G47 [email protected] LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers managed not to blow the win in 2OT after letting the Bulls took 9-0 run to get the 1st OT.

DRose shooting 7-26 simply took out the Bulls offense.

As for JLin, he managed to get 11pt/5asts with 5-11 shooting in 27 min. Lin started shooting well and drove aggressively in the 1st half with 8pts/3asts with 4-6 good shooting in 12 consecutive min. But he lost the good rhythm as Clarkson played PG in Q3.

So for 3 consecutive games after DNP, Lin received 28min, 23 min, 27 min but without major roles. Lin’s agent might’ve negotiated 23-28 min consistent playing time after the DNP

Byron chose to leave the “Rebuilding/Tank” team in 2 OTs. He certainly didn’t want to use Lin/Davis. Price and Black are benched so he wanted to try different lineups to experiment.

Next game is NY Knicks at MSG. Hopefully Byron will draw more plays for Lin like he did in the HOU game.

There was a funny moment where Lin smiled after he caused ABrooks to travel.

Walking back to the direction of the bench, he was smiling wide but stopped suddenly as he saw someone/something (Byron?) that he despised 🙂



  1. Oh well, I will be the first then.

  2. SmiLIn!

  3. Who else but you? 🙂

  4. From Lakersground
    Lin — — “We gave great effort and the team really pulled together,” Lin said. Very nice mix of his game in the first half. He worked the two-man game with Davis to set up scores for the two of them. He hit jumpers and got to the rim for scores. Well-rounded and finding opportunities within the system or in transition. In the second half, he couldn’t finish the layups and jumpers. He also had a big turnover, as well. We were probably better off if he was orchestrating the offense down the stretch and in overtime as we struggled to close. He didn’t play in the OTs. It was a good learning experience for Clarkson, however, and the Lakers eventually got over the hump against a team. “We just did a good job with everyone doing their role,” Lin said. Very true. In that first half, where we scored 59 points, it wasn’t just a couple Lakers, it was the entire team. A lot of credit there to both Clarkson and Lin orchestrating that.

    The Stats: He scored 11 points on 5-11 shooting (1-2 from the line) to go with 5 assists, 2 turnovers and 1 foul in 27 minutes. He was a -5.

    The Action: He was stripped on a drive, turnover (I think he wanted a foul). He curled down the lane off the screens but couldn’t finish, getting blocked or stripped out of bounds. He sank a step-back elbow jumper on that same possession shortly later. Quick attack off a dribble handoff up top and he scored a layup. He hit Ed with low position for the layup. He blew past his man on one end for a layup, then got the same treatment on the other to give up a layup. He sank a 17-footer taking the return handoff from Davis off the two-man game. Nice no-looker to Wes on the break but he couldn’t finish it (Boozer tipped it in). He hit Davis for the layup on the two-man game. Way short on a turnaround jumper on the break. He had 8 points on 4-6 shooting and 3 assists.

    Second Half: He probed around a screen and drew FTs on a layup attempt around Rose, he made one. He missed a layup on a drive. Another missed layup on a drive. He missed a high-arching wing jumper working off the screen. He probed, picked up his dribble and threw it away for a breakaway dunk, ugly play (he had a midrange jumper available before picking up his dribble). He attacked the lane, hung and banked high off the glass over Noah. He attacked the lane again, missed again, but Sacre cleaned it up with ease.

  5. I know you would.

  6. Bc he was looking for chance to ISO for himself. I guess Hill, Ellington, & Clarkson all show case for their next contract.

  7. PFV short:

  8. haha..i guess Jlin afraid to smile infront of the coaching staff..

  9. I actually ok with Lin not playing in the 2 ots. He was pretty cold in the 2nd half. At this stage, the Lakers are playing the games like pre season games. Doesn’t make sense to risk injuries as long as he played well with the minutes he has been given.

  10. But it was insulting to be subbed out for a Rook to close out the game.

  11. I really think BS didn’t want to win but… Lin really looked so happy in his post game interview. He didn’t seem to worry or upset by not close the game today so they must be talk over about this before the game. None of 2nd unit good players were on until Scare fouls out.

  12. Every one knows what is exactly going on with the Lakers and BS. And I think lin had shown enough (2 yrs with Rockets and this season) for his next team.

  13. And Davis played only 16.

  14. Ok, what is going on with Tarik Black? Why is he not playing? I am telling you that starting lineup is nothing but trade bait, or an evaluation on who they want to keep.

  15. i guess favoritism?

  16. I think they are selling Hill and Clarkson…

  17. which is a wonder… i mean , i’d take him anytime over sacre!

  18. and what about the former favorite son -Ronnie Price? a couple of DNP’s now…

  19. The fact that Jimmy Butler, an excellent defender, was frequently assigned to guard JLin is a sign of respect by Coach Thibs of how dangerous JLin can be to wreak havoc inside


  20. Price was used as justification not to start Lin. But, since Kobe is no longer playing and Clarkson is starting, he is no longer necessary.

  21. Tbh, I think it was more because lin plays SG today. But I think lin did good against Jimmy

  22. everyone on the starting team is on sale now.
    Ellington, Sacre too. Not sure about Kelly

  23. I think they wish Kelly can play three.

  24. poor Ronnie…

  25. I guess Lin will get around 25 minutes per game for rest of season no matter how the game goes, unless someone gets injured. At least, it seems like Lin had a solid game. I’ve never waited so much for a NBA season to be over before. LOL

  26. true. although Butler could guard a taller Clarkson if he’s deemed more dangerous than Lin.
    Lin did quite well against Butler

  27. Lol….almost there…hang in…

  28. I liked his stepback against Butler.

  29. Took 15 games for Byron Scott to realize Price is a third string PG.

  30. I’m more convinced after 3 games post-DNP that’s what Lin’s agent negotiated.
    23-28 consistent playing time to help his FA value.

  31. That was not a step back I think…anyway….equally impressive…lol

  32. arent we all and after that phase..we are getting worry again…where Jlins home

  33. I wonder what was the chip used if that is the case….

  34. I meant the very first shot in the highlight. I think it looks like a step back?

  35. Not that I am defending BS by any means. Without Kobe who routinely broke the play. Scott’s system although outdated…..lin seems played fine with it…today and many other games have shown that.

  36. That was not a step back….he did not hop back…he just brake hard…

  37. Lol…why? He did not played bad today

  38. Maybe just common courtesy? It’s pretty messed up not to play a guy in his contract year without a good reason.

  39. just chillin’ after a game where he did not feel so exhausted and spent…

  40. Oh, I forgot. lol.

  41. from starter to third stringer… what a quick change of fate

  42. I think Roger Montgomery brought 1 Maxxis Tire to the meeting LOL

  43. Lin is a lot wiser and his NBA value is more proven than last time he was a free agent. Also, he isn’t a restricted free agent like last time. Although I don’t know where he will end up, I have a feeling it will work out well.

  44. Lal do not have that….they do not care

  45. Lol……Wut!

  46. YES!!!

  47. So what would it be called?

  48. Really sad to see lin fans worrying about lin might be out of NBA in this summer……

  49. I know most people in LA don’t care about Lin. But, I feel like maybe Jeanie Buss would’ve helped him out a bit. What else could it be? Lin has no bargaining power in LA.

  50. I think if we believe Roger’s tweet there was a small fight but they got the victory.

  51. Hahaha, imagine him rolling in a tire to the meeting!

  52. Money talks 🙂

  53. Think I’ll sign off for ice cream now.

  54. Not real Lin fans then.

  55. Bad for health

  56. Well, not like they want lin out…just different opinions I guess

  57. yeah, I’d imagine Roger could say “This Maxxis Tire is to be DNP-ed soon at Staples Center if Lin doesn’t play!”

  58. A friend I once knew: “I prefer my fat frozen, please.”

  59. That was such a cryptic message. But, seeing Lin’s playing time, you are probably right.

  60. There is literally no benefit to help lin at this point…for LA I mean…they will just groom their young..until a star comes to replace him

  61. It is ok in moderation. Don’t be such a parent 😛

  62. LOL I would like to be over even before the season began:-) 35 more games to go:-)

  63. There was a pic of laker girls waving a small towel….with maxxis logo on it. I tagged maxxis on that tweet and said you just sponsored a team that DNPed Lin….lol

  64. I know that’s the obvious answer. But, they did not just DNP Lin for rest of season even though there is no benefit for them to playing Lin at this point like you said. So, why do you think they are letting him play then?

  65. This time I’m going thru this waiting and anxious time with everyone here:-)

  66. I tried…..lol

  67. that’s frustration and desperation.

    If anything, NateJonesOnNBA out of the blue tweeted Lin should go to GSW next season.
    My guess was he was watching Lin feeding people quickly or drove inside with speed that he thought GSW can use him well.

    Speed still kills in the NBA especially if the guard can dish well.
    As long as Lin can drive inside and get FTs, he can help team win.

