the Hawks will trade Lin and Vince Carter to Toronto.

  296. The only way the Hawks takes Parsons’ salary is if Memphis sends 1st round pick.
    But good question why Memphis would sends picks if they’re going to tank soon. Maybe this is older news before Memphis offers Conley and Gasol lately.

  297. Justice served! Bev kept flopping going against Lin last game.

  298. Like I said, Bev is a starter for Clippers and it shows just how incompetent and bias Doc Rivers really is. He was just lucky to have a trip star on his hands.

  299. Just posted the dirty move on Twitter, publicly calling out Beverley and also citing Westbrook’s knee injury as example. Let’s make this visible to the masses!

  300. That is on another video, he made 2 videos, one focuses on Lin and the other on general game flow. It will be good to give hime thumbsup at youtube

  301. Per this fan’s video, Lin at Clippers pregame warmup. (See Simu Liu and Jason Lee in background.)

    Lin made 7 of 10 3’s. Can we assume he’s not hurt anymore from the back or the bicep issues?

  302. We can hope. Just don’t know if Toronto has players or picks that Atlanta would want.

  303. Yes, that would make more sense if based on older news.

  304. Took quick look at box score, more because of Pelicans, NOT Rockets. Pelicans beat Rockets tonight, in Chris Paul’s first game back. Elfrid Payton listed as out AGAIN.

    Jahlil Okafor, 37 mins, 11 of 15, 27 Pts, 12 rebs, +/- Plus 8. This is a guy who couldn’t get into rotation in 76ers, traded to NETS who did not re-sign him. Now he helped Pelicans win, without ADavis.

    I saw a bit of Okafor with the Nets. Didn’t think he was that bad. THIS GUY WAS A LOTTERY PICK. But for whatever reason, was never given the chance to develop, was never anointed.

    My point is, like so many stories in the NBA, including Lin. It’s not always about talent. It’s about getting the chance, being played to your strengths, and how the player fits into a system. If you are anointed, and given EVERY OPPORTUNITY AND SET UP TO SUCCEED, how could you NOT become a star?

    Anyway, even with AD wanting to leave. Is it possible the Pelicans still want to try and make playoffs? They’re currently 5 games out. Is it possible for Lin to help get them there? In the West? Is it worth the risk to get traded there (not that Lin has a choice) and play well for half a season? What if Pelicans end up NOT making playoffs?

  305. I can see that happening. Similar to how Spurs traded Kawhi to Toronto. But that would have to wait until the summer. According to stories, AD can’t be traded to Boston before THIS trade deadline.

  306. Got it – THANKS! Much better! 🙂

    Never get tired of JLin highlights!

    Lin getting foul calls. Must be because of Chinese Heritage Night. LOL.

  307. SIGH. Two years ago, when Lin fans presented Flagrant Foul video to NBA and protested. And it went viral. Widely reported and picked up by New York Times etal.

    What was done by the NBA? Nothing…..just denials.

  308. Ace – I think at least Al Jefferson protested. Even if he didn’t knock Harden down.

    Take a look at this video from Hornets vs Rockets. And how the Refs are useless and blind and biased.


    I’m not on twitter. But if you want, tag or @JAD7534. I think she was the one who compiled the “flagrant fouls” videos that were sent to the NBA in protest. She also suggests:

    “Important Note: Please help send your concern/complaint message to NBAOfficial twitter: or email to:

  310. Steve Nash hanging out with Lloyd Pierce in LA, pre-Clippers. Didn’t see any pics of Lin and Nash. Nash doing consulting work for Hawks?

  311. Nice shoes for Chinese Heritage Night.

  312. Finally! Published by CCYAATV.


    JLin story not new to us here. Simu Liu and JLin come from different backgrounds. Their stories and careers are very different. Yet still the same. I’m sure many of us could relate.

  313. Bravo!!!!!

    Thank you soooooo much.

  314. Sigh, sooo that tells me we need to create more waves otherwise NBA will never take us seriously

    Need someone to step out and do something like they did last time

  315. good one though! like the sarcastic remarks from JL

  316. lol…ya i saw that as well

  317. Jeremy, Alex Len, and Kevin Huerter bowling in Sacramento. Jeremy having fun but looks a bit rusty …

  318. Hawks get Batum + Kaminsky + future lottery protected 1st + future unprotected 2nd.

    Hornets get Lin + Demon + Prince

    Who says no? (Hawks may say no though, LOL)

  319. Yes. Good old Al. A ballet in the post. Hope he is doing well in China

  320. If AD ends up going to the LAL then LAL needs to be fined further. The league already ackknowledged that tampering took place by levying a paltry fine so guilt has been established. If they want tampering rules to be effective they must take action. an example would be to award all the LAL draft picks (rounds 1 and 2) for the next 3 years, plus a team fine of $5M plus another player of NO choice above the ones involved in the deal. Steep? Not really for what occurred and if the league wants to maintain a semblance of integrity. LAL can afford $5M pretty easily. Can afford the draft picks too if one assumes the draft picks will be low ones over the next 3 years. Actually, what I would really prefer and what the leagues should do is null and void any AD to LAL trade based on the already established tampering. That would be very fair, plus fine LAL $5M and send it to me. Are we entertained yet?

  321. Fan’s cam

    Jeremy Lin Responded To Me! (Hawks vs Clippers 1/28/19)

  322. charlotte does have tony parker as back-up pg.

  323. was kinda bored…..found this! lol

    The Game Pat Beverley Woke UP The BEAST In Steph Curry! December 23, 2018 | 60 FPS | FreeDawkins


    When Clippers defense tightened up in second half, I thought JLin needed to be given freedom to pull up off his own dribble for three pointer immediately after Hawks set those two staggered screens for him at top of key: “More than anything, it was Lin’s pull-up jumper that unlocked the rest of his game. His 48.4 effective field-goal percentage when pulling up into jumper placed him just behind Kyrie Irving and ahead of Kemba Walker.” [ ]

  325. Just in case….you had missed it…New Thread


    “More than anything, it was Lin’s pull-up jumper that unlocked the rest of his game. The eight-year vet boasted a 48.4 effective field-goal percentage when pulling up into a jumper, the 13th-highest rate among players who attempted at least four of those shots per night. That mark placed him just behind the explosive Kyrie Irving, and ahead of All-Star lead guard Kemba Walker.”

  327. parson is not young anymore.. so why him. I don’t get it.

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