Game 44 OKC Thunder vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin is Doubtful, Sacramento Kings Explores Trade for JLin

Jeremy Lin (flu-like symptoms) is now doubtful for tonight’s game.

In trade news, Marc Stein (NY Times) reported Sacramento Kings is among the teams that have expressed exploratory trade in Hawks guard Jeremy Lin according to league sources. And Atlanta Hawks have made Jeremy Lin, Dewayne Dedmon, and Kent Bazemore available in advance of the Feb 7 trade deadline in search of more draft picks.

This news provides further confirmation of Atlanta Hawks intention to make these players available for teams who are trying to make the playoff push. The Hawks are rebuilding and plan to collect draft picks in 2019-20 or 2019-20 seasons.

It is very possible that the Hawks might wait for some time before February 7 in order to get all possible trade offers from interested NBA teams.


  1. FIRST

  2. Lin not playing, should I watch trae choking?

  3. If you want to torture yourself. Time better spent watching some Netflix.

  4. a game to remember. let’s have a taste of Linsanity, Sacramento!!

  5. wsj i guess had a article about to nites game how you get the brickfest bewteen the two worst shooters in the league in westbrook and young.

    thats something to watch for.

  6. LOL

  7. Lin is “doubtful”, not “out” for tonight’s game yet.

  8. I will watch the game until ATL is losing by 20 points so without JLIN that should be within 12 minutes (Q1) without JLIN

  9. its been updated to out. at least in a post on hoopshype; (i posted it in the previous thread).

  10. He’s reported to have “trade flu” 🙂

  11. haha

  12. OK. Thank you. I missed it.

  13. hmmm, that makes me want to watch it now, it is definitely a rare event

  14. fun and exciting memories!

  15. As @1mtoldman said, Lin is out tonight.

  16. 3 vet in trading rumors out. Hummmm

  17. Too much suspense for me!

    I cannot wait for the revelation of Lin’s new team!

  18. LOL,

  19. same here

  20. Ace Pagoda is out too

  21. Veterans are prone to “trade flu” lol

  22. Why am I hoping the Thurders to win? I don’t even like the Thunders!!!

  23. hehehe, same here, I dislike like Westbrook sooo much

  24. Missing the “brickfest” between Young and Westbrook? lol

  25. “The Raptors currently rank 23rd in the NBA in three-point percentage.

    Despite a rotation filled with solid three-point shooters, Toronto can’t seem to find a rhythm from deep. With 33.1 attempts per game (10th in the NBA), the Raptors are still firing from beyond the arc, and becoming even a hair more accurate could go a long ways towards improving the offense.”

    ➡️ ( )

  26. Trade for Jeremy then! With Lin, they will win 😉

  27. didn’t they just trade for a SG?

  28. If we think Lin is being held out because of the “Trade Flu” is that because a trade is close to closing and both sides don’t want an injury messing up the transaction?

  29. I would guess a trade is close or else, they’d let him play if they feel things are still far apart.

    Still hoping there are other team we haven’t heard about, in the mix for Lin.

  30. Thanks for the article. You know, if I had as much knowledge as the writers I could have written this article. TOR needs Jlin and they could use Dedmon too to fill the needs the article mentions. I don’t know what it would take or how it could work in trade terms, but these two could make TOR World Champions

  31. 70:59 Hawks did very well in 1st half.


    “The Nets came into Thursday seventh-best in the league from deep since the All-Star break (38. 1 percent) after being just 26th going into the break at 34 percent.”

  33. Good! They do not need Lin – release Lin to a playoff team ASAP!

  34. Well, see when Thunders tighten up on the defense—

  35. JC is playing well!…superbly well

  36. I’ll miss him. And Vince.

  37. no lin but win , why

  38. Lin’s farewell goodwill present to the team

  39. because their 3s are falling

  40. Paul George is the best player on that team. Trae played well but so did all of the Hawks. They are shooting over 60% from the field jesus.

  41. good, happy for them, just trade Lin away, please

  42. wow they won.

  43. he did fine tonight..maybe no subconcious though of lin taking over his starting job.

  44. remember to VOTE

  45. No Lin in game, no posters? Where is everybody?

    I see all the comments on the prior thread about trade rumors. Will have to catch up over there.

    Finished watching game. Feel bad that Lin wasn’t part of this win. In fact, didn’t even see him on the sidelines on the bench. Or Dedmon, or Plumlee. Just Bazemore in street clothes. Since there are 3 days until the Celtics on Saturday, maybe the team sent those guys home for early rest?

    Maybe Lin, Dedmon, or Plumlee are home packing? No, no, just kidding!

  46. It’s the quiet before the storm 🙂

    I remember how noone expected Charlotte Hornets, or even Houston-to-Lakers trade for JLin. We’re talking about Magic, Pelicans, Raptors, 76ers, Blazers, and now Kings having exploratory trade talk with Atlanta. But it could very well be none of these teams? It’ll be an interesting 1-3 weeks for sure.

  47. It’s the speculating before the storm, and you’re right it could well be a surprise. I hope that I am surprised to be right and he goes to…surprise TOR

  48. Since he has trade flu, most likely medical staff would have advised to stay isolated

  49. It was a FUN win for the young Hawks. Excluding Carter, the oldest player on the court was Len, at 26. I don’t think Pierce was planning on winning. I mean, he was playing Jaylen Adams and Daniel Hamilton. Against the 3rd seed of the West? Supposedly “best” defensive team atm?

    Lots of dunks for Len, Collins, Spellman, and Bembry. Huerter, Young, Bembry, making their 3’s. The fans at the arena had a great time. So much applause and excitement hoping for free chick-fil-a from OKC missed FTs. LOL.

    It was another good TEAM win too. Things were clicking and everybody had a good game. Alex Len played 30 mins and was killing it. His minutes tend to get yo-yo-ed too when Dedmon starts.

    Where was this team when Lin was on the court? Lots of ball movement, lots of ball sharing, lots of hustle, fighting for rebounds. Non-stop pick-and-roll. And as I said, team shot 49% on 3’s.

    Turnovers still a problem. Defense is still suspect, giving up 126 pts to OKC.

    OKC was awful. Does Westbrook play much defense either? The refs again tried to give this game to OKC. 41 FTAs vs 16 FTAs for the Hawks.

    Maybe the young Hawks are developing faster than they expect. If the Hawks decide to try harder to win, especially if Lin is still there, it would be very interesting. There’s still half a season to go. The Nets better watch out! LOL.

  50. If TOR is interested and can utilize Lin’s skillset for 25 mpg in the playoff to reach the NBA Finals, it may offer the best chance for Lin to shine in the playoff. Then hopefully JLin will get multiple offers as a starting PG in the offseason. Or he can stay in TOR if he likes it.

    But I’m mentally preparing myself for any possibilities 🙂 A lot of things can change between now and Feb 7

  51. Haha. Yes, quarantine is a good idea. (Although Prince had the same thing but was with the team?)

  52. Yes, very true. All the teams that Lin ended up with were surprises, at least to me. Whoever would have thought the Hawks were the ones to trade for Lin?!

    Well, now that leaves 18 other teams that could trade for Lin. 🙂

  53. Just the other day. Before the trade flu. Did you see Lin hanging out again with David Nurse, Nick Nurse’s nephew? I know they are good friends, but the timing is convenient…..

    Okay, easy……:-)

  54. It’s funny how these trade rumors start. It was just two guys, Deveney and Marc Stein, granted Stein has a bit more credibility. Suddenly the whole lazy sports media starts repeating the same story, basically just repeating what Deveney and Stein put out.

    Can there please be more substantive rumors? Although Psalm is right, probably the real trades are more low-key and not leaked so easily.

  55. This is how rumors go. Pistons was rumored to possibly get Dennis Smith Jr from the Mavs. Now this, they just signed Isaiah Whitehead, ex-Net Lin teammate, to a 2-way contract.

  56. I see Sacramento was the big rumor today. I found this on Keith Smith’s timeline. Do they need someone like Lin or not? Are there leaks or not? Is it a good organization or not? The Kings organization wasn’t great these last few years. The whole Cousins thing, and all the coaching changes. This year was a surprisingly good start for them, but fading a little bit. Just 5 and 5 in last 10 games.

  57. Yes, the whole team was just pouring it on……..

  58. And Hornets-Lin also had a fantastic OT win over the Kings, with a double-double!

  59. Only 6 more days!

  60. For the Toronto proponents. This is a Fansided article discussing what Patrick McCaw brings and doesn’t bring. According to this, “An ineffective offensive player. A limited defensive player. It doesn’t sound like McCaw is a particularly impressive signing.” (Shoutout to Pre-exist for link that brought me here.)

  61. I think Lin is a difference maker for any team, as long as they play him to his strengths. As far as I’m concerned, any team will benefit from Lin joining them.

    But I have no idea which team will be BEST FOR LIN.

    Having said that, based on Lin’s stated past goals, this is what I hope will work out for him, in order….

    1) Team that will start Lin and he will be a key part of getting into, and even getting far in the playoffs. Then obviously, re-sign him next year.
    2) Team that will at least play Lin as 6th man, winning on a win-now team. Lin can stay, or leave, next yr.
    3) Team that is a contender, with Lin added as the missing piece. Championship anyone?
    4) Hawks appreciate Lin, still give him enough minutes this season to keep his value up. Then Lin can sign with new team in free agency. One less move to another city.

    The one thing I would HATE to see is Lin being used merely as injury insurance for a win-now team. I think that would be the absolute worst.

  62. Valid points…but Personally at this stage, I dont think any team would play Lin to his strength unless he is their Franchise Player….hence it will still come down to JL adapting to their system of play.

