G47 [email protected] LAL Game Thread

Jeremy received 28 min and 23 min following a DNP. How will the 3rd game be any different?

We’re still monitoring Lin’s agent (Roger Montgomery) tweet about Victory is certain.

It might look to translate to  20-30min as long as Lakers is losing to achieve the Tanking purpose. Will Linsanity game be allowed to resurface?

All it takes are multiple screens and good shooting rhythm from JLin without BScott killing the momentum

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. test

  2. Second!!!!

  3. Woke up just to write 3rd. Now going back to bed.

  4. Make sure your dream is about Jeremy playing his style of BB. Go Lin

  5. Haha, pretty umm ‘unmanly’ to dream about Jeremy. It’s bad enough I think about him so much when I’m awake.

  6. That was fast.

  7. Naa, I think he haunts you 24X7….try to record your dream now to verify! 🙂

  8. Lady first! LOL!

  9. You are the First Lady.

  10. Hello everyone:-)

  11. LOL!

  12. Hi there.

  13. hi back, Micheal

  14. what’s up, @disqus_HmSLGZ4iV2:disqus?

    how’s the sleep-typing going? =>

  15. I activated the Chat on the bottom right but it probably doesn’t work on mobile devices.
    Only on laptop/PCs

    BTW It’s only for members so no trolling 😀

  16. Waiting for the game. And I am wide awake ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  17. Finally! Linsanity, baby!

  18. Let’s go JLin!

  19. hi front, Michael

  20. hellooo 🙂

  21. I had a flat tire today, would that make any difference in Lin’s game?!…wondering..hmmm

  22. yes, it means Maxxis tire threatened Lakers to pull their sponsorship if they don’t see Linsanity soon! LOL

  23. Knicks are being massacred by the Pacers.Would that make any difference in Lin’s game?! hmmm 🙂

  24. Great News!…Dont mind getting more flats…lol

  25. Yes…then the consideration on Lin would come higher…maybe 🙂
    Melo had started to think of Linsanity…probably the rest would follow suit

  26. No double teaming now…

  27. Were you trying to block his shot while he was dunking on you? I’d say that was a gutsy dream.

  28. Is it the front or rear tire?

  29. nicks were up 7 after the first quarter. someone must have got the message to them that this game was the most important game tonite 2 lose to secure tanking success according to “tankathon”.

  30. is it a maxxis tire?

  31. I wonder why of all the sudden he remembered Linsanity

  32. he he .. they are now only a few games behind the Lakers

  33. Will be interesting to see who can tank better the Knicks or the Lakers.

  34. lakers are doing better at the moment. but the ultimate test will be the tank bowl sunday, sunday, sunday.

  35. JLin has his best games at MSG. BScott will have to DNP-CD again.

  36. we need triple now

  37. It was a GoodYear!

  38. rear, left

  39. I guess Mitch was at practice today. I wander what brought him out. Also the junk about Nash might rejoin the team soon, it a PR ploy. It is obvious that Nash/Scott had some kind of falling out. Nash does not want to help him. I bet Lin is in contact with.

  40. I could see why Nash wouldn’t want to be associated with a brainless coach and a tanking team. It could besmirch his reputation if he every wanted to coach.

  41. Ya! Mitch was in the practice today. I guess it’s for PR time on report about Kobe, trade, & future…But I really think the biggest message it’s we want the top 5 draft so we are tanking…LOL!

  42. Just pass the rock out mate!

  43. Had one yesterday!. Getting bad luck outta way.

  44. Keep your bad luck for yourself lol

  45. I thought thats a good way to brush off the bad luck….so Jeremy would have a good game

  46. In countdown order…

  47. If it is Linsanity, keep the tire. If not, send it to BS.

  48. Maybe… If so you’ll have to keep going you know haha

  49. will do! lol

  50. The Chinese believe broken items means owner averted bad luck (object being sacrificed as the proxy), especially with jade jewelry/items. Maybe crystals too.

    To Lin fans, Maxxis tire would mean the same, I suppose.

  51. Try Michelin

  52. LOL Not me. It’s just a matter of fact of life:-)

  53. not titan?

  54. any sponsors!?

  55. la tankers number fun: today’s number is


    the ave. number of points per game for the season for the projected starters not named hill tonite for the tankers.

  56. Titanic? lol

  57. there is a history between titan tires and france, since you mention the french brand michelin i thought maybe you are familiar with.

  58. Current ranking of the best tankers in the league:

    1. Minnesota Timberwolves: 8-37 – 17.8% W
    2. New York Knicks: 9-38 – 19.1% W
    3. Philadelphia 76rs: 9-37 – 19.6% W
    4. Los Angeles Lakers: 12-34 – 26.1% W
    5. Orlando Magic 15-34 – 30.6% W

    Lakers seem to sit comfortably in the 4th place, but has some really tough competition to crack into top (or bottom) 3 to better protect their top 5 pick from Phoenix. I think Mitch will sleep better if Lakers can out-tank the Knicks.

  59. Nash is a real hall of famer not like Kobe Bryant. Steve Nash has lots of integrity that Kobe doesn’t have.

    I found Kobe and Byron despicable in their selfish plot against teammates. They sought glory but Kobe couldn’t even play in the ASG this year. This could have been Kobe’s last ASG but it is not to be. Kobe and Byron had ruined their reputations by themselves. Thank God, they got what they deserve, a shameful season. It will goes down in history that Kobe is the hall of shamer in his last seasons.

    Byron Scott is the most despicable one with his way of fixing games.

    There are many ways to look for talents in basketball. Tanking is the worst. Teams should look further from the draft. Tanking teams don’t necessary get what they want. All these teams need is a good coach; the coach who can help the players to play at their best. Good players will gather around good teams.

    Milwaukee is recovering very fast under the new coach Jason Kidd. Brooklyn is failing fast and is getting worse. This year Milwaukee is sure to make the playoff but the Nets is going downhill. NY must be cursed for basketball. Knicks and Nets are junk teams.

    Lakers under Byron sunk deep and deeper. It would be a joke if all they got from tanking this season is just a mediocre draft choice. All is for nothing. Lakers w/o Lin will be unwatchable.

  60. Didn’t know, it isn’t assimiliated with Goodyear?

  61. Interesting, Toney Douglas (pick 29) and Patrick Beverley (pick 42) were both drafted by Lakers in 2009.

  62. Look for Lin’s smile as Lakers clown around …


  63. Denver just lost to Memphis by 30 points, 69-99. Hopefully Brian Shaw is on his way out in favor of D’Antoni, so that Lin can join Faried. No Reggie Jackson please.

    Is it a coincidence that former Lakers guards make poor coaches? Shaw, BS, Fisher…

  64. The opportunity of getting the best draft choice for Lakers is still slim even if they have tanked successfully. Heaven forbidden for teams working in evil manner to get what they want. They would probably drop even more in shame. I believe at the end Byron and Bryant would get what they deserve, a shameful record.

    By tanking, the Lakers would alienate their fans even more and finally would give in to the Clippers.

  65. As long as Kobe is in the team, Lakers will waste draft choices and talents.

  66. Actually, pretty good chance to get top five it team is in bottom three. Nothing’s guaranteed of course, but Mitch has got to try. It’d be cosmic justice if Lakers tank out successfully and still lost the pick to Phoenix, I know I’d celebrate. 🙂

  67. What’s the new slogan? #Holdat?
    Isn’t that one of Boozer’s catchphrases?

  68. These big budget teams have great scouts. I think the Knicks organization know how to draft and find talents very well. They just don’t have the patience to develop them into proper building blocks.

  69. “What’s the difference between Brian Shaw,Derek Fisher,and Byron Scott? Nothing,they are all terrible coaches coming out of the Laker tree.”

    saw this on a nuggets game comment board 2nite. so yer not da only one thinking dat.

  70. Me too! I can drink to that.
    The system of lottery picks doesn’t necessarily guarantee Lakers to get their first round pick from Phoenix next season. Byron and Kobe has been trying to fix games to make Kobe look good. However they all end up to what they deserve; shame! May justice prevails at the end and all Lakers get is just an unprecedented shameful team record.

  71. They played triangle offense and that’s out of date in the NBA.

  72. all 4 of the games tonite rated significant to tank ratings by “tankathon”; the other 3 teams needing to lose already lost (and lost badly in deep tanking fashion).

    so the lakers need to keep pace as well.

  73. Lets GO…GO LIN

  74. That’s what mine was

  75. Coaches should be primarily responsible for wins or losses but Byron Scott is one coach who has never assumed responsibility. He just brags his way into coaching. All talks and no substance. The best he has achieved is to cause injuries for his players with his so called tough practices. He aint tough. He’s just a loser with the worst losing record for any coach in the last 5 years.

  76. Sacre starting in this Lakers team is mind boggling

  77. I’m always impressed when a Big hits a 3!

  78. Yeah! Laker fans should start complaining like Knicks fans

  79. chan buddy, it’s time to keep up and start thinking in tanking terms. Mitch himself already admitted as much earlier today.

  80. france wanted titan to pick up a failed goodyear plant/ titan pres. bashed french workers. created quite a stir.

  81. Why didn’t Jordan Hill step a few feet further to try for 3 instead of long 2s; it’s mind boggling too.

  82. lin gets his face scraped all the time. doesnt get that call like rose

  83. lol, I dont think Hill has the stroke

  84. Out of the first 5 shots, the Lakers tried 3 3-pointers.

  85. oh yeah. thanks buddy. i’ll try very hard to follow your advice 🙂

  86. Boozer is in early! Sacre on foul trouble

  87. Q1 looks similar to last game, coming in aggressive..good

  88. Should we root for Lakers to win or lose? I am confused now.

  89. Boozer with 4 quick points.
    Ready to prove Bulls was wrong to let him go.

    I can see a lot of assists from Lin to Boozer tonight!

