G47 [email protected] LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers managed not to blow the win in 2OT after letting the Bulls took 9-0 run to get the 1st OT.

DRose shooting 7-26 simply took out the Bulls offense.

As for JLin, he managed to get 11pt/5asts with 5-11 shooting in 27 min. Lin started shooting well and drove aggressively in the 1st half with 8pts/3asts with 4-6 good shooting in 12 consecutive min. But he lost the good rhythm as Clarkson played PG in Q3.

So for 3 consecutive games after DNP, Lin received 28min, 23 min, 27 min but without major roles. Lin’s agent might’ve negotiated 23-28 min consistent playing time after the DNP

Byron chose to leave the “Rebuilding/Tank” team in 2 OTs. He certainly didn’t want to use Lin/Davis. Price and Black are benched so he wanted to try different lineups to experiment.

Next game is NY Knicks at MSG. Hopefully Byron will draw more plays for Lin like he did in the HOU game.

There was a funny moment where Lin smiled after he caused ABrooks to travel.

Walking back to the direction of the bench, he was smiling wide but stopped suddenly as he saw someone/something (Byron?) that he despised 🙂