    I just hope they trust him and give him enough minutes to play. We have seen Lin adapting well to multiple system, but then he is not used constantly hence his production suffers.

  63. I’m hoping the most recent rumor of Lin to Kings is just talk while other teams are equally involved in pursuing Lin but that is simply not leaked.

  64. that’s a good point..I think Hawks probably are fielding lot of calls and wanted to keep Lin out since he had already had issue with his bicep.

  65. I’m also hoping for a a team coming out of left field to swoop in and pick up Lin…I really don’t like none of the teams being havily linked to Lin.

    Dark horse I’m hoping for that we haven’t heard much: Clippers, Wizards,

  66. Today both GS and the Hawks scored 142 points in a game. Any time you can shoot like this, you can win the game.

  67. Rather Magics than Wizards.

  68. Isn’t King’s already have many guards?

  69. It would be a great irony if Lin winds up with the wizards. The John Wall history with Lin has been inextricably tied since their first summer league game…then the Knicks encounter. John Wall the number one draft against an undrafted nobody pretty much delineate the story line of who they could become. Wall was given all the benefit of the doubt whenever he failed while Lin got all the doubt no matter how well he played. Every little thing Lin did wrong, he was crucified while Wall was excused for “development”.

    Lin going to the Wizards and taking them deep into playoffs would just be yet another black eye on the scouts and media who was determined to push their own agendas.

  70. 1. less likely but not impossible, say Orlando.
    2. most likely scenario if the Hawks not asking for too much, say 2 2nd round picks from the Kings.
    3. very possible if he negotiate a buy out, say GSW.
    4. nah….the worst is signing a vet min. contract to join a contending team

    all in all, its his decision to make as to what he wants.

  71. Apparently, Jeremy had food poisoning and not the flu … (via Penny Lee, from his Instagram …)

  72. @linthezone. lets go, haha.

  73. im sick too.

    no trade rumors for me tho.

  74. was actually just looking up some interesting stats on lin and wall.

    tho they both entered the league at the same time with lins restricted use wall has played almost two times as many minutes as lin.

    so lins got a lot more miles to go.

    wall maybe not so much as now out for the season will have only played 73 games in last two season; roughly equal to lines total for two years ago plus this year so far already. with (hopefully) another 30 some games to go.

    also: there’s a article about terrence ross in orlando how remarkably proficient he’s been average 19 pts per 36 minutes off the bench. clifford affirms his approval.

    hmm where are the articles announcing lins’ “remarkable proficiency” he’s averaging 20pt per 36 off the bench.

  75. we all need to be patient. schlenk is probably holding out for better assets. but when the deadline approaches, he’ll have to settle or “lose” lin for nothing. same goes for dedmon. baze is probably gone in the off season when he’ll be an expiring.

    good team win yesterday for the hawks. i actually think this HELPS lin get traded. play all the young guys, win or lose. that’s what fans want, what the front office wants, and what the players need…

    trade lin, dedmon, and baze and help them get off a tank team.


  76. lol

    hope you feel better soon

  77. not really, Lin being hit way more than Wall

  78. I also had food poisoning recently, absolutely horrible.

  79. Guess it wasn’t the trade flu afterall.

  80. Kevin Chouinard wrote a good article how Coach Lloyd Pierce helped to develop JLin back in 2010 at GSW after Asst. Coach Stephen Silas left for another job. It gave a new appreciation from reading how they went one-on-one a lot and helped to develop the shooting form. JLin praised him as an amazing defensive player.

    It’s too bad that Coach LP had the order to prioritize Trae’s development and help the Hawks to tank so JLin’s underutilized. I believe they have good personal relationship but the Hawks only gave a mentor role for JLin during these rebuilding years. If the Hawks help to trade Lin to a good team who believes in Lin (and protects his health), I’ll be more grateful for Atlanta Hawks for helping to rehab and showcase Lin from a career-threatening injury.

    As far as playing for a tanking team, I believe the Hawks years have been much better than Lin’s Lakers years in which he had to go through DNP and “soft like Charmin tissue” treatment. The announcers and media have also been slightly better and kinder to Lin and his fans. It’d say it’s second only to the Hornets media as far as friendliness.

    Linsanity began when Jeremy Lin appeared seemingly out of nowhere and jumped onto basketball’s biggest stage.

    After getting skipped over in the 2010 NBA Draft and amassing 340 unremarkable career minutes in 38 NBA games, Lin took New York by storm when he took control of Mike D’Antoni’s offense and helped the Knicks reel off seven straight wins, averaging 24.4 points and 9.1 assists during the streak.

    But the reality is that Jeremy Lin was there all along, albeit working on smaller platforms. He won a state championship is high school, before moving onto Harvard where be became the first player in Ivy League history to compile 1,450 career points, 450 rebounds, 400 assists and 200 steals. After a fourth-quarter showdown with John Wall in his first Summer League game, Lin took his work mostly behind the scenes for the next 18 months.

    Lloyd Pierce, then an assistant coach specializing in player development, played a meaningful role in that unseen process.

    Lin actually started the season studying game film and working on his pick-and-roll plays with Golden State Warriors assistant coach Stephen Silas, practicing skills like putting a defender on your hip, finishing a floater and finding the open man in a pick and roll. But when Paul Silas was hired as an interim head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in late December 2010, Stephen left the Warriors to become his father’s top assistant. Enter Pierce.

    “I didn’t get on the job until Christmas Day,” Pierce said. “I was handed off to Jeremy and to Monta and Steph and Reggie Williams.”

    At that point in his rookie season, Lin wasn’t playing much for the Warriors and he was about to begin seeing the court even less. Pierce helped fill the gaps and then some for the then-rookie who often showed up at the facility three hours before practice.

    “Every day I was working with Lloyd,” Lin said. “We played a ton of one-on-one. We were always playing. We would work out before shootaround, do shootaround, workout after shootaround, play after shootaround, then we would go back and play before the game and then warm up – and then I usually wouldn’t play in the game. But before every practice, after every practice – we were getting after it.”

    Pierce brought plenty of experience as both a player and a coach to the job. He played collegiately at Santa Clara with Steve Nash and current Hawks assistant coach Marlon Garnett. He also spent four seasons playing overseas before returning to his alma mater as an assistant coach in 2002. Eight years later, at the time of his workouts with Lin, Pierce was 34 years old.

    “Back then he would have been an elite NBA defender.”

    Lin looked up and paused to emphasize his point.

    “Elite defensive player. Amazing defensive player.”

    Pierce demurred when asked about the victor of the contests.

    “I definitely won some of them. I don’t know who won (the majority),” he said with a defensive smirk. “But I don’t walk out and take L’s all day.”

    When asked about his former coach’s style back in 2011, Lin described Pierce’s competitiveness.

    “He was a dog, a junkyard dog. He gets after it. He’s a competitor. It’s not a surprise to me that he climbed the coaching ranks so fast. He is very detailed, very thorough, level-headed. He’s just a dog.”

    As for the skill development session, Pierce started Lin with work comparable to what he did a season earlier with Danny Green, when Green was a rookie with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Pierce was in the last of his three seasons as a player development specialist under head coach Mike Brown.

    “Lloyd was very good at (skill development)”, Green said. “Ballhandling, floaters, finishes, getting into your shot.”

    With Steph Curry, the work that Pierce did was tailored – as it was for every player – to Curry’s needs. When Curry was kept off the court by an ankle issue, Pierce studied film with him to help him understand how to avoid taking the basketball into crowds, traps and other situations baited by a defense where a turnover might be a likely outcome.

    “I wasn’t going to help him with his shooting,” Pierce said with a laugh. “So you try to find something else to make an impact.”

    But unlike Curry, who will likely go down as the greatest shooter of all time, the 2010 version of Lin did need help with his outside shot. He only attempted five threes as a rookie, and he didn’t make one until the last day of the season.

    “The difference then was Jeremy never shot threes,” Pierce said. “He just wasn’t comfortable. When the season ended he had a knee procedure, which was kind of one of the best things for him because he couldn’t do anything physically but spot shooting and form shooting.”

    At that point in the offseason, Pierce was the only coach remaining on the staff after head coach Keith Smart was let go and before Mark Jackson was hired to replace him. Pierce helped Lin and Ekpe Udoh with their jump shots while also running the Warriors group workouts leading up to the 2011 Draft. When the 2011 lockout began, Lin kept on working on his jump shot with a private trainer, and by the time he got his opportunity with the Knicks, he had developed it into enough of a weapon where opponents had to respect it.

  81. any rumors of the Wizards interested? Wizards is in my top 5 list of team I hope Lin gets traded to alongside Magic, Clippers and Jazz.

  82. Good article, thank you. LP sounds like a good guy and a help to Jlin. Were ATL not tanking I wonder how he would have utilized Jlin knowing him as well as he does. To this point ATL has been a good spot for a rehabbing Jlin, but now it’s time to leave. I know I rag on ATL, but I would on any sports team that tanks. Tanking may be strategic but it goes against the grain of sports. In sports you try to do you best and whatever the outcome is the outcome. Overcoming odds is one of the biggest thrills in sports but you have to give yourself a chance. The tanking “process” is like having slick lawyers use trickster methods to circumvent the law. Well, the law here is to compete and if you don’t do that you violate the law of sports. One of the greatest examples of overcoming was Linsanity and ATL has Linsanity right there and did not choose to heed that lesson. Good luck and tanks to ATL for taking him in because I think for this rehab season at least better ATL than BKLN. Could you imagine all the whining going on with Jlin as the 3rd guard behind Dlo and Din?

  83. Thank God, this game has made the trade of Lin away from this team possible.

  84. Being a resident of the Wash.DC suburb, I would be thrilled to see JL in Wizards unform…However, I have some reservation with the possibility that J. Wall might not be congenial toward Jeremy although I have no concrete proof.

