G48 LAL @NYK Game Thread

It’s such an early game for Sunday in NY but the excitement is building up.

This will be the 1st time Lin returns to the MSG Garden as a Lakers after he scored 38pts in his best game as a Knick in 2012!

Will Jeremy play more than 25 min? Lakers has been promoting his practice clips through twitter in anticipation of his return to NY.

If Lin plays well and is given minutes, it will only help his Free Agency value when summer 2015 comes.

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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Here is the highlights from JLin’s 38pts in 2012 vs Kobe and the Lakers for walking down the memory lane 🙂


  1. Go lin

  2. Good morning America

  3. the game is 3 AM my timezone.. ugh!

  4. Taiwan time?

  5. 8 pm for me 🙂 For once xD

  6. Yes.

  7. Damn did you know adrian woj called lin a nba backup? Said Lin is not starter material and simple lacks the confidence to play at this level. Damn

  8. Bs better play lin a lot if you gonna stay up

  9. We’ve heard worse. I’ve never care for that guy

  10. he also said Josh Smith is a perfect fit for Rox, even though he comes off the bench now, lol


  11. he is a mouthpiece

  12. A lot of ppl has been saying that. Not just him. Though, I am sure its not easy playing with confidence with him getting benched by his coach so easily and with such a short leash.

  13. Good point about his bb credibility.

  14. I feel your pain = =. Trying to stay awake for this one.

  15. Yeah and that article is new!

  16. Woj is perhaps the nba #1 most credible journalist

  17. no he is a mouthpiece he writes for the highest bidder

  18. I think takemeback meant he is not knolwedgeable

  19. He should stay as journalist and stay away from being commentator

  20. Ok

  21. Cut the charade. ..don’t be a coward…. why don’t you come out and tell us how you feel about Jlin in stead of hiding behind wojo

  22. well he is a back-up so if his confidence, according to Wojo, gets right he will start. didnt say he lacked the skills which would have been a better dig…stop stirring the pot

  23. would be great to get 28 minutes and turn it into 15/7 or better. but the youth tanking movement is in full affect….still think a power play would be for Lin’s agent to really do something to force a trade to a contender…Portland, Memphis, Clippers…or and out of the blue to Miami (who is in playoff contention)….Delladova plays big mimutes with Kyrie, Phoenix runs 3 pg sets. there is a place this season for Jeremy to get quality playing time

  24. there is a massive winter storm dumping a foot of snow all the way from west of omaha to east of philly. supposed to not hit nyc that badly more boston and not till 2nite. but could be possibility of hard time getting out nyc tomorrow morning. 1,000s of flites out of chicago cancelled 2day.

    “New York City is in the transition zone of precipitation types from Winter Storm Linus, making for a difficult forecast. Snow may accumulate 3 to 5 inches Sunday night before changing to a mixture of sleet, freezing rain or possibly even plain rain near the immediate coast. Regardless of the precipitation type, the Monday morning commute will be greatly impacted by the snowy and icy conditions. Precipitation will change back to light snow before ending late Monday. Also, temperatures will crash below freezing late Monday, which could result in a flash freeze of any surfaces that are wet”

    –accuweather forecast

  25. and manila and hong kong time

  26. Naa, I won’t bite

  27. Go to sleep, will u?

  28. Don’t shoot the messenger

  29. LOL, yes, Michael, please take a nap.

  30. I miss long Jlin highlights. … sigh

  31. Not if the messenger is a hater with an agenda

  32. Is it just me or are people rooting for me to go to bed,

  33. Clam down….change the words

  34. Game not showing on Espn and just got my SlingTv 🙁

  35. M…….

  36. I believe the whole site of ppl are….

  37. Yep, Nick Young is definitely in the doghouse…smh

  38. What’s new?

    Haters and doubters have and will ALWAYS criticize Lin about something and anything. From “can’t go left” to “turnover machine” to “can’t defend” to now “lacks confidence” and “is a backup.”

    Lin will continue to prevail through these ignorant and racially biased lenses.

  39. that’s for calling me and kobe are the same person.

  40. so BS character is really being shown here. No pressure to win games, he will run the lakers team to the ground due to his favoritism, Vengeance attitude, and Brainless coaching!!!!LOL

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  42. I thought WOJ is a mouthpiece of Kobe. He used to be neutral about Lin. But since the first time Lin outshined Kobe in LAL, he has turned nasty towards Lin. I ignore this nobody.

  43. Bs favoritsm is cancer for team sport. Let his record does the talking

  44. yeah i’ve seen his records 5 season ago and wonder why Lakers Picked this guy for a coach..
    maybe Lakers FO and Org. really was Tanking since the beginning of this season!!!

  45. Running? Is that all bs know?

  46. Why the game start at 3am?!? I’m so sleepy now…..

  47. There is a difference between going to sleep and going to bed… just saying

  48. Even worse they pay him too much n too long. I believe it’s done under pressure of kobe n magic loud mouth.

  49. Not me … I bit a big chunk..

  50. 2 not conflict with the great american spectacle; the stupor bowl.

  51. To be clear Adrian Woj has always stated that he thought lin was a backup PG. He has never changed on this position. I don’t think he has it in for Lin, but that is his take on Lin. Also Woj was the only journalist that asked Lin’s management team about jersey gate,when morey stated that they had told lin about them posting Anthony in lin’s jersey.

  52. They don’t let Lin forget. Although, Linsanity is not the worst kind of problem to have…


  53. Mitch must have been very skeptical about BS otherwise there wouldn’t be 3 interviews.

  54. Lin thinks: “Well, that is his opinion”

  55. Gotta love Nick Young and his outspokenness …


  56. Or 4 interviews? can’t remember

  57. We need an outspoken like him against the elite insider of the lakers.

  58. last one was for the fourth interview.

  59. Football is not my kind

  60. tank bowl 2. tank bowl 1 was fri and minn. was up (or down) to the challenge.

    todays game ranked critical on tankathon for lottery rank…what would the gipper say about losing games to win a lottery pick?

  61. Wow, poor Mitch for his failure to see bs

  62. It affects Lin’s perception. But really it does not matter much on what WOJ has to say about Lin. There are players that being perceived more than they are and vice versa. As long as LIN BELIEVES HIS IS A STARTER MATERIAL, everything is fine.

  63. not the worlds kind.

  64. Sometimes…a few punches are needed.

  65. Exactly.

  66. Bs is mean and a bully to his players. I’ve heard of tough love to motivate, but all I see is tough absent the love. Where is the LOVE?

  67. I agree that Scott is a bully. He uses playing time to keep them in check.

  68. I think so too.

  69. Brent, what’s your take on China not showing Laker games after February?

  70. Kobe is not playing, Lin is DNPed. I think they do not want to lose more money to show something bad. They rather show nothing (or other better games like GSW, TOR etc. THey spent tons of money to secure the broadcasting right from NBA, they are not gonna showing games that will drive NBA fans away.

  71. where is the love? you got a song lyric for that?

  72. A view of Jeremy Lin’s situation from yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle (via linspiredinla on twitter):

    There’s a hint of Jeremy Lin in [Hassan] Whiteside’s sudden rise to stardom, and Lin can only dream of his magical days with the Knicks. Lakers coach Byron Scott hasn’t trusted him from the moment the season opened, publicly questioning his toughness and decision-making. Lin recently sat out a game while Jordan Clarkson and Ronnie Price handled the point-guard position, and as a potential free agent in July, he’s guaranteed to be moving on.

    See : http://www.sfgate.com/sports/jenkins/article/Hassan-Whiteside-s-long-road-back-to-NBA-6054229.php

  73. Woj is only good in having news DIRECTLY from agents and teams before anyone else.

    That doesn’t mean he knows basketball better than others.

    He’s just giving favours back to friends. That’s all.

  74. well it is a mans game. lol

  75. Tanking bothers me on so many levels. I’ve never heard it talked so much before. On the player level I was happy to see them battle with Chicago. I like to see the players compete and do well, even if Lin is not on the floor. Because what BS/FO is doing is detrimental to their careers and the players should not stand for it. Losing makes all of them look like….well losers!

    I will root for all the Lakers to compete, play well, and win. They should scream every huddle. “F Scott, we aren’t tanking!”

  76. Listen, I am not defending Woj. He has his quirks, I was just saying that he has already said that about Lin. This is not new news.

  77. Good, so what does that mean for the Lakers organization?

  78. it’s an insult to the players already there as they age. How easily people forget that players like Wesley were a high draft pick… and the significant number of high pick busts. where are they now?

  79. Haha. Good to know good fans got his back.

  80. well i have argued this point myself but what i sort of see now is, its not so much that you expect the draft pick to be any good rather that others think the draft pick is going to be good and therefore if you have it you can trade it for an established player you want.

    it is a bargaining chip in trades.

  81. Go Lin Go!

  82. I hate thejordan hill dribble handoff option

  83. I think it hurts NBA more than it hurts Lakers. Lakers only need to take care of TWC….

  84. he rarely gives it back

  85. Yeah, watch linsanity clip above and how fast Jared and fields give it back to Lin.

  86. Ugly boring game. Bring in JLin.

  87. No one likes it except Hill

  88. I cannot stand handing the ball to the4 man At the high post. Hill is no Tim Duncan

  89. Whenever Hill dribbles it’s like 50% chance it will be a TO

  90. It’s so stupid. I think we all can coach better than this crap

  91. beware of lin not playing

  92. not 2 mention d leaguer jason smith is tearing him up from outside.

  93. even the knicks destroy our starters

  94. Lol I like how Lin is sitting at the very end of bench

  95. I can see anothe dnpcd

  96. Lin will play 10-15 minutes

  97. That would be insane if he didn’t play its like wow this is what happens when you get love
    In nyc

  98. He should just to get some hot dogs…

  99. omg– d worst eastern team looks so much better than dis laker line up..BS latest line up is such an insult to NBA….

  100. lin in

  101. Lol Lin as Sg

  102. Linsanity vs Gallosanity.

  103. 2 assists

  104. Goodbye hill!

  105. Lin as Sg lol

  106. It’s all about developing clarkson

  107. BScott trying to build up Clarkson

  108. Clarkson can’t run this offense. Either put him as SG or put Ellington in to play SG

  109. yep

  110. Boozer shooting fadeaway jumpers is all u need to know about everyone getting theirs

  111. clarkson still zero assist

  112. It’s okay because Lakers don’t feel he’s a point guard…

  113. Clarkson is SG today.

  114. All starters have 0 assists!

  115. Lin playing PG standing in the corner?

  116. Lakers need cheap young talent for the overpay of Bryant so us Lin fans need to just chill and plan for next season

  117. Not the lakers stu, it’s ckarson

  118. At least we know Amundson watched the game tape.

  119. This crap is terrible. Lin should just chuck 3s

  120. Agreed. That last pass into the post was dumb with the three Knicks in there.

  121. Pass the ball

  122. he has zero pg skills

  123. Late pass bailout

  124. What is lin doing?

  125. Clarkson is bad. ..

  126. He looked scared to take the mid range and instead leaned in and got stripped. 🙁

  127. he is not a starter in the nba

  128. Looks likes he doesn’t want to play

  129. Nothing… he didn’t even try to take the shot in 5 min?! Why? I also found out MSG didn’t talk too much about Lin now… smh!

  130. so after getting Kobe hurt playing him too much, now BS is doing the same to JC? JC played whole 1st.

  131. Decide whether to shoot or pass. Those weren’t good TOs.

  132. Age matters

  133. Getting close to not watching anymore

  134. Hopefully the 2nd team can get into a rhythm if Clarkson sits and Lin as PG

  135. there are a lot of injuries all around though.

  136. BS is playing JC like a Kobe.

  137. after 1 quarter no one but lin with an assist.

    might help account for why missing 75% of shots.

  138. These shots are horrible

  139. Good cheers

  140. assists lin: 3
    assists entire rest of lakers: 0

  141. 4 assists

  142. JLin for 2 and a steal. Assist to Davis.

  143. C’mon Lin, you say you appreciate new York. Show it and give then something to cheer about. They have had such a terrible season. Screw Scott tank plan and give msg something to cheer about.

  144. Lin getting cheers at MSG.

  145. Lin waking up finally

  146. Team looks so much better now, playing more as a team with Ellington in for Clarkson.

  147. Yeah. Let’s give them something to talk about!

  148. It’s obvious that BS doesn’t want Lin to control the ball in the 1st quarter.

  149. 2pt/4ast

  150. As Grover said below tanking sucks and this unit is not about tanking

  151. lin assists: 4
    rest of lakers: 0

  152. Lin is PG, NYK lead is narrowing, BS starts to think how to tank now! LOL!

  153. Lin gambled on trying to steal cost him with that wide open 3 earlier.

  154. JLIN…nuyork crowd is still into you–so pls. be aggressive and go linsane…we missed those wonderful feb. linsanity days

  155. He gambled on his first steal and got addicted to the cheers.

  156. LIn has 3 TOs already. He’s got to tighten that up.

  157. booz got in lin’s way

  158. He should just pulled up and taken a Clarkson floater.

  159. Jeremy doesn’t care just playing

  160. Lin is so much bigger than Larkin and didn’t use that much advantage.

  161. That’s the way to get the ball back, bounce it of Black’s back. LOL

  162. is that an assist? after almost TO?

  163. lin got lucky the ball bounced off blacks back and came back to him

  164. Jeremy out a very up and down 1st half but he is the backup on a tanking team…

  165. Lakers catching up Coach BS calls timeout to probably pull out Lin.

  166. Wasn’t that Davis?

  167. It’s doesn’t matter

  168. Lin padding the stat sheet nicely. Still would like to see him take more shots instead of deferring to Ellington or Boozer.

  169. Davis out, Black in

  170. I think Fisher called the TO.

  171. actually he has been pretty good. lead is 5 points for a reason

  172. MT is nice to Lin. One of the few reporters that appreciate what Lin brings.

  173. Sloppy. I think he needs to slow it down.

  174. Not bad assist wise

  175. Guys out of sync

  176. but most of these commentators not gonna give him props

  177. 8/10 would be nice …. Let’s see if he can get 2nd half minutes

  178. Lin out. It just more interesting when Lin playing PG. He playing as SG not so much.
    If JC gonna play whole 1st qtr, should just have Lin come at beginning of 2nd.

  179. Lin lets go for double double!!!

  180. It was Davis.

  181. Click to show some support.

  182. If someone sees that Lin as 5 assists and Clarkson has 0, the logical thing to do would be to make Lin the PG and Clarkson the SG. Of course Byron Scott will do it the other way around.

  183. #tanklogic

  184. Clarkson is the next best thing to Kobe for a tanking team.

  185. Just horrible to watch without Lin…

  186. That’s why lakers standing has the lower number for wins n high number for loses.

  187. That’s why BS is exercising the art of Tanking. He set a benchmark of 4M a year as a coach specialized in TANKING strategy.

  188. Sometimes I get the feeling Lin wants people to forget linsanity and maybe trying to make the point I’m a distributor and not a guy trying to score on my own. But could he take a mental break today. He is in New York. Just penetrate and start scoring.

  189. Lakers losing to worst team in NBA? LOL

  190. That is why this game was pulled from being a nationally televised game…smh

  191. Just think this is his game now….you change for three years it takes over…maybe next year

  192. Heard the Knicks are doing better since they got rid of Iman and JR though.

  193. Johnson cut away from corner

  194. Jeremy will be the most valuable back up pg next year because his contract will be acceptable by most….if he were getting 4-5 million a year he would be still on Houston and possibly starting

  195. Playing against the worst team with starting PG got 0 assist in half time. I guess that’s BS’s Lakers culture.

    Empire always falls with the top being arrogant and ignorance and being buried in past glory.

    LA town will be Clippers.

  196. Interview from J. Smith from NYK: they over play the passing lane so much that the back door and cuts are open…… (Talking about Melo’s alley-oop)

  197. If Morey knew bosh wouldnt sign lin would might still be there

  198. Yeah man definitely…went all in on bosh

  199. He might say there won’t be any snow in ny

  200. Mike Breen said it was Davis, but it actually was Black

  201. have i missed anything?

  202. no

  203. 1st half:
    lakers assists:

    lin 5

    rest of team 2

  204. With no hope of getting to the playoff I can understand the BS move to let the rookie get playing time, but like this?
    At least, please don’t pair Clarkson and Lin together … please!

  205. Wait is the superbowl today? lol

  206. wow. half time guys giving Lin props. Amazing.

  207. ha

  208. bs tank commander. critical tanking game according to tankathon 96%.

    first half bs plays: sacre/ellington/clarkson/johnson most minutes

    sacre ellington clarkon johnson: miss 20 of their 25 shot attempts.

    coach knows who to play to be “much better at tanking”.

    put the guys doing the worst on the floor the most.

  209. tanking genius. its the new skill set required in nba.

  210. exactly. tank commander bs once more into the breach in this critical tank bowl match up

  211. I was planning to watch either todays game or vs nets but not anymore wasting money.. LOL

  212. and the entire rest of the team: 2

  213. I have a hard time to understand the Lakers’ attack strategy with this BS coach.
    Can anyone explain?
    How come they mostly standing around during attack…?

  214. Horry said Lin should be in again and playmake some.

  215. Maybe they started with a good Princeton offense, but BS put his own changes in and it became crap.

  216. I am happy that Lin is the most criticized player by a tanking coach.

  217. That’s good a little more beastie 2nd half and a win please Jeremy 🙂

  218. Question of the game. Will the Lakers starting PG get 1 assist this game?

  219. the value of Scott going up………

    by tanking teams

  220. People were asking the same things last year during some Rockets games. 🙂

  221. So Price is still DNP-CD. Was that suppose to be Lin for most of the games until somebody went to BS and order him not to do that?

