Game 47 Chicago Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks: No New Lin Trade News But Bazemore Is Mentioned As the Most Likeliest Player to Trade

For this game, Kevin Huerter is still listed as questionable with nagging neck injury. Jeremy Lin should be ready to play.

On the trade news, there are no new Lin news yet but Kent Bazemore was mentioned as the most likeliest one player to trade. Houston was linked to one with interest.



  1. First?

  2. this may be objected to as off topic but i just am curios and also think it speaks more generally to the larger current nba environment within which lin has to navigate:

    there is a tweet from a source which will remain nameless showing monday night james harden with 37 points 0 points assisted on
    klay thompson 44 points 44 points assisted on.

    this goes to a more to me mind blowing stat i have seen reported multiple places but can’t confirm that in his last four games harden has scored 200 points 0 assisted on!!!!!

    how is that possible? what does this mean?

    is this the “new wave” in the nba?

    are we taking kobe’s “give me the ball and get out of the way” to new heights?

    or is this a return to the wilt chamberlain legacy? (not that even tho yes i am “oldman” i am old enuf to remember that, just see the stats when they are brought up)

    or what?

    and can anyone actually confirm that bizzare to me stat: 4 games 200 points 0 of those points assisted? well it would be consistent with the only slightly less bizarre stat:

    harden has more “iso” plays this season by himself than any other nba team full roster!!!!
    (that one seems confirmed).

    holy iso batgirl.

  3. is that a rhetorical question?

  4. JLin looks happy during morning shootaround

  5. I’m not sure about Harden’s ISO stats .. but if it’s true 37pts unassisted vs Klay’s 44pts assisted, it will only mean a quick exit in the playoff when defense is tougher.

    I saw a tweet with good stats on whether 2-stars should stagger or not, and I see Harden and CP3 seems to be performing better net Rating individually when not paired together on court . I’ll post it later if I find it again.

  6. Here’s the interesting graphics showing when does it pay to stagger your stars’ playing time? (by @CrumpledJumper) . Harden/CP3 and DLo/Dinwiddie had worse Net Rating when playing together unlike Westbrook/George and Curry/Durant

  7. You get a cookie?


    “When Leonard rests, Lowry becomes Lowry again. He is averaging 19.5 points and 15 shots per 36 minutes with Leonard on the bench, compared to 11.6 and 9.9, respectively, when they share the floor, per NBA dot com. The Raptors have obliterated opponents by 16 points per 100 possessions in solo-Lowry minutes.”

    (Raptors should trade for JLin, then pair him with Kawhi, and let Lowry lead best second unit in the NBA, just like if Lebron demanded that Lin be brought to team, he should be “hidden” alongside Lebron, and then let Rondo run Lakers second unit half court offense in ways JLin is just not capable yet)

  9. Hope Lin is still moved but there were a few Hawks fan who thought there’s a small chance Schling may keep Lin for the entire season and simply let him leave because he doesn’t want to add any extra money or even an extra player that will need to get minutes..They already like the players they currently have.

  10. Oh, No!
    I don’t like the “latest Hawks trade rumors” without Lin a bit!

  11. According to basketball-reference, James Harden has scored 200 points and has 17 assists over the last 4 games. His total +/- for those games is +5.

  12. to clarify im not saying harden didn’t have any assists im saying NONE OF HIS POINTS WERE ASSISTED.

    to me that seems insane. 200 unassisted points.

  13. It may be a counter bluff because Hawks aren’t getting great offers for Lin…more likely, they overestimate Lin’s value. As we all know, Lin isn’t valued much by anyone in the NBA for reasons we’ve known for 8 years of head scratching. With nothing to match what they think Lin is worth, they are threatening to just eat his contract and lose him at the end of the season, kinda like how Knicks tired to play their hands with a bluff and came back empty handed at the end. I hope they are smart enough to realize that something is better than nothing. Lol

  14. Jeremy, have a great game tonight!

  15. The +5 is proof that Morey will never fully comprehend about team play. The natural effect of a single player taking all the shots while teammates stand around leads to atrophy of skills that will be necessary when playoff defences tightens up. Morey has not changed his mind either. He doubled down on the 2 stars and got rid of key players that helped them almost beat the GSW. That lead to a bad start to this season and Make the Rox not a real contender this year.

  16. You may be right here. They are probably not getting the offer they expected for Lin.

    They want a first round pick but team don’t want to hand over a first rounder for a 30 year old PG who could leave this summer..and I don’t blame them.

    In my opinion Lin’s most valuable statistic was his 40% 3point shooting but that has vanished lately and I think teams are now a bit lukewarm about giving much for Lin.

    If Hawks wants to boost Lin status, they should start him and let him shoot at least 15 time a game.

  17. Hi. Here’s a recent article that describes Harden’s style of play. It lends credence to your comments. There are tweets repeating the “200 unassisted points number in 4 games” but none that I could find from a reputable source.

    See :

  18. That is should I put it, such staggering information.

  19. “One cannot survive while the other lives” – Sybill Trelawney

  20. The 16 personalities were fake” – Sybil 1976

  21. Wow start of a SEVEN game round trip, that has to be some sort of record — but JLIN has no need to get too familair with the city of Atlanta anyways, since we are moving on to a new team soon.

  22. Hawks are probably just learning the shocking reality of NBA we Lin fans have known for years, with Lin’s stats any other player would get many good offers, but not Lin, the only Asian in NBA, SMH

  23. Lin in

  24. The undeath lineup again, Trae just came in with JLIN in the backcourt

  25. The role of Lin in this team is questionable; is he just a decoy in offense and a defensive player. Does he even touch the ball, when or just before the shot clock expires?

  26. The short answer is Correct, the exceptions are when :
    1) Trae is awful
    2) Pierce desperately needs a Win

  27. Lin out

  28. JLIN is out

  29. When Lin was horrible in stats, Lloyd Pierce usually gave him the lots of minutes.

  30. Bulls showing why they are the worst team in the NBA but ATL is going to keep them in this perhaps

  31. bad pass by Trae through traffic.
    Too flashy to make it work

  32. the easiest way to get assist is to dump the ball inside to Collins.
    He’s just very good around the rim

  33. Sample size is too small for that conclusion, perhaps the key was a team was interested in seeing JLIN for trade is why he got more mins

  34. Yes, absolutely he is a talented young big man

  35. maybe .. but the Bulls is too bad 🙂

  36. Lin in

  37. everyone is drolling at zion

  38. 33333333333333333333333

  39. “Jeremy Lin just dialed it in!”

  40. Bulls announcers saying nice things about JLIN, his rehab and his playing

  41. 1 of 2 FT

  42. Lin hurt

  43. Poked in the face

  44. Great patience by Lin to get closer to the rim.
    Smart play to draw 4th foul on that defender

  45. 2222222

  46. Terrible fastbreak, shows ATL’s inexperience without JLIN

  47. Good to see Lin’s aggressiveness .. drained that smooth midrange J off the drive

  48. One comment that I’ve been thinking about is that JLIN going the the ground often has some Positiives

    1) JLIN doesn’t get hurt so shows that he has learned how to fall a la Judo falls
    2) When JLIn falls, he usually gets the benefit of a foul call

  49. Bad team communication caused thta JLIN turnover

  50. maybe he want to be out of Hawks desperately 🙂

  51. who knows 🙂 but as long as he pulls the trigger when open, good things will happen

  52. got poked from behind?

