G48 LAL @NYK PreGame Thread+Poll

Jeremy Lin is back to play NY Knicks again!

He had 5-0 record vs the Knicks when he was in HOU. But he’s with the Lakers where tanking is the norm and losing is celebrated!

Will JLin be featured more than 27min? We know Byron wanted to feature Clarkson in 2 OT although Jeremy played well in the 1st half.

Let’s hope the FO and even Byron give what the NYK crowd wants which is a lot of LINSANITY!

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Lin has been undefeated against the Knicks since he left. Hope it continues.

  2. And another great performance against Knicks and the new Langston-sanity will make the Knicks fans clamor for the return of Linsanity!

    NY media coverage would always help Lin’s FA value in summer 2015.
    It could be a pivotal game indeed if Byron doesn’t sabotage it by featuring Clarkson again.

  3. I think
    80% lin signs with other team after this season
    10% lin will be traded before deadline
    10% lin stays at Lakers

    What you guys think?

  4. Jeremy is in good mood just shared in FB post about Hillsong’s song.
    Hope the stars are lined up for tomorrow’s game.

    Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    1 hr ·
    “Christ ALONE, Cornerstone,
    Weak made STRONG,
    In the Saviors love,
    Through the storm,
    He is LORD,
    Lord of ALL!”
    -Cornerstone by Hillsong

  5. IMO it is more like 90%-9%-1%

    With BScott/Kobe planned comeback and JLin said it’s the worst basketball in his career, the 1% of Lin staying would be generous, I think.

  6. Does anyone that lives in China, have any scoop on why they won’t be showing Laker games after Feb?

  7. you’re thinking they know something that Lin will be traded and Kobe is gone so not worth having TV deal with Lakers past February trade deadline?

    Or the most optimistic possibility …
    it might be China TV trying to push Lakers to feature Lin more, otherwise they pull the plug on TV deal?

  8. I was thinking all those things

  9. Lin be freed.

  10. It’s probably 90% 10% 0%

  11. I hope it’s a leverage that Lin’s team posseses

  12. There’s more of a chance that Lin ends up back with the Rockets than with the Lakers. That’s how horribly marginalized JLin has been by the Lakers.

  13. I know U.S. networks like ESPN and TNT are cancelling Lakers broadcasts. But does China TV create it’s own Lakers game TV feeds? IOW, do they have their own cameras, etc., at games they’re broadcasting, or are they using video feeds from U.S. networks?

  14. Where did you get that news from?

  15. Reprise some fun for yourself, Mr Lin and the team, us!

  16. No way, Lin’s been trashed all over @different bball forums, you have no idea how many self-hatred synonym patients we have. 🙁

  17. Mitch to players: Like it or lump it!
    I found the tweeted quote (below) from Kupchak unsettling. Loosely translated, it means to me that the Lakers are primarily concerned that the coach is all comfy emotionally — and the players are all just going to have to suck it up and go along with his unpredictable whims.

    Talk about a double-whammy at free agent recruitment time! Can you image this summer trying to acquire a new franchise player? Not only will that player be at the mercy of however Kobe wants to play during any given game, but he’s also at the mercy of coach who takes players into games with them having no idea what the rotation will be that game.

    And Mitch is just all peachy with that, apparently.

  18. I think only Sina bc they think Lakers is doing bad for tanking & Lin played so less min on court.

  19. you’re probably right lol

  20. Sina.com stops covering LAL effective Feb. A lot of Chinese forums are discussing it: Sina.com covered Rox when Lin was there, and now LAL. So they seem to be following Lin.


  22. New Yorkers really love JLin, Linsanity will always remain in everyone’s heart here.

  23. KB/BS are going to squeeze the last drop out of LAL.

  24. If that’s really their plan I hope JLin gets out of there because it’s going to implode like the NYK’s did.

  25. Does a 9 game consecutive streak needs to be maintained in BS’s culture?

  26. I see exactly the same thing happening again next year, they slow, long 2 pointer-centric Kobe-ball which won’t work. They’lll lose a bunch of games, Kobe will get injured again and they will tank again to try to retain the top 3 protected draft pick.

  27. Get out and take Ed Davis with him.

  28. Maybe from the political conflicts between mainland China and Taiwan. I’ll bet no trashing (or very little trashing) from Taiwan.

  29. BS and FO see things eye to eye and agree on tanking.

  30. A culture of losing??? Mitch is becoming a laughing stock along with BS.

  31. totally disagree. BS will cater to incoming stars and kiss their butts. Only role players and non team stars will deal with the double standard treatment.

  32. PLAN: 2 years of tanking, BScott catering to Kobe. 2 years of lottery draft picks. Then Kobe retires, Scott fired. Get Durant and Westbrook and a real NBA coach.

  33. A lot of people who play basketball including myself believe that if you have the talent, you will succeed and nobody can keep you down as long as you are allowed on the court for a fair amount of time, despite strategies and referees and teammates notwithstanding. The talent I refer to is not always basketball skill alone.

    From this standpoint, many people believe Lin doesn’t have it and that he can only do well if he doesn’t have competition on his own team to overcome. Most people who actually play basketball know that you defer to others on your team when they are simply better or more dominant than you, whether it’s skill, personality, whatever or a combo of those things. But you defer to another when you are not as good at something that matters.

    IN NYC, LIn was the best player on that team. Better or just as good as Melo. When Melo came back, Lin still did ok when MDA left and Melo started playing again. LIn also never got rattled playing next to Melo except when Melo was tanking when MDA was coaching.

    On HOuston, Harden was so good at scoring, it overwhelmed Lin’s other skills and made Lin second guess taking over where a better scorer stood next to him. Lin got better at not being so deferential in year 2. In LA, Kobe just controls the team and the town and Lin also took the friend rather than foe approach with Kobe.

    Part of the issue is that NBA basketball doesn’t reward team play and unselfishness. NBA play promotes one on one scoring and selfishness.

  34. I see this too.

  35. Kobe sells tickets win or lose. THere is no need to win on the court. Lakers are winning in their pocket books.

  36. Asians are self haters. Most Lin haters I know in real life are Asian American.

  37. 100% sign with another team. Trade? Unlikely as no team wants Jlin unless for minimum salary.

