G49 CHA @CLE Game Thread

After 2 days, Jeremy Lin is no longer listed in the injury list. Will MKG, JLin, Kemba (sore knee), MWilliams and Tyler Hansbrough be able to pull an upset against LeBron James and the #1 seed Cavs in the Eastern Conference?

  1. The Cavs have won 5 straight after dropping the 1st game under Coach Tyronn Lue including an impressive win against the San Antonio Spurs.
  2. Will JLin find another good bounce-back game after shooting 2-10 along with Kemba in last game?
  3. Will his ankle affect his drives to finish his layup and overall shooting form?

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he manages to be 100% healthy soon before  to help the Hornets to win

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  1. Wow, haven’t had a first in forever. Go Lin!

  2. Nice! Disqus was down for maintenance but quickly back up.

    Let’s go, JLin!
    If he gets double-double, maybe the Hornets has a chance to win over King James

  3. LOLOLOL 3rd.

  4. If Kemba’s not playing, and Jeremy leads MKG, Marv, PJ, Daniels, Hawes, tank and Psycho T to go Linsane on the fully-staffed Cavs, Linsanity 2.0 will be around the corner.

    And what a great 紅包 (CNY lucky money in red envelope) THAT will be!

  5. Maybe MJ will give Lin a big 紅包!

  6. If 76ers almost beat GSW, the Hornets can certainly beat the Cavs!
    They almost won the last game in Charlotte before hero-ball struck.

    Go 紅包!

  7. First lady Mod.

  8. If MJ gave Jeremy the kind of 紅包 that we’re looking forward to, then MJ himself will rewarded with a HUGE 紅包 (Chinese market).

  9. Well, I may sound like a broken record, but last year Jeremy even led the sorry L.A. Djangos to beat a fully-staffed GSW. When Linsanity is allowed to happen, ANYTHING could happen.

  10. Go Lin.

  11. Looks much like the “depleted” knicks to team in 2012 that went linsane!

  12. It’s really annoying for me to hear about how Lin’s value has gone up becuase of his versatility. Versatility equals role player, equal back up player.

    Does any of the ball dominant starters have to be versatile? Only when you are a role player do you need to fill in many different roles.

    I will never be happy with Lin in such a capacity when he clearly has the stuff to be a leader and a star. Lin is a difference maker. On the Hornets, he’s a clearer upper, a heavy lifter and a patsy. Sure, his teammates all seem to like him….What’s there not to like about a great guy like that who would wipe your bumb when asked.

  13. Just watched all of Lin’s missed shots taken during the Lakers’s game on nba.com and I’d like to say Lin should had never been playing in this game…he was clearly tentative and was afraid to get hit driving the lane…All he did was take jump shots and shot at least 3 air-balls..He wasn’t jumping much for these jump shots… and he Wasn’t trying to drive into the lane to attempt lay-ups.

    The lay-up that he missed was because he was afraid of getting hit and fall on his bad ankle..You could tell he was afraid to land on the right foot..If you look at the missed lay-up, Lin made sure he landed on his left foot instead of the bad ankle foot..he kept that foot up as he was landing after the missed lay-up attempt…

    I just hope he doesn’t play scared tonight because he was clearly afraid of re-injuring his bad-ankle during the Lakers game and that played a part in his poor game.

  14. Jeremy has shown improvement in his game; call it versatility or any thing you like. He can dribble, he can drive and he can keep the ball alive and tear up the defense. Call in whatever you like. He’s almost unstoppable with his pass and his one on one game with or without the ball. He’s almost unstoppable when he’s healthy.

    Without Jeremy this season, the Hornets has no hope to make it to the playoff. They will be worse than the Orlando.

  15. A near-complete player it is.

  16. Jeremy played smart. He didn’t want to aggravate the injury. Give him one more week, he would have lots of time to heal in the ASG week. These games before ASG don’t matter.
    I call it sheer luck that the Hornets can stay at the 9th spot of the Eastern Conference now. If Batum can play, Jeremy should rest on the bench.

  17. MDA and Jeremy is a match in heaven.

  18. Lakers beat the mighty Timberwolves. Timberwolves has lots of talented players on their team and they just need a good coach to take them to the next level.

  19. Jeremy Lin is an American citizen and he can run for presidency. The fact that he’s Chinese/Taiwanese origin doesn’t change that. For heaven’s sake don’t treat him like a foreign player. Don’t tell him to go back to China because you will regret it if he really does.

  20. I’m beginning to think Charlotte Hornets like lin, and they might want him to stay. They have headlined in the Pic for tonight’s game. Something that makes you go hmm.

  21. He should have just sat out this game…I know that may sound selfish, but he needs to protect his FG%…He went 2 for 10 in that game with 6 points…He’s a free agent this summer, so he has to keep an eye on his stats.

    That may not be him, but this is how things are done by many players who plan on testing the market this summer..If he wants a starting gig next year, he need to put up good stats…He needs to shoot more which is something Lin is already doing…But he also need to sit out game where he’s not 100% healthy.

    If you’re not 100%, don’t play and risk hurting your stats…Lin has to look out for himself more…Hornets could have beaten the Lakers without his service, so I don’t understand why he played when he was clearly not mentally ready to play.

    If he feel he’s not yet 100%, he shouldn’t play tonight…I don’t want to see him play tentative again tonight…He needs to stay aggressive and look to get into the lane more.

  22. Yes indeed, Arsenio. 🙂

  23. Hope that’s what layout ahead. Only MDA can appreciate what Lin can bring to the games.

  24. Totally agree. He has some great things ahead after he retires from NBA.

  25. cause Batum and Kemba are not playing, are they?

  26. The keyword, “lead”, hummm …

  27. I think they will. But I found out every time they put Lin’s picture for game time, they play more team ball. Hope can get a W tonight.

  28. Is Kemba playing tonite?

  29. Wow! Lin will start as PG? Good.

  30. I can fully enjoy my day off and at the same time watching Lin and Hornets playing as a team,wohooooo go Hornets!!!!

  31. Finally! Buzzanity!!!

  32. 🙁 I’m on a move..would be missing the game..Hope its a blast! Go Lin!!! Lets Buzz out CLE!

  33. Will they put Shumpert on Lin instead of Irving?

  34. hope his ankle’s had enough days to heal, enough for him to have a good game w/out reinjury.

  35. Shumpert is back up SG now. If Lin plays starting PG, they will not face each other.

  36. Mac you can always pitch in,for sure a lot of us will be posting play by play scenarios,I wanna see him crossed Lebron again but I hope he will make the basket this time…lol.The most part that I’m excited with is to see him play with MKG.

  37. Could be just the anti jinx we need, like putting Michael to sleep. Lol.

  38. Woohoo PG finally!!!!

  39. I know…but…but…we know him…he is not a stat person and the quote above from the interview reinstates that he dont care about stat and only wants win

  40. lin against irving as starting point guards during linsanity… such a good time… lin started slowly but heated up… irving had a good game too.

    now they have lebron… maybe mkg can hold him down.

  41. that would be sweet…crossover Part 2! Break a leg…baby

  42. aye aye Sir…joining @michael

  43. Ya! I like the word too. LOL!

  44. Theres a thing call cross-match. lol


    Only Hope for a Win. Does this sound familiar? Team plagued by injury, nobody left on the bench? Coach has no other options? Tyson Chandler, Steve Novak, Iman Shumpert?

    Yes, Linsanity — Give JLIN the ball and and green keys to the house and let him run Pick & Rolls with Marvin, Hansbrough and all the bigs all-night-long.

    Shooters like Troy must stay active without the ball and move to their spots and be ready when JLIN hits them.

    We could have another historic night if JLIN’s ankle holds up and if Clifford does the right thing and doesn’t screw things up.

  46. Hope to see the dishing and dashing all nite long!

  47. Dont forget the triple double game.

  48. Good things to come…then!

  49. This is the game guys… the game where lin crosses lebron over and makes the game winning shot.

  50. Not sure about Lin’s ankle though, based on the post-game Lakers picture, his ankle looked swollen…

  51. Another triple double for tonight?


  52. Now we just need Batum to sit as well.

  53. I think only Kemba. Batum was doubtful, I don’t think they want to play him. Haven’t seen an injury update yet.

  54. Was thinking Kemba never get injury.

  55. If JLIN’s ankle were fully healthy, I would have no problem proclaiming that Hornets led by JLIN at point would be our real SUPER BOWL because I have every confidence JLIN could get this injury depleted team over the Cavs.

    Problem is JLIN himself is also hurt and that is the unknown at this point.

  56. Kemba imo contributed to the injuries of his teammates by trying to Takeover Games and win by himself through Isoheroballing in the 4Qs of easily winnable games extending many into Overtime and fatiguing the team – fatigue increases risk of injury.

  57. Double double should be great.

  58. Lin’s D is so much better now. Lin played great with Anthony until he mutinied against MDA. Irving looked great, exceptionally talented and only 19 years old there. Lin will need help tonight guarding him tonight, but also Lin may be able to get points against Irving also if his ankle is OK.

  59. I hope the team runs more tonight. MKG in there means that Lin could have an outlet if that happens. I don’t expect Lin to go to the hole to score as much as facilitate tonight.

  60. Irving and LIn is a good match up same thing with MKG and Lebron,the only problem on this game would the be frontline,I hope they can hold their ground against Mosgov and Thompson,otherwise it should be a great game.

  61. No.

  62. Both matchups favor the Cavs. Love vs. Marv also. It will be hard to find any favorable matchups tonight. Cavs are way better than the Hornets. Still, if things fall into place and some of the Hornets have good games while causing trouble for some of the Cavs, anything is possible.

  63. Double figures Points & more than 11 Assists.

    11 are max number of Assists by any Hornets to date.

  64. It does,and it’s more fun and exciting to watch especially if the underdogs will win.MKG have played pretty well against Lebron a bunch of time but of course that’s Lebron,OTH Lin won games against Irving before so it could be anybody’s ball game,although in reality Cavs will be in upper hand on this game.MKG,Lin and Batum might surprised the CAVs though.

  65. and to add on…if they could shoots the 3s similar to beginning of the season…they got a chance to bag it…..Lin is gonna pull the defenders and thats gonna create open 3s ….they just need to be ready

  66. Lin,MKG,Batum,Marv and Zeller is a big and solid line up,it’s should be a very good game.I actually like their chances

  67. How long ago to Lin win against Kyrie? I think Lin can match Kyrie to a point, but Kyrie has the perimeter shot and the ability to drive to the basket and finish. Lin may be better on defense against him but the amount of change of direction that would be needed to defend him would really wear on his ankles. So, just practically looking at Lin’s condition, I just hope Lin can move the ball, assists, keep TOs down and be reasonably effective at making Irving pass rather than having Irving get pass him time after time. That’s all I want.

    To play good defense on LBJ is to make him work hard. But nobody is stopping Lebron. Not K Leonard, not Iggy, not MKG.

    The Cavs are tops in the East. They are at home. They seem healthier. I’m going into this game with low expectations. It’s not impossible for the Hornets to pull something out of the hat. But very improbable in my opinion.

  68. Kyrie just look better because he has Lebron on his team but otherwise Lin has still his numbers against him,MKG knows Lebron pretty well, in a matter of fact he had problems before when he played against him in the playoff but the interesting side would be Batum and Lamb,if they have a good game they can pull this off

  69. How are Batum and Zeller going to look? If Batum looks like he did the last time he played he’s a huge liability. He went 1/11 and had what, 5 or more TOs? Zeller is just getting back from missing a bunch of games. Marv is good and LIn is compromised and not shooting well. I don’t share your optimism.

  70. Datum is not one to shoot a lot. He will get rebounds instead i he needs to.

  71. I just hope to see less Batum, assuming he plays, force feeding Cody who gets his shot blocked or loses the ball than Lin creating for others through screens and drive/penetration kicks but also transition baskets. I think a Batum/Cody combo won’t work against the Cavs. Lin has to play the main facilitator and not just bring the ball up for any chance at all. Still, it’s a tall order.

  72. Will he control the offense like he usually does? If so, will the long and athletic Cavs pick off his passes and that lead to transition baskets? I’m just trying to look at the game realistically with their team assets vs. the Hornets and also the relative health of the Hornets.

  73. Every game is a different game,that’s basketball,you won’t expect Batum to be 1-11 again do you?Sometimes getting back from injury will make a player just hungry and eager to play hard.

