Game 48 Atlanta Hawks vs Portland Blazers: Support Jeremy Lin + ODW To Empower Vulnerable Children, Possible Trade Showcasing

For the third year in a row, Jeremy Lin will donate his $168,000 game check working together with One Day’s Wages to empower vulnerable children around the world. The campaign has raised $481,055 out of $1,000,000 goal. Jeremy Lin fans can help to support this worthy cause by donating at this link.

Fans can join One Day’s Wages after the game for a special Meet & Greet with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy is donating his one game’s wage on Jan 26th and hanging around afterward to meet the fans.

Trade Interest from Portland Blazers in Jeremy Lin

With less than 2 weeks left before the February 7 trade deadline, this game provides a special significance due to the previous reported trade interest by Portland Blazers in Jeremy Lin as reporter by Sean Deveney from Sporting News on January 17.

It would be interesting to see if Atlanta Hawks would showcase Jeremy Lin by giving him more minutes to keep Portland Blazers interested and be willing to part with a first-round pick that Atlanta Hawks covet.

Portland, too, would be willing to part with its first-rounder to add depth to a roster that badly needs help in the backcourt and on the wing. The Trail Blazers could be a player for Ross or Simmons, too. But sources tell SN that they have expressed interest in another player expected to be made available for a first-round pick: Atlanta point guard Jeremy Lin.

When the Hawks traded for Lin last summer, the hope was that he could be a veteran presence for the first part of the season for young point guard Trae Young, then could be swapped for a rebuilding asset to help the woebegone Hawks’ future. A first-rounder would do the trick.

The Pelicans and Sixers have also inquired about Lin (10.8 points in 19.5 minutes per game this season), and the Hawks may be able to create some bidding for his services ahead of the deadline. It’ll still be tough to wrestle one of those first-rounders away, but this time around, there are at least more on the market.




  1. First from New York

  2. “Getting a practice in at the @Nike World Headquarters in Portland!”

  3. “Hit ‘em with the remix!” 😂😂

    Rookies singing to @mrvincecarter15 on his birthday! 🎉🎉

  4. Go Lin go!

  5. For some reason this game thread is not showing on the main page. The top game listed is 47 vs Bulls.

  6. It did when I came here

  7. Sigh..then I guess Psalm hates me.

  8. Lin in

  9. ha .. only to wake you up on time 🙂

    just clear the browser cache once in a while, it should do it

  10. Lin + Trae backcourt. Lin guarding McCollum

  11. cant defend nothing out there

  12. 2 FT

  13. nice!

  14. hope that gets him started

  15. Lin is taking many more shots today,

    They are show casing Lin

    But Lin’s shots are not falling 🙂

  16. Missed a few runners but drew a foul. 2 FTs

  17. yeah he’s not having a good shooting game today.

  18. Hope the FTs will get him to find rhythm

  19. yeah lin may make the next 4 shots 🙂

  20. lin missed some good shots. they will fall. the under the rm missed shot was …anyways it will fall

  21. Nice assist from Lin to Trae’s layup with 4 seconds left in Q1

  22. am ok as long as he keeps shooting LP is letting him shine for the trade

  23. yeah…hopefully he’ll do some damage soon

  24. portland plays good defense and free offensively. lin would be happy to go there

  25. Lin out

  26. portland has no backup pg. seth has no assist

  27. This game confirms again that Lin did not take many shots in other games is not by his choice.

    So I don’t want to hear any complain that he is too “passive”. SMH

  28. Wow the Curry’s really can shoot. = =

  29. Lin in

  30. 2222

  31. how lin playing?

  32. 22222222

  33. There’s no paint defense for Portland. That is why he is taking more shots. Even Trae is getting in the paint.

  34. lin will likely sit. good stretch . portland playing good defense

  35. Lin in

  36. Len should have powered that up and in. Spellman did earlier. Darn. Missed assist.

  37. Lin getting in the paint at will. bigs getting easy shots

  38. Turned game on towards end of 1Q. Lin had just gotten fouled in Portland backcourt. No FTs? Wasn’t Portland over the limit?

  39. Great job by Lin defending McCollum without fouling in the last possession

  40. while defending?

  41. Len and lin are really dominating out there

  42. Lin should have at least 7 assists. lol

  43. I thought it was some kind of illegal screen by Portland. That’s ok. Not important. Thanks.

  44. Yeah. Len is missing it.

  45. must of been a charge. dont get ft for those

  46. Not the first time either. So many missed assists….every game….

  47. Why is Bembry so bad at finishing at the rim? He’s got the hops. Just no touch?

  48. Not my favorite player playing ahead of Lin.

  49. Well, to be honest, I’m serious, NO ONE should be playing ahead of Lin on this team. Not if it’s based on talent and experience.
    Come on, right? Lin had 21 against this same Blazers team, WITH Lillard and Batum and Aldridge, in the playoffs, FIVE years ago.
    Anyhow, I think Bembry is active and pretty good on defense. Steals, blocks. Just can’t score at the rim, or 3’s, or FT’s. Terrible shooter.

