Game 45 Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Is Back

After one game absence due to flu and food poisoning, Jeremy Lin should be ready to play in a home game against the visiting Boston Celtics. He does not appear in the injury list. The Hawks have Dewayne Dedmon listed as available. Trae Young and John Collins are listed as probable.


  1. Trae Probable? Is this a first?

  2. Trae, Collins are available to play. For Boston, no Hayward.

  3. Well at least today we will learn if the earth is flat.

  4. I knew Trae was going to play regardless

  5. correlative or causal: if michael is awake then the earth is flat.

  6. “Trae Young, DeAndre’ Bembry, Kevin Huerter, John Collins and Dewayne Dedmon will start.”
    “No minutes restrictions for Dedmon or Prince.”

  7. can’t let LIn shine for one day

  8. John Collins, rumored to be in 2019 All-Stars Dunk Contest

  9. You said it haha

  10. Collins is an animal

  11. So…..wombat?

  12. Manimal

  13. Looks like the bad old chucking 3s Trae playing early

  14. Lin in

  15. Nice assist by JLIN to wide open Spellman

  16. NBA League Pass FREE TONIGHT.
    My TV Atlanta feed just switched out to the Boston feed. Ugh! Brian Scalabrine worse than Tommy Heinsohn, if that’s possible….
    May have to go to tablet soon….

  17. Good decision not to force a contested 3 and pass to a wide-open Spellman

  18. Lin with some fantastic passes so far. Taurean just sucks

  19. Good sequence by Lin with assist to Spellman’s 3, then steal, too bad he missed the 3 on the corner

  20. I am ok with Jeremy takes it easy tonight. No need to play hard just let the game come to him.

  21. Passed up a few shots and missed a 3, but good start for Lin.

    1 steal, 1 rebound, 1 assist, and drew fouls in only 3 minutes played.

  22. Almost seemed surprised he get the pass, was off balance and fell over after the shot

  23. Celtics HC just has that smart look lol

  24. agreed, they just missed wide open shots.

  25. Lin out already

  26. Lin out already?

  27. Lin out…

  28. I can’t stand LP subbing pattern..Why is Lin out of the damn game??

    I can’t wait till Lin is out of there..At the very least, his next coach will allow the time for rhythm.

  29. I’ll say that if Pierce has made the decision ot not have JLIN and Trae play together, then I don’t have any issue with JLIN sitting down

  30. What a move by Kyrie, that shot was so difficult

  31. what a crazy shot make from Kyrie damn!

  32. Trae has a bit of success going to his headitis – not good to start at all

  33. i thought ty was fouled before that charge

  34. No he was out of control, lucky they didn’t call him for a charge, but he’s so lightweight he can’t move anyone when he hits them

  35. dumb coach

  36. 3 min PT for Lin in 1Q?!

    Are we back to yo-yo minutes again?

  37. goal is to disrupt his rhythm

  38. 3 minutes, but JLIN had the oppty to impact the plays for the entire 3 minutes — no wasted minutes with JLIN playign with Trae

  39. Lin in

  40. Trae’s been awful so far – that is one of the critical keys to getting play time for JLIN

  41. Lin+Trae this time .. interesting

  42. Guess no more “showcasing’ Lin.

    Also, home game tonight – meaning time for Young to shine!

  43. huerter playing well

  44. Fantastic passing

  45. Awesome extra pass by JLIN for the assist

  46. Another good decision to pass to a wide-open Huerter

  47. NO FOUL – phantom foul on lin.

  48. 22222

  49. Nice lin!

  50. 2!

  51. Great move by Lin to be patient, dribble drive to the rim, finish with a fadeaway jumper

  52. your feed is too slow LOL

    free league pass today

  53. JLIN and Heurter highest postive plus/minus with +11 and +15 respectively

  54. A lot of unselfish Hawks play

  55. wow that was a nice pass by TY

  56. great passing

  57. Great ball movement by the Hawks! Must be 7-8 passes in that possession alone

  58. oh oh lin and trea looking good together. this is partly why the trade is taking a while

  59. haha.. your feed is too fast LOL

  60. Hawks owning the Celtics on their back to back. Let’s see if they can keep it up throughout the game, especially 3rd Q.

  61. huh?

    Trae a few assists but in general has been awful – defense tonight on Kyrie and Rozier always the worst

  62. Trae is 1 for 6. Ouch. Great passing as usual though.

  63. JLIN could look for Collins more, the guy has such great body control even in midair so just throw it up and Collins will go get it

  64. dedmond got hit in the face

  65. damn this prince guy.