  74. Really? I thought Kyrie got his against Lin and Lin against Kyrie in the early days. Lin is better defensively but there are the factors I listed above. In the Linsanity game where Lin had a great supporting cast and solid offensive schemes, Kyrie scored a good amount in that game and broke down the defense and assisted that well. Kyrie is a very skilled player.

  75. It’s not the 1-11. It’s the ability to play. Batum didn’t shoot, pass, defend or do anything at all well in the last game he played. We can hope he plays better but he has had a lot of poor games since he injured his toe vs. good ones. That’s unlike Lin who has had more good than poor games even on the bad ankle.

  76. Their is no question that Kyrie is a talented player,but Lin still won more game against him when they faced off.

  77. I hope for all the previous bad games he had,he will have the best one today.

  78. Datum tov is expected

  79. Cleveland with LeBron is different than the version without. They went to the finals and without Kyrie playing mostly. Now Lin has the borderline playoff team and Kyrie has the championship caliber team. Houston vs. Cleveland had Houston as the better team.

  80. Me too. The key guys on the Hornets all have to play well for any chance at a win.

  81. Pretty tough opposition for his first game as starting PG. Lets hope he’s in his top form and his shot starts clicking. Hornets play well at home though and JLin / Lamb play well together.

  82. He’s going to need his 10 game tonight.

  83. So what’s your point here?I already know that Cavs has a better team than Hornets but what I’m saying is Lin won more games against Kyrie when they face against each other.

  84. There is no question in my mind that Lin is more talented than Irving.

    Irving cannot play multiple positions, defend, rebound, pass, or crack defenses like Lin can.

  85. Because they are team victories. With Kyrie having one of the best players in the history of the game on his team and a strong surrounding cast and Lin not, the odds favor Kyrie’s team vs. Lin’s team. What happened in the past doesn’t change the current situation.

  86. I was mistaken. It is a home game. I thought it was on the road. Well, hopefully Lin gets favorable calls tonight and he isn’t bleeding and not getting them. And if some jerk like J R Smith commits a flagrant on him that it is actualy called. Or the refs see LeBron pulling on Lin’s jersey like he did against him in a game. Lamb is just coming back from injury, so hopefully he’s in good playing shape.

  87. I already acknowledged that Cavs is a better team than Hornets.But Kyrie is not an extra ordinary player.

  88. I think he’s excellent and can be outstanding if he develops more of his game. He’s all of 23, 24 this year, and he can score and create and draw defenses. I don’t think much of his defense, but his offense is potent. Add two other highly skilled players and it is pick your poison.

    I don’t like watching him that much and vastly prefer watching Lin. Kyrie isn’t as unique in his approach and not as surprising or able to life his team mates close to the same way. He doesn’t have that all-out hustle Lin has either or toughness. But he is skilled and can score the ball.

  89. Sigh, this is a Lin fan site and we have to listen to a “Lin fan” telling us Irving is superior than Lin…

  90. Kyrie is a good player,but I can’t compare him to the likes of Isiah Thomas and Iverson,he is just the poor version of them.What I meant was,he isn’t that great.

  91. I would give Batum a break…since he was getting back into a game mode from injury…everyone gets rusty and not sure if he is 100% yet

  92. Basketball is a team sport not a one-on-one sport.

    Kyrie Irving did what while leading a Lebron-less team?

    JLIN did what with a team of no-names for 30+ games in NY? Answer produced WINS – the ultimate benchmark is WINS

  93. I understand. Just commenting on how he plays on the court, not trying to bash him. That he goes out there and tries is admirable, but what does he have really? I’m not expecting much. That way, if he plays well that’s wonderful and if he doesn’t, it’s more or less consistent with what I’ve seen from him during the injury.

  94. 10+ assists and/or 20+ points then 😀

  95. No, I do not know basketball AT ALL lol,
    but this is a Lin fan site and I hate to see people finding every chances there are to put down Lin. A rational analysis of Lin’s strength and weakness are welcomed and encouraged, but not trying to put down Lin using any sneaky way.

  96. OK, I wasn’t thinking about them. Just the matchup with (and injured) Lin and their respective teams.

  97. He gets 25+ combined points, assists to be on the safer side :p

  98. Wait. Who is starting point guard? Lin or Roberts?

  99. So If Kyrie is that great why can’t he win those games,Iverson brought his team to the finals with mediocre teammates

  100. Actually I do. Lin is a better team player, where the whole team gets involved. I see a lot of ball massaging by Irving with freezing of teammates out.

  101. Well, if both Lin and Irving are injured and slowed down, that will help Lin out defending Kyrie.

  102. So a healed up but previously injured Kyrie will give us a chance to steal this one?

    Kyrie wouldn’t have to play 1 minute and the Hornets stand ZERO chance of winning if Clifford goes with ANY Plan that he has used this entire regular season except for the ONE plan he used on Raptors#1.

  103. If he doesnt, then it should be Coach’s decision to make the necessary changes…maybe CC is seeing something in him or just mere presence…do create the offensive force

  104. The article says Lin. Most are going under the assumption that it will be Lin. He’s Kemba’s backup, and Batum’s.

  105. But if an individual player’s skill is directing his team’s offense… Irving has better handles, he’s a great isolation player. Lin is a better defender and passer + he plays to make his team mates better.

  106. Fit to play had always been medical staff’s call and its not Lin. Once the fitness certification is given, then its up to coach and Lin

  107. Maybe. Whatever CC comes up with, I hope it works and recognizes it and makes adjustments quickly if it doesn’t work.

  108. Why7 don’t you change your handle to Kyrie win?

  109. A lot of things are debatable but facts are facts,Lin won more games against Kyrie when they face each other,same analogy that you used when you say that Kyrie is a better individual player than Lin

  110. That’s why I like Lin. I truly wish Lin had better handles under pressure and in the half court, his open court handles are absolutely great. But I like how he makes his team mates better. How he puts more of himself out there on the court. I can watch a bunch of good ISO players with fancy handles that can score. They aren’t that uncommon. Someone like Lin is much more uncommon and he also can finish strong at the rim. His combo of skills and how he approaches the game is more fun to watch. That said, the ISO guys are necessary sometimes, as long as they don’t get carried away.

  111. Seeing that this is Walker’s first game of the season out, he’s played through a lot of physical challenges.

  112. I understand your point. Better ball handler. Better driver. Better shooter. But all that equals better loser.

  113. Lol…exactly!!!!

  114. Absolutely agree bws94. Irving by himself, team goes for a dive. But you suddenly add Lebron to do much of the play making and Irving takes their team to the next level.

  115. That’s why I think Lin should move the ball up the court fast. Lin should have a plan in place if Shump or LeBron pressure him full court or if the Cavs give him the Heat treatment. That’s the biggest thing I’m concerned about in this game with Lin being the primary PG. Lin can figure out ways with MKG to get assists, but he may need his 10-15 foot jumper to work for him tonight. And his shooting hasn’t been consistent at all this season. If his shots fall tonight, and he figures out the traps and full press, he can have a good game.

    Kyrie unfortunately seems injury prone. That can turn him into a Rose Jr. in a way. Hope not. I don’t wish injury on any talented player or any player of any talent level.

  116. yup…he had been a little lacking in that department…lets see

  117. Kemba out maybe linsanity can happen… Hope his ankle is good.

  118. Brian Roberts has been the de facto backup to Kemba.

    Check the games from Dec-Jan. – This season’s greatest fallacy is that Kemba’s Backup is JLIN (blame whatever excuse but those are facts)

    Anything can happen with clueless Clifford.

  119. He had the chance when Lebron wasn’t still in Cavs uniform.Lin brought Knicks to the playoff as a last bench player but Kyrie was always at the bottom 3.

  120. Like to see Lin and teamball earn this one!

  121. Problem is he will still find things to nitpick when Lin actually wins. Guess Lin has to average 60%/50%/100% with a triple double for this guy to shut it.

  122. I have. Albeit 2 and 3 years ago. Have you read the latest comments from their new coach? Irving needs to sacrifice more to make this team better… I.e. become a better playmaker

  123. Oh, no, actually I remember when Lin won you disappeared and I even asked where were you in a recent game thread.

  124. He literally asked for all those minutes, including garbage time. No one else to blame but himself.

  125. That’s all he does. I like Nick as a person but on the floor he’s a chucker, hardly ever passes. And doesn’t play much D either. He’s one-dimensional. I think Lin can work on more one-on-one moves. That’s what PFV has been saying for years. It’s time to do it, he’s not getting any younger.

  126. I’ll be happy as long as final score is +1. This will be a difficult game.

  127. He’s a Kemba type. Just more skilled. LeBron is trying to get him to be more of a team player. More of a PG.

  128. What do you mean?He has 14 players 15 including him,compare to depleted Knicks at that time

  129. The bottom line here is,he is just an ordinary player without a superstar team mate like Lebron.

  130. Regardless, he’s not getting any coddling due to injury because he’s out this game. If he’s out, he’s physically too compromised to play per the medical staff. You don’t think he begged to play for this game? I do. That’s how he is.

  131. Just hoping for a good game. Don’t need Linsanity. Just a solid performance. If there’s any part of Linsanity I’d love to see it is the assists more than points. Lin 12 points is fine. 12 assists would be fantastic.

  132. Stop. The jig is up. Like minded people recognize each other. There is no love in your posts for Lin. The heart could not be hidden forever.

    Not a Lin fan. Fine. Majority of basketball fans don’t care about Lin. But why come to a Lin fan site when you don’t love Lin.

  133. No way is he ordinary. He is very skilled. He has a bunch to learn to be a more complete player but he’s one of the best ball handlers and scoring PGs in the game.

  134. Not sure why some posters are negative/worried about this game. It doesnt matter to me whether they can win. What important is how lin plays as a starting pg, especially pairing with MKG. Besides, upsets happened all the time.

    Lets go Lin!!

  135. Oh so the zero % of the time proves that you’re right that JLIN is Kemba’s backup

    While the 100% of the time where either Batum or Roberts etal has backed up Kemba count for nothing.

    Ridiculous, not sure why I even bothered to reply again to this ridiculousness.

  136. OK folks….lets agree to disagree and move on this topic, please…each party had said their pov….thanks

  137. I counted only Kemba and AI, we don’t know Batum yet, who is the fourth one?

  138. Yes he should shoot. But not every time he gets the ball. I used to go crazy with Nick and Lin on the floor together and once Nick got the ball he’d shoot it.

    Lin isn’t perfect but usually does well with screens. There are more skills he can add. But I can find better guys than Nick, guys like Curry, to use as examples to inspire Lin to have more offensive skills.

    You know, Harden is a good offensive player without all of the flopping and depending on foul calls. He is very good at assists when he doesn’t pound the ball. He’s also an SG but kind of PG minded. Lin has learned from him to some extent. Wade is a guy Lin can learn from too. He went from super athletic to crafty. Due to his injuries he had to adjust. L

  139. I feel a little selfish now. Will go with your line 🙂

  140. Sophie I agree with you. Not as confident on the ankle though since it’s been over 1 month.

    As to just seeing a solid performance, that’s ridiculous a solid performance will not beat the Cavs.
    We want to see JLIN lead the team to a WIN if he has control of the team as point guard.

    12pts, 12assts and a LOSS would not be fantastic.

  141. If the game will only played by ball handling itself then he has the shot to be very skilled but otherwise if you can’t convert that into winnings then you’re just another exhibitionist.

  142. I think calling him “ordinary” is under-rating him. There are great players who haven’t won everything. Irving’s talents are strong.

  143. Lin for President. Like the sound of that.

  144. using “nonsense” its a little harsh and some may construct it to getting personal. we just need to be a little sensitive when we chat/post online since there is no emotion attached to words. thanks

    I would have word it, what you said doesnt make sense when the number says otherwise

  145. Backup in the sense that if Kemba can’t start, Lin starts. All of the people that said Lamb would replace Lin as a closer and if Batum is out Lamb would start were wrong. Batum has been out plenty of games and in every one of those games, Lin started. Anyway, I’m not going to argue with you anymore about this. If Roberts starts tonight, then indeed, he’s Kemba’s backup.

  146. Duly noted for future posts. Thanks.

  147. Ok,I said that he is a good player on my previous post but a lot of things are just debatable if you said that he is a a very skilled player,because I’ve seen great players as much as you do.

  148. Kemba does not play 48 minutes per game.

    When Kemba rests — approximately 80-85% of the time he has rested he has NOT been replaced at PG by JLIN.

