G45 HOU @ LAL PostGame Thread

Surprisingly, Lin was given 28 minutes in this game.

Lin was a little off in his shooting rhythm due to the Playing Time fluctuations but his aggressiveness managed to get him 10 FTs out of his total 14pts/6asts/3TOs.

Lin showed what he can do even when he had an off night shooting. He can always get to the FT line with proper screens.

What an exciting game it will be if Lin is featured for the trade (or not) when he gets his shooting touch!

And we need to remember to thank Jeanie Buss for taking action from Lin having DNP to get 28 min.

Knowing Byron’s history, this is a great win as Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery tweeted before that victory is certain.

I think FO and Lin’s agent agreed on a deal to trade Lin before Feb trade deadline. We’ll have to watch next few games if Lin continues to get screens/PT to attack the rim! But this is a great progress!

@JLin7 fans, let’s tweet to thank @JeanieBuss to take some actions that Lin was featured in this game.

Even if she played only a small part, it’s a great chance to influence her positively to give excitement to all Lakers fans!


Game 46

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