G45 HOU @ LAL PostGame Thread

Surprisingly, Lin was given 28 minutes in this game.

Lin was a little off in his shooting rhythm due to the Playing Time fluctuations but his aggressiveness managed to get him 10 FTs out of his total 14pts/6asts/3TOs.

Lin showed what he can do even when he had an off night shooting. He can always get to the FT line with proper screens.

What an exciting game it will be if Lin is featured for the trade (or not) when he gets his shooting touch!

And we need to remember to thank Jeanie Buss for taking action from Lin having DNP to get 28 min.

Knowing Byron’s history, this is a great win as Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery tweeted before that victory is certain.

I think FO and Lin’s agent agreed on a deal to trade Lin before Feb trade deadline. We’ll have to watch next few games if Lin continues to get screens/PT to attack the rim! But this is a great progress!

@JLin7 fans, let’s tweet to thank @JeanieBuss to take some actions that Lin was featured in this game.

Even if she played only a small part, it’s a great chance to influence her positively to give excitement to all Lakers fans!


Game 46

Guess JLin's stats


  1. Man, I hope you’re right.

  2. I hope I’m right, too.
    Just too much coincidence of Lin playing 28 min after DNP plus Roger Montgomery tweeted guaranteeing a victory, right?
    But we have to watch next few games to be sure.

    Let me find his tweet again

  3. We would know soon…lets see

  4. yes, let’s watch 4-5 games for consistent ‘To Be Traded’ role and 28-32 min PT so we’re sure there is a deal in place

  5. I hope tonight is not a result of catering to the young guests (winner of Youth Madness) from Taiwan to see their hero Lin leading the day. Tonight should be either the start of the end of Lin’s tenure as a Laker (showcasing for trade) or the start of the end of BS as the Lakers’ coach (about time LOL).

  6. still not necessarily, maybe the deal is with Kobe may be out next season, and Lin is given a bigger role. Hence we give you minutes, immaterial you start or not…do give us your numbers

  7. yeah, its waiting game now…lets see

  8. It might be too much to hope 4 but I hope so

    Kobe’s ego would certainly plan for a farewell season next season so at this point I’m reading Roger’s tweet to signify a victory to get PTs for showcasing or until end of season for Lin’s Free Agency.

    Just thinking outloud on the possibility

  9. Lakersground net buzzing with compliments for Lin – first time they’ve seen Lin Attack mode – hope they all become fans. They called it “F Coach” mode.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:42 pm Post subject: Lin at the line again….I like this attack all day Lin mode

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:43 pm Post subject: Lin finally playing like its a contract year.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:44 pm Post subject: Jeremy Lin in F it mode. F the system, F Byron, F long twos, F everything.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:39 pm Post subject: Lin and boozer are the best 2 players on the Lakers, that’s sad

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:40 pm Post subject: Nice effort in the 4th quarter. This line-up in the game right now – should be our starting line to end the season – except Lin for Ellington. Play Clarkson as a 2 and let him develop into a better PG.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:42 pm Post subject: Never seen Lin attack so much as a Laker.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:43 pm Post subject: Lin stopped giving fxcks

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:44 pm Post subject: This is how Jeremy needs to play. F it mode hahaha

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:47 pm Post subject: Lin is fast.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:47 pm Post subject: Lin drives in for the bucket.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:51 pm Post subject: Kinda enjoyed watching that lol, lin was total “F the system mode”

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:54 pm Post subject: I think Lin just decided to say fark Byron’s classic PG pass only never shoot bullpoop and just play his aggressive style in the 4th. Expect him to get moved back to the 3rd string next game

    Gosh the kid shot a lot, took more FTs then even Harden If only he had a better shooting night his stat line would be almost good

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:54 pm Post subject: xenojoey wrote:This is how Jeremy needs to play. F it mode hahaha

    Problem is often he would already have been benched. He often needs time, as with many players, to get his game going. Seen it many times before.
    I like him playing with Davis and Clarkson. Hope to see more.

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:58 pm Post subject: xenojoey wrote:This is how Jeremy needs to play. F it mode hahaha

    Lin is a penetrating, slashing combo guard. That’s his strength. And if there’s no rim protector, that’s how he should play. His perimeter shots weren’t falling so he got his points at the line. Lin, though, has fallen off badly with the FTs. He needs to get in the gym and shoot them. No excuse for missing so many

    Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:03 pm Post subject: Lin with the “F*** YOU Byron” play style tonight.

  10. From Lakers Ground.

  11. From Lakers Ground – Per Byron, Byron asked Swaggy a question and he didn’t like the answer so he got benched…

    Scott: Do you know what your job is out there?
    Swaggy P: Score in bunches and get the Win!
    Lin: Get the ww… err, Top 5 pick.
    Scott: Jeremy, that’s and extra 15 mins for you tonight.

  12. Let me repost Roger Montgomery’s tweet (Lin’s agent) after the DNP game.

    What did he mean by “Small fight. Minor adjustments. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Victory is certain.”?
    1. Is it a coincidence that Lin was given 28 min especially when he didn’t shoot well (only 2pts in the beginning of 4th quarter)? The old Byron would have benched him and he’d be justified due to Lin’s poor shooting.
    Did the Front Office force Byron to let Lin close the 4th quarter? Did Lin fans pressure to @JeanieBuss on twitter help to make it happen?

    2. And what victory is certain? Showcasing with 25-30min for trade? Or good PT until end of season?
    We should see see what it means in the next few games.


  13. Hm, maybe @JeanieBuss need to see the excitement Lin brings to Lakers fans LOL
    Thanks for compiling them!

  14. Where is lin is being traded. What pieces do Lakers have to trade? I will take a wait and see attitude on this one. I think that it it much more complex than we think. Most teams are not taking on lin’s salary unless there is something for Lakers to give up. Most teams know that lin is a FA and they will just to resign him.

  15. I don’t think that it means that Lin is getting traded. The Lakers have no bargaining chips. They are not going to give up their most prized possession draft picks.Lin salary is way too much, without draft picks,. Most contending teams will pick up Lin off free agency.

  16. highlights please anyone?

  17. The thing is, there are only 37 games left to play. By the time Lin is traded, the new team would have to pay Lin only about $6 mil of his remaining $15 mil salary. If a contending team really wants Lin, they can give up a pick and get Lin for $6 mil minus any cash Lakers are willing to pay to sweeten the deal.

  18. Thanks. Harden is a lot better than I thought tonight. Great after so many bad stuff from Kobe & BS.

  19. His reaction to Mchale was interesting…businesslike, but not too close. I was surprised how chummy he looked with Harden..

  20. I believe this 29 mins game caught every highlight maker off guard,…again…

  21. Love the retort so much!

  22. I don’t believe Lin will be traded bc if Lakers wants to trade him then why DNP him last game?! This sure was not a good show case for a player you want to trade him?!

  23. The pt is BS DNPed him, not F/O

  24. from lin’s post game interview, sounds like he plans to be on this team through the season. no indication of trade at all.

  25. maybe they are expecting 0 highlights DNP-CD again.

  26. I thought you are out for today..

  27. I know but if FO wants to trade Lin, BS would show case him long before the DNP.. Plus w so many negative comments from BS to Lin…?! Not show case for trade…

  28. Probably did not even record the game…oh shoot..

  29. i stopped watching the game, but came back for post game before heading in to bed finally

  30. Well…IDK…because seems like Scott just turned somehow for today…

  31. Picture Time 🙂

  32. That’s to be expected right up until the moment a trade is finalized.

  33. we are mooting over the event that might have taken place after the DNP

  34. Woohoo! HIghlights!

  35. More coming

  36. Kobe/Scott not getting what they want from F/O .Kobe did the same thing with D12 when he wanted him off the team and Mitch/F/O disagreed with Kobe. Same thing happening with Lin

  37. Lakers voice will invite Lin to Join on Feb 23rd…I guess that means Lin will stay?

  38. yes yes…more

  39. That’s exactly what I thought. This DNP it’s all from Kobe & BS not FO bc before they changed the new starting lineup, Lakers was showing Lin’s jersey on tweet… Lin was supposed to be the main focus vs Spurs game.

  40. Few more coming up

  41. @KHuang predicted a DNP-CD. But @JoeTeam and I ALWAYS countered, yes, that’s what Kobe (and BS) want to do to Lin. But they CAN’T get away with it. So @JoeTeam was right and deserves ALL the credit. NOT @KHuang!

  42. We can say they are both right…

  43. You mean the 3 of us.

  44. He got his butt chewed twice. The first time was yesterday with the canceled practice. The second tome when he was late for the pregame interview because of the crap he said at the shoot around saying not knowing if lin would play. Guess what lin was off the bench way before Price. I am telling you guys Scott is not speakingg for the F/O when he talks. Now that Kobe is gone, Scott is flying without a net.

  45. Thats it 🙁

  46. I think the FO has a different plan for Lin. Mitch and Jeannie like Lin. What they didn’t anticipate is how Scott has derailed everything with his treatment of Lin. Now Kobe looks to be gone for good. May be they want to feature Lin as the new face of the franchise. At least that’s my wishful thinking. May be I am naive.

  47. U can say that too..lol

  48. I do not know…I feel Scott is the man staying…oh well

  49. You are soft…lol

  50. I like Scott

  51. Some teams actually were open for salary dump.
    Last week I remember BOS was calling all teams letting them know they’re open for salary dump.

    I thought that was interesting since it means not only contending teams might need Lin’s service but some teams can use an expiring contract to help their salary cap situation (not 100% sure but we should check into BOS situation)

  52. You are not native but yes it’s wishful thinking, haha.

  53. Good point on what he said about Lin at the shoot around… BS was lying bc Lin said he talked to BS this morning.. So something sure is going on behind the door.

  54. Ouch!

  55. Not native, so alien?

  56. There was a condition to the Celtics salary dump. They wanted something in return like ad 1st or 2nd draft round pick

  57. I believe so… I am sort of not really sure but I guess Lakers will make an offer for Lin this summer.

  58. E.T. from 1982?

  59. who’s Lakers Voice? a choir group?

  60. Or Panda…from somewhere….like that avatar

  61. I didn’t alienate everyone based on my wishful thinking…lol

  62. It is a show I think? like a Q&A

  63. Planet Om-Nom-Nom LOL

  64. Actually, the Panda from Sichuan at the Panda Research Center in Chengdu. 🙂

  65. Place for MaPo Tofu!

  66. I wish it could be true but I think Kobe still has 1 more year to do his farewell tour.

    As long as Lin gets 25-32min and more PT, it’ll be good for his FA value.
    If trade happens for any reason, that’ll be great too not to play under BScott and for a team that wants him.

    But things can always chance depending of the severity of Kobe’s injury

  67. Not me. Now that Kobe is out for the season, and the way they treated kobe when he was lats season, is where he had no deccisons on who they brought on the team.It will be even much more now that Kobe is not guaranteed to come back next season, I think Scott will be fired and they will do a buyout with him. I am sure that is all in his contract.

  68. there will be no trades

  69. aw. hehe.

  70. It feels like I won something – soooooo happy! 🙂

  71. oh ok.. I guess plans can be made but if an unlikely trade happens, they can interview an ex-Laker LOL

  72. LOL

  73. we all won, @Grace:disqus!

    Basically we got a treat of Lin’s throwback 76ers game as a Knick where he went to FT line 10-14 times despite not shooting well 😀

  74. I guess it all hinges on what Kobe will say tomorrow

  75. Kei-sanity. Nishikori just took David Ferrer apart 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, 5th consecutive wins against a tough opponent, next up, the defending champ, Stan Wawrinka in the Quarters. Kei beats Stan at the US Open Semis.

  76. I think this is the surgery to make Kobe retire. His rota tor cuff was completely separated from the bone. That is only;y what the MRI showed. There is no telling when they get in and see what nerve damage has been done. If he wants to come back, I think the Lakers will offer him a buyout

  77. I have the same thought like you.. Hope everything can be like our wish… But I think Kobe will show up for next season bc he didn’t want to give up any money at all. Hope he can be like Nash, done before next season start it.

  78. very nice 717 … thanks. All I wanted to say there was we don’t have to create a self-fulfilling prophecy in our own minds (prisons). Lin and his management team orchestrated a freeing event and it only took Friday to Sunday. So no need to cry night for months and then say hey, night fell. Night will come and so will day, rain will come and so will sunshine. I love it all, because life is sweet.

    So as Brent says, all 3 of us are right because … drum roll … it rains, it shines, it is bright and dark. That is life. Lin if he is not injured like almost (teeth grind) tonight will just live life BIG.

    Meanwhile, I reflect that KHuang got a little upset because he’s felt racism and this then was a Friday night that he’s felt many nights and so felt it would go on being dark. KHuang, if it helps … we are all gonna experience injustice. Lin just fights back and gives us underdogs hope, and then if you like rain, it will rain again. I happen to love rain because it brings life.

  79. doesn’t matter what he says, his MRI will do the talking to the team docs meeting with FO.

  80. bye bye Kobe. We did not know ye.

  81. Damn, it’s lins fault for the typo #naive

  82. how do we know alien are not native?

  83. lol…see what you have done!

  84. I didn’t have MaPo Tofu, but I tried Hotpot, too oily and spicy for my taste. 🙂

  85. I guess you’re saying the roller-coaster ride never ends…

    I hope it’s obvious that I was just yanking KHuang’s chain. I think it’s good for the site to have some healthy competition among its prophets to see who’s a starter and who’s in the 2nd unit. Even psalm seems to be contending for a spot: he’s predicting a trade 😉

  86. I hope so. I’d imagine it would take some time for Kobe to make the decision to come to term he had to exit this way.

    But Kobe is stubborn, he’s gonna want to come back from this one. But only because he can’t live without the crowd and spotlight.

  87. Hated that……SOFT.

  88. Lin got fans flying in from Taiwan to watch him play, the Lakers are not stupid. I think that Scott has put this organization in a very precarious position, because they are dealing with a lot of fallout from him because he acts like he is speaking for the organization. This Feb 23 Q&A for lin is more damage control.

  89. Ya! Finally he has to accept the fact his time it’s up like it or not.

  90. Lin should take Scott to Alhambra for some authentic softness

  91. LOS ANGELES — Nick Young was a no-show in the second half for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday at Staples Center, benched by coach Byron Scott after struggling in the first half.

    The Lakers’ reserve guard was then a no-show after the Lakers’ 99-87 loss to Houston, leaving without speaking to reporters after going scoreless for the first time for the Lakers in eight minutes of playing time — his fewest as a Laker.

    It was an unusual move for the jovial Young in avoiding the media after the game, as “Swaggy P” relishes the chance to provide colorful quotes.

    Either way, Scott said he wasn’t happy with Young’s effort.

    “It looked to me that he didn’t want to be here,” Scott said.

    “At halftime, we showed stuff on the tape where he was guarding (Houston swingman Corey) Brewer in the corner. I asked [Young], ‘What were you thinking on his play?’ The answer he gave me, I couldn’t figure it out. So I just felt with his body language that he didn’t want to play tonight, so I chose not to play him.”

    The Lakers are scheduled to practice Monday, so we should get Young’s thoughts on his benching then


  92. I think that the F/O will make the decision for him. I think they will give him the option to be waived or take his money and run,

  93. added to Video Gallery on homepage. Thanks!

  94. wow…too many Prophets…I thought @brentyen:disqus was THE only Prophet here!

  95. Brent? He ain’t even 3rd string. lol

  96. i have been worshiping the wrong Props? I dont trust you… Hail Brent!

  97. Byron must have hated having to run plays for Lin!
    In the PHX game, I never say Byron talked to Lin directly even once

    As @awarde:disqus said, the plot thickens….

  98. Ask him about our bets.

  99. I Ithink Young might be a ot upset that he was not made a starter over.Ellington. Young should be actually starting. The bench has enough scoring options with lin/booze/Johnson. Nick probably upset about it.

  100. (AP) — Jeremy Lin acknowledges he was surprised and disappointed by his first complete benching in nearly three years.

    The point guard who once sparked Linsanity from New York to China also isn’t ready to quit trying to make a difference for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

    Lin didn’t play in the Lakers’ 99-85 loss at San Antonio on Friday, missing a game for the first time in his first season. He returned to coach Byron Scott’s rotation in Sunday’s game against Houston, playing as a reserve in the first quarter.

    ”I’m going to show up and do my best to play and work hard and stuff, but it definitely hurts,” Lin said before Sunday’s game in his first public comments since being a healthy scratch.

    ”I’m human. I’ve got emotions, too. … It’s discouraging sometimes. It’s disappointing sometimes. All of those emotions, of course. I don’t think anybody would feel great after a DNP, anybody. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

    ”In terms of my career, the only thing that’s really been consistent is the amount of inconsistency that I’ve had in my life,” said Lin, who was waived by the Warriors and demoted by the Knicks. ”I’ve gone from being cut to D-League to starting to playing heavy minutes to … a different role every week. I’ve got to just keep trying to stay aggressive when I get out there. If I get out there.”

    After 35 games with the Knicks and two seasons with the Rockets, Lin landed in Los Angeles and was ready to share minutes with Steve Nash, who was ruled out for the season before it even began. Lin is the Lakers’ second highest-paid player this season, making nearly $14.9 million in the final season of his deal.

    But Scott has shaken up his starting lineup in recent days during the Lakers’ tumble to seven consecutive losses, bumping forwards Wesley Johnson and Ed Davis in favor of Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre. The Lakers are examining the potential of their younger players and hoping for a spark, but Scott hasn’t written off Lin.

    ”The only thing that’s for sure on our team is that the starting five is going to start,” Scott said when asked if Lin would still play a role for the Lakers. ”I’ve got to just watch and see how the game is. I’ve got an idea of what I’m going to do, but I’ve also got to let the game kind of dictate that.”


  101. Scott actually coming to lin to draw up plays. Wow how the tables have turned

  102. Guess the last 1/3 of the season, if Lin has not been traded or waived, he will be the starter for the Lakers.
    Last MAN standing.

  103. good point. He was starring last year.

    At this rate, more players will start to despise Byron

  104. Earlier in the season I thought said he preferred coming off the bench.

  105. The one with the hand from Harden was that an offensive foul?

  106. that must be so humi-Lin-ating for Byron LOL

    esp. followed by all the asst. coaches.

  107. I think that the players have formed a bond and Scott is trying to pit them against each other for playing time. I think the only ones not buying into it is Lin/Booze/Young. d maybe Davis.

  108. With Kobe starting who’d want to start?! Without Kobe heck yes!

  109. No Nick has stated that many times he wants to start. He obviously couldn’t do that because of Kobe. Now that Kobe is out…hmmm.

  110. You’re right. He also said my time will come. And it has but Scott is in the way.

  111. B’s is in secured and is applying the method in rule by division. The team has not bought into the spirits of united as a family.

  112. Funny. That puts Jeremy and Swaggy in the exact same boat. And their problem is that Kobe is NOT out. He plans to come back next season.

  113. I’m happy that the fan holding the “We Want Lin” sign got what he asked for 🙂

  114. lol, I try to add value by contributing but I’m not a good prophet. I’d rather read and react, hehe. Then go to the hoop. Love what Lin and true lin fans have taught me this late age. Can always learn, and life is a grand roller coaster. My new fav is Radiator Springs at Disney in LA. What a rush, check out the you tubes on it.

  115. lin get your head out of the bucket!

  116. Jeremy getting love from the crowd as he checks in for the first time

  117. I feel Black wants to play but won’t sell out because of his beliefs. Price to me just doing what he’s told. Only impressionable guy is Clarkson, and that’s not on his values but more he’s green and wide-eyed.

  118. Ouch, the SwaggyDNP line.

  119. I’m pretty sure Wes is pretty upset too that he got benched for kelly, who isn’t doing much in his starting role. Byron really knows how to kill the team & morale.

  120. Yup. IDM to DNP.

  121. Huh. I do love roller-coasters. Next trip to LA!

  122. If you do, CA Adventures at Disneyland, they say get there early to get the time slot. We got there at 10am and all slotted times were used up, so we waited in line. First ride about 1.5 hr wait, 2nd time late afternoon only 45 minutes. Kids loved it. It’s only about 45mph, but it’s a scaled down car and you bank so it feels like you are going 120mph. Plus electric so it really accelerates.

  123. Sounds good

  124. Sure hope to see the smile back from Lin.

  125. Forgive me for saying this, Byron Scott speaks like he’s the dead horse after a thorough beating but he’s still standing pretending nothing has really happened

  126. Byron killed the team. Every game started with a big hole that Scott had got the team into.

  127. Byron is still trying to make Kobe look good by making the team lose every game after Kobe is out.

  128. So lin/Booze the high scores for the Lakers tonight. Lin played 28 min. Price played 7 minutes..hmmm and the plot thicknes

  129. I think someone said they are only one game out of being better than the bottom 5, so they can’t win for a while.

  130. starting Clarkson has been a disaster so far. Lakers fall behind so fast by double digits within the first 5-10 minutes. is Byron going to keep this up? I wouldn’t be surprised if the lakers losing streak extends to 15 or 20 in a row with Clarkson starting.

  131. More like the coach is giving the games away, freebies anyone??? To expose the rookies you can do it bench time, not as starters!

