G46 WAS @ LAL Game Thread

With Nick Young out due to ankle injury that requires MRI, will Byron run plays for Jeremy Lin?

Will he get another 28min or a DNP? If Byron wants to tank, will he bench Jeremy if he leads the Lakers to play well?

What about Lin’s agent (Roger Montgomery) tweet about Victory is certain? Will it translate to 25+ min as long as Lakers is losing to achieve the Tanking purpose?

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. Ha ha

  2. Just give Lin 20 point deficits when he enters and see what he can do to close the gap. Let Lin try to close up the gaps and it will be enough to satisfy all parties

  3. A handicap in bb

  4. Joyce Ward wont respond to me directly probably, but does anyone else know what her point in posting this is for? I thought this was a Lin fan site? I know many of us want to see Lin go to Pistons, but Pistons wanted no part of Lin when they could have swapped Calderon for Lin. Why would they want Lin now?

    Is she saying it’s laughable Pistons rather consider Cole than Lin?

  5. Just food for though. In my opinion, when Scott called Lin “soft” or inferred it by saying Ronnie was “tough” I do not think he meant it in the physical sense. He meant it in the mental sense if not more. A lot of LA media call Lin mentally weak so I think that is where the “soft” part comes from. Lin’s game is pretty physical though I do think Lin gets pushed around a lot on both ends due to being stuck playing the 2 on Houston and now LA when he’s been the attacking guard and also due to lack of proper foul calls on both ends.

  6. https://twitter.com/jorgeccastillo/status/560190026735026176
    So we might not be able to watch Lin vs Wall tonight. Their first battle in that summer league game was so epic that it put Lin on the map of NBA for the first time.

  7. I don’t know if this was posted, but max sent Nathan another email:


  8. the Wizards will probably still win. And BS will play Clarkson more as long as he doesn’t need Lin to keep the game within 20 points.

  9. Wall (left Achillies)? One good thing for Lin not playing too much it’s at least he is healthy…

  10. Basketball is a business of entertainment. When Scott’s games stop being entertaining to fans, he would be fired. I believe that the FO has given Byron an ultimatum. That’s why Montgomery stated in his twitter that victory is certain. Either Lakers win more games with Jeremy or Byron Scott would be replaced by someone who can.

  11. I remember one of the beat writers explained that it meant “physical”.

  12. You got the really good point on entertainment. I really don’t know why Buss Family would allow Scott to DNP Lin? Also w the tank starting lineup list for a while? Lakers will loss more viewer & also no one will come this summer.. smh!

  13. Scott can’t afford to lose more games which is directly related the income of the franchise. The FO doesn’t want to lose games and losing games in such a spectacular fashion provided by Byron Scott is toxic to the box office and more. Byron Scott is affecting the income of the franchise. If he couldn’t help Lin win more games for Lakers, he would be cooked, roasted and dumped.

  14. ok thanks for clarifying. I stand corrected.

  15. If so then Will Not RT…

  16. I think he just isn’t sure what lin’s plans are at this point. It is actually a decent article, because he asks the questions do the Laker have time to develop young talent.

  17. Kobe still has lots of fans and there are still fans who wanted to watch Kobe ball. Now Kobe is almost totally out for the rest of his contract. The FO needs to find someone that fans want to spend money to watch Lakers. The natural choice is Jeremy Lin. There isn’t anyone even close to Jeremy in attracting fans to watch Lakers.

    Byron Scott has pushed his luck in making Laker games unwatchable. If Lakers don’t win any more games, Byron would be replaced by someone who could. There are lots of candidates who want to be the coach of LA Lakers now. The baseline is so low that even the cheerleaders can help Lakers win more games if they were the coach.

  18. It’s true bc Lin’s contract will be up soon….?

  19. Also, I was thinking that perhaps the rift between Nick/Scott was because Scott didn’t start him. That is why Scott made that statement that Young acted like he didn’t want to play. It is interesting to see that scotts treatment of Lin/Young is being revealed.

  20. I think Scott is gone after this season anyway. His job was to police up kobe when he started behaving badly, and scott just jumped right on the train with kobe. Now Kobe is out.

  21. Well said. The network company paying them 200 million dollars a year is not going to tolerate them to tank for a few years unless there is no other choice. This is very different from a small market team.

  22. Might be a close game without Wall and Pierce and if Lin plays ofc!

  23. Teams know Lakers tanking, and they are taking the opportunity to sit their best players for the next game.LOL

  24. Joyce, I’m so glad that you respond to my posting. Thank you.

    My bet is Byron Scott wouldn’t last for that long. Within a matter of weeks, Byron would be replaced by another coach who can help Lakers win more games this season. This would set the tune for the team to attract FAs.

    Jeremy Lin is an invaluable asset to attract free agent centers and power forwards because they could dominate the game through passes of Jeremy. As I recall, Tyson Chandler in Linsanity is almost unstoppable. Once Jeremy left, Tyson Chandler wasn’t even half as watchable.

  25. I think they will let him finish out the season. I think Mitch’s choice was George Karl, but Karl probably told Mitch that he didn’t want to coach Kobe.

  26. Winning games and making the game watchable don’t necessarily mean the same. Coming back from a 20 point deficit with a run is extremely exciting and watchable, but it may or may not be enough to win the game depending on how much the team was trailing. The Lakers’ season is done, and they need to protect the top 5 draft. Fans are not fools and they “get it”. What BS did wrong was to make the games completely unwatchable by taking out Lin, the best player on the team. There’s a difference between putting effort and lose the fight with honor and just start round 1 laying down in the ring and never get up. BS mistook F/O consent to tank as free pass to screw anyone and everyone, and consequently has lost the locker room. I’d put money down that Lin is not the only unhappy with BS, Boozer and Swaggy and who knows who else would throw BS under the bus if given the chance to tell on him to the F/O.

  27. I agree, the whole team is just done with Scott. He uses his bullying and fear tactics to keep them in place by threatening their playing time. I personally think Young is mad because after Kobe went down, he wanted to start,but Scott wanted to punish him and keep him on the bench.Scott has completely lost the locker room. He is talking about developing the rookies now, when he put them on the bench with Lin, so that he could develop them. Scott probably still trying to act like he is the man, but he is probably scared,because he knows that his job hinges on Kobe being on the team.

  28. That’s probably what happened. Everyone knows Karl wants to coach again, the man said it himself. Plus him and Mitch are close (college roommates, IIRC) so it’s unlikely that Mitch hasn’t asked Karl, a coach with better resume, to be the Lakers coach. But seeing what happened to Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, Karl wanted no part of this mess (as he declined the Melo/NYK mess) that would taint his record.

    It takes a LOT of wrongdoings to alienate all FA and all coaches, but Kobe somehow pulled it off spectacularly. This is another incredible feat in the Kobe book that should be way up there with the all-time missed FGA record.

  29. I suspect that even Price and Clarkson are not on his side.

  30. Wow, those are the big time seats, that cost of a lot of money for a ticket.

  31. Jim Buss is the person who is going to make this decision. He is affected most by the decision of keeping or letting go of Byron Scott. My bet is he is getting impatient. The best choice for him is to recall MDA at once and start taking over the team. MDA could have done better with his eyes closed on this team. That would be enough to strengthen his leadership within the franchise at once. However your guess is as good as mine.

  32. No more Kobe they need to sell those tickets

  33. I think the Lakers should pull the Rush Hour gig like the Rox did Beverine! LOL

  34. just curious…there were a few games that LAL lost by very close margins…like less than 5 points. If LAL had already decided to tank this season from the beginning, so does it mean Kobe deliberately missing the final shots in those close games. Kobe knew it all along? and JLin ruined the game plan by closing up the score and threatened to win the game instead?

  35. Clarkson trying to be famous, he has playing time so he is cool with it. Price is a journeyman in the this league, and he knows that scott is not a good coach and the players don’t like him. I saw Price’s frustration at times when Kobe wouldn’t pass him the ball., Price trying to stay in NBA and feed his family. Scott cares nothing about Price as to use him as his pawn in his little games with the players.

  36. I think Jeannie still will, now they are feeling in their pockets. I see them featuring Lin/Swaggy P , because they have chemistry on and off the court. Also you notice Lin/Young are the only players scott is singling out.

  37. My bet is the FO doesn’t want to tank. They would rather sell tickets now. With Linsanity 2.o, ticket sales is beyond the question. Considering Lin is a much better player than before. The Lakers now has Ed Davis and Tarik Black who could take the role that Tyson Chandler once did. Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson and Ellington could play a significant role too. Boozer is definitely a plus. He has almost scored double double in every game with enough minutes.

    Lin’s game is exciting and this team can win lots more games.

  38. Yep, exactly. That is why they put Lin on the bench. Then when the bench started stepping up and playing better than the starters, then they had to formulate another plan.LOL

  39. F/O wants showtime lakers to keep the fans entertained, where they won’t care about loosing.

  40. I don’t think they were purposely tanking in the beginning of the season. These might be 2 possible scenarios Mitch had in mind when the season started:

    1. Kobe finally changed and let Lin become the face of the franchise and the Lakers would be fighting for a playoffs spot.

    2. Kobe will always be Kobe and the Lakers will lose because of Kobe’s losing basketball is too much to overcome with no hall of fame big men to clean up the mess. So the Lakers would be tanking unintentionally.

    Usually, the harder Kobe tries to “win” the game by himself, the more likely the Lakers would lose the game.

  41. Unlike with Bev, I have ZERO beef with Price. While he’s not main-stage material, he does seem to have the wisdom to recognize team politics. Like you said, he just wants to play the game he loves while making a decent living, preferably without quarrels with anyone. BS kind of put him in the center spot of controversy, and I’m certain Price’s received a lot of flack through no fault of his own.

    Clarkson…he’s just a kid…

  42. Why MDA, is he still on contract with the Lakers?

  43. What? I thought it was 15-20 games?


  44. So JLin7 is headlining? Seems to be a disconnect between coach and marketing department.

  45. One time was silly. Every game is ridiculous and no longer amusing.

  46. I suspect and hope that the disconnect has been rectified after the “cancelled practice” and the “late for game” black eyes BS received from the F/O.

  47. Hopefully. We’ll see tonight.

  48. Kenny is just a fan, not a reporter.

  49. It also depends on which one is better in the summer, a top 5 pick or a free agent. If they get a top 5 pick, I doubt any free agent would like to joint them to play with the drafted rookies (who may not work out at all). If they put up a fight and show NBA that they should have gotten to the playoff Kobeless, stars will join, and it is faster and less pain than a rebuild from scratch.

  50. Scott must have made that statement, that is why he is laughing at it.

  51. Kobe is still hurting Lakers’ FA chances and choices by announcing his comeback next year on social media. Unless a doctor’s note officially states Kobe’s done, no FA will risk coming to the purple and gold.

  52. Then they need to start Lin, Black and Davis.

  53. They want to tank…

  54. All the talk about a chance to keep their first pick over revenues is nonsense. Plus there’s no guarantee success for top 10 pick either.

  55. I just double checked and there’s no report that BS is giving Clarkson only 1 more look. There are reports in the past that BS is giving the starting lineup 15-20 games.

  56. I recall price was very complimentary of Lin. He seemed humble and talked easily about his Christian faith helping him stay in the league. Price and Lin should be friends not antagonist. Actually a good coach would make the whole team feel like friends and not split the team up with his weird rotation. Splitting groups against each other is a form of manipulation politicians practice. Scott is a politician, not a coach.

  57. What does JLin say? “I need this walk”

    @JLin7 stepping in Staples Center. IG Video:http://instagram.com/p/yYRve7xcm-/


  58. BS is trying to save face as much as he can but too late.

  59. Comment from sanoush1 @jlin7 looks like he’s headed 4 mid-terms

  60. Ocean Trade
    L.A. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin opens up about recent demotion: http://www.mercurynews.com/warriors/ci_27402196/l-lakers-jeremy-lin-opens-up-about-recent … via @MercNews

  61. Notice how Kobe’s camp is in full force saying that he will back before he had the surgery and stating that he will help recruit players for the team.LOL

  62. just wonder if he wears contact lenses in the game?

  63. Hahaha…Kobe recruiting FAs is like…a child-predator advertising for a daycare center.

    Everybody runs away.

  64. LOL. Who is he going to recruit Rondo. Rondo spends most of his time in the bench in Dallas.You can tell how well you are liked as a player, when NBA payers have to be coaxed on what do they think about Kobe’s injury. The LA beat reporters are soliciting quotes because most of the players think he should retire.

  65. Hi Folks!

    Hope to see, BScott gives Lin productive minutes. Go LIN

  66. Anybody wander what Lin/scott talked about before the Rockets game. Lin said the the talk went well for now….hmm

  67. Thats correct, its gonna be couple of games, and max is 15-20 games

  68. Others said Byron is cooked at season end. I thought he had a four year contract?

  69. Is that what Scott said?

  70. They fired Mike Brown 5 games into the season…so anything is possible. my bet they fire him before kobe comes back, and I think they will be play hardball with kobe. I think they will offer him a buyout of his contract.

  71. His glasses r 4 the style, he isnt near-sighted.

  72. He must be turning over in his grave if he is seeing how bad Lakers are.

  73. Just listened to Max & Marcellus talk about Lin’s DNP. Max thinks there is something about Lin’s game that’s ticking off BS. I am not sure about the details but I also don’t buy that anyone who doesn’t appreciate Lin’s game is just a racist. I hope Lin learns from this and fixes his game.
    start at 17:00

  74. I am saying this as a guy who doesn’t dress up, but Lin, who should be conscious of his brand image, really needs a PR person to tell him how to dress like a winner.