  38. What incoming stars are you talking about? No star wants to play with ICU Kobe and this Lakers team. You couldn’t pay them enough to join. Literally because of the salary cap.

  39. Not anymore. Their TV ratings were at historical lows when KB was playing early this season.

  40. Some 2nd rate stars will take the money and go to LA. It wont be top shelf talent with Kobe there but some names like Eric Bledsoe, Dragic level names, Greg Monroe.

    Lakers will probably overpay for 2 years for someone like that.

  41. I’m not surprised if Lin is dnp-cd. BS doesn’t want to see linsanity resurfaced in ny.

  42. Well we don’t know if it hurts the pocket books. Games sell out, people buy stupid Kobe shoes from Nike like buying hamburgers for lunch. Lakers already made billions on the TWC deal which lasts for years. I think only TWC loses, not the Lakers.

    Lakers sell out every game and radio and media around LA cover Lakers like 90% of time and Clippers 10%

  43. exactly,

  44. TV ratings may be down, but not tix. I went to the Kings Lakers game and it’s safe for me to say about half, or maybe more had Kobe/laker jerseys, plus the building was near sold out.. Kings don’t sell out on other games nowadays. Kobe still sells tix. But that shows how dedicated those fans are through good and bad. Just like us Lin fans.

  45. 1) Guys like Bledsoe and Dragic can get max contracts elsewhere and prefer to play for winning teams just like anybody else.
    2) They know that Kobe will treat them like crap just as he treated Lin, Nash, Sessions, Shaq, etc, etc.

  46. I bet you Lin will play! 😀

  47. It’s the 1st year of tanking, a lot of fans didn’t know it and bought season tickets. Let’s see how they do in the next season. Box ticket sale is small compared to the local TV contract, and I think that TWC is going to be losing money for a few more years to LAL.

  48. ??

  49. I want to hear what’s going on! Not some corny music! Lol

  50. I believe you can relate to what I’m saying. Guys of that level at all 5 spots on the court may choose LA just for the money if they can’t get it elswhere.

  51. they have been losing for 3 years now. Last season was a disaster 2.

  52. TWC deal is for YEARS. Lakers have no imminent pressure to do anything. THey can also always find another provider besides TWC when Lakers are back on top and new provider will get lucky with Lakers on the rise.

  53. Tickets might be just fine since its Kobes “farewell tour”. As for ratings, who knows. They might pick up a lucky star in draft since they tanking right now. I don’t think Lin will be there though.

  54. Judging from Kupchak’s latest comment of accommodating BScott’s culture, the answer would be yes

  55. No I really believe that the Lakers will not be able to recruit anyone to play in Kobe’s final year. But this does not help Lin in any way. It just means that the Lakers will be horrible next season. That’s the Buss’s choice.

  56. What is that little dance around Davis? He doing a PnR?

  57. Yes 🙂 Btw they don’t really need linsanity to win, knicks are so bad… but lin always plays great vs nyk hehe ^^

  58. Lol… Probably some irrelevant buddy talks… ya know. XD

  59. Kobe won’t last a full season. He hasn’t in the past 3 seasons. Kobe won’t sell tickets then.

  60. There are some…I am not sure if that is majority or not..Haters are usually louder..

  61. Lin will definitely not sign with LAL now that Mitch publicly supports BS and ask players to go along.

  62. Mitch Kulpchak has no real authority. So whatever he says I take it with a grain of salt. I watched him defend MD as the coach until the end and even said that he would give him an extension and it never happend. Mitch will do whatever Jeannie Buss tells him to do. All his crap about Scott instilling culture is all about them riding out kobe’s last season and nothing more. They are not going to make any big trades. They know that no so called star is going to sign with Lakers while kobe is on the team. Kobe is not interested in teaching rookies anything. Next season Kobe will go for the most career assists. The Lakers are at least 5 yeras away from being a contending team. I do bevel that Lin/Boozer/Davis will be playing for another team next season.

  63. Geez. And I was hoping he might be a voice for reason in the wilderness. I guess dysfunction rules.

  64. Guess they didn’t look at what Jeremy was wearing (esp. on his feet) when they added the caption …

  65. Clarkson traded the baby stroller for a kids backpack. Nick Young wearing the headsets JLin gave him for Christmas:


  66. I had lunch with my sister and my niece. She loved that the Lakers won, but my sister and niece both attended the game, said that the game should have never gone in to OT, if they had put lin/davis back in. They said that most of the fans around then starting chanting put lin back in. They were not impressed with Clarkson, they think he took too many shots, and the game was very boring when lin was not in. My sister, who like me is a DRose fans was devastated on how bad he had gone down hill. They saw lin interacting with a lot of the players and coaches. They even said that Scott drew up a play and he even went to lin and showed him and they said lin did some scribbling on the clip board and Scott kind of nodded I asked if was lin was playing and they said no, this is while lin was on the bench. They also said that Lin was looked relaxed and seemed to be the only player up and rooting for the team. I told my niece that it is a possibility that lin will not be in LA next season and she she said that a lot of fans would be upset. That is my sister’;s/niece account of the Bulls and LA game.

  67. Interesting……BTW about Rose…he has to adjust…otherwise…just think PG like him or RWB….once they lose that athleticism….what do they have left to play in NBA?

  68. with enough crowd support, there might be enough push to pursue Lin the FA although it might not be best for Lin’s career.

    Multiple-team bidding will only work in Lin’s favor, hopefully =)

  69. Guys, please understand that Nick Young was born and raised in Compton. Cal a mist drug dealers, and gangs. Nick Young might act like he doesn’t have a clue, but Nick knows exactly what he is doing. Nick is not feeling Kobe/Scott and he doesn’t like their bullying tactics with the team. I think Nick likes lin because lin accepts him for who he is. I think Lin/Young have had some deep conversations on life in general. Where I come from people like Scott/kobe would be the ones who talked a big game, but when it was time to fight, they would run away. That is how Young views Scott/Kobe.