  132. Playing for Scott!
    That’s bad news.

  133. Well, obviously this is the full tank job of BS. No worries. He has done well thus far. Winning isn’t in his agenda. Losing is.

  134. You can’t have Kobe and Lin. Kobe is toxic to team basketball. Lin is addicted to it. There is no room for coexistent.

  135. I hope Kobe will accept the fate of early retirement.
    He would be ranked out of 100 by ESPN next year for sure.

  136. LOL I’m getting rather confused with all these trends now. Is JLin going to be traded as @psalm234:disqus read or your read that JLin will stay. My inking is wait and see. Soon I will know:-)

  137. One more year of this, Kobe’s reputation would go down to the drain completely.

  138. Yeah!

  139. They are from Jeremy Only Lin Garden. They decided to make the last minute of “We want Lin” after they saw DNP-CD before they left Taiwan I believe.

  140. i think that’s jonathan’s way of making fun of jeremy

  141. what has been a disaster is byron’s idea of what the offense should be. clarkson could be twice as talented as he is, but the offense will always look like crap bc its design is crap.

  142. This game is a confirmation of this.
    Byron wouldn’t change for no reason.
    He would only listen to Kobe and the FO when they really get serious on him.

  143. I’m afraid Byron is not going to run the team for too long.
    The Lakers can replace him any time with Kobe out of the picture.

  144. Hopefully both! Not necessarily in the same order.

  145. LOL LOL LOL

  146. This new starting lineup has taken all the fun out of a game.

  147. This is the tank division.

  148. This is my wish too. I hope Kobe won’t come back. I hope Jeremy would be at the center of Laker rebuilding plan.

  149. Agree 100%

  150. Understandably, Lin is a little shaky today. Next game, Lin will come back strong with more consistent minutes in play time.

  151. As an Aussie, I say…. “Go Kyrgios!!”

  152. Scott said, “It’s just a matter of being consistent each and every night, trying to get into a flow each and every night.”

    This is ironic beyond belief. So Scott is going to randomly vary Lin’s playing time anywhere from 30 mins to DNP until he becomes consistent. Reminds me of the phrase: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

    I had my doubts about Scott as a coach before the season, but I withheld my judgment until after he got a fair chance to coach. Well, he’s had his chance, and he’s proven that he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s no better of a coach than Keith Smart. And he has lost the players, now Nick Young as well.

  153. I don’tthink so.

  154. Tons of JLin pics from 陳大鑼 Chinese reporter in Rox days:

  155. Wow finally Price with only 7 minutes?! BS never gave him lower than 15 minutes even when he was bench player! Price’s head was getting too big for him anyway! Plot really does thicken. Did you see the clip where Jeremy was sitting and waiting for BS to come over for timeout and had zero interaction with his teammates? Price was standing on the left side of Jeremy walking around and Jeremy didn’t even look at him lol. That’s the attitude! Lin and teammates don’t even bother talking things over anymore cause they know Lakers are tanking.

  156. Oh you mean his constant starting lineup change? lol but I’m glad Wes Johnson the scub was benched! Ryan Kelly is way better than Johnson!!

  157. Anyone posted this lately?
    It’s an old video but still inspirational and worth watching again.

  158. “i wantta tell ya: i get no respect.”

    checked the lakers splashy fan sites regarding last nite game; boozer was the mvp, when lin sat the previous game it was either ignored or taken as a joke on lin fans.

    when swaggy sits: its news!

    further: lins 14 pt 6 assist game (especially contrasted to new starter jordan clarkson game) is ignored alsmot eniterley, in an extensive game summary there is only one mention of lin. “lin continued to attack the basket but lakers still lost”

    and elsewhere it also mentions his attacking the basket but that along with his poor shooting there were his
    turnovers, or some
    “bad turnovers” i guess was what it said actually.

    so evidenlty lin’s 2 or 3 turnovers where much worse turnovers (u know the really “bad” kind) then as opposed to clarkson’s 5 or 6 or the other 14 or 15 the rest of the team

    oy vey.

  159. I’m so happy that, for one game at least, Scott proved me wrong. I really thought that being so bad to Lin, he would have DNP’ed him for the second game in a row. Not only was I wrong, Scott actually played Lin ahead of Price, and almost DNP’ed Rice instead. This is a real roller-coaster ride. I hope this is the start of a good stretch for Lin, and that his agents continue to do whatever they are doing to get Lin more playing time. Lin played smart out there. His shots were not falling, so he got himself to the line to get his points. Keep going Lin!

  160. JLin spent sometimes to chat with D-Mo according to the fan who took the pic.


  161. That’s cause Lin’s agent complained and Jeanie & FO stepped in! Did you see Scott’s body language you can tell he hated having to draw plays up for Lin!!

  162. I also love this one in particular!!

  163. Jeremy is like Prince Charming,everything white including the leggings ^.^

  164. Errrr… Leggings makes it sound pretty gay… It’s called a leg sleeve…

  165. buddy-buddy

  166. Now who wants to play for the Lakers?

  167. Byron sounds like he’s an alien coaching from the other world. He keeps on using the same label, inconsistent for Jeremy. Compare the stats of Ronnie Price and Jeremy because they both have started and played from the bench. I wouldn’t think Ronnie is anywhere consistent in his performance. Yes, they played their games in different style. They both have had their ups and downs.

    The bottom line is Ronnie is not any bit more consistent and productive than Jeremy.

    Any labelings of this sort are libels.

  168. No one except no choice players, BS favorite sons & KB’s bros:-)

  169. LOL Found that number players wear the same:-)

  170. LOL Is that what is called? Leg sleeve is the correct term?

  171. Well, RP is BS’ favorite son and BS is JLin’s ___________ (fill in the blank). Favorite did no wrong:-)

  172. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin “thankful” to play in 99-87 loss to Houston Rockets by Mark Medina

    The uncertainty over when Jeremy Lin would ever step on the court lingered seemingly at every moment of the day.

    The uncertainty started when Lin sat in the Lakers’ loss on Friday to San Antonio to accommodate Jordan Clarkson’s first rookie start, marking his first non-appearance because of a coaching decision for the first time in three years.

    The uncertainty continued when Lin’s conversation on Sunday morning Lakers coach Byron Scott only revealed the circumstances could change every game, though he hardly knew when or how.

    The uncertainty remained unchanged as the Lakers opened Sunday’s game at Staples Center against the Houston Rockets, the team that traded Lin this summer in a salary dump after two seasons filled with fluctuating roles.

    But nothing has matched Lin’s unpredictability with the Lakers. It has become a season where Lin struggled adapting toward sharing ball handling duties with Kobe Bryant, adjusting to Scott’s Princeton-based system and the fluctuating minutes as a starter and reserve along the way.

    Perhaps that explains why Lin revealed he felt “thankful” for playing in an otherwise meaningless game. The Lakers’ 99-87 loss on Sunday to the Houston Rockets at Staples Center marked the team’s eighth consecutive loss. The Lakers (12-33) still have the NBA’s fourth-worst record. The Lakers seem destined to brace for more negativity when Kobe Bryant will meet with another doctor on Monday for another opinion on his torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder.

    For Lin, though, the game meant everything. His 14 points on 2-of-9 shooting, 10-of-14 mark from the foul line, six assists and three turnovers in 28 minutes hardly marked a perfect game. But it at least
    provided temporary solace for Lin as he tries to navigate through his new role.

    “Definitely a DNP would change your perspective on things and allow me to take a step back,” Lin said. “So I’m just thankful I got on the court. I try to play my heart out and have fun. I was glad I was able to do that.”

    Lin showed that in a variety of ways.

    His shooting accuracy may have become dismal. But Lin compensated that weakness by relentlessly attacking the basket so he could earn trips to the foul line.

    The Lakers may have appeared lifeless in a game they seemed destined to lose as James Harden poured on a team-high 37 points on 12-of-20 shooting, while the Lakers went 1-of-13 from three-point range. But Lin injected some energy as the Lakers sliced the Rockets’ lead to 89-78 with 5:33 remaining, the team’s 16-2 run punctuated with Lin making four free throws, converting on a layup and setting up Tarik Black with a wide-open shot.

    Lin may have admitted his rhythm seemed off when he entered the game with 3:39 left in the first quarter and soon committed a turnover and a foul. But Lin still fought through it.

    Yet, Lin laughed at the idea that he fulfilled these responsibilities to state his case.

    “We’ve been down this road before,” Lin said. “Tonight I was enjoying the game and playing hard. Whether there is a costly turnover or not hitting the shots I wanted to hit from the outside, those things are just part of the game. I was just out there having fun attacking and really enjoying the experience. I was trying to play team basketball, get everyone involved and do the best we can. It was fun.”

    Rarely has that happened for Lin this season.

    He has averaged 10.5 points on 43.6 percent shooting, 4.5 assists and 2.3 turnovers in 25.7 minutes per game. But Scott has implored Lin to improve his consistency with playmaking, aggressiveness and defense. Lin has scored in double-digits for five consecutive games three different times this season. But he has scored in single digits in 18 games.

    “His effort has been great. That never has been a problem with Jeremy,” Scott said. “It’s just a matter of being consistent each and every night, trying to get into a flow each and every night.”

    Yet, Lin argued that will become more challenging amid a role that offers no sign when he will enter the game, if at all.

    “The only thing you can get used to is you don’t know what’s coming next,” Lin said. “That’s been true this whole season. When I get out there, there’s a certain way I want to play. As long as I can do my best and do that as well as I can every game, whether it’s zero minutes, 10 minutes or 40 minutes, I have to try to do that.”

    How that plays out remains to be seen both with Lin’s playing time and how he produces under any circumstances. But for one night, Lin relished it all, a feeling that felt so foreign only three days ago when he felt uncertain what would transpire next.

  173. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin acknowledges frustration with recent demotion by Mark Medina

    Two days later, the snub still stung Lakers guard Jeremy Lin.

    He sat out Friday’s loss in San Antonio, the first game he missed because of a coach’s decision since days before “Linsanity” broke out in New York three years ago. Lin’s recent demotion bugged him so much that he talked with coach Byron Scott on Sunday morning, a conversation Lin said contained “good dialogue and going back and forth in terms of what he wants.”

    “I’m human. I got emotions,” Lin said before the Lakers lost the Houston Rockets 99-87 on Sunday at Staples Center. “I show up and do my best to play and work hard. But it definitely hurts. It’s discouraging sometimes and disappointing. All of those emotions, of course. I don’t think anybody would feel great after a DNP, no matter who you are.”

    Lin played on Sunday against Houston as a reserve, scoring 14 points on 2-of-9 shooting (10 of 14 from the free-throw line) with six assists and three turnovers in 28 minutes, 1 second of action. But with Scott recently granting the starting position to rookie Jordan Clarkson to accelerate his development, Scott played veteran Ronnie Price over Lin.

    “I watch and see how the game is going,” Scott said in determining when Lin will play. “I have a good idea of what I’m going to do. But I let the game dictate that.”

    Lin has experienced an adversarial season with the Lakers well before his demotion. They acquired Lin and a first-round pick from the Rockets this offseason in a salary dump to pursue Chris Bosh. Although Lin has averaged 10.5 points on 43.6-percent shooting, 4.5 assists and 2.3 turnovers, Scott has often pointed out Lin’s inconsistency with his playmaking, aggressiveness and defense.

    “Jeremy has been great,” said Rockets center Dwight Howard, who had his own issues in his lone season with the Lakers two years ago. “He’s making great plays for his teammates and is attacking and he’s enjoying beautiful and sunny L.A.”

    Does Howard not see Lin’s frustration?

    “There’s always going to be some type of frustration at some point in the season, but that’s basketball. That’s life,” said Howard, who then quoted Forrest Gump. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

    That partly explains the frustration both between the Lakers and Lin.

    “The only thing that has been consistent is the amount of inconsistency I’ve had in my life,” Lin said. “I’ve gone from getting cut in the D-League to starting to playing heavy minutes to all these different roles every week. I have to keep staying aggressive when I get out there.”

  174. Depends on how long they are. General term is compression sleeves. Long ones is specificly for the entire length of the legs, hence leg sleeves. There’s also knee sleeves and calf sleeves. I wear calf sleeves when playing comps. During the Linsanity era back in NYC, Jeremy was wearing calf sleeves.

  175. yeah, leggings sounds a bit gayish, but the length of that thing looks more like compression leggings than sleeves. anyway it’s all good. it is white in color that matters.. ;P

  176. Howard is a flake. He should just say no comment instead of trying to get a joke in.

  177. Lots of surprise last night:
    Lin played 28 min, Lin getting calls, no Clarkson but Price in 4Q, Young benched, McHale finally outplayed other coach etc

    However, I need only one surprise, just one……..please trade Lin to Mavs / Buck / Piston / Cav before AS game.

  178. Lin and Harden get on just fine.

  179. “The point guard …..isn’t ready to quit trying to make a difference for the Los Angeles Lakers this season”

    Translation: We all know Lakers is to tank. But Lin, as Lin is, will try to win.

  180. Trade? No bc Laker Voices will have Lin w fans Q&A on 2/23/15.

    湖人官網經常辦活動讓球員和粉絲互動。名為「湖人之聲」(Laker Voices)的節目,是開放球員接收Q與A問答,透過回應問題的方式,培養球迷忠誠度,2月23日登場主角是林書豪.

  181. The article cut the last sentence – “If I get out there”.

  182. Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it!

  183. May and maybe. Don’t know. My guess is Lakers won’t be able to trade JLin. Whether they want to keep JLin for a long term is another issue entirely.

  184. Trade Deadline Countdown
    Thursday, February 19 @ 3:00 pm ET

    There are only eight more games during which the Lakers could showcase Jeremy for a trade.
    – 3 home games (WAS, CHI, DEN)
    – 5 away games (NYK, MIL, ORL, CLE POR)

    The last two games are B2B
    (DEN at home on Tue; POR away on Wed)

    The next Lakers game after the ASG is at home and it is the day after the trade deadline. If Jeremy is still on the roster, he’s a Laker until the end of the season.

  185. That’s easy. After Lin trade, they can arrange Young to host the session. I think fans will be interested to know things like….
    How do you feel from Swaggy IDM to Swaggy DNP? What give you the impression that BS & Kobe are the same person? Can you illustrate?

  186. Thx for the info

  187. I don’t know. Why would they advertise this if there was a trade coming. Doesn’t make any sense.just sayin

  188. Ya! Just saw they even starts to sell Linsanity move in Lakers store now… No trade to me.

  189. That’s why I say it will be a surprise……slim chance but I will pray for it.

  190. Second post here. (The other site has become a picture gallery – carpet bombing comes to mind, lol.)

    Scott is definitely getting his marching orders from Kupchak. But he is executing it like an amateur. I can imagine what Kupchak said to Scott after Lin’s DNP: “What are you stupid?!? I told you to evaluate certain players before the trading deadline, not alienate half the fan base.” (And voila, yesterday Lin gets 28 minutes.)

    The Lakers have team options on three players next season and need to decide on whether to keep them: Clarkson (is he ready as a backup?), Sacre, and Hill ($9 mil??). So Scott idiotically starts them, rather than subbing them in early. Which blatantly says the Lakers are in full-tank-mode, perhaps shooting for the bottom.

    The Lakers have Young for two more years (player option in the third year), so he is an afterthought for this season (e.g. only 8 minutes yesterday). And Davis, now on the bench, has a player option (for only $1.1mil), and will likely walk. Kupchak was not sure about Price (and what GM would). So Scott “gave him another look” (i.e. chance for Price to convince Kupchak), and arrogantly DNP’d Lin in the process. And I’m certain this disrespect for Lin would’ve continued if fans, and Lin in his subtle way, didn’t complain.

  191. Have they been selling his movie in the Laker store? Lakers see all the fans flying from Taiwan to watch Lin play. There are not stupid.

  192. Aww really? Then we need a miracle to get Lin out of LA before off season

  193. That’s my guess that no trade. F/O is definitely doing lots of damaged control. They continue to advertise JLin and now this game. F/O is sending out a message. Not sure whether JLin is their long term plan. May confirm all these in the next few games.

  194. Believe this is the first sigh of Linsanity in Lakers store. It was tweeted out by Linsanity Moive during the game.

  195. Oh yeah, lin will be with the Lakers next season. I guarantee Scott will be gone, because players will not stay and play for him.

  196. I think if Lakers want to trade him no need to have any damaged control… they will find some excuse to keep Lin out of the game & waiting for the trade. W BS so many BS comments on Lin don’t think that’s the good way to sell Lin w his high salary.

  197. Now that Kobe is out, they came move forward with their plans.

  198. I think Lin will stay but not sure BS… hope he will be out soon. Really can’t take his talk…

  199. Welcome abroad once again. Your post makes sense. Hopefully this is the case. Would definitely like to see JLin is allowed to play his game.

  200. Agree on initial assessment. Depending on whether KB will be back next season though. If KB plans to return and/or with BS, then I’d rather JLin go to other team.

  201. Seems like a logical assessment. Lakers need Lin to sell tickets till the end of the year and keep tv ratings up since Kobe is done. So it was only BS’ stupidity or pride that led to this? Beyond Kobe, BS never got the layof the land.

  202. PFV made a nice comment – don’t piss off a fanbase as resourceful as Lin’s or there will be repercussions.

  203. Yeah that is why I was so surprised at DNP-CD on JLin vs Spurs. All these times I don’t believe JLin will be traded but when that happened, I began to think otherwise. Definitely two fronts at work in Lakers. KB and BS/ vs pro JLin (Mitch). Not sure about Jeanie Buss (she prefers KB in my understanding.) @awarde:disqus please bring a light on Jeanie, Jim Buss and Mitch (who is who and what is what).

  204. anyone have a clue about the posibility that jlin could be trade……lakers seems using jlin as marketing ploy I can sense from watching the lakers organization like the broadcaster and the reporter guy mike trudel a two face…these folks don’t seems too high on him…. you can see from their body language from tv and also the the studio guys the one with worthy panel…..although jlin is 1 year rental a trade in a playoffs teams would be nice

  205. Lol, welcome abroad!? Haha…for a sec, I thought he was visiting you down under!

  206. LOL Thanks for bringing up my typo. Got it and will change it now:-)

  207. I think they like lin, but they don’t think he could the Lakers to a championship. They see lin only as a backup. They will take him that position with the Lakers.They also didn’t like Howard, but Mitch/FO liked him and that is why they plastered signs all around LA begging Howard to stay.

  208. MCHALE didn’t outplay anyone. It was the battle of “Dumb and Dumber”. I’ll let you guess who is who. Lol

    Toronto or anywhere MDA coaches is my pick.

  209. WOW! First time I saw a retweet below from Josh Lin. Believe he is reading JLin’s fans sometimes.

  210. A series of unfortunate Lakers events. (Part I):


    Jeanie: The viewing is declining. The tickets sales not so good. The sponsors are complaining. Jim, I know we are not for tanking. Or do we? Now that Kobe is done, can you urge BS to try something new to showcase our young players?
    Jim: Sure. I will let him know.
    Jeanie: OK, I will try to start some marketing plans. Make sure everybody is on the same page.

    Hours later:

    Mitch: BS, now that we are officially in tanking mode, why don’t you showcase our young players, developing and rebuilding the team?
    BS: Trust me. My specialty is tanking and rebuilding. I will come up some new lineup.
    Mitch: Tanking I believe. As for rebuidling … well, just make sure you lose.
    BS: No pro blo.

    DNP: 4Q half 6 min.

    Jeanie: WTG (Gun), Jim, you messed up the marketing plan.
    Jim: What? What? What did I do?
    Jeanie: Just turn on the TV. Our feature guy not even playing.
    Jim: Young? Clarkson? It is not possible.
    Jeanie: Lin !
    Jim: Oh, the Asian.
    Jeanie: How would I explain that to Taiwan travel agencies and the sponsors? My phone is going to ring forever!
    Jim: I didn’t know we are featuring Lin.
    Jeanie: For C’s sake, Lin is our only golden goose, now that Kobe is done. We will lost millions just because of BS!
    Jim: I missed that? You meant the soft paper or the fertilizer? Or our coach?
    Jeanie: Isn’t that all the same?
    Jim: Sorry, sis. Miss-communication. I will make sure it won’t happen again.
    Jeanie: The loss will come from your bonus.
    Jim: #[email protected]#%&$%#

    DNP- minutes after post game interview

    Mitch: What a great job you did, BS !!!
    BS: I told you. It is my area of expertise.
    Mitch: (Expertise my As…) I got some @#@$#@%$ from Jim. Why do you DNP that guy? You know, we are getting heavy heat from the top and the clients.
    BS: I thought you want to feature young players. I don’t have minutes left for a guy who try to win.
    Mitch: Don’t give me that lame exec. I know it is an away game and you just couldn’t wait to humiliate him.
    BS: I just wanted to test how tough he is.
    Mitch: You are doing us no favor. We have a 3 years plan to get into playoff. Otherwis we are all gone. Now you do this, no FA will come.
    BS: Yes, there will be. Rondo, right?
    Mitch: Even if he would come and even if he can perform, well, that’s a big question mark, we still need another big name.
    BS: I believe with my reputation, those superstars will follow me.
    Mitch: @#@#[email protected]#$# (We will have a plan for you in the future)
    Mitch: Just stop the nonsense. Make sure he gets PT next game. And BTW, tune it down before the media.
    BS: Okie Dokie.