  66. JLIN hard fouled

  67. 2 FT

  68. your feed is fast!

  69. Wow Tice clutch 3

  70. prince man another wide open miss.

  71. JLIN was way off on that mid-range jumper

  72. Taraji P Henson show

  73. i hate all those interview

  74. Lin may sit now

  75. What happened to all the nice ball movement?
    Prince not helping Lin stats. How about some cutting and going to basket? 0 for 5 from 3.

  76. Prince is an awful brick layer now. His best attribute used to be his 3-point shot, but he can’t even make them. Ruined so many open shots that Lin and Trae have given him.

  77. yea missing alot

  78. Obviously she paid the Hawks for the promotion for her new film

  79. Lin out

  80. Kyrie is insane.

  81. just special

  82. Yeah, the earth is round not flat.

  83. Have to say it again, very few NBA HC has that smart look, Stevens has it, win or lose, the guy looks smart

  84. Does he look like Albert Einstein?

  85. This game would be a blowout already if not for Kyrie having one of those games where you can’t stop him.

  86. Yeah the Celtics are Kyries team alright, it’s almost as if he is playing by himself.

  87. I think that is the reason they are not winning like they did without Kyrie

    BB is a team sport…

  88. LOL, at least he does not look like McHale who always looks like he left his brain home

  89. Rhythm off. Just 2nd or 3rd game back from injury?

    My problem with him is that he should stop if he doesn’t have it tonight.

  90. For those wondering about the TP Henson interview. Movie was shot in Atlanta and partly in Hawks arena. Also some cameos by Grant Hill, Jamie Gertz, & John Collins.

  91. Hope JLin’s 3’s start falling.

  92. Spellman has been shooting the 3 well lately….

  93. Everyone shoots 3 now – “modern trend” of NBA.

  94. In Cleveland before Lebron went home his team was pretty bad. The reason was always his teammates fault, which was partially true. But now every single player who played extremely well on last years team has regressed since he and Hayward came back. Wonder why….

  95. Lin taking practice 3s during halftime. Making most of them, even at the top of the arch, 18+ foot back.

  96. exactly, no one wants to put in the hard work while all the credits go to someone else

  97. Tony Bennet of UVA head coach resembles Stevens so much in looks and both teams are doing so well.
    Both look very intelligent!

  98. don’t forget to VOTE

  99. it will drop if he doesn’t hesitate

  100. Problem is, he hesitates too much.

  101. That was a charge or no call at best by Kyrie, Collins didbn’t do anything

  102. Refs giving Kyrie superstar calls.

  103. he deserve it

  104. nobody deserves unfair calls

  105. its was borderline

  106. That was a nasty step-back 3 from Huerter.

  107. Trae getting bailed out repeatedly by Celtics tip outs on his bad passes otherwise he’d have already have 6-7 turnovers

  108. Shutup, Smart.

  109. Smart gets revenge on the Hawks

  110. Smart is such a dirty diver / flopper.

  111. Trae looks like a 13 yo against Smart haha

  112. Trae vs Smart ,,, Interesting

  113. Marcus Smart is 6’4″ and Trae next to him is no way even close to 6’2 – closer to 5’11”

  114. likly

  115. LOL get ejected Smart. What a moron.

  116. Fine and suspend this piece of crap.

  117. yep

  118. Smart not so smart

  119. Let’s get on with basketball

  120. Tatum should have passed that off

  121. momentum switching

  122. Smart tried to injure Lin this season. Hope the league comes down hard on this trash dirty player.

  123. Bembry’s big contribution:
    provoking Smart to the point of tech foul and ejection! Lol

  124. No sympathy for the dirty player!

  125. honestly bremby was just standing there. smart was gonna blow up at anyone.

  126. I thought Bembrey said something

  127. bembry was scared lol

  128. he responded

  129. Lin in

  130. Wow what hustle by JLIN twice

  131. 222222222222

  132. JLIN does his magic, Hawks in control again

  133. Lin calming everything down

  134. Excellent facilitation and nice short jumper to force timeout.

  135. Lin and his bench unit making things happen. Stopped the bleeding and got the lead back to 10. Great passing, rebounding, and defense by Lin. Love the Lin-Len connection.