  75. Not lin related. but this is kinda interesting:


  76. Lin is dressing LA style and making his own statement. I guess I get it about him, because I have a unique style of dress, and often times I get lots of compliments. Lin is a Cali boy all the way.So this is who he is.

  77. Yeah I remember reading or hearing it last week or so

  78. I’m cool with it 🙂

  79. Wow let make it happen the biggest fight since Ali and Frazier.

  80. According to Metina,

    ‘Two days later, the snub still stung Lakers guard Jeremy Lin.

    He sat out Friday’s loss in San Antonio, the first game he missed
    because of a coach’s decision since days before “Linsanity” broke out in
    New York three years ago. Lin’s recent demotion bugged him so much that
    he talked with coach Byron Scott on Sunday morning, a conversation Lin
    said contained “good dialogue and going back and forth in terms of what
    he wants.”‘

    So it was “good dialogue and going back and forth in terms of what
    he wants.”, sounds not that encouraging. Looks like Lin got it at least partially, Lin played with this IDGF attitude that might be exactly what BS wanted from him?

  81. I agree. Invoke racism real turns off many people because they want to have nothing to do with it.

  82. John Wall, a ticked off disrespected Lin, a little taste with Houston, no other stars left on his team – you know what it means? Linsanity baby!

  83. Look at the size of the guy behind Mayweather! That his bodyguard?

  84. Chills up my spine just looking at them so close to each other.

  85. lets not call another “racist” without any prove of it.

  86. Perhaps that’s why Lin played aggressive and Scott called picks for him.

  87. I agree to a point, but the first thing a person notices about you is your skin color. So let’s not dismiss this so hastily. You have to also look at a person’s background and what era did they grow up in. I grew up in the 80’s and there were still alot of stereotypes. The 70’s -80’s was the flower child generation. It was all about love and acid as your drug of choice. Me growing up in the south , i recognize all the subtles of racism. It is not spoken out loud, but it is there.

  88. GO LINNNNN!!!!

  89. Los Angeles Lakers Should Unleash Jeremy Lin

    It’s time for this 12-win Laker team to turn Jeremy Lin loose; it’s crunch time for Lin. He’s had a regrettable first year in Los Angeles so far. He lost his starting job to Ronnie Price due to the team’s poor play. He has endured criticism from Byron Scott, Bryant, media members and Laker fans.

    The time has come for the Laker organization to let Lin run the team. At this point, they have nothing to lose – this roster is not talented enough to win many games.

    With Bryant out of the picture, Lin is free play to play his style of basketball. He’s still 26 years old and could still be of use to the organization. He burst onto the scene with the New York Knicks three years ago, and he had a fantastic stretch of games that electrified Madison Square Garden.

    Lin was excellent during “Linsanity” because he controlled the pace of the game. He’s a ball-dominant guard who is most effective when he’s allowed to make decisions with the ball. He’s played next to three ball-centric players in Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and Bryant, and he’s been ineffective.

    After Bryant went down against the New Orleans Pelicans, Lin responded with 14 points and six assists against the Houston Rockets. He shot 22 percent from the field, but got to the free throw line 14 times. He was aggressive from the start, which is a good sign for the Lakers.

    Lin is dangerous when he utilizes his 6-foot-3 frame against smaller point guards. He has speed and good dribbling skills to get around his man. When he penetrates the defense, he’s able to create open shots for his teammates. Lin is making 43 percent of his shots and is shooting a career-best 36 percent from three.

    If anything, the Lakers should play Lin to increase his trade value. If he recaptures some of that MSG magic, it can be a win-win situation for the club. They can either trade him for something of value, or they can re-sign him to a generous deal next season.

    Kobe’s body will not allow him to carry the team anymore. Kobe can still be effective as a facilitator. This may be the final opportunity for Lin to find his place in the NBA. He has 37 games left to prove his worth to the Lakers.

  90. Scott has been kind of low key in his interviews lately….hmm.

  91. Not even standing on a chair

  92. Space

  93. Every time he opened his big mouth, he dug a bigger hole for himself. Lakers FO probably keeps him on a tight lash for now.

  94. I grew up in South also, so I know it’s there.

  95. perhaps after a stern talk with FO when practice was canceled on Saturday?
    The Scott plot is thickening ;>

  96. I saw other Lakers dress, and definitely they don’t dress like this.

  97. Of course racism does exist but we all must use it wisely instead of blaming it every time. In Lin situation, no one would feel he’s a victim except some….Lin is in the winning side now since the DNP game without speaking out blaming anyone. The public is on his side because racism wasn’t invoked.

  98. please enlighten me. Did I miss something about the players and babies????

  99. I totally agree.

  100. You don’t think Lin is already working his butt off trying to improve himself? That guy aims to please. Scott runs the old school Princeton offense while Lin’s bread and butter is pick and roll. That’s like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. I truly believe Lin tried very hard to adopt to what BS asked of him, but Lin’s best was never good enough in BS’s eye. The bias was already set. Scott perceived Lin as soft, the man said so himself. Kind of hard to change someone’s mind when they already made up their preconceive bias against you. BS is just plain stubborn. As for the racist accusation, no one knows the full story so I guess we shouldn’t be too eager to point fingers…for now.

  101. Wall going to play today?

  102. He said he also dont buy that, anyone who doesn’t appreciates Lin’s game is just a racist.

  103. Did Scott run Princeton for Kidd and CP3 ? I doubt it.

  104. I’m honor to have you agreeing.

  105. yes

  106. yes he did

  107. Thanks, good to have him for a re-match, at least a few minutes I mean, lol.

  108. People would respect a coach had he taken responsibility before his players.

  109. Go Lakers! Actually Go Lin first! LOL

  110. game about to start!!!!

  111. I’m sitting down with my Cognac

  112. Have been avoiding LAL feed… Tried just now… Can’t really take it, esp. Stu

  113. Ugh… Wizards starters will eat the Lakers starters alive.

  114. cheers

  115. The whole bottle? 🙂

  116. ..for 17

  117. So Ed Davis is back to the bench… still, BS will not allow that glimpse of PnR greatness last preseason to happen.

  118. Yes but take me a week

  119. for Linsanity

  120. Indeed

  121. Lets go JLin!

  122. Amazes me how jeremy doesn’t start

  123. early 3 from Wiz…everyone likes to shoot 3 over LAL

  124. Meanwhile until jeremy comes in Splash Bros going off

  125. totally

  126. Scott, had already started this starting lineup to stay for a while…only minutes are not confirmed

  127. Ellington answers the 3 well!

  128. Yup still crazy lol

  129. nice…LAL being aggressive from the start

  130. they are clearly trying harder then washington

  131. Lakers are leading?

  132. No Kobe, No Young, no problem so far. Offense seems to have a flow

  133. How did this team win 30+ games so far?

  134. effort

  135. I think he probably did wear contact lens during the game. I think he will not wears it and likes to wear glasses regularly(I mean, how many people really like wear glasses? They are burden on the nose, plus he looks better without the glasses ^_^) If his sights don’t require it. On court, you need even better court vision to see it extra clear. Think he can’t live with out lens or glasses, not just for style.

  136. Ellington is hot right now

  137. hill shoots it from long and cant even get back on transition d

  138. Washington trying very little out there they aren’t contenders

  139. surprised that the washington coach didnt call a timeout to halt laker run

  140. jus relise ellington has 11 points.

  141. JLin is in

  142. Ok let’s go

  143. I love seeing Jeremy coming in, but WHY IN THE WORLD sitting the hottest hand Wayne?

  144. Sheesh that would have some block!

  145. TANK

  146. Why is Kelly starting? Oh yah Coach is tanking!!!

  147. So tanking. I want to see Lin, but don’t take ellington out when he is hot. LOL

  148. Shut the #@$up Stu

  149. Who knows, maybe JLin doesn’t sit and gets 43 minutes*

    *Assumes BS suddenly has an epiphany moment and becomes a great coach

  150. Not Stu it’s STOOL.

  151. Wall league leader in assist. What growth when you get support.

  152. jeremy with dumb foul

  153. sad that this is breaking news.

  154. 2fouls already? ;(

  155. Uh oh, JLin 2 fouls already

  156. they re calling quick foul

  157. leaving his man in corner too much then desperately tried to close out, picked up foul

  158. refs killing rhythm with all these calls

  159. k warriors/bulls game time.

  160. how did that happen?

  161. It is like a street game that every day you come to the yard, you don’t know who you are going to playing with and when.

  162. hill holds the ball too long.

    if byron and hill think that hill versus Nene is a good matchup in the post, they are straight clueless

  163. FINE, then drive and force the refs to get you to the line.

  164. not happy with lin playing off the ball. byron so stupid

  165. Looks like Scott is letting Lin be SG when Clarkson is in the game.

  166. Attack mode is on for JLin. FT time

  167. 2 pts FT JLin. Keep on driving.

  168. I’m actually impressed with byron tanking creativity in this game.

  169. 101 Ways to Tank

  170. Will we see F.I. mode?

  171. lots lots of foul calls

  172. Eat the whistle lol

  173. I like Jordan aggression tonight. Use your youth. Youngest guy on court.

  174. BS has played Clarkson the entire quarter =O

  175. yea why not

  176. Fouls all day

  177. not just that, offense is running thru him

  178. him or price

  179. Clarkson showing off too much on the scoring side but not on point

  180. Then Lin drive, drive, drive.

  181. he should be SG and Lin at PG

  182. Coach BS new Price will play JC 2nd qtr too.

  183. clarkson is annoying ive decided

  184. Clarkson is kobeing

  185. Heat Check

  186. he is hot lin was in foul trouble

  187. Thats what lin should be doing too.

  188. Needs the ball and some pick and roll action

  189. Good thing Jordan missed that last shot, he get too hot and Scott will have to take him out too.

  190. lol never will like jordan clarkson. once a ball hog, always a ball hog

  191. Freakin’ bring back Ellington and let Jeremy play on point, PnR with Ed Davis.

  192. as i said, clarkson is the new price

  193. not watching…seems like JC is doing well…

  194. Clarkson. ain’t passing

  195. Yep. Clarkson the next Kobe-wannabe. Hog hog hog…

  196. relax lin wanted him with the ball because hews hot also he was in foul trouble

  197. Clarkson can score, he’s not Price.

  198. So he can hit open jumpers, good start for a rook

  199. I just know it would be played like this. When Harden can not play, McHale will let Bev control the ball as a PG and keep Lin a SG away from facilitating.

  200. i mean in byron’s favoritism

  201. He better not pass. He is bad passer right now with the team having no chemistry.

  202. Lol, what happened to BS stubborn insistence of sitting players at the 3:00 mark (see JLin when he started)

  203. lin better wake up

  204. at least he is scoring….so far he is 5-8 not bad…

  205. Yes Lin to Davis for assist.

  206. Ed Davis has a jumper shot =O

  207. 2 asst.

  208. Clarkson is the new ball dominate guard now?

  209. Ellllllington.

  210. 2 quick assists!

  211. Going to be easy racking up assists with hot Ellington

  212. I really dont wanna hate on Clarkson coz im a Filipino. But only reason he’s been that is ‘coz of all the BS goin’ on.

  213. not really special assist but ill take it

  214. Lin is on point. Yeah!

  215. nice and easy! 😀

  216. idk why people want lin to be hyper. relax. he will score. he will take over when its time. right now guys are hot so relax

  217. Their afraid of Clarkson

  218. the ball moves and everyone is rewarded…that’s how JLin plays bball

  219. Woohoo!! Ellington is smoking HOT!!

  220. I imagine the players said F Scott and his tanking. Whoever gets on the court plays hard and tries to sabotage the tanking. It’s insulting when your coach is even saying your job is to lose. They are professionals, not losers.

  221. Damn it where is the defense! This team arrrrrghhhh. Oh wait, the Wizards have the D problem right now =)

  222. And get some. All about the points.

  223. Blown out? How could it be possible? See BS can come up some creative tricks to cut down the lead.

  224. Lin playing PG ball moves. Fun to watch.

  225. Lol, maybe a bit too far that time for Ellington

  226. Lin-Davis!!

  227. Nice no look to Davis 🙂

  228. sweet

  229. A thing of beauty

  230. Lin is having fun today

  231. Stu’s comment on JLin just has a negative hint to it. He managed to say the same thing about Lin as he did with Clarkson, but he had a lighter tone with Clarkson.

  232. LED

  233. alley ooooooop!!!!!!!

  234. that was sweet..

  235. Lin-Davis ALLEY OOOP!!!!

  236. Meta World Peace is in the building! He seem fit and good to go. Lakers should just sign him back… 🙂

  237. Great pass

  238. What a pass by Lin


  240. LIN – DAVIS!!!!

  241. Passing clinic

  242. 6 assists!

  243. 333333333333333333333

  244. 333333333333333333

  245. Bang

  246. Threeeeee

  247. i like it…

  248. 33333333333!!!!!

  249. Man I love watching Jeremy facilitate…. Better than his scoring

  250. Lakers looking good without Kobe and Kobe Lite (Swaggy) ? :O

  251. Everyone is hot!

  252. Wow, Lin must playing a linsanity type game

  253. Oh no!!!!


  254. What why????


  256. of course Scott making boneheaded coaching decision.

  257. hes not pulled out cus of fouls right?
    how many does he have?

  258. How can this Kobeless Lakers not be a playoff team ?

  259. Party pooper

  260. because Jeremy got hot. same with Wayne.

  261. dos

  262. Jesus why

  263. what was that? Lin- Davis was working out well , then Lin is subbed out?