  149. I agree about Lin and confidence in his dribble. When he doesn’t think about it, he does better than when he’s in ISO and has to think about it.

  150. and this I refer to @disqus_9aWbejEozm:disqus @groverchang:disqus @disqus_uvA4vLUdRW:disqus @johnfocker73:disqus


  151. The question is who starts. That sense of the word, not who comes in to relieves someone. And Roberts has played 28 games this season. When Batum, Kemba and Lin are all playing, Roberts doesn’t even play usually unless it is a blowout. He’s playing more recently because Batum has been out.

  152. no one is perfect…he does improvise and need to continue to learn and get better

  153. I’d like a lot of assists. Even if he doesn’t score, if he gets guys looks his facilitation becomes valuable. He’s scored a lot before. Him getting assists tonights sends a strong message. But, of course, guys have to catch the ball and put it in the basket when he gives them good looks to get them. So, it all isn’t on Lin.

  154. Knicks weren’t winning until Lin integrated to the line up,but Kyrie was been playing as the superstar player on the Cavs team,he has all the chance to prove how great he can be for 3 years.

  155. Lin had better pieces, a coach that suited his game, the perfect storm. He did fantastically, historically fantastically but he had better pieces. But he was also part of the losing streak that ended MDA’s coaching in NYC on that team. Boils down to then is then and now is now. Lin has been on the losing side and has had struggles as well as Kyrie since.

  156. And when Roberts comes in who does he replace?

  157. Lebron stared down a retired Jordan in the playoffs. Would like to see the hornets give a little payback for Jordan with a win tonight. One for his Airness!


  158. Exactly…As a fan I love to see this type of game because you’ll get excited even if they win or lose.We have also the chance to see Lin where he at against this type of caliber teams.This will give us idea where LIn at this moment as a basketball player.There is no other joy as a sport fan if you see your favorite player to win against championship team and he has a big part of playing the game(I’m not saying that they’re going to win).

  159. Geez some of these guys are so CHILDISH! Just be a grown-up professional, for g*ds sake, and use your skills with some class. Urk.

  160. What’s the point of that question? The original post is about starting, not about what Roberts does when he comes in. If you want to talk about that, maybe start a Roberts post. My point is about who starts for Kemba in tonight’s game. I think it’s Lin and most people on Hornet’s forums think it is Lin. No one really on any Hornets forum I’ve read think Roberts will start in place of Kemba.

  161. You SAID this, “He’s Kemba’s backup, and Batum’s” that statement is demonstrably false and thank you for finally admitting that your initial premise is incorrect.

  162. What? I said starting from the beginning. You are trying to change it to who replaces who as backup and that is NOT what I meant NOR is that the point of the original post. Time to end this. It’s going nowhere and we don’t need to get into I’m right you’re not posturing.

  163. These people live in a different world from ours. There is a lot more emphasis on optics and grand gestures. MJ has done his share of trolling Lebron in the past 😀 To the NBA, it’s all entertainment.

    Which is probably the reason we love Lin as much as we do…

  164. I hoped they’re in the same era of basketball.

  165. So you didn’t write this, “He’s Kemba’s backup, and Batum’s” – if that’s how it going to be having dialogue with you…

  166. JUST? You do realize that there are only six members in the 50/40/90 club in the history of the NBA, and none as marginalized as Lin.

    You’re the VERY definition of a tiger fan, or something else under the guise.

  167. I believe LeBron was still salty over MJ’s comment on “Give Me Kobe Over LeBron” the previous year so he was trying to send a message 🙂

    Also, “I could’ve beaten LeBron in my prime but not so sure about Kobe (since he stole all my moves)” LOL
    Oct 2013…
    Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan doesn’t think much of LeBron James.
    In a video promoting the ‘NBA 2K14’ video game, the Hall of Famer said that he could beat King James in a game of one-on-one when he was in his prime, but thinks Kobe Bryant might prove to be a worthy opponent.
    ‘I don’t think I would lose,’ said the six-time champion, ‘other than to Kobe Bryant, because he steals all of my moves.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2440392/Michael-Jordan-I-beaten-LeBron-prime-Im-sure-Kobe.html#ixzz3z8OTTTWU

  168. These are the things that Lin is really good and he’s not just good, he’s very skilled.Touch down passes,alley opps,interior passing,PnR,making a play out of ordinary,clutch performances,defense,team mates involvement steals and blocks.If not about anything else this guy should be starting and already polished a lot of his flaws since Linsanity,he wasn’t just given the key to play the game compared to a lot of guards that played the game.

  169. Oh c’mon.

    If Lin didn’t want to play, he could easily sit out.

  170. Apologies in advance for being real blunt here, but whatever happened to:

    Our #1 Vision is “Positively Bringing Together JLin Fans”

    Build a community to enjoy interaction and positive discussion among Jeremy Lin fans

    Shut me down if you’d like, but this type of quarreling is the result of being generous and kind and allowing constant Lin mockery to go unchecked over extended period of time. I have no issue shutting up, but I’m hardly the only member here who’d like to see “fans” like these put in check. If anything this is why this sanctuary was set up, and why many of us left the old turf behind. It’d be truly sad to see this place slowly sink and turned into Old Turf 2.0.

    Lin fans have enough to deal with as it is, last thing we need is a mini-Clyde running around in the last English-speaking sanctuary.

    Checking out.

  171. l was talking about starting. Backup starter. Yes, he backs Kemba up if Kemba can’t start. Same for Batum.

  172. Hubris, both sides. I see it in most sports, but not all engage in it. Depends on the personalities.

  173. Going to need lots of points because where they usually come from (Walker, maybe Batum) are out. So up to Lin, Zeller, Hawes, Daniels, Williams, maybe MKG to have a big scoring night.

  174. Let’s end this but think about your comment closely. JLIN went to Charlotte with in his own words, “to be Kemba’s backup” and you think that means when he starts in place of Kemba when Kemba cannot start.

    Here we are 3/5 of the way COMPLETED with the season and tonight will be the FIRST game that JLIN gets to fulfill the mandated reason he arrived in Charlotte.

    Clearly you need to review logic & reason, before you go off on a bender like this.

  175. I’m sorry, but you’ve taken a point and have gone on and on and on about it and it comes down to one thing. Lin starts for Kemba if he can’t play or Batum. Nothing else is relevant and it is now nitpicking about the word backup. Of course it is the first time starting for Kemba because it is the first game Kemba is out. So what? He’s started for Batum numerous times. I’ve said backup starter how many times now? Enough already.

  176. He’s neither the scoring or facilitation option to make 17/7. 45/35/80 is possible if he goes on a hot streak because it doesn’t depend on him as team option, just his efficiency.

  177. I totally agree with him.

  178. I think MJ will be very happy if JLin leads the Hornets to a win over the Cav’s.

  179. Irving had been a stat padding loser. Clueless fans like to show off their math skills citing meaningless personal stats even in a lose, LOL.

  180. Wish Lauren Holtkamp was one of the refs but she’s in LA. Anybody have any comment on these refs?:

    Cleveland @ Charlotte Marc Davis Kane Fitzgerald Eli Roe


  181. Its been almost exactly 4 yrs to the day ago that this happened. Coincidence?


  182. Hope Lin will find a home soon. But I wonder this is for the Chinese New Year? Hope for the best.

  183. Miss Landry, miss Jeffries.

  184. Clifford should show this video before the game – Not just for Lin, but also for bench players.

  185. Lin has developed more skills this season – cuts (% is the top in the league) and defense (on PGs/SGs/ some SFs).

  186. I believed that next year would be his break out year.

  187. he would break out if Kemba rest for 5 games or play full pg role for 5 games

  188. 🙁 holtkamp is the fairest referee in the league.

  189. Rumor has it that Tyson Chandler is available. Will you trade big Al for him to create the defensive trio of Chandler, MKG & JLin? That’s some serious defence.

  190. Go for It. Kemba +AL Tyson

  191. Tyson + MKG + Lin = Best defense and offense 3 players lineup

  192. In a second. Get Tyson

  193. MJ won’t take Tyson bad contract.

  194. Has Tyson had shoe deal yet?

  195. Don’t know.

  196. How did Lin play with MKG in 1st quarter Lakers game? I missed it.

  197. HAHAHA I wish. But, I don’t think the $ works. Tyson’s contract is only 4yr 52M.

  198. Tyson’s contract is not too bad… only 52M for 4 years.
    I know at least one 12M/year contract that is worse. 🙂

  199. He’s not young either.

  200. very promising. Both played well defensive end and moved everywhere with or without the ball.

  201. Great. Playing with Cody and MKG, Lin doesn’t need to overhelp Kemba, Lamb, Hawes, Batum, Roberts’ weak defenses, then he would be less likely re injure his ankle

  202. FO should just ask Lin who he wants on his team.

  203. Ture. A 33 year old for a 31 year old…

  204. I think AL is done. Hornets played much better without him until too many injures.

  205. FO should ask jlinportal who we want for his team. 🙂

  206. IMO Al is still a good post up player. He has some pretty moves under the basket. But, his style of play is not suitable for the current Hornets… may be even modern NBA. Warriors have really changed the way NBA plays.

  207. Kemba got hurt because he played too much iso wit too many minutes. Lin got hurt because he has to cover two, sometimes 3 players in so many games. Lin + Lamb + Cody + MKG + Marvin >>> Kemba + Batum + AL + PJ + Marvin (old starting lineup)

  208. New BF1 = Kemba + Batum + AL + PJ + Frank.. To Clifford, dream big, win big.

  209. Cody doesn’t PNR too well with Lin.
    So, I’d prefer Lin + Lamb + MKG + Hansbrough + Marvin.

  210. it would work too.

  211. 2nd bench is not bad too = Roberts (getting better), Daniels (much better), Hansbrough (could start) , Hawes (could be in BF1) and Harrison (potential Harsenity?).

  212. AL plays like 41

  213. This^^

  214. Dang, that pumped me up right there!

  215. Tyler seems to be the best PnR partner of Lin right now.
    I’m sure glad he’s given more minutes lately. I’m pretty sure that Hanbrough hasn’t hit his ceiling yet.

  216. No, that contract is bad…..

  217. Zeller could play today

  218. Better yet trade Kemba Walker for Joakim Noah & Aaron Brooks.

  219. Harrison has been sent to D-league. He really doesn’t belong right now. Signing him is a big mistake. Hornets should have sent him to D-league long ago. He couldn’t contribute at all. A few games ago, Hornets desperately needs help in SG position.

    I don’t have confident in the drafting of Hornets. GSW is successful as a result of 2012’s draft. They got lucky in 2009 and 2011 by getting Stepen Curry and Klay Thompson. In 2012, they have done brilliantly by getting Harrison Barnes, Ezeli and Draymond Green with 2 of them being the starters right now; Ezeli being their backup center. Andre Iguodal, their MVP last season, Andrew Bogut, Shawn Livingston,Marreese Speights, Jason Thompson and Leandro Barbosa were either acquired from trades or signed as FAs.

    Hornets’ record hasn’t been very successul so far in drafting and acquiring free agents. The best player they have got so far as FAs or trades is Jeremy Lin. Their drafts of Kemba Walker, MKG, Cody Zeller and Kaminsky have’t impressed me either.

  220. he playing today?

  221. Why does Phoenix want another guard like Kemba Walker. They have already had Brandon Knights and Eric Bledsoe as starters. They also have Booker as their backup SG and Ronnie Prices as backup PG. They have also fired their head coach. Guess they would want to vacate the position for someone like MDA, which is bad news for Lin fans. I don’t think MDA could use Lin in the team there.

  222. The players surrounding Lin were Shumpert, Tyson Chandler, Landry Fields at his prime, Jeffries, Novak, Amar’e Stoudemire and Melo; as a whole much better than that of Hornets now.
    From then on Deron Williams has been all the way downhill and he must hate Lin to make him so well known in Linsanity.

  223. Noah is out for the season.

  224. Hope he breaks LeBron’s ankles and makes it today.

  225. Landry was injured and has never been played at his best since then and Jeffries retired. I sure miss them。

  226. Why would you say that?

  227. I don’t see the big deal. Nice move, he missed the shot.

  228. Nice! Thank you.
    I see only two KW, but 3 or 4 JLin appearances. Good stuff.

  229. Chandler is 33 this year, his contract is 13M/yr for 4 years starting this season, so he is paid till he is 37. that’s pretty bad contract, and his play dropped, remember Linsanity happen 4 years ago, Chandler is over his prime already. He wasn’t even 30 when he was playing together with Lin in NY.