  70. It is BS rules for rookies, at home baby stroller, on the road baby backpack.

  71. it was obvious in the fiba games that rose was not anywhere near “back”.

    he has been strong a few games but can’t sustain it. whether it is primarily just mental or if physically he just is never going to be the same, dont know.

    how old is he? maybe next year he could be back to something like what was.

    he has got his overall shooting % up over 40% for the year; shooting less than 30% on three’s and still shooting a lot of threes, a volume 3 shooter which some have suggested is because he is mentally not back to attacking as much as before.

    a player rating system i like to follow puts him at about the same season to date performance level as p. bev, jarret jack and deron williams. obviously at this point no longer an elite player.

  72. memphis (i think) announcers were pointing out the reason zach randolph still performing at such a high level is he never had “athleticism” so nothing to lose, his success came (and still comes) from basketball skills that do not disintegrate.

  73. Exactly….Lin will more or less facing the same issues when he hits his 30s…

  74. Thank you for your point of view. Could be true. Anyway he knows Scott and Kobe fear they could steal them the scene

  75. I personally think that DRose has a lost of his athleticism due to injury.If you look at it, the only thing Drose had going for him was his speed and athleticism, that is all gone and this what is left of Drose. I suspect that the only thing that is keeping Westbrook in the game because he really a scoring guard at heart. If you watch his games, he does not have that court vision or passing ability like a real PG.

  76. with randolph back and jeff green added memphis has really gone far to increase their chances by adding offense to their east numbers defense.

  77. If I am a young big playing in NBA, I will trying to have work outs with Z-Bo every summer. Skill-set he has is like lost art in NBA.

  78. Grandpa Lin lol

  79. u can take the boy out of so cal but you cant take the so cal out of the boy flip-flops in nyc in winter.

  80. yes, Nick definitely appreciated Lin especially during his shooting slump. He joked he might’ve gone to the chapel to pray with Lin 🙂

    Nick just made a mistake with that comment to be thankful when Kobe’s out with injury (blessings to others)

  81. I just found the whole comment about establishing a team “culture” a bit odd.

    It seems Scott wants a team culture of trash-talking thugs, because those are the only players he deems “tough”. Given some of the weird comments Scott has made to the press to justify his behaviors over time (like the doozy after the DNP-CD of Jeremy), Scott’s behavior alone would be enough to cause many free agents to shy away next summer.

    Now it appears that the GM is totally on board with this behavior from his coach. With the free agents, especially young ones, it’s a question of whether they want to put their future in the hands of a coach like Byron Scott.

    It all boils down to trust — whether free agents believe what the coach and GM would promise them before they sign their professional life over to the team for a few years. Given all the stuff Kupchak and Scott said about Lin upon arrival versus how he’s been treated once the season started, I think the Lakers FO is developing a severe credibility problem for themselves.

  82. He and etane have same style. Lol

  83. Swaggy shoes are not bad either lol
    JC also wears lin’s headsets

  84. how do you know etane’s style? what did i miss….

  85. No, it wasn’t a mistake. Young knew exactly what he was saying. Young is not afraid to say what he thinks is right. I think Young really doesn’t like Scott/Kobe. He will respect them as the coach of the team and the senior leader position on this team, but not as them as people.

  86. U never saw his picture with his lil’ girl? He wears flip flops and a jogging pants in a mall lol.

  87. wow. how do you remember that. you and i are the only ones who saw it. that seems a long time ago. haha. (it was only up for like 3 minutes).

  88. [Joyce Ward: “… They saw lin interacting with a lot of the players and coaches. They even said that Scott drew up a play and he even went to lin and showed him and they said lin did some scribbling on the clip board and Scott kind of nodded I asked if was lin was playing and they said no, …”]

    That really seems odd, doesn’t it? There’s a part of me that wonders every once in a while if there isn’t something going on behind the scenes that is contrary to what is being said and done publicly. I almost want to believe that the coach has some respect for Jeremy and would give him a fair chance.

    But that slim ray of hope never lasts beyond the next insult.

  89. But I am not sure whether players/agents pay attention to the inconsistent treatment of “role players”, you know.

  90. you write well and modestly. with a lot of understatement. can’t be offensive to anyone.

  91. Scott has no clue on how to run an offense. That is why Scott wants Nash to come back so bad. So Scott knows that Lin is the closest thing to a Nash, so he asks his opinion. Also when I saw Lin and Jim Eyen (assistant defensive coach) in a pic watching film, i was not surprised because lin gets it on defense. The games that I have attended i saw a lot of interactions between those two on the bench. Also, I think Scott is very prideful and will never admit to his shortcomings as a coach. Lin’s personality is very humbling andd willing to help out to get the team win. Let us not forget that Lin said that he and Scott had a a good talk after he DNP incident

  92. That white hair AS Coach always went to Lin before or on the game when Lin was on the bench to talk or ask him… I think Lin was so happy vs Bulls in the post game interview bc they played team ball just like what he wants…and won.

  93. I thought Scott was from the same area as Nick. I would think they would’ve got along.

  94. Yes ikr but I really saved the pics on my computer lol

  95. Did Kobe cut Jeremy’s hair…it’s all nicked up….wth man- when he turns around there is a ton of missed spots. He needs a new barber! I’m sure he can afford it now :).

  96. My suspicion is McHale and Scott don’t like Lin because he shows them up with the x and o department. I don’t think mda minded because he was confident in his knowledge of offense and didn’t care about defense.

  97. Thanks. I can have my moments. But it’s easy to be inoffensive here.

  98. Nope, not at all. Scott says a lot of stuff that is not true. Young;s brother was killed by a crips and blood gang member when Young was 5 years old. This is Hollywood, so they will play to the press what they think will sell.

  99. If a young big really wants to rock the nba and lengthen his career, then master the sky hook. So it looks a little girly, so what, it’s unstoppable and easy on the body.

  100. i think its a requirement. (i think sometimes i fail, thats why i get delteted and or moderated but it may be just technical issues with disqus sometimes).

  101. That’s why I rolled my eyes at one of the latest “dings” at Jeremy — supposedly he “processes too slow” for Scott’s liking whenever he’s in the game.
    Jeremy’s got one of the quickest minds on the floor. If it seems he’s hesitant on a move, it’s often because a teammate isn’t moving where he’s expected to move and Jeremy has to reset the play.

  102. Exactly. If you look back on MDA comments, he always said that I would draw up a play, but Lin would see a better option and that he would go with what lin saw.