  222. The game is getting unbearable to watch. Need JLin and 2nd team. So sad.

  223. You mean Beverly ?

  224. both teams are terrible to watch.

  225. When Price was starting it was whether the starting PG get a point? With JLin we will get both.

  226. So far so good, 0 ASTs from starters.

  227. They say Clarkson hasn’t made any turnovers. Well if you don’t pass it and not looking for assists you’re less likely to get TO.

  228. Clarkson is not shy of padding his own.

  229. lol

  230. c’mon…BS-don’t be so st*&^ n..stubborn-send in d 2nd unit—-dis is so embarrassing

  231. stats watchers only will say JC did great. He got a lot of points.

  232. a rookie pg averaging 15 shots a game

  233. he did learn from the best of Kobe.

  234. and no assists.

  235. Lin in, but don’t sit JC. gees.

  236. Clarkson not even looking to pass again. Such tunnel-vision for the basket.

  237. Did you read that from here ? LOL.

  238. garbage player. garbage TEAM.

  239. clarkson 1st assist lol

  240. Lin gave a good screen to get Kelly open

  241. Congrats to Jordan Clarkson on his 1st assist of the game.

  242. Scott making sure ball is not in Lin’s hands…

  243. Clarkson messing up JLin’s +/-, Clarkson -27. Obviously not ready.

  244. Lin is making sure the ball is not in his hands.

  245. So is Melo…

  246. we are getting blown out by the knick. lol scott you have out done yourself

  247. just waiting for next qtr when Lin can play w/o JC

  248. clarkson is -27 wow

  249. Well Lakers can’t make excuse for Clarkson’s poor play because he’s playing against an elite PG.

  250. Let me get this straight. Scott played for the Showtime Lakers. Hard to believe on a day like this.

  251. Can’t stand Clarkson as PG…. Dude doesn’t pass, no court vision, crash into defenses like a bull into red flag…

  252. The way JC playing is better fit as a SG.

  253. 6 assist

  254. Well, BS has found his new tank general and Clarkson will keep leading the Lakers in minutes played and the Lakers will lose (tank) happily without making it look too obvious.

  255. not a good charge by lin.

  256. well what charge is good

  257. Clarkson played the entire 3rd qtr?

  258. Clarkson is a SG playing as PG though. He reminds me so much of Monta in his Warriors days. Ball hogging stat-padding losing basketball that’s just so ugly to watch.

  259. Should’ve just shot that 3. It was the corner 3 that he could hit well when he was at Houston.

  260. Why Clakson still playing? 29min in 3rd Qt. Lin never got chance to play 29min in 3QTs.

  261. Those would not be stat watchers, they’re only point watchers. 🙂

  262. He saw what happened to Lin? He doesn’t have Lin’s fame, needs stat-padding to survive post-BS.

  263. Clarkson is scoring, Lin isnt. LIn needs to think about scoring some.

  264. Clarkson is killing his team with his selfish play, Lin isn’t. Lin does not need to mold his game after Clarkson.

  265. BS is worried that Lin could win it back.

  266. Points on a tanking team means little…Jeremy trying to get others involved means more…folks got to realize his next contract is not about being the star

  267. yea. thought that’s a charge on Lin. got a break.

  268. Lin has never tried to be THE star, he only knows and plays correct basketball for win, and that is why he is a real star !

  269. It very hard to say what Jlin contract will be like next season. My guess it will not be big

  270. I know but because he won’t be paid like one his game wil be appreciated more….the perils of being in this sports world climate

  271. Beautiful pass by Lin. Davis needs to dunk that…he got lucky.

  272. 7 asts and counting…

  273. 2 or 3 year deal at 3.5 or 4 per season

  274. so lin besting scott system yet it means zero

  275. Let’s get 10 assists Better stat on a tanking team…

  276. 2 years 7 mil. No team will give him 3+ because they want to evaluate him for one year and potentially trade him as an expiring contract after that first year.

  277. I hope at least 3+ millions per year

  278. The ball is moving. Jeremy has couple of hockey assists to go with the 7 assts.

  279. I don’t disagree. But 4 points for Lin is not enough. He should look to score his average or better every game. Lin looks like a real PG out there, Clarkson is not a PG. Not now anyway.

  280. everyone on bench has atleast an assist

  281. It’s better not to sign a long term deal anyway, the salary cap is going to jump significantly after next season

  282. 2nd unit just a more experienced unit. but guess LAL already looking at who they wanna keep for next year.

  283. That’s all it is

  284. Losing to a bad team like the Knicks is crazy but the Lakers are really BAD.

    I hope Jeremy won’t be with the Lakers next season…

  285. He won’t

  286. this lineup is worse the knicks

  287. There goes the MSG win streak..

  288. Tank knows tank.

  289. He should have shot the 3

  290. Lin, Davis, Boozer, Ellington, Johnson

    Perhaps the best unit of the Lakers now. What do you think?

  291. Don’t know about Johnson. He needs to expand his game.

  292. thats all folks

  293. Jeremy is out

  294. True. Also, when Lin is out there with Clarkson at the same time, Lin not allow to do anything

  295. As usual… smh!

  296. I agree… but no one else I like…

  297. 4pts/7asts/3rebs/2stls in 23 minutes.

  298. It’s frustrating watching Lin not get minutes. He could have a 10 assist game easily with 28 minutes.

  299. OK I am out then. Get some rest before the superbowl… the Lakers suuccks

  300. So am I.

  301. But 4 TOs. And that’s not enough points.

  302. byron is pire garbage

  303. black

  304. This is not pc on this site but im close to picking up another hobby to replace this very frustrating and time consuming one

  305. he is a bit rusty but him with davis and lin lol omg

  306. Im out

  307. It is OK. Stay healthy. Nothing to prove here in those meaningless games.

  308. Turn off the TV already.

  309. lal blown out by the knicks lol……………….

  310. I like Clyde. He is questioning Byron’s coaching decisions 🙂

  311. I have movies, manga, anime, Trek, auto, games and last but not least my two girls to keep me busy. 🙂

  312. this coach need to be fired

  313. Yes… but he was not that good today… anyway… this team really bad starting from the coach

  314. Not that he will but the most decent thing for Scott to do would be for Scott to give Lin the start and 32 mpg in the last 3rd of the season. And also have him play those minutes with Black and Davis.

  315. Clyde? From where?

  316. He’s doing what FO wants. why would he be fired.

  317. The whole Lakers FO needs to be fired too.

  318. Why? He’s doing a wonderful tanking job!

  319. Haha. NY announcer.

  320. What did he say? Clyde has no allegiance to Scott.

  321. YES! should be banned from any basketball league… oops… may be a bit too much…

  322. Oh! What did he say?

  323. Clyde also asking if it is possible for Lin to come back to NY? lol

  324. No, tanking games should be fined until the coach is broke. They could fine Pop for not playing the starters, they should do the same to BS.

  325. Haha… not even the Knicks fans can believe this… the LA Tank Cmd is showing off!

  326. Really? Wow! Tell us more… I turn off TV can’t stand the game at all… smh!

  327. Even announcers’ comments are more Linteresting than BS games.

  328. Nah, until F/O is broke. BS tanking per orders, in fact, I think the F/O hired him with tanking in mind as BS is a natural and doesn’t need to even try.

  329. the lakers will have a hard time winning game from now till the end of season

  330. NY got taste of what real tanking looks like. Next 76ers.

  331. Game recognizes game. Clyde Frazier a top 50 NBA all timer and great Knicks guard.

  332. lets say how many game will lakers win till the end of season? i say 5

  333. He questioned Bryon’s rotation in general.

  334. Tonight’s NBA news headlines, NYK out-tanked by the Chained Djangos.

  335. Hill had a big game last time and he is being iced by BS now.

  336. I hear some really loud boo’s

  337. Starters play garbage time or garbage players play stater?

  338. He never gonna be a good PG. he should be SG.

  339. how to tank

  340. Irony is LAL won by losing….on a good day LAL is “unbeatable” not even the tankers from NYK.

  341. Yes, it is Jeremy’s fault LAL lost…

  342. This so hilarious. They are showing lin, like he is the face of the organization.LOL

  343. Don’t RT for them.. smh!

  344. A good day for LA is like once in a lifetime lol.

  345. insulting to Jlin

  346. Lin has 3 FGA in this game. I think MSG fans were disappointed, they remember Lin killing the Knicks in Houston and must have wondered why he didn’t play longer and shoot more.

  347. That’s pathetic.

  348. He got the instruction from coach or FO to tell him just feed everyone again I think. smh!

  349. Sparklin can’t do the job alone, especially from the bench.

  350. That is because people are calling him BS.

  351. What happened to J Hill? Only 7 mins.

  352. He passed up some shots for sure. It was fine for him to facilitate but he could have looked for his shot more.

  353. He scored too much last match

  354. Injured, leg.

  355. Good, because it is idiotic.

  356. Kelly for boozer, if your going to shoot jumpers then get the better shooter and Kelly doesn’t just push people on defense. Black for Kelly. I know he is shorter but he seems to out better screens with his body and still rolls well.

  357. They should tell Clarkson to at least feed somebody.

  358. Horry: Clarkson should work on assists.
    Worthy: Clarkson is fearless.

  359. I think he just can’t do it that’s why he is SG today… LOL!

  360. and he is also black, which is what Worthy/Horry want to identify with.

  361. Garbage players playing as starters playing garbage time.

  362. I think lin/davis/boozer will walk this summer.

  363. He could copy a page from Harden on how to pad ASTs: pass only during the end of the shot clock so that your teammate has no time to do anything but shoot the ball.

  364. I’m disappointed in Lin. MSG was a big part of why Lin is as big a name in the nba as he is now. He plays for God, but many people would not hear his message without the hype machine New York and the NY fans gave in exposing his celebrity. NY loved Lin and cheered him today. He returned their love with a big yawn. Had really hoped Lin try to entertain the crowd in his one stop at the msg. I feel bad for the fans who came to watch Lin.

  365. Price was the only player that didn’t play besides Young could have actually played but Scott wouldn’t play him. I bet Scott can’t even look Price in the eyes. Scott is truly a piece of S**t. smh

  366. Will this be the pattern? Win 1 game follow by 9 losses…

  367. Asian reporter: how was Jeremy’s performance tonight?

  368. Looks like FO didn’t want him after this season.

  369. Players talk to each other all the time. Mitch better realize he isn’t going to recruit people when their coach is such a jerk.

  370. Yup.. Clarkson played great right? Lol

  371. Nick knows beside LA ..New York is a big market…

  372. I don’t trust anything he says anymore, good or bad. The weatherman is more believable then BS.

  373. I didn’t think it was either.

  374. Bryon indicated that Jeremy will be playing the same amount of minutes as he has been playing… less than 25 min.

  375. Horry has been good in the booth. Worthy, hot and cold but too resistant to criticize Scott.

  376. Clarkson is mixed, no? Looks mixed to me. I think Horry has been a pretty good Lin advocate.

  377. The hate is strong in Scott. When the rockets played in Taiwan, mchale started Lin, stood up and gave him a standing O. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott would bench Lin even in Taiwan.

  378. Nick Young said he was healthy enough to play, isn't sure why Byron held him out. Was upset, uncertain about his relationship with Byron.— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) February 1, 2015

  379. Kobe must have been upset about the “blessing in disguise” quote. Told Scott to nail him to the bench.


  380. Love the positive comments on this forum! 🙂

  381. Both were very hesitant to give criticism. Horry was very careful about criticizing Clarkson’s assists. But it is understandable since Clarkson is a rookie.

  382. He tried to play the right way but was sloppy and didn’t look to take it to a not very good Knick team.

  383. Reporter XYZ: What do you think of coach’s performance today?
    Lin: I think he did a great job out there. This is the first time I didn’t see him standing crossing his arms, not worrying about the 2nd unit suddenly turn the game from behind to lead. Great rotations, great time out and great subs, all according to the plan.
    Reporter XYZ: But Lakers lost.
    Lin: That’s the plan.

  384. And those minutes crippled by Clarkson playing PG.

  385. That’s why he’s a bad coach. What happened to having the guys playing well close the game?

  386. Even when Clarkson out Ellington would handle the ball sometimes rather than Jeremy.

  387. Asian reporter also asked if Jeremy will be given more opportunity. Byron said he will give Jeremy as much opportunity as he has been given… whatever that means… smh.

  388. Yeah, I understand Lins agenda to bring the team together, but if there was a chance to create some excitement it was today against the worst team in the nba. Even as the crowd cheered the Knicks in getting a rare win, it sounded muted compared to the nightly ROAR during linsanity!

  389. What about his coach performance? SMH

  390. No Lin’s interview today? So weird. I guess they are so afraid of Lin to talk….

  391. scott is alienating all his best players

  392. Did anyone say he sneak out…?

  393. Wrong forum… @$!÷ cf is straight down…. you know you are there when the temp is super hot and some horned creatures guarding the entrance to that forum.

  394. At least the weathermen are honest about what they are given.

  395. idk how the laker don’t fire scott. yes tank but this obviously while getting your best player mad

  396. Just read a tweet, he did. Can’t wait to see what he said…

  397. Lakers FO should worry about Young now, The rest won’t stay.

  398. Lol nick didn’t lost his humor

  399. This is the difficult part. I want to stop watching because it is all garbage but we want to support Jeremy and talk truth as much as possible. The year is over and Scott can’t just be gracious to the players. Just using scapegoats everywhere. There is just no need for that. Petty. I will try to watch from time to time to just support Jeremy. He needs encouragement like everyone else. At least he knows what is going on. He needs to just keep playing well.

  400. plus who will come

  401. Byron Scott is pissing everyone off.

  402. I am African American. If you have 1% black in your genes, in this country you are deemed black. Now if the Lakers thinks that the Asian community will get on board with Clarkson, they will have another coming. It does not go down like that in the US. You are either Asian American or nothing at all in America.I am not trying to throw shade on US, but it the perceptive in this country.

  403. Finally, Jeremy’s post game interview.

  404. If a GM is good would try now to get lin young and Davis. For example…. Rondo?

  405. Feel bad for all the people who subscribed to ESPN and got season tickets to watch Lin.

  406. He’s just not the same player as then. I’m beginning to wonder if Lin’s career as a potential top 15 PG will pan out or not or if he’ll ever really impose himself on a significant amount of games like he did in Linsanity and at times in Houston. He needs to get back to having a scoring and facilitating mentality and leading the show more.

  407. Young is funny but can be a bit of a ballhog. He reminds me of JR Smith sometimes. Young needs a coach that can keep him under control. Mavs fans aren’t that happy with Rondo at the moment so please let BS have Rondo for Lin and Davis.

  408. Thanks. Great interview. Going to RT it. This is the second time he talked about Hawks.

  409. Garbage that Lin neither needs or deserves. The guy is trying his best to play in Byron’s system and sacrifices everything and that type of flip answer doesn’t cut it.

  410. I told that would’ve been a great team for Jeremy cause of budenholzer. But they’re playing great, no need to add anyone and lose the chemistry

  411. Predicted it in last game win. In this pace, Lakers will win about 15 games:-)

  412. What does Lin means when he said “I’ve been asked to wear a lot of different hats”

    Obviously, much media interest in NY w/ Jeremy Lin back at MSG. Of his season he said, "I’ve been asked to wear a lot of different hats."— Bill Oram (@billoram) February 1, 2015

  413. Got a feeling that we are watching a scripted reality Laker show, (from Hollywood for all places):
    1. Mitch hands out script to BS and all players :
    it reads: Maybe you are good, maybe you are so so, but, follow the script, everybody gets a speaking role, no extras.
    2. “We are here to win, but, to tank is to win.”
    3. Jeremy, you are in our plan, but, you need to act according to the script. Take the back seat for this year, like I told you when I
    spoke with you in practice.
    4. two Jordans, Ed, all of you, we will play you sometimes as starters, sometimes from the bench, tank you all.
    5. BS, yank them when they are playing well.
    6. KB, we want you to break a leg this summer so you could just collect the money, never have to play again.
    7. Action !!

  414. I wish there is a such device that can transform stuff coming out from BS, so that those farmers could benefit. At least this way, BS is making a positive contribution to the society.

  415. I’m surprise if they don’t as long BS and KB are still around. Who wants to stay in this lousy KB and BS “team.”

  416. Lin gives real classy interviews.He was dead on point about his role on this team.

  417. You are right. I consider Clarkson as black not AA.

  418. There are some people out there that need to get a life. They just love to kick a horse when he is down. Praying for the day when someone can interview some of these reporters and just ask them what was their problem.

  419. Sports journalism died a long time ago…only watch Bryant Gumbel real sports for sports journalism…what you have now are bitter writers who are forced by their editor or publisher to get hits…

  420. OK, I don’t know if it helps, but I tweeted Jeannie Buss the comments about the comments Scott made about Lin tonight. I reminded her that lin only had 23 minutes and had 3/4 of the Lakers assists and scott’s comments were that he didn’t play a very good game. I asked her was scott the spokesman for the Lakers organization, and if he was that this storied franchise has hit a new low.

  421. Up to this point, I think she has an agenda to herself. She wants to take over the Lakers 2 years later, waiting for her brother to fail. So she won’t do anything, watching the titanic to sink. So she can build a new one with her as the capitan.