    I’m waiting for MDA and George Karl movement now. After McHale/BScott, I have no doubt Lin would be texting MDA more frequently! I know I would hehe..

  68. Because it is too obvious if they do not play him I guess. You can lose more cleverly than just bench lin….

  69. Please say, I feel like THEY are growing up as a team

  70. Nice! .. Maybe Roger brought one of the towels too to the meeting

  71. if you watch the interview, his body language and facial expression was saying … they.

  72. I want ‘victory is certain’ to be something bigger.

  73. I think Lin just said indirectly that Kobe stunted their growth as a team!

  74. and his eyes were saying “help” “trade me” lol

  75. LMAO, esp when he arched backwards trying to dig out of saying Linsanity given that was not specifically asked. It was like, this is so awkward talking about this I’m already outta here.

  76. So it was a broke back….

  77. I am not so sure about that since they don’t care about Lin anyway. The only other reason I can think of is that Lin is still a popular player as indicated by All Star voting, and Lakers want to keep all the fans they can get, especially with Kobe gone.

  78. ratings, that’s it!

  79. Who let you in here…

  80. Linmodified step-back …

  81. Last post tonight … is it just me, or was it nice to not see SwaggyP mess up the team rhythm?

    At least Clarkson made a few good plays, though he’s not a winning player in my book and ppl can say he has promise, but it’s going to take a long time to steady him. Watching Clarkson do well is a bittersweet experience because you know the team can lose at any time.

  82. He plays with the system…it is just the system ends with him taking the shot……lol

  83. Swaggy or ClarkKent Superman? Oops, no name call. Just kidding. Clarkson.

  84. OH yeah, he is still part of the team. Forgot about him. haha.

  85. haha, you naughty boy …

  86. Pick and rolling with a guard who can drive and kick to shooters at 3 point line is name of the game right now. That’s exactly Lin’s game so I think many teams will be interested. It will just be a matter of money, how big of a role they will offer him, and how many years.

  87. They do not care about lin…but when DNP a high profile player, they needs to explain or looked like dumb. The whole league is watching….especially some potential FAs..

  88. A pull up

  89. I am not disagreeing. But, if Lakers don’t want to look dumb, they are so doing it wrong this season. ROFL

  90. what happened to him (Swaggy)?

  91. Girl

  92. lol

  93. Sprained ankle

  94. oops. I thought that was psalm. Sorry Blubell. What Brent said.

  95. Me too! And I didn’t even realize it until you just mentioned it. LOL

  96. That is why I am not as upset as I was when Lin was with HOU..LA is a much better place….lol…

  97. Rox to Asik, I’d say.

  98. that’s on the other site. there are no such trolls here 🙂

  99. either way I’m naughty so… lol.

  100. Not just that site.. So was on tweeters and other fourms…

  101. So need to be banned…lol

  102. that’s because Young is not playing……

  103. I’ll ask Jeremy to teach this naughty girl a lesson. Haha

  104. Brent was too slow so I split the defense.

  105. yeah , i know. and the sad thing is if so called ’Lin fans’ are resigned to that scenario now

  106. I watched it again and I do see he didn’t really step back. More like last step was a jab step while he held his pivot and then he pulled the foot back in for a pull up. Good eyes.

  107. And the conversation should stop here because I am not IJ. lol

  108. oh , so that’s it. i thought he’s being punished or something…

  109. I see. Bad defense by the mods…

  110. He pulled an ASIK I assume..

  111. I’m curious how Lin and George Karl would match up. Pretty well I think.

  112. I think,MDA is better…..but I assume POP will be the best coach for Lin…although the lin may not see too much time initially

  113. If he said that, I would literally die laughing on the spot.

  114. why? he was given leeway as far as i know…

  115. Oh, Pop would be great of course. But, I just don’t see Spurs picking up Lin. Then again, they picked up Richard Jefferson back in the day so who knows. Haha

  116. I can’t say you read my mind.

  117. I’m ok actually with Clarkson playing such heavy minutes and scoring relatively well. Even outscoring Lin this past couple of games. I belong to the school that thinks this Lakers team is now looking at who to trade and who to retain. Let them think that Clarkson will do well in future (and he well might, but who knows) and sign him. Then Lin should just take his talents elsewhere that appreciates him more. Wherever MDA or Geroge Karl ends up, I would like Lin to go there. Or by some miracle, to the Spurs. In any case, Clarkson doing well and Lakers signing him might well crystalise the decision for Lin’s next contract. And I’m sure he will get one.

  118. So me getting a flat tire works! 🙂

  119. I dont think so, its just rotation evaluation, hence the DNP. Given a chance, he will play Price

  120. maybe

  121. so far, he havent lived up to it, but I like his play and he can take threes. I would have him as backup as 4/5

  122. and for a dunk!!!!

  123. But it was not Lin alone, other seniors was on the same boat as well

  124. most likely thats the minutes he will get…unless another tryout comes in with Lin as a starter

  125. Slick highlights! That bank shot over Noah is right on the money.

  126. Picture Time!

  127. Yes…there is more..

  128. More more…

  129. Dont get too greedy now!

  130. End of story…

  131. Nobody would want him. Sad truth. Seemed like a nice guy too.

  132. 20150129 Bulls vs Lakers Jeremy Lin TNT Overtime Player Cam

  133. Jeremy Lin 林書豪: “我在吃冰淇淋, 來慶祝今天晚上的比賽!”

  134. I think Lakers are high on Clakrson, and wont trade him now. They even ask Nash to mentor him now.

  135. So did Joyce nieces managed to corner JLin?

  136. Haven’t heard the report from Joyce:-)

  137. Dod he get most votes

  138. Just read some of the postings, looks like fans upset because JLin’s playtime limited vs the rookie and BS has been googo gaga over Clarkson. Look at the bigger picture like JLin, which is to build trust and play team basketball unselfishly. Do not think the players are gushing over BS compliments for they know he is discriminating and clueless. The players (except JLin and Boozer) are flavours of the week to BS.

  139. Lin won’t be used at optimum by Byron Scott and he should leave the Lakers.
    Davis only got 16 minutes. The Bulls played poorly and Lakers got the win.

  140. Knowing who BS is. No point to feel upset about it. Just that when JLin was subed out in 4th qtr, I began to cheer for Bulls for the win:-) Too bad Bulls failed me:-) As usual I don’t enjoy Clarkson, Hill and Sacre. Clarkson is because he plays more Kobe Ball and I just don’t like nor enjoy too much of isos game. Sacre is Sacre. I’ve zero interest of watching in his game. Hill, he isn’t the kind of big that I like. I like Ellington game much better. I like Kelly but fee like he is lost in the midst of this lineup.

  141. I hope you are right. Brent the Prophet

  142. I read Jimmy Butler’s growing up story and saw an interview a couple years before, it made me tears up and I felt very happy for him now for doing so well in the NBA.

  143. I am w you on Hill for trade. Clarkson & Ellington for next contract. But don’t get why not played Black anymore?

  144. Since Kobe is not playing, there’s no need of Ronnie. Ronnie has never been a scoring threat to Kobe.

  145. Oh you know well Lin is a lot smarter than that! So you lost your laughing chance!

  146. Those are just Debbie Downers, we have to think positively until the real thing happens! It’s all wasting time speculations!

  147. oh man…I got a craving now.

  148. Haha, so the thought bubble would be:
    “…now that the immature guy is gone.”
    Is that what you mean Psalm?

  149. Can’t agree with u more. The more they like JC, the higher chance Lin can get out of LA. I can’t stand watching him being underutilized by BS and KB anymore…He will have a much better life elsewhere after a couple years of struggles.

  150. So it’s McFlurry to console himself when they lose and frozen yogurt to celebrate when they win?

  151. He is so happy bc they played the team ball style as Lin’s wish. This probably will not be popular in here but I believe he will stay in Lakers.

  152. Considering how the season started with the murder of his father Ellington really overcoming a lot to be doing well now. Happy for him https://twitter.com/IAmDPick/status/561165219104169984?s=09

  153. We know MDA will never think LIN can’t play PG. LIN will at least have a coach that operates with meritocracy and not some political BS.

    LIN just needs a fair level playing field. He can at least then earn his way to the top.

  154. Exactly my point…just I am focusing on lin…..almost all current players are just some kind of the temp pieces..

  155. To his standard, his pt is not enough….

  156. This game was more about Chicago losing than the Lakers winning. Bulls just didn’t have the energy. Announcers were using the word uncharacteristic to describe them. Off night for them.

    Clarkson can be pressured into making poor decisions (see the 4Q). Had the Bulls maintained that urgency, they could have won.

  157. With BS nothing is logical.

  158. Don’t care about which team won but Lin never gets fair treatment which annoys me most. A rook and a journeyman can get so much playing time and opportunity but Lin can’t over the 3yrs. I can’t remember last time when Lin is allowed to play over 35 or 40 mins or the whole overtime? Lakers abandon him so quickly and I wonder why.

  159. Some thoughts:

    Butler is Bull’s best player.

