G45 HOU @ LAL Game Thread

Will Jeremy get another DNP? Or the FO warned Byron to play Jeremy at least 15-20min off the bench for business reasons?

Let’s keep hoping, cheering and praying for JLin to give his best no matter what the results will be!

Go JLin!  😎

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  1. First?

  2. Still not watching!

  3. Late again…..

  4. The only way to stop the bazooka 17 antitank weapon is to sit him on the bench…

  5. I think Lin will play. But only minimum minutes like 10-15… BS’s evil plan of making JLin’s stats look bad while being able to say that he GAVE Lin the chance to play.

  6. Do you think Houston would be interested in taking Lin back =?

  7. The rondo curse continues for the mavs… Tyson Chandler may have hurt his knee.

  8. No and I don’t want him go back.

  9. go back to play with another ball hogger? not a good idea.

  10. Can’t believe Scott is starting him over Jeremy… smh

  11. With does that mean?

  12. Don’t care about Fakers.

  13. rookies had to do funny duties as part of NBA initiation

  14. Since BS is forced to play Lin, I pray for Linsanity tonight so that Lin can answer the DNP role theory with this..

  15. To this BS answers with “We Want To LOSE!” LOL.

  16. AWESOME! It’ll be great if there will groups of people protesting before every game on the unfairness of NOT starting Lin who’s arguably the 2nd best scorer in Jan (2nd highest TS%)

    Plus bring signs inside the arena!

  17. Silly. Thank you

  18. Need a bigger sign

  19. harden will probably get all of the superstar calls tonight. Beverly will try to injure clarkson. so the same usually stuff from the Rockets…LOL

  20. Well said. Make the voice of Lin fans heard and expose the BS.

  21. Hate to say this but I am going to cheer for Rox tonight.. smh!

  22. MUCH bigger!

  23. No. You should cheer for Lakers to win. Lakers wants to lose, remember?

  24. LOL. Lakers feed or Rockets or mute or not watching?

  25. hahha

  26. I cant believe this really happens, but I will cheer for DH to kill Lakers tonight.

  27. good choice

  28. tough choices LOL

  29. after a while once i relies lin will not play i may just ignore the game

  30. D12 is not playing tonight.

  31. ah, you forgot LAL has a tank commander, he will take out whoever has the hot hands and sub in the 0ptr guy, if there is a slight chance they will win.

  32. But I believe he will play tonight.

  33. Haha! Ya! Both feeds commentators sucks… mute. LOL!

  34. They say that Howard’s knee is bothering him, I say Howard is shutting down to opt out of his contract in Houston next year.

  35. Maybe the Lakers are holding out for Rondo, because he is not doing well in Dallas.

  36. he only does that to lin, i think he wants price or clarkson to have a big game to justify his benching of lin.

  37. JLIN will try to foul out not to give BS the chance to limit his time, and getting out of the court laughing!!(maybe in my dream)

  38. I suggested Jeremy Lin Garden fans to make 7 signs of 14″ x 17″ to say #PLAYLIN or #FREELIN
    TNT might capture it on TV!


  39. Boycott the LAKERS!

  40. I feel the same way. I think he wants to out of HOU.

  41. How did Psalm managed to bring in the big check to Suns?

  42. What! Is his knee injury so bad? Then nothing to expect but an ugly loss for Lakers.

  43. wow

  44. Psalm, how were you able to bring in the big check to Lin at Suns?

  45. hw does he have a job

  46. I guess US Airways Center has a different rule than Stapes Center.
    I had no problem bringing them in

  47. I work in Human Resources. In most companies, he’d either be begging for his job or fired already.

  48. Oh please…not this again..what..so he can be blamed again and criticized for another playoff loss?…

  49. LA press is trolling Scott, why post this to embarrass him…LOL

  50. You see, he is the real snake.

  51. Kobe?

  52. He probably got called to F/O again because interview today.LOL

  53. Possible…or self-made excuse to avoid DNP-CDgate questions. I wouldn’t put it past this coward.

  54. Great idea. Thought the same. If they can get a large enough group sitting together, size can be anything they want.

  55. You are probably right on that one. He is such a coward. I was on the Mavericks fan site and Rondo is not working out on the team. Most of the players are really good shooters, and he is not really helping them at all. Rick Carlisle is really a good coach and he is really trying to help him. Mark Cuban stated the reason he wanted Rondo was because he was closer. That has not worked out at all. Many fans think that he will move on, because he is looking for a max contract in which Cuban will not do.

  56. yeah, tell me about it, like he doesn’t have staff to keep him in on track.

  57. First cancelled the practice now skip the briefing………..SOFT

  58. Lakers been fawning over Rondo, maybe Cuban would trade Rondo for JLin since looks like Rondo is a bust.

  59. smart idea!

  60. Agreed!

  61. yeah, that seems so bogus. This Laker team is one hot mess.LOL

  62. scan the boards, watch Lin’s mins. Will be exciting to see him make his victory statement.

  63. Hey Joe Team, I posted below that Rondo not adjusting to Mavericks, and many fans think that he is going to leave. Maybe that is what the Lakers are planning? Cuban signed Rondo because he was a closer, that has not worked out. Many fans think that he will leave and that Cuban won’t offer him a max salary.

  64. That would surely catch the camera….good idea

  65. This is one time and one time only that I agree with Mchale…..LOL

  66. It thought it was the veterans that do this to the rookies… I don’t think it is right for the coach to do it.

  67. So maybe there is chance that Cuban will take Lin?! Mav is good team w good coach.

  68. This would be the first time I begrudgingly agree with McHale


  69. Agreed. Cuban and his aging star can’t wait.

  70. McHale knows, that limp he has gives me empathy for him. I still play soccer, but I have to plan to let the kids smoke me and win the outsmart game. They love me getting stops on them because I’m harder to beat than the other kids … that’s the old man’s game. You go with what father time gives you and as long as you are challenging the younger guys, they respect and like you on the field/court even if they know you can’t compete 100%. No way old guys should compete at the pro or semipro level though … waste of money and the game.

  71. I know… it is so painful to say it but when you’re right you’re right. lol.

  72. Well, I would love to see a straight talking owner like Cuban have a shot at Lin. Only question I have is … does Cuban hold a grudge because Lin chose GSW over Mavs even though the Mav coach gave him his chance in summer league (?) and a formal offer. If Cuban doesn’t hold a grudge, I think his style could be good for Lin … go with the performer for the gold! I hope you are right.

  73. In other words, ESPN ranking Kobe was generous.

  74. Then trade Lin for Rondo, win-win scenario. And if Ellis acts up Lin still has FA.

  75. send your questions to TWC & Flea:

  76. Cuban is a fair owner, Lin has become a much better player. Cuban knows that lin will come in and just want to help the team win in any capacity. Cuban is all about championships and not about grudges.

  77. Yay, any college kid can get a computer program to plan out a card stunt. That would be awesome, to set one up to have various messages to national TV throughout the game hehe.

  78. Did he have any other kind of moment this whole season?

  79. then just enjoy your “senior years and just fish”

  80. Yep, I want a ring for Lin! Victory is Certain, I have you to thank for that from Monty, and we need to keep that refrain going with Lin and underdog fandom!

  81. he’s ALWAYS please with mediocre results.

  82. senior moment is when he reached a certain age..so his moment will be permanent!LOL

  83. He’s chronically in a “senior moment” more like a senior lifetime.

  84. Sounds like Lin wont play…good! I could move on to do my work.lol

  85. DNP please.

  86. Like the fans can’t wait to tune in to find out! Smh at phony BS.

  87. Kobe and Scott should just retire together.

  88. If they get Lin for the remaining season, they have a real shot at the ring this season—they only have to defeat the Spurs which they almost did last season.

  89. He’s always pleased with marginal performance from players who could take Lin’s minutes lol.

  90. his full of ideas, but no good result????

  91. He is such a liar.

  92. Hope Lakers fans start booing loud and for a long time.

  93. Trust me, Lin will play. BS just acting as if he is the one making decision.

  94. This 1di0t coach thinks he always had great ideas and must be kept secret.

  95. I wonder if he has the guts to say “we are tanking…”

  96. Exactly. He is trying to save face. I truly believe the reason he was late is because the F/O called him on his BS interview this afternoon.

  97. at least he won’t be accused of Race card for he placed a half asian against an american (Jlin born in America). see BS says, i prefer a player because of his grittiness and toughness!!!! Har Har Har!

  98. BS stinks and is not funny at all.

  99. I think Cuban will ride out the season with Rondo, and pick lin up in FA.

  100. I guess then BS should carry a bag of BS. That fits him nicely.

  101. even on his Humor…outdated joke!!!!!Har Har Har

  102. BS wants to create something for the press to focus away from Lin-DNP-gate.

  103. Your boss shall be pleased…as shall mine. LOL

  104. the thing is, in America, Clarkson is considered black and nothing else.

  105. Exactly

  106. and the news still focuses on Lin.

  107. Dude is so lame.

  108. BS is BS, Lin is Lin and will always be ready..

  109. BS now looking for his other ideas to shift focus on Lin!!!LOL

  110. LBJ is with a weak team this season, I think many contending teams are super high on this window of opportunity.

  111. A diversion tactic of BS.

  112. Why trade. It is not beneficial for the Mavericks. They can ride out the season with Rondo as a tryout, and then if he doesn’t want to sign what they offer him, then Rondo can walk away. Lin will be a FA, and the Mavericks can just sign him in FA.

  113. rondo bad pass..mavs lose…yeah!!!

  114. the only time Jlin will ever shoot the ball tonite, coz BS said no points for him tonite if he wants to play,LOL!!!

  115. Because they used a lot of b words and f words? JK

  116. Jeremy Lin Benching Setting Up Lakers Boycott?

    Byron Scott’s benching of Jeremy Lin has got some Lakers fans furious. Scott opted not to play the enormously popular Lin against the Spurs on Friday night–saying he “knows what Jeremy can do.” Which is, apparently, nothing coach Scott wants to see done. Some Lin fans think it’s a political move by Scott, whose first year with the Lakers has been full of injuries (Nash, Randle, Bryant) and other unpleasant surprises.

    “Calling all Lin fans to boycott the next Lakers game,” wrote one commenter after the Lin benching. Lin finished 9th place in overall fan voting for the All-Star game and one angry fan believed the benching was “because [Byron Scott] wants to prove to the world that Lin is not an all star material.” (Lin, it must be said, has done a fine job of that all by himself this season.) “BOYCOTT LAKERS ON TV” another commenter exclaimed. “I’m with the boycott,” writes another. “This happens after a few weeks Jeremy was named player of the week,” writes yet another. Lin obviously has very loyal fans who want to see him succeed. Lots of people less loyal would at least like to see him play. Lin is an enigma–we can’t figure him out if he’s not on the floor. These days, you can’t ignore the fans.”

  117. I think Ellis is also a FA this summer.

  118. How about playoff?

  119. still trying to project he is in full control of the decision.
    I believe FO made it for him

  120. Rondo for Lin…engage!

  121. The Clippers are doing very well now and I hope they will win their first ever champ this year. That’s when the pressure is on the Lakers as the city now belongs to the Clippers and they need to thank BS for his insulted rivalry comment about the Clippers franchise.

  122. Better warm himself up now so that he can do a better job at his new role as the human bench warmer LOL. Nah I hope Lin plays and have a linsanity type game to stick it to the Rockets but I am really not optimistic about it.

