G47 [email protected] LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

In the 2nd game after the DNP, we had a mixed results of Jeremy Lin performance.

We were treated to a great 10 min in the 1st Half to 5pts/5assists when Jeremy looked unstoppable to lead the Lakers to 19 pt lead with multiple screen&rolls to connect with Ed Davis inside and Ellington’s hot 3pt shooting. But just as he drained his 3 after getting the rhythm, Byron Scott quicky benched him. Many on twitters realized the awkward point to freeze Lin’s and Lakers ย momentum and recognized it as another Tanking move by Byron, not to let the 19pt lead ballooon to insurmountable 20-30pts lead.

Lakers need to lose games to tank and sure enough Wizards came back with 18-6 run after Lin/Boozer/Davis sat to close the half to cut the lead to only 11.ย Alley-oops to Davis were so great to see. Lin was doing what he’s supposed to do, great rhythm to find the right people to score.

Lin lost his shooting rhythm in the 2nd half as Byron continued to mess with his Playing Time but he still managed to get 7pts/7asts by end of Q3.

Lin needed to score double-digits or get to FT line in order to close the 4th quarter but it didn’t happen.

Lin finished with 7pts/8asts/1blk/4TO

Good to see Lin was still calm after the game despite the disappointment of losing. He probably knew of Byron’s tanking move. Let’s hope Lin can stat-pad more as he figures out the balance of facilitating/attacking with reduced min of his bench role. How he can thrive within the tanking scheme of Byron Scott is a puzzle he must solve.

With 36 games left, let’s hope Lin finds a way to get more PT and better stats for his FA value.


Guess JLin's stats



  1. First?

  2. you got it!

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  4. Just re-post the article, need your release.

  5. Wow! Who’s this guy? The Headline was “From Bad To Worse” by Howard Megdal written in July 14th, 2014

    ….It didn’t help matters, when it comes to writing off Lin, that his contract, paired with Houston’s need to clear space quickly to make a max offer to Chris Bosh, meant that the Rockets were offering teams a first-round pick merely to take Jeremy Lin. To many, this was proof that the league understood fully that Lin wasn’t valuable, instead of understanding the move for what it was — a desperate maneuver from a Rockets team that valued Lin, just not as much as Bosh.

    And yet, we saw columns like this one, from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bob Ford, lamenting the possibility of Lin even coming to the Sixers. Ford is an excellent columnist, which reinforced for me how deeply the pathology of Lin The Bust had penetrated. Yes, the team most people believe will win approximately 20 games next season would somehow be harmed by employing Jeremy Lin, somehow.

    But ultimately it was the Lakers, and not the Sixers, who landed Lin.

    What this will mean for the Lakers, we don’t know. Whether Kobe Bryant’s body can withstand the rigors of an NBA season is very much an open question at this point. With or without Bryant, L.A. doesn’t look like a championship contender.

    But if Bryant does return, you can be sure of one thing: Lin, or whoever plays point guard with him, will have the ball in his hands, creating, even less than Lin did playing next to James Harden. It’s almost a cosmic joke, Lin putting in his two years in Houston, only to be dealt to play with the one player less copacetic with his game than Harden.

    And then Lin will be a free agent. Will NBA teams give him the chance to start at point guard somewhere? Or will his value, already dimmed by the two years that supposedly reinforced the collective judgment of the NBA’s evaluators, mean he’ll need to go somewhere for sporadic minutes, just like before Linsanity ever happened?

    Really, we don’t know what will happen next. Linsanity only happened in the first place because Carmelo Anthony was injured, Amar’e Stoudemire was out, the Knicks had no point guards and Mike D’Antoni turned to Lin as a last resort.

    Usually, a discovered talent is given plenty of chances to flourish once uncovered. As Jeremy Lin heads to Los Angeles, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever get a second one.


  6. How about: But will depend on if you’re still a coach?

  7. Talking about next season. Seems like BS is worried about his future.

  8. Don’t believe this will happen… BS is not going to be able to stop Kobe to do whatever he wants on court. smh!

  9. Finally! I completed the 1st of 2 JLin Q&A Videos:

    1. Jeremy Lin on JLinPortal Fan Forum $4100 Fundraising for his Foundation, Q&A, Jan 19, 2015
    JLinPortal.com started Online Fundraising to raise $4,100 from Fan Forum members & other fans Online for Jeremy Lin Foundation between Dec 26, 2014-Jan19, 2015 to show support and love for him.

    In this video, Jeremy provided his response to the $4100 check for his Foundation and answer to what Jeremy Lin Foundation does (“Incredible! I never expected that people can raise money online for the Foundation”)

    Link: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlinportal-donation-jlin-foundation/

    2. Jeremy Lin Q&A Intro with His Fans, Jan 19 2015

    Still being processed
    In this video, Jeremy provided answers to several pre-selected Q&A questions.

  10. Everything comes out of his mouth is equal value with what comes out of his @#$.

  11. done!

  12. Can’t believe this? smh! Why BS is still here?!


  13. Lin critics fail to appreciate the short leash Lin is given in LAL. They criticize him for being less aggressive than Clarkson, Swaggy P. Proclaiming that Linsanity is dead, People forget that Lin is very limited in how many shots he can take in LAL. He is not allowed to develop a rhythm unlike Clarkson, Swaggy P. If he attemps more shots last night guaranteed he will even have less minutes allotted to him. Probably 15 versus 20. If Lin was more aggressive offensively, he would have risked.

    1.) Less minutes and less opportunity to pad his assist pads
    2.) Lin is not stupid. He knows BS does not like him and will take every opportunity to criticize, pull him out.

    Given that, I don’t blame for just following the game plan and padding his stats. It was the best he could do given that his jump shot was not falling early. He also did have the option to drive because of Gortat and other bigs guarding – which was absent in the Houston game.

  14. Agree.

  15. All I can say is get it done. Meets the record and beat it. Even if lakers are tanking, it’s even better since Scott just looks incompetent and inept.

  16. what an unprofessional response from a coach.

  17. Why are some of the faces blurred out in the group photo?

  18. privacy & security reasons =)

  19. Got it. By the way, you are doing an amazing job running this site. Thank you!

  20. me too.

  21. thank you. It couldn’t happen without the help of so many mods & users who help to self-police and enforce the rules :]
    BTW, where have you been recently? Busy at work?

  22. Busy at work and busy with my 4 kids. =)
    I’ve been watching every game though and been keeping up with all the posts on this site.

  23. I finished the 2nd video. Great questions and answers by Jeremy!

    Part B. Jeremy Lin Q&A Intro with His Fans, Jan 19 2015

    In this video, Jeremy provided answers to several pre-selected Q&A questions

    1. What are some tips for young kids out there who dream of being the next Jeremy Lin?

    “Go After Your Dreams, Go After Your Passions. Be faithful with how you work & interact with people. I think God will honor that”

    2. [1:43] Why is it important for you to relish being a role model?”

    It’s tough because I don’t want to be built bigger than I am, 26-yr year old and human like you guys and I made a lot of mistakes.I’m still human and have to fight a lot of temptations .. I think the reason I take it seriously is because I never thought I’m going to be here, ya know .. The fact that I can come here and playing in front of tens of thousands of people in the arena is a miracle. So I just try to do it the right way. Uhm, I still make mistakes sometimes but it’s definitely fun experience and fun journey

    3. [2:31] Do you still play piano as you did in the documentary?Did you do everything well?

    ..I didn’t say I played piano well, didn’t read music sheet but I have pretty good memory so what I did is I just watch people play and remember it. But if I don’t play for a while, I forget it

    4. [3:14] What are some players in HS that you tried to emulate and even now to base your game of?

    I watched a lot of Steve Nash just because he was able to do pretty much anything he wanted on court without being a freak athlete .. I have my ways to do things like get to spots …

  24. Who is the guy next to him asking questions? Sun’s PR person?

  25. Wow, Who is this prophet?

  26. Says the guy who overplayed Kobe while injured, starts Ronnie Price, refuses to play Lin/Davis PnR, wants to “save” timeouts, hazes his rookies etc etc.
    Takes one to know one I guess.

  27. Psalm don’t you think it’s too late to blurry it? Haha

  28. JustSayNo2LinCritics

  29. yes, I think so

  30. Well they love to just look quickly at the stat sheet and say “See! Inconsistent!”

  31. yeah, KidFunSanity .. I know all about it LOL
    Good that you can keep up with the news

  32. Might as well go for the 26 straight loss record again

  33. Face palm…Nick Young is no angel but this is just too much. Half of the locker room is fuming and on the verge of mutiny while the other half benefited undeservedly from Scott’s ineptitude.

    Freaking bizarre.

  34. Heard something yesterday about Lin got charged for extra FGA. Guess it got fixed.


  35. I try, I try ๐Ÿ˜€
    There’s definitely some privacy concern in the Internet so I’d advise everyone to be extra careful

  36. Wow, I sense sarcasm from BS regarding his players. Not good at all. BS loves to flame his players.

  37. Better let Lin play 40 minutes and hope for a win, buddy.

  38. This is why Nick Young shouldn’t be too brazen to say, “Kobe’s injury is a blessing in a disguise for other players”

    This “ankle injury” can translate to many DNP games and snide comments from BScott faithfully dissing Kobe’s blessings to those who oppose him

  39. My only contribution has been donating $100 to Lin Foundation with a message, so that other people were spurred to donate, thinking: “if this guy who criticizes Lin’s BB game so much can donate money, so can I.” After I donated, you saw some big moneys being donated.

  40. You’re making it hard for me to hunt you down :p

  41. Yes, your $100 definitely started rolling the ball for Lin supporters to beat the “Critical-but-Generous” webattorney! LOL

    Thanks for doing so. We’re counting on you to double it next year, hehe..

  42. If Lin is still in NBA and I am still alive, maybe . . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. po ka ..=>

  44. Great job! Sure glad to hear the news. Funny I didn’t see and can’t find the tweet despite of my name was on the list.

  45. Wow… As much a clown Swaggy is, he doesn’t deserve such remark from this fool. BS really wanna become public enemy number 1?

  46. the writer knows BS so well.

  47. Thank you for the update on the Q&A after the Suns game
    You are doing a good job keeping this site clean and tolerable
    Some sites I joined are free for all with awfully rude and insulting people that make their forum look really bad. I guess the mods there don’t care about the quality of their forum.

  48. Great job @psalm234:disqus. Glad to see all these wonderful moments.

  49. thanks, I’m sure it will be much appreciated by all the Mods here!
    They work hard literally around the clock.

    Also, remember that you and other users may help self-police by flagging bad posts violating rules to be respectful. 5 flags and Poof! They disappear =)

    Differing but respectful opinions are welcome here. We can show younger generation how to be civil and respectfully disagree.

  50. There is a Chinese saying. I am not sure if it will translate.

    When dogs bite each other, they end up with mouths full of hairs.

    Hmmm, not as funny in English.

  51. Thank You Lin fans! Score keepers always tries to take away Lin’s stats or sabotage them that’s why you guys need to email them and tell them to fix it when ever they miss something!

  52. LMAO, did BS really say that?! Wow….

  53. Oh please, BS will DNP Young anyway since no one can out shine Kobe! Not to mention the season is practically over so it doesn’t matter! Better to speak his mind! Lin keeps quiet and guess what he’s still treated like crap! If I were Lin and knowing I’d be out of there after this season I’d speak up even more! Boozer spoke up against BS as well since he’s benched either way!

  54. Espn hasn’t made the change yet, it may take a little bit more time.
    Great job Lin fans!

  55. You know, I believe prior to say those words, Nick Young might be given more PT than Lin since Lin is seen as the bigger threat to Kobe’s Hero image in LA.

    But now, Clarkson is the highest in the Tanking business. Linsanity is still seen as a threat and need to be suppressed by BScott/Kobe.

    We might need a little miracle to see Linsanity ever happens in LA.
    Kobe wouldn’t allow it as long as he has the power.

  56. yes, it was good for us fans to be able to support and encourage him.
    He was happy seeing the fans and the check/support that we all did =)

  57. No way not with Young and Kobe being competitive against each other! No way will Kobe allow Young to take over.

  58. Psalm, to be honest the 5 flag rule concerns me. What if one day the trolls find out and start flagging people here?

  59. Disclaimer: This is kinda long and some may find it irrelevant…


    When psalm234 commented that he would present the site’s contribution directly to Jeremy after the Suns game, I instinctively posted, “Surely you will need to have JLin Portal’s Official Prophet (JPOP) at your side!” I felt a rush of adrenaline even though it seemed unlikely that psalm could agree and even less likely that I could plan a trip to Arizona on such short notice. But psalm said sure and then my mind started racing: vacation from work, book plane tickets, hotel and car rental, plan tour of Arizona, get tickets for Suns game. psalm said I could join him but could I also bring a friend(s) to meet Jeremy as well? Since becoming an adult, I had never done anything so impulsive. As expected my GF who already thinks I’m a crazy Lin fan couldn’t take vacation from work on such short notice. But she did encourage me to go on this adventure. As mentioned in a previous post, I traveled with my friend, Kevin instead. Between the two of us, the whole vacation could not last more than a 4-day window due to work obligations.

    I arrived in Phoenix from NY and Kevin arrived from Boston later that Saturday night. While eating dinner at the hotel bar, Kevin finally had a chance to ask me more details: “How is it that we’re going to meet Jeremy Lin?” “Well it’s a long story.”, I began. “You see there’s this Jeremy Lin fan site I post on and it’s owned by a wise man that goes by the name of ‘psalm234.’ I, myself, post under the screen name of ‘Jeremiah’.” “Jeremiah?” Kevin asked. “Well, you see I chose the name Jeremiah for several reasons”, I continued. “First because Jeremy is derived from Jeremiah. Second, because Jeremiah is a famous biblical
    prophet, so when I make predictions, it gives my posts more gravitas. Finally, Jeremy put out this video in which he pretends to have a long-lost, twin named Jeremiah. So sometimes my posts play off the prophet, sometimes the twin bro angle.” Before I could finish the long story, we got interrupted and the topic of conversation changed. Our tour was on a tight schedule.

    I had never been to Arizona before but seeing the Grand Canyon was on my bucket list. Turns out it still is cause there are two main attractions in Arizona, the Grand Canyon and Sedona; we only had time for one of them so we chose Sedona, which is closer to Phoenix and highly recommended by psalm. Sedona is also known as “Red Rock Country” and its hard to imagine anyone not being impressed by its spectacular scenic views. We were surprised to discover, however, that the highlight of the Sedona tour is “The Chapel of the Holy Cross”, a structure built right into the mountainous landscape. It’s difficult to describe in words but there is something about the chapel and its surrounding scenery that is very serene and spiritual. Kevin actually sat on a pew and meditated while I admired the view from the facade. Although I had noticed there was a large book on a lectern, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But Kevin looked closely and told me it was open to a page that said, “The Book of Jeremiah.” Huh? I took a look and sure enough it was an illustrated bible opened to the very first page of the Book of Jeremiah. It had a picture of God’s hand putting words into the mouth of the “Weeping prophet.”

    Then we both sat on a pew. “There must be over a 1000 pages in that bible.” I said. “The chance of that book being opened exactly to that page is like one-in-a-thousand.” “Does that make you believe in God?” Kevin asked. I shook my head and smiled. “Then how do you explain it?” Kevin asked. “Well, Carl Jung coined a term called, “synchronicity.” I said. “But that’s just pseudoscience so it doesn’t really help explain anything.” “I guess it’s just a weird coincidence.” Some might think otherwise though.

    I’ve attached some more photos of the tour. Later in the trip I regretted not taking a picture of the bible page so I could post it. But it turns out, Kevin did take picture of me reading it without me realizing. You can at least make out the picture of Jeremiah and almost the words of the title page. There is also a photo of Jeremy during the Q&A, and one of Ryan Kelly signing autographs. (to be added later…)

  60. Did check NBA’s stat when I first saw this and it has changed.

  61. Good. Glad that JLin knows there are many global fans of his support him no matter what:-)

  62. Wow 9 months

    Lakers Nation
    BREAKING: After surgery, Kobe Bryant is expected to be out approximately nine months.
    http://www.lakersnation.com/kobe-bryant-officially-out-for-the-season-set-to-miss-nine-months/2015/01/28/ โ€ฆ

  63. Yeah. From preseason, I know the major threat in Lakers for Linsanity is KB and BS. That’s why I always lumpsum them together as much as I can when I sent tweets to Jeanie Buss, Lakers….. Both of them needs to leave Lakers for good. Otherwise I’d prefer JLin to be out of Lakers. These two are just too evil!