    Part 2 – TBC.

    (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead or BS, is purely

  211. I did enjoy this! Thanks!

  212. Hahaha Part 2 please 🙂

  213. LOL creative interpretation “Days of Our Lakers Lives” soap opera-style
    And it’s probably about 80% accurate to the non-fictitious characters and story!

  214. Can’t wait to hear what Young will say about BS?


  215. Like I said, lin could and may have played his trump card with the Lakers FO now. His agent might have just told Lakers that Lin has no intention to resign with Lakers at what ever the contract they offer becasue MONEY HAS NEVER BEEN AN INCENTIVE to Lin. lakers have NOTHING that they could offer to Lin except maybe the promise to hand him the keys to the offence once KOBE retires. Lin would be well advised to ignore such empty promises because of the way the FO has treated him so far.

    Lakers are basically in a corner if Lin plays his trump card right. FO is screwed by BS incompetence again in handling an asset for trade because he’s devalued Lin at every turn. They may get very little for Lin becasue of Scott, and they will get nothing at the end of the season if they don’t trade him. Mitch has to share some of the blame for this fiasco, as well as the headless busses (pun intended).

    So maybe this is what Montgomery means by victory is certain.

  216. I wanted to believe that. But it is under the assumption that FO wants Lin, which I really doubt.

  217. The Lakers FO is currently multi-headed, so it appears schizophrenic to outsiders.

  218. May have happened just like that. Lol

  219. Sounds logical to me. Montgomery’s tweet is, to me, just to short to make any firm conclusions. I was too hasty, I admit, in saying I had lost faith in him. Clearly Lin has his reasons for sticking to Montgomery, and so be it. I think you’re absolutely right, Lin’s incentive to play has always been about God first. He is monetarily set for life, so all the more he doesn’t have to chase after the money henceforth. He really needs to find a place that wants him for the player that he is.

  220. Great thoughtful analysis, @houseres683:disqus

    I agree with Byron’s ineptitude of coaching (but nowadays it can be praised for tanking) that he can bring Clarkson, Sacre, Hill off the bench with meaningful minutes rather than starting and throwing Clarkson to the lions to flounder. BScott expected Clarkson to perform well after multiple DNPs? Building confidence by getting consistent rotation minutes is better. BScott is simply awful in his coaching decision. No wonder many players revolted or tuned him out after a while.

    The other influencing factor of Byron’s DNP could certainly be his/Kobe dislike of Lin’s Linsanity style that can threaten Kobe’s popularity if it manages to catch fire for the rest of the season. Kobe’s need to be in full control couldn’t let that happen.

    That’s why I have I high hope that FO/ownership intervened with this DNP by rewarding 28min of plays for Lin plus BScott drawing plays for Lin. It’s too much a coincidence or shift-of-change for me to think nothing was said toward BScott to make this happen. In PHX game, I didn’t see Byron talk to Lin once, only assistant coaches did.

    Someone must have talked to BScott to set him straight. Trade showcasing or not, this is great news for Lin fans who protested respectfully to @JeanieBuss and LA reporters (not so subtly if I may add) LOL

  221. It doesn’t matter if they want him or not. They may have thought that devaluing Lin could be in their favor at the end of the season as some has suggested. Kinda like how Knicks tried to lowball Lin after linsanity. As an underused asset, Lin has already surpassed vet minimum levels. Lin will sign with someone else for sure at the end of the season if this BS treatment continues. Lakers may have been deluded into thinking that Lin could be BOUGHT like 99% of the players in the league. Lin however has NEVER gone after the money as he has shown during the height of Linsanity. Lin could have made 10s of millions in endorsements but never did.

    This is why I think Lin now has the upper hand becasue Lakers know they’ve screwed up a trade asset.

  222. My feeling is that Mitch and FO wants to keep Lin Just waiting for Kobe show to retire and then fire BS. BS is staying so Lakers can keep losing and get top 5 pick. BS doing a good job of tanking.

  223. This is one of the best, if not the best, and fair national media articles about Lin since when?

    I like “The point guard who once sparked Linsanity from New York to China also
    isn’t ready to quit trying to make a difference for the Los Angeles
    Lakers this season.” It hinted that Lakers already gave up but not Lin.

    And the article also emphasis the inconsistency with supporting explanation about the roles Lin have been given, “from being cut to D-League to starting to playing heavy minutes to … a different role every week”

    That is a victory to me.

  224. Got you.

  225. Good post. Think u got it right and jlinportal grasping at straws still thinking some team out there wants to trade for lin.

  226. “I have a Dream!” Sorry Dr. king for borrowing your famous line.

    I actually did have a dream a while ago that MDA signed with Denver and that he had demanded a trade for Lin as a requirement. Lol. I can dream too, can’t i!

  227. Great point, @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus.

    The “Money has Never Been an Incentive to Lin certainly is a great trump card to force Lakers’ hand to either play him or lose him without any values.

    Kupchak and FOs might’ve thought that Lin likes LA enough and is willing to be a whipping boy for Kobe/BScott as a backup PG for another year to get comfortable money/fame. So I think Montgomery would deserve some credit to drive down this point IF Lin continues to get consistent PT (25-32+) in the next few games from Byron after the DNP. Only then we know for sure FO twisted Byron’s arm to run plays for Lin over and over again.

  228. At least they aren’t fishnets! Lol

  229. The Scottie pansy division attacking…charge!

  230. being back up of ty lawson is much acceptable due to lawson being stud……bev and ronnie I dont think so

  231. It could be a combo of Lin and Ty, if you know MDA.

  232. yeah two pg guard system

  233. Respectfully disagree. BS gets his marching orders from Kobe and will continue to do so until Kobe is completely out of the picture. And that’s because Lakers FO also obeys Kobe, at least for now…

  234. At least lin will finally get a fair chance to earn his way to the top. Lin just needs a coach that works by merit and not some personal bias nonsense. IMO, a known factor like MDA is far better than any other coach in the league for sure.

    None of the other coaches on any other team has any positive history with Lin. I’m far more comfortable with him under MDA playing back up to Lawson than anyone else in the league. At least there he has a fighting chance to prove himself.

  235. I really want to be that fly on the wall when Byron talked to Lin about that new ‘role’.
    @disqus_T3EnYYJXnU:disqus inspired me to write a short story

    The Case of Elusive Harvard Tank
    Byron: “Jeremy, you now have a new role …”
    Lin: “Yes, coach?”
    Byron: “Your new role is to exist on court .. attack the rim and we’ll get you multiple screens. You’re no longer a ball-retriever!”
    Lin: “Whoa, thanks but what if we win and bust the tank, Coach?”
    Byron (went on an uncontrollable rage): “Waaaaaaaait a second. Who’s talking about winning here? That’s not what I’m hired here to do! Not my specialty!
    Do you want to jeopardize my job? For the hundredth time, NO MORE WINS, okay Jeremy? You Got to be #TOUGHEnoughToTANK
    Mad Dog, come here… tell Jeremy the concept of tanking. Bring the TANK diagram again and go over with him again! And get me out of the picture as the Tank Commander!!”
    Lin: “….?”
    “Mad Dog” Madsen: “Let’s go, Jeremy! Let Coach be alone. He needs to play with his tanks in his office for a while to calm down”

    (Office Door is closed)

    Byron (muttering words as he stacked his toy tanks): “….Great Scott Tank! For a Harvard guy, why can’t he draw a simple tank! Even Kobe got it! ..Shoot/pass till you drop, make great acrobatic shots .. Just NO WINS! How difficult is that?
    All the benching, reduced min can’t make this guy join TEAM TANK! ARRRGGH! .. Serenity Now!!!”

    (Byron’s shoulder slumped on the corner, rocking his body back and forth whispering soft words, “No more wins. No more wins. No more wins…)


  236. Dam, you steal my part 2. Now I have to think hard to come up part 3 ;-D

  237. I’m disappointed by Montgomery response
    It seems like it’s very cryptic and seems likeip service
    Can we get a more specific about what actins have been done by the agent?
    Any demands for trades?
    Any insurance for playing time ?

  238. And maybe a nice cover art to go with a short novel “TOUGH Enough To TANK”
    Coming to the nearest book store around you LOL


  239. okc need a pg if reggie jackson is gone

  240. we got to keep these short-stories coming LOL
    Let’s publish an e-book soon! Hahaha..

  241. BS: “Jeremy, we’re trying to tank here!”

  242. if any deal was struck between Lin’s agent and Lakers FO, it’s probably internal and we won’t hear much about it so noone looks bad.

    We just need to watch the next few games if Byron continues to run plays for Jeremy plus 25-32+min.
    If yes, Lin’s agent did something to influence the positive change.

  243. Are you expecting M to throw everything on the table for you and lose any negotiation w/ LAL or other teams?

    I think he tweeting this is out of the ordinary already. I think he said just enough.

  244. Today we should learn if Kobe needs surgery for his torn rotator cuff. I find it odd that Kobe once spoke freely, openly and SPECIFICALLY about all of his ailments. He told us that he had fatigue and soreness in his back, both knees, both Achilles tendons, and both feet. Heck, he even detailed which bones in his feet were sore: the metatarsals!

    And yet now he has a torn rotator cuff that was “bothering him SINCE PRESEASON.” Why didn’t he ever mention his aching shoulder before? If he did we would have understood why his FG% was so crappy.

    I hate conspiracy theories but I wish there was a way to confirm the MRI result showing he has a torn rotator cuff. It’s such a convenient and timely injury that allows Kobe to sit out the rest of the year and come back “fresh” next season. That’s what Kobe (and BS) wanted but that’s not what the FO wants. If Kobe is done, the FO wants to know NOW. They don’t want Kobe to block the acquisition of any more free agents and they certainly don’t want him to screw up next season by lasting another 10 games before the wheels completely fall off.

  245. I hope you sue for royalties from Psalms. Lol

  246. Maybe use my “Scottie Pansy division” on cover

  247. OKC are already paying the luxury tax after the acquisition of Dion Waiters so I highly doubt that they are eager to pay more taxes to exchange Reggie Jackson with Jeremy Lin (Lin has a higher caphit).

  248. Turns out Charmin is not soft enough to tank so BS needs to go with the trusted extra soft Scott.

  249. no…free agency this coming season not talking about trade deadline…what i meant is next year

  250. I will and it will go to JLin fundation. JK. 😀

  251. “I want to believe”. X flies haunting whistle playing…the truth is out there! Lol

  252. Don’t worry about BS If he is out of job. He should sign with Scott Paper Company to produce a new line specifically designed for wiping BS from mouth. You know, nowadays he is becoming the symbolic brand, a perfect match.

    And he should also consider a consulting/adviser job at Pentagon Tanking Strategy/Tactic unit as to how to deploy the tanking development and maneuvers.

  253. It’s both IMO. BScott definitely gets orders from Kobe in downplaying everyone & making Kobe a hero at all cost.

    But he’s also inept in doing so. If he wanted to feature Clarkson over Lin, he should be careful to build his confidence by slowly bringing him off-the-bench and giving more min. Starting a rookie is just foolish because now it shattered Clarkson’s confidence with 5 TOs. So Byron just failed in trying to even marginalize Lin. Which is good news for us, Lin fans!

  254. All we can do is to speculate and watch the game.

  255. No I don’t need details I want to reassured that he is actively phoning Lakers FO and discussing Lin situation. I don’t get that reassurance from that tweet.

  256. X Files new season coming, you know?

  257. Yes I don’t want anyone to look bad. But Montgomery is Lin’s voice to FO. He needs to reassured to Lin’s Fan. Yes. I am actively speaking to FO on Lin’s behalf I don’t need exact details to embarrass anyone.
    That tweet is so vague that I wonder if it’s just lip service only to Lin Fan

  258. I once saw during a game Lin lift his shorts up to pull the sleeve upwards… And I did saw his thigh above the White part so…. Yeah….

    Seriously, fixing your leg sleeves doesn’t look too good on TV…

  259. the owners of la will need to do something to fill those seats.

  260. perhaps it’s designed to be cryptic as a way to let us know that he’s working on something but at the same time non-commital on the results.

    I wish it can be clearer too but I understand the reasoning.
    He can look inept to promise something tangible but it didn’t happen precisely as he said.

    We just have to be patient to see how things are unfolding =)

  261. very true

  262. Start from 5:17 talk w DM for a while…


  263. OMG Bill Worrel comes to greet him all smiles at 5:40. SMH hater.

  264. I know… can’t believe this… right now everything from Rox no matter it’s players or commentators all looks so much better compare to Lakers…?!

  265. Cleveland needs a back up pg and owner doesn’t care about cost

  266. That’s an interesting thought. Almost anything seems plausible at this point. The coach/FO behavior has been so wildly random and irrational that it’s like an energetic black hole sucking all available intelligence to try to make sense of it. Tanking, of course…but even tanking doesn’t seem quite enough to explain ALL the craziness.

  267. Duck face

  268. Ok what is taking Kobe so long to announce his surgery. He is such a drama queen. (rolls eyes )

  269. LOL!

  270. After Lin’s “soft” display last night, Kobe wants to re-think playing with one hand for the rest of the season, just to prove how tough he can be. No one should be tougher than him, no one.

  271. haha! I think he maybe will do so…LOL! Kobe should really let go.. it’s time to retire now. smh!

  272. Seriously, I think FO and probably Jeanie herself already in a room with Kobe to talk about the future plans into next year. Probably some negotiation going on.

  273. JohnnyBarry
    @LakersSBN @LakerGMC Lin had a decent game tonight but the tank was too strong.

  274. I think they will & hope Kobe just out for good. His time it’s up.

  275. Yes, I think so too. The key is always about the $. I think FO will pitch a farewell tour next season with limited games/minutes if Kobe insists playing next season. Again, it is all about the $.

  276. Long time Laker like you start to get tired of Kobe too.

  277. The challenge of this is that Kobe is like one of those trick exploding cigars….you never know exactly when he’s gonna go off. He’s so emotionally random and fragile that you never know what hot-button is going to set him off…coach comment, FO effort to herd him in some direction, fan reactions, Lin or any player of the moment that gets a flash of attention, etc. etc. He’s done. The FO can be respectful (while paying him the ton of money they owe him), but continuing to tiptoe around him is really what this is all about. At the end of the day, they call (pay for) the shots. Being wishy-washy and delusionaly hopeful that leopards will easily give up their spots (play nice and retire gracefully in Kobe’s case) has never helped any organization. Fine, they’ve decided to tank…even the fans reluctantly accept there’s some logic in this. But this swampy bad coaching and player demoralization is just useless…bad humanity and bad business. I’m not sure they know how to do any better.

  278. Put that aside, I just admire the courage of the real person in this symbolic picture. No-name hero. Probably buried or burn in no-man land.

  279. You are right all about $$$. Somehow I think maybe Kobe will just like Nash plays a little bit in preseason then get the money … plays in the beach somewhere… LOL!

  280. Thanks!

  281. Considering every object under Lakers roof, I will vote the doll in the stroller, because they will be showcased whenever every rookie entering the building. Marketing upside. Well, as long as BS is there.

  282. In NBA history, is there any team fired a coach and rehired back?

  283. He should trademark it like Linsanity. Perhaps something like Scottsanitiser, guaranteed to wipe out your roster clean.

  284. Soft yet tough.

  285. Voted for Black.

  286. Not that I know of but remember Lakers didn’t fire D’Antoni, he resigned.

  287. Unless Kobe announces retirement today – don’t see D’Antoni given a new offer.

  288. Scott should trademark it like Linsanity. Perhaps something like Scottsanitiser, guaranteed to wipe out your roster clean.

  289. So I guess it is a smart move by MDA and FO then. Leave door open. You never know.

  290. Kobe needed a Jewish mother to keep him healthy.

  291. Lin’s aggressiveness attacking the rim was the first I’ve seen this season. This is a good sign.
    For the first time in months, I’m looking forward to tomorrow night game to see what’s next.

  292. Used to watch every episode. Hope it’s better than how it fizzled out at the end.

  293. A long shot but let keep out fingers crossed.

  294. More like a good Jewish or Asian doctor. We’re making great strides in the field of aging using stem cells and other cutting edge technologies, but we’re not quite there yet.

  295. Montgomery speaking in tongues, could you
    translate that in English?

  296. Chicken soup for the fallen “hero”‘s soul!?

  297. Yes, I had the same thought. It is like a total different animal just in one game. First half, struggling, playing within the system. 1 pt/4 FGA with 2 asst. I was worried if he ever could break out to make a statement after DNP. Second half, suddenly the leash was off. Just attacking, attacking and attacking, like there is no tomorrow, with IDGAF attitude.

    I am wondering if that’s the plan they talked about pre-game, or just Lin’s spontaneous outburst of “playing my brand of game”.

  298. If they did, then we KNOW FO wants KOBE to retire yesterday.

  299. He was taken over the game when his teammates wasn’t doing it.

  300. Me too. Now I am more into GOT. A beautiful novel and hence TV series.

  301. Also surprising is that the refs were actually calling the fouls. Seemed like he would do it before, get hacked and end up on the floor and there would be no call. Like that D’Andre Jordan no call that could have fouled out D’Andre Jordan and won that game. Perhaps the Lakers made a formal complaint to the League?

  302. Oh I agree with the part about BS being inept. Or maybe he’s trying to do the impossible and therefore looks like a fool. The part I disagreed with is BS “getting his marching orders from Kupchak.” Kupchak’s hands are tied. He carries out the owners’ wishes and until Kobe is retired, the owners want Kobe to be the franchise player.

  303. You meant “taking”?

  304. He can not do it….lol eventually he will be buried by no-calls. Needs to be more clever…

  305. Sure, Lin has taken games over many times.

  306. He rarely shot 2-9 so that’s when thing will even be better.

  307. Refs have their own agendas too, once Kobe is out Lin will get the benefit of those calls. I hope.

  308. Yea I think Mike Brown coach the Cavs twice.

  309. Ha Ha. The best part is it is not limited to basketball.

  310. Yep…just get to his sweat spot and shoot might be more feasible than driving and hoping for a foul call every time.

  311. The one highlight reel I saw had the drives and assists he made. Is there another highlight that has his missed drives which he got fouled? Would like to see that aggression if it’s out there.

  312. As far as upside goes, it’s Randle, Clarkson, and Black, which pretty much reflects their respective draft position (lottery, second round, undrafted).

    However, as for real in game impact it’s more likely to end up in the order of Black, Randle, and finally Clarkson.

  313. Just go to NBA.com and see all his shot attempts in video…

  314. The Lakers chose not to retain Phil Jackson (not really firing) because of Kobe and they eventually rehired Phil after Kobe failed so badly without Phil and Shaq lol.

  315. It’s a sad day when we think 28 minutes is a lot. 🙁

  316. The timeline hopefully is a single word starts with n and ends with r (NEVER) lol. It’s the perfect time for Kobe to retire.

  317. I guess I’m not seeing it under Video. I even went to Jeremy Lin’s profile and not much there. Has some random highlights.

    No big deal. Just thought somebody might have compiled it.

  318. Kobe Bryant Injury Update (1/26/15)
    Posted: Jan 26, 2015

    EL SEGUNDO – Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who injured his right shoulder in last Wednesday night’s game against the Pelicans in New Orleans, was examined this morning by Dr. Neal ElAttrache of the Kerlan Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic. Dr. ElAttrache confirmed an earlier diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff, and advised Bryant to have surgery to repair the shoulder. Bryant has agreed, and surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday morning. A timeline estimate for Bryant’s return will be issued following the surgery.


  319. Oh…you can go to game logs. Find the box score. Then those numbers can be clicked. For example you can click on Lin’s FGAs….then it will ask you if you want to see a shot chart or videos. Chose video, then it will show all possessions where Lin took shots one by one

  320. And the plot thickens…..JK……I hope he is well..

  321. #1 option(Kobe) gone. and #2 option(Young) might be gone. Guess LAL gonna need Lin again to not be totally embarrassed for the next game.

  322. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  323. Do you have All-Access? Doesn’t look like the FGAs are clickable for me.

    Thanks though.

  324. Do they still have 10 healthy bodies or did BS and Madsen suit up?

  325. probably is what we already knew last Friday.

  326. If no Young then we can hopefully expect to see some more aggressive play from jeremy.

  327. Does Scott ever uncross his arms?
    Check out @MarkG_Medina’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MarkG_Medina/status/559811567987200001?s=09

  328. I would say it again, Lin, the Last MAN standing.

  329. Hm, they tagged Clarkson, Lin, Kelly so did it mean they excelled during 5-on-5?

    Pics (clock-wise): Kelly made 3, Clarkson hustled, Lin made 3, Lin played tough defense

  330. Kobe now Young, two of the Lakers wanted the ball in their hands to shoot out of control.

  331. Young’s a good guy. I won’t be happy seeing him getting the BS treatment. But BS just had to find someone to throw under the bus doesn’t he?

  332. Nope, it is public. here u go, click here

  333. Hope Nick Young’s ankle sprain is not too bad

    BScott ever uncrossing his arms?
    yes, only when he has to use his hands to steer the tank back on course =)

    In body language, doesn’t that mean it’s a defensive/insecure posture like someone is going to attack him?