  136. Lin clearly has a calming / stabilizing effect on his teammates!

  137. In a span of less than 2 minutes, 2 O rebund, 2 assist and 2 points.

  138. JLIN should have about 7 assists so many blown

  139. Trae in

  140. delete

  141. Prince took 2 from JLIN

  142. Wow Trae allowed JLIN to take the ball down – first time I’ve seen that

  143. Collins wanted the ball up high and JLIN gave him a bounce pass down low

  144. Trae lackadaisacal blows an oppty for the 2 for 1

  145. it’s funny coach puts trae in when Jeremy was getting it going

  146. prince blocked jeremy’s lay up

  147. Lin out

  148. he goal tended, the ball was still in the cylinder and he touched it

  149. JLIN out and the Celtics have come back furiously this thing is even up soon as Hwaks collapse again

  150. momentum switching

  151. JLIN needs to get minutes by Pierce within the next 3 minutes or Pierce probably won’t play JLIN in Q4 unless the lead today go big to BOS

  152. just a horrid shot by trea

  153. I don’t care any more

    Waiting for Lin’s next team

  154. JLin, Len, Heurter only ones with Posiive Double Digit Plus/Minus rest of team is Negative

  155. “a” horrible shot? lol

    He has multiple horrible shots every game

  156. That’s the spirit – JLIN’s next team just a couple three more weeks away

  157. can’t wait for that

  158. yea i know. waiting for a trade. we should just us an acronym when he does it

  159. yep

  160. Trae lol lolol

  161. Geez, Trae with 5 turnovers.

  162. trea out of control

  163. Trae will shoot 20-25 shots tonight smh

  164. Strategic timeout by Stevens, that guy knows how to win basketball games…

    … only hope left for Hawks is probabaly a JLIN appearance but that is slipping away too

  165. Lin in

  166. JLIN’s been short on most of his range shots

  167. HIT THAT LIN!

  168. Lin 3 are not falling

  169. JLIN gets the lead back for Hawks

  170. Nice pass !

  171. Heurter who are you passing to?

  172. Nice deep bounce pass by JLIN

  173. Lin doing some real nice passing.

  174. JLIN caused Horford to travel and got it back afetr the block

  175. Free throws

  176. Guess not

  177. JLIN had to take that, not the best clock management

  178. Lin’s 3s…..

  179. come on lin…

  180. no more threes

  181. Guess that will be the excuse for Pierce to pull JLIN

  182. lin out prob

  183. next shot will be in!

  184. Yes

  185. yep, Lin out

  186. what happen to his threes

  187. Lin’s shot was awful tonight, but he played well overall.

  188. there’s not play for lin all iso

  189. if he is allowed to play

  190. Kyrie air balled it so I guess Brad Stevens is going to yank him.

  191. LOL, he is not Asian, your forgot?

  192. Lin passed very well but down crunch time missing open 3 blocked shot and half court shot. Pierce had enough ammo to take him out.

  193. lins been quite bad from three for a month and a haif now

  194. good observation

  195. Almost forgot that I’m Asian.

  196. 2 for 7 it’s not terrible and JLIN did wonderful things and has one of the highest Plus/Minuses — Pierce is a joke and pulls JLIN for any reason or no reason

    Celtics pulling away and Hawks can’t stop them now

  197. that was not a three he had no choice

  198. ATL lives the by 3 and dies by the 3

  199. No JLIN — no JWin

  200. LP should of kept lin in. was playing good defense and passing so well

  201. Two good entry passes, but teammates didn’t convert, one nice drive but the refs didn’t give him free throws, miss a long three with the clock winding down YANK LIN! What a coach.

  202. Trae being exploited

  203. yep. trae foul and miss three pull him out

  204. im not worried by lins recent threes. it will go in sooner or late

  205. Trae is the one doing as much Explointing as he is Exploited

  206. im not even watching just waiting for his next team

  207. Correct – agree

  208. everyone can miss not lin

  209. I want Hawks to win
    so they will part with Lin without hesitation.

  210. Boston putting the hurt on Pierce’s team

  211. Also part with LP first so he can go back to doing what he is good at. Development.

  212. Playing like nuts with ATL starters with 10 point lead haha

  213. sayonara

  214. I hope his next team will let him play

  215. good game no injury play safe

  216. They will for certain – JLIN will have regular minutes on his new contending team

  217. no Trade news for Lin.

  218. Patience, it will be coming

  219. easy to say, hard to do

  220. hawks coach is a rookie.

  221. LP’s plan was to allow Lin to get the lead and let Trae come in and get the win, regardless. I’m glad Lin didn’t give them a higher lead.