  85. You may be right here but I hope it’s not to the Kings.

  86. I wouldn’t mind JL gets traded to any playoff bound team or borderline ones than the developing NBA teams..

  87. The Trailblazers or the Kings.

    It seems
    safe to expect that Lin, Bazemore and Dedmon will all be moved by the
    trade deadline Feb because all three players are proven veterans in this league.

  88. Top 4 for Lin to get the most minutes and credit if they play well.
    Magic, Wizards, Clippers, Jazz.

  89. The list has grown with Magic, Wizards, Clippers, Jazz, Trailblazers, Kings and I figure the Sun would still be interested but nobody wants to give much resources to the Atlanta.

    To make a trade possible, Lin has to slump and be sick and the Hawks has to do well enough so Atlanta may want to get rid of Lin in a hurry to acquire whatever possible.

  90. I don’t like any team with too start starting back-courts because Lin would get less minutes there…So Trailblazers, Raptors and Kings would be bad destination for Lin…At least that’s my thinking.

    Having Lin back-up guys like Augustin and Satoransky would be best for him to get more playing time.

  91. Watching the Magic-Piston game…2 team that could really use Lin.

  92. As long as Lin gets 15+ MPG, I would be happy to see Lin get picked up by a playoff bound team.

  93. I hope Toronto will trade for Lin

  94. I would rather see Lin play 25 minutes..15 is just too little.

  95. Lin needs at least 25-30mins, 15 mins is garbage!

  96. Derrick Rose is a perfect example to tell the come and go of a star player. We wouldn’t know which team will give Lin the best chance.

  97. havent really seen any spot i like lin going to. until now. and that is dallas.

    tho i have no idea if they have any interest in him.

    with barea out for the year and dsj out having lunch and tweeting selfies while “sick”; all dallas have left as a pg actual is unheralded rookie jalen brunson.

    of course doncic controls the ball from his point forward spot but that doens’t keep malcolm brogdon (whose game is close to lins in numbers if not in style) from getting big minutes and doing well where the greek does the same.

    carlisle is a good coach.

    this is a very diverse ethnic team with germans, rusians, tunisians, perhaps maybe an asian wouldnt be seen as much an outsider and more importantly the current roster has 7, 7 undrafted players (including barea)–thats unheard of in the nba.

    again i have no idea if the mavs have any interest in lin but once smith clears (and he most certainly will as he appears to be doing a “rondo” something carlisle will not put up with) lin would be certainly someone they could use.

    again if he did go there i feel this is the one and perhaps only place as things have shifted now where he could get equal or more minutes than currently in atl.

    and have a much more what shall i say congenial circumstance.

    (no idea what mavs could send to atl in return but i dont think atl has any interest in lin at all at this point; in fact in my opinion they never did. and i really dont understand why they got him in the first place. however greatful it did give him a chance for at least a time to show himself healed and capable of putting up numbers comparable with the best in his career; albeit with the fewest minutes ever!)

  98. Dallas could be a decent destination but teams like wizards, Magics and Jazz are better because Lin gets to facilitate…

    But I agree Lin could play alongside a PG but u would rather him be the main PG while on the floor.

  99. Jumping from Atlanta to Dallas is a perfect example of going from bad to worse situation.

  100. i can’t confirm but this site that specializes in arcane stats reports:

    ” But Harden’s craziest offensive number, and perhaps the one that’s most concerning, is his 691 direct isolation plays (a 1-on-1 play that ends with a shot, turnover or foul).That’s more than any other NBA team has had so far this season. Once more for emphasis: According to stat-tracking database Second Spectrum, Harden all by himself has gone 1-on-1 more than any team’s full roster, combined, has….” –chris herring fivethirtyeight.

    thats got to be the wildest stat of all time.

  101. Toronto Raptors should have interest in Atlanta Hawks trade pieces (JLin, Dedmon and Bazemore)

  102. Well, Harden is a man made MVP by Morey

  103. Lin did look the quickest, most confident, best handles in his entire career. He may be more savvy and efficient now, but the Hornet’s days were his most dynamic.

  104. The Kings have the expiring contracts of Zach Randolph and Kosta Koufos to help offer in return for Lin’s and Dedmon’s services.

  105. After six long years, we as Lin fans are scraping the bottom of the patience tank (no pun) and running on fumes.

  106. The raptors are desperately needing help on their second unit. VanVleet just can’t make things happen and have lost the lead against the Boston second unit. If the raptors want to win the east, they’ll need Lin to make that second unit work. Lin will not only keep the lead, he’ll add to it so that the starters can get some rest. As it is now, Kyle had to come back in early to settle them down.

  107. Jeremy contributing, even from bench, on a deep Playoffs team would be tremendously beneficial for his next long-term contract. It sure as hell beats playing second fiddle to green rookie Trae on the tanking Hawks.

  108. In the Western Conference, I’d rather see Lin with the Jazz than with the Mavs, although either of these two options would beat Blazers and Kings (shudder) hands down.

  109. Let’s see how Nurse adjusts to Brad Stevens good coaching. They are stuffing the middle and exposing the weak outside shooting from Raptors tonight.

  110. Do not forget the favorable calls from the refs, which allow 2.5 steps without a traveling violation. LOL

  111. I have always felt Morey bribed the refs to help out Harden in order to make Morey shine in NBA.

    I still believe that, to this day.

  112. True. If Lin stays in Atlanta, the resulting narrative is he’s a good veteran PG to mentor a young PG. It won’t change. Perhaps he’ll get offer of $3-6M/year as a backup PG.

    But if Lin gets a chance to shine in the playoff, he can change the narrative and the contract value significantly. Perhaps $8-$14+M/year depending on how well he plays in the playoff.

    We saw how Danny Green increased his salary from $3M-$4M year to $40M for 4 years with the Spurs after excellent performance in NBA Finals. Playoff is very important for NBA players.

  113. Morey doesn’t need to do that (not that I’d put it past him), the league’s PR department and the gambling refs already took care of things.

  114. 82% people voted JLin’s stats over 18% for Rubio’s stats in last 3 years in a blind Twitter poll

    Pic 1: Last 3 seasons of Jeremy Lin > last 3 seasons of Ricky Rubio (Lin’s played < the minutes)

    Player A: 20.3 PTS, 6.9 AST, 4.8 REB, 2 3P, 1.6 STL & .080 Win Shares per 75 team possessions, 36.3 3P%, .583 TS%, 0.3 Box +/-

    Player B: 15 PTS, 8.5 AST, 5.1 REB, 1.3 3P, 1.9 STL & .081 Win Shares per 75 team possessions, 33.4 3P%, .532 TS%, 0.8 Box +/-

  115. …all true except in Houston, where Lin’s main role was to play scapegoat and have reputation tarnished by Morey’s media thugs.

  116. Good article analyzing potential 3-way trade of Hawks/Jazz/Wizards to send JLin to Utah based on what Atlanta wants (1st round pick, which is hard to get)
    Note: But so far, I don’t think we heard of Jazz rumor talking to the Hawks about Lin.

    Atlanta Hawks Receive: Ian Mahinmi, Utah’s 2019 first-round pick (top-16 protection in 2019; lottery protection in 2020; top-12 protection in 2021; turns into two seconds if not conveyed)
    Utah Jazz Receive: Jeremy Lin, Otto Porter Jr., Tomas Satoransky
    Washington Wizards Receive: Derrick Favors, Ricky Rubio and Thabo Sefolosha

    Atlanta Hawks

    Primary Goal: Amass picks and prospects in exchange for taking on salary in 2019-20.

    Notable Trade Candidates: Justin Anderson, Kent Bazemore, Dewayne Dedmon, Jeremy Lin and Miles Plumlee.

    The Hawks (12-29) hold a special place in the NBA’s tankathon. They’re actually open for business.

    Kent Bazemore, Dewayne Dedmon and Jeremy Lin are all drawing interest from the outside, according to the New York Times’ Marc Stein, in large part because Atlanta isn’t trying to accelerate—or obfuscate—its timetable. The same cannot be said for its peers.

    Cleveland is the only other bottom-five squad that has shown a willingness to assume unwanted salary beyond this season. New York is in the market for cap space, Phoenix falls somewhere in between a buyer and a seller with Devin Booker’s max extension taking effect next season, and Chicago—well, it isn’t quite clear what the Bulls are going to do.

    The Cavaliers set a precedent by absorbing more than $15 million in 2019-20 salary for a first-round pick and two seconds, none of which will convey before 2020. The Hawks should be able to do a teensy bit better. Their expiring contracts are nicer properties, and Bazemore is a borderline asset despite next year’s $19.3 million player option because the league remains obsessed with competent wing-types.

    Potential Deal (After Jan. 14)

    Atlanta Hawks Receive: Ian Mahinmi, Utah’s 2019 first-round pick (top-16 protection in 2019; lottery protection in 2020; top-12 protection in 2021; turns into two seconds if not conveyed)
    Utah Jazz Receive: Jeremy Lin, Otto Porter Jr., Tomas Satoransky
    Washington Wizards Receive: Derrick Favors, Ricky Rubio and Thabo Sefolosha
    Lin is expected to go for a first-round pick, according to Sporting News’ Sean Deveney. His playing time swings in Atlanta, but he has quietly thrown together a stellar season.

    He’s canning more than 36 percent of his threes and posting the third-highest free-throw-attempt rate of his career. He remains one of the point guards who can orchestrate in the half court or play off another ball-handler.

    Netting a first-rounder for him is still ambitious. This is the healthiest he has been since 2015-16, but he’s 30 and not under contract for next season. Atlanta probably isn’t getting anything more than an afterthought first or early second without swallowing a longer agreement.