  334. Mutiny?

  335. He’s actually not wrong since the Lakers need to tank. hehe..

  336. How come no one asked him about last night? Probably not allow …?

  337. Lol. What a fool.

  338. He’s actually right since the Lakers need to tank. hehe…

  339. Haha! Well said…

  340. Davis and Black on 2nd team with Lin. I like that. Just need some shooters to spread the floor.

  341. The dude’s just joking

  342. Lin can have Price…oh well..

  343. Finally BS opens his eyes for a first step of long progress?

  344. Thanks. That’s cool. Still don’t know how you got there, but crazy how the nba.com will give you all these videos to watch.

  345. He’s not actually not right since the Lakers need to tank. hehe…

  346. Lakers are so over lol… As long as jlin plays like yesterday I’m all good ^^

  347. Still a fool.

  348. lol

  349. My only fear is that Davis and Black have redundant skill sets

  350. Well he does want to be just like Kobe

  351. Yep…will have zero spacing below the FT line…

  352. Got to show toughness duh =)

  353. Kobe out, Young questionable, BS chewed out. Are the basketball gods, dare I say, wanting Linsanity?!

  354. True. Also they’re the best defensive bigs they have and they both work well coordinating with JLin for two man PnR defense.

  355. LOL JLin’s high level of concentration to bounce his eyes off distraction (Lakers girls) is WHY he’s been successful to navigate through Harvard and the NBA. Salud!


  356. exactly, he keeps mocking Kobe, I love it lol

  357. Yes, that’s what I though, he’s trying to avoid looking at the Laker Girls to maintain his concentration.

  358. Josh Smith and Ariza on the other hand don’t mind being distracted.

  359. So no interview for lin today afrer practice

  360. Swaggy P not afraid to tell the truth.


  361. Just being a good Christian.. that’s all. Saving himself for the right girl.

  362. Mike BresnahanVerified account
    Those around Kobe say he is definitively coming back to play next season. Doesn’t want to go out like this.


  363. wow

  364. Picture would of been better if everyone but Lin wasn’t looking.

  365. The result would still be the same if not worse.

  366. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  367. I hope you meant “was.”

  368. 😀

  369. he’s too honest, and that goes against the political moves of the organization.

  370. Normally only one player… plus Lin already talked a lot last night.. But I think maybe Lakers PR didn’t want reporters to ask Young what happened last night? Bc no one talked about it at all in today’s interview?!

  371. I don’t believe it. Notice he says sources. Did the F/O say so

  372. I like Young.

  373. hopefully FO will usher in some acceleration away from the Kobe game so if he comes back, he won’t be a detriment to the team. They could have done it this year had they prepped properly. They have to start making moves for the future now … Kobe isn’t going to help in the 3 yr deadline for current FO.

  374. good point. If you caught me at a game, you’d get a 10% chance I took one photo and then the rest of the time, I’d be trying to see player and coach interactions. Tix are too expensive …

  375. Respect to Swaggy!!

  376. Brave Nick!

    But now we know the reason why Nick Young might get a DNP.
    Kobe will send his ‘blessing’ through BScott.

  377. I agree. The F/O doesn’t want him back UNLESS he can still play. But Kobe wants to come back no matter what. Even if he just pretends to still be good.

  378. I think they will. Kobe can’t recruit anybody because nobody wants to play with him

  379. They can start by getting rid of BScott if he refuses to run P’N”Roll w/ Lin.

  380. Hey, he is only 3 minutes short of breaking the most TP record.

  381. Why would anyone turn away $24M? I think FO will tell him to take a diminished role and he has to settle with another coach.

  382. Given what he’s said before I wonder why he wouldn’t suggest Ronnie Price?


  383. I think the F/O will try to buy him out

  384. Surprise he didn’t say head of the snake. How can your leader be a bench player? It’s like having a 3 year old as a coach.

  385. By age… bc Boozer is 2nd oldest player on the team.

  386. Kobe still has his fans, but doesn’t fill the seats or eyeballs anymore. So I think the F/O needs to do something to ensure his virtual retirement.

  387. Kobe could be the next coach…. Still thinks Lin needs to leave either way.

  388. maybe he know the uproar if he says Price. and he doesn’t wanna say Lin.

  389. Kobe hasn’t been a leader for this team.it has always been Booze

  390. You’re right. The only reason would be to avoid humiliating himself on the court. But this year, no matter how crappy he played, they blamed everything on his “untalented” teammates. So he had nothing to lose.

    Can Kobe tolerate a diminished role? Will he be healthy enough next year even for that? Will any FAs take that chance and join the Lakers anyway? Those are the questions.

  391. Yes BS was actually right this time.

  392. he’s pumping up his biceps with his fists.

  393. That would be great! But you know Kobe would insist on keeping that a secret. He would be ashamed to admit that he was paid NOT to play. He will try to claim that he chose to retire voluntarily.

  394. Scott will probably play Young 40 mins and turn that into a severe ankle sprain

  395. Kobe will always be just the STATS LEADER for any given team. His inter-personal skills and personality doesn’t fit into the modern day leadership quality.

  396. When there are a lot of bricks…..hard to avoid it…..

  397. I thought Scott would have said, “I will fill Kobe’s leadership void.”

  398. Kobe wants to but his physical may not be able to.

  399. Exactly

  400. He’s not actually incorrect since the Lakers need to tank. hehe…

  401. by ‘other people’ he just means himself.

  402. I find these articles absolutely hilarious. Kobe’s pushing his publicist to get these articles out here to ensure that he still has a footing on the team. All it is doing is driving FA away. Buss can’t afford to have kobe on the team next year.

  403. Smile Kobe. Cause when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you! LOL

  404. Did it look to anyone like Lin had bulked up a bit? At the line last night I mean.

  405. and that is why Lin must search for a new team in the summer. Kobe is toxic. Lin is better on another teams bench than the Laker bench.

  406. tanking requires leadership? since when?

  407. Whatever works. LOL

  408. He might be getting a little weight training in. Today when reporter asked who was going to take over leadership of this time,scott saidsaid he couldn’t think of anyone, the reporter had to suggest Boozer, and Scott was like yeah, I guess you are right. He was scared to say price.i think that butt chewing he got was pretty bad.LOL

  409. At least now we know Lakers FO are will to stand up for Lin! Still don’t know whether Lin should stay. If they promise to fire BS and offer him a big contract like Parsons with Mavs he might.

  410. lack of playing time so gaining weight is my take.

  411. Kobe is the problem, not BS. If the front office forced out Kobe & handed team to Lin, BS would be Lin’s new best friend. BS knows Lin is not in future plans. He just didn’t realize there were consequences to pushing around the lone Asian player in the NBA right now.

  412. This is the second time in a week that Kobe has had his own people put his message out there in advance of any official announcements from the Lakers organization. You’ve got to wonder that the Lakers front office thinks about this.

    Right after the injury, @ramonashelburne carried Kobe’s message. However, she tried to make it seem like her sources were official — and then she virtually winked by retweeting the message about the story which says Kobe really IS the organization (“Unofficial head coach. De facto General Manager.”) [link]

    So now the organization says they’ll have more word on Kobe’s future on Wednesday. And, once again, there is Kobe again trying to co-opt the message, this time using @Mike_Bresnahan. At least Bresnahan had the sense to source it all to Kobe’s camp, not the Lakers organization.

    It makes you wonder if Kobe is feeling that the Lakers Organization isn’t in lock-step with his own wishes right now, so he has to get out in front of the Lakers.

  413. Kobe is used to directing the FO.

  414. there is no evidence of a butt chew, it’s just your educated guess. I dont think Scott got chewed out. I think they just told him to be sensitive to all players and asked him his rationale and the team understand Lin is an expiring contract and more than anything, in my opinion, the Lakers want to avoid the race card issue so they probably hinted what needs to happen and Scott overreacted again by playing Lin the last 17 minutes & allowed Lin to go mini LInsanity to tell them he understood.

  415. Im sure they wish Kobe would voluntariy retire. They want to go for A list players and Kobe is in the way. I dont think Lin is on any laker peoples minds. They just want to make sure no claims of viable racism take place while Lin is still on the roster.

  416. why does that matter? what am I missing

  417. oh he still fills the seats. bet to differ on that point. and that is why he is still relevant despite the fact he is a terrible baskebtall player now in terms of being a star.

  418. If Kobe comes back and plays again this season, he’ll almost be guaranteeing he won’t be back next season. One simply does not rush back from this type of surgery.

  419. Good analysis. The following development will be very interesting. Kobe dares the FO to dispute with him and alienate his fans.

  420. Chiplote & io burger!

  421. JW has posted several pieces of circumstantial evidence. We know that Kobe intends to play next season. What we don’t know yet (you included) is whether or not the owners will decide to let Kobe return. They may be deciding that at this very moment…

  422. hah–BS -u r really %^$# –u shld. hear the clamor of the crowd n be ashamed w/ ur actions…….

  423. This is true, but is he a good coach without Kobe culture?

  424. BS is a hater! Look at how he’s always criticizing Lin and praising his scrub Price! Both Kobe and BS are the problem!!

  425. I agree w you “Kobe is the problem”. I hope FO can really make him to retire before next season really start ….

  426. I don’t think Lin is for the monies in his next contract, it would be the coach and the FO plans for him and whether he can trust them. So far he has been played out.

  427. BS is a clueless coach.

  428. Go to espn LA radio coming up next max n marcells reacting for lin DNP the other day.

  429. BS may still just be Kobe’s puppet.

  430. BS did say he talks to Kobe every night, that’s when he gets his instructions and directions ?

  431. Looks like Lin remains a topic for discussion, he is of relevance to ….

  432. Yep. And they don’t need to change that often.

  433. there was a long post somewhere critical of bs as a coach citing all the specific deficiencies people see in him now in his treatment of the lakers team.

    at the bottom of the piece i noted it was written in 2010.

    bs coaching “style” is not contingent on kobe or lin.

  434. IO Burger… drool

  435. He’s slowly becoming the Hulk

  436. what does Kobe being forced to retire have to do with Lin or Scott being chewed out?

  437. Always

  438. eat it protein style (no bun, just lettuce) and you can have 2.

  439. Lol. Seriously?
    Check out @TWCSportsNet’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TWCSportsNet/status/559835694500028417?s=09

  440. well, the hiring was based on Kobe so if Kobe goes, a team heading for financial and winning performance would drive toward solving that. That’s why for now, Lin is sitting pretty and needs to stay healthy. He has the track record to be on a winning team, and all we have to see is of LAL intends to be one next year.

  441. BSc might have said we’ll have to see who emerges. It’s sort of common sense if you want to foster a good team.

  442. I would rather not have BS all the time

  443. even his kids? jk.

  444. Wow seriously?

  445. If this guy post a pic without the twisted head and smiling, he’d be a media god by now given he tells the truth. Ppl can’t trust the hunchback of Notre Dame, though he turned out as a good literature figure, right?

  446. By better off, it means Scott has to do less thinking. Of course, he rather have Bryant cos then he doesn’t have to do much if any coaching.
    Look at him now…he actually has to try to think (and fail).

  447. ninja my friend … patience. Time is coming.

  448. We should create our own option.

  449. Jeremy. Case closed.

  450. that’s weird … do they know something of Monty’s certain victory ?

  451. #LAKERSLIN !!! Hit them hard everyone.

  452. One of the reason to hire BS was because KB felt comfortable with him. If there’s no KB, there is a chance there is no need for BS.

    So if KB is gone, BS is gonna have sleepless nights thinking when he will be gone too.

  453. Man, that was not worded in a way that is tactful.
    Hope vengeful people don’t make him pay a price for saying that.

  454. I love this reporter!

  455. This tell us something… Lin will not on tomorrow?

  456. For those who think Lin does not want us to vote for him at All Star, please read this.

    “All-Star appearances, however, are often used as negotiating tools when it comes time for players and teams to cobble together contracts. Even by those that understand that All-Star appearances shouldn’t count much as a way to tally up a player’s career accomplishments, the amount of All-Star nods are still treated like currency when it comes time to discuss a player’s Basketball Hall of Fame viability. On top of that, even the most even-keeled of NBA media types still like to hammer out arguments over who should start over whom.”


  457. You can blame it on Jeremy actually. Remember when we were mad voting for him a couple of years back…he poured cold water on the whole thing publicly.
    I mean I still mad vote for him, but I can imagine a lot of people stopped.

  458. They just left out lin cuz he always wins

  459. Does this not say it all? Coolio !
    thought we were the only ones see this. !!

  460. exactly, I was about to say the same. So, everyone should tweet #LakersLin

  461. We should not RT this one for them.

  462. Even Linja concurs.

  463. Bc they know w Lin … he always win the vote… they just tried to get more comments bc this side is not popular at all. LOL!

  464. Is Mitch on the phone with Rich Cho? Kemba Walker is out for 6 weeks. Milwaukee or Detroit will work too. All 3 teams are in the playoffs hunt and need a PG. I have faith until Feb 19th.

  465. I think at that time he sincerely did not want to be voted in since he was #3 and did not want others say he does not deserve it, but I think he would like to stay at top 5 though.

  466. BS needs to learn from ninja, when the change comes, change your wardrobe. Be a smart coach. Raise your IQ, (just wish it could, borrow a line from BS, ..if you are not tough, you just ain’t… “if you are not smart, you just ain’t.”
    BS is hopeless.

  467. You guys ever notice even when lin is leading in stats they don’t show his stats during halftime on twc

  468. LOL, get your licks in hehe.

  469. It’s hard for him to forgo $25M, that’s lots of diamonds for Vanessa.

  470. Being waiting on the roof top, just waiting to pounce. Ha.

  471. According to Scott, Price is closet to the Mamba, too bad he didn’t say Price….LOL.

  472. ok. read the article. It’s obvious what can be done to instantly move LAL to winning team now and next year. Ppl in the know feel LAL is a good team, held back by Kobe.

    Here’s a few things:
    1. make Lin the feature leader and team bball is fostered
    2. of course bit the bullet and change coaches
    3. out of 2, Price and Clarkson go to their place of relevance. Bench hold the fort for Price, Clarkson trade because really, he’s athletic and has potential, but needs way too much seasoning that he’s now ruined on. Think he’s going to take his ticket and wait in line now?
    4. develop TBlack and sign him.
    5. Figure out the bigs problem and solve it.

    And so on. Easy pickin’s if they do it, just like this article says. Give it to Lin.

  473. I do hope more of them come of the closet.

  474. definitely Lakersprice!

  475. To be honest, I am not as optimistic as some here, but again I only started watching NBA at Linsanity. I feel if LAL really wants Lin, they would not risk to upset Lin at his contract year by allowing BS criticized Lin publicly so often. Last night was just a gesture that LAL does not want to have a bad PR on Lin fans nationally and internationally. I used to think LAL wanted to sign Lin cheap, but I no longer think so. Things were going out of hand. FO would have stepped in much earlier if they wanted to sign Lin next year. Just my take on. I of course feel Lin deserves a contract from Lin and hope he can stay at CA, but I doubt it.

  476. Also, TWC commentators started talking like Htown commentators, that also shows FO did not intervene or may have even encouraged it.

  477. So if Steve Kerr gets to decide who of the reserves replaces Kobe in the starting lineup of the All Star Game anybody think he would pick Klay Thompson or Harden?

    Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson among possible replacements for Kobe Bryant as All-Star Game starters

  478. Stu really tried very hard not to criticize Lin last night. There were times when I felt he wanted to say something bad about Lin but refrained from doing so. It could be the marching order from the front office or it could be directly from TWC because seriously no one tunes in to watch Price or Clarkson to play.

  479. dorothy, don’t know if you are Asian, but what I’ve found over the years is western ppl have no clue as to when they are being offensive to asian ppl. I myself am told all the time by my wire I overstep the bounds of social understanding to be too blunt. So, I don’t blame Mitch if he misread some of JLin’s “I’m ok with that” + grimace. Western ppl just don’t get who is supposed to bow deeper, go through the door first, or pay the dinner bill.

    If you are western raised and get this, you are going to make millions with Asians.

  480. Ah hahha, I get you.

  481. Harden just to be right.

  482. I know what you are saying and agree if Lin were first generation immigrant, but Lin is 99.9% American. Mitch should not have misread what Lin said. No human beings would be ok with what BS, TWC Stu…etc said about them publicly. Mitch should know better. I really hope I am wrong, but what LAL FO action just does not make sense if they intend to sign Lin back next year.

  483. Thanks..if only….

    And the Lakers need an identity. And Lin’s been waiting, for three years.

  484. they failed to list his stats on the box score AFTER THE GAME. I don’t really care about that but they also edited out all Lin’s 4th quarter drive and fouls LOL. It was pretty funny & obvious there was an agenda to pretend Lin does not exist by TWC.

  485. You Dorothy, have been around the block, and you have correctly assessed the situation.

  486. Harden.

  487. The mods should remove some of the posts calling BS racist. Overboard and not making this site look good.

  488. can not say the truth and has to be PC?

  489. Rich Cho is probably like Kevin Ding and would not want to touch another Asian with a 10 foot pole.

  490. It’s just rare that mainstream media is so fair to Jeremy.

  491. Click to show some support !

  492. Just a thought, could the USA TODAY piece FINALLY BE LIN’S CAMP (Jim Tanner & the Female Media Expert) pulling some strings for once with their national contacts? Not saying it will help, but at least there is a nice positive Lin piece for once associated on a bigger media channel

  493. Smush Parker was fine with it apparently….

  494. Indeed.

  495. Fingers and toes crossed.

  496. Most important of all:
    Replace Byron Scott the inept coach immediately by the original Linsanity coach, MDA.
    You don’t need much to convince MDA to come back to LA when he knows that his prized student is going to run the show for him in LA. God seemingly has slammed all doors closed on Lakers. This is an opportunity for Jim Buss to show the world that he made the right decisions hiring MDA in the first place. Byron Scott, one the Lakers, simply sucked big time.

  497. Is that soft. Going up against a 7 footer and the guy behind takes out your face – i don’t think Jordan Hill gets this much contact because he settles outside for jumpers.

  498. But but but … so called fans misunderstand his interviews all the time. It’s not inability … It’s a choice to not hear someone, esp if he was raised Chinese and Christian.

  499. There is every reason to believe that BS is the least close thing to being smart. Anyone who would prefer to start Ronnie Price instead of Jeremy deserves no respect.
    An immediate replacement of Byron Scott by MDA will take Lakers’ basketball to a new page of success. Don’t even care for the top five pick next year. How is a rookie going to change a franchise? It’s the coach and your scout who should do the job of talent hunting around the world like what San Antonio has been doing.

    Immediate rebuilding calls for a coach of Linsanity. I can almost guarantee full house every night for Lakers basketball with Linsanity 2.0.

  500. Could you point to the article?

  501. I think the Lakers thought Lin would be ok being the Asian token rotation player on the team and quickly realized Lin is not that accommodating or easy going. That’s why they don’t even need to keep him around at all for that kind of role.

  502. How about #LakersJeremy?

  503. usat.ly/1wyk6hx

  504. You mean Asian fans or American fans misunderstood his interview?

  505. He’s too stubborn to say Jeremy Lin.

  506. Its in moderation, as I checked…probably its in your browser cache, hence you see the post

  507. Everything! Once Kobe is gone, BS will have a new master, if he survives at all. And then Lin should be given a chance to play to his strengths.

  508. I don’t know that it’s not PC exactly. Byron Scott may indeed harbor some racism. Certainly there are many who would say that is the whole and only reason for his treatment of Lin. But everything we come up with to explain Scott’s irrational behavior is our own various speculations: racist, stupid, jealous, servant-only to Kobe, tanking tool of FO. There are a lot of possibilities here, so I don’t mind if our mods try to keep our frustration and anger within civil bounds. Otherwise we start to flirt with the slippery slope that has taken the “other site” into the crapper.

  509. Because, as of now we have no evidence, we are just speculating based on BScott’s nonsensical rotation

  510. Actually this is the only possible way he can do to realize his 3-year promise. Is he bold enough to pull it ? I doubt it.

  511. Giving another season to Kobe will break the back of the franchise.
    By the way, there is almost zero opportunity that Kobe can be half the same player he is now, not to mention before.

    Also Byron Scott is behaving in a very subdued manner. So I think Joyce is right about that Bryon being chewed out if not spit out by the FO.

  512. Thanks LAJane

  513. I hope so. It still contains some of the myths about Jeremy’s skills, but it’s pretty positive in general and is probably as good as it’s going to get from the bigger outlets for the moment. I’lll take it.

  514. Don’t know, just a lot of posters claiming to be Asian lol

  515. Ah yes, the pr finally earning their keep.

  516. Without Kobe, Jim Buss could assert himself by hiring back MDA to coach Jeremy for the rest of this season. Then it may start there. If I were Jim Buss, I would talk to MDA immediately and that would add lots more excitment to Lakercity. MDA would have no reason to refuse this mighty offer.

  517. 🙂 I’ll always be a staunch defender, because I was so surprised at how far the other unmoderated site fell, and disappointed to have to abandon what had been a good home for several years. It was a big lesson on what happens when you don’t weed the garden. A very famous English gardener once commented that in order to “be a great gardener, you have to be ruthless.” Can’t even think about letting the weedy edges get started.