  50. Portland announcer follows Lin on twitter. Quoting Lin “west coast, best coast”. Lol.

  51. Lin heating up?

  52. playing well all around 8/6 hasn’t taken couple of open shots.

  53. HaHaHa! The MID RANGE!!!!

  54. LIN!

  55. Ex-Net Stauskas on Blazers now.

  56. Four more assists for double double. Enough playing time in 4Q to get that done?

  57. Len miss all of his assists

  58. i miss ed davis, damn

  59. ty playing well

  60. Yeah, he is. Have to give him props.

  61. I miss Brook Lopez.

  62. No defense with this line-up. Young, Prince, Carter? Collins and Huerter are good rebounders. Not sure about defense.

  63. good coaching

  64. 2 ships that passed in the night.

  65. Lin to A. Davis assists all night

  66. 2 ships that passed in the night again.

  67. Pelicans are 6 games under 500 right now.
    If they don’t try to get Lin real quick. Or if A Davis out too long with injury. It’s going to be too late for Pelicans for playoffs this year. Not in the West.

  68. No showcase game for Lin, Blazer not interested in trading for him then.

  69. Slight correction. He’s shooting at the rim well.
    2 of 5 from 3. 4 turnovers. No defense.

  70. hmmmm didnt you realize much earlier?!!! you suppose to be on bed…not here!

  71. 10/6 is good numbers. Portland needs a backup PG bad.

  72. LININ

  73. Lin in

  74. Still he’s made most of his shots tonight and did a great 3 pointer block from behind in 4th quarter. Of course he also has double the minutes and the green to shoot as he pleases without defending.

  75. Yes, surprised he made that block.

  76. Not really, Lin went 4-10 with 40%FG not a great game like the one against Raptor where he had a ton of minutes as the starter and got 20+pts

  77. Oops, blocked. Better than a miss. Haha.

  78. oof Lin 2 bad sequences

  79. Lin is going to get subbed. He looks out of control

  80. Plenty of time, let’s not rush and take bad shots.

  81. Lin got clobbered on that play, can tell me he didn’t get fouled!

  82. Trae in for the win.

  83. Lin has been missing shots, didn’t have a good game from the start, especially with those limited minutes and Trae playing well. Like I said Lin wasn’t getting showcased today.

  84. Wait, Portland has Seth Curry, but rumor has it they need depth from bench?

  85. All these bad games will definitely make teams reconsider their offers. Hawks better not get too greedy and trade Lin soon.

  86. I really don’t think there is interest in Lin.

  87. Lin out

  88. He played 21 minutes. Decent minutes. He played awful last stretch and thats why he got subbed. Rightfully so. He looked way too hesistant and usually has a problem against portland.

  89. Seth Curry has really poor stats averaging 6PPG this season.

  90. lin looked slow and weak and made too many bad decision

  91. frustrating last few plays

  92. Lin has to get his three back

  93. Blazers never loss after leading in end of 3rd quarter for 30 games. Hawks aren’t going to win this.

  94. For a veteran, Lin doesn’t seem that experienced. No confidence what so ever. Don’t get why he’s like that?

  95. Not watching game, just reading comments. Sounds like not doing well. Maybe JLin is doing a personal tank job to get with the program

  96. Not really i think. Teams know Lin by now. Lots of teams in need of a PG

  97. He’s tanking his stats and percentages I highly doubt that. With limited minutes Lin has to shoot well if not his stats will suffer. He doesn’t have the green light and teammates aren’t really his teammates.

  98. lets not over react lin had one back quarter. more like 2 minutes. didnt seem ready for Portlands intensity.

  99. Seth is shooting 48% from 3! He’s going to be in the 3 Pt contest!

  100. he has his ups and downs like any player. He shouldn’t be playing on a team like this. Put him on a team wanting to make playoffs would make him more useful. he had 10/6 which is good for 20 min…he just took some bad shots in the 4Q

  101. his three shot just gone though. idk what happened

  102. Guess you must be a better baller than he is.

  103. Lin went 2-8 earlier before going 4-13. It’s a bad game today and he’s been having quite a few of those lately. Limited minutes and last of plays doesn’t help either.

  104. he made like 3 shots in a row in the third. just a bad few plays at the end

  105. Agree, Lin has always lacked confidence in his 3s and rarely takes them not good if he wants to get another starting PG job. Making 3s is all the craze for modern bball.