  264. Lin is too hot, he’s melting the tank! We got to sit him down lol

  265. Two letters “BS”.

  266. tank commander taking player out when he’s hot, same with Ellington, he was hot and got taken out 1st quarter

  267. Que rhythm

  268. Greatest Coach OF ALL TIME

  269. for some reason wizard will make a comeback

  270. Byron Scott…you remind me of Albert Einstein….you figured it out!!! Play Ed Davis and Lin TOGETHER!!

  271. BS is always BS. Not surprise!! LOL

  272. Ha ha ha

  273. Lakers, Don’t give into Scott’s lame tanking agenda. Everyone foul his plan and do your best to get the win. You are not playing against the wizards. You are playing against your coach.

  274. i saw 5

  275. Well a blind squirrel can find a nut

  276. Just after he got a 3pter…

  277. Lin to Davis is real. I think Lin and Black have good chemistry also.

  278. smh… clueless clueless coach

  279. wizards looking road weary

  280. I see that lin fan holding up a sign in the front row. Is it lin-sanity?

  281. Au contraire, it was the correct tanking move. 🙂

  282. “playing against your coach”…haha quote of the day

  283. Byron rewards Jeremy’s 3 point shots by benching.

  284. Lin will have good chemistry with ANY big man who is switched on and ready to move.

  285. Davis looked so pumped on that play

  286. I think JLin was on pace for 20+ assists

  287. Wow that’s f as t

  288. Regression to the mean time

  289. they lost momentum afte rlin came out

  290. Not as BS is the commander in chief.

  291. nice dunk by polish hammer

  292. before being sent to the bench to get cold and be out of rhythm

  293. Yup Wiz found out Sacre was out there

  294. This is precisely why BS took Lin out, team was hot the tank was gonna melt.

  295. Once Lin is out, the wizards turning on Clarkson and the first team.

  296. Ball according to BS coaching is too predictable

  297. Imminent chemistry and lead breakdown? hahahaah

  298. Lin clearly a better PG than Clarkson in terms of facilitating, controlling tempo and dribbling. However, JC better hop and not afraid to shoot, even though his jumpers shooting motion looks bad. However, Lin definitely has a tendency to defer to other PG/SG unless the player he’s playing with has almost no offensive skills, i.e., Bev or Price.

    My concern is that in almost every team, there will be another PG/SG who can score, so Lin will let the other guy run plays.

  299. Showtime

  300. boneheaded coaching.

  301. I can watch this all day, just did a dozen times.

  302. Clarkson & company’s +/- are going to negative soon.

  303. Yup by a mile….

  304. coach doesn’t want to see more of this , thus LIN being sent back to bench

  305. There are 3 Wizards watching out for Jeremy on that play… and Davis still got the alley

  306. Scott is the worst coach in NBA history.

  307. I’d take Meta World Peace anytime over Jordan Hill

  308. Seriously the Jeremy-Ed Davis chemistry wasn’t gone; BS does his best to contain it for so many (bleep) reasons.

  309. BS makes McHale look like Pops, that’s quite a feat.

  310. Creative way to tank #217. Let Hill and Sacre take all the jump shots

  311. McHale is nothing to write home about either. I would say they are equally as bad…Mchale has a lot more to work with. Imagine if Mchale were with the Lakers…

  312. clarkson isn’t a pg

  313. What was the point difference when Jermey got taken out?

  314. Love how the bench reacted 🙂

  315. Yes, he is not.

  316. 18

  317. jeremy’s numbers obviously show he’s a true point guard. not like clarkson and his bricks

  318. With Lin/Davis/Boozer out, Wizards made 14-8 run

  319. 18pts

  320. Lakers were up 18. JLin +11

  321. Funny (and depressing) headline for tomorrow: “After team’s offensive performance against Wizards, Nick Young ready to carry offensive load”

  322. stool drool

  323. Who’s on the right side stomping, Price?

  324. what it is with scott never ride the hot hand? always rigid with his rotation.

  325. This really convinces me now that Clarkson is trade bait, Lakers don’t have any assests. Ellington. Clarkson. Hill, Sacre are trade bait.

  326. Clarkson more of a SG

  327. Kabooom. tank.

  328. they wont trade clarkson bc he is on a rookie contract which is dirt cheap.

  329. yup

  330. Only when Jeremy is the hot hand, he would be benched.
    If Clarkson and Ellington have the hot hands, they would stay playing.

  331. Actually, Ellington was pulled off court while shooting 100%. The tank was in danger.

  332. Clarkson +/- 0 for the first half.
    He’s a shooting guard by nature.

  333. BS Art of Tanking. Ride the cold hand. Wait for hot hand to cool.

  334. lucky their shots are falling tonite….if they regress to the normal percentage, Lakers wouldn’t be winning, no ball movement except Lin

  335. Maybe part of the trade w Hill? Lakers wants to trade Hill .. he is the only one still on starting lineup…

  336. yes he did

  337. But he really doesn’t have a good jump shot. He scored most of his points from near basket.

  338. it would be a terrible mismanagement of assets on FO’s part to trade clarkson.

    this is more anybody-but-jeremy. it is not about showcasing clarkson for trade

  339. Yeah I said that since the first game he started, playing him as a PG freezes his teammates.

  340. Lin took 1 shot for 5 points.
    Clarkson took 10 shots for 13 points and he played team high 18:41 mins. Tell you that he’s about to hit the diminishing marginal utility soon.

  341. Scott coaches using an egg timer.

  342. No they will include him a trade as part of assets. Lakers don’t have any bargaining chips. Look at who is in the starting line up. We already know that they are trying to trade Hill for Plumlee or somebody who is more skilled at protecting the rim. Hill is a re bounder and that is all. Most teams will wait for lin to be a FA and sign him. Lakers have no trading pieces. Even kevin Ding suggested in his latest sclerotic that perhaps this starting line up is a tank lineup, but also serves the Lakers as a showcase for trade pieces.

  343. For pick and I believe they might trade Hill too.

  344. Just for the record to recognize BScott the great Tank commander!


  345. The team will tank if Kobe is within 100 yards.

  346. i disagree. its very unlikely clarkson gets traded

  347. both teams shooting 50% in the first half

  348. aj has been vocal lately

  349. Scott thinking to himself dam I should have taken him out before that 3. What BS.

  350. Lol BS calls a time out as Lin is shooting

  351. He was late, as he was for the Rox pregame press conf. 😉

  352. Wizards couldn’t make the 3s and twice the turnovers.

  353. So 2nd half if they want to keep the lead Lin gotta be there to move the ball. I don’t think Ellington and Clarkson can stay that hot, or wizards would make adjustments on defense imo

  354. when your player is on fire , you do not take him out to send back to bench. even my grade school kid knows that…smh

  355. Tanking will lead to his dismissal. Lakers’ tradition is to win and not to tank.

  356. Hope Jeremy will take more than 1 shot in the 2nd half

  357. They have no time to develop Clarkson. They want to develop Randle. Clarkson was a side note. Scott is trying to use him to keep his job next season, because he knows that he is on thin ice. For him to pull lin out tonight is one more nail in his coffin. He is very prideful and stubborn. Laker fans are not going to spend money to see Clarkson, but they will spend money to see Lin.

  358. With all due respect, your grade school teacher would make a lousy tank commander! LOL

  359. Yah but BS never went to school

  360. Maybe when JLin picked up 2 quick fouls, BS was just waiting for a 3rd to justify sitting him. But then the Davis-Lin showtime happened.

  361. I still think Byron will be fired in weeks.

  362. Jeremy to Ed in HD 😉

  363. Agree, Wall will pick up.

  364. It would be interesting to see BS get fired after LAL have secured their top 5 pick, for reason of tanking the team.

  365. coach doesn’t want to see Lin with that smile after the alley oops with Davis

  366. He went to Arizona State for 4 years reached as high as junior. Some people take 8 years.

  367. That was a great smile 🙂

  368. Scott has got his marching orders, but he continues to play the way he wants. Not good. Giving the F/O all kinds of reason to fire him.

  369. stu said Clarkson rookie PG, then correct himself, rookie Guard, with a chuckle, even stu knows he’s not a Pg

  370. ridic calls that wall gets

  371. Good.

  372. Yeah, Byron is trying the patience of Jimmy Buss & Mitch.

  373. Wall’s considered a superstar now, no biggie.

  374. NBA is getting ready to give all the calls to Wall, watch and see.

  375. he’s a real friend , voicing for Lin 🙂

  376. Scott has to do something drastic to make sure there are no free tacos tonight. I’m sure he will think of something. That’s why they pay him the big bucks. Just hope the crowd doesn’t attack him.

  377. they need a timeout

  378. Boy , ellington is on cruise for a 40 pt game 🙂

  379. How do you get that? Oversea?

  380. Was’ catching up.

  381. call a Time out coach!

  382. that defense idk

  383. not dissing clarkson, but does he have a left hand?

  384. Everybody knows.

  385. He’s not on scouting report yet

  386. wall avoids threes like the plague

  387. Wall’s double-double.

  388. hill is such a net negative

  389. Boozer will be first off bench

  390. can you please send a true PG in the court now , coach?

  391. BS: Not until we’re down by 20

  392. to have 3 assist in 23 minutes verses a team who is playing zero defense. he isn’t a pg will never be.

  393. BS: kaboom kaboom blah blah kaboom.

  394. lol … yeah. 🙂

  395. How are the Lakers able to play without the head of the snake?

  396. Just came back…how is the game?

  397. 10 point game now.

  398. LOL Funny. Clarkson is the only -1 & Sacre and Hill 0 in the lineup with 3rd qtr @ 6:04.

  399. But at least Clarkson got his points! 16 points already! I’d rather Lin scored more than passing for assists!

  400. lakers pushed up 19 pt lead but lost all momentum after lin was taken out.

  401. they are already celebrating a a Clarkson victory. i don’t know what lin needs to do

  402. Well that’s BS coaching for u

  403. Stool’s game spotlight, guess who he picks?

  404. Anyone but Lin Joyce

  405. is Wiz getting into the rhythm? BS allow that to happen?

  406. Agreed. Clarkson is a legit NBA talent, but I don’t think he’s a pass first point guard.

  407. Lin’s in. go Jeremy!

  408. Arghhh

  409. He is a scoring guard.

  410. and it’s a 1- digit lead by Lakers , after being on the bench for so long…

  411. Clarkson just shoot and shoot LOL, I mean pass to the rim.

  412. Great defense by Lin to make Beal miss!

  413. Clarkson is developing his ballhogging skill very well, KB and NY have a new apprentice

  414. PLease take out Clarkson so Jeremy can lead the O.

  415. Stool, Lin is a Laker too.

  416. lin went over the top but actually didnt get called for it

  417. Selfish ball in full effect

  418. very

  419. C’mon lakers don’t let Scott have the satisfaction of you guys tanking. Beat the system!

  420. Totally messed up.

  421. Clarkson will have 30 minutes at the end of of 3Q…

  422. Wall getting busy passing

  423. and the coach refuses to call a time out…

  424. Lin keep shooting, you need that rhythm.

  425. and lin has not run pt whenever clarkson is in

  426. Lin not playing PG smh.

  427. Screw Clarkson, he ia allbaout trying to make a name for himself. He is not about teamball. So please don’t give that”he is a rookie”,

  428. JLin cannot co-exist with Kobe and now JC as well….

  429. Give the rook 30 minutes playing pg but ain’t a pg is problematic lol

  430. yea

  431. because clarkson still in.

  432. Why a timeout? Lakers are losing lead just fine.

  433. 3 point game now

  434. Let Lin be the PG, so simple yet BS won’t do it…

  435. Some PnR action please

  436. coaches choice

  437. yup, Clarkson the rookie playing PG doesn’t make sense.
    Playing him as a natural SG is more logical

  438. Take Clarkson out, he’s not running offense he’s just chucking.

  439. BS! can we have Ellington in for JC?

  440. get JC out..he really has one eye and thats the rim!!!!

  441. Jeremy is not running the offense and Clarkson keeps shooting/missing

  442. playing PG but acting as SG like KOBE!

  443. BS is playing Clarkson at the point to throw a monkey wrench at the team.

  444. Bring Lin-Davis back!!!

  445. Lin has to show some leadership, always defers to others.

  446. LAL is not in sync…..need some time for lin to regain the control

  447. Jump pass is never good not fun

  448. ok, 1 pt game. good job.

  449. nice pass to ed!

  450. Bad habit by Lin. 🙁

  451. too many TO as well

  452. Lin need to learn to play with the team, same for the rest as well

  453. shocking that wasnt charge on lin lol

  454. Take 6 assists

  455. Jeremy got 5 minutes left

  456. anohter to, doesn’t help himself.

  457. He just need to learn to play, like the rest of the team. Thats how people are going to look..

  458. shoot something Lin.

  459. martell has been grabbing lin on recent plays

  460. Jeremy’s one tough cookie. Martell seems hurt more than him

  461. That is why he gets me so frustrated at times, because he plays right into their hands.

  462. Makes these

  463. and nice of him to go over to Webster to see if he is ok.

  464. ouch… that could be an ACL issue there for Webster

  465. ditto

  466. Who said Lin not tough

  467. Good thing Jlin didn’t get hurt!!

  468. Lin’s restoring the order

  469. Ok 7 and 6

  470. Wall killings clarkson

  471. JErmey making FTs!

  472. Finally 2+. Shots not falling, those hard fouls, smh

  473. 7 assists!

  474. Who’s on “superstar” Wall? He’s near his triple double…

  475. Facilitate ok, but balance it. Has he taken a shot? His percentage is pretty good compared to passing it off. Arghh.

  476. glad to see him keeping up on his assist and setting up players

  477. Rookie.

  478. he always gets his double double, the least

  479. they are now looking for JLIN!