    Paying out the balance of Ian Mahinmi’s deal is a fair concession. He’s making about $2.1 million more than Lin this season and on the ledger for $15.5 million next year.

    Factor in where Utah’s pick will land and that it will convey well before 2021 (likely this season), and Atlanta is making out a tick better than Cleveland. Matthew Dellavedova and John Henson are more playable to the Cavaliers than Mahinmi is to the Hawks, but the location and arrival date of the selection matter.

    Bringing in Otto Porter Jr. compromises the Jazz’s cap-space projections for this summer. They’ll get over it. They aren’t landing a Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard—no matter how sweet the basketball fit would be—and can drum up second-tier room while paying Porter if they really try. (They’d have to ditch Raul Neto and Kyle Korver’s partial guarantee).

    Getting Bird rights for Lin and Tomas Satoransky (restricted)is more valuable to the Jazz. They need shot-creators and table-setters to alleviate the on-ball burden of Donovan Mitchell (on a tear lately!). Satoransky doesn’t have Lin’s attack mode, but they’re both comfortable handling the rock and more dangerous off the catch than Ricky Rubio or Dante Exum.

    Derrick Favors is having a fine season—the best of anyone in this three-team dance party. But the Jazz are scarier when Jae Crowder plays the 4. They’re outscoring opponents by 3.3 points per 100 possessions with him at power forward, according to Cleaning the Glass. Sub in Favors, whose trade restriction lifts Jan. 15, and they’re a minus-3.4.

    That disparity was even larger last year. Porter is overpaid—he’s owed $55.7 million over the next two seasons (2020-21 player option)—but he lets Utah lean into small-ball-4 looks for a full 48 minutes.

    Washington’s motives barely need unpacking, even if Satoransky’s tripe-double on Friday night is cause for cold feet. The two sides are already talking about an extension, according to NBC Sports’ Chase Hughes. Yank him, leave Thabo Sefolosha in Utah, and the deal still works.

    Shedding both Mahinmi and Porter drags the Wizards beneath the luxury tax. The arrivals of Favors, Sefolosha (sidelined with a hamstring injury) and Ricky Rubio are impactful enough to keep them in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt. And the nuclear option—selling Trevor Ariza and Bradley Beal, quickly re-shopping Favors and Rubio and starting over—will be there if they dare use it.

  117. you mean if Lin gets traded to Houston again? For the love of God, please no 🙂 Lin and his fans can’t go through that nightmare again lol

  118. dinwid
    He’s style reminds me of lin
    and he is clutch
    he just shot 3 straight 3s in a row to tie the game against houston 131-131 to sent to overtime.

    only thing is that dinwid shoots without hesitation..
    lin shoots 3 will subconscious hestitations.

  119. Utah going to Utah without Rubio there would be perfect since he’d slide right into the starting 5 of the Jazz…Too good to be true.

  120. but but MDA?!!!

  121. Agreed, but why Harden? There are many other players they could have pumped up, for them to pick Harden, there got to be a reason

  122. damn I’m am so impress with the nets. they play as a team
    and dinwid push it to overtime.
    and OT was team work..
    they won against the 4th Western conference team, the rockets 145-142 even with 56 points from harden.
    they can push to 6th seed.

    and it’s all team work..
    dinwid was clutch.

    man.. to me I feel for lin. It’s like the one that got away or like you were suppose to be part of a main tiny startup shareholder and executive.. then sht happens and you no longer part of them.. and then you gave up all the shares and then now you have to watch the team go like IPO or expand big with a big investment from outside. That sux.

  123. MDA is in Harden’s corner now, plus he will probably just wear out Lin’s knees…again. Lin is no longer 24 and he has to take more care of his body, cannot afford to be ridden like the Secretariat now.

  124. It’s gotta be the beard! (My guess)

    PR people need an instantly identifiable product, a brand, and the beard definitely stands out. You gotta admit that a phrase like “Fear the Beard!” is pretty catchy for the general public.

  125. There is no such thing as going from a tanking team to a team trying to win being worse

  126. Very true, ever since Rockets, Lin hesitates on his 3s. For whatever reason he doesn’t know how to side step or make off dribble 3s. It’s a weakness hasn’t fixed for the past 7 seasons. He relies too much on his drives to the rim. It’s a good thing he’s brought back the floaters and has mid range. But to reach all star level he needs to shoot 3s automatic.

  127. I’m with you. BKLN was Jlins team at last and his body let him down. He has had good and bad, up and down. Now we see what is next. Don’t look back, somebody might be gaining on you. S.Paige

  128. Nets never had Lin as part of their future. They just used him to train the rookies and be a filler for the rebuilding years. When they traded for Russell, Lin’s time was done injury or not.

  129. jeremy isn’t crying over spilled milk because its already been spilled, he looks forward than focusing on regrets and lets hope his future see the silver lin(n)ing ahead!

  130. It’s a nice trade proposal but without any report/source of Utah calling Atlanta, we can’t be sure if Utah is interested.

    In this case, IMO Utah wins and Wizards loses the most.

  131. It’s too bad that the Nets venture is doing well now after Lin contributed so much in the culture and with his team-first plays.

    But fate can turn on a dime. If JLin gets traded to the Raptors and the Raptors meet the Nets in the playoff, things can get interesting quickly. So here’s hoping for the best.

  132. All refs start pumping FTs and protecting that player once they get 4 or 5 year max contracts. Morey gave Harden a 5 year max contract so refs were going to protect an expensive asset no matter what.

    Same with how Emidd didn’t get those FTs until he signed a 4 year max contract.

    Only way Lin will get that kind of protection is if he gets a 4 year max contract.

  133. Yeah, I concur with your assessment. But…how does this explain Parsons max contract? *snicker*

  134. Holy Sushi – Steph Curry just caught fire, can’t miss! McKinnie with steal and Iggy with a heck of a play to end 3Q. Unbelievable.
    GSW’s Big 3 were unstoppable yesterday too. On the road in Denver. Hope this is good sign for rest of season.
    As I said, it’s not so much that I’m pro-GSW, it’s more anti-Rockets.

  135. GSW wins over Pelicans. Even without LIn, haha, I just watched some minutes.

    What makes them so much fun to watch is, yes, despite Durant and Curry and Thompson taking over games, they play TEAM ball. Everybody has a role, played to their strengths, and contributes. Everybody gets to be involved, gets to touch the ball. The ball is shared.

    That’s the style I like to watch. Which is what I think Lin is best at.

  136. Hope Lin is not traded there..don’t want to see only play 12-15 minute a night.

  137. It is with extreme sadness that I agree that the window for Jlin to be a “franchise” player has closed. Not because I doubt his abilities, but because I am fully aware of how the NBA works.

    I have no expectations that any team will make Lin their first, or even second, option. But, to me, Lin getting minutes without some freedom to play his game is a waste of talent and value.

    In a perfect, non-NBA world, it’s up to the coaches to get the most out of all their players, not just one or two. It’s a team sport, after all. If they really want to win.

    As I conceded, this is the NBA. So, there may never be a team that would give Lin that
    respect. I would hardly be surprised. Not after what happened with the Nets.

    Still, I have hopes that, IF a team wants Lin for BASKETBALL reasons, it would be to help them win. But, in order for him to be effective and TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Then they would need to play to Lin’s strengths. If they were willing, they have all the advanced stats in the world to support their decision.

    An example off the top of my head. Lin can still play an important role, similar to what Al Horford provided to the Celtics last season. NOT their franchise player. Yet, played as a starter, an experienced winning player, balancing out a young and talented team. Brad Stevens played Al to his strengths. Aron Baynes too.

    At the end of the day, as long as Jlin is still out there battling to stay in the game that he loves playing, I hope that he will get the chance to fulfill his potential. He has said as much. As long as he hasn’t given up, I will still root for him.

    I guess we will know soon enough.

  138. There’s a strong chance Lin will probably traded to a team that was never rumored to be interested in him

  139. Yes, it’s hard to say which team is best. I don’t follow the other teams enough to really have an informed opinion. I can guess which teams will NOT be a good option though. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I don’t know how much choice Lin has in where the Hawks trade him, if they trade him.

  140. You’re right, as far as we know, it’s just trade suppositions.

    At least, this writer backs it up with some meaningful discussion of dollars, and picks, and contracts, and the pros and cons for each team. Not a bad read.

    Unlike some other Click-bait articles that just feed off Deveney and Marc Stein.

  141. You mean GSW? I can share the concern. Because Shaun Livingston play very little minutes. Quinn Cook was playing a lot when Curry was out, but very little since Curry came back.

    But I think Lin is better than both of them. If Curry has an off night, or needs rest, I think Lin will bring more to the game. Anyway, you’re probably right.

  142. Sean Marks and Joe Tsai can go suck eggs……LOL. oops hope this doesn’t break rules….

  143. Yup, never heard about the Lakers, or the Hawks.

  144. The NBA isn’t blind. They have these stats. They just refuse to acknowledge it. Morey admitted it. I am hoping it will change.

    Honestly, isn’t JLin just more fun to watch? Are we really just biased Lin fans?

  145. In addition to the game they almost lost to the Hawks. Because of all these trade talks, I watched a bit of the end of Toronto/Boston game. (And the GSW/Pelicans.)

    Toronto looked terrible at the end. It just seemed like all ISO ball by Leonard. VanVleet just dribbled the ball and handed it off. No ball movement. Danny Green (who I think is a nice guy) trying to create open shots for himself. Is that even his game? Bad shots taken by Lowry. Shotclock violations.

    If Lin walks into this, hope Nick Nurse will run a better system. Or use Lin appropriately.