  103. the only ones in captivity; save for future blackmail purposes


    i keep repeating
    internatonal kazoo reunion
    itinerant kamikaze retreat
    isnt kupchak retro

  104. Never mind about what they said… there are two sides of the story we see… Like vs Rox, Scott acted like he was tough on Lin bc he told the reporters that he didn’t talk to Lin yet & even not sure Lin will play or not? Haha! Later when the reporters got Lin… Lin said he had nice conversation w BS….

  105. Lin seems like a real people person and understand basketball. I think if given the chance he would make a great coach and really enjoy it. Sometimes I wonder if Scott enjoys coaching because he doesn’t seem like a caring person.

  106. someone suggested he has all the emotional personality of a wooden log.

  107. Lin…..slippers…..again…….

  108. comment board i was watching stream of bulls game lots of notes of lins bad hair cut(s).

  109. does anybody know why chandler parsons has been out 2 games in a row now for dallas?

  110. Mavs radio just says he is sick.

  111. Here is what I think. Most of the NBA players know that Lin is a very worthy opponent that they have to game plan for. I think Lin is very well respected by the majority of the players in the league because when they play against him they have to keep their guards up because they don’t know what he will do next and lin plays good legitimate basketball, without the drama fake foul calls that most of the star athletes in the league drum up or look for. Lin always help ups the opponent team member if he causes them to foul on him. IF you look at the so called superstar PG’s, they will not post up on lin one to one, because they know he is fast and beats them off the dribble. I have watched Lilliard, Dragic, Bledsoe, and Curry just to name a few, to call for a screen when lin is guarding them. I noticed how Jimmy Butler ended up guarding Lin, that is what you call respect. What I love about Lin is that who knows that he is becoming a better player each season.

  112. I was on Dallas Real M , and they were trying to trade Parsons. LOL

  113. He was sick & was unable to eat stayed in hotel last night but did come to here today… From commentators by Mav.

  114. Rondo injured… possibly busted nose.

  115. rondo-itis?

  116. Yes!!! You know it.

  117. What happened to Rondo? I started to watch just few min ago but why no Rondo on court so early? But Mav plays well w/o Rondo… LOL!

  118. Rondo just also got rondoitis. ..possible busted nose…hehe

  119. Thanks.

  120. Possible busted nose

  121. Scott reminds me of my uncle stoney. He says a lot of things that are not true, and we are looking at him, like really, and when we produce evidence to dispute what he says, he wants to say that the people still got it wrong or that is not what they told me, Don’t get me wrong, I love my uncle, but my family realize that it is about his pride of not wanting to be wrong. That is what I see in Scoot.

  122. Np… I also reply to you down below… lol… talk about personal service

  123. The same can be said of the robber barons on Wall Street. They play a set of rules that benefit only themselves. Guess what, no one likes them and they are hated by 99 % of the people. The way the NBA has become is almost unwatchable. Half the teams are tanking or thinking of tanking while the other half is full of prima donnas trying proteck their own little piece of turf. That’s why we on this site appreciate the Spurs and other teams built on a team formula. That’s why, we don’t want Lin to give into this present NBA culture of greed and selfishness. If he did, I would stop watching the NBA again like the last 40+ years before Linsanity.

  124. Yep. I’ve watched Lin and opposition players during games. They know what’s up, especially other point guards. I don’t think for one minute that someone like Goran Dragic would put his future in Byron Scott’s hands, especially starting off in a year featuring Kobe Bryant’s last hurrah.

  125. Oh! Thanks anyway… LOL!

  126. Np… I like to broadcast any ” good” news regarding the superstar pg that kobe got the hot for…hahaha

  127. in last 8 games rondo is 4 pts 5 assists 3 t.o. and 37% shooting. probably not hard to find someone to pick up those #s.

    ronnie price scores that much, lin gets that many assists only getting 20 some minutes (well most of the time) and even kobe shoots that well.

  128. I know & Mav plays well w/o him.

  129. he last 1:38 in this game; probably kobe would need to reconsider; dont think hes tuff enuf.

  130. What you say contradicts your own logic. KOBE is injured so he’s not playing. Everyone in LA knows that KOBE isn’t at the games anymore. Are these people so delusional that thye go to lakers games to watch them tank hoping. Just for a KOBE sighting?

    Isn’t it more logical to say that they are Lakers fans still rooting for their team.

  131. Latest update….head injury for rondo…won’t come back to the game

  132. You maybe a self hater, but please stop insulting Asians.

  133. I think Mav starters must be very happy… LOL! Well, I guess Rondo will not stay in Mav after this season …..so this summer it’s going to be interesting then….

  134. Hahaha I take the 2nd one.
    Irrelevant kangaroo redemption or I know right ^^

  135. Yes indeed

  136. Cuban is not giving him a max contract. Kobe can stop with all the Rondo recruiting because there is nobody on board for that…smh

  137. OK , Lin i have to tell him that the Real Talk Show gave a tap out to anybody who wears socks with sandals.Not good…LOL

  138. how come i never see the obvious? outlier i guess

  139. I agree but you know Kobe just will not stop pushing Lin out of Lakers… he will try everything he can to do that. smh!

  140. isnt that an adidas symbol on the side? probably just for advertising purposes.

  141. That is the very reason why Sina China is reporting that they will not be showing any laker games after February

  142. I miss etane more than ever. Could you tell him Hi from me Sophie? I’d also like to say Hi to his MA (his horse.)

  143. Regardless, fashion faux pas. LOL

  144. Lin wears it all time, not only at home but for shopping and now for travelling. Maybe he gonna wear it at his wedding lol

  145. the nba is really getting weird; five minutes and seventeen seconds into the houston game tonite and james harden has not taken a single shot either from the field or the free throw line. there are just so many strange things going on.

  146. Mav vs Magic game it’s so boring…. so I switched to Rox vs Pistons.. Wow! Pistons plays well now. They boo Smith…

  147. That’s true for almost every profession. It’s not enough to be talented. You need to have good political, diplomatic and social skills or you will be “kept down.”
    Unless of course you’re a Michael Jordan, Einstein, or Mozart. If you’re THAT good, nobody can keep you down.