  518. He’s beyond help. The only reasonable thing to do for the time being is to get MDA back ASAP to save what’s left for the season. A draft choice won’t turn the franchise around. A decent coach will.

    With Byron Scott failing so bad, Jim Buss would have little pressure when he brings MDA back to LA. The join force of Jeremy and MDA plus some other pieces that Lakers is having would almost guarantee the return of Linsanity in the West Coast.

    Jim Buss, it’s time for your move.

  519. After being the worst SG and PG in this season, what else can Kobe give to the team? He has nothing left to be savoured by the Lakers. He’s slow, injury proned and ballhogging chucking up low % contested shots.

  520. It should be Jeremy Lin.

  521. Yeah for Lin this is a win. Just putting a positive take out there on him is a win for now.

  522. Kobe’s been hurting the team more than helping.

  523. They should decisively fire the inept coach Byron Scott and replace him by MDA.

  524. The Warriors will wear special edition uniform to celebrate Chinese New Year, wow too bad Lin isn’t in the Warriors team this year, it’s definitely a must buy.

  525. Good read. After all the Kobe’s camp is out in full force to state that he will be back in 2016. I just don’t think the F/O is going to go for it. Kobe needs to realize that he is going to loose a lot of range of motion with that arm. He is just so arrogant that he thinks he can do it, but his body will betray him this time around. I think the F/O might try to even buy him next season. They will give him an option for a buy out, or park his butt on the bench with a coach he doesn’t like. The F/O seem to be holding the cards,but will they enforce it…and the plot thickens.

  526. there are many other ways to express the same idea without using the ‘r’ word.

    the ‘r’ word is actually quite ineffective in getting ppl to pay attention. in that regard, its not useful to even use it.

  527. I think he will pick Klay Thompson, why not. There is so much nepotism in this league. Also harden is only liked by houston fans. Everybody likes Klay Thompson. He is part of the splash brothers.

  528. Under a 3-year term, this is the only way to go for Jim.

  529. Klay, he’s the player Kerr has to coach the next morning.

  530. Max Kellerman: “Jeremy Lin is now the best player on the team”


  531. I thought you banned yourself from this site. Why are you back? you know what opinions are just last azzholes, everybody has one. We are doen..smh

  532. Man this is better than GOT and The Walking Dead combined. The plot is thick as Jell-O now…

  533. I like Max and he speaks truth but M&M seem to have no pull with getting fans behind them to exact change with the Lakers. Though M&M are well received by LA fans.

  534. I like what @abc posted earlier. It made fundamentally sound good sense.

  535. You’re right, the other site fell fast. I don’t even go there anymore and haven’t for weeks.

  536. Jeannie Buss listens to M&M show

  537. At first, Stu was OK. But he became more and more like Drexler as he went along. I now have a hard time listening to him and look at the away feed. At least if they knock Lin down they are on the other side.

  538. “…but will they enforce it?” I’m with you on all of this, but I really can’t figure the FO out. Too many pieces missing from the puzzle for even my best business brain to find an order. I get the emotional attachment to Kobe’s long star history for them – they have put all their eggs in his basket time after time. It didn’t hurt their business until he got hurt so badly…how hot does his current unattractive behavior have to get before they choose to try to pull the business out of the fire? They are also proud of the Laker name…how far does that have to fall before they admit they should act. I really don’t know whether they can get their eyes and minds open enough to find a reasonably graceful solution, or whether they will remain paralyzed between “if-only” and reality.

  539. God has slammed all doors closed on Lakers except Jeremy Lin.

  540. LOL

  541. @ramonashelburne’s latest article [link] has a slightly different “feel” about it. Maybe it’s the fact that the retirement option was even mentioned.

    Also, the following tweet from Dr. Klapper about treatment timing is interesting. If Kobe has been delaying surgery on a rotator cuff injury since pre-season (and it’s not sure when the rotator cuff became involved), then the prognosis for a game-ready recovery may be cloudy.


  542. I feel he always is..

  543. This is the only reasonable choice that will immediately turn the season around.
    There are still lots of bodies that MDA is familiar with. As to the new addition, they’re just pleasant add-ons,

    Byron Scott has set such a low standard, everyone comes in will be celebrated as the immediate savior for the Lakers. I just hope Jim Buss will be man enough to get MDA and Jeremy together for Linsanity 2.0 in LA. What do they have to lose? Nothing.

    Kobe is out of the question. Even when he comes back in his last season with a torn body, he will be much subdued.

  544. You have to understand that these are trust fund babies. Their dad was the real brain behind the organization. He taught Jeannie the business, so I think she has a business head. Jim Buss stated that the only reason they signed Kobe to a $48 million contract was a dying wish of their father, because of Kobe’s loyalty to the organization for so many years. I think Jeannie gives off that appearance that she doesn’t have a a grasp of the Lakers when it comes to players, but she is not stupid. Her teacher is Phil Jackson. I think she’s knows that her brother doesn’t know what he is doing, so I think she wants to just put pressure on himself until he just resigns. He did when he said that if Lakers were not a contending team in three years that he will resign. I think she actually wants to make Mitch President of Basketball operations. Mitch is very no nonsense.I remember when Kobe was trying to force Howard out, Mitch stood his ground.

  545. I voted for Tarik Black. He’s more likely to succeed than Jordan Clarkson. I don’t buy what coach Miller said about Jordan Clarkson. He’s just too raw for a position that requires lots of skills and experience. Jordan Clarkson is just a SG in my book.

  546. people shouldn’t be afraid to point out the possibility of racism when there is no other logical explanation.

  547. I guess I know what U want. Is it MDA? He should be the first coach that Jim Buss calls to save this season.

  548. yeah, we should not be afraid to tell it as it is, and i don’t think it’s political correct to avoid mentioning racism when it’s a possibility.

  549. Harden and Lin shot a commercial together?


  550. I like Black much more than Randle. Randle likes to dribble too much for my liking. I saw him play for the NIke international ???. Randle and the US team lost to the International team badly. The years with Andrew Wiggins, the international team simply clobbers the US team. Randle is overrated because he comes from big school. Black was just a transfer in the last year.

    Black is going to be something much bigger than Randle.

  551. lol i a gree

  552. Max and Marcellus talks about Kobe, JLIn and Swaggy around 27:00 http://espn.go.com/espnradio/losangeles/play?id=12232909

  553. Lin made the Houston defense look like orange traffic cones in the 4th quarter. Then again, the Houston defense sucks.

  554. standing in the way of Laker rebuilding. He hurts more than he helps the franchise for these 2 years.

  555. What commercial?

  556. Something weird with Discus. try refresh

  557. Max on ESPN Radio just said for Jeremy to be DNP’d he must be dumbest guy in the team – thinks too much…. More of an insult than a compliment.

  558. nobody in LA media thinks Lin is the answer.

  559. More like BScott d…..t coach in the NBA

  560. He also said he was the dumbest on the team to be DNP’d by Scott. More insulting actually if you listed to all of oit.

  561. Your reminder about the family dynamic helps. Not the first time kids have disagreed about how an inherited business should be run, and not the first time one has been run into the ground that way either.

    Jeremy has had the most fantastic soap-opera career: explosive Cinderella reveal, jealous princes, evil stepfather coaches, and royal siblings battling for control of the kingdom. As briiick posted way below – “Shakespearean”!

  562. wow my post about Jeanie was edited out? Didn’t realize that commenting on this site was no longer ok?

  563. Max just said BS thinks JL is the dumbest guy in Lakers to be DNP’d. More insulting and complimentary.

  564. love it

  565. I’d love to see him under a coach … let’s see if he won’t retire.

  566. Good article…its kinda norm to competitive sportsman, to really to in the towel at the right time. They tend to push further and further until reality hits and its painful

  567. why, why why, Lin, you let Harden and Rox use you after how they treated you? Should let them rotten in Asia market. Now we know why Harden was so nice to Lin last night.

  568. you should know Lin by now..

  569. I totally agree. His response is positive, definite and affirmative; we just haven’t given enough credit to his guy. He’s a genius.

  570. Pruning at early stage is always good 🙂

  571. That’s NBA commercial not the Rockets and plus Lin is a Christian.

  572. totally…its how we express the idea

  573. understood, but Lin is no longer a Rox. He is not obligated to help promote Rox any more.

  574. This is from NBA. I believe they simply picked teams that are “red” related plus Lin. Red is the theme color for Chinese new yr

  575. Its not that easy to bring MDA back

    1) Laker’s fan perception need to be re-established
    2) BScott is on a 3+1 contract

  576. Guess it’s a family friendly site. Can talk about OO here.

  577. No team is stupid enough to ask a player other than their own to promote their team.

  578. I know it is NBA commercial, but I bet Lin could have said he does not want to be featured with Rox and NBA would understand it after jerseygate, but knowing Lin as a good Christian…. but that is why we fans love him and are so loyal to him.

  579. unfortunately some of the video and pictures, needs browser refresh

  580. LOL Love how “Clutch the bear” was locked out by the Bulls haha.

  581. But it’s an NBA commercial. There are plenty of NBA commercials with players from multiple teams. The one with Harden and Anthony Davis for example.

  582. I know, I only replied to Dorothy for prior comment.

  583. Harden is a Rocket, what do you expect him to wear?

  584. don’t get what you mean

  585. Lin could have say no Rox to NBA, after Jerseygate and I bet no one would blame him for that.

  586. If the Rockets want to promote their franchise they would hire one of their own not Lin. That’s a respond to your quote “He is not obligated to help promote Rox any more”

  587. You don’t think Rox trying to use this opportunity to PR Asian market after they being the most hated team in China and jerseygate? Come on.

  588. Ya! This is from NBA & I think these three teams are most famous in China-Lakers, Bulls, & Rox. It’s not for Rox bc if so then Lakers sure will not happy or allow Lin to do it.

  589. Lin probably didn’t mind. Probably works like NBA contacts Lin’s agent. Asks if he’s interested in doing the commercial. Lin can tell his agent yes or no, Agent tells NBA okay and the cut a deal. Lin could have told his agent he didn’t want to do it.

  590. Ya that’s the best part.

  591. Why would he? The NBA wants to promote and show appreciate for Asian/Chinese, why would Lin have any grudge for that? Move on Dorothy, you’ll be happier. Lin has his current problem now, Rox is in the past.

  592. You don’t think Lin knew what he was going to be featured ahead of time? I bet he did, but be a good Christian, he is willing to forgive them and move on.

  593. Thanks for the great encouragement!

    That’s why we mods like to troll one another joyfully in order to be “ruthless” when it comes time to put people in the penalty boxes. It’s part of @brentyen:disqus ‘s Mod Self-Defense Drill LOL.

    Being mods are not easy so I have to hand it to our great mods here =)
    Mak, Brent, IJ, blubell, real-dsb, joyce, real-dsb!

    Plus the users can help to self-police by flagging a bad post 5 times to disappear

  594. If you’re right which you’re not, Rox has the right to amend that with China.

    Last I check China does not help Lin Taiwan does. Look at his all star vote result.

  595. NBA Happy Chinese New Year Youtube vision..

  596. Absolutely. Lin is part of the NBA, to represent them is an honor.

  597. It’s for NBA, not for rox only.

  598. linsanity was the biggest thing in NBA, it’s much better than tanking, or any draft pick, especially in LA. the lakers are missing out the big chance limiting lin’s role and game like this. they will probably regret it soon.

  599. Hehe, A bus coach, a train coach…lol. I’m so bad.

  600. Ya! I agree.

  601. I don’t know how you can tell China fans do not help Lin from All Star vote. Rox has every right to rescue their reputation in China, but Lin did not have to help them in that. I am not blaming Lin doing that, I am just saying Lin is too nice to people mistreat him.

  602. Nice picture of Joseph Lin (Baby Lin)


  603. Of course plus he is the only one who can speak Chinese in NBA…:)

  604. It’s not too late to correct it.

  605. He is the only Chinese in NBA and It’s CNY greetings. Who else is the best representative of CNY greeting.

  606. hope so but don’t think they know what they are doing.

  607. When did NBA care about Asian fans? When all these phantom calls and no foul calls on Lin, did they think about Asian fans? I just hate it whenever they think of Asian market they think about Lin.

  608. Robin Lundberg
    Nick Young has proven that by giving yourself a nickname people will think you are better than you are.

  609. Hey, I really liked what you posed earlier about Lin and his team playing hardball with the Lakers organization,. It made a lot of sense. I also see Kobes’ team out in full force letting everyone know that he is coming back in 2016,but nothing from the F/O.What are your thoughts?

  610. I’m ok with it, Lin got $10 million for his services with the Rockets. Move on, why burn bridges? Should be better for Lin in the long run.

  611. Oh my god this is so awesome! Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

  612. It could be the bargaining chip for Kobe to get a good retirement package if the FO has a different thought.

  613. To NBA: I do not need your greetings for Chinese New Year. My wish for the new year is your referees be fair to Lin that is all I am asking.

  614. Funny!

  615. it is actually very insightful.

  616. I understand and I’m not happy but JLin’s dream is playing in NBA. He is living in his dream job. Yeah, there are a lot of bumps/obstacles on the road for him and we don’t like tons of the things that happen to him. For NBA wants to feature him in CNY greetings no matter what the motivation behind of him is actually good for him. They can choose other players but at least he is the choosen one by NBA. I will take it anyday. One step at a time and it’s wiser to choose which battle to fight. JH won’t take the light from JLin no matter what in China and Asia.

  617. I think Jeanie Buss and Kupchak know Lin’s potential to be a key part of rebuilding blocks.
    But Kobe’s ego still stands tall in the way as his frail body is breaking down.

    So we just have to wait how the politics are unfolding.

  618. “Whistle blows! The ref running towards Lin, taking something out of his pocket…. It’s a RED CARD!!”
    “Hang on…. We’re not playing soccer here are we?”

  619. AT least he received couple of fair calls , the last game

  620. LOL we need to contact that Taiwanese Animation studio to make Happy Chinese Year with a diss on refs biased calls

    How come we don’t have them making Lin videos anymore?

  621. Agree. Believe it’s BS and KB camp that sabotages Jeanie Buss and Mitch’ s intentionality. They don’t anticipate the “depth” of nastiness of these two can go. BS must be a very good “actor” for them to hire him. They let their “preconceived” of BS’s previous relations with Lakers “blind” them.

  622. Well said !

  623. LOL like your sense of humor:-)

  624. BTW, do you know when their show on the air?

  625. The fact that the minions from Kobe’s camp are trying to highjack FO’s voice as official is indicative of him gradually losing his stronghold over the Lakers franchise.

  626. once every 3 years is not enough

  627. Yes. The F/O won’t disagree openly to alienate his fans, thus giving him a good bargaining chip in what he really wants.

  628. Let’s not exaggerate now…more like five times a year. 🙂

  629. True. There was many concerns about BScott that they waited 3 months to finally hire him.
    Now everything depends on Kobe’s health. I’m actually expecting Lakers FO allowing Kobe to do 1 more year which is bad for JLin but it’s better if Lin stays away from Kobe next year. But if Kobe unexpectedly is forced to retire, I’ll open a bottle of champagne too :p

  630. First time I saw the activeness of JLin younger bro.

  631. you are exaggerating now, lol , 5 games every year??? No way

  632. I wonder what it relates to?
    Gillette’s slogan is “The Best a Man Can Get”

  633. Jim no longer has that slack, as 2015-2016 season is the last year of his three-year promise to bring Lakers back to contention (WC Final/NBA Final). That will NOT happen with Kobe heroball.

  634. so you think maybe Jim will turn on him to save his job?
    That will be interesting play. Everything for Lakers to contend is predicated by Kobe’s retirement.
    FAs will come join Lin if Kobe retires. But he will fight tooth and nail if he has to retire like this.

  635. Lol

  636. I agree. I think that they like lin. Lin is not about himself, but understanding the legacy of what the laker’s represent and lin wanting to bring that back. I asked my friends that work in Hollywood, and they were very insightful. They stated that Kobe was able to survive because of the illusion that the Lakers created about him, and the fans bought into it. So I asked about lin, and they said that Lin had great potential. Lin is a Christian , Harvard Grad, and geeky. They said that is what Hollywood loves. They said that it depends on how the Lakers want to market lin, and if did in the right way, they would buy into it. They stated that Hollywood had never considered Asian men as sexy until Ki Hong Lee was voted the 4th most sexist man alive in Peoples Magazine

  637. Very remote of chance for JLin to be traded before Feb deadline. If KB/BS continues to stay in Lakers next year, I would like JLin takes any offer other than Lakers. Believe JLin will feel the same. Well, we will have a clearer pic of KB’s status after Wednesday. It’s crazy for him to return after this surgery but for an aging player that still holds on to pass fame and glory, he will. Let’s see whether Jim Buss and Mitch have the gut to retire KB.

  638. I think that the Lakers will try to buy out Kobe. Jim Buss cannot have another year with Kobe on his books. It depends on what the F/O will stand up to.

  639. LOL Lakers is literally becoming Reality Show now. Can’t wait to see which page/book is turned in the next few weeks:-)

  640. I really hope so. Perhaps Jim Buss is desperate enough and all ownership can force Kobe to retire.

  641. It is called the survivalist of the fittest. Everyone looking out for themselves accuse they know who they are dealing with..jmo

  642. Any chance of it happens?

  643. I will keep my fingers crossed.
    As Joseph Lin said, the Man Above is always In Control!
    What seems impossible for us can happen just like that =)

  644. yes, if that happens, I will count it as another much-welcomed miracle that happens LOL

  645. Those are great feedback, Joyce!
    And I know you will vote JLin as the 3rd Sexiest (not Sexist LOL)

  646. You know I will .LOL

  647. Looks like Lin might stay in LA – he values family a lot or at least in California – SAC or GS or Clips

  648. What took the FO 3 months to hire BS is coming true.

  649. It could be one version of the truth and not necessarily the right version. Other versions are he is clueless, pigheaded, petty or simply idiotic. I have high hopes for this site not turning into jeremylin.net. Please just need everyone’s help.

  650. I think Lin would take less money to stay in LA if the situation is tolerable and he sees a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

  651. LOL Well miracle does happene:-) Never says never. Learned a huge lesson from this:-)

  652. Looks like Lin is having cod fish.

  653. What do you mean?

  654. Honestly I think Jim Buss lacks the backbone, but with that said if it came down to his own neck vs. Kobe’s one never knows. Jeanie called him out on that Three-Year-Back-to-Contention (via Twitter IIRC) not too long ago, so Jim’s as much on borrowed time as Kobe’s rotator cuff ligament.

    Maybe a Kobe buyout?

  655. Thanks Joyce. Let’s hope it nudges them to make the right moves. I’d love for Lin to stay in LA if somehow, the Busses get enough backbone to tell KOBE they’re not going to cater to him anymore. It’s a perfect fit for them because there is plenty of Asian support for Lin and he can basically print money for the owners if somehow they allow lin to shine. We can only guess what’s going on but I do think Lin has more power over his situation than most people think.

  656. Pro-Kobe “journalists”, such as Ramona, come out blabbering stuff before F/O makes formal announcement. No need for that happening if Kobe’s eye-to-eye with the F/O, he’s being unsure and insecure.

  657. I forgot her name, but there’s a young female ref who’s been fair to Jeremy. (Lauren Holtkamp?)

    NOT Violet Palmer though, she crazy.

  658. Just a conspiracy theory. Anyone thinks that BS used the benching of Young to deflect all the criticism of him for benching Lin? It’s his way of saying, I’m not discriminating against Lin, I bench Young too.

  659. Look like Lin from this angle.

  660. That’s exactly what I thought bc Young didn’t seem to be too upset at all?! Don’t know how to say it but I guess Jeanie Buss got tons of Lin’s fans trash tweet to her about this issue…

  661. Maybe in part. BS was in a truly bad mood anyways since being called in by the F/O (likely twice, the cancelled practice and the tardy for press conf). Swaggy may just have triggered BS enough to become the dumping ground.

  662. With the DNP that happened to Jeremy, I’m enjoying the imminent Lakers players breakdown. Nick has thrown one. I’m excited to know who’ll be next after game vs Wizards.

  663. Looks like so little food.
    I can eat the whole table myself.
    And he thank them because dinela give to them for free? That will be awesome.

  664. Seems possible. It would actually be healthy if the FO is finally starting to quietly let him know there might be some adults in the house.

  665. Mitch already gave a not-so-subtle hint earlier about not renewing his contract in 2016, which may have sent Kobe into insecure/panic mode. Kobe does not know how to live without spotlight.

  666. So BS should give himself a nickname

  667. wow, thats another way of looking at this…that thought didnt make to me at all…you are imaginative 🙂
    end of the day, we dont know, there are certainly many missing pieces

  668. My personal opinion is that Lin will not be traded in February. It just makes so little sense to pay huge bucks for him for a half-season rental when he’s becoming FA soon.

    That said, I AM looking out for news of a team signing with D’Antoni. He could use some extra publicity to re-ignite his coaching career with a JOLT, and he does know how to maximize a PGs potential. If anything, he can run a Lawson-Lin tandem and realize the dynamic backcourt duo tha the Rox failed to make happen with Harden-Lin.