  90. keep life simple. root for not-ugly basketball.

  91. Kobe is known for calling his more talented teammates soft and driving them out of town. Melo is also known for driving talents out of his team. That is why the two teams are spiraling down fast. Harden is doing similar things and his team will join the above two very soon.

  92. put some paper bags on their heads and sit on the front row

  93. as near as i can tell from laker fan sites almost all laker fans are entirely down with and ok with this tanking strategy and have no problem with it support it and see it as the right thing to do. dont want to win. want team to lose so that they can get the lottery pick.

    and as pointed out on here elsewhere with kupchak’s backhanded comments today the entire organization seems to be down with it too.

  94. Lin complained about the no-call

  95. Low percentage bball. Or low iq

  96. eff these refs

  97. that’s it. be aggressive..

  98. yeah baby!!

  99. Mid range.

  100. Lin not getting fouls calls!

  101. root for Lin! 🙂

  102. Don’t care just root for Lin!

  103. Swish!!

  104. not going to give me calls in the lane? i’ll shoot over you all instead

  105. as usual!

  106. The Bulls are getting good looks with good passing, the shots are just not falling. if they continue to do this, they’ll make a comeback really soon. Mean while, Clarkson’s D is making Rose like the pre-injury Rose.

  107. Butler on Lin . Respect.

  108. Lin is getting better in his step back jump shots. We haven’t seen much of these in Houston.

  109. true

  110. That was pretty

  111. finger roll baby!

  112. Lin!

  113. Nice…Aggressive…4pts!

  114. Nice, running right down the middle!

  115. Who is this nice SG, JLin? LOL

  116. Comeon need to limit the TOs

  117. Keep it. Balance!

  118. Clarkson ‘s alley ho doesn’t work.

  119. They know what Lin can do.

  120. Would’ve been a highlight if he made it.

  121. Bad pass

  122. let Lin – Davis do it!

  123. Yes Lin is the SG just be glad Clarkson is passing him the ball!

  124. Clarkson ran a horrible fast break1

  125. Easy, root for good Lin stats and Lakers’ loss.

  126. Clarkson plays a full quarter again. Must be nice having a coach support you

  127. Lin really trips a lot after that switch to Adidas…

  128. Its Clarkson tryout time…. so its expected

  129. ok might as well root for bulls. lakers bball is so ugly

  130. Makes Lin look good in front of fans, who know very clearly who brings home the alley oops…AND the free tacos!

  131. Lin with 4 points in 5 minutes, he needs to keep doing that!

  132. I’ve decided that only the first half is worth watching. Tank second not worth it.

  133. 4 pts of that was not…lol

  134. indeed

  135. But Lakers are leading though.

  136. Yeah, must be the shoes, lol

  137. Jordan Clarkson is no PG (but OK developing SG), and Wes Johnson is no NBA player.

  138. Too bad JLin never got a full quarter tryout

  139. must be Lin?

  140. BS is no NBA coach.

  141. U forgot to mention one man

  142. Thank u

  143. Clarkson is a rookie PG in training.
    Lin plays a lethal SG, but Byron is ready to suppress him if he’s too hot!

  144. clarkson holds the ball too long even on non end-of-quarter possessions. somehow thats part of his ‘PG responsibilities’

  145. Strange that they pass the ball to Lin now. Something is up.

  146. Welcome.

  147. I actually like this. With an unselifsh PG that way Lin just focuses on scoring instead of passing too much! So tired of him passing and not looking to score! He really needs to change his mindset to become the Allstar he wants! Teams aren’t going to treat him well and he needs his PPG stats to prove it!

  148. Maybe showcasing lol.

  149. No, never Lin.

  150. everybody seem to be trying out for this team. what with all the experimenting this coach is doing…

  151. Roger Montgomery’s “victory is certain”? LOL

  152. Wait until 4Q.

  153. where is joyce? lin is playing the way she wants

  154. Hmm. Showing Lin now.

  155. He will stop after few mins

  156. If truly so, we’d be able to tell from Stu’s sales pitch. 🙂

  157. Roger might have something on his sleeve. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt.

  158. what a pass…

  159. seriously tho, lin got real mad about the 2 missed calls and just went super aggressive mode

  160. Or be pulled by BS.

  161. Lin-Davis begins again

  162. That drive right in the middle for Lin is impressive and gutsy!

  163. Um… what was that Wes?

  164. what was that clarkson?

  165. I like

  166. so no calls, is good?!

  167. JLIN!

  168. beautiful…

  169. What a spectacular drive by Lin!

  170. nice…6pts! 1AST

  171. That’s how basketball should be played, everyone involved.

  172. uh oh… Jeremy is hot!

  173. mid range!

  174. Davis and Lin assisting each other!!!! 8pts!

  175. JLin-Davis play again

  176. Lin just looking to score now! YES finally!!!

  177. Lin is HOT!
    shooting I mean 😀

  178. This lineup is working WOW!!

  179. No, Lin getting agry like the Hulk!

  180. I see a big Smile!

  181. Lin as SG with Clarkson as PG is working!!

  182. Jeremy is gonna be benched so soon for getting hot

  183. that smile… that smile… 🙂

  184. Lakers are feeling good. Time for BS to adjust accordingly…

  185. What a change when Lin runs the point!
    You see the difference: the game flow!!!!!

  186. beautiful no look…

  187. You’ve been hanging out with IJ17 recently? LOL

  188. Lin as Pg and Ellington as SG is better!

  189. Someone just fired an RPG rocket at the tank…

  190. million times true!


  192. TNT CEO.

  193. He’s playing wonderfully.

  194. Yup. Brooks fast. Good guy happy for him.

  195. but the tank commander survived, so….

  196. Of course not! There are only 3 guards. He started the worst!

  197. If this pair continues to play, BS is only a few months late to figure it out

  198. Opps haha you’re right Kwok!! haha that’s why Lin was scoring so easily XD

  199. lakers probably using one game to show world they aren’t tanking, just to cover up the tank. Playing LIn to showcase him for trade???

  200. So…is it just me or is this the REAL starting lineup of Lakers? O.o Anyone else glad Swaggy is out and chucking shots? Don’t mind when he’s hot but when he’s missing ouch!

  201. much more than clarkson in 1Q

  202. sshhhh…. don’ let the coach hear that

  203. BS stutters a lot as he gives fake pep talk.

  204. The bounces are in the Laker’s favor!

  205. It’s all that matters 😉

  206. J to Ed!

  207. JLin-Davis AGAIN!

  208. This is the strongest lineup for Lakers. BS hasn’t figured this out yet.

  209. Oh please, anyone could have called that in preseason

  210. Linsanity 2.0: Davis edition

  211. Davis is only a post move away from a bigger contract

  212. but boozer is sent to bench now…

  213. byron trying to win bc he doesnt want the lakers record for losing streak

  214. I’m going to wait to see how long Lin and Davis continue to play

  215. ah.. we’re on the same wavelength!

  216. LOL good point since Byron dislikes Magic and he obviously doesn’t want to break the losing record of the franchise!

  217. Man, if lin wants, he really can rack up points quickly

  218. lin with a very good 11 minutes

  219. Must’ve begged Mitch to give him this one.

  220. Not wants, he should!! When he’s passing too much it gets boring and ugly!

  221. Lin is done probably for half.

  222. Lin much more productive than Clarkson!

  223. What happened

  224. Of course, the boneheaded substitution.

  225. nothing, just time out and his shift might be over for the half.

  226. Well..I have no control…..I wish this is 2k and I just kept pushing that scoring button..lol

  227. Lin did well…THAT’s what happened.

  228. No need to compare.

  229. BS – Linsanity killer happened

  230. So business as usual

  231. His time is up….now clarkson

  232. Push away!

  233. i think its a good time to go to bathroom and release my bowels.

  234. your kids are cuter today ha ha.

  235. I don’t think BS is trying to win. He’s too stubborn to change his ways.

  236. Ed Davis crystal clear on what’s going on, loves playing with Jeremy!

  237. Old habits die hard.

  238. You, my friend, don’t have any tanking talents whatsoever. 🙂

  239. also same with boozer.

  240. Darn, I’ll never be Tank MVP!

  241. its expected

  242. that is a tall order?

  243. LOL We’d have Linsanity every night!

  244. is bulls just having a bad night? why is LAL having their way with them? I thought Bulls are known for their defense.

  245. You have to compete first half only. Then MYSTERIOUSLY Empty tank

  246. Whenever Lin is benched. I come here.

  247. too early to tell pattern has been he trys to win in first half to make it look good; then makes choices clearing tanking in second. dont want it to be too obvious cause remember mitch says coaches and players have been instructed to try to win. (wink wink)

  248. Was the look at the end, “Oh shoot, BS wants a chat”

  249. Man, we voted for Lin on the player cam vote, just show Lin on the bench.

  250. Jeremy can play the game and plays it well….A playoff contender will pick him up.

  251. Tbe bench scored 30 and the starters scored 20.

  252. please, it’s dinner time in the Bay.

  253. Automatically tune out when Lin’s out back to watching my tv shows.

  254. yeah, he saw something he despised LOL

  255. Great no look pass but… blown assist

  256. pray hard for that, the sooner he leaves the tank, the better.

  257. not this year.

  258. im bored

  259. thats what i said below. thats the pattern since kobe went down

  260. JLin is leading in assists… again

  261. Ellington is proving that he can run PNR

  262. TNT announcers: Jordan Hill stay away from the jumpers. Stay in the paint. EXACTLY!!

  263. Somehow no one is talking about nick young

  264. It’s actually Ellington running the point now; CXlarkson a non factor

  265. Who? lol

  266. Ellington is a nice player. He is not only a catch and shoot player, he can create his own shot without chucking away all the time like Swaggy. The team looks better without their 2 ball hogs, Kobe and Swaggy. Even though Kobe passes, he’s still something of a ball hog when he does.