  64. I saved them already! Haha!

  65. Photo of the chapel.

  66. In time to be back with preseason. WOW! What a bummer! F/O please let KB sabotage another season. Retire KB and fire BS is your job to save your org!!!

  67. Oh please retire for the sake of the team!

  68. Thanks for sharing “Jeremiah”

  69. Just in time for next season… smh!

  70. The plan is to increase them to 10-15-20 flags as the readers/troll population grows.

    Currently it’s not an issue but we might have to increase them soon if such trend is occurring

  71. At this rate, given Clarkson as little more development, he will iced out Kobe.

  72. Harmony with nature. Thanks!

  73. good.. that way Jeanie and other people catch on we’re onto them as being one and the same in having personal agendas not good for the Lakers.

  74. This release might as well say “lin is done in la”. Oh well. Find a good spot this summer man

  75. Its divide and tank.

  76. Lin is 100% done on lakes after season. Are there actually those who disagree?

  77. Sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a photo of Ryan Kelly about to sign a basketball for Kevin.

  78. Would Lin ever consider a stint in China? He could do what Andrey Blatche is doing. Play in CBA and then sign with a NBA team close to playoffs (after CBA is done) around this time. That would give more $ and probably make him even more popular in Asia (especially in China) than he already is.

  79. thanx…we plan to visit the Grand Canyon too so now Sedona would be on our bucket list…

  80. Last 4 games played, Jordan Clarkson has 10 total assists. In Jeremy Lin's last 4, he has 27. Who's running the crappy Scott offense better?— Robert Sha (@Gadgetomi) January 28, 2015

  81. Not bad idea but lin probably wants to stay in nba

  82. He might get stuck in China. Out of sight out of mind.

  83. Lin mentioned he’d like to consider playing for cba after he retires in prob 10 years. Though by that time, cba might be better than nba as I see it, lol

  84. definitely, it doesn’t seem Lin thinks highly of cba.

  85. Kobe could be ready for the next season but did the FO say anything further?

  86. More synchronicity ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Such remark is uncalled for from a coach. But then what can we expect from a clueless stubborn idiotic one?

  88. Right, nba.com got the stats corrected, lol

  89. Lakers consecutive streak number 10 coming up, BS guarantees
    it. Win or lose, doesn’t matter just play your game Jeremy. From one athlete
    to another, โ€œfloat like a butterfly sting like a bee.โ€

  90. Thanks for sharing your experience, @disqus_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didn’t think you were serious at first since who would have time to take trip during busy working hours but I’m glad you had a wonderful memory for the game and the adventurous AZ trip! And thank God you didn’t have to be a “Weeping Prophet” during the trip LOL And who knows if it could totally be not a coincidence? hehe What’s good is it makes a lasting impression for you and Kevin. It was great meeting the both of you.

    We sure waited for a long time for Jeremy to show up at the tunnel. It’s a good thing we didn’t see Byron Scott, that would destroy the experience!

  91. They have pretty good names like Monkey King, Flying Dragons while we have Pelicans and Nuggets. Jeremy Lin Flying Dragon sounds pretty cool.

  92. On a brighter note, courtside seats there might be a lot cheaper.

  93. You factor in the return flight and court side seats and it’ll still be cheaper than a lower bowl seat in Staples Center.

  94. and Clarkson will probably get iced out next season by Kobe as his next victim. Kobe’s power and lack of security is so unreal and vicious

  95. Yeah I made a remark in the other thread saying about vengeful people retaliating. But I was not expecting this outright doghouse.

  96. Lin’s next step is returning to starter in NBA. No way to CBA at this moment. Btw, heard that at the time he played in China during 2010 lock out, he’s killing it already….different level…

  97. More pictures please! Thanks for sharing! 4 days sound too short but still at least you made it!

  98. What’s the chinese version?

  99. Thanks! Use the edit to delete the pic and repost it after you play that in your computer.

  100. You know.. I wanted to know when Lin exactly said in frustration about not being a one-man show (referring to Kobe and long with Boozer who called out Kobe’s name) to see if that’s what got both of them benched.

    I knew Kobe is viciously protecting his image and not shy about throwing teammates out. Now Byron started badmouthing Nick Young is just a reflection of Kobe’s wrath, I think.

  101. It was buried in the beginning of the season. Best guess in around Game 10.

  102. I can’t thank you enough psalm! The trip was only 4 days but it seemed longer because it was filled with so many great moments. Thanks to you we had great seats at a discount on short notice, we got autographs at the tunnel, we participated in the Q&A, and you were kind and patient enough to provide advice for the whole trip. I’m also very glad that I finally got to meet you and some of your family members. You don’t look anything like Gandalf afterall ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, Jeremy appeared suddenly towards the end of shootaround. But the way the trip was going it was almost like, of course Jeremy is going to show up and sign a BB for us. Why not? LOL. And yep, Byron didn’t do anything to make me the weeping prophet ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Been to the Chapel. Some connection with Frank Lloyd Wright. Sedona also has a little Mexican theme shopping center with restaurants.

  104. I could only imaging the CBA officials using Lin for political gains. Just like how they were trying to lure some Taiwanese atheletes todenounce their

  105. wow, you have a great memory.
    It’s exactly after Game 10 (lack of communication & trust)!

  106. yeah, it’s good we clear up the Gandalf misconception.
    Glad things worked out well for all of us & got great memories =)
    That’s what’s important!

  107. you meant like Muhammad Ali…lol

  108. LOL Good guessing eh!

  109. the FO knows but they want to tank more than to win games…..stay on course….draft picks more important now

  110. I’ve been thinking about creating a Post with Chronological Timeline of what important events happened during the 14-15 season so we can look back and find evidence to hint when Lin/Boozer fell out of favor with Kobe/BScott (i.e. Lin/Boozer calling out Kobe’s one-man show in Game 10 & benched by Game 21). Now Nick Young fell out of favor after the controversial comment of Kobe’s injury being a blessing with others.

    Let’s work together to see if we can piece out important events. I’ll create the post later.

    Kobe is clearly a vindictive star who had no problems throwing teammates opposing him under the bus in the past (i.e. Shaq, Dwight,Sessions, etc.)

    @Jedi and I discussed Kobe’s vindictiveness to possibly bench Nick Young and @JLin Fan from Australia had a great memory that it was Post-Game10 vs GSW that Lin (0pts, 1ast) was exasperated about “one-man show” without naming Kobe. Boozer called him out by name.

    Also Lin’s Post-Game interview calling out Kobe One-Man show

    Game 20 was the famous BOS game when Lin scored a lot quickly in Q3 but was benched because he was to be benched in Game 21 vs NOP

    Somewhere between Game 10 and Game 20, I suspect Kobe talked to BScott about benching Lin and Boozer for calling him out.

    Now Nick Young might be DNP-ed for calling out Kobe’s injury being blessings to others. Let’s monitor what fate will await Nick Young.

    Here is the Game Long between Game 10 and 20.

  111. I think for now they want to wait and see Kobe progress first before taking further action.

  112. Waiting for the fifth?! @justsayno2hardensiso:disqus ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome mate.

  113. nice sharing…you sure Gandalf was not in disguise? hmmm

  114. I would say, 55% chance that we might stay….lets see

  115. Good thoughts.. I remember we talked about it during last two season with ROX but it didnt realize on the other site. Yeah lets get it going.

  116. Still too early to say. 19 Feb is pretty good indication of one way or the other.

  117. But i think as far as JLIN is concern, he’s done with LA for he will pursue a team who play teamball and will make him the assured PG starter, then maybe mark on it and swoop for the playoff and maybe championship. He will probably stay with the Lakers on the following conditions:
    1. Be the starter PG, play as a PG and will not be junked one time and DNP some of the time..LOL;
    2. No more BS;
    3. KOBE is not a problem.

    we all know that the 3 conditions here will never happen, so im assured that JLIN will find a new home come before trade deadline or FA.

    so just fly at the moment with fleeting wings and not mind the things that somewhat being done by some against him, for we all know, they already set their feet on their next move!

  118. Thats true. Lin is smart enough to evaluate whats on the table, when the time comes

  119. rookie has given all the leeway right now to justify sitting JLIN…after lins gone, JC will be just their 2nd or 3rd string player. I watched his D-league plays and he’s a ballhog PG/SG, as well as ellington. he can change but if he did change, JC will be an average PG and i think he knows that, so for his sake, he need to play as a SG to be able to handle the ball with the aim of shooting it before passing.

  120. Agree. Anything can happen between now and July.

    Why 19 Feb? It’s trading deadline. I’m still a tiny hope for a miracle: JLin to be traded, KB’s annoucement of retirement, and/or BS is fired. With JLin, anything can happen:-) Having said that JLin just has to do his best and improve in this yo-yo BS “system” so that he won’t be effected as much in future when it happens again. He will become a more complete player.

    If things remain what it’s, don’t believe he will stay in Lakers in FA.

  121. Thanks. I guess it’s possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Anyone think BS is devious enough to put Jeremy in the starting lineup tmrw against Bulls so Price or Clarkson don’t look bad by having to guard Derrick Rose? Did BS play Clarkson 37 mins against Wizards to use as an excuse to bring Clarkson off the bench or possibly sit him out against the Bulls? Rose took 33 shots in last night’s game, so you know he is an aggressive player.

  123. great…now i can sleep well ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. I hope Lin leaves LA to find a team that utilizes and appreciates his skills as a pg. I think that even when kobe retires next season, he will still have some saying in lakers so the situation for Lin won’t become much better than now.

  125. kinda hard to say, but i think he will stick to current trend; minutes might change

  126. Breaking news: Pelicans Anthony Davis being helped to the locker room. It didn’t look good. Looks like right knee.

  127. Well, not so bad afterall. Anthony Davis returns to the game. Watching it now:-)

  128. Just a feel good article…we never know! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeremy Lin Will Strongly Consider Playing for Mike Dโ€™Antoni, If Coach Hired By Nuggets

    More than three years after Linsanity, Jeremy Lin might be looking to forge a new partnership with former head coach Mike D’Antoni and save a career hurt by disappointing seasons in Houston and Los Angeles.

    The Lakers could certainly keep him beyond this season, but clearly the best option available is for both parties to part ways. At this point of his career, Lin needs someone who could turn things around for him, someone who knows how to utilize his strength very well.

    After a tumultuous two-year stint with the Lakers, Mike D’Antoni could be back on the sideline as soon as next season with the Denver Nuggets reportedly targeting the former Phoenix Suns and NY Knicks bench tactician as potential replacement for Brian Shaw.

    D’Antoni has been known for implementing a free-flowing, fast-pace offense, which is exactly the kind of offensive system Lin prefers to play. Although starting for Nuggets is going to be a lot harder because of Ty Lawson’s presence, there’s no doubt Lin will strongly consider picking the Nuggets next summer, if they eventually hire D’Antoni as its next head coach.

  129. One can only hope!

  130. fingers crossed

  131. Possibly the only coach in NBA who will for sure give Lin a fair shake and have faith in him.

  132. Mavs became worse after Rondo trade. Why are teams still chasing after him again?

  133. ็‹—ๅ’ฌ็‹—๏ผŒๆปฟๅ˜ดๆฏ›

  134. I believe maybe not right now… Rondo got 0 point w 6 AS but 5 TO.. I don’t think he can bring in too much for the team as all the GMs thought.

  135. The first photo is a view from the entrance of the chapel toward the large window of the facade. In the lower left corner you can see the open Bible. The second photo is a close up of the Bible which is opened to the Book of Jeremiah.

  136. He needs the ball to be in his hands to create but has to defer to Ellis and stand in the corner and defend…sounds so familiar…lol

  137. That’s the official word from F/O. Don’t think F/O will do much unless they plan to fire BS and want to retire him.

  138. Sounds interesting except for very misleading title. When did Lin say he will consider playing for D’Antoni if he gets hired by Nuggets, not to mention “strongly” consider?

  139. Never understood all the hype about Rondo. Can shoot, can’t hit free throws.

  140. Nah, seriously doubt it. BS doesn’t care about that stuff and he will stick with his line up. Clarkson starting. Lin around 20 minutes unless someone gets hurt.

  141. Mavs got a big case of rondoitis…hehe

  142. Might as well leave no sense in doing this again.

  143. You’re ok, web. I didn’t put my money where my posts are. Next time …

  144. I haven’t seen this yet.
    But yet Jeremy is right, with 36 games left, a little miracle to create 1 Linsanity game in LA under the watchful eye of BScott/Kobe would be much welcomed!

    Jeremy Lin Reveals Why He Would Want to Be Biblical Character Samson

    Another person asked Lin who he would be if he could be a biblical character.
    “I would be Samson and see how much I could bench press,” Lin wrote.

    It seemed Lin was in a silly and jovial mood weeks after taking to his personal website http://www.jlin7.com to speak about finding more joy in his life. While commenting on his website, Lin also admitted that he was disappointed in his basketball season thus far.

    Still, the Christian athlete acknowledged that God was present during his trials.
    “At times, it has felt like the barriers were insurmountable or that I was powerless to control things around me,” Lin wrote. “From a basketball standpoint, I’m obviously disappointed, but God is always working โ€” even through life’s struggles and disappointments.”

    The Christian athlete also reflected on his life, vowing to focus on the goodness of God and finding joy in the Lord.

    “My entire life has been a collection of miracles and instances where God has taken a ‘bad’ situation and turned it into a good one. And who knows โ€ฆ maybe God is preparing a miracle out of all this,” Lin wrote. “When I focus on who God is and how much He loves me, I am able to live with joy and freedom from life’s pressures or the results of basketball games. I hope that as I go through this ‘valley’ I can encourage you to turn to God and put your hope in Him!!”


  145. Ya! The problem is Lin can score but not Rondo. I think Rondo tried to play good D today to impress Rox bc this is one of the teams maybe will sign him this summer. When vs Lakers, Rondo will try to score more to make a good impression to FO of Lakers.

  146. Ok, here are 4 more. Two more of Sedona, one of Jeremy guarding IT, and one of Jeremy at the Q&A.

  147. For the sake of NBA.

  148. If Nuggets really hires MDA then we can talk about this… bc he is not even their HC yet… Plus they already had the PG they like so …?!

  149. Why would Nuggets replace their current coach?

  150. I deleted it at work and there was a “This comment was deleted.” remnant. But then when I got home it was restored as if it were posted by “Guest.” Very strange Disqus glitch and now I can’t edit it at all. But I thinks it’s ok. Ryan is not a big star yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Linsanity is the only cure.

  152. Melo, asked how many rookies he's seen who aren't afraid of taking big shots: "I was here for Linsanity."— Chris Herring (@HerringWSJ) January 29, 2015

  153. What is this?

  154. I gotta say that I love lin so much and believe in his game, that I have almost developed an ulcer worrying about him. Lin has been so wronged in this NBA that it makes me want to vomit. Lin is a guy that will not compromise his beliefs s in a world of NBA athletes who have bought into the hype that it is all about me and my stats. Lin is the voice for many players in the NBA who feel the same way has he does,but are afraid to speak up. After the smoke is cleared from the NBA, lin and his beliefs are about the game of basketball being a team sport and not about an a superstar ego. lin will be the last man standing and will give a lot of owners pause to open up their eyes before they open up up their checkbook…just some thoughts

  155. This the PG that kobe wants recruit:


  156. Could he be softening up?

  157. Kobe can have Rondo all he wants..The championship PG

  158. Ya! Bc Rondo sure can’t outshine Kobe on court… LOL!

  159. Sounds like an inconsistent PG =O

    Perhaps the more Rondo sucks, the better chance for JLin that the Mavs sign him to a deal

  160. I like Melo compare to Harden & Evil Kobe… at least he will not take PG job from Lin.

  161. Perhaps Kobe can recruit him now…that would be awesome.

  162. Perhaps now that the Knicks are at the bottom of the food chain, he misses JLin

  163. Melo- you deserve this. Thanks for running Jeremy out of ton with his ‘ridiculous’ contract. Imagine if he stayed and you supported him, we wouldn’t had to suffer through 3 years of marginalizing our favorite hero, and maybe you could have even had a championship or at least something close to it.