  669. As of now, I dont think he would be traded as well…lets see

  670. Yeah his anger was directed towards Lin via BS.

  671. And furthermore…from a Hollywood career grad…add to Ki Hong Lee something else that gets their attention even more, which is dollars and numbers of eyeballs. They are paying attention in a very big way to the vast numbers being put up in the Asian entertainment market. American and European stars are now doing fan-meets in Asia and the studios have their radar up for Asian product that can be re-made for the American market, and for Asian actors and music stars that are already capturing fans worldwide. If the Lakers wise up, they will find Lin could bring them benefits they haven’t even dreamed of yet. In some ways the American sports mindset is still pretty provincial, in spite of the cross-pollination with Europe.

  672. He already has one in his initials. As well as in his last name.

  673. I think dysfunction brings out the worst in us sometimes lol. Keep up the spirit, Mr. PG of old!

  674. I don’t think so since he has benched Wellington and Kelly after starting them, so there are already excuses. I really thought Swaggy played stupid so BS took him out.

  675. Ok, that is logical. Get his version out ahead of the Lakers own press.

  676. The worse thing for Kobe right now is for Linsanity to be revived in LA then team becomes Lin’s not Kobe’s when he comes back. Maybe KB told BS to shut Lin down?

  677. I don think the table is chewable…

  678. It’s a tough proposition indeed for any contenders to pay a prorated $6M in a trade while Lin’s numbers are not showcased yet. And Lakers need him to sell tickets despite BScott’s marginalization.

    Perhaps Lin’s agent only negotiated consistent 25+min prior to his victory tweet. Then hope for the best for FA

  679. I was puzzled on why he benched Young. Then I thought about Lin’s DNP the previous night and the uproar from Lin’s fans. The next game, when Lin played 17 straight minutes to finish the game (first time this year), something doesn’t add up. Scott is a psycho.

    Then I just read this story about how Scott uses a fake baby and toy stroller as part of his rookies hazing for Black and Clarkson. Talk about weird.

    Here’s the quote for Scott regarding the hazing – “Absolutely…” Scott confirmed when asked if it was his idea. “They are in charge of bringing them to every home game, making sure they are right by their locker, that the baby is not crying or anything like that, then after the game take them home. My only concern is the will go in the family room, there are so many kids there they might try to take their babies. So they have to watch their babies, then on game days on the road they have to wear baby backpacks.”

  680. I just want to see BScott drawing more plays for Lin followed by a group of his assistants LOL

  681. On the other hand, it is good to rent a player that you think might be useful….better than you sign him in FA for yrs and ended up having to dump him…

  682. I dont buy that as well…but you never know…

    Kobe wants fame….i do agree but shutting Lin down…dont think so

  683. Why not?

  684. I think the crazy PT management was Scott’s way of rebelling against the F/O, which may have reached a deal with Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery on a certain amount of PT minutes and closing games. So a begrudging Scott does what’s left within his power to screw Jeremy: play him very little in 1H, and then play him crazy long strech (17 min) in 2H to have him falter, proving his rhetoric of Lin being soft and can’t close.

    But of course we know that won’t work because Jeremy’s mentally and physically tough.

  685. why not, not? lol

    He has fame, he has his legend established unlike a new upcoming star who wants to shine more than the rest, obviously there is a competition. But with Kobe expiring journey, generally people want to go out with a good name rather than steeping on another.

    Such a player, would have a longer lasting name, if he had spent some time and work towards grooming upcoming player like Lin and the rest.

  686. true, there is a team like BOS being one of the teams wanting to take salary dump so hopefully they want to test-drive Lin.

    If there’s 1, there might be others to bid. Just a small hope, I think

  687. Lin getting cold treatment started after he the same 21 points as Kobe but was named Player of the Game and media called him “Best Laker” of the night. Kobe simply does not allowed other canines urinating on his fire hydrant. I wouldn’t put it past him about shutting Lin down, not like he hasn’t done it to others before.

  688. But it has to be a team that believes they are really contending….and they believe Lin…seems…..not very likely for both to be true at the same time

  689. idk enough about Jim Buss.

  690. Well he does have a good name, regardless of he does that or not…

  691. Have fun selling this rhetoric to Shaq, D12, Pau and Nash. LOL

  692. Scott is a insane, that I agree

  693. made of chocolate crust maybe?

  694. I thought about Wellington and Kelly too. But from fans perspective, Lin and Young are at a different pecking order, regarding what Scott thinks. So, when he surprised everyone by DNP Lin and the ensuring uproar. I’ll bet Young was a casualty of Scott’s making a point.

  695. M…..unlikely…more like peanut something…

  696. still too many unknowns indeed.
    For now, I’d just enjoy the next game wishing BScott begrudgingly drew plays for Lin surrounded by his assistants 😀 Then 25+ min

    One step at a time 😀

  697. I do not believe Scott can just DNP Lin like that…a few games maybe. He has to think of something 1st

  698. I’m guessing “closing games” may have also been part of the deal. We’ll find out soon enough in the Wizards game.

  699. That was very likely. I recall in Rox Lin was forced to play a smaller role when Harden was injured, and often had to stand in a corner. “Player’s coach” will do that without being asked to.

  700. I kindly disgree with view, you may be right, but as I said, I havent seen enough solid evident.

    All, I know is BScott been as such all his career and coaching catering for “superstar” similar to McHale coaching style. They dont cater to other for teamball/play. They feel its Superstar duty to carry the team and the rest to assist the “superstar” to bring the team win. As Harden bluntly pointed out ” the rest are pieces”

  701. They all drinking H2O. Healthy bunch. 🙂

  702. You saw, as I did, how Kobe was initially all chummy with Jeremy, and how quickly went out the window. I concede that some of BS wrongdoings to Lin may have been motivated by his own desire to brown nose Kobe, but it is quite evident how Kobe himself turned on the nasty with Lin. I’m sure you saw “the foul” episode.

  703. How can you tell water from vodka? 😉

  704. to me that is a norm in any competitive play (the foul), i dont take that to locker

  705. It looks to be a Happy Monday practice


  706. or tequila

  707. You’re a bigger person than Kobe. 🙂

  708. He’s already done it to Shaq, NASH and Howard. KOBE has pissed all over the Lakers and marked it as his own.

    My take is that he didn’t feel any threat by Lin at first because he was still the icon “KOBE”. Once the season began and he was losing popularity to Lin, he becam threaten by Lin and his own fading skills. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe that Melo gave him warning about how he became second fiddle to Lin in NY. So yeah, KOBE was threatened!

  709. The thing that I disliked about Kobe is, he did not walk his talk in mentoring Lin
    He said it, but didnt walk it thru.

    The rest of the blame, I would place it on BScott and a little on JL as well

  710. Just imagine if Jeremy had a different coach and didnt get this cold shoulder, we wouldnt have said Kobe had done the above to Shaq, Nash and Howard. We are trying to tie the loose ends to make a story here, which as well, could be true, but what I’m saying, I havent seen solid evidence as of yet.

    Probability is there, as always

  711. On what ground do you believe Lin’s agent was able to negotiate minutes for Lin?

  712. Now, without Kobe, its gonna be interesting to watch how the story enfolds…no catering to superstar…how is he gonna run the team…use Jeremy?

  713. The only blame I place on Jeremy, ironically, would be that foul he didn’t take. Kobe was absolutely right, and Jeremy knew that it was the right thing to do, yet he chose to blindly follow BS order to wait. Jeremy should understand the concept of 將在外,君命有所不受 (a general in the field would refuse certain orders from the Emperor). A successful basketball players would not only know what’s best thing to do, but he should also follow it through. BS gonna give him flack either way, so Jeremy has to only focus on doing the “right” things.

  714. Or Soju right? LOL.

  715. Bacardi?

  716. Aren’t the lakers still paying for MDA’s salary?

  717. Straight up too…these guys & gals have strong tolerance for alcohol, none is exhibiting any signs of Asian flush. 🙂

  718. Depends which part of Asia as well, Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Philippines has higher tolerance

  719. I think not a lot of evidence .. you are right of Kobe really planning that but there is a noticable deterioration in Kobe and Lin’s relationship. Kobe no longer mentors or talks to Lin as often as he did in the beginning of the season. I don’t know if he feels threatened but he might just not like Lin because Lin is the opposite of Kobe – Not a douche. He probably told BS that Lin is “Soft” and BS to please Kobe who got him the job overreacted thinking that Kobe would approve of what he did to Lin. In reality, Kobe probably doesn’t care but Byron is overly eager to pay back Kobe for his support of his candidacy. That’s how they do it at the CRIPS, you know.

  720. From the swag in his tweet? (see top OP) LOL

  721. No real evidence – could be a combo of Nick and Clarkson sucking. We will know tomorrow if Lin is DNP again.

  722. BS does NOT suddently have an 180-deg swap in attitude towards Lin, from DNP-CD to 29 minutes and closing the game, not without a one-two punch black eye from the Front Office. It’s not crazy to assume Lin’s agent spoke to the F/O of his customer.

    But yeah, no evidence. Maybe BS seeing Kobe getting surgery, so he decides to brown nose Lin instead from now on. If he starts calling Lin his son, that’ll be the clue.

  723. Brent同学,你很调皮哦~

  724. That is one soft tank! lol

  725. You are not gonna see any…..just saying….

  726. Spectrometer will do

  727. I think Byron will have a real headache.

    “How is he supposed to run plays for Lin but still tank?”

    Good luck with that LOL
    But I’ll be watching intently like this


  728. Or white wine/rice wine/vinegar

  729. Peanut jelly butter

  730. 太淘氣了~! 🙂

  731. I added the Poll for tomorrow’s game vs John Wall and the Wizards

    I’m feeling good so I’m voting boldly!
    Linsanity vs John Wall: 20pts/10asts

  732. hahaha

  733. Of course you may be right that had Lakers gotten a competent coach, just maybe we wouldn’t have this convo. But truth is KOBE has never been easy to coach even for PJax. His battles with KOBE have been well documented in his books. Recent history with Brown and D’antoni also point to KOBE’s inability to listen to anyone. The fact that Lakers took 3 months just to sign Scott meant one of two things. They wanted to make sure Scott could control KOBE or they wanted to make sure KOBE was willing to listen to Scott. Either way, it created a situation that set up a bad scenario for the organization.

  734. Psalm, is it a coincidence that everytime you went to see JLin games in person, whatever team he is currently on, they lost? 😛

  735. Don’t forget to update poll results/winners (if any) before the backlog gets too long! 🙂

  736. A friend told me about a box of items lin is going to curate. It is $75 and 100% of the proceeds go to lin’s foundation.


  737. Not sure you totting around that black cat helps the case… LOL

  738. LOL DNP-CD we have already witnessed and experienced:-))

  739. No Kobe always can see more smile on Lin’s face…

  740. well, the way I think is he made the claim of victory on the tweet before the 28min game after the DNP and mentioned a small fight (see featured post)

    So it could still be a coincidence but if Lin’s dwindling minutes before the DNP turned to 28min, then we saw Byron’s drawing plays for Lin. That was so bizzare because Lin was only like a bystander/role player in the PHX game that I attended. All of a sudden Byron drew plays in the HOU game, it was just such a drastic change. I’m feeling pretty good to have an intelligent guesstimate that something did happen.

    For it to be true, we would need to have a string of games to confirm that Lin’s agent tweet about victory is real in getting Lin a lot of Playing Time (PT)

    Of course I could be wrong but I hope I’m right for all Lin fans’ sake =)

  741. You don’t think my black cat is cute? My black cat thinks you are cute. :p
    Especially when you do that Fabio hair style! Hahahaha

  742. I agree with you and other posters that something went down for the 180 degree turn of event. We’re trying to figure out what went on behind closed door. Why would the Lakers caved in for Lin’s agent request if that was the case. Is it for Lin to resign with them or to increase Lin’s trade value. We’ll have more clarity in the coming days regarding PT and trade deadline in a few weeks.

  743. I know, right? :[ ..
    Either the Suns is Lin’s Kryptonite or I’m Lex Luthor LOL

  744. hehe… after I get the Q&A video out, I’ll get right on it

  745. So many surprises! Not the least of which is the lion showing up.

  746. yup, we just don’t know the WHY part.
    It’s just good to know that Lin’s team has some kind of leverage or good intention from Lakers FO.
    We can’t speculate much beyond that.

  747. A draft choice is not a team made in rebuilding.
    No team should tank just for a draft choice which doesn’t necessary land you the first lottery pick.
    Boston didn’t and he fell out of the 5 worst team in NBA and will probably be the first franchise to excel in rebuilding.
    W L
    Minnesota 7 37
    New York 8 37
    Philadelphia 8 37
    LA Lakers 12 33
    Orlando 15 33
    Indiana 16 30
    Utah 16 29
    Boston 16 27

  748. Lin’s kryptonite is the collective of NBA troglodytes.

  749. I think you’re right about Montgomery.

    Too little credit is given to him. He sounds so confident is his tweeting that it sounds as if he has been fighting with the FO about Lin and he’s so sure that he is winning on the FO.

  750. Espn article on Kobe. I liked the mention about JLin, “But at some point, Kobe’s path diverged from the one the Lakers must travel. They both knew it. Once Randle went down and Nash was lost for good, the franchise needed to shift its focus to the future. To see what Jeremy Lin could really give them”. Please thats all I’m asking for. Give JLin 30 + minutes a game as a starter with a good lineup and lets see what he can do!

  751. 1) Scott control Kobe – not working
    2) Kobe listening to Scott – Scott was not doing anything to improve Kobe’s play – BScott behaves as though all are great with Kobe (brushing his health, his stamina, and poor shooting)

    So none of the above worked, so does that mean FO failed to get the right coach? I think there was something brewing and they wanted to get a coach for that purpose, finally, (maybe no other choice) they went with Scott, since he has a history with Lakers.

    Or they were totally off with Scott, not knowing how bad is his coaching

  752. With Kobe, Lin got 97% of votes; without Kobe, Lin gets 100%, 97% was great, but nothing beats 100 % 🙂

  753. Good point about Montgomery’s confident tone.
    It’s almost like he wanted to show Lin’s large fanbase that he can do big things behind the screen.
    Many Lin fans wondered what he has done during HOU and LAL tough time.

    I really hope whatever deal was struck continues to build up tomorrow!
    I can’t wait for the 1st full Linsanity game for Lakers fans. They’ve been deprived of it for too long

  754. I think there is enough evidence to show that Lin’s agent did indeed intervened.

    but we wont really know what was the outcome, we might need to put 2 and 2 together (guesstimate as you mentioned).

    There is probability that, Scott is playing Lin more, because Kobe is not there and wanted to run with him as a closer as well.

    As for DNP:- Clarkson as a starter to see how it go and DNP Lin so that he wont interrupt the flow. Fully letting clarkson to run the show and see what he has, and knowing well, Price is not a offensive threat

  755. Bring it on! Linsanity

  756. Lin’s minutes could’ve been staggered with Clarkson’s, be it 15 or 18 minutes, without the flow concern. A DNP-CD cannot be justified no matter how BS spins it.

  757. putting thoughts again into Scott….need to send you away on vacation…lol 😉

  758. Apparently there are 3 versions of the ending of CNY greetings from NBA.

  759. Comments from Nuggets fans about possibility of MDA replacing Shaw.

    “Used to love watching Denver play, but that team isn’t what it used to be now. I lived in Phoenix during 7 seconds or less, so I admit the bias, but they hired him in LA to be Steve Nash’s coach and then Nash barely played. Gasol was never a fit for his gig and i think without Nash you really can’t even take that show into consideration because there really wasn’t a fit for him with any other player on the roster. I think the Buss kids would have happilly waved goodbye to Kobe if Nash stayed healthy but if you can’t love the one you want, love the one you’re with. D’antoni at that point was basically just a fall guy until after Kobe retired and D’antoni peaced out while Scott was like “hey, I suck at this, I’ll happilly take your paychecks until you want to contend again”.

    That aside, there was probably a reason that Shaw interviewed for years and years and every single time the team picked other candidates. The dude doesn’t have it anymore than Rambis did.”
    “I agree as. couldn’t get much worse. to me why it didn’t work in NY and LA is 2 simple words. Kobrick and Marshmello. 2 head cases that didn’t want anything to do with Dantoni or his system cause it was and always be about THEM. I cant stand to watch this version of the nuggets. stale, stale, and more stale. You can see the players don’t want to play for Shaw.Jettison couple players along with shaw, get the players that want to run and gun. that’s what Karl did and it was a success. I know it was one and done in the playoffs but least he got them there a good number of times. I don’t care if this “triangle” offense of whatever its called worked for Phil in Chicago or LA but its NOT working here. to me its boring as hell and slows the game way down. Hope nuggets management gets rid of him before it totally totally gets out of hand. sure they probably woundnt make the playoffs this yr under Dantoni but sure might be fun to watch. Ive been around awhile. I saw the teams that Dantoni had in Phoenix. It was fun to watch just like Karls run and gun did. I don’t blame the nugget players not wanting to play for this current system. If its putting us fans to sleep imagine what its doing to the nuggets players.”

  760. GS Warriors unveil their new uniforms as Chinese New Year approaches, and it looks great..
    But shouldn’t team teams like Lakers and Wizards doing that as well?
    -for the Lakers, not only Lin plays for them, LA has the largest Chinese / Taiwanese population in the US.
    -for the Wiz, their home court, MCI Center is inside of China Town, and they worked hard to build on the Chinese fan base in past decade.

  761. This is what he plans and wants to do anyway. F/O put a stop because of JLin’s agent and fans’ angry. Am going to hold a view of wait and see what else BS is going to do.

  762. Or, one of the insiders could leak it. Wish they would.

  763. News here said HOU is the only other team to have it. Interesting, make CFers suffer a bit.

  764. one would be a fool to tweet that without overwhelming force. sun tze sideways.

  765. It’s not even close. The kind of criticism that BS openly expressed against Jeremy’s ability as PG is far much worse than what he has ever done against Nick Young. It’s entirely BS’s fault that Jeremy didn’t play well on the court. Lin has always given his effort but BS took away everything that has worked for Jeremy.

    Byron is a shameless liar. Byron has given to Ronnie Price much more than to Jeremy Lin.

  766. So far, he has gotten Lin here and he’s paid well, so my wait-see would be this next K. Then I wish the fans would let Lin play. It’s bad enough teams FO don’t let him play.

  767. Lin is a senior, he knows how to run the offense. By having Price, he could try out Clarkson on both starters and the bench.

    I’m not saying what Scott is doing is right or good for the team, its plain idiocy, but just saying….those are probabilities as well

  768. Byron ought to pay for his stupidity. He has used on his intelligence, despite how little he has, on petty little things. Lakers should get a new head coach and make this dude an assistant.

  769. I dont to hold to view it…want him gone like yesterday!

  770. BS simply does not and should not get that benefit of the doubt. Not after publicly dissing Lin all season. Sure there’s no evidence unless BS comes out and plainly states it, but there sure is malice in addition to the idiocy.

  771. Hahaha, it’d be very easy to catch the tattletale, as I imagine it must’ve been a very exclusive meeting.

  772. Good posting.

    I think we’re getting close to what really happens.
    I really think that the FO should start the rebuilding right away instead of waiting for the end of this season. There are so many things that could be done in rebuilding Lakers without taking that top five lottery pick into consideration; which is really unrealistic in rebuilding. Look at the 76ers which have been tanking for years and they’re getting worse and worse.
    The utmost important thing for rebuilding is to hire the coach for rebuilding. Jim Buss should assert himself and get MDA back because Byron has failed so badly. Perhaps MDA is the correct choice after all.

  773. That would’ve been the CNY before (2013), as the Chinese characters say Year of the Snake. Last CNY’s shirt (2014) should’ve said Horse.

  774. Exactly… all of us been saying the same…for some reason BScott is stubborn…then then…lets see how things are in couple of coming games

  775. Jeremy needs a new coach!

  776. you are right, that was 2013

  777. Hahaha, BS is stubborn but also cowardly. He does not dare commit insubordination against the F/O. Last time he showed a hint of it, he was “late” for the pre-game press.

  778. After this injury of his, Kobe has lots all of his bargaining chips. It’s game over on Kobe’s camp. The FO could do whatever they want in view of no more realistic contribution from Kobe as a player.

  779. people complain to their wives, friends, so we need a week.

  780. My enthusiasm at the beginning of the year for the partnership with KOBE and Lin was based upon your assumption that a legend would want his legacy to be a positive one. As you had also hoped that KOBE would want to become the wise sage and pass on his knowledge to the next generation. This is why I had predicted that the season would be bad for 20-25 games before it would be great. I had hoped that the trauma of his near end of career injury would have taught KOBE a hard life lesson that Father Time always wins the battle.

    What we have seen is an even more desperate aging lion instead doing whatever he needed to make sure the team revolved only around him. Kobe has always been a lone wolf and that type of personality matches his competitive fire to keep people from getting too close. Athletes that play with me against them keeps emotional detachment to never feel sorry for others and to stomp on them with no second thoughts. This also creates an emptiness in their lives that can only be filled by fan adoration. That’s why athletes can get addicted to fame and fan adoration. It becomes like a drug. Kobe isn’t acting reasonably because he can’t let go of that dependence on fame and fan adoration.

    Kobe never interacts with Lin or his teammates anymore, so KOBE isn’t interested in mentoring the next generation of Lakers. So no, KOBE has shown no sign of caring for anyone else but himself.