  267. Lol

  268. I’m very ok with this

  269. No defense chucker. Ellington better all around player

  270. Great now D Rose passes Lin’s points, they ahd the same stats but Lin has only 12 minutes while D Rose has 14 minutes.

  271. Momentum beginning to shift?

  272. boozer .. 2 misses, no D on Snell … 6 pts right there.

  273. It is all good. D Rose is suppose to have more points than lin. DRose is a starter.

  274. He is like half half…his efficiency is too low when having to creat shots. But yes

  275. booz, and he just arrested the fade.

  276. Rose has a very ugly form….I guess he will tune it in the summer. His form was way better

  277. Critical 3rd quarter. Will the tank script continue? Or will there be something new?

  278. Yea, that 3 did not look good

  279. Ellington runs plays and does well without the ball.

  280. Is this the Bulls that edged out Warriors the other nite?

  281. he seemed much bulkier. Needs to lift for his knees (quads protect the ligaments).

  282. BS is trying to win this one at least on the first half, trying to show he can do something more than tanking ?

  283. Not when people see the game as D Rose vs Lin!

  284. So now BS coach throw Ronnie Price to outer space and no minutes at all?

  285. no butler, so I didn’t realize it at the time but was Mirotic there because of that?

  286. 15 assists shared by 7 of 9 active players. good team ball. this is how Jeremy would like it. contagious team basketball

  287. Nah just don’t want to break Magic Johnson’s losing record.

  288. given enough time and chemistry, JLIN will make Their players players as a team, only if they will buy in with the chemistry!

  289. Chicago was caught off guard in the beginning. They thought Lakers would tank!

  290. point guard report for first half: clarkson/17 min/5 point/3 assists
    lin/12 min/8 points/3 assists
    price/0min/0pts/0 assists

    the head of the snake has been unceremoniously cut off.

  291. Scott gave up on his head.

  292. FO and Mitch stepped in?

  293. He wants to give Price a look on the bench. After all, he knows what JLin can do.

  294. BS will play Lin less, so even score.

  295. Trade closing?

  296. starting … clarkson.

  297. Yeah. They will tighten their defense.

  298. It’s going to be hard for LAL to close … Rose was monster last few mins against GSW. They didn’t have Bogut in there to block.

  299. Not really, but he is not a rookie…so I am more worried….

  300. Because the snake itself (kobe) is gone. So much for all that blather by BS in order to justify putting him in starting lineup.

  301. what’s the first half 2nd init report? I think outscored first again, right?

  302. Thibs will adjust….BS will wait until they are not leading anymore

  303. No sure about his footwork while dribbling. That’s a high skill thing, esp if you chew gum too.

  304. BS: I am going to sit Lin until he is ice cold before he gets a chance to return to the court…

  305. the 4 bench players outscored the five starters 32 to 27

  306. When jlin gets it going its beautiful… r we the only ones who sees this?

  307. yes

  308. Lakers will have Lin, maybe?

  309. hey, Nate took my advice. Now a closeup of you looking v smart as you are ha ha.

  310. omg i didn’t know there was a game on tongight!
    Lin is playing goooood!

  311. also the 5 starters 27 points came in roughly 70 collective minutes of play the bench 32 in roughly 50.

  312. We 220m of the 500m fans, I don’t mind.

  313. Whenever someone posted a photo of BIG smile of Lin, I know he is having a good game 😉

  314. BS: “What’s adjustment?”

  315. Seems like this is the tanking time plush player evaluations..I guess that is just perfect for LAL’s grand plan? Lol

  316. He just remembered he’s in a tanking team.

  317. someone pls let me know when game starts. i cant stand half time shows

  318. Now we know besides asking Michael to sleep, what else can we do to help lin to have a good game..

  319. I don’t get it.

  320. have whoever blowout a tire again.

  321. The thing that I notice is when Clarkson is in the game with Ellington, Ellington actually moves more and faster to compensate for him.

  322. When Michael misses a game, Lin is good.

  323. The team plays much better w/o Kobe.

  324. I want that.

  325. Shhhhhhhhh

  326. pretty good.

  327. And Nick.

  328. Everybody knows it except Byron Scott and Kobe. 59 points for the half giving up only 48.

  329. Ellington knows how to get his shots off screen or dribble.
    Clarkson is still learning to be PG/SG

  330. sure! no ballhogging

  331. i just realized i event said nothing today. because scott hasn’t pulled anything………yet

  332. kelly is good he is just over played

  333. Announcers: LA bench shooting 68%.

    As many here would say: You’re welcome LA starters

  334. Whats up with Bulls?

  335. No Kobe no Nick = team ball!

  336. Lal plays hard..

  337. Ya! Hope a win tonight.

  338. 68%!!
    the percentage is so nice without Nick to drag it down XD

  339. Lin still not in?!

  340. Both teams not shooting well so far

  341. Hill doing well tonight on O … no kobe?

  342. Butler is really a tough cover..

  343. I hope when Lin’s back in he still got the hot hand!

  344. Yes Lin’s in!!

  345. JLin is back in after Ellington foul

  346. Lin in 6:25 left in Q3

  347. Butler can have his way with Clarkson

  348. Rose foul JLin

  349. give him 30 for the win!

  350. Lin got a foul call for him?

  351. Yes it’s a miracle that JLin got a call! first of the night too!

  352. Hahaha! That’s right, now is the look on the bench, see who can warm the bench faster!!!

  353. By rose…which is more unbelievable

  354. Lin stared at rose after the foul

  355. Butler is more dangerous than Rose.

  356. JLin is in for Ellington? so he’s covering Butler?

  357. rose

  358. Is h-e-double-hockey-sticks about to freeze over?

  359. sometimes butler

  360. Rose is a bit overweight

  361. maybe too muscular

  362. both tough! but Im mostly scared of Butler nowadays

  363. rose looks uncomfortable

  364. Entire Bulls team not play welling tonight, was this a back to back?

  365. Ouch… FT

  366. come on need to make those FTs

  367. I wonder why JLin’s FT% has dipped this season

  368. JLin blew by Butler and almost scored

  369. Comeon…need to keep the lead

  370. 76% currently :S
    very weird, he was money from the line

  371. Too missed layups for Lin already =/

  372. twice left hand miss come on

  373. Poor Tarik Black. He’s very bored on the bench

  374. Nice steal and a basket…Clarkson

  375. da future.

  376. Yup, Clarkson can get more steals with his long arms and height!

  377. Lal is been exploited by that base line drive..

  378. yeah after having that breakout game awhile back?

  379. lin keep shooting and driving

  380. That combined with cold shooting spells disaster

  381. so is bulls all lin has to do is finish it. he gets to the rim with ease

  382. I believe this was on JHill’s slam in Q2


  383. They should put lin at the right wing…not left

  384. Lin-Jordan Hill is not that good.

  385. Didn’t Black get injured not too long ago?

  386. yes, next one is going to drop!

  387. The commentators really non stop trumping up Jordan Clarkson until it sounded fake, jeez!!!!

  388. I’m sure the bulls are forcing him that side

  389. Because hill is just a cone when doing ppnr

  390. as per the announcers 🙂

  391. they did the same thing for price when he was starting; now the head of the snake is cut off and looks so sad on the bench.

  392. missed it!

  393. This is really cruel of BS, RP must be offended the bs coach!

  394. Bulls heating up

  395. No movement

  396. Losing lead in 3rd as usual

  397. 2 pt game now…as usual Q3 been bad

  398. this scenario has happened before lol

  399. Don’t know why Jeremy fades away on his jump shots.

  400. Why is Clarkson playing full Q1 and Q3?
    So Lin won’t get to be the PG

  401. pretty much every single game, now 🙁

  402. clarkson showing off smh

  403. Pass the ball man

  404. Need Davis out there, or Black

  405. Sloppy Jordan Clarkson!

  406. Could be a corner three for Lin I guess..

  407. who wouldnt?!

  408. peking duck face again.

  409. Scott is not stopping him..

  410. Lin’s out of rhythm, missed 3 shots =( No thanks to BS for sitting him for 9 minutes every stretch!!

  411. Clarkson at 29 min. And we haven’t even started the 4Q

  412. at least we closed it with a 4pt lead…sigh

  413. lakers have cooled off a bit

  414. Clarkson can’t see anyone to pass to except Jordan Hill when he was on the court.

  415. he’s playing kobe minutes

  416. Clarkson keeps want to take the last shot of the quarter SMH! Should be Lin doing that!

  417. Lin need to learn to shake it off and be prepared

  418. A Brooks just torched him.

  419. I’m guessing Clarkson will get another chance to close out game. Must be nice having a supportive coach

  420. he is there rookie he will get a lot of playing time. thats there priority. if randle was healthy he would get more

  421. Exactly

  422. but clarkson wanted to take the last shot

  423. the moment is too big for him.

    If Byron wants to win, Lin will play PG in Q4

  424. He is so sloppy!

  425. Lin needs Davis back

  426. you noticed that too? smh

  427. Then he should stick with what was working….

  428. Isnt that the plan, to get Clarkson as much minutes so that he learns?

  429. Notice Lin doesn’t run around to help w the defense often as he used to be . Good.

  430. new favorite son 🙂

  431. He is covering good shooters..

  432. its more in my opinion a matter of the kobe factor. price was only on the court to stay out of kobes way. caddie, ball boy. once no kobe. no need for price.

  433. true, and thats the plan…we just need to accept that

  434. Ed Davis only has 10 min. JLin-Hill does not work

  435. that price closeup … i feel for the guy.