  123. Means Lin not playing again.

  124. I have to say it is really unlikely tho…I mean for Clipper to get a ring

  125. Cause full of BS ideas.

  126. Haha you always give me hope on Lin to Mavs

  127. Byron not ready to tell the world his secret he told Jeremy to appease him, “that they are Tanking!!!!” (as if its not evident on his actions on court and dumbness!!!)

  128. This has been posted couple time today but the interesting part is the article but the top comment of the article.

  129. Need urgent Social Unrest in the Staple. C’mon !

  130. and what might that “it” be? lol

  131. He thinks using those words make you tough.

  132. we’re about to find out :]

  133. Not easy but unlikely is over prediction.

  134. If Clippers get a ring before the Lakers, this truly will become a Clipper town,LOL

  135. Oh….didnt realize that

  136. ‘B’yron and ‘F’ailed LOL

  137. haha could be. One thing I do agree with Lakers’ pov is this will still be Lakers’ town. The pull for fans just seems completely at different level….

  138. Always be ready. that is what he can control. Someone might step back and rupture something.

  139. Because neither Dirk nor Tyson is getting any younger, and the Mavs could still have a run THIS year with Lin.

  140. When Kobe is off the face of the map for the Lakers, they have no more teeth. Laker fans are very impatient to wait for a 5 year rebuild.

  141. inconsistency from elements that I can not control.

  142. Championship will change everything. The news will always focus on the champ.

  143. This is just brilliant…..Lin mocking those ppl saying his is inconsistent…lol

  144. I guess…I am not really a LAL expert. I was just really shocked when I found out how many fans LAL got given how badly they played…

  145. He’s done this all season… using their words against them.

  146. This really makes me heartbroken…

  147. I hope this will come true soon because Laker deserves this.

  148. Lin: What do you want from me.
    BS: I want you to manage the bench for me. I need those chait perfectly aligned..so the starters can sit comfortably.

  149. It’s like buying a rolex and realising afterwards that what you really need is a G-shock…

  150. Lin does control his emotion very well and that’s good in the long term. If this were me, I would say I think they are planing to cut or trade me to see the reaction from the FO.

  151. I just couldn’t understand what takes the Buss family so long to know that Kobe Bryant is not someone they can count on.

  152. Actually no conversation will take place. It will be another “Scott has not yet talked to so and so.”

  153. The only thing that is certain is he’s going to be fired after this disastrous season.

  154. and pls..for F—=-k sake,wipe the chairs after the players left to play..”defense for virus is the Key!!!”

  155. BS: Demonstrate some toughness on the bench. Better defend that bench.

  156. Why not now? That will at least show some Lakers pride.

  157. This is really childish just like the plays Byron has used for the final shots.

  158. Haha! BS is lying bc he said he had not talk w Lin yet? Looks like what BS said just to make Kobe happy…?!

  159. Too bad that Byron has an unique record of taking his players out for the season.

  160. A shameless liar.

  161. One more DNP-CD, Lin needs to tell the press that he speculate either he’s traded or waived then wait for the FO reaction.

  162. Scott waste time on this instead on coaching.

  163. Too generous. He is still the worst guard for the season.

  164. I can’t wait for this season to end. Come on free agency!

    Or better yet, come on trade!

  165. The old Buss loved Kobe but I think his children are somehow afraid of him, who becomes a competitor to them.

  166. We definitely need to include @TWCSportsNet in our tweets. That’s where the money is.

  167. BS: I want you to protect the bench, replace Sacre as a cheerleading team captain, manage the towel boys and so on

  168. Haven’t watched those clowns in a long time.

  169. If Mark Cuban really wants Rhondo, I have nothing to say.
    But if he wants Jeremy, he would make a trade before the Feb deadline; perhaps Rhondo for Lin and Tarik Black.

  170. None of them respected Jim or Jeanie.

  171. I read somewhere some TV networks are dropping Lakers games.

  172. I think TNT is dropping couple of games. One game vs. Knicks.

  173. I just hope this quote doesn’t get taken out of context. Can just imaging all the Lin-bashers using this to argue that even JLin himself admits he’s an inconsistent player hence all the unjust treatments for him are valid…

  174. Would be more interested if the dolls were changed to Chucky.

  175. Psalm 234. .. that large rockets logo makes my finger feel dirty touching it….. please relocate or make it much smaller… thanks.

  176. just think of it as means to an end to obliterate the Lakers tank.
    It’s kinda pick-the-lesser-of-two-evils thing :>

  177. I want you to be visible on the bench to distract the audience from tanking.

  178. hope it will be shown along with the stats to back it up.
    Best Player in Jan! PlayLin or FreeLin! YEAH ..LOL

  179. yeah, that might get picked up by national TV (TNT/ESPN, etc.)

  180. It’s OK only if the rockets lose to Jlin tonight or blow out the Lin less lakers… hehe

  181. No, maybe he gave him the 411 on what the Lakers are trying to tank.LOL

  182. I think you are right.

  183. Romans 8:31
    What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

  184. you guys see byron’s comment gushing about how clarkson only had 1 turnover during his first nba start?

    clarkson is the new price.

  185. BS: Lin, I want to protect you, I really do. That’s why I will not play you to ensure you are injury free.
    Lin: @#$%^&!

  186. Poor Price….lol

  187. so byron saying hes not sure if lin will play makes NO sense unless he is waiting for word from FO about a trade.

    but if no trade, how does a coach not know whether hes going to play a player a single minute? what the..

  188. I feel guilty now that I watched that many Lakers’ games…..I made TWC rich…..by a little bit….

  189. IMO he was just giving the illusion that he’s in full control of the decision.
    I think FO already gave him a warning and order to play Lin to not damage the trade value and cause headache from Lin fans protest. Let’s see if it’s true

  190. gosh- …after skimming thru most of your posts–i feel so heartbroken for JLin…BS is so INHUMANE..slimy…n whatever…….how could he have singled him out for DNP–CD….him ALONE…at least the others where not alone when he DNP them….good thing we did not continue to buy tickets for MSG dis Sunday…..yep—i’m all for BOYCOTT…

  191. Nix is a big supporter for Lin since Linsanity period…

  192. hope so.
    but as the coach saying you dont know, just looks ridiculous already.

  193. The NBA can punish LA for intentionally tank…..but wait BS is sincerely trying to win.

  194. TWC calls nick a streak shooter. at what pt, is someone simply a bad shooter?

  195. when their last name is Lin

  196. stool is already drooling over clarkson. its happening.

  197. Too late. That was the first thing I thought of although I knew what he really meant.

  198. isn’t sure whether Lin will play when it’s already game time? how about isn’t sure whether he’s got a brain!

  199. Stu is just some old OG from the past that has not caught up with how the game is played today.That is why this Lakers organization will be in the toilet in 5 years and wander why the Clippers overtook them, because they have trust fund kids who know nothing about in how to run a business.

  200. Nick is a streaker shooter…just sayin..

  201. Lol… worthy just call harden head of the snake…. wow bs think price is the same level with harden.stupid as stupid does

  202. when nick hits two in a row, hes suddenly a good shooter again. but that happens to every player. its simply confirmation bias for viewers who have pre-decided hes a good shooter
    when he misses, its cuz oh hes a streaky shooter.

    look at his numbers. they are atrocious.

  203. I think this obviously points to a trade. Isn’t this what happens to players who are on the trading block? Not allowed to play for fear of injury.

  204. lakers feed mute

  205. So does Rocket.

  206. Guys anytime you have Sacre in your starting lineup,it is a tank job..LOL

  207. Let the blowout begin!

  208. I assume it is safe to say we root for ROX today?

  209. l laff at harden turnovers

  210. Or maybe he’s dissing Price by comparing him to Harden’s defense. Lol I wish.

  211. “We are just trying to protect you from getting hurt while we are seeking for a nicer place for you to go”

  212. early yet

  213. Hats off to all of you who can still watch and keep me updated 😛

    I honestly cannot do it anymore, last game was the last straw for me.

  214. I think he is.he knows harden doesn’t play any defense..LOL

  215. Com’on…what if Lin makes a BuzzerBeater later?

  216. Everybody knows Lol!

  217. How about 6OT? Force BS to actually give JLin a full game worth of minutes lol

  218. laker bigs do not box out AT ALL

  219. Works for me…lol

  220. Stu vs Clyde.

    I chose death.

  221. Thai so blasphemous. They only signed because of Lin. This organization is getting the karma coming back to them in triple fold.

  222. Hmmm, here comes the Turnovers

  223. LOL

  224. why not mute

  225. This is the case since preseason

  226. It’s his humor.

  227. I love that dude. He’s a true basketball fan and Lin fan who uses facts to support his arguments.

  228. Hadn’t thought about that option lol, you just saved many lives!

  229. seconded your wish!

  230. 1 life at a time

  231. and so it’s come to this! 🙁

  232. lol

  233. DMo post move so good

  234. Jc turnover..rox scored… stu…chirp…chirp

  235. Trust me, Bev will try to injure Clarkson tonight.

  236. That’s the brother should do for Lin… LOL!

  237. Beverley !!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. You mean deaf..

  239. oops wrong thread…wrong team!

  240. Lol, this is so confusing XD

  241. BS, did you see JC just had 2 TO? lol

  242. You dont want Buzzer to Beat you up

  243. do teams feel disrespected when playing this Lakers BS lineup?

  244. yeah…its wrong site as well…hmmm everything seems to be wrong nowadays

  245. Nah, win is a win.

  246. STU salivating over Clarksons 11 point 4 assist in 29 minute previous game( Even though Lin could get those stats in his sleep).

  247. I think they are happy for the easy win.

  248. They should be… smh!

  249. Nope more chance to stat pad and easy win!

  250. aint you sleeping?

  251. thats there draft pick expected but the price stuff wasn’t

  252. What TO? Only Lin’s count!

  253. I don’t know who to cheer for anymore

    .soon confusing.

  254. Cheer for #17

  255. It’s ALL Michael’s fault that Lin’s not getting PT. He hasn’t been sleeping!

  256. couple more minutes we’ll see if Lin will play.

  257. 3 more min till when lin ‘usually’ comes in the game

  258. = =….Lin isn’t playing so I think I get a pass. No?

  259. What’s awful is, this isnt even beneficial to poor Clarkson.
    It’s why so many teams dont give rookies big minutes or opt to send them to the DLeague, because to just throw them in so soon with the big boys could mess with their confidence.

  260. Go DMO!!!

  261. Nope…as John Lee mentioned, its your fault…go to your twilight zone

  262. I don’t know which I hate more – seeing Harden or seeing Patrick Beverley on the floor without Jeremy pounding them on the floor.

  263. Lin in

  264. its lin today

  265. i have no problem with clarkson doing well. really — why has he been on the bench so long? the price love is ridiculous.

  266. LIN!

  267. Lin’s coming in soon

  268. Wooiio

  269. Yrs!!!! JLIN is coming in

  270. I am not here..

  271. @disqus_W4kOOens57:disqus, so 1 black eye by FO to BScott LOL

  272. I told you the F/O laid it out to scott and he is stil trying to act big and bad. LOL

  273. Clarkson gets the call….m….good to be favored

  274. Wow Lin is playing

  275. This is (bleep)! Bringing Jeremy in with 3 minutes left and they’re down by double digits?

  276. I hope he is not rusty

  277. so how,…I thought we are suppose to root for beverly and DMO

  278. Hear that applause

  279. Jeremy getting some love from the crowd!

  280. Oh he is bad alright 😛

  281. Oh definitely, he should be getting Price’s minutes, but as a backup to go vs other 2nd units.
    Starting him is too soon for his own good.