  222. he expects lin to lead but no plays design for lin

  223. Trae is such a soft player. Doesn’t really play D, always hovers outside or shoots floaters. Never gets injured and Lin doesn’t get a chance to start unlike other team’s starting PGs that get dinged up and backup gets a shot (eg, Kyle Lowry, John Wall, etc)

  224. Lin was stopping Kyrie and LP was going to let Trae come back in anyways, but Lin has a shorter leash even though he kept the hawks in it or reduced the lead. LP just pulled him out because he can’t stand LIn making any mistakes ruining the chances for Trae to get a win.

  225. Post Game Interview:

    Brad: “It is a good win. I know they are tanking. But credit to LP for not playing Lin in the start of 4Q and not let Lin close the game, This is a great help, Otherwise our come back would not have been possible.”

  226. that would be nice if it was true

  227. My advice to Lin during off season is ball handling, he needs a lot of work with that

  228. Now Len gets to experience the magic of Lin and how he helps the centers game getting deep passes in the paint for a rhythm shot.

  229. don’t even worry about shooting just dribble sessions

  230. Lol

  231. Have you guys found that Lin’s dribble today seemed more with confidence? Or it is just me?

  232. He looks like he’s worked on his dribble. Maybe in game situational dribbling exercise, like off pick n roll, his behind the back has improved.

  233. what ? no confidence you mean?

  234. not this game. ball was hitting his shoes all the time and seems to me that he was scared and was trying to pick the ball up.

  235. Game Highlight by Speed of Lin: 🙂
    The player named Smart was ejected from the game not so smartly

  236. Jeremy Lin highlights:

  237. I thought I was the only one who noticed that..He looked more lively controlling/dribbling the ball.

  238. Hopefully, if Lin gets traded, his next coach will have a more conventional subbing pattern that would allow him to play through the beginning of the 2nd and 3nd quarter…..or not sub him out in the first quarter after bringing him in the 6th minute mark.

  239. 3s point shooting, creating space with dribbling, and taking off dribble and side step shots.

  240. No plain dribbling isn’t going to help! Lin need to mesh his dribbling drills with 3s. Look at what Curry does before every game, flashy dribbles before taking a 3.

  241. That goes for Dangelo Russell and most star players! Fans don’t care about defense only scoring unless it’s a championship team! Yet poor defense is a fake excuse to bench Lin! Lin’s defense has always been the top2 on his teams!

  242. So glad I’m not watching these games. Waste of time, limited plays and minutes, and Lin haven’t been shooting well.

    Oh well Lin will be traded before Feb deadline. These poor performances will keep Hawks from being greedy. They better if Lin the start and minutes if they want the most assets.

  243. His 3s has been bad ever since be changed his shooting form. Bad 3FG% is detrimental to his career! Modern NBA is all about 3 point shooting and Lin needs to work on that this off season. Stop all the Asia promotion and just train at Fortius

  244. Because of Kyrie the ball was a bit flat, hard to dribble.

  245. Sport, you seem like a good guy. I’m just really surprised, and really trying to understand.

    You’ve been faithfully following Lin all these years. But I don’t think I have seen any of your posts giving Lin any credit this year. None of Lin’s plays seem good enough. It’s been non-stop criticizing. Gotta do this better, gotta do that better. Lin’s 30, in his 9th year! If you expect him to be Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose, you’ve been following the WRONG GUY.

    Many fans questioning Lin’s mindset. What is going on with your mindset?

    And you are not the only one.

  246. JLin with some beautiful passes!

    But, he’s been making bounce passes to the Hawks bigs. Collins and Len can handle up-top lobs. Especially Collins. And Lin is so good at throwing them!

  247. HaHaHa.

  248. That’s what Nets fans used to say about Atkinson. Look what happened.

    Lin just doesn’t fit into their time-line. Hawks didn’t get Lin to make him a star over their draft picks. It is what it is.

  249. Oops.

  250. All the Asia promotion is obilgations with shoe contracts and connections. It’s earning money. That’s okay, isn’t it?

    He also wants to do charitable works there. Especially the basketball camps. It means a lot to him.