  436. yeah and also as someone else pointed out keeps the ball out of lins hands. with clarkson essentially the pg for both first and second unit (even tho its obivous he is not a pg).

  437. He is a rookie…give him a break

  438. Prediction: Now that the full bench is in, the Lakers will extend lead. But when starters come back, the lead will evaporate

  439. Here we go… Lin+Davis!!!

  440. Boozer Hill doesn’t work. Someone needs to be in the paint. When Hill looking for his jumper messes things up.

  441. Scott trying to tank. Give the fans a good show in the beginning and then put in the rookie and let go game to H3LL to keep that draft pick…smh

  442. Wes, please don’t try those 3s

  443. A selfish team

  444. Ed Davis once again in position to cleanup miss

  445. Like LIN’s dribble…can change pace better now

  446. Ellington Davis Lin Boozer Johnson. Probably their best lineup

  447. Nice fast break Ellington

  448. AB been playing well! 12min 12pts

  449. I’d take Kelly over Johnson.

  450. Bad pass JLin

  451. I will take AB 🙂

  452. Why didn’t Lin just take a shot?! ><"

  453. Waiting for davis

  454. Shoot it!

  455. Should’ve just taken a shot!!

  456. bad pass by Lin that time. Should’ve shot it

  457. real bulls are playing. defense is high becareful

  458. there goes his minutes….should be more cautious in Q4

  459. ouch.he’s gonna be crucified for that…

    from no less than so called ’fans’ themselves , in the other site. 🙂

  460. Slowed it down and forced it. Pedal to the metal, Lin.

  461. Can’t make pass but guys are standing around

  462. Hes in full defer mode

  463. Lin should’ve taken a shot and not pass!

  464. Watch BS bench JLin after the TO

  465. Yeah, it’s a bad play. Move on.

  466. grrrrr

  467. This is a case where not shooting is actually selfish.

  468. He should’ve shot it. Still has no confidence in his mid range. Please get a real shooting coach and also work with Kenny Atkinson again. Atkinson turned Jeff Teague into an All-Star.

  469. 2nd half blues… whatsnup with this?

  470. especially with the clock winding down.

  471. yes, noone makes a cut

  472. Wouldn’t have been a good shot

  473. Statues

  474. Will lin come back?

  475. I predict an overtime

  476. just decided … lal will win.

  477. doesn’t matter, he was dribbling for a long time and it’s better than getting a TO!

  478. Jeremy Lin makes a turnover meltdown fear etc

  479. Lin will make buzzer beatet in overtime

  480. Over passing kills your game. Lin gave BS all the reason to justify his last DNP.

  481. not JHill?

  482. Lin for the Win!

  483. bulls just playing like the bulls lol relax

  484. Only 2 tos

  485. Ellington rushed 3

  486. wow, Jeremy still in

  487. 1 more min

  488. Nice drive Ellington

  489. TO in Q4, is not that good…but it happens

  490. Ellingtons dad is probably smiling. Dude is playing great!

  491. Ellington trying to get a contract

  492. Oh yeah!

  493. Bulls calls timeout with 3 seconds. BS looks lost LOL.

  494. hardworking kid

  495. B +

  496. Over passing is Lin’s witness and he needs to look to score more!

  497. BS yelled something to JLin

  498. Announcer got drilled!

  499. finally..

  500. Big two by Lin!!

  501. Bank it!

  502. Yes Lin with the 2!

  503. lin smooth …

  504. Beautiful drive high-off the glass!

  505. nice…GO Lin

  506. See…u have to put lin on the right

  507. The touch

  508. JLin 11/5 stat so far

  509. Jlin getting good shots

  510. JLin in attack mode again

  511. This is why u float…because the resulting off reb

  512. That white lady was getting down

  513. Teamball!

  514. I like the aggressiveness.

  515. lin drive gets scare easy put back. that should be an assist lol

  516. Don’t mess it up , coach!

  517. 11pts/5asts so far

  518. Wish Lin made that! Missed 3-4 layups tonight ><"

  519. Lin done.

  520. 8-0 run. Scott going to take Lin out. Protect the tank.

  521. What’s up with rose. JLIN toying with him.

  522. Sacre cleaned after Lin. Did I just say that?

  523. BS, don’t throw in a monkey wrench!

  524. Sacre made a play?!

  525. Man, Lin drove so fast it froze my screen!

  526. last one minute of his playing time…lets see if that gets extended

  527. how many for Lin? is that it?

  528. damn…lin’s layup game this season has been a bit off probably due to lack of rhythm and opportunities..he usually makes at least 2-3 of those missed ones. can’t wait till he gets rhythm for next team

  529. Is this a tocos night?

  530. Lin drove in the last easily tonight but missed way too many layups! If he didn’t miss 3-4 layups he’d have 17 points now!

  531. Yes, and he is awarded. Needs to play more like this. Don’t slow down. Drive, drive, drive, and yes, pass.

  532. I’m sorry to say this but thats not derek rose.

  533. Still too much time to know

  534. If he didn’t stand up ball would have gone over his head.

  535. Did you pick up my dry cleaning?

  536. LOL. Funny stuff, these Lakers fans. Oh yeah, me too.

  537. bad night after coming up big vs Curry

  538. I’m glad Coach Nick is seeing this too

  539. probably he saw the clock…his playing time is almost up, unless BScott watch is broken

  540. OMG JLin is still in

  541. Boozer and Davis back on bench. NO MOVEMENT NOW

  542. should have kept Boozer in

  543. How did hill got beaten on the rebound by gibson?

  544. Once again Sacre and Hill do not move when JLin has the ball

  545. Wow… Clarkson in for Jeremy.

  546. JLin out. Game over

  547. Geez man

  548. Hill just kills the flow.

  549. spoke too soon

  550. Game over folks

  551. Should always have Davis or Black in with Lin

  552. Lin out?!!

  553. Refs want overtime

  554. U don’t win with this lineup

  555. Are u really surprised?

  556. BS coaching!

  557. I just decided, LAL will lose with lin out.

  558. what?! you thought JC wont be coming in?

  559. Ellington ball hog so obvious!!!

  560. Sacre makes a block

  561. I can’t stand this, what makes a rookie deserves to close the games? BS coach is irritating beyond words!

  562. Turn off channel. Time to tank.

  563. sacre to close the game? Tanking for sure.

  564. Lakers is tanking again?! I thought they want to win this one?! smh!

  565. Man, sad, Rose looking like old Kobe.

  566. sacre over davis, again

  567. 27min, 11pts 5 AST, not too bad

  568. What are the chances this game goes to OT?

  569. See his block? Did I just say that, again?

  570. Hill is seriously bad.

  571. mmmmm…..

  572. Lets see if LAL could hold on?!

  573. Simple observation. JLin with Davis attacks and scores well. JLin with Hill can’t do much

  574. Zero?

  575. Simple for everyone except Byron Scott.

  576. lin score played great. game don’t matter. off to next game

  577. BS willing to give OT if Lakers can give up a previous win

  578. Hill is BS’ secret tank weapon.

  579. 99.9%

  580. I know, rare, right?

  581. Teams don’t need to scout the Lakers and they don’t scout 2nd rd pick rookie. Rose was messing around with that play.

  582. what has wes done that he should be in the game now?

  583. What happened? My friend said Lin was beastin so I tuned in and he was taken out for Clarkson?

  584. infinite?

  585. How does Scott not close with LIn? Is he seriously trying to win games?

  586. makes sure to mess it up…always…

  587. typed too fast….anyway…tanking for sure….

  588. M….

  589. He is contributing to the tanking.

  590. go back to your previous mode

  591. No beasting, just tanking

  592. This is how rose hurt himself

  593. B…

  594. Feel sad for Rose

  595. Well this explains why Jeremy got benched.

  596. Clarkson with a crazy shot that goes in

  597. BScott chose to go with starters+Wes Johnson to replace Kelly

  598. After 3 games, I think that by “certain victory” Roger Montgomery meant Lin get an average PT of 25 minutes.

  599. did that just validate the hype over clarkson? lol

  600. WOWWW 11 points now for Clarkson

  601. Clark’s night, and his bragging right lol.

  602. Good job by Clarkson on drive+And-1

  603. He lost it up in the air and it still went in.

  604. he is showcasing….good for him

  605. Butler a player

  606. If the Lakers win, BS will say he likes Clarkson’s poise down the stretch

  607. No overtime lol

  608. I recorded the game. Is it worth to watch the game? or just watch highlights?

  609. Lakers will win inspite of themselves

  610. hill thinks he is a superstar

  611. highlights as usual

  612. Jordan Hill scores better without Kobe. He was doing horrible few months ago

  613. nice to see him banking that shot!

  614. bulls didn’t show up at all. more like a bulls lost it rather than lakers won

  615. LOL!!!!

  616. Tacos?

  617. Yes good drive. Had confidence. Probably from not getting jerked around.

  618. Watch it. Some nice drives by Lin.

  619. tied with Lin? in much much more minutes…

  620. Watch the parts when JLin and Davis are in together

  621. EVERYONE scores better without Kobe.

  622. If LAL wins, yes because it’s good scrappy basketball. Lin did fine. His own negative variance to miss 2 layups, a midrange … he had his chances.

    If LAL loses, just watch the Lin parts because BSc was dumb to put Clarkson in for Lin to close an important win game.

  623. BS will let Clarkson give free tacos to fans, if he can.

  624. He is the tanker pilot!!!

  625. who cares? at this point it’s like u want to take the dog or the cat after the divorce? 20 min or so of lin being able to showcase his trade for his next team is the best we can get ..lakers won’t win…lin isn’t coming back..so who cares..