  230. MJ was not happy there. Wanted to put his bball shoes on.

  231. Is Lin the only back up pg in that video.

  232. Totally agree that Chandler is not young anymore. But, with the new salary cap next year, 13M/year is almost a back up center price range.

    But then I haven’t really watched him play this year. Is he really that bad? I heard somewhere he was -188 last week. 🙁

  233. The real coach of the Cavaliers is LeBron. I really don’t like this team at all.
    There are a few teams in NBA which have been playing surprising well; namely, Dallas Mavericks. I really did’t think they can make it to playoff but I’m wrong. They are solid and should be a sure in. Boston Celtics is playing extremely well right now. Toronto Raptors has been nothing but amazing. The fact that Hornets could defeat them is nothing short of a miracle; well, Lin made that possible.
    Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks has gone downhill. Rockets has been horrible . Phoenix Suns, NO Pelicans, Timberwolves all have been so disappointing. They really should have done better than their record shows. Their coaches should be responsible for their below par performance on the court.

  234. Too bad Lin missed the shot. Give Jeremy one more season, he will make this shot. The fundamentals of Lin is getting better and better.

  235. Any confirmation about tonight’s starters? Lin, Batum, MKG, MW, Zeller?

  236. Probably. I think when it is tweeted someone will post it.

  237. Actually, Daniel can start if Batum like to lead 2nd unit.

  238. Your lineup was correct. It’s official, Rick posted it.

  239. Yes, I knew that. If Batum play with 2nd unit, he doesn’t need to share ball with Lin since he like facility now.

  240. This is a winning lineup as long as batum isnt below average

  241. Batum wants the ball in his hands, he is main facilitator in his mind and in the mind of the Hornets Coach/FO, chances of loss went exponential with Batum confirmed start against Cavs.

  242. They start together. There may be times where Batum goes to 2nd and Lin goes to 2nd to have a starter player in with the first unit. Probably not too much together. I hope Cliff doesn’t overplay them but…

    What am I talking about? I expect Cliff to play both of them huge minutes even though they are both injured.

  243. It’ll be interesting to see the level of interaction between MKG and the other guys. MKG in the lineup may change how Batum plays and definitely gives Lin a viable athletic guy for baskets. He also gives Lin a guy that leaks out for transition baskets.

  244. MKG gives a lot less wasted LIN possessions since PJ wont be bricking 3s

  245. So let Batum facilitate, get his 6 TOs and lower his contract value

  246. A few times I also saw Batum has tendency to defer to not embarrass himself. So hopefully he knows he will get his if he lets Lin facilitates and gets everyone involved and into rhythm.

  247. Let’s go!! ^^

  248. For Hornets win Cavs with this lineup Lin will need to make 30 points in the game of today

  249. This is exciting! Finally, Lin’s first start this year AS A PG!

    Go Lin Go!

  250. If Lin can get Daniels going hot again, he won’t need to score so much. Lin with 20/16 can lead them to a team win.

  251. Hopefully Batum looks to SCORE, not pass.

    His wannabe point guard game is terrible.

    Batum should stick to being a 3. WHOOPS,
    that’s MKG’s position.

  252. Batum can play team ball. He seems to go iso-hero ball when playing with Kemba. But I’ve seen him play well with JLin. I just hope he’s got his shot back. That his toe is okay and Cliff isn’t rushing him back too soon.

  253. The key to the game:

    Lin needs to avoid foul trouble at all costs.

    Let Irving score if it means less fouling.

  254. Comon Lin, do some heavy lifting for the win!

  255. So Kyrie was MKG’s HS teammate.

    Maybe MKG whispered some tips to Lin on how to guard Kyrie

  256. For some reason Lin never (almost?) played well with Batum. Any comment?

  257. Lin 1st assist to MArvin 3!

  258. Marvin’s the man

  259. Batum toke PG away from Lin

  260. and turned over

  261. nice foul, Tristan came to the rescue

  262. come on Lin

  263. c’mon Batum

  264. 22222222222

  265. there’s that midrange!

  266. 222

  267. Lin for 2222!! YEah
    Nice Pick-and-Pop with Zeller

  268. Batum got to stop dribble the ball!!!!

  269. LIN!!!!!!

  270. Batum again! shoot the ball man

  271. Batum should STOP passing.. so many TOs

  272. Batum should be counted 4 TOs already. Stop!

  273. Clifford need to tell Batum stop to dribbling the ball

  274. Lin will pick it up in the 2nd quarter.. Batum is being a detriment to this team right now

  275. Batum just awful

  276. Lin should touch the ball every time in the half court

  277. I already said that the cancer of Lin were not Walker, is Batun

  278. Batum is messy out there.

  279. Cliff is so wrong. He allows Batum and MKG to initiate offense when he has the best Hornets PG on the floor???? I have counted at least 7 total possessions initiated by Batum-6 and MKG-1 have turned out either turnovers or no points. SMH!!!

  280. That’s a foul

  281. MKG plays hard and hustles!

  282. Batum stop handling the ball. Put Daniel in .

  283. Cody hesitated too much. Lin got him the ball. That’s the problem with these bigs.

  284. Cliff is hopeless…. smh!

  285. Finally, BAtum made a shot

  286. Just be a role player Batum,thats your job

  287. Good drive by Lin but blocked by KLove.
    Nice assist to Batum


  289. It looks like MKG can almost finish everytime he drives or got the hand on the ball

  290. Mkg also refusing to give up the rock not liking what I’m seeing

  291. Lin has 4 assist

  292. Williams…..this is a playoff atmosphere type game,loving it.

  293. I think he’s fine. He’s pushing the pace.

  294. Lin playing a good floor game with 4 assists already

  295. Lin facilitating great love this right now from him.

  296. hes told to do that its fine dont worry

  297. Love it lin forced LBJ give up fast break.

  298. As long as he’s defending and making good plays,it’s fine with me

  299. He saw an opening and decided to go aggressive..
    Can’t fault him for that.

    He might need a floater or use the board avoid blocks next time

  300. Lin very composed great job so far

  301. Heard Dell said Lin must be “creative first” instead of shooting since he’s PG tonight. Haven’t heard him said that about KW.

  302. Haha, Lin holding up Lebron in the backcourt. Like what Kobe did to Lin in MSG during Linsanity and Lin swiped away Kobe’s hand.

  303. Kemba doesn’t have those type of skills

  304. Lin would have 15 assists if Batum focus on SG.

  305. Go LIn!

  306. Exactly. Lin is playing quite well.

  307. Nice drive…Lin!!!

  308. Im really surprise how healthy Lin looks

  309. Now Lin without Batun

  310. Great job pickings his spots

  311. The tank with some action!

  312. Here we go…

  313. LOL Hornets dominated offensive rebounds.. Lin, MKG, Frank

  314. That’s how you play TEAMBALL!

  315. Boom!!!

  316. LInsanity

  317. 22222222222

  318. YEah, Lin with long 2222!!

  319. No legs on his shots but still playing very good

  320. First time Hornets starter not in a deep hole after 1st quarter!

  321. Lamb omg

  322. wow smith read that play very well

  323. nice block… :((((

  324. Smith is a lot better on the cavs. He actually plays defense

  325. great athleticism to block

  326. Great defensive play by Smith. Good play by Clifford but great play by Smith. Still don’t like him.

  327. triple double alert for JLIN: 5 pts 3 reb 4 ast WOW WHAT A START!

  328. So by the looks of it Lin is playing Kembas minutes so he won’t play with the bench

  329. Lol. Neither do i

  330. who doubted JLIN would have a monster game today? certainly not me.. hes in ALL MY FANTASY LINEUPS!

  331. 2 rebounds 5 assists

  332. CHA can trade KW now.

  333. Imagined what he can do for a better team and a better teammates if allowed to be a Jeremy Lin

  334. That was a well-designed play by Clifford for Frank to throw an alley-oop but a bit short so JR can get up & block it.
    Lin’s pass would make it an alley-oop for a dunk

  335. correct it is on the pass not Lamb who rushed the dunk a little

  336. I called Linsanity. Lol

  337. Great teamb all competing with the favorite of the east (no kemba)

  338. Dell, Lin has made 4 Assist in 12 min, 1qtr. Haven’t seen KW done that yet.

  339. I not sure Lin is 95% healthy.

  340. Lamb 3333

  341. He looks about 80

  342. About right.

  343. not even in 48 mins… hehehe

  344. This is more a playoff team Hornets than what they want to manufacture in the beginning of the season.Long,athletic and plays team ball.

  345. 95 is good enough

  346. Agreed. This one will go deep.

  347. And MKG got 7 by himself!

  348. Kemba had a couple games with 4 assists with 1st quarter but certainly not his norm

  349. Lamb wow!

  350. Lammmmmmmbbbbbb

  351. Jeremy LAMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Good move Lamb !!!


  354. huge offensive rebound by Lamb + putback

  355. Ya! Good play by Lamb.

  356. Cavs doubled Lamb on 3pt line

  357. Clifford should play Lamb with the starting unit and sit Batum

  358. Irving torching whoever is in front of him

  359. Needs to put Lin in

  360. Kemba doesn’t come in until 5 minute mark

  361. dont worry he willl come in around 6 minutes mark

  362. Lamb is playing really well.

  363. He needs to adjust sometimes

  364. Need to get some stops.

  365. if cliff doesnt get lin’s butt back in game im going to slap his shiny head with some mr clean

  366. Walker not playing due to injury?

  367. Why moved Lamb out of the game? He’s doing good.

  368. Knee

  369. LOL Mr Clean haha

  370. He just came back maybe tired

  371. Batum forcing too many passes

  372. thats a free throw

  373. did Lin start today?

  374. Anyone else thinks Hornets are not in a deep hole because the chuck master Walker is out?

  375. yes

  376. Starters haven’t come back (except for Batum subbing for tired Lamb) with 6:47 in the 2nd quarter.
    Maybe Clifford wants to give bench more time

  377. Whaattttt?!!!!

  378. Yes, Hornets is winning the assist battle 10-8
    No wasted possession with ISOs

  379. Bad call

  380. This is usually the normal time. Around 5 minutes when Kemba would come in

  381. c’mon Batum, shoot the ball!!!

  382. batum’s passes are very off mark

  383. exactly!

  384. Refs are dictating the game,bad officiating

  385. Most of his passes are.

  386. Nice Kam but Clifford don’t fall in love w/ 2nd unit

  387. Batum bailed out of a TO there.

  388. Tank is eating Love alive

  389. Hahahahah Tank!!!!

  390. I hope Lin is subbing in after this time out

  391. Kevin Love really don’t play defense

  392. So how is Lin playing? how is his ankle?

  393. his passes look terrible i’m surprised he doesn’t have more TO

  394. Good. 5 pts 4 assts in 1 qtr.

  395. Lin back

  396. there’s no other game i want hornets to win than this one with lin at the helm as pg >_<!!

  397. What a pass by LIn!

  398. Batum is finally surrendering to Lin

  399. Assist 5

  400. Feed the Tank

  401. foul

  402. LIn got the call!

  403. all that contact for a damn whistle

  404. i little lucky there lol

  405. all that contact and a slow whistle!!! are you kidding me!

  406. Is it just me? The first unit plays a lot faster.

  407. Every since MKG return they have been

  408. those superstar calls

  409. Happens

  410. the world is ending.

  411. Jeez the missed free throws

  412. With a long athletic MKG and Lin running the floor,give them time and this team will be humming

  413. damn these missed freethrowes but everything else so far from lin has ben real good peeps

  414. lebron looks frustrated!

  415. He went 10 for 10 in one game. Happens. Exactly. I think just slow it down and take the time and he’ll knock them down.

  416. yes he’s looking good. i hope his ankle is ok!

  417. law of averages

  418. That’s only 2 misses in his last 20+.

  419. stop with the free throws, he’s got 5 assists!

  420. I can tell Lin is only 70-80% health now.

  421. he was missing a bunch when he was healthy. it happens. not gonna sweat it.

  422. He’s playing well. I wanted to see him get assists. I think he has only 1 TO and he looks confident handling the ball. I think he’s doing great.

  423. I don’t only mean the FTs.

  424. Zeller needs to put on some big boy pants.

  425. Layup by James too easy.

  426. Dude is soft.


  428. MKG has one fugly shooting motion.

  429. So MKG’s shot last game was not his norm.

  430. Good decision by Lin to attack when Hornets need some points on the board
    2 FTs coming

  431. Lin got to start scoring more, be more of a threat. Not really drawing in the defense to get teammates open. Got to get those FT’s too.