  282. Can u hear BS?

  283. lin should have shot it

  284. They know what is up

  285. dont get jealous now

  286. Anyone rooting for Patrick Beverley has questionable basketball knowledge

  287. That’s great to hear :’)

  288. after one game? doubt it. confidence might be shook.

  289. what basketball, I thought we were watching a hybrid of football and rugby

  290. such a late call on that foul

  291. surprised they didnt call offensive foul on Lin. hater refs

  292. I just hope Lin stay healthy…

  293. They need time to decide if they can get away with not calling.

  294. I Think Lin is still trying to figure out what he should and should not do in this bs merry-go-round

  295. yeah.

  296. free throws?

  297. Give me Georges St. Pierre rather than Patrick Beverley then.

  298. yes

  299. I can’t believe I’m saying this –

    Go Rockets!


  300. yep

  301. Now that Jlin is in….Let’s go lakers

  302. Wait, BS is a basketball coach?

  303. If it was any other player than Dorsey, it would’ve been an offensive foul. Refs have no idea who Dorsey is, so no respect.

  304. I here ya, bro!

  305. i thought thats what BScott was trying to help on…but then you complaint!

  306. This site is just too inconsistent on which team to root for

  307. We’re humans too.We have emotions.

  308. Look at you calling us inconsistent 😛

  309. It is sad that this is breaking news.

  310. lol

  311. thats for sure, even a blind could see that

  312. Not yet. It could be 1st half only. 2nd Half belongs to Price.

  313. U are not supposed to be awake

  314. I’m rooting for the Reno Bighorns

  315. oh man…still missing those FTs

  316. rockets bench looks like crap

  317. Oh Jeremy!

  318. Who guard Harden and Smith?

  319. It hurts 🙁

  320. Jeremy is the most efficient, most fundamentally sound, and most handsome player on the floor any given game.

  321. asleep

  322. i agree with everything but handsome part

  323. He got to hit those free throws.

  324. Did you see he smile on the first one?

  325. But he has to hit his free throws.

  326. Understood.Guys don’t call other guys handsome.

  327. not watching whats the stat line?

  328. This may be the first time in a while JLin and Davis play together for a significant time

  329. Nice pass Lin!

  330. of course on that, stool only compliments ed davis

  331. So , it’s Breaking News now if Jeremy Lin is in the game.

  332. How did Lin make that crossover…lol

  333. LAL should be taking some 3pointers as well

  334. Yea but he’s sexy though.

  335. Just ignore him.

  336. Why Young stayed in the paint?

  337. out of bound to, please Jeremy!

  338. Lin and Harden fighting for turnovers?! lol

  339. Young is so bad

  340. A successful tanking 1st Q, but done too crudely without subtleness.

  341. How are they down by 15 already.. omg

  342. This Rockets team surrounded themselves with 3 point shooters but can’t defeat Golden State Warriors who ONLY has Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry?

  343. hater refs find something

  344. I guess, Lin is totally disturbed on this game….

  345. He’s sexy and I know it.

  346. So I guess the F/O gave Scott two black eyes.

  347. LOL

  348. 2 TO already?

  349. Why don’t they show any of these Lin “turnovers” on replay? That offensive foul looked like bullsht.

  350. Why are you saying that?

  351. Not to me. He seems play freely. No pressure, save energy on D, avoid hard contact.

  352. Lin has that “I do not care” face….

  353. theyd rather show lin trying to cover two 3 pt shooters onthe weak side

  354. Now the cancelled practice was all about.

  355. yeah…thats painful

  356. Of course BS decides Young should handle the ball for the final play

  357. relax as he said hard to be consistent when the environment is always unsettled

  358. How about Lin to the wolves?

  359. he does

  360. It like these networks with an agenda forget the Internet and Youtube exist. They think their feed is the only thing people will see.

  361. i think he has already been thrown to the wolves

  362. id rather him go to a championship contending team

  363. Well, he’s not a sociopath…

  364. It’s a good sign then. Please add a duck face as well

  365. Another tanking team? no thanks.

  366. what is lin doing?

  367. Just looked at Harden’s attention sitting on the bench.

  368. Probably shocking to hear from your own coach, “Yes we are tanking. So, you won’t play much.”

  369. That rebound-assist!Should count both!

  370. He said he wont do that again…

  371. Bill pointed out Lin should get rebound+assist.
    Stu… silence…

  372. I know! Why that….. ugh!!!

  373. lin has 3 fouls now?

  374. How so?

  375. What coach in his right mind, would let Young play PG.

  376. 1 foul

  377. Lin knew he has to score.
    Keep taking the 3s, Lin!

  378. Haha Lin is just taking shots..

  379. This Rockets wouldn’t even get their toes on the second round of playoffs – AGAIN.

    I KNOW IT.

  380. I thought that was Stu, maybe I’m sleepy.

  381. lin looks rusty

  382. 0-3 does not look good

  383. Nick Young everybody, your PG that should not be PG

  384. No. lin needs to get his emotions in check and play.

  385. Then just trust your instincts

  386. Young is forced to pass due to the blitz but when you are not used to ever passing…

  387. Turnovers?

    (Bleep) how about set some set plays and have a PG on the floor?!?!?

  388. Well, he can not pass correctly with even only just one defender…

  389. One thing Lin has improved one: no dumb fouls on opponent’s fast breaks. Pointless to risk your body for the Tankers.

  390. wes messes up that unit. the bench looks worse

  391. So boring!!!!!

  392. I rather it was him taking it…lol

  393. interesting to see mchale actually outcoach someone. its possible

  394. BS is doing a great job making too much drama among players.

  395. Well anybody can outcoach Byron Scott.

  396. I am glad lin is getting playing time, even if it is to tank.

  397. They double team Young every time he touches the ball. Lakers have no answer.

  398. Oh those rookie hazing!!! hahahah

  399. Not a surrpise, McHale was a better player than Scott.

  400. Tank in full mode.LOL

  401. Lin make you shots when the ball comes to you

  402. Wow young out LIn staying in when JC came back

  403. Well any team whether tankers or championship contenders have those rookie hazing.

  404. If the ball comes…

  405. what 3 turnovers gets you

  406. so hard to watch… blah

  407. Lakers’ body language is bad.

  408. This rotation is just to pleasing someone….

  409. My cat can out coach BS, and he’s been dead for over a year.

  410. He’s trying.

  411. Lin vs Harden! owoooooooowoooo

  412. what do u mean

  413. Lin PG, Clarkson SG could work here.

    Hope Lin will make the 1st 3 to silence Stu

  414. They’re not really a team. Just a bunch of guys playing for another contract.

  415. Where do they get this color kind of stockings I wonder. I want to get a pair too.

  416. The Pretenders (Rockets) vs The Lost Boys (Lakers).. this is so hard to watch

  417. That is how to play him. Force him to pass or throw up a stupid shot.

  418. yea

  419. a lot of give up

  420. BS’s slow system makes old Jason Terry outrun most of the Lakers.

  421. well JLIN know now what to do..play TANKING..more turnover and play as if you are not in control..LOL

  422. Meaning….I played Lin, get away from me will u rotation

  423. lin did a good job of playing transition defense without fouling

  424. No surprise that JLin is the assist leader so far for the Lakers

  425. Yeah but from a coach? He has time for hazing yet no time to talk to the players? lol

  426. Since when was MAKING shots a guarantee for any player… lets keep the standards to a singularity.=).

  427. He will throw up a stupid shot before passing

  428. Lin needs to play his game ans get his points

  429. Yes he has, a few times already when he’s the only one back on D.

  430. I hope he will…3 shots already..

  431. Flea.. my respect for you went a step lower for saying Clarkson is an intelligent player

  432. Jeremy out…

  433. Make that 4…

  434. lin was cold after the dnp

  435. Bev is so amped up defending Lin, with JC, he relaxes.

  436. missed another one, 🙁

  437. Since Lin’s case. This is not a level playing field when it comes to Lin. This league only looks at surface level stats..duh

  438. Hehehe Patrick Beverley has gotten from a worst defender to embarrassing. If someone like Boozer who sets a questionable screen can stop you… you have no business being in the NBA

  439. well he is out now

  440. Blowing up the lineup has ruined any semblance of an offense

  441. hahahahaha

  442. Clarkson is looking really bad out there

  443. I missed. What happened?

  444. Scott not so stoked 🙂

  445. Let the Lakers have their stupidity.

  446. Well I saw an intelligent young player made a not so intelligent play..

  447. Lin getting more time because FO told scott something? Lol

  448. Hows Jeremy doing so far? leaning more towards good or bad?

    If its not too good, remember Jeremy said he plays bad when he’s angry.
    Not only is he still dealing with being slapped in the face with the DNP but Scott said he would “talk” (spew more BS) right before the game.

  449. after that promotion of 1 TO in practice

  450. He’s not a PG. Terrible handle.

  451. rotation seems ok for now…a little mixed and match . shows how dumb coach is right now not knowing who need to be with after half of the season is almost over..sigh!!!!

  452. And the moment is too big for him. lol

  453. LAL is so easy to defend even Harden can do it..

  454. I’m sure he will go back to price next time. this is the lakers after kobe got hurt. tank at all cost. player playing with zero heart

  455. hes fine but missing his shots

  456. Can make any opposing player a defense MVP

  457. The thing that scott did to this team was undo the bond that players on the bench had formed. Now they are all confused.

  458. hes not doing good really. shots aren’t falling. but he isn’t playing bad either

  459. good kid but just not ready. Byron’s fault again!

  460. yep but goal is to tank so on that scot did a good job

  461. Couldn’t agree more. No coaching. No team. These guys are all individuals.

  462. exactly…This teams is officially un-teamed by Scott

  463. I understand, but I’m not going to allow “the league”‘s perspective influence my perspective.

  464. Great tanking technique.
    This ridiculous line up changes every 20 games is to break up any chemistries that may be building.

  465. Please trade Lin before trade deadline. I cant wait until next season.

  466. 3 tos now. Let’s see how many more he will get:-) We can hear what BS is going to say:-)

  467. Defensive minded Harden?

  468. He succeeded…to whatever motive he may have

  469. you listen to TWC announcers, it is so obvious they are promoting clarkson. makes me think lin is definitely traded for them to push this so hard

  470. Patrick Beverley and James Harden ARE DEFENSIVE MINDED?!?!?!?! HOW??!?! HAHAHAH

  471. dont think too hard

  472. It doesn’t matter, he is doing exactly what scott wants him to do is tank. Lin does need to get his emotions in check. That is what makes me so mad about him, he always falls for the okie doke..smh

  473. BS is a very bad coach. changing players, Kobe in n out, slow pace, no D, DNP best pg, misused player skill, decades old offense.

  474. Great, Hill became a perimeter player now

  475. Oxymoron, makes as much sense as black Caucasian.

  476. Rox actually playing good D tonight.

  477. Their defense looks good ONLY against teams like Lakers.

  478. Because it is LAL..lol

  479. Jordan Hill – when all else fails throw up a long two. They’re leaving you open for a reason.

  480. issue is with BS. Break Bonds.

  481. I need to watch a fundamentally sound team. This game is soo bad without Jeremy.

  482. The thing that makes me angry with lin is that he gets into these angry and sulking moos that he doesn’t know how to get out of. He knows hoe this league does things, he doesn’t need to get caught up in their antics…smh

  483. Oh, I thought they’re playing against the LA Defenders.

  484. exactly. coaching failing yet again

  485. How do you know he is angry? He seemed OK.

    After DNP, nothing matters anymore for this team.