  626. Then you need Jeremy.

  627. You do realize when swaggy gets back, Lin will get 15 minutes a game??

  628. Thank you for reply!!!

  629. Clarkson is doing fine…but would have been nicer with both in together

  630. Are u sure it is that many?

  631. Lololol the tank job might not just work tonight…

  632. Your right, what was I thinking

  633. Man if only Lin got foul calls like Butler

  634. You do realize when swaggy gets back, Lin will get 15 minutes a game???

  635. Sad to see Jeremy do no wrong and get no love…frustrating as a fan

  636. Me too!

  637. I am so sick of lin getting the short stick. Tomorrow all we will hear is about how well Clarkson played and nothing about Lin…smh

  638. NEWSFLASH: who cares about clarkson this or that…the point is ….lin is gone by trade deadline or season’s end…there is no turning this around. bs isn’t going anywhere since he has a 4 year contract and he isnt gonna suddenly make lin the starting pg. wake up guys! lets just hope lin can do what he does like tonight in at least fair time (tonight was fair) and wait for his next team

  639. not going to happen

  640. ok, question of the night is….

    What did Price do that BScott disowned him? LOL

  641. SO SLOPPY

  642. Clarkson MVP tonight? Even though Lin and him have similar stats.

  643. hope bulls win

  644. haha….more exciting now….BS scratching head…

  645. Butler, what a shot

  646. put Lin in!

  647. Butlersanity?

  648. Here we go!

  649. saying anything negative here in our Stepford Wives’ site will get you self-banned as Mod.

  650. so smart to shoot it quick

  651. don’t matter really

  652. Overtime 😀

  653. i think FO did something…

  654. well, hopefully it won’t be for long…38 games left or trade deadline…bottom line is, lin isn’t here for long

  655. Go tank

  656. BS Coaching! GEt a real PG out there !!!

  657. No! I wanna sleep..but I am not Michael

  658. Hoping for Overtime so Lin can get more points!

  659. thats the reason he gets call as well…

  660. Put Lin in:

    1. LAL wins
    2. save me from all the haterz please.

  661. Scott’s beloved Price… what happened?

  662. The Sith eat their own

  663. Optimistic for a trade to a contender

  664. butler is the future for the bulls

  665. Who is this Michael 😐

  666. To Clarkson’s credit, he’s a rookie so that’s impressive.

  667. hmm… 4pt game w/ 52 seconds lost.
    BScott can get crucified here if Lakers lost

  668. Want LAL to win?! ;;)

  669. Hope lakers lose this one

  670. Duh… Bulls have a full court press so Byron Scott doesn’t bring in any more ball handlers.

  671. Clarkson getting abused now.

  672. Seriously put Lin Back

  673. what was that? lol


  675. Bulls smell blood now

  676. …michael jackson’s billy jean….the kid is not my son….

  677. Keep the lead guys…slacking now!

  678. Scott trying to win the game without Lin…
    Lets go bulls!!!

  679. As soon as Rose comes in, the game changes

  680. OT?

  681. tie

  682. LOL OT,.. please
    Put Lin back in hahahaha

  683. OMG lol tied game!!


  685. Wow so we’re going OT? lol

  686. hahahahahahaa!!!!!

  687. lolol no lin. no win.

  688. BS found out the Price wasn’t his REAL son…

  689. OT time?

  690. OT .. OT … OT hehhee

  691. TOLD YALL O-V-E-R-T-I-M-E

  692. Thank you Pau

  693. involuntary tank

  694. dreaming

  695. LOL!

  696. Hey coach u there

  697. you can’t fake this sh….you can’t!!

  698. Damn it, I want to sleep hahaha

  699. Afraid of Lin’s fan?!

  700. This BS coach should be fired immediately!

  701. Very Obvious NO LIN, no win even if DOWNHILL!

  702. its scott remember

  703. If it was Lin who got that TO he would get crucified by bs, kobe, lakrrs media, basically anyone but Lin fans

  704. taco in danger

  705. oh heck yes lol

  706. We need Kobe to take the winning shot.

  707. No idea. Just know that bad things happen when he is here.

  708. Clarkson chokes. But it’s really Scott’s fault for putting him in that situation. Gotta know your limits.

  709. Nice! Thanks Pau. Just like what I want

  710. Byron’s getting what he deserved.
    Putting rookie to close game can cost his job soon!

  711. rookie…is still a rookie…we still like the kid..but please BS don’t kill him this way…

  712. You are right! No tacos after all!

  713. I wish for you to be right.

  714. I should get a poll win, if Lin gets buzzer beater in overtime ;). Thanks psalm.

  715. yes.. BScott needs to be held responsible by the media

  716. Wow. Can’t believe that it is tied.

  717. sacre overstayed…..

  718. Not sure he knows anything, he’s confused

  719. neither can BScott 😀

  720. BS excuse for the blown lead, “we didn’t have Kobe”

  721. I am hoping that the Bulls pull out a win.

  722. clarkson got kobe’s minutes. so he’ll be the man and save the game.

  723. OTOTOT

  724. lolol OT!

  725. That’s the winning time lineup lol

  726. Funny.

  727. Yessssss! OT, baby!!

  728. watch lin not play at all in overtime

  729. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  730. Basketball gods have taken away the favorable bounces from the Lakers

  731. Lol

  732. Unless Lin’s put back in!

  733. wow, that was close…thought it might go into OT!

  734. What I say Brent. Stay wakie wakie

  735. LOL

  736. Bad Coaching by Byron Scott. he should have bought Jeremy Lin into the game. This run is solely due to bad PG play by Clarkson.— Sir Kudo (@jkudog) January 30, 2015

  737. The moment was too big for Clarkson… Scott.

  738. He has to. Clarkson’s struggling

  739. The lakers are going for a record! Dude. Go lakers! Tank Tank Tank!

  740. It’s so hard for the Lakers to get a win.

  741. Bulls outplayed LAL on second Half

  742. Game recap, JLin helps spark 6-0 run that allows Lakers to regain a strong lead in the 4th. Clarkson comes back in, lead gone.

  743. That was Byron Scott's fault. It's obvious the PG was struggling. Go back to Lin— Kevin Donalson (@DrKEDSR) January 30, 2015

  744. Q : will Lin be allowed to play?

  745. you mean its so easy for them to tank to loss

  746. This is all on u!

  747. Dialog won’t be that Clarkson choked but D Rose is good.

  748. Right, Clarkson did a good job tonight but making him to close out the game is asking too much from a rookie! This BS coach got to be kicked out!

  749. my stream forze…what happened?

  750. Can’t win with the lineup. Thought they are going to lose. Well at least overtime. Not bad with this lineup.

  751. Gotta give props to BS, this IS how you keep things excited and tank AT the same time. Master of all.

  752. tank commander

  753. Don’t mind if Rose gets the credit. He does deserve some credit.

  754. relying on your rookie to make the crunch time plays…what a coach…

  755. Duh

  756. Preach it Ding!

  757. i guess so

  758. BS’s OT lineup?

  759. i agree.

  760. Still no JEremy.

  761. A TO and a choke by BS’s precious pg in the last minute allowed the game to be tied

  762. Geez, I thought we sealed the game…sigh…typical

  763. ok.Go Bulls!!!

  764. BS sticking with starting lineup

  765. He does the tanking well. Will keep his job. Involuntary tanking though

  766. I’d rather not see Lin in OT. Bulls are out for blood.

  767. OMG

  768. haha… no Lin…. the Full Tanking is rolling… watch out!

  769. Lose the game please

  770. Still no Lin? Bulls for the win then!

  771. Cos the Lakers are COLD….

  772. Sorry Clarkson, no MVP tonight!

  773. ha ha clarkson lost./

  774. Clarkson trying to do too much

  775. So in OT you keep in the lineup that blew an 8 point lead

  776. I’ve seen this movie b4. The Warriors OT game.

  777. lakers lost like a puppy out there w/o a true PG.

  778. Lin will make buzzer beater. Dont worry.

  779. He has to stick to what works. I don’t blame him.

  780. At this point, it would be smart for BScott to have senior like Lin in the game

  781. GSW were not tanking they had their best out there.

  782. always!

  783. No tacos for you.

  784. at least we proved Brent was wrong! 🙂

  785. NOOO

  786. Lol

  787. Clarkson, was he the PG on 12-0 Bulls run?

  788. Jesus, he looks so confused. Everyone is so confused!!

  789. Never…..
    Gonna happen, I never doubt he won’t make one if he is given a chance though

  790. LOL from the bench?!

  791. Let’s go bulls!

  792. i hope Lin plays the last three minutes, or else I should go Zzzzzzz!

  793. I hope the starting line up loses. Makes thing more obvious to the rest of the haters.

  794. For crying out loud just bring JLin back~!!

  795. sigh

  796. Announcers mentioning Lakers look lost on offense right now

  797. Smart and BS in the same sentence?

  798. Noah doing big things

  799. Great…Scott is exposed

  800. Good play by Bulls. We never see plays like that here

  801. ha ha Lakers are just crap right now…

  802. Clarkson doing his best Kobe imitation

  803. Bs please don’t let Lin go in there to be the scapegoat

  804. Do you need to ask?

  805. BS: No retreat. Stick with the plan. STARTERS 4 LIFE

  806. “There’s not even the thought of passing” lolol

  807. who know…the positive vibe might wake him up..i know not gonna happen

  808. lol buzzer beater from the bench..

  809. How is this not called out la media lol

  810. LoL

  811. Announcer: Not a single thought of passing (referring to Clarkson)

  812. Can’t believe this coach. TO now with Lin in and game has a chance. They really trying to lose.

    All Clarkson can do is to try to dribble it in. It’s 1v9 with a rookie. It’s not Harden or Kobe – it’s all he’s got.