  422. A lone voice in this sicken NBA. Just hope some gets the echo in the coming summer.

  423. Did Byron Knock his backup of who led the team in assists???? Like seriously

  424. Probably

  425. Seriously what would it take for the Lakers to fire BS? Massive fan walkout? A record that matches the Bobcats few seasons ago? I really don’t know…

  426. They want to lose. He’s doing good

  427. Unless the whole team turns on him.

  428. Can’t do anything. obviously it is so bad already. You don’t need to see anymore. It is all part of the plan. If they started to win then they would probably get rid of BS.

  429. I agree, but she cares about the how the organization appears to her shareholders. Jeannie will pull the plug on things when it starts inteferring with money or the presentation of the organization. I already know that she is probably going to bring back Phil Jackson to help her run the organization. That is why the Lakers are not going to be a contending team for about at least 5 years, just long enough for Phil Jackson’s contract to be up in NY.

  430. I was so close to getting tickets to this game but I couldn’t pull the trigger. I kept weighing the pros and cons but I didn’t see the sign I was looking for. Kobe had surgery on Wednesday but the FO seems to still be all-in on the Kobe show. I decided to wait until the Bulls game to see how Jeremy is being treated. If BS had played Lin at least 1 minute during those 10 minutes of double OT, I would have bought tickets. In the end I wasn’t willing to take a chance to go see Lin being marginalized by BS.

  431. i don’t respect scotts word

  432. Smart.

  433. his opinion is just opinion

  434. heres an interesting stat:

    lin 7 assists

    the entire tankers starting lineup 1 assist

  435. To me the most interesting it’s Lin’s post game interview… great to see him spoke out what’s really in his mind. Hope NYK takes him back.

  436. I can’t understand why BS keeps undermining Lin like that. Dam, I will never let my own boss do that to me.

  437. There are certain advantages to being a prophet 🙂

  438. I can smell another DNP-BSD coming for JLin

  439. I did not watch the game…..somehow Lin only took 3 shots?

  440. No need to watch… I turned off TV in 2nd half… Lin’s post game interview it’s more fun than the game itself. LOL!

  441. There is nothing to respect really. He talks out of hot air.

  442. Well, I guess you can always quit but Lin can’t do that and also even in real life, that isn’t an options most of the time.

  443. He said the ball was sticky and he was trying to move the ball. He said if you do that it’s contagious and everybody start passing each other.

    It’s always our Jeremy

  444. I wish everyone would realize that BS still controls Lin’s minutes. Yes Lin naturally obeys his coach, as he should, but even if he tried to go rogue as some advocate, BS would then reduce his minutes perhaps to zero. Price is sitting on the bench as DNP-CD but the threat of Lin switching places with Price is always there. If you knew that BS told Lin not to take a lot of shots but only facilitate otherwise he will be benched, would you still say things like: when will Lin wake up?, I guess he just doesn’t want to play like Linsanity anymore, he should take that shot, why does he defer so much?, etc.

    Lin cannot say to the media that this is the situation. It’s up to his fans to realize what is going on.

  445. And what Lin needs is minutes….

  446. Exactly! I saw him slow it down on purpose today, just in the five Mins I watched. He’s running practice drills.

  447. I saw him running practice, so I turned it off.

  448. LOL

  449. Yep, don’t spend your money to watch Jeremy teach through actions. His fin game is when it matters.

  450. The more the better

  451. But Lin had 47% of the team assists.
    Clarkson 7%
    Calderdon 22%
    Galloway 11%
    Larkin 11%

  452. She also needs to know it hurts ratings for him to knock on players, esp Lin

  453. After today’s performance, I don’t know. He had a horrible start from the looks of it. I didn’t see the game but I was reading everyone’s frustrations. I see he wasn’t shooting much, and passed up open looks.

  454. Don’t understand why BS suddenly is giving no PT at all to Price?

  455. Well…welcome to LAL bball

  456. To show he is not tanking…and is fair to his players.

  457. The game it’s totally waste time just two garbage teams against each other…. smh! But I really like what I saw from Lin’s interview. I thought he will stay in Lakers but after today…. maybe not… he wants to play team ball just like Hawks so any team w that idea he will join them.

  458. Then follow by PFV’s game analysis.

  459. No, that doesn’t make sense. Price should at least get 7 minutes or so.

  460. I don’t think even Ronnie Price respect his words.

  461. To be honest, at this point, Lin doesn’t give a F**K. He knows that if he plays well, he still will be benched. Lin is going to go out his own way.

  462. If everyone is playing ISO ball , it is hard to look like you are playing well if you are trying to play team ball. Lin will naturally look bad.

  463. the more interesting stat is: lin 7 assists the entire starting lineup 1 assist.

  464. Exactly…it is not about afraid of BS or Kobe at all

  465. It is called…regress to the mean?

  466. Indicates before was all politics, not bball. That’s ok if he did not knock Lin and day price is head of snake. Integrity is hard to keep.

  467. do you mean the mean or just being mean?

  468. He’s not afraid. But there is nothing he can do without minutes.

  469. I agree he does move the ball around ok, plays ok d, and doesn’t gamble like Clarkson.

  470. Because Kobe is not playing anymore and Clarkson is starting. No need to pretend Price is good anymore and use him to justify Lin benching.

  471. Yeah, it was so confusing to him at the start of the season. He was being pushed around and the coach was sending mix messages. I was very frustrating. Once , he figured it out with the rest of the fans, that was it. He could just be himself. Glad, everything was exposed.

  472. lol….can be both I guess

  473. Bc right now Price & Clarkson just exchanged their role….

  474. Actually I think Scott is under the front office’s instructions to audition players for next season. He already loves Price like his own son. But Scott probably got some heat for benching Jeremy completely. So now Clarkson gets playing time instead.

  475. Also, if they don’t play Jeremy the fans go crazy.

  476. At this point, they have enough for other biased coaches to want to buy a Clarkson story. That’s not bad for the morey trade game.

  477. Why? You don’t see 3 PG to go when starter & bench are OK…?

  478. Thanks, waiting for PFV’s game analysis.

  479. Many are saying that a trade is unlikely. But if February 19th comes and goes and Lin is still a Laker, I will break down and weep!

    And someone keeps posting over and over that Lin will be a backup PG next season. Please stop. We all heard you the first time. If it happens we will give you full credit for predicting the future. But the way I see it , next season is a still a long way off and no one can be sure what Lin’s situation will be. I’m still very hopeful.

  480. Well, I hope a team like the Hawks will want him next season. Sucks to watch another year of disappointments.

  481. Price usefulness is done. Scott used Price to support Kobe. After Kobe was out, Price should have realized that his days were numbered. Lin seems relaxed and at the top of his game and he gets in to to do what needs to be done. Lin has already moved on to his next team. Lin over the summer will figure out what he exactly nerds to bring to the table to get his his team into contending teams satus. Lin has built up a reputation in this league that he is a great an unselfish team mate among the playes, and with the GM’s he has established d that I will play wherever role you want me to play to help you get a championship, and with the coaches, he has established that I will war whatever hat you want me to wear to get the team win. Say what you want, coaches love players like Lin.

    I am happy that the narrative has changed from him not being good to he is being marginalized by teams and he needs a chance. So the narrative is changing,

  482. Well, that’s very likely will happen.. Lin will stay in Lakers for this season I believe.

  483. LOL….just weep is enough….no need to break down…

  484. It’s an expression 🙂

  485. Out of his control…he might feel bad about it, but he does not care I guess.

  486. Exactly that is why I tweeted her.

  487. Rose and her two kids (who attended this game) are saying: “Can we have our money back?”

  488. Very likely based on what? There are no players, coaches, FO on all 30 teams that face Lin as competition and realize how good he is? How about he is hired as backup but plays so much better than the starter that he gets promoted? With a decent coach that could happen. Why keep repeating that Lin is only a backup when we know it’s not true?

  489. Lin is not being traded in Feb. Lin will be a Laker to the end of the season. Lin is the Lakers insurance policy. Clarkson playing all of the minutes will lead to him getting an injury sooner or later. Scott is a dumb and vindictive coach. He benched young in which he was not happy about. Young even commented on Hill and his injury tonight. Young eluded to the fact to Hill that you are doen, as if Scott was looking for ways to bench you.

  490. Arash Markazi: Nick Young on his his relationship with Byron Scott is going: “I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t tell you.” Twitter @ArashMarkazi
    Arash Markazi: Nick Young on not playing: “I can’t tell you what it is. I felt good personally. It’s not always up to me. It’s in the coach’s hands.” Twitter @ArashMarkazi
    Mark Medina: Nick Young: “Very disappointed I didn’t get out there. But that’s the year it’s been.” Added that he thinks his ankle feels fine Twitter @MarkG_Medina
    Baxter Holmes: Byron Scott’s analysis of Jeremy Lin’s play today: “Wasn’t good.” Twitter @BaxterHolmes
    Bill Oram: Obviously, much media interest in NY w/ Jeremy Lin back at MSG. Of his season he said, “I’ve been asked to wear a lot of different hats.” Twitter @billoram

  491. Lin as insurance policy only works for next season. And there is 0 chance Lin will sign up for another season of this. This season is lost. No insurance needed.

  492. Do you think bench Young & Hill for tanking?

  493. just nail that poster directly. Some ppl believe their own negativism, others just want to troll. You have to address it directly else you’ll never be satisfied. I said not to DNP-CD and I admitted being wrong when it technically happened for the first time. However, I am proven right in that the goal for Lin is NOT DNP-CD, or his power is strong enough not to have it, for now. You just have to address people head one as forums are what they are — just places to be real or not for the moment.

  494. Every player should be proud of being criticized by BS the tanking coach.

  495. I am talking about for the next 36 games, not next season…smh

  496. Maybe, but I think it is personal for Young.Scott has something against him, much like Lin.jmo

  497. Please identify what teams will possiblystart Lin. Name the

  498. Jeremiah is really lost in general

  499. Lol I’d like to sell you this unicorn I have….

  500. I do, though I am surprised Lin has leverage to force lakers to play him at all

  501. because they did not support the BSc agenda. Booz too, but he lined up quickly when he started to feast from Lin and his own work on the 2nd unit. Anybody who hints at something not on BSc’s agenda, because Kobe and powers above him, gets punished. Look at how Price is being treated even by full compliance. This coach is not a loyal person.

  502. If I thought the poster were a troll, I would. This person is clearly a fan but some fans are just pessimistic or “realistic” in their own eyes.

  503. While I agree, the past 2 coaches have not been Lin fans and that worries me

  504. Mavs, Nets, Jazz, Bucks, Bulls, etc. Who knows what the status of their PGs will be at the start of next season.

  505. You sound young. Are you under 30? If so you have a lot to learn

  506. I know Lin bc of Kobe but Young seemed to be OK in the past w BS & Kobe? This is really a difficult place to stay…

  507. Bulls? I think only Mav & Nets maybe but ….?

  508. Lin will starts over d rose? People call me crazy here but really?

  509. Yeah so am I. Why do you need insurance for the next 36 games if you are trying to lose anyway?

    And there are only 34 left anyway. 29 by the trade deadline. Why smh?

  510. Best has yet to come! Jeremy Lin fans just be patient! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuO3u99IoGA&feature=youtu.be

  511. Did you see how DRose played last game? What about a trade? Lakers and Rox need new PGs.

  512. No it much better to cry, “LIN FANS ARE TOO OPTIMISTIC!!!” Wahhhhhhhh!

  513. OK, let me take a poll count on every team that in the last years, where are they now:
    Knicks have been gutted of all of the players that brought many back to the game of basketball because Lin made it fun and exciting to watch. Knicks are a lottery team right now.

    Rockets-Harden has become the work horse of the team because there is no other play maker besides him. Fans discovered that Beverly was not the defensive specialist as they hyped him up to be and his offense only looked good when lin was on the floor with him. D12 has checked out with a questionable knee injury( I call it D12 has been advised by his agent to stay healthy for his next team when he opts out). Rockets once looked like a contending team has taken 2 steps back this season.

    Lakers are a tanking team, but commentators & networks are catching on to this tank and are not pleased. Players are just trying to play to get-good contracts to get out of kobe and scott land. As they say Karma is Biatch…Did I miss anything.

  514. Coming from you that’s quite a compliment. You’ve watched the NBA for “decades” but you have no logic or even the ability to think consistently.

  515. I know Rose is not good now but since he’s #1 draft & also got MVP before so he will always start no matter what as long as he can be on court. Rox needs PG & I found it’s so interesting why Alex let Lin & Harden team up for that NBA Ad in Chinese New Year? Alex never wants to give up China market & he needs Lin… just few days ago.. read some tweets from HOU did talk about to being back Lin…. Also saw Lin still follow Morey?! He seems to keep good relationship w Rox. So you never know what will happen this summer.

  516. Just in case Clarkson starts to look really, really bad and LA fans don’t buy into him. Clarkson is as good as if Laker fans buy into him and sell tickets, which I don’t think will happen. I think if they would have went with trying to sell Lin/Young, they would have got more bang for their bucks.jmo

  517. You can still address it directly, especially if the poster is real.

  518. Shots fiired

  519. I didn’t mean that Lin would go directly to Rox. I’m looking at supply and demand. If Rox and Lakers need PGs, that increases demand and they will acquire PGs by trade or FAs. That could open up a starting PG position on another team such as Chicago.

  520. Hopefully he will read my general post. If he is very persistent I can then reply directly.

  521. But I really think it’s possible Rox will get Lin this summer again…?! You never know…

  522. Clarkson already looks really bad. And so does the entire Lakers team due to BS coaching. They don’t seem to care. They seem to want to lose. I just don’t see that as a good reason not to trade Lin. They could get another pick and another expiring contract for Lin which is all they really want at this point. JMO.

  523. MM sure like to chase after these dramas…. Haha! Can’t wait to see what story BS is going to say now?

  524. I hope not! Anything is possible but that’s not my point. I’m trying to say that Lin is not doomed to be a backup so we shouldn’t keep predicting that he will.

  525. Scott is just a bully, when you face bullies head on, all they do is choke. Young is playing out his drama in the press which is very smart on his part because it brings more focus to the F/O /Scotts shenanaigans

  526. Interesting. BS might have the all out support of FO but if he outright loses the locker room, will they really continue to support him? NY is not a one year rental like Booz and Lin. His sentiments will have a little more weight.

  527. I know & I don’t think he should… I believe he didn’t want to … This summer it’s going to be interesting bc more drama will come…. I hope Lin can pick a team that really will like him as a player not bc his Asia market value.

  528. Do you think FO also agree w BS? smh!

  529. Also nick got a crazy girlfriend who is always on twitter talking when she has been done wrong. She has 4 million followers on Twitter that can cause the lakers all kind of headaches with them buying tickets if they are mistreating her man…just sayin..

  530. I think that the know that they can’t try it with lin (although he tried) and they will find out that they can’t do it with Young. My take on the F/O is that Mitch does whatever jeannie tells them to do. I think Scott’s comments about lin and his DNCP was the last straw for jeannie. That is why I tweeted her the comments what scott said about lin’s play today, because I think that mitch/f/o only feeds her what they think she should know. I tweet her every negative thing thing that comes out of Scott ‘s mouth about lin.

  531. Clarkson is not asian in US… his name is clarkson and he dont look asian on bit

  532. You make me laugh old-timer! Unlike you, my profile is open. Try to find a post of mine from the past 3 years where I was “lost.” Then look at your own history and see how often you have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact you once lost a bet with me that gave me the power to ban you. I’m sure you remember.

  533. Lakers is in totally a mess now… smh!

  534. Cool hobbies!!

  535. Don’t think so. Scott got his butt chewed for that faux pas. He is not going down that road again.

  536. I quickly listed 5 possible teams off the top of my head and you zero in on the last one. smh

  537. Symptoms of a poorly managed corporation with multiple heads.

  538. If mama ain’t happy then no one is happy.

  539. Well there was golden state. Gotta give them credit. They are a decent team (;-)

  540. Thanks for saying it. For JLin, I will hold a wait and see until it becomes a fact for next season. Let’s see which and what teams will make offer and which team JLin will pick before I will make any case out of JLin.

  541. I agree with how the GM’s and coaches ought to feel, not too sure of how they really access Lin’s value to an NBA team. Pioneers in any environment have a tough road to hoe.

  542. I think that it is hilarious that these so called Sports Laker news media are so clueless. They are still espouting this crap about the Lakers made the smart decision in going with Clarkson because he is the future. I remind them that Kobe is coming back to get break the record for most assists and whatever they do this season with the rest of the games will go out the window. I told them that they can try to promote Clarkson all they want to sell tickets while kobe is out, that it is not going to work.

    I told them that no so called star is going to sign with the Lakers while Kobe is on the team. I also stated that the draft picks that they fought next season will also become null and void while kobe is on the team. I told them that Kobe had no patience in the rebuild process, and that according to Magic Johnson, these picks coming out next year are not that good. I also told them that the Lakers will not be a contending team until at least 5 years, and that is when they told me that there is always hope.(rolls eyes).
    This is the LA news media mind you, and then they said that players would love to come play for LA,and I said yeah in the past, when they thought Lakers were a legit organization. Not now, the kobe/scott collaborations of this past season, have shown that no FA’s will sign here, because they Know that this organization has no backbone to stand up for them. Then from the Laker media…silence. Nathan gootlieb jumped on the bandwagon with me and he said that it would be a decade before Lakers become contenders . I said all of that to say this, let your voice be heard on social media. Social media has become the most powerful media because it is a direct gauge for celebrity doom(athletes,actress/actors,entertainers) for how fans perceive them. Trust me, these peoples egos are so huge, that they read what the fans say about them.