  164. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……Then I hope D’Antoni wont coach Nuggets…

  165. I have to apologize to this site, because I have not been a very good moderator. My mom died before the Christmas Holidays and it kind of threw me for a loop. I have been very angry and have been a very emotional and grieving state. I am no means making an excuse of my behavior of late, but just trying to give you incite on my mindset.. So if I have offended and been judgmental about anyone on here I apologize and ask for forgiveness. I am trying to work my way through the stages of grief. The friends that I have made on this sight has has sustained me in my grieving process and I am very thankful for that. I am finally getting a handle on things and each day gets better, so just give me some time. Thanks

  166. Let’s not make Melo out to be some saint….Kobe=Harden=Melo…they’re all egotistical ‘superstars’ who only want the fame and glory for themselves. Melo never wanted to handle the ball- he’s not a point guard..he’s a small/power forward. His playing situation was totally different from Kobe/Harden who are ball dominant guards.

  167. Trying to make himself look good with the Lin fans/Asians….

  168. These are great pictures! The first one looks like desert land, feels like good location for meditation!
    And the second one I feel like I want to standing on top of the mountain, and point my finger to the sky, and do some sort of tricks!

  169. you are a good person, Joyce. I feel and empathize with you, friend. Your stories about your mom were inspiring. Do share more as it comes.

  170. And his son is so adorable! A lin fan as well!

  171. Makes kobe needed.

  172. Kobe wants to recruit him because nobody will come here, and kobe thinks that he might be able to control him or appease him, in the same way he did Nash, when he took the ball out Nash’s hand and made him a spot up shooter.

  173. Hang in there. He is an example that will continue to rise as the reality stars fade.

  174. needs courage to say what you have just said….

  175. I love melo, … today. Lol

  176. my goodness, take care Joyce. we’re all here

  177. My condolences.

  178. There’s nothing more important to a parent, whether in or after life, than the safety, health and happiness of the children. Please take care of yourself, so that mom will not need to worry.

  179. Lin must not be destined to join MDA.

  180. We all made mistakes some point at time! Take care!

  181. sigh…cant look at it now….need to get to another site office

  182. Lin could go to OKC….

  183. Right now is, it finally hitting me, that I just can’t call her on the phone and get her wisdom, that has been the hardest thing for me. My mom kept me pretty grounded. She knew that I was a person about facts, but she opened me up to a realm of looking beyond the facts and just looking at the people and and not the facts.

  184. Oh, that’s new for me, I haven’t heard this before! Thanks!

  185. Sorry for your great loss. I know how you feel because I lost my mom 5 year ago too. You’re great on this site and many respect and love you exactly who you are both good and bad timing. No need for apology.

  186. Means nothing ’till the dusts settles. I see hundreds of these before trade deadlines, some are valid but mostly weather balloons.

  187. maybe Melo has finally matured. he must have. Losing THAT MUCH over the years must have made him a more mature person. Same with us. We thought Melo was BAD (and yes I still believe he was the force that drove Jeremy out of NY), but then we learned about Harden’s selfishness and Kobe’s egocentric personality…Melo wasn’t so bad anymore. Looking back, I at time wonder if there would be a day Jeremy would return to the Knicks, the same way Nash returned to the Suns and turned the franchise around.

    Dolan still disgusts, nevertheless.

  188. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. May God give you peace, comfort, and love in a difficult time. And of course May Lin light up the court to give you some moments of rest from grief. (;-)

  189. Yes, yet no one gives Rondo flack for being inconsistent…or criticize DRose’s 0 asts 11 TOs. And then people don’t like it when race is brought into the conversation.

  190. Everyday when I visit this side, I always like to or hope to see your post. Thanks for so many infor on Lin & also the stories on your family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. No worries gal…you are all good. If you love Jeremy Lin, you cant be bad. Stay Strong!

  192. I feel you. One time I was so emotionally set back, that I told myself this is not worth it, there are much greater injustices in this world than this BS in an entertainment business. For instance, what’s going on in the Middle East.

    Then…I became even more depressed.

  193. I don’t think he meant the amount of money but the poison term just like this year Lin’s contract is not easy to move.

  194. I understand how you feel.. It takes time and we know it, and there’s no need to apologize. Take care of yourself and your family.

  195. Saw the end of the game, it didn’t matter if rondo could pass the ball, rondos man was always ready to cheat off rondo and help cover the shooter. His lack of being a scoring threat made it harder for Ellis and Dirk.

  196. Whoever is coldest stays out the longest.

  197. Sorry to hear that. Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Be strong and God will always be with you

  198. so sad, i know the feeling, i still can’t get over my grandmother’s passing. never had chance to be with her more. still regret it…

  199. Do take care of yourself, Joyce. Your mom was certainly a special person with lots of wisdom ๐Ÿ™‚ take your time to grieve but always remember all treasured memories. And someday you’ll see each other again. And no worries, we all make mistakes and need to forgive each other anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ praying for peace and strength for u Phil 4:13

  200. Thanks for sharing your grief with us. Glad that you have been aware and work thru your own grief in this time with trusted friends. That’s a healthy sign of grieving process. Proud of you to admit your needs of time to grieve properly. It will be ups and downs in your grieving process. Bear in mind that normal grief will take at least 2-3 years to recover. You will have ups and downs in the process. Please take good care of yourself.

  201. Rondo for Lin plus first pick. Let get it done!

  202. Playing behind WB, he wont see the court.; (

  203. Glad you like them. They were taken by Kevin. It is so much nicer to be in Arizona rather than NY in January! Some sort of tricks?

  204. Hmm, knowing that about yourself and her keeps her alive. You also are loyal, and that is sometimes against fact. You know, the ppl who make quick fact based decisions and excuse it as being just biz . you already have your mom in you, the ppl loyalty. Yes, you cannot call. I used to hope to dream about my dad, just to savor it all day. ” Let those bittersweet memories return, sometimes.” My dad wrote that about fond memories in his diary when cancer got him at 50. I was nineteen, and I remember well the brightness of his spirit.

  205. My condolences.

  206. It looks like he linked his teammate’s performance to Linsanity. Not really means he missed Lin…

  207. On some days, it feels like Jeremy Lin will have to have Klay’s miracle 3rd quarter EVERY game to be recognized as NBA starting material. He had a Triple-Double in 29 minutes from the bench, only one of three NBA players to EVER do it, and the ONLY undrafted one EVER, but sure, no one talks about THAT.

    With that said, as dire as Jeremy’s situation is under a tanking BS coach, at least there are some LA media outlets that support him, which gets national attention.

  208. Very sorry for your loss, take your time…

  209. this three are like bad-worse-worst.

  210. Yeah it will hit you in different time. My mom passed away for almost 16 years. I still feel the loss esp now that I’m following her steps except I’m about 5 years younger than her to deal with cancer myself. It reminds me often about mom esp now I’m about to learn whether I will have another cancer to deal with. She passed away on Valentine Day in 1988. Yeah my own coming procedure in line with mom’s death triggers more stuffs to deal with. It isn’t easy.

    Your story also reminded me the time I was in US 2007. It hit me hard as I couldn’t call mom ….

    Go ahead and share your story when you need to. We are here for you @awarde:disqus.

  211. I gotta say, congratulations everyone. Our little community made Jeremy really happy with that fundraising. It might not be too obvious, but I think it really warmed his heart, especially how a group of strangers came together online and trusted each other to raise some money for his foundation. With money scams and everything, we all trusted each other with our finances.

  212. Thanks some @ psalm24. I have a small circle of fiends and the couple that I hangout know about the bond and connection that I have with this site. So thanks for your foreignness.:)

  213. Well said.

  214. I was also wondering if Jeremy could ever have a quarter like that. The problem is that he would at least have to stay on the court for a whole quarter. Look at what happened to Ellington. He was on fire for most of a quarter so BS benched him. LOL

  215. Thanks @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus I admire you so much. You are my hero, because you have taken on this battle for your life with faith , wisdom and courage. You have never given up the good faith of fight, God Bless you.

  216. Joyce is 100% American with 90% African 5% Asian and 5% Linsanity.

  217. Sorry about your loss, but hey, thinking about lin’s smile may ease your pain. Stay strong and keep posting.

  218. Ellington must hate BS now, he could’ve had a spectacular career night. Perhaps not quite Klay, but he WAS 100% when pulled off the court.

  219. You are so true. LOL

  220. All the Lakers must hate his guts. I bet they take turns imitating him in the locker room.

  221. If you put it into tuna terms and think the size of ego as amount of fat, then you’d end up with toro-chลซtoro-otoro. LOL

  222. Seth Myers just made a joke about how most of the Kobe jerseys sold this year were bought by Lakers players. The punch line was “hey, I’m open!”, then Seth pretends to throw a old school chest pass and take a underhand free throw like the 50s.

  223. I’m still on the fence about Hill and Clarkson. And perhaps Randle.

  224. My wife just lost one of her good friends and ex-colleague a week or so ago to suicide as a result of post-natal depression, leaving a 10-month old baby and her husband. It rattled and shock her to the root. Not to mention her grief. So I can only imaging your pain. Take care and hope

  225. I want to say that you guys on the site are the best. We are like real brothers and sisters when we fight about about our significance or status within the family,but we will always show a united front front for the things that really matter. Thank you for that

  226. Yes, IJ :] I’d like to think that our little surprise and Thank You card would help Jeremy navigate this ups and down this season.

    I’m pleasantly surprised to know that many members have such trust. I do appreciate that. I had to actually direct most of everyone to make donation directly to Jeremy Lin Foundation to get tax deduction. Plus I don’t want that much responsibility and extra work hehe.. Next year, we’ll ask everyone to send it directly to the foundation and just tally up the total.

  227. I guess. But even they must get tired of losing every game.

  228. Wow. Didn’t know post-natal depression could be that severe.

  229. lol

  230. so sorry to hear that :[ That’s such a tragedy
    I hope your wife and the loved ones left behind would gain the strength to grieve and cope with the loss. My condolences.

  231. I know she would protest with only being credited with 5% Linsanity! LOL

  232. No, not all. There are a few not named LIN that are happy, Kobe, Price, Wes, Hill, Clarkson; the anointed ones.

  233. that’s good to know :] Friends and loved ones are so important!

  234. Thanks @psalm234:disqus for organizing it! I’m glad you had some nice interaction with Jeremy.

  235. You know like, how some characters in the movies or cartoons, they transform into something else with some sort of tricks. Ex. Superman, batman…Etc

  236. Wow, that is really hard and very sad. My condolence to your friend.

  237. Humans naturally have the ability to empathize, and that is the greatest power of humans. However, I believe many obstacles have been made up to make it difficult for humans to show their empathy to each other.

  238. No worries @awarde:disqus. Sorry for your loss, I hope you’ll find peace soon.

  239. if you were here, we’d have more fun with a tag team of mods doing it :]

  240. Yeah it’s all very sudden. Wife was watching Aus Open Tennis when she received the news. They were buddies when it came to tennis discussions as they’re both big tennis fans. Now that both Federer and Dimitrov are out of the tournament, wife is in a constant state of sorrow…

  241. But just think how much fun it must be to fold your arms on your chest, strike a pose, and then apologize for how you did Kobe wrong, while all your teammates ROFL.

  242. Nishikori choked on big points. Will be Djoko and Serena again last standing. My favorite player is Djoko who IMO probably is the best tennis player right now in men’s tennis and has a big heart. Djoko probably played the highest level of tennis I have ever seen a person play for one season. His serve has improved, so he’s pretty much unbeatable.

  243. Mel, you’re one tough woman with such strong faith. May God continue to strengthen and heal you! we’ll keep sending our prayers your way. Hang in there, okay :] Phil 4:13

  244. At this point, I doubt Kobe is THAT happy with Scott.

    BS is extremely good at brown nosing, but failed miserably to come up with an on-court strategy to make Kobe shine in an ambience that is less physically taxing. Now Kobe looks like a scrub AND is injured, season is done. Kobe will never blame himself, so guess who is he gonna blame.

    Price is humble and wants no trouble or quarrel with anyone, yet was shoved into the center of a huge starter PG controversy, and often criticized and humiliated because of it. He’s wiser than Bev so he knows he’s just being used as a pawn.

    Wes might’ve been happy before, but he’s now bench.

    Hill I can’t read quite well, but Clarkson sure is happy about being given the chance, tanking lineup or not.

  245. You should totally do it and make it into an animated GIF!

  246. We can have a competition.

  247. Flattery will get you…ANYWHERE!

    Cheers to the brother and sisterhood of the Santuary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. Don’t need to, just watch “Brooklin 99” and Captain Jacob Holt. This is how BS will be in another 10-15 years.

  249. What’s that on the left? I’m not as good with white fish.

  250. Thanks for sharing the pics. WOW! Can’t believe I’ve missed Sedona all the times that I travelled around the area. When I plan my next trip to anywhere, I will definitely ask people here for traveling tips:-)

  251. Does anybody get the feeling that Kobes’s recovery time is more than 9 months, but more like 12 months. Kobe is manipulating this whole thing with his his handlers. The F/O response has been we will wait until after the surgery and see how how he progresses. The Lakers are becoming the joke of the league. Kobe is acting like he has some kind of power.He is as only as powerful as Mitch /F/O lets him be. If they stand their grounds with kobe, they will realize that Kobe has no teeth in the organization to excerpt his will.

  252. Rikki M put up a Dave Chappelle animated GIF at the old turf that was hilarious! But definitely NSFW and the language would get me a life-time ban if I reposted it here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. LOL Any kind of fish is awesome. I prefer the whole fish esp head and all those “bony” area. Love to chew and eat all kind of bones; not really a great fan on meaty part:-)

  254. Very convenient time period.

  255. I will and am finding it becoming a little better each day. I am finding solace in my work because I have a couple of huge project that I have in the works that could effect my whole company.

  256. I lost my mom in middle of 2012 and i know exactly how you feel! Be strong and hang in there and time will heal! Take care!

  257. It will be interesting to see where lin lands nest season. I thought it was kind of funny that they are selling the Linsanity movie in their Laker store along with a Kobe documentary

  258. I guess Catwoman in your case ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. Thanks @psalm234:disqus. Not sure I’m tough but being a hospital chaplain in the past definitely helps me to cope with my own health issues. If I’ve ever recovered from all these and be able to work again, I will definitely become a better chaplain. I was very good one even before this health bundle but I believe I have become even better one after going thru all these. Have a better understanding of people dealing with cancer and prolonged illnesses:-)

  260. I haven’t been to Australia or NZ yet but I picture them having similar types of attractions.

  261. I LOVE pan-fried white pomfret (็™ฝ้ฏง้ญš) and cutlassfish/common hairtail (ๅธถ้ญš). Better if pre-marinated with white rice wine, ginger, green onion and salt.

  262. I think the jury is still out, as Mitch/Jim await for doctor’s prognosis AFTER Kobe’s surgery. If Kobe’s done for next season as well, it’s halleluyah FA market!

  263. My niece came by and said Thanks for the tickets to the Lakers/Bull game. They only care about lin. She an her friend are so happy. Her and her bud still have plans to get lin alone, but I said I didn’t want to know how, and they laughed.American teenage girls are a force to reckoned with,..j just sayin,

  264. Thanks:)

  265. Somehow I feel the Lakers F/O is still on the fence regarding Jeremy, and will not make the final decision until after Kobe’s surgery, at the earliest.

  266. Yeah, isn’t this ridiculous? The latest the worst!!!

  267. Thanks @awarde:disqus for your great compliment. Don’t feel like one sometimes. I did vent my frustrations with my godfather who lives in US yesterday morning after hearing another “lecture” from “friend” about how I should “behave” without asking me what I’ve been dealing with.

    Saddest part of my life is I have been the caregiver for everyone (family and friends) for so long and receive no care from them except lectures… Thank God that at least I do have my godfather and another long distance friend who do listen to my health woes. Thank God that God also provide JLin global family to provide comfort when I need the most. Glad you are part of this family.

  268. I’m just glad that Kobe is the Black Mamba and not the Wolverine….

  269. Oh may be you can help me, what is flounder in Chinese?

  270. When I was young, we ate lot of white pomfret when we didn’t have any food (those days weren’t like now, basically had to purchase fresh food daily) to cook. Why? My dad was the import and export of white pomfret and other fishes as well:-)

  271. Yes, just stay positive and how you might be used to blessings to reach out to others =) And yes, I see similarity and toughness in your fight not unlike Jeremy’s journey

  272. That is because they find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to lin. They are use to feeding the “superstar ego athlete by giving him lots of money. “lin is telling them that it is about team ball that will win championships. and he is not about the money or fame, he wants to go a place where they play team ball and one goal in sight is to win a championship. Lin has probably told Mitch/F/O that players will sacrifice if they have the right coach that plays to their strength and understands it is about team effort and not their own personal goals or stats.