  148. yay….Jlin in slippers….it’s freeeezing in here…he needs to wear UGGs 🙂

  149. At least he isn’t carrying his goods around in a plastic bag like he did in the rox days.

  150. Why? They waived Smith now they booed him?
    Looks like Howard’s having knee problem, Harden’s through some leg pain too, rox could use some offensive/playmaking help.

  151. Id like to fight Kobe and BS … At the same time

  152. Bob thinks the Magic should hire MDA. Make it happens please https://twitter.com/haralabob/status/561685014853582848

  153. He’s trying to save on his knee by playing more like a PG now, don’t know why rox didn’t simply rest him for a few games.

  154. Long season. I think harden just burned out. Will get some rest at the all-star break

  155. They know Lin is no chump.

  156. You have smart sister and niece.

  157. Harris obviously fits Mavs’ lineup much better than Rondo, lol

  158. It looks like he was accidentally kicked in the head by a teammate …


  159. It seems like BS wasn’t acting against the wishes of FO. BS sort of knew FO would be supporting him.

  160. Harden went down, holding his left knee, looks like in a lot of pain.
    I was saying that they should have rested him.

  161. Ya! He went to lockers room now… Pistons plays really well now.

  162. it should have been obvious something was wrong with him when he didn’t take a shot for the first 8 minutes. thats not harden.

  163. they were a lot better before jennings went down.

  164. are you sure it was an accident?

  165. I hope this is the main reason Sina China pulls out from Lakers game. That will send a great message to F/O.

  166. Really?? What happened to CP25? Thought he did quite well in Mavs.

  167. Lol they missed Lin .

  168. Exactly

  169. Good to hear. Thanks Joyce.

  170. Thanks! That’s what I’ve observed when JLin was on the bench. I mean he was probably the only bench player rooting for the team. That’s wonderful to hear about Lakers fans on JLin.

  171. ^_^

  172. Only surprise me if he doesn’t wear slippers:-)

  173. @HoustonRockets: James Harden has a bruised left
    knee and is trying to return to the game.— ClutchFans (@clutchfans) February 1, 2015

    ****No biggie, this Harden guy always overreacts like this, soft as Charmin.

  174. Rondo out? No wonder they’re winning.

  175. Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
    Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
    Only know you love her (him) when you let her(him) go

  176. back

  177. Bill Worrell says what is going on out here as the rockets are taking a beat down from the Pistons. .. I think what he really wants to say is ” where is Jeremy Lin when we needed him” …hahaha

  178. Please kindly never bring clu…ns to this site…now I have to go wash my eyes out with alcohol

  179. You should be writing lyrics for a country singer.

  180. LOL. I didn’t make up those lyrics. It’s from the hit song let her go by passenger

  181. I could see why players that fly around all the time might want to wear sandals. They have first class seating that fully recline where they can stretch out and sleep. If you’re in your sweats and sandals it’s easy to slip them off and sleep. Try to make the travel as comfortable as possible.

  182. DAL played well without Rondo, Cuban’s going to re-evaluate his options.

  183. Rox’ lucky go against DET without Jennings.

  184. Guess it’s better to have tried him as a rental than to be tied into a long term contract with him. Personally I wouldn’t have made the trade in the first place seeing is how he cant shoot FT and can’t shoot.

  185. Ok this is the part of the game when the beard chokes with turnovers and bricks. Hope he doesn’t dissappoint us.

  186. they have 3 SF on court together?

  187. McHale the genius going small. Looks like game over.

  188. That’s not really small though, where is Beverley? BTW, D-Mo is so good now, I really like him.

  189. it is a circus there.

  190. Just curious: How come T Jones is no longer a starter @ R??

  191. If Beverley isn’t going to shut down the opposing PG defensively, there’s no reason to have him out on the floor. Even with Jennings out for Detroit, their backup PG scored 28 points with 12 assists.

  192. More like” where is Jeremy when we need someone to blame?”

  193. Haha, Lin is setting a new fashion trend.

    It makes sense to me though, Ive done it too in the spring. Too cool in the morning and night, so socks help to keep the tootsies warm. Lol

  194. He was never a cornerstone.

  195. They don’t like PB anymore. He didn’t on for the whole 4Q. Mc seems to be fond of Ariza, DM, & Brewer now.

  196. injury

  197. Just came back from injury & DM played well.

  198. Thanks!

  199. Thanks for the info.

  200. LOL No one is:-)

  201. Only Harden. D12 is not anymore either. He didn’t even make it to ASG this season.

  202. I claimed last summer that Rox were the next Knicks. It seems the characteristic McHale late season fall is about to start now.

  203. in odd point guard news lorenzo brown played the entire game tonite for minn (48 min); had not scored a point. with 4 sec left he was fouled and made 1 of 2 free throws.

  204. Hey is there any scoop on why China will not be showing the Lakers games after February? Have the Chinese fans been talking about this on weibo?.

  205. Yep. Everyone except JH. That’s what I meant earlier:-)

  206. No idea. Haven’t been to China fansites for quite a long while now:-)

  207. Just went there for a look. This convo didn’t come up. Maybe I have missed the discussion.

  208. Either the FO thinks bball players are actually kind of dumb enough to believe any kind of glitzy sales pitch, or they really believe that money will overrule any other negative factor. That famous quote “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Perhaps unless you’re a FO fooling yourself all the time….

  209. Seems like Beverly is not the man anymore in Houston. They are shredding him on Houston fansites. Some of the fansites are even saying that if lin was still with Houston at least Rockets could still win games if Harden was out. I also think that Howard will opt out in 2016. I think his agent is putting out feelers about teams wanting him. Rockets are a mess this season. Harden is becoming the workhorse for the team.

  210. i am watching spurs game now.
    Parker 2-10 5 pts 7 assts 3 TO in 22 min.
    What if Lin did that, he will be benched.
    I think Lin will play really well if he replace tony parker. Parker and Lin are very similar player.

  211. Good! Serve them right. I also hope Maxxis pulls out ASAP!

  212. Ya! Got the same feeling after watch few games from Rox… Like today, PB didn’t even on for the whole 4Q. They didn’t even mention anything about his good D like they used to when Lin was on the team anymore…

  213. Papa Lin will agree with you…he loves that sky hook.

  214. Milwaukee Bucks beat Portland Trail blazers!

  215. Absolutely.

  216. Take a look back at game 6 when they played against Portland. After all the talk about Bev the elite defender, the entire 4Q McHale had Lin guarding Lillard who couldn’t score until McHale put Bev in to replace Lin with .9 sec to play.