  486. 2nd Q was actually better..just not making shots

  487. There was never any issues btw Lin and Price. Ahmed is just trying to stir things up.

  488. Ho is he doong?w

  489. I would say he needs more time to get back in rhythm especially under BS’s system. .

  490. I thought reporters report NEWS?

  491. I think Lin just wants to go home and play Dota 2

  492. He doesn’t look sulky to me.

    No offense Joyce, but he’s out of rhythm from being benched. The team probably didn’t even watch tapes. Expecting him to go ala-Stephen Curry at this moment is kinda funny. He’s not a robot or a machine.

  493. Clarkson is NOT a point guard. He has shown no signs of being a formidable playmaker.

  494. I know that he is angry because he plays like carp. Shake it off. I guess that I am more hard on lin because I too am a Christian faith teaches us not to get caught up in our circumstances,but rise above them and let your gift shine.

  495. I’m listening to the Rox feed bc I can’t stand Stu. I’m actually enjoying their Bill & Bull now that Lin is not w/them.

  496. See if they can break the 70 mark.

  497. Maybe he left his DOTA 2 game on…..

  498. Tell that to Scott…

  499. Clarkson with most minutes in first half. 1-6, 4 pts, 2 ast, 3 TOs

  500. Wayne Ellington is getting torched by Harden who is shooting it from 30 ft.

  501. He is human.

  502. Under this stupid system, anybody played crap. Lin is actually OK given the minutes. 2 assists. 1 point. At least he got 4 FGA.

  503. Indeed, in every sense of the word. =).

  504. yikes 3 turnovers in 8 minutes. this is why no one is going to take lin seriously. His stock is crashing harder than 1929 and its going to get worse unless he pulls himself together. this is not the way to he needs to respond. You would think he would play with some fire since its against the team that dumped him in favour of a one dimensional player and he just got his first DNP since 2012.

  505. JL with 10min…lets see whats the minutes he gets tonite

  506. BS has done more bad than good to start claekson, ruining his confidence. He has no chance to be a pg in the nba.

  507. Hahaha i thought it was funny too!

  508. I will show what i have for the team that appreciates me

  509. LOL pull himself together? How about PULL THE TEAM TOGETHER? The turnovers are there because they’re not even running any sets players.

  510. Get your number correct before you post.

  511. Scott says new starting lineup for at least the next 15 games. It looks like the Lakers will go 0-15 with JC running the PT. It’s part of the plan.

  512. When Lin was getting drafted the scout said Lin did not stand out until the games meant something. Right now the game means nothing.

  513. He becomes Jlin fan and commented like us! LOL!

  514. Flagged. =).

  515. What are you talking about? Lin played 11 min with 2 TO

  516. test

  517. Rox studio guys, Murphy and Kevin are playing around, if I give you the last name of the Lakers starting lineup, can you give me their first name? Stumped! They are laughing at the Lakers.

  518. You sound like a troll.Get out before I ban you myself.

  519. pass.

  520. I saw lin is just playing with motion. I would.

  521. Imagine if Drexler, Jon Barry, and Stu commentated a game together…. That would make this forum go ape sh*t

  522. You do have a point but I think Joyce is right in her observation.

  523. Now we should see if BS got 1 black eye or 2.

  524. This is what people usually do with the 76ers… how sad 🙂

  525. I’d like Lin to continue to be aggressive in the second half. Continue to attack.

  526. test 2(^∇^)

  527. Laker’s board meeting: Scott will transform our draft picks into franchise players!

  528. Lin is a professional athlete, he should be always ready to play his game. As somewhat of a pioneer you have to always come better prepared than your opponent. just sayin

  529. Even the Lakers radio announcers feel the same way. They called it the “most unusual” starting line up. They said that last game.

  530. Bruise all over his body…

  531. Delete his post and kick him out, it is so obvious!

  532. Having to listen to that could be considered a form of torture.

  533. BS may play his beloved Price at the second half.

  534. pass pass

  535. Having BS as his coach, JC may be out of the league soon once BS get fired.

  536. Remember, you don’t have to choose death. You have other options 🙂

  537. I am wondering how Lakers fans can take it, especially those poor ones buying tickets there. Enjoy how art of tanking presents? Or admire the opponents slaughtering?

  538. That’s what I expect.

  539. Ellington is shading Harden to go left. Sheesh.

  540. hahahahah

  541. Did anyone watching the TWC feed catch what the announcer said? It was during a timeout and one announcer was saying something about how Jeremy didn’t play at all the last game, and now Price isn’t playing at all this game then mentioned it was strange. Immediately after he said that, the same announcer said something like “what do you mean shhhh?”. it was like someone not mic’ed up immediately told him to STFU. Very very very interesting.

  542. Sorry. Missed that again. Busy typing.

  543. Prediction for JC’s # of TOs tonight? I say 8., he has 5 now.

  544. LAL keep making passes that even HOU knows how to intercept it..lol Bad coaching on display.

  545. This game is a complete joke

  546. Yep, even I know where the ball will go.

  547. But we already knew this, media gag order. One of the announcers didn’t get the memo.

  548. clarkson is being ask to do more than he is capable of.

  549. That doesn’t sound really fair to lin. When he had good games, I don’t see coach Scott treat him seriously?

  550. My only concern is what is lin doing? I could care less about the other Laker players

  551. JC 5 TOs

  552. nice drive by clarkson

  553. Woohoo

  554. This Lakers coach is a complete joke

  555. The hates Lin goes beyond who’s capable.

  556. He is ready to play his game. The thing is this is a 5-man game. If the rest of the team is playing flawlessly and he’s the only one playing bad, I would be questioning him. This is not an individual sport anyway. If he is playing golf and he’s bad,I’ll definitely call him out.

    Besides, even if he plays his A-game with the rest of the team playing bad, that is worth calling out.

  557. See if he can make a career double-double.

  558. 6 TO by JC, smh

  559. What exactly is lin doing? He just needs to play his game. Drown out the noise from Scott because lin gets confused in what he suppose to be doing.

  560. Lol yeah. Well it’s a tank job. Imma stop watching games until next season. This is a waste of time. No point anymore. I don’t even know what’s going to happen of Jeremy. He may play some games and he might not on some others. His team mates seem careless and are not putting any effort. I feel as if Lin won’t do much more this season.

  561. “I’m going to show up and do my best to play and work hard and stuff, but it definitely hurts,” Lin said before Sunday’s game in his first public comments since being a healthy scratch. “I’m human. I’ve got emotions, too. … It’s discouraging sometimes. It’s disappointing sometimes. All of those emotions, of course. I don’t think anybody would feel great after a DNP, anybody. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

  562. If the rest of the Lakers are playing flawlessly and Jeremy is the only one bad player out there, he deserves to be called out.

    So far in the tiny minutes I’ve seen earlier, he’s fine except for his shots.

  563. not impressive either, he missed a lot shots, 2to, only 1pt/2asist

  564. This has to be as plan for BS to be this relax.

  565. OK, That is fair. I will Take it

  566. His D is still solid.

  567. Did he drive to the basket?

  568. It is just hard to watch a team who is giving up on winning already…and we know who to blame for this

  569. BS has lost the locker room…

  570. Definitely not me.

  571. Who? Kobe? BS? Buss? Mitch? Lin? Brent?

  572. I wish he would not respond like this. Too many “feelings”.

  573. Harden is a snail while guarding Jeremy whose speed is like an F1.

  574. That “I do not care” face is gone…m…

  575. bs thinks he has broken lin’s spirit successfully when he’s actually broken the lakers team spirit.

  576. The last one.

  577. BS won’t care. It is even better, easier job for him to tank.

  578. Lin is playing SG now. Interesting.

  579. I forgot to add one more name to the list. Hint: not mine. ;-D

  580. Lin is done for this team, just hope he keeps his body healthy

  581. He’s playing small forward as he’s guarding Ariza.

  582. i stopped watching this. its just chaos on lakers end

  583. goodnight all

  584. 881

  585. Take it easy. Just believe in Lin. The best is yet to come.

  586. When you don’t play your best players that’s what happens. Where’s Ed Davis?

  587. You guys can say what you want lin is sulking because his feeling were hurt because he was a DNP in the last game., That is why he is missing shots because his head is not in the game. Look I love Lin,but this is what he does sometimes. I am sure he will be fine for the next game once he processes things.

  588. what is that?

  589. Clarkson’ demeanor is kind of offputting judging from his facial expressions, its like he tryna prove that hes a big shot, but he doesn’t have the actual traits to do so.

  590. yeah, he’s human too.

  591. Rest in.. have a peaceful sleep.

  592. LAL should’ve given up since they decided 2 hire BS right after the beginning..

  593. Bye BYE in Chinese..

  594. BS rotation is chaotic, throw names into a hat a pick a player.

  595. In mandarin those numbers sound like bye bye.

  596. Joyce, we do not know what BS said to Lin this morning. The talk must not be pretty, otherwise, Lin would not say he wants to keep between him and BS. We have to take that into account.

  597. a blink of eye and the assist up to 4.

  598. Fans booing

  599. 5 now.

  600. 2 asts in 70 secs.

  601. And just like that Jeremy has 5 assists.

  602. I am not compaining about him being human, but lin understands where this league is coming from when it comes to him. There is no level playing field when it comes to him. So always do your best no matter what./A better phrase is, never let them see you sweat.”

  603. Who are they booing?

  604. why clakson still playing? LOL

  605. lin should just curse BS like asik did to mchale(joking), no need to talk to a hater like BS. just ignore him, play well when possible and find a better team next season

  606. OK , he has finally woke up.

  607. Lakers!

  608. Wow

  609. The word “TANK” must be included so Lin couldn’t say it.

  610. lol wut? no…it is not like he suddenly get 5 ast at once…

  611. His rhythm is coming.

  612. All except for Lin’s name, of course.

  613. No, remember Mitch said they never tell HC to tank?

  614. rid of Sacre …gets into rhythm..

  615. Kevin Ding finally says something?

    Gonna be ugly… RT @RMoralesPT: Byron Scott said current starting lineup will remain this way for "15 to 20 games." #Lakers— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) January 26, 2015

  616. lol

  617. yeah, still he’s a human too. as you said he would bounce back next game.

  618. Do you remember “Welcome Home” from Mitch?

  619. This is where I hoped boozer would teach lin, or better Nash. Two guys who had been around longer and grown thicker skin. Boozer doesn’t seem to let much get him down. Lin will get this way for awhile, he did this with his benching, then he digest this new situation and is able to get his mind right to excell again.

    I suspect lin intellectualizes things as a defense mechanism so he is a thinker and needs time to think. This is the second highest form of self defense. The highest form is humor, which young and boozer to an extent seems to use. They seem to weather the storm better.

  620. Snakehead gets DNP tonight?

  621. LOL

  622. Nic Young has sat the rest of the game.

  623. Well, that’s good news to the contenders, but bad news to Knicks and 76ers.

  624. I feel the same as you Joyce. Lin has to produce when given the minutes. No excuse about playing well only “when it counts”. As a professional, and especially for Lin if he wants another contract, it all counts. So focus, (and make those free throws)

  625. So now what? Everyone needs to take turn?! smh!

  626. Lin didn’t even bother to try to jump to block the drive.

  627. This group is competing

  628. The injury!

  629. uh oh.. no

  630. oh no injury walk it off

  631. Lin 5asts, 2 TOs
    Clarkson 2assts, 5 TOs

  632. Lin also said that it was pretty positive for now, but he would not reveal what they discussed.

  633. who ???

  634. He’s trying to make everyone accountable.

  635. what happened?