    Rose is done. Not the same player and a very poor shooter. He is at best, and should be treated as such, a good role player now, not a franchise player.

    Lin played well 1st half; poorly in 2nd half. Didn’t really do enough to distinguish himself from the rookie Clarkson. Seems like he’s just happy going through the motion.

    What’s up with BS not playing Tarik or Price at all? I mean Tarik deserves some PT.

    Ellington trying hard to get an offer from a team; that’s the way to do it.

    Lakers won despite BS’ attempt to lose because of D. Rose.

  160. I agree BS tried so hard to loss this game but due to Rose’s poor shooting so they won!!! I think Lin’s really happy bc they played the style he wants… & won!!!

  161. well-said, @Bearness!
    Lin’s drive-and-kick suits the modern NBA game very well.

  162. If you accept that Lin is not in Lakers’ long term plan and Lakers’ goal is to lose as many games, it makes a perfect sense to play the rookie as much as he possible. Clarkson is really lucky the way things turned out for him. This was a perfect storm for him to get lots of PT which may ultimately make or break his career. Not many rookies, especially those drafted outside top 10, get this much PT.

  163. oh i see… so that’s the story…

  164. Nothing like Kobe to stunt your growth.

  165. I almost dropped my tacos couple of times last night going
    into the end of the game. Gosh, gee willikers, golly, darn it, god dangit, dog
    gone it, Byron Scott! You’ve changed bro, thought you were going for the ten
    consecutive streak. I know Derrick Rose didn’t help all that much, should have
    put in the last pick, Ronnie Price, for insurance.

    Oh well, Jeremy Lin had a decent game.

  166. @DLin, you asked if there is good evidence to show that BScott drew plays for Lin in the HOU game following the DNP in the Spurs gam. Here is the video showing BScott drawing plays for Lin during timeout after a length talk with coaches in mid-court.

    Note: I also saw BScott and assistant coaches did the same thing during Q4 in the PHX game to talk things to strategize in mid-court. The only difference was they drew plays for someone else at the time. Jeremy was at end of bench, wasn’t involved. That’s why I noticed quite a dramatic shift of who coaches drew plays for during TO.

  167. I agree DRose is no longer the same star after losing his explosiveness, just like Kobe’s condition at the moment.

    Lin did very well in the 1st half after getting 12 consecutive min so he’s able to establish rhythm.
    In 2nd half, he did try to attack rim from the left twice but couldn’t finish so at least he was aggressive but didn’t force things as his teammates were able to score. That’s his philosophy so I’m okay with that. My only wish was he continued to attack rather than settling for outside jumper (1-2)

    He’ll do fine I think.. to find good ways to play better in this shuffled lineups that BScott has

  168. I agree that Rose’s days as a MVP candidate (franchise player) are done. I think he can still be an all-star if he can ever make consistent outside shots (really doubtful) or learn to become a better distributor. At least he can still play in NBA unlike Brandon Roy who was forced to retire and I feel Roy is a better SG than Kobe and Harden.

  169. Psalm
    I like all the posters here and your nick is more recognizable to me the more I visit this site
    What is the significance of the verse psalms23:4 ?

  170. Though I’m not high on Wes, this would be my starting lineup. I’d probably try Kelly instead of Wes to see how that worked.


  171. Yes, Brandon Roy was awesome SG. Too bad.

  172. Close to the best line up, replace boozer with black

  173. Black and Davis are kind of redundant. Would keep Black with the bench and Lin play extended minutes with the Bench with Black. Also because Davis seems to get into foul trouble Black would be a good backup.

  174. Shumpert too. But NYK still gave him up…?!

  175. This would be my ideal starter. Kelly is not a 3, he is too slow as a SF.

  176. oh, thanks @HPPan:disqus. Yes, I also got to know a lot of great characters here and learned a lot from them =)

    Psalm 23 just happens to be one of my favorite verses giving me peace and comfort, especially during tough times with worry and doubt. Furthermore, I found it to be so fitting with JLin’s journey that we all follow so closely.

    And verse 4 definitely gives a lot of peace and comfort to be brave to navigate through scary situations with God’s help, so it’s just like Jeremy facing so many bad characters trying to devour him in LA and HOU but he’s tough enough to do it with a smile.

    These 2 pics capture the gravity of the situation but also the peace, calm and toughness to overcome it. You can guess which one of the bad doggies are BScott and other unsavory characters in LA LOL. I really think Jeremy will be just fine to overcome this tough LA chapter in his journey. The guy is tough!

  177. The golden lineup from last night!
    Byron’s Thought Bubble : {I got to put this Anti-Tank lineup in deep freeze!}

  178. Yes, I think I heard some of the TNT commentators say that too.

  179. Sorry psalm, as a dog lover, I cannot accept your interpretation of that picture! Those are not bad doggies representing unsavory characters in LA. Those are very good doggies showing the utmost in discipline and restraint. They represent Lin fans and it’s the sneaky fat cat who represents BS or Kobe.

  180. Great news! No Harden… LOL! I guess Kerr had hard time to pick either Thompson or Harden…

  181. LOL I’m also such a dog lover and still can’t find unselfish kind-hearted cats yet.
    I wish I could find a better picture.

    But let’s not blame the dogs and cats actors here. I don’t want to start war on dogs vs cats lovers :]
    As long as we know who the evil guys in Lakers (Kobe/BScott) willing to devour others for personal glory, not team’s!

  182. NYPost article summarized it correctly that Linsanity is stuck in LA Purgatory, when he got DNP in the 1st game Kobe was out and replaced by Clarkson/Price.

    And it was weird moment when Melo compared the rookie sensation Langston to Linsanity in willingness to take big shots.


  183. Yeah I definitely see how that picture can work in both directions. That is one heck of a brave cat. Either that or the picture was staged and the cat is really scared to death, but trying to cooly leave the area.

  184. Purgatory? Haha! It’s true w Kobe & BS Lakers indeed is a purgatory. NY still likes Lin so much. I really do wish he can back to NYK but …

  185. Thanks for this. Could have been pass / pass / pass. When I saw Lin attack there was no pick and roll – so that’s what I am point out / no screens etc but perhaps I am wrong and others simply did not execute. This tells me that if BS wants a 30 pts Lin, he could do that which makes it more mind boggling.

  186. Does that mean Cousins will start in place of Kobe or he’s one of the All Stars now whereas before he isn’t? I can’t believe they would start a big in place of a SG.

  187. Oh! I don’t know… I thought replace Kobe that means starter?! I hope so. Don’t want Harden to start…

  188. Greg (at Sportige), via Nathan Gottlieb, talking about Lin :

    His minutes are meaningless and irrelevant to the Lakers, clearly showing they don’t see him as part of anything they’re trying to build. Try being at your workplace with that sitting in the back of your head, knowing you’re possibly the best player on this team which is exactly why you’re being reduced into a bench player, and often taken out of games when things are going too well.

    See : http://sportige.com/los-angeles-lakers-jeremy-lin-never-dreamed-hed-be-backing-up-jordan-clarkson-01-30-2015/

  189. That starting lineup would look kind of funny Griffin / Gasol / Davis / Cousins / Curry

  190. I think Kerr picks the reserves and Commissioner picks the replacement in case of the injury?

  191. Lin’s practicing hard before leaving for NY


  192. A Series of Unfortunate Lakers Event- Part 2 DNP Aftermath

    Setting: Outside Guest locker room, San Antonio Spurs AT&T Center
    Time: Lakers Post Interview just completed.

    Beat Writer BO: Hey, MM. You got what you want from the interviews?
    Reporter MM: No. Lin left earlier. That’s the only person in this team that talks sense and that’s how I got most for intelligent game analysis. You can always find some riddles with the ways he talks.
    BO: BS talked a lot though.
    MM: Yeah right. You know it is all BS.
    BO: But Lin sneaked out.
    MM: Technically, he didn’t. The locker room opened earlier than usual. And he talked to a reporter that was smart enough to wait outside, not listening to all BS from the coach.
    BO: Oh, well. I am surprised BS pulled a DNP on Lin.
    MM: Me too. I just couldn’t believe he could go this far. He is going to take some heat.
    BO: I doubt. Lakers never liked Lin and they won’t care.
    MM: We shall see.

    Hours later on the way back to LA …

    BO text to MM: you got the notice?
    MM text back to BO: Yes, practice canceled.
    BO: What’s your take?
    MM: Interesting. FO might want to talk to BS.
    BO: I bet. They want to talk about how to tank now that Kobe is done.
    MM: More than that. I think it is related to DNP.

    Sunday afternoon in Staples Center …

    A bunch of reporters/beat writers eagerly waiting to get pre-game interviews. Yet, still no sign of BS.