  480. 7 pts/ 7 asts

  481. Wesley Johnson is dunzo

  482. 10/10 would be nice

  483. Lin very balanced assists and points, looking at a double double tonight!

  484. Wizards won’t let lin get the inbound pass.

  485. exactly, thats where his mistake his…if you ask me…he need to take his shots first, get 2/3 basket going and then start setting up others.

    By the time he takes his shot (which is few anyways) he is already cold

  486. 10 points are too little! 20/10 would be better!

  487. Wizards know whats up.

  488. Linsanity!

  489. So Clarkson with a -10 +/-

  490. 19 first half lead gone? if that is not on the coach , i don’t know …

  491. Because they tasted Linsanity.

  492. BS is cancer politic of the team instead of coaching.

  493. ed davis hahahahahaha I’m back with lin

  494. Jeez such a good first half, and they are starting to blow it now

  495. He played the entire 1Q and 3Q, the new Kobe.

  496. Let’s get it done, OLin!!

  497. Kobe then Price now Clarkson.

  498. How many minutes does he get????

  499. They have been doing it for the whole game basically.

  500. I’m proud that the players don’t want to tank. I hope they give Scott a big middle finger. No matter who plays that they compete, support one another, and they won’t let Scott lose the game for them

  501. Like many of you said… can’t see Clarson as point…

  502. Good Ellington in for Clarkson

  503. Damn is Clarkson going to get 40 minutes?!

  504. Lin got 7asts ouf of total 15 Lakers asts at end of Q3


  505. What was that?????

  506. mentored by Kobe

  507. Where is Black?

  508. He is showing he is THE and ONLY PG for the team, but he also needs to shoot as well, to earn some respect

  509. clearly the PG who should be running the team

  510. Lin/Boozer miscommunication. Lin thought Boozer will roll right, I think

  511. He’s going for a to anyway, SMH

  512. Need some movement

  513. I really don’t want to hear about Clarkson tomorrow. Lin step up your game, please.

  514. I agree

  515. Wesley Johnson is a huge NBA bust

  516. Doesn’t matter they still do.

  517. Happened again and again, where’s the communication? or Boozer’s simply lazy or dumb?

  518. Unfortunately, I have a feeling BS will say Clarkson had an efficient game and will play him more

  519. he has 7 assist really for a pg there isn’t any higher

  520. was that a block?

  521. Not unlike Kwame.

  522. Lin! lets go for double double

  523. Still not good enough. Scott has his own agenda, and Lin needs to be smart enough to recognize his agenda, unless lin and F/O have already made a deal with Lin. That is why he frustrates me sometimes. Lin is a smart player figure out the formulas and get in and get it done.

  524. Ellington has cooled off

  525. Clutch time…GO LIN

  526. Lin will need to get to 10+pts to get a chance to close the game.
    Otherwise BScott will play Clarkson/Ellington

  527. Doesn’t matter if his points are low though. Lin gotta start making some baskets!

  528. Bennett pretty bad too

  529. Of course, expect no less of mr. Freaking bs

  530. Come Mr. 4th Q!

  531. one more 3 pls. 🙂

  532. He hasd better show up,

  533. Jordan Clarkson -10
    The story is he doesn’t move well on the court and that kills the momentum.
    Byron let him play until the wizards caught up; then relieve him the pain of losing.

  534. Teammates are not used to moving…

  535. I’m worrried he might not be coming out

  536. ellingtonhas to let in find him thats your game not 1 v 1

  537. reaching double-double, Go Jeremy!

  538. perhaps getting to FT line would help

  539. Monkey wrench.

  540. that would be a good problem to have, I think

  541. Clarkson’s job was to lose the lead that Lakers weren’t supposed to have in the first place, and the rookie did his work splendidly.

  542. Too predictable. Gotta attack first, then asts become easy.

  543. LOL, take out Ed Davis and Boozer and put back in Sacre and Hill

  544. good job tanking , coach.

  545. recipe for disaster…

  546. Lin better get a double double

  547. Haha.

  548. and no more TO!

  549. Paul,pierce looks like urkel

  550. Come on, Lin.
    You can get to FT line

  551. What a dulmb coach. Hill and sacre? If lin can win with those clowns, lin is a superhero. U got ed davis and black and u use hill and sacre?

  552. or else?….

  553. OMG it’s the perfect crime. Claim with Clarkson, the team was doing so well. Replace with JLin, offense is inconsistent. Can BS be an evil genius?!

  554. BS is brilliant! I dare anyone to find a better tank commander!

  555. BS is tanking

  556. Lin shot is so off 🙁

  557. just short..

  558. yup

  559. Ice cold

  560. more McFlurry

  561. Scott trying to set him up for failure. Thais why lin should be wise to Scot’s tricks..smh

  562. Yeah, sad. I can’t decide whether I rather have Lin or JC take shots.

  563. Or else Joyce will change channel to watch K-drama.

  564. what is Hill doing now? Davis should be the one playing… smh

  565. Ellington is PG now?

  566. Damn lin defer to wayne and sacre again not passing to lin….

  567. Clarkson is coming back. Game over

  568. So will BS bring in clarkson?

  569. His shot is off.

  570. lin , what is up with you?

  571. probably. Lin is done.

  572. Lakers cold

  573. Can’t hit that jumper

  574. Jeremy should be orchestrating much more than just that. people are looking for leadership right now!

  575. Lin needs price and black and ed and wes. Lin is too dependent on who is around him. Wayne wont defer and sacre womt pass to lin. Hill wants to score not set picks for lin. Damn

  576. Where’s Black?

  577. When Lin made that 3, had he stayed in, I have a feeling he would have gotten hot. But of course BS can’t allow that

  578. Only is BS allows it

  579. Coaching the lakers to a winning record is so easy. Ask yourself what would Byron Scott do. Then do the opposite!

  580. game over

  581. Lin out, done, nothing’s changed.

  582. Clarkson is IN

  583. Yes JLin is done. Let’s see how many pts Lakers loses.

  584. Lin..smh you always fall for the okie doke

  585. He’s trying but the Lakers are standing around. No Ed Davis or Tarik Black down low. Lakers and Lin need their interior presence.

  586. When you are playing with players that seldom play together, with ultimate mind and skills, it still need time to make it happen.

  587. so Lin won’t close this game?

  588. lets see what Clarkson can bring with 3pt deficit

  589. Hill Johnson and sacre is funny

  590. Is he out?

  591. Yeah, done for today.

  592. C’mon lakers. Be hungrier. Don’t let Scott succeed in his tanking attempts.

  593. Keeping telling him to just look to score and forget the assists. Those assists won’t matter if he only gets single digits for the game!

  594. Are you watching the game?

  595. No ball movement

  596. Ok good night… 1st half was fun

  597. guys ,BS wont allow lin to shine

  598. What do you expect of him? BS won’t give the key to him. Even if he has the ball, the bigs are not helping.

  599. 23 mins 7 points and 8 assists ain’t bad for someone who plays in this offense

  600. nope, just going by what you guys are posting.

  601. but the 4 Turnover is gonna kill his ratio as well; this where he should take more shots for his points, to keep things balanced

  602. Yes, take that BS. Your players are trying to win.

  603. should have been nice if he made another three

  604. we know but for the laker fans they want a superstar pg

  605. 2/1 is really good

  606. And I bet that will be what is focused on in the sports world

  607. Nene vs Sacre is a mismatch. BS is tanking so he won’t put Ed Davis in.

  608. Sacre is 3rd string shouldnt be on floor

  609. So, Lakers players are playing against opponent team and its own HC, lol

  610. That’s why he needs more moves in his arsenal to be a score first PG! He had more moves when he was with Knicks, not sure what happened!

  611. He will always be a little turnover prone…still makes jump passes but that’s him he is a imperfect player which is fine 90 percent of players are imperfect

  612. Well, u need to watch the games before making the comments.

  613. Go Wizards.

  614. Playing too conservatively imo.

  615. correct, and we have seen this repeated so many times…Lin need to work it out…I think he will given couple of more games

  616. Nice. I love Ellington.

  617. Stephen Curry and Lillard or CP3 ain’t walking through that door

  618. No always had 2-3 players waiting for him. Can’t really drive. He is playing within his game. He wasn’t the PG.

  619. smh at Clarkson shots selection.

  620. Only if Lin closes the 4Q that Lin will get into rhythm and get a DD. But you know BS.

  621. Ellington just don’t wanna give up 🙂

  622. I dont know how any decent coach could look at Scott and respect him. He lacks every fundamental trait to be a good coach. He is inconsistent, doesn’t instill confidence in his players, lacks leadership, doesn’t keep players accountable. The list goes on.

  623. keeps swaggy on his toes…

  624. I dont mind his TO, he is a high risk high reward guy, but he has to balance it it out with the number of shots taken

  625. He did not have more moves. Your memory is tricking you. He got a ton more pick and rolls and spread offense. He also shot the ball more jumper wise.

  626. NO. GO LAKERS. DONT LET SCOTT SUCCEED AND UNDERMINE YOUR PROFESSIONALISM WITH TANKING. He is telling the players you are made to lose. Screw him.

  627. Yeap. The starters lost the game and JLin played very little pg role in this game. When he had the ball, he had 2-3 people with him.

  628. Kobe picked BS, which says a lot about Kobe.

  629. THat is why Lin needs to get in there and do what he has to do. This league is never going to make it easy for him, that is wh he needs to figure it out. Lin is a pioneer, and waiting for this league to give him a foot in the door , is a waste of time. He needs to understand that he has to play harder and be better than anyone in this league. Jackie Robinson understood this. so tomorrow we have to listen to how wonderful Clark on was.smh

  630. Clarkson has 18 points already which is what people care about! Lin needs to look to score more and pass less! Geez Clarkson with 34 minutes, Lin barely even got 30 minutes when he was starter!!! BS is completely bias!!

  631. BS is shameless, he only cares about $$$,

  632. turnovers happen drose has like 11 tonight….jeremy picked on because he doesn’t fit pg mold so his deficits are exaggerated

  633. Need to trade Lin.

  634. Is not bad, but honestly, not enough to make any GM want to get him.

  635. Davis and Boozer played under 20 min. JLin not much better at 23. Even Wesley Johnson has more minutes.

  636. KB just wants to keep his own fame….

  637. Lin knows that Scott is up to no good, but he always falls for his okie doke…

  638. if Lin goes back in the last 2 mins, I’ll root back for Lakers ..lol

  639. Reason why I love Ellington. Same reason why I love Lin. Don’t quit.

  640. 11 to/ 0 assists, lol

  641. Its tough to be lin fan. I do worry for lins career tbh.

  642. game over

  643. but no , he will not

  644. no lin no win

  645. go back to be the scapegoat?

  646. He is seen as a backup and a good one…so he will get offers on that scale…

  647. Johnson and Hill esp Hill shouldn’t even play in the game. Prefer Black or Davis.

  648. BS plays 2 SGs, no offensive flow

  649. It’s OK, DRose ain’t Asian.

  650. Hope so.

  651. . Praying that Lin scores more points

  652. He did his best with what he’s given… are you questioning his efforts?

  653. The funny thing is I think BS wanted to win this one..9 in a row and with him as head coach doesn’t look good.

  654. Who cares?

  655. Generally agree.

  656. But Jackie knew he had to be great every game…jeremy doesn’t play the game that way…

  657. BS wants to lose the game badly. There is no way you can say it – useless Sacre, Hill and Johnson with iso Clarkson. If BS wants to win the game, then JLin, Davis should be in there now.

  658. double digit losing streak. Let’s do this Scott. Show everyone how little you deserve to be a coach.

  659. Only BS could take an 18 point lead and turn it into a 7 point deficit

  660. What choice does he have.

  661. yeah. ‘would have been nice if he got into double digit points 🙂

  662. He wants it
    Lin doesnt
    fired up for one game now hes back to his old self

  663. He had worse

  664. well, that was boring

  665. Exactly

  666. He does, look to score instead of passing so much to justify his starting role and minutes!

  667. I’m watching. Shoot as SG, or drive with his speed. not good second half. Not all his fault though.

  668. Clarkson -14 Johnson -10

  669. Meh they could have sustained that double digit lead if BS just left the working lineup with Jeremy – and let him get into shooting so people won’t complain about his shots (I don’t)

  670. May be you should root for Clarkson then he will shoot and shoot the way you want it to be.

  671. Dont’ think so, look at his rotation, he’s been trying to lose no matter what.

  672. Chicago GS game intense

  673. tank

  674. Yeah it worked!

  675. Jordan Hill shooting a 3. Nice spacing and play design…LOL! What else can you expect from Byron Scott.

  676. No Lin No Win!

  677. he he i was hoping that he’ll be clutch to lead the team to a WIN

  678. oh well, at least Lakers stay true to their purpose to tank! Lin’s 1-5 7pts not good enough to win.

  679. He doesn’t care for he is the Tank Commander. He wants to lose the games so that Lakers needs KB.

  680. lin playing off the ball in a dysfunctional offense in which no one passes and that has clarkson running the pt.

    its no wonder his shooting is poor

  681. nay….he is getting used to losing…not sure if he is afraid of winning…

  682. smh and this is coming from someone claim to be big Lin fan.

  683. Iol i am kinda depressed about lin and his nba future.

  684. Hill is the most annoying player for me. His advantage is size and he chooses to shoot jump shots and negate all his advantage. Also since he does not roll, Lin is stuck with two defenders and has to pass to hill. Very selfish move on hills part. Really slowed Lin down in the second half. Touché Scott.