  543. ESPN was right to cancel this game for National TV…


  544. And while in the process, showcase these fake “starters” as trade baits, of course.

  545. Well said. I won’t even care about the Lakers anymore when the summer arrives.

  546. It is just so hard to watch these games. Thank you to all the fans that keep following no matter how tough it is to watch! You are making a difference. I hope by some miracle, Jeremy gets traded.

  547. Heat, Celtics, Magic, 76ers, Knicks, Timberwolves, Nuggets,

  548. What Lin gives?

    HOPE. Being strong on the low. Keep fighting. Ignore those negative from outside, inside, doubters, haters, even fans.

    He already succeeded by just playing in NBA,

    He already succeeded by helping people with the way he couldn’t possible image.

    He already succeeded by bonding millions people globally.

    He will succeed, in his own term. Not necessary on our terms.

    That’s what he gives and what he will give.

    Just be strong and patient.

  549. Yeah, I left them out because the owners liked lin., and the owner eleven admitted that he regret not keeping lin. Also Mark Jackson got fired and recently he stated while he was commenting on one the Lakers’ game that lin is the most non drafted scrutinized player in the league, so gave him points

  550. After Lin DNP, report was he went to talk to Scott. They “went back & forth” about his role & what BS wanted from him. So Jeremy’s hands may be tied.

  551. I re-tweet a lot of negative/unfair comments to her also.

  552. You’re another voice here, a way of looking at Lin and the game that’s been valuable. But sometimes you flirt a little too close to the mean side of making a point. Being contemptuous isn’t necessary.

  553. Katy Perry /Missy Ellioit/Lenny Kravitz Superbowl performance:


  554. I agree. And he needs to succeed on his own terms, even if they aren’t always our terms.

    Linsanity occurred because there was a perfect storm of events (trades, waivers, injuries, etc.) that none of us could have imagined for Jeremy in advance. He was days away from being dropped from the Knicks roster. But he was prepared when allowed to show what he could do. He will be prepared for the next opportunity.

    Right now, I have a hard time trying to decide where I think it would be “best” for Jeremy to play next season. There will be teams next season that will be changed due to their own free agents, unforeseen major injuries, and coaching changes. He will have more opportunities.

    I do appreciate what he’s brought to the game so far. I know there will be more from him in the future.

  555. cool. BTW, I hope you were that nice looking guy doing the selfie next to Psalm in the PHX game. I sort of made fun of that, as it was like a classic selfie and missing the moment, and then there were so many other faces like a Norman Rockwell paining. Great picture. Hope you weren’t offended, loved your spirit and that pose made the pic for me because it pointed to the action of the frame and all the characters in there except that selfie-shooter was half in the photo and half the observer, so it was v cool. Loved your writeup after, too.

  556. When will JLin ROAR again?..

  557. M…….

  558. I truly believe that these starters are trade bait.

  559. Lakers news media has to promote Clarkson for they may know that JLin is NOT going to resign with Lakers.

  560. Warrior Princess!! We know what a hard time you’ve been coming through and I hope the support and appreciation you’ve had from this Lin family has helped a bit. It looks like your energy is starting to bound back because you’ve really been going into battle on Lin’s behalf. Joyce Victorious!

  561. waiting for the world to change lol (Perry bf reference.)

  562. I think the time has come for Laker players to seek Lin’s counsel.

  563. Will there be a “boycott” by the players for the uncalled public dissing by the clueless arrogant BS ? The team is tanking to protect their draft picks so why the public dissing ?

  564. reason – small man.

  565. One of the best halftime shows ever.

  566. OMG. ROFL. Can’t stop laughing. For the record, I have never taken a selfie, to this date. Certainly not at the Q&A. My friend and I were seated much further back and to the right. We were blocked from view by a tao yan (do you know Mandarin?) guy who stood up in front of us just as the group photo was taken. So no I was not offended 🙂 In fact I didn’t even see this particular post of yours. Glad you liked the write-up though. Thanks. I was curious if my experience with the Book of Jeremiah coincidence made an impression on anyone else.

  567. Exactly!

  568. I agree, it was all about # girlpower in the mist of the NBA domestic violence issues.

  569. You’re being repetitive. If you have nothing new to add, then don’t.

  570. There was some Chinese characters at the backdrop at ending of the song Roar. Hmmm …Will the ASG do it likewise to attract the Chinese fans?

  571. Quite a lot of speculation on whether Lin will be traded before the trade deadline. No one can know for sure.

    My take is that the front office is deadlocked and will opt for “flexibility”. They are unlikely to make any decisive moves. They are bound to years of uncertainty because of Kobe and internal politics.

    Something Jeannie said in an interview is very telling. She said that in 2012 she wanted Phil to be the coach. But Jim hired MDA without really giving Phil a fair chance or even a proper answer. That tells me that Jim did not want Phil who would further cement Jeannie’s power. This organisation has no focus on winning right now.

    But anyway I am happy for Lin to search for a new team as a free agent. I believe he can land a starting job.

  572. Thanks! It may also be helpful to make a list of teams that can be ruled out and why:

    Lakers Obvious reason
    Rox Obvious reason

    Clippers CP3
    GSW Splash Bros
    Wash Wall
    Blazers Lilliard
    Cavs Kyrie
    Toronto Kyle

    If they can’t be ruled out then they’re fair game!
    Spurs would not start JLin but being a backup for them is great too.

  573. The moment Lin left (If he does), I will turn back to a LAL hater mode…

  574. In the wild, an animal with two heads usually becomes food very soon. Similarly, Lakers with 3 heads are also going down very fast.

  575. The game is 3 AM my timezone, but I feel into a deep slumber my alarm didn’t do anything for me.

    Looks like I didn’t miss much at all…

  576. Not a bit

  577. LOL!!! me too and as far as others commenting here, my decision to sleep , sleep well!!!

  578. No not minute Lin needs to leave Lakers

  579. Regret that I woke up early to watch the game. Woke up at about 5:30am to watch 2nd qtr till it JLin went out at 4th qtr. Such an ugly game. Told PFV that it would stay this ugly even long after KB and BS were out of Lakers. Should know better:-(

  580. No matter what you do it’s way better than watching Lakers game running by BS

  581. making new movie ???LInsanity 2 in the making?

  582. Like those questions and answers that the other 2 vids that I’ve seen earlier: like his contract and position in the team.

  583. Thanks. Ya! This interview is even more intriguing to me specially the contract part… Really great to hear that. It seemed that it’s from NY reporter so no Lakers reporters talked about this at all…

  584. Good to read this, I didn’t realize the game was early today I just missed the end of it, didn’t miss too much it seems.

  585. BS is typical guy who talks with his mouth not with his brain he is brain damage anyway

  586. Yep smart for him not to make any commitment about his FA. Believe he will make the right decision where to go with what’s presented in FA. Silly for those to put a propanganda that JLin would be out of NBA after this season. He is too good for that. If the right teams put a proposal on him, he will choose the right coach/team that will be best for his skillset. Like he said, he hasn’t showed all the hands of what is capable of. Glad glad that JLin knows his own worth.

  587. Only learned how early the game was right before I went to bed. Shouldn’t wake up and watched the game but at the time I checked in, bench was doing well in catching up in 2nd qtr. when he was subed out in 2nd qtr with 5pts, I knew it wasn’t good just watching how the starters played. At the time I was wide awake. Couldn’t go back to sleep:-(

  588. I hope Lin make the right decision LEAVING LAKERS

  589. The sequel will be called simply “Insanity” and will focus on the 3 seasons with Rox and Kobe 🙂

  590. you’re right, Lin came all pre-packaged to serve.

  591. He will make the RIGHT one…

  592. amazing dedication all this getting up early. I should be reminded to respect all y’all’s post more.

  593. I always hate LAL even I live in the LA. Reason? KB…….

  594. I never thought he will be out of NBA after this season … not yet. But I really think he sure got offer or offers not official of course from team(s) that’s why he is not worry about his contract year. Lakers for one… bc look at what BS said today… Byron Scott then said of Lin, “He can be a very good basketball player in this league for a long time.”

    But I think he is not happy w Lakers (who would be happy w the treatment he got?) What he wants the most it’s team ball so we will see very interesting drama this summer.

  595. let the dogs out … woof woof woof!

  596. GSW would have been in same state had they not changed out Smart. Lacob & Co, Welts, etc have managed the team v well.

  597. yeah, karma.

  598. pre game meeting in the chapel.

  599. yep– we are so lucky we did NOT get tickets ……..so embarrassing ..BS is just d worst, imbecile HC in d NBA……I feel so bad for JLin n the other laker players who are associated with him—yaay…

  600. That’s too bad, you better take a rest now. Lakers and BS, let it tank. JLin will be free in 3 months. Take care.

  601. I know. I will take a nap soon:-)

  602. Thanks, I was wondering not too many NY writers asking Qs while watching that 3min clip.

  603. yep, I can decipher pingying. Tao Yan I get. Yeah, that guy was the life of the pic. Great event. I do get your Jeramiah reference but I have to say it’s been awhile since I’ve read that chapter.

  604. Jeremy’s extended post game interview.
    I think Young is shouting “Linsanity” in the background @ 3:21 LOL.

  605. I’ll take care of that

  606. You are right, I think that was Nick Young.LOL

  607. Haha! I like Young… not only bc this but also bc he point out BS….LOL!

  608. Lol Nick is the best seriously, off court. XD

  609. I was disappointed with BS in preseason, then KB in first few games in 2014 and now F/O. Before Mitch opened his mouth last few days, I still had some “hope” on Lakers to restore themselves. Since then, I just didn’t want JLin to be in Lakers anymore. Yep more than slightly about 6 months we will learn which team JLin will be in in coming seasons.

  610. In the beginning it looked like Jeremy’s eyes didn’t hide his disappointment but he’s determined to keep moving forward and doing the best with the circumstance he’s given.

    Interesting how he answered the contract situation for the first time. Just PC answer but I think he’s ready to bolt from the BS system and different (losing) culture. And he emphasized not having the ball on his hands.

    It’s okay. Lin knows BS is out there to playing his strength. I predict we’ll see Lin enjoy playing against BScott system next year! He’s just biding his time for now until the time is right.

  611. OMG, is that really the only decision BS has made that baffles you?

  612. 32 more games, which will end in April. Right now we are already into February. They have 3 more games to play before All Star weekend.

  613. I want to see Lin in the 3 point contest! okok I know he won’t be invited

  614. hehe …. ” … a lot of obstacles about 5:40+”

  615. I didn’t @joeteam:disqus, my alarm and my body clock probably conspired for me not to wake up and just let me [email protected]_fan_from_australia:disqus woke up at 5:30 though

  616. The fact that he have not praised about Scott once says a lot…he even mentioned Hawks….

  617. Yeah, I think that he is still going to play the game the right way with the 2nd unit, and they seem to let him do it because they understand that they can rack up easy points with him feeding the ball. The good thing out of this season for lin that Lakers/Kobe have been exposed. I really don’t think any player is coming to LA to sign while kobe is on the team, and not to hang around for rebuilding of a team which is going to take about 5 years., The F/O has no backbone to stand up for players. you so disappointment, I saw disgust in lin’s eyes. He is trying to make the best out of a bad situation.

  618. He will definitely be invited to “Catch me if you can” contest.

  619. BS can give him some control:
    Facilitate and take no more than 5 shots, he gets 20 minutes.
    Take more than 5 shots, he gets 10 minutes or even DNP-CD.
    Not so far-fetched.

  620. TOP FAs in their 23-25s may be ok to endure a 2 yr rebuild if it is centered around them. Under no scenarios will a FA sigh up a mess like this

  621. Or bench me if you can

  622. yes, he clearly admired the Linsanity-like teamwork with the Hawks and said nothing about the outdated but effective BS tanking system. Good to see he’s strong to handle it for now

  623. HE basically just called his coaches stupxd….

  624. DNP?

  625. yup .. McHale seems a lot better than BS now because he played to Lin’s strength when Harden’s out.

    Noone will really believe BS will be around when Kobe is gone after next year so noone would want to play for BS. It would be good to see Lin play for a team next year that can allow him to expose BS system (not that it’s hard to do 🙂

  626. Seems like it’s bone-chilling cold in NY. Jeremy looks like he’s wearing different layers of clothing.

  627. he probably had lots of talk and jokes with Nick Young and Boozer over it :>

  628. I don’t see why any FA (even the young ones) should believe pre-signing promises that a rebuild would be centered around them. By now, almost everyone who has played the Lakers knows that Scott isn’t putting his best players on the floor to start, and he isn’t giving them consistent minutes. Who would want to role the dice with a coach like that?

  629. Maybe Davis too

  630. As a top FA…they would not think that it will happen to them..

  631. McHale really wants to win, and win without Lin. Scott does not want to win….so…I would say they are about the same. Just under different circumstances..

  632. McHale usually let Bev play PG and Lin off ball when Harden was injured (to let Harden feel secure). Only when he needed to save his job out of a losing streak (such as the one against Hawks) he would let Lin be THE PG.

  633. He does not like to use Lin….had to keep him away from the ball as far as possible…lol

  634. so lin has 5 more games before All star weekend.

  635. McHale knew exactly how to release Linsanity despite knowing little about the X’s and O’s of the magic. Harden had been learning to run the team as the Lin style but never was 80%.

  636. LOL. That’s an even better title for the “Linsanity” sequel.

  637. LOL. He may just be screaming “Insanity!”

  638. ’reminds me of Landry Fields when he interrupted JLin in a press conference to ask question. : )

  639. I noticed this interview took place outside of locker room to accommodate all the interviewers. Other player’s interviews were in the locker room.

  640. can not wait until 34 goes to 0

  641. I always model the LAL as a multi-headed animal and it seems the head related to KB/BS is still very effective is getting what it wants. If Jim didn’t let Jeanie bring PJ back as a coach 3 years ago he wouldn’t like to see KB have shares of LAL after his retirement. Therefore the F/O could be saying we let you do whatever but you better pack after your contract is over.

  642. Me neither

  643. Jim Buss painted himself into a corner.he told his sister that if this team was not a contender in 3 years that he would step down. the lakers are looking at least 6 years before they become a contender, just enough time for Phil to finish up his contract the knicks an join Jeannie in running the Lakers

  644. Yeah, he is not good.

  645. download and rewatch nba games here >> http://bt.davka.info

  646. I know I saw some of Lin’s fans had fight w them… Don’t visit that web. smh!

  647. What did the writer do?

  648. The below is the post written by Rose (she and her two kids) attended the Knicks game today. For what it’s worth.

    “HI everyone, I have an iPhone and i took many pics from the game with Jeremy. I also posted them on my FB page. Does anyone know how i can post pics here from my iPhone or from my FB page? Help, technology is not my thang! ha ha Jeremy took pics with us. l will give full report soon but I think he is resigned to riding out his limited role with Lakers and moving on. Not much he can do. Anyway, he is a tower of strength. And he is the epitome of class and professionalism. I know he will find a team someday and will we be there supporting him.”

  649. He got busted on his iphone texting about how he hates lin and his fans and he will be glad when lin and his fans leave LA. He texted to the @LeManDidier, who is a huge fan of lin. This Lake Show Life guy(Scott Asi) is a staff writer on Lakers.

  650. I guess they had a difference of opinion. I guess the writer didn’t know LeManDidier person was a huge fan of Lin. Haven’t even heard of Lake Show Life.

  651. He is on twitter always tooting Lakers horns

  652. I see. Then he should “hate” all Lakers players (BS and FO), not just Lin. I don’t see how any Lakers fans could like Lakers now. He must hate Lin fans. 🙂 I can understand how some Lakers fans might not like Lin as a BB player, but I have no idea how they can like other Lakers players (excluding Kobe because he’s a Lakers icon) but hate Lin.

  653. Rose wants to post here?

  654. Don’t know. She posts on the other site time to time. She hasn’t posted a follow up post after that one. If she does, I will copy and paste it here IF her post says anything interesting. Maybe she talked to him.

  655. I thought he is Lakers show life writer? smh! That web is not eve that popular at all.

  656. Ya! Can tell her to post here… She always support Lin every year when he back to NY.

  657. apparently Scott Asai is part of the LakeShowLife writers and he wrote illogical article about Lin’s only a marketing tool and backup PG w/o backed up by stats. It looks like he had many cover to make it look like many LA media doesn’t like Lin

  658. Well, he has the right to his opinions, as long as he doesn’t officially represent Lakers organization.

  659. It is obvious that Scott has an ax to grind with Lin/Young. He says disparaging about, like today, had have the team assists, with 3 rebounds and 2 steals, and scott said he didn’t play well. the only thing lin didn’t do was score because he was trying to restore order to the chaos the first unit created. It was interesting watching lin’s interview today, he was almost defiant in his attitude. Scott was probably mad because lin had so much press around him. Lin is going to go in play these next 36 games his way.

  660. Ha, ha. I persuaded KHuang to post here but he left this forum, so I don’t think I will tell anyone to post here or there; it’s their decisions.

  661. It must be his personal problems (divorce) spilling over. We need to set him up with a nice woman via eHarmony.

  662. Scott tried to make Lin an irrlevent player while keep making himself to be a laughing stock.

  663. He didn’t really left just didn’t show up in either side now.

  664. Thanks. Rose’s personal interaction confirmed our observations that Lin knows he’s doing his best to ride out the rough BScott/Kobe regime. It is what it is. It will be Lakers loss when Linsanity thrives somewhere else.

  665. She did visit one time. Perhaps when time allows, she’ll also share her full experience especially how she observed Lin’s strength in regards of the situation.

