G47 CHA @POR Game Thread

The Hornets were exhausted and lost the Utah game after the 2OT win against the Kings. And the worse situation was to have JLin reinjure his ankle and not return to the game. He was seen wearing an ankle boot but walking on his own after the game.

  1. How would the Hornets play with Kemba and Batum as the main playmakers? Would Kemba play reduced minutes after a failed bid to get him selected to the All-Star reserves by the coaches?
  2. Would the Hornets rely on the teamball philosophy to try to gain playoff spot now?
  3. Would they feature Batum heavily again as the playmaker in hopes to have him return to the Hornets again next season?
  4. At this point, the best situation for JLin would be to rest his injured ankle until he’s ready to shine in the 2nd half of the season to help the Hornets reach the playoff and increase his market value in hopes of multiple starting PG offers for next season.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he waits to be 100% healthy soon before  to help the Hornets to win

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