  636. Jeremy 🙁

  637. How about points?

  638. 2 :/

  639. BS is getting no continuity this way. He is changing too many things and can never find the one right thing.

  640. Looks like Lin stepped on someone foot driving to the basket, he’s limping a little bit

  641. Is N young in dog house tonight?

  642. let’s hope and pray it’s nothing

  643. Nooooooooooo

  644. and counting… free throws coming up.

  645. No one is trying.
    Everyone on the team knows they are suppose to tank.

  646. May be is by design to confuse his players. LOL

  647. Lin is OK 😀

  648. Lin come back.

  649. made both fts 🙂

  650. 4 pts.

  651. Pfiuhh ^^

  652. He’s ok.

  653. Swishh!

  654. Ellington pg?

  655. Great! Somehow I wish him to pull an Asik hehe

  656. Attack!!!

  657. Nice drive by Lin!!!

  658. So he drove to the basket….anybody still hating him?

  659. As a Christian I liked Lin tweet of godly humility being not thinking more or less of yourself just think less about yourself (I’m paraphrasing). I was happy to see an introvert like Lin starting to learn that God does not want you to dwell about yourself but dwell on Him. I think Lin has started to understand this Christian truth just not taken it to heart yet. He is such an outstanding individual I sometimes forget he is still young and has stuff to learn about basketball, God, people, and life in general. Hopefully he will from his heart not dwell on his situation but just focus on God in these situations which he always professes he is trying to do.

  660. Some Jeremy-Tarik action wouldn’t be bad..

  661. Bull and Bill are complimenting Lin after that drive. Bill, that’s what Jeremy can do, Bill, JLin is the fastest guy in the league with his first step.

  662. Lin always bounce the ball on the board below the rim…a must for short players. forget about the squares

  663. I want the Rockets to slack off!!!!! COME ON!!!!

  664. Ellington the pg now? but who cares with this tanking team. just pad your stats

  665. Snake is slithering in

  666. I was never hating him…..hehe =))).

  667. no, he just looked for his shots

  668. well head of snake is about to check in -_-

  669. Lol same. Haters still gonna hate though

  670. Once it hits the boards defender cannot touch it. So if he throws it high then there is a greater chance defender can block him.

  671. Bringing in Price now?

  672. Clarkson clocked in 28 mins, 2-10 – 8 pts, 2 Asts and 5 TOs

  673. of course Scott would never give him a DNP! cant risk hurting Price’s confidence.

  674. In NBA level that would be a guaranteed block

  675. Nobody is hating him.it is just expectations. Most of the player son the Lakers re borderline, questionable. but we all know lin is an excellent player. He needs to set himself apart from the rest of these players on this Laker team. That is all I am saying

  676. Jeremy to Black!

  677. Lin never give up!!!!!!!!!

  678. He just bulldozed into that

  679. tank mode ….RP is in

  680. Lin drove to draw 3 people and dished to Black!! YEAH

  681. When the Rockets 3s don’t fall.. they’re a goner…

  682. Made both FTs!!

  683. BS is going to pull Lin soon. The game is too close. Lin can make the 13 pt lead disappear in 2 minutes.

  684. Smart play by Lin. Heard whistle and launched shot! 2 FTs

  685. 8 pts. 6 asts. Crowd is into it now!

  686. Scott loves Price so much. No DNP-CD? LOL
    Scott is snake…

  687. where is Ellington…why is RP playing..

  688. I heard of teams playing better with an us vs the world mentality. Has a team ever played better with an us vs the coach tank job mentality.

  689. Price is the head of the snake, Scott is the rear.

  690. Crowd is chanting Defense!

  691. BS doesn’t want to give DNP to his beloved RP.

  692. Devis stole Lin’s dribble

  693. we don’t need to run 2 PGs. Ellington for the 3s

  694. Attack attack attack!

  695. Go for double digits

  696. darn FT… oh well

  697. He already set himself apart from the team. Majority of the Lakers fans watching the games already know he is a catalyst in winning games. The thing is, expecting him to win this on his own, with his team mates playing bad is absurd.

  698. Lin just pad your stats for your new team.

  699. LOL Rockets can’t stop Lin’s drives!!!

  700. Lin bumped knee with D-mo

  701. It’s always such a relief when he at least gets into double digits.

  702. I am surprised Lin get green lights on spliting the screen

  703. Lin devotes all his efforts to his performance n min in Q4… Go Lin!!!

  704. Stu Stu Stu… Shush

  705. saw that, hope he is ok

  706. Patrick Beverley is not even 3/78 of a player Jeremy is.

  707. I’m happy lin and lakers are fighting clearly a superior team

  708. It’s BS.. you’re expecting too much 🙂

  709. gotta hit those free throws

  710. they lose or win likely lose this game was a joke for 3/5 of the game

  711. Lin is so pumped up after the TO.

  712. Rockets look superior against the Lakers. Against Warriors or Grizzlies, they’re smoked.

  713. Ok, @ij7:disqus I refute everything I said about lin earlier. I said that I would if he picked his game up in the 2nd half. Thansk for all of your insight and also presenting another side to the bigger picture:)

  714. Lin is try to pick up the pace, his team mates do not follow.

  715. but lin doesn’t like losing

  716. Yes we want to see that. mad.

  717. RP chokes the offense. Don’t think can make a comeback now…

  718. Any sane coach know with that amount of time, you needs to extends number of possessions..

  719. LAL needs a makeover top to bottom.

  720. Fans are pretty forgiving even for untalented teams as long as they compete.

  721. So it was 2 black eyes and a slap on the hand from FO to BS.

    Surprised Lin played more than 24 mins.

  722. 10 pts, plus 6 assists for your SG 🙂

  723. Lin not feeling the shooting touch but kept driving to the rim to get FTs.
    Very good decision.

    Let’s hope and pray he can drain 1-2 3s to get the crowd into it!

  724. OK, that is strange fraction.

  725. Especially to his old team

  726. so we learn why lin is dnp. he won’t lose. he will come close to a win at least

  727. Lakers weren’t going to win but that was a bad play by Lin. He REALLY needs a shooting coach. That pass was because he was afraid to shoot so he threw it back out. Also those missed FTs are hurting his stats and giving fodder to haters. He’s got to focus and knock down those FTs. Harden is a 88% FT shooter.

  728. remember that mute button…

  729. That’s how strange this league is

  730. Japanese algebra, in memory of the Houston wilderness

  731. So you are saying BS is Linsane?

  732. harden ft lol

  733. I want to say many bad names about him. Like L**s*r, a*s just to start. But then I remember that there are lots of mods on this board.

  734. no, BS said Price is the one who is competitive

  735. TWC replayed bad call but never on Jeremy.

  736. When Lin is on the court, everybody plays hard. Lin is true leader.

  737. just insane.

  738. Brain freeze! Brain freeze! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  739. He started the season shooting 90%, so it’s not a coaching issue.

  740. soft BS?

  741. I have no dibs against you @awarde:disqus. There are days too when I wish Jeremy is playing an individual sport instead of a team one.

  742. What does this mean?+

  743. lin needs to do what klay did in the third quarter against the kings

  744. That truly was insane.

  745. Even Price is better than JC…

  746. 12pts/6ast.

  747. LIn is driving fearlessly tonight….10 pts in the 4th.

  748. to be fair to JC, he is a rookie

  749. Lin makes LAL’s game under a tank coach watchable.

  750. That’s my baby…Go Lin

  751. and dont you forget 😛

  752. JC is not a PG. He’s better fit as SG.

  753. Well, with this coach you never know how much you will play next game. No one on this team will develop a rhythm

  754. Lin’s shots just not falling tonight 🙁

  755. hmmm…except for Kobe…no DNP-CD for BS today..hah…BS-why are u so mean to Jlin….

  756. Go Jeremy!

  757. Is there any player who can match up Jeremy’s speed?

  758. NO ONE

  759. Price
    – Scott

  760. lin got 14 ft. wow

  761. Half of the shots went in, this would be a crazy game. Nevertheless, good job! Lin

  762. 14pts/6asts.

  763. Decent stat line except for FG%

  764. rockets misss jeremy big time. that bench sucks

  765. I LIKE IT … not v efficient, but a nice ppg line and he got calls. Just gotta work on his efficiency now. BSc messed with what could have worked for this team … Lin/Price are a good combo, without Kobe around to mess with their natural tradeoffs.

  766. I mean speed in running and changing direction, not speed of cars they drive, Scott


  767. James Harden ignored Lin. Wow.

  768. WARNING: It might be a little boring to watch highlights tonight. 14pts, 10FTs
    But who cares! =)

  769. He played well tonight.

  770. It would have been Linsanity 🙂

  771. Yep, can’t say he didn’t try to work it tonight.

  772. rely on harden way too much

  773. One of the fastest in the NBA in straight line speed, but he needs to work going side to side because defenders are ready to step in front of him to take charges.

  774. Mchale too

  775. another drive to the basket by Lin, 12 pts in the 4th. finished the game with 14pts 6 asists. Harden has his arm around Lin shoulder chatting after the game.

  776. It’s a pity, it took Lin risking his body driving to the basket continuously for some (not all )of the other Lakers to pick up their intensity. Could have been a much better game,

  777. i sw lin try to pick him up he ignored him. it is what it is

  778. As a moderator,I appreciate bad names written creatively, like how sarcastic Jeremy is.

  779. He did that last game..not something new

  780. McHale and Harden don’t like him. Hopefully getting that cold shoulder finally wakes Lin up.

  781. Had u stay sleeping, Lin would made all the shots

  782. classless. lin’s too nice, might as well ignore him too.

  783. Lin played 28 minutes, 1.5 black eye from FO to BS during Saturday’s morning meeting.

  784. They talked after all even put his arm around Lin… Wow! Now I think Harden it’s not too bad after all.

  785. you did well to call him out and he delivered, Just a little inefficient at the lin and FGAs, but what can we expect for all the turmoil caused by Kobe and BSc. Lin was pushing it hard, and he got some calls. Worried a bit on the leg knocks. Keep it steady, no need to be injured for LAL.

  786. His jumpers weren’t falling so he attacks the basket. But I agree, he’s risking injury, but can’t play with fear.

  787. i love the lin harden interaction!

  788. I watched the Houston feed and Harden put his arm around Lin and Tarik Black and they were talking. I was surprised. Lin was talking to Harden and having a convo with him. It was interesting!

  789. Boy, Jeremy looked tired and a lil beat up. But as long as he’s healthy, I’ll take this kind of tired any day. Shows he was allowed to play hard.

  790. I’ve always knew this. =).

  791. Lin does just need to focus on God, family, and friends. Very few friends in this league.

  792. Don’t forget about that time when Rockets played Grizzles and Harden went to the free throw 27 times for 27 points and Zach Randolph complained and got fined. LOL

  793. more than before tanking LOL

  794. Me too. Right now even that three dumb commentators are nice to Lin today?! Wow!

  795. Looks like I was wrong. Lin and Harden might be cool, but I don’t know about Lin and McHale.

  796. Yes, fine to JLin foundation.

  797. So much promise the first few games of that first Rockets season….

  798. Emotionally tired.

  799. Lakers’ best starting lineup: Lin PG, Ellington SG, Johnson/Kelly SF, Black PF, Davis C.
    Backup: Price, Clarkson, Young, Hill, Sacre.

  800. lin +2 clarkson – 12

  801. Loved how Lin got the PG and he and Ronnie worked well. It was good to see Ronnie help out with D because SwaggyP doesn’t.