  273. that must be worse and shocking when the news came so unexpectedly.
    Hope your wife has a group of friends to talk and process things so it helps with the grieving process

  274. what did Mav give up for Rondo?

  275. Haven’t seen one thus far. We have different types of geographical features. The famous one in Australia is Ayer Rocks/Uluru. Maybe in Kimberley region and more inland sites. Haven’t visited those places yet. Have visited most coastal areas but not the outback. So, not sure whether we have similar places or not.

  276. Well my wife has her bet on Berdych now. I don’t really care anymore cos my Kyrgios is out. Watching him play I can say in 2 years time he’ll be within the world top-10 or top-5 even. However saying so, he’s still got a bit of maturing to do. His temperament is polar opposite to Lin…

  277. Well, even Kobe will be like Nash, claim injury and could not play the season, he will get paid by insurance, so he will still get his money, but his salary will not get off the book till 10 month after his last game, which will be Nov this year, that means you could not use his salary in FA market in summer. However, once his salary is off the book, Laker could potentially get somebody through trade.

    However, currently Lakers has no asset, thus they will have better chance targeting FA.

  278. I have to say I make a pretty good punching bag sometimes…

  279. LOL Thanks! Indeed JLin teaches me a lot. Benefit to be his fan:-)

  280. yup, the recovery time was too optimistic to coincide with the early season.
    And it doesn’t mean he’ll be in good NBA-playing condition.

    I hope Lakers FO get the reality check of 1 more year with Kobe means to upcoming FAs and makes the right decision to cut their ties. But I’m prepared to expect Kobe will stay since FO hasn’t made any strong moves against Kobe. I think the Buss siblings could be seeing preserving Kobe as a legacy of their late dad for 1 more year plus sell tickets, even if it’s destroying the franchise for another year. I hope I’m wrong and Lakers ownership will pleasantly surprise me.

  281. Yep Sometimes it’s even worse consequences. Don’t take lightly on any type of depression.

  282. If Lin is not traded by the Feb 20, tells me that that most contending teams will pick him up in FA. Lakers have no bargaining chips except for their draft picks..Kobe is an albatross around the Lakers that have them signing for at least a “so called superstar”.

  283. Somehow Clarkson really reminds me of Monta Ellis in his Golden Warriors days except Clarkson is still so raw and does not have the scoring talent that Ellis possess.

    Nevertheless, their ability to completely take their teammates out of the rhythm by freezing them out as well as padding their points on lots of FGA are pretty similar.

    I guess BS just found his new “Tank General” in Clarkson after the old T.G. Dr. Black Mamba was out for the season due to injury lol. I really don’t know why but Lin just can’t seem to escape from ball-hogging chuckers so far in his career.

  284. I still remember how my first girlfriend in high school ambushed me in the hallways at lunch time. I hardly knew her or her friends when she asked me to a party, but it worked.

  285. hahahahaha Thanks for sharing. Can’t stop laughing as soon as I read your post:-)

  286. The shock treatment always work. Ha ha

  287. Not sure it will work on JLin though:-)

  288. I agree, but die hard Laker h fans with seasoned tickets see the writing on the wall for kobe ad they are not buying it.

  289. Damn I never got ambushed… EVER!! The sadness of being a short otaku Asian boy…

  290. good.. now you just need to make sure you got your group of friends to talk about punching bags together LOL

  291. yeah, hope lin will have better luck next season finding himself a good team and good teammates.

  292. I guess we can all agree the Lakers all about the drama. This is Hollywood, what’s your dream..LOL

  293. The Lakes already got a 1st round pick from Rox,, so whether Lin is traded in Feb or let off end of season is of no significant impact to Lakers, right?

  294. its never been easy for Lin…sigh

  295. Hollywood drama no comparison to Taiwanese dramas that covers hundreds of episodes and teary heart wrenching ones….lo

  296. Possibility is there, I think Kobe would come in early in the season just to mark his 20th season record, and then some hunt for numbers AST and PTS and then he hangs it.

  297. Awesome and cute kid having phone conversation with Jeremy =>

  298. Imagining Lin say eh…eh…. then smile and say thank you.

  299. He agrees with the chronos theory.

  300. Like a poster here says it’s a reality show.

  301. I think they would do that, but I dont think Kobe’s physical health would be able to

  302. Hehe, sorry bro. I was a nerdy starting PG so I was pretty popular with the nice girls, not much with the in crowd cheerleading type who never appealed to me anyways. I was pretty much a dolt in the ways of romance though, trying to be a nice guy may have hurt more than a few young girls feelings.

  303. Yeah the long dragging one that can finish it in 1 show but drag on for 20-30.

  304. Exactly. I happen to think that Jeannie Buss/ Mitch/F/O office like lin They like like his values, and his deep understanding of the laker winning culture. Lin is willing to sacrifice his stats to get a championship means a great deal to the F/O. Whether the F/O has the guts to stand up to Kobe is a different story

  305. Good…then we could bundle you together with @michael …jk ๐Ÿ™‚

  306. LOL That’s quite correct if the girl isn’t tongue tie one:-)

  307. I hope Kobe realizes the time has come to hang up the shoes before his long-term health is affected

  308. hm, maybe they can apply some pressure to the ownership? keeping my fingers crossed!

  309. You are one blessed man deserving a blessed woman indeed =)

  310. It’s all my father’s fault for putting me in an all-boy school damn it…

  311. Wow! Cool JLin! He really knows how to talk to kid.

  312. In that case the FO will just wait till end season to s the extent of Lin’s chemistry with team, the progress of kobe recovery, FA availability. During the next 30+ games they would want to see Lin’s strength and weakness, whether B’S can build on it. Conclusion: unlikely to be traded b4 Feb 15.

  313. lol

  314. Joyce should accompany her niece and shocked Lin. Joyce definitely not tongue tied.

  315. I do not think he can recover to play at NBA level.

  316. @ joyce….for you

    Smiles: http://youtu.be/bk6v1m9dJ9M

  317. me neither, but he will force himself to play to get the 20th season record

  318. Most of them (those who had played at that level) dont

  319. And ends it ugly?…..indeed….it can happen

  320. I was in a Convent all girls school for 11 years – no regrets, but do note that Sisters can be very strict not what is portrayed in cinemas. Can remember lots of time in nearby church especially exam time.

  321. How tall are u?

  322. You are right there. So many things could have set our paths away from one another since we weren’t at the same high school or university. It’s a small miracle that our paths did finally merge at a time when we actually had a small window of a chance. It was a very thin thread of a chance that I reached out for from 250 miles away! In a way, I’ve always felt there was some kind of divine intervention or destiny to our meeting.

  323. nice..

  324. hope not…i dont want any player to get hurt…its not nice…and its life long issue that

    one has to go thru…its painful ๐Ÿ™

  325. 5,8 so not too short for the late 60s. But my wife mostly dated taller Caucasian men while I mostly Caucasian girls. You should have seen the huge smile on my moms face when I introduced her the first time, my mom looked like she just won the lottery.

  326. wow .. awesome divine intervention but credit to you for seizing the day!

    we always treasure something that is difficult to come by and we may almost never received :]

  327. Life is so strong yet fragile. I remember one Saturday about 18 years ago, I went out and played basketball with some friends at the park. There was this one guy named Jeremy (I’m NOT making this up) who played particularly well that day, much better than he usually played. Then I think it was Sunday night, while I was playing Resident Evil 2 on my Playstation, I got a phone call saying that Jeremy had passed away. The news sent chills through my spine and I couldn’t believe it, I just played ball with the guy and then BAM! he was gone for good. Turned out it might’ve been a combination of cold with stress and exhaustion, as Jeremy had just finished some major exams the day before the game.

    Moral of the story, be kind and spend quality time with your family and friends. Life is too short and uncertain for us to be wasting time. I’m glad to have found a good circle of people here to share these life experiences with, and look forward to spend plenty of time with all of you.

  328. true, MJ was the same way. They’re just way too competitive.

  329. I’m not even talking about money, it’s Kobe’s stinking rep of an ego that’s mainly keeping quality FAs away.

  330. nice! And it’s for her niece too before JLin got ambushed LOL

  331. No wonder you’re so smart, growing up eating lots of quality fish! ๐Ÿ™‚

  332. Should be ๆฏ”็›ฎ้ญš.

  333. Is this…could it be…bragging? LOL

  334. I just understood why boys played sports, quarter century too late. ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. I’m the same height as you but born 20 years late!

  336. shock to hear that. I am so sorry for your lost. I feel like I know her thru you even I have not post much.

  337. When you get to a certain age, all you can do is remember the “glory days”.

    That’s life my friend. Looking back with rose colour glasses blanks out the painful parts too. It’s how we survive the many cruelties of life. I was also stood up by a girl who totally ignored me like I wasn’t even there when I asked her to dance. I stood there naked in front of a dozen people like a fool. I was also told by two softball teams that I didn’t fit in socially and cut. I was also frozen out of my starting PG position in my senior year when a new coach didn’t like my game.

  338. Like most Asian families, my wife and I faced the same presuures to excel at school and to stop fooling around at sports. If you ever seen the movie “Bend it Like Beckham” then you will know how I had to fight my mom to play sports. I guess that’s why I always had my eyes on my future wife from a distance becasue she was playing sports as well, probably also against the wishes of her own parents.

    It’s been my mission as such to spread the importance of sports for young people to learn the many intangibles that academics can’t teach. I firmly believe that it must be a much greater part of public education as as it is an absolute requirement in almost all good private schools in the west.

    Med schools now look for much more than grades. They look for social apetude, caing, bedside manners and especially the ability to endure stressful situations. To be cool under pressure, to think fast In critical situations and to be have absolute self confidence in surgery when facing life and death decisions. None of these skills can be taught in class rooms. They can get it by competing in sports.

  339. And that’s why we all follow Jeremy. More than BB. He got a great heart! Just love him.

  340. Gee bud, I’ve totally forgotten about being stood up by girls ’till you brought it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve once waited a ten hours…after this girl I just started going out with invited me to her school’s Open House, and then left the event with another guy. I don’t remember whether I stayed because I liked her so much or because I was just being too upset. Ah, the good old days of youth! LOL

    I also tried out for basketball in HS, but you’re gonna laugh at the reason I didn’t make the team. We were shooting FTs and if missed, one had to pick up the ball and do a layup. I was one of the first to try out, and didn’t know about the rule. The trainer may have explained it, but I either missed it, or simply didn’t understand what he said because it was my first year in the States. Who knows, I could’ve been Leesanity!

  341. Lol, too bad about missing out on Leesanity.

    The truth is we all have our glory and our pits. Just that as you get older, we get closer to the bottom of the pit and everything looking up looks rosy.

    Hopefully you’ve found your own soul mate that makes those girls that stood us up sorry for ever letting us slip away!

  342. Yup, seen Bend It Like Beckham.

    I always said that the Linsanity phenomenom broke down many barriers: Asian-American NBA player, Harvard NBA player going big time, and last but not least the cultural stereotype of Asian parents deeming sports to be a waste of time. By making more money than many doctors and lawyers, Jeremy has given hope to countless Asian-Americans trying to make it in the professional world of sports, sending the message that dreams do come true if one works hard enought and keeps insisting.

  343. On second thought, that girl left me for a guy who owned a car, and I only had a motorcycle when I was in college. It may have had something to do the one time that she fell off the bike when she was riding side saddle. It was pretty hilarious, as I hit a pothole I instantly felt the bike’s load lighten, and then saw the girl jogging next to me. Good thing she was ~5’7″ and had long legs, so she didn’t trip or get injured.

    But yeah, I have an awesome job now, a beautiful (if somewhat ill-tempered) wife and two gorgeous daughters. If only that girl could see me now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  344. Joyce, I wanted to send you a message but I don’t know how. I am very sorry for your loss. I have been there and am still going through the the grief. I lost my mom as well nearly a year ago and I still get mired in the grief. There is no timetable and there is no “getting over it.” There is nothing to really make it better because the only thing you want is your mom back. That tangible love is irreplaceable. I read every article on grief and people’s personal stories because I couldn’t even express the impact of the loss. No one can truly understand what it feels like if you have never lost a parent, and even then, every person’s relationship with a parent is different. I wish I could tell you it gets better, whatever that means. I do think though that we learn to adapt to the loss at some point. Ultimately, please know you are not alone.

    I also wanted to mention a place called Our House to you since you live in the LA area. Since it sounds like you work in the medical field, you may have heard of this place already but Our House has 2 locations, one in LA in west la and the other in the valley, I believe. They have grief support groups for adults who have lost a parent. They have groups tailored for people and the person you are grieving for those where it has been at least 2 months since the loss and you meet every other week for one year. If you would like more information, or want any of the articles I read, let me know. I will pass it along.

  345. Lol…..wow…nice!

  346. That’s a long way from being soft or scared. I’m floored even Melo can appreciate that about Lin. Just goes to show players know what’s up even if a coach has an agenda, perconceived notions or bias.

  347. Game knows game. That might be why Harden went to talk to Lin after the Lakers Rockets game this week.

  348. We wont get to see it this season but any bets on how Clarkson would do if he was starting now and Kobe was still playing?

  349. Very interesting sport news. This gave a better understanding of JLin’s view on padding stat and about his so-called girlfriend.

  350. Lol…it was double happiness later when my mom found out my Asian girlfriend was also a doctor.

  351. For anyone who wants JLin to be selfish and padding his stat, JLin gives you a very specific and pointed answer here. Hope this settles for all JLin’s demand, wish and want for JLin to do it.

  352. So sorry for your loss. ๐Ÿ™

  353. They like him because of that time when he played with one arm in the playoffs.
    Even Kobe tried to copy him recently.

  354. Didnt realize Lin and Ellington did the “wave” pregame ritual

  355. After kindergarten, I was in a Catholic all girls school for 13 years. Sisters were very kind to students. It’s good you had a church nearby, I only got gas station and cemetery around my school โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ

  356. I skipped 30% of high school, but my parents didn’t care. Played a lot of sports though.

  357. Hmm……Lin doesn’t like his GF too hot too sexy…….for those who want to attract Lin, better dress like the girl next door ๐Ÿ™‚

  358. that was sweet…the boy was cute as well

  359. You see, basketball is a very intense game that takes toll on your body and high wear/tear on your joints.
    When a player takes extended break and try to make back in, the aggressiveness of getting into shape cause eventually lead to another part being injured. So it aint easy to make a comeback, since you never know which other part gives in

  360. Its as dramatic as Ironside… lol

  361. @psalm234:disqus for some reason, the site loading (homepage) taking a little longer than usual. COuld you check it out. Thanks

    Anyone else experiencing slow loading at the homepage?

  362. Thank you so much!

  363. I didn’t get a chance to watch the Jeremy Q/A videos last night at all! Took forever to download and may be now or later i will try again!

  364. what a coach! sigh

  365. LOL I was so different from ya’ll. I was very sporty and excelled in Chinese Chess + did well in school as I grew up. It was totally against the norm in my days. During my young days, good girl didn’t play bb, didn’t do well in sports, Chinese Chess, games…. I was totally the opposite and still did well in school (Always one of the top tens among 200+ students in my grade from Grade 1 until I graduated from high school). I was also very active in church and did numbers of performance dance in school and special occasions. It brought so much headache to church leaders and teachers alike. They didn’t know what to do with me as I was so different from “norm” in school and church. Talking about those good old days:-)

  366. Unfortunately we all it ain’t ideal world at LAL

  367. Checked it out just now and it was okay. It has been normal to me thus far. Didn’t have any issues watching any vids as well.

  368. I’m speechless, I had watched this so many times but I still can’t control my tears….Jeremy hope you find your home soon!

  369. Not sure Joyce likes to involve in this adventure:-)

  370. Only if BS can cooperate, not sabotage.

  371. This made me cry even though i watched it many times before!!!
    Jeremy was having the group of awesome teammates! They genuinely love Lin, the body language showed them all!