  106. last time his three was this bad was the rockets. he usually dont miss them for this long

  107. Well, the Hawks hung in there for awhile. But this Portland team has been together for awhile. A perennial playoff team.
    The problem is. They never get too far enough in the playoffs.

  108. Hard to imagine but maybe he is getting bored. He doesn’t have to showcase anymore. ATL is tanking so no incentive to play with focus and intensity. I can even see from reading this board that we JLin fans are getting bored too. I am getting bored. Tanking can do that.

  109. I have a pretty good shot even at 48. Just a little frustrating sometime. Not sure if it has to do with his recovery and injuries.

  110. Lin’s 3s has been bad ever since he changed his shot, don’t know why it looked so good during off season and especially during his challenge video against Jay Chou. Seems like Lin’s practice shots doesn’t translate to live games. Is it cause he’s expending energy on defense? If so he should try laying off on defense.

    During All Star break Lin should go back to Fortius just to keep things in check and adjust his 3 point shooting. Bring Doc with him if needed.

  111. Portland could use a player like Blake Griffin. Need an athletic PF

  112. He only took TWO shots. (Well, 3 if you count that blocked shot.)
    He looks like he makes them in practice and shoot-around.

  113. I think he can make 3’s but that is not his game. He is a ball control PG. If this is not appealing in modern BB then maybe the game is passing him by, and if so I think the game is making a mistake. But then I think tanking is a mistake and teams still do it so what do I know

  114. That’s why Lebron started taking all those 3s when Curry and GSW rose to Championship status. He wanted to prove he could do the same thing.

    Lin needs to get with the times, he needs to change his game and make taking 3s his priority. Learn how to create off dribble and side step and extend his range. Relying on his driving and mid range isn’t good enough.

  115. Bored of playing basketball? Who cares about losing when that is out of their control. Lin can have fun just by making shots and get his stats. In fact since there’s no pressure to win he should try working on some new moves and his 3 point shooting.

    If stats aren’t important than why is he relying so much on his drives and mid range still? Lin should know better than anyone that his 3s and inability to take them off dribble are his weakness if not fans need to let him know through social media.

  116. He’s too worried about his efficiency vs letting the % work for him. He used to attempt more 3’s.

  117. Blazer definitely wouldn’t want Lin after this game!

  118. Blazer don’t have any stars beside Lillard the shot chucker who no one wants to play with and why Aldridge left.

  119. I hate to reach back so far for a reference point because it was so long ago it probably doesn’t mean much, but during the Linsanity run when he measured Calderon for the winning 3 pointer against TOR I have always felt he could hit 3 pointers but just like his seldom dunks did not do so unless it was for a reason. Maybe he is like Popovich and a throwback to another time in BB. Or maybe he is just not a confident shooter like many here feel.

  120. They didn’t want him to begin with. If they did, Lin would’ve gotten the shooting greenlight and a showcase with at least 25-30 mins. Fact that Lin didn’t meant Blazers aren’t interested and that rumor was just that, rumors.

    Heck I’m willing to bet some rumors are made up by Hawks to make Lin’s value higher.

  121. “streetball” hustler – okay. Gotcha.
    Would be fair to assume it’s due to his recovery and injuries.
    He’s also not playing enough consistent minutes in a consistent role. My take.

  122. Lin’s off dribble 3 pointer was ruined when he signed with Rockets and force to play off ball. Playing too many off ball ruined his ability to create 3 pointers by himself and his chances to harness his dribbling skills. And this whole off ball/SG phase out has been happening on every team since.

    The way I see it, unless Lin has a break through in his 3 point shooting that changes the way teams can clog the lane and guard him, he’s not going to get another starting PG role. And yes his time might very well be passing.

  123. They’ve been at this for quite a few seasons. Since Aldridge & Matthews & Batum left. After that, overachieves in regular seasons.
    McCollum & Lillard. And Stotts. Overpaid Crabbe, then dumps him. And then let Ed Davis go. How has the roster improved this year?
    Bad front office?

  124. Doesn’t mean anything when he’s averaging single digits, very lacking even for a backup PG. That’s why Lin’s averaging 10PPG isn’t going to get him a starting gig. No one wants a PG who can’t even average 20+PPG.

  125. Sure but will they get him the start? And will any teams give him a starting PG deal? That’s the big question.

  126. Get real. Seth Curry is averaging 17 MPG. Lin is only averaging 20.
    No one is going to set the world on fire based on those minutes.

  127. Lin doesn’t look too happy here. This is BEFORE he goes in for 4Q.

  128. No big loss. He wouldn’t see much playing time behind Lillard and McCollum anyhow.
    And now, with Lillard out, Seth Curry is showing why he’s a Curry. Terry Stotts would be foolish if he doesn’t give him more time too.