  666. perhaps his ex-wife watched Linsanity DVD too many times LOL

  667. Who freaking cares. Everybody got issues. Get over it. He had better hope she doesn’t have any Donald Sterling types around for her to reveal to the public.LOL

  668. What does this mean?

  669. No, he posts a lot in the other forum.

  670. Perhaps. Maybe when he thinks of his wife, he thinks of how she liked Lin. I doubt it though.

  671. I think Fisher blamed Lin for being able to play non-traditional PG role next to Kobe, not Kobe.
    Not surprised at all since Fish and Phil will always defend Kobe due all those rings.

    I guess he can’t comment that Kobe’s ego doesn’t allow him to pass to Lin even as a second banana to Kobe.

  672. Lakers don’t want to win, plus Fisher had years to build that relationship with kobe. I think they were on their way,but kobe didn’t want to play.

  673. The way I interpret what Fisher is saying is “Whenever you focus on trying to win, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it’s non-traditional.”

  674. I poster a better explanation on what Fisher said. He said it didn’t matter what your position was just win. I think Lin was on the same sheet as them,but they know that kobes’s ego is a huge part of the problem and they had to deal with it. Refection is awesome because you seem to forget all the bs in between to get the finished product.

  675. That is an oxy moron, this team doesn’t want to win.

  676. He meant Lin got no rings..so shut up….total LAKERS’ logic on display

  677. Both of them sound like fake individuals trying to live that Hollywood while going into debt. Scott is one of those people trying to be more that you really are because you have low self esteem. He probably doesn’t like lin because he knows the offense better than Scott.

  678. That is why his team is in the toilets and the fans in NY are calling for his firing.

  679. yeah, just to try for a game … I only do that when Brazil plays in World Cup.

  680. Exactly. some ppl just can not handle their pride correctly I guess

  681. yeah, it’s unlikely. your previous link indicated the high lifestyle was the primary reason but the post-divorce trauma might impact his crankiness. But I still personally believe BScott is just a conduit to Kobe’s demands.

  682. Nor does Kobe, by the looks of his real performance this year. He’s smarter than that. He didn’t want to win as his main goal. He just talks about winning.

  683. But Fisher can’t say that. He has to make it as if Kobe wants to win, so Fisher has to say something like Kobe is just focusing on whatever he needs to help Lakers win even if that non-traditional method doesn’t lead to wins.

  684. Thanks Mel…I missed the game, as you know, it was kinda too early for us. Looks like you got up to watch the second half. You are one great fan! Im loosing interest with LAL, already, but not LIN. We know what he can do, given fair treatment.

  685. I think so… plus MM always said something more drama style to get the attention sometimes.

  686. Thanks NYK style, the media coverage and the feeling they have for him is great

  687. I just relax when I remember Fish pushed Lin off ball, and then Lin did, what, his only time a spin move and scored on Fish. He also did a step back. Fish still mad, bro …

  688. It was non traditional for Lin to torch Fisher for 38 points. He is still salty.

  689. You’re starting to calm down in your viewing now I like it! I didn’t watch the game, but I posted I really like Lin’s D always because you can see he causes team stops more than anyone else on the floor. Or, maybe that’s what I’m seeing.

  690. He needs to focus on his own team. He should have kept his comments to himself. I just hear the fans in NY now saying, he is one to talk with NY Knicks team in the toilet. See if you are going to give an interview tell the truth.He had to build a relationship with kobe for all of the dominoes to fall.stop with this bs like it was a no brainer bs. Lin wants to win at all costs.

  691. He needs to worry about his own team. NY Knick fans ain’t too happy with him.

  692. And Lin prob doesn’t like BSc because he’s trying to play bball, and LAL under BSc have not been playing bball by his interviews lately. Very poignant, the overall “consistent” message.

  693. I’m sure Fisher still remembers vividly and not so fondly on being on the other end of the Linsanity 360 spin layup :]

  694. Yes, Fisher will not say anything to cut Kobe down.

  695. He got Jackson covering his back and taking part of the blame. Really, I don’t blame Fisher for Knicks being lousy. Kerr made a very good decision going with GSW.

  696. the only concern is if he hides behind multiple cover to write multiple disparaging opinions rather than using 1 one to give impression a lot of LA media dislike Lin then it will influence a lot more similar articles. It’s just dishonest, I think

  697. Yeah, I am calming down. I had a lot of other junk going on inside, so I am getting better. Lin seems to have such a peace about him. He is going to play his game no matter how many minutes he gets to get a win. Although this team is not trying to win. I love the fact that Walt Frazier called out the Laker organization of the shenanigans going on with this team.He said the only reason why you don’t have your best players for starters is because you want to tank.LOL

  698. With all these dramas with Lakers, KB, BS…., it’s getting very very old. I’d like 15 April 2015 happened in Oct 2014. How many more days to go??? Count it 72 more days, slightly over 7 weeks for this seasons and less than 6 months when FA begins. Guess most of us don’t root for JLin to stay in Lakers anymore unless KB and BS are out for good. Well, believe if the trend is like what’s now, we want JLin to stay away from this org as far as we can.

  699. I blame Fisher, he is the coach. He played the triangular offense for years. Who are you going to blame then, because NY fans ain’t buying it and they are not buying the bull that Phil is trying to sell. I have friends and family that live in NY, and they want Fisher/Phil Jackson gone.

  700. Girl you know Kobe is coming back next year to break the assist leader record held by Michael Jordan. So it will be the same crap different season without lin/boozer/davis…jmo

  701. Yes, I did watch about 5 mins and noticed WF say some nice things about Lin and calling out that Lin is doing x and y for the coach. Nice that he can see it and call it truthfully.

    Happy Sunday, bummer Lin was too busy getting his 7 assists. I always think, if Lin got 7 in 20 mins, that’s really about 15-18 if you factor in all the blown ones and prorated up to 35 mins. That’s a good game.

  702. Yeap, you get me. Sporting guys have such bitter memories sometimes. Fish is just calling a pride foul.

  703. I agree, see below about how Fish shoved Lin off ball, and next play down, Lin pulled the 360 spin score on Fish. In yo face, and 3 years later, Fish is still mad bro …

  704. Like I said, seems like there is a cap of 7pts applied on him. True or not, it seems that way. The more he scores the less minutes he gets in the next five games…like an adaptive moving average window cap. I guess he just wanna play so he does it his way….pass pass pass…lol

  705. I think privately, he and BS are butting heads; that’s why BS dislikes him so much and disses him in public. Same might be true for Young.

  706. I know. When I saw that report and Mitch literally endorsed it my hope of not seeing anymore old drama literally died. Wish it was a joke but needed to accept the fact. Glad that JLin gives me hope back by talking about new contract, can’t wait for this season over and then FA.

  707. Oh! I didn’t see it… Well, he can do whatever he wants…

  708. Yeah, I’m sure the 3 of them share private jokes and cast each other knowing looks about BS ridiculous nonexistent coaching.

  709. Yeah…whatever…who cares

  710. It is not about cutting Kobe down, it is about telling the whole story with the bs in between, and focussing that it is a process

  711. Never trust what GM said…both good and bad..

  712. Agree. Like Morey said one day before trade dateline 2 years ago in SAS show, he’s happy w what they had so far… less than 24 hours he made the trade w King?! smh!

  713. BScott, just dont understand what is teamball. Need to send him for a vacation in ATL; who just had 19th straight win! (or is it 20 now?)

  714. OK guys, its not nice to bring his personal life into discussion

  715. Wow, Frazier is so awesome. I miss that guy. How could he be so gracious and another HOF like Clyde be so little?

  716. She did post here, couple of weeks ago. Hope she posts her reports here as well

  717. hmm, you might be right like a mouse that got shocked going left goes right. I think BSc uses code with Lin to tell him to avoid scoring, and then Lin adjusts by playing the team game where he can’t get blamed for effecting good play. And then he talks about it to the press because they see it for real to given they are solid bball observers. There you go, the cat and mouse game because the leader is not on an agenda defined by his job.

  718. Exactly, I think Lin know, whenever he tries to adapt to BScott’s “hat change”, the post moves again. Its a never ending story. Hence he did better play his teamball game, in getting his teammates going rather than his individual score. He is sticking to his teamball philosophy.

  719. Hey, two tank divisions – going at each other.

  720. yep, and Nick is loose like a sieve.

  721. he missed Shump in his mentions, though I was bummed about that. Shump and he got along too.

  722. I loved that reference, seeing him light up. It all sounds so innocent and smooth, but it’s quite an indictment on BSc. Lin carries much more weight now than 3 yrs ago – remember his interviews after Woody took over? Constrast. I love it.

  723. But he didnt get much feel of it in game time. So he might be a little rusty, unlike last year he was hot

  724. Just got this from the other side by Rose.

    So my boys and I were court side with my husband today. Jeremy came over to say hi and take pics during shoot around. I noticed him very relaxed . We have followed him for 3 years now. He had always been very intense before a game. He was always very focused and never smiled or joked around until the game was over. My opinion is (and I can’t dream of speaking for him) , but he must know he had no control at this point. At least in Houston , although the coach hated him , he got minutes because they were trying to win . The Lakers physco coach wants to tank so he doesn’t have to play Jeremy. Most of you are frustrated that Lin won’t play more aggressive lately. I am telling you there is only so much he can do. The coach wants him to set up his teammates. He is doing his job. The problem is, when Jeremy is screaming for the ball, his teammates ignore him. This happened during the whole game today. Lin brought the game to within 5 by swinging the ball and getting assists. JC ISO caused lakers to lose. BS offense is predictable and pathetic . Anyway, I am praying that Jeremy gets off this team and has an other chance He really is a talented ,strong and wonderful young man. Try not to judge his performances of late. He is truly hand cuffed. Let’s hope he is out of this situation soon . If anyone can tell me how to post pics, I will.

  725. yes I watched the Linsanity clip psalm posted. Lin would pass and get it right back and Lin always attacks after getting it right back. That’s how Nash had it in the SUns and kicked pbutt.

    Now Lin has to scream just for the ball. It’s hard to play well like that. Still, teamball is not happending here. I wish Lin just chucked 3’s and tried to score. But I get he wants to play honest bball on a dishonest team.

  726. true, he’s hoping that his teammates will learn to trust to pass the ball around by him playing the right way. It might take some time but I saw the ball moved around more as he started doing so =) Nothing wrong with staying true to his team-ball philosophy. Although I wouldn’t mind a few points here and there ala Steve Nash to balance the stats sheet

  727. Kobe will be back. I have watched Laker basketball too long . I am 100% sure Kobe will be back.

  728. hes a terible coach too

  729. NYoung and JLin are close..been saying all season 🙂 You could see the chemistry among them, around each other, and how they exchange words. I’m happy as along as there are someone to make him smile 🙂

  730. Off topic, this Vine really shows how clutch Butler’s play is on D. That’s JLin, thinking ahead of the play.


  731. jay’s highlights showed Lin was great at finding his teammates and they even started moving the ball around.

  732. especially Johnson, he never pass the ball to lin.

    I love it how boozer gives the ball to lin instead of clarkson when he rebounded.lol

  733. Hope they went out and got come good NY Sushi.

  734. yeah, on top of that, he brushed the question on Kobe helping him as well. Normally He speaks quiet a length, but not this time

  735. To me, this is one of his best interview, giving tons of insight on whats going on

  736. agree with you…both are bad, but they are under different circumstances. McHale would have pulled a BScott if he as in LAL

  737. The Lakers want to now surround Kobe with young high draft pick rookies he can push around and mold. From Broken leg rook, to low pick Clarkson, to trying to get Okafor or the Kentucky Big, the Lakers will just get a bunch of young guys and fill them around Kobe with a few willing vets like Price who need a paycheck so badly they will gladly play under Kobe.

    Eventually one of the rookies might revolt lol. I think Randle has the guts to tell Kobe to F off when he goes coast to coast and scores.

  738. This was one of his best interview, I liked how explained his current situation and coming on FA. He also mentioned that he had put on so much work, and when the time is right, he would unleash them!

  739. There’s no point in watching any Lakers games any more. It’s worst than pro wrestling. It’s literally prescripted BS.

    Anyone that dares to take even a stand or even look like they are friendly with Lin is doomed. Kelly, Young and even Boozer have paid the Price.

  740. So I guess Kobe’s plan maybe really will let Clarkson to start next season then…?!

  741. Good one!

  742. My point is, whatever happens what they say is not going to correlate with what they do. I do not mean he will do the opposite of what he said. These 2 are very different

  743. What! I’m already there…come on over to the dark side. Bwahahaha

  744. lol….arent you there yet?

  745. Is that the “solid” evidence you are waiting for?

  746. THats what A Martinez of ESPN 710AM radio said about 5-6 games ago. That night they bashed Lin on radio and said Clarkson was the perfect kid to play off Kobe as guard.

    And all of a sudden, Clarkson is starting.

    Keep in mind the game before, A Martinez fielded tons of calls all about Lin getting a chance to do his Linsanity thing and kinda of agreeing with it.

    1 game later, he’s laughing with another commentor calling Lin a flash in the pan and a scrub. And they were saying they all knew Lin wasn’t the real deal.

  747. oughta be thankful there…unfortunately…sigh

  748. Really? Wow! Can’t believe this?

  749. i see. Jim Buss should fire himself after Kobe retires.

  750. yeah Lakers Live radio post game. It was so strange to see a 180 shift between 2 games like that.

  751. Kobe tried so hard to push Lin out of Lakers in anyway he can… smh! BTW, who is Martinez? Did he used to be a Lin’s fan or not?

  752. Martinez does Lakers Live as I already mentioned. He fields calls for 2 hours after each game where fans call in.

    He is a Kobe lover & Lakers apologists though he will bash the team once in a while lightly

  753. I was like thinking “where are the highlights?” Now I get why the game was unwatchable. Those ARE the highlights lol.

  754. No wonder… Kobe lover… smh!

  755. everyone in LA is a Kobe lover.

  756. I know in this team. Kobe only no one else means anything at all.

  757. More than being psycho, I think BS is just a lowlife creature who’s all about the money he’s gonna get from LAL (12M~17M) when his stint with them is over. Can’t believe this guy used to be a winner.

  758. My family lives in LA, they hate Kobe.

  759. The guys you mention can’t help but be on Lin’s side because it is bball and these boys grew up playing bball. Kobe has evolved away from bball, I know I know he’s always been this way. But ballin’ means you make your shots, you wing games, you have a good time and swallow the hardships together.

  760. Don’t mean to be off topic, but if this is true, it’s pretty cool and I want EA Sports to simulate how Lin plays if he’s at 35 mins for 82 games:


  761. It’s funny that the Lakers starters were playing the garbage time minutes instead of the 2nd unit. This has become the ongoing theme since Kobe shuts it down. I take it as a sign that the Lakers thought it’s already garbage time when the game just started LOL.

    As for the game itself, I was amazed by Clarkson’s ability to stat pad at the end when the Knicks already stopped playing defense to make his team worst +/- to a less laughable -18 rather than -2x. It must make him feel good to get his 19 points except the team was losing badly because of him. It kind of reminded me of the game where Kobe scored 44 points proudly (the night crime fighter was born) in a blow-out loss to the Warriors LOL.

  762. Yeah, thats very oblivious from NYoung’s interview

  763. Stats deductions:

    The starters only has 1 assist for the game; this is mind-boggling.
    I guess Tarik Black picked up most of Jordan Hill’s minutes from +/-; because Black had the worst +/- among the bench players. I guess it’s because he played with the starters most.

    Wesley Johnson has the best +/- but he only scored 11 points. I guess it’s because the team played best defense when he’s around. He’s the best perimeter defender for the team.
    Clarkson scored 19 points but his +/- is -18. The only explanation is the team defense isn’t good with him on the court.

    Jeremy’s +/- is zero implied that he wasn’t a factor of the game but he did make team high 7 assists to keep the ball moving. Among 3 guards, Clarkson has the worst +/- rating of -18; Ellington -6 and Lin 0. How’s that possible?

    Lin-Ellington > Lin-Clarkson > Clarkson-Ellington despite Clarkson stats padding in the last minutes.

  764. I’m so happy to read posts like this, because it wasn’t all that long ago that even long-time fans were taking out their frustration on Jeremy saying he should just shoot, shoot, shoot, be aggressive, demand the ball, go for his own, etc. etc. After passing through these past months of astonishing jerk-around, it seems we’re finally giving him credit for playing the best ball possible in these looney-bin circumstances. “Adaptive moving average window cap”…genius, Brent. He’s always one step ahead of his would-be controllers. It’s not the same jumping-up-and-down pleasure as Linsanity, but when I see him figure it out and slip in some real ballin’ and gets some of the other inmates moving for a moment before the border guard catches him at it and pulls the plug…that’s my new delight. Ninja basketball!

  765. Another Highlight shows his steal and defensive end as well.. – liao anton

  766. Thats true…is too early and depending on the Coach the role that he is asking clarkson to play

  767. tell that to the coach…lol

  768. He can only create the excitement when there is teamball. Listen to his interview, he said it all and well as well

  769. Who’s the Best Tanker?! lol

  770. Yeah, Lakers came on top…as the best!

  771. Among these 3 years, Kobe and Byron Scott took 2 years away for losing seasons. Good Grief!

  772. Ok. I made a smart decision to sleep instead of watching this ugly game at 3am as I have an interview this afternoon. I did lower my expectation on Lin just because of BS, seems I need to set the bar even lower. Anyway, it’s only 34 games left. Remember, patience is a virtue. 🙂

  773. LOL Should expect the worst when it’s roadgame. BS is most evil when it’s roadgame:-)

  774. LOL, that term may not be really technically sound….but you got the idea..

  775. Still, you wake up and watch it lol

  776. I know how silly of me:-) Didn’t think it would be this bad …. Should know better now:-)

  777. To McHale, James Harden is an important part of the team but not everything. Byron Scott places Kobe above the team, the franchise and everything. He worships Kobe.