  372. Its better now…hmmm

  373. The girl next door like Penny? lol

  374. The music makes it like I wanna cry xD

  375. I wasn’t sure before but it seems clear that Scott is tanking now. I don’t think the front office ever instructed him to tank. (Imagine the scandal if there were an audio recording of deliberate tanking plans).

    However the front office probably knew that they were either getting the coach who got lucky with Chris Paul and Jason Kidd (and who could coach Kobe), or the ultimate tank commander who pandered to Irving in Cleveland.

    Scott also probably knew this and that anything in between would get him fired. So once it was clear he wasn’t going to get lucky again with a winning team, he has fully focused on tanking cause that will keep his job.

    Jeremy has been frustrating him because coach Jeremy has always figured out ways to help the entire team win. So Scott is using every way possible to marginalise Lin because that will help the tanking. That could explain his nonsensical remarks and ridiculous rotations.

    Of course, maybe Scott just hates Jeremy. Or he is just a really bad coach.

  376. Take care Joyce. Life is always with ups and downs. May peace find you.

  377. Not all of us live in LA. Some of us live in HK which is a 2 hr flight to Shanghai. Grab some dumplings and catch the Sharks.

  378. I used to think that Penny is a boy hahaha……

  379. I am happy I am a Lin fan. What a guy!

  380. Translation: low maintenance home girl like my mom.

  381. Interesting comment. I have to say Lin’s current mindset to move past “Linsanity” is hurting him. Instead of embracing and moving towards it (shoot and aim high as the saying goes), he is tempering it.

  382. Then Lin will be surrounded by tiger mom, tiger gf, tiger wife & tiger fans in his whole life…….poor boy…..

  383. no, if that is the case, then why did he let elli play when he was on fire.

    There is a lot of tanking conspiracy theories.. but what if he is not tanking but just st-nk as a coach.
    I can immediately add one and say he is now really in tank mode just to prove that without kobe, this team cannot win.
    So by that logic, anyone who plays well will have to be taking out…
    But why did he let elli play? clarkson was doing not bad.. why let them continue to close games.
    I mean I know you love jeremy lin, but please don’t go overboard and ignore complete objective logical reasoning. (love is blind)

    My conclusion = bs does not know how to coach.

  384. One thing that has been consistent about Jlin in the NBA: his coaches seem to find him or his game annoying. Except for MDA for that short stint before MDA quit on Lin and the team due to playing office politics.

    Musselman seemed to save Lin at the D-league or maybe Lin was just so good he saved himself at that level.

    It would be refreshing for us to see Lin go to a team where he is truly embraced by the media, coach & front office even if he only got off the bench for 10-20 minutes a game. Give him some massive pick and rolls and the right players next to him in those 10-20 minutes and let him do his thing.

    That’s what I’m hoping for. So far, I believe only 2 coaches in the NBA have acknowledged Lin is even an NBA caliber player: Carlisle and Stotts. And of course if MDA lands a job, I do think Linsanity will go there.

  385. While I agree with you, they must only view Lin as a backup role player. For Lin, I hope that’s not enough of a vote of confidence to stick around. Even if they forced Kobe out, there is no guarantee that Lin would be the guy this franchise turns to.

    If they really wanted Lin to do well and test him out, now would be the time to give Lin 36 minutes per and run Lin style offense and let him have a 35 game tryout. If that doesn’t happen, and I dont believe it will, the writing is on the wall.

  386. well if Lin has zero NBA offers except one from the Lakers, sure Lin will stick around and make a few million while enjoying LA life. Beyond that, there is no way he stays. To me it’s pretty obvious.

  387. the reality is no team wants to trade for Lin. I’m not sure why folks think Lin is some wanted commodity. He’s not.

  388. All the signs, for me, are there and self evident. I think some are just in denial. I dont see how you could think Lin will possibly still be a Laker after this season at this time. I almost find it ludicrous but we are all entitled to our own thoughts.

  389. I’ll be missing the game tonight, so I contented myself with watching old Linsanity clips. What made those times fun was Jeremy facilitating the offense opened up his own scoring. It even made watching Melo trailing behind Jeremy on fast breaks a bit more fun (Melo can’t create his own shot).

    What I miss though is seeing an athletic Landry Fields who would come from the perimeter and jump for a putback on some of Jeremy’s missed shots.

  390. You forgot George Karl. I personally think even Popovich is scared when Jeremy is on the floor.

  391. “Melo can’t create his own shot”? He’s one of the premier shot creators in NBA. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s definitely one of the most complete offensive players in NBA.

  392. Not really. That’s my take.

  393. GoodDayLA, any comments? Agree or disagree?

  394. Your point exactly?

  395. My point is that I disagree with you. Nothing more or nothing less, and wanted to hear from GoodDayLA whose BB knowledge I respect.

  396. I don’t care if you disagree with me and I don’t care if you don’t respect my knowledge. Go make a separate post though if you want to discuss it with someone else.

  397. I don’t care if you don’t care if you disagree with me. I just disagree with you, You go make a separate post if you want to keep on saying you don’t care if you disagree with me. And I never said I don’t respect your knowledge.

  398. In case you need pointing out, you are asking for GoodDay’s opinion…. on my own post. Basically you’re the one stepping on someone else’s post here.

  399. I am not allowed to ask if another person thinks the same? Are you making up some rules on what is allowed or not allowed? Again, we disagree, so let’s leave it at that.

  400. Posting on a forum 101. – if you want someone else’s opinion, go reply to that person’s post. Apparently you don’t want my opinion, you wanted GoodDay’s.. so you replied to me.

  401. No, you are mis-characterizing what I did: I responded to you and asked if GoodDay agrees regarding your post. Please stop mis-characterizing what I did. I am familiar with Forum rules.

  402. I’m not mischaracterizing you. I’m saying it as it. You replied to my post, so basically you’re replying to me. GoodDay has several posts below, it’s easy to ask him. You can EASILY ask him through any of his posts, but then you elected asking for HIS opinion through my posts instead.

  403. GoodDayLA, do you agree with IsabelJane’s statement below that “Melo can’t create his own shots”? Just give me your honest opinion.

  404. Well, it’s clear what I did or didn’t do, since the posts appear right above.

  405. If you are going to be banned, I guess it’s more fun to take GDLA with you rather than going alone? jk. (Not speaking from experience.)

  406. Why would I be banned?

  407. Uh yeah. You replied to me asking for GoodDay’s opinion. I told you to create a separate post instead since you wanted to discuss it WITH HIM AND you got snippy, saying I mischaracterized you.

  408. Famous last words…

  409. Why famous?

  410. I will let the record speak for themselves.

  411. Be my guest.

  412. I am.

  413. Playing the antagonistic card, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  414. Good guys do win in the end.

    I can’t believe she rode sidesaddle! That’s midieval man. Lol. I also rode for about 10 years late in high school and all though college and after, until I got enough money for a car. The first ride in spring was unbelievably joyful. That’s something I’ll never forget. A few years back, I got a Silverwing to ride around town for fun. It’s an old mans bike. My wife hates it. It’s my way of forcing her to get a convertible. Haha.

  415. His High School coach and College coach seemed to understand him well. Seems like he’s had bad stretch of NBA coaches that don’t. Probably more politics in the NBA and catering to superstars.

  416. Front office must be fine with tanking otherwise the coach with the historically worst record would have been fired already.

  417. It did, is this one of the ladies secret weapons?

    Guys have no idea what to do to get the attention of the girls they like. We are really a bunch of simpletons that kinda just throw our lines out there blindly and as often as possible and hope it lands something. Kinda sad really. That’s why you get stupid catcalls from guys as if it would ever work!

  418. Music make it seem like he died.

  419. You are entitled to your opinion. Frankly nothing about the Lakers makes sense this season. Too many actors in this drama with their own agendas.

  420. Don’t understand. Please clarify. I am just saying I am a Guest to this Forum, so I try to abide by its rules.

  421. I’m moronic and idiotic to you. No need for me to explain it to you, Your Highness. Please ask GoodDayLA though.

  422. Max and Marcellus called tanking a “happy coincidence” for the Lakers. An apt description.

  423. No, only thing I think is you are too sensitive. Your Majesty. We can have disagreements here.

  424. Hahaha… that’s a good one. This Majesty though wouldn’t reply to Khuang asking for Brent Yen’s opinion. This Majesty though would go to KHuang DIRECTLY and ask for HIS opinion. I won’t do any disservice to Brent Yen.

    Anyway, I’m done.

  425. I loved school because I didn’t have to work. Being first gen and not well off, we all had to work weekends and summer holidays. To have any pocket money, I’d get up at 530 am weekdays to deliver newspapers, then got school at 7am for team practices for whatever sport was in season. I didn’t skip a day of school because it was the easiest part of my days.

  426. Well, I guess I could have done that, but also brought in another person to the discussion string. I don’t think it’s that big deal or shows any disrespect, especially since I made it clear I disagree with you. Initially, I wanted to confirm that you really thought that.

  427. so he can talks about how isabelijane said this and that with him. Gossip!

  428. No, just checking to see if I missed something.

  429. Please, drop the “good natured” I-just-want-a-good-discussion-so-I-will-bring-in-someone-that-will-confirm-that-I-am-right-and-prove-she’s-an-idiot act. Kinda obvious you didn’t really wanted my opinion.

    I don’t mind you calling me an idiot. That’s ok. If in case you wanted or preferred someone else’s opinion though,please don’t ask me. If you wanted to discuss something with someone else, please don’t drag me too.

  430. You guess it right!

  431. Dolan: “Well, what do you say KD, you wanna be part of my family”

    Durant:”I would love to but you are dreaming”


  432. Yea yea yea yea~~~~lalalalalalalala

  433. LOL true. I’m gonna mute the sound and put an edm song instead. That’s my linsanity.;D

  434. Yo, yo, yo . . ta, ta, ta.

  435. Interesting discussion on whether Melo can create his own shots.
    If we’re talking about isolation shots, I think the answer is both yes and no.
    Yes, Melo (and Kobe) can make tough shots but not efficiently.

    This 2012 “Hero-Ball” ESPN article had a great way to explain Synergy stats that ISO shots are the least clutch. And Melo and Kobe were one of the worst offenders of being unclutch.

    In measuring efficiency with PPP (points-per-possession), here were the 2012 numbers for clutch-time isolations :
    1. Durant 1.07ppp
    2. Melo 0.72ppp
    3. Kobe 0.5ppp

    Think about it. If Lakers operate at Kobe’s efficiency in 48min of BBall game, they would score less than 50pts in a game! Yet Kobe still took the most attempts leads the league in crunch-time iso attempts in 2012. We don’t have access to Synergy stats but I bet it’s even worse this season.

    And Melo was only slightly better than Kobe but bad enough to lose games than win them.
    Yet people only remember their 1-2 great makes but forgot they missed 3-4 in between. Just bad basketball as said by Steve Kerr/Scott Brooks/Rick Barry/Rob Horry in the article.

    So IMHO if we ask “Can Melo or Kobe create their own shots?”, the complete answer should be “Yes, they can but not efficiently to win a lot of games”

    That’s why so many people hates “Hero-Ball” but casual BB fans are only awed by 1-2 tough shots and didn’t realize they missed a lot more to lose the game.

  436. Psalm, were you going to post something and deleted the post? ๐Ÿ™‚

  437. Disqus kept putting my post on pending as I was trying to edit some typos.
    I had to approve my own post twice! =)

  438. That’s not fair because you added “but not efficiently to win a lot of games” which was NOT part of the question. The question was: “Can Melo create his own shots?” Of course, he can. He’s a supreme ISO player. Whether such wins lead to wins or not is a separate question. Kobe obviously won many rings; Melo didn’t. But Melo wasn’t surrounded by as talented teammates as Kobe. Both are among the best shot creators in NBA, if not in the history of NBA.

    I would pay good money to see both go against each other in one-on-one contest. I dare say Melo would win 6 out of 10.

  439. Grr, baby!

  440. well, if we’re going literally, of course Melo can create his own shots =)
    But I’m just pointing out that many people judge them by how well it works to win games.

    Melo was actually a better sharp-shooter in the Olympics team since he was willing to defer to CP3 and LeBron to pass him the ball and he simply drained the shots. But his pride to be the Hero just wouldn’t allow him to succeed in his NBA career. I think Kobe and Melo tried to replicate MJ in their careers but fell short of the original blueprint.

  441. LOL, I get the same thing using Windows 8.1.

  442. Not judging them at all. Their records speak for themselves: Kobe won rings, Melo won not much but NCAA ring. Lin has Linsanity record so far.

  443. it’s more a built-in Disqus feature to prevent spams so we just have to live with it.
    Can’t complain with free stuff lol

  444. Your argument about non-bball issue with that isabel is entertaining. But yes like Jeremiah said, if I were you I wouldn’t talked to her. why? I argued with her about something in the past and she can’t take the heat because she did make a wrong assumption.. so what did she do – banned me as revenge. (she needs the last word.. it’s her way or the highway). I don’t know what ever happen to freedom of speech here..more like freedom of speech according to certain mods. Anyways, like I said, I can get back in after banning.. not hard to do considering what I do and have. I’m just here once in a while for the twitter news and highlights this site, despite the fact that you are limited in your thinking and speech in here, because this site does have faster updates of public news than the other sites. I’m starting to not care much about ppls opinions on lin on this and that site.. comments on both sites starts to get ridiculous.

    Also I think it’s fine to ask someone else for opinions about bball other wise what’s the point of having a site when you think you are always right and don’t care about their opinions. So I don’t know what is the big deal about it. And watch, I’m gonna get banned or comment removed because of my first paragraph, lol.

    btw, I personally agree that melo can create his own shot and anyone who says melo cannot create own shot have not really seen him play much or doesn’t know much about bball. But again depends on the technical definition of the person thinks in terms of ‘creating own shot’. On the contrary, people who CANNOT create their own shot is someone like steve novak (I’m using him because most ppl here must know about him). He is a spot up shooter and need someone else like lin or a good pg to set him up. So knowing this, people can also say anything else besides what novak does can create their own shot.


    Etane said it not me.

    Don’t ban me, just stopping by to say hi ๐Ÿ™‚

    Prediction: Lin to have 15/8 3TOs 3 steals on 4/10 shooting in 27mins. Gasol/Noah to crush Lakers bigs. Rose with 40 points 15TOs on 45 FGA and still be MVP of game. Lakers lose by 11pts.

  446. lol. It wasn’t really a discussion.. it was trying argue to START a discussion but someone else try to stop it from happening.

  447. First of all, he didn’t let “elli” play. He benched him while he was still shooting 100%. Clarkson had the worst +/- at -12. Not only is your logic faulty, but your facts are completely wrong.

  448. I think “create own shots” means “able to score without help from teammates”. Isn’t that the very definition of ISO?

  449. Jlin says he will never pay selfish ball. There must be a team that could appreciate his attitude. I agree team ball is the way to play but there are moments he must realize he is the best option and not to defer on that play.

    As for the fake girlfriend, the reporter is funny. One picture of her in a bikini would suffice too tell the story, but not that I’m bothered they showed half a dozen shots of her in a bikini. Just saying.

  450. Welcome, @Kenoshi:disqus =)
    Finally, you have time to visit old friends hehe..

    Ha.. I wonder if you misrepresent etane’s statement now LOL

    Bold prediction indeed! Lin had 6p/2a in 19 min vs CHI the last time with Kobe playing.
    I only hope Lin gets enough screen-and-rolls like the HOU game. Plus BScott doesn’t mess with his rhythm by benching him after making a 3.

  451. For the record, I never said anything of the sort. You make your own case so well (rme), I don’t see why you would want to misquote me.

  452. When Clarkson scored, Byron let him play.
    When Ellington scored, Byron let him play.
    When Lin scored his first basket, Lin was benched.
    People had given explanation that Byron intended to tank.

    I found it difficult to explain the same thing didn’t happen to other players.
    I called that doube standard. I called that discrimination. I called out that Bryon had an agenda against Lin personally.

  453. Benching after hitting the first basket was definitely a punishment for scoring. Byron Scott all along has shown malicious reining on Lin’s game. I wish that he would be replaced soon.

  454. Didn’t he bench Ellington in the first Q while he was still 100%? There’s probably an unwritten rule that you never bench a player who’s shooting 100% like that.

    I’m not saying that BS/Kobe doesn’t have an agenda against Lin, they definitely do. I’m just saying this is not the strongest evidence for that.

  455. oh sorry, I meant the banning part.. and my wrong usages of punctuations.