  53. “boy poor jeremey lins taking a beating” says veteran bulls announcer neil funk.

  54. Lin out

  55. Lin with 8pts on 3-3 shooting in 8 min so far. 1-1 from 3s
    Pretty good 🙂

  56. Yes, teammates should be shouting that out to JLIN when a guy sneaks up on the PG

  57. Excellent so far

  58. Those falls can make his back strain worse and cause future injuries. Falling or not doesn’t matter, refs used to cheat Lin’s fouls no matter what it was.

  59. One turnover and Lin was pulled.
    Short leash for the babysitter, “stabilizer” veteran.

  60. Robin Lopez was how Brook Lopez used to play, now Brook is a 3 pt shooter lol

  61. LP is going to design a play.

  62. I think they make his back strain Better not worse, when you fight the fall to stay on your feet, you use lots of back muscle, look up judo falling

  63. Here come the usual Trae & ATL turnovers

  64. Tank commander only sees Trae as their PG. Remember how he said at the beginning of the season. Lin didn’t do too much just passed and how they lose their main PG when Trae is resting.

  65. Honestly, I rather see JLIN pulled out than get wasted minutes with Trae

  66. Going to tune out, let me know when Lin comes in.

  67. It was only 1 TO and Lin was on fire, he deserved to stay in!

  68. And here come the Bulls bac into the game

  69. Bulls making a come back Looking good

  70. Wow Markeennen is the new Trae Young 37 footer

  71. Not if you’re Pierce

  72. Think so? But his knees might get hit when hitting the floor still dangerous either way.

  73. The could be the reason he was pulled! The irony!
    The limelight should be on the starting rookie PG, not Lin! 🙁

  74. Markeennen!!!!!! CRAZY 3!
    Hope Lin comes back and trae sits

  75. They better trade Lin soon. Can’t stand this.

  76. His back is worse than his knee these days, fall right and don’t keep overusing those back muscles

  77. 1 point per min

  78. So what do pacers have?.. Oladipo is done for the year and they are in the playoffs.

  79. yeah. Dominique said it’s ok if Trae got zero points as long as he have assists

  80. After Lin sat, the Bulls went on 19-7 run in the last 3:46 to make it 60-66!
    It was 41-59 then

  81. that would be jeremy’s fault he was careless that time

  82. Get into the bidding war for JLIN of course

  83. Perhaps but Coaches from 8th grade teach players to communicate when your man leaves you to sneak up behind to double a dribbler

  84. that would be nice

  85. It is tough to be a Lin fan! 🙁

  86. It is.

    I almost feel Lin should give us each a trophy when he retires 🙂 because we have to tolerate this shxt from NBA, if it were not for him, I would not spend 1 second on this crap

  87. trae is learning the splitting 2 player dribble now..

  88. Lin in

  89. Hope Trae sits soon

  90. Why is Prince blocking Lin on that baseline drive?

  91. Shut up LP, quit telling Lin what to do, when you let Trae do anything he wants.

  92. Robin Lopez looks like John Lone in the Iceman

  93. Trae is getting tired take him out Pierce

  94. haha. Trophy for you for being a loyal Lin fan since ? (2012)!

    I am grateful that we could share our frustration and excitement as Lin fans here!

  95. Lol

  96. That was a BLOCK not a charge

  97. How did he do??

  98. Lin played too well to get more minutes.

  99. Yep, thanks for this site, otherwise I would go nuts

    It is emotional torture and we could not do anything with it except hope for the best

    TBH, in my whole life, I don’t think I have been so frustrated and helpless

  100. i don’t see that it is LP’s basis for him to play Lin more..Garbage time is one when he will play more, or if LP wants to win (but give the last minutes to TY for him to say TY wins it for them) or when team has lots of injured players..(to all you can add some on this, but i believe playing great is NOT a Basis and will never be for LP!

  101. Exactly bias refs are cheating Lin’s fouls again! No way was that a charge against Chandler!

  102. Alex Len persistence !!

  103. The Pope should make us saints…

  104. JLIN expecting contact on that jumper

  105. Does Alex Len have a brain freeze today? Len is not even looking for the P&R with JLIN so far, and JLIN is leading him to easy ones if he remembers to moves his feet

  106. 22222222

  107. Nice conventional 3 pt play for JLIN

  108. And 1 hopefully

  109. 0 FT

  110. Smart Lin play to get a high-off the glass layup knowing RLopez tried to block it.

  111. Missed 2 ft today

  112. Unusual for Lin ..

  113. 1st make for Trae in 7 attempts

  114. 22222222

  115. Nice JLIN wire to wire

  116. 33333333333333333333333333333333

  117. haha, that is the only way JLIN is going to score when Trae is on the floor, just race down the floor and shoot before any of your teammates can get the ball

  118. Nice cross-court assist by Trae to a wide-open JLin! 3333!!

  119. That’s 15 minutes for JLIN — if this lead holds up perhaps JLIN doesn’t see any more time in Q4.

    Wonderful game for JLIN nevertheless

  120. 2 of 3 three pointers so far!!

  121. how many points now?

  122. 15pts — 1 pt every min played

  123. What do you know, Lin gave up the open 3, made the extra pass to create a great open 3 for Trae and Trae paid him back by creating an open 3 for Lin before end of 3rd quarter.

    That was beautiful basketball, and Trae does make great passes but he isn’t a starter nor someone you’d want to build around.

  124. lin is hot and LP is like you need to sit J.

  125. super-efficient Lin!

  126. LP used JLIN just like he’s done all season, JLIN stops the bleeding and settles the team down

  127. he got so much milk for the day, LP will not allow it and will ask FO to give TY more than Lin got..LOL

  128. Lin is conducive to great ball movement

  129. led again blossom to 15 when he’s out, so TY gets his experience!

  130. Lin was going to come out if not for shooting those FTs. He lucked out and those few extra minutes got him a 3 pointer with Trae repaying him for his 1st made FG and 3 pointer of the night.

  131. then Let TY squander it for the sake of experierce

  132. maybe he’s on mins restriction = )

  133. Trae usually ices him put and play 3 man ball with Collins and Heurter so that was nice to see.

  134. Pierce didn’t play Vince at all today and Vince isn’t even hurt

  135. On other news, Nets won over Magic 114-110.
    Magic needs a good veteran PG if they really want to go to the playoff

  136. All out development now with Lin on his way out. Vince was just an excuse for tanking.

  137. Really hope Lin gets trade to a team where he can start and play his game! With Cliff as coach of Magics I’m not sure Lin will get the start.

  138. FO/Coach of magic will say, they need a player who can stabilize the bench..LOL

  139. maybe he’s not feeling well tonite

  140. Today also shows with Prince playing with the bench, for whatever reason, be it Pierce wanting Prince to take shots or Prince just hogging the ball, when Prince is not there then JLIN can do more with his bench when Prince is moved back to the Starting unit

  141. Lin in

  142. awesome defense by JLIN on Portis

  143. Trae would not pass to JLIN on that play

  144. Excellent plays and passing by JLIN

  145. LP want to win tonite, that’s why Lin plays MORE!

  146. great cross-court assist to Prince 3 on the corner!

