Game 49 LA Clippers vs Atlanta Hawks: Lin Needs His 3-Point Shooting Back For More Trade Interest, Anthony Davis Dominates Trade News

Jeremy Lin finished with 10 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds in 20 minutes of play against Portland Blazers. The Hawks lost 111-120. Jeremy did not shoot particularly well (4-13 FG, 0-2 3FG) in the game in which the Blazers played good defense, especially in the 2nd half in which they outscored the Hawks 57-47.

The Blazers was rumored to be interested to trade for Lin a few weeks ago but they might not be keen to part with a first round pick that the Hawks seek. After a sizzling November in which Jeremy Lin shot 47.9% from 3-point line, he has slowed down with 31.8% in December and 17.2% in January. It is unknown if the back injuries or multiple hard charges he took might have impacted his 3-point shooting. Unless he regains his excellent 3pt-shooting soon before Feb 7 trade deadline, teams might only be willing to trade for 2nd round picks.

After the game, Jeremy Lin had a meet and greet with fans in an event organized by One Day Wages. Jeremy donated his game check to support One Day Wages charity to empower vulnerable children around the globe.

Anthony Davis Requests Trade

Meanwhile, the NBA is buzzed with the news that Anthony Davis, New Orleans star, requested a trade and will not sign a contract extension in the summer. Many suspect he and his agent engineered the request to force the trade to the Lakers to join LeBron James.