  146. It didn’t look like they were able to run screens and create open 3’s. Was Boston’s defense that good? Or just not enough ball movement by Toronto?

    Kawhi didn’t look much better than DeRozan.

  147. HORRORS!!! Not even MDA can make up for it!

  148. Hope you’re kidding! Maybe?……

  149. Haha.

    Yeah, just like Lin, Lin fans will always be grateful to MDA for Lin’s breakout. At the same time, I always felt that MDA did what was best for himself first. Including bailing out on Lin too soon. Could have fought harder to play his system with Lin. Wasn’t MDA’s contract with Knicks guaranteed, even if fired?

  150. It’s a real shame/regret that even though Lin did get a helping hand from some owners and GMs and coaches to get to the NBA. It’s a real shame/regret that when he took the opportunities and actually PROVED that he could be a true star, the NBA decides to slam the door shut.

    Here’s an article about Donnie Nelson and the Mavericks inviting Lin to summer league, where we all know he was better than John Wall.

  151. To be honest, I think he had some great individual games for the Lakers too. Actually, I think even with the 36 games with the Nets, he was also on a roll.

    He may not have gotten on the court as much because of tanking and superstar priorities, but I believe that when he was on the court for those teams, he was not looking over his shoulders. More freedom to play.


    Yes, definitely great memories. What a great win. This was against Rondo and Cousins and Gay and Belinelli and Casspi and Collison.

    Lin did everything. And the Sacramento analysts just kept talking about how great Lin was playing. How he picked up the slack because Kemba was having one of his bad games. “Jeremy Lin for Charlotte has been outstanding.”

    And the big men he always made look good. (grammar? haha) Remember Spencer Hawes and Tyler Hansbrough.

    Troy Daniels needs to thank Lin. That’s twice that Lin passed the ball to him to take the winning shot! LOL.

  153. Speaking of Collison. I think Lin, at least pre-injury, is heads and shoulders better than Darren Collison. No comparison.

    Yet Collison is starting for the Indiana Pacers now.

  154. Aaaaand since we’re talking about Toronto. Christinecheng60 Highlights from Lin’s near-double-double and Hawks near-win over the Raptors. (I don’t think posted yet.)

  155. Me too!

  156. Don’t worry, they’ll return to form next year when they finally forget the Lin influence….just as the Knicks did.

  157. I have to check the stat line but VanVleet couldn’t do any5hing. Kawhi gave him a open 3 on top of the key and he wasted it. No one was shooting well at the end and Kawhi tried to take over. First quarter the starters were really moving the ball well and built a lead, then VanVleet came in and Boston took over. Raptors never regained their momentum again. They got as close as 80-82, then second unit came again and same story.

  158. Raptors were abysmal as a team in shooting. Kawhi Was 10/19 while Lowrey was 3/10 and Green was 6/15. Hayward off bench had 18 by himself for Boston while the entire raptors bench managed only 22. VanVleet had a big zero in 18 minutes of play.

    It was a real eye opener for Raptor’s media and fans that Kawhi can’t save them if nobody can help out even a little. The weakness of the bench is a huge factor in the loss. Masai Ujiri made a huge gamble to get Kawhi with no guarantee he’ll stay. He’s gambling on this season and needs to win now. Lin can be the saviour for the Raptors franchise and take them to the finals. Lin would have played major minutes tonight for them because no one else stepped up. Masai would be a fool if he doesn’t get Lin.

  159. Lol, people would go to church more if they get “holy sushi” instead of those dry biscuits.

  160. Look at the hand checking. Someone should save these types of photos to show the league.

  161. Who needs Lin when they have the great Patrick McCaw? /s

  162. It’s really not worth it for Lin to only play good minutes if curry gets injured.




    (side note: Wayne Ellington was on Lakers training camp roster when Lin was with team; he was competing for 15th roster spot and IIRC shot 0 – entire game final pre-season game, but still was given that final regular season spot because everyone says he has such perfect shooting form. Compare and contrast with Jason Kidd who everyone thought couldn’t shoot, but ball somehow always seemed to go into hoop in crunch time)

  164. he is much better, both defensively (DPOY and defensive 1st team) and offensively, 3p% (.370 vs .175), let alone his 2p% is over .500. haha. he seems dead tire and can’t just judge him with the last game. they are in different tiers.

    No surprised that they are giving the ball to Leonard in the closing minutes. They want him to feel that he is the chosen one and want to re-sign him.

    People wants Lin to join them is for a chance to go deep in the playoff and at least winning the ECF. If he shows productive efforts, either or both offensively and defensively that could impact the playoff games, that helps his next contract big time. Even re-sign with the Raptors since they will have his birds rights if they traded for him, assuming Leonard stays.

  165. Troy did traveled the last 3pt. look how many steps he took before he launched the 3. hilarious.

  166. Lakers Vs Celtics:

    Lakers Vs 76ers

  167. the alleyoop from midcourt to Wesley Johnson!! (umm may be not in this games, haha)

    the bullet pass to Ed Davis!!!

    Will we see those passes again!!!!!!!!!

  168. For Portland fans that said they don’t want to swap Turner for Lin. Lin destroyed Turner in this game. How many times Lin picked his pocket and even blocked his shot one time.

    And see how dirty Turner was in the closing minutes. It’s intentional and should be assessed a flagrant 1.

  169. here you go….Lin to Johnson:

  170. Amen. TOR needs Jlin. We need Jlin in TOR

  171. here’s a better pass to Wesley:

  172. Tim MacMahon:“Dennis Smith Jr., the Mavericks are trying hard to trade him, and the problem is, everybody in the league knows that they’re desperately trying to move him, and it’s really hard to get value–“ Brian Windhorst: “And [teams] have known for weeks. You’ve had a couple of stories about it recently, but you knew before that, too.” MacMahon: “It was just kind of known around the league, ‘Hey, the Mavs are shopping Dennis Smith Jr.’ And it’s intensified. But clearly, there’s not an offer they like, because he’s still on the roster, just not at the arena. His mysterious back injury healed, and now he’s ‘sick’.” – via ESPN

    Tim MacMahon: “This is not a situation–[Dennis Smith Jr.] has not been banished from the Mavericks. This is not a case of the Mavericks saying, ‘Hey, stay home, we’re trying to trade you, we don’t want you to get hurt.’ This is a case of Dennis Smith Jr. deciding, ‘I’m done here, let’s get a trade going, I don’t want to play.’” – via ESPN

    ie. pulling a rondo.

    tho it was one liner summarily dismissed by a fellow poster i repeat the conclusion of my previous lengthy post explaining why imo dallas is the only place lin could go and get as many minutes as he is currently getting in atl.

    with barrea and now soon to be smith gone back court minutes are wide open in dallas.

    doncic is a front court player fulfilling a point forward role. barrea was getting same minutes lin is getting; and mitchell even more. those minutes have to go somewhere.

    all other destinations i have seen suggested such as toronto washington utah new orleans lin will never get more than 15 minutes.

    here there is literally no one (at present) to replace a full 48 minutes (ie and entire game!) of backcourt playing time that barea and mitchell provided.

    what about sacramento? 3 guys there locked young and playing well getting all the backcourt minutes.

    backups none of which getting even 15 minutes. possibly lin mite command a minute or two more. but nothing like the wide open spaces in minutes coming (if and only if mitchell actually doesn’t come back) in dallas.

    and again: a ethnically diverse team, a good coach, a mix of ages. and the thing i think is really important a roster which now and previously carries more undrafted players than any other team in the league by far. undrafted players are not disrespected in dallas.

  173. Lin would easily get good minutes as a wizards and Magics. Utah if they move rubio on a trade and Clippers since he’s better than what they have at guards.

  174. There seems to rumor that Magic or Suns might have interest in Dennis Smith Jr, which has poor fit with Doncic

    So far, I haven’t seen Dallas interest in JLin in 2019. The way JLin was not prioritized in 2015 Free Agency during DeAndre Jordan drama made me wonder if they’re not very high in JLin from ownership to the Front Office.

  175. No to clippers, they have Pat Bev as their starter and no way will doc rivers respect Lin.

  176. not clippers, Rivers is a racist

  177. I don’t see that unless there is a 3 or 4 team trade and need the numbers….

  178. beverley does not start.

  179. Here is the latest round (3rd) of All Star vote totals. Jeremy still in 8th place, with 341K votes …

  180. Rarely is there a perfect situation in life. Usually, it’s a balance. There is always pros and cons.

    As we have seen throughout Lin’s career, nothing is guaranteed in the NBA. Contracts are meaningless. There is no loyalty. You think you are signing with a particular team. But players get traded away, or get traded in. NBA rosters are forever fluid and changing. New players drafted every year. Front offices change. Coaches get fired and hired. Agendas change.

    Is there a perfect team for Lin out there? I thought the Rockets were. I thought the Nets were good too. Look what happened.

    Will Lin ever get another chance? As the lone Asian-American, how much leverage does he really have?
    Remains to be seen. Lin still feels he has unfulfilled potential. He hasn’t given up yet.

    Whichever team he plays with next. I will also continue to hope that team will value Lin for basketball reasons. For what his strengths and true talents are. And what his game brings to winning. And not for “business” reasons.

    Stay patient and faithful y’all!!!

  181. Hopefully Lin does well against the Celtics bench on Saturday. Lin always seem to do well against them. It may just be another chance to audition for the Raptors to show how he could be a big upgrade for them.

  182. Signing Yi Jianlian, Ding Yanyuhang. Not familiar with their games, it’s possible that they are good players and should be given a chance to play in the NBA. But I question the motives of Mark Cuban and the Mavs. Marketing to China?