  456. Welcome!

  457. Yes, in keeping with the spirit of cooperation and helping each other, I apologize to everyone, including IsabelJane, if they were offended in any way. I also have a bad habit of trying to get in the last word. Many do. But from now on, I am going to speak my mind but do it respectfully.

  458. 2nd Report: Knicks are in serious discussions with Durant about next season.

  459. Ronnie has been given no minutes. The pendulum was swung to the other end.
    I really think Ronnie deserved some playtime that Clarkson didn’t. Byron had given too many minutes on Clarkson. Injury is possible for a rookie getting so many minutes. Just hope that Byron would not destroy the future of another player.

  460. Melo is a gifted and complete offensive and iso player. I agree with you that he can create his own shot and it is very difficult to guard him.

  461. I don’t see why you need to apologize. man, do not scoop low for that just because they can have that power to ban doesn’t mean they can abuse it as revenge. I tend to have the last word too abd if you can defend your case well and it’s a sign of strength. Your previous comment might actually spawn people who think you are trolling.. because I did that once and it was sincere and someone continue to bash me for it thinking I was playing their mind. so I’m like forget that. Be yourself.

  462. May Our Lord be with you always.

  463. I remembered you mentionning about getting banned because you just have different opinion.

  464. Did you deleted that picture of you with the tall African American guy?

  465. I feel for you.
    Sometimes, I even think is life worth living when there are so many injustice around and nobody wants to do anything about it. It’s abhoring! Let’s call them out for the time being and hope more people are aware of these.

  466. I am not apologizing because I think I am wrong or don’t want to be banned, but because I want to focus on cooperation and avoid engendering bad feeling in any way. But I see where you are coming from, i.e., why should you apologize if you have not done anything wrong. But you will see me speak more honestly from now on actually, so don’t think I am stooping low by apologizing if I hurt their feelings.

  467. Nobody will have problems if you just simply disagree. But sure people gonna have problems with you When you call them illusional in your disagreement.

  468. not when they started the wrong assumption first.

  469. No, but that’s a picture of my friend Kevin with Jordan Hill. Here is the link; it was in the Jan 23 thread and I posted as ‘717’:


  470. I think Kobe’s injury before the ASG is quite a coincidence. Wish Kobe spending more time about his retirement rather than hurting the team.

  471. Los Angeles LakersVerified account
    Nick Young (ankle) is out for tonightโ€™s game against the Bulls.

  472. when people start the wrong assumption, so it gives you the privileges to call them illusional?
    can you just simply point out the wrong assumption without calling people illusional? Can you just simply share your thought and kindly correct people’s wrong assumption?

  473. Kevin Ding’s article explained Kobe’s shoulder recovery will be hard considering he had 1st surgery in 2003 and the shoulder bothered him throughout his career.

    So far, everything still points to Kobe planning to comeback for his final year.

    In this case, the nine-month reference alludes to the general guideline that even if the shoulder is fully healed in six months, the risks of physical contact are not recommended for another three months. That’s why Bryant’s surgeon, Neal ElAttrache, said: “If all goes as expected, he should be ready for the start of the season” in late October, nine months from now.


  474. You fd Kevin looks kinda familiar. Anyway, just like to share my personal thought is

  475. Supreme ISO? Don’t think so. Melo always have ball in hands in the post, always on the right. And still he found difficult to make his team win. Linsanity was great cause MeloKnicks were losing games and this little kid out of nowhere make the same team win.

    Anyway melo’s always been in the best place to shine. But, for example, George Karl wasn’t so happy about him…

  476. Your fd Kevin looks kinda familiar. Anyway, just like to share my personal little thought. Your fd kevin can try for short hair next time when he goes to get a new hair cut. For example something like this. I think he will looks differently and sharp in it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  477. Kobe’s body broke down faster with those heavy minutes.
    Knowing Kobe, I think he still craves the limelight so he would try to comeback 1 more year to stay somewhat relevant in Lakers legend.
    It’s just who he is.

    I hope Lin is ready allowed to play and ready to go somewhere else.
    He can’t afford to be marginalized in LA again

  478. I wonder how long Kobe will stay mad at Young for saying Kobe’s injury is blessings to other players.

  479. It’s getting easier and easier for the Buss siblings to make the right decision for everyone concerned.

  480. Seem’s to me it would be best from Kobe’s point of view to say he’s coming back. That would give him more negotiating leverage. If he says he’s retiring I don’t think he gets any of the $25 mil. If he says he’s coming back and Lakers think his presence will hurt the team (cap space, skeptical he can perform etc) they would try to negotiate a buy out. Or they can go on with charade like this year, draw fans to see Kobe’s farewell season then go after Durant & Westbrook after Kobe gone.

  481. Kobe won rings with horry O’Neal and ask sacramento’s fans that infamous game 6.

    Won 2 titles with gasol odom, the first cause Garnett broke his knee and the second shooting 1-10 in game 7.

    Hey, but he won 5 rings. Horry got 7 or 8, he’s a much better player than Kobe

  482. He’s a great kid. Right now he’s working at Harvard as a tech while applying to med schools.

  483. Yes, I honestly think Kobe wants to come back and enjoy the crowd adulation like Derek Jeter did with the Yankees, even on road games.

    It’s just who he is. I don’t think he can live this year rehabbing without the goal of coming back.

  484. I think 100% men like their women to be hot and sexy, but 99%men only like it when their women do it in front of them for them only. ๐Ÿ™‚

  485. it should come down to money, I think.
    How much money will the Lakers make by Kobe playing next season vs paying Kobe not to play?

  486. Med schools…oh well…hope it’s his interest.

  487. I kind of remember where Kevin and I were sitting during the Q&A. But when they told us they were about to take a picture, someone very tao yan stood up in front of us and blocked us out from the picture. Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

  488. Tanking to get talent is really not a workable solution.

    I would advise Lakers to scout for talents hard.

    Hassan Whiteside (age 25 now), currently playing for Miami Heat with a PER of 27. He was drafted by Sac in 2nd round 2010. He then was waived July 2012.

    On May 26, 2013, Whiteside joined the Sichuan Blue Whales (NBL) in China. He played 27 games averaging 25.7 points (56.4% shooting), 16.6 rebounds, 5.1 blocks, and 1.4 steals per game. He was named Defensive Player of the Year, Center of the Year, and was selected to the All-NBL 1st Team. The Blue Whales went undefeated in the playoffs en route to the NBL Championship. Whiteside was awarded Finals MVP.

    In November 2013, Whiteside was signed to play for the Lebanese Basketball League.He was released in April 2014. The next month, he joined Jiangsu Tongxi of China, before leaving them in June after 17 games.

    On September 25, 2014, Whiteside signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. However, he was later waived by the Grizzlies on October 22, 2014. On October 30, 2014, he moved around in D-league.

    On November 19, he re-signed with the Grizzlies. However, he was waived again the next day. (It was incredible! they didn’t even bother to take a look)

    On November 24, 2014, Whiteside signed with the Miami Heat. On December 13, he was assigned to the Sioux Falls Skyforce, but was recalled two days later. On January 4, 2015, he recorded his first career double-double with 11 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocks in the 88-84 win over the Brooklyn Nets.

    On January 11, 2015, he recorded 23 points, 16 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks in a game against the Los Angeles Clippers. In the interview after this game, he stated: โ€œItโ€™s different because I got a coach who will play me, so I get to play. You canโ€™t get on the court without a contract. I called the Clippers for a workout, they said
    no. I called every team for a workout, they said no, except the Heat.

    On January 25, 2015, he recorded his first career triple-double with 14 points, 13 rebounds, and an incredible franchise record 12 blocks in a 96-84 win over the Chicago Bulls.

    NBA teams are insane to let talents like this get away!!!!!!!!!There are lots of talents out there but those teams like Lakers are too blind to see!

  489. not his money anyways.

  490. So Mitch showed up again? Kobe will not retire bc he needs to get the pay check for next season.

  491. They have to say so… like it or not..LOL!

  492. If he only lasts like 10 games (this year it took only 25 games before the wheels fell off) and his presence on the roster prevents FA’s from joining, then it’s really a no-brainer. But then I always seem to underestimate Kobe’s cult-like following.

  493. Kobe didn’t go to college, but he’s not stupid.

  494. I predict mitch will says he regret letting Jlin walked by not forcing kobe to retire…

  495. Go to college does not make you smarter anyway. You just know more things…

  496. Looks like Kobe is not giving up yet…


  497. He meant Kobe has to step up?

  498. A little bit too late. .. don’t you think? Smh

  499. Would D’Antoni ever trade Ty Lawson so we can get Jeremy to run the show?


  500. The thing is Lawson can run MDA’s system too…why change?

  501. Yes!!! Please trade Jlin now to increase your talent level next year.

  502. Just damage control… once a month? What can he do for that one meeting? April 15 is only 2 1/2 month away…smh!

  503. Yeah!!! just go get Rondo!

  504. That would be perfect

  505. Ty is 12 M a year, Jeremy can take a lower salary and they can get more players.

  506. Well…Ty is a B-Level star, Lin is nobody but a punching bag for the media…lol

  507. I bet that’s what Kobe said the first thing to Mitch since he can’t wait to push Lin out of Lakers… smh!

  508. By all means…Mitch, please listen to Kobe…as you always do…

  509. yes, at this point it’s no longer about following logic to win BB games.
    It’s about making money and creating entertainment so Kobe’s traveling show might just fit that bill

  510. Not if they say hope the door hit you on the way out ! So she attacked first. If she asked what did I mean, then I’ll give a right answer. Hey, simple general rule in the real world that I go by – if you respect me, I will respect you. If you attack me, I will stomp on you. That’s the way I go about doing business – be it personal or real estate or biz deals. You don’t know how many people out there if you be nice to them, they will take advantage of you (they will mistaken kindness for weakness.. which is sometime what I think was happening to lin). In fact, if you don’t defend or let them, it will become a habit for them (think bullies) and then if eventually you stand up for yourself later or say no, it might be too late. Why? because you will look really bad because you suddenly aren’t that ‘nice’ or they will not stop because you are marked as someone they think they are above you and therefore will hate you even more as oppose to respect you if you stop them first. get it?. That’s life in the business world and personal world my friend.

  511. Ya! That’s their goal for this season I believe so.

  512. If he retires he doesn’t get $25 mil for next year. If he plans to retire he’s better off saying he’s not retiring and do a Nash, go through pre-season then say he can’t do it and collect checks.

  513. Do you think 2 guard system (Ty and Lin) will work in MDA system?
    Or will Lin better off trying to get a starting PG w/ a bad team first?

    After HOU and Lakers coaching debacle, I think coach (+FO) should be #1 consideration for Lin’s FA

  514. Because MDA doesn’t want a drunk point guard running his system like he driving a car.. hehe

  515. BTW, I said this in the preseason. I think Lin’s attitude of “I do not need to prove to anyone that I can play” might be translated by Mitch and Scott as “I am not gonna play hard”….Multiple interviews of them saying Lin should be playing with chip on his shoulder. Well….Now someone injured his shoulder, let’s hope Lin stays healthy..

  516. If Lin and Ty both can shoot 3s at 40%….maybe it will work…LOL Lin needs time….no matter on what team. So based on that logic, he should go to a bad team and rack up his experiences..

  517. My prediction of rondo falling flat on his face in Dallas is coming true. … the rondo era in Dallas is coming to a tragic end… hahaha

  518. Not including Lin though.

  519. But don’t forget that Lin also said he wants to be better than Linsanity.

    I think Kupchak & Scott only hoped Lin can complement Kobe but when Lin (and Boozer) called out Kobe about being one-man show, that sent both of them to the bench.

    I guess Lin was too tough and outspoken to call out Kobe when he’s wrong =)
    Many critics thought he’s too passive as a leader but I think it’s the opposite.
    He’s too active to call out the injustice! LOL

  520. If that is the case why is bs still coacing?

  521. Because Lin sucks…LOL

  522. I believe when Lin said he wants to be better than Linsanity that means to get the ring but too bad Kobe just couldn’t stand Lin played better than him on court…. smh! Everything was not the same like the way Lin thought before season open… Just like D12… nothing Kobe promised him turn out to be true.

  523. The 11-9 record after Rondo trade certainly proved Cuban’s decision to be wrong.
    But not sure if they hope Rondo can get better after some adjustment.

    Let’s hope Cuban is ready to deal with LA since Kobe loves Rondo so much!
    Parsons partied with Cuban so maybe he can whisper Lin’s name to Cuban over some drinks hehe..
    If yes, he’s a true Lin friend then!

    Maybe we can tweet to Parsons on how good Lin’s passing to him will be!

  524. Ya! After Rondo traded, I saw few Mav games… I really think Cuban made a big mistake for this trade bc their bench became bad but their starters didn’t improve at all either?! I don’t think Mav will keep him or at least not the max contract he is going to ask for ….

  525. Oh… I forgot… hehe… then mitch should trade Jlin hindney to the Mavs ASAP. . Hehe

  526. In retrospect, there was bound to be a clash.

    Kobe never wants to change his hero-ball but Lin’s philosophy is to play team-ball.
    Even Boozer got shafted. So yeah, now we know Kobe is worse than Harden in being vindictive w/ teammates.

  527. I am not talking about whether he helps his teams to win; that’s debatable.

  528. Kupchak forgot to say, “But that’s why I chose a coach with 28% winning record in the past 5 seasons! LOL

  529. Indeed. Kobe is the worst one to team up w Lin… smh! I really doubt he can come back for training camp next season. Let’s wait & see then… no matter Lin will stay in Lakers or not.

  530. Hate to say this … just day dreaming…. I read some tweets said they want to trade for Jackson from OKC.

  531. Yes… please get that done Psalm 234. .. then maybe Jlin will add you to his agency representation

  532. yes, it’s true

  533. Rondo was successful in Boston because he played with 3 great players in Pierce, Garnett and Allen.

  534. Well dirk, elis, c hander ( both of them) are not exactly garbage either.

  535. lol only if we the stats back up the assertion that he’s more productive off Lin’s passing

  536. They are not but it takes time even with Rondo to build chemistry. Dirk is great but I don’t view elis as a great player and it is just my opinion.

  537. I have faith in you… nothing is impossible. . Hehe… that Stat is out there somewhere

  538. Thanks for sharing this with me, and speak your thought although I knew it well myself already about the real world. I say today, the real world is even more simple and easy than the internet world.

  539. Until Kobe returns to the court and proves that he is the best player still.
    And since both conditions are iffy, he just might NEVER forgive Nick Young.

  540. The answer is simple: NO.

    Fans posting stuff like this and asking if MDA will cater to Lin is just I mean, I cannot speak more or will be banned.

  541. That’s what I thought.. have a free trip to Hawaii then gets his paycheck then out…How nice!!!

  542. You are so afraid about being banned…lol

  543. Lol. Why did you deleted it? Nooooooo~~~~screaming to the sky!

  544. Psalm, too many Lin fans are too optimistic. I mean, I get why. If you face reality, great sites like yours would not even exist if that hope is lost.

    I can rattle off the every single NBA team right now quickly with both guards who start. Lin cannot displace any one of them anywhere, because where there’s a weak 1, there a ball hoggin 2. Where there’s a powerful 1, why would they need Lin to use as an undersized 2?

    So once we accept this, we know Lin will be coming off the bench on any and all NBA teams no matter where he goes.

    Lin will need to rely on injury to a starter to grab his next chance. Dominate so well he will pull a Steve Young on Joe Montana. I thought Lin was possibly going to do a Steve Young in LA on Kobe as Montana when Kobe was out and hurt but I was so wrong and way too hopeful.

    With MDA, Lin will just be a bench warmer. But we must hope MDA will use Lin properly and give Lin 15-20 minutes of positive time on the court in a more dynamic capacity.

    And in those opportunities Lawson or anyone else gets hurt, you hope Lin takes those chances to showcase himself.

  545. Rondo is still a great player – the Mavericks’ recent struggles have more to do with their bench lacking depth than anything else.

    Prior to the Rondo trade – their bench was actually one of the best in the league – mainly because they had a BIG (Brandan Wright) who was elite at finishing PnR’s – to pair with Devin Harris (attacking guard/similar to Lin). Essentially, Harris/Wright played like Lin/Davis do (when they get the chance…) – just PnR’ing to death against 2nd units – and it was very effective. (Also, Wright gave the Dallas starting unit versatility as he could also play with Tyson Chandler in big lineups/Take Tyson’s role as rim protector.)