  432. Yep. Time to knock these down those. Both.

  433. lin should be doing that every possession! kyrie aint got no d!

  434. MKG and Batum ruining ball movement.

    50% FT shooting from Lin, but he’s doing a great job as PG.

  435. Lin is playing find. His shot will fall

  436. He’s stronger than Irving and not that really good in defense,I agree to attack the basket more

  437. As PG, he’ll heat up in the 4Q. Have to get others going first.

  438. Look like double double for Lin today

  439. MKG is not hogging the ball. Datum Latly hasn’t. The Cavs are playing iso. We stop passing the ball late

  440. So far batum and Mkg awful

  441. If only Lin was 100%, his shot is still today including his FTs. Hornets really needs his offense!

  442. MKG, its time to stop shooting, your D is still worth it

  443. Team looks so much better without Kemba. It’d look even better w/o Batum.

  444. I’ll give MKG a pass,he’s hustling on rebs and defense

  445. Hogging several possessions led to the Cavs run.

  446. Idk he’s open every play he’s hurting the team

  447. He will do better in the 2nd half.

  448. MKg has to allow the ball to find him. If he iso its not a good play.

  449. Need to get him going sometimes and reward his effort

  450. And missed some makable shots. When Frank went out Hornets lost a lot of the offense. Lamb also had a lot of fire. But, LeBron and Kyrie weren’t in either when they were in.

  451. Cavs executed well to close the 2nd quarter.

    Hornets couldn’t finish well. They would need Frank to continue to exploit Love’s defense.

  452. Zeller is a fool of gold big man

  453. Yes he’s not making the shot but to contain Lebron is not an easy task and so far he’s successful in doing so

  454. MKG– 16:52 min, 1/7 FGM-A, 2pts, 0 Ast, 1TO; NB–15:42min, 1/3 FGM-A, 2pts, 3 Ast, 3 TO–> Not good ratio.

  455. Has to play teamball. Lin will find him. But MKG just wants to hog like Kemba.

  456. but he be suppressing leflop

  457. Repeat after me.
    We Want Tyler! We Want Tyler!

  458. Cavs are a terrible team but are great individual players. If we pass we win. Kyrie and lebron iso was the cavs offense for the last 3 minutes

  459. Dell: “Lin ran the team pretty well in the 1st quarter ..”

  460. Lin has to play within the system

  461. Huh?

  462. Hornets played great for 20m. Then Cavs hit some tough Js and MKG played Hero Ball.

    Lin needs to play PG unless they specifically force it out of his hands. Batum is either injured or losing focus.

  463. I am happy seeing Lin’s 5 ASTs in the 1st half. When Lin is facilitating, good things will happen.

  464. Yes. I hoped to see some chemistry with Lin but don’t really see much of anything yet.

  465. I don’t remember MKg hero ball.

  466. Lebron is shooting 4/7 with 3 assist and 0 to where’s the containing?

  467. During the Cavs run, MKG pounded the dribble 2-3 times. No bucket and a Cavs bucket right after.

  468. Then MKG and NB took over w/the offense…. Thank God the bench picked it up..

  469. single digit point isn’t good enough for you?that’s like 4 points every quarter.

  470. Have you ever thought a team like the cavs that was in the finals just last year could play defense good enough that no one was open. All of MKG shots he was the most open one.. Which was by design

  471. Lebron a picking his spots he doesn’t try to takeover every minute he plays

  472. thats not true

  473. And MKG has NOT made any Assists. Hopefully, he sticks to defense and lets Lin set him up for easy bucket.

  474. He did. It wasn’t PG centric but he was stabilizing and I like that he didn’t really force the issue. Made really good passes except for 1.

  475. So sad I have to go and gonna miss the 2nd half. You guys have fun.
    GO LIN GO! Go Hornets Go!

  476. Lin was wide-open. MKG looked him off. Too much dribbling from him.

  477. Relax, folks …

    You can focus on Lin missing 3FTs or focus on Lin running the team well (5 out of 13 Hornets assists vs CLE 11 assists)
    Even Lin knew he needs to get better at FT line; he knows what he needs to do.

    But what’s important is to play team-ball to get a W.
    That’s why Dell praised his ability to run offense, not criticize his missed 3 FTs.
    This is not LA or HOU announcers anymore

  478. I don’t remember that.

  479. 5+ more assists!
    Hope you come back happy

  480. Also, basketball is a game of runs. CHA is one Lin-led run from tying it/taking the lead.

  481. lin spending too much time doing commercials!

  482. Explains NB 3 TOs? And MKG dribbles and turnover?

  483. thats was the first quarter

  484. He didn’t. Lin cant hold the ball all the time. The guy had 5 assist and the chances of more. Datum needs to play better and MKg make some shots but the cavs just out played us late. They played better defense while getting easier shots.

  485. less zeller, more handsborough! cmon cliff, the boy’s earned his minutes!

  486. You are obviously new here. Most posters here know I am a huge fan. It’s embarrassing that people are blaming this and that on his sore ankle. Like anyone here KNOWS the actual condition of his ankle. BTW – I am home.

  487. Cavs are scoring easy baskets in transition everytime Charlotte misses or turns the ball over. Nobody running back on transition D.

  488. MKG was doing well driving and getting rebounds to retain possessions.
    His shots weren’t falling (1-7); hope he adjusts to get closer

  489. Most of them were Batum’s turn overs

  490. Good challenge by Lin on LBJ missed 3

  491. Batum is making up with his previous plays

  492. why didnt lin get assist off batum?

  493. Nice D

  494. Great start by Batum 5pts to start 2nd half

  495. if overhelp leads to lebron shooting the 3, it is a good trade off.

  496. better than kyrie penetrating, lebron cant shoot

  497. Lin assist to Marvin 3!!!

  498. C’mon ref

  499. Run the ball through Lin, not Batum. Assist.

  500. More fun with team ball.

  501. Kyrie Irving is scoring on the Hornets at will.

  502. if lebron getting the open 3 is cav’s solution, that is a defense you go with EVERY time. look at lebron’s fg % this season especially on the 3.

  503. Hornets don’t set screens like that.

  504. That’s what I mean by Kyrie is a skilled player. He’s a solid offensive player.

  505. He is iso heavy

  506. MKG is running the floor and threwing off’s Cavs defense

  507. Game of runs…just like that a one-shot game.

  508. if lebron getting the open 3 is cav’s solution, that is a defense you go with EVERY time. look at lebron’s fg % this season especially on the 3

  509. Irving is an elite scorer like James Harden, but his defense and passing are not elite.

  510. Wow Hornets not shooting very well yet still staying close with the Cavs? Are the Cavs not taking this game seriously?

  511. Push the pace. That’s what I like about MKG. In fact, that’s what Lin should do more.

  512. kyrie #2 handles in the league and strong 3 pt shooter

  513. yes, when his ankle is better.

  514. Cavs are playing hard and making 3s. Hornets teamball is keeping it close.

  515. or a PNR coach

  516. Bad ankle. Can’t run much.

  517. Agree. He’s an elite scorer. Not a complete player yet.

  518. his ankle bothering him, he’s not explosive and is a bit slower than usual.

  519. Really? 6 asts is bad in O?

  520. No, Kyrie has multi screens and Hornets bigs are not helping.

  521. See if Kuang is right, just let Kyrie scores and ices out his teammates.

  522. He’s not very bad in defense, Kyrie is a tough guy to cover. And he’s making assists and pacing himself. He’s not looking for his own shot that much.

  523. WHat a pass!

  524. wow what a pass

  525. Wowwww that passed,Kyrie can’t do that….lol

  526. i love marvin williams

  527. that no look pass by Lin was sick

  528. THAT’S A PG.

  529. 7 AST’s

  530. OMG!!!!! LINSANITY PASS!!

  531. c’mon ref..

  532. and 1 !!!!

  533. 222222+1

  534. Datum nice pass

  535. wow good pass by Batum to Lin.

  536. Linsanity TeamBall!!! YEAHH!!

  537. And 1,I think Lin can be compared to Kyrie but better all around,not individual player though

  538. Lin and 1 for the lead yes! Nice assist by Batum!

  539. “Lin is having a bad game.” LOL


  541. LIn you’re awesome!

  542. Just keep letting James brick the jumpshot. BRIIIIICK !!

  543. Kyrieee reallly can’t do that…lol

  544. Batum as PG is killing me. Lin needs to play PG.

  545. Lin killing it!

  546. WOOOO!!!


  548. Lin the PG is awesome!!!!!

  549. Here come the refs…

  550. Lin ball, aka team ball is so much fun to watch and winning too !

  551. And Batum…. “You SHALL not PASS!” lol

  552. LIN!!!! fantastic pass to MKG>

  553. Miscommunication between Cody and Lin.

  554. all night long! 333333

  555. 333333

  556. 3333333333333333333

  557. Boooom Kyrie can’t do that…lol

  558. 15 for Lin woot woot!!!

  559. Lin for 33333333333!!!!

  560. Lin 333333333333



  563. That defense Kyrie can’t do that

  564. Where u at “manonfire”????

  565. Come on, Cody.

  566. bad foul by Cody!! uh!!

  567. Lin 13pts/8asts/4rebs..

    Double-double or Triple D watch =)

  568. Cavs are actually playing well and hitting tough shots.

    Lin-led teamball is just too good, even with crap bigs.

  569. yes!

  570. Whose team has less talent and is winning atm

  571. they’re going to rest Lin soon if they want to use him more in the 4th

  572. Sorry I missunderstood

  573. Lin is hot now. .. 2FTs!!

  574. Free throws there! Do not doubt the great one!

  575. 16 pts 8 a

  576. Sweat finally

  577. Lin is elite as starting PG. Just give him the damn ball, MJ!!!

  578. MKG and Lin is the motor of this team

  579. what a great reverse layup by MKG

  580. MKG reminds me of Kemba just a bigger version

  581. Now that’s a good shot by MKG. AT THE RIM. No more off-dribble jumpers.


  583. MKg was falling down idk how he stayed up

  584. hows jeremy doing guys!? just got off work

  585. Hornets minus KW look like a deep playoff team, LOL !

  586. Lin needs a breather. And then play the entire 4th.

  587. you know, lue IS a better coach than blatt just based on his timeout calls

  588. Lin playing well but definitely a bit rusty as PG and handling skills with the ball getting striped a few times.

  589. ELITE.

  590. MKG. Yes.

  591. doubt that will happen

  592. he is doing great cshot. wonderful basketball

  593. Nah just a big lin fam bro

  594. No way, MKG is way better than Kemba in many ways

  595. 2 minutes is not much of a breather.

  596. Lue looks confused. “Hey what’s going on?, They’re supposed to be pushovers.

  597. PG Elite

  598. *shrug*

  599. 4 guys on him

  600. GREAAAAAT NEWS!!!!!

  601. baaaam!

  602. Cavs underestimating Hornets as a scrub team is their demise!

  603. sheeezzzz stop

  604. that strip was more about him making a bad decision going in that deep than handles

  605. 8 assists, how can you complain?

  606. Oh lol

  607. Yeah, but overall Lin is playing well.

  608. does mkg pass the ball to lin? or is he a kemba type player?

  609. Can we keep that rythm 🙂

  610. ya i think he wanted to shoot it but too many people, he got trapped

  611. Agreed, another reason the teamates haven’t been familiar with Lin’s PG style.

  612. Mo can’t shoot to save his life

  613. haahahah these refs

  614. if hornets can beat the cavs tonight, it is possible they can win against heat, wizards, and bulls!

  615. correct call

  616. wow Lamb, just leave ur guy open will u

  617. need to ice hawes

  618. Nice D Lin

  619. great D on MO

  620. Lin is feeling it

  621. can you say LINSANITY ????

  622. 333333333333333333

  623. Lin 33333333333333

  624. Lin with the heat check

  625. Finally Lin needs to shoot more teammates are bricking shots! MJ are you watching?! Lin’s your star not Batum not Walker and not MKG!

  626. Yes, blow them out , Linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  627. Kyrie is a better player but Lin’s teams is winning I don’t get it!!!