    BO: SW, what do you think?
    SW: I don’t talk to blog writer.
    BO: Come on, we are media buddy.
    SW: Blog is not media.
    MM: It is OK, BO. I will talk to you.
    BO: Did you see the tweet from Roger?
    MM: Yep, Victory is certain.
    BO: What do you think?
    MM: (I guess you are just clueless like your articles). I guess Roger talked to Mitch this morning, or maybe yesterday.
    BO: And?
    MM: (Can you use some imagination, [email protected]). I don’t know. It could be anything. But it could be something like the following:

    (MM’s imagination)
    Roger: Mitch, I believe you talked to Jeanie.
    Mitch: Yes. I talked to her. She is not happy with the DNP neither. FO was 110% not aware beforehand that BS could do something like that. We just wanted him to showcase young players. It was a miss-communication.
    Roger: I hope so. You should understand that Lin was not happy about it. How could you DNP an 8M player? Not to mention he is the best player on the team. I know you guys don’t agree. But just look at TS% and Defense Rating, along with other major advanced statistics, Lin stands out by a large margin. And these numbers come from inconsistent PT and roles.
    Mitch: We recognize Lin’s contribution. It is just that …
    Roger: I know. The man that can not be named and the word that can’t be uttered of which BS is the commander.
    Mitch: Well, what can I do to make Lin happy?
    Roger: PT is what Lin wants. He just wanted to play. Win or loss, it is not in his hands any more. He just wants to play basketball, not politics.
    Mitch: I understand.
    Roger: A lot of PT.
    Mitch: 30 minutes a game is not possible. We have a different plan now that Kobe is done. We need to develop our young players.
    Roger: I believe Lin would understand. But 15 minutes a game won’t satisfy Lin’s body when he is on the court.
    Mitch: OK. I will let BS know. But I can’t promise a consistent PT. A range of nn to mm, that’s what I can offer.
    Roger: One more thing. Just this game, I want BS to set some plays for Lin.
    Mitch: I don’t know … It could be difficult
    Roger: Do you want me to talk to Jeanie?
    Mitch: All right,, I will tell BS. If necessary, i will give him two black eyes.
    Roger: You better. I hope you find a decent PG next season.
    Mitch: We will have Rondo.
    Roger: Good luck with that.

    BO: I don’t know. You know, I don’t understand why Lin is so popular, his defense, his TO, inconsistent …

    MM interrupt: Wait, BS is here … Let’s hear what he has to say.

    During the game seconds before half time against Rox:

    BS: Why you played like S*t.
    Young: Why I want to play like your puppy?
    BS: I am the coach.
    Young: The coach is not here anymore. And you are not him.
    BS: I will DNP you.
    Young: I will DNC you.
    BS: #$&@$%%

    Part 3: TBC – DOE (Depends on events)

    (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or BS or BO, is purely coincidental)

  193. finally he deserve it

  194. I guess Swaggy still needs to stay in Kobe’s Dog House for a little longer


  195. I believe he still hope to play a good game in MSG even he sounded no big deal to him back to MSG last night but … he cares…

  196. Absolutely true. What was his record in HOU vs Knicks? 4-0 or 5-0, right?

    He tried to downplay it during Post-Game interview but we can tell it’s quite a big thing for him.
    Hope he’s ready and excite the NY crowd one more time!

  197. Ya! He can’t say how excite him to back to NY w TWC reporter.. But I know he is…Like in his Q&A he told NYK fans.. see you 2/1/15 in NY. Hope BS can let him plays long min vs NYK. But don’t know which team can do better job for tanking on Sun… LOL!

  198. yup, great retelling of what most likely happened behind the door :>
    You have vivid imagination indeed!

    You know, I think we should collect “A Series of Unfortunate Lakers Event” into a post (which you own and update) and add links to the upcoming “JLin 2015 What Happened timeline”

  199. Yes that’s my understanding.

  200. More than happy. I will be honored to mock some bad guys.. ;-D

  201. It’s almost unfathomable that Rondo’s FT is actually 14% in the last 10 games.
    There goes our dream that Kupchak would ever consider trading Rondo for Lin/Davis


  202. Eric Pincus defending Scott on the Coach Nick’s podcast. I guess this is all Kobe’s fault then..lol
    For ppl here who are still intersted to listen to him.

  203. I granted you “Author” role so you can create post using “Create A New Post” green button on Homepage.
    I can help you with formatting and Table-Of-Content later =)

  204. Andy Bailey
    The Rondo trade stymied what WAS the NBA’s best offense & cratered the Mavs’ bench. Fans & writers are starting to realize & turn on him.

  205. How come Fans & Writers realize this so slowly?

  206. I hope they keep losing to the point they’d be interested in trading Rondo to the Lakers for Lin & Davis.

  207. Why they showed so many Lin today before the trip to NY?! Really hope they can let him have a good game in NYK.

  208. Haha. . I predicted the demise of the rondo era on the first day of the trade.

  209. I can actually see this happening. Haha.

  210. When are fans and writers are starting to realize BS?

  211. Is there a lot?

  212. Rondr’s trade it’s not a good idea for Mav. I think Cuban knew now… it’s very likely he will not sign him this summer. Trade? Don’t think Lakers wants to trade Lin. Hill maybe…

  213. Executed beautifully!!!

  214. Miller’s also show one in his tweet?!

  215. yes yes..

  216. Add me to the list. I also predicted the next Knicks was Rox last summer.

  217. The way they’re treating him he doesn’t seem to be in their long range plans. If they are so in love with Rondo and think he will play well with Kobe then get him for a rental and see if you can convince him to say. Personally I think its a mistake for the Lakers to acquire Rondo but as long as Lin is out of there I hope they do it and choke on the trade.

  218. Yeah, this season could be their best opportunity for the ring because LBJ is having Charming stars around him.

  219. That seems appropriate. They are talking about military armor.

  220. This is the type of stats KB feels comfortable to play with.

  221. Maybe because Jlin has the most educated fans in the world

  222. That term is really not appropriate for any thing nowadays

  223. I don’t think Roger has the backbone to be that assertive nor would he want to rock the boat and yet has no problem collecting his $750,000 fee off of Jeremy Lin.

    Add a few more chapters, could be a nice Off Broadway play.

  224. After reading NYPost Purgatory article questioning Lin backing up Clarkson/Price and Greg’s Sportige ” Jeremy Lin Never Dreamed He’d be Backing Up Jordan Clarkson”, I think most media and GMs would understand there is a weird situation with LA and Byron Scott.

    It’s different with Lin backing up Bev in HOU when he’s thought as a lesser defender and lost the competition/not good fit next to Harden.

    In a way the DNP over Price/Clarkson opened the eyes that Lin doesn’t get a fair-shake in LA under Byron Scott (or Kobe) so he can compete for a starting PG job somewhere. It’s just public perception but it’s still important.


  225. since he can easily be the #1 star next to Rondo? very much yes

  226. I’m surprised it didn’t work out. He was not a good shooter but he could penetrate and pass. Is he just not as athletic now to penetrate?

  227. IIRC, this is the first time I see a starter directly demoted to D-League.

  228. Might be just temporary to get him more minutes then he will catch up with the rest of the team in New York.

  229. That’s surprising. I didn’t think he was playing that badly to be sent down

  230. How about an NBA player who is “tough period” and “the head of the snake” go from starter to bench player to third string to DNP-CD all in a week’s time? I bet you never saw that in the NBA before.

    BS is not even trying to justify his chaotic and bizarre coaching decisions anymore.

  231. Even if this is the case, I’ve still never seen it done. If a starter needs to spend time in D-League to keep his skills sharp, then he shouldn’t be starting. But obviously, I’m talking in terms of a non-tanking team. 🙂

    Or maybe, BS thinks D-League is where they teach how to play D? LOL

  232. BS should consider second career with Six Flags, managing big roller coasters.

  233. Yes!! Mitch.. please trade the bench scrub Jlin for the super star pg kobe has always wanted… you got all the Lin fans blessings

  234. There are some really mixed messages coming from the lakers and lin and the coach. i dont know what to think

  235. And so many media people pretend that everything is normal. To me it’s like Lin is playing in the Twilight Zone.

  236. Maybe harden… hehe… oh what I would give to see all three of them on the same team

  237. yeah, why do they have to use that word when there are plenty of other words that can describe the same thing.

  238. hmm, he’s white, BS has something against people that are not black? first lin, now kelly.

  239. “the roller coaster ride we had is nearly at an end/i bought my ticket with my tears thats’s all im gonna spend”.

    think of the various “cirucmstances” and explanations (or lack of explanations) offered this year in la for kobe, lin, price, swaggy, clarkson, kelly….boozer.

    how can any players possibly perform well? when you have no idea from game to game even moment to moment what is going on?

    ronnie price looked so said on the end of the bench the other nite; from head of the snake to the 12th man (i guess there were maybe only 11 available).

    now kelly; forced to start at position he doesn’t really play; then sent to d league.

    nothing is normal in la thats for sure. there are many theories but non that would accomodate the wild and crazy moves.

    on a side note: tank bowl one is tonite (min and phil) prelude to tank bowl two (lakers and knicks) sunday

  240. Has there been a team before that’s upside down where your starters are on the bench and the reserves are starting?

  241. bizzaro world

  242. It’s like the world “niggardly.”

    Sure, it’s a real word and it can describe a real behavior, but in this era it’s just not that appropriate anymore.