  781. lol, we fans do as well

  782. totally agree with you….i felt with a sound Coach, things would have been different. I would still blame the coach, for his narrow view and stubbornness.

  783. are you ever going to finish your Q&A video?

  784. The Divine Intervention seems to be in place and every door for the Kobe camp has been slammed right on their face. The only attraction left for the team is Linsanity.

    Jordan Clarkson is merely a rookie and has no box office attraction so far.

    I believe that the FO will start their rebuilding right away when the reality of Kobe’s injury wakes them up. They should start with looking for a new coach. I still insist that it’s high time to bring in MDA because his success will give Jim Buss a tremendous boost within the organization. Now the Lakers like Byron Scott should have been silenced for good regarding the future of the organization.

    Also, this is a relative healthy and familiar team for MDA. With Jeremy as the centerpiece, MDA could turn the season around. The Lakers could buy out Kobe’s contract and use the cap space for some real solid players. There are more ways to recruit talents than just tanking for one possible lottery pick which is toxic for ticket sales this year.

    Miami Heats has found Hassan Whiteside which could be their cornerstone for the future. LAKERS’d better look further than the draft for talents to help their team like Miami and SA.

  785. Aha! Thanks for pointing out the the real culprit.

  786. I think it’s a matter of weeks instead of months for your dream to come true.
    Kobe must retire for Linsanity to happen.
    The last leg of Kobe’s legacy seems fading fast. Rebuilding should be on the agenda right now. Tanking is the worst possible alternative because it’s toxic to ticket sales. I don’t think there are too many fans buying tickets to see Jordan Clarkson now. Linsanity 2.0 seems to be getting close every day.

  787. After buying out Kobe, the next logical step would be buying out Byron Scott.

  788. Getting back MDA will save the reputation of Jim Buss.
    With Jeremy Lin and MDA, I will not worry about ticket sales for the Laker games.

  789. HAHAHAHA the NBA commercial for Chinese New Year is so funny. In the end, that game featured in the TV the playoffs round 1 last season, that dagger 3 by Lillard that kicked Houston Rockets out of the playoffs, with Jeremy and Harden cheering?

  790. Linsanity 2.0 as the coming attraction.
    All they need is MDA + existing pieces on the team w/o Kobe & Bryant Scott. Of course, Jordan Hill would probably be traded for future draft choices next season.

  791. That PR team must be run by imbeciles lacking any kind of common sense. Makes you wonder whether the commercial was made to please or to antagonize.

  792. I kinda like the humor and sarcasm brought into it… with James Harden in the commercial. It’s a jab on James Harden’s defense. I will be irritated if it’s only Jeremy in the commercial.

  793. Are the Lakers still paying MDA? Just wondering.

    Assuming Kobe is out of the picture, whether due to doctor’s advice or F/O resistance, George Karl would probably consider the offer from Mitch.

  794. Should’ve run a Lin highlight reel, to include Jeremy’s Triple Double.

  795. 33 minutes would be the most fair!

  796. I think there is a realistic chance for the team to build a team around Jeremy & MDA.

    Jeremy Lin came from a trade that the FO could take pride in.

    Mitch and Jim Buss has invested on MDA in the past. It didn’t turn out because of the opposition of old Lakers. Now their Byron Scott has failed big time. Jim Buss could take this opportunity to assert himself.

    MDA and Jeremy Lin at worst is a guarantee of ticket sales for a few years. Plus this is actually a better team than 12:33.

    Jeremy Lin, Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Nick Young, Robert Sacre have all played for MDA. Ed Davis, Carlos Boozer, Wayne Ellington are capable veterans not to mention rookies like Tarik Black and Jordan Clarkson that could play back up roles from the bench. They could even get Steve Nash back to help coaching Jeremy with MDA as the head coach.

    Before the trade deadline, the FO could manipulate the cap space to get more talents for the team to make a dramatic turn around. Again I’m a strong believer on rebuilding through winning more games than tanking.

  797. On the book, maybe yes, but I think they have negotiated and paid him off partially.

  798. Love all this finger-pointing! The “black cat” is questioning psalm while the non-sleeping sleeper is shifting blame. 🙂

  799. I am a believer of Divine Intervention. Jeremy is God’s endeared child. Now it seems that Lin is the only reasonable choice left for the Lakers for the rest of this season.

  800. With MDA & Jeremy, the 3 year promise is almost half done.

  801. That’s actually a good one, Lillard’s been really hot.

  802. I kinda wished Lillard was in the commercial as well.

  803. Kobe has no chips on the table to fight. He’s just a sick and old player with at most half a season left in his career.

  804. Then the glorious comeback of MDA!

  805. This year is the year of horse. The coming year is the year of goat/ram/sheep whatever you want to call it. This coming year is the year of the meek and humble.

  806. Jim Buss seems really inept with his lack of planning ahead. All these reckeless coach signings/dismissals…Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni, and now BS. A few millions here and there, and things can add up quickly.

  807. One thing for sure, there is no realistic chance for KOBE to come back at all. It’s just a waste of time to expect anything from Kobe the Bryant; Kobe will be lucky to carry himself than carry the team. The fading out of Kobe Bryant is certain.

  808. I’m looking forward to the coming back of MDA to LA.
    Jim Buss, do your job and right what’s wrong in the past.
    Now Kobe is almost a piece of history and there is no stopping for you to rebuild LA with the Linsanity era.

  809. Playing Jordan Clarkson and Ronnie Price is a lame excuse for giving up on the season.

  810. And did you guys noticed the reason for them to have Benny the Bull in the commercial and locking Clutch outside the door? Chinese people loves good fortune and prosperity. They want to welcome the Bull Market and drives away the Bear Market… Well that’s my take anyway…

  811. What is the bear market in Chinese? I like Clutch the bear though.

  812. How about someone familiar, MDA?

  813. But when all doors are closed but this one, he has to make a run for it.
    The beauty is Jim Buss has only one choice left to stay on top of things.

  814. Bull/Bear market is the term used in stock market. Bull being a strong economy resulting in strong stock trading and Bear is the reverse. And this isn’t a Chinese thing. Google Wall Street and you shall see the 2 statues of Bull and Bear

  815. That means he’s going to be fired soon.

  816. What happened to Mike Brown before could also happen to Byron Scott.
    There should be no opposition to fire Byron Scott now
    Mind you that Lakers is 12:33.

    All MDA needs to do is to win a few games to silent the opposition. I believe with Jeremy Lin and lots more healthy players left in this Laker team, they are up for winning a few more games.

  817. He needs a coach to buy into this nonsense. The FO can throw throw this out of the window by firing Byron Scott.

  818. Black is an ideal backup for Davis.

  819. When Kobe fails to make his faded away jumper, what else could he do?

  820. Scroll down the page there are 6 versions.

  821. You are right. Thanks!

  822. I like what you are implying! Very good!

  823. Please no name calling. It’s against website rule. Please change. Thanks!

  824. You could see it for yourself that how horrible a decision to start Jordan Clarkson. Byron Scott is absolutely a bad coach to make decision like this.

  825. Byron behaves in a very subdued manner. He is in lack of confidence.

  826. In an unprecedented move for the National Basketball Association, the U.S. basketball league will recognize its largest international fan base to ring in the Chinese Lunar New Year, enlisting stars such as Jeremy Lin, Stephen Curry, James Harden and Dwayne Wade in its efforts to promote the game there

    As part of the celebrations, a record 56 NBA games will be broadcasted live in China, showcasing 27 of the 30 NBA teams. A commercial entitled “Surprise Door” that features Lin, Curry, Harden and Wade will air on various television and digital platforms to tip off the events in that country.

    Read more: http://www.gospelherald.com/articles/54124/20150127/nba-to-celebrate-chinese-new-year-with-jeremy-lin-stephen-curry-james-harden-dwayne-wade.htm#ixzz3Q1NlrQFc

  827. Yes, it needs 1000 signs up before this is launched and it’s only applied to US sponsors. That’s my understanding.

  828. Believe I was pretty close to my vote last game 15pts/5asts. JLin got 14pts/6asts. I pt difference:-) I should win one:-)

  829. no way…AST counts for better ranking, I had the 6ast correct..so it should be me!

  830. I think he will be back, he has to complete his 20th season…atleast for couple of games

  831. And to think that dimwit BS gave Jeremy a DNP-CD in the wake of upcoming CNY. Good thing he’s not a business person, otherwise he would’ve starved to death.

    No wonder F/O forced BS hand, they smell cash a lot better than BS does. Even Jim had to listen to Jeanie when she speaks in cash language.

  832. Someone posted the pictures below, here is the article about it. Shows how stupid BS is as a coach.
    “Byron Scott really wants Lakers rookies to take care of their fake babies”, SMH

  833. lol…thanks, i was wondering about these “babies” during Clarkson post-game interview

  834. Apparently the Warriors have the largest number of Weibo Chinese followers in NBA at 1.5 million! All this while I thought it was the Lakers through Kobe. The Lakers could have the lead if they have treated fairly to JLin, promote and groom him as the team’s identity. It would be another waste of opportunity as what has happened to Knicks and Rockets. Wake up Lakers!

  835. You read my mind. Exact same thought.

  836. Maybe that’s why the unusual fair ref calls towards Lin.

  837. Was the game they were showing? If so, that is really hilarious they made Lin and Harden cheer. But, I have a feeling they were just acting, probably didn’t even know what game was going to be “on TV”.

  838. Doesn’t Lin have that amount on his own weibo page?

  839. Jim Buss knows nothing about the business. He sated in one of his interviews that they only resigned Kobe to $24 million dollar while kobe was injured. because of the wishes of their dying father.

  840. Has anybody noticed that Kobe hasn’t gotten any tweets from NBA athletes since he has been injured? Usually athletes will tweet something.I haven’t seen any.Maybe after he has the actual surgery…just some thoughts.

  841. Lin has his own followers. The 1.5 million is on the nba teams and it was quoted by nba china. During the Chinese New Year holidays there will be quite a number of nba games shown in china and if lakers seriously wants the following from china they better give a good fight and win in some of the games. BS seriously have to gear the lakers team for the games to be shown in china, and that includes having experienced starters (not rookies) and go with Lin’s offensive game strategy including PNR.

  842. Thanks for the info about the NBA teams.Well Lakers in serious tank mode, so they want to keep their draft pick.

  843. Still do not understand the big deals on draft picks, they have potentials but still need the trainings to be nab ready. And here the lakers already have a team who not only have potentials have more nba experience than the draft picks. What the team need is a smart coach with people management skills. Not a coach who thinks hazing on rookies with fake dolls is a good learning tool. Give me a break, this is nba!

  844. A reflection of his popularity in the nba fraternity!

  845. The draft picks are like dice, you might get a good one. According to Magic a couple of months ago,there were no interesting draft picks playing now that he would be interested in. Lakers need to sever ties with Scott/Kobe, keep lin/boozer(for veteran leadership),davis,young,clarkson, black,and randle and let this group build up chemistry and bring in George Karl as HC add some wing pieces and call it a day. Laker bench is already the best bench in NBA because of lin/boozer.

  846. Agreed. Why is it that fans knows but not the lakers FO?

  847. Great! this is what, voice of fans does! Lets keep the pressure

  848. Exactly. Also thought it was funny when Scott was asked who would become the leader of the team now that kobe is out for the season, he was afraid to mention Price’s name, he said he didn’t know, and then the reporter suggested Boozer and he was like, yeah that’s right. I was like, he is really clueless

  849. Yep, and I just tweeted that Kobe’s camp is out in full force on announcing his return, even before he has had surgery. The F/O has not commented. They know that no FA are coming to the Lakers to play with Kobe. Then Kobe’s camp announces that he will be very active in recruiting for the team. Who is going to recruit, Rondo, who is not producing in Dallas and is finding himself on the bench a lot.

  850. Not only clueless, he is also stubborn and definitely not a strategists. Worst of all he uses intimidations and punishments to get obedience from his players. This is the 21st century, to have players motivated consistently they have to feel as a family with a common vision, not fear and silence.

  851. i think they do, but the lakers have created this monster with Kobe, and I think that he has really pushed too far this time.He wants people to think that people are still buying tickets to see him play,but the other night a friend of mine went to the game and it looked sold out and that many were there to see lin. Kobe needs to understand that Laker fans will come to games, if the Lakers are winning and you give them good competitive basketball.

  852. Kobe’s either lying to himself, or lives isolated in an alternate/skewed reality to not realize how much he’s alienated just about everyone in the NBA…except for BS, whose livelihood depends on Kobe.

  853. If you notice the 2nd unit with lin/young/boozer/ellington/davis were bonding and clicking and they were bringing back wins for the team.Lin/Davis pick & roll was working, you see how fast Scott broke that up and put davis with kobe for pick and roll…smh

  854. Im surprised jlin put this on his twitter…

  855. The thing with Kobe is that he acts like this tough guy, but he is quick to get his feelings hurt and not confident in his own game to play teamball, and uses the disguise of competitiveness as and excuse. He is already announcing his comeback and hasn’t the surgery.As Dr. Klapp said earlier, it depends on what they find when they get. MRI’s give you highlights, not the full story

  856. Is that his twitter? I think it is a fan site.

  857. Either the BS is truly clueless on the ongoing chemistry or there were some hidden agendas. Now as Lakers is definitely out for the playoff, they should now change focus and repackage themselves for the remaining season. Lakers owed this change to their fans all over the globe.

  858. I totally agree. My personal thoughts on Scott with this starting lineup, is trade bait.

  859. I thought it was funny yesterday when Nick Young basically said, he is sorry about Kobe, but it happens and gives some other guys on the team an opportunity to play. Boy twitter lit up blasting Young…LOL

  860. Kobe is out, whether he comes in for next season is another story. Now is the right opportune to change game sets and try out JLin offensive game sets.

  861. BS must think there are fools to take his bait. He has for the past 40+ games blamed his team “incompetencies” and “inconsistencies” for the losses, he has already flush the team into the toilet bowl.

  862. There are Kobe fans who face reality, and then there are those who think Kobe’s shoes smell like a bouquet of roses after the game.

  863. Yeah, and they are the ones that will put the nail in the coffin for kobe. They keep feeding his ego to perform.I think Young doesn’t really care for Scott/Kobe. Scott seems to pick on Lin/Young all the time. I love it that they fight back in their own little ways, and makes Scott look like a buffoon. Also if lin has a trade deal coming up, why hasn’t somebody leaked it. Also I notice that after that lin played against the Rockets, pictures were released of Lin’s movie, Linsanity along with a Kobe documentary being sold in the Laker store. Then they announced that Laker’s will be hosting a Q&A with lin on 2/23/14…and the plot thickens..LOL

  864. I see Kobe hates MDA very much and Laker fans blamed MDA too.
    Only if JLin manages to create Linsanity and Kobe retires that LA fans/media would seek to get MDA to complement JLin.

    a lot of things have to go right so let’s hope for one Linsanity game first. Very soon =)

  865. I really hope so, Kwok.
    IMO we’d have to wait for FO reaction on Kobe’s health and if he’s gonna retire. If he’s allowed to come back next year, we can only hope for Linsanity for the rest of the season. Let’s hope for the best.

  866. I hope so. I’m not a video expert so I got trouble editing it w/ the right software. stay tuned. Got a lot of things on my plate at the moment

  867. yup, let’s hope for a Linsane game soon

  868. I don’t think @iJeremyLinHub is his twitter account.

  869. many people are asking why draft picks are important rather than team play……cause of stardom, popularity and marketing nba is a money entertainment business just like your hollywood celebrity people are constantly looking for new face to market, nba is just like american idol producing new face and star for people to admire and shed money…..talent is a plus if you nail a popular and out the world talent….many basketball are talented but never given a chance cause you have to have these two…popular + talent to be the next thing….if your popular and don’t have talent you will fade if you have talent and not popular your just average joe in the nba…thats why draft picks are important to find that next star to generate money

  870. Nah. That’s Houston vs Cleveland game. Varejao was there.

  871. It’s a fan twitter account but Lin did post this article in his website

  872. Love the analogy! The American Idol parallel explains perfectly what the draft “show” represents, and how the best talent doesn’t always get recognized, and vice versa.

  873. may i also add jlin is a exception and we know why….from his struggle to make it there…you have to be in the demograph

  874. It also depends on where the team stands. Top teams might trade away their picks to get veteran help and contend for a championship. Bottom teams will usually try to get good picks that they can build around for future. For teams in the middle of pack, it’s a tricky situation.

  875. Jeremy’s relentless has broken the mold. It will continue to motivate long after he’s retired, and influence Asian American athletes for decades to come. The road is still long, but from now on scouts at both college and NBA level will at least hesitate and think twice about the possibility, and not to mention consequences, of missing out on the next Jeremy Lin.

  876. Agreed. From my own experiences, it’s too quickly to make any prognosis until the surgery is done and the pathological result is revealed. That’s when one can make the outcome. I will wait and see what will be revealed on KB’s surgery:-)

  877. They are not his comments he just copied and pasted here, I think.

  878. Oh yeah you might be right…I thought that was Lopez

  879. true, only after arthroscope, the Dr would be able to tell the whole story, and if its really bad open repair may be needed. Lets see

  880. A Letter to The Buss Family:

    This is a perfect opportunity for the Buss family to address 2 issues at the same time, letting Kobe exit gracefully and rebuilding.

    Not next season, not after Kobe’s contract expire. It is Now.

    Let BS go and give the offense key to Lin. A top 5 draft pick won’t guarantee a successful rebuilding in 2.5 years. Up to this point, Lakers got nothing to lose. Let Lin drive and see what happens. If Linsanity emerges, even just for 10 games, you got your rating/viewing back. It is teamball, it is dynamic and it is fun. No pressure for players and from fans. Just fun playing true basketball and see what happens. If LA loves it, you will have a leverage to talk to Kobe. LA is no longer Kobe’s town. You don’t want it to be Clipper’s.

    3 months, give Lin a chance, as Ms. Buss said in an interview. Just give Lin a fair chance to see what he can do. Linsanity, you got your star and coming FA (because Lin plays team ball) and potential millions Lakers fans from across the pacific shores. Kobe will understand to pass the torch. If not, you got extra 3 months for rebuilding. It starts NOW.

  881. what shall we tune into?! eagerly waiting…hahaha

  882. tweet this to jeanie buss

  883. I thought that was Lopez, but saw it was jersey no.17, should be Varejao then. Also check the team logo on the floor, a big letter C.

  884. Thank you BobbyH. Besides the letter to Buss, don’t forget the part 2. We are waiting 🙂

  885. I am new to tweeter. How do I send this long letter since tweeter has characters limits?

  886. OK. Tweeted using disqus link. Hope she reads.

  887. Apparently, Max & Marcellus are non believers of Jeremy. They said Jeremy can’t be a starting PG on a championship team. They said BS think Jeremy is the dumbest player on the Lakers as he processes too slowly on the court.

    Max & Marcellus have not followed Jeremy closely enough to know that Jeremy goes from strength to strength, victory to victory. Jeremy will prove you both wrong.

  888. That is what I have been saying – don’t know why posters here yesterday keep saying they are supportive of Lin.

  889. Since I tend to focus on what can be done to improve the situation, I came up with the following items that Lin might consider doing to build more support for him.

    1. Use less of Bible verses which appear sometimes cryptic to his non-Christian fans and try to communicate more directly but respectfully, to garner more sympathy from a wider circle of NBA followers.

    2. Same thing when interviewing. You can be direct while being respectful. Be more spontaneous.

    3. Adapt more quickly to what defense gives him and try to score more. I feel like Lin is approaching BB play from a Christian perspective in that he regularly allows his own game to suffer so others can shine.

    4. Hire best coaches and PR person to improve his game and improve his image.

    Maybe others can think of more.

  890. I don’t understand why either.
    IIRC, earlier, there were posters said Max is Jeremy hater but Marcellus is Jeremy supporter. I get the feeling that they both are marginal hater of Jeremy, and they prolly support the BS tanking.

  891. Good for him.

  892. On 1 and 2 on the religious issue, I’m not gonna stop him from doing what he truly believes in. I’m not religious and he really hasn’t been trying to throw that in your face. He mainly does it in those religious events which is fine.

    On 3, yea, I think it does seems like he adapt a bit too slowly. Sometimes I wonder if he’s just trying to do what the coach wants him to do, but I don’t know.

    As for 4, he probably think he has good people behind him. Best whatever is pretty relative.

  893. oh dear, Jeremy shouldn’t re-sign with Lakers next season. CAA will ensure Randle runs Jeremy out of LA just as Anthony did in NY.

  894. Uh, on 1 and 2, in no way am I trying to say he shouldn’t quote Bible in religious settings. He uses Bible verses very frequently in his tweets which are quoted by media, so no, my point is not related to religious events.

  895. OK. But I guess the tweets are pretty personal. It’s how he feels. He’s super religious so I am not surprised that he use religious mesgs in his tweets. He doesn’t seem to really tweet much anyways so people can easily unfollow him and track him some other method.

    Not sure if his facebook stuff are also very religious or not. His website jlin.com seems pretty generic, isn’t it?