  685. Yes very funny rotation whole season. He makes sure that working unit doesn’t work again. Full tanking mode.

  686. Except to please Kobe, BS only wants to marginalize Lin and lose every game.

  687. Darn, u are always depressed

  688. Jeremy just needs to play well the next game to give him 3 straight positive contributions

  689. Everyman for himself right now. They need to get good stats so it is understandable. They are in tank mode so this is expected.

  690. Calling it as a dysfunctional offense is an understatement

  691. that was the goal

  692. What is offense?

  693. He has to learn that, he already got 2.5 years to learn playing off ball, 🙁

  694. D.Rose – 28pts / 11to’s lol

  695. Watching that now. All the narrative tomorrow will be Kobe less Lakers lost with Jordan great future signs. No one will talk about Lin’s asts. He could even be blamed for second half.

  696. You are always depressed about his performance, in any way.

  697. does the coach even know or is aware of that?

  698. Even lakers play by play guys on the radio were like this makes no sense with the rotations.

  699. why, do you have certain percentage commission on his future income. ???:P

  700. Another free gift from BS to opponent team. Well done BS!

  701. 0 assists!

  702. What do you want exactly? He will have a future…you want Linsanity again see the movie..but he will be in the league

  703. Still expect him to improve and shoot better…

  704. As a laker fan, how can anyone not see that hill and sacre are worse than black and ed davis? Even if lin is benched, i want ed and black in over dumb and dumber. Geezus! The benched lin crap just icing on cake.

  705. let the over reaction begin

  706. I agree; he will be in the league.

  707. JC running the point was just like giving the ball to Young where his teammates are always the RIM!!!!LOL

  708. he caught the ball in triple threat a few times (good) but i dont see him having opportunities to do much tonight. he doesnt even get outlet passes

  709. He is making 15 million this year. I think he will be okay.

  710. its much more about dysfunctional offense than him playing off-ball IMO.

  711. low basketball IQ

  712. Next lineup: Price, Young, Johnson, Hill, Sacre. Only the best!

  713. would you have left Lin on court if you were the coach when ur back cpourt has 40pts together and Lin is jusrt being passive making TO’s and not shooting? be real

  714. true

  715. How is Lin doing?

  716. OK, time to see how Nishikori is doing. Good night.

  717. It’s pretty obvious all the laker players are trying to make themselves look good for the next team…

  718. “Head of snake” is not allowed here?

  719. Hill and Sacre are better tankers. QED.

  720. I only watched for 3 mins of this game. Great I saw that alley oop…hehehe

  721. who is yao76

  722. they are tankng very simple answer to all your questions

  723. Agree.
    By Jeremy’s own words, as a PG he should be the last one that needs to get into ~rhythm.
    Not sure whats going on with his jumper, he needs to get it back D:

  724. if your decisions are arbitrary and without sense, then no one can criticize you for favoritism hehe

  725. How would this explain benching Ellington when he was shooting 100%?

  726. You have 5 assets in 15 min? Try it Hill and Johnson

  727. why blamed JLIN, the 3rt quarter starter made the blunder of not giving their best defense and becoming iso and one man shooting Point guard

  728. just a fellow Lin fan.
    Most people on twitter agree of BScott’s obvious tanking move

  729. 8 or 9 losing streak? didnt pay attention 2 the game 2 much, was leaning 20pts in the 1st half, but it turned out 7pts lost. A brilliant tactic by B.Scott, thx 2 him. He won again.

  730. cuz he was gonna play ellington the wholw 2nd q
    Lin only has 20mins of pt and he decides to pass up opportunities

  731. BS is doing his job …to tank …

  732. This post really hurts….sad.

  733. lol you want a cookie?

  734. Good news is BScot is one game away.from being kicked out.

  735. if there was a fansite for ed davis, theyd be freaking out davis didnt finish the game. sacre played over him. its crazy.

  736. Ban this troll!

  737. Don’t worry everyone , we will lose the next game.

  738. That’s his starting line up so he stuck with it , no matter what. Same pig headedness.

  739. that’s a long rant…lol

    but , keep up the support!

  740. yup, we have no reason to be too upset over many losses =)

  741. OMG I thought you were joking but its true! LOL

  742. he was well guarded as a SG

  743. He should shoot more and drive when he has hill and sacre out there. His job as a pg is to find the best shot. When you have talented guys like Davis, black, Kelly, etc, then yes giving them the open shot is the best shot. But when you got hill and sacre then your contested drive to the hoop is better then hills 18 footer. As a pg you need to know sometimes the best shot is you. Curry, Lillard, cp3 will do this from time to time.

  744. intense game..

  745. I meant why sit the hot hand. Your logic was that BS benched Lin ‘coz he wasn’t shooting, well Ellington was shooting the lights out and was benched just the same. Why send the hot hand to bench for cooling?

  746. yeah! Go Kei!

  747. No, but Lin knows these are snakes, and he needs to come better prepared. That is what frustrates me about him I don’t want to hear how Clarksons a better PG than lin. Lin puts himself in these situations,by not falling into Scott’s traps.He needs to get back to get in and score his points and then worry about setting up the offense. This is a contract year for him. He needs to stop listening to that Scott BS and play his game while he is in there


  749. Maybe bs is aiming to break that losing streak record…

  750. I think Clarkson actually had 19 FGA because the scorekeeper pad one of Clarkson’s miss to Lin instead. Does anyone have replay of the FGA by the Lakers with 4:07 left in 3rd? I think that shot was attempted by Clarkson but counted on Lin instead. Lin should only have 4 FGA instead of 5.

  751. i feel sorry for laker if scott is there coach. it don’t matter if the got lebron, curry, and aldridge. his incompetence belongs in the past. his old school ways is outdated. also is thi how they tanked in the past. so obviously

  752. The alley oop is the play of the game. And that’s good enough for me. With BS in charge, I won’t expect much.

  753. it’s definitely too obvious for BScott to tank.
    6/7 w 14pts but only 29 min.

    Plus benched Lin who fed him 3-4 assists in Q2.
    I feel we’re like watching WWF games

  754. Continue to lose the rest of 36 games as long as BS is still with Lakers. He makes sure what’s winnable lineup to nonexistence every time.

  755. lol

  756. i honestly see no more wins

  757. GSW and bulls game is real interesting though…

  758. Is BS trying to win one w/o Lin in spotlight?

  759. rose just made a clutch assist lol

  760. i guess so.

    but byron has done this to davis even in beginning of season in whch they definitely tried to win games.

  761. Good for you. Too HOT for BScott so he benched him while launching the 3 😀

  762. What advantage? Hill is usually shorter than the guy he’s guarding. Hill does not come out of the paint to guard his man, so when they go to set the pick, Hill cannot hedge and is too far away from ballhandler to do much of anything. He sits in no mans land and either watches the guard shoot an open 10-15 footer or have him drive pass for a uncontested layup. Hill’s defense is LAZY.

  763. guys. u should tune intowarriors bulls game. very exciting lol

  764. It was a balanced game, he had good rebound and the whole team had good AST as well, and some on triple-double (almost)

  765. Leak?

  766. Tied 107, 1.4 sec, 4th

  767. And everyone thought DAntoni was bad. BS is proving us all wrong.

  768. oracle center is going craY

  769. my logic is that BS wont play him much either way
    why not just get ur stats and go? this team is losing anyways

  770. Me too. This is why I give up on watching the rest of the season. You’re just gonna get run over by the tank if you watch it. It’s not fun at all right now. Lin is either gonna have a decent game or play a game where he dosen’t play much. I already know.. Haha

  771. It was the late Jerry Buss’s birthday. You know the F/O wanted a win. Kobe was out. Young was out. Everything was set for Linsanity to come back…

    Except BS. He’s still not out.

  772. thats what i saw also..subbing Wes was the worst coach decision ever made, no defense and allowing his man to have an open uncontested shots..and it cringes to the bone when he shoots the ball. Letting clarkson stayed for too long made those lead evaporate. AS a coach, rookies can play well but you have to limit him to his potential at the moment and always makes the right sub when he’s no longer effective.
    JC was fearful the first half but when lead evaporates , he was so full of fear, that the only thing he know is to shoot the ball!!!

  773. ur a troll

  774. Davis only played 19 min not 29 min.

  775. I guess BS is always not in the business sense of loop.

  776. i hate to say it but clarkson is like a spoiled child

  777. Earlier in season, it’s an easier Tanking Move. Just give the ball to Kobe LOL
    Now it’s harder to keep benching the #HotPlayers hehe

  778. CHI vs GSW looks a lot more exciting

  779. but who is spoiling this child?

  780. Can’t the Lakers fans just go up in arms against this coach now? Just how much more can they take?Lakers legacy is at stake.

  781. No they didn’t. Everybody saw Lin/Davis match in pre-season. BS put Lin to start and Davis as backup. Then he switched put Davis to start and Lin as backup, That can’t be accidental, BS maybe a bad coach, but he can’t be that clueless.

  782. Warriors almost lost it w/ Curry to.

  783. I know. More fun to watch them play.

  784. yup

  785. oh yes, thanks =)
    just typo

  786. 8-18 is inefficient. He’s not afraid to shoot thats all I can say. But defensively he gets stuck on so many screens and no help defender in sight. Hasn,t showed he can play the point. Him and Ellington got hot and hence the first half lead. Regression to mean afterwards and BS failed to adapt.

  787. he doesn’t have good role model

  788. Lmao! Smh…

  789. Magic was a coach?

  790. Just my prediction for headlines. Fair or not.

  791. Kobe

  792. I can not believe curry and Kerr both went brain locked……green bailed them both out…..

  793. He decides 2 carry on doing this tank mode till the end of season..

  794. It really is sad that Lin is put in this situation. On this Lakers team too. A lot of celebs watch Lakers and it’s great exposure. It’s all ruined.

  795. ok guys, stop calling each other a troll

  796. Yes and he was bad. He couldn’t understand why his players couldn’t do and see what he did as a player.

  797. Lin needs to leran to get in and get hi spoint and the set up for the rest of his team maes. Lin needs to stop falling for the okie doke when it comes to scott . Now will have to hear how great Clarkson is and how how he should be the starting PG. I am so sick of this dialogue. Lin needs to be smarter than this. Scott will only give him a small window of opportunity and he needs to take it for himself.

  798. its like roulette who gets to be showcased game to game.

    funny how ronnie price went from starter to not playing at all. he was DNP-CD tonight

  799. I’ve known this since preseason!

  800. lucky indeed.

  801. you can report to us if he breaks any rules…and lets not call each other a troll

  802. And I’ll also add that there are a ton of Laker fans out there. Everywhere!

  803. Another Kobe.

  804. i think one of these days laker fans going to be warriors fan

  805. Well, the last few years it has been like that so it is a Kobe thing, The legacy is lost, we need a new legacy. They should just put in Jeremy so that we can enjoy watching him.

  806. D.Rose seems to have lost it.

  807. which is a wonder and a mystery 🙂

  808. No offense. But you sounds like a BadDayLA. Calm down. Lin is good. 8 asst. 1/5 in 22 min. If is not bad. If BS let him close, he will the player of the game. You know BS.

  809. That 3 attempt was way off

  810. BS is setting up Lin to fail, so Lin should not fall into that trap. Just gets his points, if BS does not like it, he can not bench Lin now. He knows Lin fans and FO will not allow it. So, Lin really should not take BS seriously.

  811. Just because you played basketball doesn’t mean you can coach it.

  812. So now where is the point guard intinct thing going?

  813. Oh I sure hope you’re speaking the truth.

  814. Still trying

  815. ronnie price is crying in his man crib right now

  816. No game for me. Just checked a few comments, obviously BS was demonstrating the 101 ways to tank….……

    Looks like most of Lin assists went to Davis. Good to see that connection still here.

    Stay healthy Lin. Less than 3 months to be free!

  817. He’s missed like 5 in a row. No more clutch.

  818. now you’re evading your argument. John Lee jsut wants you to back up your analysis of hot hand principle and not

  819. Hope Lin does better with the Bulls on Thursday. He just needs to get in and get his points and worry about about the rest of the crap. Boon’t defer to a freaking rookie. no matter what Scott says…smh

  820. Agree, but Lin didn’t help himself much the 2nd half, didn’t step up his game to earn more minutes. Rookie will have more chance that’s for sure.

  821. Haha, I’M both only cause of Lin.

  822. I give credit to Byron, he knows how to stick it to all the PG.

  823. No surprise. When does JLin get to shoot 18 times?

  824. Sounds like BS.

  825. I think Lin played reasonably well given how the Wizards defense focused on him to shut him down after his great first half. On the other hand, they kept single cover Clarkson or even double off him and that turned out to be the correct choice over the long run as Clarkson started to miss shots after his hot start.

  826. Under BS system, there is no such thing as “earn more minutes”, LOL, it is all about favorism.

  827. When Lin was hot didn’t help. What make you think Lin getting hot again will help him to get to close the game?

  828. Joyce is saying, that as well, he did been setup to fail, but Lin need to be street smart as well

  829. Scott trying to secure his position for the rebuild mode coach. I still think they are going to fire him at the end of the season..jmo.

  830. no byron played by his rule, played the starter the last 6minutes of the 4th whether they are hot or cold. anyway they are tanking.

  831. negative! Once a loyal laker fan, always a laker fan. People don’t convert that easy! I know a bunch of people who are hardcore for them.

  832. but coach hates that connection , so he killed it instantly…

  833. But she just repeat the same thing over and over again as she accused of other posters earlier.

  834. i see his DGAF face

  835. Stay health, gets some stats, attack first, then asts.

  836. i’ll give you 100 likes if it happens!!!

  837. That is why Lin needs to outsmart these tactics. He ash been facing them for most of his career. That is why I get so angry with him. He knows better than this..,smh

  838. I am sure that if Lin has the opening, he will take the shot. It isn’t like you can say I am going to score 20 pts tonight and, wah la, it happens. There are 9 other players on the floor.