    Now that Wright is gone though, Dallas is thin in the frontcourt department (Tyson Chandler is now the only rim protector they have) – and their bench also lacks a potent weapon, because Harris can’t run effective PnR’s anymore is therefore not having a great impact.

    As for Rondo himself, he’s played great defense for the vast majority of his career – and though he was slacking in Boston on D at the beginning of the year – he’s back to playing great D now that he’s not on a rebuilding team in Dallas. His shooting has been quite lackluster, but his playmaking has been decent – so while Rondo has underperformed lofty expectations – he hasn’t been TOO bad, and the chances are great that Dallas will re-sign Rondo at the end of the offseason (as well as Tyson Chandler, and Monta Ellis), unless something goes horribly wrong the rest of their season (They miss the playoffs, etc.)

    That said, if Dallas re-signs Rondo/Chandler/Ellis, they’ll have most of their money tied up and won’t be able to sign Lin – so those hoping for Lin to go to the Mavericks should temper their expectations.

  546. How many shots Ellington scored before he got benched.
    11:19 3-2 Wayne Ellington makes 7-foot two point shot
    09:48 5-4 Robert Sacre makes 11-foot jumper (Wayne Ellington assists)
    08:26 7-9 Wayne Ellington makes 26-foot three point jumper (Jordan Clarkson assists)
    08:26 7-10 Wayne Ellington makes free throw 1 of 1
    08:14 7-10 Wayne Ellington defensive rebound
    07:58 7-12 Wayne Ellington makes layup (Robert Sacre assists)
    05:58 10-19 Wayne Ellington makes 24-foot three point jumper
    05:30 12-19 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Wayne Ellington

  547. But Lin is already in a bad team ๐Ÿ™

  548. Exactly bad team doesn’t guarantee squat. System should be the focus. In McHale’s system Lin still got good playing time.

  549. That’s what my hair looks like if I shower at night instead of in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  550. ..

  551. I want to tear my hair out when I see posts like that. Here are some more great ones:

    The Lakers REALLY want Lin. They are just treating him like this to devalue him so they can keep him!

    Will Dolan grow a brain and resign Lin this summer?

    Teams who dont trade for Lin now will line up in free agency fighting over him!

    Maybe Lin will go back to Houston! Maybe Houston wants Lin back!

  552. “Psalm, too many Lin fans are too optimistic. I mean, I get why. If you face reality, great sites like yours would not even exist if that hope is lost.”

    Being optimistic does not mean one don’t face reality or likes to avoiding reality or don’t know what the reality is. It’s always easy to be pessimistic rather than being optimistic when things go bad.

  553. Will Rondo be worth the max he demands though for his level of contribution? Maybe they rather strengthen their bench with the money they have. Offering Rondo a max might be a mistake.

  554. If they sign Rondo then they will not sign Lin. Ellis is also in his contract year? I thought only Tyson & Rondo?

  555. LAL is not a bad team talent-wise.

  556. That is basically his problem….He made too many assumptions on some of the Lin fans..

  557. Well the truth, or I should say in my opinion, too many Lin fans here and on twitter are unrealistic. Some of them are bordering on the delusional.

    I am not being pessimistic. I am being realistic. I wrote above Lin can regain himself if he goes all out in the chances he gets when starters are hurt. Do you think that is pessimistic?

    To pretend Lin is still a starter in the NBA today and teams will line up this summer to give him a starting PG job is actual lunacy – only someone delusional would even think that. It’s not optimistic.

  558. I agree. What Rondo did right now it’s not that big deal to worthy the max contract for him.

  559. GREAT POINT. THat is lost among many.

  560. It could be the reality…no one knows…LOL

  561. Maybe Dallas makes a move for JLin to try to salvage their season. Not saying they would straight off the bat replace Rondo with Lin but they’ve weekend their bench to get Rondo so initially get JLin to shore up their bench. But I’m sure later Carlisle would find JLin works better with starters than Rondo and would eventually start.


  562. Agree! Lakers is going to be horrible anyway.

  563. so Mitch is basically saying “Lin sucks” but many Lin fans still believe the Lakers are desperate to keep Mr. Linsanity.

  564. WRONG

  565. Goodbye Mr Lin!

  566. Kobe got his injury at almost the same time that he was announced to be played in ASG.

  567. Ellis is a scoring threat. What more does a PG ask for?

  568. The ideal trade is Rhondo for Jeremy Lin; perhaps the Mavericks can even ask for players and draft choices too.

  569. Kobe is all over in his playing career in NBA.
    Even when he’s healthy, the Lakers still had a losing record. Kobe can’t help any team to win now with his poor shooting percentage and he’s slow.

  570. From the bench he can…just not gonna happen

  571. Bottom line is Lin needs to get away from BS as far as possible.

  572. While that is true…I hope it does not become “Lin needs to get away from NBA as far as possible” LOL

  573. I only watched a few possessions yesterday. Rondo’s D was terrible. But that is from a small sample size…I would not draw conclusion from it.

  574. well, @GoodDayLA:disqus let me put it this way.
    What is realistic? At best, it’s a high probability that some things will happen but not 100% certainty.
    None of us have the complete information that GMs have to conclude with 100% certainty if Lin can be a starting PG or not next season.

    It’s realistic not to expect an undrafted Asian-American PG to break the Most Points Scored in the NBA in 6 starts. It’s realistic for Mama Lin’s friend to discourage her to let her sons playing basketball because there’s no future for Asian-Americans.

    But it’s not 100% certainty.

    Aren’t we glad that Papa and Mama Lin didn’t tell JLin to be too realistic but instead pursue the passion and work hard at it? But they’re also realistic to prepare their kids to have backup jobs (i.e. Harvard degree, no BBall w/o good grades, etc.)

    So if there’s one thing that I learned from Papa-Mama Lin is to find balance with pursuing passion and being realistic. I will teach my kids to be an optimist with realistic backup plan in pursuing their dreams. Dream High but have an insurance plan!

    If you disagree, it’s okay but we can respectfully disagree. We can share how we come to form our opinions but let’s not force it to others or ridicule them. You may be right but others may very well turn out to be right too.

  575. Yeah that’s 5 straight shots including the and-1 FT for 11 points plus 1 assist and 1 rebound with no mistakes (0 TOs; 0fouls). He did that in the first 6 1/2 minutes of the game. 22 seconds after making a 3, BS benched him to bring in Lin. We, as Lin fans, were all happy to see Lin come in but we also wondered why he took Ellington out when he was on fire.

    It’s Clarkson who should have been benched not Ellington. I don’t even try to make sense of BS. His priorities do not include winning.

  576. Maybe Dallas will try to get Ed Davis. After this year next year is a player option for $981,084 and will probably decline it to get a better contract. Lakers will either pay him more or let him walk for nothing. If they don’t plan on paying him then they trade him for something. Does Dallas have any picks they would part with for Davis?

  577. Only God knows if Lin will be the starting PG of some team in NBA.
    I don’t think it’s either optimistic or pessimistic because there is no measurement that can justify either.
    I certainly don’t agree with almost anything GoodDayLA put up here.
    He’s as unrealistic as others or perhaps his guess is as good as others. So what gives him the right to say that we are too optimistic.

  578. I hope #Lakers fans will realize they shouldn’t adhere to #LosingCulture as indicated by Byron’s 28% poor winning record in the past 5 seasons



  579. Your post is just as valid as mine.

  580. Lin & Davis for Rondo. Look at Hollinger’s Analysis will cause 9 additional losses for the Lakers. Just what they need to tank. Improves Dallas by 3 wins but I think more than that.

  581. If you really believe that, you have to stop saying words like Lunacy, delusional, etc…

  582. Young has a longer contract than Kobe.
    After next season, Kobe’s influence will be gone. He couldn’t play anymore.
    I bet you Kobe is getting what he deserves which I think not much.
    Kobe is losing a lot of fans in China now.
    I am a Chinese and I don’t want to see Kobe again in Hong Kong or in China.

  583. For LAL to go back to their glory…Young has to go too….

  584. BS is very consistent coach in term of getting worse.

  585. Well said.

  586. I agree that Byron Scott should bench Clarkson instead of Ellington. Nobody with the right frame of mind should take Ellington out at that point.
    But taking Lin out right after him making the first shot is just incredible too.
    Showcasing Jordan Clarkson with the worst +/- in the team is another piece of insane coaching from Byron Scott.

    Lakers will never be much of a team if Kobe and Byron Scott are still there.

  587. He thinks he knows the reality while the rest who hold different views don’t know. And he is sane while the rest who hold different views are lunatic and delusional.

  588. Laker fans should wish the soul of Kobe leave Laker in order for the team to get back on track.

  589. It’s easy to be frustrated with the situations Jeremy has landed in the past 3 years after NY – and I am frustrated as a fan – but to be honest, bad luck has a lot to do with where Jeremy has landed.

    To be perfectly honest, the 2012 version of Jeremy Lin would not have sparked Linsanity on any other team except the Knicks. It really was the perfect marriage and storm for him to blow up. That year, the Knicks underwent injuries to their main scorers (Anthony/Stoudemire) – leading Lin to be the primary scoring threat, while the rest of the team was filled up with shooters and bigs who set GREAT screens, allowing for a SPREAD offense to be run. ALL of these things played into Lin’s main strengths, (running the PnR and dribble driving) so he performed wonderfully.

    Contrary to revisionist history then, Lin choosing to play for the Houston Rockets was actually (at the time), the RIGHT CHOICE. Houston (Pre-Harden) trade, was meant to play a SPREAD offense similar to MDA’s with Lin as primary ball-handler. Of course, once Harden was traded there, he took the role of primary ball-handler and Lin became an off-guard who mainly shot 3’s for two years (his biggest weakness). From then on in Houston, Lin was viewed through the lens of whether he played well in the off-guard position, not as a primary ball handler – so there was a deep disconnect there for his own expectations, our fan expectations and the HOU organization. I still believe that if Harden would’ve never came to the Rockets, Lin would’ve had a few 15/7 years in Houston.

    Could’ve – would’ve – should’ve though. Didn’t happen. Lin went to LA, and now in LA, many of us thought Lin was going to come free of the shackles of Houston – but in reality – he was actually coming into a worse (on court) basketball situation. For those of us who have watched Lin this season – I think it’s painfully clear his dribble has gotten tighter and his 3 point shooting is much improved as well – but Scott’s offensive system is outdated and relies on midrange shots without the usage of screens (which is actually not a strength of Jeremy’s at all – very similar to how spot-up 3s weren’t a strength of Lin when he first got to Houston). In fact, Scott’s system also causes poor spacing for drives, so not only does it put Jeremy in a position where the team style of play exposes his most glaring weakness, but it also marginalizes his strengths (driving/PnR). Essentially, even though I do think Byron Scott is biased AGAINST Lin – really, Lin (and to be honest, the entire Lakers roster) is set up to fail due to such poor coaching schemes.

    It really is AMAZING then, that Jeremy is averaging what he is. This year, he’s shot basically his career averages from the field, and a career high from 3 – despite taking MANY ISO 3s, contested midrange 2’s, AND SPORADIC PLAYTIME. Jeremy has improved a ton – which is great to see. His main remaining glaring weakness now is that he doesn’t create enough separation on drives/have the footwork to get off a quality midrange shot, but when I watch him play – it’s pretty clear that he’s started working on that as the season has progressed and he’s realized those are the shots he’s going to get. Similar to how Jeremy improved his 3-ball after his first season in Houston, I expect him to improve in that regard in the offseason now that this season has shown him he needs to work on his midrange.

    As for the offseason – Jeremy needs to work on his midrange game – and then go from there. AS IS, Jeremy Lin is already a MUCH BETTER PLAYER than the Linsanity Lin who couldn’t shoot spot-up 3s and REQUIRED playing in a SPREAD OFFENSE to be effective. (Jeremy is already an effective playing in the WORST SYSTEM for him possible RIGHT NOW!)

    So two things – Lin can go to a team that plays a SPREAD style of game (Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston…), but NONE of those teams have a NEED for him. If Denver actually fires Shaw and hires MDA, Lin could go there – and he’d do well there even if he played alongside Lawson – since MDA loves to play small anyway and would put Lin at the 2.

    More realistically, Lin just needs to go to a team that NEEDS him and has EVERYTHING TO GAIN by playing him – he likely won’t be in a SPREAD offense next year – but if he improves his midrange game and lands on a team that gives him minutes – he’ll be more than fine. And a handful of teams can offer that situation to him. As fans, if we look at the history of Jeremy Lin’s career in context – we don’t need to be worried. Most likely, good things are going to come.

  590. true, the future is not set in stone.

    As Lin fans, some might be optimists, neutral or pessimists.
    But as along as we respect one another w/o forcing our opinions on others or ridiculing other opinions, we are doing the right thing.

    We may have differences but shouldn’t spend too much time dwelling on the difference but focus on the similarities which is to support Lin.

    Otherwise, we’re simply unproductive with our time to achieve our goals.
    IMHO We should let go of little things to achieve bigger things =)

  591. Why would GoodDayLA insists on responding to your posting with his negative comments?

  592. let’s hope Cuban can see the opportunity and believe in Lin!

  593. LOL Perfect! Keep Kobe happy to play with Rondo
    I promise I’ll watch the drama from time to time

  594. GoodDayLA is just annoying. He’s making personal attack and should be banned.

  595. Maybe I should just borrow from Joyce that ‘we agree to disagree’ and hope that GoodDayLA will rest in peace.

  596. Call yourself realistic all you want, call others too optimistic all you want, call others delusional and lunatic all you want, we shall see. All are speculations base on the things we see. Some think they know more facts, some think they know the truth before the truth have yet reveals.
    What do you mean people pretend lin is still the starter? As far as I seen people believe he should be the starter. What’s the pretending?
    And again, we shall see, if in the Summer teams will give lin star up job or not.
    “I wrote above Lin can regain himself if he goes all out in the chances he gets when starters are hurt. Do you think that is pessimistic”

  597. The truth is every NBA player except Kobe the Bryant should get away from Byron Scott as far and as soon as possible.

  598. @GoodDayLA:disqus , your realistic perspective is allowed but it’s wrong to call others lunatic or delusional as @brentyen:disqus said
    You can ask respectfully if others might be a tad too optimistic which can set us up for disappointment.
    It’ll go way much better than putting down others’ opinions and resort to personal attack in frustration.

    But calling lunatic/delusional is breaking Rule 4 not to antagonize and Rule 5 of labeling.
    Consider this a friendly 1st warning since I don’t want you to go to the penalty box =)

    4. Do not antagonize or bait other users. Whether you are sincere in your beliefs or not, if your posts consist solely of trolling others, you will be banned. (Example: โ€œAre you a 5-year old child?โ€)
    5. Do not label other posters (Example: Lin-only fans, CF trolls, etc). – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.m7R0ELwZ.dpuf

  599. Who would the Lakers want to give for Rhondo?
    Jeremy Lin, Nick Young (currently in Byron’s doghouse), perhaps Ellington (who got benched for shooting 100%, Carlos Boozer (who called out Kobe putting up 20+ shots per game).

  600. Or trade BS for Rick? LOL

  601. Perhaps DNP-CD

  602. Now we agree.

  603. Then how can your coach bench a player for making his first shot ( a 3 pointer ), and he also pulled out a player shooting 100% for playing only 6.5 minutes in the first quarter of a game.
    Please explain this, Mitch!

  604. To be fair, what GM said in public should never be trusted anyway…

  605. I gave a 1st warning not to antagonize or labeling others to be respectful.
    Sometimes people can get frustrated or have Bad Days so we try to be accommodating to forgive some mistakes =)

  606. Mind if I ask which decades you grew up in?

  607. Mavericks need a big to replace Brandon Wright who they traded away for Rondo. So they’d want Davis.

  608. But that pick couldn’t guarantee you a center who plays with a PER of 27.
    That is a figure of Hassan Whiteside who only got paid $769,881 by Miami this season.
    By the way this guy could block 12 shots in a game against Chicago.
    The Lakers could’ve signed him cheap at the beginning of this season. This guy virtually begged every team for a workout.

  609. That would throw the whole city into a riot!

  610. Thank you sincerely.

  611. You still don’t get it, do you? It’s not about who’s right or who’s wrong. It’s about treating others with respect on this site. I can think of different ways to say what you said tactfully without insulting anyone.