  778. Love is blind …. Hahahaha

  779. Can you imagine how Laker fans feel? Hopeless! What they have to go through for this endless nightmare.

  780. The best a fan can do is to stay away from the team. Watch football and baseball instead of basketball in NY. Stop buying tickets.

  781. The only reasonable thing for the fans to do is to stop going to any basketball game at all.

  782. LOL

  783. yeah…me too

  784. Atlanta is a typical example of winning without superstars.
    Morey’s theory of championship is about big Three.
    Atlanta tells us that you don’t need any to win games in regular season.
    Just hope that Altanta can go all the way to win a championship this season. This will wake up lots of GMs in team building.

  785. I’m resorting to downloads only if there is a good game from Lin.

  786. Lin is so unselfish taking only 3 shots for 23 minutes giving up shots for teammates.
    Team ball is contagious. Comparing with Jordan Clarkson and Ellington, they took 25 shots with only 1 assist. Their game is not to find the best shot for the team; they are playing Kobe ball.

  787. Nick Young’s Interview

  788. The coach and player don’t talk! Guess coach acting like a dictator.

  789. It was a red jersey? Could it be Lin 7 with Rox?

  790. ok Some Picture Time

  791. Not many today! 🙁

  792. Thats It!

  793. Lakers is tanking and here we are hoping in every game that he will score more and get disappointed when it was not. Why?

  794. Its an indirect tanking because of bad coaching..FO dont mind, since they would be looking for their draft picks.

    Despite the team on loosing mode, JLin just want to showcase his brand of ball, which is teamplay, he is stubborn for a good reason.

  795. take the cat out of the bag!

  796. A lot of pain and torturing. This is lleh.

  797. Thought the GM had said protecting draft picks is top priority, that would mean tank at all cost, right?

  798. Pelicans – Anthony Davis
    Kings – DeMarcus Cousin
    What’s left?
    Pistons, Hornets, Pacers, Grizzlies, Hawks.

    My vote of course goes to Atlanta Hawks.

  799. Who would want to watch a PG with 1 assist a game?

  800. Lin is the sole attraction left for the box office.
    Who would watch the Lakers anymore w/o Lin?

  801. I like ‘playing the right way’.
    Lin is virtually calling out BS ‘playing the wr*ng way’

  802. BS has been alienating all his players except Kobe.



  805. Believe it was Knicks jersey – Orange.

  806. Why does Jeremy go back to #17 jersey with the Lakers this year.
    He wore #7 last year with Houston

  807. the most mind boggling stat to me which i kept posting here and which i see you have also noticed: 1 assist for the entire starting unit! 1 assist! and lin 7 assists in less thatn 25 minutes! thats just unbelieveable.

    how many games are going to be won playing a starting unit of guys that only get 1 assist for the entire game. (well thats the point to tank isn’t it?)

    actually for most of the game (i think even still when lin was taken out for the last time ) he alone had more assists than the entire team–possibly the only one with an assist at all!

    at this point only lin davis boozer and possibly black are of any use. and because the goal is to lose (and i think at this point everyone from scott upward is on the same page with that)–its imperative to play the “starters” as much as possible to assure defeat.

    the problem is: they never let those “good guys” play together at all; lin is basically the reserve for both ellington and clarkson; so hes always stuck on the court with one or the other.

    how he still manages to get 7 assists in 20 some minutes (and more than all the starters put together) i dont know.

    still his lack of scoring is sending his overall numbers down but not much can be done with the time and circumstances hes getting.

    i guess scott doens’t want to “risk” giving multiple minutes to a unit of players who might actually be capable of winning cause that would risk the tank.

    sacre, kelly, ellington, clarkson….. please. this is an embarssment to basketball but i guess the fans for the most part are on board with this also.

    if the team isn’t going to win much anyway, lose to the draft pick. use the draft pick to get good players. it seems half the teams in the league are tanking by the mid point of the season.

    not pretty.

  808. Xavier Henry wore 7. Jeremy wouldn’t want to take the number 7 jersey from others.

  809. Ok …my mistake. The person who throw the jersey must be hoping for a fall by one of the players, very cruel ..

  810. From my understanding, it was malfunction of the launching machine. Supposed to do it in break.

  811. Tanking won’t make a team better though. How many years have 76ers tanked?
    Solid players with teamwork make a winning team. Atlanta Hawks really work this into perfection.
    Teams with superstars are not normally winning teams.

    Laker has been declining since 2010 not because of lack of superstars but because of lacking of team chemistry. Basketball fans should consider giving up the sport for a while because the games are really unwatchable with so many tanking teams.

  812. I think it’s time for Hill to be DNP & Young will back for tanking job continue…. LOL! Feel sad for this team & Lin… why Mitch will go along w BS?! smh!

  813. A losing coach upsets almost all of his players! What will become of him?

    A star player without him the team played much better? What will become of him?
    What sort of team with such a coach and star player?

  814. Tanking means that you throw away the season for one player.

  815. I love how Nick Young is exposing Scott using the media to do it.LOL

  816. No. 17 is Lin’s Linsanity number!! I prefer he’d stay with it 🙂

  817. I think it’s very likely.. next season if they can’t have chance to make it for the playoff then they will be like this season again… tanking to get another top 5 draft.


  818. Wow that Jeremy to Davis to Boozer play at 1:17 – REALLY SLICK! I think I broke the replay button!


  819. I am at the point where” frankly my dear… I don’t give a damn” what the lakers do after this season as long as Jlin will be on another team

  820. I know if Lin is not in Lakers then I don’t care anything about Lakers but there is chance he maybe will stay so…. hope not bc if this is Lakers plan for the future then Lin will totally waste his prime time for nothing. smh!

  821. I am curious to know:

    1. What BS is telling Lin to do on court? I am pretty sure that BS is telling Lin to try to set up his teammates, but is BS telling Lin not to take many shots? I am not convinced that BS is telling Lin not to shoot many shots, although I am inclined to believe that BS is definitely telling Lin to focus on passing to his teammates, i.e., play more like a PG.

    2. Apparently, 7 assists and 4 points in around 23 minutes was not good for BS (I gather this from what BS said about Lin’s play after the game, saying he doesn’t think Lin played well). So what stats would BS have been happy with?

    3. Will BS be happy if Lin plays well despite disobeying his instructions? It doesn’t seem as if BS ever told Lin specifically how he wants Lin to play. Maybe he did privately, but at least in public, I have not heard BS give some specifics on how he wants Lin to play. When Lin plays pretty well, there is no encouragement; when Lin plays so-so, there is no specific indication from BS on how he wants Lin to play. It seems to me that BS’ vague, general wishes regarding how he wants Lin to play is just the result of FO’s unspoken desire to tank, and Lin is the whipping boy simply because Lin will make least trouble.

    Personally, I think BS would be forced to play Lin the same amount of minutes EVEN IF Lin scores more points and less assists in games, and it’s Lin’s own decision/preference to make more assists than score points; but I am not sure whether it’s better for Lin’s BB future to get less points and more assists. You would think if a team is tanking, the coach could care less whether his players shoot too much instead of passing.

  822. That’s Lin’s niche. Shooting and scoring, lots of players can do. But passing and assisting, Lin is one of the best.

    So if a team is looking for a multi-talent PG with decent passing and scoring threats, Lin has a good chance.

  823. From Lin’s interview yesterday can tell, he can’t do whatever he wants on court. How many times he said about obstacles? Even now BS didn’t DNP Lin again but look at Young, BS can do anything on playing time to control the player so it’s not easy to against coach’s order on court.

  824. So, it may actually help Lin that he’s scoring less and passing more? That might be true because there are many PGs who focus on scoring.

  825. My point is BS doesn’t seem to indicate how he wants Lin or Young to play. The only reason why BS sat Young is because Young was playing lazy and didn’t give a lot of effort, not because Young suc*ed. Nick Young played badly plenty of times, but BS never sat Young. Even regarding Young, I am sure BS will soon be forced to play Young due to media pressure.

  826. Here is a consideration of all 30 NBA teams with respect to whether or not Lin could become their starting PG next season. First is a list of teams with potential for any number of reasons:

    Mavs, Nets, Heat, Celtics, Magic, 76ers, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Pelicans, Kings, Jazz, Bucks, Bulls,Hornets, Pacers, Grizzlies, Pistons, Hawks

    These are team that can be ruled out for next season with the rationale why:


    Absolutely not:
    Lakers……….Obvious reason
    Rox……………Obvious reason
    Knicks………..Derek Fisher! (and Dolan?)

    Almost certainly not:
    Warriors……..Splash Bros
    Suns…………..Dragic, Bledsoe, IT

    *Spurs would not start JLin but being a backup for them would be great too.

    Please feel free to weigh in on which other teams are also very unlikely destinations for Lin as a starter.
    Also, it is worth noting that although Lin should not even consider rejoining the Lakers or Rox next season, both of these teams will be in the market for top-notch PGs which will create demand and generate trades.

    (Thanks to @Rick Johnson and @kwokwailai:disqus for input.)

  827. Nathan’s belief is as good as anyone’s. BS is perfect coach for Lakers IF that is their plan.

  828. I must say Lin looks a lot more happy now days whether he’s playing well or badly.

  829. Maybe Kobe is not happy Young replace him in highway billborad? LOL! Well, I think it’s for tanking purpose but don’t get why BS didn’t tell Young? I guess Hill is next to take turn now.

  830. Lakers playing to lose against Knicks convinces me that Lakers really wants to be among bottom 3s to make sure they get a good draft pick.

  831. Mitch said openly top 5 draft it’s good so no question they are tanking now.

  832. Maybe not in the beginning (tanking) but it’s very likely for the next few years.

  833. I guess bc he is back to NY… LOL!

  834. So true

  835. I loved his interview as well, they way he paused and then the laugh…lol

  836. yes, the FO mistake was to hire BScott to be Kobe’s personal assistant.
    They needed someone to reign him in but made the blunder.

  837. yes, it’s revealing to how much Lin disregards the incompetence of Lakers system compared to the Hawks, how BScott took the ball from his hand as a PG and how much Nick Young loves Lin to yell “Linsanity!” LOL

  838. By now, I think the emerging pattern of how BScott coaches is simply to marginalize whoever opposes Kobe. It doesn’t matter how well they play. It only matters if they make Kobe look good or bad.

    1. Benching Lin and Boozer in Game 21 after both dared to call out Kobe for one-man show in Game 10 vs GSW
    2. Benching Nick Young after he dared to speak the truth about Kobe’s injury being a blessing for other players after Game 45 vs HOU. Nick’s ankle sprain was a weak excuse.

    These are important turn of events that will add to “2014-15 JLin Timeline” post so we can all see the big picture

  839. adding on…
    How BScott had continuously been asking to play different role in limited minutes
    As soon as Lin does well, a new curve ball been thrown in to change his play again (different hats…ever moving post)
    How much he wants to play teamball, the best way of playing ball
    How much he had trained over the season and he is ready to showcase when the time is right
    How much he is not in control on how he plays
    …need to relook at the interview…anything else?

  840. Any team that will give him a fair shake and uses a merit system to allow a player to earn their way into starting job. What I don’t want is Lin on a team like the last 3 teams; where personal bias, favouritism, personal agendas and super hero ball is only allowed by 1 or 2 players and everyone else is just non cornerstone scrubs.

    Any team that hires MDA is best. Spurs, Raptors and Hawks because they want to win playing teamball. The key word being “wanting to win with team play.”

  841. Too bad hockey assists don’t show up on scoreboards. Lin gets a few of those in most games.

  842. Could be…but then so much for Jeanie’s talk about giving her bro only 3 years. If you tank several years, you can’t get those new players jelled for top performance immediately. Unless, that too is part of her plan….let her bro tank himself out of time and then step in herself? Whichever way you cut it, it’s too much of an unhealthy, murky landscape for Lin to stay in. Selfishly happy to see him in his home state and my hometown, but….go towards the light, grasshopper.

  843. It does on advance stats, so no worries, he had 2 in this game

  844. Byron Scott’s lineup experiment:
    Starters 123 minutes, 1 assist, 6 turnovers, 0.17 assists/TO ratio, 35 points
    Bench 118 minutes, 14 assists, 8 turnovers, 1.75 assists/TO ratio, 45 points

  845. Yeah I was looking at the numbers…but it got scrambled because JHill left the game in 7mins…kinda difficult to justify on the starters bad performance, but we know it

  846. but here’s the more interesting quote:

    With half of the season left before unrestricted free agency, playing time and production will be crucial to help Lin land a new deal and a possible starting job elsewhere. However, it’s unlikely that will happen with the Lakers since he’s not a part of the long-term plans. The team is committed to giving Clarkson more playing time to quicken his development in place of Lin.

    “Contract year, that’s not what bothers me,” Lin said. “I play the game to play the game. I put in just as much my first year of my contract as I do the last year of my contract. I care just as much in the first as the last and that’s the disappointing part.” SheridanHoops

    Los Angeles Lakers, Free Agency, Jeremy Lin

  847. teams that need to be crossed out in the list during jlin FA

    knicks – kome buddies are there including asst. coach

    teams that are in need of pg wether starting or back-up

    clippers – need a back up pg
    warriors – if barbosa don’t stay healthy and if warriors fail to get the champs
    okc – if reggie jackson is gone
    pacers – if they move hill
    sixers – if carter is move but hinkie is morey buddy
    dallas – if the rondo exp fail

  848. Lin did give major props to Hawks in the postgame interview. Maybe he wants to join Hawks for some team basketball.

  849. Scotto: Jeremy Lin Keeping ‘Options Open’ Amid Struggles With Lakers
    Read more at http://www.sheridanhoops.com/2015/02/02/scotto-jeremy-lin-keeping-options-open-amid-struggles-with-lakers/#7iM7qzF3ZlIyS61E.99

  850. Great new avatar! Congrats! 🙂

  851. Well, I think no matter it’s Jeanie or her brother are the same bad management person to me. They are not that smart to run this team or players… What they said that can change anytime… smh!

  852. It’s weird I thought BS & Kobe allowed Young to do whatever he wanted on court in the past… why change now? I didn’t see anything big deal Young made wrong on or off court? Sure it’s that Billborad!!!

  853. It’s most likely because Young dared to say “Kobe’s injury is a blessing to other players”
    I suspected it will happen because Kobe is vicious enough to deliver the blow through BScott to send a message.

  854. It’s worrisome that Kobe still has some much clout when he was recovering from another season ending injury.

    I really think that Jerry Buss would have traded Kobe away before Kobe has the chance of totally ruining his Lakers brand.

  855. Ya! I agree on that bc I also thought so… You know Kobe’s good at fight w anyone who could be his competition on court in the team. Now he got the good helper – BS. Kobe didn’t need to be the one who did all the dirty job now.. BS will do it all for him. smh!

  856. “Kobe still has so much clout.”

    Kobe has ABSOLUTE power over all Lakers decisions and that’s why Jeremy is in such a terrible situation right now.

  857. Ya! Can’t agree more… smh!

  858. Hey, I just though of something: This Lin DNP-CD thing. If Nick gets one to be punished, then it’s not an anti-Lin thing for whatever reason. BSc is just in his own pre-social media world where he thinks a stick is mightier than good leadership.

    Can we please not use DNP-CD as a bad word that triggers all of us fans? For BSc at least, it’s a stick because you see him using it on NY for perceived insubordination maybe. For Price, it is not a stick, but just hey, he’s now expendable so that’s a different thing. So why don’t we neutralize that word expecting BSc to use it wantonly, unwisely and unjustly?

    And what’s up with Kelly to D-League?

  859. he he, he’s saying his Linsanity stats would be there if he gets the nod.

  860. The inference from what Lin said, and you said you get, that his job is to get the team going to get others the best shot, is that he has to reduce his own.

    Just rewatch the Butler interception – that was just a clutch play an it takes full focus either way. You boss calls a play, you do it. If you don’t focus on it, you lose.

    If your boss says do A, B, he doesn’t need to tell you not to do C because A, B takes all your energy. And the stern tone he might take will tell you to avoid any distraction from A, B.

  861. regarding your nubmber 1 question: what is bs telling lina tpo do?
    If lin assists, he say he should shoot. If lin shoots, he say he should assist.

  862. well, next years 5 top isn’t that good.. wow.. morey is a genius.

  863. Vine shows Lin, who wanted to pass on run to Wes, left his feet, saw Wes covered, wisely throws ball off Tarik’s back to get ball back. (via Nathan Gottlieb on twitter).

  864. That is a good Rondo move there.

  865. “Nick, how are things between you and Byron?” Nick says : “I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t tell you.”

  866. Young didn’t look too happy when he said “I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t tell you.” This team is really sick w Kobe & BS are in it. smh! But I believe next game Young will play & Hill not rest.