  629. Haha! Lin too cocky with the 2nd 3pt shot. Love it!

  630. Darn too bad he missed the last shot if not it’d really be Linsanity night with back to back 3s!

  631. Buzzer beater heaves rarely go in. But there was only 1 sec on the clock.

  632. Love the attitude though. He’s feeling it to take that shot.


  634. kyrie is definitely the better iso player but lin is better all rounder with defense plus

  635. Lin thrives in the 3rd and 4th quarter:


  636. Keep hatin’!


  638. thank you.

  639. Need the bench to hold serve for a few minutes.

    Also, Batum has to not play PG for the rest of the game.

  640. Ride him like secretariat

  641. If Lin is 100%, the last shoot he usually attack the rim and make foul.

  642. Linsanity today!!!!!!

  643. That’s right. If you think Lin was doing well in the 3rd quarter, you haven’t seen Mr. 4th quarter yet !

  644. love seeing lin take shots like that! even if its bricks lol. that swag in his step today

  645. I really hope that other GMs/teams see that Lin is a starter and with the right usage

  646. I think he was just feeling it

  647. Agree. He would probably attack, but getting hammered is NOT what they need.

  648. That MKG and Lin connection will lead this team to playoff

  649. No he was feeling it for sure but too bad. Must’ve have rushed it cause of the buzzer.

  650. This is why you can’t judge Lin’s “cold streaks” vs. other starting PGs.

    It’s so much easier to shoot when you’re handling the ball a lot.

  651. What…..I disappear with the family and book back in the states and jlin does work

  652. Where’s the praise when he made shots, man?

    Don’t make us wonder if ur a fan ?

  653. nice one by lamb to spencer

  654. hahaha hawes

  655. Lin is obvious slowing the speed. He is save energy for 4Q since not fully health.

  656. 25&10, let’s go Lin.

  657. How is he looking folks ????

  658. spencer hawes killing in q4.

  659. Kyrie is fools gold just like Harden, no defense, and won’t be a guy you want for Championship team. Lebron will not get any more rings with Kyrie and Love as his “star” teammates.

  660. Was just about to say that!

  661. Blow out win, Let’s do it !

  662. i doubt it.

  663. What are u thinking spencer hawes

  664. Be happy with a win against Cavs, with Lin leading the team!!!!

  665. Roberts you dingo!!!

  666. Other than that stupid technical Hawes playing well.

  667. Bench playing well so far making some stops which is great.

  668. spencer hawes look like that uncle that sticks his fork in your plate

  669. bunch of thieves

  670. Pretty good. 18/8/5

  671. Lin leading the team with Walker the fake star out and MJ watching, and against a Championship contending team with Lebron! YES! MJ better draft up that MAX contract and think seriously about trading Walker and not signing Batum after this game!

  672. Some one catch me up…..

  673. Kyrie is a lot like Kemba — gets his own stats while losing the game.

  674. That iso plays from Kyrie is freezing out his team mates

  675. Spot on

  676. Good! Will help Cavs dig a deeper hole! Iso ball is loser ball in modern NBA!

  677. He isn’t a playmaker at all

  678. Players like Irving and walker are good as 3 options on contenders

  679. Roberts playing D.

  680. why was Kemba out today?

  681. Kyrie is a better and flashier kemba

  682. Seriously ? Does Tristan Thompson ever set a pick that’s not moving or grabbing ?

  683. Knee sprain

  684. how long is that?

  685. Sore knee

  686. He looks worse this year.

  687. Kyrie’s play is degrading now. Streetball, forced, sloppy, ugly.

  688. Include Lebron on that category

  689. Tyronn Lue calling timeout, having none of that ISO from Irving. That’s coaching.

  690. It takes weeks to recover from a sprained knee.

  691. idk i think its listed day to day

  692. good lets hope he hero balls more..

  693. yeah, lue is doing well as a coach.

  694. This is very accurate actually.

  695. But he’s better though…

  696. Linn the oh => teammates got touches and play hard.

  697. i kind of agree..hes a scorer for sure.

  698. If Leborn was smart he’d get rid of Kyrie and Love. These 2 do not have a contender and Championship heart! I hate Lebron but he’s the only one who actually works hard on both sides of the floor on his team!

  699. This should be the future Hornets team if Lin stays.

  700. Lebron puts dudes into a bearhug.

  701. The only plays they set up for kevin love is threes. No posts at all. I kinda feel sorry for him

  702. but maybe with better role players/bigs

  703. Nah they could do better than Batum, he’s not a star at all. MKG is great, got the height, great on defense and not a chucker.

  704. Add a Bruiser w/ good PnR game center and this team will go a long way

  705. that was such a bailout foul.

  706. what’s with Cliff’s forehead? Did someone punch him?

  707. Cleveland missing Delladova.

  708. Problem with the Cavs is Kyrie. All about his own stats, not much of a passer.

    They should trade him for a solid 2-way PG like Conley and they’d win the title.

  709. Possible first round matchup?

  710. Irving slips and falls, and refs give him FTs. Lin gets fouled going to the rim, they call it a TO.

  711. he is always screaming out plays.

  712. omg Lamb…how u miss that. That was too flashy, that’s why.

  713. we don’t need him hurting Lin

  714. Lamb should have dunked that.!!

  715. Nice Roberts

  716. Lamb getting earful from MJ

  717. Put Lin in Cliff

  718. I doubt it, GSW is way too strong. Even Love’s not much of a help compared to Wade and Bosh!

  719. Love the bench holding down the fort. Lets Lin rest.

  720. wow, i know lamb’s shot was bad but he was doing well over all. they benched him just for that??

  721. bring Lin in now?

  722. Lin will come in at around 6:00

  723. Lead going down, put Lin back in now!! Batum can’t playmake!

  724. Thats MKG

  725. MKG hustle

  726. Thats MKG again

  727. MKG is a real big.

  728. yeah hornets is now missing kemba lol

  729. Without Kemba, teamball and defense is SO MUCH BETTER.

  730. what?

  731. Frankkkkkkkk

  732. MKG is the missing guy to work with Lin! He’s beast on the boards!

  733. MKG IS BOSS!

  734. put lin in!!! what are you waiting for?????

  735. MKG’s hustle is real.

  736. YESSS. TEAMBALL. This is the Lin Effect.

    He gets guys playing together. Even when he leaves, they keep playing that way because it gave them the lead.

    If only that Kemba guy stopped ruining it…

  737. is lin done…?

  738. Smith just bow to Hawes,he’ll eat you alive

  739. put lin in dammit lol. let him get his double double

  740. relax

  741. 5 minutes to get 2 assists

  742. Please put Lin in he needs 2 more assist please.

  743. its the missing link…offensive rebounds!

  744. i just don’t want his double double chance to evaporate lol

  745. Better rest Lin unless the lead gets smaller. He is not 100% yet.

  746. Hawes is lucky he was on a basketball court and not somewhere else. Haha!

  747. The unit thats on right now is doing real good cliff prob does not want to change anthing

  748. At The Hive ‏@At_The_Hive 7m7 minutes ago
    Did some math to confirm but in the third quarter: Lin/MKG 18, Cavs 17

  749. Would be a 20 pt lead for Hornets if they could just finish some easy layups at the rim.

  750. i want that to but i see cavs are close to giving up

  751. Lin has had a great game. If CHA blows this open, I’m fine with him resting.

    Ankle isn’t an excuse, but it’s probably still a little sore. And there’s a back-to-back on Fri/Sat.

  752. Is MJ ready to buy ’em some shoes?Lin would say,just give me the key

  753. Talk me down 🙂 So hard to be patient!

  754. This game recalls me Hornets was at 2nd place in the East.

  755. The unit thats on the floor right now is doing real good thats why cliff prob is not putting lin in he does not want to change anything. and i am fine with it as long as they dont lose the lead

  756. Let him rest if possible. #s look nice and there’s a back-to-back coming up.

  757. Is Lin coming back in at all?

  758. No ego easier to coach this way

  759. Coach is riding the chemistry

  760. C’mon Cliff,don’t make this a bs game for Lin

  761. Lin 18, James 17 with 5 more mins

  762. typical JR smith….

  763. Not only Lin, WM, Zeller is sitting too.

  764. Hawes did throw like 2 elbows on that sequence

  765. waiting

  766. Smith’s got 5 fouls. 1 more and he’s out.

  767. i hope kaminsky knows how lucky he is to be with hornets, while d. russell is getting iced by his coach after being #2 draft pick

  768. That’s considered as a blows,take him out

  769. JR and Hawes really hate each other lol

  770. Lebron with the flop like he caught an uppercut lol

  771. It’s been reported that D. Russel has entitlement problems. Big ego without any accomplishment in the NBA.

  772. u can’t …change a foul call

  773. BS call.

  774. This is the difference between Lin and NB initiating offense. NB does not probe and just passes Hawes the rock between 2 defenders, Lin would probe first and then set up for pass for easy bucket.

  775. Lin gonna check in?

  776. Lin in yet folks

  777. Lin coming in.

  778. Lin coming in now

  779. Por fin!

  780. Good D by MKG on JR missed 3

  781. time out Clifford demmit

  782. MJ got fired up

  783. MJ was unhappy with the defense, yelling beside the court!

  784. Who’s fault was that? Hawes or Frank?

  785. he remember’s lebron’s disrespectful staredown dunk

  786. Never seen that before (as an owner).

  787. Did MJ yell to foul lebron from dunking that?

  788. Okay, time for Lin to put this away.

  789. Lebron pushed off.

  790. I swear I hate lebron

  791. Was MJ unhappy about the Hornets defense or a no-call by the refs ?

  792. no call

  793. no call

  794. MJ needs to get fired up more when they don’t play defense or team ball.

  795. pretty sure defense, cus that was pathetic

  796. Lebron pushed off on Roberts to get the long pass.

  797. Lol, mj got away with that alot

  798. Thug life game from CAvs….smh!!!

  799. MJ got mad on Roberts, then on Clifford – should have got lin up early!!!

  800. No call on LeBron push off on Roberts.

  801. First time I saw MJ got upset and animated on a play…

  802. I am wondering if ref can give a T to an owner of s team.

  803. it was on push off

  804. oh I see, MJ is angry that BROB got pushed by Lebron. I didn’t see it at this angle.

  805. the refs are giving cav divas calls because they afraid of lebron

  806. Come on, JLin.
    2 assists & 2pts to make MJ look good on his words

    “The most important acquisition in the off-season”

  807. Yeah, Mark Cuban’s got about a dozen T’s.

  808. He does but afterwards with Walker isoball they revert back to old habits. Exactly why Lin should be the one given the star treatment and max contract! If Walker can stay out rest of the season and Lin leads this team to the playoffs it’d be great! Lin leading this team to playoffs without Walker in the way will be proof that he’s a star.

  809. JLin should break LeBron’s ankles again. That would cheer MJ up.

  810. C’mon Zeller find a spot

  811. Bad TOs…Cody and Lin have 3 TOs on bad comminication.

  812. CMON LIN

  813. Oh no 2 TO. come on Jeremy

  814. LIn will shoot 2

  815. that’ a HUGE offensive foul by LeBron!!

  816. Darn…widen that gap again.


  818. There we go, Jeremy. This is YOUR game to close.

  819. Lin 2 sloppy plays. He’s out of rhythm.

  820. lets see if he has still ice on his veins

  821. First one was his fault. Second was Cody’s.

  822. still has it

  823. Lin 2 FTs made it 100-92

  824. made the free throws!

  825. Thank you Jeremy!

  826. alright lin has to calm down right now

  827. those 2 FTs gave us a little breather

  828. Wow Lin getting the fouls calls like he’s a star!

  829. Mr. 4th Quarter!

  830. 2 more assists please!

  831. Lin sat too long, too much nervous energy bottled up.

  832. ice veins

  833. Yes Lin!!!!

  834. 2222222222

  835. 2222222

  836. Lin…. He HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!

  837. OUR MAN MR. CLUTCH!!!!

  838. I love this guy!

  839. Batum finally do something good

  840. Mr. Clutch Time, baby!!!!



  843. LIN + Defense will put this game away.

  844. Linsanity struck again!! Yeah!!

  845. look what happens to audience when Lin plays. They all stand up

  846. Come on, defense…

  847. LIn!!!!!

  848. Yeah, fine. Dunk. Too late Mr. James

  849. 22222222222222

  850. hahaha that’s Jeremy Lin

  851. JLINNNN for the clutch layup!!!!

    LINSANITY in the HOUSE!!!