  243. It’s a prelude for Lin going to d leage

  244. Listening to Mason and Ireland, they were talking about the SI article discussing trading Kobe to the Knicks. They were saying the usual LA media drivel how you’d never do that, he’s the best player on the team and so-on. Then they bring on Ben Lyons who’s from New York and asked him about it. And they were surprised to hear him say the Knicks wouldn’t want him, he’s too old, injury prone. It reminded me of the show Pawn Stars where someone brings in their family jewels thinking they could sell them for a fortune only to be told their fake and worth a few dollars. The LA media has just been drinking the Kobe Kool-Aid too long.

  245. BS is engaged in a mind-altering game, messing with the players, and fans, so that some of us would gat sucked into the scheme and omitting our daily chores, and resulted in living in Lin’s life instead of our own. Folks, wake up. 🙂

  246. Oh yes, please!!!

    Rondo and Kobe would fit perfectly together

  247. can you say “family jewels” on here?

  248. Haha! Ya! Who is in the right mind will want to take Kobe right now? No matter how Mitch said about do the right thing to sign Kobe …. no one really believes in him at all. smh!

  249. actually he prefers “head of the snake” stats. thats why once kobe was “not available” the head of the snake was extraneous and unceremoniously deposed.

  250. LOL.

  251. Poor Kelly. He is asked to play out of his natural position, result is no good obviously. Not playing his strengths, no support from the coaching team, and he is now rewarded to play in d league again.

    That’s a terrible management…..messing the players one by one.

  252. think of the various “cirucmstances” and explanations (or lack of explanations) offered this year in la for kobe, lin, price, swaggy, clarkson, kelly….boozer.

    how can any players possibly perform well? when you have no idea from game to game even moment to moment what is going on?

    ronnie price looked so said on the end of the bench the other nite; from head of the snake to the 12th man (i guess there were maybe only 11 available).

    now kelly; forced to start at position he doesn’t really play; then sent to d league.

  253. I’m sure the lakers know kobe is no longer playing for ring

  254. Can we say delusional! Haha, and they say Lin fans are crazy.

  255. Every player who is either close to Lin or plays team ball, has always receive the special BS treatment…….. the hate is strong

  256. Agreed… and also the bs about the term being used for 600 years. …how long has the n word being usedfor? Does it make it ok to use the word if it has been used for a long time? The answer is obviously NOT…what wrong is wrong… there is no excuse for it

  257. tank bowl 1 tonite; if minn beats philly knicks could be going for #1 spot with a loss sunday in tank bowl 2, added incentive, scott will have to come up with some extra special fails to lose.

  258. I think a more apt descriptor would be Toilet Bowl.

  259. It’s pretty funny this is the link about the first 5 minutes or so. Just shows how delusional LA media is. If nobody in the league would want to trade for Kobe how much is he worth?


  260. Lin haven’t had a fair shake since he left the Knicks period!

  261. Good info, bro. Thanks! Really enjoyed reading it.
    J.Lin, hang in there!
    Leave everything you got (and bottled up) on the court every night. Day in, day out – Play like an All-Star like you should be. Shed away the biases and false narratives against you. In time, you will get your starting job back, here in LA or any where you may go.

  262. But Warriors have the highest chance for the ring.

  263. Is there someone here compiling a book on the Art Of Tanking? You’ve just mentioned one good example.

  264. Wonder how long they stick with Rondo? Sure it takes time to gel but if they are making a playoff run this year, Dirks years are limited, and trade deadline is coming up in less than 3 weeks.


  265. When healthy, but Bogut is injury prone. They lose him before the playoffs like last year then their chances diminish considerably. Still a good team but lose quite a bit.

  266. Your insult to a man who is still under employment to Lin also insults Lin.

    Enlighen us to why you think Montgomery is spineless.

  267. If Montae and Lin had better chemistry and backcourt size (not that Rondo is big), I would pull the trade. But the NBA views Rondo as defensive stud and Lin as defensive liability.

    Because of that alone, I would not trade for Lin due to the perception and that means refs will blow or not blow whistles due to the perceptions.

  268. well it doesn’t matter. Kobe sells tickets, or at least doesn’t hurt Laker tickets sales. As long as that is true, the front office is too scared to rock the boat. They do want to make $$ and Kobe as drama keeps all eyes on Lakers.

    nobody in LA even talks about the CLippers and Clippers are a good team. And have stars too. But less off court drama.

  269. Eyen: “Hey Jeremy you sit on the bench like this, not like that. And dont smile so much ok?”

  270. no the signals are clear. Lin is a bench warmer.

  271. starter to D-Fenders. LOL, makes no sense.

  272. NOw they are removing Jlin’s friends on team.

  273. it is weird.

  274. well everyone knows Ronnie was a Kobe cover. With Kobe out, Ronnie should not even play.

    I think Scott tried the slick DNPCD with Ronnie off the bench but even the lame Front Office stepped in and said no you cannot do that with Lin on that one.

    Front Office can force Lin to start but they dont want to. But Front Office did force Scott to play Lin instead of allowing DNPCD.

  275. Advertising seems to advertise Lin a lot. But then the shows they ignore, play him down or downright trash him (Stu). I’m not sure if they are still doing that, I stopped watching the pre & post game shows.


  276. Just some thoughts here. Laker fans are all in love with Clarkson for having “solid” first games as a starter and supposedly outplaying better point guards. But these are same people dismissing Linsanity as a fluke. This is what I don’t get. Clearly, putting up the numbers that Jeremy did 3 years ago was very special and speaks of talent that is in there lying dormant. It’s all about opportunity and there are many young players now getting that opportunity but not producing as well as Jeremy did. Even Clarkson. And yes, I know J was technically a second year player at the time but those Linsanity games were his first starts and the talent level around him is probably at par with what Clarkson has now.

  277. Rondo sucks. Lin blocks Rondo regularly.

  278. Poor Damien Lilliard still not getting into the dance.

  279. Lakers still been selling out tickets even after Kobe out. Not sure how long that will last but they have.

  280. Agree 100%. I think that’s exactly what happened.

  281. I agree with Webattorney for the most part.
    I’m reading this season as a tryout for Lin as a “Backup PG” and not as a legit starter PG for the Lakers. This is just another “demotion” in disguise in a different city by another Linsanity-doubter coach. The Lakers want to tank for the Lottery Pick but there’s other ways in doing so without a full display of disrespect towards Lin.
    Lin’s future is fully in his hands – Must fight for what you’re worth… with whatever limitations put upon you.
    And hopefully there’s a good coach out there that still believes in Linsanity.
    Anyhow, we won’t be seeing Mr. 4th Quarter any time soon but it’s not the end but just the beginning for J.Lin. There’ll be a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Really liked this Lakers team with Clarkson, Wellington, Davis, Hill, Swaggy P. Just wish there’s a better coach than BScott, one who truly believes in Jeremy.

  282. whiteside 14 rebounds in first 8 minutes tonite. course he’s had plenty of opportunites as two teams together have missed 34 of their first 43 shots.

  283. Agree with you. I can’t believe that some people still see Linsanity as a fluke. Jeremy was basically a rookie cause he hardly played at Golden State. There has never been any player (rookie), given the same support, circumstances and minutes, who has achieved anything close to what Jeremy achieved.

    By the way, Clarkson’s best game is still nowhere near the minimum Linsanity level.

  284. Really nice form on that shot. Nice elbow position tightly aligned with ball, right hip and knee in a simple straight line. Not much can go wrong with this set up.

  285. 14 in 8min? crazy

  286. clarksons “fabulous” first 4 games as a starter: 13 points a game in 34 minutes of playing time. shooting 39% –22% on 3’s

    wow. thats really clarkson-sane.

    (just for comparison clarkson 34 minutes: 13 point lin per 36: (for the entire season starting and not starting: 14.7)

  287. again with 78% of shots taken being missed gives one a lot of opportunity!

  288. Seeing Lin being abused for the last three years, have not seen Roger done anything for Lin after his contract. If you know, let me know then! From the way he tweeted, that is pretty loosey goosey. What did he said anyway with any certainty? Is that the best Lin get for $750K?

    Read my post again, I did not say he is spineless. I said he does not have the spines to be THAT assertive relative to the original post. If you have the inside scoop for certain that Roger have a huge spine fighting for Lin headon, please tell, Then I will apologise because I really wanted to be wrong but Roger ain’t showing us jack.

  289. These fans usually are diehard Kobe fans. They view Lin as the most dangerous competitor to their idol Kobe and the best way to eliminate the competitor without exposing their agenda is to praise another player as if he were so much better than Lin. Of course after Lin leaves whoever got the praise will be criticized by the same group of people, for the same purpose of protecting their idol. So you can say Clarkson is the Bev in LAL.