  612. At the beginning of this season, BS brags about playing for championship.
    What he means is the championship for losing most of games in Lakers history.

  613. fair enough, thanks.

  614. I really hope that Lin fans here will be rewarded with some luck soon. Lin’s had a tough 3 seasons despite some moments of great play.

  615. Byron is delusional. Can I say that on this site? ๐Ÿ™‚

  616. You just did.

  617. Eh, he was just hurt because he was banned because he started using bad labels, NOT because of his opinions. So far, for so many reasons he is calling himself smart, HE DOESN’T GET THAT THAT IS THE REASON.

  618. The games seems to be pointless. I like to watch Jeremy play but in this environment it is hard and pointless for LA. I know I want better stats but it is frustrating to watch Jeremy getting yanked around. Without an overall purpose, the games become boring. I think the players probably feel that way also. It is just whatever.

  619. Does anyone think it’s possible that Khuang will be blessed and that Lin will end up in Phoenix if Dragic leaves, in Dragic’s role? I doubt it myself but I think it could be possible if the Suns can’t find anyone else.

  620. watching the Knicks are worse.

  621. I think you need a context to show that he’s really delusional such as playing for championship with a 12:34 record.

  622. is Mitch Kupchak out of his mind too?

  623. Why would Lin go to Phoenix when Bledsoe who got the max deal hates him?!

  624. YOU! Stay here please.

    Welcome @Kenoshi

  625. I propose a trade of Lakers bench with Mavericks bench + Rhondo.

  626. That Rose’s stat line is really…….funny…LOL

  627. Seems like the entire organization from coach, to GM to owners are delusional.

  628. yeah. they are going to end up like the knicks.

  629. Dolan is not good but not as dumb as Buss family… smh!

  630. In a nutshell Mitch Kupchak was saying: “We know BS is the perfect tank commander we can fire at the end of the season as the fall guy and the players have to learn to play to lose while claiming they are trying very hard to win just like BS did.”

  631. I wonder about that 2 but thinking maybe it’s just GM job to be “silly.” Hope @joyceward may be able to give us a little bit more insight of this talk. The plot thickens… ๐Ÿ™‚

  632. Well, this gives me a “hope” that JLin won’t stay as Lakers next season.

  633. too bad i thought he’s a intelligent guy. hope he’s just acting silly.

  634. I think another loss tonight would tie the record of most consecutive losses in the Lakers’ franchise history. The game against the Knicks would be the showdown between who wants to lose more LOL.

    As for the players, most players on this Lakers team are playing for their next contract so “whatever” is probably the last thing on their mind. Obviously when the majority of your team plays in a stat-padding way it’s just not winning basketball and Lin would not be able to excel in this environment.

  635. Does he? There was one game where he fouled Lin really hard. But last game I saw him help Lin up.

  636. yeah, hope so, no wonder lin doesn’t fit in, he’s too smart for this silly/crazy organization. no wonder an aging and selfish kobe can still control them.

  637. Probably MK is a little bit out of his mind to deal with the loss of his daughter. His mind isn’t able to deal with “present” but stuck to what it used to be?? Don’t know about him enough to get a good read on him.

  638. Yeah. As JLin said in his last postgame interview, we still had 30+games to go. As JLin is counting the games, I’m too:-)

  639. anyone who said they want “Byron to establish & maintain a culture…”are totally insane.

  640. me too.

  641. this is loud and clear: locker room is out of BSc’s hands.

  642. These westerners just haven’t taken the time to see when an Asian ball player sets his mind to something and when he decides he has to be a consensus player by going with the flow. You can see this all the time in ANY business meeting between Asians and Westerners. It’s fathomable, as you know there are rock star westerners of all walks doing great in Asia.

  643. Or, by resisting it, a culture is set where others can resist in their own way. Turn the other cheek, but do not give up the values.

  644. but where is there incentive and accountability? If losing games is not held accountable, then the implicit culture this year is to lose. That is more clear than saying win or else. If you punish ppl for winning ways, and uphold losing ways, you tank and there is no culpability.

  645. see what they do.

  646. just because you want to tear your hair out doesn’t mean others cannot tear their hair out over opinion either. Opinion – everyone has one, like you know, a nose. I just get rile up when nonfactual posts amplify. Of if, then ones that don’t follow the if.

  647. I like an ownership and coaching staff that want lin to fuse some good young talent, and see how far they can go TOGETHER.

  648. Again with the top 5 pick thing. These GMs sound like they are guaranteed good players whenever they talk about getting top picks.

  649. well, I also though when Kobe was injured Lin would start as Price is no linger necessary. But the losing is too profitable … or maybe not.

  650. Maybe this is what Lakers want — what’s to be like past glory of KB vs what’s happening now. Dreaming vs Reality.

  651. Well, if this is what Lakers wants, JLin better gets out of Lakers as soon as he can. This isn’t JLin’s agenda.

  652. Still waiting but what I’ve seen/heard isn’t pretty:-( Let’s see how the story unfolds.

  653. I don’t get that Mitch is saying anything bad about Lin from the tweet. I can think of Hill, Sacre, Johnson, Price, Clarkson, Ellington, Young, ahead of Lin in Mitch’s consideration as possible upgrades. Kelly, Booz, Davis, Black are ok where they play. Davis can trade out because he can’t really play much else but sky.

  654. Why lobby for a top pick when he can shuffle his current team to see what lineups will work great? Sometimes common sense triumphs over complicated analytics or something like that.

  655. Totally agree
    The players lose morale
    Don’t play to win.
    It’s pointless to watch for the fan

  656. Young pulling an Asik, or LAL pulling a Rox dunno …

  657. heard Kobe’s interview. What a charming guy … (can’t trust that charm).

  658. I want you to offer your ASG BBQ prize for this site for 2015-2016! Yay, good posting ahead.

  659. Hmm how does this trade machine thing works? Seriously if I’m a GM I would sneak a peek here. Just sneak a peek. It will be my discretion if I’ll go watch and review some Jeremy, Davis, Rondo tapes just to see how they play.

  660. Stop it, you were banned for other reasons. You’ve been posting that inflammatory position for months. Just move on and get along and I’m sure all the mods will welcome you.

  661. You are correct, he has been reframing the ban over and over and you have said it partly correctly. It was not just labeling, it wend beyond that.

  662. I think MK remarks to me were very vague and glib responses What is Mitch suppose to say, that we made a mistake in selecting him as coach. He was the oone that hired him. The whole thing about Kobe coming back is just for LA to ensure season ticket holders continue to buy their tickets. I will continue to watch lin play and watch the drama unfold in Lakeland

  663. Yeah you are right for those 100% part. I don’t know how many % of men would like to show off their women. Maybe you should start a survey from here first :))

  664. Just because Hornets got someone as good as Anthony Davis doesn’t guarantee the Lakers will get someone as good,if not better than him from their top picks.

  665. yes, he’s indirectly shifting responsibility to BScott or the players.
    The players are instructed to win so if they can’t, it’s either the coach’s fault or the player’s.

  666. Lakers are done . They have become irrelevant in the NBA. They want the picks from the draft bcause they know no star athlete is going yo dign while Kobe is still on the team. It still won’t solve the Lakers problem, kobe is going to be too impatient for them to grow

  667. This is officially announce Lakers is tanking now…

  668. Funny to hear from Mitch saying that they need talents to play with KB next season. KB will deteriorate even more after this season. They are really living in a bubble world. Doubt Lakers is going anywhere for a long long time if they continue to live in their fantansy yesterday world.

  669. Does anyone know NBA rules pertaining to players speaking with coaches of other teams? Because I wonder how often JLin has been in contact with MDA after his time in NY.

  670. I’m glad. I blocked two of my friends on facebook because they kept posting Kobe pictures. Last thing I want to see when I open facebook is Kobe. But the problem is the average NBA fan in HK and China is not very discerning nor informed. I have 9 friends in HK who play bball, and not one of them knows much about Jeremy’s difficulties.

  671. LOL!

  672. That’s like saying Michael is a troll, you need context.(such as ..because he is green)

  673. MDA is not a active coach so there should be no issue if he and Lin have contact.

  674. The keyword is “Our coaches”. Doesn’t mean it includes Head Coach.

  675. Emperor with 2 mouths.

  676. Dream on my friend XD.

  677. True, I was also wondering when JLin was in Houston and MDA was in LA

  678. Lin has said in the past, he and MDA are still texting.

  679. I’m not sure there are any NBA players who go on the court every night thinking…we must lose this game.
    So how do you expect them to adhere to that culture? If they actually thought like that, they wouldn’t be in the NBA.
    And it’s not to their benefit to tank either. Cos then the new lottery picks will come into the team and the players ‘adhering to the culture’ will be waived for being useless.

  680. Brian Shaw, Kurt Rambis, Byron Scott, Fisher…the disciples of PJ haven’t been doing very well.

  681. Maybe when he is sober he can.

  682. Let’s bid farewell to the winning culture, the 16-time champion officially.

  683. Kobe was playing below NBA level, and he couldn’t stand anyone outperforming him in his team, so what kind of “talent” are they looking for ?

  684. If you could speak with other US employees and employers even with an active top government secret clearance, what would the problem be speaking to other coaches? I know Lin has be in contact with MDA when he last with the Rockets. MDA even show up to his Linsanity movie opening.

  685. I will even take BS for McHale at this point ๐Ÿ™‚

  686. Dam….no trade for Li n :-((

  687. I guess Kupchak doesn’t think much of Rondo either :[

    But if Lin doesn’t return to LA, he should be open to some values by trading him

  688. I think they are just trying to ride this 2 yr out. Will put all the bullets they got in 2016. Of course if lucky they can get stars earlier..but unlikely SO it is more like a five yr plan and they are in yr 1. Lin is more likely to be gone it seems. I mean in this summer.

  689. If he’s so concerned with financial flexibility, why give Kobe such a contract? He basically gave up flexibility for 2 years. LOL

  690. I remember Lin said he almost talked or texted to D’Antoni every day on a radio show. Thus,that’s not a problem I guess.

  691. Kupchak sure sounded like Lakers will make business decision (i.e. no regrets, worth every penny) to let Kobe comeback one more time.

    To me, now is the time to showcase Lin to the max and see if there’s any interest from desperate teams by Fed trade deadline. If Lakers don’t have to absorb long-term contract to maintain 2016 flexibility, they should do it.

    I’m not sure why Kupchak doesn’t insist Bscott to run a lot of plays and screens like Lin got in the HOU game. Let’s see if that’s the trend in the next few games.

  692. Nah, they always could trade Lin for a pick or some ungaurenteed/expiring contracts.Keep the hope! lol

  693. With BS’s coaching, there’s no hope. lol

  694. Mitch=BS, sorry.

  695. Tyty…I promise to not use the I word here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Why the bold predictions? Its because Lin’s due for a big game. Its like, his old linsanity self will possess him for a game, then he goes back to being a happy facilitator…Then he gets tired of reading my comments on his blog, and spanks the other team just to prove I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…Then he spends too much time playing DOTA2 or clash of clans and his production goes down…Rinse/repeat, its a vicious cycle.

  696. That probably means they will win more than they should

  697. A culture of chaos and losing.

  698. I’ve always believed FO & BS are in cahoots with each other.

  699. CHI Game Thread is now open

    Jeremy received 28 min and 23 min following a DNP. How will the 3rd game be any different?
    Weโ€™re still monitoring Linโ€™s agent (Roger Montgomery) tweet about Victory is certain.

    It might look to translate to 20-30min as long as Lakers is losing to achieve the Tanking purpose. Will Linsanity game be allowed to resurface?
    All it takes are multiple screens and good shooting rhythm from JLin without BScott killing the momentum

    Letโ€™s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!
    Go JLin!

  700. The only rule I know of is that a coach or executive or a team cannot communicate with a player that is on another team in any way that could be construed as recruiting. So a coach can’t say something like, “If you were on our team…”

    But other than that, I think they can talk as much as they want.

  701. Lin is an expiring contract. Why would they trade him to get another expiring contract? I could see if they could get draft picks but I’m not sure any teams willing to trade picks for an expensive half season rental.

  702. yes. the entire Lakers season was and is pointless. =(

  703. Thanks @JoeTeam for always having my back.

  704. sorry to be mean, but I LOL’ed at that photo of Rondo. With the black mouthguard, it makes him look like an old grandpa with no teeth!

  705. Rehab->over compensation->another injury…etc.

  706. They should buy out Kobe’s last year to free up $25 mil. That would give them lots of financial flexibility.

  707. “Again, you read that right: 19 free throws in 19 games.”

    Actually, that’s misleading. Rondo didn’t make 19 free throws in 19 games, he had 19 free throw *attempts* in 19 games. He only made 5 FTs in 19 games!

  708. After trading Lin away, they could tank at full speed.Dont worry!

  709. With the way that Scott’s team has ended with so many injuries (indirectly through Scott’s “old school” philosophy), I’ll be happy if Lin can finish the season without a serious injury.

  710. They just need another lost in order to get the franchise history record! lol As for NBA record, I think its 26 or so

  711. I personally don’t think Phil’s system is any good. I think Phil himself is unique to be able to coach and manage difficult but talented players (Rodman, Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, etc), keeping everyone at peace and mentally focused.

    I think his system has nothing to do with his success.

  712. Maybe there is one team that really are interested in keeping Lin for long. Trading for Lin now could get them some advantage to sign him in summer? In the mid-season, I think Lin’s actual salary is only or less 8m left? That’s not expensive at all!! lol Before the deadline, I will always keep the hope anyway!!

  713. Kobe is their god, the only meaning of the whole team culture, no way!!

  714. DO you realize you had been spelling Rondo as Rhondo? I hope its unintentional… ๐Ÿ™‚

  715. yeah, we really need to send studies that too much gaming increases IQ but lowers EQ =)
    not sure how much gaming he does though but he can use some time finding the right girl who can help him play better on court hehe..

    Let’s hope tonight is the night!!!

  716. Very sorry to hear that. It’s okay, no one’s perfect. Hope you take your time to go through the different stages and heal.

  717. If there starts to be false flags problem, then admin can adjust as needed. It’s not going to be a perfect, but it’s just about cutting down 90% of it.

  718. what? what’s the Gandalf reference? lol

  719. coaches like McHale and Scott will continue to jerk Lin’s minutes around until he becomes consistent. smh

  720. They already have talent which they refuse to utilize properly.

  721. Prophet indeed. Howard Megdal predicted Lin’s breakout in NY as soon as he was signed by the Knicks in this Dec 2011 article, before many people on this site did:

    “The New York Knicks, though blessed with perhaps the best front line in the N.B.A., have a point guard problem… As a result, the Knicks signed point guard Jeremy Linon Tuesday to serve as depth at the position. At first glance, this would seem to be a relatively inconsequential basketball move… And yet it’s a big deal. Lin may be a perfect fit in New York.

    What can he do well? For one thing, despite being 6’3โ€ and 200 pounds, Lin is deceptively quick, particularly with his first step. This should allow him to get into the lane regularly, creating opportunities for the other Knicks scorers. He’s also a better finisher than Douglas, so his drives won’t result in a succession of teardrops clanking off the side of the rim. And he’s got good passing skills, giving the Knicks the legitimate offensive operator they’ve been missing from their roster.

    On the defensive end, Lin is extremely good at forcing steals, which should create stops before a leaky Knick defense is forced to operate in the half-court set. And his size allows him to stay with most larger point guards, blocking more shots than a typical player at his position.

    Maybe D’Antoni was being coy, or maybe, in fact, it’s going to take a bout of illness for Lin to get into the game in a significant way. But with the shortcomings of other players on the roster, it shouldn’t be a surprise of he proves to be much more useful to the Knicks than he was to the teams that let him go.”


  722. Dallas is a reunion for Lin : parson, chandler, and Ellis.

  723. Its all about the allotted time, and I dont think its because of him scoring the 3pter

  724. Well, I wish you’ll just ban this guy because he’s destroying the peace and harmony here. That type of behavior belongs to the other site. Donating $100 doesn’t give him a pass.

  725. nothing. I was mistakenly thought to have a Gandalf-like appearance lol

  726. Just the fact’s M’am, Joe Friday, Dragnet no I’m not that old.

  727. Seriously? Lol. I’ve always said they are a scrubby team. Like outside of Kobe, Lin. The rest of the good players like Nash and randle are injured. Season is doneski!

  728. wow. Lin is out after the run…

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