  129. That’s obvious, he’s not getting enough minutes or plays to play his game and he was having a poor shooting night against the Blazers even with Lillard resting.

  130. he seems hurt.. hope i’ts not physical

  131. when he shoots this much, he goes low percentage.. but when he shoots little, it’s high efficiency.. man that’s not goodd.

  132. I think his leg muscles aren’t there yet, some days it’s there other days it’s not. Will take time to fully heal. He should really lay off on defense and focus on offense it cause more wear to his legs and leaves nothing for his shots.

  133. what the fk happen to the jeremy lin that I know

    I didn’t sign up lin sites for this crp

  134. then he can’t play tomorrow

  135. so be it, not like he’s going to get many minutes anyway. Time is better spent practicing off dribble 3s and harnessing his weakness than sitting on the bench to be honest.

  136. He shot high percentage and points during Raptors game with the starting spot than afterwards things went downhill with Hawks reverting his role back to nothingness.

  137. 21 mins is hardly decent when you consider the lack of plays and teammates not passing to him for open shots. Lin tried taking shots all by himself but they just weren’t falling today. Instead of just listening to what the coach says he needs to take this no pressure tanking as a chance to try new things. He’s getting a chance to try new shots against live NBA teams on a tanking team. Since Lin doesn’t care about his stats than he should have no problem working out his weaknesses.

  138. He needs to learn off dribble 3s which should’ve started happening years ago when Rockets forced him to play off ball putting a stoppage to his off dribble shooting development. Then every team after, forced him to play off ball with another PG, causing his ball handling to be rusty and lack development.

  139. Where were you last year when there was NO LIN at all?
    Appreciate what you’ve got.

  140. We Lin fans are a tough crowd.
    Lin doesn’t take a lot of shots, then he’s “not aggressive enough”. Tonight, Lin took 15 shots (1 three blocked, and 1 drawing foul) in 20 minutes. But only made 4. So, now, it’s “what’s wrong with him”!
    Lin got 10 points and 6 assists in only 20 minutes! How is that a bad game?
    Lin isn’t perfect. (Especially won’t be, this season.) He’s never been instant offense off the bench. He’s NOT Lou Williams, who, BTW, gets the greenest of lights.

  141. McCollum? Nurkic? They’re pretty good.
    But agree, they’re all about McCollum and Lillard. When defense gets tougher in playoffs, and either or both of them have a bad night, it’s over.

  142. It’s just the god plan.

    Lin is a NBA star in term of celebrity, not in term of talent/performance. He is a NBA player.

    Tired to hear other Lin fans whining. If they don’t fix their expectation and still live in 2012, it will become delusional

  143. Yeah, TY did end up with a great stat line. Didn’t even notice until now.
    30 pts, 8 assts, 11 of 15, and 5 pts off FTs. In only 32 mins. That is actually very efficient, especially for him.

  144. Oh, and ZERO turnovers tonight.

  145. Can’t find sport comment. But, for the fun of it, just looked up stats for ALL GUARDS (not just PG) who average more than 20 Points. THEY ALL AVERAGE MORE THAN 32 MINUTES.
    As a matter of fact, for those who average more than 15 Points, no one averages less than 26 minutes. (Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson.)*G*15

  146. Probably the best comparison should be Gordon Hayward who’s coming back from an equally devastating injury.

    Here’s his last 3 games stats. Against GSW 2pts, 0-5. Against Cavaliers 18pts, 6-10. Against Heat 7pts, 2-6. All off bench even with full support from coaches. Lin on the other hand is being hampered by the GM and Coach….yet we expect allstar performances.

    Lin fans are such tiger fans. They get their panties in a twist at any moment of slight deviation when it fact it’s all in the normal ebb and flow of games. It’s the media that seizes these lows and accentuates them as Lin’s true level. Are we doing the same as these so call experts or are we just being unrealistic?

  147. That JLin pass to Young, in transition, to end 1Q. NIIIIIICE!!!

  148. Then there’s those who don’t believe Lin’s a true star player like you. Calling him a “celebrity” and a NBA star who isn’t based on talent is no better than those people who downplayed what Lin did during Linsanity as what every other black player does and only got the attention cause of his race.

    Lin can be a star but fact is every team has tried marginalizing his role and diminishing his minutes.

  149. Lin used to get 32mins with Rockets and he still didn’t average 20PPG. And I remember we used complained about him deferring to Harden and not shooting and averaging enough. Now his minutes are 15-18 and nothing has changed just worst conditions.

  150. Going 2-8 from 1st-2nd quarter isn’t a few bad plays. I saw the stat line and knew right away Lin was going to have a bad game. If he had 25-30 minutes his shots might’ve balanced out but he doesn’t have that luxury.