  839. As I said earlier, if you watched the game, you would see how Wizards sent a player to JLin even with inbound ball. When he had a ball, at least 2-3 players with him. Also the bigs clogged out the lane. He was playing within his game very well. He wasn’t the pg and sometimes Lakers freezed him out as well. So, what do u expect JLin to do? Opponent respected his game but not his coach, teammates and even his fans.

  840. Wow, just as simple as that. While he is at it, take 30 shots and see what BS will say about it.

  841. We are not Lin playing there so we don’t know the dynamic of the game. Coach, refs, players, set plays, the conditions of his shooting all play factors into the performance. Yes, he can shoot the light out. But would them fall with the sets/defense not favoring him? I don’t know. He is not Young or Kobe. He just wanted to play smart in his own ways.

  842. What can they do.. They know this team is crap. A lot of good players are hurt and the team is left with scrubs. I can understand why they gave up on this season. Even if BS wasn’t the coach, this squad still won’t make the playoffs.

  843. someone pray for ronnie price. his career just went off the cliff in no time.

  844. I also wish Lin would attack the rim more in Q4.
    Not sure if he lost motivation when BScott kept benching him when he’s hot.

    I agree he’d need to get his 12p/8a numbers even when tanking. He’s capable of doing so

  845. why?

  846. When even Stu called you out for taking all the 24 seconds of an offensive possession to end up with a spectacular brick, it looks really really bad. Clarkson is so full of himself after some shots went in earlier in the game, but his overall impact on the game is a big negative as he killed the offensive flow and played little defense.

  847. He will play 35 mins next game

  848. Honestly, THIS.
    He got a DNP-CD the other day, it literally CANNOT get worse than that.

    Screw whatever offensive “scheme” Scott has, just play for your next contract Jeremy. Everyone else on this roster is doing that, he should too. No one cares about being a “team” unfortunately, so Jeremy has to adjust to that.

    That said, it looks like his jumper has been broken for a while now, it sucks, he’s gotta find it, but for now just attack attack attack. Assisting others should come second.

  849. I agree. I wish he’d shoot more to get close to double-double

  850. That seems to be the BS trend.

  851. I agree. I wish we can see more of Jeremy. He needs to play more and develop. Not get stuck on the bench or have inconsistent time on court.

  852. Just one game. Lin already showed that he is better than Ronnie. Things take time.

  853. And another DNP for JLin?

  854. 18 times? he’s taken out just after one 3 pointer today.

  855. I believe he got instruction that got everyone involved again…

  856. Only if time can kill BS.

  857. Thats Lin’s game ow cater to others first hes not dumb he knows he can score 20pts per game
    hes going away from it on purpose

  858. Not sure if that will be the case or not.

  859. yes, it’s part of BScott plan to get everyone lose their rhythm
    It’s maddening indeeed to watch how a coach works hard to lose SMH

  860. Yep, FO loves BS.

  861. Well Lin makes their job easier to write something, unlike Westbrook. How many times could you write execute.

  862. It has started.

  863. JC is the new HEAD OF THE SNAKE!!!bs found out, Snake of Price has no body….LOL

  864. What is Scott going to do, bench him, he is already on the bench. Lin needs to say screw you Scott , like many of the other players do, If lin wants to win, kill tjhe other voices and do what you think is right.

  865. Even though he was doing an excellent job at PG in the first half and could have run up the score if Scott left him in. Scott made sure he couldn’t do it again by playing Clarkson longer and keeping the ball out of Jeremy’s hands. Lakers tanking.

  866. Why interview the bench guy that didn’t close the game? What happen to the start pg?

  867. Huh? Lin has always played better than Price since the season started. Where have you been?

  868. never for now!

  869. He’s the reason that the team lost this game.
    Jordan Clarkson could get the offense going. A point guard played 36 minutes + and made only 3 assists with -13 the highest on the team.

    Wheneven Lin is about to get into a shooting rhythm, Byron would just take him out. A malicious coach.

  870. From what I’ve seen, JLin is playing very well considering Wizards tried to shut him down. Nothing to pick on. The only thing u can pick on is he missed the shots but he only took 5. Most of the time he didn’t have the ball in his hand. It was in Clarkson and Ellington’s hand.

  871. I’m interested to see the stuff in his locker

  872. “Lin needs to be street smart too”

    Love that, great way to put it. He needs to do that to survive in this league.

  873. If the other guys aren’t getting it done and cold he should just start taking it to the rim or shooting.

  874. Lol Lin is like the franchise player. The media can’t get enough of him…

  875. Funny thing is, even Lin is at Price mode, he played better than Price….If Lin goes to Clarkson mode…M….What if Lin goes Kobe mode……

  876. he should but hes not doing it for some reason
    maybe hes sick of being like every one else

  877. BS “logic” if you can follow along.
    From an earlier game, JLin scores 5 points in a couple minutes. Timeout. JLin does not shoot again.
    This game, Clarkson starts hot. Is allowed to shoot 18 times. Plays a career high 37 minutes. Finishes -13. BS could not be prouder.

  878. I don’t like this camera angle at all. I can’t see the blonde.

  879. there won’t be linsanity as long as BS is the coach. how can you play well when you get pulled as soon as you get hot, and some laker fans judge lin based on the result of the ridiculous marginalization. those people are so clueless.

  880. Would like to see! Don’t tease.

  881. thats silly Lin’s potential>>>>>price on pricesanity
    lin on his worst day is 100times the player price is

  882. The game was actually worse when Lin was taken out of the game.
    Jordon Clarkson is all one on one move.
    Starting the 3rdQ, the team lost momentum because there was no ball movement.
    I give the loss to the coach; a well deserving loss for Byron Scott.

  883. Time to watch some 2012 games. I like the one when he played against Kobe

  884. haha….what the heck!

  885. Best way to put it.

  886. Lin was trying to win the game. He saw Clarkson had a rhythm and he was giving him pointers. He was letting Clarkson play point guard but Lin was also facilitating. Lin was looking to facilitate this game. He took a few shots, but it looks like Lin isn’t that interested in his scoring average.

  887. That’s the loser mentality. It is not how JLin made it this far in NBA today.

  888. It was already off the cliff, Scott just went nuts and pulled it out from the dead for whatever reasons he only knows.

  889. nevermind. i forgot christians only pray for lin and no one else.

  890. I don’t think Lin should indiscriminately shoot whenever. He does have a talent of passing that is just exciting. He just needs to be a better pg and sometimes realize the best shot is himself, especially when he doesn’t have talent around him like hill and sacre. If Davis and black are in there sure pass then when you get them open.

  891. Black is their best big man and he got DNP-CD

  892. Warriors – live by the 3 die by the 3

  893. 37 minutes =)

  894. Scott: just wanted to give Ronnie another look.

  895. Did he get hurt?

  896. True, Line with 21% USG and Clarkson with 23

  897. Ughhh 0-13?

  898. Looking back to that Curry TOV….Bulls won…of course ppl will forget it

  899. good that you saw that one too..BS is also a thinker and a chess player, but i hope he changed his way because its not right for a coach to be political.

  900. Man, I missed MDA.

  901. My goodness…he hit the nail on the head….wow…

  902. he is fine just a victim of scott

  903. He need more time to show he is better than clarkson in a big way. He always has to exaggerate it so that is it super obvious.

  904. Jeremy not going on Stephen Curry shooting mode is irking a lot of people… ask him to do so,then

  905. And even defense doesnt matter at all suddenly…lol Wow I’m really amazed at how the double standards work in the NBA applied to Lin.

  906. I really feel like the Lakers were showcasing Hill and Sacre for trades and Black would get his playing time after either or both of the above gets traded.

  907. Joyce, i completely agree with you. What can BS do if Lin does not follow his instruction? BS learned that he can not DNP Lin, so Lin should just go out and play his game and forget about BS. But I think it is Lin’s Christian believe to make him obey his “boss”

  908. No. He played last game

  909. Good post.

  910. They would trade anyone now unfortunately not BS.

  911. Haha. I hope not. You just described a pretender… not a real christian.

  912. Cause it is not about Lin it is about they not able to brag to their friends how many points Lin had score.

  913. He will be criticized as haveing no point guard instincts and selfish not to get his teammates involved.

  914. agree! you know what happened to the Gatlin boys when Tommy stood up against them…in the Kenny Rogers song “Coward of the County”….

  915. So no Black & Price? Weird?

  916. Can we trade the coach ?

  917. that reason is he limits himself too much to appease the coach, and thats what I believe Joyce is trying to say, that he shouldnt do that.
    If he can get 20pt every game then go and do it, his next contract is at stake.

  918. Even so, no one would take BS. Not even 76ers.

  919. With BS if your last name is not Kobe you can jump from DNP-CD to Starter or Starter to DNP-CD any giving moment.

  920. With BS and Lin it is a personal issue. That is the way it is and for some reason BS doesn’t like Lin. He doesn’t like Ronnie now because Ronnie didn’t pull thru but that isn’t his fault. There is way too much of a divisive atmosphere on the team. Someone should tell BS that Basketball is a team sport.

  921. I have to admit, seeing a short miss is like 2nd worst to an airball, they just make me go “UUUGH” lol!

  922. One thing at a time, I’m glad he got his FT back. ^_^

  923. They don’t die very often still

  924. thats so frusting cuz I know he can average 16+pts in 20mins and it will look good on his resume but he goes away from it to still try to please coach who obvi doesnt care about u thats so dumb

  925. That to me is dumb on Lin’s part. This is a contract year for him. Clarkson will never appreciate what Lin did for him

  926. Thank you for bringing the obvious here.

  927. I wish they would just showcase Lin and trade him.

  928. Lol and I prefer the other side of lin also

  929. Coach Jeremy speaking

  930. Well BS in full tanking mode. What can you do?? Some posters here want JLin to be superman and run over 12 people on the court plus coaching team and the bench players as well.

  931. doesn’t matter, now time for the rookie, whatever he wants.

  932. Los Angeles Lakers: Where third stringers become starters.

  933. Another look on the bench to see if he looking good?

  934. Front facing Lin? 🙂

  935. But Jeremy did the right thing mentoring Clarkson. Can’t take that away.

  936. Lakers are one of the most incompetent organizations in the league right now, from the “starters”, to the coach, to the front office.

  937. lol

  938. lol, can not agree more.

  939. Nobody is asking him to do that, but we know that he is capable of much more. Lin needs to figure out when to scaore and when to set up his team mates. He needs to realize that he is not playing for a coach that will give him time to figure it out. Lin has to find that delicate balance.quickly. I know the Laker press will be all about Clarkson and how he should star. Scoring points is what is important in this league for recognition. Lin doesn’t have a clue about that yet, but he needs to get it.

  940. Simple. Lin’s last name ain’t Clarkson. You should know very well that BS is ABJ. Target the right persons for your frustration/anger. JLin is playing within his means when he can. He has done a great job in this game with how the ball was played. If you just watched the game and u would know.

  941. Actually anyone but Lin can be the starter.

  942. These are the only (current) playoffs teams that could potentially look to upgrade at backup PG next season..

    Mavericks, Raptors, Wizards, Bulls, Cavs

    which team would you like to see Jeremy play for out of those?
    (only picked playoffs teams cuz I want Jeremy on a good team, not another tank lol)

  943. according to Byron Scott

  944. Mavs. Reunite with Chandler and Chandler

  945. Lin is happy for his friend Ellington w/ career-high 28pts (who had a tough year losing his dad tragically in a murder case)


  946. and McHale.

  947. Lin needs to go where the crowds will support him. Either Toronto, Dallas, Washington. Chicago is a maybe and Cavs is no way.

  948. Tell him then that he doesn’t have any clue and how dumb he is that he doesn’t know that scoring points is important in this league. Harvard degree wasted, isn’t it?

  949. TC>CP =).

  950. Listen, I love Lin to death, but he got to get his points. If I ever see him on the streets, I will definitely ask him about his mindset

  951. Teams playing the Lakers must feel really good. No problem how big the deficit is, BS will help your team come back.

  952. I know how you feel. =)

  953. Jeremy’s performance against the Bulls will somehow determine who are with him in the long haul and who are ready to jump off.

  954. I just saw this nice picture by Jeremy Lin Garden
    Lin is Sizz-Lin’!

  955. Ugh! Now I want to eat something sizzlin’

  956. It can be frustrating, especially when we know he’s capable of giving so much more, but then I put myself in his shoes and cut him some slack cuz he’s in a tough spot.

    Right now his jumper is broken, the coach is hot pile of BS who kicks him every chance he can, he’s barely getting calls now when he goes to the rim, etc. It just sucks ugh.

  957. I can tell you RIGHT NOW that I am in it for the long haul 🙂

  958. Hopefully his agent is telling him that the F/O has his back so F BS and go do you own thing.

  959. Jeremy Sizz’Lin sandwich? =)

  960. Lakers had 17 assists and JLin had 8 alone. JLin did very well considering. I will take it anyday. Wish he had the chance to shoot more but he played under ABJ BS. Sacre is 3-9, Hill is 4-13, and Johnson is 1-7 and they allow to play 29 min because their last name isn’t Lin. Of course Lakers is in full tank mode. So, BS made sure he had no chance to shoot in second half for once the ball left his hand, no coming back.

  961. He can sizzle all he wants and I’m gonna……. support him all day ( I did my best not to put some other verb there)

  962. nicely done! LOL

  963. I was in before it was cool B-)

  964. Im not sure what the reception in Chicago would be either, but I’d kinda love him on that team.
    It’s in the eastern, easier conference and under a great coach in Thibs.