  217. They do. If it happens the sole and only offer is a deal with the devil, then you do what you gotta do. But absolutely they register this stuff.

  218. Groundhog Day, only with a worse ending.

  219. Jeremy get me 17/7 tomorrow for old times sake….3 years too long

  220. Flying to New York. Spacious seating …


  221. Just saw the special on Stephon Marbury in Bejing…dude is a God out there…growing up in NYC Stephon was huge. I always felt he was one of the best scoring pg I’ve ever scene. lots of ups and downs in his life but I felt he got a raw deal with the Knicks

  222. Boozer w his wife?

  223. Hook is just one very small part of the game…lol

  224. I am more comfortable about my prediction last summer about Rox heading the way of Knicks. Morey was paranoid to justify his 80 million bet and I just knew that a manager who had only once made his team to the 2nd round in the playoff in a decade is anyone but a genius.

  225. The contract it’s for one year only so if Lin is not w Lakers next season then Maxxis will not do it again.

  226. I always do that when talking a flight…lol

  227. Bev was the firewall against Lin, and we all know the firewall here in LAL.

  228. No! YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!!!

  229. This is the first time I heard this, are you from outer space?

  230. People on ClutchFan turning on Bev now lol

  231. howard expected to miss at least a month (knee)

  232. Why?

  233. Idk, but they said he suck. They want a new Pg

  234. I think Howard is just sitting out the season to keep from getting injured so that he can opt of his contract in Houston in 2016.

  235. These are Harden fans wearing a team-only-fan mask. They blame other players for Harden’s fault and will drive talents out of town similar to the situation of Knicks and Lakers.

  236. Just witness the respect between 2 NBA top tier coaches, Popovich and River.

    The moment he got in hired, BS had some nerve to open his filthy mouth insulting the Clippers who also sharing the same arena. “Clippers will never be our rival and this will always be the Lakers’ town” BS said. “The only thing we want is NBA championship not division for conference champ” he also added.

    How disgraceful it is for this man is so protected by the media, TWC sports, the Lakers org.

    Fire BS is what they should be doing now.

  237. I feel the same. Howard could have made a better decision to support Lin last season, which would have made him an alpha and the team a contender. Now it’s his turn to be marginalized by Harden.

  238. That is why the Lakers will take 5 years to rebuild. No superstar is coming to hang out with the Lakers to rebuild for 5 years. No way.

  239. Championship coaches tell their players to keep the ball moving and to look for the open man not to look for your own shot.

  240. This team starting PG is Harden, PB just a 3P shooter only…smh!

  241. His %age seems fine…I guess some fans just have to find someone other than Harden to blame..

  242. Anyone watching ufc? Main event has been very dissapointing…

  243. Portland struggling need some juice…Lin and Ed Davis would be a nice move if I were the gm

  244. Even Lin, Kaman can work….

  245. Is Rockets losing games lately? Have not been followed them for a long while.

  246. That’s why I ask…I watched like 5 games only and about maybe 15 minutes for each

  247. well it was a tough fight. no one is knocking diaz out. i liked it

  248. With BS, I believe it will take way longer for them even to be back to playoff…

  249. It’s really a shame Lin and DH could have built much better chemistry in pnr. I remember their pnr efficienty ranked very well, given not very high usage. But all rcrokts want is to put the ball in Haren’s hands and marginalized Lin…smh

  250. Yeah. The few Lin and DH PnRs were POGs. I think DH miscalculated the balance of power. He might think that he still has Parsons there to feed him even if Lin is marginalized or traded.

  251. Wow

  252. I think for lakers and NY things are different. They are expensive and with their markets they don’t just need to be good, but be good with star power. Atlanta win streak of 19? Has to be the quietest 19 game win streak I ever heard.

  253. For a guy who looks like a god, his last few years have been riddled with injuries. Are we watching the decline of Howard. He isn’t even in the conversation for best center anymore.

  254. Great find, Lin for the dunk contest at msg. I would actually watch the dunk contest if Lin was there. Might as well throw him in the three point contest too, get the msg crowd going. He’s shooting 36% three pointer. (;-)

  255. No one follow Rockets anymore. Lin fans rarely talk about Rockets.

  256. No one is sitting w/ Lin.

  257. That’s why the NBA is such a mess. Too many selfish players trying to mark their own turf to make themselves the only hero. FOs and dumb GMs rushing to make a name for themselves instead of patiently building team culture and values. It’s like we all have predicted, ” Houston, we have a problem”. The Wrath of Lin jinx will strike every team that selfishly try to destroy his career. Lakers will be next.

  258. wow sometimes it’s surprising he is out of favor so soon.

  259. Sounds a lot like KOBE fans to me. Lol

  260. He is a Linranger.

  261. just like Spurs’ 19-win streak last season, I didn’t even pay attention.

  262. SAd that he’s only 29. Rox hoping to milk him 3 more years, that ship has sailed it looks like, lol

  263. His bone-on-bone knee won’t get any better, with prob a microfracture surgery he may have another year.

  264. He’s changed a lot playing in China, he’s no longer that selfish lonely-wolf. He shares the ball, mentors young players, he’s called the “political commissar Mar” now, lol

  265. But with the new CBA their old ways of buying stars supported by their market revenue is gone. They get a superstar or two and they don’t have the funds to adequately fill the roster aside from issues with ego’s and “cornerstones” and “pieces”

    But I think they will need to relax the CBA rules. It isn’t good for the entire NBA as a whole for the two major markets NY and LA to have teams that suck.

  266. but I thought D12 didn’t want to come out to do the PnR … remember that?

  267. …since he has started last season.

  268. He can now say this in all truth & without bias, because no more Jeremy to “cloud” his judgment.

  269. They can’t find anyone to blame but PB… don’t know Rox it’s either tried to pay him cheap or just wanted him to be bench..? They started this anti PB movement since last summer…. smh!

  270. Why do Lin fans compare Lin to supporting role player PG’s? I mean I do get it, but the real issue if you really believe that Lin is worth following is to compare Lin to Harden and the like.