  151. Yup, the Hayward comparison is most appropriate. Let’s see what happens with Cousins too.

    It’s LIN’S FAULT – he set the bar too high when he had such a wonderful November. HAHA.
    I get it. We ALL want to see Lin shine and play winning basketball again. But, how quickly we forget that he has come back from miraculous recovery. There will be ups and downs.

    Lin fans really do run the gamut. LOL. I see the same over-reactions and high expectations on Twitter too. From people who have been following him a long time. Guess I’m just a little bit more chill.

    To me, the main thing is he has shown he’s healthy enough to have such a great November. So, he just needs to continue to be healthy. Hopefully, get on a team that will give him more playing time and more consistent role.

    I have faith we will see Lin have even better games.

  152. Take a look at the names on that list for this year. ALL ANOINTED PLAYERS. Never mind, I’m not going there. Not gonna waste time arguing.

    “We”? Guaranteed it wasn’t me. LOL.

  153. NBA 2019/1/27 Atlanta Hawks 老鷹vs拓荒者 Portland Trail Blazers 林書豪10分Jeremy Lin 必發網

  154. Jeremy Lin – One Day’s Wages mini Q&A after Blazers game January 26, 2019

  155. that’s the thing , he takes 15 to 18 shots and only 4 falls in
    But he takes 9 shot but 6 falls in. hmm.

  156. Here is an interesting question:

    Would you rather have lin play less than 10 minutes on a contender and end up something like 2 minutes to dnp DURING the playoffs, than him playing 20 minutes on a hawky like team?

    ah.. see that’s the question you have to ask yourself since we all saying he should be on a contender. As the saying goes “be careful what you wish for”..

  157. Neither! I’d rather he played 30 minutes as a starting PG or 6th man!

    Any team would be better than a tanking one where he’s not needed to win!

  158. Tomorrow? There’s no game tomorrow.

  159. Lakers trying to trade lonzo ball + any players for Ad.
    If AD comes to lakers, how about Lin to lakers for KCP? LOL

  160. really?
    no no no
    rondo is here and fanbase in LA thinks he is not a starting pg with their meomry or how he played

  161. he won’t get the minutes there. Isn’t it obvious?…They still got Rondo + Lebron running the point there.

  162. I would rather him to stay a Hawks instead of playing much less on a contender but you assume that whoever trade for Lin will give him less time.

    At the minimum, we should all assume that whoever trade for Lin would give him no less minute he’s currently receiving in Atlanta. As long as he’s getting that, I’m fine with Lin leaving since he has no future in Atlanta.

  163. I agree. Whichever team offers precious assets for Lin must have consulted with the coach before they make the move. Lin’s value is scoring and play making. If a coach wants not to utilize a 12M player, they can find anybody in the market.

    A playoff contender who wants Lin, will definitely USE Lin to maximun on his expiring contract.

  164. I agree with you here…I personally think Lin played well but his shot simply wasn’t falling.

    There were games when I felt Lin wasn’t energetic, passive and sloppy on the ball but shot well with shot going down.

    In last night game,he was aggressive and was getting in the paint at will, but again, his shot wasn’t going down.

  165. Fully agree here…I don’t think he can make much out of last night game and just chalk it up as Lin simply having a bad shooting night which is normal for NBA players.

  166. why would a team give up assets to trade for a guy they’re not gonna play much? makes no sense .

  167. I suspect once Bazemore returns, Lin minutes will go down further but in last night game, I don’t understand why LP didn’t give Dorsey’s 9 minutes to Lin.

    If Lin is on the table for a trade, why not give him as much minute as possible to showcase him…While Lin didn’t shoot well last night, he had 6 assist in 21 minutes, so maybe an additional 9 minutes would had gotten hi to 10 assist night.

  168. When Raptors lost to Celtics recently, the whole team shot an abysmal 30.8%. Think about that for a minute and you’d realize that on any given night, especially on the road, you’re going to have an off night shooting. The Raptors were at that point the number one team in the NBA and yet made less than a third of their shots. That means most pros miss at least one out of every other shot…if they are an

    Btw, the Raptor’s bench made less than 25pts that night, while VanVleet made zero points. What did lins bench do last night? 45 points with Lin’s 6 assists…on an off night.

  169. What’s obvious to me is that Lin is too valuable to the Hawks to sit on the bench and wait to be traded like some of the other assets the Hawks have on the trading block. Coach Lin is invaluable to propping up Trae and showing him how to be a good PG. maybe Schlenk has found out that Lin’s value is low even though his numbers are great…which shouldn’t surprise any of us. After all, lin at Vet-min got zero interest from anyone. I’m already bracing myself for the worst case scenario that Lin is too expensive to trade and no one thinks he’s worth any assets. If in the next two weeks, Lin gets his usual low minutes with low usage, it may mean we are in for a huge letdown.