  854. Cav’s commentator said Lin made the all-star tonite

  855. Lin got hyped hahaha

  856. Holy clan

  857. KEMBA WHO???

  858. Fan favorite everywhere he goes

  859. L*IIIIIIIIIIIN !!!!!!!!

  860. Did announcers just call they(Cavs) made Lin an allstar tonight? Wow that’s a first!!

  861. Jlin with his hands raised!

  862. Linsanity shows up when facing the contender !


  864. 2 more assists!

  865. Linsanity for u



  868. Can the other teams/GMs please see what we see :!

  869. wow

  870. Hornets announcer: “Jeremy Lin has done a great Kemba Walker impersonation”. Are you freaking kidding me????

  871. MJ be like, “JLin made me look like a GENIUS!”

  872. Yes Lebron you can shoot or dunk all you want but if your teammates are crap they can’t save you!

  873. Really? Great…the tide is turning!

  874. KRYee Who ?

  875. man, i want to see highlights now!

  876. Wow

  877. Rich Cho and MJ happy

  878. I think they finally found a gold….make it happen Cho and MJ

  879. Cho looks happy

  880. pls, kw doesnt pass or make his team mates play better.

  881. wow ejected fans for what?

  882. No he’d be a genius if he gives Lin that MAX contract after this game! and trade Walker away and not sign Batum!

  883. wow ive never seen hornets fans this pumped up before

  884. Robin Lundberg ‏@robinlundberg 2m2 minutes ago
    Jeremy Lin is killing the Cavs. Continues to kill it as a starter this year.

  885. Great D by JLin leading to Kyrie TO!

  886. Wow Cavs announcer praising Lin as allstar and Hornets doing the opposite, nothing new!

  887. So happy

  888. Good D by Lin!

  889. Great D by Lin lol

  890. Lebron just running through people

  891. Linsanity fever raised their temperature 😀

  892. He said it with good intentions. I know and you know it’s bs, but he did say it with good intentions.

  893. its over lol why try

  894. Lin’s defense elite in the 2nd half too.

  895. LIN-VP.

  896. Who’s Mr. 4th Quarter! JEREMY LIN!!!!!

  897. Whoohooo….


  899. Lin whipped Kyrie’s and Lebron’s bum on this game.All haters and doubters and people that thinks Lin is a softy and has a soft handles need to shut up!!!!!

  900. MJ just gave huge butt-slap to JLin!!!

  901. You’re my boy now….!!!!

  902. MJ just smacked Lin’s butt during interview with Stephanie Ready lol

  903. Thank God! Lin For The Win!

  904. Finally MJ got to see first hand what Lin can bring to his team! Wake up! Trade Walker and make Lin the star with the Max contract!

  905. Lin should’ve made that last fadeaway shot, but I’m not mad, he forced Kyrie into a turnover to seal it.

  906. Lin being nice: “Kemba is irreplaceable.” LOL.

  907. I did not see this coming. Walker can just rest until after the All-star break.

  908. MJ pats Lin in on the butt. Yes!

  909. Haha, come on man. He can’t make everything.

  910. Mr. Best Teammate! =D

  911. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  912. lin in interview “MKG i love you!” LOL!

  913. Without Bosh and Wade to help him, Lebron alone is not enough! Heat were tough and Cavs are no where near that!

  914. linsanity is not a fluke

  915. sprite player of the game on a winning game!!!!

  916. woooooooooo!!!! mkg lin chemistry!

  917. Lin = Scottie Pippen 2016

  918. Irreplaceable SG.

  919. start Lin from now on as PG.

  920. My as* kemba is irreplacable.

  921. political!

  922. does not sound right lol

  923. MJ slapped on Lin’s rear when he was about to be interviewed.

  924. Just a good team mate

  925. Lin finally playing well against Lebron’s team and beating him for the first time! This is so sweet without Walker the iso ball chucker!

  926. Whenever Lin is the obvious MVP, he ALWAYS talks about others.

    Whenever Kemba or most players are the MVP, they ALWAYS talk about themselves.

  927. he need some of that yellow booty

  928. The team played much harder without kemba lol

  929. Yes he can !

  930. so much freedom on LBJ uncalled offensive fouls! but i take the win… sweet.!!!!

  931. Team basketball beat the Cavs today and it started with Lin.

  932. The Hornets need to unleash the 2 million dollar man for more wins.

  933. This is Linsanity!!! Who needs Melo [oops, I meant Kemba]?! It is what my man Lin can do when he’s in control. Nothing new.

  934. It couldn’t have gone better today. Cavs didn’t even play badly — they made a ton of 3s and tough shots until Lin just gutted them in the 2nd half.

    Let’s hope MJ and Cho noticed…

  935. He’s the reason this team’s been losing winnable games! Kemba please stay out rest of the season!

  936. Lin is Mr. 4th Qtr. He made critical 4pts in crunch time (2 pts from FTs and 2pts on a jump shot) in the last 2:32 minutes. NB made 2pts from FTs.

  937. lol

  938. Team played more as a team. Didn’t depend on one player to get hot. This type of play is more sustainable game after game and on the road.

  939. This is the first game lin did not get called for phantom foul lol

  940. Best time to play a best game

  941. TLC…touching for sympathy for LBJ

  942. Like dantoni said “what’s impressive is he scores in context to teamball”

  943. if they could only think!

  944. Kemba + Cody + 1st rd pick for Rudy Gobert?

  945. Haha, I only meant the FT too.

  946. I posted that this game is a preview of the playoff for beating Cavalier yesterday. Now it came to past.

  947. this is fun basketball…JLIN style!!!!

  948. Hate to toot my own horn (not really), but I called it! 😛 Now can we please have Jeremy start for the rest of the season… This front office can’t be so stubborn!

  949. 5 players in double digits. Scoring more spread around, more players involved and play harder on defense.

  950. what about his assists?

  951. It is the Lin-Effect.

  952. I also want to give credit to the bench tonight. They kept the lead. But our man, Lin, was the impact player who will this win.

  953. Lin is Jason Kidd steve Nash hybrid

  954. Proud of him. Had low expectations but Lin was great. Yeah, maybe too many turnovers but really don’t care about them that much. His FTs got better in the 2nd half. He made big baskets in the 4th. He hunkered down on D in the last 2 minutes. Fabulous. Hairsanity. Linsanity. Absolutely wonderful game from Lin.

  955. I heard from one of the announcers that if they start Lin he will score 7 points more than he does on the bench.

  956. absolutely, the bench played well tonight

  957. Hype of MKG was real! MKG is a team player and beast on boards and defense! Good thing they had him to guard Lebron! Trade Walker ASAP and this team is complete! Batum will do for this season but they can find a better FA than him!

  958. somebody might get jealous?

  959. Kemba for not playing? xD

  960. Cody got n the way for his layup

  961. And smarter (i.e. Let Lin run the offense)!

  962. They aren’t used to counting assists. Only points. LOL

  963. LOL!!!

  964. He was great take away those 2 turnovers in the 4th but other than that fantastic

  965. they were good TOs, he either tried to penetrate or dish it to a big.

  966. Yeah Lin you’re irreplaceable to my eyes lol

  967. And Lin kept Kyrie under control in the second half.

  968. there was a bit of miscommunication with some turn overs where players were not in the right position. That is him looking to make a play so those are acceptable to me. Now picking up his dribble is a bad turn over lol.

  969. Just did a quick pass through “At the Hive”. Hahahaha….they’re so unused to winning, and especially against LeBron, who they take as a big deal, that they can hardly believe their eyes. They are actually starting to say…wait for it…LINSANITY 😀

  970. Yes, his energy and rebounding has been a surprise to me.

  971. Wow! What a game. I was Lintertained. That’s what you get when you let Lin run the show.

  972. Robert helped too in 3Q-4Q

  973. In interviews he’s always praising his teammates, Even made a point to praise Kemba. True leader.

  974. Guy is not scientifically literate. A black whole cancels out everything. If he was a black hole on defense that means he is great defensively given black holes vs anything is always black hole with the win.

  975. 3 of the TO are correctable if the Bigs cut after Lin starts to drive, so he can have out lets to pass.

  976. I love the points but those 2 passes in transition, the lookaway to Cody and then the fake everyone out and then pass to MKG for the dunk, I really loved.

  977. Yeah and of course, louie being louie “BREAKING NEWS!! Kemba is still our starting PG so thats that …we need him to still be”

  978. This should be no surprise. Lin has been the most consistent starter on this team (probably one of the most consistent in whole NBA, this season). This was almost pre-ordained 🙂 Many people on this forum could “feel” a big game by Jeremy!

  979. I noticed Jeremy Lin gets the crowd going and probably the player that makes the crowd stand up the most in home games. When that happens, the players play even harder and that equals a win.

  980. I hope the debate between Kyrie and Lin is sealed now.

  981. Team ball wins anytime against silly exhibitionist’s ball, and is more fun to watch too.

  982. lakers could’ve had this, but byron scott let it all go to waste.

  983. BS just wasn’t a good coach

  984. Player of the game ! Hehe

  985. Rick BonnellVerified account


    Per @HornetsPR that win broke a 23-game losing streak to LeBron James-led teams (includes the playoff sweep)


    They would have won the first game of the season if they left the ball in JLin’s hands.

  986. Lin or MKG. It’s between those two. Maybe for different reasons. Lin is exciting.

  987. Lakers pretended to tank in order to protect KB’s spotlight, preventing Linsanity from happening.

  988. This game is more impressive. They were bad then.

  989. Got to say that Batum gave the ball to Lin in the last few seconds. A respect from him to Lin.

  990. Was there any DOUBT what our boy can do when he gets to play POINT

  991. If after this game MJ still doesn’t know Lin’s his ticket to a Championship team and needs to trade or bench Walker he’s really really dumb!

  992. yeah man, if they played ed davis and lin together as the main unit, they would’ve won at least 15 more games. smh. how low the lakers have fallen.

  993. Nice that this is such a big deal to them, and that LIN DID IT!

  994. I think Lin has surpassed BAtum as the second option offensively.

  995. MJ and Rich Cho has some thinking to do about the future of Hornets and how to incorporate Lin into their plans.

  996. Nice win!

  997. Batum hasn’t looked great in awhile. I never thought Batum was a max contract player. Not even when he had good games.

  998. He’s not merely flashy…he has that magic CHARISMA in spades.

  999. But until this time Cliff you still don’t know it.

  1000. Cliff should have said “it’s about how we play together”

  1001. Me two. He is a good team player. a third option ideally. He had a great start but has regressed slowly even before injury.

  1002. Agreed. He has never been “the guy”. Especially during crunch time. Jeremy on the other hand has lots of practice! 🙂

  1003. NBA.com
    Big night by @JLin7 gets 2nd-straight win for @hornets, snaps Cavs’ 5-game win streak: http://on.nba.com/1UMfcvp

  1004. It’s not about stats. It’s about wins.

  1005. Rich and MJ were here today. I wonder if they were assessing how well Lin can handle the starting PG role if they ever decide to trade Kemba.

  1006. Saw Cho with a big smile on his face.

  1007. and yet Lin still passes to him lol.

  1008. Nope some haters already calling this game a one off thing saying Lin’s inconsistent and backup.

  1009. I think its more likely Batum leaves if anyone does.

  1010. Remember, the play when Lebron dunked on a fastbreak, and MJ got upset bc no Hornets fouled him. That could have been the turning point for Cavs run. But, thank God that moment helped put Lin back in the game. We all were wondering when Cliff would return Lin or not at all, but probably Cliff saw MJ upset and had to do something.

  1011. They were entertained and love the passion of MJ,it’s my first time to see him fired up again like that!

  1012. Just get a chance to check the box score now and …. WooHoo!!!
    Now, This Is the game that I want the Hornets to win =)

  1013. Sorry I’d rather take the 24 pts! 15pts looks too average.

  1014. He needs to protect someone else…lol

  1015. Well then these people are talking out of their “rear ends”. Jeremy has been the most consistent starter on this team. Period.

  1016. He will look good once again if JLin keeps playing PG. Lin makes his teammates play better than they normally do.

  1017. I like Robin. He’s sure happy… Haha!


  1018. ya he looked excited and into the game. I’ve never seen that when Kemba was ISOing. Crowd was in it too when Lin was dishing dimes.

  1019. the whole crowd was into the game. That’s the Lin effect.

  1020. LOL!

  1021. They probably didn’t know Kemba would be out. It’s a big game. But they saw what Lin did. MJ patted Lin on the butt. That’s fantastic.

  1022. Yes that dunk could’ve been a momentum change and good thing it happened if not who knows when Lin would be back in!