  867. I’m guessing that Clarkson’s mom in front of him?


  868. sure, it’s certainly not so much of anti-Lin thing but more of “Anti-Kobe” punishment. If anyone looks better than Kobe or criticizes him, they get punished by Kobe/BScott

  869. is this true or 1 of the scripted drama of the lakers putting out there…..I am not solved with this guy his contract is longer he wikk stay with lakers to dp this thing… I am leaning on scripted drama

  870. the problem is Kobe being seen as part of Jerry Buss’ legacy so the kids try to preserve that despite ruining the brand for 2-3 years in the future

  871. no clarkson mom is already half the girl is look pure philipino and older… i think clarkson is only 1/4

  872. Oh. Thanks. I saw his dad was at the Knicks game and thought Jordan is half/half.

  873. But I saw him talked to Lin on the bench & looked not really happy to me…. Besides, why BS needs to put out this drama for what? TV viewers?

  874. I might be wrong but my Instinct tell me scripted

  875. No, that’s the team therapy doctor.

  876. seto

  877. For whatever reasons, I am glad Young spoke out about this….

  878. Ya! This is not the first time Young got punish for saying something anti-Kobe.

  879. Who the heck is Byron Scott?

    Byron Scott, or BS as we like to affectionately refer to him, was a “Showtime” Laker. However, his coaching career was not nearly as successful. Each time he was hired as HC, it was for one of the least glamorous NBA teams: New Jersey (pre-Kidd), New Orleans, and Cleveland (post LeBron). As previously posted and tweeted by others, BS’s record as HC was mixed at best and he was always fired following or at the start of a dismal season. It is quite clear, therefore, that BS would never be the much vaunted Lakers first choice for HC.

    Yet in July of 2014, the Lakers approached BS first, and after 3 interviews gave him the job that every basketball coach would love to have. The only way this decision can be understood, is if one realizes how much power Kobe has over Laker decision making, and that Kobe wanted BS to get the job. Anyone who wants to understand Kobe’s hold over the Lakers is referred to this excellent article in ESPN entitled “Kobe.” (http://espn.go.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/11717596/is-kobe-bryant-reason-los-angeles-lakers-downfall ) In order to understand why Kobe wanted a guy like BS, one simply needs to consider how this season has progressed and how Kobe needed all kinds of “strange” coaching decisions to maintain the charade that Kobe is still an All-Star level player.

    BS, therefore, took this job knowing full-well that the priority would not be winning, but rather making Kobe look good. Is it surprising that BS would gladly accept $14 mil over 3 years to coach the LA Lakers even if his real job was to be Kobe’s nanny? So I think it’s important to understand that BS doesn’t have his own agenda. In order to be hired he felt the need to say publicly, “I like Jeremy Lin. I really do.” At that time the FO apparently made such statements mandatory for hire. But whether it was true or not, BS cares much more about keeping this job than he does about marginalizing Lin.

    Even though I also use the shorthand, “BS did this or said that about Lin,” I always keep in mind that BS is simply carrying out Kobe’s orders. Just go back to the beginning of the season. From game one, Price (who personifies the word “scrub”) was intended to be the starting PG over Lin. At that time I asked, who is responsible for such a bizarre decision? It could be only one of several possibilities: Buss siblings, Mitch, BS or Kobe. I came to the conclusion, it must be Kobe. And just like any hypothesis, if it can explain all observations and even predict future events better than alternative hypotheses, it must be correct. As I closely followed all of the events of this season unfold with the Kobe hypothesis in mind, I never saw any contradiction.

    Actually, there was one exception: when Kobe put his arm around Jeremy and then gave the “piss on the fire hydrant speech.” But it’s now clear in retrospect, Kobe was simply being deceptive and devious. He very much wants to change his bad reputation of being a terrible teammate as well as a player who totally disrespects his coaches.

    And the final piece of “solid” evidence: Nick Young has said that talking to Kobe or BS is just like talking to the same person. When two people seem to agree on everything there are two possibilities: Either the two people are really identical (yet Kobe and BS are actually quite different characters) or one is acting as the puppet of the other. So the only question remaining would be, who is the puppet and who is pulling the strings? Kobe or BS?

  880. I was wondering who this mysterious woman is sitting behind Lakers bench in every freaking game. What the heck!? No idea at all until Kobe got the shoulder injury.

  881. I seldom post criticisms of Lin and apologies if this has been discussed before but can someone please explain why Lin only took 3 shots last night? What is the logic in this? I get that BS hates him – fairly obvious and would pull him if he made a lot of those shots but it at least strengthens the argument in a lot of coaches’ eyes that Lin is good and BS is undervaluing his abilities..If he was trying to win the game – and thought passing more would do it, wouldn’t shooting more (with him making his shots) do it as well? Has he no pride / reputation to live up to especially to his fans at MSG….Why, why, why? Please explain to me. I am very desperate to know.

  882. Bench players, most recent games

    Ast/To Ratio















  883. Lin is tanking the Lakers in his own way too so the Lakers cannot use him like Kato. Basically keep the game close for them and not get the glory so that Clarkson can come back in at the end and shine with the starting 5.

  884. interesting the team doc goes out w/ the team sightseeing.

  885. You answer your own question. BS told Jeremy to only facilitate and not to take more than a few shots or he would have his minutes reduced down to zero if necessary. So Lin has no choice in the matter. So rather than blame the victim we should understand his predicament.

  886. But why not shoot more than 3 – certainly he has the leesh to do 5 atleast – that is still below the average NBA player with 20 mins. 3 is way too low. Also wouldn’t he strengthen his case if he shot more and made more shots – that he is being unfairly punished by BS. Just saying…

  887. That does not seem logical given JL’s contract status and his desire to be a starting PG.

  888. moves like that is why media think Lin lacks talent. Lin fans will call that fast thinking. Lin haters will say that no other NBA starting PG dribbles so poorly or makes such a bad decision to spin inside to the middle with others running down the floor that he has to do something like that.

    A better ball handling guard might have done a fake half spin or slowed down. Kyrie likes to do a double behind the back into a spin baseline to avoid the middle. THings like that, it shows Lin has some flaws to his game. Moves like that shows you he is struggling where he ends up in the air.

    When you end up doing that, you simply don’t know what you are doing. You are playing on instinct when that happens which is good but his instinct itself to do that is bad. I think it happens due to the limited competition Lin grew up playing with. Lin didn’t grow up playing with enough black kids and always played Spurs type bball so his game is a bit basic.

  889. jlin is as asian powerhouse magnet will attract suitor in free agency although its sounds bad you will be sign on ly for popularity..but nba has scout and they will look at that stats and it will be suprised of jlin stats are very good so don’t worry about the fakers and his stats he will be sign this sum mer by a team he want

  890. I appreciate Lin for letting all of us know his season is over and he is just biding his time till he can leave the Lakers in the summer. I really do appreciate he basically just said that and told us so we can stop watchiing for now.

  891. But don’t you think he would strengthen his case more if he took and made more shots – Lin is being unfairly held back by BS? I doubt BS said to only take 3 shots, I am sure BS won’t mind if he took 5 or 6 – that is still below the NBA average for a player with 20 mpgs.

  892. If it was so lucrative then why aren’t there more teams out there who would trade for Lin right now and just swalllow the 8 million? There are none. If the Rockets had to give up draft pick to get rid of Lin.

  893. yep….season is done bye lakers stay mediocre for yhe years to come….

  894. I agree that 3 is low but once you accept that BS has put such a leash on Lin, is any number too ridiculously low? And in addition to the quota, Lin always waits for “good” shots.

  895. I guess this probably the answer… it’s from Rose who was in the game & she talked to Lin before the game for the past 3 years….

    Most of you are frustrated that Lin won’t play more aggressive lately. I am telling you there is only so much he can do. The coach wants him to set up his teammates. He is doing his job. The problem is, when Jeremy is screaming for the ball, his teammates ignore him. This happened during the whole game today.

  896. Now hopefully all the Lin fans I was arguing with and who couldn’t believe the Lakers didn’t want him past this season can accept it too. Lin basically said it himself after NYC game.

    Unfortunately many Lin fans still think he will land a starting job this summer. I mean I wish that was the case too, but that is simply not going to happen.

  897. During Linsanity, he created his own shots. Here he is hesitating more than ever. When was the last time he attempted less than 3 shots while averaging 20 mpg per game – I think you have to go back to GS games. It seems his confidence is at an all time low.

  898. I think only Lin, BS and Kobe know for sure.

  899. He can’t show out no matter what he does. Damned if do and damned if dont. So he’s just passing the ball around the perimeter aimlessly.

  900. nobody is interested in Lin except as a 2-3 million per type on the bench.

  901. gets me wondering on the jlin situation in lakerland…… is this a posibble revenge to d antoni for leaving lakers ( he resigned he does,t want to be scapegoat of lakers losing) jlin is d antoni product……..or morey and lakers conspire to make sure jlin basketball carrer this season is his last cause all of sudden lakers jump in the trade morey knows kobe behavior with kobe ego and status he can destroy jlin ( and it backfire jlin is very compose in this kind of situation….its like no biggy dude I can handle it)

  902. Well said!

  903. Look at his post-game interview. I’ve never seen him look so confident before. He is biding his time in BS/Kobe purgatory (the short word is banned.)

  904. Exactly my point – He is in a bad situation. How would a logical person get himself out of it – by proving that BS is wrong? How does LIn do that – shoot more/ make more shots (even if BS pulls him). Eventually fans will realize how BS is trying to undermine Lin. If he just settles for passes, everyone will just agree that Lin is scrub. You have to stand out somewhat. NBA is showbusiness as well. Lin is smart enough to understand this but he doesn’t act on this. Even if Lin missed 10 shots, I would be very happy.

  905. For the Press- he might know how to fake it – has a lot of practice doing this.

  906. Thanks. And I saw that Kobe article thanks to you.

  907. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. Lin will have a back up role at best based on his stats with LA.

  908. Again – he can earn back his starting job by proving BS wrong. Start shooting – if BS benches you peole will rally. I certainly think Lin fans will even be louder and rally towards Lin’s sad plight….

  909. no biggy jlin can return from the starting cause this time he will have full control in free agency

  910. I certainly would love for him to have a starting role but look at the result in LA, I don’t expect much and hope he gets in a better situation next year.

  911. cause he can be sign this coming summer why pay 15 million when he can be have for lower this FA and the season is almost over… get it

  912. Lin never does anything negative to anybody if you haven’t noticed. So why would he “tank the Lakers?” Especially when he has to ruin his own stats at the same time? To bite off his nose to spite his face? As usual you don’t make any sense. You are incapable of logical thought. Do you post just to see your own drivel? Your posts serve no useful purpose and even you know it! Please ban yourself already.

  913. please, there is no conspiracy of any kind. THe Lakers were hoping Lin and Kobe would work. When they realized Lin could not effectively coexist with kobe, they gave up on Lin.

    They gave up around the Washington game when Lin went 0-10 or whatever it was. By then, Lin lost his chance and the Lakers decided Lin was not the person for them at PG.

    That’s it. Simple. No conspiracy.

  914. Go back in time and look at my posts and compare yours. Let me know when I’ve been wrong.

  915. Still though…….. 3 shots?? That is ridiculously low. Even RP attempts more than that.

  916. Lin is not a natural scoring machine like that. He isn’t capable of ball hogging and scoring intentionally to score.

    Lin plays a different type of game, in my opinion. He can score, but mostly does so when he feels really hot or really open. He doesn’t like to force it too much.

    Part of his terrible turnovers, in my opinion, come from when he forces things unnaturally.

    When he does try to score too hard, he looks bad when it backfires.

  917. lol refresh your memory jlin was not the future of lakers from start….byron even said ronnie will start before even training camp…lol washington check your memory dude

  918. Lin is not Kyrie Irving. ANd that’s why I like Lin’s game. But without support, Lin looks marginal.

    I always equate Lin to Nash. Nash looked oridnary in Dallas and Suns stint #1. It wasn’t until MDA built around Nash that Nash simply exploded.

  919. true I do agree it was never in the cards for Lin to shine from the start. BUT, I think the Front Office and Magic Johnson via twitter gave Lin a chance as a starter. And Lin didn’t pass the exam.

    He had that small pocket to make it work and it just didn’t.

  920. When haven’t you been wrong? Your profile is locked but you do remember the bet you lost right? You agreed to disappear. What happened? Did you even read my post?

  921. Lakers wants to tank so they don’t care …. next game he will take more than… I really don’t care too much about his stats now bc it will not pretty since he is limited to do anything he wants…

  922. Oh yeah that’s true. For that I am a hypocrite and should leave. Though I wasn’t wrong about what happened in that game. Just took it to the extreme and the outcome didn’t turn out my way LOL.

    Back to the other site then. Have fun bud.

  923. Oh yes…

  924. Lin played great starting from the Charlotte win. But the better he played the more he was handcuffed. If you are a Lin fan why would you say the exact opposite?

  925. Tell him

  926. Oh yes…

  927. @mods Are any of you at least thinking about banning GDLA? Please?

  928. Jeremy was benched after a 20+10 game.

    No conspiracy, it was a coincidence

  929. there are 2 of them the dlin guy seems like one or buddy buddy account

  930. Dlin seems ok. I understand why he and many others are frustrated at Lin’s low FGAs.

  931. Oh yes…

  932. ok.. i though they seems like talking to each other guess I am wrong

  933. Oh yes… You’re always right

  934. Lin only made 3 shots cause he’s Jeremy Lin and always puts team first. And that’s why we, or at least I, love him.

  935. I guess for me it still matters – if Lin attempted more shots and made more shots and BS pulls him- all his fans would go crazy. MSG with go crazy. Headline would be “Linsanity killed by Tanksanity” – his chance to make a splash in NY , yet he does not take it.

  936. He can also win and make the team like him if he made more shots. Booz was missing all his passes- why keep passing to a player who isn’t hot – that baffles me? Is that team first or defer first?

  937. I called out that hater a few times yesterday… I second the motion to ban him…. hear, hear mods.

  938. I love that LIN plays for the love of the game. This world has too many poeple who don’t love what they do, they don’t love how they live, they don’t love who they are. Meanwhile we’ve been brainwashed from childhood by the masses and media to want money, fame and power.

    “I play the game TO play the game” is just like how he lives his faith TO LIVE his faith. Bball is like a template of how he wants to live. So what if everyone wants to be selfish on the court. So what if the greedy 1% wants to make it 0.1%. LIN is playing the game of life within the BBall game itself.

  939. Look at Linsanity highlights and Houston highlights and compare it to present Lin and let me know if I am wrong. he is certainly capable of creating his own shots. He is shooting 36% from 3 pts, why not shoot more – instead of passing to swaggy who has less than that – wouldn’t that be team ball – Team ball also means winning you know?

  940. So he will be bench warmer for 3 million – great that’s what Lin fans want. Ok I get it.

  941. Look at Linsanity highlights and Houston highlights and compare it to present Lin and let me know if I am wrong. he is certainly capable of creating his own shots. He is shooting 36% from 3 pts, why not shoot more – instead of passing to swaggy who has less than that – wouldn’t that be team ball – Team ball also means winning you know?

  942. He’s been banned and released several times. Kind of reminds me of the movie “Ghostbusters.” They rounded up thousands of ghosts and put them into the “Containment Unit.” But then someone let them all escape and all h-ll broke loose.

  943. catch and release?

  944. i second that emotion.

    course im not the best witness probably cause i always think im getting banned here myself; but i guess sometimes its more disqus issues than mod. critical. (sometimes)

    (you guys do know he goes over to the other site everybody came here from and makes fun of the posters here).

  945. you are probably rite dont give up yer first thought. often when you see someone who is sort of trollish and you find another person always, always replying to them its just a technique of one person using 2 “handles” to “bait”/ jump start response.

  946. Not yet :]

    He’s wrong about “Lin didn’t pass the exam as a starting PG” because Kobe was the one not passing to Lin/Boozer and got called out by both in Game 10 so both got benched in Game 21. Did that make Boozer/Lin not pass as a starting PG and PF? Of course not. That’s furthest from the truth 😀

    @GoodDayLA:disqus may insist to have wrong opinion. Only if he’s spamming in multiple posts with the same point that it may be grounds for another ban.

    This shows me that even Lin fans need the “Lakers 14-15 Timeline: What Happened” post so they are informed with actual facts that happened.

  947. yep timeline will be nice

  948. ok, thanks. I’m working on it as my time allows :]
    I might release a draft first

  949. who the person let them escape

  950. thanks for the hardwork

  951. He also attacked me personally several times yesterday, which is fine. But I know that when I retaliate I’m likely to end up in the Containment Unit 🙂

  952. LOL .. please don’t retaliate, just raise to the mods with the link.
    3 warnings and the permanent ban will apply for the 3rd ban

  953. Someone with great compassion toward all of God’s creatures 🙂

  954. Trolls have a super high recidivism rate 🙂

  955. we were so glad we did not get tickets too….. would have been a waste….worst NBA game i ever saw

  956. If you listen to the interview he said the ball was sticky and he wanted to start moving the ball cause when you start that it’s contagious and everybody start passing each other.

    It was working. Then mr. Tank happened…

  957. @GoodDayLA:disqus, this is an unfounded false claim.
    Unless you can provide proof, this will be considered as trolling by slandering Lin and provoking other posters.
    Consider this a 1st warning.
    Remember you’re on the last strike before a permanent ban so you only have 2 more warnings.

  958. Still though – 3 shot attempts???? – Which NBA PG/player can have a long career averaging this? If he took more and shot more, the narrative would be different instead of this from NY post. You have to admit that Lin has lost a lot of confidence

    “No trace of Linsanity as former Knicks phenom visits with Lakers”

  959. I don’t think GoodDayLA is a troll. just bc someone disagrees with you, doesnt make him a troll

  960. The situation of Rox is fairly similar to the LAL. The team needs a good PG desperately but the cancerous SG will drive every good one out of town to protect his spotlight.