  170. after thinking bout it. i think lins legs may be tired. thats why he is shooting poorly. he basically rehabbed in season. this is the most games he has played in a while. the break coming up maybe needed or him.

  171. In that case, I hope Lin seriously think about a buy-out..I would hate to see him not be traded and continue to play under 20 minutes in Atlanta, specially once Bazemore comes back.

    I’ve always felt a buy-out would be best because he’ll be able to demand maximum minutes for whoever wants to bring him in, just like Austin Rivers who negotiated his playing time.

    No doubt, Austin joined Houston because they were offering him the most minutes, so hopefully, in case of a buy-out, Lin would be able to negotiate his minutes.

    Right now, I just don’t like the team Lin is being linked to because all of them have star guards and may only plan on using Li simply to give their stars a little break on the bench.

  172. Looks like the Clippers “may” try to trade for a guard, according to this Yahoo article.
    Pat Beverley for Lin……OR…..Bradley for Lin…

    The Clippers needs scoring at the guard spot because Bradley and Beverley simply don’t score enough point.

    It’s likely going to be a quiet trade deadline, with some smaller moves (Jeremy Lin or Kent Bazemore may be the biggest names traded), but then a very robust buyout market. Then again, this league has a way of surprising.

    The Clippers don’t want to take extra money on any trade because they plan on pursuing Kwahi and Durant this summer, but the good news is they could trade Beverley or Bradley for Lin and not take extra money for next year since Lin is expiring.

  173. Andre Roberson suffered the same injury as Jeremy a year ago today. Jeremy’s been fortunate to come back so strong.

  174. lin has played 20 minutes or more in 8 strait games and 15 of the last 18.

    prior to that this season he had not played 20 minutes in more than 3 games in a row. and only played 20 minutes or more in 11 of 25 games.

  175. no excuse

  176. JLin took the smart way by going the hard way and rebuilding all his muscles with Fortius, thanks to Steve Nash’s connection! Lin is blessed to have such a true friend as veteran! If Lin used NBA crappy rehab especially Nets’ his career would be over.

  177. Bev as veteran mentor? LMAO now that’s a great joke! There’s NOTHING Bev can teach Trae.

  178. You do realize nothing can be as little as what Hawks are giving him right? Because there’s no urgency to win! Teams desperate to win and trades for Lin will give him meaningful minutes not just as the passing guard.

  179. Just saw Lin’s IG feed, he’s in LA and also got acupuncture for his knees.

  180. Of course PBev has something to teach Trae, when can not defend the opposite guards, injure them.

  181. UHOH.. is that normal..
    was he not feeling well, or feeling something yesterday.

  182. yeah there shouldn’t be any excuse…either he is not stable enough or he is already and just out of rhythm because of inconsistent minutes…but all thing has a reason why its happening and it shouldn’t be also categorize as an excuse.

  183. i got your point, but i believe it more of LOW balling the Hawk team pretending Lin is of Low value because they(other NBA teams) thought they can do that to Lin and making hawk FO think twice of holding Lin seems Hawk is not rushing things because they have all the aces either trading, waiting for a trade or let JLIN walk.

  184. maybe too obvious question which has zero vaue to Lin follower? Lin can be an insurance for a contending team the minutes he is traded and can simply see it immediately , and thats on Lin to decide. But even JLIN knew that any contending team who will get his service right now is keen on using him not as an insurance but immediate with MAX impact because they are contending and already decided how they will use him.

    my question is, Do we believe that LiN right now is JUST a 2 minute or DNP player to a contending team? if NOT, then there’s so much team in the NBA that might see the same thing as we see JLIN as a player.

    wishing is not bad for as long as what happened it is the wish that we are looking for. …and if it did not, then we may continue to wish and hope for the best

  185. He can teach him how to play dirty defense

  186. Lin would play more consistently if he were afforded 25-30 minutes a night…We can’t really expect him to be very consistent under his current minute allocation.

  187. Not sure but if you click on his ico you can see the live feed where the needles were on his ankle and knees. Not sure if this is routine or due to pain.

  188. Here’s extended IG story of Lin and Len in LA.

    Very interesting that the Acupuncture was performed by the Hawks head athletic trainer Scottie Parker. ON STAFF!

  189. JLin’s awesome recovery is something that we, as fans, must always be grateful for.

    I’ve mentioned this before. Fortius and Josh Fan get all the credit for helping Lin rehab so successfully. And JLin has acknowledged it.

    But, as much as I detest Sean Marks, JLin was also VERY LUCKY that his orthopedic surgeon worked for the Nets, and at HSS. Successful recovery starts with SUCCESSFUL SURGERY. And this guy has a fantastic reputation. He deserves respect too. Dr. Riley J. Williams.