  1023. Lin also gets the other coach to stand up. They don’t keep stats on this, but I think Lin causes more opposing coaches to call time outs. They can’t believe their team is losing to this guy.

  1024. ya I was wondering why it took so long to put Lin back in. And when he finally did, buckets after buckets.

  1025. The last 10 games datum is averaging 8.3 points at 29 percent fg %

  1026. The word might be getting around 🙂

  1027. I don’t mind Batum staying but Walker is the one who needs to go.

  1028. give the max contract to Lin instead lol or even half of it. Lin would be happy with 10 mil.

  1029. very surprised they recognized this.

  1030. Sport we always have the same thinking in terms of making a team better

  1031. Hey, I didn’t say Batum is a bad player. He is not the “playmaker” you want for large number of possessions. He is still good to continue a play – drive, shoot, pass (very good passer when he wants to be)… Anyways, this is about Lin! He needs to start. Any unbiased analysis of his numbers clearly shows this. Kemba just isn’t (or doesn’t want to) playing team ball, and that is exactly what this team needs!

  1032. LOL you are funny

  1033. Don’t you know sunlight kills trolls? Our man is shining so bright right now exposing all the doubters and haters.

  1034. i agree with this. But if Batum stays he needs to be facilitating less.

  1035. See if Horents FO/Coach use the next 3 home games to see what Lin can do as starting PG.

  1036. Lots of Hornets fans are saying that Lin is probably going to get around 10M per this summer in open market.

  1037. Maybe he is also not 100%? I give Batum some benefit of doubt

  1038. fair value,but i won’t be surprised if he will get 12-14

  1039. the cap will go up. and lamb got 7 million with the cap increase in mind. so 10 million for Lin is ok actually.

  1040. Haha.

  1041. the only reason I dont want him to get too much is because people will say he’s over paid again even though he isn’t. He could very well be worth 12-14 mln. He’s improved on this defense and he can play make still and more crafty at shooting. He still needs to fine tune his shooting but I think he’s more valuable as a player when he was in the Knicks.

  1042. Lin required only 13 shots to get 24 points.

  1043. If he gets his real value from this year 12-14 would be good

  1044. This. Still another half season to play for.

    Dude needs to pass the ball more tho.

  1045. Definitely and Lin needs to be the main PG and ball handler!

  1046. He’s banged up, but that’s to be expected. He’s 27yo but has played as many games as a 30yo (entered the NBA at 19). Cho and Cliff are in love with him for some dumb reason.

    I liked Batum a lot in Portland, but he’s simply not a star. He’s a great glue guy when healthy.

  1047. He’s really not a good passer. Too deliberate.

  1048. Let them hate

  1049. let me guess, ATH will feature MKG instead for the win.

  1050. Batum is regressing because of injury. Hopefully, he’s not back to last year’s version.

  1051. Just name a active backup PG that can start and deliver such performance time after time. Linsanity is not a fluke, it is suppressed. Lin is a starter. period.

  1052. From realgm

    Re: Charlotte vs Cleveland Wed 2/3 7PM EST

    Post#427 » by ChokeFasncists » 3 minutes ago

    It would be interesting to see what Cliff does now. The right thing to do would be to take this opportunity to make Lin the starter, who facilitates better, then have Kemba play the scoring off the bench role. Fact is, the starters haven’t been playing better than the opponents in the beginning of halves against good teams for ages.

  1053. More than anything, I wanted JL7 to play great against top teams. Cavs were on a mini winning streak. This Is The Best Win of the season so far! Happy for the entire team – Team efforts all around!

  1054. Best all-around game of the season for J. Lin in my opinion. I think this was one of the best post-linsanity games he has had in terms of playing point guard against an all-star and top team in the NBA. He made mistakes but played through them and carried the team both offensively with big shots / passing / defense.

  1055. Forgot those haters! Lin needs to get the Max contract to to be guaranteed a starter role and the star treatment! Look at what happened when they signed Harden and Howard with bigger contracts?!

  1056. No kidding. How many times we see the starters dig a hole the bench had to pull them out of?

  1057. new thread

    JLin was the player of the game in helping the Hornets to beat LeBron’s 23 game Win-Streak over the Hornets (including 4 playoff games) for the #23 Michael Jordan himself.

    – The Hornets beat the Cavaliers 106-97 behind great team-ball (26 asts vs 16 asts)
    – The Hornets overwhelmed the Cavs in rebounding with 49-28 advantage behind MKG’s 13 rebounds. MKG set a great tone in the 1st quarter with 7 rebounds
    – The win gave Clifford his 100th win

  1058. This is a big win going against Cavs #1 EC team with all their team starters playing. Lin’s first time starting as PG and was able to get teammates involved and playing cohesively. He controlled the tempo and knew when to score and got the win. I’m very happy for Lin and for Hornets tonight. But Hornets need to take a bold step and let Lin be the PG. If not, I hope Lin will lead his own team soon…

  1059. I don’t think that’s up to Cliff, it’s up to MJ and Cho! Politics dictated who who could play as starter. I think Lin’s agent should give MJ a “call” after this game. “How about that Max contract?”

  1060. Yes and it certainly made Coach look good with that decision.

  1061. If and only small if the Hornets are trading away Walker. They need Roberts to be a capable back up for Lin. Good news is Roberts did well tonight.

  1062. I agree. He had an “excuse” not to show up — thrice-sprained ankle, facing fully healthy #1 seed, constant yoyo-ing of SG/PG roles — but instead he dominated for the team AND himself.

    I read that CHA hadn’t beaten Lebron in SIX YEARS. He was 27-0 or something.

  1063. that’s my boy!!!

  1064. He is a Lin fan since the Linsanity days through and through. Classy guy and very funny too.

  1065. starts with the FO and coach.

  1066. Yes if they can’t trade Walker they need to bench him! Lin needs to be PG!

  1067. MKG has been playing well so far. His defense and hustle is very good. But what has surprised me (comparing previous years) has been his improvement on offense. Hope this stays on!

  1068. This is unquestionably the biggest win of the season for Charlotte.

    Vegas must have lost millions on this game alone because everyone but “crazy Lin fans” were expecting a blowout loss.

  1069. Its a BIG Deal for MJ to jump out of his seat watching any BBall game.
    Well, JLin is capable of doing just that… Congrats!!

  1070. Kemba is “that dude” who would have scored 20p and lost by 20p.

  1071. i needed to bet. I could have won a million dollars today.

  1072. Byron: “Lin is definitely an NBA player”

  1073. Lin electrified MJ’s butt. He hasn’t felt that way since…Chicago Bulls

  1074. I think so too!

  1075. Hornets hasn’t won Lebron’s team in 6 years and 23 games. WoW

  1076. Well technically MJ jumped out after Lebron’s dunk cause he was unhappy and worried for his team!

  1077. Today, we don’t want to hear that mans name! 😀

  1078. If Kemba played tonight, Hornets win or lose?

  1079. lose, there would be too many players ISOing. When Kemba leads by example, others will follow his path.

  1080. Is it possible to bet online legally for Hornets’ games? I’m serious.

  1081. …by a lot. He’s like a lesser Kyrie–score for himself, lose the game.

  1082. Unless Kemba all of a sudden becomes a team player for tonight’s game… Nope.

  1083. lose he can’t defend anybody

  1084. Maybe 3 OTs.

  1085. 12M vs 2M. One year contract vs 4 yr. Sure, Lin is a better facilitator, but unfortunately, NBA politics, GM and owner don’t want to look foolish.

  1086. Lin is a star player who always get the short end of a stick. Cavaliers lost on the free throw line. They fouled a lot.

  1087. are you guys happy now..

  1088. Not yet,I wanna be greedy,he needs to start and if they’re bold enough they can trade that dude(KW)

  1089. If you are in Nevada or New Jersey.

  1090. but calmed him when Jeremy made the succeeding shots to muffed and foiled cavs attempt to comeback

  1091. Well Walker is a good scorer. He could stay but he has to learn to play team ball like the game they play against the Raptors. Walker each played about 30 minutes and shared the ball would add to the depth of the team. Offer Walker’s contract to Lin.

  1092. Bummer I’m in Illinois. :/

  1093. Lose, Kyrie will have high scoring game with Walker guarding him. While Walker ices his teammates out with his iso chucking bricks!

  1094. They need to at least give Lin some more run as a starter. See what they have. He has definitely earned it. With his play as a starter, this whole season.

  1095. why value others point of view if we know he deserves the RIGHT salary.

  1096. Not fair!

  1097. When can they trade players? They seriously need to trade Walker before end of this season if they’re serious about keeping Lin!

  1098. Very close to a double double. Lin didn’t play excessive high minutes like LeBron and company. Their starters played on the average over 35 minutes. Hornet starters played only about 30 minutes. With so many highly paid players on the team, Cavaliers had to play their starters a lot.

  1099. Yes please so Linsanity can be revived in full force! When Kemba comes back it’d be too late for him to go back to his PG position and chucking ways! Lin needs this chance to make and convince MJ that Hornets is HIS team!

  1100. he is part of a playing five for hornets so he’s valuable part, not the only part needed but part of a one piece meal teamball!

  1101. no, he always gives the ball to JLIN when crunch time begins..see and review the previous games now and you will see the facts for yourself!

  1102. both players played with heart and you can see it from their games..and both are not FLASHY too!

  1103. he doesn’t need to score 50points just to be recognize..but his play…unselfish plays make the team responds for a win!

  1104. The team that should seek Lin’s service most is Brooklyn Nets.
    They could start by hiring MDA as their head coach. MDA and Lin would destroy the Knicks.

  1105. I don’t mind Lin staying with Hornets if they make him the starting PG and trade/bench Walker!

  1106. JLIN: spencer ..”a little troublemaker”

  1107. They must offer Lin a new contract before the season ends. Anyway MDA + Lin is a package that many teams covet in the off season.

  1108. i cant even… espn didnt put lin’s no look pass to zeller on the highlights???!!!

  1109. Jeremy Lin vs Kyrie Erving, what amazes me is Lin hasn’t fouled not even once in the game.

  1110. This game reminds me the start of Linsanity when he had 25pts and 8asts against DWill Nets. A replacement PG for the injured starting PG. I can feel it coming if Kemba stays on the bench for a few more games.

  1111. charlotte arena was rocking like it was msg tonight… mj has some reevaluating to do

  1112. When Kaminsky is making his layups and Marvin Williams is hitting the 3s, JLin can finish off the Cavs with 24 points in 13 tries.

  1113. Kyrie was awarded only 5 foul shots but Jeremy got 11/23 foul shots for the Hornets made no foul against Kyrie. Kyrie scored 26 points in 17 tries made 4 fouls 5 assists 1 rebound with only 1 TO; a nice game but not enough. Lin scored 25 points made 5 TOs but 8 assists 5 rebounds and gave up no free throw against Kyrie.

  1114. But that would mean Hornets firing Cliff as well. Not sure if they have the guts to trade Walker and fire Cliff! And will Lin mention hiring MDA in his negotiations? He’s too nice to get the coach fired but I hope his “agent” talks some sense into him!

  1115. Like I wrote BEFORE the season started, Kaminsky always had this ability in him.

    It’s just that Walker’s putrid playbreaking made it impossible for Kaminsky to get into rhythm.

  1116. And the hometown football team NY Giants won the super bowl that year. Be weird if Panthers did the same thing and linsanity struck again.

  1117. I was impressed by Kaminsky’s defense. I think he can be a better defender than Zeller, because he knows how to step out and trap on the Pick n Roll vs. Zeller who just parks himself in the paint and does nothing to disrupt the ball handler.

  1118. Yeah, but those nights are rare. Even more rare is when Spencer Hawes has a good game and finishes layups.

  1119. Well said!

  1120. It’s 10:30pm my time now… going to watch the 2nd (Linsanity) half. Can’t wait!

    Hope I won’t scream and wake up my wife. Hahaha

  1121. use a headset, man.
    I’m gonna find mine now lol

  1122. I’ve noticed that too …

  1123. lol…looks like Jeremy did all the must do’s that we talked about and not only got a Win but a nice lap to his butt from MJ! 😉

    Hope CC and FO realizes, the key of winning is giving the ball to Lin atleast at 50%

    Go Lin…trully happy for the win…not many can say they manage to pull it off against Cavs *clap* *clap*

  1124. MJ electrified JL butt as well! 🙂

  1125. indeed! really happy that we got the Win with Lin

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