  290. LAL have two heads.

  291. Hey Brent, been meaning to respond to You’re long post about Lin’s handle and shooting.

    We’ve talked a bit about LIN’S flying right elbow that disconnects his alignment, I think we can agree that this Kelly photo is what we’d like Lin’s elbow to be more at. In a strange way, Mchale forced Lin into adapting a shooter mentality by playing off ball and being the recipient of so many last second bailout passes from Harden. It’s much easier when you have no choice but shoot because you don’t have to make any other decisions. However this year, he has been asked by KB and BS to do so many different things that he’s just confused about his role. On any given day, he could be told to pass or play off ball. He doesn’t know if he should pass or shoot. IMO, this indecisiveness is what has been giving him shooting problems. It’s ljust bad coaching.

    The same can be said about his handle. When Lin puts it on the floor, he’s not looking to ISO like all the other Lakers. Lin is looking to pass. The problem is that he doesn’t know where his teammates are or how they will move without the ball. Most of the time,thye don’t move because they’re so used to KOBE ISO that they just watch. Lin is forced to have to look at where his players are and see if anyone is actually going to run or not. That’s the reason for his bad handles. At that level, you can’t be having to make such slow decisions.

  292. Sina.com has stopped covering LAL’s games in China after Feb.

  293. “Being ‘game-ready’ involves more than having the right sports gear. I’m excited to share with you the items I use to get ready for a game – physically, spiritually and mentally.” … Jeremy Lin


  294. Wow, that is major.I wander if it because Lakers are tanking or Kobe not playing?

  295. Now we are talking big money. That will get FO’s attention.

  296. Jeremy Lin’s first 4 games as a starter averaged at:
    27.3 points, 8.3 assists, 39.8 minutes

  297. Or Lin not playing!

  298. I might buy a package for niece and her friend

  299. lol. I dont think they look at it that way. They just view as Lin of not being “that good”.

  300. True. and the plot thickens

  301. hahahahahahahahaha

  302. It is as always, anyone else but Lin.

  303. It’s great seeing Jeremy being happy on the court and having good chemistry with teammates. That’s the part that I, and most of us, like the most about him. At the end of day, It’s just a game of basketball and there’s much more to life and happiness. Seeing him being all smiley and happy can be very contagious. No matter what, Jeremy cannot lose that… find that happiness and peace in whatever tough situation. NO One can take that away from him. He Cannot Lose. The losers are the ones that love to hate him for whatever reason.
    Great to see…

  304. More like Melo and Kobe DON’T need any teammates. WHO would want to be Second fiddle to the SUPER HEROBALL.

  305. Commentators said in the last game that they had been neglecting the bad coaching just to cheer up the audience. But they couldn’t stand it any more and said the LAL games were uglier than the worst manipulated games they had ever seen.

  306. Only in SuperLin Bizarro world can this happen.

  307. We have had so much disappointment this season. Just hoping and believing for something special this next game at MSG.

  308. I know, I was just intentionally picky on him LOL kind of for fun…Seems like he will not change his elbow alignment in the near future. But I do think he can, by his talent alone, shoot around 38% from 3 if he gets his balance right. Most of his shots, if the balance was right, were straight. Just like those ppl in their 60s..in the park shooting 100% from 3 with super ugly forms….lol

    About his handle, I think one thing he can do is to keep dribbling alive like in Linsanity days…which is very hard to do with NBA level defense. In order to do that, he needs to be able to look around without having to worry about the ball more. McHale totally killed it. Lin started to pick up the ball so much to avoid TOVs. Had him doing his NYK style for the past 2 yrs. His handle would be much reliable in the crowd. That been said, I do think his handle has improved…..both left and right..

  309. Why do you think FO would do that?

  310. Quick update: The Mavs offense has looked god awful so far this game

  311. He had it…about like 7 games in the preseason and 2 games in the regular..

  312. I would like to point out we do not know what has He done…Lin is not a typical player, so his treatment among the league would be by default “different”

  313. No need to worry about that when teams start to do the trap on him … he will just like the NYK PG Galloway only got 4 points vs Pacers.

  314. Solid games because he isn’t scouted yet.

  315. Then you will get couple of coasters as DNP-BD

  316. Has been like that for awhile…

  317. Exactly.. but looked at vs Rox..?!

  318. Hahahahaha Celtics annuncers are raving about how they can jinx Harden’s FT. “You did it!! You did it AGAIN!”

  319. As an animal lover, that fat cat is more loveable than BS and/or Kobe. 🙂

  320. Why are they showing Lin/Booze/Black…smh

  321. Cuban is like Morey (Houston) in a way – trading for All Superstar team and try to buy the rings. It’s getting very, very desperate for these GMs and owners.
    I find more joy in Golden State Warriors, the Grizzlies, the Clippers and the Hawks, and huh, the Cavs as well.

  322. Anybody can look good against the Rox.

  323. Clarkson played bad vs Rox…

  324. Oh I thought you find him playing against the Rox good. He’s not yet NBA ready (understandable with all those minutes). Needs more polishing, but in a few years he’ll be good. Skill more apt as a shooting guard.

  325. Ya! I think so plus he did a lot more shots than Lin also played more min so his stats looks good.

  326. They just crushed Heat in the 4Q..lol

  327. I’d love to see Lin in Miami but not sure how he would fit into that lineup. Lin would work well in Sacramento as well. Lin in Portland makes a lot of sense as Portland could use a solid playmaker in their second unit. If that was the case the Lin to the Clippers makes sense too. Lin to OKC can work to but not as attractive for Lin as that market is smaller.

  328. LOL. A scorpion is more lovable than BS or Kobe. I also love all animals, as long as they’re cute.

  329. No OKC….unless Brook leave…

  330. No one but KOBE knows what he’s playing for or why he’s feels the need to take the team down with him. It’s really sad.

  331. Why do we even care what those kobe fans think… they can pray to to their God kobe all they want… Kobe and them are dead to me…not worth worrying about.

  332. Mr. 4th Quarter is in the abyss for now.
    The dragon from the east will be awaken one day in the near future.

  333. Rondo 4pts 4asts in 2 for 4 shooting. It is hard for a PG to play alongside a ball dominant SG who is valued higher by the team, hard even for Rondo ! Harden and Kobe are even worse than Ellis, but Lin has performed much better than Rondo. I say Lin is better than Rondo !

  334. When it happened to Jlin most in nba org had their eyes and ears closed. Now hopefully they cannot ignore as it is happening to Rondo now.

  335. for that price, I’d suggest a JLIN Swingman 17 for each at $75, but yeah, maybe not LAL unless they love LAL and it can be a fun thing for posterity. I bought my son a Curry 30 and he loves it.

  336. Last year, his elbow was closer to that tight elbow alignment it seems. I still believe he will get it. It takes quite a while to break old muscle memory.

    By the way, I saw a BBall Breakdown Video on “hop step vrs 1-2”. And it was as I have been asserting that the hop step is and will be the new standard soon. They timed it on various types of shots and every time it was the hop step that had the quickest release.

    One final biomechanical reason is that the hop uses the speed muscles of the calf and ankle to produce a much faster response to change of direction and verticals. The 1-2 uses the slower muscles of the quads.

    Check it out, it’s quite illuminating.

  337. Miami needs some playmakers to take the pressure off Wade. Too bad Toronto has so many PGs. That would be a great team and city for Lin.

  338. Rondo is being marginalized because he has caused his team more losses, but Lin has been marginalized despite that he contributed more wins to his team. Lin has been playing with much more potent cancers than Rondo does in his 3-year contract.

  339. You are right and Lin fans know, unfortunately not in most know how in nba.

  340. Bad coaching – Lin fans have been saying it and now China agrees with it.

  341. Sacremento has Collison so he plays >20mins
    Lilliard and matthews play heavy mins so Portland not good
    Clippers well Chris Paul will destroy you he’s not as nice as he seems
    and Austin Rivers is the coachs fave so Lin possible 3rd string
    Miami is good cuz Wade almost done coach hates chalmers wil bench him at any time
    but bosh never sets screen for anyone namely not lebron but he will be fine there
    Prolly milwauky if BKnight goes to a better team or NY knicks

  342. Could also be Lakers not in playoff. Nothing to learn from a clueless coach. Move on China.

  343. Lol I’m just responding to that guys comment and telling him based on what I know. I know ALOT of Kobe fans. But you don’t care about them so whatever.

  344. I’m reading this season as a tryout for Lin as a “Backup PG” and not as a legit starter PG for the Lakers.—>Cant agree more!! From the beginning they already regard Lin as a backup pg, so BS even considered to start Price in preseason games. Even as a starter, Lin never had the freedom ,playing time, coach’s trust like Clarkson or Price. I feel this has nothing to with the so-called tanking plan though. It’s always easy for Scott to bench Lin or bash him in public. I cant remember if he ever said anything nice or encouraging words to Lin this season…Lin always tries to play in the right way and be unselfish. But it seems not many coaches will appreciate his way of playing…It’s really hard for me to see him go through the same situation over and over again. All I can hope is he could find his destiny team that allows him to play to his best potential this summer!