  147. dam man the nets are just lucky.. maybe it’s their lucky year.. orlando teammate helped them score to win the basket. oh my goodness.
    7 staright wins at home, sixth seed 26-23 record.. MAN.

    dlosanity 25 and 10..
    dinwidsanity 29 pionts.

    and the nets were suppose to get beaten on the inside by the magic’s backman since the nets mostly guards..but they still beat them.

  148. it’s the tanking bulls, if they don’t win, atl really suk

  149. Neither did Prince on the previous play with Lin ahead with a clear open lane to the rim.

  150. agree, but glad Lin getting his stats.

  151. You sound like a Nets team reporter AGAIN!

  152. they have the chance when TY was playing..why not let him play more if LP is not keen on winning tonight?

  153. lin should just shoot.. he has to catch up on a lot for assist stats.. if he get 5 more points.. it’s good 20 even…5 assists will be nothing. but 20points is something

  154. HAHAHAH.. no.. I feel bitter still.

  155. that’s why we might want to see Lin dons the Raptors jersey to bounce the Nets in the playoff 🙂

  156. we know Lin is all about making the right plays and making teammates better so he’ll be happy with 15pts/8ast than 24pts/2asts

  157. wow, Oladipo went down without contact and might be out of the season.
    It’s never good

  158. some fans wants points, some want play the right way (can get them both if he plays the right way, though not always will happen)

  159. I love watching Lin and Len play off each other.
    4th assist for the Len dunk!

  160. Hawk stable.Lin out!

  161. well-deserved rest with 20pt-lead with 1.5 min remaining

  162. Lin out

  163. yes, we want all if possible lol

  164. Stabilizer veteran’s job is done!

  165. Another tremendous 15pts, 67% FG% and 50% 3P%, g – that is fantastic efficiency in 20 minutes

  166. BTW Trae was 1 of 12 — if you’re that cold, you should consider not taking so many shots

  167. Great stat line by Lin tonight. He player very composed and teammates actually passed the ball back to him even when Trae was in. Lin had that crazy fall going against Robin Lopez to draw the foul, so glad he’s falling properly but need to avoid those reckless plays.

  168. why is Bobby Portis shoving Len with 11 seconds left and 20pts behind?

  169. Lin was actually avoiding contact with the high-arc off the glass layup but Lopez came aggressively and almost landed on top of Lin. Yes, glad he’s okay

  170. a lot of NBA players are brainless

    Remember PBev once interfere with someone taking free throw?

  171. In the chuckerville when players play 40mins and take 30 shots 12 is nothing. Not to mention you can’t get out of slump without shooting. Like what Lin said earlier he’s changed his mind about shooting. He’s not looking at whether it goes in but the quality of the shots. It’s exact what’s needed to be a star.

  172. perhaps 3 of the 12 shots were “quality shots” I’d love for someone to ask JLIN if Trae takes quality shots

  173. Can’t say the same for Trae but taking many shots and missing isn’t necessarily bad if the look and quality are there. Stop shooting just cause you’re off, what Lin used to do, is far worst because that’s when you give up open looks and lose confidence.

  174. Yes and Lopez had the nerve to be mad that fall could’ve injured Lin.

  175. PBev is always an instigator; perhaps to compensate for his (lack of) offensive skills

  176. linlenbam

    lenlin – they can start a lending company ahahah so corny.

  177. Lin and Len have great chemistry wish they started together for another team.

  178. winner tonight is the real loser!

  179. John Collins is impressive, 14-16 shooting on his way to a career-high 35 points with 8 rebs and 2 assists.
    4-4 from 3s

  180. Both Raptors and Magic lost tonight. Both can use JLin’s services tonight
    Let those GMs ponder Lin’s value tonight

  181. At least half the shots were bad shots, contested, blocked, or too early in the set. Even Dominique criticized Trae a couple times on the shot selection

  182. On that play, lin could have lopped the ball to len for a dunk and avoid any potential for injury from the big. Seems like only a matter of time before his luck runs out.

  183. The next Lin audition is in 3 days vs. Portland Blazers.
    Hope he’s ready to impress and LP allows 25+min

  184. Dlo took 21 shots to make 25 pts. Woopidoo. The box score showed the second unit has the real starters with more minutes. Anyone that thinks Dlo is dlosanity is just insanity.

  185. ooppps, i click the like button, not minding i might be misunderstood that i liked the injury with olapido (joke) …lol, nobody likes being injured and fans doesn’t wish for ill will among all players (some do i guess), but this kind opens up opportunity that some players do have short of at the moment!

  186. near the basket shot has high percentage shot than the others and he’s great on finding position for him to be given that shot

  187. Len is learning that he needs to stuff the ball on the hoop with impunity rather than being soft on it and miss the goal

  188. but, but, LP wants me to have a cake too…LOL…he needs to get points because some FO want a player with many points possible even to the point of losing games…

  189. I watched the game and VanVleet was 5-14 for an amazing 14pts. As a team, they shot 30.8%. McCaw took 1 shot for zero points in 12 minutes. Lin would have won it for them.

  190. Speed of Lin highlights …

  191. Quite funny lol

    I’m beginning to worry that Jeremy Lin fans are going to rise up and kill all Hawks fans if we don’t trade him to a contender…

  192. lol .. understandable. It’ll be interesting to see if the Pacers will jump into the trade market
    Health is once again proven as the #1 asset of an NBA player.

  193. I got a feeling that the Nets might sell high on DLo because they trust Dinwiddie as the PG. Let’s see if that’s true

  194. I wonder if for the future, perhaps Lin should trust his floaters more like Trae does so it will minimize the injury risk. Thank God he’s okay

  195. Been missing game since last 2 weeks(due to travel), but the little that I have observed is that, he had been using the glass more often than past, and more at the top edge and so forth, when he couldnt penetrate…so that works as well as compensation but floater would be less risk to body

  196. ditto

  197. This is exactly why Lin needs to take more shots, fans don’t look at how many they took just the points made and are easily impressed.

  198. That’s probably true. Need to shine up the lemon before selling it.

  199. Nets blogger that’s totally lost his way

  200. “Social media is so congested with stans that just last month, someone on Reddit changed the lyrics of Eminem’s song as if it were a letter to Kobe from an obsessed fan (“Dear Kobe, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin / I left my cell, my Insta and my AAU team at the bottom / I sent two tweets back in autumn, you must not-a got’em…”).

    HoopsHype wanted to explore the world of NBA stans, so we talked to some of the top NBA Twitter personalities and writers about their experiences with stans, how the stan groups differ from one another, how stans have changed in the social-media era and much more.”