  251. EDIT – NEVER MIND, these numbers don’t add up, typo or not.

    Trae Young: 9-32fg, 1-17 3fg 25 points, 11 assists 64 minutes, -58
    Jeremy Lin: 10-14fg, 27 points, 14 assists, 5 minutes, +33

  252. Plays like this are a lot more fun. Lin unselfish. Good decision to pass to Huerter.

  253. I think he was hurt, maybe bad back from before, in the last game. This break really helped him recover, IMO, or at least that’s the way it looked in the clips. The games where JLin doesn’t appear to have much impact is due I suspect to instructions from the coach. He wants JLin to facilitate for the other players rather than try to win. When he gets these types of instructions his play looks very average. It would be different if the goal was to win. The stain of tanking affects every part of the game

  254. Yup, almost like Beverley.

  255. Yes, agree! And Lin is good at that!

  256. And what was excuse from LP for taking him out in 3rd, after a fantastic LinnLen pnr run?

  257. Re-posting from last thread.

    Speed-of-Lin put together VERY NICE analysis of the Hawks’ using the “Hand-Off Pick-and-Roll” with JLin. JLin playing well out of it. Of course! JLIN’S BREAD AND BUTTER!

    Note at 2:00, Lin checking with Pierce for play-call.

  258. I would like to see JLin/Alex Len play 30 minutes together and told to play to win. Between the two of I could see 40-50 pts./20 rebs./and 15 assts. And probably a victory

  259. Len’s been playing really well. Works hard. Wish he would try passing the ball back out when he gets rebounds, instead of trying to go back up for a shot when surrounded. Other than that, he works hard. Has good hands for a big guy. Good chemistry with Lin.

    Your scenario sure would be nice. But, don’t think will be likely. It’s too bad

  260. IF there is such a thing as an “ideal” situation for Lin at this stage of his career. To me, it would be similar to the role that Al Horford plays for the Celtics.

    Al Horford is 32, and getting paid $30M a year! Yet, somehow, I don’t think Horford is part of Boston’s long term plans. I would think the future is about Irving, Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Rozier, Hayward. They also don’t have anyone better at the 5. Baynes, Theis, that’s it.

    Horford may not be the main focus but he is a starter. And very much an integral part of their winning. He has the winning experience and talent, and helps the Celtics get buckets. Close out and win games. Given such success last season, the Celtics aren’t looking to regress and tank. They are win-now.

    I don’t know which team would be similar for Lin. Lin won’t be getting $30M. But, that’s the role that I hope he finds.

  261. Not questioning Lin’s mindset, just know this team isn’t going to keep him so why bother? 20mins and mostly told to pass because they want others to shoot. I understand that Lin can take more shots when “showcased” and has green light. Those games prove it’s not Lin but the GM and coach preventing him from shootjng more.

    But I’m not watching a 2hr game of Lin doing nothing and only playing 20mins. Highlights are enough.

    Being a fan doesn’t mean blindly praising Lin, he certainly has room for improvement and his lack 3 pointers and creating off dribble is an issue.

  262. Not as much as his basketball career. Lin did many Asia promotions last year with nothing to do with Adidas. And honestly if they want to make more money off of Lin they’d put “his” interest first and that means more time working on his skills.

  263. FXCK LP!!!!!

  264. What is it with Boston? Deflatgate 2 you think? Lol

  265. It wouldn’t surprise me if his body was not ready for 2 games in a row of extended minutes when he started against the Raptors. On top of that he took a few more charges to his body as well as an unsolicited “back rub” from an opponent.

  266. Always liked Rowan Atkinson tbh.

  267. Here are the numbers from basketball-reference. Trae is the upper set, Jeremy is below.

  268. Boston has a smart coach. He doesn’t just look at age and think he has to get a team of uniformly young players who can “grow” together. He knows he needs a steady, able hand to keep things together. I think Jlin can perform this same function, maybe even better because he is a PG. Early in the season I thought ATL should have given competition a chance and not thrown in the towel for tanking. But they did. Guess I don’t have the power. Jlin, Dedmon, Baze, Len is a prime of sports life lineup that would have formed a base. Collins as the 5th person who has already proven himself capable would be further empowered by playing with proven vets. TY, Huerter, Bembry, Prince could have formed an explosive 2nd unit. When Jlin is 32 he would have spent almost 3 years with ATL and could have grown the team, letting TY start (maybe, if he gets good) and led a bench unit. We will never know, though we have seen the talents of my older starting unit and under the guidance of Jlin with the mandate to win I think could have done pretty well. For all of BKLN’s improvement this year ATL could have been better with this experienced starting 5 with Collins. The fans have been deprived. ATL is/was not that bad in the talent department and to tank with these vets is an insult to the vets. SMH bigtime

  269. He’s trash

  270. Unlike Mavs, ATL does not have a smart coach, so they deserve loosing Luka and Lin , and stay at the bottom of the league.

    I am waiting to see Nets fail miserably.

  271. Lin is such a good guy. He keeps passing to guys like Prince to help him get going but his assists numbers suffers from it

  272. you mean his points suffers from passing too much?