  345. Well if Rondo is having a hard time, won’t you think Lin would have a hard time there as well? I wasn’t following Lin in GSW so I don’t know how he played with Ellis.

  346. Ellis was forced to take a bigger role this yr…due to Parsons and Rondo…I think…

  347. If it makes anyone feel better, Lin has historically had good games in MSG. Hope it continues when he returns. It would be sad if BS ruins it.

  348. Lin has historically had good games vs Spurs…and BS ruined it!

  349. Too bad. It only allows US residents to participate:-(

  350. I believe it after I done some research a few yrs back about shooting. I was that typical “squared to the rim and 1-2 guy”. I really wish I knew it sooner…In volleyball, you see young girls hops a lot…..I used to correct them for doing that. Not anymore after I kwen Hop generates more explosiveness. (Although most young players hops in vball or stutter steps in basketball due to their inability to get the timing, spacing and rhythm correct ).

    Regarding Lin…I think one of the problem is he is not consistent with his form…I think it is a situational thing. He shoots differently when out of curl, getting the ball from different sides, off the dribble on different sides, etc. I believe that hurt him a lot. If you see elite shooters shoot, they can start with weird angle but ends perfectly aligned either right b4 they take off or in the air b4 the release. That is why I say he has balance issues….if you insists to actually find issues about his shooting. JMO. It is actually obvious, lots of his shot, you can tell he would make it or not without having to actually watching the ball.

  351. Very inconsistent org.

  352. So I am always against the idea of Lin’s going to Mavericks!! lol Tyson is injury prone and Dirk is too old…let alone Ellis is so ball-dominant and his defense isn’t good, I think.

  353. melo harden kobe…what else you need to say…

  354. On your point about keeping the dribble alive, I think it’s BS and MCHALE not understanding the reason Lin keeps the ball in hand. Neither BS and Mchale wants Lin to have ball in hand because of various reasons. Mchale and his “sticky” comment only applied to Lin just as BS gets upset at Lin for not getting the ball into Kobe’s hands. Of course they never complain about Harden or KOBE dribbling aimlessly until the end of the clock.

    My point being again that it’s just bad coaching.

  355. Totally, and add Stu to that list….

  356. Taiwan’s TV station still airs every Lakers game in Feb though…

  357. Couldn’t resist and it’s for a good cause so I just signed up. Looking forward to March.

  358. For those who would like to receive a package from Jeremy every 3 months.
    All proceeds from $75 subscription will go to his Jeremy Lin Foundation to support worthy causes.


    “Being Game Ready involves more than having the right sports gear. I’m excited to share with you the items I use to be ready for a game – physically, spiritually and mentally.”


  359. I was sort of expecting Lin to play badly at Houston and I was right. Unlike MSG where Lin had good memories, Lin has bad memories of Toyota Centre. I am praying that something causes BS to lift his shackles over Lin for the next game at MSG.

  360. What I’ve come to say now is not explosiveness. Power is often mistaken for quickness. Verticals for a spike need quad strength to explode upwards to achieve enough height for the downward spike. But quickness is achieved mostly with the lower calfs and ankle supination. The quicker the ladies can get to the set, the less time opponents have to set blocks.

    On the point about balance on the angle sets or emergency twisting shots, I think it may be simply indecision again. If he was determined to shoot out of that situation his body proprioception would aligne his hop in such a way as to prepare for the twisting of the body on the way up. Good athletes do this while in the air setting up the hop with the outside foot already angled to the direction they need to push off to. This is actually an elite movement. There are cases of winning high pressure desperation shots by Lin where his body is like a rag doll in mid air but manage to make the shot. Lin did it in the last minute of his highschool championship game as well as the one crazy 3 from downtown with no time left while in Harvard.

    Perhaps the best example I can sight is the final shot against the raptors when Lin looked at D’antoni and was given a green light and full support. Lin made that shot to win. Mchale on the other hand didn’t support Lin when he had the chance to win against the Spurs when he score 38 points. Lin had the ball with a chance to ice the game in regulation and he looked to Mchale for a sign. Mchale gave Lin nothing and that left him with doubt. Instead of thinking about burying the shot, he was stuck with “what did coach want me to do?” He wound up mishandling the ball instead and they went into overtime with Lin already exhausted.

  361. I really don’t care which team Lin will be heading to. As long as the coach is not dumb and without bias, Lin will thrive in any system. Even with the fierce internal competition, Lin can always delivers. Coach & FO will be the key.

  362. I am not sure why…..I guess indecision can be the answer. But again…I try not to touch the mental side. BTW, you can hop big and small. If you hop big, you use quads too. I could jump pretty high by doing that when I was playing. But for shooting…quick rhythmical motion is more important than jump as high as possible.

    That Spurs game…oh my….I really wished Lin had used Asik screen at that moment. McHale said the same thing in post game. But I guess Lin made the right decision by calling off the pick. If I am pop, I would double team him in that situation since the clock is running out. ISO is better in that situation, given that HOU team.

  363. Clarkson is solid in shooting but as far as controlling the flow of game is concerned, it’s Ellington with his experience and ball movements to dominate the game. People gives Clarkson too many credits and Ellington with his significants minutes begins to dominate the game.
    As far as Lin is concerned, he gets the least minutes among 3 guards. He’s not given the role. All Lin should do is to help himself, make his own shots and drive to the basket only when there are real opportunities. It’s all about decision making. Let Byron kill hiimself. Just work on your game, Jeremy. Do what the coach can not stop you to do when you’re on the court. Score!

  364. It’s still a lottery pick. Cleveland has got the first pick for years even when they’re not the worst team.

  365. Kobe is toxic to all NBA teams.
    It will go down in history as the most unwanted superstar in NBA.

  366. Kobe has been playing for himself at the cost of the team.
    The team actually plays better without him.
    It’s Byron who had been doing the damage when Kobe was off the court.

  367. It takes one to know one. Both are at fault.

  368. Talking of demoralization! Coach Scott is the worst in the league!

  369. I believe that once JLin gets used to his rotation, no matter how unfair it is, he will excel.

  370. I figure Ellington needs a long term contract that Lakers could not give. He will leave for a long term contract.
    He will excel with the remaining games and many teams need players like him. He played for Byron before, and he understands that this is the coach that he should stay away unless he has no more choice.

  371. Lin shouldn’t even care about the win and loss of the game. Just play and score, then he can make assists. Work on his one on one movements because Byron couldn’t take this part of the game away from him. As to team work, Byron will never give Lin a fair share. BS is BS and he has a hidden agenda against Lin all the time.

  372. I think he has adapted so far pretty well to stay productive, his two lulls was after Kobe took over pg duties and then he got better, then he was benched for price and he hit a lull before adapting. Now he seems to stay productive no matter what Scott does. Only DNP keeps Lin from contributing.

  373. I like Detroit this season with Jennings down and really good bigs. If Lin could be with Detroit the rest of the season, that could be fun. But not fun for Lin when Jennings returns. Grizzlies and dallas nice spots as a back up.

  374. I certainly don’t think Lin is used for his best performance. Byron Scott is not going to allow this to happen. Lin will get about 27 minutes per game. The good thing is he will not get hurt as easy as playing 33+ minutes; he will be healthy at the end of season. The problem is he will not be a factor of the game because Byron wants Clarkson to close the games with Ellington.

  375. Clarkson is lucky that it is his turn to run the point because he doesn’t have to cater to Kobe old, selfish, inefficient game the way Lin and even Price had to deal with.

  376. I agree about the big or small hop comment. It’s a kinetic chain of sequential firing of muscle groups. Perhaps the best way to describe the importance of mental state relative to athletic performance is a sprinter’s mind in a race of under 10 seconds. To run at an optimum capacity, the sprinter MUST attain a kind of relax star of readiness. If the muscles are tense, they can not fire sequentially fast enough or rythmic enough to attain the maximum potential. It’s a kind of zen state that great performances come from. Shooting and ball handling and even defence must reach that type of mental perfection to be peak level. A bad coach that keeps interfering with an athletes mind will never be a great coach.

    As a coach, you must know that the best way to get players to play automatically is to simplify, simplify and simplify some more. Make it so that each player knows exactly what they need to do, what’s the perimeters of your expectations of them and make it as easy and uncomplicated for them to execute as possible so that they never have to think about it and SIMPLY react.

    BS and Mchale has put everyone who are not part of their favorites uncomfortable and second guessing their actions. That’s adding clutter to the brains of the players mind when all they want to do is play automatically and instinctively.

  377. tough to recover from such a serious injury. jennings may not be the same again…

  378. I don’t dislike Clarkson. Just that Lin played his game that Byron Scott didn’t like because of his stereotypes. Clarkson fits Byron stereotypes and he will get lots more from Byron than Lin. Lin should not expect to get anything from Byron.