  802. When was it. I saw he ignored Lin after game ended.

  803. Really? I saw Harden totally ignore Lin, went straight to Davis.

  804. Will we be rewarded with gossip?
    By gossip, I mean WHAT DID LIN AND BS TALK ABOUT?

  805. tanking ok tanking

  806. But Later he walk to Lin….

  807. Scott doesn’t talk to players not named KObe…

  808. I am watching the Rox feed, Lin went past him to talk to Brinkerstaff and came back to talk to Harden.

  809. I know, any high school coach could make more sense then Scott. But hey man no love for boozer.

  810. I see. I watch Lakers feed. Did not show that.

  811. Yeah, like what CJSHYY said below, Harden did ignore Lin, but he came back and walked to Lin in the middle of the court with Tarik Black.

  812. He’s trying to create this culture where nobody knows if they are going to play on a daily basis.

  813. lol

  814. clarky is a rookie.. so stop it.

  815. It’s clearly Michael’s fault again!

  816. Ah, got it. I was watching the Lakers feed. Thx.

  817. It’s true. I was surprised by the good chemistry. Lin as SG/PG works well with Price the PG.

  818. Lin also went to McHale and they had a quick bye after the game from the Houston feed.

  819. scott will cause a mutiny

  820. Yes, Harden past Lin first time, but they went back to talk to each other for a while

  821. is it just me or does clarkson look really awkward and clumsy and kind of arrogant when he plays??…. :0

  822. Tanking plan that can satisfy everybody: have the lousiest starting lineup to dig an unrecoverable big hole, then let Lin do his thing and try to catch up. They will lose because the hole is too big and yet Lin can still play significant minutes and make the game watchable.

  823. He can get in with the rotation.

  824. Byron: “Lin, I want to apologize”
    Lin: “Huh …”
    Byron: “Actually, Kupchak wants me to apologize”
    Lin: “Uh-huh .. Am I the Snake-Head now?”

    Byron: “Huh? …”

  825. Nick deserves the benching tonight, he was not playing well and had 3 TOs when he was in.

  826. OK. he is not that bad. I gotta say without Harden, Houston would have not won that many games this season. The rest play like trash.

  827. Gossip gossip…lol

  828. Just musing LOL

  829. BS fear tactic.

  830. Thats what I’ve been thinking too, I refer to it as an “offputting demeanor”

  831. Has Lin had more FTs than Harden in previous games?

  832. why is he starting then. rather he be the back up if he struggles put price in. called development

  833. Don’t understand how BS thinks Lin is not vocal enough. Look at Jlin shouting at the teammates, directing the ball.

  834. John you were right. I give it two black eye because lin played 28 min. I think the nail in the coffin for Scott was when he was late for the pregame, because I think the F/O gave him a stern warning after the remarks he made after shoot around.

  835. LOL!!!

  836. great coach, isn’t he???

  837. I’m happy for Mr. LIn. Bragging about him here at home:)

  838. Exactly,………………….tell that to Scott. ;).

  839. The best part of Lin’s game I have always been impressed with is that he can has an extra gear in the 4th quarter.
    He showed that tonight.
    Wish he gets the chance to show it more often

  840. idc if lin plays again but nights like this shows scott for the fool he is

  841. What did he say after the shoot around?

  842. An exp. coach doesnt develop a rookie as a starter or dump his real starter on the bench.

  843. Bc they don’t want Lin back to starting lineup plus tanking…

  844. exactly…it just doesnt make sense…he commands the floor well

  845. not sure about arrogant, but definitely playing out of his skills sometimes, not too steady. Cannot usher a comeback run.

  846. exactly. then bench him for playing bad. too much pressure

  847. Did the refs also get the notice tonight?

  848. If the Lakers can’t trade Lin, I could live with that. There’s no reason Clarkson or Lin can’t play the 2 since Kobe is out for the season.

  849. Lin wasn’t exactly soft tonight KB.

  850. If you try to mimic Kobe, you could become another Young.

  851. I liked the Price Lin combo – they had a chance to come back if that setup settles a bit.

  852. That’s how a great PG should do. If shots not fall, find another way to attack.

  853. Surprised, that Lin received Harden treatment on charity stripe

  854. What he says is not usually what he thinks. What he says is gasbag blather to try to disguise the tanking…and his personal distaste for holier-than-thou Asian smarty pants.

  855. I like it!

  856. Lin is a force of nature (when he is allowed to show it!)

  857. Joyce, Lin had listened to you!…you should be happy and proud of him!

  858. Fans paid money to see heart and Lin showed tonight despite loss.

  859. if lin started he would score a ton. also he would win a lot which is why he doesn’t . he is the leader out there. the ball found him when things broke down. scott cant have that

  860. huzzah, what a difference a weekend makes.

  861. I have no idea how he mentally recovered after the last DNP-CD. He has got super mental strength!

  862. hooo hooo…I was pretty close to today’s prediction 18/6

  863. Hes full ready in every min. when the team needs him. Thats our boy.. 🙂

  864. Because ref cheated….

  865. That’s why it’s a crime whenever he is benched in the 2nd half. It’s when he goes into the phone booth and turns into a Superman from Clark Kent.

  866. he was underrated to say he isn’t tough is a crime not to mention the stereotypes he over came all his life

  867. Those were legit fouls though….

  868. I should not care if James Harden is nice to Lin, but very nice seeing this.

    Ahh lol @CNM_JLin_Vids #hypocrite pic.twitter.com/AvMdIyqk7W— JokingChris101 (@JokingChris101) January 26, 2015

  869. This is some serious things to say about your player..Is he trying to save his job?

  870. Is that not his bread and butter?

  871. Ohh oh…BS is bad mouthing Nick.

    "It looked to me like he didn't want to be there," – Byron Scott on Nick Young only playing 8:26 tonight.— Shahan Ahmed (@shahanLA) January 26, 2015

  872. Lin took 15 or 16 shots if you count those when he got fouled. Some of the Lakers like Wes looked pissed because Lin was shooting almost every time, but I’m glad Lin did it anyway. He had a IDGAF attitude and just kept attacking.

    I have to give Ronnie some credit for passing to Lin several times in the 4Q so Lin could drive & shoot. If it was Clarkson, I doubt he’d pass to Lin at all.

  873. I sense a feud coming.

  874. Call me cray, but if Black gotten inbounds that rebound, I would say LAL with reach and Lin being that aggressive, it would have been a 2 possession in no time. That was the breakpoint. Not Black’s fault, that stuff happens. Then you needed Jer’s 3 to land and it didn’t. Got spoiled watching Curry and KT. They have support from team, fans, coach, and winning mojo. That’s the only difference.

  875. If Lin is allowed to play 30 minutes every game for whatever reason, not even BS can stop him to become the new star in LAL.

  876. Somehow I find this image disgusting. If it’s Beverley it’ll be wretching.

  877. Scott has obviously lost the locker room.

  878. he’s a team player, knows his job. I was happy for his st dunk.

  879. Harden: Jeremy, you never beat me at getting FTs before. You’ve changed bro!

  880. what kind of coach is this … wow.

  881. i’m immune to it now

  882. i have a feeling rockets will give lin an offer to return i doubt he takes it

  883. Not that legit fouls have particularly motivated the refs in many other games….

  884. Scott seems to be a sensitive person. He’s a vengeful type instead of an encouraging type. Not a good sign for a coach.

  885. 2 billions in population in Asia, all you need is 1% of fan to follow.

  886. BS is going to have to explain the odd rotation again. NY with only 8 min after a bad start. Clarkson played entire 3Q then nothing 4Q. Lin played 17 or 18 consecutive min from 3Q-4Q. And Ronnie comes in for last 5 min??? This guy has no clue how to set a rotation.

  887. BS living up to his initials.

  888. my point is …don’t have to praise lin at expense of clarky ….even though if it’s the other way around it won’t look good on lin and we try to make excuses for lin then. We already know what lin can do..and nba is a very competitive sport/ dog eat dog world out there. I would say something like what you said..but clarify that more like.. not picking on clarkson but he is -12 while lin is +2, lin should definitely start because clarkons still have tons to learn from they way he is playing. Sometimes. +/- is overrated to.

  889. consistency in playing time or teammates.

  890. No conflict of interest, from Harden’s view.

  891. Starters 38 points, bench 49 points.

  892. that’s the same arm that drapes over … you know, don’t wretch sista.

  893. I am sure Harden respects Lin’s game A LOT, which was the reason he had to drive Lin out of H-town.

  894. Off topic since I didn’t watch the game.
    I was watching taped episode of “Brooklin 99” with Andy Samberg of SNL instead of the game. The gay captain, Jacob Holt of the 99th precinct is a dead ringer for BS in looks as well as mannerisms. Curious if anyone else can see the similarities.

  895. No way Jose.

  896. U sound like you assume he is trying to win…

  897. lol yep

  898. He should play him consistently and play to his strengths. Also hard to play consistently when whole team revolves around Kobe and he doesn’t show up to practice

  899. You mean the weekend when that video of Kobe being told he’s likely out for season shows up?
    It makes a difference to how the players play now.

  900. Ok now I want to puke.I find Harden’s arm disgusting. Jeremy can drape any of his body parts on me.

  901. now, if clarky was arrogant.. then f him and I have no respect for him and you can say whatever.

  902. Don’t break it, he’s just found the formula for tanking!

  903. They wanted a 3rd star.

  904. No name calling, please.

  905. yea but they will the bench is soft. he will say no.

  906. Probsly gave him him a stern warning stating that he was hired to protect Kobe, in which he didn’t, and if anymore insubordination will result in him being fired. I say that because before the game, he wasn’t even sure lin would play.LOL

  907. fatter version

  908. Well, even the nicest kid has got to get infected with some arrogance when they get the star adulation in high school and college…but he’s a rookie in the lion’s den now. Being given a start over Jeremy had to pump him in a wrong direction. That balloon is already back to earth.

  909. LOL

  910. He’s not a leader of men. He sounds like a vengeful person instead of a leader.

  911. Man, Lin’s agility is amazing! When he was passing everyone fullcourt, it was like an ethereal combination of speed, power, and grace =).

  912. i saw that lin was yelling for the ball

  913. The only disgusting from this picture is the guy behind them.

  914. show time.. he cant control his mouth thou.. lol

  915. Scott losing everyone lol

  916. wes has no right to be pissed, he sucks anyway. every laker fan say so, not me. 🙂

  917. dnp lin the extra strength formula

  918. He wants to confuse everybody in every which way he can to distract them from the real issues.

  919. Tonight was an epic battle at back court.
    Mr ‘replaced Lin for better defensive fit with Harden’ vs Mr ‘replaced Lin for better defensive fit with Kobe’
    Jeremy and Harden’s ‘Let’s see who gets to the free throw line more’ battle.

    Quite intense!

  920. LMAO ! What a jerk ! BS is getting too much political BS into his coaching that he is totally lost.

  921. No scott was warned by the F/O that he will play lin a lot of minutes and if he didn’t that he would be fired. I think they even told him that they would buy him out. He didn’t do what they wanted him to do with kobe and preserve him for at least next season to finish his contract. So I think the F/O might be playing hardball with Scott. and Kobe is only worried about himself.

  922. By things he meant Scott? and LAL.

  923. Hard to tell. First, Jeremy is a very generous guy…doesn’t make enemies by his own behavior. Easy for Harden to be all buddy-buddy when his old limelight competition has gotten shoved out. On the other hand, maybe if McHale had not been such an 80s dinosaur coach, and a not-so-closet LOH on top of it, Harden and Jeremy might have worked out a pretty terrific partnership. Who knows.