  273. That too

  274. Agree! Isn’t that the way it used to be done? Established experienced players keep playing to win. The rookies come off the bench and earn their minutes and take over later. (Even Kobe didn’t start his rookie year.)

    It gets complicated but I think the new CBAs, huge salaries thrown at top players, and attempt to give small market teams a chance to compete, and Sam Hinkie, may have pushed teams to do this whole tanking thing. And the NBA hasn’t done too much about it until this year.

    Well, not much we can do about it. I choose to still watch only because of Lin.

  275. Yup, hoping Nets fail big time! (And Hornets. And Rockets. LOL.) Unfortunately, Detroit and Washington are NOT cooperating so far.

    Not a fan of Rick Carlisle. Seems to me he’s part of that McHale mold. Actually, surprised he still has a job. 11 years with the Mavs. Only 6 playoffs and 1 championship. Donnie Nelson the GM got him Doncic. And the Mavs are still only 20 and 25.

  276. Hey Arsenuium12.! THANKS for the “assist”! 🙂

    Yes, your post has the correct numbers!!!

    Yeah, I posted this tweet in the late hours. Because the guy was radio voice of the Celtics, I assumed credibility. Then saw the numbers and they didn’t look right. Didn’t have time to check.

    Now looking back at his tweet. “Real-time update”, maybe it was the numbers that he had DURING the game, before the game ended. Who knows, wasn’t clear.

    Anyhow, again, THANKS!

  277. Sport, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Of course you have the right to choose how you spend their time. We all have other priorities and responsibilities. I FULLY UNDERSTAND. (As it is, I spend more time than I should, haha.)

    But, here’s the way I see it.

    It’s not a question of blindly praising Lin. LOL. The irony is that those of us who watch MORE than just HIGH-lights are probably even more aware of when Lin isn’t playing his best (such as turnovers). Or when teammates blow his assists. Or when Lin is not being played to his best.

    Sure, every player can improve, but not everyone has the same strengths and talents. Don’t you think he has already tried to do his best to improve what he can? How many summers have we seen him working on his 3’s? Marginally improving on what he ISN’T strong at, won’t make a difference in whether the NBA calls him a star.

    And Rondo? His problem was his lousy attitude with coaches and teammates. And constant injuries too, even if not the career-threatening kind. Talk about injury-prone. Yet, he’s not exactly out of the League. He’s playing with LeBron on the Lakers.

    How about Ricky Rubio? Also injury prone in his earlier years. Comparing this season. Lin has better shooting stats, in less minutes! Funny enough, the only better Rubio stat is ASSISTS! But, he’s still a starter on a playoffs contending team. Getting paid $15M.

    That’s why I never blame Lin. It’s not that Lin’s not good enough! As you already said, it’s NBA politics working against him!

    Lin’s NOT perfect. The so-called “superstars” aren’t either. So, I don’t expect Lin to be. To me, it’s more about focusing on the positive, instead of the negative.

    And at the end of the day, if Lin can’t go any further by playing HIS WAY, I can accept it. He would have already accomplished more than most players. Especially as an Asian-American in the NBA.

    But, okay, I get it. If venting frustrations is where you’re coming from. We will agree to disagree. I will concede that. To each their own. I won’t “pick on” you any more. 🙂

  278. Here’s another video, from the Celtics perspective. Marcus Smart, Mr. Tough Guy. Another Patrick Beverley. NBA entertainment.

  279. YES – AGREE! Lin’s defense always unfairly UNDER-RATED.

  280. MR. BEAN! (Who the heck is Rowan Atkinson? Had to google it. LOL.)

  281. “The way it used to be done”. You must be old like me!

  282. Yeah but they could have gotten TY and then where would they be? And how would they view their future? Right now it looks like it has potential with Doncic.Jury still out on TY. However if they got Jlin they would know exactly what they have and could have for 3 or 4 years beyond this. But no Dallas for Jlin as long as Cuban owns the team

  283. Alex Len is a beast with hops. A guy that big that can set monster picks, roll to the rim and finish with authority. It just goes to show how good talent needs to be brought out. I wonder how many good players never made it because of dumb coaching and FO objectives. I said I would like to see Jlin in TOR, and if possible Dedmon because of expiring contract. But I only said Dedmon because I did not think Len could be in the equation. I believe if Jlin and Len went to TOR…holy smokes!

  284. You think Adidas needs Lin to make money? With how the Chinese fans go nuts over ANY NBA player? Hate to say it, but I think Lin needs Adidas more.