    ➡️ ( )

  201. no.if you review the video, it was eveident that Len was not following Lin for an easy dunk but Len just waited for Lin to shoot the ball because he seems to feel JLIN will go all the way. But of course, Lin can pass the ball any time before committing for a shot if the option was there..Len needs to learn that any possession is a possibility of a pass or a lob or an assist if it is JLIN who holds the ball

  202. yes, Lin definitely has been more intentional not to drive hard to the rim against big bodies but use more of the glass. Floaters like Trae’s definitely would be safer, hopefully Lin gets more comfortable with them

  203. Here is data for Jeremy that shows the percentage of 2-point and 3-point made field goals that were ‘assisted’ and ‘unassisted’ (from the NBA web site). I segregated the data from his year with Golden State and his second year with Brooklyn. His year with the Knicks stands out.

    The data for Harden shows how ‘unusual’ his playing style has become in recent years. Now, 90% of his made field goals (2-point and 3-point) are ‘unassisted.’ Click to enlarge the table.

  204. Howard Megdal. A Lin fan at heart, just like the rest of us here. He just has bigger stage. LOL.

    He makes a convincing case for Lin going to Orlando. Clear and simple. This should make the “Trade JLIN” fans happy. Will Orlando finally bite? Will Atlanta be willing to let Lin go for these assets?

  205. This took work. Thanks for compiling the data for JLin. Too bad half the work was wasted on Harden. JUST KIDDING!! 🙂

    It would also be interesting to see how much Lin scores off screens set for him. I don’t think screens count as assists.

    Quick general take on these stats. Lin can still drive for layups, or shoot mid-rangers off the dribble without help. But, I think JLin just plays much more of a team-oriented type of basketball. Much more fun for me to watch.

    So glad he’s out of Houston. Hope y’all that wants to see Lin back with D’Antoni can please give it up. NOT WITH MOREY AND HARDEN still there. And with CP still there.

  206. I love humor. That is great!

    Like your response too! Defending us Lin fans, AND giving props to Hawks fans and Hornets fans.

    We are NOT all delusional or crazy. In fact, I think MOST of us are very intelligent and perceptive. Just very dedicated and LOYAL. And extra-protective of him because all the adversity he has faced in his BBall career.

    Aren’t most fans of a player or a team? No different.

  207. What Cliffy said about the Magic’s weakness to draw fouls and getting to the point might as well be a code word for JLin 🙂 Howard really makes a good case for Magic to test Lin for 3 months to see if there is a good fit to resign him in the summer.

    The problem could be the trade scenario since we know the Hawks want 1st round pick, not simply the expiring contracts.
    “My suggestion: Terrence Ross and Jerian Grant to Atlanta, a pair of expiring contracts between them, for Jeremy Lin.”

    “Our issues have been drawing fouls and getting the ball going into the paint,” Clifford told reporters in Brooklyn Wednesday night, prior to Orlando’s 114-110 loss to the Nets.

    He’s not wrong. The Magic are at the bottom of the NBA in free throws attempted, a missed opportunity for a Magic roster in the upper half of free throw accuracy. They are also in the bottom half of the league in twos attempted and made.

    D.J. Augustin and Jerian Grant have posted assist percentages of 25.3 and 22.9, respectively. Augustin is an elite three-point shooter, at 43.5 percent this year, meaning he could help the Magic off the ball.

    It is a situation that cries out for Lin, who is most effective as a ball-dominant point guard operating out of the pick-and-roll. The number of easy baskets the Magic would produce with Lin feeding Gordon, Isaac and Bamba will not only improve Orlando’s efficiency now, it will give a vital confidence boost to three players central to whatever Orlando is planning long-term.

    And if there’s a fit, Lin will be available this summer via free agency, giving Orlando a leg up on making the case to him that the Magic Kingdom is the place for him to settle down and spend his 30s after a tumultuous 20s.

    The Hawks, for their part, need at least someone to soak up point guard minutes. The results are less vital (Zion Williamson isn’t going to draft himself) than the significance of limiting the wear and tear on Trae Young over the season’s final few months. So they need someone at point guard to pair with him.

    My suggestion: Terrence Ross and Jerian Grant to Atlanta, a pair of expiring contracts between them, for Jeremy Lin.

    Everybody wins in this scenario. The Hawks have a Trae Young backup. The Magic can see what this roster looks like with a point guard built to maximize their most vital long-term assets, and maybe even make a playoff run in the process. And Jeremy Lin can show the league he can start, and thrive in the role, ahead of his next big free agent decision, while playing for a coach, in Steve Clifford, who loves him.

    There are plenty of other teams who could use Jeremy Lin — I’m looking at you, Phoenix. But the Magic make too much sense for these two teams not to get together on a Lin deal.

  208. See Howard Megdal’s article from today! Megdal agrees about Magic!

  209. What is taking so long? What is Atlanta asking for? Well, according to Fansided articles, Toronto doesn’t seem to have enough to offer…

    But we can still hope. Because we know that Lin will be BIG DIFFERENCE MAKER.

  210. you’re welcome 🙂 IMHO it’s very important to acknowledge the good things the ATL media and most fans have appreciated JLin; it shouldn’t be taken for granted since we know other Lin’s ex-team media and fans can be horrible to JLin and his fans. Being nice can go a long way to create good relationship.

    There’s a win-win scenario for the Hawks and JLin here. And it’s pretty funny tweet 🙂

  211. Pretty good suggestion if Haws couldn’t trade Lin for pick then it may be possible because I guess they retain the bird right plus cheaper future contracts for the couple younger players they traded for.

  212. Nets Injury streak continues – possible season ender for Spencer Dinwiddie now.

  213. We are in a bit of a catch-22 with JLIN drawing fouls, some fans hate to see JLIN take impact fouls but to get the the foul line frequently, you will have to take some hits.

  214. Could a thumb injury be so serious?..I remember seeing player tapping up their thump and play through it…or maybe that’s his shooting hand thumb?

  215. If it wasn’t the thumb he could probably make do, but you need your thumb to do anything in basketball.

    If he has surgery most Nets fans are thinking that most likely he’s out for a long time and they will drop out of playoff contention

  216. Today we are exactly 2 weeks away from the Feb 7 Trade deadline – and we all Know JLIN Will Be Traded. JLIN posted “West Coast. Best Coast. Its not a debate. Its a fact.”,

    1) I might remind everyone that JLIN has lived on or close to the East coast for 4 years – so JLIN certainly would love a change back West if there is a chance.

    2) JLIN and his agents have long ago communicated to Schlenk that he under no conditions remain in ATL

    3) Schlenk has said repeatedly he would entertain many deals and the following players are all rumored or available for trade:

    4) Many teams have a need for competent Point Guards


  217. It’s curious that JLin tweeted ‘West Coast as Best Coast”. Could it be a signal to his fans that there’s possibility of a trade to a new team in the West Coast? Or is it just a harmless tweet?

    There are 5 teams in this upcoming roadtrip. Could it be Blazers or Kings? Or even the Suns?
    Sat, 26 Jan Portland Trail Blazers 22:00
    Mon, 28 Jan Los Angeles Clippers 22:30
    Wed, 30 Jan Sacramento Kings 22:00
    Fri, 1 Feb Utah Jazz 21:00
    Sat, 2 Feb Phoenix Suns 21:00

  218. good point.

  219. TRoss salary is $10.5M expiring and Jerian Grant’s roughly $3.5M until 2019-20.
    It may work if ATL wants to use Bird rights to resign them. At least Grant can backup Trae.

    But if ATL prefers 1st round pick in 2019 or 2020, ORL offer might not be as appealing.