  924. You meant BS? Or Soft paper?

  925. Lin is such a polite and humble person.

  926. Look at all the reporters 🙂

  927. I wanted to see Harden this nice when Lin outscores him next time.

  928. I think its the dead eyes and blank stare. Your right about the weight though.

  929. I thought that’s equivalent…

  930. He looks aggressive but out of control. When league scouts him he will become ineffective. Would have been better to develop him naturally from the bench where he could develop his skill against 2nd string opponents.

  931. I’m getting ready for any badmouthing again from Bill Oram. I won’t hesitate calling him out again on Twitter.

  932. maybe lin realized he just had to get his whenever possible. he’s never going to get BS’s approval/respect following his bad system anyway.

  933. Nice game by Jeremy Lin, especially in the 4th quarter.
    I noticed the referees gave Jeremy Lin a lot of FTs tonight.
    In previous games, Lin always get fouled and the referees do not give him any FTs.

  934. there is no reasoning behind scott…he is loose canon of a coach right now….never seen anything like it

  935. Professional jealousy.

  936. He just sneaked out of the room.. lol

  937. LOL that’s a good one

  938. Normally he dont get those legit fouls…thats what i meant 🙂

  939. try to come back? Lin and BS definitely not on the same page! no wonder the DNP-CD.

  940. Side note and I mean very side…I think that hug by Harden was legit…he knows he and others have PUT jeremy through the ringer and the kid keeps coming up….I betcha somewhere in hardens mind he thinks….wish we still had him

  941. We're told Nick Young left without talking to reporters— Mark Medina (@MarkG_Medina) January 26, 2015

  942. Maybe he remembered the cameras? lol

  943. he is a rookie…and BScott is not developing him at all

  944. Hope so! That’s why his SG/PG role with Price seems good. It changed his mentality to more scoring for some reason.

  945. That blonde again 😉

  946. Well, when there is no conflict of interest….everyone can be brothers..

  947. he’s like drunk coaching, just not rational at all.

  948. yup immaturity run amok is the way i saw the houston fiasco play out

  949. Oh, listen to this awful comment. Two days ago he hands the keys to the car to the star rookie and has nothing but good things to say. Already he’s doing his toxic passive-agressive digs…”redeem”himself? He’s a ROOKIE. Did great the first go-round, and predictable rookie play tonight. Yank ’em up, yank ’em down…this is how you foster young talent, right?

  950. which has to be comforting — says no one

  951. I thought you scared him away? lol

  952. Don’t show that picture!! Photos like that gain Harden another 200,000 all star votes from Asia. (for next year)

  953. None

  954. true, jealousy can be the most horrible thing in the team.
    Harden as the Masters degree, Kobe has PhD degree

  955. You know how pests are.They always try to come back so you have to be ready to exterminate them once they do lol

  956. I wanna see Michael pull a BScott

  957. entitled athletes are some of the most insecure people on this earth

  958. I think Bev was ok with Lin when Lin was with the Rockets. They did played well together, didn’t think Bev iced him like the other teammates. On the other hand McHale is despicable.

  959. Was that thesis or non-thesis? lol

  960. Play whomever gets the Tank going strong!

  961. soooooo scott is a great coach

  962. So do we need to call him Dr. Bryant from now on? Or Professor Bryant?

  963. I think lin/harden might be be better friends than Parsons/lin. I think lin/harden have that relationship that whenever anything god or bad happens to them, they text each other to see if each other is alright. It was harden who said this summer is why does the NBA always give lin a hard time about his game. He said it almost if they are picking on him. I have never heard harden say anything bad about lin , unlike Parson

  964. There’s that consistency narrative again.

  965. And I thank you for your service 🙂

  966. yes…there is a picture posted above

  967. Portland series and this game says all we need to know about bounce back game “toughness”

  968. well, I was really just thinking everyone was bummed, but look, lin works through it so everyone can relax and enjoy the ride. I just worry about stuff like when DMo knocked Lin’s thigh with a planted knee.

  969. Really? I do not imagining it like that..but I really is neutral about their relationships..

  970. This is a great picture. Good enough to be on my desktop background. LOL

  971. Dr. Mamba, I guess =}

  972. scott is inept at dealing with modern players. this isn’t the 70’s. he will get fired. pissing off the player isn’t a good idea. its ok if the bulls coach does it cause he wins.but scott is wearing out his welcome

  973. Im sad Nick didnt give interviews! I wouldve loved to hear what he had to say about his benching. You know he’s not happy with BS either.

    Nick, in his playful tone is always throwing shade at Kobe and Scott, imo.

    Like him saying Kobe and Scott are like the same person, or saying his
    favorite tissue paper was Scott’s (lol) and flat out saying Kobe was lil off (crazy) after playing for so long and saying how they felt like Django Unchained the first time Kobe sat XD

    He’s a chucker, but a clever one 😛

  974. Scott doesn’t get it. He shouldn’t have started Clarkson. He should have had him play big minutes at the 2 or alternate at the 2 and 1. Now, when Clarkson struggles, it may affect his confidence. And that comment doesn’t help. And start Sacre? really? Not Black?

  975. he would do well not to underestimate JLin and what he’s come through. Lin has both reserves and class.

  976. why are they so afraid of letting lin play pg? i suspect they know it’s gonna be linsanity on daily basis if allowed to.

  977. it’s the-hisses LOL

  978. BS needs to spin that wheel of playing time to see when to make his substitutions LOL.

  979. I think LAL PR ppl had an extraction team ready the moment he came out from the shower

  980. His sense of humor is his shield. As of the moment, he wasn’t ready for “battling” it out with the media.

  981. a lot of expletives

  982. You’re at it again! lol.

  983. Yup. Scott’s development of young players is as good as McHale’s.

  984. That’s pretty harsh comment! BS seems to be getting meaner nowadays.

  985. LOL they gagged him and dragged him straight to the airplane 🙁

  986. you wish, I know it!

  987. Good performance by Lin in the 4th quarter.
    I’m glad Swaggy wasnt playing with Lin
    Everytime he touches the ball it never goes back to Lin.

  988. lin’s so nice tried not to step on harden.

  989. Harden dd not say good or bad things about Lin or Lin’s BB. I do think he likes Lin personally.

  990. Rockets miss Lin. And I think they like Lin more than Parsons who was a diva.

  991. Yes threw him in the back of a black armoured van and gone

  992. If they start winning, they will need to rotate the bench so that they keep losing. Possibly get Price back in there as the head of the snake. We need to make sure we keep the consistency.

  993. If I shake my head any more, it will fall off.

  994. No, it is not the same, fertilizer vs paper.

  995. BS got smacked for picking on Jeremy so he needs to redirect. Young is the target tonight be don’t worry, Lin will be back his starting position (not on the court) the next game.

  996. Didn’t even let him grab any shoes.

  997. I hope Lin gets Player of the Game from LakerNation as an exclamation point

  998. No, Lin says they text each other all the time.

  999. That is cleaners’ job and they failed. Someone is going to be erased.

  1000. notice the duck lips … yes, this year, it’s not the hotties thread, it’s the duck face pics.

  1001. This is a joke, right?

  1002. Harden is more of a aloof cat…just plays ball…cant expect him to be outspoken not his thing…but he never struck me as someone that wanted Jeremy to fail…maybe couldnt find a way to play together…which I will always say is a product of bad coaching because they couldve played very well together…tsk tsk what couldve been

  1003. Beam him up Scottie!

  1004. But look at that hashtag hypocrite. Lol

  1005. Well BS, can’t pick on Lin tonight so he redirected. This is just a diversion for the last game.

  1006. Yes, players have no respect towards coaches specialized in losing games.

  1007. Now Byron’s just trolling.

  1008. Resistance is futile…

  1009. I’m okay with this one cos Ronnie didn’t really try to do too much being fresh in the game. He gave it up to Lin a lot, which we all appreciated.

  1010. your opinion which I like, or some tweets about it?

  1011. I’m so untrusting of the org now that the first thought that comes to mind is that your scenario is just way too logical. Could be right. On the other hand, irrationality has been triumphant so far…

  1012. JLin did not take any charges this game as far as I could tell. Smart.

  1013. Can’t really use the “soft” narrative on a night when Lin attacked the rim aggressively so BS went back to his old trick “consistency”.

  1014. Ronnie serving Lin is way better than Ronnie serving Kobe. Watch those 2, it can work.

  1015. He just dont have the quality of a coach

  1016. driving miss daisy on kobe was his best this year!

  1017. Agreed. It is easier now that they aren’t on the same team.

  1018. lol, we should just close our ears

  1019. lol. i missed that.

  1020. So this drastic game from Lin playing no minute to 28 minutes and also in the 4th quarter tells me that Lin’s agents/F/O/Scott had a meeting that was not in Scott’s favor..He did his mouthy shoot around that he din’t know if lin would play..LOL lin off the bench before Scott and played 29 mins. So now know that scott talks out the both sides of his mouth.


    Seriously what kind of a lame excuse is that?

  1022. good to know

  1023. Agreed. This time Scott’s incompetence benefitted Lin. If young or Clarkson are in 4Q, neither would pass to Lin like price did.

  1024. I think so as well, else its hard to see him get 28min!

  1025. Coming from a coach with the most inconsistent roster rotations and sub patterns… Hypocritic much?

  1026. He’s proud, immature, and insecure.

  1027. Jeremy’s post game interview

  1028. that old school stuff isn’t working

  1029. Maybe they hate byron too.

  1030. God, I love being a Lin fan. It’s like watching a shakespeare but in real life.

  1031. LMAO, very good.

  1032. Nick pullin a LIN

  1033. I am proud of all the fans out there who spoke up for Lin! Good job Lin fans!

  1034. drama drama drama

  1035. I think BS was hoping all this yo-yoing Lin’s minutes and roles would make Lin play consistently bad but Lin ended up prevailing like he always did.

  1036. Sorry I can’t stop LOL…..

  1037. SO TRUE! Not just any old drama….Shakespearean!

  1038. More like a Greek tragedy lately.

  1039. I believe this is what the FO said to BS during that “late” meeting:

  1040. Jeremy does it right.. and better 🙂

  1041. BS has to use another scapegoat now because people screamed so loud. BS went too far. I hope we can keep up the pressure so BS can redirect his energy somewhere else. The problem is that BS is not a uniter but divisive. Bully if you ask me. Needs someone to point the finger at.

  1042. Maybe one reporter also interviewed him, let in by the PR guy.

  1043. Imo, in good coaching, common sense starts first, strategy follows closely behind. BS fails in both aspects.

  1044. As long as it is not a trashy romance novel… lol.

  1045. I think he played 28 because Swag was lazy on defense and Clarkson sucked – else he still at 15 minute man.

  1046. so much better than listening to BSc or McHale as to understanding how a game was played.

  1047. Maybe…we just need to wait couple of more games to see

  1048. What case? Didn’t he realize Jeremy played 28m today that’s why he had better stats, which is actually his normal performance.

  1049. Shelburne hates Lin – always bashes him on ESPN – even hates the way he answers interviews. Called him “Not Laker Type Material” or something.

  1050. It’s amazing what Twitter can do to express our fans opinion directly to the top @JeanieBuss LOL
    Great jobs by Lin fans all-around to apply pressure.
    Here timeline was flooded. We should thank her now 😀

  1051. Makes you wonder who is the real coach.

  1052. Think the reason Lin played so much was that Clarkson sucked and Swaggy P was benched.

  1053. BS: I know I was wrong and I’ll make it up to you, but please spin it so I look good on the media!

  1054. No so fast. It is only one game. BS is BS, You never know what he can pull off.

  1055. good idea!…it shows the fans are reasonable and being objective about it

  1056. if its jeremy they’re asking, they will go directly to the point, but when asking others (BS) on Jeremy’s account, they couldn’t utter a word about it. Just like stu-pid and other commentators from lakers as they said ” we can’t preempt what Byron was thinking, let him say it..or NOT”LOL!!!