    These promotions are mutually agreed on. There are contracts, that Lin knowingly signed up for.

    The only promotion I can think of, which may have been non-voluntary, was the JR.NBA thing.

    Lin has many other ventures now. And even NON-Basketball (Esports.) He’s also promoting those interests.

    Yes, it’s true that he loves to play basketball. So, I think LIN KNOWS WHAT’S BEST FOR HIS CAREER.

  285. Google is your friend…that secretly spies on you and collects information.

  286. Nooooooooo!

  287. nope, I hope not. The problem here is that once Rondo and Lonzo comes back, Lin would be relegated to third string PG.

  288. Yup, I’ll probably see Mr. Bean ads popping up soon.

    Well, what am I going to do? Go live in a cave? Or, escape by sleeping a lot? Haha.

  289. I know I’m being choosy on behalf of Lin, but, no, no thanks. Play with LeBron? Rondo? No credit for winning but scape-goat if lose? Luckily, there will probably be no chance anyway.

    Wizards (another rumored team for Lin) using roster spot to sign guard Gary Payton II to a 10-day contract. NOT that I want Lin to go to Wizards. But, another case of Anyone But Lin?

  290. Oh, sure. Lin ranks way up there with all the “big” names. But, noooooo, Lin is just good enough to be “backup”.

  291. Or mishandle the ball and turn it over.

    If Prince could just play within himself. Use his athleticism, cut, get to the rim instead. He’s pretty good with that. Stop chucking 3’s if he doesn’t have it. But who knows, maybe that’s how LP wants Prince to play.

    Also, Prince is not a good defender. Maybe one-on-one, because of his length. But ball watches a lot, terrible court awareness on defense.

    Sharing minutes with him probably hurts everybody’s +/-. Including Lin’s.

  292. Haha. Based on what you’ve been saying, have to say I’m probably “some” years younger.

    But, all due respect to you Ace! “Old” is a relative term. We’re all OLDER than somebody. LOL. I prefer to think of it as MATURE AND WISE.

  293. I think the Mavs really wanted Doncic. Because they already had Dennis Smith as a point guard. They never wanted TY. That’s why they were willing to give up a first round pick to the Hawks to trade for Doncic.

    Donnie Nelson liked Lin though. He gave Lin the Summer League invite for Dallas.

  294. We’ll see! 18 more days!

  295. Is it possible that JLin is a tiny bit dated? The reference sport made that modern NBA ball is based around the 3 pointer and I would agree with that. It excites the crowd similar to an extra base hit in baseball. But longball is not Jlin’s game. His game is organizing the team on the floor into a cohesive unit and attacking the defense near the basket. When he is not doing that that means he does not have the ball in his hands in order to receive it beynfpd the 3 point line. Plus the modern “motion” offense also takes the ball out his hands more. His game is to control the game and to do that he has to be the primary ball handler, not one of 3 or 4. His primary skill set is a bit behind the times. Jlin has learned the other skills though, of an off guard. Contrary to what many think, I think JLin would prove to be an excellent 3 point shooter…if he chose to be (and ATL let him) But what he chooses, when he can is to run a team, rather than focusing on scoring points all the time. That’s why I think it best to go to a team that needs a floor organizer specifically because they have the other talent- a team like TOR. Ever notice that while he may have a bad scoring night his other play mitigates low scoring by great D or lots of assists.

  296. “Brooklyn”? Who are they trying to get rid of now?

    “Teams that are most active in trying to acquire help: Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Orlando, Sacramento. Houston, New Orleans Pelicans and Los Angeles Clippers.”

  297. Some random fan? But looks like from Atlanta.
    “jeremy lin is our emotional leader. without him, wed be way worse than 14-30.”

  298. Maybe money issues if his salary counts against a thin cap? ATL wants more than WAS can give? While it might be interesting to see JLin play with James it is hard to see JLin in LAL for some reason. For playing time for his next contract better IMO to play in WAS. WAS is another place that might bloom with Jlin’s talent as a primary- ball- handling PG. it is hard to imagine that they get a guy on a 10 day contract to be good enough to replace John Wall and help turn around the franchise.

  299. Don’t really watch football. But saw some tweets about bad calls or something from Rams/Saints game.

    Hey Jeremy, WHAT ABOUT THE NBA REFS? (I know, don’t want to get fined….)