  190. PBev should be suspended for those types of plays. The ridiculous NBA not only NOT CONDEMN it, they actually encourage it. By constantly talking about what a “great” defender he is. ANOTHER JOKE!!!

  191. “On the other side, the Clippers will be major players next summer in free agency, with enough cap space for one max contract player and, with some maneuvering, two….The Clippers do not want to make a deadline trade move that messes with that cap space.

    Interesting discussion on the Clippers. Sounds like they want to preserve cap space for 2019 free agency.

    So, unless Lin really gets them over-the-top in playoffs, and they try to sign Lin for cheap in the summer. Otherwise, Lin will be just a half-season rental. Might help Lin get a good contract elsewhere. But, at the same time, hate to see Lin having to move to YET ANOTHER TEAM.

    Also, not a fan of Doc Rivers. Another coach where I don’t understand how he still has a job. One ring with Boston and that’s it. Done nothing since then.

  192. ????? Just goes to twitter sign-in?

  193. To support your point. Of all guards who play less than 20 mins. As efficient as Lin has has been most of the season, his % are actually not as highly ranked. But he’s doing well elsewhere.

    Lin ranks #2 in points.
    Lin ranks #6 in FGA.
    Lin ranks #1 in FTA.
    Lin ranks #4 in Assists.
    But also ranks #1 in turnovers. (oh well.)*L*20&PlayerPosition=G

  194. FYI – Dorsey played 8.6 of those 9 minutes WITH LIN. That’s why those minutes didn’t impact Lin. As it is, Lin got extra 5 minutes from sharing court with TYoung.

  195. Agree, whatever Schlenk decides to do, there is little to no risk for the Hawks.

    The Hawks already have picks for this summer. It would be some future picks further down the line. And if Lin walks, they get back cap space, which is still an “asset”.

  196. It’s possible that no team is desperate enough for this year’s playoffs. And may be willing to wait and sign Lin during free agency, for next year.

    Assuming health, which, IMO, should not need repeating any more.

    Of course, I would much much rather see Lin in the playoffs this year. From a basketball perspective, I’m sure Lin would like to be on a winning team. He’s always said he hates losing more than he loves winning?

    At the same time, from a personal perspective, it must be tiring moving from team to team. It would be the FIRST time he’s traded mid-season, which must be even worse than during off-season.

    To me, there’s pros and cons. So, however it works out, just HOPING for the best!

  197. Rivers is getting minutes right now because Chris Paul is out. He may not get those minutes when Paul gets back. At least, until the next time CP is out again with some other injury. LOL.

    Hope Morey is losing lots of sleep over the contract he gave CP.

  198. Well, he still got 21 minutes with Paul back which is decent minutes.

    If Lin can get 21mpg on his next team, I’d be satisfy because at least, he’s playing to win and make the playoff while in Atlanta, they’re tanking.

    I’m still hoping for a bit more than 20mpg for Lin..Hopefully, 25mpg off the bench.

  199. Some of us were discussing earlier.

    The only possibility of Lin being in Lakers is if Magic Johnson still loves Lin the Point Guard. Even then, LeBron probably has veto power. If a fading Kobe didn’t give Lin enough respect in a tanking season. Sure as heck, Lin won’t be getting respect from LeBron.

    Sorry to say, it won’t work.

  200. LP could had still set it up to give Lin these minutes by changing the subbing pattern.

    Guys like Dorsey should not be in the rotation when its already hard to reward Lin with extra minutes.

  201. Agree with your post, and others here.

    The only problem is, are there any teams desperate enough to pay the Hawks? Not because of how we feel. But because, as we know, the NBA is all about “business”.

  202. You need a bar at the bottom..You can’t compare Lin’s minute to a guy that is maybe averaging 8-9 minutes..I’d say the low bar should probably be 15 minute per game.

  203. BTW, THANKS Mak for your help with the Blake Griffin post.

    Your word substitution was actually even better! 🙂

  204. THANKS FOR THE LINK! Looks like “Speed of Lin” may be trying to create content in other ways, via Patreon. There may not be Lin highlights any more from him.

    And ChristineCheng60 hasn’t uploaded anything in a while. 🙁

  205. GREAT POINTS!!!

    So important for maintaining CONTEXT AND PERSPECTIVE!

    Lowry and VanVleet had better games tonight, but the Raptors still barely beat the Mavs.

  206. @Maknusia posted this much earlier in this thread. But it probably got lost between all the “trade” posts.

    HOPE EVERYONE GETS A CHANCE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO, and hear JLin’s commitment to always try to make a difference.

    As @Psalm also posted previously, Lloyd Pierce also made a donation to ODW, because of JLin. Regardless of how we feel about the basketball side of things, that was awesome for LP to do. It shows his respect for JLin as a person. Listen to Eugene Cho crack a joke about it.