  1057. doesnt matter, its better to do it now…so that we could go back…..”spoke too soon” thingy if things go wrong again…else we would be looked as noise makers

  1058. Good idea. Please do.

  1059. what part???

  1060. always good to positively reinforce things even if it’s by accident.

  1061. Gotta thank @JeanieBuss to appreciate her and get on her good side 😀


  1062. She’s Kobe’s … you-know-what. I meant to say unofficial spokesperson. 🙂

  1063. Mark saying…(LIN) see what i can do if you give more time????(thats what he thought about Jlin’s case!)

  1064. Great job and efforts, psalm.

  1065. That’s assuming she did anything. Lin played a lot because Clarkson sucked and Swaggy P played zero defense per B Scott. It’s great to be positive but let’s be realistic it was more the circumstance.

  1066. Smile is one of the ways 2 solve probs. Slient is another way 2 avoid probs. There must be smthing btween him n BS. Well, it maybe stormy now, but it cant rain 4ever. Hes mentally tough than we thought.

  1067. Yes, maybe. But still, that sends a message if given chances, Lin will deliver.

  1068. I never had the chance to read one of those ^^.

  1069. just swallow it down ha ha that’s the job of a Lin fan.

  1070. His options must feel exhausted.

  1071. The only positive thing is that Lin is now in the “Linsanity” mental mode when he said he didn’t care and just was happy to be there – played like this was his last NBA game. He shots weren’t falling so he just drove, drove, drove. I’ve never seen him this aggressive on offense as a Laker. Maybe Scott is an offensive genius and played mind games to get Linsanity back – probably not.

  1072. Knowing Byron’s strong dislike of Lin, FO must have talked to him not to damage trade value.

    Even if it’s not her doing, giving her credit will spur her to do more good deeds to give #Lakers fans exciting fun game. Win-Win! hehe

  1073. The only positive thing tonight is that Lin is now in the “Linsanity” mental mode when he said he didn’t care and just was happy to be there – played like this was his last NBA game. He shots weren’t falling so he just drove, drove, drove. I’ve never seen him this aggressive on offense as a Laker before. Maybe Scott is an psychological genius and played mind games to get Linsanity back – nah….probably not.

  1074. Jennings out for season..

  1075. It’s a sibling rivalry issue which can get pretty tricky. I think she has no control with Jim. She gave Jim 3 years to build a contending team. If she starts meddling with line ups, Jim can always complain that he did not get full control. I think you will get more leeway tweeting Jim Buss or Kupchack = dont know if they are on tweeter.

  1076. Look, Scott was talking not playing Lin at all tonight, and then all of sudden he is playing liin 29 minutes and it had nothing to do with Swaggy P playing so poorly. Scott is an idiot and talks like he is the man, when he really isn’t. Scott has given the Lakers bad press. They look like the scum of the earth with Scott speaking for them. I also think think that lins’ Tandem agency got involved. Then lin said he and Scott had a good talk for now right before the game. So something is up.

  1077. More like psychological thriller for me, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

  1078. Lakersground

    Scott benched Nick Young for his lackluster first half performance (that would bring Price back to help Ellington at SG in the second half).

    Without Nick, the only player on this team capable of sparking a comeback is Jeremy Lin. Down 20 to start the fourth, Lin helped the Lakers by attacking relentlessly to trim the Rocket lead in half. His 12 fourth quarter points only delayed the inevitable as the hole was too deep. The Lakers fell 99-87.

    Lin — “His effort’s been great. That hasn’t been a problem with Jeremy,” Scott said. “It’s just a matter of being consistent each and every night, trying to get into a flow each and every night and that’s what we talked about again today.” Scott sat Price after getting a look at him in the last game. Lin needed to give a reason for Scott not to alter him and Price game by game by coming out with a strong performance. With 18 points or so, it would be hard to sit him in the next one. He didn’t do much in the first half, his shot off and he had little impact in that regard. In the second half, he helped spark a Laker rally in the fourth quarter by attacking relentlessly and getting to the FT line. Excellent job at that even if he struggled a bit from the FT line, was well. Still he shot 14FTs (Harden shot 10). Being able to scratch his way to points was key to having an impact with his shot no falling. Was it enough at the end of the night for Scott? Who knows? It was certainly more than we’ve seen Ronnie do. And it gave us some all-too-rare dribble penetration into the heart of the D. I’d like to hope we aren’t seeing Ronnie off the bench first next game. “I’m thankful I played tonight,” Lin said. “Definitely a DNP will change your perspective on things and allow me to take a step back. So I’m just thankful I got on the court. I just tried to play my heart out and have fun.”

    The Stats: He scored 14 points on 2-9 shooting (0-3 from three, 10-14 from the line) to go with 6 assists, 3 turnovers and 2 fouls in 28 minutes. He was a +2.

    The Action: He attacked the paint and drew FTs, he made one. He attacked and set up Davis on the break for a layup. He lost the ball out of bounds on a drive. He was called for a charge trying to push it up court with 2 seconds left. He missed a long wing jumper. He tapped an offensive board to Davis for a dunk. Poor D giving up a straight line drive to Terry who drew FTs at the rim. He missed a good look at a wing three. He slithered through the lane but couldn’t finish a tough layup. Easy layup for Terry the other way. He missed an open pull-up from 20 feet.

    Second Half: He took an outlet, attacked with speed and drew FTs, he made one. He missed a 29-footer. He attacked off the three line and came up hobbling off a foul, he made both FTs this time. He pushed out the board, turned on the turbo boost and scored the layup past the D. He attacked baseline, drew a crowd but kept his dribble alive as he tiptoed the baseline and he fed Black for the score at the rim. He attacked, heard a whistle and threw a shot up to draw FTs, he made both. He iso’d, attacked and drew FTs, he made one. He split the D and just missed an And-1 in the middle of the paint, he made just one again. He pushed it out, got caught in the air and threw it away, uggh. He missed a three. He attacked the heart of the D and drew more FTs next time down, he made both. He missed a sideline jumper. He attacked and scored a layup in the last seconds.

  1079. @john lee and @psalm234: you guys were right. Scott seem to have gotten two blackyes.LOL

  1080. And of course Scott’s tanking grade.

  1081. Yeah, Scott’s time is up.

  1082. I love being right and @KHuang loves being wrong, which is why we get along so well. LOL

    Cheers and a toast to BS black eyes!

  1083. pistons arent going for playoff run so they arent going to even think about trading for lin

  1084. Sure…….

  1085. Lin on the new starting group BS is experimenting: at this point, everyone’s probably played with everybody, so it’s really a matter of just going out there and play. I think Lin answer this with a sniff.

  1086. The strategy must be to put in the tanking starting line up. Get down to around 20 points by the half and then play Lin and the “real starters ” more often to make look like a game enough though the purpose is try to lose every game

  1087. 2 black eyes it is. Just hope the pain is lasting.

  1088. Jeanie may have appealed Jim from the business perspective. Lin can bring in revenue just the same WITHOUT harming tanking plans. Have starters dig a hole deep enough so Jeremy can almost but not quite stage a comeback.

  1089. I say make the treatment routine for, you know, longer lasting effects.

  1090. LOVE IT, Jeremy pushing back and calling out Scott’s own inconsistency!

  1091. Constantly treatments, you say? That will tire Mtich too much.

  1092. Make it a standard Saturday brunch? LOL

  1093. Jeremy is using Scott’s own words against him.

  1094. You have one quick first step!

  1095. Next, I want Jeremy to call Scott the head of the snake.

  1096. That’s even better.

  1097. I told her that I was clinician(which I am) ansd said that Kobe is 36 yeras old and he will not recover from this injury the way he used to when he was 20 years old. She asked me was it because of movement and I said es. Most people don’t know that once you are past the age of 25 your bones go into a degeneration state (aging).,so it becomes harder for you to rehabilitate. I told her that with Kobe being 36 yrs old, it will be a long process of healing and rehabilitation for him because of his age.I also told her that when when give our patients their presurgery orientation, we tell them that during the procedure that there is a possibility for bleeding paralysis and death.

  1098. Swaggy P didnt go down without a fight, that’s my boy!

  1099. HOU PostGame thread is now open!

    Knowing Byron’s history, this is a great win as Lin’s agent, Roger Montgomery tweeted before that victory is certain.

    I think FO and Lin’s agent agreed on a deal to trade Lin before Feb trade deadline. We’ll have to watch next few games if Lin continues to get screens/PT to attack the rim! But this is a great progress!


  1100. Scott master plan is to get everyone confused, including his players. No one knows what’s coming up next. He’s psycho! I’ll bet Kupchak is regretting now.

  1101. BS asked him a question on defensive rotations and apparently did not like Nic’s answer.

  1102. And I’m believing Roger Montgomery’s tweet now.
    I really think showcasing deal was struck between Lin’s team/agent and Lakers FO.
    Let’s watch a few more games to be sure!

  1103. Byron is just old and senile. These are not the 80’s players, they don’t take BS from coach. Remember, JKidd said, either him or me, Scott was out of there.

  1104. Awesome black eyes 😀

  1105. lol, you scared her now! 🙂

  1106. All because of his low IQ.

  1107. One by one, Scott will piss off the whole team with his inconsistent treatment. First was Lin, Boo and now Young. Who’s next?

  1108. Yep, I got that Lin was just saying BSc keeps messing with the setups so the boyz are just going to play as best as they can.

  1109. himself

  1110. As long as Lin won’t be a Laker next season, KB can stop worrying about his spotlight and power being taken (Kobe’s power comes from the vast number of his fans). So KB/BS would love to showcase Lin a little bit and trade him away ASAP. Kobe won the battle again just as he did to DH12 last time.

  1111. It’s still a better scenario that Byron DNP Lin 5-10 times for the rest of season as he probably planned to do.

    Kobe is still king due to his 5 rings so he’d be given his farewell tour as the PG next year. The best scenario is for Lin not to be caught in this parade with marginal min since Kobe took his job.

    I’d say trade is good or good PT until end of season. If Linsanity excites LA, Lin can always come back after Kobe truly retires.

    I just wish for a fair chance for Lin to get good numbers for FA

  1112. I think Jeanie is pretty close to Kupchak so she might talk to him about personnel issues which in this case Lin’s trade value can be hurt with DNP.

    Yeah, not sure if Kupchak or Jim Buss are active on twitter or have accounts

  1113. thanks!

  1114. LOL .. @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus, do you mind reposting in the HOU PostGame thread?

  1115. you find it all, Blubell!

  1116. Great find! Now who can read lips on what Harden and Lin were talking about?

  1117. shhh … don’t want to wake the kids.

  1118. I got with the brokered deal. Lin knew he was going to get the minutes so he took over.

  1119. dokta!

  1120. The most unprepared one on the team is Byron Scott. He’s even late for the game.
    I really feel for Nick. Byron is absolutely crazy saying Nick did not want to play.

  1121. He personally alienates the whole team.

  1122. Not enough credit has been given to Montgomery; the Jeremy Lin of agents.
    He’s so right that victory is certain. I’m sure Jeremy talked to him about the situations and Jeremy’s gained lots of friends in his reactions to the whole thing.

  1123. mate, we have moved on to a new thread…post your thoughts there 🙂