  965. I almost hit that delete button… lol… think of the children.

  966. Keep on HauLin’!

  967. Funny Lin’s shooting form has to be brought up everytime he is in a slump.

  968. Self control… self control….

  969. Goody for yah!

  970. Hungry children love SizzLin’ sandwich, too
    It’s okay LOL

  971. lin played great. he isn’t a stat stuffer. wasn’t last year will not be this year. so get over it. he will do what he views is needed. great passes today. i wish he was a bit more aggressive but lakers want to lose this is a fact. everyone knows it

  972. I’m starving for Je…. for some sandwich

  973. I applaud you. I don’t have self control so I don’t even attempt 😛

  974. Keep on HauLin together!

  975. We should bring up Young’s or Kobe’s shooting for to balance it out? lol.

  976. lol……I don know. I am so done arguing shooting forms…

  977. Lin plays to win, he doesn’t know other types of play. That is why I am always his fan.

  978. Any of those with a great coach and a fundamentally sound big men.

  979. If I ever get a chance to meet I will. If he wants to be a starter in this league, he has to play the politics to survive, With that being said, does he really understand what that means? I am not trying to throw shade on Lin, but I truly believe that he much more of a worthy opponent that he he shows to be. There is a big difference between a peace maker and a peace keeper and Lin needs to figure them out

  980. BS wants to tank! No doubt about it. Hill, Sacre and Johnson should play 15-20 min instead of 29. Give those minutes to Davis and Black when JLin plays will win big. We know BS by now. It ain’t happen.

  981. What did that mean? Lin didn’t want to stay in Lakers?

  982. Clarkson 18pts 3 assts
    scott : I am pleased of clakson play
    lin 18pts 11 assts
    scott : boneheaded plays

    Scott is just lin hater.

  983. I am also ok with 7 & 8 in limited time and with the shortest leash. Good enough for me. I really hope MDA could come back to coach him this summer. I’m really eager to know what level his will be at if he is put in a carefree system…

  984. Can’t say any better

  985. W Lin always double standard. smh!

  986. “lakers want to lose this is a fact”
    exactly why I wish Jeremy would just pad this stats 🙁

    This team was assembled to lose, with Scott as the commander.
    Trying to play team ball with a team thats not interesting is hopeless.
    But Im sure Jeremy is aware of all of this, also knows this is his contract year.

    Whatever mindset he has, I can only respect it and hope he ends up in a better situation next season.

  987. Why doesn’t the media question Scott’s “coaching”? smh.

  988. Turns out I was right and Clarkson should have 19 FGA and Lin should have 4.

  989. His new job is spokesperson for the team.

  990. There’s one small hope that they trade Lin to team that need help for playoff

  991. I think he meant he never got to realize the 1-2 tandem with Kobe where Kobe covers the inside-middle and Lin covers middle-outside(3pt line)

    Only because Kobe didn’t feel like sharing the glory and crowd adoration. Very sad indeed.
    And by that I meant Kobe who will always be wary of people stabbing his back the way he does to people.
    He’ll be one lonely man.

  992. IF KOBE and BS, will Lakers treat Lin better?

  993. Tonight Kobe in Clarkson’s body

  994. They are very different….lol both took a lot of shots but very different…

  995. yup, he played great in 10 min with great passing and shooting rhythm.
    5pts/5asts were AWESOME!

    BScott messed with his rhythm. I wished he could also score double-digit but I hope he’ll adjust and overcome this BScott yo-yo treatment

  996. I know that Lin knows what to do. It is up to him to pull his calling card. Look. I love lin, but I also know that Scott limiting him the ball in his hand is not stopping Lin. That is no brainier to Lin. He has to figure out the delicate balance on when he needs to score and get his team mates involved. Lin has very high bball IQ. I think the talk he had with scott was trying to give Scott the benefit of the doubt. lin knows now that Scott was not on the up and up. I suspect the game with the Bulls omn Saturday will be a much better outcome for Lin.

  997. Who will win the super bowl?

  998. I am not taking that away, but Clarkson is a rookie and young, he knows exactly what he is doing. He doesn’t respect the veteran players on the team. Lin needs to understand that about Clarkson. He is young and he wants the limelight.

  999. Lin had a nice game it seems. At this point I would not mind that he just shoot when open.

  1000. That almost airball 3 was so out of rhythm….in fact most catch and shoot Lin had were not in rhythm…I guess he needs a summer to regain it….thanks to BS.

  1001. Agreed.

  1002. LOL. I was just annoyed that Lin somehow needs to take the fall for a missed layup when Clarkson was the one who bricked it.

  1003. I really believe he got instruction from BS to just AS.. 2nd unit didn’t play a lot or take lots of shots tonight…

  1004. This is not debatable…obviously BS asked Lin to play off guard to groom Clarkson

  1005. They’re on the take.

  1006. Thanks God, they lose the game.. smh!

  1007. he will have his choice

  1008. You guys can say Lin had a nice game all you want , but the NBA only recognizes stat padding. If lin wants to survive in this league as a starter he needs to stat pad, and if he unwilling to do that, then he will not be a starter in this league. I am going to be very hard on lin, because he is not new to this game. It is his choice on how he wants to play this out. Lin knows that Scott has never been an obstacle to him, but it has been about lin’s choices on how to handle the situation

  1009. I thought he played really well, the team isn’t on the same level of team ball as he is. Ed Davis is closest to it, but he and Ed don’t play together enough for it to be as automatic as it could be. It got that way with Stockton and Malone. But Hill, Sacre, Johnson, guys like that aren’t moving around and positioning themselves well. Ellington is better, more in motion. Clarkson is a rookie. Black is also pretty good but didn’t play tonight. Lin could have been more aggressive in the 4th going to the hole to get foul shots. That’s what I think he should do more of in the 4th now that Kobe is done for the season.

  1010. But that’s what BS and FO wants.

  1011. Doesn’t matter whether or not Clarkson appreciate it. Jeremy did whatever he felt was the right thing to do. Clarkson can take it or leave it. And how do we exactly know Clarkson doesn’t respect veteran players on the team? Like you said, he is young. Let’s not look at the only the negatives.

  1012. Agreed but you know Lin won’t do it.

  1013. hopefully from good competitive teams.
    They do look at stats though 😛

  1014. I agree..

  1015. I have been saying this for long time, but I no longer expect him to do so. He is who he is, either by habit or beliefs.

  1016. It seems like Kobe and scott staying in lakers until next season. If so, will Lin sign another contract with lakers this summer?

  1017. So if he doesn’t follow your demand, you are going to jump off his bandwagon?

  1018. Either by habit of belief.

  1019. Sounds like the Bulls!
    I would love him on the Bulls, great coach, good big men and some solid shooters.

    Jeremy deserves to play under a good coach again. McHale and Scott have been enough.

  1020. I’d be stunned if Jeremy signed with them. He’s close to entering his prime, why waste another year under such circumstances again. Too much disrespect from this org.
    Best to give it a shot somewhere else.

  1021. “NBA only recognizes stat padding”
    Cold truth. Especially if they’re looking to sign someone to a contract.
    They look at stats as a part of your resume.

  1022. I disagree…

  1023. I went to find the last time Lin had 19 FGA (the number of shots Clarkson attempted tonight) and the game was on 2013/11/13 against the 76ers. Lin made 9 three pointers that night, with 34 points and 11 assists while playing 48:37. In contrary, Clarkson had his 19 FGA, 18 points and 3 assists in 36:46 of playing time.

    Lin’s game is really never about attempting a lot of shots. It might not be reasonable to expect him to change his playing style all of a sudden after playing his way of getting his teammates involved and playing to what the defense gives him (the right way) throughout his career.

  1024. You dont agree GMs take into account your stats?

  1025. I believe GM watch films extensively…stat is just a part of it. However I agree with Joyce that it is Lin’s choice…..he indeed could handle it differently. I am ok what ever he choose to do. Not that what I say matters to him anyway.

  1026. IMHO, the Seahawks will win the super bowl if the game football is properly inflated LOL.

  1027. Seems like he’s also given up on this tanking team and is just going with the flow.

  1028. need info quick –
    THE BENCH was outplaying the starters – were they the 2nd best in the league at that time??

  1029. No, I am not. I am a A Christian and I understand Lin’s mindset.Lin want s to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am sure that little talk lin had with Scott was as only as good for the Rocket’s. game. Lin gave him the benefit of the doubt, now Lin knows that scott was just posturing, he will figure out how to work around Scott in the next game. AS I stated in my previous post, scott has never been an obstacle to lin and Lin knows this.

  1030. D’Antoni come back!! I keep praying for Lin to sign with a team that will really values his talent and treats him fairly every day. I see no possibilities Lin will come back to Lakers again due to BS and KOBE.

  1031. “stat is just a part of it”
    I said stats are a part of your resume, not that its exclusively what they use to evaluate a player.

    They have scouts at games too, to get a good look at players from other teams

    (like Jared Jeffries is for the Nuggets nowadays).

  1032. yeah, even if he wants to attempt more shots, BS won’t allow him to, he always get benched when he’s hot. mess up his rhythm

  1033. Yep……bit ppl seems to make stat a BIG part of everyone’s resume. I do not. Only medias do that. I doubt GM do that at all….

  1034. I think there was a rumor that Nuggets might get a look at D’Antoni because Coach Shaw is not reaching their expectations.

    Jeremy on the Nuggets under D’Antoni would be great!

  1035. That is why he needs to find te delicate balance and get his shots and then set up his team mates

  1036. Advanced stats maybe count more. I still think Lin’s abiltiy to break down d and create for others is far underrated and not well used in BS dead old system.

  1037. He got paid so he only could do whatever they asked him to do on court no matter he liked it or not. smh!

  1038. I disagree. That is a major part of the GM’s when they are trying to match up talent for the team

  1039. Yeah, but is that a stat somebody is looking at or interested in?

  1040. You can not match talent by box score….not gonna work. It has to be deeper than that..

  1041. hey Joyce Ward – I left the LAL tank tonight by going to watch your hero, DRose, be amazing in Bulls comeback on GSW. Iggy lost the game for GSW, missing 4 FTs and also Kerr drew up an play and he was wide open but couldn’t dunk on Mirotic in OT. A nice break from this LAL tank. Now catching up with y’all.

  1042. Then u see that curry TOV and the all 11tovs by Rose…lol

  1043. he is given not much playing time

  1044. Lin has been in this league for a while. He needs to do what he think is best for the team, and not for some inept coach. He does his team a great injustice when he does that.As a leader, when he does what he knows is right, team mates will respect him more. We all know now that Scott is a cowardly coach.

  1045. I thought Jeremy enjoyed the screen/roll so much in Q2 that he’s not in the aggressive attack mode in the 2nd half.
    But yes, I wish he would use himself as a scoring threat since too much facilitating to Sacre just won’t work.

    He would need to think hard of what he needs to do amidst this tanking mode.
    Go into aggressive mode like in HOU game or back to facilitating mode and be benched if it doesn’t work.

    He wants to make the right Team-Play but the right Team-Play is to make himself the primary scoring threat since his teammates lack the talent to do so.

    I hope he comes to the realization soon. Otherwise, it’s hard to achieve his All-Star dream

  1046. Besides Nuggets, I think Kings should go after D’Antoni next season! Their owner wants to play fast tempo,less-defense games.That will be perfect for him to coach and play run and gun O all the day.lol

  1047. he’s only got limited play time, and he tried to score already but he’s cold after a long benching, that’s why he decided to get his asists i think. Clarkson can pad his stats because BS let him play 37 mins, if lin played 37mins and attempted 18 FGA, he would get 38 points easily.

  1048. Let’s get one thing straight. Stat pad or not……it is irrlevent to his treatment. The bias against him is not from his box score, or any of the advanced stats…jmo

  1049. why isn’t the coach asked about the losing streak?

  1050. Because it is all Lin’s fault

  1051. To support what you say here … Mirotic played 31 mins for Bulls and was instrumental in their comeback because of his length. He wasn’t so efficient in box score, but you could see he did a great job. And he hasn’t gotten that many minutes for 13 games, so he was in there as and adjustment. Clear path foul on Iggy that did not convert any points. Stopped Iggy for the tying 2 in OT … it was a foul, but not shooting for some reason. GMs and Coaches get it, but Lin’s price now is too high for him to be picked up. So he’s going to have to go to the team that is willing to pay the luxury like LAL or that want to build around him. Fingers crossed.

  1052. I love the Chinese TV commentators tonight 🙂

  1053. Reporters are so bored they even have to rehash old kobe questions. Pretty soon they’re gonna have nothing to write about.

  1054. Lin played well, but 8pt /7asts is not going to cut i. he rally needs to start looking out for himself. All you will hear tomorrow is about Clarkson’s 18 points. Lin needs to just play his game while he is in there and get his points and stop all the drama with scott. Lin’s fate is in his hands. He needs to score points if he wants to be a starter on this league. If he is unwilling to do that , then he needs to rethink the starting position

  1055. BS really pisses fans off, this is lin’s contract year, why is he so vicious? he’s like a terrible bad guy from movie. never see anyone as bad as he is.

  1056. I agree with KH in this case. I mean lin gets into bad situation due to how he looks like. But I hope there are GMs that put those aside…

  1057. he thinks he’s superstar , maybe 🙂

  1058. Wish I can watch the game with Chinese commenters rather than Stu. Didn’t bother to switch to Wizards one. Just turned my eyes off.

  1059. He is star according to BS. I turned myself off when JLin left the game on 4th qtr knowing that they are going to lose the game anyway.