    Donnie Nelson invited Lin to play for Dallas Summer League. Where Lin got his chance blasting John Wall. The rumor was that Nelson did offer G-League to Lin. But GSW and Lacob also wanted Lin. So Lin chose home-town.

    The irony is Donnie Nelson is still President of Basketball Operations, and GM. Does he not agree with his own original evaluation of Lin? And how far Lin has come?

    Again, not advocating Mavs per se. Just commenting on the NBA team agendas.

    March 2012: Jeremy Lin: There may have been no Linsanity without Donnie Nelson

  183. I haven’t checked but Pat Bev was the starting PG at the beginning of the season when he had that incident with Westbrook! So I’m sure he’s still the starting PG for the lowly Clippers.

  184. Latest update. (But sorry, I’m not clicking on ESPN.)

    “Mavericks are optimistic that they can reconcile and move forward with point guard Dennis Smith Jr.”

    Sounds like a bit of messy drama.

  185. Non of the guard players from China are worth supporting, so thin and short they will get run over by other NBA players! Not worthy as starter what so ever. On the otherhand Japan’s on the right track, but Yuta Watanabe and Rui Hachimura are tall, well built and versatile, 3s, mid range, dunks playmake they are do it all!

  186. From 12-30-2018. “Crazy how Jeremy Lin still holds the record for most points all time in a players first four career starts (109).”

  187. Lin seems to have recovered. Practicing. Extra days of rest. Hope to see Lin play good productive minutes!

    Agree, Lin used to take advantage of Isaiah Thomas pretty good. And driving at Olynyk.

    But disagree about Raptors. Don’t their scouts already know about Lin being a big upgrade? If they don’t, then they’re very poor scouts. And bad as fans. Everybody knows about VaLintine’s Day!

  188. Good to see Lin is still in the top 10. GREAT JOB LIN FANS!

    And I still refuse to believe that is all the votes that Lin got. Come on, just the fans in Taiwan. Or, even if only a third of his followers on IG or on Twitter voted. And voting everyday?

    I refuse to believe that International fans will cast more votes for Zach Lavine, or Victor Oladipo. Zach Lavine has only 283,000 twitter followers. Oladipo only 265,000.


  189. No, it was a pivot, then a gather step. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

    Hey, with all the calls that go against Lin, and all the travel calls that aren’t called for dunkers? Or for Harden?

    We’ll give this a pass! Even the Kings announcers didn’t complain at the time. LOL.

  190. Maybe some Lin fan don’t believe he should play in the All Star game. I myself did not vote for Lin because he’s not an All Star this year.

  191. BS Scott wanted to beat the Celtics. Lin unleashed! BANG! WIN!

  192. Pat gets about 25 minutes a game but my guess is if Lin is traded there, it’ll be for another guard going to Atlanta which would free up some minutes for Lin. Without that, you may be right that they’d be too many guards on the team to divide minutes.

  193. I always take these blogger opinions with a grain of salt. But apparently, this writer doesn’t think too highly of McCaw. Still thinks another playmaking guard is needed. (Like Lin.)

  194. Not trolling. Does this guy at Fansided have any credibility? Does he make good points?

    “The Toronto Raptors are unlikely to make a move before the trade deadline.”

  195. SIGH…. Come on Zcode, it’s a scam. Don’t buy into this “deserving” BS. I wrote a loooooong essay post on this. I’m going to re-post it and subject you to it. Hope you will read it. And hope I can convince you.

    “We all use the word “fan” very loosely. And I do agree that there are varying degrees of “fandom”.

    But when people spend HOURS on twitter and blog sites all over the Internet to discuss a specific player, I would hope that they are more than just casual, self-serving, fans. I would hope that they are more along the lines of being “supporters”.
    By MY definition, supporters are there, being positive, through thick and thin,
    through ups and downs. Not just when Lin is playing well and providing
    entertainment. Maybe even more than just Lin the basketball player.

    About the All-Star voting for Lin. Look, the truth is, it’s rigged. It doesn’t matter how many times Lin fans vote, it only counts for 50%. So, there will be NO WAY for Lin to be selected anyway. The NBA made sure of that. Despite being hypocrites about fans voting for their “FAVORITE” player. (Not the Best Player, or the Best Scorer, or the one with the Best Stats.)

    However, consider this. As “fans”, we have absolutely no influence on which team Lin plays for. We have no impact on how coaches use him. We have no control over what announcers and analysts say. We can send videos of the flagrant fouls and the NBA will STILL ignore it. We can tweet and post endlessly and it won’t make a difference.

    The only INDIRECT way to show support for Lin is to buy tickets and watch his games on whichever team. NOT always easy to do.

    Or we can buy Lin jerseys and Lin gear. More DIRECT, but frankly, can get expensive, given how often Lin has changed teams. LOL.

    THE EASIEST WAY TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR LIN IS TO VOTE FOR HIM FOR ALL-STARS. It’s soooo easy. It doesn’t cost anything. It’s DIRECTLY attributed to Lin. The NBA can’t hide it, it’s publicized. (Although there were rumors that they tried to nullify votes a few years ago.) Forget the haters who will mock him. Who cares? Don’t buy into the haters and think that Lin has to “deserve” it. They never need much of an excuse to put Lin down anyway.

    So, JUST DO IT! (Sorry, wrong sponsor..haha..) SHOW THE NBA THAT LIN IS

    Best of all, LIN SEES IT. AND APPRECIATES IT! Should we deny this to him?”

  196. It doesn’t hurt to show them how bad their bench was and how Lin can help them now. The fact that they just lost badly with no help from the bench and VanVleet couldn’t even score 1point in 18 minutes.

  197. I’ve seen this site before and what I’ve read from them is okay. What I notice though is that he made no mention of VanVleet, his salary and lack of scoring.

  198. The raptors already have a back-up PG in VanVleet and they seems to be satisfied with him.
    I don’t see where Lin’s minutes would come from with Lowry and VanVleet on the team, so I doubt Raptors trade for Lin.

    Unless Lin gets a buy-out, it’s unlikely and even on a buy-out, Lin would be stupid to not go to the team that can guaranty him the most minutes and this team is not Toronto.

  199. trae trade trae!

  200. From what I know about trading, which is not much, it looks like TOR does not have much to offer ATL for Jlin, in either salary trades or draft picks. If TOR could get Jlin it would be a big boost but maybe not if they have to trade Siakam or Anunodby, unless they are really confident that adding Jlin could get them championship, and I regretably I think not. But what do I know? I am fan, not a GM. Now if TOR were to trade Valanciunas and Ibaka, both with high salaries and ATL gave up Jlin, Dedmon and maybe Plumlee I don’t if that adds up to enough but Dedmon in there might make it work for TOR, though there is limited time left in the season to see.

  201. if that doesn’t say starter material i don’t know what does

  202. True. It can’t hurt, can only help.

    Again, just caught the end of game. Raptors won tonight, Siakam with the winning layup. Escaped with another close one. Against the Suns.

    Granted it was on second night of B2B. Lowry hit a big-3 near the end. But didn’t have good games either night. He looked tired. Played 33, then 39 mins.

    All-star break coming up should help. But, he may wear out by the playoffs without more help.

  203. Maybe not to Ed Davis any more….but YEEAAAAH – we saw plenty GREAT passes at Nets too. And even this season with the Hawks!

  204. Some surprising teams there. Gray line at top, red line at bottom….more efficient? Don’t take many, but make what they take? SAC, SAS, LAC….

    Houston and Atlanta don’t look so great.

  205. Agree, can’t count on that.

  206. 🙂

  207. What else is new?

    I remember, I think the Houston seasons? When fans would contact NBA and show videos of Lin being cheated out of assists or blocks or steals or points in the stats.

    Big kudos to those fans! They were able to get some corrections.

  208. Thanks. Okay. I see FVV not doing enough. Started and played a little better vs the Suns. But not exactly tough competition.

  209. AGREE. No question Kawhi has an impressive resume. And Lin would definitely make a difference. And the League can’t ignore him then.

    But, to me, fit is always important. Playing as a team is important for winning. Certainly Kawhi grew up in that kind of Spurs culture and system. Is that the current Toronto system?

    Winning is more fun. So, must win. Would that help increase the odds of keeping Kawhi?

    If Kawhi leaves, if Kyle is unhappy with Raptors for trading DeRozan away, if they can’t get to ECF now that LeBron is gone. Is there a chance they will blow it up and rebuild like these other idiotic teams?

    Tough call.

  210. Yeah, me neither. Trades can get convoluted with all the rules and restrictions and salary matching etc. Don’t have the time to figure it all out. Always hoping what I read is accurate.

    If this article is accurate, it’s somewhat disappointing if Toronto can’t give Hawks what they want for Lin.

    Based on what I saw in a few games, doesn’t look like Siakam or Ibaka would be moved either. They both seem to be playing really well and helping Toronto win.

  211. This other guy mentions FVV, but not the issues associated. Seems like different take, from same site. So, who knows…..

    “For Toronto, Lin would instantly slide alongside Fred VanVleet in the bench backcourt. As somewhat of a combo-guard, Lin would pair nicely alongside FVV with both players sharing playmaking duties.”

    “Toronto can offer a package containing Delon, a second-round pick, and matching salaries to make the deal work. That’s probably not enough, but Toronto should at least make the offer.”

  212. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and idea where Lin should go. The speculations will probably get even more rampant closer to the deadline.

    Raptors fans here thinks that Lin would be upgrade over VanVleet and play ahead of him.

    It will definitely make these next few weeks very interesting.

  213. Right? But nooooo, it’s just a fluke, small sample…..(sarcasm)…..

  214. Looks like a “long-time” Lin fan. That jersey might be older than the fan. Haha. They were at Timberwolves game. Hawks won, Lin only 7 points. But at least these fans saw Lin play for 22 minutes!