  813. STUpid bs coach beyond words!

  814. Lakers are a joke

  815. TNT Announcer: “there isn’t even the thought of passing”

  816. Even if JLin comes back, it may be too little too late

  817. Come on Bulls!!!

  818. Let Lin sit out the whole OT please

  819. coach made sure to keep the losing streak alive!

  820. falling behind by 5 pts and Lin still on the bench, Lakers you just got another loss!

  821. Make way everyone, Kobe Jr in da house!!

  822. Commentator: There is not even the thought of passing (Clarkson)

  823. Go Kobe Jr.!

  824. Still no offense, only quick jump shots

  825. No tacos tonight? ahhhhh…

  826. passing had been striked out from the offensive plan

  827. I hope LIn doesn’t come in

  828. i concur…

  829. This game is insanely bad

  830. no fall guy

  831. JLin not coming back. Well in the back of crowd as BS draws a “play”

  832. because the “L” infront of the insane is missing

  833. Brent Barry called Wesley Johnson Wesley Matthews. Haha!

  834. The TNT commentators are calling out all the coaching faults. BS should be ashamed.

  835. 1pt game!

  836. So does BS tie the losing record after this one?

  837. Pat Riley aka BS idol would never let clarkson play like this

  838. Expose him!

  839. ellington , only bright spot on the floor for Lakers

  840. Yup

  841. Go Bulls!

  842. Yes, it’s nice not hearing that STU talk!!

  843. Sacre DO NOT foul out.

  844. Ellington now ball handler

  845. No chance.. #2

  846. LOL he’s going to break the record for longest losing streak LMAO! Lakers would be dumb not to fire him!

  847. Well this might be ellingtons sole time in his career where he can play like this so why not

  848. I’m watching solely to watch the Lakers lose this one and tie the record.

  849. Should Bulls just fail lakers?

  850. Do we want a double OT? lol

  851. Prediction: BS will go through every player not named JLin to handle the ball in the 4th

  852. tbh i didn’t care who won. but that losing recored is just rewards for scott

  853. Double OT and still no Lin no thanks!

  854. should go for the 2 or 3?

  855. FO is thinking…as bad as his coaching is…atleast he is helping to get the draft picks

  856. if lin had a backup role like brooks this year…still be way better than lakers

  857. Commentator says the truth!!

  858. drive

  859. If they lose, it’s because Lin wasn’t in.

  860. Go for 2

  861. Should be Sacre ISO

  862. yea on a winning team

  863. Any sticky isolation will do.

  864. NOOO!!!!

  865. Hill made a Big-Boy shot there

  866. Hill, that was scary fun …

  867. What did they say?

  868. Double oT!

  869. lin with buzzer beaterrrrr come on let him in!!

  870. Hill long shot pays off this time

  871. yes! good boy

  872. It’s simple, bs will let his pg make the 3pt shot

  873. Or Steve Blake on Portland

  874. with obviously a better coach. also this slow scott style is caging lin in

  875. ??

  876. Watch Gasol score the last 2 to steal a win 😀

  877. bulls take this one!

  878. lol 2nd OT?

  879. Assist Ellington…

  880. Who gonna shoot?

  881. i hope so. after all the crap the lakers gave him despite him saving kobe multiple times to rings

  882. still lots of time to lose 16 sec.

  883. It would be poetic justice

  884. Gasol would be the best candidate

  885. AB

  886. NOOOO

  887. Let LAL lose and get it over with.

  888. he is holding something close to his chest….maybe a photo of Kobe….

  889. OT

  890. Ack!
    More bad hoops.

  891. DOUBLE OT

  892. Double OT…..If this goes to 3OT it’s probably the most boring triple overtime game!

  893. Lol 2nd 0T!

  894. Drose needs to pass the rock to butler

  895. Watch BS still not change lineup

  896. Hoping they put lin in the last oT

  897. Ellington played over 40 minutes and Clarkson close to it…

  898. torture

  899. happened!

  900. PlZ put bench in

  901. Darn it. I have to get up in 4 1/2 hours.

  902. Wonder if BSc is now willing to let Lin play, I mean Clarkson needs a nap …

  903. Now Lin should come in to kill them.

  904. Can we have some Lin, please!!!

  905. Prolonging the agony. Ugh!

  906. Long jump shot? Bad choice.

  907. No let BS tie the losing streak so he can break it the next game!

  908. You first have to sleep to get up. lol.

  909. please don’t drive…ok

  910. Linsanity double OT

  911. Yes!!!!!!

  912. He won last game with that shot….so I guess…

  913. lol,,,,but dont we love that?! 🙂

  914. scott= no

  915. i can’t take this prolonged agony anymore…lol

  916. Haha

  917. scott will not do tht

  918. both line ups are gassed. If BS really wants the win, the LA bench is at huge advantage

  919. They want to tank…

  920. How do they still trying to claim that they are trying to win when they have the inexperienced line up at end of games.

  921. I couldn’t believe he left his feet.

  922. We’ll know if BS wants to win this one if he puts Lin in.

  923. might as well go and get some drink to cheers you up…and go to work…

  924. true

  925. Hah same lineup

  926. happy for Weezy tonight!

  927. Nice shot Ellington

  928. look like he wants to stick with the starters…sigh

  929. If Lin don’t play they better lose.

  930. Great spinning reverse layup by Ellington

  931. it didn’t work for the first OT. but the coach sticks with the same line up.let’s see..

  932. Only Lin standing and cheering his team on.

  933. Clarkson hits long 2

  934. so far so good

  935. bye bye sacre

  936. Boozer in

  937. Looks like BS will be forced to make a change now hah

  938. Clarkson finally figured out how to attack brooks…

  939. Clarkson and Ellington must be dead tired! 40+ minutes?! Are they KD and Westbrook?!

  940. late he had impressed me alot…good for him

  941. C’mon Bulls. Win this one now….

  942. if you are dead…you cant be tired..lol

  943. you can guess what the headline for this game will be

  944. I think we should root for 3OT until someone fouls out so Byron has to play Lin!

  945. Ed Davis – 16 minutes.
    Awful. I hope he ends up Jeremy in a playoff team next season.

  946. over stayed

  947. Hill can block! great

  948. rose – i don’t even know you anymore.

  949. Hill block

  950. Scott must think Clarkson is Kobe or something.

  951. That block worth all 9 mils Hill is making

  952. but the coach is clueless

  953. Yep, I just feel bad for lin, he can’t get a break in the NBA…smh

  954. JHill is MVP tonite

  955. Hill is feeling the long range again

  956. big-time block indeed

  957. Wow Lakers might actually pull out the win with this lineup?!

  958. Totally

  959. hill shaping out to be this game’s hero , if they come out with a win…

  960. Bulls are out of gas.

  961. LAL will win now. I give the game to Hill. Or, 2nd unit won game, Clarkson/BSc lost it, Hill saved it.

    Oh, Assistant MVP – Weezy.

  962. bigtime indeed

  963. Wow, the players may pull off beating the tank tonight. Byron tried, but they were determined to win.

  964. Well the last time Lakers had a lead like this, they blew it

  965. Ellington has most minutes 44!

  966. how did the bulls blow that momentum in first ot?

  967. DRose just didn’t have it tonight. Neither did Gasol missing FTs

  968. Trade trade trade trade

  969. Bulls need to trap Clarkson again.

  970. Clarkson and Ellington will get all the guard minutes

  971. b2b

  972. Lin blocked Rose too , along while ago 🙂

  973. This is a good thing. Hope Mitch will trade Lin.

  974. does hill get the headline or clarkson?

  975. back to back, right

  976. Sucks

  977. I just thought of that, 2nd.

  978. Still plenty of time. It was 4pt with 52 seconds in regulation before OT

  979. Wes makes

  980. true

  981. Lin is standing on the sideline. He’s itching to play 🙂

  982. Lal finally clamped that base line drive

  983. Only diff was, then Clarkson was gambling rambling. Game is more even now with different touches.

  984. I am out. I hate how they treat Lin. Lakers media will swarm Clarkson/Ellington tomorrow. Scott din’t even bring lin back in for the OT.smhg

  985. Bulls too tired to pressure D. Lakers may pull this off

  986. can i say Rose lost it for the Bullls? if they lose this one…

  987. Dang it.

  988. Great now BS has more excuse to bench Lin.

  989. *Scratch scratch*

  990. as i said don’t matter. bulls are not contenders

  991. feel ya, but seriously, i hope lin fans still don’t have hope in lakers situation? im surprised lin got to play 26 mins…once swag is back, lin will be 10-15mins. not surprised, too late, time to move on. (for us and lin)

  992. Don’t worry about it Joyce. LAL were not trying to win, so no cost to Scott for sticking with the bad starting team. If they lose, he did his job. If they win, he’s proven right. JLin is still outta there.

  993. It’s a pity how the post-game discussion wont be focusing on how the Lakers let the game got into OT in the first place. too bad.

  994. he must be… 🙂

  995. Headline: Pau Gasol helpes Lakers defeat Bulls in double OT.

  996. no worries….over playing at this rate..players will suffer physical injuries…just like KB

  997. Rose shooting 7-26.

  998. no, wrong. bs doesn’t need excuses to bench lin. he already has .

  999. Looks like Butler is out

  1000. Jeremy is still the LAL’s assist leader.

  1001. He didn’t bring back Davis either and Boozer was only in because Sacre fouled out. I have no idea what he was thinking but somehow, it didn’t blow up in his face. Hill just made a lot of shots.

  1002. Ball game.

  1003. Both Clarkson and Ellington had 40+ minutes while Lin never had that kinda of treatment with Rockets nor Lakers!

  1004. yes, really, as announcers said, no ball movement no player movement after lin out.

  1005. well, the Bulls didn’t have enough in the tank to finish the big run
    Rose 7-26 shooting. Yikes!