  220. The only game I worry about is the Clippers. It’s kind an ironic that P Bev is a Clipper, since he seems to clip people whenever possible. Lol

  221. The West Coast is the best coast. Except for GSW though I think TOR gives best chance for Jlin to get a championship, yes, over Philly and Boston (as long as Kawhi is remains healthy and Coach Nurse, who we know little about isn’t incompetent)
    Do we know for a fact that Jlin’s camp told Schenk that” under no conditions he remain in ATL”? He has no leverage, what can he do?
    I have a suspicion Schenk wants a lot, and people are hedging. See what desperation can drive as we get close to Feb 7
    Lot of people accept as fact that Clifford likes Jlin. He may like him but I don’t know that he would like him well enough to start him, give him major minutes, or let him be ball dominant PG and play his game of PnR. If he did those things, I would forgive Clifford for the way he wasted Jlin in CHA.
    Speaking of CHA, MJ and Kemba seem to have a love affair going and that it is a forgone conclusion that MJ will play Kemba big bucks to remain in CHA. I predict Kemba will be Batum #2. Big contract not worth the money.

  222. The quote by Clifford seemed to clearly suggest he wants Lin and that may be a message to their front office to get Lin but of course the FO don’t want to give up good young asset or a first rounder for Lin who could be a free agent this summer.

    I think they are probably holding out and hoping the asking price for Lin will drop as we get closer. The Magic probably know by now the Hawks are having trouble convincing anyone to give up good young assets for Lin.

  223. I would think Cliff could just to the FO and say “I want Jlin” rather than make a public statement and drive up the price. TOR is my first choice, but if Jlin went to ORL and they did not have to give up Vucevic then there may be a surprise potential there, but only if they let Jlin be the ball dominant PG and play the PnR when and how he sees fit. I don’t recall the Cliff is big on him being ball dominant and playing PnR except for Cleveland and SAS when he must have fallen asleep or lost control.

  224. the undrafted

    time for an enhanced up date on currently active undrafted players in the nba.

    using some basic filtering material not all need to explain; but minimum 3 seasons (including this one) in league; some minimum basic offensive production (or bop): points plus rebounds plus assists per game; except this time enhanced with career “per” (player efficiency rating) added to bop or

    bop-per (booper get it).

    anyway the staggering thing to me isn’t that lin is #1; but how few undrafted there are doing anything in the nba.

    out of 450 players only 16 undrafted (a little more than 3 %) make the cut of 3 seasons, min bop and min bop plus per.

    here they are in order top to bottom (remember this is for career)

    16. joe ingles 25.8
    15. kent bazemore 26.1
    14. seth curry 26.3
    13. yogi ferrell 26.5
    12. ish smith 26.8
    11. timofey mozgov 27
    10. tj mcconnell 27.9
    9. udonis haslem 28.3
    8. dewayne dedmon 28.4
    7. jj barea 29.5
    6. jamchycal green 29.9
    5. tyler johnson 30.8
    4. wesley matthews 32.6
    3. jose calderon 32.9
    2. robert covington 33.3
    1. jeremy lin 34.6

  225. And some day we will add Yuta Watanabe to this list. Another unfairly treated Asian players. I can understand for average and thins players but dude is 6’9” and so much more versatile than Jared Jackson their new franchise who isn’t going to garner any attention or interest what so ever.

  226. All I have to say is, IM SO GLAD Lin is off this injury inducing trainwreck! Want your career to end? Go to Nets.

  227. Hawks wouldn’t have sl much trouble if they started Lin and gave him 30+ mins! Lin only playing 15-20mins per game isn’t going to get them the most assets.

  228. Jeremy finished with 449,000 votes in the NBA All Star fan voting. He was in 9th place among Eastern conference guards. Goran Dragic was in 8th place.

    He got no votes from other players or the media.

    A link to the results in PDF form is on this page :

  229. Jeremy finished with 449,000 votes in the NBA All Star fan voting. He was in 9th place among Eastern conference guards. Goran Dragic was in 8th place.

    He got no votes from other players or the media.

    A link to the results in PDF form is on this page :

  230. Doesn’t matter, Doncic was no.2 in votes behind LBJ and still didn’t get the start. Doncic’s only luck would be coach voting. The change to not allow fans determine who becomes allstar makes the entire process rigged.

  231. Raptors have Valentunis on the sidelines with a wrecked thumb since early mid December.

  232. Doesn’t matter, Doncic was no.2 in votes behind LBJ and still didn’t get the start. Doncic’s only luck would be coach voting. The change to not allow fans determine who becomes allstar makes the entire process rigged.

  233. so dlo thinks he ‘owns’ the team now. he is thinking yes. I’m sole person who survive..they need me now, I can do anything. blah.

  234. His IG live feed actually had “Wheels Up” It’s almost like he flying to his new team already.

  235. cliff probably doesn’t have the backbone to go to FO and say that..
    remember.. he has to listen to the FO and jordan in the hornets and play batum.

  236. Exactly…They seem to want way too much for a player they’re only playing 20mpg.
    Why in the world should Orlando give up this type of asset for a player they don’t even value that high,

    And of course, Lin will be a free agent this summer, so the Hawks are ridiculous.

  237. Hope JLin can negotiate a meaningful contract. NBA may not even be the best choice. I personally think NBA is mighty sick.

  238. Doubt it, Lin always drops hints and with the deadline so close it’s almost certain he’s going to a western conference team. I’m sure it will be a surprise.

  239. Doc River will not want Lin no way it will be Clippers

  240. Interesting chart on potential assists vs passing boost in Dec 2018
    JLin is on the top left (~8 passing boost), quite an efficient passer with high passing boost.
    Note: For Westbrook, his assists are based on volume. The Thunder shoot better off non-Westbrook passes than off passes he throws. Interestingly, Trae is similar to Westbrook.

    “Which players best elevate their teammates’ shooting with their passing?

    Only looking at players with 100+ potential assists this season, and passing boost is how much better the team shoots off a player’s potential assists than off potential assists in general.”

  241. This is my best way to explain it:

    @JLin7 is in the Top 10 of Passing Boost in Dec 2018 🔥🏀
    It confirms he’s among the most effective passer

    Teammates shoots the highest % off Lin’s potential assists by any member of Hawks roster. Just not enough volume

    Which team’ll trade for @JLin7?🤔

  242. It’s TOTALLY RIGGED. We knew who would win.

    AGREE WITH YOUR POST BELOW. Sad to say, I don’t think JLIN will ever become an all-star either. The system is rigged against him.

    Players votes? What happened to all the “great” teammates that Lin has had? Not even ONE vote? Meanwhile, Jaylen Adams and Daniel Hamilton got player votes. Not that I begrudge those guys. Just that the player votes are totally MEANINGLESS.

    Meanwhile, the media? They all cite stats to support the predictable winners. If they’re going to use STATS, why bother asking fans to vote?

    And then the coaches get to pick the reserves? Why not just the fan rankings?

    The hypocrisy of asking fans to vote for their “favorite” players. Only to nullify the votes with players and media and coaches. What a SCAM.