  1060. The guys can have the Carl’s Jr. McKinney but I’ll take the sizzzzlin.

  1061. yes, but rose was the guy who pulled the bulls back. I was very impressed, but definitely not as impressed as when Lin gets it going. Bulls gave him room in the paint, lol.

    That Curry TOV was so bad … I still say Iggy lost the game for us with not outsmarting Mirotic on that play.

    BTW, if we doubt Kerr as a coach, he got Iggy and open look, and KT and open look bot did not covert. Kerr’s doing a good job.

    Also, I got to go on the floor during part of the game, and here’s the difference in how they looked live:

    – Noah looks a LOT skinner than on TV
    – Rose is a lot beefier around than on TV
    – Pau looks the same
    – KT lit it up in the first quarter.

    Ah well, glad Bogut didn’t play. He sky-ed too much Sunday night I am nervous for any possible injury to him. I was disappointed the the talk with my friends who understand bball FO that GSW would not be able to afford JLin now. I pitched that Lin could be a great sponsorship asset to the team, but the luxury tax is too much. Bummer.

  1062. One example of why I know NBA team knows lin is good. They never deny the ball to clarkson. They are afraid lin will get the ball. Was wanted clarkson to have the ball as long as possible…of course medias will never mention those.

  1063. how so, joyce? as the coach , he will DNP anybody if he so wanted ; he will pull him out even if he’s on fire ; his boneheaded rotations continue to be a source of bewilderment. but, more than anything else , his clueless, outdated style of coaching is just a great impediment to Lin and to the team.

  1064. I missed the game and was also disappointed in the box score. But sometimes Lin can’t get much going, he needs way more minutes to get himself going. He seems to get aggressive if he comes in with 2 mins left in the 3rd, or the half. Then he knows it’s on him. Ah well, I had a night off from the LAL saga and then I saw GSW lose it in the final 3 minutes, so I guess I’m used to ppl making mistakes. But hey, GSW have competent teamwork oriented guys, so it doesn’t feel half bad to see a narrow loss by them.

  1065. Green bailed them out in the regular… I would say Kerr doaged a bullet there..

  1066. Well hopefully his tendership will be terminated soon. But knowing “classy” Lakers, this won’t happen. Will just watch when JLin’s playing. Another 36 games to go. Counting as JLin is counting:-)

  1067. Brent that does not show in the stats. I hope talent Scouts are taking notice of this. Lin just needs to get his head out of the clouds and ask himself whrt he is willing to compromise his game to be a starter in thi league,

  1068. i have that in mind too…

  1069. I’m getting convinced it’s tanking. For those games where they fought heard, it was under their ceiling to be the worst 5. Nowadays, with these 10-15 game plans, it’s clear he’s picking his worst starting team and letting them lose to real NBA teams. Lin is out there in limited minutes to prevent the team from pulling off what they are capable of doing, as many ppl I know who know bball say – that team isn’t as bad as it plays. Talented guys. They are short a stone cold shooter like KT (long on D too), I’d put Lin close to Curry now that Curry is not shooting as much in deference to KT’s heat, and they don’t have a Bogut.

  1070. Yep Look at Wizards, they even denied JLin from inbounding ball from the other side of the court. Then sent 2-3 players and clogged up the lane when JLin had the ball in offense. Teams know who is the threat: no one but JLin. Sad is only BS, KB and some teammates deny this because of their own sick agendas.

  1071. There should be websites streaming China feed.

  1072. yeah, hopefully lin will be able to sign with a normal team that allows players to play to their strength and under a decent unbiased coach.

  1073. Joyce my pt is, I believe teams know it. They game planed him accordingly which we all have seen the whole season. The problem here really is not bball related. Jmo. While I agree it is better to have a better box score, I feel it will not change much if he somehow has to play under a coach like bs. He just needs that one team who can really accept his game. The acceptance might not because his box score I am afraid.

    However, that does not mean I am against him pad his stat now, I think at this point…..he should try his best to do it

  1074. Highlights!

  1075. That’s my hope. Hope there are number of teams will offer him and JLin will choose a team that the org and headcoach believes in him and play his strengths.

  1076. Yeah, I have some thoughts about that about me too, but I’m also at the place where age discrimination hits too. When you are a young Asian American make, you face the Lin thing, the no gray hair thing, the looking 10 years younger thing. Then when you are older, ppl these days always talk about working with younger ppl because they are enthused and can work for pizza and cokes lol.

  1077. Agree. Believe in him and allow JLin to play to his strengths.

  1078. Can’t remember, you mean his layup (did he tie it?) or did Green draw and off foul? I was having a good time.

  1079. Nice report from the warriors game. I’ll to catch the replay. You’re right, Noah is tall, but lanky, I was on the same flight with him from ORD-SFO once, he sat two rows away from me, when he stood up, his head has to be tilted from the roof…lol.

  1080. Well…I will support him either way.

  1081. lol.

  1082. yeah, I always thought Noah was much bulkier, but up close, he’s much leaner. KT and Curry are just like you see on TV. Barnes isn’t as beefy as he looks on TV. DLee seems to have put on some weight since 2 yrs ago.

  1083. He is trying to get the support of his teammates first. He is a leader.

  1084. Oh BTW, did you see the amazing no-look back over the shoulder pass by Curry to DLee for the Jam? And, I think the alley oop from nearly half court first half from Curry to Barnes. Nice but no result. They can afford to give one or so away to Eastern conf.

  1085. Most of his ASTs create lay up………..it is golden……

  1086. and how he looks, the gentle way he talks about team and so on. Sometimes, a good man is uncomfortable to ppl who are not aiming for the same thing.

  1087. Yep JLin is doing what he can with the peculiar situation he is in. I trust him for making the best out of what he can. Obviously I would like him to have all the leverage like other last name isn’t Lin but this isn’t going to happen in this very discriminated, biased NBA. Having said that, I always believe God has brought him thus far and won’t leave him in a no man land. So, I just have to be patience and see how JLin’s NBA journey will unfold. Just hope and pray I will have a chance to witness his victory one day — starter, ASG and ring.

  1088. Noah is unmistakably resembled his dad. BTW, I don’t know if you have met Lin in person, a friend (6’1) who stood next to Jeremy said he’s huge in person, taller and bigger than on TV. That was 2 years ago, Lin have bulked up even more now.

  1089. Sure. Let’s just see if whatever you say matters or will influence him in any way.

  1090. Not seeing the game, just seeing this – it seems clear he’s on instruction to feed the team practice. 8 assists. 20 or so mins and factoring usual blown As, that means he would have easily had over 10 … yep, don’t hate me but LAL have told Lin he’s running drills for everyone.

  1091. the article…its time to turn to jeremy…well BS and Fo turn to Clarkson..

  1092. Yes, I haven’t been close to Lin since watching him from the floor in 2013 when Rox came to GSW. I was a guest, so that is not my lifestyle just have a generous and genuine pal. Lin walked right in front me me coming back from half, with Bev in tow. That was before Bev got the brass ring, so Bev was looking down and humble. I had to stop so as not to run into him, as I was crossing the tunnel to get to my seat. I didn’t say anything I was so surprised. He’s definitely bigger than me but I guess I’m used to ppl being taller. I did not take my open look ha ha.

  1093. Lin proved that in the game against Rox coast-to-coast.

  1094. and many times before.

  1095. Speaking of dad’s, tonight was Manute Bol night at ORCL. He was on GSW 88-90 and 94-95. Sad, he passed away of kidney failure younger than 50. One of his sons was there to accept the honor and he was v tall too, a good looking kid. It was nice to remember him.

  1096. No surprise, I guess they just badly want another junior Kobe in the making…besides swaggy young.

  1097. this one should be easy to fix.

  1098. Exactly! We seem to forget that while we all operate in the real world assuming that if we do a good job, we’ll get promoted. What we’ve seen with Lin’s world for the last 3 years is that he lives in a bizarro world where up is down and bad is good. Thus we’ve seen Bev and Price play ahead of Lin. No matter what he does, the bias against him will have a bizarro twist to it.

    This is why Lin holds firmly onto his faith and plays the game that befits that faith. That’s the only solid ground he can stand on. In his bizarro reality, up is down and he doesn’t know where to stand moment to moment.

    Love is the power of God. We as individuals long for someone to love. How we choose to find our soul mates should be to be ourselves and not to project what is an appealing Madison avenue image of what we think someone would want. To project a false image of who we are to be the muscle shirt stud with fancy cars and beer drinking bar hopping cool dude only makes us attract the very same pretenders that want that image. We will never find our soul mates if we lie about who we are.

    Lin is who he is and he will leave it all out there on the court for all to see. He bares his soul for all to see. He is honourable to a fault, loyal, supportative, selfless and a total team player. It’s there for anyone with an eye to see it. Maybe there won’t be anyone for him or a team that wants the real him. That’s not his problem. That’s a reflection of the teams in the NBA. Yeah, he may wash out of the league because no team wants that type of team player. That’s not something he’ll regret becasue the game as it exists is an ugly game that none of us want to watch. I for one would hate for Lin to become a KOBE, Melo, Harden just so he can lose his soul.

  1099. he was just being polite to a leading reporter question. Means nothing by now. C’mon Serena, go with the real news.

  1100. BS didn’t like to see it from JLin. Hence, handcup him by not playing him much with Davis in second half. Excellent tanking job by BS.

  1101. They should turn to Jeremy – once he becomes even half of the player people are wanting him to be as posted here.

  1102. do you mean even if Lin is half the player he is?

  1103. Be even half the player that some people here demanded him to be. Be a player half of Stephen Curry or Lebron James.

  1104. Well said! I’d rather him to keep his integrity than lose it to the ugly NBA world.

  1105. yup….LA is about 16 championship and legacy….they want another Kobe….not an Asian American..

  1106. media wont mentioned that…medias never question BS..I mean real hard questions that make him sweat…

  1107. ah I see … well, I think he’s twice the player people perceive him to be because of 2 things: his defense is really solid and leads to team stops, and he knows how to change the flow of the game form losing mojo to a downhill run. I’m never bored when watching Lin, and yes, I also get bummed when he misses or someone drops an easy dime form him.

  1108. you said it. No kobe, no Price. I like him like TD. No hard feelings, love it when he made his 2 handed dunks, laughed WITH him when that tomahawk jam did not go in. Really, I laughed more at Lin haters and felt bad when the slam didn’t go.

  1109. I get perturbed also when he’s not bringing his A+ game, but when that happens I don’t tell him he should be like this and that because it’s him who is playing in the NBA, not me. The only thing I could do is support him. It’s like me telling a doctor he should do a procedure to this patient just because I saw him doing his work, and cool bonus – I’m not a doctor.

  1110. Lin’s well scouted and the strategy works on him, he should have known that already and developped some counter move.

  1111. they are praying for you right now … woooo …


  1112. Clarkson did score 18pt, while Lin was unable to step up when the game’s on line. BS got double standard for sure, but Lin has to do something for himself.

  1113. That’s very true. Unless we have an access to JLin and have his ears in the right time, otherwise what we say mean nothing but annoy people. Today I just shared my frustration with my godfather that how annoyed I’m when people keep on telling me what to eat, what to do…. without knowing my body, the total health issues I’m dealing with. They don’t even ask me how I’m doing. They just want to push their gabbage to me so that they can feel good in helping me out. When I become annoyed after telling I can’t because…. they become so angry at me for not listening to their “good advise…” Hence, I don’t bother to say much about my health issues this day.

  1114. well, you have your fangirl well separated from your real self so very nice! Me, I have to remember to focus hard on stuff in between games. NBA is too fast. I’d be a more balanced fan if there were 4 days between games and only 40 games, but that’s not the reality of big biz, so just hope one day Lin is winning it on his own team. I don’t feel a need to watch every Curry or KT game, and I like them a lot.

  1115. Yes only if your coach and teammates work with you. We know he doesn’t get the support from this team. He is doing well and is still able to give 8 assists and 7 pts. Wizards tried their best to shut JLin down but JLin didn’t let them. It was BS who shut JLin down by not giving him the ones that worked like Ellington, Davis in this game but subed in Sacre, Johnson, Hill and Boozer. What do u expect JLin to do with this player when 2-3 players guided u, clogged your lane and your teammates iced u out or not moving. He tried couple times to split the defenses and got jammed by Sacre or Boozer. Even as a non bb expert can see there was very little JLin could do. He isn’t the kind of player who will shoot with 2-3 players guide you unless it’s at the end of time clock.

  1116. It’s good that you weed out the noise and listen to the people who really understand what is going on with your body.There is a very, very thin line between “advice” and “suggestion”, and most of those that should stay as “suggestion” is thrown into the “advice” column.

  1117. Fangirl me is not that different from real me :). I just put myself in Jeremy’s situation. How would I feel if people who barely know the real situation tell me what I should do?I wouldn’t like it.He probably does feel the same way.

  1118. It doesn’t matter now whatever the youngsters do, they can do whatever they see fits to develop, it’s their time.Unless Lin shoots the light off at the same time the rookie played crappy, he’s not staying on court, that simple.

  1119. When Lin was actually doing something for himself, he was immediately benched. So was Ellington.

    Just saying.

  1120. If he was kept on the floor after that 3, I guess he would have been into his shooting rhythm.

  1121. he’s not on the court because LAL is not aiming to win. He’s the practice pitcher. They need to lose and they also need to run the youth around town. Lin never got a year to practice, just D League. Don’t begrudge the young team their good luck, but it’s at the expense of LAL fans.

  1122. Please go to listen to JLin postgame interview. He did talk about this.

  1123. You will make a fine partner to someone, IJ7! as you like. Hanging with your dad watching bball, working in a sports house, talking loyalty AND giving ppl room to be themselves, saying no to bad behavior … Great start. Find your path and make it so!