    We think Lin has real ability. We don’t follow Lin because we think he is a serviceable role player. So honestly, I don’t get it.

    All this Price to Lin comparison. Bev to Lin comparison. I just disagree.

    I follow Lin to compare him to kobe, Harden, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard. If I want to compare him to journeyman, well then I guess there may be other reasons like religions or some other reasons I cannot relate to.

  271. nice moves but his touch is off. Also why does he slow down so much at the foul line instead of doing a quick pull up?

  272. Yeah LA and NYC need “star power” because winning is not enough.

  273. I agree. He will leave asap.

  274. This will be easily change if they just have a max on indiv contracts and then have a team pool for compensation. This will improve the game for fans too, to love the teams.

  275. D12 should have been smart enough to choose Houston the year before the one you mention, when Lin was the lone FA. D12 was too stupid to understand he & Lin alone would have been a partnership.

    Now he is Harden’s ballbeotch. LOL.

  276. Because these are the players these joke NBA coaches have replaced him in the starting lineup with. If they replaced him with Westbrook we’d compare him to Westbrook too.

  277. No Lin was replaced in Houston by JAMES HARDEN. You got that wrong.

  278. You can pretend my reality doesn’t exist.

  279. Why so hard to understand? Houston use bev and La used Price to replace Lin in the starter position. Lin fans try to tell how ridiculous it is by comparing their stat to Lin’s. That is to prove Lin is at a different level from Bev and Price.

  280. Ok fair enough. My first sentence needs to be ignored. The last sentence is true.

  281. yeah, we all know it’s just anyone but lin syndrome with those haters, they will promote anyone to diss lin and fans, when lin’s gone, they will then turn against the ones they claim they love so much very soon.

  282. Both Harden and Lin were starters at the beginning.

  283. To save energy for the real game.

  284. Sure,I know that but their pnr effiency was really great. Lin could create easy buckets for his as well, which I dont think PB could achieve. But that doesn’t matter at all now.

  285. It’s not hard to understand. PB shares the back court with harden and thus also takes the pounding from Harden’s jealousy until he is replaced by PB 2.0.

  286. Semantics. Harden took ball handling from Lin, but Jeremy had his starting PG position until it was given to Bev in year two.

  287. Soooo…by your logic we should instead compare Lin to ISO-loving, no-defense, chuck-all-day egomaniacs (except Lillard) who can’t help their teams win? LOL

  288. I remembered that this guy was really harsh on Lin and was really supportive to PB. What really happened?

  289. Simple, Lin left so his blinders have been lifted.

  290. because they felt Lin still controlled the ball too much. They wanted a guard with Harden who completely defers to Harden and does not look to create any offense and has it created for him instead.

  291. Yeah, we all know what happened. Harden replaced Lin as billboard star, but Lin’s PG position was given to Beverley, as you have stated in concurrence.

  292. that’s exactly what I do not get. It’s like Lin fans are trying to fool themselves to avoid getting their feelings hurt.

    Of course the issue is Lin vs. Harden or Lin vs. Kobe etc. You are telling me you just want Lin to be a scrub role player? Because that’s what Houston and LA wanted from Lin and Lin refused to do it. That’s why he was benched. He wasn’t willing to accept being a lame role player.

    And yet many Lin fans here and elsewhere are caught up with this Lin vs. PB or Price? It makes NO FREAKING SENSE. Those guys are more willing role players than Lin. Of course they should be playing with Harden/Kobe if that’s what the teams want, deferment to the team’s ordained star.

    Unless you are willing to concede Lin is just a role player, then I get where you are coming from. but I doubt that is how you view Lin.

    Lin is not a role player defensive stopper. Lin is an offensive weapon with ok defense (and I am NOT saying PB or Price has defensive skills either). Lin should be running a team on offense.

    You should be comparing Lin to big name guys. Compare Lin to Kobe or Harden and if you believe you can’t then maybe we are wrong to complain about Lin’s reduced role.

  293. none of you guys make sense. You are all afraid to say it. You want Lin to be Linsanity and have a chance to be Linsanity and get Linsanity stats and Linsanity role. Yet you want to compare him to role players.

    Lin’s style does not allow for room for 2 scoring guards unless the other guard is a catch and shoot guy like Klay Thompson.

  294. It looks like you’re almost twisting words to pick a fight. I don’t believe your reading comprehension is that bad.

  295. Before they wanted PB to be a scrub role player. Now they want PB to put up stats and have offensive game because Harden seems overloaded . They are being just as ridiculous as the Lin fans who want to compare Lin to role player PG defensive stoppers.

    Exactly the same thing Red94 is doing but from the other end.

  296. I’m just saying I feel we are all big Lin believers. Lin is getting screwed not because he can’t play PG, but because he’s stuck fighting with Harden and Kobe for the ball. There is not enough room for both of them in the backcourt. They feel Lin takes the ball out of the hands of better player. Kobe complained about it. What that has to do with comparing Lin to Price or PB, I just dont get where Lin fans are coming from with that.

  297. To be fair, I remember one of the writers at RedNinetyFour questioning Bev’s defense because the stats show that Lin was equal or superior in defense, plus Bev commits too many fouls. It should have been apparent then but it sure is clear as day now that Bev is no defensive stopper.

  298. Who said Lin fans don’t compare Lin to Harden and Kobe. We do that all the time.

  299. well that should be the only comparison. People comparing Lin to PB or Price or Clarkson are missing the main issue that the reason Lin is being benched for these guys is because of the Harden/Kobe issues where these other star guards want their games freed up by not having to play with Lin.

    People want to post better the stats of Lin vs. these other guys but why does that matter? The teams like Houston and LA dont want the defensive stopper guard to have good offensive stats so Kobe/Harden can get all the stats and make all the plays. It’s s senseless argument.

  300. TIme for a nice big, “We told you so”

  301. Lol, everyone gets their own row.

  302. Just going to sit back and enjoy this moment

  303. very good and accurate post. Just not sure though where Lin ends up in summertime. It’s disappointing someone this promising is just used as a backup 2nd and 3rd string guard on LA.