    This is why I was hoping more Lin fans would step up and vote for him. JUST TO SHOW THE NBA THAT LIN FANS CAN’T BE PUSHED AROUND.

  243. Somehow I’m not surprised that Kemba got VOTED in as a starter by the media. (I don’t even look at the player votes. No credibility there.)

    All-Star game in Charlotte this year. Coincidence?

  244. The NBA is such a joke. Endless preaching about playing unselfishly, sharing the ball, playing as a team, it’s a team sport.

    Meanwhile, the biggest ball hoggers, the most selfish scorers, get glorified. And get all the accolades and all the money.

    The funny thing is, GSW is probably the least selfish team, relatively speaking. AND THEY WIN! Every team wants to copy them, but yet continues to reward those who only play for their own personal stats.

    More hypocrisy…..

  245. Given such low minutes compared to the other players here, surprising that Lin even made the cut of 100+.

    Certainly not all assists are created equal. I’m not sure I follow though. How is a “potential” assist measured for “shoots better”?

    I guess if the same metric is used, then it’s interesting to look at “relativity”. In addition to Westbrook, Trae Young is even closer to Harden and Lillard. All dominant and high usage. Yikes!

    JLin is closer to some BIGS who are known to be good passers.

  246. MJ already gave Kemba big bucks with Jordan shoes. Kemba is very popular and fan favorite in Charlotte.

    Salaries wise, it’s actually unbelievable that he’s only been getting $12M since 2015. Batum, Marvin Williams, Cody Zeller, Biyombo, and MKG all make more than Kemba.

    At least MJ is being a loyal owner to a guy he drafted. UNLIKE OTHER OWNERS THAT LIN HAS KNOWN. But let’s see what happens when it’s REALLY time to put up the money.

  247. LOL.

  248. AGREE!

  249. Yes, and CSN Houston, before going bankrupt, was shared ownership by Leslie Alexander and the Rockets. (with the Houston Astros.)

    That’s why Clyde Drexler had full freedom to criticize Lin. He worked for the Rockets. Probably ordered by Morey.

    Unlike, the more independent broadcasters. Such as YES Network for the Nets. Or Fox Sports for the Hornets or the Hawks. Although I’m confused by Dominique Wilkins’ role.

  250. This play vs the Bulls made it to the Starters on NBATV, Leigh Ellis’ “very solid play”. I liked the other one vs the Celtics better. Lin gets the assist on that other one. 🙂

  251. Lin clean block, called as foul Lin fans confirming unfairness to Lin via Ronnie Nunn. AGAIN, AS USUAL! Lin doesn’t get the benefit of the whistle.

  252. Lin pregame handshake with John Collins.

  253. The game in Portland vs Trailblazers. Postgame, JLin joining Eugene Cho with One Day’s Wages.

  254. One more trade speculation for the road. From Harvey Araton, in response to Howard Megdal’s article re Lin and Orlando. Araton thinks it should be the Spurs.

    We Lin fans have been through all that about the Spurs. Popovich has seen, first hand, how many times Lin has rolled over the Spurs. If he had ever wanted Lin, he would have gotten him YEARS AGO, so that there would be smoother transition when Parker and Ginobili started getting old. So, NO, I don’t think there is ANY interest from the Spurs.

  255. Really love this new analytics. Now it’s fact that Linsanity was no fluke. The fact that the Knicks instantly played well together is why Lin has made everyone around him better. Now the big question is can they find the analytics for why every team ignores that fact and chooses to attribute the good play to everyone else instead?

  256. Absolutely right. All these coaches agreed with Karl that Lin was the engine of the team, none ever tried to pick him up even at Vet-min. It wouldn’t surprise me that’s Clifford will also pass this time.

    Off topic, I watched the Raptors play the Kings and they have two bigs that would thrive with Lin. They could easily make the playoffs with Lin feeding them.

  257. The NBA plays for the entertainment value of its audience, and a large part of the audience are not sports fans, they are celebrity worshippers. Pro sports has been “developed” and “dumbed down” to this audience. If you are and older sports fan then you have seen this change developing over time. Now sports has also become a social media platform and a social justice cause platform featuring healthy athletes earning huge fees not for the sport but for entertainment. Are you entertained?

  258. This is why we 💕@JLin7 on & off-the-court. He’s a #differencemaker! 🙌🏀🙏#notjustaballer

    “This is his 3rd year donating his game’s wage to ODW.Lin has personally donated more than $450,000 to @OneDayWages empowering girls & vulnerable children globally”

  259. I see air guitar closed by Naruto’s Fire Style Fireball Jutsu Hand Sign?

  260. Our friend Greg from Sportige addressed the pro & cons of Lin staying at ATL or going somewhere before Feb 7.

    Jeremy Lin, the Atlanta Hawks Chronicles: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

  261. I agree. Words are cheap but actions speak louder than words. We’ve seen Pop and George Karl praised Lin but when it comes to action, there’s none yet to recruit Lin.

    I think the fact that Lin can feed bigs easily will give him steady minutes in the playoff. Hope a team will be smart enough to Linvest in him!

  262. Here’s one definition of “potential assist”. Not sure if it matches 100% the numbers used in the chart but it should be close:

    Potential Assist: A pass that leads directly to a possession event (shot, foul, turnover).

    In the twitter thread, there’s explanation that the % better is compared to the average of % potential assist for everyone in that team. So it means JLin’s passes has higher chance to turn into points more than his average teammates.

    It just confirms that if you put the ball in JLin’s hands, it has the highest % of turning into points compared to his teammates. Of course, there’s argument if the % will drop with higher volume but it still shows he’s the most effective assist-creator in the Hawks based on the current passes that he made in Dec 2018.

    My theory based on eye test is JLin likes to feed his big around the rim with nifty passes as he drives to the rim to draw defense so of course his bigs have higher % of scoring due to close proximity to the rim and Lin’s ability to draw the big’s defender to cover him.

    Trae might have lower % because of possibly risky (but flashy) passes, higher volume, more passes to 3pt shooter who has lower FG% than bigs around the rim.

    Very fascinating analytics indeed. It’s only for Dec 2018, I hope if there’s a full season one.

  263. I read this article. To me it seems logical to bring up the pros of Jlin staying in ATL. But I don’t see it. Not at all. He has no future in ATL. For SURE he will not start. He will not get to showcase on a team trying to win, especially important due to his age and the need to prove some more that he is healthy and can take the grind. In any case Jlin has no choice in the matter. He has to make the best of whatever comes up. To me it is a trade. I can’t see why any team would trade assets for him and not use him so the idea of him sitting the bench makes no sense. But of course making sense does not have to in the NBA. Tanking and cheating the fans make much more sense:)

  264. I would not even mind seeing Jlin going to Detroit because at least they have one guy serious about winning basketball: Who also is a pretty good player and one who at this point does not appear to be happy with his current point guard

  265. Agreed, if traded and not starting, at least we have hope he may start if the starter can not play (don’t want to say that word lol)

  266. Jlin is a ball dominant PG who has proven that he can completely run a team on the floor and make them better. Do you suppose, that he in fact represents a threat to guaches who feel that They must run the team and not a player? I would not totally discount this idea because I actually don’t think it is unreasonable, even to a coaching “icon” like Popovich

  267. Sorry for being so repetitive, every so often I feel it bears reiterating the scenario, feel free to disagree.

    a) JLIN does NOT see himself in ATL’s future. (your perogative to believe or not) but ask yourself this: “If you were playing the best basketball of your career, would you sign a contract with a team that enshrines your subservience to a coach offering no regular mins/role behind clearly inferior rookies?

    b) More importantly if Schlenk/ATL accepts (a) that means on Feb 7 JLIN is worth perhaps a first round pick but on Feb 8 JLIN is worth ZERO$, because JLIN freely leaves to new contract. Schlenk repeatedly said he’s seeking trades before deadline.

    c) Two part GOAL: I don’t care whether JLIN STARTs or plays BENCH when traded (and suspect JLIN doesn’t either) because that is not the initial Goal of this trade — the goal is playoff contribution; the subsequent Goal is negotiate new contract perhaps to START for a new team.

    d) Any team trading for JLIN will be a playoff bound team needing extra PG help and will most certainly give JLIN more exposure, responsibility and minutes than staying on Pierce’s bench.