  215. JLin campaign against bullying, along with PF Changs, made it into Cincinnati local news, a non-NBA town. Because of students from a high school there.

  216. On PF Chang’s website. Here’s the blog post about the young guys’ visit to Atlanta, and meeting Lin. To be courtside must mean Hawks PR also helped out.

    “After coordinating with the boys’ mothers, we reached out to Jeremy Lin, a professional basketball player with the Atlanta Hawks, whose foundation focuses on anti-bullying. Within hours, Lin responded and agreed to help, and even got adidas to donate shoes to the cause.”

  217. All-Star voting. “Let’s get him to #7”. That would be perfect alignment.

  218. dam.
    that’s was touching/awesome

  219. Here we go:

    No tanking for Wiz. Go Wiz!

  220. Let’s do it Raptors:

    Hawks: Valanciunas, Delon Wright, one future lottery protected 1st, one future unprotected 2nd.

    Raptors: Lin + Demond

    The future 1st round pick is to compensate the Hawks to eat into Valan’s next year contract of $16m+.

    Let’s go!! haha.

  221. Raptors! Do it!

  222. Wiz does have assets to exchange players. I hope they swap JL, KB, DD for porter + player + pick.
    If they really want to reach the playoffs.

  223. Keith Smith reiterated that Dedmon and Lin are among the active names in trade talk among many expiring contracts. Curiously, Bazemore is missing from the list.

  224. Would love to hear some new team in it for Lin. Don’t like the team that are currently rumored for Lin.

  225. how about toxic

  226. With the credible report from NY Times over teams’ interest on acquiring Lin, I feel Hawks are waiting till the last minutes to get the best offer.

    The team is hoping for a bidding war by the Feb. 7 deadline to get the best return for Lin.

    I search for trade news of Lin in vain every morning. It is a torturous wait for this fan. ☹️

  227. yes, many of us are in the same boat waiting. We just need to hope and pray Lin will land at the right team to keep him healthy and with the best chance to shine in the playoff. It’s really beyond JLin’s and our control at this moment.

  228. If we feel this is torturous, would Lin feel worse?

  229. I like how the RaptorsRapture article explained how the Raptors need Lin and Dedmon to replace Deion Wright and Valanciunas (who struggled against Horford in the Boston matchup).

    The only downside is Deion Wright averaging 18.3mpg. Vanvleet is at 26.7mpg so if Lin goes there, we can probably expect 18-25mpg for Lin.

    If they use Lin correctly, and the Raptors can meet the Nets in the playoff on the way to the Finals, perhaps it can be one of the best place for JLin to go to max out his next contract values.

    Jeremy Lin
    The most sought after player on this list, Jeremy Lin has been absolutely spectacular for the Atlanta Hawks this season. He’s averaging 1.19 points per shot attempt, which ranks in the 82-percentile at his position. He has an assist rate of 27.5%, which ranks in the 75-percentile at his position. He’s scoring at all three levels, with 30-percent or greater of his shots coming at the rim, mid-range, and from beyond the arc —Stats via Cleaning the glass (paywall).

    Most impressively, he’s doing all of this with the Atlanta Hawks. If Jeremy Lin is able to find his way to a contending team with more skill and shooting around him, his efficiency could sky-rocket even further.

    A now 30-year-old point guard — doesn’t it feel like Linsanity was just a couple years ago? — Jeremy Lin has made his way around the league. Any team trading for the veteran doesn’t need to worry about his ability to adjust to a new system. Lin’s currently on his seventh team in nine seasons, although he’s never switched teams mid-season interestingly enough.

    For Toronto, Lin would instantly slide alongside Fred VanVleet in the bench backcourt. As somewhat of a combo-guard, Lin would pair nicely alongside FVV with both players sharing playmaking duties.

    From a scoring perspective, the two players have completely different skill-sets. Lin is an expert at slicing to the rim and scoring from within the paint. Fred struggles at times within the arc (he’s shooting 44% from two so far this season) but can provide the spacing an offense needs. The pairing would be very similar to the current Wright-VanVleet backcourt, with Lin serving as an upgrade to Delon.

    Defensively, Lin would guard opposing two-guards, a role he’s taken intermittently throughout his career.

    Toronto can offer a package containing Delon, a second-round pick, and matching salaries to make the deal work. That’s probably not enough, but Toronto should at least make the offer.
    Dewayne Dedmon
    Dewayne Dedmon is the prototype of what you want in the modern NBA center. He’s mobile, he’s a rim-protector, and he can shoot threes. The other areas of his game… could use some refining.

    Dedmon isn’t a punisher down low, he doesn’t have a wide-array of post-moves, he can’t go get you a bucket. However, if used in a low-usage, high-efficiency role, Dedmon has value to even the most loaded teams.

    Think of Dedmon as a center version of Danny Green or a lesser Serge Ibaka. He’s great in the role given to him, as long as that role fits his skill-set.

    Toronto would use Dedmon as a third center, or as a possible replacement to Jonas Valanciunas if the matchup demanded it. JV has a NetRtg of -49.8 against the Milwaukee Bucks and a NetRtg of -26.7 against the Boston Celtics. A lot of that has to do with the bench’s failures as a whole, but there are definite question marks about JV’s ability to matchup against the league’s more mobile teams.

    Nick Nurse is afraid to play Valanciunas against Horford and JV is averaging only13 minutes per game against the Bucks. If he can’t matchup against Boston and Milwaukee, it’s hard to picture him excelling against the run-and-gun Warriors.

    Toronto needs a counter. They need a center who can fill in the areas where JV struggles. Dewayne Dedmon is that center. He’s a defensive center whose ability to stretch the floor keeps him from hindering the offense. He doesn’t need to play long stretches. If he can give Toronto 15 minutes of solid play every other playoff series, that should be enough.

  230. I expect some anxiety of the unknown but this season he’s been focusing on the joy of playing so I’m sure he’ll do the same to enjoy playing wherever he goes (or stays)

    I like his positive attitude. Just do his best in things that he can control and leave the rest to God 🙌

    JOY is a contentment in Christ that isn’t circumstance-based!! Relish what you have rather than resent what you’re missing…live above your circumstances! #faithfirst #gratitudeisanattitude

  231. If the Raptors are going hard after Lin then there is little doubt they value him over Vanvleet. I would also say this about any other team that’s trying to get Lin. I am looking forward to this trade and seeing Lin in the postseason

  232. 20 minutes which impact the games are much much better than 25 yo yo minutes with the Hawks. Team will look for impact players in the playoffs than in the regular season with a bad team which in turns a better multi year contract, a la Charlotte Hornets.

  233. just watched the last few minutes of the Magic Vs Nets game. With Lin plays for the Magic to close out this game, Magic wins easily. Augustine played a good game but has no ability to close out games. That’s the value of having Lin, winning the close games.

    oh well.

  234. Jeremy Lin, Dennis Smith Jr. are top NBA players likely to be traded

  235. Lin is NOT a back up PG, hate that the entire NBA trying to frame him into that

  236. Lin always plays well against the Celtics.

  237. but right now..he is .. he had the chance in the nets to prove he is not..and even then if he did prove he is not.. some still think he is a borderline starter. you cannot change it.. UNLESS he plays lights out like linsanity shoot first with 38 points and 12 assists for 7 games in a row. and also help the team win the championship and plays ligths out there since it will be a lot of visibility for ignoramous to realize he can really play.

    THEN we can talk about lin being a starter. That’s the reality. Basically he has to double the performance to be call a starter because he is undrafted and chinese and from academic harvard

  238. LIn’s future is tied to his health more than anything else.

  239. I understand it, but I hate it

    It is exact the same as Asians in corporate America

  240. Dennis Smith is still on his rookie contract. It won’t be a problem to trade him. He is affordable and he’s still young.

  241. In almost all the years JLin has been playing in the NBA he has either been a backup PG or a combo guard. The combo guard is what most of the teams tried to make him. The only person who allows JLin to be a pure PG to this day is Mike D’antoni. A few games in HOU a few In CHA where Linsanity happened before they knew it was going on, none in LA, a precious few in BKLN and that is how people view him simply because for 80% of his career he has been something other than a starting PG. I fear it is mainly us fans who view him as a starter and that is sadly the reality of the situation. Even if he were to be traded to another team and be significant in helping them to the playoffs and maybe advance a ways, it won’t be as a starting PG but as a valuable backup and his age that is how he will be seen, by others, I still see him as a starter. Time will tell, it that is why he must leave ATL and demonstrate he can be a winner. With tanking ATL he has no chance to do that.

  242. No Lin games. Just turned on GSW/Clippers. The Clippers fans (maybe they are Warriors fans at Clippers game?) just gave post-Achilles first-game-back Boogie Cousins a big ovation when he fouled out. On his NEW team!

    Lin didn’t get nearly that kind of reception first game back in Brooklyn. Nor at the Knicks.

    Yeah yeah Cousins, a “superstar”, bleh……so if not a “superstar”, not human, doesn’t deserve decency and appreciation from his OLD teams for his miraculous recovery?

    Man, a small thing. But at the same time, a BIG thing. Lin just gets NO respect.

    I’m telling you, once Lin is out of NBA, I’m out. I AM TICKED OFF!!! lol…..

  243. All those great advanced stats and rankings that Lin has been putting up…..but it still makes him a great “backup” point guard….if it weren’t so disgusting, it’d be funny.

    The injury is just another excuse. Even pre-injury, that was the narrative.

    This is why I hate freakin’ Daryl Morey and the Rockets. They started this. And Lin has been fighting uphill ever since.