  304. Looks to me like a dragon dance.

  305. He was really hyped and happy on the bench last game. It was almost too happy. Usually he is kind of serene or sad looking on the bench wtih towel on head. He was liek the biggest cheerleader on the bench last game.

  306. sounds about right.

    What’s going on Joyce? All of a sudden, I am in agreement with all of your posts.

  307. I remember how he hated LOFs and couldn’t wait for for them to leave when Lin leaves.

  308. Really? They started turning against PB as early as summer? But Jeremy just left at the time. I remember they couldn’t wait to kick Jeremy out and kept singing PB’s praise.

  309. HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!

  310. ball hogs know who’s the real threat, harden is not jealous of beverly like kobe is not jealoou of price.

  311. Weird, it sort of looks like Clarkson gives him a boost up or something.

    Personally I like this one off the backboard from Asik in practice a year ago. Too bad the quality is so crappy. You can barely make out who the people are.

  312. Houston doesn’t want anyone to steal the thunder of James Harden. Just like Ronnie to Kobe, Beverly to James Harden is not a threat to his all star status. We all know that Beverly is a low cost starter.

  313. James Harden wouldn’t want to play with Klay Thompson nor Steve Curry. James Harden couldn’t even get along too well with D12.

  314. Why would you come back and post here? We are Lin fans and you distinguish yourself from us so much that you should seek another site.

  315. Big Lin Believers you are not; not from your posting.

  316. U have a point here!

  317. Jeremy Lin is a basketball star that Beverly isn’t. Jeremy is one that could set up big plays that Beverly can’t.
    Where is Troy Daniels now? He is traded away. Morey will trade away anyone except D12 and Harden. The fate of Beverly would be crystal clear when it’s time for him to be paid like a starter.

  318. In the past, Lakers was successful as a team which could spend more than other franchises to get star players. Now under the limitation of the same capspace, the rebuilding of Lakers will never be successful because of their addiction to the stars.
    Teams like Atlanta, San Antonio, Memphis are successful without superstars like LeBron, Durant, and Kobe.
    For a team to be successful in NBA at present, they need young and solid young players such as Steve Curry, Klay Thompson, Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, Jeff Teague instead of aging superstars. I don’t think Lakers can rebuild successfully in 5 years. It may take forever.

  319. With BS, it’s just words. We all know his winning %. How could Lakers get back to playoff with a coach like this?

  320. BS is BS. He will never walk his talk. He didn’t practice what he preached. He’s just trying to hold on his last job as long as he could. No way he could take Lakers back to playoff before he gets fired for his dismal winning record.

  321. Kobe and BS are toxic to the box office.

  322. Rhondo did have a few good games but it doesn’t seem that Rhondo could carry Dallas to a championship.
    Right now Dallas needs to build the team chemistry for a championship now. Perhaps they should trade Rhondo to Lakers now to redeem itself before the end of season. I believe Lakers will give all they could to get Rhondo; perhaps a trade of Jeremy for Rhondo is still possible.

  323. Is that true?

  324. Dallas needs Jeremy!

  325. Oh no just learned that Knicks game is going to play @5am here. Don’t think I can watch it until probably the second half. BS please play JLin more at the second half:-) LOL No harm to dream big right?

  326. No star player except Kobe will put his future in BS’s hands.

  327. Nick will probably stay in LA longer than both Kobe/BS because he has a longer contract than both.

  328. scheduled at 2 pm here so the game is done before the FOOTBALL supermania begins 🙂

  329. if knicks offer jlin a contract during this coming free agency would you approved jlin to take it? I am skeptic because there,s kobe footprints and lakers org in knicks….i dont mind phil but fisher is also kobe lapdog and dont forget the assistant coaches of of fisher

  330. Well, not much I can do with this time:-)

  331. excuse me are you the guy suffering from cancer cause nanotechnology for cancer is on human clinical trial….result from animal trials are promising now they move on to human this year…….keep fighting we are almost there

  332. Atlanta, the best team in Eastern Conference, has no player on max contract. The highest paid player is $12m.

    from $8m – $12m –> 3 players
    from $5m – $7.9m –> 1 player
    from $4m – $4.9m –> 1 player
    from $3m – $3.9m –> 1 player
    from $2m – $2.9m –> 4 players
    from $1m – $1.9m –> 3 players
    less than $1m —> 1 player

    age 30 – 35 —> 4 players
    age 25 – 29 —> 6 players
    age 20 – 24 —> 5 players
    less than 20 –> none

    Success of this franchise is amazing!

  333. That’s why they moved the game time to 11:00 am only two NBA game today bc football.

  334. This was another hater site that went along with the party line. Read it once and never again.

  335. How times change. If you look carefully at the photo, the Knicks player at the bottom, having second thoughts about standing in the path of Wes Johnson, is Ray Felton, the fellow who was supposed to bring a veteran presence to the point guard spot in NY after Jeremy Lin.

    Felton lasted just two years in NY before being dealt to Dallas.

  336. Stop you’re trolling. You are delieberatly splitting hairs and using semantics to bait people to respond.

    You’re half truths and gereralizations are deliebrately used in ways that make us upset, so stop it.

  337. NYK Game Thread is now open

    It’s such an early game for Sunday in NY but the excitement is building up.

    This will be the 1st time Lin returns to the MSG Garden as a Lakers after he scored 38pts in his best game as a Knick in 2012!

    Will Jeremy play more than 25 min? Lakers has been promoting his practice clips through twitter in anticipation of his return to NY.

    If Lin plays well and is given minutes, it will only help his Free Agency value when summer 2015 comes.

    Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

    Go JLin!

  338. Lol sure well next time I “see” him xD

  339. Maybe have a profit sharing incentive instead.

  340. Shows you how old I am. I have no idea who these guys are.

  341. They couldn’t even get guys to NOT go to China to sign with the great Lakers.

    The culture of losing is hard to change. If fans keep leaving, the Lakers will become just like the Knicks. Lakers are lucky that the Clippers having won a title yet. If they start winning a couple, their roles will quickly reverse.

    For all the glory of the past, Lakers is still run like a small family business. It’s this ownership mindset that will easily fail the dynasty in the present cap space NBA. Adapt or be trampled.

  342. Exactly, but what is more controllable or players are team performance bc team profits can be financially clouded by debt, etc.

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