    At the end of this season, both Kobe and Byron for the wrong they did. They will get what they deserve.

  379. None other than Kelly is Lin’s best friend in the team. BS’s vindictive.

  380. This is so hard to teach. When I teach ppl how to spike a volleyball, I always say if you try to hit hard, your spike will not be as powerful and you will not be able to apply that top spin on the ball. I alway use that sprinter example to explain.

    Same with shooting a bball behind three pts line. When you naturally getting more tense due to the longer distance, you try to apply more force which actually shorten your shooting range (or equivalently reduce your accuracy).

    Totally agree with you.

  381. on.qrtr.ly/LIN_17

  382. That’s good news.
    Dallas needs a good back court. That’s why they trade for Rhondo.
    I guess they need more depth than that.

    The front court of Dirk and Chandlers are adequate. I guess they wants to plan for this season first and try to win now.
    Since Rhondo does not satisfy their need, they will trade for what they’re lacking.

  383. Guys, I just landed in Bangkok for a week of training. First thing I did after checking into the hotel and getting Internet connected was to check in HERE!

    Forgive me if this is been posted already, but I read on a Taiwan site that Kobe just announced that he’ll be coming back in September! I guess he’s real desperate for attention and back in media spotlight, still not realizing that he’s already bad drama nowadays.

  384. Guys, I just landed in Bangkok for a week of training. First thing I did after checking into the hotel and getting Internet connected was to check in HERE!

    Forgive me if this is been posted already, but I read on a Taiwan site that Kobe just announced that he will be coming back in September! I guess he’s real desperate for attention and back in media spotlight, still not realizing that he’s already bad drama nowadays.

    EDIT: I keep forgetting that Disqus automatically puts posts in “waiting for moderation” when the contraction of “he will” is used.

  385. Oops. Just approved your other post:-) Disqus has its own mind of what post to be moderated. I have experienced few lately as well and have to approve my own posts:-)

  386. That’s right. KB did say he would return for next season. What’s new in there!? Mitch also said the same. Well, very little chance for JLin to be traded before 19 Feb deadline. Having said that, things might change very quickly. Anyhow 35 games to go. Counting everyday:-) Wish July is here:-)

  387. hmm this edit good to know. and i thought the mods here just dont like me is why im always getting delteted/moderated (well probably some of that too).

    but perhaps there could be more technical as opposed to critical reasons. sometimes.

    lot of weird games last nite. especially the 37 to 2 run mavs put up on the heat in the second half.

    whitside had 14 rebounds in the first 8 minutes as both teams missed 50 of their first 65 shots giving him lots of opportunities

    then he sat on the bench for a long time till the game was out of reach; chicago continues to lose and lots of discontent everywhere in the league among players, fans. etc. etc. lillard complained mightyly about not getting all star invite and then did nothing as blazers lost to very conflicted nets team.

    so lin/tankers/scott soaper not the only 1 in town. (minn “won” tank bowl 1 by losing to phil, tank bowl 2 tomorrow here with knicks)

  388. he announces that every year now.

  389. that he has done; and it took him much shorter time to respond/adjust to the aftermath of dnp/cd than it did to his earlier benching in favor of the head of the snake (snake head then benched and forgotten also and looking so sad there in favor of the new favorite (clark) son.

  390. same thing was said when he was in houston as well; dont care where he goes anything will be better than houston. now in la: same old story another verse, lather rinse repeat. (and to a certain extent at least by me, in new york)–

    be careful what you wish for i guess. the future is always hidden.

  391. like rose.

  392. reports are even durant wont stay because of brickside. brickwood? (what the heck is his actual name, have to look it up, fans just always refer to him as brick…the only top 50 scorer in the league that shoots that poorly now that kobe is no mas).

  393. dallas layed a 37 to 2 run on mia. last nite with wade out. fans calling for the heads of all pgs there.

  394. they thought they traded for what they were lacking in rondo.

  395. i dont have the numbers to hand but would be almost certain the 3 highest volume ball dominant shooters active still in league for career. no doubt.

  396. 37 to 2 run

  397. Wow. Non JLin related news!
    Spurs’ Tim Duncan Said to Lose $20 Million to Bad Investments

  398. “When you go on the road and you’re returning to a place where they once loved you, they still love you,” James said. “I know that. You only get booed because they love you. It’s like a scorned woman. Sorry women. You break a woman’s heart or you hurt a woman, she still loves you, she’s just a little mad at you at the time. –lebron james (endearing himself to women everywhere)

  399. Thanks for sharing this (being sarcastic here).

  400. Sad. Amazing how so many successful people easily could fall for this, busy focusing on their career. One reason Kareem played so long was because his bank had lost a substantial amount of his money. Dr Buss being the class act, made Kareem last contract big enough to take career of Kareem. Dr. Buss would try to take care of his players. I guess his children were trying to do the same with Kobe and reward him with his contract. Too bad that contract has really set them back a few years.

  401. Maybe the players are just getting burnt out. There was a reason why the all star breake was placed now and there is talk to extend the all star break so everyone, including the stars could get a real break.

  402. Agree. They will not lose rondo for nothing.

  403. So true about the spike! That motion is so much like a serve. That’s why I try to be very careful about the use of the word “power”. Many think of power as if it is strength. The truth is that it’s actually speed that creates maximum force on the ball. Arm speed and not strength is what creates the powerful spike.

    Perhaps you can appreciate this coaching technique. For a long time I used to teach the serve as a throw with the linear acceleration of the arm delievering the speed to the back of the ball. The last few 5 years I’ve come to think differently. The best way to describe this change of idea is with a mechanical advantage of force multiplication, kinda like how a helicopter prop creates speed to lift the body of the plane. Try it with a toy propeller and spin the center with the two hands and you create lift. Try pushing the end of the propeller and you can’t create speed fast enough. In the serve or any stroke in tennis, speed equals power and the spike is exactly the same. The arm is then a fixed appendage to the center of the body that spins it by the core twisting. The faster the core twists, the faster the arm flies. The looser the arm, the more whip you create.

    The second trick I use to get people to stop “trying” so hard is to show them how slow our upper brain works. Hold a business card between the index finger and the thumb of your student and ask them to try to catch it as soon as you release the card. They will never be able to catch it in time because the upper brain decision must be made after seeing your release of the card. The electronic impulse to send the signal for the fingers to close takes way too long. This parlour trick shows how slow our decision making brain is relative to how our well trained body can activate a body reaction to game situations. Athletes must operate on automatic. The real trick is to learn to preset a routine, kinda like a football play sets a set of actions into motion. Once the routine is decided, the body takes over and the cognitive brain stops interfering.

    If you explain it in this way, maybe you can get your students to appreciate the kinetic chain.

  404. wow that’s one linebacker cat!
    Thanks, now I know 1-in-a-million cat with hero heart :]

  405. Ho hum. On KB of course. What dedication though on your part.

  406. thanks! Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  407. More like two face! Lol

  408. Carlos Boozer, Ed Davis and Jeremy on their way to New York (tweeted by Boozer)

  409. Plus Ellington would be the new core.

  410. I read somewhere he had tried, as many others did as well, to take the trade name Linsanity for himself when Lin was fighting for it. Do a Google search if its still around. Roger seems to be extremely low key, don’t rock the boat, don’t do all that much of a guy and let Lin’s coaches walk all over Lin. He doesn’t have many clients, why not put some effort helping Lin out? Thats all I’m saying.

  411. She’s just a little mad? Means she didn’t love you really much then. She had a plan B probably hahaha XD

  412. Booz looks like a Boss lol

  413. BTW it is not an employee/employer relationship, more like realtor to buyer/seller. Hope the relationship not to the extent of Don King and the fighters he promoted.

    Enlighten me why to think Roger has a huge spine.

  414. I guess that’s his paint crew:

    jlin7 Me and my enforcers in the paint @eddavis32 @mrcbooz … This early morning, long flight into the NY snow has us lookin all emo lol #westcoastbestcoast #holdat 59minRead more at http://websta.me/p/910199368818687126_281208646#7ZiIX6Kg5sko09kv.99

  415. NYK PreGame Thread+Poll is open!

    Jeremy Lin is back to play NY Knicks again!

    He had 5-0 record vs the Knicks when he was in HOU. But he’s with the Lakers where tanking is the norm and losing is celebrated! Will JLin be featured more than 27min? We know Byron wanted to feature Clarkson in 2 OT although Jeremy played well in the 1st half.

    Let’s hope the FO and even Byron give what the NYK crowd wants which is a lot of LINSANITY!

  416. Perhaps because Lin understands how the Spurs think better than most players. Lin thinks like a team so he can defend better as a team, even without a team! Lol

  417. Roger Who? It is symbolic. It is a team effort behind the scene. Now that Tanner group is involved. We are not insiders, so the best we can do is speculate. It can go in any direction. We just don’t know.

  418. Really, the guy is amazingly resilient! Kind of unstoppable, really.

  419. Looks like Clippers colours.

  420. Honestly, I do not know.

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