  268. I don’t have the exact statistics but I have heard that 90%+ of all trade activity takes place in the day before or day of the trade deadline with the remaining trades mostly situated on this year was Dec 15, day Ariza traded when new FA’s were first allowed to be traded.

    So most likely we will need to wait until Feb 6, 7th as desperation of both buyers & sellers take over.

  269. I agree with all your points. And Schlenk’s statement and source leak confirmed that Atlanta wants picks/assets by making Dedmon, Lin, Bazemore available.

    I think Greg’s article addresses the small % chance (<10%) of the benefit if for some reason Atlanta decides to keep him. Personally, I don't see it either. Atlanta would want to get 1st/2nd round pick fo Lin otherwise he walks away in the offseason. It's just common sense.

    IMO it's just a matter of probability. Based on the news, we should expect a trade for Lin/Dedmon/Bazemore. But there's always that 1% chance that we just have to be ready for. Let's hope Trae doesn't hit the rookie wall before Feb 7 🙂

  270. Doesn’t matter if TY hits a wall. ATL will play him anyway. Just hope he stays healthy till after February 7.

  271. The irony is that Feb 7 is the Atlanta Hawks-Lunar New Year Game vs the Raptors(!) and also the trade deadline. If JLin gets traded to the Raptors, the postgame chat doesn’t need to be canceled 😅

    February 7 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
    Atlanta Hawks vs. Toronto Raptors
    including postgame chat with Jeremy Lin

  272. 1 article mentioned a concern about too much wear and tear to Trae towards the end of season so that’s why they need good backup PG. I think Howard Megdal’s article discussed it with the Magic trade

  273. Detroit is among my top 5-6 destination for Lin.They recently lost Ish Smith through injury and they’re not happy with Reggie Jackson.

  274. wow, Blake Griffin’s face was NOT happy when Reggie Jackson interfered with his interview proving his point that his team lacked focus.

    You have to give props to Griffin for maintaining his cool during this moment, as he clearly did not appreciate Jackson’s antics. It happened literally seconds after Griffin ripped his team for not focusing in big moments and causing them to lose several close games.

    If Jackson was looking to back up Griffin’s statements, he couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to do it. The best part of the interview was that, even though Griffin didn’t say a word to Jackson, his facial expressions said all we needed to know, as if he was thinking, “you see, this is exactly what I’m talking about.”

  275. I have never understood the need and/or desire to play TY such heavy minutes from the beginning. Yes he is young but has an underdeveloped body. I really hope he stays healthy until February 7. It will be 2-4 years until he grows into his body. In the meantime he can study how to play defense.

  276. A huge bonus for Detroit is if Jlin can get more out of Andre Drummond and Stanley Johnson

  277. It’s all about the Rookie Of the Year (ROY) race with Luka Doncic that Luka has ran away completely.

    yes, Trae’s passing is his greatest asset. His shot selection and 3pt shooting will improve but defense will always be his Achilles heel being so undersized.

  278. I hope that’s a positive sign

  279. Lack of height is a disadvantage in BB for sure. But with the spread offenses and people spaced out he does not have to contend as much in the crowded-with-tall-players. There are other short players who have figured out mentally how to make up for their “short” (pun intended) comings. Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, old John Stockton play tenacious crowding defense. Watched some old John Stockton clips the other night and forgot how really really good he was. He was not tall, made a lot of assists because he was a ball dominant PG, much as TY is allowed to currently be. TY should study these “short” (pun again intended) successful stories. If he can’t learn to play decent defense then I don’t think he has a future in the NBA. He can’t let guys like Sacto guard Fox go off for 40 pts.

  280. Here’s an old video of Jeremy kidding around with Blake Griffin. I think it’s probably from the ‘Rising Stars’ game, held as part of All Star weekend, during the 2011-2012 season. Notice that Landry Fields is there, too.

  281. They look so young! Blake Grifin looks old now

  282. idk we can speculate such threat for coaches without seeing some examples. I don’t think it’s the case, though. Some just prefer younger prospect; or shoot-first PG or less risk/reward type PG.

    But this season, JLin has shown one of his best seasons as far as decision-making, being in control, patient in the court. I think that’s what makes a lot of team interested to trade for him. Very impressive after coming back from the torn patellar tendon injury that not many NBA players can come back from. He doesn’t even need to rely on his athleticism so much this season. Great news for Lin and his million of fans!

  283. Watching Toronto playing against Houston right now. They need Jeremy!

  284. After 1st, Toronto 20 Houston 33

  285. Didn’t see game. But, Lowry & VanVleet totaled 5 for 18 tonight. Not exactly winning combination. Would have probably won if they shot better. Toronto lose 2 games straight, on the road.

    You’re right. @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus is right. Toronto could use Lin’s help.

  286. OT – Another article with opinions on who are likely buyers and sellers and who will stand pat.

    “2019 NBA Trade Deadline Primer” – credibility of writer Bryan Toporek? Lin not mentioned here at all. Atlanta as likely seller, but nothing about Lin. Only about Bazemore and Dedmon.

  287. Yes, this was from the “Rising Stars” game! “Linbelievable!”, says Griffin.

    Since we are remembering that. Lin played only 8 mins in the game. His only assist was also a LOB to Griffin. Lin made it look easy.

  288. Hi Psalm. There’s a post waiting for approval. About Griffin. Maybe I used “banned” words?

  289. “it’s just common sense.” SIGH. There is no “common sense” with the NBA. So much bad management.

    That’s what all the pundits criticized the Knicks for letting Lin walk and getting nothing back for him.

    That’s what we all thought would protect Lin from being traded by the Nets until this February.

    Having said that, isn’t Lin’s expiring contract an asset too? Even if Atlanta gets nothing for him, they will still get back cap space next year.

  290. “In any case Jlin has no choice in the matter. He has to make the best of whatever comes up.”


  291. Add Terry Stotts (Blazers vs Rockets), Brett Brown (D’Antoni as Asst), Brad Stevens, and Eric Spoelstra (Heat vs Hornets). All said Lin was great.

    My theory is that NBA coaches generally have very little power. Maybe the championship winners have more. Or “icons” like Popovich, and now Kerr. They may be “consulted”, but are they decision-makers?