  896. CAA & Melo ruined the Knicks. Could do same with the Lakers.

  897. Before people start blasting max and marcelous,here what Nathan posted on twitter

    Check out @zukovka’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/zukovka/status/560103195595530240?s=09

  898. Don’t bring that drama here. Nathan from twitter posted an email from max.
    These are considered bait posts.Anymore posts like this one will be deleted.

  899. On Jlin.com, Jeremy has this article from Adi Joseph on his blog. Posted yesterday.


  900. I don’t see anything wrong with her post.

  901. Thanks. So glad Nathan knows Max in person…. Ya! Now Nathan can share some infor w Max now…LOL!

  902. Joyce, please listen to the podcast before you blast me.
    Why do I have to post bait posts here? Please enlighten.

  903. While this IS the current thinking of many franchises it also is why the league is in shambles. Yes it’s true selling the sizzle is why “new and wonderful” is how our society and Madison avenue makes the entertainment industry work, but sports at its fundamental core IS ABOUT WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS. ITS NOT ABOUT MAKING MONEY.

    I would bet that almost every owner bought teams not to make money. They want to win a championship for the glory and fame. They all have enough money already or they couldn’t afford to buy a team.

    IMO, it’s the players that are pushing for this star system to artificially inflate the value of players and to drive up the perceive value of stars. This has in fact made the draft much more of an incentive than it should be because teams could possibly find a gem and pay them rookie contracts to build on. Rookies actually has multiple advantages of perceived value, talent, potential, marketability and all at a very low costs. This type of bad thinking has created super tanking teams like Philadelphia. Other teams now have joined this battle to be the worst team in the league and it makes the game itself a joke while turning fans away

  904. On 1-2 Bible verse tweets, I think Lin is okay to express how he processes things and assure his fans with his Christian worldview. As long as he doesn’t force things to others, he only shares how his faith permeates his thinking and actions.
    I actually checked the frequency of how often he uses Bible verses, and it was only 4-5 out of the last 20 so it’s not too much. I can see his motivation is to assure the fans that he’s strong enough to handle all the unfair treatments and that’s admirable.

    On 3, IMO I have to agree that Lin needs to stay true to his God-given Linsanity nature, which was to use his scoring threat to set up for others. But again, this is a mix of byproduct of BScott’s assigned role & at times his own belief to create team-environment by sharing the ball. I think with time and experience, Lin will find the balance to score & facilitate as Steve Nash does. It’s really too bad Nash is not there to mentor him. I don’t possess as much BB knowledge as he does so I believe he will grow with experience of what works in the NBA. Last game going to the line 14 times worked quite well =)

  905. Max’s reply doesn’t address his comments about Jeremy being dumb, not a starting PG caliber on a championship team.

    Anyway, I need to go to bed as I have to work tomorrow(well, it’s actually today).

    I won’t be able to reply to any posts regarding the podcast. peace out.

  906. yes, I believe Max & Marcellus are big Lin fans since they called out Kobe months ago for sending Lin to the bench for doing what Kobe asked him to do (score and not pass him the ball if open)

    It took guts to do so that early.

  907. I dont follow Lin as closely as you guys, but his faith and religion is one of the reasons I find this guy appealing to follow.
    When Linsanity happen , he was still quoting from the bible and playing well,.
    The ones that I find obnoxious are the ones that try to shove their religious views in your face,
    Lin doesnt seem obnoxious to me.
    You might prefer a different style of how Lin puts Christ on his sleeve but I think he has a good balance.

    I think one of the reason he choose Montgomery is they share Christian beliefs.
    I think it going to be difficult for Lin to change agents because of this, though I agree he needs a more influential agent to represent him

  908. yeah, CAA sounds more and more like the Star Wars Empire army trying to purge all good Jedi out of the NBA

  909. I dont follow Lin as closely as you guys, but his faith and religion is one of the reasons I find this guy appealing to follow.
    When Linsanity happen , he was still quoting from the bible and playing well,.
    The ones that I find obnoxious are the ones that try to shove their religious views in your face,
    Lin doesnt seem obnoxious to me.
    You might prefer a different style of how Lin puts Christ on his sleeve but I think he has a good balance.

    One of the reason he choose Montgomery is they share Christian beliefs.
    I think it going to be difficult for Lin to change agents because of this, though I agree he needs a more influential agent to represent him

  910. Hm, I haven’t listened to the podcast.

    Maybe they like Jeremy but not believe in him enough yet

  911. I think so… Just read the article from LA Daily said Kobe should retire now… seems more & more media to speak out for Kobe to retire… Ya!


  912. I think you missed the part that what BS Is thinking that JLIN might have been the dumbest player .etc. more like paraphrasing. it’s max opinion that JLIN cant be a starting PG on championship contender team yet. doesn’t make him a hater. Try not to alienate people that support JLIN Because they have a opinion.

  913. If Max & Marcellus said it in podcast, it’s worth listening to see what the context they said they don’t believe Lin can’t be a starting PG in a championship team

    I’m thinking they like Lin but would like to see some improvement so Lin can be a starting PG (i.e score more, take over game, etc.) so it can be a constructive criticism which would be acceptable opinions.
    I want to see in what context Max called him dumb (maybe bad joke in saying Lin thinks too much)

  914. I think Jeremy values loyalty throughout his career. Other than them sharing the same faith which helps, Montgomery was one of the first to want to represent Lin so the loyalty part is a big factor in the decision.

    IMO That’s why he didn’t dump Montgomery when hiring Tanner (bigger agency repping Duncan & others) to help with endorsements.marketing, etc.

  915. I wouldn’t feel paranoid about CAA until I see who else in the Lakers (if anybody) is represented by them, particularly in staff and management.

    In New York, it was CAA’s relationship with Dolan that gave them their leverage. Dolan pretty much engaged them to run anything that happened in Madison Square Garden.

    Now, if the Busses have given CAA any contracts, or if CAA represents some key decion-makers on the staff, that would cause me to look more closely at their influence than any news about their representing one of the Laker’s rookies.

  916. Bobby, the best way is to take snapshot of the letter.
    Use bold on key phrases then attach it to the tweet

  917. Thanks. Already tweeted with disqus link that will direct to the comments of this site. Hope she read and act. Maybe she already onto something, a smart business woman.

  918. I listen to them all the time,.They are entertainers. They blast the Clippers all the time. They were really on Jamal Crawford in his poor play in the beginning of the season. The problem I have with your post,is that it brings too much drama with it. Some people on here have said that they listened to it and just didn’t take it in the same context as you. If you disagree then disagree and move on.I guess the point I am trying to make is that we have had this discussion on here earlier, why bring it back up.This is how a site starts to get messy if stuff like this continually brought over and over again. Jmo

  919. More drama with that comment. My point was made .You are trying to stir the pot. .smh

  920. Right or wrong it is her opinion. It may be different from yours but threaten to delete it isn’t the right idea.

    Which rule did she break?

  921. Things might actually look worse for the other team in LA (favoritism LOL) as Austin Rivers is currently averaging 3 points, 2.2 assists in roughly 16 minutes while shooting a wonderful 32% FG, 20% 3PT, and 16.7% FT. And yes, the 16.7% FT is not a typo LOL.

  922. Thanks to psalm to steal my part 2. Now i have a writer block. JK. It will come.

  923. For those who question Lin’s Christian beliefs and think that this is what is hindering him. I want to remind you of another Taiwanese American Tennis sporting legend who was an avid believer in Christ – Michael Chang. He is considered probably one of the most if not the most succcessfull Taiwanese athletes of all time

    “Michael’s testimony for Jesus Christ both on and off the court is quite evident. “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ,” he proclaimed in 1989 after becoming the youngest male to ever win the French Open, “because without Him, I am nothing.” Win or lose, he readily gives glory to the Lord, for it is the Lord who gave Michael the talent to play tennis.:

    How did you become a Christian?

    I became a Christian in 1988. At 15 years of age, I was doing a lot of searching. I think at that particular age, at least for me, you’re wondering about things like the meaning of life and you’re really trying to find yourself. I just had a lot of questions. My grandparents had given me a Bible and they wanted me to read it everyday. On this one particular evening I didn’t have anything else to do so I decided to take a good look at my Bible and see what it had to say. I looked at the index in the back and found that it covered all these different subjects. So I looked up subjects like friendship and love and found the Bible to be very true, very pure, in a way in which I wanted to live my life. From then on I began reading about the Lord’s life and His love for all people. Eventually, I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.

    How did God help you on the Tour?

    I think there’s a confidence knowing that everything is in God’s hands. I saw so many things happening in my life and I knew that they weren’t mere coincidences. (Sounds like what Lin is saying as well) I know that the Lord loves me, that He looks out for me and that He will always be with me and walk with me. It just brought me a great deal of satisfaction and comfort to know that no matter what happened, He would always take care of me. I’ve also learned that the Lord only asks that you go and you give your best for Him. I think it’s very easy to get very frustrated sometimes. There are times when you go out, you try your best and for some people, it’s just not good enough. Yet, I feel that God had given me this wonderful talent to play tennis. I realize that I would not have been where I was in tennis without the Lord, without Him giving me the strength to be able to accomplish what I was able to accomplish. What’s nice is that, as long as my priorities were set and straight, I’d be able to go out with the mentality to really leave the winning and losing up to the Lord. You know, when you give your best, it’s all He asks of you, it’s all you can ask of yourself and it’s really all people can ask of you. I think that life is really too short to be so caught up in the things of the world. Just go out and give your best. To me that’s pretty simple.

  924. Well….I agree he is a below average player. But I think he is just underperforming right now. Can be better overtime

  925. “Max Kellerman is a big Lin supporter: I think Lin will do fine playing for the right coach.”

    I think Lin does fine playing for crappy, devious coaches like McHale and BS. Playing for the right coach, I think Lin would be an ALL-Star and NBA MVP a la Steve Nash with a great chance to lead his teams to championships.

    I guess I’m a bigger Lin supporter than Max Kellerman is.

  926. Yes, over time I think he’s going to regress to his career average of 38.8% FG, 32.9% 3PT, and 62.3% FT. It’s definitely below average but still better than his performance right now.

  927. Pretty much so…

  928. I am not religious by any means….but I like positive things…

  929. And yet, the biased sports-world considers him elite compared to Lin

  930. Meaning what Adi Joseph says resonates with Jeremy Lin

  931. Max said Byron Scott must think he’s dumb to not use him. Max can’t understand why else he wouldn’t use him.

    I would propose that it’s Byron Scott that’s dumb. Or they’re tanking. Only way I can make sense of it.

  932. This is the first I am seeing of this… So I ma glad it was brought back up… part of the problem with disqus discussions… stuff gets buried and new people do not have a clue what’s been discussed before or not without scrolling through pages. and who’s got time for that. Disqus has flaws and using it here you just have to live with those flaws. Being picky about what gets reposted or a subject being brought up again here is a bit problematic.

    anyway: Since I just learned of this controversy I just listened to the the max and marcellus podcast. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/losangeles/play?id=12234217

    Jlin starts around 15:00 ends around 20 minutes.

    They do in fact say that JLin must be the dumbest Harvard guy.

    Marcellus speaks about how when he was playing football if the coach said go left you better go left and not question or wonder why you are being asked to go left. Both essentially believe that must be the problem between Jlin and BS… That jli is too smart and must be questioning BS’ decisions.

    and that is why the jokingly call him the ‘dumbest Harvard guy’

    also they joke about why there is only one Harvard guy in the NBA… the dumbest Harvard guy.. h ha ha b/c essentially you must be ‘dumb’ to play sports.

    it was entertainment and they are very annoying talking over each other but mostly they are saying JLin must have gotten under BS’s skin. the early part of the convo they discuss how Jlin is the best player now on the team with kobe out and how he is better than Nick Young…

  933. Hey psalm, just something that comes to mind. Besides focusing on the positive, maybe we can amplify that life is not a bowl of cherries and it’s how fast we get up off the floor after every knockdown. That’s why many of us are attractive to others, the spirit and courage. Let’s think to the attributes on Lin that inspires all of us, amplify that, and also diminish the things that are put upon him to test him. Why not, we are tested every day, and this place can help all of us withstand daily tests. I marvel at how fast JLin is in getting back up, in pain or not.

  934. meaning that JLin’s camp is stepping up their rightful foundations, to lock in narratives that favor the truth and favor JLin. The gloves are coming off, and JLin is driving to the hoop again for the moment.

  935. Joyce, last night’s game was the first one since Jeremy was slapped in the face with a DNP-CD. Since Jeremy shot 2 for 9 (although he scored 14 points and 6 assists), you complained several times that Jeremy is sulking and unable to control his emotions. Judging from your posts, you have a very difficult time controlling your own emotions. You’re a big JLin supporter, but if you’re going to be a Mod, you need to try a lot harder to keep your emotions in check.

    livyrlife is clearly a sincere Lin fan and you should never treat posters like her so rudely or threaten to delete her valid comments.

  936. Thanks for the beautiful sharing. It is the first time I heard the testimony from Michael Chang. I remembered he always signed fans’ books “Jesus loves you”.

  937. they should license this and sell it to amplify kids’ passion.

  938. Borg. Darth Vader turned out to be a pussycat.

  939. hi Joyce, from what I know, livyrlife is not a drive-by poster nor troll. She’s a good egg …

  940. Michael Chang born in Hoboken, New Jersey. red
    blooded American just like Lin.

  941. Brent, I know what you mean. I was in my early 20s when I came from China to America many years ago. It took me 7 years to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I wish I knew Him earlier but I am so grateful I am home finally. It is not just about positive things. It is life, personal relationship. It is inner strength and power. It is hope. It is so much more. I pray one day you will know Him and share us the pure joy in knowing Him.

  942. they aren’t as bad as SAS as far as I’ve read (not listened, no time for that ha ha).

  943. Kurt Helin
    Lakers’ players trying to adjust to Byron Scott’s random rotations http://dlvr.it/8GV5VS

  944. Eric Pincus’ newest article on Kobe is really hilarious. You know things are bad when Kobe needs to resort to talking about possibly leaving the Lakers 10 years ago to join MJ in Washington to “win championships together”. Kobe so badly wants to remind the Lakers’ fans how fortunate they are because Kobe stayed and won championships for the Lakers instead of the Wizards LOL.

    Some hilarious quotes from Kobe can be found below.

    “I’ve always been very big on having mentors, on having muses and I’ve
    been really, really big on that,” Bryant said. “Being around guys who
    have done it before and done it at a high level and always tried to pick
    their brains and always tried to absorb knowledge. Obviously, being in
    that situation [with the Wizards], it would’ve helped having to be
    around him every day and so on.”

    Coming from the someone who drove Phil Jackson away roughly 10 years ago. Guess Phil is not a good enough mentor for Kobe.

    “We would’ve put together a great team and we would’ve won
    championships,” said Bryant. “There are not a lot of players in this
    league that say, ‘Come hell or high water, we’re going to get this
    [expletive] done.’ People can look around and joke around about winning,
    saying they want to win. For me, it’s a matter of life or death. It was
    that important to me. And if it’s that important to me, I’m going to
    get there.”

    Now this is just comedy gold. I am at a loss of words. If you add Kobe’s losing ball-hogging chucking ball with MJ’s judgment for talent, winning championship is probably not very realistic. I mean, getting into the playoffs might be a more realistic goal instead LOL.

    It looks like Kobe really does not want to let go of his “legacy” and Lin will have to act accordingly in his free-agency so that he won’t be stuck with this mess again next season.

  945. Dont post Kurt Helin. He has dissed Jlin HARD in the past. SCrew that guy

  946. Did you say devious? I don’t think McHale combined with BS have enough smarts to be devious, maybe more like dumb as tree stumps.

    Max is cool and a good guy.

  947. Thanks for sharing that. I pray that more people like you will come to know Him as well. I hope JLin can inspire more people to turn to Jesus. I believe he said he wants to be a pastor after NBA>

  948. I feel like the non Kobe clan of players are over Byron Scott but the front office doesn’t care at all. Young just doesn’t want to play for Lord Byron.

  949. Can moderator please take a look at my post caught in the moderation queue? I think one word in one of Kobe’s quote triggered the alarm. Thanks.

  950. You’re right. Corrected to Taiwanese American.

  951. Not sure if Young is really injury just too coincidental that it happen right after he wasn’t happy about his play time.

  952. THey defended Lin against Stephen A Smitherine. That says enough for me.

  953. CAA is power

  954. I think we already know Lin was leave about 25 games ago.

  955. Washington = Wayne + Ellington of Wes + Ellington? LOL

  956. I will probably vent my frustration about lin again on how he plays. I know that she is a huge lin fan and I am also aware of her posts at the other site. The issue that i had with the post is thst we had already discussed the issue about what max amd Marcelous ihad said. Some people on here agreed and disagreed and had moved on. I think bringing it back up was to stir the pot again. Then after somebody even posted the email that max sent nathan, then she had another comment about how max the email didn”t mean anything because he didn’t address what he said on the show. I listened and they had given other players in the Clippers a hard time and have said worst.

  957. The Rockets game, head coach BS still hasn’t decided to play Lin or not even minutes before game time. In fact, he didn’t even know what time the game starts. What kind of fruiting coach is this, so unprepared and clueless?

  958. I just released it.

    It would be good to filter out ‘h—‘ or if there are other curse words in quotes from other people so it won’t get caught by Disqus. Thank you.

  959. Whatever happened in the past and whatever the agenda of the
    article is? It doesn’t matter as long as now it is supporting Lin and tune with
    ours agenda.

  960. It’s because he’s a great coach. He is unpredictable so the players will always need to be prepared to perform. He is trying to break Lin’s inconsistency problem.

    Sad thing is maybe this is exactly what BS thinks he is doing.

  961. The very nature of Disqus is that posts cannot be kept in neat compact order. Bringing something back up or reposting is just a fact of life when using Disqus. You cannot expect people to scroll down pages and pages. If you want neat orderly contained topics you need a forum.

    Is there a rule that a topic cannot be brought back up to ‘refresh’ the discussion on the page? What about all the people that look here from around the world. Time zones make it a difficulty to keep up here as topics scroll off the page. So hence I missed the original convo you are talking about and was quite happy to have it brought back up so i could go listen to the podcast.

  962. Will do in the future. I was just a bit hesitant to modify quotes from people. If doing so can save you moderator some time then I am all for it as long as I did not change the original meaning of the quote with my modifications lol.

  963. that h word caught me several times lol

  964. I had a sentence with h*mo sapiens, it didn’t like my “h—”

  965. I listened to the show. I think M&M are not Lin’s haters. I think they’re talking tongue and check, and playing devil advocate on the reason why BS benched Lin. They couldn’t think of one good reason, so they are speculating that Byron thinks Jeremy is too slow to process. M&M think Jeremy is too smart and he over think things and made it worst. That’s my interpretation. On the balance, they always say nice things about Jeremy.

  966. Well she quoted them as saying that “Lin cannot be a starting PG for a championship caliber team.” and something about Lin being dumb. I can understand her feeling that those statements were unacceptable regardless of some of the other more positive statements that they made.

    I understand why you didn’t agree with her, but as a Mod I feel that you need to be more diplomatic. JMO.

    Regarding Lin, you need to realize that no one can turn off their emotions like a mechanical switch. I am more surprised at how well he controls his emotions under the circumstances rather than frustrated by his inability. That’s a matter of opinion. But if you consider how hard he has to train and study tape of opposing teams and then perform in front of thousands of spectators and millions of viewers watching several camera angles, it’s pretty amazing how well he holds up under such pressure. Most PGs only have to do all that with a supportive coach.

  967. I get the impression players getting frustrated with B Scott.


  968. I tried to find a single word to describe coaches who don’t make winning their highest priority. I agree that McHale is too dumb to be devious. I actually think Scott only looks dumb cause he’s trying to carry our Kobe’s insane agenda.

  969. “I largely think much of the criticism he is currently receiving is unjust, but perception is a powerful thing. ”

  970. Duley noted.Thanks

  971. ‘egocentricity’ is the word that comes to mind. Perhaps this is how Kobe would want his underlings to approach HIM. “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you” is a nice quote that he should consider.

    I would say that Kobe Bryant has finally mastered the art of BULLshitake mushrooms.

  972. problem is the front office doesn’t care. ALmost everyone is a free agent this summer except for Kobe and Swag and Swag can be traded if they need to or just stuffed on the bench as a poor mans Jamal Crawford since he never starts.

    I think the Lakers are swinging for the fences. To put their hopes all on Lin wouldn’t be an LA thing to do. That’s not how the Lakers roll. They want the A list players and will keep trying for that.

    What is more interesting that Lin’s plight, is whether the Lakers front office will move on from Kobe to try to really get those free agents or just repeat another season of this deplorable basketball to suit Kobe’s ego and to stay frozen in fear.

  973. Absolutely.

  974. This web is always not nice to Lin..

  975. Sure! 🙂

  976. I forgot what this guy said, but he said something on the radio very uncomplimentary about Lin last year that made my blood boil.

  977. Need Chinese readers:

  978. This post has been del.

  979. Remember both BS and Brian Shaw were endorsed by Kobe to coach the Lakers. Let their records speak for Mr. Bryant’s judgement.

  980. Maybe we will see Lin DNP tonight per Byron

  981. Now with no Kobe no Young, let the team ball begin leading by the man, Jeremy.

  982. BS already said starters is set for a while. So it’s clarkson again.