G47 [email protected] LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

In the 2nd game after the DNP, we had a mixed results of Jeremy Lin performance.

We were treated to a great 10 min in the 1st Half to 5pts/5assists when Jeremy looked unstoppable to lead the Lakers to 19 pt lead with multiple screen&rolls to connect with Ed Davis inside and Ellington’s hot 3pt shooting. But just as he drained his 3 after getting the rhythm, Byron Scott quicky benched him. Many on twitters realized the awkward point to freeze Lin’s and Lakers  momentum and recognized it as another Tanking move by Byron, not to let the 19pt lead ballooon to insurmountable 20-30pts lead.

Lakers need to lose games to tank and sure enough Wizards came back with 18-6 run after Lin/Boozer/Davis sat to close the half to cut the lead to only 11. Alley-oops to Davis were so great to see. Lin was doing what he’s supposed to do, great rhythm to find the right people to score.

Lin lost his shooting rhythm in the 2nd half as Byron continued to mess with his Playing Time but he still managed to get 7pts/7asts by end of Q3.

Lin needed to score double-digits or get to FT line in order to close the 4th quarter but it didn’t happen.

Lin finished with 7pts/8asts/1blk/4TO

Good to see Lin was still calm after the game despite the disappointment of losing. He probably knew of Byron’s tanking move. Let’s hope Lin can stat-pad more as he figures out the balance of facilitating/attacking with reduced min of his bench role. How he can thrive within the tanking scheme of Byron Scott is a puzzle he must solve.

With 36 games left, let’s hope Lin finds a way to get more PT and better stats for his FA value.


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