  244. I believe that most if not all Lin fans on this site knows that Lin is a starter with more than enough talent to be the Linsanity star that lit up the world with excitement. Not a single one of us would even deny that Lin has been artificially suppressed by the league to erase the memory of the scoring record that still stands now for a rookie. They would like us to believe that Lin was a fluke and a flash in the pan…but we all know better here.

    Anytime Lin was allowed to play as a starter, he has more than delivered. Lin just proved it recently against the top team in the NBA in Toronto. Had he been allow to have more possessions at the end, he could have pulled out a win. Lin had a similar week as a starter for the Rox when he was demoted to bench when Harden was injured. He had made a record 9 3 pointers ( on 11/14/2013. Rox had the last shot in regulation and Mchale did not give it to Lin who had the hot hand….much like what happened with LP, who gave the last shot to Trae against the best defender in the league. Harden was out for one week and Lin averaged 23-25 pts per game to come second for player of the week.

    Lin has always been a starter and has proven each and every time he’s been given a chance to play to his strengths. Even with the Nets, Lin was suppressed to develop the talent around him…and coach Lin has been the catalyst that has help all the players he’s been around.

    As a LOF, it is especially sad to hear posters lack the faith in Lin and regurgitate the media bias against him.

  245. Speaking of Lin stats. Speed of Lin just uploaded a video “breaking down Jeremy Lin’s Pick-and-Roll Action with the Hawks”. Nice analysis.

  246. Hope Lin does not go to 76ers.

    Butler is a terrible bully. If he dare to treat Towns this way, imagine how he would treat Lin if Lin is treated to 76.

  247. The ones who killed the start of long term Linsanity was NYK owner and Melo. 10 years later NYK and Melo are still wandering in the NBA wilderness, lost,and losers. Some of the most rabid fans in BB, NYK fans, were truly cheated as were all BB fans.

  248. That’s it in a nutshell.

    The problem is once the narrative starts out that way….Always doubted, always under-rated. ALLOW LIN TO SUCCEED? IN SPITE OF ALL THE STATS/EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY?

    The NBA ain’t gonna do it.

    Believe it or not, I’m still trying to stay positive. Otherwise, there’s no point in spending the time and energy to follow Lin. So, I’m still hopeful. JUST ONE TEAM, come on… it….give Lin the chance!

  249. Excellent observations and breakdowns. Thx for posting. This is not the motion offense that is popular nowadays, including even with BKLN. This is pure PnR BB executed by the best pure PG in the business, JLin. This is how they should teach TY to play too with his quickness and excellent passing skills. Vanvleet of TOR cannot provide this. These were beautiful e ecutions to watch

  250. I can’t stand Cousins. Always tried to foul Lin hard, or flop. And had a meltdown at Sacramento, objecting to Lunar New Year Celebration of the Year of the Monkey. Made the Kings take back all the t-shirts.

    But this is HILARIOUS.

    Apparently, the fear is real – Cousins just played 15 minutes and scored 14 pt. After an achilles injury for a BIG MAN. Of course, Steve Kerr made sure Cousins got touches.

  251. This is why Lin is worth following. At least, to me.

  252. “doesn’t it feel like Linsanity was just a couple years ago?” – yup, sure does!

    From what little I’ve seen, disagree with “For Toronto, Lin would instantly slide alongside Fred VanVleet in the bench backcourt. As somewhat of a combo-guard, Lin would pair nicely alongside FVV with both players sharing playmaking duties.”

    Doesn’t Lowry need more help in the starting line-up? As I noted earlier, Lowry looked really really tired in the last two B2B games, playing 33 and 39 mins. He seems to be carrying too big a burden. What is he going to do by the time the playoffs get here?

    And the writer didn’t sound too convinced Atlanta would take the deal. “That’s probably not enough, but Toronto should at least make the offer.”

  253. And if winning is the goal, impactful 20 minutes should turn into even more minutes.

    Unless there is another agenda besides winning with Lin.

  254. AGREE!!!

  255. ABSOLUTELY!!!

    I think there are a lot of casual fans who buy into the narrative of Lin as only a backup. Too much doubting and under-rating.

    But my theory is that the NBA front offices are FULLY AWARE of what Lin can do. It’s because of power politics that few are willing to give Lin the chance. Even MDA was originally forced into trying Lin as starter.

    More Lin fans agree with us!!!!

    “Yeah, @JLin7 is not a backup PG. He is much better as a starter playing significant minutes and closing out games. Lin needs to start for a team that will let him run the offense so he can destroy this myth that he’s a good backup PG. He’s a great starting PG!”

  256. Agree. I don’t see how Lin would fit. Too many “stars” who need to handle the ball, or shoot the ball. TJ McConnell is doing fine for them as backup.

    I don’t think Lin would get enough minutes or touches there.

  257. Yes, Dolan and Melo. Total jokes. Not to excuse them. This video, from a guy defending Lin and trashing the Knicks at the time of the Rockets signing.

    But I think Morey was worst. Despicable. Totally lied to Lin about being leader of the new young team. Building him up and promoting him the entire summer. Then pulls the rug out pre-season by acquiring Harden. Downhill for Lin from there.

  258. Easy to say MDA was “forced” sure he was out of options but all coaches after him refused to use Lin as starter and would rather lose or limit his shoot abilities KA included!

    Most like LP would rather ise a shot chucking SG like Bembry thank let Lin start. Either that or put in a single digit place holder!

  259. Not me, I’ll still watch so long as Yuta Watanabe is still playing, another underrated player. Memphis would rather lose than give him minutes just like every coach in the league.

  260. Depends on the coach. Does he prefer to play the hot hands or stick with rotation minutes.

  261. is there a realistic scenario where Lin would go to Houston?

  262. This is why being a starter is so important. We know the league and media keeps Lin suppressed in order to erase his records. It’s this bombardment of meme that he can’t fight. It’s this constant brainwash8ng that has almost all fans give Lin no credit when he does well and think that it’s just one good game…that Lin can’t consistently put up numbers.

    Perception is being repeated by all his coaches. By forcing Lin off bench, he can only excel within that framework. Meanwhile all coaches since MDA have utilized Lin off ball and in marginalized scoring capacities. EVen Kenny asked him to pass instead of taking the lead.

    The only way Lin can break this perception so that he can be a cornerstone player again is to excel as a starter. Excelling as a bench or even 6th man would just cement his place as “only good enough to be a bench player”.

  263. Toronto Raptors

  264. OTOH Jlin is a veteran, veteran even to Jimmy Butler. Maybe not as big a “star” as Butler, but senior to him and established in the NBA. If Philly were to try to get Jlin I would think it might be as a stabilizing influence, similar but not the same as some have said he is being used in ATL. If Philly is indeed on the verge of contending for the championship of the division as well as the league then Jlin could be a critical piece. As a veteran now of 10 years I think we sometimes forget the status that holds. Butler bullied Towns because he is virtually still a young rookie. And while sometimes we think Jlin is not assertive enough I think if pushed far enough Jlin won’t take it from Butler like it looks like he did from Kobe. I don’t want Jlin for Philly in any case, hate to see tanking rewarded.

  265. Im a lof and he is a STARTER

  266. Dangelo Russell making some waves, putting up some numbers for BKLN. Is he emerging as a star? Or is he just putting up numbers at the expense of the team? I don’t follow him enough to know, just what I see on the sports sites headlines. If he is truly breaking out this will make Marks looks smart in letting Jlin go and keeping Dlo and Din. KA must be doing a good job of player development.

  267. There will be a movie documentary andor book re jlins bball career… a lot of people r going to called out

  268. Dinwiddie is better

  269. Din may or may not be better than Dlo, I don’t know. I am just bringing up a rhetorical question if this justifies Marks move to let Jlin go to ATL. Marks has been criticized by us LOF for letting him go, but if BKLN is successful due to Dlo and Din then it was justified. Not trying to make waves, just some Saturday am conversation. With the direction BKLN was going it was probably a good thing for Jlin to go to ATL where he could continue rehab by easy playing, because it would have been hard getting minutes behind those two. Yeah, maybe he could have played at SG too, but as we have been discussing here lately Jlin at his best is at PG, not what the NBA has tried to make him into, a combo guard.

  270. Most coaches would had probably play another player out of position instead of Lin at PG.
    At one point, I remember someone saying MDA had Carmelo playing PG and bringing the ball up.

    So I’d give MDA the credit to not only use Lin instead of playing someone else out of position, but MDA also gave Lin full freedom to play instead of micro-managing him.

  271. I agree with you… din and russell are playing well… so jlin probabaly wouldve been the odd man out… again

  272. CLV became Lin-like in his ability to drive to the basket and pass out of the drive. Don’t forget him.

  273. CLV not forgotten but he hasn’t been playing. If he had, then BKLN might be really good. Can’t look at the past, but BKLN would have been the golden place for Jlin but not to be. However I still think he left his mark on that team in terms of being a team. KA must have reigned in Dlo…to Dlo’s benefit.

  274. If your girlfriend broke up with you, do you really want to talk about how good she looks after a makeover? I don’t care about Brooklyn.

  275. I agree. when CLV is back, I think he’s the standout player over DLo.

  276. And then BKLN will be that much better. Jlin and CLV had good chemistry just like he did with Din, RHJ, Harris. Now with Ed Davis in BKLN, damn, a missed opportunity. So what is next I wonder?

  277. I think Jeremy will have a great game tonight!

  278. agreed

  279. If I got another girlfriend in the meantime, yeah I could have a polite conversation passing the time about how good she looks, knowing already that I got mine! It is in the context.

  280. I disagree

  281. I guess you’re wrong

  282. I already had said no to I don’t understand why all these fans want him to the sixers.. so short sighted and can’t see the wholepicture.

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