  961. Note I have supported Lin before – look at my post history…I just want Lin to have his confidence back and I’m pointing out that it could possibly be pretty low. He has never shot 3 fga before I think since Linsanity. I don’t think I deserve to be banned for this. I just wanted to know if there is any logical explanation from Lin fans for his actions.

  962. Agreed.

  963. I gave @GoodDayLA:disqus the 1st warning before his 3rd strike for posting unfounded false claim/slander that Lin is tanking himself and provoking other posters. This broke Rule 4

    4. Do not antagonize or bait other users.
    Link: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/

    The mods have been generous to provide 3 strikes/bans before a user goes to permanent ban. There are 3 warnings before the ban or if the behavior continues after the warning. Please do not use up the mods’ patience. Thank you.


  964. More proof GDLA is a troll. Here is his recent post on jeremylin.net teaching someone how to bash Lin.

    “You can diss Lin, but can you at least diss Lin correctly? I mean try a little harder you fool.

    Here is how you diss Lin:

    Lin is a crappy version of John Wall. They both shoot like crap. Lin runs fast but not as fast as wall. Wall dunks while Lin lays it up. Wall and Lin both get out of control but Lin seems to do it more these days. Lin basically sucks because he is Asian, Christian, and from Harvard. Oh Lin does pass more though but only because his game is limited so he has to pass since he can’t do anything else when he gets stuck.

  965. Also want to point out that no NBA pg (even backup) will have a long career averaging 3 shot attempts per game.

  966. Thank you for the info but let’s not copy posts from other site for grounds of trolling on this site.
    I already gave him the 1st warning for a violation on this site.
    Let’s see if he complies with the rule before a permanent ban takes place.

  967. You’re the mod-in-chief right? 🙂

    I’m fine with personal attacks so long as I’m free to retaliate. Anyway it’s his anti-Lin crap that bothers me more.

    Here are 4 examples from yesterday:





  968. ok, thank you.
    I’m going to add the 2nd warning for personal attacks
    He’s down to one last warning before permanent ban now.

  969. “By this point in the season, most everyone knows that it is in the Los Angeles Lakers’ best interest to be as miserable as possible in order to keep their top-five protected pick that’s due to the Phoenix Suns. Aside from developing point guard Jordan Clarkson, racking up losses makes the most sense for a team looking to add young talent at every position.

    The Lakers rank as the fourth-worst team in the NBA in terms of record, and are sitting fairly well in their hopes of staying in the top-five worst records in the league. This is great news because, if the Los Angeles Lakers can keep their draft choice, they will find themselves in a no-lose situation due to the quality of the top of the 2015 NBA Draft class.”

    –jackson sanders hoops habit

    of course “developing” clarkson is certainly not inconsistent with tanking. and whats worse lin’s minutes are being taken equally from both ellington/clarkson, with price moving from head of the snake to tail of the bench, lin only gets “price” minutes for both the starters.

    so he never really has any opportunity. same is true of davis/boozer/black (ie. the only actually half decent players the tankers have).

    we (as lin fans) have to understand the logic of keeping any threat to tanking out of the equation.

    hence limited not only minutes up opportunites not only for lin but for any desirable basketball within those minutes– for lin and anyone else who might threaten the conceded tanking inevitable.

  970. so much hate on Bev right now, lol

  971. @GoodDayLA:disqus

    I”m going to add 2nd warning for breaking Rule 8. No Personal Insults

    Unfortunately, it has come down to the last warning before a permanent ban.
    I’ve been patient as you’re a Lin fan but perhaps it’s simply difficult for you to comply to the rules here.

    Link: http://www.jlinportal.com/g48-lal-nyk-game-thread/#comment-1831424724
    -Lol I’d like to sell you this unicorn I have….
    – Jeremiah is really lost in general
    – You sound young. Are you under 30? If so you have a lot to learn
    – Lin will starts over d rose? People call me crazy here but really?

  972. I”m going to add 2nd warning for breaking Rule 8. (No Personal Insults) repeatedly

    @GoodDayLA:disqus is down to the last warning before a permanent ban.
    Thank you for reporting the personal attacks to the Mods.
    Please do not retaliate yourself.

    We cannot afford to use up real-estate on the thread for trading barbs of personal insults. It’s simply not fair for other users.

    Link: http://www.jlinportal.com/g48-lal-nyk-game-thread/#comment-1831424724
    -Lol I’d like to sell you this unicorn I have….
    – Jeremiah is really lost in general
    – You sound young. Are you under 30? If so you have a lot to learn
    – Lin will starts over d rose? People call me crazy here but really?

    Warning: http://www.jlinportal.com/g48-lal-nyk-game-thread/#comment-1831441191

  973. Oh really? Maybe if you add “giving false informations” or “spreading lies” you can call him like that

  974. the ironic thing is bev is actually having a decent year. with the opportunity given him by the abl rules he actually took it and ran with it and made himself into a credible nba player. (not great not even good but decent, not horrible and certainly in no way the cause of any rockets failing to fire).

  975. I really don’t think JC is a PG more like SG. In fact, last night he played the position it’s SG. Read somewhere said Young is also a good target for trade bc his salary 5M it’s most welcome to every team…. it’s possible that JC is going to replace Young?! Just a guess …. have to wait & see…

  976. sorry cause you two are the only on e talking back and fort so I mistaken as a buddy buddy account not actually what you post

  977. yeah. what you said. i didn’t specifically reference this particular poster or have any knowledge of his past posting i was just responding off the top to a type of circumstance that often exists.

  978. I think JC is not good at PG cause he hasn’t got court vision and he’s not good at SG cause he’s too small and bricks too many shots.

    My opinion.

  979. what you can be sure of is no combination of players that threaten the la tankers long pitiful march to ping pong balls will be tolerated.

  980. The better Bev gets, the more blame will be channeled at him by Houston local media. This is similar to LA media helping KB drive competitive talents out of town to protect his spotlight.

  981. escape goat rings bell to me rockets aint winning this year and howard injury or knee might give up…..morey escape goat mini minie moo and beverley name hit it

  982. They ask him what he can never do. Be a PG and lead a team. They only get him to be a defensive player.

  983. They should try to trade Lin for another pick and offer cash to sweeten the deal. I’m assuming of course that there are playoff teams that could use Lin as a PG to go as deep into the playoffs as possible.

  984. It’s his contract year. No wonder they’re trying to bash him in order to realease him.

    It’s like what Knicks did to felton

  985. Last night he played most of SG sure not a PG player at all bc all he cares the most it’s ISO or pad his stats… I believe they probably will use him as SG in the future. Don’t think he can be a PG well bc he didn’t like to pass.

  986. but he should thank lin for the abl rules giving him the opportunity; actually no other abl’er has done as much with his opportunity as bev.
    (to date)–my opinion is that clarkson will do nothing to change that but some others think otherwise.

  987. I don’t think he can be an NBA player. Too selfish to be a PG, lacks size for a SG.

    He will fill their roster til the end of the rookie contract

  988. It’s more than that. You will see that Bev critics intensify when Harden plays poorly or gets injured. It’s Morey who controls a lot of local media to help decorate his $80million bet.

  989. I am not sure about that bc so far from what BS said he is happy w JC record so far…?! I guess he played SG well maybe combo.. but more of SG. That’s why Last night he played the position it’s SG.

  990. agree. they should be highliting him in the d league to include in possible future trade but for various reasons it fits in with the tanking strategy to claim they are “developing” him.

    you forgot to mention plays entirely out of control and can’t shoot. not an nba level player, like all the rest of the current tanker starters (with the exception of hill) so perfect for the la tankers goal of staying in the bottom 5

  991. wow someone who can spell recidivism.

  992. Bev, Price, Clarkson et al, they are dispensable firewalls used to protect the spotlight of the ballhog.

  993. Lionel Hollins said the hardest thing to do is teach a young star player sometimes the contested shot is better then the open shot. I shook my head when I heard that but I think I’m starting to understand what he was saying watching Lin and Lebron. They are both criticized by their fans for not taking over games. They seem like good teammates moving, hustling, and passing. But what their team needs is for them to be driving. Chris Paul understands this and he is considered the best pg in the leagues. Sometimes there is a lull and as the pg you have to force the action.
    I think it would be more palapable to Lin if he knew that if he takes the ball and drive that he is being a good teammate. When Lin is aggressive and drives, that forces the other team to pay attention to him and starts disrupting their defense. Once the opposing defense is disrupted he could pass the ball to teammates for easier shots. Lin sometimes needs to just take it to the hole, very few could with his effiecency. Not to stat pad for himself but make the game easier for his teammates. This way by Driving into the teeth of the defense he is still being unselfish.

  994. actually this is the 3rd game this season lin has taken 3 or fewer shots.

  995. i still admire bev or at least respect him for doing something no one before him have done and certainly not price and in my and “spot”s opinion clarkson could do: given their opportunity risen to the occasion with limited ability given for a time organizational support made themselves into someone who probably has a legitimate nba career ahead.

  996. I agree. I know Lin’s situation doesn’t look good now (and I am not trying to knock Clarkson), but I really don’t see Clarkson as a starter in either PG or SG position. He has some major weaknesses to overcome. JC’s handle is not that good either, and he’s athletic but not super athletic; and he lacks shooting touch. But I do like his confidence in taking shots even when he’s missing though.

  997. If we can recognize that this is another “Charmin” trap as in LAL, good PGs and their agents can see through it too.

  998. NO worries : )

  999. Bev is good at 3&D, but Harden is not talent enough as a PG. Morey is using Bev as a scapegoat for Harden’s fault, similar to what he did to Lin a year ago.

  1000. GoodDayLA not a troll.

  1001. Agreed.

  1002. of course hes happy with jc fits in perfectly with tanking strategy. (even provides a “cover”….”developing clarkson”.

  1003. How is the copy and paste content from the other site trolling? GoodDay was defending Lin by saying if you are going to criticize Lin at least troll him more accurately and he provided an example of a better criticism.

    Anyway, Mod can ban GoodDay from this forum, as I don’t think he cares whether he’s banned or not from this forum.

  1004. Agreed.

  1005. “Oh Lin does pass more though but only because his game is limited so he has to pass since he can’t do anything else when he gets stuck.”

    I think this is gross understatement of Lin’s abilities. He basically calling Lin a scrub. If you agree with that then you are a Lin troll as well. How can a scrub produce Linsanity?

  1006. He’s giving an example of doing a better trolling of Lin. It’s irrelevant whether I agree or disagree. Besides, you are calling Lin a scrub, not him.

  1007. the latest meme after SuperBowl’s costly pass =)


  1008. I also respect Bev for playing at the high end of his limited capability. He definitely took an advantage of his situation, and he did a lot more IMO than Clarkson has done to put himself in a starting spot.

  1009. Eric Pincus nicely noted the special $4.6M cheap Tanking starters for Wed’s game vs the Bucks!
    Fire sale!


  1010. escape goat, ^_^
    Harden didn’t practice today, guess the tear and wear is catching up.

  1011. What an ironic article. Yes, Rockets need an upgrade at PG. But, then again, not really because Harden won’t share the ball anyway. Otherwise, Lin, who is an upgrade over Beverly, would have worked out fine as their PG.

  1012. Black? So tanking continue then…

  1013. why is charlotte good? they’ve won 7 of 10 and doubling up on washington in washington 2nite in the first quarter. and a lock for playoff spot in the weak east. as far as i can see the only good player they have is jefferson. any thoughts for those who might follow them more?

  1014. He is giving false statements per the rules of this board… that’s trolling even if it is giving an example of trolling….. What’s your point?? Are you GDLA;s alter ego??

  1015. funny; i dont watch football but did anyone read the article that suggested the legendary patriots coach suckered the other team into passing by not calling a time out?

  1016. What you are saying doesn’t make any sense. Are you Lin?

  1017. are you an attorney? im not being facetious (really)–i just always wondered.

  1018. I was. Glad to answer.

  1019. They are not terrible, but not really good. We are talking about a 20-27 team.

  1020. I haven’t read about that move by Patriot’s coach but it’s just a bad call by Seahawks offensive coordinator not to run the ball with the HUGE running back Marshawn Lynch with only 1 yard to go and 2-3 chances!

    I think it’s just a case of the coaches outsmarting themselves.

  1021. yes, this is the Phase 2 of “Rebuilding Tank” to lose another 18-20 games

  1022. Bill Belichick ingeniously baited Seattle into that Super Bowl-losing pass
    By: CHRIS CHASE (usa today)

    i dont know how to do links but thats the headline and author should be able to find on google. i dont know enuf about football to know what hes talking about but something to do with clock management i guess.

  1023. What do you do by the way? Curious what fellow Lin fans do or did. I know KHuang is a musician of some sort in AZ.

  1024. well you advertise yourself as attorney so thats only reason i would ask; i advertise myself as what i am: old man.

  1025. I don’t really advertise myself or hold out myself as attorney; I always used the same ID and was lazy to change it. What I am is really the same as you: old man. I have a feeling that KHuang and I might be of similar age.

  1026. You know some Lakers fans think he is the mini Wesbrook…They say he is fearless to shoot and has a big heart. Maybe this kind of playing stle is what they want-shoot shoot shoot, ballhog and pad stats.

  1027. Haha! That’s bc Kobe was not w him on court. Lin can do that too but Kobe will not allow him to do it. Not only JC but Ellinton or even Young are all the same. w/o Kobe, they can take as many shots as they want but will not be the same w Kobe is back.

    Besides, BS gave him lots of green light to do it. Not Lin. smh!

  1028. Mo Williams Jarret Jack are two examples of back-up pg who have become starters or play starters minutes…lots of hope for jlin

  1029. kemba

  1030. psalm, you have given me 9 lives. I guess what I do when I get frustrated with some posters is to frustrate them in the same manner. When I read posts like Lin can start over D Rose in Chicago, I really wonder what some fans are thinking and I get mean spirited as I noticed LA Jane mention about me. It’s true. I’m an acerbic individual.

    The funny thing is I am pretty honest about my opinions and feelings on this site. Yet people don’t believe me when I say things at face value.

    For example, I posted here (maybe the OTHER site) my mother, an older Chinese woman raised in Taiwan now living stateside in Southern California, watched some Laker bball a few weeks ago and told me Lin sucks. She knows I believe in Lin and said she said she doesn’t understand what I see in Lin because she saw a guy who sucks badly based on watching him on TV. That comment pissed me off more than some of the people posting here. And then at least 1 person attacked me on this site and called me a liar.

    I don’t go asking any mods to ban these posters in protest. But it’s funny people think I lie on here or make stuff up.

    I’m definitely not always right and basically I’m a pessimist when it comes to whether America will give Lin a chance to shine in the NBA.

    But other than that, I’m just trying to post my thoughts in views because I believe Lin deserves a fair shot to be THE GUY from the guard spot on some team.

  1031. that is a cheap starting lineup.

  1032. So Clarkson gets a Linsanity style lineup, how convenient.

  1033. But so far he didn’t put up Linsanity number or winning games.

  1034. I think Clarkson is primarily just trade bait while also serving well for their tank purpose. Giving him major minutes ensures minimum minutes for Jeremy, the antithesis to achieving their tank goal.

  1035. He is too cheap for trade bait. But I think he can be a backup w cheap price but also can shoot & let Lakers have more money to sign the starting PG.

  1036. As of today, Lin is 10 times the player young Clarkson is. I think even BS knows it, which is why Lin is benched.

  1037. You’re back so soon! Did you know that DRose had season ending knee surgery in the last 2 consecutive seasons which he is yet to fully recover from and may never fully recover from? Did you know that he’s had some additional injuries this season raising the possibility that he is now injury prone? If he never fully regains his athleticism he will be a mediocre PG at best. Why is it crazy to propose that Lin may start over a hobbled DRose? Bulls are headed to the playoffs. If DRose can’t get the job done it will become painfully obvious to Bulls fans.

    Off topic: you probably inherited your Mom’s “sucks” genes. You can trust my expertise in that field 😉

  1038. Lol true on all accounts. See you on the other site if I dont last long here.

  1039. basically so if harden is down.. so is the rockets.

  1040. Lakers [email protected]_news
    22m22 minutes ago
    LA Times – #Lakers Jordan Hill might be lost to Lakers for an extended time: Another Lakers player is getting … http://lat.ms/1K5qJ4i

  1041. The funny thing is you personally attack people just as much as you are called out by people like me.

    What you write simply is lacking. Former MVP’s of the NBA do not get replaced by Linsanity just as hobbled 36 year old all time greats do not get replaced by Linsanity. It only happens in your dreams. The reason I call out people like you is because I am embarrassed to be associated with commentary like this that shows a segment of our Lin fan base is not very savvy and educated when it comes to NBA basketball analysis.

    When I post thoughts saying your thoughts are off, I get attacked or threatened with bans for my opinions. But you can post your thoughts freely here on this site because they are considered pro Lin even if they are way off base.

    A long time ago I use to try to educate Lin fans, but then I realized it was futile.

  1042. Why dont you stop reading my posts and I will stop reading yours? Joyce Warde and I use to antagonize each other and then she got smart and just ignored me altogether and now things are good.

  1043. The Linsanity curse is really powerful. You mess with Lin, you get HURT. Next up? Sacre or BS.

  1044. Another victim of BS’s brilliant hard drill.

  1045. I didn’t personally attack you. I gave u free genetic counseling.

  1046. whatever buddy. Leave me alone, thanks.

  1047. bs can’t get hurt.. what r u talking about.
    actually not good to say that overtly because karma is a beetach.
    We would like lin to stay healthy.