    When things go wrong, the coaches are the first ones to go. As the fall guys. The “stars” always win.

    Look at McHale vs Harden. (I am NO FAN of McHale. No sympathy for him being fired from Rockets.) D’Antoni vs Melo. Karl vs Boogie Cousins.


    The players are very creative. Lin is usually the ring-leader. I guess started from Landry Fields days.

    “The handshake between John and Jeremy Lin is a collaborative effort based on the popular Japanese anime, “Naruto.” “We talk about that (show) probably every day.” The two connected on the series and even have “friendly competitions and little nerd talks” surrounding the show. At the time, John claimed to be further in the series than Jeremy, saying the two actually bonded over their love for it and the fact that neither had finished.”

  293. Thanks for taking the time to try and explain!

  294. “celebrity worshippers” – GOOD POINT!

  295. Lin’s response to his meeting the students with the PF Chang’s anti-bullying campaign. “Keep being proud of who you are and engaging people in productive dialogue!!!”

    Also Howard Chen’s encounters with racism as sportswriter. (Copied from JLinPortal twitter.)

  296. “Getting a practice in at the @Nike World Headquarters in Portland!”

  297. Always good NOT to see Lin on this list.

  298. Don’t watch any games except for Lin games. Sometimes, catch a few other teams’ highlights. Or last few minutes of games. Given potential Lin teams.

    Is it just me? Or do some teams never look like they are having any fun when they are playing. For example, OKC. Detroit or Miami. And forget the bottom tanking teams.

    At least the Hawks look like they are having fun. Or is this my Lin bias?

  299. I hate rebuilding teams like Atlanta. Players are being forced fed to certain so called championship stereotypes. In reality, young players are misused to pad their stats to earn the recognitions that they don’t deserve in order to justify moves of the FO.

    Warriors 2 is a bad joke. I hope Dallas will prove them wrong. I hope Denver can be more successful.

  300. done…substituted the “banned” word 🙂

  301. Jeremy Lin, Simu Liu, Daniel Chen talking success, failure, cultural diversity, race, goals & hopes

  302. I’ve followed raptors since Vince Carter on and off. So I watch some games on and off, more off when Casey was coach. With Kawhi and a better coach, I can see them at least getting to eastern finals. I guess I’m more invested than most Lin fans in hoping for a trade to Toronto. The fact is though that Masai didn’t try to get Lin even at Vet-min, however now he’s desperate. He took a huge gamble to trade away a fan favourite for Kawhi ho has publicly stated that he wants to go to LA. Masai May lose his job if he can’t get a title out of it. Lin may just save Masai’s job because no one else has Lin’s pedigree.

  303. No pressure in ATL to win. Why not smile? They won’t get traded for playing poorly. Can’t tell if they are giving 100% winning effort because…they don’t have to and in fact don’t want to win! Tanking taints every single conversation a person can have about professional sports. The video posted the other day about Blake Griffin’s glare when being interrupted during an interview about losing a game is the difference between when players are playing to win and not caring whether or not they win. OKC, Detroit, Miami, the teams you mention are all trying to make the playoffs, the players trying to keep their jobs. Not in ATL, though, things are just groovy! C’mon ATL, give fans 1/2 of there money back for a half-assed effort.

  304. Does productive dialog mean along the lines we see members of congress and the media engaging in?

  305. This is exactly what I thought Ledumb’s intentions were in LA: He nicely separates himself from this coming controversy buy laying it off on his “advisors”. I would not be surprised at all if all the time he has taken off for his groin injury was manufactured to create a losing streak and put more pressure on replacing Walton. I don’t know if Walton is a good coach or not. I think he might have been lucky to be with GSW during their championship run then jumped to LAL head coach. We will probably never know. If I was Jeanie Buss I would beware of strangers bearing advice. Get rid of Ledumb now and build around your core. Get rid of Rondo too. Though I know nothing and this is pure speculation about Ledumb, for some reason I don’t think Magic is in on the palace coup. At least I hope not, I thought he had more character than that. Oh, and since this is a Jlin website, after you get rid of the poisons get Jlin back on the LAL.

  306. LeBron never liked non-black coach.

    I said this before that he would try to get rid of Walton and get a black coach, and it is coming.

    This is why I have 0 respect to him, no matter how talented he is

    Being talented is not his merit, he was lucky to have good genes,

    Being decent is how he gains educated people’s respect

  307. Good genes and maybe good PEDs.
    Your last sentence “Being descend et.” I don’t understand the “descend”. Did you mean something else?

  308. I meant “decent”, just edited it 🙂

  309. Got it, understood and agree.

  310. Saw in the news Kawhi bought a house in San Diego. Is this a “sign”? Still want Jlin to go to TOR to win a championship. After that he should be able to get a nice contract. Kawhi can go do what he wants. But for now Kawhi helps Jlin get a championship. BTW, FWIW, probably not much, I thought it in poor taste for him to buy a house just as TOR is trying to win a championship, clouding the discussion about the team.

  311. As a representative of the team and pro sports, those were not good actions on his part. But we don’t know all the details. From what I have read he has also fathered a child out of wedlock which I consider worse than any of the other things (and which I hesitate to mention just because it was mentioned on the internet, source of all true things:). Jlin’s comments after the trade from the Nets expressed in a subtle way his displeasure, not as much a snub as not shaking Mark’s hand like Griffin did Ballmer, but to me not a big deal maybe because of their competitive natures. Griffin’s was just a little more “crude”. But such is the nature of Pro sports nowadays when gossip about things other than BB are part of the scene for the expanded audience of celebrity gazers. At least he did not punch out the fan, pour water on Ballmer and refuse the shake the hand of the trainer lol

  312. Talking about fun, here are the Hawks (including JLin) horsing around before a game …

  313. Descent? LBJ was never decent, cocky and despicable just like Kobe.

    Sheesh if he’s descent than KD, Curry, and Thompson must be angels!

  314. Uh oh, did not know there was a “banned words”. Where is this list? I hope “tanking” is not on this list otherwise what is there to discuss regarding ATL?

  315. LA Clippers did not tank. Their 3 stars, Griffin, Paul and Jordan left and now they are playing smart basketball with a revamped team and trying to win. I have seen some comment negatively about Doc Rivers and without asking don’t know what their reservations are but he seems to be doing a good job. In any case, LA is not tanking and he at least deserves basketball respect, him and Ballmer. I hope they do well as a model for why tanking is BS and that in sport you should always try to win. Now about the nepotism……

  316. That’s what I meant, he is not decent, therefore, does not have respect from me, not that he needs my respect, no matter how talented his genes are 🙂

  317. I’m calling it now, LeBron and powers that be are trying to setup his future to be a candidate as a governor of CA.

  318. More minutes for Lin and the start I hope…

  319. new game thread
    Let’s also help JLin & One Day’s Wages to reach the $1M campaign to help vulnerable children

    Game 48 Atlanta Hawks vs Portland Blazers: Support Jeremy Lin + ODW To Empower Vulnerable Children, Possible Trade Showcasing

  320. Gotta click on the link in Psalms post below to get to the Hawks vs Portland Blazers game thread.

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