  1006. Let the rookie bragggggg all he wants…JLin would be the first to congratulate JC.

  1007. NBA. where amazing happens. scrubs win it

  1008. Price and Black look sad

  1009. Once in a blue moon, this lineup can win

  1010. BS tried so hard to tank another one and he failed… very rare!

  1011. Clarkson can injure himself without a ramp up in minutes. Byron is crazy.

  1012. LIN FANS: it’s a lost cause…best case is lin plays 20 or so minutes..worst case: DNP…..clarkson is their future and naturally they will play him a lot…lin will be gone by trade deadline or end of the year…lakers never really wanted lin, never had a chance here, just call this a year in which lin had to restructure and re-tool. let’s wait for next year.

  1013. I’m out. scott avoid record. lets start a new run at it. 2-3 months left

  1014. BS should be fired for missing a tank.

  1015. he’s free to lose, so he was proving his tough coaching point (you stick with your team and they win)

  1016. Lin looks too happy on the bench tonight. Like elated.

  1017. Here comes AB!!!

  1018. Lol against the Bulls , no less

  1019. lol…u are naughty!

  1020. What is BS smiling for!!!! he looks so happy

  1021. DRoss 26 FGA only making 7 isn’t going to help Bulls cause…

  1022. I hope Lin has some prospects for next season. Lakers wanted any PG other than lin, now they have him. I will say this that teams are going to scout Clarkson now and and he will not have such an easy time next time.

  1023. So Chicago needs a PG? I can give them a name =)

  1024. $182k, sliced and diced for 12 mins, ran a nice 2nd stint leaving a good cushion.

  1025. that he isn’t going to break that record….losing streak…

  1026. BS: what a game. i want to lose but…:P

  1027. He can’t believe he played that lineup but DRose shot himself out to still win

  1028. i didn’t realize that… he really did it for his team’s loss tonight

  1029. clarkson can be average sg if he develop. not a passer

  1030. Finally!!!!

  1031. Teams already did….just see the final minutes in the regular and the first OT….teams know….

  1032. Actually Clarkson will do ok. I like his game, just young and raw. I too hope Lin finds this summer a chance, He looks ecstatic on the bench so maybe he thinks he will be traded ?

  1033. If only LIn had the minutes that Elllington and Clarkson had when he was a starter!

  1034. He had a terrible time trying to close out. Risked injury for all those starters lol. Did you see that strip by AB at a key time? Clarkson is exposed.

  1035. Yep

  1036. yes, he didn’t hog the ball

  1037. Happy for Hill, Weezy.

  1038. yes, he’s been playing very well

  1039. KB is still there watching, FO is afraid of his fans, LAL have no hope in a few years.

  1040. Hope so. Lately he doesn’t seem bothered by all this mess.

  1041. If hill plays like this every game, he will be benched I guess…lol

  1042. somebody told him. Hope he watches tape.

  1043. small sample size….but that only applies to JLin

  1044. I agree just like L Galloway from Knicks. He only got 4 points tonight. 2 from trash time. But I guess BS just wanted to tank so he didn’t want 2nd unit to on the court.

  1045. i dont want to have to watch more games of hill thinking hes a superstar. to think, its even possible have lakers basketball more ugly than it already is.

  1046. LOL Barkley said that’s the worst Double-OT game

  1047. It’s the truth! Thank goodness it wasn’t Triple OT!

  1048. the bench wasn’t given time except when sacre fouled out..BS wants to tire out the starter so they know how to play hard!!!!

  1049. Showcasing for Trade!

  1050. Chaz Barkley just said that might have been the ugliest double OT …

  1051. So highlights are already uploaded lol

  1052. Doesn’t matter Lin’s out of there after this season!

  1053. Sir Charles doesn’t lie…

  1054. What else can he do to disguise his frustrations? He was all ready to tank…but as some said…DRoss outsmarted him…

  1055. Bc they knew Lakers is tanking but who could believe that Bulls played so bad tonight all due to poor shooting by Rose. smh!

  1056. Clarkson is a shooter with long arms and he could be defender but when he guarded Aaron Brooks he would have problems with his quickness.

  1057. it was

  1058. Hill is having the second worst on/off team rating, second only to you know whom. His scoring (and Clarkson’s) is at the slight of opposing teams.

  1059. He looks so happy tonight on or off the bench, so odd.

  1060. lol the announcer tried hard to make the game interesting. but he failed

  1061. we should learn from him

  1062. Chicago should have won in the first OT.
    This Chicago team has problems with Derrick Rose running the PG.

  1063. frankly, the lakers scorekeeper was generous to lin with how assists were counted

  1064. Probably

  1065. They usually are not so lets call it almost an even.

  1066. wasnt complaining. just surprised.

  1067. I try to convince myself that maybe Lin knows that a trade is coming? Zero chance but I really want him leave this team asap

  1068. It’s a team effort. The whole Lakers fired up but Chicago is playing roller coaster. Derrick Rose didn’t pass enough to Jimmy Butler.

  1069. Lin smiling and happy. Good night overall. Lin played well and his team won.

  1070. True. Rose was really bad in shooting tonight. If they let AB played more Bulls maybe would win this one. BS tried so hard to loss this game but failed.

  1071. I know rose stats have been bad but I was surprised how bad he looked compared to his old self.

  1072. Chuck: “that was the worst double OT game I’ve ever seen, Bulls did everything they could to lose that game”

  1073. not even close he looks like he is wearing down

  1074. Barkley commented that Rose has lost his burst and Jimmy Butler is the best player.
    But hard for Rose to change the game and give touches to Butler and also Gasol.

    So I think it’s just like Kobe’s situation in LA

  1075. i said even last season that butler was more importrant to bulls than rose. ppl said i was crazy.

  1076. If DRose didn’t take the outside shot, Gasol would have finished it inside.

  1077. yea but rose its too soon

  1078. imagine what he can do with 40 mins of playing time…

  1079. lol Barkley is preaching the truth!

  1080. if he takes another step to superstar yea he will be. his offense plus defense makes him great but offense alone he is pretty good

  1081. Butler is a much better player than Rose. Rose has lost its explosiveness and he’s a bit out of shape, and a little overweight. Shooting 7 out of 26 really hurt the Chicago team.

  1082. You don’t have to imagine… just watch the Linsanity highlights 🙂

  1083. Lin didn’t take a single 3 point attempt this game why? Also gotta work on his shooting touch, missed too many layups if not he’d have 17 points!

  1084. Well they had to play well for the home team. They are going on the road now and that will be another story. Also this league is not ready for Lin to be a starting PG. Lin does not possess the skin color or impoverished background that fits the NBA standards. LA is suppose to be the melting pot of diversity, not so. NY fans were more accepting of him than this so called”storied franchise”. Lin looked happy for them because he knows that contending teams have probably threw some numbers out there about what they are willing to pay him. So I will stay off twitter for the next couple of days, so I won’t have to hear how Clarkson is the best PG in the world(rolls eyes)

  1085. i hope somebody quotes that and tweet

  1086. Clarkson would be a nice sg. He just doesn’t have that sixth sense to be a goo dog.

  1087. Hard to watch the game. Just wish lin played more. His season seems to be over.not his fault. May just watch highlights next time

  1088. I guess they don’t want to win …

  1089. this season is cooked for lin. we already knew that fairly early but we all wanted to not believe it in order to hope for hope. just have to accept that. free agency, next.

  1090. Bulls already showed how to do it, full court pressure, double team him. He won’t pass to get out of it. That’s how they went on 8-0 run to force overtime. Not sure why they got away from that in OT.

  1091. Broken clock is right twice a day.

  1092. Lin, black, Davis, combo would’ve killed it tonight.

  1093. Basketball is a game of rhythm and runs. If you consistently getting your minutes, you could do much better. Even Ronnie Price could do well given him consistent minutes and plays to set him up. Consistent minutes and rhythm is something that is hard to come by for Jeremy,. Lately he played much better in the first half when Davis was there. Jordan Hill and Lin did not do too well.

  1094. Yep, Lin will never get a fair shake in the NBA. He will not get a starting job, because the narrative is out on him. He just s need to keep focusing on his game getting better and better,

  1095. Lets hope Lin knows his destination for next season already!

  1096. He’s a better scorer with his jump shots. He just needs another coach who is always pulled him out to disrupt his rhythm. It seemed that it’s oK to score for everyone but Jeremy.

  1097. Hill is horrible. Holds the ball way too much and lovesthe fake handoff

  1098. I went to Real GM and they are going on about how Clarkson played so well and played the best PG. I already told the mods there that they are all anti-Lin and it would be a better forum if they had a least one mod that liked his game. I’m really beginning to strongly dislike that site. Clarkson played a lot of ISO ball out there. Sure, he scored, but he does not look that much like a PG.

  1099. Hm Knicks game at MSG next in 2 days
    Maybe Lin will get 1 more min at 28min!

  1100. What is the point of watching if most of our time is to root for the other team. Highlights are better.

  1101. Exactly Rose is kind of plump and slow in moving the ball. He’s not the franchise player anymore.Chicago might have to trade him. How could he go to playoff with games like this!

  1102. It’s like glimpses of linsanity flashbacks. This game a little rose vs Lin and next game is Lin at MSG!

  1103. He played well today

  1104. Yeah, exactly, their defense is horrible.

  1105. 100% agree.

  1106. Yep. I think he might end up in Dallas, because Mavericks don’t have a bench worth crap. Lin wants to be a part of a contending team. So we will see what offers he gets. I can also see Davis in Dallas backing up Tyson Chandler. Rondo wants a max contract and Cuban ain’t giving that to him. Also Kobe wants Rondo, so Mitch will go along with Kobe’s wishes for his last year on the team

  1107. Lakers don’t win without Hill. He played very well tonight.

  1108. tbh i can wait

  1109. in a win, people usually would look at the positives and downplay the negatives.