  300. I have a feeling jlin could rejuvenate and thrive in LA part deux… showtime with jeremy could be revived if lakers were smart

  301. Wow, Dennis Rodman, for real? Quoting Lin? Wonder what started this? Is that good or bad? LOL. (copied from @linspiredinca)

  302. Postgame Boston loss. (“missed 8 or 9 three’s”. Haha. The Hawks were 1 for 11 in the 4Q on 3’s. Lin was 0 for 2.)

    Q: “Do you feel like this is a learning experience for the young guys?”
    A: “It’s a learning experience for all of us. Never beyond learning. Always learning.”

  303. Is Rodman paying respect to Jlin for being in the league or referring to a quote made by JLin?

  304. He’s referring to quote made by Lin. I forget exactly where or when. I think it was on twitter, Lin in response to someone (probably a hater) calling him “trash” or some stupid thing.

    Surprised Rodman has it.

  305. Are you talking about this year, or next year?

    But Lakers not smart. Kupchak didn’t re-sign Lin. Houston part deux didn’t work. NYC part deux didn’t work. LeBron there doesn’t bother you? How about Rondo there? And Ball will be back?

    How about LA – but the Clippers? Not crazy about them either. Steve Ballmer from Harvard. But to me, Doc Rivers is horrible coach. Maybe if they got a new coach, and get rid of Beverley.

    Well, Magic Johnson LOVED Linsanity! At least back then, when he was an analyst. Maaaaybeeee, you never know……

  306. Could be. Could be Lin has value playing for the Hawks. Only trade him if get a great return.

    Gary Payton II. Don’t know why he hasn’t stuck with any team. Good genes, no?

  307. Jae26hood video of Lin START in Toronto game. This is not just the highlights. But the plays that make up his stats. And including missed shots (FTs too) and missed assists.

    Good game from the Hawks. Too bad, lost a close one.

  308. The rumor started with this article at

    Five Lakers Targets For NBA Trade Deadline

    “Jeremy Lin: Could Linsanity return to Los Angeles? The Lakers have been thin at the point guard position this season due to multiple injuries to Rondo, forcing head coach Luke Walton to use James, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Lance Stephenson and even Svi Mykhailiuk to initiate the offense.

    Thus, it probably wouldn’t hurt to add another true point guard to the roster, and the veteran Lin would be a solid fill-in off the bench and also has an expiring contract that would make an easy swap with the aforementioned Caldwell-Pope.

    Lin has shown the ability to play shooting guard in spurts, which would come in handy in the event that he, Ball, and Rondo are all healthy at the same time. He’s a career 35 percent shooter from three, and while he plays an entirely different game compared to Caldwell-Pope, there would be some benefit to adding Lin to the roster.

    The rebuilding Atlanta Hawks are in asset acquisition mode and may value getting a look at the 25-year-old Caldwell-Pope. Minutes could be an issue with Kent Bazemore and Kevin Huerter entrenched at the shooting guard spot, though both are working their way back from injuries.”

  309. That is so cool! Dennis Rodman is a legend.

  310. Nets have zero stars and lackluster role players not surprised.

  311. is that the RealDennisRodman

  312. Slap on the wrist and no suspension. This is why thugs will always be thugs in the NBA.

  313. seems he threw a punch which should be an automatic one game suspension. SMFH.

  314. Dont forget to VOTE

  315. 35k to them is nothing.

  316. new thread. This could be the last home game for JLin before the Feb 7 trade deadline

  317. might still be a hawky

  318. Well, i agree i dont like james and rondo… i just have a feeling that he could overshdow them by playing exciting bball if given the chance, similar to linsanity, and that the crowd, which would come from a large asian population, would go wild, as they would witness showtime, part deux… dont forget magic johnson, who seems to me like a relatively unslimy person, is there…

  319. If Jlin could not shine over a fading Kobe LAL won’t let him show up an in-the-prime James

  320. It would be great if you are right!
    But I’m more pessimistic about Lin getting that chance, too much James worshipping. I don’t know, the Asian fans have disappointed me. Lin didn’t get that much support in Brooklyn. There was an Asian-America Lakers blogger/writer (Diamond Leung). Don’t remember him being all that supportive of Lin last time. Was still worshipping Kobe. Maybe I’m being unfair.
    MAGIC LOVED LINSANITY. And I remember he was tweeting welcome and compliments to Lin when Lin got traded there. So, you’re right. There’s hope there. Can never tell – anything’s possible!

  321. Stayes tuned! I just have a feeling it might happen… but in any case, something big will happen i feel… at least one more magical situation for him and much longer than a few months

  322. Like the bright light of nyc, i think LA just might be the next stage for something magical for.our guy

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