    At 4:35, “Jeremy’s coach actually donated to the campaign…I thought that was really really cool….I told Jeremy “awesome, please tell him to give you more minutes…hope I don’t get in trouble for that”


    At 6:27. Q: “How do you find hope in the disappointments that come along through your career? How do you find hope again?” A: “There were times, even at the beginning of this season, when I thought about retiring….” Long and thoughtful response from JLin, but, basically, HIS FAITH.

  207. Not following you.

    Your original point was to compare Lin’s production as a bench player. Bench players, for the most part, do not play a lot of minutes. So, I used Lin’s 20 mins average as the baseline.

    The link I provided gets you to sortable stats. You can easily click on minutes column and take quick look at the top 20 mins guys. Why bother looking at the stats of guys who play less than 15?

    I think this supports your assertion about “Lin is already doing very well under his minutes”. So, what is the objection to the stats I added?

  208. Yes, Lin certainly should be given more minutes. Who is arguing against that?

    If you want to advocate that someone else’s minutes should have gone to Lin, please do. Take some from Bembry? Or even Prince?

    But I think it’s important for us to try to be as accurate as we can, given that we are just fans.

    In yesterday’s game, DORSEY’S minutes could NOT have gone to Lin.

  209. What did Rivers do in those 21 minutes? Stand in the corner while everyone watches Harden and/or CP dribble the air out of the ball?

    Seriously though, I really don’t care about what goes on with the Rockets except when they lose. HaHa.

    But, I get your point. I think we all agree. THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE. That’s why we are all still here.

  210. Jlin’s donations are quite substantial.

  211. JLin’s anti-bullying efforts continue to get recognition. Not surprisingly, from Bob Rathbun.

    But, for once, surprisingly from Kurt Helin at NBCSports, not always doing positive reporting on Lin in the past. “And it’s a reminder that Lin is far more than just a basketball player, he’s a leader and icon in a way few athletes have ever needed to or risen up to be.”

  212. I’m more annoyed by the Nurkic hold on Lin, foul NOT called.

  213. Sorry. Ignore this.

  214. anytime!…cheers 🙂

  215. yup similar, but he had complication and then another injury on top of that, sigh…poor guy…hope he gets back soon

  216. as I said some time back, after surgery its not gonna be 100%, there would always be maintenance work on it

  217. Jeremy’s response to the question at 6:27 shows his passion for basketball, resilience, and toughness. It even seems he suffered some smaller injuries on the road to recovering from his patellar tendon injury.

    His family and network of friends have always been an enormous source of strength over the years. In human terms he seems to have a rich life. When he was in Chicago recently, he spent time with the family of Ava Lee, a young girl who died of leukemia several years ago, who Jeremy had come to know.

  218. cant believe people continue to criticize him when he has a not so good game like last game which he just didnt shoot well. they just want to see linsanity and not really supporting him esp. after the season ending injury(could have been career ending) last year.


  219. Looks like Lin won’t be going to Pelicans then. Hawks should be getting desperate now.

  220. Yes Lin is more than a bball player that’s why he said he isn’t going to be a coach after he retires. There’s so much more he can do and businesses he can invest in.

  221. Less than two weeks left to trade. Where do you think the Hawks will trade Lin to?

  222. Lin had a good game but his shot was simply not falling..he was constantly getting to where ever he wanted to go and had no turnover..probably would had recorded 10 assist if he played 25-28 minutes.

  223. Not Pelicans or Blazers that’s for sure.

  224. Exactly and with AD wanting a trade, Raptors are not desperate to trade for Lin over AD!

  225. Can Anthony Davis be considered a great player if he cannot even take his team to playoff? Or do his teammates really s*ck?

  226. Most likely Kings based upon the rumors ?? but there is chance lin could be dealt to Raptors because toronto front office will do their best to keep kwahi after trade rumor about AD

  227. I hope Jeremy will go to Toronto 😉

  228. I hope he’s traded to the Magics or Wizards or Clippers.

    Toronto already have 2 point guards in Lowry and VanVleet.

  229. I just answered your claim that Dorsey minute could not have gone to Lin by telling you LP could had changed the subbing pattern…You do understand what I’m saying right? or should I go into details on how he could had easily set it up or eliminate Dorsey’s minute and give it to Lin.

  230. Or detroit

  231. For example, Miles Plumlee is shooting 66%FG but has only appeared in 18 games and plays 9 minute per game…Can’t compare his stats with someone who’s appeared on 40 games + plays 15-20 minute a game…My bar is at least 15mpg

    I’m sure I can find a PG on par with the Plumlee scenario…simple.

  232. Happy New Year Maknusia (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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