    Of course, the only exception would be Lin.

  1110. So u disagree with Joyce ward? You seem to add commentary here that leads to no conclusion or analysis. Could u clarify?

  1111. Didn’t watch the game. Did the game give any implication on the chance of Lin trade? I’m still praying for that………

  1112. They were saying Lin played terrible defense. Lin had a tough time with Brooks but played Rose fine. Basically they mentioned every mistake Lin made but nothing about anything good that he did.

  1113. we keep hoping one of these games will be Linsanity.
    The problem is BScott keeps getting in the way

  1114. Derrick Rose played with little energy!
    The ball movement was stagnant.

  1115. should give DNP-FD

  1116. Not really…to me at least… There is no reason to trade Lin tho…he is not occupying cap space next yr at all

  1117. yeah, I would skip the Real GM site then.

    Clarkson couldn’t guard Rose at all and Lin had to help

  1118. You can be sure MOST of the ppl in this site Likes Lin’s game

  1119. Don’t worry; it should take about 10 more games like this to get the job done.

  1120. Hill has very low bball IQ. He doesn’t want to play under the rim because I think he is not that physical. He just wants to shoot jumpers. That is why MD didn’t like him because he was a lazy big. He didn’t want to get physical, he just wanted to settle for the jump shot.

  1121. Many knew early on. glad your coming aboard.

  1122. Not the hand off part…but yes he played well

  1123. Aww………

  1124. Dallas, Portland or mda. I think that’s it

  1125. How about give BS a DNC.

  1126. Never mind about them… that’s normal bc Lakers won tonight. But think about it, if Kobe on the court tonight, Clarkson would not have any good stats just like Lin… Fans change their mind game by game.

  1127. ok DNC-FD

  1128. Jc is the lakers product…they should be happy ..lin is only here for a while only

  1129. Did Clarkson play good D on Rose? Don’t think so.

  1130. MDA? where is it?

  1131. Yeah, but Real GM wasn’t bad for the Rockets. I don’t like the mods at the Laker forum. Lakersground has fairer mods and a lot more support for Lin.

  1132. Their plan is alway to take Lin out in the middle of 4Q and let Clarkson close the game. Ellington will try hard to cover for him. Occasionally Ellington will play PG for a while. As long as everybody is passing, the flow of game will be OK. Clarkson however is not the one who could keep the ball moving.

    Ellington is the one in control of the game.

  1133. Good to know. I will just dwell here, in my Ivory tower…LOL

  1134. Wherever mdantoni or goerge Karl go

  1135. Because he is in over drive mode..

  1136. FWIW, some of those drives should be FTs for Lin…

  1137. Oh….I see

  1138. Jeremy’s post game interview. He looks very happy 🙂

  1139. I am happy for Clarkson, but he is foll’s gold. When the NBA teams really zero on him and his game, he will be done. These teams strategize their whole game around how to get the ball out of Lin’s hands. Lin has learned all of that the traps and schemes they have out there for him now. Kobe wants Rondo as LA’s staring PG, so we will see how Clarkson lands.

  1140. Nope. Not only that his crunch time ball handling and court vision was a disaster

  1141. Why do they even need to evaluate Sacre? He’s 3rd string at best. This whole team is upside down.

  1142. I don’t care about what lakers fans think. Since they love the way Kobe has played for years, they tend to appreciate the kind of playing way. That’s ok.

  1143. Lin is such a good team mate.Lin just loves the fact that they played as a team and they won. I think Lin likes the unit that he plays with, especially davis/boozer/black. Those bigs get him and he gets them.

  1144. Almost get the feel that Lin is trying not to play with HILL….LOL

  1145. Orlando is about to fire Jack Vaugh. MDA to Orlando?

  1146. that’s worth reading.

  1147. I wasn’t clocking, but announcers said 12-0 run. Later in OTs, ball moved around a little. Clarkson stopped having racing blinders on.

  1148. for me its evaluation time…to make sure that the real talents stay on the roster

  1149. he definitely likes to win as a team esp. after those 9 losses.
    It’s funny how he tried not to say the word ‘Linsanity’ when talking about going back to NY LOL

  1150. He should be a SG.

  1151. i mean now, in his current team and state…

  1152. I think Lin is so happy bc they played team ball just like what he said in last interview & won. Bulls lose this game bc Rose ISO too much & had poor shooting night.

  1153. You Know what, I am glad that a lot of media are asking questions about Scott not playing Lin. They are not calling him inconsistent. They know that he is that guy that can come in and takeover and win a game for you. They know that he is being marginalized, but they are not ready to step and say the reason why.I just like the fact that Scott is being exposed as a bad coach and kobe as a bully and very bad team mate.

  1154. Already 3 years? wow…

  1155. hm … ORL has some good young guys
    Oladipo is more an SG too so it’ll mesh well with Lin

  1156. Ya! That’s what I thought…

  1157. This kind of tells you what perception Lin has.. A solid NBA player…just not a starter..but capable of starting

  1158. no…jlin is a starter material but they wont give him that chance because lakers want a superstar Pg and not an asian american

  1159. I am just saying in general sense..not just LAL.

  1160. yes it was fun to watch Lin/Rose.

  1161. Exactly. Scott said that this line up will go at least 15-20 games, just enough time for the Allstar game and the trade dead line.I think the next set of starters will be the bench. They want to be nice to Lin, hoping that he will sign with them, because LA doesn’t want to lose their foothold in China. I would not even doubt that the Lakers proposed a business deal with lin/agents about this. just some thoughts

  1162. I am not saying Lin does not care..but…

  1163. they don’t get bball. Clarkson singlehandedly almost lost the game. I mean, JHill on a long midrange 2 from the elbow? Then Rose shorts on the rim?

  1164. good idea, let the wave of ppl pass, those who cannot see bball and see how Clarkson lost the lead.

  1165. you make it so obvious , coach. he is now your new favorite son 🙂

  1166. Lin’s become a Donald Duck these days.

  1167. yes…JC is the new favorite..poor price..

  1168. on of his layup misses?

  1169. As long as he is not Scrooge McDuck 🙂

  1170. Scott just trying to keep his job through the rebuild process. I said awhile back, When kobe goes out, who is his loyalties going to, and now we know. Price doesn’t even factor in the equation anymore. That whole staring lineup is an evaluation and to see if any teams will bite for a trade. F/O knows that Clarkson is not a PG, but a scoring guard. Ellington ran the point when he was in with Clarkson. Lin knows what up next season. Notice how Scott is playing Lin, and not price.Lin very happy tonight. At one point he was the only one on the bench standing up and cheering. and the plot thickens…

  1171. Me too. I also think today they really run more team ball & won just like what Lin wants… That’s why he’s so happy in his post game interview even he didn’t close the game or play in OT.

  1172. Lin is carefree.

  1173. Both were fouls……Lin usually stop being driving after he can not get the call.

  1174. BS is full of BS.

  1175. question is, how long will it be until the next ’falling out of grace’?

  1176. Bet Jeremy Lin plays in Golden State next season.— Nate Jones (@JonesOnTheNBA) January 30, 2015

  1177. I really don’t care or mad about what BS said now bc lots of time just BS. He always like this all the time.

  1178. sometime i think Lin interviews give FO ideas how to improve the lakers team.

  1179. And see only 6 minutes per game?

  1180. Lakers won, screwed up the tanking. Lin will be DNP Sunday. Price to play instead. Also not a home game so Buss not as concerned about selling tickets.

  1181. Sometimes he can if he pulls the near-flop out but I agree these game are not worth all the effort. Just clamp it down and play basics. His efficiency numbers are not as good, but most fans just look at the box numbers and don’t know how to divide.

    Clarkson was not too efficient tonight. Some nice highlight plays, but really fell apart down the stretch.

  1182. Haha. Why not Ellington DNP?

  1183. no jinx please…

  1184. CHI PostGame Thread is now open


    Lakers managed not to blow the win in 2OT after letting the Bulls took 9-0 run to get the 1st OT.

    DRose shooting 7-26 simply took out the Bulls offense.

    As for JLin, he managed to get 11pt/5asts with 5-11 shooting in 27 min. Lin started shooting well and drove aggressively in the 1st half with 8pts/3asts with 4-6 good shooting in 12 consecutive min. But he lost the good rhythm as Clarkson played PG in Q3.

    So for 3 consecutive games after DNP, Lin received 28min, 23 min, 27 min but without major roles. Lin’s agent might’ve negotiated 23-28 min consistent playing time after the DNP

    Byron chose to leave the “Rebuilding/Tank” team in 2 OTs. He certainly didn’t want to use Lin/Davis. Price and Black are benched so he wanted to try different lineups to experiment.

    Next game is NY Knicks at MSG. Hopefully Byron will draw more plays for Lin like he did in the HOU game.

    There was a funny moment where Lin smiled after he caused ABrooks to travel.

    Walking back to the direction of the bench, he was smiling wide but stopped suddenly as he saw someone/something (Byron?) that he despised


  1185. I didn’t see any emotion from RP, Black nor Kelly. Sad to witness it.

  1186. yeah, with curry and klay there, where would he be?

  1187. wow, that’s very curious.
    Betting Lin be the 6th Man to help GSW get championship?

  1188. BTW, did you see RP? BS never talk about him now?!

  1189. LOL Anywhere but Lakers, Knicks and Rox for me:-)

  1190. um. no though that’s my dream. GSW is not run by a free cash flow machine like NYK, so they are sensitive to profitability. Plus they are building that very exciting facility so they have to stay within the plan.

  1191. well maybe we will find it out soon enough..lol. JC is lucky two mentors to teach him…Nash and Jlin